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La Verdad Oculta EP 01 08/31/2010 - Let's get this party started

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* cemetery
A lonely man (Fausto Guillén - Hector Ortega) brings flowers to a tomb. In the meantime a huge funeral is happening; judging from the expensive cars and the elegant mourners the deceased must've belonged to a filthy rich family. When one of the old guys (Mario Genovés - Hector Ortega again) notices the man at the tomb he freaks out a bit and orders his companion (Asunción Limón - Lalo) to follow him. Mario offers condolences to his nieces, Alejandra (Alejanda Barros) and Bertha Balmori Genovés (Margarita Magana) then he runs after the mysterious man as well. He reads the writing on the tomb: Marta 1959-1986. (Hey, that's my name. And she was 27 years old just like me. Creepy.) He almost gets a heart attack then whispers loudly and painfully: "Marta".

* prison
The guards call the roll on the prison yard. Juan José Victorio Ocampo (Big Ed presente!) espies that the other prisoners are passing a letter secretly to his pal, Marcos Rivera Muñoz (Bobby Larios). In the workshop he asks him what the fuss is about. Marcos tells him he found a good lawyer who could get him out of the jail. And how do you plan to pay that superlawyer? Marcos says he has a sister. Juan José explodes: your sister is a good girl, don't dare ask money from her! Marcos laughs at his friends, just take it easy, man! The guard shouts that they have visitors.

* street
Asunción follows Fausto to his door.

* prison
A young girl (Elsa Rivera Muñoz - Silvia Ramírez) falls into the arms of Marcos then coyly greets Juan José. Hey, it looks like somebody has a crush on the big guy.

Marcos leads his sister away and tries to charm the money out of her. JJ looks pissed off. But he cheers up when his tiny and lovely grandma arrives and hugs him. She's sad because he's been imprisoned innocently and 11 years were robbed from him. And he has to spend 8 more years in jail, Dios mío. He's all optimistic, I'm absolutely fine, I'll be released sooner due to good behaviour. Elsa is nervous and rejects her brother but Marcos tries guilt trip her: please, hermanita, I have to get out of here. Grandma and Elsa leave, JJ warns her not to let Marcos talk her into anything stupid.

* Genovés residence
Mario and the Genovés girls (Alejandra the Grownup and Bertha the Spoiled Brat) arrive to the huge house. Uncle Mario tells the girls that before their mommy (his sole sister) died she asked him to take care of them. He mentions that their dad invested their money unwisely (wow, another Woody Montes de Loca?) and he invites the girls to live with him. Ale demures, they really don't want to be a burden of his, but Mario loves them very much and he's stubborn like a mule. Asunción arrives and Mario leaves the room. Elsa is absolutely thrilled and runs around their new luxurious home.

* elegant restaurant
Sr. Lopez, a horny slimebag tries to hit on a waitress called Gabriela Guillén (Galilea Montijo). If you behave well I'll give you mucho dinero, baby. Obviously it's not the first time and she's completely fed up with her boss. He grabs her arm, she storms out of the restaurant. At the entrance she meets three young wealthy playboys. One of them (Roberto Zárate - Fabián Robles) tries to untie her corset out of fun. The furious girl turns around, shouts majadero! (idiot - one of Regina Montes de Loca's favourite words), and slaps hard the nearest and incidentally most innocent man (David Genovés - Gabriel Soto with extremely blonde hair) and runs away. David is shocked, romantic music starts playing in the background. Lopez humbly greets the boyz and ask their forgiveness for the girl's rudeness. Wow, he almost kisses their feet. Carlos Ávila (Marco Mendez) mentions that to their knowledge the restaurant is for sale and they're interested in it.

* Genovés residence
Mario and Asunción enter Mario's study, there's a huge photo of David on the desk. Did you follow him? - asks Mario. Yes, I did. He orders Asunción to return to his house tomorrow. They must find out the truth about this man. Btw, his real name is Santiago Guzmán, but he surely have changed it. He probably lives with two girls. Mario sends Asunción out and starts coughing badly. Asunción looks worried.

* street
A red car stops in front of an internet café. Roberto gets out of the car and asks Carlos to wait for him, but he's in a hurry and leaves him on the street. Roberto enters the internet café and meets one of the guests who gives him an envelope for a huge amount of money. He opens it and skims through the documents, says they're useless and they argue over the payment. Roberto warns the guy not to mess with him, but eventually they manage to compound. The guy gives him an other document.

Outside Roberto gets a phonecall from his girlfriend, *drumroll* Alejandra. He lies that he's in Los Angeles. Her voice is sad. What happened, mi amor? My mom died yesterday. We're going to live with our uncle. I didn't know you had an uncle, what's his name? Mario Genovés. Roberto's eyes almost pop out of his head. WHAT? The millionaire Roberto Genovés? Then this means that my friend David Genovés is your cousin! How small the world has become, says Ale. Roberto promises to return to her tomorrow.

* Guilléns' flat
Gabriela arrives to the humble, decent lower-class flat that I've seen in every single Larrosa telenovela, and I swear that even the furnitures look the same. Where are Angélica Vale and Daniela Romo? She kisses her daddy, the Mysterious Man from the cemetery and tells him that she has quit the job because the boss was a jerk. She wishes she had a job at her sister's workplace, but daddy almost explodes: forget it, darling, I don't want you to work at night, I'm already worried sick for your sister. Gaby tries to reason him by saying that if they were working at the same place they could take care of each other, and they need money.

* dress factory
Salomón Zárate (Alfredo Alonso) is arguing with somebody on phone. He desperately needs the money that he lended back. His son, Roberto arrives. Salomón is angry, where were you, you should've been here working. Roberto gives him the documents he acquired in the internet café and mentions that he plans to marry in one or two months. Oh, really? What's the hurry, asks daddy. Did you impregnant a girl? Nevermind, I don't care, get married, but you'll have to support her by yourself, understood? Now get the hell out of here and send in the girl who's waiting outside. Elsa is in the secretary's room. Roberto greets her, they talk about a dress and agree to meet next day. I don't like the look on Roberto's face. Salomón greets the girl warmly. Elsa needs a favor, she asks for a loan. He wants to know why she needs it and starts to touch the innocent kid's shoulder and hair. Like son like father. Elsa shyly confesses that her brother is in prison for homicide and needs a lawyer. And what will be the warrant for borrowing that money?

* Genovés residence
David arrives home, apologizes for missing the funeral and hugs the girls. Mario tells him that his cousins are going to live in their house. (Is there any more character in this telenovela who haven't heard yet that they're going to move into the palace?) David looks shocked. Again. The men retire to the study. Alejandra observes that David doesn't like the news.

In the study David and Mario argue. David confesses that he has a problem with their business associates, Carlos and his dad. He doesn't like how they run their business and he is against buying that restaurant. Mario advises him to be patient and not to get involved, fortunately their partnership with the Ávila family will end in six months. David doesn't calm down.

* Guilléns' flat
Julieta (Claudia Troyo) and Gabriela talk about Gaby's future job and their dad. He's very protective and sometimes very strange, but at least this time they didn't have to move to another flat or city. Gawd, what kind of childhood these girls had? Gaby thinks her father shouldn't work as a night-guard, he's so intelligent and educated, why couldn't he find a better job?

Hey, it is high time, we haven't seen big guy for twenty minutes. JJ and Marcos are rotting in their cell. Marcos shouts that he wants to leave. JJ tries to calm the primadonna down, we all want to get out of here, I've been imprisoned for 11 years, and I'm innocent, dammit, but I'd never ask my sister to borrow money. Your sister is a good and decent girl, and I won't let you to cause her trouble. The testosterone of the guys bubbles all around the cell. A guard appears and orders Marcos to move out, he'll live in another cell. JJ gets a new roommate: Sean Connery from The Rock... I mean, Eric del Castillo with an imposing wig. His name is Gregorio Pineda, and he has bloody bandages on his left arm. Juan tries to be friendly, but the old man is sullen as hell, and to top it all occupies his bed. JJ kicks him out of the bed. Gregorio whispers: You don't know who am I. Neither do we, btw. Then he wrinkles his nose and now he looks like Gandalf.

* elegant bar at night
Roberto and Carlos (who has a ridiculous moustache) are drinking in the bar and talking about Mario. They notice Gaby who's just arrived. Carlos looks enchanted, he says she's beautiful. Julieta tells Gaby that unfortunately there's no vacancy right now. Gaby's very sad. Carlos arrives and asks what the problem is. Julieta explains the situation, and Carlos's lower half happily gives her a job. Gaby also looks enchanted. Who's this guy? He's Carlos Ávila, the owner of this place.

* prison
Gandalf Connery nurses his bruised arm. Juan tries to befriend him again and gives him some delicious food. The old guy spent 30 years in the prison. And you? 11 years. What did you do? Nothing, says the big guy lightly. LOL, everyone claims to be innocent but they all lie. Not me! Someone killed a girl and put the blame on me. Gandalf confesses that he isn't an innocent dove and did kill two people, but he'll leave the prison in five months. And when he leaves he'll be rich, boy, very rich. Juan tries not to laugh at him loudly. Gregorio thanks JJ the food and starts to climb the bed. Juan stops him and says he can sleep on the lower bed. Gandalf smiles and says he likes him. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

* bar
Gaby started to work as a waitress. David arrives and rushes into the camera room where Carlos and Roberto are scrathing their arses. He's angry as usual. Carlos tries to calm him down, but David wants to talk to his dad about business, like it or not. He leaves the room and Carlos swears to punch him one day. Roberto taunts him, how do you know that you will win? In the bar David accidentally knocks Gaby down. They recognize each other and he asks what is she doing there. Gaby looks puzzled.



Tues. Aug. 31, 2010 Dinero 186 Exclusive Swimsuits

We start tonight with Zetina's photo. Rafa takes one look at it and is disappointed. It seems that somehow Zetina took a photo of the backside of a waiter and not of Marco and Carmela. Zetina is verbally abused by the rest of the guys and then he is abused physically until Rafa intervenes.

We are transported to the Hacienda where we see Chavez asking for all of the Hacienda's profits. He becomes scared when he's left alone so that Chucho can go get the money.

Meanwhile, Julieta ponders whether she should tell Rafa about what she heard Marian say.

We are transported back to the Hacienda and now Chavez is counting his ill gotten money. Suddenly we have a little lightning and it seems like we are about to see the ghost again until we have a little cat come out.

We now go to Marco's apartment and we have Marco putting his little scheme to work. He (mis)informs the family that they have to sell the Hacienda asap because they are too deep into debt. Ale mentions Arcadia's party.

Marian doesn't know what to do with Daniel and Rafa. Does she have a working relationship with Rafa? Rafa will have to decide.

Just like that we enter a new day.

We are greeted by a magnificent view of Arcadia's home. We see part of the sales crew filing into the party and we have Marino trying to kiss up to Arcadia with a bottle of wine. Fortunately Arcadia is smarter than that. Bebe tells Arcadia that his wife wasn't able to make it to the party. Generala, Pepeto, Rosaura and Claudia round up this group. They go inside to change into their bathing suits. Looks like its bikini time!

Ramirez and his mother arrive. Ramirez's mother comes dressed in black because she is still mourning her husband's death... 40 years after.

Jimenez and the two monsters arrive. Arcadia realizes why Jimenez is always saying: "Ay Dios Mio!" The Jimenez family and Arcadia talk a little bit and then finally leave to change into their bathing suits.

We are now at Siglo where Beltran is leaving the health of his checkbook in the hands of Trapito and the two showroom girls. They immediately take on the personality of one of the salescrew. Trapito= Marino (Really?) The one in the pink suit chooses Claudia and the one in blue chooses the Generala.

Back at the party we have Ramirez presenting the two wmen of his life to the sales crew. There is much talk in the backround about them.

We are sent back to Siglo where we see all three newly appointed sales representatives fall over each other to get a customer. Naturally it seems that our little Claudia admirer has gotten the clients phone number and an invite to eat. Way to go channeling Claudia.

We are back at the party just in time to see Rafa and Ale arrive one after the other. Sometimes I love Arcadia because she hts the nail right on the head. She asks Rosario is Marco is her husband. No he is Ale's brand new husband. But guess who loves him more?

Marco warns Rafa that Ale is his wife and that he has nothing to do with her anymore. Ale is stuck between them when none other than Marian arrives. She has incredible timing... doesn't she? Ale immediately becomes jealous of her as she is standing right next to Rafa and his family. She even scores points when she sees Rafa's family. They talk about the incredible food they ate when she was there. When Marco doesn't let go of Ale's hand she becomes doubly concerned. Seems like Marian is VERY dangerous for Ale. Not to be outdone, though, Ale also recounts her own experience at the Medina-Nuñez residence. The two entities seperate and Marco is thrown back by Ale's jealousy.

Susana arrives and greets everyone but it seems Marco is looking at Claudia and thinking of that one night that he had her. His little dream is interrupted by Ale.Marian and Rafa excuse themselves from their table so that they can talk alone.
Ramirez admires as Marian's friend walks by and is chided by his mother. She is in the middle of her speech when Bebe walks by and she simply stalks him. Creepy isn't it?

Marian and Rafa are talking when... Daniel arrives! Another one with great timing but for bad moments. Rafa assumes he's there uninvited and finds out about the wedding proposal. Then Arcadia enters. Apparantly he is extremely close to Arcadia. Too bad Rafa... He just leaves Marian there to think.

Pepeto seems to wander to different flowers. First to Julieta and then to the one he really wants: Rosaura.

We see Jimenez and his family stroll out in their swimsuits. (There is a reason why this recap is named Exclusive Swimsuits). Suddeny Jimenez has a little flashback to when he annd the Generala kissed.

Arcadia, Daniel, Jorge and Rosario make small talk until Arcadia asks for her DJ Music to start. We now have dancing!

We are transported to Vicki's house. Her father asks why she is still with the veil on her head. Until she marries Rafa duh? Looks like the Psych isn't exactly helping.
We now have a real party with dancing going around everywhere. Daniel interrupts Rafa's dance with Marian and seems like we will get a confrontation next episode.
Claudia walks past Marco as he dances with Ale. Marco excuses himself and follows. Ale takes her father away. Marco has caught up with Claudia and they are now kissing. We see them kissing behind a column and Ale walking towards them... And CUT. That's a wrap for today.

Preview: More wildness at the party. And More bikini time.
Brand New Section: Private 057's predictions.
Seems ike when I predicted Ale's wedding there were a lot of people who were impressed. I have decided to add this section to prove that I am bad at predictions. I bet out of these predictions none will come true. I expect everyone to hold me to these predictions. Therefore all bets off ;-)
I predict that:
Ale will be even more jealous when Rafa and Daniel come to blows over Marian.
Susana will forgive Dandy in this party.
Rafa will sing for Arcadia. (ok so maybe this one actually has a chance to become true)
If one or more of these predictions pan out I will go out to Vegas and bet every last penny I have.


Corazon Salvaje Ep. 135, 8/30/2010 So Many Loose Ends, So Little Time - Grand Finale

Questions that won't be answered, just to let ya'll know up front (and I'm sure you can think of more): Where the heck did Clemencia go? Did she ever inherit the finca? What was Raul's personal business? Do Noel and Mariela get married? Did doctorcito marry Rosenda after she had Rod's baby? I have to agree with what everyone wrote last episode, that there were some unsatisfying things about this novela, especially the lack of Juan/Regi time. But I, too, have really enjoyed it - the historical setting, the swashbuckling colorfulness of it. Thanks to everyone. Now on to the recap:

Review of Juan and Regi talking about Juan not going with her to Leonarda's, Regi is so happy he is alive, he came back, he should go see their friends who got married and give them the best present, that he is alive! I love you's.

To Doc Miranda's office, he is thinking about poor Renato, how someone to whom he offered friendship could end up being taken over by his desire for vengeance, killed by it. He picks up the note Regi wrote that says "para Juan", then we switch to the fishermen's huts. The newlyweds are all sitting around a fire talking about how they are happy but would be even happier if Juan were there. Pedro says but I told you all that Juan is always with us, he is in our hearts. Coli says but it would be better if we could see him in person. Remi says we will never forget him, never. Suddenly Juan comes strolling up, saying how come you are talking about not forgetting me when I am right here! Juan, Juan!!! All are overjoyed, hugging all around. He says he came to wish them well on their marriages. They tell him Renato said he was dead, that he had drowned, and Juan tells them Renato is the one who is dead, Arcadio killed him. All impactados.

Noel and Rod are talking at the house of Renato and Leo, Noel is saying Leonarda did everything she did because she loved you. After Leo shut up MdR for all those years and poisoned Constanza, do you doubt she could also have killed Brigitte?

Back to Juan and fishermen, Juan is telling them how he ended up in the same cell at the finca where his mother was held captive. That Rodrigo was going to kill him, but he escaped. Doctorcito comes running up, shouting for Juan - he gives him the letter and tells him it is from Regina. Juan says Regina? and looks puzzled and a little perturbed. We hear Regina's voice reading the letter that tells him that even though people are saying he is dead, her heart tells her he is alive and she will see him very soon. Juan, you have made me the happiest woman in the world, now that I am expecting your child. I want you to know so there is no doubt, that I never asked for our marriage to be annulled, that I never stopped loving you. I have prayed to the Virgin that you will come back and that we can be happy for always. Juan smiles and says Regina loves me! (I thought he already knew that). And the love of Regina is above all hate, our love is above everything, and everyone, thank you Lord.

Rodrigo is telling Noel he had nothing to do with Brigitte's death, absolutely nothing. Noel says his nervousness indicates otherwise and asks him what happened, Rod says nada, nada. Noel says at least you know Leonarda killed the mother of your daughters, Regina and Aimee. Regina chooses that moment to walk in and hears this. What did you say Padrino? What are you talking about? Noel asks her forgiveness, but tells her that Leonarda poisoned Constanza, and Regi says no, how do you know that is true? Noel tells her that MdR told Clemencia before she died. Regi says Dios mio, what kind of family are we that we kill each other? Now all of a sudden Mariela, Don Alberto and Dona Inez are there and Inez asks Noel what he is going to do with the house? He says close it for now, there has been too much tragedy here. Regi says and what about the finca and he says that was the beginning of our tragedies and there is too much bad juju there, too. (What about Clemencia?)

We go to the finca where Rod is with Arcadio, (that guy really does travel at the speed of light). Arca says he has done what he promised and has Rod brought what he promised? Rod asks for the key, and Arca tells him it is the only one to the cell where Leo is. Rod gives Arca a very heavy suitcase and says here is what I promised you. No one is ever to know about this negotiation, understand? Arca says he does. Rod tells Arca to take another exit because it is the most secure. Stupidly Arcadio believes him. He goes back to get the bag of Leo's money and jewels, and heads out the alternate exit. He promptly falls into the shaft that Rod had found before. Arcadio is moaning and saying my legs! Rod leans over the edge, and Arcadio calls him maldito! Rod says after all you have done, did you think you would just get away? Rod goes to leave and Arca says you can't leave me here, you have to get me out of here, traitor!!! Rod walks away.

Leo is sharing the cell of MdR with some rats and crying. She hears Arcadio moaning and starts to yell for him, Arcadio get me out of here, please! She is shocked when Rodrigo shows up at the door. He looks at her with intensity and says I'm sorry my dear Leonarda, but Arcadio can't let you out, and I have one question. Why did you keep MdR in here for all those years? Leo cries and says I'm not guilty, it was Arcadio, get me out of here, please! Rod says no, you don't deserve to be let out, not only did you kill the love of my life, Maria del Rosario, you also murdered Constanza! She says, no it's not true, Rod says stop lying! Leo keeps begging to be let out, but Rod goes on, and says in addition to that, you stole all of my money! Leo is begging, please let me out of here. Rod looks severe and says would you rather be left in here or go to prison as a murderer? She says, plaintively, you said you loved me. He says I lied, I never loved you, I only used you. The only woman I loved was MdR and you took her away from me. For this you are going to pay and stay here where you kept MdR, and experience the coldness, the craziness, the loneliness!! She continues crying and begging. He kisses her hand, and tells her he has some bad news, he asks her pardon for having to be the one to tell her this terrible news. She stops and listens, what are you talking about? He tells her it has to do with Renato. She says what happened to my son?! Rod says He's dead, he's dead, Arcadio killed him!!! She starts screaming NOOOOOO, he can't be dead, he can't be dead! Rod leaves while she continues screaming, she falls to the floor, screaming and screaming.

We go to the Juan/Regi residence, Regi is in a pink bathrobe, and Juan is very sweetly telling her to take it easy, he wants her to be well so their child will be healthy. He kisses her stomach, and she says I love you so much! He says, I know, you said it in the letter! They are both happy he read the letter. She notices his wounds on his face and asks him how did he get hurt, who hurt him? Juan flashes back to Rodrigo beating him in the cell, but says it's not important. As my mother said it's better to let go of resentment, I don't want to fight with anyone, all I want to do is be happy with you, that is all that is important. He says he loves her and kisses her, and he feels the baby move, they are both very happy.

Beautiful red/purple/yellow sky, and Rod is pacing in his house, realizing he needs money to get out of there. He needs to get back to the finca and get the jewels and money from Arcadio. And suddenly he is there. He walks past the covered furniture without seeing the letter Arcadio wrote detailing his crimes.

At the doc's office, Pablo has just received a letter from Rosenda, He fondly reads "Pablo, mi amor" Mom and I are fine, in response to what you asked me, I wanted to tell you something my father told me once. That Arcadio rigged the wheels of the carriage your uncle was driving so that there would be an accident and it would kill him, by the orders of Rodrigo Montes de Oca. Pablo thinks, Rodrigo Montes de Oca!

Crashing waves and we're back at the finca, Rod is looking at Arcadio at the bottom of the shaft, telling himself he has to find a way to get the money and jewels out of there. He turns around and conveniently there is a large branch which he picks up. He prods around next to the unconscious Arcadio. Arca comes to and grabs the branch, they struggle. Then Rodrigo has a big rock which he throws down on Arcadio, and another rock as Arcadio moans in pain, then is silent. Rod says "maldito." Now Rod is back in his bedroom, we are to assume he somehow used the branch to get the bag out of the hole and was teleported back home.

But, not so fast, Aguacil Breton appears with a search warrant and sets his soldiers to searching the house. Rod shouts, don't touch anything! Breton says this is an official document, go on searching. One of the soldiers finds the pink glove in the drawer - Capitan, look what I found! Breton says, what do you have to say about this woman's glove? Rod says ain't never seen it before and don't know whose it could be. Breton tells Rod he is officially arresting him until this investigation is complete.

Now we are at the prison and Cpt. Breton is showing the glove asking if anyone recognizes it? Phillippe recognizes it, it is Brigitte's! I gave those gloves to her as present before we left for Mexico. Rod says, this dude is lying, and asks him for proof. Phillippe says of course I have proof. When we found her body she had on the other one, and I kept it. He pulls it out of his pocket and hands it to Breton, who holds them up and says they are the same, what do you have to say now, Rod? He says I didn't kill her! It was Leonarda, she killed her out of jealousy! Horrified gasp from Phillippe! Breton says but this glove in your bedroom proves you were in on it. Rod says I'm not going to say one word until Leonarda gives her declaration. Breton says we will do that, but for now, you are the only one implicated and he tells the soldiers to lock him up.

Breton goes to the finca and finds the letter written by Arcadio. He confronts Rod with it and says here Arcadio detailed your crimes, and we also accuse you of the murder of Leonarda. Rod says it's a lie, let me be! Breton says, everything implicates you, confess, for the great love you had for Maria del Rosario, confess!! Rod leans against the wall repeating, Maria del Rosario. Okay, yes, I did it, I did all of it, I killed the older doc Miranda because we were afraid he would squeal, yes we tried get rid of the bastard, and I also asked Leo to ask Arcadio to kill Rosenda because no way am I going to recognize that I am the father of her child! I helped Leo get rid of Brigitte's body, that is all. That is what I am guilty of, leave me in peace. Breton says, Rodrigo Montes de Oca, for all these crimes you have confessed, you will be imprisoned for life. He locks Rod in a cell, and he has his turn with the rats.

Dramatic sky, and we are at Juan and Regi's. Noel is eating dinner with them and says how delicious it is. Regi says Juan prepared it. Noel asks what they wanted to talk to him about. Juan says since you are Regina's closest relative, I want to ask for her hand. Noel laughs in surprise and says, of course, of course! Juan holding a ring, asks her if she wants to return to being married to him. She says, of course, my love, with all my soul. Juan then puts the ring on her finger with her wedding ring. She shows Noel how beautiful it is. They kiss and Noel says may good bless you, and with all my heart I hope you are very happy.

We go to Rod dreaming in his cell, remembering everything that happened, Maria del Rosario and Juan Sr. MdR saying I would rather you kill me! He tosses and turns remembering his cruelty to Regina, and MdR telling him she forgives him for all the pain he caused. In the dream she is telling him he, too, needs to ask forgiveness, forgiveness from all those he hurt, while he still can, so he can live in peace. Rod wakes up groaning, looking around saying Maria del Rosario, his hair is not a in pony tail now. He keeps his new hairstyle and he has asked to see Noel to ask his forgiveness. He begs Noel's forgiveness and tells him he recognizes what a good and noble man he is. Noel says if he is truly speaking with his heart, he forgives him because he wants to live in peace and because he knows that Rod will be suffering in his soul with all the pain he caused. Noel starts to go and Rod says before you go, I want to ask you a favor. Noel says what kind of favor? Rod holds up the key and says after a month, not before, go to the cell where MdR was held. Noel says why? There is a strange present I want to give you there. You will be free to live as you want to, to be happy with the person you want to be with. Noel says I don't get it. Rod says you will. Go after a month has passed, not before.

Next to enter is Regina, she starts to try to touch Rod, to comfort him but he won't let her touch him, he says he doesn't deserve it. He tells her he begs her forgiveness for all the pain he caused her, that he knows he was a bad father, he always favored Aimee, and he is also guilty of her dying in the way that she did. Regi has been crying throughout this. She says I have nothing to reproach you about, nothing to forgive you for. She kisses his hand, he kisses her hand and says he never recognized her nobility, her generous heart. She says she wants him to know she loves him with all her heart and soul, Rod is crying now, too, and holds her to him. He thanks her and says he wants to tell her one more thing and then will let her go.

We are back at the J/R house and Juan says your father wants to talk to me? Regi says yes, but you aren't obligated to. I imagine how difficult it would be for you, so I release you from any promise to do so. We go to the fort and Juan is talking to Rod through the door. So you are asking for my pardon, for all that you have done, and here you are in the same cell where my father suffered so much because of your deeds, your orders. Rod says I know I've done terrible things, but the only thing I can say in my favor is that I did it for love, the love of your mother. Juan says but love does not destroy, love is noble. Rod says, yes I know, I see that now. Juan says because of the child we are expecting, I do forgive you. Rod says thank you, thank you for your nobility and compassion. Juan leaves and Rod walks slowly into the cell, saying forgive me Maria del Rosario, forgive me. He clutches his heart and collapses into the hay, pulling it down, and we see where Juan Sr. carved Ma. del Rosario into the wall. Rod cries, forgive me, clutching his heart, collapses to the floor and dies beneath her name.

Now it is a month later. Noel is slowly walking through the caverns at the finca. He smells something terrible, and opens the door to Leo's cell with the key. He just about falls over from the stench. We see rats on top of Leo's dress and what is left of her body. Noel realizes it is her, it is the body of Leonarda. He puts a cloth over his nose.

Clouds in the morning sky and we are at the notario office. Lulu is saying to Phillippe, do you really think you can make a living this way? He looks like the Burger King king in drag, wearing a ballerina skirt, toe shoes, and a crown and the sound speeds up so it's Spanish with a French accent in chipmunk. Lulu says what makes you think you can do this? He says he was such a good dancer at the pescadores wedding, and at the casino, he goes on talking about how wonderful it will be, dancing around her.

Happy get together is going on at J/R's house of all the newly weds, talking about their honeymoons, thanking Juan for the money to pay for them. Juan reveals that he and Regi are getting married anew. Everyone all happy and laughing. We go through time to the day of the wedding and Jimangela, Lulu and Jacinta are telling Regi how what a beautiful bride she is, which indeed she is.

Fulgencio is out for a stroll before the wedding on a promontory. He is telling himself how he is going to the wedding and no one will ever know what he has done. He lists everyone he has killed, congratulating himself. We hear ominous music and suddenly he sees a blue opal jewel on the ground. He picks it up saying he has heard that opals are bad luck. But he doesn't believe in superstition. He puts it in his pocket telling himself he is a very lucky man, a very lucky man. He walks a few steps further, trips on a rock, falls and cracks his head open on another rock. We see his blood dripping down the rock as his open hand holds the jewel. Pretty lame, if you ask me.

By the waves crashing on the rocks we know it is a transition, and Juan's wedding posse is riding in on horseback - Juan, Gabe, Remigio and the pescadores galloping along the beach all dressed up. Then we see Noel and Regina in a carriage, the town is all decked out and Juan and posse are riding along with them to a cheering crowd. Juan and Regi blow kisses to each other, everyone is cheering, the wedding party waving to the crowd, all of this to the theme song. Noel is escorting beautiful Regina with a huge train on her dress down the red carpet, followed by the other newlyweds, and doctorcito with Phillippe. While Juan is waiting for her at the alter, he looks up and sees a pair of white doves, he is moved, he knows who they are, very sweet. The Priest speaks, brothers, we are united today for the sacrament of marriage, it is what unites two people in a real love as in the case of Regina and Juan, who after all of their suffering, come to this day of triumph, to reunite with the blessing of God. This love to which we are witness is an example for all couples, remember that love is not selfish, love is courageous, it does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoices in truth. Truth, like love, cannot be hidden.

As the theme song plays, they exchange rings, and we see the doves superimposed on Juan and Regina as they are touching foreheads. Jimangela and Gabriel put the lasso around them, we see them exchange coins. Noel is thinking may God bless them and may they be happy. He turns around to see Mariela and nods to her, thinking he is sure that what will be is love. Juan and Regi stand up for everyone to applaud and they kiss, real, deeply. Then as they are walking out, Juan picks up Regi and they kiss again. We zoom out to see Veracruz from the air, then see them kissing on the Luzbel, and the narrator comes on saying - this was the story of the great love of Regina Montes de Oca and Juan de Dios San Roman, a love that overcame hate and vengeance, this is a grand story of love, the story of a Corazon Salvaje. We pan out to see the ship on the water - FIN.



Llena de Amor #16 Mon 8/30/10 A fat lady walks into a bar, see… oh heck, enough with the fat jokes!

Friday: Fedra is thoughtbubbling a laundry list of goodies she plans to acquire (the house, Marianela’s inheritance) while closing in on sleeping Emiliano, evil wiggly dagger in hand. She lifts it. Musica de suspenso say the captions.


Emiliano jerks awake with a yell. Fedra quick drops the dagger and kicks it under the bed with her foot. What is it, mi amor? she asks, all buttery concern. He tells her he had a terrible dream – so real! – that she wanted to kill him.

Emanuel is in bed, turning his fertility goddess figurine (all bosom and huge hips, a prehistoric Barbie) in his hands and thinking. He realizes he can’t sleep until he finds out what happened with Marianela. He pops out of bed and off he goes in search of her.

Marianela is still outside sitting on the garden wall with Delicia, who tells her she shouldn’t have covered for Mauricio. Marianela said she had no choice, because he would’ve blabbed that she’s in love with Emanuel. Delicia thinks they should go on inside before she catches cold. Marianela wants to stay and sit and think. Delicia tells her enough with the thinking, pack up her stuff and go live with Netty.

All this time we’ve been cross-eyed with puzzlement at Marianela’s choosing to stay in the house of horrors, but now she thoughtbubbles her reason: She wants to be near Emanuel. Apparently swimming in the alligator-filled moat that surrounds him is worth it.

So guess who walks up just at this moment and sweetly asks if maybe there’s any of that chicken soup she made left. She smiles gratefully, and gives him a long hug.

Fedra says she’s shocked Emiliano would think she would kill him. He says that she was like Salome, who wanted to his head off. Cut? says Fedra nervously. He looks at her and says he’s not so sure. Salome wanted the head of a just man, he explains, and she was someone who transfixed men with her dancing. You don’t do that for other men (Emiliano is more insightful in his sleep than awake, score one for Freud) but you did it for me. He breaks into a smile and wriggles happily. Do it for me again! Fortunately we don’t have to witness the performance.

Emanuel asks if Marianela is really okay after her fall (just her leg hurts a bit, but she says she’s well padded), and then says he really wants some of that soup. She wonders if he’s just being nice, but he tells her no, it smelled so great.

Fidel the chauffeur is driving Miss Lazy and telling her about her mother Muñeca being in danger. Ilitia isn’t particularly concerned – she figures her mother took pills again. Fidel explains about the woman who called. Ilitia rolls her eyes. So that’s when she took the pills? Fidel tells her Muñeca slit her wrists. Ilitia actually looks impactada.

And here’s why: She rants about how now it’ll show up in the media. How could her mother do that to her? Fidel tells her she’s being unfair. She tells him to shut it, and that when they get to the clinic, he’s to give her the keys to the car because he’s, like, soooo totally fired.

Emanuel is on his third bowl of soup, raving about it. It’s the best ever! She’s marriage material! Hahaha. She brightens. Good chicken soup is one of life’s necessities, he says. Marianela is a bit crushed by that last comment, but he doesn’t understand why.

Gretel comes into Axel’s room saying she couldn’t sleep, and she sees he’s awake too. She hopes she didn’t hurt his feeling with what she said earlier. He tells her he gets those kind of comments all the time, no big deal. She tells him whatever he needs, she’s always there for him. He tells her one day he’ll tell her what’s going on with him, but until that day comes, he’d like her not to ask. She snuggles next to him and hugs him fondly.

Emanuel asks Marianela why she was crying so hard earlier in the day. She tries to escape his questioning by saying she has to take some soup down to her old uncle. Emanuel won’t let her off the hook, so she says it was just a bad day what with his accident and the snake thing. Now can I take the soup down?

Manuel tells her she’s a wonderful person. Then he hugs her and pats her stomach and says not only is she wonderful, she’s about to give birth. She rolls her eyes. He realizes what he’s done and apologizes over and over. She keeps saying never mind, and tries to get past him to take the soup tray. Finally she gets out the door and Emanuel beats himself up for putting his foot in it yet again.

Marilda, a lady from the commercial production company, comes to the house and presents Marianela with a check for her appearance in the commercial. Marianela’s eyes pop at the amount, and so do Delicia’s. That’s how much she earns in a year! Marilda tells Marianela she’s going to be the most famous gordita in the country when the ad comes out! The boss included a bonus, he’s so happy with her.

Neridia is watching from a distance, unhappy, so maybe jealous.

What’s that sound? Why, it’s a beeping hospital monitor, familiar as our own heartbeats to us novela watchers. Muñeca seems to be unconscious in the bed, and Ilitia and her daddy are looking at one another. Ilitia hopes the press didn’t see her enter – she doesn’t need that. Lorenzo gingerly tells her that she’s not the important one right now (Ilitia arches an eyebrow in amazement), it’s her mother who needs support.

Ilitia tells him she’s upset with him – why didn’t he think of his family? He pleads that these things just happen. Ilitia wants to know what really happened, so he tells her the exact details don’t matter, it’s just that with women, well, age, menopause, hormones, you know…. he gestures helplessly at his wife. We have to be there for her. Ilitia tells him how sweet and understanding he is.

The doctor comes and says Muñeca (who apparently is just sleeping) could actually go home tomorrow, but she really needs to see a psychiatrist. Ilitia is horrified.

Neridia reports to Fedra about the money Marianela just got and Fedra wonders evilly who would give her money?

Delicia is very happy for Marianela and wants to know why she didn’t tell her before. Marianela tells her it was just a fluke, and she doesn’t want to do it again. Delicia tells her she’s nuts when that kind of money is involved. Fedra appears on the stairs and wants to know what they’re talking about.

Marianela tells her it’s a check from the agency. Fedra scoffs that it must be a gift, or did she have a job there making coffee for everyone? Marianela tells her she was a model. Fedra scoffs some more, but Kristel, who is coming down the stairs stops in her tracks in amazement. La gordita a model?

Muñeca wakes up and Ilitia tells her she’ll help her get a shrink. Then she tells her off – why did she do something so stupid? Muñeca tells her her father had a lover. Out in the hall, he tells Ilitia not to bring it up when they’re at home. Ilitia is huffy. She knows he’s had some women on the side, but one who’d make a call like that? Tacky, tacky tacky. He assures her that the woman means nothing to him. Ilitia wants to know why he’d let that woman call the house. She tells him to look out – stuff like this could get in the paper and ruin her career! Then she plays her big card. If it happens again, she says, she’s moving out. He hugs her, supplicating. Nope, she says, pushing him off. I don’t want you in my sight. She flounces out. He gapes after her.

At the police station, Brandon’s boss asks him to come to his office. Oliver is afraid the rich folks are getting him fired. Brandon says the accident wasn’t his fault, plus the guy walked out of the hospital, so he’s not worried.

But when he gets into the office, he finds out that the problem is the airport incident. His boss has the TV y Novelas issue with Ilitia on the cover in front of him. Brandon swears that things didn’t come down like the press says, and he prevented a tragedy. His boss wants to know why he didn’t explain himself at the time – now there’s nothing he can do. Brandon’s suspended.

Kristel is fidgeting with fury – she just can’t believe that she did modeling school and everything, and Marianela got to be in a commercial. Fedra sneers that models usually are exponentially smaller sizes. Marianela just stares at them. Marilda explains that the commercial was for a diet aid, hands her her receipt and gladly gets out of there.

Which of course leaves Marianela in the clutches of Kristel and Fedra. Fedra circles her and says good thing she’s using diet aids to get rid of that mountain of fat. Marianela explains that she’s not using them, the whole thing just was happenstance. They ridicule her and Marianela decides she’s outta there. Hold it right there, says Fedra, snatching her check. This is mine.

In the police locker room, Brandon shows Oliver the magazine. Oliver is shocked to see that it says that Brandon molested Ilitia. Brandon says they just wrote that to sell magazines, of course he didn’t, and now he’s suspended indefinitely.

The writers do some gleeful arm pumping that they scored that direct hit on TV y Novelas. Whooo-hoo!

Every time Marianela grabs for her check, Fedra pulls it away, laughing. Marianela protests that she worked for that money, but Fedra says it’s no work for her to be fat. Marianela tells her she earned it, it was a horrible experience. Fedra says she’ keeping it to pay back the money her daughter spent on Marianela. They’re not a charity, you know. Marianela protests she didn’t ask for the clothes, and doesn’t even like them, they’re maternity things! Kirstel fake cries that she’s so ungrateful. Besides, in this house, everyone does what my mama says. Marianela runs off, defeated. Fedra and Kristel eyeball the check and gloat.

Emanuel has gone down to the police station, along with Benigno who was nice enough to go along to provide comic relief (and also to give somebody for Emanuel to bounce dialog off so he doesn’t have to thoughtbubble), to tell them that he’s not pressing any charges for the accident.

For some reason I didn’t get, Netty intends to go get all of her savings and hand them over to the lawyer who will be handling Marianela’s inheritance case for her. Her housemates tell her that’s a really bad idea, who knows if he’s honest? Netty feels she needs protection from Fedra. The others feel Fedra just wanted to give her a fright, but Netty says they don’t know what she’s capable of.

The mysterious renter comes into the room and we find out her name is Angela. Besides that, she’s dressed in a long white skirt and lacy white top – we get the point. She apologizes for what happened, she can’t control those things. Letty says they understand, but who is Juan Pastor? Angela has no idea – he’s never possessed her before. The others cross themselves frantically. Angela guesses it’s somebody connected with Letty. The others tease her that maybe it was some old boyfriend. Netty doesn’t remember the name. Angela tells her such blows can come at any time, usually from behind.

Just then the lawyer comes into their living room, bearing flowers and smiling waaay to much if you ask me. Netty flutters her eyelids and the others are excited.

Bernardo, in sunglasses, no less, I guess going for a Hollywood vibe, comes in and tells Fedra that the car is ready. She tells him he knows when she sees her stylist, she always goes alone. Bernardo says he knows, but it’s not a good day to go see him. Fedra slings her mega purse onto her shoulder and smilingly bounces out.

Emanuel tells a desk-bound cop that it wasn’t the other driver’s fault. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, in fact, and he’d hate to see the other guy get in trouble. Benigno provides comic background as he keeps popping up to say what a splendid fellow Emanuel is, who never lies and is a great sportsman with all these trophies, etc.

Everybody except Mama Dolores seems excited that the lawyer has come calling. He is offered tea and cookies, and he sparkles that it’s wonderful to be surrounded by all these ladies. He comes to the point: He accepts Marianela’s case. The ladies giggle and clap.

Flora, the maid, is walking Muñeca, who looks kinda weak, to a chair. Muñeca resignedly notes that she’s barely home, and already Lorenzo is off with his lover. Flora tells her he’s at work, but Muñeca’s not buying it. Flora asks her how a fine lady like her could do something like that. Life is a gift from God! Muñeca thinks God has forgotten her. She feels so alone, so useless. Flora’s sure she’s just forgotten God, he wouldn’t forget her, since she’s done so much good.

That reminds Muñeca – she needs to write a charity check. She asks Flora to get Fidel for her. Fedra tells her Ilitia fired him.

Sure enough, Lorenzo has gone to see Begoña, his lover, who is happy and thinks he’s come to see his child. Nope, he tells her, he came to get her out of his life. It’s over. She tells him not so fast, but he replies that other women have tried to trick him in the same way and in almost every case, they were faking.

Almost every case? says Begoña, who glommed onto that, same as we did. You have other kids out of wedlock? Lorenzo settles into the couch and says Ilitia is his only child. From her he gets all the love and tenderness any father could ever want. I’m not interested in your child.

She starts to yell at him, but he yells back that she’s never to call his house again. If she tries to contact his wife in any way, she’ll be muy pero muy sorry. She hollers at him that she’s been with him five years and she knows him. He’s a womanizer, a jerk, (then, changing tactic) but also in the end a gentleman and he’ll do the right thing. She doesn’t believe she was just a fling. She’ll go get the baby!

He stops her and tells her she was just a fling, that he’s had plenty of other women and she’s by no stretch the best. There’s no baby, right? He leaves, laughing “women!”

The lawyer happily tells Letty and the ladies that Marianela’s going to get what’s hers. He exclaims over the cookies – oops, looks like he’s eaten them all, so sorry. Mama Dolores tells him there are some left in the kitchen. He asks if he can have some to take home. Why, he’ll settle the case in five days, and if he can’t, by golly he’ll rip his diploma right off the wall and throw it out.

Muñeca tells Ilitia off for firing Fidel. Ilitia says he was disrespectful and besides, it’s not important. Muñeca says oh yes it is, and she’s not going to let Ilitia wreck the life of a responsible and hardworking guy. Ilitia’s to come with her to go hire him back.

Fedra is at the police station, wanting to bring charges against Brandon. The cop tells him Emanuel was there and didn’t want to press charges. Fedra gets out a wad of cash and lays it on his desk. He policeman looks at it somberly, struggling with his conscience, then asks what it is she wants. She wants the investigation to show that Brandon was trying to murder her son.

Brandon is driving home, mad that he spent all these years risking his skin on the job and for this?

Meantime, Ilitia is driving her mother to the chauffeur’s and dramatically telling her that she’ll never get over the shame of driving to some barrio to ask a chauffeur’s pardon. Muñeca says it almost sounds like Ilitia believes that somebody who has less means in life is beneath her. Ilitia looks like “well, DUH!” Of course he’s beneath me. Muñeca tells her she’ll be sorry one day she said that.

We know of course that if two novela characters are driving in the massive megalopolis of Mexico city, they will end up at the same place sooner rather than later. So let’s see if that happens. Five bucks says it does.

Muñeca needs to ask somebody directions, and Ilitia said she’s not stepping a glass-slippered foot out of the car. They stop and in seconds armed bandits are on them.

Brandon is driving by and sees. Wow, we didn’t have to wait long. I’m five bucks up! He stops a bit down the street and realizes he’s handed in his pistol.

Down in his basement fortress, the general is demanding that Delicia tell him why Marianela’s was crying in the garden. Delicia wants to know how he knows that, and he says he has his information channels, top secret. Delicia refuses to say, just saying the snake was huge and scary. The general says it must have something to do with Mauricio. He asks Delicia again, and she says sorry, top secret. He tells her to get Marianela chop chop.

The baddies are pounding on the car, wanting Muñeca to open up, but she and Ilitia debate fearfully what to do. Finally Ilitia decides her beauty will incapacitate them like Kryptonite, and she opens the door and gets out.

Marianela has appeared before the general. He says he wants the truth – what’s happening with her and Manuel? I saw you hugging him. Marianela fudges around and says he never leaves the basement, how could he know. He says he has his ways of seeing everything that happens. What’s going on?

The baddies drag Muñeca out of the car and both guys are threatening the women with guns when Brandon walks up and tells them to stop. Ilitia recognizes him and thinks Oh, crap, it’s the guy from the airport. Just what I need. Butt out! she tells him. Can’t you let these guys rob us in peace, naco? I don’t care if you are a policeman.

Police, huh? says one baddie, who fires two shots into Brandon.

Marianela tells the general that she was really down and Emanuel was just comforting her. The general says he doesn’t want Emanuel taking advantage of her. She says he’s really a great guy, it’s nothing like that, he’s very fond of her. The general asks exactly how fond of him she is.

Avances: Avert your eyes - Fedra is in a bubble bath with Lorenzo. Emiliano walks in a door and looks surprised. Emanuel has Marianela’s diary in his hands, but in another scene is asking his friend Andre if Marianela is in love with him, like it’s news.


STuD 8/30/10, Ep. 66: The Dinner Party Ends with a Whimper

Capitulo 66

Continued from last week: Leonor is chatting with Valentina while JM awkwardly converses with Ivana in the background. Has anybody ever noticed that Leonor draws her lip liner way past her natural lips? She’s edging toward Bozo territory here. Leonor hopes that Valentina isn’t troubled by those rumors about JM and the woman that got him expelled from the seminary. Valentina, who is starting to look pretty troubled indeed, is rescued when Jose Miguel strides over in his maitre d’ outfit and inquires as to what the ladies are talking about.

“Just girl talk,” Leo smirks as she leaves to join Fed in the living room. “I hope she wasn’t telling you anything bad,” Jose Miguel tells Valentina, who assures him that Leo was the picture of politeness. The lovebirds step out for a breath of fresh air, but not before catching the attention of Ivana.

Valentina tells Jose Miguel he’s looking guapo (handsome), and he tells her she’s looking preciosa (precious, beautiful). “I’m glad Ivana has finally accepted our relationship,” JM says, alluding to Skankula’s boozy toast last episode. Valentina, however, is worried that her cousin perhaps isn’t being 100% sincere. You’re kidding! Unfortunately Valentina derails this promising train of thought to ask JM exactly what happened to him in the seminary.

“No hay mucho que contar,” Jose Miguel says. There isn’t much to say. Valentina insists that if they’re going to get hitched, there really shouldn’t be any secrets between them. She wants to know everything about this mystery woman who caused his downfall, starting with her name.

“Arcelia Olivares,” Jose Miguel says. She was a young woman who’d hit bottom because of difficult circumstances, and he’d tried to help her turn her life around, but …

“She fell in love with you,” Valentina guesses. That’s a pretty safe bet for any human with two XX chromosomes. Or any human with chromosomes, period. “And that’s why they expelled you from the seminary?”

But wait, there’s more! One day while JM was showering, Arcelia snuck into his room. An excellent plan, since we all know how much Jose Miguel LOVES his showers. A priest found her in his bed. “So you didn’t have relations with her,” Val says. Valentina‘s juuuust making sure. Of course JM didn’t, but the seminary officials didn’t believe him, and “asi se frustro mi vida de misionero.” And that’s how my missionary life was thwarted.

But, “lo que paso, paso.” What happened, happened, and thanks to God, Jose Miguel is now here, on the verge of getting married to Valentina, “una mujer maravillosa” (a wonderful woman). The lovebirds seal that statement with a kiss.

Afterward, JM tell Val he has something for her, but he can’t quite remember what it is. It’s something like, something like … this, he says, whipping out the ring box. Smoove, Jose Miguel. I’m sorry, I just can’t take him seriously right now. His slicked-back hair and white suit jacket make him look like some greasy European gigolo. Leonor must’ve picked that monstrosity out for him. All part of her evil plan!

Valentina is entranced by the ring and its sparkle, supplied by the special-effects department. It’s beautiful, she says, but he really didn’t have to buy her anything, especially considering his financial situation. Don’t worry, Valentina, JM didn’t spend one single centavo on you. He explains that the ring belonged to his paternal grandmother, and now Leonor wants Valentina to have it. I can't accept it, Valentina protests. Jose Miguel insists, saying it’s a sign that his mother has finally accepted their love. The special-effects intern makes the ring sparkle a few more times, and Valentina professes her amor to Jose Miguel before diving into another liplock.

Across town, Felipe is talking with Padre Ventura. “It’s too bad that Sandra’s mother doesn’t accept me,” Felipe laments. Maybe she has valid reasons for opposing your relationship, Padre Ventura says. Even for a priest, you’re a terrible wingman, Padre. He suggests Enshreiketa could be worried about what will happen to her daughter after Flippy’s stint in San Pedro ends. Flippy would disappear forever, and Sandra would be devastated.

Meanwhile, Sandy is still recovering from last episode’s confrontation with her mother. “My mother never hit me before,” she sobs as Moises comforts her. Why does she hate Felipe? Sandy asks. Moises sagely says it’s because Enshreiketa is afraid Sandra will marry Felipe and move away forever. Sandy thinks mom's moving a bit too fast, since she and Flippy are barely getting to know each other. But if things go well, she would definitely go with him to Mexico City. “Lo se, y creéeme que no me opongo,” Moises says. I know, and believe me I’m not opposed. She can always count with his apoyo (support).

Moises says Flippy is a “formal” man who respects Sandy. “You never said that about Horacio,” Sandy notes. Well, Moises never thought Horacio was adecuado (adequate) for Sandy. Moises never told her openly because, unlike her mother, he doesn’t like to interfere with her decisions. Enshreiketa will come around to Felipe eventually, he says, before wishing his “princesa” (princess) a good night. “I love you lots!” she calls after him. Me too, Moises says. Dad of the Year! I sincerely hope that Sandy showers Moises with nothing but the very finest neckties and golf accoutrements every Dia De Los Padres (Father’s Day).

In the living room, Enshreiketa tearfully asks Moises how Sandy is doing. “Does she understand that I only hit her because she disrespected me?” she asks. Moises is unmoved. Don’t even think about doing it again, he says, “or you and I will have to talk … about divorcio!” Enshrekeita is shocked.

Back at Los Cascabeles, Gaby is playing hostess to the guests. Leonor tells Federico it’s time they got going. She leaves to fetch Jose Miguel and Ivana offers to accompany her. Gaby exits, too, and Fed starts making eyes at Tizzy. I’m glad they finally left us alone, he says meaningfully. “Why?” Tizzy asks, aghast.

They have a lot to talk about, Fed says, adding that she knows exactly what he means. He tries to clutch her hands, but she shakes them off. “Are you upset with me over that kiss I gave you?” Fed asks. No, she says, but they can’t take these liberties. Why not? asks clueless Fed. Because you’re a married man, Tizzy protests, and your son is about to marry my niece!

Oh yeah, that, Fed admits. But he had to talk to her now, before the wedding takes place, because he’s running out of time. Time to talk to her with his “corazon en la mano (heart in his hand)” and tell her what he really feels for her. There’s nothing to say! Tizzy protests, but Fed kisses her hand and presses on. Why don’t we give ourselves a chance to revive that love that “dejamos a medias?” (Literally, what we left halfway, or left unfinished.)

“I’m prepared to leave Leonor in order to spend the final days of my life with you,” Fed says. “What do you say? Do you accept?” Tizzy is silent, thinking … well, it’s hard to tell what Tizzy thinks, she has a better pokerface than Lady Gaga.

Outside, Ivana is questioning Leonor about her sudden change in attitude toward JM and Valentina. “If JM has decided to marry Valentina, I have no alternative but to accept it,” Leonor shrugs. After all, he’s her only son.

“I don’t believe you,” Ivana says. “You’re plotting something.” Leonor brushes off Ivana’s “tonterias” (foolishness) before reminding Ivana of her sincere brindis (toast) to the happy couple’s future.

Ivana says she had no choice. She lives off of Valentina, and she can’t risk getting thrown onto the street. Leo chuckles evilly. “You see? We both have reasons for changing our minds. We each have our own … interests.”

Inside, Fed is telling Tizzy that they have to act before it’s too late. “It’s already too late!” Tizzy says. Not because Fed is about to die, but because they just aren’t the same people anymore. “We shared something beautiful, but. …” Fed isn’t letting go that easily. “Let me give you the love I’ve always had for you,” he says. Tizzy begs him to stop. “No podemos regresar los manecillas del reloj!” We can’t turn back the hands on the clock! What they had died long ago, and the only thing they can do now is bury it! And on that upbeat note, Tizzy feigns illness and flees the room, leaving Fed alone and crying.

Outside, Ivana is still working on Leo. “If we join forces,” Ivana says, “we can separate Jose Miguel and Valentina!” Leonor suggests they drop the subject as Jose Miguel and Valentina come walking toward them. Leo walks away with the power couple, leaving Ivana behind, stewing. “Vieja bruja,” she fumes. Old witch!

Inside, the party breaks up. The music swells as Jose Miguel and Val bid farewell. “Don’t forget to tell Gaby what I told you,” JM says. “It’s an excellent idea,” Val says, giving him a big kiss.

The music cuts out abruptly as JM tosses a “see ya” to Ivana as he hustles out the door. Valentina tells Skankita how surprised she was to see Ivana at her party. “It was absurd for me to oppose your wedding with Jose Miguel,” Ivana says innocently. “I realize that you two really love each other.”

Do you mean it? Valentina asks gullibly as the viewers start tossing things at the TV screen. Ivana says that Jose Miguel chose Valentina, and she’s not willing to fight over a man. Moreover, she and Tizzy are thinking of moving back to Mexico City, right after the wedding. “I wouldn’t miss your wedding for anything,” Ivana says. Uh-oh. Val really ought to send Ivana away during her wedding; I hear North Korea is very nice this time of year. Ivana hugs her “hermanita” before congratulating her again and scuttling off. “Ojala sea verdad, Ivana,” Valentina muses to herself. “I hope to God that’s true.”

Over at Montesinos Manor, JM is thanking Leonor for not causing an international incident at the party. Leonor says though he might not believe it, she’s disposed to having a good relationship with Valentina and her family. Leo tries to retire to her crypt, but Fed has to make an announcement. Fed tells them that the mortgage on Leo’s half of the property is way past due. Leo doesn’t want to talk about it, but JM asks Fed how much time they have to get current on the loan. “One month at the most,” Fed says grimly. Leo doesn’t see the problem -- maybe Jose Miguel can ask Valentina for a loan! JM, of course, flat-out refuses to take a single penny from Val.

The only solution, Fed says, is to sell the Mexico City property.

“Never!” Leo roars. But Fed says that selling the property, and resolving Leo’s mortgage, would be a wonderful wedding gift for Jose Miguel and Valentina. I guess they’re not getting that Tupperware set, then. “Mil veces no!” Leonor shouts, a thousand times no! Fed tells Leonor that’s too bad, because the property is in his name and he’s already made up his mind to sell it!

She stalks off, and JM tells Fed that he doesn’t want the mortgage to become a source of strife for them. Fed says the Mexico City house is his gift to JM, and he can do whatever he wishes with it.

Back at Los Cascabeles, Valentina discovers Tizzy crying quietly in her room. She tries to blame her bout of sentimentality on “la luna llena” (the full moon) before admitting she’s crying over Federico. He’s dying of cancer, Tizzy tells Valentina, who’s very surprised at the news. “You love him a lot, don’t you?” Valentina asks. Tizzy says yes, but beyond that, Federico told her that he wants to spend his final days by her side! Valentina is stunned.

Down in the kitchen, Gaby is helping Benita and Lummy clean up and reflects on how perfectly the party went. Lummy respectfully disagrees, saying she couldn’t stand that stuff they toasted with. It tickled the inside of her mouth, and it could’ve used a little more sugar. Lummy, your bumpkin is showing. Gaby tells her they toasted with a “brut” champagne, and Lummy becomes indignant. She’s no “bruta,” or dumb brute! Gabby giggles and hugs Lummy.

Upstairs, Tizzy finishes telling Valentina all about her relationship with Fed. As Ivana passes by in the hall, Valentina counsels Tizzy that life is short, and if Tizzy really loves Fed, she should comply with his final wishes. It would cause great pain to Leonor, Valentina admits. But then Tizzy could live with the happy memories of realizing her love for Fed, and causing great pain to Leonor.

“At the cost of your own happiness?” Tizzy asks Valentina. The moment Fed asks Leonor for a divorce, Leo would start poisoning her son against Fed, and then. …” But Valentina is sure that JM would understand that Fed wants to spend his final days with the woman who truly makes him happy. But Tizzy says that just like she told Fed, it’s much too late for them. Moreover, she promised Ivana that she wouldn’t see Federico anymore. Outside, eavesdropping Ivana looks less than sympathetic. Tizzy says that though she and Federico will never be together, she will continue loving him, even “mas alla de la muerte” (beyond death itself).

At Montesinos Manor, Leonor is telling Fed that she agreed to JM’s marriage, not to JM gaining control of the Mexico City property! Federico doesn’t understand her fixation on the Mexico City house, but Leo still dreams they’ll move back there together one day. Just one big happy family: Leo, JM and the urn containing Fed’s ashes. Federico says JM will never return to Mexico City, much less now that he’s marrying Valentina. “La vida da muchas vueltas,” Leo sneers. Life takes many twists.

Fed tells Leo that selling the Mexico City house is the only thing that can turn around JM’s economic fortunes. Leo says she’d rather not lose everything when JM’s ranch fails. Federico insists that JM can make the Montesinos hacienda a success, but Leo dismisses them as a couple of dreamers. “This maldito (damned) ranch will never succeed!” she yells.

Back in her room, Ivana is taking a swig of wine. “With or without the help of Leonor Montesinos, I’m going to stop that wedding,” she schemes.

A few doors down, Valentina is dreaming about her wedding to Jose Miguel. They’re in the Mexico City church, but all their friends from San Pedro are in attendance. Valentina runs up to JM, who stares at her eerily before kissing her hand. During the vows he turns away, and as Valentina begs him not to do this to her, it’s Alonso who turns around. “No!” she screams before waking up. “Jose Miguel me ama!” a shaken Valentina repeats to herself. “Jose Miguel loves me!”

The next day, San Pedro is preparing for a grand celebration replete with rides, booths and music. Padre Ventura shoos away some workers who are trying to set up a wooden structure next to the church. “When this thing goes off, I don’t want all of San Pedro to go deaf!” he explains. I might be able to explain this. When I attended a similar fiesta for my mother’s hometown in Jalisco state many years ago, a rickety wooden tower was bedecked with fireworks, which absolutely terrified young Genelia as they showered sparks into the crowd. Yay for repressed memories!

Crisanta runs up to Padre Ventura and asks for her job back. Padre Ventura rejoices at the prospect of some decent grub before asking Cris why she changed her mind. Crisanta says she took PV and Lummy’s opinions into account and thought it over. PV says he’ll have to check with Valentina, but Cris assures him that she apologized to Valentina and the deal still stands. PV is thrilled and asks Crisanta to go spiff up the altar in preparation for San Pedro’s fiesta. Padre Ventura then returns to noisily shouting directions at the work crew.

At Los Cascabeles, Timo is asking Illuminada to accompany him to the fair. They’ll have bulls and games and more! Lummy blows him off, saying she’s running errands for Benita. Timo gets poetical and compares her to “una estrella fugaz,” a shooting star. Lummy laughs and runs away. “Illuminada! Illuminada!” he calls, before sadly noting “me lleva a la fregada.” That’s a slightly impolite way of saying “I’m doomed.”

Over at Horacio’s store, JM is on the phone arranging something for the school construction. JM insists on paying for the call, but Horacio refuses. Horacio suggests that JM pay for his entrance to tomorrow’s dance, but JM does him one better and says he’ll cover tomorrow’s costs for “all four of them.” After all, Horacio agreed to escort Gaby, and JM assures him that she’s very pretty and they’ll hit it off immediately.

Meanwhile Gaby is admiring Valentina’s sparkling engagement ring. Valentina asks her what she thought of JM’s parents. Well, Gabby says, Fed seems like a wonderful guy, and as for Leo, uh … Gaby quickly changes the topic and starts imitating Ivana’s grand entrance and dramatic toast. “She’s a hypocrite!” Gaby says: Ivana’s just dying of rage and jealousy. Valentina admits that she’s less than convinced by Ivana’s about-face, and is relieved that Ivana’s heading back to Mexico City after the wedding.

Over at Los Cascabeles’ stables, the workmen are talking about Valentina’s Lady Godiva stunt, comparing her to the biblical Eve. One mentions Valentina’s … assets. Rosendo promptly tackles him and fires him on the spot. The worker protests that he was only joking, but Rosendo won’t relent. Maybe now he’ll show some respect for the woman who paid for the very food he eats! Rosendo asks if any of the other workers intend to joke about La Duena, but they all scatter.

Ivana does a slow-clap for Rosendo as she walks into the clearing. “Bravo for the gentleman defending his lady,” she says. Although she wouldn’t waste her time defending Valentina’s virtue, she says, since there’s not much left to defend. Rosendo warns Ivana not to provoke him. Ivana says she’s just telling the truth -- the workers all saw Valentina show up practically naked at the hacienda the other day. And if Valentina behaves like that now, imagine how wantonly she’ll behave when she’s alone with her beloved Jose Miguel. Ivana sashays away as Rosendo fumes wordlessly.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Dinero Mon. Aug. 30, 2010 Where's An Old Polaroid Camera When You Need It?

What a disappointment! Thought we were going to have a wild night of bikini bimbos cavorting in the pool and instead we're circling the drain again. Same old competition (Marino's out to bury Rafa and Ale), same old schemes (Marcos and Chavez are trying to hustle the hacienda), same old skirmishes between Rafa and Ale (you touched my hand...no, you grabbed mine!), same old dementia (Jorge still can't remember his security code) and the usual nonsense with the sales force at Auto Siglo. How do you say "filler" in Spanish? Hoping Private 057 has more luck tomorrow night. More luck than the hapless Zetina who evidently messed up the picture of Marco's faithless smooch with Carmela.

We begin with Daniel's proposal to Marian. By the way, while I think she's lovely, that garishly dyed faux fur vest she's sporting is the pits. Adds bulk and looks wretched. If Daniel proposes when she's looking like that, clearly the man is madly in love.

Maybe so. But Marian is not. She hedges and he says Take your time. Think it over. And in the meantime, enjoy the ring and driving this snazzy sports car. Now there's an offer she can't refuse.

From glamour to grit. Rafa arrives back at the barrio with a reeking, unshaven Jaime. Miss Havisham, aka Vicky, still dragging her veil at half-mast, shrieks Pajarito! and we're off. While Jaime and Rafa cower and cringe, she's belting out the decibels. YOU THINK I'M CRAZY!? YOU'VE MADE ME THE UNHAPPIEST WOMAN ON EARTH!!! BUT I STILL LOVE YOU, PAJARITO! HOW DARE YOU ASK ME TO FORGET YOU!!!!?????

Did you hear that? stammers Rafa. How could I not? sez Jaime. That voice would carry for three kilometers. A little discussion on "crazy" ensues. Rafa maintains that it's equally crazy for Jaime to keep camping outside his house, and crazier still to go without bathing. For God's sake, get yourself together. Jaime promises that if Rafa will get him just one more chance to talk to Julieta, he promises never to bother her again.

Back at Marco's apartment, the Swiss bank account mystery deepens. Jorge lists four reasons why he can't remember or find the missing number, and Rosario adds a fifth. If you've hidden the number somewhere it won't be here but back at the house. Eureka, yes, that's it. And of course my wife knows it, muses Jorge, but, alas she's dead. Marco gets a call from Chavez (make that Urdiales for the home folks) and says he must go, leaving Rosario and Jorge as bewildered as ever. Chavez is boasting that he has the perfect man for the job of fake buyer of hacienda. Once Marco looks him over, he's less than convinced. But Jorge IS convinced....convinced that his daughter Ale is not happy in her marriage. He can see it in her face. (Okay, his memory's no good but he's got some brain neurons left.)

Ready for some Auto Siglo gossip? Okay. First Marino, whose ego is as big as all outdoors, is gloating about how he's going to outsell Rafita on trucks and take over the managerial position. And Claudia and the General are still trying to soothe Rosaura's hurt feelings about her husband stepping out with a new woman. How could any woman put up with your jerk of a husband!? sneers the General. Scant comfort, but still....

After the ads, Marino and his Ego saunter into the meeting where he boasts to Ale of his plan to outdo Rafa. She tries to deflate him by pointing out he needs to come up with a written sales plan, no need to pontificate at the meeting. Exit Marino and pontificating honors go to Ramirez. When he drones on about Marino leaving "ex abrupto" Claudia thinks he called Marino a "bruto". Major eye rolling while our scholar bemoans her lack of culture. Enough of that. And Ale feels the same. Meetings over, get to work all of you!

Marco is now at our friendly bar looking over Chavez' prospect. And not liking what he sees. For one thing, the guy won't give his real name. Insists on being called Camarón (shrimp). And worse, insists on actually seeing the property, as if he were indeed a serious buyer. Marco is so not happy with this. And you bought him several tequilas, he kvetches at Chavez. Nopis. Not happy. Not happy at all. After another round of ads, he and Chavez are mulling over the Swiss bank account mystery. Must be a fortune there but those dang Swiss won't turn over a penny without authorization. You may be in love with your wife and all sweet on her family, but don't forget, Marco, your principal interest is the money, nudges Chavez. And don't we all know it!

Another swing by Auto Siglo where Doña Arcadia has rounded up the troops to invite them to her 50th birthday party. They all valiantly pretend to believe she's only 50. And she pretends to believe they're sincere. And then finally grins and says, well I'm celebrating 50 years in business. And you're all, and that includes Beltran and Trapito, invited to my house in Cuernavaca for a rip-roaring party. Your spouses and mates are all welcome-- but no kids. I don't want them pissing in my pool or tearing up my flower beds. Point taken. And no excuses! Y'all come! Now back to work. Sell, sell, sell!

Macho Marino is certainly taking this message to heart. And here's his latest scheme. While he's flogging trucks on the outside, Ramirez has to help him continue to sell cars from the showroom. The plan? If a client shows up, asking for him, Ramirez will invite him to his office, ply him with coffee and palaver while phoning Marino to get back on site pronto. Ramirez doesn't think this will work and says so, but Marino is adamant. With his toady's help, he WILL be in two places at once. Because he hates Alejandra and Rafa. And he must become head of sales. Another "crazy" to add to our list.

This section of the show ends with a conversation between Marian and Chepis , overheard by Julieta. Chepis finds out about the proposal and wants to know her "jefa's" answer. Well, Marian was going to say "no" but didn't get a chance. And he IS a great catch, he's from my world, he's from my social class--not like Medina--and we've shared a lot of special moments, and a lot of special places.

Okay, you guys who love to speculate....will Marian accept Daniel's offer? Will these two be together at the end? Let's place some bets here.

Alright, more ads and more scheming. Chavez and Marco are still muttering about Camarón (not a name I'd choose as a man, but maybe "camarón" doesn't have the same connotation as "shrimp" in our language). Is he trustworthy? And can we convince the Alvarez family to sell the hacienda at a giveaway (tres pesos) price?

Not only more scheming but more bickering. Ale and Rafa....who else? Where were you all day? she sneers Hanging out with Marian again? Are you jealous? You wish! (brincos diera) Enter Doña Arcadia? Am I interrupting? She invites them to the party, Ale asks if she can bring her ESPOSA, indeed she can and the scene ends with a nyahnjah look at poor Rafa. Boy, they can't get that door up between their offices fast enough! No indeed.

Things are getting heated back at the bar also. Carmela has called, in a swivet, and must meet with Marcos personally. Meanwhile Marcos is insisting Chavez visit the hacienda to find out what the current profits are. Chavez is leery of the headless ghost and wants no part of it. But since Carmela is about to arrive, he hustles out.

Back to the Bickersons. Doña Arcadia has left but they're still sputtering. Rafa points out that his jaunt with Marian to Monterrey resulted in truck sales--in cash. Well fine, pay me what you owe me and have done with it. The camera focuses on Ales legs and high heels. A pencil drops. They both reach for it. Hands touch. Faces come close. Hearts beat faster. Temperatures rise. IT'S MORE ADS! DANG.

Ugh. Now we're back with Marcos and Carmela. She doesn't like his casual greeting and goes in for a barracuda kiss. It's long enough that Zetina the spy can fumble with the camera and take a picture. Of course the poor schlump then messes with said camera, punches some buttons and I'm pretty sure he cancelled the pics. Since I'm a complete cretin with digital cameras I can't say for sure, but give me a gool ol' Kodak Brownie any day.

Things aren't going well back with our lovers either. Listen Medina, get your hand off mine! I'm a married woman, remember. She even waves her hand like it smells bad. What a wretched woman! After Rafa slinks off, she caresses her cheek with her hand and sniffs it nostalgically. I can't really get on board with this sniffing of clothes and body parts so dear to Mexican telenovelas, but if it works for you, enjoy. Like I said though, this Alejandra is a P.R.O.J.E.C.T.

Julieta gets home, tries to pretend she's not disappointed to trip over Jaime outside the door and tells Mamita Leonor all about Daniel's proposal to Marian. Mom looks worried.

Next scene is the killer. Rafa's Boys Club, all clumped together, are peeking around the office door. Zepina, errr, Zetina is in the forefront, happy as a clam about the incriminating photo. Great excitement. Rafa grabs the camera and looks. Great disappointment. Arrgggh. And there we end.

A sexy swimming pool party!!! Are we going to fall for this again? Marcos and Rafa have a confrontation.


chiflado = crazy (Jaime swears he isn't)
el candidato idonéo = the perfect candidate (Chavez about "Camarón)
donde mande el capitán....= first part of a dicho that says when the captain orders, the sailor complies (Marcos saying he has to go meet Urdiales when he requests it)
es pan comido para me = it's easy as pie for me, it's a cakewalk for me, Marino boasting about his ability to best Rafa
comiendo el mandado = getting the best of someone (Claudia sneering that Rafa always outdoes Marino)
la jalada = tug, pull, also means garbage or rubbish (Dona Arcadia saying no rubbish, no excuses for not coming to her party....
ubicuidad =ubiquity Ramirez pointing out Marino can't be everywhere, even with an ego as big as his!
no tengo el don de la ubicuidad = I can't be in two places at once
fortunototota = a friggin' big fortune (Chavez' assessment of what must be in Jorge's Swiss bank account)
plantear las cosas = set out, explain, present things (Marco's strategy for conning the Alvarez family into selling the hacienda cheap
brincos diera = you wish! (lit. you'd jump)
a tres pesos - cheap, dirt cheap

Some fun phrases:

Ser uña y carne, ser uña y mugre = to be hand in glove (Marcos and Chavez)

And some other ways of saying someone's crazy:
estar demente
estar mafufo, mafufa
estar tocado, todaca
estar zafado, zafada


El Clon, Mon., August 30 - Summary for Discussion

Daniel finds out that he is clone
Jadiya spoils Rania's birthday party
Marisa gets her money back

Jade tells Jadiya that she would never abandon her and Jadiya asks Jade to come home with her. Jade replies that she can't. Said won't take her back. Jadiya says that Said told her that Jade loved a Westerner. Jade tells her to forget about the Westerner. He never loved her anyway. One of the maids in white shows up and is surprised to see Jade there.

PSA Enrique - the same as Friday - drug addict stealing from family.

Nati confesses to Alej that she did take the money (Yo sí tomé el dinero). When Nati says, 'Soy la peor, ¿verdad?'I am the worst, right?, Alej should say, no you're not but you need help from professionals. But he doesn't. He says that Nati should give the money back. Of course, she can't because she spent it on you know what. Alej says that he will give her the money from what his trainer gives him. He says that Nati made a mistake and once she admits to it, everything will be ok. Nati doesn't want to go and Alej the super enabler offers to return the money for her.

Jadiya wants Jade to come home with her but she refuses. She tells Jade not to tell anyone about their meeting and then they can meet in secret like this everyday. Jadiya says that she doesn't want Jade to go to Morocco. Jade replies that if that is what Allah decrees for her, she must accept it.

Lucas calls Marisa. This time it is he who is fighting back tears. He tells Marisa that, 'Natalia se está matando en frente de nosotros y no podemos hacer nada,' Natalia is killing herself before our eyes and we can't do anything. Marisa won't give up on Nati. She tells Lucas to man up and come home so that they can try and find a solution.

Alej comes to see Marisa. He tells her that Nati is very ashamed of what she did. Marisa asks if Nati admitted to taking the money. Alej says yes and that she asked him to return the money and assures her that it won't happen again. He hands her five $20's and we know Nati took a $100 dollar bill so Marisa also knows that this isn't the same money that Nati took. He leaves. Marisa concludes that Nati took the money for Alej and that he became scared when Lucas came to the house. Rosa tries to defends Alej.

Wearing Jade's veil, Rania thanks Said for her birthday party.

A distraught Latifa begs Zoraida to help her. She tells Zoraida that Zamira is in love with a Westerner. She is sure that Mohamed will curse Zamira and throw her to the winds, conclude that Latifa wasn't a good wife and use that as an excuse to take a 2nd wife. Zoriada says they will make Zamira forget the Westerner.

Jadiya makes her appearance at the party with a big jingly gold bib necklace. Yamil tells Jadiya that her audible jewelry is embarrassing. [What is with this kid? Is he some kind of puritan moslem?] Jade says, 'Yo pienso que es hermoso que una muer haga sonar su oro,' I think that it is beautiful when a woman has her gold make noise.

Mohamed and Said think that Jadiya has forgotten about Jade.

Dora invites Daniel to come to the bar with her but he replies that his father, Father Andres and Ali are coming. Sarcastically, Dora asks which 'father' is Daniel talking about. Daniel replies, 'Mi padre es Albieri, así como tú eres mi mamá, aunque no nací de ti,' Albieri is my father just like you are my mother even though you didn't didn't give birth to me. Dora is furious. She cancels her plan to go out and says that she will keep those men from filling Daniel's head up with nonsense.

Daniel is fiddling with a veil and saying, 'Jade'. He reminds Dora of his dream and tells her that how now he can see the woman's face. She is the love of his life and he will marry her. 'You're going to marry a woman you've barely met? asks Dora skeptically.

Jade prays to Allah to protect her from Lucas and all the memories that ruined her life.

Jadiya tells Said that she saw her mother. She says that she wants Jade to come back and Jade does, too. She tells Said that Rania lied; Jade doesn't love the Westerner anymore. Said replies that Jadiya is too young to understand these things.

Little Jadiya can't leave well enough alone. She tells Rania that Jade is coming back and that Rania won't be first wife anymore.

The Chump calls Malicia demanding that she sign the transfer document. She blows him off and lies to Pablo about the call. She asks Pablo to take her out for dinner.

The Chump has an infinite power to rationalize what Malicia tells him. He tells Anita that Malicia is refusing to sign to hurt Clara and doesn't realize it is hurting him, too. After he has left the room, Anita tells Julio about how she saw Malicia on the beach with young, hunky Pablo. She doesn't know whether to tell the Chump or not. Julio tells her that a man may forgive an infidelity but he never forgives the friend who told him about it.

Roberto tells Clara that the Chump and Malicia aren't living together in the apartment. That zorra is in the apartment that Escobar bought with my savings? says Clara. Yup, replies Roberto Clara is furious that the Chump would get involved with a woman who is taking him to the cleaners when he calls her stupid. Roberto is called into Leo's office.

Leo asks Roberto what he will do to bring Daniel to him. Roberto suggests getting Dora to agree to an adoption. Leo says that won't be possible. Roberto pretends that he is working on a solution but there is no legal precedent and he needs some time to work out the details. He says that if they go public, Albieri will certainly go to jail and there is no guarantee what the judge would do about Daniel [Listen to what Daniel wants, maybe? He's not a minor.] Leo is not interested in anything but results.

Roberto goes to Enrique for help.

Said finds Rania crying. She asks if it is true that Jade is coming back. Jadiya demands that Said tell Rania that Jade is coming back. Said replies that he hasn't decided yet. Rania reminds Said that he promised that Jade wouldn't return to their house. Said escapes from the confrontation. Jadiya isn't finished. She tells Rania that Jade will come back and all will be as it was before Rania came. She goes further and hopes that Rania has an ugly girl who is an exhibitionist. She also hopes that Allah shortens Rania's days and looks forward to dancing at Rania's funeral. Nice.

Zoraida goes to see Said. He tells her that Jade preferred anything to living with him and now that, 'Alá si la tiene agarrada por el pelo, ahora sí se acuerda de mí,' Allah has grabbed her by the hair, and now she remembers me. Zoraida tells him that Zein wants Jade back.

Cristina can't believe the change in Zein now that he is in love. We need a picture of Zein. She can't believe that he is waiting around for a woman's decision. At first Cristina says that she is sure that Jade is done with Lucas but then she admits that she isn't sure. She can't predict the end of a romance. Just when you think that it's over, it starts up again.

Marisa tells Leo that Nati stole money from her.

Clara reams out Fernando for blowing his internship opportunity. She tells him to do the report he was assigned and bring it to Carolina with an apology. Fernando screams at her that he is tired of her sermons and of her giving him orders. He leaves.

The three not-so-wise men, Ali, Father Andres and Albieri arrive at Dora's. She warns them that if they have come to tell Daniel that he is a clone, they can turn around and leave. Daniel overhears, '¿Qué dijiste, Mama?' What did you say, Mama? he asks. Oops.Dora refuses to let them speak to Daniel. They are about to leave when Dora tells Albieri that she came to his clinic to have a baby and what did he do? He ruined her life. He pursued her for 20 years and never gave her the chance to be a mother. She won't let them hurt her son. Dora almost faints from the intensity of her emotion and Daniel has to help her sit down.

Anita tries to make Luisa understand how a woman without much education would react to being told that, in spite of getting pregnant and giving birth, she isn't the child's mother. Anita asks Luisa who Daniel's mother is. Luisa doesn't know how to answer.

Ali tells Dora that as far as he is concerned, she is Daniel's mother. He says that if Albieri was able to create Daniel in a laboratory, it was because Allah permitted it as a warning to humanity. Dora asks what she did to deserve this. She never harmed anyone. Ali replies that this is a test from Allah for her. Meanwhile Father Andres is telling Estela that Dora will get in her reward in heaven and Ali is telling Dora that at the final judgment, Allah will give her credit for her tears. Dora replies that this isn't about God, it's about Dr. Albieri. Like the rest us, Dora is fed up with the theology. She announces that she believes God made a miracle with her son. She doesn't want to hear anything more. She says that she is Daniel's mother and she vows that no one will take him from her.

Enrique complains that Leo prefers Roberto's counsel to his and he has been stigmatized for being a former drug addict. Carolina tells him that she is there for him. Enrique tells her that he prepared the documents for the case [did we miss something here?] and Roberto only signed them. Carolina thinks that it is unfair that Roberto is getting credit for work that Enrique did. Enrique drones on about how he should be punished or some such thing. Clara calls Carolina about what has happened with Fernando. She says that it is affecting her relationship with Rogelio. Meanwhile Enrique is showing why he shouldn't be trusted by taking a hit on his flask. Carolina realizes that for Leo to prove that he is Daniel's father, he will have to show that Dora is not the mother.

Outside, Albieri is trying to explain to Daniel how he was conceived and put it in a good light - it's a new way of being born (es una forma nueva de nacer) he says. [That's wrong, of course. It's a new way of being conceived. Daniel was born the usual way.] As usual, Daniel is interested in paternity. Albieri tells him that if a DNA test were done, Leonardo would be his father and his dead wife, his mother. Daniel is destrozado.
'No tengo padre. No tengo madre. No tengo familia, I have no father. I have no mother. I have no family, says Daniel. Albieri says that isn't true. 'Soy sólo una copia de una persona que tú querías mucho,' I am only a copy of a person that you loved a lot, says Daniel. 'I thought you were my father but you made me a laboratory like the scientists in movies who make monsters. Albieri protest that Daniel isn't a monster. Daniel says that he thought that Dora and Albieri had had a fling and that Albieri was his father. 'No soy hijo de nadie,' I'm not anyone's son, says Daniel sadly. He shakes off Albieri and runs away.

The credits roll.


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