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MEPS – Thursday, July 30, 2009, Franco Lays a Few Cards on the Table, Cap. 117

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This recap may be a bit disjointed because I have been interrupted by a five-year old tugging at my elbow every other minute or so. Anyway, here it is.

Obregon, dressed in camo, is still yanking at the rope connected to the boat. Jacinto has “made” him. Obregon doesn’t see anybody and looks like he’s getting agitated.

Bar and Franco continue their conversation about their mysterious real identities. He says he comes with cartas abiertos while she comes with cartas amanadas. I couldn’t find the meaning of this dicho in my dictionary. If you know exactly what it means, please fill in here. I assume it means he’s above-board while she’s holding out. He is not afraid of her and says she can’t prove anything.

He can’t imagine what could happen. She can’t forget. If she would have seen him she could not think it. She likes how he plays. She says she saw him and Fernanda kissing like kids at the country house. Franco purses his lips.

Vlad vents to Damian and he is now beside himself with anger. He’s really annoyed at Pris for not returning his calls or even talking to him. It’s his baby and he wants to see her. Pris just about told him to drop dead. Dam tries to calm him down. Imagine that! Vlad says he knows the baby is his. He doesn’t want to go to any extreme, but he wants to be recognized. He wants Pris to quit treating him like a rag and treat him like the father of her child. Enter Fer.

Damian is not glad to see her. Vlad takes his leave.

Fer wants to know what’s going on.

Bar said she didn’t want to interrupt them at the country house. They are talking about different things – her secrets and his secrets. Bar puts on her sad face and reminds him about ruining Fer’s wedding. He finally says Fernanda doesn’t have anyting to do with anything today. It’s befween her and him. Fernanda had to obey him and to “acosar” (say, what? Go to bed with him?) with him because he’s in love with Fernanda Elizalde. Mystery music.

Damian wants to know why Fer came to see him. She says that Vlad’s visit is a matter between him and Vlad.

Santi runs into Gonzo in the hallway. Fer comes down the staircase. Gonzo is looking for Aurora. Fer is going to Lactos. Santi asks to go to the library with Gonzo.

Bar brings up the question of Franco’s interest in Fer’s wedding. Bar once again says to him that the death of a maid shouldn’t have stopped anything. Bar recites the story of Fer and the cook’s son. Oh, he says is that what happened. With sarcasm he says is that all. He calls her the bad seed – are you going to deny your romance with Damian Gallardo. Her phone rings – it’s the signal for the rescue. I guess you could say saved by the bell.

Obregon has called Barb. He is dressed for the part. Apparently he didn’t order from Cabello’s because his camo jacket does not match his camo jacket. He looks absolutely ridiculous. Jacinto prays to God for what he is going to do. Franco takes the money bag out of the car. Barb looks at it. Both are wearing leather jackets. Unfortunately, not matching either. He says he’s not moving from here.

Gonzo notices that Santi doesn’t looks good. Santi is sorry about Liliana but he also is worried about Aurora. Gonzo says are you sure Barb saw the man Aurora left with. Yes, says Santi, it could have been her father. Santi is gathering courage with the help of a few caballitos of tequila.

Aurora talks to Mother Superior and tells her that she wants to talk about what has happened to her, but she can’t. Mother reminds her that she should be comfortable here. Aurora says the only thing for her is to take the habit.

Bar goes to the boat and throws the money bag in the boat and releases the rope holding the boat to the dock. At the other end, high on a cliff, Obregon pulls in the rope. No high teck hijinks here. Jacinto is right on his case. Bar calls Obregon on the cell. She wants to know if he can see her. He says no. She says you’ll see me soon. Listen well and don’t pull any games on me you miserable creep or something bad will happen to you.

At Lactos Fer is beside herself with joy at seeing Florecita. They scream, run and hug. Flor tells Fer that Anibal is there and she wants to talk to her about Vladmir Pineiro. Fer wants to talk to Anibal about Vlad.

Bar tells Franco the drop has been made. Now they wait to get news of Lili from Obregon. Franco wants to keep talking. That makes her made because she doesn’t want to talk with him any more. Away they go.

Obregon has the boat with the money. He grabs the money and leaves the boat floating away. He climbs a steep rocky cliff keeping the money bag in a strong embrace when suddenly he looks up and has a great shock.

Flor tells Fer how grateful she is to the Elizalde family and that everything that has happened to her has been caused by Vladimir Pineiro. She thought he was interested in her. He gained her confidence and found out where the confidential files were located. She fell for the old bouquet of flowers trick. Vlad pulled the Lactos minutes out and passed them to Jaime. She followed Vlad and saw him kissing Priscilla. Fer tells her to calm down. She knows that what she is saying is dangerous, but she knows that Vlad is a bad dude. Fer comforts her and has an expression on her face that indicates she knows what has happened.

Mother Superior still questions why what has happened to Aurora about what has happened to her and how it has affected her decision to enter the convent. Mother Superior knows that Dominga was not a good person. Mother also understand what has happened to Aurora and the trouble she has experienced in her life. Mother doesn’t want her to isolate herself in the convent – but Aurora begs her because she is not alive.

Santi continues painting terrible pictures and thinks of Aurora.

Franco receives a call and turns the car around while Bar is trying to manhandle him. Don’t worry he says it’s a small detour. Bar wants to know what happened and he tells her to take her hands off the wheel. She’ll get home – just a little late. You’re smart Bar you know I wouldn’t accuse anybody without proof. Admit that you and Damian are lovers. Ok – she says I’m in your hands.

Franco rolls the windows down. The subject of Fer’s wedding comes up again. She says that now their negotiation will be more fruitful. Maybe they can be business partners. She says that would be very difficult with a person whose ID she doesn’t know. She’s looking. He gets closer to her – what do you think, he says, who is Rebeca Sanchez?

Ani wants to know what Fer is talking about. Why do you make decisions like this. It took you three minues to accuse Damian. Now it’s Vlad. She says what about Barb. Somebody is stealing from the business. He wants to know their names. He disses her about Vlad. Vlad has access to all accounts and confidential info about Lactos while Flor has worked for them for sixteen years says Fer.

Vlad is on a rant into the telephone. Pris – the baby is mine and he will not allow that it be taken from him to be raised by an Elizalde. Only death will separate him from the baby.

Pris talks to Rolando and he sends the excellent news to their father that Pris is expecting a baby boy. They are both very happy. She hasn’t heard her voice mail yet. They talk about the baby’s name – Rolando says it has to be Agosto like their father – not the name of an Elizalde. Their daddy isn’t going to be second best (plato de segunda mesa).

Pris sees that she has a message from Vlad and looks worried.

Franco says have you forgotten that Rebeca Sanchez is a woman who has a million and half dollars – no, she says. She insists that she has complete confidence in Rebeca Sanchez. He wants proof of Rebeca’s existence. They need to go on.

At Las Animas Steve is talking to his dad and is sending him a report. Gardenia enters and he continues speaking in English. Gardenia tries to figure out what he is saying. He tells her he was talking business with his father. She wants to know about the wedding between Venus and Camilo. Steve tells Gardenia that she has it all figured out. Gardenia says she has something to tell him: “Esa por mas trapos finos que traiga y se disfrace disque mujer decente la perla frente nadie se la quita” says Gardenia. “Pascuata” says Steve to himself. Help here – if you know what she said, fill us in.

Venus talks to Martina and is a bit confused, as am I, because she isn’t sure if she is going to have to marry Camilo or not. Martina says that don Gringito will understand what scum that Camilo is – who, by the way, is very busy with Natasha right now. Venus says the man of her dreams is right in front of her – but he’s trash. Venus is sure she loves Steve. She has nothing to lose if she marries that one, or does she?

Meanwhile Natasha tells Camilo that she feels abandoned. He says he’s been living his work. She wants to help him get away from work and go his apartment. He says they can’t do that because it is being painted. But there are other places for them. His phone rings – it’s Fernanda. She tells him that Bar and Franco went to rescue Lili. She tells him that Gonzo wants all the kids to get together right now. Poor Cam. He has to say so long to Natasha.

Franco finally stops the car and tells Bar to get out and accompany him. They see a red rag in a tree. Then they see Obregon tied to a tree with the money bag in front of him. What do you think of this, says Franco?

Avances: The family meets. Franco accuses Bar of killing Montserrat Elizalde. The gag comes off Obregon.


En Nombre del Amor, July 30, 2009

Hi everyone, substitute recapper Debbie here. I hope I got everything right--please post corrections for anything I may have missed or translated incorrectly!

Leftover from yesterday: Inaki and his dad are talking, with his dad saying that if Inaki marries Paloma and gives up his studies, he won’t receive a single penny from him. Inaki replies that he’s not for sale, and neither is his love for Paloma.

At school Paloma asks Romina if they can talk, but Romina cops an attitude and says she can’t, she’s going to play basketball. But you don’t like it, points out Paloma. Romina says she just feels like playing, and walks away. What a jerk! Paloma opens her notebook and starts to write Inaki a letter: “Inaki mi amor, I’ve been thinking a lot, and I made a decision…”

Emiliano is walking in the park with Meche and she’s talking about Romina, I bet you love her a lot, right? Emiliano looks very sad and Meche guesses correctly that there’s someone else. Emiliano says that he’s just realized it and can’t get Paloma out of his mind. Meche advises him to break it off with Romina, and he explains that he tried but couldn’t. And besides, she’s my best friend’s girlfriend, and they’re going to marry. Meche says that the first thing to do is break up with Romina (the rest of her words of wisdom I couldn’t understand very well...I think it was something along the lines of little by little he’d get over Paloma).

Paloma runs into the kitchen all excited and asks Rufi to take her letter to Inaki’s house and put it in the mailbox (buzón). Rufi wonders if the letter has something to do with the wedding, and explains that Marcarena already told her about Inaki’s proposal. Paloma says yes, and that’s why I want to get the letter to Inaki, but don’t tell anyone because I don’t want Carlota to find out. Rufi asks if there is going to be a wedding or not, and Paloma just smiles.

Inaki is at the bar cleaning tables when his mom arrives. They sit down to talk and she tells him that she knows that he spoke with his dad, and that he (Inaki) is not going to change his opinion (well, neither will his dad). But Carmen has changed her mind and is going to support Inaki and his marriage to Paloma.

Rufi is at Inaki’s house and drops the letter in the mailbox, but as soon as she walks away, Arcadia emerges from behind the corner.

Carmen asks Inaki if he’s thinking of living in Mexico or going to Spain, and he says he hasn’t thought about that-—it might be a big change for Paloma to leave her house, her aunts, her country. His mom says maybe that would be better, because if they stay Carlota will make life impossible. She tells him that he can bring Paloma to her house whenever they want to come.

Romina is walking along and gets grabbed by German, who tells her that she is mistaken if she thinks that sending Liliana that email will get him to fall at Romina’s feet-—if you want my love, you know what you have to do. He then kisses her forcefully and she tries to fight him off. He says that next time she will be the one asking him for a kiss.

Inaki and his mom are walking home. She mentions that if he and Paloma lived in Madrid he wouldn’t have to postpone his studies, and Paloma could find a university there. Inaki opens the mailbox and finds a letter from Paloma. He’s all excited and starts reading aloud: “Inaki, I love you very much, but I don’t think that’s enough for us to get married. I’m sorry but I’m not going to marry you, not today, not ever. Don’t look for me ever again.”

Paloma is jumping for joy, telling Macarena how she has accepted Inaki’s proposal, and they’re going to marry as soon as she turns 18. Macarena says that Carlota will find out and Paloma has to tell her. Paloma agrees, but won’t tell her until she and Inaki have everything ready, so that she can’t stop my wedding. Macarena warns that things will be worse if she hides something so important, but Paloma insists that Carlota won’t find out. Macarena says all of this is so surprising, she doesn’t know what to say. Paloma asks, you don’t want me to marry him, right? Macarena replies that she has the feeling that what Paloma wants is to run away and that she would marry whoever asked her (can you blame her?). She thinks they are looking at marriage as a solution to their problems and that they don’t realize the responsibility they will have. Plus, the purpose of marriage is for it to last all their lives, and Paloma’s too young to make a commitment like that. Are you sure that you love him? One of the classic novela lines, “Con toda mi alma”, is Paloma’s response. Ok, says Macarena, you can count on me.

Inaki’s mom is telling him that if Paloma’s decision is not to marry, he has to respect it. But I was sure that she was going to accept. Carmen speculates that maybe Paloma realized she was going to make a mistake, or she told her aunts and they convinced her to reject him. Inaki insists that there has to be another reason. He wants to find her. Carmen says maybe it’s the best thing that could happen to him, because Paloma is the reason he wasn’t going to finish school. She adds that he was ready to give up everything for Paloma, but it looks like you weren’t that important to her.

Arcadia is on the phone telling Carlota that Inaki and Carmen are outside reading the letter. Carlota asks if she has the original letter and tells her to read it. It’s the same one we heard Paloma writing earlier--we see her with the notebook writing that Inaki changed her life, and she’s so happy. But if Carlota was capable of going to your mother, it’s because she’s never going to let me love you. It’s as if my parents sent you from heaven, because I’ve never felt so happy, and that’s why I say “yes” (meanwhile we see Paloma imagining herself and Inaki getting married). Paloma then writes that she’ll wait for him in the park-—she’ll cut out of (or skip?) her art class to see him.

Carlota orders Arcadia to burn the letter right away, so she runs off to find matches. She tells Carlota that she’s burning it but it looks like she’s only burning the envelope—-did I see that correctly?

Alonso returns home and he tells Natalia about Inaki’s “stupid idea” of wanting to marry Paloma. Natalia thinks he should be proud of Inaki. Alonso accuses her of taking Inaki’s side.

Romina is buying some cookies at a bakery. In the next scene she’s bringing them to Emiliano at work, saying she made them herself. She pretends to be understanding and sweet--she knows he’s busy and doesn’t want to take up his time. Emiliano asks her for a hug and kiss as she leaves, but he doesn’t look happy about it.

Paloma tells Macarena about her plan to meet up with Inaki in the park, and how she’s going to ask Inaki to go to Macarena and ask for Paloma’s hand. Me? says Macarena. Yes, you’re like my mom, no? After Mac leaves Paloma looks at a picture of her and Romina and wonders what’s going on with her—-what did I do?

Carlota, looking purple-y as always, comes in to tell Paloma that she’s not going to art class. She is super mean like the evil witch in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, only purple instead of white. Anyway, Carlota says yesterday’s punishment wasn’t enough, you’re not going anywhere.

Inaki is pacing in German’s office. German tells him he has to accept it, but Inaki can’t believe it, something tells me she couldn’t have decided to break it off. German argues that he has to know how to lose...even though it hurts it’s the truth, you have to have dignity.

Carmen is on the phone with Alonso talking about Paloma’s supposed letter. I knew it, he says—-he thinks as soon as she found out Inaki would not get any money, she dumped him. Carmen wonders if maybe Paloma was afraid of marriage. Alonso says young girls in love aren’t afraid of marriage, and Carmen agrees that he's right (was she once one of those girls?). Alonso thinks Inaki will get over this soon and that when he realizes the favor Alonso did for him, he’ll be grateful.

Natalia is talking to Cristobol about her argument with Alonso, she doesn’t agree with how he acted with Inaki. Cristobol says the problem in all this is resentment--blame/guilt are generated and can burden a person his whole life. Natalia: Is that what happened to you? Cristobol explains that the family of the woman he loved (before meeting Natalia) was opposed to their relationship. She killed herself, it’s my fault.

Macarena arrives Camila’s store, weeping. She says she can’t share Paloma’s happiness over her marriage and explains that Paloma has decided to marry upon turning 18. Macarena is afraid that Paloma is making a mistake. Camila tries to comfort her, saying that Paloma made the decision to fly, and the only thing Mac can do is help open the door of the cage. Macarena cries about Paloma leaving and Camila says she has to try to be optimistic.

Back to Natalia and Cristobol—-she asks if that’s why he told her he was a killer. She tells him he can’t see himself as a killer for her suicide. Cristobol says there are many ways to provoke someone’s death--she was fragile, of weak character. He wanted them to fight for their love but he didn’t realize she wasn’t ready. Natalia repeats that he’s not responsible for her death, but he believes his attitude provoked her death, and since then he hasn’t been able to find peace. He then asks Natalia not to ask him about his past any more. She mentions that both he and Inaki fell in love with women in Real del Monte whose families rejected them.

Camila goes in the store to attend to a client. The doctor walks by and sees Macarena and stops to talk with her.

Romina is on the phone inviting a friend to her birthday party. After she hangs up she wonders and what am I going to wear? so she calls her mom and whines that she needs to buy her a dress, pleeeeeeeeze, I’m turning 18.

The doctor notes that Macarena looks a bit sad, is something wrong? Camila comes back out then and tells Mac that they won’t be able to go for coffee today, so when the doctor hears this he invites Mac out.

Back at the house of horrors, Paloma begs Rufi to help her get out of the house to see Inaki. Rufi informs her that Carlota has just gone out, so Paloma runs off.

At the office, Orlando asks Emiliano how things are going with Romina. Better than I expected, replies Emiliano, she’s been caring and brought me some cookies that she made. Orlando says you’re with her to try to forget Paloma, right? Emiliano admits that he is, and Orlando thinks that it’s a mistake when he knows he doesn’t love Romina. Emiliano thanks Orlando, who says that he can’t help thinking that his son would be Emiliano’s age. You had a son? Yes, but I’ll tell you another day what happened with him “and her”.

Inaki is being confronted by Clara, the art teacher. She knows that he’s not from a modeling agency and that if he’s here it’s not to be a model, it’s for Paloma. She says that Paloma came to class early and told her everything and that she doesn’t want to see Inaki again. Inaki doesn’t believe Clara’s story, but she says Paloma asked her to tell Inaki to forget about her—-she’s never going to marry you. All this time Carlota has been eavesdropping around the corner and smirking away. Inaki says he’s not going to rest until Paloma tells him personally-—he doesn’t think Paloma trusts Clara enough to ask her to tell Inaki something so important. Clara counters that he doesn’t know Paloma well enough to know whether she’d trust Clara or not, and how else would she know all this if Paloma hadn’t told her? You say you love her, right? Then leave her in peace.

Carlota thanks Clara for the favor. Clara says she did this because she understands Carlota’s concern for Paloma. Carlota lies that she would do anything for Paloma’s well-being. Clara: It must not have been easy to forget about your life to take care of her, but surely one day she’ll appreciate everything you did. Carlota: I don’t do it for her to thank know how kids are today, they don’t realize that a wrong decision could mark them for life...unfortunately, Inaki is a crafty devil (vivales; thank goodness for closed captions). Clara says it’s too bad, he seems like a good boy. Carlota says “Ojos vemos, corazones no sabemos”—-has anyone heard this before? I’m not sure exactly how to translate this, but I’m guessing it’s something like we see eyes, we don’t know hearts, meaning that we can see a person’s outside, but we don’t know what’s in their hearts, what they’re really like. (How hypocritical of her!)

Macarena and the doctor are having coffee at an outdoor cafe—-she’s very nervous and says she can’t stay long because she has stuff to do. Doc says he’d like this to be the beginning of a great friendship—-what do you say? Just then Ines spots them and goes to their table to chat, and Mac looks scared. After Ines leaves she tells the doctor that Ines is going to tell Carlota about them. The doc offers to talk to Carlota, but Mac refuses.

Paloma is walking down the street and looks into a bridal shop. The saleslady, Lidia, shows her a dress and takes her measurements. Aron comes into the shop and says what a small world to find my best friend and “prometida” here. He and Paloma laugh that well, her tia wanted them to be novios, but no. Meanwhile, Inaki is wandering around looking for Paloma-—we see him in the background across the street. Aron asks if Carlota finally accepted Inaki and they step outside the shop, where she tells him she’s going to get married in secret. But d’oh!! Over her shoulder we see pobre Inaki walking in the opposite direction-—alas, two ships in the night.

Carlota is back home looking for Paloma. Ines calls Carlota and dishes about her finding Macarena and the doctor having coffee. Carlota tells Ines the doctor is only interested in Mac’s health, it’s only a patient-doctor relationship. Well, if you say so, says Ines.

Inaki comes by and climbs up to Paloma’s balcony. Carlota enters Paloma’s room and sees Inaki’s shadow on the balcony. She pretends to be Paloma and tells him to go away. He says please, we have to talk, I need to see you. When “Paloma” doesn’t answer he leaves.

Paloma is at the fountain, saying nothing will ever separate her and Inaki.

Alonso is still talking trash about Paloma—-if he had known she was after money he would have offered her some to leave his son before arguing with him. He mentions Paloma’s last name, Espinoza de los Monteros, and Natalia realizes that Paloma is the daughter of her friend Sagrario. What a coinky-dink, huh? Natalia protests that being the daughter of Sagrario and Javier, she can’t be how you’re portraying her, she must be an honest girl, a girl of values, her aunts would have raised her to be a good girl.

Paloma is at the fountain looking very worried.

Carlota is writing “Paloma” over and over on a piece of paper-—it appears to be a self-taught course in forgery.

Paloma goes to Inaki’s house and encounters Arcadia-—she asks for Inaki, he’s not there; she asks if he was given the letter that was in the mailbox, Arcadia thinks it was. At first Paloma asks Arcadia to tell Inaki that she was looking for him, but as she’s leaving she says no, better not say anything.

Inaki arrives at the bar and starts pounding tequilas. The bartender sees how down he is and says it must be a woman. Inaki corrects him: no, it’s not *a* woman, it’s the *only* one.

Paloma is back at the fountain, crying and wondering if Inaki doesn’t want to marry her now. No, I shouldn’t think stupid things, he loves me as I love him.

Avances: Carlota is berating Macarena for thinking she could attract men and is putting a letter in the front door that Rufi later gives to Paloma; Romina puts the moves on a drunken Inaki.


Un Gancho #28 Thurs 7/30 - Some say Beto's full of hot air but I say the kid's a gas.

Dani calls Moni at work. Monita is thrilled to hear chisme from the 5 yr old Dani, that Mau has broken it off with Consti. She runs into Mau who wants to see her outside of work, w00t! Moni hugs Mau, I mean the water cooler, and shares her joy with Pau, but what in the heck is she going to do about that albatross Beto?

Beto is all dressed up and with Nieves' help passes the super sniff armpit test. We can add that to the list of crap jobs she does for him. She has prepared a romantic meal to help him reclaim Monita and ask her forgiveness (for being a thief I guess). She crosses him and says good luck it's your last chance.

Sal sits in Mau's office while creepy cousin and his con man friend mock him about going to jail. Mau says nobody's going to jail but he doesn't act like he completely believes Sal either. Sal is sick of defending himself and puts his hand inside his jacket pocket. Heh, the bad guys think it's a gun. Goose goose, Duck! The meanies hide behind a chair but it's not a gun, it's Sal's resignation.

Consti goes slumming for the monkey and finds a wolfe instead. Beto ushers her into his den and sequesters her before Monita and her giggling pals can see her.

Team Moni (Pau and Estrella) urge her to dump Beto and keep her date with Prince Charming in the Plaza Garibalda. They join forces to make Moni irresistable.

Inside the house where he's waiting for Moni, Roberto finds he can't keep his hands of Consti. She tells him to back off until he suddenly remembers his Moni date and tells Consti she's right, she should get the heck out of there (te pintes de colores). Consti is sick of the bum's rush and decides she now wants to stay, she's not a used rag (un trapo usado), boo hoo, hold me Beto. He fights the urge and says no, she's got to leave, at which point she screams "Don't ever call me in your entire stupid life!" Yep, she's got it bad for him. He moans "she was mine, all mine, and I let her go."

Mau refuses Sal's resignation but the grown up is tired of the futility of dealing with the evil cuz and con man and says they have no more to say, good luck with (looks at Jero) la familia. Jero is happy but Mau runs after Sal.

I always love these tryptich mirror scenes and for once we get to see three different women instead of the usual split personality. The girls dress Moni and hear Beto singing "How I've changed, I'm so in love". "I hate to see him suffer," sighs our spandex-clad heroine. Ah, but does he sing of Moni or Consti?

I guess Mau couldn't find Sal because he's back at the office getting scolded by Gabi, they both know Sal is incapable of such betrayal. How could he let Sal resign? Mau promises he'll fix the Sal thing and everything will be fine.

We have the nightly Dani-hugs-Mau fix and the escuincles congratulate him on dumping the monster. Speaking of which...enter the dragon. Teresa gleefuly wheels out Consti's suitcase and Aldo for once wants to help, get her out the door that is.

Beto serenades Moni in his particular Beto style but she and her friends are not impressed. He gets on bended knee and puts on his poor kitty face. Moni finally agrees to have a bite with Beto but then she's leaving.

Mau tries to leave for his date but Consti traps him and tells him no way will she let him leave because he's going to meet That Woman. She says she'll die before letting him go out the door. (Oh please, please!)

Mau's phone rings (it's Moni calling to say she's late) so Coni pulls a Sergio Sendel, grabs it, throws it and stomps it to death. She's had it!! She bars the door and Mau advances, giving her the stink eye.

Beto has lured Moni into his place and he lights the candles for romantic mood lighting, unfortunately the room still has all the lights on. Beto, get a clue honey. They bicker a little about why she is all dressed up but he wisely changes tacks and asks her, isn't she impressed? He even bathed.

Moni fidgets but Beto persists. He gives her his gift, a precious little monkey. Look in the little stomach, it's a heart that says "Beto and Monita". "Will you forgive me?" he asks.

The Bickersons have nothing on the war of the Roses, i.e. Mau and Consti. His family listens at the door. He breaks through Consti and off he goes. She tries to get sympathy because he grabbed her arm but Aldo says it's nothing and Luisa calls her a whineybutt crybaby (Chillona).

Meanwhile, back in the bright room of thwarted romance Beto plies a reluctant Moni with wine. She wants to know where he got the money and he tries to suck up. She puckers up all right, but only because the wine is vinegar so the romantic mood is broken.

Is our Moni up front about her feelings? No way Joe, she pulls a Candy (Las Tontas) and escapes, leaving her cellular behind.

Moni wanders the Garibaldi at night and consoles herself with her fave snack, esquites.

Meanwhile Moni's gal pals whisper super loudly that the princess has scampered off to meet her prince at Garibaldi. A spying Beto pops out of hiding and attempts to intercept the young royalty but the high heeled players of Team Moni tackle him.

Mau and the Mariachis find Moni and a serenade ensues. This time our off-key Romeo keeps his dulcet tones to himself and instead adorns our little monkey with the gigantic sombrero. The mariachis sing Lastima que Seas Ajena, "It's too bad you are someone else's". He chose this song just for her. He kisses her hand as Vicente Fernandez sings this song in the background. They decide to go to a cantina and talk.

Beto battles the babes but a fatal and fortuitous fart foils the lovelies. Yes friends, the toot was indeed censored, I checked on youtube. Even mami Nieves melts at the aroma. The girls give up and Señor Toot escapes. What good can come of this? Estrella and Pau are partners once again! They try to call Moni but Nieves has her cellular.

Life in the barrio might stink but Plaza Garibaldi has sweet romance in the air until...Señor Toot arrives and Mau suggests they hide under the table. "How romantic" sighs Moni until Mau explains they are hiding from her brother! Nose to nose she begs him to go. Damn, their kiss is thwarted again.

Mau scuttles away just as Beto finds Moni alone. But he doesn't believe she's alone. He infuriates her and she stomps off.

Our next scene has her back at home griping to her amigas about her night of decapitated romance. At least there is one good thing, Pau and Estrella are amigas again and they confirm it with a hug.

The girls are interrupted by Beto's gruff howling, "Monita Monita!" Moni ignores him and Nieves consoles him once again. He asks her feminine advice and like Xime she has three: 1) don't drink any more booze, 2) don't get thrown in jail, and 3) take a bath...every day. Oh, and get the wax out of your ears and listen to Monita. He's afraid he'll become another person. Bathe everyday? Nobody understands him.

Mau gets home and finds Aldo listening to the tele news about Mau and his impending qualifyier. He agrees to take Aldo with him. Mau and Aldo have a father/son type male bonding moment when Aldo surprises Mau with a goodnight hug.

Next day Xime visits Rolu at the racetrack but he's more interested in making time on the track than making time with Xime.

Team Mau gives her a warmer welcome, expecially Tano. As Mau gets into his car Sal walks past, unseen, where he can grab a seat to watch.

Beto is at work, hanging out in the break room, eating cookies, and bugging Moni and Pau. Moni tells Pau to tell the subject (el sujeto) that the cookies are for the administration. Beto tells Pau to tell la sujeta that she can tell him to his face. Moni tells Pau to tell ese sujeto she'll neither talk nor look at him and to get back to his work station. Beto tells Pau to tell Moni he's going to tell the entire company they are novios, they kiss, and they'll get fired. And you too, he threatens Paula. Paula yells at him she'll skin him alive! Beto says nobody talks that way to him except his ma and his novia. Moni cries "Beto I'm not your novia!" She runs out Beto looks really hurt.

Moni serves Gabi her tea and asks if she's heard anything about Sal. Gabi is too afraid of his crazy wife to call her. Moni makes a comment about Sal's innocence and Gabi suspects Moni knows more than she lets on. Gabi tells Moni that Mau is off at the track just as Consti stomps in looking for Jero.

Nextel Nextel Nextel is the message as Mau goes round and round the track.

Consti whines to Jero and Oscar while Oscar tries to fondle her. Then Jero tries to take a turn at physical consolation until Consti pushes him away. She tells them if they don't help her she'll do what she should have done long ago! Jero comments she's going to throw Moni out. Oscar thinks she's going to kill Moni.

Holy bats**t! Hurricane Consti blows on over to Moni, says everything is all her fault and gives her a slap across the face. Moni gets the look of death on her face and wraps her hand around Consti's scrawny throat. Will our little Power Pack let loose or will she show some restraint? Stay tuned until tomorrow!

Tomorrow: Mau gives Moni a half-clad hunkalicious kiss.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gancho Wed 7-29 Beto gets a job, Moni switches jobs, Mau does a job on Coni, and noone really ever actually works

We open with a repeat of Mona stealing the show in sexy bridal lingerie. Too bad I missed the first few minutes recording so I don’t have a picture of that fire for you. We very quickly go to barrio brawl where Nieves has rescued Estrella from near certain throat slashing at the hands of our up until now goody goody Pau. But this does not come without a price. Estre swears they only went out once, but Pau doesn’t flinch and Nieves reminds Estre of her golfa ways and when will she ever give them up.

Press is interviewing Coni and Mau after the show asking when they will marry. Coni pipes up hopefully in the coming month. Mau gives her the look of death and walks away. Always good to do in front of press.

Aldo comes up to the bawling Estrella. He won’t let her sulk alone. She says the more she tries to change the more she ends up being like herself. He very sweetly says he’s had a bad time of things, but you can get past life’s sluggings, just fight back.

Coni is still finessing the press but Mau begs them off and has the balls to ask not to mention what they talked about earlier. Ay no. In what parallel universe is he in? Since when does the press have that kind of restraint not to dish on a hot race car driver? Anyway, Rolu walks up and takes yet another opportunity to annoy our Mau. Basically Jero tells them to save it for the track. Had to put in a foto of these three hotties all in one frame. Yow!!

Sal calls him and tells him not to forget to review the permit papers for their plaza project because they are due tomorrow. Mau tells him to do it as his right hand man and not to take his eyes off the plans because they are fried if the competition gets a look at them.

Xime comes and asks Mau Tse Tung if he isn’t going to say something. She and Rolu are back together. He so thrilled you could barely hold him down. Not. He asks about Mona, and Xime gives him the bad news that she has gone and it looks like she got mad about something.

Mona is back at the barrio asking Pau what happened. Pau doesn’t hold back and doesn’t want to talk about that whore. Ouch. Mona says she ain’t, it’s just the way she carries herself. Pau isn’t convinced. No sooner does Moni defend Estre than she comes out of her apartment stroking Aldo and thanking him for listening to her. Mona wants to know whats up. They swear nothing and she tells Aldo to go.

Back at the house Coni yells at Mau for not wanting to talk about the wedding. He says of course not in public. She is about to tell him he never does it privately either when DanI saves him and tells him Tere’s ready for dinner. OH my gosh she’s so damn cute! They go off.

Mona lectures Estre about the way she acts making everyone think what they do and she needs to tone it down a little. Estre asks her what happened at the fashion show and she goes on about Monsti being happy about marrying in the next month and Mau is Coni’s prince not hers, she has Beto. Said princely fellow waltzes up looking for someone to make him a footbath because he feels like hell working makes him ill. They make fun of him and he reminds us how macho he is when next he commands his ma to make him dinner. Ah yes, some prince.

Sal is hugging his loca wife, whom I’m surprised is still allowed in that joint after her carving exploits when who’s back? Creepy Oscar. He smooches Gabi when she comes out and Loca wife thinks how great to be in love and smacks hubby Sal for agreement. He’s like uh, yep, sure. Jero walks off the elevator and tells Os they have to talk so Os pops a bouquet of roses in her face and walks off. Lust is blind.

Jero tells Os that Mau is going to marry, and then they chat about the project plans. Os suggests robbing them to get rid of Sal. Jero thinks not a bad plan.

Mau dreams that he was about to marry Monsti but declines and Mona shows up instead as they blow Coni away literally. I think the next morning he tells Tere about this and she tells him you don’t dream things like that for no reason and it seems someone is tickling his fancy and it ain’t Coni. He agrees he will break it off with Coni. As is par for the course in novelas, the walls always have ears for those kinds of statements and we see that Luisa has heard this and runs off to tell the happy news. She busts in to tell a still sleeping Aldo who‘s apparently thinking of Estre. She says there’s no Estre, in fact I have a long way to go to be like her and she holds her bubis. Now that’s an interesting move for a teen actress. He’s like yeah whatever, and she leaves frustrated. He repeats to himself what he thought she said that Mau is going to state his intentions to Coni today. OK great, he thinks.

We go to the park where our stylin’ chics are jogging and discussing the evening’s events. I always jog in a short sleeve T-shirt and full length knit scarf…. :)

While out there Coni get the “serious” call that Mau wants to see her and she gets herself all in a fret.Xime wants her to sprint to get happy but Xime just walks the other way.

Next we have the foiled attempt at the grand switcheroo. Moni has interrupted jero’s attempt to switch the plans and wonders what the heck he’s doing in there. She knows he’s up to no good and threatens him but he tells her not to mess with him, he’s bad like MJ and she’ll regret it. Our little power pack is not scared of him but is definitely suspicious.

Aldo makes his next faux pau taunting Katia that Mau is going to ask her sister to marry him today. She rushes off all giddy.

The evil twins continue discussing their plans of demise when in walks their stooge. It’s Beto looking for a bano. Well he gets a deal instead. We then see him switching stuff at their direction and getting an "advance" on his salary if he promises not to tell anyone. Of course in Beto's world, money talks.

Kati goes home and breaks the news to Coni she's going to get "the question" today...estrogen fest all around because of coure all we women live for is to marry. :)

Our evil loser team watch on as their new patsy sneaks into Sal's office and replaces the plans and proposal for the project. Beto looks ok in a suit...

We go to a super cool looking cafe, I'm sure it's famous, where Mau finally finds his cajones and breaks up with Coni...hurray!! How long will this last??? Of course Coni doesn't take this well and vows to fight for him. He essentially tells her she's wasting her time but that flies over her well shampooed little head. Here we go...

Beto is counting his spoils and Mona discovers him, wondering donde the hell he got so much dinero. He says Gabi gave him an advance and gets all indignant on her. She knows something else is up.

We then see Sal searching for the real stuff like a loco man realizing that someone stuck a hand in this and exchanged his documents. Gabi thinks maybe he's looking for her. :) Jeo comes in wondering what the commotion is. Sal realizes there is no other and goes to punch him but Mau intervenes just in time.

Pau runs in to tell Moni what's going on. After first fearing they would blame her, her internal naco meter pegs out and she further arises her suspicions that Beto is involved so wants to find him.

Coni tells the gals what happened and how could Kati do this to her, she thinks the kids told Kati the wrong thing because they hate her. She vows to become everyone's worst if she isn't already. Hell hath no fury....

Beto brings home a bunch of clothes for his Ma with the money he earned. Mona sees he's called in sick to work already and rips him a new one and corners him on where that money came from, she knows he was a thief and though she can tolerate his immaturity, stealing she can't and she also finds her missing cajones (little harder -ha pun- for her as a girl) and calls it off with him. Again I ask how long will this last???? :(

Back at the office Mau tries to find out what's up and he like the absolute doof that he is puts evil abogado in charge of the investigation. Sal refuses to even accept that Mau could doubt him and walks out in a huff. Mau of course is upset and runs after Sal. Instead he finds Moni and we are back sitting out in the rain again. It must wash the cobwebs out of his brain or something because he tells her he has something important to tell her and he can't hide this anymore and she too and then, briiing, the phone interupts yet ANOTHER almost kiss. Sigh. Evil Oscar tells him he figured out something about Sal so Mau has to go back in. Mona tells him to worry about his friend because it must be serious.

Beto is with his Ma and tells her he hurts in his chest. If he loses Moni he'll die. Ma tells him to go after her. he gets up and Estrella tells him he shouldn't, women don't like men being after them all the time. :) Beto thinks maybe she's right. Ma says Mona is a saint for putting up with you, so maybe all she needs is a vacation. He says well do all you can so it's with me.

Turns out Sal's wife has some accounts with tons of money in the Cayman Islands and there was a big transfer. Mau says this means nothing, but Os points out the huge transfer happened yesterday, see Sal lost the permits. Mau gets Gabi to try to find him, while Pau and Moni look on. They worry Sal will be fired and Mona tells Pau she thinks Beto did it. Pau tells her to dump beto he's good for nothing. She says she already did.

Kati blasts Aldo for lying to him, he says he told her what Luisa told him and she says she told him the opposite. They realize what has happened and Dani jumps up and down that ding dong the wicked witch is gone!! Everyone thanks God except for Katia who realizes she's severely outnumbered.

Connie is all in a huff and Xime sipping on a margarita or something tells her to calm down. She basically says she can't until she gets rid of that circus monkey. Xime worries if she is going to kill Mona.

Mona at work gets a call from Dani saying that Mau sent the Monstranza packing, and we end with her very elated smile.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

En Nombre del Amor, July 29, 2009

Inaki and Paloma meet up at the park. She asks him about his suitcases. He tells her that he no longer will live with his mother and wants them to be together. He gets on bended knee and asks her to marry him. She thinks that they are too young. He says all that matters is that they love each other. She is everything that he has dreamed of. He says things will not be easy, but I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me. They kiss.

Romina cries out to Emiliano that you can't be serious. First my father and now you. Why do men always leave me? Emiliano tries to explain to her that there relationship is not working. But I love you replies Romina and no one will love you more. Emiliano begs her to stop crying. Romina yells out "What do you expect? I don't want to lose you!" He tries to assure that she will not lose him, it's just there relationship will be different from now on. Romina begs him not to leave him. She wants to know what she can do to make him love her. Just please don't leave me. I can't be without you. Please.

Natalia is packing for Alonzo. They discuss Inaki. She tells him that love makes you do crazy things. He asks her if she is talking about Inaki or herself. Natalia tells him that she thanks god that he put you in my path. But I know what it feels like to suffer for love. I know how it feels to love someone and not to be able to be by their side. That's why I know how he feels. Alonzo says all he wants is some time to see if this girl is right for him. Natalia reminds him that love is inpatient and will not wait. You were once young. Try to understand him. You were once apart because of his music. Don't do this over a girl.

Paloma tells Inaki that she wishes she could at this very minute marry him, but Carlota will not let her. Inaki tells her he doesn't care what her aunts say, he wants to get married now. Paloma reminds him that she needs authorization from her aunts since she is underage. And also reminds him that his mom doesn't like her. He tells her that the reason is because of Carlota's visit to his mom. Carlota thinks that I am an opportunist and that I am a bad influence and my mother was offended. That's why she did that. I know that we have obstacles, but we can't let our families get in the way. Paloma tells Inaki that she talked to Emiliano and he said to fight for your love. Inaki suggests that Emiliano and Romina be the padrenos at there wedding.

Emiliano tells Romina to stop crying. He feels bad. Romina again begs him to reconsider and starts kissing him.

Carlota is wondering where Paloma is. Macarena and Rufi tell her that she is perhaps at one of her friends houses. Carlota tells Rufi that she does not need her opinion and to go away. Macarena sticks up for Rufi, but Carlota says that she is a metiche. I know that you both are accompliances of Paloma. She says if it wasn't for her, Paloma would be a disrespectful girl with a bad reputation. Macarena says if you weren't here, Paloma would be a happy girl living like the rest of girls her own age. But also so would I. Carlota insults her and tells Macarena that without her they would be nothing. Macarena says whatever, Paloma is better then you and walks away. Carlota calls Arcadia. Arcadia tells her that Inaki packed up a couple of suitcases and left the house. He went looking for Paloma. Carlota runs to Paloma's room and starts looking thru her things.

Inaki asks for Paloma's decision. She tells him that she wants to study. He tells her whatever she wants. She asks if he will be one of those men that say one thing, but once married would not allow her to do anything. He tells her that all he wants her is to be happy. Do you want to marry me? Paloma asks for some time to think about it. He tells her to send her answer with Rufi tomorrow. They kiss.

Macarena tells Rufi that she's worried about Paloma. Carlota is right. Lately Paloma has been doing things that she normally doesn't do. Rufi tells her that Paloma wants to fly. She is probably with Inaki.

Liliana texts German that she wants to kiss him and adores him. She receives an email that says German is cheating on her with another. She tries to call him, but receives his voicemail.

Romina and Emiliano are on the floor. She promises to change. Camila comes home and comments to Emiliano that she saw him at the bank. Emiliano comments that he hopes his dad gets the loan. He says he has to leave, but Romina begs him to stay. I can't he says and leaves. Romina gets mad at her mother for coming home at the wrong time.

Emiliano leaves Romina's house and looks up into Paloma's window and walks away.

Rafael is excited and hopes that he gets the loan. Diana tries to rain on his parade. He tries to hug her and get a kiss, but she pushes him away. He asks her when is the last time they hugged, kissed or even made love.

Carlota is anxiously waiting for the arrival of Paloma. She spots her coming home and storms downstairs. Carlota questions Paloma on her whereabouts. Macarena comes in and says thank god you are home. We were worried. Carlota again asks Paloma where she was at. Paloma says I wanted to be alone. Is that a sin? Carlota tells her not to be disrespectful. Who were you with? That man? Paloma says, "I told you I wanted to be alone and that's why I didn't tell you." Carlota says when then if you want to be alone go to your room and do not come out for the rest of the evening. You will not be permitted to eat dinner or speak to anyone. Macarena tries to reason with Carlota and says that Paloma has to eat, but Carlota doesn't care. She yells at Paloma to go to her room.

Paloma runs in her room and looks at the picture of her and Inaki. She remembers him asking her to marry him.

Liliana storms into German's office and demands an explanation of the email she received. He reads it and asks if she believes it. Liliana says I don't know, you tell me. German assures her that he would never cheat on her. I am with you because I like you and want to be with you.

Macarena tries to get Paloma to eat something. Paloma refuses because she doesn't want to get her in trouble with Carlota. Macarena wants to know if there is anything she can do for her. Paloma asks her to get her the phone. She calls Romina who acts bitchy with her. Paloma says she was right in making her tell Inaki about his mother. And now he has proposed marriage. Romina is muy impactada.

Inaki goes to visit Emiliano to tell him the good news. He interrupts Emiliano and Orlando talking. Inaki tells Emiliano that he wants him to be the padreno at this wedding with Paloma. Emiliano is impactado. Orlando observes Emiliano's reaction. Inaki asks what's wrong. Are you not happy for us? Of course, you just took me by surprise replies Emiliano. They hug. Inaki tells him that Paloma hasn't said yes yet. Are you sure you want to get married asks Emiliano. Yes without a doubt replies Inaki. Emiliano congradulates him. Inaki leaves and Emiliano has a funny look on his face. Orlando comments to him that he thinks the news his friend gave him affected him more then it should have.

Inaki's parents, Alonzo and Carmen, are talking about him and his decision not to return to the university. Alonzo states that he will do what he has to, to convince Inaki to change his mind.

Macarena goes to visit Camila and asks her if Romina has said anything to her about Paloma's new attitude. She goes on to tell Camila that Paloma left the house today without permission and they do not know where she went. Camila calls Romina down. Macarena apologizes to Camila for bothering her, but knows something serious is going on. Romina overhears this and says your right. Inaki asked her to marry him. Crazy isn't it?

Emiliano tells Orlando that Inaki and Paloma deserve to be happy. "Do you think it's a great idea then about the wedding?" asks Orlando. "Do you think they are making a good decision?" Emiliano says I don't know. Paloma is a wonderful girl. Sensible and beautiful. I know Inaki is in love with her, but I think she is confused. I think that she just wants to leave her house. Emiliano looks up and asks Orlando why he is looking at him that way. Orlando says I think your love problems are not about Romina, but Paloma. What do you mean? What does my relationship with Romina have to do with Paloma asks Emiliano. Orlando says have you questioned your feelings for Paloma. I think you are in love with Paloma.

Inaki goes to German's house and asks if he can stay for a couple of days.

Macarena walks into Paloma's room and asks her if it's true that Inaki proposed to her. Paloma wants to know where she heard that from. Macarena says I just came from Camila's house. Yes, it's true replies Paloma. Are you going to accept him asks Macarena. (the whole time someone is outside listening. One guess as to who it is) Anyway Macarena asks when will she make her decision. Tomorrow replies Paloma. I am suppose to send a letter to him with Rufi. Macarena says you were going to make that decision without consulting me? Why? You know how much I love you and how important you are to me. Paloma apologizes to her and says that she doesn't know what she can and cannot tell her anymore. Because lately she sides with her and others with Carlota. Macarena tells her that it's ludacris to marry at her age. I just wished you would confide in me. Paloma says I don't want to cause problems between you and Carlota. I think this is a decision I have to make on my own. Macarena says I understand, I just wanted to give you my opinion on it like a mother would her daughter.

German and Inaki talk about the marriage proposal and the email that Liliana received. Inaki thinks it's Romina.

Romina is in bed thinking of Paloma. She remembers Emiliano commenting on her beauty, Inaki professing his love for her, Emiliano and Paloma hugging in the street, Inaki hanging from Paloma's balcony and Paloma telling her Inaki asked her to marry her. Romina is very jealous.

Emiliano is dreaming of Paloma.

The nuns give Paloma a certificate of achievement and comment on how wonderful she is. Romina is jealous and makes ugly comments to Paloma.

Carlota calls Arcadia and tells her that she wants her to do something for her.

Inaki is talking to his father. Alonzo thinks that Inaki is making a mistake. All he wants if for Inaki to finish school. Inaki says I can't leave her. That is why I asked her to marry me. Alonzo is impactado and says do you realize the responsibility a marriage entails. Yes. So don't try to dissaude me. I have made my decision replies Inaki. I will marry her as soon as possible. Alonzo tells Inaki that if he goes through with the marriage for him to forget about his businesses and his inheritance. You will no longer receive one cent from me. I understand replies Inaki. You have every right to do what you want yith your businesses and your money. I never came around you because of what you can give me.

Tomorrow: Emiliano tells Meche about his feelings for Paloma and Paloma gives Rufi a letter to give Inaki.


MEPS - Wednesday, July 29 - Camilo falls hook, line and sinker; Barbie vs. Franco; Priscilla vs. Vladimir

* In the car, Damian antagonizes Fey about Franco and his suspicion that Franco isn't the hero that the family proclaims him to be. Damian thinks Franco wants to ruin the family business.

* Steve, Camilo and Lovely continue their discussion - Steve asks Lovely point blank if she is sure that she wants to break off her pre-existing engagement with Sheik Abdul Hassan in order to marry Camilo. Camilo thought bubbles - "say no! say no! say no!" Unfortunately, Lovely doesn't hear the thought bubble and actually tells Steve "Yes, she wants to break it off with Sheik in order to be with Camilo." She bounces over to Camilo to convince him to say yes also. Steve, Camilo and Lovely sit down. Steve then poses the million dollar question to Camilo -- is he willing, ready and able to marry Lovely Norton. Camilo sits, looks at Lovely and Steve and gulps.

* Barbie is in the office, talking on her cell phone with AB about how Franco seems to be taking control of the family away from her. AB wonders if she's losing her grip on the situation - Barbot proclaims no, she can handle him. They discuss Lili - AB proclaims that the Elizalde family will never see Lili again.

* Tomasa welcomes Franco into the hacienda.

* Steve presses Camilo for an answer. Camilo gulps and then with a thought bubble flashback to his brother Anibal ordering him to get married despite Camilo's reservations about marriage as a whole, Camilo tells Steve yes, he will marry Lovely. Lovely is so happy and leaves the room. Steve talks with Camilo about the huge estate Lovely has inherited from her parents. Camilo is wide-eyed and curious about why Steve is telling him all this. Steve says because he is super-protective of his niece as well as her fortune. Camilo assures him not to worry. Steve welcomes Camilo into the Norton family.

* Fey thought bubbles as she sits in her car about playing the dutiful wife of Damian Gallardo as well as being the happy matron of honor for Erika at her wedding to Franco Santoro. She will put a smile on her face and attend the engagement dinner with Erika and Franco.

* In the living room, Damian talks with his mom about what is happening with his cousin Jacomo as well as the family who is investigating him about some past business deal. Mom is worried that he will go to jail. Damian assures her -- or more or less yells -- that he will never go to jail, not ever.

* Franco meets with Gonzo and Barbie in the office. Franco has the ransom money ready to go in the briefcase and will accompany Barbie to the exchange. Gonzo has reservations. Franco assures him not to worry - nothing will happen to his beloved wife or daughter. Barbie thought bubbles to her self - "Get Real! that will never happen as long as I am in control!"

* Steve and Camilo finish their conversation about Lovely's estate and the engagement/wedding. Steve is ready to celebrate. Camilo starts to talk - Steve excuses himself to go find Lovely so she can join them in the celebration. Alone, Camilo laughs to himself.

* Mama walks Damian back to the car and says hello to Fey. She talks with Damian about a specialist. Damian responds. Fey is curious about the specialist. Damian doesn't explain it.

* Steve finds Venus in the back bedroom. He tells her that Camilo has bought the whole entire story about her inheritance and the so-called engagement with Sheik Abdul. Steve is really having a blast at how easy this is going. Then Venus throws cold water on his celebration. She's scared and worried - will she actually have to go through with the marriage? What will happen to her after all this is over? Steve is stunned and flustered by the sudden outburst of worries from Venus. Right now, he only wants them to concentrate on the plan - for Lovely Norton to marry Camilo Elizalde.

* At the hacienda, Damian and Fey arrive outside. Santiago meets them and tells her that dad wants them to have a brief family meeting in the living room. Fey is eager to go - Damian is outraged that she's leaving him for family business again. Fey goes inside with Santiago - leaving Damian to find his way back to the bedroom by himself.

* Jacinto gathers up the map and his stuff. Margie kisses him and blesses him for luck before he leaves. He assures her that he and Franco know the plan and he will be careful. He leaves. She prays to the Virgin to protect Jacinto.

* At the family meeting, Gonzo explains to Fey and Santi that Franco will be going with Barbie to the exchange.

* Lili talks with her phantom friend Ciro - this time she shows him the photo of Ana Gregorio. Ciro remarks on her beauty. AB enters - Ciro tells Lili to remain calm - AB scolds Lili for entering his office and taking his mom's photo without permission.

* Franco puts the briefcase in the trunk of his car. Fey tells him she's worried - Gonzo is also. Franco assures them both of Lili's safety. He and Barb climb into the car and drive away.

* Vladimir spooks Priscilla in the parking garage again. The pest begs her for five minutes to talk. She reluctantly agrees.

* Flor is back at work as receptionist - per Fey's instructions. Anibal is angry that he wasn't informed or consulted. He stomps off to his office.

* Priscilla and Vladimir sit in her car. She explains to him yet again to leave her alone. He sputters about their baby - she tells him point blank, again, that this is hers and ANIBAL's baby - Anibal is the only father this baby will ever have. Vladimir won't accept it. Vladimir threatens to show Priscilla just how obsessive compulsive he really is on this subject. He climbs out. She sighs.

* Franco and Barb arrive at the first location. They climb out of the car and look around. Barb points down the cliff to the rowboat tied up to the pier on the riverbank. Franco suspects this is a trap - everything is way too well thought out - too elaborate of a ransom scheme. They discuss his suspicions. She wonders about his reasons for being there; he has no connection to Lili or the family really. Franco doesn't answer the accusations, only reveals his suspicions about her direct involvement in Lili's kidnapping.

* AB tells Lili about his mom - how beautiful her smile was until it disappeared. He notes that Lili once had that smile and how it has disappeared over the years also. AB says that Lili isn't crazy at all; he wonders how much she knows of his mother, Ana Gregoria.

* Barb scolds Franco for convincing Gonzo that he cares - Franco shoots back with his own suspicions about her reasons for caring about Gonzo and Lili. Barb claims that she's actually worried about her step-daughter. She becomes defensive against Franco's attacks and suspicions. They exchange insinuations and threats about the ranson - how they could team up and split it between them both. That's when Barbie spouts about whether she'll be sharing it with Franco Santoro or his real identity.

* On the slope, along the tree line, Jacinto stops to check his map before continuing.

* Obregon, in his little hiding place among the rock groupings, holds tight to the dock line of the little rowboat in the water below.

* Barbinator continues to expose her suspicions about Franco as an impostor. Franco sighs and walks back to the car. Barb is relentless and he snaps back at her about breaking and entering his home to investigate him. She tries to get him to tell her who he is. They climb back into the car.

* Obregon continues to watch the boat from his hiding place in the rocks.

* Vladimir arrives at the hacienda to meet with Damian. Tomasa shows him inside.

* Flor greets Priscilla at the office. She tells her that Ani is alone in his office.

* Sitting in the car, Franco and Barbie continue their war of words. He presses her to reveal any proof she has to back up her suspicions about his identity. She blasts back with questions about his secret affair with Fey.

* Gonzo meets with Fey in the office. They discuss how Franco is the family hero and savior. Gonzo says that it's almost like Franco has always been a member of the family.

* Vladimir meets with his "Godfather" Damian Gallardo in the bedroom. Vladimir is desperate and wants Damian to help him win over Priscilla.

* Anibal and Priscilla have a heated argument about Vladimir. Priscilla presses and orders him to fire the guy. He reminds her that she pressed him to hire Vladimir in the first place. She wants Vladimir fired immediately. Anibal says she's hormonally charged and refuses. Priscilla finally is so frustrated that she comes out and tells her hubby that it wasn't Flor who leaked the files to Jaime Cordero - it was Vladimir all along and for that reason Vladimir has to be fired.

* Jacinto quietly sneaks up on Obregon at the rock grouping.

* Franco stops at the next place on the road. They continue with round two of their battle of wits and insinuations about his identity. Barbie threatens him about his identification papers and his sudden presence at Fey's wedding. The battle continues. Franco chuckles with her unfounded insinuations. Then she smacks him with the fact that she actually saw him and Fey kissing at the summer house. He gulps!

ADVANCE -- Barbinator vs. Santoro - the great debate continues...


En Nombre del Amor Tuesday July 28. Eau de Protagonista means never wondering whether she’s worth all the trouble.

Repeat: Two-faced Carmen disses Paloma, then acts sweet when Iñaki shows up. They and Romina all chit-chat awkwardly, Iñaki not grasping that Paloma and his mother have not hit it off. After Paloma and Romina leave, Carmen tells Iñaki that Pal is pretty but not his type. He swears she’s perfect for him.

Romina is furious and wants Paloma to tell Iñaki what a liar meanie his mother is. Paloma is just upset and can’t understand why Carmen hates her so much.

Macarena and Rufi are in the kitchen fretting about Paloma. Rufi assures Mac that Paloma will get over her anger and things will return to normal; it’s just that young girls in love feel like their world will end if they can’t be with their novios. Mac is afraid that as soon as Paloma is 18 she’ll leave with Iñaki and never return. Rufi thinks that would be great for Paloma, to get away from Carlota and be in love and happy. Mac says sometimes love isn’t enough.

Diana tries to start off Rafael’s day with indigestion, as he eats his breakfast and she gripes at him for not having made coffee for her, which is a natural lead-in to talking about how she thinks Romina is perfect for their son because she’s pretty and rich. Rafael thinks Romina and Emiliano aren’t getting along so well, but Diana thinks money can fill any relationship void. Rafael is offended that she thinks their marriage would be different if they had more money.

Emiliano takes Chava shopping for new shoes.

Romina actually shows up for her meeting with Angélica. She is serious about that birthday party. Not serious enough to pretend to have any interest in school, however. Romina says she is rich and won’t need to work, so what’s the difference? Angé suggests that there are reasons to work other than economic necessity. Romina isn’t interested. Angélica says she’s in danger of failing, and if her grades don’t improve she’ll have to report the situation to Camila.

Meche visits the Little Shop of Art and is warmly greeted by Camila. Cami first suggests three days of cleaning per week, but when Meche says she is available for more time and is willing to do anything, Camila senses her need and says she’ll find more work to keep her busy.

Emiliano encounters Iñaki, who is heading out with his résumé to look for work, and says he’s jealous of Iñaki for being so smitten that he’s willing to endure so many obstacles to be with his lady love. Emiliano wishes he had someone he felt that way about. “So things aren’t great with Romina?” asks Iñaki. “Not good, not bad,” says Emiliano. He doesn’t think their relationship will last long.

Paloma spaces out in math class, wondering why everyone is so against her relationship with Iñaki and why his mother lied, and is chastised by the nun.

Macarena is in church, praying for guidance as to whether she’s doing the right things for Paloma, and worrying that Paloma isn’t mature enough to deal with the world on her own if she leaves, and asking for help accepting Paloma’s leaving if that is best for her. Wow, it’s like she actually understands what prayer is for, unlike Cruelota, who seems to believe that the Lord is her personal henchman.

Carmen sits in the pew behind Macarena and also prays. She acknowledges that she’s behaving poorly to Iñaki, but thinks it’s for the best and pleads that he won’t ruin his life with foolishness. At the priest’s prompting, Carmen and Macarena pass the peace, not realizing they are at war.

Iñaki walks all over town looking for work.

Romina sits in a tree in a most unladylike manner and gripes to Paloma about that metiche school psychologist. Paloma begs Romina to try to pass her midterms.

Carlota quizzes Macarena as to the effectiveness of her new medicine. Mac says some days she feels good, and other days it seems like it does nothing at all. Carlota says she’s going to pick up Paloma at school; she thinks Paloma’s current resigned attitude is hiding the fact that she’s scheming (tramar = to scheme) something. Macarena says the only one scheming is Carlota, and she’s going along to the school.

Romina and Paloma are somehow still finishing lunch, although Mac and Cruel are in route for fetching, and Romina begs Paloma to help her study for the exams. There are mentions of making an acordeón (accordion), which I’m guessing is some kind of note system? Paloma agrees to help. Then she worries some more about the situation with Iñaki and says she doesn’t want to cause problems between him and his mother.

Iñaki takes a phone call from Romina on his way into Germán’s office. We don’t get to hear it but he says, “fine.” Then he reports to Germy that his dad wouldn’t give him a job because he wants him to finish his degree, but the only thing that matters to him is Paloma. He gives Germy his résumé and asks whether Germ’s company might have a job opening, and Germy says he’ll see what he can do.

Emiliano tells Orlando he has some ideas to help them get the loan they need, but enough about business, he’s having problems with Romina. Orly is all ears. Emiliano says he isn’t in love with her so he thinks he should end things rather than leading her on, but he doesn’t know how to go about it because he doesn’t want to hurt her and ruin her birthday party. Probably he just fears for his life. Orlando says there will always be some excuse to put it off, and he should just get it over with.

Cruelota and Macarena walk Paloma home from school, and she thinks they’re more like prison wardens than company. As they reach their gate, Romina calls to Paloma asking for homework help. Mac lets Paloma go and gets an icy glare from Cruel.

Paloma walks into Romina’s house and is surprised to find Iñaki there. He says Romina told him that Paloma had something to say to him about his mother. Paloma is stunned into silence.

After the break, Iñaki insists that she tell him what is going on. Paloma excuses herself for a moment to hiss at Romina for meddling in her affairs. Romina is unrepentant and says it’s for her own good. Paloma goes back to Iñaki and twitches and stutters, but eventually tells him what his mother said. He looks very sad.

In her room, Romina rants that Paloma doesn’t appreciate her help. She calls Emiliano at work, leads off with sweet talk, then whines about her problems until he tells her he’s busy and doesn’t have time to talk.

Carlota gripes to Macarena about Paloma spending time with Romina. She’d prefer that Paloma be friends with that nice young man she hand-picked, Aron. Mac says that God gives you your family, but you get to pick your friends, so it doesn’t matter who Carlota wants Paloma to befriend. Then, as always, their conversation devolves into the usual insultfest regarding Paloma’s not following in her mother’s footsteps and what she’d think of Macarena if she knew the truth. Also it seems Carlota is still mad that Javier didn’t marry the woman Carlota wanted him to marry, and everything bad that happened to him was because he didn’t follow Carlota’s orders.

Paloma tells Iñaki she agrees with his parents; he should finish his schooling. He says it’s his decision and he wants to stay in México with her. He doesn’t think a long distance relationship would work, and he loves her. Paloma says she loves him, too (when did she come to that decision?) but doesn’t think he should risk his future. She breaks up with him and says if he still thinks of her after the year in Spain, he should come back to her. She runs out and he chases her into the street, calling her name. Poor Iñaki is not having a good day.

Camila runs into Rafael at the bank. He tells her he’s there for a loan because his partner wants out of the ceramics business. She wishes him luck and says she admires those who fight for what they want. He starts to bring up the idea of her investing in his business, but stops himself. She looks thoughtful.

Inés is for some reason at Diana’s house, raving about what a perfect happy couple Diana and Rafael are, and Diana is turning up her pert little nose at the nerve of some people, who dare to be divorced. Watch out for that anvil, Di. Inés reminds her that one reaps what one sows.

Paloma sits in the park crying and watching a happy couple kissing. Emiliano sits on the other side of the fountain, with the happy couple blocking his view of Paloma.

Iñaki confronts his mother about her meddling in his life. She admits to her complicity with Carlota and tells him that Carlota thinks he’s a mediocre musician (how would she know? Has she been listening to his music on the internet which she won’t allow in her home because they have books there and that’s good enough?) Carmen says she just wants what’s best for him. He says he loves Paloma and he isn’t giving up so easily. From the captions, I learn that a door slam is called a portazo.

Rufi reports to Macarena that Paloma isn’t at home and Romina doesn’t know where she is. They nudge and wink and think she must be with Iñaki.

When Paloma stands up, Emiliano sees her and rushes over to ask what’s wrong. He gives her a really long hug. His phone rings and he glances at the display, looks disgusted, and ignores the call.

Romina is at home, actually studying. Well, studying magazines, anyway. She calls Germy, who is in a restaurant with Liliana and her parents eating espagueti. He must not care about making a good impression on the suegros, because he answers the call at the table, but tells Romi he’ll have to call her back later. Romi throws a fit. She starts composing an email to Liliana.

Paloma apologizes for always needing comforting from Emiliano, but says that she trusts him. He says she’s welcome to keep leaning on him. Emiliano recommends that she and Iñaki strive to have what they want and not give in to the pressure. He sounds like he’s struggling a bit as he tells her not everyone is lucky enough to have such a strong love, and the music crescendos to tell us that this is a Spark of Something Special and she kisses him on the cheek and says goodbye. As she walks away he stares at her and touches his cheek, then looks conflicted.

Romina is not happy to hear that Camila had the nerve to encounter Rafael at the bank, but is appeased when Camila says she went to the bank to make the deposit on the space for Romi’s party.

Cruelota yells at Mac and Rufi because she doesn’t have control of absolutely everything in the whole world. Specifically, because Paloma is out.

Iñaki packs a suitcase and tells Carmen he’ll find a friend to stay with. Paloma calls him and he rushes off to meet her.

Emiliano tells Romina they have to talk about something very serious.

Paloma and Iñaki meet by the fountain and hug and kiss. Paloma asks what’s up with the suitcases. Iñaki asks Paloma to marry him.

Avances: Carlota schemes her evil schemes.


Mañana es Para Siempre, Tuesday, July --Ep #115: We move about a millimeter down the road to resolution.

Our first bit of new material tonight is the continuation of the conversation between Lili, Artemio, and Dead!Ciro. Lili says that Eduardo is going to come save her. Artemio is surprised to hear Eddie's name. Ciro notices this and points it out, adding that it sounds like Artemio knows who Eddie is. Artemio says that Eddie is dead and asks if she didn't know. Ciro wonders why Artemio is saying this if it's not true. Lili explains that she sees Eduardo, but other people don't see him even when he's right in front of them. That's hilarious--I love the way she's being honest, but it still sounds like she's nuts. Artemio asks if she's seen him, but Ciro warns her not to answer, so she doesn't. Artemio wants to know where she's seen him, but Ciro tells her to be careful. Lili replies that there's no danger, because Eduardo is the White King (she picks up the chess piece for illustrative purposes). She smiles fondly and Ciro nods his approval.

Fernanda tells Santiago that they need to come up with a way to find Aurora. Santi says he's going to go to Pueblo Purificación as soon as the situation with Lili is cleared up. "Someone there must know who that man is!" Santi says that Barbie offered her help and said that if anything bad happens to Aurora it's all Barbie's fault. He's enthusiastic, but Fernanda reminds him that they have more than enough ("de sobra") reasons not to trust Evil Barbie (whoo, and she doesn't even know the half of what Evil Barbie has done!). Fer gets him to promise that he's not going to say anything else…to who, exactly? Oh, Barbie. Fer is sure that Barbie is behind all the bad stuff ("desgracias") that's been happening to the family.

Barbie chews out Obregon for calling her and asking about the drop plan, etc. He wonders what's going to happen if he doesn't give Lili back. Barbie says that it won't make any difference to him whether Lili comes home or not, that she'll give him enough money to hide. "But if you ask one more impertinent question, I'll forget our deal and you'll be poorer than a dead rat!" Obregon agrees to follow orders. Barbie reminds him to scram once he gets his money.

Fernanda calls Flor from her room (with Damian sleeping in the bed). She apologizes for not calling earlier, but fills Flor in that the whole thing is down to Jaime Correa. She tells her to get her uniform on and get back to her old job. No, Flor! Don't do it! Be free! Fer says they all owe her a big apology, especially Anibal.

Who is currently listening to Camilo complain about not wanting to get married. Hey, there, Sunkist, you're no prize either. Anibal reminds him that they've already talked about this, so just git 'r done. Camilo says he'd rather die. Ooh, the line starts here, orange boy, be careful what you wish for! Anibal says dying will be the only useful thing he can do if the deal with Power Milk caves. Camilo says it's no big deal…someone else will help them out. Anibal says now that Camiii's gotten so bold ("envalentonado") he'll just go tell daddy to forget about the help Steve and Franco are giving them with the Liliana situation. Camilo whines some more about not wanting to get married. Anibal kind of mocks Cami for thinking he could take Norton's niece home and get some and says now he's just pissed that things didn't go the way he wanted. Camilo agrees, but says it's not faaaaair that he should have to get married because of it. Anibal sagely advises that he think of it as a business deal--"You marry her, we get their support, get Lili back to the clinic, and you can divorce her the following week." Anibal offers him a bonus for, um, "helping" the company with an international deal. Scumbag. Camilo says he's scaaaaared of marriage. Anibal says it has its advantages and it's how Camilo is going to get what he wanted in the first place. He says "just think, you'll get to marry a virgin" and then something about how that's going to come into play when he asks for the divorce--if someone else caught this let me know. Otherwise I read it all as "assholery, assholery, assholery, cat butt."

Venus is likewise panicking to Martina that she might actually have to marry this guy. Steve's blasé reaction to the news that Camilo is ready to put his head on the chopping block only reinforced her fears. She called Martina so they could work out what Venus should do.

Franco hands over the ginormous wad of cash to Gonzalo. Gonzalo promises they'll return the money as quickly as they can. Gonzalo says he feels like he owes Liliana something and he's not going to be able to pay it back while she lives. He feels guilty for her being locked up for so long. Franco hands Gonzo his glasses and says he's sure Gonzo will have a chance to make things right. Gonzalo thanks Franco for giving him the opportunity to see his daughter again and tell her how much she means to him. He says he's infinitely grateful to Franco. Franco asks for a favor. He thinks it's too risky to let Barbie hand over the money alone. Gonzo agrees, but says Barbie's so brave that she's willing to do anything to rescue Lili. Franco says that the president of Power Milk has placed a condition on the handing over of the money. Ha! I love it! These people are so pathetic that he can make them do anything just so they won't lose the PM money. The alleged condition is that Franco go with Barbie. Gonzalo is relieved and says he'll feel much better about staying home if Franco is with her. Oh, he's so fickle. Didn't he mistrust him about ten outfits back because of something Barbie told him? It's like someone hits the reset button on this guy every morning--must be those special sleepytime drops from Barbie. The devil herself walks in. Gonzo announces that the money is here. Barbie thanks Franco. Gonzo breaks it to her that Franco is going with her. She looks like she'd really like to rip his head off with her bare hands, but she has to hold herself back.

Barbie reminds Franco that disobeying Obregon's orders could get Lili killed. Franco says there's always a risk with these situations, but he's also worried about Barbie's life in addition to Lili's. Franco says everything points to Obregon having the help of criminals ("delincuentes") in the kidnapping. He holds his hands out as if to say "how are you going to argue with me now?"

Fernanda skulks around downstairs before heading out the front door. Priscila sees her leave.

Venus asks Martina what she should do if Camilo comes back and says he wants to marry her by "all three laws" ("los tres leyes"). After considerable research…ok, ok, I looked at one site…this seems to refer to (1) civil, (2) church, and there are several suggestions about the third one being "by force," ("por fuerza") "because you're an idiot," ("por tonto") or "for love" ("por amor"). So, "por lo civil, por la iglesia, y por" one of the other three. Boy, I sure hate trying to explain why these things are funny. My thought is that she should forget about the "tres leyes" and just have some "tres leches cake." What? It was funnier in my head. Anyway, Martina says Venus should Just Say No and be done with it. Venus doesn't think that'll be so easy, after all she told Steve she'd stick with ("atorar") the plan until the end. What worries her most is…Martina surmises that it's that Venus is falling in love with El Gringo Esteve. Oh, just wait till he brings her home to mama, what a fun time that will be.

Said Gringo is talking to himself about how well Venus is carrying out the plan and how excited she was about having Camilo come and ask for her hand ("la pedida de mano"). "So why does it bother you!?" He shouts at himself. While also slapping himself. Which was weird. Esteve mutters that it's absurd…"Venus would never fall in love with a bland ("desabrido") gringo like you. Eets a fact." I swear, I'm welling up. Esteve may be a lot of things, but I wouldn't call him bland. His screwing with Camilo has been one of the highlights of some otherwise dull episodes. Pobre Esteve! Come on, man, if anyone deserves a hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold, it's you!

Barbie asks if Franco is suggesting they think like the criminals he assumes Obregon is working with. Franco babbles about the "experts" saying that's the thing to do. Franco says he's been trying to do this since he heard about the whole thing. Barbie tries to argue, but Franco says those criminals have already figured out that Gonzalo would do anything to get his daughter back. "Sir, how much do you think they'd ask you to pay for your wife's freedom?" Oh, nicely done! He has some good points there. Or he would if it was someone other than creepy little Obregon waiting for them. Franco says if she goes alone, she'll be vulnerable and they aren't going to miss an opportunity to take advantage of it. Barbie thinks he's exaggerating, but Gonzo doesn't. This is why sometimes it's not wise to be too good at your job. Gonzo says those cruel people ("desalmados") aren't going to be satisfied if they could get double what they've already asked for. Barbie says she's not thinking like a criminal, but like Lili's mommy, and she's scared of what they could do to her baby. Franco says he agrees they need to be careful. He says his objective as their friend is for them to be reunited with Lili as quickly as possible. However, as a representative of Power Milk, he can't run the risk ("correr el riesgo") of losing Lili, Barbie, AND the $3M.

Dead!Ciro reminds Lili that chess is a game that lets one manifest one's imagination, character, and willpower. One must plan, and have a touch of fantasy. He's interrupted by Artemio coming to look for Liliana. She suddenly looks at him and asks who he is. He says it doesn't matter right now. Lili says he looks like her daddy. She touches his face as she says this.

Franco walks out to his car, where Santi was waiting in the back seat form him. Santi said he needed to tell Franco that Fer wants to talk to him, but he didn't want Daddy or stepmommy to know. Santi directs him to drive and he'll tell him where they're going on the way.

Lovely is all ready to go see Tio Esteve. Complete with a totally pimpin' panama hat. Cami wants to know why she wants to marry him. She has him feel her boobs, uh, chest, that is, and asks if he can feel. He says his heart flies out of his chest every time he sees her. She tells him to leave his hand there and feel what happens when he kisses her. They suck face quite enthusiastically, complete with "hm, hm"-s from Camilo. I wouldn't call it moaning, exactly. Maybe more like grunting. Venus has to push him off her. She reminds him that she wants to make him happy, but he's going to be waaaaay happier on their wedding night. The first man and the last one.

Santi has brought Franco to the barn to meet Fer. The smolder at each other while Franco has an Ed recollection of he and Fer playing capture the flag. He remembers that she made him promise they'd love each other their whole lives. Back in the present, they're still smoldering at each other. Fer says this place has some of the best memories of her childhood, well, of her life. She says she wanted to talk about the Lili situation. Franco says that he tried his best to get Barbie to take him with her to the drop-off and she tried her best to get him not to go. Now he's convinced that she planned the whole kidnapping. Fer agrees, but she doesn't think that her dad will believe it, even if they had pictures of Barbie dragging Lili off by the hair. Franco says if everything goes as planned, they will not only get Lili back, but they'll also show Gonzo who his beloved Hyena really is.

Artemio shows Lili into his study. She goes over to the window. Artemio says this is going to be her house for a long time. He invites her to have a seat, which she does. She takes a look at an old picture in a frame on his desk. Artemio says the woman in the picture is the bridge between him and Lili. He says the woman in the picture is his mother, Ana Gregoria Bravo. Lili looks like this rings some kind of bell. Or maybe she's just confused and half-drugged, who can tell with her.

Fernanda says she trusts Franco and she's sure everything will go well. He takes his leave, shaking her hand. Pris, we presume, saw the handshake. Franco, as he is about to walk off, gets distracted by the sight of his old flag. Fer smiles, saying it's what's left of Eduardo's flag and what a coincidence, since Eduardo is the one who brought Franco into her life. Fer says Franco is like an angel and she doesn't know what she'd do without him. She gives him a big 'ol hug, which Priscila does witness. While chomping on some straw. I know pregnant ladies get cravings and all, but I would have figured Priscila for something a little more upscale.

Lovely reminds Caaaami that she knows all the ways, repeat, ALL the ways of making a man happy. However, there's one thing she won't tolerate--him marrying her out of obligation. They make quite the couple, visually speaking, with him in all black and her in all white. Lovely says he'd better consider what he's going to do carefully, because she'll be all his and she expects the same from him.

Fernanda tells Franco she feels peaceful around him, she feels like time stops. Then Erika calls. And Franco runs away. As Fer starts talking to Erika, Pris sneaks out of the barn. Erika says that from Fer's voice, it sounds like she had quite a night! "Did what needed to happen happen?" Fer says now isn't a good time. She needs to give Damian his medication. Erika says Franco asked her parents for her hand last night and she wants Fer to be matron of honor.

Priscila goes to report to Damian, but so far all she has is that Fer and Franco talked in the library, something about the community center. Then she saw Fer leave the house and she followed her. She met with Franco in the barn, they talked. "But what did you see!?" Pris finally admits that they hugged. She's confused, because Erika and Franco are going to get married and Erika and Fer are like sisters. Fer walks in and Pris lies that she heard Damian calling and came in to see how he was. She asks how the Lili situation is going and says she's sure everything will be ok. She leaves and Damian starts bugging her about where she's been. Fer says they've been invited to dinner with Erika and Franco so that Erika can officially ask her to be the maid of honor. To paraphrase from Spaceballs "Why do you always have to officially ask something after you ask it, just ask it!"

Gardenia comes into the living room to tell Camilo and Lovely that Esteve will be with them in a minute. She recongizes Venus, but is so disgusted that all she can say is "no lo puedo creer!" before walking off. Camilo is so dense he doesn't note anything strange about that reaction from Gardenia. Venus just smirks.

Fernanda gives Damian his pill and a glass of water while telling him that it will be just the four of them at dinner and that she told Erika that she would check with Damian before giving her official "yes". I'm having a hard time not getting my eyes stuck in the back of my head from rolling them so much. Damian asks why they're getting married. Fer says she supposes for the same reason all couples get married, "because they love each other." I would think by now she wouldn't believe that load of horse manure, but anyway. Damian is suspicious about how they fell in love so quickly. Fer says it must have been love at first sight. Damian says he's going to enjoy dinner, then, especially when they tell their great love story. He whines that he needs to get dressed and go to Mommy's house. She nags him about needing to rest, so he screams at her "I want to get dressed, are you going to help me or not?!"

One bit of confusion from last night that I wanted to clear up--the story about the dead cousin and the loan to Mommy was just the story that Damian was telling Fernanda. What Mommy was telling him was that his cousin saw the son of some lady who's asking for an investigation to be re-opened. Damian objected that the lady in question was dead, but Mommy said that it's her son making the request and that Damian's cousin said it wasn't going to look good for Damian.

Franco comes over to Mag and Jacinto's house. Margarita's out at the market. Franco holds up a piece of paper and tells Jacinto that all the details are on it.

Esteve comes into the living room, appropriately suited. Lovely says that she and Cami have something to tell him. Esteve tells Lovely to sit down, which she does, pulling Cami onto the couch with her. Esteve says he's listening. Cami has a hard time getting it out, but he eventually says that he and lovely are engaged. Oh! Wrong, dude! The way Esteve's been acting, you would think Camilo would realize that they're not engaged until he gets Esteve's permission. Esteve is pissed and asks Lovely if it's true. She says Camilo declared his feelings and she accepted. Esteve now wants to know what she plans to do with "Abdul Hassan." Who? Esteve says that Abdul Hassan is Lovely's betrothed ("comprometido"). Camilo looks pissed and Lovely looks radiant.

Fernanda struggles to get Damian's shoes on. She gets done and then passes him his crutches. She asks if it's so urgent for him to see his Mom and suggests that she come there and visit him. He says she needs him and the Elizaldes aren't the only people that stuff happens to. Only he's a lot more insulting and screechy when he says it. He gripes that his mommy needs him and reminds her that when their damn "cook" got sick and died it ruined their whole wedding, so she should be a little more understanding that his mommy needs help. That's the gist of it anyway. More screaming, more insults, "only your problems are important". Then, "are you taking me or do I have to call a cab?" I hope he falls down the stairs and lands with his neck at an unfortunate angle.

What Franco brought to Jacinto is a map of the dropoff point. It's going down in two hours. Franco says in case of any problems, go to Esteve. Franco says everything is going to go fine. Jacinto replies "me canso, ganso", which means, "of course," but how that has anything to do with tired geese is beyond me.

Esteve explains that when Lovely was born, her parents made an agreement with the Sultan of Brunei that when Lovely turned 23 she would marry his son, the aforementioned Abdul Hassan. Camilo thinks this is funny. Esteve says "that guy" owns half the petroleum in the Persian Gulf. "Seriously." And after her parents' tragic death, he had to manage her inheritance and send her to a school in London where all the future wives of all Middle Eastern royalty are educated. Lovely reminds Camilo that she mentioned it to him before. Esteve says that Lovely was the best student in her class and Abdul Hassan is waiting to marry her so she can become Princess of Brunei. Just for giggles, I looked it up, and the Sultan's eldest son, the crown prince Al-Muhtadee Billah is already married to one wife and has a son. He's also a pool and snooker enthusiast. Sadly, no one has taught Camilo how to take advantage of Wikipedia.

There is also, apparently, a clause in Lovely's parents' will that says that if Lovely falls in love with someone else before she marries Abdul Hassan, then Steve has the authority to break off the engagement so that she can be happy with the man she truly loves. And after the wedding, she gets her whole inheritance. Camilo is kind of giggling as he starts to ask Steve something, but Steve yells at him for not taking it seriously. Dude, you invoked the son of the Sultan of Brunei…how the hell are we supposed to take it seriously? He asks if Camilo thinks this is all a joke. He says that his niece's future depends on the decision they make. Steve calls Lovely over to him, takes her hand, and asks her if she truly loves Camilo. Lovely nods that she does, then says she loves him like she never imagined she would love anyone in her life. Steve asks if Camilo loves Lovely. Camilo's response, "uh, yeah." So, Steve asks, Are you prepared to marry her?

Fernanda drives Damian to his Mommy's house. Her phone starts ringing, but she doesn't answer it. Damian gives her crap about not answering her phone when she's already got the handsfree connected. She answers it to spite him. It's Erika, of course, who can't make it five minutes without calling to gossip about something. Yeah, I'm being unkind. If the whole thing between her and Franco were really legit, I wouldn't blame her for being so happy she has to gush to her BFF about it every five minutes. But she knows damn well that Franco is a man who comes with a lot of baggage and that he isn't even in love with her, so really, all this enthusiasm on her part is just too much. Fernanda tells Erika that Damian agreed and she just needs the date and time and they'll be at dinner. After she hangs up, Damian asks her if she thinks Erika and Franco are really in love. He thinks it's funny that Fer and Erika haven't gossiped over it already. He thinks they're getting married so that Franco can be close to whatever it is he's really after. Fer says she doesn't understand. Damian says that's because she hasn't wanted to pay attention. And right there is where my DVR cut off, sorry! So I have no idea how the conversation ended or what we have to look forward to tomorrow.


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