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Cuidado: Friday 5/29/09 "Juan Miguel Gives Ana Julia’s Ominous Warnings Too Much Real Estate in His Head."

Patricio asks Juan Miguel to operate on Marichuy…her tumor is growing and he apologizes for doubting that JM would be capable of saving her. He implores JM to save Mari’s life. JM comments that her life is his life too.

Marichuy dreams of being in a castle and JM riding up on horseback. She mumbles in her sleep that she loves Juan Miguel.

Bea confronts Ed and Elsa at the restaurant. She accuses them of both betraying her. Ed tries to get her to calm down and stop making a scene….however, Bea is on a roll and she continues to accuse Elsa of being Ed’s mistress. Well, Elsa’s gotten what she’s wanted. Bea tells them that she’s so done with the whole thing, Elsa’s won and she can have Ed.

Pat tells JM that he knows he’s been stupid (necio) and he’s willing to get on his knees and beg for him to operate on MC. JM stops him and tells him that would be unnecessary. JM questions how Pat could think he’d be capable of letting MC die. Doesn’t he know that if MC dies, JM would die too. He tells Pat of course he’ll operate. Pat thanks him profusely.

Cece prays for Marichuy to get well.

Juanmi tells Pat that he’s got to call it a night, he needs to be fresh for surgery tomorrow. They discuss what condition MC is in and Pat questions if they’ve got time. JM says he’s got to talk to Dr. Duran. He adds that he’s willing to give his body and soul to save MC.

Beto, Maritia (is that her name? you know the Velardes housekeeper), and Cande are hanging out at the fountain in front of the Velarde home. They are whooping it up, having a little celebration. Ana Julia (ever the wet blanket) walks up on their impromptu celebration and demands to know why they are so happy. Cande is delighted to tell her that they’ve gotten some good news, although it could be considered grave news by others. AJ is impatient and demands Cande get to the point. Cande is happy to tell her that JM has agreed to operate on MC. AJ says that can’t be, it’s impossible. She tells them that she’ll make sure that JM doesn’t operate on MC. They are aghast at how bold she is….AJ adds it would be crazy for JM to operate.

Purita visits the orphanage and speaks with the Mother Superior. She finds out that she and Adrian have been approved to become adoptive parents. Purita is anxious to go tell Adrian the good news.

Juanmi is worried that Dr. Duran hasn’t arrived, they might just have to start the surgery without him.

Ed comes home and Bea tells him she thought she made it clear the previous evening that he’s no longer welcome there. Ed tells her that he spent the night in a hotel, but he’s not willing to do that again. He reminds her that they need to get their act together because they have a custody hearing for Edito.

The techs come in to take MC to her operation. She gets kisses from both Pat and Cece. Cece tells her that everything will be okay.

AJ, of course, is hell bent to make sure everything isn’t okay. She arrives at the hospital and she’s on a mission to find JM. She’s told he’s prepping for surgery and she bursts into the surgical ward. JM demands to know what she’s doing there and AJ tells him that she’s there to tell him that he can’t operate on MC…..because "you’ll kill her!".

Ed offers up a little pray at the hearing. He prays that they’ll be able to maintain custody of Edito. Amador also prays, his prayer is to be successful in hurting Bea. Hmm, someone was absent the day prayer intentions were discussed in religion class.

AJ tells JM that she dreamed the operation when poorly and MC died. She has a little thought bubble in her head that she’s got to stop JM so finally MC will die. She says again that they’ll kill her. MC overhears this bit and demands to know who AJ is talking about.

Amador tells the judge that he adores his child and he can’t imagine living another day without his son at his side. Bea rolls her eyes.

AJ tells MC that she dreamed the surgery went bad.

Bea calls Amador a liar. Amador says look what kind of woman she is, having my child but ending up married to another man. Bea defends Ed, stating that he’s been nothing but a good father to her child after the real father abandoned him. Amador goes on and says that she even named their child after the other man and all he wants is an opportunity to be a real father to his son. Bea jumps up in response, but Ed gets her to sit down and calm down.

Juanmi is able to get Ana Julia away from Marichuy. He scolds her for speaking that way in front of MC. AJ tells JM that he’s risking MC’s life and he’s going to end up killing her. JM gets rid of AJ, but her words echo in his mind (could be because there is all that empty space in there).

Bea and Amador fling some insults at each other. The judge is getting sick of it all and tells them to calm down or he’ll kick them out. He’s especially harsh with Amador.

Purita goes to Adrian’s work. She tell him the good news she got from the Mother Superior. Adrian isn’t happy to hear this. He does not want to adopt a child, he was only pretending to be open to the possibility just to placate Purita.

Israel will be in on the operation. Juan Miguel worries some more that Dr. Duran might not make it before the surgery. He’ll just have to operate without him. Once again, AJ’s words resonate in JM’s mind.

Bea’s lawyer presents evidence regarding Amador’s diminished capacity as a result of his accident….an accident where he was trying to flee the law. Amador’s lawyer counters that he was only attempting to spend time with his child, when he was wrongfully pursued. The judge scolds Amador for putting both mother and child at risk because of his behavior.

Dr. Duran arrives and he gives Juanmi a pep talk prior to surgery. The doctors go into see MC just before they give her anesthetic. MC reaches for a hand and grabs hold of JM’s. We are treated to a flashback of the hand-holding at the blessing basin. She comments that these will be the hands that will save her. Later MC comments to Israel that AJ’s words bother her. Israel says that was just a nightmare and you’ll go to sleep and wake up with everything better. JM thought bubbles that her nightmare will be behind her, she’ll have only pleasant dreams---dreams of the two of them together.

Pat prays in MC’s hospital room. He has a bit of a nightmare himself as he imagines JM coming in to tell him that MC died. Cece goes in and comforts her husband.

During surgery, JM freezes as he plays AJ’s words once again in his mind.

Amador gets down on his knees to beg the judge to give him his son. He then collapses on the floor. Dr. Ed stands around and does nothing, however the lawyers rush over to help or possibly to just slip their business cards into his pocket if there is a lawsuit. The judge decides now would be a good time to call for a recess and he tells them he’ll make a decision before calling them back in. Unfotunately, Amador recovers (no help to the doctor in the room).

In the middle of the surgery the doctors have a discussion about how the tumor has advanced because they weren’t allowed to operate on it any earlier.

Amador calls Ana Julia (he’s putting graffiti on the wall of the courthouse wall, seems unwise). He tells her that he needs her for his plan. She’s got her own business, so she’s not too happy to rush to his aid.

Marichuy crashes in the middle of her operation.

In the hospital cafeteria, Cande, Ro, Onelia, and Dan are waiting for news about MC. Maritina (?-you know who I mean) and Beto arrive. They are all worried about how the surgery is progressing. Ro says that JM is committed to saving MC’s life. Just then AJ walks up and she says that would be great, but it’s a pity that it will be impossible because MC is going to die.

MC flat lines and out come the paddles. They are able to revive her and then discuss if the operation should continue.

Onelia tells Ana Julia that it would be best if she left (I made it sound politer than what she said). AJ insists she’s just speaking the truth. Cande insists that JM will be able to save MC. Ro launches into an attack on AJ. She tells AJ that she’s just envious because of the love that JM feels for MC.

The other doctors worry that more damage might be done to MC if they keep digging around for the tumor. JM believes that they need to make sure all of the tumor has been removed. Once again, he thinks of AJ’s words : you’ll kill her. His hands begin to shake and Dr. Duran asks if he’ll be able to continue operating. END OF EPISODE


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MEPS 05/29/09: Bombshells and Battle Plans

Capítulo 74

First a quick bit of video rewind from the night before: Babs catches Fernanda in the entry hall after they both return to the house (unbeknownst to each other) from the restaurant. She purposely throws a dig at Fer and asks if Errorika is really planning a wedding and intends on marrying Fr/Eduardo. Fer begs off from answering her loaded question and heads off to find Santiago. Gonzo shuffles in and finds Babs standing there. He asks how the meeting at the Association went. Babs feigns exhaustion and they head upstairs to bed.

Eduardo gets home and enters his dark hallway. He finds Estev, aka Dewey Duckworth, hiding in the shadows with a baseball bat in his hands (¡Qué absolutamente Americano!) and wonders what’s up. Duckworth answers with a huge smile on his face, “Have I got a surprise for you!”

Fer rushes into Santiago’s room to ask if Rory ever made it back. She finds him painting over Aurora’s portrait with thick black paint. (Yeah. He wants it all, as The ‘Stones would say, painted black.....) Tearfully he tells her that Rory gave him the ultimate (pardon the pun once again) brush-off and dumped him for another guy. He (sniffle, sob, sniffle) can’t understand why.

Rory, though, is back at the “HOT-L Jairo” arguing with Dominga, trying to talk the porcine lush into their leaving for home that night on the next bus if she really hasn’t enough money for two to stay in the room. When Rory tries to leave, Jairo appears from the john and he and Dominga box her in. In between demoniacal fits of laughter they tell her they’ve made plans instead to pimp her to Jairo’s customers that night.

Upstairs in their bedroom, Babs questions Gonzo about Fer’s response when he told her that Babs didn’t have a good feeling about Franco Santoro. He’s saved from another…er… barbed and bruising inquisition from his better half by a knock on the door from Camilo. Cad tells his papi that he needs to discuss something with his step-mami, but in private. Babs laughs a little awkwardly and tells the befuddled Gonzo that they’re “cooking up a conspiracy.” (This guy runs a business empire? Hubby is convinced a shift-manager at Dairy Queen could run things better.) She and Cad leave.

Back at the HOT-L, Jairo has Venus take Rory to the dressing room to get her properly dressed for her premier. Spare the skirt and plaster the powder and paint.

Santiago is now on the emotional rocks. He needs Fernanda to help him figure out what went wrong with Rory. How could she have led him on like that when she really loved another guy the whole time? Nanda’s got no clue but says she understands the pain he’s feeling.

Dewey shows Eddie the barn where he’s hidden their intruder’s car. Ed roots around inside the auto and is impactado to find Gonzo’s name on the ownership papers he found in the glove box.

Alone in the study, Cad tells Babs about the stolen car. She tells him to invent something about going to see a girl somewhere because if he tries to explain how the car was stolen it will give him away. Cad reminds her they’re both in this together and that Babs promised to take the blame for anything that went wrong. She says fine and asks if he learned anything about Santoro. He tells her he found zilch.

Back in the barn at Las Animas, Estev describes the guy who broke into the house. The suntan tips them off. It was Camilo Elizalde for sure. They share a conspiratorial chuckle or three. Eddie says now they have Cad in the palm of their hands. Dewey wonders if he’s going to squeeze Cad into admitting he was there. Ed says no, he’d rather have Cad explaining to his daddy what the president of Grupo Lactos’ car is doing there at Las Animas. However, on second thought, he doesn’t plan to do that either. No, he’d rather wait and see what Cadmilo is willing to do to get his father’s car back.

Speaking of Gonzo’s unfortunate Sunkist progeny, Babs devises a story and takes him back to her bedroom to back up her version of events.

Meanwhile, Duckworth and Eddie discuss the possible connection of what they now know to the break-in from earlier that evening. They decide that Cad probably was the one who hired Manzanares to investigate Franco Santoro but that Barbara Greco was behind it. Ed says there is still another thing he’s got to do: he’s got to visit Graciela Palafox because he wants to know why she had his mother’s little chest. His mother put her original letter to him in it, but he hopes there might also be at least one of the letters Nanda wrote him in it. Waxing woefully rosy-eyed, Ed says that now he knows Nanda did write him, being able to read one of her letters would at least put his soul at peace.

Dewey thinks it might only stir up Eddie’s deeply buried feelings for Fernanda and suggests that it would only serve to torment him even more. Ed says he would prefer that to living with the uncertainty. In any case, Ed continues, he still needs to know what this Artemio Bravo has to do with it all. He reminds Duckworth that Ciro’s widow mentioned Bravo’s name to Lili last time she visited her. Both of them now figure this means Bravo has had a major role in the perplexing puzzle and Ed is determined to know how Bravo is involved.

At the same time Bravo is on the phone putting the screws to Dominga. Dominga tells him she found Aurora at the hacienda and took her. He warns her not to be so careless with the girl again and orders her to head back to Purificacion with her that same night. Ruh-Roh! Dominga chokes and her eyes go wide. So much for those pimping profits she was planning on. She stammers out a “whatever you say, sir” to him. Bravo then gripes at Dominga for stealing Rebeca Sanchez’s handkerchief way back when. Dominga swears she didn’t steal a thing; that it was inside the little girl’s clothes when she arrived. Bravo doesn’t want to hear her sniveling excuses. He informs her that just to make sure that Aurora really is back with her, he’s bringing the next money-gram to Dominga’s in person. After Bravo hangs up, Dominga chortles to herself that Don Artemio will just have to excuse her, but not even God himself will be taking the little business deal she’s got cooked up away from her. ¡No, señor!

Down in the cantina’s dressing room Venus explains the rules for Wrasslers’ “working girls” to Rory. She adds that Jairo probably paid her grannie lots of cash for her and thinks he’s probably going to give her to Graciano Cueto for the night. Cueto, she says, will pay any amount to have a virgin. Venus’ only words of advice to Rory: get good and drunk so you can make it through the ordeal.

Rory pleads with Venus to help her, but Venus has already been there, done that, and got the tee-shirt—and she threw that back. Rory tries explaining that she escaped from the woman’s house because she was going to sell her to another man. She was only back with Dominga because she tricked her (a-gain) by promising to tell her where Rory could find her mother. Rory just didn’t realize this was the high price she’d have to pay for it. (Rory, hon, it’s just like the old saw says: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice—well, you got the idea, girlfriend. It’s survival of the fittest here, and you seem long on dumb genes.) Venus reconsiders.

Rigo bangs on the door just then to tell Venus to hurry up with the new girl because Cueto is about to show up. Venus has decided to help Rory after all. She tells Rory she’ll need a bit to figure out how she can help her escape, but in the meantime they’ll both have to pretend they’re doing what they’re supposed to.

Back at the hacienda, Nanda is on suicide watch with Santi and tells him not to jump to conclusions. (Hide the knives along with the shoelaces, cuz we don’t need him going Van Gogh on us.) Rory didn’t seem the type to play games like that, she says, sympathetically. Santi replies that he thought Rory was special and now he thinks he made a mistake. Fernanda suggests he’ll see things differently in the morning, that he can go find her and talk things over. He says nope. She should get married to “the boyfriend she’s known all her life” and be very happy with him. He’s done with her.

Across the hall in their bedroom, Babs tells Gonzo that his car was stolen off the street outside the Association. She starts into whimper mode and says that she didn’t want to upset him with everything else he’s been going through. She thought Cad could help her but he wasn’t able to, so now she is embarrassed to have to tell him. “When I realized my SUV wasn’t working, I should have just called a cab.” Gonzo tells her the important thing is that she is all right. It occurs to him to ask (eventually) why she didn’t call Lucio. Cad chokes down a guffaw. Babs wings it. “Well that was something else I didn’t dare to bother you with.” Lucio, as it turns out, was the one who stole her necklace but now he’s where he deserves to be (i.e., JAIL). Gonzo says, well at least they now know it wasn’t Damian.

Gonzo picks up his clothes to get dressed. Babs wants to know what he is doing. Gonzo says the two of them are going to go down to the police station to file a report. (Query: do you go to jail in Mexico for filing false police reports?) Babs’ eyes go wide and she looks over at Cad. Cad looks back at her and rolls his eyes like, “Oh well, this is your mess. You deal with it.”

At Las Animas, Fr/Ed makes a late-night phone call to Fer to give her the lowdown about her daddy's car being at his place and why. He says no, it wasn't her daddy there, that Cadmilo was the one in his house snooping around again. Estev heard the noise and his description of the man was the same as Cad’s. Estev took the car and hid it from him, but she's not to let a soul know it. Fr/Ed threatens that if word gets out he will have no option but to cancel the negotiations with Grupo Lactos. Nanda’s silence is guaranteed. Then he tells her they need to meet with each other as soon as possible. She says she’ll be over in the morning and hangs up before Gonzo can catch her on the phone with him.

Gonzo asks Fer to borrow her car because his was stolen while Babs had it. Fer knows something’s up because Fr/Ed just told her he had her daddy's car at his place and that Cad was driving it. Cad, in the meantime, is moving fast to cover Babs’ story about the SUV being on the fritz. He is outside cutting wires on the SUV’s engine. Inside the house, Gonzo explains to Fer that since Babs’ SUV isn’t working, they need Fer’s to go to the police station and report the theft.

Back at Mud Wrasslers’, meanwhile, things are jumpin’. Rory is being pawed at right and left. If that isn’t enough, Rigo tries to drag her off to the “Luxury Room” where he tells her she’s supposed to keep Customer Numero Uno, Graciano Cueto, “entertained.” Just then Carpio and Nestor show up asking Rigo for Jairo. Rigo lies about Jairo not being there because he realizes these guys are the ones who've been threatening Jairo. He pretends to go looking for him to find out when he’s supposed to get back, and then goes straight away to warn Jairo the two are there looking for him. Carpio and Nestor figure Rigo is lying and that means only option #2 is left.

Gonzo says Bab’s found out the car was stolen from her while she was at the Association. Fer questions Babs about how she got home. The Barbot makes a quick save and says she called Cad. Fer asks what car he used to pick her up. Barbot makes another quick save and says since her SUV wasn’t running they called her a taxi to get home in. Fer puts it all together and realizes then that Babs must surely be in on it with Cadmilo or else they’re covering for Cad.

In the city at Vlad’s apartment, Damn is explaining why Vlad cannot take back what he said about Flor. Damian is sure that Flor will be fired from Lactos since she cannot be transferred to another plant or given another position. Vlad feels guilty and says it isn’t right because she’s only an innocent bystander in all of this. Dam explodes. (Will he or won’t he throw that coffee cup?) He screams at Vlad. “Blockhead!! You’ve only just started there but you think you can do whatever the heck you want? To act on your own? Are you crazy, sick, or what?” Vlad, our little gentleman, politely stands up to his BFF. “-N-n-n-o. I (deep breath) was simply making a comment --and enough of the scolding already.” Damn astutely powers down the pitch and begins on a different tack to avoid further antagonizing his humble-mumble host. What the two of them are planning to do, clarifies Damian, is intricate work, and they simply cannot afford to botch it. Flor’s been there for years and if they are going to succeed in getting Any Balls to throw her out of the company it should take everyone by surprise. Vlad is going to need to take advantage of the chaos they’ve caused.

Vlad cringes at the thought that he’s now supposed to become Grupo’s receptionist too. Damn pokes Vlad’s wooden noggin a few times. “Pay attention! Pay attention so you don’t make a single mistake!” (Laurel and Hardy ain’t got nothin’ on these two. This side of Viewerville is practically rolling in the aisles.) “Flor keeps the keys to every one of the offices and she's responsible for the company safe --and a number of other important little things. So while Anibal tries to find a replacement, we’ve got to intervene and keep him from getting in control of those things.” To do it, Vlad and Dam will need to take full advantage of the chaos and discord that follows.

It hits Vlad then that Flor is actually the “master key” to the whole of Grupo Lactos. (Pity her pay doesn’t reflect it.) Dam applauds him for finally beginning to comprehend what the next step in their plan must be. “Well, ok,” agrees Vlad. Our adorable teddy-bear, Vlad, dressed for beddie-bye in his baby blue jammies and sipping at his Yogi’s Bedtime best valerian herbal, seems a bit lost discussing the intricacies of corporate espionage with his machinating mentor. He is not really quite sure what that “next step” is (join the crowd), but he seems to be game and up for it.

Back at Hacienda Elizalde: Pris joins a pensive Nanda in the living room for a late night heart-to-heart. Nope. No word from Damian. Yep, hard to understand how a decent guy like that could do such a crummy thing. “Like we’re talking about two different people,” says Fer. Talk changes to Fer running into Vlad at the office. Prissy confirms that he used to work for Pris’ family. Pris asks if she thinks he’s talked to Damian recently. Fer says neither he nor Damian’s mother seem to have heard a thing from Dam. Talk turns then to the pregnancy (yawn) and Fer thinks it will make Pris and AB’s relationship better. Pris disagrees, saying Anibal married her without being in love with her. She’s tried to win his affection, but it’s been useless. Fer asks if she loves AB. Pris says it may sound crazy, but she’s learned to love even his hating her. (When you’re right, you’re right, Pris. That is crazy.) Fer tries to comfort her SIL.

Back at the Hot-L, Jairo instructs Rigo to tell Carpio and Nestor he called to say he went on vacation. Rigo leaves and Jairo continues boozing it up with Dominga. He snickers. “Let those two nobodies rot!” They both drink on it.

Downstairs in the bar, Venus tells Rory that as soon as Rigo gets distracted she’ll unlock the doors to the place so Rory can escape. She warns Rory that she better make sure she disappears completely so he doesn’t wring Venus’ neck.

Carpio meanwhile, sets a time bomb in the cantina’s locker room. He calls Nestor on his cell and tells him that in two minutes he is to shut off the lights and meet him back out in the truck. Venus maneuvers Rory closer to the back door. On Carpio’s way out of the place, Rigo stops him to say that Jairo left word he’s on vacation. Carpio smiles and says fine, to give him his regards, and then leaves. Nestor shuts down the lights from the switchboxes and escapes out the back way. Venus grabs Rory by the hand and races off with her towards the back to help her escape. Upstairs Dominga and Jairo have a big laugh that with the lights out Rory won’t be as frightened when Graciano gets on top of her to do the deed. Just then the whole cantina explodes into flames. Boom! … Boom! … Boom! … Boom!

Option #2 having been successful, Carpio and Nestor drive away and report to Artie. Bravo doesn’t need the details. He orders Carpio to show up at his office the next day for further instructions then hangs up. Art sits down in his leather chair and takes a swig of his whiskey and soda. “Sleep tight tonight, Franco Santoro, because tomorrow I will know exactly what it is you’re hiding.” (Maybe, and then again, maybe not.)

Speaking of sleeping snug as a bug in a rug, the screen splits and we see both Fr/Eddie and Nanda slipping under their respective, color-coordinated, cream and gold covers and thinking of each other with smiles on their seemingly innocent faces. (Viewerville is finding it harder and harder to believe that a guy like Eddie is a 30 year old virgin. Gotta admit those mauve p.j.’s and that goofy grin of his are pretty convincing, though. What a downer! Ah well…..) Lights out! Sweet dreams.

Early the next morning, Cad comes riding on horseback up the rear drive of the main house at Las Animas. He’s looking for tire tracks from his papi’s car and hoping to trace the direction it took. Jacinto suddenly appears behind Cad and scares the be-Jaysoos out of him. “What the hell are you doing here!” Jacinto replies calmly that he works there now. “You should forgive my asking,” says Cinto, but just what are you looking for here at Las Animas?” “—I’m not used to giving answers to servants,” sneers Cad. He gets back onto his horse and rides off in a snit.

It’s breakfast time back at the Hacienda del los Elizalde. Fernanda is dressed and on her way out but Babs guilts her into sitting for a moment with her and Gonzo. Nanda asks how it went at the police station with the police report. “Paperwork like that is always trying and tiresome,” says Gonzo. Babs, like a dog with a bone, starts asking her again about the supposed dinner with Errika the night before. “How did it go at dinner last night?” Fer tries to squirm out of it and race off. “Oh! Where’s my head, I nearly forgot I have a date this morning!” Babs jumps up from the table and tries to get more out of her. “—So, where are you going in such a hurry, especially since we’re going from one frightful happenstance to another?” Gonzo agrees with Babs and asks Fer if she can’t do without going just now.

Fer, stumbling for a quick and credible answer, lies and says no, it’s not so important; but she did agree to meet Err at the clubhouse. She races out of the dining room before Babs can utter another word. Babs tells Gonzo she’s worried that Nanda seems depressed. Gonzo says it only makes sense considering what Damian did to her, and that now puts him in the mood to speak with Lozaya to see if there’s been any trace of the guy. He gets up to go.

After Gonzo leaves, Bitch-Barbie asks Tomasa if Aurora is up yet. Tomasa explains that Rory didn’t sleep there last night and why: “She went out for a walk and came back a while later asking to speak with Young Master, Santiago. I believed that she must have left, because she didn’t sleep in her bedroom last night.” B-B wonders where Santiago is then. Tomasa tells her that he locked himself in his bedroom last night and didn’t eat dinner, and, she adds, he still hasn’t asked for breakfast. BOW is miffed with the news and dismisses her with a signature insult. Tomasa clears the table and leaves. B-B says to herself that this must be Artemio Bravo’s doing.


Tontas no Van Friday 5/29 The Son Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Dissonant chords crash down outside a church at night, so we know something’s afoot. Turns out we revisit the two baptism talks, in separate churches, Pat, Soledad, Raúl and Beto in one, and Alicia, Candy and Santi (with Patitio) in the other. Then, boom, it’s morning, we’re all in the same church (thanks to PaulaH for explaining what was going on, because I didn’t understand it yesterday either) and it’s time for the actual baptism. Of course, when the priest asks the padrinos to come forward, we get double trouble, with both Raúl and Soledad, and Santi and Candy, answering the call. Confusion reigns, as Alicia says she asked Candy and Santi, and Pat asked Sole and Raúl. Candy realizes Alicia was manipulating things, and she and Santiago gracefully excuse themselves, not wanting to cause trouble. The padre counsels waiting a few minutes, so everything can be worked out.

Meanwhile, back at Santi’s house, Jaime’s upset that Isa’s mad at him for accidentally kissing Felipa, Zamora’s mom. Donato tries to calm him down, taking the blame, which only causes Jaime to call him a meddler or busybody (metiche).

In the church, Alicia, dressed in a nice white top with silvery streamers, and Pat, looking strong in a tan suit and holding a big white blanket that’s supposed to have Patito inside, are loudly arguing in front of a large picture of a serene Jesus. Margarita is hiding about 10 feet away, taking in every word. Pat’s livid at Alicia for asking Candy to be the madrina, he feels it’s either a game, or making fun of him. Alicia disagrees, Candy’s her sister, and he has to accept that she’s going to marry Santiago. They’re family now. Besides, what Pat did is worse, she adds, asking the mother of his other son to be the madrina. They’re not getting anywhere in this discussion.

Outside the church, the four godparents are far more cordial. Santi and Candy look especially nice, Santi in a white sweater over a blue open-necked shirt and black pants, Candy in a red empire waist dress and white shawl. Soledad is wearing the longest dress we’ve ever seen her wear (almost down to her knees) a white string around her waist, and some sort of doily on her head. I guess Raúl’s wearing a suit or something. Anyway, the four agree to go with the flow, and join hands in unity, sort of like a soccer team. Just as Margarita was listening to Pat and Alicia, Gregoria and Chava are listening in on this other group. They’re busted, but no one really cares.

Back in front of the Jesus painting, Alicia pulls out the big guns. Alicia told him about this weeks ago, and he promised that if Candy accepted, he’d go along with it. Being an honest guy, he admits this, and Alicia strides back into the church in victory. Pat’s right behind, but not before he catches his Mom spying (she says she was just admiring the plaques).

There’s a knock on Isa’s door. No, it’s not Jaime, it’s Donato, who wants her to reconcile with Jaime. She won’t, Jaime’s mad at her for being jealous. But you ARE, says Don. She protests, she, jealous? After a few more protests, her expression tells us that Donato was right.

Peace finally reigns in the church, as it turns out that Candy and Santi will be the godparents. We see the beautiful baptismal ceremony, with candles, smiles and tears of joy. There’s applause, and lots of hugs.

The party continues at Pat’s house, Candy cradling the baby, then handing him off to Santiago, who is in love! After Pat apologizes to Raúl and Sole (no problem, they say, we’ll be there for the NEXT baby!), we see Santi again, who won’t let go of little Patito para nada.

The next step in Donato’s peace plan is a culinary attack. He’s gathered Isa and Jaime in the dining room for a delicious lunch. Unfortunately, they’re sitting far apart. But guess who’s coming to dinner? Zamora shows up, bubbling with happiness. He greets them, but notices Jaime’s a little quiet. Jaime relates that they had a little argument, but Zamora doesn’t want to hear that, they’re the perfect couple, and he physically moves their chairs next to each other. Okay, beso! The first kiss by Jaime is pitiful, but after a little challenge, he bends Isa back and plants a BIG one on her. This works so well that Jaime and Isa decide to continue their reconciliation upstairs. As they leave arm in arm, Zamora spies the food just sitting there, and Donato graciously gives him the green light.

Santi is still holding the baby, flashing back to the ultrasound for his own baby (if he only knew), and after a while, it’s time to go. Alicia tells him he really looks like a father. Santi gently transfers Patito to Pato, reminding Pat to support the head, and I’m thinking this whole episode could be a happy one (I’m probably wrong, though).

It’s nightime, and Isabel and Jaime are about to go to bed. She convinces him that he should tell Zamora the truth, and he’s just about to march off to tell Z, but Isa says it can wait until morning.

At Pat’s house, Alicia can’t stop talking about how great the baptism party was. Pat stops her cold, saying it was the last straw. He can’t bear it anymore, the way she manipulates things. She keeps saying calm down, but he’s had it. She says he has to accept the fact that Candy is his son’s godmother (she says comadre, instead of madrina, both can mean godmother, madrina can also be bridesmaid). He shuts the door, sighing goodnight.

Santi and Candy enter Candy’s house, Candy's holding Chava’s hand. As little Chava goes upstairs, he also shakes Santi’s hand, which encourages Santi. They’re making progress with Chava! Santi is gratified they could be godparents, it’s their first official act as a couple. Santi admits he had mixed emotions when he was holding the baby, since he really misses his own baby.

Alicia must have learned a lesson about people listening in, because she’s retreated to the bathroom to call Marissa. She recounts how Santi’s holding his own baby in his arms, but not knowing it, was a masterwork of a plan. She tells Marissa that Mari has succeeded with her revenge.

By this time, Candy and Santi are kissing, both professing their love. Santi can’t wait, he wants to be with Candy tonight, guesses her morals are preventing her from saying yes. She assures him that as soon as their kids accept their relationship, they’ll never again be apart. He asks her to swear to it, and she does.

Eduardo is pacing back and forth in the semi-darkness of his apartment, mad as a hornet that Chayo’s late again. Finally she arrives, and he’s sure she was with her “lover”. But she says no, guess why I’m a little late? He turns on the light, and Chayo has HER new look. This involves a stylish haircut and much darker, sexier eye make-up. (I gotta agree, she looks hot). Ed gets the message, too, they start to make out, but then he pulls back. How come she did a makeover? For her lover? No, of course not, I did it for myself, and for you. I’ve changed myself outside and inside, and the proof is under the television. He’s confused, as she goes to the bedroom. But under the TV is a box with a picture of a woman in lingerie on the cover. There’s a note: “Venadito (dear), Today I want to share with you my changed interior.” (I could be wrong, but I think Chayo bought sexy lingerie, too, and Ed’s about to get lucky!)

Candy puts Chava to bed, telling him how much she loves him, and that they’ll never be apart. Over in Santi’s house, he checks on Rocío and Lucía, both already sleeping. You can see how much he loves them, and he quietly promises to find their little brother.

It’s morning, and instead of going right to the office, Pat’s been waiting at the breakfast table, sipping his coffee. Alicia comes in, happy. Unfortunately, Pat utters THOSE words “We need to talk”. Uh oh. She says he didn’t have to wait, they could talk over dinner. He responds, No we can’t talk over dinner, because we’re never going to dine together again. He’s had it with her manipulations, they’re through. He won’t kick her out of the house, but he wants nothing to do with her. She’s on the verge of tears, he’s resolute, he grabs his briefcase and leaves. She knocks over the coffee cup in frustration.

In Santi’s office, he’s looking at the empty picture frame, telling it he misses (the baby) a lot. Hortensia comes in (with very squeaky shoes!), announces that agent Rossini is here. Rossini hasn’t found a thing. Santi desperately shows him the empty frame. Rossini says he has a friend, a former Interpol agent, who has lots of connections, is very expensive, but might be able to help. Santi doesn’t care about the cost, and instructs Rossini to contact his friend.

Pat visits his divorce lawyer, who tells him that if the divorce is voluntary, it’s quick and easy. The child custody part is what gets more complicated. Pat surprises the attorney with the news that he might not fight for custody. Formerly, he wanted to protect Chava, thought Santi was tied up with the mafia, but that turned out to be false. Also, Candy’s a really good mother. But it’s a big decision, and he’s not really sure. So for now, start the divorce procedure, but go slowly, and he’ll decide later what to do about the custody.

Jaime’s idea #1: He has decided that the way to tell Zamora that he’s his Dad is by writing a letter. Isa gives him some tila tea, leaves him to figure out how best to approach Z. Here’s his letter. “Dear Zamora. I have something to tell you, and I think the best way is through a letter. In life, sometimes, things go out of control. Sometimes even though we love people, circumstances cause us to make mistakes. (At this point, we switch to the restaurant. Jaime has delivered the letter in person, Zamora is reading it, Jaime is right there with him). “I never wanted to abandon my son Frijolito, because I love my son. I’m your father”. Zamora looks up, saying “You’re my father. My father. (he starts getting mad) The father who abandoned me (he tears up the letter) and who abandoned my mother! It’s all your fault! He starts choking Jaime, he won’t stop, suddenly we’re back in Jaime’s bedroom, it was just a dream, he’s sort of choking himself. Guess a letter isn’t the way to go.

In the restaurant, Felipa, Zamora’s Mom, has come to visit, and Z is very happy to see her. She tells him she visited the house where he’s living now, it’s really nice. And Isabel is such a fine woman, and Jaime….she stops herself from saying more, but he doesn’t pick up on this. She has to leave now, blesses him, and on the way out, she stops. She almost tells him the truth about Jaime, but hears Jaime’s voice in her brain, where Jaime said if Zamora knew, Zamora would kill him, so she just blesses him again, and scurries out. All of a sudden, Zamora has severe stomach pains.

We switch to Alicia, crying in the baby’s room. He’s crying, too, and Margarita comes in, telling her to hold the baby. What’s the problem? Ali tells her, same old thing, Pat’s mad at me. Margarita replies that Ali caused all this, setting up the baptism to annoy Pat (fastidiar), and the result was that Ali ended up getting annoyed. Ali says she’ll think of something, and Marg reminds her to consider the baby first, then herself.

Jaime’s idea # 2: He’s rehearsing speeches in front of the bathroom mirror. However, it’s not working any better than the letter idea.

Alicia, wearing a black trenchcoat, is walking outside toward the gate, followed by Margarita, asking where she’s going. She tells Marg to mind her own business, but right at the gate, there’s Paulina (all right, we haven’t seen her all episode. I was starting to miss her. Not!). Are you Alicia Molina Arizalaga (not sure of that last name), wife of Patricio? Yes, I am. They go to a restaurant, and we notice that not only did Ali have on a black trenchcoat, but her strapless dress is black, too (except for a royal blue belt). Her pocketbook? Black. Paulina is wearing…. A black pantsuit. Her pocketbook? Black. (Are they trying to tell us something here?). They start comparing notes. Santi wants to kick Pau out, Pat wants to kick Ali out, so far they’re twins. Ali orders a martini very sucio (dirty, I’m guessing that means a “wet” martini, lots of vermouth, but I could be wrong). Ali starts talking about Marissa (does Pau know Marissa? Of course she does). Marissa tried to separate Santi from Candy, but that didn’t work. And that’s actually fine with Ali. Paulina isn’t so happy about this.

Jaime’s idea # 3: Video! He’s set up a camcorder in the bedroom. He presses record. “Dear Son” Ooops, he didn’t mean to start out with THAT. Or maybe he should. “When you see this video, I may be in Pakistan, or Timbuktu…” No, that’s no good. He fumbles a bit more, starts again, but hears Zamora’s voice in his brain “I don’t love you, I don’t love you, I don’t love you”.

But someone else IS in love. Santi and Caaaaaaandy, kissing in the offfffffice. She’s looking better and better. Today she has a nice orange jacket over a white turtleneck, and sparkling metallic diamond shaped earrings. Her hair looks great, even her manicure looks way better than what I remember from early in the show. She has to go, he wants her to stay for 15 minutes, he says she can go if they promise to have lunch. Nope, she promised Chava. Santi pretends to be upset he has to compete with another man. Okay, she relents, she can stay for 5 more minutes, and they kiss again.

Zamora’s stomach pain seems serious, but Meño and Toño aren’t too worried, and kid him a bit. Maybe it’s the 8 chicharrones he ate. They start listing all sorts of other food it could be, and this isn’t helping Zamora AT ALL. Meño advises him to go home and rest, and if he feels better, to come back. He leaves, tying his apron on Meño, which causes Toño to sit down, then demand that Meño bring him a soda, right away! Meño almost falls for this, then gives an angry look to the mischievous Toño.

At the Institute, Pat has come to see Candy. He has an important decision to make and wants to be sure it’s correct. He needs to know if the best thing for Chava is to be with Candy at this time. Candy’s been hurt by Pat recently, and her response shows her doubts. I think she says “What do you want me to say? Are you going to spy on me now?”

Back to the malicious martini Moms. (I really don’t see the point of this meeting). Ali just wants to get Pat back, Pau tells her that will never happen (Pat doesn’t love Alicia, Pat still loves Candy, but Candy doesn’t love Pat). Paulina then tells Ali she’s good-looking, why not get another man? (this could be advice to Pau, too). Ali doesn’t want to, but Pau repeats her advice, adding that Alicia is being foolish (necia).

Okay, only a few minutes left in the show, and this is Friday night. Someone has to be left impactado. And our writers didn’t disappoint us.

Jaime has left himself short of breath with ideas 1,2 and 3 to tell Zamora the truth, and Isabel and Donato help him to the dining room table to calm down, maybe a glass of water will help. Isabel thinks he needs to eat something. Donato wants to help him resolve his dilemma. Jaime suddenly stands up, and says “Now I know what I’m going to do. Or rather, I know what I’m NOT going to do.” In the background, Zamora has arrived, still holding his tummy. Jaime continues, “I’m NEVER going to tell Zamora that he’s my son Frijolito! Que!!! gasps Zamora, and faints, dropping to the floor with a plop.

Cut to some men in town cutting tree limbs. Candy has picked up Chava, and they're walking along, holding hands. She asks if he wants a hamburger. Pat’s about 20 feet away (I guess he IS going to be spying). He thinks to himself that he’s been overreacting. But once again, Chava gets into a little argument with Candy, yelling, “you care more for Rocío’s Dad than you do for me!” He runs off, right under the tree cutters. Candy sees the danger, frantically lunges forward, pushing him out of the way, just as a HUGE tree limb crashes down on her! Chava screams for her to wake up, and Pat is in shock!

Next Monday: Candy has amnesia! (Just kidding, but you never know!) :)


Friday, May 29, 2009

MEPS, Thursday, May 28, 2009, Camilo is a Cat Burglar and Barb Has Got His Back, Cap 73

Please smart reader, post this for me. And, thanks and a shout out to 5ft. Latina who will be doing the third Thursday of the month MEPS recap.

Dominga repeats her threats to Aurora. If you’re not back in an hour, "I’ll come and get you.” Dominga promises that she’ll tell Aurora the name of her mother if she keeps her end of the bargain and then Dominga let’s Aurora leave. How much you want to bet that this is another lost opportunity for Aurora to escape from this witch.

Fer waits for FrEd at the restaurant, and he arrives just in the nick of time. They both order water to drink. She puts it to him straight and asks him why he insists on meeting with her and making business agreements with her. The subject matter is delicate and difficult he tells her because it has to do with a death. This gets her interest, and they begin a game of Table Tango.

Aurora walks through the cantina and is only groped a few times. Jairo grabs her and wants to know why she’s there. Her “grandmother” is staying at the hotel. She gets past him. He orders a bottle and two glasses. He’s going to talk to granny about hiring Aurora. Well, where do you think that will go.

Marg, Jacinto and Denia, the Damned, eat supper. It’s delicious, and Denia is going to make something like this for Ed’s supper tomorrow. She’s in a state of domestic bliss. Jacinto asks her if she delivered Soledad’s things to Ed. She fudges.

Jairo contacts Dominga. Dominga needs money because she doesn’t have the $200 (pesos) for the room. She tries to charm him. Imagine that. It makes my brain and stomach churn and turn. He knows that the way to her heart is a bottle of booze and good company.

Aurora hails the bus and heads for the Elizalde hacienda.

Jacinto hopes Denia delivered what Ed was looking for. Denia repeats to herself that Ed will never get those important papers from Fernanda Elizalde. She has truly turned real bad.

Dinner is served to Franco and Fer. “Who died,” she asks. It’s not just a death, but a case of a disappearing body replies FrEd. This case is really interesting replies FrEd because the man who died was investigating him. Is he fishing, or what. She wants to know if this will this affect their business. No, he says, this guy operated under Camilo’s orders.

Just then a car pulls up to Las Animas when who should appear but Camilo in his best cat burglar outfit equipped with night-vision binoculars. He concludes that Santoro is not there and that there is no movement within the house. He drives the car up a little closer.

Franco assures Fer that he’s not accusing Camilo of anything, but that Camilo is acting on somebody else’s orders. She asks where the body was found, and he tells her the location and that Manzanares represented himself as a policeman, and that he was buried and that his body disappeared. She wants to know how he knows all this.

Camilo is now close to the house and makes a call to report that he is “here”. None other than Barb is on the other end and tells him that Fer and Franco are in the restaurant together. Camilo wants to go into the house or do whatever she says. She says go ahead. Barb must be desperate if she trusts Camilo, a man who can’t even put on his own shoes, to do her detective work. Anyway, by some unknown stroke of divine intervention, Barb shows up at the one and only restaurant in Mexico where Franco and Fer meet for dinner. What, thought bubbles Barb, will Erika think if she knew about this.

Meanwhile Gonzo and Augustin talk business. Gonzo asks about Franco. Augustin isn’t much help. Gonzo thinks that Erika “salio de gano,” which I think means caught a good one.

Err talks to Mama Dolly, or is it Dolly Mama. Mama appears to be sick and admits that she’s expecting. This brings screams from Erika and the maid. Augustin returns with great news about Santoro – he’s ready to marry Erika off. The maid tells Augustin that Dolly has some news and that he should sit down. Good thing I’m sitting down, too. Err tells him that you’re expecting a baby. He says we should be grandparents. She tells him what good shape she’s in. Augie is delighted. Now they can have another party. Three cheers says Augie. I hope this little branch of this complicated story goes away, far away.

Aurora arrives at the Elizalde hacienda. She says she’ll wait for Santiago and sends Tomasa to get him.

Franco tells Fer that he thinks Camilo is not acting on his own. So, are you going to cancel our business. He wants her to help find out about Camilo. Take your pick. Is Camilo acting with someone or on his own? Camilo can’t do anything by himself.

Meanwhile Camilo has brought glass-cutting tools with him and makes a perfect round cut in a big window to gain access to Franco’s place. I couldn’t make a connection between this perfect round glass circle and how Camilo got into the house. Nevertheless the show must go on.

Steve, who is inside working on his computer, hears noise. He remembers that Gardenia has gone to her sister’s house and realizes that something is wrong. Apparently Camilo fell over a table in the dark living room. Nonetheless, he continues his quest with a little flashlight. Steve makes a cell phone call to Ed who tells him he is still at his meeting. Rule out Ed as the intruder. Steve, being a red-blooded American gets our weapon of choice, a baseball bat, and gets ready to practice his swing.

Fer remarks that what her family is going through is terrible. FrEd repeats that Camilo is going behind the family’s back and asks her to trust him.

Santiago embraces Aurora and tells her he looked everywhere for her. He senses that something is wrong. She tells him that she can’t marry him.

Camilo, in his spy act with the flashlight between his teeth, riffles through some papers while Steve sneaks a peek from a doorway. Steve sees the intruder and leaves with a knowing look on his face.

Santiago asks Aurora if she’s joking. No, she says, she can’t marry him. He wants to know what made her change her mind. She tells him she’s in love with another. A boyfriend, he asks. She says, yes. He says this can’t be true. A boyfriend from where. She says she thought he would never return. He wants to know if this is why Dominga turned up. She says, yes. He wants to know where this guy came from. She says we’ve known each other all our lives. He wants to know why she never told him before. She says it’s because she thought he’d never return.

Santi is deeply hurt and is crying when Aurora asks him to try to understand. He asks one question, Does Dominga approve of this guy and do you love him. She says, “yes.” Then go, please says Santiago. She reaches out to touch him, but doesn’t. He cries. In fact, he begins to cry her a river of tears. That’s a line from a song I barely remember. Exit Aurora.

At the restaurant Fer says so it’s not Camilo. She doesn’t think Franco is a complete stranger. He doesn’t want to turn Camilo in. But – he says this is our secret. She says he can count on it. And she touches him and says it has been a pleasure to see you. Barb lurking in the back behind the bushes sees it all as she sips a martini. Maybe there weren’t any bushes, but, you get the idea. Fer leaves.

Steve, with the baseball bat, is walking around the hacienda while Liver Lips Camilo is inside making his way around in the dark with that small flashlight. He opens a door to a bedroom and starts searching the place. He finds some files. Meanwhile Steve is ready to strike. He looks through a window that has been cut, and he sees a car. This would be a good time to flatten the tires. He also finds the binoculars. He finds something that turns out to be car keys and that brings a smile to his lips.

FrEd starts to leave the restaurant and gets a call on his cell. Barb is all about this restaurant scenario.

Camilo keeps opening doors and moving pillows and clothing around. He receives a call – it’s Barb who tells him to leave there immediately.

Back at Jacinto’s Happy House, Jacinto plays guitar, Margarita plays harmonica and that mean girl Denia sings and dances. I just can’t be entertained by her. But for Denia, this would be a terrific trio.

Camilo leaves the same way he came in. Yikes! His car is gone. Steve is just so pleased with himself as he lurks in the bushes and sees the wonderful work he has done. We’re pleased with him, too.

The singing continues at Jacinto’s. We are delighted with this little bit of local color and culture. They compliment themselves, and they are going to continue practicing. Denia, of course wants to serenade Eduardo. Jacinto and Marg discourage her. Denia is lost in her cloud of self deception.

Carpio and friend continue their surveillance of Jairo Roca. They are ready to strike at Jairo with whatever is in the backpack in their car.

Drunk Dominga is with Jairo. He brings up the question of Aurora who has returned. She asks his help in hiring Aurora. Aurora said that Dominga promised her they would return to Purification. Dominga says, yeah, later. Aurora is in a state of disbelief that she’s been sold out. Dominga gets drunker.

Santiago crosses out Aurora’s painting as her words echo in his head. You’ve heard it once, and that was enough. I’m not for you, etc.

Fer arrives home and is greeted by Gonzo. He called Augustin asking for references about Franco. He was told Franco was Error’s boyfriend. Barb just happens to enter at that exact moment. She wants to know why he didn’t call her on her cell if he needed her. That sly Barb asks how her dinner went with Erika and about Franco’s “noviazgo” with Erika. Barb just has another secret to use as bait.

FrEd enters his house and Steve greets him and tells him to prepare for a great surprise.

Fer asks Santi if he knows anything about Aurora. Yes, she came to say goodbye to me because she is in love with another. More tears and crying. Men of the world, do you cry this much?

Aurora continues her argument with Dominga who gives her a good shaking. You are “taimada” (which I just found our means sly or cunning or even lazy). Jairo grabs Aurora. He’s there to collect on Dominga’s agreement with him.

Avances: Barb and Camilo’s plan has backfired. FrEd and Steve have the car. Fer asks about the car.


Cuidado Thursday May 28, 2009. Cuidado stockroom memo: Glycerin running low. Order another vat.

Yesterday: Daniel is giving stubborn Pat a bracing tongue-lashing. You‘re the one who’s going to be responsible if your daughter dies, he says. Rafa comes into Mari’s hospital room and while she sleeps he tells her what a joy she is and that he loves her. JM at the doorway overhears, but when Rafa thoughtbubbles that he knows his love is not returned, JM doesn’t hear that part. Don’t leave us, weeps Rafa out loud. Your noble heart, your soul. He speaks of a beautiful paradise that they could live in together. If she dies, he will die with her. At the church, Cande prays tearfully to the Virgin to save Mari.

Tonight: JM goes to Ed and tells him it’s just as he thought – Rafa is in love with Mari. Ed says maybe JM’s just too wound up and didn’t understand, but JM says no, Rafa was very clear. JM says he has to talk to him and find out if they are novios; Onelia and Rocio said they aren’t, but it’s obvious that Rafa loves her with an intense love that is the most noble, most pure that there is. (I had to put that word for word so you could savor its purpleness.) Ed says that’s really not the issue right now.

JM says if Mari dies, JM and Rafa will be rivals in the same pain, all thanks to Don Patricio.

Ceci is in the hospital room now and Rafa is all excited saying he thinks she woke up a little – he felt something special. Ceci says it would be odd for her to wake as she’s sedated. Sure enough, Mari wakes a bit, not even opening her eyes, and Ceci says how are you? Mari says I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

Pat walks in. Ceci goes to leave and says I’m going to go say some prayers for a miracle – that at least I can do without anybody trying to stop me. She gives Pat a hard look. Rafa decides to go with her. Pat sits down to talk with Mari.

Mari says she’s putting on a brave face for Ceci, but the truth is she’s scared. She feels like she’s going to die and she doesn’t want to. Help me, Papi! Pat gets weepy.

Over at Castle San Ramon, Onelia and Balbina and Rocio are dishing on Pat. Rocio explains that Pat doesn’t believe JM is an expert, and that Mari could die if she doesn’t get her operation. There is a sob behind them and oh dear, it’s Mayita who has come in unbeknownst to them and heard the last part. Mayita dissolves and Onelia tries to tell her it’s not true. Mayita sobs Mari doesn’t love me any more, but I still love her.

Purita and Adrian go to Mari’s old orphanage to look at adoptable children. A nun leads them down the hallway and then there they are in a sunny room where there is a row of cribs with babies and toddlers. It’s like going to the pound to get a puppy. Purita admires each one, and tells the nun they want a son.

At Casa Velarde, Dora tells Cande that nobody has called and they’re all worried sick. Cande tells her about how Pat won’t let JM touch his daughter. AJ listens unseen. She thoughtbubbles that she’ll make sure JM doesn’t get to operate.
Mari tells Pat I trust you. You are my role model in this. You are the best of men, never afraid. Pat says I don’t always know what to do. Sometimes I’m afraid too, like right now. I’m afraid something bad might happen to you. Mari says you always know how to solve problems. Save me, Papa, pull me back from the dead. I don’t want to die.

Pat says you’re not going to die. Mari says don’t lie to me like everybody. I’m being told that it’s just a few tests, but they won’t let me go home from the hospital. I’m strong enough to hear – tell me what’s wrong with me.

Pat says you have a brain tumor. Mari says is that bad? Pat says yes. Mari says then I’m going to die.

Mari says I have a favor to ask: Don’t leave my mother. She’s going to take care of my baby.

Ceci is praying fervently in the church. (I sin by coveting the two big curly cast-iron candelabra.) Rafa who is behind her can’t see the Virgin or the candelabra, so he prays into space asking for Mari to be spared, not for him, he would renounce his love if she could just live to smile and to love. JM comes in and says may I join you in prayer? And Ceci says I don’t want to spend much time away from Mari, so I’ll go.

Which leaves JM alone with Rafa! He kneels behind Rafa and says can we talk?

AJ has popped into Ed’s office. ¡Hola! She’s looking for JM. Ed says he (Ed) has an emergency, but she can wait there if she likes. He leaves. She picks up a magazine and says to herself you can bet I’m going to wait and what’s more I’m going to convince JM that he shouldn’t operate on Mari.

Rafa and JM are in the cafeteria. Rafa says I know coffee is just an excuse – you really want to talk about Mari. JM says I know the truth, that you love her. Rafa says it was my secret, but it’s true. It doesn’t affect anyone else. JM says it affects me. Try to persuade Pat to let me operate on her. Rafa says it’s useless – he won’t listen to his own wife so why would he listen to me? I don’t mind if it’s you operating, as long as her pure soul can continue in this life.

JM says are you novios? Rafa stands up and says I don’t want to talk about that. All I want is for you to operate and save her life, even if later one of us has to give her up.

AJ thinks JM, you’re probably trying to convince Pat to let you operate. Why hasn’t that stupid blind girl died already? Why didn’t she get killed by that car? AJ picks up a cell phone and says look at that! You left it here. How about if I have a little fun with it? She starts pressing buttons. At home, Elsa picks up a text message that says I’m in despair. Please meet me tonight as it cannot wait. I beg you for the love I bear Bea not to say anything. Meet me at….

AJ sets the phone back on Ed’s desk and smiles smugly. She twirls in his chair and laughs that she didn’t know she’d have so much fun waiting.

Elsa’s mom is holding Bea’s baby and trying to reason with her about her jealousy. Bea says of course you would defend Elsa, you’re her mom. Luisa says if she did anything like that, I’d be on your side. But I raised her with good values; she would never destroy a home. Bea’s cell rings.

It’s AJ, phonily weeping into the phone. Bea says who is this? AJ wails some more and then says I’m one of your husband’s lovers. He swore he loved me and was going to divorce you. But I found out he was deceiving me with someone named Elsa. He’s going to meet her someplace tonight. Where? Says Bea. AJ says just a minute, I have it written down.

Bea takes this opportunity to say to Luisa I’m glad you are witnessing this. Now I’m going to find out for sure about Ed’s infidelity.

We’re at the hospital and those sirens are giving me a headache too. Ceci, rosary in hand, is petting Mari who says she knows the truth, that she has a brain tumor. Cande walks in to hear this last bit and starts wailing. It’s not true! Mari tells her to be strong – remember before, how we never let anything get us down? Cande wails some more.

Pat at the hospital finally has Dr Duran on his cell. Dr Duran is trying to figure out who he is.

AJ gloats and then wonders how she can guarantee that Ed will show up to meet Elsa. She decides on a written note. She settles in at his desk and gets to work. She writes Dr, Sra Elsa will meet you at …..

JM comes in and says AJ, ¿que haces aqui?

Que indeed.

Pat explains to Dr Duran what’s going on. Dr Duran agrees that it’s a matter of life and death and that every minute counts. He says he could come to Mexico, but it might take too long. But, he says, I’m surprised you are calling me when you have the best eye surgeon in Mexico right there in the city. Pat says really? Who? Dr Duran says Dr. Juan Miguel San Roman. Pat’s jaw drops.

AJ tells JM she was worried about him and wanted to see how he was. Dead on my feet, says JM, but that’s not a justification for you to be in Ed’s office. ¿Que haces aqui? AJ says you know how I love Mari and I couldn’t just sit around twiddling my thumbs. I knew that you are with Ed a lot.

JM raves a bit about not being able to operate due to Pat. AJ says don’t take this wrong, but maybe you aren’t the best person to operate on Mari. JM says of course I am! AJ says maybe your love might cloud your judgment. JM scoffs.

In Grannyland, it’s raining and thundering and there’s even a little tornado. Cartoon leaves blow by. Mayita is clinging to Granny, sobbing. Poor little Mayita tells Granny about the bad news and that even though Mari doesn’t love her anymore, she loves Mari, plus what about her brother, who will be an orphan? Granny says Mari’s a dear person, but it’s in the hands of God. Mayita sobs what about my daddy, who loves her just as much? Granny says didn’t he study just to save her? I don’t know anything, Mayita cries. I just don’t want her to die, even if I have to give Cuate back.

Rafa taps in to see his dad, Det Hat. I’ve lost her! Det Hat says who? Rafa says the woman I love. His father presses him to him and holds him. Believe me, the hat really doesn’t work for this scene. Did he have some skin things removed from his scalp so they had to leave it on until he heals up? Det Hat says but she didn’t love you back… love is strange.

Rafa says it’s not that. She doesn’t even know that I love her.

Granny tells Mayita that death is part of life, and that when people die, they are going to a happier world, so we need to take comfort. Mayita says but it hurts so much. Granny says I know, but time heals all wounds. Granny, who has been pretty wise up until now, sure seems to be dipping a little too deeply into the Platitude Handbook.

Mari is still alive, she advises, and she’s young and can fight for her life. You can help with your prayers. Granny begins the Lord’s Prayer and Mayita joins her. The leaves stop blowing, the tornado slows and disappears, and the rain stops falling. As Granny is already in heaven, will her prayers be more effective as she’s not making a long-distance call as it were? Are the prayers of a departed Granny and innocent child more powerful? At any rate, we see Mari in black and white in her hospital bed, and her cheek seems to be glowing with a brighter light. She goes into very soft focus.

Rafa tells his father that it’s the girl he was tutoring. She dying. He breaks down and his father kisses him and holds him. He tells Rafa he would do anything to make it different for him. Rafa says you understand, don’t you, you lost Mama. Det Hat says you love her that much? Rafa says it’s wonderful – I never knew there could be a love like this.

Det Hat leans away, anguished, tears streaming down his face. Did I mention that the hat REALLY does not work in these scenes??? He leans back to Rafa, and tells him never to lose faith, that maybe this young woman can be helped. Rafa says there is a doctor who can save her, but he loves her, so no matter what, I’ll lose her.

Back to Pat, who can’t believe his ears. He asks Dr Duran if he’s sure, has he known JM long? Dr Duran says he (himself) is very honest and so can say without reservation that JM is a superstar in the eyeball biz. Pat is amazed.

But he says even so, I’d like you to operate. Dr Duran says she’s better off with Dr. San Ramon. Pat keeps trying to persuade him to come and operate.

Pat comes into Mari’s hospital room and tells Ceci in a low voice that Dr Duran is coming tomorrow morning to operate. Ceci says you know very well the best person to operate on Mari is right here.

Pat leaves and Mari tells Ceci don’t worry, Pat knows best. If he thinks Dr Duran is the best, then he’s the best.

Pat walks into the cafeteria where Rocio and Daniel are, and tells them good news, namely that Dr Duran is coming from Boston. They roll their eyes at each other. Daniel says can he save her? Pat says he says he will do his best, but the best doctor is…

Rocio interrupts and says my brother, who you hate so much even thought he’s known far and wide as the best. Pat says nobody asked your opinion. Daniel says where is your hate leading? Dr Duran can’t guarantee that he can save Mari. Pat says I would expect your support, as you’re family, but from you, he says to Rocio, I expect nothing. You don’t even have the right to be here. Rocio says I’m not leaving and you can’t run me off.

Daniel says your hate for San Ramon is stronger than your love for your daughter. Pat says I can see that you two don’t understand. But no matter, Dr Duran is going to come tomorrow to operate. Rocio stomps off but Daniel lingers a moment to tell Pat that if Mari dies, it’s on his head.

Pat is talking out loud to himself right there in the cafeteria, looking like a patient from the fourth floor which is usually locked up, and says Dr Duran is a good choice to operate on my daughter. I’ve made the right decision.

JM is talking to Ed in Ed’s office. He says he would like to snatch Mari away and operate on her somewhere where Pat can’t find her. Ed tells him to calm down, after all Dr Duran will be operating on her. JM says I talked to him and he says I’m the best one to do it. JM must have golden hands, as he’s only had 6 months in the US, and probably only 2 months of that was surgery. Sigh.

Gotta get on home! says Ed. He spots the note on his desk telling him Elsa wants to meet him. Hmm he thinks. He tells JM he has to resolve this and calls Bea who is at home pacing and waiting. He tells her that he’s going to be late – it’s an emergency; he has to see another patient.

JM says why did you lie? Ed says because Bea would go nuts if she thought I was going to meet Elsa. When things calm down with Mari, please see Bea and see if you can do anything about her jealousy.

Pat has arrived in the little hospital chapel. He doesn’t kneel to pray, he strides around. He says he feels alone, but he has to be strong. Finally he kneels and says he hopes he’s not in the wrong, even if everyone is telling him that JM is the best and only doctor to operate on Mari.

Elsa is waiting for Ed in a nice restaurant. She stands up when he comes in and says I got your message that you wanted to meet me. Ed says huh? I didn’t send a message. He holds a chair for her to sit. Here comes Bea flying in and says so this is your emergency? And you, Elsa, this is your friendship?

Outside the on the night street, Pat catches up to JM who is walking. JM says spare me your insults. You don’t want me to save Mari’s life. Pat says I don’t want to insult you. I want to ask you to operate on Mari. Save my daughter. Violins kick in.

Avances: a room full of people in blue scrubs, JM included. Mari is laid out on the table. Time to start the surgery!


Las Tontas Thurs 5/28 - Clash of the godparents

We start with a brief recap of yesterday's fun in the sun but when the happy foursome arrive home the brats Chava and Rocio say that Santi and Candy fooled them into acting like a happy family and...oops we're in Guadalajara..and they don't want to be a family. They run up to Chava's room. I swear these cut-ins of "Guadalajara" are getting weirder and weirder.

Over at the restaurant Zamora and Toño fret over Don Meño's credit card problems. They're worried he'll go to jail. He shows up and is worried they'll laugh at his hair.

Santi and Candy are frustrated and Santi can't figure it out. He and Candy love each other, Chava and Rocio love each other, why can't they all just get along? Why do the kids think they adults will abandon them? Who put that idea into their heads? They kiss and console each other.

Raul and Sole come home from a movie and she invites him for coffee. He says he'd rather have kisses so they start making out and stop themselves...better have coffee!! Raul tells her Pato is a great guy but he's got a great big problem in that he's still in love with Candy.

Candy puts Chava to bed and tries to say what a great guy Santi is. "But my daddy is better," snips Chava. Candy tries to tell him that's Chava's problem, he keeps comparing when in truth everyone is different. She counsels him about fighting in school. What? She's just bringing this up now? The only time I ever fought in school I was immediately grounded. That's when I pushed Timmy Wilson's face into the tanbark for being a jerk and then sat on him. However when my parents found out I did it because he tormented Clark until Clark wet his pants and then mocked him for it I was in a little less trouble. I was still grounded but my parents weren't so mad. Bullies look a lot less threatening with tarnbark stuffed up their noses...but I digress.

Meanwhile Pau puts Rocio to bed. Rocio tells her mami that at first she and Chava thought Santi and Candy abandoned them but then they showed up and had a great time. Pau is irritated.

Santi tell Isa he thinks that Pau is manipulating the kids and brainwashing them. I guess Jaime was out of town or something because all of a sudden he shows up and Isa hugs him like he's been gone a week. What's up tonight, are the regular editors on strike or something? OK, it sounds like he visited his kids and grandkids. Whatever.

Meño reveals to Candy why he's wearing his do-rag. When she sees his red hair Candy's mouth drops about 12 inches and no I'm not exaggerating; you've seen her chops. Candy asks them if they think Pato is capable of turning Chava against her relationship with Santi.

Later on Pau wakes Rocio from a deep sleep to "tell her a story". The wicked witch of Guadalajara looms over poor little Rocio and begins, "Once upon a time there was a terrible papa who mistreated his daughter..."

The story theme continues as Patricio tells Beto a story in front in front of a scary drawing of Beto that takes up the entire wall. Who in the hell could sleep in front of that monstrosity? Yikes, we then get another camera angle of the horrible Beto drawing. Beto falls asleep and Pat sits on Chava's bed in front of a scary wall-size Chava drawing. He verbalizes his moral dilemma about whether or not he should rip Chava from Candy's arms.

Rocio greets her daddy as he comes home. It looks like she has another tomato rash due to stress from Pau's nasty stories. He confronts Pau and asks "what did you tell my daughter?"

Pau tries to deny it but Santi presses until finally Rocio breaks in and tells him "my mama didn't tell me anything." The young lady doth protest too much me thinks.

Pato plays and talks with Patito about how awesome Candy is. Al walks in the room just then and it's weird trips incorporated as she tries to figure out what's going on. She's not quite as excited about feeding the little champion as Pato is.

Santi sneaks Pau out of bed and renews his argument with her. He's a doctor and he knows stress can cause a rash. Why is she telling Rocio that Santi will abandon her? He tells her to leave. "And if I don't, then what?" she demands.

Well, we see "what" when he drops her off in front of a hotel. She can protest but he's made up his mind! His tires squeal as he puts the pedal to the metal. See ya!!

Next morning Santi wakes up Rocio with a tickle to the ear. All is well until he ruins her morning by telling her that mommy left the house. Rocio cries hysterically and tells Lucia that papa kicked mama out of the house. She breaks out in yet another nasty rash.

Over at the Pato house it's a happy scene with Pato, Patito, Alicia and Margarita. They blab about Patito's upcoming baptism.

Chava wakes up Candy, even though it's Sunday he wants to get up early to visit his papa. She tries to lure him with games and hamburgers but he rejects her. Yesterday he was with her and today he wants to visit papa. As usual Candy folds and gives in to Chava.

Al and Margarita fuss over Patitos' baptism gifts. They are crosses with the names of his godparents, one with Santiago's and one with Candy's.

Meanwhile over at Sole's house Party Padre Pato (thanks Genevieve!) acts out the childhood he never had by playing light sabre with the boys while Sole and Raul watch. Pato suggests they their being the godparents to Patito! (Eh...what about Candy and Santi?) Sole thinks it's odd. Raul accepts. Coffee's not good enough so they toast with tequila. Good idea dad, have a few shots before your lad's baptism. On second thought you're going to need it.

Santi visits Pau at the hotel and tells her due to Rocio's bad reaction she needs to come home. She smirks the Pau smirk. She scolds and nags him all the way home about Rocio.

Isa tries to put salve on Rocio's rash but Rocio has a full on tantrum and runs to her mommy.

Margarita talks to Ali and asks why she chose her worst enemy Candy and her boyfriend to be Patito's godparents. Al says #1 Santi is rich, #2 Candy's a "good person" and a good mother and her sister. Mags tells Al not to lie, she asked Candy so she could rub it in Pato's face, right?

Candy and Santi walk in the park and talk about the witch Pau causing poor Rocio's rashes. Speaking of witches Santi mentions Marissa. They share horror stories about their children's illnesses then they make out.

At breakfast Pau seems pleased that her presence annoys Isa and Jaime. Isa and Jaime decide to leave rather than get into it with Pau and Isa's parting shot is "my son won't let you stay here."

During Meño's dance class he and the mujeres happily bump and grind until he pulls his bandana off in excitement and the ladies giggle at his cherry hair. He leaves the room in shame. Chayo grabs him to work her magic.

Pato calls Raul and gives him details about the baptism that evening. I think they are supposed to show up at some kind of talk or rehearsal or godparent training.

Over at the big house Pau answers the phone, it's Al calling for Santi. She wants to tell Santi where and when the baptism is. Al laughs and tells Mags she sent Patricio to another church and doesn't want him to see Santi and Candy until after the baptism. Mags sits there and laughs like "oh that wacky Alicia!"

Pau actually calls Santiago to relay the baptism details to him. I thought for sure she would deliberately ignore the message just to be a witch.

Thanks to Chayo we're looking at the old Meño. Luckily she understands the personality of hair. Chayo's thinking that maybe she wants a makeover and Meño warns her against doing anything drastic. He and Lulu tease her about her teacher.

Isa and Jaime dine in the kitchen to Tina's delight. Donato interrupts with a phone call for Isa. It's Doa Felipa who wants to talk to her son Carlos, i.e. Zamora. Isa and Don have conniptions until finally Don grabs the phone and invites her to the house. Doña Felipa is thrilled and Isa frets at the possible outcome.

Santi calls Candy about the baptism. She can't come because of work that's more important than her new nephew's baptism.

Isa asks Don if they are making the worst mistake of their lives. He accuses her of being jealous and she pooh poohs him. The doorbell rings and he tells her to take a deep breath. The funniest part about this scene is it takes place right in front of a cherub's genitalia, but it's art so that's OK.

Isa goes into the bedroom and sees Jaime looking out the window. He scowls pensively at the closing door.

Al talks like a chipmunk about the baptism. Pato joins her and she brags how organized she is as she shows him her baptism to-do list. She's such a brat, after he leaves she giggles "Hee hee what will you do when you discover that Santi and Candy are the godparents? Patricio...... hee hee!!"

Isa greets Doña Felipa warmly and tells her Zam is such a hard worker he's not around. Isa and Doña Felipa have similar hair.

Isa steps out of the room just as Jaime sneaks downstairs. He comes up behind Doña Felipa with and "Hola mi amor." He sees Isa across the room and realizes his mistake. "Jaime" gasps Isa. "Jaime" gasps Doña Felipa. She and Jaime recognize each other and Don blurts out Zamora is Don Jaime's son! Jaime begs Felipa to say nothing otherwise Zamora will kill him.

Everyone meets at the church. Pato greets his padrinos in one church. Elsewhere Al sits with her padrino who happily and tenderly holds Patito. It makes my heart hurt.

Unfortunately my Tivo stopped here but according to youtube this happened next:

The padre starts the baptismal sacrament and asks the parents to approach, then the godparents...Sole/Raul and Santi/Candy bump into each other in the aisle. "Who are the godparents?" asks the padre. "We are!" respond the four in unison.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tontas no van 5-27 Wed. - Nothing a few spankings can't fix....

We start off with Candi finally acting like a parent. She finally thinks someone may be behind his attitude change.

Chava and Beto continue to fight over the lunch. The teacher finally tries to stop them and yells at them why are they fighting. Chava gets mad and decides to throw his chocolate milk at Beto. Whoops, he hits the teacher who is wearing light colors.

Rocio calls it. He’s going to get punished now!

Pato shows up to talk to Santi about this Chava business. He thanks him for calling off the mafia dogs but wants to know why he did this. Santi said for Candi and her son. Pato says fine, thanks, but says he’s concerned about his son’s unhappiness.

Candy gets the call from school. Yes, your kid is one of those…..

Santi says Pato is mal. He says this is crazy you are going to try to live with Candi so Chava can live with his Dad? Many kids can be happy with new partners of parents. Pato says he had the opportunity to live with both parents and was happy and doesn’t know any other way to live. Huh, what about those first 7 years of his life when he didn’t even know he had a Pa… Santi says the kids are throwing tantrums and we need to set them straight by explaining to them. Pato says fine but he’s not going to suffer, so make your decision and talk to him.

Pato stops Candi to complain about Chava and say he needs to be with Pa again. Candy can’t talk right now, but she neglects to tell the Dad his kid is in trouble at school.

Candi talks to the headmaster who notes a change in his attitude. She asks her if she is going to cancel the wedding that bothers her son so much - in a very accusing way? Que???? Isn’t she supposed to be trained in managing children? Blah.

Meno comes back to the restaurant muttering about his recent disgrace. No one can help him, he has to pay the bills. Gogo and the boys tell him to just put his old clothes back on.

Santi good hellos to Candi. She says she’s made a decision that affects them both.

Roci tells Ma about the day's events. Of course Pau takes advantage of this and says that Chava is suffering with that Mom of his, and that she might even throw him out of the house, she is like the witches in the fairy tales.

Candi talks to Santi who assumes that she is not going to marry him and goes off on an ad lib rant about the kids needing a few spankings and so forth and Candi finally says um can I say something, I decided to fight for our relationship. He switches gears and loooves her. She says it won’t be easy, but it can be done. She tells him what happened today at school and he thinks one should never play with lunch.

Pato talks to Beto and Chava and wants to know what’s up. He tells them superheros don’t fight with each other so no fighting. He wants to know why the lunch landed on the teacher. Chava says everything makes him mad. Pato asks him if he is acting up or really bothered by all this and he runs off. Pato laughs with Beto about how bad the teach was soiled, and that they kind of need to support poor Chava.

Santi and Candi are looking at the wedding invitation books again worrying if all will work out and Santi invokes the tenets of “The Secret” or “El Secreto” and tells her to just ask the universe and it will be…ahh what the hell. A bunch of folks running around thinking positively and asking the universe for things can probably only be so bad for humankind, right. What’s the worse that can happen, you don’t get what you want? If anyone has read this and tried it out, let me know what your results have been. Many folks swear by it. Folks used to swear by smoking too, and well, we can see what a mess that made, but apples and oranges, my friends.

Ok, so now we are lunching at Pato’s house and Ali says she thinks it’s great that Candi wants to get married and that Santi is a great guy. Chava doesn’t buy it, and of course Pato’s blood boils as she says this. The kids begin to fight again. Pato quells it.

Santi and Candi discuss a possible trip with the kids so maybe they will see how much they are in love and magically everything will be ok.

Meno can’t fuera the dolor. He hates the hair and wants to throw out all the mirrors. Gogo surprises him with hair dye. She knows how to use it even though he doesn’t. He’ll look 10 years younger, well maybe three. He agrees to let her try.

Pato suggests a trip for all of them boys over the weekend and of course they are thrilled. Candi calls, at just the right time to propose her trip idea, and Chava says nope sorry I can’t I’m going with Dad. Candi remarks that he doesn’t have permission and to that he says the hell I do and hangs up. (OK, well maybe not in those exact words). Pato asks him what that was all about…

Pau is chatting with Roci in her room when Santi busts in and Pau gets all miffed as she was talking to her daughter (read spreading poison) he drops his outing plan and Pau says nope she has too much homework. He tells her to go to her room and give him some peace. She tells him not to talk bad to her. Roc believes yes, he was rude. Caught.

Gogo puts on dye for Meno, she gets a call from Arturo and turns into a pubescent girl chatting him up for hours. Meno freaks out that his hair will be in trouble.

Candi is typing her column and Santi shows up with a light bulb. This must be some kind of inside joke, he uses it to massage her…and they chat about their outing to the park.I'd be afraid that thing would break in my hand. Thanks gosh they have like monsters and little wooden guys with faces on them...

Split screen expose of parenting skills.

He makes comments here about Corico and Cornelio and these went over my head.

Meno comes out with a towel covering his head so we know the tinting outcome is not going to be good.
Of course when it finally comes off his hair is cherry red. He makes the remark that she has made him look like one of RBD…Christian for sure…

Candi and Santi accidentally on purpose meet in the park, I couldn’t tell which one.

Meno is at breakfast and wearing a bandana. Charly makes fun of him that he looks like a gypsy and she thinks he looks like Zorro and he wants to see what Pa’s hiding. Gogo takes off the hat and Meno yells for Charly not to laugh.

Pato goes to pick up Beto at Sole’s and runs into Raul who has a great realtionship with Beto, and Beto wants him to come along with them. Things get awkward for Raul and Sole runs interference taking Beto to collect his things. Raul asks Pato for some time to chat.

Kids want to ride horses and Santi knew this because there is just something about horses and kids. Candi is surprised and we see everyone mount up. New words suki suki show up.

Ok what’s weird here is Pato was supposed to be picking up Beto, but the next thing you know they are in a café having coffee or something. Raul wants for them to become friends and chats with Pato about Sole and Beto they are great and he’s jealous right, and Pato says maybe a little.

Kids decide they are having a great time…should they let their parents marry after all? Yeah speaking of parents where are they? Chava knows, they brought us here to abandon us!!!

Raul thinks outside of the box and tells of his sad days after his wife passed and that he thinks Pato might be wanting Chava to live with him because he wants Candy to live with him. He essentially says that he was sad for so long and wouldn’t let himself be happy, but once he decided to let go, he became happy. That’s a big hint. He wonders if Pato is really still in love with Candi.

Kids mull over their new freedom and Roc wants to go home maybe but Chava thinks they could stay there and work to make money, maybe renting out the horses. The parents finally show up and the kids give them hugs but then want to know why they were going to abandon them.

Pato tells his side. Yep he’s still in love. He thought she was dead and then he found out she’s alive, and gave him a son no less. He doesn’t want to give the divorce, he was given hope to be with her.

Meno is behind a closed door and won’t come out until his hair grows out. Gogo and Charly try to extract him. Finally Go guilts him that he’s not responsible after all, and turns out vanity is more important. This works and he emerges with his bandana still on.

S & C wonder where the kids got this idea. They think it must be the TV, Chava says no it’s real life. Candi wants to know who told them that and in unison they say someone… Santi and Candi look at each other and immediately decide it must be Pau. Ya think? This will be fun.

Pau is pissed off because she can’t find Rocio and she barges in on Lu who is chatting with Fede on phone. Lu is less than sympathetic and tells Pau they left, and so sad you weren’t invited. Pau wonders why folks wake up so early on Sat! Because they are not part vampire like you maybe???

More park scenes riding ATVs…no handed with no helmets...never happen in litigious USA… rowing in a boat and fishing all in the same body of water it seems. Rocio is the only one who caught a fish.

Pato chatting with Beto who wishes Chava was there and complains that he let Chava go with his Mom.

Back at the park the kids go swimming with adult life vests on that clearly swallow them.

They all jump on into the river on a swing except Chava.

The funny thing is when they get home they have none of their swimming stuff or anything with them.

Ok, here’s where they screwed up. I kept sitting there saying…don’t do it …don’t do it….shut up!!!! Ugh, Santi and Candi say, see, we all went out together to show you how much fun the four of us can have, just like a family. Oh no you di’n’t !!!! Rule one of manipulating children…NEVER TELL THEM WHAT YOU ARE DOING, DUHHH!!!!! Of course our young geniuses forget about all the fun and focus on the funny that has been put over on them and don’t like it one bit yelling we are not a family, you betrayed us and that‘s why you invited us!!! Ah, another opportunity for practicing parenting skills arises. Hmmm….


MEPS - May 27, Wed. - Cap 72 - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

I will post again my request for a guest recapper. I will be away photographing in Wyoming for two Wednesday episodes, June 17th and 24th, the exact same weeks that Melissa will be in Mexico. I haven't heard from anyone with a burning desire to do guest recapping to try it out. In fact I haven't heard from anyone at all about it. How about a group effort? Could be fun. At the very least would someone agree to post headers and attach them so our enthusiastic group of commenters can keep up the momentum.

Well, I join the concerned citizens for costume change. That striped sweater and the white blouse and yellow skirt must at least smell a bit musty after a week of episodes. But, a Date with Franco? Who wouldn't have trouble picking out the perfect outfit. On the other side of the house, Aurora has dressed herself in poor me, poor me clothes for her date with Dominga. We are not amused and Santiago is in tears again.

Aurora (Abora) reacts to Barbara's relentless string of impertinent questions, So she has a Dead Mom, so she died young, Dominga vs Barbinator which is worse. Dominga gets her life. She has to discover Abora's identity (thanks for the real name for Aurora, Melissa) Fernanda finally changes her clothes and goes for the high cut nookie proof, Peter Pan collared blouse.

The goon squad gets sandwiches and swear to follow Artemio's orders as they sit outside Jairo's bar waiting for action to report. Dominga with black socks slipping, acts out the disgusting goof on the lawn, gets the news from a disbelieving Tomasa that Abora went to town. As fast as she can pivot her sagging black socked feet, she posts for the village.

Fernanda shows Santi her clothes and tells of her meeting with Franco. it is connected (relacionado) only with the business she tries to be so serious. Santi teases wanting to know why she is so concerned with what she is picking to wear. She demurs, I don't want to be the widow that everyone pities. And how about Aurora, she changes the subject. Santi replies, I need to ask you help.

Gardenia, shows up with the box from Margarita's, you bet it is without the letters, As Franco dives his hands into the box when he sees some letters while Denia the Damned wants to bring him coffee in her sex-kitten voice. [Ed note, I am so disappointed in DD, it is hard to describe these scenes.]

At the village church altar, Abora prays to the Virgincita, assuring the ever smiling statue how she loves Santil but couldn't stand more questions and grilling from the Barbinator. The classic cast system intimidation has worked its magic.

Santi tells Nanda how the wicked (really he said adorada, adored but with a sneer) step-mother's (madrastra) questions bothered Abora and he is sure she wanted to spoil (fastidiar) his wedding plans with Aurora.

Franco goes through the letters and is frustrated that none of the Nanda letters are there. Cut to her bedroom where Gardenia has said letters and finds a black bag to hide them in her closet, I can barely watch this betrayal but adjusting my beanie.

Abora asks for forgiveness for misleading Barb and Gonzo, she acted like the worst of cheats (embusteras).. Suddenly violating the sanctuary of the altar, Dominga grabs Abora by the scruff of the neck. You are going back with me, she barks.

Fernanda defends Barbara's motives with mild resistance to Santi's assurance that Barbara is interfering as usual with his life.

For a fat old drunk Dominga has no trouble subduing the spineless Abora who seems to have no strength to resist the blows and abusive language that condemns Abora since she was born. She won't put up with Abora's tantrums (berrinches) but is perfectly launched into her own. The motivation of Dominga's fury is hard to fathom.

Tomasa comes to tell Santi that some woman came looking for Abora. Santi doesn't ask for a description but asks Tomasa to tell him as soon as he sees her again. He then tells Fernanda that if it is Dominga, the witch (bruja) they are in serious trouble.

Dominga is taking her back with hair pulling and smacks in broad daylight in the middle of the town and of course, no one does more than mildly shrug their shoulders or pretend the unlikely pair are invisible with their scene in the middle of this very small town. Abora says, she has other plans she finally shows an inch of spine that she will marry Santiago and Dominga might as well go back to her village. Dominga says what will these rich folks say when they know who you really are? This makes some sense, but wouldn't Dominga profit from a grifter program here? Artemio Bravo sure seems to have her trembling in her sinking socks.

Suspicious Barbara, reviews Abora's words, She says the her mother was named Esperanza. I need to be sure that she is dead. And still I have doubts, how was it that my handkerchief came into her hands. I have to discover what is going on.

*Who is drinking, highballer Damian? No, no, the hand on the booze is once again Artemio asking into the phone, what is happening with Jairo? The goon squad report, they haven't seen anybody of interest come or go from the bar. Then he wants them to locate (ubicar) Franco Santoro's employee, Gardenia. The story is over with Jairo. Goon two asks goon one, Are we going to make her sing? For now we only have to locate her. Are these two smart enough to drive to Las Animas, stay tuned...

Said Gardenia still sneaking around in her own room, says the letters that Fernanda sent HER Eduardo will be hidden from him. Even her empty head registers at the level of her flashing black eyes, that this may not work out well.

Steve tells him the machine can't be stopped , Eduardo is over . the his wanting to revive the love of the dead Eduardo is like trying to resuscitate a cadaver. But if you don't want to convert into a criminal,. That is the problem, I love her, wails our handsome hero, Oh Dios, what am I going to do? It has resulted into a childhood love turning into a grand amor of a man whose heart beats with all his love. Steve tries again with pointless cheerleading to rally ED/Franco. He offers, Eduardo is dead but Franco was just was born. Eduardo struggles with the lies. Steve says he only has to believe that he is in reality Franco Santoro.

Fernanda pats makeup and remembers telling Franco on the horse ride that with all the bad things that have happened in her life that she has just told him of the happiest moments of her life.

Steve tries to get him to imagine what will happen if Fernanda discovers that he is not Franco but is Eduardo. Fernanda would never forgive me. IT is a time bomb, at any moment, she could realize who I am in reality. But you have to renounce Eduardo and forever become Franco Santoro.

Santi is driving looking around suspicious and very worried in Villa Madera while at the no-tell hotel, Dominga seems able to push Abora abut and pull her hair while Abora offers no resistance to speak of short of lots of whining. I am fed up with you trying to leave. Don't think you can return to the house of the ricos when you are from the class of ticks (clase de garrapata) and don't even try to stick even a nose out the window (asomar). We may never know why does she hate her so, She continues to berate her with taunts of well, princess where is your crown.

*Barbara, dramatic music pulsing, touches the oil painting of Abora which means she has invaded Santi's room, and asks, In reality, who is your mother? While over at the hotel, Abora asks too but of Dominga, why do you hate me so much? Stop asking questions I am not going to answer. Abora, kneels at the monster's bed, her submissive whining isn't easy to report, I will work and give you all my money so you can be so happy. FELiZ Dominga says she will throw water on this cheekiness (jeta). You don't have anyone. She carries on assuring Abora that she has impossible longings to be loved or cared for or even a part of anything but the lowest level of society. If it weren't for me you would be dead! Scream, scream (chilla chilla), do you think your blue prince will come to find you? She actually does hear the blue prince yelling from his car out the roof window. The goon guards are still parked in front of Jairo's watching from their black car with no signs of going to locate Gardenia. Santi stands in his roof window and bellows for Aurora.. With the Abora worming her way on the floor near the door, Dominga finally taunts her with the fatal threat, if you leave you will never know where to find her mother. Why does Abora care, why do we care, but Abora obligingly cringes.

Time to check in on Grupo lacsomuch Lactos, Osvaldo and Anibal talk about Vladi, As of tomorrow he will occupy the old office of Damian. Osvaldo asks, aren't you worried about his knowing the secrets about the speculation in the market (especular de la bolsa). After he is satisfied we can return the capital to the treasure or funds (arcas) of Grupo Lactos. [I guess they will fill Pris's accounts to fool Vladi and Pris.

Back at Vladi's apartment, he is ranting to Damian, the nerve (descara) of Anibla is unforgivable! V Damina says the important thing is he gave you gave Pris the documentation to build her confidence in you. But, Vladi adds, She made a deal (trato) with me that if I got her the information, she insists on knowing who was the contact in GL. Damian snaps, you didn't tell her it was me? No, says Vladi, but I told her it was Flor. Damian thinks this is fine. Vladi is concerned with betraying Flor, I begged her not to be unfair with Flor or get her in trouble with Anibal.

You have to save your own hide (pellejo). It is either protecting Flor or the love of Priscila, what do you choose?

* Boobalot has dancers like FELS old Badlove Bar without singing, Jairo in his kingdom answers his phone, it is Lucio at the jail begging, can you do something for me? Jairo, advise is that he doesn't need his help, You need a lawyer. Lucio tries to threaten, If you don't help get me out of here, I will tell them that it was you who killed Manzanaresl Jairo makes threats fo his own so we leave. Lucio in jail looking plenty worried. Jairo looks at his kingdom with his usual jaunty bravado.

Papa climbs the stairs with sudden interest in what Fernanda is doing. Are you going to be out long (demorar)? Fernanda lies and says she is going out for dinner with Erika. Santi, tells Fernanda at the bottom of the stairs that he has been out looking for Abora and is sure that Dominga has her .

Fernanda says she will help him look for Abora when she returns she has to keep her appointment with Franco. Aurora where are you, Santi says clutching at flowers.

Abora asks the slobbering, greasy fingered Domnga for five minutes. She sneers, what do you want 5 minutes for? To say goodbye to Santi. Abora promises to come back but greasy fingers hands her keys.

Steve speculates, Who is Fernanda going out with tonight, Eduardo or Franco? They are interrupted by Gardenia, Erika has arrived. Franco asks for her to wait for a minute, Gardenia is disgusted but goes back and tells Erika. Gardenia is jealous of her and says she feels like (tengo ganas) devastating her (desolarla)

Barbara is ail dressed up and is gong out to a business meeting according to her, Gonzo who usually doesn't notice who goes where, wants to know with whom and wonders if she would be annoyed if he stayed home. Barbara acknowledges that Gonzo he is always bored (and boring) at these things and she doesn't mind while she puts on her coat with a I love you see ya later (chump). Gonzo has a second thought on this day, When I tell Barbara that my daughter has confidence in Franco there are going to be big problems .

Barbara meets up with Cadho on the stairs. They exchange info on his progress on searching Las Animas for Franco clues. She wants to get the goods on Franco as soon as possible. I promise to carry you info (including the birth certificate) hasta le carnet when his mother gave birth to him.

* Franco comes in to Erika with Steve. She coyly asks if she is interrupting. Steve steps forward claiming, Franco has to go out but I have all the time in the world. And good news we have the date of the big party and the Elizaldes will all get invitations. Steve gives a big push to Erika's already over inflated ego, she will be the official hostess (anfitriona). Steve should die from the looks Franco gives him.

Domingo is still menacing, You have one hour and if you want to tell your warrior goodbye, these are my conditions.

Erika leaves so happy that she is the partner (pareja) of Franco. Erika kisses all the way out the door. Franco is furious, Don't you realize that this will be playing a dangerous game? This is not a game you are playing. I don't want to mislead Erika, but you will help her get revenge on Camilho Erika is going to be so happy being the hostess role while putting down Camlho. You can't ask Fernanda to assume this role at this point. And at this moment you should be arriving at the restaurant where Fernanda is now arriving. Fernanda is stepping out of her car an the restaurant at that very moment.

Dominga makes another string of insults like weakling (canija) you better return in just one hour, what are you going to do? Abora the addled says, I am going to the house of Gonzo and Barbara tell him I am starving, poor (muerto de hambre). okay go but you have no more than one hour. We have to get back to the hovel (jacal).

Franco shows up late at the restaurant, sorry something came up to delay me. What do you feel like having? (que apetece) did you order? She seems stern and leads off with, and what is so important that you wanted to deal (tratar) with me with such urgency (tanta urgencia)??

Next: Oops the terrible twosome track Fernanda and Franco to the restaurant, Barb sits in the cafe part and talks to Cad who skulks in the bushes like the rat he really is. All we need is for Erika to show up but they don't show us that fun event.


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