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PEAM, Tuesday 4/30/13 (#37): Father Knows Best

(Now that I've seen the whole episode I don't think that was such a great title, but oh well. Maybe Father will know best tonight.)

Vero takes all of Chucho's cash and his bus tokens and leaves Orion. That company really needs a better policy for employee guests.

Rogue sees Discua winking at Fernando and suddenly realizes why his brother has been so particularly idiotic lately. (Actually, Rogelio, you were shockingly slow to figure that out. Who's the imbécil now?) Fern says he's got a spiritual force-field to protect him from Rogue's bad vibes. He says something about Jesus (the religious one) and Rogue shudders. "Don't invoke that name!" I only mention it because I neglected to include a similar scene in last week's recap when someone said "encanto" to Chucho and he reacted the same way upon hearing Fernando's old nickname for him.)

At Orion, the Two Sillies accuse confront Chucho with their discovery that he, personally, delivered a new/revised application to the Camera, er, Chamber of Cosmetics this morning - on Avon's behalf. They remind him that he can go to prison for industrial espionage. Gee, who saw that coming? Hahahaha.

So THAT'S how the writers deal with portraying Avon as a den of gangsters and gossips: they create a fictitious rival that's just as bad. Brilliant!
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Amores Verdaderos #119 Mon 4/29/13 The happy return of the Angel and the Flower... Grandma has a secret. Bride of Foy Toy makes her bed... now she will have to sleep in it, says Mom. Previews: The amazing race?


Little flower repeats to Angel she understands he needs to rebuild his life. He is proud and surprised at how time has passed and she has become a woman, despite all the sorrows she had to go through since her mom died.

He will support her no matter what. She admits it will be hard to see him in love with another… HE is surprised … (really, man?)

Lo Nuevo:

KenDrat on phone with her partner in continuing with the skid of fooling Nikki-NilBrainsChild re: ‘traga-platanos .. eh.. dinero’ Gorilita’s gigolo page.

Said Nikki-NilBrainsChild is arguing with her mother and Gorilita about them not agreeing with her wedding. She keeps insulting. Gorilita won’t stay quiet ‘taking care of you has many angles’. Nikki-NilBrainsChild keeps insulting in his face that she picked Roy-Foy-Toy over him (yeah, NilBrainsChild has earned her nickname, besides ‘fool-B’). Vicky insists they mean her well, but Nikki-NilBrainsChild keeps insulting right out the door. Vicky prays for God to enlighten her (give her brain cells she did not inherit from dear daddy?)

Back to KenDrat nagging on her own about not being able to wear her jewels since she has told everyone they were stolen from her. Nikki-NilBrainsChild ended up in her room telling her what just happened with mommy and Gorilita, they insist she not marry. KenDrat has missed a breath but recovers quicky to insist she keep going with the wedding plans and repeating about Gorilita being a two-faced money-hungry gigolo.

KenDrat tells Nikki-NBC that Dr is coming to give her a good-2-go check up.

Vicky tells Adri about trying to convince Nikki not to marry, Don’t want Nikki to follow her example, marrying a man without love. Adri says you & Gorilita did the right thing, but ultimately it is Nikki’s ticket to ride to doom.
With heavy heart Vicky says whatever Nikki decides, she will support it.

Adri jumps for joy when Vicky says Angel is coming back to his old job.

Vicky also tells Adri she has been a real good counselor/support for Lilli. Adri a bit taken aback, changes subject, what about Vicky and Arriaga? Vicky, again with heavy heart, tells her Angel’s condition to return is that it will be just for job, their ‘relationship’ is in the past. Adri asks ‘will you be able to put your feelings on hold?’ Vicky says for the sake of Arriaga, will have to.
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Qué Bonito Amor #11 (Mex 16-17.1) Monday 4/29/13

Capitulo 16: Estos Celos Can Get You Detenido

Lo del pasado

Oscar tells Fernando he has a surprise for his "chiquita", the last song her father sang.  There is excitement in the club room as the Alguys take the stage.  Just as Oscar is about to begin, Jorge Alfredo enters JNTR singing “Maria Bonita” to the delight of Maria and everyone else except Oscar and creepy Rubén. He's wearing her father's traje and looking so alpha-hot all the female patrons are seriously enjoying this. So is Don Concho, who is seeing peso signs all over the place.

Lo de nuevo

Mendoza Apartment: Over the sound of a sad cello, Amalia and Mancia talk about Don Braulio and the owed back rent. She has only half the money owed. Mancia offers to lend her the money she needs and reminds her of what the cards said. Amalia turns her down, saying that wouldn't be fair. She wrings her hands in pain. [Could she have lupus?]

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PEAM #36 - 04/29/13 - Sleep, Sueño and Confusion Meet Winken, Blinken and Nod

First The parole lady flexes her muscles, Valentina finally calls her Papa Jesus to get a ride to school since Mom has lapsed back into depression sleep. She is also worried about an exam in math which her sleeping Mom is not a math genius among other qualities. Jesus borrows the truck from the depression sleeper named Elias in his apartment.

Maricela makes us sorry that Chatita has taken her in but in her sleepy (not depressed but forgetful) state takes a broom stick to the Maricela but figures out that she knows her.  As Maricela starts her soy de pura raza bit, Chatita has a clearing of the memory cobwebs and reminds Mari that her papa is a garbage man.  Mari tries to convince Chatita of her cloudiness but Chatita holds to her memories of what her father sacrificed to send her to school after her mother disappeared (died, do we know).  Maricela gets on her high horse several times but Chatita reminds her that isn't it odd that Maricela left her home, her loving father and here she is begging a sleeping place from the very good friend of this dear papa. Maricela is not scoring high on the fooling any of the people any of the time scale.

Chucho arrives to learn that Veronica is asleep and he sees the sleeping pills by her bedside so makes her drink water then takes Valentina who notices they are going in Papa Elias truck to school.  Chucho is a saint of good humor taking the beloved child to school and making her feel like nothing at all is wrong.
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Weekend Discussion: Producers Novelographies - Updated March 9, 2015

These lists are not purported to be exhaustive, to name every single producer and every single telenovela ever made.  For the purposes of this list, most of the producers made telenovelas for Televisa, or were shown on prime-time on Univision and recapped on CarayCaray. The titles in Bold feature the current prime time line-up or coming soon. Since then, several have been added broadcasting on Telemundo and TV Azteca.

There is an arbitrary cut-off at 1999, with a couple of exceptions.  It has been interesting to note the number of times an Executive Producer, working under a Producer, goes on to Produce his or her own.  I haven’t included this information, or the list would become endless.  The only exception was Salvador Mejia Alejandre, because it was hard to distinguish whether he was Producer, Executive Producer, or Co-Producer. Disclaimer: This information comes exclusively from Wikipedia or IMDB and the cable companies. They have been pulled together into one document.

Producers with telenovelas currently broadcasting.
3 - 4 pm
Carlos Moreno Laguillo – (1999-2013)
Quiero Amarte (2013) Karyme Lozano, Cristian de la Fuente
This is a remake of Imperio de Cristal (1994)
Quiero Amarte starts in the past, when Mauro Montesinos and Elena, the heiress to the coffee plantation, “El Paraíso,” fall in love. They have a child together, Juliana. Elena dies and Mauro is widowed and Juliana motherless. Mauro finds love again when he meets Florencia, the owner of some nearby coffee lands. Just before he is to marry Florencia, Lucrecia, an old "friend," reels him into a loveless marriage with the news she is expecting his child. Later on, Lucrecia finds out Mauro still loves Florencia, even though Florencia has married Mauro's best friend, David, who is also the administrator of Mauro's family coffee plantation. David and Florencia have one child, Amaya. Mauro and Lucrecia have two sons, César, the eldest, Maximiliano and twins Lucio and Flavia. In the present, Max and Amaya fall in love, but evil, secrets, ambitions and pain surround them to keep them from realizing their love.

It also stars Diana Bracho, Flavio Medina and Salvador Zerboni as the antagonists, with the participation of Alex Sirvent, Jose Elias Moreno, Otto Sirgo and Olivia Bucio. Andrés Mercado and Renata Notni star as the young protagonists.
Amor Bravío** (2012) Silvia Navarro, Cristian de la Fuente
Cuando Me Enamoro (2011) Silvia Navarro, Juan Soler
En Nombre del Amor (2008) Alisson Lozz, Sebastian Zurita
Sueños y Caramelos (2005)
Bajo la Misma Piel (2003)
Por Tu Amor (1999) Gaby Spanic, Margarita Magana
Nunca Te Olivdaré (1999)  Edith Gonzales & Fernando Colunga (Moreno produced Part II)
  ** AB was a merger of “De Pura Sangre,” written by Maria Zarattini and "En los cuernos del amor," a new story by Martha Carrillo and Cristina Garcia.

7 – 8 pm
MaPat López de Zatarain
La Sombra del Pasado (2014) - This is a remake of El Manantial (2001), originally produced by Carla Estrada. Began broadcasting Feb 16, 2015. (See synopsis elsewhere)
Susana Gonzalez
Alejandra Barros
Cynthia Klitbo
Alexis Ayala

8 - 9 pm
Juan Osorio Ortiz – (1999-2014)
Mi Corazón Es Tuyo (2014) Silvia Navarro, Jorge Salinas, and Mayrín Villanueva
Life hasn’t been easy for Ana who works as an exotic dancer in a club and has just lost the home she struggled to own. She knows she has to start over. Through a clerical error at an employment agency, Ana finds herself applying for the job of “nanny” to a wealthy widower, Fernando, with seven difficult children. Somehow, without credentials or a cultured background, Ana manages to charm the children and help in the recovery process from the loss of their mother. Meanwhile, Fernando pursues a woman with a suitable pedigree, but it becomes increasingly obvious that he is smitten with Ana and she is smitten with him.

Porque el Amor Manda (2012) Blanca Soto, Fernando Colunga
Una Familia Con Suerte (2011) Luz Elena González, Arath de la Torre
Mi Pecado (2009) Maiter Perroni, Eugenio Soler
Tormenta en el Paraíso (2007) Sara Maldonado, Erick Elias, Mariana Seoane
Duelo de Pasiones (2006) Ludwika Paleta, Pablo Montero, Sergio Goyri, Erika Buenfil
Siempre Te Amaré (2000) Laura Flores, Fernando Carrillo
Nunca Te Olvidaré (1999) Edith González, Fernando Colunga (Produced Part I)
Marisol (1996) Erika Buenfil is in this

9 - 10 pm
Nicandro Diaz Gonzalez – (1999-2014)
Hasta el Fin del Mundo (2014) Marjorie De Sousa, Pedro Fernandez, and Julian Gil
This is the story of Sofia, the oldest of three sisters, who takes the helm of her family’s chocolate factory after her father’s death. Engaged to a man who is ambitious and using her as a stepping stone, she feels an immediate and mutual attraction to Salvador, a race-car driver who, due to an unfortunate circumstance, lost his job and gets a job as her chauffeur. Sofia and Salvador learn that despite the hurdles, love is possible.

Amores Verdaderos (2012) Erika Buenfil, Eduardo Yañez, Eiza Gonzalez, Sebastian Rulli - Winner 2014 Permio TV y Novelas
Soy tu Dueña (2010) Lucero, Fernando Colunga
Mañana es Para Siempre (2008) Silvia Navarro, Fernando Colunga
Destilando Amor (2007) Angélica Rivera and Eduardo Yañez (Carayers loved it)
Corazones al Limites (2004) Erika Buenful, Arturo Peniche (for teens)
Alma Rebelde (1999) Lisette Morelos, Eduardo Verástegui

10-11 pm
Angelli Nesme Medina (2004-2014)
Que te Perdone Dios (2014) Zuria Vega, Mark Tacher, Rebecca Jones, Sabine Moussier, Sergio Goyri, Erik del Castillo, Altair Jarabo. This is a remake of Abrazame Muy Fuerte.

Lo Que la Vida me Robo (2013) Angelique Boyer, Sebastian Rulli, Daniela Castro*
Abismo de Pasion (2011) Angelique Boyer, David Zepeda, Mark Tacher
Llena de Amor (2010) Ariadne Diaz, Valentino Lanus
Un Gancho al Corazon (2008) Danna Garcia, Sebastian Rulli
Al Diablo con los Guapos (2007) Alison Lozz, Eugenio Siller
Amar Sin Limites (2006) Karyme Lozano, Valentino Lanus
Apuesta por un Amor (2004) Patricia Manterola, Juan Soler
  *an updated version of Bodas de Odio with some Amor Real thrown into the mix.

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Amores Verdaderos #118 Fri 4/26/13 Frankie Keeps Trying, But Kendho Won't Let Him Succeed; What is Anyballs Up To?; FF Thinks He is the Decider

I am diving right into this epi. Things will not be in order to have a better flow of the recap.

The Coffee Talk: We start this epi with Ms Vikki and the Angel having coffee at the infamous mall. You know the one, where she was almost kidnapped. They are catching up with each other. They look quite happy to be seeing each other, like friends who haven't seen each other in some while. The Angel is looking muy bueno with is dungree jacket and jeans, sigh! Ms Vikki has moved Zambrano up in the world. He isn't guarding the gates anymore, he is her personal bodyguard now, until the Angel comes back of course. Well, the Angel isn't sure he is coming back. He knows he owes Ms Vikki still for all the money she gave him and he is a man of his word. He informs her he is selling his little ranchera in Santa Rita. He and Lili decided it would be best, cause they can't ever go back there, now that Cris is gone. Ms Vikki tells him she is always there for him, and if he wants his job back it's there whenever he is ready. He tells her if he comes back to work for Ms Vikki it will only be as her bodyguard, cause the guy that declared his love to her and kissed her at the bus station, is dead, I tell you dead. He died the same day as Cris. It's a deal, she'll take him, er, she'll deal with whateva he wants to do. She looks like she is about to go, but then she reaches into her purse to extract a hand written missive she has written, she explains she's carried it with her, just on the off chance they ran into each other. Angel isn't buying that, but accepts the missive. He starts to open it, but she blushingly tells him not here, later. She wants him to know that she put her whole heart into this missive. They gaze at each other. Hmmmm. Later on there is a split screen shot of the Angel by a lake at the park and Ms Vikki in her little room. Ms Vikki is saying she doesn't think the Angel is coming back, that she respects his decision but she will miss him. The Angel is sitting with his back to a tree, in his dungaree hawtness, and opens the missive Ms Vikki gave him. It reads: May life caress you and fate open it's arms to you. May solace find you and Dios guide your steps. May hope arise and shower you with the certainty that you will always be with me. He looks at it and then crumbles it up. He sits for a bit and picks it up again and smoothes it out.

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Qué Bonito Amor #10 (Mex 14.2-15) Friday 4/26/13 ¡Qué Bonita Sorpresita! O La Gran Entrada [What A Nice Little Surprise! Or, The Grand Entrance]

Caps 14.5 – 15 

Lo del Pasado:

Amalia lets Mancia read her tarot cards and there’s a nasty warning in them: either she or her daughters are in for a lot of pain.  Meanwhile, Maria and Snooty Bargirl Babes are on their way to computer class when they notice Santos/Jorge Alfredo walking through the plaza towards them.

Lo Del Nuevo:

Maria can’t take her eyes off moping Jorge Alfredo.  He noticed her and has walked over to speak on a serious matter with her, namely to tell her the truth!  Like the rest of us, he’s piqued Maria’s interest.   He tells her, during a walk in the nearby park, that he’s leaving because of a moral duty to do so.  Otherwise, if it were up to him, he’d stay there in the D.F. permanently.  “—Sure, you told me that already; that’s why you don’t want to see me again.  OK. You were right.”  Seeing him kissing some other woman, though, is eating at Maria and she can’t help but put it out there.  “—I saw you kissing some woman last night.” Point of clarification here.  “—That was Elvira, and I wasn’t kissing her.  She kissed me!” Same thing, whines Maria!  No, of course it isn’t, argues JA!  Why?  “--Because I don’t love her!  And, at this point in time, there’s only one woman I would kiss.”  

Maria wants to believe Jorge Alfredo, but Snooty Bargirl Babes show up and tell her break is over.  Time to get back to classes.  JA stares into Maria’s eyes and tells her she’s his only angel.  Snooty # 1 who’s in love with Fernandlo, aka, Mil Amores intervenes and drags Maria away.  “—Aw, get off it, hot-stuff! [¡Bájalo, chulito! = ‘Tamp it down, cutie-pie.’]  Maria and he exchange longing glances,as she walks back to class.

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Porque el Amor Manda #35: Spying Eyes Get a Surprise, the Puppy Fetches Popcorn, and Everybody Goes to Chatita's

Jesús and Alma are in the Avon conference room working on some project or another -- I don't really know what it is and I don't think they care -- while Rogue watches them on the office security cameras. Patimelt slips into the office buns-first (how does she DO that?) and joins the audience. Alma and Pati are both wearing these really cute slit-sleeved blouses that were all the rage in los escaparates de Miami last month, and I want one really bad but of course mine would have to be fleece-lined. Anyway, Alma drops her pen and both she and Jesús slide under the table to look for it...for a long time. Rogue freaks completamente OUT. Pati helpfully points out that they've had plenty of time for a quickie and even furnishes voices for the silent movie. That girl is a hoot and a half.
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TELEMUNDO SUPPLEMENT: El Señor de los Cielos -- Week of April 29, 2013

Here is a new page for your conversations about this show.  Enjoy!

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Here is a new page for the week ahead.  This space is mostly for discussions and minicaps of Pasión Prohibida and La Patrona.  

[As I did last week, I'll be putting up a separate page for El Señor de los Cielos.]


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Weekend Discussion: Food!

One of the things I love about novelas is the kitchen scenes.  The kitchens of the mansions and haciendas all look like such welcoming places, full of Andalucian tile and gorgeous produce on the tables that one of the first things I would do if I won a huge lottery is buy a house large enough to have a kitchen like that.

We often note the food because hospitality is a dictate of the ancient gods and because it often demonstrates the relationship of the characters who are sharing the food.  We all fell in love with the cooking scenes in Amor Bravio that showed the bonding of Viviana and Rafael and the love between Piedad and her daughter.  The waitress in last night's restaurant scene in Que Bonito Amor explaining the dish she served Santos was clearly proud of it and of her country's cuisine.  She had a most welcoming attitude.  Gala of Un Refugio Para El Amor and Veronica in Porque el Amor Manda use food as a weapon of control; I cringe at the possibility that Valentina will have eating disorders when she's older.

So..... do you enjoy cooking?  Do you get creative with it?  Do you favor any particular cuisine?  Do you have a signature dish you contribute to potlucks and other parties?  Do you watch anything on the Food Network?

Finally, do you have a favorite food scene from a novela (just to keep this from being totally off-topic)?

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Qué Bonito Amor #9 (Mex 13-14.1) Thursday 4/25/13 Que Bonita Tristeza

Is it really only the second week?  They're really packing a lot into these commercial-less episodes!  Here we go!

My recording starts with Maria crying over the breakup to two of the Saucy Wenches outside the bar.  Santos/Jose Alfredo is spying on her and tells himself he has to get a job somewhere, anywhere, so he doesn't make her suffer anymore.  Has anyone brought this up as a trope yet?  That doing the thing that's intended to keep someone from suffering is actually the thing that makes them suffer?

At home, Paloma is daydreaming about her teen heartthrob and doodling hearts in her notebook…she summons a vision of him right there inside her notebook and smooches it.  Heh.

Meanwhile, he's mooning over his laptop where Paloma's name appears.  His mom overhears him sighing over Paloma and asks him what's up and how school was.  She asks why he's not unhappy about going to school anymore.  "Ummm, cause I like it a lot." I think Mami knows something's up, but thankfully for him, she and Susanito's mom did not attend the same Mom classes!

Paloma is still smooching on that notebook in a way that makes me fear she'll end up with paper cuts all over her face.  She gets busted by Isa, who won't take "nothing" for an answer.  She tries to say she wasn't kissing her notebook, but come on, Isa's no fool.  Paloma calls her "metiche" (nosy), but seriously, if you're going to get it on with a notebook in the middle of your living room, you're just asking to get caught!

Doña Prudencia is on the phone with a painter she hired to fix up a room, but they stood her up.  Jose Alfredo offers to do it for her and she agrees, in exchange for a week's rent.
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Amores Verdaderos #117 Thu 4/25/13 The Trampire Strikes Back

Restaurant: Jean Marie and Estefano are having a romantic lunch. Jean Marie encourages Estafano to tell Odd-ette that her only son is gay and has a lover. Esefano says he will do it when the time is right; his explains that mother works hard and is often irritable because she is naturally a crazy b*tch. Jean Marie agrees to wait. He's happy because they will get to hang out at Nikki's wedding.

Ballsvanera Mansion Foyer: Kendra begs for Vikki's forgiveness. She knows that her spawn will change the agency's plan. She didn't know how Vikki would react when she learned of her pregnancy. Mother and daughter agree that Kendra will have their support even if she can't depend on the father of her baby. Kendra fakes like she is getting up to leave. Nikki tells her father to tell Kendra to stay. Vikki tells Kendra that Tomasina is getting a guest room ready for her and suggests that Kendra stay untill the police discover who robbed her apartment. For once, Nelson and I are in total agreement. The dark leader of the evil Trampire cannot occupy Richguy headquarters. It's just not right! Nelson says that Salsero will take Ken Invader to the police station to make a report, but he is vetoed.

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PEAM #34- The Episode Where The Children Act Like Adults and the Adults Act Like Children, Except in the Basement!

As we begin the only garbage truck in Monterrey, Panfilio’s truck is headed straight towards Ferny, and misses hitting Ferny and knocking some sense into him. Dag!!!
Panfilio gives Ferny a piece of his mind, Ferny runs out to look for the “garbage” bags of money.  He found them!!!  Panfilio lets him know that possession is 9/10 of the law.  He bribes the workers and they put the money into his trunk and then he gives them a handshake and no money. - Jerk!!!   He proceeds to do a stiff- Idiot version of a Happy Dance!!  Fern meets up with the other two stooges- Malvino and Silverio.  Fern calls them useless.  (The pot calling the kettle-in other words -el burro hablando de orejas)  Malvino tells him that he stinks.  Fern also tells Malvino that Jesus recognized him.  Fern was questioned by the Federal police.   Fern smells himself. - Phew.

Fern’s phone rings and Rogue is yelling on the other end, to get the status of the bags. Why didn’t you answer the phone?  I was busy with your money. Fern has to return immediately back to the office because Alma has a problem with the certification.  He is coming but he has to stop home and bathe first.  He hangs up on his brother. 

Ricardo sees Marisela in the break room and asks if she is okay.  She seems a little sad.  He is still in heaven over his 2-second kiss and asks Marisela if she felt anything.  She denies it.  He felt that for the 2 seconds there was something, it was better than nothing at all. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Marisela asks Susana if she had a love of her life that escaped.  Susana doesn’t want to share her business. 

Fern is showering while Patymelt calls.  Patymelt wants to know if Fern told Rogue about her tidbit of information.   She wants details. Ferny speaks about Rogue having an ace up his sleeve, (As de la manga) but doesn’t know what it is. 
Paty tells Ferny that he has to earn his position.  Gee, she is annoying.

The two Orion sillies are at Jesus’ computer; Jesus moves them away because he wants to speak to his daughter.  They start asking questions- are you married, etc. Jesus skype to Valentina.  He notes that she is a little sad.  Val is worried about her mom who is still “sick” in her room.  Jesus says that she is okay because he just saw her.  She came to his office.  She didn’t sign her school paper.  She wants her mother to go to a school social with her but since she is not available and Elias is not around, so she asks Jesus, who will go to the ends of the Earth with

Cardenas is practicing how he will speak to Jessica.  He has no swag.  Gilberto enters the office, overhears the “practice session” and asks if he likes Jessica.  Cardenas tells him to be careful because there are important records in his office. Come on, the door was open.  Gilberto has a problem- his wife is mad with him and he needs money to buy her a little gift, so he use the money that Cardenas gives him in exchange for his silence about Jessica.

Paty is showering herself with perfume and Rogue asks about seeing Ferny and what is she planning, Rogue warns her to stop interfering with he and Alma.  He will marry Alma.  Paty is at a loss for words but she is furious.  (She gets what she deserves.)  Who is conspiring against whom???

Jesus calls Vero and speaks to Minerva.  She yells that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.  Jesus asks Minerva to keep an eye on Val.
Elias knocks on Chatita’s door.  She thinks that Elias is the plumber.  Then she recognizes him as the drunk.  She tires to tell him that Vero was there, a la Abbott and Costello style.  She invites him in.

Marisela claims that she is staying at a 5 star hotel but her father canceled her credit cards.  Xochy offers her apartment to Marisela.  Discua wants to know why was she fighting with her father, it’s not holy.  Honor thy parents.
Jessica is trying still raging over Discua.  Ferny doesn’t want to hear about Discua and Jessica says that he smells.  In the next moment he is so sexy and wants to jump his bones. Cardenas arrives to see her “working on Fern” and his luscious bouquet shrivels up to dried up branches.  A saddened Cardenas sulks away. 

Val has the foresight to call her therapist.  The child is more mature than most of the adults in this novela!!  She said that her mother said that she could call her in an emergency and this is an emergency.

Elias tries to talk to Chatita, who confuses us all by her memory.  Chatita asks Elias if he thought about Val when he left.  She thinks of him as a father.

Jesus enters Alma’s office, he needed to see her, and he can’t hide what he is feeling.  Where is Rogue, he has left and Jesus plants a sensuous soul touching kiss on Alma. (Is this a dream?)

Yep, it was a nightmare for Rogue.  He wakes up and calls for Susana.  He asks if Jesus ahs arrived.  He asks Susana to check the boardroom for Jesus.  Jesus arrives and Xochy squeals like a little pig and starts kissing all over him.  He tells her that he is here to work.  Xochy will stay with Jesus. Marisela reminds her that she was going to take her home.  She ask him for an Eskimo kiss,

After the nookie fest, Fern warns Jessica to stay away from his Discua.  Jessica is none too happy.  Cardenas approaches the 3 sillies and says that he thought that Jessica and Fern had split. Gilberto disagrees because there was a big ruckus at the restaurant with Fern over Discua.  Cardenas wants to keep his love for Jessica a secret.  Yeah right, with these 3 sillies.  They discuss how Discua is a virgin and is waiting until marriage to have sex.

Chatita sends Elias back to Val.  Elias wants to tell Chatita his problems but she is focused on Val.  Chatita misses her son.  She embraces his photo.

Marta the Therapist arrives at the Ice Castle.

Rogue feels that it would be more comfortable to work in the boardroom as opposed to Alma’s office. He is not staying to help. (I smell a rat)  He tells Susana that if anyone asks he has left and he asks for Susana to call the crack security team.
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Amores Verdaderos #116 Wed 4/24/13 How Lucía came to be Liliana

Aníbal assures Victoria that he will take care of Nelson and his dastardly blackmailing scheme.  And then maybe Arriaga -- and Liliana -- will be willing to come back to the mansion.  The old reprobate has no trouble believing in Victoria's innocence.  Fooling around with her bodyguard?  Please.  (¿En qué cabeza cabe que mi hija -- ¡una Balvanera! -- se relacione con su guardaespaldas?)

It is a new day at the mansion.  Adriana has read a couple of chapters of Victoria's novel and, remarkably, doesn't mock her.  Not even a little.  Instead she offers her support and her discretion.  Did Nelson read her romantic tale and think that it was fact, not fiction? Well no, says Vikki, there was a video -- a dirty trick really.  Adriana suggests that Nelson himself might have been behind the video.  It makes sense -- he was so jealous of Arriaga.
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Qué Bonito Amor #8 (Mex 11.2-12) Wednesday 4/24/13 Que Maldito Corazon

Some scenes were rearranged for continuity

I think my DVR may not have picked up the action at the very beginning, please fill in anything I may have missed…

Casa Mendoza
Maria finds the key for the emergency Mariachi Traje Under Glass, so she won’t have to break the glass after all.  While she's thinking, dawn breaks over D.F.   Amalia walks by said Emergency Traje  and immediately notices it's gone!! QTH?  Maria comes in the room and Amalia is so stunned she can't say anything.  Maria has a guilty look on her face as she looks at the empty case.  Amalia is standing in the kitchen, still unable to absorb what's happened.

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PEAM # 33- 4/24/13: Marisela Definitely Chose The Wrong Career! She Should Have Been a Therapist!!

It may be November outside but in Alma and Jesús hearts it is spring!!

They get together for any reason justifiable or not, and this time it is to talk about Orion's dirty business. This could not be important, but it is because Avon is in the mix and Jesús has not been able to take Avon out of his heart!
Or Alma, for that matter... 
Xóchitl keeps screeching and stalking subconsciously getting on Jesús nerves, who sooner rather than later is going to face her like he has done with everybody else who has reached the limit of his patience...

In the office, Ricardo brags about the shortest kiss in show business (including Hitchcock's) while remembering the lips touching in the most cold way. 

Alma and Jesús plot to uncover Maximo's dirty tricks before the CAMERA OF COSMETICS and maybe before the security cameras too, why not? And to do that guess what? Yes!! They have to spend the whole night together ''working'' on the spreadsheets to make their entry unbeatable.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Qué Bonito Amor #7 (Mex 10-11.1) Tuesday 4/23/13 "Singing in the Rain" -- No; Just Cold, Wet and Kissable

This is Anita, La Dama del Queso, putting up a Headliner for Ellie.  She will be with us shortly.  Amuse yourselves in the fluttery flag and rain-soaked plaza in front of Jorge Alfredo's pension while we wait.

Ellie says: Apologies for the late recap, I had a heck of a time last night trying to write as I’ve come down with a cold that’s brutal! My little recap turned into 4+ pages so I’m trying to trim it down! My recap is not in the order things happened, I’m just trying to get all the important events/conversations down, and when I’m done hopefully everything will flow smoothly.

Starting with the events going down in Los Angeles:

We find The Orange One talking to the godfather, the little rat is trying to plant evidence against our hero! He is going to plant pictures and a list of buyers for the police to find, making it seems like Jorge Alfredo really is guilty. I say we vote Giuliano off the island and send him back to the Jersey Shore where he belongs! [Pardon me for breaking in, Anita says to fit him out with cement boots, too, muy de moda.]

Also in LA we find El Comandante Derecho and his assistant Curtis who have now received a photo of Jorge Alfredo shaking hands with a known mob boss.  To them this is enough proof of his guilt and they resolve to show the photo to Justo.  Maybe having proof that his son is in fact guilty will make Justo spill the beans about Jorge’s location. Our little investigators eventually make their way the Garza household where they are met by a cranky Justo who is fed up with the baseless accusations being made against his son, the Comandante tells papa Garza that they have photographic proof of Jorge meeting with a mob boss, the look on his face tells us that he is starting to doubt his sons innocence.

Now for the events in Mexico:

Jorge and Maria have said their goodbyes and have agreed to meet the next morning at 9:30, viewerville sees that neither Maria nor Jorge want to part as they each stand on opposite sides of the door both wearing looks on their faces that tell us they are in love. Maria finally looks up and sees her mom standing there giving her a disapproving look, before she can say anything her mom sends her straight to bed. We then get a sweet scene of Maria in bed, thinking about Jorge, on the other side of town our hero lays in bed and thanks his mother for sending Maria to protect him, at the same time we see Jorge’s mother in Los Angeles looking sad and worried and holding a picture of her baby boy (so sad! And shout out to Apple, you know you’ve made it when Televisa pimps your product!)

We are now back at the bar where Don C is one happy, happy bar owner, hiring Jorge has put him in a good mood! Oh and also he is cheating on his wife with The Lovely Mirna, there’s some talk about Don C being like a lion and something about marathons (I’m guessing this means they go at it like wild animals for long periods of time-ewww), Don C lets his hair down (literally!) locks the door and chases after his employee of the month, I bet with her extra services she wins this award every month!

This brings us to Colosos apartment.  He is there with Milamores who has come to discuss what songs they will be using for their next show. El Coloso, being an attentive host offers Mil some milk (did they run out of tequila? Someone update that shopping list and add tequila to it!), Mil, seems to have some hostile feelings towards milk and declines Colosos offer (doesn’t he know that milk does a body good? I bet Jorge Salinas drinks lots of milk…lots, sorry I get distracted!).

Milamores tells Coloso that he wants to ask him a question. El Coloso, who has not been having a good day or night or week gets a bit of an attitude to which Mil replies “bring the attitude down a bit and stop acting like a child, you know I love you and it’s the good kind of love, you are like my brother and I’m worried about your obsession with Maria, because I don’t see her ever giving you the time of day.” El Coloso agrees and tells Mil that the topic they are discussing is a hurtful one, what he feels for Maria is true love, not lust “me entro no por los ojos pero por el alma.” She has everything he wants and yet while he chases after her she is chasing after another man, then he breaks into a sad song about a man who is defeated and who pretends to be ok while he truly is just heart broken, defeated, sad, he sings this while holding a picture of Maria, and I’m starting to wonder if maybe he has a Maria shrine set up somewhere in his apartment, he strikes me as the kind who would build a shrine!

It is now a new day in Mexico and Jorge Alfredo is making his way to Maria’s house.  He stops and has a little chat with his landlady, Doña Prudencia, who points out he is looking good (viewerville agrees), then helps her out with one of the old songs.  We are also treated to a scene of Paloma acting like a stalker by ringing Gloria’s door bell and running away. She is sad because this is the third time her crush has failed to come to the door. I’m wondering how many times she has done this? She might need professional help. Anyhoo, Jorge Alfredo finally makes it to Maria’s and shows up with a bouquet of flowers for Paloma, who asks him if he is Maria’s prince! Jorge acts like a total class act and finally they sit down at the table where Maria holds his hand (aww) as they say grace and I don't know what they are eating but it made me hungry!

End of part 1

Stay tuned for part 2 where we will cover Jorge Alfredo’s Epic meltdown.

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Amores Verdaderos #115 Tue 4/23/13 Make a big messy scene. That always solves everything.

Amores Verdaderos Cap 115 - April 23, 2013—Make a big messy scene. That always solves everything.

PUT A FORK IN IT, IT IS DONE! Blogger has been difficult for me today, so I'll leave it like this!

A few things I remember (not listed in order and may not be completely accurate):

* Refry: Lili tells Candelaria a little more about Paula's and Chris's friendship. Cande wants to know more personal details about Paula.

Cande hears more about Paula, Chris's friend.

* Nikki does the precisely wrong thing to do, and confides in Kendra-Ho about her feelings about the Little Ape. Nikki is starting to see through the "Guzman's a gold digger" narrative, and so the Ho has to work hard to try to undo common sense infusing Nikki's addled brain.  After the Ho leaves Nikki laments that despite the Ho's urging her to stick with her "dream man" (Roy the Boy—PUKE) that she just doesn't love him!

The huge curler look is hyper cool, captas?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PEAM, Tuesday 4/23/13 (#32): Someday, All Our Stalking Will Be Done by Robots...

...and then there will be no more telenovelas. Or they'll all have to be historical TNs, or TNs for robots. (I'd watch 'em!)

We're good for now, though. Xochi left 15 telephone messages with Chucho's secretary, after making a dozen calls to his cell.

Discua is wearing her new Avon uniform, and it even sort of fits.

Mari is going out into the world. "You might just make it after all..." (Nah, I doubt it.)

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's go to prison!
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Amores Verdaderos #114 Mon 4/22/13 Cristina's mourning continues... Planning a dinner party some look forward to and some look away from.

Editing in progress. have to make brkfast for grandson first.

KenDrat's place.... Nil-Brains with Ken-Drat in her tub... candle-lit romantic scene...

JA in front of a semi-homemade iron cross at Cristina's toumb...

'Cris Corona de Arriaga... you and I will always be together through the memory of a great love'

(almost seems like a final goodbye, he has planted the white flower plants all through the top of her toumb.)

At B house, Vicky on her laptop... a bit upset... stands up and puts on the music of their theme 'y ahora tú' ... 'Arriaga... Arriaga...'

JA packing at the apartment bedroom... Cristina's dresses draped on the bed, he carefully folds them and hugs them tightly, sniffs them...

Vicky dials a number on cell phone...

JA has not shaven in a few days... the call is to his apartment, he answers... but Vicky cannot speak. He guesses and asks if it is her... 'Sra Victoria?... is that you?... thank you very much for worrying...' She on the other side can only snif a quiet cry. He hangs up.

'Several days later'.

At B house kitchen, JM and Polita worried that Lilli has not come back to work yet. They miss her. They have prayed for God to give them consolation for Cristina's loss.

Nikki lets Gorilita go visit the Arriagas. Adriana comes downstairs and wants to go along. Adriana will first make a phone call and will catch him up outside.

Roy comes in with a 'surprise news for his doll'. 'Tonight my parents are coming to dinner'. Nikki does not think it is the right time. Roy says Nil-Brains and Anyballs agreed. Surely my mom will tell Victoria. Nikki lowers head, not really up to such a 'get to know together among families'. 'you caught me on a curve' (LOL!! or is that translation for 'you threw me a curve ball'?) 'I don't feel up to organizing a dinner right about now...' 'All you have to do is ask JM to prepare it! we have to please our parents!'

Roy drops the other bomb. 'It is a very important dinner, the whole family has to be present. Because today i will ask for your hand in marriage. Today i will give you your engagement ring.' (engagement? I would say it is rather a death row sentence. For her heart, that is.) 'Kiss me.' Nikki gives him a flash and you missed it touch kiss on lips. But of course Roy is not good with that. Nikki is forced to kiss him, and this proves too much for He-man(after having had to watch the whole BS from RoyFoyToy and the forced kiss his beloved had to give), swallows hard and walks away completely heartbroken. Niki knows it and does not feel that good about it either. Roy smiles satisfied.
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Qué Bonito Amor #6 (Mex 8.2-9) Monday 4/22/13

Capitulo 8, Part 2 & 9: The Cock Will Crow

Lo del pasado

Jorge Alfredo auditions for Don Concho, forced by Oscar to sing "Jalisco, no te rajes."  Don Concho imposes the ridiculous condition that failure will also result in Maria being fired.  Jorge Alfredo tells Oscar that if he passes, Oscar can no longer call him "pochito."  He seems to fail.

Lo de nuevo (Capitulo 8, Part 2)

JNTR Bar: Jorge Alfredo does his best imitation of Alejandro Fernández, holding a long note without the microphone, shocking the hell out of Oscar and Don Concho, who glare back at him. He defiantly grabs the mike and finishes the song with a vengeance to the delight of everyone in the room but Oscar and Don Concho, who looks like he's trying desperately to save face. Mirna makes some token applause [WTF is her problem??] while Elvira needs a drool mask à la Leoncerdo from AB. Even the band stops to applaud. Don Concho finally gets up and tells Maria and Jorge Alfredo he wants to see them in his office after he has a word with Mirna. Oscar steps in front of him, saying first he wants to talk to him on behalf of the guys. Concho agrees and exits to some minor-key suspense leitmotif. Oscar kicks over a chair before exiting behind him, showing that somehow the cock of the walk's feathers have been ruffled big time. The waiter laughs in grito fashion as he approaches the bar, saying “It looks like the gringo isn't bad at singing rancheras” and the bartender comments [I think] on how the females are all batting their eyelashes at him, so he seems to agree. Fernando Milamores congratulates Jorge Alfredo by putting his sombrero on him for a minute and we see that Jorge Alfredo has won the approval of the rest of the band. The saucy-wench waitresses all stare at him; they know an alpha male when they see one. They all comment on how they can see what Maria sees in him.

I told you you could do it,” Maria says to him. He is astounded that she would have accepted being fired if he had failed. She tells him she believes in him. Some romantic background music as he says he can't begin to enumerate what she's done for him. A casi beso and he kisses her forehead again, restraining himself once more. Lourdes and Elvira sit at another table and it's obvious that the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree; Mama is something of a ramera herself. Despite having none herself she seems to know class when she sees it and wonders why Jorge Alfredo is singing in a bar. Elvira isn't thinking past her hormones and the two conspire on how they will coerce Don Concho into allowing Elvira to pursue Jorge Alfredo.
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PEAM #31, 04/22/2013 - Drinking and Thinking Apparently Do Not Mix But Thinking is Not Dominant Here

Back at the only restaurant, we see Chucho deck Fernando, and Patimelt parry with the ivory queen, Alma.  Pati sees Rogelio try to escape the mens' room but he goes back in.  Maricela shows up with her princesa attitude to belittle Ricardo, on a char-girls salary and reality no where in sight. Is he learning anything while she reveals her ignorance of good champagne? and good lobster tail?

Chucho tries/tires of lifting Fernando to a vertical position.  The two sillies Gilberto and Ricardo talk to Chucho.  Poor Discua settles the bill with Alma who agrees to pay the bill so Discua left without Ricardo's resources will not be embarrassed.  Xochi comes up screechy and I didn't get what she said last Friday nor today.  Trying too hard is not a virtue….

Rogelio and Pati argue over which of them is more ridiculous, beats me, I can't decide any better than they can.  Jealousy and silliness are not a good combination as Rogelio's continued attitude informs us.

Chucho and Pati have a funny meaningless exchange, Rogelio notices Discua's assets as she passes.  Discua confronts Chucho asking him to think about his destiny?  Religious message? Discua and her winking tic are a mystery once again.
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Telemundo Supplement: El Señor de los Cielos -- week of April 22

Since the main Telemundo page is getting a little crowded and people are having trouble following conversations, I thought we could try a separate weekly page for El Señor.

  • I'll only post this page while it's needed.
  • I'm not asking Jane for a space on the sidebar.  The page will be tagged as "Telemundo" and easily accessed that way on the index.
  • If someone wants to commit to regular recaps and get a regular slot on the sidebar for this show, please contact Melinama, our blog mom.  Since Jean and I aren't even watching this one, it's up to you guys to take the initiative.

For now, please post recaps and comments about El Señor de los Cielos in this space.  Thanks, everyone!

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Screencap fest for QBA, first week.

QUE BONITO AMOR, SCREENCAPS! Week April 15-19, 2013.

I love to do screencaps, I love Jorge Salinas & Pablo Montero, I love the colorfulness of this novela, so I wanted to share. I hope it's okay. This may be a weekly thing or not, I'm not sure. Right now I have screencapped two episodes, and will post highlights. I hope you don't mind!

The full screencap collection can be found here for Cap One and here for Cap Two. (I may not be able to post more screencaps here on this page, since Blogger seems to have a limit on how many it'll take before it goes insane. In which case, I'll let you know and link to my blog.)

A happy moment between Santos and his mom, before things went down the toilet.

Bad guys Bruno and whatever his name is, plotting and planning for Santos's downfall.

El Celoso Coloso and his . . . errrr . . . rooster.

Santos is on his way, Maria, so you don't have to put up with this guy's B.S.!
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Amores Verdaderos #113 Fri 4/19/13 Cristina Corona de Arriaga Balvanera Descanse En Paz

Hello, Y'all on the Patio, your faithfull recapper here. Grab your box of tissues and lift your glass of Baileys with ice, and relax on your sofas or chairs and take this solemn journey with me as we say a final goodbye to Cristina Corona de Arriga Balvanera.

FF and Kendho are meeting and Kendho advises FF to give the naughty video to Nikki for her to see with her own eyes. FF agrees.

Anyballs and the Godfather Take a Meet:
In a semi-darkened bedroom at the Balvanera Manse, Anyball is taking a meeting with the Godfather. He explains how he found out Cris was his daughter, right in front of her coffin! She was the wife of one of the bodyguards, right under his nose all this time! The Godfather gives him some sage advice, as all Godfathers do, and tells him tell the truth or Anyballs will come to regret it and to tell Ms Vikki and Adriana all about it, stop with all the secrets and to recognize Lili as a Balvanera and give her his name, oh, and to stop all the secrets. Anyballs just can't do that, it's complicated. The Godfather also advises Anyballs to tell Adri what happened to her daughter. Anyballs is not in agreement. He's given Adri all the info she needs and that's it.

Ms Vikki Slaps the Crap out of the FF:
As Ms Vikki and the FF are in the hallway of the Balvanera Manse, they are of course having a disagreement. FF was out all night with "friends" and Ms Vikki could care less what he does with his time. FF is pithed cause she has been comforting the Angel in his time of need. Ms Vikki is pithed cause FF has no clue about anyone else's pain but his own, and she tells him to shut it and go move in with his lover and leave her alone. The cheating accusation flies again, he cheated but so did she, he's got the proof. Ms Vikki raises her arm and smack! first on the one cheek and then the other, the face that is. Don't insult her she says. He is threatening to show the video to someone who beleives him. She has to remind the FF once again that nothing, but nothing happened between her and the Angel. He just wants her to go to the cemetary so she can say goodbye to her lover's wife. Where is the flying anvil for this putz!

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Qué Bonito Amor #5 (Mex 7-8.1) Friday 4/19/13 Can The New Cock On The Block Crow Or No?

Cap #7 thru1/2 of 8 

[Reminder Against Comparisons: Gang, please remember that a great number of us have never seen the original and in your discussions it is sometimes impossible to avoid spoilers because we have no idea if the refrito will be true to that part of the story or what the writers may have in mind. You may wish to have a separate discussion under your own posting page.  I hope you'll understand and if a comment or two goes missing that will be why. --ed.]

Parte 1~~

Lo del Pasado:

King of the Cock-walk, aka, El Coloso, aka El Celoso of the colossal ego, has told his posse musical he’s gonna teach El Pocho a lesson and warns Santos/Jorge Alfredo to stay the heck away from Maria.  Santos, desde Los Alphas, doesn’t take guff from anybody, least-wise from some hick from the Mexican sticks who drives around in a hoopty car with a  ginormous sombrero de charro stuck on its roof and 7 charro bobble-heads wobbling when warbling on his dashboard, not to mention a pet rooster he babies.  Naw, who the heck was Coloso to tell anybody who can or cannot hang around with Maria?  Up in Maria’s humble abode, meanwhile, Amalia has asked Maria if she’s fallen in love with this Jorge Alfredo. Maria hesitates (like she really has to think that one through?).        

Lo del Nuevo:

Santos blows off Coloso’s threats. As for being king cock, Santo’s smiles back with just a hint of condescension like he figure’s Coloso’s more like an average dick. “—Kings make me laugh, and… they’re old fashioned [pasado de moda].” Santos pushes his way through the posse and says he’s got better things to do with his time than stand around yammering.  Coloso has to be held back.  Nobody in the colonia needs a scandalous ruckus right now, the posse warns him.

After duly dissing Col [la col = a head of cabbage, BTW] Santos/Jorge Alfredo returns to his fleabag of a room to get some sleep.  He tosses and turns.  Maria does the same in her bed.  Each is thinking of the other and whether they should allow this romantic sentiment to take hold since both know he’s heading back to L.A. in a few weeks.

Across town, Milamores is stepping out with a well-heeled married woman whose husband apparently mistreats and mentally abuses her.  Mil gives her his philosophy on the proper treatment of the female of the species and then he and she go at it hot and heavy on the couch.

At the same time, one of the others in the band (Baritono?) in his crappy hotel room? Dressing room? is on the phone with his wife.  He misses his Missus and kids; per her request he serenades the missus a cappella through his cellphone.  FF>>

At Cheating Wife’s house again, Abusive Hubby is heard opening the door so Mil races to hide behind the stairway.  He hears Hubmonster’s verbal abuse and grumbles to himself about it. 

The next day, the street noises outside his window wake Santos. He thinks to himself that he can’t believe what’s happened to him, and tells himself that he can’t continue to live like this; that he has to get back to clear his name.

At the same time that mornning, Maria is packing up breakfast and some cleaning supplies for Jorge.  Mama tries to suggest that Maria tamp down the emotional side of this relationship because the young man (she calls him “boy”, but I just cannot!) is going to leave Mexico and return home soon.  Their discussion is cut short with Isa’s rambunctious entrance.  Maria needs to hurry away so she can walk Isa safely to school. 

Back in L.A., Comandante Derecho y Deshecho tells his goofy Lt. Curtis (who, IMNSHO, dressed in that skin-tight 60’s-retro black body dress and blazer, gives Emma Peel anything but a run for her money) that he feels some international gang is probably helping out Santos.  He will find out just whom that is, or die trying.  Lt. Curtis swoons. (Since the two are going on a date of sorts to see The Rolling Stones together??? can we assume they’re an item now—or soon to be?)  He’s going to find out if Santos is still in El Paso, Tx, or if he went back to Mexico City.  Either way they’re sure to catch him soon, he tells her.  FF>> FF>>

Maria arrives at Jorge’s room with soap and sheets, a broom and a mop.  Yes, she intends to clean up the disgusting place and make it at least livable for Jorge while he’s off getting himself cleaned up down the hallway. 

Amalia tells herself that her mother’s intuition is screaming at her that Jorge is probably hiding something from them.  But, all she can do is hope that this first love will have been something pleasant to remember for Maria once he’s gone and it’s over with.  She prays to the virgencita to make it so. 

Jorge is walking back from the bathroom when Irasema (Karla Álvarez??!!) a happy hooker also living in this no-tell hell-hole, spies JA returning from the bathroom and his morning ablutions.  She blocks his way, starts to flirt, zeroing in on another john.  He politely gets out of her way.  A minute later he stops at the open doorway to his room to marvel at Maria’s Merry Maid miracle.  (So the heck do we!)   “--¡Guau!”  He tells Maria he realizes she knows very little about him, but she should believe him when he tells her she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him in his entire life.  Again they share a meaningful stare and nearly kiss… till she catches herself and abruptly changes the subject to something safe and respectable.

A few minutes after, Irasema seeing Santos alone from the hallway, walks in and puts the working-girl moves on him.  From the other room, Maria apparently hears her propositioning Jorge.  She races in to put her possessive, and most respectable, foot down.  “—Asunto???” [Your business here is??? –this is always said in a way that implies the person it’s directed to actually has no business discussing any business with you.]  Maria, telling Happy Hooker that her “husband” doesn’t need [her kind of] help, thank you very much, manages to get rid of irritating Irasema toots-sweet.  Santos raises his eyebrows and smiles at Maria’s …er…street savvy shall we say…..  The word “esposo” sounds pretty good to him, too, we can assume--at least when Maria mouths it. 

Amalia, now, is cooking at home with Susanito’s mama, Fortune-Telling Neighbor. But the steam is apparently hurting her wrists.  (Can we assume that she suffers from some kind of debilitating arthritis, or MS?)  Susanito arrives with some groceries and the two women kid him about being such a good boy.  He’ll make somebody a good hubby someday.  Not too soon, says his mama, he’s waaaaaaay too young to consider having a girlfriend.  (Hmmm.  What’s the Mexican word for nebbish?  Whatever it is, Mama’s got him fast-tracking.) 
Irasema excuses herself now to Maria for thinking that he was another prospective john, like most of the men living in this flop-house.  Maria curtly replies thanks, but they are busy people.  Santos is extremely amused at this scene, Viewerville notes.  Yes, I’d be extremely busy myself if my husband were as handsome as yours, says Ira and leaves.  Once she’s gone, JA looks at the bright side of this particular situation.   He tells Maria that at least this gal was a friendly sort, whereas the guy chasing after Maria came around to threaten him if he didn’t keep his distance from her.  They giggle over El Coloso’s bad boy attitude.

El Celoso, meanwhile, is home now and looks up at a large poster of Maria in her charro costume that he has framed and hanging in his living room.  He remembers how she told him it wasn’t any of his business if she was leaving or not with El Pocho ése!  He decides to pay a visit to Amalia and tell her what kind of guy her daughter has decided to get involved with!

A bit later, on the other side of the colonia, Santos has changed clothes and is remembering what he read about Michael’s being caught and thrown in jail, and the scandalous way the newspapers had written up the story.  He’s in one mell of a hess, he is!   Just then in walks Irasema again to explain she wasn’t there to cause a hassle, just just to make it clear that she doesn’t mess with “prohibited” men; and she adds, it was quite obvious that his “wife” was very much in love with him.  Cara de “Hmmm” de Santos.

El Celoso now goes looking for Maria at home and runs into sweet little Isabel playing out front by the stairs.  She tells him that Maria went to see JA, and confidentially, she thinks the Maria and Jorge are sweethearts!  El Celoso feels a sudden case of heartburn coming on and secretly frowns.  Cara de say-it-aint-so-Joe! del Coloso.

Meanwhile, Mil and our nebbish neighbor boy named Su are chatting about the proper treatment and wooing of women.  Mil sees a group of gals standing by the entrance to the colonia and tries to give Su a lesson in the arts of womanizing.  Works like a charm for Milamores—he makes it look sooooo easy.  Su doesn’t have the same luck, though, and gets a slap across the chops.  (Ugh.  This is painful to watch…..cuz MB is such a believable angelic, mama’s boy.)

Amalia spies Coloso with Isa now and mentions Maria’s gone out.  He invites himself up for a glass of water.

Back at Santos’ place, over breakfast, Maria tries to ask about his family, but he avoids telling her more than there’s really nothing to tell her.  “—Food’s delicious!”  He adds, again in all sincerity, how great it feels to be pampered the way she’s been pampering him, especially considering all the tons of silly stuff [burradas=nonsense/gross errors] he’s been mixed up in. 

Santos mentions then that Neighbor Lady made another visit and commented that it was obvious that Maria was in love with him.  Maria hesitates, stares into his eyes meaningfully once more, and then says that is just a lot of hooey because he’s leaving in three weeks.  Santos says, well speaking of that, he knows he’s bee abusing her generosity but now needs to ask her to help him find a job so he can get enough money together to buy his ticket back to L.A.  She offers to loan him the money, but he refuses to hear of it since he knows she is financially strapped herself.  She suggests he could work at the bar.  He thinks she means as waiter or a bouncer [garrotero?].  No, she means singing with the band.  Oh no!  That’s the last thing in the world he’d ever consider doing, he assures her!  Maria can’t believe it.  “--Why not?  You have a marvelous voice!”  No, singing for his supper isn’t an option, y punto!

Back at Maria’s, Col begins badmouthing JA to Amalia and tells her he thinks the guy is a big liar; that he is only trying to take advantage of Maria before he leaves town, living at her expense and well, who knows what!  Suddenly this stranger appears with his load of horse manure about getting hit over the head and robbed, and having no money.  True, he’s been living off Maria’s good will, agrees Amalia, but he’s not a bad person.  Well, says Oscar hoping to plant more than a few seeds of doubt, as his dear, departed mama used to say, “’Better safe than sorry.’”   

Maria and Santos discuss working at the bar vs. looking for a mechanic’s job a bit more and then decide to leave to discuss his options with Don Concho.

Once outside the colonia again, Col hops into his hoopty de mariachi and rushes over to the little hotel to see if Maria is still with El Pocho ese who is going to find out what’s what if he has anything to say about it!

We beam over to Don Concho’s manse where Elvira-Desira (wearing a mini-kini worthy of a Sports Illustrated cover shoot) tells her mama, Lourdes (who herself dresses like the ex-madam of a formerly first-rate escort service) that Jorge Alfredo is a very handsome man.  Don Concho arrives and (seemingly totally oblivious to Elvira’s Playboy centerfold look) tells his two luxuriating family members that he likes this Jorge Alfredo Vargas guy who is also from L.A. and very refined and distinguished. Yep, he needs more of those types of customers filling the seats in his bar, he tells them before rushing back to the bar.  Mama Concho takes all this into account, and decrees that if Concho is that gung-ho on the guy he must be good husband/SIL material.  She encourages Desira to try hooking (pun intended) Jorge before he gets away. 

Doña Prudencia tells Col he’s come too late.  She just saw Maria and Jorge Alfredo leave together.  Well, when you see him again, please tell Jorgito that El Colosito was here and to tell him they still have some unfinished business together.

Col walks back out and spies the Maria and JA walking across the plaza together, then sneaks a jealous peek from behind a pillar.  
--end of parte 1~~
Parte 2 ~~

Meanwhile, kid sis Paloma, tries knocking on Rodrigo’s front door and playing hide and seek again.  This time, though, maybe Rod’s not falling for it—or everyone’s gone inside.  Either way, Paloma’s down in the dumps because of it. (Yawn!)  FF>>FF>>

Milamores has a chat in the park with the abused Cheating Housewife, Roxana.  He gets really angry when he sees the beating she got from Hubmonster, Regino, and urges her to leave him already. She is afraid to because he’ll come looking for her and will want to get even with her for leaving him.  FF>>

Back at Maria’s again, Amalia gives cooking lessons to Paloma and Isa. 

Across the barrio, in another colonia, Oscar’s ex-girlfriend, Gloria, looks at a medallion and tearfully remembers her courtship with Oscar multiple moons ago, and his empty promises that nothing will ever separate them.  They and their little crumb-crunchers will live happily ever after.  She laments now her apparent battle with breast cancer.  (We get a pink-ribboned PSA style soliloquy about her fear to do monthly self-exams so that something like this could have been avoided.) 

At the bar, the band is coming to get ready for the evening’s business.  Maria has asked about JA’s possibly working in the bar or singing with the group.  The band members object because he isn’t documented/has no papers.  Heck, they don’t even know if he’s a real mechanic or not, they tell her.  JA walks in on them and insists that he is.  (I suppose he got his degree in The States as an auto engineer, right?)  The band does a major eye-roll. 

El Coloso celoso, meanwhile, is driving to the bar, griping the entire way about seeing JA and Maria together.  “—What a pretty pair those two are!”   Suddenly, his mariachi-mobile conks out on him a few blocks away from work and in the middle of traffic.  (Boo-hoo.)

Maria tries convincing Jorge to tell the gang he can sing.  Mil wants to hear more, but JA refuses to discuss it.  Maria tells the band how well he can sing.  “—Won’t there be a problem asking a favor like that from Coloso?”  Why, if it’s to earn enough to pay for a ticket back to L.A., asks Mil?  Don Concho arrives and Maria hurries in to discuss this with him.  

Don Concho Is more upset to find out Jorge Alfredo lied to him and is really only a lowly car mechanic instead of a rich, cultured American.  He refuses to hire such a liar, he argues.  But he isn’t, Maria says, he simply needs a ticket back to L.A. because he got robbed.  Not his problem, says Don Concho.  “--The guy hasn’t got any papers!! I’m not going to get mixed up with a guy who doesn’t have identification and you shouldn’t either!!”  Maria tells Concho then that she knows he’s always on the lookout for people who might have a good voice and that Jorge Alfred has a spectacular one.

Mil Amores tells JA, meanwhile, not to get his hopes up cuz more than likely, Don Concho will refuse.  Su tells him his mother has a small shop and she might be able to offer him something. 

Coloso walks in at this point and gets angry when he sees his buddies jawing with JA instead of rehearsing.  He gives Santos grief about always hanging around their bar, then tells him he cam by for a visit.  Santos asks suspiciously why it was so important to know where he lives. Col slaps him on the arm like they’re best buds.  “--Oh, it was only a friendly [cordial] visit….. in case you ever happen to need something…..”  Maria races and to let Jorge and the others know that she got him work as a singer.  JA isn’t a happy camper—but then neither is El Coloso.  “--Waddayamean El Pochito is going to sing with us!!!?????”

It seems Jorge Alfredo suffers from a bad case of the bashfuls [estar tímido].  He wouldn’t dare think of standing up on a stage and singing!  Col hears the discussion and starts giving Santos grief about it.  Just then Don Concho walks out of his office and yells for Jorge to see if he’s ready to sing.  Oh, he’s ready, he says, he’s ready to run the heck out of there.  This cracks the band up and they enjoy a belly laugh at Santos’s expense.  Maria promises then to explain to Don Concho and not force the issue, but Don Concho reminds her that she agreed that if the guy couldn’t sing he’d fire her.  Coloso gets upset and says the guy’s a no-good liar that’s got Maria bamboozled and she shouldn’t be made to pay for his lies.  Santos/JA turns around and screams back at him that he’s no liar!  Tough nutz, cuz Don Concho screams back that if the guy doesn’t sing like she told him then both of them can pick up their stuff right now and hit the street!    

Santos gives in.  What song should he sing?  Coloso is one pissed off cockerel.  “--Sing??? What song should he sing????  You can’t sing!!!”  “—Yes, I can sing!!!”  Col turns to the boss.  “--Hey, Don Concho, it’s one thing for him to make up things to Maria, but it’s quite another for him to go telling you stories!  [cuentear]”  Don Concho yells at the both of them that he says the guy is going to sing for them and that’s an order!!  No buts about it!!  Coloso asks Don Concho to let him choose the song, then, that JA has to sing.  Ok.  Don Concho warns JA to sing like he means it cuz Maria is involved. 

Lourdes, meanwhile, goes shopping with daughter Desira for dressed-to-kill wear.  The dress Desira tries on is “extremely daring” according to our flirting young floozie with the basketball-sized pocket-protectors.   All the better to snag Jorge with, my dear, advises Lewdes.  “—There are two ways to win a man, either through his belly or the advantageous use of your physical…assets.”

Back in their dressing room, Coloso explains the plan to give El Pocho the kind of song that will do him in right away.  Mil reminds him that Maria will be run out of the place just like Jorge if that happens.  Is he willing to do that to Maria?  No way, says Coloso.  They’ll all just go on strike and follow her out if when he runs her off.  What’s Don Concho going to do without a band, right?

At the same time, Santos tells Maria that he never has wanted to sing it’s just not him!  “—How could this be happening!  Ay yai yai!  Dear gawd!”   Such an absurd idea never even crossed his mind!  She tries calming him down and telling him she knows he has a beautiful voice.  He’ll do great.  Yeah, but he just doesn’t want her getting hurt because of this thing.  He’s so tired of relying on her generosity and decency.  “--And, the next time that I hear Don Concho has mistreated you, I won’t be responsible!” [Yo no respondo = I won’t answer for my actions as a result!]  Maria smiles at this protective stance of his.  

Don Concho yells over at him that it’s time for him to sing.  Get to it.  Yeah, what’s one more humiliation after all the others, he tells Maria as he prepares himself.  Coloso tells the “hombrecito compadrito”  that the song he’ll have to sing is Ay, Jalisco, No Te Rajes.  Maria becomes incensed and immediately objects.  “—That’s too difficult a song for most any mariachi singer!”  Doesn’t matter to Don Concho. “-- All the better!”  Let the chips fall where they may.  He either sings or he’s owdader!  El Coloso quips to Pichi the barkeep to go ahead and open the door cuz El Pocho is going to be flying through it shortly.  The guys in the band snicker loudly in the background.

Santos sets the condition that if he does well with the song, then Coloso has to stop calling him “Pochito”.  Col accepts. “Uno, dos, ¡arrancanse! [Start her up!]”  Santos begins singing, but it’s very weak and just way too robotic. He apparently forgets some of the lyrics, too.  The camera pans to the shocked disappointment on Maria and the bargirls’ faces, then to Don Concho’s disgusted cara de I-knew-it!  Even El Coloso’s pet rooster is hard put to shake a tail feather!  (And,  that has got to be the best scene of the whole night!)   

Santos sees the shocked look on Maria’s and the other’s faces, and tries improving the performance, but it just ain’t happenin’.   Don Concho calls it quits and then starts screaming for Jorge and Maria to grab their stuff and hit the road!!


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