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Cuidado: Friday 11/28/08- "Two Wives and a Girlfriend"

Sorry but due to the time change of this show airing I didn't tape this episode. Therefore, I can only go from memory of watching it one time through. So this won’t be a recap, it is only going to be a brief summary…..

Marichuy tells Cande that she’s decided to forgive Juan Miguel and to tell him that they are expecting. She heads over to the castle and is told by Balbina that he’s left for work. Marichuy decides to stick around and wait. She has a run-in with Stef and they exchange words. Stef is her typical biznitch- self, as usual, and tries to use her status as JM’s girlfriend to boss MC around. MC reminds her that she’s JM’s wife and that trumps girlfriend any day. Stef leaves and then MC has a reunion with Cuate and a little chat with Mayita. Mayita lets MC know that Cuate’s been to see the vet, been vaccinated and now has a collar with a nametag. MC tells the girl that Cuate is there to stay and in the course of the conversation she mentions that perhaps Mayita would like a little sibling. Mayita is ecstatic over the idea.

Juanmi speaks to his lawyer, he wants to speed up the divorce process. He heads to the mental health center to check on patients. When he arrives, he’s told there is a new patient, a woman without any memory, apparently suffering from some trauma. The police recently brought her into the facility (she's been there three days, I think). JM goes to talk to her and it is Viviana. She plays like she’s catatonic and doesn’t recognize him (because we all know she's faking, although the powers that be made no indication of this, but we all know). He tries to jog her memory, but doesn’t tell her outright that he’s her husband (that would be really bad as a mental health professional). Getting no response from her, he goes and checks out her personal effects and spots her wedding band among the stuff. He tells a nurse that Viv is his wife.

Cecilia comes home and lets Stef and Isa know that she’s wise to them, that there is no way Stef is her daughter and that she knows that they prevented the rightful daughter, Marichuy, from taking her rightful place. Isa tries to tell Ceci she’s not thinking straight, but Ceci didn’t come down in the last shower of rain and she tells the two frauds to vacate the premises. Gestapo servant hears raised voices from the kitchen, but I can't clearly remember her reaction. Patricio shows up and wants to know why he’s heard yelling. Ceci fills him in and tells him that they need to stick together on this.

Elsa goes to see Eduardo and has a pregnancy test run. She’s not preggers. She mentions her and Nelson’s financial problems and Eduardo says that he’s there for her if she ever needs him.

Juanmi heads home and finds MC waiting there. He’s not too receptive to her visit. She attempts to tell him her news, but doesn’t get a chance because he tells her that their marriage was never valid, because Viv isn’t dead. In fact, she’s in a terrible situation and he’s going to do everything in his power to help her. So, MC's got what she wants...she's free.

Mayita goes to visit her abuelita Marianna and she tells her that Cuate's been to the vet and in an unrelated note, that she's soon going to have a little sibling. AM is impactada.

Isa comes up with a plan to save Stefi. She’s going to take the fall for the whole deception, but Stefi’s got to promise she’ll take care of her.

Marichuy leaves and heads home to cry on Cande’s shoulder. She fills Cande in on what she learned…..her baby won’t have a father and won’t have his last name.

That’s about all I remember. Please fill in any details and anything I might have left out. Thanks.


El Cuerpo del Deseo, Wed. & Friday, Nov. 26 & 28 - Salvador's past makes and unwelcome visit

PJ/S is walking around outside the Donoso house. He talks to Antonio, waves at Valeria who is riding a horse and then he sees Isabel lounging by the pool

and Isabel sees him...

and the next thing we know, they are going at it hot and heavy in Antonio and Ángela's love nest in the attic.

Isabel considers braining PJ/S with a candlestick but she decides not to and drops it.

After sex, PJ/S asks Isabel when she is going to kill him. She asks if he is still convinced that she was one who shot him. He replies that she told him that she wanted to get rid of him. Isabel says that she hates him when she feels that he is far away from her.

PJ/S says that she just wants his body. Speaking of which, he no longer has the bandage or even a scar from the shooting!

Isabel tells PJ/S that he is wrong about her. She loves him. He asks her to prove it. Would she marry him if she were free? She says that she would consider marrying the family chauffeur if she were free and furthermore, she wants to be free from her husband whom she doesn't love anymore. His eyes full of tears, PJ/S just shakes his head.

Isabel asks Andrés for a divorce and tells him that she is in love with someone else. Andrés says that he won't let Isabel go with someone else. He swears that he will kill her and him.

Cantalicia finds PJ/S and is a lot happier to see him that he is to see her. He runs inside, gets some time off from Ángela, borrows her car and whisks Cantalicia and Moncho away from the Donoso house. Cantalicia has taken he wrong piece of paper with her and has no idea how to get back to Tío Felipe's house. PJ/S has no choice but to take her and Moncho to Gaetana's house and leave them there while he goes back to work.
Tío Felipe is desperately looking for Cantalicia.

Meanwhile, Isabel is fantasizing with PJ/S's uniform.

Ángela asks to speak to Antonio. He tells her that he is keeping his distance from her because he respects his superiors and maybe someday PJ/S will tell her what that means. Ángela thinks he is still not right in the head.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Doña Bárbara - Friday, Nov., 28 - Santos goes farther to the dark side and throws Antonio out of Altamira

Santos confronts Antonio in the bar. He says that he thought Antonio was a friend but he is only a filthy traitor. Antonio tells Santos that he and Cecilia tried to tell him about their relationship but Santos won't listen and keeps hitting Antonio. The Altamira vaqueros try to keep them apart with mixed success. During the melee, Santos mentions that Cecilia is pregnant. "Cecilia is having a baby?" says Antonio, "She didn't tell me anything." Santos doesn't believe it.

At Altamira, Marisela tells Gonzalo that she would die before having his baby. Lorenzo tells Gonzalo to leave his daughter alone. Then he sees that he and his friends are armed and ask what they are doing at Altamira.

DB sends Juan Primito to find out what is going on at Altamira.

Federica is hiding under the dining room table and Pernalete demands that she come out and tell him what they told Antonio. Federica stays under the table and wails that it's all lies.

When Lorenzo tells Gonzalo his name, he and the other rebels say that he is their idol. They produce a copy of Lorenzo's thesis: "A new constitution for a new country," and say that they are honored to meet him. Gonzalo says that he will be Lorenzo's son in law and Marisela leaves in disgust. Gonzalo explains to Lorenzo that he and his friends are fugitives from the tyranical government. Lorenzo replies that the local government is very corrupt but he and Santos will help them get over the frontier.

Carmelito drags Antonio out of the bar. "She betrayed me," he says, "she's going to have my baby and she married someone else." He borrows Carmelito's horse. The vaqueros are unable to prevent Santos from following.

Antonio comes into Cecilia's room. "How could you do this to me?" he says, "You're carrying my baby and you marry another man? What kind of a woman are you, Cecilia Vergel?" Cecilia says that when she found out she was pregnant, all she could see was the image of Federica carrying Antonio's baby. She says that she was too proud to beg for a father for her baby. Antonio says that he doesn't believe her and now they are even because she didn't believe him. The difference is that he didn't betray her. Antonio says that the truth will come out and she will repent what she has done to him but it will be too late. Cecilia says that she hasn't done anything to him. She married Lorenzo to forget Antonio and because she thought Lorenzo would be a good father to her baby.

Antonio says that he is the baby's father but if Cecilia wants to go ahead and get it on with that drunk Lorenzo, she should go ahead. Cecilia says that Antonio knows full well that there is nothing between her and Lorenzo. "Right, there's nothing between you and your ex-boyfriend. Tell me another one. ("A otro perro con ese hueso," literally, "to another dog with that bone.") Antonio says that he feels pity for her and he curses the day he met her.

Lorenzo brings Gonzalo and his buddies to a worker's hut where they can stay. Gonzalo tells Lorenzo that he has adored Marisela from the first moment he saw her and intends to make her wife however long it takes. Lorenzo warns him that will be difficult since Marisela has already taken against him.

DB waits for Santos to come to her. She tells Eustaquia to keep the men quiet and put flowers everywhere. She wants El Miedo to be a place of rest from Santos' domestic war.

Armed with a stick to protect herself, Marisela watches while Casilda feeds Gonzalo and his friends. Marisela asks why they have come to Altamira. After joking that he has come just to see her, Gonzalo explains that they are running from 'bad guys' ('malos tipos') from the government and need her help. He says that he will be killed if he is caught and she'll be a widow before she's a bride. Marisela pretends to attack Gonzalo with the stick
and he and his friends cower behind the table.

Santos returns to Altamira and yells for Antonio to come out. Juan Primito is observing the goings on from a tree. Santos comes out and says that he doesn't care if Santos beats him to death. Cecilia is right behind him and she begs them not to fight. Santos say that he won't dirty his hands with someone like Antonio. He tells him to leave Altamira. Santos tells Antonio to disappear from his sight forever. "I will leave here but before I do," says Antonio, "I'm going to tell you something. What I just saw today reminds me of what I saw in this house many years ago when we were children. I saw in your eyes the same hate and the same thirst for vengeance that I saw in the eyes of your father. Today you are the same as José Luzardo. Then, with only one blow, you lost your father and your brother. Today because of your arrogance and blindness, you are losing your best friend."

Antonio leaves and Cecilia goes after him. He tells her that he will do everything he can to take her baby from her because a woman like her doesn't deserve to be a mother. Cecilia says that he seems like a different person. Antonio says that he is a different person and soon she will hear about the new Antonio Sandoval.

Santos is muttering to himself about what a traitor Antonio is when Lorenzo comes out to speak to him.
L: If you want, you can hit me to relieve your fury.
S: Leave me in peace. What do you want?
L: Let us see the 'different Luzardo' ('el Luzardo distinto'). The centaur of violence is inside you, Santos. You are the same as your father. Are you going to kill Antonio with a bullet?
S: You too? Is everyone here trying to destroy my life?
L: No one is destroying anyone else's life. Everyone is resonsible for his own misfortunes. Do you remember how many times you've told me that?
S: I don't want to talk to you or to anyone right now. Go away.

Lorenzo tells Santos that Gonzalo and his friends are at Altamira. He says that he has put them in a worker's hut until Santos decides what to do with them.

Marisela says that Casilda likes Gonzalo. Casilda says that Marisela likes him too. She protests but Casilda says that it is a short step between love and hate. Marisela gives Casilda a look.

Santos tells Gonzalo and his friends that they should rest up at Altamira for a few days and then he will help them get over the border.

Antonio comes back to the Sandoval house and tells Melesio and the terneras that Santos has thrown him out of Altamira. Antonio tells his family that Santos was offended that he didn't tell him about his relationship with Cecilia. Melesio says that Santos was right - they went behind his back but Genoveva doesn't agree. Melesio asks where they will go. He has lived on these lands his entire life. There has always been a Sandoval at the side of a Luzardo.

Back at the hut, it's decided that Gonzalo and his friends will pretend to be workers at Altamira. For that they will need clothes and tools. Lorenzo agrees to see to that. Santos then tells them that he isn't living at Altamira.

Antonio tells Melesio and the terneras that he will find them new land where they can live without bowing their heads or calling anyone, 'boss.' Sandovals don't need a Luzardo to live. He tells them to pack up their stuff. "It's not right!" says Genoveva and runs out.

The Altamira vaqueros are patching themselves up after the fight with Antonio when Genoveva comes in. She attacks Pajarote saying that it's all their fault and they are cowards and liars and Pajarote is the worst.

Santos return to El Miedo. He tells DB that she was right. Everyone lied to him. He can't trust anyone. DB says that he can trust her, only her.

Pernalete is giving Mujiquita orders to search evertwhere for Gonzalo and his friends. Antonio comes in and says that they have to talk.

Marisela comes breezing in to the Sandoval house and sees the terneras packing up all the stuff. She asks if something happened. They tell her that they have to leave the house since Santos threw Antonio out of Altamira. Marisela doesn't believe that Santos would kick his best friend out. She says that they are as close as a fingernail and dirt ("ellos son uña y sucio"). Repeating that she doesn't believe it, Marisela leaves the room but she comes back in a second. "He really did it?" she asks. The terneras nod yes. Marisela tells them to stop packing. She says that this won't happen.

Pernalete refuses to believe Antonio that Federica had sex with the vaqueros. Antonio calls Mujiquita to verify that Federica and Josefa laid a trap for him.

DB lies down on the bed with Santos. She tells him to rest. Tomorrow he can decide how he will punish those who betrayed his trust. DB says that this is his refuge, her love will protect him from all bad things.

Antonio helps Pernalete drag Federica out from under the table. He asks to be left alone with her.

There is one more revelation necessary before everyone knows all the secrets. Genoveva brings the vaqueros to Cecilia.

She orders them to, "Tell it to her!" ("¡Díganselo!"). She has a right to know. Cecilia says that she has a headache and doesn't want to hear any more. The vaqueros look for a way to escape. They say that Cecilia is ill and this will make her feel much worse. Genoveva won't be denied. When the vaqueros won't speak, she tells Cecilia that the vaqueros slept with Federica and one of them is the father of her child. Antonio was telling the truth. Federica trapped him. Cecilia is impactada.

Antonio tells Federica that she is a disusting cockroach on the inside ("cucaracha asquerosa") and an insignificant mouse ("ratona insignificante") on the outside but he has the perfect way to get vengeance for what she did to him. He will marry her and make her suffer every day that she is by his side.

DB continues to pour poison into Santos' ear by repeating all the bad things that the folks at Altamira did to him when Marisela's voice is heard outside demanding to talk to Santos. Santos comes out and asks why she is yelling like a rude uneducated person. Marisela says that is what she is but he is a heartless wretch. She tells Santos that he has been converted into a monster like DB. Santos replies that it is he who should be annoyed with Marisela. Marisela says that she doesn't care. Her conscience is clear but his is black like that devil. She says that because of him Melesio and the terneras have to leave their land and don't have a roof over their heads. "Where is the Santos I knew? Where is he?" she asks hitting him.


Querida Enemiga Friday Nov. 28, '08 Hands Down It Was A Great Gran Finale

Whew....the writers didn't disappoint...this was a rip-snortin' gran finale. Lots of action. Symbolic hands (touching, consoling, slapping, slipping on rings, attacking etc.) and the cruel contrast of Sara's harassment and humiliation with Lorena's triumph of love and affection. And the wedding...always awaited, often a dud, this one was great fun with some dynamite dancing. Vive la boda y arriba los novios!

But let's start at the beginning. The first hour Friday was covered in a stellar recap by Julie Wednesday. Check that one if you missed it. And so we start with Lorena and Alonso's sad despedida (good-bye) in his office. She's thanking him for all he particular reuniting her with her family and saving Ernesto's life. He's regretting his errors and promising that if Ernesto doesn't make her happy, he'll have to deal with Alonso!

Alonso is alone now in his office when his dad enters, surprised that he's not in a more celebratory mood, given the success of the operation. Dad thoughtfully consoles him when he learns Lorena is lost to him forever. You won't forget her right away but she's moved on and so will you. At least you know you fought for her to the end. "El corazon no se mande". This is one phrase that every telenovela watcher learns quickly. Literally, the heart can't be ordered around...but I prefer "The heart has its reason which the reason knows not." The scene ends with Toribio gently placing his hand over Alonso's in sympathy.

Out in the corridor, Lorna is signing for Ernesto's effects when a ring box slips out of the bag. While the nurse rolls her eyes in delight, Lorena stares at the box in equal delight. Ring no. 2 and this one is for keeps!

Valeria is now with Alonso, continuing the consolation scene, trying to get him to eat (he hasn't had a thing all day) and agreeing to listen to his tale of woe as she tenderly covers his hand with hers.

Cute scene with Lorena teasing Ernesto about the ring (although I was horrified she sat down on the bed. You never do that with a hospital patient and particularly when they're recovering from from major surgery on a torn liver!) Oh well, they ramble on about how nothing is conventional in their romance....he fell in love with her selling muffins on the street....and she happily accepts his proposal. He slips the ring on her finger. Tah-dah!

Sara, on the other hand (no pun intended) has a pair of handcuffs slipped on...and this time she's cuffed behind her back. No chance of escape. She's limping but otherwise no sign of the gunshot wounds.

Now we have the Alonso/Ernesto farewell. I've noticed writers seem to favor scenes where two men who fought for the same damsel recognize each other's valor and part as gentlemen. More symbolism as Ernesto reaches out his hand and Alonso extends his for a manly handshake. (and here, Julie, I must say....Alonso's is bigger!)

Valeria is crying when Paula calls to see how the surgery went. He's still in love with Lorena, weeps Valeria. ¿ "Y eso a ti qué"? says Paula, although she's figured out by now that Val is a goner for our doc.

Another tender scene in Ernesto's hospital room (he evidently needs no recovery time from this major surgery). Gina, still missing a tooth, wants to know if he's okay with all these tubes hanging out. Hey, he's great and he's been thinking about them all the time. Ivan doesn't believe it but it's true...he doesn't need to think about Lorena because she's "in his heart" and when she enters the room he introduces her as his future wife (and my mom, pipes up Gina) and there's a group hug. Fortunately they don't all jump on Ernesto's bed after that.

The screen shows "a few months later" and we see Ernesto and Lorena walking around what I assume to be Chapultepec Park(thanks for the spelling correction, Cheryl) which he has picked for their wedding. I guess it's the primo spot though with a population like Mexico City I would think you'd need years to get it reserved. Whatever. She's thrilled because every bride wants her wedding day to be unforgettable.

Back to the mundane. Alonso's helping Valeria study for her new certification when one of her kids comes in and complains that the tv is busted. Val promises to look for a new one tomorrow but in the meantime Alonso jumps up to see if he can fix it (an ideal quality in a man, believe me! forget about hand size) Paula arrives in the meantime, looking for a ride home with bro' and notices that Alonso is already acting like "the man of the house" so why doesn't Valeria tell him how much she loves him!?

Whoops....Alonso comes back just in time to hear this. He's standing there stiffly, looking puppet-like, hardly encouraging for our Val, and she asks him to leave. She can't look him in the eye after this...can't bear him looking at her with pity. (Paula has already scooted , forgetting her need for a ride)

Alonso clumps out, lost in thought, remembering all the tender loving things Valeria has said to him in the past. How could I have been so blind? he asks himself. (something we viewers have discussed ad nauseum I might add).

And speaking of blind (and dumb as well) we have a final scene of mamita and Arturo in prison. She's looking down on her luck, kerchief on head ,but has brought him a yummy treat from the old folks home where she works for room and board. He's full of grand ideas for running a betting pool in the prison which will translate into big money to start a betting parlor when he gets 5 years with good behavior. And you are being good aren't you? coos mamita. Oh yeah.

Brief scene with Diana and Vasco. She has news. He doesn't want to be distracted from Julian's debut commenting on a soccer match. She insists. She's pregnant! Joy all around. In fact I could have titled this "They all (but Sara) lived happily ever after in Fertile Valley" because most of our couples are like the Biblical fruitful vines in this ending.

Julian, by the way, is introduced with the nickname "El Genio" and Dad (complete with cap) Zulema and Hortensia are all watching at home. Meanwhile Maruja and Rossy are at their usual affectionate bickering...boy, girl? healthy! etc. when the labor pains strike big-time. Rossy thinks she's peed her pants but actually "se le revento la fuente" (her water has broken).

Julian gets a text message and goes berserk in the middle of the broadcast, announcing that his son is being born as he speaks, then noticing that a goal has been scored and screaming Gol gol gol gol! Guess we can forget about Lamaze coaching for papas in Mexico. There's a happy scene with the whole family in Rossy's room, Julian arrives out of breath, Rossy teases him that it's a girl...then unwraps the little guy to show him the blue blanket. They name the bebito Omar. All is forgiven. Ernesto announces that just seeing the little critter makes him want one and sassy Rossy asks him if he's doing his homework on that. hah hah

A wistful Valeria is looking at a multitude of tv screens while the salesman tries to talk her into an expensive one by offering a credit plan. Suddenly the screens are all filled with Alonso's face! And Lordy, he speaks! lamenting his blindness, telling her he can't imagine life without her and ohmigosh, he's actually standing right behind her! Yowsa. Can you believe it? She's suddenly backtracking...she's divorced, two kids, it's difficult. Alonso reminds her they've practically been living together the past two months, the kids already sometimes call him "papa"...they'll build a life together step by step. Big clinch. Some nice kisses and the deal is done. (Hope you saw this Ferro...Valeria is looking especially fetching.)

We switch now to Paula's apartment where the family is anxiously awaiting Alonso's arrival. He has some big announcement. Can you guess what it is? Sure enough, it's him, Valeria (and strangely only one child....but whatever) and everybody toasts to "LOVE" including Toribio who wants it to come knocking at his door once more...but with careful vetting of the candidate this time. (for you Amalia fans, sorry, evidently our incompetent black widow/con lady is a no-show).

These happy family scenes are cruelly contrasted with Sara's daily reality. Look at our little tv star, sneers an inmate named Olga. She's not so hoity-toity anymore is she!? We'll take her down a peg or two in here (bajarse los humos).

Lousy prison food for Sara ( most of it on her clothes); wonderful bridal shower for Lorena with....heavens to betsy, a sexy bustier and thong given by no less than Hortensia.

Lorena is off to the beauty parlor/spa to get all a spiffy hairdo and more for the wedding. Sara, on the other hand, is spit upon by Olga and then slapped in the head. Just gave you some hairspray honey, Olga sneers. Okay, they're clubbing us over the head with irony here, just like in the opening scenes of this telenovela...but hey, who wants subtlety? This is drama and comeuppance par excellence!

The harassment continues. When Sara walks past Olga and her gang without saying anything. Olga taunts her. Hey didn't your mama teach you any manners (see what I mean about irony?) Say hello when you pass your elders. You're gonna get it now. Ever feisty, Sara punches her but a fellow inmate slips Olga a knife and as they go down, she repeatedly stabs Sara (or seems to...I didn't see any blood). Then mean jailer arrives. Olga accuses Sara of starting it and having a knife to boot, and eventually both of them end up in the same dark punishment cell, ready for the final confrontation. If you want to kill each other, go for it! snaps the jailer.

The writers are really pulling out all the stops now, contrasting the tender mother-daughter scene of Lorena and Zulema with the can-you-believe it? horrifying mother-daughter scene of Sara and Olga. I've got to say, this was a gem. Much better than having Sara simply offed by the police or killed in a car wreck. The writers really know how to wring all the pathos and horror out of this discovery.

Lorena and Zulema exchange tender words of love and joy at finding each other.... thanking God that they'll be united forever. The scene is full of light.

Sara , in the dark and dank of the cell, is also making a discovery. Olga talks of her downward path, beginning in '83 when that bastard of a guy who got her pregnant is kicking her around, even as she's about to give birth to his brat. But she fixed him. Who'd of ever thought she could come by a machete and do him in! But then the pains started really bad, she was in this dumpy little town, San Martin, (What? shrieks Sara.) San Martin, stupid, are you deaf!? And I give birth in pigsty, can you believe it? What did you do with the baby? Threw it in the garbage, what else?!

I'm your daughter!!! I'm what you threw in the garbage! No way, that trash rotted in there! No! the nuns found me and raised me.! I'm your daughter, damn you, screams Sara and begins to strangle a stunned and dazed Olga. Whew! That was exhausting.

We see Lorena leaving the house for the wedding. Must say she looks fabulous as a bride. Julian thinks so fact she's the prettiest bride he's ever seen (don't tell Rossy). We have the lovely wedding vows (with Gina as flower girl), tender looks, radiant smiles....the usual. And then a rip-roaring dance party. A couple of people in the cast can really shake it, including Zulema, Vasco, the nuns doing a fantastic conga and my all-time favorite, Ernesto, pantomiming magical tricks while swiveling his hips in the smoothest manner possible. Ay yi yi....lucky Lorena. Who cares if his hands are much smaller than Alonso's? That man can move his "caderas".

When the bouquet is tossed, who should catch it but Zulema? At last she will have the church wedding she always wanted (after minimal protest by Omar) and Zully looks lovely indeed as a bride.

And now the final wrapup. Ernesto leads a blindfolded Lorena to.....tah dah, her new restaurant which he knows will be a success because every dish she makes will be filled with love. Julian's new career is so successful he can afford an apartment. He and Rossy now have two sons. Gol gol gol!!!!

Diana and Vasco are living happily in their biosphere ecologically correct nature reserve and they too have another son, named Jaime, in addition to her first child.

Hortensia and Santiago are beavering away on charitable works but romance is in the air. He covers her hand with his. She slaps it away. He smiles. (we know he's not discouraged by rejection!)

Similar hand-slapping scene with Patty and Felipe as he steals a kiss. But what is this? as their hands now intertwine, she finds an engagement ring! Kisses and hugs.

Whoa...and who saw this coming? Toribio has also found his "medio naranja" (better half). It's...can you believe it?...Barbara! We focus on their hands holding up wine glasses (catar vinos...tasting wines) and the narration intones that "love has no age". (I'm expecting a product placement for Cialis any minute now).

Bettina and Ivan are still a happy couple, dancing dancing dancing. He's also about to head off to the university and Bettina is planning to be a doctor, just like her uncle.

Alonso has headed back to Quebec to start a clinic with Valeria's help. (good way to avoid granny Catalina). And they've had twins...and fortunately they look just like Valeria. Way to go.

And Sara? Well, Lorena hasn't seen her but she imagines she's still paying for her crimes. (Indeed she is. We have a shot of her hands gripping the prison bars, an anguished look on her face.) Sometimes I miss her, muses Lorena. She was my best friend....or perhaps I should say my beloved enemy "querida enemiga").

And's picnic time. Ernesto and Ivan are setting up a group shot. (Gina is still missing her front tooth) And we see that Lorena is holding a little baby girl, Marianna, which she plans to take back to San Martin to show her loving nuns. She's surrounded with blessings, she has the family she's always wanted, "her cup runneth over".

And they all lived happily ever after. Aren't you glad?


Friday, November 28, 2008

Doña Bárbara - Wed. Nov. 26 - DB starts an avalanche of recrimination with some 'innocent' truth telling

[An excellent episode. Usually in a novela, truths are told at the end and the misunderstandings that moved the plot along go away. Here, there is a general revelation of all the secrets concerning Cecilia, Antonio, Federica and the vaqueros and it creates nothing but problems. Since I had time, I put in some pictures for you, Chris Ferro.]

Santos tells Marisela that he cannot understand why Lorenzo and Cecilia have gone to San Fernando to get married or why Antonio went there also. He says the whole thing is absurd (un disparate). Marisela doesn't tell him the whole story.

"So Aunt Cecilia is pregnant," DB says to Federica. Federica says that just like with her, who knows who is the father of Cecilia's baby - Antonio or Lorenzo. DB says that Cecilia would never sleep with the drunk and the baby is Antonio's. "Do you think that all women are like you," says DB, "and display their boobs (se pone de pechito) for every guy who stops in front of you?" Federica pouts and says that she did all for love and now that Marisela knows everything, Federica won't be able to get Antonio. DB pays no attention. She realizes that Santos doesn't know any of this and she can use the information to help her relationship with Santos. Federica asks for DB's advice on what do. "Disappear (Esfúmate)," counsels DB, "You don't want to be here when everyone finds out you slept with the Altamira tribe." Federica whines that DB doesn't want to help her. DB replies that Federica has destroyed everything by herself. "You're up to your neck in it, girl." ["Estás metida en el fango, muchacha," literally, "You've gotten yourself in the mud, girl."]
Pernalete comes back and DB leaves saying that Federica has given her very good news.

Furious, Santos borrows Marisela's horse and leaves for El Miedo. He says that if Lorenzo and Cecilia didn't bother to tell of their plans, he isn't going to wait around and hear their explanations.

Marisela laments to Genoveva that she couldn't tell Santos the truth and now the fat's in the fire ("se va a armar la gorda"). Genoveva wasn't familiar with the phrase either and asks, "What fat person (gorda) are you talking about?" I looked it up and it has something to do with cannons.

Santos comes to El Miedo. DB says that she wants to discuss what happened in the capital, at the restaurant, about their child. Santos says that he doesn't want to talk about that. He has too many problems right here. Santos mentions Cecilia and Lorenzo's marriage. DB says that she found out about it when she met them in San Fernando. He asks why she didn't tell him. She says that she was going to tell him about that and about other things that have happened. "It's not right, Santos," she says, "it's not right that you are concerned about everyone at your hacienda and none of them have been truthful with you. None of them have been honest with you."

Antonio recall that he met Gonzalo in San Fernando and he tells him and his rebel buddies about his situation and that Santos doesn't know anything about it since he has only been occupied with DB.

DB says that she doesn't want to tell Santos the truth because he won't believe her and he'll get angry and say that it is her fault, just like he always does. Santos tells her not to play the victim and tell him why Cecilia and Lorenzo got married. DB says that Santos thinks that his aunt is a living saint but she isn't. She and Antonio have been lovers. Santos is impactado. He says that he doesn't believe it. [It's worth setting out the rest of the dialog to see how the person who has never stopped lying to DB about things like killing people, uses the Cecilia/Antonio situation to separate Santos from the people at Altamira.]
DB: I didn't make it up. They were lovers. What happened is that the business with Antonio and Pernalete's daughter destroyed their romance. I suppose that your aunt got in a fight with Antonio and ended up marrying that drunkard Lorenzo for spite. Frankly, your aunt is a very devious ("retorcida") woman.
Santos: Don't talk that way about my aunt.
DB: Sorry. I know you love her a lot. As far as I'm concerned, in spite of her bad treatment of me, I like her a lot. But what is really matters to me in all this is you. What hurts me is what they did to you because they slept together right under your nose and you didn't realize what was going on. Antonio Sandoval, who has so much to be grateful to you for, fell in love with her and she, the poor thing, all alone as she was, fell hard for him.
Santos: Lies, all this is lies. Then why did she marry Lorenzo?
DB: I told you - for spite ("por despecho"), because she likes to make life complicated. How do I know? To punish Sandoval. But if you want me to tell you the truth, I believe she did it to conceal her pregnancy. Yes, my love, you heard correctly. Your Aunt Cecilia is pregnant with Antonio Sandoval's child.

Cecilia and Lorenzo return to Altamira and Marisela asks them to tell her that they didn't get married but of course they can't. She tells them that Santos was very angry when she told him. She says that there is going to be big trouble and she will be blamed ("la que va pagar los platos rotos soy yo," literally, "the one who will pay for the broken plates is me.")

Back with Santos and DB, Santos says that he doesn't believe it. DB tells him to interrogate even the cat at Altamira because everyone there, including the cat, has been lying to him. "You will realize that I am one telling the truth," says DB. Santos leaves and DB has an evil smile.

Marisela tells Lorenzo and Cecilia that she had to tell Santos about why they went to San Fernando and she had to lie about why Antonio went there. Marisela repeats how upset Santos was and how she is jinxed ("bien sala' "(-'salada,' Marisela leaves off the ending) literally, "salty"). Lorenzo says that he will talk to Santos when he comes back. Marisela urges them to tell Santos everything but Cecilia says that Santos must never know that her baby is Antonio's. When Marisela asks about Antonio, Lorenzo says that he stayed in San Fernando. He tells Marisela that Antonio was very upset about the wedding and got drunk.

Santos comes back to Altamira and says to Cecilia that besides his mother, she is the woman that he venerated the most in all the world. He asks her to tell him that it's all a lie and she didn't have anything to do with Antonio Sandoval. Cecilia doesn't deny it and Santos says it is true then and that she is pregnant, too. Cecilia is impactada. He calls them hypocrites and liars. Lorenzo claims that the baby is his.

Gonzalo tells Antonio that they are fighting against the tyranny of the government. They are on the run and Santos offered them sanctuary at Altamira. They ask Antonio to take them there.

Marisela goes to see the terneras. They tell her that Melesio is worried about Antonio and she tells them that Antonio has been drinking for two days in San Fernando. Then Carmelito comes in to see Gervasia and Marisela tells Gervasia that Carmelito has something to tell her.

Santos asks if Cecilia has slept with Lorenzo, too? Cecilia denies that. Lorenzo tells Santos not to judge Cecilia. She is has the right to fall in love like him or anyone. Santos says that his aunt was perfect and now she isn't. Cecilia defends Antonio. She says he is the same friend to Santos that he always has been. He just fell in love with her. He tried to tell Santos but he was never available and then everything went to hell in a handbasket. Santos says that a man who gets two women pregnant at the same time isn't a friend, he's a traitor and so is Cecilia.

Carmelito sits down with Gervasia and tells her that before he got engaged to her, he did things that he regrets. As the other terneras listen from hiding,

Carmelito says,
I did things that men do without thinking. Things that right now are creating big problems for us - for Pajarote, Maria Nieves and for me.
G: What 'things'?
C: Federica Pernalete.
G: What does Federica Pernalete have to do with you and the other guys?
C: The three of us... we slept with her. (The terneras are shocked.)
G: At the same time?
C: No, no, separately but but it wasn't for love. It was a bodily need. She trapped us. We let her take us but at no time was there love. She talked and we... then we...
G: ..and you became sheep to be with her and now my uncle is paying the price because the baby she says is Antonio's must be by one of you three.
Carmelito gives the smallest of nods.

Lorenzo defends Cecilia to Santos but he is on his high horse about being the head of the house and being lied to. Lorenzo reminds him that he vowed to be a different kind of Luzardo (than his father). Marisela comes up and Santos chews her out too. He says that she lied and was a part of what was going on. He is disappointed in her. Even his 'sun' (mi sol) has failed him. Marisela tries to explain but Santos won't listen. He says that she knew about Cecilia and Antonio and said nothing. He rides off. Marisela tells Lorenzo that Santos will never forgive them for what they have done.

Lorenzo goes to see Cecilia. She says that she should have told Santos about Antonio from the beginning but she didn't dare. She agrees with Marisela that she is a coward. Lorenzo says that she is a marvelous woman who makes mistakes like everyone in the world but those mistakes shouldn't obscure her many virtues. Cecilia wonders if Santos will ever forgive her. Lorenzo says that there is nothing to forgive. He says that it's a question of understanding he knows that Santos will understand eventually.

Marisela is telling a baby rabbit that she always ends up fighting with Santos. The Altamira vaqueros come in and say they are sorry for what happened. She tells them that if they truly repent what they did, they have to tell Antonio the truth. They are the only ones who can prove that Federica's baby isn't his.

At the bar in Progresso, the three vaqueros say that Antonio is their boss but he is also their friend. "More than that," says Maria Nieves, "he's our brother." They say that Antonio will kill them when he finds out or at least throw them out of Altamira. They agree that they have it coming since they each believed that Federica had the hots only for them. "The truth is," says Pajarote, "she's not ugly but she really is a snob" ("no es fea, pero pesada sí es") and," he adds, "she's an animal in bed." The other two nod.

Josefa comes in. Pajarote asks her if there are other matresses to turn over and Carmelito asks if Federica is entertaining other clients. Maria Nieves says to Josefa, "tanto peca el que mata la vaca, como el que amarra la pata," literally, "he who kills the cow sins as much as he who tied up its leg," that is, as Federica's accomplice, Josefa is as guilty as she is.

Antonio comes into the bar.

Maria Nieves tells him that all three of them slept with Federica. "A few times," says Pajarote. "Many times," says Carmelito. Antonio starts to fight with them and they don't fight back. Each one tells Antonio to hit him, that he is the guilty one.

Meanwhile at El Miedo, DB is waiting calmly to see the result of what she has put in motion. She tells Eustaquia that she has never seen snow but she knows that an avalanche that destroys everything starts with a tiny snowflake that grows bigger and bigger as it comes down the mountain. The snowflake that she started to roll will end up destroying Altamira. "When Santos finds out what was going on around him," she says, "he will break off relations with everyone at Altamira and then he will be mine, all mine."

Gonzalo and his buddies arrive at Altamira. Gonzalo introduces Marisela to his friends as the future mother of his children. Marisela is impactada.

Back at the bar, Antonio has just about finished with the vaqueros who are not fighting back when Santos comes in. He call Antonio a miserable traitor.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cuidado con el Angel, November 26, 2008

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Sorry for the late posting but I had so much to do before the big day that I did not have the time to watch and post. Many apologizes.

Okay on with the show...

Ceci is at the orphanage and finally meets with Padre Anselmo.

Marichuy finally admits to Cande that she is with child. Cande is over joyed.

Padre Anselmo finally recongizes Ceci and wishes to speak with her in private.

Cande wants to know how long Marichuy has known and why she did not tell her. Marichuy says for many reasons including the show that she is in. Cande thinks that she can no longer work on the show, but Marichuy says that Amador can probably write it in. (i think that is what she said)

Ceci says that some nice people took care of her and when she was well and came to look for him he was gone. She feels bad for leaving her daughter but we get from Padre that she was so ill to the point of death. Ceci tells Padre that finally god gave back her daughter to her. Padre asks who her daughter is. Why it's Estephania. Padre looks muy impactado.

Marichuy confesses that she does not think that she wants to get a divorce. Why asks Cande. She says that the doctor told her that now that she is pregnant, she should not get a divorce or separate from her husband. And she did not want to tell Cande about her preganancy because she just got out of the hospital. She has to now think about the baby that is growing inside of her.

Ceci tells Padre about meeting her daughter and how happy she is that Estephania is in her life. Padre asks how she found her. Ceci tells him that her friend Isa took her daughter and raised her. Ceci asks her if he has met Estephania. He says that he has, but that she is not Ceci's daughter. Ceci muy impactada.

Back to Marichuy. She is going to be a mother. Cande wants to know if she has told JM.

Padre tells Ceci that she was lied to and her real daughter is another.

Amador visits with Marichuy and asks her what happened with her and JM when they left. Amador gets on to her for still laudering clothes. He brings by a script for her.

JM is talking with Mayita and asks her what she is doing. Mayita is looking at the paper and shows JM the photos. She wants to know why Marichuy is not living with them. He says that she cannot right now. He remembers the fight from last night and the kiss.

Marichuy looks at the script and it's about Romeo and Juliet. He tells her about the story.

Back at the orphanage Ceci gets upset and begs him to finish telling her. Padre starts to refuse since this is such a shock to her it is best to leave it for another time. She continues to beg for him to tell her and he informs her that it is Maria de Jesus.

Adrian goes to visit with Marichuy and brings her candy. He asks her how things are going and she tells him that she will have to go and speak with JM. Why asks Adrian when you told me that he hates you. Well he does because he thinks that I testified against him, but I did not. Why do you care if he hates you? They talk some more and Adrian tells her that if she wants to go back with JM to call him.

Estephania and JM are having lunch and she asks him if he is going to get back with Marichuy. No he says. Well I will help you forget responds Estephania.

Ceci tells Padre that finally she understands everything. How they (Isa and Estephania) caused so many problems to get Marichuy out of the house. Padre tells her that Marichuy told her that they invented it all.

Marichuy is at the church crying and praying.

Padre tells her of a couple of things that Isa told him and that now Marichuy needs to be in her home and have her love since they are her real parents. Ceci tells him that she has loved Marichuy since she first met her.

Abuela asks Mayita about the photo of JM and Marichuy. Then begins to tell her a story about a dog.

Ceci tells Padre that Patricio thinks that Estephania is his daugther and has taken it upon himself to eduate her. She also goes on to say that Patricio cannot stand Marichuy and has called her horrible names and has wanted to put her in jail. Ceci blames herself for abandoning her. Padre then tells her that Marichuy has really never been happy, but that Ceci can give her that. Ceci tells Padre that she will go and find Marichuy and they will go off somewhere and talk.

Back at Cande's it the next day and Marichuy asks her how she slept. Cande confesses not very well because of the things that Marichuy told her the day before. What are you worried about asks Marichuy. Cande says telling JM about the baby and that she thinks Marichuy should not tell him because he may take the baby away from her.

Estephania confronts Israel and asks him why he told JM that she cares for Israel and not him. Isreal says because you do. Estephania tells Israel that she denied everything and now you look like a liar. He reminds her of there kisses and she yells at him that she needs a man with money.
Israel recalls his conversation with JM.

Marichuy tells Cande that he will not take the baby away from her. Cande asks how will this child be raised? Being pulled into two different directions. How can you forgive JM for all the things that he has done to you?

Isa asks Estephania why Israel and her were arguing. Estephania tells her that Israel told JM that she was in love with him. Isa is outraged and asks are you in love with the chauffer.

Marichuy tells Cande that she wants to get back with JM and raise the baby together. Cande cries. Marichuy makes her promise not to tell anyone about the pregnancy. Cande tells her to hurry up because it is a hard secret to hold.

Isa yells at Estephania that she will not permit her to fall for Israel. That her plans will not go down the toilet. Estephania tells Isa not to forget that she is only the aunt and she is the daugther.

JM is in his office remembering the fight again from last night. He calls his attorney and tells him to hurry up with the divorce.

Tomorrow: Ceci confronts Isa and Estephania with the truth.


QE, Wednesday 11/26 (#109): Let the sun shine

Happy Thanksgiving! If you don't have a crazy woman stalking you with a gun, that's something to be thankful for right there.


The taller nun wants to take some panques to their room while they give Lorena and Ernesto some privacy. The shorter nun warns her about the cardinal sins of gluttony and envy.

Ickturo's mother signs off on the home sale after being warned that there will be a 25% penalty if she changes her mind. The agent hands them an advance payment and says they'll get the rest at closing next week. Icky asks the agent if she can see about speeding up the transaction if possible; they need cash fast, and they can move out tomorrow morning.

Lorena runs out to greet Ernesto. They bask in each others' smiles for a moment; Sara hits the gas. Ern flings Lorena to safety, but doesn't get out of the way himself. Sara speeds away.

Lorena gets up and calls to Ernesto, but he's unconscious. She turns his head and he has delicious raspberry jam blood all over his face. She cries and her nose turns red.

Sara is having a better time with her real-life game of Grand Theft Auto. She gloats that after all the things she tried, it turned out to be so easy to get rid of those two.

Everyone from lesser house has come out to see Ernesto. Omar reminds Lore not to move him (too late, she already turned his head - a big no-no). Zulema is calling for help. Bystanders say the driver was a woman, who sped up when she should have been braking - she knew what she was doing. Snorty is sure it was Sara.

Vasco, Diana, Saulito, and Barb are hanging out in the park, where some great event is about to begin - a "Family Day" fiesta hosted by his eco-company. The family day fiesta was his idea. It'll start with a "rally" - some sports activities including a sack race.

Sack race vs. lunatic in a stolen car? Again, sounds like a video game.

Felipe sneaks up on Paty and tries to kiss her. She gets mad and says that what happened yesterday won't happen again, it only happened because of the beer. He says he's sober now and he still wants to kiss her. She says no again and turns away with a smile on her face. She admits he's not too bad of a kisser, but that doesn't mean she's going to die for him. Anyway, what about Diana? Felipe says Paty has magically made him forget. "Aw, you're making me turn red." "I'd rather turn you red with a kiss." He kisses her. She agrees that with some practice, he might convince her. They begin practicing right away.

Sara drives into a field and tells her hostage that all she has to do now is make sure those two are dead, and then she'll disappear. "Obviously I'll let you go first, but I warn you, if you say one word I'll come back and make you pay (cobrártela=take it out of you). You've seen what I can do.

"Or maybe I'll wait until the burial; after all, she was my best friend," Sara adds mockingly. She whirls on Ms. Fortuna with the gun; Fortuna winces. "What do you think?" Sara barks at her. She mocks Fortuna's terrified look ("Aw, you're touched!") and says yeah, she'll stay for the funeral, maybe she'll even use up the rest of her bullets. Bwahahahaha! She pokes the gun in Fortuna's general direction again and laughs some more.

The ambulance has arrived at clinic No. 23. The paramedics tell Valeria that Ernesto's vitals are poor, no visible fractures, possible internal hemorrhaging. (I cannot believe my eyes. They are thump-thumping that stretcher up a couple of steps into the clinic. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Hello, RAMPS, people! RAMPS!!)

Snorty says they need to notify the police - what, they didn't do that yet?? - whether it was Sara or not, they still need to investigate. Omar says he'll take care of it.

Lorena tells Alonso what happened - Ernesto saw the car coming, got her out of the way but took the hit himself. He's been unconscious ever since.

Alonso says his abdomen doesn't sound right, he needs to go in there right now to stop the bleeding. (Hopefully he won't give the guy a gastric bypass, just out of habit.) He promises Lorena he'll do everything he can to save Ernesto.

Ernesto turns his head (in the thing that's supposed to immobilize his neck) and moans. Some blood dribbles out of his mouth. Lorena's scared, but tells him Alonso's going to operate. "I'm in good hands," Ernesto says. Valeria warns Lorena that it's very bad.

Ernesto tells Lorena he loves her. "Whatever happens, never doubt it." Lorena says nothing's going to happen, he's going to be fine, he has to recuperate for her, so they can spend the rest of their lives together. He's the love of her life.

"I'd like to have your faith, to think that there's much to live for, but I feel so tired..."

Lorena tells him to be stronger than ever, because if he leaves her, she'll never forgive him.

He asks her to tell the kids that he loves them, and to look out of them. They'll pay attention to her; they're very fond of her.

Alonso's ready to operate. He asks Valeria to stay behind with Lorena. (This must be some clinic if they have enough doctors to hang out with non-patients!) "Don't let him die," Lorena requests." "I didn't become a doctor to let my patients die. Ask God to guide my hands."

Omar tells the family that the phone that was used to call Alonso belongs to a woman who disappeared, and her car matches the description of the one that hit Ernesto. "Damn Sara! Damn her a thousand times!" Snorty says. The taller nun says this is no time for cursing people; they should be praying for Ernesto. "And for catching Sara once and for all," adds the feistier short nun. The taller one wonders how the sweet little child that they cared for so much could become such a criminal. Zulema says it wasn't their fault she was a bad seed. "Only God knows where she came from."

Sara listens to the radio and grins with satisfaction as she hears a reporter confirm that the main suspect in the attack on the "Cooking with Joy" cohosts is none other than Sara de la Cruz, the show's original host. Then her gladness turns to madness as he adds that Ernesto isn't dead yet, and Lorena was unharmed (ilesa). The reporter says he's at Clinic No. 23, which makes her feel a little better. They also report her car's license plates (665-ARS, just in case it turns up in the Querida Enemiga edition of Trivial Pursuit). Well darn, that means no more Grand Theft Auto and no driving through the big family festival in the park.

Watching the news at home with her family, Betina worries about Ivan. Tori calls the clinic for news. Paula thinks it's ironic that Alonso is operating on Ernesto. Toribio defends Alonso's professional honor, and Paula apologizes. Beti hopes her uncle can save Ivan's uncle; if not, it'll be like he's getting orphaned a second time.

The internal specialist has patched up the damage to Ernesto's kidneys, but his liver is ruptured. The specialist thinks he can fix that too.

Meanwhile, Ernesto's kids are with Aunt Gladys in the park (I think not the same park as Vasco and Diana); Gina is bummed because the boys are playing without her. They're not patient like her uncle - they never let her have the ball. She wants to go home and see her uncle. "You have acute uncle-itis (tiitis), don't you?" Gladys asks, sounding a little envious.

The fun and games in the OR aren't finished yet. Ernesto's intestines are also hemorrhaging in multiple places, and Alonso's going to have to do a facetotomy (the captions were wrong, there is no pecetotomy) which is some kind of spinal operation. The specialist warns that it's very dangerous. "It's that, or let him die," Alonso says grimly.

Lorena worries that the surgery is taking so long. Valeria says that under the circumstances, the delay is a good sign. Lorena's upset she didn't tell Ernesto she loves him. "Why did I wait so long?" Now that she's so close to losing him, she's sorry she didn't tell him sooner. Valeria says sometimes we feel like life is eternal and there will always be time to say what we feel.

If there is one thing we should all learn from this telenovela, it's the importance of getting to the point! (LORENA!)

Lorena suddenly wants to call the kids and tell them what happened. Yikes, okay, you know, sometimes it's good to wait a little bit before giving people the news... Valeria advises her to wait till the surgery's done. Lorena thinks they should be there for him.

Gladys is trying to cheer Gina up. She offers to buy her something, but all Gina wants is to see her uncle. "I don't know why, but I want to see him." That's when Gladys gets the call from Lorena.

Now for the important stuff: Vasco wins the sack race! Also, Saulito calls him "Papa."

Julian's been at the studio all day, developing his game-calling skills. Afterwards, his coworker says Rosy called a few times, probably to tell him what happened to his sister, but she's fine, so he didn't bother interrupting the session, but her friend the chef got hurt.

Paty tells Jaime on the phone that she and Felipe have everything under control at the business and are taking care of the orders. She tells Felipe it's the best way they can help their friends. Felipe says they can pray too. More talk, and he kisses her, and she says he has to earn kisses, not steal them. She sends a supportive text message to Lorena.

Rosy shows up at the hospital and says Julian is on the way. They haven't been able to contact Vasco yet - they know he's at his company's event. Lorena worries about Ernesto's kids. The taller nun tells her to have faith.

Lorena's boss at the studio is telling the police on the phone that people have been calling, worried about Ernesto, and they've also had a dozen calls from people saying they've spotted the car. Julian walks in on this and wants all the information so that he can catch Sara himself. Lorena's boss says they have to let the police do their job. Julian knows the place where they found the car, though, and he wants to see Sara get caught. Lorena's boss says he'll go with Julian and bring a camera. I think he says that if it hadn't been for Ernesto, he'd still be a reporter.

Vasco, Diana, etc. arrive at the lesser house, where the police are still investigating. The police tell them what happened, and they are impactados.

Julian and Lorena's boss arrive at the empty lot where Sara ditched the car. There's the car, with the same plates and everything. They debate whether or not the police have been there yet (one of them thinks they would have taken the car away if they had). They are also unsure as to whether they should approach the vehicle.

Ms. Fortuna sits up, they see her, she's not Sara, they run to look. Lorena's boss thinks it might be a trap! Julian isn't willing to leave her, and he opens the car door. She says Sara left, furious that she hadn't killed her friend.

The police arrive and pull guns on Julian and his friend. A while later, the confusion is cleared up, and Julian says Sara's sick and she's probably gone to look for Lorena. The cop disagrees and thinks that Sara simply fled - that's why she left the hostage behind. He doesn't think she would be stupid enough to walk right into the lion's den (or more literally, stick her head in the wolf's mouth). Julian says regardless, he needs to warn his family. The cop offers them a ride to the clinic.

Sara's at the clinic, dressed as a nurse, wheeling around a cartload of medical supplies.

The surgery isn't going well. Ern's BP is dropping. Alonso orders another unit of blood.

Lorena is still angsting about not telling Ern she loves him. Rosy tries to cheer her up and tells her to have faith, but Lorena admits that after all that's happened to her, she's feeling like she's just about done. She's going to the chapel to pray.

She barely makes it around the corner. Sara grabs her and threatens her with the gun.

Gladys takes the kids to the clinic, and Betina arrives with Toribio at the same time. Later, Tori tells Gina that Alonso is operating on Ernesto.

Sara and Lorena are in a storage room. Sara puts way too much effort into convincing Lorena that she can shoot her. Lorena says Sara's lost no matter what. Sara says that's why she's going to destroy Lorena. If they're going to lock her up, Lorena's going to have to disappear too. Lorena says fine, get it over with. If her obsession is that great, then when Lorena dies, that's the end of Sara's life too. "Then we'll go together," Sara says and cocks the gun.

Sara's hands are trembling. She lowers the gun for a moment. She deduces that if Lorena's so indifferent to being killed, it's because Ernesto's probably going to die. Lorena says yep, without him, everything else matters very little. Then Sara gets that crazy gleam in her eye again, raises the gun, and says no, Lorena's not going to get her to throw this moment away. She wants Lorena to be crying and begging for mercy.

Sara's a little miffed that this wasn't all about Alonso. "Look at the things we could have been spared if you had left him to me from the beginning." Lorena says that one time, Alonso gave her a hug and called her "Sara" by mistake. He told her that Sara had given him something that Lorena never could. This story makes Sara's day. "At last I win, because I'm better than you! Hah!" She points the gun and laughs like a maniac.

Julian arrives at the clinic and updates the rest of the family on his trip to the vacant lot. The police are watching the clinic outside. But she could be miles away from here - she wouldn't be so foolish as to stick her head in the wolf's mouth. (Pretty sure he's only saying this to make them feel better.)

Lorena is telling Sara that Sara's better than her at lots of things - she's physically stronger, she used to defend Lorena from the boys at school. (Yeah, and probably had sex with them afterwards.) Sara laughs at the memory of punching them.

Lorena says Sara's also better at math. (She doesn't mention the embezzling... actually, I guess they still don't know that Sara was stealing from orphans and nuns.)

"But they loved you more!" Sara cries. Lorena says Mother Asuncion took Sara into Administration long before she let Lorena help in the kitchen. "And I made it a career!" Sara says proudly. Lorena says that's right, she had to go to the city to continue her studies, but at age 20 Sara was already a computer expert. "The best in my class!" She earned extra money at the orphanage for her work, and she spent it on gifts for Lorena. "I still have the earrings you gave me for my birthday before I left for the city."

Sara laughs and says she doesn't believe it. "Why won't you believe me? We were sisters."

Gladys, Toribio, and the kids ask Valeria for an update on Ernesto. She admits that he's in bad shape, but Alonso and a specialist are working on him. Alex asks if they should pray. She tells them where to find the chapel.

After the little kids leave, Ivan and Gladys ask Valeria how bad it really is. She says Ernesto's chances are minimal. Ivan doesn't feel well. Valeria goes off in search of some aspirin.

Lorena continues working on Sara's sense of sisterhood. Sara is getting increasingly unstable and has a hard time focusing. Lorena asks if what Sara wrote on that Christmas card was a lie too. "The one I painted by hand?" Sara squeaks. "Yes, it's inscribed in my heart, letter for letter, just as if I were looking at it: Dear sister, if there's one good in my life, it's you. I ask God that nothing separate us, and to make you very happy, and to let me share in that happiness with you."

Sara looks a little lost. She lowers the gun again.

"Sara, you loved me." Oops, that was a step too far - Sara lifts the gun again. "Because we were two poor orphans! I didn't understand anything then. That was sheer stupidity!"

"It wasn't stupidity. You believed in friendship, in affection, in love. You believed in things that were worthwhile, and though you don't recognize it now, in that time you were much happier."

Sara denies all of this and also notices that Lorena is approaching slowly. "I don't want you near me. Don't take another step." Lorena says even though Sara wants to kill her, someday she'll remember that Lorena was the only sister she ever had.

Sara cries. She lowers the gun and uncocks it. Lorena makes her move, and Sara snaps out of her brief moment of sanity. After a poorly choreographed and fruitless scuffle in which Sara loses the gun but gets it back a moment later, Sara cuts her hand on some broken glass and tells Lorena she'll pay for this! She's tells Lorena to put up her hands and prepare to meet her doom.

"You're hurt," Lorena says. Sara accuses her of being nice just to stall for time. "Nothing will save you! Not even a story about a happy little sister. Now you're going to meet the real Sara! On your knees!" She gives Lorena a shove, but Lorena doesn't end up on her knees.

Just then, Valeria, who spotted them through the window in the door right around when Sara cut her hand, bursts in and grabs Sara from behind. Lorena grabs the gun. Valeria throws Sara to the floor. Lorena points the gun at Sara and shoots her by mistake - I guess Sara re-cocked it when I wasn't looking. I'm not sure who looks more shocked - Lorena or Sara!

Sara sinks to the floor, apparently unconscious. Lorena is horrified, thinking she killed Sara. She runs for help. Valeria stoops to take Sara's pulse; Sara grabs the gun again and hits her with it. She flees.

Lorena tells her family she killed Sara. She just reacted... she didn't want to hurt her. Julian runs off to play the hero again. Valeria tells him and also the actual security professional. The security guy gives an order to seal the exits and search the hospital section by section. She's armed and dressed as a nurse.

Of course not. She's changed back into her regular clothes. (I can't believe that professional security people are unaware that nurses' uniforms can be removed. This subject has been exhaustively explored in numerous films and strip clubs.) Sara admires her reflection in the mirror and even holds up the gun like she's posing for the cover of the Soldier of Fortune glamor issue. She sneaks towards the waiting room, where Lorena is still upset thinking that she killed her former friend. Sara raises the gun and looks ready to shoot when Julian shows up and tells everyone that Sara got away, the hospital's been closed up, and they're going to hunt her like the animal she is. "I'd better get out," Sara whispers to herself.

Lorena tries to cheer up Gina.

The surgery is done. Alonso and the specialist don't look happy.

Sara easily walks out of the hospital with nobody noticing, but just to be on the safe side she threatens a woman with a baby to pretend that they're together. The cops open the gate for the new mother. Despite Sara's gun, the woman screams for help, thinking that Sara is trying to steal her baby. Sara easily runs through the gate. The police jump into their cars and follow her down the street.

Alonso comes out of the OR looking very discouraged.

Sara limps down the street - evidently Lorena only got her in the leg. From the looks of all the empty barrels here, she's probably at the dump. (Know what they have at the dump? Trash compactors!) The police have no difficulty catching up with her. She lifts the gun and points it at one of the many men who are all aiming at her. They tell her to drop it; as she realizes what's happening, she turns the gun on herself. However, her finger is nowhere near the trigger.

Oops! I was wrong about Alonso looking discouraged. It's just his usual look. Sorry, I forgot he doesn't emote reliably. He tells the family that Ernesto is out of danger and will recuperate well. Lorena gives Alonso a big hug.

Sara's finger has found its way to the trigger. A policeman tell her to put the gun down. She points it at him instead; I don't think she manages to fire it before one of them shoots her. (One of them thoughtfully kicks the gun away from her after she falls.) Her eyes are still open. Is she dead? I can't tell where she was shot.

Lorena pays Ernesto a visit. "You were right, I couldn't leave you alone," he says.

Lorena says, "Te amo." (BIG sigh of relief.) "These have been the longest hours of my life." Alonso pokes his head in, unseen, as Lorena tells Ernesto how sorry she is that she didn't tell him how much she loves him, she has no doubts, she can't love anyone but him. Alonso slinks away, looking stunned. Lorena says she'd never forgive herself for the time she wasted on doubts if something happened to him. Ernesto promises that for the rest of their days, he'll make her the happiest woman in the world. Lore says she already is.

Ernesto asks Lorena to marry him. Lorena nods.

Valeria finds Alonso sulking in his office. "I've lost her forever." He's condemned to loneliness. She was his life! How can he go on without her? He thinks back on that chance encounter on a rainy afternoon. Valeria says, who's to say you can't have other rainy afternoon? That chance won't put someone else in front of him, someone who loves him as much as he loves her?

She strokes his face, but he seems oblivious to her words.

Somehow, Ickturo and his mom have managed to pack up everything they own overnight. She touches the walls and scolds Icky for telling her not to feel badly. He promises that she won't be left without a home. They'll have a much better one.

He wants the check so he can set things up with his business partner. Mami does not want to give it to him. He grabs her bag out of her hands. (It falls open in front of the camera, so you can see that it is COMPLETELY EMPTY except for one piece of paper. I hate when I see women on TV with pocketbooks that obviously have nothing in them. It's not that hard to stuff a handbag.) Icky takes the check and leaves.

Some time later, Icky and his partner and a couple of flunkies are loading a van of pirated movies (not to be confused with pirate movies) when the police show up. The flunkies run away, but Icky and his partner are caught. "You told them, didn't you!" the partner accuses. "We're partners!" Ickturo unwisely assures the police, who remind him that anything he says can be used against him. The partner promises, "you'll pay!"

Alonso is now sulking in the dark. Lorena comes in and turns on the light. She says she's happy. Alonso says it was almost like a miracle - for a moment, they thought they were going to lose Ernesto. Lorena is eternally grateful. During the operation, he wasn't just thinking about Ernesto, he was also thinking about Lorena's happiness. He fought for her happiness with all his heart, and never would have forgiven himself if he'd left Lorena alone. He knew last night that she wasn't his, and couldn't be without the man she loves.

Lore says she would give anything to love him the way he deserves, but she can't go against her feelings. Alonso says it's very painful, but Ernesto deserves her more than anyone. Lorena says she'll always be fond of him for being such an awesome guy.

Alonso says he and Ernesto spoke last night, and Ern thought that Lorena was going to choose Alonso. Now Alonso's going to turn Ernesto's threat around: if Ern doesn't make Lorena happy, Alonso will make him pay. (He says this with a microscopic grin, so I guess this was meant lightheartedly.) She thanks him for securing her happiness and everything else he's done for her.

Alonso says: "One day I returned you to your family; today I brought back the love of your life."

Next time:
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I'm going to miss recapping this show!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fuego, Thanksgiving Eve!: I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus...but it's not what you think.

In keeping with the Thanksgiving tradition, I candidly tried to think of all the FELS things for which I’m thankful. All I came up with is that I’m so thankful that Sarita came across that smuggled 1984 edition of Vogue and that one consignment shop in Puebla.

OMG! It’s Silvia from “Mujer: Casos de la vida real.” (No, I do not watch that show.) And might I say in a non-political, non-economical way, that adding valuable, expensive cargo to a sinking ship will not save the ship. (In other terms, adding a big name to this catastrophic cast is such a desperately flawed move.) Moving on, Silvia/Santa hasn’t seen Gramps in years, and boy is she happy to see a sexy man in a wheel chair. It’s obvious that they have a history, but Gabi isn’t happy about it. Why is it that every time I do these recaps somebody on this show is having incestuous, jealous feelings?

Juan goes to Sofia in what I would call a reserved attitude, though it’s painfully obvious he’s trying to play the spanked puppy dog meets ex-lover routine. With this in mind, he tells little Sofie that he hates her mom, and therefore the Reyes won’t be lending the little sprinkling system to her family. But how will they make their millions off the crops nobody has seen or talked about?

If I ever have kids (and I stress the “if”) I will want to know where I can get three stand-around nuns to wait on my kids hand and foot for no cost to me. Note to self: never allow said “kids” to angle their beds like that, or live in a room with such a color scheme. Danger in Paradise. The one little critter with the misshapen head and dark hair has a fever. Sarita and Jimena better alert Sofia—that’s the important orphan.

Meeting of the Board of Directors. Juan is quite torn (I’m not talking about his shirt) as to whether they should lend the sprinkling system to the Elizondos. On one hand he doesn’t want the girls to suffer, but then again, he hates that one bitch so much… Decidido! Franco decides that they're not gonna fork over the water, and therefore the harvest will be ruined and the Elizondos won’t have any money. I think somebody’s been smoking a little too much marijuana lately—and I am NOT talking about the actor’s personal life here. Doesn’t Franco know that they don’t really grow anything, and that they got all their money from stock investments and family inheritances? That’ll teach him to think twice next time.

Gramps asks Santa to pinch him because he can’t believe she’s next to him. I personally think he likes the physical contact. Afterall, she’s sort of hard to miss, but whatev. They laugh because they share an illustrious and scandalous past. Gabi is just as pleasant as always, and starts the conversation with “What the hell are you acting like a whore for in MY house?” Meowww. Cat fight. Think 8th grade pool parties meets “Bring It On.” Gabi alleges that Santa tried to split her parents up, but Santa asserts that all the romance went on BEFORE the marriage. It always does, but can she prove that in a court of law? Uh oh. Sarita and Jimena come bouncing down the stairs telling the maid to get the doctor. But love is in the air, and who cares about an orphan kid with a supposed “fever?” Besides, Gabi “hopes that the damn kid dies, and actually is the daughter of Sofia.” Somebody didn’t take her anger and revenge suppressants this morning…

Yeah, yeah, Sofia feels this ethereal bond to this one kid she picked up in a converted orphanage after one of her self-induced mourning sessions. Hello! Sofia is the perfect candidate for post-partum internment facilities. She makes the freak from “Yellow Wallpaper” look like Sigmund Freud. For God’s sake, she lies on top of her kid while thinking about herself—do we really want to unleash her Pandora’s box of emotions on a kid who already has three biological strikes against him/her/it? Needless to say, she sure hopes that whatever the kid has isn’t serious. Keeping the kid’s genetic makeup in mind, she’s probably dying of a broken heart and/or gunshot wounds to the head combined with a 40-foot free fall. Of course, all this goes unnoticed by the town doctor.

Of course, this show wouldn’t be complete(ly insane, unbearable, fill-in your own adult adjective) without the virgin-like Eva and the obsequious Pad Tad. As always, Eva is praying for her dead daughter, and Pad Tad regurgitates the same crap prayers as always. It's the Eva Pad Tad Show--when will it ever be discontinued? But suddenly, it's the Thanksgiving Miracle, something new and different happens—the one dude comes in and tells them about the sick orphans. Everybody OMGs and Eva just about collapses as she hurdles the little alter thingy. By the grace of God she clears it with her brand new praying scarf; yet another small victory for her fragile, confused self.

I’m not so twisted that I laugh when toddlers are sick, but I think it’s hysterical that six grown adults are standing around a sick child staring at each other. And another thing; I don’t watch this show much, but I thought the kid was only an infant the other day--now she can talk and wear toddler clothes. I’m telling you, it’s those HeadStart Programs south of the border mixed with the water; it's a dangerous cocktail of public works programs and general lunacy.

Finally the “doctor” shows up and gives the “fix-all” prescription; watch the kid for 24 hours. Well Gosh Darn’t that’s exactly what she’ll do; she won’t even blink. Talk about making a storm out of a glass of water! Most importantly, Sofia knows that she needs the kid more than the kid needs her; that's all the incentive this border-line psycho needs in these troubling times.

I knew Santa would be trouble the minute I saw her hair. It’s the Irish temper in her. So, she runs into Pad Tad and introduces herself as Santa. Santa Claus? Santa Virgen? I’ll be whatever you want me to be, Father. You look very nice today, Father. Pad Tad forces a blush and is very flattered. It’s not easy getting comments from striking young lasses like Santa at his age. Maybe that’s why he protects little Santa in front of Gabi. Pad Tad thought-bubbles; "why did I ever take that vow of celibacy?" Not to worry; she’ll be back--for Gramps. Jimena and Sarita have regressed to the childhood years and hide behind corners to listen to Mommy’s and Gramps’ arguments. Juan shows up to the party and wants to know which one of his pretend daughters is hurt. Though, considering Juan’s mental capacity, this could be a sick prank in which he has to guess which one is his daughter, then identify the sick baby. He goes upstairs and both parents of the alleged/assumed daughter decide to stay together to watch her. Two people watching one person equals double the healing power. Gee, I’m sure it’s really helping that you’re suffocating the kid with the baby blanket. All in all, Sofia finds comfort in her ex-husband’s stubborn attitude and undying commitment to his sort-of daughter. Kid's are a dime a dozen down at the local convent; it's making lasting memories with your loved ones that counts.

I mean, how cheap are you when you can’t even afford to hire an obviously much older fill-in for the orphan daughter? Well, I guess Sofia steals the scene when she rubs her chin in Juan’s long, flowing hat hair.

As I sit here watching Gabi drink her Brandy, Gramps speak about the Reyes owning the most productive hacienda in the land, and Pad Tad explain the equal love Juan shares for the three orphan girls I wonder, among other things, if Sofia, Jimena, and Sarita are orphan girls. It would only make sense considering that the writers are partial to the number three, and for whatever reason, the youngins on this show all replicate much younger versions of their “parents.”

Knowing that Sofia is a sucky mother, it’s pretty much a given that Juan would put the kid in special ed. programs for the rest of her life. That said, case in point when he was shaking the kid in their little father-daughter montage and forced her head to roll around in his arms. Then again, she can’t be losing many more capacities than she would if she drank the tap water… Something tells me that her graduation requirement will be to move the red lego block from point A to point B...

Hahaha. Things are getting pretty steamy between loosey goosey Raquel and Fernie. The fragile relationship takes a turn when Fernie mentions Raquel’s previous comment about Sofia not having any right to the hacienda. She reasons that she was drunk when she said that. That’s probably true, but the music indicates that somebody has a little secret. Just as Fernie leaves the room she takes another swig of Tequila and reminds herself that Gabi doesn’t really know Sofia’s past. Here we go again…

Juan triumphantly announces that his “daughter” is okay and everybody subsequently throws a party. Seems like it was a late night and everyone did what they do best; stood around and stared at the walls. But what about the other orphans? Just because they have normal-sized heads and light hair doesn't mean we should treat them like second-class citizens...

Not to endorse any pharmaceutical products, but when I watch Gramps and Santa, I’m confident that performance enhancers like Cialis really do restore the love in a marriage or affair/elopement. Seeing the sparkle in Gramps' eyes and the glimmer in his wheel chair warms my heart; I can only imagine what it does for Santa. Just like R-r-r-root, Gramps’ former Sergeant-at-arms, Santa’s been around the block with a boat load of husbands twenty + times. She is loaded and owns a ton of land; that’s why she’s in these here parts. She wants Gramps to go explore the world with her and never come back. Gramps accepts. You may question Gramps’ mobility. Never fear, with contraptions like HoverRound he will get to see the world. And he won’t even need good credit or Medicare! In the meantime, they have a lot of catching up to do, so she’s going to (pardon the expression) shack up in his room. It’ll be just like a slumber party—Hugh Heffner style. Except, I doubt Elizabeth Taylor ever had a run-in with Hugh, though stranger things have happened on this show.

Gabi goes to see El Coyote. They are made for each other, and if Gabi were his woman, he would treat her right. He so stole that line from Fernie. Gabi wants to know his real name, but he assures her that the less she knows about him, the better. Gabi loves mystery in a man; so much for her to learn between the sheets.

Might I add that Sofia is a little pretentious in naming herself the mother of the three orphans, and she has a lot of audacity to name her sisters as godmothers so soon. Well, in a land where people are accustomed to doing things their way, everybody gets excited about Sofia naming Eva the third godmother, everyone except Sarita. In another non-politically related comment; people who don't currently hold a position or office shouldn't be delegating positions and holding conferences before it's their time. Of course Sarita's still mad about Eva sweeping the floor wrong that one day twenty years ago...

Juan and the gang are making their list of godfathers just like the girls. Because there are only two of them, they decide to name Gramps as the third godfather. I love family members who play multiple roles within the family unit. It’s what made the world go round…until we got those damn Probate Courts. While they’re at it, why don’t they just make Juan all three godfathers?--it would cut-down on a hell of a lot of invitation lists. Gramps introduces Santa to everyone, and Oscar is very excited by elderly women, and accordingly kneels at her feet. Quintina doesn’t really like this whole ex-girlfriend thing, and wants to know why Gramps has a SugarMama. It’s obvious that Santa is cultured because she can say goodbye in Italian, a language which everyone knows is much harder than ancient Hebrew, and nearly impossible to decipher using Spanish cognates.

Pablito’s indoctrination of “caballerosidad machista” is not scoring him chicks on the playground. Just like his father Juan, he believes you can pull girls’s skirts and kiss them whenever you please. Not this time; this girl is twice Pablito’s size, and hasn’t been suppressed by an evil mother--she's one of them new-age thinkers. Anyhow, everyone chants “son novios, son novios” which makes the principal, who apparently got the shitty job of recess monitor, tell Pablito to have his three daddies come to school tomorrow. Lesson: don’t try to kiss big girls on public property—do it in small bedrooms behind closed doors where they're trapped between the bedpost and your gynormous forearm.

So Juan has sold some "crops" or something to these two old guys. They insist that nobody sign any contracts—Juan’s word is worth more than any contract. OMFG, have you not seen any other telenovela in the history of Televisa, or Judge Maria Lopez?! Anyway, the one guy’s daughter has a “special interest” in Juan and wants to invite him to a party. Juan doesn’t really like parties or people, that’s why he and Sofia get along so well, but his brothers are party animals and will surely attend. Juan smiles when he looks at the guy’s check—his first check!; it will buy one American hamburger, or two American hot dogs.

Somehow Jimena and Sarita put together some baptism dresses for the orphans, which ignites a sad memory in Sofia’s dark, confused, and empty mind; she was going to dress her biological kid in Juan’s dress—too late now. Gabi comes in and wants to know if she will be the new Godmother; hell no!--Eva replaced you. What does she care? Half an hour ago she wanted the kid dead.

Tomorrow, or whenever we are blessed with the magnificent presence of this show; All these loose women come onto the Reyes brothers. Jimena and Sarita fight back. Sofia is clueless as always. Crazy Univision man: “the plot’s getting good!” Why me, God?

From all of me to all of you: Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a Good Night.


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