Friday, February 29, 2008

Pasion Thursday Feb. 28: Lots of Tears for Rita and Lis

[Apologies for the lateness. My usual Thursday night committment went late and I got nothing but interruptions today. It sucks when work and real life interferes with playtime, doesn't it! Corrections and additions, welcome as always. This was a talky episode.]

We start out with the extra special breakfast Jimena and the servants prepared for Cami, Ric, Fran and Lis. Mario isn’ t there and Jimena asks after him. [I had a slightly different take on Lis and Fran’s reactions than Julie did last night. Julie thought that maybe was trying foods for the wedding reception. There seems to be a food/class theme going on here which happens whenever the middle class people eat with the wealthier folk. The upper crust seems to have a more formal European diet while the middle class are already eating what we think of as Mexican fare—chiliquilines, tamales etc. Some of the upper class people actually enjoy the lower class food, most notably Fortunata. But then maybe she enjoys any kind of food, as long as there is plenty of it. Lis and Fran have been more standoffish and Fran has even been scornful of it. So it may be that they are just sourpusses about the wedding, having to sit there with Cami and Ric or it could have been the food.]

In the chapel at Montecarmelo, Rita and Ofelia wait for Santiago. Rita’s impatient. Ofelia chides her. Rita cracks that he’s not going to be home for the birth of his child. Ofelia says it’s not going to be happening soon. “Soon enough” says Rita. Santiago appears and Rita starts riding on him to come home. Ofelia tries to restrain her but Santi says he’s going to come home. Rita is elated. She tells him that Don Jorge and Dona Sofia have been by. Santi says he’ll go see them. He asks about the twins, Justo and whether they know. Ofelia says she doesn’t think so. Ascanio knows but he’s discreet. Rita immediately launches into a speech about how since Jorge and Sofia have come over, it shows that they are showing good will and that he should do the same. Santi blows up at her. It would mean accepting the name of the man who raped his mother and assaulted the woman he was going to marry. Now it’s Rita’s turn to blow up, which she does, as expected, at camila’s name. Ofelia intervenes and shushes her by saying that she should be quiet or she will bring ill favor on herself, her child and the whole family. Santiago takes advantage of the moment to say that he will leave to tell the head monk that he’s leaving and pay his tab. Rita smiles like she’s already thinking about what curtains she’s going to have in her palace.

Fran and Lis are walking outside. Fran speculates pruriently about what “that whore” did to Ric that made him so angry only to have him so sweet the next day. They go to Ofelia’s (to throw Ric’s spies off she says) but Ofelia is out. Ramona, the servant tells them that she and Rita are at Montecarmelo to see Santiago who is there on retreat. They will be back around lunchtime. Ramona offers them food but the ladies turn it down and continue on their way.

Over at LaFont’s, the servants and Manuela are enduring the wrath of LaFont. He’s royally ticked at having his house robbed yet again. He insults the servants and when Manuela asks what they were looking for, what was taken, La Font shouts at her that HE DOESN’T KNOW. And he knocks over some furniture for emphasis. A few minutes later, he’s outside walking to Don Jorge’s while some street performers happen into the frame—a juggler and a fire eater. He goes into the Palacio. Outside, Fran is telling Lis that their next stop is Don Alberto’s . Lis says no way, if Ric’s spies see them, it will incriminate them. Fran is impatient but Lis says she doesn’t want any more problems with Ric. Fran is all like, “So why did we leave the house then?” Lis says “It was your idea.” Fran calls out to Manuela who is walking by. After exchanging pleasantries, Fran asks after LaFont and Manuela tells her that he left earlier. Fran is disappointed but asks after him and Manuela tells her that their house got broken into again last night. Nothing got taken. Again. (I guess she doesn’t know about the other letters). Manuela says she’s in a hurry. She’s helping Sofia with her charity work and she’s late already. After she leaves, Lis is in a panic that the Ric stole the ED letter. Fran says that they could just denounce him as El Antillano. Lis gets angry and says no way. If she does that, she’ll abandon her to her fate. SHE can always get married to LaFont while Fran will be begging in front of every church around. Lis moves ahead and Fran yells at her to listen to her.

La Font has to wait for Jorge. He’s with somebody else. The guy he’s with is doing some kind of transaction for important clients and asks for Jorge’s permission to go ahead. He launches into a discussion of what steps he’s going to take with regard to the law when Jorge cuts him off saying he knows what the law is. Jorge asks for more time. The guy has no choice but to say “Yes sir” and leaves after asking him to let him know. As they go out the door, the guy sees LaFont and is about to tell him their bidness when Don Jorge brushes him off and tells him that HE will tell Alberto. The guy leaves.

As Jorge admits Alberto to his office, Jorge complains loudly about Alberto getting involved in the letter business while Foreman is right there. La Font says it doesn’t matter if Foreman is there or not. Jorge complains some more about LaFont’s involvement with the ED letter. What if Ric and Foreman, if both are pirates, are buds? What if they talk to eachother? Alberto shoots back that Jorge is just mad that he didn’t get the letter so that he could have gotten Camila in the sack. Jorge finally asks what happened. La Font says he found it and got it. Jorge then complains why LaFont didn’t tell him right away. LaFont is fed up with all the whining and says he doesn’t have to tell him everything he does. Besides he was doing “justice.” Jorge gets up from his chair and says “Justice? Since when did you care about that?” Jorge thinks that his motive is that he has become infatuated with Lis and thinks she’ll pay him back with her favors. Alberto laughs and says she has endeared herself to him. Jorge laughs but Alberto says he’s not joking. Jorge says, whatever, but best to wait to make a move until after Foreman is out of the picture. La Font agrees. He moves on to the subject of his house being broken into. Jorge is shocked. La Font tells him that the guards saw nobody and nothing. And he even got knocked on the head when he entered his own bedroom. Jorge is even more shocked and says that these guys don’t seem to be afraid of anything. La Font says he still thinks it was Ric. Jorge asks if he thinks he came back to find more letters--proof against the both of them. La Font says he doesn’t have anything. Jorge says, still, it’s disturbing. Even more so given that Foreman is there.

At Ric’s mansion, Foreman is arriving. He greets Ric, Mario and the boys. Mario calls him Captian and asks what he’d like to be called and they agree it is Lancaster from here on out. Ric brings Cami out to meet him and Foreman very gallantly doffs his hat and kisses her hand. He tells her she’s very pretty (in English, with Spanish subtitles.) Camila shies away and Foreman says now he knows why their good friend forgot all the rest of them. Camila looks uncomfortable. Jimena is quite taken with goldilocks as well and gives him a big smile which catches the jealous glance of Mario.

Sofia, Fortunata and Manuela are out doing their good works. They are talking about how some old geezer school master doesn’t seem to be able to control the youn’uns anymore. Fortunata comments that kids are just full of energy at that age. Sofia laments that they will have to find a new teacher. Fortunata complains that so few people in town know how to read and write. Manuela pipes up that she can teach the town children to read and do sums. Sofia objects and says that teachers have to be men and besides her father would never consent. At that moment, they come upon a woman crying and begging for help in the street over a sick young boy on a litter parked right there. Sofia instructs the two servants following them to pick the boy up and take him to get help. After they leave, Sofia asks Manuela about Uriel’s courtship of her. Manuela says she hasn’t heard anything from her father. Sofia adds that she knows that she’s not too excited about it. Fortunata butts in to say that she doesn’t see why not. Uriel is handsome and from one of the best families in San Fernando, educated..etc. Just then Ascanio hurries by, wearing a nice suit of clothes. He greets the women and Sofia pulls him over. She asks him if he works with Santiago. She wants to know if he knows when he’s coming back from Montecarmelo. Ascanio says he doesn’t know. Next she asks him if he knows how to read and write. He sneaks a glance at Manuela and proudly says “Yes.” Sofia tells him to let her know the minute Santiago returns. Ascanio promises and smiling at the other ladies, excuses himself and departs. Fortunata notes the huge smile on Manuela’s face. Sofia turns around and notices it too but turns to talk about Santiago and how he needs to come back and take the social position that he is meant to take. But once he’s gone from the blacksmith’s shop, his employees will be out of a job. She figures she needs to think of them and at least this…Ascanio (Manuela pipes in to help with the name) could take the schoolmaster’s job. It wouldn’t be a lot of money but it would be enough to live on. Manuela smiles broadly.

At Ric’s, Foreman is at the table with the ladies and Mario and Ric eating and talking. Foreman is talking about his meeting with Don Jorge and says he’s a refined and cultured gentleman. Jimena adds..and shameless. Foreman asks why and Mario says that Jimena thinks that all those with power and money are [shameless]. Foreman says that often that is the case. Ric and Cami exchange uneasy glances that Jimena is about to blab too much. Foreman next asks Fran and Lis how they stay in San Fernando has been. Lis answers with a friendly “very good” and Fran, less enthusiastically. Foreman adds sympathetically that even though San Fernando is a nice town, it’s still a small town. Lis says that it’s all the same to her, as she can’t see. Foreman bows his head and says yes that’s true and apologizes for not taking that into account. Lis adds smiling that she’s met some “very nice people.” Cami and Ric hold hands nervously. Ric announces that if the ladies don’t mind, he invites the men to join him in the great room for a digestif. Foreman thanks Camila and obsequiously says that “every minute that passes makes him envy his dear friend Ricardo, more and more.”

The men retire to the other room. Lis archly says that she and her aunt will retire as well and gets up. Fran gives a curt “thanks for the food” to Jimena. Jimena rolls her eyes at Cami. Jimena leans over and asks who Foreman is. Cami gives a non-committal “He’s a guy who Ricardo knows..” Jimena immediately guesses he’s a pirate and starts to say so when Cami cuts her off with a YES and tells her that he’s the top dog pirate. Jimena’s eyes widen and she asks why he’s here. Cami says that Ric thinks he there to talk to Jorge and LaFont. Jimena still doesn’t get it. Cami explains that Ric thinks that Foreman is the guy they use to fence their stolen money.

In the hallway, Fran and Lis are returning to their rooms. Fran remarks that if Foreman has known Ric a long time, that means that he must also be a pirate. Lis points out that Foreman knows Don Jorge and Don Alberto too. Fran says they may not know that he’s a pirate. Lis turns to discussion of the letter. She wants to know if Alberto turned it over to the authorities before the break-in. Fran says that if she tries to find out, for sure Ric’s spies will follow her and tell him. Lis snaps her fingers and says “I know, we can use Clotilde to take a message!”

Foreman, Mario and Ric are in the great room drinking their digestif. Foreman asks Ric to tell him the truth about what he’s doing. And before Ric can speak, he tells him he knows that he broke the rules of the brotherhood of pirates. Ric guesses that he had his guys do a background check in Mariana. Foreman says yes and the letters that Ric sent [reporting on their activities] were turned into him. Ric responds then he knows perfectly well what he’s doing. Foreman turns to the subject of Camila, “she’s the widow of your uncle, right?” Ric says yes. Foreman says “so you fixed your problem! You ended up with the inheritance. But I guess your cousin isn’t so happy about it.” Foreman wants to know so then why can’t he go back to pirating? Ric says his wife isn’t too keen on leaving her family. Foreman doesn’t get it. “Since when does a pirate let a woman boss him around?” (Good Question!) Mario looks like he’d like to know too. Ric changes the subject. “And you? What are you doing in San Fernando? I don’t think it was to visit me.” “Why not?” says Foreman with big smile. “Because I know you,” says Ric “and you don’t do anything that doesn’t have a purpose.” Foreman says OK, he’s come to propose a business deal. They sit down. It’s a deal for fencing stolen goods. Ric asks if it’s the loot from the operations at La Paisana’s that el Chino is taking over. Foreman says yes. The ship-piracy biz has gone sour. With all these governments making peace, the pirate is no longer protected by any government. Instead, robbing on land is earning money (redituable). Foreman brings up Ric’s stolen loot and asks “You know who did it?” Ric says that his money was in a caravan that Juancho and the boys robbed. But Juancho told him that another gang robbed his wagon. Foreman asks about the other gang, whether they are locals. Ric tells him he doesn’t know. Foreman says “That’s why you are still here? To find out and get your stuff back?” Ric grunts non-committally. Foreman tells him to fuggedaboutit. The money is long gone, for sure. It’s been divided up and spent by now. Ric responds by accusing him of dodging the question of why HE is here. Foreman says he told him, he’s there to make a deal to sell contraband. Ric looks over at Mario. He turns to respond to Foreman, “And if we turn this one down, are you going to offer us some other deals?” Foreman takes a sip of wine.

Ursula is in her pink boudoir in her skivvies looking at her French pornography (I mean art) book. Fortunata comes in and she bitches her out for not working on her mom and dad to lift her grounding edict. She’s going stir crazy. Fortunata says she should be happy—the English “sir” is in town and for sure Don Jorge is going to do a dinner or some gala affair to fete him. Fortunata goes back to the subject of marriage and Ursula is not so keen on this subject and complains that all the decent gentlemen are boring and aren’t interested in sex, unless it’s with a prostitute. Fortunata is scandalized and says that if she doesn’t watch it and goes back to her catting, her Dad’s going to shut her up in a convent. She reflects that she did like Ric and Santiago, they at least seemed different. Unfortunately, Ric had to fall for the miller’s daughter and Santiago turned out to be her brother! Fortunata says there will be another. Ursula says “Who?” Vasco? Fortunata says, “we are talking about gentlemen.” Ursula repeats that she doesn’t want a gentleman. She offers Fortunata a chocolate and asks her to tell her the latest gossip. Fortunata repeats the story of how Uriel is interested in marrying Manuela but just this morning, when she was out with Manuela and Sofia, she noticed some furtive glances between Ascanio and Manuela. Ursula breaks out laughing. She revels in the fact that Manuela was criticizing her for her common taste in men, and here she is flirting with a guy from the pueblo. Fortunata is sure it’s not quite like Ursula’s dalliances, given that Manuela is prim and proper (and well, Ursula is a slut—no she doesn’t quite go there). Ursula says "wanna bet?" And teases Fortunata with the chocolates.

At Ric’s Foreman is bidding Ric and Mario adieu. Foreman says that he doesn’t want to be misinterpreted. He still has one big deal in the offing, probably his last and he’d like him to participate. Ric says thanks for the offer. Foreman says, for sure they will meet again. Ric says yep. Foreman says to give his goodbyes to the wife and they do the pirate shoulder to hand embrace. At that very moment, Paco runs up with a pitcher of watermelon juice. Ric picks up and thanks him. Ines has brought the little boy who apparently insisted on coming. Ric explains that Ines is the wife of Camila’s brother and the little boy is his son. Foreman says he’ll be seeing him (Ric) soon and leaves. Ines is apologetic to have interrupted something but Ric assures her that Foreman was just leaving. They go in to see Camila. Paco tells his uncle that the watermelon juice has lots of sugar and that his grandpa gave him a lot of instructions about how to behave when visiting. Ric tells Paco that he’s never a bother. The little boy gives a gesture of frustration and says “you know how it is!” Ric laughs at the adult expression and says “I can guess.” They go inside.

Outside, Mario and Pablo discuss Foreman’s visit. Mario says he doesn’t like it. Pablo says what? The visit of the Englishman? The arrival of Camila’s relatives? Mario says he doesn’t know but he has an uneasy feeling about all of this.

Foreman and his pirate bud chat about the visit in the open coach on the way back to the town. The pirate expresses surprise that El Antillano is so “domestic.” He also points out that Foreman didn’t ask about his relationship with Don Gaspar, the high ranking prelate. Foreman says with so many new aspects to their old friend’s new life, he didn’t think it was prudent to let him know how much they knew. “I don’t like it” he says in English. He also comments on how much in love Ric seems to be with that pretty girl. We should not fail to take it into account, he adds a bit menacingly.

Meanwhile outside the carriage, they drive by a whole line up of beggars with baskets out.
Over at LaFont’s, Clotilde has apparently taken advantage of the distraction of Foreman’s visit to slip out and deliver the message from Fran. She hands the note over to a servant and when he tries to brush her off, she says she is to wait for a reply. She eats something out of a tiny bag around her neck while she waits.

Inside, La font reads the message and tells the servant to tell Clotilde to pass on the message that everything is fine and that he will shortly be along to visit them. La Font gives a dark, brooding look.

At Ric’s Ines is relating how hard it is to know what to say to poor Ofelia. Camila agrees that it’s a delicate subject. Ines says she can see that Ofelia is suffering greatly from all the revelations. They ask her about Santiago and Ines relates that he’s still at Montecarmelo and Ofelia and Rita went there to see him today. When asked about what she thinks he will do, Ines says she doesn’t know but Rita is keen on him becoming the next Lord of San Fernando. Jimena shrugs as if to say “of course.” Ines asks about the ED letter. Camila replies that she still doesn’t know. Ines says that Vasco insists that Bernabe must have destroyed it. Jimena sighs. Just then Paco runs in with Ric. Paco comes in excited about the horses. Camila asks if he was able to ride them (looking up at Ric) but he says no, because they had just eaten. Ines says it’s time to go and Paco isn’t thrilled by this news. She reminds him that they just came to drop off the watermelon juice. Ines says she has to finish a dressmaking job. They bid their goodbyes and leave, with hugs and kisses. Camila asks if Foreman has a wife and children. Ric says that pirates generally don’t see that side of their comrades’ life, since it’s don’t ask don’t tell. Camila asks what Foreman will think after seeing Ric in such a family environment. Ric says he doesn’t care. Camila says that every day that passes, every new thing she discovers about him, makes her love him more and makes her more fearful. (Well, except for that business about lying about his name--I say.) Me too, says Ric. And sometimes it scares me too.

Ascanio is with the boys at the forge. He tells them that he has seen some other carts, some older and cheap and some newer and too expensive. One of the twins says that he’s really resenting this long absence of Santiago’s at Montecarmelo. Santiago has always been a religious guy but this time he’s really been gone a long time. He speculates that maybe he wants to become a monk. It doesn’t make sense, since he’s got a pregnant wife and a mother to support. The twin asks Ascanio what he thinks. Ascanio shrugs off the question and the twin continues—what if Santiago decides to leave the blacksmithing business? What do they do then? Again, Ascanio shrugs. Just then a carriage drives up. It’s Santiago. The twin runs up and says “What’s going on, boss? You left us with no warning!” Santiago says nothing is happening, everything is fine. Rita offers without being asked that they are all tired from the long journey and Santiago needs to clean himself up. Ofelia tells Rita to help her draw a bath for Santiago. Santiago limps over to the guys. He says nothing will change. They will continue working as always. The twins are perplexed and one of them says “and why shouldn’t we?” Santiago turns with surprise to Ascanio. “You don’t know?” Ascanio says “No” indicating that he hadn’t told them anything. Santiago then says “you tell them.” Ascanio tells Santiago that Dona Sofia asked him to tell her when he had returned. He says he will do it and Santiago pats him on the shoulder as a OK, thanks for the headsup. Ascanio turns to the twins who ask what happened. Ascanio tells them simply that Santiago is the son of Don Jorge Mancera. The twins are double impactados.

Over at Mancera mansion, Sofia and Fortunata are drinking coffee. Fortunata fills Sofia in on her conversation with Ursula. Fortunata tells Sofia that Ursula is still upset with the whole Santiago is Jorge’s illegitimate son deal. She feels displaced, like why should she marry if she’s out of the line of inheritance anyway. Sofia remarks dryly “So she wants to continue whoring?” Fortunata says no, but she thinks you hate her and her father doesn’t care about her. Sofia laments that parents always want the best children even when they haven’t been the best parents. Fortunata says that that’s not what’s going on here. Besides, look at her, her parents never gave a damn about her and she has a happy life. she says, biting into a cookie. Sofia looks up in surprise. “You’re happy, Fortunata?” Fortunata relates that she would have liked to have had a husband and children but if God didn’t choose to grant her those, she’s not one to complain. Sofia smiles bitterly and says that a husband and children don’t always give one happiness either. Fortunata shoots back a wry smile of her own while drinking her coffee.

Later, Sofia walks into Don Jorge’s office. Uriel is there asking for advice on how to proceed with his courtship of Manuela. Jorge tells him to talk to her and tell her of his intentions. He agrees and bids the couple goodbye. After he leaves, Don Jorge tells Sofia that Uriel has just told him that Alberto has not accepted his proposal of marriage for Manuela. Alberto told him that he wants a “decent” guy for his daughter. Sofia cracks that sinners want to clean up so that they can still get to heaven on judgment day, without ever having done a decent thing in their lives. Jorge says he assumes that she’s alluding to Santiago. Sofia agrees. She tells him that maybe if he recognizes him, God will take it into account. Jorge grunts and asks her to what he owes her visit. She says that she has come to ask for Ursula’s grounding to be lifted.

At LaFont’s gate, Uriel is ringing the bell. Inside, Manuela is doing her embroidery. Nana Agata tells her that Uriel is outside. Manuela jumps up like she’s been stabbed by a needle. This is not good news. Agata says that maybe he’s there to talk other bidness with her Daddy. Manuela prays that this is so. Agata remarks that Uriel is young and is from a good family. She could do worse and it’s about time she was married. Manuela says she knows but one still has dreams, hopes. Agata tells her that hopes and dreams don’t pay the bills. She’ll have a nice house, to rule over and kit out as she likes. Manuela asks what if Uriel beats her and punishes her all the time like her Dad. Agata tells her not to think of the worst possibility. Manuela cries.

At Ric’s, Clotilde has come back and Fran brings the news to Lis. Alberto says that everything is fine. And he says that he will come for a visit as soon as he can. Lis says, “what, and have Ric suspicious? NO! Tell him that he can’t come over.” Fran says, it’s done, for better or worse. Lis says she doesn’t want Ric mad at her. Fran says there’s no avoiding that. What is he going to say? “Thanks, cousin, for taking my wife’s money?” Lis says obviously not, but she doesn’t know why she listens to her aunt anyway. Fran says not to go backwards—they had an agreement. Lis gets angry and says no—“you convinced me!” Fran points out that it was she who decided not to let Alberto give the letter directly to the judge. Fran points out that they can’t continue living under the same roof as Camila. “And the only way to leave is with the money that prostitute (furcia) stole.” Lis cries and says that she doesn’t want Ric to hate her. Fran says “My queen, you “want the gold and the moor” (el oro y el moro--to have your cake and eat it too) . She lashes out at Lis saying for the umpteenth time that Ric is never going to be interested in her. It could be that he’ll tire of Camila and look for someone else—“but that somebody else will never be you!” she finishes. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? IS THAT CLEAR? Lis covers her ears and cries some more. Fran tells her to cry cry cry all she wants. When she’s done crying, then she’s got to think of herself for once in her life.

Ric and Mario are pondering Foreman’s visit. Ric still doesn’t understand why he is there. Mario says he thinks that Foreman came to make a deal with LaFont and Don Jorge. Then maybe he thought that he could cut Ric into his deal as well. Ric says no, it doesn’t make sense to have that many people split the loot. Ric thinks that the fencing contraband scheme is just a pretext to justify his presence there. Mario accuses him of thinking too much—it could be as straightforward as what he says. Ric says no, these guys aren’t just common pirates, one is no less than the local representative of the crown. Mario agrees but doesn’t get why Foreman would hide what he’s doing. After all, they all belong to the brotherhood of pirates. Ric shakes his head. He says it’s clear that Foreman no longer trusts him if he sent somebody to check up on him in La Mariana. It’s quite possible that he knows about Don Gaspar being his godfather. Mario finally gets it. He asks Ric if Foreman mentioned it and Ric says no, but he’s sure the Englishman is not telling him everything since he knows Ric wants to retire. He can’t risk it that Ric could be a spy for the Spanish. “Which, in a certain way of looking at things, I am, although not officially.” Mario says things are getting dangerous. Ever since Gonzalo got back from Mariana, they’ve been under suspicion and now with Foreman, who actually knows he’s a pirate, there are too many people around with some amount of information about their activities. Foreman could leave and the very next day, Don Jorge could be rounding them up. Mario thinks the best thing to do would be to get out of Dodge and head for La Iguana. Ric says, “and leave everything?” He thinks that they are close to getting all they need to prove that Jorge and LaFont’s complicity in the caravan robberies. They just need one of the accomplices to talk. Mario shakes his head. Ric says if he and the boys want to leave, it’s fine with him. He can’t leave Camila with the problem of the ED letter looming over her. Mario suggests that he just take Camila with him. Ric says, she won’t want to go. And if they take everything from her, they’ll take the mill too and it will be handed over to Lis. Her dad will die this time from the shock. Mario points out that if somebody turns Ric in, all that will happen anyway. Ric says he knows but at least with him being there, he might be able to do something to avoid it. Mario says that he should be thinking about is going back to the sea to make some cash in case all that he’s worried about with Camila losing her fortune comes to pass. Ric shoots Mario a nasty look that surprises even him.

At Ofelia’s, Ofelia is pouring what looks like lemonade. Rita says that Santiago must be almost done getting ready and she hopes he’s going to see Don Jorge. Rita adds that she thinks Ofelia doesn’t want him to go. Ofelia replies that she only wants what her son wants. Santiago shows up and Rita asks him if he’s going. Santiago turns to ask his mother what she wants him to do. Ofelia says timidly that she thinks he should do what his heart tells him but she’s afraid. He asks her about what and she says “That we’ll lose you.” Santiago assures her that that’s not going to happen. Ofelia asks him what he’ll do if Don Jorge says he’ll recognize him and that he’ll have to move to the palace. Santiago says that he won’t do it. Rita butts in and says that she thinks that he should think about it. Santiago says he’s already thought about it. Rita gets upset. “But he’s your father, you have the same blood!” Santiago says he knows all that. Grita is starting to freak out. She wants him to think of their child. It could have a better life, a better education, not grow up in a dirty blacksmith’s shop. Santiago takes offense at this and says that blacksmithing has given them an honest living since the time of his grandfather. Grita is now yelling that that guy wasn’t even his grandfather. His grandfather was a Mancera. Santiago yells back that THIS is his family. They are the ones who raised him, loved him and gave him an honorable profession. And don’t interrupt him when he’s talking to his mother! He limps away. Grita turns to Ofelia and complains that now she can’t even have an opinion. Ofelia unloads on Grita with both barrels. “When Camila disappeared, we all saw your attentions with Santiago and thought that you would make a good wife. We were wrong. You are imprudent, ambitious, selfish and full of envy. You don’t care about my son’s feelings. All you care about is the gold plating and the adulation, to dress yourself in fine clothes and jewels. Grita responds yelling back, and “what’s wrong with that? Camila does that.” Ofelia says “aha” that’s what this is all about. You trying to one up your sister. Ofelia tells her that Camila isn’t who she is because of what she wears but because of who she is inside. She leaves Grita in tears with this big diss. Grita immediately curses Camila again. (Or at least she says “Maldita Mujer” and I don’t think she means Ofelia.)

Next time:
Santiago confronts both Ric and Camila and tells them that now that he knows his true parentage, he really needs to know if Don J really did have his way with Camila.


Guapos Thursday, February 28th, 2008. Please join me for an evening of fine whining and dining with the Belmontes

But first: Guapos is the number-one rated Spanish-language show in the U.S! Which means here in the L.A. area that it’s probably in the top 5 of all TV shows.

A lot happened tonight, so on with the story:

First we watch the pub brawl from last night, and then see our rowdy bunch in jail. Here come Connie and Damien with Braulio, who, unlike the other two, knows that a gentleman always wears gloves to a jail visit. Connie is saying just what I need, a scandal. He sees Valeria and asks what she’s doing out in her underwear. He springs them all, except Claudio. That’s not one of mine, he says. Braulio protests that he won’t allow his nephew to be left in the street. His nephew has family now, after all. Connie says okay, him too.

The next morning Luci and Damien are sitting at a garden table having coffee. Damien wants to know if she spoke to the young ‘uns about their adventures last night. She says that Connie took care of reproaching them, and after her own scenes, how can she act ashamed of them and besides, you know Connie, he’ll use it to say it’s all my fault. Anyway, that is the least of my problems. You’re right Damien, Connie and Andrea are lovers – I caught then in the office.

Damien tells his “dear” sister that Connie ought to be the one who’s ashamed. Imagine! With his son’s fiancée! Tut tut, why, it’s just not done! He asks if she’s talked to Andrea about it.

Luci says yes, I tried to, but I didn’t get anywhere - she’s ambitious, a social climber. Do you believe that he was renting an apartment for her, got her furniture, a car, who knows what else? Damien says it’s obvious that she’s soaking him for money - you think she likes him for his pretty face? Luci swears she’s going to get rid of Andrea. Damien asks if she’s going to tell Alex the truth.

There’s no point in that, says Luci, I’ve lost credibility with my children. I’m going to get it back, but it’s going to take time. I did talk to Mili, that servant of Regina’s. Alex has eyes for her, even has her thinking that they’re novios. Can you imagine? I think it’s just a passing fancy for him, but it’s convenient for me. I have to win this one... I have to get Andrea out of the house and out of my son’s life.

Be careful, warns Damien, Mili’s even sucked my son in – remember New Year’s eve and him getting out of the wheelchair? Don’t let things get out hand – remember how things worked out in your husband’s past! [hint: pregnant servant] Don’t worry, says Luci, after I get rid of Andrea, I’ll get rid of the servant.

We’re in Regina’s room where Valeria, Alex, Mili and Claudio are lined up before her, literally called on the carpet, it seems. Regina starts “my four grandchildren in jail!” But Valeria stops here right there – what “four”? Regina explains: Mili is my adopted granddaughter because she’s captured my heart. Mili gives Valeria a little nudge and says suck that lemon! Regina continues: Claudio is your family, he has the same right as you to the family name. – Mili gives Val another little shove and says suck that lemon too. Valeria says she has a headache Regina lets her go.

Alex apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Regina, who didn’t seem too upset in the first place, grants forgiveness. Smiles all around. Regina asks Claudio for a hug. Mili asks for the day off –she’s cooking dinner for Alex. Regina says no problem, she’s going to spend the day with her new grandson. Mili leaves and Regina asks Alex when he’s going to talk to Andrea. Today, he says.
Regina tells Claudio sorry, but we have to go to the lab today. Claudio says gosh, he doesn’t know why there’s all this distrust, but if his father says so, he’ll go.

Now Alex and Mili are in his room. He gives her the key to Bobby’s apartment, and offers her money for groceries. They kiss and titter and look forward to the wonderful evening.

Connie comes in to Regina’s room. Regina asks Claudio to show Connie the medallion. Claudio: My mother gave it to me when I was born. Regina: Don’t you recognize it, Constancio? It’s la Virgen de la Soledad. You gave it to Rosario for her child. Connie is uncomfortable and skeptical: How did you get a hold of this? Regina: He has it because he’s your son. From the moment I saw him, I didn’t doubt a moment, neither should you! You don’t need a lab test. He’s your blood, your son, accept him. Connie looks doubtful.

We are in the girls’ dorm and Mili is getting ready to go out grocery shopping, stuffing her hair into her cap, and Lina is dreaming of what a great evening they’ll have, the music, candlelight, dancing cheek to cheek, the kisses, the caresses! And then he takes you up in his arms and off to bed. Mili protests No! Just the dinner and kisses. Lina: didn’t you get any sex ed over at the convent? Mili says, Sor Cachete told me that if you offer a man afters, he takes one bite and then leaves.

Lina when she finds out the dinner is at Bobby’s asks Mili to swipe something for her to have - even a sock and I don’t care if it’s dirty! Yum! Mili looks grossed out, and so does Karla who appears at doorway.

Alex and Andrea are in the foyer. Andrea asks how was the party last night? Why didn’t you take me? You wanted to meet with the servant and go dancing, huh? We have to talk. Alex agrees, but says not here and not now. I have to go to the doctor about my wound, and then to work. I’ll meet you between 7 and 8 at the cafeteria near here. We need to talk in a civilized manner. (Way to go, Alex! A cafeteria is the perfect place for a break-up! Puh-leeeze)

Hugo is working on his painting. Karla comes in and says, want to know what Milagros is going to do tonight and with whom?

Cut to the convent office: Connie is meeting with the padre. He says his mother is convinced but he’s not. Mili is your daughter, says the padre and you need to do that test. Connie shows the medallion to the padre – yes that’s Mili’s, says the padre, there’s no other like it. They wonder how the boy got it.

Foyer: Andrea is sitting in a chair, Hugo comes and asks her to come with him.

Happy music is playing. Mili is shopping, cooking, buying flowers, setting the table. Now she is dressed up, hair up, long earrings, sitting at the table, ready.

An orphan tells the padre that Mili said someone stole her medallion.

Alex is at the crowded cafeteria. Surprise! Hugo comes in and sits down with him. At Bobby’s apartment, Mili is ready. The doorbell rings! Oh joy! But…’s Andrea! Mili blows a great opportunity to say “Que haces aqui?” Time for dinner? asks Andrea smugly. Mili wonders where Alex is. He stood you up, he sent me to tell you. Andrea is enjoying this a lot.

Cut to some ads, and we’re back Mili and Andrea. Mili says she doesn’t believe a word, that Andrea lied before about having spent the night with Alex. Andrea says don’t be so naïve, but this doesn’t float, Mili won’t doubt him. Andrea flips out, pins Mili against the door and says how much do you want to get lost? It’s all about money for you, isn’t it?

Back to the cafeteria. Alex says Mili is waiting for him, but Hugo says they have to talk. One thing about Hugo, whenever he has issues, everybody is supposed to drop everything and deal with his stuff. Alex says okay. Heck, he came expecting to have a bummer of a conversation, so why not have this one? Hugo says they were best friends growing up, more than cousins, they were like brothers. Hugo trusted him more than anyone. And now – you kissed Carmen! Alex admits he did. Hugo yells at him that he’s trash, but Alex says, she’s not what you think. Hugo doesn’t want her smeared. Did you sleep with her? he asks. Alex’s eyes go this way and that, then he squeezes them shut and says yes.

Andrea and Mili are still at it. Andrea is trying yet another tack: She insults Mili’s taste – the candles, the flowers, the dress! Tacky tacky tacky. Why, you could work the corner in that outfit. Yes, and you could send me your customers, says Mili. Good one! Mili says she is like her mother who loved deeply and truly. Andrea just can’t believe this and asks if Mili is hoping to marry Alex – does she think the family would allow their golden son to marry so low? Mili says that both Regina and Luci support her, but Andrea laughs that off, saying Luci is such a crazy drunk that she is shoving her son at a servant. Mili tells her to leave and says Alex will be along at any moment. Andrea says you wish.

We’re back with Alex and Hugo. Hugo is telling Alex how Carmen was his future, she was to be the mother of his children, how could you? Alex coughs up the truth – she’s not what you thought. She flirted with me, she came on to me. Hugo says stop! Alex says, I wasn’t the only one. I’m sorry.

Luci is in the bedroom in her robe and has some face cream on. Connie comes in with a drink for him and one for her. She says no thanks, but he says alcoholism is incurable. So is hate, she says.

And now they have a conversation they should have had a good 20 or so years ago. Luci says now that the missing son has arrived, she is going to ask something she never asked before. The servant, did he love her? Yes, Connie says, he did. So that’s why you’ve hated me every since our parents arranged our marriage? Luci asks. Connie says I know why you married me – you were carrying the reason in your arms. Luci says please understand – I was alone in Paris with a child and without the man I missed. Did you love him? Connie asks. She says yes, but then I came to love you even though you were constantly running me down. Connie looks thoughtful. Luciana? Yes? She says. Is that cream for wrinkles? Yes, why? Take it off, it’s (somebody help here – the captions disappeared so fast going into the ad, that even after several replays I couldn’t make out the word. I’m sure it’s not nice).

Meantime, Alex and Hugo are still having their conversation. Alex says if he could turn the clock back, he’d do differently and says again he’s sorry, he regrets it, and that Hugo is his cousin and he loves him. Hugo says his father Damien saw them, and that his father was so upset he wrecked the car. But Hugo says he forgives Alex even if it is his fault that they both are dead. Come give me a hug! Alex is very confused by this, but slowly gets up and accepts the hug. While hugging him, Hugo says to him if life were fair, Alex and Carmen had been the ones in the car that night. But says Hugo, you are my cousin and I love you. You can go to Mili now. I’ll grab the bill.

Actually, I’m waiting for Andrea, Alex says. Funny, says Hugo, Andrea told me you were waiting for me. Alex takes off, and Hugo says liar.

Andrea is laying siege to Mili. She has ensconced herself on the couch and is taunting Mili about how late it’s getting and how Alex isn’t going to show up. Mili is getting tearful and is losing her tough-girl comebacks. Mili tells Andrea to leave, but this still doesn’t work. Andrea smirkingly notes how late it’s getting and Mili finally dissolves and runs out the door. Andrea snuffs the candles with her fingers. She doesn’t even lick her fingers first. Good thing she’s so heat resistant because we know where she’s headed in the great by-and-by.

Now we’re in the kitchen and Horacio is trying to get out of Socorro where’s she’s been, but she won’t say. He accuses her of having been talking to the gardener at the house on the corner (I thought Casa Belmonte took up a couple of blocks itself). He storms out and she is teary-eyed. Rorgan comes in with his psychiatry book and notices she’s sad and she runs out. Then Mili passes through, also tearful. Rorgan figures he’s going to be a millionaire when he gets into the psych biz.

Up in the girls’ dorm, Mili is starting to tell Lina about her crummy evening. No, Alex didn’t make moves on her, he didn’t even come, just that awful Andrea came. Karla comes in and gloats that Mili’s date flopped and tells her that she’s a fool. You’re the one to talk, Mili notes. As long as you’re in that uniform, you won’t be happy says Karla. No, Mili says, I’m happy and it’s not the uniform but who’s in it. She’s back to being our chin-up gal.

Back at Bobby’s apartment, Andrea is setting out the casseroles. Alex comes in smiling and then freezes. Just in time for dinner, mi amor! Alex wants to know where Mili went – oh, she left says Andrea. Then Andrea starts on a name-calling binge, thinking up insulting things to call Mili, working her way through the alphabet. Well, actually she only makes to C and then she jumps to Z – zorra! She wants to know what’s up, who is he making fun of, her or Mili? Or does he intend to marry her, and have the servant on the side? Alex tells her it’s over, but Andrea says only she decides when a relationship is over. Besides, he promised. Alex says they don’t have anything together, never did have, and that he loves Mili and will defend that love against the family or anybody else. Andrea is losing it – she is gishing her hand around in the casserole. She takes up a couple of handfuls of it and it looks like Alex might get a faceful, but he is out the door, trailing clouds of True Love. She flings casserole at the door. This last was very weird – maybe weirder than Hugo.

Rorgan is in the kitchen with Socorro. He wants to practice his psych. He asks her tell him something he can get his teeth into. Maybe something about her daughter and men. Socorro looks sad. Maybe she can tell something about how men violated her and she doesn’t trust them. Uh-oh, looks like he’s hit a nerve.

At the convent office, the padre is showing the MS the mediallion. Yep, that’s Mili’s all right. They decide to keep it there at the convent for the future happy moment when Mili finds out she has a family.

Ever wonder what Braulio is really thinking? Now we find out. He is sitting on the fountain in front of Casa Belmonte and Claudio is excitedly telling him that the abuela took him shopping and spent a bunch. Braulio tells him not to trust anyone, that all of this, house, business, todo, is to be his. Claudio says that Alex seems like a nice guy and Braulio says trust him least of all – he’s your enemy because he occupies the place you should be in. I will help you to destroy him. You have to be strong. Wow, Braulio. Who knew?

Alex slips into the girls’ dorm. Mili is in her jammies. Where were you? I’ll explain later, he says, but right now let’s save the night. He tells her to put on the gown the abuela bought her and fancy up. Next we see a limo, and a tuxedoed and pony-tailed Alex is waving the chauffeur away – no HE will open the door for Mili. She emerges in a lovely lavender number, makeup and hair perfect. He wants to kiss her, but she says no, she’s afraid of waking up from this dream. She looks up at the fancy building. Inside, it’s the best, and emptiest, restaurant in town, with waiters at the ready. She panics and wants to bolt, but Alex encourages her.

It’s not so lovely at Casa Belmonte. Once again, the foyer is the place that someone has stupidly picked to have a very private discussion. This time that stupid someone is Damien. Claudio is telling him how great everything is and how he’s going to tell his mother that he’ll be away for a few months. His mother was so happy to have the money. Damien asks where is his part, but Claudio says no, it’s for his mother. Damien grabs him by the hair and says they had a deal, and if he doesn’t stick with it, Damien will unmask him. You wouldn’t says Claudio, they would be after you too. This is overheard by Braulio. We see tears welling in his eyes.

At the restaurant, a quartet of violinists shows up at the table. Alex asks Mili if she wants to dance. They sway-dance. He asks Mili to imagine him at 80. She laughs. He proposes. She is amazed. He re-words it. Freeze-frame on her opened-mouth astonishment.

Avances: Looks like Claudio is busted. Braulio, Regina and Rorgan are at the gate to his very humble home, and his ma isn’t Rosario. Hugo has talked Mili into posing maybe nude. She’s in a bathrobe reclining on his bed when Alex comes in and is impactado. Looks like a set-up.


I Love Juan Thurs 2/28 - Anga tries A Gentleman's Agreement, CL is Unforgiven, Mari shows her Braveheart, Pau's hopes Crash and Juan gets The Sting.

CL informs Marely that he will butt in, er, join her for lunch with Paula. Mari is distressed and not pleased. Meanwhile an unsuspecting Paula is at the restaurant telling the waiter that she expects "someone" to join her.

Over at Angarita's house Anga has told Nidia he loves her but to leave him in peace for a while. After she leaves he calls Delirio and invites him over for a show down. Instead of leaving Nidia hides behind a table. Anga doesn't see her and comments that women with so much love will drive a man crazy little by little. Nidia mutters something about him being a traitor and wanting to see his face. (?)

Juan visits some guy's office. I think he's selling the contest because he makes hourglass figures with his hands. During the meeting he thought bubbles that he had an uplifted heart thinking about his future with his little dove. At that time little did he imagine the Chubasco that was about to drop. (Note: The Chubasco is a sailor's dread. It is a nasty and violent squall that arrives without warning, usually in the Sea of Cortez. Winds typically are 20-30 knots but it's not unusual for them to hit 50-60 knots. Luckily Chubascos are typically of short duration, but a lot of damage can occur in a short period of time, especially if one is unprepared for the hit.)

As he drives to the restaurant CL tells Mari that she seems nervous. She denies it but nervously answers that Paula can be very delicate when it comes to surprises.

Juan has finished the big sell and is on his way to the restaurant. Unfortunately he has hailed the taxi from hell. The cabbie won't be hurried and tells Juan that he has his own rhythm (i.e. slow). Poor Juan only wants him to hurry a bit but the cabbie becomes sarcastic and tells Juan to shut his trompa (snout, schnozzle). Juan asks, "and is it you who'll shut me up?" The obnoxious cabbie pretends to quake, "ooh, I'm scared!" He stops the cab and they have a stare-down, Juan scowls and Obni-Cabbie grins.

The Achi Lovelies meet their tour driver in the hotel lobby. The Maestra wants to go to Xochimilco. (Remember this place? It's where nasty old Bertha of Heridas de Amor lost her fingers and met her unhappy fate at the Isla de las Muñecas.) Naturally Lorena doesn't want to go, but Maestra and the other Lovely vote against her. Hooray for democracy! Delfina shows up and sadly announces she is love sick. The two nice lovelies grab her and off they go for their tour, begrudgingly followed by Lorena.

Over at Anga's Nidia has fallen asleep behind the table. The doorbell wakes her. She answers, perhaps thinking it's Anga, but it's Delirio and they are mutually impactados. He calls her perfidious. (I love that word.)

Obni-Cabbie calls Juan out and they argue outside the cab in front of a growing crowd. Obni-Cabbie calls Juan a chicken and flaps his arms. We all know Juan could easily pound this little dude into the ground but Juan has other priorities. He tells Obni to cut it out, he's in a hurry. He thought bubbles that his honor is at stake, but as important so is his life and his future. His Palomita awaits.

The Palomita awaits. Suddenly, to her unpleasant surprise, Mari and CL join her. "What are you doing here?" she asks CL.

"What are you doing here?" Nidia asks Delirio. He says he could ask her the same question, acting all lady of the house. They argue, she tries to push him out, he refuses to leave and surprises her by revealing that her little friend Anga invited him. She tells him that Anga is sick but at that moment Anga walks out of the bedroom and confirms that yes, he did ask Delirio over for a meeting. Delirio gloats.

After a few very uncomfortable moments at the restaurant Mare reads Pau's signals and leaves Pau and CL alone. CL tries telling Pau he came to surprise her but she doesn't buy it. "Tell me the truth. What are you doing here?" she demands. They have a glare-down.

Back at the cab Juan still has not thrashed the cabbie who, by the way, has now rolled up his sleeves to reveal his anemic biceps. Juan calls him a lump with feet and in desperation says yeah yeah, you're strong, I'm afraid, now let me the hell out of here. He pays the cabbie, reconsiders for a moment whether he should pound this toad, then finally strides off in disgust. The cabbie taunts him by calling Juan a monkey, a gorilla, a zacatón. (I'm not sure if this is what the cabbie meant, but a zacatón is a famous deep cenote or sinkhole, I would love to dive there sometime!).

CL admits to Pau that he came expecting to find Juan Dominguez there. He's dying of jealousy. Pau goes on the attack and asks him does he see Juan anywhere around? (What the viewer sees is Mari standing outside fretfully looking around.) Pau scolds CL while managing to cast furtive glances outside.

Anga tells Nidia he's glad she's there because they all need to discuss something. Nidia and Delirio start to get into it but Anga, the voice of reason, shushes them. He asks, to get to the point and without preamble, how much does Delirio want for Nidia's freedom? Nidia is bug-eyed impactada.

CL acts contrite (Faker!) and Pau acts holier-than-thou (Liar!). She says she doesn't want to eat with him so who will leave, he or she?

Delirio postures, his marriage is sacrosant, la-dee-da. Anga tells him to cut the act, he knows all about Samuel's will and Nidia and Delirio's role in it, so back to the point, how much does Delirio want to rectify this absurd situation?"Absolutely nothing!" answers Delirio, "My love for Nidia is not for sale." He waxes poetic for a while, it's even a bit touching. "She is my dear wife and only the hand of God can separate us." Nidia, rushing over and spinning him around, breaks the mood by announcing "But I don't love you!" He tells her if he can't have her then nobody can, what does she think of that? Not much judging by the look on her face.

Mari intercepts Juan outside the restaurant and prevents him from barging in. They see CL depart and Juan asks Mari what's up? She tells him to go in and ask Pau. Juan asks the Santo Niño de Atocha for help.

Pau is obviously happy to see Juan. She smiles but evades his kiss. She has something to tell him. Then she stalls by talking about CL and poor Mari. Juan opens his hands and asks "so what's the problem?" Pau evades the question and makes small talk. Juan tells her he's been waiting for good news from her ever since she left Achichipico. Heh, he's going to be waiting longer than he thought!

Anga and Nidia weigh their options. Clearly Delirio won't give her up, not even for Ali Baba's treasure. Anga suggests divorce but Nidia says Delirio would rather confess all and see her in jail. Anga firmly says in that case there is only one solution, Nidia has to confess to Las Davila. It won't be easy but her fate is in her own hands.

Pau takes forever to get to the point. Since she left Achi her circumstances have changed. Juan begs her to come clean, please no more evasiveness! After letting him proclaim his love once more and making him beg again she finally answers. She's pregnant! She and CL are expecting a child.

Excuse me please while I fast forward through this next painful scene of a pitiful Juan asking if she's sure, of Pau saying things have radically changed and her pregnancy was a surprise (?), that the only thing they can do is accept their fates, of Juan saying he would be a father to her child, that he will die without her and never be happy, of him weeping and kissing her hands and telling her he wants to feel her skin for the last time.

Juan wishes Pau all the best before running out to Mari. He cries that it's all over and then yells at Mari for not telling him. Poor Mari, she just keeps getting the short end of the stick.

Mari rushes in to comfort her sis and Pau blubbers some more...Misery, Blame, blah blah blah, she's so sorry.

Nidia comes home to find Delirio catching flies. She tells him to shut up and stop his stupidities, she has something definite to say.

Yadi and Profe Nacho make their only appearance in tonight's show. They walk along eating ice cream and Yadi says he has treated her marvelously. Not only did he defend her from his wife but he invited her for ice cream and is spending his important time with her. (And the baby.) She caresses his face where wifey smacked him and says she's sorry. He tells her not to give up on school, to fight tooth and nail for her dreams. They get kind of goo-goo eyed. He wants to walk her home but she declines as her husband will be jealous. "What a woman," he remarks as she leaves, "sweetness in person." (Ha ha, if he only knew Yadi like we do!)

Delirio tells Nidia he's had enough of her vituperations and jokes at his expense. She can cry, scream, beg, throw herself on the floor, but there is no price that he will accept for a divorce. Fine, she says, then she'll be forced to do the extreme; she doesn't have much time left in this life. He blathers and postures and calls Anga a troglodyte with a machete while he, (insert full name here), has perseverence and education! Nidia retorts that's why the world despises him, because he's a loathesome crow-buzzard (cuervo ratonera, I guess that's what it means). Everyone hates his attitudes and that's why he'll never have her love!

Our poor disconsolate Juan lumbers down the street. Uh oh, who should drive up but the Obni Cabbie. "Hola little friend," he yells, honking and taunting. The fool even has a fare in the cab! He stops and asks Juan if he wants to go to the beauty salon to have his lion's mane styled, or maybe to buy some roses?

That's all Juan, in his funk, needs to hear. He tries to pull the cabbie from the vehicle but the cabbie drives off, leaving Juan to kick the departing cab in frustration. Juan curses the idiot taxista and thought bubbles that he doesn't want to drown in anger or he might end up writing his sad memoirs from a jail cell. He tells his white dove to sing, God knows how much he loves her. "Sing, dove, sing, while my soul cries."

His Palomita cries on Mari's shoulder. Boo hoo, she's stuck with CL and she wants to be with Juan. She feels like she's the worst woman in the world. (You are, you are!!) Mari sweetly consoles her saying nobody thinks that." (But we do, we do!!) Pau insists she is the worst, not only did she kill her own dream but she killed Juan's too. She'll be miserable to CL and to her own child, the most innocent of all. She is a Complete Failure as a woman. Mari tries to comfort her, the picture looks bleak but it will look better, Pau's not a failure, blah blah say the right thing and pat the hand.

Juan is awash in a wave of memories...the first time he saw Pau, some happy times, making love times, her marriage to CL, and his own fantasies. He finds himself in a church where he does his funny curtsy. He asks if God is laughing at him. Maybe things are happening for the benefit of all, but there is one poor man, a fool and a blockhead, who cannot see as far as God. He asks God to show him a ray of light, or even lend a hand to help support the pain that is eating away his soul. Juan prays that he feels very alone and he asks God one last thing, please don't let go of his hand.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pasión, Weds 2/27, #55: Have fun storming the castle!

At the tavern, Lafont says goodbye to his pals. Uriel with the canneloni curls says they really ought to go too, but Lafont doesn't want them to leave unconscious Gonzalo behind. Uriel protests that he has to get up early tomorrow to work in the store. (He's probably really sorry that Gonzo's passed out and can't make another sour-grapes remark about the store Jorge wouldn't give him.) "We'll take him home," Mateo with the Marcel waves says. Lafont agrees to this and leaves. Pablo follows discreetly.

Uriel tries to tap Gonzo awake. Uriel doubts what Lafont told them about the Englishman - it looked to Uriel as though the two had already met. He greeted him and even stopped to chat. Uriel suspects that this Englishman is the guy who's been buying their loot. Mateo is not so sure - would would he be doing here, considering that Jorge wouldn't even let them nab the most recent caravan? Uriel shrugs, says maybe Jorge didn't know he was coming. Mateo dismisses this, saying it's too much speculation. Mateo orders another bottle.

Jimena thinks maybe Ric can get his cousin Lis to back off. Camila asks how - by sleeping with her? Because that's what she really wants. Jimena says he could probably pull it off with a much smaller sacrifice than that, since she likes him so much. Cami doesn't think he would do that. Jimena gets all "I told you so" about buying the mill concession, but Cami says she never thought that letter would turn up again. J tries to cheer her up, saying surely the guys will find it. Cami feels guilty that Ric has risked so much for her. He's probably sorry he ever got mixed up with her!

Ric and Mario are inspecting Lafont's trunks - I mean his coffers, not his lacy underthings - when the call of a Long-Tailed Whistling Hawk, aka Pablo, warns them that the man of the house is on his way. Since they haven't found the letter yet, they assume it's on him. They prepare to welcome him.

Outside, Pablo makes sure Lafont's guard stays knocked out.

Since Ric and Mario don't have a fresh plate of cookies handy, Ric greets Lafont with a terrific blow to the head. Mario is impressed. Ric says he learned it from El Chino. They go through Lafont's pockets, but find nothing.

Camila is relieved when they get home. He tells her he didn't find the letter, and he doesn't know whether it means that Bernabe destroyed it. With her hand on Mario's arm, Jimena says maybe Jorge has it. "Could be," Mario says, looking as if he can't wait to find out. Sensing the birth of an even more frightening plan, Cami begins to protest. Jimena says she knows a way in - Vasco's got a key. She, Mario, and Ric start working out the details while Cami frantically tries to nip it in the bud! What if they get caught, what are they going to do, kill him? Mario suggests that they try to get in tomorrow on some pretext. Ric fears that it will be too late by then - the letter could already be in the hands of the judge. Cami says no, not at the cost of your life, but Ric says tonight's their only chance. She threatens that if he does that, she'll turn herself in.

"And what will you turn yourself in for?" Ric asks rationally. She says she'll tell them she's not Timoteo's rightful heiress because they weren't properly married. He reminds her that she can't pay back the money. She doesn't care! He says he cares. He tries to calm her down and suggests that they talk in private. As they leave the room, I see Mario take Jimena's hand. (I think Ric sees too!) Mario shrugs helplessly at her as he takes off his coat to wait for the fight to blow over.

Ric takes Cami to a bedroom. He says he had it made up for himself to sleep in out of respect for her ridiculous decision (to not sleep with him), and she's going to stay there until he comes back. She goes nuts and begs him again, loudly, but trying to kiss him goodbye too. He reminds her that this is his absolute last chance, and he locks her in! She screams for Jimena to let her out. Lis wakes and hears her. She wakes Fran.

Meanwhile, Ric, Mario, and Jimena hatch their plan. Ric asks J if she thinks she can get Jorge out of his room. J says she hopes so - she's always wanted to! "You're gonna sleep with him?" Mario asks, tantalized. J tells him to shut up - what does he care?

Clothilde comes down to tell them that Camila's yelling. Ric loudly tells the gossipy maid that Cami's being punished, and no one can talk to her or let her out. Then Lis and Fran want to know what's going on. He says it's between him and his woman, and tells them to go back to their room. He shouts at them again to get them to leave.

After they go, he apologizes to J, saying he knows it hurts her to do this to Cami, but there's no other way. J says she understands. She excuses herself to get ready. (Mario seems to reach for her vaguely as she leaves, but he's gonna have to be quicker than that!) Mario reminds Ric that this is very risky. Ric asks if Mario has a better idea.

Lis and Fran wonder what's going on. Fran guesses that Ric must have caught Cami at something really terrible to have locked her up like that. Lis wonders if he found her with Santiago. Fran thinks not - he would have killed them both, but they'll find out soon enough.

Cami throws herself onto the bed and sobs disconsolately. Meanwhile, the Mission Impossible team ring the bell at Justo's place, waking Vasco and Ines. Ascanio is there too, shirtless anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Wups, sorry. I think I had a blackout or something. Um, anyway, Ascanio is there too. Ric asks that they say something to Justo so he doesn't come outside too. Ines goes in to comply. Ric says he knows Vasco has the keys to the palacio, and he needs them. Ascanio seems lost. I'd like to give him a map.

A moment later, Vasco and Ascanio are dressed and they all make their way to Jorge's. Vasco warns that it's dangerous; Ric reminds him that this is all his fault. Vasco says again that he's sorry. Ric tells J to knock at the front door. She agrees, but tries to say that it's risky; he cuts her off. He tells Ascanio to keep watch nearby, and when she's been gone for a little while, to let Ric know. He tells Vasco to lead the way to Jorge's room.

Vasco asks what they should do if they get caught. Ric explains that if they're all very cautious, they won't get caught. The tone of his voice discourages further discussion. Ric and Vasco move off to the side. J watches with vague bemusement as Mario carefully arranges her shawl to hide her cleavage before he joins them!

A wagon approaches; everyone turns away and tries to act casual. Ascanio tells Jimena it's going to take a while for Mario and Ric to find Jorge's room; is she really going to try to sleep with him? "I'd rather go to bed with you," she tells him with a playful smirk. He rolls his eyes. "But Camila is my friend, and I don't want to let her down, so, fine - no biggie." He tells her to be careful. She takes his face in her hands and says she loves him - like a brother. "Same here," he says. They exchange a friendly (not hot) kiss and she goes to the door.

Jorge is awakened by a loud knock on the door. A guard says it's urgent - it's Jimena, they told her to come back tomorrow, but she insisted. Intrigued, Jorge tells him to send her to his study.

It's time for the guards to switch. One of the guys going off duty seems to notice Ascanio. Ascanio turns away and tries to act casual.

While the rest of the guys wait to get in, Vasco fills Mario in on the Santiago situation. Mario hopes that if Santi does become the señor, he doesn't try to get even with Ric for swiping his woman. Vasco says Santi would never do such a thing - he got married and Camila was free to marry someone else. Mario says - possibly from experience, we don't know - that just because they're married to other people doesn't mean he doesn't still have feelings for her. "You know," he adds. Vasco agrees with a rueful smile.

Jimena is adjusting her neckline, pinching her cheeks, and poking her eyes in preparation for the big show. Jorge comes in, and she gives him a sob story about how awful it is to live in "that house," Ric's a big meanie, and... and... today... (she turns to squeeze some tears out of her eyes) today he hit Camila and locked her in a room! Because she wanted to have a party to celebrate their wedding, he was okay with it at first, but then... she doesn't know... he went to see some English guy today... (she checks his face to see if it's working; he's lost in thought) and then he came back and threw a fit.

Jorge wants to hear more. She sobs for dramatic effect. Outside, Ascanio gives Ric & Co. the thumbs up. Ric says that if Jimena comes back too soon, to let them know; they'll leave the door open for him. They sneak into the building while Jorge pumps his seemingly cooperative visitor for information. He asks if she's ever heard anything to make her think Ric's a pirate. God forbid! she says, crossing herself hurriedly, but admits that his "people" are strange, and sometimes he goes on trips and doesn't say where he's going.

The guys sneak through the hallways, sounding like a herd of buffalo wearing tap shoes. Now they're in Jorge's room! They search all the easy places, then prepare to open a large coffer.

Jimena is telling her eager audience that she has to get out of that house - she'll become a tavern wench, if necessary. Jorge makes his move and says no, no need for that! I can take care of you! She says she'd be profoundly grateful. She giggles as he nuzzles her neck and tells her she's pretty. She tells him he's handsome. (Interesting - I didn't know apuesto could mean that.)

He suggests that they go to his room. "Just like that?" she asks, startled. "Why not?" he answers. They'll be more comfortable there. Thinking fast, she asks if she can have another glass of wine first. She glances nervously at the window as he pours.

It appears that Mario, Ric, and Vasco have found nothing. Vasco insists that Bernabe would have regretted his actions and burnt the letter. (But not returned the money, apparently.) He thinks the fact that he stayed in that miserable little village with his cousin, rather than living like a king in the big city, proves that he was sorry for what he did. He was a nice guy who just got blinded by greed for a while, same as Vasco, but he still loves Camila.

"Yeah, maybe, maybe not" Mario replies. Now he wonders if the letter is in Jorge's office. Ric worries that if J is there with Jorge, they'll get caught.

Jorge is getting a little frisky with J now, telling her she won't be sorry, and describing the lush lifestyle he'll give her. She tells him he's generous. He tries to pull her out of the room with the promise of champagne. She then falls prey to a well-timed stomach ache. She produces a nice dry heave and says she must have had too much to drink. He gives her a glass of water and realizes the party's over, at least for now.

After the commercial, Jimena joins the men outside. The first thing out of Mario's mouth is to ask if Jorge took her to bed. She tells him he was just about to, and she would have liked him to, but instead pretended to be sick and that cooled him off. As for the guys - no, they didn't find the letter.

Ric stalks off. Mario follows after another quick attempt to cover up Jimena's charms.

Ines is trying not to nod off when Vasco and Ascanio come home. V tells her they didn't find the letter and asks for some coffee. She hopes that if Jorge didn't have it and Lafont didn't have it, then maybe it no longer exists. Ascanio is not so sure. They looked in Lafont's study and Jorge's bedroom, but there are other places it could be. Vasco's not happy with Ascanio's gloomy attitude, but Ascanio thinks Lafont could have killed Bernabe to keep him quiet even if he did get the letter.

At Ric's place, Ric tells Jimena and Mario that they've run out of hope. Jimena reminds him to get Camila out of her room.

Mario tells Jimena that she's a very courageous woman and gives her a hug. "And very pretty, too," he adds. She weeps on his shoulder with relief, and slaps his shoulder weakly when he calls her "sirenita."

Cami is still at 100% Pissed Off when Ric comes back to the room. She screams, "you can't do this to me!!!!" After he shuts the door, she asks in a much calmer voice, "you didn't find it?" She cries and says she's so sorry and it's all her fault. She should have listened to him and not bought the mill concession. He tries to cheer her up and says life is full of mistakes. He holds her and they make up. And make out. Just when I think they're going to have a pleasant accident in the Room of Celibacy, he apologizes for his poor behavior. He offers to take her back to her own room, but she wants to stay there, because it's not fair that he can't sleep in their room, it's his room too. He says no - all of his stuff's in here anyway.

They laugh over how they're driving each other crazy. She suggests that they just talk. About him. "But not on the bed," he says. She tells him about the time Timoteo told her about Ric. (There's a sepia-colored flashback to their day at the beach.)
She had asked Tim why he hated his nephew so much. He said they had been a happy family until their father died in the prime of his life, and his older brother (Ric's father) inherited everything and came down hard on Tim and Fran. Everybody else thought he was a swell guy, but he was awful with them. And Tim wasn't his mother's favorite, either. Then Tim fell in love, but the big mean brother married her instead. To get rid of Tim, the brother gave him a miserable little piece of property. Eventually he died, and his wife had had a son; he offered to marry her, but she turned him down. However, he was the executor of the son (Ric)'s inheritance; the boy had inherited his father's evil blood. 19 years later, he had become a murderer, escaped, and now he's a pirate.
Ric says he now understands why TIm hated him and his mother so much. His mother died shortly after Tim did. Cami says she didn't quite believe what she said about Ric's father anyway. He says he has only good memories of his father, and if he was unkind to Fran and Tim, maybe it's because he sensed the evil in their hearts. He explains that Tim hired Bermejo, the guy who ran the slave auction where she was sold, to kill a woman and frame Ric for murder. Fran was in on it too. The man even confessed.

Shocked, Cami asks why Fran isn't in prison. Ric says he asked his godfather to leave her name out of it to expedite the process. Cami says it was her fault he had to run away. He says he ran away like a coward. She says no, he was young, he had to. He says Fran's an older woman, and she needs to take care of Lis - and Lis knows all about the murder story.

That's why he wants to have a family. He lost his father too soon, and his mother was hard and bitter; his aunt and uncle wanted him dead. When he met Camila, he knew that with her, it would be possible to have a real family. She proimises to make it happen. He asks her to never again saying that he's only interested in her for her money! He asks her never to doubt him.

Jimena brings out a snack for herself and Mario. He asks what if she had stayed with Jorge. She tells him about the house and the mesada (I don't know what this is) and jewels he offered her. "So are you going to accept?" he asks. "He's a very pleasant gentleman," she teases. He reminds her that she told him the other day that she was looking for a husband, not a lover. (Mario, Jorge IS a husband!) Did Jorge's offer make her reconsider? She tells him it was an attractive offer.

He feeds her a grape and says he could set her up with something, too. "And marry me?" She asks. "I'm not the marrying type," he says, feeding her another grape, and she bites his finger! She says if she's going to be a mistress, she'd rather do it with a rich guy.

She asks what they're going to do about the letter. He asks who she discussed it with. She says only Vasco, and that was because Ric wasn't around at the time. (I think they're referring to the fact that Bernabe had the letter.) He wonders if Lis and Fran overheard something. She thinks this is likely, and that they went straight to Lafont with the gossip. Disgusted, she says she hates them. Mario says he hates them too, and that's not the only reason - there are plenty more.

It's morning. Fran and Lis weigh whether they should go down for breakfast, or have something sent up. Lis wants to stay in because of what happened last night. Fran says they can't stay shut in just because those two fought. She asks Lis how she left things with Lafont. Is he going to come over to tell them what the judge says? Lis seems surprised to imagine that Lafont would dare come over (he's been there before, but only once, when Ric was away). If Ric suspects that they've been plotting against him - and when the letter shows up to prove it - he'll throw them out on the street and maybe beat them up first.

Lis wonders if they could ask him not to turn the letter in. Fran thinks this is crazy-talk. Lis reminds her that she got it by bribing the doctor. She told Lis and Ric! Fran innocently says she doesn't remember that. Lis scolds her for feigning senility. Fran asks Lis if it wasn't unfair of Tim to leave everything to a whore. In that case, there's nothing to debate. She's tired of Lis's indecision and of arguing with her. Ricardo's lost to Camila, and he'll throw them out the day she asks. Then they'll enjoy Lis's father's inheritance while Lis and Fran live in misery. (With their little trunk full of gold coins.)

Camila and Ric chat over breakfast after spending the night in separate rooms. She asks about dinner with Foreman (I guess I should really be calling him Lancaster for now). Ric says he's going to go get him. She wants to know how many in the party - Lis and Fran too? Is the guy going to bring "someone"? Ric says he'll bring his peeps, but they won't be eating with them.

Lis and Fran come down to breakfast. Lis is taken aback when she hears Cami's voice.

Lis: "Camila?"
Camila: "Yes?"
Lis (in a very small voice): "uh... hello."

Ric tells them about their dinner guest. It's the guy that Lafont introduced to them yesterday. "I didn't know you knew him," Lis answers in a still-subdued voice. Fran says they're going to see Ofelia later to have some things made. Ric tells Fran she doesn't have to report to him - they're free to do what they like.

Jimena and three servants come out with a lavish breakfast. She asks about Mario; Ric mutters, "I guess he'll come now!" He seems surprised by the feast; I think they're supposed to be test dishes for tonight's meal. To break (or maybe to exacerbate?) the heavy tension, Jimena tries to get them excited about the food. Fran is irritated as usual. Lis sulks.

Meanwhile, at Mt. Carmelo...

Rita is here, and she's already telling Ofelia it's time for Santi to go home, or is he going to become a monk? Ofelia says she brought Rita with her because she insisted, but they'll leave if Rita's going to harrass him. Rita says she won't do that, but it's been too long already - doesn't he want to be around for the birth of his child? Ofelia says there's still a ways to go.

Santiago approaches. Ofelia warns Rita to stop. He's happy to see them and asks about Justo. After addressing this, the next words out of Rita's mouth are "when are you coming home? I've missed you so much. We need you at home." He says "soon," and she asks why not now. Ofelia shuts her down and says he came here to be in peace and to think about what he's going to do. Rita says that reality isn't going to change just because he's holed up in here. "I'll leave tomorrow," he promises. This puts a rare smile on her face. She tells him that Jorge and Sofia have been looking for him.

He asks about Pancho and Crispin - if they know. Ofelia says they've been curious, but she doesn't think they know. Ascanio knows, but he's sure he hasn't told anyone, since he's so reserved. (He did mention it to Mario, in fact, but he thought Ric had already told him.) Rita says she didn't tell Justo, but maybe Ines or Vasco did. Ofelia thinks that in that case, Justo would have asked her about it.

"So, what have you decided?" Rita asks, getting back to the one subject of interest to her. She says it was so swell of Sofia to do this for him, and he should go for it.

Santi is angry with her for asking him to accept the surname of the man who raped his mother and the woman he was going to marry.

Awww, he just had to mention that. Too soon, Santi. Too soon. It will always be too soon to mention Camila. Rita throws a fit. "I knew it! I knew Camila was in this!" Ofelia goes off on her, tells her to leave her sister alone, or else she'll disgrace herself and the entire family, including the baby.

Santiago says he's going to find the head priest to thank him, and check out today. Rita smiles triumphantly. She thinks she's just won a battle.

Back in the town, Fran wonders what the deal is, with Ric and Cami fighting last night and acting so pleasant today. They're going to Ofelia's today to confuse their spy... at least, that's the plan, but Ramona, who's cooking something, tells them they all went out to Mt. Carmelo to see Santiago, he went there to pray because he's so pious. She offers them some food, and Fran says they'll come back another time. She holds her nose and gags as they leave.

Lafont has a temper tantrum in front of his security staff because of last night's breach. Manuela lurks nervously in the hallway as he tells his guards that they're a bunch of dopes who are only fit to watch pigs. "You didn't see anything, huh?" he says, grabbing one of the guys. "You didn't see anything?" shaking him. He turns and sees Manuela. "And you? You didn't see anything?" She shakes her head in mute terror. "So it turns out that there's some Pedro out there who can just come waltzing in here like it's his own house," he fumes.

She asks, if they didn't take anything, what could they have been looking for?

Lafont hisses at her, "that's what's killing me: I DON'T KNOW!!" And he knocks over a chair for good measure.


Guess who's coming to dinner?


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Al Diablo Con Los Guapos #27, Wednesday 2-27: Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

OK, so, Constancio hugs Mili and introduces her to everyone as his daughter…or at least he tries to. He tells them how much better he feels now that the cat's out of the bag, but Mili cracks up laughing. She reminds him that if he were her dad, she'd beat the smack out of him. Claudio grabs Constancio and calls him "Daddy". It's all too much for Constancio, who heads upstairs and skips dinner. Regina introduces Claudio to his "siblings" and Valeria, predictably, just walks off, but Alejandro makes nice. Hugo welcomes his new cousin at this "harmonious" time. Padre Manuel also asks to skip dinner, but he wants a word with Mili. He and Mili head off for the study while the others, except Andrea and Damian go in to dinner. Damian tells Andrea he's got to look after his own interests, never mind that the kid's no good for Andrea's plans.

Mili thinks the reappearance of Constancio's "son" is a miracle. Padre Manuel is pretty nervous, but won't say what's up. He gives up and says Milagros should get back to work. Mili makes fun of Constancio thinking she's his daughter and tells Padre Manuel that her real daddy's going to be a squished cockroach once Mili and her cuate Jesus get done with him.

Luciana gripes to Constancio about needing to get "that bastard" out of the house. Constancio agrees, but he objects to throwing the word "bastard" around so much and tells her if she's so against bastards, she should start by throwing out Alejandro.

Los del servicio are in the kitchen having dinner, Braulio included. Lina doesn't think it's fair that he doesn't get to have dinner with his nephew. Horacio is jealous of Braulio because he found his nephew, but Horacio hasn't found his daughter. Horacio gets all choked up and has to leave the table.

Claudio stuffs his dessert in his face and talks with his mouth full about needing to catch a bus back home. He wants to say goodbye to his "Abuela" but Alejandro says she's probably tired and he'll pass on the message. Damian takes Claudio home. Andrea tries to kiss Alejandro good night, but he turns his face. Hugo wants to continue their discussion about Carmen. Alejandro says he's tired of talking to Hugo when Hugo won't listen. Hugo disagrees and Alejandro changes his mind and says Hugo's deaf.

Out front, Damian coaches Claudio to be more affectionate to his new "family". Claudio hands over the money Regina gave him and Damian hands back $1500. Damian is such a parasite.

Mili goes up to say good night to Doña Regina. Doña Regina's down because she thought the reunion would be different, more affectionate. Mili begs for another chance for Claudio as he must be in shock. Regina agrees. Before Mili goes to bed, she asks Regina if, now that the real grandchild is found, she's not the pretend granddaughter anymore. Regina, with tears in her eyes, says Mili will never stop being her pretend granddaughter. She and Mili hug and cry. See, that's what Doña Regina was talking about--that's what the reunion should have looked like. Mili tries to lighten the mood by telling Regina to dream of angels and let her know how she (Mili) looks with wings on, ja, ja.

The next morning, Mili surprises Alejandro with roses for his room again. She nags him to get up and go to work and he tries to convince her to get in bed with him and wake him with cuddles. She starts to say something and he guesses that Sor Cachete told her if a guy wants to cuddle it ends up with him wanting to "hacer la cochinada" (do the nasty). Mili said she wasn't going to say anything about that, but she sees he's got his mind on the nasty. He wants her to hang out for a while and she's trying to beg off when someone knocks on the door and Mili hides behind the couch. It's Andrea, of course, who all but steals the roses, then tries to sneak into Alejandro's bath. He says he forgot he already had a bath and now he's in a hurry to leave. He shoves her out the door and says he's got to talk to her later. Andrea: "About the wedding preparations, right?" Alejandro: "Uh, yeah." Well, "Don't make any because I'm breaking up with you," counts as a conversation about wedding plans doesn't it? Mili pops up from behind the couch mocking Andrea and complaining that she stole the flowers. Alejandro reminds Mili that he's going to break up with Andrea soon and then they can celebrate that Mili's going to be the only adolescent girl, digo, woman in his life. He suggests dinner, but Mili wants to cook for him. They agree to have their dinner at Bobby's house tomorrow night since he's taking Valeria to the Rodeo tonight. Mili says they'll see each other at the rodeo. They kiss and we get the scratching record sound as Mili realizes that Alejandro is only wearing his "calzoncillos" (and praise be the wardrobe people that they're boxers and not briefs) and so she runs away to fight another day.

Constancio summons Claudio to the study for a chat. Claudio asks if he should call Constancio "boss" or "daddy." Constancio says not to joke around--they're going to go do a DNA test tomorrow. I guess Damian didn't think of that. Loser.

Damian comes to collect from Regina, but she tells him it will have to wait until after the DNA testing tomorrow. The little weasel tries to smarm his way out of it, but to no avail.

Rorgan asks Lina to be his first psstchoanalysis patient. He has her lie on a bench in the garden and start free associating. Lina starts talking about herself, how much she loves butterflies, her absent mom and dad. She thinks dad is handsome, tall, well-dressed, and rich.

Two out of three ain't bad. Horacio's in the kitchen, moping. Socorro comments that Braulio looked a bit pensive, as if the reunion wasn't quite what he expected. Horacio wonders if his daughter hates him like Mili hates her dad.

Lina finishes some story about fighting with a woman at the supermarket. Rorgan has fallen asleep. He flips open the book and diagnoses Lina with an Oedipal complex and a fear of incest and she's nuts. Lina asks if Rorgan doesn't have problems. He says Valeria and Bobby are both going to the Rodeo. Lina gushes about Bobby and Rorgan asks her to run interference for him. Sounds like a good plan. Lina is offended at the thought that Valeria might be acting "resbalosa" (giving him the slip, trying to get away from him) with Bobby.

Andrea comes to visit Luciana and tries to drive her a little bit more nuts. She says that with the arrival of "the bastard" she thought she'd find Luciana passed out drunk on the floor. But Luciana's determined to stay sober and get rid of both "the bastard" and Andrea.

Doña Regina has coffee with her two grandsons. Claudio's doing a better job of being mushy this morning. Alejandro invites him to the Rodeo (how long before they recognize each other?) and he accepts. Luciana walks in and tells him not to hang with the riff-raff, but Alejandro insists that he's got to hang out with his own brother. Claudio and Regina leave for the garden. Luciana asks Alejandro how things are going with Andrea and he avoids the question by leaving for work. She looks a bit worried.

Socorro sneaks into Damian's room looking for Roxana's address. She gets busted by Karla who tells Socorro where to find Damian's planner.

Valeria and her model friends, Bim and Bo, snark about going to the Rodeo that night. They remind Valeria that they've got to have their Naca disguises in place. Not to worry--Valeria has called Lina in to nacafy them. She tells Lina they want to fit in at the Rodeo and Lina graciously says she'll hook them up. Then the light bulb goes on over Lina's head as she shuts the door. Valeria and her friends laugh after Lina leaves. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lina.

Bobby invites Hugo out to the Rodeo with him, Alejandro, Valeria, Bim, and Bo. Hugo will think about it, but what he really wants is for Bobby to get information out of Alejandro. He tells Bobby that Damian told him that Carmen and Alejandro were kissing the day she died and then took it back. Bobby can't believe Alejandro would do that. Hugo says he doesn't know what to believe and he can't ask Alejandro because he'll deny it, so he needs Bobby to do it for him. He pulls the "you said we were friends" card on Bobby and asks for help putting his life back together.

Lina has put Valeria's hair into a style that looks like she went to prom yesterday then got completely smashed and slept in the back of the limo. Half up-do and half falling-down-do. Valeria asks if Lina and all the other "chamagosas" (filthy nacas) really do their hair like that. Nice talk, sugar mouth. Lina swears up and down it's how everyone looks. Bim and Bo are up for it, but Valeria's still cranky. Score one for Lina.

Socorro finds Roxana at the Refuge of Roulette and asks her where to find Horacio's daughter.

Alejandro asks Bobby to stay out of the apartment tomorrow night so he and Mili can have their romantic dinner together. He clarifies it's just dinner--nothing less, nothing more. He's looking forward to the alone time without a bunch of metiches around, but no, they won't be sleeping together because she's not that kind of girl. Bobby asks about Carmen and tells Alejandro that he's doing it on Hugo's behalf. Alejandro admits that he and Carmen had a thing. Carmen came at him and he just couldn't stop himself from boinking her. He has that problem with a lot of women, no?

Luciana comes to the Bunker to ask Mili to help get Andrea away from Alejandro for good. Mili's impactada. She reminds Luciana that Luciana's been insulting her from day one. Luciana says she didn't realize that Mili had a lot of good qualities. Plus she thinks Andrea will ruin Alejandro. On that she and Mili are agreed. Mili says it's as if when Andrea were made, she fell to the floor and "the Devil sucked on her." No, I swear, it's funny. It's from an old Pepito joke (Pepito is a little boy who is the subject of a lot of jokes in Spanish). Pepito drops a lollipop on the floor, picks it up and starts to lick it when his nanny tells him not to because the Devil already licked it. Later when the nanny falls on the floor and asks Pepito to help her back up, he says he can't because the Devil already licked her. Hm, maybe it's funnier when you're a kid. Most Pepito jokes are way dirtier than that. Back to el show…Luciana says that's why she needs Mili to help her, and she'll even compensate her for it. Mili excitedly tells her that they're already novios.

Alejandro tells Bobby that Carmen had a secret life as a skank. He resisted her "a thousand" times, but finally gave in. When she died, he thought it would be better that Hugo not know, but now he thinks it's better to tell Hugo and clear his conscience. Bobby advises him to just tell Hugo he kissed her and nothing more or Hugo will think that Alejandro took advantage of Carmen. Alejandro says that he's not the only guy Carmen slept with besides Hugo and he doesn't care what Hugo thinks of him, he's going to tell the truth.

Roxana threatens to throw Socorro out and keeps refusing to give her any information. She's glad that Horacio's suffering. Socorro reminds her that her daughter never did anything to deserve living without a father. Socorro assures her that Horacio will give his daughter everything to make her happy, but Roxana doesn't care. She calls the bouncers to throw Socorro out, but Socorro will not be thrown out of anywhere! She tells Roxana she's got "mala entraña" (bad guts?) and "atole" (traditional hot corn and chocolate beverage--you can get a packet of atole mix at most grocery stores, but I won't vouch for its quality) instead of blood in her veins. She leaves rather than be thrown out.

Mili explains that they hid their relationship so that Andrea wouldn't try to kill herself again. Luciana tells Mili it was a staged attempt. Luciana tells Mili to tell Alejandro to break up with Andrea ASAP. Mili thanks her lucky stars that she's got such a great future mother-in-law. She's even starting to love her ("querer"--and as we learned from beckster, that too will pass). Luciana asks Milagros not to tell Alejandro that they had this conversation. She reminds Mili that the relationship was supposed to be secret, but Mili told Luciana and she doesn't want Alejandro to get mad at her. She tells Mili to think of her as a friend, or a mother. Is there another word that's supposed to come after mother in that sentence?

Mili and Lina are at the Rodeo and they have a good laugh over Val, Bim, and Bo's outfits. Skanky guys hit on the trio. Alejandro comes to the table with Claudio, which pisses off Valeria. Bobby comes up and asks if Alejandro is asking the skanks what their price is…oops, he didn't notice that the head skank was his beloved Vale. Valeria points out Mili and Lina dancing. Bim (or is it Bo?) suggests they all go dance. Looks like some line dancing's going on. Everybody gets out on the floor. Valeria and Lina fight over Bobby, shoving each other out of the way. Mili shoves Bim away from Alejandro repeatedly. Rorgan shows up to partner Valeria and fights with Bobby over her--to begin with her name is Va-le-ria, not Vale! Hugo confronts Alejandro, but Alejandro says it's not the time or place. Hugo calls Alejandro a killer and shoves him. It's chaos as everybody shoves and punches everyone else for anything they've ever disliked each other for. The matchups are Hugo v. Alejandro; Lina v. Bim; Valeria v. Mili; Rorgan v. Bobby. I don't know if Bo fought with anyone, but Claudio mostly stayed out of it except for trying to pry some of the girls apart.

Cut to the Delegacion Benito Juarez. The slightly jazzy music of post-adolescent hijinx plays as we see all the girls in one cell on one side of the hallway and all the boys in a cell on the other side. Everyone looks the worse for wear and are huddled as close to the bars as they can get. Claudio quite innocently says that even though they're all in there, he's never had brothers or sisters before and he had a good time. "We should all go out again sometime!" Hugo smacks him upside the head for that as everyone groans. And in walk Constancio, Damian, and Braulio. Hey, wait, shouldn't there be a fourth horseman? Fin.


Juan Q - 2-26 Wed - Fat night and Cat fights

Juanito asks if Mar is in love with his Pa. She emphatically denies it that she has a wonderful boyfriend named Fer, and what makes him thinks that anyway. Jito says because of the way she looks at him and the things she says. She tells him to forget the gossip and go to bed. He can't sleep until his Pa gets home so she agrees to stay with him as long as he is quiet and keeps his eyes closed. They fall asleep together and Juan gets home to find them. He covers and thanks her for being so sweet with him.

CL busts into Moni's apartment to yell at them for their little trick messing with Pau and Ma. They promise it was coincidence, but he doesn't believe them. He leaves warning them to leave her alone and he doesn't care what she does with her life.

Pau asks Consuelo why she came to work there. Con reminds her that she was recommended by a friend of CL. Pau says what friend. Con says someone from Farell. Pau says who maybe I know. Finally she asks if it was Mon. Chelo swears she knows no Mon. Finally she feigns being offended and says if Pau doesn't trust her maybe she should just resign. Pau chases her down and tells her not to do that that she'll believe her and she's sorry for questioning, but something happened that makes her distrust everyone.

Juan sleeps on the couch and dreams he's in the forest and Pau comes running up begging for him to take her to Achichipico and she wants to be his wife. Just then he is splashed with water. He awakes to Jito telling him to get up he wants to eat breakfast now!! Juan starts to tell him he was dreaming, and anyway, nevermind.

Delfi calls Nid to see when they can meet. Nid tells her she can't today because she's a hospital volunteer and her sick people are waiting for her. Delfi doesn't believe her and says fine call me when you have time and see if I'm still in the city!

At breakfast Yadi starts asking Juan some questions about what they did last night, and he said we did nothing bad, trust me, just spread some gossip. Yadi wonders if she was in the gossip. He says of course. Yadi gets up to answer the phone, and Juanito wonders why Juan is spreading gossip, he says his teacher said you shouldn't spread gossip and speak badly of others. Guess who is on the phone. Our favorite gloom spreader, Ivy. She says she's doing Yadi a favor as a woman. She pops the news that the boys were accompanied. Yadi changes her mood and starts asking more questions about the night, are you sure you were alone? He says of course, . She says well then who were those women dancing with you all!!! Busted. She yells at him for shamefully lying in front of his son and setting a bad example for him. Yels yells at him for doing this to them and even having them watch his boy while he did it. She leaves in a huff.

Jito wonders if they were telling lies and Juan tells him not even to ask because he doesn't understand what's happening either. Next Ivy spills the beans to Marely who tries really hard not to bite, that Ivy is trying to be a cizana ( spreader of discord) but in the end she's a bit miffed. Next we see Yadi yelling at Kike for the same thing.

Fer comes in with his ZZ Top look. He gets blasted by Marely who knows about the evenings exploits, he immediately unleashes his anger on Ivonne, yelling at the top of his lungs in the reception in front of all the lounge lizards. This time I think Ivy is right that he shouldn't take it out on her. Anyway, of course they disturb the sleeping lion who comes out of his lair. CL reminds them that personal problems belong far from the office.

Cl beckons Mar. She and Ivy exchange words before she goes in.

Cl makes some business remarks about this turning into a vegetable stand -Verduleria and CL remarks that since Pastor has been missing it is absolute chaos. He then reveals his true intention. He asks Mar where she's going to eat with Pau.

Mar is back outside and worrying about CL asking about Pau. She tries to reach Juan at home. Nid tells her he's gone, in fact all the guys are gone because the are in trouble and the chiles have been teased chile toreado (it's heated up around here).

Pau makes her first ob gyn appointment just when Mar tries to reach her to warn about CL.

Delfi calls the store to find Anga to find out that he's ill and at home. The clerk gives her his address. Kike observes this and yells at the guy that if someone called and said he wanted to kidnap Anga he wouldn't give the address would he? Well, if they are going to do that they won't say that so never do that again!!

At college, Maestra wife with VPL (thanks Sylvia) comes across Yadi and shares her view that Yadi should go home and be a Mom, and not waste her time in the school and let others have her space. Topete comes along and says she shouldn't give up and there will be people who are jealous of you and you are following a dream and should go for it. I actually thought this guy was pretty nice about this even if he has other motives.

The doorbell rings at Anga's and Delphi discovers the reason Nid couldn't see her. Nid tells her to leave, but she barges into the room and fawns over him. Nid follows in and tells her he's got someone to take care of him so off with you. Nid and Delphi screech at each other about who deserves more to be taking care of Anga. Will there be a female duelo? No. Anga tells them both to shut up "with Carambas." He tells Nid he wants to speak with Delphi alone. Nid is impactada, but graciously goes out of the room.

Profe is still laying it on thick over coffee and Yadi proclaims how wonder it is to chat with him because in a few minutes she feels so much better, that he listens to her and understands her. Just then Profesora Marga shows up frothing at the mouth over see them together. She accuses him of this being his motive for evading her, and asks if Yadi knows they are married, which Yadi didn't.

Anga breaks that there will never be anything between Delphi and him and he tells Delphi that he's in love with NId and no matter how hard he's tried, she just keeps showing up in his life and he's got to stop fighting it.

Nid tells her she'll give her Perafan, and even the wedding dress. Delphi stares blankly. Nid says ok, I'll even get you tickets for your honeymoon to Timbuktu then. But please leave Anga alone to be with me. Delphi tells her none of that is necessary. Anga doesn't want her, he only wants Nid.

Yadi and Profesora duke it out over el profe. I was waiting for tables to start flying and chairs too like old high school fights, but it's a bit more subdued, though Profe does get smacked. Yadi defends herself she didn't know he was married. She calls him Nacho and the wife of course takes offense that she uses his first name, and says her socks and says Yadi is the only nacha (butt cheek) around here.

Nid thanks Anga for what he did. He tells her he's tired and wants to rest. Nid worries maybe all this was a story and they are going to see each other behind her back. He tells her that's foolish and to please just let him in peace for now. She tells him she'll go. As soon as she leaves he calls Perafan. Perfan is cynical of course. Anga asks him to go over because this is something that concerns them both. He says he'll come but wants to know if he should bring his machete or if he's supplying the guns. Anga tells him just shut up and come.

Mar tries to call Pau again to find out she's already left. She decides she'll go directly there. She begins to walk out when CL sees her and tells her he'll take her to Pau. Doh!!!!!!!!!!!


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