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La Fea Más Bella #114 9/29/06 The Horse Whisperer

Alicia & Tomas
Alicia is listening to the horse guy on the phone with someone, reporting that the doctor said that Camila (the original horse) is too sick for the commercial and the replacement horse, Relampago, is very jumpy. He wonders if the model will be able to ride him. After he leaves, Alicia goes to Relampago's stall. She tries to make friends with him, flatters him, explains that she wants to be the model for the commercial, and asks him to do her a favor – throw Pilar! The horse seems to whinny in agreement. Tomas, skulking in the background, puts his fist against his mouth in horror.
Alicia goes on to give Relampago detailed instructions on how to throw Pilar. Not hard enough to cripple her badly, Alicia says. Just enough so she can't do the commercial. Then, later, she will ride him herself. (She tries to give the horse a hug, but he pulls away irritably.) She tells him that he has to make her look really good. (She tries to snuggle close again, and he pushes her away with his nose. She is annoyed, but quickly recovers.) She says she's going to be a big star. She makes kissies at him.
Tomas loses his balance and makes a noise. He hides before she can see him. She bids Relampago a fond farewell and runs away as quickly as those ridiculous shoes will take her.
Rodolfo & Sara
Sara is still trying to get a rise out of the security guy. She gropes him. She dances for him. Lola, PM, and Saimon cheer her on. He's not moving. I think he's dead. Lola thinks so too. Sara puts her head against his chest to listen. She says it feels good. She tries to put his arm around her, but it keeps falling away! Sara smiles contentedly.
After some more nagging from the peanut gallery, Sara dances for Rodolfo again, more like a stripper this time. A reverse-stripper who takes off other people's clothes... namely Rodolfo's. She removes his tie and whips him playfully with it. Lola pulls Sara away and puts the tie back on Rodolfo... on his head. They drag Sara away, kicking and screaming.
I, personally, am heartbroken. I was hoping to find out how far Rodolfo would let this go.
The commercial
Pilar is complaining about a bad smell. The makeup guy says he bathes three times a day. She retorts that the whole place smells terrible. And the heat is killing her. What kind of rinky-dink operation is this, anyway?
Plus, she's very displeased with her appearance. She can't decide whether it's the makeup or the hair; it's all awful. Irma points out that it's the same hair and makeup Pilar approved yesterday. Pilar snottily replies that that was before; today is different. She's in a different mood today, and wants to change everything. Irma offers to discuss it with Fern; Pilar doesn't want to. If she can't change her look, she won't do the commercial. (I say they should take her up on that offer and give the job to Yazmin for 1/10th the price.)
Outside, Gerardo (the lighting guy) explains that he needs to adjust his lighting for the model's clothing. Lety jokes there won't be much clothing to speak of. Fern mentions the possibility of the horse throwing Pilar. He explains that she will ride out on the horse, wearing a cape; swish swish swish in the breeze; she'll throw off the cape, revealing the underwear. Lety runs to fetch the underwear from Irma.
Pilar is telling the makeup guy to make her eyes more blue. (They are brown.) By now, she has on enough makeup to be a clown. Irma confides to Lety, who has just entered the trailer, that Luigi is a saint compared to Pilar. She is the most insufferable person Irma has ever met in her life. (Pilar is complaining about makeup guy's shaky hands. Her eyes are uneven. Etc.) Lety says you can tell me about this later, but right now I need the clothes. Irma gives them to her, but Pilar wants to see them first. She claims that red is her favorite color, and the clothes are the only thing she likes about this job.
Lety takes the cape and the red bra and thong. Pilar tells the makeup guy to go away for lunch. Apparently, he doesn't, because he's still there in the next scene. Outside, Fern and Gerardo continue to set up for the commercial. It seems that Fern is not expecting Pilar's horse ride to last very long! Fern expresses slightly more enthusiasm for the underwear than Lety would like.
Alicia approaches, hiding behind a fence. Tomas follows at a discreet distance. He overhears Fern talking about “ropa interior.” Apparently, Tomas didn't know this was going to be an underwear commercial. The prospect of seeing Alicia in underwear makes him giddy.
Gerardo says that red is a bad color to work with. (Wouldn't Luigi have known that?) Lety tells Fern that the red was the only thing Pilar liked about this production; she's not going to want to change it. Fern panics and stomps off to the trailer, followed by Alicia, who is followed by Tomas. A stray lighting man blocks Alicia's path. She tries to get around him, but can't. He asks her to get him a lemonade. She begins to protest indignantly, then realizes that she's wearing the waitress uniform. She says she'll bring it soon.
Inside the trailer, Pilar is still being difficult with the makeup guy. Irma tells Fern that her patience is running out. He feels the same way. He asks her for a blessing to sustain him. They do a breathing exercise together. Rejuvenated and refreshed, he confronts Pilar. He tells her that this look (clowny makeup and her hair down) is not what they had agreed upon. She tells him, “look, my image is my choice, not yours... Pavel.” Flustered, he mutters to Irma, “again with the Pavel.”
He lectures her about being prepared to do the commercial. It's not that complicated, he tells her. Instead, though, she wants him to tell her about his life. What's he been up to in the last few years? Does he still like ugly girls? (Referring to how Pavel dumped her in favor of his own assistant, a frumpy girl with a mustache.) Fern flashes back to kissing Lety at Omar's place.
Irma helps Fern redirect the conversation back to his favorite topic, the commercial. He says she's going to put on this cape. (Irma brings out the storyboard.) He describes the swishing beautiful satin cape and how it opens up, revealing... (He has to pause while the makeup guy has a minor conniption.)
Pilar interrupts. She didn't know anything about a cape. She wants to ride out in just the underwear. No cape. He says we're going to do it the way we contracted to do it. (Irma indicates the storyboard again.) She's going to wear the cape and open it up (makeup guy reacts again). Pilar disagrees.
Outside, Gerardo is explaining the finer technical points of color and video to Lety. He says the red would look fine if they were just doing it on film, but they're doing it on tape. (There was some tension between Luigi and Fern in the early months of this show when Fern tried to get Luigi to switch from film to tape; it was before I started watching, unfortunately. Maybe Luigi chose red specifically to spite Fern for making him switch to tape.) I think Lety also says the red looks trashy or cheap. Gerardo says they really need to use a different color. He asks Lety why her eyelid is twitching. She explains that it happens when she's nervous or worried.
Outside the trailer, Fern is just about ready to cancel the whole thing. Just then, who should show up but Ricardo and his entourage! Ricardo (no relation to Ricky Armstrong of Bella Life) wants to know how it's going. Fern says it's going great and Ricardo should immediately go off to whatever other commitments he may have. Just then, Lety runs up, screaming that they have to change the color of the underwear. Fern introduces her to Ricardo and his staff, and hurriedly suggests that they all go to the chow tent for some coffee.
Ricardo loves Julieta's mole. Fern thinks he's kidding, but Ricardo says no, it's awesome. Other events have elegant, sophisticated catering, but it's just for looks. This stuff is seriously wonderful. Julieta is charmed. :-)
Fern pulls Ricardo aside and says there's just one tiny little technical problem. They can't use the red underwear. It'll look awful on TV. But the model loves the red and she doesn't want to wear the cape. Ricardo says that's too bad – the commercial needs to be done the way it was storyboarded.
Julieta overhears this and is surprised – this is an underwear commercial?? She worries RoboPop will have a heart attack when he finds out. Fern asks Lety and her mother to discuss this someplace else. (They do. It's boring. They also wonder when RoboPop will get back with the salsa.)
Alicia (followed by Tomas) teeters back to the trailer, where Pilar is still tormenting the makeup guy. He excuses himself (perhaps to take one of his three daily baths) and Alicia enters. Pilar snidely asks if Alicia worked out all that unpleasantness with her credit card at the supermarket. Then she asks if Alicia still works at Conceptos – because today she's a waitress. Alicia says of course not – she's doing a movie nearby, playing a waitress. You see, she's an actress! Pilar scoffs, but Alicia insists that it's just one of her many facets. Soooooo... how's the commercial going, Pilar?
Pilar admits it's going poorly. They want her to go out there wearing a cape. Alicia offers sympathy and friendship, and says she overheard Fernando talking with the clients – they're not going to let Pilar have her way. Pilar sees this as an exciting challenge. Alicia says she has to get back to her movie set, and asks Pilar not to tell Fern she was there. She adds that Pilar is wearing way too much makeup – she (Pilar) should get them to fix it. She gets up and leaves.
Tomas, who has been peeping through the window, scurries underneath the trailer as Alicia exits, very pleased with herself. Tomas is so mesmerized by Alicia's retreating legs that he doesn't notice Sara, Lola, PM, and Saimon approach. They apprehend him, call him a voyeur, etc. He gives a false name (so they won't tell Lety he was there). Sara says the next time she sees him, she'll give him a knuckle sandwich. They drag him away. (Wait, shouldn't Rodolfo be doing this?) Alicia watches from a hiding place, wondering who this weird man is.
They drag Tomas to the country club entrance and throw him out. Lola and Sara want to go back to investigate a scream they just heard (more on that later). I think PM and Saimon talk about finding a secluded spot. Tomas tries to get back into the country club, but the guard doesn't want to let him through. As they are discussing this, they hear a siren. Tomas panics, thinking Sara has called to have him arrested, but it's just the policeman escorting RoboPop with the green salsa. Pop vouches for Tomas, and since the guard sees that Pop is friendly with a cop, he can't very well throw Tomas out. They find Saimon and PM sucking face in the parking lot. RoboPop chides them for carrying on in public. Tomas crouches in the car, trying not to get caught again. RoboPop explains to Tomas that they are Lety's friends. This worries Tomas. Now he can never show his face around Lety's friends?? Tomas asks RoboPop didn't he ever publicly show affection to Doña Julieta? Offended, Pop says what kind of a question is that?
Lety tries to console her panicky boss/boyfriend outside Pilar's trailer. He asks what would become of him, without her? She says he would be fine – he's smart and all that. He tells her she's an angel. She puckers up for a kiss. He almost goes for it, then pulls back – he doesn't think it's a good idea out in the open where everyone might see. He steels himself and goes back into the trailer. Lety waits outside.
Pilar has more complaints about her appearance. Fern says something about ten million pesos, but it doesn't work. He says Ricardo is here. Pilar says good – then he can see for himself what a disaster this production is. He says they still want to do it the way they originally agreed, with the satin cape. She doesn't want to hear about it from him. She tells him that she spoke to a woman from Conceptos who had fat legs and was wearing a waitress uniform. He doesn't know of any fat waitress at Conceptos. :-) She says if she can't have things her way, it's not going to happen at all. No cape. Fern is about to strangle her. The makeup guy pulls him away, begging him not to ruin his life getting blood on his hands, etc. He seems to enjoy groping Fern.
Fern leaves the trailer. His screams are heard all over the country club. The feas in the chow tent look around nervously. The film crew and Ricardo wonder what that sound is. Alicia gloats that Pilar must have just pulled out of the job. Fern tells Lety he feels better.
Lety has an idea. She says the worst thing that can happen to a diva is to meet a worse diva. Therefore, they should have Pilar speak to Luigi. (The makeup guy nods knowingly.) Fern thinks it's crazy to put two divas together, but Lety thinks it's the only way to get Pilar to listen. Fern is worried what Luigi will think of him if he asks him for help, but finally agrees to make the phone call.
Luigi is loafing in a gym, enjoying the scenery. He hasn't started filming yet. He asks Fern what sorts of silly things are happening over there in Mexico. He says it must be very difficult to do the underwear commercial without Luigi Lombardi. (He takes a moment to inspect the physique of a man in the gym. He gives his hearty approval.) Fern tells Luigi that Pilar is insufferable – even more so than Luigi. She won't go along with the storyboard. (Luigi is more interested in the men in the gym.) Luigi said he could fix the problem if he were there, but he's in Germany, thank God, so no, he can't help. Fern just wants to know what to do. Luigi throws a hissy fit, telling Fern not to yell at him because he's sensitive, he's very far from home, and he's lonely, and bored, his boyfriend is touring all over Germany and he's stuck there by himself. Then he says eh, he's not so lonely (surrounded by hot men). And he'll speak to Pilar.

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Barrera de Amor recap: September 29

  • Jacinta warms to the idea of her godson Rodrigo being Federico's son and therefore yet another illegitimate Valladolid, "even if he too is the result of lechery." Federico says Manola sought him one night... "I'm very repentent." He uses the magic phrase: "in Rodrigo's veins runs the blood of Vallodolid..." and Jacinta agrees to help get him sprung from jail.

    She says Rodrigo and Veronica being first cousins won't prevent their getting married; a dispensation can be obtained.

  • Sergio and Remedios barge into the hacienda and demand that Jacinta explain her connection to the bracelet. Jeez, I find this whole thread so flimsy and pointless, but there were some fun interchanges, to wit: "You killed your husband!" "No, the bull killed him." "No, you did it." "No, it was the Hand of God." "You think YOU are the hand of God."

  • Rodrigo's guests in jail include:

    • Andres and Valeria (they've been standing there since yesterday), still shocked just shocked. Rodrigo apologizes for wrecking their life so casually.

    • Manola: "We're doing all we can for you, honey." "Mother, you were never affectionate." "Don't be a martyr! Besides, it's your own fault. Remember when you waved that gun around in front of the hired help, when you were threatening Daniel? They probably ratted you out."

      Manola is shocked, just shocked, that Rodrigo suspects his own grandfather killed Omar. Thinking a bit, however, she turns and says, "That crazy old coot, come to think of it maybe he did, I'll have him locked up."

    • Federico and Jacinta. Manola tries to slip away but Federico grabs her, saying she should hear the following: "Rodrigo, I, uh, I, not Gustavo, am your father." Rodrigo goes nuts, far beyond impactado. Yells about betrayal. Manola: "Well, I did it for you too, I never loved Gustavo - I married him to keep the family from ruin - he would have put me out on the street..." Jacinta interrupts: "Actually, it's all Maite's fault, because if she hadn't seduced my son Adolfo, Manola would have married him." Federico mutters to himself that he was intimate with Manola before that - but nobody's listening to anybody.

    Rodrigo has had it with all of them and sends them away, leaving only Jacinta who says, "One more thing: your dad Federico is my dead husband's son." Rodrigo just sinks to the floor of his cell, completely overstimulated. He needs a snack and a nap in my opinion. I'm speaking as a mother here.

  • Twisted Doc Pardo has demanded money from Rafael and Jacaranda so he can flee before he gets arrested.

    Timid Violeta sneaks into his office and starts filming miscellaneous knick-knacks.

    Rafael, Pardo, and Jacaranda arrive with a big suitcase of money and loudly discuss all their murders etc.

    Maite, who was also eavesdropping unbeknownst to Violeta, bursts in. Rafael is a bit giggly and admits to strangling Magdalena, Veronica's mother. Then he jumps on Maite and starts strangling her.

    Violeta is impactada and sinks behind the desk in terror. We see Veronica, at her current age, sitting with Violeta and Vera as young girls. All three hold hands and then the two alter-egos disappear. Re-integrated Veronica has the courage to get up and bash Rafael unconscious.

    The police take Rafael away. Veronica got some of the strangling on her videotape, so that's convenient.

    Veronica now remembers everything, including Rafael's murdering her mother. She is now completely cured, sez Doc Monica just prior to going to affirm officially: Veronica no longer needs the tutelage of her grandmother. Victor and Maite get hugs, kisses, tears, and apologies from Veronica, who also no longer needs so many loony nicknames.

  • Federico brings Rafael cigarettes in jail. Rafael blusters that Jacinta must spring him, since he knows so many of her dirty secrets, but Federico says: "It's DOÑA JACINTA to you" and leaves, not before saying, "I could bring you a book to help pass the time. 100 Years of Solitude is supposed to be quite good." Heh.

  • Back at the hacienda, Jacinta asks Valeria: "Who's been looking through my address book and leaving it open to Doc Pardo's number?" Valeria plays dumb.

    Jacinta goes in the back room and dumps about half a cup of poison powder into a little cup of tea. "I can control my grand-daughters with MORE medicine, they'll be MORE tranquil - I can't have them going against my wishes."

    Valeria looks at the tea cross-eyed and says, "It makes me feel so bad." "Nonsense, what harm can herbal medicines do? DRINK IT!"

    Maite bursts in, shouts, asserts, and holds Jacinta down while Valeria gets the baby. All escape down the tunnel. Cleo follows and sees the tunnel.

  • Nicolas independently thinks up the whole "tell Jacinta that Rodrigo is a Valladolid" thing and goes to Federico, brandishing the stolen birth certificate Federico had assumed to be a figment. As Federico starts to ask questions, Nicolas giggles and says: "Oh, you know how Manola drags people into things..."

  • Evening mass has ended; Jacinta is schmoozing with the Padre. In come Maite, Valeria, the Maldonados, Andres, Unibrow and everybody else (the shot is framed so their heads are cut off but you can guess). Maite says "I will unmask you, Jacinta, and the Linares as well."

    Then Gustavo rolls in, to almost everybody's surprise! He tells Jacinta: "One time, when you thought I was in a coma, I heard you confess to murdering your own husband!"

There will, no doubt, be more revelations Monday night when the show's long, long run finally comes to an end.


Heridas de Amor, Thursday, September 28

We open with Bertha telling her dog that she came very close to making Gonzo go crazy wondering which of his daughters wasn’t his. She repeats her justification for destroying Gonzalo and his family is the fact that he rejected her. Squeaky comes in to her room crying having overheard Gonzalo say that he isn’t the father of one of his daughter and she is sure it is her. Bertha comforts her in a way that makes her feel worse.

Luciano comes to tell Alejandro that he has completed the purchase of a block of SLI stock and if he can buy Julio’s holdings, Al will own 49% of the company and can protect it from Sleazar’s evil plans. Luciano warns Al that buying Julio’s stock may be difficult since Sleazar and Julio have set up their own investment company and they are luring SLI customers away. Al is angry and tells Luciano to go to Rebeca’s house the next morning.

Squeaky tells Bertha that after the ceremony, she and Juan are going to Gonzo’s office to tell him about the marriage. ‘What! No honeymoon?’ exclaims Bertha. Squeaky says that Juan can’t take any vacation from the hospital and he doesn’t have any money. Bertha gives Squeaky some cash and tells her to tell Juan that it is her savings. It isn’t much but they could go to Acapulco. ‘What if he doesn’t accept it?’ asks Squeaky. ‘Keep it for something that you may need in the miserable life that it is awaiting you,’ responds Bertha.

Miranda calls the hacienda to say that she is coming there. Gabino says that the telephone equipment was destroyed so they can only communicate by cell phone. There is some stuff about harvesting the cacao crop but since bimbos in bikinis are not going to do it, I really don’t care very much about it. Miranda asks after Naty and Gabino tells her that Naty is talking about some tree near the river.

Luciano visits Julio and says that he will pay whatever Julio wants for his SLI stock.

Bertha goes to Sleazar’s apartment. She wants to buy SLI stock. She tells Sleazar that he has done all the damage to SLI that he wanted and now he should help her get Julio to sell her his stock.

Lasagna is dreamily eating her breakfast while Daira and Al quiz her about why she came home so late. She is unresponsive. Al and Daira are annoyed. Lasagna tells them to stop treating her like a child.

Carola comes into Amparo’s house. She is upset that Juan is not marrying her. She will always love him even though he can’t reciprocate.

Miranda and Pamela plan to go to the bank to confront the bank officer about the boycott on giving the family a line of credit. They have to have some money to harvest the cacao. Miranda says that maybe she should be completely self-centered like Squeaky but she can’t. She hopes Squeaky is happy.

Squeaky is not happy. Juan brings her to his house. She reacts like he lives in a mud hut. Veronica and Erica arrive with the wedding cake. Juan gives Squeaky a ring and she forces herself to say that she likes it while her friends giggle in the background. Amparo and Francisco arrive and Squeaky has a flashback to her snotty performance when she encountered them selling tacos outside the church. [This is someone who lives in Mexico City and she is disgusted by street vendors???] She won’t shake Francisco’s hand.

Al and Luciano are putting pressure on the bank officer to tell them whether it was Bertha who opened the account in Santiago’s name. All of a sudden Miranda comes in and says to Al, ‘You know Luciano?’ Uh oh. The banker saves the day by telling Luciano that he should wait outside until the banker is finished with Al’s business. Since they presumably are strangers, Pamela introduces Luciano to Miranda who is cold and to Al.

Amparo gives Squeaky a gift of a wedding dress and Squeaky is hard pressed to conceal her disgust. Veronica rubs in the shame of the situation while Erica looks troubled.

The banker says that he can’t remember anything about who opened the account in the name of his uncle. Al is annoyed but he can’t threaten the guy since he did him a favor with the Luciano situation. Once Al’s business is done, Miranda tells the banker that all national and international banks have been told not to give her a line of credit. She meekly accepts the banker’s statement that if he shows her the memorandum, he will lose his job. Outside the bank, Miranda says that she will sell her car, Flor’s car and maybe Squeaky’s to get money for the hacienda. Al says such extreme solutions aren’t necessary.

Vincente comes to see Gonzo. Gonzo had him try and get more time to pay for the light and telephone bills. Gonzo is more interested in where Fernanda is. Vincente tells him that she is performing open-heart surgery and may be busy for several hours. Gonzo tells Vincente to go back to the hospital and wait for her and bring her to him or he will go to her. He needs to speak to her urgently.

Squeaky puts on the wedding dress. Veronica goes to town mocking it. Squeaky says that it would be a fine dress for her servant. Amparo overhears this and tries not to cry. Squeaky thinks it might be better to leave before the judge comes. She has second thoughts – Juan loves her and she doesn’t want to hurt him. ‘You’ll hurt him more if he finds out you married him on a bet,’ says Veronica. Squeaky tells her to be quiet, Amparo might hear.

Gonzo goes to see Rebeca. He is angry and pushes her into a chair and yells at her. I think Gonzo found out that the father of Sleazar and Fab is Julio. Rebeca tells him that she hasn’t found a way to tell Julio about this. Gonzo says that Julio has the right to know. Rebeca says that she needs more time. Gonzo then asks her how she found out that Flor was not Gonzo’s child. Rebeca says that Fab told her. Gonzo says he wants to know how Fab and Bertha found out. Rebeca has a green memory of telling Bertha this very thing. She starts to cry, Julio comes in and scolds Gonzo.

At the exchange of vows, at first it appears that Squeaky stops the wedding and says she has made a terrible mistake. She can’t marry someone whose whole house is smaller than her bedroom. Juan says that they won’t be poor forever. Squeaky says that she can’t wait. But then it is clear that this is a fantasy. When the judge asks her if she takes Juan as her husband, she answers that she does and they are married.

Back at Rebeca's house, Gonzo says to Julio that he doesn't know if this is the last time he will see him but it is the last time he will be in this house. Gonzo wonders what happened between them when for generations before their families helped each other. Julio tells Gonzo that he changed when Fernanda left him and everyone had to pay for the damage that he believed she caused. Gonzo tells him not to invent stories.

Bertha brings out the briefcase that Al's father left at the hacienda on the night he was shot. She needs money to outbid Luciano for Julio's SLI stock and she will sell Alfredo Luque's jewelry designs to get it. She notices a hidden pocket in the briefcase and finds some papers. Reading them, she gets that self-satfisfied smirk. These papers will get her money and Al.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

La Fea Más Bella #113 9/28/06 A Horse, A Waitress and a Drama Queen (I'm not talking about Pilar and Alica!)

“…but he’s a bronco.” And so begins our episode!

Fernando laments his misfortune. A bronco and a model who does not like horses!

Pilar shouts at her friend. She doesn’t want to film the commercial anymore. She fell off a horse when she was two years old. She doesn’t care that she promised. Her life and integrity come first. She’s not going to the commercial. punto…

Alicia attempts to enter the grounds where the commercial will be shot. The security guard wants to see her identification. Oh wait! He recognizes her. He brings out a black board with her picture on it. He’s been told that she’s “blacklisted.” Tomas wanders in around the van behind Alicia. He hides in the bushes and watches. The security guard tells her to move. She tells him that she’s not on the list because she is the model and received a late notice. The security guard doesn’t believe her and tells her to leave again.

Irmita calls Pilar who lays in her bed yelling at the phone that she’s not going because she’s scared. Irmita and Lola start to freak. Julieta asks if anyone will eat her mole if Pilar doesn’t show up. Martha assures her that it will definitely be eaten. Irmita yells at Martha. Fernando comes on the scene and asks what’s wrong. Pilar is not here! He asks Lety if Pilar didn’t show up because of last night. Julieta interrupts with some coffee. She keeps talking and Fernando tries to tell her thank you, but rush her off. Fernando says he’s going to “kill” someone. Why hasn’t Pilar shown up?

Erasmo watches as the men on the course practice their swings. The men try to explain to Erasmo that their money is working, even if they’re not. They ask Erasmo if he golfs. When he tells them no they try to explain the “art” of golf to him. He looks confused.

Sara stares at the security guard. Lola interrupts and takes the security guard’s sunglasses. Who knows what he’s looking at. Sara tells Lola how much she loves him. Lola tells her not to be crazy. Sara knows that she has an important chore to do, but she can’t help but to stare some more.

The tall guy tries to demonstrate a swing to Erasmo. (Not that his swing is all that great!) Erasmo approaches the ball with club in hand.

Fernando and Lety wander the golf course in front of a group of golfers. She’s trying to calm him and he wanders around with his head in his hands. Cut to Erasmo, who hits a golf ball… right into Fernando’s belly!

Juana serves coffee. The cuartel gathers. They talk about all their boyfriends. Martha mentions Lety and Tomas. They call themselves the cuartel of love! Julieta says nothing about Lety and Fernando not being a couple. (maybe she didn’t hear???) Paula Maria and Saimon show up, late again. Lola tries to give it to them, but neither seems to care. They’re here, and they’re ready to work.

Fernando hunches over and Lety asks him why she doesn’t hear him breathing. Erasmo approaches in the golf cart of his new friends. Fernando says he very well knows who he wants to kill now. Fernando sees that the other two golfers are friends! They ask where his father is. He tells them that his parents are in London. “The one in Europe?” Yeah. He asks them to continue to teach Erasmo golf. Lety sighs and runs after Fernando. The men continue to try to teach Erasmo golf.

Alicia parks outside a fence and gets out from her car. Tomas runs up to the back of the car and follows her. She puts her leg on the fence to climb it. “What legs!” Tomas exclaims. She decides she can’t climb the fence and gets back into her car. She sees a club car pass and gets a good idea. Tomas is left laying in the road.

Irmita continues to call Pilar. She’s still yelling at her phone saying she’s not going to film the commercial. Fernando watches Irmita and then goes on a tangent and repeats all the stuff Pilar said about being a professional the night before. He calls Conceptos. Alicia is not there and he wants to know why he pays her to answer the phones, and she’s not even in the office.

Alicia pulls up to the service entrance. She kisses her car good-bye and then runs over to the club car. Tomas follows her and accidentally shuts her inside the truck. She falls over and complains. She finds an outfit to change into. Tomas sneaks in beside the truck. Alicia changes into a maid outfit. She has a remembers a scene when she told the waitress that her soup is was cold. She berates the waitress for not bringing her hot food. She’s ashamed of where she currently is, but it’s all to get the money she needs. (Apparently, that's what they make the waitress wear. My bad!) Alicia finds her way outside of the truck. Tomas watches on as the truck driver and others ask her what she’s doing there. She says she works for the club. He tells her that the restaurant is very far away and the waitresses don’t usually use that entrance. She says she’s new. He says that’s okay. She starts to walk to the restaurant but goes the wrong way. The driver points her in the right direction. She complains about having to leave her other outfit behind.

Fernando did not learn his lesson about wandering on golf courses and he’s walking around the course again. Lety tries to calm him some more, but he keeps yelling about how it’s all over. He doesn’t have the right production team to deal with emergencies like this. The things that bothers him the most is the money. How are they going to pay it back if there’s no commercial! They’ll have to dissolve Conceptos!

Pilar’s phone continues to ring and she actually answers! Someone is yelling at her. She's mad because the person on the phone signed the contract, and she didn’t know that obligated her to go. (I’m assuming this person is her agent). She decides to keep it positive; after all, she gets to see Pavel. She’s absolutely sure that Fernando is Pavel!

Irmita tells Fernando again that Pilar is not there. The technicians come up and tell him that all the equipment is ready. He knows. He and Irmita go off with the technicians. Meanwhile, Martha tastes Julieta’s food. Julieta and Lety tell the cuartel about how good the food is. Everyone applauds. Julieta spazzes when she can’t find her green salsa. Erasmo comes up and asks if Fernando is okay. Erasmo tells her that his new friends have been teaching him to play golf. Everything boils over and freaks! Saimon gives a dramatic speech about Paula Maria and then runs after her. Saimon, Paula Maria and Lola talk on the cart path. He tells Lola that she’s freaking a little much just because of forgotten salsa. They asks where is Sara? Lola tells them that she’s with a tall man. They ask if she’s serious. Lola says he’s tall but he’s… You have to seem him to understand. They run off for Sara and her tall man.

Julieta has a nice dramatic novela moment about her forgotten salsa. Juana and Martha set her in a chair. “No puede ser! No puede ser!" I think this line is required for a show to be classified a novela. ;-) Lety runs off.

The technicians talk to Fernando about planning the shoot. Lety runs up and asks him for his cell phone. She says she’s going to call the model. Irmita follows her and Lety tells her about the forgotten salsa. She's not really calling Pilar.

Erasmo tries to calm Julieta and it almost works until Lety runs up and tells her that Tomas is not answering the phone. Erasmo says he’ll go home and get the salsa. The cuartel takes Julieta to the restroom to calm down. Lety doubts that her father will be able to return on time.

Sara tries to get Adolfo (or Rodolfo?) to make some kind of expression. She asks him a bunch of questions, removes his sunglasses and gets really close. Nothing works. Saimon, Paula Maria and Lola enter the scene. Paula Maria says he’s very handsome. Lola says sure, but he has no emotion whatsoever. Sara comes over and says watch this. She puts her hands in his coat and exclaims how strong he is. She puts his hands on her. Next she tries a joke about a gun. Nope! Looks like Sara is SOL. She goes back over to the cuartel for help but all they do is joke at her and the security guard's expense. Saimon thinks they should dress him up in a really tall black hat. Sara thinks Saimon is funny, but she just wants to seduce him.

Alicia walks up to the tent and spies on the scene. Lety, Fernando and Irmita talk around a table. Fernando wants to cancel the commercial. Lety protests. Alicia whispers to herself that she’ll save them! At that moment, Pilar arrives. Fernando gives Pilar and evil look. Pilar comes in and calls Fernando Pavel. Lety and Fernando remind her that his name is Fernando. Fernando tells Pilar that its not professional to show up late. She says that commercials always start filming late anyway! Irmita rushes Pilar off to the make-up area. Fernando mumbles about not liking Pilar but Lety reminds Fernando that Pilar is scared of horses, and they don’t really have another option.

Julieta laments her failure to bring all the food with Juana and Marthain the bathroom. Juana tries to cheer her up by doing some sort of native dance. She tells Julieta to do it too. Julieta laughs and says that she can’t. We’re treated to an Erasmo impersonation and more tears come.

Erasmo is doing his best to speed home. He even disrupts the police man and his "official business" with some chick. The officer pulls up next to Erasmo and tells him to pull over. The officer asks if Erasmo is driving so bad because of his age. (It’s not Sunday, Erasmo! Please keep all Sunday driving to yourself until then.) Erasmo explains to the police officer about the salsa. Erasmo appeals to him as a married man. The police officer lets him go and says he’ll follow him to the house. Julieta enters the tent feeling much better.

Gerardo (one of the technicians) is in the tent and Lety asks Fernando to tell him that Pilar is here now. Pilar is in the camper complaining. The make-up artists bites back. She decides to complain about the camper instead. She talks to Irmita and then goes back to complaining about her hair and make-up. Irmita says it’s the same style that she approved yesterday. Pilar says that was yesterday, and now she wants it all to be changed!

Will the horse bite Alicia?
Will the horse buck off Pilar? (Can you tell that I have high hopes for this horse?)
Have we finally met the female equivalent of Luigi?
Is Fernando's bad day finally over, or has it just begun?

Hasta Lunes amigos! Go Ohio State! -- I couldn't resist. :-)~


Barrera de Amor recap: September 28

  • We must start with Veronica, aka V3. Alter-ego #2, the timid but sweet Violeta, newly sprung from the mirror wherein she was trapped when Alter-ego #1 Vera escaped and crushed the glass, has now crushed the glass trapping Vera. (If you haven't been watching this show, there's no way you're going to understand this.) Violeta wraps the mirror in a cloth and scuttles out of the room, determined to act like Vera so Jacinta will suspect nothing - Violeta wants to stay at the hacienda to help her half-sister Valeria! Who, ironically, is only staying at the hacienda to help V3!

    Violeta picks up the invite to last night's fiasco at Las Barricas and then runs into Rodrigo, who says, "I want to be frank, it's not that I didn't enjoy macking with you, but I'm starting to have feelings for another." "That's fine. What is this invitation? What happened at that party?" I guess Rodrigo tells her - next thing we know the chauffeur has driven her to Shrek's estate and she is tearfully reunited with Victor and Maite.

    And reveals that she is the third piece of V3, whom nobody's met before. Violeta explains: she and Vera each know everything that's going on, while poor Veronica is always in the dark. "When Vera was crazy, I stopped her! When Vera was about to marry Federico, the police showed up and she was afraid, so she just disappeared and left poor confused Veronica to face the music!" Violeta says she is the only one who can "unmask" Jacinta; she will have to bring Jacinta down and also help Valeria.

    Violeta is just getting around to talking about the Guillermo problem when Jacinta arrives with the police. Violeta instantly pretends to be Vera: "I was just telling these rotten people I never wanted to see them again." She leaves with Jacinta. Doctor Monica, who is mostly just useless (avoid blond bimbo psychiatrists), does manage this sage observation: "The fact that Violeta is pretending to be Vera and is trying to solve problems means she's getting stronger."

    We do see Violeta holding her own with Jacinta, even trying to snarl. She says she's tired, goes up to bed, and starts gasping as soon as she's out of earshot. "I can't keep up this farce, my nerves are shot, but I have to be strong for Valeria!"

  • Violeta apologizes to Valeria sweetly and they make up, promising to be united, like sisters, forever. Violeta tells Valeria that she knows at least one of Jacinta's "proofs" against Maite is false. "I remember, because I was born at that House of Ill Repute and lived there with my mother. It was my birthday, Maite was cook at Victor's restaurant - she brought me a cake - then the police came! And the photographers!

    Further: "Valeria, you know how I found out that Mom loved you? I discovered her photo album - she had pictures of you at all your birthdays, all the way back, and of you at our graduation." Val cries.

  • Andres sends the Bonbon away. The Bonbon is sad, and is single, for about 14 seconds. Then that suave matador shows up (the one that usually wears a chartreuse shirt) and hits on her and off they go. So there's one sub-plot out of the way, thank goodness.

  • Guillermo's sister Betina, who lives in Italy and has missed all the family machinations, shows up at Guillermo's apartment, where Mommy is living alone, and vows to join the team trying to find Guillermo.

    Victor is still sadly certain it was his sweetie who pilfered the Magdalena letter. Who else?

  • Well, it was Rafael, as you know. It's not worth going into the Rafael and Doc Pardo thing tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

  • Federico, who is cold and mean and will hopefully come to a bad end, is maybe the sexiest guy in this novela. Anyway, he's got things set up now so he can suck funds out of Jacinta's trove at will. He reports this to Luis Antonio and puts out his hand to shake, but Shrek does not take his hand.

    As he receives a fax (it has a bar graph on it), Federico thought-bubbles: "Neither Valeria nor Veronica will get a cent of the Valladolid money."

  • Rodrigo calls Bruno and asks if he knows how to have a gun analyzed - he thinks his gun was used to kill Omar. Manola overhears this. She yells at her dad Nicolas for arousing Rodrigo's suspicions and as her dad sits on the bed muttering over and over: "Gustavo called me," she says, "I have to do something drastic here." Pretty soon the police come and arrest Rodrigo for Omar's murder.

    Rodrigo tells his secretary to call Federico and Federico shows up at jail.

    He knows who to blame. He bursts roaring into Manola's house and shakes her - "You two did this!" Nicolas: "Manola made me do it!" Later Manola and her dad have words: "Manola, how could you put your own son in jail?" "It's your fault because you can't keep our secret. I had to gain time." "It's WE should be in jail." "Be calm, they don't have enough proof, they'll let him go. Calm down or I'll have you committed."

    Federico next goes to Bruno and Luis Antonio and asks help for Rodrigo, and it is granted. Then he thinks, "Why use my own money to get Rodrigo freed when I can use Jacinta's?" He goes to her and reveals that Rodrigo is his son and, hence, yet another illegitimate Vallodolid. Jacinta is impactada.

    Also visiting Rodrigo in jail: Valeria and Andres. Rodrigo admits that Jacinta and Manola engineered the "misunderstanding" which parted the lovebirds, and that he himself participated. Valeria and Andres are impactados.

  • In front of her little shrine, Jacinta tells Violeta: "My son Adolfo was not an exemplary soul. He was weak, seduced by demons of lechery - his great error was to fall prey to easy women, first your mother and then Maite. Lechery corrupted his soul, as it now corrupts Valeria and as it corrupted my husband Pedro. That night, I saved Pedro - I couldn't let him sin - God guided my hand to open that corral and let out the bull!" Whoah! Part of this speech took place while Jacinta was praying in a sort of trance. When she awakens she remembers none of it, which is good because she might otherwise say: "If I told you, I'd have to kill you."

  • Sergio and the Las Barricas team are coming to the same suspicion: that Jacinta somehow engineered Pedro's death. They are also trying to drag in the darn bracelet which I have been avoiding in my recaps. Remedios has this bracelet, but it appears on Jacinta in an early photograph. It is connected in some way with Jacinta's culpability in Pedro's death. If somebody wants to tackle this, leave me a comment.


Heridas de Amor - Wednesday Sept. 27

Im having technical difficulties. The notes I saved got corrupted so Im going to have give a cliff note version. If anyone else has info to add please do! :)

Basically Wednesday's show was about Bertha telling Gonzalo (and Renata) that one of his daughters is not his. She said she didnt know which one, he will have to ask Fernanda, and only Fernanda knows the name of the man from "that night". Gonzalo manages to push Bertha around a little bit during this conversation. The pushing was probably good for Bertha.

Renata over hears Gonzalos and Berthas conversation and becomes sure that she is not a real San Llorente. This would be why her father doesnt care for her. Bertha backs up these ideas while she comforts (fills her head with lies) Renata. Gonzalo also tells Renata that if she leaves to never return.

Amparo buys a wedding dress for Renata. Amparo and Francisco decide to serve Mole and Rice for the wedding dinner feeling again that Renata surely will like this. Can you hear the music leading up to how dissapointed / pissed off Renata will be?

Carola cries and cries at the sight of the "beautiful" wedding dress. She thinks MamaAmparito should have bought it for her. She runs out of the house crying. Amparo tells her not to show for the wedding to save her distress.

Alejandro wants to have a big wedding while Miranda wants a simple one. Daria reads tarot cards for them plus Pamela. She tells Pamela that she is close to someone who wears a mask. Daria also sees a wedding close to happening but its not Alejandros and Mirandas.

Cesar who I will refer to as Sleazer seduces Lasagna by pretending to be ashamed that a girl like her would be interested in him. They copulate on his couch. Later Lasagna says she will fight her mother and her brother if they dont accept Sleazer.

The man who set up the bank account in Father Buena Aventuras name so many years ago meets up with Bertha. The account has never been touched, therefore it is full of money. The Father is a wealthy man thanks to Bertha. Bertha wants to get her hands on it. She thinks the Father will want to contribute his money to her cause as a charitable donation.

Sorry yall but Im sure someone out there has good points to add. Thanks!


La Fea Más Bella #112 9/27/06 Lying Liars

Remains of the day

As Lety continues to write in her diary, Fern arrives home. His phone rings again - it's Omar. Omar's still in bed, but he wants to know of Fern made horror to Lety last night. Fern chides him for making the same old jokes. He tells Omar he's not an idiot; he should be able to come up with some new ones. He describes how they played in the kitchen last night and tried to make fondue.

Just then, Omar's newest amiga comes out of the bathroom wearing a towel. Omar tries to wrap up the conversation - did Lety show any signs of having found the Red Bag? Fern says no, she was in a playful and affectionate mood. Omar hangs up on him, bored with Fern's inane happy talk, and turns his attention to his guest.

Lety tells her diary that in the middle of all the evening's happiness, she was reminded of Marcia. She feels badly that Marcia is still harboring illusions of marrying Fernando. (At home, Fernando gazes sadly at Marcia's portrait on the mantle.) Lety says she and Fernado have the same sense of humor. She feels full and complete. Even though they didn't get to make love, it was still magical. Fern is her reason to live.

According to my notes, this day has been ten episodes long. Amazing. (Try not to think about it.) And it has been at least seven story-days since Lety's birthday. (Try not to think about that either). We'll just assume there was an uneventful weekend in there someplace, okay?

Next day, in the Padillamobile

The Padillas are en route to the country club. Tomas's mom's stove is tied to the roof along with lots of pots and pans and containers. Mom didn't sleep well and is a nervous wreck. Lety says some soothing things but is mostly staring into space with her chin in her hands; her thoughts are clearly elsewhere. RoboPop, who is extra-wheezy this morning, accidentally drives over a curb and some things fall off the roof. (Fortunately, not the food.) As they gather the things up off the street, Pop says the best part is that he'll get to spend the entire day with Mom and Lety. Plus, he'll see what Lety's job is like. (Lety flashes back to her birthday party, when her father was grilling her coworkers about their marital status.)

Also, he's looking forward to seeing Fern again - he remembers Fern wanting to continue their conversation. (Lety flashes back to that too, Pop babbling about his Tio Lazaro while Fern gasps for air with his mouth on fire.) Lety asks her dad for just one favor. Please keep away from Fern. Fern will be all nervous, etc. Dad is peeved. Lety quietly tells her mother that he's imprudent. Mother agrees, but says he has a big heart.

They get to the country club and the rent-a-cop gives them a lot of attitude. He won't even check his guest list. He sarcastically asks if Lety is the model. Offended, RoboPop offers to remodel the guard's nose.

Finally Pop mentions Fern's name. Suddenly, the guard is very nice. Lety shows him her Conceptos badge. He tells her how nice her photo is on the badge. He checks his guest list and finds them and lets them through. Ironically, they apologize to him.

Under the big-top

Most of the cuartel has already arrived at the country club and are making preparations under a big tent. Lola is nervous that everything will go wrong. Juana is just happy Alicia's not around. Martha says something about her teeth hurting when she eats? And speaking of food, she wonders where Lety is. Sara wonders where PM is. They remember she went out with Saimon last night, and Lola said she was out all night - she never came home to sleep. This titillates them.

Sara droolingly says something about Luigi being surrounded by tall German men. Irma sez he was actually up all night picking out samples for today's commercial. She has those samples in a bag, and they all want to see. Looks like a red bra-and-panty set. Martha likes it and asks if she can keep it after the shoot is done? Lola gently reminds her, "after you slim down some." (I'm pretty sure Martha is only wearing a fat suit. The actress, I mean.)

Meanwhile, the Padillas are driving through the winding country club roads. Pop philosophizes about all this nice open space while the poor people are all crowded together in the city. Mom is still nervous.

Lola is relieved to see them approaching. They help unpack the car and discuss Fern's lateness. Dad voices his disapproval, but Lety discourages him from speaking. Lety reminds Irma that she doesn't want Fern to know that Mom is cooking. She is very worked up about this. Irma and Lety go for a walk to talk about it. (This is some of that "manufactured tension" that Chris was complaining about the other day in his Heridas recap.)

Mom and the rest of the cuartel set up the food stuff. Martha goes on and on about how Super Lety saved the day, because Martha would have been in big trouble with Fern if Lety's hadn't gotten her mom to do the catering. Mom agrees with her that Lety is awesome.

At Conceptos

I assume Lopez is in his office, but other than that, Alicia is alone in the executive lobby of Conceptos, on the phone with Marcia. She whines that she's working so hard answering the phones, and she'd rather have Pilar's job and the 500,000 pesos. Marcia tells her she must be joking to think that job could ever be hers. Al tries to get Marcia to lean on Fernando to make it happen. Marcia explains why it is not possible. Alicia is pretty, tall, with a nice figure, etc., but she has no name recognition or experience. She tells Alicia to stay out of the way and not interfere with the shoot. Alicia also admits that she lied - she never took riding lessons. (Marcia doesn't know what Alicia's talking about.) Alicia says the phones are ringing (they're not) and she has to go.

Having heard and understood every word of what Marcia said except for little details like "no" and "not" and "don't," Alicia grabs her purse and heads out to the country club.

On the sidewalk

Tomas talks to Alicia's photo. For some reason, he is convinced that Lety lied to him about Alicia not being needed at the country club, so he's going to go there and meet her. He'll do it sneaky so Lety won't know he's there - no sense in pissing her off. He snorts and drools at Alicia's picture, kissing it and talking to it.

Doña Ebe, a neighbor, approaches and says, "Tomas?" All Tomas can see is Alicia, because he is holding the picture so close. He answers, "Alicia!?" The neighbor yells at him and says he's depraved.

Doña Ebe leaves (what a pointless scene). Tomas realizes he doesn't have a bus ticket, so he bums one off of another passerby, who just happens to be Doña Ebe's son.

On the phone

Fern and Omar are on the phone again. Omar is standing outside a glass-walled conference room at FIFA HQ. Marcia is watching him from inside the conference room and can kinda-hear what Omar is saying. This is bad because Omar is the King of Rehash.

Omar is talking about the hotness of Pilar. Fern tells Omar how crazy she is. Omar says, "why can't I be mistaken for Pavel?" Fern says Pilar came to his house last night, interrupting his and Lety's date.

(Fern gets to the country club guard shack. The guard isn't there. Fern honks impatiently. The guard shows up and apologizes - he was in the bathroom. He tells Fern about the food people who showed up in the cruddy car with the stove on top. Fern assumes the cuartel are catering this event themselves. He's displeased and filled with dread. He decides he's going to check it out.)

Omar, the dingaling, repeats "so Pilar was at your house last night," snorting and drooling as always. Marcia hears this and assumes the worst. She comes out of the conference room and yells at Omar and takes his phone and yells at Fernando. "You said you were alone last night," etc. Fern says he was surprised by her visit, but he is flustered and only semi-coherent because Lety and Irma are calling to him as he approaches the tent. He tries to explain about Pavel and says nothing happened. She doesn't believe him. He sarcastically apologizes. He says he has work to do, adios, and hangs up on her. (All these people could use a refresher course in telephone etiquette.)

Marcia is still yelling. A German staff member asks her to keep her voice down.

All together now

Fern arrives at the tent. The first thing he notices is Lety's mom. The feas welcome him, and Mom happily announces that this was all Lety's idea! Fernando asks why they didn't use a professional (something about this reminds me of a boardroom scene from The Apprentice) and Mom gently deflects, saying it's no trouble. Then she brags about her mole poblano recipe. She doesn't seem to notice everyone's nervousness, and doesn't seem to recall what happened the last time he tried her mole poblano.

Fern says, "Erasmo's not here, right?" RoboPop pops up, points to his watch, and chastizes Fern for being late. Fern tries to change the subject, asking about the nice watch.

RoboPop complains that Fern is corrupting and seducing Lety with his money, his pretty lips, his face, his nice clothes... he says he's cheating on Marcia too. Pop shakes Fern. Fern confesses that what he feels for Lety is...

And then he snaps out of his dream. Damn! Lety and Irma come back from their walk. Pop hasn't forgotten that Fern hasn't answered his question yet. What kind of boss doesn't get to work before his employees?

Fern protests that he was only a little late, and that he and Lety need to talk. They head towards the stables.

Fern asks Lety why she didn't tell him about her parents doing the food. She says she didn't want to worry him when he has so much on his mind. He asks why he would worry about such a minor thing. (Ha!) He admits he's uncomfortable around her father. Lety admits he can be "impertinent."

Lety and Fern arrive at the paddock. The horse guy tells them the horse the wanted is sick today. All the other horses are in use except for one, but that one's very jumpy. It will have to do.

Back at the big-top, there is another moment of manufactured tension. The stove won't light. Lola flips out. Then the stove does light. Woop-de-doo. Two men in sunglasses approach. The shorter one introduces the taller one as Rudolfo. Sara boggles. Rudolfo is going to provide the security for their event. Irma says "well, Sara, you're coordinating this part, right?" Sara can't speak well with her mouth hanging open like that, but she does walk away with Rudolfo. Martha says it's love at first sight.

Lety goes for a walk with her father. She really wants him to leave Fern alone. He says he'll just wander around on the golf course. Lety thinks that's a bad idea, but he's annoyed with her and that's what he feels like doing.

Some drunken middle-aged men are loafing nearby around a golf cart. RoboPop strikes up a conversation with them. Mostly he wants to know why they aren't at work.

How's that mole poblano?
What foolishness will befall Alicia and/or Tomas?
Will Marcia believe Fern's explanation about Pilar?
Where is Pilar, anyway?
And where are Paula Maria and Saimon?
Find out tomorrow!
And don't forget to check out Ugly Betty tonight on ABC!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Barrera de Amor recap: September 27

  • Andres and Valeria work out their differences and realize Jacinta was behind the "misunderstanding" which parted them. "I can't live without you." Kissy Kissy. Andres gives her a ring, says they should marry in church soon, urges her to make up with her mother Maite (here he strikes out, however). Valeria says she'll stay at the convent in Aguascalientes for now. "Grandmother mustn't know we're reunited or she'll muck things up."

  • Manola: "I'll insure Rodrigo's inheritance - and hence my own future lap of luxury - by throwing him at that loca Veronica. Simultaneously, I must convince Federico there's no birth certificate and that he's not really a Vallodolid because I need time to get Rodrigo and Veronica married. If Federico knew he had a legitimate, provable claim as Pedro's son, he would kill Jacinta forthwith and spoil my plans!" OK, she didn't exactly say all that. I'm interpolating again.

  • Doc Monica explains to the perennially confused parents (Maite and Victor) that Vera has been in control for a long time. It's not that she hates MT & Vic, she's like a little girl, an egotist, full of envy. They decide to ask the nun Maria to go see V3 and see if Veronica can somehow be retrieved.

  • Oh, Federico is so aggravated. He comes upon Jacinta's lawyer, fresh from adding Veronica to the will - now Federico's share is down to 33.33333%. Jacinta tartly inquires: "You don't mind, do you?" "Of course not, I have been here at your side all these years for affection's sake, not money." Heh.

    Coming in with more documents, Federico later finds Jacinta and Jacintita sitting side by side listening to Pedro's record collection while Jacinta reminisces; he's told to "leave us alone."

    He grabs Veronica later and says: "I know your game!" She icily replies: "You don't have manners like grandma and me. You will always be a servant." He thought-bubbles: "I should have killed Magdalena when I had the chance, then Veronica wouldn't exist! Luis Antonio's offer may be my only hope to keep a healthy chunk of the Vallodolid dough."

  • Valeria shows up at the hacienda with baby and suitcase! "I'm here to stay! I have no interest in Andres and no further need to hide from him." She pretends to be surprised when she is told Veronica is her half-sister. She embraces her old friend Jacintita, a.k.a. Mini-Me.

    Andres bursts in, demanding to see Valeria. She comes down the stairs and hides behind Jacinta, telling him to scram. Jacinta is pleased.

  • Rodrigo is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's beginning to realize something's wrong with his grandfather Nicolas, who is once again freaking out over candy wrappers, waving his loaded gun around wildly, and washing his hands while muttering about blood stains. "The dead are after us. Gustavo wants vengeance on Manola and Omar wants vengeance on me." Rodrigo looks puzzled, but oh well.

  • Maite, Victor, and Doc Monica visit the dubious Dr. Pardo and ask why he helped Jacinta spirit Veronica away. Maite recognizes him as the doc who drugged her so long ago. "Jacinta will get me a lawyer!" "You'll need one." Later Doc Monica says she thinks she remembers Pardo losing his license long ago. "A fraud!??" Unibrow frowns gravely and says he'll look into it.

  • Jacinta and Mini-Me go off to dinner at the Linares place, but not before Jacinta signs one last batch of documents - these being the ones Unibrow gave Federico! Federico snickers.

    Andres and Valeria have a sneak meeting. She reassures him: "I have to pretend - I came back to help Veronica, I can't leave her here alone... I adore you completely, don't worry... "

    At the Linares luncheon, Manola coyly sends the youngsters off to "view the estate." It was hysterical to see Vera/Veronica/V3/Jacintita/Mini-Me - dressed as she invariably is these days in long, severe Victorian black dress and swept-up hair and pale, Kabuki-like makeup - well, she collars Rodrigo behind a column, unbuttons his shirt, and starts kissing him! HAH! HAH! He is surprised but not averse.

    While smooching they are interrupted by Jacaranda, who picks this moment to haul Vera off to see the tri-partite mirror of her childhood.

    Vera is left alone with her mirror. Before you know it, Violeta has escaped from the mirror and Vera (in blond wig) is back inside. Violeta crushes the glass - "I'll trap you as you once trapped me!" I'm glad because I was mighty tired of Vera and ready for a change.


Heridas de Amor, Tuesday Sept. 26

Yesterday Gonzalo told Berta that she is just an employee of SLI, nothing more. Then he told her about Miranda and Alejandro. Berta was stunned and agitated at the news that Alejandro and Miranda are engaged.

Meanwhile Alejandro and Miranda are discussing their wedding. He asks her doesn't she want the wedding of her dreams? She says that now is not the best time for her nor her father, it's better to have a simple wedding. "But I want to put the world at your feet," he says, kissy kissy, "let me?" More kissing.

Sanson has broken into somebody's house. He's multi-tasking because he's also on his cell phone telling somebody not to be such a "guey", a jerk. He's next to where that stupid Raul lives, the guy who exposed them so now he's going to get rid of him. He says he's at the Doctora's apartment. I didn't get all that he was saying. Something about him not being recognized, only the others, Rafia, Romero and Chaquiras. But don't worry because they're not going to crack. Suddenly he has to hide because somebody is trying to unlock the door.

Juan tells Squeaky that all he can afford after the wedding is a small luncheon. She says it's not important. Of course she'd LOVE the wedding of the year but the important thing is they are together. Juan says Dr. Cohen gave him a raise but he still can't afford a honeymoon. Squeaky tells him not to worry. Kiss Kiss and shared "Te amos."

Sanson is still hiding in the Doctora's apartment while Amparo asks how Fernanda feels about Squeaky marrying Juan. Fern is glad that somebody as wonderful and with such a good future as Juan is interested in Her Daughter Renata. But Her Daughter Renata is so petulant and impulsive she's afraid Juan will be hurt. He can't afford to give her the life she's used to. Sanson listens as Amparo reassures Fern about her daughters. Fern agrees, this may be her opportunity to win back Her Daughter Renata. Sanson smirks as he realizes that Squeaky is Fern's daughter.

Berta has recovered from being stunned and agitated. She's talking to herself because Lucas the dog isn't around. She says Miranda and Gonzalo are going to pay big time. Not only is she nobody's employee but Miranda isn't going to marry Alejandro. Over her cadaver!! Luis Alberto enters and Berta informs him that she wants to buy some company shares.

Leonardo has brought Andrea to a well-lit mausoleum. Nevertheless, even under the harsh lights she is spooked and asks to leave but faux Leo wants to show her something. She's frightened, probably of the bright lights and clean, white marble, and begs to leave. They leave before Leo can show her what he wanted to even though it's only about five feet away. After they leave the camera pans to a tombstone reading "Leonardo Altamirano." Cymbals crash.

Fern says her biggest worry is that Miranda will find out that Alejandro came to seek revenge on Gonzo. She hopes that Alejandro has forgotten his vendetta but she's not sure. Both Alejandro and Gonzo are temperamental and neither wants to lose. She and Amparo leave so Sanson can talk to himself...He congratulates himself on finding out the important information that Alejandro came to town to seek revenge on Gonzalo. This will cost them money and a lot of it. All of a sudden his cell phone rings. The lucky dumbass forgot to turn it off. He's glad to hear that "they" were taken to the police, probably the guys who stole Al's car. He's going to lie low in Morelia for a couple of days. Sanson thinks he's hit the jackpot with all his new information.

Miranda tells Pamela that she's going to sell her jewels because she needs to replace some expensive tools that were stolen, probably during the lethargic uprising of recent history. Al arrives with a pizza and receives a call that his car was found intact. He takes off and Cesar the slimeball slithers in, ostensibly to offer condolences about Tomasa. Pamela gets a call from Luciano. "Who the hell is Luciano?" asks Cesar. "Pam's new boyfriend, Luciano Sartori, owner of the reserved stocks of SLI," she answers. Cesar scowls.

Berta gets a mysterious call from Fermin Padilla. She doesn't remember him but he refreshes her memory. Some years ago she opened an account with him, a lot of money, under the name of Santiago Buenaventura. Recently two men have been investigating that account. One is named Alejandro Luque Buenaventura. Berta says they need to meet (Why? So they can be seen together???) and he agrees.

Luis Alberto enters and tells her he found some company stock that she can buy. She calls him cariño. After she leaves Luis rifles through the papers on her desk.

Miranda wants to know why Cesar is surprised to hear about Luciano. He says it's too coincidental that her friend is the new novia of Luciano, they should be careful of "his type." Pamela enters the room on cloud 9, Luciano is sweet, he wants to accompany her family to Tabasco. Cesar wants to know why. Pamela says he just purchased some property in Comalco. Huh?!?!? Miranda says that's where their hacienda and Cesar's quinta are! She can't believe that the Arriagos or the Duartes would sell their land, hmmm... Cesar says she can put the matter into his hands and he will investigate.

Gonzo's smoking in a restaurant. He wonders what happened to him, he can't manage his affairs like he used to. Alejandro's hiding something and he's going to find out what. He has a green flashback where he's telling Al his business isn't destroyed, one call to any bank and he can open an unlimited line of credit. Back to reality and Vicente joins him. He tells Gonzo that some of his contacts informed him that the smear campaign against him began some days ago in the banker's club. Gonzo recalls a conversation he had with Al and says that only two people would do this to him, Alejandro or Cesar. Julio arrives to sign the documents for the dissolution of their partnership.

Pamela doesn't see why Cesar and Miranda are persecuting Luciano just because he owns those SLI stocks. Cesar says he's concerned for their security. Miranda agrees and says they should investigate him a little more. Pamela says she'll agree to it but she doesn't like it. Cesar tells her to be careful because he's heard some things from a girl who actually went out with him (Yeah, at your house!). Ask him about Malenia or Gisel (Who were at your house!). After Pamela leaves Cesar wheedles to Miranda that he was bothered to see Alejandro in her room being such an opportunist. She says she really wants him to get along with Alejandro because they're both special to her. Also, by his actions Cesar has shown her that she was terribly wrong about him (Cesar) before. He says "Seriously? You're not going to reject me like always?"

At the restaurant Julio signs the documents. Gonzo says even though he's been waiting for this for a while it doesn't make him happy. He asks Julio if it's true he's going into business with Cesar. Julia says yes. Gonzo sincerely wishes him luck, adding he's going to need it with Cesar next to him. Julio says Gonzo is a harsh man, a tyrant, but he knows that all he's done in life has been to protect his daughters. When he (Julio) sold the reserved shares he was only thinking of his sons. Julio apologized for selling the reserved shares.

Cesar lies, promising to get along with Alejandro as Miranda requests. He lies some more, telling her that the pregnant Nuria has been abandoned by the father but he, Cesar, has volunteered to help her out by giving her money to buy all the little baby things that women love. Miranda the sap says "Verdaaaaad???" She tells him how noble he is. He smiles and shrugs. She falls for it, estupida!! He leaves the house with a spring in his step and plans to attack Alejandro's weak points via Miranda, Lasagna, and Luciano.

Back at the hacienda Pamela is trying to get Charo to tell her more about the night Tomasa died. Charo said Tomasa knew she was going to die. Ever since she returned from the property she felt doubts in her chest, said she should go before something happened. Also, mean old Sra. Berta told her to throw Tomasa's things in the trash. Pamela told Charo to give Tomasa's things to her and she'll give them to those who need them. Miranda arrives singing Cesar's praises and it's sickening so let's move on.

Nuria is packing up her desk telling Luis Alberto she doesn't want to go but it's best for the baby. He's very sympathetic and she tells him how nice he is. He hems and haws, doesn't know how to say it but...he loves her. "But you are a friend of Cesar," she says," and I...I..." "Cesar doesn't have friends, he has interests," answers Luis, "that's why I'll always be there for you." She cries, just then Cesar walks in and spoils everything. He feigns compassion then grabs her head, gives her an oddly robotic kiss and kicks Luis Alberto out of the room.

Juan is with Francisco, Raul and Carola. He's got Alejandro on the phone and says he needs to talk to him, but Al just wants to say his car was found intact. He was able to identify only Chaquiras, Romeo and Rafias. Carola is bummed that Sanson wasn't identified. Juan says he'll get caught one of these days. Juan adds that for his crimes Raul will get off with a fine and community service. Carola tells Juan she's given up the whoring biz. He hugs her.

Daira is at Miranda's when Al returns and tells them his car was found before the thieves could damage it. Daira observes that Al and Miranda look happy together, like they are illuminated by a great light. Pamela hopes that she and Luciano can look like that; they are going to Tabasco together. Al doesn't look pleased about this news. Daira whips out her tarot cards and is going to read everybody's fortunes.

Huh? I thought Cesar was comforting Nuria and now all of a sudden she's mad. Must have been that crappy kiss. She's jealous of the time Cesar spends with Miranda, he has no intention of marrying her (Nuria) and she knows he won't recognize his child. She says "You always convince me to your way but not this time!" Quoth the doormat. Cesar sweet talks her, says he told Miranda of her pregnancy and that he was helping her. One second she believes him, the second she pushes him. This editing sucks. As Luis eavesdrops Cesar gets angry and starts yelling, telling Nuria she'd better not reveal the baby is his. Now Nuria is apologizing, saying she'll do anything he wants. Behind the door Luis loosens his tie as if preparing for a fight, but he's a doormat too and does nothing. Cesar threatens to leave her and she shamelessly begs him to stay. He tells her to convince him and taps his lips. She kisses him. I gag. Luis Alberto rolls his eyes.

Berta meets Fermin in a public bar. She wants to know what HE'S going to do about what's happened. He wants to know what THEY are going to do about the two guys. She'll deny everything, no proof she was involved. He says some of the records are in her handwriting. "Oh, so it's money you want," she says. No no no no, he doesn't want money. He has a good job, a wife, children and he doesn't want to lose it all. "Where do you think this nephew got my
data?" he asks. Berta shrugs.

Faux Leonardo has taken Andrea to dinner. He keeps calling her "amor" so he must want something. He asks how she knew he wasn't the real Leo. She says the real Leo only smiled when he was about to hit her. Faux Leo tells her no more hits, only love and protection. Three guys with violins have arrived and are leaning over them trying to get their camera time so we can't hear the dialogue very well. After buttering her up faux Leo whips out the booklet he lifted from her box of memories, opens it and asks her if she can decipher the code. She mumbles that to translate it one needs the keys. Because of that notebook they had to run away. She tells him to get rid of it, he shouldn't have it near him, it's very dangerous.

Juan tells his dad, Raul and Carola that he wants to invite them to a little "do" tomorrow because, (long pause), because he's getting married! Carola is impactada as the cruel word "MARRIED...MARRIED...MARRIED" ricochets throughout her head.


La Fea Más Bella #111 9/26/06 Lovin' Interrupted

Random question of the day. Ever notice how much Irmita resembles Julieta in the face? Anyways, on to the summary:
Julieta, Matilde, Erasmo and Tomas

Julieta pulls Erasmo away from Matilde. Matilde asks if Julieta is his secretary. She asks Matilde if her house looks like an office. Erasmo bounces back and forth between the two – not willingly. Matilde says no. Julieta says this is my house and my husband! “Your husband?” Matilde didn’t realize and she apologizes. Julieta says “Then it’s your fault!” to Erasmo. He grunts and yells about how he’s sorry (sarcastically) that he didn’t announce his whole life to Matilde like his full name, his wife’s name and that he owns a house. Matilde says she only felt something for Erasmo after Tomas said he’s marrying Lety. Julieta tells Matilde that is a lie. They’re not getting married! Matilde is upset because Tomas deceived her. Tomas goes running out the door, to go to his mom. (yeah, right!) Matilde chases him. He hides behind a brick wall. Matilde calls for him. He doesn’t know what to do. She finds him! He screams and runs off.
Julieta and Erasmo argue some more about Matilde. Julieta says she’s mad because of the lying. Erasmo says that Matilde was following. He accuses Julieta of being jealous. “Of course I am!” she tells him. “I came in and saw some woman kissing my husband.” Erasmo asks her if she honestly believes that he would change woman for a crazy chick like that. Julieta pouts and Erasmo signals for a hug. Erasmo tells Julieta that she enchants him. He loves only her.
Tomas continues to run from Matilde. He thinks that he’s escaped but we see Matilde pull him through some curtains.
Erasmo tells Julieta that he is incapable of being with anyone else. Julieta says she blindly believes in him. He asks her to forget all about Matilde. “Who?” Julieta asks. They kiss and Julieta caresses Erasmo’s face.
In two minutes, Julieta has cooked enough food for an army. Julieta states that she could do this for money. Erasmo says she doesn’t need a salary, that’s why she has a husband. It would be very helpful, Julieta tells him. Erasmo says that everything Julieta does for the family in the house is very important. Julieta agrees and says she loves to be in her home. The door bell rings. Tomas falls through the door, his hair looking worse than usual, and collapses on the couch. He’s covered in lipstick and his clothes are ripped. Erasmo and Julieta tease him while Tomas recounts his experience with Matilde.
Tomas helps Julieta unpack some more bags. She says they’re almost done. She thanks them both. Erasmo asks when Lety is coming home. Julieta says soon. Besides, she’s with Don Fernando. Erasmo says he’s going to have a talk with her when she gets home.
Tomas and Erasmo debate Lety’s ethics. Erasmo tells Tomas not to tell him how to educate (meaning manner-wise) his niña. Tomas jumps at the word niña. He doesn’t think that Erasmo realizes that Lety is not a little girl. Erasmo says she’ll always be a niña to him.
Tomas sleeps on the couch. Erasmo wants Julieta to sleep; she’s very tired. He doesn’t like her suffering stress like this. He walks over to Tomas and tells him to go home. Tomas says he needs to talk to Lety about some personal stuff. Erasmo says if Lety doesn’t come home in five minutes he’s going to get her.

Lety and Fernando

Lety and Fernando have moved on to wine in the front room. Lety says that everything is very romantic. Fernando says it’s strange, he’s never felt so content in his life. He’s in his house, listening to good music and desiring the woman who is here with me. They kiss, but the phone rings. It’s Marcia. Fernando pulls away from Lety and asks why Marcia is up so late. Marcia says she wanted to confirm that he is in his house and alone. Fernando insists that no one is there. Marcia says that he hasn’t called her once since she’s gone to Germany. He says he’s been very busy with work. Marcia says she understands, but still…
Fernando hangs up the phone. Fernando asks Lety what is wrong. Lety says “What did I tell you? Marcia’s always present.” Fernando says its five in the morning over there and he wasn’t expecting her to call. Fernando said he didn’t like denying that she was there. She’s very important to him. They kiss. We see Pilar outside Fernando’s house trying to open the window. Inside, Lety opens her eyes to see someone running by the window. Lety tells Fernando that someone is out there. He doesn’t get it at first, and asks if she’s sure. They do rock, paper, scissors (or some variation on the game) to decide who should look. Lety loses and goes to the window first. Fernando looks out the window and sees no one. Lety calls the police and tells them that someone is outside the house and she doesn’t know what they are doing out there.
Fernando comes downstairs with some golf clubs. He wants to know if she called the police. The each hold a golf club. The sit on the couch back against back to watch all the windows. Lety asks if it would be better if they leave. Fernando says no. Lety asks where they’ll go if the intruder comes in. Fernando says fine, go ahead. It takes him a moment, but he says he’ll go outside. He takes some tools from the fireplace and walks outside. Lety says she can’t leave him outside alone and runs out after him. She quietly creeps up behind him and almost gets smacked with his golf club when she says his name. Pilar is on the other side of the bush. Fernando tries whacking the bush with his golf club. Lety falls over and as Pilar peers out she falls into the yard. Pilar calls Fernando “Pavel” and Lety gets upset and tries to attack Pilar with her golf club. Fernando holds her back. He asks what she is doing there, but she doesn’t answer. He tells Pilar that he is outside practicing his golf swing. Lety asks Pilar what she’s doing outside Fernando’s house. Pilar turns the tables and asks if they’re really working this late. The police pull up to the house. Fernando tells Lety to take care of it. He goes inside and puts the tools away. He cleans up the wine and wine glasses. Lety tells the police that the call was out of confusion. They don’t seem to believe her. She tells them that she was working with her boss in the house. She points out that she’s standing next to famous model. Good night! They tell them to be careful, very careful. Pilar gets looked over and Lety just grunts out a giggle. Pilar wants to go into the house; she’s investigating Fernando’s double life. She tells Lety that she thinks Fernando is Pavel and that he changed his identity. Lety wants to know why she is always attached to crazy people.
Fernando has his laptop on the table. Pilar asks what burned. Lety says it was some papers they threw in the fireplace. Fernando and Lety pretend to talk shop. Fernando tells Pilar that she can see that he and Lety have a lot of work. Pilar looks on with a vacant face. Fernando tells her that she has to be up early for the commercial and should be resting. Don’t you guys have to be there early too? Fernando says yes, but we don’t have to look fresh and beautiful like you. Pilar moves over next to Fernando and gives her best sexy move. Lety tries to duplicate it and you can tell he prefers her, but he has to humor the model. Fernando says he’s going to the kitchen and gets up. Lety follows him. Pilar walks around the front room and looks at Marcia’s picture. She wonders who she is.
Fernando and Lety are in the kitchen and he’s mad because she won’t leave. He doesn’t understand why she’s so obsessed with him. Lety says she wants to tell him something, but he’ll get mad. She did something. She messed up. I may have told her something that made her a little curious. She grabs the knife and moves it to the counter. “By my fault, Pilar thinks that you are Pavel.” Fernando wants to know how. “I told her that you have a double life, Don Fernando.” Fernando puts his head in his hands.
Pilar goes into Fernando’s bedroom and searches his drawers for evidence of his double life.
Fernando wants to know why Lety told Pilar this. She says that Pilar was going on about him being Pavel and it was the first thing that occurred to her to say to Pilar. Fernando asks what they should do. Lety says she doesn’t know and points out that Pilar and Alicia were in the supermarket. They try to figure out what that means and what they should do. Fernando does something strange with his eyebrows while dramatic music plays in the background. Sorry, guys, I’m drawing a blank on why this one… Maybe he’s insinuating that he wants to have sex in the kitchen??
Fernando and Lety complain about their lost night. They hug, and Pilar calls for them. They quickly separate. She wants some wine.
Lety and Fernando sleep while Pilar talks about her relationship with Pavel. It was love at first site; he was like a beast. Blah, blah, blah. Lety tells Fernando they’re not going to be able to their “work” tonight. Pilar continues to talk about Pavel. Lety says she is going to leave. Fernando says that it is Pilar who will leave. Pilar says she’s not going anywhere. Lety says she’ll get a taxi, but Fernando tells her he’ll take her home. Pilar points out that this is weird. It’s a shame too, because she wanted to spend sometime with Fernando. Fernando makes a not so graceful escape. Lety tells Pilar that she’s going to tell her the truth. She picks up Marcia’s picture and tells Pilar that Fernando is going to marry her. She goes on about Marcia and the wedding. Pilar says she understands and finally walks out the door. Lety gives her directions. (She would have made a decent stewardess.) When Lety comes back there is an obvious chill in the air. Lety can’t escape the fact that Fernando is engaged to Marcia.
Outside of the house, Lety says it was better that she showed Pilar Marcia’s photo because to compete with her (Lety) would not be that difficult for Pilar. They get into Fernando’s car. Pilar honks and runs up to his car. She says again that it’s a shame that Fernando has to take Lety home. Fernando says she should be home resting. She is insulted and says she’s a professional. They should be too. Fernando is nervous about tomorrow. Lety says she needs to go home. Erasmo will be upset. Fernando and Lety make fun of Pilar’s voice some more.
Fernando opens Lety’s door in front of her house. Lety says thanks for the marvelous evening. Fernando says, no, it was a disaster. Lety says no, we were in your house together. It was great. They joke about all the things that went wrong over the course of the evening. Fernando asks Lety if she’s ever noticed how things go so well whenever they’re together. They kiss, right in front of Lety’s house. Fernando promises that next time he’ll have all the right stuff for fondue. Lety giggles. Fernando says her head can’t possibly be full of ways to cook because its full of numbers. She tells him that its actually full of thoughts of him. He looks to see if anyone is watching and gives her a kiss. They don’t really want to separate. She goes to her door, but not before stealing another kiss. I can only hope this is not the end of the romance for the next two weeks (as the show so likes to do)!
Lety walks into the house. Erasmo complains about her late entrance and about preparing food all night long. Lety wants to know why Tomas is still there. She asks if she can help Julieta with something. Erasmo checks the food and stares at Tomas. Julieta tells Lety that Tomas and Erasmo helped her a whole lot. Erasmo says he did more than Tomas including the most important part – washing the beans! Erasmo says he’ll be on location all day tomorrow helping out. Lety isn’t thrilled. Lety is worried that he’ll be bored. He says there will be too much work to be bored. Julieta and Lety tease him a little. Erasmo goes over to Tomas to wake him up. Tomas cuddles. Lety tickles his foot to wake him up. Tomas runs over to the table. He tells Lety that he brought over the serving table. He tells her that he needs to talk to her. He tells Erasmo that the door to Lety’s room will be open. Julieta asks Erasmo for more help.
Lety tells Tomas that her father’s presence is going to make the whole thing tomorrow a disaster. Lety wants to leave Tomas at the house to take care of things tomorrow. Tomas does not want to stay. This is his opportunity to be close to Alicia! She says that Alicia won’t be around. He wants to know why. “Is she sick?” Lety dramatically says that Alicia’s condition is really grave… in her brain! Really, she has to stay at Conceptos to answer the telephone. She doesn’t really want him mixing for her friends at Conceptos. “Because I’m supposed to be your boyfriend?” Ummm… yup, that’s the reason. He gives her a couple other possible reasons and then says he won’t say anything about the embargo; she gets annoyed and hits him with the teddy bear. He sits on the bed (just like Erasmo told him not to). Lety says she doesn’t want him to meet Fernando. Lety looks sad. He tells Lety that he didn’t get the kisses that he wants. She says he continues to dream; sometimes even dreams come true. Tomas smiles and says he’ll won’t go. He walks out the door. Lety stays and grabs her diary. She talks about how she can’t believe that she was at Fernando’s house. She touched heaven. The house was so beautiful, but the most beautiful thing was that she was in Fernando’s private space.

Could it be possible, is Fernando really Pavel?
Will Lety and Fernando ever get to be alone while Marcia is away?
How long until we hear Fernando say "I love you"?


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Barrera de Amor recap: September 26

  • The grand party at Las Barricas doesn't work out so well...

    Amid the assembled multitudes, todo el mundo all crowded together to fit in the picture, Jacinta and Unibrow trade insults while Manola and Cayetano insinuate Maite is a whore like her mother.

    This brings Jose Maldonado out of his stupor. "Enough lies, Cayetano - you know Eloisa wasn't a bad woman - it was your husband's fault she was stigmatized. [Turning to MT:] I'm your father! I loved Eloisa profundly and never forgot her. I came back to see her but encountered Nicolas, who told me she was gone, run off with another man. [To the whole Linares family:] YOU started the rumors, a chain of lies that hurt Eloisa, Maite, Luis Antonio, and now their children!"

    Nicolas, in indignant self-justification: "Well, I wanted Eloisa but she was rejecting me!"

    Jacinta: "I don't believe Eloisa and Maite were innocent - where you hear a river, there's water."

    Manola: "It's MAITE's fault Adolfo and I didn't marry." Unibrow recites the whole tiresome (rape, forced marriage) story again.

    Jacinta: "Calumny!" (I love that word.)

    Maite: impactada, of course. She slaps Nicolas and everybody is sent away. The poor guests may not have gotten any hors d'oeuvres or booze but they got a satisfying earful of juicy gossip.

    Maite rejects Jose at first but embraces him after they meet over Eloisa's grave. "We'll be family now, papa, and make up for the lost years."

  • It's kind of fun watching Nicolas shuffle around, eyes buggin' out, hands trembling as he falls apart, muttering, "You don't know how the dead torment me! They are pursuing me." Remedios gets to say ominously: "You reap what you sow."

  • Victor doggedly pursues Veronica, trying to get her to listen to reason. Since Vera la Perra is in control of V3 (as they call her on telenovela-world), he makes no headway. She shouts and snarls, showing 156 teeth. "I should always have been here at the hacienda, living a better life than you could give me! All this is MINE! You two are a pair of egotists!"

  • Jacinta tells Victor (Oh, Perfidy!) that it was GUILLERMO who sold her the letter proving Veronica was Adolfo's bastard, and that's why Guillermo left Victor. Victor protests weakly but, like everybody else, believes Jacinta rather than trusting in his self-sacrificing sweetie (who's currently working a desk job in some unidentified location, sweetly and sadly dreaming that all has gone well for Victor and that Veronica has come back home). Nobody can figure out how else Jacinta got hold of the letter...

  • Veronica dons one of Jacinta's black dresses, combs her hair into a severe up-do, pins a tasteful cameo at her throat, and lowers her voice, endearing herself to serial-killer granny, who bubbles: "Sit at my side! You're perfect!" Federico is not amused.

  • Federico is feeling insecure, poor lamb. The always loving and supportive Manola soothes him: "Why, with those two Valladolid grand-daughters around, you could get thrown out on the street!"

    This makes Federico somewhat receptive when Luis Antonio (dare I call him Shrek?) proposes a business deal. "Jacinta knows no loyalty. I'm making this offer because you're close to her and can help me wreak revenge." "I never expected such bitter words from you." "Rancor and wounds change us. I'll win with you or without you. A rough river profits fishermen. [I think.]"

    Significantly, we later see Jacinta busily signing papers. Young Jacintita, sitting nearby, hands folded in lap, asks: "You sign those without reading them?" "Federico prepared them. He grew up in my shadow, I trust him implicitly."

  • Federico whispers to Veronica: "Though you're dressed like a little Jacinta, somewhere inside you is that sensual blond, Vera, whom I knew at the casino." She admits it - Victor overhears this and now knows it's Vera who's in charge...

  • Jacinta bubbles to her demure young clone: "You'll be my reflection! Say, let's go to mass, and after that we'll go to the convent and give away all those old clothes you won't be wearing any more."

    The nuns obsequiously thank Jacinta for generously giving them -- Veronica's used clothes. "Oh, I always give what I can, and more!" While Jacinta is chewing the fat with the Mother Superior, Maite and Victor sneak in and have an unsatisfying shouting match with Vera.

  • Thanks to Artemio's fifth column activities, Andres is able to find Valeria - and Pedrito - at the convent in Oaxaca. With Pedrito in his arms and a tear in his eye, Andres starts the difficult job of getting Valeria to forgive him. Will she forgive him? Gee, what do you think?


We got linked at

I just discovered our blog has been linked by the English-language forums at, so I'll return the favor:
I reviewed the threads on Barrera. You think I'M mean? They call Unibrow Shrek (right) and Fred Flintstone (left).

They call the BonBon Fishlips and Pigsnout.

CORRECTION: amrs27 of the telenovela-world crew dropped in to say: "We're not that mean! and 'pigsnout' is actually Michelle Vieth."

Here's what forum poster Alexis said about the whole show: The only good ending to this fiasco: 'And so they send Veronica to a psychologist in the city..... and without anyone realizing, a giant meteor came out of nowhere and hit Aguas Calientes, and killed off the whole cast.'

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Monday, September 25, 2006

HERIDAS DE AMOR - Monday, 9/25/06

Sanson walks in on Alejandro and Francisco, who’ve been discussing the car theft with with Amparo, Carola and Raul. Sanson goes straight to Raul and tells him he wants him to come with him immediately. Raul refuses saying he is no servant and he’ll come by later as they’d agreed. Sanson doesn’t like it one bit and grabs for Carola’s arm and pulls her along, telling her she’s needed back at the club. She tries to resist and Alejandro pulls Sanson off her and pushes him down. He reminds Sanson he is not to talk to a young lady this way. Sanson figures she’s now taken on Alejandro as a john and smirks about it so Alejandro slugs him and Sanson swings and gets a right hook in. Alejandro is hit and returns a punch to Sanson’s nose and then throws him to the ground. Sanson gets up and threatens the whole lot of them, then goes out the door screaming and yelling at them.

Charo is packing up Tomasa’s things when Bertha comes in an notices the envelope Charo has left on the top of the dresser. She wants Charo to tell her what’s in the envelope; the housemaid lies, saying its a birth certificate and some personal photos of hers. This doesn’t interest Bertha in the least, and she “sweetly” reminds Charo that she’ll take care of Charo as long as she remains loyal to her. After Bertha leaves Charo grumbles that the old biddy won’t be pulling anything over on her. Charo then determines to give the envelope to Father Buenaventura to have him take a look at it.

Pamela and Miranda are upstairs discussing Tomasa’s earlier premonitions of some impending doom. Miranda decides that since Tomasa couldn’t stand to wear black she won’t continue to wear any mourning clothes. Then she tells Pamela that she wonders if Tomasa was pushed, or --murdered; Lucas might have frightened her into falling backwards (doing the dirty deed for Bertha?). Pamela, incredulously, finds this hard to believe. “Oh well,” Miranda says. She’s full up with worrying about what caused it all and now will concentrate on getting the notary to return ownership of the company to her father and later she has an appointment to sign a second mortgage on the hacienda. They go off to meet up with Alejandro.

Raul and Carola tell Francisco and Amparo they’re leaving for her apartment and Francisco and Amparo are left to worry. Alejandro tells Amparo and her brother that the police have located his stolen Porsche and its now just a matter of waiting. In the meantime they simply need to keep their doors locked till this is over. Amparo is afraid Raul will end up in prison, but Francisco insists he’ll get out on bail and then do community service and be fine. Alejandro says good bye and leaves. Juan arrives a bit later and after taking responsibility for the problems with Sanson’s gang, he surprises them by telling them that he is going to get married.

Over at the house in Mexico City Cesar is whining to his mother that Alejandro won’t let him even come near Miranda. Alejandro never separates himself from her not even for an instant. Rebeca says well, they love each other, so it’s to be expected. Cesar is insistent and tells his mother that Miranda loves Rebeca and will pay attention to whatever she has to say. Can’t she put in a good word for him? Who better to make her happy than him? (He’s on his knees, mewling in front of her. “Hazlo por mi, mami/Do it for me, mommy.”) Rebeca doesn’t think it will matter since Miranda is a very determined female, but says she’ll think of something and will ask Miranda to give Cesar a final opportunity, then hugs and kisses him as if he were still in short-pants.........

Juan’s aunt and dad figure he’s crazy since the girl is used to living in such luxury. He can’t be serious about bringing her home there to live. Juan defends himself and his honorable upbringing. Besides, he’s entering into a medical specialty and will be rich in a few years. His family gives in finally.

Miranda and Pamela are sitting in the lobby of the bank when the loan officer’s secretary rushes in to warn them (on pain of being fired) that there’s been a bulletin sent out stating that no one should lend credit to the San Llorentes. Miranda is dumbfounded.

Bertha shows up at the business and speaks with her goddaughter about Tomasa’s death. Nuria informs her that the doctor told her she has high blood pressure, so Bertha tells her she’ll go to stay with Miranda at the hacienda. The climate will be good for her and she can help Miranda with whatever she’s needing to get done.

Erika goes with Veronica to get her HIV test.

Gonzalo instructs Vicente to locate all the customer files that Cesar and Julio worked on because he’s going to look through them all. He is certain there is something there that will point to Cesar’s criminal activities. Just then Bertha enters the office.

At Pamela’s house Miranda finally meets Leonardo. Pamela asks him to use his contacts to assist Miranda and her father to find credit. He tells them that he is aware that someone is trying to discredit Gonzalo and his ability to handle accounts. Miranda goes on about how she'd love to escape this all by becoming a totally different person. Leonardo prophetically tells her she doesn't know how rough it can be trying to live as somebody else. It is not as easy nor appealing as it might seem.

At the bank Luciano and Alejandro are meeting with the loan officer. They hand him a file with his uncle’s supposed bank account and ask him if it didnt’ seem strange back then that a priest would open and maintain an account that huge? The banker says not really, because back then he used to open as many as ten accounts every day. He gets up to attend to waiting clients and Alejandro offers him a bribe to “remember” more clearly what might have happened back then. The banker acts embarrassed and angrily leaves.

Alejandro tells Luciano he’s sure the guy is hiding something. The banker goes straight to his secretary’s computer screen and they dig out the priest’s account info. He orders her to contact Bertha de Aragon immediately.

Miranda and Pamela leave Andrea’s house. She turns to Leonardo and tells him she knows he is not her real husband, but an imposter. He eventually admits this and offers to take her to find him immediately.

At the San Llorente offices, Bertha informs Luis Alberto that she will be joining the company and taking over Cesar’s office. Luis will be her personal assistant and will teach her everything he knows. Then she smiles at him knowingly and asks him if he’s in love with Nuria. This knocks him off balance a bit and she laughs and invites him out for some coffee.

Juan goes to see Renata at the mansion and tells her that his family is supportive of their getting married. She doesn’t like the idea of it happening so soon and knows her father simply won’t ever allow it. He asks her to marry him in secret; she balks and he asks her to make up her mind quickly. He wants them to marry secretly and they’ll need to take their tests that day. She agrees and while she runs off for her purse and asks Charo to be her witness and not to tell a soul, Juan asks Veronica and Erika who have just come from the testing site to be their witnesses. Renata tells Erika before leaving that they aren’t to tell anybody about this wedding and that she doesn’t plan to take Veronica’s car from her, either.

Alejandro arrives at the company’s offices and he tells Gonzalo that he came to help him out and to ask formally for Miranda’s hand in marriage. Gonzalo angrily tells him “Never!” Miranda has overheard this exchange and she asks her father why he refuses to allow them to marry. He tells her to leave so he can talk to Alejandro alone. She leaves and Gonzalo swears he’ll find out the true reason Alejandro appeared at his business. Alejandro admits that he wanted to finish him off along with everything that was his, but not any longer. He’d had time to think about it and had changed his mind. This isn’t enough explanation for Gonzalo. Alejandro warns him that he’s mistaken if he thinks he can stop him from marrying Miranda.

In the reception area Bertha tells Miranda that she’s going to be working there now like it or not. Miranda gets Bertha’s goat by telling her that Bertha will never be more than an employee because she is not a true San Llorente.

Gonzalo is invited to the wedding and Alejandro’s personally bringing him the invitation as it would make Miranda happy to have him there. Gonzalo refuses still. Alejandro says whatever his reasons were before they’re no longer important. Only Miranda’s happiness is now important to him and the offer to back the business is still standing. Gonzalo tells him to go to hell so Alejandro leaves his office in disgust.

Bertha sees him and turns into the pitiable victim and whines to Miranda she simply cannot put up with Miranda’s continual insults any longer. Alejandro asks what’s the matter and Miranda answers that Bertha’s only putting on one of her dramatic acts and having a childish temper tantrum. Bertha whines and pleads with Alejandro to give her a minute because she really needs to discuss something with him. He apologizes but says Gonzalo needs someone to talk to and who better for him than her? He really needs to get going with Miranda and Miranda and Pamela smirk at Bertha as the three of them leave together. Bertha heads for Gonzalo’s office.

Inside she complains about Miranda and the way he’s treated her and taken advantage of her (Bertha) over the years: as a free nanny and housekeeper. She wants him to love her and to desire her, etcetera.......after all she’s earned his respect. She kept his name clean from the scandal. She dirtied her hands for him and even was his accomplice to a murder. She demands that Gonzalo bring her into the business as a shareholder as she wants to invest her money in his business. He refuses but eventually tells her she can come to work there however, only as a regular employee. That should be enough for her, but forget it if she is thinking to buy into a partnership with him. Also, she is never ever to bring up the scandal of their past to him again.

Back at the mansion Alejandro explains that Gonzalo won’t listen to reason. Miranda says what is left then that they can do? He suggests they marry right away otherwise, something will happen to separate them and he doesn’t want that. Anyway, as her husband Gonzalo should be more likely to accept from him the capital and financial backing the banks will no longer give him. Miranda accepts and tells him she is definite about this.

Bertha asks Gonzalo what Alejandro was there for. Eventually Gonzalo tells her that he came to tell him he and Miranda were getting married. Bertha is stunned and becomes noticeably agitated at this news.


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