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Que pobres tan ricos #39, MA perforns 'a day in the life of Trofeo', A-hole keeps catching Mini in suspicious behavior.

Plastic wrapped MA gets up with difficulty to answer the phone call. But as MA speaks, A-hole catches Mini and asks her bluntly who she is talking to.

MA tells Frida that the number that called is ‘private’ and that gives him a bad vibe (mala espina).

Isela tells a paranoic A-hole some lame excuse but he isn’t buying what she is selling. ‘cosas de mujercitas’ (conversation about young lady (virgin) things LOL!)… Mini continues the list of lame excuses. A-hole ends up giving them the benefit of the doubt and tells Isela he wants dinner. As A-hole leaves, Mini can’t wait to give Isela the news that MA is in Mexico. She will go to AS’s hotel tomorrow to find out where MA is. Isela says too little too late, your husband will find out and beware… Mini can’t want to cat-play around with MA. MA calls Saul and tells him about the call, could it be Vilma/A-hole? Saul says if they were suspecting he was at La Nopalera they would have come back right away. MA tells Saul he got a job. Saul almost falls over in surprise. MA says he is overqualified for the job, surely can do it blindfolded… (Frida protests, let her sleep)…

At dinner (or wine glasses), Mini comments about Adolfo turning out to be an accomplice of MA. A-hole says divine justice exists, but yes, it is unbelievable that so much betrayal exists. Mini continues to sweeten his ear… Are you sure sure sure that your cousin MA committed the felony? A-hole protests that his word should suffice for her. Mini follows his lead, MA should be behind bars. Isela follows suit. Then shouts to the maid to bring dessert (Tapioca, yikes!)

At hotel room, Maca is all over Leo on the bed. Leo says she is so wasted, she could suffer the vengeance of Monctezuma and…. (she has fallen fast asleep right on top of him). He moves off her slowly. Seems it affects his breathing how much alcohol she is breathing out.

Back to the plastic covered bro-sis pair. Almost a carnival dance these two are making everytime they need to move (the alarm clock has buzzed, morning!) She protests its too early to get up. He leaves her protesting alone. Comes down. Lupe is having coffee. He has got dressed with shirt and tie… she offers him coffee. He accepts. Then she apologizes for the issue with Emiliano. She says he is right, she is afraid of him resenting that she never told A-hole about him. MA says sooner or later Emi will understand her reasons. MA says he has learned that everyone in the Menchaca family respect each other. MA tells Lupe that he suspects A-hole is the one behind the fraud. Nepo comes in. He sweet-talks her. MA says good morning, I am ready when you are. Nepo says ok but have to try Lupe’s coffee first. Lupe doesn’t have any more, she offers him hers. Nepo hurries MA to finish his coffee so they can go. MA shows a semi-false up-beat attitude toward the day’s work. They leave, Lupe smiles at his gimmicks.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #61- Delete is More Than a Button on the Computer

Sucia is trying to convince Isa that she is a changed woman.  She is going to prove it to everyone.  Time will tell.
Dan will let Mari know how the padre.   Gil is seething and Tita lets him have it.   She tells him that he his life is empty and he is a lonely, bitter old man who best to stop yelling at her.  General Gil and his stubbornness gave Tita a headache. Tita comments that Dan is considerate and must have learned that from his mom.
Mari tries to kiss Dan and Gil clears his throat.  Tita thanks Dan and tells him he must be like his mom.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, Capitulo 77, Dimitrio Shows He Has A Heart And Maria Tries To Take Jose Luis For A Ride

Well, I want you to know that I am going to do it. I surrender. I copied the number into my mobile phone for the storied Power Coaching duo ‘Julia y Susanlynn’ out of today’s glowing article in the WSJ.  Then I put the newspaper in the recycling bin just as the guys in the green truck were rumbling their way up my street. It was not a perfect solution, I reasoned—someone will have to put up the necessary suitcase of cash— but I knew I had hit the limits of my resources. I had had enough. It was time to bring in the pros.

Yesterday my diagnosis of high lipid levels was disappointing. But when the orthopedic surgeon said that I also had ‘Nerfazo Elbow’, well, that was the end. I just sat in the waiting room and cried.  I thought I was using proper nerfazo technique for tossing the balls at my television—heaven only knows I have had enough practice—but it turns out I was putting English on the ball as I threw it. Now I have to lay off the nerfazos during the stupidest part of ‘Robo’. Those characters simply will not listen to me—what am I supposed to do?

So I am putting Julia y Susanlynn on notice. You two have got to talk some sense into the characters of Robo.

Later I saw my shrink. He suggested that I might be a little too involved in telenovelas; that I might be blurring the lines between real life and Televisa life. What does he know? 

When I got home today, Mr. June was sorting out some books for donation. Right on top of the pile was a pristine copy of the book, ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.  I wondered who had purchased the book and then I read on the flyleaf that it was a gift to me, some 24 years ago. Fancy that. I never read it but I figure that this guy’s advice to the characters of Robo cannot be any less effective than mine has been.

So, you annoying characters of ‘Robo’, until Julia y Susanlynn can make their way to Aguazul, you may find the Mr. Steven Covey’s advice helpful as you navigate the doldrums of this very LONG telenovela. I hope so. You are getting (collectively) stupider every day.

Per Mr. Covey, here is how our characters could become highly effective people.
The First Three Habits surround moving from dependence to independence (i.e., self-mastery):

Habit 1: Be Proactive – For Dimitrio

Take initiative in life by realizing that your decisions (and how they align with life's principles) are the primary determining factor for effectiveness in your life. Take responsibility for your choices and the consequences that follow. (Steven Covey)

Dimitrio and Adolfo get into a tussle on the lawn of Josefina’s house. Dimmy tears up the check that Fina has written him. Adolfo says it doesn’t matter, when he next sees Josie she sill give him another. He comments that Josie is willing to pay for a teeny bit of love, and, by the way, she doesn’t seem very well satisfied by Dimmy in the love department. Dimmy punches Aldolfo again, but Josie prevents a full fledged fight by calling on Adolfo. Dimitrio comes up toward Josie’s front door and she reminds him that he no longer lives at her home. She asks that the next time he comes to the house he should ring the doorbell, AND she wants her house keys back.

Josie says that what she does is no longer any of Dimmy’s business, but he disagrees. She is still his wife and what she does is his business. He doesn’t want her to throw her money at the wastrel Adoldo. He starts to tell her that she still doesn’t get it but she interrupsts him to say that he taught her very well. No man would want her for who she is so she will have to pay to have a little love in her life.

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #38- 2/27/14: Mama, Can You Spare a Dime?

Hola Amiguis. Shall we begin?

We get a replay of Macarena coming to stay with AS and Leo for we don't know how long. Question is, did she bring the lana? She sure seems to be swilling the booze as much as AS does.

MA is at the gate of Emiliano's school pretending he is Emiliano's Papa so his friends will stop pestering him about "Where's your Papa" all the time. It's school pick up time, but Emiliano can't go with MA cause Lupe doesn't know he's there. Only Lupe is authorized or maybe Don Chuy to pick Emiliano up, there are rules there. Lupe comes up and wants to know why the heck MA is at Emiliano's school while she elbows him in the ribs.

So you know how yesterday, Mini was doing all that research on line? Well, she shows up at Frida's Prepa looking for info on Frida from Tato. Tato is kinda, sorta reluctant to give her any info. She says she hasn't heard from the RPs since they went to Italia. Mini knows that AS is in Mexico, she's seen her, could Frida be with her by any chance? Tato still isn't saying.
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Mentir Para Vivir #100 Thu 2/27/14 Beber para Sobrevivir

Ric goes to the prison infirmary to visit a still living Marilu.  She's still feeling suicidal, on account of him wanting to divorce her.  The nurse adds something…a sedative, I hope…to Marilu's IV bag.  Ric reminds her she did commit a crime, y'know…killing Fabi's baby and nearly killing Fabi.  Marilu's sorry and all, but she still doesn't want Ric to "abandon" her.  He says he won't just as she drifts off again.

A tech swabs Alina's cheek and tells Inés they'll have the results in a week.  Alina checks in with Raquel in the lobby and brags about how it didn't hurt her one bit when Raquel complains.  Lucina fends off Alina's questions about why--if this is just something to check that Alina and Raquel are healthy--Lucina and Inés aren't getting tested too, by inviting everyone for a burger and fries…yum!  Lucina and Alina lead the way out of the lobby as Raquel now complains to Inés, of all people, about how bossy and nosy Lucina is and, ugh, how annoying.

Jackie has decided to stay in Hermosillo and maybe take over Mariano's clinic.  Rosa has two other kids to take care of, though, so she has to go back.  Tears all around as mom and daughter say goodbye.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor # 60- Money Doesn't Buy You Class

Tita is talking to Osvy on the phone.  He gibes her the good news. As Ara’s grandparents that have to clarify the situation.
Isa tells Gaby that Ara is back home.  They have won the battle but not the war.  She is still with Javier.  Gaby says that Ara will tire of him.  Isa is going with Gaby to the ob/gyn.

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Mentir Para Vivir #99 Wed 2/26/14 Maricucu throws a fit, Alina throws a berrinche, and Ori throws her life out the window.

Maddie reaches out to Cesar for help, pleads her case, suggests he hit up Paloma for help, then puts down her cellmates (She’d better hope they didn't hear her)

We relive Antonio's death.  Poor chump.

Lo Nuevo
Ricky and Ori talk about how happy they are about the baby.  Ricky swears by Mariano's memory that he will show no preference for his baby over what's her name? Oh yeah, Alina.

Deserted Cabin
JL goes through Antonio’s pockets, removes his wallet, and drags him away.

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Qué Pobres, Weds 2/26/14 (#37): Heeeeeeere’s Daddy!

In no particular order:

Desperate Woman Reads Teen's Old Tweets
Isela warns Mini that if Ahole finds out that "we" can't conceive, he'll dump Mini. And if he finds out she's helping MA, he could kill her.

Mini disagrees. As long as they can get a "son" for him somewhere, even if Ahole finds out ("and he WILL find out," Mini says), no way will he throw away his big chance at the prize.

As for MA, Mini thinks she knows how to find him. She looks at Frida's tweets/blog(s)/other social media. But there doesn't seem to be anything recent and it's all about Tato, Tato, Tato.

Grandma in Old Pajamas Begs Grandson: "Get a Job"
MA questions Mati about the papers that were hidden in the busted bust. All she remembers is that her husband told her not to lose it. She can't recall any details (at least not today). She warns him of the dangers of being idle and urges him to get a job.

Fragile, Vulnerable Boy at Monastery Retreat Takes Bath, Forgives Mother
Drunk "Nun" Feeds Dog with Fork
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, #76, 2-26-2014: Alejandro has a new attitude and maybe DIM does, too; José-Luis gets his hopes up again...only to have them dashed again

In Almonte Beach House, Agua Azul, Alejandro and Montserrat comfort Rosario after her recounting of the sad story of her abuse and betrayal by the incredibly evil Benjamin Almonte.  Alejandro vows to make up for all the suffering Rosario endured, declaring, too, that his mother is perfect with or without the new clothes and grooming standards, and he’s proud of her for having struggled and lived in spite of having endured such terrible and unjust treatment.  Rosario says that having Alejandro was worth everything, and she wants nothing else.  With Ale and Montse now, Rosario is the happiest woman in the world. Loving group hug time!

All happy families are alike...
(Would Tolstoy have been so sure about this if he'd watched TNs?)

... each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way:  

At Mansion Mendoza, another mother and son have a much less endearing conversation: Gracie wants to know what happened with DIM and Pedro and doesn't want DIM to hide things from her.  DIM tells her that he told Adolfo who told Pedro about how he (DIM) might or might not be an Almonte heir, and Gracie get mad at him for being inept. DIM is back at Gracie quickly and tells her what he does or doesn't do is nothing compared to what gossip-mongers in Agua Azul are saying about Gracie herself and the crazy, verging-on-incestuous familial relations of the Almonte-Mendoza clan:  Gracie sold her own daughter to her lover’s son who might actually be the half-brother of Gracies's son which would make her son and son-in-law half-brothers and her daughter the wife and sister-in-law...etc.

Thanks to you, lady, I may actually be my own grandpa

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Por Siempre Mi Amor # 59- The Prodigal Daughter Returns

Let's discuss:
  • Javier encourages Ara to move back home.
  • Bruno sends Gaby a cheerful balloon display encourage her to keep smiling through hard times.  Gaby tells Bruno that its inappropriate, but Bruno says that they are just friends.  Art lets Bruno know that its time to come to terms- he still loves Gaby
  • Isa dreamt that Ara returned home and she actually returns home.  Little dog and all, thank goodness.
  • The padre has a heart attack


PSMA (Por Siempre Mi Amor) Recap #58 (Really #'s 77 and 78)- Let's make it a drinking game, everytime Cuca blows a gasket, you take a swig!

AD and Isa are anxious about FeVer and 'Za who come home together. FeVer is rather smug but hospitable. AD and Isa explain about why BrunBrun is staying with them since 'Za states she saw his car out. Dena (my name for Almudena) and Bruno enter and FeVer turns on the charm towards Dena who introduces herself and Brun just gives a stale, "Que Tal." (kill them with kindness Brun.) The gang heads to eat dinner in the dining room.
Soni walks into the kitchen where Cuca is and she calls her name, thus startling our lovely MAID(en.) You startled me, my apologies, I just wanted to see my dad. It's pertaining to (cue) Marianela (who is walking into the room clad in a body hugging mint/pink dress, straightened hair and stilettos. PLEASE no Maricruz Olivares 2.0 with Borlas or Daniel as Oblivio. ) Cuca looks as if she has blown her gasket of the day in this episode but is thougthbubbling about how Soni is FINALLY going to talk with Gil. Soni (as if she can read minds) snaps her out of it and asks if Gil is home once again. Cuca responds with a no but they can wait in the dispatcho. They do so. Opp, Cuca has one more gasket to blow as she prays to God.
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Mentir Para Vivir #98 Tue 2/25/14 Breaking News! Ricky Turned Down SEX! Oh and Antonio Got Whacked.

Ricky and Mariano fist bump one last time.  Sorry, bro...I'm gonna have to "leave ya hangin this time'", says Mariano as he slowly drops his hand.  The heart monitor blares alerting the staff that the priest has flat-lined.  Ricky steps aside so the doctor can check Mariano’s carotid artery.  This makes sense because the flat-line noise is not proof enough that the priest has croaked.  The doctor tells Ricky that Mariano is a goner and makes no attempt to resuscitate him. 
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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 75, Tues., 2/25/14: Metamorphosis

Tonight Rosario is transformed.  Some of us may see her cosmetic changes as unfortunate -- in a reversal of what happens in nature, the fragile elegance of this pale moth folds itself into a sturdy enveloping cocoon. 

Why does Rosario have to change her image to assume her new role? Alejandro believes she will be prouder of herself and others will respect her more now that her appearance reflects her wealth and status.  Is he right?  Maybe so.  Perhaps we are sentimentalizing something that, in Rosario's world, is a stigma. Why should her appearance continue to telegraph messages about race and class that make her more vulnerable than she needs to be? 
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #36... Nepo offers MA a job, MA and Emiliano bond more... Frida gets help from JT and then later realizes just what she escaped when she broke up with Tato

MA and Saul keep playing switched lawyer/customer in front of the late guy’s sec. Saul keeps MA in check, warning they have to be careful about reaching out too much, A-hole might find out he is in town.

A-hole at office angry about the board old hags that won’t name him President of the bizness. Adolfo comes in unannounced and asks A-hole if he is finally the big Cahoona… Not yet. Adolfo asks maybe MA is working on fulfilling the grandpa clause out there in Europe. Even if your cousin is a runaway he won’t lose the rights if he complies with the clause before A-hole. A-hole is now irritated/anxious that MA is in Italy and he can’t keep an eye on him. Vilma tries to say her 2 cents worth but to no avail. Adolfo gigles ‘bye!’

At Nepo’s stand, he is still nervous about the cousins still there, Gwendy calls that ‘jealousy’. Nepo did not like the face of Lupita during the event night. Gwendy says nepo is seeing enemies where there aren’t any. Nepo came up with an idea of keeping the enemy near… Diego Armando comes by and gets a fruit drink from them and leaves. Gwendy still very interested in hearing what Nepo is thinking to do.

Adolfo gets to the reason he is there, you have not transferred the money to my account yet. Adolfo asks A-hole for 10% extra as compensation for the delay and for having to take the risk to come back. A-hole assures him MA will be the only one to pay for it all. Adolfo not quite buying what A-hole is selling. He does not want to end up like MA hiding in Italy to avoid being arrested. Adolfo leaves and Vilma comes and A-hole says ‘the time to get rid of that one (Adolfo) has come’.

At JT’s room, Frida says she has to find a truck or pickup to return the equipment. JT says he will find it for her. Would do anything for you. She is leaving and he calls her back, she says Grnadma is waiting, but he won’t let her leave without a brief kiss.
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Mentir Para Vivir #97 Mon 2/24/14 A human life is a story told by God*

*I couldn’t think of a snarky title for this recap, so I chose this quote by Danish author and poet, Hans Christian Andersen. It seems appropriate, all things considered.

Oriana is hiding the copy of the CD in the cover of her luggage. She looks worried, but she has to dissimulate in front of Alina, who comes to talk about Tito needing a bath.

Jl takes a good look at his copy of the CD and then leaves the house. John is following him and as soon as JL notices, he stops his car and goes to John’s to threaten him with his gun: if he doesn’t stop the spying, he’s a dead man!

At Aresti Bretton Piero and Mariano try to make Ric see reason (part 253). Piero calls him a hysteric, doesn’t think that his relationship with Oriana will last if all he does is try to control her every move. Ric thinks he was on the right, because Oriana met with JL behind his back. When Piero tells him that Oriana and JL share a past and a child and they can’t stay out of contact, Ric reminds Piero of his failed marriage (which means that Piero is not the best when it comes to relationships). Piero gets upset (rightfully, in my opinion) and leaves.

Mariano tries to calm Ric, too, but then they talk about his relationship with Jacqui and how nothing physical really happened so far. Mariano explains that he spent all his life refraining his sexual needs, so now it’s very hard to act on them. Ric thinks that if he truly wants a family, Mariano needs to learn to listen to his instincts;but  if he only likes Jacqui in a platonic way, he should just tell her the truth and not let her get her hopes up.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #57 US 2/24/13 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? It's that Elephant Again.

This episode is a combination of Mexico's episodes 75 and 76. Deleted scenes are in italics. Some scenes have been combined.

Aranza ties to pretend that Javier isn't a big stinky problem.

Dafne brings Aranza's clothes and her dog to Javier's place. Aranza wants to know if it's true that Dafne is dating Esteban.
"Well, you're in love with Javier, right? So Esteban is free."
"I thought you weren't into him because he was poor. You always called him a loser and a fool."
"He's good looking. I wanted to tell you what was going on before you found out from someone else." Aranza protests that it isn't cool that Dafne broke the "woman's code" but Dafne counters with, "A woman has a right to change her mind." As Dafne leaves she turns and kisses Aranza's cheek. "You know I love you."

At Tita's, Mari is facing off with Borlas. He wants to know why Mari is involved with Daniel. She tells Borlas that Daniel is in love with her. And Borlas has failed her. Twice. He is involved with the wrong people and there will be no forgiveness from her.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #35- 2/24/14: It's A Hard Knock Life for the RP's Except For One That Is!

Hola Amiguis! I will try to make this recap short and sweet. Shall we begin?

OMGee the Stinky Suit has been retired! Yes, indeedy, half way through the Stinky Suit got taken off by MA. It is the 30th Day of this Stinky Suit and I hope MA pitched it! Or maybe not. We will have to see.

The Commandante is telling the Menchacas, that their money is probably long gone now. Nepo is still pithed no one got questioned!

Mini and Isela are plotting and planning as usual. Mini really thinks, from things she has overheard, that MA was framed for the fraud. Isela not so much. She wants Mini to not think of herself, but of Isela. Por favor! Besides, what kind of proof does Mini have. Well none, but she wants to find out where MA is in Italia. He could be in a number of cities, like Rome, Florence, Venice, etc.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, Capitulo 74. 02/24/14

Refugio tries calling Esme put gets her voice mail. He wants her to return.

Maria is glad Ale is back. She wants to say goodbye. She's leaving before she gets thrown out on her ear. Ale offers her money but where she's going it will not be needed. When Ale asks her what she means, he notices she has slit her wrists. She passes out as blood is dripping to the floor. Ale calls for re-enforcements. He tells Rosario to get bandages while Victor calls an ambulance.

Next day, Refugio has fallen asleep waiting for Esme's return. He tries calling her again but gets voice mail. He wants to make sure she is okay. He gets a call from Angie and tells her he is on his way.

Maria asks Ale why didn't he let her die? Ale says what she did was really stupid. Maria says she has no one else but him. You all are ready to throw me out on my ear. Where else will I go? I am alone. I have no one and don't want to live without you. I prefer to be dead. Ale advises Maria to rest and they will talk later. Ale sends Margarita to watch after Maria. Victor asks if he thinks Maria would try it again? Ale doesn't know but Maria is not well. Ale turns to his mother and says he doesn't know what to do. Rosario understands his anguish but believes what everyone else on the patio has been saying. She did it to get attention. Maria knows once you bring Montse and your son, she will have to go. Ale says she has no one in this world. Rosario understands but reminds him that Maria and Montse don't get along. Macario agrees. Maria will only get in between you again. Ale feels bad since he has known her all his life. Victor tells him to wait until she gets better. Ale tells Macario to fetch Dominga from the hacienda and bring her back. Macario will do it gladly. Ale also wants him to bring Padre Anselmo. He wants to baptize his son by the end of the week. He also says he wants to take advantage so that he and Montse can get married again. The reason they got divorced was to get rid of all the bad mojo. Now they want to get re-married to start fresh. Happy faces all around. Ale plans to visit Montse and invites Rosario to tag along. Rosario jumps at the chance to hold her grandson again.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- Avenida Brasil, En Otra Piel, Camelia la Texana, et cetera, week of February 24, 2014

Camelia la Texana starts tomorrow and En Otra Piel is just finishing its first week. Avenida Brasil continues to impress although we are only getting 1 hour a day for last week and this week to allow for midday repeats of the new evening novelas. Over to you!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: LA IMPOSTORA -- week of February 24, 2014

Here's your page for the week. Enjoy!

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Gran Final

Sue in TN - you get the prize for having your prediction of the ending be the closest to what actually happened. Let's see how you did:

SUE- Humberto comes downstairs to find Santa is gone. He drops off willy with Willy at the hospital and then somehow figures out where Santiago is and heads to the warehouse.

ACTUAL - very close. Bert comes downstairs, finds Santa gone and takes willy to Begoña's house. Willy is at the hospital with Barb and Begoña is tied up in the warehouse with Santi but Paula is there.

At the warehouse, Santi is in a tux with his hair slicked back. He has made Santa put on a wedding dress and tells her to stop telling him that he is sick. Santa finds Begoña's phone and manages to mute the sound and call Bert with the phone behind her back. She gives Bert some clues about where she is but when she keeps asking Santi how he found this place, even he gets suspicious and finds the phone.

SUE - Pancho also heads to the warehouse.

ACTUAL - Bert heads off to the warehouse and Paula calls Pancho and gives him the information.

SUE - As Father Milton is about to pronounce Santiago and Santa husband and wife, Bert arrives. He and Santi have a life or death struggle. Bert loses. Bert lies Pietà-like in Santa's arms. She forgives him all his sins. He dies, redeemed at the end.

ACTUAL  - Very close, again. Bert comes in just as Father Milton has said, “you may kiss the bride.” Santa uses her Diabla skills to elbow Santi in the neck and run towards Bert. In excruciatingly slow motion, Santi raises his gun, Bert pushes Santa away and takes the bullet. Bert just dies on the floor, doesn’t say much and Santa just calls for an ambulance. Very undramatic. Maybe they didn’t think Gaby Espino could handle a scene like you describe.

SUE - Meanwhile, Pancho - who has lost the most as the result of Santiago and who is the real hero of our story - ends up killing him. Then, he disarms the bomb by cutting the right wire.

ACTUAL - This was wrong.  Nobody kills Santi, he is arrested and the whole bomb part of the story is ignored. Lucky that Santi didn't keep his finger on the detonator. Zero drama there.

SUE - Willy arrives. Comforts Santa. She goes back home with him and Begoña to pick up the pieces of her life shattered by the Canos. Pancho is done with police work and decides to leave Marrero
ACTUAL - The last part is right. It’s “meses despues,” “months later,”  Pancho tells Lucy that he is leaving the police force and Marrero. He tells her that he doesn’t like women and thanks to Ulíses, whose grave they are at, he now understands his true self. Lucy is pretty calm about losing her chance at marriage. They say that they will always care about each other.

SUE -  Other characters

Lucy joins Tránsito in the restaurant business

ACTUAL - Novela Maven was closer on this one. We see Tránsito singing her version of the Santa song in the restaurant (with improved decoration). I don’t know if the video has gone viral but maybe. Pancho asks her if she has seen Patricio. “No,” replies Tránsito, “it’s as if the earth (or her customers) have swallowed him up.” Lucy does not seem to be involved.

SUE - Ivan gives Victoria the Christmas she never will see. She dies in his arms

ACTUAL - 100% correct although that was pretty easy to predict.

SUE - Elisa decides to use the plane ticket and leaves for Canada, since there’s nothing there in Marrero for her anymore

ACTUAL - Elisa didn’t make the gran final.

SUE - Paula and René leave for Guatemala and a new life with René’s family

ACTUAL - Much weirder. In the “meses despues” we see Paula with a baby, presumably her baby. Willy is there but no René. Santa is pregnant. She is sad that Bert never knew that he had fathered yet another child but she is happy in her flat affect way.

SUE - Father Milton reschedules the baptisms and weddings he missed due to having a bomb strapped to his chest.

ACTUAL - I'm sure he did but we don't see that.

SUE - Francisca cannot accept that Barb is disfigured. Newly sainted Lisette says she can live in her home. There's plenty of space. Daniela decides to keep her baby because, in her mind, she doesn't want to reject her child as Francisca did hers.

ACTUAL - Not quite. Barb’s face is so damaged that even Alicia’s surgeon can’t repair it. She and Fran are living in the Cano house. Fran is annoyed at having to wait on Barb who has wrapped herself up in black, stays in the dark and keeps saying over and over,  “Fui bella,” “I was beautiful.” This is driving Fran nuts. Those two deserve each other.

Daniela gives up her baby for adoption to a couple we’ve never seen before. [Too bad Arturo and Mara]. Padre Milton looks on approvingly. Daniela gives a little speech saying that when she saw her baby, she loved her but she knows that she is not ready to be a mother, etc. etc.

SUE  - And speaking of Fran, she's all alone - her family either dead or gone. But at least she has that big home to keep her warm.

ACTUAL - see above.

Other stuff not in Sue’s prediction.

Ivan writes another book called, “Immortal,” about his love for Victoria and that also will warn women to get mammograms to get early warning of breast cancer.

Willy goes to see Alicia. He says that it is too bad she let her desire for vengeance be stronger than their love. They could have been happy together.  Alicia asks if he will wait for her. Willy seems to indicate that he will but that seems unlikely.

Santi is locked in an asylum. He says “Santa” over and over. A nurse brings him food but he doesn’t want to eat - actually he can’t feed himself since he is in a straight jacket. The nurses carelessly leave the door of his room open ...

Santa and family have ordered pizza at Begoña’s house. The doorbell rings. Santa goes to get it. For some reason, the pizza guy is standing about 10 feet from the door. How did he ring the bell? Santa has to go down the walk to pay the guy. She looks up and there is Santi standing by a tree across the street. A car goes by. She looks again and Santi is gone. Begoña comes out and asks what is wrong. “Hug me, mother,” she says, “Todo esto debió ser un mal sueño, nada más” “All this had to be a bad dream, nothing more.”

“All this” what? The pizza guy? With this sort of enigmatic ending, we get the Fin and it’s over. I give this gran final about a C- . It had less drama than one of Carlos Ponce’s State Farm commercials. Aaron Diaz managed to make what my sister calls, “fierce face” but Carlos Ponce looked like he was just phoning it in. On to the next novela. I’m going to watch (and probably recap) En Otra Piel. Thanks for all the great recaps and comments. It was fun.

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Camelia la Texana-index

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mentir Para Vivir #96 Fri 2/21/14 JL Offers Oriana Manna From Heaven

Lo Del Pasado:

Mariano and Jaquie decide to continue dating and see where it leads.

Lo Del Nuevo:

Oriana brings Alina over to Fort Falcon for the weekly visitation.  Samuel's thug spies on JL and the family's arrival.  Things are great till Jose Luis and Ori argue about his thinking Ricardo would show preference to his own children over Alina if Ori marries the guy.  (At least Lina and he still are able to have a good time together without Oriana prejudicing the kid against him again.)  
The Widow Barragán and the head of the Syndicate's Big Dude Council, Patrick, discuss how likely Jose Luis is to keep his word about handing over the CD and keeping mum now that she's offered to keep Joquin's promise to JL about giving him his freedom from the mob.  Her only worry is that her sociopath-etic BIL, Samuel, will go off the reservation and that will lead to one of JL's trusted contacts handing over another copy of the thing to Homero de la Garza.  Then they'll all be toast.  Rosa, Joquin's widow, says the best thing to do is just forget all about Falcon, but Patrick says they can't because de la Garza is a bloodhound [pero de caza= literal, a hunting dog] who won't let go till he's got them all in irons.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #73- 2/21/14: A Mystery, A "Secret" Revealed, and a Life In The Balance!

Ahoy Amiguis! So many points to ponder in this episode. Another mystery is revealed, there is a disappearance, a date, a "secret" revealed and a life on the line. Want to know more? I have another earworm for our, for now, happily back together couple, Ale and Monse. Have a listen! Tell It Like It Is.

This recap will be my usual off the cuff, on the fly recap. If I make a mistake please let me know. As usual when you see a blue link, click on it and listen to the music I've picked for these characters. Shall we begin?

We start with the refried of Ale, Monse, and the blurred bebe butt changing scene. Univision, really? As they they are leaving each other, that would be Ale and Monse, lots of besos (kisses), te amos ( I love you) and mi amors (my loves). Tia looks on and smiles. Monse tells her Ale signed the divorce papers and she couldn't be happier. Tia is quite perplexed!

EZ calls Tia Lottie to see if she received the flowers. She did, thank you very much, those orchids are just gorgeous. He asks the Tia to dinner, she would love to go. Gracie, the ice water queen, comes in and harshes Ms Tia's mellow. She tells Gracie that Monse and Ale made up, that's not possible says Gracie, Ale just signed those divorce papers and she's not beleiving a thingy Lottie is telling her. Lottie tells her Monse and Ale are sooo very happy. Gracie still doesn't get it!
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Que Pobres tan Ricos #34 Friday Feb 21, 2014... AS is happily living the life she is used to, CHAAAAARGE IT!! to the corporate office (yikes!)... Mini discovers about A-hole and Adolfo setting up MA for the fraud...

Argument continues about whether AS stole the money. MA defends her, being a daughter of Mexican aristocracy does not mean she doesn’t have values. Chuy also believes AS would not do that to them. MA puts a face like ‘I wish I could believe that myself’.

Nepo and Gwendy arrive at fonda with Carmelita. They had locked the door because of the argument. JT comes out to explain.

Meanwhile AS has arrived somewhere in a taxi. (seems a high end spa where they already know her)

Back to Fonda. Lupe still upset about the stolen money. Nepo also in disbelief. Apparently Tomas is about to spill the beans about AS being a ‘person of interest’ but the menchacas quickly take Tomas away. Nepo will call his brother in law the police commander. He calls him.

Adolfo arrives at A-hole’s and is mad. A-hole was not willing to give him any time on a Sunday. Adolfo tells him Saul Ballesteros has been following him around. A-hole lets him come in. Again Mini hears the conversation between A-hole and Adolfo. Adolfo not willing to end up in jail. Adolfo demands A-hole to clean his name and find the money for the deal with ‘El Bambi’. A-hole will ask Vilma to take care of it. A-hole also mentions that it is an issue about MA. A-hole laughs when Adolfo leaves ‘darn imbecile, I wish I could see his face when he is arrested’. Mini does not hear this last line since she had to hide before Adolfo left the room.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #56 - The Tangled Web of Lies and Deceit Gets Tighter-It Gets One Step Ahead and Then Two Steps Back

Tonight's episode is a combination of episodes 73 and 74. The deleted scenes are in blue.

Feo is choking Sucia because she snitched to Art. Is she jealous! He will be bored with that stupid girl soon.  She didn't snitch it was her friends.  Remember that they are partners, but you sent Rodolfo's wife my picture. What kind of partnership is that?  How do you know that it's me? Ole Sugar Daddy was discreet, so you would be the only one with access to pictures.  Feo pretends as if he doesn't know, but Sucia thinks that the apartment is bugged full of cameras and Feo tries to persuade Sucia to think that The Raisin had other women, but Sucia is not buying it.  The problem for them is that Fab promised his aunt that he would find out who the woman is in the photos and that will be problematic for her. Sucia knows that he took the pictures and Feo admits that it was him.  He warns Sucia that it's better to work with him than against him because he always gets what he wants.
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Weekend Discussion: Photo Gallery; The Three Faces of Marital Discord

Not all of us have seen all three series of our current hot topic but here are photos from all three versions of the Caridad Bravo Adams tale that will probably see yet another version in our lifetimes:

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Por Siempre Mi Amor #55-2/19/14- Getting Clocked Has Nothing to do With Telling Time

Hi all,
Tonight's episode will be from memory, just the highlights and tomorrow there is no show due to the Premios.  I am subbing for Sara on Friday and I will include the deleted episodes with more detail.  Sorry for the inconsistency.  :-(  Please feel free to add in what I have omitted.
  • Ara tells Feo how she is defending him and he just loves her more and more each day (Barf).  She is almost where he wants her.
  • Art and Fab have a friendly, brotherly chat. Art wants to let his dad and Fab's mom clear up their mess.  Art wants to know more about Javier's character and explains the whole kit and kaboodle, including that Javier is his daughter's boo, to Fab. Art shares that there are too many coincidences with Javier and Fab agrees.  
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Qué Pobres, Weds 2/19/14 (#33): Cold Feet and Sticky Fingers

Updated with new stuff in green.

Leo and Frida both have mixed emotions about leaving the Menchaca home. Frida says she'll miss "her people," but she's obviously excited about having stuff again. Leo admits that living in La Nopalera has brought out his creative side, but he still can't wait to get out of there.

Separately, but in unison, Lupita and MA both wonder and worry about the purpose of Vilma's visit yesterday. Maybe Ahole found out about Emiliano, or perhaps he suspects that Mati is hidden there.

JT gives Frida the equipment rental fee. (Net profit from the event was 1500 pesos.) They boldly state how much they won't miss one another. Then Frida kisses him and takes off. A moment later, Mati notices that JT is in good spirits.

After a particularly unsatisfactory shower, AS swipes the money. She has a moment of hesitation and prays for a "sign." The "sign" is a really big fart, which she interprets as meaning "go for it."
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #72- 2/19/14: Are You Happy Now?

I am putting up a discussion page for tonight's epi of "Robo". Eli has suffered a loss and is unable to do the recap. Please discuss, fill in and comment as you like.  Here are some of the highlights:

Nadia accuses EZ of being Pedro's amante; look on EZ's face, Priceless!

Ale comes to Monse's house and says he signed the divorce papers, and he still loves Monse. Funny thing she loves him too. He feeds the bebe and smooches Monse. They are in seventh heaven, but are we? And how long can this last?

Fina wants to give Dimmy his freedom. Graceless comes and tells him Ale will want DNA proof of his being a sibling of Don Benny's but no matter, she can take care of that, and they will be in the money. She also slapped him and for a hot minute it looked like he'd slap her back, but he goes and Fina wants him to pack his suitcase, but it doesn't look like Dimmy is going anywhere.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mentir Para Vivir #95 Wed 2/19/14

Covering for Paquita del Barrio.  Enjoy!

Homero advises Orinez to keep the beefed up security. (Does this include beefy Mike?)

Mariano, Rosa and Jackie talk about Tio Sammy.

Mariloca gets sent to federal prison until the trial. She begs her aunt to help her even though she was an evil witch to her for months. Tia Fidelia cries as Pretty Ricky tries consoling her.

Alina runs inside yelling for her mother to come see what just came. It's roses from...none other then Pretty Ricky thanking her for the “gift” she has given him. Alina doesn't understand why she got flowers since it isn't even her birthday. So what does it say asks Nosy Lina. Orinez tells her nun-ya business and sends her off to wash her hands.

Pretty Ricky, Mariano and Pierro talk about Mariloca's situation. Mariano, the good man he is, tries to defend Mariloca but Pierro silences him with a “Then why the hell did she bring the gun for”? Pierro wants to know when Pretty Ricky is going to divorce the crazy one. Soon replies Pretty Ricky especially after Orinez gave me a wonderful “gift”. I'm going to be a dad! Pierro wants to know why Pretty Ricky ain't jumping up with joy for knocking up Orinez. He says he doesn't feel much like celebrating knowing Fabs is still in grave danger. Mariano gives Pretty Ricky a brotherly hug and congratulates him . Child are a gift from God. Don't let the sadness from the Fabs situation rain on your parade. Pierro gets in on the action and offers his congrats too. He wants to be the godfather but Mariano says so does he. They decide to share the responsibilities in raising Pretty Ricky's son. What if it's a girl asks Pretty Ricky but Pierro reminds him that he already has a girl. Cielo is called to bring champagne to celebrate and when he asks what's the party about, Pierro says Pretty Ricky is going to be a father. Who's the chick you knocked up asks Cielo. Of course it's Orinez replies Pierro. Cielo offers his congrats and Pretty Ricky asks that they tell no one especially Tia Fidelia.
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PSMA- #54- 2/18/14- The Lies Continue

Sorry for being so late, but let's discuss last night's episode.
  • Ara and Daphne get caught in their lies
  • Feo gets a well deserve slap down from Art
  • Isa is remembering Feo unconsciously by him constantly saying Guapa.  Yuck!!!!
  • The  robbery finger is pointed back to GMeanie
  • Nick keeps on lying but Gaby gets down to the truth and finds solace in Bruno's arms


Que Pobres Tan Ricos #32- 2/18/14: The Return of the Stinky Suit!

Hola Amiguis! I am filling in for Marta for this Capitulo. Let's get started shall we? It will not be in order, I hope to keep it brief, it's on the fly from memory, and darn since MA put on that Luchadore costume we are back to counting at 1 again for the Stinky Suit. If he hadn't put on the Luchadore costume we would have been at day 28 for that Stinky Suit. So it's back to square one.

MA is being pounded in the ring. Pobrecito, but Leo and Frida have realized he is in the ring and go to help him get out of that ring. They go to Lupe. At this very moment the real Blue Tooth shows up, he was running late, so now finally Don Chuy realizes something is wrong. Lupe gets the news that MA is in that ring, she comes out at the same time that Don Chuy is trying to stop the fight. Lupe stops it by throwing something like water or juice in the opponent's face as they drag MA out of there and take him off.

To make up for the the stopped fight Don Chuy as the "Hijo de Sumatra" and Chilaquiles do a round or two of dancing. The vecinidad peeps aren't too happy and throw stuff at them in the ring. Everyone ends up leaving but some peeps want their money back.

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Mentir Para Vivir #94 Tue 2/18/14 My Boys Can Swim Baby! I'm Going to Be A Father!*

On Blueberry Hill, Ricky, Jose Luis and Mariano continue the brainstorming summit on ways to prevent Rhodalina and Oriana from getting whacked by Sammy the Bull.  The CD is the only thing keeping him alive right now and he will only give it to someone he trust.  Rick is eliminated because he is Jose Luis’ mortal enemy and keeps boinking  his wife, Mariano looks like and angel, but he has a big mouth and might go to the feds.  Mariano says that Homero is a good man; Jose Luis scoffs and says that Homero is trickier than he is.  Jose Luis believes that the only way to protect them is to lock them in the house.  After Jose Luis departs, Ricky and Mariano discuss how they will convince Oriana to stay in the house and not send Rhodalina to school.  Mariano thinks that Jose Luis will give it to Rosa.  Ricky’s tired of dealing with criminals, assassins and smugglers…and that’s just his own relatives.  Now he has to deal with Jose Luis’ problems too?  Again, Mariano suggests that they involve Homero. 
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 71, Tues., 2/18/14: Alejandro bangs a Uey on the road to a State of Grace and heads right on back into CrazyTown

In which:
Alejandro interprets Montserrat's act of kindness to José Luis as proof of betrayal.

EZ takes a dive for Pedro -- it's double-bubble night in the Jacuzzi

María learns that Rosario is Alejandro's mother

While Montserrat is thinking about reconciliation, Alejandro is signing divorce papers

Graciela tells Dimitrio he is Lauro's son, but lets Alejandro  think that Dim may be an Almonte heir.

The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.
--John Milton, Paradise Lost: The First Book

Alejandro Almonte wants more than anything to believe in his wife's innocence. But there is a voice in his head that he can't silence: They made a fool of you before and they are doing it again. 

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Por Siempre Mi Amor #53 US - Liars, Cheaters, Low-Lifes and Crazies Everywhere!

Hola, Peeps! I thought this was a suitable Tuesday funny:

Global Warming Protesters on the hunt for Al Gore

This episode is a combination of episodes 67 and 68 in Mexico. Deleted scenes that weren't shown in the US episode are in italics. I hope I got everything right. These episodes had a lot going on! Some scenes have been combined.

Katia tells Fabricio that his father is still alive.

Main Dish:
All these years Katia has been protecting Fabricio. She made up the lie that his father was dead to protect him from what people might say if they knew he was the son of a single mother. She claims her lover never told her that he was married.
"He denied me?" asks Fabricio. "Yes, I was in love with him. But he threw us out."

Katia saw him at the church service and he followed her afterward. He threatened that he'd tell Fabricio the truth and even wanted to force her into leaving town!
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Qué Pobres, Lunes 2/17/14 (#31): In which MA loses a fight with a chair. Again.

AS notices that MA is constantly looking at his watch. She asks what's up with that. I don't think this is ever explained.

JT's concert comes to a premature end with an impromptu kickboxing match. Actually, it's more of a mismatch, since Tato grossly underestimates his opponent. Ouch! Chuy warns Tato, a bit too late, that JT knows what he's doing and he'll bust Tato's tangerine. But Chuy also tells JT, "Get out of the ring or I'll throw you out."

Upstairs, Leo, MA, and AS hear the ruckus and worry about Frida. Leo volunteers to check up on her - and admits that he'll also be looking for something to eat.

Outside, Tato tells Frida she's coming with him; she says no. He begs her for another chance; she says no. He vows to get her back.
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Lo Que la Vida Me Robó Lunes, 2/17/14 #70

Chapter 70: The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Truth

Mendoza Manor / Valverde Manor: Lady Monserrat had absorbed the full impact of this ugly revelation about her mother. She sat with her aunt in shock. Upstairs in Valverde Manor, her brother wept in a most immature and unmanly manner, crouching in a corner. Lady Josefina entered, concerned for him, but he ran, not wishing to speak of this scandalous situation. She stood there in agonized confusion.

The Following Day:

Unidentified Drawing Room: Pedro Medina looked about the drawing room, enquiring of Lady Nadia whether she liked the mansion. She was surprised, saying she could not understand his desire to move. He spoke of needing a better residence for when he would win the governorship of their state. When she noted that it was too large for the two of them he spoke of children and how he would want to hear them running in the house. Lady Nadia informed him that she would not give him a child. He threw it in her face that she wanted to have children and how he always obtained what he wanted. When he left her standing alone her resolve tightened, her expression saying that what she would most want was to be rid of him.
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Mentir Para Vivir #93 Mon 2/17/14 Bad news travels fast and it’s really bad

Ruben, Cesar, Seb and Leo are at the hospital. The doctor tells them that Fabiola has lost the baby and she’s in danger, too – she lost a lot of blood and needs a transfusion. Seb mentions the HIV and the doctor says this adds to her problem, too. Also, the baby wouldn’t have made it anyway, because Fabi suffered from placenta previae (according to Wikipedia, this is “an obstetric complication in which the placenta is inserted partially or wholly in lower uterine segment” (for whatever it’s worth and for those who understand medical stuff better).

Raquel is explaining to Jacqui about Oriana and Ric’s relationship (apparently skipping the whole fake identity thing, since she's calling her Ines); then Lucina gives them and Oriana the bad news about the baby. Oriana thinks it was all her fault, but nobody agrees with her. In her own, particular manner, Raquel makes a comparison between herself and Marilu – she was at once interested in Ric, too, but that didn’t mean that she decided to go around trying to kill people; Marilully is just crazy and if she didn’t like suffering so much, Oriana would enjoy the fact that now she will be able to marry Ric.
I think Raquel kind of has a point here.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- La Reina del Sur, Avenida Brasil, En Otra Piel et cetera, week of February 17, 2014

Don't miss the final episode of La Reina del Sur tonight (Monday)!

Tomorrow, check out the newest novela, En otra piel.  Is anyone going to be following this one?  Is anyone interested in doing mini-recaps?  I'm going to check it out for the first week and then make up my mind.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: LA IMPOSTORA -- week of February 17, 2014

Here's your page for the week.  Enjoy!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: SANTA DIABLA -- week of February 17, 2014

¡Últimos cápitulos y últimas locuras!


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En Otra Piel-index

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lo que la vida me robo Cap #69, 2-14-14, Finally, some regrets, apologies, and comeuppances . . .

Lo que la vida me robo Cap #69, 2-14-14, Finally, some regrets, apologies, and comeuppances . . . 

Get used to that position, ON YOUR KNEES, buddy, because you're going to be having to do a lot of it if you hope to be forgiven!

BUSTED! You can't so easily dismiss all the crap you've done this time!


Refried of Maria and Monse giving each other the stinkeye. Monse tells Bitch Maria that Ale is all hers, Monse doesn't want that douchebag anymore. Monse gave him a perfect out by filing for divorce, but the idiot wouldn't sign the papers! Bitch Maria seems uneasy about that. She tries to convince Ale to sign the papers, but now that Ale knows that he's the baby daddy, there's no way. Bitch Maria also informs him that JL won't be pressing charges.

Ale confesses to Bitch Maria that he's been an idiot, he's been wrong about anything and he hopes he can prevent losing his wife and child. He needs to get out of prison ASAP! Bitch Maria does not look happy about this.

Rosario is telling Tia how exciting and emotional it was when she outted herself to Ale as his mom, and how wonderful it was to hear him call her "Mom." She's going to try to convince Ale that Monse was never unfaithful.

Angelica's mom is worried about Angelica's wellbeing, with JL being in the hospital and not doing well. Mom wants Angel to look after herself, but Angelica won't be happy if she's not around JL. Angel tells her mom that JL is in pretty bad shape and needs her, and furthermore, if JL kicks the bucket, what reason does Angel have to keep alive herself? Off Angel goes to look after her hubby and her mom doesn't try to stop her.

Angel's dad visits Ale and they discuss his situation. Ale is starting to think that maybe JL and Monse were not betraying him after all. Angel's dad will help Ale get out of jail. Medina can help do it. Ale doesn't trust Medina, but Angel's dad asks, "You trust me, don't you?" Angel's dad wants to make a business deal with Ale—the lands that Medina is after, don't sell them, but let Angel's dad (don't recall his name) well, let Angel's dad oversee them and use them. It would be good business. Ale looks like he's considering it.

Ale in jail.

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Mentir Para Vivir #92 Fri 2/14/14 Paloma's Birthday Bash Gets Crashed

capítulo 92 

At Snoop Mansion, Homero listens to Jacqui's explanation and her desire to rectify her dead daddy's dastardly doings by using his vast wealth to do good deeds.  Snoops realizes that Daughter of Ho King is not involved with the Mafiosi de Santo Domingo.  She offers to get the inside skinny on the new realty development business that JL has invested her daddy's dinero in, if she can.

Later that day, Padre Huaraches 'n Socks has coffee with Piero.  He tells Piero he's in love with Jaqui.  Piero is all sour grapes-y and warns him about their going in cahoots with Snoops, cuz he only cares about the big collar and not about all the little people he uses and involves who might get hurt in the meantime.  

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Que pobres tan ricos #30 Feb 14, 2014 Updated. The event day... some surprises, some chaos and out of nowhere, a knight in shining armor!! and for Mini and A-hole.. an unexpected request.

Chuy: Chamaca si, tacones no!

Nepo offers help… gives Chuy the money. Chuy confesses to Lupita. Lupita nodding at Nepo.

Lo Nuevo:

A-hole arguing with Vilma about the Nopalera property. Not normal for my grandpa’s ‘tastes’. Vilma would rather not go to a place like that ‘a woman with ‘class’ like me’. He suggests she go with a chofer or with some escort from the company. Mini comes in, A-hole gets sloppy with her, Vilma about to gag.

Lupita argues with Chuy about having accepted the loan from Nepo. Chuy says not time to get too proud. Chuy almost spills the beans about the ‘cousins’, Lupita signals him and he fakes choking. Nepo tries to make amends, but Lupita not buying what he’s selling. Lupita miffed at Chuy for not having consulted her.

By ring, JT and Frida, JT nervous, Frida calls her friends, apparently the equipment has not arrived. [ The guy on the other end phone gives her the excuse of having a hard time finding the place. Seems like the guy is Tato’s buddy. He asks Tato what to tell her. Tato says he is planning his own surprise for Frida.]

Back to fonda/ring. Listening to her phone call, JT smells a rat. But just then the guys arrive. They guys see the place with the ring and say its “a bit freaky”. JT and his friend go out with the guys to unload the equipment, Frida leans on ring and sighs in relief. Her ex boyfriend finally makes his entrance and she is surprised (and not too positively) to see him there. She just wants him to leave. He claims he was just worried about her. She is just helping these guys out. And yes, she is living there. He tries to grab her and JT comes to her rescue. They guy talks down to JT. They mock that JT is named ‘Tizoc’. Leo recognizes ‘Tato’ from up the steps and warns MA about it.

Lupita finally gives in and accepts and thanks Nepo for the money. Chuy hugs Nepo. Que Dios se lo pague. Lupita won’t have the ‘Dios se lo pague’, she will pay him for every peso. But she is thankful nonetheless. Chuy and Nepo relieved.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor US #52 2/14/14-Worst Valentine's Day Ever

I have no idea what Mexican capitulos we got tonight. The notes that follow are based on what was aired by Univision. I'll flesh it out more tomorrow.
  • Osvi and Tita plan to announce their engagement, but Art takes a page from Bruno's book (How To Be a Jerk and Alienate Loved Ones by T. Inpunchbowl) and spills all of Osvi's dirty laundry beans. Osvi has a son AND he never acknowledged him or gave him his name. Osvi swears he tried to take responsibility, but Katia disappeared and only recently showed up. Tita is devastated, breaks up the party and asks Osvi to leave.
  • FeVier acts like a jealous girl and tells Ara if she's so bothered by Este seeing them together, then she should go console him. 
  • Ara confronts Ileana about letting Este in their room. Ileana swears it was Dafne and that she kept her word and didn't say a word about FeVier showing up. Ara doesn't believe her. Later Ileana confronts Dafne, who denies she did anything wrong. 
  • Este pouts and Chris encourages him to forget the capricious twit. (I'll rewatch and add more detail tomorrow.)
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