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Destilando Amor - Nov. 29, 2007 - Gavi and Alonso in Londres; Rod has his arraignment hearing; Aaron gets caught with his pants down

EPISODE - Nov. 29, 2007: (Ed. note: thank you for your patience, here's my complete recap from the episode.)

* at the hospital waiting area, Minnie arrives and Dani shoves her hostility and frustration in Minnie's face - comparing her granny's health to Minnie's baby news. Dani, Sofia and Elvis leave. Fedra and Bruno stay with Minnie. Minnie is upset by Dani's remarks. Bruno tries to explain. Minnie sits on the arm of a chair and takes out her cell phone - she wants to call Aaron. Fedra talks her out of calling him with the news; instead go to him and tell him in person. Minnie puts the phone away.

* Aaron is at Pammie' condo. He is frustrated in his futile search for his "maldito" car keys. Pammie smiles and continue to play hide and seek with them. Aaron is fed up with the game and vows to just take a taxi. Pammie calls "Bichie" here's your keys, as she waves them. Aaron stomps over to take them. He kisses her on the forehead and promises to call her soon. He leaves. Pammie thought bubbles, 'Oh, how I am enjoying my vengeance.'

* James sits in the hospital waiting area. Sofia walks in crying. James asks her what the doctor told them. She says Grammy is in a coma. He consoles her. She doesn't want her grammy to die.

* Elvis is in Pilar's hospital room - Pilar is hooked up to the oxygen machine and the heart monitor (ed. note: if she's in a coma, where's the breathing tube stuck down her throat and the catheters stuck into her - chehem - other body openings?) Elvis is wearing the lovely blue surgical cap and gown, he slips the face mask down off his face as he sits down and holds Pilar's hand. He starts to talk to her.

* Arraignment/Discover hearing for Rod and Lluvia begins - Judge "Leonarda/Consuelo" and District Attorney "Juan" are present, as are Dani and Patricio as audience, Lluvia from the women's cage window and Rod from the men's cage window. Judge reads the charges for Rod and asks Rod to make his declaration for the court. He says he is not guilty of the charges. Nestor listens from the desk to Rod's statement. Judge and District Attorney are stunned by the change in plea and ask follow-up questions about why Rod pleaded guilty with his first statement and now is pleading not guilty. Rod explains that he and Marianna are both victims in the fraud scheme. District Attorney explains to Rod that with his change in plea, they will have to subpeona Marianna to testify. Nestor nods to Rod and Rod nods in response to the question.

* At the London Tequila Conference, Gavi, Alonso, Don Roberto and London rep. stand at the Mexico delegation table. (Manuel Landeta) walks in like a French tequila superstar - the press immediately gravitate to him and start asking him questions. (Manuel) stops to greet Gavi in French. Gavi responds likewise. He moves on to greet several other members of the conference; the press pack continues to follow him around. Gavi vents her frustration and outrage at (Manuel)'s games and presence at the conference to Don Roberto and Alonso. Don Roberto tells her to ignore him, he's not worth the effort. Don Roberto tells them to sit down. Alonso starts to talk with Gavi.

* The arraignment/discovery hearing continues. Rod explains further how innocent he and Marianna are of the scheme. The real culprit is Aaron Montalvo. Nestor presents to Judge and District Attorney the blue three-ring binder with all the official financial documents for Ardiente Pasion tequila as well as for Montalveno hacienda as proof for Rod's defense. Judge orders a recess in the proceedings until tomorrow morning. She calls for subpeonas to be issued for Aaron Montalvo and Pamela. Dani stands with Patricio; she smiles to her brother who gives her the fingers crossed sign. She also calls for a subpeona to be prepared for Marianna Franco. Judge and District Attorney adjourn from the room. Nestor walks over to Rod - Rod pleads with Nestor to find another witness to testify, he doesn't want Marianna to be involved in any of this. As the guard tries to take Rod back to his cell, Rod struggles with the guard as he shouts to his sister Dani encouragement for Pilar, then he shouts his hostility towards Patricio for what Aaron and he did to the company and him. When Rod finally leaves, Lluvia calls out to Patricio - Patricio tells her not to worry, all will be fine. Lluvia is taken back to her cell in the women's section. Dani then gets the opportunity to give Patricio her two cents worth of lowered opinions about his and Aaron's plan against Rod and the family. "I hope your conscience lets you sleep at night." Then she proceeds to tell him about how his and Aaron's presence are not welcomed at the hospital for Grammy P. She tells him off, "If Granny died, then your (and Aaron's) plan with have been a success." Dani and Nestor leave. Patricio starts to grow a conscience.

* Attorney visits Aaron at his office. He tells Aaron that Rod has declared himself not guilty. Aaron isn't surprised, he half-expected it from his cousin. The attorney then informs Aaron that the judge has issued a subpeona for him to testify tomorrow. Aaron accepts it and advises the attorney to have all the i's dotted and t's crossed and everything in order by then. Attorney then shocked the heck of Aaron when he says the judge has also issued a subpeona for Pamela to testify. (Aaron about chokes and spits out a mouthful of whiskey.)

* Nestor and Dani arrive back at the hospital waiting room (faster than a speeding bullet; just how close is that jail house to the hospital anyway?). Sofia and James fill them in on the not good prognosis of Grammy. Nestor sees Bruno and sits with him on the sofa. Bruno asks about Rod's hearing; Nestor gives him the shocking news, Rod has declared his innocence and has accused Aaron of the crime. Bruno looks up to the ceiling in disbelief.

* Aaron, in his office, is on the phone with Pammie. He proposes taking a long trip with her to the Bahamas(?). Pammie is enchanted by the idea, then reminds him of the USB arrival. Aaron will be in touch. After he hangs up, he doesn't look too happy (in fact he looks rather uncomfortable and nervous).

* Minnie has breakfast in bed by herself. She is talking on the phone with Fedra about Aaron, Grammy's status at the hospital, and Rod and his sisters. Another call chimes in. Minnie hangs up with Fedra to take the call. The caller (Pammie with a high-pitched child's voice) tells Minnie that her husband is still seeing Pamela. Minnie doesn't believe it at first and asks for the caller's name. The caller (Pamela) continues to say if Minnie wants full fledged proof she is to come to the condo at Castillo and Winston Street #98 at 4 p.m. this afternoon. Pammie hangs up, then prays Minnie takes the bait. Minnie doesn't quite know what to do or think.

* Bruno talks with Nestor about how to complete his promise to his mom and protect the family name by keeping both Aaron and Rod out of prison. Nestor says he can't - not with the evidence piling up against Aaron in this scheme. Fedra walks in at the end of the conversation. Nestor looks at her, stands up and walk away. Fedra sits beside Bruno and asks what the conversation was about. Bruno tells her the truth - that Aaron was responsible for everything (the fraud shipments and framing Rod).

* Pammie goes shopping at Vicky Form (mexico's Victoria's Secret). She buys some special lingerie for her very special date with Aaron.

* In London, the conference continues. As Gavi sits and listens to the translator in her headphones, she daydreams about her skinny dip with Rod in the private cave pools and then the night time private luau and serenade. She thought bubbles wondering if it was all a lie, if and when she will ever stop thinking about him and move on with her life.

* Rod, at the prison cafe, sits alone playing with his food. He gives up on the meal and pushes it away just as the news report comes on television from Fabian Lavalle about the London Tequila Conference. Rod is very intrigued, and shocked, when he sees Gavi and Alonso together in the video.

* Aaron is on the phone talking with Fedra about Minnie. Fedra will watch for her and take care of it. She warns him about Nestor and Bruno's conversation about him and the case against Rod unravelling. He assures her he will handle it. She also tells him how Grammy is doing. They hang up. Then Patricio enters the office and confronts Aaron about the case against Rod turning against them. Aaron tells Patricio that he is going right now to get the USB files back from Pammie. Patricio asks what will happen if the judge actually has Marianna testify in the case. Aaron tells him don't worry and leaves.

* Alonso and Gavi leave Clara and Meester Thomas in the corner office near the stereo system. Clara asks to hear some mexican music. Meester Thomas says, no, no, no, I have something else I want you to listen to. He pops in his CD in the stereo and turns it on.

* Aaron goes to see Pammie at her condo. He shows her the plane tickets for their trip. Then he asks about the USB. She says it isn't here yet. He chokes and coughs. She assures him that it will come by messenger today. He hugs her and turns on his charm. She plays hard to get. They move to the living room. He sits on the sofa, she fixes him a whiskey on the rocks. They discuss the company and the problems due to the fraud scandal. Aaron brings up whether Pammie is still trying to get revenge against him. Pammie does her best acting to convince him she's given up on that plan. He buys it. They get lovey-dovey. They go to the bedroom.

* At the condo in London, Meester Thomas and Clara continue to listen to Frank Sinatra's Strangers in the Night. In the living room, Gavi and Alonso are trying to work on the laptop computer. Gavi is really getting annoyed with the music being so loud, she can't concentrate. She moves her head, Alonso is too close, She knocks her head into the side of his eye. He plays the pain up. She apologizes and wants to get something for it. He tells her don't bother, and then repeats to her something she always said in the past. They share a laugh. Gavi gets back to work on the laptop and warns Alonso to keep a safe distance she she doesn't knock his head again. Alonso, who has developed other ideas about her concern for him again, tells her, "I'll run the risk in order to be close to you." Gavi shoots him a look of strange shock. He gets her back to work; she returns to typing and he makes googly-eyes at her.

* Rod works at restacking the prison library shelves. He is still reeling from seeing Gavi and Alonso together on the news report. He grunts, drops a book and the guard comes over to see what's wrong. Rod just look at the guard and the book.

* Minnie arrives at the condo. building. She walks to the reception desk, looking for Pamela's condo. He tells her the number and then asks for her name. She tells him "a friend" and then, as he picks up the phone to announce her, she proceeds up the stairs herself.

* Doorman buzzes up to Pammie's condo to tell her that a friend is coming up to see her. Aaron calls out from the bedroom, who is it? Pammie covers and says it's the messenger with the USB, and to come out with her. Pammie opens the door a crack and then stands waiting at the corner of the living room, in her blue fuzzy bathrobe and matching fuzzy slippers. As Aaron walks out with pants still undone and shirt unbuttoned, Minnie appears at the doorway and is shocked and mortified by seeing Aaron and Pammie together like that. Pammie is equally shocked to see Minnie and her baby pillow belly.

* Bruno is in Pilar's room, telling her about Rod's hearing and that there is a good chance that he will get out and be coming to visit her. He begs her to wake up and survive this. (Don't abandon me, mami! Please!)

* Out on the front sidewalk, Minnie runs in her stiletto boots and baby pillow belly to her SUV parked on the street. Aaron runs down the stairs in his bare feet and tries to stop her from leaving. She drives off. Aaron yells up to the doorman, who the devil let her in? He says she went up before getting permission. Aaron is frustrated and runs back up the stairs.

* Aaron runs into the condo and blasts Pammie about Minnie's appearance there at the condo. Pammie blasts him back for using her again and not telling her that Minnie was pregnant. They argue. He still wants to be with Pammie; she doesn't believe him; they argue some more, then they argue and renegotiate a deal for the USB. Then the phone rings. It's Gaspar calling Pammie to find out why she hasn't turned over that USB yet to the police. He's getting furious and frustrated with his daughter's procrastination games and hangs up. Pammie is nervous and paces trying to think. Aaron wonders what the call was about.

* James, Sofia, Nestor, Dani and Elvis are together in the hospital waiting area. Nestor tells them about Gaspar's call and reaction to discovering that Pamela hasn't handed over the USB and disks yet.

* Pammie is getting confused. Aaron wants her to tell him what's wrong. She wants to be alone and begs him to leave. He sits down with her and tells her his deal - they will leave tomorrow if she agrees not to turn over that USB to the authorities. She is still confused. He tells her for her continued loyalty, they will leave tomorrow on their trip.

* (almost like superman) Aaron is back at his condo screaming at the maid. She leaves the room. He answers the phone, he thinks it's Minnie. It's his mommy Fedra, she can't find Minnie anyway at the hospital. Where is she? Aaron has to tell her everything that happened with Pam and Minnie at Pam's condo.

* Minnie is alone, distraught and crying in her SUV. Her cell phone rings in her purse. She refuses to answer it. Aaron is on the other end, praying and begging that she answer.

* The last day of the conference, as Fabian Lavalle reports. He stands at the doorway and stops the London rep and Don Roberto to ask him how he thinks the conference is proceeding. Don Roberto responds that it is going well, he is optimistic of the outcome. Don Roberto and London rep go into the hall. Fabian then stops Gavi and Alonso, and Gavi responds to Fabian's question about the conference. They enter. Fabian Lavalle ends his report. (Manuel) and the others all sit down around the circle conference tables. Alonso tells Gavi not to worry, when it is all over they will celebrate.

* Pammie gets a wake-up call from the doorman at 1 a.m. Minnie is there again. Pammie gives permission for her to come up. She wonders why Minnie returned.

* Aaron is in a panic, and is on his cell phone with someone. He hasn't been able to reach Minnie all day or night. He wants to call out a search party to find her.

* Pammie and Minnie are face to face at the condo door. Pammie lets Minnie inside. Minnie is there to talk about Aaron. Minnie asks Pammie why she planned the whole encounter tonight. Was it part of her revenge scheme? Pammie doesn't deny the revenge was part of it. Minnie asks for more details and information about Aaron and her. Pammie comes clean about Aaron and her relationship. She has no ties to him now that she knows Minnie is pregnant. She doesn't want to ruin Minnie or the new baby's lives again. She no longer wants anything more to do with Aaron, especially dealing with the USB. Minnie demands answers and the whole truth about her relationship lately with Aaron. Pammie plays the answering machine tape with Aaron's voice on it, talking about his need to see Pammie and his pessimism about his marriage to Minnie. Minnie isn't happy (or maybe she's shocked) as she listens. Pam shows Minnie the plane tickets Aaron dropped off. Minnie is angry and slaps them down to the coffee table. Pam is calm and continues to tell Minnie about the case and the subpeonas, she pulls out the USB and disk copy from the front entry desk and hands them to Minnie with an explanation that these are the incriminating evidence against Aaron. "It's your call," says Pammie, "You can decide what to do with them." Minnie is stunned.

* Gavi, Alonso, Don Roberto and London rep are in a private conference room - happy with the successful outcome of the conference.

* Minnie finally arrives at their condo. Aaron waits in the chair by the door with whiskey at hand. He is so happy to see Minnie. Minnie is angry and doesn't want Aaron to touch her. He tries to beg and plead with Minnie to give him a change to explain. She spews her hostility over all the lies and back-stabbing maneuvers and her finding him half-naked and sleeping with Pammie again. He tries to beg and plead for another chance. He tries to touch her. She slaps him and yells, "NO ME TOCAS!" (DON'T TOUCH ME!)

ADVANCE -- Monday is the 2 1/2 hour grand finale.


I Love Juan 11/29 Thursday - In which a demon in the form of a beautiful woman draws energy from men to sustain herself.

We're treated to a rehash of Paula and Monica. Paula: blah blah blah. Monica: servin' up the smack down.

Paula leaves Moni's office in a huff. She sees the chismosos outside. "Happy?" she asks. She claps her hands and congratulates Pastor, she's finally outta there. Pastor makes a face behind Paula's back. Nyuck nyuck.

Over at CL's love shack Ivonne tells him she's there for her part of the deal, To Make Love. CL tries to get her to take a vacation. Instead she gets in a lather about him and Paula; he lost his marriage, his business and now he's gonna leave the country because of her...he's saved by the bell (telephone actually).

It's Pastor with the office update. World War III erupted in the office between Moni and Paula. Now sit down Señor Farell because Paula, the one and only, the very same, resigned! "Very interesting," comments CL. "Problemas?" asks Ivonne. "Quite the contrary," CL responds, giving her a kiss. Gad he's a cad.

Paula bawls to Marely, wah wah she can't work for Monica one more minute! More way will she work day after day with her worst enemy, boo hoo.

Over at the market Nidia hefts her bosom and asks Angarita, will he leave with her si or no? Angarita says they are not kiddies, they are oldsters and need to act like a pair of responsibles. He demands that if she wants to make a home with him she must be on the up and up, i.e. she must divorce.

I do believe CL and Ivonne had a quickie and now he's trying to push her out the door. Dude, you are so crass. Ding dong...uh oh the doorbell. CL pushes Ivonne back into the bedroom and tells her to be her obedient self. CL answers the door and Paula rushes in for a hug and sympathy.

Nidia tells Angarita that any man would be happy to run off with her. "I'm not any man, I'm the guy who loves and respects you. Now go get your life arranged and we'll talk later." (OK, I'm really beginning to like this guy!!)

Ivonne watches from her hiding place while Paula wails and complains and CL comforts her. He's still working the Spain angle. Ivonne shoots daggers at him from behind the door.

Commercial break to PASIóN. Fernando Colunga rides a horse in slo mo!

Paula whines about having to leave her Ma if they go to Spain. CL uses this opportunity to escape Ivonne's dagger eyes. "Let's go right now and talk to her, we'll take her with us," CL suggests as he grabs Paula and leaves a scowling Ivonne.

Kike and Yadira are at home all kissy face and ready for love. Darn, they are interrupted by Delirio's anguished yowling, "Your mother left!" (Cut to Nidia walking with her cute red suitcase.) Yadi and Delirio check the bedroom and yeah, it looks like Ma flew the coop. Yadi insists her ma is with a friend. She tries to call around but no luck. Delirio yells that the orangutan stole his woman.

Nidia shows up at Ana's house and cries on her shoulder.

Delirio self-combusts while Yadi and Kike, now joined by Juan and Marely, watch with curious interest.

Nidia tearfully complains to Ana about what Angarita said to her. Ana says Nidia should be thankful that he respects her so much. No no no, Nidia now decides she behaved like an easy tart. "No Madam," Ana refutes, "you are a valiant and daring woman."

Nidia and Ana are surprised to be interrupted by CL and Paula. CL and Paula are surprised to see Nidia crying in Ana's house.

Back at Casa Cachón they are still calling around trying to find Nidia. Juan talks to Angarita on the phone; Angarita admits that Nidia was there but she left. He doesn't know where she is and by the way, would it be possible for all of them to leave him alone???? Delirio rants and raves that Angarita is a savage with the tongue of a machete (?). He demands to know if there are machetes or other arms in the house that he can use. Juan rolls his eyes.

It looks like Ana is stuck with Nidia for a while. Nidia's in the guestroom and makes Ana promise not to tell anyone, especially her family, where she is. Ana goes downstairs. Gah, Paula and CL are still there. She informs them that Nidia suffers from sadness, the sadness that comes from making Very Bad Decisions, nudge nudge wink wink say no more. CL ignores her and announces that he and Paula have come to discuss New Decisions.

Monica and her cousin/pal/whatever vent on the subject of Paula and CL. They sit on lovely pink and purple sofas (bleck). Monica gleefully vows that the civilized Monica died that morning; the hour of vengeance has arrived.

CL and Paula's plan to convince Mama Ana to accompany them to Spain crashes like a lead piñata. Ana sarcastically tells them to do whatever they want and just let her know. Better yet, don't tell her at all! looks like Juan's phone call bothered Angarita because he starts looking around for Nidia. Where could that woman be?

Nidia wakes refreshed from her power nap. She tells Ana how lovely it is to awake and for once not be criticized harshly by Delirio. She announces she'd like to stay with Ana. Ana agrees but only if Nidia tells her family where she is.

CL and Paula are still hanging around downstairs. CL tells Paula he doesn't like Ana's attitude and it gets worse every day. (So go already you hoser.) Paula doesn't agree. CL transforms into Señor Screampop and yells that Ana is The Typical Mother-in-law...jealous, impertinent! Paula calms him down, but no he's back yelling again. They fight. "You go to your mami!" he screams, red-faced and bug-eyed as he exits.

Cut to Casa Cachón where Ana has called to inform the family of Nidia's whereabouts. Delirio goes into his sexist, possessive tirade and vows to fetch Nidia. The girls convince Juan to go with him.

CL arrives home in a snit. He's greeted by a cheerful "hola!" coming from the ubiquitous and relentless Ivonne. CL is not happy to see her. They argue about Paula. "Go, go leave me in peace!" he shrieks as he raises his hand to hit her.

After the commercial Ivonne goes on the attack. She dares CL to hit her, go on, is he a coward? They have another argument, this time about their disfunctional relationship. She says she will open her veins and it will be his fault. He tells her to throw herself out the window, slit her wrists, he doesn't give a grain of cumin what she does. He roughly pushes her out the door and yells "Get out of my sight!"

Ana and Paula stuff their faces and talk about boys. Ana sneers that CL is such a creep even though Juan puts him on a pedestal. "Que?" asks Paula? "Oh sure, Juan thinks CL is a good guy and he only wishes the best for you and CL," munches Ana. Paula can't believe it because she thought Juan loved her. Ana replies that Juan sacrificed his love so Paula could be happy with that good for nothing.

Juan and Delirio take a taxi to Ana's house and Juan thought-bubbles that he had to teach this big pig-head (cabezon) the ABC's of handling women.

Paula considers Ana's words and wonders/dreams about Juan. Ding dong, the doorbell again, this time it's Juan and Delirio.

There is a knock on Nidia's bedroom door. She's horrified to see Delirio. "Nidia mi amor, come home," he pleads, persuades and cajoles. She refuses because he asks her too many questions at home. She needs her space.

Downstairs, Paula beckons Juan to sit next to her. He tries to resist but...he must succumb to the succubus. She wants to know what he said to Ana about CL. She rubs his knee (NOT playing fair!). "Why did you say CL is the man for me?" she asks, caressing his leg. Juan admits he said it only to alleviate Ana's anguish and he only wants Paula to find what she seeks. "You know what I'm looking for, Juan" she coos. They close in for a kiss...

...and are interrupted by Delirio and Nidia crashing down the stairs. Delirio is thrilled and loudly announces that Nidia is coming home. Delirio is delirious, Juan is happy, Nidia...not so much.

Nidia arrives home to her adoring daughters who hug and scold her. Juan, Delirio and Kike share happy man hugs. Juan thought bubbles that in spite of their madness this family loves each other like sugar.

Cut to a split screen where Paula and Juan can sleep face to face. They both dream about their almost kiss.

Back in the land of despair the evil CL lies awake; he stares angrily at the ceiling. He obsesses about Paula's conversation with Juan where she says he is very important to her.

Next morning we share a happy family breakfast at Casa Cachón. "Very civilized," comments Marely. "Too civilized," observes Juan. They watch Yadi and Kike making kissy faces.

Delirio brings Nidia breakfast in bed. She says she's not hungry so he proceeds to describe the breakfast in detail. Bad move dude. She tells him to go. He tries to feed her. He tells her he's 'un hombre de huevo' (an egg man), no no NO he means 'un hombre de NUEVO' (a new man). Nidia informs him his attempt at sucking up to her is tacky and affected. When he finally leaves she clenches her claws at him. Oooooh, he's driving her crazy!!

Juan arrives at Monica's house to pick her up for work. She asks, "Juan, did you know that Paula resigned from Farell?" Juan is muy impactado!

cabezón = pig-headed, stubborn, big-headed (also good-eatin' fish out here on the west coast, ugly but delicious)
cursilería = tacky, affected
facilonga = easy mark
fustigar = criticize harshly
patán = good for nothing
qualquiera = tart



Thursday, November 29, 2007

Juan Q. Nov 28. Where Paula gets her just reward

Hello I’m your substitute recaper, I’m not as good as K, but I hope you enjoy tonight’s episode.

We begin with a little of last night’s show. Kike tells Fernando that he is sleeping, Yadi is beside herself; she can’t believe Kike would do this to her. Later at Yadi’s room Nidia is asking Yadi to promise her that Kike will be with her and her baby if Nidia is not around. Yadi wants to know if Nidia is planning in doing the same as her father Nidia says no, but you never know what is going to happen. Today you are here and tomorrow not. Yadi is not too convinced with this explanation.

CL is excited when he hears the door. He thinks is Paula, but is Paula’s mom, she wants to talk to CL.

In the mean time at the Cachon residence Delirio (Thanks Jeanne for the name, it is very appropriate) is trying to pry some information from Juan about Nidia and Algarita. Juan (kneeling in front of his mirror to be able to do his tie since he is so tall) swears that he doesn’t know anything, as an after thought, he adds that even if he knew something he wouldn’t tell him because it is not good to get involved in the problems of a married couple. Delirio is upset and calls Juan “alcahuete” (procurer, pimp, somebody that enables another to have sexual escapades) Juan defends himself and assures Delirio that he doesn’t know anything. For the first time in his life Alirio understands Juan unspoken answer and leaves the room saddened, because Juan with his silence has confirmed his conjectures.

In CL’s apartment, CL is telling Ana that he loves her daughter and Paula loves him. He says that they don’t need time. Ana tells CL that the kind of love that CL and Paula share is only passion and it is temporal. At the end Ana tells CL that all she wants is that they give themselves some time before marrying. She says she won’t meddle anymore and she exits the apartment.

We see Monica congratulating somebody on the purchasing of the house. She has just sold the house where she and CL lived.

At the Cachon residence Juan tells Nidia to be very careful, because her husband is asking questions and he knows something is up. Nidia acuses Juan of telling, but Juan assures her it wasn’t him. Alirio found out by himself and he is investigating. The phone rings and Nidia answers. It is Ana that wants to talk to Nidia, she invites her to come for a cup of coffe. Nidia says she’ll be there. Ana also talks to Juan and invites him to dinner later. Juan accepts

It took CL a few minutes to go and tell Paula about Ana’s visit (chismoso!) Paula is upset and doesn’t understand how her mother could do something like that. CL says that her mother believes that they are rushing into marriage. Paula says that she agrees with her mother. CL is upset he starts manipulating her, but this time Paula won’t budge. She wants to wait a little longer.

Monica is telling her cousin Laura, that she sold the house, and that now “esa” (that lady) won’t be able to live in HER(Monica’s) house. Laura points out that CL might decide to go and live in another country. Monica doesn’t like this, because if they are far, she won’t be able to make their life miserable.

At the same time in the perfect timing that can only been seen at Telenovela land, CL is telling Paula that maybe the solution is to go and live outside the country. Paula is not too excited with the idea and promises she will think about it.

At Ana’s house, Ana is explaining to Nidia what is happening between Paula and CL. Nidia agrees with Ana that CL is not a good candidate for Paula.

At the office Delirio is talking to Guti. He is blaiming all of his problems on Guti. Guti gets mad and resigns. Delirio wants a last favor. He wants Guti to take him to see Angarita.

At Ana’s house they have changed the subject; Ana asked Nidia how she was doing. Nidia said that she needed a little of Ana’s wisdom. She wants to elope with the love of her life! Ana says that maybe Nidia should talk to her whole family and explain everything, especially to Delirio. It’s not good for her just to escape like an adolescent. Nidia says she can’t do that because Delirio will try to stop her and since he can black mail her… Nidia caches herself just in time before spilling the beans, however Ana is not as dim as we thought and wants to know; what did she mean with black mail? What can Delirio possibly have on her? Nidia just makes a lame excuse and Ana disappoint us by showing that indeed she is as dim as we thought, and believes it.

Alirio and Guti are on their way to see Algarita they are talking in the car. Delirio is very upset and says that if Sra Cachon is having an affair, he will tell everything about the will to Ana Davila. Guti is not to fond of this idea since it affects him also “que pena querido Guti, que pena, pero el que tiene el garrote da con el.” (lit.I’m sorry but the one that has the club is the one that hits with it; I have all the cards in my hand and I’ll decide the play. My hand won’t tremble if I have to deliver the blow, if she is being unfaithful, “que mueran Sanson y todos los filisteos” (a reference to the bible where Sanson sacrifices himself in order to kill the philistines. Lit. Sanson dies and all the philistines with him) Guti is muy impactado.

At industrias Farrel, Gaitan is trying to cover for Yvonne. He tells Monica that he is sure that Yvonne is sick because she had never been late before. Monica doesn’t buy it she wants Yvonne out, and she wants a new secretary pronto! Pastor doesn’t know what else to say or do for Yvonne. (Ed question; I’m sorry but I think I missed something, I don’t understand why is Monica so mad with Yvonne. She doesn’t even talk to her anymore)

Another Ed’s note. Every time I see Paula in scene, I only see and hear blah, blah, blah, so, please forgive me if I’m not give to much details of her conversations

Paula enters the garage and tries to talk to Juan. Juan doesn’t buy what she is selling (This woman is driving me crazy! Please leave Juan alone! Stop breaking his heart. Why do you tell him that he is important to you? If you really cared about Juan you would let him be, and you would rather have him think evil of you than to have him suffer, but noooo.) Anyway Juan has only one request. Please let me drive the car that will take you to the church the day of your wedding. Princess Paula grants his wish.

Guti and Delirio have arrived to the market and are watching Algarita from afar. Guti is impatient, but Delirio wants to plan before doing his move. Finally Guti pushes him and Delirio has to talk to Algarita. He puffs his chest and tells Algarita that he is there to remind him that Nidia Estela Cachon is HIS woman. Algarita calmly retorts that Nidia is his (Delirio’s ) wife which is not the same thing. Delirio wants Algarita to respond as a man because he stained his woman’s honor.

In the Garage Juan is scolding Kike because he did not come home, and Fer because he is Kike’s alcahuete. Kike defends himself by saying that he is tired of Yadira. He says that if he allows her to treat him like dirt, “me va a agarrar de su puerquito” (lit she’ll treat me like her pig) she will do it all the time and he can’t stand it. Juan rectifies and says he understands, he says he is sorry, but he is not himself today. The boys forgive him and say that maybe they should bring a clown for entertainment. Kike says no, Lic Pelafan would be enough. They all laugh.

Back at the Market Delirio is still insulting Algarita.(Sorry, I have to do this. I love what Alirio says, he uses a very cultured language all the time and maybe that is why half of the time nobody understands him, in this occasion, it sounds so out of place that makes this whole scene hilarious. I’m going to try to translate everything exactly the way he said it)

Delirio –Usted es de esos que se aprovechan de una mujer confundida, para convertirla en victima de sus aberraciones y cochinadas, pero esto no se va a quedar así Señor mío, porque afortunadamente mi gacela no esta sola ni yo estoy pintado en la pared! Así que en este momento me aclara muy bien lo que se trae con mi esposa o... You are the kind of men that takes advantage of a confused woman to turn her into a victim of your dirty acts and aberrations, but this is not going to stay this way, my Lord, because fortunately my gazelle is not alone and I’m not a painting in the wall, thus right now you have to clarify to me what business you have with my wife or else!

Algarita calls his bluff and tells him that he (Delirio) has to solve his problems with his wife and to leave him out of it.

Delirio –AAAlgarita, sus insultos no me amilanan, aquí estoy y aquí me quedo hasta que usted me de una explicación satisfactoria, o arreglamos esto, Algarita, como hombres. Algarita your insults don’t frighten me, I’m here and I’m staying here until you give me a satisfactory explanation or we’ll have to resolve this like men.

Algarita just smiles and says that if he is sure, then he’ll have to go and get his “machete” (you know? Like the ones Gavi and Rodrigo use in the dance of the machetes) Delirio then retorts.

Delirio –Usted Algarita es mucho peor de lo que yo imaginaba, usted es un salvaje, usted es un cavernícola, pero yo no soy de los que se acobardan ante la amenaza me entiende? You, Algarita are much worst of what I thought, you are a savage, you are a cave man, but I’m not the kind of man that is afraid of treats. Do you understand?

By now Algarita has a machete in his hands and tells Delirio that is better if he leaves, but Delirio replies

Delirio –No, no Señor mío, yo no me voy de aquí hasta no haber limpiado mi honor. No, no my Lord, I’m not leaving here until a clean up my honor.

I was half expecting Delirio to hit Algarita with a white glove, but no, he hits him with his fist. Algarita looks at him with murder in his eyes and starts chasing him (after watching this scene I got the impression that the actor that plays Alirio, really hit the other actor and was trying to apologize but they didn’t cut the scene) Algarita chases him thru the whole market while Guti watches.

After a while we see Delirio leaving the market with Guti. He doesn’t change!. He is telling Guti how he (Delirio) hit Algarita and gave him a lesson that he (Algarita) will never forget. Delirio is sure that Algarita will never bother his wife again.

At the office Marely is talking to Paula he tells her that they can’t marry if they don’t know each other. Paula wants Marely’s advice, but Marely asks her If I tell you what I think, are you going to listen to me?

Monica is in her office with CL. She is explaining about some producers that are better than others. He says that Moni is the new president she should decide. Moni asks about his plans. He says all depends on Paula. Monica informs him that she sold the house, so not to include it in his plans. CL is impactado. He says that she promised that half of the house was his. She says that since she is a woman of her word she’ll give him half of what she got for the house. She hands him an envelope than for the look in CL’s face is not what he expected. CL accuses Moni of giving away the house just to make him mad. She just smiles and asks him to leave, she is busy. He leaves the office.

At Ana’s house, Ana is talking to Juan; she is very concern and wants Juan to help her. Juan just tells Ana that she should accept CL because it seems like he really loves Paula. Ana is impactada

Yadira comes to see Kike she starts yelling at him, but Kike stops her and tells he, has done everything in his power to make Yadira happy, but Yadi is never satisfied (no tiene llenadero) he tells her he can’t live like this. Yadi surprises everybody by apologizing and saying that she wants to work with Kike today. Kike is very happy and pleased.
(I know I messed up this whole segment, but is not in my tape. I do my recording by hand and I forgot to press the rec button at the end of commercials. Sorry)

Later we see Juan walking down the street thinking about how much he loves Paula and how he just had renounce to her by convincing Ana that CL was ok for Paula. Juan decided that Paula wasn’t for him.

Monica and Pastor are eating at the office. Monica wants to know everything about the relationship between Paula and Juan. Pastor explains to her that Juan really loved Paula and that is why he is suffering so much. Monica just looks pensive.

Later Pastor is telling CL everything about his meeting with Monica (otro chismoso!) CL doesn’t understand why Moni is so interested. He is starting to understand that Moni is planning something. He tells pastor that Moni sold the house for 3.00 pesos (isn’t 30 cents? I can’t believe it! I wish I could find a house for that price. No wonder CL was so upset) Pastor agrees and tells CL to be very careful. CL says he will, but he needs Pastor to keep him informed of everything that is happening in the office.

As CL hangs up there is a knock at the door, is Yvonne all dressed up. CL is not happy and wants to know what she is doing there. She said she decided not to go to the office today and instead she wanted to visit her friends.

Nidia Cachon arrives to the Market to see Algarita. He asks her what she is doing there. Nidia says that she has just left her husband and she is ready to go wherever he wants. Impactado face from Algarita.

Monica and Paula are in a meeting. Paula is going blah, blah, blah. Monica doesn’t agree with Paula’s choices and tells her that from now on. Monica has to authorize everything. Paula wants to know why, Moni says because I say so, Paula says that is not enough reason (Dude, she is the owner of the company, that is enough reason for me) Monica says exactly that, this is my company and if I want to check all of the purchase orders I’ll revise all of the purchase orders. In this company we have a long history of thievery. Paula is all offended. Wait a minute, I did not have anything to do with that and you are distrusting me. –After what you have done is the least I can do. Paula says that now Monica is the one that is mixing personal problems with business problems. Moni says that PERSONS and not machines work in the company and she doesn’t know maybe Paula had to do with the despairing of the money. –You have to respect me. –If you want respect you have to earn it. At this point they both are yelling and everybody outside is listening. Monica calls Paula “la querida” the lover of her husband. This hurts Paula’s pride and she resigns (again) Monica backs off a little since she doesn’t Paula out of her reach, and threatens Paula that if she resigns this time nobody will ask her to come back.
Paula –I wouldn’t stay in a company where you were the President. Moni –Of course! Because you already got my stupid husband! Now you have insured your future. Paula –I don’t care about that. Moni –Don’t try to play the respectable woman, because you are not, you have always being a “Zorra” foxy lady? “Una trepadora infeliz” a b*tch (not exactly, but I know that that is exactly what she meant. :))
And that is that. (I loved this end; finally somebody told Paula what she deserved.)


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amar Sin Limites #93, Wednesday 11-28: Love means never having to say "I'm dying"

Leftovers from last night: It's all Andres' fault for being a tialoving abuelokiller. Arnaldo starts to tell Julio about the family meeting with Azul (and not, as feared, about the one-night-stand with Ceci). Diego and Azul move into my first apartment, except that I didn't have a bed and the walls were dark green. Azul declares that all she needs is the air that she breathes…and to love Diego. Kiss, kiss.

Tonight we bring you the first installment of a new home improvement show, "Help! My Apartment Only Has a Bed!": Diego presents his decorating plans. They include presenting designs at Julio's next show and making lots of money. Azul approves the plan. She never wants this to end; neither does Diego. She calls it their little love nest. Diego wants only happiness in the house, the sound of happy Azul and the pitter patter of an army of little feet (and while he can cook and sew, I think the act of giving birth is beyond him). They decide to go out shopping in the 'hood for some more stuff for the house. Kiss, kiss, love you. I swear, these two are kissing for every little thing lately. Diego's mom might not last through the night--Kiss, kiss. Nope, she made it--kiss, kiss. Manuel and Lidia are rude to Azul--kiss, kiss. Azul decides to face her family alone--kiss, kiss.

Casa S&I&G: Gloria comes home to spread the gossip about Azul and Diego living together.

Inés' house: She's trying to come on to GSD as a thank-you for the ride home. He tries to let her down gently and she tries to guilt-trip him about being alone. He tells her to call Arnaldo if she needs anything, because he'll be locked in the lab. Inés once again dangles the carrot of keeping him informed of any further developments about Arnaldo's union membership. That would be "union local 696, the federation of GAY boutique salesmen, chefs, waiters and sommeliers" (TM Margaret). Remember to always look for the union label.

Casa S&I&G: Gloria doesn't think Azul can handle living poor. Silvana intends to help them, because when you love someone you want to see them happy. Gloria's really shocked that Silvana isn't going to keep fighting for Diego. She's astounded by Silvana's generosity and says she's proud to be Silvana's mom…wow, that's the most maternal she's ever been! Silvana's generous enough to say that she must have gotten her good qualities from Gloria.

Boutique: Arnaldo tells Ceci he saved them from Ceci sticking her foot in her mouth. He says they should forget the whole thing and Ceci asks how they can forget something she can't even remember (*snort*). Ceci tells him he sounds just like every other guy who has a one night stand and then tries to act like it's all her fault. Arnaldo says it is. Ceci says all guys act the same and don't care about feelings, even the gay guys…ooh, burn. Ceci cries that she misses her friend, especially now that she's going to lose Azul. She walks off. Arnaldo feels bad, but does nothing.

GSD's car (ugh, it's got to smell rank in there with all the smoking!): Emilia says that now Inés knows that finding the cure is GSD's first concern (yeah, right, which is why he's been working so hard on it lately). They talk about not knowing for sure which guy would be better for Azul.

Mauricio's Office: A Licenciado Aleman comes to visit Mauricio to tell him Azul doesn't want to see him anymore. He's come to "tramitar el divorcio" (to start divorce proceedings). Mauricio takes this as well as you'd expect. Aleman says she's asking for the divorce based on the recent accusation of murder against him. Mauricio quickly points out that she's the one who made the accusation. He tells Aleman that if Azul wants a divorce, she's going to have to ask for it herself.

D&A's new 'hood: Diego and Azul are walking around. Diego drapes a lace shawl over her head, hands her a bunch of flowers, and asks her to marry him under "God's law" (as opposed to the way she married Mauricio, under "man's law"). Kiss, kiss (good thing it's not a drinking game!). He leads her over to a church, where they leave their shopping bags outside the plaza. The Ave Maria starts as they walk towards the church. Yeah, that's classy, with Azul in her t-shirt, rolled up jeans, heels, and a lace shawl over her head. They enter the church (well, cathedral, I might say, as it's pretty big and has a fairly high ceiling). Things get pretty cursi as they kneel and start talking to God out loud. They both ask for forgiveness for the stupid, stupid things they've done. Thankfully they didn't list them all, or we'd be here for days. They each accept the other as spouse and do a short version of the traditional vows. Azul's voice cracks when she gets to the "death do us part" part. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.

Boutique: Ceci's taking accessories out of plastic bags and arranging them on a table when Julio comes up. He asks her, now that Arnaldo's not around to hear it, what effect Diego and Azul moving in together will have on Diego working there. Ceci says she doesn't think they moved that far away and Diego will still be coming to work. Speaking of work, she asks Julio if he's going to keep paying for her classes. He will, because Silvana called and apologized and asked for another chance, so he's going to give them both one. For a minute there, I thought he was going to tell her that Santa Silvana begged for him to keep paying for Ceci's classes. He says it's the last time! What's funnier? Him saying that, or Ceci saying "may lightning strike me if I miss again."

Clemencia's hospital room: Manuel and Lidia came to check on Clemencia before they go get some real food (Manuel tries to score points by pointing out that they only had hospital coffee and food from the vending machine for breakfast). Clemencia is doing better as the day goes on. She tells them to go get food and to thank Tavo for the flowers. Manuel starts to gripe about Tavo having ulterior motives for being nice; then after Clemencia mentions the card, he starts in on Anibal. If I didn't know better, I'd think he was trying to rile her up so she'll have another heart attack.

Anibal's office: Anibal picks up a picture of Clemencia and the kids. Why can't they manage to get some pictures that don't look like they were shot as promotional material for the show? He tells the picture he misses Clemencia, but only because he always misses a good secretary. He flashes back to Isela telling him that she's always been considered second best to Clemencia by both Manuel and Anibal. He puts the picture back.

The Little Love Nest: They've picked up some crates for a dining room table and chairs, and Diego is now fussing with throws and pillows to make it look…uh, better? Azul reminds him they're missing her tiny little bouquet of flowers that she's placed in a drinking glass. Diego says they also need the plates and says he's hungry. He hands Azul a plaque that says "Welcome to the home of the Moran Toscano family." Azul gets dizzy from all the excitement and drops the plaque, then gets upset about it. Diego says they'll just replace it later and realizes she hasn't eaten all day and is probably hungry. Good thing GSD's not around or he'd start complaining about how Diego's not taking good care of Azul. 'Cause we all know she's certainly not capable of feeding herself. Diego rushes to get her a glass of water as Azul tries to take deep breaths and calm down. From her POV we see that her vision's getting blurry, but then it clears. He asks what's wrong and she starts crying and says it's good to see him. Oh, for...pfft!

Tavo takes Lidia and Manuel to lunch: He's brought them to what looks like a lunch counter in a grocery store. He says it's great food, but Manuel and Lidia turn their noses up at it. There's an insulting play on words when Tavo says they serve gorditas there and Lidia points out the two plus-size women already sitting and eating. Gorditas literally means "little fat girls." Culinarily, I've had two versions--one is a tamale with no filling, the other is a flattened round of fried masa. Either way, they're not health food. Gordita jokes are quite popular among my male relatives at tamale-making time --"Where are the gorditas? They're all sitting around in the kitchen…jajaja." "Don't eat too many gorditas or you'll get gordita!"--clever, huh? It is possible to use "gordita" as a term of endearment, but like many of the quasi-insulting ones, you do this at your own risk. End tangent. Lidia and Manuel walk out and Tavo watches--whether in confusion or exasperation, I'm not sure.

Mansión Malicia v 2.0: Mauricio informs GSD that Azul has asked for a divorce and Azul and Diego accused him of murder. Mauricio says he's not going to defend himself because he's innocent, and everyone will know soon enough. GSD looks…impactado? Confused? Guilty?

Mercado: Lidia tells Manuel he didn't have to be so rude to Tavo. Manuel says she picked a great guy to get Piero jealous--he can only afford to take her to eat at a "mercado de garnachas" (garnachas=street food; mercado=market, mall, etc.). Lidia says at least Tavo's genuine and gives a crap about Clemencia…unlike Piero. Manuel makes a face like he thinks Lidia might be on to something there.

The Little Love Nest: While Azul and Diego eat, Diego talks about wanting to continue with the online courses so he can learn to be a better designer. The only problem is, he doesn't have a computer…oh, but Azul does, just that she's not an expert. Diego wants to be the bestest designer he can be. Azul says he's like the milkman in the story about the cow--he wants to spend the money even before he's got it. Anyone have any insight into that? Diego says he's so excited, he wants to do everything for her. Azul says ditto. She's going to finish her thesis and actually be able to work. Kiss, kiss.

MM v 2.0: GSD apologizes to Mauricio, but denies that he had any prior knowledge. Mauricio comes close to insulting Azul for running off with Diego, but GSD isn't going to let him get away with that. He says he's sorry for what she did, but what's to be done? She's an adult, you can't keep her from doing what she wants. Mauricio says he's sent his men out. GSD's like, good luck, my daughter's stubborn. Mauricio says he only wants to know where she is in case she needs medical attention. GSD says in that case he'll help. He says if he finds anything out, he'll let Mauricio know ASAP. Mauricio claims that he's going to give her a divorce, as long as she comes to talk to him in person. GSD tells him that Azul doesn't want to see him….oops, that is, he would imagine she doesn't want to see him, er, Diego will probably forbid it. Mauricio maybe didn't catch on. He's just keeps saying that he only wants to see her face-to-face to ask her why. GSD says he thinks he's close to finding the cure. Blah, blah, scientific BS. Mauricio says that he's got a new lab for GSD. GSD looks kind of nervous, like maybe he's starting to realize that Mauricio's kind of nuts and Azul and Diego might be right.

Boutique: Andres comes to find Ceci and ask her if she knows where Azul is. He tells her poor little Caty is upset. Andres really plays up the Caty angle. He mentions that Azul accused Mauricio of murder and Ceci plays dumb. She says they can't talk right now because she's in trouble with Julio…for messing up the sizes on an order. She says he can come pick her up at the end of the day and take her to go see Caty.

MM v 2.0, Caty's room: She's looking pretty bad, with dark circles under her eyes, and according to Chonita, she hasn't left her room all day, hasn't eaten anything, and won't brush her teeth. Mauricio asks what's up, which, DUH! Caty says she'll do everything, but she wants Azul to help. She doesn't believe Mauricio saying that Azul left and isn't coming back, she thinks he's saying it to punish her for being bad. Mauricio gets really scary crazy and says it's all her fault because she wouldn't shut up about her Mami. He grabs her arm and starts shaking her and repeating "I warned you!" Ceci and Andres bust in and pull them apart. Ceci tries to calm Caty down and asks the guys to leave her alone with Caty. Before they can leave, Caty asks Ceci where Azul is, but Ceci says she doesn't know. Now they leave.

Little Love Nest: Lots of giggling as Diego leads Azul into the bedroom with his hands over her eyes. Mr 5ft asks if they're behaving like newlyweds, but I wouldn't dignify their behavior by calling it that. Sorry, I know this is the outcome we were all supposed to be rooting for, but the writers really screwed some things up, so mostly I'm just trying not to hurl with all the kissy kissy scenes. They're no longer hot, they're just gross. Diego shows Azul their new bathtub, which he's paying for in installments. He has, of course, drawn a bubble bath and put rose petals in it. Azul mocks him for buying a bathtub before a dining table and chairs. More kissy kissy and a bad joke about making more use of the tub. As they get hot and heavy, Diego pulls Azul's shirt down in the back and we see that she's got some red spots on her shoulder. The sound guy would like you to know that this is very serious, because he's playing the "Impactada!" music.

MM v 2.0, Caty's room: Ceci tells Caty that Azul's sick and that's why she can't come. And they can't see her because she's in a special hospital. And only adults can visit. But Caty can see her after she gets better. Ceci gives Caty a necklace and says that it's from Azul and that Azul's mom gave it to her when she was Caty's age. It's of the Virgen de Guadalupe, cause if there's one thing Caty needs, it's a mother. Caty says she'll never take it off so she can have Azul with her always. Ceci tells her to pray that Azul will get better and she obliges.

Little Love Nest: We go from this to a bathtub scene. See, this is what's making it difficult--we have a poor innocent moppet suffering while Azul and Diego are living it up. In and of itself, this isn't their fault, but if they hadn't made so many bad choices along the way things wouldn't be happening like this. We're treated to another look at the spots on Azul's back and with the lighting, it looks like they're open sores. She's bathing alone, so no kissy kissy this time. Diego's contenting himself with watching. He tells her to get out of the tub now before she gets wrinkly. When he wraps the towel around her, she says ouch and says the towel much have scratched her because it's new. She won't let him see her back, though, and pushes him out of the room so she can look in the mirror.

Lab: GSD tells Emilia that he told Mauricio he'd help him find Azul. He says he doesn't trust him, but he needs his support for the research, so he pretended to be on Mauricio's side. GSD thinks Mauricio looked afraid. GSD intends to keep working at the university lab without Mauricio knowing and he's not going to give him all the information. He's less sure now about what Mauricio wants to use the information for. Emilia asks if GSD thinks that Mauricio wouldn't share the cure. No answer, but I'll bet that is what he's thinking.

LLN: Azul finds the sores on her back and is grossed out. Not as grossed out as I am at all the kissy scenes, but grossed out enough. It's hard to see if they're bleeding with the dim lighting. The makeup effects people on this show need to win some sort of award. Azul cries and remembers what GSD said about the symptoms she could expect. I'm thinking this falls under the category of "infections and skin diseases." Azul asks God what she's going to do, but no answer is forthcoming. Diego, from outside, says this isn't fun anymore and he's coming back in. Dude, you're not the only one not having fun. He asks what happened and asks "What's that?" because there's blood on the towel (that answers my previous question). Azul says she had an accident and Diego brushes it off with "oh, women," (whatever the hell he means by that…he's not stupid enough to think? No, never mind, he probably is that stupid). He hands Azul the phone so she can talk to Ceci and leaves. Ceci called to tell her that she's taken care of Caty and she's got to tell Azul something she overheard Andres and Mauricio talking about. Azul says they'll make a plan to meet, but Ceci's got to hang up before Mauricio catches her.

Mauricio's office: Andres doesn't believe that GSD doesn't know where Azul is. He says Ceci seems to be hiding something too. Mauricio says to do whatever it takes to get the information out of Ceci.

LLN: Diego's waiting under the covers for Azul and he holds up a long-stemmed rose rather suggestively (or could it be, wishfully) at about crotch level. Azul starts putting out the fire hazard, digo, one of the many bunches of candles arrayed around the room, but Diego protests. He tells her to get in bed and she does…complete with a t-shirt and sweat pants (hot!). She looks uncomfortable as he holds her and rubs her back--is it because she knows death is fast approaching, or because those sores hurt? This, ladies and gentlemen, is the note we end on tonight. Tune in tomorrow and see what the makeup people come up with next.


Destilando 11/28: in which Pamela dangles various things in front of Aaron.

  • In London: yes, Clarita looks great in her new wardrobe. She is still pressing Gaviota about the Doctorcito. Gav is still saying there's nothing but friendship between them. When ma nags about Blandie later Gaviota retorts, "Stop nagging me about Blandie, better you should just flirt with Mr. Thomas." "Me get into such things at my age, como asi?!" Still, ma is wearing a lot of makeup and looks thoughtful.

    At bald Mr. Rosenberg's office Gaviota waits for him hour after hour. Finally getting five minutes of his precious time, she appears to be asking him to keep non-Jalisco agave-booze producers from using the name "tequila." He's not interested in her pleas and neither am I.

    [Is this Victor, the hunky gay pal of the heroine in Barrera de Amor? If so, he should just stop trying to speak English and instead take off his suit immediately. He's being underutilized. --Ed.]

    Rumors have wafted their way to London: Montalvo Corp. is in trouble. Blandie says they'll have to ask Av* about it - he's arriving this very day. Gaviota pretends she doesn't care and they deserve it: "Sow the wind, reap the storm."

    Av* arrives and Gav pumps him for Montalvo gossip. He is uncomfortable (he had promised to say nothing). He tells her to just do her work; as soon as he gets back to Mexico City he'll let her know what's going on. "He's hiding something!" she thoughtbubbles.

  • In jail: Rod is trying to write poetry on his nice tidy cot. He gasps and sweats and throws crumpled paper around. He remembers better days and vows: I've lost what I love most, but I'll get it back. He gets a gold star for having a completely pristine prison cell.

    Later he dreams that Gaviota is cradling little BigHeadBaby in her arms and he's all happy that the three of them are together, except Isa arrives with gendarmes and accuses Gav of stealing her baby and the gendarmes take Gav and Isa takes li'l Rickie. He wakes up gasping. He's losing it.

    Still later, he reads that wonderful rag, The Tequila Times, and sees a picture of Mariana doing all her wonderful things, and reads aloud to himself there in the prison library about how she's defending the name of Tequila against usurpers. Ah, my love, you're doing great things while I pay for a crime I didn't commit. He kisses the newspaper.

  • At Pilar's house, which consists of only one room as far as I know, Videgaray tells Dani that Aaron has engineered Rod's downfall. Dani is furious and says she'll go shout in his face. Pilar listens from behind the door and comes out saying she herself will confront Aaron.

  • Lluvia is interrogated. She tearfully exonerates Aaron and Patricio, saying she did her dirty work only with Oñate. She is taken away in manacles. Patricio still has a hot potato in his mouth which is probably why he says and does nothing as she passes murmuring for all to hear, "I'm sorry I abused your confidence." Noble, noble Lluvia! Patricio is a flaco for sure.

    Aaron tells Patricio he doesn't care what happens to Lluvia as long as she didn't implicate them in her testimony.

    Pilar barges into his office. "What are you doing here, Granny? You should be home taking your medicines." "You're perverse, what you've done is unpardonable, repugnant. You and your dirty work, don't ever come back to my house, I never want to see you again. You don't deserve your name." He mutters "you d#*n ruca (old lady)" to her departing back.

    [And this seals Aaron's fate. He must die, he dissed his grandmother. --Ed.]

    Patricio tells Lluvia, in lady's jail, that he isn't willing to sacrifice his future with her for that louse Aaron.

    Aaron reminds his shady lawyer: tomorrow is the trial. They should (I think) make sure Lluvia's tongue doesn't wag. "And the USB?" "Lower your voice! I'm on it, it will be in my hands today."

  • Rod is very upset that Oñate is playing hard-to-find, Oñate being the one to rat out Aaron. "I have to stay here till you find him? That could take months!" They hope Pam's info will be enough to do the trick even if Oñate stays lost.

  • Elvis, hearing from Pilar of her adventure: "You should have waited for me, I'd have watched your back. Take care of yourself, you need to be around for the grandchildren." She looks appalled and asks Dani what he meant by that. "You know he's full of jokes."

    Pilar: very upset Rod is in jail and that it's Aaron's fault. And now, mocha colored grandbabies??

  • Patricio barges into Aaron's office and yells, "You said nothing would happen and now my sweetie-pie is in jail." "Don't shout. We didn't know the government had that information..."

    Fedra comes in: "Pilar called me, all hysterical. Is it true you sued Rodrigo?" Patricio interrupts saying Lluvia's in jail. "Did she finger you guys?" "If she had," Aaron points out, "we wouldn't be here." "We're in no danger," says Patricio with no discernible emotion. Aaron promises he'll get Lluvia out of jail and they'll make some money. This, for some reason, causes Patricio to raise his voice. He doesn't care about the money, he wants his honey, and he's not going to let her suffer for Aaron. He swallows the potato (ouch) and exits.

    Aaron reminds his ma that Pam's in town and has the USB which can sink his boat.

  • Aaron arrives at Pamela's place. She doesn't have that death-warmed-over liver-and-onions look we've seen lately, she's dolled up and flaunting her bazooms, he says she looks beautiful. "What did you expect, I'd be all depressed because you jilted me?" "I was afraid you'd still hate me." "I won't deny I wanted to strangle you, but later I felt a grand nostalgia for all the good times. Really, why are you here?" "To see you." "Just that, well, you've seen me and you've drunk my whiskey, so you can go now. Get home early, don't have problems with your wife."

    Kissie kissie. I am afraid if Aaron presses on those lips too hard, the collagen will come squirting out, wouldn't that be ikky? Scene fades.

    [Minerva is calling his cellphone, it's turned off, she curses.]

    After - Whatever - might have happened in the other room - we see Aaron re-tying his tie and muttering, "Blasted wife, you're gonna kill me." "Where you going?" asks sultry Rubberlips in a pink satin something which is hideous with her weird hair. "It's late, I have to go, I'll call tomorrow." "I love you and I want to get you back." She gets one last perfunctory kiss and sighs into the commercial as the door closes behind him.

    Back home Minerva observes to her late-arriving husband: "Things are getting more complicated." "Yes, Rod could retract his confession but he has no proof against me. Anyway (knocks her on the head, she whacks him back, it's just like Punch and Judy) I won't tolerate your bad humor and ironic glances, don't look at me that way!" Stomps upstairs.

  • In Londres we see Meester Thomas entertaining Clarita, she thinks he's telling jokes and laughs and laughs, actually he's telling her about a plane crash he survived but which killed many of his friends. She's sort of embarrassed when Gaviota comes back and translates. He says no matter, he likes being able to make her laugh and say yes yes yes.

    [And now I just have to ask, why couldn't the casting director of this show find any actors who can actually speak English? Meester James is just a joke when he speaks English and Meester Thomas is hardly better. Bald Mr. Rosenberg is the third supposedly English guy in this show who is clearly uncomfortable with the language. Are there no English speaking actors in Mexico City? --Ed.]

  • Videgaray tells Daniela and Pilar: the key information is in Pamela's hands. Rod plans to retract his confession at the trial tomorrow. "But that won't solve the problem, will it?"

    Pilar is wringing her hands and she doesn't look so good. Videgaray leaves and Pilar's hand and leg are paralyzed and she falls to the floor comatose. Elvis calls an ambulance. She gets an MRI. It's a cerebral hemorrhage.

    Sofia and James rush to the hospital to join Daniela and Elvis. Minerva, Bruno and Fedra arrive.

    [The Daniela-and-Sofia shirt combination is unspeakably ghastly. Same for Minerva's dreadful hairband. Ridiculous costuming is heightening the tension. --Ed.]

    Fedra asks how Pilar is doing. "Do you really care? She's in Intensive Care, they won't know much till tomorrow, maybe she'll get better or maybe she'll stay in a coma so as not to hear what happens tomorrow at the trial. That would suit you, wouldn't it!"

    Team Rodrigo stamps out. Minerva says, "I told you we shouldn't have come." She dials Aaron. Fedra (who always knows what her son is up to) gasps in horror. "Don't frighten him! Let us take you back to the apartment, you can wait for him there and give him the news." "I hope he doesn't come home late, like last night!"

  • Ignorant of that particular unfolding drama [have you noticed there is NOT ONE telenovela without a hospital sequence?] Videgaray visits Pamela. I hope he's getting paid very well for all this gadding about. He wants to review her info. She first says she won't be at the trial the next day - he gets very upset and protest that they need her, that she's Rodrigo's only hope. She then says there is information coming from New York this night or the next day and if it comes in time she'll help at the trial with great pleasure.

  • I guess a day has gone by, because Aaron is outside Pamela's door again, this time with flowers, pacing in his cokehead fashion. She offers more whisky. "I don't have much time - Oh! - I forgot! - by the way, you wouldn't happen to have that USB drive of mine, would you? You didn't forget?" "How could I forget? I took it the day your wife called and threatened to sic the police on me." "Well, give it back, I need it for tomorrow, you'll save me a lot of money and trouble."

    "What do I get in exchange?" "Name it." "You, I want you." "How about we take a trip next weekend, wherever you like." "OK, it's a deal." "And my USB?" "It's in my safe in Guadalajara." He rescinds the trip and makes to leave and she says, "Oh, but it might be back in time." "I'm in love with you again," he says. Kissie.

    Later - around the time Minerva was trying to call him from the hospital - after some more - Whatever - in the back room, I suppose - as a cute little game Pam has hidden his car keys. Aaron's shouting and tossing the joint. "Stay longer, bichi (my little insect)!" "No, I have to go, keep the keys, I'll take a taxi."

    She dangles the keys, taunting "I guess I won't see you again?" He says "Just don't do it again. I'll see you tomorrow." Perfunctory kiss, he leaves. "I'm so enjoying my vengeance," she tells us.

  • Pilar is lying in her hospital bed in a coma, wearing no makeup. Elvis holds her hand and whispers tenderly: "Here I am, your black torment. I'll be outside waiting for you, I won't leave till I can carry you in my arms." He cries. What has she ever done to deserve his tenderness? Bravo, Elvis, you're way nicer than I am!

  • Finally, the trial commences and Rodrigo retracts his confession to the astonishment of the assembled cast.

  • Dang, I hoped I'd get to see Minerva storm in and find Bichi and Rubberlips together!


Amar sin Limites Tuesday Nov. 28- Touching Moments and How the Novela Got Its Name

We start the new episode with Azul and Diego arriving at the police station and announcing that they are turning in Mauricio Duarte and accusing him of murder. They hand over an envelope with the proof.

Lidia and Gustavo are sitting on the sofa after Piero left.Gustavo is saying how much he would have liked to kick some Piero butt. Lidia is worried about her mami and Gustavo assures her that everything will be alright.

GSD and Emilia are at Mo's, all three are worried that Katy is not eating right. Emilia goes to look for Azul in her room.

Isela arrives at the hospital to support Diego but runs into Manuel. She dashes his hopes and tells him that she is only there for Diego. Anibal has brought her and enters, giving Isela a kiss.
He is there for Clemi.

Emilia returns and announces that Azul won't open her door and they are worried. Mo sends Chonita for the extra key.

Clemi's doctora tells Anibal and Isela that only family are allowed to visit and Anibal asks her to give Clemi a card that he has brought. Manuel looks stunned and Isela overreacts. She demands to know what kind of card was that. Anyone ever hear of a Get Well card besides Anibal? Anibal has to spend several minutes reassuring Isela of his love.

Mo, GSD and Emilia still think Azul is locked in her room and stand out in the hall, pounding on the door. Finally they open the door with the key and discover that Azul is not in there. GSD's phone rings and it's Ceci who is calling on behalf of Azul but doesn't want Mo to know. GSD says it's a colleague and Mo leaves the room. GSD asks Ceci what the devil is she doing and Ceci says only following instructions.

Azul and Diego are at the police station. Diego is holding up Paco's driver's license, saying that it was found in Mo's garden. Azul says that Katy found it, but they didn't want to involve her because she is very young and lost her mother in a supposed accident. The government employee says that's not his job, but he'll call someone.

Mo is yelling at Jacinto for losing Azul. Jacinto wants to make it up to Mo and the only way, according to Mo, is to kill Diego.

Azul and Diego leave the police station, looking dejected. Seems they want to talk to Katy (?). Azul just wants to protect and take care of little Katy.

Mo gives Jacinto orders to bring Azul to him or die. Mo believes she is with Diego. GSD is so lost in this whole telenovela that he doesn't believe that Azul would do that.

Isela and Anibal leave the hospital and Lidia immediately complains to her father that Clemi would not want that woman there. Manuel sees only Anibal's deep pockets and thinks that Anibal will pay the bills. Lidia can't believe that Manuel would accept his money. (Lidia, haven't you been paying attention? Dad will take money from anyone) Gustavo arrives with flowers and Manuel wonders who he is and why he's there. Lidia says he's the mechanic and a friend of Clemi's. Manuel uses his fingers and puts two and two together. He asks Lidia if this will make Piero jealous and looks aghast at the thought that Lidia will lose all Piero's money.

Clemi is in her hospital bed when the nurse brings in Anibal's card, mistakenly announcing that it is from her husband. Clemi reads it to find that it is from her boss. The nurse still believes it's from a man who loves her. Clemi is very sad that it is not from her lousy husband and tells the nurse that it is from her boss. The nurse looks proud of her and virtually congratulates her on having a boss who loves her. Clemi would rather have a husband who loves her.

Manuel is still warning Lidia not to fall in love with a poor mechanic. Lidia says he's just a friend. Gustavo arrives bringing coffee, ever helpful, and Lidia smiles because she is already in love and just doesn't know it yet. Manuel looks like he's never seen a man bring a woman coffee before. At least, it never occurred to him.

Azul and Diego are still wandering away from the police station, clutching the envelope of evidence. Azul says she'll talk to her father since her father doesn't like Diego too much right now. They swear nothing will ever separate them again. Kissy, kissy. The usual.

Arni arrives at Azul and Ceci's apartment. Arni treats Ceci rudely as he pushes past her to yell for Azul. Ceci tells him she's not there. They trade barbs about the night no one remembers. Ceci says she is following Azul's instructions to assemble her family there at the apartment. GSD and Emilia arrive and Auntie Inez is there too. GSD demands to know where Azul is as she walks in the door. Azul makes the very dramatic announcement that she has made a Decision!

Ceci picks this moment to start sobbing. She asks if it's true that Azul is going to die. Azul says yes, and we were the last to know, looking around pointedly, because everyone else in the room has known for months. Azul tells Ceci that she has the same thing as Mo and Ceci breaks down even more. Azul announces that what little life she has left, she wants to spend with Diego.

Mo and Andres visit Burgay and one of those other guys from the mafia (I can't remember who he is). Mo demands that Diego dies and Azul comes back to him. Other guy tells Mo that he is under investigation for the murders of Paco and Abuelo. Mo is impactado.

Back at the apartment, the family is discussing Azul's life. Emilia thinks all is well as long as you have love. Inez thinks Azul should support her father in finding a cure, get well, then decide what she wants to do. Arni says it's Azul's life, let her decide. GSD, still lost, says he needs Mo's help to find the cure. GSD gets on his high horse and says he told Azul not to marry Mo but she did so now she has to live with it. Arni goes against dad, bringing up the little affair with Inez while his wife was still alive, and GSD mentions Arni sleeping with a man. Azul yells Ya basta. (I've been yelling that for a while.) Azul defiantly announces that she is staying with Diego. GSD lights up a cigarette to give him strength and tells Azul that she cannot leave an honorable man like Mo for a good-for-nothing like Diego. Azul tells them that Mo is a murderer. GSD says the illness is affecting Azul's judgement.

GSD is still in denial, claiming that Mo is the good guy. He is impactado when Azul announces that they have already gone to the police. GSD is convinced that Azul is loca. Azul will tell all.

Mo is going nuts in the other guy's office. Burgay advises him no to do anything that looks suspicious. Andres reminds Mo that he just put a hit out on Diego but Mo has already thought of that. Mo sends Andres to cancel the order to Jacinto.

Diego is walking down the street with Efrain as Jacinto is aiming a gun at Diego. Jacinto's phone rings just in time. He looks disappointed.

GSD is still in denial. He refuses to think Mo is bad or Diego is good. GSD thinks Azul needs some psychiatric medication. Arni stands up for Azul, then Emilia, Ceci. Inez agrees with GSD, surprise, surprise. GSD wants to talk to Diego and tell him what risk he is putting Azul in. She says no because Diego doesn't know that she is sick. GSD says to tell him or he will. They argue.
Finally, he concedes and she is all tears and smiles. Touching moments all around. Amar sin limites. Lots of boo hoos.

Diego is announcing to Efrain, Chucho and Gloria that he is going to live with Azul. They are going to get a place close to work and not let Mo know. Misplaced congratulations all around.

Julio is chatting with the model class teacher. Silvana came in late, looking sad and Ceci disappeared. Julio decides to not pay for Ceci's class anymore.

Azul and Ceci sit down to chat. Ceci is still crying about Azul's impending death. Azul tries to make her laugh.

GSD drives Emilia, Arni and Inez somewhere. He is still complaining that Azul is wrong and she needs to go back to Mo. The others are somewhat convinced that she is doing the right thing.

Mo is concocting a plan to frame Manuel to save himself, get Azul back and get revenge on Diego.

Julio confronts Ceci about her class. She loses control and tells him to ask Arni where she's been. Gaspar hears and is impactado.

Diego runs to greet Azul, saying he was worried. He takes her for a surprise.

Jacinto, Mo and Andres are yelling in Mo's office. Mo is cursing everyone, Jacinto is looking confused and Andres is lurking in the background. Mo yells at Andres after Jacinto leaves that it is all Andres' fault. Andres looks surprised. I'm not sure why he's surprised - he did kill them all.

Julio talks with Arni. He yells at Arni about Ceci as Gaspar runs out of the room in the background. (The cameraman fell over for this scene and the whole thing is crooked!) Gaspar runs to tell Ceci that everything is about to hit the fan. Ceci and Gaspar run out just in time to stop Arni from spilling the beans. Instead of referencing their night together, they talk aobut the meeting they just had with Azul.

Diego is carrying Azul blindfolded into a room. It is their new place. It has only a bed. (Well if they can only have one piece of furniture...) Azul cries and Diego thinks it is because the place is so small. She assures him it's not that. Kissy kissy....

Until next time...


Destilando Tuesday Nov 27 -- my tribute to THE tree

Episode starts where Gavi asks Mr Thomas to take care of Clarita while she's gone. Thank goodness there's subtitles cuz I cannot understand what she's saying at all. Clarita is worried he's going to "engatuzarla" (charm her) as he utters those words that she doesn't understand... I don't see the connection here....maybe Beckster is right by saying that the only thing we are missing is the tree of love. This miraculous tree seems to spare us many words. Anyway, Thomas has to leave and Clarita says "goodbye Don Mr Thomas yes yes yes!!!". Gavi reminds her that she just needs to look for him when she needs anything. C: how am I going to understand what he says?? Gavi:"well, ma, you just flirt with him and you'll understand each other! Clarita is upset at first, but ends up admitting that he's not that badlooking after all.

At the hacienda, Pillie is talking to Vide about helping pay for the lost Agave's with her saved money. Dani and Ave don't agree.

In London, Gavi is on the computer getting flashbacks of her getaway in San Luis Potosi with Rod. Back from lalaland, she tells herself that he must be saying the same thing to some other woman. Of course at that moment we get a glimpse of Rod not saying this to another woman; he's rather doing some push-ups in jail. Dani's words echo in his mind: Gavi is now free to meet someone else...someone else...someone else....

Dani is on the phone with someone, I couldn't quite understand who, trying to help find proof that Aron is the only one responsible for the Montalvo tequila crime.

At home, Aron and Minnie are talking about Lluvia. Minnie would rather Aron denounce Rod after he is sentenced so that all eyes are taken off Aron during the investigation; this way people don't end up suspecting him. At this point I'm not sure if Minnie knows about Aron's involvement in this. Is she trying to cover him up, or is she genuinely unaware of his crime? In any case, Aron is happy, pats her legs, and reminds her that she is him.

London: Gavi gets a call from Dr Blandie. He's happy that things are going well with her at work. He says Avellaneda wants the delegates of Madrid and Brussels to go meet her in London. She tries to hide her disgust by uttering "...yyyes, sure...". Dr Santovena realizes she's not quite happy to hear that, and lets her know. Gavi says she's not unhappy, on the contrary "I'll always be thankful for what you did for me".

In jail, Rod: a MONTH??!! A MONTH!! He starts banging his hands on the table...Vide tries to calm him down "Rod, its the minimum time required to investigate who did this!". Rod has hope that something will get solved somewhere. That's the only way he and Gavi will be free from all fault.

At home, Pammie tells dad that she was able to access Aron's docs and these will prove that Aron is a criminal.

Aron sits in his office. Bruno walks in furiously telling Aron he has to close the company: "we don't have a penny...not even to pay the salaries, we need to declare bankruptcy". A: no way! that would be like burying the company. Bruno says the company is already buried, but Aron feels that everything will change after Rod is declared guilty. This would make Aron appear to be innocent and he'll get the company back. Aron says " no worries pa, there's not much time left before we get our company back!"

At home, Pammie's dad is excited about showing proof against Aron. Pammie says no way, he's not going to show the proof ...yet. "Dad, wow it's going to be my way; I contacted a company that will investigate the movements of Aron's account; this will be the absolute proof, and will save us the time on the investigation process later on. Then Aron will not have any possibility to defend himself."

Jail: Unlike his cell mates, Rod's shirt is off. He's boxing. I guess he's really isolated from everyone else.

Dona Jose, Isa and Ricky are at Frankie's burial. Jose is crying hysterically. She begs God to have mercy on him. Isa thoughbubbles "Frankie, my wish was to have a home with you but you killed this wish; may God forgive you".

London: Gavi and boss are talking about some boring topic about liquor companies. Gavi is upset at some guy called Rosenberg, who's been promoting alcohol brands that are misleading consumers. Somehow her boss is impressed by that...Gavi is determined to stop Rosenberg.

Jail: Rod and Vide meet. Vide gives him some good news about some glitches in Aron's accounts that are under process of investigation. Rod asks about Onarte. Vide says Onarte has disappeared. Vide tries to persuade Rod to change his declaration from guilty to not guilty. Rod doesn't want to do this until a guilty person has been found to replace him.

At the corp, Lluvia walks into Patricio's office with a new subpoena. She realizes this means she's done...Pat has hope that they will not accuse her. At that moment he receives a subpoena as well. Lluvia asks him to talk to Aron so that he can get them out of the mess he put them through.

In his office, Bruno is taking some pills...Aron walks in and asks for a drink. Everything went well with his finances investigation; he managed to stay out of it. Bruno is upset that Aron has not helped Rod out of jail. Aron gets angry; he doesn't want to spend time on Rod. Bruno cannot believe that Aron won't help his own cousin. Apparently many weeks have gone bye and nothing has been done. Aron wants Rod to declare that Mariana did it.

*We get a preview of Pasion...Camila and Santiago are arguing about how he married her sister....PASION..NEXT WEEK....tum tum TUUUM!

London: At a very important meeting Mariana with a new hairdo (Thank you hair stylist!! I was getting bored with the same ol' style) is sayings something very important about expectations and proper tequila procedures...bleh.

In Jail, Rod and Vide are talking about Isa and Ricky. Vide says that Duarte sold his property in Bahamas. Rod wants to sue Isadora for kidnapping his son.

At home, Dona Jose is feeding Ricky. Isa arrives home to find her feeding him; Isa was out paying off her debts. Dona Jose (pouching her lips) says that she was fired from her work, but she will start looking for a job tomorrow. Isa says that she will look for a job too, since she doesn't think it's fair for Rod to pay money. Yes, she did say that. Even Dona Jose is shocked: "YOU?? But what are you going to do?". Isa says she studied art history, and hopes to find a job in teaching. She wants to change to provide a good education for her boy; Jose wanted the same thing for Panchito "but I wasn't able to". Isa: Done Jose, you have a grandchild right now and together we will make it work!

In jail, Rod is still upset thinking that Isa took Ricky away from the country. Vide tells him he cannot do anything while he's in jail. Rod: "How's the hacienda?". Vide: "Bad, James was not able to revive the Agave and the bank will soon take the house to pay off the debt. You are bankrupt."

Aron in his office is talking to his lawyer about Patricio and Lluvia; Lluvia will go to jail for sure and Patricio might be released if he sticks with Aron's story.

In Jail, Rod feels useless that he cannot help the Agave situation. Abuela lost all her liquid assets to help him out with Duarte's debt. Videgaray tells Rod that Elvis has been supporting the family secretly by selling his paintings.

Aron and lawyer discuss that Lluvia will be the only one affected by this. Aron only cares that nothing happens to Patricio. Lawyer reminds him that Rod will sue him at some point.

Behind the jail bars, Rod resembles a Gorilla looking out of his cage trying to get out.

* About 300 years back in time, another 'Pasion' commercial....DARN Fernando looks good with long hair. I like his long hair better than his short hair. Anyhoo, commercials talk about him going to San Fernando to find the woman who kept his money...Camila.

Back in London, there is a meeting where Gavi is talking about economy of "countries in development" (Third world countries?). So now we have people representing their countries speaking with their respective accents. They of course agree that Mariana will be the person to stop evil Mr. Rosenberg from corrupting the alcohol industry. I imagine Rosenberg in his lab rubbing his hands together in amusement of his evil plans. From now on I will call him Dr Evil.

At the hacienda, James and Sofia are talking about how they lost everything. Anyone notice how Sofia's clothing color changed? At the beginning of the novela, when she was a bitter woman only preoccupied with the herencia, she used to wear all blacks and browns. Now that she's softened up a bit she's wearing blues and creme's. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the hacienda. James and Sofie are sitting on the stairs as Sofia listens to James complain desperately about the agave situation. Sofie reminds him that Rod will understand he did his best. Noone can help them at this point. S: "I was even thinking that in time we can ask for some agricultural credit!". James finds that really sweet, and they hug as Sofie tells him "we have an agreement, remember? Whatever happens, the most important thing is that we are together!" Now if they were sitting under THE tree when Sofie said that, I would dare say something else would have happened. Where is THE tree when you need it?? Hence, the conversation turns dull until Sofie remembers something important: "hey, they called you from Acacia's hospital...they said you owe them money". James freaks out...he remembers he hasn't paid several months' debt at the hospital. Poor Acacia has been forgotten in time. James complains he has no money. Sofie decides to lend him money. He rejects it; she insists. She leaves to get her wallet. He thoughtbubbles "Sofie, you are so good'

London: Clarita is getting Don Mr Thomas drunk. She talks about tequila, he talks about food, she says yes yes yes.

At the mental hospital, James and Sofie go to visit Acacia. Acacia gets really excited when she sees Mr. James. Acacia has turned into a 13 year old. She looks at Sofia, "who is she??". J: it's Soooofia. Acacia remembers the tequila festival where she once saw him dance with her. She screams "nooo don't dance with her!!!" Then looks at Sofie and yells "Mr james will stay with me!!". Sofie utters the typical "No Aciacia, I'm here to help you. Do you want to be my friend??". Acacia: "did you bring me candies??". S: "yes!". Acacia: "100 thousand million candies??!" Sofie: "yes!". Acacia then runs away gleefully. Sofie tells James that from now on she wants to help him in everything.

In London: Gavi's boss and Avellaneda chat on the phone and set up a meeting with Dr Evil. Blandie walks in; Gavi smiles coyly.

* Third commercial with Pasion: Ricardo and Camila are kissing "im falling in love with you".

Back in London: Blandie comments on Gavi's new hairdo...I never thought they did that in novelas. Somehow in novelas when people have a new hairdo after a long time, those around them seem to think "she must have had this new hairdo all this time and I didn't notice"...the same way, those with the new hairdo seem to think "wow, I must have had this new hairdo all the time and didn't noticed it before". Anyhoo, Blandie says she looks beautiful, and leaves.

At home, Pam takes out the cd with evidence against Aron. She smiles.

Somewhere else, Pammie's dad calls the CRT to let them know Pammie's evidence.

At the office, Patricio and Aron are arguing about Lluvia. Aron convinces him that nothing will happen to Lluvia or him if he sticks with the story they agreed upon. He tells Pat they will get Rod out of jail. Aron then gets a phonecall form Pam. He adjusts his voice..."ehm". Pammy, with her sexiest, raspiest voice ever..."Bichitooo....hehe...I'm baaaaack! Did you forget about me already??". A: "hehe...of course not!" P: "can we meet at my ...appartment 8 PM tomorrow?" Aron: "eh, hun, can we meet earlier?" Pam: "nah nah, I cannot make it earlier...oh well, too bad. Why, do you have a curfew? Cuz now you're....happily married again, right?" Aron: "no no no...married yes, but not happily!". They agree to meet tomorrow at 8. After they hang up, we see that Pammie has recorded the whole conversation. Meanwhile, we get the cheesiest commertial for Vicky Form (VF is like Victoria Secret Lingerie). Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, we see Pammie looking through a Vicky Form magazine saying "Vicky form has got what I need". For a while I was scared she was actually gonna look at the camera while saying this. But she didn't.

London: Gavi and Blandie come home to find Clarita and Thomas drunk and laughing. Blandie greets Clarita. hehe...Blandie and Thomas meet and greet. Gavi asks Clarita how many tequila's she gave Mr Thomas. Thomas brought Clarita a cake. They talk about how Clarita and Thomas are getting along. Thomas leaves.

Clarita, on the side, reminds Gavi that Blandie is here for her. They briefly talk about Rod and suspect someone told Blandie the gossip about her and Rod being apart. Gavi says that they are so alone that his company makes her feel better. (hmmm... I think this is supposed to scare us).

In jail, Rod remembers his agave fields and when he met Gavi for the first time. The good ol' times with Bruno, etc. Oh, and THE tree. That's the tree that saw and heard everything, the lovemaking, the anger, the drunkenness, and also all the yelling and cursing. He remembers San Luis potosi. "Gaviota, I've lost what I most want in this world. But I will get it back...I will get it back!!".

London: Gavi hangs up the phone. Seems like Dr Evil doesn't want to talk to them. Gavi is ready to go slap him at his office and force him to talk to her. Boss reminds her that things are not done this way at the CRT...and by the way, he lets her know that Montalvo corp suspended its tequila production. Gavi is shocked and asks why. Boss says "the Montalvo's have not explained why...".

This time we didn't get tomorrow's previews :(

* Just wanted to say thank you all for granting me this opportunity to recap every other Tuesday. Though I hopped on board halfway through the novela and didn't recap THAT often, it was my first time and it was fun! Have a wonderful day =)


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11/27 Juan Q "She looked as if she'd been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say when*

Happy Tuesday!

Pastor plays it cool; saying he also was looking for CL. Paula won’t play. She asks if CL is in the office with Monica. Paula just threw Pastor a bone and he latches on and won’t let go. Of course, that’s where CL is! Paula thanks him and dismisses him in the same breath.

CL seats Yvonne in a chair to calm herself. I am not aware that CL is a doctor. Nice lab coat. Seriously, who does wardrobe for this show? CL seats himself at Pastor’s desk and tries to reason with Yvonne. He tells her that she’s the only one that’s ever known him. Their relationship is safe because it’s in the shadows. Yvonne can’t believe that he wants her just for a lover. CL says, no, for a girlfriend – his permanent girlfriend. CL tells Yvonne that only she can decide if they can continue this relationship forever.

Nidia thinks that the plan is perfect. She and Anga will run away together, and when the “tide” has gone out; they’ll return. Anga thinks that sounds perfectly romantic but a little impossible. He asks about Nidia’s girls. What will they do? Nidia points out that her “girls” are really women; they’re all grown up and need to learn to take care of themselves. Anga tells her that may be but what about his dignity. He’s not going to run away from anybody, much less Alirio. Nidia doesn’t agree with Anga. She thinks that if Anga’s love was truly that strong, then they would be at least in San Luis by now. Anga asks Nidia to be reasonable. Nidia stands and agrees that she’s not reasonable but if he wants her then he needs to take this chance. If he doesn’t take it, then he just better forget about her and her “honey lips.” Nidia sashays from the table while Anga looks on with a confused look on his face.

Paula’s in Monica’s office and they’re talking about the news. Monica congratulates Paula on the engagement. She sees the engagement as the logical conclusion to Paula and CL’s relationship. Just in case you couldn’t guess, Paula doesn’t like this. She thinks that Monica’s playing a game. Monica claims to just being reasonable. Paula won’t accept that and demands that the farce end.

Juan tells Kike that he doesn’t understand how the world can completely change so fast. Kike replies that it’s really not that bad. In truth, it’s nothing that they didn’t expect. Kike reminds Juan that Juan helped restart the fire. Juan understands that, but he was sure that the relationship was over. CL’s trip was decided and Paula was completely done with CL. Juan says that at the very least, he deserves an explanation. Kike tells Juan to go ask for one, but Juan refuses. Paula doesn’t even want to see a painting of Juan. Juan says that CL will tell him what happened. (He insinuates this).

CL comes out of the office and runs into Pastor. CL tells Pastor that Yvonne is a nightmare. She wants to be his wife and he had to promise her the ocean, sky, etc. to get her to be happy with her current position. CL asks Pastor to use his influence over Yvonne to make sure she doesn’t do something stupid. Pastor agrees but says that there’s a more urgent situation right now. Monica and Paula are in the office together and the tone is getting louder and louder. Paula is absolutely belligerent. CL asks if they’ve been shouting insults. Pastor says he doesn’t know anything for sure, but he thinks that this time anything may happen.

CL looks as though he’s about to leave, but a slimmer Julia approaches before he can leave. She tells CL that Juan’s waiting in the garage. CL grabs the phone and wants to know what’s up. Juan says that he personally wants to speak with CL in the garage. CL sarcastically asks if he can bring Juan anything to the garage. Juan apologizes for the inconvenience but he wants to speak where no one else will hear.

Before he leaves for the garage, CL tells Pastor that he wants a detailed run down of the hostilities on both sides of the fight between Paula and Monica. Pastor thinks it would be better if CL went in there. CL agrees, but he says he never knows what to do with those two women and he thinks he should go down to the garage to speak with Juan. Pastor reluctantly agrees to the plan. CL tells Marely to tell Paula that he’s in the garage.

Monica stands and tells Paula that if her accusations were true Monica would be expressing herself in a very different manner. Paula asks if this means that Monica would fire her. Monica says that she would not and she asks Paula to calm herself. Paula doesn’t wanna. Paula doesn’t like that Monica’s being so calm and reasonable; Monica thinks she’s just being a lady. That pretty much sums up the fight. The women finally agree to stop talking and keep the relationship professional. Monica escorts Paula out the door.

Paula immediately stomps over to Marely and asks for CL. Marely keeps Paula from running down to the garage. Marely tells Paula that she thinks CL and Juan are going to have a “talk.”

CL can’t believe that Juan would ask why he didn’t go to Spain. Juan explains that when it comes to Paula; it is his business. CL explains that Paula re-opened a door and told CL that she loves him. CL proposed marriage and Paula accepted. CL tells Juan that he’s a dreamer and that CL is a planner. Planners always win over dreamers. CL says that if Juan wants to suffer less; he should lower his expectations. Juan says that he only has one response. He lands one right on CL’s chin. CL removes the lab coat and kicks Juan in the knees. Juan attacks again but misses. They spin and beat each other a while longer. Apparently, CL was a professional wrestler in a past life.

Pastor tries to play Yvonne. He says that he personally spoke with CL and that CL doesn’t want to change anything with Yvonne. Yvonne says that’s something but really it means nothing. Yvonne says that she’s gotten something positive out of this. The best thing in life is to accept life as it. Yvonne says that in order to accept being CL’s lifelong girlfriend; she has to give up the idea of being his wife. Yvonne says that there’s something liberating in that. She thinks she’s going to continue her role with CL but with a better attitude than before. Pastor, of course, thinks this is a lovely idea. Yvonne thinks that the best thing is that CL will marry Paula. Paula will not know that the package includes a lover for CL. Yvonne can laugh in Paula’s face without Paula ever knowing about it.

Kike and Fernando manage to pull the fighting men apart. CL breaks free and says that this is an issue between him and one only. He tells the employees to leave or be fired. They men continue their fight. Instead of a wrestling champion, CL morphs into a black belt. Fernando and Kike helplessly watch the fight unfold.

Like the VP that she is, Paula spends her time complaining to Marely about Monica. Paula says that now that she’s with CL she has the courage to confront Monica. Marely says this means that it will be open war between the women. Paula admits this and thinks that she should resign [again], but first she wants to speak with CL. Paula wonders what’s going on downstairs. She’s sure the men are being much more civil than she and Monica.

The men are acting more civilized. They lay on the cement and talk about how good it felt to get that out. The beatdown really helped. Juan asks if CL wants to go at it again. CL says no. Juan mentions that he thinks he’s going to be fired, but CL doesn’t want that either because it was a personal not professional problem. CL announces that if anyone says anything about this they will be sacked. In unison, everyone says that they understand.

Guti rushes into Alirio’s office and gleefully says that he’s got a “bomb.” Guti announces that Nidia’s going out with a man. Alirio accuses Guti of wanting to be a Colombo. Guti whips out some photos as proof of what he said. Guti asks if Alirio wants details. Alirio can’t get over that his woman was with another man.

CL says that he hopes this means everything will be tranquil. Paula rushes into the garage and wants to know what happened. CL explains that he and Juan and to arrange things like men. Paula tells Juan that this is unpardonable. She stomps out of the garage and demands that CL follow. Juan thinks to himself that he didn’t get one consoling word. He can’t get over the look Paula’s giving him over a fight with CL.

Alirio tells Guti that the photos don’t prove anything. Guti says he can get a video. Alirio says that Anga was at the wedding. Guti can’t believe that Alirio wants to stay idyll about this. Alirio declares that he does not. First, he wants to talk to Juan; Juan can clear up this problem.

Nidia explains that Alirio has some virtues. He’s caring, prepared, loyal. He’s the most considerate man possible. Nidia says that Alirio is a tiger in bed. Ewww. Gross. Gladys wants to know if Alirio’s so great, why does Nidia look for elsewhere. Nidia explains that despite it all, Anga remains the love of her life. Gladys wants to know what will happen with Alirio. Nidia thinks that Alirio just needs a good woman. Gladys plays along for a minute but then accuses Nidia of just wanting to get rid of Alirio. Gladys refuses to mix herself up in this. Nidia says that all she wants is for Gladys to distract Alirio. Gladys strongly refuses.

Paula cares for CL and wants to know what he was thinking fight. CL explains that they were fighting over her and she should be proud of it. Paula doesn’t like it, but she wants to know who won. She can’t believe that he fought with the company chauffer. She asks if he’s just going to have more fights. CL says that of course he will not. He thinks that both men are now satisfied.

Back in the garage, Fernando and Kike take care of Juan’s wounds. Fernando mentions that he thinks they should put someone lemon juice on the wounds. Juan leaps up and says he doesn’t know if the fight or the cure is worse. Juan accuses Fernando of not telling Juan about CL’s fighting skills. Juan complains because the man has style, etc.. The only thing he lacks is the ability to fly. At that moment Monica enters the garage and wants to know what happened.

Monica can’t believe that Juan fought with CL over Paula. Juan apologizes, but Monica tells him not to worry. She says that CL looked for it to happen. Juan explains that it helped him get rid of some of his rage. Monica asks Juan really thinks that Paula is over him because Paula doesn’t think that Paula really is. Monica leaves a thoughtful Juan on the street.

Monica and friend chat about the upcoming marriage. Monica says that the fox ended up being a little wilder than she expected. Her friend sweetly points out that now Paula will have the benefits of being Mrs. Farrell, including the home that CL and Monica constructed together. Monica declares that she will never permit that.

Juan gets some loving care from Marely. Marely can’t believe the sloppy job Kike and Fernando did with the band-aids. Marely washes his wounds and asks what inspired him to fight. Marely says that his love for Paula really will kill him. Juan thinks to himself about Marely and how lovely she’s being. She must be a good person for doing this.

Nidia dances the Cachi-bom-bom alone. Alirio enters. Nidia wants to know why; she tells him to stop looking at her.

Kike and Fernando socialize. Fernando tells Kike to rush home, but Kike asks if he can stay at Fernando’s house.

Alirio catches Marely walking out of Juan’s room. Alirio says that he came to speak with Juan but didn’t realize that Juan was occupied. Marely tells Alirio that he can go speak with Juan but that Juan needs to rest. Alirio comments that Juan must be exhausted.

Alirio rushes to Nidia to complain about the youth today. He says that Nidia’s bad example has not gone unobserved. Her daughters are going down the same path of perdition. He tells Nidia that Marely was in Juan’s bedroom.

Ana yells at Paula for accepting to marry CL. Paula claims that life is just giving her and CL another opportunity. Ana says that people don’t just change overnight. CL used Paula before and he’ll use her again. Ana says that she refuses to forget all those painful nights with Paula when things went bad. Ana demands that Paula quit her job immediately.

Alirio repeats that Marely was in the bedroom with Juan. He goes on to tell Nidia every word that Marely said to Alirio. Nidia doesn’t want to hear anymore. Alirio tells Nidia that Yadira also lacks respect for the home. He says that it figures, with their example of a mother. Nidia demands that he shut up and rushes out of the room.

Next, we see Marely asking Nidia what she wants to talk about. Nidia first says that she wants Marely to think with her head, then with her heart and then with her…instincts. Nidia says that she’s worried about Marely because there’s no cure for love. Nidia thinks that she needs to explain some things to Marely.

Paula accuses her mother of being immature. Okay, maybe Ana said that she was going to resign from the job CL got her. Ana says the decision’s been made. She tells Paula that she thinks that Paula and CL should date. They should get to know each other and then possibly talk about marriage. There should be no rush. Ana excuses herself and stomps off to bed.

Nidia approaches Juan and is shocked about his appearance. Juan explains that he just fought with some “changos.” Nidia tells Juan to be careful with that type of guy. Nidia says that she came to say something important to him. Nidia warns Juan that Marely’s fragile. She begs Juan to be careful with Marely and to take care with her. Juan adamantly states that there is and has been nothing between him and Marely. Nidia says that regardless she wants a promise that Juan will care for Marely when the day comes that she cannot. Nidia just wants to know that her daughter will never be unprotected. Juan promises to care for the whole family. Nidia loves this answer.

Yadira catches Nidia coming out of Juan’s room. Nidia says it’s not what Yadira thinks and why isn’t Yadira resting. Yadira explains that Kike has not come home. Nidia thinks that first Yadira should make sure that Kike’s okay and then Yadira can be mad.

The ladies get Juan to call Fernando. Juan asks if Fern knows anything about Kike. Fern says that Kike’s with him. Yadira asks Juan to ask Fernando to ask Kike when he’ll be home. Kike replies not to be bothered. Yadira wants an answer. Kike refuses and says he’s staying at Fern’s. Kike says to tell Juan that he’s sleeping. Juan thanks Fern and hangs up. The women are left semi-speechless.

Nidia continues on her doom and gloom when I’m not around anymore speech. Yadira thinks that this means that Nidia’s considering suicide. Nidia assures Yadira that no. Nidia tries to explain why she’s thinking that way, but can’t really get out an answer.

CL hears his doorbell ring and rushes to greet Paula. Oops, sorry, Mr. Farrell; wrong Davila!

*PG Wodehouse (Really, this quote has nothing to do with today, but it reminded me of most of Paula's outfits.)


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