Saturday, March 31, 2012

Una Familia Con Suerte #187-188 Fri 3/30/12 Pina is stressed, Tears, A Fight, and A Goodbye

Recap by: Madelaine

The Refried:
  • Enzzo tells Pina off.
  • Pancho and Dona Fer are going to look for Doc Oc with the help of an investigator.
  • Chela is a little jealous that Rebe is helping Temo with his schoolwork.
  • Vins calls Candy and she agrees to meet him as he sprays himself with cologne and goes to meet her.
  • Lupe and Rebe look at wedding dresses.

The New:
Candy and Vins meet in a restaurant. He tries to smooch her and she tells him not to touch her. He wants to know if she still loves him, but she tells him, her love for him is dead, he's a jerk and opportunist that chases anything in a skirt. He doesn't know what love is. She says if he truly loved her he would never have reconciled with Pina. Vins says he won't listen to her insults, just like he won't listen to Pancho's. Candy tells Vins that Pancho is a way better person than Vins any day, and that she hates him and to go away and never speak to her again. Vins leaves, Candy is in tears, she calls Arnold to come meet her in the restaurant. Arnold meets Candy at the restaurant and she tells him everything that went on. She doesn't like any men right now, but Arnold tells her not all men are like Vins or Napoleon.

Pancho and Dona Fer find Doc Oc with the help of an investigator. Doc Oc is in a cabin with a nice fire, staring at his wedding ring when Dona Fer and Pancho come in. He is mad they came to find him. He tells him he wanted to be alone, like in the letter he left Dona Fer. She tells Doc Oc she takes her wedding vows seriously, especially the sickness or in health part. She tells Doc Oc she loves him very much. Pancho asks him if he has any children? For a minute there Doc Oc zones out and doesn't know who they are. Then he comes to himself and says he has no children. Pancho says, well hey why don't you adopt me? Then we can be a family and I can have a Mom and Pop.

Orion comes by the guardia house and meets Tomas and asks for Elena. Tomas tells Orion all about himself and Elena comes down and Orion asks her to go for coffee with him. They go but have tacos with beans. Orion is a vegan and doesn't eat meat. Elena tells him she doesn't know if she could never again eat meat. They have a good time. She kisses him at the end of the date.

Pina tells Mely that she has to live with her grandparents. Pina tells Mely Amors that she can't take care of her properly right now due to all the work. Mely is very upset and doesn't want to leave her Tia Amors. She goes to Freddy and tells him, and they hug and cry.

Karina corners Freddy at school and tells him, hey I love you and wanted you to know. Freddy doesn't say a thing. Just stares at her like she is crazy.

Chela and Enzzo talk and eat spicy fries. They kiss and Enzzo has to take a drink cause the fries are too spicy for him and he gets Chela to drink something too. Enzzo takes Chela home and she goes upstairs and there is a bag of trash in the hallway. She knocks on the neighbor's door and tells her she needs to clean it up cause of the rodent problem in the building. They shout at each other and then start pulling each other's hair. There is lots of pushing and shoving and the neighbor ends up on the floor. Meantime, Frida is coming up the stairs, and Pepe opens his door and hears the ruckus. Frida gets there first and kicks the neighbor's butt. She tells the neighbor that Chela is pregnant and what was the neighbor thinking to fight with her. The neighbor slams the door, and Chela starts getting pains. Frida and Pepe take Chela to the hospital. The whole family goes to the hospital.

Candy gets a call from a someone that tells her she has inherited a lot of money from Napoleon. She is now worth millions.

Monica calls Pepe, and he tells her he is at the hospital and what happened to Chela, just as Frida comes with some coffee for Pepe. Monica asks who it is, and tells her it's Frida a friend of his. Monica wants to know why he sounds so nervous. He blows that off and tells her he loves her. Monica tells him to give her best to Chela.

The doctor tells the family that Chela is ok, but due to the stress of the fight, Chela may lose the baby. Everyone is very upset. Enzzo goes to Chela's room with flowers, and she cries and tells Enzzo she is sorry for fighting and she doesn't want to lose the baby. Enzzo holds Chela and tells her she is very strong and to be calm for the baby. He kisses her belly and tells Chela he loves her very much.

Pina is very stressed at work. Enzzo drops his financial report by her office, before he goes to the hospital and Pina is so overwhelmed by all the work, she ropes Vins and Arnold Flowerz to help her out. Rebe calls her from the hospital to find out how things are going, and Pina whines about all the work and that Vins and Arnold are having to help her. After Pina hangs up, she claims she can't breathe, she's had enough.

Elena and Orion go out to dinner and have a great time. Orion tells her he likes her very much.

Pina goes home and has a massage with accompanying harp music. Ado is scared to knock on the door cause she thinks Vins and Pina are rockin the house again, but Pina tells "Interrupcion" to come in. Ado tells Pina that Mely Amors grandparents are there to pick her up. Pina asks where Mely is and Ado tells her at Pancho's.

Mely and Temo say goodbye to each other. Lots of tears, Temo gives her a bracelet and they tell each other they will wait for each other.

Pina, Vins, Freddy, Ado and Abeja are all gathered together to say goodbye to Mely Amors. They all tell Mely they will miss her very much. All of them are crying. Pina holds Mely Amors and tells her this is only temporary, because of all her work, but she wants to have her Mely Amors come back to live with her and she loves her so much. Pina gives her Mely Amors the blessing and they all hug and kiss each other in one big group hug. Mely leaves and Pina is inconsolable. She cries a lot and says she already misses her Mely Amors.



La Que No Podía Amar #68 Friday 3/30/12 This Magic Moment vs. That Mad Dash to the Devour Hour

In the back-assed boondocks of Chiapas, within the confessional confines of Ana Paula’s bedroom, Tía Rosaura has laid an angry slap of reprimand across The Cupcake’s dewy-eyed and callow countenance due to the bummer possibility that AP may be carrying Gustavo’s baby, thus bringing their entire gravy train in no uncertain terms, to a screeching halt--at least a 20 rail car pile-up on some shaky trestle over a steep mountain pass in the wilds of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas--once Rogelio gets word of this betrayal!!

Oblivious to the minor panic in the other part of Hacienda del Fuerte, Maria and Ro-Hell share a few yuk-yuks over Rosie’s piss-poor attempt at managing the household while Maria has been “on strike”.  They figure she’ll eventually learn to keep her mouth shut about things.  She definitely can’t make coffee or cook.  Next stop for her is the toilets and tubs they snicker….  Maria loves seeing him smile so genuinely after all this time.  (Viewerville couldn’t agree more!  JS’s eyes shine when he smiles like that.  Sigh.)  Maria’s leaving him and Pau alone to themselves this evening while she and the rest of Hacienda Hell-Fuerte go to Maripaz’s bon voyage party in town.  Rog is definitely looking forward to the time alone with AP.  He thinks she’s finally warming to him again.  Maria is certain they can be happy together.  (Sure, if AP can make do as a celibate for the rest of her life.)

Rosie’s on a tirade.  “Whaddayamean you’re pregnant!  You idiot girl!  You can’t even tell your husband that it’s his!!”  Pau claims she’d never dream of something like that even if she could!!  Daniella intervenes and reminds them both that they don’t even know for sure if she is preggers or not yet.  Rosie angrily grabs for the test and then all three fight for control of it.  The box drops onto the floor and Rosie stomps on it by accident.  It’s smashed.  Wrecked.   (Good goin’ there, Rose.) Rosie starts ranting again. “—How disappointed I am in you!  What happened to the good-girl upbringing your mother and I gave you?” (Obviously she’s not referring to herself.  I believe it’s the do-as-I-say-not-as-I’d-do girl, right?)  How could AP have allowed El Gusto have his way with her--to deflower her, Rosie chastises?  AP growls back that she was in love and thought she’d be spending the rest of her life with the guy instead of stuck here with YOU-KNOW-WHO!  Rosie snaps back at her.  “Well, sorry, but it didn’t turn out that way, now did it?  He’s tangled up with Cinthia now and even if the guy would own up to it being his, Ro-Hellio would kill both him and you!”  Ah! The sh!t anvil dumps a real load on Paula as the gravedad of the gravidez situation [literal trans. =gravity of the pregnancy] finally hits home.

In another part of the house, Ro-Hell catches Ernesto and Guscakes discussing his wife.  His ears prick up and he wants to know why.  Ernie tells Rog that AP has suffered a nervous collapse of sorts and explains that he was mentioning it to Gus in order to avoid him accidentally upsetting her any further in any way. “—What’s the matter with my wife, doc?”  Ruh-Roh!!  Gus snorts to himself.  (Ya know it’s got to grate on Guscakes every time Ro-Hell spits out that two-word possessive.)  Gus lets Ernie worm his way out of this one alone.

Back in the bedroom again, Rosie shoves Squeaky out of the way and warns Pau that if she is pregnant that the baby will never be born –not if she has anything to say about it!  (Viewerville makes a mental note to try Uli’s for a dog muzzle next time they’re in town.)  

Back in the other part of the house, Rog continues playing twenty questions with Ernie about why Paula’s ill.  “--It’s got to do with the anxiety over Margarito’s being able to walk again or not.”  “--Yes, so why are you discussing it with Ing. Durán?”  Gus finally breaks in to say that he was mentioning that he wanted to bring it up to Rog so he’d to make sure [procurar] nobody in the household upsets her further.  Ernie and Gus start tag teaming it.    “—It was pretty serious.  One more upset like that and she’ll have to be put into the hospital.”  Well, that won’t happen, says Rog, cuz he’ll make sure nobody hassles her.  He   rolls out of the room.  Gus and Ernie let out a big sigh of relief.   However, once Rog is gone, Gus can’t control his macho.  Babycakes  blows up.  “—The one who should be caring for her is me!!”  Ernie warns him to back off cuz he really wasn’t kidding about Ana’s state of health.

At the same time, Rosie keeps insisting that AP understand her baby cannot be allowed to be born.  Pau yells back that she can’t be expected to do something like that to another human being.  She couldn’t get rid of her own child!!  Squeaky—now a noticeable 3 feet beyond Rosaura’s ready reach--insists again on being the voice of reason here.  They still need to find out for certain if AP even is preggers.   MentiRosa appeals to AP.  “—It is for your own good!!  Gus isn’t dating just anybody, you know?  It’s your SIL!!  Wake up and smell the coffee!  He’ll realize you and Gus did the nasty together and will claim you ruined his sister’s life!!”  Rogelio would never forgive a sin against Sin like that!!  “--This time he will kill you!”

Speaking of people Ro-Hell will want to kill, Efrain runs into Sinthia in the hallway and asks her to go with him to Maripaz’s party tonight.  —“There’ll be hoofin’ an’ hollerin’—Come on, get with it!  We’ll have one heck of a good time [bailada/o].”  Sin says she hasn’t decided if she’s going or not.  Even if she does, she’d be asking Guscakes and not him.  Sin warns him not to be a pain in the ass if he sees her there with Gus, either.  For the nth time she warns him that nobody can know what’s going on between the two of them.   (Not only is his hide, but her half of the Montero meal-ticket is also at risk here, duh!  I’d say Effer’s effing ego is going to get him and Sin eff’d in the long run.)  He agrees and says they'll have just one dance [pieza] together. 

Back in her bedroom once more, Pau says she doubts Ro-Hell will really kill her.  Perhaps not, agrees Rosie, because he adores her more than anything.  Squeaky reminds her not to let Pau get so upset, so Rosie kicks Dani out of there.  “This is a family affair!”  (How dare I snicker.  Let me count the ways!)  Rosie reminds AP that even if Rog could handle the thought of the baby, she doubts he could deal with the fact that his BIL2B, Gus, is the baby-daddy!  Gus will dump her and then Rog would throw her out on the street.  How would they manage with a baby then?  She has no idea the struggle a single mother has to go through!  AP tells Rosie that with that kind of negatude, Pau would have never been born herself!  (Are we all channeling here people that it wouldn’t have been such a bad idea in Mikey’s case?)   In fact, Cupcake, says, she is really distressed to find out that much of what people have told her about Tía Rosie is true!  Rosie backhoes her way out of this   claiming she’s only been trying to give her niece the big picture.  “—You’ve got to see from a practical point of view, not just from the romantic point of view.  It’s important that we know if what you fear is true or not.”  (They would have by now if you hadn’t stuck your nasty nose into it!)  Rog shows up here and asks Pau what she’s so afraid of.   AP gulps.  Rosie hides the Oh sh!t look behind another feigned look of kindly concern.

At the same time, in Gus’s room, Sin tries cheering up El Gusto Es Mío.  She invites him to the dance at Maripaz’s.  He says he needs to tell Rog first what’s going on at La Negra with Big Dave and the river.  Sin tries to persuade him to do it the next day and go to the party with her instead.  He says no.  It’s got to be dealt with now so they can think of some way to fix the problem.  They need to take measures so everybody at the hacienda will be careful with water.  He leaves to find Rog.  Sin knows she’s got to warn the others--but will she?

Oh-Hell, the unsuspecting shmuck, sees Pau in tears.  MentiRosie “explains” that it’s been Margarito’s condition that she’s so upset about.  This time Cupcake in an act of self-preservation, actually goes along with the lie.  Rog goes on about her nervous breakdown and how he wants to take care of her to avoid her worrying so much.  Rosie feigns concern once more.  (Yawn.)  FF>>

In town, Maripaz’s guests are starting to arrive.  Maria shows up.  She notices Macaria’s got a cane.  Macaria explains twisting her ankle falling off a chair that morning.  Maria delivers Maripaz her gift from Rogelio.  It’s a check with enough money to cover all her book expenses so she can concentrate on studying instead.  FF>>

Oh-Hell admits he cannot stand to see Paula in tears like this.  In comes Squeaky to say Hugo and she are ready to leave for the party.  Rog talks Rosie into leaving with Dani and leaving him alone with Paula.  Pau continues the Big Lie about Margarito.  She wants to go look after him.  Rog says they’ll go, but first he wants her to calm down.  Cupcake is too worried about a minicake in the oven methinks to do much calming.  The shame and the fear looks to be killing her.  She falls into his lap, allowing Oh-Hell to hug and comfort her in her time of sniffles. 

In town, Rutilio, tells Bruno that he wants to go to the party.  Bruno tells him to fageddabowdit cuz nobody, especially Gustavo or Rog’s sis, can find out about him being there.  Besides, when he gets drunk he turns evil and Bruno can’t risk it.  Go home and lay low cuz he is going and he doesn’t want to see hide nor hair of Rutilio there.

Back at the party, Effer makes the mistake of asking Consuelo to dance.  She gives him grief about Sinthia.   “--Oh, too bad she’s got a boyfriend now.”   Some dork named Marcial asks her to dance instead and she accepts.  When Effer won’t take “no” for an answer and tries to get fresh, Ms. Conned slaps him upside the head and walks off with the grinning Dorkial.  (A small, guttural cheer goes up from Viewerville’s crowd of feisty females.) 

Maria remarks to Macaria about what a cad Effer is.  “—Whoever gets close to that one gets scratched.”  Macaria gives him a wondering glance.

Paula and Rog are canoodling.  The two knock noses and nearly manage a meaningful mouth-meld for once when one Jacinto breaks in on them.  Rats!  Ing. Durán has something to discuss with him that’s really important, he says.  (The fates are definitely toying with them, are they not?)  The romantic illusion crumbles.   This magic moment that Romantic Rog (and all of Viewerville) had been endlessly waiting for is lost.  (Pardon my giving in to a communal sigh of frustration.)  There’s a bit of “will he or won’t he” while Rog decides whether to meet with Gus or not.  Finally Rog does head off for his office, but not before giving Pau (and us) another beautiful, boyish—and very sexy--smile. 

Paula, though, is beside herself with worry at the thought she might be carrying a mini-Guscake for really real. 

Back at the party, Macaria gives Effer (who’s 3 and 0 tonight) grief for trying to get rid of Ulises by shamelessly sending him for more booze.  “All the better for the two of us, sweet-cheeks!” 

In another part of the room, bullheaded Uli sees Michael chatting it up with his precious little girl and he sees red.  He races over to tell Mike to get lost.  “--No drunks allowed here!”  Maripaz takes up for Mike and says he’s not been drinking anymore and that he won’t touch a drop there tonight.  Macaria intervenes.  (Oh, wow!  Now we get a long shot of her with a white knee-high and a grey jogging shoe.  Guess she didn’t have a chance to color-coordinate her sock choice with the green dress tonight.)  She grabs Uli by the arm and drags him off somewhere.  Effer flirts with her from across the room as she looks back to give him the stink-eye.   (Make that 4 and 0 for Team Effer.)  

In another part of town, in Vanessa’s office, she begs Bruno to put the stops on Big Dave cuz she can’t.  “—He calls me the impulsive one, but he’s worse!  He got into a beat-down with Gustavo!”  Bruno warns Nessa, though, that Gus’s knowing now could wreck their plans if he informs the authorities about the dike he saw them putting up.  It’s illegal (yeah, as in doing real prison time and being forced to wear jailhouse orange which, admittedly, is not Vainessa’s best color.)  They’ve got to find a way to get Dave out of it and smelling like a rose [salir bien librado = to come out of something well] if they don’t want him blabbing that they’re up to their necks in it also! 

At Hell Fuerte, Gus informs Rog that he saw David Romo building a dam on La Negra’s side of the property line which is why the water levels are down.  Big Dave plans to divert the water and dry up Rog’s supply.  “—I knew it!  You can’t expect anything good from that son of a buck!”  Gus says the guy is slick, cuz he knows it’s illegal, so he’s been placing all sizes of river rocks around to make it look like a natural occurrence, as if the river had dragged and dropped them there on its own.   Rog is so upset that he forgets himself, grabs his whip out of the desk drawer and starts slicing the air with it.  Gus--our alpha male in training--fearlessly grabs his arm and blocks him.  “Enough!”  (Okay, okay.  So Jose Ron can do powerful and strong pretty well, too.)  Rog’s eyes shoot daggers at Gus, but he stands his ground and stands ol’ Ro-Hell down.   Rog suddenly realizes his macho blunder as Viewerville notes that only another alpha male and a rival for Paula is the only person to ever dare, let alone to succeed.  (Somehow I must have missed the amulet, the pixie dust sprinkles, his daddy’s star shining down on him from Heaven, or whatever was supposed to foreshadow this.)

Ernie, meanwhile, is listening to Mercedes gripe about how Big Dave and Ana are such a danger to Gus.  Ernie warns her not to add to AP’s health problems.  We get a teenaged sniff and harrumph from Ms. Mercy.  Paula walks in on the two of them at that point and gives Mersnottys a rivalling sneer job herself.  “—I already told Gustavo not to wait on my account till the contract’s up; I said for him to make a new start because I couldn’t promise him anything.”  Mersnottys sniffs.  “—Hmmph!  That’s the least you could have done.”  Ernie breaks up the would-be catfight. (Viewerville sighs disappointedly.)  He deftly distracts Ms. Merciless with the idea of going to the dance for a bit of fun.   Mersnottys, childish wench that she is, falls for this tactic and agrees.  (I’d say those therapy sessions have done Ernie some actual good in Mercedes’ case.)  They leave and the air loses that sulfur smell.

Back in Rog’s office again, Gus chides him for losing his temper and flogging the air like that.  “—You won’t get anywhere doing that!  Cool your jets already!” “--But that fool wants to ruin me!”  Gus reminds him that what matters is that he realized it in time and they can intervene somehow [tomar cartas en el asunto].   Rog excuses himself for losing his temper and adds that “his wife” has managed to change him a bit with her calm manner, “--tho’ she’s got her own temper when it comes to defending what she cares about most.”  “—Well, you should pay more attention to her then!”  Rog confides that it wasn’t always so easy with her, but things have really improved these days.  “--It’s amazing what a person will do for love.”  Gus bristles, but says nothing.  He swallows hard and nearly chokes on what he says next.  “—Are you happy, then?”  Rog mulls it over.  “—Yeah, I of course (it must depend on what Rog’s definition of happy is cuz Paula would definitely disagree.)  But we’re stressed out over the business with Margaro.”  He politely asks Gus how he and Sinthia are getting along in their relationship.  Fine.  No pressure at all.    

Maripaz and Mikey make nice and become friends again.  Uli and Macaria walk up.  Uli and Mikey make nice again –as long as Mikey doesn’t drink tonight.  FF>>

Back at Hell Fuerte, Rog rides Gus for keeping quiet about the fisticuffs with Big Dave.  Gus tells him it’s his problem not Rog’s.  “—You work for me and you’re also my BIL2B!  Nobody messes with my family!”  “—Stay out of it!  It’s something personal and Dave and I have been on the outs for a long time now.   I’ll deal with it on my own.”  “--No you won’t.  You work for me, and it involves my property.”   Ro-Hell notes then that Gus has his own nasty temper.  “--No matter, it affects the both of us so…--“  “So nothing!  You might give orders on the hacienda and in town, but even though I work for you, you butt out!”  Rog tells him to calm down and that it’s nice to know that Sinthia’s finally found a man who actually knows how to put his pants on a leg at a time!  “--Good deal the two of you are getting married!”

Gus gets really agitated at Rog now.  (What was this about feeling pressured, there Gus?) They are only getting to know one another.  Neither of them has discussed marriage at this point but if they decide to go ahead with something more formal, they’ll definitely let him know.  “—Ok. Ok.  What’s the matter?  I understand you might be brave and a tough guy, and even that you might not care to get married just yet, but what’s the reason for all the aggression towards me?  Do you have some problem with me?”  Gus bites his tongue and says he just doesn’t like others getting involved in his business.  Rog says fine, and sorry about the misunderstanding, but remember that it’s both their problem; it’s his property that’s involved here so when there are mishaps [percances] that involve the people he teams up to work with [collaborar], he takes it personally. 

Ok, agrees Gus.  Let’s just leave it that way.  I come to do my job and I don’t mix business with personal.  I’d just as soon not have any misunderstanding about that either.  Fine, says Rog.  I agree, but when the personal involves my sister, then you better believe that I’ll get involved.  “—And I will assure you that if something were to happen then I would face up to it with you.”  Rog changes the subject and shows him the letter he’s sending to the authorities at the National Water Commission.  “—Read it over, check through it.  Take the photos you suggested.  They have to see what David’s doing there.  Also, afterwards, I want to you thoroughly check the area opposite [frente a] the granary.  “—For anything special?”  “—I need to build a classroom there and need some bathrooms.”  “—Are you building a school on the hacienda?”  “—Nothing official just yet, but I want Paula to give classes to all the kids on the hacienda, and Margaro, also.  I am putting you in charge of that.  I want it to be a surprise for my wife.”   Happy, happy, joy, joy–not!   There’s a lot of jaw clenching from Gustito here.

At the party, Maripaz and Squeaky make nice nice and she wishes Dani luck in getting back with Mikey since he seems to have stopped drinking now.  Dani has her doubts, she says.  The Blue Hulk, aka Hugo, and Squeaky go off to dance then.  Mikey watches jealously in the background.  FF>>

Back at Hell Fuerte, AP asks Rog what Gus wanted.  Rog explains about Big Dave’s dicking dike and she says well at least they know what’s what and can do something about it.  Yeah, says Rog, we’ve discussed strategies.  Rog turns to look at Pau then and admits he told Gus how she’s really changed him.  “--Thanks, you know?”  “—Aww, you’re less of a grouch [gruñón = griper, crabbyass].”  The two share a moment of closeness and chuckle like an actual couple of married folk. (This must signal something, Rogelianas, since those elves are plinking their love theme in the background again.)

In town at the party, Rosie wangles her way into the plop-n shop with Uli to get a chance to sneak behind the counter and steal another pregnancy test without anybody knowing.

At Hell Fuerte now, Ernie and Mersnottys ask Sin to go with Gus and them to the party.  If the beating didn’t take too much out of him they might, she says.  Gus comes in with the lo down on Rog and the dike so Sin The Spy has got fresh info to blab to Vainie and the rest of Team Evil.  Gus tells them about needing to take photos and they decide to make a day trip out of it or something tomorrow and go to the dance tonight. 

Bruno and Vainie are now there for the party.  El Skelator sneaks over to Mike and asks how the liquor is.  Mike says he’s cured and not drinking.  “—Are you sure about that?” Everyone heads inside for the speeches, and such.  Uli takes a moment to sneak over to Mike and tell him he’s glad his daughter’s leaving town so she’ll be separated from the likes of him.  Mike tells him politely to back off already.  Uli doesn’t though.  “—I hope you take responsibility for your actions and marry Dani!”  Mikey is QTH impactado.  Uli stalks off.  Mike looks over at Dani and the Blue Hulk dancing and smiling at each other.  He automatically suspects that Dani was doin’ the hanky-blue-panky.  When Hugo goes for punch Mike grabs Dani for an explanation.  She explains that Uli got it wrong.  She bought the test for his sister.

Tonight is AP’s chance to play nurse with Rog.  She’s apparently helped him change clothes and get ready for bed.  She reminds him she trained as a nurse and swears she’s happy to do it.  He reminds her that when she came he had Hugo help him.  He was ashamed to be disabled in front of a babe like her.  Pau tells him a disability is nothing to be ashamed of. (He does a PSA here, though, so the idiocrasy of Viewerville understands.)  “--It’s hard to have to be dependent on somebody else to help you with bathing, going to the bathroom, and getting dressed.”  She’s there to help and will do it gladly.  (Ok.  Ok.  Aside from all that, why now does she suddenly remember her duties there are as his nurse?  Is it Gus-guilt? Or is it a bit of humbling before Hubby, who may hold her life in his hands?)  Rog kids a bit by asking Pau to help him take a bath then.  He laughs and says “only kidding”.  She blushed and he tells her the blush was sweet.  (If this is supposed to be his way of flirting with her, it doesn’t pass the appeal test.  Sorry.)

Mike and Dani argue over his sister possibly being pregnant.  It agitates him so much he fishes for the first drink from a waiter’s tray.  Dani puts a stop to that.  Jaws music starts up in the background as Skeletor pokes his face in to see what’s going on there.  He recommends Mikey take a second look at Dani.  Hugo returns with punch and thinks he’s being dumped for Mikey.  Dani says no, she’s just anxious to keep him from drinking.  Skeletor offers to look after him.  (More Jaws music.) They go back to the party. 

Everyone who is anyone--especially now that Vainessa's there--is now at Maripaz’s party.  We pan over to Vainy who’s glad to see Sin and her posse show up finally.  Nessa’s whine is in top form tonight.  (Gawd how she makes my ears ache!)  She’s felt sooooo uncomfortable, having to rub elbows with servants and other San Gabriel societal slugs.  (Seriously, Sin needs a friendectomy from Vainie.)  Maripaz comes out to greet them and recognizes Ernie right off.  “—My savior!”  Maripaz explains how he came to her rescue the other day when some jerkwad was accosting her and chased him off. She’ll always be grateful, blah, blah, blah…..

Maria grabs Effer and secretly warns him off her goddaughter.  She knows he’s been hanging around back at the hacienda and he’d better steer clear of Connie or else!  Effer get the message loud and clear and breaks free of her.  He steps outside only to see his “white-skinned queen” dancing with El Gusto Es Mío.  She signals Effer it’s to be expected and to just ignore her.

Bruno tries talking Mikey into having a drink.  He’s not a child after all.  Mikey says yeah, he’d love one about now, but he’s tired of being the cause of all his sister’s problems.  Rosie walks up and he plays innocent in front of her till she dances away. 

Meanwhile, back at the hacienda, Paula checks in with Jacinto who’s been watching over Mgrito.  He offers to continue looking after him so she can spend time with the hubster.  Surprisingly, Pau takes him up on it.

Back at the dance, Rosie pulls Gus over and gripes about things having gone too far back in Boca Del Cielo and his taking advantage of AP.  “—No, the only opportunist here is you, lady!  We did what we felt like!  If it weren’t for you we’d already have been married and together forever and always!”  Gus turns on his heels and stalks off, leaving Rosie pissed cuz for once she didn’t have the last word.

Conned and Mikey dance a bit.  Looks like Effer finally got his one dance with Sin.  Now Uli gives a speech thanking one and all on Maripaz’s behalf.  (Z-z-z-z-z.)  Mikey’s in the shadows outside.  Bruno sneaks back with him and brings him a couple of tequilas.  “—One won’t hurt”.  Suddenly Mikey’s got ants in his pants.  He grabs the shot glass and chugs.  One down the hatch.   Mikey sends Bruno back for number two while Uli continues to praise his little girl’s courage and the town’s moral support. 

After the speech, Effer tries to persuade Sin to sneak away for a couple of smooches.  She reminds him she can’t just as her reason walks up and looks suspiciously over at the slimy vermin.   “—Is there a problem?”  Sin thinks fast.   “—Uh, no.  I told him he didn’t need to take us.  We’re leaving now aren’t we.  You need to rest after that beating, anyway.”  Effer offers his body-guarding and escort services for Sra. Sinthia when necessary.  Gus snubs him and says they won’t be necessary if he’s around.  Sin and the posse leave.  Effer snarls cuz he knows he's about to be sexiled and he isn’t happy about it!! 

Rog invites Pau now to take a seat by him on his bed so they can chat.  She says fine and smiles.  He asks her what she’d be if she weren’t a nurse.  She tells him she’d have been a teacher.  He says it’s obvious from the way she’s handled and tutored Mgrito.  He knows she’d have been a great teacher and he plans to prove it to her.  He won’t tell her how just now because it’s a surprise.  Ms. Dimples reappears.  Is another magic moment about to present itself?

In another part of the hacienda, Gus and Sin return.  They’re giggling and guffawing.  He joins her in her bedroom.  (Ugh! The thought of a second man on the same sheets and in that same bed only 24 hrs. later is enough to make me puke.  A regular bitch in continual heat.)  He’s glad she took him to the party.  Sin tells him to relax and let her spoil him a bit.  He admits she has a way of making him always feel better when he’s had it rough.  She’ll always be there to do that for him, she says.  She really digs him.  We get some serious eye contact here.  Gus must have been guzzlin’ a few cuz Gus tells her that he really digs her too.  There's a smooch or two. Sin promises to make him forget everything.  Gus decides to go for it.   The two start sucking face.  Clothes get shed and is about to start flying through the air as the two make a mad dash to devour each other. 


Abismo de pasión #15 3/30/12: I’m not trying to dominate anyone – as long as they all do exactly what I want!

From last night:

Despite Lolita’s advice to the contrary, Elisa decides not to tell Disgusto about Carmina’s rendezvous with the gentleman caller.

Damián’s city mouse shades and sports coat contrast starkly with Gael’s country mouse plaid shirt and straw hat. Damián seems to be expecting a hug. Gael appears ready to heave his box of habaneros in Damián’s face.


They circle and sniff ...

Gael snipes at Damián. What’s he doing in the fields with the plebs? Is he going to pretend he doesn’t recognize him the way he pretended not to know Elisa? Damián smiles at this. It’s true that Elisa has changed – she’s grown up to be a great beauty. But Gael? He’s exactly the same as he was years ago (not even a surgeon could change that mug!).

Gael’s not in the mood for kidding. How could Damián have forgotten his friends? Why didn’t he write or call in all that time?

What? Damián thought they had forgotten him! Aren’t they even going to say hey?

Gael walks up to his old friend and they share a manly handshake, the kind that looks like the start of an arm wrestle (which in a way, it is). But as soon as it’s over, Gael says “Excuse me, I have work to do.” Damián is left standing alone and bemused.

Alfie’s announcement takes Guadalupe by surprise.

Damián’s going to marry Guido Landucci’s daughter and live far from La Ermita? The good padre thought his nephew always dreamed of coming home. But why is Alfie unhappy about Damián’s plans? She’s the one who cut all his ties to home. Oho!!! Alfie wants her grandchildren nearby. And she doesn’t want her son’s wife to dominate him – that’s her job! “I’m not trying to dominate anyone” sniffs Alfie. (Is it my imagination or does her nose grow an inch or two when she says it?) But it’s true that she’d like her grandkids nearby.

Lupe reminds her that her son is a grown man and will make his own choices. Meanwhile, he advises her to give him some time.

Women who sew

In the dress shop, Elisa and her madrina agree: Nothing justifies a woman’s infidelity to her husband. (What about a husband’s infidelity to his wife? Just wondering ... cuz the late Rosendo’s got a Taj Mahal thing going over at the cemetery.)

Moving on .. Elisa wants to know whether her mother’s land was left to her. Disgusto would be the obvious person to ask. And also the person not to ask for obvious reasons. Blanca thinks Lucio may know ... and speaking of Lucio ...

... he’s interviewing for a job at the Santa María procesadora in the next town over. The interview guy is surprised someone his age wants to come back from retirement. In any case, they have no openings (estamos completos). But if Lucio brings him a letter of recommendation from his old job, he’ll see. No promises.

Elisa strides down the street, in her Erotic Innocent outfit that brings her madrina’s dressmaking skill (and taste) into question. Damián cruises by in his giant camioneta and gets an eyeful. It’s a good thing no one else is in the road because he sure isn’t paying attention to his driving.

Back at Casa Castañon (or as I like to think of it, Carmina Bluffs), Lolita notices Crazy Carm is all gussied up (arreglada) and perfumada (not with Steffie’s perfume, clearly. On my tv, it smells like Eau de Vampiro). She bravely asks her where she’s going. Disgusto will want to know. Carmina goes all bug-eyed (the more sclera she shows, the scarier she looks). She’s not explaining herself to the help!

At the Arango procesadora, secretary Maru remarks to Braulio that Gabino left early, also muy perfumado, (Eau de Toad, I’m guessing) probably to hook up with a woman. Maru and Braulio have heard Damián is back in town. Maru has hopes he’ll put Gabino in his place. She still misses Lucio. So does Braulio – though he can live with Gabino. He’s not disloyal to Lucio; it’s just that he’s chosen to make peace with the situation (dejar la fiesta en paz).

Some octogenarians still know their habaneros.

Lucio is bummed out after his interview. “I’m no fool” (Yo no me chupo el dedo, I don’t suck my finger). They say there are no openings but it’s because of my age. (Um. No offense, don Lucio. But you are 81 and counting.) But Blanca’s not joining his pity party. They say they’ll consider him if he brings a letter of recommendation? Well don’t ask that toad, Gabino – go directly to the toad’s keeper, Alfonsina Arango!

The Blond Demons Meet in the Blue House

Oooh. I love this scene. Carmina and Gabino are perfectly matched – the icy eyes, the bleached hair, the tight skimpy shirts and figure-hugging jeans and the Lightness of Being in those Completely Unburdened by Conscience. Carmina wants to know what Gabino has to offer. Well, he's sounded out Alfie about the possibility of expanding her pool of suppliers ... That’s utter b-b-b-balderdash. You’ve got nothin’!

He grabs. She backs away and shows her too-white teeth and scary sclerae.

Suddenly the door to the blue house opens. No one seems to be there. It’s just a cloud of ill-will in a bad toupée. Oh wait. It’s Disgusto! And he’s disgusted with what he sees: Eres igual que tu hermana pero con menos categoría. (You’re just like your sister, but with less class.)

Carmina grovels in the dirt but Disgusto is already showing her his horse’s ass as he rides away. Gabino laughs and Carmina does the teeth, eyeballs, you’re-dead-meat-if-I’m-in-trouble thing.

Lolita has fessed up to Elisa. She told Disgusto about tía’s tryst – well he kept asking and she couldn’t think of a lie – and he’s been gone for hours.

And the scales begin to fall from his eyes ...

Damián tells his mother about Gael giving him the cold shoulder and how surprised his old friend seemed that Damián never got any letters from the old gang. [Here we have a flashback of Alfie destroying Lupe’s letter intended for Damián. It’s the old villain alienation trick – make two parties believe each is neglecting the other. Is there a bingo square for this?]

Donde Padre Lupe

Gael is bragging to Lupe about the comeuppance he gave Damián. Lupe won’t let Gael get away with his wounded male pride routine. He points out the unpalatable truth: Gael's not happy Damián is back because he’s afraid and he’s jealous ... because of Elisa.

Casa Castañon

Elisa and Lolita finally hear the neighing of a horse. This is followed by Disgusto’s entrance. He stalks past them in silence. Then they hear the loud braying of an ass. “Where’s your father?” crazy tía wants to know. Elisa and Lolita huddle together and Elisa leans forward, revealing so much boobage that we begin to wonder if this is product placement for some Cirujano Estético to the Stars.

Disgusto is filling a suitcase with Carmina’s crap. He wants her out. He’s not going to be made a fool of a second time. (I know. But I decided to leave this one alone.) And this time he’s not going to try to shoot himself (damn) because he doesn’t feel half of what he felt for Estefanía.

Carmina Bluffs

She denies. She has done nothing to be ashamed of. She won’t leave until he hears her out.

Hacienda Harango™

Damián sits at his father’s desk and looks at his photo. He takes the strongbox from the desk drawer and remembers Rosendo’s loving (and ironic) lesson about personal responsibility.

Alfie joins him. She tries to talk him out of his plans to work in México City (his job starts in 2 weeks). It seems absurdo to work for someone else when he could be the Hot Sauce Honcho of La Ermita. He should bring his fiancée to the hacienda. But Damián is unexpectedly firm with her: Esta vez sí voy a hacer lo que quiero. (This time I am going to do what I want.) Alfie’s face has an “Oho -- so that’s how we’re going to play the game!” kind of look.

Carmina Bluffs. Some more.

Her meeting with Gabino was strictly about habaneros. Disgusto has them. Alfie needs them. It was just business.

Disgusto is incredulous. Why meet in such a private place? And how can she talk so coldly about doing business with Alfie after the harm that woman did to her? It seems absurdo.

Yeah well Carmina was just taking one for the team, trying to pull them out of their situation. She was desperate, she was (everyone together) HARTA of the mediocre existence he has provided. Although she does so looooove him. (Blech.)

Disgusto reflects that given Carmina’s delusions of grandeur, she probably wouldn’t stoop to Gabino’s level (oh, Disgusto, she wouldn’t even have to bend over). But he’s not buying her profession of great love for him. If he’s so mediocre, she can go. Wherever she wants. With her stud of choice. But she can forget about the deal – those Arangos aren’t touching his habaneros.

Padre Lupe and Damián stroll through town together. Damián remarks that except for the absence of the horses, the hacienda seems frozen in time. His mother’s attitude is strange though; first she cut him off from the town and now she wants to keep him there. Well it’s too late for that. He isn’t used to the small-town life anymore.

Lupe challenges his assumptions (just as he did Gael’s earlier.) Is Damián speaking for himself or is it his fiancée who wants to live in the city? Does Damián remember how he felt when his mother tore him away (arrancó) from his land, his people, his friends? “Before you leave, try to find the original Damián, try to reconstruct him, try to find the meaning in your life. And start where you left off – especially with Elisa.” They both know Elisa was the real reason his mother sent him away.

She’s not a woman with lovers. (Ain’t it the truth.)

Carmina thinks Elisa blabbed to Disgusto about her Blue House Summit. She wants it understood – she doesn’t have lovers – she’s not like Elisa’s mother. (Sadly) And if Elisa was trying to get rid of her by turning Disgusto against her, well nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.

Procesadora Arango

Enrique Tovar is wearing Plebeian Plaid and pushing a handcart of boxes to the loading dock. Gabino isn’t receptive to the sprout's mild protests about the use of his skills. Enrique will do whatever needs doing. Like it or lump it. Oh and that’s “don Gabino” to you.

The dogs are barking

Alfie’s meditation on Rosendo’s photo is interrupted by angry voices. Disgusto barges in, followed by Antonia, futilely trying to detain him. “I have no interest in dealing with you!” he barks at the wicked widow.

Alfie is baffled. What is he talking about? He’s referring to the deal between Carmina and Gabino. She can ask her right-hand man, Gabino, for details.

As soon as Disgusto leaves, the widow picks up the phone and barks at Maru: “Send Gabino to the hacienda. Right now!”

González se escribe con “zeta”, no con “ese”

Poor Paloma. After all that effort, hunting and pecking on the old typewriter in Doc Tovar’s office. Is she pithed that Mexican Spanish has no theta? Not at all. She hand-corrects the receta for cranky Sr. "González con zeta" and passes it to him with a smile.

Doc is done for the day. He’s running late for a dinner with Begoña and ... oops ... he forgot his car keys. He ducks back into his office.

Begoña comes along and is ... gasp ... shocked! The curandera’s daughter is the secrectary of the prestigious Doctor Tovar??? The very sight of her is going to scare the patients away!

Doc Tovar comes out mid-Begoña rant. He very nicely excuses Paloma for the day.

As soon as the girl is gone, Begoña demands that her husband fire the "witch’s daughter". Doc was on the fence about Paloma before (yo estaba dudando) but now he’s made up his mind: she stays! And if Begoña doesn’t feel like going to dinner, fine. He’ll go without her.

Do unto others

Gabino, after a full day of humiliating and browbeating others, shows up at Alfie’s to get his tank of resentment refueled. He tries to defend his deal with Carmina by blathering on about how they could more effectively screw with (fastidiar) Disgusto if he were closer to them. Alfie is disappointed in him. Sure, he burned down the greenhouse. But does he expect to rest on his arson for the rest of his days?

“Imagine how much damage we could do if we had exclusive rights to his crops” says Gabino, with a starry twinkle in his chilly blue eyes.

Alfie’s not going there. She wants no dealings with Augusto. None. By the way -- What was Carmina going to give him in return for his brokering the deal?

Gabino looks her dead in the eye and replies with a question of his own: “What does that woman have that I’d want?

The day ends where it began – at Casa Castañon

Tía isn’t the only one with gentleman callers. Lolita announces to Elisa that a visitor is waiting for her in the garden. It’s – Damián!

Still smarting from his snub, she is wary. But the cold mask melts and she can’t help but mirror the gentle smile on his face.

Avances: Passion is ignited. Jealousy flares. Crazy parents rage and abuse. Good times.


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El Mundo de Telemundo, Week of 4/2/12: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Here's a new page to chat about your favorites. I'm sitting out the current primetime Telemundo line-up but I'm recording and watching "Más sabe el diablo" whenever I can. Man, I just love that show ... Back to you!

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El Talismán #43 Fri 3/30/12 No One is Having Much Fun (Except Sarita) OR This episode was full of Withdrawals

The editor requests permission to voice some personal
viewpoints before beginning the recap.

Did not wish to see or
1. In-taxi close-ups of Renato’s crotch
2. In-motel room grope between Armando and Fabiola (…tengo
miedo…no te preocupes)
3. In-kitchen long-drawn out, close-up of Antonio choking

Tired of:
4. Antonio’s “evil eyes” face. It’s been worn too often without any changes
to make it believable.
5. Lucrecia’s “anguished and forlorn” face. Piedro-head is the only one who is falling
for it.

Funniest unintentional
6. In Genoveva and Camila’s outdoor discussion, the horse seemed
to have joined in and nodded at one point.
The horse continued to be part of the conversation, although somewhat in
the background.

Scenes enjoyed to the
7. In the bank with Rita, Renato, Elvira, the Check and the

OK, off we go, two by two.

Antonio and Pedro
continue their discussion on which of the two men Camila really loves. Antonio ups the ante by describing his night
of love with Camila [ed. note-since the editor was out of town for 4 days, it
is implied that a recording was made of this that Pedro was shown; could
someone verify, please]. Pedro is
willing to withdraw from the fray
and let Antonio have her. He just can’t
believe Camy had been deceiving him for so long, and make him believe she loved
him. To Tonio, he says, man, what he
can’t understand is that if they were an item for so long, how could Tonio have
let her get involved with him, huh? [ed. note-the answer wasn’t very clear].

Gabriel and Sarita
are delighted to tell Pedro that the lady in the pink house is willing to make
a great deal so Pedro can turn it into the orphanage he dreamed about. Piedro’s sorry that Camila is out of the
picture now, because he so wanted her there to help him set it up and run
it. Gab and Sar take the truck, but she
doesn’t want to go straight home, she wants to _____. Viewerville can fill in the blank and does
not include a withdrawal.

Fabiola and Claudio
discuss and re-discuss his chances with Florencia. Fab thinks she’s trying, but her heart isn’t
in it. Flo is still hung up on
José. Clau refuses to withdraw from the field of conquest
because this is his only hope—to stay close and continue to fight for her love. Just at the wrong moment, Armenso walks into
the lobby to see Clau and Fab giving each other a sweet hug. Introductions are made and Clau hightails it
out of the motel. Armenso gives Fab a
hard time, but is finally convinced that she’s not interested in Clau, she only
has eyes for him. Eventually, they
retire to his motel room [ed. note-with Elvira safely married and elsewhere, he
has the place to himself and doesn’t lose any time—see #2 above].

Lucrecia and Camila
are having a sisterly chat. Lookscrazy
is fiddling with her hair, filling Camila in on hers and Pedro’s night of
romantic passion. Geno is present and
listening and so is the horse. Camila
asserts herself and says yesterday’s dust-up was all Lulu’s teatrito and is not
fooled by Little Miss Inocente. Camila
says she will withdraw from the
contest but tells Lulu that 1) Pedro is never going to forget her; 2) Pedro
will never love Lulu; 3) Pedro is never going to forget her; and 4) Pedro is
always going to love her, no matter how hard Lookielookie tries—you can’t force
someone to love you. Lucretszia
leaves. Well this conversation is
bisected and dissected and rearranged and reassembled until even the horse
loses interest and goes back to noshing on grass, leaving Gen and Cam to carry
on. Changing topics slightly, Cam
worries about Armando. He needs a job to
support himself; maybe Renato could find him a job with one of his companies.

Renato and Rita
are on their way to the bank [ed. note-they go by taxi—see #1 above]. They intend to deposit the check. Rita is accusing him of really wanting to
“quedarte con la hija de tu mujer,” and she doesn’t like it one bit [ed. note-wait
a minute, did the editor miss another grand revelation during the days away
that Renato really digs Camila, please confirm or deny]. Rita points out the 20 yr age difference [ed.
note-if Camila is about 24, that makes Renato about 44; he seems more like a debonair
50]. So, Rita wants Renato to withdraw her share of the money from
the deposit right now [ed. note – Honey, I don’t blame you one bit]. Exasperated, Ren says ok, but their “business
association” ends right there. Too bad,
Rita just doesn’t trust the son of a gun, why he would even betray his own
mother over money.

Gregorio and Brigitte
are discussing Lucas. El Piggo rues the
day he hired Lucas to provide the false testament, but it is too late to withdraw from the game plan. Bri warns Piggo that Lucas is muy dangerous
and to watch his back because Lucas could betray him and side with Tonio.

Antonio and Panchito
are in the kitchen [ed. note-see #3 above to set the scene]. Panchito can hear that evil laugh of Tonio’s
right in his ear and repeating over and over that he is a nobody and that Don
Gregorio is only using him. He leaves
Panchito on the floor gasping for breath and
withdraws to another room with a sense of triumph [ed. note-it was
not a fair paring, Tonio got him from behind; editor thinks Panchito could have
at least tried to punchito him with his elbows]. Tracy finds Panchito and she and all Viewerville
see the rabia rising—he’s tired of being treated as a nobody and He’s Not Going
To Take It Anymore. Later he tells Tracy
he needs a favor from her. He needs to
find out from someone over at El Tal, if Lullita is telling the truth about
marrying Pedro.

Doris and Antonio
run across each other in another part of the house. Taunting her, Tonio brags about his
passionate night with Camila and that Doris should resign herself to things as
they are now. She doesn’t believe a word
of his activities with Cam, but yes, she’s going to withdraw her objections to the divorce. Wow! Is he ever impactado.

Renato and Rita
have arrived at the bank. He wants to
deposit a check made out to his wife in their joint checking account (heh,
heh). Bank-Officer-Guy [ed. note-hereinafter
referred to as BOG] is amazed at the large sum.
Coincidentally and unfortunately for Ren and Rita, Armenso and Elviral
just happen to be walking by the big picture window at The Only Bank ™ in
Fresno. Elviral is musing about the
amount of money Ren might be depositing for her use and enjoying the notion of
spending it. Woopsie, Elvie and Arm come
inside and see Ren and Rita with BOG.
Elvira wonders what Rita is doing there with him. She doesn’t want to intrude but her curiosity
is getting the better of her. Maybe they
had better withdraw before he sees
them. Arm says, no, go ahead, greet him, he is, after all, your
husband. Elvira steps up behind him just
as BOG wants to know if Rita is the Missus.
Elvira states, that nope, she’s the lucky one [ed. note-poor Renato, a
smooth plan is foiled again; he’d better
hold on, he’s in for a bumpy ride].

Piedro and Lucrecia
are having two one-way conversations in the living room at El Tal. She’s not hearing him say that there’s never
going to be anything between them. He’s
not hearing her declare her undying love and that she’s not going to pressure
him. Finally they are in synch. She says she can make him forget Cam; he says
she can’t; she tries harder—asking him to picture Antonio and Camila making
passionate love [ed. note-understand there was a look-alike stand in, yes?]. Lulu withdraws
from this battle, but not from the war.
Her parting words are aimed right at Pedro’s heart—with or without her
in the picture, Antonio and Camila will continue being lovers [ed. note-ugggh]
for evva. So there, she finishes him
off, they are so over [ed. note-yeah, right, we think we saw crossed fingers as
she stomps upstairs in her oh-so-tight shiny bronze casual wear jeans]. Half a minute later and two words from Auntie
Pat, Pedro is knocking on Luci’s door.
He acknowledges that she has been sincere about her feelings. El Tonto says he’ll give it a shot. Lucrecia, who was about to throw in the towel
shifts gears and appears all encantada and swears she’ll make him forget Camila
and make him oh, so happy.
Later on, Lulu gloats to Tia about her conquest. Tia says not so fast, girlie—don’t count your
low-hanging avocados yet [ed. note-actually she said don’t sing victory
yet]. Wait until Pedro gets over his
anger and he’ll seek Camila out again—yess, indeedee, Just You Wait. To Pedro, Luci gets all sensuous and tells
him to meet her at the pool.

Renato and Rita,
plus Elvira are confronted by BOG.
Elvira identifies herself as Elvira Nájera [ed. note-the check,
obviously was made out to Elvira’s former name]. No, no, says Ren, you are Elvira de
Betancourt, my esposa yadda, yadda. Rita
jumps up and says she’s not the Elvira that works with them—so, there are TWO
Elviras [ed. note-BOG and editor are even more confused]. Ni modo, Ren hustles Elvira out of range
under the pretext of sending her house hunting, while Rita is there with
BOG. She asks him to hurry it up. Unfortunately, he sees that there is a little
problem with the check and he has to withdraw
temporarily in order to consult with someone higher up. Elvira wants to know WTH is going on.

Tracy and Alberta
are in the kitchen. With his best growl,
Antonio confronts them and insists on them telling him what Doris is up
to—she’s being too nice. Who is she
talking to, who is she going out with?
They Know Nossssing. He mumbles
inutiles and withdraws from the

Doris and Florencia
have a sweet mother-daughter moment. She
tells her that she’s decided to give their dad the divorce, so the girls won’t
suffer. Observing is Cecilia, a friend
of Flo’s (and gets a hug from Doris) who is dressed like a
prostitute-in-training, but never mind.
Doris’ real concern is to nail down Piggorio to insure her future at El

Renato and Elvira
are discutiendo in TOB in Fresno parking lot. She wants to know what Rita is doing
there. Renato left the house without
telling her where he was going. What about the account? She’s furious to learn that Ren is taking her
name off the account. Renato soothingly
tells her that, as his wife, she’ll never lack for anything but he can’t risk
Camila sweet-talking her into withdrawing
all his money and then getting her to leave him. Why would Cam do that? Renato says, it’s obvious, she hates him,
she’s jealous of him and wants more than anything to break them up. Elvira protests that it would never
happen. Too bad, he doesn’t trust
her. He tells Elvira to go talk to
Cam—and tell her why you can’t have an account in your name—because I don’t
trust her. Renato returns to the bank
office. He and Rita commiserate because
he knows they are sunk if there is a problem with the check.

Lastly another Pancho walks by with a bouquet and some
garlands of flowers. Camila wants to
know what they are for. Apparently it
has something to do with Lucrecia wanting to have them for a wedding in the
midst of nature. Camila is processing
this as Elvira, dear sweet mommy, walks up and bi**h-slaps Camila. Camila is gob smacked impactada.

Lunes—We see Lukrazy putting the garland around Pedro [ed.
note-roping him in, maybe] by the pool to become novios officially. [ed. note-we don’t know yet what he says
about all this.]

** recap by Anita; posted by Blue Lass


La Que No Podía Amar #67 Thursday 3/29/12 The Woman Who Couldn't Handle It Anymore, *sob*

Oh, yeah, Ana Paula's toooootally into Rogelio. Even if she's not ready to completely admit it yet.

Dopey Gustavo huffs and puffs and fails to blow the hacienda down. He angrily undresses, throwing his clothes around in a manner not described in the Chippendale manual. Cinthia comes in and offers to help him relax…and he rejects her. And then apologizes for being such a dumbass. But he still doesn't want to go out to dinner. Cynthia leaves him to his heavy breathing. Alone.

Bruno comes into Team Evil Headquarters. Vanessa is thrilled that Rogelio thinks David is the owner of La Negra. She excuses herself to get ready for dinner. Bruno lets David know that he drugged the cows, so anytime he wants to call the authorities, go for it.

Rosaura whines. Miguel suggests maybe she should play nice with Maria. More whining from Rosaura. Miguel tries to calm her down. They get into an argument about the Paula/Gustavo/Cinthia triangle and who should and shouldn't be behaving the way they are/aren't. Miguel says they need to go get money from the bank tomorrow, for wood. Rosaura insists they ought to be asking Rogelio for money. Miguel blasts her for her stubbornness.

Ana Paula now whines to Dany about how Gustavo is sooooo upset since she told him she might maybe possibly a little bit be having feelings for Rogelio.

Efrain sneaks into Cinthia's room with a bottle of aguardiente ("fire water"; moonshine). He takes some healthy swigs and finally convinces her to have some. He wants to talk about her reaction to finding out who owns La Negra. She claims it's because she doesn't want David around. At the mention of another man's name, Efrain decides he needs to re-brand her with his hot, hot kisses.

Maria and Rosaura continue their standoff. If Rosaura wants to insist that she knows how to run the house then she'd better prove it. She goes into town with Miguel, saying she'll make the grocery list on the way. I hope Maria has some of the necessities stockpiled or Rosaura's going to come back to town with twenty pounds of candy and a bottle of dish soap and expect the whole household to be able to live off of that for a week.

Cinthia thinks that at some point Rogelio will find out that Vanessa is part owner of La Negra. "If he finds out, you'll never get his love back." Vanessa says if she has to, she'll sell the land to Bruno for cheap to keep Rogelio from finding out. Cinthia asks if they're going to give back the water once she has her part of the land and Vanessa says they will. Cinthia shows a small spark of intelligence when she says that she hopes the plan goes the way they expect it to, or it's going to suck for all of them. Well, I said it was a small spark…we can't expect her to get both brain cells firing at the same time on her very first day of attempted use!

Margarito is bummed to miss the party. Ana Paula and Rogelio will stay home with them, but now this bums Hugo out. Ana Paula bats her eyelashes and says if she's staying home, she can take care of him and Hugo can go to the party. Rogelio tells Hugo to thank the nice boss lady for being so concerned for all the hacienda workers. He asks Maria to go to the party and give Ulises something from him.

Cinthia starts talking to Vanessa about Gustavo being in a bad mood yesterday. She thinks it has something to do with The Ex. She's not going to start all over with a new potential husband. She's sure that Gustavo will help her get her inheritance, but she's not using him…they're mutually helping each other.

Rogelio goes downstairs and runs into a still huffing and puffing Gustavo. Maybe I'm being too hard on him. Maybe he has asthma. Or he just quit smoking. Or every time they show him lately, he's just gotten done running a marathon. Hey, I'm trying here. Gustavo says things are going well with the turbines, he's just upset about something…else. Rogelio offers to talk it over with him in the office and Gustavo takes him up on the offer.

Rosaura is STILL complaining about giving Miguel the money. He asks if she has some reason not to want to help him. Rosaura says she just doesn't like the idea of not having a stash of cash in case Rogelio finds out who Gustavo is. She tells Miguel to wait for her in the plaza and warns him not to go drinking. David shows up.

Gustavo has noticed a drop in the water pressure. He knows something's wrong, but he doesn't know what. Rogelio asks him to investigate.

David mocks Miguel, asking if he's not grateful for the pardon. Miguel is, quite rightly, upset that his freedom depended on David giving him that pardon when David knows full well that he didn't steal the truck. David tells him to ask his brother-in-law about that. Rogelio is not to be trusted. "For your own good, don't ever trust him." It's fairly obvious to me that Team Evil is going to get nowhere with all their evil scheming because they're all to stupid and blinded by their own baggage to know when to keep their individual and collective mouths shut.

Gustavo sees Ana Paula outside and tells her they have to talk. He asks if her aunt put the screws to her. Or Rogelio. He can't believe their love has just disappeared from one day to the next. AP says too many things can change in the coming months and it's not fair to make him wait. Cinthia comes up, asking what's going on. Gustavo says it's nothing and then asks to speak to her.

Rosaura lies (I assume) to Miguel that the money is in limbo and she can't get it until next week. He wants a better explanation, but Rosaura says there's no time, she's got to fix dinner. I don't think she's spent the money--how could she have? Out there in the middle of nowhere. Maybe she's ordering stuff from catalogs. But would they deliver to the hacienda? And without anyone noticing? Could she be into online gambling? She doesn't strike me as the kind of person who knows how to operate a computer. Maybe she just has a pathological need to stockpile money. Maybe she never spent the blackmail money from Elsa all those years ago.

Gustavo apologizes to Cinthia for being an ass the previous day. She tells him not to worry about it. Gustavo takes off to deal with his errand.

Cinthia asks to talk to Ana Paula. She says she's realized what's going on between AP and Gustavo. I seriously doubt that.

Cinthia says she's noticed them talking. She thinks AP is after her man. She tells her that since she married a paralyzed man for money, her punishment is to live with her decision.

Miguel is worried that Ana Paula is going to get sick. Rosaura says he should be worried about his poor sick auntie, who could keel over at any minute. We should be so lucky! She notices Bruno and sends Miguel to get her some ice cream, but since he's not allowed to carry money to keep him from buying alcohol, she has to give him a few coins. Miguel says she'll only be getting a small scoop, then. Rosaura tells Bruno that Gustavo has a copy of the contract and he knows that she helped keep AP in the dark about him not being dead. Bruno figures she's worried about damaging her image as the saintly aunt. Rosaura comes back to the idea of having him killed off, but Bruno says the timing is bad. If anything happens to him now, while he's Cinthia's boyfriend, Rogelio wouldn't stop until the killer was found.

Gustavo sees the men working down at the river and asks what's going on. One of the workers tries to say it's nothing, but Gustavo can tell they're building a dam. The guy says to take it up with his boss, who's standing riiiiight over there. Gustavo sees David and goes splashing across the river to confront him. David, rather stupidly in front of all these witnesses, says Gustavo's got to stop blaming him for everything and he's not going to ruin this business deal…David will make sure of that himself. David starts beating the crap out of him, or trying to. He doesn't get far before Vanessa shows up to berate him for it. She encourages Gustavo to go back to the house and let Ernesto check him out, then smacks David around a little, bitching that he's going to ruin everything. David just laughs. See what I mean? Team Evil will do itself in, without any outside help from Team Clueless.

Miguel shows Rogelio the desk he built. They talk about having Gustavo help them choose a good site for the school. Miguel tells Rogelio that he's going to build furniture to sell and Rogelio is cool with that. He's more concerned with Maripaz's party and asks Miguel to please not drink even a drop. Rosaura interrupts their conversation asking what's wrong, which pisses off Miguel. Rogelio asks where his coffee is. The coffee he has at this time every day, and for which he doesn't ever have to ask. Rosaura didn't know about the coffee. Rogelio suggests getting a list of…well, everything…from Maria. That doesn't go over well. Rogelio looks like he can't decide whether this amuses him or whether he just wants his damn coffee already!

Macaria and Ulises decorate for the party. Efrain is also helping with the decorating and tells Ulises to put on some music. Macaria falls off a chair and hurts herself. She ends up with Efrain holding her up and Ulises holding her hand to comfort her.

Rosaura brings in some presumably crappy coffee. Rogelio says it's fine, he'll just drink tea today. He sips at his watery coffee without making a face. Rosaura convinces Rogelio to get wood for Miguel. Wait, that didn't come out right. Oh well. She also tries to convince him to let her "administrate" the house, which she describes as bossing everyone around and spending all his money. Rogelio cracks up laughing at the idea that he would ever let Rosauara get her hands on his money.

While poor Margarito lies there in bed, Ana Paula whines to Dany about her love triangle. Nice priorities there. She raises the possibility of being pregnant. She thinks it's highly probable.

Vanessa gets Gustavo back to the house. She wants to get Cinthia, but Gustavo refuses. Well, since he can't outrun her, she gets to have her say. Gustavo calls Esteban and rats out David. Esteban says what David is doing is a crime. Although, he's not thrilled about helping out the man who "stole" Vanessa from him.

Dany and AP reminisce about their days back in nursing school. AP thinks a baby is always a blessing. They're unsure how Rogelio will react.

Esteban is surprised that everyone in this telenovela is connected to everyone else in a giant knot comprised of a hideous mix of coincidence and bad decision-making. He'll definitely do something about David, though, because the law is the law, damnit! He's going right down there to San Gabriel, cause the awkward house party of awkwardness just won't be complete until everyone who could potentially make anyone else's life uncomfortable is hanging around at the hacienda, drinking Rogelio's tequila and putting their muddy boots up on his coffee table.

More pregnancy talk. AP needs to pee on a stick. Not that she knows where to get a stick. She's not going to get it at Ulises' shop.

Cinthia makes out with Efrain. They're interrupted by Vanessa, saying that Gustavo got a beating. "He found out what David's doing and they got into a fight." Cinthia sends Vanessa to go get Ernesto and she'll be right behind her. Vanessa leaves and Cinthia insists to Efrain that she has to keep Gustavo on a string and convince him to marry her so she can get her inheritance and then once she does, she and Efrain can be together. And also, she's come into possession of a very nice bridge that he'd perhaps be interested in.
Rosaura shows off her groceries. Maria doesn't think it looks like much. Apparently some of it is a new eyeshadow palette. Rosaura bought mostly beef and tomatoes. The two things the hacienda already produces plenty of. Ooh, burn!

Rogelio writes Miguel a check for the wood. He insists he wants to take it out of the money that Rogelio is paying his aunt. Rogelio is stunned that Miguel would turn down a blank check, but Miguel wants to be more responsible. Rogelio is glad he thinks that way. Miguel doesn't want to be a burden. He wants AP to make her own decisions without worrying about what's going to happen to him. Rogelio asks if Miguel thinks that AP would have left already if Miguel weren't there. Miguel says AP isn't doing well and he's worried about her.

Cinthia fusses over Gustavo, who's busy grunting and breathing loudly.

Chio goes to Esteban's office. He hopes she's not still angry. Chio says she's only there to say goodbye. She's going on a shopping expedition for her store. "I thought you might try to stop me. Might ask me to stay with you, or tell me you want to travel with me. But I guess not. It's a shame you're rejecting my love since it's real!"

Ulises and Macaria review the party menu. Dany asks to speak with Macaria alone. She asks for a pregnancy test, but says it's not for her. So of course, Macaria thinks it IS for Dany. She swears she'll keep her mouth shut…ha!...and packs up the test. Ulises asks what she needed…"A pregnancy test!" Way to keep your mouth shut, Macaria! Ulises assumes it's Miguel's baby.

David whines about how Gustavo isn't going to screw this up for him. Vanessa tells him to calm down. She says they can't let Rogelio suspect that she's on his side. Cinthia comes in to yell at David.

Ernesto tells AP he can't tell her what's going to happen with Margarito, they have to wait. Gustavo comes shambling in and gets yelled at by Ernesto that he should be resting. AP jumps to the conclusion that Rogelio had Gustavo beaten, but he insists Rogelio had nothing to do with it. AP then commences to have a nervous breakdown in the hallway, crying and moaning that she just can't take it anymore. And here I thought I was the expert and making everything all about me. I relinquish my crown. She ends up sobbing in Gustavo's arms, asking who beat him.

Cinthia and David keep fighting until Vanessa breaks it up. She says they have to figure out how to keep Gustavo from telling Rogelio about the river. David is pissed that the two of them want to keep looking innocent to Rogelio, so he's getting all the blame for everything, even though there are four of them making the decisions. "If I get turned in for this, I'm not going down alone!"

The guys walk AP to someone's room, where she lies down on the bed. Gustavo wants to know why she suspected Rogelio, but Ernesto tells him to back the hell off and go bring his med kit. Once he leaves Ernesto says she can't go on like this, being concerned for everyone else but herself. He also tells her that Rogelio had jack to do with the beating, it was actually David. He warns her that if she doesn't get some rest he's going to end up having to put her in the hospital. AP whines and cries about not wanting to take any pills and just needing some sleep. This is apparently Miguel's room, which I didn't recognize, and Ernesto wanted her brought there so she could rest without being bothered. Gustavo comes back with the bag and Ernesto says he's going to give her a sedative.

Maripaz's party arrives. Ulises has noticed how much hotter Macaria is since she came back from Mexico.

Cinthia brings Gustavo a glass of water and a pill for his pain. She says she's pissed about the beating and so is Rogelio. "Oh, I had to tell him. You're looking out for our interests. And my brother always wants to know everything that's going on." She begs him to let her spoil him.

Dany brings the pregnancy test to AP. Rosaura overhears and slaps AP for being stupid enough to get pregnant. Thus endeth our tale for today.

Tomorrow: tense moments, AP confronts the truth, Rogelio goes after Gustavo with the whip.


Una Familia Con Suerte #185-186 Thu 3/29/12 Pina’s power trip hits turbulence.

Back in the conference room, Raymundo says it’s business as usual if Vice just drops the case against Pancho. No deal. Everyone except Team Vice, Arnoldo, Pina (aka Team VAPid) is really annoyed. Pina is prez. Back in Pina’s office, Team VAPid tries to celebrate their victory by removing the neck accessory and toasting with champagne, but Candy drops in. Pina imperiously bans her from the building, but Arnold Flowerz gets a good look at her heinie on her way out. Later, Arnoldo takes Candy out to dinner and confesses that he isn’t really gay. She’s flattered that he’s attracted to her. She must not know that at this point he’s basically panting after shapely rocks and trees.
Pancho holds a press conference to announce Pina is taking over as president. He claims he’s just taking a leave of absence to enact all the wedding ideas he’s got saved up on Pinterest. He praises Pina’s mad biz skillz up and down, mostly up to keep the stock price from going down.
Doc Oc has taken to his bed. He refuses to tell people he has Alzheimer’s, because he doesn’t need their pity. He can throw his own pity party all by himself. He refuses to even go to Casa Lopez anymore. Fernando thinks he could still work and everything if he had an assistant, but he refuses. While Fernanda is fixing him a meal tray, Doc Oc goes walkabout. He leaves a note saying he doesn’t want to hurt her, so buh-bye and leave me alone. That makes no sense but he has Alzheimer’s so perhaps I’ll give him a pass. He drives away out into the boonies but has to pull over to cry. {Side note. What led to my own dear grandmother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis was that she was driving and turned left into traffic because she just forgot not to. Should Oc really be driving?}
Pepe and Tomás meet El Tanque’s family at the jail, where he’s finally being released. The happy reunited family is so heartwarming, Pepe and Tomás walk off arm-in-arm.
In the evening, Tomás makes a fancy romantic dinner for Lupita in the garden of the new guardería/residence. He offers help with field trips because he LOVES kids, hint hint. He’d like to have 5 but readily agrees that Lupita’s desire for 2 is sensible. Lupita suddenly starts singing right in his face. They decide to be novios again.
Freddy decides to stop dropping in on Ana and let her focus on the tour. Compared to the shenanigans many musicians get up to on tour, a low-key novio who shows up for a few smooches and te amos seems like no big deal and really more likely to prevent distractions, but what do I know?
Frida pouts until Pepe agrees to go dancing with her. She claims she hasn’t dance since a friend’s quinceañera but she doesn’t seem to have lost much skill in that time. They’re so captivating on the dance floor that everyone in the club gathers to watch.
Meanwhile, in a far hotter club aka Enzo’s apartment, Enzo makes Chela close her eyes while he gets ready. When she opens them, he’s all in black leather and sunglasses, which he proceeds to remove with a lot of shimmying. Chela loves it but looks like she’s struggling not to laugh. I’m not sure how much of that is acting. After the show, Enzo says he learned this from a video. Chela says it was great but admits she has no basis for comparison. And then they get to the (horizontal) encore performance.
In the morning, Pepe is very tired and possibly hungover. Chela shows up to whip the household into shape and she asks him what he wants for brekky. “Whatever,” he says. Chela says they’re fresh out of it. Pepe claims he was out with Tomás the night before, but Lupita knows that is a lie and figures it was Frida. Everyone yells at Pepe.
Pina goes to the Avon plant and insults everyone while swanning about imperiously. Back in the office, Rebe dumps a HUGE stack of files in front of Pina, all urgent issues she must deal with. The top of the list is the financial report, which is legal and required and must be exactly right. Pina thinks dealing with all this hassle is beneath her. She freaks out and calls Vice, desperate for help.
Freddy, back at home, tells his dud dad he isn’t tagging along on Ana’s tour anymore. Vice goes on about getting him together with ol’ blue eyes and Freddy loses it. Key points: Freddy hates the way Pina is with Vice back, codependent again; he hates that Vice is siding with her against their own son just to get back into Pina’s good graces; Vice has NO leg to stand on, telling Freddy HE shouldn’t date a Lopez dame; and Vice and Pina never think about anyone but themselves.
Pepe confesses to Pancho that Frida kissed him and he didn’t hate it, but Pancho’s gotta go when Candy summons him down to the rally in front of the cathedral. Wow, who knew random business execs could have such a fan club with nothing better to do than campaign to get them a better wedding date? These people must really love Skin So Soft. Or maybe they’re just hoping for jobs.
Arnoldo tries to talk himself out of falling for Candy. Don’t worry, Arnie, I’m sure you’ll be over it as soon as any other random woman walks in front of you. Pina yells at him for no good reason. Pina really gets her high horse galloping when Rebe tries to deal with business. Pina will not speak to her or anyone without an appointment, she declares to Celeste. But as busy as she is presiding, she still makes time to insult Celeste.
Later, Pina yells at Celeste for following orders and not putting Meli’s grandparents through, because they didn’t have an appointment to call. Turns out they want Miniyuyis to live with them, which upsets Pina and gives Vice a fit of drama.
Pepe tells Lupita about inspecting Frida’s face valves. Lupita is incensed. Pepe moans that no matter how much money he earns, it will never be enough for Moany.
In Guanajuato, the band has been hired for a private concert. Pancho calls Ana and she is homesick and cries.
Elena meets a hippioso dredlocked dude named Orion who is collecting for a fund opposing global warming. He gets her to let him in to use the loo, which is perfectly safe because he is all about love and peace so clearly not a serial killer. They seem to hit it off, and he even gives her a quick smooch on his way out.
Enzo takes Chela home and carries her shopping bags for her. A rude guy in the parking lot eyes up the richie rich and gives him a hard time.
Fernanda tells Pancho about Doc Oc’s skeddadling. They try to figure out how to track him down.
Frida gives Pepe a keychain that looks just like Champi. He drops it as she hands it to him, and once again they are up close and personal and angsty. Pepe’s inner Pepe talk works and he backs away and tells Frida this has to stop. Silently, he is conflicted.
Temo shows Rebe his report card and they celebrate his improvement. Later Chela tries to help Temo with his homework, but he only has English, which he needs Rebe for. Chela seems kind of sad.
Elena tells Lupita about hippioso Orion. She liked him, but he isn’t the moneybags she dreams of. Elsewhere, Orion sighs over his dreamy Elena de Troya.
We get a PSA in gun safety, courtesy of Tom’s poli academy. I’d enjoy this more if it were taught by my favorite polis, Brandon and Oliver. Or perhaps Doctora Chelatina.
Pina is super snotty to Enzo and he tells her to get off her high horse. She threatens to fire him and he retorts that she’d have a great time doing the financial report without him. He graciously agrees to do it for her, but not to put up with her crap.
Candy agrees to meet with Vice. He seems to be expecting a happier reunion than she sounds like she’s offering. Vice gloats to Arnold Flowerz, who is disappointed at his treatment of Pina.
Lupita and Rebe look at wedding dresses. Hoping to wow us with their fresh originality, they favor dresses which are white, strapless, long, and full-skirted.


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