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un Gancho al Corazón Mon.11/30/9 Who's Your Daddy?

Tonight's frivolity begins strangely with Coni reliving a flashback of Jero literally carrying her off to ravish her. It dawns on her that Jerónimo is also in the running for Father of the Year.Oh no! Oh yes! Oh crap!

Jacky finds Beto alone in the coffee room sniffing his right shoe. Even he is repelled. She and he share a frank conversation concerning Beto's feelings and true intentions toward Coni. He tries to convince her that Coni is not just an exotic hobby. He is truly in love with her, but she has chosen to wed Mauricio. She responds with, "What's done is done, but the fact of the matter is that she is hopelessly in love with you." She ends the little chat by declaring that he is, "garbage...a poor devil," (harsh but...), "I'm wasting my time with you." As she's leaving, like Columbo, she remembers one more thing, "Ah, por cierto, Beto, Constanza is expecting your child." He is elated by this news. He celebrates by jumping gleefully up and down, shouting, "¡Voy a tener un Betito! ¡Órale!" He hugs his futura suegra. She has mixed emotions. He is, after all, a stinky naco, but this pregnancy changes everything. She urges him to fight for her, and his naquito. He beams with fatherly pride. "¡Un Betito!" Aren't we all a little proud right along with him?

Ximena has just put Rolu, who still is a bit grumpy, but softening toward Ximy, to bed. She, on the other hand, is feeling frisky as a filly colt. She offers to arrange some cushions (cojines). He declines, " Do you mind if I take a bath? I'm feeling nasty (sucio)." What a coincidence, she is feeling nasty as well... "Very, very nasty!" She suggests a bath together. Give her five minutes to get rid of Coni who is waiting in the parlor. She will wash him, scrub (tallar) his back... and do little things to him ( hacerte cositas). The idea thrills her. Rolu? Not so much. She ignores his apparent lack of enthusiasm as she gushes about getting together as... "you understand?... man and wife and even making a BABY!" Using English to embellish her waxing lustiness, she muses, while waltzing around with the (as of yet) imaginary "Baby Rolu," about their future becoming, "Mommy and Daddy!"
Oh Wow!" Her growing excitement is contagious. He must have been vaccinated. He is immune. She exits with guttural primal feline growls, clawing at the air between her and Rolu for emphasis. Another triumphant scene for Ximena. My words really can't do it justice.

A conflicted Coni, looking ravishing in a simple short black knit dress, ivory knee-high boots with matching, is waiting in the parlor to confer with her one true friend. Ximena is still bubbling about her rapturous marriage to the insatiable Rolu. Just imagine what a truly committed participant-spouse would do for her. Coni is distracted... just as well. She has come seeking Ximy's assistance in determining a date of conception. Now, I'm in love with and admire all things Ximena, but she is not the first one I'd look to for help with a math problem. The Dr. says that she is six weeks along. "Well," calculates our lithe, dark-tressed numerical savant, "Must have been in Nuevo York, Roberto!" This seems to bring a little bit of relief to our Coni. Coni admonishes Ximy that no one must find out about her situation. Ximy is a tomb, and to demonstrate, she looks the vault and tosses the key. She and Rolu aren't expecting... yet, since they haven't been... you know... juntos... yet. Coni's in a hurry. Coni leaves and Ximena's thoughts return to..."¡♫ Rolu, ahí te voy ♫!" She gives a playful turn on the pole of the spiral staircase and then dashes up the stairs.

Now we turn to a happy domestic scene in the 'hood. Don Cesar, with his flair for fashion and style is wearing a striking mustard(French's not Grey Poupon)-yellow suit with color-coordinated apron.
The effect is...umm... breath-taking. Nieves is miffed because Cesar allowed her littlr Beto to get beaten in such a way. He counters that he tried to warn the little showoff (fanfarrón). Besides it was a good lesson for the boy. "You need to quit treating him like a baby." This display of domestic bliss is intruded upon by Estrella, who, you will recall, is like a daughter to Nieves. they trade insults regarding Beto, but Estrella is more interested in pumping Cesar for details surrounding the MF (Masked Fury). As she picks up his hand (Estrella is very tactile), Nieves growls,"He's mine!" Estrella presses on. "Monita and I are intrigued by your new fighter, la Furia Enmascarada." "First tell me which of you is interested, you or Monita?" He tells her that he believes that he's single. This thrills Estre. As she rushes off, Nieves scolds Cesar, vowing that she'd like to pop the MF in his mouth (clavar el diente). She hit's Cesar in the face with her dish towel, then gently and lovingly wipes it clean. Awww!

A battered (physically and emotionally) Beto seeks out Moni at her place. She needles him a bit about the MF, but he wants to talk seriously. He broaches the subject then backs away. He tells her that he loves her. "No you love la momia." He admits that he loves Coni. Monita warns that Coni will destroy his life. He then says that he actually loves them both. "I have a big heart!" "Well the only person I love is Mauricio." "What a tiny little heart you have," he replies.

Ximena arranges Rolu in his bed. are sporting plush, white, terrycloth robes. Did someone filch these from the Four Seasons Hotel? He seems a bit touchy and complaining. Well heck, after two falls, either of which would have polished off the normal person, I guess he's entitled. Now, she has plans for the evening and starts to move in for the kill (in a manner of speaking). He balks, she insists that she just wants him to love her, even though un poquis. He finally launches an insult which strikes home. He calls her selfish (egoista). Ouch, that hurts. Now he reveals his intent. He needs a nurse to see to his needs. Well don't we all. Ximy is devastated...well... as devastated as Xmmena is capable of being. He coninues, "Tomorrow I'm going to hire a nurse to bathe me, attend to me, dress me..." Rolu, mi amor,I love you..." She won't hear of him hiring a nurse. He, however is adamant. Rolu, just when I was starting to like you a little better. Of course he is doing this as much for her as for him. Um hmm.

Meintras Tanto, back in the barrio, Nieves interrupts Moni's and Beto's philosophical chat, "¿Puedo pasar?" "Of course!" Now, Should I have skipped the Sazerac or does Nieves look unusually appealing in that pink top revealing a chaste amount of cronish cleavage? Beto is not looking for consolation and let's Nieves know. "Well, wash your hands an come over for dinner." "Be right there," Moni agrees. As Nieves waddles off, Moni chastises Beto for not showing more respect for his mom. Moni remember the reunion with her own mom, the love (oh yeah!), the forgiveness...Beto pleads with her not to cry. She notes, "My mother loved me." He smiles a sweet smile. Off they go to dine.

Strolling accross the courtyard he remembers a bet (apuesta) that he had with Costeño, a bet on football...yeah, that's it, a bet on football. He needs to make a phone call. "You,go on ahead."

The happy Sermaño family is breaking bread. "So how was school today?" Mauricio asks solicitously, "¡Muy bién, Papá!" answers Luisa, sucking up. (I wonder what it is she wants.) Aldo adds that things are going well for him as well, "When can I get off probation?" Coni responds by launching into a verbal assault on Aldo for past crimes that warrant being on probation for the rest of his life. Mao reproaches, "Constanza, por favor." Jacky strolls in, "I won't be joining you for dinner, important things to do... Coni, I want to talk to you when I get back."

Hey PETA! She's looking awfully cozy wearing about a zillion dead weasels.

Coni's phone rings. It's Beto. "Not right now, Ximena, I'm having dinner with my husband and the kids. Not in a mood for games, he reminds her that she is carrying his kid. He wants to talk to her right now. Turns out that tomorrow isn't good either. Well since he puts it that way, how about noon tomorrow at the boutique? "Agreed! But you know me, Constancia, don't provoke me, you know me." Alas, she does. She glare at Jacky as she snaps the cell phone shut. Jacky brazens ahead. She likes Ximena. Be nice if she were to get pregnant with Rolu. For the moment...advantage... Jacky.

It's also dinnertime at the Ochoas'. Moni has joined Nieves Cesar and Beto for the evening meal.They're having chicken-fried steak and cream gravy, mashed potatoes, and turnip greens with peppered vinegar...oh, wait... that's what we're having... sorry. Whatever they are having looks tasty and everyone is digging in. Cesar praises her cooking skills. Beto wants two more Milaneses. So does Cesar. Sorry guys,just one left. Beto and Cesar exchange insults. It is fun to watch beta males go at each other. Lots of fire. Beto finally says, "This is my house, my mom, your Milanese is mine, therefore, que se friega maldita puerco espín." Now , this doesn't make sense to me, ( May you bust you porcupine pig? Help!), but apparently it does to both Moni and Nieves, "¡Beto!" Moni whacks him with her napkin. Nieves serves Beto the remaining cutlet, but he's changed his mind, "No me quiero, no me quiero," he complains as he does the unthinkable. He licks the piece of meat from top to bottom, drops it on the floor, and stomps on it for good measure. "¡Beto!" Moni rebuffs. Nieves reminds him of the starving children in China...sort of. Beto accuses Cesar of trying to bump him off with this new fighter, well, he's going to find his buddy (cuate) and go out for a drink. He leaves in a huff. Moni says, "Be patient, he'll be back with his tail between his legs." Don Cesar agrees... "Besides, this is part of the trust (confidencia) in a large family," he opines.

At the mansion Jacky and Coni are having a mother/daughter talk. Coni is frustrated with Jacky's meddling by informing Beto of the pregnancy, "Are you trying to convert my life into a living Hell?" Jacky accurately points out that Coni has already done a masterful job of doing that. "Then let me burn in my own flames!" Good one, Coni. Jacky is just trying to help. Coni's best option would be to arrange for Mao to cheat with Moni, divorce his butt, take everything that he has while dumping the adoptees, and run off with Beto. Sounds like a plan to me. Coni clings to her false hopes. Tomorrow she has a hospital appointment; by noon... problem solved. Jacky gives her a maternal peck on the cheek. Coni accuses her of joining with Beto in opposition. "No, actually you are your own worst enemy." Coni"s expression indicates that she knows this.

Mauricio sits on the bed in his room and pines. He conjures up memories of his soggy first encounter with Monita that rainy day so long ago. He watches as their significant moments together unreel on the flat screen of his mind. He mopes, then strolls to the mirror, strikes the Masked Fury pose, clears his throat and dropping his voice about half an octave, rehearses his opening lines to use on Monita ... hmmm, better work on that a little more, masked man. Next!

Jacky has joined Jero in an exclusive restaurant. For dessert he has big plans for the evening back at his place, but right now she has pressing business elsewhere, with... Roberto Ochoa. Jero suggests that she wait to see him at the office but when she insists that it must be right awayhe offers to take her there. It's a rough neighborhood. No thanks, she just needs the address. As he tries to persuade her to allow him to escort her the waiter returns with disturbing news. Jero's gold card is tarnished, it's been rejected. He utters a favorite line of telenovela fans, "¡No puede ser!" Unfortunately, sí puede. Jacky tries not to notice, then says, "Well these things happen. Embarrassed, he gives her the address and urges her on her way. As she gets up to leave. He, like the caballero he is, stands and helps her don the assemblage of roadkill. She leaves. The waiter returns his gold card with a smug smirk. Jero instructs him to hang on to it, he's not leaving just yet. He dials Oscar. He tells Oscar that his plans to spend the evening with Jacky have changed and invites Oscar to dine with him in this nice restaurant. There are some things they need to discuss.

Cesar tells Nieves not to worry about Beto. "Hey, why don't we put on our pajamas and go to bed early? I've got to get an early start." Beto appears at the door. He's home early. Couldn't find his friends and since he doesn't have any money... well... could she check the cow? This is too much for Cesar is is going out for a walk and doesn't want to see this person here when he returns, so give him some money. Nieves turns to her Bossie Bolsa and retrieves a few bills for her boy. As she is tendering the cash a new shadow looms at the door. It's Jacky. "I need to speak to Roberto,,, alone. Nieves sizes her up then looks accusingly at Beto, "Another?" Beto reassures her and tells her to go on out. Nieves reluctantly agrees but first she puts on her short jacket with jaguar spots. Don't Jaguars eat mink? She gives a semi-playful kittenish clawing gesture at Jacky's eyes and slinks out.
Jacky is in a hurry. She wants to spend as little time as possible in this sty (pocilga). She informs Beto of Coni's plan and hospital appointment. She urges him to stop it. Beto is fit to be tied. He biites his hand and paces,"¡No manches!¡No manches!"

It's morning in the hood and...Wow! Get a load of this! Estrella appears at Monita's door in a stunningly skanky little number complete with jaguar spots, spike heels (por supuesto!) and fishnet stockings.
Somehow she manages to make it appear almost wholesome. She is definitely in her feline stalking mode. I'll bet she smells like Jungle Gardenia and has swapped the Juicy Fruit for a stick of Blackjack. Monita is delighted. Don't tell me that they gave you the role (papel) that will launch (lanzar) your career." "I wish, but no, I'm dressed to accompany my best friend to the gymnasium for her morning workout." "Ay, you want to see the..." Estrella excitedly describes her projected encounter with this mysterious masked stranger, the caresses, the embraces, the covering her with kisses...Wow. She is overcome by her own imagination. "And when you wake up , Costeño will be on top of you," Moni jokes.

A very subdued Coni knocks on Mau's bedroom door. She wants to get some idea of his plans for the day. He tells her more or less the usual, take the kids to school, go to the office... She tells him that she'll be late getting home. So will he. What's this? No shouting? No Rancor? No suspicious accusations. Who are these two and what did they do with Coni and Mao?

It's time to choose a nurse. An enthusiastic Jero, an interested Rolu, and a dejected looking Ximy are looking over the lineup of nurses. There are six of them, varying heights, hair, and hemlines, but we can tell by the matching caps that they are all graduates of Our Lady of Lovely Legs School of Nursing. Curiously, the are all wearing spike heels. None of your sensible nurses shoes for these girls. "¡No Señor!"
These ladies have all read the updated version of Dress for Success. Ximena doesn't think that a nurse has to be so beautiful. Jero and Oscar disagree. They vote. Jero votes for the strikingly gorgeous blond on the end. Rolu goes along. Ximy casts her vote for the longest dress, straightest hair, and least makeup, nevertheless still a stunner in her own right. "Two to one. Thanks ladies," Jero offers to escort them out. Rolu bonds with his new nurse. Ximena pouts.

In the garage Coni has accompanied Mao and the kiddos to his car. She sees them safely on their way and then turns to encounter... Beto. He pounces on her from his hiding place, "I won't allow you to dispose of my child!" Uuuh!

Jero has joined Jacky for breakfast. She is trying to convey to him her concern for Coni's happiness saying that in spite of the difference in money that Coni would be happier with Beto. Jero cannot grasp the concept of happiness without money."You mean if I didn't have money that you'd still be interested in me?" "Of course. Tú eres un divino," she replies as she pinches his chin. She notices that he is only eating the complementary bread. He's not hungry, but, "The bread here is wonderful." She calls for the waiter to pick up her plate; Jero rapidly starts forking down her leftovers. Waste not, want not. The thoughtless waiter removes the plate anyway. She asks about his credit card (tarjeta de credito). It's all straightened out he assures her. Good, 'cause since she's downtown, she'd like to do some shopping." He winces, "Shopping?" He swallows hard.

The Seremeño bunch are on the way to school. Mao is driving. LIttle Dani has a problem. She forgot her backpack (mochila). Not to worry, Mao will just turn around and go back. Aldo calls her a nerd under his breath. Hey Cheech, watch it. We're still frosted about your walk on the dumb side.

Beto is struggling with Coni. He will not let her get rid of his little Betito. "You can't!" "Of course I can!" Let's say it with her, "¡Sueltame!" He threatens to tell Mauricio the whole truth.
Oops, he may not have to. Here are Mauricio and the kidlets now.



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Sortilegio, 11/27/09 - Paying the Devil His Due; Victoria’s Blinders Come Off

Capítulo 42

The redux in brief: At the hospital Alex tells Dr. Hernan that he’s thinking of getting another house for him and Mary Jo to live in once they get back to Merida. Hernan agrees that would be the most sensible thing to do. Back at Casota de Lobos y Locos, aka, the lunatic Lombardos’ Estate, in a most satisfying “Shut up, Raquel!” moment which Viewerville pauses to savor, Felipa informs Raquel that if she continues harassing Victoria about her adulterous affair with Antonio, she will have to tell Vicky that her daughter is screwing around on hubby Roberto with Ulises. (Ah, Felipa! God has blessed you in your old age. You are now sage rather than senile. We are not worthy.) Felipa walks off and leaves the rankling Raquel simmering in sh!t stew.

Fernando, for once looking buff in a beefcake-enhancing tee-shirt, is undercover on his intelligence-gathering mission for Alex. (Note the expensive shades.) He arrives at Meche’s barrio just as she is returning from the hospital in an ambulance to the cheers of the neighbors with smiling brother, Gabriel. Nando listens as Meche tells Juliana that a Sr. Lombardo was footing the bill for Gabe’s operation. Nando stops one of the men in the crowd to ask if he knows Gregorio Diaz (Erick’s cousin). The man, sporting a Ché beret, says he does and points out the house. Nando gives the guy a line about owning a carpenter shop and looking for a good cabinet-maker. He finds out that Diaz drives an 18-wheeler for a living [a “trailero”]. Duhn-duhn-duhn-duhnnn! Nando’s nose crinkles up as if a chunk of grey matter might actually be firing up a few deduction receptor sites. (We can only hope.) The neighbor says if Nando wants to, he can check with Diaz’s wife, the best friend of Meche who is also the sister of the young man who was run over. (I suspect this may be a bit too much information for Nando to process all at once.) Fernando says thanks, but he can’t use him and then leaves right after.

Once Gabe and Meche are settled back in their little place, Juliana asks her what they did with the envelope of money. Gabe tells her they gave it back. Juliana starts fishing for more details. Meche tells her that they didn’t need the money since the other man was paying for everything and the girl turned herself in. Juliana wonders if the man who left it was mad, but Meche couldn’t say because she gave the money to Erick to give back.

That night at home, Juliana asks her husband if he thought Erick actually returned the money. He says more likely the puny wuss [canijo] pocketed the money for himself and the other guy doesn’t even realize it. He is ready to give Erick a piece of his mind for not sharing a bit of it with them since they were the ones who told him about Gabe.

Meanwhile, Alex heads back to the hospital to tell MJ that she’s going to be released the next morning and that he’s taking her and her family back to Merida with him. MJ objects and says she’d rather stay in Saqui and that her family can take care of her till she’s well enough to work. Alex refuses to hear of it since she’s pregnant and, as the wife of a rich man, namely him, there’s no reason for her to return to work. He also insists that as his wife her place is under the same roof with him. She can’t stand the thought of dealing with all the gossip and the intrigues again and rolls her eyes.

Alex reminds MJ that he promised to get her a new house to live in apart from his family, though she was probably too out of it at the time to remember. He adds he’ll find Pedro a job at Lombardo Construction in his former line of work as an accountant and will see that Paula returns to school. Mary Jo wonders if he’s still going through with the divorce. Alex asks her if that’s what she really wants; she says she’d rather not. He says then it’s settled and they won’t bring it up again. She tells him she is still scared to go back home with him. He promises it will only be for a few weeks. His Mama calls just then. He tells her all is fine and that he and MJ will be coming back the next day. She asks if the rest of the family will be coming back with them.

By Alex’s tone, it’s obvious to Mary Jo that Victoria really doesn’t want either her or her family there again; and she doesn’t know how she’s going to deal with it all. She insists her upbringing is so different from his. Alex tells her that love will conquer all.

Back at the manse, Felipa tells Vicki it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t want MJ back there again. Vicki says Alex would rather turn a blind eye [hacerse la vista gorda] because he’s in love, but she can’t forget the girl had arranged a rendezvous with another man and that she lied so viciously about Bruno. Vicki doesn’t trust her as far as she can throw her, so no, she’d rather not have her return with Alex.

Across town, Katia comes to visit Lisset. Lis tricks Katia into admitting she went to bed with Bruno and giving her all the juicy details while she secretly records their conversation on her cell phone; but when Maura gets back later and has a chance to listen, she screams at Lis because Bruno’s name isn’t mentioned once during the whole recording, so it’s useless to them. Maura angrily tells LIs she’ll just have to do the thing herself.

MJ tells her father and sister that she’s agreed to go back to Merida with Alex. Pedro tells MJ once Pau leaves the room that he’s decided they’re too much of a hassle for her so they will stay back in Saqui. MJ, he says, will have her child and her husband to worry about now. MJ would rather not leave him like that, but he convinces her that it’s for the best. They share a good cry together.

In the hospital cafeteria, Alex and Hernan discuss Vicki’s less than enthusiastic response to the news that he intends to bring Mary Jo and her family back to Merida with him. Hernan says Alex needs to understand that Vicki is probably upset because of all the turmoil in the family since MJ entered the picture. Alex tells him that the family will have to understand that they love each other and are expecting his child. They will just have to get used to it and that’s that. Hernan changes the subject to his romantic interest in Victoria and his hopes that Alex has no objection. Alex tells him it’s totally up to Vicki to decide. Alex artfully sidesteps the mention of Fernando as possible competition when Hernan brings it up, saying Fernando’s his best friend, a great colleague, and that he’s like a brother to him. Hernan is quick to add that that being so, Fernando is also young enough to be Victoria’s son. (Bingo!) Alex says he refuses to interfere with his mother’s decisions in her personal life and matters of the heart. He’s fine with Hernan or whoever else she chooses. (Hubby and I share a snicker and wonder if Pedro and Chucho would be included in that “whoever.” Fat chance.)

Chucho returns to the hospital waiting room. Pedro’s looking down in the mouth and explains MJ is going back to Merida with Alex but he’s chosen to stay because he can’t deal with having to depend on his SIL for everything the rest of his life. It’s not dignified. Chucho doesn’t think it matters to Alex, who’s oozing with money, and feels it shouldn’t matter to Pedro then either. Pedro and he return to the apartment so Pedro can rest up a bit. Chucho tells Pedro he has something in mind. Chucho can make pottery, so with the money Alex has given him he wants to start a little business in Merida. He says he could use Pedro as a bookkeeper. Pedro would be able to be close to Mary Jo without feeling he’s in the way. Pedro says thanks, but no thanks. Chucho warns Pedro that the only thing he is going to earn carrying other people’s heavy bags is a broken back.

In her hospital room, meanwhile, Mary Jo explains to Alex about her father’s decision to stay in Saqui with Paula. Alex doesn’t see how the old man can make it on his own and says the real issue is that the two families don’t get along. Mary Jo says it was her father’s choice and if he’s more comfortable in Saqui they should respect his decision. Alex gives in against his better judgment and says the door’s open anytime they change their minds and decide they want to come back to Merida.

Paula throws a tantrum when she finds out that she and Pedro are not going back to Merida to live with Mary Jo and Alex. She has a fit because now MJ gets to live in the mansion while they can barely get along with the few centavos they’re able to bring in. Pedro tells her to get her feet on the ground, to realize that is the life they’ve got. Aside from all the jams they’ve been in while living with Alex’s family, he says, he refuses out of principle to scrounge off Mary Jo and her husband any longer. (Well, now we know where MJ gets it from.) Chucho mentions the little pottery business he had in mind to Paula, but that just makes it worse as far as she’s concerned. “Selling trinkets on street corners while my sister lives in a mansion?” (Maybe Pete feels like wearing a hair shirt and crawling on his knees on some pilgrimage to the Vatican to assuage his sense of guilt, but why drag Pau along?) Material Sis is in revolt. “What a freekin’ come-down!” (Amen to that!) She races out of the room in a rant.

That night Bobo, Uli, and Meowra get together for drinks at their favorite watering hole. Mau is griping to the others that Lis botched the recording of Katia telling her about sleeping with Bruno because she never once got Katia to actually mention Bruno’s name. Uli says at least they got the details and that should be enough to pressure him with. Bobo disagrees. He says Bruno’s too smart for that. As soon as they try to threaten him with it he’ll call Katia and convince her to deny everything. Uli takes a call on his cell just then. Bobo seems a bit suspicious as he watches Uli walk away to speak in private.

It’s Raquel giving Uli hell for not answering his phone or bothering to check his list of missed calls. Uli lies about being too short of minutes to call her back. She gives him the third degree about being gone all day, and says that it seems strange for somebody so short of cash to be out and about the whole time. He says he’s been trying to negotiate a bit of business. She gets to the problem at hand and tells him they’ve got to talk ASAP. He asks what’s going on. She tells him that Felipa said she saw her going in and out of his apartment a couple of times and is now suspicious.

Mau returns to their discussion about the predicament with Bruno and asks Bobo what he thinks they should do. Should they accost Bruno and tell him everything they know all at once? Bobo believes they should let Bruno take the first step since he hasn’t told Alex about them up to now. Mau’s still anxious about the whole thing and figures he’ll do it sooner or later, anyway. Bobo says to relax because perhaps Bruno’s got other things in mind right now. He asks if she knew that Bruno gave blood to save Mary Jo and her baby’s life. Mau smiles and her eyes sparkle in anticipation. She wants to know who the proud papa is. Mau drops her drink when Bobo tells her that presumably it’s Alex’s. (Viewerville watches as the camera focuses in on the smashed glass at her feet and immediately wonders if it would be asking too much for a few shards to have made their way into a couple of those unsuspecting bare toes of hers.) “Great. Now that woman is having his kid?” Mau is green-with-envy impactada.

The next morning Pedro returns for a farewell visit with MJ before she returns with Alex to Merida. He reminds her about the woman at the bar who lost her job because of the fracas he caused there. He asks her as a special favor to see if Alex could give her a job in the casota. The woman has a sick brother she’s taking care of. She’s good people and he feels guilty about her losing her job.

Meanwhile, in the visitors’ lounge at the hospital, Chucho is asking Alex what he thinks of his business proposition. Alex tells him to work things out with the head of the city market in Merida and he’ll back his pottery venture financially. Chucho calls Alex his rabbit’s foot. He says it’s important to get Pedro working again in a secure job. Now, thanks to Alex, they can be certain he will. “Old men need to prove to themselves that they’re still useful and can make their own way in life. Otherwise, life isn’t worth living.” Alex tells Chucho he’d rather Pedro do something else, but whatever, it’s fine with him. He understands.

MJ is ready to leave. Pedro and Mary Jo say their good-byes. The attendants put her on the stretcher and she, Hernan, Paula and Alex take the helicopter back to Merida.

Uli, Bobo, Raqui and Bruno watch as the copter lands. Bruno races back inside the house to complain to his mother about Alex bringing Mary Jo back there again. Vicki says they’re married so it’s to be expected. Bruno feigns being angry. He whines about all the lies that Mary Jo has spread about him. “I have a right to be upset, don’t you think?” Vicki asks him if Alex was supposed to abandon her, especially now she’s pregnant. “--And what makes you think it’s Alejandro’s child?” Vicki asks if perhaps then it’s his. Bruno says it could be his, Aguirre’s or anybody’s. (Don’t you wish about now that Bruno could be hit by stray lightening and wake up dead in Hell without his asbestos suit?) Vicki magnanimously replies, “Well, that can be determined easily enough. If it’s my grandchild and one of you is the father, then the child will be treated as such.” (Sort of makes you wonder if it weren’t if she’d put it to work in the scullery like Cinderella.)

Bruno changes the subject and asks if anyone told her there was another meeting with the lawyers that afternoon. Vicki says no. Bruno starts in with that irritating cluck of his. Vicki asks why they couldn’t have waited for Alex to get back. Bruno says well, he’s back now, right? He clucks some more. (Damn! I’d love to pull that tongue of his out of his mouth and wrap it around his obnoxious throat!) He tries a little intimidation. “—That meeting is the final one because I’m not willing to wait any longer.” Vicki looks over at Felipa who’s been observing this whole scene, quiet as a church mouse, and warns her not to say a word to anybody. (Don’t worry. Cuko may be bright, but he still can’t do more than bark.)

Mary Jo is brought in to the house (trussed up like some sort of injured football player). She looks pitiful as all get out. Vicki fusses “charitably” over her. Alex has her taken up to his room. Then Vicki fusses over Paula’s bandaged boo-boo and graciously tells her she can have her old bedroom back. Once everyone’s left, Vicki asks Hernan where Pedro is. Hernan explains that he chose to stay in Saqui and that Pau’s only there for a day to sign in at the police station (per her bail requirements) and will be returning to Saqui in the morning. She asks if that was Alex’s decision, but Hernan informs her it was their decision to stay, not his. Vicki accepts Hernan’s invitation to dinner the next evening then asks him if he was aware there was another meeting with the attorneys.

Alex comes down while finishing a call on his cell and tells them that there’s another meeting that afternoon with their lawyers. This time, though, the partners are going to be there as well. Nobody can figure out why the partners have been invited.

That afternoon while the family is getting ready to go, Bruno is at a private lunch with all the partners but we aren’t privy to what’s being discussed.

Alex checks on Mary Jo and tells her he’s got an important meeting at the office he’s got to go to. (What's up with the sling Felipa put on her? She didn't break her arm. She got stabbed in the back, for cripes sake!) In between kisses he swears to her that he adores her. He tells her there is nothing in the world that he wouldn’t do for her. MJ thinks that sounds ominous. He brushes away her fears with another kiss and tells her nothing bad is going to happen to them, then picks up his briefcase and heads out the door.

Bruno drives up to the door of Lombardo, Inc. in his sports car. Oddly enough, Erick is in the passenger seat. He asks Erick if he knows what he’s supposed to do. Erick answers in the affirmative. Bruno gets out and tells Erick to park the car and then take a taxi. He goes inside and up to the meeting as Erick drives off.

Katia runs into Mari in the reception area and finds out about the meeting. She’s practically jumping out of her skin when she finds out that Bruno will be at the meeting. She plops down on one of the couches and decides to wait for him there.

Inside the meeting room, the proceedings have started. Alex’s attorney tells the group that they’ve come to an agreement. They are dissolving the current partnership as it will now be divided into equal parts. The shares will be divided equally among Victoria, Bruno, Raquel, Alex and his wife. The other partners’ percentage of the remaining shares will stay the same. Everyone votes to agree. Alex stays out of it and simply observes. (Yawn.) Before the meeting adjourns, though, one of the partners who was at the private lunch proposes Bruno as the new president for the new partnership. (Viewerville suddenly snaps out of its post-prandial stupor.) Raqui and Bruno smile conspiratorially at each other. Bruno’s attorney suggests as this was what Sr. Bruno had requested as part of the agreement earlier, all they’ve agreed upon there will be repeated formally in front of a Notary. They take a vote on the presidency. Victoria is suddenly stone-faced. Vicki and Hernan vote against. There are then two votes for and two votes against Bruno. Alex must give the deciding vote. He votes in favor of Bruno and starts for the door.

Vicki has her epiphany. She suddenly lets out with what she’s been thinking. “This is what Bruno asked you for in exchange for giving his blood to Mary Jo!!!???” Alex looks at her and then at the floor. He exits the room. She gets up from her seat and walks over towards Bruno to accuse him. “You are a monster! A MONSTER!! Now I believe that everything Mary Jo has said about you is true, because one who profits with the life of another human being is a despicably mean, stingy, petty wretch!!” [un miserable = a word that encompasses this whole list of adjectives, and in this case, they’re all rolled into one] She turns to the group and tells them she refuses to accept anything that has gone on there during the meeting.

Bruno gets up to defend himself. “In the first place none of what you’re thinking is true. And in any case, this was an official meeting and the majority was in favor!” Vicki screams back that it doesn’t matter. She still refuses to accept any of it! Bruno is just as adamant. “Then we’re going to court!” Vicki spits back at him that that he can do whatever he wants. Seething with anger, she turns around and storms out of the meeting. Bobo sits there with his mouth open, watching Raqui’s fleeting fortune evaporate from his money-grubbing mits into thin air. Raqui jumps up in disbelieving horror. Even she can’t believe Bruno would have done such a scurrilous thing –and that’s going some. She asks if what Mama just said is true. Bruno, shall we say, is characteristically economical with the truth. “Of course it isn’t! Either she’s gone crazy or Alex has brain-washed her with that lie.” (Methinks that perhaps Bruno has cried wolf a time or two too many.) Raqui looks around the room as if the whole crowd is now sitting in judgment of her and her family. (Pobrecita! Viewerville pauses to shed a crocodile tear.)

Outside in reception Mari is asking Katia to help clean up after the meeting. (Time is money. Why does this woman waste her breath?) Katia starts to object when Vicki suddenly appears at Mari’s desk all in a tizzy, demanding to know where Alex went. Mari tells her he’s in Fernando’s office. Vicki rushes away. Katia (always eager to share with the Mexitrash Twins whatever huff-n-puff-worthy tidbits she can scrounge) gasps at a how angry Vicki seemed to be. (Like Mari is really going to give that brat the scoop.)

Nando and Alex are discussing what went on at the meeting. Nando says he’s not about to judge Alex because anybody would have done the same. (No, a savvy businessman worth his salt would have gone back on that idiotic “promise” and voted against Bruno, giving the rotten bastard a taste of his own medicine. A savvy businessman would have seen that either way the problem was bound to be decided in a courtroom because Victoria would never have allowed him to chuck what Antonio left him. Alex, hogtied by principle, couldn’t see that far ahead.) Alex finishes telling Fernando about Bruno’s demanding he divorce Mary Jo as part of the same agreement just as Vicki storms into the office.

Vicki tells Alex that she’s never been so humiliated in her life. “My adultery doesn’t even begin to compare with what your brother just did!” She screams at him and demands he tell her the truth. Alex sulks and asks what difference it makes now. Vicki is ready to shake and strangle him. (Viewerville wouldn’t mind a turn at him, either, at this point.) “--It makes a lot of difference! Somebody who would demand something like that is capable of anything! It means that Mary Jo was telling the truth: that your brother did pass himself off as you [suplantar] and he wanted to kill you!!” Fernando sticks his oar in and tells her to calm down. (Shut up, Fernando!) She screams at him that she doesn’t want to calm down. Alex lies and says Bruno did no such thing. Vicki yells back then why when Bruno originally suggested it, did he tell Bruno he’d kill him first?

Alex lies that he thought better about it. He becomes agitated. He yells back and repeats that he thought better about it. Now, he says, he only wants to live in peace with his wife and child! Vicki scoffs at him and says she doesn’t believe a word he’s saying. She turns around and asks angrily if even Fernando won’t tell her the truth. Fernando excuses himself and says the matter is not his concern [incumbencia]. She stomps her foot and tells him then he just gave her his answer because the two of them tell each other everything. “--Let me be very clear. I refuse to accept this --any of this! Like I told them all in there, I prefer to go to court!” She starts to leave but Alex grabs her by the arm and tells her to think of what that will mean. “Think of the scandal! Your past with my dad will be exposed to everyone!” “—It doesn’t matter to me!!” She chokes back tears of shame. “Bruno is depraved. He deceived me in the most brazen of ways and I, like a fool, believed all of it! But not any longer! I’m fed up!!!!” [hartar] Victoria takes a second to compose herself. “Tell the attorneys that I’ll be expecting them this evening at my house.” (Hot diggity damn! Viewerville is jumping on couches and standing on chairs in anticipation of the long overdue knock-down, drag-out that’s sure to follow.) Vicki wipes her eyes and slams the door behind her.

Alex bangs the door in frustration. Fernando asks what they’re supposed to do now. Alex has no idea. “I think somehow Bruno bribed Rojas and Alvarez because they made the motion and then voted for him.” Nando doesn’t doubt that’s exactly the way it went down. Alex plops down in a chair. “I don’t want Victoria to have to be faced with a scandal. Her health is bad.” Fernando disagrees. “Let her. Let her. Perhaps this could be her deliverance.”

Back inside the meeting it’s Hernan’s turn to criticize Bruno. “Alex led me to believe you might have asked something in return, but of course I never imagined it would be the presidency!” Bruno slams his hand down on the table and denies it again. Raqui jumps up and immediately demands to know what’s going to happen with her share of the company now. Politic Bobo informs her that the meeting was only informal and is meaningless. The attorney confirms that and says for anything to become official there has to be another meeting held with a notary present. “Yes, but my mother said she isn’t going to agree to that.” She turns to Bruno. “You see, you idiot! All because of your obsession to be president! And for what? So you could carry us all into bankruptcy? Because we all know you’re a useless good-for-nothing!” Bruno yells at her to shut her pie hole. “Be quiet, you fool!” Hernan tells Bruno to calm down. Bobo gets up and says they’d best go. Raqui says fine, they’ll go. She walks over to Bruno first to give him a final piece of her mind. “The only idiot here is you! And our mother is going to take us to court where all the family’s filthy rubbish will come out and it will be all your fault! Yours!” Bruno screams back as she’s leaving that he could care less. The meeting is adjourned for now.


Gancho Friday November 27th. The Momia doesn’t want to be a Mommy-a

Con-ella de Ville has a problem. Now a fully grown bruja, she’s embarrassed to find that she’s embarazada. What’s worse, the fruit of her (shapely) loins has apparently been sown by that brutish (but cute-ish) naco, Beto. She’d like to press delete, or maybe rewind (how about reset), and make her “inconvenient truth” go away, without anyone’s finding out. But that won’t be easy. Why? This is a telenovela. It’s just about impossible to keep a secret in one (let alone have an abortion). The writers are able to pull out all the tricks they want. They can have chance meetings where two characters show up at the same place at the same time. They can have characters conveniently hide behind walls, hearing just the wrong words at the worst possible time. They could have the hospital go on strike. They could put her in a coma, so she won’t be able to remind the doctor of her appointment (okay, I know that last one’s not too likely – we’ve already had two comas). Let’s face it, Connie doesn’t have a chance. But this gives US a chance to enjoy her twisting in the wind. I can’t wait.

At the gym, La Furia Enmascarada (Mau) has done well in his wrestling training. Costeño has been instrumental in this, so of course, he wants a raise. He and Don Cesar go off to discuss it, as The Masked Fury (I’ll just call him Mr. Fury for short) climbs out of the ring. Moni’s waiting there to congratulate him for a job well done. Turns out she really doesn’t recognize him (yet). She notes that they’re both sweaty (sudado), and sees that he’s really out of breath. She asks if he’ll unlace her boxing gloves – she can remove his mask in return. As he silently helps her, she remarks that his eyes remind her of someone. She tells him that people say you can tell a lot from someone’s eyes, and his eyes inspire confidence in her.

She shyly introduces herself – you’ve heard I’m called La Monita, but of course that’s not my name. I’m Valentina Lopez. And what’s your name? Mr. Fury clears his throat a little, doesn’t talk, and Moni guesses he has a sore throat (after first joking “Cat got your tongue?”, which is Te comieron la lengua los ratones?, literally, Did the mice eat your tongue?). And he even beat Beto, despite having that sore throat. Good going. Okay, she’ll help take his mask off now. Don’t think so, as he jumps up to escape, leaving with a little wave, and crashes right into Estrella! Mau falls on top of Estre, and she’s instantly attracted to the blue-clad luchador.

In a restaurant, Momia’s Mom, wacky Jacky, just can’t understand why her hija is staying with Mauricio, who hates her, won’t touch her, and why she has adopted three orphans that she despises. She could understand if Mau were 80 – then she could wait for him to die and get all his money. That’s what SHE’s done in two of her last three marriages, and now she has all the money she needs. She can do as she pleases. Connie reminds her she got nothing from Jean-Claude. Yeah, well he had to go drown on me before I could get him to change the will. But you, Connie, why did you force someone to marry you, when he’s young, strong and hates you? Jacky offers to help. Connie says no thanks, you just complicate things. No, YOU complicated things when you got pregnant by that coarse, primitive man. Jacky says the only thing Connie did right was that prenup. And all she’ll ever get from Mau is his money, if he happens to be unfaithful. Open your eyes, daughter. Put your feet on the ground and accept it.

Back at the gym, Estrella’s on the ground, not minding it one bit, as she wraps her arms around the hombre misterioso (wish it was me), remarking that candy does fall from heaven, and she could stay in this position forever. She starts feeling his arms, his legs, his pompis, thinks he’s a little thin for a wrestler, but what muscles! Mau leaves, saying goodbye in a low voice, and Monita smiles at Estrella’s exuberance. Estre wants to know everything about this guy, he’s hard all over his body (!) and she’s digging it. Moni knows he’s the new wrestler, he beat Beto, but she doesn’t know anything else about him. Estre wants to know everything, when he was on top of her, it was like an electric charge shooting through her body, and now she’s sweating, here, here and here (underarms, neck, back of legs, wants Moni to feel).

Moni thinks she’s beyond help (in a good way).

At Grupo Sermeño, Paula’s back to her old job as cleaning lady. She remarks that at least Gabi’s happy, and we can see that Gabi is. Sal’s back (one would think it’d take him a few days to get better, but didn’t they have that wrestling match this morning? Oh well, beanie time). There were no lasting traces of the poison in his system, he went through detox (desintoxicación) in the hospital, and he was just released. Paula still can’t get over how she’s back to cleaning, when she had jumped into that higher job of receptionist. Gabi opines that maybe Paula didn’t exactly earn that job (I can’t remember how she got it – maybe it was one of Lorenza’s threats), but if Paula will take a course in English, she could get the post legitimately. Paula says she’ll do it, and proudly thrusts out her chest. Good, says Gabi, that’s the attitude I like. Now get rid of that dust, and by the way, we need a few cappuccinos. She spanks Paula’s butt to get her moving.

Jacky continues to advise Connie to forget about Mauricio, but Connie doesn’t want to give up. Jacky thinks Connie’s being arrogant, prideful and capricious, but has lost her dignity and sense of self worth. Then what should I do? asks a tearful (but quite beautiful) Connie. Simple. Make Mau be unfaithful with La Monita, and get your divorce and his money. Never, replies Connie.

Gabi enters Sal’s office, ready to re-ignite their romance. She jokes that she put some toloache powder (a narcotic plant from Mexico) in his coffee to win him back, but he’s not in the mood for jokes. He really suffered from that paranoia, it was so real. Gabi points out it’s all in the past now, he’s fine, and Lorenza’s back in the psycho ward, from which she’ll never get out. She asks if Sal wants to visit Lore, and he doesn’t. But Sal had a lot of time to think about things, and he wants to be alone, without entanglements, for a bit. He still loves Gabi. But he feels completely disoriented (desubicado), and he needs to regain some balance before they resume their relationship. Gabi understands, and when Sal’s ready, she’ll be waiting with open arms.

Connie and Jackie are STILL discussing the same old thing. Get divorced, and get rid of those kids, who are like a noose around your neck (she says costal de piedras, literally, a sack of stones). Travel the world with your lover. Connie thinks that even if Mau lost his money, he’d happily live in the barrio with Moni, baking tortillas and frijoles, and she couldn’t stand that. But it’s just not worth your time (no vale la pena) to worry about that, says Jacky. Connie doesn’t care, she’s not letting go of Mau until that ridiculous love affair of his is over for good.

Oscar’s meeting with Jerry. Apparently Lori got so upset, she was literally bouncing off the walls, sticking out her tongue, so out of touch with reality she didn’t even recognize Oscar. Jerry points out how convenient that is, since Oscar was her accomplice, and he also knows Oscar loves to see people suffer. Yeah, says Oscar, but I’m not stingy (mezquino) – I even paid for her electroshock therapy (how kind of him).

Speaking of craziness, Jerry says he’s going crazy with love for Jacqueline! Oscar (wearing all black btw, black suit, black shirt, black tie) tells Jerry that it’s been scientifically proven that the sensation of love is no different from eating a box of fine chocolates (some of us may agree with this one). But they could use Jacky to get Connie to divorce Mau (and then they’d get the money somehow). Jerry wants out of this part, he really likes Jacky. But Oscar thinks she’d sell her soul to the devil for dinero.

Back in the restaurant, it’s Jacky’s lines, Connie’s lines. After a while of this, Connie demands that Jacky not breathe a word of her pregnancy. Because tomorrow, that nightmare will be over. She leaves.

Beto arrives late to the office, still wearing his misspelled tee-shirt, and Paula reams him out, but it turns out Gabi gave him permission to train first, then come in. Besides, you’re nobody, he tells Pau for the umpteenth time. As she covers her face with a handkerchief to stop the smell, Pau notes that Beto seems to be in a little pain (he is, from the fight). Gabi tells him to get to work on cleaning the floor of the reception area.

Cut to the OB GYN’s office, with a nervous Connie seated between two ladies much farther along in their pregnancies. She watches one woman rub her belly, and thinks back to when a drunk Beto said he loved her.

The doctor will see her now, and guess who it is? Donato, the kind but somewhat bumbling servant from Tontas No Van. She sadly tells him she’s pregnant, and he smiles, why that’s GOOD news. No, she says, it’s an unwanted pregnancy, and I want to terminate it tomorrow.

Beto’s aching from his wrestling match, as he sweeps the trash under the rug. Paula thinks he should apply himself more to this job, the way SHE does. Beto tells Gabi about the new wrestler, he didn’t like the guy, and there was a challenge (reto). At first Beto was dominating, had him eating out of his hand, applied the killing blow, had the guy crying (he’s acting all this out with his broom). So did you win? Well no, I always fight clean, but La Furia hit me in my “partecitas nobles”. Paula knows this is pure bull (jarabe de pico, literally syrup in the beak).

Walking home from the gym, Estrella is complaining about how Katia wouldn’t let her visit Aldo. But’s it’s your own fault, says Moni, and contact with Aldo could cause problems with Mau. Estre corrects her, YOU can’t visit, but with me, it’s a different kettle of fish (harina de otro costal, literally flour from a different sack, and we have the word costal twice in one episode). She’s worried about Aldo, and she’s just dying to see him. But you’re playing with fire, Estrella. And YOU broke up with HIM. Estre can’t get over him, it hurts, he’s so tender, kind….Forget about him, says Moni firmly. Fine, then you have to help me get something started with The Masked Fury. Can’t you even get his phone number? Moni agrees, but then thinks back to the guy’s eyes. It’s crazy, but for a minute, those eyes reminded her of Mauricio.

And here comes Mauricio, tooling along on his Harley, stopping at a red light to rip off the mask and put on the helmet.

He pulls up in front of his mansion (no one’s there at this time), goes inside, and starts stripping off his suit (they cut before we see that famous cuerpo, though).

Estre’s funny. If Moni wants Mr. Fury, she can have first dibs on him. She doesn’t want everyone saying she stole anyone’s novio, the way they always do. For the fifth time, he doesn’t interest me, says Moni. Yeah, but you said his eyes reminded you of Mau. Moni promises to let Estre have Mr. Fury, she loves only Mau, and no one will ever take his place. Okay, you said it (conste) points out Estre.

The kind doctor doesn’t want Connie to make a hasty decision, and has her in the chair, doing an ultrasound. The stated purpose is to find out how far along Connie is, but I think he also wants to show her the baby so she won’t want an abortion. He tells her they can’t do the operation after 12 weeks, it would be illegal. Connie says don’t worry, it’s less than a month. Ah, there he is, look at him, says the doc with a smile. Connie refuses to look, just do what you have to do to get it over with. Turns out she’s six weeks along. Fine, says Connie, let’s do it. The doc tries to dissuade her a little more, says there are papers to fill out, and he’s all booked for the next few days. But Connie begs, and he agrees to move some appointments and do it tomorrow. As he leaves to make arrangements, Connie sits up, tells herself, yes, she’s going to do it (but we know better, right?)

In Moni’s apartment, she’s despondent with longing to see Mau. Every morning she misses him, and every night when she goes to bed, same thing. Estre tries to cheer her up, she’s overcome a lot of adversity in the ring. Right, says Moni, I’ll try to be strong, and I promised him I’d wait for him. Estre wonders if Moni believes what Connie said, that she slept with him. No way, says Moni, I trust Mau. Right, says Estre, giving her a hug. That Momia tells nothing but lies.

Okay, enough of this earnest stuff, it’s Ximena time! Looking sleek as usual in a gray and blue top over tight black jeans and short fringed boots, she breezes into the same doctor’s office as Connie, showing off her wedding ring to the receptionista, Pao. She’s happy she got here for her gynecological appointment on time, it wasn’t easy with Rolu wanting to be with her all the time, he’s so possessive, but of course, she couldn’t bring him here! Pao tells her she has to wait a bit, Doctor Santa Cruz is a bit behind because he’s doing a special favor for a patient. What, is it a delicate matter? No, just a pregnancy, he just finished the ultrasound, but you’ll have to wait because there are two patients ahead of you. Ximmy’s so enchanted with the idea of having a baby, she can just imagine it growing in her belly, and for that reason, as soon as the expectant mother comes out, she’ll congratulate her. Well here she comes now, says Pao, as out walks Connie, and Ximmy is muy impactada. Consti! Consti tries to deny it, but Ximmy is like a force of nature, jumping up and down, screaming with joy, telling the whole office how wonderful it is, giving a mortified Connie a great big hug.

No lo puedo creer (I can’t believe it), stingy Jero has bought Jacky a fur coat, and is smoothing it out, as Oscar voices his displeasure. How’d you pay for it? With my credit card. Oscar feels unloved, Jerry won’t even pay for a soft drink for HIM. Oh, relax, says Jerry. I heard Jacky say she wanted one, and I’m going to surprise her. And you know how she’ll repay me? Like a wild kitten! Oscar looks at the label, this is pretty expensive. Jerry reminds him he’s half owner of the company, his earnings from that should cover it. But Oscar reminds HIM that Oscar gets half of Jerry’s half, Jerry signed a power of attorney, and he’s going to have to repay Oscar. Jerry promises he will, he’s just a little dry right now. Well, cold and dry is what you’ll be if you go against me, threatens Oscar. Jerry gulps.

Mr. Fury is back to his secret identity as meek, mild, Mau and sits down in his office to work. Sal enters, and neither wants to talk about personal matters, so they start to talk business when in walks Beto without knocking, pushing his cleaning cart. Mau remarks that Beto seems to be in pain, and Beto answers that you know how those minibuses (peseros) are, well one of those morons (cafres) crashed into me, that’s the reason. Paula comes in, yells at Beto for coming into Mau’s office, but Mau defends him, he had an accident. Sure, says Pau, more likely some luchador gave him a beating (una paliza). Ahah, jokes Mau, rather than a fall with the bus, you took a fall on the canvas (lona). Well, that fighter must have been pretty good, no? No way, says Beto, I showed that wall lizard (lagartija) who was boss. Mau doesn’t know, he smilingly observes that Beto looks pretty beaten up, why not take the rest of the day off, and his Mommy can rub some ointment (pomada) on him. Well thanks, Boss, but I think I’ll have La Monita spread (untar) that ointment on me. She’s REALLY GOOD at it, spreading here, spreading there, as Paula tells him to shut up, pushes him out the door, and Mau’s smile turns into a scowl.

After the commercial, it’s time for some intergenerational loving. Jacky enters Jerry’s office, and they greet each other with a kiss. He surprises her with the fur coat, and it’s just the one she wanted. Put it on me (ponmelo) she requests, and he does, she running her fingers through the plushness. They start to make out, but are rudely interrupted by Oscar, saying he and Jerry are worried about Connie, right Jerry? Jerry? Oh, yeah, sure, he says as he continues to paw Jacky.

Oscar asks what was up with the fainting, what did the doctor say? Oh, it was nothing, and she already feels much better. Well then, did you raise the topic of divorce with your daughter? Sure, but she’s stubborn. Jerry wonders why they don’t just tell Mau that his wife was doing the nasty with that lowlife. Oscar doesn’t think that’ll change anything, and Jacky agrees. But leave the matter to her, she has the weapons to control her daughter.

Said daughter is begging her amiga Xime please don’t say anything. Do it for our friendship. Or because of your threats, points out Xime. That too, says Connie, you know what I’m capable of. Fine, says Xime, I’ll stay mum, if nothing more than I feel sorry for that face you have of a doggie that was run over. Just for the doggie, nothing more, okay? Connie’s grateful, this takes a big weight off me, and Ximmy lowers her voice. Listen, girlfriend, since Rolu can’t hear, can I tell you three things? Whatever you want, three, twenty, bring it on. Okay, one, that big weight’s not coming off you, because of what’s in your belly now; two, you’re going to get bigger and bigger, and three, I’m super disappointed in you, poor Mau doesn’t deserve this. By the way, how many weeks are you along? Six. Well, are you sure it’ll be a little Fantasma Vengador, or were you with anyone else? Because I know how insatiable you are. No, of course I wasn’t with anyone else, says Connie. Rolu yells for Ximmy, who goes off to see what the bundle wants, and Connie thinks back. Her eyes grow large with a frightening realization as she says to herself, “Jerónimo”.

In the coffee room, Beto is being his usual gross self as Jacky enters, sporting her new fur, and greets him. She wants to know one thing. Is her daughter just a fling for him, or does he really care about her? She’s asking because she’s sure her daughter is hopelessly in love with Beto. Well then why did she marry that doll-hair guy? We can’t change the past, but we can solve the future, replies Jacky, and if you love her, I want you to help me get her out of that useless marriage. But I don’t have any money, and you know that’s what she truly values. True, says Jacky, you’re a piece of trash, maybe I’m wasting my time with you. She starts to walk out, turns, lifts a finger and says “Oh, by the way, Roberto. Constanza is expecting your child”. Boom! the episode ends.

Previews: Beto tells Connie he knows, Estrella primps for the “new guy”, and Jacky tells Beto that Connie’s going to the hospital to terminate the pregnancy. Only you, Beto, can stop her!


¿Te comieron la lengua las ratones? – Cat got your tongue? Literally, did the mice eat your tongue?
Desintoxicación – detoxification
Desubicado – disoriented
Un costal de piedras – a noose around the neck, literally a sack of stones
Jarabe de pico – a fish story, a bunch of bull, literally syrup of the mouth or beak
Harina de otro costal – a different kettle of fish, literally flour from another sack
Conste – You said it, or it’s on the record
Pesero – minibus
Cafre – a moron
Una paliza – a beating
Untar pomada – to spread ointment


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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sortilegio, November 26, 2009 It's a Turkey of a Day When There is no Sortilegio.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday. You know it is that magical time of the year when the Plaza lights are turned on,, the snow will soon be gently falling, the streets are filled with shoppers, the horses and carriages are out, and it takes me an hour to get home from work because I'm stuck behind a horse and carriage who is stuck behind all the looky-loos gawking at the lights. (Big sigh.) Why they can't wait until after rush hour is beyond me.

As Viewerville slowly awakens from its turkey coma, which is similar to the Nyquil green coma, but tastes much better, and we are suffering from the seasonal disorder I like to call “donelops disease” (your gut has done lopped over your belt) we are once again ready for a dun, dun, dun--General Discussion. So here are some thoughts to get things rolling:

1. If you could invite any character from a TN to Thanksgiving dinner who would it be and what special dish would you prepare? (Cough, ahem, just so we are clear, “special dish” does not constitute you, with a bow on any part of your anatomy!) Feel free to post recipes.*

2. Which TN animal was/is your favorite? (i.e. Capricho, Mariachi, etc.)

3. Of all the industries that we've been exposed to (milk, tequila, etc.) which did you find to be the most interesting?

Have fun!

*IDEA: What do you all say to creating an annual Caray! Caray! Recipe Book? We could all submit recipes and then they could be compiled into a book or document or whatever format works best. I'm not sure exactly how we would set it up but somehow make it centrally located so we could access it and print it out.


Un Gancho #111 Wed 11/25 - Coni's full of stuffing, there's a bun in the oven and boy, does she ever feel like a turkey!

Ahoy all, I am subbing for Kris tonight and I don't think there is an episode tomorrow night. I'm thankful for that. I also have a great group of telenovela buddies who are bright, erudite, and darn funny. I'm thankful for that. I just had a fun Thanksgiving pot luck with a group of friends and in less than 24 hours I get to have a full-on dinner at my house and celebrate my mother un-law's 80th birthday. I'm thankful for that. Finally, I think that tonight might be Salvador's last night of insane facial tics. I think we are ALL thankful for that! Let's get started...

OK, we remember that Beto is at work, hopped up on Lor's Loco Liquid and has locked himself into a room "with the woman" he loves. "It's Monita!" suggests Nieves. "No no no, it's Constanza," corrects the faithful Gabi. "It's both of them," offers the helpful Jacqui. Mau is once, twice, three times impacted. Sal is still ticking sporadically and advising Mau on Beto's nervous state. Lordy let this madness end soon, Sal is making us as crazy as he is!

The camera in the sequester room shows us that Beto has indeed entrapped his two ladies, Moni and Coni, and they both demand to be set free. He demands hugs and kisses and love...and slurping por favor.

Mau yells through the door and, notably, asks Moni first, is everything OK? Coni answers No she's not OK, she needs air, and Monita is very violent, wah!

Jero takes Jacqui aside and offers to show her his office. Sal approaches and winks, or should I say ticks, at her.

How to deal with this crisis? Pau is afraid that Monita will kill Mau's wife. Lorenza is worried she'll get busted for spiking Beto's coffee. Oski tells her to play it cool, he'll try to head them off at the pass.

In the privacy of his office Jero offers Jacqui a drink and tells her that her eyes fascinate him and since he met her last night her eyes haunt him (me embrujan). He tells her he's the owner of Grupo Sermeño and, when asked, admits that oh yeah, Mauricio is too, but he (Jero) has MUCH more money than Mauricio. She's amazed that a man like him is still single. It's only because he hasn't met the ideal woman, but now she's in front of his face. It doesn't take these two long to get into an enthusiastic clinch.

Meanwhile Rolu and Xime, she looking fantastically slim and beautiful in black leggings, boots and black and white houndstooth jacket cinched at the waist with a wide belt, are hiding out in the bathroom, although Rolu is not exactly sure why. Locarenza uses the phone right next to the bathroom and calls Oski, have the cops shown up yet? Xime eavesdrops as Lo tells Oski she's afraid someone will discover she has been poisonoing Sal for over six months and accidentally poisoned Beto. Don't you love how these characters feel the need to explain the entire story to someone who already knows it? Oski tells her he'll never abandon her so hang tough. Xime overhears all of this and is muy pero muy impactada. She crosses her wrists, wonder woman style.

Jacqui is getting a better workout than a day at the gym. She's got her hands full with Jero who is trying to hump her like a bucking bronco. "Wait wait wait wait" she insists, "this isn't how you make love." "Love? I've only had sex," he tells her, "I'm a love virgin." This won't do for our worldly Jacqui, she wants to teach him how to make luuuuv to a woman. "Teach me teach me teach me!" he shrieks, humping madly and slapping himself on the butt. Jacqui honey, I don't know if young flesh is going to be worth it with this guy. He's frenetic, frantic, and lacks finesse. But wait, Jero tells Jacqui a little secret, Coni tried to get him to help get rid of Jacqui. Hmmmm...our double agent agrees to give Jacqui the ammunition she needs to stay in the DF.

Speaking of frantic, this is Beto's current state and he is afraid and spinning in circles. He must have a hug and a kiss!! Coni faints, is she faking? Moni gives her a gentle kick but no response. Well well well, as Judy predicted Coni's nausea has been followed by a faint and I think we all know what this means.

Xime and Rolu walk and wheel into Mau's office to tell him and Sal their big news. It takes them forever because Rolu keeps getting in Xime's way of saying three things. Finally Gabi wheels him outside and shuts the door. Xime doesn't exactly get to the point, but she finally has three things to say (well four actually, counting the part that Gabi rocks): One, Robi (Beto) is all crazy because he accidentally took some medication. Two, Lor has been giving the medication to Sal for six months and it's making him crazy. Three, she's doing it so that Sal will end up in the nuthouse.

Mientras tanto, Nieves is having a meltdown and madly milking her moo-cow clutch. Pau comforts her by telling her Chris will be there to save the day. Chris stalks up, raps on the door, "Robert Beto Ochoa, open the door and come out with your hands up!"

Mau storms out of his office and pushes the hapless Rolu who happens to be, unhappily, in Mau's way. Rolu hits the wall and ends up in a heap on the floor, holding his head.

Mau, Sal, and Gabi, in a hailstorm of accusations, out Lorenza to Christian. Xime confirms that she and Rolu overheard her dastardly plot to drive Sal insane by poisoning his coffee and Beto accidentally drank some which is why he's behaving like a madman. Snow turns to Fire as Nieves lunges at Lorenza and tries to yank her curly locks out of her head. Chris intervenes and commands his men to arrest Lorenza. Poor Sal is fit to be tied and tongue-tied but manages to babble it's a shame because she makes such delicious coffee. Gabi retrieves the poison and offers it as evidence.

As the cops take Locarenza away she hisses to Gabi that next time she'll get Gabi too. Gabi calmly retorts that next time Loca sees her she will be Sal's wife. Gabi, I like your style.

Xime delightedly tellls Rolu this is the first crime they have solved together. Rolu? Rolu?

Meanwhile Monita is fanning Coni and still trying to get our brain-addled Beto out of the way so she can open the door. All he can think of is giving Coni mouth-to-mouth.

If, at this point, it seems like everything is happening it once, it is. While Mau, Xime and Sal pick a pained Rolu off of the floor Nieves runs up shrieking to Mauricio that Monita is going to kill her son. Run Mau Run!

Mau tries to talk Beto down and reassures him that nobody wants to attack him. Beto disagrees, Moni wants to attack him because he won't open the door. Gabi calmly suggests that if he opens the door then Moni won't attack him. Makes sense; he opens the door and runs toward Mau with open arms. Mau slaps him aside and runs to Moni. Beto hugs mami. Mau sees Coni conked out and looks at Moni accusingly. Nope, she fainted. He kneels and tenderly pats Coni's face as Monita watches.

Later Coni is awake and Beto tries to shake off his high. Jacqui announces she has a date and as long as Coni is OK she's off. However Coni looks anemic and ma wants to take her to see the doctor. Uh huh!

Coni must be feeling better because she verbally attacks Moni again. Gabi comes in and explains about what happened to Beto. Mau shouldn't blame Beto for what he did under the influence. In fact, given half a chance Beto would probably make a play for her too, right? Beto confirms her theory by kissing Gabi on the lips. Twice. He puts his head on her shoulder and she looks like she's trying hard to stifle a laugh.

Moni tells Mau to go to his wife and be her vanilla, she's leaving with the chocolate. She grabs Beto's hand and pulls him out.

The full moon rises and it is several days later...

Don Cesar is training Monita; the boys (Beto and Costeño) ask him about the new fighter. Is he good? Oh much better than you Beto, DC responds.

Coni and Jacqui are in the doctor's office discussing what in world could be wrong with Coni. Coni thinks it's just a virus or something. Ma notes that the "something", whatever it is, has a name. The doc comes in with Coni's results. What does Coni have, is she going to die? Big surprise, the doc congratulates Coni, "you're going to be a mother Mrs. Sermeño." Coni is appropriately impactada, however we are not.

Back at the gym Moni is jumping rope while the boys roughhouse. The new luchador strides into the gym and all eyes turn to him. His eyes are on Monita and she sexily cocks an eyebrow at him. She's interested.

Coni is impactada and not entirely happy. Is the doc sure? Absolutely. How could such a thing happen? Jacqui vounteers to explain. Above all she's excited that Mau and Coni will have their own child!

Don Cesar introduces Monita to his new best Luchador, Furia Enmascarada. She explains that DC also trains her as a boxer, she lost her last fight but she's going to have a rematch! Beto butts in, what about El Fantasma Vengador? DC scolds him, he lacks discipline. Beto is wearing the funniest shirt, it says "ay que saver ezcrivir" which is a misspelling of "hay que saber escribir" which means "must be able to write". Anyway, Beto challenges Furia to a fight, DC doesn't like the idea, but Furia whispers something in DC's ear and DC says Furia accepts the challenge.

Coni asks the doc again is he sure, could there be some mistake? Nope, no mistake. She's distraught and Jacqui tells her it's great news, what's the problem? When she was preggers she gained very little weight and Coni will be the same, right doc? Doc is unsure and Coni tells Ma to shut up.

El Fantasma Vengador has donned his costume and mask, but while he mouths off to Moni Furia attacks from behind. Both fighters get in some great moves and holds. Fantasma throws Furia over his shoulder and spins him around, Furia gets Fantasma in a foot hold. They flit, they fling, they fly, they flop.

Over at the Mau house Tere happily anounces that Coni and Jacqui are out so their dinner will be blissfully peaceful and quiet. The doorbell rings and Katia answers. It's Estrella and she wants to see Aldo. Katia tells Estrella to beat it, Estrella is not welcome to hang out with decent people like herself. (Oh Katia, you are such a hypocrite!) No go!

Back at the gym the fighters are still going at it with Furia doing a mighty back flip and finally getting the upper hand. He strikes the victor's pose while the gym applauds. But Fantasma's pride is hurt and Moni's not doing much to soothe his ego. He's mad because he thought he and Moni were a team and here she is congratulating this "cabeza de pepita", i.e. pumpkin seed head. She corrects him, they are not a team, they just work out in the same gym. DC tells Fantasma to accept it, he got his butt kicked fair and square. Fantasma must sense the attraction between Moni and Furia because he pulls her away and tells her to stay away from this cuate. "What about you and Coni?" she demands. She says she doesn't trust him.

DC tells Beto that Furia wants a rematch. Beto warns Furia to stay away from Moni and wrenches his shoulder when he tries to strike a threatening pose, effectively negating the impact of his threat. Moni and Furia continue staring at each other.

Jacqui and Coni are at the cafe, Coni wants an espresso but Jacqui changes the order, her pregnant daughter will have a lemonade. Coni is miffed that Jacqui blabbed to the whole world that she's pregnant. Jacqui knows why Coni is in a snit, it's because she doesn't really know who the kid belongs to, right? She doesn't know if it belongs to her husband or her lover, that's why Coni is worried. Then she scolds Coni for having unprotected sex with that naco. Coni clarifies things a little for Jacqui. Actually she knows it's Roberto's because she and Mauricio haven't had sex in a long time. Ay Dios mio, Jacqui puts her head in her hands. Coni insists she can't have this baby.

Mau continues to practice at the gym as Moni casually watches. After the others leave Furia approaches Moni and she happily chats at him, can he help her untie her gloves and she'll help him take off his mask? "You know, your eyes remind me of someone", she says wistfully.

Feliz Día de Pavo!!!!

Tomorrow: Estrella finds herself underneath Furia. Sal tells Gabi he wants to be alone. Coni wants to abort ASAP.


Sortilegio - Wed Nov 25 - EP 36 - Sangre Is Expensive!

Capitulo 41

Victoria is talking to Fernando on the the phone when Katia comes down and listens. She hears Fernando say he is worried about her. Katia asks if he was talking to Victoria.

Maura comes to Useless to tell him about Katia and Bruno and Katia being a minor. They toast.

Roberto tells Rachel how MJ needs blood and it is only Bruno that can give it.

Victoria asks Felipe if she thinks the child is Ales. "Of course" Victoria goes of on one of her rants. Rachel interrupts and Rachel and Victoria argue. Rachel doesn't think Bruno should do anything for those low life people. Victoria is on Rachel about how she doesn't care about what Ale and MJ are going through, that how can she not care that MJ and the baby could die? Victoria doesn't want to fight.
Victoria has been talking to Felipe about Bruno being a monster, and Victoria tells Rachel she is a monster too!. Rachel replies "What did you excpect? Mama, we are the product of adultery." she leaves.

Victoria cries. "What do I do? Felipe, What do I do?" Felipe replies that Rachel is medio
chiflado. Half Crazy.

Rachel calls Bruno and tells him not to do it. Bruno in a taxi with Hernan, and he answers that he is going to do it.

Moon rising. Is this the first moonrise in this show?

Ale is at MJ's bedside crying, talking, saying that help is coming. He is with her and reminds her of their trip to Cenote where they made love in the caves. He would like to build a house for them on the ocean where their children can run on the beach. He is crying and saying "no me dejes" " Don't leave me please!" MJ heavily opens her eyes and closes them again.

Arturo is outside Useless's window where he must be waiting for Rachel. He checks the name on the mailbox and as he thinks about it he has a laugh to himself. Chuckle, Chuckle.

Inside Rachel is with Useless ranting about the blood again. Useless shuts her up with his mouth. Enough said!

Hernan and Bruno arrive at the hospital. Hernan goes off to talk to the Doctor.

Pedro thanks Bruno for coming to help. Bruno walks away.

Pedro tells Paula to tell get Ale. Ale asks Paula to stay stay with MJ. Pedro points out Bruno to Ale.
Ale thanks Bruno for coming. Bruno asks how she is and and Ale says bad. Bruno asks how does Ale know the baby isn't Brunos. Ale says all the more reason for Bruno to help. Bruno says he is not doing this for free. Ale asks Bruno what he wants. Bruno tells Ale he wants him to divorce MJ and give him the presidency. Ale says he can have the presidency but they, Ale and MJ don't want a divorce. Bruno says that that doesn't matter, those are his conditions. Ale tries to talk some humanity into Bruno, but the doctor comes for Bruno, and Ale accepts the conditions. Bruno swaggers after the doctor after reminding Ale not to talk about this to Victoria. Chucho asks Ale whats wrong but Ale says nothing. Chucho goes off a bit, but I didn't catch it.

Ale is talking on the phone with Victoria and she asks Ale if there were any problems with Bruno and Ale says no. They say good night.

Felipe says something about Bruno and Victoria goes off that Bruno is doing something good and people only want to see him as a monster.

Felipe gets Cucu and leaves.

Felipe is outside when Arturo brings Rachel home. Felipe asks Arturo where they were and Arturo doesn't want to answer because he is discrete for his patron. Arturo has a squeaky toy for Cucu.

The doctors have gotten the sangre from Bruno and are on there way to MJ and Ale tries to follow, but Hernan has him sit in the waiting room.

Ez and Felipe are eating something in the kitchen. Felipe is telling EZ how Arturo would not tell her where they had been. Cucu is liking shoestrings.

At the hospital Chucho is asking if Pedro wants a beer or if he and Paula want something to eat? They say no.

Back at Casa Lombardo, Fernando is pulling in the drive. He walks right up the door and lets himself in. I thought the gate guy always called EZ. Speaking of...

EZ has Arturo in the kitchen for interrogation where he squeezes out that Rachel visited Useless. The phone is ringing.. oh I guess Tomas is calling. EZ leaves and we see that Felipe has been listening to the conversation. Felipe goes into the kitchen to rib Arturo. Arturo is worried now, cause he needs the work, his mother is sick and needs medicines. Felipe tells him she is just joking with him.

The coctors are giving MJ the transfusion. Hernan is checking her pulse and eyes. The doctors look at the chart.

Back at Lombardo house Fernando and Victoria kiss. She is nervous. They talk about Ale, Bruno, Mario Aguirre, and, Victoria asks about Katia.

The doctors come out and tell Ale that they are done with the transfusion. They will see tomorrow how MJ responds. Ale says this night has been biggest of his life. Ale asks the doctor if he could go see MJ and the doctor says that it would be ok. Hernan and Ale talk but the noise is to loud I can't make out the words. Ale thanks Hernan. Hernan calls Victoria and tells her they have completed the transfusion. Hernan tells her everything is okay but he says somethings is going on that he doesn't like. Viewerville does not hear what Hernan tells Victoria but, watches as Victoria sucks in her stomach. Victoria thanks Hernan for his help and hangs up.

Music plays loudly, drowning out Fernando and Victoria's conversation.

Ale is at MJ's bedside. In come Paula, Pedro and Chucho. Paula tells Ale that MJ is stable and he could leave. Ale says no. Pedro whispers good night to MJ and gives her a blessing. They all say good night and leave. Ale sits back down and violins play. Ale sees MJ open her eyes and says "hey beautiful!" Ale tells MJ she is recuperating and the baby is okay too. MJ is grateful and wants to know who it was that gave her blood. MJ drifts back into sleep and Ale says nothing is going to separate them.

Next day, Fernando brings Katia to la officina to work. He introduces her to Mari, who says shes got papers to file and Katia is looking at her like "right". Fernando wishes Katia luck and leaves. Mari is trying to give Mari some work but Katia isn't even listening. Katia wants to know where Bruno's office is? Mari tells Katia that Bruno doesn't have an office here. Katia finally leaves and Mari looks like she gets this girl.

Lisette and Maura are talking about Bruno.

Ale is talking to Fernando on the phone. They are taking about the on ongoing investigation of all the events of the crash and the photo etc. Ale tells Fernando that the conditions for Bruno donating blood was for Ale to give up the presidencia and divorce MJ. Fernando asks if he is CRAZY. Ale says don't tell my Madre.

Victoria is having breakfast when Bruno gets home. She is giddy to tell him what a good deed he did.

Ale gets back to the hospital where Pedro tells him that MJ is much better.

Ale enters MJ's room and says "Good morning my love, how are you doing?" MJ says fine, she is much better. Ale says he is taking her back to Merida. MJ doesn't want to. Ale tells her it will only be till he can find another house for her. MJ wants to know who gave her blood, who gave her life? Ale is sick. "What's wrong?" MJ asks. MJ goes on to praise the donor, without which she says, she and his child would be dead.

"Ale, tell me was it my Sister my Father?" Ale tells her it was Bruno, and they both are sick and they share that sickness with a long gaze. Someone comes to take a statement from MJ about the assault.

Paula remembers that today is the day to show up in Merida for her probation. She jumps up and tells Papa. Papa says they can tell them they had an emergency and tries to calm her.

Roberto is looking out the window down to where he sees Useless and Rachel laughing. Rachel sees Roberto and asks him what he is doing here. Rachel says she is very hungry and she's going to see if they lived or died.
Roberto complains about her to Uselesss. Roberto says that if MJ died he has nothing to worry about. Useless tells Roberto about Bruno being with Katia, a minor. Roberto can't believe how stupid that was of Bruno.

Bruno is saying that Ale didn't even thank him for saving his woman. Victoria asks Bruno what he asked of Ale. Bruno gets all defensive, and asks if she has talked with Ale. Victoria says she is just asking him a question. Bruno doesn't like her questions and is mad that there is a dog at the table. (Felipe is holding Cucu.) Rachel comes in and says that their mother prefers mangy dogs over them. Felipe gets up and takes her companion with her. Victoria is upset that they treat her friend that way, and she leaves. Bruno tells Rachel that they will have something good come their way, just watch.

Ale is assuring Paula that she has nothing to worry about, after they tell the circumstanses. So she won't be locked up? Ale tells her no.

Ale asks Hernan about moving MJ? Hernan thinks he should wait till tomorrow. Hernan asks about all of them and Ale tells him they are the family of is wife and they all come until he finds another house.

Felipe is teaching Cucu tricks. She is also waiting for Rachel. When Rachel walks by Felipe asks to have a word with her. Felipe wants Rachel to be nice to Victoria and quit bring up Antonio etc. Other wise she will have to mention what is going on with Useless. Rachel says that Useless is only her friend and Cucu growls.

My dvr ends.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ENDA, November 25, 2009

Paloma is thinking about jumping off the tower of the church. A handsome stranger spots her and runs to her rescue. She yells at him. What are you doing? He says saving you. You were going to jump! I was not replies Paloma and run off. He chases after her.

Inez just finishes confessing to Emiliano the plot that Diana planned against Orlando. Emiliano can't believe that his mother would do that. He knew that she was controlling and manipulative, but never imagined that she was cold and calculating. Inez tries to defend Diana to Emiliano, but he is not hearing any of it. He apologizes to Orlando for everything that happened. Orlando says don't worry. I'm just glad to be in your life now. They hug.

Paloma runs out of church with the handsome stranger following. He asks why she is so sad? I'm fine replies Paloma and tries to walk away. He pulls her back and asks her name. I don't talk to strangers replies Paloma. He introduces himself then as Gabriel Elizande(?) But Paloma walks away.

Inez asks that they do not tell Diana that she told them anything. But Diana is outside and hears Orlando asking Emiliano what he is going to do. Emiliano says that he doesn't want to talk to his mother. He can't believe she did what she did and put all the blame on Orlando. Orlando says your mother loves you, you need to talk to her. Emiliano wants to go and think about everything that's happened. Diana cries.

Liliana spots German at a restaurant and asks him if he has bought any clothes for his baby? German says the baby is Emiliano's. Liliana wants German to help her unmask Romina. He can't. Because if he does he can lose Romina forever. Ever since he has met her, he can't get her out of his mind. I have tried, but it has become an obsession. He thinks perhaps if he met someone else he could get Romina out of his mind. He asks Liliana to help him forget. But you cheated on me replies Liliana. German asks for another chance.

Diana rings Inez doorbell and when she answers Diana barges in and slaps Inez and calls her a traitor. She saw Emiliano and Orlando walking out of her apartment and figures that Inez spilled the beans. Diana tells her that if her son hates her it will be all her fault. Inez reminds her that she tried to talk her out of it and she didn't listen. Diana says you don't know what a mother would do to protect her son. Though you wouldn't know, you were never one. You are right replies Inez. I don't know what it's like to be a mother, but I do know what it's like to be a kind and honest person. (HA-HA. That's something Diana definitely has no clue about) You have no idea how much I regret being your accomplice in everything. I'm done. I no longer want to know anything about you again. Our friendship is over.

Carloca is staring at the roses she received and figures there from Samuel. She wonders what intentions he has. It's obvious that he was attracted to her from the first time they met. Perhaps if Cristobal sees someone is interested in her, it will spark his interest in her. (Not a chance in hell, lady)

Gabriel is at the church restoring a portrait and Cristobal comes in and introduces himself. Cristobal asks him how he is liking Real del Monte. Gabriel replies that it has started very intense. I have met a most beautiful woman. She hates me though. They sit down and start talking about his encounter.

Paloma tells Rufi about her encounter at the church with the stranger. He thought that she was going to kill herself. Rufi asks her if she was. Of course not replies Paloma. I may have thought about taking pills, but decided against it. Pretty soon I will be 18 and can leave Real del Monte, but promises to take Rufi with her. They talk about Rodolfo and Rufi wonders if he is still her best option in helping her leave. Yes replies Paloma. As they are talking, Carloca comes in quietly. Paloma says to bad she can't leave before the wedding though. Rufi asks if she knows when they are going to get married. No replies Paloma. That is why I am glad that I kissed Emiliano today for the last time. Carloca finally pipes up and says that she shouldn't have done it. How would you like to know that the man you were going to marry was kissing someone else? Paloma says it's not going to happen again. Carloca tells her to put distance between her and Emiliano. Moving away is not the answer. Then how do I do that? No one has told me how to take him out of my heart replies Paloma. But you also had to live your life without the man that you loved because he wasn't yours. Yes replies Carloca. But I never chased after him. (No, you just stalk and threw yourself at him in a hussie fashion) Quit playing with fire Carloca warns.

Gabiel and Cristobal are talking as Emiliano comes up to them. Emiliano says that Inez told him the truth. Cristobal introduces Gabriel to Emiliano and leaves to talk to Emiliano. Gabriel wonders who the mystery woman is.

Emiliano tells Cristobal that he has no idea how he feels about his mother anymore. Cristobal says that great pain can make you numb. But you have to confront those feelings and let it all out. I just can't believe that she lied to us all replies Emiliano. Who is my mother? He cries and Cristobal holds him.

Rufi answers the phone and it's for Carloca. It's a call from her admirer, but she refuses the call. He leaves a message saying that she is more beautiful then the roses he sent. Rufi relays the message and Carloca says if he calls again, I am not here. Carloca thinks to herself that he is more interested then she thought.

Camila and Monica are going over paperwork. Monica wonders when the wedding will take place. Saturday replies Camila. So soon asks Monica. She tells Camila that she should take a chance with Orlando and take him as her date to the wedding. Diana disguises her voice and calls Camila. She calls her a whore and hangs up. Camila wonders who it is. Monica says it must be Diana.

Romina tells Emiliano that she brought her wedding dress. And since they are not going to get married at the church then the wedding with be this Saturday at 2. Emiliano thinks it's to soon. Romina says there's no reason to wait. Where are we going to live asks Emiliano. If I can't find anything by Saturday we'll just stay with my mother replies Romina. Emiliano refuses to put out her mother and suggests they can rent an apartment. Romina thinks it's because he wants to be alone with her. He bursts her bubble and says he doesn't want to bother anyone. He hangs up with her and thinks about Paloma and there goodbye kiss. Paloma is thinking the same.

Diana comes back to visit Inez. Inez reminds her that there friendship is over. What does she want? Diana says she can't believe that she wants to end it. Even though you are a traitor, I want us to still be friends. What for replies Inez. Because it convinces us both responds Diana. And don't forget I know a lot of things about you. So say them to whomever replies Inez. I don't care anymore. I no longer want to be your friend. Diana gets on her knees and begs Inez to reconsider. She has no other friend then her.

Rufi gives Paloma Rodolfo's number. She calls him and tells him she has made a decision about going with him to Mexico City. Of course, Carloca overhears this. Anyway Rodolfo is happy to hear this. He asks to speak to Rufi and reminds her that the reunion is tonight. Carloca comes in and confronts the woman. She knows that Paloma wants to leave here, but has she never thought about what it would do to her. She starts crying. She can't imagine living without her and walks out. She goes to her library and says that Paloma is a dreamer. She will do whatever to keep Paloma at her side.

Emiliano tells Rafael that Romina has set the wedding date for this Saturday. Rafael feels sorry for how Emiliano's life has changed. He can't believe what Emiliano has just told him about Diana. He thinks that Diana has lost her mind. Now he doesn't know what to believe about everything that Diana has ever told him. Me too replies Emiliano. She needs help.

Orlando and Angelica talk about Diana over breakfast. Orlando asks her to help him with Emiliano.

Carloca warns Rufi from putting ideas into Paloma's head about leaving.

Cristobal tells Alonzo that he is glad that he is trying to repair his marriage. Alonzo says he can't believe that he is sitting across from the man that almost married his wife. It was a long time ago replies Cristobal. Blah-Blah-Blah. Alonzo asks about Carloca. Natalia comes in and calls Carloca a witch. She tried to make me doubt Cristobal, but thankfully we tell each other everything. Alonzo asks Cristobal why he hates Carloca. Well, it's a long story replies Cristobal. But it's clear that she will do whatever she can to get what she wants. The doorbell rings and Natalia leaves to answer it. Do you think even to kill asks Alonzo. Well replies Cristobal. She made someone think I was dead and made me believe she was dead. But do you think that she can do it asks Alonzo again. I would like to say no replies Cristobal. But I am not willing to put my hands in fire for her.

Camila thinks about what Monica told her last night about Diana possibly being the caller. Romina comes down and says she's going to call Diana over to talk about the wedding. Camila tells her not to. Why asks Romina. Because we should do the preparations ourselves replies Camila. Well she will be my mother-in-law and I think it's appropriate for her to help. I'm going to ask her to come tonight. That's fine replies Camila. Romina asks Camila if Orlando will be her date for the wedding. She doesn't know yet answers Camila. He'll be there anyway since he's Emiliano's father. No, replies Romina. Rafael is Emiliano's father even though Orlando gave him life. I think it will be very uncomfortable. Both fathers of the groom are her boyfriends. Camila thinks that her comment was inappropriate. Romina disagrees and says that her father will be at the wedding and she will have 3 men who love her. Camila finally realizes that all 3 men will be at the wedding along with Diana. This is going to be hell.

Inez has decided to be friends with Diana again. As long as Diana doesn't make her help in any crazy schemes. Diana is glad and asks Inez why things always go bad for her? Emiliano and Rafael are not answering her calls. And now she knows who is stealing Rafael away from her. She saw them kissing. Inez asks who, but Diana doesn't want to say yet. But she will make sure the whole town finds out and despises her.

At the meeting of the Carloca haters they are discussing the will. Alonzo asks why has Paloma not know what was in the will all this time. Because Carloca is her guardian replies Rufi. Rodolfo says he tried to get information from German but didn't want to seem to eager for the information. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Carloca gets a call from the bishop's assistant. The bishop wants to set up a meeting next week to talk.

Friday: Paloma tells Cristobal that Macarena was her real mother.


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