Wednesday, February 28, 2007

La Fea Más Bella #221 2/28/07 This is the day that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friend...

Aldo, who is usual very intuitive, mistakenly wonders to himself if Tomas is in love with Lety.

Back at Conceptos Marcia wanders through the secretaries' area and advises them that she'll be eating at her apartment. She begins to leave at the same time Saimon arrives with food for the cuartel. Saimon advises Marcia that the cuartel, but not Saimon, will be eating in the boardroom. Marcia asks if this is with the permission of the president. PM explains that it's because Lety has so much work she wanted to save time by eating in the boardroom. Marcia does not like the fact that the boardroom is turning into a dining room. She spits some fire about the changes Lety is making. She stalks away to go to her home. The cuartel worries about Marcia's reaction. PM directs Saimon to take the food to the boardroom. Saimon protests by saying he's not, among other things, a waiter or a burro. Martha cuts him short and orders him to the boardroom. Saimon turns but before he can leave, La Lichita stops him and asks what he is doing. Sara explains that the cuartel is eating in the boardroom. All conversation breaks down into making fun of the fact that Alicia doesn't get to eat. Sara makes some strange animal noises that I think is supposed to imitate a horse because Alicia earlier commented that it looks like she has horse hair. (Oh, God, bad memories of the day of the commercial and Pilar on that damn horse!) The cuartel leaves Alicia alone with her extra tight corset and empty stomach.

Omar and Fernando about a negotiation strategy. Yes, believe it or not, they talk business. For once, Pinky directs the Brain. Omar reminds Fernando of the $2 million that Aldo invested. Fernando gets excited when he hears Aldo's name. Fernando tells Omar that in order to get he and Omar out of debt, Fernando needs to talk to Lety about what happened with Aldo and what she's told Aldo. Omar half-heartedly agrees and wonders to himself about the mess that Fernando is about to get himself into.

In the apartment Marcia packs for her trip to Europe. She remembers how quickly Fernando dismissed her in the meeting and wanted to send her alone on a business trip to the United States or Europe. She picks up the wedding dress of shame and comments how it torments her. Her relationship with Fernando has gone from bad to worse.

The cuartel figure out their orders in the boardroom. Lety enters the room. Saimon asks her for the money to pay for the food. Lety says that she invited the cuartel, so she'll pay. The cuartel cheers. The cuartel jokes about the quality of the food and PM enters with Lety's purse. PM reaches into Lety's purse for money, and the photo of Lety and Aldo falls to the table. The cuartel passes the photo around and asks Lety where the photo was taken. Juana guesses that Lety met Aldo by the sea. Saimon interrupts the conversation to ask if he may keep a tip. Lety says yes. Irmita leans over the table and says Lety does not have to tell them anything that's private. Lety explains that she met Aldo when she went to Acapulco with Carolina. He rescued her when a wave wiped her out and Aldo saved her. Just to incite the cuartel she says that she thinks he gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation. She explains that she and Aldo are very good friends. The cuartel wants to know everything, despite Irmita's protests. Lety humors them and with some encouragement from Martha, she tells the cuartel that she gave Aldo one, no two kisses.

Tomas continues to enjoy his food. Aldo asks Tomas how he knows that Aldo likes "her." Tomas replies that he figured it out himself when he overheard Aldo talking about her peras. (He is talking about her boobs. I, however, do not remember this conversation so I have no idea of the context in which Aldo used this word. Can anyone help me?) Tomas describes "her" with some not so flattering hand gestures. Aldo acts more than confused. Aldo asks Tomas if he's talking about Lety. "Of course not! Are you?" Tomas replies. Aldo asks who Tomas is talking about. Alicia Ferreira! Aldo laughs and swears on his and Tomas's hair color that he does not like Alicia Ferreira. Tomas smiles, giggles and snorts. (In that order)

Lety tells the cuartel more nice things about Aldo. He taught her how to dive. The phone rings but the cuartel does not want Lety to answer it. Irmita, the last professional in the room, answers the phone. It's Saimon, professionally sitting in the reception office. There's a gentleman on the phone who wants to speak with only Don Luigi. It's Rulli; Irmita has Saimon give her the call. Irmita explains that Luigi doesn't answer his phone because he's very busy and she does not know where he is. Rulli wants to send Luigi a doll. After Irmita explains the call to the cuartel, she asks Lety if Aldo has anything to do with Aldo. She tells them that Luigi broke up with Rulli for Don Aldo. Lety replies to Irmita's question by saying that Luigi confused things. Juana makes some jokes about Aldo batting for the other team.

Saimon sits in the reception area and is caught by Jorge Flores ("PG") singing to himself. PG asks Saimon if this is Fernando Mendiola's company. Saimon in English says "of course" with the cutest little accent. He explains that the business also belongs to the Villaroels. Next, PG asks if Lety works at this office. Saimon confirms that she's the president. Jorge looks impressed

PM wants to know how Lety kissed Aldo twice and is not his girlfriend. Lola doesn't think it's fair that Lety had to leave Aldo and the ocean in order to come back to Conceptos and be near Fernando. PM asks if Lety has never considered that she and Aldo could be more than just friends. Lola responds for Lety saying that she is still in love with Fernando. The cuartel (minus Irmita) has obviously chosen sides, and it's not team Fernando. Saimon interrupts the lunch to say that PG arrived at the office. Lety excitedly greets him. Saimon leaves again. Lety introduces the cuartel to PG, her friend.

Fernando enters Lety's office and overhears PG telling Lety that he sees a man in Lety's life who is very generous. Fernando assumes that PG is speaking about him. Wait! PG see two men who think a lot about Lety. The cuartel wants to know who these two men are. One man is generous and the other is somber and sad. His aura is blue and it gets darker every day. Juana wants to know more about the generous man. Jorge acquiesces and says that this man admires and appreciates Lety. He knows Lety's soul. Fernando figures out that this obviously cannot be him and decides to leave, but not before flipping the painting of a conch shell, part of anatomy, lo que sea.

Tomas and Aldo enter the office congratulating their own fashion sense. Tomas asks if Aldo likes Lety. Before Aldo can answer, Saimon enters dancing with a giant white bear. Saimon clutches the bear and says he misses his PM. Just kidding! It's a gift for Luigi. The problem is that Saimon has to sit in the reception area and cannot deliver the bear. Aldo offers to take the bear to Luigi on his way to his own office. Saimon hands him the bear and thanks him.

PG has more to tell Lety. The generous man has a surprise for Lety, but she's going to have some difficult days first. She is going to have disorder in her life as the result of these two men and a woman. The cuartel thinks it might be Marcia. PG knocks that thought down by saying that this woman will come from a foreign land.

Fernando enters his and Omar's office and makes a beeline for the much disputed chair. Fernando tells Omar that Jorge Flowers is talking with Lety. He's telling Lety her future. Omar has no idea who is Jorge Flores. Fernando explains that Jorge Flores is his own personal clairvoyant who is at this moment talking to Lety about her future. Omar finds this very entertaining. He uses his cordless phone to predict that Fernando will be going on a journey to the mas alla, the United States. Omar asks for Fernando's hand as if he's going to read Fernando's palm. Omar squeals and for a second it looks as though Jaime Camil will not be able to keep it together to finish the scene. Omar wants to talk about the clairvoyance but Fernando's more concerned about another man being in Lety's life. He thinks that if there is another man that he will lose Lety. Omar, in a rare moment of clarity, says he thinks that Fernando already lost her. We know we’re in trouble when Omar speaks words of wisdom!

Luigi, who Irmita claimed was working so hard, meditates to something that we cannot hear. Aldo tries to silently put the bear in one of Luigi's seats. Luigi sees him, but pretends that he did not. Once Aldo leaves, Luigi screams with excitement. He reads the card aloud. "My life without you does not make sense. I want you by my side for forever." Luigi just cannot get over his luck and starts to cry to himself.

The cuartel begs Jorge for more information. PG says he does not know who is this other man. Fernando enters the room and accuses PG Of being a traitor. He asks to speak with PG in private, in his office. Fernando changes his mind and says they should go to Marcia's office. (He uses her even when she's not there.)

PG can see that Fernando's aura is very red with anger. Fernando wants PG to tell him what PG said to Lety. PG tells Fernando the same that he told the cuartel, he doesn't know who the other man is. PG tells Fernando that Lety is the light of his life. Fernando wants to know if he has a blue aura. Of course, PG confirms. Lety is the light of Fernando's life. Fernando begs PG to tell Lety that Fernando is in love with her. PG says he cannot; Fernando must fight for this love PG thinks Fernando should use this trip to put his spirit and thoughts in order. He tells Fernando to be patient. Fernando does a little "dance" and then tries the Luigi route, meditation.

Lety sits in her office with a pensive look on her face. She calls her mother to tell Julieta that she is confused. Everyone is saying that Aldo is more than just a friend and that he wants a relationship with Lety. Julieta obviously thinks this is a good idea and does not understand why this bothers Lety. Lety doesn't want to ruin her friendship with Aldo.

Luigi talks to the bear. Weirdly enough, he names it Jorge. Irmita enters the office and sees that Luigi received his present. Luigi tells Irmita that he's happy, euphoric really. "He wants me! He wants me!" He asks Irmita why she didn't say anything. She begins to tell him, but he interrupts her to say that it's not important. He shows her the card. Luigi cannot believe that this man wants to be with him forever. Irmita congratulates him. They hug.

Lety continues to talk to her mother about Aldo. Lety confesses that her friendship with Aldo is very important. She needs him with her. Julieta thinks Aldo can give Lety all his support and give her something more. Lety says she knows what she's going to do. She's going to forget all about it. It's an idea that's been put in her head by Carolina and PG. Besides, Aldo has never shown her that he wants anything more than a friendship. Lety tells her mother that she loves her and hangs up.

Erasmo asks why Lety called. Just to say hello, Julieta replies.

Aldo complains to Carolina (on the phone) about his feelings. He's trying to finish the last chapter of his book, but his emotions are getting the best of him. Giving a gift didn't make it any better. Nothing is making his love evident to his significant other. Aldo knows that he just needs to come out and say it but he's afraid, because there's someone else. Luigi overhears all this, thinking Aldo's talking about him.

Terminology of the day:

Revolcada = "wipe out"

Tomorrow: Will Alicia believe Tomas? Will Aldo finally tell Lety about his feelings? Will Fernando ovehear?


Duelo de Pasiones Tuesday 2/27 - "Yo Soy Alina Montellano!"

Flor's announcement that she is Alina Montellano makes perfect sense to Angel, it explains a lot. Emilio is not so easily convinced, no way is the light bulb going to go on over his head without a fight. "Anyway," he insists, "Mr. and Mrs. Loco clearly said Alina is dead."

Santos tells his hysterical sister, I mean very young mother, that he didn't mean to kill or hurt Don Max, he just wanted Rosita to be left in peace.

Emilio tells Flor she can't lie to him because he'll never forget the first time he saw Alina. He has an orange flashback to their meeting. He tells Flor, "It was a goodbye party..." "...of my friend Sophia," she finishes, "You sang and she introduced us." Emilio looks confused. She tells him more details of their time together and says that cruel destiny separated them. "No puede ser," cries Emilio.

Rosita runs into Santos' shack and tells Santos that he didn't kill Don Max.

Flor says the Emilio Valtierra that she knows in Sierra Escondido is nothing like the Emilio she met long ago. Emilio says she is nothing like the young woman he fell in love with, how could she be so different? Flor says she might look different but she's the same inside whereas Emilio has no heart. He was going to marry Flor only to get out of his responsibility to 'that woman' (points to Thelma who has somehow materialized in the room). She tells Emilio she doesn't even want her heart necklace anymore because she doesn't want to remember a man she detests. She throws the necklace to the ground and runs out. Emilio and Flor will have this argument many times.

Thelma laughs, "what a surprise, Flor turns out to be a good girl after all. Why such a sad face Emilio? You, the conqueror of ingenuous young women, repudiated. Ha!" Emilio tells her to shut up or he'll throw her out. He stomps out of the room and Thelma hugs herself and laughs.

Orlando sees Flor as she leaves. She says she's never setting foot in La Rinconada again. Orlando says in that case he will come to visit her in the country. He kisses his fingers as she dashes out.

Doña Loco and Adela wring their hands over what Don Loco might do to Alina.

Vera tries to put an ice pack on Don Max's head but he says all he wants to do is kill that damned Santos. Vera is shocked by his words. "Don't be stupid," he says, "it's only a figure of speech!" He stomps out in a rage.

Emilio enters and wants to talk to Vera. She has lived her entire life in Sierra Escondido, right? Is it true that Flor is Alina Montellano? Vera is impactada.

Flor sobs to Tonki, she had to tell the truth because Emilio was so cruel to her. For him Alina is dead. Flor del Campo is filthy and despicable. She IS Alina Montellano even though her father doesn't want to believe it.

Vera confirms for Emilio that Flor is Alina. She and the others couldn't admit it because they were afraid of the powerful Don Loco. She doesn't know why Don Loco suddenly and for no reason turned against the good and lovely Alina. Emilio tells her "I want you to know that around here Don Loco doesn't give the orders. I give the orders here!"

Doña Loco wanders into their parlor and Don Loco scolds her for not being in her room. She wants to know about her daughter. He accuses her of feigning loco-ness. If she is...boy will she be sorry. Yawn.

Padre Cristobal is playing dress-up with his Virgin Mary statue when Emilio arrives. He asks the Padre if Flor is Alina and the padre confirms it. Emilio says Flor insulted him last night. Because of the pain she inflicted on him he wants to know the whole story and the padre is going to tell it to him now.

What's the secret for silky smooth skin in the mountains? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! We get a close-up of Thelma moisturizing her shapely gams as Orlando slinks into her room. He wants to know why Flor left La Rinconada in such a rush the night before. "Oh, you're referring to Alina Montellano, the real daughter of Alvaro," Thelma answers, "Yep, she confessed everything last night, her father has been hiding her for who knows what strange reason." Orlando is impactado, then smirks, "Emilio's 'great love' reappears when he can no longer be with her."

Nurse Susi arrives to attend to young master Angel but young master Angel wants to be alone. Angel reasons that Alina was Emilio's great love but now Emilio is married and expecting a son. Angel on the other hand has no compromises and sincerely loves Flor so he, Angel, will conquer Alina Montellano.

The padre tells Emilio that Flor is the victim of revenge, the revenge of Don Loco against Doña Loco. Padre says that Emilio preferred to believe that Flor deserved Don Loco's sentence, Emilio's heart was insensible to the truth.

Luba sends Gaspar off to get branches for the fire. She tells him not to be be late. "No ma!" he promises. Luba tells Flor to stop pining for that devil Emilio. Flor says Luba is right. Emilio isn't worth it, he still treated her badly even when she told him the truth about her identity. "You what?!?!?" Luba is impactada and horrified. She paces the cave in circles and rubs her forehead. Flor says she's giving up on love once and for all.

At the highway construction camp Elias interrupts Emilio's meeting with the foreman. He tells them Don Loco has organized his workers to protest against the highway construction and he can assure them it will be a real hindrance. Emilio says, "That man is crazy. It's time for us to settle our business." He jumps on his horse and rides off.

What a surprise, the sultry and sex-starved Thelma is paying a visit to the studly yet scabby Castulo. He tells her he did the job (kisses her shoulder), yeah sure, he killed Gaspar (kisses her neck), uh huh, he opened Gaspar's throat in two and left him bleeding in the field, can they have sex now? Thelma has another favor to ask, could Castulo please eliminate another person? (Ooooh, she's gonna be pissed off when she finds out Gaspar is still alive!!)

Coral and Granillo argue about her dance moves. She tells Edelmira she's in a funk because of unrequited love. Edelmira says "No way! You're such a hottie you can get anyone." Coral says Ed is right, starting now she's going after the one she loves, Emilio Valtierra! Ed is amused at Coral's lofty goals.

Castulo tells Thelma that killing Gaspar was a lot of work because Gaspar was stronger than he, but killing Coral will be easy, like killing a butterfly with a swipe of his hand. Can they have sex now? First Thelma wants to know how he plans to take care of that tramp. He says it will be easy, she'll leave alone, he'll take charge, he knows how to handle that kind of woman. This talk excites Thelma and they finally get down to business. I hope Castulo enjoys it now, because when Thelma finds out he didn't kill Gaspar, Castulo will become Castrado.

Cut to Gaspar with a large machete venting his frustrations on a tree. I'm not sure, but I think he says that in one easy blow (as he whacks the tree) 'you' (Thelma?) would end his life. He slumps down on the ground. "I'm not as bad as she but I still love her. Someday you're going to return to me, you'll see, some day you'll return to Gaspar!"

Emilio visits Don Loco. He says they are building the highway by order of the governor and there is nothing Don Loco or a thousand men can do to stop it. "We'll see," says Loco, keeping cool. Emilio says they will bring in the military and Don Loco will lose control of Sierra Escondido. Furthermore, there is that business of Alina; he knows what's up and it has to stop. Loco tells 'Capitan' Emilio to stay out of his personal business. Emilio says he intends to defend Alina and then they will have a confrontation. "Any time you want!" answers Loco. It's amazing, they conducted this pissing contest without changing their expressions at all.

The Central American paramilitary dudes have interrogated Jose all night but to no avail. The Sergeant says no matter, they will use Jose to negotiate. They will tell the leader of those delinquents that Jose has opened his mouth. I guess the Sergeant thinks using Jose as bait will flush out the leader of the drug runners.

At the drug camp the men tell Jacinto that they looked for Jose everywhere. He has escaped. Jacinto figures Jose started the fire as a diversion. He orders the men to put together a search party to recapture Jose. If they find him they are to kill him. Jacinto throws his machete into a tree trunk. Felicia begs Jacinto not to kill Jose, she is expecting his child. "QUE?!?!?!?" explodes Jacinto.

Don Loco tells Sergio that Flor would never be stupid enough to accept help from Emilio. She knows her mother would pay dearly. He has a plan to get rid of Emilio. He'll make sure Capitan Emilio will want nothing to do with that girl.

Mexico City - Marianita calls Dr. Love's clinic. In her puny-chipmunky-little-girl voice she leaves a message for the doctor, "Tell him it's Sra. Mariana Montellano (kiss kiss), I love him a lot and I want to be his girlfriend." Uh, right. But then again maybe Dr. Love and his creepy puppet get calls like that all the time.

Mariana enters the room and scolds Marianita for calling Dr. Love 'papi' the day before. Marianita says the other girls tease her for not having a father. "But you DO have a father, he's traveling and someday he'll return," answers mama. "He's forgotten us," sobs Marianita, "I want to have a father!"

Gaspar is pouting by the river when Castulo approaches. Gaspar jumps up holding a big log. He asks if Castulo intends to kill him. No, Castulo only wants to advise him to leave the muñequita alone. She is the patron's wife. (Not that that stopped Castulo, but I digress.)

Castulo sits next to Gaspar so they can talk man to man. He tells Gaspar not to have illusions about Thelma. But Gaspar loves his muñequita and he is nothing if not single-minded. He has a hole in his soul and it needs filling. This is Gaspar's poetic way of saying the heat is turned up high downstairs. Gaspar saved Castulo's life and Castulo owes him a favor. He wants Castulo to bring him his muñequita.

Don Max visits Elias to tell him he heard Elias hired one of his best workers. Santos was especially valuable because he preferred dangerous, life-threatening tasks. Elias is pleased to hear it, he has an excellent OSHA unapproved position that is difficult to fill. It sounds like Don Max's man Santos will be perfect for the job.

Carmen tells Santos to stay away from Don Max, he has no idea with whom he's dealing. Santos says he does, he's dealing with a repugnant old goat who abuses his power and who is after Rosita. (OK, I'd say Santos DOES know.) "No Santos," replies Carmen, "you have to know the truth. Don Max is your father!" Santos is impactado.

Luba and Flor are gathering herbs when Emilio rides up. Luba brandishes her knife and tells him to beat it. Emilio wants to ask Flor's forgiveness. If she forgives him he would like to once again be the Emilio that she fell in love with. Um, dude, this is how it works, you prove that you've become a better person and THEN the babe forgives you.

Emilio sweet talks Flor, he says he loves her, he kisses her. Luba hisses, "Flor, don't you remember all the things this pig-head did?" Flor says Luba is right, how can Emilio say these things when his wife is expecting his child? They argue. Luba stabs the tree branch and digs her knife around for effect.

Santos goes ape-shit at Carmen's news. He can only imagine what Don Max did to Carmen, no doubt the same crap he's pulling with Rosita! "That guy is a misery, I'll never accept him as my father!" he yells.

Back at bicker central:
Alina - "You're a liar!"
Emilio - "You're a bigger liar. Why didn't you tell me who you really are?"
Alina - "I was going to tell you on our wedding day."
Emilio - "You're a disappointment!"
Alina - "You're a bigger disappointment!"
Emilio - "Everybody says your mom's a cheat and you're the daughter of a foreman."
Alina hauls off and slaps the hell out of Emilio. It looks like she really slapped him too! I wonder...

Alina - "You'll never change."
Emilio - "You'll never change. You used to be sweet and malleable, now you're strong and have a mind of your own. What happened to you?
Alina - "Call me Flor, I'm no longer Alina."
Emilio - "Fine then, forget what I said about being good Emilio. I'll return to being the Emilio you hate."
They glare and a horse whinnies oddly in the background.

Santos rides his horse and thought bubbles, "Damn the luck, how could I be his son? Gross!"

Elias sees Santos and tells him he has an excavation job for him. It's dangerous but it pays well. Santos is ready. Suddenly it thunders overhead. A terrible storm has arrived. Elias says they should wait for a better day but Santos insists they go right away and rides off to the pits. "No Santos," yells Elias, "it's too dangerous!" A huge thunderhead with lightning looms ominously overhead.

Soledad is alone in her room having a flashback to when she and Elias were young. Young Soledad says he is her best friend. Young Elias tries to pick a rose for her and pricks his finger. Back in the present she sighs, "Elias, my friend."

Angel sits at his window and watches the storm. He tells Nurse Susi it will be a bad storm. "What about the people who have no homes? What about Alina?" he asks.

It is now pouring rain and Emilio and Flor are STILL arguing. They have incredible stamina for this mindless drivel. On the upside, a treat for the gentlemen, her clothes are so wet and heavy they are starting to slide down her body.

Lightning strikes a tree next to them, a branch falls, and they wind up in each others' arms.

Thelma runs in out of the rain. She looks happy and satisfied. She tells Orlando she hasn't seen Emilio and she doesn't really care. Orlando says he needs to conquer Flor now that Emilio is out of the way. "Whatever," chirps Thelma, and happily runs upstairs. Sounds like Castulo's toolbox still has its screwdriver.

Don Loco talks to himself and wonders if Soledad is faking her craziness. She's gonna pay, yada yada yada.

Emilio and Flor are arguing goodbye. She says he can't tell her what to do and don't expect her to thank him for saving her life (from the falling branch I suppose). "Someday you'll be obeying me all right, and that day will have been worth the trouble of saving your life. Goodbye Flor del Campo!" Oh ick, who writes these lines anyway?

Emilio leaves Flor standing in the rain, her shirt sodden and unbuttoned.

Previews for tomorrow: Angel tells Emilio he wants to marry Flor, Don Loco tells Luba he's come to take Flor away, a big rock teeters over Santos, Emilio is wet and impactado.

castrado - castrated
desconocer - to not know
energúmeno/a - lunatic
se puso hecho un energúmeno - he went ape-shit
empapado/a - sodden, soaked


La Fea Más Bella #220 2/27/07 Aldo shows his teeth (and not in a smile) Grrr!; Lola gets hers and Tomas plays with his new friend

Caro goes to talk to Marcia, Lety tells Aldo she’s glad the meeting is finally over, then she tells him (after he guesses) that she is sad about Fer and that she can’t get him out of her head. She’s conflicted and thinks it’s best for the whole group of the love triangle if he goes, because then he can do what he wants with whatever women he wants, but she’s going to miss him. She can’t wait until she hasforgotten him. Aldo says he'll be the first one to jump for joy. Lety perplexed says really? Duh, dingbat. Cupid needs to wack her harder. I guess she's shielded byFer's aura. Aldo tells her never to apologize for her feelings and he consoles her saying Fer drives him crazy. She tells him she needs him in her life.

Oxi is trying to reach the lawyer that processed the repossession of her car, but he’s in Guadalajara.

Caro goes in to see Aldo and ends up trying to cheer him up because she knows he’s bustin’ at the seams to profess his love. I’m thinking you know, even if you tell her, that’s not going to make her love YOU, necessarily, so what difference does it make? Anyway..I digress. Aldo confesses to Carolina, “Grrrr” that guy drives him nuts. She is surprised because he’s such a tranquil mellow bud. He tells her that Aldo stayed in Acapulco taking in the sun.

Now we see Tomas on the phone contacting the lawyer in Guadalajara and asks him how much it would cost to buy the car he repoed from Oxi, he says it has sentimental value. While he is working this angle he stares at a billion pictures of her. He bordering on stalker, definitely stalker.

Aldo types on his computer that he’s not sure which is better, the Rajas Poblana or the family he shared them with, or ah ha! It could be the combination of both!

Just then there is a knock on his door. Fer sort of waltzes in without really waiting for a response. Fer asks Aldo why he is so in favor of Fer going away on this trip. Aldo asks him if he doesn’t think he’s worthy of this support. Yes he thinks it’s weird. He asks what the fascination with shells is. He blows into one tiny one. He thinks Aldo is always in contradiction with him. Aldo says he did to him, by wanting to kick him off the project. Fer thinks he still should be off and wouldn’t be missed Aldo says he will be missed by plenty, by Lety, and Andreu who put up 2mil. He tells him that he really thinks he’s the best for this role and that’s why he supported him. Then he jokes (sort of) and tells him that he actually wants him far away so there will be less confrontations between them. Fer acts surprised, apparently not thinking they have confrontations, that it’s just a matter of perspective. He thinks Aldo has a personal reason but Aldo says it was his idea anyway. Fer blows the sails of Aldo’s model boat. He ends up telling Aldo that he thinks Aldo is invading his territory and he doesn’t like it. Aldo says, and, and..? Fer says nothing, I’m just advising you. Aldo says how unpleasant Fer is to him.

Alicia reaches the lawyer and wants to know how much she will get back from the repo of her car, the difference between it’s value and what she owed. He says he has a buyer, and she tells him to take his time with the buyer and then reminds him how awful her life is because of him. She continues fighting with him when her cell cuts off and the recording tells her of the suspension and that she needs to contact collections. Marta types that the witches around here always have problems when they have their hair set?

Caro goes to talk to Marcia who wanted to know what her relationship with Lety is. She said she needed an assistant and since you let her go, I needed someone hardworking and responsible so I took her to Acapulco for Nuestra Belleza. Mar asks if she knows the circumstances under which Lety left and Caro says more or less. Mar continues to tell her that Lety put her through a real hell.

Luigi and Irma are talking and Irma tells him that Rulli called but he doesn’t care about it, that guy’s out of his head, and he’s dead to him. Eventually he admits it’s his own fault, that he’s in love with someone else.

Caro tells Mar that she doesn’t want to meddle in any problems, that she only came to work. Mar says well you must be happy that Lety’s prez, but Caro says just because she’s friends with Lety it’s nothing against her. She says she doesn’t want this to come between them but there are others who could do this work if you want, and Mar says no.

Oxi talks to the collections dept of the cell phone company complaining about her cell phone being cut off- as if that will get her anywhere. In the meantime the Cuartel laughs on about her and joking with paper horns offering them to her to use when she asks if any of them have cell phones.

After the say they have none they comment that they wonder how it goes with Cheque.

We’ll find out now….
Cheque practices how he will tell Jasmin that he has to pay so much. She calls and wants to know about it, he beats around the bush but she doesn’t buy it finally he confesses that he has to pay 7000 pesos per month to Lola. Jasmin is p***d. Just then Lola walks past her and Jas tells her she knows about the judge’s decree and that Lola has left them with out a cent and starving. Lola laughs and says Cheque won’t ever starve because he has full reserves (pointing to her waist)!! Jas continues that now she can’t pay for her modeling career and that she’s finished. Lola mocks Jasmin for not becoming a star, instead she explains that her kids will now not be expelled for non-payment. You tell her Lola!!

Now Fer is on the couch again wondering where a guy like Aldo came from. Omar reminds him he was a friend with Lety. Just what he needed to hear I’m sure. Then it occurs to Fer that maybe Aldo knows everything about Conceptos and Filmo Imagen etc. and he asks Omar if he thinks she might have told him. Aldo thinks he might have. Just then he gets a call from the US Embassy and starts to take it in English.

Oxi is spying on Aldo and Luigi discussing the project and Aldo needs the draft of the commercial so he can get going on somethings. They finish and start to walk out slamming into her spying on the way. Tomas walks up and asks to speak to Aldo, while they are in the distance a bit Oxi and Luigi fight about who gets Aldo. Each thinking he’s interested in them. To settle it, Oxi and Luigi decide they want to invite Aldo out at the same time to see who he will pick, because of course he will pick his preferred companion. He and Tomas rejoin the group and announce that Tomas has invited Aldo to dinner. Ba dum dum….

Lola comes in and has something incredibly exciting to tell the cuartel! Cheque has to pay her 7000 pesos per month. They all scream and carry on loudly to which Oxi reminds them to be quiet. Juana takes pity on her, and they all decide the y have to celebrate. Lola goes in to tell Lety and invite her to lunch, but she can’t go she’s too busy. Lola starts to say oh, now your pres you can’t hang with us anymore girlfriend? Lety says that’s not it, that she has stuff she has to finish, but if they bring food back everyone can eat with her quickly in the conference tomb. I meant to say room, but then I typed it wrong, and decided it worked. I would consider that place a tomb if I had to be in there as much as those people. Yikes.

Oxi goes in to see Marci and tells her they died. Mar thinks the worst. Who died? She says her phone. She gets mad for being alarmed. Oxi babbles on about he sad state of affairs and Mar warns her she won’t get another cent loaned to her so not to even think about it because she still hasn’t even paid what she got before. Oxi thinks she’s cruel. Mar says take this crap to the Pres, because she’s the one with the power now, I’m living on a salary too now. She mentions she’s going to London.

Fer is on the phone telling of his imminent trip to NY. How did we miss this visit?????? Omar is saying the exact good bye to his telephone guest and they sit down to discuss what Aldo might know again, that he deceived Lety and doesn’t really love her? Omar thinks probably which could be a reason for him to poison her against you. Fer thinks they need to find out exactly.

Oxi tries her luck on the Pres. She tells of her perils and asks for a raise and an advance on the raise. Lety very sweetly explains that she has no budget to do that and that Oxi already makes more than the others and they manage ok. Oxi brings up she’s not just any secretary that she studied….Lety says yeah and you learned how to make bills very well. She gives her tissues, and one especially for the death of her phone. When Oxi realizes the croc tears aren’t working she accuses Lety of holding the past against her that this is her revenge. Lety denies it flatly.

At La Comidilla, Tomas is chowing down with Aldo and they even ask for more food. Aldo is surprised at how much Tomas can eat. Tomas mentions he’s earning the salary of a VP, but he hasn’t been paid yet, so Aldo offers to pay. Tomas starts talking about how upset Fer was when Gui demanded Aldo be in charge. He takes stuff of someone else’s table. Tomas can tell Aldo doesn’t like him either. Tomas says he likes him even worse. Tomas tells Aldo that he knows about everything the relationship with Lety. Everything. Lety told him. Aldo agrees they share the distaste for Fer. Tomas says yes, but unfortunately they also like the same woman. Aldo thinks he meant Lety, and the impactada music plays.


Mundo de Fieras - Feb. 27, 2007 Demian and JC are depressed; Jossie slinks like a cat that ate a canary; and MA mysteriously disappears

* Dolores consoles JC in his hospital room. He's depressed and crying; she tells him he isn't to blame for Regina's death; he can't accept it and wants to be alone; before she leaves, she tells him that she will always be here for him - it is what she promised Regina.

* Tiberio is at home frantic because he can't locate Demian anywhere at the house.

* Demian places a red rose on Regina's fresh dirt grave - he kneels and cries and talks to the grave.

* MA finds Dolores at the hospital waiting room - Dolores informs her about JC's depressed mood. They sit and talk. MA offers support, friendship and her apartment to Dolores.

* Tiberio visits Coyote in jail. Tiberio wants to talk about the information Coyote has been feeding Rogelio. Coyote wants to make a deal - Tiberio says the money is his if he breaks off all ties and deals with Rogelio.

* MA takes LD to visit Candy. MA tells Candy about her invite to attend another Women's Congress out of town. Candy wonders about MA's relationship with Gabriel. As MA starts to explain, Mayeya and Tweety enter and interrupt. The subject changes to talk about the upcoming wedding.

* Gabriel visits JC in the hospital. JC is still depressed and blaming himself. Gabriel advises JC about how to remember his mother. It doesn't help - JC is still depressed. Gabriel tries to console and cheer him up. Doesn't work - JC has no energy to continue living without his mother. Gabriel promises JC to always be there for him.

* At the palace living room, Jossie informs Miriam about JC and Regina. MA arrives and interrupts to tell them about her trip. Miriam sarcastically wishes that MA never return - MA tells her sorry to burst her dream world, but that will never happen. Then on the stairs, MA informs them that she plans to marry Gabriel at the palace when she does return. Miriam and Jossie are in shock. Jossie whispers to ask her mother if she is serious about MA never returning.

* Mastin surprises Elsa as she leaves work at Otilia's fashion house. He antagonizes her - she tries to walk away but he grabs her by the arm. He gifts her a bottle of whiskey and walks away smiling.

* In the palace office, Miriam and Jossie contemplate the perfect plan to get rid of MA permanently.

* Nick and Gabriel are at the office discussing the merger of the two companies and the implications caused by Regina's death. Nick advises that JC has now become as big of a shareholder as Demian. Gabriel tells Nick about JC's depression. They realize they will need to prepare for any and all changes that may occur due to Demian and JC's state of minds. Then they discuss Dolores and Tiberio.

* Dolores visits with Tiberio at his office. They have a mother-son discussion about their relationship as well as Tiberio's worries over Demian.

* Leo visits JC in his hospital room - Leo finishes examining JC and tries to cheer him up with talk about his release and going home as well as his mom's memory.

* Elsa is bored and frustrated looking at the latest fashion designs. She tosses the papers aside and sneaks a drink from the bottle. When she hears Soraya approach, Elsa pops a breath mint (or gum) in her mouth. As Elsa starts to cut some blue fabric, Soraya stops her and scolds her for it. Elsa is upset - Soraya leaves - Elsa takes another drink from the whiskey bottle.

* At home, JC is resting in bed - still depressed - Pau is at his side as his ever-loving wife.

* At the table in the apartment, Karen and Dolores discuss Tiberio and Demian; Dolores tells Karen that MA has sublet her apartment to her for now. Then they discuss Karen's situation at the palace.

* Sylvester and Elsa meet on the street. He's happy to see her - she's not thrilled to see him. She is bored with her job at the fashion house. Sylvester comes up with the idea that they should start a family. Elsa is offended and tells Sylvester point blank that she's isn't interested in starting a family with him - she married him but she doesn't love him, and never will. She walks away.

* Miriam and Jossie continue to plot against MA.

* Dolores visits Candy at the apartment. They have coffee and discuss MA's trip, Tweety and Mayeya's upcoming wedding, Tiberio and Demian, and Pau, JC and Regina's death.

* Gabriel plays with his two sons, LD and LG, along with both nannies. He thinks to himself that when MA returns, they will be together forever.

* Padre prepares the church for the wedding service. Tweety and Mayeya's wedding ceremony starts - everyone they know attend. Sylvester and Elsa serve as Tweety's padrinos; Mayeya has her parent's stand up for her. Tweety zones out and has to have Padre repeat the vows before responding "I accept"; Mayeya hesitates with her response. They kiss to applause from the audience. Leo and Candy place the lassos around the couple. Padre blesses them - they kiss.

* Jossie is nervous waiting for word from Luciano if the plan was successful - Miriam tells her to calm down. The cell phone rings. They laugh at the plan's success.

* Gabriel enters the palace living room and is worried about MA.

* JC is still depressed as he and Pau sit at their table. Pau consoles him and gives him a loving hug.

* Tiberio is at the office, still worried and frantic about where Demian could be.

* Demian is still sitting beside Regina's grave - talking to her. (He's still wearing the same black suit and now has stubble growing on his face.)

* Dolores enters the living room to tell Gabriel about the wedding reception outside for Tweety and Mayeya. Gabriel tells Dolores that he's worried about MA - her suitcase arrived at the airport but there's no sign of her. Miriam watches from the balcony. Gabriel is worried that something bad happened to her. Dolores tries to understand - he explains and tells her not to say anything to anyone, especially to the reception guests. Dolores leaves.

* In the bedroom, Jossie tells Miriam that she has faith in Demian and Coyote.

* Mastin is happy to find his old buddy Coyote on the street again.

* Tiberio still is trying to find where Demian has disappeared to.

* Demian is laughing as he kneels and talks to Regina's grave. He starts to remember his talk with Regina about his organizing the special family dinner with JC and Pau and his twin brother Gabriel. He says he did everything because of his love for her. He remembers all the special moments between them - including the special day just for her, with the photo session, the dinner and dancing and the bathtub. Demian then becomes angry and vows vengeance on everyone responsible for taking Regina away from him.

* Jossie, the cheshire cat, savors victory in getting rid of MA permanently. As she looks at her portrait, she recalls the argument with MA where she warns MA that she will strike when least expected. Jossie whispers to herself that she completed on the warning.

* Gabriel talks with Nick on the phone - Nick agrees to start an investigation on MA's disappearance. Gabriel hangs up and starts to remember his last conversation with MA before she left on her trip.




Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Acorralada #31 Monday 2/26: Pancho & Caramelo's wedding day

Gaby urges Diana to marry Diego so that she won't have to be a single mom, her baby will have a last name, and she won't shame their granny. Diana says that thousands of women are single moms and have dignity.

Meanwhile, Paola is waiting for Pancholon in a warehouse, and wondering what he does there... when she decides to look through a file cabinet and finds a pouch full of diamonds. Pancholon finds her snooping and points a gun to her head....

Back at the Mansion, D/M is telling Octavia that she heard Max tell Larry the lunkhead that he wants to forget Diana. O responds that Max is "against the poor devil." D/M is still nervous because Diana is pregnant with his baby. O says that Max must never learn about the baby. Anyway, Dr. Evil will get rid of Diana for them.

RM is trying to get out of her wheelchair, but falls back and whines that she doesn't have the strength.

Pancholon is still pointing the gun at Paola... Paola asks if he's a jewel smuggler...

Gaby is telling Diego the stalker that Diana is upset that he knows about her pregnancy. He asks Gaby if Diana is going to marry him. She tells him to be patient.

Diana and Granny are setting the table when Granny asks her something -- I didn't quite get it -- but Diana's response is that she feels fine, so Granny must be on to her.

Pancholon puts the gun down and admits that he is a jewel smuggler. Naughty Paola wants in on the action, but not for the money, for the excitement. A nasty kiss seals the deal.

F/G introduces Diana to someone having to do with the trial -- a judge? lawyer? They're discussing the trial that will start next week.

Filler scene where we get to see Andres and Caramelo on the beach. Andres mentions that Caramelo's wedding is just days away.

Max & D/M are making out in the pool. She's fawning over him and he pushes her away. She whines that she knows he's thinking about Diana, and he admits that he is, and gets out of the pool.

F/G is at Paco's bar with the ?lawyer? judge? and she's telling him that when she gets back everything that was taken from her, she will live in the mansion with Diana and Gaby. She suspects that they're her daughters!

Max asks Emilio to attend Diana's trial because he wants to know what happens but doesn't want her to see him. Emilio agrees.

Diego comes to propose to Diana AGAIN. Now he has a new argument -- he will raise the child as his own. She says YES! They debate on whether to wait until after the trial....

F/G is talking about revenge...

Diego tells Panch that he's marrying Diana. Pancho tells him he should wait until after the trial, but Diego says he won't. Somehow Pancho figures out that Diana's pregnant by Max. *Pancho's smarter than Larry the lunkhead and Diego the stalker!*

Rene is at the beach gossiping about Pilar's return from Mexico. Yolanda arrives and Rene runs to greet her.

Pancho is telling Diego that he's stupid. Diego threatens to hit Pancho and makes him swear to keep the pregnancy secret. Pancho calls Diana "basura."

Granny overhears Gaby & Diana talking about Diana's engagement to Diego. She wants to know what made her change her mind.

Yolanda and Rene have a short, awkward conversation. He invites her to join him and his friends, but she says she'd rather walk alone. *I'm starting to like this couple. Yolanda has no life of her own, she could use a young buck like Rene*

Granny and Diana talk about it being best for Diana to forget prince Max. Diana prays to Virgencita to forgive her for lying to her granny.

Dias Despues...

Pancho & Caramelo's Wedding day!

At Paco's bar, Diego is telling Lala and Paco about how serious and responsible his brother is. *HA!*

Meanwhile, Pancho and Paola are making out, and he tells her he loves her.

F/G is helping Caramelo get ready for the wedding. Caramelo is nervous, but knows it will be the happiest day of her life. *I think that F/G stole her gold lame halter dress from the set of Dreamgirls.* Paco enters and gives Caramelo a little pre-wedding pep talk.

Lala announces how happy she is that both of her sons are getting married. Nancy hears this and drops her drink. Caramelo enters the room - she looks lovely with her white dress and white roses pinned in her hair. She's happy as a clam until she realizes that Pancholon is not there!

Pancho is hurrying to leave Paola, who wants to know what the hurry is...

Granny DS and Max are poolside. Granny DS is telling him how lonely she is without Diana. He tells her that Diana is never coming back to the house.

Pilar badgers Rene until he tells her that Larry married Gaby.

Caramelo asks Lala where Pancholon is. She's starting to cry when Pancho arrives dressed in a white tank top, plaid shorts, and flip flops. He says he still has 5 minutes before the wedding and goes to get changed.

Max is laying by the pool dreaming about Diana. D/M tells him to lose the stupid grin, she knows that he's thinking about Diana. *Does this woman have an endless supply of tacky beachwear? Today's selection is a green ruffled number.* Granny DS overhears M/D and Max and starts chanting "my grandson doesn't love you!" D/M threatens to throw her dolls in the pool.

Pancho & Caramelo: He's thinking about Paola as he signs the wedding certificate. *He looks like a Vegas lounge singer in his royal blue velvet jacket and red cummerbund.*

Pilar storms into the mansion and insists on seeing Larry. She's screaming that she can't believe that he married a servant, and he responds that Gaby is 1000 times better than her. He throws her out and tells her not to insult his wife. *GO Larry, Go! Now if you could just say those things to your mama!*

Back at Paco's bar, everyone's happy, especially Diego the stalker, who's there with Diana. *Did Diana and Pancho plan their outfits? Her blue dress and red cummerbund is just as tacky as Pancho's outfit.*

Larry tells Pilar that although he loves her with all of his heart, he's not getting back with her. Pilar begs for forgiveness, and he tells her that like it or not, Gabriella is his wife. He takes his bad self back to his bedroom. Pilar says that the damned dead fly will know who she is!

D/M is having another hissy fit and Bruna's telling her to calm down. Max walks up behind Bruna and demands to know what they're talking about.

credits roll.


Duelo-Monday February 26—Nearly everybody is impactado

The story opens with Elias and Blanca together with Soledad in her room. Elias is telling Soledad that she can count on their help when Don Loco bursts in accusing Elias of "declaring his love" for Soledad. (Yeah, with his wife right there in the room…)

Back near the river, Emilioooo and Floralina are locked in an embrace, mostly by Emilio. Floralina gets knocked back on the ground and her hand touches something hard. It's Thelma's brooch! The one that Emilio gave her! Recall that night when Thelma went for a midnight horseback ride and Gaspar tried to get her to get off her horse, the brooch fell on the ground. Anyhow, Emilio wants to know what Floralina has in her hand and she innocently shows it to him. He thinks that it's payola—that Thelma bribed Floralina with it, to let her marry him. Like she would be still carrying this around? If it was worth that much, wouldn't she have hocked it? Oh well, back to the story.

Elias and Blanca are facing a hostile Don Loco in Soledad's room. Soledad turns on the crazy again and Don Loco is satisfied that nothing transpired. After she leaves "to go rest." Elias says, Soledad seems to be getting worse (and) strange that she never mentions Alina. Don Loco tells him that "the doctor says that visits are strictly forbidden" Blanca chimes in "we were just leaving." But no, Don Loco wants to talk to Elias in his office. Blanca waits in the great room, while Don Loco and her husband go to talk.

Floralina and Emilio are arguing about the brooch. Floralina tries to suggest that Thelma dropped it but Emilio is sure that Floralina is lying, that she got paid off to convince the padre to let Thelma marry him.

Elias and Don Loco are in Don Loco's hacienda office. Don Loco warns him not to come near Soledad or he'll shoot him. Elias says not to worry, but he'll be sorry someday when he finds out how wrong he is.

Soledad is back in her room, talking to Adela. Soledad is just happy to have gotten some company and Adela remarks that it's been years since anybody visited her. Soledad is so happy, she tells Adela that she's even hungry! She remarks at how Blanca and Elias are her oldest and best friends. Adela says, well what am I, chopped liver? (not exactly, but you get the drift) Soledad recovers nicely—"You are like my sister!" Awww Senito! Says Adela and they hug eachother.

Back at la Rinconada Thelma is searching for the infamous brooch. Rebeca the singing Aunt comes in to tell her that all the soldiers applauded her singing downstairs. Thelma says, they were probably just humoring you. "And besides, how can you mix with those "ladies" of ill repute (meaning Coral and Granillo). Aunt Rebeca says something to the effect that she can mix with anyone and not sully herself, like a bird flying above it all. Thelma is too cross to acknowledge this. She wonders aloud if she dropped the broach when she went to go see Luba.

We have a Jose scene without a Mariana scene, they are really mixing it up now! Jose has been captured again, this time by what look like central American military or paramilitary guys since they have black uniforms. They figure he's a rebel since he just walked out of rebel territory. When he says no, that he was just traveling through the area, they don't believe him. Jose says he's not part of any group, he just wants to get home to his family in Mexico. The leader says then he won't mind telling him what he knows. When Jose protests that he doesn't know anything, the leader has him taken away at gun point, probably to cool his heels and think some more about what he knows.

Oh, a Mariana-Marianita scene! Maybe they are just reversing them. Marianita is in the school yard with the singing boy and the bitchy little girls who are making fun of Marianita, not because she has no hair but because she has no papa. (Shades of the little girl in Heridas…) Just then Mariana walks up with Dr. Fonseca in tow. She runs up to Dr. Fonseca, hugs him and yells Papito! In front of the other little girls. I guess in telenovelaland. Little girls think that a fake Papa is better than none at all. Dr. Fonseca is somewhat impactado. The singing kid turns to the other little girls and says, "See, she has a daddy!"

Back at the river, Emilio is still harassing Floralina and demanding that she tell him what he wants to know, that she was bribed to let Thelma marry him. They continue to fight this way until Emilio insults her by saying she has no last name. Floralina gets mad and slaps him. and Emilio grabs her and kisses her. She calls him "abusive" and he rips the heart necklace off of her neck saying that it belongs to him and that neither it nor the brooch belongs to her. He stalks off, leaving Floralina crying over the loss of her heart (necklace).

Thelma and the singing Aunt are walking in the garden. Actually, Thelma is walking fast and her Aunt is trying to keep up with her. Thelma is ticked that they have to stay at the hacienda with all of this riff raff (gentusa). She thinks that Emilio is staying there on purpose to punish her. Aunt Rebecca suggests that Thelma do as she does, not to show that any of it bothers her. Thelma just gets angrier and tells her Aunt to do whatever she wants. As Rebecca flounces away back the hacienda, Thelma sees some bushes moving at the edge of the garden and yells out for whomever it is to show themselves. Nobody comes out so Thelma backs away, toward the hacienda.

Back at Hacienda Loco, Don Loco enters Soledad's room. She's sitting at the dressing table as usual. Don Loco makes a comment about her being alone and Soledad points to the mirror and says she's not alone. Don Loco then makes some disparaging comments about Elias and Blanca and Soledad pretends not to remember them. Don Loco says, that may well be but woe be tide if she and Elias ever try to get together again. Soledad does her cheerful crazy act and Don Loco leaves. Soledad says, to nobody in particular. "Ay, Alvaro, you are really crazy!

Blanca and Elias are returning to his temporary housing near the construction site. Blanca tells Elias that he can see why Don Loco is jealous. Every time Elias looks at Soledad, it's clear that he's in love with her. Elias protests that he holds her in high esteem but that's all. It's Blanca he's in love with and Blanca he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Back at la rinconada—apparently Aunt Rebecca's singing was just Act 1 of the Panchanga. (I guess this was the party Emilio was talking about throwing last week? If so, he's a terrible host skipping out to be nasty to Flor). Coral is shaking her knockers in some kind of dance. After which everybody applauds. Grani and Aunt Rebecca chat about the dance and AR confesses to Grani that she can't dance worth a lick. That people actually cry when they see her dance she's so bad. Grani says he's a choreographer and he'll work with her. Next thing you know, Grani and AR are out there cutting the rug in dramatic fashion.

Emilio walks in, still holding the heart necklace. Coral sidles up to him and asks him where he has been. Emilio says that he has just been out getting some air. He looks at the necklace and Coral asks if it is for her. Emilio says no, that it's a special necklace, or something like that.

Thelma bursts into Castulo's room. She's anxious all the time that Gaspar is lurking around. Castulo asks if she's given any more thought to his offer. Thelma says, "Well, if there's no other way.." Castulo begins attacking her like a dog with a piece of meat, while Thelma cringes.

Luba's kicking back smoking a joint while talking to Rosita and Gaspar in the cave. Flor runs in crying. Rosita wants to know what happened. "I saw Emilio and he stole my heart necklace, the one he gave to me." Gaspar offers to try to get it back but Luba shouts "No" at him and Luba says it's better that it's gone, you should be trying to forget him anyway. Flor disagrees. She says that the heart necklace was the only thing she had to remind her of the "good" Emilio. She suddenly decides that she's going to la Rinconada to get it back. Rosita tries to dissuade her. Luba just shakes her head.

Don Loco's been busy. He's on horseback with the foreman trying to convince his workers that the highway is bad news. He argues that the big hacienda will be broken up in to smaller farms and homes and they'll lose their jobs and their homes. Frankly, if I were one of these guys I would be thinking, OK, on the one hand, I'm practically a slave to Don Loco or if the highway comes, on the other hand, I could get a job with the highway construction and then with some new business that locates here…but no, these people are seriously risk averse and, well, the devil you know is always better than the devil you haven't met yet. They raise their pitchforks and machetes and pledge to fight to stop the highway.

Flor is crying and whining that she wants to go to La Rinconada but Luba demands that she stay put. Rosita tries to reason with her that Luba is right. Flor cries that the last time she felt alive was when Emilio gave that heart to her. It's as if he had stolen her real heart. (Cut to Tonki who is looking mighty upset that his mistress is crying). Luba counters that if they discover Flor at la Rinconada they are going to accuse her of stealing. Flor says no, she'll be extra quiet and she'll leave Tonki behind). She takes off before anyone else can say anything. Rosita also turns to go and Luba asks, "Where are you going?" "To pray for Flor" says Rosita. Luba turns around and looks at Gaspar.

At La Rinconada in Thelma's bedroom, Thelma is in the afterglow of knocking boots with Castulo. She remarks to herself that Castulo wasn't so bad, that she had really needed to be in the arms of a real man, after all. In fact, she closed her eyes and imagined that Castulo was Emilio and it was easy. Much easier than she thought.

Back in Mexico City, Mariana is apologizing to Doctor Fonseca that Marianita told the little girls that he was her Daddy. Dr. Fonseca says no problem. Besides, he'd be happy to be her real Daddy someday. The singing kid says that Marianita's mom is angry because she lied to the other little girls about Dr. Fonseca. Marianita doesn't care; she had to get back at those girls. And she thinks it would be great if Dr. Fonseca and her mom got together and got married. SK says, that's not very likely. Marianita says that she's going to work on them to make it happen.

Back in the Cave, Luba is alone with Gaspar. She's worried about Flor. If the patron finds out she's been running around again, he's going to kill me! Gaspar gets up from, his chair and says "If the Patron tries to kill you, I'll kill him!" Luba freaks out and makes him promise not to do that—she is more worried about him than her own life. Gaspar agrees not to go after the Patron and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. Gaspar then says that they are out of candles. Luba goes to fetch one and Gaspar runs out of the cave when her back is turned.

At la Riconada again, Emilio is in his room with the necklace clutched in his hand. He has an orange flashback of when he gave the necklace. He leaves it on the desk and picks up the brooch, heading for Thelma's room.

Near the river, Gaspar is sitting watching the water go by. Castulo sees him and takes out his knife. He's going to cut his throat.

Emilio comes into Thelma's room. She's apparently taken a bath and is in a pink bathrobe. Emilio drops the brooch on a table and says he's returning it to her. Thelma, says, thanks, she lost it somewhere. Emilio says I found it near Luba's cave, by the river. "What were you doing there?"

Speaking of Luba, we cut to her back at the cave. She asks the Virgin to protect Gaspar.

Thelma is yelling. "Why would I visit Luba?" Emilio says he doesn't know she should tell him. He's still sure that Thelma paid Flor off with it. Thelma is impactada. Clearly she hadn't thought of this and will probably weigh her options as to whether this story will help or hurt her with Emilio. It does make Flor look bad.

Castulo has engaged Gaspar. For some reason he has given up the element of surprise and yells and comes at him with his big knife. Gaspar fights him off pretty well but the two of them are fighting right next to a giant waterfall which makes things tricky. Castulo grabs Gaspar's head and holds it under water. He flips Castulo in the water. Castulo heads down the waterfall and shouts for help. He's drowning. Gaspar deliberates on the bank about what to do. "You tried to kill me" he shouts. Then he feels bad and decides to jump in and save him. (What a guy! 1 Gaspar = 10 Emilio's in my book). Gaspar manages to fight against the current and grab Castulo and pull him to safety. Not so stupid, he picks up a big rock and demands to know who sent Castulo to kill him. Castulo gives him a doleful look.

Alina in her little pink skirt and espadrilles is heading for la Riconada. Tonki rushes up and she scolds him for leaving the cave. Just then Orlando rides up on a horse and says he went to go find her. There's a party on at La Riconada and he'd sure like it if she would come.

Castulo tells Gaspar that it's Thelma that has bought his services as an assassin. She hates you Gaspar, you scare her and she wants to get rid of you. You can see all the fight leave Gaspar, he drops the rock and walks away. Castulo says to himself, that Gaspar is crazy but he can't kill him now. He's just saved his life.

Emilio and Thelma are still having their "discussion" about the brooch. Sure enough, Thelma has decided that it's better if Emilio thinks that Flor was bribed. She tells Emilio that Flor herself asked for the brooch as payment. "She's very ambitious" says Thelma. Emilio agrees that Flor seems to like jewels. Thelma goes on to further say that she would have given up everything to marry Emilio, if only to give her kid a name. Thelma tries to give the brooch back but Emilio says no, keep it. She tries to get him to pin it—I am not sure where exactly, on her robe? On her bra? But he doesn't fall for it and he hands her the brooch and leaves.

Tonki is barking at Orlando's horse. Floralina refuses to go to the party with him. What's more, she wants him to try to stop seeing him. She's trying to avoid everybody at la Rinconada right now, so that her Father doesn't do anything else. Orlando tries to sweet talk her but Flor just says to leave her alone and that if he comes near her, she'll sic her dog on him. She walks away. Orlando comments to nobody in particular that he likes Flor's spirit and he's definitely going to try to win her over.

Back at Hacienda Loco, Soledad is still in her room. She wishes she could see Alina. Alvaro walks in and She asks him if she can see her daughter. Alvaro says no and Soledad tries to pretend that she's been having a conversation with the Virgin statue in her room about Alina and the virgin thinks it would be great if she could see Alina. Alvaro doesn't go for it but suddenly, he's a horndog and he tries to get Soledad in the sack. (Very strange music here—like some kind of ominous chanting) . At first she's compliant but then she resists and starts talking about Alina again. Alvaro complains that she's his wife, she has no right to refuse him. He does agree to let her see Alina. But you won't like what I've done with her, he says.

Coral and Emilio are walking arm in arm out of the hacienda. Coral says that she can tell Emilio's in a bad mood, probably because of that wife of his. Emilio asks her to explain. She says she knows when he goes to see Thelma, he always leaves in a bad mood. Besides, Thelma came to her room and threatened her and tried to make her leave. Emilio looks grouchy than impactado again. Coral persuades him to go back inside and join the party.

Don Max has is over at Don Loco's sipping a copita and smoking a cigar on his couch. He says he's come over to check on him plus his nephew has turned the Hacienda into a party house. Don Loco complains that his nephew has brought nothing but trouble with that damn highway. And by the way, the workers are starting a protest against the highway…he's not sure "how to handle it." Don Max says he'd better be careful not to get into another fight with his nephew. Don Loco says he's never had any problems with his nephew. Don Max nearly chokes on his rum or brandy or whatever. Yeah that little shooting thing—"That was just personal" says Don Loco. Whatever.

Flor and Tonki are walking in a Banana grove. She tries to get Tonki to stay and wait for her. She's still going to try to get into la Rinconda to get her heart back.

Don Max is drinking all of Don Loco's booze. Don Loco doesn't seem to care. Don Max is talking about Soledad and about how he understands why Don Loco is still wound up about her cheating on him. Max gets up and says he has to go (no doubt, the booze he likes is gone.)

Thelma and Aunt Rebecca are in her room. Thelma is chortling over the fact that she has gotten Emilio to think Flor is just out for money. She asks AR if the party is still going on. Yes, AR tells her and Emilio is with Coral. Thelma doesn't like this news very much. Now that she's gotten rid of Flor, she needs to work on getting rid of Coral.

Rosita and Vera are in the kitchen chopping stuff and talking. All of the sudden, the drunken Don Max appears and he starts asking Vera to make him some food when he catches sight of Rosita. He then orders Vera to go to the main hall and ask if anyone wants anything so he can be alone with Rosita. Rosita moves away. Don Max keeps after her and tells her she's beautiful and he wants to marry her.

Emilio and Thelma run out into the garden arguing about Coral. Emilio says by what right did you order an invited guest of mine away from the hacienda. Thelma tries to give him the big Mrs. Valtierra act but he doesn't buy it. In the background he sees something fly by. It's Flor. Emilio is distracted from his argument with Thelma.

Don Max the letch grabs Rosita and puts her up on the counter while she is screaming. He tries to rip off her clothes. Just then, Santos rushes in. Don Max at first pretends to let her go then kicks Santos to the floor and resumes raping Rosita. Santos is not down for the count however and grabs a pitcher and smacks Don Max over the head with it. Rosita is hysterical and thinks that Santos killed Don Max. She tells him to flee. Vera comes in and demands to know what happened. Rosita tells her and Vera checks Don Max. She tells Rosita to calm down. Don Max is merely drunk. She tells Rosita to leave. After a few seconds, Don Max gets up shouting that he's going to kill Santos and he runs out brandishing his gun.

Thelma and Emilio are still looking around to see what that flash of pink and white was. Emilio goes a little into the thicket but not enough to see Flor hiding in there. Thelma calls him back and they go back into the house.

Meanwhile, Flor has made it into the servants' quarters and she asks Vera for her help. Vera is doubtful; the Patron is scouring the house looking for intruders (like Santos). Flor begs and Vera agrees to distract Jaime (one of the doofuses who is always trying and failing to guard the hacienda). Flor tells Vera that she is trying to get back her heart. I don't think Vera understands it's her necklace that she's talking about because she looks at her strangely.

Back at the cave, Gaspar is whining to Luba that Thelma doesn't love him. Luba carries the red fire on the wall over to the hearth. She tells him to shut up and sit down. She begins brushing his hair roughly every time he starts whining about how Thelma doesn't love him.

Flor has made it to Emilio's room. She spies the heart and picks it up. Just then Emilio and Thelma enter and turn on the lights. Busted! Emilio accuses her of being a thief. Emilio thinks that she's stolen the brooch but Flor denies it. She never saw the brooch until that day when she found it. Emilio says he wants to see what she has in her hand. Thelma tries to diffuse the situation by saying that Flor should give it back and then she can go free. (And leave). Emilio grabs Flor's hand and then tries to wrest it from her. Just then Angel, who has been MIA this whole episode walks in and takes Flor's side.

Santos is back in his shack at the construction site. His mom, Carmen is there, for some reason. She notices the big bruise on his face and asks him what happened. He tells her he thinks he killed Don Maximo. Carmen is impactada.

In Emilio's room there is still the argument going on with Flor, Angel, Emilio and Thelma over whether Flor is a thief and what she has in her hand. Finally It's the heart necklace. She dares him to report her to the authorities. Flor insists that it belongs to her. Emilio says that it doesn't belong to her. Flor says yes it does. She's the daughter of Don Alvaro Montellano. "Yes, Yes, you are the bastard daughter of Don Alvaro." Says Emilio. "NO" continues Flor. "I am the daughter of Don Alvaro Montellano and his wife, Soledad. You can ask everyone, ask your servants. Everybody knows, I am Alina Montellano." Emilio is impactado.


La Fea Más Bella #219 2/26/07 in which Fern plans to put an ocean between Marcia and himself.

OK, folks, this was a pretty dull episode, and I'm tired, so let's roll.

Tonight's first vocab word is guero - blond or fair. Tomas dyed his hair - not to look like Lorena Herrera (see right) or Cachirulo (anybody?) - but to resemble Aldo. "You look exactly like him," Lety lies cheerfully.

1. Another #$%^@ meeting.

Calling him pituca (stuck-up), Fern insists DomensaEEN doesn't belong meddling in the ad campaign. Fern's sarcastic, contemptuous enumeration of the glories of Mexican cuisine ("chalupas, tacos, all that...") causes Aldo to launch his usual blowhard monologue about the glories of Mexican cooking.

I have a comment about this: Aldo is extolling the virtue of food lovingly cooked at home, shared with family and friends. This is what Lety has had in her life. Her mother is a great cook and feeds her husband, daughter, and Tomas, lovingly. Dinnertime is sacred to her family, as Erasmo has told us.

Contrast this to what Fern must have experienced with Helmet-head. She was, no doubt, too rich to cook, and too cosmopolitan to care about homely foods of the pueblo. Fern is sarcastic because he didn't have this kind of nurturing and it's one more thing he's jealous of - and that he craves.

Fortuitously, Guillermo Andreu shows up. Although to me he looks like Cro-Magnon man, the cuartel shriek and drool over him.

PM announces in the meeting, "there's a man to see Lety," Fern groans, "aNOTHer one?" Guillermo announces that he's ready to sign on the dotted line but only if Aldo is made head of the project.

Fern, who is such a baby these days he should be sent to "time out", yells "what gives you the right to tell us what to do?" "My two million dollars. We could take our business elsewhere." Lety squelches Fern and accepts Guillermo's condition. Tomas gives a report on preproduction costs. Guillermo approves and says goodbye.

As Aldo is showing his friend out, Guillermo opines that Fern is "unstable." Heh.

In Aldo's absence, Fern rants: it's Lety's fault a taco maker is now in charge - where'd you find this guy? Chopping tacos of chapulín (locusts)? Caro crisply rehashes that, actually, Aldo is an internationally renowned chef etc.

Aldo returns, looks around, and benignly asks: "What's this silence? Have you been talking dirt about me? By all means, please continue."

Luigi says (again) he needs free reign to work his magic. Fern says the fair, etc., must serve to attract foreign investors as well as tourists; trips must be made to the U.S. and Europe to work out marketing channels etc.

After some wrangling, it's decided he will go to the US and Marcia to Europe, though she's angry there will be an ocean between them. They're told to get budgets together and give them to Tomas for approval.

Luigi asks how he'll get along without his executive producer - they point out Omar will be around to help Luigi. "OK, at least he's guapo."

Caro, who has done mostly sitting in this meeting, looks incredibly bored and irritated. Can you imagine how many tiresome hours these actors have had to spend around that conference table?

Fern leaves, hauling Omar out with him, to air his usual grievances against DomensaEEN. Caro leaves to have a talk with Marcia ("I know she's going to ask about my friendship with you.")

This leaves Aldo and Lety. She says she'd feared Fern's wish to expel Aldo would be a big headache "but then Guillermo, like a guardian angel, put things right. I would have fought for you - I need you here." "I'm at your disposal, and further, I'd like to take you to dinner." "I told the cuartel I'd eat with them." "When can you work me into your schedule? And - you look sad. Is it for Fernando?"

2. Another scene of Lola and the alimony.

While waiting with Sanchez for Señor Cheque to arrive, Lola has a little fantasy: that Efren takes her in his arms, kisses her and says he loves her, and begs her to forgive him, to take him back, so the family will be together.

She snaps out of it when he actually arrives saying "let's get this over with as fast as possible."

Cheque irritates the (female) judge who ends up awarding Lola hefty monthly checks. Cheque is frightened about telling Jazmin.

3. Another scene of Alicia the convenenciera scheming to get money.

While the cuartel complains that Alicia hangs up on callers and won't take messages, Simon arrives with a wad of messages for Alicia, from her creditors.

"Tell them I'm dead or moved to Indonesia." "Be strong, face your fears, it's a first step to solving your problem," he councils sagely. "These bills are like a death sentence" Alicia wails.

She calls Martha, who is gloating over these monetary misfortunes, a tinaco ambulante (walking water tank). [I am SO annoyed the way they keep stuffing food in this poor actress's face - do they really think we'll think this is funny? --Ed.]

"My poverty has a limit! [looks glumly at the wad of bills] OK no food, no car, no light, but I HAVE to have my cellphone!" Alicia asks SIMON to lend her money! He looks at her cellular bill and says his whole family lives on less than that. "Your hair dye is affecting your IQ adversely." "I'm a NATURAL blond!" "I couldn't get this much money together in several lifetimes!" Simon informs her. It's suggested she ask Aldo for the money: after all, their wedding is imminent...


Monday, February 26, 2007

Mundo de Fieras 02/26/06 "Vengence is mine saith the Demain"

Before getting into tonite's tale of woe I would like to make a commentary....
Having followed Rosy O'Campo's "pièce de résistance" LFMB, I sincerely believe Mundo lost a great opportunity of blatant commercialism. We are living in a material world. Now this is in no way a spoiler...I am certain that those of you who are following LFMB, have noticed the subtle infomercials with in the show...Lety's Ford Focus, the Nextel Telephones and other things that will come up.....Well what a chance was missed with Mundo...

Leo's bedazzeled jacket comes to mind, hows about a pitch for ACME dynamite, another for ACME fiberglass rowboats "They don't sink", what about plus size servent uniforms, a direct TV remote can easily be converted to an explosive remote, why didn't Demian rush out and buy a new Hummer and then he could explain to all the employees why it is the Mafioso vehicle of choice, bullet proof glass is extra, Sherman Williams is no doubt the choice of La Fieras for their make-up, I bet Elsa would enjoy Jose Cuervo, she could kinda wink at the audience while stealing a swig, and Mundo certainly could have promoted Viagra, with a disclaimer "if erection exists longer than 4 hours call Leo". Anyhow I'm just sayin.

Now on to the grief fest that was tonite's show.

At the very beginning we got a few moments of Regina's gut wretching death...
On to Demian locked in the room with Regina's body...Poor Demian he is crazed with grief. He wails at the fates, then trys to conjole Regina, claiming his Regina is only sleeping and he will take care of her and never leave her. Gabe is beating on the door, to no avail; Demian is in his own lil world and reality will be kept at bay as long as the door is locked.

Dolores enters the waiting room, where people are standing around with that uncomfortable not meeting anyone's eye stance that people always have when waiting for grave news. Tiberio, Rog, Diana, Karen & Joselyn are all present. Dolores gives them the bad news, everyone is grief stricken. Even Joselyn looks remorseful, she says that she must tell Miriam and asks Karen to accompany her. Karen opts to remain at the hospital to console JC & Paulina. Joselyn makes a quick exit, I actually do believe she felt bad and not knowing what to do with these new feeling of sympathy for someone other than herself, she had to make a hasty retreat. Gabe now enters the waiting room and says Demian has locked himself in the room and won't come out. Rog and Tiberio go with Gabe.

Demian is still talking to Regina, like she is just resting, when security opens the door, two big guys come in with Gabe & the cousins. Gabe tries to talk to Demian, then Tiberio then Rog, finally Leo gets Demian to go with him. Suddenly Demian realizes what is going on and tries to bolt back into the room; security drags him away. Gabe & Leo are in with Regina and Gabe has pink eye from the squelching of tears, now enter the priest and Candelabra for last rites. Last rites are performed, no need for detail here, you can imagine. Finally Leo covers Regina with the sheet.

Karen and Rog are having words about the meaning of life, how fleeting, how they lived such frivolous lives...Diana overhears and you can tell by her look, she ain't buyin what Rog is sellin.

On to JC, Paulina & Karen; well it is rather pointless to say JC is overwhelmed, he just had a bone marrow transplant and his mother died. JC is all worried about his father who only lived for Regina...JC like most children is unaware of the string of chicks, Demian kept on the side. JC tells Paulina to go with Karen to the Cafeteria and get something to eat.

At some point JC is wheeled in to see his mother, by Gabe who leaves him with Regina. JC is sobbing and thanking his mother for her great sacrifice and he vows to be the best person, the best husband and the best father he can be...He knows she is in heaven, but he will carry her with him always, yeah like in his blood.

Leo goes to see Demian who is with the security guys and a nurse. The nurse has a big ol hypo in her hand...Demian is manic and Leo give him an injection of what appears to be a horse tranquilizer, Demian kinda slumps down and Leo backs off....HA HA HA fooled you, Dr. Dooright...Demian makes an incredible leap across the room and wraps his hands around Leo's neck. Gotta say hey nice shot...especially considering he has just been given an enormous tranquilzer, he has a wooden leg and has no depth perception...I say nice shot man.

Security pulls him off Leo and for a moment it sounds like Leo has a crushed windpipe; but alas this too shall pass. Cough Cough Leo is okay and Demian is drug off somewhere.

Alone in his room JC is thinking and tears are running down his face...when who bursts in the door, but his now totally cranked up father, I think whatever Leo gave Demian is having an adverse reaction, cause he is going all AngelDust on them.

Demian starts ranting Asesino, Asesino, Asesino....yes he clearly blames JC for Regina's death. He is all like, yeah you pathetic little just couldn't cowboy up and take it like a man...Your mother sacrificed her life for you. JC whines back Papa, Papa....Demian lunges at JC and I'm thinking, Jeez he's gonna remove the new marrow & clone it, but no he slaps JC. Spouts some more venom, twirls around on his peg leg and he is out the door.

Diana follows Karen and Paulina to the cafeteria, where she says sorry about your loss and about Rog, she tells Karen she doesn't believe Rog has changed...but Karen says everyone deserves a second chance..Diana is all whatever, and she leaves.

Now we see the grill of the Hummer and a single headlight...oh I get it...artistic devise, Demian has one eye...okay, now remember he is driving the narrow streets on AngelDust.

Anyway Demian is high above MX City (we see the lights of the city below...actually this view looks like where my sister-in-law really is part of the city, but there are like twenty million lights...yeah that's it, twenty million flashlights). The camera angle here makes it look like Demian is standing next to an open grave, but that isn't right, cause he is in no shape to make funeral arrangements. Demian is wailing to the fates, Por Que, Por Que, Por Que...Regina was the only good thing in his life, why oh why....Now Vengence is mine saith the Demian, three people will pay, Leo, Dolores and JC.

Dolores is in the Evil Castle with Tiberio, a feeling of gloom is about the house. Dolores thanks Tiberio for the hug received in an earlier emotional breakdown at the hospital and for calling her Mama. Tiberio says it was a weak moment and don't count on it happening again. Well two seconds later they are in each others arms and that tinglely cradle music is playing and both are crying and Tiberio is saying Mama Mama....even I feel sorry for the guy.

Now Dolores is alone in the living room, Demian comes in distraught. Dolores tries to comfort him, I think he is gonna grab her and kiss her, yeah I know pretty perverse, but nope once again like a snake he lashes out. Demian is screaming that Dolores went behind his back and she is responsible for Regina's death.

Demian is choking Dolores, when Tiberio rushes in and commands him to unhand his mother. Still feeling the super power of AngelDust, Demian backhands Tiberio to the floor. Now Dolores is on Demian, much shouting later Demian leaves. Poor Tiberio, he loves Demain, who wants nothing to do with Tiberio and called him a traitor. Tiberio is torn between his psychotic father and his mother he didn't meet until he was 46 and she was 40...It is a lot for any youngster to process.

On to the next day...It is funeral time, Leo sporting his Lady of Guadelupe jacket, Candle, Nick Nye, Dolores, Rog, Diana, Karen & Gabe...Demian is absent...The priest does the basic Ashes to Ashes thing, when we see Demian hiding out in the evergreens, he is watching and crying.

Diana is working at Otillas, when someone comes in. It is Rog, he asks her for her forgiveness for humiliating her in the past. He realizes the error of his ways, Diana jumps up out of her chair and moves away from him. He says he is happy and hopes she is too, he finishes with forgive me please and leaves. Diana bursts into tears and whispers Rog (only his whole name, but I can't spell it).

Paulina tries to talk to JC, but he will barely acknowledge her. She is sitting in the waiting room when Dolores comes in, Paulina asks Dolores to talk to JC.
Dolores goes in and tries to make JC feel better, but it has little effect....He just keeps hearing his father's accusations over and over and over again.

Gabe & MA are in the office, things are a bit strained between them...Gabe is still acting like the girl who got stood up for prom. Nic comes in, I think this is what happened, I think Regina was supposed to go somewhere and now MA will carry on in Regina's name. She tells Gabe she will take his love with her or something like that (I was getting bored by this time)...Gabe is all prissy prom girl, whatever.

Now the Grand Finale Scenes...Tiberio is running all over screaming Papa Papa, alas no one has seen nor heard from Demian...Tiberio looked like the dog that keeps getting beat, but always slinks back to his master, cause it is beyond him to try anything else...Poor Tiberio

Finally we see Demian, he is brushing aside the white flowers that cover Regina's grave, he lays a single red rose on the grave and lies down on top of the dirt...he swears never to leave her, they will be together alway..he fears she is cold....
Cynic that I am, I still felt really pretty bad for Demian, but I know he'll be back and punishing innocent people in no time.


Acorralada # 29 – Thursday, 02/22/07

And Still the Villain Pursued Her…

We start our day’s adventures in TeleMiami with a replay of Gaviota/Fedora asking Granny Miguelina about the demise of los padres Soriano. Granny M doesn’t answer. She looks guilt-stricken. She’s probably wishing she were in the kitchen making another nourishing batch of caldo, or maybe a nice flan. Pobre de Granny.

Cut to Dr. Evil’s office, where Max and Ignacio replay their final scene from yesterday’s capítulo. I find myself wondering if the crimes being committed by Ignacio are as heinous as the one committed by his hairdresser.

Back to Casa Soriano. Granny M reluctantly says that the girls’ parents died in an accident. Gaviota wants to know what kind of accident. One that cost them their lives. (The scene with the garden-hose earned Granny a pass on this one.) She doesn’t want to go into details, she denies hiding anything, she just prefers not to remember. Before Gaviota can press any further, Diana enters. Gaviota tells Granny that they’ll continue their conversation later. Alone, Granny thought-bubbles: “Why did that woman ask me that? Could it be that she knows the mother of my girls is in prison? That’s what that man told me, the one who gave me Diana and Gaby.”

While Granny Miguelina ponders this mystery, we return to Ignacio’s office. Dr. Evil tells Our Hero that he was about to perform a major operation and that he’d scheduled a meeting with Diana at his apartment to discuss the case. Max furrows his brow. Something about this doesn’t sound like standard hospital procedure, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Think, Max, think! Dr. Evil rehashes his cock-and-bull version of the crime. Now Max has more information to sort out. Damn. He can’t believe that Diana is capable of such a thing. According to Dr. Evil, “that kind of slut” is capable of anything, etc., etc., etc. It’s all too much for Max to process and he finally tells Ignacio to shut up. Dr. Evil comments that the subject of the little nurse is a touchy one. Max asks him to withdraw the charges against Diana. Doesn’t Max want her to be tried for attempted murder? Definitely not. Again Our Hero asks him to withdraw the charges.

Meanwhile there’s a visitor at Casa Silvia. It’s Elsa Lanchester – oh, wait, she’s dead. No, it’s the Mistress of the Occult Sciences, apparently on a lunch break from her fortune-telling job at the carnival. She’s wearing a glittery orange vinyl turban with a large, purple plastic jewel glued to the front. There is a star within a star painted on her forehead, possibly to de-emphasize the gold Halloween glitter she uses for eye-shadow. The long black fingernails dramatically accent the gold lamé gown. Her sparkly blue velveteen cloak is also lined with gold lamé. The tiered-ruffle pleather knitting-bag, however, is not the right accessory for this ensemble. I’ll bet Camila zeroed in on that, too, because her reaction was much like mine: “Are you sure this woman’s not a charlatan? She looks like a clown!” The bag really has to go. Anyway, the Occult One takes umbrage at this and solemnly intones the list of unfortunate ends that await non-believers, from being flattened by buses to eaten by piranhas. Our spunky soubrettes are impactadas.

We return to Max and Ignacio. Dr. Evil is surprised by Maximiliano’s request. Max doesn’t want to bury Diana. Dr. Evil says it’s what she deserves, he’s sorry, he can’t oblige, but she tried to kill him and jail is what she deserves. Fair enough, says Max, if that’s your final decision then I can’t convince you. Ignacio declares that he’s going to put Diana in jail for years. Max furrows his brow slightly, looks down his nose at Dr. Evil, and turns to leave. At the door there’s a final furrowed-brow look-down-the-nose. Close-up of Dr. Evil, baffled, wondering what the hell that was supposed to mean. I’m equally baffled.

Gaviota and Diana arrive at the hospital. There’s no need to guess which one, it’s the only hospital in all of TeleMiami. Diana’s nervous. She can’t be pregnant. (For someone who supposedly graduated nursing school in the 21st century, Diana has a quaintly Victorian concept of human reproduction.) Gaviota bolsters her spirits by saying that having an Irascible baby is the worst thing that could happen in her life. Enter Dr. Quintana, an old acquaintance of Diana’s. After a little chitchat, Our Heroine bashfully tells him why she’s there. He takes the news very professionally and tells her to go to the lab while he goes off to prepare. Enter Max, and what follows is a montage, underscored by increasingly ominous music. Midshot of Max, trying to look attractively impactado. Close-up of Diana, who exclaims, “Maximiliano!” Close-up of Max, still trying for attractively impactado. Close-up of Diana, trying to remember what the scene’s about. Close-up of Gaviota, who looks up and over at Max with cold, hostile, appraising eyes. Close-up of Max, who settles for an attractive but anticlimactic “Aw, hell” look.

At Sylvia’s place, Elsa the Mistress of the Occult Sciences is occupying the armchair as if it were a throne. She asks the girls what they want. Sylvia gaily starts rattling on about the two men she and Camila want at their feet, prostrate with love, very handsome men, the girls want them to be “spectacularly” in love, etc. It’s a very simple job for the Great Powerful Cosmic Star, Elsa replies, but the girls have to do one thing. Cue comic music. They have to steal a pair of underwear from each man. “A pair of underwear?” they scream in perfect unison. Drum roll and rim shot.

Back at the hospital everyone stands around very uncomfortably for a moment before Max walks past Diana without a glance or a word. Diana can’t believe it. “It was Maximiliano.” Gaviota must be used to having characters point out the obvious to her. “Yes, haughty and proud like his mother,” she answers. This makes no impression on Diana, who merely says, “He hates me. I saw the hate in his eyes.” (Which is more than I saw, querida, but if that’s your line, okay.) Gaviota ends the scene on a comforting, religious note. “God grant that you’re not pregnant by him. Let’s go.”

Where we go is back to Casa Silvia, where that ebullient, platinum-wigged minx is recapping the deal with La Maestra. She brings things to a screeching halt by referring Elsa’s art as “witchcraft.” Our M.O.S. takes offense and indignantly denies casting spells. She uses the forces of the universe to her benefit, she puts the stars to work for her, blah, blah, blah. Silvia does a good-natured grovel-and-fawn number. Elsa relents a bit. Call as soon as they have the underwear. They’ll see how she’ll put those men at their feet. Sylvia claps her hands and bounces with excitement until Elsa demands her $500.00 consultation fee. Camila is outraged. She bares her teeth, protesting vigorously, but the M.O.S. isn’t intimidated. (After all, she’s got the Great Powerful Cosmic Star in her corner. Just give her a pair of skivvies and a constellation or two and she can move mountains.) Sylvia intervenes. They don’t have that much cash. That’s okay, Elsa will take it out in trade. She takes the girls’ watches, commenting on their cheapness, then helps herself to an ugly blue bowl and a plain glass ashtray make up the difference. After a bit of mumbo-jumbo about sending out vibes with her “third eye” (aha! That’s what the star on her forehead is!), exit Elsa. Camila starts up again about the M.O.S. being a swindler but Silvia’s an optimist. The Irazabal boys will be crazy about them, etc.

Diana and Gaviota are waiting for the results of the test. Who should appear next but Ignacio Montiel, Dr. Evil himself, holding an envelope. He reminds Diana of their court date. Gaviota says she will prove Diana’s innocence. Ignacio asks who she is, then answers his own question: She is Diana’s guardian angel. Immune to his slimy charm, Gaviota corrects him. She’s the defense attorney. Dr. Evil pretends to be impressed. Diana starts to leave, but Ignacio stops her. He gestures with the envelope. He’d asked Dr. Quintana if he could deliver her test results. Diana’s pregnant, all right. Well. You could have knocked me over with a wrecking-ball, that’s how impactado I am. Diana flutters her eyelids as if she’s about to faint. Gaviota stares at Ignacio. Diana closes her eyes. Commercial.

We return from commercial to Casa Soriano, where Granny is at the sewing machine, remembering the bad old days. Granny used to be a bag lady, Miguelina la Méndiga, looking for shelter and a handout. It’s not clear where she is – a storeroom? Basement? Prop room? She’s wearing a dirty fisherman’s hat over a long, bedraggled, blonde wig. Streaks of dirt-colored makeup have been wiped on her face and her teeth have been partially blacked out. It’s a heart-rending sight. She begs for some leftovers or spare change from an unsavory naco seated at a table, eating rather messily and drinking Camacho out of a Styrofoam cup. He calls her by name and tells her he’s been waiting for her. Her eyes light up with hope. Does he have anything for her? Life in the streets gets harder every day, she lost her husband and home, hasn’t a friend in this country to extend a helping hand…This would be the perfect spot for a close-up with the Glycerine Tear of True Dolor, but Granny la Méndiga doesn’t get one. Pobre de Granny. Telling her it’s her lucky day, el naco reaches back into a portable plastic storage drawer and takes out a thick bundle of cash. He tosses it on the table. There’s twenty thousand dollars in that bundle. Granny thinks it’s a good joke. So does el naco. Hilarity ensues. El naco gets back to business. The money is hers, in exchange for a little favor.

We zoom back to the present for a close-up of Granny M. She looks off into the distance (or perhaps at the teleprompter) and says, “That night…that night changed my life.”

The past again. El naco is walking back into his lair carrying a baby and leading a toddler by the hand. If Miguelina takes the girls and disappears, the money’s hers. Granny M wants to know where the girls came from. No questions, warns el naco, but Miguelina insists. He tells her that the girls’ father is dead and their mother is in jail, “forever”. If anyone asks, she can pass them off as her grandchildren. Granny M repeats that she can’t take them without knowing where they came from.

Another close-up of present-day Miguelina. “My God, I accepted. I accepted.” I’m glad they wrote this bit in because now I can skip the following scene, which is a reenactment of this admission, followed by one last close-up of Granny M. She becomes very emotional as she tells us how she loved them as if they really were her granddaughters, raised them with love and respect, etc. As the tears flow, she drops her head over her folded hands and sobs.

We are now treated to a close-up of Octavia. Right at this very moment, she, too, is thinking about that night. We see Octavia in Destiny’s Basement, where so many fates have been sealed. El naco is reporting the success of his mission. I note that the plastic storage drawer on the little table behind him has been replaced by a plaster statue of Jesus, or maybe Lety Padilla’s San Judas. Either way, Octavia doesn’t notice. She’s more interested in finding out if this beggar Miguelina is going to keep her mouth shut. El naco is positive she will.

Camila and Silvia stroll into Casa Irascible. Silvia should have changed her clothes and wig. Agent Sidney Bristow would have. The girls are about to launch an undercover operation, for Pete’s sake. Anyway, Lala isn’t happy to see them. Max isn’t home, so the girls sit down to wait. Lala becomes apprehensive and explains that Faux Marfil has left orders that Camila not set foot in the house again. Camila springs up, baring her teeth. And who does Marfil think she is? Camila’s always been a friend of the family! Silvia runs interference by asking Lala for a soda. Lala agrees reluctantly, but wants them to please go afterwards, they could get her in trouble. Almost as soon as she’s out of the room, Silvia goes into action. The way she tiptoes up the stairs leaves no doubt that she passed “Slapstick Acting for the Silent Screen” with flying colors.

Larry’s room. Larry goes into the bathroom and Silvia sneaks in. She rifles his dresser, finds a pair of black bikini briefs and chortles: “It can’t be that something so small could fit him!” From the bathroom Larry asks if someone’s there. Instead of going out the door right behind her, Silvia runs to the bed and crawls underneath. This is pretty idiotic even for Comic Sex Kitten Silvia. Larry comes out, looks around, swears he heard someone. He then sits on the bed and wistfully sighs, “¡Pilar, Pilar!” as he puts on his watch. Pan down to Silvia between his feet. She thought-bubbles: “Ay, Dios, how do I get out of here without Papazote Larry seeing me?” Failing to come up with an answer, she blows kisses at Larry’s denim-clad calves.

Cut to Gaby, on the phone with Nancy. Gaby has found a job as a supermarket cashier. Nancy thinks that’s good, but isn’t she coming back to the mansion? Never again. But Gaby’s still married to joven Larry. She’s an Irazabal whether Doña Octavia likes it or not. Gaby’s not interested in being an Irazabal. It’s been over a month and Larry hasn’t come to see her once. Nancy fails to realize that she’s dealing with the gentle, helpless child-woman type that Dickens adored so much. She tells Little Doormat to forget Lunkhead, muscles, eyelashes, and all, and fall in love with someone else. No, Gaby will never love anyone else. Why did Larry use her like that? Why didn’t he pick someone from his own class? There’s some whimpering about Pilar mixed in with this, too, but Nancy is nothing if not practical. Divorce him, she says. Move on. No, Gaby won’t lift a finger. If Larry wants a divorce, he will have to file for it. Nancy is not impressed with Little Doormat’s decision. Gaby sobs.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Evil repeats that Diana’s pregnant. Gaviota snatches the envelope out of his hand, tears it open, reads the test results, and is impactada. Diana is embarazada all right. “¡No puede ser!” she moans. (Oh, Diana! How utterly you have lost yourself!) Ignacio asks who the father is. Gaviota goes into fiera mode, telling him it’s none of his business, he’s done more than enough harm to Diana already. She wants him to remember her face, because she’s going to prove Diana’s innocence in court. What a despicable guy he is. They’ll see who’s lying and who’s telling the truth, and who will have the last word. Ignacio goes into fiera mode himself, warning her to keep her voice down or he’ll have them thrown out. Gaviota tells him they’re leaving and off they go. Dr. Evil and the nurse at the desk shake their heads and throw up their hands. Dr. Evil tells us that he’s willing to bet the baby is Max’s.

Gaviota and Diana make it all the way around the corner. Diana is bummed. She’s carrying Max’s child when he despises her most. Gaviota advises her not to give up hope, to confront things with serenity. After she’s been proved innocent at trial, Max will have to beg forgiveness on his knees for having doubted her. But he’s married, blah, blah, blah. Gaviota uses some Tough Love on her. Diana will gain nothing by complaining. She could have avoided it. She could have used protection. Now they have to face the facts. As the Glycerine Tear of True Dolor slides down Our Heroine’s cheek, Gaviota lectures on about how she’ll make a fine single parent. Diana asks that she say nothing about it to anyone. Gaviota agrees but warns her that a pregnancy can’t be kept secret for long.

We come back from commercial to Ignacio’s office. Andrés is in there now. With all this plotting and scheming and harassing, when does Dr. Evil find the time to see patients? Anyway, he tells his faithful henchman that Diana has a bun in the oven, and that Max was probably the one in the kitchen. Andrés is impactado.

Cut to Paco’s bar. Caramelo and Paco enter with shopping bags. Florencio asks if they bought out the whole mall. Caramelo runs through her list of purchases, leading the adorable old barman to ask if she and Panchalón are setting up house. Not really, they plan to live with Lala at first. Then they’ll get a place of their own. There’s some back and forth about the (un)likelihood of Pancholón buying Caramelo a house. Paco says he just wants her to be happy. She asks him not to speak ill of Pancholón. She knows that he’s really good. Caramelo is clearly a practitioner of the Better Living through Denial philosophy.

Paco retreats to his office. He tells the ceiling that he hopes Caramelo will be happy. If Pancholón deceives his little girl, makes her suffer, Paco is capable of…he drives a fist into his palm, then goes to pour himself a drink. If he couldn’t be happy, maybe his daughter can. He then takes a framed picture out of his desk drawer and starts talking to it. “Alicia, where can you be? Why did you disappear so suddenly from my life? There were people born into this world to be unhappy. Why do those I love never return that love? All Gaviota cares about is revenge, etc.” He tells Alicia he will always think of her. (Has anyone actually seen this picture? Are we going to find out that Bruna is really Alicia?)

Max has returned to his office. He’s still confused. He needs to forget Diana. He needs to hate her. She deserves his hatred, his contempt.

We next see Octavia. For some reason her sequin-trimmed white halter top and trouser ensemble calls to mind the old Charlie perfume commercials. She struts up to the reception desk, hands the receptionist some folders, and tells her to file them. She’s about to go when Ignacio steps off the elevator. She slinks over, says she wasn’t expecting him, invites him to her office. Once in her office, she asks if his call has anything to do with Doña Santa. No, it’s about that nurse. Octavia’s not interested in hearing about that “poca cosa”. What Dr. Evil has to say isn’t poca cosa, however. After a fair amount of preamble about getting to the point, they finally get to the point. Octavia is not impactada by the news of Diana’s pregnancy. There are some women who’ll warm the sheets of the first guy who crosses their path, she says. Then it hits her. (Evidently all the Irascibles are slow on the uptake. It’s just a question of degree.) Could Max be the father? Now she is impactada.

Back in Larry’s room. Larry is sprawled out on the bed, practicing his Cowpoke of the Month pose, talking to the absent Pilar. Silvia is still under the bed, thought-bubbling replies. We’ve heard it all before. Silvia then makes his underwear do a sprightly little jig as she mentally rehashes her plans for them.

Downstairs, Lala is begging Camila to leave. Too late. Enter Faux Marfil. She demands to know what Camila’s doing in her house. Camila replies that it’s not just her house. Other people live there, old friends of hers. Incensed, Faux Marfil brings the phrase “madder than a wet hen” vividly to life. Eyes blinking, bobbing her head with angry little jerks, she rants at Camila in a shrill cackle. Camila throws down the gauntlet: Faux Marfil hasn’t beaten her, it’s not over yet, etc., etc. Faux Marfil then goes after Lala for letting Camila in. Camila tells Faux Marfil not to take out her rage on Lala. She throws gas on the fire by adding that she’ll come over any time she likes. Faux Marfil says if Camila keeps after Max, she’ll claw out her eyes. Fine. Camila’s going. But not because she’s afraid. No, because Faux Marfil has become a bore. (I agree. The entertainment value of the chicken imitation was short-lived.) And what’s more, Faux Marfil has very little glamour. (Oh, I don’t know about that, the Dominatrix Barbie outfit from Monday’s capítulo had a certain je ne sais quoi.) Camila states that she’ll be the only woman in Max’s life. She leaves. Faux Marfil threatens to fire Lala if she lets Camila in the house again.

Back to Octavia’s office. She and Dr. Evil are still jawing on about the pregnancy and unscrupulous women who try to trap a man with a child. Octavia knows what she’s talking about; after all, she advised Faux Marfil to do exactly that. Ignacio once again brags how he will bury Diana at trial. “Yes, bury her! May she rot behind bars!” spits Octavia. Dr. Evil then says Diana found herself a lawyer who looks like a fiera, he can’t remember the name, she was at the hospital. Octavia thanks him for the information. With a courtly “Always at your service,” he bows, kisses her hand, and leaves. She picks up the phone before the door even closes behind him.

Faux Marfil is pouring herself a substantial glass of whiskey when the phone rings. Can’t an Evil Sex Kitten get her drink on without all these interruptions? Honestly. She puts down the hefty tumbler of Scotch and answers the phone. It’s Octavia, with a down’n’dirty version of the news for her. Faux Marfil is muy impactada.

Gaviota and Diana return to Casa Soriano. They have the “keep this pregnancy a secret” conversation again. Diana reflects on the heavy price she is paying for a few hours of what she imagined was love. I wait for her to put on her cloak and go out! out into the storm! but I forget myself. The weather is fine and Alejandra Lazcano is no Lillian Gish. Instead Gaviota gives her a few facts of life about unwed mothers. She promises that they’ll get through it together. Diana thanks her and vows that Max may hate her but she’ll keep him from hating their child. He’ll never know it’s his. Yeah, right.

After commercial, Max is telling Emilio how he just can’t get Diana out of his head. If Emilio were more like Omar Carvajal, he would take this as his cue to break the tension with a spiffy rendition of “I’ve Got You under My Skin.” Alas, he’s of those serious muchachos. Instead we get a few random bars of the theme song while Max tries to come up with a meaningful expression.

Cut to Faux Marfil, giving Bruna the scoop. Our virile villainess is literally bouncing with impatience. She’s tired of every conversation being about Diana, Diana, Diana. She’s probably tired of listening to Faux Marfil as well. Although I’ve never actually heard a Chihuahua on crack, I’m sure it would sound like Faux Marfil right now. They just can’t get rid of that nurse, yap-yap-yap-yap-yap-yap-yap. Bruna asks if they’re sure it’s Max’s baby. Octavia and Faux Marfil think it is. Bruna says that’s going to ruin their plans. If Max finds out…Faux Marfil arrogantly snaps that Max doesn’t have to find out and he isn’t going to.

At Casa Soriano Little Doormat irons a shirt and makes small talk. Diana is huddled on her bed in a fetal position. While I mull over this weighty bit of symbolism, Gaby puts down the iron, approaches the bed, takes a seat, asks what’s wrong. She’s so quiet. Is she worried about Max? Diana sits up. She needs to tell Gaby something muy grave. But she has to keep it a secret. Granny M can’t find out. (At this point I suspect that Diana has gone from Victorian to delusional.) After rousing her sister’s worst fears, she drops the P-Bomb. Little Doormat is impactadísima, complete with “¡No puede ser!” After they hug, she asks Diana if she’s going to have the baby. Of course she’s going to have it. Only Bad Sex Kittens get abortions. Gaby turns starry-eyed at the idea of having Larry’s baby. It would make her so happy. Diana feels compelled to spell out the difference between her real pregnancy and Gaby’s fantasy pregnancy. Again she says she doesn’t want Max to know. She’s also very afraid that Dr. Evil will tell Sra. Marfil her secret. Diana doesn’t want to go through the shame of Marfil finding out. Gaby stares at Diana while Diana stares at the teleprompter.

Roll credits.


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