Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alborada, 8/31/2011. Cap. 66.

Today's episode is covered in Melinama's Recap #25, Thuresday segment, at this link.

On YouTube, haguilar78's clips for Cap 66 start at this link.

Thank you, Carlos, for today's picture. You picked a good way to capture the essence of Esperanza's death.


Cuando Me Enamoro #95 Tuesday 8/30/11 The truth shall be revealed, well almost!!

Just when we thought we had this figured out they get crazier. This is going to be very good. So let’s strap in and hold on tight.
Auggie covers Roberta’s appearance by telling Nata that her dad sent her, Nata does not look like she is buying it. They convince her for now and Auggie tells her that his house is her house and they head in, but neither Nata or Berta look pleased.
Jero is at dinner with Marina, she says that she is not surprised that Nata filed for divorce, after the thing he did.
Auggie is showing Berta to her room, Berta is throwing a fit about Nata and Auggie explains that she is there to avoid going to jail and that her father sent her there. Berta keeps pushing and Auggie tells her to stop asking questions. Berta tries to seduce him but he is not having it (i’m a little surprised to be honest) and he tells her no and to leave it alone and not to ask anymore questions.
Mati is eating with Carlos parents they are grilling her about he family and she tells them about her brother and the vineyard and then Carlos returns and tells his folks to relax and stop with the questions. Carlos toasts how much he loves Mati (these two have been to happy for too long, something bad is a coming)
The threesome at Auggies are eating and Auggie is in the middle (good or awkward? you decide) as the sisters discuss the family problems with Hon, Constanza and everyone Berta is playing footsie until she notices the ring and asks Nata about it and she tells her that Auggie proposed. Berta moves her foot and gets testy and runs through the list of men that Nata has been with and says she is very lucky when it comes to finding men, Then she continues to play with Auggie.
Jero starts asking Marina about herself, she talks about her career and how much she loves being a doctor and has had no time for men. Jero sys there must have been some guys, she says she will know the time “Cuando Me Enamora” (hmmm I’ve heard that before somewhere? anybody)
At the Gala Fina and Tony arrive
Dinner at Auggies is over and Berta leaves the table. Nata tells Auggie to spill about why Berta is there she knows her dad did not send her, Auggie gives her some story about another daughter and he sent Berta there so she wouldn’t find out, I missed most of what he said he was talking to fast for my brain this morning feel free to clarify please. Nata believes whatever he told her and as he hugs her she pushes him away. (how can you marry someone who you don’t want touching you?) Then he kisses her (yuck) but she doesn’t seem to like it either.
Jero is doing much better with Dr. he seems giddy like a teenager and they awkwardly( sweet awkward not weird) kiss each others cheek.
Gina is speaking at the Gala thanking everyone for the help at the center and then a big round of applause for Gonzo and then Inez. Chema asks Coni to dance she says no, so he dances with Adri. Matias and Gonzo go to talk within ear shot of Fina who sees the ring he is going to propose to Gina with. Then she pulls out a gun Tony stops her and tells her they are leaving.
Cata is in the bathroom, someone asks about Gonzo and his being married and she gets angry, and storms out. Tony is dragging Fina out of the party kicking and screaming. They are arguing over leaving Fina refuses to let Gina be with Gonzo and tries to get Tony to see her side he refuses to let her hurt anybody, Cata is leaving the bathroom and see the fight and listens in as she hears Fina she has a flashback and realizes that Fina is Pepa ( jackpot, she probably won’t live long enough to tell anyone!) Fina and Tony continue to argue. Cata yells at Fina and as she aims the gun to shot her she grabs her chest and falls down the stairs, Tony and Fina flee the scene. We are back with more dancing, Chema is going with Coni to use the bathroom, Mati does not like Adri using Chema it makes him jealous, she swears it’s to help Coni and her Papa. Chema finds Cata and calls 911 and sends someone to get Gina. She is dancing with Gonzo, who is telling her how beautiful and wonderful she is. (can he pop the question before the bad news arrives? the answer is NO) Shrieky arrives and tells her about Cata and she and Gonzo runs to her and Gina starts crying over her.
Fina and Tony are arguing, Fina tells him to that he is now her accomplice and he better toughen up, then she yells for them to get out of there.
Nata is riding in her white gown ( really? who does that?) She cries about everything she admits that she could never love Auggie like she loves Jero.
Auggie arrives in Berta’s room for some hot lovin!! (ewwww)
Carlos and Mati arrive home and tell Kari and Manuela that dinner was wonderful and his parents were great and loved her and they love each other. Kari drops the Auggie, Nata bomb on the happy couple.
Auggie’s goons take care of Dr.Creepy, (Kari is a free woman!!) we should hold applause in case he pulls through.
Gina is asking the nurse about her mom, Inez is saying goodbye to everyone at the party for Gina, they are discussing what happened.
Fina is panicking and packing to leave town, she is unsure about Tony, whether he can be strong or will he rat her out.
Tony is cursing Fina and getting involved with her, he is figuring things out ( I think he is a goner soon, maybe he will be able to talk first)
The Dr. tells Gina that her mom is not going to make it, I can’t hear the Dr, or Gonzo over her shrieking but I got that she need to speak to her mother one more time.
Jero gets a phone call about Dr.Creepy
Nata sees Berta leaving her room, and asks what she is doing, she says she is going to the kitchen to get something, Nata does not seem to believe anything she says. ( could it be that Auggie is in Berta’s room listening at the door Yuck)
Jero gets back to the hacienda and Carlos is there and he tells Jero the news about the impending nuptials between Auggie and Nata.
Nata takes the ring off and is remembering the men in her life, Jero’s kisses are the one she misses the most. She can’t forget him.
Jero is stunned that she is so smart and taken in by Auggie, that she can’t see through him and that she would marry his enemy. Nata is dead to him and to everyone here, nobody is ever to mention her name there or near him again.
The Dr,’s are trying to save Dr.Creepy(why? of yea some oath or something!)
Kari shoots up out a dead sleep and has a really bad feeling about something, Mati wakes up and asks whats wrong and Kari says she does not know just a feeling that something is wrong.
Gina arrives to talk to mommy, she tells her mom that she has to live, Cata tries to talk but Gina won’t let her she goes on and on about he is divorced. Okay I needed a minute to stop yelling at Gina to shut-up and let mom talk!! Okay so Mom tried to tell Gina about Pepa/Fina, but Gina kept trying to convenience her mom that Gonzo is divorced and that it’s okay for them to be together, she would not let her mom talk so Cata passes away without sharing her secret!!! (arghhhhh)


La Pola - August 30, 2011 - The Battle for Pasto, Discussion Page

Nariño calls his officers to a meeting to confirm that some of them believe retreat and regroup is the best option. When Alejo states that he believes retreat is best, Nariño calls him a coward and demotes him to common soldier. Alejo is at the breaking point. His brother’s death, Pola’s absence and the bloody loss of lives has taken its toll on him. As a further complication, Rodriguez has deliberately delayed sending the artillery to support Nariño’s troops at the front. In Guaduas Pola closes the sale of Domingo’s property with Ambrosio Almeida. She teaches Cata how to count so that if she has to buy Joaquín back, she will not get cheated. Ambrosio also recruits Pola to be a patriot spy. She invites Ignacio, the postmaster, to stay at the posada, and while he is asleep, she reads mail so that she can report back to Ambrose on the comings and goings in Guaduas. She also learns how to make chicha so that she can send it to the troops to drink before battle to give them courage. After proving himself on the battlefield, Nariño restores Alejo's rank. Alejo tells Nariño not to call him a coward ever.


Teresa Tue 8/30/11 #127 The Gauntlet is thrown in Cuernavaca; Teresa and Fernando have a lot of Splainin’ to do!

Teresa has decided she must take precautions in case they’re divorced – she’s holding some legal document as she says this and then leaves them with Armando for Arturo’s signature tomorrow morning when they come over for breakfast. Armando’s in full agreement with her anger over Arturo’s drunken rage, saying there’s no reason for her to put up with that.

HOSPITAL: Something’s wrong with Rodriguito and Mariano is trying to put Esperanza’s mind at ease. Hernan arrives, also worried about Rodriguito.

CASA CHAVEZ: Teresa continues to confide in her father now that Refugio isn’t there and says if Arturo doesn’t clean up his act…….Armando doesn’t let her finish. He tells her she has their total support in anything she decides. She asks Armando to accompany her tomorrow to file charges against Arturo. She needs to take precautions in the event Arturo doesn’t change. She tells him it would be handled in family court but Armando’s concerned this could only complicate matters further between them. He suggests she consider this carefully. Very well, but if it happens again she asks him to go with her because no woman should ever allow this to happen. (No argument here!)

CASA CACERES: Aeeeeeeeda is sharing her love life woes with Rubigote, saying Mariano suddenly realized his feelings for the lovely Aurora. She’s convinced he’s the ideal man for her (man, she just doesn’t give up!) and will continue to fight for him. Unfortunately, he encourages her not to give in (rindir). He feels Aurora is no rival for her. Sure, she’s a lovely girl, but she’s no match against Aida, much less against Teresa. Slowly I turn, step by step, “esa rrrrrrrrrrrata de vecindad!” Aida was so happy seeing her return to the vecindad. She tells him she went by just to harass her. They share a good laugh and Ruben can’t wait to see her there among her own gente. Aida assures him he’ll enjoy it as much as she did. What lovely father, daughter bonding, no?

HOSPITAL: Esperanza anxiously waits while Hernan and Mariano are examining Rodriguito. Pati is keeping her company and tells her not to worry. He’s in good hands. Hernan comes out to tell her the baby has bronchial pneumonia. (gasp!)

VECINDAD – BARRERA APT: A robed Arturo is looking for Teresa. She appears and tells him she just went to thank her parents for being so understanding about everything. He hugs her, telling her he thought for a minute she had left. He knows how much she wants out of this place. She explains the reasons why. It reminds her how tough life has been for her. He’s only been there a few days and already they’ve been without hot water or no water at all. She talks of feeling trapped there, having to carry buckets of water, all the while being exposed to the likes of Fito. This place reminds her that at times there was no money for food, much less money for school. She recalls the taunts and snubs (desprecio) of others.

CASA CACERES: Ruben tells Aida he wishes to be supportive and would like to also find a way to give her things like he used to. That’s why he’s talked to Geno about helping her in the real estate business until he can find something better. Aiiiiiida can’t believe he’s going to work for her. He clarifies, not for her but with her, especially now that’ she’ll need help with the bebé. He tells her he barely saw the “bebé” when he visited Geno. She has someone taking care of him and doesn’t want to expose him to anything and hopes she doesn’t become over-obsessed. Aw, he’s so thoughtful. NOT!!! Speaking of babies, he shows her a document that he’s sure will really bother Teresa very much. Aida takes a look and sneers, “and your querida Esperanza, too!”

VECINDAD/BARRERAS: Teresa continues, saying that despite all her talents and success throughout her school years, they always made fun of her because of her poverty and that’s why she decided in high school that she would conceal her origins. She asks him why he had to bring her here. He apologizes. He knows it was crazy but it will no longer be like that, he promises. They’ll leave tomorrow and start a new beginning. He hasn’t answered her question. Of all places, why did he bring her here? Duh, pretty boy has to think on that for a moment.

HOSPITAL: While Arturo’s thinking of an appropriate response, we turn to check on little Rodriguito. Poor little tyke is in an incubator, again. Hernan explains the problem with his lungs could be a lingering result from the premature birth. She hates Ruben more and more each day to think it was his fault she went into an early labor. Hernan assures her Rodriguito is very strong and is confident he’ll be ok. They both agree to stay the night to watch over their baby.

VECINDAD/BARRERA’S: Teresa’s demanding an answer and she wants the truth! So he tells her the truth. He was so hurt and so bitter thinking she didn’t love him when she married him. He wanted to hate her but he couldn’t do that because he loves her more than life itself. She’s in tears and wonders if this is how he thought to prove her love for him. He wanted to know if she really loved him and if she would stay by him even if they lived here. She knew they couldn’t be that bad off. She accuses him of testing her and doubting her love yet again! He asks for understanding and asks her to put herself in his place. He blindly trusted her and she deceived him! She was unfaithful. She reminds him they had agreed to leave all that in the past. He tried but his stomach turns every time he sees Mariano. He wants to die just to think she could possibly love another man. He just wanted to prove whether or not she loved him. She tells him that what he did was foolish (tontería) he has no idea of the consequences of his actions. He wonders what consequences she’s referring to.

CASA FERNANDO: Fer sits in the dark with wedding photos of the Barreras in his hand. He’s verklempt. He calls Luisa and leaves her a voicemail telling her how much he loves her. He wishes the days would pass quickly so they can get married!

VECINDAD/BARRERAS: Art wants to hear about the consequences. Hasn’t he figured that out for himself, she asks? The days they’ve spent here have been hell! Her embarrassment to know her parents found him drunk as a skunkasaurus! They’re going to lose respect for him and think she wasn’t able to take her rightful place as a woman. And to think of how Fernando saw her that day with her blouse all torn where he had ripped it! She had gone looking for Luisa but only found Fernando. Gee, he doesn’t remember ripping her blouse. She tells him he was in no condition to know what he was doing. She doesn’t understand why he did this to her when she’s told him she loves him. He has no idea how much and she confirmed it yesterday. She explains that when she talked to Fernando, she was ready to say it was all over. But then she realized how much she was suffering when she thought they’re marriage was over. He tells her he’s very grateful to Fernando for being there for her. (oh, if he only knew!) Fernando warned him if he’s not careful, he could lose her. He tells her he couldn’t stand it. He no longer knows how live without her. She loves him too but she needs to get out of there and go back to the lifetstyle they had before. He starts to tenderly kiss her but she backs away, saying it’s not that easy; not after what he did to her.

The following morning, Teresa is dressed and ready to go when we hear a knock, knock, knock on the door. It’s Ruben and he asks if he can come into her new home. If he’s come to harass her as his daughter did, she wants to take a photo as she did with her because the day will come when she’ll have her revenge (desquite) although in his case he doesn’t have much more to lose. He already lost his business, Luna Turqueza, his wife’s businesses that he plundered, his wife, his lover, and his bastard son. Poor Ruben. The only thing he has left is Aida. Things can change, he responds. She assumes he’s talking about his paternity suit and reminds him she and Arturo will prevail. Not so fast, Sharkface, he’s got a surprise for her but he’ll wait to show it to her together with Esperanza. Arturo walks in and Ruben asks him for a favor even though they’re at opposite ends of the law. He has a medallion for the baby. Teresa tells him the baby doesn’t need anything from him. Arturo agrees to take it to Esperanza and let her decide. Ruben asks them to remind Esperanza that he’s the real father of that baby.

HOSPITAL: Hernan tells Hector and Juana the baptism will have to be postponed until the baby is better. They agree to take care of notifying everyone. Hernan tells them Esperanza needs their moral support right now. She’s understandably under a lot of stress.

BREAKFAST AT CHEZ CHAVEZ: Mom & Dad are sad they’re moving and Armando says he won’t be able to protect her now that she’s leaving. Arturo tells him that won’t be necessary. Refugio chimes in that they’re worried about them. Teresa tells them that once they’re out of the vecindad, their troubles will be over. Armando remembers he has some documents for Arturo to sign. Suspenseful music as Teresa acts all innocent, but we know better.

HOSPITAL: Like a bad penny, Aiiiiiiiida just keeps turning up, this time presumably to check on the reports she left for Mariano. She’s found out her father’s son has been hospitalized (ugh, she won’t call him by name or refer to him as lil bro). Mariano confirms he’s very ill with bronchial pneumonia. She wants to tell dad and Mariano asks her not to because he’ll only cause trouble. She feels he doesn’t have the right to ask her not to say anything to Rubigote. Much as it pains her, that’s his son and he loves him very much.

BACK AT THE CHAVEZ’, Teresa explains these are the documents she printed up and Armando offers to explain each one. Arturo doesn’t think that’s necessary and he signs away! Teresa can’t help but smile as he signs the docs.

CASA CACERES: Aida’s asked Ruben over to tell him that the child he had with that Gata has been hospitalized. Ruben is very worried for the little guy, he’s still so young. She angrily tells him the look on his face alone tells her how much he’s worried about his male child.

CASA HERNAN/ESPE: Our first visit here, no? Teresa has come by just as Espe was on her way out. Teresa admires the furnishings and Espe tells her she’s still getting used to this life with credit cards, the car Hernan gave her, etc. Teresa comments on the irony that Hernan has given her everything she always wanted from Ruben. Espe tells her that’s not true, she really loved Ruben and she knows it. She never asked him for any luxuries. Teresa is happy Espe didn’t have to go through what she did in order to get out of the vecindad. Meanwhile, she herself has fallen back into that horrible place. Espe comments that her husband is going through a rough patch but she’s sure he’ll recover. Teresa tells her Arturo only took her to the vecindad to test her and as much as she loves him, she’ll never forgive him for that.

CUERNAVACA: Luisa’s sitting at the spa when another woman walks in. She overhears her saying she’s Lucia Alvarez. Turns out they both attended “British School”. They exchange the secret pinky handshake and they embrace and giggle like schoolgirls. OMG!

CASA HERNAN/ESPE: Espe’s on team Arturo, saying Teresa shouldn’t blame him after he found out about her hanky panky with Mariano the day before the wedding. Teresa feels that if he loves her he should accept her as she is and appreciate that she she chose him. Espe still feels he could’ve done worse like divorce her or cause a scandal. Teresa says what he did was stupid. It only served to make her aware that she should have other options. As it is, she has seen how easy it is to lose a fortune such as his and she will not let that happen again. Espe is only too aware of everything they lacked as children but there are more important things than money. Right now she doesn’t care about money or anything, she just wants her baby to be well. This is the first Teresa hears of Rodriguito’s illness and offers to go with her immediately to the hospital after she calls Arturo.

ARTURO IS STILL AT CHEZ CHAVEZ when the call comes through. Teresa tells him the bad news about Rodriguito and wanted to make sure he knew she was going to the hospital where the hated Mariano works. She doesn’t want him to have a jealous fit. Arturo understands and tells her he’ll send Jacinto, the driver, for whatever she may need. Jacinto shows up and Arturo tells him to go to the hospital. While he’s there he wants him to stick close to Teresa and then report back to him everything she did while she was there. Jacinto asks if he wants him to watch over her. Well, duh.

HOSPITAL: Espe and Teresa walk up to the nurse’s station and find Ruben waiting there. Espe and Teresa both tell him he has no right to be there. He feels the judge’s order might have something to say about that and then hands Teresa a document.

CUERNAVACA: Lucia and Luisa chitchat about their schoolgirl crushes and Luisa finally tells her she’s engaged to her crush, Fernando. She’s so happy, blah, blah, blah. Some gratuitous skin flashing and we’re done with the scene. Meh.

HOSPITAL: Teresa reads the document and unfortunately it gives Ruben the right to see lil R and also submit a blood test to run a DNA test to prove his paternity. Ruben tells Espe this is the first step in gaining his full rights as the father. Espe tells him that aside from rights, a father also has obligations, one of which is to care for his son which he has never done! Teresa tells her there’s nothing they can do about the judgment. Not even Hector the Director can go against the order. She tells him to enjoy the victory because this will be the last time he’ll see that baby. The DNA test is unavoidable but that doesn’t guarantee he’ll win the right to see him. Ruben declares no one can take better care of his child than he. That said, Esperanza again tells him he’s never taken proper care of this baby and furthermore neither she nor Hernan will accept anything from him for “their” son. She hands him the medal he sent earlier.

CUERNAVACA: As L&L get their massage, we find out all about Lucia’s travels, education, and her proficiency in English, French, Italian, and German . She’s looking for a steady job that won’t take too much of her time because she wants to get her master’s (maestría). Luisa’s all amazed and finds out that Lucia doesn’t have a novio. Uh-oh. Competition for Teresa?

HOSPITAL: Aiiiiiiiiiiiida has joined her father. He tells her he’s come to exert his paternal rights and just as expected, Teresa and Espe are pitching a fit. Espe pleads with him to leave her son alone, he’s very ill. Now Mariano joins the grudge match and asks what Ruben is doing in the hospital. Aiiiiida tells him to back off and Teresa fills him in on the judge’s order. Mariano leaves to tell Hernan. Espe walks away and Ruben follows her. This leaves Aiiiiiiida and Teresa alone. Teresa sets right in, sarcastically noting it’s a shame Mariano doesn’t get along with Ruben. Teresa tells her to advise Ruben to step aside and leave baby R alone. Nothing doing, if anything Aida wants to tell him to increase his Rubenesque behavior. She hopes he wins his legal battle so Teresa will lose and then Espe will suffer even more when she has to share the baby with his “real” father. That’s a shame, Teresa says. The more he sees his male child, the less he’ll like Aida. Plus, the more Aida supports her father, the more she’ll alienate Mariano. But wait, she heard Aida’s already lost him! Too bad! She slinks away and Aida is steaming!

AWWW, BABY R is in his incubator and Ruben is standing over him while Hernan, Espe, and Mariano look on. Mariano agrees to take the blood sample. Hernan and Espe refuse to leave while Ruben is here. Ruben speaks to his son saying at last they meet! Baby R just wiggles his cute little self.

CASA FERNANDO: Fernando’s glad Arturo is finally taking Teresa to the penthouse. He never should have tested her like that! Arturo tells him he confessed to Teresa and she’s pretty upset. Fernando continues, telling only Arturo would think of doing this to a woman like Teresa. He went too far. Arturo wants to know why Fernando’s so angry. Fernando says he’s worried about both of them. He shouldn’t mistrust his wife. He should believe in her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated!

HOSPTIAL: Ruben feels that if Rodrigo were with him, he wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital. Not true, says Super Mariano. He reminds Ruben that if not for him, the pregnancy would have gone full term and Rodrigo would have a strong respiratory system. Mariano thinks Rodrigo already perceives who loves him and who doesn’t. Ruben doesn’t give a fig about what Mariano says and starts cooing with the baby.

CASA FERNANDO: Fernando thinks it’s best the Barreras forget about that vecindad and this rough time. Arturo agrees but he wants to know what’s going on with Fernando. He knows him well and knows something’s up (pun intended). Fer covers by saying he just heard he’s coming into his inheritance and he’d like to give Arturo the penthouse. Of course Arturo declines, saying they will eventually recover their previous lifestyle. In the meantime they will need to do without certain luxuries and travel, except for the trip to Spain for the wedding. He asks how Fer is feeling just a few days before the civil ceremony. Fer admits he’s a bit nervous. Arturo doesn’t see why that should be. Theirs is a proven relationship and are already happily living together.

HOSPITAL: Dr. Mariano has just taken the blood sample from baby Rodrigo and Ruben wants to accompany him lest Mariano attempt to switch samples on his way to the lab. Mariano assures him he’s not like him, who will do anything just to get his way. Hernan and Espe both tell Ruben to leave now that the blood sample has been taken. He leaves and Hernan comforts Espe, assuring her he loves her no matter what.

Mariano walks by the nurse’s station followed by Ruben. Teresa follows Mariano, knowing he’s carrying the sample to the lab. Juana confronts Ruben, wondering if he’s satisfied now that they’ve poked poor little Rodriguito to get that sample. She knows he’s done this just to harass Espe. Ruben tells her to butt out and Juana tells him she won’t because she cares for Espe just as she would a daughter. Let’s see, that makes 3 faux daughters: Teresa, Esperanza, and Aurora – a piranha, a pauper, and a princess!

Ugh, as soon as Ruben walks away, Dungberto walks up to Juana and tells her it’s almost Saturday and insists she give him a response to his proposal of marriage. Again, ugh.

Elsewhere, we see Mariano and Ruben leaving the lab where Mariano has delivered the blood sample. He tells Ruben it’s a shame he wasn’t so concerned about his paternity before and notes he wasn’t such a good father to Aida. Ruben doesn’t need Mariano’s sermons. The only one causing Aida to suffer now is Mariano. Mariano defends himself, saying that is totally different. He and Aida had a relationship. He’s been honest and truthful with her, telling her he couldn’t continue in the relationship. In comparison, Ruben only lies, deceives, and betrays. Ruben gets back to the point about his paternal rights saying the law is on his side, protecting his rights to be with his child. Mariano hasn’t finished sermonizing and says Ruben only uses those rights to hurt those who once loved him. His business is finished here, he can now leave. Ruben goes but now before saying they’ll meet again.

Mariano turns around and runs into Teresa who asks him about Rodriguito – she wants details. He tells her Rodriguito is on the mend but she should ask her compadres Hernan and Espe for details. He’s got things to do. He moves past her and she makes a face like, “excuuuuuuuuuuse me!”

BACK TO DUMBERTO AND JUANA: She must know her response, he says. She delays and brings up what’s going on with Espe. Duma$$berto insists she then answer another question – has she rejected him because she doesn’t love him or because she can’t give him children? Which is it? Before she can reply, Hector walks up and asks what’s up, mi amor? She stutters something about Ruben and Aida causing a ruckus……

MARIANO texts a message to Aurora about Rodriguito then tells her he misses her. If she doesn’t come back, he’ll have to make some excuse to go to her. Just as he finishes, guess who comes by – yup you guessed it! Aiiiiiiiiiida’s there to tell him she doesn’t like him fighting with her father. He tells her they’ve already had another confrontation. Aida knew this baby was going to cause their relationship to erode even further. She admits it was difficult to see her father’s reaction when she told him about the baby’s illness. Mariano says Ruben has an odd way of expressing love. He came in demanding his paternal rights before even asking about the baby’s condition. They both agree to put this aside for now and talk about the clinic.

GENOVENOM’S HOUSE: Geno’s presses cash into Fito’s hands, telling him to find out where that baby will be this weekend. She wants lil “Paulito” in her arms now. Fine by him, but it’s her BF who speaks He speaks of the risk of taking the baby from its mother’s arms as she strolls through the park. Geno repeats, she wants that baby now! Ruben arrives just then, telling her of the baby’s hospitalization. She’s distraught, thinking she can’t go through the pain of losing another son. Ruben comforts her and Fito splits.

CUERNAVACA: Aurora’s surprised Aiiiiiiiiida’s come to visit her. Aida says she’s not accustomed to going where she’s not invited. (I guess all those visits to the vecindad, hospital, and Tere’s house don’t count). But she had little choice since Aurora’s turned off her cell. Aurora says she just wants to be alone. (Guess that hasn’t worked) Aiiiiiiiiida supposes this has to do with Mariano. Aurora admits this is true but also says she needs to prepare for her final exams. Aiiiiida gets to the point: are Aurora and Mariano going to be novios? Aurora doesn’t know how to answer that. Aida doesn’t know why since Mariano is clearly trying to woo her. Aurora agrees but she’s learned from her romance with Martin that she shouldn’t let herself get carried away so easily. Aurora came here to avoid being pressured. She doesn’t want to end up like Aida, suffering over a man who doesn’t return her feelings. Aida wonders if she’d give him a chance if he were to stop loving Teresa. Aurora says she would if she sees that he’s truly over that Sharkita. Aida’s glad Aurora’s being so honest. Oh lordy, Aida now tells her she came all the way over here to tell Aurora that while she sits here thinking about it, she (Aida) has not given up on Mariano. What a nut!

HOSPITAL: Teresa calls Arturo to tell him everything that’s going on re: Rodriguito. She wanted to call him because she, well, had to talk to Mariano. Arturo says he’s ok with that and then he tells her he never found his jacket. Well, then, she’ll just have to get the keys from Fernando and tell him they’ll have to change the locks. Arturo tells her about Fer’s inheritance which includes houses, hotels, and he’ll be the majority stockholder in various business dealings, including a mine in Mexico. Cue the Jaws theme, big time!

CUERNAVACA: Aurora appreciates Aida’s frankness but she knows Aida does it in order to pressure Aurora to come to a decision about Mariano. Aida admits it. She doesn’t want problems with her. Aurora’s not like Teresa who lies, cheats, and deceives to get what she wants. And that’s why she came here to speak with her woman to woman. Aurora agrees and she tells Aida that whatever happens, happens. Aida tells her she’s still helping out at the clinic and anywhere else she can in order to be near Mariano. She tells her she will fight for him with everything she’s got. Aurora figures if Mariano loves her as he says he does, he will not return to either Teresa or Aida. If he does return to one of them, then she’ll know he didn’t love her. Aida proposes that the loser step aside no matter who wins. Aurora agrees.

CASA FERNANDO: Well, Teresa didn’t waste any time getting back there, for the keys of course. Fer gets very close to her as he hands her the set of keys. They can’t deny what happened and he asks how she feels. He already spoke with Arturo who told him they’re moving into the penthouse; that he’d asked Teresa for her forgiveness and that she had said it wasn’t that simple. He wants to know if everything will be ok between her and Art. She says her marriage hasn’t been good for some time. She then proceeds to tell him that last night when Arturo kissed her and caressed her, she couldn’t let him continue because………she dramatically turns away. Fer wants to know what’s going on as he nuzzles her hair and holds her by the shoulders. He asks her to please tell him. She turns to face him, they get ever closer and then WACKALA!!! The front door opens and in walks Luisa demanding to know QTH is going on? Ruh-roh!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

La Fuerza del Destino #20 Tue 08/30/11

We start off where we left off last night with JJ yelling at David that if he ain't man enough to hold on to his woman that's his problem. But there will be no divorce. Then warns Esther not to get involved again.

Lucia tells Carlota she thinks that Ivan is playing with her and Maripaz. Her mother told her that Maripaz thinks she's going to marry Ivan. Therefore he must have done something to make her think that. Carlota says that Maripaz makes up fantasies and believes them. Don't listen to her. Ivan is not an idiot. Lucia says she is really angry and hurt. Hurt because because she cares a lot for him. Carlota believes that Ivan is confused and angry. But once time goes on he will figure it all out. Lucia says that some people never figure it out. Then asks if her mother paid someone to take the baby away? Since the maid never took the baby. I don't think so, although we are talking about your mother. You never know. Lucia asks if Carlota can find out.

Anthony gets a call from Carlota. She wants to talk. They agree to talk tomorrow.

Carlota confronts Lucrecia regarding the truth of the disappearance of Maripaz/Ivan's baby (Alex). Did you pay someone to steal the baby? Lucrecia denies paying someone. She thought the maid did it. Carlota threatens to tell Anthony that part of the Socorro ranch belongs to Alicia therefore it goes to Ivan if Lucrecia doesn't tell her the truth. Lucrecia swears that she thought it was the maid, but when she appeared the next day she still had doubts. So she preferred they believed that the maid took her to avoid a scandal.

Carlota tells Lucia that Lucrecia told her she didn't pay anyone to take the baby. Lucia thinks that it was someone they knew. Someone who knew that the baby was in the house. Because if it was a thief they would have taken other things besides the baby. Carlota thinks it could have been someone from the hospital, but Lucia shoots that suggestion down.

Ivan is in bed (looking mighty fine I might add) and reminiscing about his kiss with Lucia. He remembers Lucia crying and saying how she has dreamed of this exact moment for a long time. My love! he says. He also remembers telling her he wants to make love to her and she whispering that she is a virgin. His phone rings. His sexy self crawls out of bed and the front desk clerk says Maripaz wants to talk to him. He tells the front desk clerk to say he's not there. His cellphone rings and it's Lucia. She wants to talk. He agrees. There is a lot of things I want to say about you and me. Lucia says that's not why I'm calling. It's regarding your son. Can I see you tomorrow?

Anthony leaves for the employment agency. Ivan sends to talk to Gerardo about fixing up the offices in the house since he owns a small construction company.

Maripaz and David meet up at the divorce attorney's office.

Camilo and Ivan are truck shopping. Ivan wants to know why Camilo's sister hasn't called. Camilo tells him that he told her to wait since he left town. How did that go? Not good replies Ivan. So what's next asks Camilo. I don't know replies Ivan. I'm suppose to meet up with Lucia. There's a new development. She's a great person unlike everyone else in her family. Well except Gerardo. He had nothing to do in this situation. (ha) It looks like his business is not doing very well. That's why I want to throw business his way. And Maripaz asks Camilo. Nothing says Ivan. She no longer interests me.

Maripaz asks David for a couple of days and she'll give him back his car. David tells her to just keep it. Maripaz asks if he told his dad about the divorce. Yes and he became furious. But that doesn't matter replies David. I feel bad replies Maripaz. But believe me, it's for the best. Are you going out with Ivan asks David. Maripaz says that she has dined with him a couple of times. Her mother wants her to be on good terms with him. The divorce attorney comes in and has them sign some papers. Within a little more then a week they will be divorced.

Anthony and Carlota meet at the plaza. Carlota wonders what's going on with Ivan. He as already kicked it with Maripaz. What game is he playing with her granddaughters? He also wanted to kick it with Lucia, but she refused. Anthony is shocked.

Ivan meets Lucia after school. She starts to tell him what she learned about the baby then gets interrupted by a phone call from David. He wants to see her. She tells him that she will call him tonight to make arrangements. Lucia explains to Ivan that it was David and how upset he is right now.

David goes to the pharmacy to buy some necessities and finds out that his father cancelled all his cards.

Carlota tells Anthony that Maripaz believes she and Ivan are going to get married. Anthony assures Carlota that Ivan will not be marrying Maripaz. Weather he kicked it with Maripaz, I don't know. But I will ask him. I know that he will not lie to me. Carlota says Maripaz could be lying, but doesn't like the fact that he is playing with Lucia's feelings. She has always loved him. She is a wonderful girl. I don't think that it's right. Anthony agrees and says the only one responsible for all this is him. You asks Carlota. Anthony says it was my idea to come back here. I wanted him to get rid of all the ghosts of his past. He has never disappointed me. Never went partying like others his age. Never got into any trouble. Never brought any girls home. Has always been an excellent person. So why is he behaving this way asks Carlota? I understand he lost his mother very tragically. That his life here was bad after the fallout with Maripaz and the beating that my daughter ordered. I can only imagine the hardship crossing the border and being in a new country was for him. But then he found you and his life change. Yes, I understand replies Anthony. But when we came back here, his old wounds reopened. I can understand that he's angry with Maripaz, Lucrecia even myself. But with Lucia? She was the only innocent in all this. That does not excuse his behavior and I will not allow it. She says she has to leave. Anthony offers to take her home.

Lucia tells Ivan that Carlota questioned her mother and that she doesn't know who took the baby. No one knew of Maripaz's pregnancy. The only people were the maid, the doctor and the nurses. And the people in town when they saw us walking, but they didn't know who we were. They didn't know our name or where we were staying. We didn't even have friends. No one came into our house. Ivan asks if her dad was there. Yes replies Lucia. You don't think my dad took the baby? No, just thinking asks Ivan.

Camilo goes to visit Gerardo. Camilo meets Alex and has a funny look on his face. Camilo tells him about a job.

Anthony tells Carlota that if Ivan would just forget about the past it would be better. But he needs to find a nice girl and get married. To find a purpose in life. What am I saying? He has found that girl. Lucia! I would like that replies Carlota. Anthony suggests they make plans to get them together. Carlota is in agreement but wonders about Maripaz. Anthony reminds her that Ivan has no interest in her.

We come back from commerical and see Camilo opened shirt looking out to the far distance with a supposed angry look on his face. I think he looks constipated. Anyway Ivan and Lucia are at a restaurant talking about the missing baby. Ivan thanks her for helping him out. Lucia hopes that when he finds his child that he will be the Ivan from before. He grabs her hand, but his phone rings. Turns out it's Maripaz, but he doesn't want to answer. He doesn't know how she got it since he never gave it to her. She tells him to go ahead and answer. Maripaz tells him that she and David have signed the divorce papers. Great replies Ivan. Is that all you have to say asks Maripaz? What would you like me to tell you asks Ivan, but we don't get to hear what she says. She wants to meet with him, but he says he can't. How about tomorrow asks Maripaz. I don't know says Ivan. I will call you. Maripaz hangs up with him and says this is tougher then I thought. Lucia tells Ivan that he was to harsh with her. Ivan says Maripaz is of no interest to him. She called him to say that she signed the divorce papers. Well know you have the road cleared replies Lucia. Ivan reminds Lucia that Maripaz is no longer of interest to him. The person that I most care about is you. I don't believe you replies Lucia. You have to believe me replies Ivan. I am speaking from the heart. And your mind asks Lucia? Where did you leave it? Where did you leave that hatred that you have against my family? You seeking of revenge and justice? When you feel what I feel for you, it all falls behind that says Ivan. Sorry, but I don't believe you says Lucia. I told you that I still cared for you, but I can control that. You can't control feelings says Ivan. Just like I can't control what I feel for you. Lucia tries to get up to leave, but Ivan stops her. Fine, but can we at least be like before asks Ivan. He reminds her of the good times they shared and she says he's being cruel by reminding her of those times. I'll do anything to remind you of the good times replies Ivan. I am being sincere right now. I'm going to feel really bad if you do something against my family says Lucia. Never says Ivan. I can never do anything that would hurt you.

Drunk Saul with his buddies enter a restaurant. They see Ivan and Lucia talking. Saul approaches the table. Ivan asks Saul what he wants. Saul shouts "No, what do you want with my girlfriend?!" Lucia points out that she is no longer his girlfriend. That's what you say, but for me you still are shouts Saul. Ivan reminds Lucia not to answer. This really starts to piss off Saul more. Ivan asks for the check and Saul says "chicken". (more or less) Ivan tells Lucia it's time to leave and Saul yells to Lucia that she's not going anywhere. Antolin tells him to calm down and Saul pushes Ivan. Ivan lands a good one on Saul right in the nose. He falls down and says you broke my nose. He gets up and picks up a chair which hits Lucia and tries to swing it at Ivan but Saul's buddies and Ivan tries to wrestle the chair away from him. Lucia goes to the corner nursing her arm. (JJ is not going to like this)

Maripaz is eating with her friends and telling them that she is getting divorced and in love with Ivan McGuire. Soon they will be getting married.

Ivan goes to Lucia and finds out she's hurt. He goes after Saul, but Antolin stops him saying Saul is drunk. Ivan doesn't care. That is no excuse. He helps Lucia up. Antolin tells Saul not to mess with Ivan. Saul remembers he had to take some papers to Anthony. Antolin offers to do it for him.

Carolina wonders if working for Ivan will be dangerous. Gerardo thinks there will be no problems. Ivan has no reason to be suspicious. Carolina is still not sure, but Gerardo tells her not to worry. He'll invent some lie about meeting her sister and she getting pregnant the same time Maripaz did. Gerardo says that he and her sister registered him as his son and no one will take Alex away from him.

Ivan is waiting room after taking Lucia to the hospital. The doctor tells him that Lucia just dislocated her shoulder.

Benito and Antolin show up to see Anthony at the same time. Antolin does not make a good impression on Benito. When the front desk calls Antolin gets called upstairs while Benito has to wait. Antolin finds out that Camilo is working for Ivan. He walks in and upon hearing the good job his brother has, spots some alcohol and wants a drink. Camilo tells him no. Camilo asks if he works for Mondragon. You know I don't work replies Antolin. I brought this for Saul. He had a run in with Ivan and it left his face pretty messed up. So I brought it for him. What happened asks Camila. Saul got upset because Ivan took his girl away says Antolin. Lucia asks Camilo. Yes, replies Antolin. If you want to know more, you know where to find me and Antolin leaves.

Camilo comes downstairs and greets Benito. He apologizes for seeing the other guy first. It was his brother and he wanted to get rid of him quickly. Ivan has told me a lot about you says Camilo. In walks Anthony and embraces Benito.

Ivan is assisting Lucia in walking. She says she can walk on her own. Ivan says this is an excuse to hold her. Lucia says you can just leave me here, but Ivan insists on helping her inside. Carlota questions her and Lucia says she fell in the street. Ivan came across me and took me to the hospital. Lucrecia walks in and asks Ivan walk the heck he's doing here. Ivan says he brought Lucia home. Well your done so you can leave. Carlota asks Lucrecia how many times does she have to remind her that the house is hers? And that Ivan will always be welcomed here. Ivan says he doesn't want to cause problems, kisses Lucia goodbye and leaves.

As Ivan leaves, Maripaz drives up. Are you looking for me she asks? No, I brought Lucia home. She hurt her shoulder replies Ivan. Where you with her asks Maripaz. Ivan gives her a dirty look and says see you later.

Lucrecia tells Carlota that if she allows Ivan comes over again she will leave the house. Carlota says to leave then. Lucia tells Carlota not to say that. Carlota tells Lucia that she wouldn't leave. She's not that stupid. In walks an angry Maripaz and asks Lucia what the hell is she doing going out with Ivan when she knows that he's her boyfriend? Carlota says they just had an argument with her mother and she doesn't feel like having one with her. And you don't have any right to have a boyfriend since your married. Maripaz tells her that she and David just signed divorce papers today. Carlota says I don't believe you. Lucia tells her it's true. How would you know asks Maripaz? Because I was with Ivan when you called him on the phone replies Lucia. Maripaz grabs Lucia by the hair and yells out how much she hates her. Carlota has to get in the middle to stop Maripaz from attacking Lucia. Carlota says calm down or I'll throw you out of this house. Is that clear? Lucrecia comes out and wants to know what's going on. Maripaz storms out of the room.

JJ is talking to someone on the phone regarding a meeting tomorrow at 10. Saul comes in and JJ asks what happened. Nothing says Saul. I walked into a door. JJ as usual calls him an idiot. JJ tells him about the meeting tomorrow and to come up with a better excuse regarding the nose. If you tell him the true story, you'll look like an idiot. (I nominate him for father of the year) Saul says to his mother it was because of that idiot. Esther says so it was someone that did this then.

Ivan asks if Camilo talked to Gerardo. He will be at the new house tomorrow replies Camilo. He tells Ivan that Benito arrived. Anthony put him up in a room at the hotel. He also asks about the fight. Did you really break his nose? Yes, but I should have broken his face. He dislocated Lucia's arm. But anyway, I'll tell you tomorrow.

Camilo tells Celia that he met up with Gerardo today. He has a son about 10 or 11 years old. So he must have been having an affair on his wife at the time. The child would be the same age as Ivan's own son. Celia remembers Alicia and the abortion she had. She recalls all the problems she says Gerardo had with Lucrecia.

Anthony asks Ivan what's up with him? Carlota says Maripaz told her that they slept together. Ivan says she's crazy. We started, but at the last minute I just couldn't do it. She also told me that you wanted to kick it with Lucia. Yes, but we didn't do it replies Ivan. Anthony says your playing with fire. I'm not playing with fire says Ivan. I am falling in love with Lucia. I don't believe you says Anthony. That's the first time you have said that to me and it really hurts says Ivan. Anthony says that the only thing you claimed you wanted was justice for what was done to your mother and you, is that not right? Yes says Ivan. But once seeing Lucia, may things have changed. She would never accept me hurting her family. So you are going to forget what Lucrecia did to you asks Anthony? To forget is easy replies Ivan. I don't care about her or Maripaz. And Carlota asks Anthony? I think she was only trying to protect her family says Ivan. I'm glad says Anthony. I really like her. And so does Lucia replies Ivan. More then her own mother. But JJ? He needs to answer for what he did to my mother. And I need to find out what happened to my son.

Tomorrow: Maripaz wants to know from Ivan why he wants Lucia; Saul wants someone to beat up Ivan


Alborada, 8/30/2011. Cap. 65.

Today's episode is covered in Melinama's Recap #25, Wednesday segment, at this link.

On YouTube, haguilar78's clips for Cap 65 start at this link.

Thank you, Carlos, for today's picture.


La Pola - August 29, 2011 - The Treachery Goes On, Discussion Page

Before dying, Domingo and Cata forgive each other, and he gives her title to the house and the slaves. Against the wishes of Gertrudis, she looks for a buyer for the property and gives Bernarda and Acacia their freedom. She will use the money from the sale to search for Joaquín. María Teresa leaves Francisco who tries to cover her departure up with a lie. Acacia returns to the mansion and turns him in. Finally, Gaspar forces him out. Alejo remains devastated by the death of his brother and seems to have lost the will and the want to fight. José María Torres continues his treachery as does Baraya who volunteers to persuade people, like Col. Rodriguez, to betray Narino. Sámano is relieved of his command because of ineptness, failure to account for money, and cowardice. Oh, yes, a new rich, handsome man has appeared in Guaduas who is the buyer for the property.


Cuando Me Enamoro #94 Monday 8/29/11 Masks Go On and Masks Come off and Masks Go On and Masks…

Nightmares relived: Regina loses all reason and accepts Augustin’s ring after reliving all of Jero’s romantic gestures but then, as she suddenly pulls her self out of the reverie. She’s not going to be engrossed by her romantic, emotional feelings. While over at La Bonita, Jero is spouting not so romantically to Carlos that everything of Renata’s is to be removed from La Bonita and no one is to mention her name again. Doctora Tatas reviews paper work while musing, so this is Renata Monterubbio, how lovely she is and I can’t believe they are getting divorced because I hear great passion between them.

Renata swears to Augie that she is going to live differently. He leaps upon her like a wild dog that hasn’t met Cesar Millan yet. Now that she is a free woman, he doesn’t want to lose any time. He reaches into an inner pocket of his eternal (and I imagine a little smelly) windbreaker, and whips out a ring box and proposes on the spot. She thinks in a long pause recalling several of Jero’s hateful acts of rejection and so accepts the ring (almost a 2 carat square cut me thinks.) Not so pretty, her face looks like she is trying to swallow cod liver oil without wretching.

Kari has to hear Dr. Neslime, coming in with his claim that she just can’t live with him. Kari doesn’t share the lewd joke and doesn’t want to carry his name one day more. She has filed for a separation. He acknowledges that Lazaro came to plead for her freedom. He says he may consider a divorce. She reproaches him for having lied about being sterile and blaming her all these years for not having a child. His look of dawning is precious. She has also seen a lawyer and because of the circumstances she can get an immediate divorce from her side alone. She takes off the wedding ring and slams it down leaving the jail. She is never going to see him again.

Lazaro wonders how Ezek can live under the same roof with Alfonsina , Ponchinto and all with the anger. He has to remind Ezek that if he is thinking of leaving, then what is he planning for his TWO kids. Ezek bristles at the mention of two. The child is not to blame. They discuss his obligation from mother’s belly to cradle to childhood. Yes, that child is yours. All the rancor you carry has no value. How do I deal with this, asks Ezek. Lazaro the wise, says with much love and much courage.

Back to Renata who looks like she is getting out of the grip of a boa constrictor. He seems to want to yell on the hillsides and get married immediately (or consummate anything) and she wants to wait to announce the engagement or marry until the church annulment comes through. He recounts how he wanted her from the first day he laid eyes on her. He remembers her every word, gesture and smile from the first moment he met her even though he knew then that she was engaged to Matias. She doesn’t really look turned on by this revelation although she remembers their first meeting in her office too. Cesar would be taking him for a run to work off his aggression right now, but at least he doesn’t want to wait to satisfy his desires and she gets that stiff resolute look again.

Alfonsina is concerned that they are not cooperating with the spraying or fumigating of the infested vines over at La Cruz but Jero doesn’t give a bledo. She insists that if they don’t cooperate the plagues will just come back. Jero blasts out that they will just spray again and again to keep the plague out of their vines. Carlos has a friend in Spain who has used a chemical mixture that has worked in saving his vineyards and Carlos can get the formula so they can make the mixture to spray the roots.

Augie is pressing Renata down on the couch. Renata can’t deal with it. She has to tell him that she is still not ready to be with anyone else. She runs out of the room and he says whatever happens, pase lo que pase, you will be mine. Romantic viewerville is not turned on and wants to run out of the room too. Ickky.

Renata tries to tell her self that what she is doing is not to hurt anyone but to have a better life. She twists the ring uncomfortably then writes Jeronimo Linares on a piece of paper and whips out a lighter (where from) and burns his name in effigy and cries incessantly as she says she wont cry anymore for Jero..

Kari cries to Lazaro that she is so angry that she has endured so much humiliation at Nesme’s hands all this time. Lazaro always so sensible, suggests that she has to make decisions and Kari says she already has. One is that she has decided to divorce Alvaro. She wonders is he wants to have her after she was the wife of Nesme but She can’t divorce because of church laws and in the eyes of god she is still Alvaro’s wife. He thinks under the circumstances she could get help from the padre with the bishop for special dispensation. But no she can’t do that. Therefore she can’t have a relationship with him. Lazaro looks confused by her skewed sense of ethics. She seems to be swearing to be miserable forever. Lazaro has no idea what a favor Augie is going to give him so soon.

Augie is chirping at his luck at beating Jero in this contest for Renata. He gets a call from a worker who is kneeling near some struggling new grapevines, Augie wants NO bad news today. The worker says no he just called to say these beautiful (chula) plants are the new stock that is doing fine and is going to make a wonderful vineyard one day. Augie can’t wait until the vines at La Bonita are ruined and his new stock from Rafa’s plants are thriving on his land and he can then even buy La Bonita ‘s hacienda and lands which will be worthless. Ezek comes in to say it will be too late (to save the Cruz plants from the plague), Augie says it is never too .late. He knows what he is doing.

Gonzo listens Daniel and Mat and the inspector discuss that Blanca is capable of turning to him next. She is an expert at forgeries so will be hard to trap. Gonzo says at least Renata is safe and he will take a hit rather than Matias being next. He assumes Daniel is still there for mercenary reasons but Daniel is repentant. He admits he had foolish desires to get rich quick so that he could win over Adriana. Blanca says Hon has no choice but to go with her. Mat looks like he will snap Daniel’s face off so it’s good that Daniel has already realized the foolishness of his fantasy.

Consta comes outside with a plate and upon seeing Blanca drops the plate on the ground. What are you doing here! Blanca walks up in a loose blouse and points out that she has Honorio’s hijo in her belly. But we have a new Consta who screams that she is lying there is no baby and it is she and Honorio that have an enduring love that Blanca cannot destroy. She tells her to get out of and begins to scream as she grabs at the pillow in Blanca’s blouse. Constanza takes on the superwoman force of a fury and they go to blows as Blanca winds up a smack. But Chema rounds the corner to the rescue and Blanca runs off. Blanca is a coward, Chema salutes Consta’s new found spine then leans down and comes up dizzy, does this mean? He excuses himself that he just stood up too fast. But when does a young man as buff as he is get dizzy like that unless it is a preview of a plot device when Chema becomes inconvenient (remember Adriana’s Mama?)

Matias calls the bank and asks to take cash out, about 20% over the original loan agreed to by the bank (BANK of Jero). Gonzo comes in saying Jero has already discovered where Renata is? No really? How long could a beautiful woman in flowing white gown riding around in the dark on an even more beautiful white horse go unnoticed in a country neighborhood.

Carlos stirs the remedial concoction that will save the wine industry in Baja and talks to Lazaro who can’t understand how things got so bad so fastwith Jero and Renata. Lazaro thinks some people just have bad luck at love. Carlos offers to stop by the church (I think to ward off the bad luck?, didn’t catch this, anyone) Then he quickly says, Chiste, chiste. It’s a joke, man.

The kitchen crew talks about how they don’t like Jero losing Renata to Augie. Kari is going to Cruz de Amor to find out what is going on and Manuela sagely observes that Augie does not have a good reputation for treating his people well so she certainly doesn’t want the same fate to befall Renata. They are all looking around in amusement at someone we don’t’ know in a middle age haircut wig. It is a horrified Matilde who sees herself in a mirror and runs out of the room returning with a towel on her head and the laugher fills the room. She vows that least she will now wear her own hair and look like herself from now on.

Augie comes carrying wine glasses to celebrate and offers that he and Renata will go to Mexico to help out the Empresas Monterubbio as soon as it is safe. They can announce their engagement to her family then. She doesn’t want to give one more scandal on her beleaguered family. Although she says she doesn’t want to drink, I think it might be breakfast time, but she takes a swig and her head is filled with Jero’s kisses not Augie’s for sure.

Jero is pouting in his office when the banker lady calls and tells him that the Monterubbios want to take an additional 20% of the loan money out and she says only he can approve it . So he thinks a long time then says yes let them go ahead with whatever they asked for.

Oops time for the Ball! Consta, Matias and Chema are all dressed up and Adriana comes in wheeling her wheelchair equally beautified and carrying large masks. They all chose silly masks the ladies in color coordination with their lovely gowns. The gold and silver are for the guys.

Regina and Cata are all dressed up talking about how all the money raised for this gala will help so many women. After some delays they sold so many tickets to the ball. Cata wants to go but Regina tells her now Gonzo is coming to plck them up. Cata is so haughty she calls a taxi. She won’t ride with Gonzo and she won’t set at the same table with him. I guess no one told her about Gonzo’s divorce going through.

Back at casa Monterubbio , Fina comes down the stairs in the only pretty dress she has worn on this show. She and Antonio put on big masks, he waves the tickets at her. They are going to enjoy being unrecognizable apparently.

Kari is showing Renata some of her beautiful embroidery or cut work. Kari has noticed that there is something between Renata and Augie. Yeah she needs to change her life and Augie had offered to help her do this. How can she love Jero and go with Augie. Kari doesn‘t think Augie is the man for Renata. Renata insists that Augie is an exceptional man (oh when you finally know in what way, girl) and she is determined she is finished with Jero and has divorced him. Kari and viewerville look at her askance in the same way we looked at Kari a few scenes ago.

Jero and Lazaro walk with emty spray bottles, Jero repeats that he is so glad that Lazaro didn’t leave and go to the United States. Jero is interrupted by Dr. Tatas who wonders about how it went with the wife and Jero says, not well, she isn’t my wife anymore and we did not end on good terms.. Without skipping a beat he asks her to have dinner and a chat.

Matilde is wringing her napkin and is so terrified that she won’t be accepted by Carlos parents. Suddenly he jumps up from reassuring her and says, here they are now. Meet the Parents starts in earnest with seeming innocence. Matilde brings on the charm, she loves the dress they brought her and adds, you are as handsome as your son. They are all so very glad to meet. Dad says we are very excited to meet you emocionado as she is the first girlfriend novio their son has ever presented to them and Carlos corrects this to she’s my fiancé prometido.

Back to Jero he goes off with a happy Doc Tatas and Lazaro voices what we think: that his patron could recover so rapidly. He thinks he could walk up to two beauties nearby and then can’t pull it off. He walks off saying he can’t think of anyone but Karina.

The Gala has begun, Gonzo has the lovely Regina on his arm and they greet Inez and Isidro who ask where Doña Cata is? Here she comes observes Isidro who tries to seat her in the middle at the table She makes enough of a ugly fuss to come to the head table and then refuse to sit there but goes off to take coffee with someone else. So the four sit at the head table. Matias and Adriana arrive with Consta and Chema.
Gonzo thinks Regina’s mother has worked so much in the Center, she deserves the honor of being at the head table more than he does. Regina responds that he is her partner and she doesn’t want him to leave just because her mother is being so stubborn muy terca.

Gonzo goes over to greet Consta and Matias. Gonzo wants to know what is Chema doing at their table, But he works in the center so he came. Gonzo thlnks with the irritation Cata has with him and Chema with his sister is more trouble than they need. Cata sits with Consta and tries to tell her her place of honor is with her. She can’t understand no cabe en la cabeza this behavior. Then she launches on Consta how can you play with a man who could be the boyfriend of your daughter. She can’t see it and has insulted enough people, so she leaves the table. We are glad.

Renata and Augie sit by a fountain in front of Cruz de Amor talking about the beautiful night and Augie modestly says he commanded it just for her. Renata steps away just as Roberta gets out of a cab and starts to greet Augie romantically who gives our favorite line: que haces aqui, when Renata comes walking back with a surprised word, Roberta?

All the goodies in Tuesday and beyond: Renata might figure out Roberta and Augie are entangled. Carlos tells Jero that Renata and Augie are engaged and are going to marry. And what about that masquerade, surely there is more romance and adventure here?

Se acabo, acabarse – It’s finished, over
Rencor – Rancor or resentment
Amor y valor – Love and courage
No me importa un bledo – It doesn’t matter to me at all
Pase lo que pase – Whatever happens, (these terms use subjunctive verb form)
Chula – Beautiful, said of the new grape vines stolen from Rafa’s special stock.
Retrasos – delays. Regina & Cata are pleased with the success of selling tickets for the charity ball after delays
Chiste – Joke; Review: Chisme - Gossip
No me cabe en la cabeza – I don’t understand; literally it doesn’t fit in my head
Emocionado - Excited
Novio – Girlfriend here, also can mean new bride at times
Prometido – Fiancé
Terco (a) – Stubborn, obstinate
Incomoda - Uncomfortable
Molesta – Bother, unsettle, annoy (false friend: this does not mean molested like we use it in English)


La Fuerza del Destino #19 Mon 08/29/11 Maripaz Lies, Lucrezia Lies, Carlota Lies, and Ivan Doesn’t Get Laid

Ivan and Lucia have just been left impactados at Encarnacion’s innocent query about the baby’s well-being. It’s pretty obvious she has no idea what happened to the little guy.

In Alamos, Lucrezia’s returned from the ranch and is surprised to hear Tony came to dine, without her there. And he didn’t come for the deed to the house as the guarantee for his loan either. Carlota coyly says they talked…about things. Lucrezia thinks it’s a perfect love connection! Carly’s a widow, Tony’s a widower. She’s from a good family, he’s RICH. Carly thinks that all Lucrezia thinks about is money. Hell yes, is Lucrezia’s basic reply. Carly tries a bit too late to teach Lucrezia that there are more important things in life, like the love of family and friends. Lucrezia thinks the way she shows her love is by always looking out for the best for the women folk in her family. “Uh, huh. And that’s why you chose your daughters’ boyfriends? And now you’re trying to choose mine? Is that why you turned Maripaz into your spitting image (imagen y semejanza)?” Carly continues to play hard ball. Bringing up Maripaz’s determination to seduce Ivan, the man Lucrezia least wants for her. In this, they are in agreement, because as far as Carly is concerned, Ivan deserves better!

Encarnacion has just heard the story about the baby-napping. She’s horrified, but this is a quiet town where people don’t do that kind of thing. Her husband died years ago, and she updates Lucia on how her kids are doing. They are all obviously past the age Ivan’s child would be. Ivan pushes a bit more, wanting to know if they had any more kids. Nope. Lucia asks why Encarnacion didn’t ever come back after that night. She clarifies that in fact she did, but Lucrezia paid her off and sent her on her way before she could say farewell to anyone.

Maripaz tries to convince Judith to work (oh, the horror) decorating the McGuire house. Judith pushes to find out if this Ivan is the old Ivan, but Maripaz once again denies it. Judith tries to help her brother David out by seeing if there’s any chance of reconciliation on Mari’s part. Mari basically tells her heck no.” He deceived me!” (me defraudar) The honeymoon was the test and he failed. Maybe one day he can be happy with the right person. (You know- a person with a penis.)

In Guaymas, Ivan is giving Encarnacion the shifty eyed glare. She starts to get nervous that they suspect she had some hand in the kidnapping. Ivan says no, but wonders if perhaps her husband did. Encarnacion swears they are God fearing people, and they couldn’t afford another child anyway. Ivan suggests maybe they stole the baby to sell him. Now Encarnacion becomes ticked off. They are decent people! Ask anyone. Lucia tries to smooth things over by letting her know Ivan is the father of the missing baby. Encarnacion still doesn’t think this gives him a right to make such accusations and swears on the Virgin and the lives of people she loves. She lets them see their own way out. That’s one bridge burned.

In the hallway, Ivan leans against the doorframe in despair, and Lucia clasps his hand to comfort him. Back at the hotel, Ivan starts spouting angry accusations about how the Lomeli-Curiels just let someone take off with a baby without notifying the authorities. The baby could have been taken for anything- sold, used for organs! Lucia tries in vain to justify her family’s horridness. Ivan stalks off.

Mari continues to badger Judith into doing her work for her. Judith agrees but then wants info on what Mari knows about Tony McGuire adopting an undocumented Mexican. Could this be Ivan? The same Ivan who disappeared years ago? Maripaz lies again. "I’ve told you a million times, it’s not the same person! I would know.” She calls for the check.

Later, in Casa Meandragon, the family’s all gathered for dinner except David and his wife. JJ wants Saul to work on Sunday, and wants him to get busy working on his wedding to Lucia. Saul reluctantly agrees to work Sunday, but has to break it to dear old dad that there will be no wedding. “Que? She dumped you? Well any girl can see you’re a good for nothing.” Saul tries to convince everyone that he did the dumping because she was cheating on him with some university colleague. JJ wonders how he permitted such a thing. Only a man who didn’t have enough balls (el tamaño/literally "the size”) to put a woman in her place would have this happen. JJ doesn’t know what’s worse—having a son who is a fag like David, or having a son who is an idiot like Saul. What’s this? Esther has had enough. She shouts at JJ that it’s neither Saul's nor David’s faults and leaves the table! JJ is perplexed, but blames it on Saul. He leaves the table too. Judith doesn’t believe Saul that Lucia cheated on him. He sticks to his story and Judith sticks it to him, basically cheering Lucia on. She compares Saul, and men in general, to chewing gum. The lower they are (the closer to the ground), the more they stick to your shoe (annoy the heck out of you). Saul leaves the table too. The only insult he can think of is, “Callate!” She yells back, “Chicle!” (Gum!)

In Guaymas, Ivan has calmed down enough to emerge from sulking in his room. He finds Lucia looking out at the ocean. He tries to make nice by commenting on the beauty of the ocean and asking if she’s eaten yet. She moves to sit on a bench and answers him coldly. He sits next to her and apologizes. She doesn’t want to talk about it, so he changes the subject to her upcoming marriage. She reveals she’s not getting married. He asks why and Lucia pointedly tells him because Saul was bossy (mandon) and rude (grosero). Ivan seems to get that this describes his recent behavior. Lucia continues that at first she thought it was just the bad influence of his father, but then she realized that’s just the way Saul is. They also didn’t have much in common. Ivan’s happy about it and starts listing all of Lucia’s wonderful qualities. Plus he really likes her (me gustas mucho). (In this sense, gustar means a lot more than just to like. There is a definite implication of desire.) Lucia asks, “You like me?” They slowly inch closer together on the bench.
I: Can I give I give you a kiss? (He leans in.)
L: I don’t think that would be a good idea.
I: (Starts stroking the side of her face and her hair.) Yes. It’s a good idea.

They lean their heads together and start circling each other’s lips. And then we have contact! Major snogging on the bench as the sun sets. Ivan pulls away when he sees Lucia is crying and asks her what’s up. Well, doofus, she has been in love with you almost her whole life and has dreamt many times of this moment. He calls her his love and goes in for some more major smooches.

Later, they have a romantic walk back to the hotel, hand in hand. Lucia’s ready to head to her own room to do some girly day dreaming and wants to know what time they’ll meet in the morning to head back to Alamos. Horn dog Ivan has other ideas about sleeping arrangements that night, and out of the blue asks Lucia to make love with him! He knows it’s REALLY soon, and he’s probably just having an emotional reaction to the bad news he received that day, but “te quiero.” (Not quite love. More like, I care for you so much. And also implies desire.) Lucia surprisingly does not slap him, but instead also tells him “te quiero”, but informs him of her virgin status. Ivan seems pleased, and a tiny bit frustrated, at this news. He tells her he’ll wait. They kiss one last time and she heads to her room for girly dreams, while he heads off to cool his jets in front of a fountain. He thinks about the bad news of his missing son, and of Lucia who is taking a bigger place in his heart each day. Lucia stands on her balcony and remembers declaring her love to Ivan as a teen when he declared his love for Maripaz, and then his recent sudden desire to make love to her. She looks pensive.

At Casa Galvan, Carmen is fretting about her possible new job with the McGuires and hoping that Ivan treats her well. Celia doesn’t think she should get her hopes up about a fancy job since she didn’t go to university. Camilo tells Carmen her meeting with Ivan will have to wait since he went to the coast. Celia wants them to go to mass with her to give thanks for all their recent blessings, including the return of Ivan. She also wants to put flowers on her late husband’s tomb. Carmen puts on an attitude before taking Lechita off to bed. Celia complains to Camilo about Carmen’s continued bitter, rebellious ways. It’s her own darn fault she got herself pregnant by some guy who hadn’t even committed to her. Camilo is more sympathetic. He’s sure the guy deceived her into believing he was serious. Surely Celia must know who it was. She denies it.

The next morning Ivan and Lucia leave the hotel. She wants to know what he’s going to do now. He’s going to question her mother, but he doesn’t have much hope that she’ll tell him the truth. He wonders if Maripaz knows anything, but Lucia doubts it. She also refuses to believe her grandmother had anything to do with it. Ivan doesn’t look like he’s buying it, but when Lucia firmly tells him all the ways Carlota tried to have them keep the baby and find the best solution, Ivan relents and apologizes. But he wants her understanding. He’s frustrated and hurt. Lucia tells him to have faith and hope.

At Casa Curiel, Carly’s headed to mass, and Maripaz is all abuzz about her decorating gig at the McGuires. Lucrezia wants an explanation. She doesn’t want Maripaz to have anything to do with Ivan. Mari doesn’t see what the problem is as he’s not just a servant’s son anymore, but an educated, very rich, engineer. Mari’s not buying Lucrezia’s arguments about the past and the baby and all that. She’s always wanted Mari to marry rich, well here’s her chance. Ivan is rich for realz, not like those Meandragons. And he’s a REAL man, unlike David. “Did you sleep with him again?!” (Volviste a acostar con el?) “Si! And when I get divorced I’m going to marry him.” “Never, you hear me! Never! He will never be part of this family.” Lucrezia threatens to let the cat out of the bag about Ivan being a servant’s son. Mari is unphased. Lucrezia decides to pull out the big guns. “You can’t marry him because Ivan is your first cousin!” (primo carnal) That stops Maripaz in her tracks. “Alicia was your grandfather’s illegitimate child, and if you don’t believe me, ask your grandmother.”

Ivan and Lucia arrive at their secret meeting/drop off spot in Alamos. She does not look pleased. He wants to know when they’ll next see each other. She curtly tells him that with his attitude and accusations about her family, she’s sure he doesn’t want to see her. She sees he has lots of resentment/spite (rancor) against them, so she doesn’t think their seeing each other is a good idea. “Lucia, I need you.” She asks him what he’s playing at, ‘cause she knows he’s been seeing her sister too. “You want to play games with both of us and then dump us to get even (desquitarse)?!” Ivan is busted! He can’t deny it. He tries to explain all the anger and rage he felt. He tries to explain the finer points between vengeance (what she believes he wants), and justice (what he thinks he’s after). He lists all the ways the women in her family have done him wrong. He admits to wanting to see her family beg him for his financial help, but Tony has thwarted that little “justice” plan. He lays all his cards on the table and then tries to place blame on Lucia, saying that her goodness has left him without defenses (made him let his guard down), and he should have never taken her to Guaymas. “I was honest with you, and you weren’t honest with me! Give me my suitcase!” She takes off angrily.

In Casa Curiel, Lucrezia spreads Maripaz’s lie that she slept with Ivan. She wants Carly’s help because Mari wants to marry Ivan. Carly is in agreement with Mari that Ivan is all a girl could want in a husband. “Just because he has money doesn’t mean he stops being who he is.” “Yes, the grandson of Teodoro.” Lucrezia admits this is exactly what she told Maripaz.

Ivan moves the sulking to his hotel room where Tony finds him. He tells Tony the bad news about the dead end in Guaymas and Lucrezia’s suspicious behavior. He wouldn’t put anything past that woman. He wants to see her go DOWN! (hundida/sunk) Tony’s not hearing any of this crazy talk if it means Carlota and the girls will also get hurt. What’s wrong with him? Ivan whines some more, and Tony once again accuses him of wanting vengeance. He then asks the 50 Million Dollar question. Why did Ivan take Lucia to Guaymas? Ivan looks a little embarrassed, and a lot ashamed, before he answers.

Lucrezia tries to justify her lie about the kissing cousins to Carly. Carly is not on board. Mari and Ivan are not cousins since she was knocked up by some other guy when Teodoro married her to help her out. If they’re going to reveal something, they’re going to reveal the WHOLE truth. Lucrezia tries the weepy, teary approach. Carly doesn’t understand what the big deal is since Ivan has all that both Lucrezia and Mari have always wanted—MONEY. “I hate him. He destroyed my daughter’s life.” “Just like you destroyed his.” She begs for Carly’s help some more, using the “I’m you’re only child and I know you love me” card. Carly gruffly gives in to the emotional blackmail. “Thank you mama. I love you.” Carly has had enough b.s. and leaves in disgust. Lucrezia gives us a self satisfied smirk. We have just seen how she must have manipulated Carly all these years before she turned to screeching all the time.

Lucia returns home and immediately learns from Mommy Dearest that her idiot sister wants to marry Ivan. This news hits Lucia like a ton of bricks. Meanwhile, Mari is getting the gossip from Granny on how she allowed Grandpa to have a baby with another woman, and forgave him. Carly explains how he was honest with her. That’s why she always protected Alicia and Ivan. Mari says she would have run them off. Carly points out that now it’s Mari who’s running after Ivan. La Mentirosa says it’s the other way around. Ivan is running after HER. Carly is skeptical of how serious Mari is about him. Mari’s dead serious. In addition to now having the proper wealth, Ivan’s the only true man she’s ever had in her life. Carly uses the first cousins lie being the reason they can’t marry (no one mentions that, considering they made a baby together, they already broke that taboo). Since no one but Carly and Lucrezia know, Mari doesn’t see the problem. Carly wants to get real. Is Mari really IN LOVE (enamorada) with Ivan. The word doesn’t quite compute with Mari. She likes/desires him. (me gusta) Isn’t that enough? Carly looks incredulous. She wonders if Ivan feels the same way. “All men are the same.” Mari doesn’t think any of them can resist a pretty woman. Carly warns her not to go slamming into a wall (going after a lost cause).

Tony and Ivan continue their talk. He achieved his objective with Maripaz easily—instigating her divorce and shaming her family and the Mondragon family. She was already thinking about divorce anyway, and he took her out on display publically. He also realized that he no longer has any interest in her. She’s a coldhearted liar, without feeling. Tony asks what Ivan feels for Lucia. Although she’s part of that family, she’s different- good, sincere, loving, and he can’t deny, really beautiful. He’s totally confused about what he feels for her. He likes her (gustar), and he’s attracted to her. Plus, she’s been in love with him since she was little. He loves being with her, talking with her, seeing her laugh. Tony’s not getting what the problem is. If she’s all of these wonderful things, then Ivan shouldn’t hurt her. He denies that hurting her is his intention; he cares about her. Well, if he cares about her, then he should leave her alone. Ivan is sure that it’s she who will not want to see him. He tells Tony about their argument.

Maripaz and Lucrezia keep yapping at each other. Maripaz isn’t concerned about the cousin thing. Ivan’s the only man who can take her out of this misery, and she’s SO over that whole destroying her life by getting her pregnant thing. Lucrezia won’t PERMIT it. “What are you going to do? Hit me?” Lucrezia knows she will think of something. “Butt out Mama. I know you don’t like scandal. If you meddle I will tell everyone that Grandpa had an illegitimate child who was our servant—the mother of Ivan Villagomez.” "Don’t you dare.” “Try me!” (Pon me a prueba!)

In her bedroom, Lucia is telling Gradma Carly about her hot smooches with Ivan and that she thinks he only did it as part of his vengeance scheme. “And then when we got back to the hotel, he proposed that we make love.” Carly looks like she would slap Ivan silly if her were in front of her. Lucia brushes it off as normal these days. “Maybe between novios, but not between two people just getting to know each other.” (Amen Carly.) Lucia naively says she and Ivan have known each other for years. Carly wants the goods. Lucia didn’t do it, right? “No.” Huge sigh of relief from Carly.

JJ is gazing at his favorite person, himself, as usual. David dares to enter the lion’s den. He refuses to call Maripaz, says he’s in agreement about the divorce, and dares JJ to hit him. JJ obliges. David sticks to his guns. When Esther tries to intervene, JJ raises his hand to slap her. Much to his surprise, David restrains his pimp slapping hand. He can’t believe David is defending Esther after she turned him into a fag. David defends his mother and himself, laying the blame for his problem on JJ. “Don’t come to me with that bullsh*t! If you’re not a man, that’s your problem!” He threatens his son and wife again, and gives a terrified Judith a firm, non-affectionate, pat on the cheek, before taking off. David assures Esther that everything will be alright.

Lucia continues to tell Carly about her theory of Ivan playing games with both her and Maripaz at the same time, to get even. If Maripaz thinks she and Ivan are getting married, Ivan must have done something to lead her to that conclusion. Carly’s not convinced since Mari creates fantasies that she herself starts believing all the time. Ivan’s not stupid. Lucia is pissed off and hurt because she really cares about him. Carly thinks Ivan is just confused and needs time to heal. Lucia’s not so sure. She asks Carly if she thinks there’s any way Lucrezia would have paid someone to kidnap the baby. Carly doesn’t think so… although Lucrezia IS capable of anything. Lucia says that Ivan feels the same. She wants Carly to try to get the truth out of Lucrezia.

Later, Carly calls Tony to talk about those crazy kids/grandkids. They agree to meet in front of the church tomorrow at 1. Carly finds Lucrezia in one of the bedrooms screeching about the servant’s clothes folding abilities. She immediately starts the interrogation about why Lucrezia dismissed the servant at the Guaymas house the morning after the kidnapping, without telling them she had returned. Lucrezia denies, denies, denies. Carly says Tony has been investigating in Guaymas and got in touch with Encarnacion. Carly demands to know if Lucrezia paid someone to steal the baby. She threatens to tell Tony that part of the ranch belongs to Alicia and Ivan if Lucrezia doesn’t tell her the truth. Lucrezia admits to letting them continue to think Encarnacion took the baby so that they wouldn’t insist on getting the police involved, but she had nothing to do with the baby’s disappearance. She begs Carly to believe her.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Teresa Mon 8/29/11 #126 Teresa Plays Hard To Get Hard Ball With Fernando; Or, Oriana, If You Could See Me Now!

We return to Mexico City as Teresa, having survived her near rape with hubby’s Hyde-like alter ego, has taken her set of keys and high-heeled it over to Casa de los Barrera, and then thrown herself onto the mercy of her week-kneed, ex-knoodling, knight in shining armor, Fernando.  Tipsy from too much tinto, Fernando is only too ready to lend a sympathetic ear, shoulder, and miscellaneous other body parts to comfort this daring damsel in the guise of distress and affected dis-dress.   The two of them are both in the moment and the moment says go for it.  They do and it’s Houston, we have contact!  Lustful lip-locking (at least on Nando’s part) has ensued.

Teresa (never one to sell herself cheaply) smiles to think she’s got Fernando right where she needs him, and Oriana, if she could see her now!  But no, it's not time yet for that she decides.

At Casa Chavez, Refugio wants Armando to go over to Art and Tere’s to check on them under the guise of dropping off some more documents Tere signed.  He says he’s not about to stick his nose in where it’s not wanted and doesn’t belong, altho’ he says that Teresa was wrong not to tell her hubby where she was headed first.  Refu agrees. “--Out of the question! [ni hablar=certainly not].”

Meanwhile, Tere’s given Nando a preview of the goods on display and suddenly, with a flourish of genteel moral rectitude, she pulls away from him.  Nando looks momentarily stunned or confused, or both.  His motor is running and the engine is in high gear.  He goes in for another sensual stunner on Teresa's lipluscious mouth and neck.  (Viewerville keeps their eyes on the screen as they shove their hands in the freezer!  OMG!  That guy is such.a.hunk!  Peggy Lee’s rendition of “Fever” immediately comes to mind.  Fernando has got the fever all  right.   PSSSsssss.... “What a lovely way to burn!”)  Teresa puts on the handbrake.  “¡Ay, Fernando! Think of Arturo and Luisa!  What we’ve just done is wrong!”

Tere then races up to her bedroom and leaves Nando anguished and obviously torn between desperately wanting to swive the wench and not wanting to screw over dear Luisa.  Upstairs, though, Teresa smirks and tells herself that she didn’t realize how easy it would be; very soon she’ll have him eating out of her hand.  Fern races upstairs and starts knocking on her door, asking to speak with her, to clarify things.  She feigns guilt and shame (in between a couple of shameless and guilt-free giggles) and refuses him.  They'll talk in the morning, she promises.  No way will she leave herself out in the cold, she tells herself.  “All right,” he says through the door.  “Whatever you want, Teresa.”  He walks away.  Yeah, that’s right she says to herself.  Things are always done the way she wants them.  After all, between to be and not to be, she exists!

The next morning first thing Fernando’s right back at her door again (like a moth to the flame) and wanting to talk things through.  (He looks like he slept in his suit, the poor guy.)  Tere comes to the door in a silky, blue teddy-gown (sans her usual robe and any pretense of underlying modesty.)  He’s surprised she slept there at the house last night, he says.  She says of course she did because she didn’t dare return to her place.  (That’s no lie.)  However she was up most of the night worrying, though.  He mentions he stayed there also for the same reasons.  He gets within inches of her face; he tells her they need to talk things over.  He smiles slightly and lets her know that he was attracted to her from the first moment he saw her.  She says ditto and then babbles on about how she felt so protected with him last night.  She’s acted as if she disliked him to avoid letting her feelings betray her love for her husband, blah, blah, blah.  The truth, tho’, she explains, is that she let herself get carried away and shouldn’t have.  She compliments his intelligence and handsome looks; above all they are alike about so many things [afinar].  He agrees with her (natch).  A man always realizes these things.   Tere tells him she always felt a special “something” between them--oh, but they shouldn’t have done what they did because he’s her best friend’s fiancé! Feigning remorse, Tere turns away. He uses the opportunity to take a long, lustful look at her legs and thighs, hoping against hope that he can talk her into shedding that skimpy teddy-gown and let him enjoy what’s hidden underneath it. 

Back at the vecindad, Johnny’s sweeping out front and has a chat with Cutberto about Juana having lied to him.  She never told him she couldn't have children, blah, blah, blah.  Buttberto learns from Johnny that she’s going down to Cuernevaca and assumes it’s to sleep with Dr. Big-Belly.??  (Yawn.)  Johnny defends her and clarifies it’s with his sister and nephew to visit Aurora, who’s staying down there right now.  FF>>  

Back at the manse, Teresa now starts angling to have Fernando 'fess up about the way they feel towards their respective significant others.  She’s mortified.  Nando tells her it’s not the end of the world.  For her it will be, she whines, because Art’s been so suspicious of her and after last night how can she face him?  He’ll be right to think she’s been unfaithful and that she didn’t love him.  If nothing happened last night it was only because there wasn’t enough time.  He’ll think she’s the worst example of the female species.  Nando hugs her tightly.  She allows herself a self-satisfied grin. Things are going exactly as planned!  He’s such a soft touch!   

Now Johnny’s sweeping inside the vecindad.  Arturo, literally drunk out of his mind, stumbles into the gated plaza and babbles about Teresa,. 

Johnny grabs him and takes him, with Armando’s help, up to the Chavez’s apartment. 

Back at the manse, Teresa's still flitting around in her sensual silky nightie. The Garbo act continues; she races away in a melodramatic twinge of conscience.  “—Don’t touch me again, Fernando.  Do you want to drive me crazy?”  She sits back down.  He puts a hand on her knee and says they’ve got to chill a bit and think things through.  Heck, not to minimize things, but it was only a kiss, he reasons.  She draws dangerously close--kissing close--to him again.  For him, maybe, she says breathlessly, but for her...time stood still and nothing else in the world mattered!  She pulls back from him again and pouts.  The only thing left for them to do is to face the others and tell them the truth!  He frowns.  

Fernando looks like he is almost convinced.  Then his cell rings.  It’s Luisa.  He’s a bit distant and robotic with his answers.  He blames it on still being half asleep.  All the while, Tere’s motioning for him to please tell Luisa the four of them need to have a talk.  He ignores her pleas and finally hangs up with a "Te amo."  Tere gets a bit snitty, asking him why he didn’t tell Lu that they wanted to talk to her.  The frustration is too much to handle.  “—Because I couldn’t, Teresa!  If I told Luisa it would mean the end of my engagement and of your marriage!  Are you sure that’s what you want, Teresa?  Well, is it??!!!”  She looks him dead in the eyes as if she’s thinking “you coward”, but says nothing. 

Back at the Chavez's, Armando and Johnny throw Art onto the couch to sleep it off.  Refugio says this is proof that something was wrong at Teresa’s last night.  She’s got to be mortified (dying of shame) over this.  Armando says Art didn’t sleep at the apartment last night.  He knows because nobody was in the apartment when he went there this morning.

Back at the manse, Fernando wants an answer!  With her back to him Teresa allows herself a major eye-roll before whimpering about being just too confused.  She still loves Arturo, she says.  He looks away, wincing from the emotional stab in the gut (though it might as well be the genitals, too by now).  She can’t stand the thought of being unfaithful to Art.  He winces again but stands there and shakes it off.  Teresa piles it on, saying she knows Fernando must feel the same about Luisa.  (Damn!  Any other guy would have been in tears, on their knees, and begging her, promising her the sun and the moon or gawd knows what by now!)  Suddenly her phone rings.  It’s her mother, but she lies and says it’s Art.  She throws the phone back in her purse and says she also has cold feet when it comes to telling Arturo.

Refu is worried that she can’t reach Tere on her cell.  Armando suggests in the meantime she could make strong black coffee for Art the moment he wakes up.

Later in the morning, Juana visits Hector at the hospital.  He offers her chauffeur to take her to Cuernevaca along with Esperanza and Rodriguito.  He wants Juana to talk Aurora into coming to the baptismal reception at the house in Mexico.  FF>>

We beam back to Teresa’s bedroom for the rest of her and Nando’s little heart-to-heart.   He admits that before he started dating Luisa he was a playboy.  Tere says she knew and that’s why she didn’t want him dating Luisa.   Fern tries putting the moves on her again with some mumbo-jumbo about the difficulty one has in distinguishing love from desire or affection.  She says she’s not sure and stops him cold.  Uh-ohh!  She starts putting the moves on him then.  Oh, never has she ever felt what she felt last night with anybody!  When he looks at her, when he smiles at her, and then when he kissed her yesterday …when he kissed her it sent shivers up her spine.  He shuts his eyes momentarily as he once more relives the initial, electric moment that passed between them.  He then leans in for another kiss.  

Teresa backs away again, purposely souring the mood by voicing her “doubts” and her “guilt” again.  Nando tells her the same thing happened to him.  He moves  in close and compliments her beauty and her intelligence.  She's always fascinated him.  Teresa supposedly frets now, saying that she simply can’t look Art in the face again!  Practical Nando suggests just not telling anyone and going on about their lives.  (Works for me, Scout!)  Well, she’s going to make the effort for Art’s sake, she says determinedly, as she looks into Fernando’s deep, dark (ever-hopeful) eyes and begins “absently” brushing a loose lock of hair off his forehead with her fingers.  (Tell me that guy isn’t tingling from to his tippy-toes right now.)  “—But I will always, always wonder what it would be like to make love with you!”  He angles for another lusting lip-lock, hoping for a 3-base hit and a slick slide into home to score, but again Teresa swerves away at the last second.  (I’ve heard of believing in persistence paying off, but this is reeeediculous! Geeeez Louise! Damn it,  Call a foul already Fernando, and take a cold shower!)

Teresa looks back at Fernando and inches close again.  (Viewerville is mesmerized.  Ice is melting on floors everywhere.)  “—Although, I know it will never come to that, what happened between us last night will remain in my memory forever!”  He’s says it is the same for him.  She turns to face him again, moving within a hair's breadth of his lips.  “—This is going to be our secret.”  She touches her finger to her lips and then to his.  He sits there, too stunned (or too pained) to move.  She suddenly throws herself back onto the arm of her easy chair and dismisses him.  “—Now leave me alone!”  Fernando, gentleman that he is, fights the urge to play caveman and walks out the door with a sigh (and one hell of an unspoken groan).

Outside Teresa’s bedroom door, Fernando takes one melluvahelluva a deep breath as he starts back down the hallway and shakes his head in utter disbelief at the way this international all-star struck out and she pitched a perfect no-hitter.   He makes it halfway down the stairs and fingers the heirloom keychain of Luisa’s.  He thinks back to Cancun to the time she finally agreed to take a chance with him and winces again but with a different emotion.  Guilt overpowers his lust and he looks like he wants the earth to swallow him whole.  Inside her room, Teresa does a mental victory dance and hugs herself.  It was a major play—the biggest yet--and she pulled it off! 
Back at the Chavez’s, Art finally wakes from his drunken stupor and Armando gives him hell for staying out all night and coming home drunk as a skunk for the entire vecindad to see.  Refu brings him black coffee and wonders about Teresa.  Art asks where Teresa is and her parents stare at each other with warning glances, suspecting the worst and hoping for the best. 

In Curenavaca that morning, Odiosa Oriana and Lu have accepted Aurora’s invitation to see the gardens at her home for a possible reception for Luisa’s wedding.  Luisa finds out that Aurora has broken her engagement and Odiana is surprised to learn that Aurora and Tere are very good friends.  Aurora qualifies that descriptor by saying that when they were in prep-school together they were very good friends.  Odiosa sniffs in disbelief. 

Armando scolds Art for his behavior.  Never in her life did Teresa ever see him come back home drunk out of his mind like this!  Art agrees he was wrong to have acted this way.   Armando wants to know why he would do such a thing.  Art says things will be explained later, but the important thing is to find Teresa.  Refu panics and seconds that.  Perhaps with Aurora, asks Art?  Refu says no, she went there yesterday.  Who knows?

In Aurora’s backyard, Odiana badmouths to Aurora about Teresa’s numerous faults.  La Odiosa never trusted her from the first day they met; it was not only her strange opinions about various things, but the fact that Teresa, a married woman, visited her son-her husband’s BFF--alone at his apartment numerous times!  Aurora’s antennae shoot up.  “--Oh, yes, she’s come from nothing and ambitiously acquires more and more.  She does nothing that doesn’t suit her needs and all she does is calculated beforehand!” 

Tere, meanwhile, is dressed to the nines in a clingy, one-shouldered, seagreen number and thinking to herself that this manse is her castle.  It’s where she belongs and she wants it all back!  She picks up the Arturo bear and hugs it.  “—Wake up, Artie.  I don’t want to hurt either Luisa or you.” 

Odiosa continues her diatribe: She fooled Luisa with her winning smile, but she couldn’t fool her!  Aurora wonders how Oriana could have recognized that from Teresa with one glance.  La Odiosa explains it comes with years of experience observing the numbers of attractive, ambitious women who were drawn to her dead husband.

Art, disheveled and still stinking like a distillery, visits Pati at the hospital looking for either Teresa or Mariano.  Teresa came and went; Mariano’s in some operation or other.  

Back at the vecindad, Ramon  and Buttberto discuss Juana’s never telling him that she can’t have children.  Ramon suggests if children are that important, the two of them could always adopt.  Buttberto grins as one of the few light bulbs in his dimwit brain switches on.  FF>>

Back at Casota Barrera, Nando’s in a woeful daze when Reina opens the front door and Arturo appears.  Art explains the fight and says he’s desperate to find Teresa.  Fern says not to worry, he knows all about it and she spent the night at the manse, safe and sound.  Art gives his BFF a bearhug of thanks.  “—Bro, she’s my whole life!  Thanks for looking out for her, man.  I couldn’t bear to lose her!”  Afterwards, Fernando reads the riot act to him.  He has no idea what his stupid jealousy has caused.  When and where is it going to end?  Art agrees he acted badly, but he knows this isn’t like him.   Well, if you keep it up, yells Fern, you’re going to lose her!  Art agrees.  Then talk to her and patch things up!! Art rationalizes, saying he never knew he could love someone so desperately; that if he loses her he’ll die!  Tere listens from the balcony loft and smiles triumphantly.   She walks down the stairs and Fernando says he’s leaving them alone to talk things out.

“—Teresa, my love!”  “—Don’t start that! Lies!  If you truly loved me you wouldn’t doubt me!  Haven’t I shown you I loved you for richer for poorer?  We’ll agree that it wasn’t enough for you!  No, the best thing is for us to get a separation!”  (Duhn-duhn-duhn-duhhhhnnnnn!  Team Teresa breathes a sight of relief.  About time!  Spousal abuse and attempted rape, especially by a drunk as a skunk, raging and rampaging husband, on a scale of 1-10 rates approximately a minus 10 to the umpteenth power!)  Art is definitively sobered-up-impactado once he hears the S-word from her lips!

Aurora calls Daddy for her daily check-in and mentions she’s decided to study her specialty abroad.  He’ll have Juana to keep him company, tho’.  He mentions she’s coming there that afternoon with Espe and Roddy.   Lovely!   Immediately after hanging up she gets a call from Teresa.  Tere’s got it on speaker for Art’s benefit.  Though Aurora’s short with her, the discussion proves her side of the facts that she went to visit Aurora to discuss the break up  but that they really didn’t talk because Aurora really didn’t want to speak to anybody; and since Mariano was there to see Aurora, Tere left to let Aurora and Mar chat and clear the air.  By the way, what time did I show up there?  Oh, around 4:30 pm.  Oh, ok.  Thanks!  Click!  After hearing that, Art mentally shrinks from 6’2 to 2’ 6.  Not enough proof for you, Artie-Boy?  Teresa says she’ll go to Cuernevaca with him to check her story with the taxi driver.  No, not necessary, he says. 

Meanwhile, Nando’s jogging away his hard-on, but the guilt he feels isn’t about to dissipate.  He looks again at Luisa’s keychain and grimaces.  Out comes the cell and he makes a call to Luisa to tell her how much he really loves and needs her and to apologize for the cool reception she got from him that morning.  Luisa totally understands, natch.  Unfortunately the call does nothing for the major guilt trip he’s on cuz she immediately brings up how she didn’t want to trust him at first because of his reputation as a playboy.  But, of course she knows now that her love is all he needs and he’ll never look at another woman again.  Yes, of course, my love!   See you!  Kisses!  (He may have reassured Lu, but he still feels like the dawg he is.  Arf!)

Luisa returns to the table and tells the other two about the call.  Mama Orca brags on what a good boy and future husband she raised.  (Viewerville lets out a communal gag and eye-roll.)  FF>>

Back to Tere and Art, who is totally--if only momentarily--repentant of his errant ways.  Tere warns him that they have no future together if he can’t lose the crazy jealousy and stop his drinking.  He dutifully agrees and says they need to see her parents now because they’re worried about her.  She groans and asks him if he’s really taking her back there to stay now.  No, he replies, they’re going to Fernando’s as planned. 

Over at Elegant Acres, Genoveva tells Ruben that she doesn’t like the idea of Aida popping in unannounced like she normally does till there’s really a baby there.  Rubigote doesn’t want Aida to know that he’s shtumping her mom’s BFF yet either, he says.  Gen says the best thing then is to make their relationship public.  El Bigote nearly swallows and chokes on his lip-fur!  Not on your life!  We’ll take things step by step. 

Across town, Mariano tells Daria that he’s totally over the Teresa Effect and no longer cares for Aeeeeda, either.  He misses the heck out of Aurora.  Aurora,  gets a cell phone with his phone number preprogrammed in it and a message from him to call him.  She starts to but then decides against it.  FF>>

Johnny drops by to let Mariano know about the commotion with Art that morning and that Refu is worried because Tere didn’t sleep at home the night before.  Mariano tells Johnny to tell Refu to keep him informed, but it’s no longer his problem.  He’s making a clean break and all his time and attention is now claimed by  Aurora. 

That afternoon, Juana and Espe make it to Aurora’s and Mar’s name comes up  She’s determined not to start a relationship with him right now, tho’ she’s delighted by all the calls, e-mails, and flowers he’s been sending her.  Espe suggests she doesn’t have to feel guilty now about Martin and, if she and Mariano agree on so much like they do, then why not get busy?  FF>>

At the hospital Johnny leaves, and Buttberto shows up to ask Mariano about adopting children.  Aeeeeda shows up just then and tells him it’s a bad idea cuz you never know the kid’s background, if he’s from healthy stock or not—Mariano shoots her down and says she’s heartless!  Tons of kids need a good home!  Buttberto takes the hint to leave and tells Mariano with friends like her who needs enemies.  FF>>

Tere and Art (who aparrently still hasn’t seen the inside of a shower stall yet) stop back by the Chavez’s to show she’s just fine.  She stayed at the Barrera casota she explains.  Daddy tells her she’s to stay there with them next time her husband acts like a beast.  Art is quick to apologize and promise it’ll never happen again.  Tere feigns embarrassment and tells her papi that she and hubby have discussed it already.  Refu warns Art that drinking is nothing to take lightly.

Back in Cuernevaca, Juana apologizes for telling Mariano where she was.  Aurora tells her that it’s because Daddy’s so furious with him that she decided to hide out down there.  She can’t blame her daddy, but at least Mar’s being a lot more attentive now…..  FF>>

Mariano turns down a lunch date with Aeeeeda.  She leaves but says she’s coming back tomorrow because she’s not giving up on getting back with him.  Mar blows her off.  (Man, it’s about darned time, too!) 

Nightime at the Barrera casota.  Fernando switches on a lamp, sits down on the same living room couch on which he and Tere twisted tongues and remembers those electrifying mouth-melds of hers and sighs.

At the same time, Teresa and Art arrive back at the bungalo in the barrio.  Oh, how she wishes she could turn back time to the surprise note and outfit he left her on the bed!  But, it won’t be easy.  He agrees.  He starts picking up their trashed apartment.  She says they need to talk.  He says fine, but not until he has a chance to get cleaned up.   Tere says she was hoping that they could talk once they get over to Fern’s apartment.  Art says sorry, but he lost his jacket and doesn’t remember where he left it.  His keys to Nando’s place were in it, so they’ll have to spend one more night in the vecindad.   He tells her he’s going to bathe and leaves.  She waits till he’s gone and says she’s going to make him pay dearly for what he did to her.  She answers her cell and it’s Fernando on the other end of the line and worried about what happened afterwards and if she’s ok.  She’s curt and he assumes she can’t talk now.  That’s about the size of it.  Click!  She throws the cell down and snickers at the way she’s got him panting for her.   Suddenly she gets an idea.

Back at the hospital Mariano’s on his way home when Espe runs up to him worried about Rodrigo.  He’s developed a high fever and refuses to eat.  FF>>

Tere asks her daddy for some of the papers with Art’s signature on them.  Armando worries about her working all hours like this.  She says it’s the only way to dig her way back out of poverty.   Army leaves to get the documents for her.  Once he’s out the door Teresa tells herself she’s got to take precautions with [prevenirse] Arturo in case they have to divorce. 


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