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Barrera de Amor, Tuesday June 29

Lynn is right. Barrera is one long run-on sentence...

After Federico and Manola make sex and she says she may be able to marry him if Gustavo dies, he retorts that if he does marry it won't be to her. Yeah right, Federico, we believe you.

Sergio wants to make a good impression on Jacinta's friends who are coming over for dinner. Bertha, gossip #1, dressed like an over the hill Madonna (singer not saint), shows up early. Sergio kisses "Berthita's" hand and ogles her gigantic ring. She says unfortunately Letitia (gossip #2) is indisposed and cannot make it to dinner.

Valeria is moping in her room and dreaming about Andres. "Andres, you cannot leave me for another, you can't."

Letitia shows up to the dinner and is surprised to see Bertha whom she thought could not make it. Turns out they lied to each other hoping the other wouldn't go to dinner without her "friend." These ladies are bush-league schemers, no wonder they are in very minor roles.

Maite calls Teodoro at the winery. Unibrow answers and immediately recognizes her voice. "Maite, is it you??" Frozen facial expression from Unibrow, then to Maite, back to Uni, then to Maite, back to Uni, then Maite. I'm not kidding, I counted, it was really that many times! The director decides Unibrow's lack of expression will not improve so he gets to speak, telling Maite that it is he, Luis Antonio. She tells him he has confused her with somebody else and hangs up.

The gossips love the meal and compliment Remedios. Oops, social blunder. They are told that Remedios left to marry an old (and how) suitor. Sergio brings up their childhood AGAIN and Jacinta says AGAIN that Pedro senior practically adopted her. All that she is she owes to Don Pedro Valladolid.

Maite tells Victor that Luis Antonio answered the phone at Teodoro's work and they recognized each other's voices. What was he doing there? She'll worry about it tomorrow, now she wants to think of something happier, like going to Valeria's birthday party...where Jacinta can insult her, threaten her in private with her big stick and maybe even poison her again for old time's sake. OK, I added that last part.

Sergio says goodbye to the gossips, and Jacinta tells him "enough flattery (zalamerias) already, let the ladies leave!" When they are alone he thanks her for the wonderful evening, she made him feel right at home. "But it is NOT your home," she reminds him. Tomorrow they will speak of his departure.

Valeria is still moping in her room when Jacinta enters to talk about Valeria's upcoming birthday party. She tells Valeria her party, a socially important one where all the "big names" are invited will be the perfect time to make Rodrigo Zamora her boyfriend and forget about that torero guy. Valeria breaks down into sobs. Nice job cheering up the angst-ridden granddaughter!

Victor reminds Maite that Jacinta terrifies her so how is she going to pull off going to Valeria's birthday party? Her plan is that Veronica will go since she's Valeria’s friend and they, as her parents, will escort her. Victor worries that the people of Santa Maria might recognize her. Maite says they will go straight to the hacienda and not hang around town. She can buy a cap or a hat and some glasses to disguise herself. Victor says "Yes, and a bag to put over your head so nobody will notice." I thought that was kind of funny.

Jacaranda and Veronica are talking. Jacaranda asks her if she wants to be as rich as Valeria. Veronica turns into Vera and Vera says she's going to very very rich, instead of envying Valeria it is Valeria who will be envious. Jacaranda says "you sure you're feeling OK because all of a sudden you seem like somebody else." "No, I like to be like this, and not like that stupid Veronica!" Jacaranda gets the HUH???? face, says Veronica's name and Vera turns back into Veronica who answers Jacaranda's original question (again) saying she doesn't care to be as rich as Valeria, she's very content and money isn’t important. Jaca tells her she just said the opposite a second ago. Veronica panics and dashes out of the room.

Valeria is STILL moping. "Andres my love, you can't stop loving me, you can't deceive me."

Veronica is thrilled when Maite tells her they are going to Valeria's party. Veronica has been concerned about her because Valeria hasn't answered any of her e-mails, it's strange.

Juanita asks lap dog Federico to help her throw Sergio out of the hacienda.

Valeria asks Tio Sergio for love advice. Is it true that women like men in certain professions? Oh yes, men in uniforms attract women. Do older women like younger men? "Yes, when I was young mature women paid me for my company." (Aha, he was a gigolo!!) Valeria is more bummed than ever.

You know how after the commercial they do a little lead-in with still shot of one of the characters? This time it's a close-up of Victor, shirtless, doing a bicep curl. He's got quite a six pack. This, for me, was the high point of the episode.

Pancho can't concentrate on his produce deliveries because he's got Maite on the mind. She doesn't pay attention to him and there is that guy Ulises who keeps patrolling around her, it gets worse every day. Guillermo asks Pancho about Maite's relationship with Victor, were they married? Pancho says they got together to adopt the orphaned Veronica but they aren't a couple. Victor is a special kind of guy. Guillermo gets a pensive, far-off look. Good call Jean.

Veronica sees Jacaranda's strappy gold heels and has a flashback of seeing her mother's feet when she was killed. She tells Victor that Jacaranda's sandals are like the ones her mother was wearing the day she died. But wait a minute, no, she remembers nothing, she's confused. Victor thinks the shrink can help her remember so she can face her demons.

Manola visits Gustavo who is looking slightly less dead since I saw him last week. She holds a mirror up to his face and asks if he still sees the robust man who was always ready to make important decisions. "You are but a shadow of what you were." Dang, she's mean!! He thinks "I'm not going to stay this way forever. One day I'll be what I once was, then you're going to pay." He touches her hand and she freaks. She she must move fast before he regains his faculties.

Manola tells Nicolas that Gustavo moved his hand. They agree that if he recovers and opens his mouth she'll go to jail. She says if it weren't for that stupid Federico not letting her have a second go at him she wouldn't have this problem, what to do what to do? Nicolas says "keep a cool head for now until we come up with a plan." This father and daughter are quite a pair.

Sergio sees Nutria at the doctor's office. She says her new treatment has given her hope.

Juanita is walking along the road with a basket of goodies. Rodrigo drives us, jumps out of his car and asks, "are you going to visit your grandma Little Red Riding Hood (Caperuza)? Better watch out for the hungry wolf!" He grabs her apple and takes a bite, starts fondling her and making racist remarks, "you're not so ugly with a bath to get rid of the fleas." What a creep! Daniel drives up and chases him off, saving Juanita from the big bad wolf.

Andres, Unibrow and Gordo are in the vineyard and Uni wants to know why Andres is limping. Guess he hurt his hamburger. Uni tells Gordo that he experienced something strange, there was a call from a woman, he's sure it was Maite's voice. Gordo says that can't be, it must be the effect of moving back to Santa Maria.

Federico tells Sergio that he has to leave the hacienda without making a fuss. Sergio should gather his things and leave willingly or Federico will have to use force. Sergio runs to the library and tells Jacinta she can't throw him out in his condition. He is condemned to die. He has an incurable disease and has little time to live. She looks like she wishes he were already dead.

A ranch hand has brought Valeria her horse. Suddenly Andres arrives (and nearly knocks her over! Haven't they heard of retakes?) She's angry. He doesn't know why. He should know why. He doesn't know why. The women! What women? The women in the photo and don't try to hide it. It was just a photo, where's the trust? She runs to her horse and rides off in a huff "to think." After all that moping and sobbing all she wants to do is ride away? Young love is so tedious. Andres jumps on the ranch hand's horse in hot pursuit.

Back at the hacienda Jacinta asks Sergio "what kind of cock-and-bull story (patraña) is this illness?" He tells her he has lung cancer. Jacinta, always sensitive, says "of course, I told you since you were a boy what a risk smoking is." Anyway, she ends up believing him.

Daniel drives Juanita home. He can't believe that Rodrigo is Gustavo's son, they are so different. And how about a coffee sometime?

Jacinta says Sergio can stay. Nobody can say that Doña Jacinta Valladolid threw her dying brother out into the street.

Pancho accuses Maite of being more interested in Ulises than him. No, she tells him, she is equally uninterested in them both. She has to concentrate on Veronica's shrink visits. Oh, by the way, she heard the voice of her one true love recently and it brought back a flood of memories, she saw his face in her mind. (Scary thought.) Pancho's ardor is not dampened by this ball-busting revelation and he tells her she can always "look to him" if she needs a friend.

As Valeria gallops toward the hacienda gate it spontaneously closes in front of her horse. She is thrown and lands in a heap in the dirt. Luckily the dashing Andres is right behind her and he jumps off to assist. All of a sudden they hear a menacing snorting and pawing at the ground. It is an angry bull...and so close...whatever will they do?!?!?!


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Wednesday, June 28 Barrera de Amor

Federico figures out that he is most likely the son of Pedro Valladaloid. Mi Padre! He talks to himself of his plans to get his hands on ALL the fortune and how things are continuing as he has planned. He He He.

Federico, Jacinta and Valeria are having a meal together. Jacinta derives pleasure from asking Valeria what is up with her. She notes how yesterday she was so happy ..... Federico interrupts to talk about the toros and the corrida. Federico wants to buy some of the offspring of the winning bulls hoping to mix the blood of their cows with the new ones. Once again Jacinta notices Valeria's silence and she starts to describe in a crude manner how the bulls are killed. Saying that the bullfighters are assassins. Valeria is shocked and leaves the room. Jacinta tells Federico that Valeria needs to give up the torerro by what ever way. Even if she has to be cruel. Valeria later has bad dreams and thoughts replaying what Jacinta said and of what could happen to Andres during the bullfight.

Nuria has been worried about the safety of Andres. Andres finally calls and lets her know he is well he wasnt hurt in the bullfight. Jacaranda and Nicolas are in bed together. Or I should say sitting at the foot of his hotel room bed. Jacaranda accuses Nicolas of not wanting her anymore because she no longer has money. Nicolas denies this and says he wont get a divorce because his wife is ill. Leukemia. Jacaranda buys this load of junk.

Same junk was passed around the house of Nuria and Unibrow. Unibrow believes Nurias tumor has been cured and or is getting better. (Later in the show) He then tells her that Manola wants his help. Nuria warns him that Manola is frivolous (slut) but she believes that Unibrow wont fail her. Right? she queries him.

Federico asks Jacinta when was the affair of Pedro and his mother. Jacinta side steps the subject claiming she never was interested in the details and that the wife is always the last to know. She admits that "Todavia me lastima" that she is still hurt from what happened. Then she talks to her dead father in laws picture saying Federico must be close to knowing who his father is. He cant know yet......

Rodrigo has his ex-girlfriend trapped in an alleyway with his hand over her mouth. He warns her not to talk with Baldomero or he will hurt her. Teodoro comes to tell Valeria that Andres is safe.

Maite (Excuse me Maria Teresa) is having bad flash back to her marriage and Unibrow. Victor tells her to get over it. Unibrow married someone else! Blah Blah Blah GET OVER IT!

The guy who manages the dairy whose name I can never remember is seen talking with his Tia who is drunk on sherry (Jerez), with pink rollers in her hair. She tells him how she cant wait to be presented formally to Jacintas brother. Gross! She compares Sergio to Yul Brenner in the movie the King and I. The cow manager says he thinks that Jacinta is full of secrets. The tia then tells him about how Adolfo raped Maite. She tells him how Maite was pictued in a magazine in a whore house and because of that Jacinta was able to take Valeria away from Maite. The tia hopes that no one finds out what happened especially Valeria. The two talk and both dance around the subject of how Jacinta showed the whole town the photo of Maite in the brothel.

Manola is sitting on Gustavos bed foaming/latheirng up his face for a shave. She tells him how Unibrow always liked her and how Unibrows wife has a brain tumor. Manola then says how she cant wait to have an affair with Unibrow when they are both widows! Then Manola goes on to talk about running into Maite. Gustavos eyes are panicked as he hears all these scary stories. Manola admits that she cant kill him now so not to worry..... (Where was the beeping sound as his heart pressure rose?)

Andres gets to sign autographs and is told he is the new prince of bullfighting. Jacinta comes to Valerias room to talk about Andres. Valeria argues politely with her but Jacinta is convincing. Jacinta goes on to tell her many ways that Andres is no good for Valeria. Valeria needs a man with "position" in order to marry and then there will be the problem with Andres being a bullfighter..... The girls will follow him. Flash to Andres surrounded by women. El Gordo's (Dionisio) girlfriend scares the girls away... but not before their (Andres and Gordo's Girl) photo is snapped by a photographer.

Another meal with the residents of the Hacienda Valladaloid. Breakfast it appears. Valeria asks why is Jacinta not happy with the arrival of Sergio. Jacinta says that she "isn't unhappy that he is there. Sergio wasn't a model of a brother. And if it wasn't important to find me during all those years then I don't see why I have to have an interest in him now." The house maid walks in with a tray of breakfast food for Sergio saying that he wanted it delivered to his room. Jacinta says she will take it. In the hallway outside Sergios door Jacinta pours salt all over the breakfast. Jacinta watches with pleasure when he tries the salt tainted food. Sergio pretends it is delicious. She tells him that it is a welcome and a goodbye. Confused Sergio asks what despedida? Jacinta says that he can only stay here for a few days not for the rest of his life. Sergio decides in his mind that he will have to figure out how to win time.....

Maite is caught knowing too much about Jacinta by Veronica. Unibrow talks to Teodoro about the beautiful woman he met in the hospital. He would like one of his sons to marry a woman like her...... Andres calls to say he made a excellent contract to sell their wine in that town. Valeria and Juanita discuss why Jacinta told Valeria such bad things about bullfighters. Juanita goes into town to look for information about Andres's bullfight. (Photos anyone?) In Dionisio's room Andres and El Gordo look over the picture of Andres that came out in the newspaper. They are gleeful about the future for el torerro Andres.

Manola and Federico fight and then make sex. (It's not love so they can't be making love.) Afterward they fight over whether Manola really loves Federico or not. Federico recounts how Manola had to marry Gustavo while pregnant with Rodrigo. He ends his tirade my saying that he WAS a Don Nadie. ERA! He was! She says the only thing she wants from him is for him to help her kill Gustavo! When Gustavo is dead, she insinuates, she will be able to marry Federico. It looks like he fell for it.


La Fea Más Bella #22-26 Part Ten Megapost

I've been writing this on breaks at work, I was going to go a little farther but what the hell. Hopefully I'll have more soon.

At the end of the computer fiasco, Ariel the Little Mermaid corners Jessica Rabbit and tells her that he knows she’s responsible and he wants her to spy on the company for him or he’ll let the right people know, at which point she’ll be bounced out on her ass.

At the cocktail reception, Lety manages to somehow, I don’t know how, lose a shoe in the outdoor fountain. She argues with a drunken waiter to get it back, eventually it ends up back on her foot. She heads inside to find Fernando.

Inside, Fernando is scoping out the hotties, looking for some fresh meat. He sets his sight on one of the sales ladies, named Magali. She’s pretty I guess (she is going to be the female lead in Heridas de Amor) but there’s something not hot about her, I’m not sure what. Fernando doesn’t agree with me however, he zooms in. He and Omar put on a whole song and dance and seem to win her over, a little anyway. Fernando’s cell phone rings, of course it’s Marcia the unblinking eye, he nervously does the whole “what’s up? Oh nothing, this is boring, you know heh heh” thing since he’s standing next to his next conquest. He eventually gets her to laughingly agree to appear as a model in one of Conceptos’s next videoclips. I love they way they say ‘videoclip’ on the show, pronounce that with Spanish pronunciation and you’ll see what I mean. Veeedeocleeep. I love it, especially coming from Luigi.

Lety calls RoboPapa, who is pissed that she’s out late. Doesn’t she know all the men are just waiting for their chance to rip her clothes off and abuse her?

Jessica Rabbit goes home and finds notes from both the electric company and the gas company – she’s cut off. Miss high life has spent all her money on trying to look rich, now she has no electricity or gas. She calls her dad and begs for money, but apparently she has done this many many times before and he tells her tough noogies, no dice.

Fernando finds Lety outside waiting for a bus, he gives her a ride home. Marcia questions him when he finally gets back to his place, “Where the hell have you been?” “uh, with Lety.” The Unblinking Eye seethes. And seethes some more. She then rakes him over the coals about the report from the meeting, Fernando gets a “what the hell am I doing here” look on his face.

Meanwhile, Lety dreamily writes in her diary some more about how awesome Fernando is. Again.

The next day Omar tries to seduce Jessica Rabbit with his constipation looks, he says they should get together at her place later. She rushes to the Unblinking Eye to whine. “Maaaaarcia no tengo luz ni gas! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaarrccciiaaaaaaaaaa!” She begs Marcia to basically fix the problem for her. Marcia breaks down and loans her the money.

The big showdown over the 35mm vs video camera is progressing. Fernando intends to go all video now that the 35mm has been broken, so he tells Luigi “ok I’ll get you a new camera in a while, for now why don’t you use the video camera. You know, for a while.” Luigi, in his own special stereotypically gay way , says no.

Fernando and Marcia discuss his plans to give Lety signing authority on all the bank accounts. Of course, she is livid and thinks it is a horrible idea, based on her incredibly unrealistic jealousy of Lety. Fernando explains that she needs the authority because…… Tadaaaa! We’re all going to L.A. to drum up some business with some U.S. companies! They’ll be leaving in a few days/weeks, it wasn’t very clear. Fernando, Marcia, and Omar will make the trip.

J.R. tells Marcia that the money she loaned her wasn’t enough to pay her bills. What she DOESN’T tell her is that she used the money to pay her credit card, not the electric and gas.

In the next meeting, the subject of the next veeedeocleeep comes up, Fernando casually mentions that he has the model for it. He says Magali’s name, Luigi flips. He knows her and looooves her. “she’s so pretty, so divine!” He often says ‘divine’ in English. One of his little quirks is to say little bits in English a lot, most frequently “oh my GOD!” Hilarious. Again, the Unblinking Eye is all pissed off at Fernando for having the balls to be in the same room as an attractive woman, over the whole Magali thing.

Cinerent, one of the companies from the cocktail reception, decides it wants Conceptos’s business at any cost. Miguel from that company calls Lety and says he wants to take her to lunch to talk business. We see Miguel in his office with his extremely attractive boss discussing his plan to bribe her. This boss lady took me by surprise. Usually the hottest women are stars, or are featured heavily in the few episodes they appear in. This character could have been played by any woman between the ages of 25 and 80, for some reason this absolute knockout got this dud role. It just seems strange, that’s all. Anyway, Lety tells El Club that she has a lunch appointment, they all titter on like somebody proposed marriage.

Miguel says he’ll call her from his car when he’s in the parking lot, he doesn’t want anyone to see him with such a Fea. However, basically the entire company happens to be outside when she gets in his car. Patricia, one of the ladies in El Club, can’t believe Lety is going off with such a guapo. This guy, guapo? No way. He has the strangest ears I’ve ever seen. They look like bat ears. I was mesmerized by them and had to rewind a couple times because I wasn’t paying attention to dialogue. He could fly away with those things, or hear supersonic sounds. Like dog whistles. Lunch begins and Miguel tries to pump her for inside information on Conceptos with very little tact. Lety freezes up and doesn’t tell him anything. He goes on to tell her that he’ll offer her the lowest prices, she can come to him with whatever the prices are from anywhere else and he’ll give them a lower price. Lastly, he says he’ll give her a kickback – up to 500,000 pesos a year possibly. This is a ton of money, especially since that ‘89 LeBaron seems to have the family strapped for cash. Lety of course is appalled by the suggestion and suggests that Miguel take a long walk off a short pier. Or the Spanish equivalent of that at least.

Omar tries to work his constipated charms on J.R., she puts him off by saying that she’s having dinner with her father, in reality she is too embarrassed by not having power or gas in her apartment. The mere mention of ‘father’ sends Omar packing, he’s in it for the sex, there’s no way he wants to go anywhere near her parents.

Lety is in her office wondering what to do. She’s insulted by Miguel offering a kickback, but she wants the money to help her family. She decides to at least tell Fernando that Cinerent will offer prices lower than anyone else. She won’t tell him who to choose, but giving him that info won’t hurt. She manages to convince herself of this and tells him that part of Miguel’s offer.

Ariel the Little Mermaid shows up at J.R.’s apartment, he wants more info on what is going on with the company since he can’t get any scoop from anyone else there. He finds out about her electricity and gas being out and proceeds to mock her about it, then demands some whiskey. He derides the whiskey he gives her as piss. This guy is the perfect guest. J.R. can’t wait for him to leave, she won’t even sit down. “ok thanks for stopping by see you bye bye now ok bye.” But the Little Mermaid takes off his jacket, loosens his tie and gets comfortable. J.R. tells him all about Lety getting signing authority for the bank accounts. She goes on to tell him about Lety sneaking off with Miguel the bat-eared guy and says it must be for some secret business, Miguel is sooo handsome and would never go on a social date with a fea like Lety. The Little Mermaid calls Olarte to tell him about Cinerent and to see if Olarte knows anything about them, then gets off the phone and attempts to seduce J.R. She is REALLY not interested, she is repulsed by him, but he has too much power over her and she gives in. Blech.

Lety calls Tomas and tells him all about the lunch and the offer of a bribe. She also tells him that she told her friends that Tomas was rich and handsome and that the two of them were on the way to being an item. She told her friends that to throw them off, the cleaning lady reads fortunes and senses that Lety has a crush on somebody. Lety doesn’t want anyone to know of course that she dreams of bumping uglies with the boss.

With J.R. not available for the evening, Omar is out cruising the bars and he runs into Paula Maria, the receptionist. If you remember, Paula Maria is BUILT. She is dancing around in a micro-mini skirt and a top that looks about like a band-aid. Omar gets his super-constipated look, sucking air through his teeth like this trip to the john is a painful one, and lays some Fernando-quality lines on her. Oye guapa! She’s already a bit drunk, he gets her more drunk, she already likes him because he’s handsome and rich, so she’s an easy conquest. They head out of the bar together.

We see the Little Mermaid getting dressed in J.R.’s bedroom, we also see a very un-satisfied looking J.R. sitting on the bed. I don’t get the impression that Ariel was a great lover. She still has her dress on that she was wearing that day. He tells her that he’s going to keep coming by for information and sex and there’s nothing she can do about it. She says nothing. After he leaves, she desperately calls Omar on his cell phone. The phone rings on the nightstand next to Omar, who is laying in bed with Paula Maria. OOOoops. He answers, thinking Paula Maria is asleep, and tells J.R. that he misses her too, yes honey I love you too, etc. Paula Maria is awake, she hears the whole thing. Her face contorts into a very jealous scowl. Shortly thereafter Omar gets up and while getting dressed, implores Paula Maria not to tell anyone about what happened between the two of them. It was so special, etc, lets keep it between us, la la la. Same old story.

Fernando drops the news to Lety about the trip to L.A., he asks her to make the travel arrangements. He also decides to buy from Cinerent, since they offer the best prices. Lety calls Miguel the bat-eared guy and tells him that Conceptos will buy from them. He tells her “ok I’ll have your money ready, just tell me what bank to put it in.” She says nothing and gets off the phone.

In the morning, Paula Maria rides to work with Omar. Another day, another Conceptos employee coming to work in the same clothes as yesterday. Omar tells her for the 1000th time to keep what happened just between them. I think we get the message Omar. He then gives her a constipated grimace to keep her horny. Apparently Omar has stumbled across the look/grimace that drives women wild, like some secret chemical, or some special combination of words like what works so well for Fernando. Hola guapa!

Omar and Fernando start concocting a scheme that will be a major part of the story for quite a while. Fernando wants to start a second ‘shadow’ company to protect Conceptos in the likely chance that some of its creditors want to take some assets from them for unpaid loans. Business is bad, if they can’t make payments the company might go under. I’m not sure what passes for bankruptcy in Mexico. They will put this new company in someone’s name who they completely trust, since they can’t use their own names or the company won’t be separate enough. This shadow company would be given first rights to Conceptos’s assets if they go bankrupt. If the company gets all the company stuff, Fernando can protect himself from losing the company, so long as the owner of this new company can be trusted.

Lety tells her father what Miguel the bat-eared guy offered her, she tearfully says she doesn’t want to do it but the family needs the money. RoboPapa wheeeeezes through the conversation, his frequent need to draw a deep breat causing a 30 second conversation to last a good five minutes. In a nutshell – “wheeeeeeezz Lety mi hija hseeeeeszz don’t do it gaaasssspppp keep your integrity cough cough wheeeeeEEEEEEeeeezz gasp it is the first step down a slippery slope HAAAACCCKKK don’t do it.” Lety, even more tearfully than before, I think because she can hear her father slowly dying every time he talks, agrees that morally she cannot take the money.

Meanwhile, Ariel the Little Mermaid has made some progress. Olarte told him that Cinerent regularly offered kickbacks, he’s sure that is what Lety and Bat-guy were meeting about. Ariel is momentarily angry at Olarte, “that means you were taking kickbacks before?” but gets over it. He must admire Olarte’s sliminess, though it will never rival his own. He gets Olarte to call Bat-guy on the phone and tapes the conversation. Olarte leads the conversation to the subject of Lety and kickbacks, Bat-guy tells him everything, insinuating that Lety accepted the offer. Ariel gets an evil grin going, excited at the idea of bringing Fernando’s trusted assistant to ruin.

Lety goes to Fernando and confesses that Bat-guy offered her a kickback in conjunction with the low prices and she considered taking it. Of course, then, she quits. She says he can’t trust her any more so she’s quitting. Again. I think this makes quitting twice and getting fired twice.

Ariel arrives at Conceptos with his little cassette tape, prepared to wreak havoc. He first goes to Marcia’s office to set the plan in motion. He asks her, “does Fernando still trust in her blindly? He does whatever she says?” She answers yes, rolling her eyes and growling. He says “check this out then!” and plays the tape. Marcia is pissed and also is excited at the prospect of getting rid of Lety. The two of them storm off to Fernando’s office together to kill the rabbit. Uh I mean get rid of Lety, I was feeling like Elmer Fudd there for a minute.

Lety is still crying and trying to quit when the Little Mermaid and the Unblinking Eye storm into the office. Ariel is VERY proud of himself as he starts flinging accusations at Lety and brings out his smoking gun, the recording of Olarte’s call with Bat-guy. They listen to the tape. Fernando then tells them that Lety was just telling him everything before they came in. She DIDN’T take any money, and that phone call doesn’t prove anything anyway. Bat-guy never said he gave her money and Olarte has already proven that he can’t be trusted. Marcia turns on Ariel and switches sides, now siding with Fernando. They tell Ariel to grow up already and find something else to do besides potting the downfall of Conceptos. Don’t you have a real job Ariel? I can’t figure out what it is, but there must be something that keeps you in that bad haircut and ugly suits.

After the others leave, Fernando tells Lety that he has even more confidence and trust in her now than ever, de ninguna manera can she quit. By coming to him and telling him everything she has earned his trust. This doesn’t entirely make sense, but whatever. If I told my boss that I almost accepted a bribe, that I reeaaaallly thought about taking it but didn’t, he wouldn’t be telling me ‘good job.’

Olarte calls Ariel to see what happened, Ariel tells him to disappear and never call him or see him again. Adios. Now if we can only get rid of that GROSS fingerlicking Lopez the HR guy. He’s so nasty.


Barrera - Tuesday June 27 - partial

Don't worry Sylvia, accidents (or in this case testosterone) happens. I watched part of last night's episode during inning changes in the Yankees game so I can fill in a little bit.
It appears that Andres and Valeria went all the way. I didn't see that part. Juanita asked Valeria, "hicieron?" - "did you do it?" and she said yes, it was wonderful, etc. etc. Ever practical, Juanita asks if they used protection and of course they didn't. It all happened so fast and other timeworn excuses. Since we're going to bail on this turkey, I will disclose the incredibly unsurprising news that Valeria will indeed become pregnant from this or some future encounter with Andres. In novela terms, this is about as inevitable as the sun coming up.
Anyway, Andres had his first bull fight and it was a big success. We had head shots of Andres waving a cape around and body shots of someone in a ring with a bull and that person had the ham sandwich! Both Nutria and Valeria prayed for Andres. Unfortunately, Valeria was praying out loud and Jacinta heard and realized that Valeria was still in contact with Andres. In her campaign to separate Valeria from Andres, she decided to heed Sergio's advice that forbidden fruit is the most desirable.
Veronica went to see the shrink and experienced a personality change in the shrink's office. It isn't clear if the shrink has figured out what is going on.
Remedios got married. Before that she came to visit Federico to try for a reconciliation but he rejected her. Federico finally realized that Pedro might be his father [duh!]. Jacinta had a sepia memory of letting the bull out that killed Pedro.
There was some stuff about Gustavo's cow business but I really wasn't paying attention.
That's about all I can remember.


I Bombed on Barrera

Dear Friends,
I'm sorry to say that when I got home tonight my living room was filled with testosterone watching the San Francisco Giants on TV. Apparently they ignored Tivo's attempts to record Barrera and insisted it record the baseball game instead. Barrera was usurped by sports while my back was turned!

I will recap Thursday night. So sorry about tonight.



For Chris's "La Fea" fans...

I wrote Chris to ask him if he'd disappeared forever and this is his response:

no no no don't worry! I've just been reeaaaalllllyyy busy, I'm in summer school two nights a week working on a Master's degree and I just started a new job, and we're getting ready to move. Really. I'm surprised I even know where to go from one day to the next. I have a big chunk of a La Fea mega-post ready to go, it will be up in the next couple days. Tell everyone sorry I'll be there soon! I appreciate being missed, I have to admit that.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Barrera de Amor: June 26

Remedios, wearing so much makeup her eyes look like black blotches, is leaving the hacienda forever. She tells Valeria to seek her in times of trouble.

Sergio's friends tell him his sister Jacinta is a saint, an angel. Well, maybe she's like a bee's nest - dangerous on the outside, sweet on the inside. With the heavy-handed irony we have come to expect, Sergio tells them: "She is more traditional than I am, and opted for a life without complications."

I guess Andres snuck out of some evening church service to go see Valeria and was spotted by Jacinta and Federico, who have become inseparable. He has a problem - his dad will be displeased that he's dating the grand-daughter of Serial-Killer Granny, and Serial-Killer Granny will be displeased that her granddaughter is dating the son of the man she tried to put in prison for life.

Jacinta is most indignant when she's told, after sending bossy orders towards Remedios via Valeria (saying, "Remedios always serves me"), that Remedios has flown the coop. Jacinta and Federico, now joined-at-the-hip, spend the rest of the episode brooding and complaining about Remedios, that ungrateful hussy whom Valeria tries to defend - "she has a right to seek happiness!" Fed&Jaci loom over Valeria furiously, like a pair of wolverines, their faces filling the screen, and tell her to butt out.

Elsewhere, Nutria, Unibrow, Daniel, and Andres perch uncomfortably in stiff tableaux. Andres gets a call: his bullfighting contact has an opening for him due to an injured performer. Andres lies to his family, saying he has to go out of town to take care of a vineyard client. Later he tells Nutria the truth and she shouts a lot, but he says he has to followwww his dreammmmm.

Remedios and her withered beau Octavio go to church. She doesn't know if she can be happy with him. He has arranged their wedding for the following day. The priest says she has a right to happiness. She tells the priest, and us, about her love of Pedro. It was on the very night Pedro had planned to leave Jacinta that he was fatally gored by a bull. Accidentally. "Padre, will I be happy with Octavio?" This question does not get answered.

Andres tries on his green toro outfit and then hides it so Unibrow won't see. He tells Nutria everything and she says she won't rat him out.

There is an unbelievably dull party. Jacaranda - who has been cheated out of her rightful pelf (earned fair and square when she murdered her husband) - is now selling her designer clothes to raise some dough. The point is supposed to be that most of our characters show up there and recognize each other etc. Manola and Maite (now ycleped Maria Theresa) are catty in a dull way. Manola reveals that Unibrow & Co. have moved to town, and also that Maite cannot count on Gustavo's helping her win back Valeria as he, nebekh, is practically a vegetable. "Señorita" Maldonado presides, more plastified than Cher, more plastified than Joan Rivers, more plastified than - Phyllis Diller! (Google these people if their names don't ring a bell.) In comparison to everybody else there, Victor is a breath of fresh air.

Unibrow, wearing a chartreuse shirt, gives an illogical reason why Andres shouldn't be a bullfighter. Is it because Andres will probably be gored, stamped, and killed? No! It's because bulls remind Unibrow of how badly Jacinta treated him when he was taking care of her cattle.

Federico smokes and monologues that he's an "orphan" now, and that since his mother has abandoned him for her withered beau, he will cleave to Jacinta, making her forget she ever had a son of her own, and he will run her hacienda, and he will run Gustavo's as well. It's a wolverine lovefest when Jacinta comes in and says "I'll never abandon you, you're like my son." "You're my mother now." Aww.

Valeria has found the note Andres left her in the saddle room; again she sneaks off to see him at night having, again, wheedled Juanita into covering for her. So while Valeria is kissing Andres under the security light where anybody could see them (and then, later, they move off to a horizontal surface (uh-oh)), Jacinta is telling Clotilde to go fetch that very same errant escapee! Following the sound of the piano being plunked in desultory fashion, Clotilde finds - not Valeria, but Juanita instead! Valeria is not there to be fetched! Uh-oh!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Barrera - Friday June 23

A weeping Federico tells Jacinta that he has discovered the true character of his mother. He has learned that she was the mistress of Pedro Valladolid, Jacinta’s husband. He is surprised to learn that Jacinta knows about this. Federico asks why she didn’t throw Remedios out. Jacinta tells him that she found out about it after the fact and she didn’t want to turn an innocent child out into the street. Federico is ashamed that his mother betrayed Jacinta’s confidence. Jacinta says that had she followed her initial impulse and thrown Remedios’ out, she wouldn’t now have Federico by her side. For his part, Federico says that he considers her more of the mother to him than his biological mother.
Jacinta says that Federico should forgive his mother just as she has. He isn’t convinced though.

Maite looks at her picture book of Valeria’s childhood and wishes that her daughter could hug her and call her, ‘mama.’

Remedios has a sepia memory of going to her brother’s house, pregnant then having the baby. Then Pedro shows up and says that if Remedios will have him, he will divorce Jacinta. Remedios shows him the baby – his son named Federico.

As she leaves the house, Manola says the right things to Nutria about hoping for her recovery, etc. and promising not to tell anyone about her illness. But her thought bubble says, ‘I hope you die soon, Nutria, along with Gustavo. Then Unibrow and I would both be widowed and we could have the little fling [capricho] that I’ve always wanted.’

At the restaurant, Pancho shows up with his buddy Guilermo. Victor and Guilermo exchange significant looks. Is this a possible love interest for Victor?

Jacinta is chatting with the priest who will perform the mass this evening to pray for Gustavo. The two gossipy ladies appear. They gush about Sergio and prod Jacinta into promising to give a small reception for him at the hacienda.

Manola tells Rodrigo that a poor student like himself could hardly expect to be successful in running a business. Not surprisingly, Rodrigo reacts badly to being told that he will fail. Manola then says they can talk about it later; she is going to Mexico City on some business for Jacinta. Nicolas overhears her conversation with Rodrigo and suggests that she isn’t handling the situation very well. He points out that since Federico could send her to prison, it might not be a good idea to oppose his plans, which include Rodrigo.

Don Jose calls Unibrow on his cell, interrupting a lecture from El Gordo on winemaking. He offers his services if Unibrow needs anything, blah, blah, blah. No point to this conversation.

Valeria tells Juanita about Sergio’s support for her relationship with Andres. Juanita is cautious about trusting him. ‘He is Jacinta’s brother.’

Andres asks Daniel why he hasn’t gone to see Juanita. Daniel gives a load of excuses like he has been busy unpacking their things and learning about viticulture. Andres suggests he could make time if he wanted to.

Jacaranda gives Veronica a red dress. Veronica is acting like a deer in the headlights of a car. Jacaranda suggests that she wear it at her birthday party. Veronica says she hates birthday parties and Jacaranda suggests that this is because of bad memories about the birthday party where the police raided the brothel. Veronica says that she doesn’t remember but she is very agitated and runs out. Jacaranda hopes that Veronica continues to be a mental basket case so that she doesn’t remember what happened when Magdalena died.

While waiting for Nutria to get ready to go to the mass for Gustavo, Unibrow tells his sons and El Gordo that Gustavo was the only person in Santa Maria that never stopped believing him in spite of all that happened.

Octavio comes to get his answer from Remedios. She tells him about Pedro and Federico complete with sepia recollections. Pedro wants to marry her and recognize Federico. Young Remedios asks for time to think and by the time she is ready to say yes, he has been killed by a bull. Now that he knows her story, Remedious offers to let Octavio withdraw his proposal but he doesn’t and she accepts. She will leave Jancinta’s house this evening only stopping to say goodbye to Valeria.

Veronica tells Maite that she misses her friends from school. She has tried to contact Valeria by email and phone but she doesn’t answer. Maite is worried that something has happened to Valeria.

Walking into the church for the mass, Unibrow meets Jacinta. (Andres drops back so as not to have Jacinta see him). Manola appears and asks if Jacinta was aware that Unibrow and his family had moved back to Santa Maria. Jacinta says that she hadn’t been aware of that fact. Unibrow reminds her that he once worked for her son Adolfo and Jacinta responds that people often took advantage of Adolfo. Having delivered her zinger, she proceeds into the church.

Jacaranda walks into Veronica’s bedroom while she is having a mirror conversation between her various personalities. This again reassures Jacaranda that Veronica is still as crazy as she was when she was a child and won’t be a threat to her.

Victor and Maite have a pointless conversation about how the Maldonados are just nice folks and what an amazing coincidence it is that Jacaranda knows them. Apparently, the sale of Jacaranda’s designer clothes will be held at Victor’s restaurant.

Federico speaks to Unibrow after the mass and says that in spite of the opinion of his “patrona,” he has always had a good opinion of Unibrow and offers any assistance that he can. Unibrow thanks him.

That was about it.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Barrera - Thursday, June 22

The big news last night was that the date for the premiere of Heridas was announced - July 11!
A quickie recap of what happened in Barrera. It was mostly teasing almost discoveries of the many secrets.
A bitchy Nutria supervised her menfolk upacking their stuff at the new house in Santa Maria.
Then she and Unibrow went to see a doctor in Aguascalientes. This doctor thought her prognosis was good. Meanwhile, Unibrow got stuck in an elevator with Valeria and almost found out who she was. Later he thought that a woman like that would be perfect for one of his sons.
Jacinta tells Sergio that if he steals anything from her house, he is out on the street. He is offended but she recalls him as a youth practicing forging his father's signature. Sergio says that his father had all this money but wouldn't give him any and it was all the fault of a woman who took his money and dumped him. He never returned because of the shame.
At the hospital, Sergio meets Nutria in a waiting room and then leaves just before Unibrow and Valeria come in.
Jacinta steals a picture of Federico from Remedios' room.
Remedios was looking at a picture of Pedro and having a sepia recollection of their love when Federico comes in. He sees the picture, accuses her of being Pedro's mistress and then demands to know who his father was - as if it wasn't really obvious. But Remedios doesn't tell him.
Andres and Daniel discuss what might happen when Unibrow figures out that Andres' girlfriend is the daughter of his long lost love. Andres' plan is to introduce Valeria to Unibrow without disclosing her last name and then when Unibrow gets to like her, he'll tell him that she is the daughter of the woman who betrayed him.
Cayetano, Nicolas and Manola find out that Unibrow is back in town. Cayetano suggests that he can help Rodrigo with Gustavo's business. Manola goes to the house and finds out about Nutria's brain tumor since she carelessly left the reports out on the table. Manola says that she won't tell anyone. Right.
Jose discusses with his sister and brother how much he likes Maite but he doesn't like her as a pretty woman but [wait for it] like a daughter. Later Maite tells Jacaranda that she likes Jose too. Jacaranda suggests what, to her, would be the obvious feeling about a rich older man, but Maite says no, it is something else.
Jacaranda is staying with Maite and will hope to recoup her finances by selling off her designer clothing with the help of Jose's sister. Seeing a pair of strappy high heels, Veronica has a flashback to seeing the death of her mother in a similar pair of shoes.
Rodrigo tells Gustavo how much he loves him and that he will take care of his business and then kisses him! Gustavo thinks, 'you are making me so happy...' and that was where the TiVo ended.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday June 21

Barrera de Amor Caray, Caray!

Hi all! The Cliff Notes of Tuesday and Wednesday nights are as follows... A whole lot of shaking up is going on. Jacintas brother Sergio is shaking up the hacienda! Octavio is shaking up Remedios' heart... She thinks too much of her sons father, boo hoo. While Andres and Valeria are shaking up their hormones.

Octavio tells Remedios he is interested in her. He likes her. She argues with him telling him that it is not easy for her... boo hoo. Federico might get mad. Scary Scary to have your son telling you what to do.

Andres and Valeria get hot and heavy in an alleyway in town. Who should see their PDA? None other than the prodigal brother Sergio. He watches them then pauses to smoke a cigarette. As Valeria is running back home (literally) she runs into Tio Sergio. The tio learns that Valeria has been forbidden to date Andres because he isn't from a wealthy social family. Valeria explains that Jacinta wants her to marry the loser Rodrigo. Tio Sergio pipes up with a timely story of how Jacinta never would have been able to marry Pedro Valladolid if her father in law had had the same attitude. Valeria loves hearing this and says his stories about Jacintas past give her strength. Tio Sergio agrees to not say anything about seeing Valeria with Andres. He also says he will try and convince Jacinta to give up the idea of Illustrious Sur-Names for Valeria.

The gossipy ladies of town run into the nun Consuelo. (Strange we just saw Valeria kissing up Andres in town on a bright sunny day. Now we are in another part of town and it is cloudy and raining hard.) The ladies are all under umbrellas due to the storm. One of the gossipy ladies point blank asks the nun isnt it better to tell the truth? The nun agrees and then the gossip comes in for the kill. "If it is better to tell the truth then tell me what was it that obligated Maite Galan to marry Fico, the son of Jacinta?" The gossipy lady then says she cant believe what the nun has told her (we had a break to Sergio and Valeria so I guess this is when the nun filled her in). "I always thought that Fico was such a good boy! How could he have raped Maite?! " The nun answers that Maite suffered a lot, that Maite only married so her daughter would have a father and that Jacinta knew everything. The nun warns the gossip that now she knows the truth she hopes she will not use it to cause harm to anyone. Foreshadowing here....

Federico, Rodrigo and Omar talk about whether Rodrigo is ready to take over the business now that Gustavo is hurt. Omar wisely says he thinks that Rodrigo is not ready. Federico pushes his way around and makes it clear that he will help Rodrigo regardless of if he is ready or not.

When Tio Sergio and Valeria return to the hacienda his bags are packed and waiting for him by the door. Jacinta walks up and tells him he is leaving right now. The show cuts to an ad and the ad is for HERIDAS de AMOR! Handsome man is spotted and my hopes for a better novela are increased. Back to this one... Jacinta yells at Valeria and tells Sergio to Vete! Ahora Mismo! Valeria mentions that he can talk with one of the gossips to find a cheap place for him to stay in town. I guess the mere mention of the gossipy ladies frightens Jacinta and she agrees that Sergio can stay. She gets Sergio alone and says he can stay as long as he never brings up her past again nor can he call her Hermanita again. (The stories of her poor farm working past are fun. Plus Im liking the trouble he is stirring up by telling the stories.)

Jose and Maite are together again. When I saw Mondays episode I kept wanting them to see each others jewelry - to talk of their pasts! Then I remembered the advice/knowledge of the fellow bloggers that it is typical for relatives who dont know they are relatives to feel strange urgings to one another.... That the process of discovering just who each other are is a long (arduous) one. OK back to Jose and Maite. They continue to enjoy each others company not knowing why... Telling snipets of their past and getting interrupted when they are about to say something of consequence. Ahhhhhhh!

Jacaranda and her pals, the evil Rafael and the dumb blonde, help Jacaranda pack up her belongings from her dead husbands house. She is promtly kicked out with just one bag and a bag of jewels. Needless to say Rafael is not happy and he calls Jacaranda stupid.

Sergio admits to Valeria that he used to be a gigolo! Valeria doesnt seem shocked or disgusted. Instead she seems interested. Hmm very strange..... Manola and her father come to the hacienda to ask Jacinta to convince Rodrigo to go back to school. Federico butts in and says he will teach Rodrigo how to manage the farm instead. He more or less says that Rodrigo should be the involved in all manners of the business, and should assume the resonsibilties of Gustavo. Manola is not happy with Ferderico nor with what is decided... that Federico will help Rodrigo and that Federico will be involved in the cow farm. I guess all the better to stick his nose into their finances.

The gossipy ladies quickly discuss the new private information about Maite. Then they start laughing about how funny it was to meet Jacintas brother. (They like him. More hormones here with people I dont want to think about having hormones.) Remedios fantasizes about Octavio versus the unico hombre de mi vida. (The only man she has ever been with in a biblical sense.)

Sergio questions Jacinta about who is Federico. He asks Why do you treat him like a son? Who is his father? Jacinta gets mad refusing to answer who is the father of Federico. She tells him that "It is not necessary that you know more than what I tell you." No hace falta que sepas mas alla de lo que yo te diga. (Always good one liners are coming from her.) She then tells Sergio that if something disappears from the house she will hold him responsible.


Barrera de Amor, Tuesday June 21

We begin with Remedios trying to tell Jacinta that there is nothing between her and that guy Octavio. Their conversations are pointless, but it is about the only dialogue Remedios gets tonight, during the remainder of the show she is either ignored or interrupted.

At the Don Jose pad Josefina, she of the tight face, is teaching Veronica how to paint like a first grader. This scene must have been excruciating for the artists in the audience.

Andres is dining at Teodoro's with Baldo and Juanita. The kids are dissing crabby old Jacinta but Teo sticks up for her. After all, she lost her son and only has her granddaughter left, and don't forget she is regarded as the most generous woman in Santa Margarita (or is it Santa Maria?).

Cut to the Valladolid hacienda. There is a stranger in the foyer, he turns, it is Jacinta's brother Sergio. Remember him? The deadbeat who borrowed money from Pancho? Jacinta enters and is suspicious, why has he shown up after all this time? He says he saw Valeria's graduation announcement in the society pages next to a picture of Valeria and Jacinta, so here he is.

The two town gossips arrive with a gift for Valeria. They are delighted to meet Sergio and fawn all over him, no doubt assuming he is as loaded as Jacinta. They worm their way into dinner with the family. Valeria asks why nobody ever told her she had a great-uncle.

At Gustavo's hacienda Manola is trying to get the sister/nurse to take a break but sister won't leave Gustavo's side. Manola thinks, "How can I take care of Gustavo with this busybody hanging around. If he comes to and talks I'm screwed."

Jacaranda is boozing it up with Raphael. They are toasting the millions she is going to get in the morning. "Our millions," corrects Raphael. She can't wait to marry Nicolas. "Nicolas doesn't make false steps." Says Raphael, "Before he leaves his wife he'll want to make sure you are a millionaire." Raphael promises he won't be jealous as long as he and Jacaranda can "get together" from time to time, nudge nudge wink wink. Ick.

Rodrigo is in dad's office shuffling papers in an official manner. He tells Manola that he plans to take care of the family business. She says "You can't even pass your classes, what makes you think you are capable of managing these affairs?" It's not a kind thing to say but she certainly has a point. She announces that she, with the help of Nicolas, will manage Gustavo's business affairs. She will make the decisions, not Rodrigo.

At the Valladolid dinner table Sergio decides to tell the guests about his and Jacinta's childhood. Their dad bought and sold vegetables; they lived in the truck and visited many towns including Santa Margarita. Jacinta was the intelligent one but neither of them was allowed to go to school. Their mother taught them to read on the road. As a young girl Jacinta fell in love with Pedro Valladolid. They would see him ride by on his horse. For Jacinta it was love at first sight. Jacinta shuts him up and tells him to stop saying foolish things. Sergio accuses her of being ashamed of her past. Valeria and Federico tell her that hearing the story only makes them admire her more. Jacinta is not pleased as Sergio toasts "diamonds in the rough" (he and Jacinta) that eventually sparkle brilliantly. Everybody toasts except Jacinta and Federico; they scowl.

Victor, Maite and Veronica have had a lovely dinner at Don Jose's. Don Jose tells Maite he loved meeting her. He doesn't know why, but after meeting her he would have loved to have a daughter like her. (Oh brother.) She says she would have loved to have a dad like him, not the father she really had, the one who so easily abandoned and forgot her mother and her. Don Jose says there are people like that, people with no values. I say again, Oh Brother!

Nutria and Daniel are packing, she faints, Daniel decides to maker her lunch. Unibrow says she can't hide the truth from the boys forever. That's Unibrow's scene for the night.

Sergio, still flirting with the gossips, is angling for some after-dinner cognac when Jacinta interrupts the conversation and announces she and Sergio have much to discuss...NOW. (I absolutely love they way Jacinta cuts through the crap.) After they leave Valeria tells the others she's happy to find out about her new uncle. Federico rolls his eyes; this guy could be an interloper to the Valladolid fortune.

Jacinta asks Sergio why he has suddenly shown up and by the way, she doesn't appreciate him blabbing about her past. He uses the "our poor dead mother" maneuver to try to move into Jacinta's house. She says he can stay there,"but only for tonight," she adds as she walks out. He smirks and lights a cigarette, "Only tonight? And then some."

Manola is filling a syringe, "Yes Gustavo, with this nobody can save you."

It is The Reading Of The Will and Jacaranda is wearing an upside down starched doily on her head. Raphael is there claiming to be her legal counsel. The lawyers waste no time in saying she won't get a cent of her husband's fortune. They tell her the children were able to show just cause why they should be the only beneficiaries. They insert the video of her smooching with Nicolas. Also, they have more evidence. There is her staff's testimony of her flagrant behavior plus pictures of her in the society page with this same guy Nicolas Linares. Since all this would be cause for divorce she doesn't get a cent. She can go back for her personal belongings but nothing more. Raphael is pissed. Jacaranda pouts.

Manola convinces the sister to run along for a quick bite of enchiladas de mole. Poor Gustavo can't talk but he is allowed one thought bubble, "no sister, please don't leave." Manola whips out the syringe and looks Gustavo in the eyes, "you know what I’m about to do, don't you my love? I can't let your recovery send me to jail. Here's your ticket to the afterlife. Goodbye forever, may you burn in hell, my love." But Federico has snuck in behind her and grabs her hand. At last his suspicions are confirmed, he knew she was behind Gustavo's accident. He won't allow her to kill him, in fact, maybe it is she who should die. He gives her neck a little poke with the syringe. Does Gustavo manage a tiny nod of satisfaction?

After the World Cup commercial we find out Federico has played a little game on Manola. "Ha ha, just kidding, I only meant that it's not convenient to kill him NOW," he says. Manola wants to finish what she started but Fede says no way. They bicker back and forth about who will lose the most should Gustavo recover. Federico says Gustavo "should also know that I was your lover since before you were engaged to Adolfo, and when you were left at the altar because of Maite you took advantage of Gustavo because he was rich enough for you to marry, because your parents were on the brink of financial ruin and you were expecting my son." Manola is particularly nasty today, "What, you think I should have married you? I wasn't going to tie myself to a no-name nobody like you." Now they are leaning over Gustavo and arguing. "It's always the same with you. I was the outsider. You despised me for being a Mr. Nobody, but according to you Gustavo couldn't satisfy you as a woman." Poor Gustavo's heart rate monitor is speeding up, beep beep beep beep. "You kept running to me like a bitch in heat!" BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!! "But the fact that Rodrigo is my son, that's also something you hid from me all these years. Really, Gustavo and I are equal, we're both your victims and you can't deny it." Manola calls him Stupid and asks Federico does he really think he can take Gustavo's side against her. "You know, that's not a bad idea, it would be a good way of getting back at you for all you've done." Federico goes on to say even though Gustavo knows Rodrigo isn't his own blood he would still treat him as his own. He loves him and doesn't want to lose him. And Gustavo has always treated Federico very well. The sister returns. Federico pats Gustavo's hand and tells him not to worry. He takes Manola outside to talk some more. Gustavo looks very worried, guess he doesn't believe Federico.

Outside Federico tells Manola that it's really a miracle Gustavo has been saved. Manola asks Federico what he wants; he wants money, right? Federico doesn't want money, he wants to manage Gustavo's business. Manola calls him Stupid again and pokes, pokes, pokes him in the head, "No! My father and I are going to run the business!" Federico disagrees, saying that he and Rodrigo will manage things. He reminds her that he caught her trying to assasinate her husband. He's going to hold that over her and could send her to jail, now it's his turn to poke, poke, poke her in the head before he leaves. She does a massive uber-pout and thinks "You have me now but I'll take care of you!"

Andres and Valeria are making out under their waterfall. They swear they won't let Jacinta's disapproval separate them. Uh oh, all of a sudden they're in their bathing suits and in a clinch. I think we know where this is going.

The next morning Sergio is walking around looking at the Valladolid portraits. Stopping under Don Pedro's he says, "Our parents always considered it a mistake that they used their money to convince Don Pedro to let you marry his son. It's because Don Pedro was having economic problems, otherwise you never would have married Pedro." Sergio has a flashback, he is in the bank with his parents who are receiving a wad of cash. Don Pedro is in the next room getting bad news about his finances from the bank manager, "It hurts me to say this, Don Pedro, but your financial situation is difficult. If you don't pay your debts soon the bank will take your hacienda." Don Pedro only wants a little more time, he's sure he can get the money. Later, outside the bank, Jacinta's parents are talking about something with a man. A young Sergio (I think) tells a young Jacinta (I think) that their parents are in negotiations with that man, Don Pedro Valladolid. The young Jacinta perks up, "Don Pedro Valladolid???"

At the Valladolid hacienda Federico and Jacinta are yelling at the foremen for letting one of the bulls hurt itself. This is all a big act so Sergio can be impressed by how severe and implacable his little sister has become. After demonstrating that she is able to scold the peons who aren't allowed to defend themselves she tells Sergio she must now supervise the veterinarian in the feeding of the cattle.

Nicolas demands to know how Federico came to find out the whole story of Gustavo's accident. Manola says it's because he's the kind of guy who listens at doorways. Nicolas says the reality is that their fate is now in Federico's hands. If Nicolas is mad now just wait until he finds out his millionaire mistress has been thrown out into the street.

Tivo ended this episode here.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Barrera de Amor: June 19

I said I was staying away from Barrera, but Sylvia was so sweet to me I had to come back tonight. Part of the dreariness of this novela is that everybody in it knows it's a dog and they can hardly drag themselves through the scenes. Nutria is the lucky one, she will die soon and then she can try her luck in some new, better production.

Anyway - Veronica is home now, at the restaurant, with Maite and Victor. She asks Victor why he doesn't care that Maite goes out with other men, and - surely there had once been some passion between two such sexy people! Obviously she doesn't know Victor's Big Secret. He asks: "Would you have preferred more traditional parents?" He takes her to the doctor, who finds nothing abnormal in her brain, because alternate personalities don't register on an MRI. Maite has two suitors, the poetry-wielding Ulises, and Pancho. Pancho romantically says: "I have a lot of money and you'd be an adequate woman to share it with." Even so, I prefer him to Unibrow.

Federico is, once again, yelling at his mother, who's wearing an absolutely hideous hot-pink bathrobe. She has been caught in the withered arms of Octavio, a guy from out of town who had been a friend to her brothers. Federico orders her to come with him. Why does she do what he says? He yells at her - "At Your Age, Mother!?" - and derides her for arrumacos, which is not in my dictionary but which I suspect to be hanky-panky. How can he call her a whore when she's wearing this ridiculous pink bathrobe? Federico forbids her to see Octavio. She says, futilely, "Respect me!"

In his usual two minutes of airtime, Unibrow puts things in boxes. That's an action hero for you. He is moving his family to Aguascalientes to be near the grapevines. Gordo points out Jacinta will be in the picture. Unibrow says it won't be a problem. Nutria the Doomed will be able to get her treatments in Aguascalientes. Unibrow says Manola is a special woman.

At the hospital we discover that Manola, the special woman, wants to get her husband, Gustavo the Cuckold - whom she threw over the balcony railing onto the patio below without completely killing him - back home so she can finish the job. Therefore, she is not at all keen on having nurses round the clock. "I can take care of him myself." Her dad whispers, "I can understand why you pushed him over the banister in the heat of argument, but this would be murder in cold blood." Manola informs us she's not sorry and would do it again (but I guess she'd push harder). Jacinta arrives with - gasp - a nun who will take charge of Gustavo's care. Drat! Federico tells Manola it's mighty fishy, this falling-off-the-balcony-by-accident story. Insinuation City. Maybe murderers can smell each other.

Speaking of murderers - in a parking garage, Jacaranda and her partner in crime have a perfectly audible conversation about their two murders. Haven't they heard of security cameras? She has a bad foreboding - Electra has read her cards and said there's a big change coming - he says that's superstition - she says "Electra's always right, for instance she told me I'd land a rich old guy." "I could have told you that without reading any cards, you'd spent years trying to land a rich old guy, and by the way, he's dead now and you're getting your inheritance tomorrow." "He may come back to haunt me." "Why worry? If that were an option, Magdalena would have been haunting us all these years - remember, your husband is not the first person we've dispatched to the other world." Discretion, people!

Valeria is babbling to the pink bathrobed Remedios about a recipe: "Oh, could it be, is it my mother's?" Ask me if I care. Juanita appears and there's a little plan to go to the internet café. Jacinta magically appears at just that moment and forbids Valeria to go. "You can't keep me locked up here!" Valeria convinces Juanita to stand in for her and sneaks out anyway - she writes Andres and they meet under blue lights near the gate. "My serial-killer granny has taken away my cellphone and I can't even make a long-distance call!" He tells her his family is moving to Aguascalientes. She suggests they can leave each other notes in some horsey place, not convenient but romantic, like the old days. They kiss. Andres is sort of tense and brittle but he's a good kisser.

Federico, brooding, tells Jacinta he found his mother in the arms of an old dude. How shocking. Jacinta says complacently, "Don't worry, sooner or later Divine Justice punishes sinners."

About the Maldonados, the wine guys: their parents had thought they couldn't have kids, but then they had three, and they named them Jose, Josef, and Josefina, and none of the three kids had kids. Well, Jose did, but he doesn't know it.

I'm telling you this because now, Victor takes Maite and Veronica to visit Don Josef Maldonado, who had been his teacher at cooking school. Josef is going to cook conches tonight and persuades Victor et al to stay and eat with him and his siblings. Josef's brother, Jose, is Maite's father. Their sister, Josefina, gets an award for the tightest, most lizard-like facelift on the show.

As his sister Josefina is dressing, Don Jose "acts," getting a face like he's sucking a lemon. She asks, "Why do you get that bad face every time I wear ..." and I thought she was going to say, "... this ghastly wig," but no, it's the earrings, which had belonged to their mother. The earrings bring up painful memories because he, long ago, gave the matching necklace to Eloisa, Maite's mom, and by coincidence Maite is wearing it this very night!

Maite knows the necklace was a present from her mystery father, whom she has been told abandoned her mother Eloisa.

Jose's sister Josefina helpfully reminds him: "But Eloise did not deserve your love, because she dumped you to go off with somebody else." Jose, still "acting," nods sullenly.

Josefina drops one of these special earrings; instead of picking it up, she takes the other one off. Simultaneously, Maite's special necklace catch breaks and she whips the necklace off - just as Don Jose, who no doubt would have recognized it, enters and says hello. We're supposed to care - after all, were they to have met wearing the matching diamonds, there might have been all sorts of revelations - but knowing this novela will drag on for another four months, I'm not holding my breath.

Soon Victor goes off to the kitchen with Josef (to admire his conches) and Josefina takes Veronica off to her art studio to show her a blank canvas and say: "The best thing is to make something from nothing."

That leaves Maite talking with her father. The father says he's nostalgic tonight, thinking about sad, ungrateful love. It's a story he'll tell her some day. She says she has a story too and will tell it some day. Yawn.

We end with riveting scenes of Andres accepting Teodoro's invitation to spend the night (and offering valiantly to do the dishes), and Jacinta yelling at Remedios (who is STILL wearing the hot pink housecoat) (1) for "dating" and (2) for asking how Rodrigo is taking his "father's" "accidental" defenestration.


Barrera Thurs. & Friday, June 15 & 16

I did watch Barerra both Thursday and Friday but I didn't take notes. Here are my recollections of what happened.
Gustavo survived having been heaved over the balcony by Manola. In the hospital, he is conscious but cannot move or speak. At the end of Friday's episode, he is about to be released from the hospital in this condition and put in the care of his wife who wants to finish the job. Since he is completely helpless, his chances don't look very good.

Rodrigo seems to have been deeply affected by his father's injury and I believe he said that he was going to take over the cow business. I'm sure his attack of responsibility won't last long.

Things are wrapping up with the Canada tour. Veronica continues to cycle back and forth between a clinging almost catatonic woman to a slut and nobody can figure it out.

Juanita and Daniel (Andrés'older brother) had engaged in some email correspondence but when they met, he thought she was Valeria. I guess he has fallen for his brother's girl. Juanita said they could just be friends.

Valeria and Andrés arrange to escape from Jacinta and her henchman, Federico, for various necking sessions. However, on their last day in Canada, Jacinta sees Valeria kissing Andrés goodbye. She accosts the couple, drags Valeria inside and throws her on the bed knocking over and breaking the glass in a picture frame in the process. She turns into the avenging hand of God, grabs a piece of glass and is about to attack Valeria with it when Federico comes in and intervenes. Jacinta ends up cutting her own hand with the glass and Valeria is shaken up but determined to have Andrés.

Back in Mexico, Valeria unwisely tells Rodrigo about her love for Andrés and he promises to help.

Victor goes to see the girls' psychology professor who appears to be in Mexico. She gives him the name of an analsyt for Veronica and then Victor asks her if he should tell Veronica that he is gay. The psychology teacher advises waiting.

Nutria decides that she wants to return to Aguascalientes, or rather the little town outside of there that Jacinta, et al lives in. She seems to think this is the place to get treatment for her brain tumor. What can Unibrow say? She has a brain tumor. He agrees. She also doesn't want to tell anyone, in particular, Andrés and Daniel, about her diagnosis.

That's about all I can remember.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Barrera de Amor, Tuesday June 13

Monday's episode ended with Gustavo and Manola fighting about Maite. She heard him talking to his right hand man (Guillermo?) about finding out info on Maite and Unibrow. Now she's furious that he's involved in trying to find out the truth about what happened so many years ago. They fight. He yells "you came to my bed only for my wealth" and chokes her. Realizing he's strangling his wife he looks shocked and runs off. Rubbing her neck she mutters "this is all Maite's fault."

Baldo sees Tina, in fact he was waiting for her. He tells her that according to her brother she's been acting oddly subdued and serious. Does it have anything to do with Rodrigo? She runs away. Today is a day of people ending scenes by running off; guess the writers couldn't figure out how to conclude the scenes.

In Monday's episode all the characters were returning from their wilderness outing, all on the same train. Valeria and Juanita snuck away from Jacinta so Valeria and Andres could steal kisses. Tonight they have just gotten off the train and Valeria asks Jacinta shouldn't they wait for Veronica and her parents? Jacinta of course says no. Valeria asks doesn't Jacinta like them? Jacinta answers "you know I don't make friends easily." Federico smirks.

Manola is drinking wine, talking to herself and packing her bags. The taxi will pick her up in an hour. "Thanks to Maite my idiot of a husband is now involved in those events. It's her fault we fought. What if he finds out Rodrigo isn't his son? He'll kill me."

Nicolas and Cayetana are in a hotel room in Mexico City. He's in a great mood (meaning he's about to boink Jacaranda) and tries to sneak out of the room. Cayetana catches him. He says he needs to buy a tie.

The girls give Jacinta and Federico a tour of the church where their graduation is to be held. They want to take Jacinta to where the Indians live because it's important to Juanita. Naturally Jacinta doesn't want to go, but she volunteers Federico to be their escort. He asks hopefully "Is Veronica coming?" "We don't know!" they answer in stereo.

Cut to a close up of a security camera. Jacaranda and Nicolas are making out among her dead husband's cars. She calls him little bear (osito), and rich little moustache (bigotito rico). She tells him that her stepchildren think she's a gold digger, that she's happy to be a widow. We keep seeing close-ups of the security camera as if we cannot figure out on our own that they're being watched. Nicolas says after she gets her inheritance they can start a new life. Cut to the security office...oh my goodness, they're being observed! "Are you sure it's recording?" somebody named Antulio asks. "Yes, this is all we need to ruin the Mrs."

Up on the balcony of Gustavo's hacienda, Manola is leaving with her suitcase. Gustavo wants to know where she's going, plus she's been drinking...again. He tries to make up but she tells him not to touch her. "You're my woman!" "No no no no no NO, I'm your wife, not your woman! I've never felt like a woman in your arms." Alcohol has loosened her tongue and she shrieks that Rodrigo has been the biggest lie in their life, in fact he's not even Gustavo's son. He's Federico's son. Federico who for the past 20 years has made her feel like a woman. They struggle, he calls her a cursed bitch, and she throws him off the balcony. As he lies on the ground below she hisses "At last I'm free of you and you can go to hell!"

We return from the commercial break and now Manola is worried...
"Oops, wait a minute, what have I done? What to do, what to do? Must make it seem like an accident. I don't know anything. I left before it happened. I don't know anything. My taxi is here." She runs off with her suitcase.

In an unusual twist Unibrow is having flashbacks of Nutria instead of Maite. Too little too late jackass. As she sleeps he says "forgive me for not loving you as much as you deserve." I hope he feels guilty forever.

It turns out that Remedios' old friend (flame?) Octavio is Rodrigo's teacher. In Monday's episode she told him that Rodrigo is actually not Gustavo's son but Federico's. Federico is her son so Rodrigo is her grandson. Blabbermouth. Tonight Octavio tells Remedios that, to be frank, Rodrigo is an awful student. He has no goals except to have fun and spend his inheritance. Octavio plans to stay in Aguascalientes in the position of assistant academic director. He is also writing a book about rotten students. I'll bet it's about Rodrigo.

Nicolas returns to the hotel; he's humming and deeply satisfied. Cayetana checked with the hotel stores and knows he didn't shop there so where in the hell was he? He pulls out a squashed box "but here's my tie honey, how do you like it?" She says he smells like another woman's perfume. He said he was going to buy her some but he smelled so many he couldn't make up his mind. He's about to dig himself in deeper when his phone rings, saved by Manola. She's in the airport in Aguascalientes and just wanted to call to let them know she's on her way and that she "left before Gustavo came home from work."

On Monday Victor was worried about Veronica's memory losses. He took her to see her psychology teacher who recommended a doctor in Mexico for Veronica to see when she gets back home. Victor vowed to stay by her side to 1) observe her, and 2) keep her out of trouble. Today they are shopping. Veronica hears the crazy sound in her head, turns into Vera and gives Victor the slip. She sees Andres and Valeria kissing goodbye. She intercepts Andres but he runs away.

Another balcony scene, this time Rafael is yelling at Jacaranda not to be indiscreet or she'll ruin everything. "If the family discovers your little game they'll kick your butt right out into the street." Heh heh, too late.

Don Jose and his sister are in the thick of planning for her fashion show. On Monday we saw everybody receiving their invitations so it will probably be one of those scenes where all the characters run into each other. Usually a fight breaks out and often there is an explosion.

Manola arrives at her parents' hotel room and is as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Her father is suspicious. She calls Gustavo as a cover. Cut to Gustavo bleeding from his head. His phone is ringing. His eyes pop open!

Victor is relieved to finally find Veronica. As mean Vera she thinks "Again with the guy who tries to pass himself off as my father. For now it's better if I play along."

Manola tells Nicolas that Gustavo doesn't answer, nobody is home. He asks her why she's so skittish. He knows her and he can tell she's hiding something. She admits, "Before I left I had words with Gustavo. He said terrible things to me so I killed him! I killed my husband!"

Vera-nica is blathering to Victor about wanting a red dress to go dancing. Crazy head noise, pained expression, she's Veronica again and can't remember talking about the red dress. "You know," he says, "the one you wanted to wear dancing." She doesn't know anything about a red dress and gets all agitated.

In a failed attempt at suspense, Rodrigo drives up to his front door, he almost walks in where of course he would see Gustavo, but he changes his mind and decides to go horseback riding instead. Whew, that was close...yawn.

Nicolas asks Manola what was she thinking by killing Gustavo? "What are we going to do? You'll go to jail for murder." She tells him her plot, that she had already called the taxi and left before Gustavo "fell" off the balcony. Nicolas asks, "Tell me one thing." (screech of violins!) "are you absolutely certain you killed him?" Violins!! "Of course!" Violins!! "No one could survive that fall." Violins!! "I saw him before I left." Violins!! Cut to Gustavo, lying in a pool of his own blood, "I can't move, I don't feel anything, what happened, where is everybody? I can't believe Manola would do this to me, that she wanted to kill me."

Riding his horse, Rodrigo sees Baldo cutting through their property so he tries to run over him. He makes nasty racist remarks then insults Tina. Baldo pulls Rodrigo off his horse and they fight. In a remarkably poor bit of fight choreography Rodrigo kicks Baldo in the ankle but Baldo grabs his nuts and falls to the ground writhing in pain. Must be some sort of reflexology. Rodrigo drinks from his flask.

Federico and Jacinto are strolling downtown and he comments that it's unusual to see her sporting "such color." She is wearing the colorless pale yellow scarf, the gift from Rodrigo. Federico is proud.

Rodrigo has a flashback. Tina is the girl he tried to rape for fun in a past episode. She ran off screaming and he kept her scarf. It's the one he ended up giving to Jacinta. Whatta guy.

Jacinta, sitting alone at a sidewalk cafe, stares at a candle and has a flashback. She's a young girl praying alongside a man with a scarred and blind right eye. They are in front of a painting of the crucifixion over tormented sinners. "Is it necessary to send them to hell for being bad?" she asks. "No, they are prisoners in purgatory; they have to pay for their sins with pain." Then she flashes back to the night she set the house on fire and killed Maite's aunt and Juanita's mother. She remembers saying, "you ordered me to do it, I only fulfilled your wish, a sign from heaven God, they are your servants, crucified for you God."

Maite is downtown and dressed up for the graduation. She runs into Andres who is staying nearby. He tells her he plans to go to the graduation with his brother. (The brother who might be old enough to recognize Maite.) They'll sit in the back of the church where Jacinta can't see them, but he's thinking of speaking to Jacinta after the party.

That's it for now, gotta run!


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Caray, Caray! Merchandise

Ok check this out - I decided to take my own advice and set up a Caray, Caray! store. I used my son's sandals as the picture for all the products. My dear wife cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop, she intends to make a new design or two eventually as well. I didn't set it up to make any money, just for kicks. Let me know what you think. Also, I'll be happy to put some other images in for any of the products if you want. I can make a Fernando Colunga mousepad, whatever. Send me or post a large format picture and I can make it happen.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

La Fea Más Bella #18-21 Part Nine

Not much happens for a while. Jessica Rabbit is upset about Lety being important when her seis semestres de financia make her soooo much more qualified. Right. Yes, your community college equivalent should definitely outweigh Lety’s Masters degree. Gosh! How can you not be running your own company by now?

Fernando and Omar talk about how much J.R. hates and is jealous of Lety. Fernando thinks this is the first time a beautiful woman has been so jealous of an ugly one.

Marcia The Unblinking Eye and J.R. spend some time talking about…… Lety. For being so worthless in their eyes, they sure do spend a lot of time thinking about her. Lots of “Maaaaarcia, por que Fernando gives so much credit to Lety? Porrrrr queeee? Maaaaaaarcia? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaa.” Marcia later tells Fernando that he doesn’t realize it, but somehow Lety has brainwashed him. If giving him good information and advice, and doing good work, is brainwashing, then I guess she is. She’s a voodoo priestess.

Finally something happens. J.R. decides to perform some sabotage. Lety is working on some report for tomorrow’s meeting (same old story). J.R. decides to mess up her computer so she can’t get it done. Olarte the idiot finance guy gets involved again, as does Ariel the Little Mermaid. Olarte calls Lety to his office for something or other to keep her busy. J.R., with some instructions she got from the corrupt systems guy in the basement, enters some commands into Lety’s computer to lock it up. Olarte sifts through some papers while Lety fumes, finally she has had enough and stomps back to her office, though too late to catch J.R. in the act. Lola, Olarte’s secretary, DID see J.R., though. But she doesn’t say anything to anybody, not even when Lety discovers her computer is all messed up and she can’t get her information. More hand wringing ensues, lots of yelling and running around, finally Fernando calls systems to get Lety’s computer and get the info from it.

Lety starts crying her eyes out to Fernando and tells him that she doesn’t deserve the promotion he gave her. Why she thinks this when it wasn’t her fault is beyond me. She tries to quit more often than she gets fired. Fernando tells her he doesn’t have time for that kind of talk, he needs the info from her computer.

Paula Maria calls a friend at another company to see if he can fix Lety’s computer, the systems guy from the basement says it will take him a couple days. This is because a) he’s stupid, b) he’s corrupt and the axis of evil put him up to this, and c) he’s busy taking breaks and stuff like that. Fernando comes down to check up on him, the guy has the gall to tell him that he’s on his way to lunch. The president of the company! He’s lucky he didn’t get fired on the spot. With the guy from the other company as a backup plan, Fernando leans heavily on the systems guy and finally he gets what he wants. However…. while everyone is out of the room, the systems guy makes a copy of all the confidential information from her computer!

Eventually the whole thing comes unraveled, Fernando discovers Olarte’s involvement and fires him on the spot. He then goes to the systems guy and fires HIM too. He’s on a roll, kicking ass and taking names.

Back in the meeting room – Luigi Lombardi, el gran gay and Conceptos’s award winning director, emotionally tells everyone that he’s going to shoot a video for Benny Ibarra. I guess he’s really famous in Mexico, because everyone goes nuts at the news. So this sounds like something good is going to happen! I’m sure something will muck it up. Fernando arrives with the information he needed all along, finally, Lety follows a few minutes later. She says “buenas tardes” but no one answers, making her very nervous. Soon, however, it is her turn to explain the report, she manages to gain everyone’s rapt attention.

At the end of the meeting, Fernando proposes giving Lety more responsibilities within the company, due to her successful report, as well as due to the fact that Olarte got the boot earlier that day. Lety can’t believe it. I feel some more crying and daydreaming coming on.

Ariel the Little Mermaid finds J.R. after the meeting and says he thinks it was her that messed up Lety’s computer. She doesn’t say yes or no, but she’s a bad bluffer and he knows it to be true. He’ll put that info to use later. I’m still trying to figure out what his real job is. He doesn’t work at Conceptos, we see him in his office sometimes, he has a hot secretary who doesn’t do anything but transfer phone calls to him, he never says where he works or what he does, and he has nothing but free time to pursue his goal of world domination. Whoops, I mean his goal of ruining Fernando and taking over Conceptos. Maybe we’ll find out someday what he does.

Lety tells El Club De Las Feas that she’s taking over a lot of Olarte’s job. The familiar give and take of “did you get a raise?” “no Don Fernando must have forgotten about it.” The circle of life continues.

Fernando tells Omar to pretend he’s in love with J.R. so she won’t spend any time with Ariel the Little Mermaid, too much contact between the two makes him nervous. Fernando tries to keep all his affairs (both personal and company) private, but J.R. is bound to get a tidbit of info here and there and he doesn’t want Ariel the Little Mermaid to know ANYTHING.

Fernando meets with Lety, who tells him that the company is in some financial trouble. No duh. The place is overrun with idiots, how could it possibly be in good shape?

During a shoot for a bicycle commercial, Luigi ties his dog’s leash to a camera tripod. As expected, the dog pulls the camera over and breaks it. Luigi is beside himself, as only a gay stereotype can be. This was the nice 35mm camera. With that ruined, there is only a video camera to use. Luigi refuses to use it under any circumstance. I sense a high noon showdown with Fernando over this one, replacing the 35mm camera will be $$$$$$ expensive and there is no extra money these days.

Fernando invites Lety to accompany him and Omer to a big trade show/meeting/cocktail reception. She is overcome with emotion and tears up, later on that night she is at home dreaming once again about being Mrs. Fernando. Swoooooooooooooooon.


Barerra, Friday, June 9

[I watched some of Thursday’s episode so I can fill in a little bit. I am concentrating on summarizing those things that happened that advance the plot – even a little.]

We open with Andres and Valeria kissing by the lake while Maite watches them fondly from behind a tree. They see her and she goes up to them and is presented to Andres as the mother of Veronica. Andres asks if they have met before, which of course they have but I don’t think Maite knows that this is Unibrow’s son.

[Last night we found out that Nutria’s tests have revealed that she has malady beloved of soap operas – a brain tumor]. She calls Unibrow and tells him and he says he will take the first flight home.

Maite tells Andres and Valeria that in spite of the fact that Jacinta has forbidden Valeria to go out with Andres, she will support them. She doesn’t tell them why, of course.

Veronica appears and gets Excedrin headache #3 – changing into one of her multiple personalities. She turns into Vera and is annoyed at Valeria for concealing that Andres is at the cabin and vows that they will pay for this.

Manola tells her father that she will kill Gustavo before letting him find out the truth about Rodrigo’s true father.

Federico and Juana bring found objects to the reception desk – the blond wig from the school and the slinky dress.

Maite’s two suitors, Sergio and some other guy, arrive at the restaurant at the same time only to be told that Maite is in Canada.

Federico asks Juana about Veronica and is told that she sometimes acts strangely. Then Veronica comes in, Juana leaves and Federico figures out that that the blond in the casino was Veronica.

The creepy Rafael is playing race-car driver like a 5 year old in a parked car while Jacaranda tells him about her conquest of Nicolas and her hopes that he might marry her. She wants Rafael to make her a widow pronto so he injects something into the IV bag of her husband.

In a giant cow carrousel, some guy (I guess this is Omar) tells Gustavo that Unibrow was arrested for fraud and attempted murder. Gustavo is surprised.

Maite chats with Juana and keeps tripping up by saying things that indicate that she knows more about Juana’s mother than she was told.

Jose offers Unibrow an apartment in Mexico City so that Nutria can get the best treatment.

Some guy from her past named Octavio comes to see Remedios.

Veronica arranges for Valeria and Andres to meet at the hot tub and then locks them in. She then goes off with Federico and gets both Jacinta and Maite to go to the hot tub, hoping that they will conclude that the couple have been up to hanky panky. A confrontation is avoided, however when Andres picks the lock. Jacinta is suspicious and orders Valeria to stay in her room rather than her cabin. Maite is supportive of the young lovers and arranges for them to meet in her cabin.

The nurse tells Jacaranda that her husband is dead and she pretends (really badly) to be upset.

Omar continues to look into Unibrow’s past especially his jail time for almost killing Adolfo. Omar chats up the two gossipy old ladies who appear from time to time but they know less than we do – since we know that Adolfo raped Maite.

Remedios tells Teodoro and Baldo that she has met an old friend of the family. She is concerned that if she sees him again, people might talk and Federico might be annoyed. They tell her to not worry about what others think and do what makes her happy.

A smoking and drinking Rodrigo wearing a ridiculous bandanna on his head (maybe he’s balding and they want to cover it up) tells his mother that he doesn’t care about school – having money is what matters. He is not interested in learning the business that keeps him in fancy cars either – he doesn’t like the smell of cow urine.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Caray Caray is EVERYWHERE

My son was putting on his sandals the other day and I finally noticed the brand name. I've seen these sandals many, many times. So how did I miss this? Well, needless to say as soon as I saw it I knew I had to get a picture. I'd tell you where they were purchased, but I have no idea except for somewhere in Guadalajara. Maybe we should start a store with some Caray Caray apparel.

[edit] - Hey - if you need a logo, feel free to use this! Free of charge.


"Heridas de Amor," synopsis translated by Jean, thanks Jean!

Miranda San Llorente is a contemporary young person, confident and resolute, who has everything that life can offer: beauty, wealth and nobleza [good breeding or integrity – depending on how you translate it].

Her father, millionaire Gonzalo San Llorente, has put all his hopes on her because - of his three daughters - she resembles him the most in character and choices.

Florencia, the eldest, suffers from a heart condition that will put her in her grave, and the youngest, Renata, is an immature and carefree adolescent.

Miranda has been preparing for her wedding for when her fiancé, Fabricio Beltrán, who is finishing his doctorate in Germany, returns. What Miranda doesn’t know is that Fabricio wants to get married but with her sister Florencia, not with her.

Bertha de Aragón, Miranda’s maternal aunt, encourages the affection between Florencia and Fabricio in order to hurt Miranda, whom she has never stopped trying to control and subjugate by a false kindness. Bertha sees in Miranda the woman that she hates most in the world – her sister- Fernanda de Aragón.

Fabricio returns accompanied by his friend Alejandro Luque, who wants revenge against Gonzalo because he believes that Gonzalo killed his father. The conflict will be terrible for Alejandro because Miranda will awaken love in him for the first time, which will clash with his desire for vengeance. For her part, Miranda feels an inexplicable attraction towards him that will provoke a love-hate relationship between them that will leave them sweetly hurt [dulcamente lastimados].

Gonzalo’s business goes bankrupt through the evil manipulation of César, the brother of Fabricio and the accomplice of Bertha. Gonzalo is sent to prison and Miranda must regain not only the family fortune but the family itself, including her mother, who leaves as a result of Bertha’s intrigues.

However, Miranda and Alejandro will have to overcome the obstacles that are put in their way by César, who loves her and Bertha, who fell in love with Alejandro at first sight. In this battle of feelings and passions, of pride and power, both Miranda and Alejandro discover that only those who inflict them can cure the “Wounds of Love.”

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