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Amores Verdaderos #78 Thu 2/28/13 Big bodyguards with big broken hearts and tied hands... sigh...

Have to do a quick one, have a commitment for early tomorrow until mid afternoon... so here we go...

refrito ... the UGLY BAD CHOICE reconciliation of Vicky and Nil-so-boneless-Jerk..
Angel swallows pride and holds his dinner in watching the scene... Nil-SBJ acts nasty to Angel with Hugs
Vicky thinks she is in control... Nil-SBJ thinks otherwise...

Lo Nuevo:

Catwoman KenDrat very angry at Dances since he won't answer phone calls... She drinks her frustrations off.  She nags talking to herself a lot, even refers to Vicky as old-hag-cellulite-prone wife of Nil-SBJ's

Nil-SBJ says to himself KenDrat will stay lonely and dry tonight, there are priorities. But he thinks she is the best lover... because she 'understands'.

Niki and Viki have a close chat... Niki needs Viki... Viky gives her the good news Nil-SBJ's stuff is going back to THEIR bedroom... Niki relieved.

Leo and his drinking buddy... Leo has a plan for getting Bea to be back. And his buddy is included in plan.

Dances and Nil-SBJ... Nil-SBJ thinks he is in control. Dances fakes ignorance. Nil-SBJ is visibly getting wasted. and sends dances away to go out with his car...   'tonight is for..... celebrating'

Viki tells Tomasina about the 'fake reconciliation'.  Viki mad at Nil-SBJ for bragging to ANgel about the 'recon'.   Tomas asks Viki if worried about ANgel mad about the 'recon'. Viki says (but we know otherwise) that what she is worried about is he will think she is one to give in easily.

Niki's old boyfriend arrives... (Roy)... typical young Nil-SBJ if you ask me.  Hypocrisy at its best.
He is gladly surprised at Niki's beauty. 

Niki and Roy go outside... He asks TOmasina for champagne and smoked salmon even though Niki's idea was just some cold drinks.

Gorilita is totally oblivious to this, taking a shower and remembering Niki's loving words and kisses... 'Niki loves me!!... tonight i will invite her out to formally declare my love to her'..

Outside, Roy is showering niki with flattery... (i think she is thin and flat enough, don't you? the last thing someone with low self-esteem needs is all this trashy talk)  But Niki shows some backbone throwing at Roy's face how he dropped her like a used sock way back when.  He says that was then, this is now... (kisses her, she makes believe it is Gorilita for a moment, but pulls back before they actually kiss)

Estefano is ordering a newspaper notice about his lost puppy (awwwwwwwwwwwww... Balsac? LOL)

Jean Marie and Polita busy cooking... Gorilita comes in, handsomer and smiling wider than normal, they notice.  They ask for the reason, he says you will soon find out.

Tomasina sends Angel with Hugs to Anibal's room. She tells Gorilita that Niki is out in garden.

Dances and Bea/Guillo arrive at his godmother's house. Her name is Imperia. and she is good at puppet-ing. She makes Guillo laugh and talk to the teddy bear... cute scene. Imperia very nice to Bea and Guillo.

Anibal, in his usual business-like emotion-less tone, thanks Angel for his support for Vicky, but if you still have a job, it is thanks to me (ya salio el peine!)... remember i defended you when Nil-son tried to get rid of you. So now i will ask you for a favor... very small. I want you to spy for me with Vicky and Adriana's meetings. Angel calls it by face value and says 'you want me to spy on them.... and if my job depends on that, i would rather leave.'.
Nil-SDF, totally wasted, makes it in Viky's bedroom. He tries to get her to drink with him. When she refuses, he keeps acting silly, then tries to force himself on her.

Anibal insists, trying to dress it up differently, making it sound like he is looking after Vicky's 'health'.  When Angel leaves, Anibal says 'that guy is stronger/harder than i thought'
Out in hallway, Angel wonders what kind of jerk Anibal is... then he hears what is going on in bedroom... and is tortured in his feelings between tearing down the door and defending Vicky and not doing anything.

Niki and Roy... Niki still in disbelief Roy wants to start over where they had left it.  He approaches for a kiss, Viki is about to kiss him, and sees Gorilita watching them, so she actually puts the words in Roy's mouth saying 'are you proposing?'... Roy answers 'that is it!.'. THey kiss, she makes it obvious to hurt Gorilita.

Nil-SDF keeps trying to force himself on Viki... ANgel biting his lips (if he has any left) outside the door but resists the urge to run in. Viki shouts demanding respect. Nil-SDF demands his marital rights (is he going to 'RESPOND' this time?  now that he is wasted... i think ... NOT!).

Back in backyard... Gorilita walks up to them... Niki keeps faking being happy about a proposal. She tells Roy he is her bodyguard. SHe tells Gorilita you can go now, now i have someone to protect me. Gorilita leaves in a miff.  Niki tells Roy she detests Gorilita.  Roy acts again like a young Nil-Son, bratty rich boy.
Once Gorilita is gone, Niki is back to being honest and says she is not interested in getting back with him. But he insists and she makes a small smile smirk.

Inside Viki's room, she keeps demanding he act like a true man and leave.   As he insists in forcing himself on her, Angel knocks on the door... Nil-SDF and Viki freeze even stop breathing for a sec.  Viki tells Angel she is fine. HE says i will be closeby if you need anything. She thanks him.... This has given Nil-SDF time to reflect so he appologizes.   She just cryes quietly... he leaves.

At Imperia's Guillo is having a good time. She can even teach him to build puppets. He gets excited.  Guillo is excited to have Dances and Imperia go watch him play futbol early next morning. Bea already asked permission to come in to work a bit late.  Nice scene, these folks could easily build a very nice family.
(LOL IMperia tells Bea she has always told Dances to have at least 4 kids so she can be their nanny).
Dances very thankful to Imperia. Bea very thankful to Dances. Dances very happy 'to be with the woman i adore'.

Gorilita is miffed, packing in his room, but Tomasina runs a beat up Felipe to Gorilita's room. Gorilita's jaw drops to floor... Felipe is really beat up. .. .later, as Gorilita is doing first aid, asks who did it... who else? el Turco!... Felipe says it was an impulse he could not control, thought luck was with him that night....  Felipe tells Gorilita that he played thinking he was doing something good for Bea and Guillo. Gorilita gets madder, how can you do anything for them if you can't handle yourself? ...before you recite me the same old story,  how much was it this time?  ...  a bit more... $200K pesos.  Gorilita is irate now. Felipe says this is just a sign of what they will do to me if i don't pay them tomorrow.  ... I deserve for them to kill me... (YOU SAID IT MAN!! SO GO TAKE YOURSELF AND ALL YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THEIR MISERY!!)
Later he says maybe if i give Turco the deed of the apartment... Gorilita does not agree at all.

Back outside Viki's room... Angel does not hear anything else, thinks maybe Nil-Son has given up.  Anibal asks him why he is there. And asks him if he thought about his request. Angel says Viki is old enough to decide what hurts her or not.  Viki comes out of her room. She thanks Angel for his help.  Anibal asks her if something happened, Viki says as usual, Angel was nearby when she needed him. And gives the good news to Anibal that they 'reconciled'.  (liar liar...) Viki leaves, wants Angel to go with her.

Angel tells Viki about Anibal talking to him and when he came out, he heard what was going on in her room. He wanted to come in but resisted... the important thing is that you are alright. he might be your husband but he does not have the right to...    Viki tells him that Nil-Son and her took Niki to the doctor today. She is suffering an eating disorder. Angel agrees with her that the most important thing is our children's health. Viki clears to ANgel that the 'recon' with NilSon is fake, there won't ever be anything between them ever again.
Angel says it must be hard for her to fake what is not true. Viki says we have agreed that you would do anything for your kids.   Angel mentions that Nil-Son 'bragged' to his face that she and him... that she and him...    anyway you are a great mother... look at all you do for your daughter.  Viki not so sure. She is just a mother... so many women continue a fake marriage for the sake of the children's happiness... ANgel understands her perfectly. Our children give meaning to our lives.

In living room now, Roy keeps bragging about his 'grand slam' achievements.  Then he comes up with the crap that he should have quit earlier, because he had to come back to recover her...
Viki comes out and is happy to see them together and happy... Asks Niki for Gorilita.  Niki says Gorilita went to bed, was not feeling well.  Roy is happy Viky hired a bodyguard for 'his future wife'... Viki surprised, Niki visibly uncomfortable but smirks a smile to Viki.

ANgel reads Viki's writings 'she felt like that man made her shiver... too bad the man was her bodyguard...' (and realizes that writing is about him).


Amor Bravío #135 (Uni 130) Wed 2/27/13 “Clashes and Contagions – And Did They or Didn’t They?”

Part One:

Courtyard of La MQ:  Dante is guy-lecturing Dan about neglecting his family responsibilities.  Hangdog face Dan listens and soberly agrees. Rodolfo breaks up the man-lecture to ask if Dan is going to join the gang inside the house.  Dan tells Rodolfo to explain to everyone he has to excuse himself  from the powwow this time because his baby is sick at home and that is where he needs to be.

Center for Disease Control at La MQ:   All hands are on deck in El Rancho living room this evening.  Rodolfo comes in to report to Camila that Dan had to go home to be with his sick baby.  Everyone else is gathered together discussing a plan for the growing and now out of control epidemic.  Camila gets the results of the blood analysis – it is an outbreak (brote) of the Cabrex virus!  This virulent virus can wipe out the ranch in a very short time she reports.  Camila says there is no time to lose. Dio offers his services to his secret fantasy girl, um, to Camila to go pick up any vaccines that they locate.  Camila considers that they should ask the pharmacies but Mariano reminds her that the pharmacies are now closed for the day.  Pablo, being more generation X (or whatever his generation is labelled right now) suggests he will look on the internet.  Camila instructs everyone to be super-careful because the virus is muy, pero muy contagious.  Agustina clutches her pearls in fear but Camila allays her worries by informing her that the virus is only contagious through direct contact with the animals, so Agustina has nothing to worry about (except for the dog she is married to). Mariano says the herd will still need to be quarantined for around 45 more days.  Camila understands this, but is still set on saving the ranch.

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Amores Verdaderos #77 Wed 2/27/13 Who Let the Dog Out?

Tonight, we hear from another troubled character:

Dear NovelaMaven:

It ain't easy being mean.  It's been a long road and I've had to kiss a lot of frogs along the way.  So no one -- not your precious Guzmancito, not your darling Dances with Dippity-Do, not your Soon-to-be-Fallen Angel, and not your hoity-toity Miss Vikki -- is going to stand between me and the Balvanera billions.   Nevertheless, I am concerned by my extremely low Q score.  It appears I am not well-liked by the estúpidos who watch the show.  So don't just sit there using up oxygen, Maven.  Do something.   Persuade the cretins who call themselves writers to show me in a more sympathetic light.  I'm sure that after a little tweaking of the dialogue, those imbéciles will set up a table for me.  I am so VERY tired of getting dissed on the Patio every night.  


Dear Miss Ferretti:

I regret to inform you that it would take more than some editorial tweaking to make you likeable.  You are what we call a harpy.  A hag.  A harlot.  Or in terms you might understand -- a ho.  Let me give you a little advice -- The prize pig in the Balvanera sty is the old guy.  Forget the awful Eff-ful Nelson.  Aníbal has all the money.  It's HIS company.  It's HIS mansion.  HIS wife is dead.  And after twenty years with PaulaToo, he is primed to appreciate your very special ASSETS.  Best of all, you might even outlive him (if one of the many people you have double-crossed doesn't get to you first.)  Marry him!  Spend your honeymoon on some remote island, just the three of you -- Aníbal, your personal assistant, Cristine, and you.  And don't forget to take along a little light reading:  How about "No Exit"?


P.S.  No table for you, Kendrita!  ¿Captas?  Or do I have to explain it with apples?

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Por ella soy Eva #155 2/27/13: The Episode With a Cast of Characters- The Wicked Witch, The Three Stooges, The Woman of the Year, A Liberated Woman and Let's Not Forget That The Teflon Modesto Got His Walking Papers

We start out with Rebeca telling Pluti that they are going to get married, no joking is involved.  Pluti says that he will never marry her and Rebeca lets him know that she knows him as Alberto, Leoncio, Henry and Juan Carlos, may he rest in peace.  He knows where she found the paperwork and Rebeca thanks Antonia for helping her and says that she will light a candle for her but calls her a manatee. (Its good to know that her anvil will be here before we know it.) Pluti is none too thrilled and is ready to choke the life out of her.  If her touches a hair on her head, the fake ids will go to Adriano and to the authorities.  She understands now that he needed the fake names to open up bank accounts (money laundering), which further involves him in the fraud, not Juan Carlos.  She also blames him for the accidental death of Mendoza.  She wants a diamond ring and wedding like William and Kate.  She is out of her mind!!

The thee million dollars went to an account in Mexico in Juan Carlos’ name and one of his boss, another in New York.  After Juan’s death the money kept moving and then disappeared. The genius Santi- realizes that someone used false identification to open up the bank accounts in Juan’s name. How brilliant!! He must have missed vitamins as a child!!!   Eva/Juan sees that the names are Alberto, Leoncio and Henry, all from Grupo Imperio. Dumb and Dumber are going to investigate. They are like the Three Stooges with Eva being Moe.  Eva/Juan says that this weekend she is to get married and the two dummies get carried away congratulating her/him on the wedding.  Juan is fanning in between his legs and Dumb and Dumber look on.  It’s hot!! The stockings are hot; I don’t know how they do it!!

The persistent client, Gustavo returns he wants to begin a relationship with her and he invites her to have a cup of coffee with him.  Is Silvia into him?? Hmmm!

Pluti and I have the same expression as Rebeca pontificates about her 10 years with him.  He tells her that their marriage wouldn’t last and she agrees, she will divorce him and take half.  She is gathering the paperwork for the wedding.

Helena is talking to Silvia about not accepting the coffee invite but she knows someone who is getting married to someone that she doesn’t even know.  Silvia wants to know why does she want o get married?? Is she pregnant??? They tell her about Eva’s pregnancy.

Dumb and Dumber don’t understand how Eva/Juan was able to fool everyone.  They wanted her/him to walk for them.  They were so entertained.  Juan/Eva told them that Mimi taught him how to walk, talk, dress, etc.  They wanted to know if Juan had sex with Mimi and Juan reminded them about respecting women.  He never thought that he could be a friend with a woman but he is just like Santi with Lucia.

Pluti makes a crack about Helena being hysterical, and Adriano is reviewing Antonia’s thesis.  Pluti starts talking abut how women have divided the company and Adriano doesn’t understand.  Pluti insinuates that Helena and Eva are trying to take the company from him.  Pluti lets Adriano know that Eva was with Mendoza on the night of his accident.  Let’s get rady for the jealous rage!!!

Helena acts Juan what’s up?? Juan explained that he had an ulcer and had to go to the hospital.  Helena is dying to see him and needs to embrace him and has lots to tell him.

Pluti is not sure but the description of the woman fits Eva.  He insinuates that Eva may not be pregnant, you know how women lie.  What a jerk!!!

Eva is fanning herself like Cleopatra and Adriano is having his usual jealous tantrum, where have you been?? With who? How do I know that you are pregnant?  I haven’t seen anything medically to verify your pregnancy??  Adriano begs her to find out where was she yesterday?? Was she with Mendoza???  Adriano insists that they go to the gynecologist while fondling the gold statue.  Eva’/Jan’s lips are quivering like a baby that is going to cry.

Pluti is on the phone talking to someone about Fitsa and that someone named Leonardo is not be available if anyone comes sniffing around. Pluti asks Renato if he remembers everything that he has done for him since day one and Renato remembers him being instrumental in his being Adriano’s assistant.  So if Adriano asks about Antonia’s thesis is he free to do what Pluti asks of him?

Adriano wants Eva to go to the gynecologist and Mimi says that Eva spent all of yesterday being examined and she has the proof.  She shows Adriano an analysis while Eva tells Adriano that she spent the night with her friend Eugenia.  Adriano has to trust her.  He swears to his sister that he will never mistrust her.

Lalito had a homework assignment- he had to write about a day when he was happy.  He wrote about a day that he and Juan cooked like chefs.
Helena read an email from Lalito’s dad, telling him that he is sorry that he hasn’t contacted him sooner misses him and loves him and with Helena’s permission he will see him soon.  They can communicate via email, behave and even though they are far away from each other he loves him.

Eva thanked Mimi for the “analysis”. A melancholy Mimi hugged Eva/Juan and told her about her day of examinations. How is Eva going to get out of this mess?? Poor Adriano.  Eva is certain that with Dumb and Dumber they will bring proof very soon.

At Grupo- a man (detective) asks for Eva.  Marsela says that she hasn’t arrived yet.  Marsela takes him to her office because he has some questions about Eva that he wants to ask.  Pluti tells Renato that the man must be investigating Eva about Mendoza’s death.  Renato doesn’t get it.  Renato is starting to put 2 +2 together. What does Eva have to do with Mendoza?  Santi invites Vero to go out.  She is surprised.  She says that romance is in the air- Eva and Adriano and guess who?? Lucia?  Santi is impactado!!!!

Santi confirms with Helena that Lucia is getting married next week.  Helena doesn’t want to interfere but Santi can.  She gives him a card with the address where he can find Lucia.

The investigator asks Helena if he can ask her some questions about Eva.

Eva arrives and there is a nasty exchange between Pluti and Eva about her miracle pregnancy. She wants to know about Fitsa and Playa Mayagua and the accidental death of Mendoza. Pluti knows that she was with Mendoza minutes before his death.  Pluti tells Eva that she should be worried, thinking that the young man is asking questions about her. Helena congratulates Eva.  The young man introduces himself.  She has been chosen as the Woman of the Year.

Silvia (looking younger and sexy) is goes to get coffee with Gustavo (The nice man who bought the tree and defended her to Mad Dad) She closes up shop and makes a phone call.  You go girl!!!!!!!!

Eva was elected unanimously!!!  Pluti looks as if he is going to have to have a root canal.  She was elected for rehiring the female employees and saving Jennifer.  Adriano interrupts the festivities.  Helena gives Adriano the good news.  Adriano is overflowing with emotion.  He mentions the upcoming nuptials.  Pluti looks ill.  Mad Dad is visiting Lalito and he is asking for Helena who is at work and grandma will be home late.  It doesn’t take much but Mad Dad starts with the insults- how irresponsible, leaving him with his babysitter, Lydia!!!  You are still a jerk- Mad Dad.

Adriano shares the baby news with reporter, who now can’t breathe from his bear hug.  Pluti has to rain on the parade and say that Eva is celebrating a prize but she is involved in a delicate matter at the company. (What an asshat!!)

Gustavo says that at his age there’s no time or games.  He would like to have a woman at his side, Silvia wants to know, what is he looking for in a woman?  He wants a woman waiting for him at home with dinner ready, rubbing his sore feet, drawing his bath, and laying out his pjs.  Uh oh, is she going to flip the table??

Lucia is trying on wedding gowns, she looks like a princess and Santi interrupts her. He is mesmerized by how beautiful she looks in the gown. He says that she looks like a princess too.  Santi feels that she is not ready, but this is what she has wanted all of her life.  She is not in love but when she is in love it doesn’t work out.  Santi tells her that   to love is no t the same as being in love. A true love accepts you even with your defects.  She feels like she is a consolation prize or a leftover so she needs to jump at the chance.

Gustavo is putting his foot further down his mouth, he wants someone who cleans his clothes and Silvia lets him have it.  In her 30 years of marriage she has never rubbed her ex’s feet, He is a macho who is looking for a servant and that’s not her.  He tries to clean it up that a man needs a woman and Silvia wants no parts of it.  She feels that it will become codependency.  He wants a friendship first but Silvia tells him to enjoy his dessert. He doesn’t get it.

Pluti says that due to the lawsuit the rehired woman have to be fired again.  Eva says that she borrowed on her shares of the company that Antonia gave her.  Pluti lets her know that the shares will go down in value.

Adriano hears the banter and puts Pluti in his place and tells him that based on his comments he is no longer in charge.  After the wedding there will be some changes at Grupo Imperio.

Eugenia and Claudia are having tea and she is telling Claudia about her plans for the play.  She is in touch with a famous author.  Modesto comes into to rain on their parade and tells her she needs to stop thinking about acting and her traveling show.  Theatre is useful and he tells her that it’s absurd.  He asks her if she is going on trip because he sees suitcase and she tells him, no it’s your stuff- hit the road Jack!!!

Coming attractions- Lalo sees Juan, Rebeca is back  in Adriano's face and Pluti is still threatening Oneismo.


Amor Bravío #134 (Uni 129) Tue 2/26/13 Beware the Anvil, and its name is VIRUS!!

Aggie hands over the charred remains of Dionicio’s fake passport to Ozzie.  She asks that he come to her first with the results of his investigation.  Ozzie is astounded with what she’s brought him, it’s a treasure trove of info.  He knows this must have been difficult for her to do this.  She admits it was difficult but finding that passport really affected her.  She just couldn’t continue with this uncertainty.  Ozzie understands her doubt, now she doesn’t even know who she’s married to!  Aggie begins to whimper and Ozzie encourages her to let it all out.  She doesn’t have to pretend or be strong in front of him.  What happens at Ozzie’s, stays at Ozzie’s.  Poor Aggies cries her lavender tears.  She just couldn’t bear having made a mistake yet again,  “For me, Dionicio is everything.  If I find that he deceived me, I’ll be devastated (hundir)!”  Ozzie preaches that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.  He encourages her not to underestimate (subestimar) herself, “You’re a strong woman.  You’ll be able to confront what’s still to come.”  Aggie can only hope there’s a logical explanation for that charred passport and that Dionicio isn’t the man Ozzie and Amanda claim him to be. 

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Amores Verdaderos #76 Tue 2/26/13 Excuse me, there's a decomposing cake under your bed

Amores Verdaderos Cap 76 - 2/26/13—Excuse me, there's a decomposing cake under your bed

. . . and it's a BIG cake!

Okay, I'm going to regurgitate a brief from-memory recap and then flesh it out later when my video capture finishes encoding. MORE SCREENCAPS COMING LATER.

But to start us out, here's a screencap of the aforementioned cake:

A crime against a perfectly delicious-looking cake.


Guzmancito professes his love for Nikki to Vicki, who is agreeable to the notion, but tells him to make sure that he's serious, because Nikki is in a vulnerable state of mind and doesn't need to be jerked around. Kendra-ho overhears this exchange and vows to stick it to the Little Gorilla.

The new: It doesn't take long for Kendra-ho to have ammunition. She is friendly to a gullible Polita who tells Kendra-Ho that Guzmancito's dad is a gambling man and Guzmancito is always bailing him out. Aha!

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Por ella soy Eva #154 2/26/13: A Convenient Death, and Mutt and Jeff Receive a Shock

Clouds hid my tv signal on and off tonight so I missed the very beginning. Esmas says:

Mendoza sees Juan Carlos, unconscious, in the closet. He comes into the bathroom, admires himself in the mirror, suddenly a Masked Man enters and threatens him with a pistol. Mendoza thinks it's Plutarco. The pistol falls to the floor. The Masked Man is mocked by Mendoza, but a shot rings out and he falls in the Jacuzzi and is electrocuted. Onesimo leaves the hotel room. Juan staggers out of the closet, grabs his cellphones, and leaves with Mendoza's portfolios.

Helena and Adri go to find Eva at the pension. Mimi improvises, saying Eva's talking to an old friend, Adri doesn't believe it.

Pluto looks pretty darn worried as he sees the corpse exiting the hotel. He later shakes Onesimo, furious that he killed Mendoza and didn't get the portfolios. He demands: "Find the passports and the 3 million dollars." "Do it yourself."

When my antenna signal came back: Juan, looking ghastly as half-Eva and still pretty drugged, staggers away, barefoot, his fake boobs hanging out, his wig in his hand, doubled over with gastritis. Mimi calls (Helena and Adri hovering over her); she passes the phone to Adri. Juan as Eva can barely squeak out an excuse - she's going to have a sleepover with her friend. Adri assumes she's drunk. "Trust me, this is the last time I'll be absent like this." "It better be!" he barks.

Slumped on the ground, Juan calls his mom. She finds him lying there burning up with fever. It's really a horrible sight. Eugenia takes him to the hospital. When Helena calls Juan, Eugenia answers and says he can't answer just now. Turns out he has an ulcer from his chronic (and untreated) gastritis. He needs an operation. The ulcer had almost perforated but in a week he'll be as good as new.

The atmosphere is lighter when Mimi gets to the hospital. He says everybody at the hospital is laughing at him (for having turned up as a half-trannie). "This is no laughing matter, what if Mendoza opens his mouth?"

Helena calls Eva: "I just found out Mendoza died last night." Impactado.

Rebeca is likewise amazed to find out Mendoza is dead - "good thing I didn't go to that assignation with him."

Onesimo calls Rebe, he'd waited for her all night. "I was hiding from you." "I know you have Pluto's papers, watch out, he wants you dead." "Well, naco, if he finds out you have the millions it's you who will be dead." "He asked me to make you disappear, Rebe." She changes the subject: "Did you kill Mendoza?" "I can't kill a Christian." He again asks her to forget about vengeance and leave with him. She says, "Not if you were the last naco on earth." Incredibly, he is not discouraged! He will have her no matter what!

Juan marvels to Mimi and Eugenia: "Mendoza was killed while I was in the closet!! This is too dangerous for you, I have to get out you out of danger." "But we can't leave you alone." "I have friends who will help me."

Fer and Santi have come to the hospital to see Eva. She tells them to stand by the door, where they can't see her, she's not decent. She reminds them she's been there for them when they needed her - with Jennifer, Angelica, Patricia, and Grupo Impera. Now it's time for them to rally round... He goes on reminding them of times he pulled them out of the fire, going back in time... "... and remember Cancun, and that time Santi was drunk and vomited." "How can you know all this? You weren't at Grupo Imperio then." "How much did you love Juan Carlos?" Lots. "And if you saw this neanderthal was still alive?" "I would give him a big hug..." "Now come in with your eyes closed... now open them." Juan is lying there, as himself. "How are you?"

Nobody could call these two quick on the uptake. They stand staring, stunned, paralyzed. "Where is Eva hidden?" "Don't be an idiot." They start fighting with each other and yelling at Juan. It's the Mutt and Jeff show. He yells to snap them out of it. "I NEED YOUR HELP." Big hug. He asks them to sneak him out of the hospital. They go to the pension and go over the files in Mendoza's portfolios. Juan explains about the hacker disk. "I can't prove I didn't open an account for my mom and put the now-missing millions into it." In the portfolios are records of all sorts of accounts for fictitious people, and also for Helena in NY and for Juan himself.

Though Mendoza has croaked, the fraud investigation at GI must go on. Arenas the auditor reports that Helena is free of suspicion. Helena reminds them she saw Mendoza in her office, he could have planted the compromising documents. She also wonders where Renato got the idea she was making hidden deals. Pluto immediately blames everything on Mendoza. Helena: "This isn't the first time that all suspician falls on a corpse." Helena says she can fix the FIXA mess. She tells Adri she doubts Juan's guilt and shows him the two theses, one completely false. Adri, embarrassed, has to admit he never read the thesis so can't say which is the real one. Helena: "Plutarco told me you yourself specifically said to use this thesis and base the project on it." "What? I never said that." Adri can't believe Pluto could be involved and is angry she suggested it. Still, he asks Pluto about it...

Pluto apparently sneaks into the morgue and unzips Mendoza's body bag. He tells the corpse: "I'm glad to see you here. Now you can't blackmail me. I'm giving you all the broken plates." The morgue guy gives Pluto all Mendoza's stuff. "Weren't there more documents?" A cop shows up and tells Pluto Mendoza "was with a woman, he asked her to come up to his room..." Pluto sees a chance to pull Eva into the murder investigation and tells the cop: "It's rumored they had more than a work relationship."

Rebe comes to see Adri. Pluto has a temper tantrum and says she can't come in but Adri overrules him. Pluto intercepts her outside and says she'll never get her job back. She says she will and, furthermore, he will marry her. "How can you force me?" She proves she knows about all the fake accounts (the ones Mutt and Jeff and Juan are marveling over).

Oh and p.s. - Everybody is laughting at Jennifer at school, her friend says: "Haven't you seen those pictures of you on the internet? Everybody has seen them, they're very daring." Marcela stares, Jennifer is embarrassed.


Amores Verdaderos #75 Mon 2/25/13 Telenovela Deathmatch Round 3: the Vengeful Plastic Bombshell vs. the Lovesick Hunky Bodyguard

* Lo refrito: a very angry Victoria tells Kendho that she knows everything, and she just wants to hear it from her mouth. Speak, Kendra, speak! Kendho looks like a trashy deer in the headlight. (No offense to Marjorie de Sousa, she’s gorgeous.)

* Lo nuevo. Kendra sticks to her well-working strategy: she plays the innocent till death. She asks Vicky what she is talking about. What, what… about Nikki’s illness! Whoa, that bullet was close! Kendra tries to hide her relief. Her pretty butt is saved by Nikki, who takes the blame for the farce and states that Barbie didn’t know about anything. Kendho adjusts to the situation quickly, and she says sadly that although Vicky hurt her feelings deeply (I thought that you knew me better!), she’ll help Nikki because she loves her very much. Neta, Kendra, says Nikki, who’s moved by the tramp’s confession. *Viewerville echoes: neta, Kendra?* Victoria apologizes, and Kendho graciously accepts it.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Amor Bravío #133 (Uni 128) Mon 2/25/13

Capitulo 133: Death in the Morning; Depression in the Afternoon

Lo del pasado

Omar goes over the evil plan with his master, who gloats.  Augustina talks to Padre Anselmo, Miriam asks Daniel what is wrong; he declines to answer and she realizes something is wrong.
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Por ella soy Eva #153 2/25/13: Rebe As Unwitting Sexual Object?! Who Knew?

Adri wants Eva to move in with him (out of the den of hookers). She said she would die first, and digs her elbow into his neck.

However, she can't think of a way to put off the wedding anymore - Adri wants it to be this weekend! This whole pregnancy thing is really confusing. Poor Mimi gets pulled in to arrange the wedding.

Adri is ridiculously pleased about his baby on the way.

Mendoza finds out that his stolen money is all fake. Clever Onesimo remembered to leave forgeries behind. He's a fine one to yell about treachery, when he's just been breaking into a safe.

Onesimo is looking really amazing in a loud shirt and a tie a foot too long. But that doesn't last long - Rebe gets his shirt off and leads him to believe that today will be the day she turns over her body to him. He just about jumps out of his pants with excitement. He comes running back to her in seconds, in a short bathrobe, everything hanging out like the window of a butcher shop. She looks utterly revolted. But she gets a call from Mendoza mentioning Plutarco's treachery and proposing a deal. She tells him to get ready for an executive meeting in the Jacuzzi, but locks him in and hunts for the money.

Meanwhile, that very rascal (Mendoza) is putting the moves on Eva. It looks like he's trying to roofie her. Good god, something is very wrong with his face. She starts to slur. Yep, she's been drugged. She collapses on the bed and he pulls out his camera (is he planning to get blackmail or a souvenir of his misdeeds). However, he's in a surprise - he discovers the wig and the false boobs! He recognizes Juan Carlos! Looks like he's gotten even better blackmail-fodder than he bargained for.

Much later, Onesimo has finished all the strawberries and gets out of the tub only to discover that she locked him in (not very effectively - he gets out in seconds). She has nabbed his keys and has rushed to Pluto's place to rifle through his (now empty) safe. He manages to get in touch with her. Predictably, he still wants her. Because he's booty-blind.

Helena gets some good news from her lawyer. Lucia has BETTER news! She's getting married next week! Uhh.. it's some guy named Jeff. She doesn't love him, but she doesn't care. Helena rolls her eyes. Apparently  he's Swiss.

My highlight for the episode: Rebe - I AM SICK OF BEING TREATED AS A SEXUAL OBJECT - with her boobs practically popping out. Mendoza now wants his own executive meeting with her. I notice a portrait of Pluto painted on velvet. Then she's astonished to knock over a little sculpture to find a few mexican passports and a bunch of  cocaine (or maybe it's just dust to show us how well this thing was hidden). OMG it wasn't coke - the sculpture was Antonias urn!

Yawn - Claudia was much more convincing as a villain. While I admit that she looks much better without that stupid headband, the scene of her listening earnestly to Eugenia drone on about what kind of sensible and dignified show she wants to be in.

Mimi realizes Eva is missing. Helena has come to see Eva, and can't decide whether to sit down while she waits. Seriously. That's a scene.

Mendoza tells Pluto that's he's sitting on something worth more than gold. He won't tell what it is or why it's worth anything, but he gives Pluto a few days to deliver 60% of the stock. It's a surprise!

Y Tocho Morocho - that's all, folks!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Amores Verdaderos #74 Fri 2/22/13 Of Porcelan Thrones, The Threat, and the Support Team


Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, the Patio was in an uproar this evening about some of the characters and their actions this evening. The writers for this TN are hiding out right now in order not to be pelted with rotten tomatoes, and bad second bananas. The writers have released the following statement:

Dear Patio of Lowered Expectations:

What did you expect? This is not a full fledged comedy, we have to include the tragedy sometime. We are striving to get some of the bad stuff out of the way so that we can write some more comedy. We know that all of you detest the procelin throne, and the threatening *leo*, but we have to move this story forward so we can get to the good stuff. Please be patient and trust in us and we will soon get back to the comedy and light heartedness you love, trust us!

Sincerely, and we do mean sincerely,

The Writers

Now let's see what happened to our characters this evening.

We start tonight with Polita and Jean Marie and the chisme about Kendho showing up at Ms. Vikki's Birthday Party. Dances is pithed tells Polita and Jean Marie to git and they do, so Polita can go eat cake. He calls Kendho who crows that Ms Vikki was sick, dissed the partay, and that this will drive Quad F into her arms, doncha know. Dances warns her not to be so sure bout that. Kendho assures Dances she has Nikki right where she wants her, that Nikki owes her a big favor she is gonna collect on soon. Kendho tells him no worries, go be with the washed out Betty, for shame we scream on the Patio. Kendho hangs up on Dances and then throws the phone, and says Ouch in Ingles. Sergio Sendel she ain't. Jus' sayin'.
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Amor Bravío #132 (Uni 127) Fri 2/22/13 Bad Endings Begin

capítulo 132      

As we begin this evening’s dose of dolorous doings, Padre and Aaron learn that Vivian has applied to adopt Ramon; Lic. Osvaldo Becerra has told Camila that Comandante Juarez found proof that Padre Baldomero was actually murdered via suffocation and that Isadora is the main suspect; and at Amanda’s, Dan has just received bad news on the phone from Miriam’s doctor, who’s given him a fraudulent diagnosis that she’s suffering from a brain aneurysm as a result of the coma.  Any unexpected emotional trauma could cause the little bugger to blow, thus killing Miriam.

The doctor’s big whopper makes Dan feel trapped, that he has no choice but to stay with Miriam for her sake and for the good of his child.  He explodes with frustration in front of his friends.   He tells them that he doesn’t understand how the doctor could have told him one minute that everything was fine and then tell him the next that she’s got this dangerous brain aneurysm which any emotional upset could set off!!  It’s the general consensus that if it weren’t for bad luck, poor Dan wouldn’t have any luck at all.

In the learning center whee Aaron now works, Vivi admits to Aaron that she was afraid to tell Rafael about her plans.  She just didn’t know how to approach it, especially after living alone for so long.  Aaron and Anselmo scold her for not being more considerate of Rafa’s part in this since now they have a “formal relationship.”  (Oh, is that what priests call shacking up these days?)  Vivi can’t imagine why Rafa would ever object.  Aaron is like well, think again. There could be all sorts of reasons, just like with hers for refusing to marry Rafa.

Back at the B&B, Dan figures he’s got to see the doc in person and find out if there’s anything that could possibly be done for Miriam.  Dante offers to drive him.

Meanwhile, Osvaldo has arrived at La Malquerida to ask for Agustina’s assistance in finding some document with his fingerprints on it that could help back up Amanda’s claim that Dio married her once upon a time under the name of Hernando Gutierrez.  Gussie snottily defends her hubby’s honor as well as his one and only good name, telling Os that Amanda’s probably only saying this to cover up her past sin.  Osvaldo, with the patience of a saint, promises her that if they’re wrong then he and Amanda herself will come to offer their apologies to her personally.  Gussie adamantly refuses to go behind her husband’s back this way.  Os says alright, but can she do him the favor of not mentioning their little confab to him?  She agrees to, reluctantly, and says she’s only doing it to avoid upsetting Dionisio again over all this. 

Outside back of the kitchen, Doroteo and Piedad are sweeping around the outdoor oven (think BBQ pit en grande) when Doro comes across a half charred document.  She pulls it out and shows it to Piedad.  The two agree the picture is Sr. Dio at a much younger age and that they should hand it right over to Sra. Agustina.  (Good girls!)

At the B&B, Natalia and Amanda are discussing Dan’s Miriam predicament when Grand-Daddy Devil-Dude, aka, Dio, walks into the B&B sporting a brand new (OMG!!) Screaming Loud Lime Green stroller and tons of Screaming Loud Lime Green boxes and bows full of baby things.  Amanda frowns and remarks sarcastically, “--Is there anything left in the store? [¿Todavía tienen tela? = lit. Do they still have cloth?].    That’s an awful lot!”  

It’s only what his grandchild and daughter deserve, says Dio.  Nat gives him the news about Yago and Dio plays the role of pleasantly surprised papa to the hilt.  (Doesn’t fool his ex, tho’.)  He informs Nat afterward that he’s giving her a huge, fancy wedding.  Amanda says no, it’s going to be a simple one.  Right, Nat? (QTH?? Amanda!  What girl with half a brain is going to turn down a bodacious boda!)  Dio gives Amanda the evil eye and puts his new-found fatherly foot down.  “—The wedding is always paid for by the father and you cannot oppose me giving her a princesses’ wedding like she deserves!”  Amanda realizes she’s spitting into the wind anyway on this one and gives in.

Dio has another surprise in store for Nat but she’s got to come with him to see it.  While she’s off looking for her purse Amanda accuses Dio of already knowing that Yago and Nat had gotten back together.  Dio gives her a guileful grin and says he “had faith” that the young man would come around, since it wouldn’t be wise to dis a Ferrer.  “--Oh, but she isn’t a Ferrer, she’s a Gutierrez!  Or don’t you remember you married me and registered her with the name Gutierrez?”  His face turns dark.  “--She’s a Ferrer!  And that’s how she’s going to live from now on—how it would have been had you not run off!”  Hmmm, he ponders aloud. “--Could it be that you’d like to begin again where we left off?”  She sniffs in disgust at his impudent tone. “Not ever!  You stopped mattering to me a very l-o-o-o-ng time ago!”   

At the same time Cam stops over at La Buenaventura to invite Ana along while she picks out the furniture for Mariano’s new digs.  (Ruh-roh!  Teresa is not going to be a happy camper when she hears about this!)  They decide to drop Refugio off at the hospital on their way to the mall. 

Both Pablo and Mariano are at the hospital discussing their mother’s being sent home day after tomorrow.  Mar’s worried what to do since his house still isn’t finished.  Pablo says not to worry since he and Luzma decided to keep her with them and she’ll help nurse her back to health along with Refu.  What a swell bro!  What a sweller wife!!    Mar adds that he will pay all Mama’s expenses to do his part, especially since Yago is so unreliable.  Pablo doesn’t disagree or refuse the remunerative favorcito. 

Talk changes to Yago’s agreeing to make an honest woman out of Natalia and then to Pappy Cayetonto’s going on a wedding cruise with Isadora, who he mentions is now the prime suspect in the murder of Padre Baldomero.  (Still incognito? Didn’t bother to tell a soul who, what, when, or where he went?  Now, honestly, how hard could it be to hit up the nearest travel agency or credit card company for a look-see at their records to see if Ol’ Yippee Ai Cayó’s name appears on some billing?)  Pobre de Pablo Ingenuo is saucer-eyed impactado to hear that little tidbit. 

Speaking of geriatric jerks, El Cayó is off in the john now which allows Issa to doctor his drink with her locoweed juice.  He comes back and sits down with her.  She offers him his drink.  He tells her he’s anxious to get there already.  She answers with a huge grin and tells him it’s going to be an unforgettable trip, then thinks slyly to herself that the best wedding gift she could get would be for him to drop dead one of these days!!

At the doctor’s office, Dan listens to Dr. V’s crazy-ass explanation about how and why he didn’t see this coming and what a touchy situation Mir is facing.  The doctor specifically asks for Daniel to avoid unpleasant situations, quarrels, and/or emotional shocks for Miriam since the results could be fatal. (Might as well lock her away in a china cabinet for the next sixty years!)   There’s nothing much more to be done for it except to keep her calm and medicated for the rest of her life, in hopes of keeping that aneurysm from growing and/or bursting. (Two words, Dan: “second opinion”.)  Dan’s head starts spinning.    

Back outside Rocio’s room, Refu appears with Cam and Ana.  Mario and Pablo are glad to see her, thinking that it will do their mama good to have Refu there since all she’s done is cry since Padre Anselmo spoke with her.

Refu enters and has (what might as well be) a one-way conversation.  She prattles on about it being good to hear that Rocio’s given in and that now she can heal much sooner.  Rocio garbles something back to Refu in between moans and groans.  FF>>

Cam and Ana spend a few hours at the mall having a great time together.  FF>>

Across town, Dio shows Nat a house he wants to buy for her and the baby as a wedding present.  It’s only what she deserves and he’d be so offended if she refuses.  How could any girl turn that down?  Of course she’ll accept it then!  Dio also suggests to Nat that she and her baby legally take his last name, Ferrer, and she agrees.

Back at the BV, Yago is partying before the sun is over the yardarm, slugging down a few tragos of Pappy’s good stuff, when in walks Little Mary Sunshine to rain on his parade.  “—Never saw you drinking this early in the day before, let alone on a weekday [entre semana=during the week/weekdays].”  “—Always a first time for everything.”  “—Yeah, but you’ve got no reason to celebrate.  What’s up?”  Yago says that he has plenty of reason cuz he’s getting married.  “--Oh, with that little house maid [gata/o=can be a pejorative for servants]?”  “--Yep, it’ll be the best little bit of business of my life.  No different from what you were planning to do by trapping an Alberrán.  Only it didn’t work out that way for you. ” For him though, it just fell into his lap, he smirks (nanny-nanny-boo-boo!).  And it won’t be difficult work for him either, he admits with a greedy grin. 

Yago shows Illy the watch Daddy-in-law Dio gave him to seal the deal.  (Arncha jus’ dyin’ to know if it’s a fake Rolodex some of Dio’s pimps hawk on the streets to unsuspecting tourists?  I mean, seriously, Daddy Dude, who keeps a watch in the desk boxed up  like that?) 

While Cam and Ana are picking out matching headbands and shirts at the mall, Dan and Dante are having a serious chat over cokes in the food court.  Dan says no way he can have his daughter blame him for her mama’s death and he doesn’t want Mir to suffer through half a life either.  The guilt would be too much to bear.  What to do?  What to do?  He admits feeling totally powerless and so frustrated.   

Dante listens sympathetically.  Dan adds that he refuses to believe this is her reality.  “--There’s got to be another option!”  He plans to look for another doctor, one in Mexico City. (Just don’t let Dio get word when you do!)  The best there is!  He can tell him what solution if any there might still be for Miriam.  (Keep that thought!  We can’t get you to M.C. soon enough, dude!) 

Dante is all for that, but he also wants to know what Dan plans to do about Camila.  Dan says he’s got to tell her even though he’s not looking forward to it.  He’s scared to.

On the other side of the mall at the same time, Ana tells Cam that it’s been just like going shopping with her mother.  Cam gives her a big hug.  FF>>

Piedad now hands over the charred passport of Dio’s to Gussie and points out that it certainly seems to be Sr. Dionisio as a young man, from what I can make out, but it lists a different name: Hector Gutierrez.  (Duhn-duhn-duhn-n-n-n!!!)  Why doesn’t it say Dionisio Ferrer?  Gussie is knock-me-off-my-high-horse-with-a-feather impactada.  She remembers the day she confronted him with Amanda’s claim and the way he denied it, asking her if she’d take the word of a woman who’s lied all her life and is now only using this to cover up her lie.  Suddenly Gussie swoons.  Piedad goes for a glass of water.  Gussie’s frown-to-the-ground, hang-dog expression says it all: Dio done duped her and she’s 0 for 2.

Cam, Ana, Dante and Dan eventually run into each other at the mall.  Cami sends Ana off for ice cream with Dante so she and Dan can catch up on the news re: the Miriam dilemma.   All things considered, he says, there’s no way now that he can abandon her.  They must forgo their relationship.  He’s sorry.  Camila face turns to stone.

Amanda shows up with groceries for Mir.  Mir learns from Amanda that she and Dan’s mother were the best of friends until the day she died.  Mir says great to know cuz she feels like she needs to feel like there’s a bit of family around while she’s here.

Cam can’t believe Mir’s health is so delicate as that.  Well, the doc says it is cuz she could live for years or with some little bit of stress the bubble in her brain can just pop and she’ll die.  Yes, says Cam.  He says he can’t believe she’d come through months in a coma just to suffer through a lifetime with this uncertainty.  Life just isn’t fair, they both agree.  Cami tells him how sorry she is for him.  He tells Cam then that he’s not giving up, that he intends to get another doctor to look at her and see if there isn’t something more they can do for Mir.  Besides, he’s stuck because anything he might say about their true relationship could send her over the edge and into the Great Beyond.  Cam tells him that she understands and that she’d have done the same thing.  They agree that neither of them wants this, that they still love each other very much and that it’s just so unfair that the two of them must stay apart because of all of this. It’s breaking her heart, tho’, she finally breaks and starts sobbing.

Dan says then that he just couldn’t bear the burden of Miriam’s death or that of his daughter blaming him for it all because he told Miriam the truth about his feelings for Cam. So, the only choice he has is to stick it out with Mir.  Cam sobs and says she always believed that love could conquer all, but he’s letting her go and it just shows that that’s not true. 

Back at the M.Q., Gussie quickly calls the church to make an appointment to see Padre Anselmo later that day.  Pie comes back with the water.  She asks Pie not to tells a soul about this and then mentions she’s going out for the afternoon.

Later at the B&B, Os has returned to relay the results of his futile attempt to persuade Cam’s mama to do the right thing.  Her refusal won’t stop him though, he assures Amanda.  Maybe even Cam can help her see the light.  Talk turns to Mir’s poor health and the details they hope Dan will fill them in on once he gets back.  Then Os notices the baby stuff on the other table and asks if Yago brought all of that to Nat.  (Not a chance!)  No, she says, it was Hector…er…I mean Dionisio.  Os has a bad taste in his mouth. “--He’s trying to buy Natalia in any way possible.”  Just then they hear Nat and Dio walking into the B&B. 

Amanda tells her she can see she’s in a good mood.  Os asks her what’s the reason.  Nat tells them that her daddy just bought her and Yago a house for once they’re married, and that she’s going to let him give her and the baby his last name.  “—Soon I will be Natalia Ferrer!” Amanda’s expression’s all Isn’t that Just peachy--not!  

Back at the mall, Dante and Ana return.  Ana notices Cam’s tears but Cam won’t discuss it.  They’ve got to go now, she says.  Dan says they still have things to talk about.  NO, says Cam.  We’ve got nothing left to discuss.  Excuse us, please!  She struts angrily away with Ana.

Dio now is on the phone with Omar wanting to know if Omar understands how to put the virus into the bulls’ drinking troughs.  No problem, says Omar.  He’s hired a couple of apprentice bullfighters to distract the animals while he and the other men do the disastrous deed; the apprentices won't know what's what because they are being told it’s vitamins.  When Dio hangs up he’s so pleased with himself.  He sits down at his desk and muses gleefully.  “—Now starts the beginning of the end for La Malquerida’s stock breeding.  Not a bull will remain alive in this place!”  

At the same time, Gussie is meeting with Anselmo.  She is confused because she’s certain it isn’t right to mistrust one’s husband.  What should she do?  The Padre counsels her that the only way she’s going to find peace with herself is to cooperate with Os and Amanda if she really has nothing to hide. 

That evening, Dan returns home to a romantic dinner that Mir has made especially for the two of them.  She asks where he’s been.  He says something unexpected came up he had to handle, but that he’d rather not go into it just now.  No, says Mir.  She knows him and she can see pain in his eyes. “--Sit down.  Tell me what’s happening.”  It’s just he doesn’t want anything to happen to her.  Oh, nothing’s going to happen to me, says Miriam.  Why do you say such things?  He hugs her.  “--No, no, you’re here now.”  ‘—Yes, Love, I am here for good now.  For forever and always.”   (Oh vey!)      


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Por ella soy Eva #152 2/22/13: The Grupo Imperio Diaries

Greetings! This weekend we have a group of esteemed guest recappers including Rebeca Oropeza, Helena Moreno, a fly on the wall Adriano Reyes, and Plutarco Ramos!

Mimi de la Rosa
Well, I finally found out why I've been so moody and having so many precognitions lately. I thought it was just my ESP acting up, but it turns out I'm PREGNANT! (It's Adriano's, of course!) I left Sinaloa and came back to the city and called Juan Carlos right away. He wanted to tell Adriano, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around it myself. Besides, we didn't want there to be a big mixup with everyone thinking Eva was pregnant! We agreed to keep it quiet.

After talking to JC, I felt a little down, even though I was surrounded by all my exciting Avon wares. I went for a walk to clear my head. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Here's where it gets complicated: I guess Rebeca overheard part of our conversation, because she went and told Adriano that Eva is pregnant. (I hope Helena forgets that Eva said she was menopausal!) Adriano was overjoyed, and now the whole world knows about it!

When JC told me how happy Adriano was about "Eva's" baby, I felt so sad. JC means well, but he doesn't realize how insensitive he is sometimes. Anyway, he wants Adri to know it's not Eva, that it's really me, and end all the lies. But how can we possibly tell him? The shock could put him back in the hospital!

Juan was insistent, but I just don't see the use. Adriano is in love with Eva, not me.

And I keep worrying that this could be a high-risk pregnancy because of my age. JC says "If the doctor isn't worried, then there's nothing to worry about." JC has learned a lot about women since he started dressing up as Eva, and I know I can count on him; but there are some things a man can't understand just by wearing pantyhose.
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Telemundo y más - Week of February 25 - Discuss among yourselves

¡Hola a todos! I just got back from a great trip to Mexico. I was part of a group that was looking at birds, butterflies and plants in the Mexican states of Colima, Jalisco, Michoacán and Mexico.

For fans of Corazón Valiente, we spent a couple of days outside Valle de Bravo, where some of the action in that novela took place. It's a popular vacation spot for the wealthy. Here are some pictures of the town, the church and the reservoir.

We also went to two of the reserves where the Monarch butterflies winter. This was really amazing. There were literally millions of butterflies in the trees. Here are some pictures of the Monarch reserves.

I'm not actually watching any of the novelas right now so over to you.

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Weekend Discussion: Primer Actor; Our Senior Caballeros

A comment made the other day prompted me to wonder at the past roles of some of the splendid senior actors Televisa has given us over the years.   This photo gallery is only a tease; it would involve more time than any of us have to do proper justice to this topic.  However, it will be fun to see how some of these more senior actors looked in their younger days.  We'll start with the youngest one first and age them in reverse.

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Amor Bravío #131 (Uni 126) Wed 2/20/13 “Patan Parenthood, Pasion Prohibida, Perplexed Partners en el Pueblo and Premeditated Proposal Prevails (Nooooooo!)”

Past News del Pueblo:

Viv and Rafa’s Place:  Viv says goodbye to Rafa as he leaves to visit his editor in DF and tells him that she loves him.  Rafa answers that she needs one thing, he needs another and they just need time, nothing more. Rafa leaves and Viv ponders perplexed.

Outside LaMQ Office:  Dio steps out of the ranch office and takes the opportunity to needle Dan as he passes by about leaving La MQ (and Camila, of course).  Dan tells Dio to stay away from Camila but Dio responds that he will not need to go to her, but that it will be Camila that comes to Daddy Dio (blehhh!).  Miriam calls from upstairs for Dan and he leaves – but not without pausing to glare while Dio gives Miriam a cheery greeting.  Dio and Dan continue to glare at one another as Dan climbs the stairs!

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Por ella soy Eva #151 2/20/13: The Atomic Bomb Meeting That Fizzled Into a Firecracker and is Pluti's Anvil Slowly Starting to Descend to Earth?

Pluti doesn’t’ know what to do with Rebeca, even after Oneismo’s “warning” she is still trying to reach Adriano.  Oneismo tells Pluti to never mind, she will get tired, but Pluti has other thoughts.  He may have to make her disappear himself.  Oneismo doesn’t look too pleased.  He looks terrified.

We are at the board meeting, Renato introduces, the legal representative of FITSA and Pluti (sans a shiny suit)is the interim President in place of Don Adriano.  Mendoza the legal representative of Grupo Imperio begins the meeting- Mendoza was going on about nothing and Eva cut him off and told him to get to the nitty gritty.  The Councilman from Playa Mayagua was in agreement with Eva and wants to know if the construction company will complete the development of the tourist project and respect to ecology of the area. The legal rep from Fitsa was going to comment and Mendoza cut him off. (That background music made me think about the killer hiding
behind the curtains or in the closet)  Mendoza said that  in front of everyone, he added a revision to the contract guaranteeing that Grupo is not responsible for FITSA  not completing the  Playa Mayagua project. WHAT??????  Helena said that only 3 people signed that agreement.  The Playa Mayagua Councilman (PMC)  wanted to know if Helena knew about the FITSA issue.

The new and improved Claudia is happy with the school choice that Eugenia has made and doesn’t want to lose any more time not attending school.  Claudia wants to take acting classes but because she was such a defiant  little bitch and knew how much Eugenia loved acting so she didn’t pursue her dream.  Eugenia believes that art in some way, shape or form is of a therapeutic value. Acting is fun and takes away your fears and inhibitions.  Chepina runs in to tell Eugenia that the producer who filmed the movie at the house is on the phone.

Back to the meeting- Mendoza says that when Fitsa was contracted legally it’s the problem of the construction company and not Grupo. The PMC can’t believe that Grupo is washing their hands of their involvement and Mendoza has the documents to prove it.  The legal rep says that he NEVER signed any agreement that the construction company would adhere to the locals plans.  (The music gets more sinister- Pluti is gloating and Helena looks worried)  They went according to regulations and he too has documents to support it. How can that be?? Papers were meticulously drawn up to protect  the community and ecology of Playa Mayagua.  Pluti is only one who remembers that when they were competing for the project there was governmental support that backed Grupo but he had to cancel it.  Helena is livid at this point.  Without that support the development of the project is at risk (I am ready to slap Pluti into next week!!)  Since they can’t use Fitsa, lets go with another company. The Fitsa man says that Grupo will have to pay a fine for cancelling the contract.  Pluti chimes in that the fine is sizeable and Helena is willing to take the consequence in order to right the wrong.  Why can’t Fitsa be fined for not completing their end of the agreement.  Pluti gives a flip-no, I don’t think so. Suddenly Pluti asks for Renato’s opinion (where is Teresa from The Real Housewives of NJ- to flip the table over when you need her??)  Renato asks- Helena- what type of relationship does she really have with FITSA??  What are you talking about scarfed man??  It seems to him that she has secret agreements with the PMC and FITSA. (Renato, listen to yourself, you sound stupid!!)  Agreements that benefit her.  Eva, interrupts him- Copete, how dare you accuse, Helena.  He continues that Helena has hidden business from Grupo and I too have documents to prove it.  So Renato, you are saying that I did some underhanded negotiating with these two men.  Yes, that is what I’m saying.  The PMC was offended. Renato shows Eva and Helena the documents.  Helena is appalled!!  A smug Pluti wants an explanation.

The producer wants to offer Claudia a role in his next movie project.  Claudia declines.

Helena has no idea where those documents came from and Pluti feels deceived, he would have believed this from anyone other than her.  Helena wants to know where did Renato get this paperwork.  Of course he found it in her office.  Funny, she has never seen it before.  Helena thought bubbles back to when she discovered Mendoza at her desk.

Eva says that anyone could have placed that in her office and it does not have a signature, so it is not proof enough.  Renato goes on to say that there are emails between Helena and the PMC discussing underhanded Playa Mayagua business.  Helena looks uncomfortable, Eva looks confused, the PMC is mad and Pluti looks like the cat that swallowed the canary.
Claudia would have liked the part but she doesn’t feel prepared.  She wants to be a professional like Dona Eugenia.   She wants to take it little by little and she will have Eugenia’s support.
Santi bursts into Lucia’s office to find out why she left last night without saying goodbye.  She figured that since anti saw his ideal woman, she needed to leave.  Santi left.

Not only is Helena involved in this but PMC is implicated too.  Eva pins Renato in being more detailed. All he can say is that they agreed to meet outside of Grupo.  Renato goes on that they were discussing  caring for the interests of Playa Mayagua and Eva says yes stupid that is what they should do. (Really, Renato, listen to yourself) make sure that the contract conforms to their wished.  Since Renato was bating 1000, Mendoza was asked to review the proof that Renato had.  Since it wasn’t substantiated he wants a further investigation, therefore the project has to stop.

Claudia brings Eugenia some tea in order to cheer up Eugenia..  Eugenia feels that her acing is a thing of the past.  Modesto was right.  She has to forget about her career..  Claudia asks Eugenia, after everything that my father has done, how can you stay with him??? 

Oneismo surprises Rebeca at her condo.  Are you coming with me or what?  Rebeca says- show me the money!!!!  He has the money but he can’t walk around in the street with it (as he makes himself very comfortable)  Why didn’t he just leave?? He is protecting her from Pluti, who wants to send her to her next life.  He loves her!!!

Eugenia explains to Claudia her relationship with Modesto.  It’s more maternal than a partnership.

The fee can’t be paid until the conclusion of the investigation.  Eva asks for Adriano’s input as the owner of the company.  Everyone is to be discreet  and not discuss what has transpired at the board meeting,  Eva wants to speak to Pluti alone.

Helena apologizes to the PMC and he believes that this is all made up and t in time the problem will be resolved and he supports her.  He knows the type of person that she is and they will keep in touch.
Eva says that she knows Pluti provoked all of this.
Pluti accuses Helena of being an accomplice of Juan Carlos in the fraud since the beginning and wants to fire her.  Grupo Imperio will be in financial trouble and Eva asks, do you want to fire me too, no he wants to go after the women that she rehired and her position could change and he grabs the water bottle.  He is so immature and demented.

Oneismo tells Rebeca that he loves her and can’t hurt her. Rebeca laughs in his face. He wants to flee the city with her, buy her jewels, Rebeca wants revenge for the 10 lost years as being Pluti’s jump off and she wants it in the worst way.

Eva leaves Adriano a message- she doesn’t want to  bother him but  he needs to return  immediately because some serious stuff needs his attention at Grupo.

Helena is sure the Uncle Fester (Mendoza) left the discriminating evidence in her office.  She still has some insecurities and doesn’t know who to believe. Eva supports Helena and Helena couldn’t get through this time without the love of Juan and Eva’s friendship. Helena was surprised at Renato’s attitude.
Pluti tries to rip Mendoza a new one and wants to know why he didn’t support him at the meeting.  Mendoza doesn’t trust Pluti ,you cheated on your wife, used Rebeca, trying to wreck the woman that you still love, so how do I know that you won’t deceive me. Pluti’s offer, the 5% and the combination to his safe that has the $3 million dollars or so he thinks.  Mendoza is not buying it.  What if I open it and a bomb explodes???  There goes the duh uh look!!

Eva catches Renato in the hall and asks him what’s up with trying to accuse Helena.  He only wanted to clear up the Fitsa business. Eva figures out that Renato used the cd against Helena. Renato is not a good liar. Eva lets Renato know that he is not honest all around and doesn’t even have time for his sister,  He is supposed to be Adriano’s right hand man.  If he doesn’t want to tangle with Eva, give her the cd.

Oneismo pleads his case to Rebeca, let’s go away with the money. If she talks t Adriano, he might not believe her. Rebeca is still harping on the 10 years. She will go with him but first he has a favor to do for her .  Anything, anything!! She  wants Oneismo to investigate someone at Grupo Imperio.  She gives him a little kiss- Yuck!!!

Eva catches up with Mendoza in the hallway . Mendoza says that with all the confusion an investigation is the only alternative. How lucky Adriano is to have her.   Things are different between them.
Mendoza asks Eva if there is trouble in paradise.  They move to her office for more privacy

Renato apologizes to Pluti  for the  accusations at the meeting and says that what Pluti told him the day before, he it took it literally,  If Renato continues to be loyal to Pluti perhaps he can become Vice President.  Renato reminds Pluti of himself when he his age.  Renato looked confused.

In Eva’s  office-Eva speaks to Mendoza about Adriano and Pluti overcoming Antonia’s death and Mendoza makes a sarcastic remark.  Eva picks up on it.  Eva tells Mendoza that he can count on her silence and he bursts out laughing.  She suspects that Pluti had a lover and she needs to confirm it.  It was someone who works at Grupo, Eva swears that it wasn’t her and Mendoza drops the bomb- Rebeca was Pluti’s lover.

Renato is dreaming about Pluti being the President and he being the Vice President of Operations. (The ominous theme song of the motive “The Car’ is playing in the background- anvils are swinging) Lucia  meets Renato in the hallway and she needs advice. She is confused Renato cuts to the chase and says, I saw you with Santi last night. You want to marry and have a family, look for someone who wants the same thing don’t look my way for that type of life.  For me love is over rated.

Eva tells Helena that Rebeca and Pluti were lovers.
Eva thought bubbles back to the night that Antonia died and that Pluti was shirtless and Rebeca ran into the  house.  The  night was too chilly to be shirtless.  She concludes that Antonia may have walked in on Pluti.  Rebeca is the only one to clear things up.  Claudia calls Eva.

Pluti wants to speak to Helena .  He doesn’t believe that she would deceive Grupo.  Helena calls hi on t- don’t be a hypocrite, you are enjoying this.-jerk!  Helena knows that he planned this all.   The project is halted and Helena has no reason to be afraid.  Helena lets him know that she is not Rebeca and you were accustomed to treating her any which way.  You will not treat me like her!!!

Adriano returns home and listens to Eva’s message.  He is upset that it is work related.  Sadly, he has to forget Eva.  Where is Mimi when we need her?  Poor Adriano.

Helena won’t leave until the Project is completed.  Right now the project is halted.  Pluti asks if she still believes that her work was plagiarized.  Yep! Let’s wait for Adriano to return.  Sick Pluti brings up that they were lovers.

Eva and Eugenia talk about Claudia, the producers and that Eugenia is a little down.  Where did Juan Carlos bring her?? Eva giggles and Eugenia looks happy.

Helena lets Pluti know that she NEVER loved him.  She had affection for him and they were  friends, nothing else. His is a  worst hypocrite that she knows, he hid things form her, deceived her   and according to him, he only did it for love.  Deceiving is not love!  Pluti isn’t sure where this is coming from.
Helena has nothing to be afraid of and doesn’t need his support.  She is doubting his love.
Pluti tells her that she is the only one at fault.

Coming attractions:
Is Eva pregnant?? No puede ser?? Adriano is back at the company and Eva has an announcement.  Why is Rebeca there???


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