Monday, June 30, 2008

Pasión de Gavilanes- Mon., June 30 - Return of the House of Sadism and the Love Nest of Perversion

Pobre Juan!

On Friday's episode Dínora told Belinda she had her House of Sadism built for her. That shows she wanted to get somebody in there. It is an especially evil level of premeditation. On LT, Béatriz and Alcides just happened to find cabañas with handy manacles.

At least we get to see Mario's bare chest while he's in the House of Sadism unlike Alcides on LT.

Here's a funny bird thing. They showed a hawk hovering at one point. I think it was just before Juan woke up in the cabaña the second time. This was shot in Colombia, I assume, so I'm not sure what kind of hawk it was (lots of possibilities) but the sound they played was the call of a Red-tailed Hawk. Red-tails are about the only hawk that make this fierce scream so that sound is used everywhere on TV and in movies for every bird of prey. (It wasn't a Red-tail. Red-tails don't hover.)

I like the scene where Dínora was beating up the cop while asking how he could accuse a poor defenceless woman of doing somethink like that. Then she beats up the Fruit Sons when she goes over to the Reyes Hacienda.

Ursula asking Belinda to do her exercies inside so as not to nauseate the vaqueros was amusing, too.

Grabi had to lay a guilt trip on Sarita by saying, 'I know you won't abandon me.'

The castrated/kidnapped (castraron/secuestraron) mishearing by Melissa was funny too.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fuego en la Sangre, 06/27/08: When Outrageous Bull Leads to Bull-headed Outrage

Father Tadeo has been telling the police commissioner --aka, sheriff-- that a threat to kill somebody is not sufficient proof to charge a person and so the P.C. pulls out the dagger that doomed poor Petra to the “mas alla” (hereafter).

Among other conveniences of the modern world like television, telephones and cell towers, a decent newspaper is something this phenomenally anachronistic little town in the bowels of Mexico could use. Never mind! Gossip is slicker and runs quicker than any goose’s guano in Ciudad Serdán! It has run all the way to the Hacienda Augustín where Sofia is now telling Eva and her granddad that Juan needs her and she has got to go into town to find and comfort him. Gramps says it’s only going to complicate matters. Sofia says nobody will stop her from giving him emotional support. Juan has always managed to confront Heaven and Hell for her and she can only do the same for him. So, after a brief prayer from Augie to have God bless them each and everyone Sofia races off to town.

At the police station Juan is yelling at the P.C., aka sheriff (sorry, but I just can't quite conceive of a guy dressed like that in a dustly little town like this as anything but a sheriff) --that the dagger was planted and insists that it’s the P.C.’s duty to find those truly responsible, cuz if he doesn’t Juan threatens to take justice into his own hands. He races out of there while Padre Tadeo tells the aka sheriff that he’ll try to pacify Juan, so not to worry and he races out after him. The P.C. takes it as all in a day’s work. He calls in Deputy Dario and orders him to send off the the dagger to Mexico City to be checked for any of the Reyes’ fingerprints for proof whether it was one of the Reyes brothers who killed Petra Sanchez or not.

Back at the hacienda Augie writes in his journal that Don Quijote will take on the windmills to exact justice. He joins Quintina down below. Both are now dressed in heavy leather bomber jackets and caps like WWI flying aces (gotta be rough in that hot, Mexican sun) as they hop into a shiny little motorbike and sidecar number she apparently bought with the cash he gave her. (So much more useful for bread deliveries and hauling things, doncha know. Slap me for allowing logic to seep through the cracks in this Humpty Dumpty style little fairytale of ours.) The two putt-putt off towards town. (Note: Was that a hot little red Mustang I saw parked on the side of that beautiful, fenced, tree lined street they were putt-putting along?)

Outside the church in the main plaza Juan is yelling at Tadeo that he’s nobody’s fool. Juan is certain that someone wanted to harm him and his brothers. Tadeo tells him to calm down again, to be patient and to trust in the police to do their job. Sofia comes running over then and asks Juan what she can do to help. He smiles sexily through his scruff (the wonderfully delicious way only EY can) and tells a swooning Sofia that her presence alone is a great consolation for him.

Back at the police station Don Quijote Augustín and Sancho Quintina Panza roll in to speak to the sheriff. Augie throws a number of gold coins at him and says to use it to get the best mouthpiece in the region for Oscar and Franco in order to get them out of jail. This is an injustice that he, for one, won’t allow.

Meanwhile Oscar and Franco are passing the time singing silly little loves songs in their cell when Sarita and Jimena come on a surprise visit to see what they might do to help out, albeit as Sarita claims, out of a humanitarian act of compassion. Franco is frustrated that Sarita can never manage speak to him face to face and look him in the eyes. Oscar pushes him out of the way and thanks the two for coming. Franco brings up the priest business which shocks Sarita. Oscar then has to play along and explains it’s because Jimena, there, wants nothing more to do with him. He adds that, in any event, they’ve got nothing to fear since they didn’t kill anybody.

Although Jimena believes them, Sarita says she isn’t so sure. The discussion is stopped short when the jail explodes with a cacophony of catcalls and wolf-whistles. Rosario has appeared, in a dress yes, but with a neckline that might as well be down to her navel since those bazoombas of hers are, as usual, poking way out of her polka-dotted frock. Jimena angrily asks who she is there to visit, Oscar or Franco. She says both and the two Elizondo sisters decide to leave. Franco wise-acres at Sneerita about where all her piety has suddenly gone as she pushes Jimena out the door.

Oscar immediately questions Rosario about the gossip in town and she tells them that nobody believes they are the murderers. However, they searched both their house and bakery and found a knife full of blood. (I don’t remember a “bloody” blade. More of Nepotist Nephew’s handiwork, no doubt.) She tells them that the worst case scenario is that it proves they killed the woman. Happy-go-lucky Oscar suddenly gets worried because, like those of us in Viewerville, he knows this “no puede ser”! It just cannot be!

Sarita and Jimena are surprised to find Gramps talking with the sheriff and sneak their way out while the law-abiding lawman assures Augie that he doesn’t want the “mordita” –er, money. (Now we know this really is a Mexican fairytale!) He says that if the Reyes’ are innocent he’ll let them go free without a doubt. If not, they’ll pay for their crime.

At the same time back at the bakery, Juan is anxiously telling Sofia about his suspicions. He says it’s now obvious that someone is out to get them. He explains about the brakes on their truck being purposely cut and says that for his money it was her hubby what done the deed.

Sarita and Jimena knock now at Mama’s hospital room door. Gabi quickly puts on her best half-paralyzed expression and has them come in. Jimena tells her they’ve been following her most charitable example by assisting those in need. Gabi says “Good girl,” and sends her home. She asks for Sarita to stay, though. Alone with Sarita she feigns fraility and mumbles that Sneerita is the one true daughter who loves and respects her. She can best help her by finding out who the father of Sofia’s bastard child is. Sneerita says there’s no need to investigate since she already knows who he is. Gabriela is so impactada by this revelation that she forgets herself and sits up in bed, all pretense of paralysis forgotten, and demands to know his name.

Sarita is extremely impactada over her mother’s miraculously improved state and she demands to know why the sudden change. (Okay. Along with no phones, no newspapers, no computers or cable we see there is no school that goes beyond elementary, either. So forget The Learning Channel or Discovery. These gals are impossibly, unbelievably, excruciatingly duh-duh-duh-dense, not to mention duh-duh-duh-dumb as a doorknob. Where’s my huarache when I need it? ¡Aye, carumba!) Gabi quickly realizes her error and fakes a crying spell. Sarita is beside herself needing answers. She doesn’t un.der.stand!

Meanwhile Rosario catches up to Jimena on the street and tries to explain that she never had any designs on Oscar and is not interested in him. She warns Jimena that if she truly loves Oscar she needs to go after him or run the risk of losing him. Jimena answers with the 4th most used phrase in Telenoveladom, "¡No le creo nada!" She doesn’t believe her at all. Jimena then storms off in a huff.

It's now Augie and Quintina's turn to visit the Baker Boys. Quintina tells them how the commissioner refused Augie’s bag of gold and told them to trust in The Law. Augie says the aka, sheriff has always seemed to him to be a just and honest fellow. He assures them that if they’re not released in a fair amount of time he’ll take action. Oscar tells him not to excite himself or he’ll have another attack. Oscar is certain things will be cleared up soon because they didn’t kill anybody.

Oscar asks if they’ve seen Juan but nobody knows where he’s gotten to. He is certain that as hot-headed as his brother is, he is bound to do something crazy.

Speaking of crazies, we jump back to the Bad Love Bar where Armando and Fernando are waiting for Rosario. She walks in and they sit her down for a chat. Feo says he knows she went to see the Reyes’ in jail. Rosario swears she never told them a thing. In fact, she has gotten chummy with Eva the way he wanted. Feo says fine, but only on the condition that Eva never comes visiting again at the bar. He doesn’t want Eva to find him there or to learn anything about his business dealings. Rosario makes the mistake of saying, “Like the deal I saw go down in the bar last night?”

Feo grabs her arm and bends her finger back demanding to know what she meant by that. She tries to explain and he threatens to scar her face and take her son away again if she doesn’t keep her “sensual little mouth” shut!

Jimena returns to the jail a short time later and tells Oscar she’s come back because Rosario explained there was nothing going on between them. Franco interrupts to remind her it’s too late because Oscar has decided to become a priest. Jimena sadly says she won’t interfere with that decision and leaves. Oscar lites into Franco for sticking his oar in like that.

Outside the bakery Nonefer is lying in wait for Juan. He sees Sofia and Juan come out but apparently doesn’t hear the conversation. Sofia must have told Juan that her poor, misguided, lovesick, and forlorn Fernando couldn’t have possibly been responsible for the truck accident since Juan is telling her as they walk out that he respects her husband. (HUH?) They agree to talk later and she tells him she’ll always be there for him and then drives off. Fer gets out of his SUV, swaggers over, and demands to know what his wife was doing there with him. Juan just gives him a disgusted stare. Fer yells at him, “Answer me you sorry, good-for-nothing brute!!” Juan says “What’s it to you?” Feo’s comeback is worthy of every playground punk: “I ain’t afraid of yeeeww!”

Next thing we know the two of them are knocking heads and gnashing knuckles while the crowd cheers on Juan. “Give it to him! Give it to him, Juan!” Juan is starting to get the upper hand when he rolls over and Feo pulls a gun. Feo quickly thinks to himself that he can’t shoot the guy there in front of all these witnesses. Juan goads him and tells him not to be a coward, to go ahead and shoot. Feo yells back not to tempt him ‘cause he’s hopping mad and ready to. Juan says well then, better make sure when he does shoot that he’s good and dead because if not Juan will become his worst nightmare. Feo slithers in close and hisses a question: Is Juan sure he wants to die cuz while he’s in the mausoleum moldering away, his brothers will be rotting in jail for the rest of their lives. Snickering at his own sick humor he slithers in closer and whispers in Juan’s ear that he will kill him another day, and not only will he kill him but he will kill Sofia, too! Juan pushes Fernando away. As Feo drives off he repeats his threat. “I’ll kill you both.”

Juan runs to get Capricho and rides off towards the hacienda to rescue Sofia as the townsfolk gossip amongst themselves.

Sarita is seriously surprised at the sudden “improvement” of her mother and while Gabi pretends to have difficulty breathing, Dr. Mentiroso Matasanos arrives in the nick of time to help Mama out of her predicament. Gabi keeps hinting with her eyes that he needs to cover for her. Sarita says her mother suddenly has no more signs of paralysis from the stroke. He explains away Gabi's goof-up by giving some gobbledygook cock and bull yarn that these symptoms can suddenly completely reverse themselves after a second shock. Dr. Matasanos asks her to leave then so Mama can breathe more comfortably.

Sarita goes out to sit in the waiting room in case they need her. Gabi, now alone with the doctor, gets up from her bed and angrily tells him that it was a stupid error on her part and she should have been more careful.

Fernando drives back to the hacienda to warn Rosendo that Juan Reyes is headed there and if the SOB tries to enter he is supposed to shoot to kill. Feo is going for the P.C. and will be back ASAP. Rosendo doesn’t understand so Feo tells him that if Juan is trying to force his way into other people’s property, Rosendo can’t be held accountable for committing a crime if he (conveniently) shoots and kills him. Feo drives off.

Sofia finds Sarita in the hospital waiting room and asks about her mother. Sneerita gets snippy and tells her she’ll find out later. Sofia asks if Sneerita ever intends to forgive her. Sneerita snaps back that she doesn’t want to be rude (uh-huh), but she'd rather she didn't speak to her again till this whole matter is resolved.

Meanwhile, Juan gallops up to the hacienda mistakenly thinking Sofia is there. Rosendo won't allow him in and tells him that if Juan does try to enter they are going to be forced to kill him. Juan jumps off his horse and tries to explain that he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t something very important concerning Sra. Sofia and him. Rosendo still refuses so Juan tries to push his way through. Guns cock and Juan stops in his tracks. Rosendo throws down his rifle and runs up to him to try to speak some sense to him, but Jawt-headed Juan just hauls off and hits poor Rosendo and it’s a fisty-cuff free-for-all again till Feo pulls up with the P.C. and his deputies. They grab for Juan and tell him to calm down already.

The P.C. tries to talk some sense into Juan but he hauls of and hits one of the deputies. They grab him again. Feo starts mouthing off that the guy is a rabid dog that his men will have to kill. He sneaks out that pistol he’s been packin’ and just as he cocks the thing the lawman knocks it loose and grabs it away from him. “Juan may be on someone else’s property," he warns, "but it doesn’t give you the right to kill him. I am the authority here and you’d better obey me or I’ll be locking you up too!” he tells Feo. “Get him up!” he yells at the deputies and they drag our raging bull off to jail.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, the doctor gives Sofia another gobbledygook explanation about miraculous and sudden reversals in stroke patients’ symptoms. Augie has arrived and mocks Mentirosa’s explanation of his daughter’s “inexplicable improvement”. Dr. Matasanos babbles on about medicine certainly still being full of mysteries as Augie guffaws,"Yes! Heh-heh! Many mysterious mysteries!” Grampa Augie’s momentary guilt is gone and he whispers something to Quintina which is probably something like what a crock of crAp!

Oscar is warning Franco off from interfering with him and Jimena again when Juan is brought in and put into the cell with the two of them. Oscar asks what’s going on since they thought he was coming to get them out. Juan starts to explain he went over to the hacienda. Oscar interrupts and asks if something happened to Sofia. This gets Juan going again and he starts screaming for the guards to let him out. He tells them he’s got to get out somehow and starts for the window. ("Bullheaded” is a word especially created for and descriptive of men like Juan, whose particularly explosive personality traits have now, as far as I am concerned, gone way beyond “tedious”.)

Once more we beam back to the hacienda where Eva is telling Feo that Sofia has most likely stayed to visit her mother at the hospital, despite Crabiela’s being dead set against it. Feo takes the opportunity to tell Eva that he accidentally overheard her arguing with Gabi about her having a daughter. Eva admits she does have a daughter and so our slimy serpent-in-residence sympathetically tells her that she can count on his unconditional support if she needs it.

Back at the hospital again, Sarita is following behind as Sofia wheels Augie into Mama’s room. He starts in on Crabi immediately. “You’ve prohibited Sofia from visiting you I know, but I’m certain that is all changed now that you’ve had this miraculous recovery, right?” Crabi just rolls her eyes now that the game is up.

In their cell, Juan tells his brothers that what worries him most is that he’s certain Sofia’s lousy swine of a husband will keep his word and harm either her or his child. Oscar tells him the coward doesn’t have the [gonads] to do such a thing. Franco reminds Juan that barking dogs don’t bite, but Juan says the guy’s no dog. He’s a viper. Oscar says that what really is important is if Feo suspects Sofia’s child is his. The child’s life will really be in danger then! Juan says, “You see now? That’s why I’ve got to get out of here.” He starts railing through the bars again for somebody to come let him out. “I can’t allow that swine to get hold of Sofia!” Oscar says, “Fine, but there’s no way out of here, Juan.” (My head hurts.)

Back in Crabiela’s room Sofia is trying to be as kind as possible and tells her in her sweetest voice how glad she is to see her recovered so quickly. She bends over to lightly kiss her “fragile” mother as Crabi rolls her eyes in disdain. (Oh, Sofia, you have gone way beyond “tedious,” too, with your unENding attempts to be the dutiful daughter. I am so done with you. I just want to gag from sugar O.D. every time I see you around these people anymore. Get over yourself already!! Blechh!) Of course, when Sarita tells Mama how happy she is, Gabi’s eyes light up.

Dr. Matasanos walks in on this happy picture and tells them they’ll have to leave or Gabi could possibly revert back to her previous condition. So, from now on they’ll have to get his permission to visit his patient. Augie starts to object and Sneerita snipes in defense of Matasanos. Sofia defends Augie and says if Sneerita is upset about something to take it out on her but don't yell at Grampa Aguie who hasn't done a single thing to her. Sneerita backs down and stiffly apologizes to Augie. (Ah, Sofia. Maybe there is hope for you yet.) Gramps says no problem. He loves her enough to forgive her anything, anything at all. Mama smiles warmly at Sneerita.

Eva arrives at Rosario's dressing room for a visit. She tells Eva that they should probably go to a different place to talk.

Back in their jailcell, Franco tells Juan about Oscar’s so-called new vocation. Juan yells at the top of his lungs at Oscar that he cannot play around with something so sacred and does not believe his brother is serious. (Yeah, the “joke” was lost on me a long time ago. It has stopped being funny –if it ever was. Yawn. ) Oscar mumbles he is very serious and defends himself saying he’s a grown man and can make his own decisions in life.

At the same time Rosario and Eva are chatting on a park bench in town. She suggests Eva not visit her at the cantina and says besides, Ofelia doesn't like her coming around since she doesn't think Eva is really her mother. Eva figures Ofelia is simply jealous after so many years of taking care of Rosario. Rosario asks her to understand that even so, Ofelia holds a very important place in Rosario’s life. Eva hopes to meet with Ofelia, on better terms, to thank her for always being there for Rosario. Just then Sofia shows up and invites Rosario to come with them both back to the hacienda for a real visit. She’d like to get to know Rosario much better.

Juan tells his brothers that he had gotten onto Sofia’s balcony the other night in hopes of telling her the truth, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Sofia had spoken so sweetly about Libia and her father and their relationship that he was left a speechless, fawning fool. Oscar asks what Sofia said about her. Juan says she told him she prays for Libia and her father equally, and that it is a consolation to know they’re up in Heaven together in love for all eternity. So, he adds, it would seem that Bernardo really did intend on marrying Libia, whatever it took.

At the hacienda Sofia brings Rosario into the great hall and tells her not to worry since neither her sisters nor her mother are there right now. They go in to sit in the living room and chat. Sarita and Jimena show up unexpectedly afterwards. Sofia invites them to join the chat with her and the others. Sarita is extremely upset to see the competition there and threatens to throw Rosario out herself if Rosario doesn't go on her own immediately. Eva stops her and Sofia explains that Rosario is there because Eva is Rosario's mother.


La Traición, Fri, June 27 - Grand finale

Alcides' fantasy


Alcides demonstrates his markmanship skills

Hugo mourns his brother

Happy together at last - the end

So this it, folks. All things considered, they wrapped it up better than I thought they could in one hour. It’s been my privilege and pleasure to recap this novella. As I have said, I intend to go back and do recaps of the early episodes. If anyone wants to be notified when one is posted, send your email address to: and I’ll let you know.

Soledad gives Dr. Dan his ring back. She says that she has caused him great pain and asks him to forgive her. Dr. Dan says that he sensed that he was losing her. He asked what caused her to make this decision? Soledad says that she doesn’t want him to feel that way because of her. Dr. Dan says that for two years he ran away from love and lived like a hermit. He felt that way until the day Soledad came into his life. She lit up his life and now her words have left him in the dark again. Soledad says that she is just an ordinary woman with faults. She doesn’t deserve to be thought of that way. Dr. Dan says that she is the woman of his dreams and he loves her. Soledad thanks him for all his feelings and for all that he has done for her and her family but she can’t lie to herself, she can’t deceive herself. She says that she needs to tell him that she has always loved Hugo. Dr. Dan struggles to be able to speak. He says that he always knew that Hugo’s part of the story hadn’t ended yet. He asks if Soledad knows why he didn’t leave her. He says that it was because deep down he hoped that one day she would love him a little bit. Soledad says that she does love him. He is her friend and the love she feels for him is very special. “I know that I have lost you,” says Dr. Dan, “and I have to let you go away from me.” He embraces her and says that at least he has always has her smile and that is something that no one can take away from him. Soledad thanks Dr. Dan for understanding and says that she wishes she could return his feelings but it’s too late for her. The day she met Hugo she gave her heart to him forever. Dr. Dan asks her forgiveness too for not telling her he was divorced. Soledad says that is not necessary. It is all in the past. Dr. Dan has to live in the present now and be happy. “No,” says Dr. Dan, “I just lost the woman of my dreams and I don’t know how to get her out of my heart.” Soledad tells not to do it then. There will always be a very important place in her heart for him. She leaves. “Goodbye Soledad,” says Dr. Dan, “goodbye forever. I hope you are very happy.”

At the cabaret, Eloisa tells Paquito that Manuela is Dr. Dan’s wife brought to town by Alcides to discredit Dr. Dan with Soledad. She says that the plan failed when Hugo unmasked her. Paquito says that he knew she was wicked (‘una fiera,’ literally, ‘a wild beast’). Paquito says that compared to Manuela, Eloisa is a sweet dove (‘una dulce paloma’).

Manrique comes to talk to ‘George’ when she is on break. He congratulates her on the magnificent way she plays. He introduces himself and we find out that Manrique’s first name is ‘Elias.’ He tells Antonia that he wanted to take piano lessons from her but he understands that isn’t possible. He says that he has found someone else to give him lessons or at least he hope so – Antonia de Obragon. He says that he has had problems with her family but he likes her. He says that she is a woman of strong character, like him but a completely a lady. He tells ‘George’ that he finds Antonia very attractive. ‘George’ looks at Manrique like he is crazy.

At Arturo’s house, Gladis walks in and sees Arturo’s stump. “Santo Cielo!” she exclaims, “What happened to your hand?”

Manuela goes up to Paquito and asks him if she isn’t what he needs for his cabaret. Paquito says that he likes what he saw. “Then pay me,” says Manuela. Paquito puts some money in her cleavage as an advance. She leaves with Paquito gazing after her open mouthed. Eloisa comes over and closes his mouth. She tells him that she doesn’t like Manuela. She has a bad feeling about her and thinks that Paquito shouldn’t have hired her. Paquito says he thinks Eloisa is jealous. Eloisa denies it.

Arturo says that now Gladis knows about his shame. This is why he will never get married. His medals and his family name don’t matter because he is a monster. Gladis asks how this terrible thing happened. Arturo says that Alcides chained him up in a cabin full of gunpowder and he had to cut off his hand to escape. Gladis asks why Alcides did this. Arturo says that Alcides knew that Arturo wanted to kill him. Arturo wanted to take vengeance on Alcides because he killed his sister Beatriz. Gladis looks like she is having a heart attack. Arturo says again that Alcides de Medina killed Beatriz. It’s too much for Gladis. She says that it isn’t true. Beatriz is alive and will return very soon. Arturo tells Gladis again that Alcides killed Beatriz and she isn’t coming back. Gladis screams in denial and now she has lost her mind. She repeats over and over that Beatriz is coming back and she will wait for her.

At the cabaret, Paquito is paying the staff. Eloisa is tired and wants to go home. Paquito says that they have to talk. He asks her what she said to Alcides because Paquito thinks Eloisa touched his heart. Eloisa says that Alcides is not doing well. She says that Paquito doesn’t know the horrible things that Alcides went through. Things she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy. Paquito tells her not to exaggerate. Eloisa says that in addition, if Alcides keeps up his obsession with Soledad, it will end very badly.

Alcides is dozing in a chair at the Hacienda. “Alcides,” says Soledad, coming into the room. He sits up, “I knew you were looking for me,” she says. Alcides asks Soledad how it went with his brother. Soledad says that she only went to see Hugo to clear her thoughts. She tells Alcides that she has made a decision. “What is it?” asks Alcides smiling at her. “I want to be yours,” says Soledad. She says that she has been thinking about it a lot and Alcides is the man for her. Alcides puts Soledad in his lap and says that she is the love of his life. They start to kiss and suddenly Alcides sees in the mirror that he is alone, holding nothing. It was a dream, a fantasy. In a fury, he throws a bottle and breaks the mirror. Reality hits him like a physical blow. “I’ve lost her, (‘la perdí)” he says, “If she’s forgiven Hugo, I’ve lost her.” He chokes back tears, “I’ve lost her.” Then he gets calmer and speaks to himself in the third person, “Just a minute, Alcides, just a minute. If she isn’t for you, then no one can have her.”

Ursula tells Soledad that she saw Boris and Marina naked in bed. Ursula says that Boris betrayed her. Soledad says that it seems very strange. Boris has always been a very honest person. She suggests that it could have been Marina trying to keep Ursula and Boris apart. Soledad says that Marina is capable of anything. Ursula say that she would like to thing that Marina was behind the whole thing but she has doubts. Ursula says that she can’t believe Boris. She can’t. Soledad hugs her and says that tomorrow they will go to the Hacienda and confront Marina. She will have to tell the truth.

The next morning Arturo is looking for his mother. He finds her in a chair, dead. There is a bottle of some powder by her chair. She has killed herself. (She changed out of her nightgown into a black dress to kill herself.) “What have you done, Mother?” asks Arturo. He kisses her forehead. “Alcides de Medina, I swear your time has come. I swear it.” (We can start the body count: one down. Although she didn’t kill anyone, Gladis knew what her son was up to. She was a nasty piece of work.)

Paquito is stacking up money in his office. He tells himself that he is a genius and very soon he will be rich and Eloisa will marry him. The door opens to the judge and two policemen. The judge tells Paquito that Deborah’s body has been found. The judge says that he understands that Deborah worked for Paquito. Paquito flashes back to finding her body. The judge says that she had a wound in the neck in the shape of a hook. Paquito says nervously that he doesn’t know anything about it. The judge tells him not to be nervous. He isn’t being accused – yet. The judge notices a hand peeking out from under a sheet. Apparently, Paquito didn’t check his office for dead bodies before he started counting his money. The judge pulls back the sheet to reveal Manuela’s body with the same kind of wound in the neck. Paquito desperately says that Manuela just came to town and he just hired her… The judge orders Paquito arrested for the two murders. He is taken out protesting. (That the last we see of Paquito – two down.)

Alcides tells Hercu-less to prepare everything as he as instructed. He says that there is not time to lose. Herc starts to object. “No buts, (‘no hay peros que valgan,’ literally, ‘there are no ‘buts’ that are worth anything.’)” says Alcides holding Herc by the neck with his cane, “this is your most important mission for me.” Alcides tells Herc to go and he goes. Eloisa comes in asks why he sent for her so early. Alcides tells her to go to the treasure vault and get all the gold and jewels she can carry. She asks what she will say? “Eloisa!” yells Alcides, “do what I tell you and don’t ask questions.” Eloisa say that she recognizes his expression and asks him not to do anything crazy. Alcides tells her to be back in an hour or he’ll cut her head off.

We hear Soledad calling Alcides from downstairs. Alcides tells Eloisa to go without letting Soledad see her. Soledad comes in with Ursula and the baby. Alcides smiles and says that this is a nice surprise. He wasn’t expecting her. Soledad says that they are looking for Marina. Alcides asks why. Soledad says that Marina laid a trap for Boris to make Ursula think that they were still together. Alcides replies that that is completely false. Marina and Hercu-less have been lovers since Marina came back to the house. Ursula gives a sigh of relief.
A: Soledad, no one can touch you here, not your family, not your employees, not your living, not your dead. No one can lay a finger on you (‘nadie te puede tocar ni con el pétalo de una rosa,’ literally, ‘no one can touch you even with a rose petal'). (Soledad and Ursula look at Alcides like he has lost his mind.) (to Ursula) Don’t worry, I’ll see to it that Marina gets what she deserves.
S: Fine. If you’re taking care of it, I’ll be going.
A: Soledad wait. I have something very important to tell you. (he smiles) You’re leaving this house, of course you are, but you’re leaving with me.

Hercu-less says good morning to Margot. She slaps him and asks where he was the previous night – with that slut? Herc says that he slept in the hotel because he wanted her to calm down. Herc says that he is there to say goodbye. He’s leaving with his boss. He says that Alcides has gone mad and is going to kidnap Soledad. Margot says that Herc will go to jail or be killed. Herc says that he doesn’t have an alternative. If he betrays Alcides the way he did with Arturo, he will be a dead man.

In his house, Arturo gets his gun out.

At the Hacienda-
A: Please don’t be upset. Eloisa will be here any moment.
S: Eloisa? Why Eloisa?
A: You’ll know soon enough.
S: We’d better leave.
A: Soledad, the only way you can leave her without me is if I’m dead.
S: What? Alcides.
A: Soledad, you got engaged to my brother, Hugo. You finally told him yes.
S: Hugo told you?
A: No, no, he didn’t tell me. I found out on my own.

Hugo (in a spiffy red jacket) tells Boris in the forge that he didn’t know that making swords could be so profitable. He counts how much the collector paid him. Boris says that the collector ordered more. He tells Hugo that he deserves it after all his hard work. Hugo says that Boris has worked hard too. Margot calls to Hugo (for whatever reason, this was obviously shot when the actors weren’t in the same place). She tells him that Hercu-less told her that Alcides is planning to kidnap Soledad. They are at the Hacienda. She says that Alcides plans to take her away from San Marino by force. She begs Hugo to save Soledad and her Herc. “Let’s go,” says Hugo to Boris.

Marina comes in to see Arturo. He asks what she is doing there. She says that Alcides threw her out of his house like a dog. She has come to offer information in exchange for money. Arturo tells her to tell him all she knows. Marina says that Alcides is leaving the Hacienda with Soledad. He has kidnapped Soledad. Arturo asks how she knows this. Marina says that Hercu-less told her. “Excellent,” says Arturo, “the whole family will be there together.” Marina asks to be paid. Arturo asks her to wait a minute and he will pay her well. Marina says that she hopes he will be generous. Arturo opens a drawer and there is a hook, a la Captain Hook. (Arturo must have taken the one from Dr. Max that he initially refused or gotten another from someplace.) Marina says that the information she gave Arturo is very valuable. Marina is looking around. She notices Gladis and asks what is wrong with Arturo’s mother. Arturo (holding his hook behind him) says that his mother is dead. “It the fate of everyone,” he says, “to die. By the way, here is your payment.” He stabs Marina with the hook simultaneously flashing back to killing Deborah and Manuela. “Now it is your turn, Alcides.” (Three down.)

Eloisa has come to the Obragon house and tells Antonia that she wants to see Soledad. Antonia says that Soledad, Ursula and the baby went out. Eloisa says that she will wait for Soledad in her room. Antonia starts to ask why when the guard comes to say that Elias Manrique has come to see Antonia. Antonia tells Eloisa to wait and goes to see Manrique. Eloisa goes right inside the house.

Manrique says to Antonia that he is a man of few words. He has come to insist that she accept his offer to teach him to play the piano. (Cut to Eloisa going into Soledad’s room and opening the door to the treasure vault.) Antonia tells Manrique that she has only heard bad things about him. Manrique says that he isn’t proud of what he did. He regrets it and want to make it up to the family, especially Antonia. Antonia says that she isn’t interested and turns away. Manrique says that he won’t bother her for very long. He has a terminal illness and not much time left. He begs Antonia to fulfill at least half of his wish and teach him to play the piano.

At the Hacienda-
S: Alcides, Please. Let us go.
A: Soledad. Be patient. We’ll leave soon.
Hercu-less comes in and says that everything is ready. The coach is waiting.
A: You see. Now all we have to do is wait for Eloisa and we can leave.
S: Eloisa will go to the police. You know that she is my friend.
A: Money is her only friend, my love.
S: Alcides, you’re not well. Please, calm down. Let us go.
A: My brother always gets the best part (We see Hugo coming up the stairs, gun in hand.) This time he won’t.
Alcides simultaneously shoots the guns out of Hugo’s and Boris’ hands.
S: You’ve killed him!
H: You’ve gone crazy!
A: Don’t worry, my love. I have the world’s best aim (all those watermelons didn’t die in vain!) (to Hugo) One more move like that and I’ll forget you are my little brother.
H: You can’t take Soledad. Not with me here.
A: Who said I was taking her?
H: I knew you would do something crazy when you found out that Soledad and I had reconciled.
A: (to Hercu-less) What are you waiting for? Tie them up, stupid. (to Soledad) You’re dressed as Snow White (she’s actually wearing pink but Alcides has gone crazy so maybe he’s seeing things) You are more beautiful than ever. (He holsters his guns.) Eloisa won’t be long.

Eloisa is stuffing a bag with treasure. She says that she has to hurry before that witch Antonia finds her. She finds the tiara and says that this time she is taking it with her. She sees Michelle’s sword and picks it up. “Poor (stupid) thing,” she says, “to think that you are buried down here.” She says that she has to hurry. She puts the sword down and in doing so, she cuts a trip wire and is shot by an arrow.

At the Hacienda-
A: Eloisa is taking too long. We’d better go. We’ll come back for Eloisa. Let go.
S: No. I’m not moving from here.
A: (talking like a little boy) My love, let’s go. Soledad, what do you call a person who is capable of killing his own brother? A fratricide?
S: No, please don’t.
A: Let’s go.
Hercu-less goes to where Hugo and Boris are tied up. (Hugo either knows that it is useless to argue with his brother or we don’t have time for that.) Herc tells Hugo that the knot he tied can easily be undone and he leaves Hugo’s gun with him. Alcides says that it is time to go and Herc says that he is just making sure that Hugo and Boris can’t escape.

Antonia says that she agrees to teach Manrique to play the piano. Manrique thanks her and says that she doesn’t know what this means to him. Antonia says that she does know. Dr. Dan appears. Manrique leaves. Ester comes running out and says that someone is in Soledad’s room calling for help and the door is locked.

Eloisa has made it back to Soledad’s room with an arrow in her stomach. She manages to break the arrow off. She tries to close the door to the treasure vault but at that moment, Dr. Dan and Ester break in. Ester, Antonia and Lucas ask where the heck that door came from while Dr. Dan tends to Eloisa.
E: Daniel. Don’t let me die.
DD: What happened?
E: (gasping) Stupid Michelle …
DD: Michelle?
E: Michelle is down there…
DD: Michelle is down there?
E: She got her revenge. Daniel, don’t let me die…
DD: Calm down.
E: Don’t let me… (she dies)
Dr. Dan says that Eloisa is dead. Everyone is impactados. Lucas says that they have to inform the authorities.
(Four down)

Alcides, Soledad, Ursula, the blanket named Aurora and Hercu-less are outside the Hacienda.
S: Alcides, please, listen to me. You are acting very strangely. You’re not yourself.
A: Soledad. Life is strange. Death is strange. Love, it’s all strange. Please, get in (the carriage).
S: No. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not leaving with you. I love Hugo. I’ve always loved him. You can’t make me.
A: Of course I can.
S: Then you’ll have to kill me because I’m not leaving with you (‘con tigo no me voy.’).
Alcides tosses Herc his cane. He smiles very strangely and kisses Soledad. She slaps him. He grabs her and kisses her by force.
A: You are mine. You are mine and no one else’s. You are mine.
Arturo come up, “Alcides!” he yells. Alcides pushes Soledad away and tells her to take cover. Arturo shoots Alcides and then Hercu-less. He shoots Alcides again and Alcides falls to the ground. The baby is crying. “I hope you rot in hell, Alcides de Medina,” says Arturo. He turns to Soledad, “Now it’s your turn, Soledad. It’s nothing personal but you and your daughter must pay.” Ursula begs him not to do it. They are innocent. Arturo raises his gun and he is shot in the chest by Hugo who is standing behind him. Arturo turns towards Hugo and Boris who just stand there while Arturo raises his gun again. This enables Alcides to get his guns out from underneath him (he was lying on his back) and shoot Arturo several times. (Five down)

Hugo comes over to Soledad and asks if she is all right. “He killed your brother, Alcides,” says Soledad. Hugo kneels beside Alcides. “You won again,” he says, “You won the last battle.” Hugo takes his hand. Alcides calls Soledad. “I’ve always loved you,” he says, “Always,” He kisses her. “My only sin was to have loved you.” He dies. Hugo leans over and closes his eyes. “He was shot in the heart,” he says, his eyes full of tears. (Six down, I guess)

Ursula interrupts to say that something is wrong with Aurora. She thinks the shots frightened her. Hugo says that she is very cold. She needs to go to the chamber. They run into the house leaving Arturo and Alcides dead (and presumably Hercu-less) dead on the ground.

In the treasure vault, Ester asks how it is possible that such a treasure could have been under their house. Lucas says that it has to be Jeremias’ treasure. The judge is there too. Dr. Dan is holding Michelle’s sword. He tells the judge that he knows this sword. It is Michelle’s and he has bad feeling about that. An officer says that they found a will in one of the chests in which Jeremias leaves all his fortune to Soledad. Impactados looks all around. Boris comes running in and says that Aurora is very ill.

At the Hacienda, Soledad asks that nothing bad happen to her baby. Hugo is operating the thermal chamber. “Nothing bad will happen to our daughter. It’s just that this time she has had a very serious attack. It was too much pressure: the gun shots, the screaming.” Soledad says that she must live. Dr. Dan arrives. Hugo says that baby vital signs are very weak. Soledad begs them to save her. Dr. Dan says that there is only one thing left to do. He says that a blood transfusion is the only thing that can save the baby. Hugo says then let’s do it. His daughter must be saved. Dr. Dan says that it is risky. Since he hasn’t had time to finish his tests, if Hugo and the baby’s blood aren’t compatible they could both die. “Do it, Doctor,” says Hugo, “I will do whatever it takes to save my daughter. I am ready to take the risk.” Dr. Dan says that he needs Soledad’s authorization as well. Soledad asks what their chances are. Dr. Dan says that he won’t know the results until the transfusions are over.

Five years later. Soledad is on the steps of the Hacienda reading a letter she has written:
Dear Daniel:
It’s been five years since you left San Marino and your letter brought back such memories. I am very glad you know that you are married and happy with your wife. I am pleased that you decided to name your daughter, Soledad, after me. Here in San Marino, many things have happened. For example, Boris and Ursula got married and have two precious babies. In addition, Boris and Hugo are world famous for the swords they make. Margot bought the tavern and runs it with Hercu-less. Their latest show is doing very well. My father finally recovered. Mother and father forgave each other and spend their time writing love letters to each other. It’s a way of showing how much they love each other. They finally made their peace with Hugo and they get along very well. Every year we visit Michelle’s grave in her city. We remember her with great affection. It was terrible for us to find out that she had died at the hands of Alcides. We gave Jeremias’ fortune to charity in the city. You can’t imagine how big a hospital we have now with lots of doctors. I didn’t deserve that inheritance since I’m not Jeremias’ daughter. With respect to my daughter, Aurora, she is so big and pretty and she loves her father. I am very happy.

Hugo comes down the stairs of the Hacienda with Aurora as a little girl. He kisses another baby.
H: Our life couldn’t be any better. Our daughter was finally cured. Huguito was born healthy. We love each other.
S: Our dreams are a reality. I love you.
H: And I love you. I love you.
They kiss.


Guapos Friday 6/27/08 Pass me the chips, dear--I think this beauty cream is going to waste

We pick up where we left off yesterday: Mili and Alex seemed poised to kiss. That doesn't actually happen, as they pull away just in time.

Mili calls upon the Donita up in heaven. Why is she not with her at this awful time?

Luci continues consulting with Mat on her divorce. He wants to know why she needs to ruin Constancio--isn't it enough just to get a divorce? Connie isn't an easy target, he says, given that he's a diputado and he has connections. Luci can't really explain the years of evil machinations on both sides that bring her to where she is today. She just says that Mat is capable of carrying out the scheme. Cause a big scandal that will leave Connie with nothing!

Horacio is modeling his new chauffeur's uniform for Socorro. Morgan sort of flirts with her too.

Over at the church a cute children's chorus is singing something sweet about five pieces of bread when, ouch, my ears! That's Damian chiming in with some off-key warbling. My dog runs under the table while Damian explains that maybe he's had too many years of smoking. I didn't follow all the rest, but Damian gets sent off to do something else.

Karla is complaining to her mother that she has not heard from Damian since he left. I think Socorro is encouraging her to wait, because Connie's crazy plan will work, but she should remember that Connie is not doing it for her, Karla--but for some reason of his own.

Mili is dozing on her big bed, and Lina and Gloria are sitting with her. Lina tells Gloria the big secret. Is anyone keeping track of how many people know now. Mili pipes up--Gloria, remember, no one is supposed to know! I'm surprised Lina did not blurt it out to all Mexico during her TV appearance. Lina tells Mili not to cry, as she is not alone. Maybe she will be happy with Hugo. Mili says no--when she saw the baby on the ultrasound it brought it home to her how it was all stolen from her by that viper Floreeenda.

Alex confesses to Bobby how he almost kissed Mili. Bobby consoles him by saying it's okay because he loved her before he knew Flor and about the hermanos thing. (Uh, Bobby, maybe now's the time to fill in your friend . . .). Bobby asks for a favor. Since Alex apparently still has the keys to Marisela's apartment (as it was his wife's apartment too in the old days), he wants to borrow them to surprise his little girlfriend. He does not fill Alex in on just what surprise he has in mind.

Val burbles to Ramses about how cute the baby was on the ultrasound. He says it sounds like she wants a baby too, but she denies it. She's acting like old Val--as if it it might cut too much into her manicure time.

Braulio brings tea, and Val wants to know why the servants haven't brought it. Braulio doesn't have a good answer--after all he can't say "The better to ogle Ramses with, my dear."
Ramses now has a bright idea (you can hear the light bulb working really hard to turn on). He asks if Braulio can prepare some of that avocado mask for them.

Luci is applying cold cream to her face in the bedroom. Connie comes in looking for clothes, as he forgot the clothes were in the other room. They have an argument, and she throws the cold cream at him. Too late! He has exited the room, and the jar of cream breaks and splatters all over the door.

Ramses and Val are applying guacamole to each other's faces. They're daintily dabbing small bits on with their fingertips in what must pass for a mating ritual in the model species. Tune in to the special on PBS. Rocky comes in, and Val orders him out. Ramses wants to know why she treats him that way, and our little princess says it's because he deserves it.

Socorro and Braulio discuss making the mask. Socorro seems to think he's wasting perfectly good guacamole. Braulio is wearing plenty of mask himself, and he now covers Rocky's face with it. Rocky asks if Braulio can help him with a love question. Braulio thinks he's flirting.

Ramses and Val are relaxing on the couch with their masks when Luci comes in. Students, pay close attention to the fact that Luci and Val are wearing similar baby-blue pegnoirs. This will have significance in tonight's comic relief segment.

Back in the kitchen, Braulio continues applying glop to Rocky's face. Yes, folks, everyone has a green face tonight, which is hilarious enough. There is no reason Rocky has to have the mask applied for the plot, but it certainly is funny. They have come up with a plan to get Rocky alone with Val. Braulio will distract Ramses (as if he minds . . .).

We now see that Mili and the girls have gone to Rodeo. I was beginning to think that our new graduates had stopped going there. Gloria asks if Marisela is really cheating on Bobby. Mili says yeah, she's a lizard like her sister. Mat's friend comes over, and Lina dances with him. Hugo pops up out of nowhere and asks Mili to dance. Gloria has no one, because Chamuco is late. Then he shows up on crutches with a cast on his foot. He ran over his foot with the grocery cart, it seems. Looks like the writers have to write in another cover story for a real foot injury. Gloria makes poor Chamuco dance on crutches.

Over at Marisela's apartment, Mat and Mari are engaging in pillow talk about Luci's divorce. It seems they can't sleep because that hideous flowered fabric on the wall is keeping them awake. Bobby opens the door with the key and comes in the bedroom. He looks stricken.

Back at the mansion, Luci has applied some of the mask, and Val, Luci and Ramses are reclining to keep the stuff from dripping onto the furniture. As if this were an English farce, Val says that they need some music. She gets up to go upstairs in search of her ipod. Braulio comes in and entices Ramses into the kitchen with the promise of a remedy for blackheads. Luci, left alone, moves from the side chair to the couch. Rocky moves in for the kill--I mean kiss. He plants a big beso on Luci, who screams. Just then Val comes in and asks "How dare you kiss my mother?" Luci calls him an animal--you see a pretty woman and you have to take advantage. No, he says. You mean I'm not pretty, she says? No you are, he stammers. Oh, so you want to seduce me for my money? No I want to kiss you, he says, pointing at Val and using the tu form. Don't tu me, you igualado, Val says.

Hearing the commotion, Connie comes in and spots the green faces. Is it an epidemic? he asks. Braulio explains that Val found her mother kissing the gardener. Horacio? asks Connie. No, Horacio is the new chofer. It's Rocky. Connie asks Luci if she has lost her mind. Rocky pipes up, boss, I swear, I didn't mean to do it. Luci tells him to shush. She then says, Connie, that servant kisses better than you. Mama! shouts Val. Morgan basks in the adoration.

Val tells Ramses that she is dying of shame. Connie asks Braulio to escort him out. Rocky says that now that the model has left, it's all family. They tell him to shut up.

Back in Marisela's bedroom, Bobby is uttering the immortal TN words: No puedo creer. Mari calls him "my love," and he says not to call him that. Mat is going to leave them to talk, but Bobby doesn't want to talk to Mari. Mat can stay. Now Mat commences some gratuitous insulting: He tells Bobby that he doesn't know why Bobby is surprised. He should have known that sooner or later Mari would look for a real man. She's too much woman for you. You'd better look for a woman as boring as you are. According to Mari, you're not functioning in the bedroom. Bobby commences a well-deserved beatdown, while skinny Mat can't even put up his dukes. Mat is like the before picture in a Charles Atlas ad.

Back at the club, Mili has been announced to sing a song. This is good, because it means less for me to recap. I did not take down all the words, but the refrain is "Somos algo mas," or We are something more. The song is about how they are more than "distance, pain and nostalgia." It is actually a beautiful song, and Mili was singing better than last time. Her voice didn't sound so deep. Hugo looks on so adoringly that he does not notice Alex come in and stand right behind him, but Mili does.

After the song, Hugo runs up to kiss her, but she is looking for Alex, who has left. Hugo asks who she is looking for, and she says, oh, no one. He profusely declares his love, and she is sort of lukewarm at best. The girls tell her that they got goosebumps. Over by the bar, Al is remembering the time they sang a duet. His cell phone rings, and it's a tearful Bobby saying he needs his friend.

Flor wakes up to a cold room and asks Al to close the window. She notices that he's not there. She goes looking in Mili's room and see's Mili's not there. Putting two and two together, she makes five: He's out with HER.

Al is not out with HER. He's listening to poor Bobby whine. Why can't he get a girl? First Al's sister throws him over for a chauffeur. Now Mari has thrown him over for Mat. He gives everything and gets nothing. Calm down, Alex says. You just haven't found the right girl yet. And if she doesn't come, Braulio is still single . . . hardy har har.

Hugo and Mili come home and say their goodnights in the hallway. Of course, Floreeenda is conveniently not eavesdropping now, 'cause she's lurking in Mili's room. Mili enters her own room and sees Flor in the mirror. Flor comes up and slaps Mili, giving us a good closeup of her nose stud. She shrieks: Where did you go with my husband?

Avances: Flor threatens Mili that Al will never be hers. Mili says that if they told Al the truth, she'd see how fast he'd run for the door. Wanna try? Enter Al . . .


Friday, June 27, 2008

Querida Enemiga June 27, '08 The Plot Sickens

Hi folks. Schoolmarm is without electricity tonight (tree fell on wires) so I'm filling in for her. We're getting to know the personnel better on this show and some of them are a nasty lot. I'm not sure convent living has prepared Lorena for this crew. Hmmm, but seeing how she slugged Jacqueline the other day, I guess I won't worry about our little lamb.

Dr. Hawt is interceding for Lorena and he's in luck. First, having bought his story that his own sister Paula wrote the nasties on the chalkboard, Snortensia threatens to fire the security guard, receptionist and secretary who let Paula in the place. He talks her out of that, and next thing you know she's agreeing to rehire Lorena, only because she's in a good mood since Vasco, her beloved grandson, is due back today from England.

Next we see Vasco's girlfriend, Mariana, who's gushing to Barbara about her beau's return. Sara arrives, gets introduced, lays down a little schmooze about how "she's heard good things about Vasco" and departs. Mariana gives Barbara A LOOK. She's definitely not on board with this Sara girl.

Now we have a sad little scene with Valeria (Dr. Hawt's secretary) and her oily husband. I don't know his name. Don't want to! She's begging for a place of their own. Nothing big. Just a little apartment...but theirs! Not living with his bleached blonde mom. Why take on debt? he counters. Besides with this new money-making enterprise I'm about to start, I'll be able to give you a huge house in Santa Fe with a big yard and a swimming pool.

Valeria has obviously heard these get-rich schemes before and she reminds him of the time and money he's lost previously on these great ideas. Yeah, but that wasn't my fault, he whines. Trust me! I always do, she answers grimly.

Okay, totally weird scene with our medical hottie and Lorena. His sister Paula calls. Lorena is worried. He pretends Paula is a girlfriend. She's crestfallen. He says it's a joke. Well, now she feels bad because " she wasn't honest with him."..she has a boyfriend and he's coming to Mexico City. Now he's in the dumps. Nah..just a joke, she laughs.

I dunno...I think this is a creepy way to begin a relationship. But anyway, they've both established that they're waaay interested in each other.

Now another weird relationship...Snortensia and Jacqueline. They're planning the banquet in Vasco's honor and Snorty want Thai food. (feel free to contribute your favorite recipes, bloggers) Then Jackie starts her puppy whimper about HOW COULD YOU TAKE LORENA BACK!!?? Snorty informs her that she doesn't explain her actions to employees and this is no exception.

Now Alonso (alias Dr. Hottie, Hawt, Scrumptious...take your pick) is reaming out Paula for all the trouble she caused. Paula, who clearly thinks the world revolves around her, makes a sad little poopy face. So what if Lorena almost lost her job and she needs it to eat? Big deal.

Jackie, looking for someone to kick after being booted by Snorty, confronts Lorena in the hallway. Wants to know who our angel is sleeping with to get back in good graces with the boss. "No one", snaps Lorena, "and no one married either." Okay, clearly our little convent blossom can handle herself. Wonder where she learned that? Hey, blood will out...she's obviously got a little of Hortensia's starch herself.

But speaking of sleeping with married folks (gotta love the segues these writers plan) the next scene is Barbara (Jaime's wife, Vasco's mom, Hortensia's daughter-in-law...whew) getting ready to rumple the sheets with Valeria's no-goodnik husband(who shall remain nameless). He's really working it, saying he wants to travel, any news about Bali? and angling for a loan. Barbara brushes off both Bali and the loan for now and commands him to kiss her. We see no more and thank God for that.

Lorena's getting a little courtship advice from Rosy (who has no boyfriend but whatever). She warns our heroine that someone else will grab Alonso if she keeps dragging her feet (andar con paso de tortuga). Foreshadowing of "dear friend" Sara trying to make off with him? betcha.

And sure 'nuff, Sara is at the clinic to personally, in low cut dress, deliver invitation to fundraiser to our favorite doc. He thanks her and rushes off (el deber llama...duty calls) and she flirtatiously reminds him not to forget her name...Sara.

Duty turned out to be listening to Bruno whining about Diana...well they WERE trying to analyse an x-ray and send the patient to a bigger clinic...but hey, let's talk about our love life instead. Bruno has decided he wants to get back with Diana. And she is thrilled to pieces until she finds out he still wants no part of their unborn child. "It's you I love, not it," he says bluntly.

"What kind of love is that!?" she cries. (reasonable question) and storms off, telling him it's over, don't call, don't write, nada.

Some cozy twosome scenes. First Jackie and Dario. She's finegling a deposit, rent money and a decorating budget for the apartment she wants. And Alonso's dad, Torbio, is defending his all-ice-cream-diet by reminding Alonso that he's a terrible cook. (do you see what's coming here? sure you do) Next cosy twosome, Rosy and Lorena. Rosy's a bit jealous. Lorena wears the earrings Sara gave her ALL THE TIME. Lorena explains that they grew up together and are like loving sisters. (okay, they're bludgeoning us with irony and it's not the last time either..just

Super-duper cosy twosome. Alonso arrives at Rosy's house with a big bunch of roses for Lorena. Starts babbling something about her eyes, her countenance, her whatever, moves in for a near kiss but nothing happens. Well, guess that convent training had some effect after all.

Icky twosome: Pestilential Paula and Bettina. Paula's bitching about Bettina's request for an MP3 player. Want me to sell a kidney!? We're barely making it on the money your dad gives us now! She advises her child to suck up to Jackie till she gets the MP3 and then she can be hostile again. They won't dare take it back. Man, the "baddies" in this one are super-loathsome. Next Paula's friends Greta and Maruja arrive and Paula reams out the latter as a Judas. Then makes another poopy face when Maruja protests.

Since Alonso and Lorena aren't going to be making out anytime soon, they decide to talk about family. She wants to know about his family since she doesn't have one. Then finds out his dad isn't eating (or isn't eating right, anyway) 'cause Alonso is a terrible cook. OF COURSE, she offers to cook for them. OF COURSE Alonso wants to pay her. OF COURSE she refuses that. ("Wouldn't be fittin' Miss Melly"...remember that scene from Gone with the Wind). Well, anyway, they seal the deal. She'll help out as a way of thanking him for his help with Hortensia.

Torbio (papa) is thrilled with the idea and thrilled with pretty little Lorena.

Now back to Evil Acres where Snortensia has decorated the house and Vasco's room like he's celebrating his fifth birthday. Both she and post-coital Barbara just can't wait to hug Vasco. Barbara and cuckolded husband Jaime leave for the airport.

At this point Lorena arrives, lugging a plate of grapes for the backyard banquet. She makes the mistake of coming in the front door and Matilde the maid (also Vasco's nana evidently) tells her she shouldn't come in that way. (Oh the irony since she's the TRUE grandchild. Oh well) Lorena spots Sara, Sara covers her panic and tells her she'll explain all (like really!) but not here. After some nervous pacing, she unloads the bad news first...Madre Asuncion is dead. She neglects to add that Madre had a heart attack because Sara was cooking the books. (no pun intended)

More bludgeoning with irony. Lorena weeps that Madre Asuncion "made them what they are" (surely she would not want credit for Miss Sara) and that she knows she will never feel such caring tenderness again. Sara, who's quite good at schmoozing, intones that like Madre always said "dying is like returning to the light".

No, says Lorena. No it's not like going back to the light? or just no, I can't believe Madre is dead. Well, you choose.

Okay, tah dah...VASCO ARRIVES. Man, and what a let-down. He looks like the Pillsbury doughboy with shaggy 60's beatnik hair. Mom has heartburn, Granny's ready to hurl, Mariana (novia) is put off and only good ol' Matilde (maid and nana) is unconditionally accepting.

Well, that is the subtext of all these novelas, as far as I can see. Humble poor folks have love to share and love to spare. Rich folks dole it out in little driblets and take it back as soon as you do something they don't like. Vasco's in a heap of trouble.

Lorena's still trying to understand how Sara can "pretend" to be Hortensia's niece instead of her granddaughter and how she could possibly hope to win the heart of a woman who clearly has none. They also exclaim about the coincidence of Sara being "the granddaughter" of the very woman that Lorena is working for! Will wonders never cease!?

As Madre Asuncion said "Behind every coincidence is the hand of God." This delights Lorena and clearly worries Sara. Sara swears Lorena to secrecy (how many times have we heard this in a novela? And like all good heroines, we know Lorena will NEVER TELL).

Lorena introduces Sara to Maruja and Rosy, who are helping cater, and Sara gets the stink-eye from Hortensia for talking to the kitchen help. Then Sara's off to vent to Chalo on the phone about the horror of Lorena showing up. Chalo wants her to find him a place to live but she fends him off for now, pleading her lousy salary...not enough to find him anything.

Vasco's granny and parents are glumly watching him make the rounds of the guests in his sweatshirt and jeans (Hortensia is downing a double whisky to deal with the pain and horror) and he hold forth in a little sermonette to the assembled. London has changed him. And he's now ready to save the planet and build a better world (all by himself?).

He doesn't mention any partners in this grand venture to cleanse the environment, but no matter...his family isn't about to let him continue with this "idiocy" and "eccentricity" anyway.

Now we hop back to the little apartment (small but full of love) that Alonso shares with his dad. Dad's blue because two patients have dropped him (evidently he's a therapist). Without work his life has no sense.

Now to little apartment, not so full of love, where divorced dad is wooing his little princess with an MP3 player. It's way cool until she finds out it's from Jacqueline. Dad advises her just to not tell Mom who it's from. Honestly, it's hard to decide who's the worse parent here?..they're both loathsome. And I'm not too crazy about little Bettina either. (Do you suppose our angel Lorena can straighten her out?)

Back to little apartment full of love. Lorena arrives with Thai leftovers from the Vasco banquet. Gets a chaste kiss on the cheek from Alonso. Turns down an offer to go out to a jazz bar with Dr. Hawt 'cause she's too blue about Madre Asuncion. BUT SHE'S SO HAPPY HER BEST FRIEND WAS WITH MADRE WHEN SHE DIED. Yeah, baby, 'cause your best friend (make that worst enemy) pretty much caused her death.

See what I mean about IRONY? They're killing us with it.

Whoops...back to little apartment not so full of love. Poopy Paula is saying she won't go to a wedding. After all these years of being married, she can't face going anywhere without an escort. "You could meet someone" suggests Bettina. Get together with someone and then be dumped, like with your dad? No thanks. Seriously, this woman's dad is a therapist and this is how she acts? No wonder he's losing patients!

Now onto a little apartment full of love AND acrimony. Rosy and her mom are arguing, about whatever...messy room, not doing the dishes, the usual mom/kid stuff. Lorena's trying to talk to Madre Trinidad about Madre Asuncion's death but she can hardly hear herself think. She decides Rosy and Maruja need family therapy...and guess what?...she's already negotiated a cut-rate price for her crazy friends with Alonso's dad.

I'll tell ya, the coincidences and hand of God are all over this one, baby.

Now a final round at the big house, no love anywhere no how, no way. Hortensia is threatening to disinherit her darling Vasco if he persists in ecological nonsense. Wicked Sara is gloating with glee behind a convenient pillar.

Previews for next week. Will Sara go after Dr. Hottie like she went after Lorena's biological family? You betcha. Stay tuned.


educación = good manners (what Lorene didn't have when she busted Jackie in the chops)
cada año bisiesto = every leap year (about how often Hortensia is in a good mood)
rotular = to label (Sara with invitations)
seguir a paso de tortuga = dragging one's feet (Lorena with romance)
la traigo en la mira = I've got my eye on you (Hortensia threatening Jackie)
una bajeza = despicable act, baseness (Bruno's dealings with Diana)
no reparar en gastos = spare no expense (party for Vasco)
pagar el pato = literally pay the duck but means to take the blame
pancito lleno, corazón contento = full belly, happy heart ( Alonso to Dad, eat already!)
yo te ando desbancando = I'm replacing you (Rosy, joking to Sara about becoming Lorena's new best friend)
la sangre llama = blood "calls" or blood is thicker than water.(Chalo commenting on coincidence of Lorena ending up working for her real grandmother)
tornillo flojo = a screw loose (how Lorena describes her friends who need Papa Doc's therapy)
impredecible = unpredictable (Hortensia...but not this telenovela)


Pasión de Gavilanes, Fri., June 27 - Abuelo has a mal presentimiento

According to one online schedule, Monday's PdG episode is 2 hours but the rest of the week is one hour and the second hour is a rerun of El Juramento. I don't think PdG is on the 4th of July. Telemundo typically reruns of its novelas during their first week.

I saw part of the second hour of today's episode when I was home for lunch. I will watch the rest before the LT finale.

No one has mentioned what Juan and the cowboys did to Raquel and her horrible friends when she came for Ruth. It was pretty funny but mean too. A couple of days ago, Leandro said something to Raquel about her wig and until it got all wet, I didn't think it was supposed to be a wig as opposed to an acress portraying an older woman with a wig. You'd think Raquel could afford something better looking. I really can't stand Raquel. It's not just that her character is horrible, which it is, but why couldn't they find an older woman to play here. With her smooth skin, the actress playing her is totally unconvincing.

So Memo has actually killed one person and badly injured another. So much for just being a clown.

I too find the Rosario and Armando story line very boring.


La Traición, Thurs., June 26 - Hugo and Soledad appear to reconcile; Dr. Dan has a bad night; Marina breaks up Boris and Ursula

Soledad comes to reconcile with Hugo

Alcides invites Dr. Dan to fight with him man to man

Alcides' killer expression

Alcides gets the best of Dr. Dan

Soledad gives Dr. Dan his engagement ring back

Eloisa asks Alcides to tell her what happened to Beatriz. Alicides tells her that he killed Beatriz in self defense. He flashes back to Beatriz stabbing him and him cutting her throat. He tells Eloisa about Vlad saving him and teaching him to live in equilibrium and not respond with violence. Eloisa then says that she doesn’t understand how Alcides ended up with Jeremias’ treasure. Alcides smiles and says that he won’t tell her that. Alcides says that after regaining most of his memory, he could only think of one thing – Soledad. He repeated her name day and night and something changed inside of him. Eloisa says that of course Alcides changed after everything he went through. She says that things didn’t turn out so badly for him – he is immensely rich and he is fortunate to have her to help him. Alcides doesn’t seem to be too happy with that thought. He asks Eloisa to leave him alone so that he can put things in their place.

Someone comes to get Margot saying that Hercu-less is going to be killed in a fight in the bar.

Antonia tells Soledad that she learned late in life that she was wrong but Soledad has time. She can still forgive. Antonia starts praising Daniel. Soledad stops her. She says that she has forgiven Dr. Dan but Antonia knows that Soledad loves Hugo. Antonia says that she doesn’t like Hugo or his brother. Antonia admits that Hugo did give Soledad a beautiful daughter and he is trying to win her heart back. Soledad says that Hugo has given her many proofs that he loves her. Antonia counsels Soledad not to wait. Open her heart. If Hugo is her true love, Soledad should resolve their differences. Soledad says that it isn’t that easy. Antonia says that it is easy if she lets her heart lead. Soledad shouldn’t end up like Antonia. She waited years for perfection that never came. Antonia tells Soledad to love without fear and be very happy.

A letter is delivered for Ursula. It says that she should go to the Hacienda Montenegro to see how her boyfriend cheats. It’s not signed. (It shouldn't be too hard to guess who it might be from, eh Ursula?) Ursula wonders why Boris would be at the Hacienda.

Boris comes into Marina’s room at the Hacienda. Marina is waiting for him in a provocative dress. Boris says that he has come to talk. He says that she told him she wanted money in exchange for consenting to a divorce. He hands her the ring and says that should be sufficient. Marina looks at the ring.

At the cabaret, the fighters have been separated. Hercu-less says to Arturo that it isn’t over. Paquito orders him thrown out of the place. Margot comes in. Herc calls for her to come with him as he is dragged out but Margot just stands there.

Marina looks at the ring and says that it is a valuable heirloom from Hugo’s family. She asks if Boris stole it. Boris says that he just wants her to sign the divorce papers. Marina is in no hurry. She says they should have a drink to celebrate his freedom. She puts something into one of the wine glasses. She asks to have things end nicely for all the good times they had and that she was to be the mother of his child. Just one toast. She holds out the glass with the (presumably) drugged wine and asks him to do it for her.

Soledad says that Ursula seems very distracted. Ursula asks permission to go out. Soledad says that it is late. Ursula says that it is important and she will explain later. Soledad tells her to be careful. Ursula leaves. Soledad flashes back to Antonia’s advice to follow her heart. Ester asks what happened with Antonia. She’s not in her room. Soledad says that everything is fine. Antonia is probably giving her piano lesson. They talked about the past. Many wounds need to be healed. Soledad says that she wants to ask her mother a very important favor.

Margot is trying to tend to Arturo’s bruises from the fight but he pushes her away. He says that Herc reminded him, to his face, of his ED problem. Margot never should have told Herc about that. Margot says that she had to. Herc was very jealous when he found them in bed and that was the only way he would let her alone. Arturo says that it is Margot’s fault that Herc made the ED remark in front of everyone. Margot says that Arturo doesn’t have an ED problem. He has shown her that he was a real man several times. His problem is in the head, not the other place. Arturo angrily says that he doesn’t want Margot’s compassion. Margot asks what Arturo wants from her then. Arturo says that Margot has to decide whether she wants to be with him forever. He wants to marry her.

Boris drinks the drugged wine and conveniently falls unconscious on Marina’s bed.

Paquito waits impatiently for Antonia to show up to play the piano. She arrives. Manuela is in the bar and she says that she is answering an ad Paquito placed for a beautiful woman to work with him. She’s that person.

Marina has gotten Boris undressed and she is in bed with him in a pose that suggests they just had sex. Ursula comes in and sees them. Marina says that they had a few drinks and one thing led to another. Ursula is upset.

Soledad comes to see Hugo, who is in a dressing gown.
H: Hello Soledad. I wasn’t expecting you. If I knew you were coming, I would have worn something more presentable.
S: Don’t worry. I didn’t mean to intrude. I came because.. I don’t know where to begin.
H: You look beautiful.
S: I feel terrible. I’m so confused. I needed to talk to you.
Hugo asks her to sit down.
H: Is our daughter all right?
S: Yes, she’s fine. I left her with my mother. After everything that happened today, I need to clarify many things. About you, about us. Hugo, I can’t go on living with all these doubts and tears. I need peace. That’s why I came here. I need for us to clear things up.

Boris wakes up. He tells Ursula that he can explain. Ursula says that there is nothing to explain. Marina says that Boris still loves her. Boris tries to get away from Marina. He says that things aren’t as they appear. Ursula cries.

Paquito is doing his job interview. He says that Manuela is very attractive but he needs to see more. She raises her skirt to show her thigh. He asks about her experience. Manuela says that depends. She has a lot of experience with men. Paquito asks her to audition, as it were.

Margot asks if Arturo is crazy. Is he making fun of her? Arturo says that he has never been so serious. Margot says that Arturo is from one of the most prestigious families in San Marino. How could he want to marry her? Arturo says that he doesn’t care about any of that. Will Margot marry him? She laughs.

Ursula asks how Boris could fool her and play with her feelings. Boris says that he didn’t betray her. Marina put something in his wine. Ursula tells Boris to stay with Marina and not come looking for her ever again. She leaves. Marina tells him not to be upset. He’s lost Ursula. Boris says that she will never succeed in separating him from Ursula.

Manrique says that ‘George’ is a virtuoso who should be in a concert hall not a cabaret. Hercu-less comes back into the bar and gives Paquito a wad of cash for the best bottle in the house. Paquito asks where he has been getting his money (‘¿quien es la gallinita de los huevos de oro?’ literally, ‘who is the hen with the golden eggs.’) since everyone knows he is a bum (‘un vago y vividor,’ literally, a vagrant and a sponger’) Herc asks if Paquito is going to serve him or should he go somewhere else. Paquito warns him against getting drunk or making a scene. Manuela, now in a skimpy chorus girl outfit, comes over to where Herc is sitting.

Margot has decided that Arturo is proposing to her to make Hercu-less jealous. Arturo asks what he can do to convince her he is serious. Arturo says that he will organize a huge party to announce his engagement to Margot. (Mom’s going to love that idea.)

Dr. Dan is in the lab. He says that if his chemical formula is correct, he can save Aurora. Dr. Dan turns and Alcides is there. Alcides asks where Soledad is. Dr. Dan says that she isn’t with him and suggests that she is at her house. Alcides says that he just came from there and she isn’t home. Dr. Dan asks if Alcides is sure. Maybe Soledad didn’t want to see him. Dr. Dan says that Alcides will have to take his word that Soledad isn’t here. Alcides takes off his jacket saying that he is tired of Dr. Dan’s insolence. He is tired of having Dr. Dan stand between him and Soledad. Dr. Dan says that he is tired of Alcides’ threats. Alcides says that he isn’t making threats. Only one of them will leave this place alive tonight. Guess who? (So much for giving up violence, Alcides.)

Manuela tells Hercu-less that Alcides’ brother found out about her and Herc says that his wife found out about him too. Manuela says that they both had the same bad luck. Herc replies that is true, for now. Herc says that he knows he will get his wife back. She loves him a lot.

Margot says that she can’t marry Arturo. Everyone knows who she is. She has worked in the tavern for years. Arturo says he doesn’t care. Margot says that he will care when he is in the street and people whisper that he married a slut. Arturo says that no one would dare say that about his wife. He would kill anyone who said such things. Margot says that Arturo would have to start with his mother. “She hates me,” says Margot, “she looks at me like a cockroach or worse. She will make my life impossible.” Margot says that she wants a poor but tranquil life with a man who… Arturo asks what she means and then he realizes that she doesn’t want to marry him because of the ED problem.

At the cabaña, Soledad looks at Hugo and flashes back to the first time she was there with him.

Alcides takes off his guns. He says that he isn’t going to shoot Dr. Dan and be arrested. He wants to fight like two men without arms. Dr. Dan says that he is a peaceful man. He isn’t afraid of Alcides but he won’t kill him. Dr. Dan takes off his gun. Alcides says in that case, he know who will die today because he will kill any man who comes between him and Soledad. They start to fight. Alcides says that Dr. Dan isn’t a bad fighter for a ‘doctorcillo.’

Margot says that it is true. She is a woman and she wants a man who loves and respects her and can give her children. Arturo can’t give her children. Arturo leaves.

Boris says that he regrets making Marina a part of his life. Ursula didn’t deserve that. Marina says that she got what she wanted. Ursula will never go back to him. Boris says that he will explain how Marina set all this up. Ursula will understand. Boris takes the ring back. He says that Marina didn’t keep her word. He will get a divorce somehow. He leaves. Marina says that they will see who wins this battle.

Alcides says that he didn’t want to go this far but Dr. Dan left him no alternative. Dr. Dan never should have looked at Soledad. Dr. Dan says that Alcides has gone crazy. Soledad will never be interested in him. Alcides says that he loves Soledad and he has shown it by his good acts. Dr. Dan asks if his ‘good acts’ include bringing his wife to town to destroy his reputation. That was a cowardly act. A respectable man would never do something that low. Dr. Dan goes for his whip. He gets the whip around Alcides’ neck but Alcides swings around and gets behind Dr. Dan. Alcides says that all is fair in love and war and this is the end for Dr. Dan.

Still holding Dr. Dan by the neck, Alcides says that he could exterminate Dr. Dan with one move like he could kill a mosquito. “Just do it,” says Dr. Dan. Alcides says that he isn’t a murderer. He’s never liked killing people. He doesn’t want to kill Dr. Dan but he doesn’t have any other option. Dr. Dan says that Alcides is a murderer. By killing him, Alcides isn’t just killing one person, he’s killing two people. Alcides asks what he means. Dr. Dan says that he is the only one who can cure Aurora’s catalepsy. If Alcides kills him, he destroys Aurora’s future. Alcides says that Dr. Dan isn’t the only doctor who knows about catalepsy. Dr. Dan says he is the only one who can cure Aurora. Alcides says that he offered Dr. Dan money and help to find a cure but Dr. Dan always turned him down. Dr. Dan tells Alcides that he cured Hugo of catalepsy.

Ursula comes into Soledad’s room. Ester is there. She asks why Ursula is crying. Ursula says that she found out that Boris was unfaithful to her with Marina. He still loves Marina. He betrayed her.

Alcides says that that Dr. Dan is making this up (‘me está tomando el pelo,’ literally ‘taking the hair') as his strategy to gain time… Dr. Dan says that he did cure Hugo. Alcides releases Dr. Dan from the neck lock. He ask how Hugo was cured. Dr. Dan says that it was the result of the work by his father and Michelle. Alcides asks how Hugo is cured but not his niece. Dr. Dan explains about the good blood stuff that Hugo has and about the flower. Alcides asks when Hugo was cured and Dr. Dan says that it was when he was broken out of prison. He says that Hugo was having a catalepsy attack and Soledad herself gave him the injection. “It’s true then,” says Alcides, “My brother Hugo is cured of catalepsy and he never told me.” He says that explains some things that didn’t make sense.

Ursula says that she doesn’t understand why Boris lied to her that way. Why did he raise her hopes if he still loved Marina? Ester says men are like that. She knows from experience. Ursula shows Ester the letter that Boris sent her as evidence of Boris’ affections. Ester tells her that Boris didn’t write the letter. It’s Lucas’ handwriting.

In the cabaña, Hugo and Soledad are making love.

Alcides asks why the flower cured Hugo but can’t cure his niece. Dr. Dan tells him that Aurora doesn’t have the good blood stuff. Dr. Dan explains that to determine if Aurora can be cured of catalepsy, he needs to test hers and Hugo’s blood. If they are compatible, the cure will work. If not he will have to try with Michelle’s blood. Alcides flashes back to killing Michelle. He says that he hopes Hugo’s blood is compatible. Alcides puts his jacket back on. He says that Dr. Dan is lucky. He can’t die because he needs to cure Aurora. Dr. Dan says that Alcides doesn’t have to ask him, he wants to do it. Alcides asks him how much money he needs. Dr. Dan says that he doesn’t need any of Alcides’ filthy money. All he needs are samples of Hugo’s and Aurora’s blood. Alcides says that he will keep an eye on Dr. Dan’s work. For his own good, he should stay away from Soledad. Dr. Dan says that he won’t give Soledad up ever. “First, cure Aurora,” says Alcides, “then we can talk.” Dr. Dan asks if Alcides’ words mean that he is sentenced to death? “One of us will go to hell before the other, that is certain,” says Alcides and leaves.

Manuela’s performance at the cabaret is well received. Eloisa comes into the place and asks herself what Manuela is doing there.

Ester tells Ursula about Lucas love-letter writing business. She says that maybe Boris ordered a letter. Lucas comes in and tells Ester what what she just did was wrong. Why is she killing Ursula’s hopes? She shouldn’t disclose the identity of his clients. Ester tells Lucas that it was necessary to tell Ursula in this case because she found Boris in bed with his former wife. Lucas says that he is sorry but she must confront Boris. He is here to see Ursula. Boris tells Ursula how Marina set the whole thing up by pretending to agree to divorce him for money. When Ursula asks where Boris was going to get the money, Boris shows her the ring Hugo gave him. Ursula says that she might believe Boris if it weren’t for the letter. The letter was written by Lucas and Boris’ feelings are as false as his words. She never wants to see him again.

Soledad leaves Hugo’s bedroom. She says to herself, “Why are we playing with fate’s error? We forgave. Now we should forget. Let’s have another chance.” When she is gone. Hugo picks up an earring that she has left. Soledad tells the coachman that she wants to leave very quietly so that no one hears. He asks if they are going home. Soledad says that she will tell him where to go when they are on the road.

Dr. Dan says to himself that Alcides is right. One of them will die first but it will be Alcides who goes to hell. He smashes something as Soledad comes in. She tries to find out what happened but Dr. Dan won’t tell her. Soledad tells him what a wonderful guy he is and she will always be grateful that he saved her father and cured Hugo and is trying to cure her daughter.. Dr. Dan interrupts and says that he has the feeling she is saying all this because she is going to drop a bombshell on him (‘me vas a dar una estocada,’ literally, ‘you are going to give me a thrust (with a sword’)) Dr. Dan says that she should cut to the chase. Soledad gives him back his engagement ring saying that she can’t give him love. The credits roll.

Tomorrow- Grand finale!


Fuego, Jun 26, #43? The Good, the Bad, and the Feo

Saludes a todos! I’m filling in for Melinama tonight, and it’s my first attempt at recapping. Please don’t be afraid to fill in anything I missed or correct anything I got wrong. None of us is as smart as all of us.

At the hacienda Feo is less than charmed to receive a visit from Prom Queen Petra. She admits she was mistaken to abandon Rosario’s boy, but lucky for Feo, she’s back now. Is she back because she’s industrious and wants more work? Close but no $5 stogie. She wants more money and if she doesn’t get it she’ll tell everyone what a dirty rotten shnook he is. Together in the truck, she promises that if he gives her the money, he’ll never see her again. Snidely Whiplash thought bubbles that at least she’s right about the “never see you again” part, while visions of railroad tracks dance in his head.

In Sofia’s room, Juan is a punto de telling Sofia the whole truth. He starts but pauses when he sees her father’s picture on her nightstand. He starts again. This time Sofia interrupts him because we all know that in the telenovela universe, when your true love has something very important to tell you, you must never ever let him finish the sentence. If you did, you would bypass three months (or in Fea, 9 mos.) of suffering caused by the undisclosed secret. You’d get married quickly, do a night on the Cristina show, and be out pounding the pavements looking for another role. Nope, can’t have that.

So Sofia interrupts Juan. She tells him that near the end of his life, her beloved father found love with a sweet pretty girl who was very sweet. Sofia should be upset but she’s not because the girl truly loved her father and made him happy because she was so sweet. Sofia only saw her once, at the funeral. That was enough to convince her they had true love since she was so sweet. Did I mention she was sweet? Sofia continues, Grandpa and Eva and I wanted to help her because she was pregnant, but Mama went ballistic. She insulted and humiliated the girl and kicked her out of the house. When we tried to find her we discovered she had drowned to death. Sadder yet, she was pregnant. Ever since, I’ve thought about how sweet she was. I pray for her as much as for my papa. I know that they continue in love even in death. Kinda’ gets you right here, doesn’t it?

Scene shifts to two other young lovers sucking face. Jimena claims that she doesn’t want Oscar near her, but he’d rather believe her kisses than her words. He tries to explain the hug she saw was just him trying to console poor Rosario, but Jimena sticks to her guns. Then we play Oscar the yoyo game. He’s leaving. He’s back. He’s leaving. He’s back. You’ll never see me again. Won’t you miss me? If you don’t want me I’ll... I’ll... I’ll become a priest! I’m leaving. I mean it. Really. After he ducks out the balcony, Jimena wonders if he’s leaving.

Now to Sarita’s room where she is full of indignation because Franco looked at her papers. He reasons that they have his name on them so they must be for him. He assures her that she would be very unhappy with that other twit because she really wants to marry him. To prove it, he kisses her. Men, take note. If a woman tells you she never wants to see you again, you should kiss her by force. If she fights and tries to break free, hold her in a death grip until she surrenders and kisses you tenderly because it’s what she really wants, even if she struggles. I’m sorry friends; I think I prefer the cock fights. At least those are a match of equals.

Juan tries to tell Sofia the whole truth again, she interrupts him again, and he loses his nerve and falls back on the ever-reliable “te amo.”

We return to Sarita and Franco disputing who is good and who is bad.
Franco: My brothers and I are good.
Sarita: No, you and brothers bad. Put mama in hospital. Mama good. Sofia bad.
Franco: No, Sofia good. Sofia love Juan intensely.
Sarita: No, Sofia bad. Should love Feo.
Franco: No, Feo bad. He’s so bad, he’s earned more snarky nicknames than any other villain in Caray blog history.
Sarita: No, Feo good. Feo great! Feo should be nominated for sainthood. No hay nadie como él (there’s nobody like him).

And now Feo strives to prove there’s nobody quite like him. He gives Petra money for a hotel; they’ll finish their business in the morning. We discover that Petra is not only a prom queen, she also has a gift for clairvoyance although she’s a little fuzzy on the details. She tells Feo, “Don’t fail me again or you’ll regret it.” Gee, I wonder what will happen to Petra. Feo bad.

In the bakery we find Quintana trying to pay Pablito’s grandma for her help. She doesn’t want to accept it, but in the end she does, considering that she’s a poor old woman with a good soul but rotten health and no money for medicine. Quintana insists. Quintana good. We’re treated to some English lessons, and her imagination of having her own wheels. Think “Little Old Lady from Tijuana.”

Return to Sarita’s bedroom. She has just ejected Franco, and is disturbed by how much she enjoyed his kisses. She’s taking ferret-face lessons from her sister. Sarita good ferret-face student.

Sofia and Juan are still kissing. He picks up his hat to leave, she flutters her eyelashes, and he realizes he won’t be needing his hat any time soon.

Oscar and Franco meet on the street. They commiserate that they both struck out. The “boys” greet Pablito and his abuela Delfina. Delfina good. Petra steps up to pick on Pablito.
Pablito: Petra bad. Mistreated Luisito.
Petra: Pablo bad. Made lots of problems for me.
Delfina: No, your drunkenness made your problems. Petra bad.
Petra goes after Delfina, Oscar pulls her off, and he sends her away. In anger he hollers, “Mujeres como usted deberían muertas (women like you should be dead).

We step inside the bar for tonight’s bonbons. All I can think is, how does she ever untangle her hair after an act like that?

Oscar & Franco get home and find the FBI boys at the house. They try to figure out what Petra knows and what she’s doing, but we know it’s going to be a moot point very soon. Franco tells them Oscar is going to enter the priesthood and Quintana reacts as if she just became a grandmother.

In his office, Feo tells Right-Arm-ando to get rid of Petra because she’s blackmailing him. Armando is delighted and sees this as an opportunity to “mataremos a dos pájaros de un solo tiro” – kill two birds with one throw. The Reyes brothers threatened Petra in front of witnesses, so when she’s found dead they’ll be the prime suspects. Bye-bye brothers!

Cut to Jimena and Oscar co-remembering each other. She’s mooning “I love him.” He’s mooning, “She doesn’t want me.”

At la casa Reyes, Franco is left entertaining the guests so he brings out a fun party game called “Let’s Torment My Brother.” He informs the FBI boys that Oscar just said he’d be a priest to get a reaction out of Jimena. Quintana points out that it’s a bad idea to play games with God like that. Franco suggests that they all play along with Oscar’s game, and carry it to a point that he is forced to back down. Our FBI boys wonder, “Where’s Juan?” (I think the FBI boys flunked out of the academy. They are supposed to be gathering information, and they are even more clueless than the Reyes brothers, and that is quite some feat!)

Funny you should mention Juan. He and Sofia are still kissing! Except that now they’re horizontal. And naked. And… well, you get the idea.


Back at the Bad Love Bar, Rosario and the Pips (thanks for the idea, Mad Bess) are working on their mermaid image, singing and dancing from suspended fishbowls. Maybe it’s to keep their assets perpetually iced. Maybe it’s a fishbowl since Rosario was in a bird cage recently, and Feo is keeping her like human beings keep pets. Maybe they’re going for the “hot in a hot tub” image. Maybe wet is sexy (remember Bo Derek?).

Rosario sees Armando talking to two nogoodniks and giving them money. We know they are nogoodniks because they are smoking. They leave the bar and give the money to a very-badnik (I wonder what the percentage commission is, for carrying hit money from Snidely’s henchman to the badnik). We know he’s very, very bad because not only is he smoking, he also has a big long mustache.

Out on the street, our FBI boys are debriefing to their intelligence analyst mama. Agent 2 thinks it’s too coincidental that Petra is the one who was holding Rosario’s kid. Mama is sure Petra knows more. More than the FBI boys? More than likely.

At the bar office, Snidely’s henchman (named Bruno in the Dudley Do-Right shows) brings the great news to Snidely: Mission accomplished! You won’t have to worry about Petra anymore (I can’t bring myself to call her Nell, maybe anti-Nell).

At the hotel, anti-Nell is lying in bed drinking and smoking. Doesn’t she know how dangerous that is? She could kill herself!!! Ni modo. The very badnik knocks on the door with his hummer-sized knife. Anti-Nell opens the door and staggers for a good five seconds, wondering about her gentleman caller. He says, “I bring greetings from an old colleague of yours. Anti-Nell screams in terror, realizing too late the danger of talking to strangers. Villain (who reminds me of Fearless Leader) gives his best villianly sneer and evil laugh. We see the menacing shadow of the raised knife, poised to strike terror as only a hackneyed cliché can.

Shift to a scene mucho más tranquilo. Juan watches Sofia sleeping a very well-satisfied sleep. He silently regrets that he simply couldn’t tell her the truth; he’ll have to find another way. We have no regrets at all; we get to look at Juan’s big shoulders. I’ve always been partial to shoulders.

The next morning, the hotel maid doesn’t know why Petra isn’t opening her door. We do. The maid unlocks the door and takes in the whole gruesome scene. The bottle (see where booze’ll get you?), the spilled purse (what good is your ill-gotten booty now), and a leg of the corpse. Camera comes back and pauses on the bottle and puddle of its contents on the floor, lest we forget what caused this frightful tragedy. The maid screams and slumps to the floor in terror. The torn sheets… the corpse… the blood… the booze… the smell… only she knows the gut-wrenching terror, realizing how hard it will be to clean up this room by check-in time.

At the bakery, the boys are enjoying their brotherhood far too much; this can’t last. Today is the one day the police can visit Brigadoon. “Oscar and Franco Reyes, you’re under arrest for murder.” Petra was found dead and they are the prime suspects because witnesses heard them threatening her. I think the police read Armando’s script for that part. Don’t worry, he says. We’ll do a full investigation and justice will be done. Oscar reminds us they’re innocent. Franco says therefore they have nothing to fear. Everyone feels better now, knowing that justice will prevail in a backwater village in Mexico stuck in the last century, a town run by a Feo (dirty rotten shnook) who hates everything Reyes. Yes, sleep well children, knowing justice will be done.

Speaking of Snidely, Right-Arm-ando is telling him everything went like clockwork. Petra is gone and two Reyes brothers are locked up. Feo is furious that Juan is still on the loose; Juan is the one he wanted destroyed. Armando is confident they’ll get Juan soon. We’re not.

Around town, Eva tells grandpa the boys are in jail. “No puede ser!” The FBI boys tell mama the boys are in jail. “No puede ser!” In the hospital, Feo enters Crabi’s room and does a happy dance complete with two-leg side kicks. But only in his imagination. He breaks the news about the boys to mama, Jimena, and Sarita. The girls are impactada. Sarita is aghast that murderers were so close to them. Jimena is sure they are innocent, and Feo asks how she can be so sure. Does she know them?

At the jail, Juan and Father Tadeo present their protests to the Brigadoon police, reminding him that a threat is insufficient evidence. The commissar reports that they searched the Reyes house and bakery and found the murder weapon, the hummer-sized knife. Is that proof enough?

Tomorrow, Juan and Feo have a street fight. Juan has the advantage of size and hawtness. Feo has the advantage of a gun.


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