Wednesday, February 20, 2019

La Bella y Las Bestias Index

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A great big thank you. Hope you can do this for other tns that were left hanging out to dry. The indexes are so much easier to scroll through than each month-to-month postings at the bottom of the sidebar.

Yes, thank you Rgv Chick. So kind of you to do this.

You are very much appreciated!

Hope we are watching something together soon (you too Anita) :)


WOW Clever girl. Thank You. Now the combination to the BatCave is not needed to look something up.

Aww, gee thanks, Anita, Diana, and Kirby. It just took a little research and analysis of what Jane, the guru, had done previously. So a big thank you to her for paving the path.

Anita, yes, I can do this for other TNs.

Diana, I do miss being on a patio with you. Hope to watch something with you too...very soon.

Thanks, RGVChick, for taking the time and effort to do this.

You're very welcome, Jarifa :-)

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