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Gancho - Wed 12-30-09 - Coming Soon to a Blog near you....

Happy New Year to all and everyone!!!! Feliz ano nuevo y todo maravilla para 2010!!!!

I almost forgot it was Wed last night. Yipes! I haven't managed to see the episode yet but I'll finish the post again in pieces before tomorrow, so feel free to discuss!!


Sortilegio - Wed Dec 30 - Ep # 58 ¿Raquel es loca, no?

Replay of Victoria and Fernando.... I wonder what all his little tattoos are.

Katia wants to get together with Bruno to talk about the things her brother has been telling her. Bruno says he will explain tomorrow.

Bruno talks with the board guys about the vote and Bruno does his clicking with his mouth and I want to slap him.

Bruno calls Erick to find out where Pedro lives. Erick asks Arturo who tells Erick that Pedro has a shop in at the market. Erick climbs into the car to have a little chat with Arturo asking about his work. He looks like he starts to say something and changes his mind.

Felipe wants to get a hold of Mario for I don't know why, EZ wrote that number down some time ago. So why didn't he ever give it to Ale? EZ gives it up for Felipe so that she can call Mario Aguirre. Well we know who has Mario's phone now.

Ale, at his desk that is draped with Maura, hears Mario's phone ringing and answers it. Ale discovers that Mateo is Mario Aguirre. He asks Felipe if she is sure that this is the number. Felipe calls right back and says she was just checking if the number was the same. Ale then decides to ask Maura what she knows about Sandra, and she says that Sandra is a twin to MJ. Ale says you didn't tell me ? Maura says why ?

Bruno pays Pedro a little visit to bully him into having him convince MJ to cast her vote for Bruno or else he is will see his friend Rufino who will denounce him. Bruno turns and around and sees that Meche and Gabriel are still in the land of the living.

Victoria gets home and bounces on her bed. She is very happy. She tells Felipe and then Fernando calls to tell her how very much he loves her.

Fernando comes back to the office still glowing, and tells Ale how much he adores Victoria and what a great day is was, when Ale puts his fire out because he is distracted with all his problems with his sister and Bruno. Ale goes on to say that the phone is one that Mario Aguirre used. Ale tells Fer how Sandra is a real person. That Roberto, Maura, and Useless all confirmed it. Her mothers name is Elena . Fernando tells Ale that his uncles friend is the ex father-in-law of Elena Kruger.

MJ, Victoria, Felipe and Cuco are out for a nice healthy stroll when Wreckhell, who is mad as *ell, comes and spits that Useless didn't want to leave until MJ dressed herself up as a prostitute to seduce him. MJ doesn't know what she is talking about. Victoria says to calm down. Rachel out of control says that MJ has made her life miserable ever since she came. Cuco is barking his head off, Rachel tries to kick him and then Rachel grabs MJ and Victoria is trying to break them up cause they are both pregnant. Rachel gets loose of Victoria and now she has knocked MJ down. Victoria calls for Thomas, EZ and Arturo who pull her off of MJ. Rachel is hysterical and MJ is looking at her like what the ****?

Elena is on the phone with Useless. Useless tells her that Sandra escaped with his money. Useless says that he will find her. Mateo calls Useless to report the phone with the photo is gone.

Hernan is there checking on MJ. Ale, is upset. MJ has scratches on her face, but otherwise is ok. Hernan says that Rachel needs to go to a clinic for treatment her the baby will be born with fetal acholism. Victoria and Hernan leave to go talk to her now. Alex tells MJ they need to get out of there. DuH. MJ agrees.

Wreckhell, still hysterical screeches to Roberto about MJ. Roberto yelling also, says that to Useless boys and girls are the same. Rachell throws her drink in face. Roberto says he is the one that Useless was with .
Rachel starts hitting him. Roberto, turning away, says men and women are the same, and it is not important. Now if we didn't already think that Wreckhell was mad, well..... now she is rabid. She picks up a butcher knife and plunges into Robertos back, pulls it out and plunges it in again as Roberto falls to the ground.

Hernan and Victoria come in just then and Hernan restrains Rachel. He tells Victoria to call Ale. Victoria calls Ale and tells him that they need an ambulance. Ale runs down the stairs, tells EZ to call the hospital for an ambulance and runs all the way to Rachels's. Hernan is back with his little black bag when Ale gets there. He has given Rachel a tranquilizer to calm her. Ale asks what happened? Victoria gets towels to put on Roberto's back. Hernan tell Ale that Rachel stabbed him, and tells Ale to get rid of the knife. Ale wraps the knife in a towel.

Bruno is having a meal with Katia whom he tells that everything that Fernando is saying is a lie, and everything is just a coincidence. Anyway she can believe him or not, but this relationship is over. Katia crying follows him out telling Bruno she is in love with him. Bruno says Adios Katia.

Hernan is at the hospital now, Roberto with his back bandaged and a nurse in the room. Hernan is hooking up blood for Roberto when he flatlines. They turn him over and do the paddles.

Ale is telling MJ what he knows that Rachel put a knife in Roberto's back and she is sleeping now before he could get an explanation. EZ knocks and says the police are here. MJ tells Ale she is really worried.

Ale goes down and talks to the police. He tells them that he supposes it was an assailant. Ale takes the police over to Rachel's to look it over. The police ask about the weapon, and Ale says they didn't see one. Now the police want to talk to Rachel and Ale goes upstairs. The police ask EZ if he saw anything?

Ale comes back down and says he is sorry, that his sister is sedated. The agent is looking around the kitchen. He wants to know where the knife is that was used for cutting the lemons.

In the waiting room of the hospital, Hernan comes to tell Victoria that they had a cardiac incident but for now he is stable. Victoria says Ale called and the police are there.

Erick tells Bruno about Roberto going to the hospital. Bruno is more interested in ripping into him about lying about Meche and Gabriel. He punches him in the stomach. I don't think Erick liked that.

Ale is telling EZ that Roberto is stable and that they keep their story to the police correct.

Ale sees Bruno going up the stairs and escorts him out of the house. Then he gets in his car and drives away. Ale is not using his gray matter.

Bruno waits til Ale leaves then is up knocking on MJ's door. Paula asks what he wants. He wants to talk to MJ and Paula says her sister does not want to talk to him. Bruno says that if MJ doesn't vote for him her father will be jailed. MJ calls her father and asks him if Bruno has contacted him. Pedro says no. MJ thinks it is just threats.

Bruno goes to Rachel room, kicks everyone out and tells Rachel that he needs her vote for the presidency. Raquel groggily asks if Roberto is dead. Bruno says he doesn't know.

Fernando now arrives to the hospital. He says that Ale called him. They talk about Roberto's condition. Ale arrives. Victoria says they need to get a hold of the board and cancel the meeting for tomorrow. Hernan comes out and says the Roberto has a pierced lung. Ale calls MJ to give her the news. MJ tells Paula that Roberto is having an operation.

Hernan tells Victoria that they sutured the wound, she should go home, there is nothing she can here. Victoria talks to Hernan about committing Rachel for rehabilitation. Hernan says it would be better if they had her consent. Victoria says she will go talk to her. Victoria and and Fernando leave. Felipe thanks Hernan for all his work and also leaves.

Ale asks Hernan his opinion and Hernan says Roberto has a very serious wound to his lung.

Ale calls and fills MJ in. MJ asks about Vitoria and Ale.

Victoria is at the bedside of Rachel. The nurse says she will be out all night and Victoria should get some sleep. Felipe agrees and talks her into leaving. Fernando is waiting. They tell each other they love each other. Hugs.

Hernan tells Ale that Roberto is in intensive care, that he has blood between walls of his lungs. Hernan asks Ale where the knife is? Ale says in is office. Henan says to get it out of there. If the police search and find it then Ale will be accused.

Ale and MJ in la cama. Ale is asleep and MJ tells him how he is her everything! They sleep with their arms wrapped around each other.

Next day EZ escorts the police to Raquel's where Victoria and Raquel are waiting. EZ has them wait out side while he announces them. Victoria asks EZ to get Ale quickly. The police come in.... That is all folks.


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ENDA, December 30, 2009

Carloca wants German to convince PJC to go along with her plans.

Gabriel and Luz are walking in the park. Luz is telling Gabriel that she will be moving in with Rafa. They spot Paloma moping alone on a park bench and Gabriel goes to talk to her. She tells him she hopes time flies quickly so that she can leave Real del Monte. Gabriel says that what he most likes about her is her wings. No matter how much they try to make her stay she wants to fly away. Paloma mentions that is what her mother use to say to her. Emiliano comes across them talking and stares. Romina comes up and tells him that Paloma just goes from one man to another. Emiliano says that's not true. Of course it is replies Romina. Paloma told me so herself. I saw her after school and the mother superior begged me to come to the graduation so I couldn't say no. So you will be accompanying me. Paloma gets a call from Liliana to meet at the store so that she can help her pick out a dress. BLAH, BLAH. Paloma can't afford one, but Gabriel tells her to use some of the money she got from selling her paintings. You deserve it.

Dr. Bermudez and Rufi talk about Paloma and the situation involving PJC and Natalia. Rufi asks if German is the attorney who is handling Rojas things while he's away. Yes, replies Bermudez. Why? Rufi tells him that German has been going to the house to visit with Carloca. He also takes care of PJC's case. Bermudez smells something fishy.

Paloma is walking to meet with Liliana and comes across Romina and Emiliano. Of course Romina shouts out a greeting and asks Paloma to get her 4 tickets to the graduation. Paloma says fine and tries to leave. Of course Romina stops her and asks her if she will be going with her art teacher. Yes, replies Paloma and leaves. Emiliano is very jealous.

PJC is in his jail cell and ugly guy comes up behind him with rope to choke him. PJC slams ugly guy up against the wall to get away and then throws him out. Ugly guy threatens him and PJC's cellmate runs up and asks if he's okay. PJC says he's fine and doesn't want him to say anything to anyone else.

Orlando visits Natalia in jail and promises to help her.

Liliana and Paloma look at dresses for the graduation. Liliana picks out a pretty dress for Paloma, but she declines. I'm sure she'll pick something ugly. Past looks prove that. Liliana says they have to look their best because Romina will be there.

Emiliano and Romina go and look for baby furniture. Emiliano spots a happy couple and thinks to himself if only this baby was ours Paloma.

Angelica investigates and finds out that Dario registered her book the day after she gave it to him. You betrayed me you jerk.

Diana is playing poker with some other ladies in her ugly wig, extensions, whatever. HA-HA. Samuel's in the background. I think karma's going to bite Diana in the hind end.

Luz is so excited about Rafa's apartment. She brought groceries to cook for him. Smart girl. Men loved a home cooked meal.

Samuel comes up and offers to help the ladies with their game. We don't know you replies one lady. Diana remembers that he's Camila's ex and he joins the ladies. Diana and Samuel slimy smile at each other.

Angelica calls Orlando and gets voicemail. She leaves a message telling him that she will not be able to go to the office tomorrow. She still has not fixed her problem yet. She'll call back sometime tomorrow.

Paloma tells Rufi that she went dress shopping, but can't afford the dress. Rufi tells her to get it and she'll pay for it as a gift. She has no one to spend her money on. That way she can look like a young lady. Paloma decides she'll pay for it instead.

Angelica calls the editor lady that gave her Dario's manuscript to read and asks her to call Dario so that she can tell him face to face that she will be editing his book. She wants to surprise him. I hope she brings along a bat to beat him with. Anyway the lady agrees.

Carloca talks to someone on the phone and wants German to handle all her affairs now instead of Rojas.

The editor lady calls Angelica back and tells her that Dario agreed to come to the office tomorrow. Angelica thanks her and hangs up with a crazy look in her eyes.

Carloca yells for Paloma to hurry up to go to school. She starts fixing Paloma's bed and glances at her nightstand. There in an envelope is a huge amount of cash. Of course Paloma is not smart enough to hide it. Anyway Carloca wants to know in what bad things she's mixed in to have such a large amount of money.

PJC gets a visit from the archbishop and Padre Benito. The archbishop fires/suspends/terminates PJC's priestly duties.

Carloca accuses Paloma of bad behavior with her art teacher. They argue and Carloca wants her to distance herself from Gabriel and Dr. Bermudez. Paloma disagrees. I am a woman that wants to fly. Carloca belittles her. Paloma says I am not a little girl nor am I stupid. So don't treat me that way. Carloca says he wants to take you to bed. Paloma argues again and takes the money from Carloca and leaves.

Rafa is in bed sleeping when Luz comes in with breakfast. Damn she is laying in on thick. I've been married for 10 years and not once have taken breakfast to hubby in bed. He has 2 legs to carry him to the kitchen. Anyway he wants to get up from bed to go to work. They play fight and she tells him that he will not be going to the office. Breakfast is spilt all over the bed. And that is why I don't do breakfast in bed. Hubby is too accident prone and I'm too hot tempered. It'll never work. Rafa calls Joel and tells him that he will not be coming in today. Joel is shocked and guesses it's because of Luz.

Inez gets another letter under her door and opens the door quickly to find Juancho is her secret admirer.

One of the lawyers in the office informs German that he is Carloca's new lawyer. German is happy.

Carloca visits Paloma's first art teacher and wants the number to the guy who bought all the paintings from Paloma. Why asks the lady art teacher. Carloca tells her that she's concerned about all the money he gave Paloma for the paintings and doesn't want things to be misinterpreted. Lady art teacher defends Gabriel and his dad, but gives her the number anyway along with Gabriel's number and address.

Inez accepts having a relationship with Juancho.

Lady editor and Angelica are in her office waiting for Dario. Angelica asks if she can give him the news in private. Lady editor agrees. She leaves as soon as she gets word that he has arrived.

Orlando and Emiliano are talking about Angelica and wonder what's going on.

Dario walks in and sees Angelica. His smile fades and he asks her what she is doing their. Surprised to see me asks Angelica and bitch slaps him. He says he wants to explain. She grabs him by his collar and says what do you want to explain? That you took advantage of me again and stole my book? He tells her he was desperate. Angelica says I am so stupid to have trusted you. You came to Real del Monte in the pretense of helping me and you only wanted to steal it from me. Dario says yes I did, but no one has to know about it. (good time for her to bring out the bat)

PJC is sitting in his cell talking to god and begs him not to leave him.

Dario says his name may be in the book, but the money will be for her. Angelica starts yelling at him. Editor lady comes in wondering what's going on and Angelica says to her that Dario stoled her book. Dario of course denies it and editor lady begs Angelica not to cause a scene. She doesn't understand what Angelica gains from lying. Of course Dario has a smirk on his face. Angelica begs editor lady to believe her, but of course she doesn't.

German tells Emiliano that PJC has been expelled from the priesthood. Emiliano wants to help, but German says if the church doesn't back PJC up then no one will believe in their innocence. Emiliano wants to know if Paloma knows yet. German says he'll tell her , but Emiliano says he will.

German tells PJC he is sorry about his expulsion from the priesthood. PJC wants German to personally tell Paloma about what's going on.

Angelica is walking down the street crying and calling herself an idiot. I agree. If there is absolutely nothing you can do to get your book back then go all ape crazy on his ass and beat the snot out of him. No I do not condone violence, but sometimes you have to teach people a lesson and have them know not to mess with you. I'm just saying.

Emiliano tries calling Paloma and ends up leaving her a message to call him back about PJC.

Carloca yells at Gabriel to quit selling fantasies to Paloma that she will be a great painter. Also I forbid you and your father from giving Paloma excessive amounts of money. I do not like your intentions. Are you done asks Gabriel. I'm not playing replies Carloca. You do not know who you are messing with. Gabriel says a person is known for their words and it's obvious that I am in front of a woman that thinks she can control everything. And wants to cut her niece's wings. Carloca gets pissed and tells him to respect her. Gabriel says then do the same to me. Now it's time you leave. Carloca is appalled that he is throwing her out. Paloma walks in on this. Gabriel again tells Carloca to leave his house now. Carloca stares at him with her mouth opened in shock. Paloma says "Tia"? Carloca whirls around and is surprised to see Paloma.

Manana: Emiliano admits his jealousy; PJC gets stabbed and Carloca is going loca with the news.


Sortilegio, Tuesday, December 29--Ep #57: Sex and gossip…wait, didn't we do that yesterday?

But first, a bit of review: Erick gives Rufino the "our lawyers can get you out for the low, low price of narcing on Pedro" infomercial; Bruno explains to Katia that he can't get busted with a minor and makes her cry; Roberto is ready to turn over a new leaf, shave off the soul patch, be a working stiff, and support his as-yet-unborn daughter. Maybe I'm making up the soul patch part.

Ulises gets a call from Mateo, who's back in town. They're going to meet at Ulises' place in 20.

Felipa brings Vicky tea. Vicky is worried about Raquel, wanting to abort and then saying she'll give the baby to Roberto. She thinks Raquel's life is crap and all her decisions are leading her farther down the path to Crappsville. And also, Fernando hasn't called, wah! What are you, twelve? Felipa tries to talk her into being the one to call first, but Fernando calls right then. He wants to get together, but not at her house. He suggests going to the archeological site and having some dinner out there. She hesitates, but gives in to his begging in the end. He tells her some of the construction has already started.

Ulises has a suitcase packed. Mateo comes over. Ulises fires him, and hands over his severance pay. He reminds him not to talk. Mateo tries to weasel his way into staying in Ulises' apartment, since Ulises is going to go fetch Sandra. Not gonna happen. Ulises shows him out, then rolls his suitcase on outta there.

Mateo skulks by the gate and watches Uli get into a taxi.

Vicky explains to Alex that she hadn't told him about Raquel's crazy mood swings and wanting to maybe abort the baby because she figured he had enough problems already. Alex says he always thought that Roberto was the one who didn't want kids, so he's confused because now Roberto is talking about trading the baby for a divorce. Vicky tells him that Raquel isn't sure if the baby is Roberto's or Ulises'. Alex looks disgusted. He asks what they can do, but Vicky doesn't know. She's upset that Raquel has been drinking since she found out she was pregnant. She never imagined so much bad stuff would happen to the family, and worse stuff than seems to happen in other families. "What have I done!" She says children are doomed to repeat their parents' mistakes and this is God's way of punishing her. Alex says that's crap--how would that theory explain all the things that have happened to him? Vicky supposes that Raquel and Bruno are so messed up because she's just a bad person, but Alex turned out ok because his mom was better than her. Alex won't hear that either--she bore him, but Vicky raised him and that makes her his mom. Vicky thinks maybe it was genes. "Yeah, well, look at Cain and Abel." Vicky laughs. Alex says if people blame all their problems on their parents, then we'd just end up having to blame it all on Adam and Eve. Well, some people do.

Felipa has been buying baby things, mostly in blue, but with a little yellow thrown in. MaryJo is pleased and thinks the baby will look cute in the "mamelucos" (rompers, overalls). Alex comes in, smiling, and Felipa leaves to avoid being "mal tercio" (a "bad third", a third wheel). Alex sends her to go comfort Vicky while he gossips with MaryJo about Raquel's pregnancy woes. Here's what I don't get--why does Raquel know the sex of the baby, but she's not hiding a basketball under her clothes, while MaryJo is teetering around like an olive speared on a toothpick but I haven't heard discussion about the sex of their baby? Anyway, Alex has had it with all the liberalism going on between Raquel, Roberto, and Ulises and doesn't think it's appropriate to be procreating willy-nilly. He's going to go have The Talk with Ulises and see if he'll man up and support his offspring or if he's already moved on to his next shag. He kisses MaryJo goodbye and leaves to get it over with right away.

He goes to Raquel to have her call and set up a meeting, but Uli isn't answering his phone. Alex asks for the address. Raquel makes a big deal out of not wanting Ulises to marry her by force, but I think that's her way of saying she wants him any way she can get him. Still not noting a belly under that flowy shirt, but it sure does make her ass look bigger. Maybe she's carrying in the back?

Mateo has broken in to Uli's apartment and refuses to open the door for Alex. Alex keeps banging on the door until Mateo lets him in. Mateo says Uli lent him the apartment, but he doesn't know when Uli will be back and he doesn't have his cell number. Alex snatches Mat's cell phone and gets violent when Mat objects. Alex gets hold of Ulises and tells him to come home so they can talk about Raquel's baby. Ulises refuses, saying he doesn't even know if the kid is his, and besides, he's got a "novia" (no way to tell from this context, probably he means "fiancée" and not "girlfriend" cause fiancée would imply "too bad, so sad, I already have a commitment to someone else") so thanks, but no thanks. Alex threatens to hunt him down and drag him back, but Ulises just hangs up on him. Alex tries to get the fiancée's name out of Mateo, but he doubts his word when he can't find a "Sandra" in Mat's cell phone. He does, however, find a picture of Sandra and asks why Mateo has a picture of his wife. Dude, don't be daft, you know damn well your wife doesn't have a crappy dye job and an assortment of piercings. Mateo tells him that the picture is of Sandra and Alex puts on his "thinking" face as we go to commercials. Come on, Alex, you've been a smart guy so far, don't let us down now!

In the taxi, Ulises makes a call to the number Elena gave him and gets hold of Sandra. Of course she remembers him, but when he asks if he should come get her she just starts laughing and leans over through some thick bamboo stakes in a pot and over the back of a chair, where some other bad-dye-job-having girl laughs with her.

Alex takes the cell phone over to Fernando. Fernando thinks the girl certainly looks like MJ, but has a whole different "look." Alex knows it can't actually be her, what with Mateo telling him the story of tracking her down in Culiacán, but damn if it doesn't look exactly like her. He thinks he may be getting paranoid, but he wonders if this is somehow Bruno's next trick to get to him. Awww, Bruno, you don't even have to do bad stuff anymore and people just assume it was you. Your legend is growing!

Sandra and Ulises are rolling around in bed. She says she has "la hostia" with him (a bloody good time). He calls her "flaquita" (little skinny girl). She complains that he left her, but he says he did it to teach her a lesson--she was so caught up in drugs and alcohol that she didn't notice how aggressive she was being with him. She says she's tried to quit, but the drugs are just stronger than she is. Ulises says he never understood how a girl like her, who had everything, would end up hooked on drugs. Sandra blames it on never having her mother's love. Mommy was always more worried about her husbands, starting with Sandra's "dad" Cristobal Betancourt (ok, so she doesn't remember Papi Pedro). She sent Sandra to Madrid to get her out of the way. Mommy only wants her to keep her grandpa from cutting off her inheritance. Uli needles her about wanting the money too, but Sandra thinks the old guy will leave it to her just because he doesn't have anyone else to leave it to. Ulises reminds Sandra that the old guy's kind of nuts, and she's going to have to put in some work to make sure she ends up with the money. Sandra thinks there's no point, cause if grandpa gets a good look at her, he'll realize she's an addict. And besides she doesn't want to go home because she can't stand her mother and she's scared of the current husband. Ulises says that he'll help her get clean and then they'll go to her house together. Sandra thinks this must prove his lover for her and they get back to nookie.

Fernando is of the opinion that the picture has been photoshopped, like the one of Alex and MaryJo that Bruno left at Pedro's place. Alex scratches that idea, because it wouldn't make sense for Bruno to have (a) sent Mateo to go find that woman or (b) for Mateo to have found her. Fernando suggests that question Mateo further and they two take off.

Mateo appears to have taken off. Alex bangs on the door, but gets no answer. Fernando wants him to chill and not cause a scene, but Alex is furious that this guy had a picture of his wife on his cell phone. Fernando suggests photoshopping again, but Alex reminds him the woman actually exists. Fernando suggests they're two different women, but now Alex says they're too much alike. Fernando suggests that maybe Alex needs to find out more about Pedro's family. Alex puts his "thinking" face on again.

Bruno knocks on the door to MaryJo's room. Just as I'm screaming at her not to be stupid and open the door, she locks it. Good girl! Through the door Bruno threatens her with having Pedro thrown in jail if she doesn't vote for him and she refuses. Ezequiel comes up with a tray and asks Bruno if he needs something. Bruno calls him a "viejo entrometido" (meddling old man) and flips the tray out of his hands (a sign of true evil if there ever was one) before stomping off.

As he's coming down the stairs Alex confronts him about being in the house, but Bruno just returns the question--after all, he and MJ are supposed to be divorced now. Whatever, dude, since when does that matter, especially with a kid in the mix. The sex I'd have a harder time rationalizing away, but hey, being divorced doesn't always mean hating each other. Didn't Liz Taylor get divorced from one of her many husbands and then marry the guy again? If it's good enough for La Liz…. Anyway, Alex asks who Sandra is, but Bruno doesn't know. Alex says that Ulises does. So what, says Bruno, Ulises is Roberto's friend, not his, and what does he care.

Upstairs, Alex sees Ezequiel and the overturned tray. Ezequiel lies to him and says that (a) he just dropped it and (b) Bruno was probably there to see Vicky. Alex helps him pick stuff up, helps Ezequiel get up, and declines an offer of dinner.

Sandra wakes up from her post-coital nap, downs a glass of something that was on the bedside table, and starts getting dressed while Ulises keeps on dreaming of large numbers of pesos.

And now, for your edification, Alex and MaryJo discuss topics of supreme importance:
MaryJo: Do you want dinner?
Alex: No, I'd rather just go to sleep.
MJ: Should I help you get undressed? (Te ayudo a desvestirte?)
A: I'd love for you to (Me encanto que lo hagas)
MJ: I like it even more (A mi me gusta todavía mas)
A: Hey, don't do that, it's dangerous! (No hagas eso que es peligroso)
MJ: They're just little caresses (Son solamente pequeños cariñitos)
A: Not that little (Ni tan pequeños)

Now go forth and use this new vocab to your heart's content. Or the contentment of any other body part you deem appropriate. Who says TV's not educational?

Sandra, now dressed, is getting desperate. There's not even a freakin' cigarette left unsmoked in the hotel room. And she checks the butts left in the ashtray for viable candidates, so you know she's a pro. She finds Ulises' pants, containing his remaining cash and his wallet. She hesitates, but ends up taking his cash and leaving his wallet (or that's the consensus at Casa 5ft). She gulps down whatever alcohol was in his glass on his bedside table and takes off. Mr. 5ft and I also agree that we can't stand Sandra's techno theme.

Post-something, Alex and MJ sleep. Alex wakes her up to ask her if she ever had a twin sister. MJ doesn't think so. Alex tells her to ignore him and go back to sleep. Mkay. And I wouldn't assume they did anything too aerobic since he's still wearing his pants. Then again, maybe I'm just old fashioned that way.

Felipa insisted on making Fernando and Vicky a basket of food to take with them on their day trip. Felipa and Fernando kind of argue about it, but really there's no point arguing with Felipa. Ezequiel says she's as good a cook as she is stubborn. Ezequiel and Felipa see them off. Ezequiel asks Felipa if maybe Fernando likes Vicky, you know, like, likes her. Felipa tells him that lots of men like Vicky, but Ezequiel needs to butt out. Ezequiel helps Felipa up the stairs while she gripes about it.

Ulises finally wakes up. He keeps calling for Sandra, but doesn't find her. He finds his pants and exclaims "no cambia" (she doesn't change). Sandra is actually in a restaurant eating something, which surprises me, and drinking a beer, which doesn't. She ignores the call from Ulises to her cell phone.

Maura calls Alex to tell him about something she heard from his secretary. They're going to meet at the office, but he declines her offer of dinner. Alex and MaryJo have a fight about Maura being the one who called to tell him the board meeting is the following day. Alex doesn't like MaryJo acting so jealous. She tells him to tell Maura not to call him and that will put an end to her jealousy.

Alex goes downstairs and asks Ezequiel where his mother is. Ezequiel says she's out with Fernando. Alex looks pleased. So does Ezequiel for that matter.

Alex heads outside and sees Roberto, who is talking to some guy named Daniel. Alex greets him and then asks to speak with Roberto. He shows him the picture on the cell phone, but Roberto thinks it's MaryJo. Raquel comes sauntering up and grabs the cell phone and asks "What's your wife doing in this picture dressed up like a prostitute?" Alex tells her that it's not his wife, it's Sandra, Ulises' fiancée. Raquel reacts as if the name "Sandra" never came up and says MaryJo is the one who took Ulises away from her and how can Alex stand his wife going after other men. Roberto gives the phone back to Alex and walks Raquel away. He tells her to be reasonable, MaryJo's on the verge of giving birth, she's not going to dress up like a ho just to snare another man. Raquel insists that it must be her. Roberto walks her off again, but Alex wants to know what Roberto knows. Roberto says they'll talk later, at the office, as Raquel screams to Alex to tell his wife that she's going to rip her eyes out and kill her. Okay, in that outfit, Raquel did look pregnant, but for real pregnant, not abnormally skinny and smuggling a bowling ball.

Vicky and Fernando tour the town on a "truck" (that's what the guy called it--it's a little six person cart on a track pulled by a horse) and look at "cenotes" (underground pools)--not that we get to see them. They look at the shacks where the people will be selling stuff to tourists. The go into what's going to be the museum. They look at the playground for the kids. Apparently this is all new stuff. Fernando shows off his arm muscles on a piece of playground equipment (and Vicky shows off her lack of muscles on same).

At the shop, the gang have drinks and Alex comes to visit. "Licuado" (a shake or a fruit drink) is what Gabriel says they're drinking. Since Alex wants to talk to Pedro, Pedro says they'll go get some "horchata" nearby (a rice milk with cinnamon and vanilla--you can find powdered mix in the grocery store sometimes, but it probably tastes like powdered mix from the grocery store). Alex gives in. They make small talk about the girls. Alex starts the interrogation: "Does MaryJo have a twin sister." Pedro denies it. Alex says that recently someone has seen a girl who looks just like her, named Sandra. Oh, yeah, Pedro heard that from Roberto. They get to the horchata place, but Pedro orders them both "agua de jamaica" (a hibiscus infusion or tea). Alex shows Pedro the picture, but Pedro keeps denying. I can't believe he looked at a picture of his daughter who he hasn't seen in almost 30 years and his sense of self-preservation won out. Alex gives him the "you can trust me" speech, but Pedro keeps saying it's just one of those weird things that happens sometimes.

Alex walks Pedro back to the shop and leaves. Pedro tells Chucho that he lied to Alex because he doesn't want to have to tell the girls that he lied to them all this time. Chucho tells him it's all going to end up coming back on him when Alex figures it out himself.

Ulises is still trying to get hold of Sandra. Some drugged out guy at a party answers the phone. Sandra's asleep on the floor, so she doesn't respond when druggie guy asks for Sandra. Ulises asks him why he has the phone, but the guy just laughs and says it was "tirado" (thrown away, thrown on the floor) and he picked it up.

So now we get some cenote action. Vicky and Fernando walk down some stairs to look. Vicky says that if the Trevi Fountain can grant wishes, then this cenote must grant them too. She throws in a rock. The guy in charge of the excavation comes down to meet with Vicky, Fernando and Puch (the community leader). The excavation guy, Lazcano, found a new basement that looks like a ritual site. It looks like a Puuc site, which is one of the five architectural styles of the Maya. He offers to show them. I looked for a good explanation, but it's kind of scattered across pages. Go forth and Google "Maya architectural styles".

Roberto fills Alex in on the backstory, as told to him by Ulises. MJ's mom ran off with a rich guy and took Sandra with her. Now Sandra stands to inherit from her supposed grandfather, which has Ulises salivating. Meanwhile, MJ's mom got remarried to a new guy. Roberto doesn't see a problem with Pedro lying to Alex, since he lied to his girls for so long. He's not likely to spill his guts to Alex instead of them. Alex asks for the mom's name. Roberto has pieced together that it's Elena Kruger and she lives somewhere around Toluca. He asks why Alex is even getting into this. Alex thinks it's a new trick of Bruno's, but Roberto assures him that Bruno has nothing to do with this.

Fernando and Vicky enjoy their picnic. Fernando thinks it was foolish of him to have told Felipa that the restaurants in the area have good food, now that he's tasted her food. Fernando says he's wanted to be her "novio" (boyfriend, as he hasn't proposed marriage) for so long. Vicky spits out her wine and laughs, saying it's been so long that she never thought she'd have another boyfriend. She's so comfortable she's got her skirt hiked up and is showing some knee. Careful, there, Vicky, people might think you're enjoying yourself! Vicky says, speaking of boyfriends, she heard that Bruno is Katia's. Fernando says he's just using her to get information. Vicky's not worried--she thinks Katia's a smart girl. Obviously she means a different Katia from the one Fernando's talking about. Fernando doesn't want to talk about it and ruin their day. He'd rather talk about "them". Vicky thinks they've said it all, but Fernando doesn't think they've come to a conclusion. They smooch. Fernando says they shouldn't deny themselves the opportunity to be happy. He invites her to a really nice hotel. She laughs it off. He says he loves her and they kiss again.

They go to the "hotel" which looks more like a lodge or a cabin. The have champagne. Vicky laughs that he's not going change his mind or get scared and says he'd better turn the lights out. Come on, she's not that old. And insecurity is unattractive at any age. But I appreciate her sense of humor about the whole thing. I mean, she hasn't had sex since her husband died, so I guess it's better she be nervous and joking than nervous and avoiding doing it altogether. Fernando leads her upstairs and she keeps giggling and drinking her champagne. Fernando says he's been waiting for this for a long time. Words, words, words. I don't think the actor is really pulling this off. Nor is whatsherface. Come on, he's a young stud, get into it! There's awkward looking kissing and undressing, hands, a clavicle, clothes all over the floor, really bad fake kissing, hands that could use a polish refresher. And then we're postcoital. They grin at each other and then duck under the covers and come out at the foot of the bed. While they're laughing and rolling around their smiles look authentic, even if the loveplay didn't. And that was one tacky comforter--pleather, fuzzy animal print, and fringe? No thank you.

Tomorrow: Raquel drinks some more, gets into a fistfight with MaryJo, and stabs somebody. Damn! How do you say "bitch crazy" in Spanish?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amor Tuesday, December 29, 2009: Real del Monte Gazette

Julia will be back next week to crack us all up. This week, though, this is just a discussion link.


Gancho Tuesday Dec. 29, '09 Can This Marriage Be Saved?

When I was a teenager, I devoured those articles in my mom's Ladies Home Journal: " Can This Marriage Be Saved?" It was the closest I could get to a sex education class 'cause they certainly weren't teaching anything of the kind in high school in those days. And of course we're all wondering if Ximena's topsy turvy marriage can make it. Even Lalu in concerned about her methods. As for Connie and Mauricio's noxious nuptials, let's hope not. And now we have another marriage in the offing, that of Salvador and Gabriela. Although why you'd agree to marry someone who faked a heart attack not once but twice is beyond me! Sal has definitely lost his appeal.

So, let's look at these marriages, along with the passionate non-sanctioned marriage of Beto and Connie. Their link is so strong she even appears to enjoy picking nits out of his hair. Aaaarrggh. Gotta be love. And then there's the oh-so-close relationship of Oscar and Jeronimo. Where is that going?

Our first scene is a repeat of perfidious Oscar offering to facilitate Mauricio's divorce from Constanza. He cannily explains that Mau needs a slimeball like him. An upright fellow like Salvador wouldn't be able to dirty his hands and speed things along like Oscar could. Mau appears to be thinking this over. At least his eyes squint and he makes little moues with his lips. Who knows what's actually going in in the itty bitty brain of his?

After making his offer, Oscar sallies forth to find himself nose to nose with an outraged Jeronimo. Little Jerry fears a double betrayal: Oscar is switching to Mau's side and bird-dogging Jackie. But Oscar smoothly dismisses his fears. I'm just helping Mauricio get rid of Connie so we two can divide his money between us, he assures him. And as for Jacqui, I'm simply showing you her true colors. She's capable of betraying you for a couple of pesos (methinks the diamond necklace cost more than that). Jerry is not convinced and the two end as they began, nose to nose, glaring at each other. Can this marriage be saved?

Back to the barrio and our three amigas. Paula's bemoaning her sore feet and the thankless chore of cleaning up all that Beto-broken glass. Monita's still fuming about both Beto and Mauricio and never wants either name mentioned again. Estrella, our voluptuous romantic, is still rooting for Monita's "principe" and is sure he'd move "mar y tierra" (lit. sea and land, but we'd say "heaven and earth") to be with her. No way, snaps Monita.

Mientras tanto, Connie and Beto are having another swarthy, sweaty encounter under the sheets, punctuated by a little luchador chat which gets our feral Connie all excited again and ready for round two.

Fortunately we break for an ad and when we come back, it's to a worried Nieves. She confides in Monita that she believes" la flauta" is really in love with Beto and is having HIS baby. No way! Way. I know what I saw and I know what I heard, insists Nieves. And I'm worried. So worried I went to church and prayed to the Virgencita. Game plan? Since Connie will be an awful mother, Nieves' prayer is that she'll leave little Betito to her and Beto. Mother and son can raise the little fella together. Interesting thought.

Back to the hot sheets. Beto's telling Connie how great Furia is. How he and the masked stranger are best buds and together in the ring, they're unbeatable. They can take on all comers. Connie is looking intrigued. Since Beto also mentioned how surprisingly capable Mauricio was in their fight, I'm afraid she's putting two and two together. She cannily asks if she can come watch their practice one day. Uh oh. The scene ends with a rather down home tenderness. With his head resting cozily on her chest, she thoughtfully picks (lice, nits, dandruff?) out of his hair. Not my idea of romance but if it works for them, so be it.

A strange almost-romance is also taking place at Monita's place. Furia arrives. She quickly loosens her hair. Whew! Symbolism out the wazoo! She was thinking of him. Really? He was thinking of her too. You know, she continues...about how you're in love with me. I'm broken-hearted right now but one day I'll heal. And I want to fall in love with you. Furia looks conflicted. At least his eyes do.

After a break for ads, Monita notices the sad eyes also. But why? I thought you'd be happy. Furia mumbles a little defense of Mauricio and the great love they had. Still, Monita's determined to move on. She has her friends, her boxing and now the presence of Furia in her life. And the hope of loving again. Hey, it's all good.

Yikes, I take that back. Things are getting stranger and stranger with Connie and Beto. He has his arm in one of her black net stockings and now the arm becomes a grungy puppet, talking baby-talk to the mysterious fetus, now nicknamed Baby Blue. Who loves ya' coos Beto. Don't be "cursi" (maudlin) sighs Connie. But she gets weepy herself (se pone chilpil). Ah, with my physique and your intelligence, says Beto, this kid will be great.

Well, time to leave the grungy motel and our equally grungy lovers upscale restaurant and a very spiffy Gabriela and Salvador. They're nattering on about the shameless display Connie put on this morning, flaunting her sordid affair with Beto in everyone's faces. The gentle romantic piano music starts. They're playing our couples' song as they muse about how lucky they are to have each other...each other's support, understanding , inspiration....They close in for a kiss. Things are looking good.

And for Ximena and Rolu? Well, she's forgotten him for most of the day. So busy planning the big par-tay with Lalu. There's some dissing of Thalia, who's let him down and then some fretting about how to handle the mix Ximena envisages. She wants her highfalutin' friends but also her down home folks from the barrio. Sort of a tacos and caviar type thing. Lalu's not sure he can pull it off but he'll try. Three things, Lalu. 1) Nothing's as difficult as it seems. 2) My marriage with Rolu is not as problematic as it seems. 3) Everything has a solution. Fine, snaps Lalu, but I don't think you're handling this in the right way. For God's sakes, woman, tend to your man. He's been tied up all day. No food or drink. (And no bathroom, I'm thinking!) Lalu scampers off and Ximena looks thoughtful. Let's hope she's headed upstairs...or at least to the kitchen.

Okay. Back to the restaurant. Not a funny scene in my opinion. Salvador gives another very convincing imitation of a heart attack. They really drag the scene out with Gabriela fluttering hysterically and finally calling over the maitre d'. But when Sal asks her to touch his chest where he's feeling the stabbing pain, she finds....yeah, you guessed it...a ring. While the headwaiter, the rest of the staff and some cheerful diners stand watching, he asks for her hand in marriage and she gleefully accepts. Champagne for everyone!

Honest to God, that was not funny. Not even cute. What ever happened to straightforward proposals? Oh well. Crankypants alert.

And speaking of cranky, Jacqui is more than a little upset with her daughter's shamelessness. Granted she was a liberal lady in her day, but she never did anything as outrageous as what Connie pulled this morning. You're just miffed because I've outdone you, sniffs Connie. And if you don't like it, leave! Stop trying to run me off, counters Jacqui. Because I'm not going.

And staying with our cranky theme, Rolu is more than a little upset with Ximena and who can blame him? She waltzes in with pasta "avec trois fromages" (except it's only two, that's all she had) and is prepared to feed him with her saintly little hands, since he's still bound hand and foot. No way is he eating anything she's prepared. He wants his gag out, his bonds untied...his....whoops...she's got three things to say to him. 1) If he doesn't change his attitude, well.....2) He can decide. He can make this easy....or hard. 3) Here's dinner but if he lets it get cold, she's not going to warm it up. It's a Mexican standoff.

Well, "a falta de pan, cariño" (when there's no food, affection will have to do). And she pounces on the poor guy (I'm worried about his bladder) and begins to tickle him.

We'll have to see the aftermath of that scene in Wednesday's episode. I can hardly wait.

And now to another strange couple. Jeronimo has arrived to confront the perfidious Jacqueline. She handles him as deftly as her daughter does Mauricio. He's bleating that he's like a lost little dog on a stormy night, cast out into the cold by a treacherous woman. What breed of dog are you? muses Jacqui. You know different breeds react differently. This little bit of philosophy falls on deaf ears so she gets down to brass tacks. All we did was have dinner. Where's the harm in that. It was the least I could do after that charming gift of a diamond necklace. Oscar has the means to take me to nice places and do nice things for me...things I deserve. You attract me....we can still be affectionate...but you're mediocre. She throws a few quick kisses his way and slips out of his grasp, leaving him jiggling and humping like the poor little lost doggie he is. Not much future for this relationship.

Back to the barrio again. Paula and Estrella are gossiping about Furia's presence at Monita's place. Paula's all for the new relationship, Estrella's still backing Maurico. Beto arrives and they both turn their backs on him. What a churl! Scheming with" la momia" to thwart Monita and Mauricio's happiness. Out damned spot! Beto turns only to find another glaring woman bearing down on him...Nieves high dudgeon. He manages to cool her ire somewhat by having her imagine what it will be like to hold little Betito in her arms, snuggle him, spoil him, feed him, rock him. Fine, she snaps. But until I actually hold him in my arms, I'M NOT FORGIVING YOU!

Our last scene ends with our tepid would-be lovers, Monita and Furia. She's sharing that she feels calm with him. Safe. She doesn't ever want that to change. So never betray me, she pleads. I need to trust someone. Big hug. Major clinch. Then she quickly draws away, says okay and "bye." Oh the conflict! How will Furia handle this new complication? Tune in Wednesday and we'll see.

Previews: Jeronimo is talking about the "cloaca" (I believe he's referring to the barrio) being for sale.
And Monita and Mauricio are in another clinch at the gym, and she's saying "If you didn't wear that mask, I'd ask you to kiss me."


se ponen chilpil = get all weepy
se cuece aparte = she's in a class by herself (Beto talking about his mom)
chupamos el dedo = we're born yesterday (Gabriela and Salvador gossiping about Connie and Beto)
rayando mis cuardernos = blotting my copybook (Jerry complaining about Oscar moving in on his lady)
mover mar y tierra = move heaven and earth
eres un puerco. pero no trompudo = Okay. Help! This is one of Beto's refrains. Literally "trompudo" means thick-lipped or blubberlipped. Anyone have an idea what this saying means colloquially? We now have the answer, thanks to the Soothsayer. Puerco pero no trompudo = I'm a pig but not a downright slob, I have my faults but I draw the line, I'm bad but not THAT bad etc. Muchas gracias a usted Soothsayer!!!

ave de rapiña = bird of prey (Sal,talking about Connie)
a fuerzas ni los zapatos entran = you can't force things (Lalu giving marital advice to Ximena)
un poquito de recato = a little reserve, a little decorum (Jackie remonstrating with her daughter)
andas fisgoneando = you're snooping around (Estrella to Paula)
aplicar la ley de hielo = giving someone the cold shoulder, the silent treatment
se quedar muy cortas = Nieves, noting that the girls didn't "go far enough" snubbing Beto
a falta de pan, cariño = when there's no food, affection will have to do

Dicho of the Day:

Cada oveja con su pareja Each to his own. Every Jack has his Jill.
True enough, but which Jack will end up with which Jill? Aldo with Estrella? Christian with Paula? Monita with Mauricio/Furia? Beto with Connie? Salvador with Gabriela? Ximena with Rolu?......and Jackie with whom? Or are Jerry and Oscar destined to be a couple?
And...Can any of these "marriages" be saved? Let's hope so.


Sortilegio Monday December 28

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had a cozy Christmas. I’m off running and don’t have time to edit but I want to get it up. Sorry for errors and omissions!

First are reviews of the last show. It’s been a while since they didn’t show anything Thursday or Friday so I’ll quickly review:
Alex tells Mari to tell the journalists who want to interview him about how he survived on the island (a change from the family scandals) that he is not giving interviews. She shows him the picture of him and Maura at dinner the previous evening and he when she leaves he slams the paper down and looks grim. I love it when he get upset! It’s clear he’s worried about what MaríaJose will think.

Meanwhile, Katia is refusing to believe what Fer is telling her about Bruno: “Nobody knows Bruno better than I do.” Sadly, there is no way this thing can end except with her being wrong. Sorry katia.

And finally, Alex calls MaríaJose and invites her to lunch. She is weepy and he knows that she saw the photo of Alex and Maura at the restaurant. He tells her it means nothing, that he would never cheat on her and that she shouldn’t be sad.
And now to our story….

Paula brings Roberto to the mercado to show him her father’s business. She introduces him to Meche, who is glad to meet him, and to Gabriel, who isn’t. As Roberto, Paula and the others are chatting, Roberto casually reaches over and plays with Paula’s ponytail.

Bruno is telling Katia over the phone that now that he is living at home again it’s too risky to see her. Nonetheless, he agrees to meet her at the restaurant the next day.

Alex drives up and asks for MJ. Ezequiel tells him she is working near the Jacuzzi and Alex gives an alarmed look at Bruno, who has just finished his phone conversation with Katia. He goes to find MaríaJose, who is painting pottery for her father and Chucho,. She receives him rather coolly. He compliments her on her creativity and good taste but she is having none of it and when he asks her if she’s still upset about the photos she wonders what wife wouldn’t be at seeing her (ex) husband kissing another woman. He says he was just saying thanks for her support in the whole deal with the board, and that he won’t deny that he likes Maura, and besides he’s just a very expressive guy. Alex, you cad. You wife is pregnant, you’ve divorced her for business reasons, you’ve twice kissed Maura while being married to MaríaJose, Maura has admitted she made up a terrible story about Mario Aguirre that drove a wedge between you and MaríaJose and almost led to MaríaJose’s death. Does it seem to anyone else that Alex is stringing Maura along for some reason? Or is he having a hard time adjusting to being a one-woman man? At any rate, Alex, sweetie, I don’t know if there are words enough, even coming from you, to convince a very pregnant woman whose husband divorced her for business reasons that her now ex-husband is out snuggling with his former girlfriend and it means nothing.

MJ wonders what her role is now in Alex’s life. Is she going to be the wifey who stays at home popping out children while the husband carries on with his bachelor ways? MaríaJose says she knows Alex doesn’t find her at all attractive and that someone like Maura must be very tempting but, but, but…she walks away, too upset to continue. Alex follows her, insisting that she’s more beautiful than ever now that she’s pregnant. He tells her that people don’t fall in love just because someone is pretty, and asks her if she will stop loving him when he’s a wrinkled old man with a big belly (perish the thought!) Hmm, look at that, he did find the words, because MJ smiles and teases him that she will let him get wrinkles, but never a big belly, and they kiss and laugh.

Alex asks MJ not to work outside anymore because he’s worried about what Bruno might do in his obsessed state. And, he says, he’s going to start looking for a house for them. MJ is delighted and paints his nose green in gratitude.

Raquel is telling an appalled Vicki that she wants an abortion and she wants Hernán to help her find a private clinic. Vicki tells her that even when she was pregnant and Samuel knew the children couldn’t possibly be his because he was infertile, she never wanted to get rid of them. Well, Raquel says, I’m not as good as you.

Roberto, Don Pedro and Paula are eating at a lovely outdoor restaurant. Don Pedro thanks Roberto for being so good to them but Paula insists that they, too, are practically Lombardos given their relationship to MariaJose. In this scene she clearly has a sense of entitlement to the good life.

Gabriel is complaining to Meche that as soon as a rich guy comes along and invites Paula out she doesn’t stay to eat lunch with them. Meche says she can do what she wants – it’s none of their business. Chucho comes along with sandwiches for all (what a contrast with the beautiful outdoor restaurant where Roberto took them) .

Paula has to go to school so she is leaving Roberto and Don Pedro, but she tells Roberto she wants him to come and visit more often. Ay Paula. Cuidado hija. After she leaves, Don Pedro asks Roberto what his attentions are, and Roberto assures him he sees Paula as nothing but a little sister (I think that’s what he said).

Mateo, aka fake Mario Aguirre, is telling Ulises over the phone that he found Sandra but now she’s gone. Ulises tells him to come back (to his apartment, I suppose).

Robert and Don Chucho continue their conversation, and Roberto asks Don Pedro if he had other children because he has a friend who looks identical to MariaJose. Don Pedro denies it, claiming that everyone has a double. Roberto doesn’t seem convinced.

Ulises calls Elena and tells her that they found Sandra but she disappeared and he needs some money to find her. Elena agrees to send him some, and also says she’s going to cancel Sandra’s credit cards to force her back.

Vicki tells Hernán that Raquel wants an abortion, and she’s worried because Raquel is so far along. Hernán tells Vicki to send Raquel to the clinic for some additional testing as there were some anomalies in her first round of tests. These two seem to be at cross purposes, with Vicki saying Raquel wants an abortion, and Hernán saying she should come in to do further tests to make sure the baby is all right.

At the market, Chucho begins to worm Don Pedro’s story out of him with his magic phrase: “Aflójese las apreturas.” I had never heard these words before this show but I guess it means something like “spill,” and Don Pedro does. (I’m combining two scenes, here.) He tells Chucho that Elena didn’t really die, as he told his daughters, but in fact left him. One day he was bringing the girls to church but Sandra had the flu (la gripe – what a perfect name for it) and so he left her behind. When he got back they were gone. Chucho wants to know if Elena married the other man, but sweet, naïve Don Pedro doesn’t see how she could have because in fact the two of them never divorced. Chucho thinks Roberto must know something about it and suggests that DP talk to him about it.

Sandra is with a sleazy guy (is this the one she buys drugs from?) trying to withdraw money from the ATM but she keeps getting an “insufficient funds” (fondos insuficientes) message. What’s this? She can’t understand what’s going wrong. The next time we see her she’s at a party in a drug- or alcohol-induced haze (maybe drug AND alcohol-induced haze) demanding that Elena reactivate her credit cards. Elena says that if she doesn’t come back she’ll lose the inheritance, but Sandra doesn’t care about it or the old man. Elena refuses to re-activate the credit cards and Sandra says that if she doesn’t she, Sandra, will turn to prostitution and it will be all her mother’s fault! (My childhood threats to run away pale in comparison to this one.)

Fer goes into Bruno’s room and asks him what’s this he’s heard about him and Katia getting married. Their conversation goes something like this (not a translation – just an outline):
B: “That’s nothing but schoolgirl fantasy on Katia’s part!”
F: “I’ll have you charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors (corrupción de menores)!!
B: “Your sister should be so lucky!!!
F: “I’m warning you!!!!
B: “Ooooooh I’m scared. You’ve got no proof, and anyway, Katia would deny it!!!!!

Elena calls Ulises and gives him Sandra’s cell phone number in Mexico City. Ulises asks for money but Elena says she can’t be constantly running to her husband asking for $$$. Ulises says he doesn’t even have money for a plane ticket to Mexico City, and they have to move fast or Sandra will leave again. Say, how many times is Ulises going to cash in on going to get Sandra – first from Robert, now from Elena, and next?

Raquel calls Ulises to tell him she does not want the baby and wants to find a good hospital. (She says she doesn’t want the abortion in a hospital de tercera, but I’m not sure what that is. Any ideas, anyone?) Ulises helpfully tells her not to worry so much, but then has to hang up because someone is at the door about (you guessed it) a business deal. Roberto comes into the chalet and proposes a deal with Raquel: he’ll give her the divorce and she will give him the baby.

Ale and MJ are in bed wondering what the baby will be like. “Like you!” “No, no, like you!”

MaríaJose, Alex, Vicki, Felipa and Paula are having breakfast. Alex is explaining that his good mood when Bruno skulks up to the door and listens in. The plan is to sell some shares to Maura, who will then vote for Alex for President and make the count five for Alex and only four for Bruno. Bruno runs away and nobody sees him. I know he’s the villain but for a moment he almost looks like a leprechaun as he tiptoes away.

Sorry folks – it’s getting late and I’ve got to run and this last part is kind of a mash.

Bruno is MAD at this latest development hitch in his plan for Lombardo domination and arranges with Erik to have MaríaJose’s father arrested on trumped up piratería charges.

Now we’re in the board room with MaríaJose, Alex, Maura and two lawyers to sign the papers selling stock to Maura, giving her a vote in company matters. Maura explains that Lisette isn’t buying any stock because it was no longer necessary to have two additional votes, and besides, she’s tired all the time and all she does is sleep. (No significant music is heard in the background at this point but this seems like a major hint.) MaríaJose, her hand in Alex’s, thanks Maura for her help and Maura, looking like she’s sucking a lemon, says she’s doing it for herself because it’s a good investment. What better place to invest than in a company run by Alejandro Lombardo, (she leans forward and caresses his arm) the best darn businessman in Merida. (If Alex were a toy doll he would be ripped in two by now.) The papers are signed, the lawyers leave, and Maura assures MaríaJose that between her and Alex (caressing Alex’s shoulders) they will take good care of her stock. MJ says she trusts Alex a lot, and also trusts Maura to support him as the good friend that she is. They kiss, and Maura notes that they are pretty cuddly for a divorced couple. MJ has to leave but Maura says she is staying behind to talk to Alex – “About business, of course.” (I’m combining two scenes here)

After MJ leaves Alex thanks Maura for her help, but says he doesn’t like the way she acts with him in front of MaríaJose. (Alex, baby, I think this is another mixed message. Maura thinks you two are divorced, and you’re telling her not to show so much affection when MJ is around.) Maura tells him not to be so sensitive – that his ex surely realizes that the two of them have a lot of “cariño” for each other. (That “cariño” is a tricky word, since it can mean affection or love.) Alex doesn’t deny it but tells her he wants to make sure she doesn’t mistake their business arrangement for something else, and then asks her what she wants to know about the company. Maura, who we know is certainly no quitter, smiles, plays with her hair and tells him “everything.”

Fer is telling Katia he talked to Bruno, who says that he has no intention of marrying Katia because she’s just a kid. Katia insists that Bruno loves her, and for herself, since she has nothing she can offer him but herself and her love. Oh really, says Fernando – maybe what you can offer him is information about my whereabouts. Maybe you were the one who told him that Alex and I were going to the Domincian Republic. He tells her to open her eyes and realize that she is nothing to him. He leaves her crying but her eyes don’t look any wider.

Vicki and Felipa go to Raquel’s house. It’s morning but Raquel is already enjoying a cocktail, and it’s probably not her first one. Raquel says she changed her mind about the abortion, and also that Roberto is giving her a divorce. She says sadly that Ulises doesn’t want to see her anymore but the thought that this might be because she is simply intolerable doesn’t enter her mind for an instant. She wonders to herself if Roberto is driving him away. If it’s true (she bares her teeth and looks pretty fierce) he will PAY!

Arturo helps a very awkward and pregnant MariaJose out of the car. Bruno traps her on the stairs and says she better vote for him or he’ll send her father to jail, and just because he’s innocent now doesn’t mean no evidence from before. She refuses. She goes inside and goes upstairs with Paula, who can’t understand how awful Raquel is to Roberto. If she were Roberto’s wife, she says, she’d take good care of him.

This next scene I’m not sure I understood, so if anyone has any changes please help us out. Rufino, Pedro’s old partner in crime, is stopped at the side of the road and his car is being searched for contraband. He insists that it’s not his, that it’s been planted, but what I’m not sure of is whether or not we can know if it really is a plant (he is a pretty nasty criminal already, after all.) But we see Erik standing in the background watching, so I suppose he must have set it up. Anyway (and I’m combining scenes again), once Rufino is in Jail Erik goes to visit him and says that he represents “a friend.” This “friend” has excellent lawyers – the best in Mexico, and can make sure that Rufino goes free. What Rufino has to do in exchange is testify that Pedro Samaniego is in on it with him. Rufino asks several times who the “friend” is and Erik finally tells him that his name is Mario Aguirre.

Bruno and Kartia are at the restaurant and Bruno is telling Katia that he has to deny everything related to her and that they can’t be together, because if Fer finds out it will ruin his chances at getting the presidency. He leaves her at the restaurant because of course he can’t take her home, and she looks sad and disabused.

Roberto visits Alex at Lombardo construction and says he wants to keep the baby but will need money to do that and Raquel has cut up all his credit cards. Alex thinks Roberto is there to ask him for a handout but Roberto says he wants a job. Alex is surprised but Roberto reminds him that people can change – Alex himself used to always be with a different woman, but now he’s only with MariaJose – and he wants to change, too. A time comes when a man looks around at his life, sees how all around him are false, and wants something different, something better, something pure; he thinks the baby can be that for him. I love the way Roberto has developed in this story!


Amor Monday, December 28, 2009: Hell hath no fury like a Carlota scorned

Friday: Rufi lets German in to see Carlota and wonders to herself why he wants to see her. A slo-mo montage with a mournful churchy choir in the background while we see Chris and Natalia admitted to jail, getting their jail clothes and being sent to the showers.

Sorry, no steamy shower scenes. Who wants to see a morose shower scene, and anyway they’re middle-aged. Padre Juan is more concerned with the state of his soul than the state of his pecs. Cassocks are very forgiving.

Okay, on with tonight’s episode!

German tells Carlota that Chris thinks she’s behind it all. If so, she’ll be in a lot of trouble. She asks if he believes Chris and he says of course not. But as a professional, he has to follow all threads. Carlota admires his attitude and says that a person who has been shamed and brought down can make up all kinds of fantasies to make their lives bearable.

So you deny it all, yes? says German. Of course, says Carlota. How could I fabricate photos of them all affectionate? German politely says Chris says you sent the anonymous letter and took the photos to make them look like lovers because you are in love with him and wanted vengeance.

Me? In love with Padre Juan? pooh-poohs Carlota. Surely you don’t believe that do you? German shrugs. Carlota says how could I have killed Alonso? I’m sorry he wants to point the finger at me. But you know what? I like the way you think. I’m seriously considering dropping Rojas as my lawyer and hiring you.

Really? says German standing up and gulping. Carlota says Rojas is getting old and tired where as you are young (she eyes him up and down) and ambitious.

Let’s get back to Padre Juan says German. Carlota says I think we’re done with that, don’t you agree? German says I agree. A man who is desperate will look for someone to blame. Carlota says too bad he picked me, because I’m not going to stand for it. German says it would be hard to believe of a woman like you with an impeccable reputation.

I’m glad you understand, says Carlota, you’re hired.

Rafa, all smiles, decides to call Luz, but he gets her tape. He hangs up and says What would I say? It’s better to leave it as a beautiful dream. And on cue, we get a series of flashbacks of their happy times at the conference and walking around the conference town, all scenes we’ve never seen before. A migration of Monarch butterflies must’ve come through during filming, because we get lots of scenes of them. Flutter flutter.

Cut to Luz checking her cell messages. She sees the unfamiliar number and dials back. She gets Rafa’s machine, but is happy to find out it was he who called. She guesses that he didn’t know what to say and smiles.

Em is at work, telling Angelica all about Padre Juan. Angie thinks German is very young and doesn’t have enough experience. Em says Orlando says if German is struggling, he’ll find somebody else. Angie wonders if German has the humility to realize when he’s in over his head. Angie thinks they definitely should find somebody with more experience.

A knock at the office door and in comes Diana, all smiles and hair extensions. Her ‘do looks great on her, but typical male Em doesn’t even seem to notice. What he does notice is that she’s there when he’s said he didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Angie tactfully says she’s going to run to the bank and evaporates.

Orlando comes into Em’s office and is amazed to see Diana or maybe her extensions. He just stares and says it was nothing important, he’ll check back. Out he goes. Diana giggles. He must’ve been knocked out by my new look, she preens.

Em says I know you’re not going to give up, so let’s talk, but not here. Let’s go to a coffee place. Diana is thrilled and hugs Em’s arm on the way out.

Rafa runs into Camila on the street. She asks him how the convention went and he said great, they made all kinds of useful contacts. He catches sight of the engagement ring on her hand and excuses himself. He starts to leave, then turns and asks if that’s her engagement ring and if so, did she have it on when she visited the conference? She says yes it is and no, Orlando gave it to her later when he got back from Houston.

He wants to know when they’re getting married and she tells him a month. I can’t pretend I’m happy about it, he says, but probably it was the best decision. Good day, Senora Ferrer. I have to get used to calling you that.

He leaves and we can tell Camila’s heart goes lub DUB because she makes sad puppy eyes at his retreating back.

At Gabriel’s studio, he and Paloma lament over Chris’s situation. Gabriel asserts that it’s important that people like them believe in him. As God is my witness, says Paloma, I’m going to do whatever I can. Gabriel likes her passion and says it’s vital for any artist.

Paloma, all fired up, says she wants to paint her outrage. I guess this means no more wimpy charcoal drawings of doves anymore. Gabriel gets all fired up too and says work with it! Use it!

He tells her to close her eyes, breathe, and imagine she can fly, that she is a butterfly that can go wherever it wants.

(I’m not feeling this image. I mean, butterflies are fragile and they just flutter about, they don’t soar, and even if some little chirpy bird doesn’t eat them, they still don’t live very long. How about something really free and high-flying, like a seagull? Oh yeah, I forgot, Gaviota was taken some telenovelas ago… Okay, how about something powerful, like an eagle? Or, even better, a pterodactyl? You soar, girl!)

The doorbells rings and Gabriel leaves her there with her eyes closed. Offscreen we hear him say Luz! and we hear Luz squealing Gabriel! How are you? Paloma opens one eye a slit.

Luz gushes a while and says she just got in town and she plans to stay with him. Paloma regards all this warily. Gabriel, all his art passion deflected for the moment, tells Paloma sorry and says he’ll find something for Luz to eat.

He introduces Paloma to Luz who says don’t go falling in love with this fellow! Paloma says I won’t. Luz jokes Well, you’ve been warned. She kisses Paloma on the cheek and sails out of the room. Paloma looks even more wary and says to Gabriel maybe we should just skip the lesson for today so you can be with your……

Gabriel says no, art comes first. We’ll finish up and then I’ll go with her.

German is coming out of Carlota’s house, thinking, distracted. Across the street, Romina, just coming out of her mother’s house, sees him. She’s in a pretty dress and heels and I’m hoping she’ll have to walk across street to talk to him, as it’s always fun to see her wobble across those cobblestones in heels.

German is talking to himself, waving his arms to punctuate his thoughts. He thinks there’s something odd about Carlota and he thinks it would be dangerous to get on the wrong side of her. He realizes she could open the doors of Real del Monte society to him. (The thrift shop ladies are society?) Across the street, Romina is smiling and wondering at this pantomime. German stabs his finger in the air and declares to himself that with his knowledge of the will and Chris’s information he could have Carlota eating out of his hand.

He figures it’s more to his advantage to be on her side than Padre Juan’s.

He comes up on Romina without realizing it. She says have you gone crazy – since when do you talk to yourself? What were you doing at Paloma’s house? German says he doesn’t want to upset a pregnant lady, he just came to see Carlota, not Paloma, as she’s a client of Lic. Rojas’s. He says that Paloma is off at her art class.

Romina says good, Paloma can get all interested in her art teacher and leave Em alone. German says with Padre Juan in jail, they’re tighter than ever. It’s up to you to control your husband.

Em and his mama are having coffee. He takes her hand and tells her that there are many things that he admires about her, one of them being the way she fights for what she wants. But she goes way overboard sometimes. I do it for you, Diana says, stroking his face.

Em is kind, but says when you hurt others, you’ve gone too far and that’s what I can’t take. Diana says she realizes she’s blown it and that’s why she’s so alone now. I can’t stand it, she says. Em says is that why you chased after Dad at the conference? Diana says you know? Em says yes, don’t you realize how you humiliate yourself by throwing scenes like that?

She says I need to leave your father alone and re-make my life. Em says that’s great, and if you can do that, we can heal our relationship. Diana is hopeful. She throws her arms around him and he hugs her tenderly while she weeps on his shoulder.

Oh goody, a Carlota and Rufi scene. Those are always fun. Rufi says to Carlota that people are saying it’s going to take a long time to sort the whole Padre Juan thing out. She was surprised to hear that Carlota was there when Chris got taken away. Carlota wants to know who told her that. Rufi says Orlando.

Carlota says she’s tired of always feeling judged by Rufi. Look out, she warns. She hopes that Rufi doesn’t get sick again and have to leave the house for good.

Rufi says are you threatening me? Carlota says don’t let your imagination run wild. I just mean that you’re getting tired, and that you’ve forgotten your place in this household. She huffs off.

Chris’s cellmate is talking to him, telling him in jail everybody’s equal. I didn’t kill anybody says Chris. That’s what they all say, says the cellmate. Somebody messed with my wife and nobody does that and lives.

A threatening type comes in and leers at Chris. His cellmate tells him to go away. Then he hands Chris a wooden cross and says pray for me, you have connections up there. If you do, nobody will bother you, I promise.

Dr B and Natalia’s friend Ivonne are walking in a park with little Sagrario, who wants to know where her mama is. Ivonne lies and says she’s off with your dad. Go play.

Ivonne tells Dr B she’d love to come with him, and Natalia had arranged for Sagrario to go to school in Real del Monte, but she’s afraid she’ll learn the truth, so she’s going to keep her here in the DF. Dr B agrees that would be best, but he’ll be coming to the city often and will keep in touch. She gives him the keys to Natalia’s place in Real del Monte.

In the kitchen, Paloma and Rufi are cleaning the birdcage. Rufi comments that she saw Gabriel when Padre Juan was being taken off, and she thought he had a kind face. Why doesn’t Paloma like him? Paloma says he’s very tough, but she doesn’t mind him so much actually. Rufi says that’s good, if you have to spend a lot of time with him.

Gabriel and Luz are eating in a cafe. He’s amazed that she just decided on a whim to come to Real del Monte. He likes that she’s such a free spirit. We’re both the same way she says. She wants to know about Paloma. She’s never seen him with a girlfriend and thinks he ought to have one. Gabriel says he likes Paloma’s talent. But she’s blocked right now.

Luz says you were the same way when your mother died, remember? Suddenly serious, Gabriel looks Thoughtful.

Chris’s cellmate is showing him photos of his kids when someone comes and tells Chris that he has a visitor.

Luz has told Gabriel about Rafa apparently and he wants to meet him. She says he’s like a painting, square, and has a hard time opening up and letting go. She says he’s quite different from her, and that she and Gabriel are so similar there’s no chance for them ever to be a couple. Gabriel laughs and says you never know. Luz hugs him.

Diana walks into the cafe and stops to stare. She realizes that Luz is the one from the conference. What is she doing here with that good-looking young man?

Padre Benito and Padre Manuel are all worked up about Chris’s situation, how the crowd turned on him, and here’s him with such a devoted heart. Padre B. says Chris really needed to be careful about his image.

The phone rings. Padre B gets the news that the bishop found out about Chris’s situation and has decided to come to Real del Monte. They both feel this doesn’t bode well. Padre B wants to know how the bishop could have found out.

Maybe he watches the 5 o’clock news? A priest stoning would make headlines, I’m sure.

Chris comes into the visiting room and suddenly those bassos sing AHHHHHH. It’s Carlota who’s come to see him. She says it’s nice to see him out of his cassock. He wonders how she got in to see him. She says I always get what I want.

She says she can get him out of there, but in order to do it, she’d have to sell her soul. Would he be willing to do the same? Like for instance what? he wants to know.

Carlota says she could offer proof of where he was at the moment they killed Alonso. How would you know that? he wonders. I could say you were with me, she says, tossing photos on the table, the ones of her kissing him when he was drugged.

Eeeew! says Chris, horrified. You are sick sick sick.

Carlota says those photos are your ticket out of here. It could save your life, but it would ruin my reputation.

Em comes home to where Romina is sitting on the couch, flipping through a magazine. She wonders why he’s late home from work and he explains about a presentation he had to prepare. She says hey, maybe he’ll get to go to Houston next time and she could come along. He says there’s something else we can do together.

What? She says, transferring to his lap and stroking his hair. He says make decisions about the baby together. I don’t like it that you chose the furniture for the baby’s room without talking to me, and that you gave your father money to purchase it.

Romina is upset that he suspects her father of wanting to steal money. Em says the whole time he’s been in Real del Monte, he hasn’t seem interested in you. Romina is mad and says my mother says the same thing. But he came to Real del Monte just to be near me and I think he’s the only person who accepts me as I am.

Back to the jail visiting room:

Ch: But those weren’t taken that day! They were taken the day you drugged me.
Ca: They won’t know that. We can say we had a secret romance.
Ch: That’d get me thrown out of the church!
Ca: But we can be free! Free to live our love.
Ch: Our love?
Ca: I know you’re not interested in money, but I have enough for us to live for the rest of our days.
Ch: It’s a very tempting offer.
Ca: (hopefully) That means you’ll accept?
Ch: It means that I’d rather rot in jail than to sell my soul to the devil and to you.
Ca: You’re a fool.
Ch: Probably. But I’m telling you not to come visit me until you’re ready to confess because I know you’re behind everything that happened.

Paloma in her jammies is in her room praying for Padre Juan. She knows he’s innocent. It’s not fair. She decides that injustice is the theme she’s going to portray in her art.

And who doesn’t want to hang that on their wall?

Rufi comes in and they chat. Paloma starts taking things from her wardrobe and says they’re clothes she doesn’t want to wear any more. Rufi thinks it’s a good idea – she’s a young woman now, not la niña Paloma. Paloma thinks if she gives it all to the church thrift shop, she can put la niña Paloma behind her. Rufi asks if she can still call her her niña Paloma, since that’s what she’ll always be to her. Paloma says of course and hugs her.

Gabriel is in his studio alone, thinking back on Paloma’s passion for justice. His cell rings. It’s his dad, Don Eugenio. He tells his dad that he thought Real del Monte would be a sleepy little town, but whoo-ee. He briefly tells about what happened to Chris.

Don Eugenio says Luz might be on her way, and Gabriel says she’s already here. His father is glad, so he won’t feel alone in town. Gabriel says he’s fine.

Diana, apparently having forgotten her resolution to behave, has dropped by at Rafa’s. He’s none too pleased. She reports that guess what – she saw that young lady from the conference in town – with a very handsome young man. And she was laughing and hugging him. Rafa doesn’t believe her. He tells her to get out. She says okay. She understands his pain. Oh, and she’s glad he likes her new look.

She leaves and Rafa smiles broadly. Luz came all the way here?

At Gabriel’s, Luz is in a fluffy bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her head. She exclaims that she loves the feeling of a shower. She wants to turn in early to be fresh and rested. Who for? Gabriel asks, laughing. For Rafi, she exclaims. He’ll be so excited.

Angelica in her silky bathrobe settles into her couch to look at the manuscript. Her eyes pop. She flips pages. It’s my book! she says, astonished.

The sun pops up over the roofs of Real del Monte. Daytime!

Carlota has dialed up the church and gotten Padre Manuel. She wants to know how the whole thing with Padre Juan is going. Her niece is very upset. Padre M says things are worse! Somebody is gossiping that Padre Juan had lots of lovers all over town. You don’t say, says Carlota.

Padre M says I really have to go – with Padre Juan gone, there’s just so much to do.

Carlota says to herself This is turning out even better than I had imagined.


Romina flings a coat at Em – apparently it’s Paloma’s. One of the schoolgirls says something bad about Padre Juan and Paloma slaps her, then gets into a roll-around girlfight with her. The voiceover says Paloma is no longer the Good Girl.


Monday, December 28, 2009

un Gancho al Corazón Mon.12/28/9 Coni Holds All the ♠♠♠♠♠

Jaqui, in one of the offices with Oscar, is trying frantically to contact Coni. She reaches her just as Coni steps off the elevator and views the carnage. "How good that you've arrived Constanza... or should I say Constancia? Constancia!" He mocks. Coni looks stricken and suggest that she and Mao should talk. Alone. This draws jeers from the crowd as they pelt her with popcorn.
Beto suggests they wait to see what color the baby emerges sporting. Coni whacks the back of his head. Mauricio tells her that things are pretty much finished between them, prompting calls for divorce from our spectators, especially Gabi, who are smelling fresh blood. Mao turns to Moni, but she to is fed up. She's outta here. As she leaves we once again see that certainly no one succeeds so well in wearing clingy white slacks as our Monita. Mauricio follows her pleading "¡Por favor, Monita! ¡Por favor!" The crowd murmurs . Coni gives Beto a curiously wistful glance.

Jaque and Oscar have been watching from the safety and seclusion of their private box, peering at the action through parted blinds. Jaqui feels sympathy for Coni and the situation she has gotten into though she is not surprised. Oscar observes that Coni would have done well to listen to her wise experienced mother. Jaqui agrees but Coni has always been willful and head strong. Boy, I'll say. Oscar then works his slimy charm on Jaqui, inviting her out to dinner, then with even worse judgement than her spawn, she accepts. Well, I suppose it's the least she can do after accepting his gift of the expensive necklace.

In the 'hood, Cesar is home early, coaxes a kiss, and is ready for some lunch. Won't be right now, for Nieves was just leaving. "Where are you going?" "It's none of your business, but haven't you things to do on the street?""Nope, nothing." "So much the better. Now if you want to eat, fix it yourself." She leaves him to wonder aloud,"Who can understand women?" Don't all men wonder the same thing?

Mau, Coni, and Beto are on one side in front of Mao's office, the office crowd on the other by the reception desk. Mao orders Coni into his office and she obediently goes. He turns and grabs Beto by the shirt giving him a gratuitous shove. He tells Gabi to dismiss Beto. He doesn't want to see him around anymore. Beto weakly says that he doesn't want to work here anymore, anyway. He's clearly not in a strong position to quibble. Beto shouts to Coni that he will wait here for her. Mao enters his office... through the new entrance he recently opened up using Beto's body.

Gabi focuses on Beto telling to go by personnel to sign his resignation. He objects, he's been damaged. She says that if it were left to her he'd be out on the street without a centavo. "I'm very angry with you and disappointed in what I've just found out." He backs to the elevator and extends his arms out to the sides,
"Why not just sacrifice me like Itzapalapa. ¡Orale!" She drags him away. Estrella tells Pau that she is leaving to check on Moni, but first the two decide to listen in on Coni and Mao. They scurry over and crouch at the open door.

This is not pretty. Coni speaks of "us" and points out that they are married, Then Mao let's her have it with both barrels. She is cynical. He has never loved her, she is the worst thing that's ever happened to him... uh, how about the tragic death of his wife and unborn child? How dare she look him in the eyes call him "mi amor?" His revulsion is turning into hate. You get the idea, lets move on to more pleasant surroundings.

Now isn't this nicer? We find ourselves in Xinena's and Rolu's bedroom where she is lovingly binding him to the bed. You will recall, she managed to convince him to stay by crashing a vase over his head. "¡Oops! ¡Ouch!" Still wrapped in a sheet, she sits astraddle his supine frame as she finishes tying his hands (the feet have been tied)
and carefully places his head comfortably on a pillow. She explains that she loves him and will not release him. "You can't imagine how difficult it was to get you up here." Soothingly she explains that they vowed to stay together until death parts them and now he will remain tied to the bed until death separates them. You've gotta love her resolve if not her method. She is clearly in control, but he asks to tell her three things. She is amused by this as she sniffs the sheets. "I'm all ears." "Uno, I didn't promise anything because I couldn't talk. Dos, I don't want to stay by your side. Tres, you can't keep me here by force." She starts to reply with three things of her own,"Uno..."but then says instead that she took care of him and loved him all the time he was in plaster, almost a year, and now he wants to walk away. So now he will remain tied until he loves her. She is sweet but firm. He implores, "I... don't... want... to... stay... with... you! Do you hear me?" Well, yes she does but here he'll stay because she's prepared to do "Todo, todo, todo, todo" to make their marriage work, and is only asking a little effort from him.

Thing are now calmer at the Sermeño Group offices as Jaqui and Oscar stroll past a bemused Gabi who asks where they've been. Oscar explains that they took refuge in the empty office during the earlier unpleasantness. She notes Jaqui's recent acquisition and he tells her that they are off to dinner. Gabi then spies Pau and Estre, themselves spying on Coni and Mao. She startles them from their concentration. She scolds them and they invite her to join them. She leads them away. They look pouty. Right now Mao is putting Coni in her place.

We, however, join Mao and Coni. Wow! Coni is not defeated She has important announcements of her own. She asks that he listen to her with the same grace and courtesy with which she listened to him. Uh oh. Mauricio scowls. He is definitely no match for Coni. She admits that she and Beto are lovers who have spent interminable nights in the throes of passion and later would laugh uncontrollably at he and Moni as they plotted to split them up. Now he will have to stay married to her for as long as she wishes unless he wants to lose the kids and all his money. Wow! I hate these little talks with Mauricio , but Coni is certainly a more spellbinding speaker than either Moni or Mao.

Nieves is in church on her knees. Make it short Nieves. God is busy. Somehow her plush lion purse which she clutches to her bosom detracts slightly from the sacred mood.
She crosses herself and proceeds to fill the Holy Virgin in on recent events, namely that Beto has impregnated the flute, er, ah, perdón, Señora Constanza. She explains that even though Coni is a viper and Beto has a few flaws, he, and she should be permitted to be with the baby who is innocent and after all, carries their blood as well. Tears... next!

Meintras tanto, Gabi, Pau, Ivan, and Estre are in the outer office. Gabi is trying to restore a semblance of order. She orders Pau to clean up the debris, sends Ivan on an errand with Sal. Now... She invites Estrella to join her for coffee, cookies, and... talk. Pau is feeling left out.

Now Mao's turn. "I hate with all my being!" Wow! Is that the best you've got Goldilocks? You poor pitiful dolt. Time to shut up and get a lawyer if that's all you can come up with. He tells her that her heart is incapable of love. She looks amused, puts her feet up on his desk and tells him that she has the tools to make his life even more miserable than it is. If she wishes, she can make things so bad that it will make his present life seem like a children's game. Right now she's getting bored and doesn't want to keep her lover waiting... oh, and by the way, "the previous rules still apply... you have to stay away from the monkey, while I can be with, sleep with my lover whenever the mood strike. One more thing you need must understand, I am a woman needs which Beto takes care of nicely. He is much more of a man than you. You are a pusillanimous puppet that I enjoy playing with." As Judy might say, "This lady has a pair and a spare." Wow!

Rolu is expertly tied spread-eagled on the bed with a gag in his mouth. Ximi is dressed in black with a red band across her hair which eerily matches her flaming red lipstick. She looks sweetly dangerous.
She is going out to work on plans for the marvelous fiesta she and Lalo are planning. She starts looking for something. Rolu, through the gag garbles "What are you looking for?" She smiles lovingly, "Your sense of humor." As she leaves she instructs him to behave. He weeps.

Oh Jeez! I thought Coni was leaving. Mao tells her that he will tell the judge about her and Beto. "Do it. You don't have videos or photos... no proof." "But there are witnesses." "Hey, do it. I'll just tell the judge I turned to another man because of your affair with Monita. Who do you think he'll believe?" Who indeed since she bought the judge. Give it up Mao. You're out of your league. Get a good lawyer.

In the coffee room Estre is filling Gabi in on the finer details of Mao's conversation with Coni. Too bad she missed Coni's rebuttal. Gabi wonders about the chances for Mao and Moni. They are interrupted by Aldo. Estre's always glad to see Aldo and welcomes him with a passionate kiss which mildly shocks Gabi. She starts to scold but Aldo tells her not to worry. His dad knows and is cool with it. Estre confirms this. Gabi is delighted. Aldo tells them he is here to see his dad and Gabi informs him that his dad is tied up at the moment. Aldo'll wait. Gabi gushes about how happy she is for them in spite of the vast difference in their ages. Heck, Salvador has twenty, maybe twenty-five years on her.

Moni strolls into the courtyard and Nieves is glad to see her. Nieves is almost giddy and shares with Moni... Then Moni tells Nieves that the bomb exploded giving details. Nieves is impactada.

As Pau sweeps up the debris, Jero strolls in and surveys the damage. "An earthquake?" She notes that he is late, but he informs her that as an owner, he comes and goes as he sees fit. "I'll be in my office. Bing me a coffee." Gabi then takes perverse pleasure in informing Jero that Jaqui has gone for dinner...with Oscar. He doesn't seem pleased.
Well, Coni has pretty well won this round and even pushes her luck. "I don't know if the child I'm expecting is his or yours. But that doesn't matter to you, does it?" She tells him it might make him feel better thinking it's his. Forget DNA testing, she'll not put her child at risk. As for whose name the kid'll have... later. She does promise not to flaunt her relationship with Beto... in front of the others. He feebly says he'll not give up till he's free of her. She leaves, and as she does, she blows a cynical kiss.
Mao grabs up the phone to call Salvador. Gee, that certainly went well.

Coni, invigorated by her chat with Mao, is shocked to see Estre and Aldo embracing openly in the outer office. Feeling her oats, she begins scolding them. Aldo tells her that Mao gave them permission to be together. "¡Hah! Mauricio no es nadie." Coni is the mommy and she forbids this ridiculous relationship. Gabi offers support for the young lovers to no avail. Mao is no more successful as he walks up. Coni exits. Her work here is done... everyone is miserable. Nevertheless he tries to reassure the young and not so young lovers, though he cautions them about PDA here. He reminds Aldo that they have a dinner date.

Moni and Nieves are sitting at the Ochoa dining table. Nieves wants to know how bad a beating pretty-boy gave her child. Moni is fed up with both. Nieves ends up giving Moni sales pitch on the value of both lads. Beto is like a brother and Mao adores her. Yeah, well, it's gonna take awhile for Moni to forgive either.

Downstairs Coni and Beto reunite. Permit me to say how attractive she looks in her little black dress and black patterned stockings. He was worried about her. "Did he hit you?" She finds his concern charming. She tells him that every thing is cool but they will have to take precautions. She gently kisses his battered face. Awww.

In his office Mao and Aldo confer. Aldo and Katia suspected the liaison between Beto and Coni but had no proof. Mao is more concerned about Moni. He's never seen her so angry. Aldo reminds him that she loves him, then he steers the conversation to a subject more dear to him... Aldo and Estrella. Mao says don't worry, just keep it secret. "Like the secret we share about Furia?" Uh, yeah. About work, Aldo will work in the record room. "Better'n Ivan?" "Uh... different."

"Jero is fit to be tied. "Where could that filthy rat have taken her?" He spots them returning. "Oscar, we need to talk." "Not now, I've gotta talk to Mao. He asks Gabi if Mao's in. Jero is deflated and Gabi can't resist bringing out the needle. She doesn't want to throw more wood on the fire but if she were Jaqui, who would she choose? He's not amused. "Of course I would choose... Oscar." He's already walking.

In Mao's office Oscar welcomes Aldo and offers help if he needs anything. Mao buzzes Gabi and asks her to take Aldo to the record room. OK, and she tells him the guys are coming to install the new glass. Oscar cautions Mao about hiring minors, then flatters Mao by saying the world would be a better place if all dads were like Mao. Gack. He then tells Mao he's sorry about things with Coni and warns him that Coni could make his life a nightmare. Ya think? Mao reminds him that he was the one who drew up the prenup. "Just doin' my job. Nothing personal." Then he brings this gripping episode to a close. "Trust me and I'll help you make the divorce a reality."



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