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Una Familia Con Suerte #103-104 Tue 1/31/12 apocalyptic events including pregnancy and illiquidity

  • I was happy to re-watch Monica pointing out to her dad: "What do you know, the boy you so detested is the very person who is now defending you and who has convinced me to forgive you." She thanks her dad for her life. Beautiful.
  • On the other hand, it was painful to watch Pina laying into Candy in the backyard; her misery and fury extinguish the narcissistic delight Candy has been wallowing in following the previous night's Vince-snogging.

    Pina spits out the news: she's pregnant. Candy narcissistically exclaims: "No, oh no, it can't be! Why, just last night..."

    "You're just one more in a 20 year parade of Vicente's lovers. A vulgar, filthy hussy just like Sandra and all the others. My husband's whore. Or do you prefer bed-friend? Or concubine? Mugrosa!

    "I'm going to bear his child, and the child will need a father. I demand you bring this to an end if you have any of the dignity or integrity your brother has!" !!??

    Candy whines, "Vince loves me!" "A woman as common as you? You've just fallen into his trap, all married men say 'my wife doesn't understand me, I love you.' It's just to get you into bed. Vince loves me and we have never stopped having relations, how do you think I got pregnant?"

    I'm afraid Pina will blow up or have a fury miscarriage. Candy runs away.
  • Blissfully ignorant of the homefront massacre, at Avon Vince boasts and pirouettes on his tippy toes, yelling to his buddies about getting his ashes so roundly hauled by Miau girl! He says he'll divorce Pina.

    Enzzo tells them how extraordinary Chela is and that she gave him wonderful advice.

    Arnoldo says he's disgusted by the cursi way the two of them are gushing. They say he, Arnoldo, must never have been in love.

    The Pesketeers gossip on and on. Do they ever work? Do men really spend hours gossiping about their crushes? Kafka and irony are invoked by Arnold, how would Enzzo and Vince like to have PANCHO as an in-law!?
  • Lupita can't get a moment's peace, everybody is blah blah blah and bear hugs. Pancho's strategy of trying to make Lupe feel better by reminding her he went through the death of a spouse too, I dunno, not so good - let's not forget he had eight sad years of celibacy in consequence. None of this is helpful.

    A sobbing Candy interrupts the scene because she runs past in her radioactively orange jumpsuit. Pancho goes after her and says "We all told you so!" Candy promises to break it off with Vince.
  • Violeta the gigantic shiny Amazon-Barbie visits her daughter Monica. Jeez, those implants are so large and hard they may split her skin.

    Monica wants to know who her biological father is. The mother does not want to tell. Sensing impending reproach, the self-exonerating brain in charge of the mouth located above those shiny knockers cranks up the exculpations: "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!"

    "Not so fast, 'Mama' - you abandoned me. You wanted to abort me. Have you forgotten, 'Mama'?"

    The mother says the guy who knocked her up (ie Monica's dad) is not important and that he disappeared when he found out she was pregnant. Moni: "Neither of my parents wanted me born. It was a car washer who wanted me."

    The mother sighs and says "I should never have left him." Moni sensibly points out: "He was so in love with you, but you despised him for being a car-washer." "But now after all my years of talking about myself with shrinks I know he's the love of my life." "I think he's in love with another woman."
  • Ana and Temo are both polite and even kindly towards Rebeca when she arrives to give Lupe more lectures about tolerating adversity and to dump inspirational books on her.

    Luckily for Lupita the lectures are truncated when Lamberto, who actually works, calls Rebe to say there's suddenly an apocolyptic liquidity problem at Avon. Rebe and Pancho go off to Avon together.
  • Candy sobs on her bed like a teenager. When Vince calls she throws his phone across the room causing him (still gossiping and boasting in his all-male kaffee klatch) incredulous dismay. He can't believe she won't answer, he's even a little suspicious!

    Sobbing, she tells Chela she had sex with Vince because he said he'd divorce Vince. "I want to be married, I want to be his wife, is that a sin?" "No, the sin is to destroy a home." "Well as it happens, I won't be destroying anything - Pina is pregnant. She told me I should make him hate me."
  • Meanwhile, across the greensward Pina sends Adoracion to the market for (a) huge bunches of flowers and (b) Vince's favorite cake. The maid protests: "He doesn't deserve it." Pina whispers: she'll struggle for Vince's love with the powerful weapon of pregnancy.
  • Freddy leaves flowers on Alex's grave, crying and saying: "I am an imbecile and an idiot, I wish you were here to scold me as you always did."

    Karin arrives with flowers and sweetly consoles him; they leave together. Watch out, Ana!

    Karin tells Freddy he's odious and reminds him how badly he behaved. He's embarrassed. "That Freddy you were could never love anyone." He sheepishly agrees but says it's different now. Karin says she's the world's best Cupid and will help him with Ana.
  • At the market, Chato the Narizón (we might say schnozzola) tells Chacho, "women are an enigma." Adoracion arrives and the Schnozz reassumes his reproachful amnesia: "Who is that? I know a Goya, a Chucha, but I don't know this person. Neither of them would have dropped a flowerpot on my head."

    He doesn't believe it wasn't her and bewails his lost neurons. Clearly he has none too many to spare.
  • I can't bear to tell you about the cursi scene between the awful Temo and Meli.
  • At Avon Berto sobs: the business has done badly with its investments and there isn't money for Pancho's project, whatever it is. Pancho cares, but Vince doesn't - in fact, Vince is glad the business is failing because it means Pancho's rising star is now falling.

    The lights go out in the conference room. Chicken Little, I mean Berto, thinks it's the end of the world. The telephones are out too and so, we soon see, is the elevator: it stops and Pancho and Vince are trapped together.

    As always, enjoyable insults fly. "You are vulgar, ordinary and incompetent." "Well you're a vain, overweening adulterer." They take off their coats and commence punching. Blood! Curtain falls.


Una Familia Con Suerte #101-102 Mon 1/30/12

Pepe has invited Enzo to ask about why he hid moni's mom, but chela comes up and now she's willing to tal to him. He wants to place himself at her orders, and begs for help - he needs her.

Moni-Freddy. Fred feels so alone. He confesses that he loves Ana (his vengeance-pepe plan failed). Moni, predictably, says he has to fight for love. Freddy seems genuinely repentant.

Chela gently hands Enzo some coffee, and they're looking nicer. BUT he asks her help with a moni issue. She advises that he talk to Violeta. and tell Moni the truth. He keeps laying on the compliments. Tender gaze, strength of character, etc, he's making some headway.

Tomas calls Panch to let him know that lupe wants to die.

Pina and Ado are miserable, going over the betrayals, when some godawful mariachis show up with cha-cha. worst sound ever, says pina. he's bringing her a rooster.

Enzo finally admits to Moni that he's not her Dad. We get a dramatic noise and a zoom-in. He goes on to tell her he doesn't know the real dad. She flounces off, to Pepe, who is very sweet. He has some good advice (Enzo raised you)

Lupe is flash-backing to the wedding death. Pancho bursts in, turns on the lights, wakes her up and says "are you better yet?" Pancho and Rebe are basically yelling at her about how much she has to live for and how young she is and stuff. Not how I'd initiate a suicide watch. Then he grabs her head and makes her promise.

Cha-cha are dancing below ado's window, and Chato yells/sings SO LOUD. Pina continues to grill Ado re: betrayal, but lets her on the balcony when she hits him in the head with a flower-pot to "stop that big-nose dog from barking"

Candi and Vins are getting a suite. He tells her not to believe that he's married.

Chacho rubs his lollipop on Chato's face. He wakes up with another cheap-tv-gag-favorite, amnesia. Chacho tries to wave the lollipop in AdO's face to calm her down.

Enzo calls Violeta, gets frustrated. Chela walks in, and all of a sudden she CARES ABOUT HIM? Didn't she chew him out last time they met?

Fred shows up with a huge bunch of flowers for ana, has an awkward run-in with Chela and Enzo

Vins and Candy are drinking MORE champagne. do they ever wear anything else. She's being a bit selfish. They play cute game of chase around a column, and then smooch. Vins is about to burst. They do it.

Fred/Ana: Fred says he'll be totally honest. Ana says what a miracle, where's the Virgin Mary?

Enz and ridiculous Amazon moni's mom. Enzo is mad... NOW you want this daughter now that's she's mature and cool? She says her mistake was leaving HIM. him: it's been twenty years. are you crazy. she: life's giving us another chance. She moves in, rubs him, and tries for a kiss. She looks kind of intimidating and he looks short and small.

Fred is not having the easiest time convincing Ana that he's telling the truth. He pulls the dead-friend card, and she storms off (not without snagging the flowers: yoink!).

Pancho is in bed with lupita to try comforting her. In the morning she is greeted by the whole gang in her room. A discordant accordion and a dog thrown at her face. But where's Candy?

Vins walks in, Pina smells the perfume, and runs off as he gets in bed. She has a plan.

At Avon, Vins gloats to Naldo.

Moni tells dad that he must have been afraid to let her date because he didn't want her to know the truth. Then she tells him how much Pepe said he must love her. Very sweet.

Candy is back in the dayglo. Pina shows up with proof of pregnancy. WTF?


El Talismán #1 Mon 1/30/12 The Cheese Stands Alone

Ahoy all! Cynderella's recap for last night will be posted a little later today, sorry for the delay. In the meantime I think we can all agree that Elna June's prediction that this would be queso fresco puro turned out to be spot on. This, of course, makes recapping and commenting almost too much fun. Until the recap gets posted feel free to comment amongst yourselves. Possible subject matter...what's up with Antonio's massive silver belt buckle that hovers over his manhood like a gigantic shining beacon?

UPDATE: Poor Cynderella is having a hell day and hasn't been able to get Part One to me yet. I'm going to go ahead and post Part Two and I'm thinking this won't be a problem since the timelines from this episode are so confusing and screwed up anyway. 

UPDATE UPDATE: Presenting the tag team of Cynderella and Sharkbait...

Part One by Cynderella:
I must say, I do like the theme song.  It’s very catchy.
Ranch in the South of Texas

From a distance, we view a woman riding a powerful brown and white stallion across an endless sea of green farmland.  The camera zooms in on a slow motion shot of the galloping horse’s legs, and then fades into a close-up shot of our heroine, the beautiful Camila.   With wild hair, blowing in the manufactured wind of a large industrial fan, our heroine (who now appears to be riding a rocking horse), turns and looks back when she hears her name frantically shouted from a black jeep!  Total beauty shot!  Tyra banks would be so proud! According to her brother, Armando, people are at the house taking their things! 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

It’s the repo man! How embarrassing!  They are seizing everything at the ranch! Elvira, Camila’s mother, is pleading with the movers to leave her stuff where it is.  While Elvira hysterically chases the movers around, her outwardly remorseful husband follows her around begging for forgiveness.  Out on the front porch, he swears he will never gamble again!  She angry and doesn’t believe him (I don’t either).  Because of the moving truck, Camila and Armando can’t park in the drive way.  The two spring from the jeep and Camila runs over to her temporarily catatonic mother and demands to know why her things are being loaded onto the moving repo truck. Her mother snaps out of her trance and she and Armando run back into the house to save what they can.  Camila asks her father why he returned to gambling?  On his knees, Camila’s father begs her not to hate him.  She assures him that she does not hate him, but this hurts a lot.  In a strange soliloquy, facing away from his daughter and looking in the direction of the moving truck, he swears to get back everything he lost and return it to his family and get them the most beautiful ranch he has ever seen (I think).  

Fresno, CA 

We are now in front of a vine covered a two story, two-car home.  We hear two older gentlemen (one named Raul) speaking while looking out of a second story window.  One of them mentions his wife who is in bad way and never recovered from the fire.  In a flashback scene, we see two men starting a fire at El Talisman in order to force the owner of El Talisman to sell it.  They are throwing gasoline around like its Gatorade and it’s fourth quarter at the Superbowl!    The two men later hide in the bushes and watch the efforts to put out the fire (one Bernardo) say that the fire was set over the love of a woman.  According to one of the men in the window, the fire was started by Gregorio, and everyone knows it, but there is no proof.  I think Matilde was in the fire and got lung damage or something. 

We are now in the bedroom of a gravely ill woman, Maltide, who is obviously about to meet her maker.  At her bedside is her daughter, Marianna, who is tending to her needs.  She tells her Marianna not to cry because she (the mother) is at peace.  She wants her daughter to leave Antonio alone.  He’s just playing with you, she tells her.  

Introducing Antonio and his AMAZING six-pack!

In the next scene, we meet Antonio, a hairy beast with stellar wash-board abs.  He is getting dressed in an almost reversed Chippendale dancer way, while his sister looks on in a disturbing way.  She looks as if she smells something on her upper lip as she plays with her chain.  Side note, this is where I had to stretch my imagination because I don’t believe that Antonio dates women.  The actor doesn’t give off that vibe.  Sorry, I went off on a tangent, but I saw Antonio riding a horse shirtless and it reminded me of something that the Old Spice guy would do.  So, I am going to refer to him as OSG. 

So anyways, we are treated to OSG getting dressed and his sister asks if he is going to see some chick that his father hates.  He temporarily snaps and tries to choke is his sister. 

Camila tells her grandmother that her father is taking them to the most beautiful ranch that he has ever seen.  Grandma tells her to enjoy her youth and find love. 

Orphanage in Tiajuana, Mexico Baja California

We finally meet our hero, Pedro.  He’s not as hot as OSG; but he is masculine (which is a plus and I believe that he could possibly date women in real life).   He’s going to the United States to make money to send back to the monjas (nuns).  Pedro goes walks over to the children to say goodbye, but they don’t seem to care that he’s leaving at that point.  One child appears to try to twist out of Pedro’s grasp when he stoops down to kiss him and anther turns his face away as if he has a strong case of halitosis.  It’s seems as if the children were happy to see him go and would not miss him. A nun stops him on the way out of the orphanage gate and asks him not to leave.  Pedro tells her that he wants to give money to the orphanage that has helped him so much.  The nun blesses him and more hugs.  Someone must have told the children to act enthusiastic and threatened their pay, because a group of them run over to him to say goodbye. 

Oh we’re back at the bed of the dying woman.  She wants her daughter to be as happy as she was with the daughter’s father.  As she fades away, her entire life flashes before her eyes.  Her daughter runs from the room to get her father.   I originally thought she died right then, but mustered the strength to step away from the light and came back long enough to tell her husband that she had a happy life at his side…finally she dies.  He closes her eyelids.  Her husband was one of the two mean standing in the window having a conversation about the arson at El Talisman.  

Now, riding in the back of a sweltering, 18-wheeler packed with other immigrants, Pedro and his friend Margarito are sitting behind a woman who is holding a baby and is strangely dressed like the virgin Mary. They are talking about meeting women when they get to America.  The baby is crying and will not shut-up.  I’m annoyed with the baby and I am not packed in the back of a hot 18-wheeler with 50 other people.  

Apparently, Camila’s father was lying about never gambling again because he is playing cards at a casino.  It looks like he’s winning.

OK now we are at a funeral home.  Daughter and father are at the wake crying over a hunter green casket with white satin lining.  Matilde has only been dead 5 minutes! She’s embalmed, hair done, dressed and in a casket. Obviously she wasn’t that popular, nobody else is at the wake. OSG, wearing dark sunglasses enters the chapel along with his father, Gregorio.   Matilde’s husband promptly tells Gregorio to get the hell out and take his kid with him.  These men have got to be about 102 and they are still fighting over woman who is now dead.  Am I missing something?  She’s in a casket and they are arguing like she’s gonna get up and choose between the two of them.  Maltide’s husband blames Gregorio for Matilde’s death.  Gregorio is adamant that he would have never tried to kill the woman that he loves.  Gregorio offers to pay double or triple whatever El Talisman is worth.  Matilde’s husband says “hell no!”

Camila’s father is still gambling and enjoying every minute of it.

El Talisman

Marianna’s father is sending her off to New York to stay with her aunt Patricia.  Marianna knows it’s to keep her away from OSG.  She believes it’s only because he’s the son of Don Gregorio.  Later behind a barn, Marianna informs OSG that her father is sending her to New York.  OSG tells her that he can’t live without her (I think that’s what he said.  My CC doesn’t work very well).  They embrace, and over her shoulder he gives us a sinister smile and displays those dreamy green eyes.  I still don’t believe he sleeps with Marianna or his wife (no matter how delicious he may look).  

Camila’s Grandma’s House

Camila’s father comes to visit.  He bought a gift of reconciliation.  He’s there to get his family back with his winnings or something.  As Camila father runs into the house to talk to his wife, Grandma gives a hug to Camila and tells her love can’t be bought. 

18-wheeler USA

The truck is parked at a gas station.  That baby is still crying!  Pedro tells Margarito that they are in the US.  The driver opens the door and tells everyone to be quiet while he goes into the gas station to get some snacks.  Judging by what he bought at the counter, he only bought enough snacks for himself.  At the same time, Marianna and her father pull into the station to get gas.  Back in the truck, the Virgin Mary is comforting the baby.  A cop pulls into the station, when he gets out of his vehicle, he immediately hears that obnoxious baby crying.  The cop goes back to the car to call for back up.  The driver runs out to the parking lot and asks the cop if there’s a problem.  The cop demands that he open the trailer and all 400 people including three LA gang members, some yuppies, a couple of farmers, two goats, a chicken, the Virgin Mary, Margarito and Pedro jump out of the back.  Watch the tape again.   I’m not exaggerating (well maybe a little).  Pedro selflessly helps the women down from the trailer before running to save himself.   Well for some reason, Pedro falls over nothing and twists his ankle.  He’s in pain and can barely walk.  Marianna helps him up and pretends that he came with her.  Her father protests, but they take Pedro back to El Talisman and get a doctor to see him. 

Back at Grandma’s

I didn’t get a good look at necklace, but is must have been a hellava necklace because in the next scene, she tells Camila and Armando that she is reconciling with their father.  Side note: I think that the mother might have had Camila when she was 12 years old.  The mother informs the “children” that the family is moving to California.  

Don Gregorio on a Bridge

He’s still upset that Matilde broke up with him.  Other than that my CC was not picking up why he needs El Talisman. 

Part Two by Sylvia: 
Just added: 
After Some Undefined Time...

The fields are dusty but the palm trees sway on the lush Fresno rancho. Mariana tells Pedro he is like the brother she never had. She whines about going to Nuevo York and Pedro asks if she has seen Antonio’s divorce papers yet.

Lucrezia tells Antonio she’s hot for Pedro. Tony’s incensed because Pedro is just a nobody ranch hand while Lucrezia is the slutty daughter of a well-to-do murderer. (OK, I paraphrased) Lucrezia doesn’t care, she’s got an itch that needs scratching.

In Texas 
Elvira decides to forgive hubby so she gathers up the “kids” and rather brusquely says goodbye to her sweet mama and the bratty son says “we need something better than this granny”. Sheesh. At least Camila is sweet about her good-bye. Granny says everything depends on Camila who clearly is the only one with a heart. I think she should stay with Gran and let the others go. But then we wouldn’t have a story so never mind.

Evil Don Gregorio rudely attempts to bribe Pedro but Pedro blows him off, “Dude, everyone needs money but Don Bernardo is my friend so bugger off.”

Don B calls his daughter in New York and wonders about her aunt. Er, Uh, she’s fine lies Mariana the worlds worst liar. The gigantic belt buckle, hanging down around Tony’s nether regions, enters the room. He coos something about some problem with the divorce papers. What a coincidence, she says, just don’t let me down, OK? He hugs her and rolls his eyes. I hate how he keeps calling her mija like she’s some dumb kid. Oh wait, she is.

Pedro reassures Don B that he can always count on him to help keep El Tal away from the odious Gregorio. As these two drive away Los Najera arrive knowing that this rancho isn’t listed but they wanted to look anyway because it’s so gorgeous. Elvira has a mini hissy at Esteban, “I thought you promised to buy me a cool rancho! Everyone has their price.” The kids disappear to let the grownups bicker.

Don B notices the strange truck in front of the door and Pedro catches sight of the lovely Camila. She totally falls in love with place while Pedro turns the truck around. She manages to trip in front of the truck just as Pedro accelerates home. She falls. He breaks. She looks up. He kneels down to help her. Their eyes lock. Their song plays. He raises her up in a half embrace. And POW!! It’s love at first sight.

Over at El Alcatraz crankypants Don Gregorio is such a cad that he pitches a fit because he was served GREEN salsa and he wanted RED. He throws his napkin down and blames Pedro Ibarra for not being able to get El Tal.

Back at El Tal Esteban tries to introduce his family but Elvira interrupts and asks don B if he wants to sell his ranch by any chance. Don B accuses them of being part of evil Don G’s plot to get the rancho. Pedro and Camila are practically oblivious to all this as they circle and ogle each other in wonder.

Camila tells Don B they honestly do not know this don Gregorio. “I believe you,” gushes the smitten Pedro.

We see a rather believable shot of a smoggy Fresno sunset and some post-traffic cars speeding down the freeway.

At the hotel Elvira gripes that the Rancho La Quinta they looked at was much smaller than on the internet. As Esteban attempts to appease her Camila dreams about Pedro. Elsewhere Pedro moons over Camila, “Where could you be Camila, where?”

Next morning Camila calls her Gran to tell her about the hot guy she met the day before, butterflies in the stomach and everything. Gran says it sounds like love so be careful.

Pedro is working alone and Lucrezia, with her own big belt buckle, sashays up to him, “Hey handsome”. He’s suspicious and suggests she’s lost and ended up at the wrong rancho. Nope, she’s looking for him. Does her dad know? Nope. Then she uses one of my favorite lines, “They say it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.” Ha, I wonder if I sound that sleazy when I say it? She tells him how much she LIIIIKES him and moves in for a slutty kiss. “Don’t even try,” he scolds, pushing her away.

Brother Jose overhears and teases Camila about liking Pedro a lot. She calls him crazy and then laughs, is it that obvious? He warns that things could become complicated what with El Tal, mom (rolls eyes), plus what does she know about Pedro? He could have a girlfriend, a lover, a wife. (How about eventually all of the above, LOL!!)

Back to Pedro, he advises Little Miss Screw-Loosecrecia that she should clean up her act before she gets a bad reputation. Men like decent women. Alone, she tells his retreating back, “You will be mine.”

Earlier Don B’s doctor got the unfortunate report on his patient’s health. The doc has wasted no time in coming to tell Don B the test results. “You have terminal cancer, maybe a few months left to live.” Don B is distraught, mostly about leaving his daughter alone at the mercy of evil Don Gregorio. Pedro is a good guy and could handle the ranch but Don G plays dirty and Pedro could wind up in jail or deported. Nope, he has no option but to sell El Talismán. But never to Gregorio, Never!!

Outside one of the workers tells Pedro he’s got a female visitor. “Aw geez, it’s not Lucrezia is it?” he asks. This time it’s the perky, Spanglish-speaking Tracy looking for work. She’s got papers, she’s from there. She’s gringa AND Mexicana, get it?

This is Pedro’s busy day for visitors. He sees Camila approach, hires Tracy on the spot to get rid of her, and stares at Camila while trying to find his tongue. They verbally stumble over a few words of introduction before she gets right to it. She blows him away by telling him she wants to know what it was they felt yesterday when they met.

In Nuevo York Antonio is enjoying his mid-morning whiskey when Mariana arrives looking more concerned than usual. “Don’t tell me you’re going to leave again,” he coos. “I’m pregnant,” she reveals. Antonio doesn’t actually look surprised so I’m thinking, mission accomplished?

Pedro, still frozen with cara impactada, listens while Camila insists, “You think I’m crazy but I want to know what happened yesterday when we met.” Pedro laughs nervously and says he almost ran her down. “Come on,” she says, “you didn’t feel anything?” He’s charmed by her way with words and they continue to ogle each other into the closing credits.

A few fun phrases:
ni lo intentes = don’t even try
no me falles = don’t let me down
que casualidad = what a coincidence
te movió el tapete = you really like him/her (lit. you moved the table)


La Que No Podía Amar #23-24.5 Monday 1/30/12 Do not Assume, because when you Assume....

With apologies for the style, but this episode doesn't lend itself to the gothic manner of prose. Please provide any missing elements. Gracias.

Ana Paula and Dany share coffee with Rogelio in the hospital as they talk about Miguel and who will care for him later. Ana Paula insists that she and Tia MentiRosa will take care of him at the hacienda. Rogelio reminds her that her aunt is ill (in a tone of voice that reminds us that he knows otherwise) and suggests that Dani talk to her boss.
Casa Durán: Gustavo insists that Esteban tell him everything he knows. He tells her that she and her friend came to his office worried because Gustavo didn't answer his cell. Mercedes' friend arrives, interrupting the whole thing.
Hospital Corridor: Dany tries to get Ana Paula interested in her own wedding.
Casa Durán: Gustavo is still not getting it as in “How could she be worried about me but still get involved with someone else?” Mercedes' friend asks about why she never told him about Ana Paula's enquiry, but she tells her “what's the use”. Gustavo begins drinking heavily.
Hospital Corridor: Ana Paula and Dany talk about Gustavo briefly, how Ana Paula would have wanted a small wedding just with their families and the priest. Finally Ana Paula brings up visiting the grave, taking out the address given her by Bruno.
Casa Durán: Gustavo is getting depressed. Esteban commiserates, but tells him he will get over it. The ladies cancel their plan for the four of them to have dinner; the two friends leave..
Hospital Chapel: Ana Paula prays for the strength to do what she must do, which she is Doing To Help Her Brother.
Casa Durán: Gustavo gets borracho. He thinks about kissing Ana Paula for the first time, asking why why why?
Restaurant, the next morning: Bruno and Rogelio talk about Sin-thia. Rogelio apparently doesn't approve of her relationship with David, but isn't doing anything about it for the moment. He is convinced that sooner or later she will realize she belongs at his side.
La Calle: Sin-thia talks to Efrain on her cell phone and he tries to get her to admit she misses him.
Hospital Room: Miguel and Rogelio talk about Miguel's misgivings about Ana Paula marrying him. He's grateful for what Rogelio's done for him, but doesn't think that Ana Paula will be happy married to him. He points out
Miguel: I'm grateful for all you've done for me but I don't want my sister to marry someone she doesn't love.
Rogelio: Miguel, we know that the love of her life died and there is no remedy for that. For the year she will be in the role of my wife I will give her all she needs.
Miguel: If you don't love each other you won't be happy.
Rogelio: Happiness? I have to tell you that happiness does not exist for me.
Miguel: Therefore why do you want to marry my sister?
Rogelio: That's my business. But don't worry. If she complies with the deal it will solve all your problems and after a year, who knows? She could look for the man of her dreams.
Casa Carmona, la nueva: Ana Paula is having doubts about the house. She thinks it's too large and too expensive.
Ana Paula: The house is very pretty, but I'm going to speak with Señor Montero.
Rosaura: Why, hija?
Ana Paula: To tell him that it's too much house for us. We can't pay for this.
Rosaura: According to the agreement if you marry him –
Ana Paula: I know, I know. But I don't want to [accept it?]
Rosaura: Ana Paula, I know you don't get this because we never had anything. But a millionaire like this [something about taking the dog away from the cat]
Ana Paula: I don't like this. I don't want this. No.
Rosaura: Something tells me that you need to learn how to appreciate money. To use it [gastar]. How do I explain it? To live in luxury. (Ana Paula looks at her incredulously) No. Don't look at me like that; I'm not crazy. It's appropriate for the wife of a man like that.
Ana Paula: Did he seriously say that?
Rosaura: Yes. But I didn't comment on it because of the secrecy. Let me give you a hand with that.
Ana Paula: No, no. I don't know...
Rosaura: Believe me. The older the devil is the more he knows. It will please you. You deserve all the beautiful things in life. I want you to have everything. And thanks to your brother and me... well, now he doesn't have to go back to the prison. If I hadn't had a heart attack I'd still be working.. (hugs her) You have to be happy.
Of course, both their facial expressions say neither is.
Casa Durán: Gustavo has spoken to his boss about a transfer outside of the city. He still loves Ana Paula but wants to go as far away from her as he can to forget her and her betrayal.
Hospital Room: Miguel tells Ana Paula about his conversation with Rogelio. She tells him she will try to be happy with Rogelio. Viewers know that this has nothing to do with money.
David's Office: David briefly mentions talking to his lawyer about Miguel and the truck. This leaves Rogelio with nothing to hold over Ana Paula, which doesn't please him. David quickly changes the subject to Sin-thia and how he couldn't reach her at the ranch. Rogelio reminds him that cell phone service isn't reliable there and David tells him he wants to be closer to Sin-thia. This gets his interest, but [I think] he wonders whether Sin-thia feels the same way.
Hospital Room: Ana Paula tries to explain her reasons to Miguel, including the fact that she is probably the only nurse who can help Rogelio.
Hacienda de Fuerte: Sin-thia goes home to plan her brother's wedding. She tells Maria she's not hungry [for food] and goes off to her room with the hungry eyes of Efrain watching. Lady Chatterley goes to her room to have a cry about Paloma. Oliver Mellors enters and she asks him what happened.
Efrain: Don't cry. Don't cry, Sin-thia. I'm here to console you.
Sin-thia: You know what happened, don't you? My Paloma. My poor Paloma.
Efrain: I missed your flesh. So white. So soft. I missed you so much. I want to stay in your bed all night with you.
The only beast he can think about is the one with two backs as he backs her up into the bed.
As the cattle cross the lawn and the gallo crows, Lady Chatterley wakes up with Mellors in her bed.

Sin-thia: Efrain, get up. You need to get out to the ranch. I don't want to take chances.
Efrain: The boss isn't here.
Sin-thia: Someone could see you. Get up.
Efrain: And I thought I could stay a little later. (kisses her) You love me.
Sin-thia: Why do you say that?
Efrain: You love me as much as I love you.
He has fooled himself into believing she loves him. Methinks she is less capable of love than her brother.
Casa Durán: Gustavo and Esteban commiserate.
Casa Carmona: Tia MentiRosa informs Ana Paula she plans to accompany her to the hacienda. Little does she realize that Maria will have her number as quickly as her boss did.
Hacienda de Fuerte: Sin-thia is dressed in a far more modest – and sloppy – manner than we're accustomed to seeing her. Margarito tells Sin-thia that Efrain rode Paloma hard and never let her rest. She realizes that Efrain killed her horse.

Commercial Break leading with a promo for Premio lo Nuestro.
Federico's Office: Dany and Ana Paula talk about her taking time off. Dani is worried about how much unpaid time off she can have and still be able to be Ana Paula's madrina de bodas. Also that with her and MentiRosa being at the hacienda Miguel would be alone in the hospital and getting depressed. The doctors say he has to get out of the depression if he's to improve at all. Ana Paula tells Dani that she'd rather she stay with Miguel and take care of him than come to her wedding despite this. Federico overhears some of this, including the word “hacienda.”
Casa Carmona: Helena sees the place for the first time. MentiRosa tells her that it's rented for the moment but that it will be in her name after the wedding. Helena pulls out a photo of a much younger Federico with Mariana, MentiRosa's sister. She tells Helena that Federico was the man who had promised to marry her, but jilted her for her sister.
Federico's Office: Dany introduces Ana Paula to her boss, who comments that her smile reminds him of his daughter's. They shake hands. The close-up of the handshake obviously means what we think it means.
Casa Carmona: MentiRosa once was Federico's secretary and Mariana the receptionist. One day MentiRosa was out ill and Mariana filled in for her and was subsequently promoted. That was how she stole Federico's corazón from MentiRosa despite Federico being married at the time. MentiRosa is sure that Mariana was after Federico's dinero. Fed, who was going to divorce Elsa la Vaca for her. Her, la MentiRosa. Mariana quit the job to save her own marriage. A month later they discovered Mariana had fallen pregnant. Now we have confirmation that Federico is Ana Paula's biological father.
Federico's Office: Ana Paula takes her leave so as not to take up any more of Dani's time. Fed tells her that as long as Dani gets her work done it's OK for her to have visitors. He gives her the time off they talked about, saying he'll be taking time off because his daughter is getting married. Dani looks a little confused here, but says nothing. Ana Paula looks at her hands as though trying to understand something.
Hacienda de Fuerte: Efrain is grooming his next victim. Sin-thia yells his name from out of our sight.
Efrain: Now you're ready to be mounted. I've prepared the [breed name?]
Sin-thia: It's your fault Paloma died! You killed my mare!
Efrain: Who told you this?
Sin-thia: What difference does that make? You knew she was ill. And you drove her to heart failure.
Efrain: I didn't do anything!
Sin-thia (slapping him again): Liar!
Efrain (rubbing his chin): Yes. I did it. I did it to be closer to you.
Sin-thia (hitting again): You beast! (various other minor insults as she continues to hit. He grabs her wrists and imprisons her in an embrace) You are nothing more than a peon.
Efrain: But I'm the peon who gets into your bed. And that's better than any other one here.
Sin-thia (still fighting): Let me go! (He forces a kiss) Let me go. (gets free) That's the last time you ever touch me. I'm going to tell Rogelio what you did. (turns to leave, but he grabs her around the waist from behind)
Efrain: You won't tell him. (turns her around to face him)
Sin-thia (knocking off his hat): Why not?
He grabs her hair and stars on her neck as though he were preparing to become a vampire. Which considering his day job would be most inconvenient.
Federico's Office: Dany and Ana Paula talk about Vainessa and who will finally be the bride of Rogelio Montero. Ana Paula only cares about this because of Miguel.
Casa Carmona: Helena and MentiRosa speculate that Miguel will end up like his father, Drunk. Such a fool that Mariana could fool him into thinking that Ana Paula was his. We get a flashback of Mariana with the young Federico and with her husband as MentiRosa continues explaining that her cuñado was a useless man and a poor example for Miguel. Unable to hold a job, always drunk, undependable.
Federico's Office: He looks at Mariana's photo and remembers her as the love of his life.
Casa Carmona: MentiRosa finishes the story. Her cuñado was such a jerk compared to Fed the gent. She looked for Federico when Ana Paula was born but couldn't find him. Possibly he was on a foreign vacation. Mariana threw her husband out and later told her children he died in an accident. However, he actually died from alcohol abuse. Now if only Federico had known about Ana Paula then...
Jewelry Store: Ana Paula and Rogelio go to buy wedding rings. He invites her to choose the ones that please her.

Commercial Break leading with a promo for Aqui y Ahora.

Hospital Room: Dany gives Miguel the good news that she got time off to take care of him. He's happy but says that she should be helping Ana Paula for the occasion.
Jewelry Store: He picks out a pair of wedding bands and asks if she likes them. We don't know but it looks like

Rogelio: Choose whichever ones you like.
Ana Paula: But those are for marriages in the church.
Rogelio: There are others... or are you afraid we'll be married for the rest of our lives? Stop with that face, woman. We know this isn't forever, just for one year. (chooses a pair of wedding bands and hands one to her. They try them on.) This records our promise.
They look at each other significantly during the ♪♫ Has asi me siento tu calor ♫♪. We know she does just as much as he.
Mexico City: Vainessa and La Vaca walk down the street with various shopping bags. Vainessa is talking to Sin-thia about an engagement ring. La Vaca thought it was too soon to present one (for once she shows some sense) but Sin-thia says “You know my brother, though” which could mean anything. They start discussing Ana Paula and how intolerable the situation would be. Vainessa thinks she can get Rogelio to agree to anything. Elsa la Vaca watches skeptically.
Jewelry Store: He insists on buying her an engagement ring as well.

Rogelio: What about an engagement ring?
Ana Paula: This will do very well for me (hands back the wedding band and he returns it to the box).
Rogelio: Then we will buy this one. (to the clerk) Do you have engagement rings?
Ana Paula: Senor, it's too much.
Rogelio: Paula, as I've said before, with me there is no “too much.” You are going to be my wife and you need to conduct yourself accordingly. Do you understand?
Ana Paula: Yes, I understand. But I'm not used to these things.
Rogelio: Then you will learn. Come on. Choose one; we don't have all day.
Ana Paula: No, Senor. It's that I can't choose well.
David's Office: Gustavo and David talk about the situation with the fishermen. David wants to hire Gustavo back because he's the best and he's willing to meet at least some of his terms.
Jewelry Store: The engagement ring purchase.

Rogelio: Choose one. (She picks out a fairly modest one with a sigh and tries it on)
Ana Paula (looking, then taking it off and gesturing with it): As I said before an engagement ring is supposed to be chosen with love. Without that there is no engagement. (puts it back in the display)
Rogelio: Supposed to be –
Ana Paula: It's the truth.
Rogelio (choosing one with a much bigger rock and showing it to her): If you'll permit me – (She extends her hand during ♪♫ Corre, corre, corre corazón ♫♪ and he puts the ring on it) I think this suits you well.
Ana Paula: Very well. But don't worry. At the end of the contract I will return it to you.
We all know that by all the rules of this game at the end of the year she will be embarazada.

David's Office: David tries to tell Gustavo that he fired Miguel over the truck, then tries to get him to come back to work for him. But Gustavo shows his badge with the water commission and says that David must comply with requirements regarding the protection of the fishing waters. David doesn't look happy about this.

Commercial Break
Jewelry Store: Ana Paula doesn't want him to buy her any more jewelry.

Rogelio: Of course you shouldn't return rings or anything that belongs to you. (She takes it off) No; put it back on. You should get used to it. I imagine you need more stuff. Earrings, or – [aretes]
Ana Paula: No, no, no. ( holding her shell necklace) I have everything I need.
Rogelio (to the clerk): We'd like you to show us some necklaces, please. [gargantilla] (Clerk hands him a display stand with several and he chooses one, handing it back to her) This one, please. (to Ana Paula) I will also give you a check to buy whatever else you need. (She doesn't take it) Take it. If you don't use it you can return it. After the rings. (She puts the check in her purse as Rogelio pays the sales clerk).
Ana Paula: Know what? I need something.
Rogelio: What?
Ana Paula: An ice cream. They're selling them outside.
They continue along the sidewalk. He seems to enjoy watching her licking the ice cream cone. She gives him a taste. Is it significant that the ice cream is pink?
Lady Chatterley's Bedchamber: Milady is bedded down with the gamekeeper.
DF: Vainessa tries on her dress in front of Elsa la Vaca. “It will be unforgettable, mother.” Do not assume....
Casa Carmona: Ana Paula is prepared; Tia MentiRosa is the only one smiling.
Casa Galván: Vainessa's parents are giving her an engagement party. Elsa la Vaca is wearing a pink glittery dress that's not only too young for her but incorrect at this hour of the day. Sin-thia and David arrive. She's wearing a short dress that is somehow more modest than Elsa's. Vainessa is wearing a grey and black number that still looks pintado. Federico welcomes Rogelio to the family and shakes his hand. Ominous music begins as Rogelio looks like he'd rather be anywhere else. He tells Vainessa he wants to talk to her privately; Sin-thia thinks he wants to give her the engagement ring and mentions having seen the jeweler's box. Do not assume ...
Boca de Cielo: Gustavo walks on the beach remembering when he and Ana Paula released the doves. Fermin approaches and they continue talking.
Casa Galván: Bruno and Rogelio talk about how all the most important locals are there, including the press. Bruno wonders whether this will be the joke of the century... and who the joke will be on. Vainessa comes back as he walks away and tells Rogelio that anything he wants to say to her he should say to her in front of her parents...and everyone else. She calls for everyone's attention and everything stops. Do not Assume...
Vainessa: Attention, por favor! Rogelio wants to tell me something and I want you all to hear.
Rogelio: As you all know, you're all here to share a very special moment. All the time I was with Vanessa comes down to one memory, perhaps the saddest one of my life. The day when Vanessa broke our engagement because I became paralyzed.
Vainessa: What are you doing? Why are you bringing this up now?
Rogelio: Then you don't understand. I was humiliated. I felt like una poca cosa to you. But now, after all this time, I understand you. I see everything now. Because of this I am breaking our engagement. I am not going to marry you.
We know from his facial expressions earlier that this isn't how he planned to do this.
Commercial Break leading with the promo for Don Francisco Presenta.
Capitulo 24, Part 1?
Casa Carmona: Dany asks Ana Paula whether there will be a luna de miel. Ana Paula says no; she doesn't want to be far away until Miguel is better. Dany asks about the beach, but Ana Paula doesn't want to be near what reminds her of Gustavo.
Casa Galván: Vainessa starts whining to her dad. Rogelio tells her he can't marry her and she starts getting hysterical, grabbing his lapels, having a tantrum in public.
Boca de Cielo: Gustavo tells Fermin he is looking to forget Ana Paula. Fermin is sure that something major happened in Ana Paula's life because he was sure of her goodness.
Casa Galván: Federico confronts Rogelio as the guests all watch.
Federico: What's up with you, Rogelio? Have you gone mad?
Rogelio: I'm sorry, Federico, but years ago Vanessa showed she didn't love me. Or didn't love me enough to marry me after I was paralyzed. (to Vainessa) Now you understand how much I loved you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.
Vainessa: I don't understand.
Rogelio: It's the truth. I can't marry you.
Vainessa (starting to hit his shoulders): Desgraciado! Maldito desgraciado! Why?
Federico and Elsa restrain Vainessa who then begins shouting at the guests to leave. The guests depart. Sin-thia goes to comfort her, only to be told to leave. Federico is not pleased.
Boca de Cielo: Gustavo vents to Don Fermin, who still doesn't believe this. In the meantime he intends to help Don Fermin's community.
Casa Galván: The confrontation continues.
Federico: What you did has no name. Was this a whim or did you plan this?
Rogelio: Federico, it's important that you know this matter. You are a good person and I understand your feelings.
Federico: No, you don't understand! What you did to my daughter was bad enough, but this! The guests, the press...
Rogelio: Vanessa wanted that; I didn't.
Federico: This is a disgrace. You are muy poco hombre. Coward! Never did I imagine you'd break an engagement in front of everyone.
Rogelio: Uno moment. She wanted me to talk to her in front of everyone. I didn't want to. I'm sorry, Federico. For an offense this big I will understand if you never want to see me again.
Federico: Of course I never want to see you again. I never want to do business with you again.
Rogelio: You have that right. I will tell Bruno that deal is dust. But you know that you will have to pay the penalty.
Federico: What?
Rogelio: The penalty is the millions we agreed to. Pay that and there will be no social liability.
La Calle: Sin-thia walks away in disbelief, David following her. She's freaking out over having to go back to the status quo. David proposes, catching her a little off-guard.
Casa Galván: Federico refuses to pay the penalty for breaking the contract.
Federico: I'm not going to pay over millions of pesos after what you did to my daughter.
Rogelio: I agree, I agree; it's your right. Therefore our business relationship continues.
Federico: You are a wretch. Get out of my house!
Vanessa: You won't leave before you hear me. I will get even with you.
Federico: If you weren't in a wheelchair, I'd – (grabs his lapels. Bruno has to break this up) Take this garbage out of here! Out of my house! (Bruno wheels Rogelio out)
Vainessa cries. Federico coddles his spoiled brat.
Casa Carmona: Ana Paula refuses to cash the check to buy anything more for the wedding. No more jewelry either for herself or for Tia MentiRosa. She clearly intends to wear the shell necklace from Gustavo.
Boca de Cielo: Gustavo promises to go to bat for the fishermen, but asks for their cooperation. Fermin later talks to Gustavo about this. His daughter and granddaughter enter, happy to see Gustavo. The little girl asks for Ana Paula, but Gustavo tells her that she is no longer his novia. One is now wondering whether Gustavo will end up with Fermin's daughter.
Casa Carmona: Rogelio explains that all his business is resolved and now they are going to the hacienda. Ana Paula just wants to visit Miguel once more before they leave. Rogelio agrees. He finally tells her to stop addressing him as Señor and begin calling him by his name. She agrees to comply. Tia MentiRosa tells her to hurry up.
Casa Galván: The phone is ringing and Elsa refuses to answer. She wants to get the hell out of Dodge because of the shame. Federico is annoyed that his wife worries first about other people's opinion and not about Vainessa.
Casa Carmona: Ana Paula is still apprehensive; Dany tells her that she still has time to back out.
Casa Galván: Vainessa stares at the Valentine's Day cake that was never cut. Federico tries to comfort her. Vainessa wants him to break the contract. Vainessa swears revenge. Her dad looks horrified.
Hotel: Sin-thia and Rogelio argue about Vainessa. She wants to go to her but Rogelio reminds her that Vainessa has a mother to comfort her. He's her brother and he needs her. She is upset because she thought everything would change after the wedding. He reminds her that she was thinking of herself. Now pack because we're going home. She resentfully starts packing.
Hospital Room: Miguel begs his sister one more time not to marry Rogelio. She tells him she will, punto. Dany comes in to get her and the three hug for a moment.

Miguel arrives at the hacienda via helicopter for the boda. Sin-thia calls Vainessa to tell her that Rogelio is getting married and we see premonition of a future catfight with Ana Paula.

anillo de compromiso engagement ring
aretes earringsgargantilla necklace
gastar to use


Monday, January 30, 2012

Scheduling alert for LQNPA Monday, Tuesday (and maybe the rest of the week)?

Hello everyone, based on a preview for a show on Univision, it looks like La que no podía amar is going to end late (and maybe start early?) on Monday (TONIGHT), as well as Tuesday 1-31-12, and I'd assume that this screwed up schedule might apply to the rest of the week. Make sure to set your recorders for 30 minutes over (just to be sure!) for a while, so you don't miss anything this week! (Tonight the episode went 15 minutes over, but last week it went a little longer than that; it was arbitrary. I'd advise setting your timers at least 20 minutes over and 5 minutes early, just to be on the safe side.)

While I'm here, here are some screenshots from an interview with Jorge Salinas on Primer Impacto today. Apparently it was an exclusive. I did a video capture of the whole thing but the recording kept on dropping out. Tomorrow apparently they're going to interview Ana Brenda.

Rogelio walks!
Salinas seems fond of Rogelio.



Saturday, January 28, 2012

Una Familia Con Suerte #99-100 Fri 1/27/12 Comedy Takes a Holiday

Or, "Una Familia Sin Suerte"

Part One: A Time to Laugh

Ana slaps Fraud. It is good.

In a montage:
  • Fraud goes home crying to Pina, who dabs his wounded face with a hanky.
  • Pancho gives Rebeca a necklace.
  • Moni and Mommy bond.
  • Alex meets with a priest about the boda.
  • Temo gives Meli a big balloon while Ramona stands there awkwardly, poor kid.
  • Pancho is measured for his father-of-the-bride outfit.
  • Ado catches Pina daydreaming about her seduction of Vice, but looking sad.
  • The Lopez family looks at samples for the wedding.
"Weeks later," the whole gang (including Ado, Meli, and Ramona) attend an Alejandra Guzman concert. AG tells a Televisa reporter that she's resuming her tour with renewed energy and taking better care of herself. Oh what a surprise, she's being called back for an encore, so she re-sings the Día de Suerte song accompanied by the children in the audience. Then the Lopez party joins her on the stage, and let me tell you, someone in that group can NOT sing. While AG is still singing, she thanks Pancho for helping her out.

Next day, Pancho tells Lupita how much everyone will miss her but she'll always be his little girl. She says it's not like they're moving to Africa - they'll be living very close by.

Pancho says it seems like it was just yesterday when she was born and she got sick and he gave her this medallion and the Virgen de Guadalupe saved her life. And now she's going away. But he wants her to be happy. Pancho Lopez will always be by her side when she needs him. He says she reminds him of her mother and this place where they are is where he kissed her mom for the first time. Lupita's sad her mother can't be at the wedding. But she's also happy to see him happy with Rebeca.

Fernanda's detective meets with her doctor and tells him that a nun came forward with some new information about the medallion. The doctor thinks that the possibility of finding her child will renew Fernanda's will to live.

Wedding day:

Alex admits to Fraud that he's a little nervous about the wedding. As for his parents, they can't stay very long, in fact they're going to leave directly from the church. Then Fraud whines to Alex about his problems with Ana. At least these two are friends again. They even hug!

Bridesmaids Ana, Candy, Moni, and Chela try on their gowns. That's an awesome color on all of then. Kind of a bold turquoise. Ana lets slip that she's been seeing Fred. Mónica is taken aback by this news. But another concern emerges: they realize nobody invited Elena. She's gonna be mad!

Adoración appears to Fraud in an ill-fitting purple gown with fluorescent yellow wrap. Fraud asks her what's going on with his mother, who's been acting weird lately.

Right now Pina is upstairs with her friend Kathi. She says K is the only person she trusts even a little. She wants to tell her about something that hasn't happened to her in a long time.

Tomás pays Alex a pre-boda visit. He looks even more rumpled than usual. He warns Alex that if he hurts Lupita, if she sheds so much as a single tear because of him, it'll never end for him. If Alex lets Lupita down, Tom will win her back.

Pina and Kathi are waiting two minutes to see two lines on a stick. The two lines dutifully appear. Pina is preggers!

This is shaping up to be the greatest day EVER.

Lupita is ready for the wedding. Pancho gives her a final pre-wedding pep talk full of sweet words and advice, such as the importance of respect, communication, and love; never go to bed angry; and don't forget your own happiness. He gives her a blessing and now it's time to go.

Rebeca meets them outside the house and gives Lupita her wedding present: a trip to Hawaii!

At the Irabiéns', Temo awaits Meli, who is herself a vision in white. (With a bustle!) The dogs are dressed up for the wedding as well. Upstairs, Pina happily anticipates telling Vice the good news about her stick with the two lines on it. Fraud comes in to say hello/goodbye, is once again surprised and a bit concerned to notice her unusual mood, but has to take off for the wedding. (Fraud calls Kathi "Tía" but I don't think she's his actual aunt, just the kind of aunt who's your friend's mother.)

Vice, looking crazy handsome in jeans and a flannel shirt (later I think it looks like madras, in any case it's plaid and it looks good on him), runs into Candy and kisses her in public. He says he doesn't care if anyone sees them. He can't stand Pina and he's going to ask her for a divorce. He doesn't care if it means he loses everything. Anyway, he's got some company shares, some connections, and some power. He wants to be happy with Candy forever; doesn't she want that too? Candy is worried that it will be her fault that Pina will suffer. Vice says it's their life to live and their love to fight for.

Pancho drives Lupita to the wedding, using La Burra's loudspeaker to announce to everyone on the street that he's with the most beautiful bride in the world. This is what every young girl dreams of: to be chauffered to her wedding in a braying vegetable truck with Big Mix ads all over it. Fortunately, Lupita loves his jokes. She asks if he's going to marry Rebeca. He's not sure, what with some of the detractors in their family.

Pina goes to the doctor with Kathi and it's confirmed: she's four weeks along. She's the happiest woman in the world!

La Burra gets to the church, and suddenly someone gets cold feet. Is it Lupita? No, it's Pancho! He wants Lupita to take off with him to the beach.

Ana and Chela worry about Candy's non-arrival. Pepe and Fraud exchange half-hearted insults. Elena makes sour faces. Chacho drools over Chela, who takes no notice. Candy breaks a heel rushing to the church. Nobody thinks it's particularly odd that she's such a nervous wreck.

Temo and Meli take Lupe's train and the music begins. Pancho and Lupe enter the church. Almost everyone, including Alex's parents, comment on Lupe's beauty. A few notable exceptions are Chela, who chooses this time to grill Candy about her whereabouts and then shuts her down when she tries to tell her what Vince said to her; and Elena, who scowls and tells Tom that Lupe doesn't look good at all. Ah, what a delight it would have been to have her in the bridal party; I keep thinking it would have been funny if Lupita had made all her bridesmaids wear fingerless gloves in Elena's honor since she's the one who went online as Lupe and made the original fateful date with Alex who was online posing as Fraud. But I digress.

Pancho delivers Lupe to the altar. "Alex, I'm giving you part of my heart. Love and respect her."

At home, Vice tells Enzo that if he really wants to see Chela, why doesn't he just go to the wedding? Sure, people love it when their mortal enemies crash their wedding. (Now I'm thinking that's oxford, not madras or flannel.) Vice asks what he sees in her. Enzo says she's not as curvy as Candy, but she has her own charm. She's deep, intelligent, pretty, determined. Vice retorts that Candy's smart too; it's just not apparent. Heh.

And, Vice says, he's made a decision. He looks around carefully to make sure no one is listening, and spits for good measure. Enzo, who I guess is not bothered by spray-spit, leans in to hear the secret: "I'm going to divorce Pina."

Pina and Kathi have already made a couple dozen purchases, each in a different bag. One of the items looks suspiciously like a stuffed version of the cartoon Pancho from the show's closing credits.

Vice insists that he doesn't care if he loses everything. He was never this much in love before, even when he met Pina. Enzo points out that he's been in love with money. True, but Vice isn't giving up money! He dreads going home every day because he knows what he's going to hear. But everything's great now. He twirls happily.

Enzo's visit is cut short by a call from Violeta, who wants to meet.

The ceremony goes on, with Pancho weeping, Chacho drooling, Candy daydreaming about Vince, and Chela reading the "love is patient, love is kind" Bible verse. Ana and Fraud look at one another. Ado and Chato look at one another. Alex and Lupita look at one another.

Violeta tells Enzo that these few weeks have been the happiest of her life, but she wants to stop lying to Mónica. She wants to tell her the truth.

Alex and Lupita have just been pronounced husband and wife. Alex is kissing the bride. (Tomás stomps out in a huff; nobody cares.) The crowd cheers. Confetti is thrown. There's more kissing.

Part Two: A Time to Weep

Alex pulls away from the kiss. Is he coming up for air? No, he's clutching his chest and sinking to the ground, his face twisted in agony. Panicked friends and family flock around. The children are confused and frightened.

Meanwhile, Enzo and Violeta argue. (It's becoming clearer that Violeta is a generally nice and seemingly sane person 98% of the time. The only person she has a problem with is Enzo, but it's a very large and ugly problem.) She can't look into her daughter's eyes and continue to tell her lies. "Well this is a fine time for you to remember she's your daughter, 20 years later." She only came when he told her Moni was looking for her. In any case, Violeta says, she's met her and she likes her. Enzo gets really rough with her. She complains that he's hurting her. He says if she talks to Moni, he'll hurt her even more. She asks, who will she meet? Enzo Rinaldi? Or Facundo Contreras? (Wasn't his last name Jimenez? Well, now it's Contreras. Or maybe it's both.)

Lupita joins Alex in the ambulance, followed by Alex's parents. Everyone is crying, even Fraud. The only exception is Elena, whose face is hard to read. (Actually, it's not that hard to read, I just can't believe what I think I'm seeing. It looks like she's not worried, but that she's hoping for something... like Alex's death. Is that really what I'm seeing?)

Enzo doesn't want Moni to know the truth because it will hurt her. Violeta says it's BECAUSE she loves Moni she thinks she should know. Enzo resents the implication that he doesn't love Mónica, after all those nights he was the one who stayed up caring for her, taking her to the hospital when she was sick, because she was all he had and her mother didn't care. Enzo begs V to keep the secret, in the name of the love they once shared and the unconditional love he has for Moni.

Evening. Pina is looking forward to tonight's dinner, when she'll give Vice her big news. Vice, who has recently buttoned his shirt, has no idea why she's so excited, but they are interrupted by a tearful call from Fraud asking them to come to the hospital.

Alex's parents weep at his bedside. (This is probably the most time they've spent with him in the last ten years; it's a shame that he has to be unconscious for it.) Lupita watches through the glass. Fraud puts his hand on her shoulder, and suddenly I get a funny feeling about those two, but now's not the time. Alex's father nods her in, and he and his wife back off.

Lupita begs Alex to open his eyes and wake up so they can go to Hawaii and be happy together forever and have their kids and grow old together.

Vice and Pina show up and console Fraud. They converge for a rare family hug and he cries on their shoulders.

The doctor tells the Lopez/Irabién party that he's just spoken to Alex's parents. They said Alex has a congenital heart defect. Moni asks if he will live. The doctor doesn't say anything. (In fact, nobody is doing anything for Alex at all. Perhaps there really isn't anything they can do, but I'd feel better if I saw a lot more equipment and activity.)

Fraud joins Lupita in Alex's room. Alex wakes up and starts talking to Lupita. She's the most beautiful wife in the world and he loves her. He asks for Fraud's hand. "You were always like a brother to me." Lupita insists that he will get better. He thanks her for making him the happiest man on earth, happier, she's like an angel. "I love you." He strains forward to give her a final kiss, but slumps away at the last millimeter with such an air of finality that the heart monitor's flatline and long beeeeeeeep seem superfluous. (And useless too, since I don't hear the expected approach of rushing footsteps and crash carts.)

Lupita steals a final kiss while Alex's lips are still warm. His last flickers of thought are a montage of his song with images from their courtship. Lupita wails disconsolately, Fraud pats her shoulder awkwardly, and for once I'm grateful for a commercial break.

Next, the funeral. Alex is buried on a hill overlooking a pretty valley. Everyone in the world is there, crying, except I don't see Elena. (Tom is there, wearing a T-shirt that looks like a black dress shirt and tie. I'll cut him some slack for this because I sincerely believe it's the best he can do.) Ana tells Fraud she's sorry. Lupita puts the first rose on Alex's coffin.

(That's as much of that as I can take. Death scenes can be tough and wakes are no picnic either, but I really can't deal with burials. If anyone wants to add what the priest said, please feel free, you won't hurt my feelings.)

At home that night, Lupita shares the big comfy chair with Pancho and bitterly muses that she was married and widowed in the same day. Tomás, still wearing that stupid shirt, tells her he's sorry and she can count on him and he wishes he could take all of her pain on himself. (In the background, Temo is really overdoing the crying.) Everyone in the family promises their support. Rebeca says she's sure Lupita will find the strength to move on. Lupita stares vacantly.

Fred cries to Pina and says Alex was one of the few people who accepted him the way he was - annoying, selfish, arrogant. He was so different, so serious, always criticizing him. How can someone die so young? Fred wonders if Alex knew that he could die at any moment. He admits that he's sad for Lupita too. Pina encourages him to let it all out.

Violeta meets with Mónica and looks like she wants to tell her the big secret, but Moni is getting ready to go to school. Then Violeta remembers Enzo's begging/warning, thinks better of it, and leaves, saying they'll talk later.

Enzo goes to work and tells Arnold he's having trouble with Moni's mother. There's a big secret that Monica doesn't even suspect. It's something horrible.

Fraud looks miserable at breakfast. Meli asks if he's still sad about his friend. Ramona asks what happened to his friend; Meli says "I'll tell you later." She has a big smile on her face, not because Alex's death was so hilarious, but because Adoración is dancing around on a cloud. She's never been so happy in her life. She's in love. Pina hints around about the romantic dinner she's still planning to have with Vice. Vice gets another well-timed phone call, which he claims is from Enzo, but he takes it in another room. Pina follows him to listen.

It's actually Candy, asking how Fraud is doing and wanting to continue their conversation from the other day. She suggests that they meet for dinner tonight. Vice excitedly accepts. He spins around happily until he sees Pina. I don't think she overheard anything. She claims to be looking for her Flores de Bach. She leaves, and he finishes making his plans with Candy. He hangs up the phone by jabbing it repeatedly with gusto.

Lupita takes her rings off and lets them clatter to the floor. She shreds her veil with scissors. (She does not give herself a stunning haircut like Lucero did in STuD.) Pancho comes in to talk to her. "Why do I always lose the people I love, Papa?" He reminds her of the kids that count on her at the daycare, and her family, all of whom adore her. Rebeca offers her unconditional support and friendship. Chela stands in the doorway and looks depressed to see Lupita and Pancho huddling together with Rebeca instead of her.

Vice is looking for his phone. Pina has already found it, and reads the text on its screen: "I'm waiting for you on the corner Vicente, what's up?" He finds his phone and she plays dumb. But she very much doubts he's going to meet Rinaldi. She follows him.

The Chamigos encourage Pancho to have a drink, but not too much. They talk about Chato's love life. He's in love with Adoración; she's the other half of his orange. And Chucha? "She's my half-watermelon!" Hahahahaha. Better not let her hear you say that.

Vice picks up Candy and they share a big kiss on the sidewalk before she gets into his car. Pina sees the whole thing.

We're now on our second round of mezcal and Chato says he's thinking of asking Ado to marry him. Blah blah blah. Pancho says he's grateful to have friends who cheer him up but he's worried about Lupita. And Chato's kids are definitely going to be ugly.

Pina is crying at home. No Flores de Bach will relieve this pain. Vice and that horrible nasty disgusting woman Candy, who else? How could she be so stupid? And to think Sandra tried to warn her. She had to see it with her own eyes to believe it. Hugging and kissing.

Moni tells Pepe about that strange meeting with her mother this morning. She asks if he'd mind if she went to see Fraud. He says he's okay with it, though his face says something else after she leaves.

Enzo goes to the Lopez house and is met at the door by a very surprised Mónica. He says he's come to pay his respects to the family, especially Pancho. She is skeptical. She asks what's up with her mother, she's acting strange, but he has no comment.

Vice tells Candy that with Fraud in pieces over his best friend's death, it's a bad time to ask his mother for a divorce. Candy agrees. And she's still uncomfortable with being a homewrecker. He assures her that it his marriage was already a wreck; has been for a long time. This would have happened sooner or later. She thinks she should have stayed out of it. They agree to carry on in secret. What Pina doesn't see won't hurt her.

If only there were some way Pina could un-see. Ado lets slip that she knew. Pina is furious. This is the worst moment of her life, Ado is the only person she can talk to, and she begs her not to lie. But Ado is saved by the doorbell.

Lupita is crying in her room, surrounded by tissues and photos of herself and Alex. Tomás offers support again and she says thanks, but she doesn't feel like talking. He says they don't have to talk about anything. She says she doesn't understand God. He gives her Alex, makes them fall in love, they get married right in front of him, and then he takes Alex away. Why? Tom says it's a test; that's what they say. No one can comprehend; or maybe she'll understand someday.

"Tomás, I don't feel like living."

Next time:
No idea. The avances were cut off. But at least we're back to one hour again now.


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