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Amorcito Corazón Discussion #184-188 Dec. 31-Jan. 4

Hola amigas/os,

Feliz Año Nuevo!  I am traveling again today but will have to recap up later this evening.  All the best, Karen.

Juancho brings the Maris the newspaper’s apology and renouncing their former claims about Lucia, Willy, and the casa hogar.  He also gets to accompany them to see Aldo, yeah.  Baby Aldo looked very pleased to meet Juancho!
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Amores Verdaderos – The Curious Case of the Nicknames

Or “The New Year's Eve Special”. :)
Since we were going a little bit overboard with the nicknames, I decided to create a post for them. If I forgot a name, please tell me and I’ll add it to the list.

José Ángel: the Angel, Big Angel, Angel with Hugs, Sensei Arriaga, Big Ed, Hulk

Victoria: Vic, Vicky, Little Brave Painter, Wifey Pooh

Francisco: Guzmáncito, Guzmi, Frankie, Gorilla, Robo-Hunk, Blondie, Güerito

Nicole: Nikki, Oookay, Bratty, Nikki Pooh, Spoiled Brat

Santino, aka “Salsero”: Dances with Sunglasses, Twinkle Toes, Agent Smith

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Amores Verdaderos #36 Fri 12/28/12 Fooled Around And Fell In Love or The Rumble In The Manse


Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman. You know I always start my recaps with a little theme. Tonight is about first love. After seeing Guzmancito and Nikki kiss, I sat and reflected. Close your eyes and remember your first love. Remember the butterflies, the not being sure he/she is the one, will he/she call? Does he/she love you back? Is this love? Ahhh, the good old days when we were young and foolish. But that being said, we know that Nikki and Guzmancito do love each other very much. They are doing the dance around each other, feeling each other out so to speak and hiding their love for each other and hence the title of the song, Fooled Around and Fell in Love, by the Marvelous Elvin Bishop. So now on to the recap.

So we start this epi with Mami and daughter having that convo about love, doncha know. Nikki is wanting her Mama to check if Guzmi is really married, but she won't do that till Monday, when she checks his resume, but Nikki herself wants to go manana to ask the secretary to check it for her, only problem is tomorrow is Sunday and the office is closed. And why doesn't Nikki ask him ya know, directly??? And why are you interested anyhow??? Or should Mama even be asking??? Well enough of that, Mami would you fall in love with a bodyguard?? Que Que What???? So Mami explains a person's job doesn't matter, they could be anything. And what matters is that they are human beings, but Nikki wants to know more. Well, Mami could you fall in love with YOUR bodyguard, of course not silly Nikki, I am a married woman she answers. So Nikki wants to know even more, and her Mami explains that class is hard to overcome, but LOVE TRUMPS ALL. Imagine that!!! Who knew. Now Nikki wants to know if class isn't that important, then why didn't her Mami marry that first boyfriend of hers, hmmmm???? So her Mami tells her yes, he was poor, GrandPapi didn't like him and besides it's a long story and I'll tell you one day, but now it's time for bed. So Nikki gets in the bed, but wants her Mami to stay with her longer, there is a little wrestling, play biting and I'll eat you up if you dont' go to bed, but Ms Vikki, ends ups sitting on the bed and spending some time with her girly.
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Amor Bravío #94 (Uni 89) Fri 12/28/12 It's ¡Mama Mia! for Alonso; Or Mad, Sad, and Had Mamas R Us--Incite And Insight


If ever a bunch of mothers--evil stepmothers included--had a reason to gripe and gritch, it's this bunch.  All get a go at it tonight.  Though this gripe-fest is more of a snore-fest, we do have a confession from Nurse Chihuahua as we observe her fighting to protect her quadriplegic pup from that she-wolf in lambskin leathers, Isadora de Gore-uh!  

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Por ella soy Eva #114 12/28/12: Day of the Innocents

Or: Day of the Lippy, Cheating Children

Mexico, Spain, and many other countries commemorate a very grisly event on December 28. The Day of the Innocents, as it is known, is a day of pranks and practical jokes, not unlike April Fools' Day.

This episode could not have aired on a more appropriate day.
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El Mundo de Telemundo, Week of December 31, 2012

I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season.  Happy New Year!  

Let the conversations begin!

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Amor Bravío #93 (Uni 88) Thu 12/27/12 Amor Recuperado

Francisco is up next to thought bubble about Ximena.  He laments that she turned out like him.  Heh!  The other mourners leave the gravesite.

Captain OnlyCopInThisTown Apologizes for coming to the funeral, but he needs Camila to come identify the body of the man who kidnapped her.  The wheels of justice can't stop rolling, you know.  Vivi offers to go with her.  Well, that'll be convenient.

Francisco tells Agustina at least they've still got each other.  Agustina says it's more like there's nothing keeping them together anymore, so he can just take a hike!  "Try to mend fences with Daniel if you want to, but you're dead to me."

Isadora still can't get in to see Alonso.  She begs the doctor for info.  The news is not good.  "Will he die?"  How she restrains herself from jumping up and down is beyond me.

Aaron is packing to go move in at Amanda's.  He wants Rafa and Vivi to have some alone time.  Rafa doesn't think it's fair for him to go back to the hostel.  Well, hey, man, maybe Aaron just doesn't want to be witness to your inept attempts at seduction.  Or he figures things will go really well and he doesn't want to have to listen to the hot monkey lovin' every night.  Aaron says Vivi will probably be happy he's gone.

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Amores Verdaderos #35 Thu 12/27/12 Polita's dream date and jealousy cocktail poured all over Balbanera castle

Spoiled brat girl is still throwing silly excuses at Enabl-ina, Cristina trying to excuse herself with Sperm Donor, tries to encourage him to get his daughter and mistress together to get to know each other, he could care less about getting married at his age, Said mistress calls his cell but he won’t answer, Paula-loser nags all by herself in her apt. Remembers Cristina’s speech about true love and confronting SD. She shreds a cigar she had in a box…
Angel with Hugs fixing the flat tire, but silly little painter gets out of the car and her dress rips when Angel closes the car door.  He screams at the vision in front of his eyes, she just freezes.

Lo nuevo:

LP and BAwH do a weird dance of ‘cover up – go round and round - get in car’, she yells at him not to look at her… and to hurry up… he swears he did not see anything (then why did he scream??).. she says she is cold…
Sleeping Ugly Useless Hubby wakes up at Ken-Drat’s apt, yells at KD for letting him sleep knowing he had the commitment with Little Painter, and also for turning off his cel phone. Leaves. Salsero and KD are giggling at the scene…

Back to car… Little painter now is yelling of feeling embarrassed that her throw is not enough to cover her sweet spots… Angel with Hugs offers her his shirt… say what?... well, that is all we have handy here… She keeps nagging at him that she feels embarrassed and her dress is ruined. She won’t be able to go to the convention dressed like this… she says how important the event was, but they end up lauging it off ‘I tell you ma’am, working for you is a true adventure every day’.

Enabl-ina is still talking to spoiled brat girl, she really wants to know if Robo-Hot-Hunk is married, she wants to know everything about everyone that works for her (did she ever investigate if Elabl-ina ever married?...) and about the family economics (Say what??!!) Enabl-ina does not agree that SBG should be poking for RHH’s private life…  ‘I have matured, besides, everything we have gone through recently has shown me that there are folks out there trying to hurt us and I don’t like that RHH has hidden the fact that he is married. ‘
Mabila (?) runs in faking total cluelessness as to where SBG was. SBG does not give details, offers her chocolates instead. No, it gives me pimples and makes me fat… SBG eats the chocs all herself.

Polita-pink princess is ready for her date. Jean Marie gives her last minute advice. RHH gets a glimpse of her before she goes away with JM. Enabl-ina comes to give him another 101 on Asian calendar, careful, when dragons with some monkey mix up with goats, that turns in catastrophe. RHH says I don’t get it. Enabl-ina reminds him ‘you are here to protect SBG, so keep your distance’. Out goes Enabl-ina and in comes Mabila. She hangs herself on him as if she were a dress and he is a wire hanger. He figures out she was the one that locked them up. Is it funny to you? What do you want? .. you!, I want You!’ Just in time out come JM with PPP to save RHH from the jaws of drat. (I have to say PPP looks adorable in that neon pink blouse and hair pulled back).
Mabila: You are going to go out with THAT THING?
RHH: Her name is Polita (aka PPP) and yes, I have a date with her.. excuse me.
(funny, PPP gives her a ‘there! Eat THAT!’ glimpse, and when RHH and PPP are gone,  Mabila is having a tantrum and looks at JM, JM gives her a ‘don’t look at me, I am not available either’ look and wraps it off with a 'you poor loser' nod)

In living room, SD is with Jealous Cris, who is nagging that her husband is not back yet. SD thinks he must get her on his side so she won’t tattle-tell about Pau-Loser. In come Little painter and Angel with Hugs laughing off what happened out there. Cris throws her tantrum no. 433, asking Little Painter what she is doing with my husband’s shirt… LP and AwH look at her with confused faces. LP gives her the explanation of their flat tired. JC won’t buy it. AwH tells JC she has no reason to talk to them like that. LP repeats the story about the dress ripping for flat tire. SD jumps in to the rescue of the almost-UFC-championship bout. LP explains to SD that what she is worried about is she could not make it to the convention, SD adds that the one that must be collecting on that fact is Odette, Wicked Old Hag Witch.  They are a bit relieved to think ugly useless hubby did make it to the convention…
Said Not-sleeping-anymore UUH walks in, turns out he also had a flat tire. In jumps JC to spit her nagging ‘well, it was definitely the day of the flat tires! Real bad luck all around!’ BAwH pulls reigns her back.  UUH reigns his wife, questions her about wearing AwH shirt. He asks how could that happen? We also had a flat tire.’  Dances with Sunglasses is enjoying the whole show.

Wicked Old Hag Witch is talking to KenDrat on cel… KenDrat tells her about the issues on the arriaga and Balbanera marriages… WOHW shares a plan she just came up with KenDrat. KD says it is genius plan. WOHW will provide the other players in the prank for KenDrat. Perfect. Trust me, I know what I want, I am a winner, just like you.

JC has another jealousy rage scene with BAwH, he insists there is nothing between him and LP. Jean Marie tries to smooth the scene but to no avail. BAwH asks JC what would she have done. You have to believe me. How do you want me to show you? I will swear for our daughter, the most important one in our lives. I swear in her name, that I am telling you the truth.

UUH tries to pitch his side to SD.. SD won’t have any… now WOHW will expand her clients list. Stop explaining yourself. Go make amends with my daughter.  SD goes away. UUH tries to get DwS to support his side. DwS asks him if he is doubting his wife. UUH is confused, but will settle it right now! (runs to talk to LP, DwS calls KenDrat. Gives her the news of the nuclear crisis at Balbanera, she tells him she has a plan to bank on the marriage blues of those. She tells him to make sure none of the marriages reconcile. DwS says feeding UUH jealousy rages is easy, the problem is BAwH. He has the night out and is going out with his wife. KenDrat says make it so that won’t happen.

Back in kitchen, BAwH is giving the final touches to a reconciliation with JC, even though JC insists the situation is hard, LP is pretty, smart, does important things, and I am a nobody. BAwH says yeah she might have all that, but you are my wife, I chose you for my life, I love you very much. JC hugs him and swears she will try to change (YEAH RIGHT!!) I love you so much, am afraid you will grow tired of me… you don’t go through all those adventures with me. I want us to be like when we were just married… like the other night when we made love. Lets go out tonight… kissy kissy…  in comes DwS, faking being happy they reconciled. BAwH says LP let him go out earlier, DwS says let me check with her that you can go.  The Arriagas keep on kissy kissy.  JC looks very happy with anticipation of the evening/night ahead.  (poor thing)

In LP bedroom, she is the one mad at him for not trusting her.. she is sick of his distrust, you are educated and smart enough to not go through all these jealous rages. You turned your cel off! Then come with the story of the flat tired, and now you don’t trust me!! I will take a bath to try to get over the anger at you.

Again the writers have a field day with the creepy ‘could have done without’ daydream sequences, this time it is UUH thinking of LP and BAwH making out in the car…  he talks himself out of believing LP would betray him.  DwS knocks, walks in. and feeds him some more jealousy on LP and BAwH. He says BAwH reconciled with his wife and are kissy kissy while he has his fight with LP. BAwH wants to make sure it is ok that he leave a bit early for his off day.  Then DwS picks up BA’s shirt to twist the knife some more on UUH. UUH is angry again, asks DwS to spoil BA’s night off as he spoiled mine!..

Spoiled Brat girl is still with Mabila, they are playing backgammon. SBG is still angry that RHH went out with PPP. Mabila reveals to SBG that she is the one that locked them up. SBG tells her you try and try and still he won’t sleep with you!... now it is Mabila’s turn to be angry, leaves in a huff. SBG talks to herself that RHH has such bad taste, only an ordinary loser like you could notice such a nobody like Policarpia Lopez.

At the karaoke bar, RHH and PPP are having a great time listening to someone else sing… She is in la-la land. And he is enjoying seeing her so happy. He has ordered her a non-alcoholic cocktail… she tells him Jean Marie’s advice (careful what you drink, careful what you say and mostly careful what you do). RHH finds that funny. He insists tonight she is his guest of honor. She is sooooo in la-la land.

Back at Balbanera, BAwH and JC are saying goodbye to SD,  SD tells JC to remember that they talked. This triggers BA’s interest in the subject matter, but no info is shared. DwS says he needs to talk to BA for one minute. … they leave. SD gets confirmation from JC she has not spoiled any beans yet, but she says she is in a pickle, she believes in sharing all info, and omitting info is like lying to her. 

In kitchen, DwS puts on a play for BAwH that they just called him from hospital that his mother is very ill, dying. And he needs BAwH to cover for him tonight. BA buys it hook, line and sinker, swallows hard, but nods a yes.

In Bedroom, LP comes out of bathroom apologizing for getting so angry. UUH tells her about DwS personal issue and that BAwH will cover for him. She says she had already given BA the night off, UUH gets irritated and does not want her to trump over his orders. What is more urgent, that your escort gets his day off or that Salsero is allowed to go see his dying mother? LP gives in.

SD is still talking to JC, convinces her that omitting info is not lying. Look  what just happened, you got into a jealous rage when they arrived, you and he talked and reconciled, and you are calm now.  JC buys it hook, line and sinker… JC feels embarrassed about her reaction to LP. SD says yeah you did go overboard, but you should trust LP. The most important thing to her is her family.  JC comments that he sounds like a father giving advice to his daughter (BINGO!!!). JC leaves. SD talks to himself that he is sure he just got JC standing for his side again.

At Karaoke bar, it is PPP’s turn to sing… RHH is happy for her. She tells the host she is there, will sing ‘el proximo viernes’ (next Friday), and dedicates her to her friend, more than a friend, he has helped her believe in herself and gives her butterflies in her stomach. She walks over to RHH, she apologizes for what happened ‘but I love you, I love you very much’. (RHH is a bit taken aback but laughs it off, she adds ‘hey, don’t go out with anyone else, please!’… he looks away trying to not take any of it seriously, still keeps his happy stance, actually this girl can sing pretty decently. She puts all her voice, soul and body language into the song, RHH is amused, seems intrigued by the lyrics too, which are very expressive, graphic, really smiles, claps and cheers her when she is done, when she gets back to the table she says ‘for you!’, he laughs it off) 

Meanwhile SBG is in her bed with headphones, remembering her kiss with RHH in bathroom. LP walks in and puts a blanket on her, SBG gets a bit startled. Asks LP how long had it been since you didn’t do this. LP admits a long time ago. SBG asks ‘do you remember you used to rub my head so I would go to sleep? ‘ ‘Yeah, dear, and I would tell you that if you did not go to sleep I would bite you! ‘ (fakes biting her leg)… they both enjoy the moment. SBG asks LP if she knew that RHH was married. This takes LP by surprise… LP says don’t remember RHH saying that he had a wife, I can check his employee record at the office on Monday. SBG is in a hurry to find out, even suggests she go to the office herself to find out. LP asks wouldn’t it be easier that you ask him he ad on?... or is it that you are interested… SBG writes off any chance of being interested… but… asks LP if she would consider a bodyguard…

LP reluctantly says she is married, does not really want to admit she would consider a bodyguard.
We watch another dog fight between BAwH and JC (this woman won’t learn)
We see KenDrat with a black bob wig at the office, on cel phone with DwS, he asks her for details of the plan to try to get UUH to ask LP for divorce, KenDrat just insists it is genious.


Por ella soy Eva #113 12/27/12: Helena rechaza el regalo

I am away in a strange land (Connecticut) where Univision apparently doesn't believe in closed captions, and so this is a translation of Televisa's synopsis of this capitulo...

The employees that have been rehired thank Eva for all she has done for them.  Helena looks at Eva with admiration and congratulates her.  Eva says that she only did what anyone would have done in her position. 

Rebeca complains to see the sad faces of Jennifer and Kevin and tells them the one thing they can't do is accuse her to their parents because she is telling them the truth (her version, always skewered in her favor).  Jennifer assures her they will say nothing and thanks her for telling them the truth.

The employees comment that not only have they returned to work, but also programs have been implemented to help single mothers and to train older people.  Helena is much surprised to learn all Eva did.  Eva gets embarrassed and says it's only part of a plan that Grupo Imperio is going to implement.
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Amor Bravío #92 (Uni 87) Wed 12/26/12 “Ximena’s Anvil has Dropped – the Final Toodle-Oooo!”

Old News del Pueblo:
Camila’s Hospital Room: We open tonight’s capitulo with a repeat of Camila and Dan discussing how they were preordained to be together.  Camila is quite intent on explaining that all signs point to this.  Dan agrees and they both agree to be together forever.   Viewerville knows there will be easier said than done.

The Well Worn Hospital Waiting Room:   El Malquerida group is at the hospital waiting room, Agustina, Viv, Rafa, Dan and Isa. The police commander has told the group that AlLocoLonso has been found.  But, he has been found after an auto accident that left his car at the bottom of a cliff and he wasn’t alone.  He was with a Senorita Ximena Diaz…..  One of the two was burned to death in the car and one was thrown from the car.  No puede ser! Agustina gets hysterical and cries to know what has happened to her hija.  All eyes are on the police commander del pueblo.
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Amores Verdaderos #34 Wed 12/26/12 Kiss On My List and a Whopper of a Wardrobe Malfunction


Before I start this epi, I would like to talk about friendship. Isn't it nice to see a friendship develop between a man and a woman, with no strings attached? Men and women can be friends without being friends with benefits. It's nice to see this friendship develop between Angel and Ms Vikki. They are becoming BFF's for realz and can discuss anything under the sun. Jealousy, their marriages, children, you name it. I really hope they stay friends. First part of the title of this recap courtesy of Hall and Oates.

I also want to address a comment made by Anon 11:39PM last night on Elvira's recap. Anon, I want you to know we do not EVER disparage actors on this blog, only CHARACTERS and their storylines. We do not gossip on this blog , about any actor. This blog is dedicated to the fine acting of all the actors on these TNs we recap, whether the TN is good or bad, storyline wise. In the words of Chris Ferro, a recapper here on Caray Caray "We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate". We are talking about the CHARACTER of Nelson, not the actor Guillermo Capetillo. Also Anon 11:39PM please give yourself a name, it doesn't have to be a real name, like maybe Marmaduke, Dr. Spock, we don't care, it is easier to answer questions this way, cause we have alot of Anons on this blog. Thank you for your comment and please come back and comment again, whether good or bad. Now on to the recap.

We start this epi with Cris getting her make-over to be muy sexy for her Angel and the hand to hand combat training of Nikki.

So after Guzmancito has Nikki in that clinch and looks like he is about to kiss her, Zambrano intervenes and tells Guzmancito to just let her go already. He gets off of Nikki and intends to spend the rest of his day off enjoying himself. He goes and here comes Nabila the Nymphette (Thanks Anita) wanting to talk with Nikki. Nikki tells Zambrano she wants some alone time with her little friend and he goes. Guess why Nabila the Nymphette wants to talk to Nikki? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. It's about Guzmancito and he's a MARRIED MAN, doncha know!!!! Nikki isn't buying it, no way, no how.
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Por ella soy Eva #112 12/26/12: More Lies, Rumble at the Sports Bar, Is There a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde in our Midst?

Happy Holidays to all

At Grupo Imperio- Gi- the vulture Pluti is in Helena’s office and Helena is telling Pluti that we can be married forever or that stuff happens.  Nothing is for sure.  Look at her parents after 30 years of marriage they are going to divorce.  Pluti wasn’t in the loop for this and he loves her parents like they were his own family. (Eye rolling time!)  Helena apologizes for not telling him about her parent’s private lives.  Pluti throws a little tantrum, Eva knew about this, then him.  Why is he not in loop for these type of things.  Anything going on with her interests him and she is the most important thing in his life. (Eye rolling time again)

Eva tells Fernando that he needs to clarify with Marsela the real reason that he got fired and she needs to know Rebeca’s true involvement.  Stupid Fernando says that  has  a good recommendation and secured a good job.  Eva breaks it down slowly to him-you don’t know how to lie.  Fernando continues to babble about his job and Eva has had enough.  Marsela is aware of the fact that you don’t have a job and you are lying about doing the housework.  Eva warns Fernando that when Marsela gets home tonight she is going to call him on the lies and he better fess up.

News Flash- Sorry Pluti- but you are not the most important person in Helena’s world. (Time to raise my eyebrows)  Lalito trumps everyone! Oh well, Pluti loves him like a son and when they become a family Lalito will have siblings.  Helena looked very uncomfortable at the mention of more children (or the fact that she would have to have sex with Pluti) She said that they hadn’t even spoken about children and they are not married yet, Pluti apologizes for speaking out of turn, and it won’t happen again. (As if!!!!)

Stupid Fernando wants to know why is Eva telling him this because she is Marsela’s friend.  Eva never thought about Fernando (and why would she?)  Fernando tries to sell himself as a passionate man and asks Eva for a kiss (I can’t wait for the day when everyone finds out who Eva really is.  All of these male chauvinists will turn 50 shades of red) Eva snatches him up.  Eva wants to be friends with Fernando.  Fernando apologizes for insulting Eva.  Eva asks Fernando for a hug, they hug and then Fernando asks her for a tongue kiss- ewww! He is a brut, but Eva likes him. (He is a likeable fool!)

Avon commercial- Mimi gives nephew Cristian some products to deliver.  Fernando explains that he is not justifying what he did, but he was jealous of Marsela’s success. He is a sincere brut!  They share a beer.  Fernando tries to prove a point about men being the head of the family, it’s tiring.  Women are victims of machismo.  Fernando- men have to protect women.  The doorbell rings and it’s an idiot party!! Santi arrives (Who is at work???)

Renato is happy because he can leave early from work today.  (The only working person) Since he is getting off early, he and Lucia can hang out at her house.  She will cook dinner and they can watch movies.  She makes a sad puppy face and Renato caves in but only as a friend.

Santi tells Eva his tales of divorce woes with Angelica.  Santi and Fernando are going to a sports bar to watch the Pumas soccer team.  Eva chugs down her beer and says her heart is blue and her skin is golden.  Fernando says that it’s not a place for women.  They all head out to the game.  At the sports bar (I’m not sure how anyone can see the game with that gigantic Puma flag) The Pumas score!!!!  Ferni and Santi can’t believe how much Eva knows about soccer.  A man (heckler)  asks Eva to sit down; he can see the screens and proceeds to call the Pumas- loser. (Those are fighting words!!)

Eugenia is discussing the new possible (Claudia scam) part with her agent, Mr. Becker.  The agent knows nothing about the production.  Mean Claudia listens and gloats.

At the sports bar- the heckler tells Eva not to sing victory just yet and then says he doesn’t know why they let older women like her into this bar. Ferni asks if he wants to fix the problem, and with whom?  He throws Santi and his jester hat (repping the Pumas) under the bus) Eva can take care of herself. Eva says- What they shouldn’t allow in the bar are misogynistic man who take advantage of weaknesses of fragile women like herself.  She is poking him as she is speaking to him.  Eva continues to lead the bar in a P-U-M-A cheer.

At Helena’s=Helena lets Silvia know that tomorrow the lawyer will begin the divorce proceedings.  Silvia thanks Helena for her support.  Silvia is very upbeat and asks Helena about the progress of her wedding. Helena confesses that Pluti makes her restless, he scares her a little.  He looks at her as if she was his object. (Well Hello!)  Silvia remembers that when Helena and Lalito went to Playa Mayagua and didn’t tell Pluti, he flew into a rage.  Helena wanted to now if he disrespected Silvia but he didn’t.  That discussion left Helena wide-eyed impactada.

Eva thanks them for inviting her and that she loves soccer and goes to the ladies room.  She is stopped by the heckler- who calls her a lesbian, she doesn’t belong there, insults her about being a lady of high society and Eva tells him that she is not going to waste time explaining anything to him because it would take at least 2 centuries. She is a beautiful woman and he is a misogynist.  The heckler calls her a fool and all of the Puma fans are fools.  Santi and Ferni get up and the heckler says- oh you have to have one of your flunkies to defend you.  Fern stands up to him.  Eva tells him to never mind.  He calls Santi a pollon and the punches fly.  The heckler tries to leave and Ferni punches him- no one punches my friend.  Everyone is fighting.

Helena is very worried about what her mother is telling her.  She always sees him (Pluti) is so loving, but Silvia wants to alert Helena to the fact that he can be a Dr Jekyll. / Mr. Hyde.  Helena tires to convince herself that Pluti is a good man.

Back at the rumble- the owner says that no one leaves until they pay for the damage.  The police arrive, the fighting stops.  Eva says that the heckler started and the heckler says that Eva started.  Eva is a beautiful woman and the heckler disagrees.  She acts like a man (why is he the only one to notice?)  The owner shouts again that no one leaves- Eva tells him to calm down and stop shouting, everyone pays up.

Rebeca is frustrating herself by looking at the emails on the cd. She figures that there must be another email account.   She doesn’t recognize any of the names, they are all business related.  Again she bothers the Virgencita to help her find the email account.

Marsela comes home and finds Kevin and Jennifer texting and without dinner. A beer can is left open and Fernando is not at home.  No one has seen him. An annoyed Marsela prepares a quick dinner and the kids have to help.  Marsela is fuming.

Santi and Fernando are happy that Eva came.  They had a good time but they miss Juan Carlos.

Eva brings Fernando home after the soccer game and explains all to Marsela, who is still steaming. They just went to see a friendly, educated game of soccer. Eva is willing to take the blame.

Renato doesn’t like romantic movies.  Lucia has an idea to add to their romance theater- let’s add some romantic photos to our Face book page.

Eva left and Fernando looked like a little boy that was going to be scolded by Marsela. Fernando again lies about his involvement with Rebeca, he used her, took advantage of her, and of course Marsela doesn’t believe his cock and bull story.  Rebeca did it to involve him.  He needs to use his head, think.  Marsela has more important things to discuss.  Why are you taking me for a fool with this badge?

Lucia thinks that she can change Renato from gay to straight.  Renato realizes that she in love with him but he is still gay.

Fernando tells Marsela about Dona Eva and the fun that they had. 
Marsela wants to know why is Fernando lying and shows him his “work” badge.

Lucia admits that she is in love with Renato.
Juan Carlos misses being with his friends.  He realizes that Fernando is an imbecile even though he is his friend.   Juan can’t imagine Helena having relations with the vulture, Pluti.

Fernando admits that he lied because what man cleans his house.  It’s not masculine.  He did id for Kevin’s sake. Marsela says that she has been doing it for years and she does it with love.  He has two weeks to find a job, whatever it may be or he has to hit the road and forget about Marsela and the kids.

Renato and Lucia are crying over her feelings.  Renato apologizes  to Lucia for leading her on.  He loves her as a friend and not a friend with benefits.  They won’t hang out with each other anymore.

Kevin and Jennifer discuss the fact that their parents are arguing over their dad losing his job but they don’t understand why he lost his job.  Neither of the kids understand exactly what is going on. Kevin blames Marsela and Jennifer says that they shouldn’t argue about it.

Juan Carlos feels that he is a fool if he thinks that Helena loves him while sleeping with Pluti.  (If he only knew)  Mimi- tells him that it may hurt but she is engaged to someone else and he has to respect it.  Juan Carlos feels that when he sees Helena that she still loves him.  Whatever it costs, he is going to reconquer her.

Juan is going to check on Rebeca and the cd and then give Helena some information that has some proof about Juan Carlos’ innocence.

Mimi reminisces how Juan Carlos can put on his own make up and get dressed by himself.  He has come a long way.

Kevin asks Fernando what happened at Grupo Imperio he doesn’t understand.  Ferni blames it on the executives and starts talking about a first girlfriend.

Kevin and Jennifer are waiting outside of Gi and Rebeca accosts them.  Kevin asks Rebeca why was his father fired.  Rebeca says that it’s private.  The kids beg her to tell them and she says because he was a thief.

Coming attractions: Everyone is cheering Eva at the office and Helena tells Eva that she has become her teacher
Juan Carlos tells Helena- Pluti can never love you the way that I love you

See you next year!!!


Amores Verdaderos #33 Tue 12/25/12 Lots of confrontations end up being at kissing distance

Amores - CHRISTMAS 2012 (December 25, 2012) - Cap 33—Lots of confrontations end up being at kissing distance

Hey! It was Christmas day! So I'm late! This is going to be a very brief off-the-cuff recounting of this episode from memory. Will fill in blanks later. No screencaps yet. Maybe no HD screencaps at all. Too lazy. Too full of Christmas goodies.

BRIEF-ISH SUMMARY IN INCOHERENT STREAM-OF-CONSCIOUSNESS WRITING STYLE. Events may not be listed in order. They may have occurred in the previous episode. They may not have happened at all. Hey! It was CHRISTMAS!

* Vicki tells our puppy-dog eyed Angel that he's sacked. She's blubbering and in tears. She tries to make it as clear as possible that it is not his fault, but she can't explain it was because she painted this lovingly hottie (well, it would be if it weren't so atrociously done) painting of him. *gulp* He thinks it's because he overstepped in some way. "Just tell me what it was and I'll never do it again!" She keeps on saying that's not it. "I'll never see you again but I'll never forget you." They're both all getting verklempt. At one point Big Angel gets up nose-to-nose to Vicki (kissing close) but of course nothing happens.
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Por ella soy Eva #111 & 110 12/24/12 & 12/25/12: Highlights of Both Epi's

I am putting up this discussion post for both epi's. If Ezra or Melinama puts up a full recap I will take
this one down. I only saw parts of both these epi's and will put down what I remember. This will not be in order.

Pluti and Rebe, the snakes, are done with their entwining, Rebe trying to get Pluti back thru this deed, but nah, not so much. Pluti basically tells her not only no, but hell no. He also threatens her to not ever say anything about this or any of his other secrets.

Angie is trying to soak Santi for everything he's got. His parents are rich after all. What she doesn't understand is, his parents hate her and would never give Santi the money to support her. She tells Santi she will be a famous model one day and he can eat his hat, take that Santi! Well, he goes to Lucia for advice and she says something to him about Angie can't do this in Mexico, he was married in Mexico, right???right????, he has to confess he got married in Vegas, so what happened in Vegas is about to flood him in Mexico, Lucia can't beleive he was so dumb. Later, Eva talks to Santi and she says you were drunk right, when you got married? He says yeah, and he misses his friend JC. Eva wants him to spill his problems to her, but he won't. After he walks away, Eva in her true JC voice, says he misses his brother too.
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Amor Bravío #91 (Uni 86) Tue 12/25/12 Feliz Navidad! There’s still time to get your personally engraved Acme Anvils and have them ready for Día de los Reyes!

The Dastardly Duo of Xi and Al are trapped between Hissie’s car and certain death.  Hissadora eventually succeeds and Ximena and Alonso’s car heads over the cliff landing in a ball of fire.  Hissadora looks over the edge, “Adiós, hijito.  Oh well, you’re worth more to me dead than alive.  You had gone beyond my grasp and became my enemy and that I could not abide.   And now, thanks to you, I will become immensely wealthy.”  She blows him a kiss and walks back to her car. 

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Amores Verdaderos #32 Mon 12/24/12 Drama Is In the Air

* Oookay tells Guzmáncito in a sickeningly sweet way that she heard about his little problem last night. Blondie wants to know what she put in his orange juice and he doesn’t believe her when she denies everything. Anyway, he has no proof so he can’t run to Victoria to tell her a juicy story (pun intended).

 * Here we have another product placement scene: at Meta Imagen Vicky and her colleagues are praising the Haggies Diapers. Was it replaced with a Baileys scene in the US?

* Bea calls mommy Paula and tells her she got a job at Meta Imagen. Pau-Whiner is impactada (because that what she does in 90% of her scenes).

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Amor Bravío #90 (Uni 85) Mon 12/24/12

Capitulo 90: Two Malditos, Two Final Exits

Lo del pasado

El Diablo voices suspicions, Alonssso calls Daniel about the meeting place.  Ximeana texts Bruno, who puts the phone near Camila.   Osvaldo persuades Daniel to take a pistol with him; Augustina enters with one from Don Daniel's collection, Daniel exits. Hissadora pretends to be shocked at Alonssso's behavior; Viviana is not fooled. Bruno picks up the unconscious Camila and carries her out, leaving a burning candle and the syringe behind, near a haystack.

Lo de nuevo

La Malquerida; Courtyard:   Hissadora and Ximeana come out. Hissadora realizes that Daniel and his friends suspect her and may be watching her.   Ximeana asks how she benefits from Alonssso owning the ranch and Hissadora explains that since Alonssso is mentally ill he will end up in a psych ward and she will manage his finances. Which means she will sell the ranch and the two bad girls can live high off the hog on the money. Ximeana is concerned about people getting hurt because she doesn't want any deaths on her conscience [We marvel at the news that she even has one]. Mama Dragon tells her not to worry about that [which we all know means that she intends to off Ximeana as soon as she becomes a burden]. We leave them talking over their next move in the courtyard.
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Amorcito Corazón Discussion #179-183 Dec. 24-28

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas eve or other holidays your are celebrating.  I'm placing this link here because I'm traveling now and won't be able to see the broadcast until tomorrow.  If someone wants to recap, feel free.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Thank you all for being so kind and supportive during my first adventure in recapping and I look forward to seeing a happy resolution for most of our characters very soon.


Amores Verdaderos – The Christmas Special (picspam and videos)

First of all, Feliz Navidad a todos!

Televisa created a new video for Christmas that you can watch on youtube: Gracias por estar juntos un año más 2012 (Thank you for being together for one more year)
Actually, the same song was already used two years ago: Por estar juntos 2010

I think both videos are cute, but the second one is my favourite. Oh dear, Sebastián with long hair at 1:10… *fangirl squee* And the wonderful Julio Alemán was still alive.

And do you want to see the 2011 video? Here you are. 
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Amor Bravío #89 (Uni 84) Fri 12/21/12 In Which The Land Deal's A Steal and Leads To The Not So Big Big Reveal; Dio Can't Believe D'Andres Is DDA For Real; Yago Proves He's Still A Heel; Bruno Cops a Feel; Everyone's Still Convinced Alonso's El Gran Schlemiel

Cap #89 

Part 1~~~

As the title suggests, with a few naive no puede ser denials, a few arrogant callate’s, a couple of virgencita mia’s and a big “who shot JR”-style surprise, you’ve got the night in spades.  However, Viewerville, I must first admit celebrating the demise of Mayan mystics and un-deserving Yucatan deities with a somewhat liberal period of libation and besotted babbling along with munching Xmas goodies towards midnight.  Jingling of bells will not be permitted for the next few hours.

Lo Del Pasado:
Alonso-Kimodo-Dodo and HIssadora have a major blow out in which she threatens to blow his brains out if he doesn’t call Daniel and threaten to blow the kidnapped Camila’s brains out in exchange for the deed to La Malquerida and pronto and how!  Of course Boozer-Loser Lon gets a large charge by revealing his own secret to Mami Dearest:  I know you are not my baby mami and life with you was a living Hell; and you undoubtedly killed my doddering, decrepit, tho’ doting daddy who was old enough to have been our great-granddaddy--cuz even tho’ he could still shoot bulls-eyes, it was all in vain cuz you, Mami, were “esteril”!  Oh yes, a barren b!tch in current vernacular.  He knows what he knows and won't tell how he knows (at least till she threatens to blow his brains out over that, too).

Al has fallen for Cami’s love charm like all the other goofy guys at the M.Q.  (Viewerville notes with our resident medico, Carlos, that Al’s still got his h-h-h-hot tamale de Ximena. So, Al’s a real celluloid pendejo cuz his “accesorio” no longer pumps or jumps for any impending humps while in traitorous Ximeana’s presence.)  It’s like go figure, Mami, while I have another temper tantrum at 39 and holding, cuz it’s all only been to save Camila from your vexing, venomous, vixendom as my murderous mother. (Viewerville notes that to a sociopath like Hisssadora, one more tantrum from the Kimodo-Dodo is like water off a duck’s back.  He’s all she’s got, tho' we agree with her that more’s the pity.)  

Meanwhile, Dionisio’s henchmen come up empty and so do the M.Q.’s cowhands.  Xi points the finger at Al per the plan and Francisco points another fickle finger at Isadora as the second kidnapper to politely plant the tiniest seed of doubt now that he’s wise to Dio and Isssa’s sexual con-exion. 

Lo Del Nuevo:
The Scoobie-doo’s and Mariano are out the door.

The house help are praying to the virgencita for a miracle.

Back in the kitchen, Luzma lets loose with the Alonso, DDA, Camila frijoles.  It’s not like everybody thinks: Sra. Camila isn’t the real owner.   DDA is the real owner and “--Don Daniel left the rancho to him to protect her from Don Alonso who married her for her money, [interés= lit. money matters/self-interest, which amounted to her supposed inheritance of La Malquerida].”  Who is this guy, DDa?  Does the sra. know this guy and all this? Shouldn’t she tell people what she knows so someone in authority could do something about it or whatever??? “Yes, Sra. Cami does know all this.  But they both asked me to keep it a secret. Sorry.”  --Thanks a lot, Luzma!  (Luzma just broke telenovela rule#100 something which demands that if you tell a secret you can only tell half of it and must leave the rest to mischievous conjecture.)  Please don’t tell anybody that you know this.”  Frustrated frowns attach themselves on faces all around the kitchen.

Mariano catches up with the Scoobies and reveals he knows who DDA really is, courtesy of Camila.  Can’t he come with them and join the gang?  For Camila’s sake you see.  By Anteing up a crass comment regarding Al’s likely criminal intent towards Cam, he’s accepted as a new/joint member of the gang.  They jump in and race off.

Meanwhile, dastardly Bruno, still in his black ninja stocking cap and leathers, finds the bound, passed out female lying at his feet, “more beautiful than even her sister Ximeana”, is too much of a temptation for him.  Butt-head decides to go with the rush in blood flow.  He starts rubbing his hands over her limp body.   

In town at Vivi’s place, Licenciado Osvaldo Becerra, arrives since he’s been summoned by Daniel.  Dan explains he has heard from Alocolonso who claims he’s got Camila (and thus him by the shorts) and that he’ll only return her for Dan’s ceding ownership legally of La Malquerida to Al.    Dan’s the Man and agrees to anything in the way of The Unlucky at Love de Lying Lonnie’s devilish demands.  Praise be and pass the peas!  Dan agrees!!  Os is all “por supuesto no puede ser”.  He may never get the rancho back legally once he crosses this Rubicon rivero.  Dan doesn’t care because Camila being back safe and sound is all that matters to him!  

The M.Q. doesn’t matter a whit to Dan’l.  (Cam and some of Viewerville might want him to think this through with the others first, and let cooler heads prevail with a real plan like the Mission Quite Possible Gang’s done up to now.)  Aaron mentions wisely that Aloco can’t be trusted cuz everybody knows he’s got more than a few screws loose and not just in his caboose.  Dan says he realizes this now but hasn’t a choice in the matter.  Only Camila alive and well does so he’s gonna give the geek what he wants!  Dios knows best and agrees is Padre Anselmo’s two centavos’ worth and he accentuates the positive with a skyward-pointing pointer finger.    Os doesn’t have a choice either, says Dan, so Os says fine, it’ll be ready in his office in half an hour for Dan to sign.  (If Os doesn’t have a legal trick or two up his “manga” [sleeve], half of Viewerville’s going to be doing a midnight shuffle on his grave!)  

Across the way at La Buenaventura, Yago heads for bed after Daddy Cayetano complains about people feeling impotent when it comes to being kidnapped.  Rocio walks in and gripes at the time of night it is.  He’s become distant towards her and not at all supportive. This just proves it.  Blah, blah, blah…..Cayetano tells her he’s not been distant and is the same as always; he’s been gone longer than usual because Camila has disappeared and nobody found a trace of her anywhere.  So before she starts in on a rant, learn what’s what first.  Good night!

In Yago’s bedroom, he’s got Natalia calling him to reveal the news about Daddy dearest being really alive but also a really real meanie.  Yago would like to give her a hug and be supportive, but because of the search for the missing Cami, he’s bushed, he lies, while busily looking at his photos of the beautiful blond Vivi, his supposed next conquest, whom I now (correctly?) assume he imagines in a come hither request.     

Part 2~~
Downstairs at Amanda’s B&B meanwhile, dear and newly abused Amanda remembers Dio sneaking in and pulling her hair nearly out of her scalp and yelling in her face while threatening to off both her and Natalia should she try to run away with their daughter again!  Yes, he’s got her watched 24-7, along with Natalia, but she’s got to just find a way to take Nat with her again without Dionisio Ferrer being any the wiser.  Uhhhhh…..Os and Dan will certainly give her a hand with absconding.  "--Dan is from Chile and can give me a few heads ups about it.  Tomorrow I’ll head over there to talk it over with him."

Back across town at Viviana’s place, Rafael and Vivi walk through the door with Mariano right behind them.  They all stop talking and stare.  What’s he doing there?  Mariano reveals that he’s known for a while, courtesy of Camila, about the real DDA and only wants to help them find her.  That’s good enough for Padre A since he and Mar are BFF’s from the old days.  He tells the three of them that Al kidnapped Cam.  Aaron adds that in exchange for Daniel’s signing over ownership of La Malquerida he will give them back Camila in one piece, safe and sound. Aaron adds that Al took advantage of Dan’s feelings for Camila just so he could get his own way [salir con la suya.]  So, Dan’s decided to sign it all over and has a scream fest with Rafa about that.  He loves her and he won’t risk her life for that piece of land.  Mariano fingers the locket in his pocket and realizes that Dan and Cam are back together again.  He asks if they’re back together just to make sure.  Yes they’re back together again, says Dan and they’ve got a relationship going. 

Back at the M.Q., Dio, Xi, Frankie, and Agustina sit and wait for word.  Nada.  Bupkes.  Dio is disgusted.  Camila is very important to him…er…being Gussies’ little girl and all.  His men haven’t found a thing, either.  Gussie gushes at Dio’s er…fatherly preoccupation for her daughter and remarks how unbearable the situation would really be if he weren’t there at her side.   Whaddaman!  Featherbrained Frank chokes back a sly laugh at that and fakes a cough.  Gussie flashes “the look” and notes her distaste forthwith.  Dio frowns, too frustrated to give a crap, I guess.

In town, Mariano offers money to back a proposition to Al to take the money, pay his penalty, stay out of jail and leave them La Malquerida.  Dan says okay and leaves a message on Al’s voice-mail to call him back.  Will he return the call or not?  They don’t know.  Much nail biting ensues.  Vivi hands over the medallion she found and tells Dan she knew Cam wore it today and asks him to hang on to it for when she comes back.  He looks at the medallion with the virgencita on it and he says a prayer to her to lend a hand in Cami’s return.  Anselmo prays along which makes it o-fficial. 

That night at the dining room table nobody has any appetite.  That’s when Isadora walks in too cheerfully.  Dio jumps up and demands to know where she’s been all this time.  Why looking for a house in Metepec like she told them she would be.  They tell her Allocolonso’s kidnapped Cam cuz she’s gone missing and everything points to him as the culprit.  Ok.  So what’s that got to do with her she so innocently asks. “--You call him right now and tell him to hand her over without a scratch right now or he’ll be dealing with me!”  “--Okayokayokay!  Cool your jets.  I don’t’ think he did it, but okay.”  Gussie whines that her daughter’s in danger and she is begging her to help do something for her.  

Xi is pacing in her bedroom praying for help out of whatever jam she’s gotten herself into.  (I don’t think that’s the purview of this particular deity.  Try a few floors lower down.)   

Dan and Rafa are in Os’s office to sign the papers.  Os and Rafa ask if Dan’s sure of this.   Ay!  He’s definitely the handsomest man on the rancho, but he is also now the stoooooopidest as well, according to Rafa and Os, when he signs his name on the dotted line. 

A bit later, Muy Guapo Stoooopid Man returns to his room at the rancho and finds A-locked’n loaded loco de lonso.  "--Sorry." KABLOOIE!  Dan flies through the air with a shotgun blast to the stomach and lands dead as a door nail.  Bwajajajajajja!  Then Camila wakes up from her drug-induced dream and enters into a living nightmare of memories of Louis’s death. 

As Butt-head de Bruno starts pawing her with major intent Cami fights back vomit and offers him money in exchange for letting her go.  He’s not interested this time in the cold hard… cash.  “Try it; you may like it and stick around for good.”  (Not in this lifetime, Butthead Buster!)

At the M.Q.  D’Andres races in with his signed documents and demands to know where Alonso is hiding??!!!  He’s gone.  He left a couple of days ago, answers Gussie aghast. Why and how dare you demand to know after toying with my daughter’s affections and then abandoning her?  He’s come with the documents that he demanded in exchange for Camila’s safe return alive—the deed to La Malquerida!!  What?????  Dio watches as D’Aaron, Viv and Rafa line up behind Daniel.  “—Daniel?”  No, says D’Aaron.  I’m not Daniel.”  He dares because HE is the real DDA!  Finally D’Andres tells the remaining five on the stairwell that he’s the real DDA!  Oy vey.  Gussie is confused worse than Viewerville now and Dio is a close second this time. 

Shock and disgust from Dio. Dio walks down the stairs with both hands firmly on the stair rail. “—You can’t be!  You tricked me!”  Os pops up next. (Where the hell’d he come from, the little bugger?) “—He’s the only and one true heir and owner of La Malquerida and I can prove it!”  “—Pahleese!! and it’s what all of you deserve for going to Chile and trying to kill me so I couldn’t get here to accept my inheritance.”   Gussie reverts to stooopid b!tchdom and calls him a bastard and a murderer, tells him he used and abused her daughter, had her fall in love [and into bed with him] by pretending to be somebody else.  “--What a creep!”  No, says Vivi, in Cami’s defense, she knew all about Daniel.  

So does Alonso, adds Becerra.  That’s why he wants the ranch in exchange for letting her go.  Gussie’s still stuck on bedding her daughter with her first cousin, but Dan assures her he did the DNA test and they are not related in any way.  (Ok.  Ok, except by marriage of her Mom to his Daddy, I suppose, which is just too icky by half for me to want to consider right now.)  “--Then why bequeath the ranch to you instead of my daughter, his only family who he idolized?”  “—Or why did you lie to me, your real father?”  Dan sniffs.  Really?  Really?  “--You may be blood, but don’t come at me with that sob story.  You never worried about me!  The only thing that ever mattered to you was money!”  Xi points out that then he’s her brother and not the other guy.  Dan ignores her and asks Isadora where Alonso is.  She lies that she hasn’t a clue.  “--Then locate him, he says, cause he’s not answering his cell and tell him I’ve got what he’s asked me for. But I won’t hand it over till I know that Camila is alive and well.”

Dorotea walks in and tells the kitchen crew that the real DDA just arrived and revealed himself to the others, but he’s not who they thought.  Nope.  It’s Andres!!  He’s the heir but not the son.  Why?  “--To protect her from Alonso.”  “--Not very good at it since she’s been kidnapped and all, huh?”  (He’s got a point there, I must admit.)  That’s why she’s been kidnapped and unless he gives him the ranch, he’ll kill Sra. Camila!!”

Issa tells Xi to go out and make a call to the imbecile of a son of hers and make sure he surfaces with the instructions.  Xi slips away unseen while DDA threatens Dio that it doesn’t end here and Isadora won’t get her way.  Dio objects and insists it’s Al who’s doing the blackmail, not them.  Os pipes up again that they conspired to kill Daniel to keep him from arriving to claim his inheritance.  Isssa tells Os to shut it and avoid the libel and slander.  Gussie asks why he’s accusing Isadora and her hubby of such crimes.  Because, Madame, your husband is part of a tourist development, and together with Alonso, he gave this property as a guarantee for the project.  Dio asks how he could give the property as a guarantee if he didn’t own it.  Rafa explains they know that he thought Cam would inherit it and they would easily get rid of her and take possession of it.  That’s why Don Daniel left the rancho to Daniel.  Vivi explains further (for Gussie’s sake) to protect Cami from them.  Gussie asks Dio to swear to her that it’s all a lie.  Of course he lies to her and tells her none of it is true.

Daniel calls Dio a liar and a coward.  The wolf huffs and puffs and demands he watch what he says about him or he’ll make him eat his words.  OK.  Dan plays his information card.  “—Oh, so are you going to deny that you ordered me to kill DDA when you thought he was Aaron?  Or did you forget you sent me to shooting lessons so that I could kill him?”  “—The only thing I did was to want to protect Camila and my wife from a fugitive of the law accused of murdering his wife!”  “—You could have called the police.  That was sufficient.  You didn’t need to kill anybody!”  “—For everyone in this house you were a criminal and I wasn’t going to risk their lives.”  Issa jumps in and warns Dan that unless and until he has proof of what he’s accusing them of to keep his little trap shut.   Dan is left with the urge to shut her big trap but simply smiles and crosses those beefcake arms of his. 

Xi begs Al to call Dan and do what she asks cuz she’s no murderer either and she doesn’t want this to go any farther than it has to.  Her sister is involved and Isadora will kill her for sure if Al doesn’t do exactly what she wants.  Al gives in and calls.

In the kitchen Luzma gripes that Piedad is always calling attention to her pregnancy.  She can’t stand the thought of having this baby because he isn’t normal and his life won’t be a normal one either.  She races out and heads to her room where she prays to the virgencita for forgiveness and tells the baby it’s not his fault or hers.  What has she got planned?

At La Buenaventura Ana finds Roman’s note that says he’s run away again.  She tells Nana.

Pablo and Mariano have a chat about the news at the M.Q.  Pablo learns that Cam and Dan are on again and Mariano is too much of a gentleman to follow his own advice.  Pablo talks him into it, though.  Ana comes in and tells Mariano about Roman.  Mariano promises that he’s going to find Roman.  FF>>

Back at the M.Q., Dio wants to know if Nat was knowingly involved in the cover up.  Nope.  Dan says he planted the picture where she found it online.  Rafa reminds Dio that Dan’s a computer engineer and can do just about anything with computers.  (Is that an implied big “Duh” from Rafa to Dio I heard?)  Alonso calls.  Dan answers and in front of everyone gets the directions he’s been instructed by Mami Dearest to give Daniel.  Dan reminds Al that he’s not handing over a thing till he is certain that Camila’s alive.  He demands to talk to Camila now to be sure that she’s still alive.  Bruno gets a text from Xi and a few minutes later he dials Dan and puts Cami on the phone.

Dan thinks it’s real strange how quickly Al got his message and called him back.  Isa says it wasn’t her doing.  Vivi remembers that Xi is gone.  Xi comes back and says she went to the can.  “—Is that a crime now?” 

Cami tells Daniel that it was Alonso who did this to her.  He says he knows and is signing over La Malquerida which is all he cares about.  She screams not to fall for his blackmail.  Bruno knocks her down, and then clicks off.  Yes, she seems to be okay.    He’s going to go meet Alonso now, alone, just like he demanded.  Rafa and Aaron object cuz he can’t trust the guy.  Rafa can’t come along or follow.  He won’t risk Cam’s life that way.   Dio says at least take a pistol.  Os says yeah, to show him he means business.  Gussie gets one of Don Dan’s old guns.  (Hope it’s been cleaned recently and reloaded cuz she didn’t give him any cartridges that I saw.)  Gussie begs him to bring her daughter home alive to her.  Dan exits stage left (?) and Isa fakes shortness of breath due to Alonzo’s crazy antics.  “—My son’s lost his mind!  Kidnapping Camila is unimaginable.  I’ve got to get a breath of air.  I feel I can’t breathe.”  Everyone else is caught up with Gussie and beautiful, concerned Vivi.

For Bruno, the fun stuff’s over since there’s  obviously no more time for the perverted pr!ck (to pretend) to put the moves on Cami.  He hoists her drugged-out dead weight over his shoulder and leaves the hidy hole.   To be continued Christmas Eve……..per the “avances”.


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