Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Destilando 10/31 - in which we discover that Texto-60 is your best bet when the agaves putrify.

Sofia, on her way back to Montalveña, portentously tells Dani: "I may be back here sooner than you think."

Blondie asks Gav straight out: "How's your love life going? Because you whacked on Minerva you have to get the hell out of Dodge, these catfights are bad for CRT's prestige. We want you to come to the London office - with ME!! I need an immediate answer." "But my mom -- " "She can come TOO!" "Still, I have to ask her. And London is not exactly a place of good memories for me -- " "That can CHANGE! You can live in a GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD and enjoy EXCELLENT CULTURE [and coffee? -Ed.] and meet VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE!!"

"If I don't accept, can I keep working here?" Blondie says that would be tough - she couldn't go to any Important Parties and couldn't keep working at her current elevated level. "Then the spiders have won..." She refuses to give an answer.

Pilar looks happy talking to Roberto on the phone. I forget who Roberto is. She urges discretion.

The Sperminator's secretary calls Daniela to cancel her appointment for the umpteenth time. She decides to go sit in his office until he'll see her. There are a lot of people in his waiting room. She tells the secretary she'll wait until dawn if necessary.

Gav calls, to find out if Rod's psychologist is (hopefully) old or married. This information is a critical component of her go-to-London decision tree. Dani is non-committal.

Rod tells Isa he's glad her parents are back from their super luxurious luxury cruise or wherever they've been: it's time for deadbeat daddy to pay up. And she, menacingly, says tonight's the night to talk about divorce, particularly DINERO.

Rod calls Erika and, all brisk and cheerful and confident, asks her to go look at new offices with him and then have dinner.

Francisco and Sofia are back at the hacienda. Ofelia and Roman fuss happily over Sofia and ignore Frankie completely. He complains (nobody is listening) about the agonies of flying tourist class and asks Ofelia to make him a glass of pineapple juice with celery and perijil which is an ingredient too fancy to be in my dictionary. He brags to James that they had champagne on their flight.

An extra arrives and says there's trouble out in the fields. James jumps up and wants to go but Frankie says no, it's my work. He dashes out. Sofia: "Ofelia, you can forget about that glass of juice."

Sofie and James look at page after page of calls from Frankie to Isa. Sofia is rabid; she can't believe she ignored so much evidence that Frankie was playing her. "Isa betrayed me! I helped her! I sided with her even when I didn't agree! She's a ruin! A low rat, there are no words for her vileness!" [Excuse me, what about Frankie?] James is sympathetic. She continues, "Why was I so stupid? It was right in front of me, I didn't want to see it, I can't accept that Frankie married me por interes (to get his hands on the loot)." She reviews, to rub salt in her wounds, the many times her suspicions should have been aroused.

Out in the fields, Frankie looks with neophyte horror at some twisted, putrified agave plant. The guys say they need CRT's help, this is an emergency, but Frankie doesn't want any scandal. "Maybe it's just this one crummy plant that didn't get enough copper sulfite and the others are all fine."

They ignore that and ask what they should do. "For the moment, nothing - and don't say a word to James." [This guy would make a fine president of the United States. --Ed.] He dabs himself nervously with a fine silk handkerchief.

At Isa's apartment (La Basurero, heh), big Ricky is dandling little Ricky and saying the kid looks to be an authentic Duarte - "I don't see anything of the Montalvos in him." At this Isa demands that the nanny remove Ricky Junior (a.k.a. the incriminating evidence).

She tells Ricky Sr. it's time to get with Rod and pay up. "Babydoll, I've had a severe financial setback and won't be able to pay him."

Isa loses it and starts screaming, "You can't do this, you'll go back to jail, you'll deprive me and little Ricky of the fat, fat divorce settlement which would set us up for life, Rod will get the apartment, the car, you got me into this now get me out!"

Nuria sides with her husband, but Isa says the tables are turning: "Sofia's no longer on my side, Dani is on the way to discovering the truth about Ricky Jr., she'll convince Rod one way or another." "Then run away with us to the Bahamas, we'll get you a good divorce lawyer there." "The baby has no passport and I'd need Rod's signature!"

Daddy goes to call his bank buddy, but the bank buddy has looked into the situation, doesn't trust daddy's 'clients,' and refuses the loan. "Don't worry, Princess, Rod is rich, he can take the hit."

Isa shouts some more: "I hate you! Get out of here!" She sobs and sobs as visions of the expensive cars that were to have been her future fade into the distance. After the commercial she stops crying and gets a little Scarlett O'Hara backbone. "I'm not conquered! Rod and his family will give me what's mine!"

Frankie, still dabbing his anxious sweat with his fancy handkerchief, walks into the bar. Crispin to bartender: "Here comes that clown." Frankie commits what even I, a lifelong teetotaller, know to be a big fat bar faux pas - he says "nothing" when asked what he'll have.

He asks Crispin as casually as a sweating, terrified jackass can ask: "Hmm, I have a - a friend - he didn't have enough money to use enough copper sulfate on his agaves - there's been a l'il outbreak, nothing significant - but - if copper sulfate were to be applied now, would it solve the problem?" "No, copper sulfate is a preventative measure, it's too late for that. He would need, instead, TEXTO-60 FUNGICIDE (don't tell me this was a product placement!!!!!!), and it's very expensive." "Aren't there any other alternatives?" "Yes..." (Frankie brightens hopefully) "... tell him to pray."

Isa barges into Rod's office and gets the usual que haces aqui? (everybody was supposed to learn this one: "What are you doing here?"). "I came to give you good news: Daddy can't meet you today but he can settle up with you on Monday. Meanwhile, I need to de-stress, I'm taking little Ricky to the beach." Rod says no she isn't, she says she is, he says she isn't, and she grumpily stalks out.

Then Sofia calls and wants Rod to run right over to the hacienda. He says he's too busy, she says it's a delicate matter and she'll come to the city and be at Pilar's the next day.

As Isa is grumpily stalking, Francisco calls. Fleeing putrid agaves, he suddenly can't live without her. She reminds him what a jerk he was the previous day and says it's too late. He begs and begs: "I had an infernal night, my marriage is over, I'm so anxious, I'll get on a plane right now, there will be a future for us, I can't stay here at the hacienda, it went to the devil in my absence, and James wants to run it anyway." He tries his crappy French on her.

[My daughter asked me the other day to try to be a more optimistic person. What can I say?]

Well, the Sperminator has avoided Dani for weeks and weeks, but he's stuck now. The last, last patient leaves and Dani's still there. He lets her in. He starts by mumbling the stupid lies scripted by Isa long ago. "Doc, enough of the cat and mouse game, tell the truth."

Dani explains that this kid is the trump card in a gigantic big-bucks winner-takes-all Montalvo war - "The kid would be the last inheritor of the Montalvo fortune. I want documents I can take to a geneticist to review, and then I won't bother you again."

Tejeiros starts mumbling about getting somebody right on it (like in the next century) but Dani cuts him off: "Or, I know, let's give little Ricky a DNA test right away. If he passes, we'll give you a case of tequila and our apologies. If not, it's lawyers and jail for you."

Tejeira folds. "She was already pregnant when I did the tests for her. She said it would ruin her marriage - she would have to abort - my life is the struggle for life in the womb - I had to help her - " "And how much did that help cost?" He folds further. "At first I didn't accept her checks - my ethics and my career ended when I helped your sister-in-law - at least I never had the nerve to cash her checks." He hauls out a big envelope with wads of checks in it. I gather by Dani's eyebrow-raising that the sums were large. She asks who the father was but he doesn't know.

Frankie is breathlessly rushing around preparing his evacuation. "SanJuana, get my suitcase and two changes of clothes..."

"Where are you going?" asks Sofia. "To the city, to uh, buy cattle medicine." "I'm coming with you." He tries to dissuade her, and he already has a ticket, and he says he's coming back next day. But she says she has business in the city herself. She gets her own ticket. Frankie makes a pointless crack about not sitting around Pilar's watching the family fight.

Sofia tells James that Rod should know, this very day, about Isa's affair with Frankie.

Rod reads the riveting CRT magazine. Well, his gramps is on the cover. He reads about the famous party, there's a big picture of Blondie and Gav. He sags reading: "Doctor Santovenia said he cannot imagine his life without her."

Gav is reading it too, Nancy looking over her shoulder and crowing, "Now all the world knows! All that's missing is an engagement ring!" Was there something about Rodrigo and "ant eye"? Gav thoughtbubbles: "My heart belongs to Rodrigo, there's no room for anybody else."

Blondie and Av* discuss Gav's personal life and the chances of her accepting the London job. Then - it seems some guy who was about to be sent to Madrid can't go. For a moment Blondie is terrified Av* is going to send him, Blondie, to Madrid instead - he insists he has to be with Gav in London (he's a little unhinged in his own wussie way, wouldn't you say?), Av* merely asks him to review the list of possible Madrid candidates. Blondie suggests Nancy deserves a promotion. [I say, not until she gets over those hysterical crying jags. --Ed.]

Aaron tries to get his dad to retire and let Aaron run the corporation unimpeded, it needs his energy. "Give it all to me while you're still alive," he suggests. [That sounded sort of like a threat, I thought. --Ed.] "You need to rest, you're tormented by the decisions I make, you'll have another heart attack!" "You propose to buy me out with your stock market gains?" Aaron says if that money isn't sufficient, he'll get a bank loan.

Bruno asks what he's supposed to do with his time if he sells out. "Travel! Be happy!" Bruno says, "Wait till I'm dead." Then he muses, "But you're in an awful big hurry for me to go..." He says they can talk about it later. Aaron gives him till the following day.

We end with Frankie, who still hasn't managed to get out the door. He pretends to be jealous of James and Sofie spending time together. Sofia says he doesn't have to come back. James asks: "What medicine is it exactly that you're planning to buy for the cows?" "Why, let's us go down to the stables and ask them what hurts!" is Frankie's weak retort.

Tomorrow: Dani tells Rod about Ricky Jr.'s lack of Montalvo blood and Rod knocks her down. Aaron and Gav have words about Clarita's inheritance.


Amar Sin Limites, Tuesday, October 30. Featuring a Couture Show in Which Haute Shares the Stage with Hate

This will be my last recap, Folks, and wouldn't you know that I had some technical problems with my t.v. So please feel free to add or correct anything I may have left out or misinterpreted.

Previously Azul interrupted Silvana comforting Diego with a warm embrace. Azul tries on her wedding gown, leaving Diego almost groaning in pain at seeing her as the bride he thought would be his, in the gown that secretly IS his. Mo arrives on the scene, and it's a miracle! Suddenly he has 20/20 vision again. He caresses Azul while smirking triumphantly at Diego.

New scene, at the workshop: Mo continues to rub it in by chatting to Azul about their honeymoon in front of Diego. After Azul goes to change out of the gown, Mo needles Diego and Silvana that he didn't know they were so buddy-buddy. Silvana says archly that she and Diego have a lot in common: not just their likes but especialy those things they detest. Point taken. Mo says he now realizes that the reason Azul does not want Silvana to be near Caty is because of the suspect company Silvana keeps. Point taken, return serve. Mo and Azul leave, but not before Diego and Azul exchange one last poignant and lingering look.

Outside of the boutique Azul asks Mo to postpone the honeymoon trip. Mo takes this as a sign Azul doesn't really want to marry him and says they should cancel the wedding. Of course this is more of his reverse psychology strategy and it works. Azul, looking chastened, apologizes and says she'll go forward with the wedding, but she wants Mo to honor the post-wedding platonic relationship deal they previously agreed upon. Mo smiles reassuringly at Azul, as any man would in anticipation of an action-less honeymoon.

Back at the workshop Silvana reminds Diego that no matter what the provocation, they cannot lose control and let Mo suspect they are gathering proof that he is a murderer. Diego says he almost lost it when he saw Mo embracing Azul. Silvana basically tells him to get over it as Azul and Mo are getting married. Punto. And in fact they're already living together. When Diego says that's only because Mo's sick and just moments before got his sight back, Silvana calls B.S., saying she saw Mo looking fit as a fiddle and seeing perfectly well at her last Caty visit. Diego looks steamed and says he's the one who has been a blind fool, but somehow will stop this unholy marriage.

Meanwhile Mo and Azul are looking over preparations at the wedding reception hall. Azul tells Mo he was right about Diego all along; he has obviously been having an affair with Silvana all this time. Mo says that's precisely why he wants to end Silvana's visits with Caty. Naturally he skips the part about Silvana trying to jog Caty's memory of the accident.

Casa Emilia: Silvana tells Emilia that Mo has cut off her visits with Caty and for this she blames Azul. She worries that now she'll never find out the truth about the accident and besides, poor Caty needs love and affection in her life. I guess she means the kind she offers in her Inquisition-like visits with the little moppet. Emilia says not to worry, Caty will have Azul and she, Emilia, has a plan to help Caty while finding out what really happened to Nico, her nephew. She can't reveal the exact details of this plan but Silvana is grateful that she may yet find out about the accident, and happy that she and Emilia are back to being cuñadas and best buds rather than just therapist and client.

Hospital Rehab: GSD is feeding cereal to Ines while they discuss her post-rehab living arrangements. Ines declines the suggestion that she live with Azul and Mo who have offered to take her in, and GSD doesn't want her to be subjected to the "torture" of living with Arnaldo and his man. Ines gently rebukes GSD by saying she'd be perfectly comfortable with Julio around and has always had a mutually loving relationship with Arnaldo. But she doesn't want to be a burden to anyone and insists that she's capable of living alone. She assures GSD she'll never attempt suicide again as she's living with the consequences of her first attempt and wouldn't want to upset all of them again. Finally GSD tells Ines that he'll move in with her, but only until she is recuperated. Ines seems surprised but not displeased by this offer. Now I can't make up my mind whether I think Ines or Emilia will win the dubious honor of becoming the next Mrs. GSD.

Casa Emilia: Silvana laments that she has broken up with Flavio for nothing as Diego still loves Azul. Emilia shares that they are fellow sufferers in love. Silvana is all, tell me, tell me, I didn't know you were in love. Now that the professional restrictions have been dispensed with, Emilia fills Silvana in on her crazy in love feelings for GSD. I could hardly recognize grouchy old GSD in Emilia's gushing description of him as handsome, brilliant, and as gentlemanly and chivalrous as knights of old. When Silvana asks if this prince charming (principe azul) has any human failings, Emilia admits he does have two teensy little faults: his hardball stance against his son's homosexuality and his weakness for his former lover of 15 years. She manages to leave out that he's also a chain-smoking, high strung, cowardly jerk. Too harsh, you say? I think not.

Fashion Show: Julio rallies the model-troops to take to the runway and conquer the fashion world in the name of Julio Curso. All the models and Arnaldo clap and cheer. Arnaldo is looking hotter than any of the models I've seen here so far.

Wedding hall: In the foreground we see Azul chatting with someone about the wedding details while in the background we hear Mo on the phone with Andres saying he's convinced Azul to go through with the wedding but still hasn't gotten her to accept going on the honeymoon. Andres aks what the big deal about a honeymoon is anyway. I presume he means because Mo and Azul are already living together, or maybe he's not that much of a romantic after all. Mo states that the the trip is important because he's going to make Azul his again during the trip. So much for his platonic intentions. Ceci meets up with Andres and brags that she's going to be a model in the show. They do their lovey-dovey thing.

At the fashion show, a harried Julio is attending to last minute details when Diego appraches to say he has something important to discuss with him...

Casa S., I. , and S.: Isela tells Silvana that Flavio has gone back to Cuba after Silvana rejected his proposal. Silvana sighs that she broke Flavio's heart and in turn Diego has broken hers. However, she says she's still going to the fashion show because Diego asked her for a favor she couldn't refuse....

After a commercial, Isela is giving Silvana a hug when Gloria jealously sniffs that all Isela and Silvana seem to do is hug all the time. She goes on to complain about her hot line being cut off in her absence. When Silvana points out that it was indecent anyway, Gloria snaps that it was a business. Silvana says something like that's what she gets for coming and going without letting people know. Silvana then sails out to the fashion show.

At the show, Ceci is busy meeting, greeting and mingling with the guests. Silvana arrives and heads straight for Azul. Silvana looks really pretty and sexy in a low cut black dress accented with a wide gold belt and matching clutch. Unfortunately, she's unleashed her inner witch and taunts Azul, asking if Azul influenced Mo to stop her visits with Caty because she's Mo's former wife's best friend or because she (Silvana) is going to be the next Mrs. Diego Moran. When Azul says, "Don't be so sure of that, Missy", Silvana says something to the effect that Azul won't be able to stop her as she'll be married to Mo by then. Silvana then flounces off while Azul seethes. Just then Eva arrives on the arm of Ivan, which causes Azul to mutter, "Just what I need".

Anibal's Office: Isela and Manuel meet unexpectedly in front of the office. Manuel grabs Isela by the arm saying he's heard she's going out with Anibal again. She responds that's it none of his business and he should scram. He brags that he's come to pick up his wife in his new car. Isela stares with disbelief at this luxury car.

Fashion Show: The show begins and, in my humble opinion, Julio is not quite ready for prime time. I seem to recall rather well-nourished models, skimpy white outfits a la Victoria's Secret with some highly questionable camera angles, model guys in rumpled tee shirts and jeans, slips, camisoles, and dowdy dresses and blah suits. But the audience is seen eating it up, and even Ivan and Andres are taking it all in. The most fun to me was spotting some familiar novela faces sprinkled here and there in the audience.

Meanwhile back at Anibal's office, Clemencia has jumped to the wrong conclusion seeing Manuel and Isela arrive at the same time, even though Isela tries to tell her there will never be anything between her and Manuel again. Anibal comes out of his office to see what the commotion is all about. Isela greets him with a kiss, prompting Manuel to put his arm around Clemencia and tell her he's come to squire her home in his new chariot. Clemencia looks delighted. After they leave, Isela tells Anibal that Manuel was badmouthing him for giving Clemencia a job. Anibal doesn't care about Manuel's opinion and says it's totally up to Clemencia if she wants to work. Isela also updates Anibal that Gloria has returned and is an insufferable person whom she cannot stand.

Fashion Show: More ho hum clothes come down the runway. Short skirts, nautical themes, and so forth. Maybe this is all very edgy and I'm just not getting it. Anyway, this show seems to be taking place in real time and I'm getting mighty bored.

Outside of Anibal's office, Clemencia is suitably impressed by the new car, but she is suspicious that Manuel can afford such an expensive car with the "little job" he says he has. Sleazy Manuel acts offended that she could doubt him when he's finally accomplishing what she has always wanted of him.

Fashion Show: The grand finale arrives which the emcee promises will feature the most extraordinary creation out of Julio's entire collection. Down the runway struts Silvana on Diego's arm and she is wearing Azul's wedding dress! So this is Diego's big surprise. I wouldn't have expected that low blow from him. Not satisfied, Silvana plants a juicy one on Diego's lips in front of all and sundry. He woodenly accepts the kiss. In the audience, Mo is looking dismayed and Azul's bosom is heaving wildly. As the models all parade down the runway, Azul jumps up and dashes backstage saying that Diego will hear from her. Mo tries to stop her. Eva appears to be telling Ivan she's disgusted by Silvan's display with Diego. At least I think that's what she said. Ivan promises that after Eva's fake death, he'll take care of both Silvana and Azul, leaving the path clear for Eva to scoop up Diego after her resurrection. On the runway, Julio accepts thunderous applause and thanks his design team and models, and then he introduces "Arnie" to the audience as the most important person in his life. A beaming Arnaldo takes the runway joining Julio, Diego, Silvana, Ceci, Gaspar and all the models in their tripumphant march around the runway.

Backstage, Diego angrily asks why Silvana kissed him like that during the show. She then admits she has broken up with Flavio because she loves Diego. Just then Azul bursts in and just about comes to blows with Silvana for taking something that is hers. Silvana is defiant and nastily asks if Azul is referring to the gown or Diego. Julio rushes in to quiet the fracas which can be heard outside. Azul furiously demands to know why he allowed Silvana to wear her dress in a fashion show. He says he needed a model and Diego had asked if his friend could be allowed to model the dress. But what designer in his right mind would do that with an original meant for a special client for a special occasion? Azul accuses Diego of purposely trying to hurt her but says he won't interfere with her wedding. Diego says, "We'll see about that!" Azul orders Julio to make Silvana take off the dress immediately or she won't pay for it. Which, ew, who'd want to wear it after it's all sweated up, and by your archenemy, no less. Julio glares at Julio.

After the commerical, Julio is still glaring at Diego and tells him to straighten out the mess he's gotten Julio into as he doesn't want any problems with Azul, his sister-in-law. Diego and Silvana postpone their talk re: her declaration of love for him and Silvana finally goes to take off Azul's gown.

Casa Lucia & Piero: Piero comes into Lucia's bedroom with a gift of jewelery as a makeup gesture. Lucia is charmed and starts to hug and caress him, but suddenly has an image of Manuel dispensing his no nonsense love tips and pushes Piero away saying this little jewelry offering won't make her fall into his arms. They are to continue the platonic living arrangements that Piero himself asked for. Well, as soon as Lidia thaws out, I don't think Piero will be hurting in the love department so this is not much of a punishment.

Outside of the fashion show arena, Azul is ranting to Ceci, Mo and Andres that Julio had been disrespectful to allow someone to wear her gown in a fashioin show without consulting her. Mo offers to buy her another dress but she declines for a reason I wasn't able to make out. Even then saunters out with Ivan sarcastically noting that Mo has recuperated just in time for his wedding. There is some talk I didn't get that Eva is not going to attend the wedding. She insincerely wishes the bridal couple good luck. Diego then hustles out carrying the now second hand dress in a big snowy white box. At this momemt we get a night vision view through the cross hairs of a rifle slowly panning over the group outside the building. Azul takes the dress but refuses to speak to Diego, saying it's not as if he was the designer. She drives away with her group. Eva tries to speak to Diego but he rejects her, saying she's the reason he lost the woman he loves. She sadly drives away with Ivan while Diego goes back inside. The gunman doesn't get to shoot anyone just yet.

Inside the fashion show lounge, Julio and Arnaldo are toasting the runaway success of the show. Arnaldo also wants to toast his new knowledge that GSD really does love him and is just worried that society will reject Arnaldo for being gay. Diego briefly interrupts all the toasting to say he straightened out their problem. Arnaldo asks what problem Diego was referring to and Julio promises to explain it all to him over dinner.

Casa Mo 2: Anul and Ceci go off with the wedding dress while Mo and Andres appear to be talking about how to go about getting rid of Diego. I'm sorry I couldn't make out exactly what they were saying here but I think that was the gist of it.

Backstage at the fashion show arena, Gaspar appears to be trying on earrings when Diego asks him where Silvana is. Gaspar says she's crying and crying over in the corner. Sure enough there she is with tears streaming down her face. Diego says he doesn't want her to suffer for him, but she knows better than anyone that he still loves Azul. Silvana begs Diego to give her a chance to help him forget Azul. I've never known desperation to be an aphrodisiac but Silvana apparently hasn't gotten that memo yet.

In the last scene, Azul admits to Ceci that even though her wedding dress is beautiful, she had always dreamed of another kind of wedding and honeymoon filled with intense love. She says Diego is the love of her life, the man she's always dreamed of marrying. Ceci, in her most serious and sensible moment on the show, urges Azul to speak to Mo immediately if she is so filled with doubts only hours before her wedding.

The coming attractions seem to show guests gathered for the wedding, so I don't know if Azul and Mo actually had that little chat.


Destilando - Tuesday Oct 30 .... Where stubborn people do stubborn things

After Pillie asks Clarita (" just what really happened between you and Amador?"), Aron demands Clarita tell them if Gavi is a Montalvo or not. Clarita asks that she and Pillie talk in private about this.

When they are alone, Clarita tells Pillie that it's really hard to touch on all these subjects from the past, but that she can assure Pille that Don Amador always treated Clarita like a daughter and never betrayed Pillie. She starts her story: long, long ago.... Clarita came back to the Hacienda when Gaviota was just a month old, and that don Amador, in thankfulness that she saved his life, offered to help her out by building her a small house and giving her money every month. But Clarita refused this (like mother like daughter! :)) telling him that instead, she would like him to give her a job every spring when she comes back for the Agave season. The year after, people started saying that Gavi was Amador's daughter. For that reason, Clarita preferred to separate herself form the group of jimadores, and Amador gave her the little hut to stay more comfortably; he loved hearing Gaviota sing her first songs when she was a child.

Gavi then asks her mom why she never told her about her dad, and Clarita responds that she was embarrassed to tell her because she would be giving her a bad example. Gaviota, crying, assures her mom that she has been the best mom ever and that she's very proud of her. Pilar is moved by all this and thanks Clarita for her kind words.

At his office, Alonso is nervous because Gavi is not answering the phone and thinks that maybe she is with Rod.

We then get to see Gavi and Clarita on their way out of the hacienda, where Gaviota is telling Rod that she doesn't want the hacienda provided to them by Don Amador. Gavi: We don't want to know anything about you guys. Rod: you are probably saying that because of me. Videgaray will take care of the paperwork. But Gavi says she prefers not, as she doesn't want to see his face again. She asks Dani to call a taxi.... Rod says "no Dani, our driver will take her". Gavi: no, I want a taxi! Rod, with a sigh: whatever, OK Dani, get her a taxi. I am sure these are the moments when Rod gives thanks for Erica in his life. Anyhoo...

Dona Pilar talks to Clarita, and begs her to take the hacienda in memory of Don Amador, as it was his wish. Clarita says she'll talk about it to Gaviota. Gavi gives Dona Pilar many thanks for everything and says sorry for the pains caused. Rod gives a special thanks to Clarita, and congratulates her on her Bday. Gavi says good bye to Rod. He congrats her too, on the big palisa (beating) that she gave Minnie. G: well, it's been a while that I owed her one! Outside, Gavi asks Dani if she knows Rod's psicologa. G: Not that I'm jealous!! hehe.. JUST curious, ya know?? Dani: Tomorrow I'm going to see her and I'll tell u.

Erica is talking on the phone to a friend, telling her that falling in love with Rod is a risk, but life is constant risks and needs to be lived fully.

Pillie is now sure that Amador never cheated on her and she's super happy. Rod too, probably cuz he knows he didn't boink his own aunt. Pillie says that Gavi is an amazing daughter and woman, after seeing how she behaves with her mom. Rod: I know granny! Elvis walks in, jokingly suggesting he get his piece of the fortune by Amador. She says her usual: suficiente Elvis! Suficiente!

Pillie tells the rest of the family that Gavi is not a montalvo. Fedra: ah! finally good news on this day! Aron reminds them that she is a simple jimadora. Pillie says some good things about Gavi, and Minnie gets jealous. Frankie wants to know what Clarita told her. Elvis jokes about Frankie getting some money from the herencia. Frankie gets excited, but Sofie bursts his bubble as she sarcastically tells him not to get too excited since it's a joke. They talk about how they will divide Gavi's ranch if she gives it to them. Aron says she better give them the land. Minnie says that Aron should not expect miracles from someone like Gavi.

At home, Clarita and gavi are talking about the hacienda. Gavi says if they keep it, they'll never get rid of the Montalvo plagues. Gavi then takes out a gift for Clarita's since it's her Bday; Clarita utters a 'Como asi!' and cries as she puts the earrings on. Gavi says Clarita is the best ma. Gavi: ma, now I gotta talk to you... I need your honest response from the bottom of your heart.

Right then, doctor Coffee calls, he's been looking for Gavi all day. He wants to talk to Gavi at work tomorrow. They hang up. Gav: ma, what do you think he wants to tell me? Clarita: he's going to ask you to marry him. Do you know what you'll tell him? I don't know ma, but I need to know something more important. I need you to swear to me that I am not Amador's daughter. Clarita: m'ija, I swear to you! Amador has always been very nice to me. He loved you very much. Gavi: Ma, what about my dad? Clarita: Ah, it's not worth it... if it weren't because you were born of my story with your pa, I would have forgotten about it a long time ago. Gav: Ma, please tell me the truth. Clarita, dreamy eyed: Ok...

I met Jacinto, and all girls wanted to be with him. He made us laugh with his stories, jokes, and his laugh was like listening to a music box. He was so similar to you, blonde, honey eyes and curly hair like yours. He was tall, flirty, and I would get all shy when he talked to me. And... he made me fall in love with him. One day, I went to a party; all the girls wanted to dance with him...but he danced only with me, and that night, we spent it together. When the morning came I was sure that my life was going to be with him. We were gonna get married, but one morning, he packed his things and left.

Gaviota: I hope to see him someday...I know my dad will find us one day! C: No Gavi, don't have those expectations. Plus, he lost most, because he missed seeing you smile and grow up and hear you calling him Papa! G: Maybe one day I will see him again. C: shortly after, I found out he crossed the border to work in the USA and as he was crossing the river he drowned. I don't even know if they gave him a Christian burial. That's why I wanted to keep this away from you all this time. G: Ma, I am grateful! Now I know where I came from, and I have such a good mom! And what about Don Amador?? He loved you like a daughter.... and you? Were you in love with him? C: I don't know m'ija. Some days I waited and waited to see him. We'd talk and talk. He was so smart, so nice, he treated me like I was equal to him...he talked to me about his problems and work, and when he laughed, it was's getting late huh?? G: I'm noone to judge you ma! Don't feel bad that you fell in love with a man that belongs to someone else! You are not hurting anyone!! Ma, we both fell in love with a Montalvo....

Next morning, Gavi is getting ready for work. She asks Clarita what Rod told her when he picked her up. Gav: Did he ask you for me?? C: no, he behaved as if nothing ever happened between you. Gavi looks sad about this.

At his home, Rod is in Ricky's room, playing with him. He kisses Ricky, asks him what he dreamt the day before. "I know, you were playing football...goaaal!! no no... you were galloping on a horse! I promise you that when you get older, you will ride horses with me in the fields and lakes. I promise you that I will do it."

At Pillie's home, Frankie kisses a very serious Sofie and tells her he loves her. They're getting ready to leave...he kisses dona Pilar's hand and tells her to stop bye the hacienda. Sofie says goodbye to her abuelita. Abuelita gives her the blessing, Sofie then hugs Dani. D: when do you come back?? S: sooner than yout think! And she leaves.

Gavi, at the office, is asking Dr Coffee what he wants to tell her? Alonso: Gavi, how's your sentimental situation? Gavi: hmmm... this means that Minnie has accused me with Avellaneda huh? Alonso: no no...she hasn't mentioned anything to him at all. I'm just worried that the conflicts with that family are affecting the institution. Gavi: so I have to quit?? Alonso: no.... I propose you go work at the offices in London.

Tomorrow promises to be a good one!
- Isa gets a hysteria attack after her dad tells her he cannot pay Rod back. Isa: I hate you!!! I'm not your daughter anymore!!!
- Doctor Tejeiros dishes the truth to Dani as he tells her that Isa was already pregnant when she came to see him.
- Sofie finds proof of Frankie's betrayal; she calls Rod to let him know.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Juan Q 10/29 "Money can't buy you happiness but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery." *

I hate to do this again but I’m going to need a sub for Tuesday, November 6th. I can either switch with another re-capper for another day or if someone new wants to give it a try, I think that would be okay as well. I have training all evening for Legal Aid that night and unfortunately have too many classes on Wednesday to be able to do the re-cap that day. Please let me know if anyone can help! Otherwise, I’ll be forced to put up a heading and the translated summary. Thanks!

Kike tells Juan that his quarrel is not with CL; it’s with Paula. Ay, the wisdom of Kike! Kike thinks this is the ideal opportunity for Juan to confirm Paula’s feelings for him. If she really likes Juan, she’ll bat CL to the side. If not… “If not, I’ll die.” Juan finishes Kike’s sentence. Kike tells Juan not to lose his cool. Juan sees the reason in Kike’s argument and agrees to go home. He gives the apartment one last stare before leaving for the Cachon house.

Juan and Kike make it back to the house only to find Fernando fraternizing with Dona Nidia. Fernando claims he’s just there for a cup of coffee. Juan tries to say good-night but Fernando interrupts and says that he was waiting for Juan to help study for the exam tomorrow. Juan’s a little flabbergasted considering Fernando’s earlier refusal, but he accepts the help.

Nidia helps the men by cooking some snacks. The men obviously like the food. Alirio watches while Nidia sits in Fernando’s chair and talks about mathematics. Even Kike and Juan perceive the heat between Nidia and Fernando.

Alirio goes back to bed and watches TV. Nidia enters and wants to know why he’s awake. He wants to ask the same question. She replies that she was making the “boys” dinner. Alirio doesn’t like her explanation; he doesn’t think they’re “boys.” Alirio warns Nidia to be careful because he does have a limit. Nidia ignores him and heads to the bathroom to put on her pajamas. Alirio observes that this is strange but Nidia explains she doesn’t want to cause any lust in Alirio’s heart.

Kike must not be into math because he falls asleep. Juan shows his work to Fernando, who tells Juan that he did a good job. Juan ponders about his relationship with Paula. Fernando pipes in that Juan lost that war before it even began. Fernando tells that he was in the same situation and CL also stole the woman that Fernando loved. Juan thinks this means that Fernando was in love with Monica. Fernando corrects Juan and tells him that it was Ivonne. They planned to marry. Fernando. Fernando continues with the tale of how CL seduced her. Fernando had to sit in the car while CL did whatever with the woman for whom Fernando suffered. It appears as though the message has finally got through. This is not the first time CL has done this. Juan realizes that he has to confront his problems, but Juan’s worried that if Fernando’s right then Juan really is dead.

Monica enters the bathroom. She sarcastically compliments him on his greeting to her. CL wants to know why she’s there. Monica just wants to pick-up some things. CL asks if she was calling him last night. Monica denies that she did. CL goes to change but he turns to Monica and says that if she really wants to know, he slept alone last night.

Pastor stands at the cemetery and cries. Pastor’s brother says that they can continue this at another time. Pastor thinks it would be better if they went to the office to talk. The man agrees.

Juan sits at the table and thinks about the day ahead of him. Kike enters the room and they small talk about the night before. Juan says that he needs to leave, but Kike has a favor to ask first. In order to be confirmed, he needs a godfather. Kike asks Juan to fill that role. Juan’s flattered and agrees with gleefully agrees. Juan thought bubbles that it’s good people like Kike, Fernando and Nidia that remind him that all is not lost and that there is still hope in the world.

CL wants to leave, but Monica wants to talk first. She didn’t like his accusation from earlier. Did he really think that she was there to spy? He thinks so. He doesn’t believe her civilized attitude toward the divorce. Monica replies that this is just how she is. Would he prefer if she clawed out Paula’s eyes. Monica doesn’t think that CL should try to guess how a deceived woman would act. Monica’s just trying to be consistent with how she’s acted in the rest of her life. She doesn’t an even worse tragedy then what it already is.

Juan stops at Paula’s house in order to confront the inevitable. She coldly greets him. He asks if she’s going with him. She says that she’s going in her car. She’s decided not just to use it for the weekends. Juan asks if it’s because of last night. She replies that last night is part of it as are many other things. She doesn’t want another confrontation, but Juan’s fire is lit and burning. He demands that she listen to him. She agrees, but only if they go inside.

Paula demands that Juan hurry. Juan says that he has a lot to get off his chest. Paula doesn’t care if it’s a lot or a little as long as he hurries. (What a bitch!) Juan tells Paula that he’s always tried to take the higher ground, treat her with respect and be a good person. Now he wants to know about things that are confusing him. He wants to know about last night with CL. Paula interrupts and says that Juan’s mixing himself up in things that don’t involve him. Juan cuts her off and replies that he is involved, because she’s involved. She’s his interest. He demands to know the truth, if there’s still something between Paula and CL.

Fernando tells CL about an incident with Monica. I think he says that Monica accused Fernando of being like a go-between pimp for CL. CL asks Fernando not to say anything about it to anybody; Fernando, of course, agrees but does not that it was awfully strange. CL doesn’t agree with that assessment. He thinks Monica was acting like a typical woman.

Juan waits for his answer; he wants the truth. Paula says that if she’s honest with herself, she never stopped loving CL. Now they have an second opportunity. Juan can’t believe what he’s hearing. He wants to know what he was. She so sweetly tells him that he was nothing more than an accident in her life. Ouch! (I repeat: Paula’s a bitch, and not the good kind!)

Pastor escorts his brother into his office. The first thing brother sees? Juan’s lovely cut and paste painting. Pastor tries to explain it away saying that it was given to him by an artist friend. Brother immediately catches on that it’s a painting of Juan. Pastor denies the likeness. Brother wants to send Pastor a calendar with beautiful women.

Juan can’t believe his ears. Paula tries to recover but then stops when she realize she can’t. Juan insists that she finish her thought. Paula says that it wasn’t anything serious. She accepted it without thinking of the consequences. Juan accuses her of playing with him and using him. Now that she doesn’t need him anymore, he’s dismissed. Paula claims that she knows what this is like for Juan. Juan reminds her that she has no idea. Juan says that the worst thing is that she waited so long to tell him instead of being honest in the first place. Juan wishes her luck because she’s going to need it. She doesn’t know what she’s about to get into. Juan storms out of the house while Paula cries.

Juan rushes outside and thinks to himself about what he should do next. It would no good to back into the house. Where can he go and hide from himself? He and his oddly correct length tie get into the car.

Brother asks about the business. (I’m not very subtle about the fact that I cannot, for the life of me, remember his name!) Pastor says that it has its ups and downs. Brother says that he needs to get to work. Pastor asks if he would like a coffee or some tequila. Brother asks what Pastor wants, money? Pastor says that’s not his motivation. Pastor says that wasn’t his motivation, but yes he needs some. He needs a couple thousand. Brother wants to know why.

Juan thinks to himself as he wanders around in nature. He thinks that he needs to find a solution before committing more mistakes. He cannot believe that Paula considered him a mistake. He ends by “saying” that there occurred one of the worst ideas of his life.

Pastor gives a fake explanation about why he needs the money. Unfortunately, he implicates his mother. Brother jumps all over this. Brother knew Pastora and knew that she was an honorable woman. Brother can’t believe that Pastor would dirty their mother’s name for his own gain. Brother tells Pastor to ask again when he wants to be honest. Brother gets up to leave, but Pastor stops him. Pastor explains the truth. He has a debt at work that he needs to pay to stay out of jail. He illegally took money.

Juan rushes into the garage and asks Fernando if CL is in the office. Fernando admits that CL is, but won’t allow Juan to pass. Juan insists on having a word with CL. Fernando ignores Juan’s insults and insists that Juan calm himself. Juan throws Fernando away from him and continues on his mission.

Pastor begs. He cannot go to jail. Brother wants to know why Pastor did not think of this before he robbed the business. Pastor agrees, but still pleads for help. He asks Brother to do this for his mother’s memory.

Juan slowly stalks through the lobby. He greats both the secretaries. Ivonne says that CL is on a call, but Juan bursts into the office anyway.

CL looks as though he was expecting this. He hangs up with his associate and wants to know why Juan entered as he did. Juan says that they need to seriously talk. CL wants to know what will be the subject. Juan says that CL knows perfectly well what it will be – Paula.

Like the good little busy bee that she is, Marely’s already in Paula’s office giving the report about Juan going to CL’s office. Marely wants to know what’s happening. Paula admitted that she told Juan the truth that morning. Marely can’t believe what she’s hearing. Paula who can’t take any form of criticism (including a impactado look from Marely) tries to defend her position. Goodness, I wish Marely would give it to her.

CL pours Juan a drink; Juan thanks him. CL tells Juan to speak calmly and truthfully, because they’re friends. Juan starts with that subject, friends. Juan admits that he knows that they’re not really friends. CL loses his cool for a moment, but gathers himself and tells Juan that Juan forgot some history. Juan was the first to betray the friendship.

Marely half yells at Paula. Paula gives the CL has changed speech. Blah, blah, blah. Marely can’t believe what she’s hearing. Marely asks about Juan. Paula says that Juan will have to accept it. Marely accuses Paula of playing with Juan. Paula agrees, she was been an ego-maniac. Marely leans across the desk and tells Paula that she’s still being a selfish bitch. (okay, so I wish it was that strong coming from Marely. A girl can dream, right?)

Juan has no idea what CL’s talking about. Yes, CL, replies. Juan knew that CL was in love with Paula and yet he still pursued a relationship with Paula. Juan claims that he loves Paula in his soul. CL asks if Juan thinks that CL does not as well. Juan wants to know about the lies and deceit. CL claims that things are not as easy for him as for Juan. That’s the truth according to CL. CL asks if Juan can control his feelings, who and when he loves. Juan says that he couldn’t help but love Paula. Juan also points out that this is not the first time that CL’s stepped-out with someone from the office. CL has been pushed over the line. He warns Juan not to push his limits. CL reminds Juan of his lies about what he did at Farrell. Juan says that this is different because he loves Paula. CL claims that he does as well.

Marely wants to know how long Paula thinks it will take for Juan to heal. Paula claims that she tried to tell Juan, but Marely won’t hear it. Paula claims that she feels terrible. Marely says that Juan’s pain is the same as Paula’s when she found out about CL. Marely won’t accept Paula’s apologies or excuses.

CL insists that they put an end to the “I love her more” argument. I hate to admit it, I’m on CL’s side on that one. CL says that Paula will make the final decision; she’s not property, she’s a person. CL accepts Juan’s challenge for Paula’s affections. CL asks Juan what he could possibly offer Paula.

Paula begs Marely to calm down and understand. Paula, seeming to forget her humble roots, claims that she and Juan come from different worlds. Paula thinks that with CL she can have a future. Marely asks Paula to honestly answer a question. Does Paula love CL? Paula says that she really does. Marely wishes Paula luck but says that Paula should have thought of this before being with Juan. Marely excuses herself to continue working. She asks Paula to do one favor. If Paula and Juan don’t work out, Paula cannot return to Juan. Paula promises. (I can’t wait to watch this woman suffer!)

CL repeats his question. Juan says that he can offer his heart and his hands. CL says that equals nothing. CL replies that that type of love fades and dies. Juan disagrees. That type of love only grows. CL agrees that it might for Juan, but not for Paula. Paula’s the type of woman who wants a man who can show her the world. So, basically, she’s a gold-digger. How very flattering (and accurate)! CL says that he can offer a better life and future. Juan thinks this depends on one’s perspective on what constitutes a better life. CL claims again that he loves Paula and if Juan really loved Paula Juan should leave an open path for Paula to live the life that CL can offer. Juan insists that he can offer a life of love, but CL belittles it by saying that it would be a life of working 365 days a year with hardly a vacation. CL tells Juan to think about Paula and what would be best for her. CL promises to make Paula the happiest woman in the world.

Cuate – friend
Lujurioso – lustful
Machín - in Mexico, used in the same context as “macho” but with sarcastic connotations.
Venir en balde – to come in vain


Methinks Juan could do a lot more damage to that Ford Focus then the car could do to him. Especially considering it looked as though it was driving at a top speed of 5mph!

* Spike Milligan


Amar Sin Limites October 29--Silvana has two Mommies

Diego and Chucho are chatting in the back room about the Julio’s big fashion show launching his collection. Diego’s got a few more dresses to do. Next talk turns to THE dress design. Diego asks Chucho if It’s true that Julio asked Chucho for the design that Diego threw away. Chucho is all smiles and asks Julio wants to buy it. “Pretty soon, the show will be Julio Corso and Diego Moran!” he chirps happily. Diego wrinkles his nose some more unhappily.

Meanwhile, Julio and Arnaldo are chatting behind a screen, or at least that’s what it looks like. Julio says that he was glad to be at the hospital when Tia Inez woke up, in spite of what Arnaldo’s “family” thinks. Arnaldo is happy that he’s been able to make the time, what with all the work he has. Julio offers him a check to help pay Inez’ expenses. Arnie doesn’t want to take it but in the end he does. He mentions that Inez will be leaving the hospital soon. Arnaldo asks how things are coming along with the fashion show. Julio says great, what with Don Chucho and Diego helping out. Arnie says “So---Diego is turning out to be good!” Julio backs off from a more enthusiastic endorsement, saying that “Diego is a good tailor but lacks creativity. I have him working off and on (not regularly). Arnie says “it’s good then that you have him working here, so you can keep an eye on him.” “ Julio launches into an explanation about how Diego could be better if he hadn’t had things handed to him, if he actually had to work for a living, rather than having a rich woman hand everything to him on a silver platter. Arnaldo agrees.

At Casa Silvana where the fight between Mama Gloria and Silvana over whether Isela should stay or go or sleep on the couch continues. Gloria is flopped on the bed in her old room (Isela’s room) insisting that nobody will pry her off HER BED. Silvana makes the threat to have Isela stay with her in her room, if Gloria insists on taking her room back from Isela. Now Gloria wants Silvana to share her room. Silvana and Isela leave with Gloria shouting after her.

Back to Chucho and Diego. Diego explains to Chucho that no Julio & Diego show is possible since Julio is protective of his brand. People who buy from him want Julio clothes. Chucho doesn’t think it’s fair but Diego thinks that Julio is partly right. He (Diego) still has a lot to learn and needs to “pay his dues” so to speak, before he can have his own name in fashion design. Chucho asserts that the price that Diego is paying is turning out to be high. Diego says, not necessarily. If Julio hadn’t given him the job, perhaps he wouldn’t have ever tried. Plus Julio has offered him access to a computer, design programs and the capability of looking at designs from all over the world. All that plus, he’s given him a job. Chucho still isn’t sure if Julio is helping Diego or making him pay. “Eventually things fall of their own weight” says Chucho. Diego agrees and says “we can start our own business.” He doesn’t know when but someday. In the meantime, Diego wants credit for his designs in Julio’s next collection.

Over at Casa Moran, Lidia is making a fuss over her Mami being back. She insists that she’s left Piero for good since he’s back with Lucia. Clemi is happy to hear this and congratulates her for having a little dignity. Manuel tries to horn in on the compliments by saying that it was he who convinced Lidia to leave Piero—it was you that convinced me, he says to Clemi, turning on the smarm. Clemi is oblivious and happy, saying to Manuel “You’re really changing!” She kisses him. “And you too” she says to Lidia. “I think that you got involved with Piero because he was flashing his wife’s money. But money can’t buy you happiness” Lidia looks a little uncomfortable. Manuel looks off into the distance. Turns out he’s remembering giving seduction lessons to Lucia about how to get Piero back. He gives her a demonstration on how to walk, swiveling her hips, etc.

We switch over to Lucia, who is lying in bed wearing a lace teddy and peignoir set. Piero walks in with a bunch of flowers saying that he’s forgiven her. Lucia plays hardball saying she hasn’t forgiven him and sends him out of the room. As soon as he’s gone, Lucia clasps her hands together gleefully and says “It worked! “That guy’s tips worked!”

It’s the next morning and Arnaldo and Azul are having coffee in the hospital café. Arnaldo is complaining that he didn’t get any sleep the night before. Azul remarks that he’d better get some tonight or he won’t be awake for Julio’s fashion show. Just then, GSD arrives and says that it’s good that they are both there. He wants to talk about the post-hospital care of Tia Inez, especially her emotional state. He remarks that if she doesn’t regain the use of her arm, it will end her musical career. Azul thinks that she’s got to be able to accept whatever happens and learn to live again. GSD says they need to be united in their helping her. Azul wants to know what Emilia thinks. GSD, nervous that Emilia’s name has been brought up pops a ciggy in his mouth. Azul reproaches him—they are in a hospital for crying out loud—and takes it out of his mouth. GSD looks glum and says he told her that he is obligated to be at Inez’ side. Arnaldo chimes in, “Are you sure she understands? In my opinion, that woman hates my Aunt. She wanted us to let her die, didn’t she? “ Azul looks serious and GSD looks depressed.

It’s morning at Casa Silvana. Gloria, wearing a kimono, has gotten up to find Isela and Silvana dressed and Isela serving them both breakfast. Gloria is ticked to find once again that Isela has usurped her role as mom by serving her daughter breakfast. She starts carrying on all over again like the night before when Silvana and Isela get up and decide to head on in to work. Gloria is left alone and she pulls a plate of the abandoned scrambled eggs, tries it and decides it’s good.

At the hospital again, Azul is pushing Tia Inez around in a wheelchair. Azul is trying to jolly her up by saying that she’s got a second chance at life. Inez says that it’s been a long time since she has felt this close to Azul. Inez decides to bring up THAT fateful day when little Azul caught her Aunt and her daddy making out in a dark room. Turns out Azul had repressed that memory and now that she’s been reminded of it, she’s not to happy to recall that it was when her mother was still alive. Azul now understands why their relationship turned chilly. Inez asks for her forgiveness once again. Azul says that she know that her parents had a bad relationship but that she wishes that Inez and GSD had done things differently. Inez agrees.

It’s the site of the fashion show. There’s a lady who is organizing all the models and directing them who looks like Cristina. They thunder down the catwalk like a bunch of elephants. The worst of all is Ceci, who gets to be a model for a day, in spite of the fact that she has had no modeling classes yet. She’s there snapping her gum, looking petulant when the lady and Julio begin chewing her out. I hope that was a run without the collection clothes because what they are all wearing looks pretty sloppy and not too distinguished.

At the hospital, Arnaldo is looking over the bills. GSD asks him what he’s doing and Arnaldo says he’s going to pay part of Inez’ expenses. GSD immediately asks where he got the money and Arnie immediately owns up—Julio gave him a check. GSD goes ballistic.

At the Cantina, Silvana is accosted by Flavio. Flavio tells her that he has something for her that he couldn’t give her last night due to the sudden appearance of Mommy dearest. Before she barely gets out the words “We have to talk” he’s snapped open a ring box. He thinks the problem is that she isn’t taking him seriously. He wants to show that he is very serious. Yes, he’s a bohemian, crazy artist type but he is serious and he wants to marry her! Silvana looks vexed.

Back at the hospital with Inez and Azul—Inez asks about why Azul is marrying Mo if she doesn’t love him. Azul doesn’t want to talk about it. Inez says she does want to talk about it. She knows what marriage without love is like—like GSD and her sister. Azul tries to shut her up. Inez says a marriage without love is destined to fail.

Mo and Andres arrive at the boutique to pick up Azul’s dress. (Wow, that was quick!) They run into Diego who grandly proclaims that he isn’t going to marry Azul. He’ll see to that! Mo smiles and says that as much as he’s tried to separate them, Mo and Azul are together. Diego swears by the memory of his dead Granddad, that Azul will never marry “a murderer like you.” Mo pretends that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and asks him for proof. Diego says he’ll have them soon. Mo dares him to show them to him when he gets them. Diego says no matter. The one who Azul really loves is me! A fistfight ensues. Gaspar comes in and breaks up the fight. He yells at Diego to get back to work on the collection, they are in a rush! Diego yells that Mo is there to pay for the dress, which is great, since he (Diego) is going to take the bride! He huffs off.

At the Cantina, Silvana is giving the Dear John talk to Flavio. Silvana tells him that she hasn’t been able to forget Diego. Flavio is sad and says that she will always be like a beautiful dream. He tells her to go fight for her man.
At the hospital GSD and Arnaldo are fighting over whether Julio’s check should be used to pay for Inez. Arnie says that it’s a family matter and Julio is family. GSD says no, he’s not. Arnaldo points out that the other day, GSD was just pointing out how Emilia was HIS PARTNER even though he knew it would hurt Inez’s feelings. GSD proclaims that his relationship with Emilia is NORMAL. Arnaldo asks who he and Julio are hurting. GSD insists that they are hurting HIM and shoves Arnaldo aside. Arnie insists on asking how it has hurt GSD.

At the boutique, Gaspar comes back after pushing Diego out of the room and tells Mo that the dress isn’t ready. That they’ll deliver it tomorrow morning, first thing. Tomorrow is Julio’s big fashion show. Mo agrees to this and hands over the cash. When Gaspar leaves Mo and Andres have a conference. Mo wants to be sure that Azul doesn’t come to the shop to try on the dress alone, when Diego is there. Andres agrees that Diego is going to try to make a play for Azul. [This line I couldn’t hear well—I think he said that he is going to rip Diego’s heart out the day of the wedding.]

At the hospital, the bride to be is helping Inez to walk. She’s doing pretty well for somebody who’s been in a coma for several months. Arnie shows up.
Isela and Silvana are chatting at the Cantina. Silvana fills her in about letting Flavio down. Silvana is all smiles when she says she’s going to tell Diego that she wants another chance with him. Just then, Gloria walks in, dressed to the 9s, wearing dark glasses. She makes a crack about the birthing pains she had with Silvana and how Isela has never felt them. Silvana gets up to go and when Gloria protests, she leaves anyway. Isela says that she’ll stay and “settle accounts” with Gloria.

Gloria sits down and the first thing she wants to know is who cancelled her phone sex line. Isela says that Silvana cancelled it because she was tired of answering the phone and getting men talking obscenities. Gloria complains that they should have kept the line because Silvana should have known that she’d be back. She always comes back, because she’s her mother…yaddah yahddah. Isela says she thought that Mother’s are always supposed to be there for you. Gloria huffs that they destroyed her business. They could have consulted her. Isela counters that nobody knew where she was. Gloria starts a list of complaints—Isela has invaded her territory, she’s mixed the kitchen towels with the good linens. Isela says that she and Silvana are friends, that’s all. Isela tries to tell her that what she needs to do is simply be there for her daughter when she needs her. Gloria gets all huffy that Isela is giving her advice about HER daughter. Isela finally rolls her eyes.

Azul is walking and talking with GSD (Arnie is lurking secretly in the background listening in). GSD is saying that he wants to avoid that his son suffer. Azul says that nobody can keep anyone else from suffering. GSD explains that one of the reasons that he can’t accept his son being gay is that he doesn’t want him to end up alone. He will leave Julio some day and, not having any children, he’ll be without a family of his own. Azul disagrees. Nobody knows what will happen, if they will end up alone or not. GSD says that all his life, he will have to bear people rejecting him for what he is. Azul says that the hardest rejection that he has to bear is his dad’s. GSD hugs Azul and looks sad.

Flavio and Isela are talking at the Cantina. Flavio announces that he’s leaving for Cuba. Isela points out that he doesn’t want to go back there. Flavio says that Silvana has broken his heart. And he’s all heart, no head. He needs to go. He thanks Isela who is in tears.

Diego is working on Azul’s dress on a manequin. It looks like a slip with a matching corset. He’s feeling up the dress and squeezing out a few tears. Silvana comes in and says that the dress looks like every bride’s dream. Diego explains that it is for Azul. Silvana says that he is going to have to forget Azul. Diego responds that he will never forget Azul, she’s his one true love.

Arnaldo has caught up with Azul after GSD left. Arnaldo is happy because from what he heard, he knows that his father loves him. He’s just afraid for his son. Azul says “of course” he loves him. It’s just that he doesn’t want him to suffer and he’s a man and he can’t admit that he’s afraid in front of another man. Arnaldo wants to tell Julio what he’s learned but Azul says he should confront his father first. Tell him he understands where he is coming from. “That’s how you resolve things” says Azul.

GSD is with Inez. Inez asks about Arnaldo and whether they are still having problems. GSD explains that he is still having trouble accepting Arnaldo’s homosexuality and that he still blames himself—if he had been a better father. Inez says that he’s too hard on himself. GSD responds that Arnaldo didn’t need a famous scientist father, he needed affection. And now as an adult , he’s seeking affection from another man. GSD tears up a bit. He wishes he had been a better father. Inez is sympathetic.

Mo and Andres are at the restaurant checking out the arrangements for the reception. Mo is complaining that Azul hasn’t show too much enthusiasm for this wedding. He showed her the invitations and she wasn’t too interested. The caterer wants to show him the menu and he waves her away for the moment. Andres reminds him that he has to call Azul to remind her that she has to go to the boutique to try on the dress.

Azul catches the call when she is still with Arnaldo at the hospital. Arnaldo says that she is the most unenthusiastic bride he’s ever seen.

Back at Lucia’s Manuel is there giving more “seduction tips.” Manuel tries to negotiate a car out of her. She complains that she wants to see “definitive” results. Manuel assures her she will.

At the workshop, Diego is still with Silvana and the dress. Diego admits that he made the dress with Azul in mind. Silvana tells him not to torture himself. Diego chokes back the tears and says he’s full of rage and pain that the love of his life is going to be marrying another. He dreamed for years about such a dress giving a dress like this to her. Silvana puts her head on his shoulder. Who should walk in behind them but Azul.

Next we see Mo, on the phone, ordering a hit on Diego.

Azul shuts the door and announces that she has come with her fiancée to try on the dress. Diego says sure, there it is, try it on. More nose wrinkling.

Next we finally see Ivan on the phone with Boris, confirming the hit on Eva. Boris says why wouldn’t it be confirmed? Do it already. Eva is standing there next to Ivan listening. Boris wants him to tell him all the details, the time, the type of explosive, etc.

Clemi is at the office looking at a picture of Diego and Paco together. They reminisce about Paco. She compliments Anibal on being a good step-father to Paco. Anibal says he and Clemi were fated to be together. When Clemi gives him a quizzical look, Anibal reminds her that Lida and Paco were engaged. They would have been suegros (in-laws). Clemi says that she wishes that Lida had married Paco. She doesn’t like Piero.

Eva and Ivan are talking after the call to Boris. Eva asks him why he asked Boris to confirm the command. Ivan says, “you’re his daughter.” Eva tells him that Boris killed her mother without hesitation. She goes on to tell him that all the love in her died with her mother, until Diego opened her heart. She had no feelings.
Piero shows up all smiles with a new car for Lidia. Lidia smacks him tells him he’s shameless and goes back into the house accusing him of sleeping with Lucia to get the car. Piero shouts after her that he got the car with money from a job for Mo, that he’s given her father a job.

Meanwhile, Manuel and Lucia are looking at cars supposedly for Lidia. Manuel chooses the most expensive car (a new Honda Civic?) and when Lucia complains he says that his daughter’s dignity demands it. He also flatters Lucia by saying that a person of her class can afford it.

Back at the boutique, Diego is hanging his head and Silvana is trying to comfort him. Suddenly Azul comes out of the dressing room, in slo mo. Diego is impactado. She humbly thanks him and says that it’s the dress she always dreamed about. Just then Mo comes in and puts his hands on her shoulders announcing that his vision has completely returned. Azul says that he couldn’t have given her a better piece of news. They have a big smooch.

In the Next epi—

  • Mo tells someone on the phone that Azul will be his again on their honeymoon. (No waiting until she's ready, I guess.)
  • Azul confesses her doubts to Ceci a few hours before the wedding
  • GSD breaks the bad news to Emilia that he and Inez will be living together for awhile.
  • Silvana confesses happily to Isela that as soon as Azul marries Mo, she’ll get Diego back.
  • Diego announces that he’s going to be busting up the Duarte-Toscano wedding.


Destilando 10/29/07 Rod wonders, "Was it Love or Just Aunts in his Pants?"

Wow what an emotion packed episode..So the translation may be light, but the emotion crosses all language barriers.

We begin with a flashback of Clarita’s fateful phone call to Gavi….Yadda Yadda Yadda…
The Montalvo short bus is coming to pick me up cause looks like Don Amador mentioned me, can you believe it, me moi? In his much anticipated 4 year later will. “Que the Hell, Ma”, whats up with that.
Don’t let anyone, no one & especially those sucking Montalvos in the apartment till I get there.
I will take the first plane home to Mexico City, DF.

Gavi hangs up and Dr. Climate (I don’t remember his name, but he was actually able to work with Gavi and not fall in love) comes running up. Hey it food time, he tells her. Sorry, gotta go involved in yet another personal drama back in DF. Gavi has desk clerk chick try to find an earlier plane. No such luck. Okay time to call Ma. Hey Ma, I am having trouble hookin up with an earlier flight, so wait & by the by am I “Amador’s kid?”, cause hey Ma, “That means I am in love with my nephew”. Ma….Ma….Ma answer me. Gavi gets no answer. I am perplexed would not a si or no have sufficed? Maybe Clarita is like damn it’s my birthday, my party..she is relishing the attention.

Meanwhile, Rod is over at the Pilar mansion, he feels so dirty, have the flashback to the story of Amador’s great Jimadora love & she was a singer too. No Rod, no shower is going to wash that away.

Meanwhile Isa gets a phonecall, No surprise it isn’t is her buddy Sperminator, the fertility doctor. Actually they can’t afford to pay Dr. Sperm to be on so we only get a one sided conversation where Isa tells him, he can’t possibly see Dani Drew young teen detective. Cancel those appointments.

Now in a public service announcement SanMama is reading a magazine with a big ol’ glossy of Hil, cheesing it up in a toothpaste ad..SanMama reads outloud and it is rather painful. Hard to believe just a few months ago she was in that other soap, where she was yet another female psychologist in love with her psycho patient. Ahhhh that is why they call it acting. Anyway Meeester James comes in with some advice. Say now SanWanna you should be happy, you are having a kid. Say why don’t you go to school. Well looks like lil SanMama wasn’t too much into book learning. Mr. James however, with just some Christian compassion is able to get SanMama to talk about what she’ like to do. I believe she would like to design or make clothes, or maybe just bedazzle them. Anyway, it is never too late to start.
Some advice SanMama, Hil is earning big bucks...get the DNA & slap his ass with child support..jes sayin. You can take a lot of classes at Tequila Tech with the money.

Rod comes to get Clara. He arrives at the door with roses for her birthday. Always the gentleman. Clarita tells him she wants to wait for Gavi, but she also has a hair appointment. Egads, Rod will accompany her to the salon and wait in the car. Please I swear he is season two away from Will & Grace. He could have done some awesome dreadlocks for her.

Gavi arrives back at the apartment. Window washer general laborer kid is out in front. Say is my Ma here?
Nah she took off with the guy in the white car. You know that guy that used to stalk you night and day, you know the guy that dumped you, my amigo says that dude is stalking some hawt shrink who wears fluffy sleeveless garden dresses and smells really, really, really nice if you know what I mean. Okay so I added the second part, but you know the kid wanted to say it, his lines ended up on the editing room floor.
Thus said Gavi heeds a Taxi.

Rod is sitting in his car stalking no one in particular, old habits die hard. Clarita comes running out, looks like beauty takes time. Rod has to wait.

Meanwhile, over at the departmento or house or tomb or whatever that place Pilar calls home is, the family is sitting around discussing, every once in a while one takes flight and circles the others looking for signs of weakness. Zopilotes. They start in about what if? Seriously I am expecting them to start pulling up the couch cushions looking for pesos. OMG, does the second will override the first? What are they going to get.. It can’t be It can’t be Oh what a wicked world…what a wicked world. The phone rings it is Rod calling home. Dani answers and he tells her he is waiting outside a hair salon for Clarita. Meanwhile Gavi arrives. Dani greets her with a “What’s up Tia?”. This does not sit well with Gavi, but Dani keeps it up.
I gotta say Gavi is all shades braver than I am, there is no way I would want to walk into that by myself. She did think Clarita would be there, but alas Clarita is trying to clean off decades of Agave dust.

Gavi wants to talk to Videray, but Aaron does one of his finger snapping dismissive gesture, no talk in front of all of us.

More of this we are not going to accept the crap of this new will. Sofie tries to temper the speculation. Aaron always the gentleman inquires, “Do you know who your Daddie is?” Gavi answers, “No, my mother always closely guarded the secret”. However and I do paraphrase here, “I can not stand the idea that I could be part of this family, we work for a living, we don’t live off others, play the lottery, expect to marry rich men or wait for an inheritance from heaven”, pointed look given to Isa, the Trophy Whore Barbie. Frankie looks a bit uncomfortable. Gavi says she is proud of her blood and no offense Dona Pillar, she don’t want the name. Gavi goes on and says no matter what is left to them, they don’t want it. All in all I think Gavi did a fine job of making rich people look uncomfortable. I do have to insert here that Pilar greeted her and was nice as well as Bruno. Aaron, Minnie, Fedra & Isa were all ready to steal the nickels off a dead man’s eyes. Dani looked remiss, Frankie uncomfortable & Sofie, like Jeez could I have been wrong?

Now for another trip down the road of futility, Cassandra (and I don’t mean to be mean here, just snarky, but that chick always scares me. WTH is up with her make-up, she has the permanently startled look constantly.) is meeting with Dr. Blondie Stoic, trying to find out how his hot and heavy romance is going. Well it is proceeding in a timely manner and extremely slow timely manner. He says Rod has changed and is not longer the maniacal crazed jealous man he once was. Rod & Gavi have not hooked up again. So Dr is sitting on his laurels just waiting to declare himself to her. Cassandra does some pumping up, you are good looking, intelligent, awesome go for it. Oh Cassandra, the Virgin Mary is crying tears of blood over your lies, hey if they use this on little kids, well they can’t tell anything compared to this whopper.

Rod & Clarita arrive. Hey let’s get the show on the road. People offer Clarita a seat, but Gavi won’t let her sit down. Gavi has a tude going, or maybe I am being overly judgmental, if the Zopilotes think you are weak they will swarm on you.

At this point we dismiss Frankie & Isa, the non-Montalvos from the room, they are not blood so get out. The same could be said of Minnie & Fedra, but it would take an enormous shoe horn wedged under each respective ass & a lot of leverage, thus not willing to fight physics, they are allowed to stay.

Now we get this totally awesome Cheese Commercial for Manchego Noche Light. A bit of bantering from our young chef Frankie & the help. She brings him the cheese and he opens the package, slices off a wedge…ummm Muy Rico…(I have had that type of cheese and Frankie ain’t wrong it is muy Rico), here come Isa with NotRod’sBaby’s bottle. Here servant lady, go heat that up while I heat up Frankie. Seriously like that kid needs a bottle, he is like giant baby.

Since the family is distracted circling the Hernandez Clan, this would be a fine time for Isa to start her shrewish, harpy nagging. Hello, I have seen enough TeleNovelas to know, the Amante is always loving, extremely sexually & willing to please, well at least to the dumb guys face. Isa, Frankie ditched his mother he doesn’t want another one. She starts in with we have to ditch the Montalvos before Rod figures out the kid isn’t his & does a DNA & lil Ricky gets cut out of a lifetime of family backstabbing & screwing everyone over. She pressures Frankie, but he just isn’t ready to jump off the gravy train.

We get another “Hey this is what the will would sound like if I was alive”, flashback from Don Amador. Greeting & Salutations, Okay here it is “I leave the hacienda “Los Miercoles” , located in Tequila and said land to Clara Hernandez and in the event of her death to Theresa Whatever Hernandez. It is to be their land and property”. Something about Clara has reached the age of reason 50 anos, Happy Birthday. Clara is the soul of the land, she is a Jimadora, she represents the whole Jimador working people (unfortunately the other jimadors only got a mention and no land). Amador gives this in payment to her. He owed his life to Clara.

Everyone is stunned. I’m stunned he owed his life to her and she got a hacienda, when she was fifty? Dude she hacked a boat load of Agave in that time. Not that I am greedy, but he did say he owed her his life.

Gavi does the Thanks but No Thanks. Rod says that is excellent land. Gavi is, NO we don’t want it. Clara does not look so certain. I could do a serious smack down on Gavi right now. Nobel is nobel, but you are stupid. I’d be doing “Uh Uh Uh, We got your land, We got your land” . This however is not to be confused with the big Hacienda, the Montalvo’s still have that. At least for now.

Now upon questioning Clara begins to explain her good fortune.
Poor Clarita her parents died careening down a mountain on a bus, alas they were poor…to poor to afford color, all these scenes are in black and white. Clara was all alone, but she was a migrant worker and one year she came to the Montalvos…to earn the abundance of pay that those folks at Tara were willing to give their slaves…oooops scratch that, I have my kind-hearted wealthy planter people stories confused. Anyway this was Norma Rae days, Clara was tough enough to become one of the first female jimadors. She was counting her cash and belting out a tune…some guy named Timothy came in said
Don Amador wanted to see her. She stashed her ducats and left. Of course Tim & an accomplice stole her cash. Clara comes back and questions Tim, Don Amador didn’t ask to see her. You can see the black and white wheels turning in her head…Hey she runs into the lil cabana, come out and knocks Tim to the ground she is wailing on him. Don Amador pulls up in a vintage jeep. He pulls her off.
Rod has a flashback to pulling Gavi off a jimador she was wailing on. Oh these women.

Now we are left to wonder, did turn Don Amador’s thoughts to love like it did his grandson?

Stay tuned …
Gavi wants to leave, but not so fast, Pilar wants to know “Just what condition Amador’s condition was in”
Or “Were you doing my husband”
Looks like Rod is on the phone with Erika, does this mean she will call him sobrino? Hey I mean that in a totally playful manner.


Monday, October 29, 2007

La Fea Más Bella #47-50 Missing Recaps 29-32, by Kim P.

Missing Recap 29: Alicia's Palace of Lies
Again with the big prezzie for Marta. She gets all teary and opens it. It's just a bunch of paper, then a card, which daughter reads and everyone else gets all teary. The family hugs. Turns out Paco has just given her 10,000 pesos that he's been saving up forever so she can buy herself a car. Alicia gets off the elevator and hears what's going on. The cuartel all congratulate Marta on her soon-to-be new car.

Fernando and Marcia are at her crib eating. Fernando says he thinks Alicia's just trying to trap Omar with a lie. Marcia tells him no, she's really bun-baking, she tested positive. He's shocked. Ariel calls Marcia and she tells him that Humberto and Teresita will be coming to the big BL Launch Party. He makes a crack about Alicia and Marcia sticks up for her. Meanwhile, Omar calls Fernando on his cell phone and Fern tells him that Marcia confirmed that the preggo test was positive. Marcia's still talking to Ariel and wants to know why he's so interested in Alicia's pregnancy (here's a quarter, buy a clue Marcia!) He gives some lame excuse and they hang up, and we see a shot of him being upset. Fernando asks her who she was talking to, and she tells him Ariel about the meeting. She asks him who he was talking to, and he tells her Omar about Alicia. They discuss it and Fern's still skeptical, pointing out that she's having financial trouble and how well this works out for her.

Meanwhile, at Alicia's Palace of Lies, she's throwing away the dresses that Marta copied. The doorman announces that Ariel's coming up, and she powders up her face to make herself look pale. When he gets there, she acts good and sick. He gives her hell and she tells him it's her problem, not his. He denies the child is his and she tells him she doesn't want anything from him. He tells her he doesn't believe her, but says fine, he'll take care of her but she has to move to another country, she can't stay here. She asks where, Miami? He says no. She asks Rio de Janeiro? He says no, it has to be a totally different continent. She says Paris! London! Madrid? He says no, some place like Sidney or Pretoria. She says she doesn't want to go to someplace like Africa or Australia or Korea. He says too bad, that's my offer, and leaves.

Back at home, Lety talks to Tomas about Alicia. He says he wants to meet her and Lety teases him about what the meeting would be like. She asks if he'd really take Alicia's child as his, and he says yes. She then shows him the new loan documents and Tomas again tells her that Conceptos is practically in her hands (ok, he says this every darned time! Isn't the company in her hands by now??). He asks her why they had to do the new loan and she tells him Fern had to do it to cover their losses from the Panama caper. They discuss the embargo more, and while she talks we get a shot of a shirtless Fernando (woo hoo!!!!!) unable to sleep. She's saying that Fernando's worried and preoccupied (as well he should be). Fernando remembers when daddy turned the empire over to him. He gets up, puts a shirt on (darn it!) and sits on the sofa still reminiscing, wondering how he can tell his dad what's going on. Marcia joins him wanting to know what the problem is but he tells her it's nothing. She guesses it's Conceptos and tells him the Bella Life stuff will be fine, and gets him back to bed. He goes back to remembering his dad turning over the company and Ariel's threat. He says to himself no Ariel, you'll never be president.

Next day, Saimon and Celso are looking at Fernando's fixed car, and Saimon is once again thanking his lucky stars he didn't get busted for that. Jazmin comes up, pouts and walks away. Fernando comes up and discusses the car with Saimon. Marcia comes up and says car looks good dude.

In reception, the cuartel are discussing the car Marta will get. Fernando walks in and asks if they all shouldn't be working and they agree (hah!), but when he leaves they just continue talking. Saimon joins them and they discuss the car more. Irma tells them they all need to get to work (hah again!), but of course they don't. Alicia comes in and orders Saimon to go get her car and mentions how expensive it is, just to give Marta crap because 10,000 pesos isn't going to get much metal. The cuartel give her the usual garbage.

Fernando and Marcia talk about the launch and the meeting. Fernando wants Lety there, Marcia doesn't. Fern points out that Lety knows about negotiations, contracts, etc., and therefore should be there. Marcia turns harpy. Fernando points out that Alicia's late for work just when, speak of the devil, she gets off the elevator. She hears his comment and starts walking with her back swayed and stuff like she's already 9 months gone. He ain't buying and gives her grief, but she says she was sick. He's still climbing her back, but Marcia pulls him off and tries to get him to stop. He makes a joke and Alicia's expense and Marcia laughs, then asks him again to stop. He leaves and she tells Alicia they need to talk.

Fernando calls for Lety and they discuss how they're going to be meeting with someone to discuss the camera equipment. She tells him that Isabella is there, and he gets excited and has her smell him to make sure his cologne is ok. She likee muchee and follows him all dreamily as he heads out to hit on his own sister. Ooops, I mean the famous model.

Marcia tells Alicia that Omar called Fernando in the middle of the night, upset by the pregnancy. Alicia wonders if that means Omar wants to commit himself to her. Marcia says only in your dreams babe.

Omar comes into the office with his tail dragging. Fernando and Lety run into him and Fern the ever-sympathetic teases him and Lety laughs. Then Fernando manages to cheer Omar up by telling him Isabella's there and they get on the elevator as Saimon gets off it.

Saimon dances by Alicia and she calls him over and gives him money. The phone rings and it's the Little Mermaid. He tells her he's set it all up so she can go and live in Jakarta, Indonesia. He tells her he has a friend there who will give her a job, and she hangs up on him. Saimon dances by again but she ignores him and the ringing phone, thinking about how pissed she is by Ariel's offer. Saimon leaves and she answers the phone and tells Ariel No! He tells her it's this or nothing and she flat out refuses, she wants someplace nicer. Also, she doesn't want to work, he has to take care of her. She hangs up on him again. His secretary comes in to tell him something, but instead he sees Alicia come in with a baby that she introduces as his son. He says it's not his and tells her to leave, but she stays and calls him papa. The secretary and the people she brought in are in his office looking at him when he finally steps out of his fantasy.

Meanwhile, Omar is in his office having his own fantasy moment. He's in bed with Alicia when a baby starts crying. She orders him to take care of it but the baby won't stop crying. She laughs maniacally and he freaks. Sara walks in and wakes him up from his fantasy. She tells him there's a meeting and asks if he's ok, and he asks her to send Alicia in. She does so, but only after giving Alicia crap first. She, Lola, and Marta then head into the bathroom, Marta carrying a bag. Marta makes a big show of the bag to Alicia.

Alicia goes into Omar's office and he says they need to talk. She asks if that means he's ready to accept paternity of his son. He tells her he's not ready to be a father and she reminds him that she hasn't asked anything from him. She plays the guilt card and says she'll just be an unmarried mother. She says something about Paula Maria and says hey, it's my problem, don't worry about it.

Fern and Lety meet with Jackie Palacias (?), the manager of She's a pretty woman (hey, isn't this the lady from Yo Amo Juan Querendon?) and Ferni's flirting with her. She mentions the Benny Ibarra video disaster (no one wants to let that go, poor Fern!) and he schmoozes more, then they decide to get down to business.

Alicia tells Omar that she'll love her child no matter what and will raise him alone. Omar starts to say something but she cuts him off and lays it on thick, holding her stomach. She cries and leaves, saying she doesn't want to talk any more. Once outside his office, she dries her eyes and calls him desgraciado. Once again I'm siding with the devil here (Alicia) and worried about my soul, but really, shouldn't Omar have worried about not wanting to be a dad BEFORE he got busy with Alicia? Has no one ever told him about the birds and the bees? Anyway, Alicia heads back to her desk and walks by Marta, who's crouched down behind a desk laughing at her. She pops up and, of course, is in another knockoff. Alicia says go ahead and copy me, I'll always look better than you, and walks off. Marta's upset.

Fern and Lety are trying to convince Jackie to let Conceptos buy equipment from on credit in return for a contract where they'll be committed to buy from them exclusively for the next five years. Jackie has one of her men in the meeting and he's very strange, the way he just stands hunched over and staring.

The cuartel try to cheer Marta up and discuss liposuction. They try to convince her to have it, and tell her once she does Alicia won't be able to insult her any more. Marta says she doesn't have the money, but they are insistent. Meanwhile, Paco's down in reception with roses and an envelope full of money that's supposed to be for her car, but you know where's it's gonna wind up going. In another meanwhile, Alicia's in the bathroom primping, telling herself she's glad she's not really pregnant because it would ruin her figure.

Marta and Paco go into the conference room to chat. He gives her the money and they get mushy and the cuartel, who are listening because there's no privacy anywhere in Conceptos, once again get teary. Marta hugs Paco and cries and he leaves, and the cuartel all congratulate her on having such a loving husband. PM continues to talk about the liposuction. Meanwhile, so I don't have to create another separate line, Lety and Fernando are still negotiating at Rodaje.

Luigi and Marcia walk into the lobby talking about Fernando. They see Saimon bring a plate of green apples (that must be what she gave him the money for earlier). Luigi wants one but Saimon tells him no, they're all for Alicia because she's pregnant. Luigi freaks and guesses it's Omar's. He calls him an imbecile and how could she! She tells him well, I was in love. He says ok fine, but is Omar going to accept responsibility? She sadly shakes her head no. Just then Omar walks by and Luigi grabs him and gives him grief about Alicia and the baby. Omar manages to get away.

The cuartel are still trying to convince Marta about the surgery. She doesn't really want to do it but they keep pushing.

Fernando and Lety walk into reception talking about how the negotiations went. They go upstairs and he talks about how sexy Jackie Palacias is just as Marcia comes up. She tells him Bella Life wants Conceptos to organize the event to announce the launching of their campaign. Marcia walks away to talk to Alicia and Lety points out to Fern that if doesn't provide them with the equipment, there won't be a campaign to promote.

Missing Recap 30: Apples and hot sauce
The cuartel try to convince Marta again, Fern and Lety talk about the negotiations again, Marcia tells Fern about Bella Life again, and Lety points out the obvious again.

Marcia comes back and wants to know what Fernando and Lety have been up to, Fern tells her nothing. She tells them the production meetings have been going well and they want to start filming and when will the equipment get there? He makes up something and promises Luigi will be happy with what they got. They kiss and Lety makes a jealous face (Fern's not in love with you yet Lety, you don't have a right to be jealous of him kissing his fiancée).

Lety tells him she's being trying to contact Carolina Angeles but she refuses to accept any of Fernando's calls. Fern tells her to try again. In Carolina's office, the secretary answers the phone and when she tells Caro it's Fernando calling, Caro again refuses to take the call. Lety tells Fern, and he's not happy. He says he'll go down there personally to talk to her, calling Omar to join him. As he leaves he runs into Lola, who says she needs to talk to Lety. She tells Lety there's a code red meeting in the bathroom. Lety has a lot of work to do but goes ahead and goes to the meeting anyway because naturally gossip and other crap are much more important than actually working to earn that paycheck.

Fernando sees Alicia eating an apple with hot sauce (sounds good to me) and makes fun of her and gives one her apples to a kid that's sitting there in the lobby (not one of the cuartel's kids, for a change). Omar comes by and Fernando teases him about the pregnancy, gives him one of Alicia's apples, and calls him Papa as Omar hears a baby cry in his head. Fernando then gives both Omar and Alicia crap. Just then Jazmin and two models walk out of the elevator and start crawling all over Omar, who's enjoying it, you can tell by all the snorting he's doing. Alicia's watching it all, still eating her apples and hot sauce (damn, that sounds good! Am I preggers? No, I just love hot sauce). Luigi comes in and makes the models leave. Fernando teases Alicia about "THIS is the papa? Sucks to be you!" Fern and Omar leave as Fern cries like a baby.

The cuartel head to their meeting room, laughing. Sara whips out some shoes for everyone, I think I mentioned earlier this was another evil anti-Alicia plot. Everyone pays her, then the liposuction gets mentioned. Irma gets mad and tells them they shouldn't be trying to get Marta to waste her money on this since the only reason she wants it is so Alicia won't make fun of her any more, and the money's supposed to be for a car. The rest are still trying to convince Marta that liposuction is the way to go.

Fern and Omar get to Carolina's office and start teasing the secretary. She tells them Caro's in a meeting, so they say they'll wait for her and start being obnoxious in front of the other clients sitting there. I'm not sure how they think being obnoxious is going to help, but this is telenovela world after all and they do make a good comedy duo, not to mention an excellent sandwich, though I'd make a much better filling than Lety!

The cuartel are still trying to convince Marta, I don't care and fast forward.

Alicia goes into Lety's office looking for her, but of course she's not there. The phone rings and Alicia answers it, it's Jacqueline Palacias. Alicia says she'll take a message.

Back to the big important cuartel meeting, the feas ask Lety for her opinion about Marta getting lipo'd and she replies that she never thinks about such things because she doesn't like artificial things. She says if someone falls in love with you it should be for who you are, not some prefabricated body. PM asks her if superficial beauty is so bad if it helps make men fall in love with a fea. Sarah asks Lety if she'd have the surgery if she had the money. "Imagine if Tomas saw you transformed" she says. Lety begins to daydream about how Fern would react if Lety became beautiful. From her point of view we see her go into Fern's office, and he's shocked (happily) at how she looks. Marcia comes in and doesn't realize at first that it's Lety and is jealous of the new woman Fernando's got in his office. He tells her relax, it's just Lety, and Marcia is shocked. Alicia comes in and it practically takes a pry bar to levy her jaw off the floor and back into place she's so shocked by Lety's new look. Marcia tries to talk to Fernando but he's ignoring her, busy staring at Lety. PM wakes her out of her fantasy as Alicia comes in, gives her crap for being there instead of her office, and tells her about Jackie's phone call. She gives the rest of the cuartel crap as always, and especially picks on Marta calling her fat. Alicia leaves, laughing, making Marta decide on the lipo. Lety says she has to leave.

Marcia asks Alicia what's going on and Alicia whines about how Lety wasn't in her office and poor Alicia actually had to answer her phone. She tells Marcia it was Jacqueline Palacias and Marcia gets all thoughtful, remembering how she heard Fernando call her guapa. She asks where Fernando is, and Alicia tells her he's at Carolina's office.

Carolina comes out and Fern and Omar do all kinds of stupid tricks to try to convince her to work with them again. They sing (apparently a song by Jose Jose called The Desperate), beg, and have a pillow fight with the pillows from her waiting room sofa. They make her paper flowers, which she throws away. She tells Fern that when Conceptos got discredited, she did too.

The cuartel and Marta are still going on about the lipo and she acts sexy, happy with the idea of how she'll look once it's done. Sorry, once again I am forced to fast forward through this exchange.

Omar and Fernando are still begging and tell Carolina about the Bella Life commercials and how much the contract is for and how important it is. She gets an O/F sandwich and now I have to be jealous of both her and Lety, but then Omar snorts and I think "never mind". Eventually, after some hand kissing and other stuff, she gives in to their begging and agrees to work with Conceptos again, but she'll only work with Luigi and Marcia, she won't work with Fern and Omar. They agree.

More fast forwarding by me as the cuartel are STILL discussing liposuction. Fern and Omar walk by and they scurry back to their desks like little non-working vermin when a light gets turned on.

Fern calls to Lety and she tells him that Jackie called and has agreed to their terms. Fern's very happy and moves in for a hug. She gladly throws her arms wide open, but he brushes past her and hugs Omar, and Lety's not so pleased. Fernando says he's happy because they got both and Carolina. Lety gets loud happy and Fernando tells her to calm down, then Omar also gets loud happy and she tells him to calm down.

Jackie and her incredibly odd henchman (henceforth known as IOH) come into reception. Saimon begins to drool over her and dance around her because he's popping WAY too many speed pills and can't sit still. He leads them upstairs as PM calls Lety to let her know they're there. They run into Alicia and Saimon introduces them to her and turns them over to her. She rudely makes them wait as she goes and announces them while the cuartel wonder why she's there and who the guy is. Lety tells Alicia to take the guests to the conference room and naturally Alicia gets all indignant that Lety is giving her orders. Fernando asks if the pregnancy is affecting her hearing and repeats Lety's order to take them to the conference room. She tells him to stop yelling at her because it upsets her son, as she clutches her still-flat stomach. Fernando probably rolls his eyes with disgust, but if he does I miss it because I'm doing the same. She leaves and Fernando teases Omar about her. Omar snaps back with a smart comment about Fernando and Lety. Lety looks hopeful, but Fernando just looks at her for a minute, then bursts out laughing. She's hurt but pretends to laugh as well. (Now in the recap comments people always give Marcia hell for clinging to Fernando when he didn't love her, but at this point one has to wonder why Lety continued to cling to Fernando after a comment like that. But anyroad...).

I guess Alicia assumes there's some kind of hanky panky going on with Fern and Jackie because she's incredibly rude when she leads them to the conference room. Lopez comes up and sees Jackie and lick/squeaks his head in lust. Marta asks to talk to him, but he'd rather swoon over Jackie, but Marta convinces him and they go to his office.

In the conference room, Omar is flirting with Jackie while IOH stand around staring weirdly (after nearly removing Fernando's arm shaking his hand). Fernando clears his throat at Omar and Omar hears the sound of a baby crying in his head. Everyone sits and Jackie says they accept Conceptos' proposal. IOH pulls a contract out of his briefcase and gives it to Fern, who tosses it to Lety to read.

Marta asks Lopez for some vacation time to have the liposuction. At first Lopez just laughs and wants to know who will do her work. She tells him Lola and Sara have agreed to help out. He then decides that with a few less pounds Marta might not look too bad, so he grants his permission.

Alicia gossips to Marcia that Fernando is in the boardroom with Jacqueline Palaces. Luigi comes up and complains that he still doesn't have his cameras and Marcia says she'll talk to Fernando about it.

Lety tells Fernando the contract's good and gets right up in his face as he's trying to sign up. Once again he has to ask her to step back and give him some space. Jackie and IOH get up to leave and Fern kisses her cheek just as (of course) Marcia and Luigi come in. Fernando introduces everyone and Luigi tries to make a joke with IOH, but he just stands there staring like a zombie, freaking Luigi out. Fernando tells them about the negotiations for the cameras and Luigi's happy. Jackie, IOH and Luigi leave and Marcia gives Fernando crap about the new lady. Fern asks if she's jealous and she says yes, and Fern tells her don't be, it's just negotiations. He tries to kiss her but she tells him he smells (I guess like Jackie's perfume?) and stalks off. Fernando, Lety and Omar go back to Fern's office. Fern tells Lety that even though the company is getting better, the embargo with Filmo Imagen has to continue.

Next day Lety goes to the bank to ask for a loan of one million eight hundred thousand pesos in the name of F.I. The manager tells her that exceeds the amount of the company's capital, but Lety shows him the letter from Fernando guaranteeing the loan based on the total value of Conceptos. The banker still looks unsure and Lety gives him a begging look. Back at work, she comes in and tells Fernando they got the loan. Fernando's happy that they can now proceed with the commercial, and says Luigi's happy with the camera they chose. Lety reminds Fern that Conceptos is now into F.I. for 2 million pesos and Fern tells her she's always a pessimist. He shakes her hand and thanks her for everything and leaves, and she Tan Divinos.

We get a montage of the work being done on the commercial while Lety voice-overs in case we miss anything.

Now it's a new day. Saimon and the cuartel are talking about Marta and Sara makes fun of Lopez. Alicia is at her desk and gets upset by one of her bills about her car. She shows it to Marcia while whining. Fernando overhears her as she works up a tear and describes the horrors of the microbus. Fernando makes fun of her as Omar tries to slip away, but Fernando pulls him back. Alicia pretends to be feeling faint and Marcia takes her to the ladies room. Fernando tells Omar he needs to take care of his future wife as Omar continues to deny the baby's his. They walk away, Fern teasing him the whole way like he's holding a baby. There's a funny comment when Omar brushes impatiently by Fernando and Fern tells him to be careful, they don't want the baby to fall on its head and end up like Ariel.

Back in the office, Lety's worrying about all the debt Conceptos has incurred with the banks and now Lety's also concerned that all this stuff is public information, someone could find out about it and there could be a big scandal. As always, he just tells her to calm down.

The rugrats are all at work again and everyone's wishing Jaimito happy birthday. PM asks her son what he wants as a present, and he tells her he wants Saimon to be his papa.

Missing Recap 31: Less of Martha to love
Fernando teases Omar again, Lety warns Fernando and is pessimistic again, and Jaimito wants to be Saimon's little bundle of joy again.

Fernando, Lety and Omar are chatting and Omar recommends a lawyer who can represent F.I. in the embargo process. Lety agrees to set up a meeting with the guy. Omar leaves.

Marcia helps Alicia back to her desk while she whines about her poor baby (poor for real I guess). Omar overhears their conversation and Marcia asks if he's ready for the upcoming meeting, he says he is and heads back to his own office. Carolina comes in and asks what's wrong with Alicia and Marcia tells her (after hearing Alicia complain about the cuartel sharing her deep dark secrets, here's Marcia also telling the whole world about it!). Caro is happy for her, then she and Marcia head to the conference room where Marcia can dish the real dirt on the whole sordid story. Omar comes up and gives Alicia a check. She tells him she doesn't want his money and he's only trying to assuage his own guilt for not making a commitment to her, but he says he's just trying to help her out. She tells him again she doesn't want it, he whines a little bit and leaves, leaving the check behind. As soon as he's not looking, Alicia gives her now famous smug little smile and kisses the check.

The choreographer is working with the dancers while Luigi watches and he's unhappy with how it looks. He's trying to get some work done, but Irma comes in and tells him he has to go to yet another meeting (you have no idea what's in store for you in the coming months meeting-wise, Luigi!). He whines but eventually heads out. Jazmin stops him and asks him to let her dance in the production, but he tells her she's not a good dancer and he only wants to use professional, experienced dancers.

Juana brings her niece in to join all the other kids in reception, and the mothers discuss what to do with them. I have some ideas but doubt they'd like them much...

Jazmin begs Irma to help her convince Luigi to allow her to dance in the Bella Life promotion, but Irma tells her not to bother her and don't even thing about trying to interfere with the production, because if she keeps bugging them, they'll let her go.

Saimon takes the little brat monsters, I'm sorry, I mean the adorably precocious children, to play in a warehouse where old costumes are kept, and you just KNOW total havoc will be wreaked. Juana's niece, turns out, follows in old Auntie's footsteps and has the gift of clairvoyance. The girl tells Saimon he has a big heart and is capable of loving many women, but right now he loves a woman that doesn't return the feeling.

Even though Sara and Lola are helping him, Lopez is lost without Marta. He's screeching, they're making fun of him, and Lola tells him Marta will be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, the kids are playing, dressed up in costumes and face paint and stuff, and the talented niece thinks she hears Lola yelling. She tells everyone about some herbs she's carrying around with her (signs of a possible future profession as drug pusher maybe?) and something about using them to calm Lola down.

In the meeting, Marcia tells everyone that Carolina will do the publicity for the B.L. Launch, and Caro tells when the invitations will be going out. Omar is dumb enough to ask Luigi how the preparations for the spectacular are going, and Luigi gets all offended and says he's working on it so of course it will be marvelous. Caro hands out the potential menu and mentions all the booze that's going to be there and it sounds like a helluva party woohoo!! Fernando's unhappy about the cost. He yells for Lety and Marcia makes a rude comment. Lety comes in, takes the menu and drink information from Caro, and leaves. Luigi whines that the studio is too small for his dancers to work in and he'd like to have them rehearse someplace larger and again Fern reminds him they have to keep costs down. Marcia says she's starting to worry that Fern is always talking about the budget.

Sara and Lola are talking when Irma comes in looking for Jazmin. As always Lola freaks at the slightest mention of the little family-destroying ho, so why Irma is dumb enough to tell her that Jaz is trying to convince Luigi to let her dance, I'll never know. Irma apparently has also had enough because she cuts her off.

Back at the meeting, Marcia still wants to know why Fern's so hung up on money. This give Carolina an idea on cost savings, and Fern thanks her, I guess because she's the only one supporting him when Marcia and Luigi aren't. Caro asks why Fernando doesn't have Lety in the meetings when they talk about budgets and Fern cuts right to the chase and tells her it's because Marcia and Luigi refuse to work with her. Lety comes in with information for Carolina and Marci, shamed by what Fernando said, asks Lety to stay.

Naturally the children make a complete disaster with the costumes and makeup they find. They also find bags of fake snow they can break open and get everywhere. Their parents come in and Lola orders them to remove the costumes and makeup and clean up. Naturally the kids don't listen and Saimon just joins in on their fun. Meanwhile, Marta comes into the office looking pretty trim, and she shows off to Alicia. The mothers are still yelling at their kids and PM is blaming Saimon. Sorry, I can't take it and I fast forward.

Sara, Juana and Irma ooh and aah over Marta's new svelte figure. Lola comes in and literally screams with happiness at seeing her. Lopez comes in and walks right by Marta, saying hello guapa. He stutters when he realizes it's her. He drools as he leads her to his office.

Back at the meeting they're still talking about the dancers. Lety makes a suggestion that Luigi doesn't like, but Fernando backs her up so Luigi agrees. Lety then asks to be excused, she has something important to take care of. She reminds Fernando that they have to meet with the bankers tomorrow. Marcia also reminds him that tomorrow Teresita and Humberto get in from London. He asks her to meet them at the airport because he has an important meeting.

Lety goes to her office and calls Tomas and asks him to go with her to talk to the lawyer that will be representing FI, and he agrees. Fernando, Omar and Carolina come into Fern's office and Fern yells for Lety. Caro gives him grief about the crappiness of Lety's office, but he tells her he tried to give her something nicer but she didn't want it. Lety comes out and, as always, gets just right into Fernando's face, and the way she stands at attention it looks like she's shoving her boobs at him. Once again he has to tell her to back off and give him some space. Carolina tells her goodbye and leaves, then Fern, Lety and Omar sit down for the usual rehash about the embargo and how Lety's still uncomfortable with it. Again he has to talk her into it, and she leaves. He and Omar then continue to chat about it.

At a restaurant, two lawyers are sitting and drinking, and Lety and Tomas greet them. They're they lawyers Omar recommended and they don't inspire Lety with much confidence, but she goes ahead and starts explaining about the embargo.

Back at Conceptos the kids are cleaning up and I really don't care about their conversation, more crap about how to calm Lola down. I'm recommending a bullet to the brain, but no one listens to me (her brain, I mean, though if I have keep listening to this storyline, I could mean mine as well).

Back to Lety and the lawyers, she's telling them that they need to avoid a scandal at all costs. They demand a ridiculously high fee and Lety and Tomas start to walk. The lawyers drop their price so they stay after all.

More kid stuff, Saimon comes to get them, yawn.

The choreographer is still working with the dancers. Jazmin is in the background mimicking their moves. Luigi's happy to see that Fatima Bosh, Fernando's former one-night-stand, is one of them. He tells the dancers they can all go home, then calls Jazmin over and tells her to stop hanging around and she leaves, upset.

The kids are rubbing herbs on Lola's legs while she sleeps. Jaz comes in and says crap, Lola gets mad, and I guess the old herb trick didn't work so well. Jaz leaves and Lola yells at the kids.

I guess to help Televisa pay some bills, we now have a commercial moment as Irma brings in some red apples while Luigi is trying to come up with a commercial for Garnier Nutrisse. The commercial has to do with one of their red dyes, so the apples give Luigi an idea: "the temptation of color".

Marcia, Fernando and Omar are leaving, Marcia giving Fern crap about Jackie Palacias the whole time, when Fatima comes in and plants a big fat wet one on his cheek right in front of her. She goes ballistic on him as Fatima leaves. Marta walks by and Marcia compliments her on her new slim bad self while Omar teases Fernando about Fatima. He mentions Fernando's ethics for giving him crap about PM when he himself was doing the nasty with the dancer. Fernando tells Omar there's no comparison between the two, and Omar quips back with a comment about Marcia. Omar's phone rings, it's a woman, so he walks away to take the call. Marcia and Fernando leave; Omar continues to chat with his little chippy, snorting all over the place, and suddenly he realizes Alicia's listening. He gets a guilty look on his face.

PM and Saimon are arguing in reception when Jaz comes in all bummed because Luigi won't let her dance. Saimon sympathizes and drools and PM gets jealously pissed. She tries to get Saimon away from the skank homewrecker but he won't leave her and they head out together as PM builds up steam. The kids all come in making a ton of racket.

Up in the lobby, Marta again poses in front of Alicia, and Alicia lets fly the usual insults, but this time Marta isn't bothered by them. She talks to Irma and Sara as they're all leaving, and tells them she doesn't know how to tell her husband what she spent the car money on. They go down to the lobby and join everyone else and discuss Saimon and Jazmin. Lola gets her usual freak on, and Irma advises her that if she wants Cheque to come back to her, she needs to calm down (I jump up with a resounding Here Here on that!!!) and stop fighting with him. Finally everyone leaves.

Meanwhile Lety and Tomas are still talking to the lawyers at the restaurant. The lawyers are questioning why the embargo was necessary and tell her Fernando was crazy to create it. Lety's eye twitches.

Missing Recap 32: Lien on Conceptos when feeling loanly
The cuartel again, ugh! The lawyers again ask questions about the embargo and she twitches again. Tomas reminds them that there can't be any scandal.

Fernando and Marcia discuss his parents coming in. She asks him what's up with meeting at the bank, and he just drinks. She asks him again and he gives her some lame excuse.

Discussing the embargo, one of the lawyers tells Lety that Fernando is either crazy or an imbecile to put his company in her hands like this. Since they just dissed her Tan Divino, she jumps to his defense and tells them she respects Fernando and his judgment. The lawyers ask for an increase in their fee due to the secret nature of the deal, which shocks Lety and Tomas, and they want an advance so they can pay the restaurant bill as they have no money. Tomas pays them and he and Lety leave.

Jazmin and Saimon are eating and Jaz is whining about Luigi. Saimon calms her down and offers to speak to Luigi for her. Jaz tells him it would be better to talk to Fernando, the president, and Saimon agrees to do it. She talks to Cheque on the phone while Saimon flirts with girls at another table, then she tells him she has to leave. She kisses his cheek and he swoons.

Tomas and Lety discuss their meeting and she stresses again that she's not happy with Omar's recommendation. Tomas again chats with her about technically being the true owner of Conceptos. Meanwhile, we get a shot of Fernando still unable to sleep, upset by everything that's happening with the company.

The next day Marta's going to a gym to get info on joining it, and the cuartel are with her. They see Alicia there exercising and realize she can't be pregnant. They discuss ad nauseam.

The lawyer, Sanchez, is once again meeting with Lety and Tomas. Lety asks Tomas to go with the lawyers when they create the embargo, and leaves. The lawyers tell Tomas they have to go to Conceptos to do an inventory as part of the embargo process. Tomas is worried about the problems this might cause.

Back at the gym, Alicia's getting reamed by her trainer because her check bounced. She promises to pay tomorrow. The cuartel go and talk to him and tell him they work with her so he feels free to dish the dirt on her to them.

Back at Conceptos, Alicia's crying and Marcia sees her and asks what's wrong. Alicia tells her about what happened and Marcia tells her she shouldn't be going to the gym while she's pregnant. Alicia realizes her boo boo and gives Marcia some fake excuse. Marcia then wants to know where the frapping hell the cuartel is. Ok, she didn't use those exact words, my bad.

Speak of the devils, they wander into reception still talking about what they just discovered. Sara wants to warn Omar but Juana says first they have to get proof and they discuss how to go about that. Saimon comes in and Lola freaks on him, blah blah blah. He and PM exchange barbs as Jaz comes in and flirts with him.

The cuartel finally show up in the lobby and Alicia goes all harpy on them and the usual crap flies. I ignore the rest of the conversation. Saimon and Jazmin come dancing in and continue to flirt with each other. Omar comes in and Alicia pointedly asks Saimon to get her some chocolates she's been craving because of the pregnancy. He goes to get them and the cuartel all laugh as Omar walks on. Jaz gives Lola crap and the cuartel once again have to hold her back as Jaz leaves. Again, yawn.

Lety comes in and apologizes to Fern for being late, telling him she was meeting with the lawyers. They discuss that this information is available to the public and she shows him where it can be found on the internet. He's not happy, but says something along the lines of hopefully no one will see it.

Tomas is still with Sanchez, who hands him copies of the embargo paperwork. He once again hits Tomas up for a fee hike and Tomas is impactada.

Marta comes up with an idea for a way to force Alicia to get a blood test and tells the cuartel about it.

Tomas and the lawyer are still discussing the embargo and his fee. Tomas starts to leave, but the lawyer asks for another advance. Tomas says Lety will kill him, but goes ahead and gives the guy money anyway.

Lety's on the phone trying to get more information about exactly what will be available on the internet, just what's registered with the Publico or the bank information as well? Fernando's listening. She hangs up and Tomas calls and she tells Fern it's the embargo lawyer.

Marta tells Lopez that because Alicia joined the company as Marcia's friend, she never had to provide the tests that are required by the company. She says he should order those tests to avoid any problems for Conceptos, though her real reason is so the order will come from him. He wants Marta to tell Alicia the news, but she explains to him that they don't get along, so he says he'll do it. He ogles her as she leaves, telling her she looks good and she wiggles her butt at him.

Tomas tells Lety the lawyer wants another advance and she's not happy about the amount. He also asks for permission to buy a cell phone and mentions that FI is continuing to make gains on their investments. Fernando's still listening to her conversation. At Lety's house, Mom lights a candle at the alter and prays for Lety. Just then Lety calls and they talk mushy mother/daughter stuff. For some reason both are whining and crying, then Lety hangs up.

Marta tells Sara and Lola that Lopez agreed about the tests and the results will have to pass through her hands. Omar walks by looking really bad and they feel sorry for him. To play devil's advocate, it was Omar who first took advantage of a drunk Alicia, so it's hard for me to work up any sympathy if she's now taking advantage of him. Sometimes you play, you pay, pal. Anyway, in Ariel's office, he and his secretary have a conversation about public information.

Fernando and Omar talk, rehashing about all their loans. Omar tells Fern that he's worried that Ariel might find out about Conceptos's problems from the internet or from public registries, while in his office Ariel and his secretary continue to discuss the same topic. Marcia calls him and tells him about Teresita and Humberto coming in and he mentions that he'll stop by to see them later on.

He then calls Alicia and she puts him on hold while talking to Lopez, who's telling her about the blood test requirement. She doesn't want to have it, but he doesn't give her a choice. They argue while the cuartel smirk. Marcia walks by and Alicia tries to get her help, but Marcia tells her if it's required then she's just gonna have to do it. Alicia then tries to get lunch out of her, but Marcia tells her she has to go to the airport to meet Fern's parents.

Marcia goes into Fernando's office where he's talking to Omar. He ignores her at first and she wants to know what's wrong. While Lety listens, he makes up some phony excuse and she leaves. He worries about his parents and Omar tells him not to say anything to them about what's been going on. Fern calls for Lety just as the phone rings. She comes out and tells him Tomas is downstairs and he tells her she can go. Omar wants to know who Tomas is, and Fern tells him he's a friend of Lety's who's working for Filmo Imagen. Omar's not very happy to hear this, but Fern tells him don't worry, Tomas knows nothing about the embargo. Meanwhile Lety and Tomas are discussing that very subject downstairs. Tomas is telling her how the lawyers are going to have to come and inventory the company as part of the embargo process and she's not very happy to hear it. As always, Tomas's brain completely stops when Alicia walks by.

The cuartel are discussing their evil plot and decide not to tell Irma about it since they know she won't like it. They all want to go to lunch, but Marta can't because of her diet and unhappily shows them this little thing of vegetables she gets to eat. They feel sorry for her and encourage her, then head to lunch.

Lety goes into Fern's office and gives him copies of the embargo paperwork. The phone rings and Fernando tells her to answer it and she goes to her office to do so. Omar begins to sow the seeds of suspicion into Fernando's head about Lety and Tomas.

Marcia brings Humberto and Teresita to their house and they ask about Ariel and Ana Leticia, then about Fernando. Humberto asks how Conceptos is doing and she tells him everything's fine. Humberto wanders away and Teresita tells Marcia he's been worried about the company ever since the video fiasco.

Lety comes out to go to lunch and Omar asks her to sit. He starts questioning her about the embargo and whether or not she's been discreet. She tells them someone will be coming to inventory the business and Fernando's upset because the timing sucks what with his parents being there and the Bella Life Commercial Launch and all. Lety uses the diversion to escape to her office. Omar leaves and Fern goes into Lety's office. He plays for sympathy and tells her he's afraid of the steps they've been taking with the company. Seeing him so sad and vulnerable, she tries to reassure him that the company is in good hands. Fern moves in close and touches her face and moves in for a kiss.


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