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MEPS, Thursday, April 30, 2009, Cap. 53 – The Flashback Chapter – I’ll See You in My Dreams

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Once again, Cuidado has run over past 8:00 p.m., and MEPS starts at 8:04 p.m.

Flashback to yesterday: Franco sets a trap for Camilo, and he is ready for Barbara.

Fernanda invites Damian to go on their honeymoon. When they get back she’ll meet with the architect who will design the cultural center. She’s ready to begin their life together. He was ready to run out the door and get on a plane. Then he remembers the $3 million that Barb waved in front of him.

Jacinto fills Camilo in on some good dirt from Las Animas. Liver Lips Camilo thanks him and set out on horseback for Las Animas.

At the track Barb and Franco continue their game of poker. Not really. It’s a game that Barb has engineered to get Franco to put up $3 million right away to save Grupo Lactos. She’s told him how much she’s suffered at the hands of Gonzo and his miserable children. It’s not that easy, he says. But, it’s me, a desperate woman who’s trying to save her family. Franco offers her a hankie. (I hope it’s not embroidered with an “E”.) He asks her to stop crying. But, can you help me? Yes, or no? Cut to the cantina.

Jairo talks to Artemio’s henchman and makes a deal. Jairo wants to send Franco to Hell.

Franco says that his reply depends upon herself. He says it’s going to take more time to get $3 million. She says they’ll have to declare bankruptcy and her marriage is dead. At least, she says, tell me your intent. He says 24 hours isn’t enough time. Gonzo and Anibal didn’t want to tell him the truth. But, she’s appealing to his good heart. He won’t be sorry if he gets it to her within 24 hours.

At Las Animas. Camilo, the Jerk, is waiting impatiently for Jacinto who had to bicycle up the hill. Jacinto opens the door to Franco’s hacienda. Gardenia comes out to help him. What’s up – I thought no one was in the house. Gardenia doesn’t want to let him in – she’s the chief guard dog. Camilo throws her out, and he and Jacinto go in. Jacinto leads Camilo to Franco’s office and curses Gardenia.

Barb insists that this isn’t how she usually does business. She asks if his plan to do business with them has gone up in smoke. He says, you’re wrong Barbara. I’m going to do the impossible and come up with the money within 24 hours.

Gardenia is having a fit because she can’t get in the house.

Barb asks him if he’s serious and that she’s not dreaming. She kisses him. Franco is clearly moved. Like he’s moved to put her in her place but is a model of self-control.

Jacinto and Camilo tear up the office. Jacinto keeps trying to put the papers back in order that Camilo is throwing around. Finally Camilo comes across a folder. He’s found what he’s looking for and laughs his little dog laugh. Now he will know who Franco Santoro really is.

Franco, says Barb, you don’t know how much you are doing – saving the company, my husband and my family. Anibal has worked at this a lot – she doesn’t want to seem like an opportunist. Of course not, says he. She wants to pay him back somehow. She just returns the hankie to him. Editor: She’s promised $3million to Damian and now she wants $3million from Franco. Is this a coincidence or a shell game? Judge for yourself.

Jacinto and Camilo talk about what happened in the office. Camilo won’t tell him what he found and tells Jacinto that too bad for him. It’s his problem. Gardenia lets him have it too.

On the phone with Steve, Franco tells him that he needs $3 million sent to Mexico as soon as possible. Wish I had a friend like Steve.

At the hacienda Fernando flashes back to the day she saw Ed’s name on the crypt, the day that Liliana had a meltdown at home, and that she can’t take it anymore.

Barb reports to Gonzo that she’s brought it home – Santoro will deliver. He doesn’t like that she went behind his back – same old story. She did it for the family. She doesn’t want him to say anything to Anibal. She wants him to get all the credit. She reports to Anibal that Franco is now communicating with the directors of Power Milk and that Franco wants to seal the deal with him. Gonzo doesn’t want her to meet with Franco alone again. BitchWitch sits on Gonzo’s lap and kisses him. She can’t stand it, and neither can I.

At Las Animas, Franco arrives home to Gardenia’s report about what happened there today. He begs her to leave him alone. He wonders where he’s going to get $3 million.

Camilo tells Anibal that he’s found out why Franco came to Mexico – to see Erika??? Anibal has a fit that Camilo went through Santoro’s office. He calls him the usual Elizalde names – stupid, stupid, stupid. I couldn’t read the message –sorry, my screen is too small.

Anibal and Camilo continue discussing that Franco came to find his beloved Erika. He thinks Franco is planning to marry Erika. Camilo promises to behave himself. He’s going to watch Franco. Anibal warns him not to return to Franco’s house without consulting him. Camilo salutes and leaves laughing.

Erika’s folks have returned from Spain and are telling her what they saw. Daddy says shopping in Paris was the most interesting thing mommy did. Dolly wants him to call her Dolores. Erika tells them about Fernanda’s wedding – she flashes back to Camilo pushing her down. She tells them Camilo is past history and that Franco is her new man. Mom wants to know how she met him – at Fer’s wedding. What?

Franco flashes back to Barb’s plea to him and the lies she told him and that with the fall of Grupo Lactos something bad will happen to Fer’s husband. Ed says, I love you, Fernanda.

Erika continues bubbling over about Franco. Dad wants to know how serious it is. Erika say’s I’m in love with him. They toast and she says something that gives pause to her parents.

Barb enters Fer’s bedroom with papers about Lili’s commitment. Fer had been looking on the internet about the place – Fer says she agrees because it’s such a good place. Barb is all ready to send Lili off. Barb says Lili is sick, but she can be cured there. Fer agrees and kisses her. Once again, Barb is disgusted. So where is the money coming from to send Lili to a high end manicomio in Berlin?

At Pueblo Purification, Aurora is paying the price for calling off the wedding. Dominga is beating the S—t out of her. Dominga opens her cabinet, pulls out a garment and finds money and tells Aurora to shut up. She’s going out on the town. Aurora asks Santiago to forgive her, but he isn’t there. She’s talking to the walls. She flashes back to Santi asking her about her refusal and that he doesn’t understand her. She repeats about how she told him that they are from such different worlds and that their marriage would be a disaster. Knowing him has been great – a most precious memory. He keeps trying to get through to her – he has touched glory. But, now nothing is funny.

At the Elizalde’s, Fernanda is still playing on the computer and dreaming at the same time. She remembers talking to Fr. Bosco. She brings Father to tears about her tale of Ed. Meanwhile Ed is dreaming while she dreams. He’s going into her room. Shirtless, he touches her hair while candles burn. He kisses her forehead, and she wakes up and smiles at him and calls him, my love. He tells her he loves her so much, and they kiss. This is the moment we have been waiting for. He’s been waiting for it all his life. We hear the theme song as they continue kissing and caressing. She says she needs him near her. He says this is the most beautiful moment of his life. We are left to drool as the two topless lovers get it on – in their dreams.

Barb is at the manicomio talking to Dr. Obregon. He says transferring Lili to Berlin is going to be very traumatic because she’s been there for 15 years. He wants to know who authorized this. She is going to bring the papers. He tries to warn her. She says shut up, insect. You’re not even a psychiatrist and you better start looking for work because when Lili leaves, you’re out of a job.

Margarita and Fer chat about the community center. Fer gives Marg a copy of the plans and specs for the project. And, tells her about the cheese festival. Silvestre wakes up and starts shouting for his daughter. He’s not wearing his glasses and is walking into the walls. He wants to go to Franco Santoro’s house – isn’t that what he’s called. Marg and Fer give each other a nod.

At the unhappy house, Las Animas, Gardenia is nagging Jacinto about the evil deeds of Camilo at the hacienda. She says that Camilo can come and go and treat you like a dog. Suddenly, Franco enters. Gardenia wants to tell him what Jacinto did yesterday. Franco calls Jacinto out to talk to him. That’s it, says Gardenia. I’ve had it.

Martina is brushing Lili’s hair when Dr. O knocks and tells her that Barb is in his office and that the Elizalde’s have decided to ship Lili overseas.

Avances: Barb wants Lili ready to leave – Dr. O burns records. Is Ed caught at identity theft?


MEPS Wed. 29 April - Cap 52 - Having Lots of Balls...In the Air

Lili is in meltdown, she repeats that she killed her mother and now it will be her fault that her father will die, so she has to get help to die instead in order to save him, Gepetto is confused but surviving and luckily doesn't quite recognize Franco Santoro, Barb is preening for her lunch, Anibal is jealous because Dad thinks more of Barb's executive acumen than Anibal's, Aurora isn't rushing into a marriage with a stranger, and

Santi agrees that the only reason to marry is for love. He is happy to wait until Aurora and he can really marry for love, but Dominica is going to be plenty po'd when she finds out she isn't likely to get the cushy retirement she was promised as the yellow-ribboned suegra (MIL) Wondering what made her so sad and gloomy (ponerse achipolado) Martina tries to pry out of Lili what Barbara did to scare her while she was left alone with her to go off on the ruse to find Damian.

Franco assures Gepetto that he has been in the States since he was a boy so he couldn't look familiar. Oh, oh, there is that ominous knock from Jairo Roca at the yellow submarine door, Jacinto looks his usual scared but a glimmer of glad that Franco is just in the other room putting Gepetto back in bed.

Santi tearfully tells of his first love at age 12 when his curls were really, really cute and he was in love. He has flashbacks of Fernanda's christening as he adds, I thought I would die for love of Erika, Aurora wonders, wasn't she the woman I met at your sister's wedding? I passed by her ranch every day wrote verses for her, and made drawings for her, but Erika treated me with indifference and fell in love with Camilo. He has hidden his feelings since and felt like no one would love him. He asks Aurora to come with him now. Aurora you are unique, you are an extraordinary being (we just can't see more than the physical beauty on a sourpuss face out here in Beanielandia) I never thought that you would exist here on the earth. She pouts, he turns and leaves, we leave her looking sad and tearful behind the gushing fountain. Her coldness makes her shared dna with Barbinator all the more believable.

Jairo forces the door open and says he is sure Jacinto is hiding the old man, he is going to tell me where Martina is. She has robbed him and he is going to get even. Franco quietly steps into the fray. Is this subject a friend of yours? this friend is a big bully (matón) I am talking with a big thug(hampón) who is a little bully (matoncito) As Jairo waves the fairly convincing looking gun, Franco dryly asks, think you are capable of using this toy (juguete)?

Vladi answers the door bell ringing, drunk as a skunk, it is Damian who looks down his nose at the messy apartment. as he clears crumbs, he asks why are you taking it out on (agarraste contra) the furniture. what were you doing with my sister-in- law (concuñada). what you are doing is too much. Vladi stumbles into a defense, she is the best, she is the only woman in my life. Are you going to end up on the street with this. Don't offend me and when did you have this woman in your arms. Listen to me, earth to astronaut Piniero, Piniero, When did she twist your arm. You and I have to make a deal (trato).

Jairo is more aggressive when hearing Franco say, Who is this? He swaggers, a cavalryman for justice (jinete justiciero), after we all roll our eyes at this hubris, our hero ends up saying, he is Franco Santoro. Jairo withdraws the gun and says sooner or later we will meet in the street and it will be another matter.

We can make some money here says ever practical Damian, that's a joke. Why are you sure that Pris is coming to look for me. She has changed lately, this transformation is the result of love. something has changed in side. Don't play with me says the flailing Vladi. Damian's idea is taking shape, we have some hard issues here (contundentes) She never would have become impregnated you under ordinary circumstances. Vladi starts to see that Damian is taking him seriously and maybe has a thought, clearly he can't think.

After Jairo leaves Jacinto and Margarita tell him about the scene he made when he came looking for Martina and all the damage. Franco thinks it is a good idea to keep Martina hidden at the asylum for her sake not just for Lili''s. Margarita points out that Jairo changed his tune when he heard the name of Franco Santoro. He is a brute and he is a betrayer.

Jacinto also tells about Camilho wanting to search Las Animas, (esculce) he wants to know more about your life. Franco smiles, when he enters the office I will have plant something for Camilo so he has a very good surprise.

Barbi primps for her lunch with cleavage and jewelry forming a pleasing focal point with the lowcut red dress. Power dressing at it's best.

She gets a phone call from Cigarman who demands to know whats going on with Franco. She wll have an answer in two hours after their meeting. he is having someone else gather (recabando) information on Franco. She wants to know who is searching but Cigarman Artemio doesn't want her to know. And forget about the priest just now, You might need to liquidate Franco.

Anilbal has systematically robbed his wife, declares Damian, warming to his subject with the possibility of a good smack down of his useless brother-in-law. Vladi is still reeling slowly but paying more attention as Damian gets to the point, But you can aid the woman of your dreams. You need to tell Priscila that her husband is robbing her. How can I do that. Damian hesitates with a warning, now listen, for no reason are you to tell her that I was here. I will tell you exactly what you need to know. - Break.

Gardenia in her efficient secretary mode, reads from her list the calls Franco has had, The young Camilo Eliszldte. called again, someone who did not identify themselves but said it was a matter of life and death needs to talk to you, Franco says calmly, get a name and I will call them back, and also Barbara Greco called to confirm your lunch meeting with her. Erika goes ballistic about why he would have lunch with the hyena who might do him harm. He thanks her and says he will keep it in mind and dials Steve as she swishes out of the room.

Steve I need your help. He quotes the lion and fox message we got last week to see if Steve knows anything and of course he knows immediately that it is from Machiavelli in his book, The Prince. Then what does Isaac Newton have to do with this. Not much, they lived in different centuries and different countries.

Jairo asks for his greasy black coated guest if he sees anything he likes, but finds out he is looking for Franco Santoro. He reveals he is or is using the name, Rene Manzanares, regarding Franco, Jairo senses some action but Rene dully says he is not and friend nor an enemy, he is just trying to find out about him. (I kept waiting for him to break into a medicine man dance and birng out feathers and beads ala FELS, but no, this man knows his role here).

At the glassed dining room at the Race track, Barbara is more than ready for the race. we hear classical flute music as Franco enters in impeccable dress. She smiles coquettishly, and leans in for a kiss, he turns away and politely seats her instead.

This place is Gonzalo's and mine, we only have people here we consider very important. He is honored, She orders a Martini extra dry and he says yea me too. He reviews in his mind, Babara Greco, my mother's killer and ....
She looks him over with glistening drool, they clink glasses and play sexy eye games. BREAK

Mudfight at the old corral and Jairo continues his rant about Santoro. He does favors that get people to like him. I want to look for my students (pupilas) and get even for a spoiled (malogro) bit of business. [I never noticed before that Jairo uses such flowery euphemisms for a lowlife].

The game of cat and mouse continues, the lunch advances to Señor Santoro... you can call me Franco it feels more comfortable.

I want to ask you for a very special favor. She explains that he will understand that Gonzo can't know anything about this discussion. She reveals that her husband, Gonzo is the most jealous and controlling. and I want to ask a favor or another favor. Ask what you want, señora he responds. Call me Babara. This will make me grateful for the rest of my life.

Damian prepares reports or stuffs a few pages in a folder, actually he makes confetti of all the rest of his files. Remembering Barbara's words about how rich he will be What is going to happen to Peque and he remembers her saying $3 million is enough for that thought to disappear in smoke. The $3m and being with Fernanda will be mutually exclusive. Without notice, In comes Fernanda. He picks up tickets to shove in his coat pocket while she is carrying plans to go on the honeymoon trip. the director of finance is forbidden to work. Tomorrow at this time we will be flying on our honeymoon. We will leave all this behind and nothing, nothing, nothing will change our plans. [Doomed plans start with never or nothing or always, especially when repeated two or three times, right?] -Break

No one knows what a hell this last 15 years have been for me, reveals Barbara, the jealousy of my husband the ingratitude of his children, when I loved them like they were my own. Sorry, she sniffs the tears begin to roll cleanly past the extra thick eyeliner, to be sharing my confidences. Don't worry you can trust me. I can imagine you need to unload yourself on someone. The eyes dance without revealing the real person on each side of the table.

We as a family are very united and I will defend it no matter what the price. He coughs into his napkin to hide his reaction. Suddenly, she says, we need the money deposited in 24 hours. in exchange ask me what you will, she cries and says again, just in case he didn't get it, ask what you will. She thinks this will flush out his real desire to invest in Grupo Lactos.

Damian says, of course little one tomorrow we will go on our honeymoon. You have great hopes for this trip? She nods, at last we will be far away and alone. She talks about all that must be done before they leave, meeting with the architect on plans for the community center. He wants to start the honeymoon tonight. But she wants to relax and start fresh when they are away. Foiled again says his expression. remembering that Barbara said he will be gone.

Jacinto races into the Elizalde barn to appear from behind when Camllo rides through. Jacinto says I know you wanted a time to check out Santoro's office and I know he is not there today so it is your opportunity to look. Camilo says it's good when a dog knows its owner and rides off (looks to me like a case of swine flow not swine flu has hit the pueblito) Jacinto smiles and rides off on his bike, the trap is set. - break

The horse race is on Barbara and Franco look out the exclusive window at the track where the other horse race is on. What is your answer? She apparently expects an instant capitulation to her charms. He responds that it isn't easy to move this fast. She stands to circle behind him, to dispense with $3 million in 24 hours or not a week or a month what's the difference. The Elizalde family does have some problems, very grave problems. What is wrong with Grupo Lactos. It's not Lactos.with problems but the family. Gonzolo is tired and if this doesn't go better, he won't live long. Those silly boys, like Camilo only seduces girls. and Fernanda, poor Fernanda, Franco almost breaks What about Fernanda? She is always giving to everyone with her kindness and we need money for her projects to help the infants and mothers. He regains his composure to ask, And why are you telling all this to me, to help my family to sacrifice myself for my family. What do I have to do to receive a positive answer. She does ugly cry better than anyone and says she is desperate to save the business. He needs to think. She lets the tears roll without end. He hands her his handkerchief while he urges her, don't cry anymore. With her undaunted bravura, she says, Then tell me, are you going to aid me? yes or no! [Well you didn't really think you would get an answer tonight, now did you?]

Next: Camilho finds something hot in Franco's office and Franco finds something hot at the end of his lunch, - Barbara.

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Tontas - 4-29-09 -Wed -Many look but don't see and Women can only do 70 things in life...hmm

We open with more counseling of Chava about bedwetting. Pato tells him he did the same thing but his Pa showed him how not to. He would get up and go every three hours and then run back to bed. He would pray everynight for the super power to not wet the bed and eventually he didn't. The baby cries.

Pau shows up to give Mario some booty, but she reminds him she's not there for fun, rather because he obligated her. He reminds her if she makes him happy, he will not want to tell about anything, least of all intimate happenings. They make out and sink into the bed.

Back at Pato's he brings out the baby and they test the mildk to feed it, but then realize that the baby stink to high heaven and that it needs a changing. After drama beyond drama about the stink we see a blurred out diaper being wrenched from this poor sleepy little guy as if it was a timebomb. Eventually all turns out ok and I guess this was a bonding experience for Chava and Pa over the new esquincle. Poor baby. They never did feed it. They all decide to go to bed.

Pau arrives at the house late and is spied by Donato who calls her on her timing. She ends up offering money to see and hear nothing. He begs for more money and agrees when he gets it that he is now like Shakira, deaf dumb and blind.

When then go back to more Shanti/ Candi kissy face. He asks her if she ever wants. Wants what? You She says she wants a man she can trust, and takes care of her and seduces her. She says yes so he wants to know which room and starts naming them off. She eventually kicks him out and he leaves her with a bunch of roses for her to kiss if she misses him. Oh, and a mini bell that she can ring and he'll appear. He retired the official one but the little one is theirs. She tests it, he runs front and center. OK, cute. next...

Donato wakes up Santi to clue him in about Pau and Mario's indiscretion, and shows him the money.

Candy kisses Chava over the phone but he's going to school with Pa who makes him a "sexy" breakfast. Oh pulease.

Shanti thinks it's strange that this happened but he doesn't care because she's his ex. He tells Donato to keep the money, he's been told nothing remember? Donato remembers how much he's losing his memory.

The institute gals are looking at their new web page which will be launched at a press conference officially tomorrow. Candy says they all get to go and Chayo will make the plane reservations and Candy will beg Meno to let Lulu off.

Santi is whispering in the office to Lalo that he and Candy are now novios. Horty over hears this and wants to congratulate her. Santi tells her it's a secret so don't say anything to her. You look but don't see, listen but don't hear and open your mouth but don't speak. She takes this as another opportunity to try and flirt with him.

Lalo isn't sure that Santi can reject another woman and he needs to convince Candi of this. Santi wonders where the heck he's been for the last few months, brother. They have an exchange about whether he's told her this same thing and he says sort of but she maybe thinks he's joking or something or the message isn't being transmitted so well, but she's not quite understanding. Lalo thinks of course, because she's a women and it's scientifically proven there are only 70 things she can do in life. Santi is interested. Lalo doesn't know the first 69, but for sure sweeping is one. Nice. Santi tells him this is why his wife kicks him in the shins all the time. Lalo promises to take care of the clinic so Santi can be with his girlfriend. He thanks him and gives him a huge kiss when Horti walks in and screams at this. She wants one too.

Pato takes Chava to school, runs into Beto who asks why he didn't get to sleep over and explains because Chava had to understand about the baby. Pato gets in trouble with Soledad for treating the boys differently. He tells her to chill out and that Chava was there because of his issue with the baby and nothing's wrong he loves them both. Yeah Sole chill a little, eh?

In the office, Barb wants to ignore work but learn instead what Santi said when Candi rejected him. He barged in and says look at him, he wasn't rejected they both decided to get to know each other more. They joke about psychology, and whether he's lying about his feelings and whatever. Candi call him a blockhead and they joke and she rings the bell he comes back, blah blah. Cute lovey stuff. I'm not sure if this is better than the fighting.

Donato visits Tina in the hospital and she asks him to lean over to give him a kiss and thanks him for supporting her and giving her hope and calming her fears. Very sweet. He told her the Virgen would take care of her. He asks for another, but doesn't get one

More Mario schmoozing Pau and begging her to be lovers so no one will find out. He loves her. He thinks he'll stay in Guad for her if she won't go back to NY. He thinks she liked their humping session despite her protests.

Raul is moaning about dining solo all the time and Sole sort of completes his thought. He thinks maybe it would be nice if they had dinner together so he asks and she says yes to his surprise. Guess this is the beginning of he finally over his dead wife and her surrogate Candi?

Pato and Ma talk about how Ali loves him and Candi is over and he needs to move on. He's not ready. He says Ali is only the Ma of the baby. She hears this and walks up right then and asks if he told Ma Pa lives there too. Ma is impactada, but Pato explains it's a big house and so forth.

Zamora moves into the big house and fights with Donato about carrying his suitcase. Of course Issy and Jaime get to greet him and of course they take this moment to ask him about the origin of his name, not liking it much. He explains his real name is Carlos, but he got Zamora from his adopted dad when he was little and he likes it. They agree to call him that and Jaime tells Issy he is reminded of his lost son whose name was also Carlos. OK, we get it now. More blows to the head.

Santi and Roci are making chipotle chicken and Candi begs Pato to finalize the divorce. Cute scenes of them cooking together.Raul and Sole dine and he finds out that she llives with Ceci, but not the way he thinks. They are not a couple. He likes to hear that. He tells her about the magazine. They are getting on well.

Chava and Candi are arguing about why he should change his underclothes every day if they aren't dirty, and she says because you just do. She then explains that his Pa has plenty of love for him and the baby, his love multiplies.

Tina goes home and Donato offers to help her to bed for her prescribed rest. And they took out the tumor, but not her character.

Candi shows up at Pato's office to sign the papers and he blows her off. She wonders why he's doing this, but lets him off the hook and tells him to call her when he can go forward. He tells God he can't do this, he loves her. He calls and cancels the appointment and refuses to make a new appointment.

Santi talks to some patient chic when Pau shows up and he is mad because he's busy with patients. He begs her to stop, he doesn't love her anymore. She steals a kiss and he gets made and calls her abusive.

Pato and the boys are playing soccer when Ali shows up with the baby. She found out he didn't sign the papers. He tells her he's still in love with Candi. She's mad if she is only in the house for the baby. He says well, kind of. She says well she might not like this situation anymore and maybe will move into her own apt. He says look this is all your fault anyway, you begged me and wanted me to get close to the kid, come on.

Ali decides to play dirty and asks Chava if he would like to be living in the house with them. He doesn't think Ma would let him and Ali thinks she's egotistical (selfish).

Santi contracts the best private investigator in Guad to look for Marissa. He sees this case a little bit of a lost cause, he's not married, the law doesn't know this is his kid and she hasn't committed a crime, so she can't be dragged back. Sorry, but this would be a crime here if proper attempts weren't made to get the father's consent. Anyway, PI agrees to help the desperate Papa.

Pato brings Chava to the institute because he wanted to see Candi. He wants his parents to live together, but she says they can't. He gets mad and runs off. She cries that he wants to live with his Dad and not her. Huh? I didn't get that, but whatever. I think it's funny, she has remnants of a tear before they even discuss everything, so clearly this is at least the second take. Funny.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doña Bárbara - Wed., Apr. 29: As María Nieves would say - Malo, malo, malissimo

The loathsome Leon shoots María Nieves and Carmelito again and takes the money.

Santos accuses DB of forcing Marisela to marry Gonzalo.

Sapo's henchmen use a branding iron on Juan Primito to try and force him to tell them where DB and Eustaquia are.

Antonio is taken to jail. When he is gone Cecilia says that she can't take any more.

DB tells Santos that this time she isn't doing anything wrong. He asks how he can believe her after all the things she has done. "A if this time you are wrong, Santos Luzardo?" DB asks just as Pajarote comes in to tell Santos about Antonio's arrest.

Marisela goes into Gonzalo's office but now he has locked his desk drawers. Marisela is about to force the drawers open when she says that she can't risk being caught. She says that she has to think of another way of getting the photos.

Antonio demands to be let out of jail and he says that this is all Gonzalo's doing.

Santos comes to Gonzalo's office and demands to see him. When Marisela says that he isn't there, Santos tells her that Gonzalo has set a trap and gotten Antonio arrested. Santos tells Marisela that if she is marrying Gonzalo to get back at him, he hopes she is very happy.

Antonio is not permitted to have visitors in jail.

At the new La Chusmita, formerly known as Danger's house, Eustaquia wonders where JP is. He has been gone for hours and missed a meal, which is unlike him.

Leon shows Tigre the money he stole and tells him that he killed Carmela and MN.

Carmelito tells MN that he is dying. He asks MN to give his love to Gervasia and his children, etc. MN tells him to hold on and drags himself away to get help.

Leon and Tigre decide to hide the money and wait until the troubles with Sapo are over so that they can escape with Leoncia and Celeste.

Santos tells Cecilia that he will bail Antonio out of jail. She reminds him that he doesn't have any money. He and Pajarote say that they will go to Progresso and get the money from Carmelito.

Gonzalo tells the corrupt judge from the hacienda trial that he wants Antonio to stay in jail for a long time. The judge says that Antonio's signature on the order aren't enough to convict him. Gonzalo pressures the judge to set a very high bail for Antonio so that he will have to stay in jail.

Marisela realizes that the call she was listening to when Melquíades interrupted her was Gonzalo arranging for Antonio to be arrested.

Gervasia is worried that Carmelito hasn't returned. Altagracia tries to comfort her but Gervasia says that she has had a knot in her throat and felt something in her heart that tells her something bad has happened. Now she's got Altagracia worried, too.

MN manages to drag himself to the road and collapses. Mujica finds him there. Carmelito's horse comes back alone to Altamira.

Genoveva meets Marisela on a patio. [They've been using some new exteriors lately.] Genoveva tells Marisela that Antonio's arrest comes at a bad time for Cecilia because Antonio doesn't have the money to baby Lucía's hospital bill and if she could die if she can't stay in the incubator. Marisela tells Genoveva not to worry. She can help them.

Gervasia and Altagracia tell Santos that Carmelito's horse has come back without him.

A person we can't see pays Antonio's bail with a big wad of money. Presumably, it is DB.

Santos et al are deciding what to do when Mujica comes to tell them about MN.

DB comes to see Eustaquia and hears that JP has disappeared.

Sapo's henchmen are playing dominoes on the unconscious JP. He wakes up but doesn't let on.

Back at El Miedo, Leon and Tigre are coming back from burying the stolen money when they find Melquíades organizing a search for JP. Melquíades looks at Leon and Tigre suspiciously as they had shovels behind their backs but he says nothing.

Cecilia asks the hospital administrator to give her more time to get the money to pay baby Lucía's bill. The doctor tells her that a young lady came and paid the whole bill. Cecilia realizes that it was Marisela and we remember the money that DB paid her for El Miedo.

Dr. Arias tells Santos that MN is dying. Altagracia begs MN to speak to her. She prays for him.

JP waits until his guards have fallen into a drunken stupor and runs away. He braves the one-eyed alligator and swims across the river. Facundo and Sapo's goon are in pursuit while Melquíades is on the other side of the river.

Marisela is looking at a picture of Santos and flashing back to their love on the beach when Cecilia comes in. Marisela denies that she is mooning over Santos. Cecilia says that Marisela can't fool her. She asks Marisela to trust her and tell her the truth. At this moment, Gonzalo comes in and Marisela puts on her sickly smile.

JP tells DB what happened to him. DB cries and holds him. She says that Sapo will pay in full ('pagar con creces'). She says that Sapo just told her how she will kill him.

The Altamira folks find Carmelito and I'm sorry to say that it looks pretty much like he is dead.


Doña Bárbara - Tues., Apr. 28 - Bad stuff in the Arauca: Carmalito gets shot; Antonio gets the hospital bill and gets arrested; JP gets captured

I didn't have time to do my regular recap last night but so much happened that I can just do the highlights and we'll have plenty to discuss.

Our worst fears were realized: Leon shot Carmelito was shot in the chest. María Nieves was shot, too but apparently not too seriously. Now why on earth were these two riding back to Progresso on horseback when they could have just taken the bus on the nice new road that Santos has built? We know why, of course, they had to be someplace where Leon could ambush them.

Sapo's henchmen capture Juan Primito and are trying to force him to tell him where the people at El Miedo are. This really didn't make sense to me because why would Sapo have any reason to believe that everybody isn't in the big house at El Miedo? The writers made an unusual mistake - they had DB saying that she was sending the women to La Chusmita but when DB goes to see Eustaquia, it is clear that they are in Danger's house, not La Chusmita.

Antonio gets the bill for baby Lucia's care and he doesn't have the money to pay it. Cecilia offers to sell her house in Progresso to pay it but Antonio refuses. If that weren't bad enough, Gonzalo has Antonio arrested for embezzlement.

DB tells Eustaquia that she believes that her trip to the pozo has reunited her with her 'partner' ('socio'), i.e., the native gods. She tells Melquíades that she has a plan to force Sapo to leave his hideout by having Marisela get the pictures of the rapists from Gonzalo's desk and having them published.

Marisela sees Gonzalo come back from Sapo's with a briefcase that he doesn't want to show her. She finds it later under Gonzalo's bed and is horrified at the amount of money in it.

Marisela just misses overhearing Gonzalo order Antonio's arrest when she is summoned to talk to DB by Melquíades. Marisela agrees to get the photos from Gonzalo's desk.

Santos, Cecilia and Antonio are all confused and angry by Marisela's decision to marry Gonzalo. Marisela is upset because they are being mean to her and she can't tell them that she is trying to help them and Genoveva is upset because she sees how stupid it is for Marisela to not tell anyone what she is doing but Geno promised not to tell.

Pajarote tries to make up with Genoveva but a) she is distracted because of the Marisela thing and b) Pajarote still isn't going with the love word. When Cecilia offers to sell her house to pay the medical bills for baby Lucia, Geno points that out to Pajarote as an example of real love.


Cuidado April 28. We’ve talked about it, talked about it, talked about it, talked about it. We’ve got to move on.

Reprise: Juan Miguel tells Mayita that he’s made a decision. Whatever it is, he says it’s cheering him up, and she’ll never see her daddy sad again. Mayita likes that, and feeds him a cookie.

Marichuy lies in the hospital bed sleeping. Patricio tells Ana Julia she’s free to leave and get some rest, but she plays the devoted lady in waiting and says she’ll stay. A nurse summons Pat to go talk to the doctor, and as soon as he isn’t looking AJ acts annoyed to be there and flops on the sofa with a magazine.

The doctor, in his enormously spacious office, tells Pat that Marichuy may go home in the morning (phrasing: será dada de alta = will be discharged) but that her blindness is incurable. The operation would be too dangerous.

New: Marichuy is awake, and AJ asks why she ratted her out to Pat. Before Marichuy can really answer, Patricio returns and tells Marichuy she’s going home mañana. Marichuy is dismayed because she realizes this means she isn’t getting the surgery. She makes Pat promise to search for the best doctors and treatments to cure her blindness, then agrees that she should be at home in the meantime. Pat again dismisses AJ, a bit more pointedly this time.

The next morning, Marichuy is warmly greeted at home by Ceci, Cande, Juanito, and Dora. Even Martirio says “welcome home” with what passes for warmth from her. Marichuy is still worried about how hard it’s going to be to get around, and she’s afraid she’ll fall while holding the baby, but Ceci assures her that she’ll get accustomed to things and be able to walk around on her own soon.

Over at the castle, JM and Onelia drink coffee together and JM tells Onelia that things went very badly with Marichuy. He went there with his heart in his hands and told her he loves her, but she’s very hurt and determined to hate him. Onelia says she doesn’t blame Marichuy for being a mess; it must be very hard to be blind, especially with a young baby.

Marichuy is slooooowly helped by her parents to walk down the hall and stairs to her bedroom. They can’t even give her back her old bedroom upstairs? They keep reassuring her that she’ll be fine. Marichuy says she’ll just keep believing that the blindness is temporary.

Juan Miguel tells Onelia that his plan is to find a way to cure Marichuy’s blindness. Focusing on that will cheer him up and give him a real way to help, and as we know, he is a specialist in ophthalmology despite never having practiced in that field and being brainless besides, so he’ll be able to find a way when the foremost experts in eye doctoring cannot. Onelia, looking like she’s just trying to humor him, asks whether he has an idea how he might accomplish that. Why, yes, of course. He’s going to operate. “Wait—you mean YOU’RE going to operate, yourself?” Onelia asks. Naturally. Onelia looks flabbergasted. How do you solve a problem like Juan Miguel?

After the commercial break, Onelia is still trying to feel out how serious he is. She points out the obvious: he is not an eye surgeon. No matter; he will do research on the internet. Oh, my. He will study day and night. Onelia tries to stay positive and navigate him away from Crazytown by saying she really appreciates now how much he loves Marichuy, and it’s so lovely, and she feels bad about how she treated them both in the past but they should forget that and live in the present. She seems to be blathering while she thinks up a polite way to ask why he wants to kill Marichuy.

More of the same self-pity from Marichuy, who has finally reached her bedroom with her entourage. Ceci tells her to fight her fears; she will not be useless. Some people are born blind and have fulfilling lives. Cande points out the tamale seller in their old neighborhood as an example. Marichuy whines that it’s harder when you weren’t born blind, but have blindness thrust upon you. Ceci practices her deep breathing and patience. Marichuy again asks Pat to promise to find her a surgeon, and he says he will but in the meantime, buck up, cowgirl.

Juan Miguel studies a basic ophthalmology textbook. He has a stack of more books. Eduardo (mi amor!) walks in and asks what’s up with all the books. JM fills him in on the plan and Eduardo looks justly concerned and reminds JM that he is not an eye surgeon. JM concedes that maybe he will find the best surgeon and just assist in the operation and make all the decisions. Ed knows that JM never makes the right decision about anything, so he just furrows his brow even harder…but still looks hot. JM, meanwhile, also still looks hot, but with his hair swooshed just so, bears an alarming resemblance to the blond Rice Krispie guy. Snap, Crackle, or Pop?

Marichuy lies in bed and daydreams about the hot hospital smooching. Cande interrupts and says she wants to talk to her about JM now that she is calmer.

Eduardo says he thought that Marichuy’s blindness was supposed to go away when the inflammation decreased (last he heard, Marichuy could see again already, but unlike JM he was not gullible enough to believe that). JM says, “Sit down and I’ll catch you up.” He tells Ed about Stef’s trial, Pat’s heart attack, Pat and Marichuy’s reconciliation, Marichuy falling down the stairs and the baby going missing, getting the baby back, his running away, and then finding out Marichuy is still blind and coming back, and the street discussion when she ran into the street and was re-injured. Gee, way to keep your best friend informed, Juan Miguel. Any one of those things would have been worth mentioning, maybe one day at the medical office you two share. Oh, wait, you never bother to go to work. Ed says, “es el colmo (that’s the limit)!” Ed just can’t believe all this, but agrees that Marichuy will need lots of help and someone to fight for her.

JM finally asks what’s going on with Ed, and Ed says that he and Beatriz plan to marry within the month, and of course he wants JM to be the padrino. He worries that JM won’t have time, what with his learning to be the world’s greatest eye surgeon and all. JM says not to worry; he can do everything.

Ceci finally gets Pat alone and asks what was going on when AJ said he and JM were arguing in the hospital. Pat says JM won’t leave Marichuy alone and all this is his fault. Ceci plays the Voice of Reason (finally!) and says this is not Juan Miguel’s fault. It is Stef’s fault that Marichuy is blind, and Juan Miguel loves Marichuy and would never want to hurt her, and besides, they share a son who will bind them forever. Pat says he won’t allow JM to be around Marichuy. Ceci backs down for now but her eyes say she isn’t giving in.

Marichuy tells Cande she doesn’t want to hear anything about Juan Miguel, because he ruined her life and she again blames him for her blindness. Rrrrr…I just want to smack her. Cande tries to plead his case, that he loves her and just wanted to talk to her and the accidents weren’t his fault, but Marichuy just says she wishes the worst on him. Cande is shocked that she would say that about her child’s father. Mari repeats that she wants nothing to do with JM. The apple doesn’t fall far from the twisted, knotty, worm-eaten tree. Cande looks heavenward and prays that Marichuy will see reason, then collapses on the bed frustrated.

AJ, wearing the thick black eyeliner of a conniving tramp who hopes JM will drop by, talks to Pat about her job. He wants her to help Marichuy learn to walk around confidently and get things for herself. He says AJ should make sure everything in the house is always in the same place so that Mari can walk without tripping and get more comfortable. AJ gets a wicked little gleam in her eye. Pat repeats several times that he trusts her completely, just so we know she can for sure be trusted to do the opposite of what he said.

Cande tells Marichuy that things will work out in the end; God “aprieta y aprieta, pero no ahorca” (tightens and tightens, but doesn’t hang…hang in the noose sense). Marichuy thinks God has forgotten about her, but Cande tells her to have faith and pray, and one day she will laugh and smile again and they will be as happy as they were before.

Ceci is in the church praying for a miracle. She doesn’t ask that it happen right away, but that some day they will find the right doctor who will give Marichuy her sight back. If only Ceci knew the perfect doctor was reading his Eye Surgery For Dummies and getting out his Fisher-Price doctor kit right now!

More Cande and Mari: You can do it! You can walk! I think I can, I think I can. Blah. Cande says she hopes Mari can get the bitterness out of her heart and forgive you-know-who. Mari says no, but if she gets her sight back, then MAYBE. Even though the blindness is NOT HIS FAULT. I can’t even remember what she’s really mad at him about anymore. AJ walks in and Cande’s face has Jaws Theme written all over it. AJ says she’s come to take charge of Marichuy, and Cande mentally throws holy water and readies her wooden stake. She keeps trying to flick AJ away, but when AJ says it’s direct orders from Pat, Cande gives in and walks away with the sort of swagger you see from thugs when they’re ready for a rumble.

Pat tells Cande and Ceci that he’s gotten AJ to help Marichuy because Cande is too old and tired. Cande is offended, but it’s true. Ceci just looks sad.

AJ insists that they have to start right away even though Marichuy doesn’t want to. They bicker.

Juan Miguel visits Israel’s office and asks to see Marichuy’s X-rays. Israel says sure but wants to know why, so JM says he’s going to revive his eye doctor career (which he never had) and fix Mari’s eyes. Israel nods and stifles a snicker.

AJ helps Marichuy to count steps as she walks around the house and feels where the furniture is.

JM and Israel look at the X-rays, and Israel says, “you do know this is a difficult case, right?” JM says he won’t be able to rest until he’s found a cure for Marichuy since this is all his fault. Israel insists that it’s not, regardless of what Pat and Mari say. He offers to help JM with whatever he needs. Like by coming up with a treatment or finding a better doctor on his own, I would imagine.

Cande tells Ceci that she doesn’t trust AJ. Ceci says she’s just jealous. Cande says that’s true, because she’s used to being the one who’s there for Marichuy, but still… Martirio joins them and says she doesn’t trust AJ either. Cande is delighted to have an ally and gives Martirio a big wink and thumbs-up. Ceci laughs.

While Marichuy begins her walking route again, AJ sneaks around, moving heavy fragile objects right to the edge of the table where Marichuy will be sure to run into them and knock them over. Deeply dark musica de suspenso plays, as though Marichuy was going to walk over a cliff rather than maybe bruise her knee and rid the house of an extremely ugly vase.

Avances: JM, in his PJs (with a shirt! Why?!), thinks he’s got the solution. Everyone discusses Marichuy’s medical prospects.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MEPS - April 28th - Damian Sees $$$, Lili Wants to Die, and Nanda Grows Up (Sort of)

First, I just want to thank all of your for you well wishes last week. I got quite the scare, and we’re still not sure what’s going on with me, but my doctor will get to the bottom of it. No, it’s not Swine Flu either! LOL I had some weird stuff show up on my MRI.

Also, I’m going to be in Mexico for two weeks beginning Tuesday, May 12th through Sunday, May 24th,, so long as my husband’s appointment at the US Consulate on the 15th doesn’t get cancelled because of the Swine Flu – they’ve cancelled all appointments for the week of the 4th. Can someone do my recaps for me on the 12th and the 19th? Thanks for the help.

Capitulo 51

From last night: Gonzo is reminding AB that it’s because of Barbie that Grupo Lactos Intolerance is the most important Mexican company in the world, and that Barbie has Gonzo’s full support. Nanda wants to move out of the Elizalde hacienda after her honeymoon with Damian.

At the Nut House Fr/Ed has come to see Lili. Lili tells him to leave, but Fr/Ed tries to comfort her, he asks what’s happened.

Marg and Jacinto’s Mellow Yellow House Silvestre is coming around. Jacinto explains what happened to him. It’s all coming back to Gepetto now, and he tells them about Jairo looking for Martina. Gepetto asks who Jacinto’s “friend” is that brought him to the house. Jacinto says when the friend shows up, he’ll tell him his name himself.

Damian enters Barbs office. Barb shows him some papers she’s received and wants him to sign saying that in 24 hours all that money will be his – he’ll be a millionaire.

Fr/Ed’s interrogating Dr. Demento about what exactly happened with Lili the night before, and if it was normal that Lili would attack Barb. Dr. D says no, it’s not normal, and Fr/Ed wants to know what could’ve provoked the attack. Dr. D says the only thing that could’ve brought Lili’s reaction on is fear. Fr/Ed knows its fear of Barb.

Dam’s looking over the papers – he’s getting $3 million dollars. Barb says she’s kept her promise - $1 million per year.

Santi , Rory and Dominga are in front of the altar. Dominga kinda looks like Mimi Bobeck from the Drew Carey show. Dominga wants to get the ceremony over with so she can get paid by Santiago. Rory stops the ceremony to talk to Santiago. Ruh Roh.

Barbie tells Dam once he receives the confirmation that the money is in his bank account she wants him to disappear forever. He’s not so sure now. He’s worried about what will happen to Fernanda. Barb asks after all this, he’s now in love with Fernanda? Dam looks uncomfortable.

Rory’s trying to talk Santiago out of the wedding, saying they don’t even know each other. She wants the falling in love, the dream of every girl. Not to be forced into a marriage. He tries to explain that if she wants to find out who her parents are they have to go through with it. She’s torn.

Fr/Ed pressures Dr. D into telling him if Barb is the reason for Lili’s fear. Dr. D stays quiet and Fr/Ed knows that says it all.

Martina is trying to comfort Lili. She’s trying to get her to open up about what happened. Lili’s remembering Barb’s cruel words. Lili begs Martina for help to die.

Dr. D tries to play dumb about Barbie. Martina rushes into Dr. D’s office and says Fr/Ed needs to go talk to her now. The Doc takes a much needed swig off his flask.

Rory tries, but can’t go through with the wedding and walks out of the church.

Damian signs the document for the money. He never thought he’d ever get the money. Barb says she’s thinking about leaving also, but wants him to leave first so nobody suspects anything. They toast to their newfound wealth. Dam says he feels like traveling to Polynesia. She tells him to make the most of his last night with Fernanda. They kiss.

Nanda is telling Gonzo she wants out of the house. Gonzo doesn’t understand why. She explains that it’s healthier for her marriage. Gonzo feels bad. Nanda says she doesn’t want to live with her brothers anymore either – it’s like their eternal adolescents. Gonzo says it hurts him, but he understands.

Lili is rocking back and forth saying she killed her mother and now she’s going to kill her father. Fr/Ed says no, no, and she finally recognizes him as the Rey Blanco. Fr/Ed tells Lili that inside the Rey Blanco he found a piece of paper with a phrase on it and a name, the name was ____________ (I didn’t catch the name), does she know what that means? She goes back to saying she killed her mother and will kill her father.

Back at the church, Rory is telling Santiago that he knows what they’re doing is not correct. She’s not sure she even wants to know the truth about her parents now and walks out. Dominga is pissed off that she’s not getting her payday.

Back at Elizalde Manor, Nanda is telling her Dad it would be a good chance for him to have some time alone with Barb also. She should only know! Father-daughter hug. Gonzo tells Nanda that before she goes, he wants her to help Barb with transferring Lili to the clinic in Berlin.

Martina is comforting Lili. Fr/Ed wants a moment alone with Martina. Martina tells Fr/Ed that she only left Martina for a few minutes when Barb sent her to look for Damian. Martina gives Fr/Ed the exact sequence of events. Fr/Ed figures whatever happened to Lili, happened in those minutes while Martina left Lili alone with La Hyena. Martina feels guilty.

Some creepy looking guy comes looking for Padre Bosco. I think it’s the Indiana Jones guy from the Cantina that came looking for Franco Santoro, but this time he’s in a suit with aviator glasses and looks more like a Secret Service Agent. The woman cleaning tells him Padre Bosco will be back tomorrow. Creepy guy’s phone rings – its Cigarman and he tells Manzanores to wait.

Fr/Ed tells Martina not to leave Lili alone for a minute. She agrees, but then wants to know if Fr/Ed has had time to go see her father, Silvestre. He lies and says her father is fine.

Speaking of Gepetto, he’s asleep and Marg and Jacinto are thinking about how bad Martina is going to feel when she finds out what happened.

Martina is worried her father will never forgive her.

At the GL offices, AB wants to speak with Damian. AB explains the company needs cash. Dam says he’s waiting for instructions. AB says he thought Barb was supposed to be transferring money from their holdings in Chicago, and Dam says she’s spoken with the broker. He says the money will be in by mid-day tomorrow. AB tries to dismiss Dam, but Damn gets one last dig in by congratulating AB on the baby, and says he’s sure it will look exactly like him. LOL

The mother-to-be, Priscila, is thinking about maybe calling Vlad. Nanda shows up in Prisci’s bedroom with a giant teddy bear for her future nephew. Prisci confesses to Nanda that her own mother abandoned her and her brother when they were little for another man. Prisci vows to be a good mother.

Dam is on the phone with Vlad, and now he’s agreeing with everything Vlad says. Dam says he’s going to give Vlad the formula to put the entire Elizalde family at his feet.

Santiago is still trying to convince Rory outside the church. Now he’s trying reverse psychology. He says she’s right, marrying should be for love. But he’s also just realized that he’s in love with her and wants to marry her. She sheds a tear, but says nothing.

Fr/Ed’s come by to see Silvestre. Jacinto explains that it was Jairo that hurt Silvestre. Silvestre comes walking out of the bedroom to see the man that saved him! He thanks Fr/Ed profusely. He asks what his name is, because they have the same blood running through their veins.

Martina is telling Lili about her father and her childhood and about the bracelet her father made for her. She gives Lili the bracelet for good luck. Martina says she knows something happened when she left her alone with Barb, she wants Lili to tell her what happened. Lili says if she’s alive then her father will die.

Silvestre is thinking Fr/Ed looks familiar. But Fr/Ed insists there’s no way and that his name is Franco Santoro. Just then somebody knocks on the door – it’s Jairo!!!!

Previews: Nanda promises Dam that tomorrow will be the beginning of their honeymoon and nothing will stop them.


Tontas Tuesday April 28, '09 Mario Tightens The Screws, Paulina Vows Not To Lose, Toño's Got The Blues, and Candy And Santiago Are A Snooze

Well, here we are again, with a whole lotta shakin' going on but not much action....yet. For me, the highlight of the evening was Lulu belting out Reina de Corazones. Our little lady really has a set of pipes....yowsa! Of course they did put her in a ridiculous dress (I'm ready to kill the costumer or the director or both) but no matter. She still gave a magnificent performance.

But that's later. Here's what came before. There's the mysterious conversation with Santi and Mario in the kitchen where Santi reassures him that Mario is "de una sola pieza" (a guy with integrity) and they have no need to go over old stuff with each other. Irony 101.

And then there's the little matter of Chava's jealousy of Patito. Clearly a fast fix as are all other problems in the show (other than Candy's reluctance to let herself go with a new love).

Now onto our sleazy PSA about older women being entitled to a pleasurable sex life. Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm all for it with the right guy.... but how could that possibly be Arturo? No matter. He's inviting Gregoria for a torrid weekend and after dithering for a while and consulting with her daughter (that strikes me as icky too) Gregoria decides to go for it. Sure hoping they don't have a product placement for some kind of lubricant. I wouldn't put it past 'em.

The big dinner at Santi's house isn't going that well. (do they ever?) Paulina's grumpy about Mario's behavior and Santi reminds her that Mario has always loved being the center of attention. Candy's jealous of Pau's presence at the table and in the house; Santi is thrilled...jealousy is an indication of love, in his books anyway...and they clear the plates and head for the kitchen to discuss the matter. (Tina's in the hospital recovering from surgery).
There's a sweet little scene, complete with that poignant romantic theme music, while Santi thanks Candy for reminding him that true love is what's important. It's not about jumping from bed to bed. In fact true love is so important it's even more vital than soccer! (we'll see how long that lasts). Candy agrees after a little hedging. Actually the part about this scene that I liked was he pretended to go way back in his ancestry all the way to the Tarahumara Indians...a tribe that first came to my attention when Nathan Pritikin wrote about them in his groundbreaking work on cholesterol reversal through diet. Okay, I know some of you are going to sleep...I'll stop right there! The scene ends with some kisses, but nothing that shivers these old timbers...and Candy reassuring Santi that she trusts him and it's fine for Paulina to continue staying at the house.

The lady in question is playing up to Rocio, talking about how they're a family again and maybe Rocio could bunk with her tonight. Santi puts the kabosh on that and zings Pau by noting her sudden devotion after living perfectly well without them for 8 years. And Rocio's off to bed in her own room, with Lucia. Score one for Santi. He's definitely large and in charge when it comes to parenting.

A brief squabble scene between Toño and Zamora. All a misunderstanding but I suppose it will be a while before Toño and Lulu actually get together. In the meantime, our little guy thinks Zamora is playing with Lulu's feelings. In a later scene Zamora assures him that even though Lulu's losing weight and looking better, she's Toño "terrain" and he's not about to go poaching. At this point, Isabella and Jaime arrive for dinner. Meño gives Zamora strict instructions to do a good job waiting on them. We learn that Zamora and Jaime have "really good chemistry" and team up well on the piano/singing bit. So we're pretty sure they'll find out they're father and son in the future. Definitely a big old theme here of fathers separated from sons and the longing for reunion. A little twist on the typical telenovela mother-child split.

Alright. Another quickie scene. Candy and Lulu are jogging but Lulu can't keep up (I've only got two legs!) so they jog in place for a minute while Lulu quizzes her....Iz you or iz you ain't Santi's baby? Candy denies it of course and we have a little memory rodeo of all the Institutitas giggling and gossiping about the romance. Totally middle school/junior high. Strange.

Now onto the power play going on between Mario and Paulina. She's saying it's over. He's saying it's not over until HE decides it is. In the meantime, he'll pressure her into his bed and into going back to New York with him. How? By threatening to tell Santi the whole reason she left 8 years ago was because they were lovers. She resists, seems to call his bluff several scenes later, but finally caves when he's about to spill the beans.

There's pressure of a more benign kind as Candy tries to drum up a little enthusiasm for the new baby brother. Chava's not interested and thinks Patito is a stupid name. No parent points for Candy. But later big Pato will save the day.

The Charlie/Daniella saga continues. She's afraid to go to the clinic and get tested. He vows to help her, support her, go with her. She's still hesitant. She needs a kiss. Because if she does have Aids, no one will want to kiss her. A very sweet kiss ensues. Somehow I found this beso far more touching than Candy and Santiago's. But I'm sure some of you feel differently. We'll talk.

Patricio is gushing about the baby, thrilled that he's at the house and totally uninterested in Alicia. She hands off Patito and heads off to sulk. Santiago's getting the bad news from Raúl that his baby is not dead but has been given up for adoption. Marissa wants you to suffer, adds Raúl helpfully (NOT!), thinking that some day you might pass him on the street and never know that he's your son. We pause a moment to consider the cruel irony of these two scenes.

Another quickie break. Lucia has a bunch of youngsters over to plan their Fiesta de Condones. Isabella thinks the name needs refining a little. How about Fiesta de Protección? And since they'll be giving young people all kinds of helpful info, not just about condoms, HIV etc., how about Fiesta de Alegria? So it is and so it shall be.

Santiago, in his distress over the adoption news, turns to Candy for comfort. Candy gives him her usual "don't worry/be happy" we'll find him and be together routine, and he jumps on it and says "together as a family?" Maybe. If all goes well, is her hedged reply. Now frankly, this just bugs me. She's all confident about finding the baby even though that's not in her power. It IS in her power to say whether or not she'll be with Santiago in the future. But on THAT, she refuses to commit. The woman is a tease, plain and simple. Strictly bromides and not now, maybe later from this chick. Give me a break.

Okay. Rant over. It's Paulina's turn to qvetch, anyway. She's lurking behind the hedge like an anorexic wicked witch, vowing over her dead body will those two form a family! Talking to yourself, now? queries Mario, who's also lurking. And forget about breaking those two up, he continues, Santiago's found "true love" at last. He wants to pull her off for a more extended talk. At first Pau resists. Then she goes. Then he kisses her. Donato sees them and clears his throat tactfully. Paulina slaps Mario in a feeble attempt to look innocent but our Donato isn't fooled. Mario amps up the threats a little bit and assures Paulina he's not a "trapo viejo" (old rag) to just be tossed in the trash. Looks like our fashionista is trapped for sure. They play out the tension a little longer with Mario actually going up to Santi and whispering that he has something very important to discuss and that's when Paulina caves. And Candy whisks off before Santi can ask again for some kind of commitment.

Arturo and Gregoria are at Candy's house, oohing and aahing over Patito. Arturo actually holds the baby and looks tenderly at the little tyke. (Could we actually be rehabbing this old coot? Hard to swallow, frankly) And big Pato steps in and takes charge, inviting Chava over to spend the night and get to know his little hermanito. He plays it up big, casting Chava as Big Brother with Superpowers, perfect for a little bro to play soccer with, learn from,, such a deal! Chava bites and they're off for a fun-filled evening, complete with Pato being the mechanical bull and jouncing our Chava all over the place. Good times.

Mario's back at the house, revising his story to Santiago. Since he can't rat out Paulina, he blows some smoke about needing advice to deal with his abandonment. But Santiago can't help. Not really the same situation. True, Paulina didn't have the guts to tell him face to face. But she did leave him a note. And since then their communication has been civilized and courteous. Not like the total abandonment that Mario's lover put him through. Said lover has just tromped into the guest room in a snit, banged her skinny shin on the bed (hooray!) and vowing to separate Santiago from Candy. (I just can't get anxious about this possibility but I presume we're supposed to worry. Yawn.)

Okay, our hyper Santiago has left the house and is jumping all over Meño like a giant cricket. We're novios, we're novios, we're novios, he chortles. Meño pretends to misunderstand and assures him that he and Tio Meño are NOT a couple! No no no, your niece and I, babbles Santi happily. He's in such a great mood that when he hears Zamora is homeless (not enough money from dwindling tips at restaurant to pay the rent. His mom has moved in with an aunt since they were thrown out of the apartment) that he offers our waiter lodgings at his place. (great...more opportunity to find out Jaime is really his long lost dad).

Okay. Enough of that. Now we've got alternating scenes with the Abandonados (more hip swiveling dance moves with Raúl and Lalo. Raúl is better...but they're both pretty good) and then our hot, but smokin' hot diva, Ms. Lulu's Back in Town, belting out a song like you wouldn't believe. Fabulous. She seems to blow off poor Toño when he tries to congratulate her (making a face to the Institutas like he's a big bother) but then wants a kiss. We have a great back bending fantasy kiss (you go Toño!) and then the reality brief peck. The girls reason he's be tall enough for romance if he stood on a ladder. Oh, poor Toño!

More palaver from the boys. A lame joke about easy women and what's the difference between American, French and Mexican conquests. A challenge when Lalo maintains that his woman is COMPLETELY SATISFIED at home, and he's put to the test. When asked, Chayo quips that she's RESIGNED rather than satisfied. This leads to lots of hoo-hah and wrestling. Do guys really act like this? The Institutitas and the Abandonados both seem stuck at the 6th or 7th grade level to me.

At Patricio's house, sibling rivalry has been solved but dang, that bed-wetting is still going on. Chava wants to go home to mom now that he's drenched the bed and his pj's but Patricio solves it all once more with fatherly understanding and they trot off to find dry sheets and nightclothes.

Alright. A wet bed for Chava. A lonely bed for Pato. An equally lonely bed for Alicia. A hotbed for Gregoria and Arturo? (Ugh, I don't even want to think about it.) A rancorous bed for Mario. He's forced Paulina to come and to get in it, but she's making it clear she's not there by choice. But who knows, maybe that's a turn-on for Mario. He's clearly into power games.

And what kind of bed...if any...for Candy and Santiago? He's built a little shrine to himself in her living room, complete with a picture of him with his "chinos" (curls). She thought he'd be with his Abandonados but he'd rather be with her. And Meño gave him the key. And Chava's not there. And neither is Gregoria. She's all cool and coy and ready to give him a kiss and send him on his way. He maintains that his kisses last until morning. Well, then he'll just have to make do with a really brief kiss. He pulls her in and starts to kiss her....pretty darned effectively, as only our Jaime Camil can do.

Will she cave? Will she let him lead her up the whatever? Find out tomorrow. If nothing else, the Mario-Paulina coupling promises to be interesting.

trapo viejo = old rag
"el amor no va cuando los nietos llegan" =Candy's "get it on" instant proverb for her mom. Grandchildren don't mean that love is over.

Proverb of the Day:
Antes de que te cases, mira lo que haces. = lit. before you get married, look what you do. Our English equivalent "Look before you leap". Good advice for Gregoria, but too late!


Cuidado con el Angel - Monday, April 27 - Pat and JM are at each other's throats and AJ grins like a cat that ate the canary

Episode #146:
* JM sits on MC's bed and they talk about AJ's news over her blindness being permanent. She doesn't want him to be with her out of pity. She forgives him for the harm he caused her but now she wants him to leave her alone.

* AJ waits patiently in the lobby area and see Pat walk down the hallway.

* JM cries and tells MC how much he still loves her and that will never change. She doesn't believe him. He explains how deeply he loves her. She fights her feelings. They cry together as he continues to talk about their love. He leans in and... THEY KISS!!! (AY!)

* AJ stops Pat in the hallway and they talk about MC in her room by herself with a friend. Pat is unnerved.

* Pat opens the door and breaks up the romantic kiss between JM and MC. He is furious that JM dared to even enter the room and demands that JM leave the room and MC's life forever. AJ smiles as she stands in the hallway and thought bubbles about her plan to get JM all to herself. Pat and JM argue about JM's love for MC and his right to be there. Pat threatens to make JM pay for all the damage he's done to MC.

* Ceci, Cande and Juanito are having a picnic at the outdoor gazebo at the mansion. Ceci is worried about Pat and his temper at the hospital. She calls him but there's no answer. Cande doesn't think there is anything to worry about. Ceci is concerned about MC and tries to call AJ for an update.

* MC cries from her bed as Pat and JM continue to argue and fight in the room. Pat throws JM out. JM stands his ground and fights back. MC cries and shouts for them to stop.

* AJ talks with someone in the hallway when her cell phone rings. She answers and talks with Ceci; she says that MC is fine but there's a huge argument happening now in the room between Pat and JM.

* Inside the room, Pat and JM continue their fight. MC cries, yells and gets out of bed only to fall to the floor. JM and Pat are stunned and go to her aid.

* Cande cries as Ceci relays AJ's inforrmation to her about Pat and JM's fight in MC's room. AJ explains to Ceci why she's outside the room. Ceci asks her to go inside. AJ assures her that everything will be fine. Ceci wants to go to the hospital. AJ assures her that's not necessary. When Ceci hangs up, she and Cande discuss the fight between JM and Pat. Cande gives her curious opinions about AJ.

* Pat tells JM not to touch MC and to leave them alone forever. JM tries to stay put. MC cries and convinces him to leave. Pat grimaces and glares as JM leaves the room. Pat kneels down to MC on the floor.

* In the hallway, JM talks with AJ about what happened in the room with him and Pat. AJ acts shocked and horrified, and tries to flirt and console him. JM tells her it isn't needed. (curses AJ's foiled again.)

* MC cries over feeling scared and useless. Pat tries to cheer her up. MC tells him to stop - she knows the truth about her blindness being permanent.

* AJ tries to convince JM to leave with her now. He can return later when Ceci arrives.

* MC tells Pat that AJ told her the truth. He's impactado (stunned).

* In fantasyland decorated with christmas trees and snow falling, Granny M and Mayita have their playtime chat. Granny M tells Mayita the final part of "The Christmas Carol" (with animation). At the end, they exchange holiday greetings and hugs.

* Pat can't believe that AJ told her. MC cries and wants to know why he didn't have the courage to tell it to her; that he let her continue to have hope that her sight would return? She scolds him for always blaming JM for her tragedy but he is also at fault for leading her on with false hopes and promises. Pat is stunned silent.

* In the car, JM is driving and talking with AJ about MC at the hospital. JM knows that MC indeed still loves him, he still loves her. AJ reminds him that she has her family, Cande, her son, and that soon she may even find a new man in her life.

* Pat tells MC there is an operation that could be done but it is very dangerous. MC wants to know what the operation is. Pat nervously tells her.

* Black and white flashbacks of MC and JM, MC at church, MC finding out she pregnant, MC and Juanito on the balcony. Pat words about the life and death risks of the surgery for her resonate through MC's thought bubbles.

* JM stops the car. He explains to AJ how he knows he and MC will always be connected. JM tells her that he kissed MC at the hospital before Pat rudely interrupted them - and that MC responded to him. AJ promises to keep his secret and starts to try to flirt but stops when JM looks at her suspiciously.

* MC tells Pat that she wants to risk her life and her mental status and have the surgery. Pat is impactado (stunned).

* JM wants to know what she's talking about. AJ tells him to forget it - just know that she will always be a loyal friend to him. JM loves MC; he asks AJ to stay with and care for MC. AJ happily agrees.

* MC wants to have the surgery. Pat is beside himself and tries to convince her not to do it. MC yells at him for trying to keep her helpless and blind.

* JM tells AJ see you soon. AJ reminds him of her support and friend and climbs out of the car.

* MC cries and tells her dad that she would rather risk everything for the surgery and a chance to see again. Pat cries and doesn't want to lose her. He leaves. She sits in bed and cries.

* AJ smiles in the hallway. (what did they do, just drive around the parking lot?) She finds Pat, who just walked out to the hallway. He scolds her for telling MC the truth.

* JM has a flashback of him and MC in the hospital room, and Pat getting angry and throwing him out. JM vows to never leave MC's life. They belong together forever.

* AJ explains why she did it, because MC had a right to know the truth. Pat thinks AJ had ulterior motives. AJ has to work to convince him her motives were true and fair. He's still angry. She asks him to trust her and be patient. Pat then attacks her about JM being in MC's room. AJ thought bubbles about the handsome JM. Pat asks her again about JM.

* Mayita runs to the living room and asks Balbina where her dad is. Balbina says in his office and he is busy. Mayita says he'll see her and leaves.

* JM and Mayita hug. She tells him about the lovely conversation she just had with Granny M. JM tries to tell her Granny M is an angel, but Mayita doesn't listen so JM lets her continue to believe what she wants. Mayita says she wishes MC and Juanito could spend the holidays with them at the castle. JM smiles and sighs.

* Pat continues to argue with AJ. AJ works at convincing him to calm down and not cause any scandals at the hospital. She mentions the argue and pleads her case - to think about MC and what she needs. AJ tells Pat that she spoke with JM after he left the room. They walk down the hallway.

* JM talks with Mayita as she eats her cookie and drinks her milk. JM explains to her that MC had a terrible accident and to have patience. MC is at the hospital right now. Mayita wants to go visit her and help her. JM explains why MC, Juanito and Cande can't come to visit them now. JM then tells her that he is working on a special surprise that may change their lives forever. Mayita is excited.

* Pat and AJ watch MC sleep in her hospital bed. Nurse enters and tells Pat that the doctor wants to see him. Pat leaves.

* Doctor meets with Pat in the office to discuss MC's condition and treatment status. Dr., Israel and another doctor all agree that performing surgery on MC will put her life in jeopardy and are advising against it. Pat is worried. Dr. tells him that MC is well enough to be released and return home.

ADVANCE: As AJ works to split JM and MC up for good, JM works at finding a miracle for MC to regain her eyesight and them getting back together again.


Monday, April 27, 2009

MEPS 4/27: "If I told you all my troubles, our life would be a hell." And what is it now, pray tell?

Review: Lili giving the hairy eyeball to luridly green shiny soup which she's convinced will poison daddy. And then attempting to stab Barbara. Subsequently, there's the tying-up of Lili; then Fern calls Dr. Obregon, who sez "I told you so" and then tells her he'll be there right away, but actually goes back to practicing his golf putts in his office.

I bet he's sorry he didn't leave immediately -- Fr/Ed comes in shouting "OK, you quack, time to save a life." Obregon unintentionally spills the beans re the stabbing, but Fr/Ed says the Elizaldes can wait and drags him off to save Silvestre.

Margarita and Jacinto are ministering to Sil, who has a very bloody nose. He's losing a lot of blood and will die without attention. [To wrap this up: Fr/Ed drags the doc in... the doc is pretty skittish and incompetent, but he remembers his med school suturing... after first complaining: "but I never operated on a stabbed guy before!" ... and Fr/Ed gives blood, and Sil recovers. When he wakes up he reveals it was Jairo who shot him: "he's the one who took my daughter to entertain drunks in a bar; he thought she'd stolen something and that I was hiding it for her.")

Fern apologizes to Lily, who's gone back to quiet catatonic rocking: "I just wanted you home so much."

Gonz finds Barbara in the bedroom, she's theatrically taking pills and drinking. She gulps and shakes and says she's popping tranquilizers to calm herself down - and that this isn't the first time. "I didn't want you to worry about the situation with Lili."

He reassures her he cares more about her health than he does about Lili. Barbara: "If I told you all my troubles, our life would be a hell!" She collapses strategically on a sofa and does what my ex-husband's toddler used to do - cries while peeking through her fingers to see how it's going over.

Barb escalates: "If she hasn't gotten better in 15 years, she isn't gonna. We should send her to a really good clinic [with a REALLY powerful brain-frying machine] -- in Berlin!" She presses hard for this course of action.

Anibal and Pris argue in the bedroom. He refuses to sit at the dinner table with his mother's assassin (Lili, he thinks!). Pris is not really listening. She's wondering whether Vlad spilled the beans to Damian about providing stud service.

Her question is answered immediately: in the next scene Vlad's telling all to Damian. He says he doesn't want to be shut out, he'd like to claim paternity. Dam sez that's not going to happen. "But I need your help!" Vlad complains. Damian looks snake eyes at him - "Are you willing to do anything it takes???"

Santiago and Aurora are dressed in white, Dominga is plowed, the marriage is to take place in a few hours - "And then, blondie, you better pay up!" Aurora keeps asking if Santi is serious, or whether he's just doing it so Dominga will be forced to reveal Aurora's maternity. He proposes formally. He reassures her he is doing it because she makes him happy. She seems so unenthusiasic! I'm just hoping she isn't already married. Sigh.

While Fr/Ed is out saving Sil, Gardenia takes a call from Erica, who is just calling to say hi.

Barbara says goodbye to Lily and even kisses her, blegh. Lili is carted back to the clinic. Fer goes to visit her in the morning but Lili shouts, "You're all evil! Get out of here! EDUAAAARDOOOO!!!!!"

Anibal sits at the table with Gonz and kvetches some more about Barbara mixing in with the biz and taking a meeting with Fr/Ed. Gonz: "She has my full confidence and gets the credit for bringing us to international prominence so shut up."

Fern tells Damian after all that's happened she is so sad, and in fact she wants to leave the hacienda. She proposes that they get the hell out of Dodge, go on their honeymoon and then find their own place to live after that, so that their marriage isn't destroyed by her family. "I didn't marry just to get divorced," she says. He says he's on board with this plan: "I'm with you to the end of the world." Except that right at that moment Barbara calls and snarls that he must meet her at work in an hour: "Be punctual for the sake of your future." He makes up some lie to Fern and then goes.

Tomorrow: Santiago and Aurora at least make it to the altar. After that, who knows? Barbara continues crafting her vengeance. She makes Damian sign some overarching authorization forms as she strokes him.


Las tontas no van #100, Mon 4/27, How I miss the old crowd

At his new bar, Miguel introduces Sven to Jaime. They chat over the out-of-tune piano. The writers are playing with us, since we already expect that Sven is Jaime’s long lost son, thanks to the Frijolito reference. They both play word games, Sven says he has music in his blood because his father was a good piano player, and Jaime even calls him “hijo” but just as a general term.

Chayo and Soledad discuss the Ana situation. Who really controls Javier? His wife or his mother? When Javier comes in, he affirms the importance of his mother. He thinks that Ana poisoned their opinion of him. When he leaves, Chayo and Soledad agree, he has mamitis (mama’s boy; think of it as a disease, mom-itis). Later the staff discusses it and points out that it’s a power struggle.

In Santiago’s office, he thanks Candy for her support as he inches closer to her. Hortensia walks in on them kissing, but Santi claims that he was doing a professional evaluation. Hortie decides she wants that kind of evaluation.

Charly sees Lucía making friends with Fred, and he can’t stand it. Is Fred the one Santiago pulled her away from on the street? Fred starts flirting with her, then he moves in for the kiss. Still spying on them, Charly calls her cell. She doesn’t answer, but the moment is broken, and Luc tells Fred she has to go home.

Santiago pushes Pau until she admits that she lied about the amnesia. She did it so she could enjoy Roc and Santi’s company. He tells her she can stay and enjoy Roc’s company until she finds a place of her own (I’m sure she’s scouring the listings). She says, “I want to get back the man I love.” Raised Santiago eyebrows. He tells her to back off. He already has enough stress about his son, and the trouble with Mar brought back all the pain Pau caused him. She has to remember there is nothing between the two of them. All she hears is “You can stay at the house.” She thinks Santi is hers again, and she clings to him like a leech. He keeps his arms up in the air because he has watched enough telenovelas – he knows this is the moment when someone walks into the room and misinterprets the hug.

Pat and Ali bring the baby to see Gregoria, Meño, and Candy. Note everyone’s body language and seating position. Alicia asks Candy’s forgiveness (again). With a verbal shove from mom, Candy grudgingly gives it. Gregoria is delighted that her daughters are finally getting along, while Pat, Meño, and Candy don’t believe any of it. Then Ali asks Candy to be the godmother, and Pat, Meño, and especially Candy are shocked. Candy looks nauseous, but with another shove from mom, she accepts, dazed. She remembers back when she and Ali were girls and got along.

Ali pulls Candy aside and asks if they can forget the past. Of course Candy can’t. Candy asks how she adopted the baby; it’s very difficult in Mexico. Ali says it’s easier in other countries. She’s not going to tell Patito that he’s adopted. Pat is so happy about the baby, Ali is going to try to win Pat back, and she asks Candy to stay away. Candy clarifies that he means nothing to her anymore, except her son’s father.

The next morning, Candy announces to the institute that they are going to have a web site.

Meño tries to post surveillance to discover who is leaving him love letters. Ricardo shows up and asks him to breakfast.

Ana consults with Barb and Candy about Javier’s mother, Consuelo. Barb wants to meet with her. Consuelo is all atwitter to meet the famous Candy; she reads every column. She says her little darling, who is over 30, isn’t ready for children. Then she lays into Ana. When Candy asks Javier’s opinion on all this, Consuelo talks for him - it’s a trap set up by Ana. She orders her baby to take her home.

Santi, Isabel, and Donato visit Tina, post surgery. She’s worried about chemo. Santi jokes around with her.

Lulu tells Sven how excited she is that Meño will let her sing in the restaurant. She’s already choosing her dress for Grammy night.

Santiago and Ed show OMario their clinic. He says it’s much nicer than the shack he had in Mexico City. He sees the bell and rightly suspects that Santi uses it for special consultations, but Santi corrects him and puts all that in the past tense. Ed says it used to be like an ongoing concert. Santi would ring the bell morning, noon, and night, but not any more, now that he’s in love. As they enter Santiago’s office, OMario tries to block Don Santiago, but Lo Tan Divino holds him back and wins the dive for the chair, as always.

Admit it, how many people split their sides laughing at this scene? For those outside of the loop, it was a running gag from La Fea Más Bella, where our two payasos (Pituka y Petaka!) would dive for the one comfy chair in their shared office, and OMario always came in second place.

Santi invites Ed and OMario for dinner at his house that night, and guess who else will be there? Paulina!

Pat is feeding the baby and loving it. Alicia refers to “your baby,” and Pat loves the sound of that. Ali butters him up, “You make a great dad.”

Charly finds Luc at school, and asks her what’s up with Fred. Fred walks up and Luc tells Charly to back off.

Art and Gregoria talk about Margarita and the baby.

Goofy scene. Santi is upset because he imagined three Marissa’s. He’s afraid to open his eyes, and he reprises his “Tengo miedo” act. Candy cures him with kisses. Another miracle cure!

Ana tells Javier she wants a divorce. He doesn’t take care of her because he’s too busy taking care of his mama. Javier concludes that the institute turned Ana against him. Ana compares it to how Consuelo turned him against her all these years. Next we see Ana reporting to the staff that Javier had an instant turnaround, of course. He recognizes that he has mamitis, he apologized, and he wants to start a family. Another miracle, yawn.

Sven helps Lulu with her act. Ole comes in and thinks his best friend is stealing his woman.

Gregoria invites Margarita to lunch to confess that she’s seeing Art, but Marg already knew. She’s not angry at Greg. Instead, she pities her for being stuck with Art.

Marissa calls Raúl. He tells her to stop hurting people, and asks what it is that she wants. What she wants is to make Santiago suffer. She’s pleased with herself because he’ll never forget his lost son, so he’ll never forget her. She speculates how funny it would be if they passed each other on the street and didn’t realize it. Just how twisted is Marissa? She wants him to always remember her because she is obsessed with him, but she also wants him to suffer endlessly.

Santi, Ed, Candy, Chayo, and Pau meet at Santi’s house for a dinner party. Pau is in her little black dress, Chayo is in a hot red dress, and Candy is in a ridiculous baby-doll. BREAKING NEWS! They sit on both sides of the table! But notice how limited the camera angles are?


The dinner party is fraught with portent, to quote the sage Bullwinkle.

Pau, who works very hard at being clueless, wonders why Candy is there. It’s a couples’ dinner and there is one extra (sobra)! She means Candy, since she thinks she’s Santi’s partner. Santi corrects – there is one missing. Enter OMario. Santi is just tickled with himself for bringing these old friends together after so many years. Pau has a strong reaction as well, but “tickled” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Santi introduces Candy, and OMario is visibly impressed by how well his friend has done for himself. Santi quietly advises Candy, mirroring her words, “No kisses, no holding hands.” She says he’s the one who always breaks the rules.

And now begins the torment. OMario comments on Pau’s beauty, and asks Santi how he could have let her go. Santi conjectures, “How about them Dodgers?”

OMario quietly asks Pau what she thinks would happen if he told Santi that his wife left him to run off with his best friend. He makes it clear. “This is not negotiable. I want you to return with me to New York.”

At the table, Santi wants to break the rules and give Candy a kiss. She tells him to hush, so he drops his fork and gets her to help find it, so they can sneak kisses. Chayo thinks Santi is blind if he can’t find a fork. Ed says he may be blind, but he has a great sense of touch. Everyone wonders what they’re doing under the table.

OMario asks Pau what she’s been doing since she left Santiago. Did she find someone else? Pau suggests, if he wants to ruin the dinner he should ask Santiago how he felt when she left him. Donato interrupts and asks, “How about them Dodgers?”

In the kitchen, OMario calls himself a traitor.
OMario: Let me tell you what happened that night in the clinic in DF. I had to operate on someone...
Santi: (Interrupting) It’s the past. Let it stay in the past. Don’t worry about it.
OMario: I can’t rest until I tell you.
Santi: I don’t care, whatever it was. It’s not like you killed somebody.
Santi clearly doesn’t want to hear what his buddy is trying to say, and he ducks out of the room.

Back at the table, OMario is curious whether a woman as lovely as Pau spent the past eight years without a man in her life. Ed interrupts and asks, “How about them Dodgers?”

Santiago, more anxious than anyone (except Paulina) to change the subject, asks OMario to tell what he’s been doing since they saw him last. His old, dear, close friend says, “What I’m going to tell you will leave you speechless. You know I fell in love. But what I didn’t tell you was, with whom.” Santiago plasters a frozen smile on his face, because I think he knows, by the time OMario finishes this story, he won’t be able to achieve one.


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