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La Traición, Fri, Apr. 30 - It's deja mine all over again

We start with a whole lot of scenes indicating that some time has passed although no amount is given. Later on people talk about 3 months having gone by. Since there’s no dialog, I don’t feel it is necessary to describe the scenes. (Not that I'm complaining but what happened to Michelle et al? On Tues.' episode, she said they were going to seek out Alcides the day they got into the city. We see them getting off the train and then nothing! Is Michelle not going to wear a dress?)

Alcides is practicing his martial arts and Hugo is reading. Hugo looks up from his book. Boris asks if something has happened. Hugo asks about the progress in finding his brother. Boris replies that unfortunately, he hasn’t heard anything. In addition, the detective they employed hasn’t been heard from for three months. Hugo tells him to hire another detective. He wants to find his brother as soon as possible.

Alcides says to himself that the hour has come to regain all that is rightfully his. All of it.

Lucas refuses a drink from Rebeca. He says that he has gone 3 months without a drink and he feels great. Rebeca says that they still haven’t found the vein of gold at the mine. Lucas agrees that it is exasperating. Rebeca tells Lucas that Alcides is looking for more money from investors. Lucas says that he has nothing more to invest. Rebeca suggests selling his house but Lucas says that Ester would never agree. “Why don’t you mortgage your house, then? I’m sure Ester will understand when she sees the fortune you get from your investment.” Lucas agrees with Rebeca that it is a good idea to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Hugo is meeting with his investors. Arturo says that he won’t invest any more. Things are going too slowly. Hugo says that the work has to go slowly to protect the miners. If things were rushed, there could be a tragedy and they would lose all they had invested so far. “Is that want you want?” Hugo asks them.

After Lucas leaves, Paquito, in his red boa, tells Rebeca that it is embarrassing. Why did she ask Lucas to mortgage his house? Rebeca says that when Lucas has the deed in his hands, he will see that the house was a present from Jeremias and will be suspicious of Ester. Paquito says that he knows that isn’t the main reason. He says that he thinks she wants Lucas to leave his wife. She says he is an idiot. She just wants to pickle his brain with alcohol so that when the mine flourishes, she can get all the profits.

Arturo agrees to continue investing but he want control of the decision making. He asks the other investors for their support. The other investors prefer to leave the direction of the business in Hugo’s hands. They all put in more money except Arturo who leaves. Hugo invites them to the terrace for hors d’oeuvres and leave the money on the table.

Ursula tells Soledad that at first she couldn’t believe the change in Alcides/Hugo but in the last few months, he has been so wonderful to her and the baby. Soledad agrees that he has changed and they have a much better relationship although sometimes when she looks at him, she feels she is seeing Hugo. Ursula says that she knows how much Soledad loved Hugo but she should fight to put him out of her heart. Soledad says that since the day she saw Hugo/Alcides come out of the mine when he nearly died in there with Arturo, everything has been very confused for her. (flashback to her embracing Hugo at the mine). She says, “I felt so strange and had such anguish. It was as if Hugo had been in there. As if Hugo had never died and was in there.” (flashback to her escaping from the mine when it exploded.). “I felt that Hugo was alive and was in the mine,” she says referring to the earlier explosion. Ursula agrees that at first Soledad was calling for Hugo but later denied it. Ursula says that there is an explanation for that. Back then Soledad was very affected by Hugo’s death and saw him everywhere. Soledad agrees that was a difficult time for her. But she says that the strange part is her feelings. She feels like she has lost some of her memories. Her mind draws a blank that she can’t understand.

Dr. Max tells Hugo that there is no danger that Soledad will remember seeing him after he was buried. He put a heavy hypnotism on her. “How sure are you of that?” asks Hugo. Dr. Max flashes back to hypnotizing Soledad. He tells Hugo that the only danger of her remembering is if she is faced with a similar situation. Then she might doubt. Hugo says that he will try and avoid that. He asks Dr. Max about the progress of his investigations.

Dr. Max says that old Dr. Chirac’s writings about the Orchid Vivantis are fascinating. He has tried some experiments with similar flowers but the results were not successful. Hugo says that he has people looking for the flower all over the world. Dr. Max asks about progress in finding young Dr. Chirac. No results their either, says Hugo but he’ll keep looking.

At Rebeca’s house, a maid has an envelope for Paquito from France. Eloisa says that she will give it to Paquito. (I thought Rebeca threw Eloisa out of her house?) She opens it, of course. The drawing inside that was made from the skull in Hugo's grave does not look like Hugo and she concludes that the body in the grave is not Hugo. Paquito knocks and Eloisa hides the letter. He comes in and asks what she is hiding.

Arturo gives his mole in the mine money to get the miners to work faster. They guy says that it could be dangerous because the mine is unstable. Arturo assures him that Alcides/Hugo is just lying about the danger. Arturo says to tell the miners that they will get more money if they find the vein of gold.

Lucas rummages around in the desk looking for the deed to the house. Ester asks him what he is doing. He says that as her husband, he owns the house too. Ester says that the house was wedding gift from her aunt. He can’t do anything with it. “Yes I can,” says Lucas, “and by the way, I never met this rich aunt of yours.” He tells her he needs money to invest in the mine (which proves that it wasn’t drink that made Lucas a bad businessman). Ester is impactada. “My God,” she says, “Lucas is going to discover that Jeremias gave me the house when I told him Soledad was his daughter.”

Soledad and Hugo are going to the hospital to see the first vaccinations being given (what fun!) Hugo looks at Soledad and says that she is so beautiful (she does not appear to be wearing the stupid locket). In comes Elena and tells them that Guille told her something bad is going on at the mine. One of the miners paid the others to work faster and she is afraid something bad will happen. Hugo needs to come to the mine and fix things (uh oh, we know what happens to Hugo in mines and this, of course, could be the repeat event that Dr. Max warned would trigger Soledad’s memories.) Soledad says that she will go to the mine with Hugo. (You can see people being vaccinated anytime).

Lucas goes to Manrique (really bad move) to borrow money on the house. Manrique says that he can only give Lucas 50% percent of the house’s value. Lucas argues for more saying the house was a gift from Ester’s aunt as if that would make a difference. But, of course, it gives Manrique the opportunity to say that the previous owner of the house was Jeremias de Montenegro. (What, Lucas the businessman can't figure out what a deed says? No wonder his business dealings are so unsucessful if he's that careless.)

At the mine, the engineer tells Hugo about what Arturo’s man has done. The workers won’t listen to him or to Jose. Hugo says that he will talk to them. Boris says that Hugo can’t go into the mine but Hugo tells him that he has to and he tells Boris to bring Arturo to the mine. (Good move Hugo, send Boris away.) Soledad asks him to be careful and he kisses her and says that he will. Besides Soledad, Elena and Aurora I, Jose’s daughter are Outside the mine. Guillermo comes staggering out of the mine saying that things are bad down there. The engineer then says that if the work doesn’t stop there will be a tragedy. (You can see what’s coming.) Aurora I runs into the mine looking for her father and of course, Soledad follows. Jose turns up and takes the little girl out. Soledad calls Alcides/Hugo and he appears looking a little woozy. The mine starts to collapse.

Hugo collapses too, telling Soledad that she has to get out of the mine as soon as she can. “Save yourself,” he repeats and Soledad remembers Hugo’s voice in her mind when she was in the mine with Hugo and Alcides. He tries to get her to leave and she tries to help him up but she can’t support him and he falls again as does the mine around them.

Meanwhile, outside the mine, men are running around. Guille wants to go in and help Hugo but Elena thinks it is too dangerous.

Paquito makes Eloisa give him the envelope from France. He deduces that Hugo is alive and is pretending to be Alcides. They’re twins. He tries but can’t quite identify the drawing of the person in the grave. Eloisa remembers that Alcides claimed to have seen Hugo at his window at the Hacienda. Paquito guesses that Hugo came back to get revenge on Alcides. After the mine explosion, he came back again and took Alcides’ identity to be with Soledad. Paquito says he needs more details and he and Eloisa run out.

Manrique says that the documents say that Jeremias built the house and transferred title to Ester. Lucas and Jeremias were friends. Didn’t Lucas know about this? Lucas says that he knew but he didn’t know that the documents spelled it out. Manrique is ready to lend Lucas money but now Lucas doesn’t want to mortgage the house. At this moment, a boy runs into the tavern saying that mine has collapsed and that Alcides and his wife are trapped inside. Lucas runs off to the mine to help Soledad.

In the mine, Hugo and Soledad are unconscious. Hugo wakes up. He tries to get Soledad to wake up. He calls for help. Soledad wakes up and amazingly her boobs have not popped out of that dress she has on. (Why is she always wearing these off the shoulder things when she is trapped in burning huts or mines?) Soledad sees that Hugo is pale and is having trouble breathing. He says that he can’t tolerate being trapped in enclosed places. Flashback to Alcides telling her this about Hugo. “That’s strange,” says Soledad. “What is strange?” gasps Hugo. “You say that you can’t tolerate being trapped in enclosed spaces. It was Hugo that couldn't be in a place like this, Alcides.” Hugo tells Soledad to escape by the underground river but he can’t go with her. He can’t move. Hugo says that he doesn’t feel well. Soledad tries to help him with positive visualization of an open space with lots of trees and air.

Outside the mine, Arturo’s guy is saying the collapse is the curse of the Medinas again but Guille and Jose respond that it was the accelerated pace of work that caused the collapse. Boris shows up and possible rescue attempts are discussed. It is decided that Guillermo will go down an air duct and Jose will help.

Paquito and Eloisa are pursuing their investigations at the cemetery. The cemetery guard identifies the drawing as Miguel, the missing gravedigger. Paquito says that he will use this information to get money out of Hugo.

Arturo scolds his mole for being so obvious in giving out the money. The guy says he couldn’t help it. When they saw the money, everybody wanted some. Arturo tells him to keep his mouth shut or he will die. He tells him to go and slow down the rescue as much as possible. Arturo wants Alcides/Hugo and Soledad to die in the mine.

Lucas wants to help the rescue (now there’s a thought!) but Antonia and Dr. Max show up and prevent him from going into the mine. Boris promises him that he will get Soledad out as soon as possible. Dr. Max says he will be waiting in case Boris needs him.

Ester tells Rebeca that if Lucas mortgages the house to invest in the mine, he will find out the truth.

In the mine:
H: You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t be here with me. Aren’t you afraid of death? Aren’t you afraid to leave our daughter alone?
S: We’re not going to die. We’ll get out of here alive, Alcides. I’m completely sure that we’ll get out of here. Are you all right? You are so cold. You look pale. How do you feel?
H: I feel much better because you are here with me.
S: This is exactly what happened to you that day, right? When you were in that cell, right? It’s because you can’t tolerate enclosed spaces?
Hugo nods slightly and a tear rolls down his cheek.
S: (thinks) It can’t be! Hugo.

The credits roll.

Children, I have to go out of town tomorrow night. I hope that I can do the summary for tomorrow’s episode on Friday afternoon but I’m not sure I will have enough time. I will post it as soon as I can.


Fuego, Episode #3: In Which Televisa has turned "Rodrigo" into Mighty Joe Young, among other beasts...

Buenas noches a todos. Hello everyone. My name is Nicolás (Nick) and I am your Wednesday-night Fuego en la Sangre recapper. I am happy to be a part of the exciting Caray Caray recapping staff.

We start the evening with scenes from yesterday’s episode. We know that Libia confronts her brothers with the fact that she is pregnant with Bernardo’s child. Bernardo’s death is provoked by Fernando, and Libia shows up at Bernardo’s ranch, telling everyone that she is carrying Bernie’s baby. Then, tragically, Fernando stalks Libia to Bernie’s and her waterfall where Fernando beats her to death. This telenovela re-played twelve minutes of yesterday’s episode!

We see the Reyes brothers struggling with Juan. Apparently he has a supernatural bond to Libia and feels the pain that she feels as she is being beaten to death by Fernando. The brothers then decide to go inside.

At the ranch, we see the three sisters. They doubt that Libia is the lover of their father and couldn’t possibly be carrying their father’s baby. Sofía says that she can’t judge someone who can’t defend herself. She is sure that her father wasn’t happy and that he was always arguing with their mom. Gabriela wants to talk to the girls in the study.

“No more crying! Mourning for your father stops now!” “What do you mean stop mourning?” Mom says: “Can’t you understand the shame that I am feeling? I know your father didn’t betray me. He just met Libia, told her that he loved her, and promised to marry her. Surely it stopped there. He wouldn’t have abandoned me for that piece of rubbish. But anyway, he made me feel the most ashamed in all of my life. I will continue to be a great Señora and no one will be able to reproach me for doing so. Therefore, all of the crying and mourning will stop now.” Sarita says: “Mom, don’t you think you’re asking too much from us?” Sofí says, “Mom, don’t think that we’re going to lock up our feelings for dad just like you lock us up. We’re going to keep flying like dad wanted us to. She storms out. Mom says: “Don’t think that you two are going to follow your sister’s actions.” “Well, I hope you don’t regret this decision” says Jimena. “Ah, Sarita, one day you will understand” says Gabriela.

At the bakery/house, Juan is pacing and cursing. “I’m not calming down until she gets home.” “Don’t worry about Juan,” says Oscar, “you know that he gets like this when he explodes with anger.”

In Libia’s bedroom: “What did I do wrong, mom?” He picks up Libia’s doll and says a prayer for not being the brother that Libia needed. “What did I do wrong?” he asks. “Well, whatever happens, just bring her back to me. That’s all I ask. Do we have a deal?”

Gabriela is throwing a temper tantrum because Libia is having Bernardo’s baby, that is, was having until Fernando killed her. And that means half of the family fortune goes to the “bastard.” In her rage, Gabby sees Libia in the mirror and breaks the mirror with a mug. “The mourning is over! You have left my life forever Bernardo!”

Juan is out in the rain again. How did they find plastic coverings for those hats? I didn’t think that anyone serious even wore those things nowadays.

Sofía is crying over her father’s coffin and thanks Eva for everything that she does for her, especially for saving her from Fernando all those times. “Well, it hurts me to see you suffer. That’s why I want you to rest and stop thinking about your father’s death.”

Fernando is in the bedroom as Sofía and Eva enter; he is holding the medallion of the now dead Libia and locks it away in his safe. “What are you putting in the safe?” asks Sofia, “and why did you change?” “Since when do you care about what I do?” asks Fernando. Then she faints a little. Yet, she refused to rest. Fernando leaves so that she can be more comfortable. She embraces Eva.

Juan is still outside wrapped in a ton of blankets. Here come the police with bad news... They found Libia’s body in the lagoon. The brothers are in disbelief and Juan explodes at the police officers. The brothers then hold Juan down to the ground like a wild animal being put down to death. “She’s not dead, she’s not dead…”

The next day…

We are at Bernardo’s funeral in the Church. Then Agustin says this poem/prayer to God, basically saying that he would love God no matter what (he just made it sound better with elegant rhyme schemes). The people sing… Jimena remembers the time that dad taught her how to drive, the time he gave her a necklace. Sarita remembers the time that Bernie taught her how to ride a horse, and did a magic trick. Sofia remembers when dad gave her a bracelet and a charm as they sat on a wall. Sofia is sobbing over her father’s coffin as the people sing.

The Reyes brothers run down the hills to the lagoon where they find Libia’s body. Question: If the police knew about the body last night, why did they just leave it there for someone else to find? Juan picks up Libia in his arms and looks for signs of life… “We better get going” says the “police guy,” “…we have a suicide investigation to start.” “No, this was not a suicide” says Juan. “Are you sure?” asks the police man. “No, she wouldn’t do that, she had a baby on the way. WAAAAAAAAAAA!” roars Juan. “Why?” All the brothers are on their knees crying.

We’re back at the ranch where everyone is returning from the Church. Grandpa asks why Gabby is in her street clothes. “Shouldn’t she be in her mourning getup?” “I don’t have to explain anything to you dad! Fernando, come with me.”

In the study: “Well, I can’t handle this stuff that used to me my… uh… Bernie’s, so I’m leaving it to you. You’re now the man of the house. So, without further ado, let’s go and get this notarized-just so everything’s legal.” Fernando smirks. “Also, just so we can all live in peace, I want to ask you to put my father in an asylum because I hate him and I can’t stand him. I want him to leave and never come back.” “Well sure ma’am, anything you say (now that I’m the boss).”
In the living room are the sisters, Eva, and grandpa. He suspects that the girl who came last night was telling the truth. “Yeah right gramps!” says Sarita, and stomps out. “Poor Sarita, she’s looking more and more like her mother every day. Luckily we can still change her back to a good person.” Everybody went to rest except Sofia and gramps. They’re both convinced that Libia and Bernie loved each other for real. She could tell by the way she spoke his name and suffered so.

At the bakery: “How did we go wrong Oscar?” asks Franco. “Well, I just hope she’s in heaven” says Oscar.

Juan is on his horse looking for Libia. He’s gone crazy.

So there’s a funeral at the bakery and everyone from town is there. The bros are convinced that Bernie killed their sister. “But how?!” asks the flower woman. “Bernie’s dead!” “But where’s Juan so we can tell him?” He’s with Libia in her room. He likes rubbing her dead body. “Why’d you go sis? Why’d you leave us? What happened? Oh my god! I would give my life to know what happened. Well what am I saying? I’m with you aren’t I? Everything’s gonna be A-OK. Remember when you were little and you got scared, and how I helped you, and read to you and sang to you?” He starts to sing to her about not wanting to loose her and so on and so forth. He then puts her in the bed and tells her not to be afraid of the dark. “I’ll never let anyone get near Libia.” He throws everything in front of the door and then holds Libia in the corner of the room. So Televisa has turned Rodrigo into Mighty Joe Young, interesting… “I’ll kill you if you touch her” says Juan to Oscar. Everyone is crying. “Remember, she’s afraid of the dark.” Franco sneaks Libia out the door when Juan is telling Oscar this. Then they hold each other and cry. Wow…

Back at the Ranch, Sofia and Gabby are talking. “Sofia, I want you to know that I’m not as bad as you think I am. Put yourself in my place. I’m suffering a lot because my husband left me and he’s having a baby with some girl. For once in your life, try to understand me.” “Well, of course I understand you.” “Thanks. You can go.” “Mom, I would like to talk to you about more things, get close to you, ya know?” “No! I got things to do! Go away!” “Yes mother, whatever you say.”

Back at Libia’s funeral, Juan has surprisingly come to his senses and is spick and span. He is going to take her to her grave and no one else. “No. All three of us will go” say the other two.

So, the three bros are carrying Libia’s coffin around the waterfall and take it inside a cave to burry it.

At the ranch, Fernando has the nice people from the “home” take gramps in. “No. I’m not goin’ nowhere.” “Listen, gramps, I’m taking you to a better place.” “No!” He holds a small, fake shot gun up. “You all can go live in a crazy man’s puddle. I ain’t goin’ no where now how.” The entire time Gabby is watching. The men start to take gramps off but they don’t get far. “You don’t convince me Fernando” he says. Out walks Gabriela. “Hey, dad, its okay, they’re taking you to a place where they will take care of you, it’ll be fun.” “No. You just want to get rid of me.” “What is going on?” ask Sofia and her sisters. “They’re tying to put me in an asylum.” “Why mom?” “Don’t get in the way.” “You’re not taking him anywhere!” “Don’t try to get in the way. I’m the woman of this house.” “Well, if you send him away, I go with him.” “Just look what you are doing to your sisters.” “No, this is your father. Just hope that we don’t send you off to one of these places one day.” “Hey, don’t talk to your mom that way!” says Fernando. “If he goes, I go.” “Well, you girls win.” “Ah, thanks girls, ya saved me. But just be careful with the holy inquisition.” Everyone laughs…

In the office… “I’m sorry ma’am. Sofia and I can’t keep living here. You and Sofia are always arguing and I can’t take it.” “Oh no, don’t go Fernando. We’ll build a nice place for the two of you to live in this here compound, all by yourselves. You’re my only help, the only one on my side…don’t leave me!”

Back in the cave, Juan and the bros are digging a grave, and in their good clothes too! It was tough work, but not too bad, they aren’t sweating. Then they get a bunch of thorny rope and wring it around their hands until they bleed and leave it there, swearing to avenge Libia’s death and to destroy whoever killed her.

Tomorrow: The brothers decide to act out their vengeance by looking for the Elizondo sisters at their ranch…


La Traición, Tue., April 29 - Bye Bye Vlad, Jeremias and Enrico; Alcides transforms from broke loser to rich, martial arts guy

We continue the transition to the new characters and plot so there are only token appearances by Hugo and Soledad.

In the cave, Alcides tells Vlad that he must be confused. There’s no treasure in the Obragon house. Alcides knows it well. “Besides,” says Alcides, “they’re broke. I’ve helped them several times.” Vlad says that built the house for Jeremias. He never met the man but he built a secret vault in the house for the treasure.

Paquito comes into see Rebeca. He is angry. He tells her never to speak to him that way in front of Eloisa again. Rebeca says, “How dare you defend her?” Paquito says that Rebeca’s problem is jealousy. Rebeca says that she doesn’t believe that. She knows that Eloisa is the only one he’s interested in. But I guess sloppy seconds are ok because she launches herself on Paquito.

On the train to San Marino, Michelle tells Andres that she is so happy that she is cured. Even if Daniel doesn’t believe it, she knows it’s true. Now all they have to do is find Daddy Chirac’s notebooks and prove it. The best thing about being cured is that she can find love, have a family, etc. Andres says that they are like siblings (I bet he wants more) and he likes to see the sparkle in her eyes, etc. She asks if Andres has brought their weapons and he says of course, together they are invincible.

Alcides asks Vlad how much money he is talking about. Vlad says he likes that Alcides is ambitious. The contractors who built the house knew they had to kill him to keep the secret. They tried. That’s why he had to get out of town. (Why didn’t the contractors just steal the treasure, then?) Alcides chuckles at the thought of all the rough economic times that the Obragons have lived through without ever knowing that there was a treasure in their house.

Ester tells Lucas that Antonia is at Dr. Max’s. He wants to go get her but Ester says that she isn’t coming back to this house. Ester says that Antonia came to take of Soledad. Soledad doesn’t live here anymore and now Ester doesn’t want her to continue living with them. Lucas is impactado.

Antonia thanks Dr. Max for all he has done for her. Dr. Max says that Los Burque are waiting to take her to the convent. (ok, I misunderstood yesterday when Antonia said that it was too late to go to the convent, she meant too late in the evening. That’s where she still wants to go – but it appears to be the same night.) Anyway, a woman brings in a man who has been shot and Antonia goes back inside to help and Dr. Max shrugs his shoulders and follows. Dr. Max is impressed with Antonia’s medical skills. He asks her to be his assistant. She says that she wants to go to the convent. He says that she will just waste her time there praying. Dr. Max says that he is spending his time studying Aurora’s disease. Antonia replies that she could never live alone with a man. "Fine," says Dr. Max, "if you don't trust me, go to the convent." Antonia hesitates.

Paquito tells Rebeca not to worry about Eloisa. He loves Eloisa but he lusts after Rebeca. Some lust ensues when suddenly Eloisa walks in on them. She is impactada!! The confrontation between Rebeca, Paquito and Eloisa is loud and involves a lot of slapping. At the end, Rebeca orders Eloisa out of her house. (Oh no, I can guess where she's going to go.)

In of the few scenes with Soledad and Hugo, Soledad tells Ursula (again) that she has to stay with Alcides to help her daughter. Boris tells Hugo (again) that the PoV will be very hard on him. Hugo says that he is going against his beliefs and principles. He can't stop the pain he feels inside him. That they both feel. He can't.

Margot staggers back into the tavern babbling about the "la muerta" (the dead woman). She attacks Manrique and he says that she is crazy. Margot tells everyone in the tavern that she isn't crazy. Dr. Max has a dead woman floating in green liquid in a cabinet. Guillermo and Elena come in and try to make everyone believe that Margot is drunk or crazy or both. Omar fires Margot. She begs him to give her another chance. She has a son. Elena thinks Guillermo is the father but he denies it.

Vlad tells Alcides that all he is looking for is an honorable man who can walk the streets of San Marino without any problems. (boy, has he got the wrong person!). Alcides says that he is an upright person. No one would suspect him. (He doesn't mention the slight complication of the fact that has an identical twin and that presumably everybody thinks he's dead.) Vlad says that Alcides has to learn to defend himself. He never knows when he will be attacked by his enemies. If Alcides does what he is asked, Vlad offers him half the treasure. "Deal," says Alcides.

Antonia tells Lucas that she has decided to stay with Dr. Max.

Vlad teaches Alcides martial arts and meditation on a moonlit cliff while a Red-tailed Hawk calls in the background. Then he learns to walk on red-hot coals and shoot watermelons. Finally, Vlad says Alcides is ready to return to San Marino. He shows Alcides the lucky talisman that he wears around his neck. It looks like a piece of amber (and hardly seems in the style of the jewelry from the rest of the novela). It is his only souvenir from the war. Vlad tells Alcides how to find the treasure and says that he needs to leave right away. Vlad thinks that the treasure might be found by others soon. Vlad warns Alcides not to betray him or he will kill Soledad. Alcides say that they made a deal like gentlemen and he'll keep his word. (If this is the old Alcides, we know that won't happen. We'll see.)

The train is still approaching San Marino. Daniel tells Michelle and Andres that they have to be careful. The city is very dangerous. His father was killed there underneath a train (well, not exactly. He was killed in the train station but not near a train.) Daniel says that besides helping the little girl, he wants to find his father's murderer. Andres and Michelle say that they are able to take care of themselves.

Max studies old Dr. Chirac's writings for a clue to something that will help his Eva. Antonia overhears and asks, "Who's Eva?" Dr. Max asks if she is spying on him. Antonia answers that she was only cleaning up the mess. Dr. Max doesn't want Antonia messing with his stuff and she's especially not to go in his bedroom. (You may have gotten more than you bargained for in Antonia, Dr. Max.)

Los Burque want to help Margot. Guillermo offers Elena as a temporary replacement waitress to Omar. He agrees is Guillermo will go back to playing the violin. There is much silliness in the tavern. Margot seems to have come to terms with what she saw. She goes back to the tavern and leaves the diminutive duo with a big bill for the damages they caused in the tavern. Guillermo has an idea of how to get the money. He will work in the mine.

Hugo goes to see Soledad and thinks how much he wants to tell her that he is Hugo. Soledad thinks how much Alcides looks at her like Hugo.

Rebeca tells Lucas that he found Ester crying in front of Jeremias' tomb. Lucas doesn't believe it. Rebeca suggests that Lucas keeps his eyes open. Ester could have been Jeremias' lover and Soledad could be his daughter. Later, in the orchid garden, Lucas asks Enrico if Ester and Jeremias were more than friends. Ester overhears. She comes out of the bushes before Enrico can answer and asks Lucas how he can think such a thing. Lucas says that her behavior has always given him doubts. Ester says Lucas is always so drunk he doesn't know what he is talking about. She tells Enrico to beat it and suggests that Lucas leave as well. (Their reconciliation didn't last too long.) Lucas refuses and says that he isn't going to be the loser he has been for his whole life. He will conquer his alcohol problem. Ester is not convinced.

Jeremias, the world's most useless ghost, tells Enrico that something terrible is going to happen. The treasure is going to be stolen. To prevent this, Jeremias will tell Enrico where the treasure is. His punishment for doing this is that Enrico will never see him again. He tells Enrico where the map is hidden in his bed. Enrico finds it and Jeremias disappears in a puff of smoke.

Alcides arrives in town and sees Hugo walking with Soledad. He vows that he will get Soledad back and he will never be separated from her again. He will see his brother begging him for food. Hugo has no idea what is in store for him.

Arturo is in the tavern. He hires two lowlife mine workers to keep him informed about what is going on in the mine and when the vein of gold is found, he wants them to steal all they can. They agree.

Soledad tells Hugo that she is going to start converting the house into a hospital. She wants it to look nice so that wealthy people will make donations. Hugo says that cleaning and painting is not the job for a Society lady. He will send some workers to help her. Soledad doesn't want this but Hugo insists and she leaves, annoyed. Boris says that Soledad seems very confident about her hospital project. Marina has to say that she is only paying for her sins. She says that Soledad is incapable of such kindness. Boris tells Marina to keep her opinions to herself.

Alcides approaches the Obragon house, opens a padlock and finds the treasure. (Wow, that was easy. He didn’t even have to dig up anything.) The treasure is much more than he expected (it kind of looks like the treasure in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie). Alcides says that even if has to share with Vlad or 10 men like Vlad, he will still be incredibly rich. He can get Soledad back with all this. Enrico comes into the vault. Alcides hides. Enrico says that now he is rich but Alcides gives him the Vulcan nerve pinch and says that he's come too late.

Alcides drives a wagon full of treasure back to Vlad's (I guess he was going to keep his part of the bargain) but he's too late. Vlad has been hung and a bunch of guys with guns are there. Martial arts master Alcides kills them all. It looks like Enrico gets killed as well. Alcides takes off his Medina jewelry and puts on Vlad's talisman, which didn't do Vlad very much good. He thanks Vlad for not only saving his life but making him a man, a very rich man for which he will always be eternally grateful. The credits roll.


Yo Amo A Juan, Tues, 4/29: Nidia's suitors fight, Don Lorenzo thanks Juan, and Fern makes a proposal

La familia Cachon has gone to a nightclub, with Juan bringing along Professor Lorenzo to raise his spirits. Nidia takes an instant liking to the professor.

Kike and Yadi remember the good times in their courtship. Kike helpfully reminds Yadi that the good times ended before they got married. But he wants to start Kike and Yadi, Part 2. She wants to take it more slowly and let things take their natural course.

The professort steps away from their table, grabbing the railing for balance. Marely scolds her mom for coming on so strong. Nidia denies any wrongdoing, but she can't help herself, she always falls for the intellectual types!

Marely and Yadi go to powder their noses. Yadi chides Marely for griping about Nidia's behavior. Yadi tells Marely she should concentrate more on making something happen with her and Juan.

Juan is starting to get nervous as he sees how much the professor is drinking -- and the interest he and Nidia are showing in each other!

Nacho calls Delirio at the house, asking after Yadi. She hasn't come home! Delirio counsels Nacho about life with a Cachon woman: cynicism, not honoring their conjugal duties, etc. He should know!

The Cachi-cachi theme starts up. Juan asks Marely to dance and tells her that, just for tonight, he only has eyes for her, Yadi, and Nidia. Marely bugs him about the woman he's dating and Juan squirms. Who is she?

Paula is asleep at home. She dreams of Juan all over another woman, embracing this stranger and looking up to cackle at Paula. Beyond Juan are CL and his twin, looking on. Paula wakes up horrified. What a nightmare!

Paula's mom, as always, counsels her to drink tea and try to rest. Paula's been through a lot. But Paula can't rest, she'll never sleep and things are falling apart at work. They need to find a new VP of Administration. Only then will Paula be able tell Juan how she feels about him.

Bros Angarita and Pastor are outside a nightclub. We hear the Cachi theme. Anga is not sure about this but Pastor convinces him to go in. You can't have a conversation in a place like this! They sit down at a table, Anga gripes at the waiter, but then they agree to order drinks. Just then, across the dance floor Anga sees his Nidia Estella dancing with another man!

Juan and company see Anga, who comes over to greet them. What a small world! Juan and everyone try to distract Anga and prevent him from seeing Nidia, but it is too late.

Nidia and her man return to the table. Anga greets Nidia and asks if she is going to introduce the prof. Anga demands that Nidia comes with him to talk, but she refuses. She's having fun! She and the prof head out to dance and Nidia tells him that Anga is a little crazy.

Anga, standing behind Nidia tries to get her to come with him. The prof is able to use his words without slurring and tell Anga to respect the lady. Anga calls the prof a bookworm and other insults. They threaten each other and Anga's ready to fight. Juan, Pastor, and the crew run to try to stop it, but the senior men are going at it!

Later, the Cachon ladies return to the roost. Marely blames her mom for the drama. Nidia says, it's not drama, but romance!

Juan, Kike, and the happy professor drive home. The prof is ready to party some more, but Juan tells him he's had enough. The prof gushes about how Juan has showed him another way of life, opened new horizons for him. Kike makes a face at the professor's breath.

Marely heads up the stairs and screams. It's Delirio! The man in striped PJ's is heading down the stairs. He rounds up the ladies to demand answers to where they were. Each sister finds a way to get out of the conversation and heads up to bed. Nidia is left staring half blankly at Delirio.

At the Pomposo household, Juan and the prof sneak in. But the lady of the house hears them and sees the bruise on Lorenzo's face. She curses Juan and storms off. The prof makes a mock serious face, but later he is pleading outside the bedroom door for her to let him in.

At Casa Cachon, Delirio decides he's going to sleep alone and denies Nidia's pleas outside the bedroom door. She's going to make a scene and wake the childen! Oh, the innocent children, says Nidia. Delirio opens the door enough to slam a pillow and blanket at Nidia.

Lorenzo sets his blanket and pillow the couch and thanks Juan for showing him another way to live.

It is morning, and the Cachon women are at breakfast. Marely tells her mom not to drink so much coffee. Nidia says she hardly slept at all on the couch, but she brightens up. She has a job interview today! For an executive position at a beauty place. She told them she was under 30. Yadi is thrilled, Marely not so much.

At the hospital, Yvonne wakes to see Fernando asleep on the couch in her room. She coughs to wake him, then says he must not have slept well. He insists he's used to it. She is reluctant to have him making so many sacrifices for her.

Fern tells her she needs someone to take care of her, she can't be alone. She says she's got her aunt. He says, come live with me. Marry me. Yvonne stares at him, her eyes starting to tear up.

*Note: Any similarity to real events is purely coincidental.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fuego April 29 - Episode #2 - People Die

Hello everyone - good to be back after missing the last part of Pasion, I'm still crazy busy but I'm going to try recapping again anyway. Maybe I can keep myself from going on and on and taking forever to write (don't hold your breath I seem compelled to go on and on). I lost my Friday slot since I bailed out for a while, maybe doing something midweek will make me hurry up more.

First of all I missed the beginning of the show, my DVR didn't record the episode. Somehow the guide changed the title of the show to 'To Be Announced' so my series recording didn't pick it up. This has happened more than once. Come on Comcast, make it work! Here's where I came in -

Bernardo is leaving the house, Gabriela says he isn't free to leave, he would have to die first. Wow did anyone miss the sledgehammer foreshadowing there?

The brothers are all dressed nice and Libia shows up, they ask her about Bernardo. They don't like that he is old, and they want to know if he's married. They want to go talk to him but she says he's on the way over. She tells them she's pregnant. After their tirades yesterday, they should have torn down the entire city in rage over this, but now today they are all nice about it. Whatever. I think they are all bi-polar. Well maybe not Franco since he only has one expression, maybe he has been lobotomized. Before accepting her pregnancy Juan cries like a baby himself and wants to know how he failed her. Maybe he didn't explain the birds and the bees, that would have been failing her very specifically to this situation. Bernardo shows up, Libia tells him she's pregnant, he's happy. The brothers ask when they'll get married, Bern says he'll make sure Libia is happy. Notice he didn't say anything about marrying her. The brothers are all too dense to pick up on this.

Gabriela and the sisters are milling around outside their house worrying about where Bernardo is, like he's some mental patient who wandered out of the yard. I'm sure a 60 year old father of three can handle himself out of the house for a couple hours. Jeez. We see him riding his horse, happy as a clam. FeoNando (awesome nickname that I am totally stealing from yesterday's comment thread) drives his SUV across Bernardo's path. They argue, FeoNando says he knows Bern was with his lover.

Eva, back in the house, makes love to Bernardo's coat before finding a picture of Libia with a love note written on the back. She cries about it.

FeoNando and Bernardo argue, Feo says he won't tell on Bernardo, insinuating he can be bought. Bern says, basically, 'screw you' and punches him.

In town (I guess) three drunk guys are hanging around their truck with the radio cranking some stereotypically Mexican music, a lady comes out and calls them drunk (just so we know I guess, thanks for cluing us in) and tells them to get lost. They argue that the street belongs to everyone but then get ready to leave anyway.

Bernardo tells FeoNando that he'll pay him nothing! (Judge Smails - You'll get nothing! And LIKE IT!) Now FeoNando threatens to tell everything, Bernardo gets on his horse to ride away. Feo says you aren't going anywhere and holds the horse's reins. In the scuffle, Bernardo falls off the horse and cracks his head on the only rock for 100 feet in any direction, killing him instantly. Since this is novelaland, Libia drops her glass of water at that moment, feeling 'something' - maybe a great disturbance in the Force? FeoNando and the horse then stare at each other, Feo willing the horse to keep it's mouth shut, the horse giving Feo the stink eye.

Gabriela and the sisters worry some more. The girls want to go look, Gabriela says no. Sofia and Gabriela argue about who has the worse marriage and Sofia throws the rape in her face again and cries some more. Ok they don't get along, we get it. I have to say that Gabriela is Bertha from Heridas all over again, like exactly the same. "poor me I gave everything to you girls" Even three girls, it's the same character! "when I'm gone you'll be sorry!" Um no I don't think so.

Grandpa Augustin is dressed up like Napoleon, looking out an upstairs window, he keeps writing notes in a book. I guess he's crazy.

Libia waits at the waterfall/pool where she made gross love with the old dude before. I think I see Alejandro and Miranda frolicking behind her, this looks like the pool/waterfall where they got freaky back in Heridas. Maybe it's like that one rock formation from an old Star Trek episode that has shown up in like 15 other shows over the years. Yes I'm a huge nerd.

FeoNando puts Bernardo on the horse, then walks the horse. He hears the loud truck with the naco music cranking and the drunks yelling coming up the street, he pushes the horse in front of it. Right before the truck hits it we see what appears to be a completely alive Bernardo (bad stunt work here, you can totally tell the person on the horse is alive in that split second) and then the truck hits the horse. Feo wanders out from behind a bush and blames them for killing Bernardo. How convenient.

FeoNando brings Bernardo's body back to the hacienda, they all have a good cry. Upstairs, crazy grandpa sees it and tells Eva that Bernardo is dead. Eva faints.

Juan, who apparently can only bake topless, works hard. The other two are apparently useless, Juan does all the work. Libia is leaving to go look for Bernardo. Juan wants info on him, phone number, address, Libia doesn't know any of it. Juan gets all macho about it and Libia says fine, if Bernardo ditches me, I'll leave town to spare you the scandal. Juan gets softie, totally against what we've seen of his character so far, and says no he'll always take care of her and the baby.

Bernardo's wake is going on at the Hacienda, lots of black clothes and crying.

Libia sees Hortensia (the lady who ran off the drunks) on the street, just then she sees a newspaper saying in huge 'Kennedy Shot/Pearl Harbor Bombed' 50 point headline saying that Bernardo is dead. She faints.

More crying at the wake, Gabriela is stone-faced.

Libia cries that she wants to see Bernardo, some random guy says he'll take her.

Rosario (ok now this is what has been missing from the shows I've been watching. I prefer a classier version of Jessica Rabbit bodied hot chick, but this is a step up anyway) is in her dressing room practicing her dance moves. Thank you Rosario, please don't stop on my account. Anyway that clown Franco just walks in and kisses her. She gets mad and says he just desires her, doesn't love her, then kicks him out. Then she talks to herself about how she loves him but can't be with him. I guess she kicked him out as a front to get rid of him since FeoNando has some mysterious hold on her. I suppose we'll find out later what that is. As long as it doesn't involve her putting on more clothes, whatever.

Libia shows up at the wake. Big dramatic scene. Everyone wonders who the hell she is, she isn't even wearing black. We also see that Bernardo has a huge-ass bling picture of the Virgin on his casket. She predictably throws herself on the casket, just like a ghetto mother in a gangsta movie, and cries very loudly. Luckily she is very cute and not an ugly crier or the amount of crying she does this episode would be excruciating rather than just annoying. We've all had horrible days, but after a while you just can't keep up the wailing. No matter how bad the day has been, who died, whatever. At some point you just give out and can't keep up the screaming. Anyway Gabriela confronts her, Libia says she was Bernardo's fiancee and is having his baby, Gabriela says she is his real wife and tries to throw Libia out. In the lobby Gabriela slaps Libia while FeoNando just stands there and watches. Then FeoNando throws her out, with crazy grandpa saying "wait I want to talk to you!" Outside Eva catches up with Libia and says she believes that she was with Bernardo and is pregnant, but Libia doesn't want to hear it since Eva didn't help her inside. She continues crying and leaves.

The brothers stand around and worry about where Libia is off to. Man everyone has to report to everyone else on this show about where they are at all times.

Libia finds Hortensia again and cries some more, then accuses Hortensia of not telling her the truth about Bernardo. I guess Hortensia knew they were together?

The brothers put on their huge sombreros and ride around looking for Libia. It starts raining.

FeoNando and Gabriela discuss Libia. Gabriela is only concerned about scandal and says this bastard baby will get half of the family fortune. FeoNando immediately says no way and quickly leaves the room. Gee I wonder where he is off to. Gabriela looks at a picture of Bernardo and curses him and throws her wine glass at the picture.

The brothers have managed to find rain ponchos but not their sister.

Libia is at the waterfall/pool again and sitll loudly wailing. Now she is mad at Bernardo and is yelling at him. Some guy suddenly grabs her, we see soon enough that it's FeoNando (big surprise), he grabs the necklace off of her. They struggle in the water, then he conks her on the head with a comically big stick and then drowns her. Again, since we are in novelaland, Juan has what feels like a heart attack at that moment. Uh Oh. I need to find a recording of Alec Guiness saying he feels 'a great disturbance in the Force' for every time this happens.

Tomorrow - no idea, since the entire teaser just recapped what already happened today. All I know is that it will involve brothers with poor anger management skills wearing sombreros and riding horses. I'm sure there will also be yelling and crying.


04/29/30 "Here is to Hoping Flor's Father Kills Al"

Otra vez, they break up…but hey what about that make up?
Oh Al, who knew you could replace your evil father in name only father on my list of Rat Bastards?
Oh Al, I feel I must critique your sad little shallow personality, for while other evil doers (did I say evil doers?, feel free to say it out loud in your best George W. voice); know they are doing evil, ie. Uncle Damien, Andrea, Consti. You are blinded by your incredible boyish grin and flowing golden locks.

Al is planning a hook-up with Flor & her sister, no not a threesome…yet
He has included Bobby alias, Al as we are involved in a whole lame ass script of useless subtext. Anyhow, to make a long story short and a bit less bearable, Al posed as the MajorDomo, the other night when Flor and parents came to the Belemonte Anniversary Party. Al had met Flor earlier, by an pond. Yeah, I know, they both lamented broken hearts. Now I know this is hard to believe, but in the world of Mexico City, which defies all natural rules of physics; you are guaranteed to meet any random person and to run into to them 24 hours later in totally different coordinates in Mexico City. What can this be? Ah I believe it is the natural influx of Aztec spiritness combined with the pulsating power of the Basilica. This must be true or how could it happen over and over and over.
Anyway he was posing as the Majordomo and Flor thought he was a servant, so then Al has Bobby pose as Al.

Mili is in the kitchen talking to her posse. She is telling them how thrilled Big Al is going to be once he finds out she is going back to school. She runs off to tell him.
Meanwhile, Bobby gate-mouth, is telling Val how, he and Al have dinner with the sisters. Al is enamoured with the new girl. Mili overhears and clutches her hand to her mouth.

Mili goes to the kitchen and rants somemore about what a RatBastard Al is.

Al is upstairs doing what Al does best, grinning in front of the mirror. Mili knocks at the door and Al is very short with her. She asks where he is going and of course he lies. He says that he and Bobby are off to an evening of sports, like a sports bar. Bobby comes in and Al tries to get him to cover, but Bobby is clueless and the boys skip out, well not skip but kind of a stilted Nazi march. Mili is left to cry and stare at the picture, Al has on his desk. I bet you thought it was a picture of Mili, yeah I fell for it too. No it is a big ol 5x7 of whom else? Al of course. Now you knew that AssHat would have a big ole picture of himself on his desk.

So Al and Bobby arrive at the home of the “Fresh Meat” sisters, oh please snowballs have more chance in hell than Bobby does of scoring.

Flor calls her Dad to come and have dinner with them. Al is like, OH NO. Did I forget to mention, that Pa knows Al is Al cause he meet him over at the Empresa of No Business. Anyway, Bobby cooks up this story that he being the big business guy has three more meetings. Bobby takes off, but Flor won’t let Al leave. So Al goes to the bano. I’m thinking maybe he is going to climb out the window or something. Pa arrives and after a really awkward long time, Pa starts saying maybe Al died in the bathroom.
Please Pa, you’ve only been involved in this a couple of episodes, why should you be so lucky. Finally Al comes out of the bathroom and Flor introduces Agripto (I’m not sure if that name is exactly right), but close. Agripto is the fake name Al has been using. The father raises an eyebrow, but doesn’t drop the dime on Al. No doubt, another person struck by the boyish smile and golden locks. Finally the sister takes off and Flor leaves the room.

Pa and Al chat. Al tells yet another lie, but looking all boyish and batting his eyelashes, Al is rich and he wanted to make sure Flor, adored him for his attributes and not his money. Pa says he understands, but if Al screws with Flor, there will be no mercy. He pulls out an enormous gun to get the point across.

Meanwhile, Val is at the Rodeo, where she has agreed to help out Rocky, due to the fact that he bought her an expensive necklace to prove his undying love and she threw it out the car window. So she is turning up her nose working at Taco Naco. Her two buddies come in and she hides. Rocky leaves to dance with them. Val is jealous and goes to see what is going on. Val pulls both girls off Rocky and when everyone says she is jealous, she runs off. (Really these two are my new crush, they are so refreshing after Mili & Al, and Mili & Hugo, and Al & Andrea, Al & Pilar, Al & Flor and last but not least Al & Al.

At some point Luci was having drinks with Damian & he told her he really isn’t sick, So good times to put the screws to Consti.

Now a commercial and come back in the room and Al is leaving Flor’s but she is wearing a nightgown. I am having a total Que the Hell, moment. She is all kissing and groping Al. Does this mean they did the deed? I am so not sure.

Next thing we see Andrea & Consti at the office. So I am even more confused, did Al spend the night?

Consti tells Andrea that Damian is dying. Andrea is skeptical, but Consti says he talked to the doctor and yes indeed, Damian is a mere toe tag away from the big marble slab.
Andrea is concerned is it contagious? Damien comes in and is coughing all over each and every surface in the office. Andrea leaves. Damien continues to hack and cough. He needs some money and Consti is only too happy to give it to him. Damien keeps making all these jokes, and Consti is tearing up, cause well Damien has no idea he is not long for this world. BWWWAAAAHAAAA, Consti, fooled again.

Rocky brings Val a lemonade out to the pool, she won’t let him get within two meters of her. When he walks away, she lusts after him.

Mili goes in to talk to Al, who is now in his bedroom and still wearing the same clothes I think. She tells him she is going to school, and Al just blows her off. He said they had many more problems than that and they are no longer a couple. Mili, tries to make nice, but Al won’t play. Mili says well they can be friends. Al says okay let’s kiss on it. Al grabs her and gives her the famous Al, tongue hockey probe. Mili softens and says, is that how you kiss your friends. Yeah just friends and he walks out on her.

Now Flor arrives at the door, asking for the MajorDomo, Gloves keeps saying he is the MajorDomo and has been for twenty years. Val wanders in and Luci is there. Another knock at the door and it is Bobby, who has to confess he is not Al.

Finally, Al comes down the steps and Flor makes a huge show of forgiving him for his little joke. Al is just such an Ass. They announce they are girlfriend and boyfriend. Does this guy never just date? He is constantly getting set-up to get married. Really now don’t you think Pilar had a bit of a right to be pissed? Al, know we know he is going to break lil Flor’s heart, Geez it is always about him.

Mili is standing on the steps, for once she is very quiet. Luci sees her and questions what she doing? Mili just mutters. Flor says who is that. Al loudly says, “Carlitos, un Amigo”. At this point, Al you broke my heart.

That was totally the moment Al jumped to the head of the RatBastard list for me. Always the gentleman.

Mili goes to kitchen and tells, her posse what happened, she is off for the comfort of St. Deceptions.

Al comes in looking for her asks where she is. Gloria yells at him and he leaves.

Mili is all depressed at the church and the good Padre tries to cheer her up with some futbol, but alas futbol won’t cure a broken heart.

Flor and AssHat Al, flutter through the garden, where she forgives him for his lies. Of course she forgave him. They are now an item. Flor tries the be gentle with my heart. Al is like of course. She asks him if she is the only woman in his life and he uses his super joven powers to say yes. Flor is a goner.

Luci is all excited and tells Consti that Al may marry Flor. Consti says, crap, have you ever watched the Sopranos? Cause Flor’s Pa is Tony Soprano with a bigger gun.

Consti later actually warns Al, which surprised me as I’d of given him my blessing and bought Flor’s Pa a big ol box of Hollow Points.

On the upside, Val comes out and Rocky is washing the car, shirtless, she tells him to put his shirt on, but Rocky says it is too hot. Val starts toweling him off. That was the one redeeming scene, except for Damien hacking fake disease all over Consti.

Oh I forgot with the little voice of Andrea in his ear and seeing Luci gleefully cutting flowers, Consti is now rethinking Damien’s deathwatch.

This episode made me hate myself, I actually felt a rightous pang of man-hate when Al did his Carlitos quip. So at this point Al is dead to me, I will not fall victim to his boyish charm or golden locks. Al feels perfectly justified in his actions, well really Mili is better off, they had one thing in common, her virginity…him wanting it and her holding out. My favorite suggestion for Miss Garcia’s eight grade class…is someone slipping Al some serious ecstasy in a drink and he is discovered two hours later, nude staring at himself in a mirror.


Pasion cast on Cristina

I half-watched this, but had a lot of difficulty following it, especially since I was supposed to be doing the Fuego recap at the same time. Here's what I was able to catch - hopefully you guys can fill in the rest:
  • I couldn't help noticing that Fernando Colunga smiles a lot more in real life, and a lot more broadly, than Ricardo ever did!

  • There was a segment about what a great kisser Colunga is, and a brief montage of him kissing previous costars and them endorsing his kissing skills.

  • Colunga likes extreme sports.

  • Susanna Gonzales (Camila) had to wear a flesh-colored bodysuit for the love scenes... and with each love scene being more revealing than the one before it, they had to cut away more and more of the suit, until finally it was practically falling apart.

  • Daniela Castro (Liz), who sang on the Cristina show maybe ten years ago, did a lot of talking... she strikes me as extremely chatty, but likable. Gonzales said that Castro doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

  • Castro talked about - among many other things - how great motherhood is. She also revealed that Colunga has a thing for cucumbers. He eats a lot of them and is constantly trying to foist them off on his costars.

  • Castro talked about the rape scene with Lafont. I'm sorry to say that as much as I wanted to understand this, I could not follow it. I don't think she talked about the scene in the carriage or her crawling through the desert.

  • I thought she said something about putting her hand on someone's "miembro," and there was a lot of laughter - apparently she didn't mean it the way it sounded. I don't know what she did mean, though. Sorry.

  • Sadly, Sebastian Rulli (Santi) barely said a thing, and I didn't catch what little he did say. I was out of the room for a while, which was probably whatever time was devoted to him.

  • There was some discussion of how the episodes don't get censored in Mexico, but do get censored in the US. I didn't catch most of what they said about this, unfortunately, but the general tone was that the things you see on TV are tame compared to what happens in real life. (It seems to me that we weren't spared any of the violence, just some of the sex.)


Guapos: Monday 4/28/08- The Cliff Notes Version.

Damien gets the oncologist to agree to give him records of a dying patient in exchange for releasing him from the gambling debts the doctor owes from Damien’s illegal casino. Damien gets Karla in on his plan and he starts to cough in front of the family, telling them he hasn’t felt well in awhile. Karla brings the “delivered” x-rays to Damien. This causes concern from Luci, who insists he call a doctor. Good old Doctor Ruben is summoned and Damien has the doc take a look at the x-rays. The doctor, breaking all HIPPA regulations, fills the family in on Damien’s grave condition, but apparently hasn’t told the patient that he’s dying. The family decides to keep it mum from him. Constancio, at first, wasn’t falling for Damien’s “poor sick little me” routine, but after the doctor’s visit he seems convinced. Connie ends up offering Damien his position back at the company. Karla asks Damien how he’s going to keep up with the ruse. Damien says he’ll recover, but if he needs to have a relapse at some point, he’ll make it happen. Karla wonders what Damien is going to do if someone catches on to his little game. Damien tells her he’ll cross that bridge when he comes to it.

Hugo leaves with Pilar for Barcelona, but before he goes he gives Mili the painting of her and he has a tender good-bye with his father (after finding out Damien is “sick”, Val suggests they get Hugo to come back to town).

Bobby dines with Florencia and Marisela. He’s pretending to be Alejandro. He spends the meal extolling the virtues of his majordomo, Agapito. When he gets Mari alone, he pumps her for info on how Flo feels about Al/Agapito. Mari is very willing to spill the beans and Bobby takes this info back to Al. He tells Al to go visit Flo and make a move. Al is hesitant because he still has strong feelings for Mili. Bobby essentially tells him he’ll never know if his feelings for Flo are stronger unless he finds out. Al listens and visits Flo, planting a kiss on her when she opens the door. This angers her, and she tells him to go---assuming that all he wants is a romp in the hay. Al tries to explain, but Flo isn’t listening. Late Mari confesses to her sister that she told Bobby/Al that Flo was interested in Al/Agapito---so that would explain why he came a-kissin. Mari asks if Flo liked the kiss and she hems and haws, Mari assumes she liked it. Flo gives Al/Agapito a call and he visits again. Flo gives him another chance, but wants him to go to dinner that night with her, her sister, and his boss. Al agrees. Later Flo invites her father to join them.

Horacio tells Val that the gift from Rocky she tossed was a very expensive necklace. She feels terrible and offers to pay Rocky back for it. He’s insulted that she would offer to repay for a gift, but ends up suggesting she could work the gift off by helping him at Taco Naco. She’s aghast at first, but doesn’t say not on your life.

Mili seeks advice from Socorrito. Soco tells her to accept Connie’s offer to fund her education. Mili says she’s afraid that she’s going to lose Al. Soco assures her that Al adores her. Mili says all she wants is for him to be proud of her. Mili goes to tell Regina she’s going to take Connie up on his offer. Regina is happy. Mili learns from Braulio that Al is out of the house.

Al meets with his papa and tells him that he’s got a lot of things to sort out. Connie agrees to help him, but suggesting they share the job of president. Al says he’s learned a lot from Connie. Connie says he’s noticed Al is maturing and that he’s proud of him. Al gets teary-eyed and the men hug. Connie has his “I’m up to something” look.

Connie tells Regina about Damien’s “illness”. She feels some pity, but can’t help remembering his attack on Mili and how he set up the whole fake grandson thing. Regina has Mili tell Connie that she’s going to accept his help with school. Mili explains why she was hesitant at first—afraid that she’d make him ashamed. He says that no one will ever be ashamed of you, he says he’s full of pride for her. She hugs him and Luci sees this. Later she tries to tell Connie she’s not happy with the whole helping Mili business. Connie tells her he’s going to protect Mili. Luci threatens to reveal Connie’s illegal deeds. He tells her she’d be ratting out on her “dying” brother----oh, Luci didn’t think of that one.

Al convinces Bobby to dine with him and the ladies that evening. Later Bobby is telling Val about the dinner and Mili overhears.

Al goes to the office and ends up getting introduced to Flo’s dad. Damien is there and he makes a ton of inappropriate comments, which make Al seem like a complete womanizer.


La Traición, Mon., April 29 - I'm not happy with the 'Etapa Decisiva'

(I hope they haven't wrecked my favorite novela ever. I hate Michelle. I don't want any other adult to have catalepsy. I hope I'm wrong but I'm not optimistic.)

After Beatriz stabs Alcides, he falls over and she assumes that he’s dead. She turns her back on him and says that she told him to behave and he didn’t so she had to kill him and now he’s going to hell. She plans to bury Alcides, clean herself up and go look for Hugo. He must be concerned about her. Behind her, Alcides manages to pull the knife out of his chest, get on his feet without Beatriz being aware of it. He comes up behind her, grabs her by the hair and says that he has got his memory back. He has realized that his mission in this world is to get Soledad back. She is the love of his life, not her. She’s just in the way. He drags the knife across her throat. She falls. (So what happened when Hugo felt Alcides get stabbed? Did he just think he had heartburn?)

Soledad comes into her room and Ursula tells her that Alcides has sent her some roses. She recalls his accusations of the night before and throws the roses on the floor. She says that Alcides won’t play with her. She won’t let him.

Alcides staggers out of the LNoP, knocking the lamp on the floor as he leaves and setting the place on fire with Beatriz inside. Alcides manages to get on a horse and rides away.

Repeat of the fencing scene from yesterday’s episode. The woman is Michelle and the guy is Andres, her butler. He shows her a newspaper article that says that the daughter of Alcides de Medina has catalepsy. Michelle has the same disease.

Hugo tells Boris that Soledad and her baby are alone and he can’t abandon them. When he looks into Soledad’s eyes he has an immense desire to tell her that he is Hugo, love her and finally live a normal life but that is impossible. He couldn’t live with her full of jealousy and pain over her betrayal.

Michelle has decided to go to San Marino and Andres doesn’t think it is a good idea. She asks him to come with her to help the little girl. Andres says that Michelle's desire to live is so apparent. He will prepare everything. They can leave tomorrow. Michelle asks Andres to go to the telegraph office and see if there is any new of old Dr. Chirac. When he is gone, she looks at the photo of Hugo/Alcides in the paper and says that he is very handsome.

As he crosses the river, Alcides passes out and falls from the horse. A man who has been fishing finds him. The guy decides that he is dead. As the man is walking away, Alcides starts to cough up blood. The man cauterizes Alcides’ wound with gunpowder. He takes Alcides to his cave. (Alcides is back where he started, in a cave). He is delirious and keeps muttering that he has to go to San Marino. The guy says that it is perfect that Alcides is from San Marino. If he saves his life, he can help him with his plans.

Dr. Ortiz tells Ester and Lucas that Antonia’s condition is probably the result of a trauma she suffered in her past. They have no idea. She always lived alone in a cabin and had a very quiet life. Antonia has a traumatic memory of being raped by a fat guy. (First we’ve heard of this, of course. She stopped talking because Ester wouldn’t listen to her accusations against Rebeca.) Sobbing, she curses those who ruined her life and leaves the house.

Andres reports to Michelle that Dr. Chirac was murdered in San Marino, the same place that she wants to go. “Poor, Dr. Chirac,” says Michelle. “he saved my life.” Andres found this out because the much-looked-for young Dr. Chirac is coming to see Michelle this very afternoon. Young Dr. Chirac arrives. Michelle says that she just heard about his father’s death. She has been trying to reach him for months to tell him some important news. Thanks to his father, she has been cured of her catalepsy. Dr. Chirac is impactado.

“You’re saying that he finally found the cure?” he says. “Yes,” she says, “thanks to him, I no longer suffer catalepsy attacks.” Dr. Chirac asks Michelle if she is sure that his father found the cure. Did he tell her that? She says that she was his patient for many years. Old Dr. Chirac did many tests on her. Young Dr. Chirac says that he knows that but his dad never mentioned that he had found the cure. Michelle says that she thinks it has something to do with the blue orchid. “Yes,” says Dr. Chirac, "the Orchid Vivantis. My father was sure that plant held the cure but he hadn’t found the right compound from it that was 100 percent effective before he died."

Alcides wakes up and asks where he is and who the guy is. The guy says that he used to live in San Marino. He fought in the war and then returned there. He is an architect. Some men hired him to build a house. The house was a special project and he didn’t realize this until the end. The house holds a great secret that only he and the men who built it know. There is a wanted poster on the wall of the cave. Alcides says that he is a lawyer and he remembers perfectly that the guy is a fugitive and there is a price on his head. He is the famous murderer, Vladimir Cuencas.

Lucas tells Ester than Antonia has left. We see Antonia waving down a wagon in the forest. Bad choice of a ride. The guys in the wagon try and attack her. She escapes and ends up at Dr. Max’s house. He takes her in but she won’t let him touch her. Dr. Max reminds her that they were partners in the plan to kidnap the baby. She knows him. He leaves her alone.

Michelle tells young Dr. Chirac what happened to her. She had a bad attack of catalepsy. Her butler wasn’t around. She got buried alive. Old Dr. Chirac rescued her and gave her an injection of something. She ran off into the woods where she was almost raped by two guys (there seems to be a lot of that going on here). Her butler rescues her. At the end of this story, young Dr. Chirac says that he is sorry but he isn’t sure that she is cured. Michelle says that she hasn’t had another attack. She is sure that she is cured. Dr. Chirac says that’s great but he has to find his father’s notes and find out what injection he gave her. The notes must be somewhere in San Marino. Michelle urges Dr. Chirac to go to San Marino with them. She shows him the picture of the Hugo/Alcides and the article about the baby with catalepsy. Dr. Chirac recalls that one of his father’s patients was a Hugo de Medina.

Omar, the bar owner, tells Guillermo and Elena that Margot has been acting strangely and saying that she saw a dead woman floating in water in a cabinet. She can’t sleep because of her experience. Moreover, continues Omar, Margot says that the cabinet belonged to Dr. Max. The diminutive duo kidnap Margot to prevent Dr. Max from killing her but she escapes.

Vladimir tells Hugo that he didn’t kill anyone. His enemies made false accusations against him. He says that he was a war hero. He saved his comrades. His enemies wanted to kill him after he built the house. Alcides says that he has to leave but he’s too weak. He tells Vlad that he wants to see his wife, Soledad de Obragon.

Soledad comes to see Dr. Max. He said he hasn’t had time to visit her daughter but he’s been researching catalepsy. Dr. Max tells Soledad that he is glad she showed up because her aunt just turned up in a bad state. Antonia tells Soledad that she won’t go back to her parents’ house or the convent she was going to before. She will stay with Dr. Max.

Eloisa is combing her hair (she looks so much better without her hair pulled back, which makes her look like a lizard) when Arturo comes in. He’s come to see her because she hasn’t come to see him. She claims that she has been depressed because he wedding was canceled. Arturo has exciting news. He’s brought a notary. They can be married right now.

Soledad goes to see Hugo. He asks if she got the flowers he sent her. “The ones I threw out?” she says. “Yes, I got them.” Hugo asks why. Soledad tells him not to be a hypocrite. “What are you talking about?” asks Hugo. Soledad walks out of the room.

Alcides says that he hasn’t seen his wife in a long time and now that’s the only thing he wants. Vlad says that destiny has brought Alcides to him. He will make Alcides his apprentice and teach him martial arts so that no one can defeat him and then he can go to San Marino on a mission for Vlad. “Do I have to kills someone?” asks Alcides. Vlad says that he hopes not. Alcides has to find he secret of the house he built so many years ago. (Vlad doesn’t look old enough to have built a house before or around the time Soledad was born 18 years ago. Ester said that she told Jeremias that he was the father of be baby and he built them the house.) Vlad tells Alcides that the owners of the house he built have the same name as his wife – de Obragon.

Vlad asks Alcides to be his ally because he can’t return to San Marino. He has tried 3 times and was almost killed by his enemies who want to know the secret. Alcides says that he won’t do anything to harm his wife or her family. Vlad says it has nothing to do with them. They don’t know about the secret. “What secret?" asks Alcides.

Eloisa tells Arturo that she has changed her mind about marrying him. He reacts in character and hits and kicks her. First Rebeca and then Paquito come to try and stop him but Raul, Arturo’s chief henchman comes in with a gun. Arturo says that it’s senseless to fight over this tramp. He tells Eloisa that she has made a big mistake in fooling him. He isn’t finished with her. Arturo leaves.

Paquito rushes to help Eloisa. Rebeca is not sympathetic. She says that she warned Eloisa not to play around with Arturo. Paquito says that at least Arturo knows she is not alone. He knows how to get back at Arturo. Rebeca angrily says that he will do no such thing. This is all Eloisa’s fault because she wanted Alcides. Rebeca slaps Paquito and leaves in a huff. Eloisa is a little puzzled at Rebeca’s reaction. It seemed like jealousy. Is there something she doesn’t know? Paquito changes the subject. He is glad she didn’t marry Arturo. He would have beat her up all the time.

Soledad comes back into Hugo’s room in time to see him throw his glass against the wall. She asks why he reacted like that. Angrily, Hugo asks why she came back. Once again, Hugo tells Soledad how much Hugo loved her and she used him, etc. etc. “No more,” says, “Soledad, I won’t let you say one more word. This is the last time that I will let you use Hugo’s memory to disrespect me.” She says that we won’t permit it and stalks out. (We can hope it is the last time because we sure aren’t making any progress here.)

Dr. Chirac tells Michelle that the Medina family has paid for the investigation of the cure for catalepsy. Michelle asks if he has heard from them. He says that they have asked him to continue the investigation. That is why he will go to San Marino with her. He says he has to find his father’s patient, Hugo de Medina.

Ursula says that if living with Alcides is so difficult, they should leave the Hacienda. They can go back to her parents’ house. Soledad says that she would love to but Alcides is the only person who has the means to help find a cure for her daughter. They have to stay for Aurora’s sake.

Vlad tells Alcides that when he built the Obragon house, he had to create a special place where a immense treasure is hidden that could make them both millionaires. The credits roll.

Tomorrow- Alicides gets martial arts training and returns to San Marino.


Yo Amo a Juan 28 April Monday - Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Alternate Title: The Tiburon Who Was Given Back By the Tiburones.

Angarita comes up to Yadira at the shop. He is so pleased with her bookkeeping ability with proud Kike looking on. Yadira is grateful for the job. Angarita tells her to knock off for the day and get an early start tomorrow morning like always.

Juan reminds Paula that she has a right to all her dead husbands belongings and she should fight for recovery of everything. She repeats tha she has so much guilt over Cesar Luis' death. As they discuss her guilt or lack of it. the clever Cachibombo song signals Juan's cell phone with Laura on the other end wondering if he is coming over tonight. Paula can tell it is a woman, in fact we can hear her voice too. Paula struts off and pretends when Juan catches up with her that its' okay they are just business partners, she feigns disinterest in his private life in one sentence then immediately continues to question him trying to find out who this is. She enters the elevator and turns to snidely tell his back, have fun with you amigaaaa.

How did things go at the gallery says Paula as she enters Ana's house. Ana has been distracted all day because of all the things that are going on. Paula sits down with a sigh, she has more news that will leave Ana cold... Sandro Arenas appeared! So quickly? Who is he? The twin brother of Cesar Luis.

Juan comes into Dona Pepita who is also worried but about Lorenzo. He won't eat, he's going to die, going to die.

Paula says his appearance made her faint Ana is on to CL, Are you sure it isn't CL in a disguise personality. Given that it is Cesar Luis, we have a caged cat here (something suspicious) she also advise Paula to remember who not so long ago CL was sweet talking both you and Monica (repartiendo mieles). Paula said at first she thought so too but before the notary will hand out the inheritance all Sandro's documentation must be proven. There is something so essentially different between Sandro and Cesar Luis. What a shock says Ana. What did Juan think? He was as shocked as I was. Changing the subject, Ana advises Paula to take this as an opportunity to start a new life. Paula isn't so sure and reports that besides, Juan has another woman.

Juan tries to enter Lorenzo's study to talk him out of his profound funk. Lorenzo doesn't want to recover, nor see or talk to anyone. Juan persists with his cheery insistence

Paula has many things to resolve at Farell and Ana thinks there are many things to resolve in her life. She urges Paula to fight for Juan since she loves him before it is to late, like tomorrow.

Juan comes home to greet Juanito who is busy with his homework. Juan thinks how this love for his son makes all the problems of the day fade in comparison. He proudly tells Papa that he was almost expelled and is being made an example and has had to write until his hands hurt. And, that's not the worst thing Papa, tomorrow if Flor doesn't come to school in her uniform she will be expelled. Juan gives his famous chinches expletives and says we'll fix that straight away tomorrow. Juanito hugs and thanks him with love.

Over at Nacho's he is making a nervous call to Angarita's store. He is told by Remolacho that Yadira and everyone left quite a while ago. Nacho expresses concern for Yadi since she hasn't arrived home yet. He is told not to worry, she is in good hands, she's with HER HUSBAND. Nacho let's out a gasp. We break.

Now Nacho is calling Nidia, She tells her Yadi isn't there. He asks if perchance Enrique is there. No, he's not either. She, not too kindly reminds him that she is married to Enrique and he tries to bluster that Yadira is HIS woman. He's insulted, she suggest he not call in that case. Further she adds that a woman in love doesn't have to be chased after. She hangs up telling him, until never, señor! Nacho slams the phone alone in his apartment. Nidia is now not alone as a giddy Yadira and Enrique come in. Nidia tells her that Topete called all conceited like a Roman Emperor and she had to hang up on him. Yadira calls Nacho and expresses, well attitude. He screams where have you been. She tells him to turn down the volume first, she will make an appearance when it very well suits her. Kike is grinning in the background for not being the brunt of this treatment. Nacho threatens, if she persists with this plan... she hangs up on him. He calls back in great agitation to a busy signal.

Gaytan is cheering the bedridden Yvonne with visions of the chaos erupting at Farell with all the clients and suppliers calling hysterically over the news of Cesar Luis. Yvonne calmly accepts whatever he says. It will have to be fixed. Gaytan says our ex-boss,Cesar Luis, had a Pandora's box which was opened today. All his money and his apartment was left to his brother. Not only does he have one, they are twins. Sandro Arenas, Gaytan goes on is an exact copy of Cesar Luis (copia calca - both words mean copy)

The happy Cachon household is at the big dinning table having a festive meal Nidia proposes that they go out to party to celebrate that they don't have to lose the house. Everyone has excuses. Marely has to work early, Juan has to help a friend who has problems, Yadira has nothing to wear and doesn't want more trouble with Señor Topete, Enrique wants to take care of his baby daughter and who is going to watch Juanito. Nidia wants to go out on the town and dance/ shake those sandals (sacudir el huarache). Nidia's great solution is that Marely can go without sleep and party until it is time to go to work. For Juan she suggest bringing the troubled friend along since dancing will fix all problems. Yadira can wear something of her sister's and tell Topete to go say Mass. Just as Alirio walks in and joins the table. Nidia greets him really too sweetly and says all our problems are solved.

Yvonne tells Gaytan that this story sounds like a telenovela. He agrees that reality surpasses fiction. Gaytan has to go off to have dinner with his brother. Yvonne is so glad Gaitan has his company again. He kisses her forehead and leaves just as Fernando comes in to greet Ivonne.

Monica is finally talking with Paula after waiting all day for her call. It can't be true that CL is dead. Paula recounts how it was her fault that CL went away very depressed. Monica cries that she only sold her shares to Juan to teach CL a lesson, it must be her fault.

Juan and Juanito do a little dance to demonstrate how Juan is going to cheer up Professor Lorenzo.

Yadira is ripping through Marely's wardrobe tossing everything aside. Marely lectures her that Enrique is still so in love with her. Yadira says oh yeah, the men are lining up to be with me. Things are very clear between her and Enrique. Kike lives to be with her, Marely warns don't make illusions if all that will be left afterward is smoke. A break.

Juan explains to Doña Pepita how his Cachibombo lessons will be like a doctor's treatment to break the professor's depression. Cachi what?? It's a happiness (alegria) , a hulabaloo (algarabia, remind me to tell you how cool the magazine Algarabia is, a little of everything).

Alirio is complaining that he is always being treated like a second class citizen, always set aside from family things. Nidia defends herself, tonight she is going to correct this isolation and he is going to be right back in the center near the baby and spending time Juanitio. How? In the role of grandfather. Alirio starts to back pedal but Nidia can pedal much faster. She accuses him of being afraid of the children.

Juan is twisting Lorenzo's arm to get him out on the town and out of his doldrums.

Angarita and Gaytan try to talk about Anga's fear, no terror of Gaytan's ways. Gaytan thinks they will becomes fossils if they don't change.

Lorenzo is dressing while Josefina fusses about his medicine, the dangers of drinking, the dangers of women that will lead him astray, she really does nag him to death. It's a sorry sight for both of them.

New scene, the gang walks into a mirror ball haven with disco music, lights, happy party people. Enrique is telling Yadira he doesn't know this place, it was recommended by Remolache just as a waiter greets him like a close friend and asks if he wants his usual table. Everyone is excited except Marely is worried her mother will drink and orders them both diet soda, Juan orders a bottle of tequila and Lorenzo orders an eggnog (Rompope, ever had one Maricruz?) Juan gets everyone up to dance.

Sandro is pacing in front of the Suites Sevilla. He twitches and tics his way into one of the suites to meet, HELLO Cesar Luis, who is swirling ice cubes in a whiskey glass just emptied beside an almost burnt cigarette. He greet a nervous Sandro. We break then come back to CL berating Sandro for waiting so long to come back. He presses for details of how Sandro was received. Sandro assures him that everyone thinks he has ended up in the belly of a shark. Details!! How did they react, were they suspicious, doubting? Well, Juan was, he looked and looked but Sandro produced all his ID documents then.. And Paula how did she react? She fainted. Wicked giggle, giggle. Sandro wants to know if Cesar Luis isn't worried that he will just collect his inheritance and take off? Cesar Luis says no, there are two reasons my dear Sandro. First you are trustworthy, aren't capable of doing that. And second?? Sandro turns down the offered cigarette. You are actually an ambitious person who want much more than this inheritance, much more. You are not going to betray me. Sandro admits that CL knows him well. So then you also know that I have also resented you so much. You never were with me, never helped me, never let me in your social group or your life. You never shared your financial successes. CL counters with do you want me to cry, get on my knees. No I'm not into drama. You will be rich by tomorrow, you'll have a new house. You accepted the deal. I am offering you much more than the money. You can make a new start, have a new future. Why do you want to destroy those two? Me destroy them? It is they who destroyed me. The only thing I am seeking is justice to recuperate what I lost. What is that, the love, the company? No, my dignity, my dignity.

Juan and Kike try to talk in the noisy disco about love and women. Kike says women change and turn you into a slave, a tin robot (robot hojolato) Juan notices things are warming between Kike and Yadira again. Kike says it depends on what happens tonight if a new direction will be taken in their romance. They begin to observe Nidia and professor Lorenzo. Kike worries that Nidia will get wild near the alcohol.

Sandro and Cesar Luis with tension and absolutely no brotherly love showing plan out Sandro's emotional assault to conquer Farell and all the doubters. He is so shy that he spent as much time alone as he could. CL is not satisfied. Tomorrow Sandro goes to the notary to secure the money and house. You must convince them. Sandro doesn't think it will be too hard.

Alirio rocks a screaming baby while Juanito watches amused. He tries crying, the baby only cries harder. She likes Alirio about as much as she liked Nacho.

Back to CL berating Sandro. He wants to get out of this hotel and into the apartment. Sandro will have to follow his directions exactly. He has signed a deal with the devil, can he do it? His real task is to make Paula fall in love with him. That is the vengeance that CL really wants, for Paula to feel the same pain that he did.

Ana tucks Paula in giving her a pep talk about her future happiness. They discuss that Paula has talked to the lawyer and cancelled the divorce proceedings. Ana further encourages her to talk to Juan and tell him of her feelings.

Back at the disco. Juan and Nidia are holding up the spirit. Marely can barely hold up her eyelids. Lorenzo starts to get in party mood and be charmed by the outrageios Nidia.

Nacho calls Alirio who lies that Yadira left the house to head for home over two hours ago. He suggest perhaps he wants to call the authorities if he is worried.

Disco time, Enrique and Yadira talk about what fun they had when courting. but Enrique points out that the good times actually ended before the wedding. He tells her he loves her still, but she says she doesn't but then grabs his face and charms him like her mother is charming Lorenzo. Marely chides her Mamita for flirting so outrageously with Lorenzo. Nidia chides Marely for not having the nerve to be more forward with Juan. Nidia can't resist an intellectual man. She just can't help herself. She is weak with no willpower....

Our parting shot of Cesar Luis on the carpet with his drink and cigarette as he plots his revenge. He can't wait to see her face when she has to pay the bill (factura).

Next: Yadira and Nidia pressure Marely to show Juan she cares.


Fuego, Monday 4/28 (#1): Dough in the Blood

Before the opening credits is a lengthy preview of the series. It's already summarized here.

We're someplace with breathtaking waterfalls and foliage. A very young woman (LIBIA) frolics in the water with a much older man (BERNARDO), while a pair of cockatiels (Statler and Waldorf) and another tropical bird try not to look. The couple in the water seem to have been together for a while. They snuggle and declare their love to one another.

Meanwhile, at the REYES BROTHERS BAKERY, a big man (JUAN) is kneading some dough. When he's finished, he wipes his sweaty face with the back of his hand. In what looks like a different room (I hope so, for sanitation reasons), he washes his 'do-rag in a bucket, splashes water all over himself, and shakes himself off like a dog, with sweaty water flying everywhere. Then, smiling, he pours the whole bucket over his face.

Juan's brother FRANCO is trying to read a book when OSCAR (easy to remember - he's the grouchy brother) is trying to say something about their sister Libia. Oscar impatiently grabs Franco by the ankles and drags him off the bed to get him to pay attention. Franco scoffs and thinks Oscar is full of baloney as usual, but Oscar insists that their sister is seeing someone and he's afraid she'll do something foolish - if she hasn't already.

Now Libia and Bernardo are naked in a haystack someplace. From the contented looks on their faces, it appears that they found the needle they were looking for.

Juan is taking some yummy-looking buns out of the oven. No pun intended. Even though they're apparently too hot to hold, he takes a cautious bite. "¡Delicioso!", he exclaims approvingly.

At the ELIZONDO HACIENDA, SOFÍA is eating one of the very same buns and enjoying it as much as Juan. "¡Delicioso!", she exclaims approvingly as she sits at the table with her sisters, JIMENA and SARITA, and her grandfather, AGUSTÍN. Grandfather takes the basket of goodies and jokingly scolds that no one will want a bunch of fat shut-ins (?).

Sofía's husband FERNANDO comes in and says that even though his wife is fat (this is Adela Noriega, just in case anyone's curious as to what this dirtbag considers fat), he still loves her just as much as ever. An uncomfortable silence falls over the group as he crouches on the floor next to her chair and pulls her hand to his mouth to take a bite out of the bun. EVA, the housekeeper, frowns. Sofi looks nauseous as he lets go of her hand.

Here is a character in desperate need of a nickname, because I think it will pain all of us to refer to this man as "Fernando."

Juan is kneading like crazy again, grunting and grimacing like a man possessed as he works his next project. There's a photo of a three-tier cake with pink and white frosting on the table. He tells his brothers, who have just entered the room, that he's going to prepare a giant cake for their sister's birthday. He looks up and notices his brothers' grim faces. Franco starts to say something about Libia, but chickens out and makes Oscar do it. "You should know that Libia has a lover!" Oscar declares. Juan is deeply offended that Oscar would say such a thing about their innocent sister. Franco steps in and tells Juan to listen. Juan says he'll forgive Oscar for saying that, but just this once.

Still in the haystack, Libia tells Bernardo she doesn't want to deceive her brothers. He tells her not to be afraid or have doubts. Whatever happens, she must never distrust him.

On the hacienda lawn, servants are setting up for a big party. Inside the house, Jimena is complaining to her sisters, grandfather and Eva that she's not a homebody - at least not on purpose! It's just that their mother keeps them locked up in that place and there's a shortage of men! (She spins her grandfather around and around in his wheelchair, until he complains that he's dizzy.) Sarita defends their mother, saying she's just trying to protect them. Jimena says they can't even stick their noses out into the street. "Nor anything else!" Grampa adds, laughing. Sofi starts to say something in Jimena's defense, but Grampa tells them not to be silly - there's a big party tonight, and they should get ready. He starts teasing them that they should sneak out in disguises, or something - it doesn't matter, because their mother, GABRIELA, appears at the top of the stairs. Grampa warns them to hush. Another uncomfortable silence settles over the group like a black rubber sheet as Gabriela scowls at them.

Juan puts another batch of yummybuns in the oven. Oscar tries again to tell Juan about their sister; Juan desperately does not want to hear it. Oscar says she'd been hiding something, and today it became clear. Franco asks Oscar if he's sure - talk is cheap. Oscar grabs Franco by the face and they look as if they're about to share a hot angry hate kiss. Oscar asks if Franco thinks he's capable of making up such things about his own sister. He says they can't see what's going on under their own noses, with Juan holed up in the bakery all day and Franco loafing at the cantina.

Juan is kneading again and seems to be ignoring them. Franco warns Oscar to be careful about these shameful things he's saying. Oscar insists that Juan speak to their sister (or complains that he hasn't yet?). Juan furiously knocks the heavy kneading table over and hollers at him to shut up. "I warned you!" He shoves both of his brothers. Soon, the three of them are arguing loudly and brawling. Oscar says he has proof. (Note to Oscar: next time, mention the proof earlier in the conversation.)

Just then, Libia comes bounding in, all happy and innocent-looking in a sweet pink dress. Juan says she's just in time to clear up some wild accusations. Oscar says there have been rumors about her all over town. Juan is shocked when she begins to cry instead of denying it. He asks if she doesn't love and trust them. She takes Franco's and Oscar's hands and says says they've been everything to her ever since their parents died. Of course she loves them... "but with him it's different." She loves him with all her heart! With her soul! She begs Juan not to do anything, to promise on their parents' name.

"Our parents?" Juan growls, clenching his fist and gritting his teeth, but he agrees. She says it's true, she's been seeing a man, and he loves her - he's sworn it a hundred times, and she believes him.

Now at the bottom of the long, miscarriage-inducing flight of stairs, Gabriela asks her father if he has no decency. He tells her that what he lacks is her bitterness, and he rolls away. Gabriela asks Eva how she can allow him to speak that way in front of her daughters. "You know how he is," Eva replies. Gabriela says he's a crazy old man who's no longer right in the head. (Grampa smirks near the elevator.) She should send him to an asylum so they can live in peace, she says.

Everyone else stands around awkwardly. Finally Gabriela tells Eva, "well, go on, I don't need you." Eva leaves, and Sofi tells Gabriela she's too rough on Eva, who only lives to serve her. Sofi also starts to say something about her grandfather, but Gabi cuts her off and tells her to shut up, never forget that they are the daughters of Gabriela Elizondo, an irreproachable woman, thank God, and not some cheap loser.

Jimena tells her mother that they're locked up there like prisoners. They're young, and they want to have fun - what's wrong with that? "You were young once, you had fun, you met my father!" Gabriela replies with a slap. "Don't compare yourself with me." Sofi is horrified. Undeterred, Jime asks why she treats her own daughters that way. "Precisely because you are my daughters. It's my responsibility to care for you." It's a heavy task, she says.

"Well if it's so heavy, then don't care for us!" Jime replies. Gabriela lifts her hand to strike again, but Sofi pulls Jime away. "Please, Mother!" Gabi says Sofi should be the last one to say anything. "If your sisters are locked up here, it's because of what happened to you." Sofi says that wasn't her fault - she was raped! Can't Gabi imagine the shame, rage, and helplessness she felt? How she was trembling all over when she was brought back to the house? Gabi wasn't there for her - wasn't the mother she needed so badly. Was she too embarrassed to be the mother of a woman who was raped? Is that why?

Sarita and Jimena hold their sister, while Gabi stands there like the special and irreproachable woman she thinks she is. Then she pushes Sarita out of the way and hugs her sobbing daughter.

Speaking of sobbing, Libia is still crying and swearing that her boyfriend is a wonderful man. Juan wants to know his name. He reaches for her to grab and shake - Franco and Oscar pull them apart. Libia is afraid that if she gives the man's name, Juan will kill him just for loving her. She runs off to her room. Juan knocks some more stuff over, ranting and raving that they have to find out who he is. He's probably some oaf who's just toying with her - Juan will kill him.

If the guy who plays Franco were a better actor, he'd give Oscar an "I told you so" look instead of that blank face. Oscar replies to this non-look with a "yeah, you did tell me so, I'm such an idiot" face.

The Elizondo sisters are talking in a bedroom. Jimena says it was painful to hear Sofi speak of "what happened" to her. "That I was raped," Sofi says matter-of-factly. She says she had to say something, because the silence was killing her. Silence is like death. Sarita, who is apparently their mother's advocate, says it's lucky their mother supported Fernando in his efforts to win her heart. "Mother forced him on me," Sofi explains. Gabi was afraid everyone would find out what happened, and no one would want to marry her. (Jime and Sarita gape in surprise.) Fernando knew about it when he married her. He was the one who found her after she was attacked, and brought her home. Sarita says this explains why their mother likes Fernando so much - he's a great man!

In a nightclub dressing room, a pretty woman (ROSARIO) sits in front of a lighted vanity and weeps at a photo we don't get to see. She hides it in a drawer when Fernando bursts in, yelling at her for having locked the door. She says she doesn't love him, and please leave her alone. He grabs her by the hair and says he'll leave her alone when he gets tired of her. Meanwhile, she must do everything he asks, because she's his property and he can do whatever he wants. He pulls off her robe, shoves her into a chair, and starts to undress.

Hmm. I wonder if Sofía ever saw her rapist's face? Sometimes the simplest explanation really is the best...

Sofi says sure, lots of people think Fernando is a great guy, but he's practically a stranger to her. She's never loved him, and they've never had relations. Because of what happened, she can't stand for a man to touch her, or even be near her. Jimena doesn't understand why she doesn't divorce Fernando. Sofi says he won't agree to it, and he says she'll eventually grow to love him. Sofi's not optimistic about that, and thinks she's destined to live without love.

Juan alternately begs and screams for his sister to come out of her room so they can talk. Oscar tells him she needs their support - or else what, is he going to hit her? Juan says they have to talk. Oscar says okay, but calmly! Franco suggests that Juan do some work instead. (How about you do some work, Franco - I heard you were lazy.) Juan says not until they talk.

Evening falls. He is still kicking at the door as Libia sobs in her darkened room. Oscar and Juan wonder if she wouldn't rather speak to Franco, but he's at the cantina... where Rosario is the headlining act. Now scantily clad, she does a song-and dance number about a man who's a yummy chewy insatiable married bonbon. She throws a wink at Franco, who is drooling happily at the sight of her. (Actually he's only smirking slightly, but half an hour into this show I can already see that we're going to need our imaginations to fill in some of the blanks with this guy.) She accepts a rose from him and thought-bubbles that he's been coming here to see her ever since she started singing there... the way he looks at her... like a tender young boy who hasn't known love. (He continues to smirk, but let's pretend it's a shy smile.)

Ah! She's not thought-bubbling, she's talking to an assistant in her dressing room. She says it's obvious that he likes her, "but you know my story," she tells the assistant. She takes out the white-framed photo again and says she'd give anything for him (or it?), but no, she can't take the risk.

There's a party at the hacienda with a band, ice sculptures, and a chocolate fountain. People are asking Gabriela where her husband is - she says he couldn't come. She privately complains to a priest that her husband is late for his own anniversary party. Then Fernando shows up with Sofi. He gets on his knees and kisses the priest's ring (I'm pretty sure he's only a priest - Gabi called him "padre"?). He pours on the charm, saying he's married to a woman as beautiful as Gabriela.

Sofi looks ready to barf, but recovers when she sees her father - Bernardo, the haystack-inspector. Gabriela announces her husband to the crowd, and they all stand and applaud. She glares into his eyes as she gives him a dry, barely-puckered kiss. She takes him aside and chides him for his lateness. She tells him to put on a smile so the whole world doesn't think he was forced to come to the party. Fernando comes up behind them and congratulates Bernardo for having "such a wife" as Gabriela. (Wow, this guy just never quits, does he?) Fernando, the suegra-lover, says there's no better woman. None!

It's getting late. Juan is finally sitting down. He's still yelling, but his shouts have taken on a wheedling tone and he doesn't sound as scary as he did before. Finally Libi lets him in. He remarks on how pretty she's become and says she's grown to become quite the woman - it's happened so fast. She was so small when their parents died. He was afraid to take care of her because he was so big and klutzy, and she was so fragile. He was afraid he'd break her. He'd comb her hair and put it into ponytails. They're both crying. He used to carry her to bed and sing her to sleep (the Gaviota song, perhaps?) and say her prayers and stay with her when she was scared at night.

She remembers all of it. That's why she's so ashamed and couldn't tell him. He wants to know why she didn't tell him she was in love. She says her brothers and Bernardo are all she has in the world. She feels content and safe when she's with him, but then she got scared that they wouldn't like it.

She tries to kneel at his feet and he angrily tells her not to - she's his little sister, she can't kneel at him!

At the party, the sisters are all hugging their daddy. He tells them they're the best part of the party, the joy of the house, the joy of his life. Gabi drags him away, saying he has to go with her to greet their other guests. He says that if he can't spend time with his girls at the house, then he doesn't want to see anyone else! And he stomps away.

Juan gives Libi their mother's necklace. It's the only thing she had to leave them. He's been waiting for the right moment to give it to her, and he thinks that moment has arrived. She says he's the best brother in the world, and she thanks Virgencita every day because he's her mother and father and friend too. She begs forgiveness for letting him down. He says he wants her to be happy, but the man who loves her must deserve her. He wants to meet him before anything else happens.

Bernardo looks at a photo of Libi hidden in a book. He strokes her hair in the photo and murmurs lovingly. (There's an inscription on the back which will surely raise all kinds of hell when Gabi finds it!) Meanwhile, back home, Libi is combing her hair and looks down at the pregnancy test perched on the edge of the sink. She's pregnant! She dreads telling her brothers, and prays to Virgencita and her mother for help, but is delighted to be carrying Bernardo's child.

Eva comes up the Staircase of Future Hopefully Not Dashed Hopes to tell Bernardo that she was worried and wanted to know if he needed anything. He's dressed up to leave and says no thanks, but if Gabi asks, to say she didn't see him. She enthusiastically agrees and is excessively thrilled to receive a kiss on the cheek. (Peeping out of his room, Grampa sees this and shakes his head in exasperation.)

At the party, Sofi tells her mother that maybe her father's not feeling well, and she eagerly volunteers to go check on him. Fernando wants her to stay with him instead, and Gabi agrees with him - she should be with her husband. Fernando says Gabi runs the house. Gabi beams.

(I'd really like to nickname this guy Eddie Haskell, because the only time he's polite is in front of Gabi's mother. Unfortunately, I think it's too confusing to give a character a nickname that sounds like a real name. How about Slimy? Or is that too straightforward?)

So, where is Bernardo going on the night of his anniversary party? Why, he's gone to see his young girlfriend! She nervously introduces him to her brothers, who are bien impactados. Oscar says this fool is old enough to be her father, if not her grandfather. Bernardo says he may be an older man, but he's not an old fool. He tells Lib he's not afraid of them or anyone. He says he really wants to get to know them, even if the circumstances aren't the best. Franco accuses him of seducing young girls. Oscar says he made her sneak around, but if he were a decent man, he would have respected her. Bernardo says he wants to make everything right and share his life with her - not out of obligation or fear, but because it's what he wants most in the world; she is his future, his life. If he's done something wrong, he'll right it.

Oscar wants to beat him up. Juan says no no, we promised our sister; but he doesn't approve either. None of them do. Bernardo and Libi are mushy as anything, saying it was love at first sight. She says she didn't mean to deceive them. Bern says that was his fault. Franco protests against the relationship. Bern insists that it's not impossible for two people like them to be in love. She's the loveliest girl he's ever met, and he'll do anything for her. All they need is her brothers' agreement to be happy, but he'll let them have the last word.

At the party, Gab is angry to see Eva pushing Grampa around in his wheelchair and scolds her for letting him out of the house. He replies that he doesn't like the way she tries to keep him away from people. She tells him to shut up! He asks if she's embarrassed by her old invalid of a dad in a wheelchair. He tells her to that she can't hide an old guy like him away. Gabi is mortified.

Later, in the bedroom, Slimy begs Sofía to come to bed with him. He says she has to love him, and she will. He grabs her and says she'll love him in the end, no matter what! She begs him not to start that again - they made a deal that she would only marry him if he didn't touch her. He asks how much longer he has to wait - they haven't had one moment of intimacy since they got married. He asks if she still hasn't forgotten what happened? (Duh? That, plus isn't that the night they met, plus his attitude is not contributing to the healing process!) She says she can't forget it, especially with him reminding her at every moment!

The Reyes Bros. step outside the bakery to confer about Libi and Bernardo. Oscar thinks they should let them marry, since he's classy and probably has money. Franco disagrees with Oscar's attitude. Oscar mocks him and says maybe he'd like Bern to be more like himself - a lazy dreamer.

They can't believe this old man will be their BIL. On the other hand, Franco asks, how can they hit a guy who could almost be their father. Juan doesn't care about his age, but he's worried that he's not right for their sister. Oscar says sure he is, if he has money. He reminds his shocked brothers that if Libi keeps getting sick, she'll die if they can't afford the damn medicine! So if it's not for the money, it's for her welfare. The old man can give her what they can't. (I'm not 100% sure I got this part right - help!)

Juan is still worried. All they know about that man is his name. For all they know, he could be quite married, and simply be making a fool of their sister.


When the Reyes Bros. find out about their sister's little blessing, Juan looks ready to send her to a safehouse in Garbancillo.


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