Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sortilegio, 10/30/09: More Plots In This Pot, But a Pot-Boiler It’s Not!

Capítulo 24?

First, a less-than riveting 5 minute review from the night before from the story that has brought Viewerville a whole new meaning to the term “I.D. theft”: At work, Fernando advises Alejandro to leave his feelings for Mary Jo aside and try a bit of objective analysis of the situation since he’s still found nothing to prove his belief that it was Bruno behind it all. Alex insists he knows Bruno is clever and he still feels it was Bruno who sent someone to have him killed. Back at the estate, as Bruno looks on, Victoria explains her reasons to Hernan for convincing Alex to be re-examined for possible after-effects of head-trauma. Bruno broadly hints that it would be easier to just have him thrown in the looney-bin and be done with it. Once Hernan leaves to speak with Alex, Victoria forbids Bruno to go anywhere near Mary Jo again. Over at Maura’s, meanwhile, she and her kid sister, Lissete, are playing a game of “operator” with their houseguest, Ulises. The gossip is that Mary Jo must have had an accomplice to help her trick Alex into marrying her and Alex doesn’t realize it. They determine it had to be a lover and since they have no idea who it could be, the three of them maliciously decide to invent one for her.

At the same time, MJ has been telling Paula and Pedro how Alex lied and told Vicki that he was only imagining Bruno was trying to kill him rather than have his mother continue to feel anxious and upset over the situation. Pau can’t believe he’d back down like that, but Pedro thinks it’s fine and proves the guy has a good heart. Mary Jo couldn’t have found a better man than Alex. (Talk about your convoluted thinking.) Pau thinks Mary Jo and Alex would be better off going far away to be rid of Bruno but Mary Jo reminds her that Alex is the one in charge of the family business and has too many responsibilities. Pau says then expect Bruno to continue to harass them [fregar].

Across the way, Raquel is suffering from a major hangover. Roberto, aka Bobo, wonders where she went to get drunk this time. Raquel complains about having to go to some night club by herself because none of the clique was around.
He tells her he was gambling with Uli till all hours. She wonders why she and Bobo don’t ever hang out together anymore since she is pretty and has a good body. (More convoluted brain activity.) He reminds her that it’s over between them and she needs to just accept it. When she asks why, he tells her it’s because her personality is so repulsive no man could stand her. She mentions she’s got needs (like any other self-respecting shrew, I suppose). His answer is to find another man to get her jollies with, but to make sure she’s discreet so her family doesn’t find out. She’d rather get divorced. He says fine, but to remember he’s the poor one in this gruesome two-some and she’d have to come up with the alimony. In the meantime, he can’t be bothered since Uli is waiting for him in the Jacuzzi. He waves bye and leaves her to keep company with her hung-over, obnoxious self.

Back at Pedro’s bungalow, Mary Jo admits to the others that she and Alex have been doing the horizontal mambo for a while now. Of course, this is her explanation: Alex says they are now “legitimately” married as they’ve been living together for a time and neither one officially contested the marriage. Paula is in 7th Heaven since her address at #1 Easy Street has just been guaranteed. A church wedding would drop the key right into her hands. Mary Jo says unassumingly that she hasn’t dared mention a church wedding to Alex at this point.

Out by the pool, Uli and Bobo are jawboning in the Jacuzzi. Aside from arguing with Raquel for the umpteenth time, Bobo’s real angst, he admits, is due to the huge debt he ran up gambling the night before. Uli warns him he needs to stop gambling because even though Alex always covers his debts, there will come a time when he will eventually get tired of it. Talk turns to Bruno’s proposition. Bobo says he’s not interested. He isn’t a killer and besides, he likes the affluent Alex as a BIL. Uli still wants to find out what’s behind it all and says listening isn’t against the law. These two make plans to eat supper together in the evening. Bobo though, seems sorely disappointed it’s not a lunch date instead.

Somewhere on the grounds of the estate, Pau tells Mary Jo she’s nervous about taking the entrance exam for the computer school. She doesn’t want to fail since Alex is giving her such a great opportunity. FF>>

In the kitchen, Ezequial, aka Zeke, gripes to Felipa about Chucho. She advises him to be tolerant of the old guy, especially since he did save Sr. Alex’s life. Chucho shows up just as Raquel enters the kitchen. Felipa is telling him he’ll be in charge of taking care of Mary Jo’s family. Raquel is not about to let the Samaniego’s have a servant of their own, but Felipa says she’s the one who assigns house duties for She Who Oversees the Management of the Manse, la Sra. Victoria. Raquel says not today. Chucho, who just loves rockin’ with that “I saved the life of Sr. Alex” mantra, for once fails to mention this claim to fame when Bobo’s badgering b!tch comes in and decides to give them grief. She pushes the old dude out the back door of the kitchen with a supercilious “scram” and then turns around to ask them if there are any objections. Felipa says coolly that she hasn’t any, but Sr. Alex might.

Upstairs Bruno, aka Broodo, is back to his old tricks. He bangs on Mary Jo’s door and demands to talk to her. She races to lock the door and then runs out her balcony window, leaving him making a grand ruckus out in the hall till Zeke comes by and interrupts. Broodo is caught in the act and races away screaming at Zeke that nothing’s going on. He rushes angrily into his room and calls the company attorney, Licenciado Alvarez, to come to the house to “meet with him privately about an urgent matter.”

Chucho runs into Mary Jo near the lake. They’re both bored (join the crowd). The two have a nice little chat about what he used to do for a living before he came there to work. Zzzzz. FF>>

Meanwhile, we find that Raquel, Mau and Lis are back at the spa, getting a facial this time. (Talk about environmental pollution! If you ever need an example of a waste of perfectly good oxygen…) Raqui wants to make sure the others don’t say anything to anyone about what she told them the night before about Mary Jo. (Like the servants don’t gossip when they overhear these gabfests?) They discuss a possible reason Alex would have believed Mary Jo and not thrown her out by now. Mau wonders if she could be blackmailing him. Lis considers the more dramatic possibility that MJ could have told Alex some bloodcurdling story about her being threatened with the death of her family and he, with his heart of gold, would of course want to protect her. Mau says sure, by taking her to bed. Lis tells her that the two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Mau doesn’t like the sound of that one bit.

Hernan persuades Alex to do the medical tests if for no other reason than to rule out delirium if he still has his doubts about Bruno. It will also stop Vicki from worrying about him. They agree for him to take them in Mexico City.

Paula passes her entrance exams and talks Erick --whose choice in outfits is as...uh...colorful as his choice in undies--into giving her a driving lesson. She kids around and says who knows? If Alex is paying for her to go to school he might decide to buy her a car sometime, too.

Fernando tells Alex everyone would feel better about things if he would agree to take the tests. Alex says he’s going to Mexico City the next day to get them over with. Fernando mentions wanting to take Vicki to see one of the archeological sites the company is thinking of developing. He asks Alex if he minds. (Wait for it! Wait for it!) Alex says he’s fine with that as long as his mom’s cool with it. (Hubby and I still have a big problem with this one. We revisit the social implications of male bonding when the topic of midnight massages comes up. “The back rubs are great, but man, those front rubs really make a guy stand at attention and salute!” We both stop to share a brief reflexive gag--otherwise known in the vernacular as a major gross-out moment--before continuing our evening’s viewing pleasure.)

Lic. Alvarez meets with Bruno at the grand and great estate. Bruno convinces him that Alex has changed since the accident; that he has become dangerously aggressive and has turned completely paranoid, thinking “everybody” is out to kill him. “I don’t want to tell my mother, but if he’s become schizophrenic, then he can’t manage a company like ours. You’ve got to call an urgent shareholders’ meeting to remove him. It’s not necessary for him to be there since you can’t trust what a crazy person like him might do. --And don’t worry about who will replace him as president of Lombardo Construction. I will.” The impactado de Alvarez agrees wholeheartedly.

A bit later, Alex returns home from a hard day’s work worrying about his personal problems. Zeke tells him there’s a man on the phone asking for Mary Jo who won’t give his name. “He just says that he’s a friend of hers.” Actually it is Uli calling from a pay phone somewhere. Alex takes the phone but Uli of course doesn’t say anything. Alex hangs up. Alex notes from the caller ID that it had to be from a pay phone. Zeke says that since their number is unlisted, it had to be a friend of hers for the person to know it. Alex doesn’t think anymore about it.

Chucho comes in to continue his and Alex’s chat from the night before and they continue the chinwag in Alex’s office. Chucho informs Alex that Felipa has put him in charge of MJ’s family. The old guy remembers he’s there to give back Alex’s watch since he really can’t sell it without somebody thinking he stole it. Alex buys it back for a wad of bills and tells him to save the cash for the time he decides to start his own little business. This shocks the sh!t out of Zeke who pads in with the book Alex asked for. Alex explains to Zeke how the old man who saved his life deserves to be well-rewarded and with something he can actually use. (Cash is always good and accepted everywhere.)

Alex finds Vicki and tells her that he’s going to Mexico City the next day to do the tests for Hernan, and to put her mind at rest. He hands her back the book. They discuss the “two conflicting loves” it entails and the differences between her first husband and his father. During their heart-to-heart she admits that Antonio was full of life and very self-assured while Samuel was frustrated and despondent. It was Antonio who gave her the emotional support and confidence she needed then. She tells him that he and her father broke things off when they both realized neither would leave their spouse, though Antonio offered to get a divorce when he found out she was pregnant. She really didn’t know his mother and only saw her on occasion, she says, and no, his mother never found out about the two of them. Antonio would have told her if she had. There was always sense of sadness about her, she adds, possibly because she couldn’t get pregnant. Finally when she miraculously managed it Alex’s mother had him. (Yeah, I’d say he is one miraculous creation! Lawdy! Praise be and pass me the beefcake!) It was at the cost of her life, says Alex. That was God’s will, says Vicki.

Vicki asks Alex what he thinks of her now. He again tells her he feels basically that she’s a fine, loving woman and mother; and it is not for him to judge. He will always love her, he says. They make their peace. He leaves to find Mary Jo. Vicki thanks the Lord and cries because she’s been forgiven. (I weep tears of boredom because we’re only half through a rather uninspiring snore-bore of an episodio.) As Uni pauses to pay the bills, Viewerville heads to their respective kitchens for intermission munchies. (Make mine a Jolt Cola…..)

Alex heads upstairs to Mary Jo’s room to take her to dinner. She’s just finished raking through her drawers and has found the engagement ring Bruno gave her. She hands it to Alex to see if they can trace it back to the jeweler he bought it from. Alex looks it over. He says that since it doesn’t seem to be from a regular manufacturer [joya de marca] it may be difficult to trace; but they can give it a try. As they walk out the door they kiss and she tells him he’s so good to her. He smiles and says it has nothing to do with kindness. “Love is the most irrational sentiment that exists. It doesn’t take into account social class or what’s beneficial, danger, or the harm other people might cause you.” Mary Jo asks what he means by that. He just smiles and says, “Nothing.” They leave for the restaurant. (Good. I’m ready for my second Jolt.)

Across the way in Pedro’s bungalow, Chucho flashes his packet of pesos at Pedro and remarks about Alex’s great generosity and his great responsibilities maintaining his entire family like this. Pedro asks what Chucho plans to do with his new-found riches. Chucho, apparently never one to worry about a rainy day, tells him Alex suggested that he could save it, but he decides that he would rather have a night on the town with his friend, Don Pedro, to celebrate his good luck.

Across the way, Bobo is outside sulking and sipping in the front yard of his chalet when he spies Pau returning home with a big smile on her face. He’s intrigued. She tells him she’s excited about passing her entrance exam. He invites her inside for a pitcher of Margaritas to celebrate. She nixes the idea because of Raquel’s obvious reaction if she found out. (Smart move.) He offers to take her to lunch instead and she accepts. (Not a smart move.) As Paula heads back to tell MJ about the exam, ominous musical refrains in the background clue us in that Roberto’s intentions are not exactly honorable.

Meanwhile, Pau rushes in to tell her father about her exam results. He congratulates her and introduces her to Chucho. Chucho repeats the montra and explains that Sr. Alex has hired him to take care of her family. Pau registers this as one more benefit to having Alex for a BIL and tells her papi about her lunch date with Roberto before racing off to find Mary Jo. Chucho wonders if it’s smart for her to be having lunch with a married man. Pedro tells Chucho he doesn’t think there will be a problem. Chucho doesn’t look so sure and Pedro suddenly doesn’t seem to be now either.

Pau finds out from Zeke that Mary Jo is out to lunch with Alex. So she rushes up to MJ’s room to ransack the closet for something nifty to wear for lunch out with Bobo.

Back at the idyllic domicile of the wretchedly rich and manipulative Maura, Uli has made a special lunch. (It seems this guy has a number of “acquired” talents.) He tells the two sisters about the anonymous phone call he made earlier asking for Mary Jo and how he hung up when Alex took it. Mau and Lis are delighted. Lis says he should continue calling her. Uli says eventually he’ll have to have a name to give them. The girls make up the name “Mario Aguirre” for him. He says fine, but he wonders how far they want to take this and warns them it’s a very dangerous game they’re all playing. “You shouldn’t underestimate Alex Lombardo.” Mau replies that Alex shouldn’t underestimate them, either. Uli negotiates his collaboration for a place of his own.

At the restaurant, Alex seems a bit too quiet and MJ asks what’s going on. Alex admits to being a bit weirded out by the conversation he just had with his mother. They’ve made their peace and he’s not one to be judgmental he says. MJ tells him there’s no accounting for people who fall desperately in love. She still wonders, though, if he doesn’t still have his doubts about her because he thinks she might have stuck with him only to get out of a difficult situation [salir del paso = to get out of a tight spot] with Bruno. He admits that, to be honest, at times he does.

Meanwhile, back at Mau’s palatial pad, Uli takes advantage of her momentary absence to make a play for Lis. (Slick squeeze-play alert!) He asks Lis if she’s got a boyfriend. She says she’s taking a breather in between lovers. “—What a waste! [¡Qué desperdicio!] A girl like you shouldn’t be alone.” He moves in close, kisses her shoulder (gag alert!) and suggests that while she’s in between “prospective candidates” they could become “friends with benefits” [amigos con derechos]. Lis smiles slightly and says she’ll think about it. Maura returns with a check and says that will get him a junior suite at a hotel. He kids about wanting a “senior suite” and she tells him not to be greedy. He pockets the check, gives Lis a knowing glance, and then goes up to pack.

Mau tells Lis that you have to be careful with Uli because he’s a hustler [aprovechado]. Lis agrees and says that he’s also likeable and good-looking so he can get by with it. Mau says the word is that he’s bi-sexual. Lis laughs and says “bi” boys are the greatest lovers in the world. “Yes, but watch out.” [abusado] She gives her little sis a PSA for STD’s from studs with …er… symmetrically swinging pendulums. “If you get involved with him use a rubber.” (Viewerville eagerly waits to see if she pulls one conveniently out of her purse and will mention the preferred brand.) Lil Sis is offended she should even have to mention it.

Back at the restaurant, Mary Jo tells Alex again that she doesn’t understand why he keeps her around if all she does is cause him problems. She says she’s already told him (ad nauseum) that she is perfectly fine with a divorce and signing away the money. He agrees he ought to have probably done that from the first, but now it’s too late. She asks “too late for what?” He says she is too much a part of him now. She says he’s suffering, but he says he would suffer more having her apart from him. Just then Pau and Bobo show up at the table. Bobo says they’re there to celebrate. Pau explains that she just passed her entrance exams. Congratulations! They go to find their table. MJ says she wonders if it isn’t a bad idea for Pau to hang out with Roberto since he’s Raquel’s husband. Alex doesn’t think so. He says the guy’s a lazy parasite but he’s not bad. Either way, if she is worried he’ll talk to him about it. She says no, she’d rather not offend him unnecessarily.

Alex changes the subject back to them. He has told her what he thinks. He wants to know (for the umpteenth and one time) what she’s feeling about him (apparently, the signature phrase of this telenovela). She says there’s way lots, but it’s hard for her to discuss it with him because it means first discussing Bruno. They decide to take their conversation somewhere else.

At the other side of the (very noisy) restaurant Bobo starts pumping Pau for information. “Those two seem to be really in love, don’t’ you think?” Pau says why not since Alex is a real hunk [mangazo] and her sister is gorgeous. He says, well sure, but their wedding was a little strange. Pau asks what he means by “strange”. Bobo says because Alex didn’t tell anyone about it. Pau catches the drift and says it seems he brought her there to wheedle information out of her [sonsacar]. He denies it and says he was just trying to make conversation. Pau says “then let’s talk about your wife.” They agree that neither of them likes Raquel much. Pau wonders why he hasn’t divorced her. Roberto says he hasn’t because the family is “fussy” [especial], and because for Raquel a divorce would mean admitting publically her failure as a wife. (This is something the Material Sis can really appreciate.) Pau rolls her eyes. “Sheesh!”

We beam to Cenote Samuél in the Yucatán, a naturally lighted cave with a lake, and, apparently, one of the romantic spots Alex must have used in his days of sowing oats in the wild. He and Mary Jo are there discussing what happened to her after his “burial” and what she was thinking and feeling then. (It’s a variation of what we’ve all heard before, but a very provocative and romantic one, so I’ll indulge those of us in Viewerville who live to O.D. on this kind of stuff.)

“…Later, when I saw him [Bruno] return, I cried tears of happiness because he was alive! Then, he began his explanation and I wasn’t able to believe it.” He talked about how he hated Alex, about how cruel and wicked Alex was, how vengeful, and how many times people had tried to kill him; that sooner or later it was going to happen and that that was why the idea of this deception had occurred to him. Mary Jo had told him she thought that was absurd and that she felt he’d planned the whole thing but he swore to her, he lied in his oath to her [perjudicar] that he hadn’t. She refused to participate in the fraud. She was so frightened she went back home without even telling her sister.

When she got back home there he was. “He had threatened my father and told us he would put all of us in jail, that there was no proof against him, and he forced me to go back again, promising me that when the will was taken care of he would let me go. Here then, you appear. --I swear that at that moment I felt like dying. I was paralyzed. I didn’t know what to do or what to say.” She admits she was sick from fright. Then, afterward she found out Alex couldn’t remember anything, but deep-down [en el fondo] she felt that wasn’t really so. Alex admits to being totally confused at the time and having his doubts, and then telling Victoria that he had never seen her before, but also feeling he had to get to the bottom of things. That was why he was so friendly towards her; but also it was because she seemed so frightened that he was sure somebody was forcing her into it.

MJ says once Alex invited her father back with them she was convinced that he was a kind and loving person. Afterwards, when Bruno’s harassment wore her out [agobiar] she would only feel safe when she was around Alex. “Whether it was love at first sight or if little by little it grew from the little gestures, the gifts, the looks….. At first I resisted because I didn’t want to. Bruno had hurt me deeply and I was afraid that the same would happen with you.” Alex swears that never with him, it wouldn’t. She admits to being gullible but says she wants to believe what he tells her. She loves him like mad now and isn’t ashamed to tell him so. “It should last for as long as it might –whatever God wishes.” Alex confesses that he’s also madly in love with her, but says he wants it to last forever, for a lifetime. They kiss passionately and then make love in the lake--difficult, but not impossible--unless bat guano, spiders and snakes are not your style.


Gancho Friday October 30th Will Moni fall for Beto's Story? Will Mau fall for Beto's Revised Story?

Ahhh, fall. The leaves are turning, and the weather forecasters can’t ever seem to get it right. One week it’s cold and rainy, then you have a beautiful Indian summer day. The colors of orange, brown and yellow look pretty, but they also mean summer’s over, the leaves are dying, and pretty soon, the birds will fly south. I think our show has entered its “autumn”, and tonight’s episode highlights the continuing struggle between the forces of decay and the forces of renewal. And let’s not forget – we still have winter to get through. Brrrrrrr. For now, though, let’s not think about winter. Let’s just take a look at the many shades of tonight’s episode.

As we saw last night, Beto’s on Team Bad these days. Finding Moni’s apartment empty, he gets a weird little smile on his chubby cheeks.

Over to the Goodies. Salvador is struggling to get to sleep on Gabi’s couch, when she takes pity on him, and citing his back problems, invites him to sleep in her bed. After all, we’re adults, she points out. You’re not afraid, are you? Not at all, says Sal. But I made a promise, and I’m going to fulfill it. Until I am totally free, what we have will have to wait. Gabi protests, it’s really tempting having Sal there. She likes his gray hair (canas), and her cheeks feel flushed. He stands up, gives her a kiss, and gallantly says goodnight. She goes off to bed, but promises to give him a massage in the morning. No need, he insists, but as she leaves, he winces again, not wanting Gabi to see. He’s a good man.

Back to a bad man – Oscar, to be precise, who toasts Lorenza in a bar, and has the perfect plan for Lorenza’s revenge. He tells Lorenza that other than Sal’s straying, the other thing he did was to have Lore locked up in the nuthouse for a few months. Wouldn’t it be nice to give Sal a taste of his own medicine? Lore agrees, but how? Well, the hospitals have drugs to stop hallucinations and paranoia, but there are also “wonderful” drugs that do just the opposite. In his best Snidely Whiplash imitation, Oscar hisses, Wouldn’t you like to see Sal in a strait jacket (camisa de fuerza), bouncing off the walls? Lore would LOVE it! They toast to madness.

And back to good. In Moroleón, Alicia has prepared the bed for an exhausted and distraught Monita. She tucks Moni in, still fully clothed. But Moni’s shivering, so Alicia adds another blanket. This one was Isabel’s favorite, in fact it still has her smell, and Moni hugs it tight, breathing in, feeling close to her Ma. Alicia hugs Moni, promises not to leave until she falls asleep.

And now, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Beto has put on Moni’s wedding gown (!), is holding the bouquet, and marching around her apartment humming the wedding march! Of course it’s open in the back, as Beto’s bulk negates any closure here. He tosses the bouquet over his shoulder, and who should happen to walk in, unannounced, and catch the bouquet? Mauricio! Mau stares in disbelief, Beto in horror, as I fall off my sofa, and we go to commercial.

Mau can’t believe it, what is Beto doing? Well, says Beto, it’s Moni’s dress, and she lends me everything. But don’t get any ideas. I’m all man. I mean, haven’t you ever had a craving to wear women’s clothes? No, never. Really? Never. Oh, ummm, me neither, says Beto, but I was just worried about Moni. Mau demands that he take off the dress right now, but Beto’s too “shy” to undress in front of Mau, so Mau leaves, Beto telling himself he’s really stepped in it now.

Moni has fallen asleep, and Alicia quietly leaves, turning out the light. Back in Moni’s apartment, Beto has donned his trademark tee-shirt and jeans when the phone rings. He thinks it’s Monita, but it’s Alicia, who immediately says “Mauricio”? Thinking fast (not too easy for him), Beto holds his shirt over his mouth, and squeaks out a “Sí.” Alicia then proceeds to have a one-sided conversation, telling “Mauricio” that Valentina’s in her house, begging “Mauricio” to come clear things up. He’ll come, won’t he? Beto squeaks out another muffled “Sí” hangs up, and gets that sneaky look again.

In the morning, Mauricio tells Paula he’s going to hire a private detective to find Connie and the kids. In the meantime, could she stay in the vecindad in case Moni comes home, and call him with any news? She will. Mau asks about Estrella, who apparently left really early this morning, as did Beto. Paula thinks that’s quite unusual for Beto, getting up early. If he does, it’s usually after some wild party. Once he woke up dressed up as a Hawaiian woman, can you believe it? Mau can.

Over at the preppie school, we see why Estrella got up early. She’s grilling Katia on the whereabouts of Connie and the kids. There’s a little friction between these two, since they both like Aldo. But Katia’s a good person, and tells Estrella that Constanza’s still in the city. However, she doesn’t know what Connie did with the kids.

Well, WE know, they’re imprisoned in a hellhole of a reform school, sentenced to be “resocialized”. The mean matron brings Aldo some food in his punishment room/cell, wondering if Aldo’s now in the mood to “cooperate”. Don’t think so. With an evil cackle, the matron tells Aldo she’s had much tougher cases than his. So enjoy your meal! After she closes the door, he hurls the food against the wall, and knocks over a table in anger.

Moni’s barely picking at her breakfast, to the consternation of Alicia. The doorbell rings, and Alicia admits she called Mauricio last night and told him Moni was here, he must be at the door now. Moni’s initially mad, but Alicia says she has to listen to Mauricio, there must have been a very good reason for what he did. Alicia promises that if, after hearing Mau’s reasons, Moni still wants him to leave, she’ll back Moni 100%. Moni agrees, Alicia opens the door, and is shocked to see Beto. Wearing a tee-shirt which says “I’m not Santa Claus, but I bring little toys”, Beto proceeds to lie through his teeth, telling Moni that Mauricio sent him to tell her that Mau never wants to see her again.

At the boarding school/hellhole, it looks as if Luisa has a plan! She whispers to Dani, asking if she has the plan memorized. Of course, answers Dani, I’m seven years old, I’m not a baby! The matron comes in, and a teacher tells her that Luisa is breaking the rules, wants to be in the same class as her little sister, won’t listen when I tell her the different ages have to be separated. The matron threatens to put Luisa in a punishment room when Luisa STOMPS on her toe, STOMPS on the teacher’s toe, and runs out of the room! But it’s just a diversion, as this leaves Dani alone in the room, and she scurries over to the telephone on the desk, looks around to see if anyone’s watching, looks up to remember something, and she’s got it!

She dials the phone (Mau must be pretty far away, as Dani presses 11 buttons), but anyway, Mau’s cell rings in his car. Mau can’t believe it, where are you, Dani? With quavering voice, she tells him she’s in an ugly place where they treat her badly. But where? They won’t let us see Aldo, Monstranza imprisoned us here, please come for us. Unfortunately, Dani doesn’t know where she is, and the matron comes back, so that’s the end of THAT.

Moni can’t fathom why Mau didn’t come in person, and why did he leave her at the altar? Beto doesn’t know, maybe Mau went to see a client, you know how those rich people are, he probably lost a few million dollars, went to raise some money. Moni’s in tears, but Alicia’s suspicious. Beto swears it’s the truth. Moni wants to know what else Mau said. Well, uumm, that you should pardon him, and forget about him forever, and that’s it (y ya tan tan). Alicia isn’t biting, urges Moni to call Mau directly to see if this absurd story is true. This isn’t the kind of thing you send a messenger to tell. She picks up the phone, as Beto starts to squirm, arguing that there’s no point in calling, and by the way, Alicia, who are you to meddle, you’re just like my mother. But Moni agrees to the call, and dials Mau’s number.

Mau’s cell rings, he thinks it’s Dani, but it’s not. And it’s not Moni, either. It’s Connie! Mau is furious that Connie has the kids locked up, how could she treat a seven year old like that! You’re tormenting (martirizando) my children. He begs her to have a little decency, tell him where the kids are. Although Mau’s frantic, Connie’s cool as a cucumber. She tells him he continues to ignore her rules. Well, maybe he needs more time. Fine, she’ll give him some time. She hangs up, and in a terrific Sergio Sendel imitation, Mauricio throws his phone to the pavement, smashing it to bits!

And the hits keep coming. Connie picks up some airline tickets. Uh oh!

Well, of course Moni couldn’t reach Mau, much to Beto’s relief. Alicia wants Moni to call again, Beto thinks she shouldn’t, it’s God’s will that Mau didn’t answer. Alicia lowers her eyes, why are you so nervous about her calling, Beto? Beto wants Moni to forget about old doll hair and concentrate on tonight’s boxing match (yes, apparently, Moni’s going to defend her world title tonight, we all sort of forgot, and I wonder how the wedding was going to fit in with that. I can see Moni on the honeymoon. “Just a minute, honey, while I slip into something more comfortable, like my boxing outfit. Just keep the bed warm, I’ll go defend my world boxing title, and after they ring the bell, I’ll be back to ring yours. Hasta pronto!”) Anyway, Moni agrees she should fight, and while she’s back in the D.F., she’ll talk to Mau. But if she finds out Beto’s been lying, he’s toast! I think Beto’s feeling a little warm.

And Connie’s hot. She angrily calls the matron and reams her out, with all the money she’s paying, how could the matron allow a call. From now on, no calls, no visitors! Yes, Miss, says the suddenly obsequious matron. Connie adds that she’s going on a vacation for a few months, and she won’t tolerate any more of these mistakes. Got it? Yes, Miss, and have a nice trip.

Over at Connie’s place, Estrella’s hot, too, angrily bursting in, accompanied by Katia, ready to give the Mummy the third degree, why did Connie cruelly tell Mau she was leaving the country with the kids, when she’s still right here? But there’s no Mummy to be found, so Estrella tells Kat she’s not moving until the soup spits (hasta que escupa la sopa – I’m not sure how to translate it, maybe until the fat lady sings, let’s just say Estrella will be there a while. New info: I think it means "til the truth comes out" - thanks for the assist, Judy). But Katia sees a note! Connie’s left a note for Kat, saying she’s going out of the country for awhile, with her adopted kids. Oh no, says Estrella, it’s true!

Fortunately, we get some relief from all this angst, in the form of Nieves and Don Cesar, whose budding romance never fails to please. She’s at the gym, brought him a bag of sandwiches and a bottle of orange soda to wash it down. Yummy. He’s grateful, but he’s worried. The big fight’s tonight, and where’s La Monita? Nieves looks around, shushes him, tells him that early this morning, her Betito asked for the address of Alicia, a lady who lives in Moroleón. You mean we’re alone and can fool around? asks Don Cesar, hopefully. No, no, calm down. It’s that La Monita is there, and Beto’s going to bring her back for the fight. But I don’t want Mauricio to find out, so hush (chitón). Don Cesar gives her a few kisses on the cheek to seal the deal.

In the famous coffee room of Grupo Sermeño, the fact that Paula has the day off is just perfect for Oscar and Lorenza’s little plan. By the way, they’re wearing almost matching (or at least color coordinated) evil duds, he in a gray suit, black shirt, black and gray tie, looking quite dapper, she in a little gray (maybe beige) knit blouse, dark gray skirt, big dark chain necklace, her auburn curls wild and beautiful. He brings out the little ol’ bottle of drops (borrowed from Babs in MEPS, from Sara in Querida Enemiga, and from who knows how many other telenovela baddies, that little bottle really gets around).

This time, it’s got loco juice inside. Lore wants to give Sal the whole thing, but wise Oscar counsels one drop a day, in Sal’s coffee, so no one will suspect, and he’ll gradually go completely bonkers. What fun! Loriloca puts in drop number one.

In the outer office, the elevator door opens, and Beto, Moni and Alicia are here to seek out Mau. Beto’s not so keen on this plan, why don’t they go down to the gym and train? Shut up, says Alicia, hitting him with her purse, and Moni wants Beto to can it, too, for the last five hours on the ride back he’s been going on and on with his complaints. Gabi’s overjoyed to see Monita, gives her a big hug. Next up, Salvador, with another big hug. He tells her that Mauricio’s desperately searching for her. Sal and Gabi explain that the reason Mau stopped the wedding was that Constanza had taken his children, and he didn’t know what to do. “¿Qué?, says Moni, as in the background, we see Beto with a weak smile, shuffling nervously, willing the elevator doors to close a little faster, he’s outta there.

Terry’s out of the hospital, feeling much better, and Mau and Ivan have escorted her back to Mau’s place. She senses that something’s wrong with the kids, but both Mau and Ivan dodge her questions, imploring her to get some rest. (I just noticed that they’re all wearing gray, too. Maybe the producers are telling us the show’s entering a “gray area”.)

Alicia fills Moni in on Beto’s deception, and Moni will settle the score with him later. Sal further explains that the call Mauricio received at the church was from Connie, who threatened to take the kids out of the country if Mau didn’t immediately stop the wedding (and now I notice that Gabi and Sal are ALSO wearing gray).

Enter Lorenza, today’s coffee girl, carefully distributing the cups, making sure Sal gets the one with the coffee “just the way he likes it”, and nobody suspects a thing. Sal tells Moni that Mau went to pick up Terry at the hospital, that may be why he’s not in the office yet. This is almost too much for Moni, she knew nothing about Terry, is now feeling very sorry for Mauricio, needs to talk to him. Gabi offers to call Mau’s cell, but Sal relates that Mau recently smashed it. Moni decides to call Estrella.

Beto’s approaching the exit door in the lobby of Grupo Sermeño, convinced Connie’s gonna kill him, and when Moni speaks to Mau, they’ll be together forever. Darn! But he’s in luck, as Mau’s sportscar pulls right up in front of the building. He tells Mau he’s found La Monita. She’s in Moroleón, at Alicia’s house, and he knows this because Alicia called Nieves. Mau buys it, turns right around to get back in the car. Beto wants to come, too, but Mauricio wants to handle things on his own. He speeds off, as Beto’s glad he stopped the meeting for now, but knows Mau will be back.

At the gym, Connie, wearing a short trenchcoat and sunglasses, looking very secret-agenty, is looking for “Roberto”. Consteño says he’s not here, but would you like to take another shower? Connie haughtily tells him to cut the crap, just tell him where Beto could be. Costeño’s not sure, but knows that tonight, La Monita has a boxing match, and Beto never misses them.

In the vecindad, Paula and Nieves are wondering where Moni could be when Estrella rushes in, she’s back! Moni now knows all about why Mau called off the wedding, and she is going to fight tonight. Paula and Estrella go to get all gussied up for the match, leaving Nieves to bemoan how Beto has messed up again.

Moni’s nervous, pacing the floor of the office, where is Mauricio? Sal, Gabi and Alicia urge her to relax, if she wants to box tonight, she should go get ready, they’ll let her know when Mau shows up. Gabi gives Moni a pep talk. A true champion can block out all distractions, and concentrate on the match. And everyone will be there cheering you on (echándote porras). She tells Moni to take a deep breath, breathe out slowly, do you feel calmer? No, Moni’s still upset, worried about Mau, and it’s all the fault of La Mómia. Okay, new idea, Gabi continues. When you get in the ring, think only about that witch, and I assure you, your opponent (contrincante) won’t last more than one round. This works for Moni, she’s determined now, and goes off to get ready.

At the ring, Nieves and Don Cesar continue their flirtfest, with little kisses and mutual compliments. He’s happy Moni showed up, although she won’t talk to anyone. Well, tell her I’m here as usual, with lots of cheers (echándole muchas porras). They kiss and part, and Nieves is floating along until she bumps into Alicia. They have a little power struggle, both claiming to be Moni’s true mother figure. Alicia critcizes Beto, and even says that Nieves and Beto have been mooching off Valentina for years. And she tells Nieves about Beto’s little poisonous plan, coming to Morleón, pretending Mau didn’t want to see Moni. Fortunately, Alicia saw through him. Nieves yells at her to shut up, stop meddling, and get out! Alicia isn’t leaving! Enter Cristian (with Paula), who says “Ladies, in the name of the law, which I represent, I exhort you to maintain calm and not cause any disturbance in the event”. Well said. The ladies glare at each other.

Back in the coffee room, it must be time for Sal’s next cup. Lore’s bored with the one drop a day suggestion of Oscar, puts in two this time (I notice that her top’s actually beige, not gray, but it’s still a muted color). Gabi sashays in, Sal’s speaking to the detective Mau’s hiring to find the kids, needs some coffee. Lore has it ready, she’ll take it in. No bother, says Gabi, I know things are tense between you too, I’ll take it. No, no, says Lore, I now know our marriage is a farce. Gabi’s delighted to hear this. Unfortunately, Lore goes on to say that she’s not getting a divorce, that even though her marriage isn’t working, she’s going to fight to save it. So, excuse me while I take him his coffee. Gabi’s a little less delighted.

Late at night, Mau arrives at Alicia’s house, rings the bell, bangs on the door, but it’s all in vain.

In the pre-fight training room, we’ve switched to a red theme (anger?). Don Cesar’s all in bright red, and Moni has a red shawl over her reddish pink outfit as Cesar laces up her pink gloves. Don Cesar wants Moni to concentrate, and Moni says there’s no problem, she has a very strong motivation to let out all her aggression in the ring. Don Cesar leaves for some last minute preparations. Moni punches the air, full of anger, when the object of that anger walks through the door. Yes, Connie’s here, with a look of pure malevolence, the witch is back.

Trick or Treat!!!! (Happy Halloween, everyone).

And once again, Monday looks unbelievable! Beto gets tickets to the U.S., the flight leaves at midnight, and Connie Outfoxes Moni Again! Yes, C.O.M.A!


Camisa de fuerza – strait jacket
Y ya tan tan – and that’s it, that’s all there is to it
Martirizando – tormenting, sort of like “martyring”, although that’s not commonly used in English
Hasta que escupa la sopa – until the truth comes out, literally, until the soup spits (boils), in other words, Estrella wasn’t moving
Chitón – Shush, or Hush up, now
Echando porras – cheering, porristas are cheerleaders
Contrincante - opponent


ENDA Friday October 30. Who’s your daddy?

Repeats: Emiliano goes to the bachelor pad to confront Germán, but Germy isn’t home. Emo roots through the dresser drawers and finds the incriminating green camisole of deceit. He leaves with intense purpose.

Carlota gets Rufi to confirm to Paloma that her father is alive. Paloma demands to know who and where he is.

New: Neither Rufi nor Carlota will tell Paloma who her father is, as they promised Macarena that they wouldn’t. Hostility breaks out in which Carloca simultaneously claims that Paloma’s father doesn’t know of her existence, and that he abandoned her. It seems the nuns don’t run a debate club at that useless school, as Paloma fails to see the factual dissonance and instead is just doubly hurt. She runs off to her room, wailing and blubbering as usual.

Camila and Rafael simultaneously try to call each other and thus both get voicemail. Rafa shrugs and goes back to his bar chat with Joel, while Cami sits in her car flailing tears all over.

Inés is swooning because she has received another letter from her secret admirer. She doesn’t feel the need to find out who he is; it makes her happy just to get the letters and imagine that every handsome, nice man she sees in the street might be him. Angélica rains on her parade with the announcement that she’s quit her job. Inés is surprised; it seemed like she was doing so well there. Ange says it was a matter of professional ethics and she hates to bail on Orly, but she thinks it’s best to leave. She doesn’t know what she will do next and will have to consult the pillow.

Diana calls Romina to tell her to put that mosca muerta (dead fly, meaning Paloma, I assume) in her place. She also asks Ro for help in getting Rafael to return. Di thinks he must have broken up with his mystery mistress because he’s seemed sad lately, so it’s a perfect opportunity to club him over the head and drag him back to the cave. Still, Diana wants to find out what lagartona tried to steal him away. She asks for Romina’s detective’s information.

Germán seeks advice from the village medicine man. The bartender thinks he’s screwed. If he says anything to try to claim his baby, he’ll probably lose both the lady and his best friend, and they’ll end up in the hospital. Germs says Emo is a lover, not a fighter. Mr. Bartender says maybe your friend does have atole in his veins, but if it was me I would break your face.

Emo joins Rafa in the bar and says Romina’s baby may not be his.

Paloma is YET AGAIN crying on her bed, chastising Mac’s photo for deceiving her. Rufi tells her that her mother never deceived her; she really believed that daddy was dead and only recently found out that he is not. Paloma naturally wants to know the whole story of who her father is and why each of her parents thought the other was dead, but Rufi won’t tell her anything because Mac didn’t give permission. Of all the insanely stupid plot stallers. You two are on the same team, Rufi!

Cami drags herself back into her house, after an awful day which was surely made even worse by the terrible cummerbunded and/or high-waisted pants and buttoned-to-the-neck ugly blouse she was wearing. Romina is in bed watching television, which we don’t see but it sounds suspiciously like Un Gancho al Corazón. And yet she has no sense of humor herself. Romina tells Camila that Diana wants to investigate and find out about the mysteress in Rafael’s life. However, Romememena offers to call her off the chase in exchange for Cami’s help in forcing Emo into marriage. At some point Ro is going to lose track of whom she is playing against whom. Cami isn’t much help though, as she is still stuck on this “but he doesn’t love you and it would be a disaster” refrain.

Natalia calls Paloma and they make plans to meet after school the next day. Carloca lurks like a vulture and then demands to know what that was all about. Paloma needs to learn to say “none of your beeswax” or the equivalent en español. Cruel tells her it’s so improper for Natalia to visit her priestly ex-novio without a buffering husband, and since she and Alonso are on the outs it’s obvious she’s trying to get Padre Juan back. Paloma doesn’t think Nat is the skanky kind of woman who would go after a priest. Carloca doesn’t even register that unintended zing because obviously rules do not apply to her.

Rufi prays about whether she should tell Paloma who her father is, or keep quiet.

Germs stumbles home and finds his bedroom tossed.

Rafael doesn’t think Emo should ruin Romememena’s reputation without proof. Oh, please. He says kissing doesn’t prove relations were had and wonders whether Germán would really do such a thing. Emo says Germs has always been a good friend, but has been acting suspicious lately.

Emil sends Paloma a text message saying “maybe all is not lost. Have faith.” Then he rings Romina’s bell. Cami answers; Romina is asleep. Camila asks Emo to at least consider marrying Romina if he has any feelings for her at all. In response, Emo pulls out the incriminating green camisole and asks if it belongs to Romina. Cami somehow recognizes this generic clothing item and confirms its ownership.

Casa Germs. Emil calls Germy a bastard traitor and fists fly. Germy says it was just a little fling with Romina. They were overcome with passion one day and kissed, but nothing more. Emo doesn’t believe him and says he will find out the whole truth eventually.

Romina is still lounging in bed being waited on for some incomprehensible reason. She’s annoyed that Camila didn’t wake her up when Emo came by; he probably wanted to propose! Cami snorts and says probably not, but he did bring her camisole back. They don’t know why he had it. Romina leaves a smooch-woochy message for Emiliano while Camila stares in bug-eyed disbelief.

Germán tries to call Romina but she doesn’t answer. She decides to have a bath and get fixed up all purdy in case Emiliano visits. Camila says to call her or Fina (the maid has a name!) if she needs anything, as if Romememena is a convalescent. Germy is all in a lather and leaves frantic messages for Romina.

Rufi tells Cruelota that they should tell Paloma who her father is. It’s mean to leave her wondering. Cruel nonsensically argues that it would be harder for her to know that her father is a priest; how sinful. Rufi says he wasn’t a priest then, try again. So Cruel just says we aren’t going to tell her and that is that. “Is that a threat?” asks Rufi. Yes, it is. Rufi still thinks to herself that it would be better to just tell the truth.

Liliana tells Paloma that she spilled the beans to Emiliano. Paloma’s mad and worried that he will be angry with her for not telling him herself. Lili says she was never going to tell him, and they may as well get the fight over with so they can get on with the reconciliation.

Romina figures out that she had left the camisole at Germy’s place after one of their assignations. She flips out and calls Cami to baffle her by asking about Emo’s mood when he returned it. Cami says he didn’t seem to be in any particular sort of state. She calls Germy and hears about the fight. Germs says they’re screwed. Romina throws a tantrum.

Emiliano consults with Padre JC. PJC doesn’t approve of violence but is glad that Emo is trying to get to the bottom of things. Emil says Paloma won’t talk with him, but PJC tells him to insist because if people don’t talk, important things stay hidden.

Carlota drops by Natalia’s with some sort of baked good, the traditional bait of the gossip-fishing lady. She warns Nat not to put any crazy liberal big-city modern-woman ideas in Paloma’s head, as she is too simple for such things. “You can’t be serious,” Natalia says. Oh, but she is. Cris calls to tell Nat that Doc Rodolfo had an emergency so they’ll have to meet an hour later than planned. Carlota excuses herself and leaves, probably to run home and get her new camera to record the shocking scandal of a priest going to someone’s house.

Ange wants Camila to forgive her and understand her side of the situation. Cami does not care.

Paloma tells PJC about her current conflict: Romina said if Emiliano doesn’t marry her, she will abort the baby. PJC advises her to tell Emiliano all this. Paloma tells him that Romina asked her to keep it a secret. “Who cares?” asks PJC. “Do what you think is right.”

Carloca takes her camera back to the shop to have the photos printed.

Camila and Rafael cross paths on the street; he asks how she’s doing. Eh, so-so. He says not to worry, Emiliano will absolutely support the child if it is his. “What do you mean, IF?” Oops. Er, nothing, that is just a figure of speech. Everything’s fine. Cami longingly watches him walk away as their tune of amor plays.

Paloma goes to Natalia’s house and they catch up: Carlota visited, Carlota might be mad at Paloma but she always is so what’s new, Nat and Alonso will probably divorce, Paloma’s sorry about that. Paloma wonders if it’s hard for Natalia to see PJC as a priest since they were going to marry once. Nat says that was a long time ago and she’s moved on, the same way Macarena probably did. “What do you mean?” asks Paloma. “You didn’t know about Mac and Cris?” replies Nat.

Avances: Emiliano confronts Romina. He wants a paternity test. Will Nat tell Paloma the whole story, or will she just say, “oh, nothing,” and Paloma will forget about it ten minutes later like she forgets everything important?


Friday, October 30, 2009

A new squidoo lens for info AND GOSSIP about William Levy!

Hello friends,

You know how I don't allow gossip and speculation about actors' private lives here at Caray, Caray!? Well, I just put up a page at squidoo, about William Levy, which is just for the sort of thing I don't allow here. Want to see?

About William Levy, Univision star.

Please leave a comment in the guest book if you take a look!

UPDATE: there is a little bug at Squidoo this morning. I have approved the first two comments and I can see them when I edit but they're not appearing on the published lens. Don't let that discourage you, this has happened before and they all show up eventually!

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En Nombre del Amor, October 29, 2009--Everyone Goes Around Telling Everyone Else What to Do

Repeat of Camila getting upset with Angelica for hiding her feelings about Orlando and accusing her of being two-faced; Paloma asks German if there’s any possibility Romina’s baby could be his.

German immediately gets self-righteous, “how dare you ask me that? I don’t mess in your private life, so you don’t have a right to interfere in mine.” Although Pal has doubts, he doesn’t. She asks him if it’s fair for Emiliano to have to take care of a kid that isn’t his. She tells Germ that he still has time to talk to Emil, and he gets all mad that she’s talking like the baby is definitely his, when it’s not. When she mentions that she saw him and Romina go into her house together, he snarks that she has nothing better to do than spy on people. She says if he has doubts but still keeps quiet out of cowardice, he’s going to ruin her and Emil’s lives. Germ tells her to get lost--you aren’t my mom to tell me what to do.

Angelica informs Camila that there’s nothing between her and Orlando. Cami says that omitting something is also lying and wants to know what Angelica was up to when she was going out with Joel while having a thing for Orly. (Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, since Cami was dating Orly and Rafa at the same time?) And when the four of them went out together, was Ange’s fantasy to swap partners? Cami rants some more about how she thought she could trust Ange and she’s worse than she thought.

Carlota follows Natalia home and nearly gives her a heart attack by sidling right up behind her.

Rafael goes to Camila’s house--he thought it was Cami who asked him there but it turns out that it was Romina. She points out that she helped him and Cami by not saying anything about them kissing, and now he can help her and his grandchild.

Natalia has invited Carlota in and tells her that she’s only in town for 2 weeks. Carlota asks about Alonso and Nat explains that they’re probably going to divorce. Crazy-lota pours on the fake sympathy and gets in a dig about Nat being left at the altar. Carlota says sometimes she doubts Cris’s occupation, which puzzles Nat since she thinks Carlota hardly knows Cris. Carlota is only to glad to inform Nat that she knows Cris from way back, since he had that hot romance with Macarena, and Nat is impactada.

Rafael thinks everything Romi has said sounds like blackmail and he doesn’t like it. Romi claims she wants her baby to have its father’s name. Rafa notes that obligating Emil to marry her by threatening to take the baby away is not a good way to start, and besides, it’s not necessary to marry for the baby to have the father’s name. He’s sure that if she and Emil marry under these circumstances, it’s going to be a failure. Romi prefers that to being a single mother. Rafa says he’ll get Emil to support the baby, but he’s not going to pressure Emil to marry her or anyone that he doesn’t love.

Natalia relates how Cris told her that the woman he loved had killed herself, and Carlota tries to poison Nat’s mind by telling her that Cris lied. He’s a tormented man and he took refuge in the priesthood for a lie that he made up. If I were you, I’d be very careful about trusting him again.

In the office, Ange brings Orlando some papers to sign. He asks if she’s ok, and she accuses him of telling Camila about her feelings for him. Orly swears he didn’t say anything. Ange explains how Cami no longer wants her as a therapist or a friend; Orly feels bad about the whole thing.

Cami gives Meche some money to buy medicine for her grandson Chava. Meche gives her some lotion she made for Orlando to put on the bruises on his face and for Rafael too. Cami knows they were fighting and hopes it wasn’t for her. She also tells Meche about what happened with Angelica and concludes that with all this, she can understand what Diana feels.

Paloma tells Liliana about her conversation with German and that he doesn’t want to get involved. Lili thinks Germ is just running from his responsibility and tells Pal to tell Emil to talk to Germ, he can make Germ tell the truth. Pal doesn’t want to tell Emil without having any proof, so Lili reminds her that she does have it, she saw Romi and German kissing. Why does Pal need Lili to remind her of this, when she was just telling German that very thing 15 minutes ago?

Emil goes to Paloma’s house but she’s not home. Lucky for him Rufi, and not Carlota, is there. He weepily begs Rufi to help him and asks what he should do to convince Paloma not to end their relationship.

Natalia goes to the church to see Cris and wants to know if Mac was the woman for whom he left her standing at the altar. He admits that it was. Why didn’t you tell me, why did you make me believe she had died? Cris explains that he believed Mac was dead and was going to tell her, but hadn’t found the right moment. Nat leaves saying, “what a coincidence.”

Aaron stalks Paloma, er, waits for her outside her house. He mentions that everyone knows what’s happening with Romi and Emil and he’s thinking about what it means for her. He offers his unconditional friendship and literally gives her a shoulder to cry on.

Carlotta-loca goes shopping for a camera. It must be Halloween already, because the outfit she’s wearing in this (and yesterday’s) episode looks like it could double for a vampire or witch costume.

Liliana calls Emil, she has something to tell him and asks him to meet her for coffee.

Emil is visiting Chava at the hospital and explains that he no longer has a girlfriend, he lost her because he was stupid and irresponsible. For being drunk, Chava says. Yes, and that’s why I’m so worried about you. Chava says if he doesn’t drink his buddies will make fun of him. Emil tries to convince him that those aren’t his real friends. Chava worries that he’ll be left without any friends.

Cristobal goes to Natalia’s house, and Carlota, who’s parked right in front, takes a picture of him going inside. She talks to herself about how Cris is going to end up being hers, she’s not going to let anyone get near him. For your love, I’m capable of anything. If I could get rid of Macarena, I can get rid of Natalia, or even your own daughter.

Now Diana has come to Paloma’s to tell her what to do. She demands that Pal keep away from Emiliano. Rufi defends Pal and says it’s about what Emil wants, and he’s in love with Pal. Diana insists that he’s going to marry Romina. Romi doesn’t know about Emil & Pal, but she wants to have an abortion, and if she does, Pal will be the killer of that baby. Diana tops off her visit by calling Paloma a jinx (or someone who’s cursed)--whenever Paloma is near someone she loves, something bad happens, and she can’t allow her son, Romina, or the baby to be exposed to that danger. So if you don’t want to be a killer, stay away from them for good. After Diana leaves, Pal starts crying that she’s right, so Rufi tries to calm her down with a variation of the “it’s not you, it’s me” line: it’s not you, it’s the circumstances.

German accosts Romia--he wants proof that the baby isn’t his.

Orlando asks Camila how she found out about Angelica’s feelings for him, and she confesses that she overheard it at his office. Orly understands that Cami feels betrayed, and tries to explain that it has hurt Angelica to lose their friendship. Cami says it’s not him or what Angelica feels for him that’s the problem, it’s that she opened up to Ange but she didn’t put an end to the therapist-patient relationship and tell the truth.

German threatens to tell everyone that he and Romi are lovers if doesn’t submit to a paternity test, but she’s not scared, she’ll just accuse him of having seduced a minor. He points out that she has no way to prove that. Then he says that if the baby is his, he’ll marry her. If she won’t do a test now, he’ll make her do it after the baby is born. More arguing. She asks if he really would tell his best friend that he slept with his girlfriend . . . no, we know you don’t have the nerve. German admits he’s been a coward and bad friend, but for love he’s been capable of the worst, and he won’t give up this baby carrying his blood. If the baby is his, he wants to give it his name, he wants to have something that’s his. So if I’m the father, you’re going to have to marry me, not Emiliano. Romi looks touched, but I’m sure that won’t last for long.

Cris tells Natalia about how his and Mac’s love was still intact after all those years and admits he was going to give up the priesthood for her. But he read the sign wrong--he thought God wanted him at Mac’s side, but when God took her, he understood that it wasn’t their destiny to be together.

Lili meets up with Emiliano and informs him that she thinks the baby Romina is expecting could be German’s, dun Dun DUN!!!!

Cris says it’s no surprise that Carlota is trying to plant doubts in Natalia’s mind, she’s a manipulator and controller. They both worry about Paloma; Cris wants to talk about this more with Nat but with Dr. B and Rufi there too. Nat says she has a lot of reasons to want to protect Pal and Cris notes that now she’ll understand that he does too, Macarena asked me to. But just one thing, Natalia says, did you love me? Cris answers that it was a different love from what he had with Mac, but yes, I loved you. She replies that she hasn’t loved anyone again like she loved him. Cris is certain that love will come to her life again.

Lili wants Emil to know that while everything she’s told him might sound like she wants to get back at German, but that’s not how it is. She doesn’t want him to let Romi and German get away with this. Now it’s up to you to confront this, only that way are you going to be able to be happy with Pal.

Orlando and Camila go back to his place and have some wine. Cami wonders how Orly feels about Ange’s interest in him. Nothing, he replies. He thinks Cami should have spoken with him first before going postal on Ange, and she thinks he should have told her about Ange. Cami doesn’t care that Ange quit her job, she asked for it (through her lack of ethics). Orly wonders if Cami is exaggerating and she realizes something that we viewers have noticed for months now, that he takes things less seriously than she does. Orly comments that sometimes people keep secrets and that Cami did the same thing with Rafael, she kept quiet about him kissing her. Is that why you two were fighting? Orly wants to know how she knows they fought and accuses her of continuing to play with the two of them. He grabs her arm and demands an answer but she yells for him to let go and takes off. In her car, she starts crying and dialing her phone, wailing “Rafael!”

Rafa and Joel commiserate over drinks--Ange cancelled out on Joel and Rafa is worried about Camila. Joel tells Rafa to call her so he gets out his phone and starts dialing.

Emiliano goes to German’s apartment and upon not finding him there starts searching through the dresser drawers, where he finds a blouse of Romina’s.

Paloma tells Carlota that she broke up with Emil so he can make a decision about Romi, but Carlota insists there is no decision to be made--if a man dishonors a woman, he has to marry her, blah blah blah. Pal wants to know why, if that’s what Carlota thinks, did she not allow her parents to marry? Carlota claims that Pal’s father abandoned Mac, and when Pal counters that Mac told her that her father didn’t know Mac was pregnant, and he thought Mac was dead, Carlota states that Mac lied. Your father is alive. Pal doesn’t believe her so she makes Rufi swear to Pal that her papa is alive. Pal wants to know who is he, and where is he?

Previews: Emiliano tells his dad of the possibility that the baby isn’t his, German tells Romi that they’re done for (I guess that they’ve been discovered).


Sortelegio October 29, 2009--Spies, Spies, Everywhere a Spy

From yesterday:
Replay of Nando and Vicky discussing what else—MJ and Alex. Victoria thinks it would be better if they divorced. Felipa, always the voice of reason, says that Alex can decide his own life. Nando says if nobody renounced the marriage in a month then it is legal. He says he talked to an attorney. They talk about Bruno and Felipa thinks accusations are based on truth. Victoria gets upset and Felipa says I won't say anything more. Victoria reaches over and puts her hand on Nandos. Nando's hormones go into overdrive and for a minute he just looks blank. Oh, wait, that's the look he always has.

Paula skips down the sidewalk as Pimp Daddy walks up in the most awful outfit yet. There is just something about a man in a black and white geometric print shirt, oh-so-sexy red pants and his shirt open revealing bulging pecs (or in his case, lack thereof..) At least he's not in his underoos. He says she looks really happy. She says she is this close to getting into school. All she has to do is take a test. PD asks her if she wants to go back to the house. Paula says of course not. He says, well let's go get something to drink or eat as he mentally rubs his hands together thinking, “Now I've got you my pretty—and your little dog too.” Paula asks him if he has any money and he says not much but he has enough. Paula laughs and I can't believe she finds him so charming.

Alex and MJ are at a restaurant. They are going over the info they have gathered. Alex says everything was well planned out with the apartment and the judge and all the witnesses being “unavailable.” And nobody remembers seeing someone like Bruno. MJ looks at Alex and asks him what he thinks of her. I don't catch his response. He says that Nando and his mom have doubts. As always his mom is defending Bruno. Do we tell them the truth? Of course not. I don't want you to suffer more. Then what do I say if they ask me? Do I lie? Just keep saying we were married. MJ doesn't want them to think bad of her. Uh, it's a little late for that.
PD and Paula are eating ice cream. Paula chatters like a magpie about how she is so happy her sister has this new life with Alex. PD acting like her BFF says he thinks Alex is in love as he plays along to get more info. There is a jackhammer in the background so I missed what Paula says. She says something about Bruno and makes a face. She asks PD if Bruno is his boss or what? He say something about working for Victoria and Raquel too. Paula makes a face at the mention of Raquel and says she is crazy. He laughs and agrees.

Raquel and her pals are working hard at doing nothing in the hot tub and talking about the usual. Zeke appears with drinks and Raquel has him put them on the table. Zeke obviously strains to hear the conversation as they talk about Alex and his marriage to MJ. He must not have had his super secret multidirectional microphone to pick up the conversation. Roberto walks up and says he must be missing the gossip fest (la gran chorcha). Why wasn't he invited? Raquel takes great pleasure in telling him they found out that Alex and MJ aren't really married. Roberto looks doubtful and wants to know who told them that story? RaMaura tells him that Raquel overheard Vicky saying it. I can't figure out the look on his face.

Zeke is in the kitchen talking to Felipa. He can hardly contain himself as he rushes to tell her he heard that someone was trying to kill Alex.. Bruno is being accused. Whose side is this guy on anyway ? Felipa warns Zeke that he shouldn't say anything to anybody. Felipa tells him to zip it as she makes the universal sign for shut your mouth. She thinks Raquel is stupid and says she likes to make up things about MJ. RaMaura too. Zeke says he's worked for the family all his life and he loves everyone especially Victoria and Alex. Felipa says there are good people in this house, but there are some who are not. The kitchen phone rings and Zeke answers. He's told that someone is at the gate to see him and Zeke says he doesn't know him or know anything about it. He listens and then says ok. Let him in. Who is it Felipa wants to know. Zeke says it is someone that Alex has sent to him. Felipa reminds him to keep his trap shut. Zeke is offended and says I'm not a gossip! (chismosa) Riiiight. You just keep telling yourself that big boy. Between me and viewerville he's worse than a gaggle of viajitas sitting around drinking tea.

Chucho is coming up the stairs and looking around in amazement at this fabulous house. Obviously he hasn't been inside yet . They are so rich he says. Hello? Is there anyone here? Zeke hotfoots it to intercept Chucho. He wants to know what Chucho is doing here because he doesn't know anything about it. Chucho says Alex told him to come. I helped him after the accident as he steps forward to shake Zeke's hand. Zeke takes a step back like Chucho has the H1m1 virus and refuses to shake hands, and looks down his nose at him. Chucho says I am the one that saved his life. Alex told me to come and talk to Ezequeal Flores. Alex said you would help me. Help you with what? A job (champa) Chucho says. A job doing what? Anything. First you will have to take a bath. We don't bathe because we don't have a any water. Felipa's curiosity gets the better of her and she comes out to see what is going on. Chucho's eyes light up and he rushes to introduce himself. He tells her that he helped Alex after his accident. He said Alex told him there would be a job for him here at the house. Felipa tells him that she is the assistant to Dona Victoria and that she is honored to meet him. She says that she imagines that he is hungry and takes him to the kitchen. He tells her that Zeke told him to take a bath. She says he's an old fuddy duddy and Zeke gets indignant and points his finger at her and says she needs to have more respect. She tells him to shut up. She takes Chucho into the kitchen. Chucho laughs.

Roberto and Raquel are talking. Roberto tells her that her mouth is bigger than her head. He gets after her about gossiping and the necessity of avoiding a scandal. He looks like he'd like to slap her lips off and I can't tell if he really is disgusted with her or is just complying with orders from Alex to keep Raquel under wraps.

Our double naught spy Pimp Daddy is talking to Bruno. He tells Bruno he thinks that MJ is in love with Alex. Bruno says she is stupid. She knows that Alex is just playing with her. All I'm thinking is, where can I get one of those tigers on velvet paintings. I mean, woo hoo, that is class for sure.

MJ and Alex arrive back at the house. Zeke tells Alex that Chucho came looking for him and Alex is excited. Alex says he would like to speak with him. Zeke looks a little surprised sand says he'll go prepare dinner for them. Alex goes upstairs to see his mom. Vicky is glad to see him. How are you doing? Alex says he has something to confess. I'm not sure what happened but it is certain that I married MJ on my own. Bruno had nothing to do with it. Vickie is elated.

Chucho is eating in the kitchen with Felipa and the cook. They are plying him with tortillas while he is plying them with compliments. He wants to know what's up with Zeke and when is he having surgery to remove the corncob that was stuck where the sun doesn't shine (donde el sol no brilla). The cook laughs and says that he is the majordomo. That's a big college word there so I'm sure Chucho has no clue what that means. He looked like he was enjoying himself though.

Alex and MJ are upstairs in his room having a conversation about being careful. There is a knock on the door and Zeke announces that he is here with the dinner. Zeke brings the dinner. Alex's phone rings. It is Fernando, the not so best friend, asking how it went. Alex tells him they didn't find anything and the judge and the witnesses have disappeared. Nando says we have a problem. Not at work but at your house. Raquel overheard Victoria and me talking about how you weren't really married. Alex says do you know what kind of scandal that would cause? Bruno intervened. I'll see you tomorrow. MJ wants to know if there is a problem? Did something happen? He says to go ahead that he has a few things to do but he'll be back. Alex goes to find Chucho. Chucho thanks him profusely and says the house is beautiful and that he likes the food. Alex is glad that he is happy. Chucho asks where he is supposed to sleep. Alex tells him to talk to Zeke about a room. Alex says he has to go, can they talk tomorrow. Zeke runs into Pedro who is sitting on his patio. Pedro is happy to have someone to talk to besides his daughters. He's also glad to meet the man who saved Alex. Chucho and Pedro commence to drinking a few cervesas.

Alex goes over to talk to Raquel who is hammered like always. He tells Raquel that he doesn't want to hear any more and MJ is his wife and she has all the rights that he has. Raquel says she loves him. He tells her that she needs to leave MJ alone. He tells her he loves MJ. Raquel touches him and strokes his arm. He's grossed out and says ewwww, we are brother and sister. She tries to kiss him. Get your cooties off of me. He gets upset and leaves.

Vicky is talking to Felipa who is helping her put sugar in her tea. I wonder if she has to fill post-it notes and staplers too? Felipa thinks that MJ sees things as they really are (and doesn't live in her own reality like some people we know.) Do you think Alex lied to me? Felipa doesn't think so. Vicky thinks that it is more logical that Alex made everything up. Victoria says she is going to talk to MJ tomorrow.

Alex comes back and wants to know why MJ isn't in the room. She wants to know where he went. He said he went to talk to Raquel. He tells her that Raquel overheard Nando and Victoria talking about them not being married. You know she hates my family. She'll do whatever she can to cause trouble. They finally sit down to eat.

Uli and Roberto are in a club drinking and talking about Bruno. Uli thinks Bruno is smart but he had a plan that failed. Some guy comes over and gets them for something. Uli says he has no money but Roberto says he will lend him some. I think that scene was just filler.
RaMaura and her sister are having some girl time and looking at magazines. Oh, please, it is crazy that he could like someone like her. She is poor and stupid. He needs someone beautiful, educated and classy. Well, that's not you that's for sure.

Pedro and Chucho are still throwing back some brewskies. They have become fast friends. Pedro wishes him good luck on his first day on the job tomorrow.

The next day Alex is going to work in a chopper. (Isn't that the way you get to work every day?)Promise me you will say what we talked about. He kisses her and says he loves her and she says she loves him too. She waves as he takes off. I guess that's one way to get away from all the traffic.

MJ and Paula are talking. MJ tells her they went to the apartment and no one knew Bruno or remembered seeing him. Uh oh, here comes Victoria wanting to talk to MJ. Please can we talk in my study. I need to know the true story. You can understand I need you to be totally frank with me. Did you marry Alex or not? MJ gets upset and starts pacing. I married Alexandra Lombardo. Look me in the eyes. Tell me the truth. Tell me the accusations against Bruno are not true. Alex told me to say (?) I didn't catch it. Victoria is elated. I knew Bruno could not make this up. The heart of a mother can't accept. it. Alex is jealous. MJ begs her not to do something and Victoria says she will talk to Bruno. Thank you for everything MJ. Victoria looks relieved. MJ runs upstairs to cry some more. Bruno is sleeping and Victoria barges in. She tells him to get up. She wants to know why he is still in bed. Bruno says I'm not a child. Ha, I beg to differ with that. Victoria says she brings good news. The hit on his head made Alex think crazy. Bruno looks pleased. Bruno and Victoria come downstairs and discuss whether they need to get help for Alex. Bruno thinks he's crazy and dangerous and they should do something. Victoria says don't give me anything more to worry about.

Zeke finds Chucho sleeping under a tree. Do you know where you are? Do you always sleep in the garden? You didn't tell me what room is mine. I was hanging with my main man Pedro and we drank just a few beers. I bet he smells like it too. Here is the key and you need to be in the kitchen in 30 minutes and get your uniform. A uniform? Am I going to war? Zeke stomps off in a huff. Apparently he still hasn't had the aforementioned surgery.

Doctor shows up and Victoria tells him she is really worried about Alex. She and Bruno try to convince him that Alex is crazy and needs help. The doctor looks suspiciously at Bruno.
Alex is at the office talking to his friend (and I use that term loosely) Nando. Alex says Victoria won't believe that her son is a killer. Alex is leaving the building with Nando. Nando is saying that they looked for dirt on Bruno and found nothing.

Victoria is still trying to convince the doctor to do something to help Alex. Bruno thinks he should be committed immediately. The doctor says Alex is fine. But he says he will talk to Alex. I don't want to worry any more. Victoria tells Bruno he needs to stay away from MJ. And that's final. Maybe she would have better luck if she said “Because I said so.” That always worked for my mom.

RaMaura and her sister tell Uli they've got a plan. They are going to invent a lover and cause a lot of trouble. Oh, wow, what else is new?


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gancho Thurs 10/29 - Is that my lingerie in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Guess what, I still haven't uploaded my photos of Guanajuato, sorry! I've been so incredibly busy I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Soon, I promise!

(Before we start, last Thursday commenter Robyn asked what Tano told Estrella that was so shocking. He told her that there was the possibility that she could go to the penitentiary for being a child molester. Luckily that is probably old news by now, she is out of jail, and Estrella has other miseries to contend with.)

As we guessed, tonight was not a night of happiness. However mixed in with all the sadness were some tender scenes, heart-felt conversations, and more than one opportunity for our cast to show off their dramatic props. Warning: no Ximena tonight. Shall we begin?

The sparring continues from last night, Moni in her wedding dress and pink gloves makes quite a sight. Something tells me her sparring partner is going to get the short end of this stick. Moni's vehemence disconcerts her gal pals.

Mau and Sal return from the airport empty handed. Nada! Coni wasn't at the airport with his kids. He tries calling her but no luck. Sal surmises they're still around but she won't answer in order to make him suffer, Coni only pulled the stunt to torture him and get him to stop the wedding. Mau cries that he can't call the police because legally they're not his kids. Mau sheds his first tears of the night for his missing kids and for la Monita.

Mientras tanto, the victorious Coni and Beto are boinking amongst the lingerie. Beto beats his chest and says they should ruin weddings more often. He's ready to take her to the moon again, or to a hotel with champagne and everything. But she has a question, why does he keep stealing her lingerie?

Mau laments to Sal about why this had to happen. They talk a lot, why did all our plans have to get ruined? Coni warned him but he provoked her. Sal tells Mau he's smarter than Coni and he can beat her. (Well, good friends lie sometimes.) Mau thinks it's too late for him and Moni because he's a coward. Sal inists that Moni loves him and he should prove he loves her.

Speak of the monkey, she now wanders disconsolately, still followed by her sad entourage. She wants to be alone.

Don Cesar, holding Nieves' little pink purse, tries to console Nieves as he talks about Moni's strength and tenacity. Nieves invites him in.

Christian tries to get amorous with Pau but she says they need to go into her dad's house. Gabi and Estrella try to make sense out of the day. Tano hangs around and Estre tells him she doesn't feel like being alone. (!) Wisely, Tano tells her not to play around with him, he'd better go. OK, so I can't believe he did that. Very interesting.

Nieves allows Don Cesar to hug and comfort her. These two make quite a colorful pair, our pink princess and her principe azul. She's in pain because Moni is like her own flesh and blood and is suffering greatly. It's a pain she knows herself and she's afraid Monita will end up living a life like hers. The subject turns to Nieves and Don Cesar tells her the man that left her at the altar was an estupido! He would never have done that. He kisses her, tells her he'll work hard to be worthy of a kiss from her lips, clicks his heels, and departs. Nieves hopes he won't take too long. Now this was a scene worth a replay!

The full moon rises and Christian slips out of Paula's abode after a tasty snack. No really, I think they had something to eat. Remember her dad is there. These two are so cute.

A doggie yaps incessantly and Mau knocks on Monita's door. Please open, it's me Mauricio! He breaks into tears again and begs her to open the door. Wah! He loves her with all his heart. The waterworks flow.

Pau and Estre catch this award-winning performance, listen to his full confession, listen some more, "Open the door please, I need you so much, Monita Monita Monita", hear that he's lost his kids "Abreme la puerta por favor, I need a hug", and finally tell him Moni isn't home. They gently tell him that they're not Monita but they'll give him a hug.

Dani and Luisa are at the horrid boarding school in horrid pajamas in the horrid room with the other inmates. The matron enters and terrorizes all the girls into their beds. She refuses to tell them about Aldo.

After Nasty McNasterson leaves Luisa sweetly crawls into bed with Dani so they don't feel so alone. The girls pray, hands together, while Aldo does the same.

Estre begs Moni to open the door for her weeping prince. Mau joins the pleading. No answer, and a worried Estre runs for the keys while Paula crosses herself.

Nieves goes into nasty mode and tells Mau to beat it. Pau sticks up for him but mother bear won't be swayed. Nieves tries banging on the door and Estre runs up with the keyes. Mau opens the door but she's not there. Where could she be?

Nieves starts ragging on Mauricio and how the rich always have to dabble with the poor. She tells Mau if he hadn't put Moni between eyebrow and ear they wouldn't be in this mess. (Not sure what she means exactly, I think she's saying if he hadn't put ideas in Moni's head...) Mau insists he loves Moni. Estre helps him try to figure out where Moni could be, maybe the plaza! Nieves prays that they will find her Monita.

Beto and Coni enjoy a little post-coital pizza and congratulate each other on the success of their nasty little plan. Well, Coni's enjoying a glass of wine and the pizza makes her nauseous (!). She makes Beto empty his pockets of all the lacy bootie he's managed to sequester. (Oops, I mentioned her nausea in my comment today. Was this in the previews?)

Mau and Estre search for Moni in the plaza. He finally finds her listening to some mariachis. He turns her around but no, it's not Monita. The Mariachis wail and Mau recalls the night he tried to serenade Moni, the night they ate tacos, got their pictures taken, ate esquites. Mau and Estre return back to the vecindad having failed in their mission.

Nieves apologizes to Mau, Pau told her all about what really happened this day.

Beto, feeling manly from his recent boinkage and sporting several obvious lipstick marks on his collar, angrily interrupts. Estre calls him on his stained collar and Nieves joins in.

Estre tells Mau that surely Monita is fine and she escorts him into Moni's house. They have an interesting heart-to-heart which I'm not sure I completely understood. Mau discovers that Moni has left her cellular behind so there is no way to call her. Estre takes advantage of the moment to apologize to him for what happened between her and Aldo. She feels really bad that now he is far away and she can't do anything to help him. Mau is all "yeah well imagine how I feel." Anyway, he's nice and tells her she really deserves to have her dreams come true too. What she has with his son is transient because he's young, growing, gaining experience, and sooner or later he will stop seeing Estrella as he sees her now. She says she had Tano but she lost him too and now the whole world thinks the worst of her. Mau hugs her and tells her she has a big heart and that's the reason she's confused. He wants to see her happy but with the right person (i.e. anybody but his son).

Katia confronts Coni when she gets home, what in the heck happened to the kids? Everyone is worried about them and it's not fair to punish them for what Mau did. Coni swirls her brandy, says she wants Mau to suffer a little more, and it's too late to talk.

Mau decides to wait for Moni at her place. "Monita, where are you?" Sniff sniff. He picks up her bouquet, smells her veil and whispers her name.

Far from the DF Moni rings the bell outside Alicia's house. She tells Al she's the closest thing she has to a mother and she needs her now more than ever.

Estrella sits outside and cries. Her little puppy is missing and it's all her fault. She ruined the lives of the children. Pau tries to comfort her but Estre is inconsolable. Pau is a good friend and she says over and over, "It's the mummy's fault, yours NO, hers YES, blame the mummy." Estre says she's got to find her puppy. She doesn't know where to begin but she'll do it.

Alicia hugs Moni and invites her in. Her house is Moni's house. She assures her that time is the best medicine for a broken heart.

Moni explains to Al what happened. They were blissfully happy in Mérida but then he left her at the altar and everbody looked at her with pity. Al is surprised to hear that Mau left. She doesn't get it because Mau adores her and is profoundly in love with her. He must have had a very important reason for doing what he did.

Moni says he got a phone call and he left, she doesn't know who from. Alicia seems determined to help Moni figure out what happened.

Moni asks why does this always happen to her? She weeps that she has been abandoned again. Both her mother and Mau have abandoned her. What is it about her that sooner or later everybody leaves her? Why? Why?

Beto comes home to the patio and finds Estre worried about Moni. When he asks about his ex-hermano she tells him Mau left. She asks Beto for a favor. He misundersands and tries to hug her. No not that idiot! The ONE favor is please leave me alone.

Mau leaves Moni's house and Beto sneaks in. He sees her dress on the bed and graces us with his shifty-eyed smile. Damn him!

Tomorrow: Estre pulses Katia for clues to Aldo's whereabouts but Katia doesn't know what Coni did with the kids. Beto surprises Moni at Alicia's house to say that Mau told him to tell her he never wants to see her again. Oh no, oh yes, oh crap! But will she call Beto's bluff by phoning Mau?

Metido entre ceja y oreja - put between eyebrow and ear (Another saying is "entre ceja y ceja" which means to put ideas in someone's head, I'm thinking that "ceja y oreja" is similar. Does anyone have any other ideas?)


ENDA, October 28, 2009

Rufi is telling Carloca all about the wedding that almost happen between PJC and Natalia.

Emiliano tells Romina as she's lighting candles that he will make sure that their child has everything it needs. Romina asks if he's proposing marriage. No, replies Emiliano. We each go our own ways with our own plans. Nothing has changed in regards to that. Romina tells him that if he does not marry her, he will never see his child. He tells her to quit being ridiculous. A marriage will not work between them. She says we can try, but he points out that he doesn't love her. Well then face the consequences replies Romina. Emiliano tells her not to be that way, but Romina points out that she is carrying the baby and things will go her way.

Metiche tells PJC that she is having problems with Chava. He offers to help her.

Emiliano leaves Romina's and calls his father. He needs to talk to him.

Romina calls Paloma crying. She wants to talk to her. Lili says that Emiliano must have talked to her. She advises Paloma not to tell Romina about her relationship with Emiliano.

Camila comes home and sees Romina crying. Romina tells her that Emiliano does not want to marry her. Camila said that she figured that would happen. What do you mean asks Romina? Well, Emiliano was very clear with you when you were in the hospital. He told you that he did not love you and would never marry anyone without love replies Camila. But we are going to have a child together says Romina. Camila says she understands, but she cannot make Emiliano marry her. We can try says Romina. Camila tells her that they shouldn't and to please understand. The doorbell rings and its Paloma. Romina takes her to her room.

Metiche and PJC find Chava lying unconscious on a park bench.

Romina tells Paloma that Emiliano doesn't want to marry her even though she is expecting his child. Paloma says that he will take care of his child and be a good father to him. Romina says the only way he could be a good father is to marry me. So if he doesn't then I have decided to have an abortion, but don't tell anyone. Paloma tells her that it's a crazy idea.

Camila tells Orlando that Emiliano does not want to marry Romina. Orlando says then we have to make him do it. What asks Camila? Orlando says a father should be near his child to watch him grow and not become a stranger. Camila says that nothing would make her happier, but Emiliano does not love Romina. And that complicates things. Orlando says that if he does not live next to his child then he will regret it.

Paloma tells Romina that her child must be born. But not in these conditions replies Romina. Paloma remembers Macarena telling her that the reason she gave her up was she wanted the best for her. Romina keeps pleading her case that her child needs both parents in its life. Again Paloma tells her not to abort. Romina then pleads for her help in convincing Emiliano to marry her. Paloma doesn't want to get involved, but Romina threatens to abort then. Promise me that you'll talk to him begs Romina.

Diana tells Emiliano that he has to marry Romina even if he doesn't want too. Emiliano refuses. Rafael tells Diana that Emiliano is an adult and he has to make his own decisions. They have to respect his decision. Diana fires back by saying that if Emiliano had respected Romina, none of this would have happened. She turns to Emiliano and says that Romina would be the best mother and wife. Emiliano points out again that he does not love her.

Carloca asks Paloma were she was at. Romina's she replies. Carloca asks if she's told Romina that she is novios with Emiliano. No says Paloma and don't you tell her either.

Emiliano goes to the hospital to see how Chava is doing. PJC says that they found Chava unconscious and drunk. PJC thinks that Emiliano should talk to him.

Paloma tells Lili about her conversation with Romina. She doesn't want to feel responsible if Romina completes her threat. Lili wisely tells her it wouldn't be. You are not the problem. But I am replies Paloma. I am with Emiliano. Perhaps if we were not together then he would marry her. Lili tells her that she doesn't think that Romina would really do that. But it's not your problem either. Think about yourself first.

Emiliano talks to Chava about his drinking.

Orlando asks Angelica if Emiliano has made it in yet as she is bringing in coffee. No replies Angelica. How was your night with your galan asks Orlando. Angelica tells him that they had a fight. What about asks Orlando. You says Angelica. Seems like there are people who do not have a very good opinion of you. And I will not allow anyone to talk about you in a bad way. Orlando didn't realize he had such loyal people around him. I'm not just loyal to you, but to myself responds Angelica. I will not allow anyone to talk about the only man that I am interested in.

Natalia comes to visit PJC and gives him a hug. Of course Carloca sees this. She overhears PJC asking about Alonzo and Natalia replying that things are not good.

Emiliano is waiting for Paloma after school. Emiliano tells her that he talked to Romina and she wants to get married. But he said no. Marriage is not the solution. Paloma hopes that he convinces her, but thinks that while all this is going on they should not be together. Why asks Emiliano. Paloma says that she doesn't want to be the reason for him to make a bad decision regarding his child. I don't want to take away his father. I don't want the baby to go through what I did. That I did not have my father with me. Emiliano points out that her story and his baby's story are very different. I hope so replies Paloma. I'm really sorry, but we are done.

Emiliano says that we cannot end this. I thought that our love was strong and could withstand anything. I know that we are going thru a difficult time, but this baby should not be a wedge between us. Please don't insist begs Paloma. We are done forever and tries to walk away. Emiliano grabs her and says that he will never accept it and kisses her.

Aaron and Romina are walking in the park. Aaron asks Romina how can she be sure Paloma will leave Emiliano. Romina tells him about her threat to abort the baby. But you can't do that replies Aaron. The doctor told you that it will put your life in jeopardy. Yes, I know responds Romina. But Paloma doesn't know that. Anyway Paloma will never allow a child to be without a father like she had. And if she doesn't leave Emiliano then I promise to leave Real del Monte and he will never see his child. Aaron says as soon as he's out, I'm going in. Romina advises him that if he can't get in voluntarily from her, then force the issue.

Emiliano says I love you just as much as you love me. Paloma says it's horrible not having a father. Emiliano says the baby always will. Did Romina ask you to break up with me? No replies Paloma. She doesn't know anything about us. Go to Romina. Forget about me forever. She runs off.

PJC and Natalia are walking. They are talking about Sagario (her daughter), Alonzo and his behavior after Inaki's death. Carloca is following. PJC wants to tell her everything that has happened since they last talked. They agree to meet up tomorrow and hug each other goodbye. Carloca is pissed.

Orlando wants to talk to Angelica about her confession. Camila overhears. Angelica tells him to forget about it. What would it have changed? You love Camila, right? She doesn't let him answer. I have lost again. What do you mean asks Orlando? Angelica says I have only loved twice in my life and both men were unavailable. Orlando tells her that he doesn't want her to go. Angelica says I can't stay here looking at you knowing you know how I feel. Orlando tells her that if he had never met Camila then perhaps. Camila is shocked. Angelica says then nothing can come from this. Orlando begs Angelica to stay. Camila runs out.

Paloma goes to visit Macarena's grave to talk. Paloma tells Macarena that she loves Emiliano as much as Macarena loved her father. Why could we not be happy with them?

Emiliano is with Rafael crying. He says he cannot lose her.

German visits with Rodolfo. German wants a consultation. How can a man find out that a child is his? Can I find out now or wait till the baby is born? Rodolfo says there is a test that they can do by removing some of the am biotic fluid and verify DNA. Is there any danger doing that asks German. Yes, a small one replies Rodolfo. Are you in trouble? No, a friend responds German.

Rufi answers the phone and it’s Natalia. She wants to talk to Paloma. Rufi tells her she's not home yet and takes down her number. Carloca comes in and asks who it was. Natalia replies Rufi. That's strange. We were just talking about her the other day says Carloca. Yes, strange replies Rufi. Carloca thinks to herself that PJC was going to give up the priesthood for Macarena. Could he possibly do the same for her?

Padre Mateo tells PJC he thinks its inapprociate for Natalia to travel alone without her husband to come visit him. Why asks PJC. Woman do it all the time. Yes, but they were not about to marry you responds Padre Mateo. He wants him to stay away from her. PJC says that she needs advice and that is all.

Camila and Romina are talking about Emiliano. Romina says that I will not commit the same mistake that you did. Diana comes in and says that she agrees. A baby needs its mother and father. Romina tells Camila that she knows she has to go and will entertain Diana. Off Diana and Romina go into the living room like 2 best buddies. Diana gives her a gift for the baby. They giggle and chit chat while Camila looks on sad.

Orlando tells Emiliano that Romina is thinking what is best for the child. Emiliano says the best thing for my child is not have his father be with his mother by force. Then Romina might complete her promise no matter what the law says replies Orlando. Emiliano says that he will make sure that his child has everything it needs. Orlando says I don't want what happened to me happen to you. Emiliano replies that just because it happened to you doesn't mean it will happen to me. I will try everything I can to convince Romina that marriage is not the answer. Orlando thinks he's making a big mistake.

Diana and Romina are talking about Emiliano. Diana says her son is noble. Romina doesn't believe it anymore. Diana blames it all on Paloma. Romina believes that Paloma will break up with Emiliano. Diana is in on the plan even if Rafael isn't. Rafael isn't asks Romina. No, he always supports whatever Emiliano wants replies Diana. But who cares. I will make sure to convince him. Romina says perhaps I know of something. What asks Diana? I will talk to him replies Romina.

Rufi tries to comfort Paloma. She tells Paloma that if Romina wasn’t so crazy she would tell her not to listen to her. She is capable of anything. I agree replies Paloma. That is why I broke it off with him. I think I am going to accept the offer from Rodolfo to live in Mexico City with him. Rufi tells Paloma that Natalia is in town and she wants to see her.

Carloca is talking to herself again. She says that Natalia doesn't have her looks or her class. She is not a better woman then me. Why did you touch her? Why her? I am the one for you. Accept it. Leave your god forever so that you can come to me.

PJC calls Rufi and tells her that Natalia is in town. He wants her to come and meet with him and Natalia tomorrow.

Paloma tries to call Natalia, but no answer. Rufi made her a cake that Macarena said was Paloma's favorite. Paloma has no appetite. Rufi tells her to remember her mother's words to her. Paloma gets excited and runs out.

Camila goes to visit with Angelica. What's wrong asks Angelica. Camila answers her by saying that her friend is lying to her and deceiving her. Who asks Angelica? My own psychiatrist replies Camila. Why do you say that asks Angelica? Because during all this therapy, she only wanted more information on the man she loves says Camila. When were you going to tell me? Let me explain says Angelica. No replies Camila. Romina was right about you. You are a person with two faces and bad ethics.

German gets a visit from Paloma. She tells German that she saw him and Romina kissing each other outside his house. She wants to know if they had ever slept together. Could the child that she is expecting be yours? Please tell me the truth.

Manana: Diana says her son will marry Romina no matter what.


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