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Una Familia Con Suerte #39 Wed 11/30/11 Catwoman-Unmasker... Unmasked (it's Vins)

Ezra begins this recap:

So things pick up where they left off, at the Blowout party (in more ways than one), in the jungle with Bam Bam and Carmen Miranda. The rich people start arriving, and it looks like they didn't get the memo. That or they don't feel like dressing to fit the theme. The latter appears to be the case as all the rich people and the reporters start fussing about how "vulgar" this party has become.

Candy shows up in her Slutty-Chiquita-Banana suit and sets them off on a new round of twittering... all the rich ladies decide to drag their drooling husbands away, leaving just Pancho&co., the reporters, and Pina/Vins (Pina hasn't managed to drag drooling Vins away yet, which is just as well, because he's going to be part of this episodes first *shocking revelation*.

The reporters start asking Pina about her show, and express disappointment that she's taking on a vulgar bimbo like Candy, which strikes a nerve. After all, many of the men who just got dragged out by their noses had been potential sources of capital for the reopening of Pina Opina.

In a misguided attempt at damage control, Vins grabs a microphone and proclaims the bosque bash to be an event of low class put on by the lowlifes Lopez. He basically insults the entire Pancho clan, at one point calling them "prototypes of the prosaic."

Pancho can't take this, so he grabs TWO microphones and begins to run his mouth. Everyone can tell he's about to spill the beans (I guess this show has a lot of beans to spill... to be more specific, he's about to spill the Vins-and-Candy beans). Eventually his frustration peaks, and there go the beans. He yells that it was Vince who ripped off Candela's catgirl mask. Everyone gasps and I grab my burrito, because it's time for a commercial break.

Rebeca wants a word with Pancho in private. Chela, obviously, objects, but doesn't get anywhere.

Beca and Pancho, private meeting: Gee, Pancho, you really blew it. But Beca, I was defending your honor. I can only take so much. But Pancho, that wasn't an honorable thing for a president to do. But Beca, my family comes first. He storms off, leaving her not mad but rather kinda charmed... "Ay Pancho," she whispers.

Now Vins is denying everything. He'd never do such a thing. He should have expected these lies from such a cabal of vulgarity. Incidentally, that will be the title of the first album my grunge garage band releases. Thanks a lot, Univision.

Pancho is rehashing the evening's events with his buds. They think he's got something with Rebeca. He doesn't. But he does.

Candy is rehashing the evening's events with Chela and the maid. She is clearly anguished. Hooray, more forbidden love!

Pancho has learned how to tie a tie, and Fers strolls in. She seems somewhat bemused by the night's events, and wishes Pancho would just cool out. He protests.

Melinama: At this point I strolled out to the living room and realized my son Ezra was about to fall asleep so I am taking over, if I can read his cryptic notes. Unfortunately it seems the last few paragraphs he'd written were lost.

Fers guilts and coddles Pancho, who is so frustrated with the three evil musketeers: "I need you, you've become indispensable." He eventually says ok, he won't throw in the towel, and they give each other lovely hugs. She is about the 11th person to tell him that both Chela and Rebeca are in love with him. He continues to deny it.

Ezra's notes say this is when Pina dreams of her yummy plumber - sadly, Vince intrudes into the dream and when she wakes up he complains she's been snoring like a jabalí (wild boar). She's annoyed he woke her up and tries to get back into her dream immediately...

Pancho can't sleep - Chela hears his television and comes in. He tells a joke about a "gay cockroach" (which came out of the closet). She says (again) he can't trust anyone at Avon and then tells him: "While I was hiding under her desk, Rebeca came on very seductively to Vince, she wanted the two of them to go out and said 'Pancho is of no importance.' " He is miserable.

Chela once again warns Candy she can't keep playing both sides - Vince is an infeliz (you might think that means he's unhappy but rather, he makes other people unhappy - an infeliz is a bum) and her brother's worst enemy. They wail together that Candy always chooses the worst men. "You can't serve God and the devil," Chela concludes.

Pina accuses Vince of spying on Candy with the closed circuit tv AND his little telescope. He admits it but says he could hardly avoid it since Candy's body is so tremendon heh heh. "But I would NEVER..."

... Candy strolls in, skin tight red outfit rendering Vince speechless and docile, and as eagerly attentive as my son's dog when you wave Thanksgiving turkey fat in front of his snout.

Pina asks point-blank: "WAS it my husband who ripped off your cat-girl mask?" It takes Candy the whole of the commercial break to compose her answer: "I would like to deny it, but you are my dear friend so I must tell the truth, yes it was him ... BUT ... it was the first time he ever came to Paraiso and he did not know the rule about not touching the masseuse." Thus, she partially told the truth and appeased Pina and Vince was relieved as well...

... and there was peace at la casa Irabien until Pina's friend shows up, does not want to hear about the dog's poop, and is listening to Pina's somewhat mollified take on the catgirl-unmasking-revelation when the maid finds VINCE'S LOVE LETTER TO CANDY.

Tomorrow Julia of the splendid vocabulary list is going to do us a little recap. Thanks Julia! And thanks Ez for joining the team!!!! And thanks Julie for taking time from your busy schedule to do our Fridays! Signing off for the night - Melinama


Cuando Me Enamoro #156 Tuesday 11/29/11 Tales for Sale


Humbly submitted by Lila

From yesterday:

Maritata sniveling to Antonio, attentive but unmoved, insists that Tata gets real already.

We are introduced to Auggie’s latest purchase, Saul, the one that got away from Tata.  Auggie wants Saul to woo Tata away. . .far, far away.

Kari gets her divorce decree and is thus free to marry Super Laz. . .”dicen que las flores no dejaban de cantar tu nombre, tu nombre cariño” Juan Luis Guerra serenades us. . .

Nastynez crawls out from under his rock at The Rock to meet Renata who asks him to tell the truth about the feigned death plot.  What you gonna give me in return, he leers. . .

New stuff:

Renata doesn’t dignify his leer with a reaction.  All Renata has to offer him is the opportunity to clear his conscience.  Ah, that’s just cheap romanticism that doesn’t go far here in the pen sniffs Nastay.  Seems a cash cushion will make life easier. . .[gulp! Oh no, don’t do it Renata!] 

The youngsters, Anibal and Alison stroll through the house at La Bonita.  He remarks that he is treated well here despite being Auggie’s son.  His motorcycle is still not out of the shop and it’s curious that at first Auggie wanted him to scram but now he wants him to stick around so they get to know each other.  Aye, this puts a light in Alison’s eyes, she’s like, cool, that means you’ll be around more?  Well, not cause I want to, but I need to Anibal looks away, pained.  Why, what’s up?  Anibal takes Alisons hands and vows to give her the whole truth but she has to swear not to tell a soul!

Back at The Cruz de Desamor Saul questions the logic of Auggie’s plan. . .Auggie quiets Saul’s qualms with a briefcase full of cash. . .is that enough for you to go to the parish and convince Marina to begin a new life with you.  You bet your sweet bippy it is grins Saul!  It’s a deal!

As we watch the sad, jaundice-toned replay, Anibal tells the story of his Mom dying of cancer about two months ago. . .there was always just him and his Mom, she never married.   It was her dying wish that he know of his roots. . . she instructed him to take out a box from the nightstand. . .within the box was the proof that Augustin Dunant is his Father.   Poor Hortensia had kept the letter in which Auggie told her to get an abortion and the check to pay for it.  How romantic. [What’s the male equivalent of a skank?]  Anibal doesn’t know what he’s going to do with the letter, he’s not sure what his next step will be.  Alison entreats Anibal to stay, maybe with time his Dad will accept him and even come to care for him.

Ahhhh, Hon enjoys a hot cup o’ joe while he cruises the news in the morning paper.  “Waaaah!” His comfy concentration is interrupted by the cute report of a baby’s cry.  Hon calls to Con as he gets up to investigate.  BUSTED!  What are YOU doing with this baby HERE.  Connie stammers she is taking care of her for Corina.  Hasn’t Regina warned you you cannot get involved with this woman.  She explains that Cornia has gone to her house to get more clothing and other things she needs.  Hon maintains that the baby cannot stay in their house.  No, it’s only for a couple of days pleads Connie.  Whoa!  Now it’s Hon’s turn to jut HIS jaw. 

Awww, Chema of the dreamy eyes and cheek-sweeping lashes shares a subtle smile and ushers us to the next commercial break. . .and a lovely Adriana welcomes us back. . .

Isidro and Ines discuss Renata’s return to La Bonita:  this complicates Isidro’s efforts to confirm his suspicions.  Ines convinces Isidro to talk to Antonio and enlist his help in getting Renata’s finger prints.  After all, Antonio himself promised Regina that he would help her find her daughter:  we’ll help him keep his word!

Well, Hon is not making much headway with Connie, she’s got a serious baby buzz again!  You can’t get involved with a child that’s not yours, who sooner or later will have to go and it’s going to break your heart!  Well, I’ve thought about that, why don’t we adopt!  No! No! No!  Neither of us are of the age to start taking care of a baby!  Connie’s buzz dissolves into a pout.

Matias, Adriana and Julieta sit in a café discussing the Chema situation.  Julieta thinks it’s very strange that Chema doesn’t want to talk to them but has made a special point to have his Dad call them to ask them not to miss the grand opening.  Adri and Mati thinks he just needs to time to sort his feelings out and don’t think anything is amiss, Julieta is not convinced.

Oh, goody, things are about to pick up!  Here’s Fina and Berta who is informing malamama that the money is in the car and she’s not bringing her another peso!  Roberta tells Fina that Regina traced the ransom money and has recovered it from Fina’s accounts.  Maldita! spits Fina, but she’s not finished:  Inside Empresas Monterrubio is somebody who will tell Roberta exactly what she has to do to get the money Fina needs! “voy a buscar a nuestra asesora financiera.”  I’m going to get our financial manager chirps Fina with a bow.

Connie has regrouped and argues that plenty women her age have happily cared for newborns. . . .good for them but we don’t need it counters Hon.  I have emotional needs as well that caring for a baby can satisfy. . .well, when Adriana has children you can meet those needs as Abuela, not as Mother!  This is Hon’s last word and as soon as this bundle of (not) joy is well, she and her mother have to leave this house!  Hon cautions that he thinks Cornia is taking advantage of Connie.  Connie is like a pink record player with one broken disc and she just keeps going at Hon with her one tune but Hon stands firm:  you’re breaking the rules of Regina’s Hope and taking this too personal.

Holy loco-motion, it’s Blanca, the asesora financieraRoberta, working in the credit and collection section of EM is supposed to get clients making payments to make the checks out in her name and split the ill-gotten gains with Fina!? [Okay.  Anybody feel free to chime in here, I’m not sure how this is going to work even if Roberta was not unscrupulous, grasping and with zippo business saavy?!] 

Okay.  Lovebirds back at Hoosegow Light.  Renata explains that NauseousNesme has agreed to “tell the truth” in exchange for dinero. . .Jero is as surprised as I was, this is like blackmail, no, don’t do it he says.  Renata sees this as a simple incentive or gratuity for doing what needs to be done.  [Once again, am I missing something here?  How is the purchased word of psycho-perverted-lush going to help Jero?]   Just for our Carlos, doubts are settled with kisses and sweet nothings from one side of the sun-drenched bars to the other! “Cuando me enamoro. . .”  Renata takes us to break with her sexy inhalation of the heady bouquet of a freshly-picked bunch of grapes. . .

A radiant Kari meets Super Laz at the Po-Po station, divorce decree in a green-means-go folder.  I feel Laz is restraining himself from one of his award-winning gritos when he simply picks Kari up off her feet in a joyous embrace.  Green does mean “go” as Kari proposes the get hitched right here and now!  Laz is way past ready.  Off they run hand in hand cute as can be to the Registro Civil. [I love the Kari song so much sometimes I don’t even hear what the two of them are saying but I got this loud and clear!]

Ho boy, here’s Ms. Ain’t got a professional bone in her body – Prissy – working amongst bubbling flasks and beakers questioning Charlie about Matilde, and marveling that he not only fell for such a country bumpkin but that his mother accepts her as well.  Charlie confesses that at first it was not so but she won her over.  Prissy calculates that she’s got a new card she’s gonna play in that Charlie never told Matilde they were novios.  [I thought Matilde found this out?]  Carlos attitude is “lo que no fue en tu año no te hace daño.  (If it’s not in your era, it shouldn’t scare ya).  We hear Prissy’s wheels-a turnin’ as Charlie hobbles off to look for Renata.

Uh oh, back in Sunnydale Hoozegow Jero is juro-ing to Renata that nothing is going to separate them.  [This is known as anvil whispering!]  Jero agrees that Nesme’s nasty palms may be greased [sickening metaphor, isn’t it?]  They discuss and then dismiss the lying Doctor Ezaguirre as an arse-covering, ethically-challenged wimp.  Anywho, Renata is to get cash from the safe at LB for Nas-T.  I don’t know if this is noble or stupid:  Renata doesn’t want Carlos to take the money to Nesme, she wants to do it herself!  At least she promises not to go alone and there’s more smooching between the bars. .

A smiling Saul pays TaTa and Padre a visit at the parsonage.  “Saul, que haces aqui?”  This is Saul, asks Tio Padre, the man that made you suffer so much?  [Oh Lord, there’s a pattern here].  Git yo’ ass outta here, snarls Padre, neither me nor my niece want anything to do with you!  Saul pleads that he’s come to ask her forgiveness, he’s looked for her everywhere, please listen.  Padre opens the door, Saul begs and Marina sits there, her usually quivering lips agape.

Speaking of lips, back to the Horny Hoozegow where Renata tries to kiss her way out of telling Jero that it was Auggie who told her he was in jail.  Jero is pissed.  Oh he was just trying to be helpful and offering his support.  Don’t be naïve, Renata Jero pleads, having backed out of kissing range.  Dunant’s a bad person.  Renata manages to drag him back to her lips, which Jero fights, trying to tell Renata about Auggie and Roberta’s shaggin’ behind her back while she was engaged to Auggie.  No importa, no importa she cries, chanelling Matilde as she swallows Jero’s protests in kisses. [Ok, Carlos, this time it was annoying!]

Meanwhile, Saul has taken a seat and Tata is listening.  Saul feigns surprise at her preganancy and use of a wheelchair.  How big of him, he still wants to talk to Tata even though she’s pregnant.  Padre, like us, shakes his head in disgust.

Laz and Kari in the Registro Civil explaining their crazy, mixed up courtship.  All the papers are in order and Laz gives a 2 on the Richter scale grito.  Okay, cool, do you each have two witnesses? Nooo. . .hang on you crazy kids, un momentito says to RC official and she leaves.  Well, who should be walking by the large internal windows of the RC office but Renata?  They anxiously beckon her in and pull her in on the happy plot.  Renata squeals, one witness down, three to go.

Tata and Saul talk in the courtyard, he’s gonna rebuild his life, blah, blah, blah, he knows his ADDICTION hurt her but he’s a new man and he continues to get his beg on, big time.

Padre seeks refuge in consultation with Antonio about this Saul who is the cause of Tata closing her heart to love, losing herself in her profession and low-cut cleavage-baring blouses. [emphasis mine]  Saul destroyed her past but Jeronimo represents the present and future Padre explains.  Padre is worried that Tata is vulnerable and may become reinvolved with Saul as a way out of her problems.  Donde hubo fuego, cenizas quedan.  Where there was fire, smoldering embers remain.

Our Darling Chema is at a travel agency and has called Selene on the phone, inviting her to the grand opening of his restaurant. . .where we find Julieta and Chema’s Dad.  The worry together about Chema’s state.  .

Hmmmm. Chema is buying tickets to Paris?  Yes.  Pah-ree.  It’s a dream of his, he always wanted to go there and study with the great Chefs.  Nunca dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy. [To prove this is also a learning space, those who don’t know the meaning of this saying, your assignment is to look it up].

Oh Boy!  Tony is talking to Isidro on the phone about helping him get Renata’s finger prints!  Isidro gets right to the point:  He thinks Fina and Roberta are breaking one off in everybody and he wants to extract the appendage as it were.  I want proof of what I suspect that Roberta IS NOT the daughter of Regina.  But there was a positive DNA test and Roberta has the same congenital heart defect as her Dad, Roberto.  Yeah, but fingerprints don’t change and Roberta’s do not match those on the birth certificate of the baby Roberto and Regina registered!  Isidro answers Tony that he’s not saying Roberta is faking the heart defect but that Renata could also have one.  Tony agrees to help get the prints!

And as the flowers sing her glorious name, Super Laz and Kari are pronounced Marido y Mujer in the company of Renata and three other witnesses the official gathered.! They share their first marital kiss as we are treated to a montage of the cheers, tears, trials and tribulations of our beloved and patient Novios!

Meanwhile, back at La Bonita Carlos startles Mati with one of his endearingly cute gestures:  the presentation of a paper flower [methinks thou shalt need more than that after Prissy filleth her ear]  Mati plays hard to melt,  declaring her annoyance over his friendship with Prissy.  Said Prissy has just thought-bubbled her skank application:  “No, he will not have eyes only for you.  Your eyes will return to me.  This “Matilde” will soon be a thing of the past.  I’m not going to permit you to continue with this foolish, absurd idea of marrying her.”

Now Saul is hauling Marina around in her chair continuing to put the beg on [her listening adds at least another couple of paragraphs to the excellent psych eval EJ gave her the other day] He offers to take care of her babies, to be their Father.  Oh, he’s going to give her a new life, be the couple they never could be before [hmmm, this is giving her pause, a decades-missing crack-head promising a new life. . .], he’s going to give her the family she always wanted. . .All Tata can offer is “don’t insist, Saul”.  With this half-assed protest he shifts it into high gear. . .Oh, you’re the love of my life, let me win you back. I don’t want to lose you again.   Thinking on this most attractive tale, Tata fades to grey. . .

[Aw shoot!  I thought I was going to get the outing of Roberta, had a title picked and everything.  So forgive my slightly lame title.  Oh well, it could be in no better hands than my friends who have capped and recapped this number from the beginning.]

Preview:   The Batty Bobsy Twins ramp their plan into the next level,  Auggie and Saul do the same and oh my goodness, did I see Chema slipping into darkness?


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La Fuerza del Destino #82 Tue 11/29/11 Everyone Changes Their Position on Everything and MP Nearly Gets Another Notch on Her Bedpost

All- Gloria was unable to get a recap up this evening, so I am providing these bullet points based on what I remember. I likely forgot some things and things are out of order. Please feel free to add anything I’ve forgotten.

-MP, Camilo and Ivan all get their wounds tended by family and doctors. MP is turned on by the idea of two lions fighting over their female (hembra), especially two lions with such amazing bodies.
-Lucia comes home to the news of the fight and first asks how Ivan is. She goes to check-in on Camilo who is on the phone with Celia. Celia wants him to go with her and Caro to Mexico City tomorrow for Caro’s operation (seems Caro changed her mind about not going without Antolin). Cam can’t because he is too battered.
-Lucia hears his half of the conversation, ignores his jealous interrogation about why she was in Ivan’s car, and decides that SHE will go to D.F. with Caro. Camilo immediately thinks Ivan will be going with her and gets even more crazy with jealousy.
-Camilo seems to have changed his mind about Carmen marrying Saul, because now he’s pressuring her to do it so that he can become the Ag Assoc president and get lots of money and power like Ivan. That’ll show Lucia!
-Carmen also seems to have changed her mind and decides she will not marry that delinquent.
-Tony decides to go with Caro and Lucia to D.F. He’ll rent a private plane to take them early the next morning.
-Tony and Carly decide that they had a huge part in causing this mess between Lucia-Ivan-Camilo, and they need to try to fix it.
-MP catches a mostly naked Camilo in his room and starts to skank all over him. He can’t move much because of his bruises, but does respond to her kisses. Next thing you know, they’re naked under the sheets and making out.
-Carly comes to talk to Camilo and hears him and MP panicking and getting ready to shove MP out the window. Carly busts in and starts yelling up a storm, bringing Lucia (who was on the phone with insistent Ivan) and Lucrezia running. Everyone is impactada at the sight of half naked Camilo and MP.
-Lucrezia kicks MP out of the house that very night, even after she insists that things didn’t go further than kissing. Lucrezia also tries to downplay what happened with Carly.
-Carly thinks this is the perfect opportunity for Lucia to get a divorce and move on to Ivan. Lucia continues to be stuck in limbo. She’s depressed and tired of BOTH men. She just wants to be alone with her daughter, with her women folk, and without problems.
-After Lucia leaves the next morning, Carly kicks Camilo out of the house AND takes away his ranch admin job and gives it to Ezekiel.
-Ivan and Celia visit Antolin in prison. He’s happy Caro went for the surgery. He’s antsy to get out of jail. Celia and Ivan tell him about Caro’s inheritance from Gerry. This actually complicates his case because it provides even more motive for why he would kill Gerry.
-The lawyers prove that Anto’s lock was forced. It helps a little, but not a lot. In order to show that Anto was not desperate for money, Ivan and Tony decide to (lie) say that Tony had already offered to pay for Caro’s surgery long ago. They get their story straight with Anto.
-Cute engineer asks Judith out again. She puts him off since MP has just called her crying and wants to see her. Cutie pie engineer is not deterred and makes a date with Judith for tomorrow instead.
-Judith and MP have dinner in her hotel room. Judith scolds MP for trying to get it on with her sister’s husband. She just did it to bug Lucia. MP still wants to get her a big hunk of Camilo pie.
-Camilo commiserates with JJ. Will these two be plotting with each other soon?
-In D.F., Caro’s doctor says the outlook is good before and after the surgery. As with the last time, Caro will not be able to fly back to Alamos when she is released in two days. Tony decides to ask Ivan to come pick them up.
-Lucia seems both excited and scared by the idea.
-When Tony presents Ivan with the idea he is hesitant, because he doesn’t want to be pushy with Lucia. He feels he’s pushed enough and now the ball’s in her court. Tony also changes his position on things and tells Ivan to keep fighting for Lucia.
-Camilo and Anto talk about implicating Saul and Gordo. Anto still refuses because it would lead to Carmen.
-Anto can’t believe Camilo was stupid enough to fall into MP’s trap. Camilo says he’s a man, isn’t he?! And he hasn’t had nookie in months! Anto tells him how he hasn’t touched a woman in YEARS since he’s been in love with Caro, and that doesn’t make HIM less of a man. (Take that Camilo!) He advises Camilo to let Lucia go if she is in love with Ivan. Camilo can’t force her to love him.
-When Celia finds out the reason Camilo was run off Ranch Curiel, she starts to knock him upside the head. Later she calls Ivan and tells him that Camilo and Lucia are caput. Ivan then looks a little more willing to make that drive to D.F.

Avances: Lucia and Ivan make up and make out.


Hi Everybody!

It's me again, Melinama's son...

I need a little help for my Statistics 101 final project. I need to gather data on an amusing topic, and Novelas offer just the thing. I'm hoping to do some hypothesis testing on the claim that Mexican TV is more dramatic than domestic TV. It may not be a very scientific way to go about it, but I need your help! Would anyone willing to volunteer please please please watch their show as normal but keep a side tally of every time a character makes a dramatic gesture with their hands and arms (this is subject to your interpretation - the project is more about math than it is about accurate data collection).

I've only got a week left on the project, so the more responses I can get the better. If you could help me out, just put in the comments section below, for whichever novela(s) you're watching, the number of gestures you counted.

I'll owe you big. Thanks so much!



Una Familia Con Suerte #38 Tue 11/29/11 Chiquita Banana meets Batman's Poison Ivy

Greetings! This is Melinama's son, providing you with this evening's snark.

Today's episode opens on a continuation of the shocking revelation that Fer is back. Things look a little uncomfortable around the dinner table at the (new) casa popular, like maybe they were starting to get used to having the place to themselves and all their friends and enemies. They lamely try to pretend that they're going back to their old place, but their hearts just aren't in it.

The good news is that Fer's cancer is in remission (odds that she'll be hospitalized again before the end of the show: pretty good, given these shows' propensity for hospitals and associated drama). This is such an awkward scene, with everybody looking at Fer, that it calls back the first time she ate at la casa popular. At least it starts out awkward, but then Fer gets all cute and tells the gang they gave her energies for life while she was in the hospital. I begin wondering if there's another meaning to that. Maybe one of the dark secrets of this show is that Fer is a cute-old-lady-vampire. Here's hoping!

By the way, the subplot of the annoying kids is in full force, but it looks like now it may at least have something to do with the rest of the story. Monica is chattering to her friend about the delightful forbidden romance with Pepe, while greasy-lawyer-man-Enzo, her dad, listens to it all and flexes his forehead muscles. Then he barges in, or she barges out, but the heat is on. He wants to know what the heck she was talking about in there. She suggests that maybe he was hallucinating. It doesn't go over too well.

Next stop: Vins and Pina. Vins comes home, clucking like the hen that just laid the golden egg. He feels great! Why does he feel great? He didn't get fired. Every day should be this good. Now it's Pina's turn do deliver news: she's bringing Candy on her show! Vins' eyes just about pop out of his head, and he gulps down enough air to fill a scuba tank. Apparently he doesn't like this idea.

Fers is sitting in the yard watching Popeye. Pancho shows up with some coffee. They proceed to have exactly the same conversation they had a half-dozen times before he was president ("I'm not worthy." "Of course you are." etc.), but this time Pancho gives up pretty quickly, just in time for a.... revelation. Fernanda knew that Vins was "misappropriating funds." So why didn't she fire them? Things aren't that simple. They'll drag this one out for at least another episode, but stay tuned.

Back to Pepe and Monica, doing their best "forbidden love" bit.

Back to Fers, not telling Pancho why she wouldn't fire Vins.

Ah, finally, Candy and Chela. Candy is gushing. She's gushing about the "blowout" they're gonna have (seriously, I don't know how they manage all these parties. Especially since, as we learn later, they only start shopping and decorating and planning and cooking the day before), and gushing about her coming appearance on Pina's show. Chela is disapproving. Candy wants a theme for the party... Black and White? Red? Forest? There's still the question of who's going to pay, because they don't really have much money on hand and, given the current climate at the workplace, dipping into the Avon kitty isn't an option.

Now Chela is tut-tut-tutting at Fernanda. I'm happy you're not dead from cancer, but HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO PANCHO! He's a sweet man, a good heart, blah blah blah. Chela is mad! She's hyperventilating! Rebeca is leading Pancho astray! Blaarrgh! Vins and Enzo are a pack of buzzards! Wait, asks Fers, do you mean to tell me Rebeca's a buzzard? No, Chela spits back, she's the queen of the jackals!

Jeez, now it's back to Pepe and Monica again. It feels like they've been sitting at this fountain for hours moaning about forbidden love and smooching. Nothing is resolved.

Vins and Enzo have a grumpy little junta. They demonstrate their grumpiness by flinging sugar cubes into their coffee. They hatch a plot to buy a controlling stake in Avon (if they had the resources, why didn't they do it earlier?) and do a little secret handshake. Socios hasta la muerte!

Now Candy gets a turn with Fernanda. She wants to swap rooms, because she knows Vins has been using his telescope to peep at her, but doesn't tell Fers that. This seems like a little harmless prank on Vins. We'll see.

Onwards to a business meeting. Pancho is in the boardroom with a grief-stricken accountant when Vins and Enzo walk in. Well well well, he says, if it isn't Pituco and Pitaco [tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum]! The main purpose of this scene is for the sobbing little accountant to hold up an imaginary Titanic representing Avon's finances, then send it sinking to the carpeted floor. Apparently, things are bad. Their only hope is the Arab investors. I wonder if this is all a scam by Fernanda to trick Vins into buying her out before the company goes bankrupt.

Next we have an amusing video montage (set to music, no less) of preparations for the blowout. No mention of where the money came from.

Meanwhile, Fernanda sits on Pepe's bed, and he inexplicably confides in her with his tale of forbidden love. She consoles him and tells him it's no surprise that he loves Monica (she lost her mom too), and she's got a secret for Pepe (if he can keep it). Enzo used to be a car-wash dude! So he really does know what it's like to be poor. But Fernanda still thinks he treats his daughter like a commodity, and the engagement with Vins' kid is purely a business transaction.

With a manipulative twinkle in his manfully-moist eye, Enzo is telling the same story for his daughter... he used to be poor, and with the girl's mother gone, love for Monica was the only thing that kept him going. He only wanted the best for her, and that's why they're rich now. How could she betray him like she has? Monica buys it.

The episode goes out on the party. It looks like they settled on the theme of "woods," but couldn't agree on what that means. Some people are wearing plastic fruit baskets on their heads, some are wearing leather vests, and Pepe has a necklace of little plastic bones and a fur collar. Nonetheless, they did manage to score a toucan, a Macaw, and some fancy drinks. Some reporters show up to interview Pina on the reopening of her show, to which she primps and fawns and ASSURES them that Candy will be present solely as an assistant.

This is the cue for the cameraman, who abruptly shifts to the main banquet table, where Candy has suddenly appeared, dressed as the spiritual combination of Carmen Miranda (right) and Poison Ivy (left) - in a Green microdress, bits of ivy all over the place, and a traditional basket of fruit on her head.

I couldn't have asked for a better ending!


Cuando Me Enamoro #155 Monday 11/28/11 Into a Sea of Trouble & Tears Sails a Bothersome Boatload of “The Others”

First, related to nothing but our pleasure in the joy of our amigo David in IN’s at the triumphal return of his son from Iraq. We celebrate this great news and your well-justified pride in the return of your beloved son. Welcome home and thank you to him. Here is a portrait of two members of a wonderful family who has found refuge in Abq. NM after fleeing persecution in Iraq.

So on with our story review. For greater detail go back to FlordeAzul’s recap from Friday in #154:
Inez has smeared the fingerprints on the glass as Isidro tells her idea was brilliant but she should have worn gloves and put the glass in a plastic bag. Clearly she needs more time watching forensic pathology shows. But she is sure Renata is the real daughter and Roberta is the other, Renata alone in her bedroom at home is sad that Jero lied when she only wants to help him. Augie invites Anibal to stay longer so they can get to know each other better even though he still denies being his father he doesn’t want to be thought an ogre. Really? But, he thinks to himself he really wants a spy at La Bonita so he can track his prey better. Back in his bedroom, Anibal reveals a letter in his blue backpack. He tenderly opens and rereads it as he swears the only thing he wants is to confirm that Augie is his father. The mystery of his past continues.

When she calls him, Augie disappoints his Renata saying he can’t get involved with saving Jero. His lawyer has advised that he can’t act to prejudice himself in the eyes of the law in the case of Dr. Alvaro McNasty. He is SOOOOO sorry.

Constanza and Honorio come home. She makes excuses to go to the kitchen to make tea, he will await his yummy wife in the bedroom. She of course goes straight to the servant’s room to see the sleeping nasty little mommy and the cooing baby. She is way too glamorous to wear baby vomit well. What is she thinking?

Chema finally comes home. He is so distraught from being tricked and betrayed. They need to talk, his Dad tells him. He knows what happened to him at casa Monterrubio. Chema pitches a well earned fit. He feels betrayed and humiliated that they all tricked him. His dad assures him that it was done by all of them as an act of love. He is mostly feeling betrayed because he thought Adriana was his love. He thought he was about to be engaged to her but it turns out that she has been engaged to Matias for some time.

Meanwhile Adriana, Julieta and Matias still in their wedding clothes try to figure out how to find him. Adri is ready to go out searching, but where? Just in time, Adri gets a call from Chema’s Dad that he has returned to his apartment. Adri is all ready to dash off to save Chema from himself again but Matias insists with a cooler head that it is not up to them but rather to his Dad to deliver the truth to Chema.

Dad says it all started when Adriana had him come to her house to tell him they were not to be together. The stress apparently caused him to faint in Adri’s house. He suddenly remembers waking up on the floor wondering what he is doing there. She asks him what does he mean and tells him of how he came in and what happened through his various symptoms. He tells his dad he remembers coming in and talking to Adriana. Then, he fainted but he remembers nothing. His dad starts to list the fainting and the headaches, the dizzy spells. Chema says, then does this have to do with why you are here too? Yes, Adri called me that I needed to come. It was a chance to mend the distance that had grown between us. You mean the restaurant was also because of this. Yes I wanted to help you realize your fondest dream. Chema says but this fainting and migraines and all. Am I condemned to death? The tragic face of papa says it all as Chema pleads, tell me papa. They hug and Dad says what you have is a brain tumor. I didn’t want you to know so I convinced your young friends to hide the truth from you. Why all this drama? Dad has to say because the tumor is inoperable. So what do I have to do. What treatments must I take? Dad has to tell him that there is nothing that will work. You mean that I have to die? And thus sadly, the end is near for our favorite “Other” who never deserved to be so, well, inconvenient. However, in this telenovela, that is a condition that nearly always results in death.

Augie introduces himself by phone to his next accomplice. He knows this person used to love Marina and he can help and Augie will solve his problems. This will provide so many benefits to him, like paying his debts. He needs to come.

Anibal calls Alison and wants her to visit Cruz but she says, my grandmother doesn’t want me to be near your father. So what to do, they need to see each other. Hold on to this cute scene with a warning. It ‘s the only cuteness you’re going to see for a bit. And too bad Manuela has never shared her dislike of Augie with Renata but I digress.

Carlos and Matilde exit from the Padres’ talking and planning their wedding. which for his fault has been postponed too long. Matilde makes a stupid country girl slip and says because of his influencia (influence) while Carlos corrects her by saying influenza. So, when can he do it? . How soon do you want it to be? As soon as possible, beams Matilde. Carlos says, as soon as Jeronimo is out of jail. Renata and Jeronimo are supposed to be the padrinos of the wedding. They are all happy. Too happy for this to work out well, me thinks.

Jero in jail is brought a blanket and a little paper bag of goodies, as Marina on wheels has cleaned up with careful hairdo and make up as though she is going on a date with her favorite jailbird. She further woos him with the pictures of his unborn children. She assures him they are perfectly okay. But, she couldn’t sleep last night because he is in jail. She takes his hand and says she would do anything for him to get him out of jail. (even on top of a desk?) Just as Renata shows up to say good morning and the look on her face at the handholding from behind the “other”, is priceless. I half expected her to do a wheelie for Tatas and push her chair fast down the hall to get her away from her husband.

Jero is surprised that she is there, but Renata assures him that as soon as she heard she took the earliest flight to be with him. Tata puts away her tearjerking pictures and says she better go. No one argues with that super truth. Renata is mad too that she was the last to know as she is the wife. She could have had a chance to bring him things like Marina did.

The “other” aka Tatas rolls herself to the waiting room with more tears and cries to the sympathetic nurse who thinks she shouldn’t have come to this awful place. Marina whines that it isn’t the place but the situation and that SHE came. She? His wife she chokes out. She is rolled to the side while the wife takes his heart and she can’t believe that she is not the one at his side but the wife is, in spite of her being the mother of his children. OUR place isn’t at your side she snivels to her belly. She seems like it is news that she didn’t get the big prize of winning Jeronimo after her great desk performance.

Jero and Renata have a cute make up and kissing through the bars scene of promising not to lie to each other ever again. She has been so worried and he wanted to avoid any hurt and worry. They laugh and tease and quickly get back to the romantic way they are together. She says, I wanted to bring you food and comfort because who is your wife? Renata! Not Tata of the twins. He raises his hand in boy scout’s promise that he won’t lie again. They kiss and he asks how was the wedding? Lovely but, Roberta was a problem as usual. “Others” tend to do that. Jero acts like that was to be expected. And what about her Ezequiel story? She is continuing to make the same claim. He explains that he is now being held responsible for the whole pretense of the death of Nesme. She promises she will devote herself to doing everything to get him out of jail because she wants him with her and ask for a hug.

Adri shows up at Chema’s apartment to ask his Dad, does Chema know that she didn’t intend to hurt him. His dad says yes, but he wants to be left alone she wants to go back to his room but Dad says he has gone to see his doctor to learn more of the truth. His dad says he now knows that he has little time left. She feels so bad about tricking him. Dad, soothes her saying he knows very well that you were trying to be noble and kind to him.

Chema is at the doctor’s office asking, what has happened? I am feeling better with the medications. I’m not having such pain or fainting. Doctor says, this is just the medicine. Chema says but my dad says the tumor is inoperable. Isn’t there something else that can be done? No. So I just sit and wait to die? No just the opposite, when death is near, my counsel is to live with intention in the time you have left. What matters is the quality of life not the quantity. Live fully and with intensity, do everything you can in this short time, before you pass over to the Other Side.

Renata rolls her bag into the Bonita livingroom as the maid has a fit what are you doing here? Manuela nervously tells her the patron is not here right now. Renata tells them all to quit lying to her she knows he is in jail and she just got back from seeing him. I know, so stop lying. Stop lying. Lazaro comes in and gets scolded too. Then she urges him to go with her so they can work on getting Jero out of jail.

Regina calls Antonio to tell him as her old “other” that she is going on her long postponed honey moon but she wants him to be aware that Renata and Jero may need help and he is to call her back her honeymoon so she and Gonzolo can run to help. We hardly remember that they were once involved. Perhaps Antonio has found his proper calling as a counselor and comforter. He knows more than most about being the “other”

The nasty Mommy comes into the livingroom after Honorio leaves to take the honeymooners to he airport so Constanza can bring her out of her hiding place. The young woman eats hungrily as they plan and she asks if Constanza could please keep the baby for a very little time. She needs to leave the baby so she can go get other clothes and it will be much easier to do it if she can leave the infant with Constanza so she can go and return quickly. Consta coos and babytalks, not aware of the sneers on the not angelic face of the little mommy dearest.

Matias shows up in an unbelievably ugly shirt. Is that some team’s colors? He sits at the breakfast table while the maid tells him she will take care of him while the parents are away on the honeymoon. Roberta shows up to share a coffee. He is glad since he wants to tell her about German. Tell me? He surprises her by telling about German’s penchant for being a Don Juan and has been known for office romances in prior jobs, seducing lovely young women in the office and he tricked one in particular saying that he would divorce his wife but he didn’t and he never will. Roberta says, she would never go after a married man and besides German is such a good friend of her father’s. Why would Matias think this has anything to do with her? Our ultimate “other” seems to forget what Matias knows about her.

In parallel breakfast scenes, Gemma is saying I didn’t know you were working with so many beautiful and young women. He innocently counters that every office has lots of young people. But I saw how beautiful Adriana, Roberta and Renata are and I saw you oogling Renata . If you get into trouble again like that last adventure, I won’t give you the money to invest in the Empressas Monterrubio. Not missing a beat, German insists, but it is such a good investment. Guess who holds not only the purse strings but the purse as well.

Chema comes back. HIs dad asks him what he wants to do, postpone the opening of the restaurant? No I want to go one as planned but I want you to talk to Adriana Matias and Julieta, Inez and Consta. I can’t talk to them now but I want them all to be at the inauguration of the restaurant..

Back at the jailhouse Carlos brings more food and blankets to Jero behind bars and they talk about how Jero doesn’t trust that Augie, his “other”, won’t take advantage of Renata while he can and use Jero’s jail time as an excuse to get closer to her again, to drive a wedge between them. He begs Carlos to keep close track of Renata so this won’t happen. Carlos says you know how independent your wife is, this won’t be easy. The laugh at the fact that this is certainly true but Jero begs, try to keep her safe while I am stuck in here.

The rolling “other” comes in and cries to Antonio (Regina’s old “other”.) and he tells her as if she doesn’t know, she felt put out by Renata’s arrival. It is logical he says, she is his wife. She can’t, she can’t she keeps sobbing about this situation. I know you are friends with Renata. And don’t you know how I feel? If Renata had gone, I could have been in a happy relationship with Jeronimo by now. Kindly and knowingly, Antonio says, but things are NOT like that. Yes and I know that he is in love with his wife. For this reason she knows she needs to leave at least for the time being because she is acknowledging that she is the OTHER. No kidding. She needs to go but he says the fact that Jero is the father of her children and nothing can change this fact. I can’t go on this way. She disolves in tears which leaves us thinking that she deeply thinks she could be with him based on that afternoon romp on the desk but then she needs to leave because no one else is into her delusion.

Augie greets the new accomplice who he takes into his office. Accomplice says, you seem to know so much about me it is like an investigation. Augie smugly says I know that you could get Marina back. Why do you want to this? Why would I reconquer Marina? That is my business but, I am offering you so much money that it will solve your debts and doubts and concerns and give you money to start anew. Will this result in hurting Marina? No, it won’t at all, but I want her to have a safe, calm pregnancy and stay out of the way. Marina is pregnant? Yes, but not by me. I would never leave a pregnant woman all alone. Good thing he isn’t talking in front of Anibal. He suggests they drink some good wine then talk about what has happened to Marina since she came to the valley.

In the lawyer’s office with Matilde, Kari gets the official divorce papers laughing in her joy with Matilde and the lawyer. Now finally she is free to marry her beloved Lazaro. Matilde calls her sister-in-law and they all laugh in a happy moment.

In a not too happy moment, Renata goes to see Dr. Nasty Nesme in his big boy jail. She asks him can’t he come forward to tell the truth about Jero not being the one who wanted to fake Nesme’s death. She want him to aid her to get Jero freed from jail. He knows Jero was not to blame. Our unchanged Dr. Nesme’s slimey reply is and what is in it for me? What will you do for me if I go to the authorities and tell them that Jero isn’t at fault.

Next scenes: Renata’s relentless quest to free Jero proceeds, Augie makes the payoff to Marina’s “other” so he will help Augie the trickster, Isidor tells the bank manager who the real daughter is. It looks like Renata will faint in front of all of her girl friends. OMG what could THAT mean? Her heart or… ;> D

So it’s over to you Lila for Tuesday’s exciting revelations.


Monday, November 28, 2011

La Fuerza del Destino #81 Mon 11/28/11 Camilo Continues to be an Idiot; Lucia Continues to be a Bad Liar; Ivan Continues to Refuse to Give Up

Camilo is being a stubborn jackass and is consulting David about finding a lawyer for Antolín instead of using the expert lawyer Ivan recommended. He makes David promise not to tell why his brother needs the lawyer then reveals the charges against Anto. David agrees with Ivan that Lic. Urbiales and his team are the best for this type of case. Camilo still insists on being dumb about it and refusing Ivan’s help. He’s sure Ivan’s just helping to get in Lucia’s good graces and steal her from him. David agrees with everyone in Viewerville that Cam is being an idiot. The problem his brother is in is one thing, and Cam’s Ivan-Lucia issues are another. And anyway, if they’re still in love, there’s nothing he can do about it. Cam says he’ll die without her. (Maybe so, if the black crow of death has anything to do with it.)

At the local pool hall, Carmen is trying unsuccessfully to put up with the catcalls of the regulars (one guy asks if Saul can lend her to him), so that she can find out what the heck Saul and Gordo did. She won’t permit that Anto stay in jail (el bote) because of them. She’s figured it all out. Gordo knew that her brother had a gun and took it, and their plan went awry when Gerry arrived. They better get her brother out of jail or she’s spilling the beans (soltar la sopa/ to spill the soup)! Saul wants them to speak somewhere else, and Gordo convinces her to go with them—-at knife point. (Yikes!)

Lic. Urbiales is meeting with Ivan and Tony and giving them an update on Anto’s case. Unfortunately, the time he arrived in D.F. versus the time he says he left Alamos don’t add up. Or at least it adds up to too much time in between. Ivan thinks he may have just made a mistake about when he left. Since Anto has forbidden them to speak to his girlfriend, who was the last to speak to him before he left, or to his mother, they can’t corroborate his story. Anyways, with a big crime like this in Alamos, it’s bound to be splashed all over the papers soon, with the accusations against Anto. Ivan leaves to speak to Cam and Lucia to prepare Celia for the news before she reads about it.

Tony asks the lawyer if he thinks Anto is innocent. The lawyer thinks he is, but he doesn’t have permission to enter the prison at will to be able to ask Anto clarifying questions right this moment.

Gordo and Saul have Carmen cornered on the bed in Gordo’s place. They are trying to convince her that it was indeed Anto who did it. She refuses to believe it. When they threaten that she’s implicated too, she says she’ll keep her mouth shut. They aren’t convinced that she’s sincere and that she would actually let her brother do time. Saul tries to scare her some more. Her brother is strong and can survive prison. But she wouldn’t be able to; she’d be raped right off the bat. Carmen spits it right back at Saul and says that he would be too, being a cripple, and so would butterball Gordo. The boys decide to up the ante. If she talks, they’ll cut her throat. Carmen promises again that she’ll keep her mouth zipped. Plus she has a daughter, who is also Saul’s, and she needs her. This is news to Gordo.

They are suddenly interrupted by loud banging on Gordo’s front door and Camilo’s shouting. Before Carmen can call out, Saul has her pinned to the bed under his body with his hand over her mouth and Gordo’s shut the bedroom door. For the second time in his life, Gordo is on the wrong end of Galvan rage. Camilo says he’ll beat him to death! (Matar a golpes!) Camilo correctly guesses that Gordo knew Anto had a gun and is likely behind the attempted kidnapping and the killing. Gordo swears he’ll tell the truth, and then tells a partial truth. He says it was the idea of his brother Anto and his sister Carmen. She thought it up to help her baby-daddy Saul get his operation. Camilo refuses to believe his sister had anything to do with this.

Suddenly he hears a woman moaning and starts making his way to the bedroom to see what’s going on, even though Gordo claims it’s a lady friend. Carmen has enough fight in her to manage to bite Saul’s hand and let out some good screams for her brother. Cam breaks the door down and then breaks Saul’s face. Carmen spills the beans about Saul and Gordo and that Anto had nothing to do with it. Cam starts dragging Saul to the police station, but Carmen is worried about saving her own skin and the fact that she’s implicated too. Saul also claims to have nothing to do with it. It was all Gordo and he knew nothing about what Gordo was planning. He doesn’t know if Anto was involved too, but he does know that Carmen would go down for this. Cam decides to let Saul go.

Ivan takes Lucia to Casa Lomeli. He thinks it’s best that Celia hears the truth about what’s going on from people she loves, before it comes out in the papers tomorrow. Lucia looks at him and marvels at how much he looks like Alex when he’s all energized. She says he’s a good man. She remembers how bent on revenge he was when he first came back, and how different he is now. They both admit the other has not left their thoughts. Then why are they still apart, Ivan wonders. What are they waiting for? Lucia doesn’t think it’s the right time to speak about this.

Inside, Carolina is worried that they haven’t heard from Antolin yet and she has a bad feeling. Lucia and Ivan arrive and Caro asks about Anto. Ivan tells her and Celia the truth about the gun and about Anto being in jail. Neither Celia nor Caro believe he was involved and Caro becomes hysterical.

At Casa Galvan, Cam is interrogating Carmen about how this all came about and what the heck she was doing in Gordo’s bedroom. She explains how they took her there by force. She explains what she originally thought the plan was—to watch Lucrezia, spy on her having relations with JJ, and to blackmail her. She thinks it was Gordo who must have changed the plan to kidnapping and framing Anto. Camilo demands to know if she realizes what she’s done. Their brother is in jail and she might go to jail too for being an accomplice. Didn’t she think of their mother! Lechita is with Celia so Camilo forbids Carmen from leaving the house. He leaves. Carmen calls herself an idiot (estupida). She will get no argument from Viewerville.

In Rancho Curiel, Ivan has just accompanied Lucia home and refuses to drop the subject of them. Their destiny is to be together! He leaves and leaves Lucia to her thoughts. What’s this? A smile? Camilo notices it too as he stares at her from the doorway. Carlota enters the other doorway. Lucia tells them where she’s been. Camilo paces the room like a caged tiger and asks how she got to Casa Lomeli since he didn’t see that her car had left. She explains that Ivan took her and brought her back, since Camilo wasn’t there. “Of course! Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” Uh wait, wrong show. “Ivan, Ivan, Ivan!” He resumes his usual rant. No need to write it down. Lucia tries to explain again how important this all is for HIS BROTHER. She also explains about the missing three hours and the need to get Caro to verify Anto’s departure time. “Why didn’t anyone tell me?!” Lucia explains that it was the expert lawyers that Ivan contracted that found this all out. Camilo starts to act stubborn again about accepting the best lawyers in town to help his brother, so Carly tries to talk some sense into him. He needs to keep his pride in check if he wants his brother to go free. They have to set priorities! Same old Camilo lines. Lucia gives it a try talking sense to him. Ivan loves Camilo’s family and THAT he can’t doubt. She walks out. Carly tells him what’s important now is his family and that his mother not suffer. He and Ivan can duke it out later.

The next morning, Caro and the lawyer speak to the police commander. She confirms that both Gerry and Anto left around 11am. Gerry went to see Lucia because she’s having troubles with her husband. Caro claims to not know what those troubles are. Caro asks to speak to Anto. After she leaves the police chief says there are still those unaccounted 3 hours and they still need witnesses to help clear that up.

Celia and Caro visit Anto in the cells with one of the lawyers. He asks Anto about the missing three hours and he explains about breaking down by the side of the road. Are there witnesses? Anto can’t remember the name of the mechanic, but he does remember that Judith saw him.

The next day Lechita and Carmen arrive at the ranch and greet Camilo. Carmen asks him if he’s going to rat her out to the cops. Camilo doesn’t answer and leaves in his truck.

In the living room, Carly wants to know what Lucia is going to do about the Ivan-Camilo situation. She apologizes again for having pushed Lucia into this marriage. Lucia says that neither of them could have imagined he’d turn into this jealous idiot. Imagine, putting his absurd jealousy above his brother’s freedom! Lucia doesn’t think destiny wants her and Ivan to be together. (She obviously does not know the title of this tn.) Ivan will always be in her heart, even if he’s on the other end of the world.

At the jail, Camilo tells Anto who framed him and that Carmen was a part of it.

Celia and Caro pray at the church and cry over what might happen to Anto.

Anto and Camilo talk about what Carmen’s fate might be. Anto will not allow her to go to jail. He’d rather take the fall. Camilo doesn’t think it’s fair for Anto to take the blame. Anto thinks it’s best that their mother believe he, being the already identified black sheep of the family, did the crime and not Carmen. Anyways, once Camilo took the blame to save Anto from going to jail. Now it’s his turn.

The neebish lawyer updates the McGuires on Anto’s excuse for the missing three hours. Ivan calls Judith into the office to speak to them. But first, Camilo wants to speak to Ivan alone. He’s come to offer an apology for the way he’s behaved. He knows Ivan just wants to help but he (Camilo) let pride take over. Ivan accepts the apology, then tells Cam they’ve got a good lead for securing Anto’s freedom.

In the Curiel living room, Lucia is speaking to Berenice about their final exam. Bernie thinks they should asks for a postponement considering Lucia is in mourning. Lucia doesn’t want to postpone. Life has to go on. Ezekiel interrupts with an envelope for Lucia. It’s a demand for a paternity test for Perlita from Ivan. Lucia is pissed.

Ivan introduces Camilo to Lic. Lara and Judith enters soon after. She confirms that she saw Anto by the side of the road with his broken down car, that it was sometime just after 11 given the radio program she was listening to at the time, that he was with a mechanic and she offered him a ride, and she’s willing to testify on his behalf. Yay! After she leaves, the lawyer says they still have to prove that Anto didn’t plan it all, considering his gun was involved. Tony wants them to go look at Anto’s locks (la chapa) to see if it was forced, explaining the stolen gun theory.

At Casa Meandragon, Saul tells his dad that he’s in deep doodoo. He’s obviously told the sordid story. JJ wonders how he could be so stupid as to think he’s having an affair with Lucrezia. And why’s Saul in his biz anyway? Saul admits he wanted to blackmail him to pay for the surgery. “What you need is brain surgery!” (Strangely enough, the character he is currently playing in CME has a brain tumor.) He explains about Gordo. JJ’s solution is for Saul to go this moment and propose marriage to Carmen and legitimization of their daughter. That way she’ll have even more reason to keep quiet about Saul’s role in all this. Saul doesn’t like that solution. He thinks he’s too good for that naca. Who is he kidding?

Lucia looks on sleeping Perlita and rants to Bernie about Ivan’s paternity test demand. “Does he want to take her from me?” Bernie says of course he doesn’t. He just wants to know the truth. (Duh!) It’s normal that he be suspicious and think Perlita is his. “He has Alex, doesn’t he?” “You know better than anyone that one child doesn’t substitute another.” “But why this way?” Bernie suggests she talk to Ivan. Lucia would much rather rant some more about how Camilo would react if Ivan got visitation rights for Perlita. Bernie doesn’t think Ivan would put her in an uncomfortable situation. What Bernie is more concerned about is why Lucia is so scared of Camilo. Is he mistreating/abusing her? Lucia says no, but she’s not very convincing.

Saul calls Carmen and assures her it was all Gordo’s doing. He makes his proposal. If she keeps quiet about his role in this, then he’ll marry her and take care of her and Lechita. Carmen takes the bait.

Ivan tells Celia on the phone about the lastest updates in Anto’s case. She’s happy with the good news. She informs him that Caro was named Gerry’s heir, so she has inherited the house and the bank account. She tells Camilo and Caro the Anto update, but Camilo gets all stupid again and wants to know why Ivan is mixed up with the biz about Gerry’s will. Then he gets ticked off when they tell him Ivan helped them find the will and what was in it. “Ivan, Ivan, Ivan!” Celia is like the hundredth person to tell Camilo he’s being an idiot. Ivan is part of their family, he’s her godson, and Camilo owes him plenty. Caro begs them not to argue, and she and Celia speak about Anto’s case while Camilo broods in the corner.

Lucia calls up Ivan to tell him off. He apologizes for not informing her, but he forgot about it with all that’s happened. He’ll put an end to it if she tells him the truth about Perlita. Lucia claims he is not the father. Well, then Ivan doesn’t see what the big deal is about the paternity test being done. She says it’s an insult to Perlita, Camilo, and to her!

After Lucia hangs up on Ivan, Alex wants to know what the discussion was about. He knows the answer before Ivan even gets it out. Grown folk business. Tomorrow he starts school and needs to get to sleep.

The next morning, Ivan drops Alex off at the school. He then runs into Lucia and Bernie in town. He and Bernie meet for the first time and make small talk. Bernie makes a hasty retreat to leave Lucia and Ivan alone, and Lucia immediately starts an argument about the paternity test. Ivan thinks they should go somewhere more private for that discussion, considering they're in the middle of the street in the middle of town. She reluctantly agrees and gets in his car.

On the farm, JJ finds Camilo and tries to make small talk about the diversification of his crops. Then he gets to the real business at hand—this story that Carmen “made up.” JJ bullshits about how it was all Gordo and not Saul. Anyway, if his brother is going to be set free anyway (because of Judith’s testimony), then why bother implicating Saul? And anyways, that would implicate his sister Carmen too. If Camilo forgets about the whole thing, then JJ won’t take away his backing of Camilo’s bid to be the next Ag Assoc president. Plus, Saul will marry Carmen. Camilo would prefer that his sister remain a single mother! Well, then JJ will prohibit Judith from testifying on behalf of his brother.

Ivan and Lucia walk and talk. Same old argument. Why didn’t you wait for me? Why did you sleep with my sister? It was just once! And I was thinking of you the whole time! Lucia is a terrible liar. She denies that she hopped into the sack immediately with Camilo (true). But then she denies that the baby is Ivan’s and that she got married already pregnant (lie). And he knows the baby wasn’t premature. These things just don’t add up, and Ivan is REALLY good at math. Lucia starts to cry instead of admitting anything. Ivan begs her to get divorced so that they can marry. Lucia decides instead to hop in the cab that suddenly drives up, and takes off.

When he returns to his car, Ivan finds that Lucia has forgotten a copy of her thesis in the front seat. He smiles after reading the dedication: “To my grandmother Carlota, my father Gerardo, and Alex.”

Looks like she forgot even her purse in Ivan’s car, because she stops the cab in front of Bernie and asks for cash to pay for the cab. She tells Bernie that Ivan asked her to get divorced and marry him. “Well then, get divorced!”

Lic. Lara explains the next steps to Anto in the jail. He wants to know if there is anyone who would want to frame him. There’s still no way to prove he didn’t plan the whole thing, and the gun is, well, the proverbial smoking gun. They’ll check his locks, but justice moves slowly and Anto will need lots of patience.

The D.F. doc calls to tell Caro that a compatible cornea has been found and she will need to come immediately. He tried to call Anto but got no answer. Caro claims he’s traveling. The doctor says she needs someone trustworthy to accompany her right away. Celia offers to go with her, but Caro refuses to go without Anto since he’s the one who made all the sacrifices to make this happen.

JJ tells Saul how he screwed up since it’s his fault Camilo refuses to accept his bargain. If Camilo denounces Saul, then JJ washes his hands of Saul.

Ivan pulls up to Rancho Curiel to return Lucia’s things that she left in his car. Unfortunately, the welcome party is Camilo and he wants to know what the heck Lucia was doing in Ivan’s car. Ivan says they had to talk about personal stuff. He and Lucia love each other, the baby is his, and if Camilo was man enough he would give her a divorce. Camilo laughs, calls him crazy, then punches him. It’s on! Full out rumble on the Curiel lawn, with Ezekiel trying to stop them, while not being stupid enough to jump in the middle of it. MP and Lucrezia run out and also try to get them to stop. (Thankfully the only time we’ve seen these two tonight.) MP is not as smart as Zeke, gets too close to the melee, and gets popped in the mouth and knocked to the ground by Camilo’s flying elbow. The two snorting bulls don’t even notice and grip each other’s lapels, fists ready to fly some more.

Avances: Camilo is caught naked, getting it on with MP in bed, by the whole Curiel family.


Una Familia Con Suerte #37 Mon 11/28/11 It's so nice to have a plumber around the house.

Pancho, stuck in jail, calls Rebe; she drives all the jailbirds home in La Burra. Vince says this is making him an energumeno (raving lunatic). The boys remind each other the car race rematch is still pending. While they're all milling around, Candy shows up. She'd told her best bud Pina she'd find her a plumber - and here is one, right in front of her! She asks Tomas to do the fix the plumbing.

Enzo pushes Freddy on Monica again. She wants to know why her dad is obsessed with her marrying Freddy. He says Pepe is so vulgar, a mechanic. He again says "Promise never to go with him." This time she caves and agrees!

After scolding Pepe for lying to him ("If we don't respect our word, we have nothing"), Pancho forgives him.

Even Arnoldo can see Ana is soft for Freddy! He lures her to the photo shoot with fantasies of her being a movie star, but she demurs. Saying "I'm your boss, the session begins now," Arnoldo hands her a skin-tight dress. She puts it on with her army boots. He tells her to imagine Freddy and gets lots of good pictures. Barbara asks what he's doing. "Maybe I'm changing the image of Avon." "You thinking of replacing me? You're just doing this to get in good with the boss."

Chela is so mad at Pancho (for calling Rebe instead of herself), she doesn't even make him a lunch.

The plumber Tomas arrives and Adoracion flirts with him. Pina: "Ay, que muchachito!" Tomas takes off his shirt to work, Pina and the maid go crosseyed with delight. They're ecstatic when he says: "All the pipes are rusty and old - I'll have to replace them, it will take a month." ("Or more!" Pina hopes.)

Vince yells at Pancho for everything. Pancho trys to stay calm as Vince pokes him repeatedly and taunts: "you don't have the courage to fire me." Finally Pancho buckles and does (fire him). Vince defies him: "The only way I'll leave here is in a shroud." They take their squabble to Rebe - she thinks they're acting like babies. Pancho doesn't understand why, since half Mexico knows Vicento is robbing the business, he is so intouchable.

Freddy and Elena snuggle at the chat room; Pepe shows up and warns Elena: Freddy doesn't love you and will never take you seriously, and he's boasting of having you in his deluxe love nest.

Lupe is getting better bathrooms for ye olde casa popular. Alex comes and asks, "Don't you like me even a little?" "You're great but I'm sad about Tomas." She's decided not to move the kids out to his grannie's house.

Pancho complains: "I'm a toothless president." Rebeca says "You can't fire Vince," then Vince comes to gloat ("I'm not fired"). Pancho hurls folders at him: "Here, take back your credit cards, we'll pay for your wife, your dog... " and goes home, depressed.

Pina decides to let Candy co-host her show on TV, though she cautions: "I will always be the star." She continues: "There's just one condition: tell me the truth, is my Veens doing it with Chela??" "Of course not!" "But he was spying on your bedroom, looking at you and Chela. If it's not her, then... " "I am not your husband's lover, I've never bedded him, I swear."

Pina decides to throw a party celebrating the re-launch of her show. It will be at Fer's house, Pina will invite the whole world. Vince comes home triumphant. He sticks his love letter Candy's ("you are a hurricane, a sweet caramel...") into her purse.

One final surprise: Dona Fer shows up at Pancho's for dinner!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

El Mundo de Telemundo, Week of November 28, 2011: Discuss Amongst Yourselves.


The casa of the title can refer to the Conde mansion with its stylized black and white interior; or it can be the Ruiz digs, where no one talks about the elephant in the room. Literally. It depends on the perspective of the speaker. This shifting perspective is especially evident now that Javier Ruiz inhabits the Casa Conde and Pilar has moved in to keep an eye on him and take care of her sister, Rebeca.

The transition hasn’t been easy for Javier. Intruders – including the entire Conde family – enter as easily as they did before and evil still lurks in every corner.

And then there’s the whole servant problem:

Where’s Nibaldo?
The viewer has seen him lying, bloody and inert – though not necessarily dead – in a public park. The police are called after a young couple spot him. But the only one of our characters who knows about Nibaldo’s misfortune is the one responsible: Ismael.

Hilda is gone too (but only to la casa de al lado, thank goodness).
She agrees to help look after Pilar’s kids – it’s only right. After all, Diego saved her from Javier and Andrea also helped to fend off her monstrous father.

Back to the Future:
On Wednesday we saw Renato accepting a mysterious shipment of books and then “accidentally” dropping a copy of Condenados in front of Emilio. We were nonplussed, especially when we noticed the conspiratorial look Renato and Eva shared.

Then Carola finds her copy of the new book snuck into her handbag and guesses correctly that it must have come from her parents.

But from what we learned last night, it seems as if Novelera’s brilliant deduction was correct – Renato has rewritten Condenados, at least in part. One thing we know: in this new version, Ignacia survives. We’d know a lot more if these people weren’t all such maddeningly slow readers. We’d know, for example, if veneno is still in Sebastian’s future in this edition. (And again, hats off to Hombre for guessing that one!) And of course we don’t know if a murderer’s plans can be derailed by writing out his evil deeds.

The red tongue of the stairway swallows them up and spits them back out, over and over and over. And the house just keeps on laughing.

Pilar marches up the stairs in those wild lemon-colored stilettos. She’s going to check on her sister. But when she hears Rebeca say the word Pilar , she races back downstairs to share the miracle with Javier. She wants him to call a doctor to come and evaluate her. Gladly, he says -- now neither manic nor depressed but rather back at baseline bastard – just withdraw your domestic violence accusation and I’ll do whatever you want.

Meanwhile Ignacia arrives at the front door. Just as she is declaring her love for Javier and begging him to admit he feels the same way, Gonzaki bursts in looking for Pilar: She’s living in this house now, right Javier?

Poor Ignacia. She races angrily up the stairs closely followed by Gonzaki. Fuera de aquí, she screams at Pilar.

Are you nuts? asks Pilar (though we all know this is just a rhetorical question.) You think I’m here because of Javier? ¡Te lo regalo! ¡Quédate con él! I’m here for Rebeca!

Then Pilar turns to Gonzaki: I’m here to protect my sister. And like you said in court, you’re just my lawyer. So butt out, buster!

Pilar struts off on the lemon stilettos and Ignacia clumps back down on her impossibly steep wedgies.

Now Renato bursts through the open door and tells Javier to get lost. Ignacia asked her parents to protect her and that’s what they’re going to do. He insists she come back home with him.

Javier smirks and preens here, telling Renato: You’re the one who needs to get lost. ¡Esta es la casa de papi!

Now the red tongue spits Gonzaki back into the foyer. Javier reflects ruefully that the house is filled with people who hate him. (And the viewer reflects that the trick would be to fill the house with people who don’t hate him.)

Gonzo leaves with these words:
Cuídala, Javier – es la única cosa que tengo en la vida.

And the viewers finally let out their collective breath – Amazingly Pilar hasn’t blurted out Rebeca’s progress to Gonzaki. Yet.

It was a dark and stormy night...
Hilda and Emilio are hosting a party to celebrate their upcoming wedding.
So what if Emilio hasn’t told Hilda he turns tricks for a living?
So what if Hilda still can’t bear to be in the same room as her baby?
So what if the party house has no water? (Sure, you can buy ice and get food delivered – but are they planning to bring in Porta-Potties?)
And so what if crazed killer Ismael is lurking in the shadows?

The heavens weigh in with an opinion – fierce winds, rain, bolts of lightning.

The usual suspects file in ...

While in la casa de al lado, Pilar tells Rebeca she’s just going to pop in on the party and toast to Hilda and Emilio’s happiness. (Better let Sebastián taste the champagne first, Pilar.) Javier is safely in his room and all is well. Va a ser una noche muy tranquila coos the oblivious Pilar to her helpless sister. But the frantic expression in Rebeca’s eyes tells us she knows better. She remembers the terrible things that have happened to her already ...

Outside the storm rages. Pilar stops for an umbrella and steps into the wild of the night.

Inside, Javier, fully dressed, emerges from the shadows.


Fans of Mi corazón insiste know that por fin, el fin is on Monday. Then the new Eugenio Siller novela begins on Tuesday: Una Maid en Manhattan. I think I’ll pass – don’t think I’m their target demographic. Anybody in on that one?

Fans of Flor salvaje and Mi Corazón -- les toca a ustedes --

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La Fuerza del Destino #80 Fri 11/25/11 With Morning Comes Mourning

(So Viewerville has cornered the market on Kleenex for this episodio.  Without those happy pills before viewing, nobody would have been able to make it through the first half.)  Lucrecia, Carlota, Lucia and Camilo wait patiently in the little hospital lobby till the doctor brings Carolina back to them.  They get the news from Carolina and the doctor that Gerardo didn’t have the will to live and thus has left them all for the “más allá”, aka, The Great Beyond.  Tears aplenty.  Maripaz walks in a moment later after getting her beauty sleep and allows a tearful eyeful for herself with Mama.  Lucia calls Ivan to tell him the news, while Cam tries getting hold of Antolin, for Caro’s sake, but can’t get him to pick up.

Ivan tells Anthony, who suggests it’s time that Alex learns what death is about and to take him with them to the funeral home [funeraria = funeral parlor, undertaker’s].

Lucia calls home and finds out that Carmen has flown the coup.  She’s supposed to be taking care of Perlita, but just up and left.  Gloria’s with the baby now and Cleto and another ranch hand are outside with their shotguns [escopeta] protecting against any intruders.

Lucia asks Lucrazia what they should do about Carolina, but selfish Lucre begs off saying she doesn’t have the presence of mind to think of such things now. Cam suggests getting Arcelia to go take care of her.  Lucia thanks Cam and gives him a peck on the cheek.  It’s the first time she’s touched him in days/weeks and he nearly swoons.

Tony tells Ivan it’s fine if he asks Caro to spend a few days there at the compound.  It will do both Alex and her some good to be with each other for a while, he thinks.  Iv mentions that Caro and Anto are apparently an item these days.  Alex walks in and asks for news about his gramps. They tell Alex who begins immediately crying over the loss of his abuelo.  He wants to see him at the wake.

That night, Cam calls home trying to find Antolin and tells Arcelia about Gerry’s dying.  She tells him that the news scared Carmen so much that she came home.  Came calls her reckless and irresponsible to just leave like that.  (Viewerville agrees.)  Anyway, Celia doesn’t really know where Anto went or when he’s due in. 

Carmen walks into the kitchen with Lichita and Celia gives her grief for leaving the ranch like she did, and says that now Cam’s furious with her for it.  Celia tells her to get her stuff and get back to El Socorro ASAPP and to take Lichita with her.  She’s staying with Carolina tonight because Don Gerardo kicked the proverbial bucket and the whole town, practically, will be at the funeral home for the wake tonight.

Carmen calls Saul as soon as she finds out about Gerry and tells him the old guy croaked. If the police come after her she’s going to tell them about the whole friggin’ mess, cuz she sure isn’t to blame for what happened!!   Click!!  Saul knows that he is, tho’.  Before he can think about what to do next, Juan Jaime walks in and says it’s all over the radio about Gerry’s death after being attacked.  He orders Saul to come with him to the wake to represent the Meandragons.  Saul tries to beg off, but JJ won’t allow it.  Knuckle-head!

First come the Meandragons with JJ looking too sexy for his shades, which he apparently wears at night.   The McGuires show up right after.  Ivan and Lucia exchange tearful looks.  Alex and Caro weep and we see Gerry “sleeping with the angels.”  Tony gives his sympathies to Lucrazy who, in between sobs, agrees he was a good man but that she realized it too late.

The next morning, Comandante Aguilar tells Cam that they found a revolver with Antolin’s fingerprints on it near the shooting.  Cam tries explaining that Anto left early in the mornong for Mexico City and he doubts Anto could have had anything to do with it. Besides, Anto is engaged to Don Gerry’s S-I-L and was on good terms with him. The gun could have been stolen or Anto could have sold it for all they know.  Maybe his phone battery was dead, but he couldn’t reach him.  The Comandante says it could be that he ran away when he found out the kidnapping failed and Gerry died.

Inside, Carmen tells Lucia how sorry she is over Gerardo’s death, and who knows, maybe she’s actually sincere.  Either way, she’s definitely upset when she sees the police are questioning Camilo.

Ivan, meanwhile, has brought Carolina and Celia back to Gerry’s house.  Ivan excuses the need to do so and begins to ask whether the house belonged to Gerry or the bank.  He apparently bought it outright.  Is there any will?  Caro has no idea.  He offers Caro to live with them at their compound, and Alex begs her to come back with them, for Alex’s sake if nothing else.  Caro is grateful and apologizes for the rude way she treated him early on.  Ivan forgives her and says that’s all in the past.  Anto calls home and finds out from Ivan about Gerry’s murder and the attempted kidnapping of Lucrazia.  He tells Caro he’s driving back to Alamos ASAP. 

Anto calls Cam next and finds out that the bullet they dug out of Gerry was the same caliber as his old revolver and that the police have the gun with his prints on it and are blaming him.  Antolin insists he hasn’t used that old gun in years!

Back at Gerry’s, Caro insists on staying at the house til Anto returns to town.  Celia stays with her and Caro tells Ivan that she really doesn’t want to stay with them and Alex right now.  They put her to bed for a nap. 

At Sucker’s Ranch again, Cam tells Lucia that he’s not going to be able to sleep a wink till Antolin gets back and proves he wasn’t involved.  Unfortunately, his gun was used and so he’s implicated no matter what.  They walk into the dining room for breakfast with the others and Cam tells them what the police told him.  Lucrazy goes wild and claims his good-for-nothing brother had to have been the cause!    Meanwhile, Maripaz knows the plot and realizes what’s up.  Her eyes go wide as she listens to Cam tell her mama it couldn’t have been Antolin because the gun was stolen and he went off on a trip to Mexico City early that morning.  Lulu doesn’t buy it and tells him he and MP both know his brother has a record/yellow sheet [fichito] a mile long!!  He’s a criminal who knew she had money and wanted to kidnap her to get some of it!! 

Carly’s antennae shoot up and she wants to know how Lucrazia would know Antolin’s a criminal type?  She just does and that’s all, screams Lucrazia!  That’s what they get for getting involved with people of that type and class!  She tells Cam she’s glad the police have his fingerprints on the pistol and she hopes he rots in jail for it!  Lulu races out of the dining room in a huff.  Cam apologizes to Carly and says he doesn’t know for sure but he’s certain it couldn’t have been his brother.  Merry Piece keeps her mouth shut and acts like the innocent bystander she probably wishes she was about now.

In town, Saul meets up with Gordy at the dive they usually drink at.  They figure the cops have got the prints from the gun and are looking high and low for Antolin.  Gordy is sure that if Anto finds out he’s being sought be the police he’ll stay in the D.F. and far from Alamos.

However, Anto gets stopped by the cops on the lookout for his car and gets arrested for kidnapping and homicide.  He’s ay, ¡caramba! impactado when he hears the charges.

Meanwhile, Cam tries comforting Lucia in her bedroom.  She says she could have handled it better if it were a deadly disease, but such a sudden death leaves nobody prepared.  They are both worried now for Anto, and neither one believes he’d be capable of doing such a thing.  Cam will stick around the house today and help her with Perlita.

Ivan agrees with Tony’s suggestion to take Alex to see Lucia so the boy can commiserate with other family members.  Benito will come along in case there are other kidnappers about.

The comandante has Antolin brought in ro his office and tells him what we all know, that Anto has a pretty bad reputation around town, especially for dealing drugs and pimping prostitutes.  Anto says that’s all rumors and he’s got no proof of any of that, not to mention, there’s no rap sheet of any sort on him—ahh, something Viewerville didn’t know.  He’s never been arrested for anything till now.  There’s a gun with his prints on it that was used in a murder and an attempted kidnapping, the comandante reminds him.  “--Hey, that gun isn't exclusively Army  issue and I bought it four years ago.  I never used it.” The comandante reminds him he had no permit and Anto repeats that he said he never used it.  Anyway, he explains to Aguilar, he was nowhere around cuz he’d already headed off to Mexico City.  Aguilar suggests he could have fled right after the bungled attempt and shooting Gerardo. Anto asks if Aguilar really believes he’d be stupid enough to leave his gun behind and alleges that somebody tried to incriminate him.  The gun was stolen from him.  What time did the crime occur?  Aguilar says the crime took place around 11 A.M., quite a coinkydink, wouldn’t you say?  Antolin wants his one call. 

Anto calls and explains what’s happened to Cam, who says he’s coming down there right away.  Anto tells him not a word to Caro or Mama.  He tells Lucia what’s up and to stay mum.  She says she’ll start looking for a lawyer.  She calls Ivan and says come over immediately because she has to speak to him.  (Yes, we all know it could have been handled over the phone, but that lacks spicy drama and would be a snoozapalooza.) 

Cam gets 10 minutes with Anto in the cellblock.  Anto swears it has to have been one of his many enemies.  Who? Mini-Meandragon and his sidekick, that’s who.  Why? Well, admits Anto, he gave Gordy a hell of a beating and he was, in a way, sort of responsible for Saul’s car accident.  Cara de incredulity for Camilo.

Ivan arrives with Alex.  Hugs all around.  Alex plays reluctantly with Lichita while Ivan goes inside to the living room with Lucia.  He tells her he knows that Antolin was always a reckless kind of guy, but to plan a kidnapping and to kill an innocent man—never!  Lucia wants him to suggest a lawyer.  “—And you really think Camilo will accept my advice???” Cam walks in on them. “--I am already looking for a good lawyer!  I don’t need your help, Ivan!”  Lucia leaves the two alone to argue it out.  He growls at Ivan for being alone with his wife while he’s out of the house.  Ivan says this discussion had nothing to do with her or him, only his godmother, Arcelia.  Cam figures things will work themselves out because his brother is innocent.  Sure, says Iv, but you’ve got to prove it! 

Lucia explains what’s happening to Carmen.  Big Bro Anto is in jail cuz they found his gun at the scene of the crime and the bullet matches up with the caliber, yada, yada, yada.  Big cara de Ruh-roh! for crazy, vindictive, gold-digging Carmen.

Iv and Cam agree that Antolin couldn’t have done the deed and that more than likely it was Saul and Gordy looking to get even with his big bro.  Cam agrees to use Zavaleta, the best criminalist in town, but only if he pays the guy rather than Ivan.  The two of them figure that once they look into Antolin’s movements during the day they’ll prove he couldn’t have been involved.  (Viewerville is screaming for Anto to remember to tell them all about the car breaking down and the mechanic he bought the fan-belt from.)  “--Well, somebody had to see him on the highway, or in the parking lot or something!”  “--I know, but I also know my brother had nothing to do with this!”  “—I agree, buddy!” 

Cam gets huffy and now punches Ivan in the chest.  “--Really?  You think you’re still my friend?” Look, says Iv, this has nothing to do with you and me and Lucia.  This is all about Antolin.  Cam keeps punching him with his pointer finger and demanding to know what it does have to do with.  Ivan tells him that has to do with reality.  “--So, according to Iv what is reality?  That she prefers you over me?“  Iv purposely ignores him and avoids the beat down.  “—I’m going for the attorney.”

Cam goes in to Lucia’s room and screams at her for bringing Ivan around.  “--He only wants to take you away from me!”  “--But he’s very influential, and that’s why I called him for you!”  He doesn’t need his influence!  Heck, just like all women!  Just like his first wife who left him because he lost his job and became a Mr. Nobody again!  Well, he’s soon going to have all the power and influence he needs cuz he’s going to be the new Ag Association president.  Lucia screams back that if she leaves him it would be because of his petty jealousies.  She’s sick of this so get out!  Cam grabs her arm and raises his hand to strike her.  “—You can’t run me off!  I’m your husband and I have rights!”  “—Oh, yeah?  And so what?  Go on then, hit me!”  Cam realizes what he’s just done and goes into their old bedroom.  He whispers to nobody in particular, “—Forgive me, my Lucia!  I am going crazy!” 

Zavaleta has a meeting with Ivan and Tony and suggests another lawyer, his associate Lic. Lara, who specializes in these types of cases.  Iv swears that though Antolin might be a bit shady in his dealings with the criminal element in Alamos, he respects and protects his family and close family friends above all else.  He’d never try something like this with any of them.

The two lawyers attempt to speak with Antolin at the jail.  Anto starts to tell them his movements during the morning but gets stopped when Caro’s name comes up.  He warns them that neither she nor his mother are to know that he’s being accused of this.  Zabaleta says they’ll eventually find out.  “—I said not a word to Carolina nor to my mother!”

Meandragon makes it over to Lucre-zia’s to check on how she’s handling Gerry’s passing, and to no doubt offer a little “consolation” if need be…..  Lucrazia tells JJ that it was Antolin, the man who’s working for him at the Ag Association who’s been charged with her ex-hubby’s death.  The police found a gun with his fingerprints all over it at the scene of the crime.  Juan Jaime remembers then that Anto tried wheedling money from him to pay for Caro’s eye operation.   And to think he backed his brother for president of the organization, too!   Forget him, says Lulu!  Those people are all alike—all criminals!

Cam calls the McGuires and Tony answers the phone.  He tells Tony to give Ivan the message that he doesn’t need his help for his brother and to stop messing in his business.  Tony tells Cam to tone it down a bit.  It’s not like he and his brother are the bellybutton of the world or some such; Ivan’s not doing this for him, anyway.  He’s doing it for his godmother; so stop looking a gift horse in the mouth—or, literally, don’t go spitting into the soup Tony’s given him to eat!


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