Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eva Luna #103 Thu 3/31/11 ... Lady Bang Bang goes beserk at the return of the living dead ... but who will laugh in the end?

This recap is by Marta

J: give the final blow so Marcela will rot in jail for life.
Ger: whatever happens I will be beside you in the whole tour…
Ric: I saw them hugging! Adr: You are the one she loves!
Ev: Your daughter went totally nuts! She hurt Laurita!
Bimb: I am not nuts… I just want to leave here…
Jojo: What happened with Francisco? / Maris: you were right, we are not for each other.
Lil: Eva, what are you doing here?
Leo: I agree that you have our child.
Bimb: She is my friend, she will help me.
Mati: I could swear Dano still loves you.. Eva: well, you can see he doesn’t.
Maris: That should make you happy… jackie: Yes, I do love him.
Lil: Everything went perfect. I am already at Dano’s house, all because of your sis nuttyness
Fran: Be happy… Take care, ok?
Leo: Mom, just tell me one thing… is it true you killed Dano’s parents?
Jul: Justa loves you as I would have wanted her to love me.
Marce: I tried to kill Eva because of you! Because you did not fulfill your part of the deal.
Tony: would you marry me?
Ali: I am pregnant.
Ric: God bless you! Maris: Same to you…
And tonight…
Eva: I have to talk to you about something that… I don’t know how you will take it… IT is about our wedding…
Leo: What about our wedding?
Eva: I have been thinking … we have to postpone the wedding until your mother’s trial is over…
Leo: But that is not necessary… I agree to make the event smaller, more discrete. Instead of at the church we can have a ceremony here at the house… dear, you assured me you would not leave me for your mother’s mistakes…
Eva: I am not leaving you! I am just asking you to understand this is not the right moment!
Maris is saying her goodbyes at JustManor… the agents rush her to make it short… you don’t want to miss your date with fame, right?
Matilde pokes Alicia to tell her who is the father of her child, urges her to tell Eva and her mother… Alicia trusts Matilde to keep her secret… sure… (Matilde, didn’t you keep a secret for a long time and then have to appologize for it? Are you making the same mistake?)
Tony tells Dona Justa her board house will become a stop point at the hollywood/L.A. tours…
Fran is complimenting Jackie on her breakfast… Jackie asks him how it feels to come back to sleep here again… He says he has had time to think and realize he made a mistake… not really sad, but what I lived with Marisol was a crazy moment that passed… want to change now… want to be able to sweep someone off her feet, and not do it based on lies…
In Deborah’s car, detective tells her they found an invoice for a rental car stating she rented a car the day she killed them, and that a doctor assured him they can prove there was poison on the bodies of Daniel’s parents, just have to get Daniel to approve the exhumation of the bodies to get that ball rolling. Deborah is ecstatic…
Tony is with Gallo, is having a hard time telling Gallo why he came, Gallo guesses he had another brawl with Leo… no… Tony says he wants to leave the business… Gallo just asks ‘what?’… then goes irate… ‘say what, Tony?’… Tony says he is tired of being a nobody… wants to change his life, to get an honest job… Gallo is in disbelief, are you serious?... Tony says he wants to marry Alicia and make a family with her… when he proposed that to her, Alicia told him he had nothing to offer her… he thought about it and she is right… Gallo laughs… mocks Tony’s feelings and plans with Alicia… Tony is serious, Alicia is the love of his life… Gallo keeps laughing and mocking… existential crises of adolescents… you love money, and getting it through other means it will not be easy, you don’t know how to do anything else… Tony confirms he does not know to do anything else, but want to change, want to grow and learn and if that gets him closer to the man Alicia wants, then he will do whatever it takes… Gallo just says think about it… doubt Tony is willing to die for her… Tony asks Gallo for support… Gallo says you know that is what will happen if you leave… it is too late to leave… so I will make my mind as if I never heard this, as if this chat never happened… GET OUT!!
Eva is asking the lawyer (the one Marcela called inept, useless, etc) to delay the accusation against Daniel. The lawyer guesses correctly she is doubting that Dano is guilty… ok will do. Eva asks him not to tell anyone..
Leo tells Liliana he had to let Eva postpone the wedding to prevent her from cancelling the wedding altogether… what you have to do is get Dano in bed… that is what I brought you here, that is what I paid you for.. (Lileach gets a constipated facial expression)
Dano goes to Eva’s office at work… tells her he wants to talk about Liliana
Eva: You and I have nothing to talk about Liliana… If you think I care about that you are wrong..
Dan: Well, from your attitude yesterday, I don’t think I am wrong.
Eva: My attitude? (we hear their theme song begin to play in background)
Dan: I felt like you became jealous when you learned that I had invited her to stay in my house.
Eva: Please, what could I care about that?
Dan: In any case, I just wanted to tell you that I did that to protect her from Victoria. Victoria attacked her in her hotel (room). And I thought it proper to offer her my house. She will be safer there. That is all. (and he leaves her with her mouth open.. good move, Dano!)
Deborah tells Julio what she talked about with the detective. Julio is pleased… Deborah says there is a hole, we can’t prove Marcela had access to the poison… Julio says that is not hard... Deb wants to know what he is thinking.. .he says if necessary, I know how to prove she had the poison and how she used it.
Dano is dropping Laurita at the boarding school, but only to keep her safer there… next time you come home it will be to stay for good… (too bad this lovely father-daughter scene was witnessed by Lileach… so that is a danger detail)
Lawyer is telling Cruella that there is one good news and one bad news… the good news… Dano and Eva retired the accusation for attempted murder… (Cruella begins to celebrate saying the lawyers can’t fight her) … and the bad one… the district office has raised charges against her for the murder of Daniel’s parents… Marce is sighing and looking at her burned hand…
Marce: They can’t prove that.
Law: Am I hearing right, Marcela? Are you trying to let me hear that you did that crime?
Mar: I did not do it, that is why they can’t find evidence against me!
Lily, in black negligee goes in Dano’s room, tries to convince him that he is sad about not having Laurita with him and about what is going on with Victoria… then she slips to him that it was Victoria who manipulated Laurita into believing that only if she was away would Dano be happy… Dano says he always suspected something like that… everyday he is learning about more things that Vicky did … Lileach keeps putting on the flirt… I will take care of helping you forget all that and make you happy… Dano turns her down in no uncertain ways…
Lileach: it is obvious Eva is still in your thoughts…
Dano: Yes, but not only in my thoughts, also in my heart… Good nite.
Lileach leaves the room but thinks… Eva, always Eva!! Victoria should have finished her off when I told her!! I don’t care… Even though Leonardo wants her alive, I need her to die!!
Said potential murder victim is talking to Pablito and herself in front of her little cute boy…
Eva: You know? You were born of a great love… because for a while your dad and I loved each other very much… we thought we would be together forever… suddenly something happened and then we could not be together… but you were the fruit of that love… a love that will exist for life…
Days go by..
Trial against marcela for Pedro and Monica Villanueva’s murders begins…
Marcela’s lawyer is the other guy… he tells her the witnesses who will be here today have no concrete evidence against you…
This is odd… the DA asks Deborah to say what made her think that the death of Daniel’s parents was no accident but a murder committed by Mrs MA… (weird way to begin the questioning… and I have watched a lot of Law and Order episodes… )
Deborah declares that she heard Marcela when she had her delirous statements,
Also she said she had burned her hand when she lit the car on fire… she began investigating and discovered several things that compromise her (Marce)… back then Marcela wanted to prevent Pedro from selling his agency stock to strangers… Marcela’s lawyer says that is just heresay… but since Deborah heard it from Julio, she can’t state where she heard it from… so that detail is stricken. Deborah also mentions that Marcela was staying at a hotel 4 hrs from the city but there was never a fire at her hotel room like she told everyone else, thus she burned her hand when she ignited the car… the lawyer asks her if she has any evidence that Marce was present when the accident happened… Deborah can’t show any evidence… so she is dismissed…
Alicia comes to visit Pablito and Matilde keeps poking her to tell who her baby’s dad is.
And to tell her mom and Eva. Why so much mystery… you will know and will understand.
Back to the courthouse…
The police agent is declaring about having had to declare it an accident for lack of evidence, but there are new discoveries that have reinitiated the investigation.
Marce’s lawyer brings up the actual invoice of the rental car, which shows two different mileage readings when she returned the car… so the lawyer requests this evidence be taken out for being ‘tampered’. Marcela smiles back at Leo, she is very confident.
The hotel manager declares there was no fire at the hotel, so Marce must have burned herself elsewhere..
The doctor declares that Dano’s parents were poisoned, but the lawyer asks if he can prove it was Marce who did it… nope…
Marce’s lawyer makes a motion to remove the charges due to lack of evidence or concrete testimony… (Marce smiles while Dano, Eva and the DA look surprised)
At newville Fran is looking for the keys to the truck, have to go pick up Laurita…
Jackie is willing to help him find the keys… you have been distracted the last few days. He says it must be that the fell in love… Jackie is stunned… and asks who is it … he can’t get himself to say… and leaves, leaving jackie telling herself not to think of Fran anymore… no matter how much she cooks for him, dresses for him, cares for him…
‘a otra cosa, mariposa’
Back at court, the DA says he has one new witness… Marce’s’ lawyer protests since he was not advised… the DA puts as excuse it was required to do it for this witnesse’s safety. The judge allows the witness… Julio Arizmendi is called and the reactions are fairly predictable (Marce stunned, Jojo worried, Renata, Eva, Dano and Deborah happy)
Cru: NO!! This can’t be!! You can’t be alive!! You are dead!! You are dead!!
Jul: I am alive, Marcela… for your disgrace, I am alive.
Leo: No, no! I can’t believe it! No, dad, you can’t be alive!
Jul: Yes… in a minute you will understand everything…
Marce: I was not nuts, Leonardo! I told you I had seen your step dad!! I told you my son!
Leo: Then it was you who were at the house..
Jul: Yes.
Marce: I hate you, Julio!! I hate you!! You have to be dead!! (as he makes his way to witness stand)
Lawyer: Marcela, take it easy! This is not convenient for us!! Take it easy!
Marce: He made us believe he was dead, judge!! The one who should be locked up is him!! The one who should be locked is him!!
(The judge yells at Marcela and forces to sit down, otherwise will remove her… Deborah, Renata, Dano are smiling, Eva is nervous, Leo is in disbelief)
DA: Why did you fake your death, Mr A?
Jul: Because I discovered that my wife wanted to poison me. And that was the only want to save myself from dying.
Marce: That is a lie!! You are a liar!! That is why I hate you!! For being a liar!!
(again Marcela threatens Marcela and her lawyer to suspend the hearing)
DA: Can you tell us how you found out your wife was poisoning you?
Jul: In a very painful way… One night I dropped the cup of coffee with the medicine that Marcela insisted I take daily. The dog drank that liquid… and the next day he did not wake up. (Eva looks very sad)
DA: What did you do then?
Jul: I contacted a doctor friend of mine, Dr Marcos Garcia Miranda, present here. I explained to him my suspicions and I sent him the bottle of medicine with my maid Renata so he could get it analyzed.
DA: Please tell the court what was the result of those analyses.
Jul: The medicine was really a poison which, given in small doses (Leo is stupefied), would deteriorate my body slowly until death would come during some complication.
DA: Your honor, jury members, here are the documents from the doctor which support the results. That poison was strignine, the same used to kill the parents of Mr Daniel Villanueva. No more questions.
Bimbutt is crying, saying to herself that she has been there too many days, Liliana doesn’t want her to leave that place… no! I can’t stay here!! (she begins to bang all doors, apparently she is locked ) and yells for help to get her out of there…
Alicia is on phone with Marisol, seems Marisol is very happy in her tour… Alicia tells her about Marcela in jail, everyone is at the trial…
Marcela’s lawyer is ready to question Julio…
ML: Mr Arizmendi… your presence in this court is not only surprising for the defense, but also for your own family, whom you tricked faking your death.
Jul: I already explained why I did it.
ML: There is no explanation which will free you from having committed the grave crime of faking your death…
DA objects saying Julio is not there to defend himself but to declare in the case against Marcela. Judge agrees with him, asks ML to keep his questions about the current case.
ML: Mr Arizmendi… who brought you the coffee with the medicine, before you discovered it was poison?
Jul: My personal assistant, Ms Eva Gonzalez.
ML: And how long did she do that for?
Jul: For several months… but she had no idea of what was happening… she only followed Marcela’s orders…
ML: How could you tell that the medication that your wife bought was the same that Ms Gonzalez gave you?
Jul: Because Eva had no reason to harm me.
ML: But the facts show the contrary, Mr Arizmendi! She inherited the majority of your fortune!! (by now Eva, Dano and the DA are concerned, and so is Julio at the stand)
Jul: Well, yes, Licenciado, but…
ML: Thus, if anyone was benefited with your death, it was precisely your assistant and not your wife!
Jul: Eva had no idea that I was going to leave her…
ML: I have no more questions, your honor…
Alicia continues on phone with Marisol but Tony is standing behind her… Alicia hangs up.
Fran picks up Laurita… she is happy to leave the boarding school for the last time, where is dad? Fran is willing to hug her for Dano. He is busy with some issue…
ML: Ms Gonzalez… how did you get to work at the Arizmendi house?
Eva: Leonardo offered me the job.
ML: Leonardo is the step son of Mr Arizmendi, right?
Eva: Yes.
ML: That means my defendant was not the one that hired you?
Eva: Yes, but I still needed the approval of Dona Marcela to stay.
ML: Please tell us what were your duties.
Eva: I had to take care of Don Julio.
ML: You were the one responsible for him to take his medicine?
Eva: Yes, and I realized that the medicine was not doing him any good… on the contrary, it made him worse… and at that time I told Dona Marcela.
ML: Are you sure you were giving him the right medication, the right Dosis?
Eva: Completely sure.
ML: Is it true that you left that job suddenly?
Eva: Yes.
ML: Is it true that you were accused for stealing?
Eva: Yes, but I didn’t do it! I was innocent! (now Eva is getting visibly nervous)
ML: The fact is that a few days after you left the house, Mr Arizmendi discovered that the medicine bottle contained poison! Doesn’t it sound a coincidence to you that at that time you were gone (desaparecida)?
Eva: Yes, but it was not coincidence, because I had nothing to do with that!!
(Marcela makes a smirk of satisfaction)
Previews: all heck breaks loose in the court room… Dano is the witness of turn… apparently he is trapped into saying Eva was the one who gave Julio the medicine… maybe things turn back against Marcela because seemingly Marcela grabs the guard’s gun and begins to point it to Eva, Dano, Deborah and Julio (we see everyone’s faces in slow motion, and sepia color)… Julio walks over to her.
Jul: The only one responsible for all this is me!! Kill me!! Shoot!! Kill me!! (we see Marcela turn from pointing to Eva and Dano to pointing directly at Julio… Eva screams and they all look very anguished…)


Llena de Amor #160 (Mex. 182-183) Thu 3/31/11 Action is eloquence (or would be if they hadn't cut the best parts out!)

Tonight we get a lot of yelling and wailing, but boy howdy do we get some action as well. Some of our characters are all talk, some are talk and action, and our current mysterious El Lirio de Plata is action only. We’ve got a courtroom of chaos, a combative cantina, an auction of appropriation and much, much more. Sadly, it turns out that most of the fun stuff was edited out in favor of the boring courtroom scenes. ¡Qué lástima!

Last night: Group hug for papa Emiliano, Fedra slinks offstage.

182 - Disorder in the Court and Netty Overemotes

Fedra’s hanging around outside scowling when Eman approaches her to tell her he’s proud of his papa Emiliano. Her not so much. She snivels at the injustice, Eman did the same thing she did. Hardly an appropriate comparison and he wisely ignores the comment. He’s joined by Emiliano, Gretel and Mari and they all want to know why this Jose Maria Sevilla showed up after all these years? To torment me, is her non-answer. Emi advises Eman to avoid this dangerous criminal. Meaning JMS, not Fedra.

Oh shoot, here’s Jaqui and Andres so early in the episode, gah. Remember she’s just heard from Jorge that she’s HIV positive. She: No no no! Jorge offers support. Jaqui dashes out in tears. PSA from Andres, it’s his fault for being so irresponsible, never thought it would happen to him. Doris advises testing and immediate treatment. End of PSA. I wish.

Here’s a treat for Diann. Over in the land of the big-hearted poor folk Brandon, looking smashing and ripped in a robin egg (or is it iceberg?) blue polo shirt, is reassuring Gladi that Ilitia will be outta there and Javi will get the best treatment in the country. Eman arrives and the inevitable chest thumping and “I’ll take care of what’s mine, hands off” betwixt our two galanes is interrupted by El Liriotito de Plata. It’s Javito here to save his Brandon and Eman acquiesces to the hooded mini-El. (Sorry all, they cut this scene out of the TV version, but I'm sure Brandon will display his hot bod in another scene.)

But not for long. The two children, I mean men, are soon face to face debating the attributes and deficits of ELdP. Yet again.

Oliver is at the university, just got accepted and vows that nothing will stand in the way of him fulfilling his dreams. Lorraine slithers over thinking he’s on cloud 9 because she happens to be standing there. Nope, not interested, he’s off. Axhole’s there, tells Lorena he needs her more than ever. I knew it, me too sez her, besos, and we spy a weepy Delicia peeping at them from around a potted plant.

Fedra, the thinking man’s slut, is lounging sluttily on her newly reclaimed bed when Emiliano arrives to spoil her fun. He wants to put the pedal to the metal and expedite the divorce. Not until I get all your money and property she smirks. No, it’s you whose gonna lose everything, he growls. In fact, he’s going after all her fortune in Cancún. He plans to leave her how he found her, naked and pesoless, in a life of misery.

Eman wants to talk to Ilitia like adults. If she loves Brandon it’s his fault because he married her when he loved another. He pleads, look into my eyes and tell me, do you love Brandon Moreno? Is he the father of your child?

Well, I wouldn’t be able to fib while looking into those deep, dark eyes, but Ilitia’s not me. She begs him not to be swayed by Kristel’s nasty accusations about her and Brandon. Aha, sounds like Kristel never mentioned Brandon by name, just said Ilitia was deceiving Eman. Ilitia claims Kristel, who can’t have kids, is eaten up by jealousy and Brandon has a crush on all the ladies, her, Vicky, Mari, and finally, (her eyes squint jealously), that new chippie that just returned home.

Eman reminds her how she felt when she found out Muñeca was not her birth mom. Now he knows how it feels. He begs her not to give her baby the same treatment. Tell. Me. The. Truth. Ilitia recalls Fedra’s threat that she’ll kill both Ilitia and the baby if she tells Eman the truth. “The baby is yours,” she vows.

Meanwhile, back at the Monster Manse, Fedra tells Emi that she’s just managing that Cancún stuff for a friend of hers. Emi says yeah he knows, Juana Felipa Perez, the same woman who had to do with Mari losing her fortune from Tia Carlota, etc. He warns that he’ll leave no stone unturned until he finds this Juana Felipa and talks to her.

Over at the university Oliver finds Delicia weeping and wailing. Oliver is appropriately indignant and suggests they go eat something since they are both suffering from love. Come on you two, dump those crazy LydT kids and get something going.

Now we have a long, drawn-out conversation between Eman and Ilitia, so many lies and story changes from her and Kristel. How can he know which stories are the truth? She swears that Mau raped her. Fine sez Eman, but he knows that Vicky and Mari had nothing to do with Ilitia’s unhappiness. OK she agrees, but she’s desperate and doesn’t want him to leave her or her (not our or your) baby for Vicky. He sez if he she’s tricking him he’ll find out.

We’re in the courtroom where Mau and shady lawyer are waiting. Proud and defiant team Vicky arrives fashionably late.

Eman pals around with El Liriotito while he’s waiting for Ilitia. He tells an excited Javi that he knows the real El Lirio. Javi wants to meet him because he’s heard El Lirio helps sick kids. Eman gets that adorable “Que?” look. Consuelo sends Javi off for some water and cries to Eman that yes, Javi has a brain tumor and will die unless he has an operation but they don’t have the money.

Javi returns with that unnaturally bright orange juice that they always drink in these shows. The kid sez he’s not afraid of the operation, he just doesn’t want to die without meeting El Lirio. I’m sure Eman can help out with that. You never know kid, he could be right under your nose.

Doris is with the undeserving Andres who is finally getting his HIV test.

Nereida pleads with Fedra to allow Bernardo in to talk. OK Sure Fine, Fedra sighs, arranging herself artfully on the chair. Bern whines that JM despises him.

She says too bad, you made the fatal mistake of choosing JM over me. Bern hisses that she betrayed him too, for Lowrenzo, the biggest mistake of HER life. How could she tell Low everything and agree to marry him? She laughs and reveals that the marriage is going to be as false as her eyelashes.

Consuelo finds Ilitia in Brandon’s bed and she’s not happy. She thinks Brandon would be an excellent dad for her son. Ilitia laughs and sez Consuelo’s too late, Brandon should be a dad for his own kid and you know what? He’s going to have a son with another woman! Well, that sure shut Consuelo up. For about two seconds.

Boring courthouse scene with Vicky and Netty mouthing off their indignations and the judge pounding his gavel. Shady Licenciado Ordaz makes a claim about how Vicky set Mauricio up to leave his moneybags bride at the altar. (True as I recall.) Licenciado Pacheco says he will prove defamation of character and he calls his first witness, Emanuel Luis y de Teresa.

Looks like our two scorpions are back on the same team. Fedra enlists Bernardo’s help to make sure her marriage to Low is a fake, keep Emiliano from finding out she is Juana Felipa, then eventually get rid of both Low and Emiliano because they inconveniently want all her money and shares in her Cancún resort.

Ilitia, seriously midjudging Consuelo’s jealous state of mind, is now getting her arm pulled out of its socket by the latter, “Tell me who!!” She’s rescued by Muñeca who shrieks be careful, her daughter is pregnant! “It’s you, right?” gasps Coni, and Ilitia just smiles.

Ends up Ilitia keeps mum, Coni leaves in a huff, and Gladi crosses herself, whew that was close.

Low joins the party, not happy to find his baby in this hovel. The expected family love fest ensues. Muñeca sets him straight, doctor’s orders, mommy was with her, dad should shut his pie hole. Anyway, he’s one to talk given his affair with Fedra. Cara impactada de Ilitia. Que? With Kristel’s mother?

Oli and De are over at La Buena Vida enjoying a cold one and toasting their broken hearts. Oli says he’s doing something with his life and so should she. (What, being a cop’s not good enough?) She should go to school, get a career. In fact he’ll help her get into school. Ahh, there’s that Delicious smile we love. “Delicia Flores, executive,” she laughs.

They are joined by Doris and Andres and De happily announces her educational intentions. Then Axhole and Lorena enter the cantina so Oliver can calm De down. Next Gretel and Jairo enter so De can cool Oli’s hot head. Everybody tries to make everybody else jealous except Oli who stuffs a basket of chips in his mouth.

Back in the courtroom Eman assures Vicky he’s there to save the day. Pacheco explains that Eman was very interested in helping her. Eman takes the stand and pronounces Malicio an aberration on humanity. OK, so far so good. Mau takes offense, Netty takes offense at Mau taking offense, Brandon and Jorge take offense at Eman and so on and so forth.

Emiliano’s sultry growl interrupts the commotion and he tells Netty he’s filed for divorce. When it goes through he wants to marry her right away.

Ordaz accuses Eman of having more than a friendly relationship with the accused and they all look like this is some big news or something. The bottom line, tell the people of the court, are you and Victoria de la Garza lovers?

183 - Muñeca has fun with Fedra

Pacheco tells Vicky they’re lost, Netty shrieks “tell them you love her!”, and the judge tells Eman to speak up. Eman admits he loves her more than his own life. “See, toldja he’d say anything!” yells Mau, Vicky yells “Liar!”, Eman lunges at Orangey, and the judge calls a recess.

Things are also heating up over at The Good Life. While Andres and Doris are trying to be depressed De and Oli are reaching their boiling points from watching their exes bill and coo with the guanabis. De and Oli nearly mow each other down as they jump up and head full steam to their intended victims. Jairo gets his head thumped on the table, Lorena gets thrown to the floor, Axel chugs his beer and nobody stops the commotion for a good, long time. This is fun, especially the part where De thwacks Lorena over and over.

Low is still yowling about Ilitia behaving like a streetwalker. Donkey, meet ears. Ilitia’s cramps come back and Mami hustles Low out.

Back at the brawl Axel and Andres are now getting into it. Probably not a bad idea for Andres to let off a little steam and who better to be on the receiving end than Axhole? The fights continue to my great enjoyment until finally Fidel and Benigno enter to spoil my fun. Drat. Double Drat to find out they edited these best scenes from the TV Version. Idiots!!

Vicky, her usual ungracious self, accuses Eman of spoiling everything and she never wants to see him again. Poor Eman is heartbroken and Emiliano escorts him from the room while Brandon whistles sarcastically. Well, that didn’t go well.

Low is still bitching to Muñeca that he wants Ilitia outta there pronto before people find out about the low life policeman and start comparing her to _____ Fedra? I couldn’t understand him. Anway, Lioness Muñeca will protect her cub, orders him to stop comparing HER daughter to THAT woman, slaps him a good one and pushes him out of the house. You go girl!!

Back at the courthouse the pointless yelling between Team Vicky and Team Lowlife has resumed. It pains me to say it, but the Rapey Snake comports himself a bit more professionally than our emotional good guys. Nevertheless, Orangey is in Brandon’s sight and we know our hunky and moral super cop is relentless if nothing else.

De and Oli are back at Monster Manse all hyper in the post athletic glow of their successful trouncings. De decides that she will help Oli make Gretel see the truth about him if he does the same for her. Then this talented actress provides us with a delightful demonstration of the various methods of torture that Oli should use to elicit the truth from Alfredo. She enthusiastically strangles Oliver, then there is the shaken mineral water up the nose trick, then a cattle prod in the testicles. They laugh and hug and jump up and down. Why oh why can’t these two get together?

Naturally their fun is interrupted by the dreary duo of Gretel and Axhole who enjoy pointing out that yet again the nacos can’t control their carnal instincts. Yawn.

Andres receives his test results and, as expected, he is HIV positive. Hey, isn’t a doctor or counselor or someone supposed to break the news? Doris comforts him.

Later he pulls out his little black book and makes some difficult phone calls. That’s 20 out of 21 names crossed off his list. He calls Doris, gets her voice mail, and says he’s calling to thank her for everything. She is the first woman he’s ever really loved but it’s too late. Goodbye my love and forgive me. He chugs his glass of wine, sets up a chair, and puts a noose around his neck.

Eman arrives at the cantina and wants to talk to Jose Maria Sevilla alone. JSM calls Eman hijo which pithes Eman off. He has a father of whom he is very proud, Emiliano RydT. Doesn’t matter whose blood runs through his veins, NOBODY can take his place.

JMS says he was in prison almost 30 years, he has nothing and Eman is the only thing he has left in this life. Eman retorts that JMS killed his grandparents. So says your mother, explains JMS, I never. Eman orders him to leave and stay far away.

Cranky Gretel is on the attack and she’s giving Oli an earful. Who’s next. Nereida? Oli says she’s mistaken and anyway he’s not here to try to get her back. He wants Gretel’s help to get justice for her friend. A few more insults but yes, she’ll do what she can to help Delicia.

Brandon tries to convince Comisario Tejeda to fire him so he can get some sort of payout for Javi’s operation. I don’t get how this makes sense. Tejeda agrees that Javi is like a grandson to him but Brandon is his best cop and there’s got to be another way. Hey, he’s arranging a S.W.A.T. team for something tonight and ELdP might show up. Maybe they can trap El Lirio tonight and get the reward! And hey, my grandpa’s got a barn and we can have a show, and...sorry I lost my head.

Fidel and Beni show Eman the newspaper, it says something about the grand emerald tiara of blah blah blah of the sixteenth century. Recently belonging to Arturo Fonseca, the tiara is in town and will be auctioned off tonight. I didn’t get it all, but Eman says with this they’ll kill two birds with one stone. Not sure what the two birds are. JMS peeks around the corner and vows to help Eman so he can protect him.

A perpetually snacking Mari tells Delicia it doesn’t matter if she’s fat or skinny, the man she loves is an impossibility. In fact. she was happier when she was fat. She leaves, runs into Eman, and scolds him for publicly sticking up for Vicky. He gives her chocolates and she gets excited but then says it brings back bad memories. He says he’ll eat one first and she wipes it all over his face and tells him she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Dumb scene, should be cut, we’ll see. (Update: scene left in. Figures.)

Ilitia is back at the mansion and tells Fedra it was all Vicky’s fault that she got stuck in naco-land. Fedra mentions that they are invited to some reception for a precious tiara and Ilitia has to explain to Fedra that a tiara is a kind of crown that a queen wears. “A queen?” Fedra coos, taking a moment for herself, “I’m a queen.” Back on earth she womanhandles Ilitia and tells her to tread carefully for her own good.

Consuelo tells Brandon that Ilitia told her another woman is expecting his baby. Is it true? Not that I know of, he says with the little hamster running full stop. Jorge shows up and Brandon tells him he knows how to keep Eman away from Marvick.

OK folks, part three of this episode and we’re on the home stretch.

JMS is telling Netty that he wants to protect his son Emanuel. Netty is impactada as JMS continues, his son thinks he’s a jailbird and a murderer, that he killed his grandparents. He whinges some more until he keels over with a heart attack. Netty frets over JMS while he moans “Why? Why? I don’t want to die now.” Netty yells for Gladi to call the doctor.

Doris knocks on Andres’ door, she got his message, open up! Andres is inside still fumbling around with his noose.

The tiara is on display. Muñeca, accompanied by Fidel (finally!) gripes that the same people always come to these events, what a bore. I’m liking feisty Muñeca tonight. Enter Low and Fedra with Fedra announcing that her love is going to buy the tiara for her because she’s Una Rrrrrrreina, hisssssssss. “Queen of what?” snickers Muñeca. Fidel is highly amused.

Kristel is oohing and ahhing over the tiara while Orangey explains they are looking for a good price, something about his dad getting it from the Russian mafia.

Eman and Ilitia arrive followed by Tejeda who says that Orangey requested police protection in the event that Some Thief shows up. Brandon and Vicky show up pithing off both Eman and Iliita. Fedra hisses to Low that ever since Mari showed up she has never seen Vicky and Mari in the same place.

Doris yells and urges outside Andres’ door. Andres weepily steps off the chair and...sits down. Doris yells that he’s always been the man of her dreams and she needs him, she loves him. Open door, big hug. He says he’s treated her badly, she deserves better. No s**t Sherlock. More PSA talk. She says let’s go away for the weekend. Let’s move on.

The rapey snake starts the bidding, first Eman, then Low, then to pith him off Muñeca bids half a million dollars, Fedra’s in a snit and, to Low’s utter dismay, bids a million dollars. Point to Muñeca on this one. Sold to Fedra for a million dollars! She hustles up on stage, puts the tiara on, looks up, and...El Lirio de Plata!

Brandon pulls his gun, aims at the rafters and announces that Eman RydT can’t be El Lirio! Vicky runs into the fray begging Brandon not to shoot. During the hubbub Spiderman El Lirio drops down, plucks the tiara off of La Rrrrreina’s curly locks, and quickly rises back up into the rafters. Shooting ensues and Tejeda calls for backup. Eman mocks Brandon for losing his man yet again.

Mañana: El Lirio has a double. Alfredo gets busted. JMS flatlines. Vicky hides El Lirio in a locker and Brandon and Tejeda shoot it full of holes causing Vicky to have a hissy fit.


Camines con pies de plomo = tread carefully, walk on eggshells (Lit. walk with lead feet)
Mira el burro hablando de orejas = Look at the pot calling the kettle black (Lit. look at the donkey talking about ears)


Teresa Thu 3/31/11 #2 No more humiliations

(Caray needs recappers for this telenovela; thanks to Aribeth for the title and screen caps! See briefs from Aribeth and Vivi below -- thank you!)

From Aribeth:
So. What we learned last night?

- Mariano was Teresa's first boyfriend and she's still in love with him.
- From the first episode: Mariano's mom died because they couldn't afford her medical treatments.
- Mariano used to study medicine but he had to drop out of school (because of his mother's illness). Teresa left him because she can't be with someone who doesn't have ambitions.
- Rosita loves her sister but she's jealous of her because Teresa's their father's favourite child.
- She has to forget her dreams, however, her sister encourages her to keep exercising. Teresa has no idea about Rosa's medical problem, but it's a tragic situation nevertheless.
- Teresa's classmates are snobbish jerks.
- Juana knows Teresa's darker side, though she doesn't know everything about her.
- Cutberto is cute.
- There was no hot prof in this episode. Qué pena.

I don't blame Aída for telling the truth about Teresa, but the way she did it and the way their friends and classmates reacted were disgusting. Fortunately I'm not poor, but when I meet people like them (born with a silver spoon in the mouth, they know nothing about reality), my inner bitch wants to slap them hard.

I loved when Mariano told Teresa that her beloved classmates, the rich kids are nobodies - they are where they are because their parents are important people.

From Vivi:

Yes, Teresa does have some memorable lines. I think we'll get lots of great put down lines from her, as well as a lot of "As God as my witness, I'll never go hungry again!" moments.

So it seems that at one point Teresa was two-timing Mariano. She and Mariano broke up a year ago after his mom died and he had to drop out of med school and become a taxi driver. But she has been dating Paulo for TWO years. Tsk, tsk Teresa.

I love how Mariano ran up the stairs after Teresa and her godmother when he saw her enter the vecinidad crying. But he didn't push it and try to go in and find out what happened. I kind of pictured him just sitting outside the door sending his moral support and love. I also loved how he took care of business with Paulo, told Teresa what he thought of her rich "friends", and then forced her into his cab and into her seatbelt. He's no pushover, but he's sweet and caring.

Did we find out who broke up with whom? I am assuming it's Teresa who did the breaking up. But she's the one who's always close to kissing him and giving him longing looks, while he tries to remain stoic. We also saw her looking at their photo.

We keep seeing how Teresa hardens herself little by little. Last night she made the decision to use her looks and youth to reach her goal. It's funny how her parents are worried that this professor will take advantage of their baby, when it's the other way around! Watch out Professor! :)

Poor Rosita. The future looks grim for our Tiny (Rythmic) Dancer. Especially from the show promos. I bet Teresa will feel guilty about encouraging little sis to keep dancing. It looks as if medical issues, and the debt poor people fall into because of medical bills, will be a recurring theme. Mariano's mom; the neighbor boy who's been running a fever; and now little Rosita. The topic is actually very relevant to an American audience too, as medical expenses are the number one reason why families fall into debt, and the main reason why so many have pushed for healthcare reform. Perhaps once she becomes a lawyer, Teresa will prosecute some huge malpractice case.


La Fea Más Bella #277-278 3/31/11 Should Fernando be with Aurora? 2 votes yes, 3 votes no.

Capitulo 277.
Read Alma’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. They film the first scene of the pilot, Corazón Corazón Amor. Agent Inocencio Tenorio looks sharp in a tuxedo, but his client faints when she sees his face.

2. Jax tells them to shoot the pilot with Fernando and Aurora. Lety faints. Aldo thinks it would be wonderful for Fern and Aurora (2 times) to be together. Lety faints again. Jax says Conceptos could earn $4M on the project.

3. The brujas read Lety and Marcia’s e-mails. They discover that Ali won’t let her husband touch her. Her excuse is that to get pregnant, they must only have relations when she’s fertile.

4. Lety tells Caro that she can’t endure this double life and she needs to reveal that she’s Aurora. Fern tells the executives he needs to write five more episodes tonight, so he’ll need Lety’s help. Aldo rejects that idea and says that tonight Lety is his alone. Lety says, .. well, what’s it matter what Lety says, when she has Aldo to make her decisions for her?

5. Aldo tells Lety he’s setting up a new restaurant. Lety asks what would happen if Aurora were a fraud. Aldo says he’d think poorly of her because he hates deception and there is never an excuse for it. For the third time, Aldo says Aurora would be the perfect woman for Fernando (3 times).

6. Fern and Omar fall asleep working on the script. Caro admits to Marcia that Omar has changed and she feels drawn to him, especially as he suffers. Marcia reminds Caro that Omar loves Aurora, and counsels her from experience that it’s a bad move to fall for a man who’s in love with another – it only means suffering.

7. Lety asks her parents how they’d feel if she changed her look to something like Aurora. RoboPop blows a fuse and reminds her that she’s a decent girl.

8. Fern tells his diary, “Lety, how I wish you were sharing this place with me. I won’t lose hope that one day you’ll be with me again. My love for you is infinite. I sense that you love me. I keep my distance but you are still in my heart. One day someone will read my memoirs. I hope they realize that love, true love, changes everything. I changed from the great seductor to a lonely man in love, writing alone in his room.

9. Lety tells Caro that she’s trapped. She can’t reveal Aurora. Tom and Ali return.

Capitulo 278.
Read Julie’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Tom and Ali tell their sidekicks about the honeymoon with no moon.

2. Fern admits that Aurora is guapa. He interprets Lety’s strong reaction as jealousy so he runs with it. He says he has to go on living, and maybe he could get together with Aurora. Lety objects strongly. Fern is tickled to see her “jealous” reaction.

3. Lety Aurorafies at Caro’s house. Caro asks her to let Omar off the hook because he already learned his lesson. Lety suggests that Caro is in love. Tom fails at keeping Aldo away from Conceptos when Aurora is there. Ali drags Tom off to see their “palace.”

4. Marcia offers Fern a penny for his thoughts. He says, considering what they once had, he can’t tell her his lovelorn life. She reminds him that they live under the same roof now, and she’s behaved very well. Besides, she can see that he’s still suffering for Lety.

5. Aldo sees Aurora in the vortex and doesn’t recognize Lety. He tells Tom he thinks she’d be great with Fernando (4 times). He finds out he might be able to buy back his restaurant.

6. Fern tells Marcia that he promised Lety he’d respect her relationship, but it’s awfully hard. So he faked an interest in Aurora, even though he can’t stand her and he could never like anyone but Lety. He did it so Lety could enjoy Aldo in peace. Marcia admires his sacrifice. Fern makes sure the cuartel sees him attend to Aurora.

7. Alicia mocks Omar because Aurora blows him off. Paula needles Omar a little more, saying it seems like Aurora prefers Fernando. Omar is furious at Fern for taking the girl he likes, yet again, the only one he’s ever loved. Caro overhears and suffers. Lety tries to warn Fern that Aurora will just make him suffer. Again Fern is thrilled that she’s jealous.

8. Lety goes to Aldo’s office and sees Carmina flirting. When they’re alone, Lety is almost crying when she says it bothers her to see them together. Aldo chuckles.

9. Aldo and Lety duck away to a park. They recite what sounds like a love poem for two voices, or maybe pseudo-vows. Aldo asks Lety to marry him.


Eva Luna #102 Wed 3/30/11 Marisol is leaving, Ricardo returns, Lily moves in, Vicky is slummin, and Marcella is still in the slammer

We start off with Julio and Eva. Eva has told him that Marcella is in jail. She tells him that Marcella’s ambition had caused her to commit a huge mistake. Julio says it was her ambition and her over confidence and sense of being above the law and thinking that no one would ever discover her bad doings. Eva tells him it is time to prove that Marcella killed Dan’s parents as well as what she did to him. Julio tells her she is right and it is time for him to put into play the final part of his vengeance against Marcella. Eva asks him what he is thinking about doing. Julio tells her to give the final blow, and to make sure she rots in jail for the rest of her life.

Geraldo is telling Marisol he appreciates her honesty. He tells her that he admires her even more for her determination to reach for her dreams. Marisol tells him she will always be grateful to him for all his help. He tells her she can always count on him. He tells her no matter what happens between them he promises he will be at her side during the tour so that everything will turn out marvelously.

Adrian tells Ricardo he can’t leave him. He reminds him that he is like his son and Ricardo is like his father. Ricardo gives him a tight hug.

He tells him he knows this and will always take care of him, but right now he has to leave for a while because Justa loves someone else. Adrian tells him that isn’t so, that he is wrong. Ricardo tells him he saw them embracing. Adrian tells him she was saying goodbye. Ricardo wants to know how Adrian knows this. He tells him that Justa told him. She was crying and the one she loves is him. Ricardo is overjoyed and asks Adrian if this is for certain. We hear Justa’s voice coming from behind and tells him it is certain.

She tells him she went to see Julio to tell him not to look for her any more and to tell him that he and Adrian are her true happiness. And that it is Ricardo that she loves.

Marisol and Alicia are talking. She tells her tomorrow she will be going on tour to promote her disk. Alicia tells her she deserves it. She asks if Fran is going with her. Marisol tells her no and explains that they are separating. She tells her that it is the best for both them. They are better off just being friends.

Justa, Ricardo and Adrian are walking into their courtyard. She tells him this is his home. He tells her he knows that now She tells him not to ever leave again because she almost went crazy. We get more happy hugs as she tells him she loves him with all his heart. Adrian sitting beside them teasingly says “And me? You don’t love me?” We get sweet laughter as they both assure him he is the king of the house and who they love most in the world.

Julio is telling Eva that if it wasn’t for the fact that Justa finally turned him down, he would be really happy. Eva asks if he doesn’t think this would be a good time to leave the past behind and think about making his life with someone else? Julio laughs “You think?” Eva tells him he is a good man, generous, and he deserves to be happy. He tells her he has committed many mistakes with his thirst for vengeance and he abandoned Leo and Victoria. Eva suddenly remembers the Vicky deal and fills him in on the details. She tells him she went nuts and lost her mind. She tried to hurt Laurita, and escaped the police and now they are looking for her. Julio rubs his face in despair at this news.

Said crazy is sitting on the floor with a pack of crackers in her hand (appropriately as she truly is crackers!!)

She is rocking back and forth telling herself that “She (Lily) is going to help me. I am not crazy. I want to leave here. I have to leave here. Lilly will help me She told me she will help me.” as she is saying this her eyes are crazed and she is slowly munching on a ritz.

Marisol has snuck up on Giorgio with the guess who game.

He tells her he knew it was her because of her perfume. They have a sweet little talk. She tells him that the night they met at the cabaret was the best thing that ever happened to her. He was like a gift from God that helped light up her path. He asks her about Fran and she informs him that they are separating. He wasn’t the man for her and she wasn‘t the woman for him. He wishes her the best of luck and great success. He tells her she is best friend and he will always be there for her. More hugs.

Eva has gone over to Dan’s house and is greeted by an elated Jacky. She tells her she came to see Laurita and wants to know how she is doing. She tells her she is upstairs in her room but will be very happy to see her. Jacky asks her what she knows about Vicky. She tells Jacky the police haven’t found her yet. Then she starts to tell her about Marcella. Jacky says Dan already told her and Fran and they can’t believe that Marcella killed Dan’s parents.

Alicia is working on a model who asks her if it true that Marcella is in jail. Alicia tells her she deserves it and hopes she never gets out. They are interrupted by Leo who asks to speak to Alicia alone.

Eva is brushing Laurita’s hair.

She tells Eva she is okay but she is really afraid that Vicky might come back. “What if she comes back and wants to do something really awful to me?” Eva tells her not worry. He father has the police watching the house closely. And she won’t return to her house or Eva’s house neither. She sweetly kisses her on the head. Laurita smiling says “See how much my papa cares about you.” Eva tells her that he wants to protect them both. Then Laurita asks “Are you still thinking about sending my father to jail for the ugly things you think he did?” Eva stops brushing for a moment and tells her “I hope this won’t be necessary. He assures me he didn’t do it and he will clear everything up and I believe him.” Laurita tells her she is absolutely certain that he isn’t to blame for anything. And once he divorces Vicky they both will be able to get married. And we will all be very happy.

As she finishes this sentence who should walk around the corner but Lily all sweet and sassy. She see’s Eva sitting on the bed and says in the most snotty manner “Eva what are doing here?” She tells her she came to see Laurita “And You?” Lilly says “ I just got here, and as of today I will be living here.” Eva says what? Lily tells her Dan invited her to live there. Eva looks over at Laurita and Laurita stares at Lily with quite the face. (one witch down, one to go.)

Lily tells Eva she looks surprised. Eva tells her that she figured Dan might do something like that. After all she is aware that her (Lily) and Dan are very good friends lately. They have a little stare down then Lily walks right past her towards Laurita and says “Laurita my love aren’t you just thrilled that we will be living together?” Laurita tells her she didn’t know any thing about it. Dad hadn’t told her yet. Lily says it just happened when she went to visit Dan at the office. Eva now is standing behind Lily with arms crossed in a very ticked off manner. She then grabs her purse and tells Laurita she has to leave. As she turns to go she literally runs into Dan. They exchange uncomfortable looks.

Alicia asks Leo what he wants in a very annoyed manner. What is he demanding this time. Leo tells her to lighten her tone. She snots off and tells him she will talk how she wants. She tells him that neither him nor his mother will convince her to not have this baby. Leo tells her he knows that she told his mother that Eva made him sign the prenups. Alicia tells him yes and she was glad she did it, because it made her finally loose control and now she is behind bars where she belongs. And if he came to chew her out he might as well just leave. She isn’t having any of it. Leo tells her she is wrong. He tells her he came to tell her she did the right thing.

Dan tells Eva he didn’t know she was at the house. Eva tells him she came to see Laurita but she was just leaving. Dan stops her. He tells her he has to talk to her. She tells him she thinks she knows what he needs to talk about and he doesn’t have to explain anything. She tells him that Lily already told them that he invited her to live with them. He tells her that’s right but that is not what he wanted to tell her. He tells her he just talked with the detective and Marcella was refused bail, and has to stay in jail until the trial. Eva is delighted to hear this. Then Dan points over to Lily to try and explain why she is there. Old Lily interrupts and walks in between them and says “The real reason is because you have such a generous heart and you are very good to me.” Eva looks urked and says excuse me and starts to leave. Dan attempts to stop her but is pulled away by grabby Lily. She tells him she is really grateful that he is letting her stay there and she feels much safer knowing Vicky won’t be able to harm her. Laurita gives looks to kill.

Alicia turns to Leo confused and says “What?” Leo tells her he would never have had the courage to tell his mother the truth that he wanted to marry Eva for love and not money. He was afraid of how she would react. He tells her he was right to have worried about it. Alicia tells him if it wasn’t for the fact that he was such a jerk she might just believe him this time and walks away from him. He stops her and tells her he is being sincere and also wants to apologize for the fact that his mother tried to hurt Eva. Then he tells her he agrees with her and believes she should keep their baby. Alicia is shocked. He tells her he has thought it over and has realized how badly he has treated her.

Back to crazy Vicky now lying down smiling saying “Lily is my friend She will help me. She promised me.” Then she stops and starts crying saying “Daniel,, she has to help convince him to love me again.” She has now taken the fetal position, crying very pathetically saying Daniel’s name. .

Alicia asks Leo if he is serious about keeping the baby. He tells her yes. The only thing he wants is time for them to figure out how to tell Eva. He asks if that is okay. Alicia tells him yes. Then he says they will do the right thing and to trust him. He takes her face in his hands to give her a kiss and Alicia suddenly pulls back surprising both Leo and me. She asks him if he is crazy. And walks away from him. Leo looking at her thinks to himself “Now all I need is time to figure out how to get rid of you and this baby.”

Some Fran and Jacky time. She is asking him if he has done all the chores Dan asked him to do. He tells her yes. He then asks her if they can talk. He tells her it is about him and Marisol. Jacky looks up at him and starts to talk when Dan walks in to tell them that lily will be staying with them for a few days. They both seem quite shocked to hear this as they briefly exchange looks.

They welcome her as Daniel asks Jacky to show her to the guest room. She leaves to show Lily the room. Dan is left with Fran who is giving him the what the heck look. Dan looks back and says what? Then he asks if he is wondering why she is there. Fran tells him no, it is his house he can do what he wants. Then he says “After all we are friends and if you want to tell me what’s going on I am here to listen.” Dan sits down and tells him that Lily came to see him and was really scared because Vicky showed up at the hotel and wants to hurt her. Fran is surprised to hear this and asks if they aren’t friends. Dan tells him they were friends, but now that Vicky is all crazy and she believes Lily is her enemy as well.

Justa and Ricardo are having coffee. Marisol comes in and is happy he is back. She is all excited about her new career. Everyone in the pension is all excited. Tony and Adrian both want autographs. Justa wants to know if Fran knows she is leaving. She tells her no. FF>>>

Dan and Laurita have a little chat about Lily. Laurita asks if he invited her to live there because he likes her. He tells her no. He told her she could stay there a few days because she is afraid that Vicky might hurt her. Laurita seems surprised and says “Really?” He tells her “Really, even though she is very attractive you know who owns my heart.” Laurita smiles and says “Yes, Eva right?” Dan smiles and says yes right back and we have a sweet father daughter hug as he finishes and says “You too.”

Marisol is at Dan’s house and Jacky escorts her to the living room. She tells her she will go get Fran. Before she leaves she tells Jacky she wants to talk to her about Fran .

Eva is talking to a sleeping Pablito and says to Tia “I don’t have any doubt that Lilly is Dan’s new conquest. I am sure he is just waiting to get his divorce from Vicky so he can be with her. And marry her.” Tia tells her she thinks that is very strange because she could swear that Dan is still in love with her. Eva tells her “Well it doesn’t look like it. He invited her to stay at his house. And I have seen them together many times at the office.” Tia looks sad and says this seems to hurt her. Eva lies and says no. She is only telling her this because she wants her to know he is no saint and he keeps telling her that he loves her. Tia sits beside her and says “maybe you are right, but the only thing I am certain of is that you love him more now than ever. Don’t you think that is enough reason not to marry that shameful Leo?” Eva gives this some thought.

Marisol wants to know what Jacky has to say about Fran. She tells her that Fran seems very sad. He doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t want her to know (Or something like that. ) Marisol tells Jacky she knows she cares for him. Jacky tells her that is why she is telling her this. She wants them both to be happy. Marisol realizes that Fran hasn’t told her that they talked yesterday. She tells her that they are separating. She tells Jacky that he needs a person that will love him more than she can and that person is Jacky. Fran walks in. He asks her what she is still doing here. Jacky takes her leave so they can talk in peace.

Marisol tells him she is going on tour. Her song is a big success. Fran pretends to be happy and sarcasticaly tells her it is because she has a good manager. She tells him she will dedicate her first song to him. He shuffles a bit and says fine. Before she leaves she asks him to promise her one thing. She tells him to look for his happiness and that it is very close and he knows that. He sadly then tells her to be happy and take care. They give each other one final hug through tears as we see Jacky looking on behind the door. She walks away as Fran looks on sadly.

Lily walks in on Dan in the kitchen and asks if she is interrupting. He tells her no and asks if she is all settled in. She tells him thank you for all his help and protection . He tells her he is happy to do it. Then she starts with the poor Vicky stuff. She hopes the police find her soon before she causes any more harm. She then says she knows he was with Eva to talk about all the bad stuff Marcella has done to them, but she wants to give him a little advice. Dan asks “what?” she says “Be careful, Eva may just be using you so you can get even and may turn against you again for the death of her father. Remember she believes you are responsible and the reason for this is because she loves Leo and everything he tells her she believes.” Dan gives this some thought.

Lily is on the phone with snakey Leo. She is telling him everything is going perfect. She is now living in Dan’s house all thanks to his crazy sister. Leo tells her she has to act fast before Vicky shows up and they loose everything. She tells him not to worry. Leo tells her she has to make sure that she gets Dan in bed as soon as possible. She tells him he can count on her.

Marcella is being unshackled as Leo is waiting in the visitor’s area to see her. (Elvira you were right, orange is not her color)

Marcella says “ Hello son, I knew you wouldn’t abandon me in these times.” The guard tells her she has 5 minutes. She sits down at the table and Leo reaches out to take her scarred hand. Marcella quickly pulls it away from him. She looks straight at him and says “Get me out of here Leo. Talk to el Gallo and tell him to use his influences that he has in here.” Leo looks at her and says “Tell me one thing. Is it true that you killed Dan’s parents? Is this true?”

Ricardo has come to see Julio. He wants to make sure that he is a man of his word. He tells Ricardo he has nothing to worry about. He also tells him that Justa loves him the way he wished she loved him. He also tells Ricardo that Justa is a marvelous women and wishes them great happiness. They have a gentlemanly handshake.

Marcella tells Leo that it is not true. She had nothing to do with the deaths of Daniel’s parents. She tells him she is offended that he would ask her this. It hurts her that he would doubt her. She has fake tears and everything. Leo now wiping real tears from his eyes asks her to forgive him. He just wanted to hear her say it. He tells her he believes her. Now she lays in on him telling him he is being confused and influenced by Eva. She tells him that they have invented all of this to hurt her and discredit her. She tells him that the two of them want to destroy her and it is his fault that she is there.

Leo tells her to calm down. He asks her if she is trying to tell him that everything that happened at the house last night was false? She tells him no it is true. She tried to kill Eva, but it was his fault. He tries to shush her. She says it was because he did not complete his part. It was his fault that she had to do it. She continues “You are my son and you need to help me!” He says “Fine mama, but I plan on marrying Eva and I love her and if you ever put a finger on her I will have no choice but to go up against you.” Marcella is truly shocked to hear this.

Tony has come to see Alicia and has a big red package. She opens it and caresses it sweetly as she smiles saying it is the first gift she has received for her baby. Tony looks on pleased.

He tells her he sincerely loves her. And he cares for her baby as well. Alicia looks a little suspicious as Tony continues talking. He tell her that what he wants to say right now might make her feel a little pressured and may sound a little crazy but then he asks her if she will marry him. Alicia has nystagmus
at hearing this as her eyes bounce around in her rattled little head.

She takes the bear and puts it back in the bag thanking him for his proposal and his gift. Tony stops her and tells her to answer him with a yes to be his wife. Alicia tells him she can’t. Tony asks her why not. He tells her he has changed. He is not the same person he was before. She tells him that is not true. He hasn’t changed a bit. She tells him he is still the right hand man for a member of the mafia. He is a delinquent and a con man. At hearing these words we see Tony take some notice to what she is saying. She tells him she doesn’t mean to be cruel but what can he offer her and her child. Tony looks at her and says “Absolutely nothing Alicia. You are right. Who is Tony? I’m nobody. I don’t have anything. But if that is the only thing that separates me now from you and your child I will do something that I should have done a long time ago.’ Alicia is intrigued and asks him what? He tells her she will soon find out and leaves a very curious Alicia behind.

Marisol is packing. Violet notes that she hasn’t packed a lot. Marisol thinks it is best she not take all her cabaret out fits. Justa enters and tells her Geraldo is waiting for her. She thanks Justa for putting up with all her defects. Justa tells her that God helped her because he knew she had a good heart.

Alicia and Tia are talking. Alicia becomes faint. Tia is worried about her. Alicia assures her it is nothing. Tia is not buying this and tells her she needs to go see a dr. She thinks Alicia is hiding something and wants the truth. Alicia finally tells her she is pregnant. Tia is shocked.

Every one at the pension is giving Marisol a big send off. Ricardo gives her a big hug. Tony is a bit uncomfortable and tells her he doesn’t like all the sadness. He says “what about a hug for your brother.”
It is a sincerely good hug!!

He tells her she is now a famous singer. She tells him “Look at what I was able to do. I followed my dreams. You can do it too. Promise me you will do it. And if you love Alicia now is when you have to fight for her.” Through tears Tony shakes his head yes and says “ I will do it Marisol. You will be very proud of your brother Tony.” She tells him she will miss him very much.

Last scene of the night. Leo walks over to Eva and kisses the top of her head. He asks her how she is and sits down at the table beside her. She tells him not very enthusiastically that she is fine. He asks her if something is wrong. She looks worried. She tells him she is. She tells him she has to talk to him about something that she doesn’t know how he will take. He asks her what is it about? She tells him it is about their wedding. We get our zipping music and that is where we end.

Previews look great!!!
Eva tells Leo they have to postpone the wedding until after his mother’s trial.
Marcella’s day in court has arrived and a very powerful card is put into play.
There is a surprise witness with total “shock and awe” sent through the courtroom.


Triunfo del Amor #81 3/30/11 B*tch Slaps and Baby Daddys

The good news: We are back one hour episodes.
The bad news (at least for the Wednesday recapper): The episodes are an hour later. My ability to understand Spanish is sketchy at best, throw in a later air time, no captions,  a mumbly galán, a  mumbly BSC heifer, a mumbly Padilla and stir in a raging mad Os and I'm sunk (hundida.) Please accept my apologies now for future recaps.

From last night:
María returns home and is greeted by the sight of flowers. Tons and tons of flowers. Max sneaks up behind her and Maite (playing the part of María) looks genuinely startled. Very well played, Maite. Smoochie smoochie and love talk. The crib is no where to be seen. Drat.

Mariá asks about Fer and Max replies that she is bad and worse (peor) she blames Vic for everything. (Frankly, I'm still failing to see Fer's logic.) Max says mumbledy mumbledy rebel mumbledy mumbledy got in that car mumbledy mumbledy dad's back. María says "your dad is back?" Max says yes and things are intense. Mom isn't going to forgive him and is very hurt (dolida) by everything that's happened. María says she understands Vic's attitude (La entiendo). It's very difficult to forgive such betrayal and deception. (Es muy difícil perdonar la traición y el engaño.) Max gives the I'll fight 'til we're together forever speech he's been spouting...even as he walked down the aisle.

In the hospital
Fer can go home. She's glad (No lo soporto estar aquí.) Fer needs some therapy and then they can find the best time to have the surgery that may help her to walk again. So there is still some hope? asks Vic. There's always hope says doc. The orderly brings in the wheel chair (silla de ruedas) and Fer flips. She doesn't want to get in it. She begs her papi. He picks her up and carries out of the room. Max wheels his coat out.

En la vecindad
JP is eating chilaquiles with María and Nati. (He loves the flowers from Max, btw.) There is pleasant chit chat and then it is time for him to head for his heavily symbolic job as a carpenter. In case we missed the symbolism, JP explains that Jesus was a carpenter, too (Oy vey, even *I* knew that.) We get more honest work is good work PSA talk. Before he leaves he asks María to bless him. This is one of my favorite things about Mexican culture. (Question: is this really that common, or is it similar to the way US TV romanticized the family in the 50's?)

Anyhoo, the blessing:
Con todo mi cariño-Qué Dios lo bendiga, lo acompañe y lo protega en este día y en todos los días en su vida (With all my affection-May God bless you, be with you and protect you today and all the days of your life)
On to Casa Sandoval
Os, the world's strongest man has carried Fer from the hospital to the manse. He takes her upstairs. Vic feels as if the weight of the world is upon her. Max says she has to return to the being the strong woman she was.  Fer needs her. Vic fears there's nothing left of the woman she was. She feels filled with weakness (llenada de debilidad.) Max understands, with everything that is happening things are difficult. He tells Vics she needs to pull herself out of the quagmire. He tells her you've over come other storms (Has vencido todas las tormentas.) Vic says everything she's been through is not helping her now. Do you know why? Max asks...because you've forgotten something very important. What? Vic asks. What have I forgotten?

To learn to forgive.

Max brings up the business with Os. She turns the tables and asks if he has forgiven her for the Ximena business. Max, of course, is pretty cool with things now since it's really just a short term thing. He'll be with his love soon. Vic mentions esa mujer María Desamparada. Max responds that María Desamparada with all her goodness has given him the strength to confront anything. María Desamparada, mother, fills his soul with love (?) Vic asks if he's really going to be with her after he divorces Xi. Of course he is. Oh, and by the way he says even with everything, I haven't forgotten your daughter María. (Ok. Really? How many friggin' times did you two just say María? Sheesh. ¿Cómo se dice "dumbass" en español?)

Upstairs Os is tucking Fer into bed and asks if she needs anything else. Fer asks him to take the computer, phone and TV from the room.

Vic looks at a picture of Fer and a picture of baby María. She muses on how different they are and how she lost them both (tan distintas, y a las dos las perdí)

Os dramatically removes the electronics. He closes the blinds. Darkness lends itself to self-pity better than bright sunny rooms do.

Fer asks for Cruz. "To thank him for saving your life? " Os asks. "Sure, Sure that's it" answers Fer.

In the barrio
Nati is using a hand loom to make a scarf in retina burning yellow. Maria sews. Nati tells María to be careful of the needle and María suddenly remembers playing with the doll that trumps DNA in a dress-shop/factory with a shadowy mother figure in the background. (I am reminded of my own hija at the same age.*sniff* they grow up so fast.)

Back to the manse
Os is looking at a picture of baby María. He asks if this is the daughter she lost. She says yes. It is her pequeña María. Os wants to know why she never told him; who is the father? Vic doesn't plan to tell him anything. He can ask all he wants. She ain't talkin'.

Cruz enters Fer's bedroom. Fer wants to know why he saved her. She would rather have died than be paralyzed. She throws his rose back and him and tells him to get out. She never wants to see him again. He tries to ask if she needs any help but she screams some more and tells him to get out. Max arrives and Cruz leaves. Max tells Fer that Cruz saved her life and she should thank him. Fer screams maldigo (I curse him!) over and over.

In the study Os is ruminating. Xi comes in and is fakey sweet and acts glad to see him (blech.) The look on Os face=somewhere between Qué the hell? and Dear Lord deliver me from evil. Xi follows up the welcome back with "I'm expecting Max's child...your grandchild." She knows Max doesn't love her and that the marriage was perhaps a rushed mistake. Os assures her his son will do the right thing. She cries and whines that Max is going to leave her alone and preggers for that other woman. Os promises to talk to Max. He rapid fires some Spanish and I manage to catch theatre...which is a perfect opportunity for Xi to warn him not to trust Gui. Os will have none of it. Gui is my friend! I trust him! (But she did get him thinking.)

Unidentified location
Gui, the trusted friend, is talking to his lawyer. I catch "real owner of theatre" and "the law is on your side."

In the garden of the manse
Max makes apologies for Fer to Cruz. Fabian also arrives to see Fer. Max is filled in about the gentleman's agreement (I hope it's a sign that Fer will eventually walk again.) As Max leaves the camera pans up to Xi on the balcony. She thought bubbles that she knows he's going to see María and can't wait til they see what she has in store for them.

Fab has gone upstairs to visit Fer but she is still wallowing in self pity. Fab eventually leaves and meets Cruz on the back terrace. Cruz is playing guitar. He sings the Fer/Cruz theme song and Fer hears. For a brief moment she smiles but then remembers all the good times when she could walk and starts to wallow again.

Vecindad Again
Max surprises María at work.
Milagros has a quasi restaurant now?
Napo is her waiter?

Max and María lunching at Milagros. He's praising her for working hard and trying to get ahead. Love talk and smoochies.
María decides the time is right to come clean about the baby. She tells Max about a blessing. She thinks it's going to be the biggest most wonderful thing evah. What are you talking about? He asks. " just'm ...." And Max...the winner of the dumbass of the year award FRIGGIN' INTERRUPTS HER AND TRIES TO STEAL A KISS!!!! Holy crap on a cracker! This is worse than Os falling asleep! Mid kiss BSC-Xi shows up and grabs María and slaps her. In the middle of the restaurant Xi starts screaming about Max being "mi marido" and tells María to leave him alone. She starts yelling that she's expecting his child. Let the huge public scene begin!

As we return from commercial, the Naco Force is coming to María's defense. The whole crowd is talking and Milagros is trying to push her out of the food court. She yells at them all to shut up.

At the empresa
Oscar is hiring a PI to find out what Burnie's connection is to the couple in the photo.

At Doña Dementa's
Os has come to call and Burnie is spewing the usual "Vic is scum" lines about her abandoning her baby. Os just can't believe it. He asks again "Who's the daddy?" Burnie won't tell him.

Vecindad-Again Again
Xi gets worked up and faints. She asks Max to take her to the hospital. She says she is going to lose the baby. Max and María exchange a longing glance as he carries Xi away (I assume to Lime Green MaxMobile.)

Doña Dementa's
Burnie says she's the mother of a priest. She wouldn't lie. She brings Padilla in and he claims to be the father of the baby. Os gives Padilla the third degree. How did you come to be lovers? Why did she abandon her baby?

We are interrupted by the carpenters FF>>

Padilla shows Os a time card from when Vic worked with him at the factory. He claims she made him love her. He says he fell wildly in love and one day she said she was pregnant. Os asks what happened next. I miss 90% of what Padilla usually says, but I gather he gave some song and dance about Vic using him to get ahead.

Another interruption to show Vic researching spinal injuries. She says there has to be someone in the world that can cure Fer.

Padilla continues his narrative and says one night Vic abandoned the child. Burnie explains this is why Vic didn't approve of Fer's relationship. Burnie says Vic probably abandoned the child when she realized that it would be a liability and keep her from getting Os the great and powerful actor. Os still has some doubts. Burnie says they are just trying to open his eyes.

At the empresa
Toni and Oscar discuss the dire straits the business is in. They need a new partner and quick! Gui overhears.

Back at home
Os is home and pissed. He says he knows everything.  He blames Fer's condition on Vic. He says he knows it was Padilla. She wants to know who told him such lies (I hope that was a rhetorical question; otherwise, Vic really is D-U-M-B.)  Os shows her the time card that proves all.

Doña Dementa's
Burnie is pleased with how things are going. She and Padilla have a minor disagreement about telling who is the father of the child(?) Burnie says the dude is dead (?) ...sorry, at this point I'm fading fast and understanding less and less.

Final Scene
Vic and Os are arguing. He keeps pushing to know who is the baby's daddy. They keep yelling. The door bell rings and Os continues yelling and asks "for the last time...who is the father of your child?" Micaela ushers in JP. Os tell JP he's trying to find out Vic's secrets...why she abandoned her daughter. JP says Vic DID NOT abandon her child. Os is all "what?! you KNEW?! Am I the last one to know everything? WHO IS THE BABY DADDY?!!??"
JP impactado.
Vic impactada.



  • Xi's pregnancy in peligro!
  • María and Max cry!
  • Mark Tacher!
  • Os strangles Gui!
  • Will JP confess? 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teresa Wed 3/30/11 #1 “Now I aint sayin she a gold digger”

(Caray needs recappers for this telenovela -- many thanks to Aribeth for the premier recap!)

* 2007, Mexico City. A slender girl in an elegant blue dress is leaving the old, dirty neighborhood. On the other end of the city there’s a big party where the students of the Lord Byron School are celebrating their graduation. At table 2 Rubén Cáceres (Manuel Landeta) and his wife Mayra (Dobrina Cristeva) praise their daughter Aída (played by Margarita Magaña, so I guess she’s a spoiled brat), and they are very proud at their little princess for going to law school.

* Paulo Alba (Alejandro Nones), the most popular playboy of the school and his elegant mother, Genoveva (Felicia Mercado) arrive at the ballroom and they join their rich friends. Aída, who obviously has a crush on Paulo, asks him to dance with her but he doesn’t even listen to her, he’s watching the girl in the blue dress and he runs to rescue her from her circle of admirers. Teresa (Angelique Boyer) greets him with a wide smile. After kissing his girlfriend Paulo asks her about her parents. Unfortunately they couldn’t accompany her, they travel all the time, and as usual, they failed her. Oh, what a shame, says Paulo. But don’t be sad, my love.

* Héctor Alcazar (Óscar Bonfiglio) and his happy-go-lucky daughter Aurora (Ana Brenda) enter the room. Since Héctor’s a typical single dad, he’s a little bit nervous, but Aurora calms him down: there’s no need to think about her mother that moment.

* At table 8 Teresa greets Genoveva, who apparently likes her much and she’s sorry about her parents’ absence. Héctor and Aurora assure Teresa they love her, and she’s a brilliant girl because she graduated at the top of her class. An hour later Paulo and Teresa assure each other of their love. Paulo, the Horny does his best to get into her pants at last: they’ve been together for two years, they’re going to marry, then why wait any longer? Teresa pulls an angel face and tells him she loves him sooo much and wants to be his woman sooo much, however, she’s a conservative girls and wants to wait until her wedding night. By the way… She has to tell him something important, her parents want her to go to Europe with them next week. Boom.

* In the meantime Aurora is talking with pouting Aída, who’s seriously pissed off at Teresa and Paulo. Loyal Aurora defends her best friend and tells Aída that she shouldn’t be pining after someone else’s boyfriend. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Paulo belongs to Miss Perfect, but you know what? I can’t stand her! Aurora, the newest incarnation of Melanie Wilkes tries to cheer her up: come on, Aída, don’t be so depressed at your graduation party, let’s dance!

* Teresa tells Paulo she can’t disobey her parents… therefore there’s only one solution left: marriage. Yes, they’re way too young to get married, but what else could they do? Paulo promises her to talk with his mother, and don’t worry, she always liked Teresa.

* On the first floor Teresa tells Aurora the good news. She’s very glad for her, but what about Teresa’s parents? Have you told Paulo about them yet, my friend? Friend… Teresa echoes Aurora’s word and thanks her for helping her and being her friend… the only one. The girls hug. A few minutes later Teresa leaves and says goodbye to Paulo. No, there’s no need to give her a lift, she’ll sleep at Aurora’s flat. However, she left her shawl in the ballroom, which gives Paulo the perfect excuse to 1. follow her by taxi, 2. avoid Aída’s overwhelming attention and fangirling.

* Teresa arrives at the vecindad in a galaxy far, far away. She looks at the old, simple building, the dirty streets and the poor peasants with the deepest disdain, but when she enters her home, a bunch of singing people greet her, people love her and who are proud of her. She kisses her father Armando (Juan Carlos Colombo), her mother Refugio (Silvia Mariscal), her little sister Rosita (Jessica Segura), her godmother Juana (Cynthia Klitbo) and their friends: Johnny (Luis Fernando Peña), Cutberto the mariachi (Alejandro Ávila) and Ramón Sánchez (Juan Sahagún), then she shyly greets Ramón’s blushing son, Mariano (Aarón Díaz).

* Teresa thanks Juana for paying her studies and then proud Armando makes a speech: his daughter is a good, caring and hardworking girl who’ll have a much better life. However, the good daughter can’t get her eyes off of silent Mariano. Paulo arrives at the vecindad where he has to realize that his beloved princess is a slumdog and a liar. The disappointed boy leaves.

* In the meantime Refugio praises Teresa’s virtues, she was very worried about that fancy school filled with rich folks, but Teresa behaved very well. Please promise her she’ll never forget the people who love her and the principles she was taught by her family! Teresa is very tired with Refugio’s babbling and excuses herself: look, Rosa wants to say something! The young girl is 15 years old and she’d be so happy if she had a quinceañera party! Pretty please, with a cherry on top! Armando is sorry but they can’t afford it now that Teresa is going to the university. But the public university doesn’t cost much, objects Rosita. That’s true, but they still have to buy a lot of expensive law books. Teresa bursts out: money! It’s always about money! She tells her father she’s enraged that she can’t go to the university where she wants to study with her friends. Mariano, who actually can talk, points out that at least she can go to a university and Teresa, who suddenly became a wide-eyed innocent, purring kitten again, agrees with him. All she wants is a career… and to get married… with an adequate guy. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

* Juana asks Teresa about the dress she made for her and the girl praises her godmother’s sewing skills. As usual, she made her a dress that’s just as elegant as her classmates’. Juana smiles, well, at least it was worth working for rich women for so many years! Cutberto, the Flirty quickly seizes the opportunity to praise Juana’s talent. And he wants to dance with his queen, the most precious flower of the neighbourhood. Embarrassed Juana blushes, Viewerville swoons. Let the party begin! Ramón asks his son if he wants to dance with Teresa. Well, he doesn’t have a choice, and Teresa almost melts in his arms.

* Next day in the preparatory an elegant lawyer called Arturo de la Barrera (Sebastián Rullí) gets a few documents from the school’s rector and he’s about to leave when he notices Teresa with tons of law books. *Viewerville: and two fake boobs* He greets her, and the girl flashes her 1000 watt smile: oh, hello, professor… or should she call him licenciado de la Barrera now? No, he prefers professor. *1:0 to Arturo* So… if he recalls correctly, she wants to become a lawyer, doesn’t she? Yes, yes, yes! And which university did she choose? Teresa smiles and says she hasn’t decided yet. The professor says she’s the best student of the school, and with her knowledge and talent she should go to the Universidad del Sur. Teresa nods. That’s the best school of Mexico… Teresa agrees. But Arturo knows she can’t afford it. Teresa’s jaw drops. Yes, he knows about her circumstances and her parents. But it’d be a shame if she had to waste her talent because of her lack of money. Arturo gives Teresa his business card and promises to help her financially.

* On the other side of the glass door jealous Paulo watches them, and as usual, doesn’t give a damn about Aída’s enthusiastic welcome kiss. After thanking Arturo for his help, Teresa greets her lover and asks him if he talked with his mother about the wedding. Paulo tells her he knows about her secret, he knows about her scholarship and her parents who aren’t in Europe but in a wretched vecindad! Teresa defiantly admits she lied. And then what? Would he have dated her if he’d known about her real origin? Would they have spent two wonderful years together? If her circumstances bother him so much, he’d better forgive her! But listen to me carefully: entre ser o no ser, yo soy. (Between to be or not to be – I AM!)

* After getting out of the sight of Paulo and Arturo, Teresa collapses and cries, but when she hears the cheerful greeting of Aurora, she tries to hide her tears. What happened?! She and Paulo are over, sobs Teresa, he found out she lives in a vecindad! Aurora is very sorry for her, that’s why she asked her many times to tell Paulo the truth. But don’t worry! She’s pretty, she’s a good person, who cares if she doesn’t have money? But it’s so hard to talk about these things, cries the girl. In this school everyone is talking about their expensive gadgets and great travels, and she feels inferior to them! Yes, Aurora understands her, but Paulo doesn’t! And she just wanted to tell him the truth… Gosh, how on Earth did he find it out?! Teresa’s expression hardens. Did… Did Aurora tell him? No, never! Teresa apologizes and tries to flee but Aurora invites her for a coffee.

* Ten minutes later Teresa is still crying and whining. How could’ve her life changed so quickly and drastically? Aurora tries her best to calm her down: money isn’t the most important thing ever, and if she and Paulo really love each other then everything will be all right. Oh, no. Aurora has money, therefore it doesn’t mean anything for her, but she had no idea how Teresa feels. Her boyfriend doesn’t want her because she’s poor. *Viewerville: or because you lied to him* She struggled every day, it was so hard to dress like a rich girl and avoid humiliation because of her old clothes… No, living without money is horrible. The mother of her first boyfriend died because they didn’t have money for the expensive treatments. Aurora joins the crying club and tells Teresa she admires her for her hard work. Well, as for Paulo, he must feel betrayed now, remember, Aurora was also angry at Teresa when she found out the truth. Teresa is inconsolable and feels like her life is over… until she realizes she has one more chance. No, she didn’t lose everything. She shows surprised Aurora the professor’s business card and a new plan comes into her mind.

* On the football field Paulo tries to ease his heartbreak with a testosterone-filled fight. He tells his best friend he’s very furious because of Teresa lie… and because he still loves her. Actually, he doesn’t know if he can live without her.

* In the café Aurora can’t see the connection between the breakup with Paulo and the business card of de la Barrera. Well, Teresa used to have plans with Paulo, but since their relationship ended, she has to get ahead. She wants to be like licenciado de la Barrera, and although her heart is broken, from now she’ll focus on this task only. Aurora agrees with her, de la Barrera is one of the best lawyers of Mexico. *Viewerville: Of course, he looks like a supermodel, he’s smart, rich and successful. How realistic.* Well, Teresa is more interested in Arturo’s connections and influence. You know, my friend… right now my task is Arturo. De. La. Barrera.

* Teresa’s newest prey is at home with his mousy little sister Luisa (Fernanda Castillo), who likes to take care of her big brother. Arturo is eagerly waiting for his student’s call.

* The aforementioned student arrives at the neighborhood where her mother is doing the laundry and tells Refugio she definitely doesn’t want to go a public university. No, she wants the Universidad del Sur. Refugio is shocked, it’s too expensive, they won’t be able to afford it. Anyway, Teresa should content herself with what she has, and remember the virtues they were talking about last night! Just don’t change. Teresa murmurs that she doesn’t change, she’ll be the same forever. She just wants to leave the vecindad! She wants her family to become richer, therefore she has to go to the Universidad del Sur. It isn’t just the best law school, but it also provides the most important thing for a lawyer: connections. Earth calls Teresa, Mom Refugio tells her she should forget these plans. No, no way. One of her professors offered her help.

* In Rubén’s office Daddy asks his secretary to send Aída’s personal files to the university. Yes, sir, but right now his employees are occupied. Does he want her to call that taxi driver who occasionally delivers their packages? Yes, please call him. In the meantime Genoveva tells Aída how strangely Paulo acted last night. What happened? Genoveva doesn’t know, but she’ll find it out.

* Refugio is outraged at Arturo’s offer, who knows what his real intentions are?! And even if he doesn’t want anything from her, he is his professor, it isn’t right to pay her studies! Plehehease, mother! She needs to go to that school… Refugio explodes. ENOUGH, Teresa! If you want to study, you’ll go to the public university!

* At home Teresa is trying to figure out what to do with Arturo’s offer when her friend Esperanza Medina (Fabiola Campomanes) knocks on the door and congratulates her. Unfortunately she couldn’t join them last night because she had to take care of Pablito, her little brother. And how is he, asks Teresa. He’s in a bad shape despite the medicines. After Esperanza leaves for work, a foot, a pink shirt and a douchebag head shows up at the doorstep. Paulo passionately hugs his Teresa and tells her sweet things. Oh, how romantic.

* Aurora arrives at the famous university to register, however, in the hall she accidentally drops her documents. But don’t worry, there’s a tall guy in a shining armor who immediately tries to help her. Holding hands? Checked. Blushing? Checked. Wide, embarrassed smiles? Checked. Mariano? Checked.

* Teresa and Paulo keep saying how much they love each other. However, Teresa decides to show Paulo her world, the dirty neighborhood. Is he sure about his feelings? Does he really love her despite everything? Yes, yes, yes, he does, that’s why he’s there. Teresa melts. She runs back to the flat and tells her mother she’s going to spend the afternoon with a friend from the preparatory. Refugio is very happy to hear that her daughter at last invited one of her friends to their home, but Teresa would rather die than to let Paulo meet her family, so she says they’re in a hurry. But… Refugio hopes Teresa is telling the truth and she doesn’t plan to visit that professor. Oh, mom, why doesn’t you trust me? You and father taught me the moral principles I always follow, and I know what I have to do.

* In the hall of the Cáceres villa Rubén finds a young stranger on the top of a ladder, cleaning/repairing the huge chandelier. Mariano introduces himself and tells him he’s the taxi driver who delivered Aída’s files to the university, and while he was waiting for Rubén’s secretary, he offered his help to the maid. He’s glad to meet Sr. Cáceres personally because his office gave him a job, and he would like to thank him for everything. Mayra and Aída arrive at home with a large amount of shopping bags. Rubén greets them but unfortunately he can’t stay at home with them, he has a business meeting. He asks Aída to sign her documents for the university and gave them to Mariano, then he leaves. Aída looks at the pretty boy and obviously she likes what she sees. She pulls a flirty Gaby Spanic and asks Mariano if he works in her daddy’s law office. No, he’s just a taxi driver. Really? Dammit. Gaby Spanic transforms into Jacqueline Andere and she wants to get rid of the peasant as soon as possible.

* Paulo and Teresa are dancing in a bar, and they’re still VERY MUCH in love with each other. No more lies and now they know each other much better than before. Teresa goes to the ladies’ room but she sees a familiar face… her friend Esperanza, who was supposed to be in the hospital, but instead she’s snogging with Rubén Cáceres. Esperanza runs after her friend and tries to explain her everything. She loves Rubén but can’t introduce him to her family because… Because he’s married, says Teresa. Please, Teresa. Don’t tell anyone. All right, all right, she’ll keep her mouth shut.

* Rubén and Esperanza leave, and Teresa goes back to her boyfriend and begs him to tell her why he brought her there. Her curiosity is killing her. Paulo first asks her to close her eyes, then he gives her That Box with That Ring. Teresa is head over heels at the beautiful and expensive “symbol of their relationship”, but there’s one little problem: by relationship Paulo means something else. Actually, he has another gift for her: a flat… where they will spend the night together. What? Why, they entered a new stage of their relationship, says Paulo, and he loves her and accepts her circumstances. Seriously, WHAT? Sweet, lovely Teresa transforms into an angry dragon and she refuses Paulo’s offer. When he thought she was rich he wanted to marry her, but now that he knows she’s poor he only wants her as a mistress? Paulo doesn’t understand what her problem is. He loves her! But Teresa won’t be anyone’s lover, and he can’t buy her with gifts. Keep the ring! He follows the enraged girl to the street where he pulls a tantrum. At least he honestly told Teresa what he wanted and he didn’t betray her like she did with him! Understand, his mother would never accept her as a daughter-in-law, but at least they could live and have fun together! And he gave her a large amount of money, didn’t he. SLAP!

* Paulo grabs her by the arm and asks her if she was with him for his money. Don’t forget, he gave him a computer, a cell phone and other thing she could’ve never bought by herself. He tries to kiss her but suddenly a taxi stops next to them and Sir Mariano saves the damsel in distress and beats Paulo up. After the rich boy runs away, the gorgeous little demon and the humble taxi driver look at each other… romantic music… they almost kiss each other… But hey, we have 150 episodes left.



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