Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fuego 7/31: OK, no wedding, but I hope somebody got to eat the shrimp canapes, and -- did they pay the musicians?

Due to boneheaded operator error I missed the first 20 minutes of the show, here's what Esmas wrote but I'm sure you can flesh it out in the comments:

Rosario and Franco are hidden by Fernando's guys; arriving at church, Raquel tells Gabriela that Octavio has run away and won't be marrying Jimena; Fernando's boys beat up Franco, Rosario doesn't know what to do; Raquel asks Gabriela, "in the name of the big secret that unites them," ?!, not to stop the marriage of Benito and Sarita.

Fern's boys carry the unconscious Franco and Rosario to an abandoned house and sprinkle them with gasoline and set them on fire! Franco wakes up and carries Rosario but a girder hits him on the head and he falls. Rosendo saves Rosario and Franco.

Gabriela won't leave Jimena at home because "she can't confront this shame alone." The next sentence from the Esmas site perplexes me: "Sarita and Franco suffer thinking they will unite their lives forever."

Rosenda tells Quintina and Gramps that Franco and Rosario have been burned. A doctor examines Franco (who is in a coma again) and thinks he can't be saved.

Just when the padre asks Sarita if she wants to marry Benito, Quintina arrives and says Franco is dying. Sarita gives Benito back his ring and runs to find Franco, Jimena follows. Raquel is feeling not so good at church.

Arriving at the Reyes house, Sarita hears that Franco had been thinking of leaving with Rosario; Gabriela arrives at the house and tells her daughters they must leave with her; Sarita confesses to her mom that she is in love with Franco.

This is where I managed to get the show turned on (don't ask).

  • At the Reyes, there's a whole lot of shouting and carrying on. The girls in their wedding dresses cry and say they want to stay at the Reyes' - "in this pigsty?" yells Gabriela contemptuously.

    The doctors (another set of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee but hopefully they'll be gone soon) come in and say Franco is very delicate, and in a coma, and can have one visitor at a time. Gramps says he'll pay all the bills for saving Rosario and Franco. Father Bouffy agrees this is best.

    Gabriela continues to yell: "This is a circus! Come with me NOW!" She ignores Father Bouffy's "don't make things more difficult." Sofia pleads too, but: "You, Sofia, are a rotten apple and you live in garbage!"

    Incredibly, the two daughters leave with their #$%^@ mother!

  • Juan goes in and cries and yells and asks Franco, rhetorically, "who left you like this?" and continues: "You can't die because we have to keep our promise to Libia, be strong, I can't go through this [having a sibling die] again, Oscar and I are nothing without you [by the combined-brain three-for-one theory, without Franco - well, Juan and Oscar share about 66 IQ points], you're not just a brother to me, you're also like my son because I raised you, I took you to school, I told you stories like Mom used to. We have so much to do: finish the bakery, fix the orphanage, find our hacienda, you need to marry the woman you love and keep singing to us."

    Juan gets angry and says he's waited long enough for justice: "Now 'they' will see who I am!"

    Out in the waiting room, a lot of silent waiting. Sofia says Franco will be ok and everybody should be tranquilo. It's Oscar's turn to go look at the comatose Franco. "We were worried. We thought you'd gone to fetch Sarita, but evidently you went to get Rosario instead! I married Jimena." He tells Franco to get up, and says "I like your style," and prays.

  • I thought last night that Sofia looked like Alice in Wonderland - she reminded me suddenly of that Japanese clothing fad called "Sweet Lolita."

    Why, oh why?

  • Armando is justifying the whole bloody mess to Furd: "My boys had no alternative." "You didn't stay to be sure they were dead." "We were sure they couldn't survive."

    Furd is mollified by Armando's crafty plan: they'll say Rosario has been in prison and this was some random gangsta's vengeance for some evil act she committed. "OK, Armando, maybe you're not a complete idiot - but if this plan doesn't work I'll kill you." Fern leaves and Armando says, as he has said before: "I'll pay you back for all you've done."

  • Sofia goes to see the sedated Rosario (who looks very nicely made-up for somebody who's been burned nigh unto death, and did somebody give her a bath?).

    Just then, Eva and Ofelia barge in and yell and scream for their dear Rosario. Sofia prays for Rosario.

  • Furd finally bullies Gramps into signing the papers ceding complete control of the hacienda. He drools and grins as Aug signs. Later, drooling some more over the papers, he monologues: "Nobody is more intelligent than I am! But it doesn't stop here - next, I'll get Gabriela to give me everything that's hers, too!"

  • Meanwhile, back at the ruined wedding, Raquel is indignant that her boy Tweedle got ditched at the altar. He takes the opportunity to tell her he never loved Sarita, he was in love with another. "Of our class?" the mother instantly asks. "No ... Eugenia, she worked here. I want to marry her." "An EMPLOYEE??" his mother barks incredulously. "That's the living end." She pours herself a huge drink.

  • Sarita is back to her peevish condemnation of Sofia because "she knew Rosario was our sister and deceived me." She gets hotter though Jimena mildly counters: "Don't say what you'll regret, especially because Rosario is dying..." "I don't care. Mama, I repent everything I did, I beg you, forgive me!" "Finally, somebody reasonable," Gab harrumphs. Sara endears herself to her mother: "I'm sorry I loved somebody who is inferior to us! Someone who does not deserve me!"

    Jimena tries to sneak out of the room to take off the ridiculous gown [too bad the bridal shop didn't have one that showed off her belly button]. Gab yells. Jimena goes in her room and clutches her marriage license to her bosom. "Nothing will separate me from Oscar."

  • Furd fans the flames while pretending to console Gabriela. "The name of Elisondo was already a joke around town." Gab can't believe her stalwart supporter Sarita had actually fallen for a filthy brickmason. "It's all Sofia's fault. But I can still make [Sarita] marry Benito. Octavio ran like a coward, now maybe I'm stuck with Jimena forever!" "Nah, we can find somebody else to marry her off to."

  • The final scene is multiple iterations of people wussily protesting Juan's shouted vow: "Now Oscar and I will take vengeance, we won't wait for justice any more, we'll take it into our own hands."


Querida Enemiga Thursday July 30, '08 The Perils of Pauline (aka Lorena)

If you're too young to remember Perils of Pauline, it was a series of silent movies with a heroine in grave danger at the end of every episode. Although it was created in 1914, I remembered seeing the film as a little girl when we went to the Saturday movies. And poor Lorena is dreadfully similar to our hapless heroine of the silents, thanks to her "loyal and noble" friend Sara.

And so we begin another night of "Sociopaths 'R Us" starring Sara and Chalo.

First a brief rehash. Lorena quickly cools Alonso's ardor when he tries to make out while watching a movie. That sofa they're on has seen much hotter lovemaking, thanks to Rossy and Julian.

Sara is ecstatic at the pictures Chalo got of Barbara and Arturo, whom she realizes has been hired as Jaime's assistent. Perfect blackmail potential...or better yet, first kill Jaime in an arranged accident and then send the photos to Hortensia so she'll disinherit Barbara. Our Sara is a first-rate strategic planner, that's for sure.

Bleachedblondeharlotmom has fixed Arturo a yummy breakfast of chilaquiles con carne asado. Sounds a little heavy to me but I remember back in the day enjoying bacon and eggs cooked in a cast iron skillet (mom hailed from a small burg in Kentucky) so I guess that's just a normal stick-to-your-ribs breakfast like we used to enjoy before we heard of Pritikin.

Whew!...Just had a nightmare moment when I hit something by mistake and the whole computer shut down. But got back to the site okay, thank God for "automatic save". Otherwise I would have thought nasty Sara was behind all this.

Back to the story. Valeria and harlotMom are basically fighting over loser Arturo. Mom accuses Valeria of jinxing Arturo's last business venture with her bad attitude. And so on. Finally Valeria snaps that she'll take care of her kids herself and heads out the door. Arturo hurries after her, pleading that it will kill his mom if Valeria takes the kids. Val gets tough...."Although I love you, I'll leave you unless things change around here."

Vasco is having another little bedroom chat with Jaime who's still under the covers. Son says he's happy working at what he likes and being with Diana. Convinces Dad to see a psychiatrist. Evidently confessing guilt to a priest is not an option here. Other than a few nun sightings, and some crucifixes on the wall, we're not getting a big religious vibe so far.

Now onto Paula and Bettina. Daughter wants to know why Paula is trying to drive Jaqui crazy. Because I don't like her. Bettina reasons that there are people she doesn't like either, but she doesn't invade their apartments and break half their stuff. (okay, we've located one mature person in this telenovela and she's a kid!) Paula switches gears and says it's Dario's fault. And worse yet, she can't get him out of her heart. She's still in love with him! That's why it hurts so bad.

Miss Jaqui is getting a lukewarm welcome back at work. I forgot you were coming in today sniffs Hortensia. And there are plenty of people looking for work, so I hope there will be no more problems. Jaqui gulps and teeters off to work.

Lorena and Zulema are whipping up something in the kitchen of casa pobre and watching Chef Oropeza on TV. Don't know if this guy is famous or not...I'll google him after I wrap this up. Zulema, with considerable guilt, is confessing that she doesn't feel close to Sara. There' s a barrier. She's so materialistic. Why couldn't she be simple, enthusiastic and happy like Lorena? Sometimes she finds herself wondering....Is Sara really my daughter? Creepy, menacing music plays (Sara's theme) and we break for some ads.

Zully goes on to almost seems like Sara doesn't like being with us (y'a think?)...I feel much closer to you, Lorena. Our little lamb jumps in to defend Sara, citing the deprivations she suffered in the orphanage, and finally admitting that Sara's always had a difficult character but she's very noble and loyal. Okay, right there we know Lorena's a lousy judge of character.

Noble and loyal Sara is advising Chalo how to sneak into the mansion (with duplicate keys ) to sabotage Jaime's car. Oh dear, too late...Jaime is leaving (for the psychiatrist). Our duo will have to carry out murder another day. Darn!

Zulema is thanking Lorena for listening and our happy, simple, enthusiastic Lorena is saying, Oh well, when I come to you with my laments about Alonso, you'll be saying oh no, here she comes again. Girlish giggles all round. On to the plans for attending Julian's debut in Noche de Genios and fussing about the dress Zulema will wear in case the camera pans the parents.

Sara is terrorizing some hapless cook telling him she wants the eggplants in the kitchen in 30 minutes, no if's and's or but's! Jaqui wryly notes that Sara has gotten the hang of being a boss. Arturo arrives, Sara makes the introductions and he and Jaqui eyeball each other like potential conquests.

Omar and Julian chat briefly...both studying, Julian soccer, Omar, his mysterious career path.

Arturo turns in a report on food providers and there's a funny thing going on with the closed captions...they put down something totally weird for "gourmet" and "foie gras". Guess French doesn't translate too well into Spanish cc's.

At the clinic, Chalo is experiencing orgasmic pleasure at getting his cast off. Alonso looks constipated and prickly. Chalo leaves after sarcastically adding...Give my regards to your dear father. Valeria enters, glad that Alonso is finally free of that creep and reminds Alonso about his
appointment with the lady head honcho of the clinic. Alonso calls Val his guardian angel. Hmmmm.

Lady boss expresses concern about Alonso and Bruno's crappy relationship but adds that she values Alonso's work and the study made recently showed Alonso was the most highly regarded doc at the place. He'll be getting an award tonight at the clinic anniversary get-together.

Back at casa pobre, fussing about heading out to the game show studio.

Rossy is at the studio early with Julian and they're yelling at each other. Finally she convinces him to meditate "like a Tibetan monk" and say "I'm going to win, I'm going to win". This is a whole new take on Buddhism. But it works for Julian.

Lorena , Maruja and Alonso arrive and join Zulema and Omar in the front row. Diana and Vasco are watching at home. Vasco is clutching a pillow to his chest. (I love that! I often watch TV that way, don't know why. Pillow clutching is very calming.)

After the first contestant, Julian is introduced as Julian Rrrrrrruiz. They do that kind of thing on Mexican radio here, I've noticed. He's doing well, whipping through the questions and there comes the final one. How much does a soccer ball weigh? He appears stumped. Oh no! (and then the ads)

Sara has arrived home and is smirking as Julian appears to fumble. Hah, he's a loser like
everyone else in this shabby family. But wait....lo....Julian blurts out an answer just as the buzzer sounds. Oh no! But wait again...the announcer asks for silence as someone in the booth relays the message....yeeeesssssss...the answer was given in time and is correct. Screaming and cheering all around.

Now the next big question. Will you take the money or do you wish to go on to the following round? But remember, if you lose that round, you lose all you won tonight. Julian decides to go on. (sigo adelante).

Fast switch to Jaime, once more in bed, shaking out some pills from the psychiatrist (frankly it looks like a plain old aspirin bottle). Barbara perks up momentarily, asking if he's going to work. Nope. She rolls her eyes and looks martyred. (Honestly, this woman has nothing better to do than try to manipulate people all day. Get. a. job. lady)

Back to Ickyturo's house where harlotmom is still complaining about Valeria, huffy that Arturo is not making Val show more respect to mama. If it were up to mom, she would have run off Valeria long ago. Arturo pleads that she's his wife, he has to be on her side.

Another family scene around the breakfast table at casa pobre. First Sara looks at Julian's whopping breakfast and asks, What do I have to do to have you fix me a breakfast like that? Then she skips out without any breakfast saying she has to get to work early. She's snotty to Chalo, waiting outside, 'cause she's fed up with family (and because she's just plain nasty anyway) Anyway, she's got the keys duplicated and still has plans to do Jaime in.

Back at the house, Vasco gets a phone call from papa Jaime. Omar and Zulema exchange looks.

At last, a scene with Ernesto. But he's being a pain (or think of another word beginning with a p). Lordy, I'm losing the feelings I had for this guy rapidito!

His sister is there to visit. He makes her take off her shoes. She wants him to babysit his two nephews while she goes on an agency trip to Miami...'cause then she could have a weekend alone with her hubby. He refuses categorically and repeatedly, saying he loves the kids but they're monsters...don't even know how to clear their plates. And besides he's got plans for the weekend. Babe plans. And he doesn't want to set a bad example for the kidlets. Sister is not happy.

Back to Alonso...who's boring but basically a nice guy. I'm sure he'd babysit Bettina if Paula asked him. Boss lady let's him know he's going to get an award that night, so suddenly he'll go and invite family and Lorena too.

Maruja and Zulema, new best friends are jogging together. Maruja brings up that she knows Jaime from work and believes he has really repented. No way, snaps Zulema. Only a pervert could have done what he did, and anyone that twisted will be twisted till they die (oooh, maybe Jaime's going to bite the dust pronto). No, no, no she'll never forgive him. Maruja apologizes for sticking her nose in and they cheerfully resume jogging.

Back to our two sociopaths. No plans to murder Jaime yet. Sara's learned about the award Alonso's getting at the clinic anniversary party. She's invited. So's Lorena, but hey, Chalo, let's fix it so Lorena doesn't get there. Evil laughter on Sara's part.

We're back at work. Jaqui has brought in some proposals for next year's tax deductible charity donations for Hortensia. Old folks homes, day care centers....what, no orphanages? asks Sara. Hortensia likes the idea...yeah, let's plan for an orphanage benefit. Look for one, she directs Jaqui.

Now we're back outside. Gramps is complaining good-naturedly about having to walk Bettina to school now that he's carless. She brings up the idea of finding a new boyfriend for Mom on the internet. She and Grandad will pretend to be Paula, screen the candidates and pick a good one for her. He likes the idea but likes the idea of motivating Paula to find a job even better. And he's sure Bettina, with her sweet face, can convince Mom. (this is the best idea I've heard so far. Get BOTH Barbara and Paula jobs...exhausting ones)

Now we see smarmy Chalo buying off a cabbie outside Maruja's house. Inside Rossy and Julian are in another hot makeout session; Lorena interrupts them. She's leaving to go to the awards ceremony for Alonso. Guess what cab she'll get into!? Then Chalo calls Sara to tell her their evil plan is working. The cabbie will drive Lorena round and round and they'll never make it to the party.

All the family is there as Alonso looks around nervously. Lorena is never late! Where can she be? The ceremony begins. Boss lady says the clinic is no. 2 nationally and now they're going for the no. 1 spot. And it's all because of our wonderful staff...and in particular, it gives me great pleasure to call up our wise, talented and humanitarian doctor Alonso Whatever (sorry, forgot his last name).

Sara walks him, babelicious style, just as he gets the award and gives a BIG BIG smile.

Hapless Lorena is still struggling with the cabbie, in the middle of nowhere, as he pretends to have car trouble. Also he misunderstood the address she gave him. Why didn't she talk plainer!? She storms off, and refuses to pay him. Into the dark night, I must add. (Perils of Pauline, here we come!)

Alonso is fretting about her whereabouts (as well he should). Sara goes to get him something to drink to "calm him down". Two of the night staff come up and think Sara is his fiancée. She makes a big deal of it. Then she asks if she can give him a hug in Lorena's place. And she does, holding on for waaaaay too long.

In the meantime, Lorena, walking nervously in the dark deserted streets (why do our heroines have to be so goshdarned dumb!?) is followed by a menacing, very large man. Where oh where can I find a taxi, she wonders. Good Question. the End.
* * *

A Little Vocabulary (very little)

atinado = sensible, Alonso as a doctor . Also means "correct" (thanks Margarita)

cascarito = informal pickup game of soccer (came up during game show questioning, but used a lot in Guapos)

de santo no tiene un pelo = she's no saint (what Sara and Chalo are trying to make Alonso think about Lorena)

dar mi lugar = respect me, give me my props....What Valeria wants from harlotmom and what harlotmom wants from Valeria

Kaká = nickname of Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, Brazilian soccer player (one of the questions Julian answered on the game show...but with a moniker like that, you can see why they call him Kaká!)


Guapos Wednesday 7/30/08 Holy margarita, Batman--I think the Joker has passed out in your living room

Mea culpa, mea culpa! I really goofed today--I watched the show late last night and took notes, but then I had to run out early for a court appearance this morning, and I forgot my notes. I just got back to my office, and I will now put down what I have from memory. I will rely on the rest of you stalwart viewers to fill in where I have missed.

Here are some things that happened. Socorro had a couple of heart-to-heart talks with Lina. Poor Karla, now trying to repent, overhears and feels jealous. She even hears her mother say that she wishes Karla could be more like Lina. Karla flashes her patented exasperated look.

Nestor meets with Sr. Lobredo, the only lawyer in the DF. He wants to leave his money to Alejandro.

Bobby asks Lina for a definitive response on their relationship, and she rejects him and runs to her room crying. Bobby later talks to Al, who reassures him that Lina really likes him, but he can't tell him why she's acting the way she is. He tells him to hang in there. Then Al proposes that Bobby join him in a brand-new business. They will get away from the machinations of Connie and Flor. Where will they get the money? They will sell their cars! This reminded me of when Don Fernando, Omar and Marcia pooled their resources to save Conceptos. Will Al and Bobby sleep in a little bed together and fight over the covers? (I must ask, though, who would want to buy Al's Hummer now, what with gas prices the way they are? Although I understand prices are still lower in Mexico, since it's an oil producing country. . .)

Stalker I has lunch with Stalker II (that's Flo and Hugo, if you hadn't guessed) to tell him that they must form a united front if they want to preserve their miserable marriages. They should go away to have romantic getaways. Everybody buys tickets for a trip to the beach, as it looks like a great time to get out of Dodge. Hugo buys tickets for him and Mili, Flor buys tickets for her and Alex.

When Mili is presented with the idea, she is not too thrilled, but she feigns interest. Hugo hugs her and she looks queasy.

Val begs Rocky to take her away forever. He says that no, he wants to do things the right way and build up some business and they will get married in the future. However, he agrees to take her away for a few days to--the beach! I'm betting that all these couples will end up together in Acapulco. Let the fireworks begin!

To make the episode easier to recap, thankfully, most of it is dedicated to the grand guignol tour de force of Luciana's intervention.
When we start the episode, Luciana has collapsed on the floor and she's still tossing back the scotches. Her lipstick is completely smeared, and she looks like she's channeling Heath Ledger. It's pretty creepy. In her drunken state, Luci tries one last time to insult Mili as being a low-life like her mother, but this time Mili won't have it, and she points out that her sainted mother died in childbirth etc. Mili now reveals to Al that it was Luciana who told her the secret about their not being siblings--and it was just after his wedding, when it was too late to do anything. Al is beside himself.

Meanwhile, Connie, Brau, and Andrea return home from the political fiasco. Connie is bellowing for Luci, and a huge blowout ensues, as he explains that he will have to resign, I think. She is thrilled that his career is destroyed. He says he once loved her but she has destroyed it all. She says he is a liar--he has always hated her. He demands that she go to rehab, and she says no, no, no. Everyone in the family assembles and chimes in about how she should go. What's funny is that every time they cut to Andrea, she is laughing or smirking. Luciana does not want to go to the manicomio, and she wails louder and louder. I hope she gets nominated for Best Scream Play.

Mili suggests that perhaps Luci could be treated at home, but this idea is shot down. Rocky chimes in that Mili is the lady of the house, so they should listen to her, but he is shot down. Luci rants that the only people who support her are those she hates the most--that mugrosa soccer player and the naco chauffeur. Irony's a bitch, ain't it?

Finally, Connie calls an ambulance. He plots with Damian to get Luci to go. Damian takes Luci into another room, and she thinks he is going to save her from the asylum if she gives him her shares back again. Luci believes him, but in her state, who can blame her. Anyway, finally, the men in the white coats show up and put her in a straitjacket. It's pretty gruesome, and they have to inject her with something to get her to calm down. She realizes Damian betrayed her. As they drag her out, Connie hugs Val and even puts an arm on Al's shoulder, but Al throws it off in disgust. That's all I can remember!


Pasión de Gavilanes, Thurs. 7-31:

I forgot to post this from Wed.'s episode. I hope this isn't an example of the classy outfits that Leandro is supposed to be designing for Rosario. It's hard to imagine something less appropriate to wear to the 'club.'

Juan to Norma: "I dream of the day when you say, 'Juan, my love, I'm here to stay. I will never be away from your side.'"

'Ellos (Malcom y Carmela) son los pajarracos malos.' Abuelo identifies Malcom and Carmeal to Juan David as 'evil vultures.'

Norma catches Feonando cheating on Grabiela in her own house.

Armando protects himself with a chair against a pistol-packing Conchita.

July 30

Malcom spies on Norma in the bathtub

Juan reads the riot act to Quintina and Dominga

Ruth finds out the truth about her mother

Feonando puts the moves on Ruth

Eva and Ruth reach an understanding


Enemiga- Wed. 7/30 Jaime reaches out, Chalo is out on the prowl, and Lore is out of luck and line then in front

Sis wants to get back with Ernesto though she acknowledges that Bro never liked him. Well she never liked any of his girlfriends for marriage either, but he has to think about marriage. He’s not interested in getting married and she says he hasn’t met the right girl yet, but he ain’t getting any younger.

Wah wah, Lore tells her school friend that her paper was erased and she’s double screwed because she couldn’t buy knives and doesn’t have any.

Young kid buys Old man’s car, complaining that it is too old and no stereo. Ingrate.

Lore tells Ernesto of her computer woes. He says he’s sorry he can’t make any excuses for her, he asks the class and of course they all forget that they might need a favor someday and say no, so she is SOL. He notes this isn’t her first error, either.

She voted for Alonzo as best doc and finds his file so he would vote for her.

Ogre denies A second chance for Lore to get extra time to finish her paper.

Old man gives proceeds to Chalo, Sara shows up and he invents something to get rid of her.

Arturo tells Valeria his business has failed and is bankrupt. Of course she reems him a new one.

Sara shows up much later and she and Chalo discuss that the old bag has disinherited Vasco for taking up with the commoner and that is good for them because it leaves only Sara and Jaime as heirs. Chalo says if they play it right, they’ll end up with her as the only heir. They discuss that they could make it look like a sucide and to do so they need proof Barb has a lover. I see where this is going....

Lore whines that she might lose her Beca from all these screw ups. Alonzo consoles her.

There is a knock and Val is there saying she has no where else to go.

Al lets her in and Lore is nice and lets her talk to him. She confesses her marriage is hell.

MA, completely disillusioned about her son tells Art that wife said ugly things because she was mad and she’ll back down soon. Mami says he has talent he just hasn’t had good luck.

Val doesn’t want this example for her kids. Al wonders if she thought About separating but she like a dingbat says but I still love him, and my kids too, and even if not a good hubby, he’s a good Pa.

Barb bitches to Jaime about Snorty changing her will. Jaime basically ignores her.

Zully is running with Sara who is being a brat. Maru meets up with them because Rossy mentioned she runs here. Sara doesn’t want to be running she wants to be sleeping and leaves now that Zully has company.

Vasco puts Mozart on her baby belly, so cute, he talks to it but isn’t sure what to call himself.

Sara comes in and makes a smart remark about him being a good papa.

Zully is running ahead and turns around to see Maru pretty wiped but Maru says she’s ok except for tachycardia. They rest.

Pa is studying and Julian promises his money to Pa.

Rosy is still trying to push the borrowing of knives on Lore from the witch but Lore won’t hear of it. They discuss what she is going to do.

Patti shows up with cuchillos for Lore, her friend graduated and doesn’t need so is lending them.

Paula yells at Dario that he is hiding money from her and his daughter and that he is really earning 4x the salary he told her about. She has friends at the bank and saw his accoutns we he of course counters is illegal.

Rossy seems jealous of new friend and smirks.

Cat fight in front of apartment but ends up with Pau screaming for half of the spoils.

After they leave, Pau enters the apartment and states that she will now make Jacqui end up in a manacomio. She begins rearranging everything.

Dario says Jacqui can’t go with him to work, and she has to go home. Of course she comes in when Pau is still there. She tells herself to be calm, opens her eyes and freaks out then discovers the purse and soon discovers Pau and wrangles with her a bit. Ghosts don’t use purses, only witches. I’m just curious how she knows this, maybe ghosts do! This fight continues with throing and punching.

At home Al is making waffles. Pa wants to know if he’s still mad. He tells Al about paying off the boy.

The fight continues and there are many things broken on the floor. They heave insults and finally la Loca leaves.

At Snorty’s our resident slimeball Art is interviewing for a job.

Outside Sara is talking to Chalo who is following Barbara trying to find out who her lover is. Sara then goes in and meets the wolf, Art is going to be the new assistant in planning for Jaime.
Jaime goes to see Di at the Green firm.

Snorty and Sara chat about her hiring someone to help out Jaime, she is worried whether this person can be trusted and suggests instead Vasco whom Snorty never wants to hear of and confesses she disinherited.

Jaime tells Di that he just wants his son to be happy and if he is with her then he approves. He says he is trying to be a better person.

Bruno yells at Val for not getting him results despite having problems at home. She apologizes. Head Doctora over hears this and tell Bruno yelling isn’t the way to do things. Follow procedures instead. Bruno says OK, then let me do so first by reporting Al for raising his voice to me. Doctora looks interested.

At the kitchen Ogre is showing class how to debone chickens. He walks around like Hell’s kitchen making remarks at every student til he gets to Lore and tells her she did it really fast to which she replies that she actually did it a different way. He asks why she’s here if she’s just going to do what she wants.

She says she could do it his way but thinks hers is just as fast if he’d let her prove it. He does, and says the whole class will do it this way and asks her to move to the front.

At home Al and Lore are discussing that the Ogre softened a bit and she thinks he’s pretty great. Al is a little jealous until Lore tells him that Ogre can be the best chef, but he is still full of defects and she doesn’t want to talk about him. Al agrees.

At the lesser house Sara is on the phone yelling at Chalo to not give up watching Barb. Ma hears this conversation and wonders who is getting talked to. Sara fakes that it was a vendor and that is part of her job.

Vasco and Di discuss Jaime’s visit and that Vasco should think about not being bitter. Vasco says that’s why he visited him and saw him so sad he recommended him to see a doctor, that a pscyhiatrist is what he needs.

Ma still wishes Sara didn’t work there. Sara fakes that she read the book Zully gave her and says she has a recipe. Just then the phone rings and Ma leaves her to work.

On the phone Chalo says that Sara was right and Barb is about to meet her lover. OK, this is great a gimp tailing someone. Now that’s not notable is it. He sees them hugging before going in to the room just enough so he can get a good pic of them.

In the hotel room of lust the pair discuss jaimne’s depression and Art winning over the old bag.
Pau is licking her wounds at her apartment when mad Dario pounds on the door. He yells at her for what she did and goes to hit her when Betti screams for him to stop. Pa yells at Betti to go to her room and when she’s gone threatens Pau this will be the last time.

Rossy and Julian are doing his homework. Just then Al and Lore comes in and start quizzing him on the Futbol stats. He gets them all until he’s stumped on the weight of the ball, but it’s a joke, he doesn’t know.

Dario and Pau keep screaming at each other. Betti looks on at the fighting and finally can’t take it anymore and doesn’t understand why they divorced if they will keep fighting with each other.
At Al’s he’s trying to make some moves instead of watching the film. Lore turns shy and shrugs him off. Finally he’s acting like a guy.

At the seedy hotel Sara views the photo and discovers that Art who started working at the company is the lover.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fuego, Wed., July 30: I'm in bed sick, you're in bed married, let's strip and have sex.

Alternate title: If you're trying to skip town, don't do it on a donkey, and don't wear boot heels.

Buenas noches a todos. I want to thank all my friends for leaving me their great comments; it sure makes recapping this silly show a whole lot easier. On with the show!...

We start tonight with Juan asking that Armando why he enslaves Rosario. Armando responds that Rosie works here for her own self-fulfillment, and that darn meddlesome half-sister Sofia don’t know what’s good for her.

Rosie enters her dressing room to find Fernie, who wants her to give him her inheritance in exchange for her freedom. In walk Ofelia and Juan, the latter wants to know why Fernie is there.

Oscar has blindfolded Jimena and is guiding her through the garden. Talk about the blind leading the blind… How romantic. Oscar has prepared a bed of rose petals in the shape of a heart with candles situated on the edge of the bed. He has also presented her with a beautiful ring that he could only afford in Novela Land. They whisper sweat nothings, and I mean nothings, as they disrobe each other’s sweating bodies. It seems that Jimena is in more pain than ecstasy, but you know how the first time is…

Juan asks Rosario if Fernie is responsible for her enslavement, but Rosie, as ever, has no clue what Juan is talking about. Juan asks a second time, and again, Rosie doesn’t know, doesn’t need his help, and please, leave me alone. Fernie starts to leave, but then reminds Rosie to sign that paper they talked about. Rosie looks at the picture of her son and immediately signs the documents.

Juan goes home to find Franco. They discuss Rosie working/slaving/whoring for Fernie. Nobody really knows what’s going on (shocking, I know), but Franco really wants to know who Luisito’s father is.

Rosie, meanwhile, is upset that the Reyes bros. are meddling in her affairs. If only they knew that Armando was enslaving her, and Fernie, well, we all know what he is doing. Anyway, she tells Ofelia that Fernie trapped Luisito’s father and betrayed him. Rosie admits that many people have suffered because of her actions, and she doesn’t know how long she’s going to have to work for Fernie in order to pay of her…debts.

Oh goody. Oscar and Jimena are having steamy-hot sex in the middle of the backyard. Might I say that Oscar seems to be performing up to par, but Jimena looks constipated.

As Juan is tucking-in his wonderful girlfriend, he tells her that he will do ANYTHING for her to touch him again. That’s what they all say… Sofia has the decency to allow Juan to sleep in the single bed, instead of the wooden chair. She reaches out to him, with no problem, and then embraces him. Seems like her little problem is fixed.

So Oscar has succeeded in wedding and bedding Sarita, but can he keep her? Twenty bucks says he can’t… As they are fireside Oscar tells Sarita that he can’t stay, but it was nice while it lasted. What a schmuck.

Breakfast conversation starts with Juan’s interrogation. He wants to know why Oscar was out late last night. Well let’s see… Oscar is a 40+ actor playing a 20+ idiot, I think he’s allowed to be out late without answering to the 50+ actor playing the 30+ imbecile. Oh looky! Pablito is back. Juan is like a father to him too, so he acts all excited and hugs him. The teacher and the social worker tell the family of four fathers that Pablito can stay, for now, but things are still being settled.

Fernie makes a visit to Hugh Hefner (Gramps for those who are not watching). Hugh tells him that he’s not welcome in his mansion, and to hit the road. Oh it’s nothing; Fernie just wants Gramps to sign the bank papers that transfer all monies and inheritances to Fernie’s name. Gramps needs to look the papers over, but he’ll sign them later.

Gabi has hit rock-bottom with her fake health. Sarita is begging forgiveness of her mother. She doesn’t have to worry anymore because Eva has left the mansion to live with Gramps. That’s not good enough. Eva has to pay for all the damage she caused the family. Sarita agrees, and that’s why she is the preferred daughter; she is so much like Gabi. Gabi sure is going to miss her after she gets hitched. Tomorrow she will marry Benito, and Gabi will be free to… “engage” with Fernie in every room in the mansion.

So Benny is making one last attempt to avoid the marriage with Sarita, but Raquel will not bend for anything because Gabi is practically on her (fake) deathbed. “Well, just think about Jimena when Octavio leaves her at the altar” says Benny.

Juan is mixed-up (well, I guess we already knew that). But seriously, on one hand he likes to hold Sofia in his arms, but on the other hand he feels much rage and resentment toward her because of Libia’s death. Okay Juan, you are a bloody idiot. Sofia had absolutely nothing to do with Libia’s death. Oscar, who holds a larger portion of the shared brain, relates that without Libia’s murder he never would have met Jimena. Franco, possibly the largest share-holder, reminds Juan that all this hatred he has for Sofia has gotta go, on account of the fact that she is carrying HIS baby. Juan considers this, and concludes that it is best to admit the truth. Which, by the way, is really stupid. But, the writers look at this as an opportunity for Franco to remind the group that they must stick together, and tell Sofia that they sabotaged her family in order to avenge their sister’s death. Might I add that this little proposition failed miserably, and during most of this novela that plot, as well as the rest of the plots, has been highly unclear and non-sensical. Chew on that Televisa!...

Sofia doesn’t know what else to do with herself, so she leads prayers at the local something-or-other.

Rosie is begging Armando to see her son, and tells him that she signed her fortune away to Fernie for her freedom. “Fernie always comes through with his word-right?” Yeah right—Rosie, you deserve being left high-and-dry (no reference to her physique intended).

Jimena is playing the good-sister role with Sarita, and wants to show her some nice lingerie that she bought. Unusually, Sarita doesn’t freak-out, and asks why she bought it if the only thing Oscar is going to do is take it off. Seeing that there never is time for foreplay in the backyard, I see her point.

Fernie and Gabi are talking about their plans to be together forever. She is the woman he has always wanted, and furthermore, he is willing to kill for her. Now that’s love. Kill? Well, one day I’ll tell you what I’ve done to protect you. I guess they figure that they are already in bed, so they might as well strip and have sex. I find this oddly romantic. Uh oh! There is that snake tattoo!

Speaking of tattoo, Juan is awoken by a nightmare about the time that a man with the same tattoo killed his parents. Frankly, I don’t see the connection at all.

Ok, this is a little freaky. Franco is sporting his whity-tighties as he stares across the dark bedroom at the innocent Pablito. There are so many things wrong with this scene. Here comes Oscar, the other underwear model. Nobody can pull-off the whity-tighties and boots combination quite like Oscar.

Sarita is writing a letter to Franco by means of parchment and a quail’s feather. All I’m going to say is ‘WOW.’ Then again, considering the letter will be delivered by pony, I guess this situation isn’t as unreal as I once thought. Anyway, she’s asking Franco to come and interrupt her wedding tomorrow. She knows it’s just a dream. But what she doesn’t know is that we are in Novela Land where all your dreams can and will come true (if our Televisa writers have anything to say about it).

Wedding day! Sarita has a huge rock on her ring finger, but can’t stop sobbing. On the other hand, Jimena is ebullient as she remembers the fake wedding she had with Oscar. At least we can say that that marriage was consummated, unlike the one she’s about to have.

Gabi is looking awful(ly good) for someone who just had a major stress-induced something-or-other. Fernie says that the brides are the prettiest things he has seen, well, that is after Sofia of course. Gabi reminds Fernie that there is no need to mention Sofia. Gramps comes wheeling into the foyer, only to be met with Pete and Re-Pete, who tell him he’s not invited to the wedding. He reminds Re-Pete that he is a five-star general, and doesn’t need her approval.

Whattaya know, Fernie didn’t live up to his word, and left Rosie without her dough, and without her son. She goes to Franco for help, but they are met by Armando’s goons as they are fleeing town. With guns pointed at their heads, Frankie and Rosie get in the back of some truck.

Juan is all excited that he actually cleaned himself up today. Everyone has taken a shower, used soap, and is off to the wedding. Wait a second, it’s nighttime, and the wedding is in the afternoon… Oh, and where is that darn Franco? Uh oh, Juan is having a stress-induced-fraternal instinct-related heart murmur. What is it Lassie? It’s Franco, he’s in trouble!

Indeed he is, the boys with the guns beat him and Rosie a few times, Rosie sort of gets away, but can’t quite move in her boot heels. Poor Franco, the one guy holds him back and the other guy throws the punches. That’s not very fair…

Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always Tomorrow: The big wedding day is here, but none of the people in the wedding want to wed! Oh, no, Juan has not followed his fraternal instincts and will pay the price; Franco is dying!


Fuego #65, 07/29 Tues. - Family Fun for All

Dear readers/recappers, I am looking for a substitute recapper for two weeks from tonight (August 12). Willa and I are going to Wyoming for a week. Please e-mail me at if you want to give this a whirl. I promise it is fun. We will be deeply grateful for any help.

Again tonight we see the only serene, understated moment of the evening, the civil marriage ceremony of Oscar and Jimena. They give us the pleasure of watching a great, sexy kiss. The Judge congratulates them and leaves . Oscar declares that they are married in the law and no one can undo this but we telenovela aficionados know these are deadly words to tempt the fury of fate. They have to decide where to live. She says his place, he thinks life on the hacienda would be so nice She doesn't want to affect he health of the Badmom. She begs him to keep their secret a bit longer. He will make her the happiest woman in the world. But, what about that wedding night?? What about those flooding hormones? She flirts, he kisses and we end the only happy and relatively normal scene we are likely to see tonight.

Sarita is screaming about finding out that Rosario is her sister and Eva betrayed her mother by jumping her father so she screams that she has every right to scream like a banshee. She is a slapping, screaming harpy-machine and Franco should be taking notes at the way this chica loca acts with her snobbish imperialistic attitudes. She stomps off. Rosario may be her father's daughter but she will never be her sister. Abuelo and Franco comfort the tearful Rosario. Sarita really shouldn't be in the presence of small children, she has too much Gabi in her veins.

At the Orfanato the superintendent and social worker tell Juan and Sofia that they have decided that Pablito can stay with them until the proceedings are finished with the adoption. Juan gets a good hug for this.

Gabi dressing in her sexy red robe (harpies in red satin, anyone) feels that arm pain and dizziness again even though these isn't always the symptoms of women having a heart attack and we have no evidence that she truly has a heart to be attacked. She sags on the bed disappointed that she doesn't have the energy to leave her bedroom to slap someone silly.

Juan and Sofia thank the MadreSuperior and the Superintendent for letting Pablito come to live them as provisional guardians.

Sarita breaks into to Mom's heart event moment to demand why she didn't tell her of Eva's betrayal. Gabi gets to ham up the “Eva is to blame for everything”, ohhhh poor me. She avers that she knew nothing of Eva's treachery until the other evening and that provoked her fainting spell. Sarita is reduced to the babbling sorry ass daughter. She doesn't want Badmom to be sick but demands one thing, that she run off Eva immediately. Either Badmom runs Eva off the ranch or she will! Gabi gives a rare smile of satisfaction that usually only a romp with Feo can produce or the nasty delight of revenge....

Oscar and Jimena part at the stone wall in their wedding finery. He is off to prepare a surprise for her on his beautiful horse. Jimena is proud to be the wife of Oscar: soy Jimena Elizondo de Reyes. All three of them are way too pretty.

Abuelo is telling Rosario that the battle has just begun. He predicts that Sarita will finally accept her as a sister in time. Rosario repeats that all she wants is a family. As Franco looks on Rosario leaves and then he notices Pablito peaking around a curtain. What are you doing here hiding demands Franco. Pabllito doesn’t want to be in orphan jail. Abuelo tells Pablito not to cry, generals don't cry.

Quintina comes to the veggie market with a bread basket on her head and a speaker system at the ready. She mocks her relatives wanting to know how her nephew Rigo lost his girlfriend? He says she likes someone else, but Hortensia derails Quintina’s probing by telling him his auntie will publish all she learns.

Juan promises MadreSuperior that he and the Reyes Bros. will repair the Orfanatorio for free. Sofia will hold classes to prepare the children for first communion. There will be some expenses preparing for first communions warns MS.

In the market, Juan and Sofia present the opportunity for the market community to support a orphan for the suits and dresses and love they will need to take first communion. Hortensia and the boys are the first to sign up as god parents to the munchkins. With this smile Juan could go far in the fund raising public relations field. At last J and S have a project that doesn't 't involve touching they can happily do together.

JImena shows up screeching how happy happy she is. Sarita turns on her badmomclone sneer and spits out the betrayal of Eva and the sisterhood of Rosario. Just then the feckless Eva appears and has to answer Sarita's screams about this rude awakening.

Roasario turns downs a horse ride with Franco since she doesn't want to upset Sarita further with Franco trouble. She wisely decides that he needs to decide but since he seems incapable of this, she will decide for him to good bye forever.

Sarita grunts out answer me x2 Eva says yes. Even Jimena gets into how could you mess with our papa how could you betray my mother. She begs forgiveness and understanding. Sarita is a harpy graduate in this scene with how Eva will have to leave she has no rights all the rights are with he mother . If anything happens with mama you will have all and the only responsibility . how convenient for the Mom harpy . Eva does manage to get in that Sofia knows already.

At the Reyes house Sofia brings warm cups of something in for Rosario so they can chat . Rosario blurts out that Sarita found out from Don Augustine of the parentage and sisterhood news. Sofia wants to know how Sarita received this news. Rosario reports that Sarita said she would never accept her has a sister . Sofia is full of sisterly concern

Oscar is happy in the bakery singing an off key version of the Fuego love song. Juan wants to know Franco and Oscar have they been and why is one happy and the other troubled. Oscar keeps his happy secret, while Franco reveals that Sarita found out that Bernardo is Rosario's father. Juan’s shocked face tells us he didn’t know either. It seems this Bernardo had LOTS of secrets.

Rosario takes the high road and tells Sofia she has given up Franco to avoid further upsetting this so called sister who even if she rejects her Rosario doesn’t want more trouble. Sofia presses when Rosario talks about her checkered past. Why are you not free to love what is your secret, a man? Oh a man if you tell me who he is I can go talk to him.. Oh yes, Sofia you would be perfect for this role.

Armando and Feo discuss that Rosario is definitely the queen of this palace and the bum in jail is content with this pay off to take the blame now of I forget which crime, the Mapache poison sandwich or was it retracting the hearing of Mapache’s deathbed indictment of Feo??

Back at the house of screams the fight breaks out with the two sisters, Eva and Abuelo at the head of the stairs. Eva sputters so long that when she finally wants to explain that Gabi gave away the baby, Gabi finally shows up. She hesitates with pain but has enough energy to spew venom of all the bad that Eva is responsible for, all the sins of the world and all the problems of this family, she is the blemish even though this loving family treated her like a regular member. Yes, she was beaten with words and slapped about and belittled on a daily basis like all the girls.

Eva stands up to Gabi admitting that she has lots of sins but Gabi has not told all the truth to all the girls she admits that she loved Bernardo and too she took advantage of him one drunk night, got herself pregnant but even then Gabi would not let anyone know she was pregnant and then Gabi grabbed the baby from her arms and just then as Eva is sputtering and stammering her truth out Gabi grabs the scene back and clutches the stair case saying she feels really bad and is scared. She should be seeing vultures over her shoulder or outside on the trees .

Abuelo tells the sobbing Eva that the girls will understand some day. She and we are not so sure.

Rosario wandered committed errors got to jail was disgraced all the time menaced by blackguards that were against her she cant love any one she isn't free Sofia wants to know show his is tell me who this coward is, tell me.

Rosario, responds to Sofia’s naive queries, no can do, no can do , Sofia is sure she can reason with this craven scum, she is so good at it . Rosario runs out. Pobrecita says Sofia.

Feo wants to know how Gabi feels, the queen harpy propped up on her bed with the girls around her. They talk mean about how Eva is the root of all evil and Sarita tells her mom she is right, totally right. She kicks out the girls as she wants to talk to Feo alone. They stare confused and look back a lot but go out of the room under Mom’s stern glance. Feo’s first words are just what we want to know: was the fainting real or fake? He really can't tell either. REAL she insists. She looks forward to the JImena hating Eva as much as Sarita does then she will finally be fully avenged.

Feo thinks about Rosario's inheritance as he crawls into Gabi’s bed. She strokes Feo and talks about destroying Eva, then they will see about the bastard inheritor.

Juan and Oscar come out to Augustin’s seeking Pablito. Eva is with Augustin who makes Pablito come out. Pablito looks contrite while Juan rages but end up saying that he is glad to have found him. Pablito asks for forgiveness and gets hugs.

Sofia jumps into Armando's office to menace him telling him she is on to his bullying and menacing and calls him poco hombre.

Feo comes in to Rosario’s dressing room with papers Rosario only wants her liberty. Feo wants her to sign a blank page that she will cede the inheritance rightfully hers as an Elizondo heir . She will only be free if she has signed. Feo blows stinky cigar smoke on the baby picture to punctuate his threat.

Juan waxes good-bad with Pablito at the orphanage with MadreSuperior. he will stay with them only until the papers are all filed for his adoption but he must promise to never escape again. he asks pardon of Juan who motions toward MS and then Pablito gets it and stands to ask MadreSuperior to forgive him. She hugs him and says yes. Juan promises he will visit him every day until he can come home with him.

Oscar is decorating a secluded spot with a garden of flowers and plastic eggs and a bright blanket sprinkled with flower petals and one crystal vase in flower shape to make a little love nest for the.

JImena says to Sarita that Eva can be forgiven for doing womanly things . Sarita spits and flames her venom toward Eva. How can Jimena forgive her. Jimena explains that she forgave Oscar. Sarita dismisses this as a totally different thing.

Jimena ask the hard question does it hurt you more that our father had another child or that child is your rival in love? They both cry at the obvious truth. Even Sarita softens.

Juan and Sofia discuss the sister father thing, and did Bernardo love Eva, no he didn't and probably didn’t know anything about Eva’s acts. Apparently he was a really heavy drinker or sleeper or both. Sofia is feeling more that she has a new understanding of a preggers woman. Sofia spouts momilies about the young woman her father loved (oops still doesn’t know this was his sister) and the love Bernardo must have had, Juan walks out and Sofia is perplexed that her Pollyanna speech wasn’t received so well.

Oscar and Jimena meet to plan the escape into a night of eternal bliss .

Sofia tells Juan she went to confront Armando about Rosario. Soon Juan shows up at Armando’s office to ask the same. Why is she your slave? Why not free her? Armando maintains that she is there by her own free will, just ask her if you don’t believe it. His office is getting a bit too crowded.

Said slave sweeps in to see Feo smoking up her house/ err dressing room. she still hasn't signed the paper, he repeats his threat to free her only when she has signed . They are interrupted by Ofelia saying someone is here, then JUAN walks in and spotting Feo in the corner, asks that famous line: “¿que haces aqui?”

Rosario and Franco go to a bonfire, errrr oops are a bonfire.
The boda divina isn't so divina, lots of people look worried.
Juan and Feo discuss the slave/dancer they share an interest in.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guapos 07-29-08 "Someone get that Lady a Drink"

Welcome to the party….Fasten your seatbelts cause it is gonna be a bumpy ride.
Quick refresher..Now that Nestor has taken a hike, Consti is no longer interested in boinking Luci.
See it was all about screwing Nestor not Luci, figuratively of course.

Mili and Al lock lips, tongue wrestle and put three years of pent up frustration into one grinding kiss. Then separate to opposite sides of the little homey setting of carefully arranged living room furniture.

The Padre reappears with Hugo and Flor. Now everyone must follow the rules, it is hands off. There is some eyerolling there as well as in my own living room. Padre tells Mili to round up Gloria & Chamaco manana for some belated relationship advice. Hugo mentions he thought it was Lina that was pregnant, okay bring Lina and Bobby in also.

The Padre looks all flustered like how did this happen? Well Duh, Dude…A little life preparation would have been nice; but back to that later.

----Say I have been wondering how Padre Manuel told Nestor all Luci’s little dark secrets..I mean if you watch Fuego, you know (it has been much debated), that a Padre can not tell anything…like Luci would have whacked Mili if she would have married Al. I am so confused, does this mean it is okay if you only tell your family like your brother Nestor? Well over on Fuego, then maybe Father Tad is a spawn of Bernando’s (isn’t everybody?) then he could tell.----

Flor tired by the pregnancy and carrying around all that deep dark hatred, retires for the evening. Hugo goes off to paint more scary goth pictures of crazy Al. Mili goes to tell the Chiclet Posse, they have to go see Padre Manuel tomorrow. Mili finds out that Lina and Karla are now Buddies, bonded over the evil, despoiler Fernando the Dead. Lina is willing to give Karla the benefit of the doubt. The other chicas don’t seem so sure.

Matt the Ratt is lying in bed with whatever the hell, Flor sister’s name is. He is having disturbing memories of his best, if somewhat AssHat friend being whacked. Where Lobo, VillaLobo, says Fernando no longer exists. I believe Matt should sleep in pull-ups cause he looks like he is about to pee his pants.

Next day….
Looks like Luci has been nursing a big heaping helping of Buchanan Scotch, this is day two of her drinking binge. In Mexico this is a great favorite, I was at a Wedding…yes a rural Wedding with liberal bottles of Buchanan Scotch, which was drunk with a orange soda and a healthy squirt of soda water…Hmmmmmmm, I stuck to beer.

Consti comes in and starts screaming at Luci to take a shower and get dressed and show up for his big political luncheon. Luci is all not gonna do it. Yes you will. He calls in Brau for back up. Now Brau has to get Luci ready for her close-up. Brau seems rather horrified by the whole thing. Luci tells him she will, but first…how’s bout a heaping helping of Buchanan Scotch. “No No No, it is too early,” Brau says and he doesn’t drink while he is working. She grabs a couple of glasses and pours him a drink. Luci, class act that she is forgoes drinking out of the bottle in front of the servant. Luci also realizing the value of Scotch, does not dampen that “heated in an oak barrel, by strapping men in kilts over a peat fire” taste with naco orange soda. We just see the bottle being pour again and again and again.

Meanwhile, over at St. Deceptions, the Padre greets the Chiclets and Chico. Padre wonders where Bobby is. Lina says he isn’t the father. Poor Padre, so much sin, it is hard for him to shoulder the world of sin.

Mili slips off to talk with Chunky Nun.
She gives the Chunkster a little background on the whole Lina debacle. Chunky gets all Medieval about rotten men. Methinks the Chunkster has not always been a Nun.

Padre grills, poor Chamaco about how he robbed Gloria of innocence. Chamaco says he used precautions. The Padre is appalled birth control is also against the Catholic belief system. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. “Well, Chamaco asks, “What’s a boy to do?” Padre answers with eons old oft quoted refrain, “Remain chaste tell married.” Chamaco smirks and it looks like the Chiclets are smirking.
What is a Padre to do?

Now back to Luci’s always open bar, she starts singing. (Sorry I tried to look up the lyrics, but I don’t remember enough of them. But big emphasis on lies) Luci is crooning a Brau is up on the bed drunkenly singing along. Luci starts in on Brau about what a total ratbastard the Consti is. She tells how he has thrown away everything for his political career. How Brau’s Niece has suffered. Oh damn drunk or not, she is good. Luci continues, “Now today is the day to end this…to make Consti suffer”.
Luci brings out her little lavender outfit and asks if Brau likes it. Why yes indeed, Brau caresses the fine feminine fabric.

Al and Val are out for a stroll, basically Al is happy that Val is so happy, but alas Val is sad cause Al is so sad and trapped in a loveless marriage from hell. They lament their crappy parents.

Over at St. Deceptions, Chamaco says he will marry Gloria in six months. Padre says no way, you will marry in one month. Gloria is all excited. Padre laments that Lina doesn’t have it so good, but being one big happy unprotected family, they will rally around and help her out. Chamaco says that is cool, he could marry her too. Padre is so not impressed with Chamaco’s prior religious instruction.
---Oh if only these people knew what we know, Fernando may be gone, but his gifts just keep on giving---
A moment of silence for Fernando….Okay carry on.

Luci wanders downstairs, nice outfit. She is kinda rich bag lady. Big oversized sweater, shirt and, say it isn’t so, sweatpants? Her lipstick is all smeared. Eureka, like a bloodhound, she has located another bottle of Buchanans. Al & Val wander in and they are appalled at her state. Luci starts in with “Hey I got some really great news, today along with destroying my three remaining healthy liver cells I am going destroy your father.” Then looks from Al to Val and directs to Val, “Well your father”. This leads to the game that sober people always get caught up in when dealing with a drunk, I like to call it the “Logic and Reasoning Game”. Al starts yelling at Luci, “You are so disgraceful, you ruined my life, you are terrible”. Val follows with, “I will not let you ruin my life, the same way”. This little game leads to smug drunken ramblings about, “I have sacrificed my life for my Hijos, no one loves you like Mama”. Al says, “she lied and he lost his love Mili.” Luci smirks with a look that says, oh my beloved if I wasn’t your “I only live for you, noble Mother”, I’d be forced to laugh. She counters with a, “I wasn’t going to let you ruin your life by marrying that dirty, low class, fly”.

Now over to the big politico. It is the PUN party. I guess a play on the PAN party in Mexico. Hey, I am not trying to draw any comparisons here, but this seems like maybe in this country, these folks would be in the ahhh wealthy, most light skinned, ahhh family first, most likely to be caught in an airport bathroom party. Hey I’m just sayin. Perleta, introduces Consti as the man with great family values, honorable and so on. Consti tells Damien to go look for Luci and get her ass in there.

Consti goes to the podium and begins his speech about fine noble causes, how he loves his family. He is so proud of his children, why his son, Al is right there by his side at the company. His daughter is a treasure. Now about that fine woman that shares his life. She is just the best thing since Cortez conquered Mexico City and gave the natives a reason to live. He calls for Luci to come forward.
--We see that fine little Lavender outfit move thru the crowd. Luci looks really tall.
OMG, it is Brau in full drag. Const doesn’t know what to say, and all those fine upstanding persons look like they just smelled something on the bottom of their shoe. Andrea jumps up and pulls the wig off Brau.
Andrea always the helpful Andrea. Perleta jumps up and tries to play it off as a joke. Reporters start asking if Consti supports that kind of life style. Brau runs out as do all the reporters and other fine citizens.

Back home, Al & Val continue the futile Reasoning Game with Luci. Al is just spitting hate and venom. Luci says she is a good mother. Al fires back with, “A hyena is a better mother thant you are.” Val says you won’t ruin my life with Rocky like you ruined Al’s. “A chofer, a dirty chofer?” Luci can’t believe it. Val says, “you tried to have Rocky killed.” Luci denies this, and truthfully it was Andrea, but honestly Luci probably can’t really remember if she did or not, by this point. Val follows up with a “He is the only man in my life and I am a mujer.” Al & Luci’s mouths drop. “Yeah, Ma, that’s the deal, we did it like two monkeys with only seconds to live”.
--Well I threw that in, but you get the idea—
Luci now starts in with what a thankless child Val is, “Where do you get your ideas?”. Val follows-up with, “Don’t point your finger at me, you were living in our home with your Amante”.
Luci draws back and gives Val an awesome smack across the face. Al grabs her arm and says enough. Val screams, “I hate you, I hate you.” And runs off.

Over at the business, Consti is furious, Brau comes out in a suit of Consti’s which is way too big. He tells Consti that Luci got him drunk. Consti wants to hit Brau, but Andrea stops him. She says putting up with drunk Luci and hiding everything has caused this. Brau nods in agreement. You go Brau, I’d direct the blame elsewhere too.

Al is not done with his mother. She begs him to help her keep that rotten chofer off Val. Al has had enough, he says he will help Val, he won’t let crazy Luci ruin her Luci ruined his.

Just so you know, Luci has been drinking full throttle through this, which just makes her get a more intense drunk face, of why can’t you idiots follow my reasoning.

Mili walks in on this, and even she is a bit shocked by Luci’s bold fashion statement and drunken state. Luci, seeing a new victim starts in on Mili. She says how Mili’s mother was a rotten, slutty servant. Al tells her to shut-up and Mili has that hurt little girl look on her face, she starts to walk away….but feeling the draw of the “Logic and Reasoning Game”, comes back. She says, “Your are a drunk and My mother was good and true and gave her own life for me”. Luci with the drunk reasoning counters, “Well I am a good Mother”.

Now then kids if you think this was fun…looks like this episode of “Dr. Phil’s Family…A family in crisis” will continue tomorrow. Looks like Luci dares Consti to admit that Mili is his spawn…Everyone has an AWKWARD MOMENT look on their face. Luci is still dressed in the same becoming outfit and has not mussed her misapplied lipstick.

Now all I can say about Luci is this…damn that woman can drink, I would have seriously passed out several Buchanans prior, and probably been puke sick too. Now I must say, while I hate to be caught in the “Logic and Reasoning Game”, watching it on TV is pretty funny, cause like real life; you can’t move Luci onto a new theme, she just keeps repeating what a stellar parent she is. The others have gotten caught in the game and keep trying to reason with her. That so isn’t gonna happen.


Querida Enemiga Tuesday July 29, '08 Sneaky, Smarmy, Smirking, Sabotaging Sara Strikes Again

Well, we were lulled into thinking this telenovela might start being fun, but tonight was another evening of non-stop sabotage, both on the part of Sara and her evil "aunt" Barbara. (Hey, maybe Barbara is her real mother? They sure have a lot of traits in common.)

First rehash: confrontation between Bruno and Alonso. Alonso looks better when he's mad. Bruno looks like....well, have you noticed?...he has a cat's ass mouth just like Paula from Juan Querendon. That prissy little mini-mouth with those shaggy eyebrows makes him oh-so-unattractive.

Segundo rehash: Profesor Hawt catches Lorena speculating on how he seduces so many women with his cooking skills, and adding that his next book should be called "Casanova with a Skillet". He pretends to be super-offended but is actually amused. I'm liking how this relationship is playing out so far.

Next scene: Diana and Vasco drop the bomb on her folks. They're going together. Zulema and Omar look cattle-prod stunned, but come around finally after some dithering about them being cousins, in a sense, and "too soon" etc. Both parents offer their congratulations

A brief flash to Arturo and Barbara in bed. Mercifully brief. However we learn that the job offer is a lock (provided Arturo doesn't mess up the interview) because Barbara, pretending to be a secretary, has called and told the other candidate his appointment is in the afternoon...not 11 am as previously arranged. See why I think she could be Sara's actual mom?...their modus operandi is the same.

Sneaky Sara arrives in the midst of the congratulations and asks what's up. She pretends to be thrilled. Well, actually, she IS thrilled, figuring this latest development will really sink Vasco's boat with Granny Hortensia. Or better still, Gran will be so upset she'll have a heart attack and Sara can cash in pronto without having to wait years for an inheritance. This gal certainly knows how to look on the bright side.

She's gloating in her naco bedroom when Chalo calls. Whaddya want? she snarls. He objects to her tone and she grovels a bit, saying she was studying. He wants to give her the news about Alonso's dad being the one who hit him. We don't hear all the conversation but she's smiling so we know there are more evil plans afoot.

Alonso and Dad have a terse morning chat. Pops tells him he's planning to sell the car to the son of a friend. Alonso says they'll talk later.

More parent/child chat...this time between Paula and Bettina. Bettina is ratting out Jaqui's fear of ghosts in the apartment; and Paula assures her it's because Jaqui has a guilty conscience, or else she's doing it so she can cling even more tightly to Bettina's dad.

More parent/child...happier this time. Rosy, Maruja and Julian arrive at the Casa Pobre so Maruja can meet Zulema. They get on like a house afire, agree to "tutearse" now that they're going to be "consuegras" (co-mother-in-laws) ,provided Julian gets a real job. Lots of nice things are said about the kids and Rosy protests that they are going to make them blush with all these compliments.

Now to the pseudo-sisters. Sara is trying to make nice with Diana but Diana sees right through her. Various veiled insults are ladled nice that Vasco wants to take you on...and with the paquete! So noble! "You think of the baby as a paquete?" snaps Diana. Sara tries to cover up, but not too hard. I guess she figures she has nothing to lose from gaining Diana's enmity 'cause hey...Diana's got no money or power.

Sara is struggling with a bracelet when Omar comes in to ask for computer help and she snaps at him "WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" A little slip from the bad seed. Omar and Diana exchange looks.

Barbara is temporarily out of the hotel and Arturo's bed and has time to ream out Jaime again. What! Not getting up and going to breakfast!? Jaime does his usual "Leave me in peace" and of course she starts in again, ending with the usual, What about what this is doing to ME!? He suggests if it bothers her to see him this way, she can move to the guest bedroom. More sturm und drang about that.

While this tender marital scene is unfolding, Hortensia is grilling Arturo. He lays on a lot of blah blah blah about administrative skills, team leader of a unit, strategic planning...zzzzzzzz as far as I'm concerned, and Hortensia plays it cool. She wonders why he changed jobs so often (doesn't like to stagnate, looks for challenges is the reply) so she finally lays down the zinger. If you were in my place, would you hire someone who had no experience in the field of food management? Impactado look from Arturo. break to ads

Well, if you were hanging by a thread, fear not. Arturo argues that administrative skills function well in any environment and while he's not experienced in the food industry, he's not exactly starting from zero either. Hortensia greets this with a nice poker face. Tells him she'll decide after she conducts the other interview.

Lorena's in Zully's kitchen helping out again and telling them about her fiasco the night before with our yummy professor. Julian is there mixing up asks for tarragon and he brings her cardamon ; and they give him a little lecture about seasoning food, while Lorena vows to keep her mouth shut around Prof Ernesto from now on ("calladita se ve más bonita). The doorbell rings, it's Alonso, wanting to take her out to the movies that night. She can't go 'cause she has to study super hard for the ogre's class. He's understanding (and that's why she loves him) but he vows to make up for lost time next date.

Prof Ogre is at a bookstore, flogging his wares and sister Sylvia comes up to tell him the books are selling like hotcakes and she's got him lined up for some show called Cooking Around the World. She's also of the opinion he's the best-looking chef in Mexico. Hear hear!

And now a little background to help us understand why he's a super-grump. Seems his dad was horrified by Ernesto's interest in cooking. For Dad's generation, no man belonged in the kitchen. Twas his dream that Ernesto become an economist like his padre and for that reason he sent him to Paris to study. But instead he went to the best cooking school and had to hide his books on cuisine when Papa came to visit. Ah, if only Dad could see now what a success his son is! But alas, he died, thinking his progeny was a good-for nothing ("muerto de hambre")

With regret, with great regret!, we leave Ernesto and here's skanky Barbara again, waylaying Vasco outside work because she doesn't want to be around "Esa"...."esa" being Diana. Naturally she goes ballistic when she finds out they're going together. First she accuses her of latching onto Vasco 'cause he's a hot catch and she slaps her. Vasco says Don't do that, she's pregnant! Now Mom's really steamed. So you got pregnant just to ensnare my son! No, Mom, it's someone else's baby!

Okay, total hysteria and how can you do this to ME!? And honestly, Vasco, that isn't the best way to break the news about your relationship with Mom....d'ya think!? At least Mom also imparted the knowledge that Jaime is depressed and Vasco is planning to visit Pop after work.

Hortensia is stalking around the office like an old lioness. Sneaky, smarmy, sabotaging Sara has just slipped in that Vasco is involved with her "half-sister". Hortensia's beginning to think there's a curse on her (couldn't happen to a more deserving person). First Omar lets her down, Jaime is a weakling and now Vasco! History repeats itself...except Granny Hortensia ain't gonna let it happen! No how no way.

After ads, the scene opens in Jaqui and Dario's apartment. She's oohing and aaahing over her "preciosa" wedding dress, chortling that it was worth the enormous amount of money ("dineral") she paid for it. She'll be the prettiest bride ever, even if she can't get married in church. Dario arrives and she's annoying and clingy about the haunting of the apartment and wants him to take her to the print shop for the invitations and then to meet her a half hour later( after the meetings he's anxious to get to) for dinner. He's cranky and evidently finding her every bit as annoying as we do!

Stalker Paula is lurking outside, hiding behind cars, waiting for a chance to get into the apartment again and find his financial reports. She hears Jaqui whining for Dario to shut her car door and pitches her own personal tantrum. "Aren't you going to shut my door, Dario"!!!! Just listen to her....while I....I waited on him hand and foot! When she gets into the apartment, she's even angrier. Discovering the high-priced wedding dress, she remembers how he gave her "two pesos" (read a trifling amount of money) so she could buy her dress at the open air flea market in Mexico City.

The hapless candidate for Jaime's job (the one Barbara misled so he would fail to come at appointed time) is arguing with the receptionist and demanding to see Hortensia. Said lady arrives, mad as hell, and says he already wasted her time by not showing up at 11 am as agreed. And she's certainly not going to waste any more time on him!

Now a setup scene. Smarmy Sara finds Lorena at school loaded down with books. Lorena confides how demanding the ogre is and how she has to study super-hard for his class because of that. You can see Sara's evil mind going into overdrive.

And speaking of evil minds, here we are again with our gruesome twosome. Arturo is massaging Barbara's toes (ugh, I hate even remembering this scene) when the phone rings. Good news, he's got the job. However Barbara is too busy being miserable over Vasco's romance to gloat much. Arturo promises by the end of the massage her worries will be over. (thank God we don't have to see any more.)

Now a quickie with Ernesto....scene, I mean. He's working over the nervous maid, noting the lampshade is turned wrong, the phone is badly placed...she's vacuumed twice?....sure doesn't look it!...runs his finger along a table and sniffs "Dust!" (I'm suddenly not so charmed by this guy anymore. No wonder his exes are all exes!) Then he adds that he wants everything super shiny clean for tonight....and has left some lunch for the poor, beleaguered housecleaner. (And she's better not spill a drop, I imagine.)

Back to Lorena and Sara....and you've gotta be getting a sick feeling in your stomach....'cause Lorena's asking Sara if she'll help her with some graphs for the ogre's class. And of course Sara is only too glad to help....forget the computer lab....I'll lend you my laptop! (now we get a closeup of smarmy Sara's evil smirk. )

A bunch of ads to give us time to worry about what Sara's hatching.

Now Paula is back home, gloating with her sometime-partner-in-crime Greta about her foray into the apartment. Greta figures she ripped up the wedding dress or burned it, but Paula is way too subtle for that. She used her sewing skills to discreetly loosen the dress in strategic places so Jaqui won't realize the disaster until she tries it on (or wears it for the ceremony perhaps?) Sounds diabolical anyway.

And she's found out about Dario's hidden money. And while she can't let on how she knows, she has the ammunition now to get a better settlement.

Dario and Jaqui are back after a yummy Chinese dinner; he's settling in man-style with the TV and the remote when there's a blood-curdling shriek from the bedroom....and not the sexy kind. Jaqui's found her cosmetics in the wrong drawer and is convinced the ghosts have been at work again. Dario's about at the end of his rope, threatening to put her in an insane asylum ("manicomio") rather than take her on a honeymoon. Poor babe tries to calm down by taking some pills but even they are not in the right drawer. (I have this experience of things not being in the right place either but it ain't ghosts, it's failing brain cells.)

Our young couple is doing much better. Rosy is helping Julian bone up (no pun intended) for his sports quiz program with much kissing going on after each right answer.

Omar is also studying, on the computer, trying to upgrade his skills (we still don't know what profession he trained for before). Zulema joins him and he notes that she looks "down". She explains that after missing all those years with Sara, she almost never sees her now. And what's more, her intuition, her heart, tells her there's something wrong with their daughter. Something just doesn't fit. (Okay, like Fuego said in her recap last week, they're catching on to stuff but they'll ignore it until months and months and months have passed.)

Our lovely threesome, Hortensia, Barbara and Sara are back at Evil Acres discussing the horrible developments with Vasco. Sara advises them to give it time. Perhaps it's just a passing infatuation. No reason to come down hard on them.

Whose side are you on!? snaps Hortensia. Just then the hapless maid is walking through with a tray containing two cups. For whom? For Señor Jaime. Why two cups? Vasco is with him. Why didn't Barbara know? I just got here myself (knowing smirk from Sara).

Hortensia barges in and yells at Vasco for his unseemly alliance. You just don't know what "love" is, Grandmother. Don't know.! she yelps in outrage....and yet I loved you so much! Funny way of showing it, he replies.

That tears it. Hortensia is definitely disinheriting him now, and Sara, hiding behind a door, has heard all she needs to... and gloats again. Hortensia rages on that Diana and her charlady of a mother will never see a peso of HER money. And starts in on Jaime to be a a father!....and talk his son out of this. Jaime says quietly (but firmly) that he supports Vasco.

After Barbara and Hortensia storm out, Jaime explains to Vasco that he's thought a lot during these last few days and Vasco's happiness is all that matters. Tender father/son smiles. Beginning of redemption for Jaime no doubt.

Barbara's in full whine/shriek mode over her son (and possibly her) losing out on the inheritance. You can't leave everything to Sara, she protests, you've said yourself you don't trust her. Crusty old Hortensia assures her she can do anything she wants. But as long as Barbara doesn't let her down, no worries on her end.

Back at Casa Pobre, Zulema wants to bring Diana an evening snack but she's not hungry. The baby, the baby! protests Zulema. Then Diana tells her about the icky confrontation with Barbara (so like Hortensia's reaction to the Omar/Zulema romance) but adds that Vasco defended her. Diana's wondering if they should keep on with the relationship....especially if Mom and Dad are still planning to pursue criminal proceedings with Hortensia and Jaime.

Zulema says they will....when they have enough money for a lawyer, but that shouldn't impact Diana and Vasco's relationship. Hmmmm....interesting reasoning here. Especially now that Vasco and Jaime are reconciling. Oh well.

Now Hortensia has summoned the lawyer again who's concerned about all these will changes. If I wanted your advice, I'd ask for it, snaps our sweet granny. And so on with the plans to disinherit Vasco.

And we end with the awful scene where Lorena, having stayed up most of the night to do a fabulous report for Ogre, leaves the computer in the hands of Sara while she goes to get them a cup of coffee. Sara pretends she's going to print out the report for Lorena while her friend does the step 'n fetch thing; but of course instead she wipes out the whole text and file and pretends that it was some mistake on Lorena's part.

Oh no!!!! And only an hour to go until class. Tears and terror on Lorena's face. And now she'll lose her scholarship!!!! THE END
* * * * *
Vocabulary, such as it is , is embedded. And your recapper is depressed. I'm sure I'm going to have one of those "come to the end of the semester and unprepared for finals" nightmares tonight. Ever have those? And it's been years!!!!


Guapos: Monday 7/28/08 "Can You Hear Me Now?---Fernasty learns a little bit of info, which will cost him a lot."

PART ONE-Florencia sticks up for Al when Mili announces she wants Hugo to manage her finances. Hugo sticks up for Mili. Then Al launches into a passionate speech about how he can’t deny his love for Mili, and she loves him. They all got married under false pretenses, thinking that Mili and Al were siblings, but that’s not the case. Mili and Al’s love was separated unjustly and it still exists. It is absurd to pretend otherwise and they all know it. Hugo suggests that the only way to avoid all of this is for Flo and Al to move out of the mansion and of course, Flo is in total agreement.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Padre Manuel has come to visit, per Al’s request. Braulio lets him in and accidentally spills the beans about Gloria’s pregnancy.

Nestor and Luci are arguing. He insults her mothering skills and she takes great offense. She tells him to get out and she calls for Al to be her bouncer. Nestor thinks it is a great idea for Al to come, that way she can explain to him how she led him to believe he and Mili were brother and sister. Luci doesn’t want Al to know, so she tries to explain to Nestor why she hates Mili….her mother ruined my life.

Socorrito comforts Lina and tells her all about her own past….how she was abused and raped and ended up pregnant---with Karla. Soco tells her that she wanted to lose the baby at times, but when she was born she found a purpose and the baby gave her hope. She tells Lina that Karla believes she was born from love and it is better that way, it would only cause her more problems is she knew she was a product of violence. Lina’s worried about how her dad’s going to react when he finds out she’s preggers. Soco tells her that he’s been very supportive of her and he’ll be the same toward Lina. Karla, in her wedding dress, comes wandering up, in tears and Soco comforts her daughter, who says she just wants to die.

Nestor packs to leave and Luci begs him to stay. He tells her he can’t be with someone who doesn’t merit his respect and affection. She doesn’t deserve either from him. He warns her, as he’s leaving, that he will no longer allow her to cause harm to his son. He walks out and glug, glug, glug goes the bottle in Luci’s hands.

Al asks Mili what she thinks about him leaving, we don’t get an answer because Nestor and Luci are headed downstairs, making a scene. Nestor tells Luci to have a good look at her handiwork, take a look at the lives you’ve ruined. Mili and Al both tear up. Nestor tells Al he’s leaving and Al responds, why should I care. Nestor reminds him that he’s his father, not his enemy. Nestor tells Mili to stick close to Al, he needs her. He then apologizes to Flo.

Andrea comes in as Nestor’s leaving. She demands to know what’s going on and Nestor tells her to ask Constancio.

PM is upset to hear about Gloria and he rants a little. Then calms down and offers Gloria congratulations. PM goes to talk to Mili and Al. He finds out Nestor left.

Andrea finds Luci and rubs in the fact that Nestor left her. Luci tells her that’s because he caught her and Connie making out. So now my husband is cheating on you, na-nah-na-nah—ha ha.

Mat and Fernasty are having a good laugh over the women that Fernasty has screwed over, figuratively and literally. Mat has some business to attend to, so he tells Fernasty to wait as he goes inside. Fernasty makes a phone call to some bimbo and loses his connection. He decides to find out what’s going on with Mat. Inside Villalobo is filling Mat in on the set up of Constancio for Domingo's demise. Fernasty hears it all and VL decides that Fernasty needs to be eliminated. Two of his goons take Fernasty away and Mat is upset, but there is nothing he can do. VL tells him that as far as he's concerned, Fernando never existed.

PART TWO- Alone in the study, Padre Manuel mentions Gloria's pregnancy to Mili and Al. Al's shocked and Mili is indignant. She tells the good padre that she'll make sure that Gloria gets to confession tomorrow. PM says that is obviously not why he's there, and he asks them what is it is they want to talk about with him. Al and Mili fill him in on their suspicions that Constancio had something to do with Domingo's death. Padre Manuel can't believe that Connie would be involved with murder, sure he's a rat bastard father who cares more for his political career than his own daughter, but he's no criminal (laugh). He urges the children to talk to Connie about it and Al says (rightly so, I'm sure), why bother he'd just deny it. The three discuss what's going on with Florencia and her lame attempt of suicide (as she is now sporting some bandages on her wrists that look like sweat bands I used to wear back in the early 80s). Mili says it's because Al's talking divorce and then Flo saw him kiss her. Al interjects and says that Mili kissed him right back. They banter back and forth about this for awhile, Al adding that Mili enjoyed it. They aren't getting anywhere other than to upset the priest. Finally Al decides to prove his point, he kisses Mili in front of PM and asks him to be the judge if Mili enjoyed it or not.

In the servants dorm, both Lina and Karla cry over how poorly Fernasty treated them both (they would only be so happy to know that he's getting a much worse treatment from VL's goons). Lina blurts out that she's pregnant and Karla gives her a hug. I say, is this the beginning of new softer, nicer Karla?

Al points out to PM the different signs that Mili is displaying that indicate she liked the kiss---she's blushing, her breath is coming in short gasps and she trembles when he nears her. PM wants nothing to do with this and he scolds the two and reminds them of keeping their promise to steer clear of each other. Al adds that he loves Mili. PM reminds them that they are both married and he brings up the commandments and sin and all that moral stuff. Al lets the padre know that Mili and Hugo are married in name only----Mili is a little hesitant to tell the priest she hasn't slept with her husband, but eventually the whole story comes out, even the part where she got him in the family jewels (along with a little pantomime reenactment, with PM filling in for Hugo). PM eventually gets the two to promise to keep apart, but Al tells him that as soon as the baby's born, he'll be divorcing Flo.

Andrea rants to Constancio about Nestor leaving because of him messing around with Luci. Luci interrupts their argument and she tries to get Connie to rekindle their flame again. Connie tells her he's not interested, now that Nestor is gone, so is the thrill. Luci is once again devastated and she leaves, Andrea thought bubbles that Luci's days as the mistress of the house are numbered.

Padre Manuel has a little heart to heart with both Hugo and Flo. Neither likes to hear what PM has to say. He reminds both of them that their weddings did not take place in the church. This sets Flo off and she let's into PM and tells him that he's nothing but a conspirator/pimp for Mili and Al. PM is properly aghast at her accusations.

Outside, in the foyer, Al and Mili talk of family----all the while keeping their distance from each other. They talk about Connie and how he's chosen his career over coming clean and going public about Mili being his kid. Braulio overhears this part of the conversation. Al shares that he wishes he could be an orphan like Mili, it has to be better than his lot in life. Mili reminds him that Nestor is his papa and he's not such a bad guy, Al really should try to get to know him. The two, once again, are drawn to each other and almost kiss....they jump apart to separate sides of the room. They discuss how they have to keep their promise to Padre Manuel......but they can't resist one another and then they run into each other's arms and passionately kiss. END OF EPISODE


Fuego, Monday 7/28 (#64): There's only one phone in the village, and it's for buying lingerie

Alternate title:
Half a wedding is better than none

Juan is upset about Pablito running away from the orphanage. Sofía shows up for the same reason. They reunite happily from an extremely respectful distance. She says she decided to come back when she found out that Pablito had disappeared. She knows Juan is sad and that she was being selfish and hasty. The Mother Superior was right - love problems are resolved between two. He welcomes her back and says he'll wait until she recovers from everything, "but do me a favor - don't leave me again!"

She promises. (I think that means that he'll be the one to leave next.) Juan and the gang prepare to look for Pablito, when Hortensia and her sons show up. Quintina is not happy to see her troublemaking sister. "Look what you did!" She attempts to brawl with her nephews until Franco breaks them up and Padre Tadeo shows up. They update him on Pablito's disappearance, and he scolds them for fighting amongst themselves. Franco agrees that instead of fighting, they should be looking for Pablito. Everyone leaves except Juan, Sofía, and the padre.

At the hacienda, Jimena and Sarita almost catch their mother and Feo in a compromising moment, but the two twisted lovers separate hastily and Gabi picks up a bunch of papers (upside-down at first, I remember last week) and tries to read casually. Feo gives a suspiciously wordy explanation as to what they were doing (something about trying to get cattle feed from neighboring haciendas). Sarita finds this odd - Feo usually doesn't do that kind of stuff. Gabi says that's because Sofi used to do it, but now they have to. Jimena also senses something awry and asks when they're going. Gabi says "when I have time" and turns around and gives Feo a smug grin.

At the orphanarium, the social worker tells the Mother Superior that they left Pablito there to protect him, but all they did was put him in danger. The school super says he's deeply embarrassed. The nun asks, under the circumstances, couldn't they let him stay with the Reyes during the adoption process? (Is she insane?? Return him to his "para siempre" home only to be adopted by strangers?) Couldn't they make an exception? The two professional child welfare experts look at one another and shrug. Not sure what that means...

Grandpa and Eva are loafing outside his cottage when Gabi and Feo show up on their way out to the car. Gabi is howling about Rosario being in "her" house. She's visiting Luisito. Grandpa tells Gabi to leave his visitors alone. "I never interfere with the people who come to see you, do I?" (Surprisingly, he does not follow this with a sarcastic "oh that's right, people never come to see you unless they're desperate.") Eva protests Gabi's attitude. Feo tries to smooth things over so that Eva can see her daughter and grandson. Grandpa scoffs at this and tells Feo not to be so obvious. He's just being nice to Rosario because he knows she's one of Bernardo's heirs. Gabi and Feo leave.

Wow. Do you know what I just noticed? Juan and the padre have the same hairstyle. The padre casually asks Juan and Sofi how they're doing. Juan starts to answer, then realizes the padre has come to tell them what the bishop said. Padre says he might get transferred to another parish. Oh noes!! Gabi complained to the bishop that the padre was promoting immorality. Sofía feels that this is her fault - Mom doesn't know how to hurt her so she's attacking the padre instead. The padre tells them not to worry. He'll support love until he dies.

Pablito is playing in the cottage and Grandpa is doing something perfectly sensible with dinosaurs. He tells the boy that the Reyes must be going crazy looking for him, and they can't let them go on worrying about him. Pablito whines that he'll have to go back to the orphanage. Grandpa talks to him like a soldier and says a general knows who his allies and enemies are. He shows Pablito on his game board his "strategy" to keep him out of "danger"without worrying the brothers... and now Pablito leans in to look, I get a good close-up of his shirt, and it's not roosters. I don't know what the heck it is, though. (Someone in comments said it was eagles. I can't see them, but it's probably right.)

The search party have returned to the bakery and are verbally scratching their heads wondering where Pablito is. Oscar shows up (and he is wearing roosters) and asks what's going on. Juan tells him they don't know where Pablito is. Oscar mumbles to himself; then Juan realizes that Oscar's back. He and Franco jump all over him happily.

(I see a big bread photo on the wall; much more modern than the old "cheaper by the dozen" sign that used to be on the wall before Gabi burned the place down.)

Oscar tells Quintina he came back because he missed her tacos. They tell him about Pablito and the padre says they're going to keep looking until they find him. Oscar said he was just at Grandpa's and nobody mentioned it to him. He whispers to his brothers that Rosario is back.

Rosario gets Luisito to sort-of whistle for her (like she doesn't get enough whistling already?) Eva excitedly tells Rosa that Grandpa was right - a portion of Bernardo's estate belongs to her. Rosa doesn't care about having money - just about having a family. Eva says yes, she has a family and she'll be with her always.

Juan comes home looking more unkempt than usual. He tells Sofi that night is falling, and he won't be able to find Pablito. He's worried; time is against them.

Sofi winces and Juan starts in alarm. The baby is moving! She thinks she feels a foot. She carefully takes Juan's hand and puts it on her belly. Juan says his mother used to do the same thing when she was waiting for his siblings. He feels something move and flips out! (That smile is why we love EY!) He listens and hears swooshing. His mom said that life itself was the greatest miracle of love.

She starts to put her hand on the back of his head, but can't do it. She says his mother was right, and in her womb is the miracle of life and of love. "Our child, Juan!"

Something flies through the window - it's a note tied to a toy. Whoever threw it is already gone. Juan reads it with difficulty - either because of poor eyesight, poor reading skills, or someone's bad handwriting.
I am fine. I don't want you to worry about me. I'm hidden, but I don't lack anything. I'll return to the house when you can adopt me. Take care, ..."
Sofía is relieved. Juan thinks it's funny that that they were so afraid. Virgencita will care for him! He thanks Virgencita for taking care of them.

I wish Virgencita would remind someone that Pablito can't read and write, or did the Reyes teach him everything during that one alphabet-dough lesson?

Feo and Crabi are driving down country roads and Gabi is crabbing that she's not sharing any of her stuff with that chick Rosario. Feo says they'll think of some way to prevent it. She asks if he took care of the hacienda's debt. He says yep, thanks to you, and tries to steal a smooch, but she worries someone will see. He says he's glad at least she agreed to go out with him so they could relax. She kisses his hands and asks why they owed so much money. Who did they owe it to?

A big truck blocks their path. Here comes the Coyote! What's he upset about now? Being the discreet fellow he is, he simply greets Feo by name and asks to be introduced to his lovely and distinguished lady friend. Feo introduces her as Gabriela, widow of Elizondo, his mother-in-law, but introduces el Coyote as - "an old friend," Coyote finishes for him, kissing Gabi's hand.

She seems charmed, but asks why his truck is blocking the way. He says it's just a little joke, maybe a bit tiresome, between him and Feo. He motions for his pal to move the truck out of the way, and Gabi and Feo go on their way.

Rosario comes home (her dressing room) to a huge floral arrangement. Rosario happily reaches for the card, perhaps thinking it's from Franco or Bobby... but no... it's from Feo. Ofelia says that guy wants something. "Yes, I can tell," Rosario answers. But she gets a never-before-seen calculating look on her face and says she's going to use it to her advantage! She promises to explain to Ophelia later. Ofelia goes to prepare the costumes. Franco shows up and he and Rosario make up for lost time, facially speaking. She says she missed him, but then she tells him about Bobby, one of the most marvelous men she's ever met.

Ugh, it turns out I'm still sick so I need to speed this up.

Night falls. Oscar and Jimena are meeting in the moonlight. He says it's all ready - tomorrow they're getting married. He hopes that after that, no one will separate them. "We'll be very happy," she says.

Octavio and Bruno find them to say goodbye. Bruno thinks they'll come back soon, maybe. Oscar says they'll always have a friend in this pueblo.

Juan plays with the toy (a noisemaker) that was tied to the note. His brothers come home. They don't understand his happy mood. He asks them for a favor.

Sofía is in her room when angry voices rise from the kitchen. Their voices are suspiciously shrill. She goes out to investigate; Its the brothers, plus Quintina and and a band, who serenade her.

The band is good. The singing is not. Actually the chorus isn't too bad, but the verses are awful, and here I am getting sicker by the minute. But Sofía loves it! Juan says he'll be the most patient man in the world. The strength of their love will defeat her fears a second time. She says she doesn't want to tie him down. He happily says he already is, especially with the baby. If he can't touch her in all of eternity, he'll be happy to look at her and be around her and smell her.

"D'oh!" he says suddenly, handing her a rose. "This is for you."

Benito and Raquel discuss Sunday's nuptial(s). What to do about Octavio? Raquel is afraid that Gabi will get mad and cancel Benito's wedding with Sarita. She wants to wait until Sunday and see what happens. Benito says that's not fair to Jimena. Raq tells him to keep mum; if both weddings are called off, his uncle (Ricardo?) will take it poorly. She seems very worried.

Feo and Crabi get home. She asks him to explain about the guy in the middle of the road. He asks if she distrusts him. "What I haven't told you, in order to save the hacienda, I became a partner at the cantina, and you meet all kinds of people there." Gabi disapproves and tells him to sell it. He says "don't treat me like a boy because I'm not. I'm a man." (Oh no, my stomach!) "A man who's crazy for you." Smooching in the driveway. She pulls away, pats her hair into place and the says she'll go into the house first.

LOL!! Everyone knows she and Feo went out together - why do they have to go in separately? He lets her go and tells himself that little by little he'll take over until soon she's doing everything he tells her to.

Franco tells Oscar about Rosario's suitor from the tour. Oscar tells him to just pick one or the other and stop playing with the two of them.

Rosario is doing her first post-tour show at the cantina. The regulars are happy to see her again. They all know how to whistle.

Sarita is writing Franco another feathery quill letter. "Dear Franco. This Sunday I marry Benito. Then I will lose all hope that some day you will love me." She doesn't get to finish this pitiful sodden mess because Jimena runs up to say that Octavio left town with Bruno, and now she's free to love Oscar. Sarita reacts confused, like a toddler who's just been roused from a deep sleep.

Sofi thanks Juan for the serenade. He just wants to make her immensely happy. He stands there awkwardly with his blankets as she gets into bed and wishes him a good night. He closes the door and gets into the other tiny bed. Or maybe it's a chair. At least she lets him sleep in the same room.

He watches her sleep and lightly touches her fingers and her mouth. He says it's the only way he can touch her without upsetting her. He says he's guarding her dreams and protecting her until she can trust in his love again.

Feo visits Bernardo's shrine and asks him if it's hot in hell. He proceeds to tell the dead man how hot Gabi is in bed with him.

Gabi's in bed, reliving some of the day's makeout moments and looking forward to when Sarita and Jimena are married and out of the house so that she and Feo can do do their thing without anyone getting in the way.

Tadeo prays that if it's God's will that he should leave the parish, he'll do it; all he asks is that the innocents he leaves behind are protected.

Next day, Sofía wakes up to breakfast in bed. (Guess what! There's toast!) She doesn't know she's covered in fingerprints. She's all, "oh, you shouldn't bother with little old me." He says it's his pleasure. He wants her to eat for the baby.

Now Eva is praying at Bernardo's, giving thanks for being reunited with her daughter. She asks Bernardo to care for Rosi as his other daughters. (She takes the trouble to list them for him in case he forgot. You think brain cells decay fast when you're alive, just wait till you're dead...) Gabi comes in and says "do you think Bernardo listens to you? Sorry, Eva, but Bernardo never loved you."

"He never loved you either," Eva replies and leaves. Wow! When did she get so fresh? I like her this way! Alone, Gabi gloats that Eva only thinks she's found her daughter. Ha, ha, she'll never imagine where she really is.

Rosario pays Sofi a visit because she heard about the almost-rape. Sofi can't imagine who would want to hurt her so badly. "I have my suspicions," Rosario says. She doesn't have proof, but she's going to try to get some. Sofi says thanks, but she doesn't know what good it would do. (Please tell me if I translated that wrong, I'm pretty sure it's correct but it strikes me as a totally insane thing to say.) Thanks to that man she can't stop rejecting Juan. Rosa assures her that Juan loves her. Sofi says says she loves him too, but when he's around she remembers, etc. Rosa tells her to hang in there and fight. Sofía whines "weeweeweeweewee."

The brothers and Q are baking. Suddenly Juan is overcome with nausea. They offer him a mixing bowl, then a huge milk-can. He says he's dizzy. He's grossed out by water. He's hungry. He's puky. He's having cravings. He wants enchiladas with strawberries.

Oscar understands. Soon they all do. They all crouch down to listen to the baby kicking in Juan's belly. What a bunch of cut-ups! Juan grabs a bun and gets crumbs all over his face.

Jimena tells Sarita she urgently needs a ride into town... because she has this lingerie catalog... she seems to be discovering for the first time that you can buy color-coordinated underthings. (Sarita is trying to hide an "I can't believe how cheesy this product placement ad is" look.) That's why they have to go into town - so she can call this place and have her things sent directly from the store. (I guess there's no time to send a message by owl.) Sarita doesn't understand why Jimena would want such things. Jimena tells her some of the lingerie company's favorite marketing messages, such as if you don't buy their stuff your life will be boring. (I catch her eyes doing an eighth of a roll.) Sarita looks quite worried by this prospect.

Grandpa is telling Gabi he's sure she's been tormenting her family with a fake illness all this time. Since there's no way she can tell him "but it's really real this time," she just insists she's very sick. If she's not showing it now, it's because she doesn't want to ruin her daughters' wedding. "Why worry about laying waste to their weddings when you're laying waste to their lives?" Gramps asks. She whines that he's against her, she wants the best for her daughters, etc. That's why she found them good husbands.

Gramps says now that her daughters are leaving, Feo will go too. It won't look good for her to be living alone with her son-in-law. Feo won't have anything left to do in this house. Marry off all the daughters, and Feo will have to leave.

Gramps wheels out. Gabi looks miserable as she realizes that Gramps is right.

Juan teaches Sofi proper kneading technique. They almost kiss. He backs off. Almost again, then she has a bunch of flashbacks and backs away. "Some day it'll be like before," she says. He has her practice kneading some more.

The kids are playing at Grandpa's. Grandpa tells Pablito to hide. It's Franco, wanting advice about love. He notices Grandpa seems nervous. Mariachi's barking gives Pablito away. Then Rosario shows up for Luisito, who makes vague noises. Then Sarita shows up. She sees Rosario and wants to leave. Rosa asks her to stay so they can talk things over and get rid of misunderstandings. (I'm not sure how this would be possible.) Sarita says she's not interested, Rosa can keep Franco, they were made for each other.

Franco says Sarita can say what she wants to him, but don't talk that way to Rosario. She insults him and when Rosario asks her not to leave, Sarita punches her. The kids react with horror - I don't think even Feo punched Rosario in front of Luisito. Rosario cries. Grandpa tells her to to raise her hand against Rosario again, because she's her sister.

"By the power vested in me by the state, I declare you husband and wife. You can kiss the bride." And with that, Oscar and Jimena are married in a town office. Oh, and there's a kiss.

Next time:
Mom doesn't feel good. Could this be the Big One?
Jimena finds out that Rosario is her "sister."
Eva says there's more to her story.
Rosario tells Sofi there's a really mean guy in her life too... Sofi offers to talk to him!
Feo acts like a jerk.


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