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Destilando Amor: UPDATED Program Time Change!! (Monday Still 2 hours)

Author: Anita [Foro PR] (---)Date: 06-30-07 20:44 PDT

The reason why the time changes do not appear yet on Tv Listings is b/c this was unexpected, Univision just announced all this stuff today during their programming. So Zap2it, Yahoo, DirecTv Listings, Dish Listings, TiVo will not have the current times that we already know b/c obviously Univision just threw on to us these new times.So here is the schedule to make it less confusing. *Note: go back 1 hr for CDT

Monday, July 2nd:
7 - 8 - Yo Amo a Juan Querendon (NEW TIME SLOT, WILL NOT BE SHOWN AT 8PM/7C ANYMORE)
8 - 10 - Destilando Amor (2 hours)

Tuesday, July 3rd:
7 - 8 - YAAJQ
8 - 9 - Duelo de Pasiones (Ends on July 16th, at this its new time)
9 - 10 - Destilando Amor

Wednesday, July 4th: Only YAAJQ will be shown, due to soccer.
9 - 10 (east & central coast time)
7 - 8 (west coast time)

On Thursday the 5th, the same schedule that you see for Tuesday will be the same for this day and Friday the 6th. It will also be the same for Monday, July 9th and Tuesday, July 10th.

Going more ahead --
Wednesday July 11th, YAAJQ will be the only one shown that day, due to soccer.
7 - 8 (east & central coast time)
8 - 11 (west coast time)

On Thursday, the 12th, the same programming that you see for the 3rd, the 5th, the 6th, the 9th and the 10th will be the same for this Thursday and Friday the 13th.

On Monday the 16th here is the schedule:
7 - 8 - YAAJQ
8 - 9 - Duelo de Pasiones (LAST EPISODE)
9 - 10 - Destilando Amor

Tuesday the 17th:
7 - 8 - YAAJQ
8 - 9 - Amar sin Limites (PREMIERE)
9 - 10 - Destilando Amor

So there it is --that whole big schedule. // **I would still set my recorder for 3 hr. stints till all this gets clarified**


Destilando Amor: Program Time Change!! Destilando this Monday for 2 hours

More NEWS Destilando this Monday for 2 hours. * Note: this is not listed on Yahoo, Titan, Uni, Couchville (my direct listings sources). All I've heard is Uni advertise a 1 day only 7 pm Central showing of Desti. I am trying to confirm sources with Anita over at TN-W. I'd simply suggest that for the next full week we just set the recorder for a 3 hour stint.

Author: Anita [Foro PR] (---)Date: 06-30-07 15:30 PDT Due to the poor numbers of Juan Querendon its moving to 7pm/6 pm CDT starting Monday and Destilando Amor will be shown from 8 to 10pm/7-9 pm.

On Tuesday, Duelo is back on, but at a new time which is the 8pm/7 CDT time slot and Amar sin Limites premieres Tuesday, July 17th at 8pm/ 7 pm CDT.


Destilando Amor, 6/29/07: "Licking Their Wounds..."

Rod comes looking for James at the local bar in Tequila. Unsuspecting, James greets him like his long lost brother, but Rod, impetuous as ever, plans to shoot first and ask questions later. Rod's response:"Traitor! How much did they pay you to let loose with it? Tell me! Only you knew about Gaviota and me!" James defends himself as his confidant and even his accomplice. He feels so hurt and insulted that he immediately resigns as instructor. He refuses to speak to Rod ever again, then walks off.

Back at their hotel, a frustrated and anxious Gavi grabs the pregnancy test results out of her mother's hand and reads they are negative. She's both relieved and saddened by the news. Clarita tells her it's just as well. They've been saved from the jaws of death. No time for a little one with all the problems facing them. "Think of it, though!" says Clarita. Just like in the telenovelas, if you'd had the child he'd have inherited the entire fortune, everything!" Gavi can't believe what she's hearing. "Ha! The Montalvo's would be the last to find out! --Like I would go looking for that! Don't kid yourself!"

Sofia got the airline tickets for the trip back to Tequila, but she and Grammy P will be forced to take the last flight out that night. Grammy is complaining about how disappointed she is to have to wait so long to twist her grandson's head back on straight. Suddenly, who should appear at the door of the manse but our fraudulent and faux frog, Frankie.

After getting on bended knee to kiss The Grandmother's ring, Frankie generously offers to drive them to the hacienda himself. "Nothing more relaxing than a drive," he says, showing off those sparkly whites of his. Our bodacious bad boy starts spreading it on thick. "You're in front of a master driver, I'll have you know. Why, two years ago I drove in the Grand Prix at Monte Carlo." The two biddies, aka, female fish --and are they ever-- accept Frankie's offer gleefully. (Hide the silver, Ramon!)

At breakfast Clarita tells Gavi that supposing she had been pregnant, Gavi would need to tell Rod the truth. Gavi tells Clarita that it is best she doesn't have to tell a little child how rotten a person his father was, nor to confront Rodrigo by telling him "This is the result of your
love affair with me". She wouldn't want to be continually reminded of the ingrate's betrayal this way, either.

Gavi does admit though, that despite having a little one around as a constant reminder, she would want to have that child. She would be both mother and father to the child just like Clarita was for her. Clarita reminds her that the little one will be full of questions. "I'd avoid answering, just like you did with me. You did a great job raising me by yourself. Anyway, it looks like you won't have the priviledge of having grandchildren, after all."

Meanwhile, during her massage at the vacation spa, Isa gets a frantic call from Mommie Dearest that Daddy has been thrown in jail for fraud and cuts her trip short.

That same morning Oñate tells Bruno that it was Rod and Mariana's idea to start up the corporate tasting school. He offers to cancel it, but Bruno likes the idea of the company having its own tasters and wants it to stay open. He's surprised to hear that James is the one heading it, however.

Fedra comes into Bruno's office just then. She's looking for Minnie so they can finish their calls to all the tequila association members to make sure Mariana is blackballed from ever getting another job in the industry. (Never any rest for the weary, huh, Fedra?) Mad Minnie, though, is having a bad morning down the street at the Mexico City equivalent of "Babies R Us" and is wishing for all she's worth that she was pregnant again.

Crispín finds James and lets him know that the doctor from the health center had to make a house call at Dry Gulch Acres on account of Acacia having headache problems. James frantically worries that she's ill again.

Melitón asks Dr. Casillas if Acacia's bad headaches mean she might recover her memory again. The good doctor explains that she could at any moment, or it could be years down the road. He then gives Melitón some pills to help with the pain and leaves. Melitón thinks to himself that before she remembers and can open her big mouth about him they're going to be long gone from there.

Clarita has brought back a stack of newspapers full of want-ads. Either Gavi gets a job or she will. Gavi refuses to look for work there and says she's decided they'll go back to being migrant workers, but Clarita isn't having any of it. She tells Gavi that it took her two years of dedicated hard work to become the professional woman she is and no way they're going back to the old life. Gavi feels she's a loser because it obviously was useless for her to aspire to a better life as Mariana Franco, general manager and hi-falutin' corporate executive.

In the meantime, our legal eagle, the valiently persistent old Videgaray, must have figured that Pilar's warning to him was to simply avoid discussing the Mariana Franco affair with Rod; discussing things with Mariana herself would be a horse of a different color, so he makes a call to Margarita to see if she's heard anything from Mariana. He asks her that in case Mariana calls, would she let her know it is urgent that he speak to her.

Pilar and Sofia eventually arrive at Montalveña with Frankie in tow. Elvis and Dani greet them. While Sofia shows Frankie around the grounds, Pilar gets down to bidnez. She wants to know where railing Rod's gone off to. Dani explains that he's gone to settle accounts with James because he is now accusing James of giving away Gaviota's true identity to the family. "James was the only other person besides Rod who knew her secret. A shame, huh, that something else bad might happen on account of all this. Right, Grammy?" Pilar looks at her hands and frowns (at least, I think that's a frown).

Meanwhile, Rod is out walking through the burned out remains of Clarita's hut. Looking through the ashes he sees the remains of the watch he gave Gavi and grabs for it. The hut is gone, but not her memory. He fights back the tears.

Worried for Acacia's health, James goes to see Dr. Casillas and questions him about Acacia, wondering if she's gotten her memory back yet. The doctor tells him not yet. James is desperate to have her recover her memory because that is the only way Melitón will be made to pay for all the abuse towards her.

Melitón asks Crispín to spread word around that he's looking to sell his ranch since he's going off with Acacia for parts unknown. He says he just doesn't feel comfortable around there any longer. Find him a good buyer and he'll pay him a commission.

Grammy P tells Dani she's anxious to do whatever is necessary to get Rod back to his old self ASAP. She doesn't want Daniel to make excuses for her brother, either. What he did was a fit of irresponsibility. Dani says, no, it was an exorcism of sorts, and suggests that it won't be possible to reason with Rod till he is told the truth. (You go, girl! Rub her nose in it.) Grammy suspiciously asks "What truth?" Dani emphasizes to Grammy that she wants to hear Mariana's side of the story; she reminds her that they only have Aaron's version and she doesn't trust a thing Aaron has told them.

As far as Dani is concerned it would only harm Aaron and his "esteemed wife's" financial interests to allow Gaviota and Rod to enjoy a loving relationship together. Grammy sniffs and scoffs at this assertion. "No, the only one's interest at risk here is Rodrigo's, or don't you remember what class of woman we're discussing? (Pilar can at least still do a mean sniff. Her sneers are pretty convincing too. It's just those smiles that are so difficult it makes your face hurt to watch her try.)

Just then Rod enters the living room. Dani gets him aside and asks how it went. "He denied everything. Even quit his position. Perhaps it was actually Videgaray who gave her up." Rod turns to his grandmother and greets her. "So, to what do I owe your visit? Have you come to convince me to return to the city, to run me off the ranch, or to fix my marriage?" Sofie comes running over right then to tell him that Isa has definitely decided to ask for a divorce and so will not be bothering him again. She's definitely done with him.

Frankie has gotten a look at the place and knows he is in high cotton, or, rather, mescal. He introduces himself to Rod as his neighbor from the apartment in the DF and as an acquaintance of his wife's. Rod of course, doesn't remember him, not that he would have taken note of his surroundings there anyway, what with his head in the clouds over Gavi this past year. He is slow to shake the guy's hand. Frankie remarks that the estate is impressive and reminds him of Scotland's Balmoral Castle. (Come on, Frankie. That is a stretch.)

A few hours later, Mommie Dearest meets Isa at the airport and tells her that Daddy was jailed for defrauding the creditors. The judge has even seized their factory and frozen all their bank accounts. She has just got to go visit him.

Back in their hotel room, Gavi sees an ad for a native crafts import/export operation. She and Clarita get excited thinking of the possibilities if she applies. Excitedly, and out of the blue, Clarita picks up the phone and suggests she get in touch with Margarita, if just to get caught up on the gossip at the corporate offices, and perhaps to see what they've been saying about her --and about Rod too. Gavi gets upset at this suggestion. "What? To hear all about how the ingrate is happy once again in the arms of his loving wife?" (Right move, wrong reason, Clarita. Try again.) Gavi stomps off to the bathroom.

Pilar now gets her chance to speak to Rod and give him another lesson in Life According to Grammy Montalvo. "All I want to know is who gave her up, Grandma." "--That's not important. You're better off having had God open your eyes to the type of woman she was before having committed the insanity of running off with her." "--No, what's important to me is to know who conspired to tell the family about me, who was playing dirty with me."

"The only one to play dirty in the family was you, Rodrigo!" Pilar scolds. She reminds him that he's no one to judge her or anyone else in the family right now. They all know that he didn't accept that position as Corporate Director to help out the family but to be with Mariana, while covering for her, and to eventually run away with her when the time was right.

Rod doesn't deny that and apologizes for the deception, but defends his work and accomplishments there. Pilar asks him to return to Mexico City and tries to convince him to head the corporation again to "continue the great work you've accomplished there." Rod refuses point blank. "Well," sniffing again, "if you refuse to thank us for removing the bandages from your eyes and for doing right by you, so be it. My conscience is clear. However, remember that you cannot go around drinking and burning down the workers' huts! You inherited this estate so that you could get ahead in life."

Rod apologizes for what he did the night before, but he also swears if he ever went back to the Corporation he'd burn it down, too. Too many bad memories of Gaviota there, and he certainly has no desire to speak with or to see any of the family ever again. At least there, at the hacienda, are his roots, where he can follow in his granddad's footsteps and preserve the land and the estate. The hacienda is his future, if he has one, he tells her.

Gavi goes nuts from being couped up in the little hotel room and runs out and over to the nearby park. Clarita runs after her.

Pilar (talk about single-minded!) continues trying to convince Rod that he must come to his senses and return to the loving, ever-patient and "great lady" that is his wife. (Gawd, is he going to fall for this guilt trip of hers again?) To the Rodster's credit he is adamant. "NEVER, EVER!" Rod tells her that he has decided to let Vidagary continue with his divorce. He will give the apartment to Isa as part of the settlement, and like any husband in the middle of a divorce, he will continue to provide for her. He says that he hasn't yet given Vidagaray further instructions simply because he'd lost confidence in him. Grammy P pricks up her ears (I think) and asks why.

Rod says he feels it might have been Vidagaray who betrayed his confidence and gave away Gavi's identity to the family. Pilar, remembering Fedra and Minnie's warning her not to cause a split between her two grandsons by telling Rod the truth about Aaron's deception, refuses to say one way or the other. Rod gives in for a bit. "Ok. You are obviously going to continue protecting the identity of the person, aren't you."

"Princesa" finally pays a visit to her daddy in the hoosegow. It seems Daddy was kiting bad checks. Ricardo explains how he simply was "floating" a number of bad checks because he felt certain she would get Rod to co-sign those papers so that he'd have the funds in the bank in time to cover them all for his creditors. So now it is up to Isa to do something to help him out of this jam: in plain [Spanish], dialing Rod for dollars.

Ricardo whines that Rod is the only one who can get him out of there and save them all. Isa warns Daddy that if it means humiliating herself again by going back to Rod to wheedle more cash out of him, then he can for-get-it. "But, Princesa!" She turns around and leaves him screaming for her in desperation through the cell bars. (Now, this certainly gives a whole new meaning to the nickname, Ice.)

After admitting the hate-love relationship she has going with Rodrigo, Gavi suggests that she and Clarita go back to La Malquerida and she'll sing a couple of songs. Clarita warns her off the tequila. Gavi hugs her mom and says she doesn't need anything to drink in order to sing and they walk off arm in arm.

Pilar is tireless (even reminds me of that regenerating robot in "Terminator 2") and suggests to Rod that love is not always pretty words and smiles, but also full of sacrifice and pain. Two people must learn over the years to put up with each other's personality quirks and to live with their betrayals. (I truly wish this nasty old woman would stop trying to correct her dead husband's past mistakes by trying to run Rodrigo's life in the present.)

Since nothing else has convinced her grandson, Pilar now agrees to confess to him her story of 50 years keeping her marriage and familiy together despite years of silent suffering and going through an experience very similar to Isadora's . (All right!) Rod's curious. "What suffering?" The suffering, she explains, that was caused by the rumored affair her husband, Amador, supposedly had with another jornalera years ago. Though his grandfather denied everything, the truth was he was seen with her. Anyway, Amador always gave her her place as his wife and the mother of his children. She never complained and she threw herself into being the best wife and mother she could be.

Every spring, though, at harvest time Amador and she would return back to the hacienda from the city. Every night he would leave to walk through the mescal fields and would return to the house very late. Eventually, they would return to the city and her suffering would be over for another year, but that was always the most bitter month of the year for her. "Did you ever meet her?" "--No. I wasn't going to lower myself just to settle accounts with the likes of a jornalera."

Pilar continues the story. "Somewhere, some year or other, the jornalera must have finally gone her own way, because I no longer heard her singing in the fields at harvest time." Rod is struck by this bit of news and the similarity. "She used to sing? Like Gaviota?" "--Yes, just like Gaviota." "--That's strange. Grandpa never did give up walking those fields at night, you know?" Pilar is a bit surprised, but she takes it in stride. "--What matters is that I knew how to forgive him and I hung on to my husband."

Rod is sorry for his grandmother's pain, but he tells her that his and Isadora's situation is totally different. "That was yours and Granddad's love story. I don't love Isa and I never did." He tries to explain to her that it wouldn't matter if Isa forgave him again or not. The two of them only got married to avoid a life of loneliness. It was a failed attempt at keeping each other company. (Wrong, Burly Bear. It was that way for you, but Isa actually did marry for love, or lust, or at least, something like it.) "Still, think about it, son. It's not too late, or you'll be losing a terrific woman." (Is this old hag deaf, senile, or simply suffering from a form of Alzheimers?)

Rod confesses to Pilar that he will never return to Isadora. Why continue to humiliate her for nothing? He's cursed to love Gaviota and despite whatever she has done to him, to take that love to the grave. (Well, whatdayaknow? Take heart gang, 'cuz after all the deceptive goings on that Pilar has advocated and conspired in, we now have another plate of cosmic justice ready to be served up by her own hand.) Unbeknownst to Pilar, the kind of enduring, mature love she's just been referring to and has stubbornly projected onto Isadora's situation, Rod has now recognized as the kind of love he actually feels for Gaviota. (Way to go, Oh Gray-Haired One, misguided and prissy old fuddy-duddy that you are!)

In town, Crispin tells James that Meliton is planning to sell his ranch and take Acacia away with him. James is upset at the news and worries about her regaining her memory before her uncle is able to sell out and leave town with her.

Isa argues with Mommie Dearest. She tells her the same thing she told her father: "NO WAY!" No more self-debasement and humiliation. (Is this a case of tough love or maybe a first step toward fighting her co-dependency in the face of a pair of greedy, manipulative parents? Isa has her faults, but this is admirable.) "The divorce lawyers can work something out for him."

Mommie Dearest doesn't want to wait, though, because Daddy will have to stay in prison till then. (Only the little people, right, Nuria?) "We are talking about your father here!" How could Isadora do this to the man who gave her everything she ever asked for? (Our Icedora has indeed become very cold and calculating; Nuria should be proud.) "Don't worry, Mom. There'll be plenty of money once the divorce is final and I take my half the Montalvo fortune. We'll use that to take care of Dad's problems."

A bit later, Dani comes to tell Rod that she and Elvis have got to get back to the city. "I didn't hear what Grammy told you, but I can almost imagine what she said." She goes through the litany. "Did I miss anything?" "--Nope." "--Did she convince you at all?" "--No. I'm staying right here." She confesses to him then that she doesn't believe what they've been told by the others about what actually happened with the discovery of Mariana's true identity and her suddenly leaving like that. Rod tells her Pilar has tried to make it seem Vidagaray was to blame. Dani says, well, only she and James knew the truth; Rod knows it wasn't her. She is certain that the family is hiding something from the two of them; she swears that she will try to find out exactly what that is.


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Zorro - June 28, 2007 Monty is stunned; Aga gets death wish; Esmy trains for WWE

EPISODE 96 - June 28, 2007: (Finales Capitulos)
* Monty laughs at MA for saying D is Z -- she's serious, he thinks it's ridiculous. She tells him what Santiago Michelin said to her about D's swordsmanship and military training in Spain and his experience in Europe. Monty still can't believe it - she continues on with Santiago's description of D in Europe - sounds exactly like Zorro. Monty is muy impactado.

* Santiago stops D, still in his caked muddy duds at the gate. D is mortified by Santiago telling MA about his past schooling and experiences in Spain. Santiago is sorry and wonders why all the secrecy. D explains briefly that his life in Los Angeles is quite different than his life in Spain, he wants to keep a low profile and just work on the hacienda with his father. Santiago says he understands and will help however D wants. Then Santiago asks D for housing and food at the hacienda with the promise to keep quiet.

* MA continues with the D - Z comparison, according to the description by Santiago Michelin. Monty is so impactado by even the thought he tries to condone the image as lies by Santiago to confuse her. MA is frustrated and tells Monty if he doesn't want to believe that D is Z, that's his problem to deal with. MA then goes on to use the prison escape and torture by D as proof that D is Z, she also brings up their son. Monty tells her to keep vigilent watch over D and let him know D's movements. Monty wants to catch D/Z.

* D runs into room, B is shivering under his bedsheet. D wonders where Agapito went to and left B like this. B signals that he was taken by Piza's soldiers. D can't believe that; he tells B not to worry, he will go get Dolly and be back soon. D leaves.

* Soldiers take bound and gagged Agapito to the forest where Piza waits. Piza dismisses the men. Piza takes off gag from Agapito - Agapito starts crying and pleading for pity and his life. Piza whips out his small knife and holds it to Aga's throat. Aga is scared; Piza wants to know what he did with SK's body; he demands to know. Aga cries, wails, and finally tells Piza that she is indeed alive.

* Leo reports to Monty; Monty orders vigilent watch around governor's palace for Zorro. Leo asks if anything else - Monty tells him about SK - they will keep watch for her also. Monty tells Leo that no one is to tell Duke Jacomo anything about these developments. Leo promises to keep quiet. Monty has premonition that this ball could turn into a chaotic bloodbath quickly. Leo leaves. Monty thinks to himself about MA's discovery and if he can actually prove D is Z, he has a way to get rid of D and his whole darn family. (he chuckles)

(cue credits and theme song)

* MP sits for tea at a restaurant with Cami and Renzo. Cami fills MP in on her happy marriage and life with Renzo and the gypsies. MP tells Cami her good news of her upcoming wedding, not to Fernando. MP invites them to her wedding - Renzo happily accepts. Cami then asks MP for a huge favor.

* D finds Santiago outside and asks him to take care of his friend, he has a fever and the surgeon was arrested. Santiago makes a sarcastic wisecrack; D isn't amused. Santiago agrees to watch over D's sick friend; D starts to walk away; Santiago asks for some money for food for him and the friend. D reluctantly gives him some coins and leaves. Santiago mutters to himself - well it's a start, first the favor then maybe some food and shelter later. Santiago bounds upstairs to check on this sick friend of D's.

* MA is with nanny Dolly, caring for little Alejandro. Dolly is going on and over over Alejandrito's appetite and demeanor (just like his daddy's). MA asks where D is; Dolly says with B, on hacienda business. MA starts digging for information on D's childhood behavior. As Dolly mentions all the virtues D has had forever, MA laughs and hopes little Alejandrito will have the same virtues. MA bends close to the little baby, sniffs and tells Dolly to change the little boy's diapers. MA leaves. Dolly sits and plays with the baby.

* Cami and Renzo explain SK is with the gypsies, they are asking PT for his help with plan, they explain that SK is Esmy's mother - MP knows that much - as they talk, MP agrees to help them however they wish. Cami asks her for help in getting them an invitation to the masquerade ball.

* Olmos (handsome, no hump) walks MA into bedroom and gives her report. MA is upset over her inheritance dwindling down to only two lousy old mansions in Madrid and one in Barcelona. Olmos explains about the debt-load her father amassed that had to be paid off. She thinks he's a "pinchon" - he suavely mentions and vows his loyalty and devotion to her and will help her make investments to grow back her fortune. She laughs. They kiss. She mentions her plan to get the de la Vega fortune. He asks for more information; she shrugs the question off and starts to kiss him.

* D, after cleaning up and changing, finds Dolly and Dena with little Alejandro. D tells Dolly she needs to come with him immediately, B is sick and needs help. Dena panics and wants details. D makes up a story about how B and Agapito were caught in a barrage of arrows - B was struck with two - D says Dolly needs to come now. Dena takes the baby from Dolly so Dolly can leave. D asks about MA - Dolly says she was asking for him - he thinks about it and then says he will talk to her later. They leave quickly.

* As MA and Olmos are kissing on the bed, they hear D and Dolly outside. MA runs to the window and watches as D and Dolly climb into carriage cart. She wonders where they are going in a hurry. Olmos (with hump) comes up with explanation/opinion. She turns back around to Olmos (without hump again) and asks about the notion that D is really Z. Olmos laughs and says it's impossible. She won't say where she got that silly notion. Olmos leaves. MA stands wondering.

* Esmy and her Amazon pals play "keep away with the ball" at the river edge. They go for a run through the forest. Dania comes to Esmy to tell her they will help her to confront her enemies in Los Angeles.

* MA enters D's room, searching for proof that D is really Z. She looks around the room, in the closet, she starts looking at the books on the shelf and stops as she looks at the red-bound books. She mutters if it is true, Diego, that you are really Zorro, you will pay for your contempt.

* On route to B, Dolly gets D to tell her the truth over B's injuries. D also reveals that MA is responsible for poisoning Dena. Dolly is muy impactado.

* Cami thanks MP for the help. Renzo explains to MP this is a very dangerous assignment. MP realizes it and still wants to help get the invitation for them. Cami tells her the meeting place at the specific posada in town. MP excuses herself to continue doing wedding preparations. MP leaves. Cami and Renzo share a kiss.

* On street, MP walks up to a poor friar seated at a doorway. She offers him money and a prayer. He pulls back his hood and she's spooked with the sight of Don Fernando. She runs away. He just sits there and watches and ponders the moment in silence.

* Esmy has wrestling match in Amazons hut.

* Dolly and D return to B's place. Santiago gives D and Dolly report on B's condition - feverish and shaking - Santiago asks why B doesn't talk. D explains he's mute. Dolly on glance says she was going to put oranges on his ears to help relieve the fever. Santiago is the bearer of gloom and doom about a couple cases in Spain where feverish people died because their brains fried up. D was polite and told Santiago to shut up. D introduces Dolly to Santiago. Dolly tells D to get the faith-healer. D runs out, Santiago follows. Dolly stays to care for B.

* D is at the gate, Santiago catches up with him to talk. D doesn't want to talk, doesn't think Santiago really can help. Santiago continues to talk. D reluctantly asks Santiago to accompany him to the faith healer and later he will take Santiago to the hacienda.

* MP stops to catch breath and collect her thoughts after coming in direct contact with friar Fernando. Fer still sits on the door stop and stares at her. Alfonso finds her on the street and asks what's wrong; MP says it's nothing, don't worry; Alfonso says if she's worried, he will be interested too. She wants to go home - he asks her to accompany him to a concert event that night - she agrees - they walk away together. Fer watches them walk away.

* With knife to throat and threat of death, Agapito stammers to confess the whole true story to Piza about how he helped SK survive and where she is now. Piza is furious for being tricked by Agapito and now he says Agapito must die. Agapito cries. Piza gets his gun from the holster on the saddle. Agapito hits Piza on the back of the head and Piza falls down on the ground, unconscious. Agapito panics and decides to find "Zorro" to help him.

* Toby follows Cata to the kitchen. He annoys her and badgers her about her relationship with Piza. He's jealous - she tells him she broke it off with Piza. He doesn't believe her and tells her if she continues to be with Piza, he will never sleep or touch her again. Cata laughs and mentions tells Toby that it's been months since he has even touched her in anyway. She leaves offended. He mutters about Piza ruining his life and marriage under his breath.

* Piza regains consciousness and stands up. He grumbles that Agapito will die - he will kill him.

* At the river bank, Esmy tells Dania about her and her mother's suffrage stories. Dania gives her encouragement.

* Faith healer does the ancient prayer ritual around B, still laying on his bed shaking. Santiago is skeptical. D explains the ritual and what it is suppose to do. Santiago bugs D with commentary. D leaves, Santiago follows. Dolly stays to watch/observe.

* Out at gate, D calls out to soldier. He asks if the soldier has heard or seen Agapito. Soldier hasn't; Aga hasn't even been at the prison. Soldier leaves. Santiago remarks about the strangeness of the town - D comments - Santiago makes a remark about D's life and says good to see you again and leaves. D grins and shakes his head about seeing Santiago again - D also wonders where Agapito is.

* Toby is sleeping in the chair in the kitchen. Agapito knocks on the door and wakes Toby up. Toby puts on his glasses and lets Agapito inside. Aga needs help; Toby thinks he needs a loan and refuses to give him one. Aga says no it's about the true queen and Piza; Aga helped the queen escape. Toby is intrigued and curious; Aga explains that Piza is furious and Aga needs Zorro to help protect him.

* D and Santiago find MA by fireplace at hacienda. D tells MA that Santiago has a tendency to exaggerate stories so take what he said before about D in Spain with a 'grain of salt'. Santiago formally greets her. MA salutes him. D says Santiago will be a guest at the hacienda for awhile. MA is delighted to have a guest at the house. Juan enters and asks about B. D gives a brief note to him; then asks Juan to prepare a room for Santiago, their guest. Juan leaves. Alej enters and asks D about B. D gives a brief update to his dad, then introduces Santiago. D and MA leave to have a private conversation.

* Jacomo and ML discuss Fer's abandonment of his post as governor. As Queen, ML has the responsibility to name a replacement. ML wants Alej to fill the position; Jacomo suggests Monty, due to his military experience. ML says that Alej has more than enough military experience as well as his undying loyalty through the years to the crown. Jacomo mentions the problems that currently exist between Alej and Monty. ML says if Monty has problems, he has to get over them himself - Alej will be his boss and he has to deal with it. ML tells Jacomo to draw up the papers. Jacomo excuses himself and leaves. ML grins.

* D confronts MA about the poison that she once tried on him she used to kill her own aunt Dena. MA is offended by the accusation of attempting to murder her own aunt. She defends her skillfully. D doesn't believe her; he wants an immediately and permanent separation - he will keep their son with him at the hacienda however she is to pack up and leave immediately. She's muy impactado.

* Dania and others sharpen their weapons by the campfire. Warrior guard runs back saying someone's coming. They stand and aim their bows and arrows in the direction of the path. Garcia and Camba approach waving a white flag. Esmy tells them it's okay, she knows the men. Dania tells everyone to drop their weapons. Garcia tells Camba to stay put on the path - the ladies are Amazons. Camba stays on the path. Garcia approaches Esmy apologizes for returning but he had to return with some important news. Queen ML will be hosting a masquerade ball and he thinks it will be the perfect place for Esmy to reappear and seek her revenge. Esmy is intrigued by the news.


Destilando Amor 6/28/07 “I fell into a burning ring of FIRE”

At the hotel, Clarita tells Gavi that she better get well soon or they’ll have to call the doctor first thing in the morning. Clarita says it’s all Rod’s fault! Gavi says, don’t speak of that ingrate!

Rod is in his study at the hacienda, drinking, crying, and talking to Dani. All of Gaviota’s love, kisses, and caresses were all a lie. She broke his heart in pieces. Dani tries to reassure him. He wants to know what he’s going to do.

At Casa Pilar, Minerva and Fedra are making their case to Pilar. Videgarray was actually defending Mariana Franco! Pilar says yes, it can be hard to believe that Mariana is really such a vile person. Minnie and Fed don’t want Videgarray to talk to Rod, or all the work that Minnie and Aaron did to separate Rod and Gaviota will be for nothing. Pilar doesn’t want discord between Aaron and Rod, does she?

Aaron and Pam are sitting with Johnny Molina in Miami, talking about Aaron’s upcoming meetings. Pam suggests that he reschedule his appointments with the bankers. She could come with him to New York as his assistant. Aaron wants a wife, not an assistant! He tells Pam she can’t come to New York. It’s a business trip. Pam gives in. She doesn’t want to play the part of a jealous wife.

At the hacienda, Dani drags Rod into his bedroom. He is still clutching his bottle and doesn’t want to go to sleep. She tells him he’s had enough. He asks, how long are you going to stay? She says, until you get better. He laughs, never! You don’t know how to be my sister! She tells him to go to sleep. They’ll talk in the morning.

Clarita is applying cold compresses to Gavi’s forehead, but each time her fever seems to be worse. Gavi tells her to go to sleep. Clarita says, how can I sleep? Tomorrow we’ll find out if you’re carrying Rodrigo Montalvo’s child!

Dani and Elvis are looking at pictures of her family on the mantle at the hacienda. She shows him her grandfather Amador and her parents. She talks about how great they were. Rod is like her dad in so many ways. She’s worried about Rod. Roman comes in to offer them dinner. And by the way, James says hi. He’ll be returning to the hacienda tomorrow. Elvis says, who is Mr. James?

James is presenting industry info to his tequila quality group. They are very patient.

Rod is sleeping, thrashing. He dreams of Gavi and Aaron together at the office. Aaron has pulled off her jacket and is kissing her shoulders. She throws her head back. Just then, Rod bursts in on them in his ranchero getup and hat. They pull apart. Gavi tells Rod, it’s not what you think. You’re the only man in my life! Rod looks grim and pulls out a gun, aiming it at them with a shaky hand. He fires. Rod wakes up screaming from the dream. He turns on the light, gasping and retching.

Gavi is still very sick with fever. Clarita’s got more cold compresses.

Dani and Elvis are eating dinner with the staff in the kitchen at the hacienda. San Juana wants to know where Elvis is from. Dani goes to call Pilar to report on Rod. Elvis wants to speak to Pilar. He tells her that he and Dani are sleeping in separate rooms, very far away from each other. No worries! Pilar tells him to put Roman on the phone and verifies the sleeping arrangements. Dani and Elvis laugh.

Rod is looking out into the night from the window in his room. He is dazed. Looking at his suitcase, he picks it up and unzips it. First he takes out a suit, the one he wore in DF when Gavi said she had come back for him. He smiles, remembering them kiss, then sighs. Next he takes out the blue scarf she wore when he first discovered her at the office in DF. He remembers when he told her that his marriage to Isa was a horrible mistake. He tosses the scarf aside. Next he picks up the watch. He remembers giving it to Gavi in the cantina, how she said she couldn’t possibly take it. And he remembers later, in DF, when she gave him back the watch. She told him she didn’t believe him and felt nothing for him. He throws everything into the suitcase. No more, Gaviota!

Gaviota is still feverish. She cries, my Rodrigo! Clarita is praying.

At Casa Pilar, Sophie returns home, animated from her date. Francisco is very entertaining. Pilar wants to know if they’re planning to get married now. No, says Sophie, not right now. But Francisco did tell her that he is serious about her. Pilar wants to know if Sophie talked to Isa. Yes, and Isa wants nothing to do with Rod. She definitely wants a divorce.

Back at the hacienda, it is dark. Rod approaches the little cabin where Gavi and Clarita stayed when they worked at the hacienda. He has his suitcase and a gasoline container. He kicks down the door and says he’s going to burn the place down. He looks around in a daze, puts the suitcase on a bed, and lights a lantern.

Next, he takes the cassette Gavi gave his out of the suitcase. He clutches it to his chest, hangs his head, and cries. Over against the wall is an old bureau. He remembers Gavi running over to it to get the cassette for him, when she first gave it to him. How they kissed. She asked him if she was really his first. First and only he replied. And he’s coming back to marry her…He smiles and starts to laugh. The laughter turns into sobs.

Rod imagines Gavi as a prostitute, looking at him seductively and smoking as men dance around her. He clutches the tape. You promised me eternal love! Taking the watch, you told me you loved me! Traitor, burn in hell!

He grabs the container and splashes the gasoline on the bed and around the room. God has condemned him eternally! He lights a very small match and gently throws it on the bed. He cries out, God, please take me! I can’t live without her! The bed is in flames now. He screams. Wicked Gaviota!

Gavi is sleeping, sweating profusely. Clarita is praying to the Virgencita. Don’t take my Gaviota away from me!

In the cabin, Rod is spinning near the flames, screaming like a monster.

Inside the hacienda, all is quiet. Dani and Elvis are going to walk in the agave fields by the moonlight. But first she wants to check on Rod. He’s not in his room! Roman bursts in. The cabin is on fire! They all run out.

Gavi screams, no, no, no! She tells her mom she is dreaming about horrible things.

Inside the burning cabin, a heavy beam set in flames falls in front of Rod. Hilario is outside, throwing buckets of water on the burning structure. More water! Dani runs up and screams. Rod is inside! Elvis holds her back. Hilario and the family panic.

Inside the cabin, Rod is cursing Gavi amid the flames. Then he hears his grandfather’s voice: Son, the land is memory, the land is history! Rod turns around and lumbers out of the front door, screaming.

Roman shouts at the huddled family, don’t touch him! Stay back! Rod drops to the ground and takes some soil in his hands. The land is my memory, the land is my history! The dirt slips through his fingers. The family is terrified. Rod cries and drools. Dani runs over to comfort him. Bro, are you OK?

Gaviota died inside the fire and so did I! Dani says, but you’re both alive! Rod stares into space and wanders off. The cabin is completely engulfed in flames.

Ofelia thanks God that Rod is safe. San Juana cries, but he could have died, all because of Gaviota! Hilario tells her to shut up. Why did Rod do this? Roman thinks he knows why, Gaviota did not want to go back with Rod.

In the morning, back in DF, the doctor has come to see Gavi. Clarita keeps talking about the fever, as he tries to listen to the stethoscope. It’s all Rod’s fault! Gavi protests to her mom. Clarita says, doctors are like priests, you have to tell them everything! The doctor thinks that Gavi doesn’t have anything serious. Maybe she has a virus or infection, because her defenses were down. Just to address their concerns, he’ll order a pregnancy test, too.

Pilar calls the hacienda from her breakfast table to check on Rod. San Juana tells her that no one can come to the phone right now. They all had a rough day yesterday. Rod set a fire! You have to come out here right away! Pilar is impactada.

In DF, the doctor tells Clarita that Gavi’s illness could be somatic, the result of a depression or big loss. Clarita is shocked, she is sick because of love! Gavi curses her horrible luck.

Just then, at the hacienda, Rod curses his horrible luck. He is at the breakfast table with Dani and Elvis. Because of Gavi, he waited at the hacienda, took a job in DF that he hated, destroyed his marriage, and ruined Isa’s life. People in love are dangerous, he says. They should be locked up!

Dani and Elvis try to comfort Rod, but he won’t have it. He gets up from the table to go find James. It must be James’ fault! Dani asks if he has proof. It has to be James who told Aaron about Gavi! Rod leaves. Elvis is glad he’s not James right now. Dani is frustrated. Rod has to get this thing with Gavi sorted out.

James is out in the fields, talking to his students about agave and tequila.

At Rancho Arroyo Seco, Acacia is outside the front door. She screams and holds her head with both hands. Meliton tells her to go to bed. He’ll go to town to get a doctor. He tells himself, he doesn’t like the look of this at all. She could remember!

In DF, Pilar and Videgarray are discussing Rod and Mariana Franco. He tells Pilar that there are things about Rod that she doesn’t know. Pilar warns him that she does not want to find out that Videgarray is meddling in Rod’s personal life. If she does, Videgarray will be neither their lawyer nor her friend!

At Aaron’s place in Miami, the servant answers to phone to be interrogated by Minerva. Aaron gets on the phone. He’s just about to leave for New York. No, he has no idea where he’ll be staying, probably at a hotel. They’re remodeling the apartment. Minnie yells that she knows the servant is lying and Aaron is not alone in Miami!

After the call, Aaron and Pam commiserate. Then he invites her to New York. She is thrilled!

Back in DF, Minnie is crying. She is losing her husband!

Nuria is badgering Ricardo. Have breakfast! He tells her he had a horrible night, with so many things to worry about. He has to go. When he opens the front door, the police are there. They are arresting him for fraud!

Gavi is crying in bed. She tells Rod he must be happy with his wife. Why did you have to lie to me? Why did you tell me we had a future together?

In Tequila, Rod enters Carmelo’s cantina. He’s looking for James. Carmelo asks him what he’s drinking. Nothing. Just then, James comes in with the students. James sees Rod. Friend! Rod glares at James. Traitor!

Advances for Friday’s episode:
- Clarita has Gavi’s pregnancy test results.
- Isa visits Ricardo in the slammer and refuses to return to Rod.
- Pilar tells Rod what really happened with Amador after the jima so many years ago.


Juan Querendón - Thursday 6/28 - Oh what a tangled web we weave...Juan racks up the lies.

Nidia is muy impactada to hear that Juan had lunch with her nemeses Ana and Paula Davila.

At Farrel Industries, Juan hops gracefully over a fern toward Paula but then bumps into her, spilling her coffee. Paula wonder's why he's there so late. She's working late but he doesn't have to wait for her. He swears it's no problem, pours her a new cup, gazes at her and thought bubbles "Honey lips, sweet mouth of caramel, I would stay with you until dawn." After she turns he gallantly blows her a kiss goodbye. They are watched by Ivonne who is hiding around the corner.

Meanwhile, Pastor grooms himself in his office and wonders what delightful mysteries will unfold that evening with Juan. Ivonne breezes in and asks where's the party? Who's his date? Pastor says he must fly and rushes out.

Juan and a sullen Fernando are down in the garage. Fernando is bummed because he has to stay late for Cesar. Or maybe there's another reason? He tells Juan that Cesar is always inventing work so that he can stay late with one of the secretaries. His wife travels a lot so Cesar has the opportunity to play around. Juan says "Toma chango tu banano (Monkey, take your banana)" which means, I think, something like if the fruit's available then the monkey's going to grab it.

Pastor runs into the garage, breathless and adjusting his toupee. Juan says he has to work late to wait for the Licenciada. Pastor knows he's lying, Paula said he could go home. Juan silently asks God to forgive him for this little white lie: after he left Paula called him and asked him to wait. It's an order, what can he do? (White lie #1)

Cesar is in his office peeking through the waist-high inch wide horizontal strip of glass in his door towards Paula's office. She calls him to say she has a question. He turns off the lights, rushes back to his desk, and pokes and pinches his eyes so they look tired and watery. When she enters moments later he is the picture of pathetic sadness. She asks if everything is OK, can she help? He fakes being sad and concerned, he owes her an explanation. He is a married man but his marriage is ending. He is a man dedicated to his family, he's a one-woman man, but because of his wife's work they are like strangers. Outside the office Ivonne peeks through the door at them. A custodian peeks at her behind sticking up in the air.

Cesar continues, he dreamed of having children, blah blah blah, fake tears. He's tried talking to his wife but he's always met by a Wall of Indifference. (Oh brother, he's really laying it on thick.) His great frustration compelled him to seek the friendship of other women but it was a disaster. He just didn't have the experience to pull it off. That's why he committed the unpardonable error with Paula, can she forgive him? Paula is speechless and pretty much falling for this load of stink.

Cesar dolefully insists that Paula should go home. They both should. He follows her out of the office, adjusting his tie and leering at her tush. As Paula turns to get her purse he leans over to Ivonne and, smirking, tells her not to work late. As soon as Paula is within earshot Ivonne throws a curve ball, "Excuse me Don Cesar Luis, would you mind taking me home? It's too late to call a taxi." Score one for Ivonne.

Cut to Cesar's wife Monica, all dressed up, drinking champagne, and waiting for him at home.

Cesar and the two ladies enter the garage. As soon as Paula sees Juan she asks him to drive her home, Cesar can take Ivonne and not worry about her. "It looks like your little dove has flown," snickers Ivonne to an impacted Cesar.

On his way taking her home Juan thought bubbles that he has just saved little red riding hood from the ferocious wolfe. He would like to be the guardian of her dreams para siempre.

Still in the garage, Ivonne tells Cesar she doesn't want to be the second course served up at the table. Cesar basically tells her to take it or leave it, he doesn't have all night. Oh, very romantic Cesar! Fernando gives her an unhappy look as she follows Cesar into the car.

The maid Consuela wakes Monica who has fallen asleep waiting for her husband. It's 11:00, does she want to call Cesar? Monica has a better idea for a surprise.

Cesar and Ivonne bask in the afterglow of their boinking. Well, Cesar is glowing but Ivonne is glowering. Guess what? She wants more from the relationship, if that's what you want to call it. Cesar smokes and gloats. He likes things the way they are. Suddenly his cellular rings.

Cut to Consuelo on the phone with Monica prompting her. Consuelo asks, won't Don Cesar come home and eat the yummy meat she prepared for him? It won't be good tomorrow. He agrees. (Que??? This guy is a real pig. He got his rocks off, Ivonne still looks mighty unsatisfied to me, but somehow it's OK for him to split? In his mind he is probably just trading one piece of meat for another.) Ivonne can't believe it either. He would rather have dinner with the maid than stay with her? "I'm hungry," he responds, zipping up his pants.

Juan arrives home exhausted and yawning but Nidia lies in wait in his room. She surprises him and demands, "Who is Juan Dominguez really and what is he looking for in this house?" Juan is impactado.

After the commercial Juan tries to tell Nidia it's imprudent for her to be in his room. But she's on a mission. What was he doing in a restaurant with two women?

In the limo, Cesar tells Fernando to take him home then return for Ivonne. "As you order, sir," Fernando replies sarcastically. Cesar gives him a look.

Juan lies about his lunch date. It was his job to take a couple of clients out to lunch, they plan on opening a store. He didn't even know them. Juan silently prays to the diosito to forgive him another lie. (White lie #2) While he's talking to the diosito Nidia stares at his amazing buns and moves in for the kill. She grabs his hand and places it on HER heart (that is to say left breast), and tells him to swear he's not lying. She does the breast heave and the usual chase ensues.

Nidia wants to spend the night with Juan and then sneak out of the room before her daughters get up. Juan easily lifts her off his bed and deposits her outside his door. Dang that guy is strong! She tries to squeeze back in but he manages to shut the door on her. Whew! Safe for another night!

Cesar gets home and pours himself a drink. Surprise! Monica is home, smiling and sexy, but Cesar doesn't seem happy to see her. They have a very bizarre interchange and I don't fully comprehend the dynamics here.

Paula lays in her bed, smiling and recalling Cesar's bogus lines about what a faithful wonderful husband he is. When she remembers him saying he wants kids she rubs her stomach and smiles. I'm sorry, but only a complete idiot would fall for his lines. Paula, snap out of it!

Fernando drives Ivonne home and he's in a pissy mood. So is she.

The next morning at breakfast Paula tells Ana that Cesar behaved very well last night. She asks Ana what she knows of his personal life. When Paula tells Ana that Cesar confided in her about his disintegrating marriage Ana looks suspicious, as any normal person would. Paula moons about how alone that poor man is.

Nidia and Yadira (and Enrique) are in front of the house making a big deal about Juan's big car. Nidia asks, shouldn't he have a chauffeur with a big car like that? Juan hems and haws, he prefers to drive it himself. Yadira gets all over Enrique's case as to why he doesn't have aspirations like Juan. Instead he drives a heap. Enrique says he has the soul of an owner, not an employee, just like Yadira's father taught him.

Marely the moue-mouth passes them on her way to school and comments that she didn't know he worked as a chauffeur. (Sound of needle scraping across a record.) Juan laughs forcefully, ha ha , the others join him.

Enrique volunteers Juan to drive Marely to school and Juan thought bubbles, "What a
bigmouth!" He hurriedly tells Marely he has an early meeting and can't drive her, some other time maybe. (I'm not sure why Juan can't drive her but OK.) Marely stalks off, frowning in her usual manner.

Cesar tries to slither out of the house but Monica has other plans. They will have a quick breakfast and she'll go to work with him before she has to go to the airport later that day. Cesar does his fake snake smile but he is not pleased with the suggestion.

Juan and "Kike" are enjoying breakfast at the taco stand. Juan tries to hit Enrique up for more money. He prays to the diosito to forgive him for just one more little lie but he has to replace the shoe money that he spent buying lunch yesterday. Juan tells Kike that he needs the money because he has a little filly in his hands and he wants to take her out to the pasture. Allrighty then...he does have some colorful phrases. Kike goes through a list of why he can't afford to loan Juan the money, but at least he'll buy breakfast. Juan wonders what he'll do about Pastor and the shoes. (White lie #3)

No way can Cesar allow his beautiful and attentive wife to go to the office with him. Not after the truckload of manure he dumped at Paula's feet last night. He convinces Monica that they should stay at home where nobody can bother them.

Farrel Industries - Ivonne rushes to Fernando and tells him she needs to see Don Cesar right away. Fernando has bad news for her, Don Cesar's wife arrived home last night and he won't be in the office until much later. He asks Ivonne when she will wise up and stop letting Don Cesar play around with her. She snaps that she likes to play with winners. She prefers to be the lover of the boss than the girlfriend of a penniless schmuck. Donkey, meet ears.

Juan picks Paula up and they are absolutely charming with each other. When she gets into the car he admires her legs and thinks "I would love you, my goddess, until the end of the world, I would unite your voice with my voice and I would shout that I love you." Sigh.

Paula arrives at the office and Ivonne shoves her papers at Paula. They are from the trade office and it's imperative that Don Cesar sign them right away. And by the way, his wife arrived home last night and he is with her.

Paula orders Ivonne to call Cesar but Ivonne refuses, she is never to disturb him at home. Pastor walks up says HE will call Cesar.

Cut to Cesar asleep with Monica. The phone rings but Monica won't let him answer it. They embrace and he unplugs the phone.

Pastor tries Cesar's cellphone. It rings next to the empty, rumpled bed at the love shack he shares with Ivonne.

Juan dances up to Fernando in the garage. Fernando is taking his anger out on the car he's polishing. When Juan comments Fern tells him to butt out, he's mad at all women, they're only interested in themselves. They are interrupted by a dainty cough.

It's Pastor (coughing) with Paula. She tells Fernando that she needs to be taken to Cesar's immediately. Juan inserts himself between them and announces the HE will take her. He tries to get quick directions from Fernando since he doesn't actually know where Cesar lives.

Back at Casa de Nidia, Nidia tells Alirio not to be paranoid, Juan was only out with a couple of clients. Alirio plants seeds of doubt in her brain. She knows nothing of Juan's job. Nidia should take his advice and tread very carefully. She should find out where Juan gets his money. "Is he a drug runner?" she gasps. Alirio doubts this, but he says Juan is probably an accomplice of Paula Davila. Nidia is excited and wants to hire a private detective like in the movies, but Alirio has another plan. He himself will get to the bottom of the mystery that is Juan Dominguez.

As Juan drives Paula to Cesar's house he recalls Fernando saying that Cesar is a womanizer. Juan squirms uncomfortably and asks Paula about Cesar. She replies that Cesar is happily married. "Really?" asks Juan, "He's always alone and he works late." Juan airs his suspicions but Paula scolds him saying the Sr. Farrel's personal life is none of their business. Juan says he completely agrees and then he makes a very funny face. Juan thought bubbles that his little dove is a decent, honorable woman.

Alirio, private eye extraordiNOT, tries to buddy up to Enrique. He wants info on Juan, where does he work, etc. Why? Oh, no particular reason, he just wants to know. Enrique is amused, suspicious and vague. He says one of Nidia's cousins got him a job in sales somewhere.

Paula asks Juan what he did before he became a chauffeur. Juan silently prays to the diosito to forgive him just one more little lie, but this time he's doing it for love. Juan begins his tale...his father raised livestock and Juan wanted to be like him. But suddenly they were hit by a drought, then the cold destroyed everything. They were left with nothing. It was a hard blow for his papa who soon thereafter died of a heart attack. His mother died when he was born and he has no siblings. He's alone in the world. (White lie #4)

Juan's story has the desired affect. Paula feels sorry for him. He says one day he'll return home and try to recoup what is his or his name's not Juan Dominguez. "By the way, Licenciada," he concludes, "do you know where we are?"

Luckily, at that moment Juan happens to drive up to the front of Cesar's extremely white house. Did Juan call it meringue? It would fit.

Cut to Cesar's room, he's asleep AGAIN. Monica wakes him to say she has to go to the airport. She goes to bathe and Cesar looks at his watch. Uh oh, it's late. He plugs in the phone and calls work.

At that moment Consuelo opens the door and lets Paula and Juan into the house. I think the stark decor kind of freaks Juan out because he decides he'd better wait outside. He practically runs out the door.

Ivonne tells Cesar about the papers that need signing. Just then Consuela knocks at the door to tell him someone from the office is downstairs. He goes down in his bathrobe and is muy impactado to see Paula.

andar con pies de plomo = tread carefully (lit. go with lead feet)
bocón = bigmouth
un muerto de hambre = penniless schmuck
yegua = mare, filly


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Duelo de Pasiones, Thursday June 28 - A new muñequita for Gaspar?

(Note: I still have house guests so my recap is more rushed than it should be; my apologies for omissions.)

At Raquel's ranch: Raquel confronted Luba and Gaspar with a shotgun. Luba said the local people wrongly thought she had made a pact with the devil.

Raquel immediately offered them jobs, saying, "With me nothing will happen to you, but you'll have to work a lot." Luba happily agreed, "You're going to have four hands that are going to help."

Back at the Valtierra hacienda, Vera told the other servants they would continue hunting for Luba and Gaspar tomorrow. Ifigenio said maybe they should go to the police, but Vera said, "No, they are ours," that they had to avenge Flor's death. (Who knew Vera was so bloodthirsty?)

In Emilio's tent: Karla woke up and and saw Emilio sitting in his chair. He told her to be ready for work in 15 minutes. Outside, he told Frank he hadn't slept all night.

Then Frank and the other soldiers saw Karla emerging half-dressed from Emilio's tent. Frank said, "Now I understand why he didn't sleep."

(Is it just me, or does Karla seem to be the reincarnation of Jose's girlfriend Felicia -- you know, the bandit who pursued him and got pregnant and then died? I hope we're not going to see that same plotline all over again.)

Meanwhile: Rodrigo, Alina, and Tina took the cowering Gaby to school. Gaby spotted a woman and became terrified, exclaiming, "It's her!"

Alina approached the woman. When she turned around, Gaby saw that it wasn't Thelma. She was still scared but she let Tina take her into the school.

At Coral's house: Adela answered the phone and told Soledad it was Mariana. Soledad took the phone and said, "You have good news? You're married? Congratulations!"

(I guess that means Mariana and Dr. Love have joined Santos and Rosita in the Honeymoon Land of No Return. Dr. Love, you turned out to be a real hero and I'll miss you.)

At the jail: Alvaro (better and more accurately known as Don Loco) told his lawyer, Mauro, that he didn't want to spent the rest of his life in a psychiatric hospital. Dr. Vargas arrived to take him away. Don Loco insisted on saying goodbye to his lawyer first.

I was distracted during this scene, so I don't know exactly what happened, but Don Loco was taken away by attendants dressed in white, and then Mauro read a piece of paper where Don Loco had written that he wanted to go to Veracruz when he was free because he had unfinished business there.

At nursing class: Alina's teacher asked for volunteers to do social work, saying it was sometimes dangerous but that was part of a nurse's career of service. Alina volunteered.

Some big barnlike place: Hugo argued with Alfonsina, who was tied up. She told him, "I prefer to die of hunger before I tell you where the money is!"

Raquel's ranch: Luba and Gaspar ate breakfast with Raquel. Gaspar commented that he'd never had so much food before. Luba told Raquel, "You are good people, with a great heart." Raquel said she needed them well fed so they could work hard, since they would be the only workers on the ranch. Luba said she wished all employers were like Raquel.

Bernal arrived and Raquel told him Luba and Gaspar were working for her now. (Good way to get them killed!) After Bernal left, Luba said something about there being a lot of vipers in the area.

At the nursing school: Alina told her nosy teacher that she'd rejected Rodrigo's proposal because she loved someone else. Later she told the teacher that she missed Emilio, saying wistfully, "Destiny always separates us."

At Emilio's army camp: Emilio warned Karla (who was dressed, for once) to be careful because the ground might give way beneath her feet. Karla snapped that he didn't have to treat her as if she were fragile.

Naturally, she immediately fell into the river and had to be rescued by He-Man Emilio. She immediately began kissing him. Emilio didn't react one way or another, just stood there in his usual indecisive way.

(At least he didn't have one of those telenovela delusions, thinking she was Alina. You know where that would lead: Karla would get pregnant, and then he would have to marry her while he was in another coma... and then this show would never end.)

Eventually Emilio asked Karla, "Why did you do that?" (A stupid question, even for him!) Karla pointed out patiently that she'd made no secret of the fact that she liked him. It finally occurred to Emilio to reveal that he was married. Then he told her to get back to work.

Karla asked if he was afraid of her. He said no, but he didn't want to do anything he would regret. After he left, Karla smirked and said, "You won't regret it, I swear."

In Dr. Vargas's office: Another boring argument between Vargas and Aida, aka Dr. Loca. As always, Dr. Loca told Vargas that she was a PROFESSIONAL.

He retorted, "I always thought it was strange that you were so interested in Montellano, and now I know why" -- because she had become Don Loco's lover.

In the ambulance: Don Loco started yelling for the attendants to give him a sedative. Then he grabbed a gun and warned them not to move.

The ambulance stopped near a car containing an armed man and Mauro. Don Loco left the ambulance and got into the car.

After they drove away, he said, "At last, I am free again." Mauro said, "I have an escape route that won't fail us." Don Loco said he wanted to go to Veracruz. Mauro didn't seem happy about it but said he would take Don Loco there.

In Vargas's office: Dr. Loca cried and told Vargas she tried to resist Don Loco's crazy charms but just couldn't help herself. Vargas said he would have to tell his superiors about it because her diagnosis of Alvaro wasn't credible. Dr. Loca insisted that Don Loco really was sick and needed help.

The phone rang. Vargas answered, listened, and then told Dr. Loca that her beloved Loco had escaped.

At Coral's Boutique: Soledad and Coral told Elias about the robbery. They all agreed that Alvaro was probably behind it. Claudia thought, "They are blaming a man who didn't do anything, but if I tell them I'll be fired, and I need this job."

General Ochoa's office: The general told Rodrigo he was being deployed to help Emilio in the flooded zones.

In Sierra Escondida: Orlando told Vera he was sure Luba and Gaspar hadn't left the mountain, and he would turn over every rock until he found them.

Elsewhere: Mauro gave Alvaro a gun and they got into a different car. Alvaro said again that he had business in Veracruz. Hmm, I wonder if he has business in Veracruz?

Back in Vargas's office: Dr. Loca said Alvaro must be very upset, and in that state he would be dangerous. She told Vargas to warn Soledad because she would be his "primer blanco" (I'm not sure what that means --"first goal"?) Dr. Vargas picked up the phone.

At the boutique: Claudia said to Soledad and company, "I have something to tell you." Assuming that she was going to quit her job because of the robbery, Soledad and Coral begged her to stay.

Claudia worried to herself that they would think she was Rosendo's accomplice if she told them the truth. She solved the dilemma by fainting. They picked her up and started to carry her to a taxi. Of course, the phone rang (Vargas's call) after they left.

Vargas told Dr. Loca that Soledad wasn't answering. Dr. Loca said Don Loco was obsessed with his wife and would probably go after her first.

At Raquel's ranch: Luba and Gaspar helped Raquel do something involving moving around bales of hay. Raquel later said something about feeding the lambs, so I guess lambs eat hay? You can tell I'm not a rancher, can't you.

While they worked, Luba chatted with Raquel, asking about her pregnancy and telling her, "You're a real little doll" (muñequita). I was surprised to hear Luba use that word -- you would think she'd be so sick of it by now.

Gaspar mentioned his "little cub" and told Raquel that his muñequita had turned out to be a bad woman.

Luba then pointed out to Raquel that Gaspar was "a strong boy," and handsome too. (Is she trying to fix him up with Raquel??? Wow, Luba, you are nothing if not ambitious.)

Meanwhile, Raquel's enemies Bernal and Fidencio were secretly watching them work and muttering about Raquel giving Luba and Gaspar breakfast. (Not sure but I think they are plotting to poison Luba and Gaspar's food?)

Thelma went to see Mauricio (Emilio's divorce lawyer) and said she knew he was Rodrigo's friend, that Rodrigo loved Alina and Emilio was determined to win Alina back, so Mauricio should help Thelma prevent that.

In Emilio's tent during a rainstorm: Frank told the frustrated Emilio not to blame himself because the river was flooding again. Karla arrived and Frank left. Emilio told Karla, "It's not easy to resist your provocations." Karla said, "Kiss me, kiss me." Frank ran in and told Emilio something, and they left with Karla.

Meanwhile: Rodrigo told Alina he was being sent on a dangerous mission to help Emilio. Alina told him she was going to a rural community that weekend as a volunteer.

At a doctor's office: Soledad told Claudia that the doctor had said she (Claudia) was just nervous. Angel arrived and Claudia said she felt better now. Angel agreed to take Claudia home, so the others left. Claudia told Angel, "I have something to confess. Rosendo was the one who robbed the boutique."

Elsewhere: Emilio and his soldiers rescued people from the flood. Too bad we didn't have them here in the U.S. during Hurricane Katrina. I'm just saying.

Later, Karla told Emilio that one of the flood victims was sick with something highly contagious. (I didn't catch what the disease was, but something tells me Alina will show up in time to catch this illness, whatever it is. Or maybe Emilio will catch it and Alina will nurse him to health -- yes, that's it.)

Vargas went to Coral's house and told Alina that Alvaro had escaped.

Dr. Loca did some research about pathological jealousy. (Good idea, Dr. Loca!) She told herself, "There is no doubt. Alvaro will be looking for Soledad" (or words to that effect). Just then Don Loco himself burst into the house and said that fortunately his lawyer had been able to give him her address, so he was there for a visit. (Dr. Loca is such a lucky girl!)

Words from this episode:
pobladores = residents
insalubres = unhealthy
delicadeza = gentleness
redes = networks
piedra = stone
poblacion = population
borregos = lambs


Zorro, Wed. June 28 - The Amazons have a solution for world peace

Diego tries to chat up the Amazons who have their bows trained on him and Bernardo. They aren't impressed. One of the Amazons shoots an arrow that Diego catches in mid-air. Pretty cool. Finally, Diego tells Bernardo to run at the count of three. They run but Bernardo is hit by an arrow.

SM confirms to Mangle that Diego is an excellent swordsman. He studied with Diego in military school in Spain. Mangle is eager to be off with this juicy bit of news and tells SM that it was nice seeing him but she has to go. He tells her that he came all the way from Spain to see her and she responds that he has seen her and maybe they'll run into each other again. She runs off. SM says that if Mangle won't help her, he'll go to her husband. When she is alone, Mangle says to herself, “Diego, a great swordsman? That's crazy. No, that idiot Diego couldn't be – Zorro.”

Diego is helping the wounded Bernardo to escape from the Amazons. He appears to use something like a sled to get down the hill.

Mangle goes to see Montero but the guards tell her that he is busy interrogating a suspect and they have instructions not to let anyone pass.

Montero is questioning Laisha about the whereabouts of the gypsies and SK. She refuses to give him information and he ties her up apparently with rape in mind.

Diego and Bernardo are not losing the Amazons. Diego realizes that they are following his scent. He smears mud all over himself and Bernardo and the hunters pass them by. Diego leaves Bernardo to get wood to start a fire so he can heal Bernardo's wound.

The Spanish-speaking Amazon, whose name appears to be Danya, tells Esme that the Amazons are the descendants of the first whites to come to this area and of the indians. For some reason, this makes them nomads. Danya says that the Amazons have the blood of three races in their veins: whites, blacks and indians. That's why the Amazons are everwhere. Esme asks why men are not allowed where the Amazons are camping. Danya tells her that the Amazons don't want men because they only bring suffering and war. [It takes a little away from their philosophy of peace that the Amazons kill even innocent men who wander into their territory.] The Amazons are apparently willing to trade peace for not having love. Danya wants Esme to stay with the Amazons. She tells Danya that she has to see Diego and find out if he loves her and make the people who killed her mother and son pay. Danya warns that vengeance isn't good but Esme doesn't care.

PT is chatting with the Queen about SK and Esme. PT tells the Queen that Diego was in love with Esme and about his pretended identification of Esme's body and that SK's body was never found. The Queen asks if Esme and SK could still be alive. “Anything is possible,” says PT. The Queen then asks if she can trust Diego to discuss this with him. PT assures her that Diego is very trustworthy. The Queen then says that she will put and end to all the conspiracies that have been going on behind her back and discover the fate of SK and Esme. If SK and Esme are still alive, she will repay them for all the harm that has been done to them.

At the gypsy camp, SK tells Honas, Azucena, Hermes, Renzo and NAC that when she gets to see the Queen, she will ask for justice to be done to FS, Montero and their henchman. She will also ask that the gypsies be treated with dignity and respect. She tells them that it will be difficult and dangerous to get into the masquerade ball. Renzo says that the gypsies will give their lives to make it happen. Hermes reports on the project to sew fancy dress for those who will attend the ball. SK says that all they need are the invitations. Azucena says that they have a plan for that too.

Montero tries to get Laisha to tell him where the gypsies are hiding but she refuses. Montero thinks that maybe SK is alive and with the gypsies. He chokes Laisha and she says that SK is alive and she will talk.

Diego tells Bernardo that he is going to cauterize the wound. Some nasty arrow removal and stuff ensues. It doesn't help the drama that Diego and Bernardo are still covered with mud.

Back at the Amazon camp, Esme is aware that something is going on. Danya tells her that two men have been sighted near their camp but they are going to take care of them. All of a sudden, Esme is having weird feelings but she shrugs it off and goes off to practice waving her sword around while "swooshing" sounds are added to the soundtrack.

Diego has made a travois to get Bernardo to town so that Agapito can heal him. [Since the Amazons are supposed to be near San Diego, he will have to drag that thing quite a ways.]

MP is being served breakfast by Dolores when who should come in but Almudena, dressed and hungry for breakfast. She says that she is feeling better and doesn't want to stay in bed anymore. MP and Dolores are happy. MP says that Agapito's treatment for the arsenic poisoning must be working. Almudena agrees but says there is more. She has finally gotten over her death wish from the loss of Esme. [Maybe Agapito put some Prozac in her medicine.] Now she wants to live for her husband.

At the indian camp, Al tells Yumi that the elders of the tribe have agreed to waive their customs and let her stay. Yumi asks Al if he believes in her and hopes that he won't be ashamed when he thinks of her. Al says that he does believe in her and all that happened was his fault because he tried to relive a ghost from his past. Yumi doesn't want to hear that Al is only going to remember her as the image of his dead wife and she asks him to leave. He starts to leave but she runs after him and they embrace.

Laisha tells Montero that SK is going to try and see the Queen. Montero is impactado.

NAC is going to be the one in charge of getting the invitations to the ball.

Diego makes it to LA in record time and carries Bernardo into Agapito's office.

Al returns from the Indian camp. He rehashes with MP that he believes Yumi is innocent of trying to poison Almudena. Almudena comes in and Al asks MP to leave them alone.

Agapito tells Diego that the arrow that struck Bernardo didn't hit any vital organs. Diego stopped the bleeding but Bernardo is burning with fever and has an infection. While he treating Bernardo, Agapito tells Diego that there was arsenic or something similar in the bottle that Diego gave him and he is sure that is what poisoned Almudena.

In her room, Mangle produces yet another little bottle of poison. She tells herself that if she gives the whole thing to Almudena, she will die quickly. Unfortunately, Yumi is gone so there isn't anyone to blame. Montero will kill Diego and that will only leave Al between Mangle and the de la Vega fortune. Mangle wonders impatiently where Montero is. She wants to tell him her news.

Diego comes out of Agapito's office and runs into SM. In their small talk, SM says that he is sure that Diego is well known locally for his swordmanship. Diego says that he doesn't do much swordplay anymore. He helps his father with his hacienda. Diego ask SM what he is doing in LA. SM says that he has come to America to find opportunity and he hopes that his old friends won't forget him.

Pizarro is about to get it on with Catalina when a soldier says that Montero wants to see him right away. Montero tells Pizarro that he has found out SK is alive and with the gypsies. Pizarro says that is impossible. Montero makes Laisha confirm the information to Pizarro. Montero then orders Pizarro to take Laisha to prison. He will finish with her later. Pizarro's face is expressionless but we know that he is muy impactado.

Agapito tells Bernardo that he should recover because the arrows have been removed. Agapito says he has never seen arrows like those before [now he's an anthropologist]. Suddenly some soldiers come in, hit Agapito and tell him that Pizarro has ordered them to bring Agapito to him. Looks like Pizarro figured out that Agapito tricked him about SK's death. Bernardo is asleep or pretends to be asleep and the soldiers leave him alone.

Olmos and Mangle are petting. She says that she wants to satisfy him completely but she can't right now. She has to take Agapito's medicine. Mangle asks Olmos to help her by giving Almudena the poison in whatever medicine she is taking. He agrees.

Al and Almudena discuss Yumi. Almudena says that now she understands the law of her tribe but she doesn't understand why Yumi would try and kill her. Al says that he does not believe that Yumi tried to kill Almudena. Almudena suggests that they put this subject in the past. Al asks Almudena for forgiveness for what he did with Yumi and Almudena forgives him. They vow their great mutual love for one another and then we see Olmos putting the poison in Almudena's medicine.

DJ sends for Montero and tells him that now the masquerade ball will be by invitation only. Montero agrees that this will be better for the Queen's safety. DJ is not so sure. Zorro has been able to get access to the Queen in spite of her being guarded. DJ warns Montero that if Zorro or any other enemy of the Queen gets close to her, Montero will pay.

Prudencio approaches FS who is kneeling at Aaron's grave [Aaron appears to be buried in the woods and not in consecrated ground]. They want FS to return to LA and be the Governor. Without showing his face, FS says that he's not the Governor any more and he has no posessions. He will spend the rest of his life forgiving and seeking forgiveness.

NAC and Renzo, dressed as Spaniards, enter LA. Renzo as these cute little glasses. NAC will contact PT to try and get tickets for the ball. Renzo is concerned that someone will recognize them. NAC says no one would recognize her in this dress. No sooner does she say that than MP recognizes her.

Esme and the Amazons have some kind of sword ceremony.

SM tells Diego that he met his wife and they were friends years ago. Diego asks nervously if he mentioned Diego's activities in Mexico to Mangle. “Nothing much,” says SM, “only that her husband was the best swordsman in Spain.”

Mangle finally gets to see Montero and tells him that she has discovered that her husband is his worst enemy – Zorro.

The credits roll.


6/27 Juan Q - An expensive dinner, some extra turns, and a proposition and El Nino strikes again

Juan thanks his El Santo Niño de Atocha again for giving him happiness when he sees Paula. They meet and give a brothers handshake.

He admires her beautiful eyes, how each look of hers goes straight through my soul and I’m there naked with my feelings and so on…..

She asks if he’s ok and she tells him to call her Paula not licenciada, she doesn’t need a title any more than that.

He thinks she’s democratic, nice, and that he’s known her all his life, or in a former life as if he were her prince and she the queen of his heart.

He asks where he can take her. She says she has to go home to get her Mom. This impresses him too. When they get to the car she decided she’d rather ride in front as she feels weird in back. JD worries that Pastor will get mad but she doesn’t care to let him tell her how to behave. A glance at her legs as she gets in, earns us yet another soliloquy, only more lusty this time, he thanks God and says it makes him want to get an altar and pray every night!

She tells him to take her to Coyoacan, he smiles, but he has no clue where that is.

Pastor is trying to give some business suggestion to CL. CL says I give the orders and offers a drink of whiskey and asks him if he can be discreet. CL then asks him what to do if he has done something wrong to a woman. G says you are the expert though, what could I posibly tell you. CL says that’s why he needs the opinion of someone who isn’t(an expert in women ;0). GAYtan is offended and doesn’t want that kind of comment made because of insinuations about his sexuality. Cl says look, there is no one here who doubts your sexual persuasion. He says everyone here knows which way you swing your bat.

GAYtan thought it was a secret. CL says it’s not a secret but no one cares what he does in private. G eventually figures out CL is talking about Paula. He says what works for some doesn’t work for others so it’s better if I know who. CL says yes, it’s her. G continues that she needs to be coaxed.

Paula picks up her Mom and they discuss that she has a chauffer, and she still thinks maybe that’s another attempt for CL to try to get something “special” but Paula just wants her to be proud. She says she’d be proud either way.

JD congratulates himself for the good impression that he made, and that she told him how to get where he needed to go. He’s dancing and she peeks out the window to see this.

G continues to CL, you have to be in touch with your feminine side. You have to think with the rightside of your brain. GAYtan asks him if she knows that you are married. CL says of course not. He says well you need to fight fire with fire and that’s an error. You need to make her think that you are a devoted and loyal husband and honest. Make her think you would die for your spouse. GAYtan assures him a woman pays attention to someone she thinks is the perfect man, but belongs to someone else. He says you have to beg her pardon for what you did wrong. You will inspire the maternal side in her and the impulse to save you. CL promises G will earn a bonus if this works out.

We see CL’s wife returning home.

Juan is driving Mom and daughter saying they look more like sisters. They ask him for a recommendation of a restaurant. He doesn’t know one so they decide to go to a particular restaurant. Again Juan lets them think he knows where he’s going and they tell him to go to the right, but he goes left and assures them it’s because it’s a better way. He prays to figure this all out.

CL’s amante is talking with GAYtan who tells her that soon she may be without work because Paula is a new piece of candy for CL and taking over her territory. She gets mad and goes to confront him. He seems indignant. He tells her that no one tells him what to do. (Yeah, since when do amante's have any pull in these stories). She threatens to tell his wife about all the things he does when she’s gone. He doesn’t think she will. He reminds her that he has an open marriage anyway. She says it’s one thing to say it, but another to practice. He says he only has to tell his wife. He tells her it’s her word against his anyway and he can convince his wife it’s not a big deal. He warns her if she does this again, he’s done with her.

His wife calls. He asks how Madrid is. She says ok. Some kissy talk. He asks when they will see each other again. She says maybe a couple of months after she goes to New York and Buenos Aires. CL asks Yvon if she wants to speak to Monica. Yvon just smirks. CL comes back on and tells his wife how much he misses her. She hangs up and then her servant asks why she didn’t tell him she was in Mexico. She intends to surprise him. (Can't wait to see this...)

Mama hassles Yadhira about looking at herself in the mirror. Yadi teases her back. She finds out that Alirio called and wonders what Yadi told him. Yadi says the truth, about her being with Juan. Mama gets mad and tells her she shouldn’t have said that because she needs to keep Alirio in the palm of her hands, so have more respect for her Mom. Yadi doesn’t like how she uses Juan though.

Juan drives the ladies to someplace nice but nowhere near where they wanted to go. She finally bust him and asks if he really knows the city. He admits he doesn’t and just came here, and promises that he only faked because he needs the job but if she wants he’ll resign now. She says no, she values the honesty and that’s great. She invites him to eat with them.

CL asks the worker what he knows about Paula’s new chauffer. He wonders who hired him. Worker tells him GAYtan did and that he thinks he’s a bit macho, but that is a farce and he’s really a “buddy” of GAYtan’s. CL of course likes to hear this because then Juan is no competition with him for Paula.

At the restaurant Juan shows us the finer art of a campesino eating in the big city fine restaurant. He is not quite familiar with the napkin placing and “swilling’ space left in a wine glass. Paula amusingly enjoys his antics. At the end he takes the check but can’t believe the cost. Paula insists on paying, but he won’t let her. He’s sorry afterward, but happy at being with them.

Mama bugs Marely in her room. They discuss what she’s doing with Juan. Marely tells her she knows exactly what’s happening between them. Mama says they are doing nothing. She doesn’t believe her and accuses her whole life of being a lie and that if she had been more honest maybe Papa wouldn’t be dead. She agrees but it’s too late for her to regret things.

CL wants some papers from Pastor, who is trying to explain something about the business.

Mama tells her she has the right to resume her life, everyone handles pain differently. She says you can do that, but with Juan? You barely know him. She says no one should tell her what to do. M-You should choose your partner more wisely. Mama says you don’t choose love, you live it, even though she might be wrong. MArely thinks she shouldn’t repeat her errors from the first unhappy marriage. Mama says since the time of Eve women have repeated these mistakes. She agrees her way of thinking is different than her Mama’s. She thinks it’s a shame that her daughter doesn’t believe her and thinks the worst of her mother. (I got the sense that there is at least a little love here)

Yadhira comes in and asks what is wrong with her. She says she has a headache and she runs upstairs.

CL has summoned Paula to tell her that since she discovered errors in Gomez’s work, that he’d like her to revise them. He’s very sorry but it’s a lot of papers, and she’s the only one he trusts, but he doesn’t want them out of her office because they are highly confidential. She says then she’ll stay here all night until she gets them done and don’t worry because he’ll have them on his desk in the morning. He watches her a** as she sashays out.

Perfan shows up at the house and tries to convince Yadi that he needs to see her Mom for something important. She is suspicious but finally tells him that her mom isn't feeling well, but she’ll see if mama will come.

Ivon goes in to the office of Paula and throws another stack of documents on her desk. She thinks that she is staying in the office late as a trick to be with CL all night. Paula is not interested in office gossip. They cat hiss at each other a little bit. Before she leaves she tells Paula that CL is a happily married man. Paula makes a slightly surprised face but recovers, though not fast enough for Yvon not to get the hint that she didn’t know. P tells her, though, that of course she knew. There are no secrets.

Monica returns from lunch and notes that her hubby hasn’t returned, so she decides to gussy up for him.

Nidia is talking with Perfan. He tells her he’s heard some things about her involvement with Juan. She denies it. He tells her to be careful with him. She defends him. I’m only doing this to protect you Nidia. Nidia assures him she doesn’t have an interest in him. She reminds Alirio that he has taken charge of taking care of them. He tells her that JD is a vulgar spy.

JD is bonding with that other guy. (Name anyone? I forget) He describes how wonderful his boss is, she’s a jewel. The other guy says she’ll eventually be mean like the rest of the executives. Juan insists that no, she is different. Pastor then comes out and tells Juan he wanted to take him shopping today to get his new shoes. JD tells him that he has to wait for Paula, so can't go. Pastor says that he also has VIP passes to the cine so they could have drinks. JD apologizes but he has to wait for his boss. Pastor says he’s going to try to find someone to take Juan's place with Paula because he is going shopping and to the cine with him. The other guy laughs and says oh well to each his own, obviously confirming to himself that Juan swings GAYtan's way.

Nidia starts laughing that Juan is no spy, but Alirio assures her that he’s dangerous to her. He thinks it’s too much of a coincidence that he shows up exactly the day her husband takes his own life. He finally tells her he saw JD in a restaurant with Ana and Paula.

Back at the office, JD gives another soliloquy that they are both together alone and that he thinks he wants to take her in his arms and confess his love to her and that it’s now or never and we see him walking up to her and Cualquier…. appears.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Acorralada #115 Tuesday 6/27/07 Diana's a nurse again

Opening scene is where Paola learns that Max is in an asylum and wants to go see him, and tells Octavia that all of her children are having problems because of her. Needless to say, this doesn't sit well with Queen Octavia.

Next, at Gaby & Kike's ill-fated reception, Santana agrees to take Pancho's case.

Meanwhile, when Fedora comes looking for Gaby, she finds Diana in her bedroom all dressed for her job interview at the asylum. She forbids Diana from going, but Diana is going to stand by her man!

And the real treat of the episode, we get to see a repeat of Monday's closing scene, where Larry runs towards Gaby. YUM!

Diana goes to the asylum, and aces the interview with all of her impressive references. She tells the doc that she's there because she has a history with a patient who was just admitted - they have a child together. The doc doesn't think this is strange at all, but does seem concerned because he doesn't expect Max to recover.

Back to the good stuff: Gaby tells Larry that she married Kike, she couldn't get out of it. But then her heart told her that she needed to be with Larry, and so there she is. She's worried because she knows that her mom will be upset with her, but Larry assures her that it will all work out - at least they're together. And what beautiful babies they'll make!

Fedora and Kike have realized that Gaby is gone and they're trying to save face with the guests. Fedora tells Lala to dismiss everyone quietly and not to let them know that anything's amiss. Kike's throwing back the champagne as Fedora gulps whiskey.

Gaby and Larry are running and splashing in the ocean, and end up rollign around and kissing on the beach. Finally she gets a little action!

At the manicomio, Diana asks the doc if she can see Max, and is told that she should get into her uniform first.

Back at the mansion, Fedora is freaking out over Gaby's "escape" and is drinking herself into a stupor.

Diana gets into her retro nurse outfit, complete with the silly hat, and enters Max's room. He doesn't recognize her -- have the writer confused insanity with amnesia?

A quick glimpse of Gaby & Larry making out flashes on the screen. No dialog, but then I like Larry better when he's quiet. :)

Back to Max/Diana, where he says that she can't be Diana, because Diana didn't come to visit him. She assures him that she will be there everyday to care for him....

At Ignacio's house of fun, Ignacio is thrilled that his evil plan is working out so well.

Marfil visits Diego at naco house, and tells him that she doesn't know why she's there, she just lost so many friends during the years she was in a coma. He tells her that he know why she's there - she's come in search of his kisses! And then he lays one on her. *This scene made me throw up a little*

Iggy returns to the manicomio to give Max another injection...

Fedora has stumbled into Diana's room - she's drunk and furious!

Iggy talks to Max and tells him how much he loves seeing him there surrounded by lunatics. He also says something silly about coming in the middle of the night because it makes him feel like spiderman. I may be messing this up a little, but I hate any scene that involved Ignacio!

Meanwhile, Diego and Marfil are really getting hot 'n heavy...

Iggy's taunting Max, and I'm beginning to wonder where Max's roommate is. Why doesn't he wake up while all of this is going on?

Fedora's still in Diana's room, talking about how bad her daughters are for falling for evil Irazabals. Diana tells her that she's quitting the fabrica to take a job at the manicomio taking care of Max. Fedora slaps her across the face! Commercial break.

Back from commercial, Fedora's really losing it. She's throwing stuff and screaming like a fiera.

Kike apparently has already been set up with a bedroom at the mansion (or is that Gaby's room). Doesn't matter - he's alone and he's telling himself about how Gaby will pay for humiliating him this way!

Miguelina comes to Diana's room and learns that Fedora slapped her. She's very calm about this as she tells Diana that she should try to understand where Fedora is coming from, and besides, she's had a lot to drink. Diana says that Fedora is an alcoholic and needs help. Miguelina acts like this is an absurd idea.

Iggy is struggling to inject Max when my question is answered -- Pedro pops up from the other bed and screams for help!

Back to casa naco, where Lala has returned and calls out to Diego - who's in bed WITH MARFIL!

Pedro's cries for help cause Ignacio to leave the room without injecting Max. Does this mean that Max will come to his senses? I wonder what the half-life is of these mysterious injections...

Lala wants to know why Diego was in Pancho's bed. Good question! There's no telling what kind of creepy crawlies would be living in those sheets! Diego makes some excuse and says that he'll start sleeping in his own room tomorrow. Lala wants to go change the sheets in Pancho's room and straighten up a little, but Diego stops her. I'm sure that he's afraid that if she sees Marfil in there, she'll come running in with a big bucket o' water or something! He also mentions that he's going to start looking for students to teach piano again so that he can pay for Pancho's legal fees. Then he excuses himself and returns to the bedroom where he tries to tempt Marfil into staying until morning. EEEWWWW!

Pedro's cries bring the manicomio staff to the room, but they don't believe that anyone was there.

Iggy returns home and tells Camila that he was unable to give Max the injection. Without the drug Max will feel confused and lost but will recover his sens of reason and be released from the asylum! Their plans will be foiled! Commercial break.

Diana reports for her first day at the asylum and Samanta is asked to show her around...

Gaby and Larry are a couple of crazy kids in love, except that he's a little worried about what her mom and Kike are going to say. Larry tells her not to think about anyone or anything. Hey - he wouldn't have to ask me twice! More smooches.

At the mental hospital, Diana is surprised to see the patients who are outside pretending to drive imaginary cars, making noises like a cat, and laying on the ground with their feet up in the air. (My boyfriend was watching this scene with me and couldn't believe how non-PC it was!) I hardly took notice of the conversation between Samanta and Diana, although Diana mentioned something about how important it is to give these people love.

Pedro returns to his and Max's room cupping his hands like he's holding something - when Max asks him what it is he opens his hand and is upset to see that he's lost his bird! Max tells him that there was never anything in his hands. We bring the episode to a close with Max asking himself why he feels so lost and confused???? Credits roll.


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