Friday, April 30, 2010

Gancho Friday April 30th Almost Heaven

Well, who’d have thunk they’d be able to put all the air back into that balloon? But they did, and in the process, they’ve filled up a whole bunch more balloons with a helium-like substance, lifting our hearts and our spirits, as every single plotline has taken off! So much was packed into this episode. Everything we love about our novela was on display, from humor to disguises, from boxing to life’s lessons, and of course, they left us with some MAJOR cliffhangers. The Gran Final promises to be Maraviguau!

We begin with Laverne and Shirley (‘s ugly big sisters), namely Beto and Mauricio, disguised as damitas to get close to La Monita, currently staying in a women’s boarding house.

Beto hopes this brilliant plan will both save La Monita and possibly get him a little time with some cute señoritas to boot.

Meanwhile, Aldo has found out that Luisa’s been defying Mau’s rules, and has been hanging out with the junior king of smooth, Andrés. Aldo thinks Andy’s equal to his scummy buds, the ones who tried to assault Estre, and reads Luisa the riot act. As big brother, she’s forbidden to leave the house. Luisa first pleads, Andrés is different. He’s noble (oh please. Ricardo in Pasión was noble, Andrés, not so much), tender, and he really loves me, not like Ivan, who just played with my feelings. Aldo says he’s in charge, and Luisa has to obey. Luisa bounds upstairs, screeching that Aldo’s telling her what to do is OVER.

Beto’s enjoying his muchacha status, showing Mau how to behave like a girl by shaking his tatas as Mau goes over to save Moni. Too late! Hissabel returns, she can’t find the headache pills, and Moni has to show her where they are. That’s fine with Beto , as he tells some of the girls how thin their waists are, how nice their boobies are (like a box of little surprises, un estuche de monerías, which can also mean a jack of all trades), until Mau quickly pulls him aside to put a halt to Beto’s hot hands, saying quieta (or keep still, or down, boy, in the feminine, of course). Beto reminds Mau they have to separate Moni from Hissabel (whom he sometimes calls Blancanieves, or Snow White, and sometimes Chabela, which I think is a nickname for Isabel, as it was used for the Isabel in Tontas.) The lady in charge shows them to their quarters.

Arnie and Rolu have dropped Xime off at her apartment, wanting to know which of them she’s picked. Arnie says don’t keep us on tenterhooks (en ascuas). She can’t decide this fast, and it breaks her heart (se me estruja el cora) to see them like this, but she has a plan. She’ll have a romantic dinner with each guy, and then decide. The boys flip a coin (se echan un volado), and Rolu wins – he’ll go first. They’re excited, but Xime gets a phone call, and it’s from the hospital. Jerónimo is dead! The boys rush to console her.

Cut to a wanted poster, El Chueco, a dangerous drug trafficker, as Paula and Cristian take note.

Paula’s excited, if they caught this guy, that reward money would be a godsend (caería de perlas), especially now that she’s going to be a mother! Cris faints.

In Hissy and Moni’s room, the television is broadcasting the same wanted poster, if you’ve seen this person, he’s armed and dangerous, report him immediately. Hissabel breaks out into uncontrolled laughter, she’s loving this. Moni doesn’t understand what the joke is, but she’s happy her Mom is finally enjoying herself.

And now we’ll see why, as we see Jero from the back, ready to have the plastic surgeon take off the bandages. The doc tells him it’s not important how handsome he is, just that no one will ever recognize him as Jerónimo Sermeño, who is now dead. How’d he pull that off? Simple. He also did some plastic surgery on a cadaver, made it look somewhat like Jerónimo, switched the papers, switched the bodies, and voilá! So no one will come looking for Jero. Jero is pleased to no end, ready for the bandages to come off, let’s see that new face. The doc unwraps slowly, gives Jero a mirror, and he likes what he sees (a guy with a crew cut, that unshaven look, a strong nose, and a big smile).

Too bad Jero hasn’t seen that wanted poster, he’s got El Chueco’s face!

Aldo’s not doing too well in playing with Dany. She wants him to put on a Beast face, remember, she’s Beauty.

Teresa comes downstairs frantic, Luisa’s gone, and she took all her clothes! Aldo knows she went with Andrés, says he’ll handle it, please don’t call Mau, but Terry nixes that, Aldo drove Luisa away with his harsh scolding, and Terry calls Mau anyway. Dany points out Aldo doesn’t need to put on a beast face anymore. He IS a beast!

Luisa arrives at Andrés’s apartment, suitcase in tow, tearfully explaining she left home after a big fight with her brother. Can she stay here?

Betita has another brilliant idea. He calls a couple of girls over, how about a pajama party tonight!
He urges Gertrudis (Mau) to tell them what games they always play at these parties, like pillow fights, in our underwear, but when he mentions something like hide the stick….Mau has to put a stop to this again. Besides, he has to return to the D.F., Luisa’s having problems. Beto offers the Fantasmovil, but Mau says he’ll hire a small plane, and Beto has to keep an eye on Moni and Hissy – don’t let them out of your sight, no matter what!

Xime is mourning her dumbro (hermanolfo), unaware that right next to her is the new an improved dumbro, sporting black glasses and a pink ascot to go with his crewcut. As he listens, she bids farewell to her bro, telling him three things: Una, she’s the owner of Club Maraviguau, Dos, the day after tomorrow, Sal and Gabirú are getting married there, and she might get married too, to one of the Klunders, and Tres, she’s brought Jero’s secret smother cushion, which she dumps into the coffin. Too bad you can’t attend the grand opening, she tells the box, and leaves. You’re wrong, says the new Jero after she leaves, I WILL be there!

Rolu has the first date with Xime, at a quiet table inside Club Maraviguau. He declares his love, and kisses her hand. He wants to know if she picked him, but she’s not sayin’.

As Moni makes short work of Monstruo, the latest challenger, Betita, cute behind his fan, gets hit on by a hopeful guy. However, when Betty lets out one of his/her classic stinkbombs, even some furious fanning can’t hide the fragrance. Hissabel, sitting nearby, recoils from the smell, thinking it reminds her of Nieve’s son. Meanwhile, Monstruo has run out of gas, and Moni lets him have it with a monstrous roundhouse uppercut. The monster’s been mashed.

Andrés really does seem to be noble, as he tells Luisa that she can stay here tonight, but tomorrow morning, it’s back home where she belongs. And don’t worry about the sleeping arrangements. He’ll sleep on the floor, no problem. However, there’s a knock on the door, and it’s Mau. He’s furious. He tells Andrés he spoke with his parents, they gave him the address, and they’re also on their way here. He’s in big trouble. He firmly escorts Luisa out.

Time for Arnie’s romantic dinner with Ximena, pretty much a carbon copy of Rolu’s. They’ve poured the champagne, and Arnie pours out his heart. He loves Xime, so much. He never thought he could have a relationship, with all his problems, but then he met her, and she changed him, completely. Xime extends her hand (just as with Rolu), and Arnie is able to kiss it, having conquered his fears. So, has she chosen him? Xime gives him the exact same answer as Rolu. He’ll have to wait.

Moni’s so glad she beat that Monstruo, this is great, but can’t they stay in this town overnight? No, says Hissy, it’s better we leave now. They get in the car, head off into the night. Luckily, the orange Fantasmovil is right behind.

Mauricio has a fatherly talk with Luisa, who thinks it was all so unfair (injusto), that nothing happened, and she’s not a little girl anymore. Mau agrees she’s not a little girl, but at 15, she’s not a woman, either, she’s an adolescent. And he understands how she wants to fight with the whole world sometimes, and that’s okay. But can she just try to understand him a little? He might make mistakes, but she should be patient with him. And he understands how she feels in love, but she has to take things step by step. It may not be time for the next step. But always remember, she’s the most important person in the world for him. Thank you Daddy, she says. For what? Just for being my Dad, I love you. They hug. Mau points out she still does have to be punished for what she did, sneaking out. Her punishment? For a while, no boys. For how long? she asks. Until you turn twenty-five, he says, not letting her see his grin, and he walks upstairs. Ten years? That’s no fair! complains our reprimanded rebel.

Day dawns, and Beto’s got a brand new bag. With mustache, a cowboy hat and an amazing shirt with fringes hanging off the sleeves, he’s a total vaquero. He assures Mau by phone he has his eye on Monita, who’s being told by the local bar owner that there ain’t no fighters in this town. Dang.

The entire neighborhood has assembled, as Coni tells them she has an announcement. She’s returning the vecindad to them! Each one of them will get a deed to his or her apartment, this is what Valentina wanted. Marcos has brought an attorney, who will take care of the paperwork. Paula then says they can all buy things for their new homes with their “Coppel” credit cards, just as she’s doing (apparently a shameless product placement).

Gabi’s ecstatic. Tomorrow, finally, in the new Maraviguau Restaurant, she and Sal will get married. And this time, NOTHING can go wrong! Ah, but in the background, who’s observing this tender scene? Loriloca!

Ximena is again telling her two beaus how great they both are, Rolu for his passion and his looks, and Arnie for his tenderness, and the bravery he’s shown in overcoming his fears. She’d really like to have them both, but that wouldn’t be possible. Would it? They both shake their heads. Okay, in that case, tomorrow, in the Mariviguau Bar, in a double wedding (Gabi and Sal being the other), she’ll announce the winner, and marry him!

In the cantina, Moni’s attired in her pink boxing outfit, excited about tonight’s fight, apparently they DID find someone in this town. CowBeto (whom Moni thinks is a “norteño”, or northerner) turns out to be the MC, thrusting his stuff out as he introduces the invincible Monita with a hilarious nasal accent.

Then he introduces the challenger, “Old doll hair, Sermeño”, and Moni can’t believe her eyes. Good evening Monita, he says. He’s come to win the championship from her, and he’ll bet everything in this fight, even his life. Beto takes off his mustache, to Moni’s amazement, as Mau relates that the two of them have been following her from town to town, and finally caught up with her. Let’s talk. No, Moni wants to fight. Fine, says Mau, but if I win, you come with me, and without your Mom. You’re on. Mau swings, Moni ducks, Moni punches him in the gut. But he’s quickly up, and this time, instead of punching, he rushes forward, and kisses her!

Marcos has to admit, Coni (wearing a fetching white off the shoulder traditional Mexican blouse) really can’t cook. At all. Cesar agrees, he really doesn’t want to go right back to that hospital. Nieves starts to echo this until Coni stands up, and lets loose. She is not that perfect little cook and cleaner they want, and if that’s what they demand of her, forget it! She’s trying to change and be a better person, but this is too much, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this! This has finally done the trick, as Nieves begs Coni to calm down, she’ll be the mother Coni never had. She’s teach her, she’ll be patient with her, and eventually she’ll be a good cook. Coni humbly thanks her, and the two go off to buy some more food.

This leaves Marcos and Cesar, who decide it’s time for a talk. Hombre a hombre.

Moni pushes Mau off, warning him not to kiss her again. He does, anyway. Hissy has a fit, telling Beto that he and Mau are not going to interfere with their plans. Beto pulls Hissy aside, tells her they know about the poisoning attempt, Coni gave her up, and the police want her for attempted murder. How you like THEM apples! He gets out his cell to call the cops, and while he’s dialing, Hissy takes a bottle, and SMASHES it onto his head! A second later, Moni connects with Mau’s chin, and Hissy grabs Moni, we’re leaving.

It’s the big day at Bar Maraviguau, people are rushing around making final preparations, Lalu exclaiming that these “express weddings” in the Sermeño family are going to kill him. And where’s the guy in charge of the food? Right here, says La Nueva Jero, now with a BIG scarf, playing the role of a gay french chef. Lalu’s immediately smitten, as Jero tells him the food’s gonna be “to die for”. After Lalu goes to tend to other matters, we see Jero wasn’t kidding. He’s got a handy can of powder, looks as if he may poison the poisson. On his way out, he bumps into Paula. Our clever sleuth never forgets a face. She thinks, oh my God, it’s that dangerous druglord!

She grabs a phone.

Arnie and Rolu are both looking sharp in their suits and ties, each convinced HE’LL be the one. Rolu proposes a pact. Whoever loses, agrees to give up Ximena forever. Arnie, not backing down an inch, shakes on it. The brothers hug.

Nieves is looking nice in her green outfit, trimmed with feathers. Her two gentlemen bid her to sit down.

M: Nieves, the time has come for the three of us to talk about what’s happening.
N: From your faces, I can imagine what this is about. Cesarín, I love you a lot, and you, too, Marcos.
M: But in reality, you don’t want to be with me or with him.
C: What you want, is to be on your own. You don’t really love me, Nievecita.
M: Me, either, Nieves. I represent the love of your youth. But you left that behind years ago, I don’t belong to your present.
C: Me, neither. If you accepted my company, it was only because Beto left Mexico, and you didn’t want to be alone, but as soon as he came back, everything changed (she nods).
M: You’d get the same from me, from him, from whomever. For you, the most important thing in your life is not a companion to share your twilight years.
C: The most important thing for you is your children, La Monita, and your Betito (Nieves tears up, nods). It’s with them you want to be, they’re the ones you want to give all your love to.
M: You never needed a man at your side Nieves, and that’s not going to change.
N: From the bottom of my heart, what I desire is to dedicate myself to my children, and later….to my grandchildren, when they arrive, when they fill this house with joy. Just as Constanza was not born to be a housewife, I wasn’t born to be anybody’s wife, that’s not my style. I’m a free soul and thank you both so much for understanding.
C: Nievecita, this very day I’ll leave the house.
M: Me too. I’m going to share with you the affection of our children, and our grandchildren when we have them, but nothing more, now is the time to leave the past behind. Okay? He shakes Cesar’s hand.
Nieves silently assents, eyes brimming with joyous tears.

Our guests are arriving at the Club, and we see Cris and Paula, he in a dark suit and red striped tie, she in a gorgeous deep blue gown. He tells her the cops are waiting for his signal, since this guy’s really dangerous. Rolu and Arnie are sweating. Sal looks at his watch, all we need is the brides, right? Well, here’s one of them, Ximena, breezing in wearing white gloves and a nice gray dress. And here’s our other novia, a white veil hiding her shy face, as Sal greets her, Gabriela, my love. She flips back the veil, here I am, but it’s Lorenza!!!

I’m ready to get married. Uuuuyyy!

And our fair Gabi is bound and gagged in some back room, struggling with her ropes, trying to call for help!

Moni’s in her motel room, lying across the bed in red pj’s, moping. She tells her Mom it really affected her to see Mau. Well, you have nothing to talk to him about, chides Hissy. But shouldn’t I even listen to him? she cries. I mean, they’ve been following us this whole time, he even put on gloves to fight with me, and all I’ve been thinking about is anger. She decides to go out for a walk.

Hissy looks in the mirror. La Momia betrayed her. No way will she end up in jail. She sees her pallid reflection telling her, you must kill Valentina. And Constanza has to die, too. Time is running out. She dials Coni, who picks up, and is shocked to hear her voice.

And so ends our penultimate episode. The table is set. The gun is cocked. The conductor has raised his baton. And now our Magnificent Man of Medicine and Mirth, Don Carlos, will thrill us with the towering conclusion of Un Gancho Al Corazon.


Un estuche de monerías – a jack of all trades, someone good at lots of things, literally something like a box of coins
¡Quieto! – down, boy (to a dog), or keep still
En ascuas – on tenterhooks
Estrujar – to squeeze
Echar un volado – flip a coin
Caería de perlas – would be a godsend, pearls would fall


Mi Pecado April 29: Josue Cries Lucrecia a River, while Gabino Lusts for Her.

From yesterday: Delfina encounters her ex-husband and asks him what he’s doing here. He asks about Manuel and says he’s got loads of good memories stored here—including those with her. He puts his sleazy hand on her arm, and she yells that she doesn’t want to be touched by him. Lucrecia returns and asks what the commotion is about. Delfina takes her away, leaving her ex staring after her in confusion [Guess the moron was expecting Delfina to welcome him with open arms?].
Paulino and Rosario are talking [actually, Paulino is talking; Rosario is attacking, suspecting, barking] about what Julian’s visit meant. Rosario thinks Julian came to reclaim Lucrecia, but Paulino thinks that Julian came to warn Lucrecia about some danger. Rosario tells him that Lucrecia told her she wanted to return to Oaxaca yesterday, and this is all just a setup so they can be together. She spits her priorities at Paulino: a) to get Lucrecia away from el chamuco by getting her married to Carmelo [where’s my barf bag?] and b) to divorce Paulino [Ok, enough talk. Will you just free the man already?].
A very jumpy Delfina tells Lucrecia to walk faster. Lucrecia wants to know why Delfina’s so nervous. Delfina says they’re late and need to get home ASAP. She is talking at the speed of lightening and says the guy just asked her the time, and she realized how late it was and that they need to be home before Rosario gets mad. Lucrecia is worried about her. They sit in a car, and the ex watches them drive away.
Julian comes to the building where he is staying and is kicked out by the landlady who says nobody wants to live by him, including her. [Ouch.] He says don’t worry; I’m going to pack and leave right now.
At Gab’s adventure house, Justina notes that she thought Gabino would be late as usual, and he says he has things to do. She wants to talk about what he said regarding Lucrecia; she thinks he’s crazy. He says he knows that Lucrecia is younger than he is, but she is everything that a man wants—beautiful, smart, and she has class—something that Justina lacks. She tries to slap him, but he grabs her hand. She assures him that Lucrecia will never marry him because she loves Julian who is younger and better than Gabino. [wow, the whole time, their voices were pretty low, and they were very calm.] Is that all you had to say? Asks Gabino. No, I just want you to know that you’re gonna pay for everything that you’ve done to me, says Justina. He tells her that he doesn’t care much about all the crap she robbed from here because in any case, he plans to remodel the place for Lucrecia [yuck]. She gives him her key to the house.
Rodolfo knocks on Josue’s door. It’s therapy time. He comes in and asks why Josue’s not up. Josue doesn’t want to go. He has no reason to go, and he would have preferred to die. Rodolfo says that he’s young and has much to do. Josue cries that he doesn’t want to go, and Rodolfo says he’ll change the appointment to tomorrow.
Asuncion comes to see Blanca. She wants to know the truth, which Blanca tells her. Carmelo is the father of her child, and she wanted to marry him. Asuncion asks if that’s what they were fighting about, but Blanca says no; she came to ask for help with an abortion. Asuncion is impactada and horrified. Blanca doesn’t want people to say that the child is padre’s and thinks this an abortion is the only way. Asuncion doesn’t think the rumors justify nada. Blanca asks Asuncion to help her.
Julian comes to see Matias. He has problems and wants to know if padre will let him stay at his house a few days because of his situation. Matias tells him that he can only stay a few days because in a week, he’s out of San Pedro. Julian isn’t happy to hear the news. Matias also lets him know that Blanca won’t be going along with him.
Lucrecia is surprised to know that Julian was at her house. Renata tells her how mad Rosario was and how Paulino explained that Lu wasn’t home a billion times before Julian left. Lu is just as confused as they are. Renata tells Lu not to tell her anyone that she told her about the visit. She tries to assure Lucrecia that she is trustworthy.
Delfina drops a bunch of stuff in the kitchen, and Modesto says don’t sweat it, I can help. She rudely says she can do it by herself, and he says gosh, I was just trying to help. She apologizes but is still talking in the same tone. He thinks she’s upset over Manuel’s departure. [I didn’t get what she said to him after that]. Tona comes in with the news that Manuel called and said he’s okay. He’ll call again later. This lifts spirits.
Teresa tells Gabino that there’s some guy there to see him. He has no idea who it is but goes into his office to see. One scum meets another—it’s Delfina’s ex. He asks Gabino if he remembers him, but Gabino doesn’t. Yeah, I guess you don’t remember your workers—I’m Fidel Cruz. He needs work and that’s why he came to see Gabino, but Gabino doesn’t have anything for him. He looks bothered [I guess he knows something about Gabino that can be used against him…]. Fidel leaves his whereabouts for Gabino in case he changes his mind.
Fidel bumps into Tere and Asucnion on his way out, and Asuncion asks Tere who he is; she feels like she’s seen him before.
Rodolfo asks how the Rio Blanca issue went. Justina says badly and asks about Josue’s therapy. Rodolofo explains what happened and that he hopes Josue will go tomorrow. Justina goes to talk to the loser who needs to understand that it’s not the end of the world. Oh but what, Josue is missing! Justina screams to Rodolfo and both man and wife are impactada. She starts attacking Rodolfo for not paying attention to her son. He goes to look for the boy and tells Justina to stay home in case he comes back.
Josue is on his wheelchair, going who knows where. People pity his condition.
Julian tells Matias not to worry about him. He’s going to start looking for another place to stay and a new job. Matias has a lot of faith in Julian’s abilities. [Julian is very smiley today] Julian wants to go to the countryside to find work. Blanca enters, and Julian helps her with her bags. Matias lets her know that Jules will be staying a few days. He leaves to the church, and Blanca asks Julian if he knows that padre is going to leave San Pedro. They both wish that it didn’t have to be this way. Julian asks Blanca what she’s going to do, but she doesn’t know. Well, she can always ask him if she needs anything. She thanks him and wishes him luck on his home and job search.
Renata meets Julian outside and says she needs to talk to him. He doesn’t want to talk to her, but she says it’s about Lucrecia. He doesn’t believe that she really cares for her cousin but looks like he changes his mind when she tells him that Rosario’s been making her do everything that she did. He takes her to the café to talk.
Josue is rolling his wheelchair on the road, and cars are honking at him. He looks really tired and says Lucrecia’s name to himself as he heads towards Milagro(?).
Asuncion is bashing Carmelo for what he did to Blanca, but he says she probably acted like she was a victim and whatnot. [Asuncion, talking human won’t work with him. Maybe you should learn whatever language Rosario speaks if you want to communicate with jerks.] He isn’t taking this and won’t marry Blanquita. The girl needs to realize that she is not his equal. Asuncion says at least accept your child, but he fires back that he doesn’t know if it’s his. Asuncion says she raised Carmelo and knows his defects. Carmelo answers that she doesn’t know Blanca’s defects—she just wants money. Asuncion can’t take it, and says they’re not cool anymore. She wants him to think about everything, and she storms out.
Josue is crying on the road, and a man comes to help him. Josue cries some more that he needs Lucrecia.
Renata is telling Julian about her financial problems and how Rosario took advantage of her. She tells Julian that she is sincere, and he falls for it [or am I just too suspicious and unforgiving?]. He tells her that Gabino is interested in Lucrecia, and Renata is confused.
Lucrecia asks Paulino about Julian’s visit. He doesn’t know why Julian was here and tells Lucrecia what Rosario’s suspicions are. Lucrecia tells him that she has no idea what the heck Julian came for, and she wants to know if Paulino believes her. He says he does, but he wants her to stay at Milagro. She asks him if she can work the land with him, and Paulino straight up says no; it’s a man’s job. He brings up a superstition that if a woman works the fields, the apples will rot. She says that’s stupid, but Paulino says the answer is no.
They are interrupted by Josue, screaming Lucrecia’s name outside of their house. They run to see who it is. Josue weakly says he needed to see her. He falls out of his wheelchair with Lucrecia on top of him, and he caresses Lucrecia’s face. Paulino looks disturbed [as am I]. Lucrecia asks Paulino to help her with Josue. He lifts the boy up and carries him into the house and onto the sofa. He tells Lu to bring the Josue some water. Rosario comes in and wants to know what on earth this boy is doing here. She wants him out ASAP. Paulino tells Lucrecia to ignore her mother and fetch water. She leaves, and Rosario does some more interrogating. Paulino tells her that Josue was in no condition to be left on the streets, and if she really has a problem with him in the living room, she can go to her room [yeah! Now you’re wearing the pants, Paulino.] She heads up the stairs as Lu returns and gives Josue water. He apologizes for coming but says he really needed to see her.
Rosario goes into her room, crying to Cesar’s picture that nobody can take his place. [Note, I really like how even the evil people get sympathetic music.] Rosario calls someone and says it’s Rosario. I need to talk to you as soon as possible.
Paulino brings the wheelchair into the room and asks Josue if his dad knows he is here. Josue says no, and Paulino goes to give him a call. Lucrecia asks her possible-half-brother why he came here, and he says to talk about Julian, you, and me. She gets up, and he whines that she thinks he’s lame and Julian is better than him. He swears that he’ll commit suicide if Lucrecia marries Julian. She asks if he’s threatening her, and he answers that think as she may, he’ll do it. She lets him know that she and Julian broke up, but she also tells him that he needs to do whatever he needs to do alone. She goes to get him more water. [he looks like a little boy on the sofa crying—how old is he?]
Paulino hesitates to call the Huertas, but in the end, Rodolfo gets a call from him. He looks thrilled to hear Paulino’s voice and to know that Josue is fine. He thanks him a gizillion times before he tells Justina that Josue is at Milagro, and Paulino took him in. She looks completely puzzled, but Rodolfo doesn’t notice or maybe doesn’t think too much of it.
Asuncion tells Gabino that Rosario is there to see her. He welcomes her, and she lets him know that she and Paulino are divorcing and what that has to do with the apples and all. She proposes that he work with her and not Paulino, which he gladly agrees to. BUT the freak tells her that he’s interested in marrying Lucrecia. She isn’t as shocked as she should, and says ok, forget Carmelo, if you’re interested and have honest intentions, why not. [Oh God, can she REALLY be Lucrecia’s mother?!] She thinks Lu will be happier with Gabino than with his son anyways. She says something and there is the OMG music, but I didn’t understand!


Dinero #77 & 78- 4/29/10: When a Recommendation Letter is a Love Poem or The Rumor Mill is Ready for Business and Hiring New Staff

From yesterday:
Rafa has taken his bouffanted mom and sis to a fancy restaurant to treat Leonor for her birthday. As they celebrate, the Refri guys and their wives spot Leonor’s hair and Rafa and begin to make fun of Leonor. Rafa goes over to set them straight.

Rafa gets right up in lead Refri guy’s face (old Grabby) and asks what is causing them to laugh so much. The Refris then insult Rafa and his family, wondering how an elegant place like this could have let in such people. Rafa sneers at them and wonders the same thing. He points out that the two ladies are his mom and sister, and that they are far more intelligent than any of them. He brings up the lewd, cheating behavior of the Three Refri Stooges in Puerta Vallarta, and their wives get all upset again. “You swore it wasn’t true!” Rafa lets the wives know that these guys act like dogs in heat when they see a woman. This really sets the wives off and one of them even throws her drink on her husband. They storm off and Grabby grabs Rafa’s lapels. Rafa pries Grabby’s hands off, smoothes himself down, and notes that HE’S not the only liar there. He then tells them that the next time they want to make fun of someone, look a little closer to home.

Rafa heads back to his table, tells his mom and sis that they will not stay, and that they’re headed to a neighborhood restaurant for food they enjoy. And, yes, mom can take the flower centerpiece. They also take the open bottle of Champaign…both of which they place on the table of the neighborhood restaurant when they arrive. (Lol!) Rafa secretly requests that the restaurant mariachi band play Las Mañanitas and orders up a bottle of tequila. As they toast, the mariachi surround them playing Las Mañanitas and Rafa begins to sing one of the most beautiful renditions, of an already beautiful song, that I have ever heard. (I’ve always loved this song and prefer it much more than the boring Happy Birthday song we sing.) Leonor is all smiles and in tears at the same time as her loving son serenades her. She blows out all the candles on her cake and Rafa is so proud of his Jefa, he calls out “GOAL!” and strikes one of his signature happy poses.

Las Mañanitas
Estas son las mañanitas, que cantaba el Rey David,
Hoy por ser día de tu santo, te las cantamos a ti,
Despierta, mi bien mamma, despierta, mira que ya amaneció,
Ya los pajarillos cantan, la luna ya se metió.
Que linda está la mañana en que vengo a saludarte,
Venimos todos con gusto y placer a felicitarte,
Ya viene amaneciendo, ya la luz del día nos dio,
Levántate de mañana, mira que ya amaneció.

This is the morning song that King David sang
Because today is your saint's day we're singing it for you
Wake up, my dear mamma, wake up, look it is already dawn
The birds are already singing and the moon has set
How lovely is the morning in which I come to greet you
We all came with joy and pleasure to congratulate you
The morning is coming now, the sun is giving us its light
Get up in the morning, look it is already dawn

Mamma Leonor wants another song from her hijo, and he obliges by singing another beautiful song- La Gema. Leonor smiles and cries some more.

La Gema
Tu, como piedra preciosa
Como divina joya
Valiosa de verdad
Si mis ojos no me miente
Si mis ojos no me engañan
Tu belleza es sin igual

Tuve una vez la ilucion de tener un amor que me hiciera valer
Luego que te vi mujer yo te pude querer con toditita mi alma
Eres la gema que dios convirtiera en mujer para el bien de mi vida
Por eso quiero cantar y gritar que te quiero mujer consentida
Por eso elevo mi voz bendiciendo tu nombre y pidiendote amor

Que me hiciera valer

Con toditita mi alma

Eres la gema que dios convirtiera en mujer para el bien de mi vida
Por eso quiero cantar y gritar que te quiero mujer consentida
Por eso erevo mi voz bendiciendo tu nombre y pidiendote amor!

Ale sadly goes to bed. She slyly takes out one of the pictures of her and Rafa from the wedding, longingly stares at it, and almost kisses it, before stopping herself. She does give in to taking out Rafa’s yellow soccer jersey and curling up in bed with it. Rafa also goes to sleep thinking of Ale and looking at another picture from the wedding. “I can’t forget your kisses and your aroma. Alejandra, mi amor.” They both start to dream of their kisses on the beach and in the bed in the beach house. They dream about their slow dance at the last Refri dinner, but then they both awaken from the nightmare of Marco violently breaking them apart from dancing.

Ale shoots straight up in bed, looks at the clock, sees that it’s already 8:30 in the morning, and from reflex calls Rafa. Rafa picks up as soon as he sees it’s her, eager to hear her voice. “Hello? Ale?” She doesn’t say anything and hangs up. Leonor rushes in wondering how that woman could dare to call him when he doesn’t work for her anymore. Rafa assures her, it wasn’t Ale and she leaves. He looks sad and disappointed that Ale didn’t speak to him. At breakfast, Julieta and Leonor note Rafa is down. He tells them that he has postponed his wedding to Vicky until he can take care of his financial obligations. Julieta thinks the real reason is because Vicky is driving him crazy and because he doesn’t love her anymore. Rafa gets offended and leaves the table. When he’s gone, Leonor confides in Julieta that she thinks the real reason Rafa is in such ill humor and he postponed the wedding is because he’s in love with Ale! (Very perceptive Leonor. Points for you.)

They’re having breakfast at Ale’s house too. At least, Ale and Tia Rosario are. Jorge has decided to be a drama queen and has holed up in his room with the blinds drawn, refusing to eat. He’s even not eaten the meal from yesterday that he brought into his room. Tia wants to know if Ale has tried to call Marco (no), and admits that she did. She reminds Ale again of all Marco has done for them. Ale sarcastically says, yes, Marco is a saint.

Said saint is still in a depressed funk (literally, as he has been wearing and drinking in the same clothes for three days now). Chavez tells him he must regain his dignity. He mentions to Chavez that Tia Rosario called and told him that nothing happened between Ale and Rafa while they were pretending to be husband and wife to close the business deal. He doesn’t believe her. He also tells Chavez that Rosario said Jorge did not take the news well and is doing poorly. Chavez panics that their golden goose will kick the bucket before they’ve had the chance to claim their prize (the hacienda). He gets to work trying to set Marco straight and get him back on track with their plans. He puts on his glasses and puts his lawyer hat on. The lawyers on Law and Order have nothing on Chavez. He’s almost as good as Matlock, with the same kind of folksy demeanor.

Chavez sits Marco down on the witness stand (i.e. a dining room chair) and starts peppering him with questions about proof of Ale’s infidelity. Does the hotel receipt say they had sex? Was there video, photos, recordings, a witness? No, but Claudia told him something happened between them. And who is this Claudia? Uh…a friend. A friend who works for Ale and whom Ale can’t stand. A friend who has been in your apartment? Uh…yes. You’re a victim of Eros! Is she a trustworthy witness? Uhm… No more questions. Case closed! Marco starts to cry and Chavez needs a drink.

But Marco can’t let it go. Chavez reminds Marco that he has been no saint himself. “But I’m a MAN!” (Oh Marco, mi amor. You chauvinist you.) Chavez tries another strategy. This has now become a revival and Chavez is the charismatic preacher who will save Marco’s soul. “You have to go on an act of FAITH! BELIEVE that she is telling the truth. Believe in her. Hallelujah!” Marco, hand over his heart, has felt the spirit. He’s a new man (for the moment). “Let’s go take a bath”, Chavez urges. “Let’s?” Marco questions. “Uh, I meant you go take a bath.” (Lol!)

In the vecinidad, Rafa is calling Pepeto up to arrange to meet so that Rafa can get the rest of the sales money from the Panther. Pepeto wants him to come to his dealership to pick it up because he has a surprise for him. Rafa agrees, and as he leaves his house he runs into Vicky. This is a very different Vicky. She is very subdued (no squeaky voice), obviously sad and dressed in black. She says she’s dressed for mourning, and Rafa freaks out thinking someone in her family or that they know has died. No, she assures him, it’s our love that has died. (She and Jorge could form a club of drama queens.) Rafa tries to explain again that the wedding is just postponed and why. Vicky, like always, isn’t listening. She notes that ever since that woman came into their lives, they haven’t been intimate like they used to. (How in the heck did they ever manage that with the Brothers Grimm around?) She decisively tells him, “Today, you and I will make love like before.” This is said more like a military order, and Rafa looks perplexed and frustrated as she gives him a kiss, says she’ll call and stalks off.

In the sales meeting room of Autos Siglo, everyone is all atwitter with the news of Ale’s cancelled wedding, Rafa’s resignation, and the Refri deal that fell through. On top of it all, Ale is late! She comes in and begins the meeting, reminding the team that they just have two days left in the sales month to meet their goals. Beltran soon comes in and proceeds to rudely ignore Ale as he talks to the sales team. He wants to know who will bring happiness back to the Siglo home and thinks Marino is just the one to do it. Ale reminds Beltran that they need to replace Medina quickly, but Beltran thinks they were just fine before Medina and will be just fine without him. He continues to override Ale’s authority and demands that the reports be given to him directly. (What a jerk!)

After the meeting, Claudia and Rosaura continue to gossip. Rosaura would just love to be the bright star in her gossip circle, and juicy news of why Ale broke off her wedding would do just the trick. They are caught by Ale and Susana and Ale does a great sarcastic impression of Rosaura. “Honey!” Once Susana and Ale leave, Claudia begins to tell Rosaura her salacious version of things. (The rumor beast has now been unleashed. Let’s see where this thing goes.)

In her office, Ale is stressed and says her life is a disaster. Rafa calls, and she admits to Susana that she is not ready to talk to him. She doesn’t answer and looks even more stressed out. Susana gives her a massage and some good advice (what a wonderful friend!).

At ClauAutos, Pepeto not only has Rafa’s money (I’m surprised), but also lets him know that his jefe wants to speak with Rafa. Licenciado Antonio Gomez not only looks like a more reasonable guy than Beltran (time will tell), he is also offering Rafa a job as a salesman, with a better salary and commission than he made at Siglo and with the freedom to be the boss of his own time. He can’t believe Siglo let their star salesman go! Rafa can even take some time off before he starts. Rafa only needs time to put some financial affairs in order. No problem. Lic. Gomez has offered him an advance on his salary to take care of his responsibilities. (Is this too good to be true?) The only thing they need from Rafa is a clean medical exam (huh?) and a recommendation from his last boss. (Uh, oh!) Rafa doesn’t let on, but this is problematic for a number of reasons: 1) he’s going to work for the competition; 2) he didn’t leave Siglo on the best terms; and 3) Ale won’t answer his calls and they have lots of unresolved issues.

While Claudia has been spinning her tale to Rosaura, Ramirez has been trying his best to hear what they are talking about. He and Marino figure it must be about the jefa and they must know. Marino offers Rosaura an exchange of info. He’ll tell her who Clara in Accounting’s baby daddy is (as if he’s not the guilty party), if she tells him what she knows about Ale, Rafa, the cancelled wedding and the fallen deal. Rosaura thinks this is a fair exchange, and Marino then lies that Trapito is the father of Clara’s baby (sucker!). Rosaura is sufficiently horrified and titillated. She spills the beans about Ale and Rafa. “How do you know?” Claudia told me.” Marino later tells Ramirez that he doesn’t know who the baby daddy is (liar!) and gloats that he now has the tools to destroy Ale. They wonder how Claudia found out. Susana? Nah! Ale’s fiancé? Nah! (Silly boys.) Must have been Medina himself who told Claudia. (Really guys? Does Rafa seem like the kind of guy who kisses and tells?)

Ale and Susana are still speaking about the Marco situation in her office. Ale says she can’t get through to Marco and convince him she and Rafa didn’t have sex. But, she admits, she was unfaithful in her heart. Susana believes she needs a break from Marco, a change. She’s putting everyone else’s needs before her own.

Beltran barges into Ale’s office with no other purpose but to rub in her face that he is taking their important clients away from her and to once again blame her for the Refri deal falling through. It’s all her fault, since Rafa was a rookie. Ale wants to know what else she could have done. Her only choices at the time were to throw the deal out the window, or to let those guys have their way with her. He then insults her by saying that Claudia would have known how to handle the advances of those guys (I bet!) and closed the deal. Ale is insulted and announces it would be better for her to leave Siglo if she’s going to be treated this way. Beltran basically agrees and leaves her office.

Ale is seething with rage after this encounter, when Rafa calls. Susana urges her to answer, saying she needs to close this cycle in her life (my new agey friend from Colombia tells me this exact same thing all the time). “Thank him. Tell him what you shared was important. Don’t hide from him. See him at least one more time.” Ale thinks. When Rafa calls a little later on Susana’s office line, Ale decides to take the call. They both tentatively ask how the other is. They both downplay how much life sucks at the moment. Rafa then lets her know he needs a recommendation letter. She agrees and wants to know who to address it to. He hedges and tells her to just address it To Whom it May Concern. “If we see each other, I can explain.” Ale agrees and suggests a restaurant where they can meet at 5 PM. “Perfecto. One more thing. Have you seen my t-shirt?” Ale’s eyes go wide and she guiltily lies. “Nope.”

After they hang up, Ale gets to work writing Rafa’s recommendation letter. Later when Susana enters her office, she is touching up her make-up and fixing herself up. Susana gets the scoop on the call, the letter and the 5pm date. She is all smiles and wants to read the letter. Ale hands it to her, but is a nervous wreck, dropping and spilling things in the background, as Susana reads the letter out loud (we see some memories of Ale and Rafa moments). It is the most glowing recommendation letter I have ever heard. “One always smiles when near Rafael…I do not know a better human being.”

Ale is worried that it’s too corny. Susana disagrees. She thinks it’s not a recommendation letter. It’s a poem of love. Ale tries to downplay. “I just want him to get a job so he can pay me back.” But she cannot suppress her huge smile and good humor as she heads out of Siglo to meet Rafa. Ramirez and Marino are suspicious and call her a hypocrite for breaking the rule forbidding employee relationships (Marino’s don’t count because he’s not the boss.) The General overhears this part of the conversation and is brought up to speed on the latest gossip. Rosaura and Claudia gather and act like this is the first time they are hearing this news. The General doesn’t believe it and wants to know where they got this info. Rosaura and Claudia look worried for a moment, but Marino swears it was Rafa himself that spilled the beans. The General is scandalized, Rosaura looks relieved, and Claudia looks pleased that her evil little plan is working.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Corazon Salvaje 4/29/10 It's Raining Men--About Time!

Episode 50

We start with the swimming of Gabe and Mena. He tells her not to forget that she is beautiful and gives her a kiss on the cheek. He gazes into her eyes and touches her face. Very beautiful. So get over it already and do something about it. Wuss.

Clemencia is still visiting with Marlene. She is upset in general plus she didn’t like the news that Clemencia brought about Rosenda doing Don Rod. She tells Clemencia it is all about her past. Your past? I did the nasty with Rod and took some money. After that I left.

Rosenda and her boobs are pacing and thinking. I have to go with Don Rod. He will help me with my miserable life.

Leo is prancing down the staircase of death with Rod on her arm. (Yes that bow on your butt does make you look huge.) She is spouting her usual nonsense about bad luck and Renato and Aimee‘s marriage being doomed, doomed. Rod is sick of it and tells her to knock it off already. They will be happy and don’t you fret. We will have many grandchildren. She hopes that is true and continues her whining. She thinks it is very strange what happened in Aimee’s bedroom. Some kind of vengence she thinks. Vengence? Vengence? My precious little angel (snort)--I mean daughter, has no enemies. Ah, Don R, if you only knew. Maybe Renato--oh no, not my Renato. He has no enemies either. You get that out of your head right now. Ok, it will just be a mystery for now. We will be on guard every night. He goes over to the cabinet and pulls out a pistol. Wow! I feel so safe now. He’s going to sleep with it under his pillow. Be careful with that thing. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I know what I’m doing. Well, actually, that is debatable. She simpers and pouts. Do you need anything? Something refreshing to drink? I repeat. I don’t need anything. Really, I don’t. Nothing, nada, zip.

Clemencia is comforting Marlene. Now I understand why you disappeared. Marlene says she was only thinking of herself. I abandoned my daughter when she was very little. What can I do? I can’t give up this life. Felipe and the girls depend on me. They are like my daughters. But she is your real daughter. She needs you more than you know. I give her gifts but she doesn’t want them. Clemencia assures her that it is the thought that counts. I have to go. Things at the Finca are crazy. Marlene begs Clemencia not to abandon her daughter. (Yeah, like someone else we know.) and to watch over her. She promises. Marlene is so thankful.

Hot Rod and Leo are walking on the town when who should they run into but one of the Hos. Brigette, I think. Brigette says hello to Don Rod and tells him that she would just love to visit with him but she’s in a hurry because one of her friends is sick. I hope we will get to speak soon. Leo’s in the background giving her the stink eye. Her cleavage says oh yes I’m sure we will. I hope to see you tonight at the casino. We missed you the other night. Please don’t abandon us, grin, grin, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. Leo is making the prune face my first ex-husband used to make when I said a bad word. (Sometimes I would secretly time him to see how long it would take him to make the face.) Hey didn’t your mom ever tell you your face would freeze like that? She wants to know what the heck he is doing with a woman LIKE THAT. She was way too familiar if you ask me says Leo. Well, uh, nobody did. Rod tells her that she works at the casino. I can only imagine what kind of job she does at the casino. The casino is a place for gentlemen to go and have some fun and get away from shrews like you, you hateful cow. Well I think you should come back to the Finca. He advises her not to raise her voice or there will be a scandal. I have my private life so just get over it. As you wish your majesty. He helps her into the coach because her nose is so high in the air she might trip. In the coach she thought bubbles--you dirty woman. If you think you will get your grubby little paws on Rodrigo you are sadly mistaken.

Orca is having a drunken tantrum in the dungeon. Hey, he looks like my second husband except he hasn’t smacked into a fish tank almost knocking it over. (Good old Stand Around Steve. Ah the memories.) He’s pretty pissed off about something. He rants drunkenly and crumples the letter in his hand. Hello, that is evidence. Good thing we don’t have smell-o-vision. Gag!

Remi and Juan are having a conversation by the river. Remi is worried what will happen when Juan comes face-to-face with Orca himself. Juan doesn’t look real worried about it. He used to be the administrator of the Finca. Oh yeah, I know. But now you are the administrator of the Finca. Ah, yes, I remember him. He follows the orders of Leonarda Montes de Oca. Remi kind of feels sorry for him. He wife went crazy and he lost his only child. She had a sweet voice. She wears a veil over her face. Juan looks shocked. The woman with the veil was the wife of Orca? Yes. Have you seen her? Juan tells how he saw her one time. Somebody must be confused. Nobody said her name but I am confused. Well, that’s ok big guy, with a bod like yours we won’t hold it against you. (Well, I’d like to.)

MdR remembers when she saw Juan. She touched his face and he said to her that she was dead. She remembers the painting that doesn’t look like JDD and how she thought he came for her. She asks Mirta if she remembers. She nods yes. She is upset because Rodrigo won’t help her. She repeats Juan de Dios to herself.

Juan is recounting his meeting with MdR to Remi. He needs to see her again. He asks Remi if he thinks Orca will let him see her. Remi looks doubtful.

Back at a little market Heckle (scar head) and Jeckle (Tia) are cackling about something. The towns people recognize them and begin yelling something. Heckle threatens town guy #1 with his knife. People start throwing fruit at them and run them off.

Gabe is taking a bath. Oh what a glorious day! Can I get an Amen Sista! He picks up a bracelet and thinks that he is sure it is the bracelet he gave to his Estrella. He remembers dancing with her on the boat. He looks confused as he stands up in the bath with soapsuds cascading down his hard muscled body. He still looks confused as he wraps a towel around himself. He remembers swimming with Mena and says again how beautiful she is. What a dumbass.

Back to town (damn) Ful is talking to the guy who got the job of spying on his wife. He wants to know what is up with Juan. The little roach scuttles off to do his master’s bidding.

Brigitte is back from picking up the tonic for Lulu. She doesn’t notice Marlene has been crying. But Felipe notices and rushes to her side to see what is the matter. She’s got bad news about her daughter. Clemencia came to tell me something serious about Rosenda. She doesn’t want her to repeat her mother’s mistake. Maybe I should look for another line of work. Felipe is aghast at the thought. He tells her that if she gives this all up she will have nothing to give Rosenda and she would have the same life that you ran from.

Rod is finally alone and he’s having a brandy and thinking to himself. He is happy that Aimee is married and he hopes that soon Regina will follow by marrying Fed. He thinks fondly of Brigette. Ah Brigette, soon I will see you. He stares thoughtfully into space. Rosenda appears. Uh oh. She looks very fetching in her blue gown. Rod is pleased to see her. Horny old goat.

Leo wants to have a talk with Aimee. Leo says she saw her dad. Aimee wants to know how he is doing. Fine but he is worried. Someone entered the house but nothing was stolen. They destroyed your bedroom. Aimee looks shocked. Leo says she is worried about her marriage. Aimee thinks to herself that it must have been Juan. He’s jealous. She smiles very pleased with herself.

Juan and Remi are still down by the river. Remi doesn’t think that Orca will let Juan see his wife. First, you will have to be his friend. Juan laughs like that’s not going to happen. What bothers me is that I can’t see the woman. Remi thinks that perhaps Juan is drawn to this woman because the loss of her son is similar to Juan losing his mother. Juan thinks it is possible. Your mother gave me all the love I needed at the time. The same as you. You took care of me. They take a trip down memory lane remembering when they used to fish and swim in this stream. Juan wants to go fishing. Remi doesn’t think it is a good idea. Juan keeps trying to convince him. ( Me, me, pick me!). They both take off their shirts. Oh yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about.

Leo is surprised by Aimee’s reaction. She thought she’d be more upset about trashing her room. She’s upset but there’s nothing she can do about it. Now Leo wants to talk to her about her inheritance. She wants Aimee to invest in the wood because Rodrigo thinks it will go through the roof. Aimee says well, ok I’ll do it. Put all my money in it. Leo is overjoyed. You are disciplined and intelligent. Not like your sister Regina. We have too many problems with her.

Regina is taking pictures of Mena. Mena finally tells her that she and Gabe played like children. Regina is excited about the news. He said I was beautiful. I have to tell you something. Last night I was going to tell him everything but then the old hag came in and I couldn’t finish telling him. Regina doesn’t like the way her aunt treats her. Mena is used to it. She feels like sometimes she is really not that important. Regina assures that is not true and that Mena is important to her.

Over in Puebla, Mena’s grandparents (?) are reading a letter they received from someone who is looking for their granddaughter “Angela.” It could be that she is in Vera Cruz. Abuelo is frustrated because they can’t find her anywhere. Abuela says don’t worry we will find her. He says it’s been many years and he is losing faith that they will find her. They look for Vera Cruz on the map.

Jimena thinks that her Tia doesn’t love her. Duh. Regina says lets forget all this sad stuff. She pours a drink for Mena. Regina tells her that Juan is now the administrator of the Finca. Mena is sure that Juan is a good man and thinks Regina should give him a chance. He’s helped me many times because he was worried about me. Regina is surprised. Juan is a good man. He is alone and I believe that he has suffered a lot. Regina is thinking this over.

Aimee goes out to the stable(?). She is looking for Juan. Speak of the devil, Juan walks in and wants to know what she’s doing there. She says she’s waiting for him. He looks surprised. What do you want? She shuts the door. He thinks she should be with her husband. He wants to know why she married Renato. For money? He is convinced it is for the money. She’s toying with him. She says money is not important to her. She rubs against him like a dog in heat. He pushes her away. She wants to know if he is there because of Regina. He laughs, Regina? Poor thing. Aimee whines about how Regina is driving her crazy. But she doesn’t want to talk about Regina. Only Juan. She’s all over him again like white on rice. He pushes her away. Well, ok then. She kisses him. He says get lost. You are so yesterday. He stomps out. She thinks to herself that Juan will return to her arms. Juan rides off on his horse. He is not going to fall for it again. Finally!

Regina and Mena have gone to the dungeon to develop her photos. Orca catches them and says you know you aren’t supposed to be down here. Regina argues with him. She needs the dark. He says it’s dirty and he will take care of it. She says no, let me in. He wants her to wait a minute. He has to go be Suzy Homemaker and tidy up. He walks off.

Clemencia is getting her a$$ chewed by Leo. She’s been looking for Rosenda and can’t find her anywhere. Well? Clemencia looks uneasy.

Servando and Tia are at a tavern. They are hatching another crazy plot. Servando thinks it is too risky. Ful’s minion shows up at the bar. He eyes them suspiciously.

Rod tells Rosenda they have the whole day together. (I want to know how Rosenda got to the townhouse so quickly.) No one will bother them. He kisses her neck. Gag! More kissing. He starts to undress FF>>x2.

Back at the a$$ chewing, Leo wants to know where Rosenda is. Clemencia tells her she doesn’t know. (How did Clemencia get back to the Finca so fast?) Rosenda didn’t tell her anything. Leo grabs her arm.

Rod and Rosenda are doing the nasty. Ewww! I can’t watch. FF>>x3.

Orca is tying up Mirta and MdR. He says he will kill them both if he hears one peep out of them. He hides the trunk.

Aimee is still fuming about Regina.

Regina says get a move on already and unlock the door. Orca is feeding her a lot of bull. He opens the gate. Orca runs off to tattle on the girls to Leo. Regina notices there used to be a table for her but they can’t find it. Mena finds the trunk. Dun dun dun! They open it. Look at all the pretty things. Regina recognizes the doll and says this is the trunk that they’ve been looking for for so long. It belonged to her mother. She is so happy. She finds a box. Oh no! Remember what happened the last time someone found a box? It took forever for them to open it.

Renato tells his mom that he wants to talk to her about something regarding Juan as the administrator of the Finca. She doesn’t look too thrilled about it. He says something about women and children and a school. I don’t want to hear more. I’m sorry. That’s how it is going to be. He opens the door and Orca is standing there. Do you want to talk to me or my mother. Your mother. Orca checks to be sure no one is outside the door. He fills her in on the problem with Regina being downstairs doing her photography. She starts to freak out. She’s worried that Regina will start to figure it out. He comes up behind her and grabs her. Which of course makes the situation sooo much better. He wants her tonight. She threatens him with withholding “favors.” He brings out his one ace in the hole and mentions the letter. Leo looks worried. What letter are you talking about? He shows it to her but won’t let her touch it. He explains that it is from Constanza accusing her of murdering her. What do you think of that? Leo looks worried.


Gancho Thursday 4/29 - Where dolls have balls and the boys are coy

Ahoy all, I'd like to thank all you commenters for hanging in there with us when Uni rescheduled our wonderful telenovela. It's been great fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed recapping with such an esteemed group of recappers and commenters. Gracias a todos!!!

We left Moni in the bar last night challenging the big dude to a boxing match and she's got 3000 pesos worth of serious to prove it. El Trucho (bogus, imposter?) says she's crazy, meanwhile his pals egg him on saying he's finally met his match (a shoe-form to fit the shoe, we learned that last week).

Poor old Mau sits in the empty space that was Monita's house while Marcos and Beto try to cheer him up, saying it's not his fault and Moni has just GOT to turn up. Beto's got an idea, Isa's sick so they should notify the hospitals to keep an eye out for her. Marcos stops them from rushing out because he's got an admission to make. Isa's not really sick, the doc was his friend and the diagnosis is a lie. Isa's in perfect health. Mau and Beto are impactado, however this is the last we hear of Marcos's lie tonight.

Holy cow, Trucho the Bogus, is a huge guy. Would a little squirt like our Monkey really be able to take this beast? Trucho tells her that God gave her those delicate hands for weaving, cooking, darning socks and underwear and for stroking her man, not for fighting. OK, I'm guessing she's going to kick his butt soon. He claims his prize will be to kiss her luscious lips, so she throws her money down, winds up and knocks him onto the floor.

Back in the hood Coni's doing her best to persuade Papa Marcos to take Nieves out to dinner followed by a night of love in his hotel room. This effectively kills two birds with one stone, she won't have to make dinner and she and Beto will have the house to themselves. Now all Coni and her bizcocho have to work out is will they eat their to-go sushi with chopsticks or with Milanesas and papas?

Our colorful and sparkly-shirted Snowball prepares to leave for her big date and Coni deliberately spills the beans that Marcos plans to propose again. But Nieves' gasp of delight is interrupted by a masked luchador messenger. She snips that she has no desire to see Don Cesar, but the masked one mumbles that Don Cesar is seriously ill and has been in the hospital for the past couple of days. Her next gasp, not so delighted.

Trucho rubs his jaws and knows the little lady means business. He agrees to the fight, 3K for him if he wins and 5K for her if she wins. She scampers off to get her gloves while the rest move the tables aside to form a ring. Isa is concerned, no not about Moni's health but for her 3K that might be lost. However Moni is confident that she'll win, heck she's the Mexican National Champ, so Isa, always looking to make a quick peso, lays a bet on the monkey.

Trucho gets the first hit and flattens Monita.

Mau arrives home to find his favorite cousin hanging with the kiddies. Xime tells him she's just given her husband the boot, they are getting a divorce, and she's starting chapter four which is the family chapter. Apparently Ximena's been getting good advice from the psychologist in residence, Dany.

Mau's got a check for Xime, remember when she sold her stock and loaned him the money? This is the payback with interest and Xime tries to decide how to spend it. How about giving it to Dany for her therapy sessions? Uh, no, Mau won't hear of it. OK then, she'll simply have to tear up the check. She starts to rip and..."just kidding" she giggles with her pixie grin.

Isa helps Monita to her feet only so she can yell at her for losing her 3K pesos. Let me guess, her mother's milk was acetone. Our little monkey's not about to be bested by the hulk so she challenges Trucho once again. She even gets in a few good jabs to his stomach and face, unfortunately he acts like a mosquito was bothering him.

Meanwhile Isa paces her room calling her daughter an estupida. Think Isa, think, where's the nearest bank? She calls the bank of Marcos and tells him if he wants to to see his daughter he'll deposit three million pesos into her account, if not he'll never see Moni again.

Trucho taunts Moni by telling her to give it up and give him a kiss so he can check out her moves in bed. She gives him one in the kisser all right, also in the nuts, the chin, the stomach, and a couple to the face. He drops like big gigantic sack of potatoes and the fickle crowd cheers their new champion, Mo-ni-ta, Mo-ni-ta, Mo-ni-ta!

Moni happily bursts into their hotel room shows mommy dearest her fistful of pesos. She won! See mom, you don't have to worry about money because your little monkey's going to win a lot more.

Back home Marcos skids into Mau's house ecstatically waving his cell phone. He heard from Isa and she promises not to hurt Moni if he will deposit 3 million pesos into her account. So why is he so happy? Because she made a grave error, the number she called from was stored in his phone and he traced it back to a hotel in Pachuca, they must be there!

The sun rises and it's another day. Mau's a bit miffed at Beto because they got a flat tire on the way and Beto wouldn't let Mau drive, thus losing valuable time. Mau suggests they go into the cantina first, no not for a chelada (poor Beto, so denied) but to see if anyone has seen Moni. And which cantina are they in? Why it's the very one where Moni won her match, que sorpresa! The owner tells them all about the little lady who beat up their doleful champ the day before. They snap their fingers...Monita!!

However the trail gets cold at their hotel. The soul brothers are discouraged to hear that their beloved monkey and her asp of a mama left town early that morning.

Over at the hood Coni is not at all pleased to see Nieves escorting their newest houseguest to the table. It's Don Cesar who is under the weather as evidenced by his flattened hair. He buries his head in Nieves' ample bosom and sighs that with her care he'll get better. Ay!! He sees Coni and shrieks...but not as loudly as Coni does. Her protests fall on deaf ears. Nieves demands that Coni quit lazing about and get back to her chores.

Now we've got Luisa taking advantage of her daddy's absence. She visits Andres to tell him that nobody understand her like he does. (Oh lordy, did that tired phrase ever sound fresh to me? I suppose so...a million years ago.) She announces that she intends to be his girlfriend no matter what her father says. I kind of feel sorry for the poor little schmuck. The sucker seals it with a pucker.

Marcos is bummed to hear the news about Moni but he urges the soul brothers to ask around town while he attends to urgent business at home. Since he's standing in the vecindad I guess we know what his business is. Coni trots up, a survivor of the worst experience of her life, a visit to the fish market. Ugh, the pushing, the nacos, the smell! And for what? So Don Cesar can have his Pescado de Ajillo ! Marcos blows a fuse when he finds out about Nieves' latest project. Nieves comes out, calls Coni a layabout (fodonga), which causes Coni to dump the fish on the ground, which causes Marcos to slip on the fish and fall flat on his back on the tiles. Oh my, Nieves is going to have her hands full!

Let's join a gab session between Xime and Estrella. Xime brags that she's on her own and happy about it. Estre's solo too because her little cub is leaving the country to continue his studies, but she's a bit more pensive. However at least she's getting some work. Xime wants to work too, maybe she'll invent something, or open a club called Maraviguau! Or wait, she has an idea but can't catch it, she grabs the air a couple of times but oops, it's gone. Oh wait it's back! They can partner up and open a fashionable restaurant bar of VIP megafashion where Estre can do standup comedy. Estre says they can call that place Maraviguau. "Hey what a great idea!" exclaims Xime. They shake on it.

Back at Nieves' Nursing Facility the two invalids begrudgingly share a bed. Marcos wants to go rehab in his presidential suite. Don Cesar seconds the motion but Nieves stands firm, arms akimbo, Marcos is staying right where he is so she can attend them both. Um, she's sporting two frogs on her head and one hanging from each ear. Sana sana colito de frog for each invalid.

The soul brothers find out from the bar owner that Isa and Moni are on their way to the town of Guasca for another fight. Now we have a montage of them looking for, and just missing, Monita in various bars having beaten various hunks. Meanwhile Xime and Rolu sign their divorce papers, Xime and Estre design and build their new business, more fights, more Moni victories, more victims, more money for Isa. In fact Isa seems truly interested in her daughter (the cash cow) for the first time in her life. I guess she never got the money from Marcos.

The montage ends with Luisa stomping and Aldo chomping. In summary, "I'm sick of you and dad not allowing me to see who I want!" "I'm your big brother and I can tell you what to do." "Is it OK if I go out with my girlfriends then?" "Duh, OK go." Dude, are you on drugs again?

Moni and Isa end up at some bar where the smarmily gracious owner welcomes her and kindly tells her she's going to be beaten for the first time. A huge Lurch-looking guy stands up, "Monita, meet The Monster." Caras impactadas de Isa and Moni.

The Monster snarls at her and our spunky monkey snaps her fingers and tells him she's beaten bigger men than him. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Another monster snarl and even Isa looks a little worried. As they leave for a bit of a rest before tonight's sold-out fight she leans over and challenges, "See you tonight...Monster." Dang, who says dolls don't have balls.

Xime, Estre and Lalu are in their decorating element. Lalu can't believe that these two single women aren't already lined up at the buffet of muscular workmen who are so eagerly trying to please the new owners. Ximena, in another acting tour-de-force, describes how the similarities of the workers to the two hermanos Klunder is making her positively schizophrenic. First one looks like Arnie with his little lamb curls. Then another one has a cute behind that's exactly like Rolu's. But wait, now it's Lalu's turn for a surprise. He run over and grabs lamby curls and buttkin and it's none other that Arni and Rolu who have agreed to work for free to help Xime out! They all grin and Xime admits this makes her very happy. She draws a little heart in the air and makes it beat with her hand.

Let's leave this exquisite silliness for a moment and join Gabi and Sal for some grown-up time. They are discussing the new restaurant bar with the goofy name and Sal tells Gabi he's reserved it this weekend for...their wedding. By the end of the weekend she'll be Senora Ulloa. Finally! (I hope. Where's Loriloca?)

Our galan and his soul brother seem to have finally caught up with Monita. The bar owner and his pal Monster tell Mau and Beto (whom they believe to be fight promoters) that Moni is staying at Pension Cuca Ruices just on the corner.

Tonight is the inaugural opening of Marviguau! Estre and Xime greet their first guests, Luisa and her beau Andres. The kids immediately start making out and of course Aldo arrives, sees his lying sis and wants to rumble. Esterella holds him back.

Xime summons the hermanos Klunder and they trip all over themselves running to their mistress. Rolu pleads his case, he signed the divorce papers but he'll scream a thousand times in front of the priest I DO! Arnie pleads his case. Xime probably wonders why should she decide and end this delicious attention? Well she can't decide because right now she has to give all her attention to Marviguau. It's either the club or them and she chooses the club, but she's certain that she really loves one of them and soon, very soon she'll decide which ONE of them is her true love. OOps, she forgot to say three things but she's just too busy.

Mau and Beto arrive at the pension and ask if they can come in. No way says the stern Duena, this is a pension for women only! They try to tell her it's important but she shuts the door in their faces. Beto has an idea...

Inside the grounds Isa tells Moni she doesn't feel well but no more doctors or hospitals. Moni tells her mommy dearest that this time they have spent together has been the best ever. Isa leaves to rest awhile and Moni thought bubbles about hapier times with Mau.

One of the lady guests runs over to Dona Cukita to excitedly tell her two classy ladies want to rent a room. Cukita agrees to meet them and the lovely young ladies enter. OMG, I guessed it was coming but it's still hilarious. Mau and Beto in drag (and looking extremely good I might add), sashay into the grounds. Beto hides behind a feminine fan and Mau casually glances around, looking for his Monita.

Manana: Mau wants to kill andres, Mau wants to fight Monita, Mau wants to kiss Monita, bar fight!!

Sana, Sana
This rhyme is said to have magical healing power. Parents gently rub or tap their fingers over a cut, bruise, or other injury in a circular motion, repeating the rhyme, and the injured child quickly feels better. "Sana" means heal. This song is in De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children by Jose-Luis Orozco.

Sana, sana,
colita de rana,
Si no sanas hoy,
sanaras mañana.

Heal, heal,
little tail of the frog,
If you don't heal today,
you'll heal tomorrow.


Mi Pecado, Wednesday April 28, 2010

Mi Pecado – Wednesday April 28, 2010

Replay of last night with Gabino and Rodolfo and Justina. Gabino explains Julian’s gun threat by declaring for Lucrecia. Tere is listening in at the door. Rod says Lu is too young for him, but Gab says he’s single, so why not? He declares that Lu will have his name. Justy is sad, and mad, and waiting for the other shoe to drop. It doesn’t, and Rod drags her out.
Tere asks her father if he is serious. He walks off and shuts the door. She beats on it but he doesn’t open it.
At the church Padre is sitting dejectedly when Blanca asks about the trip to Tuxtla. He says he is changing parishes and she can’t go with him. He is so sad – San Pedro is his town of birth and he has wanted to live there all his life. She holds her stomach as he leaves.
Carmelo and Paulino are at Milagro. Carm says he isn’t going to work with Paulino anymore. Paul says what a shame, people like him as hard to find. He asks Carm what he is going to do. Carm’s going to help his dad in Julian’s place. Paul dismisses him and he leaves. As he is going out, he runs into Lu and holds her up. He wants to talk about Lu and Julian and Lorena. She doesn’t. He tries to advance his availability, but she blows him off and leaves.
Lorena and her father argue about leaving. Julian appears. He asks Ernesto if he and Gabino finished their business. Ernesto says that is over and they are leaving. Lorena leaps out of the car and kiss, kiss, kiss goodbye (we should be so lucky). (The goodbye, not the kisses.)
Tere and Ascunción talk about Lu and Gab. It is a shock and a shame that Gab and Carm are after the same girl. Asc. decides to get back to work.
Jus. And Rod arrive at home. He wants more explanation of why she was at Gabino’s. She covers with some story of paperwork for selling the rental house. Rod gets back in the car and goes to find Julian, leaving her on the street. She goes into the house and calls for Josue, who is in a funk and won’t get out of bed. She tries half-heartedly to cheer him up, then decides to leave him be.
Padre is packing. Paulino comes in and wants to talk of his divorce. Padre doesn’t respond, but then tells him of his own troubles, leaving, the rumors about him and his niece, his sadness. Paulino offers to speak up for him, but Padre is resigned to leaving. He is worried about Blanca, though. He tells him about the rumors of the incestuous baby – and declares Blanca is innocent. Paul shakes his head. Blanca hears them.
Lu is thinking of Julian and their conversation about Lorena. Renata comes in to talk to her. She starts to walk away (keep going, Lu, nothing that snake has to say is going to be anything good for you), but Lu listens to her go on about Julian, Lorena and Carmelo. Lu says she doesn’t believe Renata. Renata says what can she do so she will. Nada. Renata says then she might as well leave, because she doesn’t want to live with an enemy. Lu says you stay, my mother thinks well of her and says this is your house. Renata says she cares what Lu thinks of her. Lu for some reason says there are no hard feeling. Renata says “seriously” and Lu says “seriously” and Renata hugs her.

Rod asks Julian about what happened with Gabino and the pistol. Julian says he’ll never forgive Gab. Rod mentions that Gab said he was going to rob Julian of Lu and Julian is like “no, he’s not”. Rod tells him “son, you can’t go around solving things with a pistol, control your life.” Jul lets him believe it was over Lu, but asks his dad what if it had been his woman that Gab was after. Rod grabs him and asks why he said that. Jul says it was just an example. Rod says some day Jul will go too far and he’ll never be forgiven. (I’m not sure to whom he is referring).

Lu comes into her mother’s room and wants to talk. Ros starts in about Renata, but Lu says they’re cool. She says she’s going back to Oxaca and start university. Ros says like I believe that stupidity. You’re still hung up on that maldito. Lu says it’s over. Ros says I heard that before. His poor trashy family wants money, and there isn’t going to be much after the divorce and split up of everything. Lu says Milagro is everything to her dad. Ros says he should have thought of that before. Lu says before what? Ros says before things arrived as they have.

Blanca wants to talk to Carm; he has to help her. He says he’ll never marry her. She says she wants help to take care of the baby even though it’s a sin and she’ll burn. He wonders (with an interested smirk) what changed her mind. Ascunción walks in and Blanca accuses him of being the father. He says she’s crazy, but she insists. “
Ascuncion. Is it true? Carm. Not mine. Blanca leaves and has a few words with Tere, then splits.

Ascuncion. and Carm. talk. He’s denying paternity, but admits he’s a man hard to resist as he sprays cologne. The writers outdid themselves with that line. Ascuncion looks like she smells something bad, and it ain’t the cologne. Now she understands why the girl cried every night. She asks about Gab and Carm says he knows.
Ascuncion: He knows? Carmelo blames Blanca.
Ascuncion: No creo. She doesn’t believe it for an instant.
Carmelo puts on a pouty face and pretends to whimper and beg she believe him. She’s had enough and leaves.

Tere wants to talk to Ascuncion about Blanca. Ascuncion is crying and says äsk your brother and leaves.

Justy asks Rod if he talked to Julian. What did he say. He’s upset about Gab and Lu. Anything else? Why? Is there more? (Getting a clue, Rod?) She asks if he asked about therapy for Josue. Rod says no. Julian has no job. They both agree that Josue needs the therapy.

Julian runs into Gab on the street and asks about Lu. Gab says he wants her. Julian is angry. This time Gab pulls the gun and chases Julian off. A stranger in a white hat is a witness to it all.

Lu and Delfina are talking. She hasn’t heard from Manuel and it seems like 100 years he’s been gone. Lu is sad he went and she also needs to go and get some distance between her and Julian. She blames herself for the old problems resurfacing since she came back, and also the new ones – her folks divorce, Josue’s accident, and Manuel’s leaving.
Paul and Modesto agree that everyone has problems.

Paul goes into the bedroom where Ros is on the bed with eye patches. She tells him it isn’t his room anymore and he tells her about Padre’s leaving. She listens. He isn’t sure what the whole story is, but he says it is still his house too and he is having Blanca come to stay.

Julian tries to call to talk to Lu, but after Renata finally gets her to take the phone she tells him off and hangs up on him. Renata smiles.

Lu is in her bedroom, very unhappy. She thinks about her party and refusing to dance with Gab.

Gab is drinking in a bar. Justy calls and sets up to meet him the next day. Rod comes into the room where she is and says he has set up a therapy session for Josue for the next day. She says he’ll have to go alone because she has to see about the rental house.

Julian drives to Milagro and the armed guard tries to stop him but he drives through the gate. The guard shoots after him.

Ros and Renata are at the table. The maid comes in. Renata is happy to report about the phone hangup. Just then, Julian arrives in full cry for Lu. All three confront him. Ros orders him out. The maid says Lu isn’t there. Paulino arrives and they all say she isn’t there. Julian insists he has to talk to her and leaves to go find her.

Lu and Delfina are at the market. Lu wanders off, but Del hesitates and then bumps into--- the stranger in the white hat. They stop and look at one another – and she is horrified. It’s Fidel—Manuel’s father.
End of Episode.


Dinero # 75 & 76 4/28/2010 Marco has a bad day and Lenora has a bad hair day

While Ale is explaining things to Tia we see Jorge standing on the stairs listening in. He is clutching his chest. Ale tells Tia Marco cancelled the wedding. Even after she tried to explain to him there was nothing between her and Rafa.

We see a very distraught Marco at his apartment, when Chavez shows up. He looks around the apartment and wants to know what gives. Was there a hurricane. (Yes and let’s call it hurricane jealousy.) Marco offers Chavez a drink. Chavez wants to make sure Marco did not do anything stupid. He says Ale must be waiting for him. Marco cries his life is destroyed. Chavez tells him not to get so upset about things. Marco tells him that his fiancé slept with someone else. He knows everything.

We see Rafa with Lenora and Juliette . They are discussing their financial woes. Rafa is trying to figure out how he is going to make all his financial obligations. He tells them it is all changed now because of last night.

Jaimie shows up. He asks Rafa if he has talked to Ale yet. Rafa wonders if Ale is going to go through with the wedding. Jaimie encourages Rafa to call her. We see Rafa hesitating.

Tia can’t believe Ale would settle for Rafa. At this moment Ales’ phone rings and it is Rafa. She does not answer it and says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Rafa is disappointed that she would not answer.

Tia wants to know what Ale is going to tell Jorge about the wedding. Ale is quite upset and says she has to get to work. Jorge ducks down so Ale can‘t see him as she leaves. After she leaves Jorge storms in and asks Tia what they are going to tell all the guests. He tells Tia he heard everything.

Chavez is scolding Marco asking him if he is aware of what he has done. Marco replies back very indignantly “ Are you aware of what she has done to me?“ Chavez reminds him they are talking about negotiations here and not love. Marco is going on about how Ale betrayed him. (He really looks hurt, it is hard not to feel sorry for him)

Chavez warns Marco that they can’t loose two years of work. He advises him to call her and tell her he forgives her. Marry her, get the papers signed, then separate. Marco is still going on about the fact that she slept with someone else. Chavez reminds Marco that if he doesn’t marry Ale they will loose everything. Marco is getting more upset. He says he has to respect his honor and he finally kicks Chavez out. We see him looking crushed to the bone staring at Ales’ picture.

We see Susana on the phone. She is calling to cancel the wedding reception. Around the corner we have an uninvited guest. It is Rosario eavesdropping. Susana continues talking on the phone and Rosario is off to spill the beans to the rest of the group. She is all flustered and twitting. Someone gets her a drink of water and she finally blurts out Ale canceled the wedding. We get a sinister Marino smile at this announcement.

Dandy wants to know what’s up. He tells everyone that Ale almost caught him at Susanas’ apartment. He says he had to leave out the window and he shows off his ace wrapped ankle. Bebe tells him he deserves it. They continue with there gossiping and speculations. Bebe chides them all telling them they need to be more respectful.

Dandy pulls Claudia aside. He wants to know what she is up too. Claudia says she does not know anything. Dandy doesn’t believe her. He wants to know why she wanted the information from him about the hotel. Claudia lies. Dandy is not buying any of it. He continues to pressure her to tell him what she is up to. She warns him that she knows stuff about him too that would not be good if found out and kicks him in the ankle. We see Dandy hobbling around on his already injured ankle.
Susana is still on the phone when Dandy hobbles over to her and wants to know what‘s up. Susana tells Dandy she will make everything up to him. She knows some great techniques. Dandy wants to know what is going on with Ale.

Ale has finally arrived at Siglo. We see a very happy Beltran approaching her and he calls her the light of his eyes. (That light is going to go out soon). He wants to talk to her and Rafa. He makes a comment about the new car that Rafa earned. He heads off singing his little money mantra. Bebe wants to know if Beltran is aware that Rafa has quit.

Ale runs into Dandy and wants to know what happened to his foot. He tells her not to worry he is going to get a message tonight . Susana not pleased with his comment knocks him over on her way to Ales’ office. Ale asks Susana what she should do. Susana says are you going to tell him there was no sale and that Rafa quit. Ale still doesn’t know what to do. She asks Susana for Rafas’ resignation.

Marco is still going on about being betrayed by Ale. The one he would never suspect to sleep with someone else. His phone rings. It is Claudia. She tells him she knows the wedding is off. She asks him how he is doing. He tells her he is a wreck. Claudia continues with her feigned sweetness. She says she can come over. Marco tells her he is not up to it. She reminds him he can count on her for anything.

Beltran is still on cloud nine ( and about to drop without a parachute) as Ale enters his office. He kisses her and sings . He tells her to sit down. He is all excited. He wants to know all about the sale. Ale tells him there is no contract. (Did you hear that thud?) Then there a scream that is heard all through Siglo.

Rafa goes to see Pepito. He asks a couple of the salesmen there if Pepito is around and to tell him Rafa is looking for him. As they leave they realize he is the guy that got stole the Refri deal from the Montana folks. Pepito invites him inside and Rafa tells him he shouldn’t because they are the completion. Rafa tells him he needs the money from the sale of his car.

Ale tries to explain the story to Beltran. She says every thing was going fine and Marco showed up and ruined everything. There was a big misunderstanding and the Refri guys got ticked and ripped up the contract. Beltran tells Ale that he knew the marriage idea was stupid. Ale reminds him that yesterday he was fine with the idea. Well he changed his mind. Now he is screaming for Rafa. Ale tells him Rafa quit. Beltran says that’s just as well and calls him a few names.

We now see Beltran sucking his oxygen and Ale taking full responsibility for the entire disaster. She says she has nothing left to do but resign. Beltran is not going to let her off that easy. He tells her she has to answer for her mistakes and that she can‘t quit. He says Rafas’ resignation is sufficient. He tells her to fix the disaster that Rafa caused. He wants sales to improve. Ale assures him she will do her best to get them out of this mess.

Beltran goes out to the sales floor and tells them to put the car back up for sale. Claudia reminds Beltran that it is Rafas’ car. Beltran screams “don’t mention Medina!!!” Bow-tie guy feels the car should go to the person that sold the most. Beltran isn’t buying this. He says the car was the prize for the best negotiation, not for the most sales and it is no longer up for grabs. It is going to be sold.

Ale tells Susana that Beltran would not accept her resignation. Ale is distraught, all she wants to do is go home and explain things to Jorge. We see a very sad Jorge looking out his window wondering where he failed. He wants to know why Ale did what she did.

We see Ale walking out of Siglo. Behind her we have the entire Siglo crew creeping up on her. Ale finally turns and tells them she knows they are following her. Then she confesses there is no wedding. We get the usual crew response. Claudia pretends to be her best bud and runs up all syrupy. Then She tells Ale she has to leave and go see a client. Ale tells her sarcastically to do what she wants and leaves.

Dandy and Ramirez are going to get to the bottom of things. He calls Rafa and asks him what happened. Rafa tells him there was a misunderstanding. He lies about what happened. Ramirez tells him Beltran is so mad he doesn’t even want to see a picture of him. Dandy wants to know if there was something going on between him and Ale. Then Dandy tells Rafa that Ale canceled the wedding. Rafa can’t believe this and he inquires how Ale is doing.

Rafa has to hang up, Vicky is walking his way. She is all wedding talk. Rafa is finally able to interject and tells her the sale fell apart. Vicky is worried that now he has to go back to Siglo. Rafa tells her he can’t go back there. Vicky is relieved. She has it all planned out. He can get the money from Papa . Rafa tells her that they can not get married. (Okay some one else needs a parachute after following off cloud nine) . Rafa tells her he needs to face her father and talk to him directly. Vicky aghast, tells Rafa her Daddy will kill him. Rafa is insistent and drags a protesting Vicky off to confront Daddy.

Ale has arrived at home and wants to talk to Jorge. Tia warns her that he knows everything.
Jorge doesn’t want to talk to anyone. He won’t eat. He is in his room. Ale knocks on his door. He won’t answer. She is begging. He tells her to leave. She says she won’t leave until he opens the door. He tells her to go away, that he doesn’t want to talk to her.

Rafa is dragging Vicky to talk to Daddy. This was a bit of a scary scene. The BGS are waving knives and shouting for machetes. Daddy wants to know if Rafa wants to borrow money. Rafa confesses that he lost the big sale. The BGS start teasing him. Daddy tells them to knock it off. He tells Rafa to continue. We see more knife wielding and they are getting bigger by the minute.

Vicky is distraught. Rafa says it isn’t right to marry her when he has nothing to offer. He says it is best to postpone the wedding until things get better. Vicky is freaking and wants her brothers to help her and we see even more knife wielding . Daddy tells Rafa he is doing the right thing and he is thinking with his head. Vicky continues to be all frantic. Rafa thanks Daddy for his compassion. But he is warned that he will eventually marry his daughter. Rafa is relieved. At least he has a little break. Vicky wants to know why Daddy has to mess up her life and stomps off.

We see Lenora mopping the floor when Rafa calls her. He apologizes for not remembering her birthday. He tells her he is going to take her out to celebrate to a special place. She tells him that his not necessary. She says she has a great son. He has all these problems and still thinks about her.

Ale is still outside Jorges’ door and has been sitting there for hours. Tia tells her he is so stubborn he will not open the door. Ale says she will stay there for weeks if necessary. Jorge tells her she can sit there a life time and he wont open the door. He refuses food. Tia threatens to call the Dr. Ale begs. She tells him she adores him. She continues begging ( and my heart is breaking) as we see both of them crying. .

Salon scene, (and shame on all of you who skipped over this because you will see that it was quite key to our ending tonight). Lenora enters. They all are excited to see her. She tells them it is her birthday and she wants to get all fixed up as Rafa is taking her out. They are thrilled to do anything for the mother of sandwitchita. They will make her beautiful. She pulls out a picture that she wants her hair to look like. We don’t get to see the picture but from every ones reactions it probably isn‘t a good choice. Ovi tries to talk her into something more youthful. They finally agree to what Lenora wants and we see Lenora is all smiles.

Jaimie is out walking and is suddenly attacked by Vicky. She is whining about Rafa. He is out of work and has postponed the wedding. Jaimie tells her Rafa is just trying to do put things right. She tells Jaimie he can fix this. Then she starts (to steal a Melenama phrase) macking out on him. This time it looks like Jaimie is really enjoying it. She tells him not to leave her alone. She tells him He is the only one that can help her. Jaimie says this can’t happen and leaves a sobbing Vicky behind.

We still have our little battle of wills going on between Ale and Jorge. He is still in his room and she is still outside the door. Jorge is all upset because she never told him any of this. She tells him she didn’t say anything because she knew he would react like this. He continues on his rant and wants to know if Beltran knew who Rafa was. He continues on that none of this is the proper way to behave. Then we see Jorge clutching his chest and slumps over. Ale is frantic outside the door knocking to let her in.

Jorge sits up and his telling Ale she did a bad thing hiring that man. He says for his disgrace his heart is still beating. Ale continues to try and explain. She did it because she did not want him to have to sell his house. Rafa needed to pay them back and he needed a job.

She starts defending Rafa. She tells Jorge it was an accident. She goes on to say Rafa is a good man an honorable man and the best salesman We see food sitting beside the door. Ale tells him if you won‘t eat for me then I will leave. She pretends to leave and Jorge falls for it. He sneaks out and grabs the food with a hidden but smiling Ale looking on. (This was the sweetest scene).

Now we have Rafa and Jaimie at the neighborhood bar. Jaimie tells Rafa it couldn’t have been easy to break up with Vicky. Rafa wants to know how he knew that. Besides he didn’t break up, they just postponed the wedding. Jaimie confesses that Vicky told him. Jaimie is a twittering mess and talking a mile a minute. and Rafa wants to know what is up. Jaimie still twitting out screams for the drinks and downs it. Rafa tells him to calm down and wonders if he might not be drinking a bit much.

He finally calms down a bit and tells Rafa they need to have an adult conversation. He wants to know when the wedding will be back on with Vicky Rafa confesses that he still has feelings for Ale. Jaimie tells him that is a lost cause. Rafa wonders who decided to call the wedding off. Was it Marco or Ale. He hopes it was Ales decision. Jaimie encourages Rafa to call her.

We see Ale on her bed looking at her ring. The phone is ringing and she picks it up to see who it is. Tia walks in and want to know is it is Marco on the phone. Ale tells her no. She says she won’t answer it. Poor Ale, she just wants to make Jorge happy. Tia encourages her to call Marco. Ale refuses.

Marco continues on his drinking binge. We hear the door bell and Marco is thinking it is Chavez. (Okay who didn’t see this coming?) It is Claudia. Marco wants to know what she is doing there. She tells him she feels bad for what is going on. She feels responsible. She brought him a little cheering up gift. A new bottle of Vodka. Marco wants the scoop about what went on at Siglo. He wants to know about Rafa. Claudia tells him he quit.

Claudia wants to know what went on between Rafa and Ale. Marco tells her he saw them dancing cheek to cheek. Marco is distraught and Claudia is putting the moves on him. Poor Marco, she can’t imagine why anyone would do that to him.

We have a cute little Dandy and Susana scene. She is messaging his sore ankle. Dandy inquires about what happened to the deal., why Rafa quit and why the wedding is off. Susana says she can’t say anything about it. Dandy is offended that she does not trust him. She tells him it is not a question of confidence. Then Dandy admits that he cares for her. And each day he finds himself more in love with her. (Dandy is smitten for sure). Susana admits to the same feelings. Even though he eats meat. Now they are off and practicing some of those great yoga techniques of hers.

Back to Claudia and Marco. She is rubbing his temples. She wants to know if he is feeling any better. He tells her no and that he feels worse. She tells him Rafa has nothing compared to him. Marco swears he is going to destroy them both. The phone rings and it is Tia. Marco kicks Claudia out. (I sure didn’t see that one coming. He really is in bad straights.)

Tia tells Marco Jorge is destroyed. Marco tells her he can’t believe Ale betrayed him with such a guy as Rafa. Tia says nothing happened. It was just to close the deal. Marco says people don’t do things like that. She pleads for Marco to forgive Ale. Marco tells her he can’t. She continues to plead. Marco asks her if she thinks they can get through this. He confesses without Ale he is nothing. He seems very sincere about this. Tia tells him they are there for him. His pain is their pain. He thanks her for her help and hangs up. He continues drinking and looks like some forlorn lost puppy.

Vicky is talking with her friend Janet. She is whining about Rafa. Janet tells her to quit acting like the victim. She starts yelling at Vicky. It isn’t because he doesn’t care. He lost his job. She tells her to stop screaming at him all the time. She really lays into her. She tells her to leave him in peace. Then she calls her crazy crazy crazy. If you really love him treat him right. She tells Vicky to grow up. Rafa needs a woman not a child. (Way to go Janet!!!!)

Remember that little salon scene? Well now we see Rafa and Julieta and Lenora all out celebrating at a fancy restaurant. Now I get why the salon crew were hesitant about the photo Lenora brought in. She should have gone with the youthful look. Lenora is outraged with the prices. She would have been happy to just have tacos somewhere.

Now we spy the Refri guys with wives intact at the next table. They spy Rafa at the next table and want to know who the piñata is sitting next to him. They continue on mocking him. Rafa is oblivious to there presence. Juliette is suddenly aware that they are all looking there way and laughing . One of the guys at the Refri table says don’t worry vulgarity is not contagious.

Julieta tells Rafa she should go confront them for being so rude. He gets up and goes over to the table suddenly realizing it is the Refri group. He wants to know what is so funny.

And that is the end of our third marathon night. I might have messed a few things up, so feel free to correct and add.



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