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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #143: 5/30/14: Ritorna A Me

Ahoy, Amiguis! Mr. Mads and I took a mini vacay this past week. I am all rested up, have read all the recaps. I want to thank Urban, Gloria, Eli and NovelaMaven for all their fantastic recaps this past week. I am so happy to be back, communing with all of you again. Now on to the recap. I know Y'all are just salivating to find out what happened with this episode and the humdinger of an ending. Shall we begin with an earworm? This song is especially dedicated to Monse and JL, Starting All Over Again.

Ale is pacing the hotel room waiting for Monse.

Pobrecito JL, falls down the stairs and injures his foot. Dimi and Refug help him up the stairs.

The flowers and champagne arrive for this night of lurvvveee Ale has planned, and I echo Carlos, where is the rose petals and come on, no chocolate covered strawberries, for shame, Ale, for shame.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #74 and 75 US 5/30/14

De que me enojo, me enojo.

Can it get any more frustrating???? The devil writers are indeed on your side you big Rod.

Eleazar (El) and Padre Juancho (PJ) explain to Natalia why they think Paolo is gay and is possibly in an inappropriate relationship (meaning age-wise) with someone. Paolo interrupts and is upset. He denies he's gay and seems more mad that El and PJ were spying and sneaking instead of being REAL MEN and being honest and talk to him face to face.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood chismosas feel the need to spread the "news" about Paolo to Carmen. She takes umbrage at their remarks. She takes a few chunks of hair from their scalps as well. Crabette #1 sees the fight and tells La Jaiba. La Jaiba calls the cops.

After Paolo leaves, Lupita asks the adults what is going on. They tell her it's "grown-up stuff." She innocently asks if it has to do with Marita, Paolo's girlfriend. Sheepish expressions were had by all.

The police take the chismosas and Carmen to the hoosegow.

Alberto tries to get in touch with Brigitte (Brat), but she and Rod are gettin' it on. When she deigns to answer she lies through her lemon-sucking teeth and tells him she was bathing. She sourly turns down his invitation to go out. She and Rod discuss how easily they lie to others and exchange sloppy kisses. She thinks they are made for each other.

Paolo walks the street and thoughtbubbles. He is mad and PJ and El. He sort of gets PJ's reasons, but he can't forgive El. How could he?

Irene goes to Alonso's to collect her things and Al begs for an explanation. They fight. Again. (This is getting old to me, but I assume it's because it was only Tuesday when they last fought and made up. Maybe if Uni wasn't scissor happy this relationship wouldn't seem so schizophrenic.)
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Que Pobres tan Ricos #104 May 30, 2014. Reluctant appologies, reluctant promises, forced celebration speeches and one overdue reunion.

Once Tizoc and Perla hear about the million dollar clause, they barge in the room, Tizoc/Perla vs Frida/Leo. Leo and Frida claim that Tizoc and Perla have invaded ‘their’ property… Tizoc and Perla respond with insults of their own. MA is stuck in between the doubles debate match.

Trofeo promises the guy everything is alright. Guy leaves. Nepo compares himself with one banana, MA is another, and Nepo now is assuming the gringo the other guy was talking about is none other than MA.

Chuy and Mati come up to the debate… Leo and Tizoc get more offensive. Frida intervenes and Perla sees her open door to throw some more insults. MA tries to settle things, even says he is angry he is sibling of Frida/Leo. Chuy says similar of his ‘children’. MA tries to get AS to say something… ‘Salud!!!’

At office, Mini and Isela… Mini doubts if Alejo knows Lupe is with MA. Isela suggests find out what Alejo knows and then use it in OUR favor. Mini says there are priorities…

AS sleeping now, MA calls Leo and Frida over. In front of Mati, he tells them that he can’t believe how they behaved with Tizoc and Perla Ivette. Mati repeats, she hopes she will never remember where the papers are. MA tells her she was right when she said those documents bring out the worst in everyone. Mati says right, that money brought about the worst. Maybe that was a way from Abuelo to put them to the test. If he were alive, he would be ashamed of the situation of his family, he would die all over again rather than watch them fight for money. MA says he loves how she talks about the abuelo… Mati says it is a family tradition to honor his memory, even the board members at the company do it. Mati asks Frida and Leo to go find the Menchacas and not to return until they have apologized to them. MA and Mati end up alone. She tells MA he is her support… she now remembers how she would have wanted him to be there at Aureliano’s funeral. MA feels guilty he was not there. Mati says don’t feel bad, the past is over. She remembers a discussion with Aureliano when he had kicked MA out. Aureliano swearing he did it for MA’s good. She protested that MA went alone and pennyless, how can that be good for him? Aureliano says he will mature not depending on our money, one day he will returned a gentleman. He has to work and grow to feel proud of himself. As a father he was not what his children could be, but MA will be the best of RPs, no matter what it costs…the end will justify the means. Mati comes back to present, tells MA that Aureliano, with his rights and wrong decisions, always wanted the best for MA. She can assure him.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #103: 5/29/14: If I Had a Million Dollars!

Hola Amiguis! Mr. Mads and I took a mini vacay, I have caught up with all the recaps and am now raring to go! Shall we begin with an earworm? It's especially for AS: Keep On Smilin'

Mati is calming knitting as Leo is talking about the ship sinking and the pirates are boarding. Sucks to be Leo.

MA goes upstairs and checks on AS, who of course, is passed out from all that hooch she's been guzzling. AS finally wakes up and cries about the wedding being her salvation and last hope. Her birthday is coming up and she's poor, porca miseria! She's lost her society friends, I'd think she'd think of them as frenemies, she vants to be alone. The family leaves her thus.

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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 142, Thursday, 5/29/14: Montserrat, You Is My Woman Now!

At the cemetery wall of the churchyard

We rejoice at the sight of the two impossibly beautiful people together again; for them and for us, seven years seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. 

Te amo Alejandro, te amo más que a mi propia vida, whispers Montserrat.  (I love you more than life itself.) 

The lovers exchange a slow, sweet kiss, restrained and full of longing. 

Mi amor, me has hecho tanta falta, she tells him as her lips graze his hand.  (My love, I've missed you so much.) 

She feels as if she has been asleep all this time too and he has just opened her eyes.  

"Of course I'm yours, I've always been yours."  

"Then come with me," he says softly, leading her by the hand.

JL and Rosario at the café
Seriously.  Could this guy BE any more annoying?
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero, 5/29/14, #72 & 73 US (or something like that)

De que tiene agallas, tiene agallas 

Naughty Nurse Irma tells Rod that Diego is dying. He tells her to keep him alive another 2 weeks so that Diego can see how he’s stolen his life. The stupid nurse seems to be finally realizing that Rod isn’t a good person. She threatens to skip town. He buys her cooperation with the promise of lots of money. He makes it clear that she was nothing but a quick and easy lay.

The Brat tries to listen in, but apparently Caprico’s doors aren’t made of cardboard and she hears nothing. When Irma leaves, she tries to play the jealous girlfriend card to find out who that woman was. Rod reminds her of her place as his mistress. Her only job is to find a place where they can do the dirty on the down-low.

Morales reports back to El on Paolo’s "close" relationship with his new boss.

There has obviously been something important cut because Carmen is crying in her bedroom, and Nat comes in to reassure her that she is of course more important to her than Diego’s family. She thanks God each day for putting her in Carmen’s path. She loves her and respects her, even though they don’t carry the same blood. Carmen says there is no difference between Nat and her other siblings. Carm dismisses her tears as just being emotional about her first baby girl getting married. She assures Nat that she just wants her to be happy. Nat is sure she will be happy with Diego. She doesn’t think Grumps will be a problem once they are married, living apart from him, and he has time to see she is not a gold-digger.

Paolo’s papa Gino invites him out for dinner. Paolo says he can’t since he has to attend his sister’s engagement dinner. Gino insists that he will get Paolo a tie or even a suit for the occasion, since Italians must be fashionable.

Rod is primping in front of the mirror for the dinner, when Lala informs him that Irene and “el Joven Alonso” are downstairs. Step number one for Al, if he wants to be seen as a real man by Irene’s side: get people in their circle to stop calling him “joven.” Rodiego goes downstairs and apologizes for beating the crap out of Al, just in time for Grumps to enter and ask what they’re talking about. He tells Rodiego that problems aren’t resolved through fighting/blows. (Just through lying, cheating, and generally being a jerk.)

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Alejandro Almonte Returns Lo Que La Vida Me Robo Episode 141 05/28/2014

Hi patio peeps! I'm going to just cover our major story lines because I have to be up in a few hours for my sisters graduation, with some luck I'll get three hours of sleep, I hope you enjoy the recap and feel free to fill in anything that I may have missed/skipped.

Alejandro Returns:

Last night Alejandro was outside of Montse's house, the plan was for him to reveal that he had survived the plane crash, little Laurito however put an end to those plans when he saw Alejandro outside of his house, Alejandro did not want his child to find out that he was still alive until he had been prepared by his mother for the news so he ran away and together with his mother came up with plan B which was to lure Montse away from the house and take her to a safe location where Alejandro could show himself without fear of Jose Luis showing up.

Rosario lies to Montse and tells her they have a social engagement to attend, she tells Montse to dress up because it is a formal affair, when Montse  suggests calling her husband so that he can meet up with them Rosario discourages her and tells her that the gathering is for women only, they leave the house and later arrive outside the church. Rosario tells Montse that her aunt Carlota would be meeting them there, she then asks her daughter-in law to go in and see if her aunt is already there, she will remain outside just in case Carlota is not inside the church.

Montse goes into the church and a minute later hears for the first time in seven years the voice of the husband she thought had died. Her face registers relief, confusion and happiness, but also anger. After a quick reunion the questions come fast, Montse wants to know why he abandoned her and their child. Where was he for the last seven years? What was he doing? How could he have left without them? Alejandro sits in silence while his wife continues to accuse him of abandonment. He finally tries to explain what happened, but only gets to say "please forgive me" before Montse leads him outside to the place where her father's remains rest, she then shows him an empty grave site with his name on it (dude, they took his last name!)- she explains that she had the grave stone placed so their child could have somewhere to visit his father on special occasions, she says her heart broke when she saw her child talking to an empty grave.

Montse continues her speech and tells Alejandro that she would have rather taken her son to visit him in jail every Sunday than to have had to endure the suffering of the past seven years-she tells him that he has returned to their lives far too late and then turns to walk away, finally Alejandro tells her that he has been in a coma for seven years. She returns and sits by his side, he tells her that the accident happened very quickly, the last thing he remembers is using Victor's phone and speaking to Graciela who told him that Montse had died, when he woke up from his coma he believed her dead and only wanted to return to Agua Azul to find Rosario and his son.

He explains that he arrived in Agua Azul on her wedding day and that he saw her and Jose Luis leave the church together with Laurito calling Jose Luis "daddy", and then he asks why she married Jose Luis. She explains that she remarried because everyone told her it was time to rebuild her life, but mainly because she felt a great amount of gratitude towards JL- after all Jose Luis spent years in jail for a crime that he did not commit and he sacrificed much in order for Montse and Alejandro to be happy. Alejandro asks if she loves Jose Luis and she tells him "no", then he asks if she still loves him and she says that she does, he is her one true love and then they kiss.

Josefina and Adolfo-he really is a giant marsh-mellow

 Josefina and Victor discuss the possibility of Adolfo helping Vic stay in contact with Nadia, Vic is unsure of Adolfo and he reminds Fina that Adolfo and Dimitrio once used her in the worst way and she says she remembers but that she knows how to handle Adolfo and that she will do whatever is needed to help Victor and Nadia be together again.

We see Adolfo receive a phone call from Josefina and they agree to meet up. The place that Josefina picked for their meeting is also the same place where they shared their first kiss. Adolfo starts off by telling Josefina that he cares for her, when he sees her he sees the man he was before she left. Josefina gives him a hard time and tells him that he is a good liar, but Adolfo does not give up, he tells her he is being honest with her, he loves her and he is not after her money or anything else. She ribs him some more and says that once he gets her into bed he will dump her, he says that he does want to get her into bed but only because he wants to wake up to her every morning for the rest of their lives, until they are old and wrinkled. He continues and says he wants everything with her, a wedding, a little house with a garden and all the children god can give them. She agrees to give him the benefit of the doubt and they kiss, then she explains that there are two people who need his help and that she needs for him to help them without asking for anything in return.

Adolfo guesses that it's Victor and she tells him he is right, she takes him to her house so that he can meet with Victor.

Fabiola is scared:

In Fabiola's living room she has a little meeting with Pedro and Sandho, she is scared that Alejandro might not be dead and Pedro tells her not to worry, Alejandro is dead and he is not going to get up from his grave in order to seek revenge-and he is right, the dead don't come back to life but people in comas ALWAYS wake up and seek revenge, especially if they are in a telenovela produced by Televisa.

Later that day Sandho meets with Graciela, he tells her Fabiola is freaking out about the possibility of Alejandro still being alive, and that the way to get to her is to try and find her long lost family. Graciela tells him to leave things alone and excuses herself. At the end of the episode she shows up at Fabiola's house and tells her that they need to talk.

In other news, Dimitrio is starting to pack in order to move in to his new crib and I'm starting to think he is really over Josefina! Also, Maria gets her job back on the pole and Jose Luis finds out first hand what it feels like to have people play you for a fool. Karma is a b*tch.

Come back tomorrow for what's bound to be an hour of must see TV!


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Que Pobres, 5/28: POBRESUQUI!

So here we have the final segment of the disastrous wedding!

But before we get to that, we have a little blowback from Emiliano's little romp with his dad. Lupe wants to punish her son for scaring her. Mike first tries to console her, then goes for a heart-to-heart with the kid. He makes a speech about how the kid should respect and live with his mom for everything she's done for him. But the kid would rather play the video game Alejo bought him.

Consolation and hugs with Lupe.

Now on to the fun: The guests are rumbling and furious about the thefts. The king of sumatra (I can't remember his name) comes out with his chef hat and tries to distract them with talk of dessert. It doesn't fly. That  woman in black (chief of Ana Sofia's frenemies) says it must have been the servants who stole the stuff: "all of us here are so rich and good."That's a disturbing development, but people are mostly just mad at the Ruiz-Palacios. They begin taking back the gifts! The ringleader of the frenemies continues to accuse the Menchacas and says "enough with this 'honorable poor' crap," poor people will always steal."

The detective arrives and asks if all of the guests are still present. Somehow nobody has noticed that the parents of the bride are missing.

Vilma brings Alejo a document (pertaining to custody of the kid, I think) and wants to go with him to talk to Lupe. She wants to be an intimidating presence at the meeting.

Mike suspects Alejo might be merely taking advantage of the kid.

Back at the wedding, Ana Sofia gets more and more sour. The ringleader of frenemies pronounces that the Ruiz-Palacios are broken. Leo mentions that this is going worse than a greek tragedy! The guests want the RP to pay for the stolen stuff. They're going to be pobresuiquis!

Saul the lawyer suspects Minerva may have some info to prove Mike's innocence and suggests Mike use his famed seduction skills to get the info out of her. Mike balks, and Saul is confused why he would have any hangups. "Sure, Lupe's a nice and cute girl, but Minerva is... Minerva." I think Saul has a thing for her.

At the wedding again, the detective reveals that Maca is no royalty. The shit hits the fan. AS comes down on Maca with a shaking fury, the girl admits that her "parents" were merely unemployed actors. AS is crushed and deflated and Leo yelps about not being a count.

Vilma reveals that Alejo may have some property rights over the Menchaca house through the grandma. Will he try to use it as leverage to get Lupe to marry him? Anyway, he asks her to stay behind as he goes in to talk to Lupe. He shows her the custody form and suggests it would be so much easier if they just all lived together. She isn't even remotely convinced.

Ana Sofia is in catastrophe. The ringleader notices that her dress is made of the same fabric as the curtains. This is the humiliation of her life. She begs Jesus for help. King of Sumatra hands her a bottle of booze (yikes! she's an alcoholic! does he think he's helping?). She says "thank you, don jesus."

Maca offers Leo a solution: why don't we just run off and live off of your family's fortune. Uhhhh that's a non-starter. They start to let loose on each other. Leo: "we don't have any money. You're a witch and I'll never be a count!

The Prince of Bananas! He's moping in his room over Leo (god knows why he likes the guy). His dad comes in, assumes it's about a girl, and gives him a speech. See, women are like bees. They give you honey and then sting you. Prince says the venom is worse than bee - it's a scorpion. Later, when Guendy comes in and yaks about the wedding disaster, the prince is horrified to hear the wedding went through and maybe encouraged that such a disaster might mean the marriage is short.

Mike makes a date with a fawning Minerva.

The newlyweds are basically moving in with the Menchacas. The king of Sumatra comes in on the arguing pair and snarkily asks how the royalty is doing. At first they bark at him that "we're doing fine, our marriage will last forever," but they quickly get to fighting furiously. She outs him as gay and tromps off.  Once she's gone, an unphased Leo says "I'm not gay, I'm metrosexual." An utterly ruined and drunk Ana Sofia gives a "salud por el metro."

And that's basically it!

Julia - I also liked the sailor-knot crack!


De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #70/71 5/28/14

De que ella vuelve a él otra vez, otra vez

Rod and the Brat make plans for the evening.

Nat explains Rod’s bad behavior to Irene and Alonso.   He lost it over the fabric provider.  Irene promises Nat she won’t have to interact with Diego so Nat goes back to her job AGAIN.  I think it was Vivi who mentioned that we should keep of tally of how many times she quits Caprico and/or breaks up w/Diego.  Irene hopes they will make up and Diego gets rid of his demons.  Help me here friends, when did Diego have demons?  I know, I know, I’m thinking too hard and my poor tn beanie may burst.  Irene also says perhaps he will apologize and propose and Nat says if he did so, I’d be dubious.  Ah but would you really Nat?
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, Capitulo 140. 05/27/14.

Sorry folks.  Something happened to the channel and 3/4 of the show was pink screen.  I tried looking online for it and nothing.  Think Televisa has been cleaning house.  So I will re-cap what I could see.  Please fill in what was missed in the comments section if you were able to see it (I have DISH). 

Ok, so today is not my day.  I wrote an kick-a$$ re-cap (well a short one anyway) and POOF! gone!!!!  I don't know what button I pressed or if it is somewhere around here, but I am doing another one.  This unforuntately will be short.  Enjoy.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos - wedding anvils R us.

Wow, tonight we got to see the mighty deception begin to crumble - the cracks are widening and water is spurting through, but the dam will break tomorrow!

Ana Sofia's refrains tonight: "Why does this happen to me?" (The way Scarlett O'Hara regarded the Civil War - such an impediment to her happiness!) and "Just keep dancing! There's nothing to see here!"

Isela is drunk. Perla faints. Minerva, enraged at the sight of Mike and Lupita macking, throws a pebble at them.

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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #68/69 5/27/14

De que volvió a renunciar, volvió a renunciar.

Morales follows Irene and pulls her over. At the station, El asks Alonso if he's sure he wants to continue with whatever they've cooked up. Al is sure.

Brigitte and Karina continue to plot against Irene and Alonso.

Morales claims that a car matching Irene's has been reported as stolen. He inspects the car and calls it in. He wants to see the car's registration, but they aren't in the car. More comps show up. They keep talking about a 1028 and won't answer Irene's questions. They ask her to come to the station

Rod yells at Rosa and then calls a sketchy guy. Apparently Diego fired this guy for fraud, but Rod wants to hire him back. They will meet later.

Grumps comes looking for Irene. Nat covers for Irene. Bri realizes she's covering for Irene and Nat lets it slip that Irene is with Al. Bri decides to be proactive for Karina's sake.

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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #66/67- Mon 5/26

De que lo que temíamos no pasó, no pasó

Randy Rod and his hot rod volunteer to find a romantic place to have his way with Natalia.

Irene is in a hideous mood and takes it out on Natalia, who shows up late.  Brigitte is loving that Natalia's the one getting yelled at today.

Randy Rod makes a hotel reservation for tonight.  He fakes his way through greeting Irene and asking about…um…er…Tad…whoever that is.  He then sends her to Vicente's office ahead of him to buy himself time to look for the paperwork alone.

Nurse Irma pumps Rod's doctor for info so she can keep Diego coma-ing on.  He thinks she's hitting on him and invites her to dinner.  It's so rare to find a woman who's interested in talking about coma drugs.

Vicente has been scouting and selecting fabric suppliers for Eskenda.  Irene's feeling blindsided by that and concerned about the quality of the fabric, since she assumes Vicente will be most interested in price.  Randy Rod asks for Eskenda to have control of, and funding for, its own budget and Vicente, surprisingly, agrees.  Of course, we all know he's doing it to bilk the company, but Vicente probably sees it as a way to keep the entire company from getting dragged down by Eskenda.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Qué Pobres, Lunes 5/26/14 (#100): A Sea of Porca Miseria

Wowie wow wow. Hold onto your sombreros!

Ana Sofia takes one look at the decorations (balloons) for the wedding and complains that they are a monument to poor taste. (It takes one to know one!) That and more verbal abuse from AS induces Lupe to quit "Until you apologize."

Miguel Angel happens by and tries to get his mother to apologize. Even Leo, unsure as he is about this wedding, begs her to make nice. AS says it is humiliating, but she will do it for her children: she averts her eyes, gazes skyward, and utters a feeble "Sorry."

Over MA's protests ("Apologize to Lupe, not to the birds, air, and trees!"), Lupe accepts the weak gesture of contrition but reminds AS to respect the rest of the Menchacas as well.

Carmela leaves Emiliano at Paco's house and tells Paco's mother that Lupe will come for him this evening.

Mini and Isela prepare to crash the wedding.

AS tries to get Perla to lose the flower in her hair, but Lupe intervenes. The flower can stay! Perla offers to get one for AS. (Declined!) Later, AS bad-mouths the indoor decorations with Leo when the Menchacas approach... she quickly changes her tune, says everything looks great, and even thanks them. (Briefly.)

Confidentially, Leo asks the Menchacas of the decorations: "I have just one question: Why the Styrofoam?"
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Lo Que la Vida Me Robó Lunes 5/26/14 #139

Chapter 139: Silence Is Deadly

Mendoza Mansion: In her endless attempt at defrauding anyone out of the most money she could, Gracie asked Pedro Medina for help.

Help me destroy Fabiola Guillen.”

He looked at her with ironic amusement and a smile that betrayed it. “Graciela, Ezequiel never suspected all this time? The woman whom you're looking to destroy could be the daughter you had with Benjamín Almonte.”
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: La Impostora, week of May 26, 2014

As you probably know, La Impostora isn't on tonight, Monday.  Telemundo is trying to get you all excited about El Señor de los Cielos 2, which premieres on Tuesday (and which will be discussed on The Front Page).

Sorry folks.  You'll have to wait until Tuesday for a new episode of this one.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- En Otra Piel, et cetera, week of May 26, 2014

Tonight Telemundo is dedicating its primetime slot to getting everyone hyped up about the Tuesday premiere of El Señor de los Cielos 2, which replaces Camelia.  That means fans of En Otra Piel (and La Impostora) will have to wait until Tuesday for their next novela fix. (Not that these shows are addictive or anything...)

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 138, Fri., 5/23/14: The Honeymoon is Over, and the Dirty Secrets are Busting Out All Over

Eating With The Enemy

In a dinner table scene they have surely played many times before, Graciela needles EZ about his dirty money, he reminds her she is free to leave any time, and she reminds him of their deal (Does she mean that she gets to live in the Mendoza-Basurto house until she dies?) He acknowledges the final point with a good-natured smile.  (Maybe he has reason to believe that endpoint will arrive sooner rather than later.)

A Soul in Pain

After her barbed exchange with Ezequiel, Graciela retreats to her bedroom. She is startled by Alejandro's sudden emergence from the shadows, though she rapidly recovers her imperious bearing.  How dare he just materialize out of nowhere like that, like a specter! (como si fueras un alma en pena: as if you were a ghost/a lost soul). 

Alejandro has come to say he is leaving Aguazul.  He has, however, one condition: she is not to tell anyone -- not the police and especially not Pedro Medina -- that she has seen him.  They snarl and circle and show their excellent teeth: he has some nerve making demands on her; she'll be sorry if she opens her mouth.   In the end, she says she'll keep quiet about him, but only because it's in her own interest to do so. 
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Que pobres tan Ricos #99 May 23, 2014... pre-wedding jitters... One nervous groom, one proud mama, one miffed bride, two fake in-law thieves and two suspicous siblings, stir it all together, pour in baking pan and bake until Monday

We get some pretty good sight-seeing seconds (are they near Guadalajara?, that is west coast about center of mex... near Guanajuato and Puerto Vallarta, right?)…

School playground, Emi spots A-hole and runs to him. A-hole fakes happy to see him. Says Emi’s new shoes are ugly. Offers to buy him whatever tennis shoes he wants. Lupe not amused. That’s not how it is. A-hole argues his case. What’s the problem? Lupe says won’t allow him to buy expensive shoes for Emi. She lets Emi walk away with A-hole. A-hole takes jacket off to play with him. He is obviously not enjoying himself when Lupe is not looking.

Hacienda: AS, Leo and Frida arrive, the employee leads them around. MA arrives. Leo is eager to introduce MA to his new in-laws. AS and DaVinci are still wearing the matching gray outfits. AS criticizes MA’s outfit, even though he looks good. He says he has not much money, he bought the best he found at a second hand store. Frida says it might not look the best but they might not notice it. AS says our future depends on it. It is the end of one ‘world’ and the beginning of another.

Lupe says we gotta go. Emi asks A-hole when will see him again. A-hole says don’t get your mommy mad at you. Whenever you need you can call me. Emi says Lupe took his phone away. A-hole gives him a card to use to call him. Emi and A-hole walk back to Lupe. A-hole has a last gift for Emi. It is a playstation Vita.

At hacienda, the condes have arrived, AS says it is ‘our’ hacienda ‘our house is your house’. Maca introduces the ‘parents’ the ‘condes’. AS introduces her family. The bowing is significantly overdone by MA who almost puts his head on his knees. The ‘countess’ clarifies they should keep referring to them as ‘the countess’ . The count is not so demanding. Salomon interferes and gives the condes his business card ‘for whatever you might need’. They all go inside except AS and Salomon.
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero 5/23/14 Episodes #64 and 65

De que se despertó el diablo, se despertó el diablo.

I didn't take any notes and I didn't pay close attention. I'll get up early tomorrow and write a recap for realz. Oh, and Diana was an angel compared to the new crop of demons.
  • Eleazar is going to invest his life savings in helping Carmen out. They are going to become business partners. They throw in some smoochies for good measure...but don't think they are officially off the ground yet. Be sure to see the scene where Abdul interrupts Eleazar's profession of love. Cynthia and Marcelo are masterful. Holy crap I love watching these two consummate actors.
  • Rodrigo is awake and despite a few flubs, he's passing himself off as Diego (albeit a Diego that is behaving oddly.) And he's going to be wreaking havoc. He plans to empty Diego's bank accounts and take Natalia's virginity. While he waits for Nat, he'll be getting his nookie from Brigitte and Irma.
  • Speaking of Irma, she warns Rod that there are grave consequences to keeping Diego in a coma too long. One of which is permanent amnesia. Rod doesn't give hoot. He figures that will even things up after losing two years of his life. Irma has to give Diego an extra dose since the drug doesn't seem to keep Diego in a very deep coma. Rod wants her to do something and he'll pay her well for it. He tells her to open and account so he can make the transfer. This is the second time a character has had to open an account. Chato took Lupita to a bank. I bet a bank is the product placement.
  • "Diego" tries to convince Vicente to pull the plug on "Rodrigo." Vicente doesn't want to. Thank heaven.
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Weekend Discussion: TVyNovela Award Shows

By CorazonSalvaje:

Hey I wanted to make a Weekend Discussion. Since you guys are always saying the TVyNovelas Award Shows are rigged, we can discuss to whom we'd give the prizes to.

(I'll start it like this.)
So I noticed you guys make remarks about the TVyNovelas Award Shows which I have come to agree with. I feel as well that these shows are unfair at times but the fairest I think I've seen are 1999 (El Privilego de Amar taking them all is perfectly fine.) and 2014 (Amores Verdaderos taking a majority is OK as well.)

Ignacio Sada Madero has a Simplemente Maria remake in the works (He is one who is capable of writing good novelas which are often overlooked but honestly mentioned with affection. La Intrusa comes to mind and I think the ONLY reason(s) Bajo Las Riendas del Amor was rebuffed at the Premios TVyNovelas is because Mejia was associated with it. That and Destilando Amor robbing everything cough-Pasion-cough. I think the only awards I agreed with that year were the ones going to Lola Erase Una Vez and Pasion albeit 2 each. I think-
TBLMOE or Ed. Santamarina deserved best homme lead (but let's be real, all three leads were worthy of the prize. The only other lead was Gabriel Soto whom I can't stand.)
Angelica Rivera or Adriana Fonseca deserved best femme lead (Tie please!)
Adamariz Lopez deserved best femme fatale (but Daniela Castro was worthy as well. Keep in mind I include Bajo Las Riendas since it WAS  a Carla Estrada refrito which was harassed by Mejia. So in a way, she has 2 things for her LOL)
Bouffy or Alexis Ayala deserved best homme fatale)
Ana Martin deserved her award but I'm a sucker for Silvia Mariscal.
Marisol and German from Pasion deserved their awards.
Direccion de Camaras- Lola Erase Una Vez just because.
Escenas-Destilando Amor (was there a love scene in a barn? I remember one that was hot. Either that or Pasion because of Bouffy's decapitation scene.)
The revelation award does deserve to go to Eiza but her nominee Ariadne deserved it as well. Maybe a tie (in 2012, there was a tie for it with Laura Carmine and Alejandra Garcia.)
Best kid role went to Octavio Ocana which I agree with just because I wanted Lola Erase Una Vez to win in all it's 3 nominations LOL. (Danna Paola could have begged for a tie however.)

What is your opinion on these shows?

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #98: 5/22/14: Hasta Nunca Porca Miseria!

Hola Amiguis! What an episode this evening! We start with an earworm. This one is dedicated to Leo from Diego. Let's hope Leo gets the message: Take A Chance On Me

We begin with MA and Lupe in the afterglow of their time together and Mini has continued to call. Lupe insists that MA call Mini back to find out what the heck she wants, it could be important. So MA answers the phone. Mini has called MA to let him know that Ahole suspects MA is in Mexico and to be careful, cause Ahole is dangerous, Mini just called to warn him. Mini hears a noise and suspects MA is not alone, so she asks him. He tells Mini his private life is private and click, hangs up! Mini is beyond pithed that MA is with that woman. Throughout the next five minutes or so, MA asks Lupe if she is jealous of Mini, she denies, he asks and he ends up hitting her with a pillow as she does him. MA assures Lupe he is only talking to Mini to help him prove his innocence and nothing else. He'll be with Lupe foreva and eva. Do you see the little mini piecart that is hanging about? They sure don't.
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 137 - Alejandro Reunites With His Mother - 22 May 2014

There were several interwoven themes in tonight's show:

    •    Josefina facilitates the mother and child reunion between Alejandro and Rosario.
    •    The two have a tender meeting. Bring at least two handkerchiefs.
    •    Josefina tells Rosario that Dimitrio will never forgive her for the way she ended their marriage. She does not blame him for being angry with her. She does not mention that she would have a GREAT deal to forgive Dimitrio in order for the two of them to build a new relationship.
    •    Monica dumps Dimitrio because she does not perceive that he is ready for an adult relationship.
    •    Refugio confesses to Dimitrio that there are times that the last place he would like to be is home.
    •    Amalia visits Esmeralda and offer to throw her a baby shower. Esme tells her that the baby will be named "Angel" in honor of Angelica.
    •    Dimitrio confesses to Refu that he wants a wife, a home and a family.
    •    Nadia meets with Adolfo and he swears to protect her and his niece, Victoria.
    •    Nadia receives a antique cart full of flowers and she recognizes it as a signal that Victor is alive and will fight for she and Victoria.
    •    Susana confirms to Nadia that she spoke with Victor and that he is alive.
    •     Susana takes the flowers away in order to not trigger Pedro's suspicions about Victor.
    •    Rosario tells Alejandro that Montserrat, Jose Luis and Laurito will be away on their honeymoon for two weeks.
    •    Alejandro vows to recover his prize possessions—Montserrat and Laurito. He makes his mother swear to tell no one that he is back in Aguazul.
    •    Alejandro needs to clear his name and prove his innocence before he can make a PUBLIC return to Aguazul.
    •    Sadly, Pedro sees the cart of flowers and is tweaked. Victor is a romantic fool.
    •    Pedro calls Adolfo and demands to know the content of his conversation with Nadia.
    •    Pedro orders Adolfo to look for Victor, and, if he finds him, to kill Victor on the spot.
    •    Pedro continues to verbally abuse Nadia and demands that Victoria learn to meet him after a long hard day with a smile on her face.
    •    When Graciela gets mouthy with EZ Basurto and Carlota about the source of EZ's fortune, EZ reminds her that the food on her plate and the bed she sleeps in are there because of his money. If she thinks the money was made in an illicit manner the front door behind her is wide and it is open. She can leave anytime she wants.
    •    We do not see hide nor hair of the newlyweds or Laurito.
Please discuss and enjoy!

Elna June

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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #62 and #63 5/22/14

De que estamos dando vueltas el desagüe, el desagüe

Hola amigas/os.  The quick and dirty is the first hour was fun and laughs and the second hour sets us up for future gloom and doom.  To keep things fun, I’ve decided to enter certain of the more obnoxious characters into what I call the Audacity Olympics.  Perhaps the Uni cuts got to me but the boldness of some of our more wretched characters saying incredibly, insensitive things really got to me this evening.

Old Stuff – Chato opening the limo door and his children all coming out along with their mothers.  They hand him a pic of Carmen alone at the altar and say, Carmen’s says you are even now.   Chato screams.
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #60 and #61 5/21/14

De que están incluso, son aún 

Quick notes though these are episodes 60 and 61 based on titles and Uni's edits it looks like we saw episodes 61, 62, and 63.  I continue to hate Uni!!

Rod and Irma discuss his options for faking out his impending tests.  She says to induce a coma, I say YES!  Rod doesn’t look to happy.

Diego chats with the Doc and inadvertently get Irma in trouble (she should not have asked him about the tests).  Rod seems to be an anomaly b/c of the weight gain and return of color.  They go to see Rod and he says nasty things under silently (Diego – give me a sign you are alive; Rod – if I punch you will you never touch me again).  Still pulling for the coma and his not returning though I know that’s pretty much a fantasy like me seeing El getting any action any time soon.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, #136, 5-21-2014: No Te Queda Nada Más, Alejandro! Our Poor Galán Lives Out the Grim Promise of this TN's Theme Song

Lo refrito:  Graciela screams at Rosario to shut up already with the gratuitous advice about the way Gracie treats her children when Rosario knows nothing about Gracie's situation or past.  Gracie adds in some bitter recriminations about the fact that Rosario has alienated Graciela from her own children while simultaneously  gloating in the knowledge that Rosario had to pay the price of losing her own beloved son, Alejandro.  

Lordy, that's some impressive combo of bitterness and spitefulness!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Que pobres tan ricos Wednesday: tableclothes, diet pills, Ave Maria, and smooching to the sound of a banshee vocalist.

I enjoyed the rerun of yesterday's last Alejo-Minerva squabble: "You're no guru of sex, you 3-minute wonder, you're a fiasco in bed, MIKE is who I like!" Alejo flushes murderously and bellows: "He's not in Italy, where is he?" He starts to strangle her but she brains him with a vase. Her mom, for once, runs in too late to join in the fun. The mom wants Minerva to tell Alejo where Mike is in exchange for getting absolutely everything she wants in the divorce settlement, but no, Minerva says she never will - and forbids her mom to interfere.

It's the day before the wedding. The Menchacas are eating breakfast when Ana Sofia hustles in and wants them to commence packing. Lupita is going to take a load of stuff to the hacienda, AS says she's coming along "so you don't break my Limoges."

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Que pobres tan ricos: the lower classes may be about to revolt.

I think this was the start of the episode, at any rate it's where my recording started: Ana Sofia is ecstatically looking forward to getting her luxurious life back when her son marries the Countess (should we write "Countess" now that we know she's a fraud?). "We'll be nobility." Leo does not look happy. He says it's because deceiving his Countess is below him - but it's also, no doubt, because he feels some yearning for the Prince of Bananas. (The Prince is, come to think of it, nobility as well.) AS says it's too late for regrets and, pouting, goes off to fuss over the invitations.

I've missed a week of the show (being in New Jersey where I did not have Univision). So I don't know who this old lady in black is who says she's living an inferno, she has some problem with Bambi and is having to sell everything she has left. Mike pulls out a few pesos for her.

Frida shows a very unpleasant side of her personality tonight. Some guy in a really stupid two-toned outfit, a friend from the old days, sees her and invites her to hang out. She goes to some preppy watering hole with him and talks entitled-rich-kid-talk with her fresa friends. Perla's old friends grill her: Is it true you're broke? "My brother is marrying a contessa and we'll go to Spain."
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 135, Tues. 5/20/14: Graciela's Revenge (or: you thought YOUR mother was bad!)

I'll never forget the first time I ordered a Bloody Mary in a bar in Milwaukee; it came with a small glass of beer -- a beer chaser. 

Well, my friends, tonight's episode was a beer chaser to the campy drama of last night's disappearing bride, out of control groom, murdered cake and toy pistol-packing woman scorned.  Not exactly what we expected, maybe, but not so bad, all told.  Burp.  Perdón.

[And every Bloody Mary on The Patio comes with a beer chaser tonight!]

The Party is Over

Oddly enough, Montserrat doesn't hear all of us on The Patio screaming at her to run for her life.  Instead, she tries to appease José Luis.  She doesn't go so far as to say she loves him, but she returns his ardent kiss.  She feels bad that he didn't get the wedding of his dreams and promises she'll make it up to him on their honeymoon.  He leers unpleasantly.  He reminds her that she is his wife and that they belong to each other.

[Perhaps this time around, complementary tats?  A chain for her, a key for him?  A cage and a lock?]
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #58 and #59(ish) 5/20/14

I'm pretty sure Univision has the scissors out again. I decided NOT to beat a dead horse and point it out in the recap.

Mostly in order. Sort-of kind-of.

De que se cayó, se cayó
Irene is launching her new line of clothing for Caprico: Eskenda. So exciting!! Last minute adjustments are being made and pep talks are being said.

Chato arrives in a tacky suit and in tacky transportation.

Diana takes a cold shower since Oliverio forgot to pay his gas bill. After getting dressed, she sees the headline about the launch and rushes out.

Alonso makes an on the sly visit to Irene backstage.

Natalia (Nat) suggests that the seamstress take up Brigitte's (Brat) dress a few centimeters. Brat likes the length and later rips out the hem.

Carmen is seated next to Vicente (Grumps) and lets him have it when he makes some snide remarks about the poor and her family. Eleazar (El) drags her away before she gets herself into too much trouble. He reminds her that Grumps owns Caprico/Eskenda.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #56/57- Mon 5/19

De que sobrevivió, sobrevivió

Irene walks in on the end of Vicente and Tiburcio's conversation wanting to know what exactly Vicente thinks Natalia can take away from him.  Vicente sings "Gold Digger" as usual, and he can't get talked out of it by Irene, despite her warning that he'll end up dying alone.  When she leaves, Vicente calls Tiburcio back in and tells him he'd better not breathe a word and NO WAY is that girl his granddaughter. He warns Tiburcio that he's liable to get homicidal to keep him quiet.  He refuses a call from Alina and keeps suffering through his chest pains.

After talking to Diego, Alina realizes that Diana has been lying every time she said she was meeting Karina.

In the new workroom, Brigitte the Brat tells Natalia to get over it--the old goat will never accept her, since she's a homewrecker.  Irene comes in and tells them that Diana runs away from home all the time, so not to worry.  Brigitte begs for a modeling job.  That might actually be a better job for her.  She auditions for Natalia and Irene and then takes advantage of their absence to show Diego her naked (or at least topless) body and ask why he'd settle for a crazy woman or a killjoy when he could have her.  Um…a crazy killjoy?  Diego throws some random fabric over her when he should be running instead.  Unfortunately where he runs to is the dressing room.  Natalia and Irene come back and Diego acts like he's doing something wrong and keeps signaling Brigitte not to say anything.  When Natalia leaves, he insists that Brigitte is the last woman he'd ever have a fling with.  Natalia ends up calling him while he's still in the dressing room, because he's too stupid to leave.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Qué Pobres, Lunes 5/19/14 (#95): Three! Three Grifters! Bwahahahaha!!!

Would you like to see three Counts this evening?

Would you settle for one Count, three times?

Beat the Time

Count Sheep

Counting Service

Bonus en Español

Those are all the Counts you will see tonight!
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Lo Que la Vida Me Robó Lunes, 5/19/14 #134

Chapter 134: The Party's Over

Gun Crazy

Mendoza Mansion: Fabiola continued to hold Gracie at gunpoint as she assaulted Monserrat with a truth that was truly a punch to the gut.

Don't you get it, Monserrat, that when your mother accused Alejandro of murdering Benjamin there were charges brought against him. Then a warrant for his arrest which led to him having to escape and he died in that plane crash.” She watched Monserrat begin to cry as Gracie became anxious. “That is my wedding present to you, Monserrat. Your mother caused the death of the great love of your life.”
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- En Otra Piel, Camelia la Texana, et cetera, week of May 19, 2014

Lots of changes: Avenida Brasil is over (but more comments are welcome) and has been replaced by Escrito en las Estrellas, another Brasilian novela. Camelia la Texana is ending this week and En Otra Piel chugs along. Ready, set, go on those comments!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: La Impostora, week of May 19, 2014

Here's your post for this week!

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend Discussion: Karmageddon Thoughts

Let's start with a theme song for this (which in another sense is Pedro Medina's anthem).

We've had discussions in the past over this essential Televisa element.  They always include elements of satisfaction or dissatisfaction we have with the writers' decisions.  If the original audience in Mexico (Televisa) or the US (Telemundo) isn't satisfied with the villains' final ends I'm sure they're vocal about it.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #133: 5/16/14: Truth or Consequences With a Gun To Boot!

Ahoy Amguis! Gather round the Patio as I dish the latest news from Aguazul. You won't believe what happened! We had an avocado showdown, er, well one side let's say, a gun, a letter and some testastarone hi jinks. So sit back, enjoy your beverage of choice and sit back as I tell you this beaut of a tale. This is a new earworm for Ale, who seems to be having this song running through his head right about now:Lonesome Loser . Shall we begin?

We start with Fablush holding that gun on Graceless. Fablush is yelping about Monse having to wear the same gown twice to her wedding. No moving unless Fablush tells Graceless to move, what is this Simon Says???? Oh, and no one is missing Graceless, they could care less.

Meanwhile JL opines to Monse he's seen that dress before, but Monse assures him all the wedding dresses are much the same.
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Friday, May 16, 2014

Que pobres tan ricos #94 Several characters are (or fake being) lost in translation... MA finally spills the beans to Nepo, who has a double-edged reaction

CHuy tells Lupe the payment would be that the RPs leave the house for-eva. AS would take them to Spain.

MA tells Frida and Leo and AS that they all will be kicked out of the Menchaca house. AS doubts it, in any case they would be moving to Spain soon. Leo swings his arms with the options. Frida mocks them on that plan. AS calls MA over to tell him that Frida is mocking her. She calls him again to tell him she will borrow money from Solomon. She calls him over again to remind him that Solomon is NOT her novio. She has to deal with such a disgusting and materialistic man. See what your ma-ma is capable of doing, your ma-ma, the being that gave you life. Leo reminds them that the parents of the bride would end up paying for the wedding in the end. Everyone knows that. Lupe knocks the door to let them know the Menchacas have arrived at a sentence (ehem… decision regarding whether to help them with the wedding).

Gwendy and Saul make plans for the night. Gwendy tells him that El Mike and Carm went out. She ends up giving him a free facial massage…

The RPs have come down and Lupe tells them the Menchacas will help them… AS assumes they agreed to her terms. But Lupe tells them 25,000 pesos (double what AS had offered). MA agrees on that. Tizoc will take care of the music at the church and the party. AS warns that the archbishop is pretty strict about how the wedding march and Ave Maria should sound like. Chuy tells them he is heading to the market to get the supplies for the food. AS is disgusted… to the m a r k e t ?? … The families great each other as two sports teams do at the end o the game… The Menchacas cheer as team and MA is among them (not with the RPs)…
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #54 and #55 5/16/14

De que hablan mucho, hablan mucho

I don't even know how to get all this in some sort of readable order. Lots of talking. Lots of action (but not necessarily plot moving action.)

After Diego politely excuses himself from Brigitte's (Brat) pedassault, he and Natalia (Nat) decide to leave the club.

Irma brings Rod a sandwich and the latest info on Caprico. Diego is the now the vice president. Rod grouses that Diego became VP a mere month after his accident. He is surprised that Caprico is launching a clothing line. He wonders how his grandfather could have approved that.

Irene visits Tad. He is able to go home. He shows her the logo he designed. Viewerville has to wait.

Chato comes to Carmen's house and tells her he's reserved the El Jorongo (poncho) restaurant. He gives her the time to meet. He wants to ask the children for her hand in marriage. He's got the ring!

At Bro Central, Alonso and Diego discuss the night before and I got the impression he was just about to tell Alonso about his slutty sis-in-law when Alberto (Albogado) arrives and wants to know why Diego and made such a hasty departure. Diego says he felt a little dizzy.

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #93: 5/15/14: There is Option A and Option B! There is no Option C!

Hola Amiguis! What a fast paced epi. I will give it my very best shot. If I missed something, as usual please let me know. Shall we begin?

In Emi's bedroom, Lupe spies the phone that Emi got from Ahole, she figures this out and confronts Emi about it. When did he get it precisely, Lupe wants to know? Emi finally tells her the truth about Ahole's visit to the school. Lupe is very upset that Emi has lied to her. Well, she made Emi lie by saying that MA was his primo, how about that lie? It's not the same thing, it's about an adult thing. He wants his phone back, Lupe won't give it to him and she tells him no. He thinks it is unfair. Off to school they go.

At their usual outdoor cafe, MA is taking a meeting with Tomas and Saul, those hard working lawyers. It seems they have divvied up the tasks to prove MA's innocence, but there is a jam in the greasy wheeled wheel, so to speak, because now Adolfo is dead. What to do, he was going to help MA out until that confrontation. Well, what about Bambi? True he hasn't squealed, but there is always a first time. MA is very vulernable right now, opines Saul. Saul thinks Ahole is gonna do some more evil. MA fesses up about that gun of Nepo's he had with him at the meet with Adolfo and it was at the crime scene last time he saw it!
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #52 and #53, 5/15/14

De que volvieron otra vez, volvieron otra vez! 

Alonso, who has been acting rather stupid lately, recovers enough brain cells to figure out that Nat’s crazy reaction, plus Andres’ attitude, plus Diana’s comment about Diego being a rapist, means that Nat must have been attacked by Rod, and defended by Andres! Damn! That must be some pretty high quality coffee Karina gave him. The truth is finally out! Hallelujah!  

How does Diego react? He can’t believe it. No way is his brother Rod a rapist (has he met his brother?), and no way would Nat’s family accept him if they thought he was a rapist (he has a point there). Nope, the only problem Nat has with me is my Diana problem. So much for the end of the Great Misunderstanding. He tells Al that Diana is coming back to the house tomorrow. Happy times ahead!

Paolo gives Mara a kiss on the cheek at the end of their shift. Aww! Her mom comes and drags her away, accusing Paolo of being the boy who walked her home the other night, and blaming him for causing their problems. Mara denies it and says it was another guy.

Diego joins Irene and Grumps for dinner and tells them Diana’s coming home, but he’s not. He doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea. Grumps is not happy with this and blames that gold-digger, Natalia. He walks off before anyone can tell him Nat neither works for Irene anymore, nor is she Diego’s girlfriend—at least not today.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #92 : 5/14/14: Discussion Post

Hola everyone! I don't know what happened to Cerebrez, so I am putting a discussion post up for Y'all to comment. If Cerebrez posts a recap, I will take this discussion post down. Talk away.


Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 132 - 15 May, 2014 - Drat! Alejandro Just Misses His Wife's Wedding

Robo 132

Dear Patio:

I just now got here because the puddle jumper from Cancun to Campeche was four hours late. What’s new?—you guys ask?  “When have we ever been able to get to Agua Azul in a timely manner? The place is in some sort of weird space/time warp when seven years can go by I the blink of an eye and nobody, even the bad guys, ever age.”

You are right, of course, but I still want to gripe about it.

I got my DIY spy camera equipment set up so I can faithfully report the doings of our main characters but I cannot guarantee that this report will actually reflect the exact order of events as I observed them.

When I left San Francisco it was 82° F in the City and 92° in the Sonoma Valley. This kind of heat is unheard of this time of year, but when I got off the plane in Campeche I realized that we have no heat compared to that of Aguazul. I thought I would melt from the combo of heat and humidity. I had read that the cast was having challenges filming in the heat but man, oh man, I hope Montserrat has got some misters going to keep her guests cool at the wedding reception.

Everybody is all dressed up before the wedding and we start events with Fabiola having opened a bottle of special red wine, just for Montse. Or so she says. She then throws the wine on Montserrat’s wedding dress. Montserrat jumps back, and, as Eli mentioned yesterday, I thought there was going to be a wardrobe malfunction right then and there with the strapless formerly white wedding dress and Montserrat’s mountains of boobage, but somehow the double-sided wardrobe tape did the trick and Montserrat’s hillocks were blessedly held in place by the miracles of modern science. Saints be praised.

Our cameras take us over to observe Mama Rosario and Tia Carlota talking, yet again, about Rosario not wanting her former daughter-in-law Montse to remarry. Both women look lovely, by the way, with Rosario especially fetching in a lovely blue dress. Carlota sympathizes with her friend but reminds Rosario that, over the years, Jose Louis has proved himself to be a good man. It is time for everybody to move on. Carlota says that Laurito is very excited about the whole thing and she promises her friend that everything is going to be OK.
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Kids and drunks always speak the truth Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #131 05/14/2014

Hello friends-work has been brutal this week and I'm bone tired, I'll give you the best recap I can but I already feel Bernie (my one and only brain cell starting to shut down). Here we go:

Boozy pays her madrina a visit:

Fabiola has come to visit Amelia, because it's hot out and because she's a gracious host-Amelia offers Fabiola a drink, Fabi immediately requests a glass of wine, Amelia instead offers her a glass of refreshing juice which makes boozy explode, "why did you offer me other drinks when you knew what you were going to serve me?!" Amelia asks her why she's there and Fabiola tells her she is having issues with Graciela-she is out to get her. Amelia tries to warn her against picking a fight with Graciela and tells her to leave Agua Azul, and sell her lands, she says that Graciela is not an enemy she wants to have. Fabiola says that she wont leave, where would she go, where does she belong (dead in a ditch perhaps?What too harsh?)  In Agua Azul she has Amalia and...."Jose Luis?" asks Amelia, then she delivers a crushing blow to Fabiola when she reveals that Jose Luis is off limits because he is going to wed Montserrat, "when" asks Fabiola, "later today" says Amelia and Fabiola does not take the news well. Sucks to be you Fabiola, sucks to be you.

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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #50 and #51 5/14/14

De que algunos entienden, entiende

Hola amigas/os.  I played with Sara's title and if you haven't seen this yet you will know seems an unteneable plot is about to be resolved.  I'm skipping the 7 minute rehash and jumping into the new.

Diego, Nat and the Brat arrive at Caprico and meet up with Irene.  She notices Nat is still cold to Diego and he doesn’t know what to do (because having a discussion about what’s wrong could resolve things, sigh).

Irma learns that Rod stole Lolita’s jelly but their laughs get cut short.  The doc comes in and she has left her bowl of food on Rod. Doc isn't happy and threatens to write up Irma.  This should be a warning for her but sadly it is not. 
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 130, Tues., 5/13/14: Don't Tell Montserrat

Come let us rationalize together.

If Graciela is disconcerted when José Luis returns her head poke and Te hace falta Jesús, she hides it well.  

And the source of her information about Alejandro doesn't matter.  (Eso es lo de menos).  The important thing is that the bastardo Alejandro didn't die -- even if he isn't exactly alive.  He has been in a coma all these years. 

José Luis wants Montserrat protected from this knowledge.  It would only cause her pain.  She would cling to the hope that Alejandro might wake up some day; she would live out her days in unending unhappiness (desdicha).

Graciela agrees that her daughter must be protected.  She will speak to the person who told her about Alejandro and make certain the secret isn't revealed...

...Is she referring to Nadia Argüelles?

She's not.   Besides, Graciela doesn't think Nadia would dare set foot in Aguazul.  Pedro would destroy her.
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Qué Pobres, Martes 5/13/14 (#91): Oh my God! They killed Adolfo! You bastards!!

Alt title: A Tale of Two Guns

Oops. I screwed up a little bit. I agreed to switch nights with Jane. She asked me on Monday to do the recap "tomorrow," which of course was today, but my brain interpreted that as "Wednesday." I did see tonight's episode, but I didn't record it or take any notes.

Yeah, Adolfo is dead. Between one gun and the other we have the fingerprints of, I think, Nepo, MA, and maybe Trofeo... but not the killer, who doesn't like to get his hands that dirty.

Heh heh, it's a funny story, really. Let's go back in time...
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #48 and #49 5/13/14

De que algunos entienden mal, entienden mal

Mainly the main events sort of in order and mightily condensed.

Diana calls Britgitte (Brat) and asks if she's done the dirty deed. Brat asks Diana if she knew Diego was a rapist. Diana is Qué???? Brat nags about the 3 mil pesos ($232...hmmm. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.) Diana tells her she'll make the transfer, but Brat tells her she doesn't have a bank account. Diana tells her to get one.

The Doctor has finished his tests and informs Diego, Alina and Diana that her eating disorder is yet again rearing its ugly head. Diana needs to eat. She will have to stay in the hospital. Diana is not pleased with this news. Neither is Alina. She's ready to bail. This is too much for mommy. Alonso gets filled in, too. He'll runs some psychological tests. While Alonso is there he gets a call from Irene. They plan to meet in the hospital cafeteria.

Carmen calls Luz. She needs her cooking wisdom. There's a new fonda opening around the corner! Later the family brainstorms ways to beat the competition (Mireya is her name...which they finally mention near the end of the two hours): Special offers, new recipes, marimba players (?)

Diana's baby is in danger. She risks losing it if she doesn't eat.

Brat wonders what Diego could have possibly said for Natalia (Nat) to forgive him. She thinks Alberto must know and calls him. They plan to meet.

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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #46- Mon 5/12

De que recapacitó, recapacitó

Let the 2-hour episodes begin!

Tiburcio makes excuses to the Virgen for not coming clean to the padre.  Hilda makes fun of him, thinking it's stupid of him to talk about Irene's daughter "wherever she is" when he knows damn well she's dead.

Padre Juancho asks a staff member at the church what happened to the guy who wanted to talk to him earlier.

Tad places the blame for what happened to their daughter squarely on Vicente, not that it keeps Irene from thinking dark thoughts.

Brigitte kicks Natalia off the sewing machine, but then goes to a friend's house to watch a movie.  Eleazar brings Lupita some chocolate and gets invited to stay for dinner.  Chato won't be joining them.  Eleazar looks at the sketches and gets the story of Irene Cacares Designs.

Chato arranges to hook up with his "mamita" to deliver the money in person.  That could mean his actual mama or his hot mama, but judging from his guilt when he realizes Andres is listening, I don't think it's the woman who raised him.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Que Pobres Tan Ricos: Adolfo loses his starch, Leo gets a love poem, they'll be serving more vegetables at the cafe.

Greetings friends, thanks to Julie for switching with me so I can get up at 5 am and leave town.
Adolfo Giron continues to put the moves on Vilma and she finally likes it. He does have a very sexy voice. She's learning to smile and sashay when she walks. She goes to get groceries for the delicious dinner he'll make and purrs: "You don't need to call me licenciada any more, but we are not going to say tu, the formal is more exciting."

Saul has staked out Vilma's house. MA sneaks up (disguised in - A HAT). Hearing that the police have been hunting for MA in the barrio, Saul offers his own house as a hideout, but MA doesn't want to leave Alejo a free field with Lupe.

They watch Wilma leave. Saul: "Look she is smiling, I haven't seen that in years!" MA pretends to be a delivery guy (in his HAT) and convinces a neighbor to let him through the gate. He sneaks upstairs and pushes his phone number under the door. He tells Giron: "We're in the same boat, you're a fugitive too, we have a mutual enemy. And you KNOW I'm innocent." "Yes, but it's my neck. I can't help you." MA is disappointed and leaves.

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Lo Que la Vida Me Robó Lunes 5/12/14 #129

Chapter 129: Touch of Evil

Mendoza Mansion: Gracie Mendoza sat on the couch, ruminating about the consequences of Josefina Valverde's return to Aguazul. She had never liked her and had never been honest about her reasons for this hatred, even with herself. Now she was wondering what revenge Josefina was planning by defying her demand to clam up about Alejandro Almonte being alive. She didn't have a lot of time to think about this because Fabiola Guillen and Sandro Narvaez arrived and barged in.

Outdoor Café: Amelia explained to José Luis that she had married Pedro Medina under some very special conditions, which was to say that the marriage was for the convenience of appearances.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: La Impostora, week of May 12, 2014

Here you are, my friends.  Another week to chat about the little novela that couldn't.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- Avenida Brasil, En Otra Piel, Camelia la Texana, et cetera, week of May 12, 2014

According to my cable listings, Avenida Brasil is ending this week.   Thursday and Friday are both labeled as "Final."  I'm not sure if they planning a two-day final or airing the last episode twice.

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Que pobres tan ricos, #89 09 May 2014 MA, Adolfo and even Tizoc have a moment to remember

We return to Lupe picking up Emiliano and MA finding them there… Lupe goes back in the school for a moment and MA uses the opportunity to ask Emiliano why he is lying to his mother. Emiliano says he is just finding it fun to keep the secret with A-hole. Emi asks MA not to tell Lupe. MA says no I won’t tell her, but you will, because you know it is not right to keep that information from her. I will wait until you tell her yourself.

Cop Jennifer is in car asking around La Nopalera with a drawn picture of MA if anyone has seen him. First she asks a girl dressed as clown, then she asks Tomas… Tomas fakes not knowing him and even confusing him with a novella star (again the reference to novellas).

A-hole is giving Vilma some orders, notices she is not really focused on what they are doing, Vilma receives a cell phone call, its Adolfo. She won’t answer in front of A-hole, Ahole notes that she seems to have her mind elsewhere. She comes up with the excuse of her moon/venus/planets lining up in her favor. She steps out to call Adolfo back. As Vilma is talking to Adolfo and he is asking her to stop by the grocery store to get him razor and shaving crème, Mini overhears Vilma on phone, finds out Adolfo Giron is staying at Vilma’s. Later Mini discusses with Isela whether or not she should tell MA about Adolfo’s whereabouts.
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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 128, Fri., 5/9/14: How's Tricks?

Graciela, foul trickster and serial Apple picker* sits with her latest victim, Josefina Valverde, and parlays a few facts -- 

-Josefina has returned to Aguazul.
-Josefina is looking for Rosario.
-Nadia has called Josefina's phone.

-- into a full-blown Holmesian deduction:

-Someone has asked Josefina to find Rosario.
-If Nadia is alive, then that damned bastard Alejandro has also survived.
-Josefina is here on Alejandro's behalf.

Josefina remains silent.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #45- Thu 5/9

De que hubieron muchas emociones, hubieron muchas emociones

Irene lays down the law and tells Natalia she's not doing herself OR Brigitte any favors covering up for her.  Natalia says she does it because Brigitte has always thought Natalia is the favorite and she knows Brigitte's insecure.  Irene says Brigitte's going to have to get ahead on her own merits and Natalia's silence isn't the way to fix things.  Irene's going to talk to Brigitte and if her attitude doesn't change, then she'll have to fire her.

Brigitte runs into a classmate at the mall and says she hasn't been around lately because she's been doing her "community service" which takes all day.  She complains about being "exploited" and paid a "pittance" at Caprico, but her classmate says most places don't even pay, so Brigitte's lucky.  Brigitte accepts her classmate's invitation to have coffee and complain about Natalia, who she's having SUCH a difficult time putting up with.  Yeah, 'cause Natalia's such a hateful, manipulative, scheming cow.

Natalia brings Diego to the fonda for lunch.  He's dying to try the empanadas.

The world according to Brigitte: Natalia has always been jealous of her, Irene's an idiot for believing in her, Carmen's in her pocket as well.  Diana, avoiding a bookstore, sits at a table behind Brigitte and gets to hear her delusional diatribe.

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Por Siempre Mi Amor #112/Mexico #151 FIN- That Sucked (™ tofie)

It has been a pleasure to be on this team. I have really enjoyed the show, but mostly I've enjoyed the conversation and comments. I looked forward to tofie's daily lists and I appreciated CD's Dead Pool list. Special thanks to Tablet Jefa who was a great leader. She also covered for me several Friday nights. Thank you xlnt for your hilarious pictures. Thanks Corazon for "fArt". It's probably my all time favorite nickname. Thank you for your work J desde NYC! I will be recapping De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero and looking forward to watching La Gata (I hope the rumors are true that it will be here in July!)

Fernando (Feo) gives Arturo (fArt ™ Corazon), Isabel (Isa) and Aranza (Ara) time to say their goodbyes. He takes Sonia out of the cell. Sonia starts telling him she loves him and he says he loves her, too. Outside he shows Sonia 4 graves and tells her who each one is for: Arturo, Aranza, Isabel and YOU! Goodbye, Sonia. She starts blubbering and telling him she'd never betray him. She loves him! They're partners! Feo tells her she betrayed him when she fell for Fabricio (Fab.) She swears she didn't love Fab. He was just part of her plan. She begs FEo not to kill her. They have a son together!!

Esteban (Este) arrives at the lair. He calls Agente Rosas and gives him directions.

Sonia continues to beg Feo to spare her. She kisses him and he shoots. Este hears the shots, as do the prisoners inside. It sends Ara into a panic. Este tells Agente Rosas about the shots. The police officer tells him NOT to enter the property. Este ignores him. He's goin' in!!!

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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #44- Thu 5/8

De que hay opciones, hay opciones

Don't worry about your little wardrobe malfunction, Brigitte.  "I didn't see anything.  I've already forgotten."  She finally stops her relentless and feeble attempt at seduction when Irene and Natalia come back from the copy shop.

Paolo gets the job, to the delight of his new love interest.

Diego complains to the ladies about his crappy severance pay and his plans to sue.  He's planning to use the money to finance the clothing line.  Irene knows exactly what the old goat is up to.  Natalia is alarmed to hear that Diego is going to leave the house…"But what about Diana?"  Natalia…there is such a thing as being too good!

From the kitchen, Irene explains to Alonso that she's going to have dinner with Tad.  He gets whiney.  That is not attractive, Alonso.

Diego's bags are packed.  He's got no intention of living under the same roof as his lyin' grandpa and his cheatin' soon-to-be-ex-wife.  Diana gets tipped off and sends Alina to threaten him.  Diana joins them, whining about not wanting to be locked up.  Diego explains to Vicente it's for the health of the baby.  He calls their bluff and says "Take her if you want to.  I'll figure out how to get my child back."  Diana and Alina head upstairs to pack.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 127 - 5/8/2014 - Laurito Wants To Be The Red Headed Step-Child

Carlota and Montserrat Discuss Laurito’s Daddy Issues

•    Montserrat and Tia Carlotta speak of how Montse has tried to give Laurito a “picture” of his real father, Alejandro. Montse smiles as she remembers Ale changing Lauro’s diapers and holding him, way back in the day. This was, of course, after Ale rejected to kid as the bastard son of Jose Luis Alvarez, but it seems Montse only wants to remember the good times with her MIA husband.
•    Ever since Laurito started school Montserrat has put a picture of Alejandro in Lauro's backpack so his father could be with him all the time. I suspect this is so that if Alejandro makes a miraculous return Laurito will recognize him instantly.
•    Montserrat wants Lauro to always love Alejandro, particularly after Little Lauro becomes Jose Luis’ redheaded stepchild.
•    Carlotta proffers her usual brand of astute Pollyanna analysis. She thinks Lauro and his not-really-dead-dad Ale will always have a special bond.
•    Carlota says that a photo cannot make up for the hands-on love that Little Lauro needs. Montse cannot deny that to the child.

Jose Luis And Basurto Agree To Make a Convicted Felon The New Chief of Police

•    José-Luis concludes his deal with EZ Basurto. JL will be appointed the new Chief of Police in Aguazul. I wonder if he will have to wear that same kind of tacky laminated name badge around his neck that EZ sported when he was on the job? It could wrinkle his stylish new Italian suit. Huh.

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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Que Pobres Tan Ricos #88: 5/8/14: The Commenters Recap

 Hola Amiguis! I am unable to do my  usual Thursday recap because Mr. Mads if having knee surgery at 6:00AM on Friday morning and I couldn't stay up to watch the episode. So I came up with a novel idea. Just as Julie did a whole team recap a couple three weeks ago, I thought I'd do a all commenters recap. This way the commenters can chip in and tell me what you saw. I will be back next Thursday, for my  usual recap. Thank  you so much for helping me out and hey, I have an earworm for you, I couldn't leave you without one ; ) The Best Is Yet To Come!  


Por Siempre Mi Amor #111 (Mexico #150) Thursday, 5-8-14- Gran FInale Part One- A Family Gathering!

Hola!  This is my last recap for Por Siempre Mi Amor.  I want to just say that it was a pleasure recapping and I thank everyone for their support even with Univision's scissors.  I want to publicly thank my team, Xintperuvian, CorazonSalvaje, J Desde NYC and Sara for helping hold this novela together when possible and all of the commenters.  Your comments was the motivation that kept us going. I am taking a brief hiatus and will return to recap for the next 8:00 novela. FF

Isa tries to convince the witch doctor to let her go but the witch doctor needs Isa in order to get Art from Feo (or so she thinks). Isa will never have Art according to the witch doctor.
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Pobres, 5/7: my first one!

Hi guys! This is my first time watching this show, so please forgive any mistakes I've made!

We open on Wilma and Alejo - Alejo gloats about how his son loves luxury (just like his dad) and will be easily won. Wilma favors a legal battle, but Alejo prefers his current plan.

Lupita attempts to convince MA that she wasn't involved in the hair pulling fight. She wasn't even there. Alibi - she's been with Alejo! He doesn't love that..

Money launderer guy (Adolfo) has made a nice dinner for Vilma. Alejo imperiously demands that Vilma bring him wine. Adolfo helps in a very friendly hands-on way, and Alejo snaps a pic with an evil look on his face and hiding his phone sneakily.

Flashback/dream for the kid of the amazing rich-kid room he'll have with his Dad. He shows off the expensive school photos to tizoc, with some easy commentary on the difference b/w rich and poor. How swiftly the boy has decided to be spoiled and obnoxious.

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Qué Pobres Tan Ricos recap for Wednesday night is on its way! Talk among yourselves.

Hi, this is your blog mom. Brand-new Wednesday night recapper, my son Cerberez, is working but will be back and on the job soon - recap ready by 4 pm - in the mean time, have at it!


Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, #126, 5-7-2014: Even blind, I'd know that unfortunate mustache anywhere!

Pedro returns to wreak havoc in Nadia's life; Josefina returns to discombobulate DIM;  Ale's recovery continues, but his desperation grows.

Lo refrito #1:  Gracie gives a performance worthy of a write-in campaign for a nomination as best actress at the TV y Novela Premios as she talks about how sad and lonely she feels over the loss of her children's love.  

Lo refrito #2 Buenos Aires, House of Victor and Nadia:  Pedro can see Nadia; Nadia can't see Pedro; things don't look good.

Lo nuevo
Mansion Mendoza-Basurto, Agua Azul, Mexico:   Gracie continues with her attempt at conciliatory speech-making.  She claims that all she has ever wanted was the best for her family, though she admits that what she thinks they want is not necessarily what they need.  The others seem skeptical, but she is either oblivious or not bothered and goes on anyway. She says she'll do whatever it takes to return to their good graces and that for her their happiness is worth any price:  

If she has to accept that loser ex-marinero José-Luis, she will.  

She also really wants to support DIM in his new relationship with er…. 

"What your name, sweetheart?" Gracie asks Dim's female guest.

"Monica," says Captain Monica Rentería, surprisingly quietly for someone used to giving orders.  (As a military woman, though, she seems to comprehend and accept Gracie's natural authority.)  

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Por Siempre Mi Amor #110 (Mexico #149)-Wednesday- 5-7-14-A Funeral and A Wedding And A Divorce All In The Same Episode!

As we begin to read this recap- anvils are making rapid descents.

Ara asks a dying Dante- where is her dad?  He was tricked into meeting Feo alone.  Feo will exchange Art for Isa.

Sadly Isa gets into a tugging match with the crazy doctor Skankenstien. The crazy bitch tells Isa to behave or she will kill the baby.  (Isa thought bubbles-  I wish that I knew and realized that hitting someone over the head with a heavy object would knock them out.  I would have knocked out Fernando and this crazy doctor.)

The first anvil of the evening:
Ara insists on getting answers from Dante, who is on his last leg and can barely speak.  Where did Feo take Art?  All Dante can remember is that they were on the highway heading towards Pachuca.  He got shot and Feo kept it moving with Art in the trunk.
I felt bad for Lucha and Gabino who found out at their son Dante's hospital bed, that he took the easy road and didn't listen, he regrets it and was Feo's accomplice.  Feo turned on him and shot him.  He told Ara that on Feo's computer, there is evidence against him, there are videos  can be used as evidence. He tells them that Fernando and Javier are the same person. Snooty Ara says, yea, we know that already.
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #43 Wednesday 5/7/14

De que tienen apetito, tienen apetito

Ok folks, the DVR said it was recording, but it's not listed as recorded. I don't know what happened. This is just from crappy notes. There will be lots of holes. Sorry. Maybe later the recording will magically appear. I'm really annoyed. And my wit (such as it is) is gone. The recap is as dry as burnt toast.

El Refrito
Alberto (Albogado) tells Alonso (Al) about Diana's e-mail threatening to get rid of the baby. He asks Alonso for a psychological workup on Diana.

Diego is happy Irene didn't drink. He tells her about Natalia (Nat) and Brigitte (Brat) bringing everything to Nat's house. They talk a little about Diana. Irene starts to quote Alonso and stops herself. She backtracks and says it's something he told her in therapy about some women doing anything to get their way.

Albogado will get the paperwork ready to give to the judge so they can have Diana committed. After Albogado leaves, Alonso asks Eleazar to keep Alonso's relationship with Irene a secret.

Tad is back home. He doesn't want to tell Irene about his health problems. He doesn't want to be a bother.

Lo Nuevo
Irene, Nat and Brat will work at the Garcia departamento until a better location is found. Carmen is lukewarm about the idea.

Albogado and Alonso discuss the Diana conundrum. Her mom is back and surely sees Diana as the poor victim.

Alina (Diana's mom) is still talking to colleague in the field. It bothers her that she's not there. Diana takes offense. Alina asks if she had breakfast. Diana lies and tells her juice, eggs and bread. Diana leaves in a huff.

Irene, Nat and Brat work hard.

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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #42- Tue 5/6

De que hicieron el amor, hicieron el amor!

Alonso went to the bar to pick up Irene!  She didn't drink!  She's amazed Alonso still believes in her.  Well, of course she is, because her dad's a total tool!

Eleazar tries to find out why Chato has shown up all of a sudden, and what he was doing while he was away.  Chato doesn't mention his "problem," but he talks about how it would be impossible not to love Lupita and that he's had other women (yeah, right) but none as great as Carmen and he never should have left her.  He realizes it's time to pick Lupita up from school.  This is not going to go well.

Padre Juancho thinks Diana's threats are empty.  Natalia knows that even if she leaves Diego alone, he's still determined to get a divorce and no one's going to be able to convince Diana that it's NOT because of Natalia.  And if she tells Diego, then he'll confront Diana and she'll make good on her threat.  Natalia begs  Padre Juancho to go talk to her.  He grudgingly agrees, and I do not blame him for wanting nothing to do with that hot mess!  But, if he can't talk some sense into her, he thinks she needs to tell Diego.  In other words, just go tell him and save Padre Juancho the trip.  Seriously, Natalia…I thought you liked Padre Juancho.

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Por Siempre Mi Amor #109 (Mexico-#148)- May 6, 2014- That's Gonna Leave a Mark!


(T'is my final PSMA recap. I will miss my team, Tofie's lists and the novela! On with the show!)

fART has put the pedal to to the metal and is on the phone with FeVer. He tells him to not even think of laying a finger on Isabel and that's when FeVer begins to push fART's berkserk button 'til it's stuck. (He gets to the point where he even says Isabel could be excepting a FeVer baby.) FeVer says if he wants to see Isa again, to take a detour and come alone (I guess you know what that means.)

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, capitulo 125. 05/06/14.

The first couple of minutes did not record. Please fill in what I  missed.

Huckalious Ale is slowly crawling out of bed. He falls gracefully to the floor, pulls himself up and decided to do squats on the side of the bed. Nothing like being in a coma for 7 years and suddenly decide to work out.

Vic is outside the room and asks the nurse where he can get a cup of joe.  The nurse drops her tray of meds and Ale takes the opportunity to make his escape. He stumbles to the elevator unnoticed. He bypasses Vic who is trying to figure out out how to get a cup of joe out of the vending machine. He runs out of the hospital confused at his surroundings.

Vic returns to the room to find Ale gone.
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