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La Gata #45 Friday, October 31 – Pobrecita Bambina!

Pablo and Mariano return home after the dousing with water from Rita. Mariano is intent on finding out where Leti is. Pablo tells him that’s his responsibility and pointedly asks Mariano if Esme is the woman he is in love with. Mariano’s evasive answer is that Esme deserves more than a simple yes or no. Pablo gets phone call, says we will talk later. It’s Maria telling Pablo she will find out what hospital Leti is in.

Fern and Esme in the hospital where Leti is. He tells her he has to take Fela to the Psychiatrist and he will return after her appointment. He reassures her he will not abandon her and asks that she please keep him apprised of little Leti’s condition. She says she will and thanks him. Fer leaves after a gentle Fatherly kiss on her forehead and a blessing to them both. Almost immediately El Italiano enters. He has money, he says, he will find a specialist. Gata is grateful and says she will pay him back. El Italiano tells Esme he has seen Pablo. It doesn’t matter she answers. El Italiano goes on to relay Pablo’s message to Esme and even argues his case, that Pablo is the Father after all and has a right to see his child. How dare he Esme asks, after what he’s done? El Italiano says Pablo made a mistake, he didn’t purposely try to hurt Leti. I know you’re saying these things because you’re hurt and frightened but that does not erase the fact that he is the Father of this baby. She relents but says she will not be there when he comes. She doesn’t ever want to see Pablo again!

And now we catch up with Ines in her hot red dress. She’s in a café sipping a drink and exchanging winks with a potential involuntary sugar daddy dressed in a snazzy white suit. Garabato monitors and coaches in the background.

We now find Pablo at the counter in El Italiano’s pizza place. El Italiano tells Pablo La Gata says he does have the right to see the bambina for which Pablo heartily thanks him. El Italiano wants to go with Pablo to the hospital instead of giving him the name and address. Please, Pablo says with some indignation, I want to talk to Esmeralda alone. Well, she said you can see the baby but she will not be there when you arrive: She wants you out of her life, get it?! Well, somebody wants Pablo in her life if it’s not Esme. Gisela has been blowing up his phone and she has a high passivity index because he doesn’t answer!

Back at the hospital Gata talks tenderly to baby Leti, telling her she is praying for her when Rita comes in. Rita tells her it was wrong to come back to the dump: the babies were used to a different life. I was tired of being told what to do. I love Pablo and I will always love him but everything is over. Rita seizes this opportunity to start singing the praises of El Italiano, oh he loves the babies and has done so much for them! Yes, I am grateful Esme somberly responds. And this gratitude can become love Rita croons! No, Esme sadly counters, nothing takes the place of love and without love, life is empty.

Ines chats up the old man. When he goes to the bathroom she puts a drug in his drink as Garabato looks on in approval. The old man is back. Ines suggests they go to his room. Garabato watches. The old man begins to feel a little dizzy as he makes his moves on the cringing Ines. Another little guzzle ought to help this. He drinks, squints and blinks trying to unblur Ines. He grabs for her and falls to the floor, out cold. She slaps him, trying to make sure he’s out. Are you ok? She slaps him over and over with increasing glee. Garabato comes in and they rob his room and person: Money, jewelry, everything, stuffing it in a dufflebgag. They even take his shoes. Garabato delays their escape to slobber his thanks all over Ines after covering the old man’s face with his hat.

Pablo and El Italiano arrive at the hospital. Esme runs to hide in the bathroom. Rita and El Italiano remain in the room and Rita spins a web of lies about how Esme has just gone on and on about his kindness and her gratitude for what he’s done for the babies.

In a split screen we see the anguised Pablo talking lovingly to little Lettie: He asks for her forgiveness . On the other side Esme resolutely folds her arms, stiffens and raises her chin in defense against Pablo’s unrehearsed profession of paternal love. Unmoved, Rita makes cracks in the background. Pablo talks about the beautiful toys he’s going to buy her and presents her with a music box and a virgincita necklace, kisses it and places it on the virgincita card. (Someone help me. I know there are proper things for these items) Leti is deeply asleep. Pablo jumps up and demands to talk to the Dr. He wants to have the baby transferred for better care. El Italiano informs him the baby is still critical and can’t leave the hospital. Oh sure, now you’re scared quips Rita, why weren’t you afraid to take her out in the rain? Pablo explains with more patience and courtesy than is warranted that they had no refuge from the rain and that he tried to protect her best he could. Behind the bathroom door Esme begins to consider that Pablo’s actions were not intentional and she begins to acknowledge his pain. As he leaves Pablo asks Rita to tell Esme he will return tomorrow. Tomorrow? This baby may not make it through the night. She’s dying and it’s your fault! She’s not going to live, she HAS to live declares Pablo! He turns back to the baby and blesses her.

Fer enters the hospital room and Rita spews her poison all over Fernando: Tell him what happened! He tried to kidnap the baby, got scared when it started to rain and tried to turn back. Is it true! Answer Fer demands! Esme bursts out of the john! No sir! It’s not true. It’s a terrible tragedy but it’s not his fault. My love, Pablo coos plaintively. Don’t say a word. Get out! Pablo leaves but reminds her he is Leti’s Father and he will return.

Ahhh. We have a little respite in a scene with Centavito and Maria back at the landfill. Pablito is in a little bed as Maria picks through some trash. Centavito is studying his braille and offers to show her how he can read. They express glee that the basurera grapevine and solidarity was able to get the intell which reunited Pablo with little Leti!

Back at the hospital El Italiano introduces himself to Fer, referring to her as “La Gata” which Fer icily and sternly corrects. Esme is no longer a defenseless wild cat. Fer warms slightly to hear of El Italiano’s helping Esme which she confirms she appreciates. They shake hands.

Lorenza sweeps into the de la Santa Cruz mansion announcing to Jarocha that she has come to see her adored, beloved grandchildren. Jarocha is not taken in by this sudden interest and she attacks with her best provocative posturing, finger snapping and flashing eyes all the while calling Lorenza out on this self-serving interest in the babies. Lorenza, berating Jaroha, calls her low class ignoramus whom she refuses to let ruffle her. They continue to trade insults as Meche comes in and begs Lorenza to please leave before something bad happens. Jarocha swings wildly at Lorenza as Meche ushers her out of the door, restraining Jorocha at the same time.

As Lorenza leaves Fela intercepts her angrily demanding to know why Lorenza stole her flowers. Lorenza lets loose with a string of the insults that are always on the tip of her tongue! You cursed, crazy old dirty woman, I don’t have time for this! Fela doesn’t slow her roll and shouts at her yes, you stole my flowers and the man in the wheelchair, Augstin Martinez Negrete stole my daughter. Lorenza fairly staggers away from Fela as if hit in the gut and hurries through the gate.

Now we have Giselle and Pablo in the gallery where his paintings were to be displayed. The walls are bare. Giselle sashays into Pablos’s personal space with an unsubtle appraising sweep of her eyes. Apparently “a collector” bought all your paintings.” Todos she puckers, in kissing distance.

Having returned home, Lorenza and Pablo argue about their plans to eliminate the de la Santa Cruz problem. Lorenza asks him about Fela’s accusation: She said you kidnapped her child. What was she trying to say? Augustin denies having any knowledge of what Fela was talking about but rolls away but looking worried.

Back at the hospital the Dr. tells Esme little Leti is dying. She didn’t respond to the treatments. I’m afraid she won’t make it through the night and they have to transfer her. Esme agrees tearfully, her dread palpable.

Back at the empty gallery Giselle chides Pablo about ignoring her calls. He apologizes and she tells him she met his mother. Since I’m going to be friends with your Mother I offer you my friendship. She gives him a long, languid kiss on the cheek. Pablo looks confused.

Back at the hospital with Esme, Fer, Rita and El Italiano. Esme has become dejected and almost stony in her fear and grief. Leti is dying, she must be transferred. Fer declines El Italiano’s offer to take charge of the expenses but Esme in turn declines his help but Fer gently insists.

Mariano arrives at Pablo’s apartment: “It’s a miracle, I have money for my baby’s treatment! They rush to the hospital where they find the still dirty and unkempt Rita. Pablo runs expectantly to the crib. It is empty. Where is my baby? She’s not here and she’ll never be here Rita answers. Cut to a consultation of the Dr. with Fer, Esme and El Italiano. The Dr. tells them the baby is dying. Esme faints! Esme’s heart rate is weak, they call for a stretcher and carry her away! Let’s go! Cries El Italiano! You stay here Fer sternly orders, this is a family matter and you are not family! I’m not family but you are? El Italiano asks the empty room.

Pablo continues begging Rita where his baby is obviously so traumatized by the grief and shock it hasn’t occurred to him to ask the hospital staff. You deserve this for what you did; I don’t care about your pain. I’m not going to tell you where she is and that’s it. She announces that she is leaving to take care of her “other nieto” pushing Pablo aside as she flounces out of the room with all the importance he has given her in this matter.

Esme is in a hospital bed. She wants to be with the baby. The Dr. and Fer try to get her to rest. In a sudden burst of the old La Gata spirit she snatches her hand from Fer, pulls out the IV and jumps out of bed. You don’t understand. You’re a Dr., babies die everyday, and it’s no big deal to you. Looking at Fer she says you’re a man who lost his daughter and didn’t put forth enough effort to find her. That child out there is mine and she needs me. Nobody understands a mother’s pain! She flings open the door and is met by a tearful Fela. I’m here to talk to you because I understand. I truly understand the pain of a mother who has lost a child.

Blanca and Esme have a heart to heart and encourages Esme to fight for Leti, not to do as she did, not fighting hard enough. Fela tells her Leti will survive and she will be all right and in her arms again. Fer joins them briefly with further words of comfort. La Gata has regained her life and fighting spirit! She’s got to give her daughter the will to live! She thanks Fer for brining Fela to the hospital.

The Dr. is walking with Esme and has informed her that Leti is in intensive care. The Next 24 hours will be decisive, he says. Esme pleads, let me be by her side. Somewhat apologetically the Dr. asks where the Father is. Esme, silent, looks sheepish. It’s important he be here. We have to be prepared for the worse.

Meanwhile Pablo is in his apartment working the phone trying to locate his daughter. Monica and Mariano are there as well. Gisele Arrives as if she owns the place and implies as much with her introduction: She is Pablo’s friend and Pablo is her client and what concerns him concerns her. Monica is open-mouthed impactada. Gisele asks Pablo who he’s looking for and whips out her cell and begins to punch digits. Monica possessively drapes an arm over Pablo suddenly interested in a more active role. I have a detective friend who can help Gisele announces. Mariano picks this particular time to make a crack about the enviable position Pablo is in having this beautiful sexy lady suddenly appear. For crying out loud enough already Pablo shouts! I’m going through the worse moment of my life with my babies and the woman I love! Why is it so hard to love you Esmeralda he pleads toward the ceiling. Gisele seems visibly stricken by this outburst and gives Monica a cold, hard glare as if to say, I’ll fight her AND you for him!

Finally we see Esmeralda is in blue scrub gown and cap at Leti’s bedside in intensive care whispering words of love and encouragement to the tiny Leti asleep in an incubator. She claims a future victory for little Leti by telling a story in which love has already saved little Leticia from the jaws of death!

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La Malquerida, capitulo 49. 10/30/14

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Mi Corazon Es Tuyo - Earthquake Size Shake-ups

Cap #74
Bruja Bela arises from her bedroom lair long enough to view the happy family scene below with Ana.  She swears to destroy them all.

Later Jenifer and Ana discuss Jen’s honeymoon while Don Nico warns Don Fernando off Ana and possibly stealing Diego’s girlfriend once again from him.  DF swears that he loves Ana and is crazy jealous but also that Estafania was never truly in love with Diego.

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La Gata #44 - Thu 10/30 - La Enfermedad

Esme accuses Pablo of being irresponsible and refuses to let him do anything to help because it's "her" baby.  Rita tries to kick him out, but he won't go.  Meatball arrives.

Fernando is upset about the earlier incident with Fela out on the lawn.  He tells Mercedes what happened.  Those "gente" (people) are more like "bestias" (beasts).  He keeps backing off on the "revenge" but then something else happens.  Fernando is feeling overwhelmed and he's angry that they would accuse her of theft when they're the thieves.

Pablo insists on going to get his car to take the baby to the hospital, whether Esme likes it or not.  He tries to pay Meatball for the armload of stuff Meatball brought over, but Meatball won't accept it.  For no good reason, and with no clear logic, Esme accuses Pablo of having done something to the baby, of trying to hurt them to get back at Silencioso for wanting revenge on his family.  And then, once Pablo is gone to get his car, she leaves with Meatball.  She won't listen to Carlos, either, about the baby being Pablo's too.  "He lost that right when he let her get soaked like this."

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #54 20141030 I'm Not Saying that it was a Bad First Kiss....I'm Just Saying that I'd Kiss My Brother Like That

David Zepeda w duecie z Marjorie de Sousa w „Hasta el fin del mundo ...

DZ "acting" like he's brushing dandruff of of Marjorie's shoulder.  Head in shoulders will take care of that!
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS -- PAGE TWO: La Reina de Corazones - Week of October 27, 2014

Reinamaniacs need a little room to vent about the new ultra-rapid PlotCompactor™ that Telemundo has recently installed.  Some of us feel it's Not quite Ready for Primetime.  But may some of you like speed-watching...

Look for Thursday's recap in the comments below.  This week, Jean has graciously agreed to fill in for Mauricio.  Thanks, Jean!   

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HEFDM Recap #53

Pato and Sofi are in his apartment swooning while Silvie is mugging and giving the camera death-ray-glances. Sofi wants ot go to the roomj but Silvie is in there; Pato impedes her and goes in while she sits on the couch and laments (typical heroine stuff)

Chava and Araceli talk about Sofi.

Dani and Greta are talking and Greta just gives her usual apathetic little expressions.
Pato has come out of the room and is hugging Sofi from behind and getting all intimate.
Lucas (sexy little imp) is working out in no shirt.
Armie has come to Casa Chava and is lamdenting and confiding with him that Nandito isn't his.
Alexa and Fausto; she has a journal to write in and I'm reminded of MEPS when Liliana received a journal. In the journal it says COSAS POSITIVAS --COSAS NEGATIVAS.
Chava is empowering Armie; Claro que Nandito es tu hijo!


Hasta el Fin del Mundo #53 20141029 Zepeda is on the Way! Yeah!

Please compare the "acting skills" of both Pedro and DZ below.  I don't know where Corazon Savaje is, but please discuss last night's epi amongst yourselves. 

David Zepeda quería ser tenista y estudió Derecho pero lo suyo es la ... David Zepeda Acting like he's wearing a suit!  Read more »


La Gata #43- Wed 10/29 - La Angustia

Back at something that looks vaguely like Rita's hut, only bigger and with even less furniture, the mime-ing continues.  Pablo brought friends to help convince Esme to "join" him on the "adventure."

Chácharas gets up and starts to show those lousy punks what a REAL fighter can do, but he only manages to unload the whoop-ass on Garabato before the rest of them gang up on him again.  Ines is the one who calls them off and they drag Grabato away.

More circusy stuff.  Pablo is going to keep giving Gata "detalles" (details, literally; little gifts, little things to show someone you care about them).  The organ grinder is playing "Volver" I finally figure out.

Carlos is reading to Virginia from one of her Braille books.  He'd like to write books, but he thinks he doesn't know enough.  Virginia says she'll teach him to write in Braille.

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Mi corazon es tuyo #73 29 Oct 2014 Bruno turns to have a Charlie Chaplin other self... Fanny tells Fernando about Leon's suspicions of Reeky, Nando finally sets Ximena straight

Folks, my cable signal at Univision was awful during the entire episode tonight. I was only able to hear about every 5th word in between all the static and frozen screen… However, here is what I was able to get from body language and few words. Hopefully Julia can recap if she was able to hear the entire episode.


Fernando argues with Diego and Ana outside the house… Diego calls him on his out of control jealousy. Ana steps in between them asking them to ‘behave’. (LOL!) Fernando asks the driver if it shows that he is jealous. Johnny catches Ana and Diego just as they are ready to walk in the house. Just came by to say hi…

Reeky plays a drama queen skid in front of Fernando at hospital, then thinks on Fernando’s shoulder that if his dad dies he will make Fernando’s dad die as well.

Lo Nuevo:

Edna tries to give Ino-Doro a show of pole dancing, but she is way way bad. Ino-Doro says he will ask Ana to teach her. In comes Dana and she goes beserk, heading straight to Edna to have a mud-less girl fight, to Ino-Doro's amusement.

Ana and Diego ask Johnny what he will do with the two girls. Ana says it is not right to hold on to both. Bruno and Manuela come out to living room. Mani tells Ana that Bruno said he is not dying. Ana then accuses Bruno of having some secret dealings at the hospital with Dominica. Ana demands the truth. Diego wonders if Bruno is gay. Bruno is outraged at Manuela for ‘revealing details of their intimacy’ (I did not get what she was saying, other than revealing that the other day she found makeup in his room) Ana insists in Bruno speaking up. Bruno says he will show them all tomorrow what the secret is about.

Alicia and Isa in Isa’s bed. Alicia gets some more brainwashing from Isa, I am hurtin’ because I had a major altercation with Ana… Alicia takes the bait, hook, line and sinker.

Back at hospital, Fern asks Reeky if need anything. Reeky thanks him for coming and shakes his hand goodbye.

At Chicago, USA, more bits of honeymoon… what do we do if Manuela changes her mind? We will find another surrogate. Nico wants to go back right away… mostly about Diego and Fernando’s divorce.

The 4 younger kids are playing with outfits and chairs as if they all are riding a car, maybe a safari?( from the hats on them) but they are also holding guns and end up in a made-up fight with the guns.

Ana and Johnny walk outside. She has a hard time believing he is holding on to both girls. He can’t decide, ‘torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool...’. Ana accuses him of wanting the cake and eating it too. He honestly still feels for Jennifer. Ana says the one she wants to kill is Fernando.

Later on Ana is formally excusing herself in front of 'His Majesty Don Fernando' when her workhours are over… From his facial expression, he seems to be already regretting the arguments of earlier. She tells him that the twins teacher wants to meet Fer again. No idea why. Also that Alicia is still with Isa, and won’t even talk to Ana. Fernando is surprised. Ana looks at her watch, Fernando gets miffed at her being in a hurry and preferring to leave already than to talk with him about Alicia. Ana calls him on his 'rule' of her seeing her boyfriend only outside work hours. Fernando asks her to watch her tone. She apologizes. Then leaves. He again regrets his tone and then remembers their ‘almost’ kiss right before the call about Nando’s accident. Then Fernando has a puppy sad facial expression...
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La Malquerida, capitulo 48. 10/29/14

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #52 20141029 The Truth about Prisoneyland and Marty Wonka and Chocolate Factory

Ripoll/Snob Hill

Patrick calls Sophia a big sucker for trusting Chava.   Suddenly, Sophia remembers that she has a cocktail party with the secretary of commerce.  She calls Chava, who has been waiting by the phone like a hopeful teenaged girl during prom season, and tells him to pick her up at home (if he can tear his lips away from Araceli). 

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La Malquerida, capitulo 47. 10/28/14. Esteban can't fight his feelings anymore.

 Skipping the old.........

Luisa tells Ale how happy she is catering events. This way she can meet important people. Ale is happy for her and Luisa realizes how unhappy Ale is. She apologizes knowing Ale is in mourning. Ale tells her not to worry about it. She doesn't even plan to wear black. Luisa tells her how lucky she is to have had a mom. She didn’t' even know her parents. Now she is trying to find some happiness for herself and suggests Ale do the same. Ale plans too. Luisa asks her why she ended things with German. You guys were so happy and even did the horizontal mambo. Did you take precautions? Ale is embarrassed but Luisa reminds her that she fainted and wonders if she might be pregnant.

Perla demands that Danilo not bring Ale back. Danilo ignores her. He plans to give her a house. Perla gets mad and he tells her to calm down. He plans to take care of her and set up her business. The only thing she wants is to be his woman. His only one. Danilo tells her she will have to deal with it. In order for him to take Ale away from the hacienda is to marry her. Perla tells him to shut up and hits him. You promised me that we would begin a new life together. She takes him cane and spits on him. She calls him a filthy liar. She keeps hitting him and he finally takes control. I am the one that runs this place and I will do whatever I want replies Danilo. Be careful. I am giving you the opportunity to leave this business. But if you betray me...I will kill you.
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La Gata #42- Tue 10/28 - La Charada

Rita gives the babies a limpia (spiritual cleansing) so the jealous neighbors in the 'hood don't put the evil eye on the kids.  Gata prefers to just vaccinate them.  She's happy that she got hired.

Pablo's boss continues to be impressed with his work on the mural and invites him to lunch, but…

Pablo has a lunch date with Gisela.  AKA sexy art lady.  He shows her the paintings/drawings of Esme and she proclaims him "talented."  She wants to give the exposition a name and she's sure his work will sell.  So, about that model…?  Pablo confesses she's his love and his muse.  Not the answer Gisela was looking for.

Esme shows the babies the first drawing Pablo did of her and remembers him talking about the sparkle in her eyes when he gave her the drawing.  She tries to do some PR work with the babies about what a great guy their dad is.  Meatball shows up…gross!

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Mi Corazon Es Tuyo #72, 28 Oct 2014... Sibling Wars VIII Return of Don Hielo!! ... Ximena flips again... Isa doesn't need to feed guilt trip/thorn on Ana.. Ana is feeding it all by herself.


Fanny tells Marga and Reina need proof to go against Reeky.

Fernando and Tomas… regret the decision of marrying Isa.

Repeat of confrontation Isa and Ana in hallway. (I want that laundry basket!) ow ow ow!!!

(is it me or is there way more than average yelling in this house considering there are 3 kids under 10? Then again there is a whole crowd there, isn’t there?)

Kids eavesdrop:

Isa : what if I lose the baby?

YoM: Ay cancela! Cancela! Like Ana says

Isa: shut up! What is going on?

YoM: you see and don’t see!

Isa: What are you talking about?

YoM: what the Doctor said!

Isa: what, mom!!

YoM: that issue that vello cariaco could harm your son!

Isa: Vello Carionico, mom.

YoM: and all because of your curiosity! Remember curiosity killed the cat, and in this case, the baby too.

Isa: shut up, Mom. And for whatever you care about the most (por lo que mas quieras), don’t tell anyone about this.

Manu, Bruno and Ana in kitchen. Ana tells them the story of the confrontation with Isa.

Lo Nuevo:

Johnny and another one of his not-so-funny comic relief 30 second skid recording… (he has the Cantinflas style little tiny mustache lines)

Doctor warns Isa that the paternity test… (Ana is approaching in the halway and is about to eavesdrop on the punchline but the twins come and scare a yell out of them. YoMama notices and Ana has to go away. Ana and the twins talk about her lecturing them about eavesdropping on other’s chats.

Isa tries to convince Doctor to lie to Fernando… Isa and YoMama say it’s a little white lie (mentirita piadosa) … Doctor not so easy to convince. Isa did get anxious… YoMama tells Doc that is normal for Isa. Isa tries to convince Doc to tell Fernando that her delicate condition and the baby’s life threat is due to her confrontation with Ana.

Fernando arrives home. Ana tells him the story of what happened. Ana even gets excited with her story. Fernando has to lift his hands up to stop her swing… ok, ok..i get it. Fernando asks Ana why look for trouble with Isa. Ana says she only defended herself. She is human after all, and ‘that woman who stole my guitar and my love…’ (Fernando catches her mid sentence but she won’t repeat what Isa ‘stole’ from her…) Fernando and Ana go upstairs. Just then YoMama tries to give Fernando the other side of the story from HER view. YoMama sends Ana to get Bruno to go on a drug store errand for Isa’s meds. Fernando asks YoMama how is Isa… ‘bad (or actually it would translate to delicate)… very delicate’.

Bruno hears from Manuela that she is afraid he is ‘desahuciado’ (has a terminal illness and little time to live)

Diego arrives at the store where the guitar was bought. Diego tells the owner the story. We’re in luck, the guy has had the store himself for the last 50 yrs.

Ana tells Bruno about the errand… Isa is delicate.

At Televisa, Johnny finally got paid and is jumping for joy. He even kisses Silvia Pinal’s picture on the wall. Meanwhile Edna arrives to see Ino-Doroteo to ask for a job… Ino-Doro examines the merchandise.

Fanny goes to Reeky’s office to rant at him for destroying Margarita’s stand at the school. Reeky plays innocent… then repeats to her Leon is insignificant, just another employee. Then he offers to write her a check for Leon and his mom… how much is that stand worth? ‘what do you care? … Leon won’t accept your money!’ Reeky rants that he already lost her job ‘for your sake!’ Fanny warns him that if he messes with Leon again he will have to deal with her. She leaves. We hear ‘I like you more when you get angry’ from Reeky, with a wicked smile.

Doctor tells Fernando Isa is very delicate, but stable. Gives Fernando the prescription of the meds to take. Fernando asks what caused the crisis… Stress and anger. She mentions she had a strong argument a while back. It is very important she is calm, with no alterating circumstances and with no anger episodes.
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #51 10/27/14 Damage Control

It's almost Halloween! I wanted to share this website with some incredibly carved pumpkins and other vegetables. This is an acorn squash:

You can see the rest here:
On to the Recap!
Alexa and Armie leave Alexa's movie star paraphernalia in a pile. She watches sadly as others pick it up.
At the factory Chava stops Araceli from talking to Sofia. He'd prefer to talk to Sofia first to see if she's still upset. Araceli claims that Sofia is jealous of her. Chava doesn't believe that Sofia has any reason to be jealous. Araceli says, "Just wait, I'll prove it."
Greta talks to Fausto about Dani, who is her only daughter that wasn't corrupted by Octavio's influence. Nice way to talk about your dead husband, lady. Fausto thinks that Greta encouraged Dani's free spirit by encouraging her to follow her heart. Fausto, are you sure you're talking about the Greta we know? Greta the prison warden?
Lucas visits Dani's office and says that if she has to fire someone, it should be him and not Marisol. Dani says she isn't going to fire anyone. Mainly because that's not her area. Well nevertheless, Lucas tells Dani that they can't be together. I predict he'll be back again in about an hour to tell her the same thing.
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La Malquerida, capitulo 46. 10/27/14

Skipping the old.........

Acacia, who has never been taught to knock on a door before barging in, barges in on a bare chested Esteban. Flustered she apologizes for her intrusion. She assumed he was in the study. Esteban nonchalantly puts on a shirt while Cris freshens up her face and forgets to get onto her daughter for barging in. Esteban leaves and Acacia apologizes to her mother for coming in without knocking. Cris just laughs it off and says at least he wasn't naked. Acacia tells Cris she feels bad about spilling all of Ale's business and not hers. She confesses that she did the horizontal mambo with Ulises.

Ale thanks Rosa for feeding her while being fawned over. Arturo enters and everyone gets excited as Rubio gives him a WTH look. Rosa calls Arturo “joven” but is quickly reminded to call him by his christian name. He asks the group how German is fairing. With puzzled looks all around, he tells them that German aka big sexy was mugged and almost killed.

Acacia begs her mom not to get mad. (then you shouldn't have opened your mouth) She had the urge to tell her and ask her opinion. Cris calmly asks her how she feels and if she's okay. (What!? Who acts this calmly?) Acacia says it was wonderful and sweet. Cris understands but thinks she's too young. (duh) She appreciates her honesty but it's difficult to digest. Acacia thinks perhaps she shouldn't have told her (you think!?) but Cris says this is what a a mother/daughter relationship is about. Sharing and talking about everything. She now realizes that Acacia is a woman and asks if they were responsible. Acacia assures her that she and Ulises took precautions. Cris wants to make an appointment with the gyno to check her out when suddenly there’s a knock on the door and it's Ale. She at least knows how to knock on the door if not to wait for a “Come in!” response. She drops the bomb that German aka big sexy was mugged last night and hit on the knocker. Acacia wants to call Manuel right away but Cris tells the girls to calm down and she will make the call.
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La Gata #41 Mon 10/27/14, Esmeralda and Pablo are over,again

Recap is up!

Ok from memory here it goes!

  • Esmeralda and Pablo are still arguing about Fernando's revenge, Pablo wants her to make Fernando stop, but Esmeralda tells him she has tried  but she's had zero luck, she also tells him that his family hurt Fernando- a lot, and that she understands why he is so hell bent on revenge, Pablo takes this to mean that she is okay with Fernando attacking his poor family.
  • Esmeralda reminds him of the promise they made to love each other and not to allow anyone to tear them apart, Pablo says sometimes keeping promises is hard, and Esmeralda replies by telling him that only cowards don't keep their word.
  • This quickly goes from bad to worse when Monica enters the picture and tells Esme that if Pablo gives her another chance she'll make a play for his affections. Seriously?! HE LEFT YOU AT THE
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Mi Corazón es Tuyo Lunes 10/27/14 #71

Capitulo 71: The Road to Hades Is Not Paved With Good Intentions

Lascuráin Mansion: Isabitch just finished telling Fernando that she only needed two days max to pack up when Ana approached the library demanding to know what happened to her guitar.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE — week of October 27, 2014: Señora Acero, Los Miserables, etc.

While Deb is doing an amazing job on Señora Acero, I’m sure she’d welcome a little help, guys!

J desde NYC has continued excellent Friday recaps of Los Miserables.  

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting or writing occasional recaps on either show.  The community appreciates you! (This may be another tricky week for me, but I’ll try to pitch in as much as I can.)

P.S.  Just a reminder — we don’t discuss previews here.  We only talk about what has actually happened in the episodes aired on American television.  You may, of course, spin Crackpot Theories™ to your heart’s content.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS -- PAGE ONE: La Reina de Corazones - Week of October 27, 2014

So many questions for Reinamaniacs this week --

Reina and Navier are in Madrid — have they finally escaped from the Victorian Era for good?  Will they have a chance to live their love?

Will Navier realize that Clara is a dragona?

Will he find out who is trying to kill Reina?

Did FELS-PELS-GELS get to Asunción in time to save her?

Will FELS-PELS-GELS realize that Estefanía is BSC*?  And if so, what will he do about it?
[BSC = Bat Sh*t Crazy] 

Will Esmeeth be able to forgive FELS-PELS-GELS when she finds out all his dirty tricks?

Will Grandma Paz remember where Greta has hidden the damning evidence against Victor?  

Will Greta  ever wake up?  

Will Connie ever shut up?  

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Quiero Amarte Highlights & Discussion (Weeks 5 & 6 - Oct. 20 & 27)

Things have gotten complicated, no?
Horacio is a total slimebag, Amaya admits she's between a rock and a brick wall, Valeria needs to have her hair tamed, Lucrecia needs to shut up, Jorge is the only sane one in the bunch right now, Flavia needs to tame down her lipstick and quit trying to come on to Salvador (Yummy) Romero, Mauro and Juliana are better off staying in Italy, Cipriano is the ugliest kind of macho man on earth, Mariana hasn't lost her spunk, Ivan is smitten, Cesar is despicable, Max is so handsome, but he really needs to shave.
Amaya has an honest friend in Carolina.
Constanza is holding the reins tightly on Max right now.

Anita is back and having to play catch-up. No lengthy recaps, promise, just the highlights. Will start working on last week right away and add to this blog as I go along.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

La Malqueria, capitulo 45. 10/24/14.

Cris tells Esteban how happy she is that he would be there for Acacia if anything were to happen to her. He tells her that Acacia doesn't see him as a father figure.

Acacia and Ulises cuddle by the river. He says wants to be together forever. She's worried what will happen to them once she goes to university. His project is nearing completion and once that happens he will look for work in San Jaciento to be near her. He promises to never leave her alone.

Esteban repeats that Acacia told him she will never see him as a father. If she sees anyone it's Juan Carlos. But hard headed Cris isn't listening. She thinks Juan Carlos is much to old for Acacia to see as a father figure whereas he is closer in age to her. You both get along so well. Esteban doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Nothing is going to happen to her. She's just upset because of the death of Ale's mother. Cris agrees and hopes that they will continue to love each other this way until the end. Esteban changes the subject and says it's time to work.

Perla brings Julietta her lunch. Julietta begs to be released and then notices Perla looking nervous. Danilo walks in and Perla falls to her knees begging him to forgive her. She only did what she thought right. He doesn't listen and throws her on the ground. Julietta cries as Danilo beats Perla with his walking stick.

Acacia gives herself to Ulises.
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #50 10/24/14

Hola everyone! We had lots of wind and rain last night and my TV reception was terrible. I only got to see a few minutes of the show before we lost it completely. This will be a bare bones recap of what I was able to see. I will try to fill in later after I get a chance to go online and watch what I missed.

Manjarres offers Lucas a chance to work with him again to make lots of money. He claims it's legit, but Lucas ain't biting.

Dani cries over Lucas yet again.

Paco and Araceli fight over the lawsuit. He doesn't understand why she would sue the Ripolls without his say-so. She doesn't understand why he is defending Sofia Ripoll and attacking his own daughter. Araceli says she just talked to Sofia. No lawsuit hasn't been filed. But... he might want to give it some thought.
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Mi Corazón Es Tuyo: Let The Walls Come Tumblin' Down!!


Isabela runs into Ana coming back from her chat with Johnny in el naco de “Taco Town”.   She threatens Ana that she won’t be leaving the way free with Don Fernando.  She’ll discover her weak spot and crush her.  (Warning bells.  “Danger Will Robinson!  Danger!)

On the other side of Naco de Taco Town, Reina prevents Fanny from entering Leon’s apartment complex.  She and Fanny are gonna have a little convo first.  The talk consists of complaining to Fanny she’s just slumming with Leon and then pulling a guilt trip because Daddy doesn’t pay his employees more than minimum wage, which Reina gripes, essentially gives them less than what it costs for one of her lattes—the bite …plight of the barrio.  (Take it up with your union bosses, babe.)

Bela sulks over to Enrique’s to whine about Ferd’s asking her for a divorce.  She’s soooooo filled with rage.   El Quicky de Ricky advises her to cool her jets and divorce amiably.  Bela tries getting the real reason for Reeky’s need for vengeance against Los Lascurain.  However, he manages to avoid it and changes the subject back to strategy.   Isabraya claims that before she moves out she will get Ana where it hurts her the most!

Fanny’s #2 Friend apparently is riding home via public transportation.  She talks to herself about having the hots for Nandito.  Move over Ximena.  Apparently,  she’s from a middle class barrio and tires of its poverty as well.  (Cry me a river…..)

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La Gata #40- Friday 10/24 In which the Martinez Negretes crash their own “party”

(Hi, all.  Lila here subbing.  Please feel free to fill in any blanks or correct/add dialogue I missed or messed up.  My respect for all recappers goes up each time I attempt this.  What troopers you all are.  I don’t have the snark and snap of some but I hope you can figure out what happened!)

We are back at the joyless gala to announce the engagement of Pablo and Esmerlda and Pablo’s refusal to rescue Esme from the cruel barbs hurled down from the ornate wrought-iron catwalk.  The invited guests murmur in shock as Augustine addresses the press, waves in Esme’s direction and lifts his glass in a mock toast to her.   Esme stands and tells Fer it’s no use, they will never accept her.  Fer hisses to Esme that the MN’s have signed their death sentence.  Pablo finally appears with his Mom taking up the rear.

“Why?”  Pablo asks, “because my parents have shown at the last minute that they are not afraid of you?”  “No, “Fer fires back, because they’re dirty rats.”  Pablo demands that Fer respects his Parents.  Esme tries to head off an argument and in the first show of “courage” during this whole fiasco he puts his hands on his hips and challenges Esme:  “What?  You know about this humiliation he has planned for my family?”  “As aware as you were of what they did to me, kidnapping me and sending compromising photos so you would think the worst of me!”  “But I didn’t believe them.  I believe in you.”  Esme and Fer attempt to leave, Pablo asks her to stay.  The hate and rancor is stronger than the both of them she says.  Above everything else, Pablo declares, I love you.  And I love you Esme answers, but it’s clear love isn’t enough.  The reporters want to know if the engagement is still on.  Esme hesitates and Pablo asks her to answer the question before she goes.  She stares at him.  Fer throws the ball back into Pablo’s court:  do you really want to marry Esmerelda, the Mother of your children?  We await your response.  Fernando actually thanks the Lorenza for the party as he, Esme and Blanca take their leave.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Blogger/Recapper Update: A Message from Madelaine!

All, Madelaine sent this lovely message today.

Hello, Y'aLL

Yes, it is I the returning reader of Caray. Remarkably they did have UNI in the hospital so I could keep up at least.

It's funny in a way. When I first got sick they thought I had pneumonia. Then they got an x-ray at my doctor's office and sent me to the ER. That's where they found the tumor. It has not spread except for my brain, go figure, but the very front. I am not getting chemo, it is Radio Therapy. It's radiation, but chemo is a last resort. In order for me to get lung function back, they inserted a chest pipe. I called it the crack pipe, cause I swear they cracked a rib going in. But this cancer has not spread anywhere else, not my other lung, and it is shrinking from the radio therapy. No nausea, I can eat. Little unsteady on my feet of course, I've been in the hospital for almost two weeks and got out last night.  I will now be treated as an outpatient. I am just very happy to be home. They are treating the brain and lung at the same time.

As I do to you, I drove those nurses crazy with earworms and Texisms. The therapy people especially and my nurses couldn't get over the 'tude, how funny I am when I'm sick. The hostpial has a Padre, not Spanish speaking, that would come see me. We prayed together every day and he couldn't believe my faith either. Laughter is the best medicine eva! But I want to say I am remarkably blessed by Mr. Mads and my daughter Mia. And doubly blessed by this wonderful Caray Family. Thanks so very much for all the cards that were sent and the wonderful emails. Please continue to pray, as I think this was part of me getting so well so quickly. I'll be commenting again, and recapping too, I have not given up. I want to be a little steadier first. I send you very, very many wonderful hugs and thanks for all you have done.



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La Gata #39- Thu 10/23 - La Farsa

Chácharas makes Rita an offer of dinner and she accepts.

Omar busts up some Virginia-Carlos smoochies so Virginia can get back to the house before she gets in trouble.  He reminds her of her mother's threat to send her to an institution.  Carlos has had enough of her mom and says if Lorenza's threatening her, then he'll have to kidnap her so Lorenza can't send her away.  You go, Carlos!

Fela seems to be doing better.  She's had a bath and is sporting identical wavy locks to Esme.  She happily announces to Esme that she's finally found her family, because not only is Fernando her husband, but…tan, tan, taaaaaaaaan…Esme is her daughter.   Esme gives her the patented "Ay, Fela!" look and says that's not possible because her mother is dead, but she's sure Fernando and Fela will find their daughter again.  Esme leaves.  Fernando comes in to wish his Blanca a good night and marvel over having found her.  His kiss wakes her up and she freaks out a little and thinks he's a dream.  She seems to recognize him this time as "her" Fernando and tells him she thought she'd never see him again and she loves him.  Blanca cries that she never wants to leave him again, but she feels like she's slowly disappearing.  Fernando tells her they need to present themselves to Esme as her parents and then they'll be able to be a family.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #49 20141023 I was Wrong, the Galan is not Gay!

Ripoll-Patrick tells Silvana that he got in a fight because he was defending Renzi’s girlfriend from some lecherous dude.  He removes the recipe book from his safe and forwards pictures of the pages to Renzi.  Renzi will send them out to a newspaper, along with the story of chocolate espionage. 

Later during lunch, Silvana wants to toast to the destruction of Ripoll.  Patrick says that the newspaper article is just the beginning.  He still intends to marry Sophia.  He asks Silvana what Sophia sees in Chava.  Sophia tells Patrick that looks aren’t everything.  You don’t have to be built like Adonis to win a woman’s heart, but it doesn’t hurt.  She suggests that Patrick get over his jealousy start acting like Chava.  He’s smart, funny and edgy.  Opposites attract. She begs him not to tell Sophie that she told him that Sophie went to the Village Idiots dance. 
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Mi corazon es tuyo, #69, Thursday, 10/23/14 Love the one you’re with…

At the mansion
Fernando is telling Alicia about his impending divorce. She is furious, she thinks that everyone has turned against poor Isa because of Sebastian and Ana’s (!!!) lies. Yes, she thinks that Isa is the only one who’s telling the truth and everyone else is not; Seb is just an annoying brother and Ana is upset because Isa got to marry Fernando instead of her.
There is no reasoning with our once blushing quinceanera. She runs into Fanny while storming up the stairs and Fanny points out what a good thing the divorce is. So Alicia sends her big sister to Hell, which wins her a big reprimand from Fernando, but one that she cares very little about.

In Chicago (the real one, not the Doroteo infested one)
Jenny and Nico are still enjoying their honeymoon, but they take a break to video call Ana. The nanny is scared of this type of new technology (she does have a smartphone, though, so maybe the show should cut it out with this type of humor when there is clearly no need for it). Diego helps Ana with the video call and the two couples chats vividly. Ana reminds Nico to take all his “vitamins” (heh) and the call ends with kisses and hugs all around.  

Diego and Ana are at the photo shoot, that I think is supposed to be a surprise for her. She starts taking pictures and I have to say it: in my opinion Silvia Navarro has never looked better, even if she’s lost a lot of weight because of all the dancing.
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

La Malquerida #44, 10/23/14: Luisa Nearly Gets Kissed; Acacia Goes All the Way; Perla Gets Whupped

Mexico Episode #49

-Danilo says the woman who came to the wedding with him isn’t his wife, just a girlfriend. After Ale ran away and he couldn’t find her, he tried to get on with his life and started to date this woman. But she always knew he couldn’t love her like Ale. And when he found Ale again, he ended things with that woman. In any case, Este and Cris say Ale is coming home with them.
-Luisa chooses to speak with Manuel and sends Arturo to wait for her in the kitchen. She gets all flirty with Manuel, and is flattered that he seems to be jealous of Art. Her smile soon turns into a frown, when Manuel states what he wants—info on Acacia and Uli. Luisa realizes what a dope she was and tells him off. She goes to the kitchen and finds that Art has taken off. She calls and asks him to come back, but Art is no fool. He’ll see her later at their appointed time to cook for their event. He knows how not to mix business and personal life. Luisa is clearly disappointed. Rosa wonders if she got gussied up for Art. Rosa thinks he’s a nice boy, but she wants Luisa to be careful in any case. Later, at Uli’s house, Luisa arrives with a peace offering of a gelatin cake, but Art remains all business. He gives her a cool apron with their company logo, but he says it’s just their uniform. However, once they start bumping into each other as they cook in Uli’s small living/dining room, he drops the attitude and the anger, and gets back to his old self. He puts on music, takes Luisa into his arms, brushes a stray hair away, looks deep into Luisa’s eyes, and…her phone rings! It’s Rosa checking up on her. That woman has some sort of spidey sense!
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Knife Fight, I'm One Sick Son of a Bitch!

Lupe is baking and Sofi is afraid. Lupe asks what is Sofi there for if Chava isn't around? She says Araceli is against her and claiming ALL the Ripoll recipes are Paco's!

Paco and Araceli are arguing about their current situation; Los Ripoll y las recetas!

Pato and Chava have at it; they pound and smack and beat and whack and much more. Pato says Sofi deserves a man, not a clown and that pushes Chava's berserk button! They tussle over Pato's phone which he is supposed to use to call Renzi but never does since it falls in a bucket of water. Meanwhile Renzi is pacing up and down wondering why Pato hasn't called him yet.

Pato's overpowered Chava and is climbing up to finish him off.

Sofi gets a feeling in her chest and Lupe notices. Sofi moves on and says Paco's a good guy; Lupe stops her right there. Sofia le cae bien pero Paco is her friend and he's a very trusted person.

Pato is about to drop the load of heavy crap on Chava BUT Chava catches his second wind and chases Pato down. Renzi is now frustrated and eventually dismissed everyone.

At some point, Pato fractures his hand and he asks Chava for help. He helps Pato and that sends them tumbling down into a pile of cardboard. That's a wrap I guess.

Sofi and Alexa have a warm sisters moment where they get along and hug and tell themselves they love each other finally!

Chava is home and he lies to Lupe that he just fell and din't get in a fight.

Another somewhat warm moment with Renzi patching up Pato while trash talking Chava (you know, it's nice that he's doing that but it sucks that they're who they are.)

IrkMe is crawling all over Armie and he denies her of SnuSnu since he has to get Alexa to the airport early in the morning.

The next day Chava apologizes to Armie about not being able to tell him who he traded punched with. He says he doesn't want anyone to know he got in a fight; in comes Sofi who I love in this scene being genuinely concerned saying she was informed he has injuries and wants to know the truth ONLY!

Alexa is primping her hair when Fausto says to her that LOVE is followed through with and she knows.

Chava pretty much lies to Sofi who asks if he needs to go to the hospital. His mom patched him up and he just has sniffles. Some gab later and Sofi says she has dreamed of Chava -cue the theme music-

Renzi is in the house and IrkMe lays it down; Armie doesn't want her working with Renzi.

Armie loads Alexa's luggage into the trunk and they thank each other; Alexa thanks him for taking care of her and Armie thanks her for letting her be around him for many hours a day. They're so warm and in love THEN COMES DooDooHead Alan to kill the moment.
Fausto is asking Sofi about Chava and she is pretty much giving us all the qualities Pato doesn't have.
More Renzi and IrkMe FF>>FF>>FF (I swear if these two end up in a love scene together-gagmewithaspoon-)
Greta asks about Daniela and she says she will miss breaking bread with Alexa. Her absence will hurt Fausto and Fausto won't miss Alan; Sofia seconds that! She claims Alan was all over her at some point LOL.
Dani futilely calls Lucas and surprise surprise he doesn't answer.
Greta and Sofi talk about Chava; Chava is having Lupe's home remedy and it is foolproof! Araceli clad in a chartreuse dress comes out and claims Paco has kicked her out of the house! I assume she is staying at Lupe/Chava/Marisol's (Sometimes I forget Matias is there. Who will bunk with the Chava Clan next?) Lupe plans on literally sweetening Paco with her cinnamon rolls.


La Gata #38- Wed 10/22 - La Reunión

Pablo's enjoying baby time and vowing to re-marry their mom ASAP so they can all be together again and Pablo can watch the babies grow up.  Cue Aerosmith's "Don't Want To Miss A Thing."

Gata, inexplicably, is hanging out with Principe at her former Pablo-rendezvous point.  Obligatory shot of the "Pablo + Gata" carving.  Principe whines.  Gata remembers some pre/teen flirting.  Gata calls this their little "loma" (hill).  Pablo shows up to join her in the tree.  Smoochies ensue.

Lorenza tells Augie they have to accept Gata.  Augie is still resistant.  And he doesn't think Fernando will drop the charges.  Um…didn't Fernando say that wasn't part of the deal?  Lorenza tells him it's this or jail, so Augie says they'll do it.  Frankly, if I were Gata, I'd be ok with the groveling, but I would NOT want to live with them.

Gata thinks this is all a dream and Pablo suggests she not wake up.  He says he'll never let anyone interfere with their lives again.  You mean like last time, when you promised you'd always love her?  Just saying. Gata feels like she's gotten the old Pablo back.

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Mi corazon es tuyo #68 22 Oct 2014. Fernando does use THE D word with Isa... Isa is desperate. Diego keeps trying to conquer Ana's heart.


Diego explains to Ana about the Dragon fruit being from Laos and Vietnam. Ana thinks Diego is so knowledgeable…

Isa and Fernando arguing and Isa yells at Luz…

Diego tells Ana he loves her and tries to start a waca waca session but Ana maneuvers her way out from under him… says ‘no, Diego… I can’t… Forgive me, its just I can’t.’ She just can’t.

Lo Nuevo:

Fernando leaves the room with Luz after giving Isa several devil stares.

At the truth or dare game, Gustavo passes at ‘the worst ridicule of his life’ and he tells the story of one time he was locked out of his house with just a towel on, had to go to his dad’s office and lost the towel

Laura decides she can’t do truth so she gets a paper out of the bowl for dare… She reads (???) you have to kiss in the mouth the person to your right… (wanna bet that this was NOT what was written on the paper?) Laura kisses Nando, Ximena not happy at all and has a tantrum. Fanny has to hold her back. Ximena is certain (and I am too) that Laura was not kidding with the ‘game kiss’. How come no one thought of reading the piece of paper to see if Laura was lying? Laura mocks Ximena about not liking her boyfriend and that Ximena forgot to take her meds… Ximena warns Laura not to seize her… Laura tells them that Ximena is insecure and a bit nutty… Gustavo is so immature… he just has fun with the whole scene. Fanny asks Laura if she likes Nando.

Isa is left alone in her room yelling ‘darn inopportune escuincla!!’

Nando takes Ximena outside, she warns him that Laura is after his petacas. Ximena says I better go home. Nando will go with her.

Diego tells Ana don’t want to pressure you. When my dad got married and I asked you to marry me you had a crisis. We are grown ups… I desire you. Ana says making love is rete-important to her. He will wait for her as long as it takes.

Fernando returns to the bedroom and the argument continues, but Isa keeps playing victim.

Fernando’s arguments:

We are going from bad to worse…

How dare you yell at a little girl? Let me remind you, she didn’t even talk before. Are you crazy?

You are harming my kids too much and I won’t tolerate that!

What happened just now was the drop that overflowed the glass.

I think its best for us to divorce.

Sebastian’s incident was part of a series of events that concluded with this ‘exabrupto!’ (mocking her)

Besides Sebastian’s incident, which is unforgiveable, there are insulting a kid, the notebooks of the twins, the pearl necklace…

Beyond that, knowing it is not easy to interact with my kids, which in fact are 7, something you knew from the beginning, we are not a couple! We are not a true marriage! And no matter how much effort I put into it, I will never be able to make you happy as I promised you.

I am such an idiot i could not foresee that you are no mother material, let alone mother of 7+ material, or that my kids Ana would pay the consequences for it as well.

I did not know you were writing a book about how to be a 'B _ _ TCH to your step children' and were practicing the hints on my kids.

Noone told me that I needed to make all the wrong decisions before i chose the right one for my happiness... because... its all about ME, you know?  and I got soooooo ZONKED!!

Isa’s claims:

I got it (editor: yeah, like you just drank an instant remedy on how to be a parent and a wife). Please forgive me.

You were telling me horrible things, I was very nervous and my hormones got startled.

Anyone can have an ‘exabrupto!’ (tantrum)..

Its not easy for me to deal with ‘7 creatures’.

I already told you a thousand times that I had nothing to do with Ana’s mom’s issue!

I had nothing to do with the (pearl necklace incident). My mom saw it in a telenovela!

Amazon sent me the wrong book I ordered 'how to become a nice mother of many overnight' and i got 'how to get out of a marriage with kids in 10 days' instead!

Manuela screwed up my cake and i got sick all over the twins homework notebooks!

The car rolled over the kids laptop and the kids blamed me for it.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

La Malquerida #43, 10/22/14: Dan’s Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do

Mexico Episode #48

Danilo Vargas is messing with my sleep, people! His evil is not the best thing to watch before bed. Again, high level bullets.

-Dan throws Alejandra off him and hard to the floor, as she tries to keep him from suffocating her worthless alcoholic mom. She jumps on him again, but it looks like years of drinking didn’t leave much fight or life in her mother, and she dies quickly. Dan tries to say some b.s. about how he did this for Ale. She screams that she never would want anyone to be murdered, and then wails over her lifeless egg donor.
-German and Acacia arrive just then and Ale immediately runs into German’s arms, and then Acacia’s arms. She’s almost catatonic, so Dan spins his lies about what happened. He says that Ale found out her mom was sick and that’s why she left. She sent word to him, via some people they know in common, and he rushed there. They arrived just in time for Ale’s mom to die. Dan nervously asks how they found Ale. German responds, where there's love, there's a way.  German wonders why Ale didn’t call him—this is why he wanted her to get a cell phone. Dan puts on a teary-eyed, sad act, which is just disgusting to behold. Ale shoots daggers at Dan with her eyes. Dan shoots back threats with his eyes. German looks confused and suspicious. Acacia is just worried about Ale. Dan offers to call up a doctor buddy of his to do the death certificate and offers to take care of the funeral. Ale sarcastically asks if he’ll take care of her mom’s burial like he did her brother’s. German insists on paying for the costs and hands Ale his art work check. Ale refuses to take his hard-earned money that he needs. Dan shoves the check back at German, and pulls Ale to his side, staking his claim on his property. Acacia calms the men down before their conflict escalates, and reminds them that they are there for Ale. Dan pulls Ale outside and reminds her that after Olga, and her mom Hortensia, German is next on the hit list, so she better keep her mouth shut!
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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #47 20141021 A Dog Fight, A Cat Fight, A Cock Fight and a Lover's Quarrel

Trash Can de Oscar the Grouch (aka Franciso “Paco” Fernandez) Araceli asks Paco why he never sued Octavio Ripoll and Martin Coria for stealing the recipes of his delectable delicacies.  “Why would I want to do that?” asks Paco.  Araceli tells her father that his friends’ betrayal turned him into a bitter man.  She wants to know what he was like before.  Was he always like this?  Paco orders her not to make any trouble for Ripoll.  Do not sue them.
A while later, over lunch, Lupe apologizes for getting Paco in trouble with Araceli.  Paco tells Lupe that he told Araceli the truth about the recipes.  Lupe agrees with Araceli that Paco should sue the Ripoll factory.  We You will be rich!  Paco says that the past is bitter; he doesn’t want to think about the it.  He was sad for the last 30 years and now he wants to be happy for the rest of his life.  Lupe tells him that should find a woman to be happy with.  He grabs her hand and tells her that chatting with her makes him happy. 
Later, at the store, Paco thinks about how he has wasted 30 years pining for a woman that has never thought about him.  He now wants to spend the rest of his life (in poverty, because he refuses to sue) being happy with the woman who has stuck by him.  He thinks of Lupe, who is certainly thinking of the potential bazillions he will win from the lawsuit.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

La Malquerida #42, 10/21/14: Hector Sees What Viewerville Sees; Dan Continues to Top His Own Evil

Mexican Episode #47

Just high level bullet points tonight. I have an early day tomorrow.

-Esteban continues his jealousy hissy fit and runs off to the swimming hole, where he imagines that he gives into his temptation and kisses Acacia. Fantasy Acacia pulls away and says this can’t be, because he is her mother’s husband.
-Meanwhile, real Acacia calls Cris to inform her that she’s coming back to the ranch to pack and then head to Ale’s birth town with German and Ulises, by way of San Jacinto. She greets Juan Carlos when she gets back and tells him they’ll be staying with Elena in San Jacinto and that she’ll send love from him to her grandma. They miss each other.
-German is a better father figure to Manuel and is more firm with him than Norberto is. He tells his little bro to suck it up. Acacia doesn’t love him. That’s no excuse to give up on his life and his therapy. He orders Manuel to come to San Jacinto with him to begin his therapy. Manuel refuses, pouts, and shouts about how they ALL betrayed him by hiding the truth about Acacia and Uli. Norbie gloats about Manuel not wanting to see German and lets German know he’s not welcome there. Later Norbie and Julie fight about:  1) Norbie supporting Manuel in not going to his therapy; and 2) Norbie not allowing German to visit them at the ranch. Norbie just thinks she wants to get away from having to sleep with him by going to San Jacinto. Juliana taunts him with denying him sex, and asks him if he’s going to force her. He responds by slapping her hard across the face and walking off.
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Mi corazon es tuyo #67 Tues 10/21 Fernando finally faces Isa with some backbone and gets to witness her effect on his kids first hand... Ana defends Fanny to Reeky and later Reeky pulls out a cannon and a 'loved ones' threat on Leon

Fernando asks Ana why she referred to Jenny as 'hermana.' Fernando asks Ana if she will tell the truth once and for all… sike!!! Just kiddin’!! advice to have a ‘sister’ so fast? Chemistry! Ana changes the subject quick and walks away.

Music continues… where did all these stranger guests come from? They were not at the wedding!

Edna looking for Johnny… he is with Dana (the other girl from the Chicago) out in another patio. Johnny kisses Dana (or rather she kisses him) and Edna is outraged…

Leon, Reina and Margarita busy keeping up with the food serving and cleanup.

Wait… Reeky dancing with Betty??

Ana and Diego to to dance. Fernando shows miffed face. Isa looks away rolling her eyes. He remembers his dancing scene with Ana in library at the house. Alicia comes to ask Isa to go to restroom with her. Luz goes to dance with Diego and Ana. YoMama comes to check how Fernando is going. He is not in the mood… she wants to know how the marriage is going… YOU ask me about my marriage? … YoMama brings up the issue about Ana’s mom. She seems to want to explain she talked to Ana… Fernando really not in the mood to talk about it. Fernando gathers as much respect as he can and says ‘but… you are no longer welcome in my house.’ (yeah, he said it flat out like that and in one breath!! And Yomama is having a hard time catching her breath.. she is totally frozen. Fernando had planned to talk to her later but… ‘I want you out of my house, Yolanda’. Yolanda is in disbelief… you can’t send me away like an old rag… Fernando reminds her he had warned her, remember when they accused Ana of the burglary?? YoMama insists 'you can't do this to me, I am your MIL!' but Fernando continues ‘if there is something that makes me sick is injustice. And watching someone abuse their ‘power’ on folks who are in weaker positions. I don’t want you in my house any longer. Enjoy the party. Excuse me.’ Fernando is done talking. Stands up and leaves. YoMama tells herself ‘ay, hijita, you and your ideas’. Fernando watches Ana and Diego interact with Luz and is a bit sad. Diego comes over and notices Fernando is a bit out of it. Are you sure? Can I do something for you? Fernando tells him he just kicked YoMama out of the house. Its just he is not (in the mood) He is ok…

Isa and Alicia in restroom. Alicia tells her Sebas made up everything so her dad would be mad at her. Isa thanks her. Ana walks in, seems not happy that Ali is talking to Isa. Isa asks Ali if she will let her alone with Ana to talk to her. Ana is not looking forward to this. Ali leaves. Isa calls Ana ‘vulgar’. Ana asks from toilet ‘now it turns out you are not, right?’

Reeky sits Betty down in the middle of a song and goes right to grab Fanny. Need to talk to you. Fanny also wants to talk to him so she goes to dance with him. Leon watches them. Reina tries to poke some jealousy in Leon. But he is not having it.

Diego has pulled Fernando outside. Fernando wants to talk to Diego about his life. Diego understands that sometimes what we say and what we feel are not the same. I know perfectly what it feels like to loose a love. (or lose in love) Don’t want to talk about Ana, or we will end up badly.

Isa grabs Ana roughly questioning if she went tattle-telling to Fernando… Ana is rough back in her tone. Isa threatens to Ana not to talk to her as ‘equals’. Ana does her arm movement ‘cancelo! Cancelo! We are CERTAINLY not equal. What you want to know is if I went to Don Fer with the gossip about the intrigue you and your mom built against me. I did not tell him! Look, I did not tell him. But he found out. And the trick backfired on you and your mother. I was not guilty of anything… just was a bit too trusting. But what happened later…(Isa gets rough with her again but Ana stops her) I have not yet told him that you left me and Jenn out in the road’ Isa rebutes by mocking Ana’s desire to find her mother and the fact of Ana looking like a clown in the road asking for a ride… Isa totally enjoys watching Ana suffer for sure. Ana is about to rip Isa’s wrist apart… Ana again says if it were not for your pregnancy… Ana warns them not to play with the most sacred one has which is your mother… Ana leaves, Isa again is left grinding through her teeth nagging that Ana broke her hand (if she had, you would be screaming in pain now, B!!)…

Fanny tells Reeky that Leon is more a man than him. Reeky says that was not a threat. Reeky claims that he told Leon what he told her, that Leon is inferior. Fanny tries to end the convo and leave, But as Reeky tries to grab her, Ana comes to the rescue. (was funny how Ana pointed her finger at him and he looked at Ana’s face and then down at the hand… like ‘who the heck are you?’) ‘I know people like you who think they are all that, but you don’t know what I am capable of if you try to harm my nina, EMBEZZLE!!!’ Ana calls Reeky a big bad wolf. Ana threatens him to tell Fernando if he tries to get close to Fanny (the little ridinghood). And he will kick him out of the corporate office. (loved that scene of Ana showing face for Fanny). (loved how Reeky stared at Ana, I just hope he won’t target Ana as his new dart board picture) Got that!... yeah, you got it. (as Ana leaves with Fanny, Reeky says ‘you don’t know who you are messing up with, Ana Leal…) (I am afraid the secret of Ana’s second job is coming up sooner rather than later).
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La Gata #37 10/21/14 La Molestia

Full disclosure: I'm in one of my cranky, kvetchy moods and this episode didn't help. What's with all the talking? And where the hell is Fela? Ugh.

The least important stuff
  • Rita's suitor is still around, but Rita is getting discharged so...whatever.
  • The Meatball is still around. I think he's teaming up with Garabato, but he brought his gang to the pizzaria and took advantage of Meatball. Yelling. Threats...whatever. (Meh. This should probably be filled under "Important"...whatever)
  • Esme and Jarocha have a long conversation.
  • Esme and El Silencioso have a long conversation. The MNs should be kissing the ground you walk on. Blah blah blah.
Probably not super important, but it didn't annoy me too much
  • Augie had another attack, but he's not dead. Dorila made him chamomile tea that tasted like arsenic. This was right after he said he wanted to hire a hit man and be done with FDLSC already. Dorila has a quick line about always staying quiet. Will this turn out to be important?
  • Virginia visits Esme. She keeps calling her "cuñada." Kind of sweet.
  • A beggar woman asks Pablo for some money. He obliges. She gives him an origami flower. He invites her to lunch and tells her his troubles. The actress is really familiar to me and it's driving me crazy trying to figure out where I've seen her before.
  • Damian seems to have become El Silencio's goon/muscle. He beats that bald guy to a pulp and Pablo and Esme are there to hear the confession: Augie was the "brains" behind Operation Selfie.
Important...I guess.
  • Mariano tells Lowrenza that Pablo knows everything about Operation Selfie. Lowrenza doesn't deny it. Mariano has some lines.
  • El Silencioso and the lawyer Osorio have a long conversation. The MNs will NOT mess with his hija. Give them the offer they can't refuse-Publicly admit their guilt, accept Esme in their home and announce her engagement to Pablo. (PS: Augie can refuse it, but...Lowrenza? Maybe not)
  • The Martinez Negretes seem to have forgotten the most important plot point: The household does indeed revolve around Pablo. That's why we're all in this mess! But tonight everyone is screaming and bleating about it always being Pablo, Pablo, Pablo! Augie says he's always been a headache.
  • Pablo confronts Augie and they have lines. Lowrenza breaks up the fight and Augie leaves. Parallel scenes with Augie drinking and renouncing his son while Lowrenza asks Pablo if it will help if she and Augie accept Esme and his engagement to her. Well, of course it will help. Lowrenza says they'll do it....but asks Pablo not to say anything just yet. She asks him to wait until the day of the gathering to actually propose. I guess he agrees? Anyhoo...he heads to Esme's house and FINALLY gets to meet the babies!!
Looks like the writers will be working my nerves again tomorrow.

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #46 10/20/14 Alexa is One Smart Cookie

From Friday:
Sofia gives Silvana a lamp that belonged to Octavio as a symbol of their friendship.
Lucas tells Dani he's done with her because of her lies.
Matias offers his emotional support to Silvana. She screams, "Get away from me!"

Matias walks away. Silvana looks a bit guilty about her behavior. Chava tells her that Matias may be gossipy and silly, but he's a really good guy. As Silvana gets in the car she grimaces in pain and nearly falls. Chava catches her. "Are you alright?" She says her stomach is upset and asks Chava to get her home right away.

Alexa goes to the kitchen to ask about Dani. Miguelina tells her that after she introduced Dani and Lucas they had an argument. It was almost like they knew each other! Then they ran off. Alexa tells Miguelina not to say anything about this to Greta. She goes out to look for Dani.

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La Malquerida, capitulo 41. 10/20/14

Skipping the old....

(Some recording is lost so some things may not make sense. Fill in what I missed).

Ale walks into Olga's apartment and comes face to face with Danilo. She runs out yelling for help and trying to leave the rooftop. Danilo grabs her a puts a knife to her face. She yells at Olga for betraying her. Olga ties her up with some cord as Danilo keeps threatening her with the knife.

Nuria finds out from Hernan the contractor that Ulises is not around. She gets to work on falsifying documents.

Danilo tells Ale that he will be looking for German to kill him. (recording lost).

Nuria has another interested buyer. (recording lost).
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Monday, October 20, 2014

La Gata #36 Monday 10/20/14 Stranger Danger!

Hello my patio peeps! Here goes the recap:

I'm going and you can't stop me:
 Miss Kitty and Silencioso have a show down, he forbids her to go see Pablo but she won't listen and takes off with Jarocha and the babies.
At the hospital Pablo meets with Monica, who is there because Mariano called her, why did Mariano call her? Because he hopes that Monica can work her charm on Pablo and keep him away from Esmeralda so that he (Mariano) can get a chance to woo her. Good luck with that little buddy. The long and short of their meeting comes down to this: Monica loves Pablo, but she knows he loves Kitty and what do these women see in Pablo? He's not smart, he's not charming, ok so he might be pretty but as my beloved Judge Judy would say "beauty fades, dumb is forever!."

Miss Kitty arrives at the hospital and finds Mariano there, he tells her Monica came to the hospital-spent the night there with Pablo and that the two left together, he also tells her that Pablo does not want to see the children until he is in a better financial position. Kitty is hurt and leaves with Jarocha, Mariano is left alone with his thoughts and the voices in his head tell him that he and his father are the same-his father stole 20 years of a mans life and he is trying to steal the love of a woman from his brother, hey at least he is self-aware!
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Mi Corazón es Tuyo Lunes 10/20/14 #66

Capitulo 66: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Lascuráin Mansion: Fernando took Isabully aside and told her that there will be grave consequences for what she and her mother did to Ana. He didn't give her a chance to say anything in the way of denial and made it clear that he will not have his father's wedding day spoiled. He then called the chauffeur to get started. He assured his father that all was well before he went into the car. Zerobela then pretended to faint and told her mother that Fernando threatened her. Alicia was incredulous.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Reina de Corazones -- week of October 20, 2014

We learned at the end of Friday's episode that Reina is in "últimas semanas." Since Telemundo has only just started filming the replacement, a remake of Pasión de Gavilanes, we all hope that they will air the full 140 capitulos (60 more) of our favorite novela.

Thanks to Mauricio for changing his day to recap and to Stevie for doing my Wednesday slot while NovelaMaven and I are unavailable this week. I am in New Orleans but without any access to TV.


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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE, week of October 20, 2014 -- Los Miserables, Señora Acero, etc.

Thanks to  the folks who are stepping up and recapping Los Mis and Señora Acero, NovelaMaven, deb and J desde NYC. It looks like they could use some help so if anyone is watching those novelas and wants to try recapping, here is an opportunity.


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Blogger/Recapper Update: Madelaine's Health


I have been in touch with many of you over the last week as I have gotten updates from Blogger Madelaine’s family about her health. Many of you have asked if we shouldn’t share the news more widely on the blog, and so I am using this space to do so now. Most of you know Madelaine as one of our most energetic bloggers, recapping multiple telenovelas at a time, multiple times a week. He recaps and comments are folksy and warm. Her ever-ready, perfectly matched song/music selections are infectious. Over the last few weeks she has been unusually absent from the blog, battling what she thought was a tough flu bug.

Mads and her family now know that her fight is much greater than that. Sadly, she is battling stage four lung cancer. I know most have you have already been sending her prayers and well-wishes. I ask that you redouble those, as Mads goes through radiation and chemo over the next few weeks. If you would like to send her a letter/card/note directly, please e-mail me by clicking on my avatar.

I hope you are all well out there.



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Tierra de Reyes-index

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #45 10/17/14 Let's All Celebrate this (un)Happy Occasion!

Sofia descends the stairs in a dress I have no explanation for. Why is she wearing black at her own engagement party? This might be something Silvana would do out of grief over 'losing' Pato, but no, she's looking hot in bronze. Note to Sofia, if you dress in funeral colors at your own engagement party, maybe your subconscious is desperately trying to tell you something. Pato joins Sofia and everyone applauds as they come down the stairs.
Besides being ugly, half of Sofia's dress is missing.
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

La Malqueria, capitulo 40.

Ale is outside Danilo's old business. I knew he still was running this shady business. Suddenly Olga comes out and recognizes her. She grabs Ale and says your the one that made us lose everything. Ale wonders what she means by that. Olga complains that she's a maid now. Ale thinks it's a better job than the one that she had before. But Olga is not in agreement. She has to clean up all the messes the drunks make at the end of the night. Voices are heard and the girls hide in a doorway. Olga tells Ale after she stole the merchandise, Danilo's boss found out and sent goons to kill him. Luckily all he escaped with was a disability. Danilo's former boss took away all his businesses. So what Danilo said is the truth questions Ale. Olga concludes that Ale has seen Danilo. Olga says Ale can confide in her and tell her everything. After Ale escaped, Danilo beat her up and left her in the street without a penny. All because I would help you. And Carlitos. Ale wants to know where they buried her brother.

Danilo tells German it's not that he doesn't want to give them Ale's old address. He called her old neighbors and no one has seen her but they will keep their eyes peeled for her. German doesn't care and still wants to go. Danilo tells German he knows he doesn't like him but believes that her old neighborhood would be the last place Ale would go. He knows her well. Esteban asks him why. Danilo says that her old stomping grounds was a horrible place. And it was also where her brother died. She had a hard time there and I helped her. She has no relatives there anymore. Luisa comes running in with photos of Ale. Danilo attempts to grab them but Esteban gets a hold of them first. He orders for copies to be made and put up in town. Acacia mentions also putting up a description of her along with her scar. Cris says she never knew anything about a scar. German says she was careful not to let anyone see it. Acacia wants to go and start making copies to distribute. Esteban sends her and Ulises on that mission. Esteban asks German if he knows anyplace Ale would frequent? Luisa thinks perhaps the church. Off she and German go to look for Ale.
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Mi Corazon es Tuyo, #65 One Wedding and a Funeral (of sorts)

We open with Ana throwing the DNA results at YoMama, exclaiming how disgusted she is with her and her daughter. To sum it up, she’s done with them and is moving on. She won’t be fooled again.

Meanwhile, Diego, Nico and Jen are sitting downstairs as Ana comes down. Jen wants to go up and smack YoMama around, they all agree that Isabela had to be in on the deception. Nico wants to tell Fernando, but somehow he gets talked out of it. Yet another secret about Isa that everyone wants to keep from him. Why? 

Jen shows Ana the bright pink and purple wedding invitations.
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Friday, October 17, 2014

La Gata #35 Fri 10/17/14 La Estupidez

With "La Terquedad" as a close second for title.

The teacher in me seemed to think everything was an essay question. I did a little scene combining, too.

Is it really Pablow's fault? Why or Why not?
Virginia and Mariano lobby for Pablow. They try to convince Augie to make up with Pablo and let him back in the house. Augie is too wrapped up in the legal proceedings against him. No. Pablo is not coming back to the house. All he's done is slung mud on the family name and made enemies of the Elizaldes (Monica's parents.) They could have been great allies against Fernando de la Santa Cruz, but Pablow ruined that.

Is it nature or nurture? Choose a side and back up your argument with examples
El Silencio complains about Pablow shirking his parental responsibilities. He's a Martinez Negrete. That explains everything. Jarocha thinks El Silencio is just as stubborn as well, Esmeralda. This kind of pleases El Sil. Jarocha warns him that if he continues Esme will end up leaving the house. Jarocha reminds him that she and Esme know abject misery and they know how to survive. Sure things are nice at his house, but Esme would have no problem leaving if El Sil doesn't slow his roll. El Sil thinks he couldn't bear losing his child again. His whole reason for venganza would be gone if he lost Esme.

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Bringing Down The House: Don Fernando On The Warpath

(In two parts.....)

Parte 1~~

Once the kids explain to Don Fernando all the nasty names Isabela called Sebastian and why, and once he hears that she actually pushed Seb down so that he fell on the floor, he sees red and races off towards their bedroom in search of his wife.  “—How dare you insult my kids, put yourself in their mother’s place, not to mention throw Seb, pushing him so he’d fall to the floor!??”  Isabruja lies that Seb is making things up to separate her from DF.  He almost believed it, he tells her but not now after this.  “—And, you are so far from being able to take their mother’s place!  You know, I really regret having ever married you!”  (Cheers emit from the whole of Viewerville.)   He storms out and into the hall.

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La Gata #34 Thurs 10-16-14 Fallout from the Non-Wedding


The lovely Monica calls on La Gata, telling her God and Pablo punished her and humiliated her like never before. The love Esme and Pablo share is stronger than the hate and they must pursue that love. “Thanks for listening,” the shunned bride concludes. “God bless you and forgive me.”

The Dance of Love Continues
One can only suppose that Sra. LaToodle wants us to feel renewed with clean and almost comely Rita as a love object. The IV man appears in her room again, claiming that he is her clown and she is his circus. (His glasses are a little thick—maybe he doesn’t see so well.) She says if she could get out of bed, she’d beat him. The nurse comes to chase him off, saying he proposed marriage to the lady in room 14. So he roams the halls, preying on women.

Gata gazes from her window, asking the universe for Pablo’s location. No answer.

Pablo explains his mural to a group of gentlemen, proposing animals for the outdoor setting—cats in particular. He rhapsodizes to himself that he’ll immortalize his love for Gata, work through the pain he caused, and save money for his kittens—uhm, his children.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #44 20141016 A Tale of Three Dumb Daughters and the Mother who Spawned Them

So anyway, Greta is upset that her daughter lost her virginity, but Fausto encourages her to talk to Dani about it.  Times have changed, says the man that has no children.  Girls sleep around all the time now.  Encourage your high-school drop-out daughter to be loose. Whatever. 

Greta takes Fausto’s advice and listens as her ditsy daughter blather on.  Greta gives Dani the “sex talk” and advises her to be monogamous.  Dani assures her that she and her boyfriend love one another and that they used protection.  Dani asks how Greta felt when she had sex with Octavio because all teenagers want to know about their parents having sex.  I know I did.  Yuck!  Greta remembers her first time with Paco and Sophia’s subsequent birth. Greta wants to meet the boy, but Dani says not yet.   Dani hugs her mother; they’ve bonded over the sex talk. 

Across town, Lucas tells his Miguelina, his grandmother, that he and his girlfriend are in love.  Luckily, he doesn’t subject her to the sex talk.  She tells him that turning his life around has rewarded him with love.  He tells her that she is his biggest joy.  She has been both mother and father to him. 
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