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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, 12/30/13. Capitulo 32 and 33.

This is a joint recap between myself and Urban Anthropologist.  It is a bit long.  Hope you all enjoy. 

Capitulo 32.  Oh where, oh where are JL's...avocados.

Juvie the delusional thinks with Maria's help, Ale will give him the position of capataz.  Maria agrees to talk to Ale for him.  As Juvie is putting on his stinky boot, he knocks over some papers and tells her to pick it up.  Maria finds the letter that JL wrote to Montse.

Ale tells Victor that he changed his mind about him talking to his contact at the police station.  This makes Victor happy and asks if that means he can stay longer at the hacienda.  Ale tells him that he found out about the flowers and thinks that he's playing with fire.  Victor reminds Ale that he once told him to forget about Montse but Ale couldn't.  Well I feel the same way you did back then.  I know this isn't right, but I am still going ahead with my plans.  Montse and Nadia walk in and Montse thought Victor was leaving today.  I was replies Victor, but since there is no capataz here, I offered to stay a bit longer.  Maria interrupts and requests that Ale accompany her.  He tells her he's busy, but she insists.  It's about Antonio. 

They go into Ale's study and she shows him the letter that JL wrote before leaving.  Ale reads the letter and asks Maria how would she know that JL/Antonio wrote it?  Maria brings other papers written in JL's handwriting to compare.  After looking at the proof, he asks her not to mention this to anyone.  He also tells her to never enter the capataz's house again without permission.  Remember it is no longer your house. 

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Por siempre mi amor #19 12/30/2013: Let the Games Begin....

Happy New Year!

I thought it might be fun to look at New Year's superstitions and I found this interesting tidbit about how your choice of undies can affect your New Year:

"Wearing yellow underwear attracts positive energy and a year of prosperity for the new year, while red underwear will bring a year of romance and passion. Blue underwear is said to bring a year of good health, green, a year of better luck than the previous year, white for a year of peace, joy and happiness, and pink for luck in love.  In Italy they believe red underwear will bring you luck as well as make you fertile.  (In Italy they throw away the underwear on January 2nd.)  If you happen to have polka dots or circles on your underwear, even better as the round shape symbolizes coins/money. Oh yes, one more important fact that should go without saying – they need to be clean underwear."

There was no information about what you'll get if you "go commando" (other than discomfort.)

Onward to our story!

Arturo dons his thinking cap and figures out that Sonia has helped Aranza run away from home.
Gaby is still fuming because Nicolas thought she was a Rice-A-Roni* date. (* both cheap & easy!)
Mauricio is thinking about Andrea who is thinking Mauricio can't possibly be thinking about her.

The Main Course:
Arturo has had enough of Sonia's crapola. He tells her she has to stop lying and filling his daughter's head with nonsense. "We both know you were in Puerto Azul. What's wrong with you?"
Sonia grabs Arturo's arms and sticks to him like gum on a sneaker. She wails, "I was in the hospital. I was muy infirma." Aranza appears in the bedroom doorway as Arturo peels Sonia off himself and shoves her aside. Sonia spins around and throws herself onto the couch. Arturo gets Aranza's things and herds her toward the door. Sonia sobs to Aranza, "Everything will be okay. I love you." The door shuts behind Arturo and Aranza. Sonia wipes a fake tear and smiles gleefully at her flawless performance.

Still in Puerto Azul, Gabi gets a call from Bruno who tells her Arturo's daughter has run away from home. She tells Isabel the news. Isabel grabs the phone and asks if they should come back and help in the search. Bruno says that's not necessary and he'll keep her informed.
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Mentir Para Vivir #59 Mon 12/30/13 Ric and JL get a makeover that involve their fists and fancy office furniture

Happy New Year! 

Some scenes are combined, for a better flow

The old: Raquel and JL are kissing. JL asks Raquel to find out who Homero really is – if she doesn’t know how, she should maybe try using her pretty little head.

Boys will be boys
At Aresti Breton – Ric is in his office, for once appearing to be busy with work. Not for long, though, because JL is on his way to pay him a visit. The secretary announces his presence and Ric allows him in. JL looks serious, Ric looks serious... This can’t end well.
The talk starts harmless enough. JL wants the two of them to make a deal, because he needs to find out who Homero really is. But Ric isn’t willing to help, he thinks JL should go ask for himself.
As both men start to lose their temper (with Ric and JL this really isn’t all that hard), Oriana becomes the topic of their conversation.
JL: “Oriana es mi mujer.” (Oriana is my wife /or, considering the specimen talking/ Oriana is my woman)
Ric: No, Oriana is a widow, and I am with Ines.
And so the screaming starts. Ric demands JL to give Orines her freedom back, especially since she doesn’t love him anymore. JL reminds Ric of his past mistakes (the supposed rape) and accuses him of having brainwashed his wife.
This prompts Ric to jump on JL and a real fight ensues, just as theatrical and choreographed as the one they had a few months ago, in the rain. Somehow I got to recap that one, too, so I feel I’m an expert in JL/ Ric brawls.
Anyway, they throw some punches, some in slow motion, some in fake motion (as in - you can totally see they’re not real punches); JL falls over Ric’s round bookcase thingy and then it’s Ric’s turn to lose his balance. He’s on his back, on the desk and JL is trying to choke him. So Ric pulls out a gun and points it at JL, just as Mariano (sand Plaid, just Plain) comes to stop the carnage (not really). JL screams “Te vas a repentir, gusano!” (You’ll be sorry, you worm) and leaves.
Mariano looks shocked that Ric would have a gun. Was he going to use it?
Who knows, Ric honestly answers. This guy won’t stop until one of us is dead.
Just then Oriana calls Ric to tell him about JL latest outrageous act: she called her a drug addict in front of Homero. Ric is for once in no mood to talk to Oriana and appease her poor nerves, so he makes up an excuse about having to work and hangs up.
He doesn’t look too good, though, so Mariano takes him to the hospital.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- La Reina del Sur, et cetera. Week of December 30, 2013

Happy New Year to all the rest of Telemundo fans. Here is your post.

No programs on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Marido en Alquiler -- Week of December 30, 2013

Happy New Year to Marido fans! Here is your post.

No programs on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Santa Diabla -- Week of December 30, 2013

Happy New Year to all Santa Diabla fans. Here is your post.

No programs on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #30 and 31- 12/27/13: What Do You Get When You Fall In Love? A Guy With A Pin to Bust Your Bubble That's What!

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves and a Two Hour

Robo Recap ; )

Ahoy, Amguis! What an episode! Romance, Intrigue, Misunderstandings! The Whole Recap is now up! I have a little ear worm for you all to enjoy! This Masquerade.

We start this episode off with Angie (Angelica), Esme and JL at that choza (hut) in the middle of nowhere, JL wants her to go, she wants to stay, see she knows just what is goin' on with Monse and he, but no matter, someday Angie wants to be his, she goes.

Nadia, Lottie (Carlotta) and Monse are discussing poor Angie, she has cancer, but Monse and Nadia like her and Don Joaquin. Amelia, meh, not so much. Lottie is so on the money when she says Amelia and Gracie are cut from the same cloth. It's funny Gracie has never mentioned Amelia, must have been on a spiritual retreat she met Amelia, yeah, right! Bitch Maria slithers in and Monse asks where her hubby Ale is? Maria tells them at the capataz's cabin, well is Antonio back? Nah, he probably ran away is what Maria says. Lottie tells her to quit with the chismes (gossip) and she goes while Lottie proclaims the bitchy one is a pain, right on Lottie! Nadia even asks if Maria is part of the family. Monse takes a pillow and clutches it.

Victor and Ale, meanwhile, are at the capataz's cabin looking around. Seems JL left his stuff there, so that must mean he is coming back. Ale is messing around with some papers on the desk, but doesn't look at them. Keep that in mind for later. Ale wonders where they could be, Antonio and his assistant, but Victor tells him not to worry, could be in town, Ale is worried something happened to them like what happened to him and Maria's Papa. Victor tells him if they aren't back by tomorrow they will search for them.

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Mentir Para Vivir #58 Fri 12/27/13 Oriana Tells All And Gets Ready For The Ball And Chain

~~Holiday Week's Greetings! ~~ 

Jose Luis goes into a major meltdown over the phone while griping to his would-be ex, Oriana, aka Ines, because his giving her the gift of the stolen .44 used in Ricardo’s daddy’s murder didn’t impress her in the least.  She wasn’t moving back in and to hell with him and the jack-ass he rode in on!

Oriana, in her bathrobe and ABS (anything but sexy) terry-fuzz slippers, is seen by Martin heading in the same direction as Ricardo—towards Palomita’s old “playroom” --and he mentions it to the staff.  He thinks that Dona Paloma needs to know that the two of them have apparently been getting it on late at night in some obscure part of the manse.  

At the same time, Oriana is no longer in “the mood”.  She is too worried and upset by Jose Luis’s renewed phone threats to reopen her case in Columbia and to have her “cleared” signature questioned and reviewed by a different expert because she refuses to return to Ft. Fakecisco with Alina.   Bummer for Ric.   He’d had high hopes for a night of nookie.   All he can do is to watch over her sleep from his place on the floor by the playroom door.

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Por siempre mi amor #18 12/27/13: Farmer Sonia and Farmer Minerva Sow the Seeds of Distrust and Hate

Caigamos en oración count: 11 (Though not a one was uttered tonight.) 
El Refrito
  • Tita ruminates in an empty closet.
  • Edgar and Mau accompany Andrea a la delegación to press charges agains Feo.
  • Tita notes a new gleam in Bruno's eyes. He confesses he's falling in love.
  • Arturo arrives at Aranza's school. He spends the rest of the episode ignoring the counselor's advice that he find professional help for his daughter. 
Lo Nuevo
Some scenes are, as always, combined and condensed.
Sonia arrives at Gilberto's house. Surprisingly she does not ask for money (even Gilberto was shocked) and she forgets to ask about the lawyer for Feo. Gilberto totally has Sonia's number. He was glad that she was in the hospital for a virus and not some accident or because she had meterse en un lío (got herself in a spot of trouble.) Gilberto informs her (and Viewerville) that her brother is doing fine at boarding school (or are they step siblings? And he gets mentioned enough that I think we will eventually meet him.) 

Arturo and Dafne's  mamá diabla (nombre de Belinda de Quintana) leave the school. I don't like the kind of starving hungry looks she's giving Arturo. When Arturo and Aranza arrive home he tries to talk to her and she gives him the silent treatment. He asks what's going on. He knows that it's hard since her mother died, but he wants to help and for her to go back to being the good girl she once was (*cough*therapyyoudunce*cough*.) Aranza tells him she doesn't trust him and that he and everyone in the house are lying liars who lie. He went on that trip because he doesn't love her and Tita and Lucha are telling lies about Tía Sonia. Arturo is all "whoa, chica!" Sonia is the lying liar who's lying and he's not going to let her talk to him like that. She is not to forget that he is her father...and she tells him that he's the one that needs to remember he's her father (*cough*therapyyoudunce*cough*.) She flounces into the house and treats Lucha like crap. Arturo informs Lucha that Aranza is grounded. He heads to his study.

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Weekend Discussion: New Stars? New Stories? Or Both?

I've been seeing posts over the last year or so about “We need new young stars” and we've had discussions in the past about developing new stories for our maturing favorites. I don't see this as an either/or, but perhaps as being a dual issue.

Televisa stopped producing stories directed at teens due to lowered ratings a few years ago. I'd personally love to know whether that was because of outdated story types or declining attention spans among teens, which is a subject that comes up all the time and is probably a worldwide problem. At the same time we've discussed how remaking the same stories again and again is both lazy production and evidence of risk-adversity.

There are some changes happening now, as we see with Mentir Para Vivir and Por Siempre Mi Amor, whose lead characters are a little more mature than usual. They start out with spouses, children, other family members, and more secrets than usual. Their lives are already complicated before the curtain goes up on the opening episode. We are seeing more teens and more children in these stories; I suspect that this is to provide employment for the child and teen actors that would have been in the teen and kid programs that aren't being produced. It's one of the reasons that many series are now longer than they would have been fifteen years ago.

I'm not a kid anymore myself and it sickens me that the entertainment industry already targets youth often at the expense of adults who have more discretionary income to attend movies and spend money on cars advertised on TV. We all want to see ourselves in television characters and we want to see something that's realistic. What we don't want is a world where someone's acting career is over because they're over 35 and overexposed (in the sense of being hyped) young stars with minimal experience and less talent.

Sound off, amigos.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, Capitulos 28 + 29, 12/26/13 - All Roads Lead To Hacienda Almonte

All Roads Lead To Hacienda Almonte

Cast of characters at or arriving at Hacienda Almonte and their current motivations

The Rich Bastard - Alejandro

Handsome and conflicted Alejandro, nouveau riche bastard that he is, has been channeling his inner beast—again. After purchasing Montserrat by paying her family debts, he takes her to his isolated hacienda and treats her as though she was a piece of chattel.  Although he ‘loves’ Montserrat, he tends to treat her very harshly. Recently he reminded Montserrat that she was all HIS, and that he would never give her a divorce.

The Poor Wife - Montserrat

Montserrat is a confused, very confused young woman. Recently, after listening to her gossipy Aunt Carlota, she made a nearly impossible cognitive leap to the idea that Alejandro has been lying to her—about everything. He is AGAIN perceived by Montserrat to be a murderer and the person who framed her ex-lover Jose Luis. She has a strong moral belief that lying is WRONG. Montserrat herself is suffering from a small problem with hypocrisy—she is lying through her teeth about the identity and role of her ex-novio Jose Luis/Antonio on the estate.

The Ex-Novio – Jose Luis/Antonio

JL/Antonio is on the estate under false pretenses—he is playing at being the new Hacienda manager and his inexperience is beginning to show. He is still trying to get Montserrat to run away with him but his incompetence as an estate manager has attracted the attention of the evil and beautiful housekeeper, Maria. He was also just spotted— swimming naked in the local river—by a mysterious, young blond artiste.

The Evil Housekeeper - Maria

Beautiful Maria is suspicious of ‘Antonio’ and his connection with her enemy and rival for Alejandro’s affection, Montserrat. She conspired with her evil uncle Juventino to get rid of Montserrat, but her uncle is double crossing her. He wants to kill Alejandro, take the estate and Montserrat for his wife.

The Navy Captain

Alejandro has invited the Navy Captain and old family friend of the Mendoza family, Capitan Robledo, to the Hacienda for dinner. Capitan Robledo is hunting for JL/Antonio and his companion Refugio Solares/Renato Garcia as escaped fugitives. They are AWOL from the Navy and on the run for murdering a Navy Lieutenant.

The Man of Business and the Pole Dancer – Victor and Esmeralda

Alejandro has called his friend Victor, former business manager of the Hacienda but now employed as manager of Alejandro’s ‘town’ enterprises, to complete two tasks. Bring Esmeralda the pole dancer to the estate for the weekend for the purpose of getting her to speak to Montserrat; and to befriend young Nadia, wife of the corrupt town Mayor Pedro Medina, to discover why the mayor is so interested acquiring a certain piece of land from Alejandro. Victor’s first awkward efforts to befriend Nadia ended with her throwing a glass of wine in his face.

The Poor Wife’s Best Friend

Nadia Medina has defied her husband to make a trip out to Hacienda to spend some time with her best friend Montserrat. She does not expect to meet Victor there, or to see Esmeralda, the woman she suspects of being her husband Pedro’s lover.

Introducing a New Family – The Archigas

Joaquin Archiga, former good friend of Alejandro’s deceased father  Don Benjamin, has returned with his wife and two daughters—Angelica and Virginia—to the rancho neighboring Hacienda Almonte. Archiga’s older daughter, Angelica, is the young blond artiste who caught Jl/Antonio swimming naked in a river as she was out drawing. She also made an excellent (naked) likeness of JL/Antonio. Angelica’s mother worries about her daughter’s health.

The Good Priest and Rosario

Father Anselmo tries to convince everyone at Hacienda Almonte to do the right thing. Rosario, who is secretly Alejandro’s mother, is his friend and the ally of both Montserrat and Alejandro.

In The Campeche Countryside at Hacienda Almonte

Alejandro is up and about with a sling on his arm and a limp in his step after the recent failed attempt on his life. Maria is there to fuss over him and get him seated. Montserrat watches this and walks away while Maria imposes herself in the place of Alejandro’s wife.

Montse goes to the kitchen but Ale does not want Maria’s company. He wants his wife and orders Maria to go fetch her. Maria finds Montserrat and sullenly tells her that Ale wants to see her. Rosario is in the kitchen as well, and as soon as Montserrat is out of earshot, Maria begins to abuse the older house worker, but Rosario informs her that Dominga told her to keep an eye on what was cooking on the stove—does Maria want to take over that task for her? When snotty Maria answers “No,” then newly spunky Rosario tells her to get out of her way in the kitchen! Score one for good Rosario, but Maria mutters the general threat in Rosario’s direction, “One day…”

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Mentir Para Vivir #57 Thu 12/26/13 Comer para Festejar

At the rooftop bar of Francisco's hotel, Sebastian meets with Francisco, who calls him an idiot for arguing with Leonardo in front of his godfather.  Francisco still wants him to act like a decent human being, and clearly, fighting with the figurehead president's godson isn't the way to do it.  As Sebastian goes to the potty and asks Antonio and Francisco to order him another drink, Francisco comments to Antonio that they've made a mistake with him.  Antonio agrees, but says he now knows too much for them to be able to fire him.  Antonio has the accountant on the hook, but he won't tell him what the business is really about until he's got a fat check in front of him.  He doesn't think Escalona will back out, though, because he's got money problems.  As for Sebastian, it would be difficult to get rid of him.  Ricardo would get upset.  It's Sebastian who hates Ricardo, but Ricardo doesn't feel the same way.  As far as Leonardo goes, Antonio has found out relatively nothing, except that the armored car didn't come from Hermosillo.  He has no idea who Leo's grandfather is and he figures only Ricardo or Inésiana could tell him.

Maria's memorial mass is being said.  Everyone looks sad.

Leonardo tells Homero that Sebastian is nuts and the only reason he didn't put him in his place is that his godfather was there.  He's found out that the investors are Caribbean Investments Company, but that Francisco Castro only set up the partnership--he doesn't have a position in the company.  Homero says that was smart of him.  As president of the company, it's Trejo Bonfil who will be going down for any shady business.  He doesn't think there's anything to warn him about yet--they have no proof that CIC is going to be using the company to launder money.  They'll have to wait.
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Por siempre mi amor #17 12/26/13: A Romance Blossoms, Another Romance is Blooming, One More Schoolyard Brawl and Gema is Still Easy

Good evening, and Happy Holidays to all.

Ayer- Tita is not happy that Sucia picked Aranza up from school, when she has been caring for Aranza in her father’s absence.  Aranza says that Sucia called Lucha but Tita let’s Aranza know that is not the way that you do things. Aranza calls Tita and Lucha liars, says that Sonia didn’t cause a ruckus at the beach, she was hospitalized, she is not crazy and has the IV marks to prove it.  She was not with her father and they want to keep Sucia and Aranza apart.   Tita is done and can’t believe how Aranza is speaking to her (neither can I, if I spoke like that to any adult as a child I would have found either myself or my teeth on the floor) and tells Aranza, that she doesn’t lie; if she doesn’t believe her, ask her grandfather or father, what really happened.
Art explains to Isa, his relationship with Sucia and how manipulative Sucia is.  Art is appreciative of Sucia’s “love” for Aranza but he doesn’t want Aranza to be used in Sucia’s little game.  Art let Sucia know that under no certain terms was he ever interested in her and she left on the first flight this morning.  Isa confesses that she is a little scared becaseu they seem to be moving fast.  She can’t believe that she was so in love with Feo and no she feels something stronger for him.  He liked the- something stronger piece.  Art says, - let’s give us a chance. They kiss and the sparklers light up the beach.
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A tale of misunderstandings and wasted wine Lo que la vida me robo 12/25/13

Update: I've now watched the episode and the recap is down below, I can't go into much detail with it beause it's a super long episode but I hope to cover everything so that no one is lost when watching tonight's episode, I'm going to group scenes together in order to make things faster for myself. Enjoy!

Santa, please give Montse a brain....a working brain

Okay, I know that's a lot to ask for but I had to try! Montse, after talking to Carlota and finding out that her husband went to visit her mother a few days before she and Alejandro went back to Agua Azul for a visit jumps to all sorts of crazy conclusions. She now believes that Alejandro forced her mother to make up a story about Dimibrow killing Gamboa, and that Alejandro really was behind all the bad things that happened to Jose Luis. She cries and says that she will never be able to forgive Alejandro for what he has done, she hates him.
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Por siempre mi amor #16 12/25/2013: Art and Isa Heat Up; Sucia is Still a Lying Liar

Recap by J Desde NYC

Lo Refrito: Art asks Isa out on a date.

Lo Nuevo

Depa Isa
Totally unprofessional and should be fired Gema wakes up out of her drunken stupor in her boss's bed after defiling it with Dante. She has enough sense to check the safe to see if it's open and seeing it closed exclaims "At least nothing happened" (menos mal).  Of course, she doesn't realize el ladron de Dante already robbed the safe while she was sleeping.  Dante shows up and shows his romantic side as he brings in breakfast  to spoil (consentir) his princesa--chilaques and juice to raise the dead. How sweet...NOT! Gema gets enough sense in between bites to tell Dante they shouldn't be fornicating in her boss's bed or drinking her boss's good liquor.  Dante is all "while the cat's away the mice will play" and suggests that Gema even wear one of Isa's formal gowns since he's gonna take her out to dinner at a fancy place.  And this is where I go "Have you learned nothing from Isa, Gema?" because this sounds like Dante is doing a Fernando where he robs a woman blind and then wines and dines her on the proceeds and makes out like a bandit. Gema thinks this is crazy but Dante distracts her by continuing to spoonfeed her.
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Mentir Para Vivir #56 Wed 12/25/13 Feliz Navidad! There is no comfort and joy for Paloma’s family tonight.

No Hay Noche de Paz en la Casa de Paloma
Fabi announces she plans to marry Piero.  Matilde quickly asks about his family connections.  Paloma sarcastically says he's from the Windsor family and Matilde doesn't pick up on the joke.  When it's made clear to her, she's angry with Paloma for making a joke at a time like this.  (I don't like Maddie but I have to agree with her here).  She insists on knowing about his family and what type of person he is (again, I agree).   Cesar stands up for Piero but she still asks how is she to know he isn’t just after the money Paloma will eventually leave Fabi.  (good point)  She's her mother and has a right to know.  Paloma is angry, saying what she's doing isn't just to find out information, she's just wasting time (enchinchar) and besides didn't she say she'd rather see her marry the first guy who crosses the street than to see her as an single mother?  Maddie defends her actions, insisting that was just a figure of speech (first guy who crosses the street).  Of course she wouldn’t want just anyone to marry her daughter, much less an opportunist (vividor).  Paloma defends Piero, saying she's known him a long time and he's a good guy. Well, if he's such a good guy, asks Maddie, why doesn't he come himself to speak to her?  She insists they call him, now. Mariano (sans plaid shirt) suggests that Fabi and Piero have a discussion and decide what to do.  Ruben butts in too, saying that as the head of this family he should be the one speaking with Piero.  Maddie scoffs at him--saying he's nobody.  Paloma tells her to shut it and consider what she's done to her family.  Her husband and son have left the home because they can't stand her and now Fabi is prepared to marry the first guy who proposes just so she doesn't have to marry that ne'er do well, Seba!  Maddie insists this has to do with her family.  Mariano reminds her that a family doesn't consist of just one person.  A family involves a father, mother, and children.  Even if Maddies doesn't like it, Fabi has the final say in this case.  Whoa, now Maddie calls her own daughter a floosie (cualquiera). Ruben jumps in to defend his daughter. There's no reason for Maddie to insult their daughter in front of everyone.  Maddie insists she has every right, "I'm her mother!"  "And I'm her father" shouts Ruben.  M--"A father who ran out to go live with a whore (ramera)!  And I want a divorce!"R--"Suits me just fine!" Paloma steps in,"Fine, get a divorce, but stop arguing in front of everyone."  Mariano quietly suggests they each speak with Fabi and Piero separately.  Maddie insists she'll be the one talking to them.  Alina chooses the wrong moment to come in and say she and Tito are bored waiting in  the bedroom.  Maddie shouts at her for interrupting.  Oriana defends her daughter, telling Maddie this will be the last time she raises her voice to Alina, clear?  Maddie doesn't' respond but has a smug look on her face.  Ori takes Alina to the other room.  Paloma asks Cesar, Fabi, Ruben, and Mariano to join her in her bedroom.  She tells Matilde she can just to hell. Maddie whines that no one understands her -- she's the mother!  The scene ends with a close up of a Madonna-like painting of a woman with three babies.  (haha, they blurred out the bum of one of the babies)

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mentir Para Vivir #55 Tue 12/24/13 Two Hookers Own the Casa Bonita Brothel and Occupancy is Still at an All Time Low? What's Up With That?

Down by the seashore, Piero asks Fabiola if she will consider marrying him.  He’s on the rebound and wants a sweet young thang in his life and since she’s gotta a biscuit in the oven who needs a daddy….he thinks that they might be able to help each other out.  For her birthday, he gives her a small box from Tiffany’s, hinting that there’s more where that came from.  I’ll be your J. Howard Marshall or Howard K Stern (whichever you prefer) and you can be my Anna Nicole Smith.  He tells her that he loves her and hopes that she might eventually come to love him too.  Piero leaves her at the beach with a lot to think about it. 
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Por siempre mi amor #15 12/23/13: Two Bitch Slaps, An Assault and A Robbery - or- the Baddies Step It Up

Hello everyone! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Let's get right to it:

The Leftovers:
While Gema is passed out on the bed Dante tries to open the safe in Isabel's closet.

Osvaldo has presented Aranza with chocolates and Tita with flowers before heading to the movies. Is this guy dapper or what?

Gabi tells Nicholas and Bruno how successful she and Isabel have been with their interior design firm. They've won some international awards! You go girls!

The Main Course:
Arturo is trying to talk to Isabel. "Are you upset?"
"No. I have no reason to be upset with you. You're a free man."
"Isabel, Sonia's not supposed to be here. She thought there might something between us. But there isn't. Sonia made up everything she told you about me."
Isabel isn't buying it. "Yeah. Sure. Stop lying to me. I have enough problems of my own, I don't need to deal with yours too." Isabel turns her back on Arturo. He leaves in frustration.

At Casa Arte, Tere brings Andrea a big bouquet of flowers. She can't believe it, "For me??" Andrea opens the card and her smile turns to shock.
"What? What's wrong?"
Andrea hands the note to Tere who reads it aloud, "To my faithful wife who will never forget me." It's from that bastard Fernando. How is this even possible?"
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #24 & 25, 12/23/2013

Capitulo 24 (by Gloria)

Loreto tells Pervie Juvie that Pedro wants Ale dead. In exchange he can keep the hacienda. Pervie Juvie likes the idea and decides to keep Montse too.

Rosario comes to pay a visit to Padre A. She apologizes for the late visit but needs to talk to him. Montse sent her with a letter to give the new capataz and insisted that Ale not find out. After the capataz read the letter he became nervous and insisted that she inform Montse he had to see her. He didn't even say “Senora” or “La Patrona” but called her by her name instead. Does that mean that there is something between them? What is going on? Nothing is insists the Padre. If she tells me to do something, I must obey. Yet I know I am going against my own son. The Padre again insists there is nothing going on, but Rosario keeps insisting. I can't, it was told to me in confession.

Josefina is looking at her wedding dress and can't believe that she will be getting married tomorrow.

At the strip club, Adolfo is giving Dim a bachelor’s party paid for I’m sure from Josefina's purse. He tells the men with them to make sure they dress real nice for the part tomorrow. Where's my money asks one of the men. Adolfo says they'll get it when the job is done. Dim wants to know where the more experienced girls are? Adolfo complains to management that they are not getting the VIP treatment. The current girls are just not bringing it. Where are the more experienced ones? Management says they are currently busy and tries to walk away. Adolfo offers money, but management says that another more important client has the more experienced girls. We see the good girls dancing for drooling Pervie Juvie and Pedro. Pervie can't believe that when Loreto suggested meeting the police captain, it would be at a place like this. Loreto says this is how the captain treats his loyal employees. And you are starting to be one of them. That is of course if you do the job that Loreto brought you in for replies Pedro. Consider it done replies Pervie Juvie. Loreto tells Pervie Juvie to pick a girl. He points to Esme. Loreto says she belongs only to the captain and gets him another one. Esme is sitting on Pedro's lap drinking it up as Adolfo spies into the private room.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Que Pobres Tan Ricos: Starts January 6, 2014!

Hola out there in Caray Caray land. There is a new TN starting on January 6, 2014 at 10:00pm  called "Que Pobres Tan Ricos". It's basically about a very rich family that loses their lana (money) and must move in with a poor family.  I am putting up some pictures of the cast and Melinama, our blog Mom, will put up a synopsis soon.
Sylvia Pasquel as Ana Sofia Romagnoli vda de Ruiz Palacios, she is the Matriarch of the Rich Ruiz Palacios family.

Manuel "Flaco" Ibanez as Don Jesus "Chuy" Menchaca as the Patriarch of the  poor family.

Jaime Camil as Miguel Angel Ruiz-Palacios Romagnoli accused of course, of something he didn't do. Hides in plain sight.

Zuria Vega as Maria Guadalupe "Lupita" Menchaco she butts heads with Miguel Angel a lot!

Mark Tacher as Alejo Ruiz Palacios Saravia he's a bad hat that wants it all.

Ingrid Martz as Minerva Fontanent Blanco. She's back!  I bet she isn't so blanco don't you? She is the girlfriend of Mark Tacher above.

Arturo Peniche as Nepomuceno Escandiondas " Rey del Plantano"

If you would like to recap this TN please contact our blog Mom Melinama at:


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Mentir Para Vivir #54 Mon 12/23/13 The Fabulous Foursome interrupted by a busy body

The old: Homero Poirot de la Garza started his investigation of the many secrets of the Aresti-Bretton & Friends gang.
Homero: “Why do you need all the guards?”
Fidelia: “To protect my porcelain dolls collection. There are a lot of robberies in the area.”
Homero: “Yeah… Do you think I’m stupid? You don’t look like a woman with a doll collection. You look like a bad liar. Are you hiding from Francisco Castro or Jose Luis Falcon?” (Or the narcotraficantes? They are very in demand these days, they should be involved in every telenovela).

The new: Paloma asks Homero to butt out; does he plan to take everything that she loves away from her? No, he explains, that’s not what he wants, he intends to help. But Paloma can’t take his help in her fragile state, she starts to faint, so everyone scolds Homero for bothering her – doesn’t he know she’s a sick woman?
Leo and Ric are especially firm and Homero tries to defend himself by saying that he wasn’t aware of how serious her condition was. (How could he if 5 minutes after he showed up, he started using his magnifying glass in search of detective clues?).
He thinks Ric and Leo are a par of imbeciles - pair of imbeciles (Ric’s face is priceless when he hears this, but he takes it like a bog boy); don’t they realize they could all be in grave danger? And things will only get worse if they don’t decide to talk. Ric should especially consider this, since he says he loves Ines so much.
He leaves to search for a hotel room (what, Fidelia is at full capacity?) and Leo urges Ric to tell Homero the entire story, because Abuelo already knows a lot of bits and pieces. 
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Santa Diabla -- Week of December 23, 2013

HO HO HO!  Don't look now but Santa's packing heat!  Better just leave the milk and cookies by the chimney and run!

[As you might imagine, Santa will be too busy to visit our flat screens on Tuesday night and will be spending Wednesday recovering.  We'll have to make do with Monday, Thursday and Friday shows this week.]

¡Felices Fiestas!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Marido en Alquiler -- Week of December 23, 2013

Marido fans, here's a blank page awaiting your comments as your favorite show limps to its an end.

Happy holidays, one and all!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- La Reina del Sur, et cetera. Week of December 23, 2013

Heads up -- No regular shows on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

La Impostora, a new telenovela starring Christian Bach, Sebastián Zurita and Lisette Morelos and filmed in and around Acapulco is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 8pm/7c, the time slot currently occupied by Marido en Alquiler.

Best to all of you on the holidays!

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