Saturday, August 30, 2008

Querida Enemiga Capítulo 49 – August 29, 2008 – This Magic Moment….

We open to a replay of Toribio and his new novia chatting with a frustrated Alonslow in the living room. He wanted to read his medical book and she scolds him because life is too short. He makes his excuses and runs. She wants to know if that boy is really Toribio’s son—he’s so serious and Toribio is so niiiice. She flashes him a huge grin and Toribio takes the bait.

Lorena leaves the restaurant to find Ern waiting—she’s surprised. He’s worried about her—she’s been a little off tonight. Has something happened? It wouldn’t interest him. What? Hasn’t he shown her how much it might interest him? He can’t lie to himself---she’s become way too important to him. He puts his hands onto her arms, moves gently in to kiss her, and she gets all weird. This Magic Moment…isn’t happening tonight. Lorena just can’t commit to a kiss with Ernesto. (All of us are rooting for her out here in telenovelaviewerland, but she isn’t listening. Drat, frustrated again!) Lorena gives him all the reasons why she can’t and he agrees she’s right. Their relationship is very different and they have different lifestyles. She points out he likes his freedom and doesn’t like formal relationships. That’s not her ideal. She doesn’t share his ideas, but respects them. Ern bites his lip—there’s really nothing constructive he can say here, is there?

Rossy dashes up and wants to know if he’s giving them a ride. Nope, they’re taking a taxi. The muchachas pile into the cab and Ern looks after it wistfully, hand raised in a feeble wave of farewell. Our mucho macho hero looks like he wants to cry. Does it get a rating on Ferro’s UCS?

The People’s Clinic #23 is busy and the sirens are roaring. Alonslow is in the operating room with Florencia on the table. She’s on her tummy, so we can assume she’s having a spinal tap—she’s getting a local anesthetic. She’s scared to death as he tries to help her stay calm-it’ll only be a little stick of the needle. At least in this, Alonslow knows what needs to happen. She asks him to hold her hand so she can feel more secure and Alonslow complies. Nice Bedside Manner with patients, at least.

Meanwhile, down the hall, Bruno welcomes Snortensia’s Sleazy Lawyer but scolds him—it’s not prudent for him to show up at the clinic. Folks might recognize him. Ya think? Not that he’s been on the tele or anything like that. The lawyer points out that when he sees what’s coming he won’t feel like griping, and opens the briefcase to reveal muchos pesos. Bruno’s eyes get predictably bigger than the make-up already makes them look. It’s 20% -- the first installment. What, she couldn’t just write a check? (Evil chuckle). What, you nuts? (Okay, I paraphrased). Bruno reaches to touch the pile and the lawyer slams the briefcase shut. There’s a little more—his client wants info on the wedding, speed it up already. Bruno assures him he should just tell her to get the second payment ready. They smile at each other, oil oozing.

Rossy comes into the combo bedroom of Lorena/living room shaking her finger. She’s not moving until Lore tells her what’s up with the Profe. Lorena closes her eyes and says “he was at the point of kissing….” Rossy flops back on the sofa “NO!” She knew Lorena would trap him! Lorena tells her to hold on; she doesn’t want something between them. Rossy argues with her. He’s SOOO handsome! Lorena points out he’s got a pile of discarded novias and she can’t really be anything important in his life. He’s not up for a family and sharing a life with someone like she wants. Rossy thinks she could try. Nope, Lorena doesn’t ever want to suffer for love again. Gee, folks, she really IS young, isn’t she?

Tío Ernesto greets his sister and little niece into his living room. He peels shoes off his niece who has thrown herself in his arms yelling “¡Tío, it’s been forever since I’ve seen you!” He exchanges chitchat with his sister. The boys are on a school trip with their Pop. She’s got nowhere to leave the little tyke. Well, what about daycares? Meanwhile his niece plops on his sofa and announces she told her Mami she wants to stay with him. He’s sorry, but he has to work. She promises to be really good and whines charmingly to stay with him. He tries to talk her into staying at his house with Fanny. He can’t take care of her at work. No problem, she’ll take care of herself and be really good. Sis sees her moment of escape and exits, stage left, thanking him before he can think twice. We note that she had a plan—her shoes never came off for a split second. Ern ruffles his hair in consternation. His charming sobrina gives him a gap-toothed grin that would melt Frosty. He smiles back and we know whose grin genes she got. Maybe he can handle one kidlet at a time.

Maruja and Zulema prepare the day’s orders and chat. Zulema’s so appreciative and Maruja’s glad to do it since she resigned from Snorty’s shop. Will she look for work? Later—they gave her a good severance pay. She deserves a good job, and Zulema will miss her so much. Whatever, they’ll always be friends, according to Maruja. Hugfest.

Bruto (sic) slams his briefcase down on the reception desk and Diana jumps—he startled her. That slam had some hostility in it, friends. He wants her to blow the pop stand with him for breakfast and she can’t leave work. Bruno wonders if it isn’t time for her to think about quitting, and Diana is a bit taken aback. Apparently it hasn’t crossed her mind that she wouldn’t be working after they marry, to help pay the expenses. He tells her his salary will cover it nicely. (Yeah, and Snorty’s hefty incentive bonus). She asks about the briefcase—oh, work papers. Vasco passes, greets her and she knows who it is even from behind her. She tersely greets him and Bruno sighs with annoyance as Vasco goes on his way to work. Vasco’s one more reason for her to not work there. Diana assures Bruno she only has eyes for him. He wants to Meet with the Parents tonight. He wants to formalize their relationship. Bruno gets to the point after all the beating around the bush—he wants a date for the wedding. She gives him a lovely smile.

Paula stands at the reception desk at Snortensia’s shop asking for Sara. She’s got all her wares to peddle. The receptionist tells her there’s no SARA Armendáriz, only Snortensia and Jaime (and she conveniently omits telling Paula they’re in jail instead of at the shop). The only Sara is the granddaughter of the Señora, but her name is de la Cruz. Great, she’s my sister-in-law, Paula spits back at the chick—announce me already. The receptionist calls up to announce Paula’s Presence, but Sara’s not in. Paula wants to go up and wait—when the receptionist dials up again for authorization she asks for Sra. Jacqueline Hernández. Paula quickly sees the wisdom in staying downstairs.

Snortensia enjoys a cup of coffee and her morning newspaper, minus the coffee, in her studio apartment that has such tasteful furnishings including very contemporary grid-style bars on the front. The headline screams “Scandal Sinks Food Company.” She reads about her detention in jail, all the facts as they know them, and what it means to some reporter. And fumes. Sara comes to ask how Snortensia’s doing, and it’s about time you got here is the only response. Oh, no, there’s more. How’s the company doing? Fine, Granny. Well, are you going back to work or are you “on vacation?” This with a practiced sneer. Sara whines. “Why are you saying that?” Snorty slaps the newspaper, headline first, up to the bars and demands to know qué the h*** this means. Sara tries to mollify her—they’re exaggerating. Snorty wants to know why Sara hasn’t told her. Sara didn’t want to bother her. Sara tells her not to worry. When she gets out it’ll all get resolved. And, oh, yeah, by the way, I’m taking care of getting some fake docs back into the orphanage. Without your signature on them.

Ern apparently CAN do better with one kidlet at a time. Except that he has to take this one along when he goes to the office. Lorena, all ready for working, is surprised to see him and the little niece. She asks who it is and Ern tells her it’s his daughter. The little one keeps her mouth shut but Lorena’s gapes. Then the little one says hola, all innocence.

Your daughter? Sure. What’s wrong? Lorena is impactidíssima. The niñita says her name’s Gina. You have a CHILD? Then Lorena’s indignant because he hadn’t told her. Well, that’s why he can’t commit to anyone. Ern tells her it’s a joke, this is his niece, and Lorena stalks off, Very Put Out. Ern, glued to Gina’s hand, tries to call Lorena back but doesn’t stoop to dragging Gina so he can follow Lorena. He turns to Gina and shrugs.

Monica’s timing is IMPECCABLE. Probably the director selected her just for her timing. Out she comes from her bat cave under the restaurant. (Okay, I made that part up). She snaps at Ern—what’s this child doing here? Gina gives her a bright, cheery, gap-toothed smile and “hola.” Moni softens for a nanosecond and he tells her this is his niece. She’s with him. Moni wants to know with whose permission the kid’s here. The almost-smile is fading. Ern tells her he doesn’t need anyone’s permission and hustles Gina off to the kitchen. Moni looks bemused and a trifle irritated. Pretty much life as usual.

Sara finds Jacqui hard at work although a tad underdressed for your typical company other than Playboy, Inc. Jacqui wants her to look at some stuff, but Sara has other plans and opens the door wider to reveal Paula with her make-up kit—Sara’s getting a makeover from the sister of the guy she’s making. Paula gives Jacqui a smug look. Of course. Sara is all innocence (there’s a lot of that going on tonight) sweetly asks if they don’t already know each other? Paula retorts that they’re intimates—she’s the hag who took my husband. Jacqui says not her fault. They toss around a couple of insults before Jacqui stalks off. Paula scoffs—on top of it all, SHE’S offended?

With Sara all to herself, Paula’s going to sell her something to change her life. Funny, that’s what Chalo tries to do most nights, too. What, Sara asks, a lottery ticket? Paula’s not surprised her brother likes Sara with her sense of humor. Paula wants to show her the creams and Sara says she’ll buy some-she’s gotta run. Doesn’t Sara want a demo? Nope. Quickest sale of Paula’s life. (Given that she’s sold to two other folks so far.) Sara muses to herself that it’ll get Paula out of her and counts out a wad of cash. Paula grins like a loon.

Lorena’s dejected and Ern finds her in the staff locker room, moping. (Geez, Louise, does he look goooood in a red polo shirt that fits his muscles so well. Do you reckon he has an exercise corner in that apartment, girlfriends?) Lorena wonders what he’s doing here. Got tired of waiting for her to come out, that’s what. Lorena remarks that she’s an idiot and he denies it and says he’s an idiot for trying to make jokes after what happened last night. She protests that nothing happened last night and gets up off the bench, moving away abruptly. He disagrees, lots happened. He starts to tell her what he’s been thinking and she interrupts—he has his way of life and she has hers. Everyone’s happy. Ern walks around the bench she was sitting on toward her. Really, happy? She tells him not to be conceited. She’s not pining after him. He smiles charmingly (and we see why he has piles of novias strewn around the D. F.) and tells her that’s good because he’d never forgive himself for making her suffer. She mutters that’s perfect, he doesn’t understand a thing. (For what it’s worth, I thought I understood until this very moment, so I apparently don’t, either). Lorena strides out and he watches her go—at first bemused and then with a smile. But, it’s a confused smile.

Florencia looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet, poor little thing. Alonslow comes in and announces gently that she behaved so well in the morning she deserves an award and pulls out a cute stuffed doggy. How lovely! Thanks! Her eyes fill with tears and she hugs the doggy to her, stroking it. Alonslow gets serious—she asked him not to tell her godmother anything, but it’s time to tell her. This is serious. Florencia panics—no, if you tell her, she’ll die. He tries to tell her she needs someone to be with her. Florencia insists she’s alone in the world. (Who the heck is this child’s godmother?) He hugs her, concern etched on his face. Well, of course, Sara just has to be coming into the patient’s room because she can’t wait quietly in his office, so she sees Alonslow hug this kid half his age. She retreats in a rage.

The rage becomes a raging fire as she lets him have it with both barrels in his office. (You remember the English dicho—the best defense is a good offense—well, Sara is the most offensive person we know). She puts him off balance yet again with her accusations about him hugging patients and that can’t possibly be a medical prescription. Sara wasn’t born yesterday, that’s the patient who supplanted her last night with him. Well, of course! She’s got leukemia! How moving. So, you’ll cure her with hugs? Alonslow thinks he’ll gain ground by telling Sara he won’t permit her to make a scene here. (Hah.) Lorena is helpless, she has no family. Sara catches the huge slip of the tongue—LORENA!!! He denies he said it—her name is Florencia. They fuss about what he called her. Sara’s eye bulge with rage. (Has anyone told her how unattractive that is?) She accuses him of using the wrong name because he is thinking about Lorena. What an acting job. She turns away, telling him not to lie to her, putting her hand to her forehead in “despair.” That’s all she needed, that he’s thinking about THAT girl. Will he turn his back on Sara? She, who has shown him HOW MUCH she loves him. (Oh! Is THAT what all the bedroom scenes were about?) Alonslow tries again to recover. Sara tells him she only came looking for him to go out to eat and be together. Sob. He tries to calm her, so they won’t have a storm in a glass of water. (Pay attention here) They’ll go wherever SHE wants. He hugs her and her jaw squares up a little.

Toribio’s new novia is feeding him again and “did you like it?” would be an understatement. He loved it. He kisses the hands that prepared such delicacies for him. Gee, no one has ever said such lovely things to her. He gets up to walk around a little and she reminds him there’s dessert. He asks who the guys are in the gallery of five black and white photos on her wall. He thought they might be novios. Nope, they are…um…brothers! [Ed. Note: Do we have a Black Widow in the house?] She’s nervous – how could he think they were boyfriends? They grin nervously at each other.

Gina colors quietly at a table until Lorena comes in to set wine glasses in place at the restaurant. Is Lorena still mad with Gina’s uncle? Lorena frowns—me, no. Why? Well, because he told you I was his daughter. Lorena sheepishly tells her it was a surprise to her, but she didn’t get mad…Gina asks the next logical question. Is Lorena his girlfriend? She grins hopefully. Lorena rolls her eyes toward the kitchen. NO. (Guess who’s peeping through the peephole and looking deflated?) They’re just FRIENDS. What a same. Gina wanted Lorena for her uncle. She’s a heap better than all the rest of the novias. Thanks, but nope, we’re nothing. Well, how come you’re not novios? Lorena looks pointedly at the peephole where Ern is peeping and waiting eagerly for the answer. BECAUSE your uncle is not interested in committing to any woman. She crosses her eyes and looks down at Gina sternly. Gina announces that’s what her mother says, too. What a coincidence. But, Lorena and Gina can still be friends, Lorena tells her. They high five on it. Ern grins through the peephole.

Zulema and Maruja occupy themselves productively after all the cooking is done with a count of profits. Zulema wants to pay Maruja, who doesn’t want to be paid but finally gets convinced. Maru goes for coffee, and Zulema suggests they have their coffee and watch Chef Oropeza. Zulema switches it on. Maruja loves his recipes. They settle in for some good fun. (It’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?) Zulema’s gotten his autograph and brings it out for show and tell. Not only did she get a bona fide autograph, it’s even on an apron. How authentic! “With affection for Zulema—Chef Oropeza.” They giggle and Maruja remarks that she wishes she could work with a chef like him. Julián interrupts—he though heard Rossy’s voice. It could be head noise, though. Maruja says they’ve been mistaken for each other before. Zulema offhandedly tosses out that if he misses her he should just talk to her. Julián looks skeptical and retreats to hibernate some more. Maruja and Zulema discuss this new twist—if he’s asking for her, that’s something at least. He loves her! Let’s hope he can recover from his problems. Maruja nods sympathetically. The television calls….

Paula is creative in her pursuit of Raimundo. She’s found what trips his trigger and looks up movies in the newspaper—Italian movies. She would love to see them and thinks he would, too. Does she dare to call him? They’re modern adults after all. She debates with herself and calls after she remembers that Greta tells her “all’s fair in love and war.”

Dra. Serrano strides purposefully into Bruno’s office and is greeted with his usual smarmy grin and hello. She gets to the point—she’s been looking for him since this morning. Where’s he been? Hospital-type meeting. Our highly qualified slime ball has degrees from Northwestern University and the University of California on the wall over his left shoulder, folks. She rails at him that there are lots of patient complaints because he’s screwing his patients over with poor attention. (Okay, I beefed that up a little). He blames the victims and points out that vulnerable sick folks complain a lot. We’re the docs. Can we assume he means the docs are gods who must be set on a pedestal and allowed to do what they please? She ignores this and points out that before he became the Chief of Staff, complaints were virtually non-existent. He goes on the offensive—are you implying I’m failing here? She retorts that he’s supposed to be taking care of patients, and the complaints are serious. There are some that say he’s denied lab services. There’s one patient for whom you’ve cancelled consulting services five times, and there’s a lack of medicines. He vows to be keeping his eye on things better. She continues that she’s not sure he understands that his position here’s at stake. She doesn’t want a single complaint more, because she’ll be forced to consider a new Chief of Staff. Dra. Serrano spins around and leaves, with Bruno shrugging and telling himself he’ll go with the program for the time that he has left here. His future’s secure.

Peeping Julián leans down to look through the glass door outside the Les Magueyes Restaurant telling himself he only wants a glimpse of Rossy. The hostess indignantly asks from behind him if she can help him. Does he want a reservation? Julián says nothing and runs off. The hostess looks alarmed and rushes inside. Lorena is the first person she sees and tells about that strange guy who made her nervous. Where? The hostess points excitedly—there! Lorena rushes out and sees Julián, calling to him. He looks startled and runs, leaving Lorena chuckling. He still loves her!

We come into a lovely valley with a small town in it. An old man in a Mom and Pop store greets Chalo—he never expected to see Chalo back. Chalo scoffs, how could he not visit the town where he was born and raised? They talk about how he’s been while Chalo chomps down on a snack. What’s he up to these days? Oh, some business. If it all does well, he’ll be able to retire soon enough. Sister Trinidad and her long shadow come in and greet Don Cipriano. Chalo is impactado as he realizes he is probably busted. Madre Trinidad asks “Gonzalo, what are you doing here???” Now we know why he goes by Chalo. The nuns’ eyes show how impactadas they are to see him. “Visiting.” His frown is the only sign that he’s panicking. Sor T notes that he disappeared into thin air. Where’d he go. Chalo responds he went north, and Don Cipriano throws in that he went to the capital but Chalo quickly recovers and says Don C misunderstood, Chalo was really in the capital of Durango. Chalo keeps chomping, blathering, and eyeing the nuns a trifle anxiously as if he’s studying whether anything will dawn on them. Chalo muses to himself that he’s busted—those nuns are super holy (read that naïve), they’re not going to think they smelled anything fishy.

Things are hopping at Les Magueyes. Rossy rushes over to Lorena and asks if she’s seen who’s coming in the door. “Julián?” Rossy is confused, but directs her attention to Slimy Sara with Alonslow. Rossy offers to take over for Lorena, or Felipe can take the table, since they’ve been seated at one of Lorena’s stations. Lorena wants to soldier on—she’ll do her work. Rossy wishes indigestion on the witch and Lorena scolds her to stop. Lorena’s going to find out for herself what’s going on between the two of them. Rossy tries one more time to get her to give up the table to Felipe. No.

Sara flirts with Alonslow. She is so grateful he’s brought her to this divine place and Alonslow is relaxed enough for a change—until Lorena comes to wait on them. She announces her name and tells them she’s their server. Duh. Sara scowls and Alonslow is commercial break-irritated.

Alonslow can’t make eye contact and tells Sara they’re leaving. Sara looks defiantly up at Lorena and tells him no way, she wants to stay. Lorena tells them she’ll give them a moment to get their act together. Alonslow’s jaw twitches and squares as he grinds his teeth—gee, he’s really working on that facial expression stuff, isn’t he? Sara begins the trash talk litany. She’s glad this chick is waiting on them—it’s what she deserves. Alonslow tells her please, enough already. What? Does it bother you to see her? Of course it doesn’t bother him. Then let’s stay. Or, are you beginning to think about her again—first that Florencia and now her. Alonslow is getting provoked.

In their corner, Rossy tells Lore “what nerve.” They’re staying. Sure, Lorena assures her, no way is Sara wasting an opportunity to humiliate her. Rossy thinks she should throw boiling soup in Sara’s face and see who’s humiliated then. Ern emerges from the kitchen in the nick of time to embrace a startled Lorena (likely excuse) so Alonslow will see she’s not missing him. Ern calls her his soul-mate. Let’s hope he takes those words to heart. He asks her to come to the kitchen a minute. Let’s note here that most of us don’t get this kind of reception when co-workers come looking for us. Rossy is impactada and Alonslow looks up just in time to see the embrace with Lorena facing off a little defiantly at him once she’s overcome her shock at being manhandled. Sara watches his sullen face, puzzled, as Alonslow remarks that now he understands. Sara wants to know what he understands and he leans over, grabs her face with quintessential finesse, and lays a big kiss on her in the middle of the crowded restaurant. Ern looks at the scene in concern, arms folded around Lorena, who looks on, distressed, while Alonslow sneaks glances at them and continues kissing Sara. Sheesh, talk about macho junior high boy behavior. Lorena looks up at Ern and Alonslow grabs Sara by the hand to drag her out. They’ve overstayed their welcome. Sara protests but they’re out of there. Lorena turns to Ern and tells him he didn’t have to hug her. He said he was just helping, since he saw her ex and thought because they were friends….Lorena cuts him off. If he thought it affected her to see them, he thought wrong. She stalks off leaving Rossy with big eyes. Ern shrugs and goes off to cook, leaving Rossy grimacing at the skirmish.

In the parking lot of the restaurant, Sara goes on the attack. So it didn’t affect you to see her? Alonslow says he thought better of it. They fight and he tells her to get over it and reminds her he’s with her after all. Sara keeps pushing. She hopes that’s true and his thoughts are with her as well. She scowls at him, willing him to be hers alone.

Back at the orphanage, Madre Carmelita scurries in where Madre Trinidad is helping one of the children. There’s a citation to appear in the D. F. –police biz. It’s for the Mother Superior but she’s in Rome. Should they send it to the Diocese? No, it’s urgent. Holy moley, Sara is involved in a private investigation! They want her adoption file. Surely they must want to be sure she’s the granddaughter of this woman, right? But wait, the file disappeared and couldn’t be found any place! Lorena’s and Sara’s, both are gone. They want an appearance day after tomorrow! Well, files or no, we have to go. They decide to look one more time in the archives. Before they leave the little girls, they do what every good teacher does when s/he leaves kids unattended—give directives for them to stay put and keep working.

Meanwhile, Chalo (aka Gonzalo) artfully breaks and enters the unlocked convent. He finds the right drawer and slips two files into separate places, flashlight skillfully held between his teeth. Hearing the frantic voices, he utters a curse and gets behind the door, grabbing a huge brass candlestick guaranteed to drop even the strongest of men. As the nuns open the door a little voice yells for them to come because Lupe has a tummy ache and she’s going to hurl. The nuns decide to go take care of Lupe together, being as they never go anywhere separately. Chalo breathes again, puts the candlestick back, and listens at the door, anxious.

Rossy hustles around the locker room, asking Lorena why she talked about Julián when Rossy told her Sara and Alonslow had come in. Lorena fibs—it would have been a surprise if he’d showed up. Rossy is successfully diverted and comments that he’s foolish. They could be so happy together if not for his nonsense. Lorena is sure they’ll work it out and Rossy wants to know how she can be so sure. Lorena’s part witch—hadn’t Rossy realized? Rossy gives her a smile of mild reproach. Then she frowns a little—something’s not quite right here. She crosses her arms and stares at Lore.

Alonslow has come for juice in his jammies when he finds the Widow in her robe and a towel around her head is wandering out of his bathroom. She greets him and a very startled Alonslow jumps behind the island in the kitchen so we can only see his shirtless torso. (Okay, we have to concede there are some pluses to having Gabriel Soto as a protagonist). Alonslow, trapped in the kitchen corner, screams for his Papa. Toribio wants to know if he realizes he’s in his jockey shorts. Alonslow whispers “What, did she stay to sleep over?” The Widow laughs charmingly. She’s plenty modern but not that modern. No, it’s that she has no water. Toribio is totally amused. What, Al wonders, first the gas and then the water? (Anyone betting on her handyman ability to turn off her water and turn off her gas?) Toribio laughs that he had nothing to do with the problems. The Widow goes off to dress, and she’ll return to make them breakfast. She turns over her shoulder—how does Tobi like his eggs? With salsa verde, please. Over a tortilla, like this. He demonstrates. Ranchero style. Got it. She ambles out. Alonslow is impactidíssimo at his Papi.

Lorena stops by the Lesser House to greet Zulema out in her yard. Julián is with her, and Lorena is glad to see them because she wanted to let them know that Rossy is leaving town and they need to tell her goodbye. She’s leaving to live in Mexicali. ¿¿¿Qué??? You heard me. Our boss lady asked her if she’d like to go to a new restaurant down there and she didn’t think twice. Lorena tried to convince her to stay, but…..There’s nothing left for her here. Maruja joins them and Zulema tells her it’s such a shame about Rossy, one never wants to say goodbye to the children. Maruja is impactada—huh??? Zulema explains what Lore just told them and Lorena looks her in the eye and tries to send Maruja signals, telling her it will all work out Just Fine. Maruja fusses about that chit not telling her this plan, she’s going to get an EARFUL! Lorena says it’ll all be fine, she only wants to forget Julián. His Mami reams that One, see what he’s caused? Julián rushes off to the rescue. Lorena cackles and Maruja fusses at her. It was a little white lie, Lore explains, to get Julián off his duff and back with Rossy. Does Rossy know? Nope, better to let him find her and they’ll work it out. The Mamas roll their eyes and they all chuckle.

The nuns have gone through all the drawers in the archives except one. Madre Carmelita suggests they eat breakfast and then continue. Nope, Madre Trinidad wants to look just a bit more. Madre C is astonished at the amount of work the orphanage has done on behalf of children, reflected in the files. They come back to the drawer they originally looked in and the files weren’t there months ago. Well, lo and behold! BOTH of the files are there! (Not too obvious, either, as they stick up a little from the others with names prominent). Gasps and prayers of rejoicing. Madre T notices that’s a little strange, though—how did they miss them the last time? Must not have looked as well as you thought. Madre T looks into Lorena’s. She gasps again. Lorena will die of shame.

Speaking of the Queen of Rome, she’s taking her leave from Maruja and Zulema, who stops her to thank her for the info Lorena supplied. The police are going to get a statement from the Mother Superior. Lorena tells her they won’t find anything in the orphanage. Madre Trinidad checked everything. Sara for sure must have the papers. Well, the nun will be here tomorrow. Lorena will be excited to go see Madre Trinidad.

Rossy makes a promise at her little altar, candle burning. If God returns Julián to her, she promises to behave right, help him and not scold. The bell rings. It’s Julián, of course. He drops to his knees, grabs her by hers, and begs her not to go. Where could she possibly go with him clutching her legs? He practically knocks her over in his anxious quest to keep her in the D. F. He babbles about Mexicali and she thinks he’s drunk. She begs him to explain. What, you’re not going to Mexicali? Not that she’s aware. He gets up and wonders why he’s there, then. Rossy casts an eye to the altar with thanks San Antonio for bringing him back and answering so fast. She tells Julián he’s there because San Antonio sent him; the saint knows she can’t live without him. They kiss. Lorena must be clairvoyant—she comes in and grins at the reconciliation she’s wrought.

Moni, with her usual calm good humor, encounters Raimundo and greets him. Yesterday she wanted to see him urgently but he was nowhere to be found. She has a question. Is this a restaurant or a daycare? Raimundo is bemused. Is it a trick question? She demands a response. Stop playing games, then and get to the point. Monica snitches about Ern daring to bring his little niece HERE to work with him. All day. Oh. And? Well, it’s a WORK place. She’s not going to permit it to get filled up with brats. Well, did she break something? Lose us some customers? No. Well, then, what’s the problem? If Ern does whatever he feels like, before long they’ll all make their own rules and the place will be full of kids. Monica looks around the lovely restaurant in disgust at the very thought. Gee, won’t she make a great Mom some day? Raimundo gets creative—if they bring their kids, we’ll need a play area. (Sort of like the playgrounds at McDonald’s?) She warns him he’s going to be sorry for giving Ernesto such a long leash (tener or dar manga ancha—have a wide sleeve, or colloquial --be lenient with). He accuses her of being full of spleen/liver stones because of her foolishness (like gall stones—this is a historic reference, probably, to stones that were found in the Amazon and “it was pretended that (they) came from the country of the women without husbands.” Quote from “The Discovery of the Large, Rich, and Beautiful Empire of Guiana” by Sir Walter Raleigh. This is from a 1596 text that was re-edited with comments and printed in 1848 in London by Sir Robert Schomburgk. I found it on Google Book Search—it’s been scanned and uploaded from a London archive. The stone is probably Amazonite.) Moni insists they need to impose some rules on the peons. Raimundo is sorry, but today he has an inescapable appointment. What, with his chicks? Exactly. She smiles until he’s out of sight.

Alonslow finds that Florencia’s bed is empty. Val tells him Bruno had her moved to the Women’s Hospital. Alonslow fumes.

Maruja, Julián, Zulema, Lorena and Rossy toast with orange liquid stuff (doesn’t look like our orange juice, but could be tamarind juice). They toast to Rossy and Julián—and Zulema hopes Julián doesn’t give them so many problems any more. He scolds Lorena for making him suffer—he bought the whole story about Rossy. They all chuckle. Rossy thanks her and loves her a bunch. Salud! Clink, clink, drink.

Alonslow runs down the gurney with Florencia, who is in a panic. He assures her he didn’t order her transfer and demands the EMTs put her back in her room. They have orders from Dr. Palma. Alonslow yells that this is his patient and it’s not important what Dr. Palma told them. One of them tries to protest, but Alonso tells them it’s an order. He’s the treating doc and he’s doing what he sees best for his patient. He strokes her head in comfort. Gee, whiz, she looks like Lorena. He’ll go talk to Dr. Palma. They take her back, leaving Alonslow catching his breath.

Bruno sits calmly at his desk, doing paperwork (it’s about time) when Alonslow storms in. What’s in your head? Why did you order a transfer for Florencia? Who’s that? You signed the paper work and she’s MY patient. Oh, yeah. I know the girl with leukemia. Bruno tries to make a case for the transfer—the situation is grave, sooner or later the money will run out, it’s better she gets treated elsewhere—someplace they cost less. Oh, sure. You’re only thinking of the self-interest of the clinic. Alonslow wants to find financial support for her treatment here. He pounds on the desk for emphasis. Why get ourselves into complications? What’s more, the treatment will go on for a long time, and it’s not worth our while to keep someone here that long. Alonslow accuses him of thinking like a bean-counter and not a doctor. Bruno brings out his ace—she’s probably going to reject the treatment, have you seen the results of the tests? Alonslow just stares at him in defiance. (Yes, folks, it’s an actual stare of defiance and anger! Like a real doc would have on behalf of a patient!) This girl has the worst form of leukemia. Her youth in this case is an even greater risk factor. Alonslow protests hotly and Bruno says “sorry, decision’s been made.” Alonslow continues to stare in anger and disgust. Bruno smiles smarmily and wonders what he’s got going with this patient. Alonslow attacks—he doesn’t have to explain to Bruno, but this patient’s here as long as he’s here. Alonslow shakes his finger in Bruno’s smug face and then storms out. Bruno gives an unaffected shrug and eyebrow raise.

Zulema’s cheery as she arrives home with Julián. He’s just as cheery, picking her up and declaring he’s come back to life. She’s happy to see him happy. Will he go and look for work? Yep. For Rossy, for Zulema, and for himself. He asks her to forgive him. She hugs him, her darling. Meanwhile, he’ll keep helping her with the orders she gets. She tells him how much she loves him—and hopes that some day they’ll be able to regain Sara as they have him. Julián tells her that they shouldn’t be sad—it’ll all work out some day. Around mid-November, by my rough estimate.

Dra. Serrano studies a paper and there’s a knock on her door. It’s a hot and bothered Alonslow (professionally speaking). How can she help him? He wants to report an injustice. He proceeds to tell how Dr. Palma ordered the transfer of one of his patients to save money. That’s not his responsibility, notes Dra. Serrano. Alonslow continues that she’s got leukemia and he feels that this hospital is the place where she’ll get the best treatment. Dra. nods in agreement. If money is the problem, Alonslow tells her, he’ll find the funds to cover it. The Doctora tells him he can count on her support—in this hospital they never make medical decisions based on the economic ability of the patient to pay, but on the well-being of the patient. PSA time, folks. He thanks her with Serious and Sincere written all over his face.

Moni comes into the main dining area of the restaurant at the same time Ern comes looking for Lorena. He wants her to test this new dish he just invented. Moni crosses her arms when she hears he’s looking for Lore. He’d ask her, he tells Monica, but….Sure, you don’t trust my palate. No, it’s not that I think you have bad taste, but I think you don’t have any appreciation for me. Moni looks a little startled to hear him put it to her so directly. She squirms. Lorena comes in and he offers the dish to her to test. He wants her sincere opinion—this just came to him. Monica warns her to be careful with what she says, because he really only accepts the opinions of his staunch cronies. She sneers while Lorena looks taken aback. Ern says “correction, of those who care about me.” He extends the dish to Lorena—try it. Moni grabs a fork, dives in, tastes and say she’s going to test it anyway. She declares it divine, like one would want to have for a night of pleasure, just as Sandra said. Ern sighs. Moni looks over her shoulder at a still bemused Lorena, smiling snarkily. She turns and struts off. Lorena reluctantly notes that she was pretty jealous, wasn’t she? Ern asks “and you?” Lorena turns without a word and strides off, leaving Ern to muse to himself that for sure she’s jealous. Lorena was jealous. He gets a wide grin. Over in her corner, Lorena sighs to herself—she wanted to try that new dish. She scolds herself. She CANNOT fall in love. No. Ern is still grinning as he tests the dish. Mmmm. His face is blissful.

Alonslow reassures Florencia there’s nothing to worry about; they’re keeping her here and giving her the best. She thanks him and he reminds her he promised. He looks down at her arm, beat up with the testing and all, with an IV drip taped in place. He lifts her forearm off the bed and there’s blood on the sheet. He gravely tells her he hasn’t gotten the results from the latest tests. Her eyes take on a worried cast.

Night has fallen in the D. F. We know that’s where we are by the winged victory statue. Sara sits in the office with Chalo telling her “mission accomplished, I’m back and I want my reward!” She tells him she’ll see him in a little while and asks if he put them back where they found the files. Yep. And no one saw him in town? He doesn’t say yes. “I’m a professsssional.” That satisfies Sara, perfect. She tells him goodbye and goes to pour water. Ickturo knocks and walks right in, closing the door a little loudly. You rang for me? She tells them they have to prepare; tomorrow the press is going to be at the courthouse/prison. Ickturo tells her that Granny wouldn’t like that. Sara wants her Granny to be freed and with witnesses so everyone will know that she’s not guilty. All the theatrics will be over tomorrow. (Yeah, right). How can she be so sure? She tells him “You just obey.” His eyebrows go up a little. He smiles knowingly as the music with the ticking clock plays in the background.

Apparently Paula (looking fine) and Raimundo have had a fabulous day of cinema. Paula comments that there are some actors who just shouldn’t die. Raimundo smiles at her and tells her Marcelo didn’t die; he’s eternal. Paula smiles widely back. The film enchanted her—she could see it a hundred times. Raimundo gets serious and faces her. There’s something that enchants him more. Being with her. And that could also be eternal. Paula smiles a little shyly. His phone rings and he sighs. It’s an emergency. Paula’s going to take a taxi home, but Raimundo insists she let his chauffeur take her and he’ll take a taxi. She somewhat reluctantly nods in acceptance. (Now we have a little more info on Raimundo—he’s muy, pero muy rico).

Bruno gets off on the right foot by thanking the Parents for receiving him. Diana sits next to him, smiling. Bruno knows they’ve been up to their eyeballs with the denunciation. Omar remarks that’s why he is surprised Bruno was so insistent. Diana breaks in—it’s for something very important. Bruno takes a breath and announces they’ve decided to get married before the end of the month. Zulema is startled—that’s quick. Why? Bruno takes Diana’s hand and Omar studies him skeptically. Bruno says they don’t want to wait more and Diana adds they want to live together, so the baby can be born in his own home. Omar notes that this means they’ve actually come to let the folks know, not seek permission, right? Bruno squirms and acknowledges he’s right. Omar comments that they’re adults—what more can the parents say? (Well, there’s a real welcome to the family if we’ve ever seen one!) Bruno suggests to Diana that she could bring some glasses of wine for a toast. That’s just great. A medical doctor suggesting that his pregnant fiancée toast. She goes off to comply, leaving Bruno squirming with the Parents. They all smile a little uncomfortably at each other. (Who said that Bruno reminds them of Eddie Haskell on “Leave it to Beaver?” He’s at his Haskell best tonight.)

Snortensia has a morning visitor at her premium lodgings. Is Sara sure that what this nun will say is going to favor their case? Sara points out that whatever she says, it’s not as important as the documents they’re bringing. Snorty asks if Sara confirmed that everything went according to plan. Yep. Good, well, then all they can do is wait. The hours she spends here seem eternal.

Joel is questioning Madre Trinidad. She’s spent a lot of years at the orphanage—does she have information or knowledge about the origin of Sara de la Cruz? Madre T reports that she had it right from Lorena de la Cruz’s mouth that Mother Asuncion, may she rest in peace, told Sara that Sra. Armendáriz brought Sara to the orphanage and is her grandmother. Joel notes that according to his understanding those who work in the orphanage can’t divulge the origins of the orphans. That’s RIGHT! Madre Trinidad cannot imagine what the reasons were that M. Asuncion did that. But she has faith that this was a person of integrity, decent, upright and fair. Period. Snorty’s Sleazy Lawyer breaks in. He understands that what she’s telling them is second-hand from Lorena dlC. It’s not really direct from Mother Asuncion. Right? Yes. Madre Trinidad asserts that Mother Asuncion NEVER talked about the origins of any of the orphans. The lawyer asks if there is a registry of the orphans in the orphanage that would support what Lorena says? That supposedly Mother Asuncion received Sara from the arms of Snortensia? She hands over the document that records Sara’s entry to the orphanage. The court reporter continues to type furiously. I feel his pain. The judge reads the document and reports that this document does record the entry of Sara into the orphanage, but it doesn’t include the name of the person who brought her. The sleazy lawyer jumps up to read. Joel looks disgusted. The sleazy lawyer smiles smarmily at the judge.

In the lobby, Sara accosts the sleazy lawyer—what happened? (Like she has no clue). He reports the declarations went all in favor of them. The Mother brought a document that clearly showed when you came into the orphanage, but no one was named as the one who brought you. Perfect! That means neither my Granny nor my Uncle can be declared guilty? Right. The lawyer’s going to inform them, ask for their release and there’s just paperwork that remains. One thing is still a question mark in his mind, though and he would like Sara to clear it up. Ask away, licenciado. If those papers didn’t name Snortensia as the one who brought you, why did she think you were her granddaughter? Sara thinks fast and tells him that Snortensia better than anyone that she is Sara’s grandmother. The lawyer needn’t ask any more questions. She turns, gives us viewers a look at her irritated and possibly anxious look, and walks away. The sleazy lawyer looks after her, understanding dawning in his brain, with an eyebrow raise.

Omar is indignantly talking to someone on the phone—how is it possible there’s nothing more they can do? They’re going unpunished, then? Joel explains the best he can. There isn’t enough evidence to take it to court. Then, the deposition of Mother Trinidad didn’t help. Nope. Sorry. Omar hangs up; he and Zulema look at each other sadly. The bell rings. It’s Sara to ream them out once and for all (from her perspective). She won’t come and tell them again, but everything they tried against her Granny was ineffective. And by the way, you’ve left yourself without a daughter—you can just forget about me forever. She spins and stalks away. The violins play. Zulema and Omar, impactados, close the door and face each other. They embrace, defeated.

Monday: Sara starts thinking of 50 ways to lose her lover. Ern tries to tell Lorena how he feels. Monica kisses Ernesto. And Lorena still hasn’t.

Have a great holiday, everyone!



Fuego en la Sangre, 08/29/08: Everybody’s Got a Secret to Tell

You’d think after having the place set on fire that Juan would know enough to keep his doors locked, but no-o-o-o-o! As handsome and eager to please as Juan is, he is just that dense at times. We must assume that there are no locks anywhere in Casita Reyes, or for the bakery either, for that matter.

Sofia attempts to distract Juan from his bad mood after Fernando’s surprise appearance by talking about her knitting clothes for Baby Reyes. Unbenownst to the two of them, crafty Feo is still lurking behind the door outside their living quarters. He hears that Juan is about to bake some “Sofi cake”. As soon as Juan and Sofia go into another room to look at her progress on the little clothes, he sneaks back inside and tippytoes his way through into the bakery. He takes out his pink can of poison (Note: we know it’s poison because it says so in big black letters “VENENO” (POISON) under the black sketch of a skull). Fernando sprinkles a little white powdered poison into the wheat flour on Juan’s prep table, and as soon as he hears Juan making for the bakery he sneaks out the front door.

Juan bakes the cakes with the poisoned flour. (Oh no! Say it ain’t so!) When the Sofi cakes are cooled and ready to eat he brings the tray of them into the dining room and sets them on the table for the entire family--Augie and Quintina included--to eat. (Will they or won’t they????)

Fernando, meanwhile, returns to his office to wait for his dastardly plan to succeed and pours himself a shot of Tequila. “Tomorrow they’ll all be dead, but especially Sofia, who will die slowly in the arms of her beloved Juan.” He snickers evilly at the irony of her dying from eating a cake named for her. (Cantú does one mean snicker when he wants to–and that’s why he gets paid the big bucks. Gawd, I love to hate this guy’s characters!) Fer knocks back a shot.

Meanwhile, in the living room of the sardine can known as Casita Reyes, the family is eager to wolf down Sofi cakes, but nobody is allowed to start till Sarita brings in the hot chocolate. (Query 1: what is it about that family that they never seem to use both sides of their table? Query 2: What is it about the director and the crew that they can’t manage a long shot with people sitting normally around said table?) Since the cakes were made in honor of Sofia and her pregnancy, she gets the first bite and she doesn’t have to wait for Sarita to bring in the hot chocolate.

Across town in Rosario’s dressing room she and Eva are chatting. Eva notices how down in the dumps Rosario seems to be and Rosario finally admits it’s because she is depressed over her decision to break it off with Franco so Sarita has a chance with the singing lothario.

Back at the Reyes’ little dining table, we watch Sofia in slo-mo as she enjoys every little morsel of her 3 bites of Sofi cake with love in her eyes for her hunky husband-of-the-heart, Juan. Finally! Sarita brings in the hot chocolate. Franco gets up to take some of the cake. (Dunno! Maybe he’s eaten some during the commercial! Viewerville needs to know!) Suddenly he keels over, managing to spill the two pitchers of cocoa all over the cakes and ruining them for everybody else.

Feo returns to the hacienda for the night, but before going upstairs he takes a look around and begins counting his proverbial chickens before they’ve been hatched. (This dude is in serious need of a mustache to twirl.) He thinks to himself, “By now everyone of the Reyes’s should be dead and all this will be mine.”

Unfortunately for Fernando, the doctor was in and he has now come by to examine Franco. He tells Juan and the others that Franco’s collapse was a matter of overdoing things so soon after being released from the hospital (not from eating Sofi cake during the commercial break). As Sofia goes for a glass of water so Franco can take his medicine, she begins to get sick from the effects of the poisoned cake she’s eaten and nearly passes out. Juan grabs her up and rushes her into the bedroom for the doctor to examine. (Query 1: Does this doctor charge? Query 2: Does he have to give a discount on a two-fer house call?)

Meantime, Eva arrives back at the Hacienda Elizondo, formerly known as San Augustin. Crabiela, in search of another victim to harass, doesn’t miss the opportunity to pounce on Eva as she returns home. Crabi taunts Eva about spending time with “her daughter,” but Eva blows her off and tells her that nothing Gabi has to say interests her anymore. What does interest her though, is why she continues to nag at Sofia and goad the girl constantly by telling her she’s not really her daughter. Gabriela starts to answer when she is caught short of breath and has to lean on the railing. Of course Eva offers to help her and of course Gabi refuses help, especially from “her worst enemy.” Eva makes her realize there’s nobody else around just then to help her. (I guess Feo crashed in his own bed for the night and didn’t tell the old battle axe.) Gabriela is forced to rely on Eva to get her up the stairs and into her bedroom.

The doctor finishes examining Sofia and tells Juan that she is suffering a bit of food poisoning. (Man, I’m thinking that kid of hers is gonna be one heck of a tough SOB when it grows up, considering all the cr@p it’s had to go through just to make it through the first trimester.) Of course the doctor has no idea from what or how Sofia got sick. It’s just good that whatever it was, she ate too little of it to be dangerous.

While Sofia is being examined in the bedroom, Augie tells Oscar and Jimena that it doesn’t surprise him a bit that Feo has changed his mind about divorcing Sofia. It’s just like him, but he’s going to make it a priority to find out why. Oscar then tells Augie about the letter of Bernardo’s he found and lets him read it. Oscar mentions that he went back to check out the office again later, but didn’t find anything else.

Back in Gabriela’s bedroom Eva is helping her lie down. She asks Gabi why she called her “her worst enemy.” Gabi’s answer is that Eva stole the love of her daughters from her (wrong—we all know your high-handed and abusive attitude towards them did that) and she encouraged their rebelliousness. If she’d had half a chance Eva would have stolen her husband’s love from her, too. (Wrong again. Bernie never loved you, and anyway, Libia gets those honors.) Gabi whimpers then about not knowing whether it’s better at this point to be dead or alive. (Too bad we don’t get a say in it.) She complains she hasn’t slept a wink at night from all the nightmares of her being surrounded by cheats and traitors. (After doing the bedroom bop with Fernando every night that might make sense.) This includes Eva, someone she’s treated like family for years. (Yeah, we know how that inspires loyalty.) “I fed you and gave you a roof over your head, and this is how you’ve repaid me?” (Talk to the hand, woman.) Gabi runs Eva off (again-- I’ve lost track by now) and tells her she never wants to see her again.

In their bedroom Juan and Sofia discuss the night’s events and chalk the evening’s scare up to bad food, though Juan cannot imagine what she could have eaten that was spoiled. (Ok. Ok. It’s obvious there’s no such thing as a National Restaurant Association certification in those parts, so give the guy a break.) Sofia figures it was just a combination of nerves and the bad news that Feo had changed his mind about the divorce. Juan then swears he’ll be true to her with or without a marriage certificate and at least she’s there by choice and doesn’t have to take abuse any longer from her uh…significant other.

Talk turns to his maps of the lost estate. Juan wants to recover his past and to find out who killed his parents, but he’s worried it might cause a split between the three couples. She disagrees because she and her sisters all know they are well within their right to recover what is theirs. He’s not doing it out of greed. She just is dying to know how Mama got hold of the land without her grandfather knowing anything about it.

Eva has given up on Gabriela and goes over to visit Augie. She tells him that Gabi got sick while she was there at the main house a bit earlier. The two of them were arguing over the same old thing: Sofia and whose daughter she really is. Eva mentions that Gabi was just about to reveal something important when she got sick and simply couldn’t get the words out. “Gabriela, as usual, gets sick when it suits her,” says Augie. Eva says not this time. She really didn’t think Gabi was faking. It actually seemed she had a hard time breathing. Augie mentions in passing that Sofia had a bout of food poisoning, then tells Eva about Bernardo’s letter accusing Feo of being the low-down conniving lout that they suspect (and we know) him to be. He tells her that Bernardo apparently hid bits of incriminating evidence all around, but nobody’s been able to find any. Once they do, though, Fernando’s goose is definitely cooked.

Late that night, Juan watches Sofia sleep and thinks to himself, “How ironic life is. My desire for vengeance drove me toward true love and meeting you.” He worries again (and for the umpteenth time--I know, I know) that he might lose either Sofia or his child when she finds out the truth about Libia. (The pulley squeaks and the anvil rises.) He would be losing the most valuable things life had given him if that should happen.

Juan has flashbacks (in case we’d forgotten the story) to the time his brothers told him Libia had a lover, to their finding out she was pregnant, the shock in seeing how old the guy was when he told them he planned on marrying her; and then the terrible night she went missing and the sheriff told them he’d found a body in the river that turned out to be Libia, to their burying her and their swearing to avenge her death. “Can you --will you--forgive us once you find out the truth?” he wonders aloud.

The next morning Feo sends Armando to the Reyes’ house in order to see if they are all dead. Armando knows Feo is murderously strange, but all the same he wonders why Feo’s asking him to do that and what he’s done that should make him wonder if they’re all dead. Feo barks at him not to ask questions, and says just go over there and do what he’s ordered him to do. Armando should act like he wants to buy bread at the bakery and then find out what he can about whether anyone’s dead. Armando leaves to do as he’s been told.

So, Armando gets to the bakery and starts playing with the bread in the baskets while he listens to Pedro tell Rosario that Franco had a small relapse and that Sofia had some sort of minor food poisoning but that they are both now just fine. When Rosario hears this she immediately runs out to check on Sofia, but when she goes onto the adjoining patio she notices through the window that Franco and Sarita are kissing each other. A single tear falls from her eyes.

At the same time, Eva and Sofia are chatting inside the bedroom and she tells Sofia that she went to the hacienda again. Gabi was about to divulge something important but she got ill and couldn’t continue. Angelic Sofia is frightened to hear that Mama was sick again! Eva tells her not to worry; it came suddenly, like it always does and only left her unable to catch her breath. She is a bit disconcerted because Gabi again made her doubt Sophia’s true background. It was almost as if there were some big secret about her birth. “It’s so powerful a secret that for some reason she refuses to reveal it. --But that’s not to say that you are necessarily my daughter, either.” Sofia says she doesn’t know what to think herself, whether she really isn’t her mother or if she only enjoys making Sofia suffer. (Don’t they call that a sadist? Call a spade a spade. Crabi qualifies.) “Well, come what may,” says Sofia, “ever since I was born she’s worried about me and looked out for me. I am grateful to her for that, even though it is still possible that she is not my real mother.” Eva gives her a hug and lets her cry on her shoulder. (Yawn.)

Back in his office at the Bad Love, Fernando is having a temper tantrum because Armando has given him the news that the Reyes’ are all fine. “Damn it! It can’t be! It can’t be!” After calmly watching Fer emote, Armando says, “I don’t know what it was you did last night, but nothing happened to any of the Reyes’s. The only thing I can tell you they are saying is that Sofia was poisoned, but it was minor and she’s just fine now.” Fernando, furious at the way things turned out, thinks to himself that nothing is going his way and he’s is just fed up. F.E.D. U.P.!

Rosario has joined Eva and Sofia in the bedroom and says she’s so glad nothing happened to her. Eva says she loves to see the two of them together like that, knowing that they care for each other. Sofia then asks Rosario, since they are not about keeping secrets from each other, if she is determined to sacrifice herself for Sarita’s happiness. Eva chimes in and says it just doesn’t seem right the way she’s suffering over Franco. Rosario says that she saw Franco and Sarita kissing when she entered and it made her very happy seeing the two of them together like that. It seems that nobody believes her, though. Rosario doesn’t even believe it herself.

The same day, Oscar and Jimena have their meeting with Pablito’s teacher. It’s not that Pablito is misbehaving. It is Quintina and Grampa Augie who are disrupting the class and he’s got to report it the same as for any of the other “students.” (Oh, puh-leese! I don’t understand why these two are even allowed in that classroom, let alone left to disrupt it. None of this makes sense. Sorry, but I have no patience with this stupid scene.) He wants to know why Quintina skipped school today.

Quintina is apparently hiding under one of the display racks in the bakery. Pedro is putting out freshly baked cookies into that same display rack. (Forget plastic gloves, but would it be too much to at least expect a spatula? Lord only knows where those hands have been.) He notices Quintina hiding under the display. When she gets out she asks him what’s the matter, she can see from his face that something is just tearing him up inside. It must be a bad love, right? “Love leaves and the pain stays,” she says. He replies that it is and that in his case love never actually arrived, it only left. On cue we suddenly see Franco and Sarita playing kissing games over Franco’s soup. (Ohhhh! That’s who and what he meant.)

Juan walks into the bedroom and finds Sofia daydreaming. She says she’s worried about Rosario. Rosario told her a secret. Juan kids about not telling secrets. He gets maudlin suddenly, and says something deep about some secrets ending up hurting and even destroying people. He promises Sofia, though, that if she is worried about anything happening to Rosario he’ll take in Luisito. Sofia answers that it’s not the secrets that destroy people; it’s the lying and the deceit that do. “That’s what buries love. But, since those don’t exist in our relationship, as long as we continue to tell each other everything we’ll be fine.” Juan gulps and nods guiltily.

We beam over to Eladio and Rigo who are walking through their little corner market. Rigo wants Eladio to admit he has the hots for Natalia. Eladio admits he’s not exactly indifferent, but says he can’t be bothered falling in love right now. It would wreck his plans to leave and make a new start [in the U.S.]. Rigo tries to reason with his brother so that he won’t run off [to the States], and we get a sociology lesson here on the Mexican view of the causes for illegal immigration. Rigo says he could understand and might do the same, but if a person has property and family, then there is no reason to become a “wetback.” Personally, he couldn’t deal with the homesickness. He was born there and he wants his children to be also; so they won’t lose their culture and their customs. (Here! Here!) He understands that the vast majority of people who are leaving do it because they can’t find work, but that’s not their situation. (This is for another discussion as there are definitely two sides to this debate!) Their mother has worked long and hard to make a success out of their corner market and it’s honorable work. Eladio won’t promise anything, but he will think over what Rigo has said.

Over at the Bad Love again, Eva is telling Rosario that Gabriela sent her packing once more, but no problem. Since they’re planning to get a house she won’t feel so bad about “abandoning” her when the time comes. She now wonders if Rosario won’t have problems with the cantina’s owner when she moves. Rosario comes clean at this point. She says she doesn’t want there to be any secrets between them and wants to clear something up, but Eva cannot repeat it to a soul. (Will someone please at least tell Gabi?) Only Sofia knows besides her. She confesses to Eva that Fernando is the real father of her son and also the man that is continually tormenting her. Eva is impactada at this shocking revelation.

When Feo gets back to the hacienda later that morning, Gabi is ready and waiting. She just has to know where he went so early, sneaking out like that so she didn’t hear him go. Feo is sick of her jealousy and gripes at her not to start. She still demands to know, so he tells her that he went to see if his plans to get rid of Sofia and the Reyes’ worked, but as fate would have it they did not and he failed. She lights into him about being a useless, stupid, good-for-nothing idiot and the reason everything in her life is a failure. Fernando tells her to watch what she’s saying around him because he won’t let her insult him like that. Everything he’s done has been for her (yada, yada) and if she doesn’t see that then there’s no reason to stick around. She can just make do with things the best way she knows how.

Gabi realizes her mistake and she begs Fernando’s forgiveness. She says she never meant to insult him, It’s just that she’s so frustrated with their situation. She wants more than anything to be his wife and now that hope has been shattered to bits. He tells her to be patient for a while longer. She hugs at his knees, frantic for him. He looks down at this and then looks away, dumbfounded at the desperation and vulnerability of the pathetic old broad.

Back in town, Tall Tweedle has just gotten a telegram confirming the famous singer he’s contracted will be coming in the evening, as planned, to perform there.

At Casita Reyes, while Sofia knits away, Jimena dusts the dining room table and asks what caused Sofia to fall down the stairs that day at the hacienda. What had she and Mama been talking about? Sofia explains that Mama told her that she was not her mother and insisted that Eva was instead, then retracted it all and asked forgiveness when she ended up in the hospital. “It was all a lie, she told me. Nevertheless, every chance she gets she repeats it and now I don’t know whether it’s the truth, or if she’s only doing it to hurt me.”

Meanwhile, Augie goes to see Gabi at the main house. He suggests that for once in her life she act like a reasonable person and show a little compassion. He wants to know the truth: is Sofia her daughter or not? Just then Raqui races into the main house looking for Gabriela. She doesn’t notice that Augie is there with her and blurts out that things with the estate are getting complicated and she needs Gabi’s help immediately. Augie rolls away disgusted. Gabi tells her, “Raquel, I’ve told you. Each of us has to fend for ourselves. I’ll take care of my part and you take care of your own.” Raqui is fit to be tied and yells at her that she’s tired of her constant refusal. “Either you help me now or I’ll tell everybody our secret!”

Augie yells at Raquel to once and for all let loose with the truth and tell him what secret she’s talking about. Raquel starts to make good on her threat. “I gave Gabriela the lands the Reyes’ are fighting over in exchange for—“ Gabi interrupts her. “--Keep quiet!” “—I won’t keep quiet!” Crabi relents. “--I’ll help you out but you keep your mouth shut!” Augie gets into it now. “What was it you gave Gabriela in exchange for that land?” “--Something very valuable,” answers Raqui. “--Something very valuable?” “—Yes.” “--Like perhaps a newborn little girl? Was that it?” Raqui won’t say anything else. Gabi stares daggers at her. Gabi asks Augie where he got this crazy idea and accuses him of being crazy as a loon (or the Mexican equivalent). Then she quickly shoves Raqui towards her office and warns Augie to stay out of this or the witch will throw him out in the street where he’ll be begging for alms with a cup.

That night Armando brings a bouquet of flowers to Rosario who is apparently getting ready to go out on a respectable date. (That tour must have really done some good, since she’s dumped the white trash "naca" outfits and make-up. The heavy-duty hooker look is definitely absent now.) “What do you take me for, Armando? I don’t want a thing from you, so you can take those flowers away.” Armando laughs and says he knew it wasn’t going to work, but Fernando insisted, for some unknown reason, that he should get close to her and treat her nicely. He suggests they keep up the ruse so that Feo thinks it’s working.

Rosario wants to know why she should believe him. Armando says he understands she has plenty of reason not to trust him, but he’s telling her the truth. Besides, it would be worth it to her to have him as an ally and emphasizes that he knows what he’s talking about. She says she’ll consider it. Just then Pedro walks in the open door and ask her if she’s ready to go. Armando leaves and they head out for a night at “El Tumbao.”

On their way to the club an SUV drives suspiciously by. Pedro says he thinks whose-ever in it has been watching them. She wonders who it is. He thinks it’s El Coyote’s boss and that he doesn’t like seeing him with Rosario, so they decide to take a shortcut.

Eva and Ofelia are waiting for the two of them at the club when they finally arrive. Eva says they were beginning to worry and Rosario says they had a little hitch in getting there, nothing serious, but a truck was following them. Pedro tries to allay their fears and says he thinks they just mistook them for somebody else.

The floorshow begins. Ofelia is impactada to find that Margarita, the “Goddess of the
Cumbia" is the act tonight. As the singer walks onto the stage Ofelia recognizes her. “This woman is Rosario’s real mother!” she thinks to herself.

That same evening, Augie goes to visit Sofia and Juan. He tells them that Raqui and Gabriela parlayed a deal in which something very valuable was given in exchange for that parcel of Robles-Reyes’ land. Juan is impactado. “Good gracious! What secrets are these two women hiding?” Sofia says she’s so confused she doesn’t know what to think. “I was just telling Jimena this very day that Mama kept insisting I wasn’t her daughter, then afterward changed her mind and even asked forgiveness. Now I just don’t know what to think! It’s all so painful for me, Grandpa.”

Augie tells them about his run in with Raquel at the main house earlier and how he’d asked her for the truth, but that Gabi objected and so the only thing he managed to get from her was that the property was given to Gabriela in exchange for something “very valuable.” He pushed the envelope, he says, and dared to ask if that valuable thing was perhaps a person, perhaps a newborn little baby girl. Juan figures that makes sense since they were probably talking about Eva’s daughter. Augie agrees and tells them that Gabriela rushed Raqui off to her office at that point and he was unable to get anything more out of either of them. Sofia, however, is certain they were talking about her. Juan doesn’t understand. (Weren’t you listening, Juan? Gabi keeps telling Sofia that she isn’t her daughter and then keeps changing her story!) “You?" he asks her. "Why you?”


Al Diablo Con Los Guapos #154, Friday 8-29: The kidnapping count goes up by one

Not that I remember where it was before--2? Someone remind me.

Anyway, in our last scene it's Bobby and Lina's wedding day and Bobby has accepted a big fat check from Nestor "Ed McMahon" Miranda, who just wants to be in his son's life even if Alejandro doesn't know it. Well, Nestor, in some states we call that stalking.

Lina's looking fabulous for her wedding day in a pageant queen kind of way--big hair, lots of sparkle. She, Mili, and Gloria giggle about Sor Cachete's twin. Lina confesses she was nervous about Padre Manuel--he looked like he could have a heart attack and die, and then who would marry her and Bobby? No, but seriously, she's worried about his health too. We get a full-length of the gown and it's pretty, but not overly poufy. Just plain white with a little sparkle at the waist--empire, of course--in a matte white fabric. Lina promises to send postcards from her honeymoon…"Dear Gloria and Mili, no idea what the scenery's like, been doing it like bunnies, miss you lots, love Lina xxxooo." Mili tells them that she's going to move in with Alejandro. And his mom. And his kid. Gee, when you put it that way it just doesn't sound as romantic. Gloria gets teary that Lina and Mili are both leaving the house and Karla won't even be around to fight with because she got booted. Mili reminds her she's got Socorro and Horacio…and Valeria and Rocky at least until they get married. They all promise to visit each other often. Lina says they're invited to coffee some day when her "husband" is at the office. She's suddenly struck by how nice it sounds to say "my husband." Yeah, she'll get over that. What? Love you, Mr. 5ft :) Mili says that even though the three of them don't live together, they'll always be together because they're more than friends, they're sisters. Awwww. They didn't even ruin the moment by doing the en masse hip circles.

Padre Manuel is going slowly crazy, confronting Sor Cachete and Macarena. Macarena thinks that getting bit by every mosquito in the jungle is punishment enough for having her sister kidnapped ("secuestrada"). Padre Manuel brings up profaning the niches and says there aren't enough mosquitoes in Africa to make up for that. He wants a good reason not to call the cops on her. She asks "Cata" to speak up for her and reminds her about the times she defended her in Tijuana, which Sor definitely didn't want brought up. Macarena says it's enough punishment knowing that Sor and Mono gave all the money away to the poor. Sor Cachete asks for some time alone with her sister. Padre Manuel says he wants the matter settled before he has to go officiate at Bobby and Lina's wedding, so hurry it up. Would it be too obvious to say that Macarena's sweating like a whore in church? Ok, I won't.

In the foyer confessional, Alejandro and Luci tell Valeria and Rocky that they're moving out together. Constancio stands on the balcony and listens to Luci say that he's bad for her health and Andrea's just too much to put up with. Valeria sadly agrees that mommy needs to do what's best for herself. Then they add that Mili's going too. Valeria pouts about being all alone. Constancio just stands up there looking like he doesn't know what to say while Rocky proposes that they all move into Mili's house together. Um, hey there, gang, I've got a swell idea, what about if you all join forces to kick Constancio, Andrea, Damian, and Hugo out of the house instead? It's 5 to 4. More if you count the servants, who I'm sure would be only too happy to see those four leave. Luci says the house is too small for Vale and Rocky to move in with them. Alejandro reminds her they do have their own construction company. Everybody laughs together about the extreme home makeover they can give Mili's mom's old house.

Macarena cries about how Sor Cachete busted up their way cool cabaret act. Sor Cachete says she just couldn't take it, thinking about how disappointed their parents would have been to see them end up as "congaleras" (conga dancers, I take it). Macarena cries that their parents shouldn't have died and left them. Sor Cachete says once she realized she was on the wrong path, she just had to get out. Macarena says Sor Cachete's conversion was a little extreme. SC says she has a full life, serving God, serving tamales, etc. SC says she gets the same rush from that as Macarena does from performing. Macarena says singing is her passion, it makes her feel complete. SC asks about her other nefarious activities (theft, etc.), but Macarena says it's not that she enjoys it, it's just that life is hard. They both weep and ask each other for forgiveness, remembering that they don't have any other family, so they've gotta stick together. SC tells Macarena that Mono's a good man and she needs to treat him right. Padre Manuel comes in and says he won't ask that Macarena be charged with anything. He asks Macarena if she wants to go to the Amazon jungle on a mission. She freaks and leaves before PM can bust out laughing. Poor Macarena, she's probably going to have an allergic reaction every time she hears the word "jungle" from now on!

Braulio calls Rosario and tells her everyone will be at the church for a wedding, but he'll get Mili to go to the park with him after. Rosario says she'd rather see her at the café and maybe even talk to her. They set a time.

Socorro brings Karla to the convent so she'll have a decent place to stay. Karla whines. Socorro gets sick of it and tells her to shut it and be grateful for the little she's got. Socorro's not buying Karla's fantasy that Hugo will come around and end up helping her raise the kid. Socorro says they'll leave her suitcase now and talk to Padre Manuel after the wedding.

Andrea and Hugo plot. She tells him he's a scorpion and there's nothing in it for her, especially since Mili and Luci were leaving anyway. She remembers that Hugo betrayed her before. She says she no longer cares about Mili and Alejandro being together. Hugo works on her, saying that Constancio won't let Mili leave. So Andrea finally agrees to help him, on the condition that Mili never comes back. And it's a done deal. What can I say, I think we all knew this day would come. Just brace yourselves for ickiness.

Sor Cachete sings Ave Maria as Horacio walks Lina down the aisle. The words are changed and it's Spanish, not Latin. It's really pretty. Horacio does the handoff as the song continues. Lina's bouquet looks more like a big bunch of sparkly things than flowers. I think she can get away with it because of the understated dress, otherwise, we'd be verging on naco-ness there. The song goes on as Padre Manuel starts the wedding. I'm really entranced by these lyrics--they fit the tune, but aren't a translation of the Latin. Unfortunately I can't hear all of them over the other dialogue, but the gist of it is:

Ave Maria
Mother of love and kindness
Protect my soul, be my guide
O my mother, have mercy on me
Only you can calm my sorrows, calm my sorrows
To love you, oh mother, would be my delirium
To love you, with faith, and more each time
Oh mother mine, who lives in heaven,
One day I may see you
Ave Maria
Ave Maria

Ok back to the wedding, and we're doing it Mexi-Catholic style. Mili and Alejandro are the padrinos of the lazo. "Padrinos" as in sponsors, not godparents. You can have padrinos for quite a lot of things besides just pieces of the wedding itself--in some cases there might be padrinos of the hall, padrinos of the catering, padrinos of the music, etc. meaning that these people paid for whatever they're padrinos of, or did it themselves, or for the ceremony stuff, are the people who are coming forward with the item in question. Anyway, Padre Manuel blesses the lazo, which symbolizes their union. Then he calls over the padrinos of the rings, Gloria and Chamuco, and blesses the rings as a symbol of commitment and divinity of the married couple. Lina accepts Bobby as her husband, lack of haircut and all, and puts the ring on him. Bobby accepts Lina, baby and all, and puts the ring on her. Karla makes pissed off faces in the background as Bobby has a little trouble getting the ring on Lina's finger. Padre Manuel gives them permission to kiss…a little late for that, I think. Aw, they didn't do the coins…if they had, the coins would have been poured into their joined hands to symbolize their future prosperity as a couple. And that would have been a very good thing for these two, considering how the business is going so far…but wait, I guess Nestor's already taken care of that to some extent. Everyone but Karla and Andrea applauds. The happy couple head out of the church as everyone showers them with rose petals. They make out some more on the steps of the church.

Socorro brings Karla in to talk to Padre Manuel. She's trying to be gracious, but Karla's being bitchy. PM is ok with Karla hanging out for a few days. He'll keep her busy helping Sor Cachete out in the kitchen. She just keeps complaining. Socorro thanks Padre Manuel.

Everyone heads back to the house (What? No reception? Bobby and Lina just wanted to get the hell away from these people ASAP?). Andrea whines about what a tacky wedding it was. Damian tells her at least it was a wedding. Alejandro is jealous of Bobby. Andrea brings up Lina's baby belly. Mili gets in the dig that at least Lina can have a baby, not like Andrea who can't accomplish that even with "chochos" (old guys-but it's got other meanings in other countries, so I'd look it up before use, just in case). Luci says they make a lovely couple and she loved the wedding. Valeria's all excited about her wedding. Luci wants her and Alejandro to go to Padre Manuel to talk about the baby's baptism. Alejandro says he hasn't really given her name much thought. Dude, she's how old now? Poor little Nameless Baby Girl. Andrea asks if he wasn't thinking of naming her "Milagros." Al likes the idea, so does Valeria, but Mili wants her to be named "Regina." Luci suggests "Rosario" and Constancio chokes on his drink. He gets his face all wet and Luci just grins mischievously. Braulio seems to like the idea. I'm really digging the new sober Luciana. Her sense of humor is much better than Drunk!Luci.

Paolo has finished Rosario's disguising again and she giddily heads off to get a look at her daughter.

Socorro's reminding Karla to behave herself. See above re: too late for that. She says she'd rather go to a hotel and that Hugo will pay for it, but Socorro tells her to shut it again. Hugo doesn't care about her, he doesn't think the baby's his, etc. Sor Cachete comes up to take Karla to her "cell." She reacts pretty badly to the word. Socorro asks if Macarena is still there…she sure is and yells out a hi to "Amparo Rodriguez." Socorro tries to say that's not her, but Macarena has fond memories of Amparo Rodriguez. Karla is shocked to find out that her mother was a "taibolera" (table dancer) and Macarena graciously supplies that she was a damn good one! Poor Socorro. But it's about time Karla knew the truth about a lot of things, not that I would expect it to shock her out of her self-centered state.

Braulio cleans up the glass and muses that "Rosario" is a perfect name for NBG. Mili and Alejandro agree that her name will be Rosario Belmonte. Damian suggests that Constancio be the godfather. Constancio calls Luciana over and tells her she's gone too far. He asks her into the study. The baby lets a big smelly one go, so Al and Val go change her diaper. Braulio invites Mili to go "somewhere" with him, but he won't say where. Mili says she's going to go put on something comfy and then meet him in the kitchen. Andrea says they'll go up together and Mili reminds her to be careful since she's historically bad with stairs.

Hugo readies the chloroform. Mili does this weird thing of coming into the room without really looking around. Safety first, people! He gets the chloroformed hankie over her face and wrestles her down. Andrea comes in and tells him to hurry up. Hugo really doesn't have any idea how long she'll be knocked out, so Andrea just tells him to move it, Braulio's waiting for Mili. Hugo tells Andrea to check the hallway so he can get Mili to his room and carry her out the window. He keeps shushing Mili, like her being knocked out isn't enough. In the hallway they hear Al and Val wondering where the extra diapers are. Valeria almost opens the door to the room where Hugo and Andrea are hiding, but Al found the extra diapers. Hugo makes a clean getaway.

Luciana quite reasonably says she can't understand why Constancio would object to naming the baby after the woman he loves. Constancio says she's playing with fire, trying to get his hijos (children, multiple, including one or more males) close to the truth. Luciana reminds him that he doesn't have hijos, he has two hijas (children, multiple, all females). Constancio gets fussy about her bringing that up again. Luci tells him neither of the girls knows the truth…unless he suspects that Mili knows? He doesn't think so. Luci picks at him that Braulio knows…and Damian…and Padre Manuel. He says Andrea also knows, but he doesn't think anyone else knows. She reminds him that Sor Catalina knows. Then she breaks it to him that Nestor also knows. She asks if it doesn't seem strange that so many people know, but somehow it hasn't gotten to Milagros yet. She says the whole family are such experts at keeping secrets. Luci says, "See, for Milagros and the kids, the name Rosario doesn't mean anything, so don't worry." He says fine, but she needs to remember to keep her mouth shut. Luci says she doesn't drink anymore, so he doesn't have to worry about her tongue getting away from her. Luci says that Mili's going to be a great mom for Rosario, aka, the artist previously known as Nameless Baby Girl. Constancio wants to know why she likes Mili so much now. Luci says she finally realized how fabulous Mili is, duh. Constancio blusters that he knows it too, and that's why he doesn't want her to leave. Luci says when he finally gets the cojones to tell Mili the truth, she'll be grateful for his honesty. She leaves. Constancio starts counting on his fingers all the people who know the truth and remembers that he forgot Peralta. He's all proud of himself for remembering. Loser!

Sor Catalina chastises Macarena for outing Socorro. Macarena says she didn't know that "Amparo" was hiding her past, or that the girl standing there was her daughter. Catalina and Macarena put things together and realize that Karla is the baby Amparo was pregnant with when she left her lucrative table dancing career behind. Macarena can't remember if Amparo had gotten involved with a client or if the client raped her. She refuses to call her "Socorro." Macarena and Catalina remind each other to come visit. Sor Catalina wonders what happened to their parents' ashes when Macarena used the urns to hide the money in. From the look on Macarena's face, this better be a good story. She says she sprinkled the ashes in the park where their parents met. Sor Catalina approves of this and Macarena says "heh, and you thought I was so bad!" Somehow, I don't think the dorm where Mr. 5ft and I met would care to have our ashes sprinkled all over the carpet in the lobby. But I digress.

Karla gripes out Socorro for not telling her the truth and she disowns her. Karla says that Socorro is worse than she ever was. Socorro says she danced, but it was honest work, she didn't go with the clients. Karla's not buying it. She thinks it's why her dad left. Socorro wants to explain, but Karla doesn't want to ever see her again. Socorro reminds Karla that she needs her because she's got a baby on the way. Karla says she doesn't need anybody, and she's not staying at the convent. She doesn't want to be anywhere near Socorro. Ungrateful little creep.

Disguised!Rosario tells a waitress she's waiting for her daughter. She orders a coffee.

Horacio waxes rhapsodic about the wedding. He says she looked like a queen, "la condenadota" (I think this is something to do with "condemned" and adding that "-ota" ending which is something like "really, really"). He says he's upset that Socorro's having such a bad time with Karla. Rocky disses Karla. Braulio gets impatient waiting for Mili. He says they should have gone already, but Mili hasn't come downstairs.

Macarena and Karla are both outside the convent. Macarena hails a cab. She sees a sobbing Karla and sends the taxi away. She goes over to talk to Karla. Karla says she's upset that her mother was a table dancer and she lied to her her whole life. Macarena tells her to get over it, there are worse things to find out. Macarena says she's a congalera herself, but Karla doesn't believe it. Karla says she's got a baby on the way and she has nowhere to go since she won't stay at the convent. Macarena agrees that the convent's way too dull with all that work and prayer going on. Macarena offers to help her. Karla wonders how. Macarena says she can get her a job and a place to sleep, but it's a dancing job like her mom had. Karla agrees and the ladies hail a cab.

Socorro cries and Sor Catalina comforts her. She says Karla had to find out sometime. Socorro's upset that she found out like this when she was pregnant, just got fired, etc. and it was too much all at once. Sor Cachete says Karla's young and she'll have time to take it all in ("asimilarlo") and get over it. Socorro wonders if Karla will ever forgive her. SC says forgiveness will come with time. Socorro says she's upset that Karla didn't even take time to listen to her. She wonders where Karla will go and what will happen to her and the baby.

Braulio asks Andrea, who is sitting in the all purpose room flipping through a magazine, if she's seen Mili. Andrea lies that Mili left about 10 minutes ago. "How would I know where she's gone…can't you see I'm busy! You people don't think, that's why you'll never stop being what you are--filthy servants! Out of my sight!" If it were anyone but Andrea that would have given away her guilt. For once her arrogance and bitchyness are working in her favor.

Hugo drives a knocked-out Mili somewhere. He stops the car and takes the opportunity to rub up against her and remember the conversation when she begged him to marry her. He cries. He remembers their wedding…including Mili's slight hesitation. Hugo crazies that they'll never be separated, never, because she's his wife and he loves her, a lot, and he can't let her go. Mili snoozes on.

Alejandro goes into Mili's room and finds Luci packing up Mili's stuff. They agree to go over to the new house tomorrow, even though Alejandro would rather go today. Alejandro says they can't leave too early because baby Rosario (Hm, is this why the writers decided Rosario the elder changed her name to "Rosela?" Perhaps I will do a homage to ER and call them "Little Rosario" and "Big Rosario") wakes him up every five minutes and won't let him sleep all night. Luciana says she really likes the name. Alejandro loves that she proposed it, especially in front of Constancio. Luciana talks about the packing of everyone else's stuff, but says she doesn't have any stuff of her own to pack. Alejandro thanks her for being there and being a mom he can be proud of. As Luci keeps packing, a picture of Regina and Mili falls off a shelf and the glass cracks. Luci gets a baaaaad feeling about this.

Hugo has Mili up in some loft-type bedroom with a glass wall separating it from a big drop. Mili wakes up all groggy and then remembers about him doing something to her in her room. Crazy!Hugo says he can't let her go off with Alejandro. She threatens to scream. He says they're in a hotel and they're going to spend the night together there, then tomorrow they'll go away together like they should have done in the first place. He reminds her he'd never let her go no matter what. He says they're going to start a new life far away from everybody else and they're never coming back, never. Mili looks around nervously.

Monday: Mili fights to get away from Hugo and Hugo fights right back. We also get a lot of "Ultimos Capitulos" flashes including, if I'm not mistaken, Mili crashing through the glass wall in the loft.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Doña Bárbara - Wed., Aug. 28: We see why Doña Bárbara doesn't like parties

I thought this was a great episode.

DB and Santos are about to surrender to their passion when the traveling 'prayer for Santos' parade arrives at El Miedo. In her new role as a civilized person, DB asks them to stay and party.

In a really cute (and hot) scene, Cecilia cuts her finger and Toño 'kisses it better' with a little rhyme that Cecilia would say when he was a child: "Sana, sana, culito de rana, un besito por la mañana." He didn't just kiss her finger, he was sucking on it.

DB sees this and congratulates Cecilia on being able to inspire passion in a man.

Juan Primito is upset because the 'rebullones' have flown away and doesn't know if they will come back. DB comforts him.

These were also great scenes where the people from the village get to see inside El Miedo for the first time. Josefa is not impressed with the furnishings while the priest unobtrusively sprinkles holy water on everything.

DB is angry that Pernalete and his buddies have upset Santos. She drops the bomb about his affair with Josefa, Mujiquita's wife.

DB demands that the priest (who was obviously having a good time) sprinkle holy water on the guests, his parishioners, because the demons they see in her are really in them. When the padre runs out of holy water, the party is over.

That night Cecilia has a dream about Toño tempting her to sin like Adam and Eve. (What sin? I guess because he is engaged to Federica. It isn't a sin to have a younger guy fall for you, it's a miracle!)

I have purposely not mentioned the already tiresome Luisana who apparently can only come to Altamire in somebody's private plane.


Querida Enemiga - Thursday 8/28 - Chalo waits for Sara, Rossy waits for Julian, Ernesto waits for Lorena, and we wait for the kiss

Que suerte! I thought QE was pre-empted by the Democratic convention but it was pushed back an hour so I was able to watch it on TV instead of on Youtube.

Don Toribio visits his new neighbor and remembers he forgot to tell Alonslow that her gas doesn't work. He goes off to try to light her fire and attempts to sneak a peak at her pictures. Does she have a husband?

Sara and Snorty have that conversation I mentioned last night.

In the lesser house Diana is helping Maruja help Zully. She actually had to take time off work to do this because Julian is a waste product and can't help, but she has to return soon.

Julian sulks in his room. His crooked collar symbolizes his tormented soul. Maruja comes in and tells him to snap out of it and help his ma. It's bad enough that he's depressed but even worse, he is a Bad Son. OK, he'll help but no talking, especially about Rossy. I'm guessing we're not getting any PSAs about depression in this episode.

Alonslow is driving Sara somewhere. He thinks she should go back to her parents' house. Even though Lorena said bad things to them Sara should live with them to prove Lorena wrong. In fact he'll take her right now to get her things.

Cut to Chaaalo hanging out in Sara's bed. Guess he didn't leave first thing like she demanded. Suddenly he hears voices, grabs his clothes (because of course he's in his tighty trunks) and hides in the closet. Luckily the maid doesn't see him.

The new neighbor with amazing big hair that doesn't move is up in Don T's apartment making Enchiladas Verdes. Turns out they are both widowed. The gas guy knocks on the door to turn on the gas in her apartment, but Don T gets rid of him. He hasn't eaten this well since Lorena was around. He goes back and tells her she can cook in his kitchen any time she wants.

Alonslow waits in his car while Sara goes inside Evil Acres to get her stuff.

Julian delivers Zulema's orders and a couple of creepy kids taunt him about losing a million pesos. Julian has to hold Maruja back from smacking them. I tell ya, the public is very fickle.

Chaaalo is still lolling around in bed when Sara comes in and she's pissed when she sees him. She informs him that the municipal judge is going to investigate the orphanage for documents and they have to cover their butts, get it?

Red Barbara tells Ickturo that she saw his wife and kid. She felt bad but her love for him is too strong. She gets pathetic and clingy and he recoils. She asks, does he love his wife (uh, like that's so bad), or maybe another?? He wants her to back off and not jeapordize his position in the company. Babs tells him not to get his hopes up because the company will be Sara's. Nice job cockblocking your (ex) lover Babs.

Chaaalo is STILL lounging on Sara's bed, what a load. He whines that he's hungry. They argue, she sticks a candy bar in his mouth and tells him they need to forge some documents.

At The Restaurant (do we know the name?) Lorena tells Rossy that there is something more going on with Sara than just mere treachery and lies. There is something else and she's going to find out what it is.

Sara throws her suitcase in Al's car and they drive off. There is no joy in this relationship.

Greta and Paula play cards. Greta wants to go back to The Restaurant to hunt Raymundo and Paula worries that Bettina always wants to go out with her friends.

Speaking of, Bettina's sad because Ivan is nowhere to be found. She cries on her friend's shoulder.

Jaqui is trying to work with Ickturo but he's moping about what Babs said, that Sara will be in charge, not him. Jaqui tries to "relax" him but he says he wants to discuss vegetables.

Monica grabs the Sous Chef and tells him to get with mission Destroy Ernesto. There will be important people at Table Two tonight. (Maybe he could learn Sara's secret recipe for mayonnaise.)

Sara does NOT want to go into the lesser house but Alonslow insists.

Inside the house Zully cries to Maruja. How could her kids all turn out so badly, what kind of mother is she? Julian is depressed, Diana went back to Bruno, and her daughter Sara...

Meanwhile Sara has snuck into the house, overhears, and quietly snarls "I'm not your daughter, stupid!" Then she makes a face like she ate one of her own turd sandwiches.

Sara keeps looking at her cell phone. I wonder why. Then she pokes herself in the eyes and goes outside. She fake-cries to Alonslow that her mom refused to forgive her for siding with Snorty. He's about to go right in and talk to Zulema himself but Sara manages to talk him out of it. "Whew!" says her face as she gets in the car.

Over at The Restaurant Chef Hawt and his double-crossing sous chef (DCSC) prepare the plates for Table Two. Moni distracts Ernesto by threatening to put plasma screens in the restaurant. DCSC sprinkles something nasty on the plate.

And hey!! It's a guest appearance by our own Mariana Karr, and her date is Roberto Mitzuko from Bailando! I guess he is the Ambassador to New Zealand and she is the wife. Que Asco! She lifts her fork and finds a big black hair in her sauce. Their appetites are ruined!

Lorena examines the hair and pronounces it's not hers, she's blonde. Well that makes it OK then...NOT. Mariana wants to leave! Chef Hawt arrives to apologize, he says he knows exactly how she feels. One time he was in the best restaurant in Paris and he found a hair in his soup. What that restaurant did for him he will do for them now. He invites them into his kitchen to watch their food being prepared; they will see how clean the kitchen is and their appetites will return.

Meanwhile Moni is shrieking and badmouthing Chef Hawt to his staff. He comes in with his guests and insists that Monica leave. He also has to kick Lorena out to be fair, but whispers if it were his choice she would be next to him always. Oh my.

Chef Hawt himself serves their meals, rabbit wrapped in some kind of leaf garnished with roasted arbol chile strips. "Another hair" yells Mariana. Ha ha just kidding. All is forgiven and they'll tell all their friends how great the restaurant is. Again with the weird jokes.

Lorena tells Rosy that Ernesto is not only talented in the kitchen but talented with people. When Rossy starts to tease her Lorena rushes off to school.

Both Sara and Lorena are late to class so they are stuck as partners for their cooking assignment.

Chalo admires the documents that his friend Toño forged. Toño asks why such an interest in orphanage documents and Chalo reminds him rule #1 is no questions.

Sara and Lorena argue about how to prepare their dish. Sara's wrong of course, one rarely sauces a dish before cooking it. I don't think she paid attention at the orphanage kitchen. Sara says Lorena always has to be the queen of the kitchen and she's just jealous because Sara has money, a family, and a boyfriend who would die for her.

Sara has to go get something for the teacher and her phone conveniently rings the second she walks away. Teacher is irked because cell phones aren't allowed and she orders Lorena to answer it. Lorena is impactada. She knows that number, it's Chalo's!

When Alonslow gets home the new neighbor with amazing hair is dusting his apartment. And here comes dad, he's all dressed up in his cleaing outfit. He introduces Al to their new neighbor Maria. She tells Al and "Tobi" to sit down for dinner, she made Estofado for them. Maria tells Al that "Tobi" is a great building administrator. Well hey, that's just what Al has been trying to get dad to do, stop eating ice cream and get to work. (There are recipes for all sorts of Estofadados, beef, chicken, pork etc. but since the first one I ever had was beef that's the recipe I linked.)

Lorena checks out Sara's call history and sees that she and Chalo call each other often. She thought Sara hated Chalo! Clearly this is just the tip of the skein of yarn. (La punta del hilo de la madeja)

Jaqui leaves home again for another late-night appointment at work. Two seconds after she leaves Dario smiles and puts his jacket on.

Alonslow comforts his orphan patient and tells her he'll be with her in the operating room.

Well well, Dario turns up at Paula's place. She's all dressed up and tells him she has a date with someone who's rich, handsome, and without commitments, Dario arrived up just in time to take care of Bettina. Dario rolls his eyes. His plan to see Paula is a flop.

Nevertheless, Dario and Bettina are thrilled to see each other and give big hugs. OK, he loves his daughter, he's not SO bad.

When Jaqui gets to the office she and Ickturo discuss work for five seconds then get down to their own business. Blech.

Paula arrives at The Restaurant and Raymundo happily escorts her to a table. She quotes a line from an Italian film, aha they both LOVE Italian cinema. Twin souls, says Ray, and one so beautiful. Greta arrives and takes over the spotlight.

Lorena is working but is deep in thought about Sara and Chalo. Chef Hawt says he would give a penny for her thoughts.

The two cactuas are served their meals. Ray asks what would they think about Bruce Willis in the Maltese Falcon? Paula retorts they might as well have Colunga in Casablanca. (Yes!!!) Ray mimics Brando, "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse" and Greta thinks he's asking her out. Ray seems to have an affinity for Paula and Greta's not happy about it.

Alonslow admits to Valeria that Florencia reminds him of Lorena. His cell phone rings. Shoot, it's Sara and he has to answer. She royally chews him out for not answering her calls. "Duh, I'm sorry Florencia, oops I mean Sara." She's about to go ballistic when Chaaalo strolls into the foyer of Evil Acres wearing his tighty trunks and munching an apple. Sara quickly hangs up. What the hell is he doing there?

OK, I've got to say Chalo is hilarious in this scene. He spanks himself and scampers after Sara as she rushes upstairs. Nice job, actor playing Chalo! I changed my mind, I hope you don't die too soon.

Sara turns her wrath on Chalo until he whips out the forged documents. She's impressed, they're marvelous. Let the boinking begin. No wait, he wants to borrow her car. OK, boink first, then car.

Paula and Greta insult each other in front of Ray. When he steps away for a moment Greta tells Paula that all's fair in love and war. Paula looks kind of sad, maybe because she's competing with her friend or maybe because she thinks she'll lose.

Al comes home and he has a book about leukemia. He's studying up when Don Tobi and Maria arrive home from eating ice cream. Al is grumpy and Maria asks Don Tobi if he's sure Al is really his son.

Lorena gets off work and Chef Hawt is waiting for her outside. He says she was acting oddly tonight, is anything wrong? He tells her he can't lie to himself, she has become very important to him. Lorena's eyes get big as he moves in for an embrace. (Gah! When will they kiss???)

Tomorrow: Sara and Al go to The Restaurant, looks like a bad night.

P.S. Here is a recipe for Pescado Zarandeado, Chef Hawt's special dish that was mentioned in last night's show, but without his special chili de arbol garnish.


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