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QueTe Perdone Dios #93: But Grandma! What Big Ears You Have!!

--Thanks to Anon. 207 and Aunty Ann for the highlights from Wednesday's episodio.  They're officially posted.

Parte 1~~

Finally, Macaria has managed to get one (well, actually at least four) over on Fausto with all her anonymous notes floating around town, and Viewerville shares a communal sigh of relief.  Mateo reads her anonymous note stating that the baker in Diana’s double your fun bun factory was really Fausto.  Mat races out the door in a mad dash as Mac snickers at the fireworks she’s set in motion.

Meanwhile, at Pablo’s grave site, Abigail clarifies to Renata that she believes Renata would never have left her side nor allowed Macaria or anyone else to treat her so roughly while she was growing up if she’d truly been Renata and Pablo’s daughter.  

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Lo Imperdonable #10 Fri 5/29/15 In Which Venom Is Spewed And Veronica and Magdalena Are Codemned



Veronica wraps her arms around Martin's arm and tells her future husband that she has no doubt now that she's in love with him. Martin sees this as a red flag and release his arm from her grasp and gives her this "if looks could kill" face behind her back. He tells her that he doesn't get her - just yesterday she was telling him she needed time and now she tells him she's sooo in love with him and wants to get married. Does she really want it? he asks her. Of course she'd get married to him and if it were up to her it would be right then and there. She realizes that he's become serious and asks him why he has gotten so serious. Is he sure that what she told him about her parents doesn't bother him? Of course he's not bothered by it. She wants him to be honest - if he's not sure about marrying her then she wants him to tell her. She tells him that she'd understand. He tells her that of course he wants to marry her - now more than ever and as soon as possible. 


Emi wants Jorge to tell him what he talked about with Martin. He lets Jorge know that he told Veronica that he wanted nothing to do with her. Jorge thinks Emi is going to the extremes because Veronica rejected him once. "In business like in life you have to have patience" Jorge tells Emi. Jorge lets Emi know he didn't accept Martin's offer because it would mean the family would have a commitment with him and it would things for Emi with Veronica. Emi serves himself a drink and tells Jorge he should accept Martin's offer - at least it would save the company from a crisis. Emi tells Jorge he's no longer interested in Veronica because she's a fake and liar. Jorge snatches the drink from Emi's hand and tells him that he won't allow him to speak like that about Veronica. Emi tells Jorge that now he knows that Veronica and Demetrio slept together at Casa Prado Castelo. Jorge is aghast and can't believe this. Emi tells Jorge that Virginia herself saw Veronica with Demetrio on various occasions. Jorge can't believe this about Veronica who has always respected their home. Jorge is determined to go and speak with Virginia despite Emi telling him its not necessary and that Virginia isn't feeling well. Just then the door opens and Virginia walks into the room. Jorge wants Virginia to tell him all about Demetrio. 

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Weekend Discussion: Have the Writers Declared a Competition on Perversity?

I had to post this right after this evening's episode of La Sombra del Pasado because I was ready to explode at Severiano slobbering all over Aldonza. I was actually screaming at the screen and I never do that. I've seen a lot of nasty horror movies and was beginning to become immune to some of the evil and gore in them. However, rape trauma is still something that makes my blood boil.
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La Sombra del Pasado #74 5-29-15 In Which we are made to feel Dirty or Satan Slimes Again

Let’s jump right in.  Adelina attempts to counsel Aldonza that she should forgive Cris as Vale means nothing to him.  Aldonza thinks Adelina doesn’t understand anything about the situation and refuses to talk about it.  Adelina presses on, asking when Aldonza is going to take the DNA test.  NUNCA and it’s best she drop that subject too.   Adelina brings up Aldonza’s failed pitch to Hum to let her buy El Santuario and all its environs.  Adelina thinks it was dumb.  Aldonza doesn’t understand why Hum wouldn’t sell it when ES means nothing to him and she doesn’t understand either why her mother would sell it to Hum knowing that he and Sev were thick as thieves.  Adelina reminds her of the dire financial straits that forced that decision.  Aldonza thinks Roberta would turn over in her grave if she knew all the things that had happened on their beloved land.  Adelina adds that HER FATHER would too!  Aldonza does not react to this but lights up with the thought that she’s going to turn everything around and make the huerto productive again!  Golly Gee, just wait and see, Tia!  Tia thinks she’s naïve, Aldonza thinks in time she will convince Hum to sell.  Tia leaves and Aldonza basks in a self-satisfied smile.

Satan and his Slut argue about Cris’s demand that, as his daughter, Aldonza be given ES.  Cande thinks Sev should’ve lied and made Cris think he was going to give it to her.  After a year passed they could always think of another lie to cover his failure to cede her the property.  Sev blows up:  he’s tired of her stupid ideas and he’s done caving in.  He’s not giving up anything to that stupid Aldonza or that “quack” cousin of hers! 

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amores con trampa #45 Facundo puts his foot down... and brings back to the board a player that could end up being a nightmare to more than just Beto and Rocio

First of all, thank you Jarifa for such great detailed recaps! I confess I have not commented but I have watched pretty much all of it and I agree with all of you… what in the world is Facundo doing acting like that to Maria and being the hypocrite with Isa… but then someone must have found a magic herb because there are a lot of hypocrites in that neighborhood, aren’t there?

Ok, back to the story.
Isa with Frederick… talking about his significant other… which he knew over the internet (danger, will Robinson!!)  He says you are no one to talk… you are playing around with Facundo… let me know when you figure out how you are going to untangle that mess…
Perpetua calls Facundo at the office, and he walks out to get tangled in the reception area with Estefany.
Maria and the kids are getting into the taxi.  Isa is amazed that Maria is indeed leaving with the kids. Perpetua gets in the passenger seat of the taxi.
Here comes Facundo in his big black truck to stop the taxi and block its way. Maria yells at the taxi driver not to stop but to no avail. Facundo jumps on the taxi hood and windshield and starts yelling at Maria asking where she is taking MY kids!!
Francis and her sidekick shadow girls meet at school. Seems the shadowgirls suggest to Francis to enter the ‘queen of the university’ contest. Francis at first thinks it is too far below her to compete in that. But the girls convince her ‘just think when they crown you in front of everyone!’.
Facundo keeps yelling at Maria asking why she is taking the kids… Isa keeps telling herself ‘how can’t Facundo realize how much I love him and how much I need him !!!’
The taxi driver starts to pray out loud. Facundo yells at him to go pray somewhere else.
Maria says she was heading back to the country.  She does not want the kids to stay here.  Beto asks what about Yoya and me??  Maria confesses she doesn’t know what to do anymore.  Facundo acts offended that she was about to leave with the younger kids without even letting him know.  Maria whines that lately he treats her so bad, doesn’t even look at her… Facundo suggests they go inside to talk… there are too many gossipy birds around…
At university, Francis finds Yoya registering for the queen of the uni contest… Yoya asks Francis what SHE is doing there… is it perhaps she also plans to compete for the queen of the uni title??
Back in the Carmona house… Facundo asks Maria a favor… a tiny bitty favor… never again try to take my kids away… She asks the same of him.  They are whispering, something that Santee and Isa never do.   Maria says that she never thought Facundo would inspire fear in her… never.  He leaves quietly.
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Lo Imperdonable #9 Thu 5/28/15 Crazy kids, already talking about marriage and they didn't even have "breakfast" together, yet

Filling in for Gloria today, I hope the recap makes sense, I did it on the run.

In Mina Escondida
Mariana and Pablo arrive in the village on a boat. They didn’t top by the hotel, because Pablo wanted to know the surroundings as soon as possible. Mariana thought that it would be a good idea, but now she hates the mosquitoes and the unsteady boat. She wants to get back to the fancy French hotel ASAP – Pablo can explore on his own.
He asks her to stay with him, but she won’t hear of it.

This is Mariana’s first mistake, because who does Pablo run into in the village? Ana Perla, of course! She’s with some kids in front of the church, after Sunday School (or something). The Abuelo didn’t even want to allow her to do that, worried that some of the boys in the class would be old enough to seduce her.(Oh please!)

Anyway, Pablo sees Ana Perla, Ana Perla sees Pablo and it’s love at first sight, slow motion breezy atmosphere included. She covers her head with her shawl, looking like a Virgin Mary, I presume, all innocence and candor. He’s so taken, he wants to go talk to her, but Abuelo and Manuel show up, see what is going on and interfere. Abuelo drags Ana Perla home and Manuel goes after the stranger, to warn him that he needs to leave the village immediately, because he’s not welcomed.
He’s clearly looking for a fight, but Pablo is not impressed. He explains that he is a painter, who only came to find inspiration for his work and Manuel’s threats don’t scare him one bit. Manuel loses this round, but this is only the beginning for these two.
Later, while drawing, Pablo remembers Ana Perla and her perfect name (that he overheard). In the meantime Abuelo warns Ana Perla to stay away from the new guy, because he can only mean trouble. She already looks half in love, so let’s see how that works out.

Manuel ambushes Magdalena on the street to let her know that, while drunk, Botel told him that she’s married and she abandoned her daughter and husband to be with him. So if she ever gets herself involved in his affairs again, he will tell the whole village the type of bad seed that she is.

In Mexico
First comes love, then comes instant marriage?
Veronica and Martin are at the restaurant, kissing for the first time. He asks her if she’s capable of love, because many women just pretend. Well, Vero would never do that, and he shouldn’t suppose that ALL women are the same, just because he met some bad ones. After all, some men are shameless, too, that doesn’t mean that she won’t trust him. So, how about they carry on with what they’re doing and let time decide for them?
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Que Te Perdone Dios #92 – The Postman Always Sends “Anónimos” Twice, That Is, If Macaria Had to Eat the First One

Refry: Diana can breathe again, after Fausto’s attempt on her life in the hospital room. Fausto is all smiles at the foot of her bed.
Dr. Pat is sporting a nice shiner, and doesn’t want to talk to Fausto, who wants to proclaim his innocence. It doesn’t matter anyway, because no amount of beatings will keep Pat and Ren apart, they love each other.

New: Barragan is questioning Lucio in his office, making very, very sure about the date of Pablo’s death, without telling Lucio that therefore the killer could not possibly be Don Bruno. Lucio insists, even invokes his scar, and signs his declaration. Just when he thinks the coast is clear, Barragan produces one of the ubiquitous “anónimos,” the anonymous, hand-crafted letter by painstaking letter, documents that Mac has been making. This is the one about Padre Francisco, and Barragan points out that Lucio was the last one to see him alive. Lucio begins to squirm, and has the gall to ask, “Who would want to hurt him?” Barragan gets all Perry Mason, strolling away and then whirling around with ANOTHER anónimo, about Freddy! Lucio does not burst into flames as he denies any and all knowledge or involvement in any of the crimes.

Simona is visiting Ela, of Xi-ela, suffering about the Freddy letter. Ela comforts her, saying it most likely is a lie. But if it is true, says, Simona, she just wants that desgraciado in front of her to let him know how much pain he caused. Just as I’m thinking “cue Lucio,” there’s a knock at the door. But it’s Don Fausto! He is the intellectual author, after all, so I stand corrected. He walks in to the sound of panting sheep dog background music.
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La Sombra del Pasado #73 5/28/15 I am weary. Let me rest.

I'm out of recapper juice, this show is killing me and I'm ready to cross that river. Hence the title...inspired by this bluegrass tune.

It's gonna be crap y'all. All over the place, condensed all to hell and missing large chunks of action and the drama. I didn't take notes and I only half watched it again for recapping purposes. It really wasn't that bad. Maybe it was just me. Just seemed dull.

I've arranged it by plot thread. Sort of.

The DNA plot Thread
Padre J demands that Sev submit to DNA testing against Cris, Aldonza AND Emanuel. Padre explains to Cande that he has a suspicion that Emanuel is the child of Roberta and Sev. Sev absolutely refuses to submit a sample. Padre is surprised. He would think Sev would want to clear things up. Sev continues his protest. Emanuel is not his son. He told Padre that that child was a still born girl. The two get into one holy (or unholy) shouting match, which brings Cris down the stairs to investigate. He's all for a test. Sev finally succeeds in getting the Padre to leave. More and more Cris is convinced his parents made up the whole sibling thing. Sev tells him to go ahead and marry Aldonza then. Cris realizes his mother never intended to help him. Cris asks Hum about how to do a DNA test. Hum takes offense. He's not going to help Cris with this. Val's happiness is at stake. (Hey, Hum...happiness is a choice.)

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Que Te Perdone Dios 91: Highlights

by Anonymous Anon207 and Aunty Ann

Connie told Renata that if she & Fausto adopt Abi, Fausto could take control of the ranches through Abi (I think). She also told Renata she wishes she could see so she could see what a terrible person Fausto is.

Simona showed Barragan the poison pen letter she got about Fredy's death.

Fausto told Julio he wanted 50% of his profits or else.

Diana told Fausto she knew all about Mateo being his son and Fausto locked the door and tried to kill Diana until the nurse showed up.

Julio visited Diana and asked Diana if she had any tea to blackmail Fausto with and she said no, and that he needs to be careful since he's on the run from the law.

Abi lines, Mateo lines

Lucio told Max to shut his pie hole or he could catch a bullet too (I think)

Padre Tomas was feeling like a fool for believing Fausto & Lucio

Renata asked Patricio to operate on her again. Twin showed up (I think Angel Wings) and Renata found out about Patricio getting a beat down. He told her Fausto ordered the men to beat him up.

Ren asked Pat to operate on her, but to keep it a secret. Not even Mateo will know. Pat used the excuse that he wants to study Ren's case to get his hands on her records, and Mateo agreed, but asked Pat to help convince his aunt to have another operation. Of course Mateo has no idea that she has already asked Pat to perform the operation.
Renata told Abi about the Patricio beat down and blasted Fausto for it.

Fausto went to Lucio and asked him to investigate who beat up Patricio & blamed Fausto for it.

Also, Barragan interrogated Lucio and then showed him another poison pen letter (which I don't think was the same as Simona's letter).

Barragan and Padre Tomas were talking about the poison pens letters floating around town and Tomas was upset the letter writer just didn't come forth and denounce the criminals in person and I want to say Barragan wanted Tomas to come forth with what he knew but Tomas couldn't because it was under confessional rules.


Lo Imperdonable #8 Wed 5/27/15 “Hearts Run the Gamut Once Again – from Aggressive Dueling to First Tender Kiss”

(Some scenes are combined)

Back to Martin and Vero engaged in a fencing duel with real swords and no faceguards.  He promptly overpowers her, knocks the sword out of her hand, and holds the tip of his own sword to her neck, thinking to himself he could just end her life right there and then.  As Vero stumbles and falls, he moves closer, with the tip of his sword still hovering over her neck.  Any normal person would see the insane look in his eyes and get the hell away from him…forever.  But not Vero, that’s not her style.  If anything, her love for him just grew ten-fold, because he didn’t pull any punches and “opened her eyes” about the limits of her strength, unlike the rest of her male fencing opponents.

Magdalena, alone with her memories, mumbles to her lost daughter that she will never forgive herself for abandoning her.  NanC arrives to deliver some fruits.  Magdalena wishes she could cure her aching soul with NanC’s herbs, but knows they only cure physical maladies and that her pain will only be cured when she finds her daughter.  She wishes NanC could foresee her future, but all NanC can see is more tears in her life.

As an apology for his crazy behavior, Martin invites all the gang out for drinks that evening.  Vero readily accepts, but only if it’s to toast his victory.  Cunning Virginia plays matchmaker and tells Martin he only has to apologize to Vero, so he should just take Vero out.  Meanwhile, Emi is still fuming about Martin’s ungentlemanly behavior, so Vero tells him to just calm down and get over it.  (Translation - she is a grown woman and doesn’t need Emi-niño watching her back.)….Later, Emi gets a chance to confront Martin and warns Martin he will have to answer to him if he ever dares to hurt Vero….Martin thinks some women pretend to be weaker than they really are.  Emi has no doubt that Vero is strong, and with a firm character, but a woman nonetheless.  Martin acknowledges he got carried away but does not want to ruin his friendship with Emi.  Emi makes it clear that Martin ruined it when he came between him and Vero, the woman he loves.  Now Emi doubts they can ever be friends again, but Martin convinces him they should just follow the rules, like in fencing, and may the best man win with Vero.  (Emi, dude, don’t even waste your time.  You already lost the battle and the war.)

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La Sombra del Pasado #72 Oh Sweet Baby Chihuahuas The Dumbassery Just Keeps Coming!

As always, I start with the new and do some combining and condensing.

Lo Nuevo
Emanuel goes to El Santuario to see Aldonza. Lola is there. Cue the theme music. You can tell the spark is still there even if the two of them have their heads too far up their ass to see it and quit playing mind games (thanks for the new toy, hellashelle!) Eman explains that he found out about the break up from Cris. Cris is not doing well. He went and got drunk. Lola tells Eman that Aldonza is asleep and it's probably not a good idea for Eman to see her right now. Adelina comes in with Joaquin as Eman gets ready to leave. Eman and Joaquin decide to ride home together. Joaquin and Adelina say goodbye. Sparks fly between Adelina and Joaquin as well. After Lola explains Eman was there to see Aldonza, Adelina remarks that she's sure that half the town knows the news by now. Lola is worried that Valeria is GOING to take advantage. Little does she know that the advantage has already been took.

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Amores con trampa #43 and #44 5/27/15 and 5/28/15

It's time for another evening with the Carmonas. There's been trouble in paradise lately and most of us on the patio are more than a little peeved with Facundo. Jarifa will fill us in on tonight's tomfoolery. Look for her recap in the comments.


Lo Imperdonable #7 Tue 5/26/15 She should of let him go off the cliff

Hello my patio peeps! This is my first recap for this show, it will be quick and dirty but I think I will be able to cover the most important parts, my DVR was a little bit wonky last night so I know I lost maybe 5-10 minutes of action, feel free to add to my recap in the comments section.

Also, before I continue, I am going to ask people to remember that this is a spoiler free zone. I saw the version of this with Kate Del Castillo, if this sticks closely to that version I know how things will turn out, if I saw LA Mentira, I'm sure others have as well, please do not ruin it for others by posting spoilers and do not discuss the previous version as it could give away key plot points, if anyone does and I see it I will delete the comment(s), please don't put any recapper in that position. And now your recap:

If she does not dig me she must be a ho:

At least Emiliano seems to think this is the case with Veronica. She is very clear with him, she has no romantic feelings towards him and she has started to feel something for Martin (who she just met! Seriously!), Emiliano makes the mistake of saying that it's true, she does go from man to man, and that earns him a slap, a wimpy slap by novela standards but still. Veronica is angry and wants to know why he would say such a thing to her.

Oh if only she knew that Virginia has been working over time to throw dirt all over her good name.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 90- Charlie Charlie Who's the Fox?

  • Fausto & Elena attack eachother with threats but don't realize that the truth about Mat reached Di's ears. Later  Faust warns Ele that if the truth came out, Mat would hate her too but Ele would gladly tell it cause he would be aware of the scum that is his "Uncle" MaD Hatter  cause Ele knows that Ger bit  the dust from his own brother . Faust cynically lies  that this is not the truth so her threats don't mean nothing to him . If she does, Mat will suffer the consequences! 

  • Max & Teodora went to buy stuff for their fancy picnic. While Max is out, Luc comes to bugger poor Teo  but to our luck Max's had the punch repellent ready while threatening Luc to never bugger our beloved ever again. Luc's fornicated mouth responds with nothing but a spit on the floor and everyone seems to be  watching, +10 for Public Manners! ( This reminds me of my high school classmates sometimes, least the cleaner's got something exciting to do with his life) 

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La Sombra del Pasado, Capítulo 71, Almost Everyone’s Got Their Head Up Their Ass

This recap courtesy of HellaShelle

The short summary is under the long one this time. No snark; too much ass-hattery for snark.

The Long of It: Cristobal keeps breaking our collective hearts with his tears. How is he supposed to just stop feeling what he feels for Aldonza? How’s he going to get past this? Emmanuel doesn’t know what to tell him, but he’ll stay with him while he gets drunk off his ass (supposedly so he can fit his head inside it tomorrow…)

Mari, dressed and ready for dinner, paces in the square before finally calling Eman. He tries to explain that Cris is in BAD shape and really can’t be alone, but Mari’s couldn’t give a flying fig; he’s always throwing her over for his friends! She hangs up. Because the TN gods want me to suffer, Pato just happens to be strolling by and sees Mari in tears. He stops to comfort her.

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Que Te Perdone Dios #89

First, I realize I've been MIA lately. It's been due to school,  familial affairs and allergies. I apologize.

Second,  let's cut to the chase; Diana woke up and is apparently going to hold a certain thing she heard at the right moment over Fausto's head. That's quite the plot device and way to get the ball rolling faster.

Third, there's a nueva etapa. I wonder what's in store for us.

Lastly, this is for fun but is anyone going to watch La Vecina online?


Lo Imperdonable #6 Mon 5/25/15 I'd like to buy a vowel – Is there an e? Okay, I'd like solve the puzzle...

The Party Continues

What we saw on Friday

Pablo takes his foot out of his mouth and he and Emiliano bond over their multicultural worldview. 

Virginia smirks to Mariana that she would toy with Martín only to make Emiliano jealous and to thumb her nose at Verónica.

Martín and Verónica discover another thing in common: wounded palms.  Martín thinks it is destiny that has brought them together.

And tonight, under a full Televisa moon

In the Night Kitchen

Salma is cross at finding Matilde, rather than Verónica, in the kitchen seeing after dinner.  But when Virginia joins her, she turns on the smiles. Two men, Emiliano and Martín, have shown an interest in Virginia!  Virginia, of course, only has eyes for Emiliano.  Even so, Vero, Jezebel that she is, swooped down on Martín as soon as she saw he was interested in Virginia.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #70 The Puppetmistress Strikes Again!

Greetings, Sombra Peeps!  First of all, a big Thank You to Eli for swapping days with me and giving us the exciting details of Friday’s exciting episode!  

Next, a lame, but true, disclaimer:  My DVR farted out on me and there were several scenes I was going to clarify.  So, here's what I remember and put together from my notes.  Feel free to correct and expand in comments!

 Let’s jump right in where we left off with Cande deploying her latest separate Cris and Aldonza weapon:  the sibling bomb!  Cris thinks it’s the most absurd thing he ever heard and doesn’t believe a word of it.  Cande tells of Roberta’s affair with Severiano who recovers enough from his initial shock to reluctantly agree.  Aldonza looks as if she is going to hurl and tearfully protests Cande’s “revelation.”  Aldonza says she doesn’t believe it but she leaves in disgust and hurt, Cris runs after her.  He begs her not to believe this idiocy!  The seeds of doubt have been planted and Aldonza cries that Cande could be right and if she is, what do they do?  Aldonza says her mother is the only one who knew for sure and they can’t ask her!  Cris says a DNA test will settle the issue immediately!  Not one to be bothered with thinking things through when a dramatic display of emotion and fleeing are an option, Aldonza chooses the latter:  she wants to be alone! 

Once home she talks to Adelina and tells her of the latest salvo from Cande.  Adelina tries to tell her it’s absolutely not true; her father is Raimundo!  Aldonza wants to know if she can prove Raimundo is her father;  Adelina says there’s nothing to prove!  Aldonza asks if it’s true that Roberta and Sev had an affair.  Adelina answers sadly, yes.  Aldonza wants to know when it started.  Adelina is not sure but she IS sure that Aldonza and Cris are NOT siblings!  Aldonza’s mind has already gone to the horrible thought that Sev could be her father and that her own father raped her!  Adelina tries to calm Aldonza and also suggests the DNA test but Aldonza laments that she knows he will never take it. 

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Amores con trampa #41 and #42 5/25/15 and 5/26/15


I didn't think this show could make me happier, but tonight it did!!! There's a talking donkey.

You heard me. A talking donkey.

I think my life is complete.

I will be combining and possibly condensing scenes tonight. I'm doing 4 recaps this week. Gotta pace myself ;-)

And ¡Ay ay ay! Facundo was talking a mile minute tonight!

Perpetua catches Maria talking to Santiago and demands to know what she's doing with this caballero (which would mean gentleman….is it wasn't dripping with sarcasm). She calls her daughter "María de mis pecados" which cracks me up for some reason. Perpetua tries to drag Maria out, telling her daughter that she shouldn't have anything to do with Santi (ese gavilán...hawk.) Santi tries to explain that he and Maria are just trying to fix things. Perpetua doesn't have a thing to say to him. She dumps a flower vase on him. Santi's all wet.

Felipe is an even bigger nitwit in this episode. He's annoyingly attentive to Francis. It annoys me, no her. Francis is loving every minute of it. She's finally happy. She's got Feli and that rancherita can to hang out in her mud-puddle or whatever. Her two idiot minions with no self respect notice that Carmen just came into the cafe. Carmen has a surprise for Panchota….excuse me….Francisca. It's the surveillance tape from the parking lot. It proves that Francis threw herself in front of Carmen's car. Francis thinks Carmen is just trying to steal Feli again. Carmen tells her she's happy with Diego now, besides...Feli is whipped (mandilón.) She also tells Francis she didn't have to fake a pregnancy to keep her man. Carmen leaves the CD with Francis. When Carmen leaves Feli asks about the CD. Francis claims it's a video of when she had dark hair.

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Happy Memorial Day! Here's your post for this week. Enjoy!

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Freedom, and lies! La Sombra Del Pasado #69 05/22/15

It's a long weekend, let's all get some drinks and chill! (Some scenes have been combined, or moved out of order so I can get this recap up faster)

We start off the action where we left off last night, Satan has pulled a gun on my favorite boy in all of Sanata Lucia, Renato keeps his wits about him and tells Sev that he {Sev} will make a mistake and when he does Renato will pounce. Renato leaves and Sev is left only in the company of his lawyer (Nava?) who has a look on his face that says "they don't pay me enough for this crap"-seriously, go watch the actors facial expressions, you won't regret it!
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Lo Imperdonable #5 Fri 5/22/15 We All Love Our Freedom; We All Choose Our Destiny; And We Need To Watch Out For Strangers

Let’s skip the scenes from yesterday and get right to the new stuff….

Jardin De Prado Castelo
Virginia tells Emi that Vero has done “terrible things” and Emi wants to know what the heck she’s talking about and he wants to know NOW.

Pueblo Nuevo
Pierre walks around town and looks back every once in a while to make sure he won’t be seen by anyone. He stops in front of a window.

Jardin De Cresencio
Ana Perla sits on her bed in her room and is reading a book which she quickly hides when Abuelo Cresencio comes into her room and gets on her case for being lazy and not doing anything productive. Ana Perla explains that she can’t do much being locked her room. Abuelo hands Ana Perla her embroidery and suggests she embroider. Ana Perla will do as Abuelo says.

Jardin De Prado Castelo
Emi has Virignia by the arm and Virginia in tears [crocodile tears, perhaps?] tells him to let her go. She tells him there’s no point in talking about Veronica if he’s going to act like such a nutcase [oh you haven’t seen anything yet, Virginia. Viewerville know just how crazy Sergio Sendel can be]. Emi knows that what Virginia has to say is to make Vero look bad in his eyes. He tells her that if she has something serious to say then to tell him NOW. Virginia cries and asks him how he could treat her this way during a party. He apologizes and tells her that he makes her mad when she acts this way. Virginia tells him that she doesn’t understand why she tells him things about Veronica if when she does they end up arguing. Emi wants her to promise him that she’ll try to get along with Veronica. Virginia reluctantly promises that she will. She tells him that what she wants the least is to argue with him. She tells him that they’ll enjoy the party and be okay. She goes off to greet Mariana who has arrived.

Mariana and Pablo have arrived to the party holding hands and Virginia greets them. Meanwhile, Martin stares and looks attentively at Virginia. Jorge shows up and tells Martin that he can see that Martin is impressed with his niece Virginia. Martin tells Jorge that he has two beautiful nieces. Jorge tells Martin that he loves his nieces and takes care of them. He’s like a father to them and he keeps an eye on who they mingle with. Martin understands and tells Jorge that he’ll get to know him. Jorge is glad Martin says that because he doesn’t usually let people he doesn’t know well into his home. Martin tells Jorge he’s like him and also likes to know who comes into his home and his construction company. Martin tells Jorge that his construction company isn’t a big one but it’s been successful because they offer ecological solutions now that they are needed more. Jorge is left interested and wants to know more about Martin’s construction company.

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Que Te Perdone Dios #88: Dedications and Resuscitations

Constanza is thanking her lucky stars—well, actually her defunct hubby for his having had that little affair with Diego’s mama way back when cuz now she and the rest of the gals in the family are no longer alone when Diego knocks on her door.  Diego is now there as a male voice to protect them from that vicious wolf in sheep’s clothing that finagled his way in twenty some odd years ago: namely, Fausto.    He has a quick chat with her and tells Crazy Connie that altho’ he’s guilty of a mortal sin in loving Abi, he’ll take the hit in Heaven and keep his mouth shut about it here on earth  now that he’s living at the hacienda.

On the other hand, Mateo is admitting to Padre Tomas that he’s literally losing it because he senses now that his uncle is lusting after innocent and unsuspecting Abigail whose life is in danger.  Unfortunately, Padre Tom having been badly hoodwinked by the fiendish Fausto lo these many years believes that it’s Mat who’s totally obsessing over Abi and letting it cloud his judgment regarding the man Mat used to revere as his substitute pappy.  Padre Tom psshaws and prattles on that he’s smarter than all that (apparently not by much)!  But Mat, still hopeful, asks the padre to have a bit of faith in him, and not to forsake him and Abi in their time of need.  (Good luck with that.)

Back at the hacienda a bit later, Diego walks outside to the garden to find Abi sitting near the fountain.  He hopes she isn’t bitter about what happened at the church.  Naw, she can understand learning what he did had to scotch the marriage thing.    Too bad for her that he was supposed to be the guy who could make her forget about Mateo.  It’s just life crapping on her again is all.  Yup, he says.  They hug--sibling style--as Feisty surreptitiously glares down at them.

The next morning Renata stops in to see Tomas and takes the opportunity to discuss Mat’s suspicions regarding Fausto and Abi.  They agree that Mat’s probably so jealous that he’s misinterpreting things.  He suggests the best thing to allay his suspicions is to tell Mat the truth about Abi being her daughter.  Ren refuses.  Mat loves Abi so much that he wouldn’t be able to keep the truth from her.   Tomas thinks she’s got to try to make Mat understand somehow and stop thinking crazy things about the man who raised him.  Ren seems to think that now that Abi’s no longer opposed to their adopting her,  Mat will eventually realize once that’s been done that Fausto was only trying to help Ren smooth the way for Abi to get comfortable with the idea.

As for Fausto, he’s spending his morning warning Abi away from Diego, trying again to convince her that Diego simply has designs on her and Ren’s money and lands.  Abi disagrees and says she’s known him for forever and that he’s too decent to ever do anything like that.

Upstairs, Diana is having a bad day and is staying in bed.  The others head into town for the inauguration of the new Braille foundation Ren and Ximena have funded.  The ceremony takes place and Ximena is bummed to finally find out then that Tomas is actually the town’s priest.   Viewerville snoozes through this crappy sleep-fest until FINALLY Comandante Barragan ends the show when he reads the honorary plaque which dedicates the place after “Abigail’s father” –none other than Pablo Ramos.  Abi’s glance in Fausto’s direction during this announcement of Pablo Ramos as her papi seems like she thinks of it as just another one of the many lies she knows she’s been told.  (OMG, does she still think Feisty’s her papi?)

In the D.F., meanwhile, Daniela and Porfirio are enjoying each other’s company.  He decides to give Ximela all of the jewelry that used to belong to Max’s mother.  Porfi says Max lost any claim to them when he abandoned the Zarazua’s.  Ximela accepts but mum’s the word after today.

During the ceremony, Teodora and Max spend time at the lake.  He’s wasted so much of life and his has changed from one day to the next without warning.  No, he’s no longer interested in Abi.  She was a challenge he’d imposed on himself, he admits to Teo, when he still thought he owned the world and was king of the cock walk.  He declares his interest in her and she tells him that she was raped.  He guesses it was his daddy what done the deed.  She doesn’t disabuse him of the idea, but she doesn’t confirm his suspicion either.  No matter.  He knows it was even if she doesn’t want to say.  They hug.

At the hacienda, Macaria puts the anonymous note declaring Dee Dee’s twins as really Fausto’s into an envelope and places it in Mat’s (?) bedroom on the night table.

At the reception, Ren makes the announcement that Diego is actually her brother and is now being brought into the fold formally.  Feisty has no choice in saving face but to formally hug Diego as his new BIL.  They embrace and Fausto threatens to get rid of him first chance he has; Diego says not if he gets rid of Fausto first!  The Cougar Sisters chuckle at the news.  Simona and Helena discuss their admiration for Ren.  Marcelino’s wife, Veioleta, gives him grief for being an unsupportive husband.  Fausto rubs Patricio’s nose in it over Ren still staying married to him.

Back at the rancho, Mac notes that Dee Dee is feverish and cannot be woken for her daily meds.  So, she decides to get Princess Di even sicker by turning a fan on her for hours on end.  (Ya got to love it when one catty bitch turns the tables on another catty bitch!  Meeeowwww!!)

Fausto isn’t happy at all with the humiliation of the Pablo Ramos dedication trick Renata pulled on him, let alone telling the whole town about Diego’s being her illegitimate half-brother that she’s decided to bring into the fold.  He gives Ren grief over that.  He’s kept his part of the bargain in trying to preserve their marriage, he gripes to her, but after what she pulled today and the fact that they’re still not essentially “together” she’s “not doing her part.”  “Everything has its limits.”  Ren agrees (whatever that means).  He asks if Abi’s ready to be adopted yet.  Nope, but hopefully soon, Ren believes.  By the way, Ren says, have you seen the deed to La Enramada?  No.  Didn’t Ren have those in her room?  (How come not in a frikkin’ safe or something????)  Abi had asked her specifically to keep them for her, didn’t she?  Yep.

At the same time, in town, we learn that Vee is weakening.  She misses her brute of a hubby.  Simona tells her she’d better get hold of herself.  A moment later, Julianlio knocks on the door and wants to give Sim back her bratty son.  He’s tired of playing papa.

Dee Dee is up and interrupts Mat just before he has a chance to open the envelope with the anonymous note in it.  She begins chatting and then faints dead away.  Mat goes berserk and he and Feisty lay her onto his bed.  While Mat is gone getting his medical bag, Dee Dee murmurs she doesn’t want to lose Feisty’s twins and passes out.   He mumbles something to her like, “—You owe me a favor.”  Feisty notices the envelope, quickly reads and pockets it.  Mat fumbles with his stethoscope and anxiously awaits the ambulance.

Back in town, Simona gives Juli grief for coming to her after destroying her and her son’s lives the way he did.   Well, the kid’s a pain in the ass for him too so if she doesn’t want him, then he’ll send the kid away and she’ll never have to see him around there again.  She doesn’t think he’d ever come back to her.  He hates her now.  Well, replies Juli, willingly or not, the kid’s coming back to you.  That’s that and he leaves.

Across town at the hospital, Dr. Pats takes over Dee Dee’s case and refuses to let Mat assist in taking care of her.  “Save my children!!  Save them!!”  Don’t forget what happened to me, Mat!  You’re in no condition to assist!  Mat agrees to wait and begins pacing.

Thanks and have a happy holiday weekend! --ed.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Amores con Trampa #40 ... Facundo has taken over the company, even the company name and cut Santees salary to less than half... Also seems the homes Santee was trying to sell would not stand to the set of a town hall theater play, Facundo and Beto not happy about that...

Maria calls Santee and lets him know Facundo is planning some event/party at the company this afternoon. Santee thanks Maria for the heads up and says to himself 'you will see the party i will put out for you...'
Facundo meets with some of the construction workers and mentions 'that thing which i told you for this afternoon'. Esteban comes in and assures Facundo he has not spilled the beans about the afternoon party with Santee.  Facundo reminds Esteban that now HE is the biggest voice/vote in the company since Facundo called it 'MY company'. Esteban thinks to himself that Facundo is not as dumb as he thought, that it will be more complicated to get his plan executed. Esteban leaves. Facundo sends the other men away.
Beto tells Facundo that whatever food (garnachas?) he wanted is ready for the afternoon. Facundo starts practicing his 'talk' as an enterpeneur-OTE! LOL!
Isa talks with Alejandra, Felipe and Santee... Isa says you have to be 'ready' for love, and in her opinion Felipe is not ready for marriage.  Then since noone likes her opinion, she plays the target, the 'villain of the movie' in their eyes.  Isa tells Felipe that when he is ready and he plans the rest of his life with a woman, the children will come later.  Isabel says at least you did not choose the farmer.  Felipe reacts quickly saying he does not want to hear anymore about Carmen Yoya. Rocio asks why, he won't tell. Later Felipe tells Santee he will go to the company since Santee is not in the mood. Santee proud that Felipe is volunteering for this and 'is a grown man'. Hugs him.
Party is in full speed... Porfirio is there flirting with the girls who work at the company, even tries to dance with one of the girls. He uses the card that he is 'the father of the new chief of the changarro'. 
Some guy comes by and wants to yell a toast for the best boss in the world!  Facundo takes over and asks the men to loosen their ties... and that he will raise everyone's salary.  Maria comes over and Facundo dances with her.  Esteban, Yoya, Gusana and even Margarito are in attendance.  
Felipe comes in and wants to know what is going on, he is irritated. Esteban tells him.  Elevator opens again and yells asking what is going on, he did not know that there was a party of farmer town with smell of garnacha, fat and chorizo(sausage).  Facundo asks what he is doing there. Felipe says his uncle is the founder and owner of a part of this company, and does not need an invitation.  Maria is scared about Santee's reaction and claim that noone invited him.  Facundo confirms noone invited him. Porfirio wants to take over the argument with the 'bravucon y pesao' guy.  He takes his hat off and is ready to have a round of punches with Santee.  Facundo steps in the way and stops Porfirio, asks Beto to take him outside. But Porfirio stops at the girl he was dancing with ready to take it where he left it off... but Perpetua is there to stop him and save the poor girl. 
Now Santee insults Facundo about offering him tequila, saying he does not drink tequila, pulque or mezcal... he only takes whiskey, but can't consume alcohol now because he is taking anti-depressant and tranquilizer meds now because of what Facundo took him through.
Facundo announces he is the new owner of the company, and while he is on that high, he shows everyone the new name of the company ‘Grupo Carmona’. Santee has what looks like a heart attack reaction. Felipe grabs him worried. Even Facundo and Maria get worried since Santee can't breathe well.
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Lo Imperdonable #4 Thu 5/21/15 Love at first sight and other thundering feelings

Refrito: Martin and Alfredo talk about Martin’s need to seek out justice and avenge Demetrio.
Every time I hear Martin compare his younger brother to a son, I get a creepy vibe. The guy was 8 years younger, it’s not like you changed his diapers, dude!

The new stuff: The Prado Castello’s talk about the indigenous jewelry line. Virginia thinks it’s a bad idea, no fancy buyer would ever want to wear something as old-fashioned and tacky. Before giving an opinion, Salma wants to know if this was her son’s idea, or Veronica’s. Jorge thinks it’s a great suggestion, the perfect way for them to honor their ancestry. Emiliniño is happy that dad likes the idea. They start discussing the designs, they want to use Maya civilization as inspiration first. Salma says that she and Virginia should leave now, since business talk doesn’t concern them.
Virginia is not happy with the outcome of the discussion and when she and her tia are alone, she starts complaining about once again Veronica getting her way. Salma is happy that Emiliniño is interested in business, but Virginia “makes her see” that this is not a good thing, since it will only mean that Veronica gets to spend more time with him, while pretending to be interested in working together. He will turn to what interests him the most – his Hispanic art, and Veronica will be left in charge of the business. Salma sees the point (of course she does) and when Virginia turns to tears, she starts consoling the poor baby. Boohoo, Emiliniño will have no time to spend with me; boohoo, whenever Veronica sees that I like something, she gets in the way.

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Que Te Perdone Dios #87 – Diego Moves On Up, Everybody is Capable of Killing, and Tuteando With Abandon

What I believe is the refrito, as I could not watch the previous episode: Mateo is demanding explanations from Fausto about why he is coming out of Abi’s bedroom, and this isn’t even the first time Mat’s seen it happen. Fausto brushes him off like an annoying insect, plays the wife card to Mat and then goes to his room and shuts the door. “¡Idiota!” he exclaims. We know.

New?: Renata is going to cenar at the Enramada, having been invited by Helena. Enter Fausto, saying what a good time Abi had with him. Ren is so happy that Abi is happy. Fausto is definitely a changed man. Yep, no doubt about it. He tells Ren, “I love you so much, and I’ve waited my whole life to have you love me that way.” This is the side of Fausto that I like, when he gets his scam on and is willing to say or do whatever in his own interest (don’t worry, not a quality I would admire in real life), not the desperate old man trying to seduce a child. Another aside: It seems Fausto had successfully kept Helena and Renata separated for about 25 years. Does he know that now that they’re friends, they talk about him? I’m sure that’s exactly why he didn’t want them getting together.
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If you're in Mexico City June 14 you can hear your BLOG MOM sing in the Yiddish version of "American Idol" !!! Also - recommendations?

I am a finalist in the Yiddish songwriting contest called Der Yidisher Idol (or, in Spanish, Der Idisher Idol). They are flying me down to Mexico City to sing in the finals, a concert on June 14 at 6 pm! If you're around you can come! It's at Comunidad Bet-El (click for the map, you must search the location as "Bet Hajaim Comunidad Bet-El"). Click the poster to see a larger version.

I will be arriving in town a couple days earlier. I have never been in Mexico before. Any suggestions in Mexico City - attractions, restaurants?

If you want to preview the song I'm singing, here I am with a couple of the members of my band Mappamundi, singing it the day I finished writing it! There are subtitles and the song expresses my world view completely.

It would be fun to meet somebody while I'm there...

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La Sombra del Pasado #68 5/21/15

As I usually do , I'm skipping right to the new. And I might make heavy use of the RPC (Recapper's Privilege Card) tonight along with some scene combining.

Severiano(Sev) grabs Sim/Viv by the hair and drags her out to the street. He throws her out of the house and tells her never to come back. He tells her to go back to San Miguel or wherever the hell she wants to go. When she begs to at least be allowed to get her things. Sev reminds her that he paid for all her things. He throws money at her and tells her that all he pay for is her bus fare. (Now, I'm thinking this a pretty public scene. Are people in SL just so afraid of him that they wouldn't dare comment on it? This is perfect material for the gossip capital of the word, don't you think?) Sev gets in his truck and drives away, leaving Sim to snivel on the sidewalk.

Lola is surprised to see Irma at the shop. Irma felt she needed to keep busy so she wouldn't think about Abelardo. Irma knows that time will cure her pain...or she'll at least get accustomed to it. Lola tells her that her abuela always says: "Al borrego trasquilado, Diosito le mide el frío." (I can't easily find a quick translation, but basically God won't give you more than you can take. Literally to the sheared sheep, God takes considers the cold for him….He won't make it too cold for the sheared sheep. I'm sure there's some fascinating agricultural history behind it.) Irma asks about why Lola is there and when Lola explains about having to see someone, Irma convinces her to spill the beans. Irma seems shocked by the news Sim was actually Lola's mom.

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La Sombra del Pasado #67 - Wed 5/20 - More cryin' and lyin'

Aldonza finally gets escorted out of Cris' cell.

Per Mel: since Sev is out of town, Soletario hasn't been sold yet.  Emmanuel is prepared to go to Severiano as soon as he's back in town to make him an offer he can't refuse.  Melesio advises him not to do it RIGHT when Sev gets back into town or it might end up backfiring.  Yeah, what with all the other stuff he'll have to deal with.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #3 Wed 5/20/15 “Chance Encounters and Fast Friendships Set the Wheels in Motion For the Start of Our Love/Hate Saga”

Once he gets Sanson to calm down, Martin turns and asks Veronica if she is ok.  Their eyes lock and she smiles softly, barely giving him a glimpse of her dimples.  After the requisite several seconds of staring at each other, he takes Veronica’s hand and asks if it hurts.  She says except for the rope burn on her hand, she is fine.  She smiles again, thanks him and says he is “her hero”.  He continues staring at her.  They talk briefly about her over-confidence in handling Sanson.  Vero’s friend Mariana runs up to ask if she is ok.  Martin turns and introduces himself to her, but just as Mariana is about to tell him Vero’s name, the tour guide rudely interrupts and asks if they can continue their tour, thus depriving Martin of his first chance to find out Vero’s name.

Alfredo meets Martin at the club so he can sign some important papers.  He is glad to hear that Martin wants to join the club and notes that going there and meeting new people, like the girl with the dark hair he just saw him with, will help distract him and raise his spirits.  Martin smiles and turns, wistfully glancing in the direction where Vero headed off with Mariana, then saying to his friend:  “Yes, she is very beautiful.  She made a big impression on me…..But now I can only think about one woman, the one responsible for my brother’s death.  That’s why I came to this club, to get close to the Prado Castelos….To avenge my brother’s death.”  (Despite a lack of storm clouds, we hear another lightning strike.  “El cirquero” Mejia strikes again!!!!)

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Amores con trampa #38 and #39 5/20/15 and 5/21/15

Have we had a slow episode yet?? Every night seems action-packed! Jarifa will keep us up to date with all the details. Look for her recap in the comments.


Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 85- The Life-counseling Club opens its door's - Highlights

Schoolwork has been a dime and it's getting late around here so i will put up the highlights :

  • Diego has been injured badly as his  wounds mark the name "Satan" all over the place ( I mean seriously the slash and brash scene was extremely violent,  Faust just can't get the Karma of Dios any sooner). Fortunately the fast & furious Max & Abi arrive at the scene. Abi would like to report to the only god-forsaken authority available in town , Barragan but Diego refused.  Max brought the soon - to- be -  retired Mel  ( But not before Mel thought Max came to him  for Lucio's salvation) for help & Diego slips to Mel that the one who made holy turkeys out of him was none other than  Faust. Diego promises that he shall become the jury- judge- executioner  against the Feisty Reptile!

  • Renata has just shared her life haunting experience with Helena& Simona shocked to all ears as Ren mutters at last " Abi's NOT my goddaughter, she's my daughter for Christ's sake! "  Of course our two lovely women just about experienced the same things in their lives so they decide to focus on consoling Ren instead of raising barrels & flags, good friends i must say . Ren informs Ele & Sim that her dad was nothing but short of an ogre who has caused her daunting pain  cause she profoundly loved a peon but the peon is now dead as bonkers  ( I don't know why Ele & Sim are complaining , least they don't  have to pay child support to anyone well atleast not yet. They are not in the same lucky category as Malaria who only lives to extort )  We also don't have shortage of mother of the year speeches in this episode in order to make Ren feel better ( I admit some speeches almost moved me to tears but no action is getting old fast and i truly hate the fact that  Ren's still blind .)  Also later on a bench  in a church  Ren counsels Ele to meet some love too ,  Barragan is the perfect candidate  but Ele refuses because  the calamity of their pasts would only serve to doom them.  She also learns that Pab was Bar's son, responding with pity

  • Pat went to look for Ren at the hacienda but Faust invited him to take a drink instead to have a little conversation. I don't remember correctly but i think Faust was quite gleeful at the thought of Pat boinking his wife ( This romance is tearing my mind , just give us a real love story already. It's like we have close to no happy couples in this novela cause endless depression , unrequited love  , money- hoeing,  lying  & pretending must be  the motto of life in this mugroso town seriously the most happy person in this novela is Meliton who is Pro Herbalife  yet doesn't smoke weed)  . FACT : This town lacks Jesus!

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La Sombra del Pasado, Capitulo 66, 05-20-2015.

Recap courtesy of HellaShelle

Here’s a quick and dirty recap, so ppl can talk. I’ll try to submit a clean, more detailed one later.

A furious Candela tells Simoneta to have Sev call her when he gets back. Sim has the nerve to look confused when Cande hangs up on her, even though she pretty much just told the woman that she’s her husband’s mistress.

Renato wants Silvia to know that he wants her to be a partner in the business, not just an employee, but if their past will be a problem, she should say so now. She’s kind of doubtful about the whole plan. It sounds good, but unnecessarily complicated what with basing themselves in SL rather than DF just Because of Aldonza! She tells Renato he’s not in love, he’s obsessed. Renato says he’s holding on to his slim hope regardless and he doesn’t want to change.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #2 Tue 5/19/15 “From Oaths of Vengeance to Love at First Sight: Martin’s Heart Prepares to Run the Gamut of Emotions”

We start where we left off – with Martin at his brother’s graveside, in the pouring rain, his raw emotions a mix of profound grief and even deeper rage, screaming, asking his brother to give him the name of the woman who took his life, then swearing to him that he will discover the name of that woman, that he will follow the trail of the Prado Castelos, and that once he finds her….that woman will SUFFER.  (Cue another lightning strike and more ominous choir music.)  Martin slumps onto his brother’s grave and cries uncontrollably, while we see flashbacks of him proudly watching his younger brother (the only family he had) graduating from college with honors.

At the Prado Castelo’s sprawling finca on the outskirts of Mexico City, his nana is happy “el niño” Emiliano is back and remarks that the family is once again complete. They all decide it’s time to break out the champagne and celebrate his return.  Virginia wastes no time invading Emi’s personal space and telling him they’ll have to go party at a few new clubs.  He gently moves Virginia’s wandering hands aside and tells her there will be plenty of time for that, though he is clearly not interested.  Then he turns to Veronica and says what he really wants to do is go horseback riding the next morning.  His mom (who looks WAY YOUNGER than him) suggests they ride in a car instead, because poor sickly Virginia can’t ride horses much.  Emiliano quickly nixes the idea, and Virginia reassures him she will be fine riding a horse.

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Lo Imperdonable #1 Mon 5/18/15 The Heart of Darkness

The men steer the open boat down the river, cascades and lush green expanses all around them.  The slender man, the only one not rowing and clearly an outsider, spots a gorgeous snake coiled around a tree on the shore.  He takes a handwritten letter from his pocket and glances at it.

A lovely, smiling girl – Verónica – rides an equally lovely (and probably smiling) white horse.  

Make Whoopee!
Jorge and Salma snuggle in bed.  If this were the sixties, they would be lighting cigarettes right now.

But on the River...
The sky turns gray and menacing, the water turbulent.  Lightning flashes in the sky.
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If you can't have them, frame them for murder! La Sombra Del Pasado #65 05/18/2015

This was a hard episode for me to sit through, I have a hard time watching tv/movies where someone dies and last night's episode just about did me in, below you'll find the recap but with less of the usual snark.

Aldonza gives Renato instructions to stop the investigation into who burned down her apartment, she does not want to cause more pain to the Lagos family. Renato agrees and later calls the detective working the case to tell him that they want the matter dropped. Renato will also be going back to umm is the town Santa Lucia? Gah, it's only Tuesday and my brain is fried!

Later in the episode the dream team (that's what I'm calling Pato, Silvia and Renato) lease the house where they will open up their office, they will also be living there, which is pretty cool because that house looks awesome.
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Amores con trampa #36 and #37 5/18/15 and 5/19/15

It's another week with the Carmonas...and it's also finals week for me. I still have some exams to grade, so the recap will be short and sweet. I hope you all don't mind (and don't mind filling in where needed.)

I'm doing lots of scene combining tonight!

Isa threatens to turn Beto in for kidnapping. Facundo grabs her phone and tells Beto to scram! Facundo assures Isa that if Rocio is with Beto, she is well taken care of. Isa takes the opportunity to tell Fac that she loves him. She asks if he didn't feel anything when they kissed each other? He reminds her that SHE kissed HIM and no, he didn't feel anything. When he looks at her, he is afraid. She's a bruja(witch) and evil. She's worse than carne de puerco(pig meat)...and he apologizes to the animals for comparing her to them. After he leaves Isa snivels that she wants to change her cold and calculating heart and that Facundo is the only person that can help her do that.

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Here's a new page for your thoughts.  Enjoy the week!

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Que Te Perdone Dios #84???

Sorry, but Hulu hasn't posted Friday's episodio and I couldn't watch it yet.  If and when I'll try getting highlights up.--ed.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hasta el Fin del Mundo #191 20150515 Finalmente el Fin del Telenovela

Thanks to all of the recappers....

and yes, Jarifa who filled in for me in the comments often!  I really appreciate it.

Also thanks to all the commenters who came back everyday!

I also rely on CC and they sucked last night, so if I missed anything or didn't quite get it right...I apologize.

  • Chava is freaking out about finding Sophia.  He is harassing poor Fuzzy Tavarez.
  • Meanwhile, Armando is trying to convince Regina that Peralta is not the fine upstanding citizen that he portrays.  Regina's getting a fine upstanding paycheck from him, so she's going to be a hard sell.  
  • Speaking of the devil, Peralta is out on his yaght enjoying libations with Mike Stone (the American, who speaks english with a thick Mexican accent)...OK who in the hell is Mike Stone?  I don't remember him or wasn't paying attention.  Anyways, Peralta and Ricardo...(who in the hell is Ricardo?) accuse Mike Stone of double crossing them about the buying product from other dealers.  Mike throws in an English word every once in a while and swears that he did not double cross them.  Anyways, Ricardo shoots Mike in the chest and he falls FACE DOWN into the middle of the ocean.  Theoretically, one would believe that if the bullet wound doesn't kill him, he will drown.  More about that later.  
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Friday, May 15, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #64 Friday, 5-15-15

Good Evening, Peeps!  Well, I thought I’d lighten the mood a little bit here on the patio with our beloved Casa de Caramelos, The Candy House!  You’ll see why.  Let’s get right to it!  This was a rapid fire episode (no pun intended) with lots of jumping around.

We have a brief rewind of the biddie and bile (Val) attack in the plaza.  Aldonza goes upside Vale’s head – WHOP!! – and tells her she’d better back down before she gets smacked down - again.  Vale tries to play hurt for the biddies.

Over at Las Animas Cande tells Sev he MUST come home!  Their grown son needs his diaper changed and she doesn’t want Aldonza doing it!  Hell no, there’s lots of moola  in play with his horsey deal.  He hangs up on her.  Simonetta/Viviana (S/V) is with him, he scoffs that she wouldn’t understand these situations with kids, not having any.  S/V tells Sev she DOES have a child and he doesn’t care about her life.  He tells her to shut it and don’t start with her drama!

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Amores con Trampa #35 Facundo tries and keeps on trying to avoid trouble but he seems to be a magnet for it

Out of control, Santee fires Esteban in his house in front of Isabel
Outside Gallo, Gusana and Jacinto see Esteban get in his car… he looks down/upset.
Santee and Isabel in their bedroom, he is still outraged that Isa did not tell him Esteban was interested in her… She claims she would never pay attention to Esteban. She tries to walk away while he is still outraged, he won’t let her.  But she is not willing to tell him her secret… (she thinks noone will know..)
Fac, Gusana and Jacinto approach Esteban at his car window, Esteban tells them Santee fired him. Gallo says maybe its better for anyone to stay away from ‘those’.  (Jacinto, Gallo and Gusana keep whispering in each other’s ear and it sounds like it is birds chirping loudly)
Beto and Rocio are talking outside at Tia Clarita’s house. Rocio is asking him for explanations about the appearance and attitude of his ‘ex’ ‘Meche’.  (Tia Clarita is arguing with her pig, who is also named Clarita). Poor Beto, now Tia Clarita also wants explanations…  Seems ‘Meche’ has such a reputation of revolting/tough character. 
Gallo and Esteban come back in the office… Gallo has a new bug to place in Santee’s hair… he has just named Esteban his personal lawyer… Gallo wants to twist the knife ‘how does that feel?’  Santee starts yelling “GET OUT!!!” but noone moves…
Back at the Carmona house, the grandma and grandpa are arguing, as always.  Gallo arrives home.  HE is happy (still enjoying the blow he served Santee).   He has good news for Maria.  She wants to know if its Beto coming back. Not quite.  HE just hired Esteban to work for him at the office. Grandpa celebrates loudly, then asks ‘what was the good news?’ LOL!! Maria and Grandma don’t quite see the ‘good’ in the news. Gallo explains that the ‘good’ was the look in Santee’s face… he turned red as a lobster!
At school, Diego catches up with Carmen.  She is having mixed feelings about the photo shoot session. 
Francis comes and confronts Carmen… now that Feli and I will have a baby, you better butt out. Then Francis keeps the offenses telling that a cavegirl that smells like pigs would take Feli from her. Of course this was enough for Carmen to lose her cool so she slaps Francis right as Feli is arriving, so he questions what Carmen did (slap Francis) since Carmen knows that Francis is pregnant.
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Que Te Perdone Dios #83 – Abi Still Wants to Marry Her Uncle, Renata Wants to Give Him Half of the Inheritance, and Fausto Wants to Kill Him. And He and Benito Get Fired.

Refry: Julian tells Black Hand (Mano Negra) that he won’t tolerate anybody, not even his own big-mouthed son, revealing their past and getting them back into trouble with the law.

At the funeral home, Amanda explains to Diego that nobody told him the truth because it wasn’t their secret to tell, it was Vicenta’s. And Vicenta didn’t tell because she didn’t want Diego to think his mom was a ho with the patrón, and to stain Diego’s memory of her. Having everybody believe that Diego was entering into an incestuous marriage with Abigail was Vicenta’s way of “honoring” her daughter’s memory, I suppose.

New: Vicenta is put into the ground with strange African drums and wails as background music. The music was intense, but out of place in little Real de San Andrés. I have no idea why, in this class- conscious nook of the world, members of ‘high’ society have turned out for the funeral of this servant. Even Eduviges, who has been so cruel to Motor, is there to pay her respects to the Hacienda’s chief vegetable peeler. Everyone attending the hija de la criada’s wedding was a stretch (because the groom was a dyed in the wool peon), but at least there was the Renata connection. Not so here. Anyway, Max steps up to Diego for some recognition for having saved his life, and gets a nod. Pan over the black-clad crowd to Abi. If the ceremony had been carried out, would she and Diego still have celebrated their wedding night what with Vicenta being assassinated and all?
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

5/14 #190 Hasta el Fin del Mundo - Lucas gets a new luke, whatever

This is my last recap for this TN.  It’s been a hoot!  I’ve actually enjoyed this one.  Even though the storylines often didn’t make sense, it sure gave us a lot to talk about.

Depa de Isadora
Gerry has delivered the Injection of Doom.  He and Aldo.2 leave Isadora out cold on the floor.  Oliver arrives, suitcases and all.  He finds his mother dead to the world.  He receives a call from Daddy Dearest and cries as he tells him he’s afraid mums is dead!  Gerry tells him to remain calm and he’ll be right over.

Later, Gerry has arrived with the good Doctor Santivañes.  Oliver is frantic and doesn’t understand why Morgana wasn’t there but Gerry explains it was her day off.  Doctor reports Isadora is dead from a heart attack.  Oliver can’t understand.  She’d never complained of a heart problem.  Doc explains this happens suddenly sometimes, with no warning.  Gerry thanks the doc, asking him to complete his duties and Gerry will take care of the rest.  Ollie weeps over his mother.

Depa de Irais
Matias cooks for his chocolatito bonbón. They make plans for a family with children and dogs…..zzzzz
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La Sombra del Pasado #63 Thursday 5/14/15

There's really only gonna by a short version. Honestly, I'm thinking a long version will not be forthcoming. I'm tired. My students are tired. I'm trying to pack up my room and there's dust and bug carcasses are everywhere and I'm pissy and I don't have a Val or a Cris to slap around. I want an inflatable Val doll that you slap and it pops back up for more slapping.

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5/13 #189 Hasta el Fin del Mundo - two days to go and we have new characters! A half-clad native and a half-mad felon.

Patricio, Alone with his thoughts
“That  old ‘Zorro’ did all this on purpose to bury me, and I fell in his trap like an imbecile.  And now I’m gonna have to pay for his crimes.  ¡Maldita sea!”

Casa de Armando
Nandito prays while we hear “Ave Maria” in the background as Armando looks on.  Oh brother. 

Penthouse del Perdición – Dulliver grows a pair
Geronimo wonders when Oliver left the office.  Oliver explains he went to see Dani and then stopped by to see his mother.  He’s happy to say she’s no longer drinking and is in a support group.  Geronimo immediately pounces – She’s not to be trusted.  Isadora’s will power is very weak.  Well, Oliver has a lot of confidence in her.  He sensed a great determination on her part never to drink again.  Geronimo scoffs and admires his optimisim.  But this is not Isa’s first attempt at sobriety.  She’ll soon break her resolve and return to drinking with more gusto!  Oliver finally stands up to his dad, “From this point on, when you speak of my mother, you do it in a more respectful tone.  Even though you are separated, I hoped we could be a family.  Nothing would make me happier than to see my parents live in harmony.”  But Dad thinks that’s impossible.  He’ll always see Isadora as a sick person, a parasite who lives only on what he gives her.  She doesn’t inspire any respect in him. 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #62 - Wed 5/13 - Longest bus ride ever

Lola runs into Emmanuel after his confrontation with the doc.  He tells her he's not Humberto's son, but he did learn something important…there is something turbio (shady) going on as concerns his parents.  *cough*thisonegotallthesmarts*cough*  Lola recommends a manita de puerco (twisting his arm) and offers to help, but if Doc was going to give up the goods, he would have done it already.  Em is going to start investigating, but he's got bigger fish to fry at the moment…Solitario is being sold off and he's determined to buy him!  Mari's going to get her daddy to give him a loan or something.  Lola doesn't buy that--nor I!  Em tilts Lola's face to look in her eyes and asks if she's jealous.  Lola denies it, huffily and walks away, also huffily.

Uriel gave Irma a pill and some tea and she's finally resting.  He asks Mari how she's doing with Emmanuel.  She brings up the "favor" of a loan for…well, it's complicated…there's a horse.  Uriel says Emmanuel would need collateral, and no, they won't accept the horse as a guaranty.  Uriel knows what "Don" Sev's horses tend to go for and he thinks Emmanuel needs to start with an economy horse rather than a luxury model.  Since batting her eyelashes has been unsuccessful at getting Uriel to change his mind, Mari is outta there with a swish of her ponytail.

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Amores con trampa #33 and #34 5/13/15 and 5/14/15

Jarifa's recap will be in the comments. What will the next two episodes bring us? Hopefully more Margarito!!


La Sombra del Pasado #61, 5-12-15

Recap courtesy of HellaShelle

The Short: Pru tells E that Hum’s his dad. Hum clears that up, but refuses to tell E who his parents really are. E is furious. Lardo hits Val up for money; she refuses. Lardo wants to go after Pru for money, but Tomás threatens to kick him out if he does, so he backs down. Tomás wants Pru back. Adelina tells PJ she loved Ray. Sev forces himself on Sim! After some soul searching, Aldonza tells Cris she was raped…but not who did it. She worries how this will affect their future, but he’s in it to the end.

The Long:Emanuel asks Mari for help convincing her dad to help him buy Solitario. She eventually agrees. Simoneta tells Sev that he acts more like a jealous guy than a worried father, and reminds him that Cris is much younger and whole of body.

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Que te Perdone Dios Capitulo 81 - The Devil You Know

Hello, sorry for the delay but im putting this page up for discussion, I am still working of the recap.

Refritos: Ren is mumbling that today is the day their baby marries for love while Vic is wising her pride in Diego  since he will be the best man on Planet Earth from this day on , experiencing Abi's happiness to the fullest  till the throats go sour like Yellowstone ! Aww i just wish they would marry soon since Mat is slowly grinding my nerves no wonder Connie went crazy, she predicted the future! Anyway Diego, Vic and Dom share a triple hug like no others ( Hopefully it's not their last share of happiness before the Devil knocks on their doorstep soon enough.) . Speaking of Mat, Ab's just tossed bitter feet unto him cause there can be no more between them and Mat feels  squashed (  But Jesus Christ, Ab's so pretty in her dress while Mat should go hide in Antarctica)

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5/12 #188 Tue Hasta el Fin del Mundo – Alexa’s plane has vanished! ¡Que te lo digo yo!

Lucas thanks everyone for his success --  mom, Abue, and Dani – yay.  Lucas is taking everyone out to dinner to celebrate.  Lucas dreams of everything he’ll buy when he’s successful, a house for mom and abue and a recording studio for Dani.  She tells him she wants nothing but to be with him.  How do you say Pre-Nup in Spanish?

Casa de Chava
Armando and Nandito are visiting with Marisol.   Armando tells her about his plans to go to French Guiana in search of Alexa along with Paco and Greta.  Marisol offers to babysit while he’s gone.  Just then, a news bulletin on the tele announces the jet carrying Alexa Ripoll has been reported missing and has presumably fallen into the sea. They’re all in shock and Armando assures Nandito Alexa has to be ok.

Armando gets on the phone to the airport as Sofia and Chava walk in.  Nandito is crying and breaks the news to them.  Sofia doesn’t want to believe it and breaks down.
Peralta the Conductor
Peralta air conducts Wagner and we can assume he’s celebrating Alexa’s demise.  Dulliver walks in with a sad sack look on his face and tells dad he wishes he could be as optimistic as dear old dad.  Geronimo insists Ollie has lots to be optimistic about – he’s a champ!  Not to mention the heir!  Ollie tells him money doesn’t buy everything in life.  He assures dad he’s very grateful for the opportunity he’s been given and is working hard to make him proud.  However, he just can’t get over Dani.  He can’t stop thinking of her and wanting her in his arms again.  He doesn’t know what to do or how to control his feelings.  Well, this is his lucky day.  Gerry says the time has come to recover Dani!  huh?  Geronimo explains he’s heard via his personal pilot that Alexa’s jet has vanished, and you know what happens when a jet disappears over water……uh, you get wet?

Ollie wants to rush off to see Dani but Gerry tells him to hold off until Dani finds out through the news.  She may not have heard yet, but when she does Oliver can console her and stay by her side.  Oliver worries this news will destroy both Dani and Sofia.  Gerry says, “It’s terrible that so much tragedy has hit the Ripoll home.  Hopefully this will be the end of their bad luck.”  He has to turn away from Olliver to hide his smirk.  bwa-ha-ha

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