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Acorralada # 160 Thursday 8/30/07

If this is Episode #160, we are maybe only 30 episodes from the end! Yay!

Quickie recap from memory: The most important thing here is that Roddy and Fedora had their showdown, and Roddy would not believe a word she said. Even Granny M tried to tell him how awful Sharon was, and he would not listen.

Also, Emilio tried to tell Larry that Sharon was a no-goodnik, but he also wasn't listening.

Marfil and Octy moved in with Iggy and Camila, as they were tossed out of the Irascible house. This apartment should be featured on Big Brother.

We saw more scenes of Max lying in bed with chest conveniently exposed while he moaned "Dimwit, Dimwit."

It seems that Max is being accused in the disappearance of Fiona, because he was seen arguing with her about the pregnancy test.

Speaking of pregnancy tests, isn't Diana supposed to be pregnant? What happened with her dizzy spells?


Destilando Amor Aug. 30, 2007 something smelly this way comes

EPISODE - 8/30/2007:
* Gavi prays to herself about Rod and his son Ricardito. Nancy enters to tell her about Alonso's trip preparations schedule. Gavi says okay, she'll handle it. Nancy notices Gavi's sad mood and tries to animate her about conference participants. Gavi says no one can get her to forget about Rod.

* At the hospital, Fedra and Sofia are talking on the sofa. Isy is in bed holding her son, Rico. Aaron, Minnie and Bruno enter and walk over to see Isa and the new family addition. Isa hands baby Rico to Minnie. Minnie thinks he looks like Minnie. Bruno think he resembles Rod. Fedra laughs at him as she and Sofia gather around the bed. Aaron is negative about the resemblance to Rod. Sofia is happy that little Rico is a Montalvo. Nurse comes in to take baby back to the nursery. Minnie asks Isa why she gave birth prematurely. Isa hints about asking Rod and Gaviota. Minnie is confused and asks again - Isa notes that Bruno and Aaron may not want to hear any female gossip. Sofia tells the men that Rod and James are in the cafeteria. Bruno and Aaron leave. Fedra and Sofia go closer to the bed - Fedra prods Isa to open up with the details. Isa unloads the story of Rod and Dani planning behind her back for Rod and Gaviota to meet on a date. They're impactado.

* Gavi in office on phone with Dani who is at the hospital waiting room with Granny P and Elvis. Gavi wonders who could've tipped off Isa about her and Rod's date (who's the spy?). Dani wonders the same thing. Gavi asks about Isa and the new baby. Dani has a gut suspicion about the pregnancy. Gavi asks Dani to talk with Rod about her sadness as well as give him her best wishes for him and his son. Alonso stands in the office doorway listening to Gavi on the phone. He interrupts to remind Gavi to get back to work - they have a conference to arrange. Gavi asks for another moment and then will get back to work. Gavi and Dani finish their conversation about Granny and the Montalvo family (Isa is spinning the story to make herself look good).

* Minnie, Fedra, Sofia and Isa are discussing what she did to keep Gavi from going to the date with Rod - the contractions, Gavi driving her to hospital, etc. Minnie thinks they need to back Isa. The conversation stops abruptly as Rod enters - he notices the serious faces of the foursome. Fedra congratulates him - he is cordial with her. Minnie tries to talk - Rod shuts her up. Sofia congratulates him - he has a huge warm hug for her. He looks around at the four ladies and is curious about their conversation. Fedra says it's girlstuff. Rod accepts the explanation. As he is about to leave, Isa tells him that the judge will be by soon to register their son. Rod nods and leaves.

* Gavi gives a lecture presentation to a class and introduces a research scientist.

* In hospital cafeteria, Pancho talks with Aaron about the tequila business. Rod arrives. Pancho and Pat congratulate him on his son. Tio Bruno congratulates him on the first great-grandchild of the family. Bruno tells Rod they can talk later about the new organic tequila project. Pat congratulates Rod on the project. James then congratulates Rod on his son. Aaron congratulate his cousin and tries to give him a hug - all he gets from Rod is a firm handshake and a scowl. They sit down at the table. Rod asks about the hacienda - Pancho eagerly answers. James sits and grumbles in a thought-bubble. Bruno asks about the organic tequila project. Rod is thrilled by the progress and that he is finally completing his father's dream. Aaron bites his tongue hard to stay quiet.

* Gavi enters Alonso's office. Alonso is busy with papers before he leaves on his trip. He tells her it is to Spain and will be for three months. Gavi will be in charge of the office while he is away.

* Rod explains to Bruno that with James and Pat's help, in 2 to 3 months the organic tequila will be on the market. Aaron can't stay quiet any longer and starts to bombard Rod with his critical questions about marketing and distribution and offer of assistance. Rod stares at him and then explains to Aaron all the work that they have done with the facts, figures, distribution and marketing channels. Aaron is insulted that he was left out of the whole project. Rod defends his decisions and reasons. Aaron is still angry. Bruno and Pat try to control the hostility. It doesn't work. Aaron and Rod almost get into a fist-fight in the cafeteria. Rod brings up the contaminated shipments that Aaron and Larry the snake arranged again and throws it in Aaron's face. Bruno tries to "shush" the two cousins. Rod and Aaron continue throwing insults and threats at each other. Bruno has to stand up between the two to get them to shut up and stop fighting. Pancho tries to change the subject by asking if anyone wants more coffee. Sofia enters to tell Rod that the judge is there to register his son. Bruno says they'll be there soon and to leave. Sofia leaves. Bruno grumbles at Aaron and Rod to stop fighting and leaves. Pancho and Pat follow him out. Rod stares at James, and pops out of his chair to leave. Aaron stops him and (to get the last word in on this fight) he spouts off about his suspicion that Rico may not be Rod's son, nor a result of the artificial insemination. Rod is insulted by the insinuation by Aaron. Aaron says he will be investigating this - Rod says how dare you - Aaron says for Rico to inherit the whole Montalvo estate, he has every right to investigate the paternity. Rod dares him to talk with the doctor. Aaron says that is just what he intends to do and leaves. Pancho stands in the doorway listening to the conversation. James stands up and tries to calm his friend down. Rod is too furious with Aaron. James wonders if Aaron may have a valid argument - Rod agrees that Isa is an opportunist, greedy, arrogant, and self-centered, but he has a hard time believing that Isa was unfaithful to him.

* In hospital room, everyone is gathered around the bed - Isa is holding baby Rico. The judge stands to the side. Bruno enters and says Rod is coming. Bruno, Fedra and Minnie excuse themself from the room. They leave as Rod, Pancho and James enter. Rod goes to the judge who hands him the birth certificate papers and shows him where to sign. Rod, swallows hard, looks around at Isa, his son, and the family gathered around the room before he signs the documents. Isa and her mommy exchange cheshire cat grins.

* In parking garage, Bruno and Pat explain to Fedra and Minnie the argument between Rod and Aaron in the cafeteria. Fedra is aghast. Minnie blames Gavi for poisoning Rod against Aaron. Bruno tells her to shut up. Minnie goes to Aaron and scolds him for coming to Mexico City in the first place. He tells her to shut up, he doesn't want to hear her commentaries. Bruno scolds and asks if Aaron came back for help with his business. Aaron scoffs. Bruno rolls his head back and asks to see his budget figures for the turquoise tequila. Aaron tries to deflect the request - Bruno won't back off - Valet drives Aaron's car over. Aaron grumbles that he will bring his dad the reports to the office. Aaron pulls Minnie over to get her in the car. Before he walks around to get in himself, he and mommy Fedra talk about her concern over his anger - he tells her that they have to get that hard drive back from Pamela immediately. Aaron hops in his car and drives away.

* Pammie back at home - she finds her only photo of her and Aaron. She mutters that he destroyed her love and now all that's left is an infinite thirst for vengeance. She tosses the framed photo in the trash can.

* At the agriculture commission, Alonso gives Gavi the last minute instructions before he leaves on his trip. She assures him not to worry, she will handle everything at the office while he's gone. He searches his pockets for his passport and papers. Gavi stands there and hands them to him - she took them so he wouldn't forget them. He thanks her. Nancy tells him he needs to leave - so he won't be late for the plane. Alonso and Gavi have a last-last minute check on instructions and good-byes. Alonso kisses Gavi on the cheek and leaves. Nancy is disappointed because Alonso didn't say good-bye to her. Gavi mutters about them being alone in the office, and she hopes the next 3 months fly by quickly.

* At hospital, Aaron and Minnie meet with Dr. Paul Tejeiros. They surprise him with the news that Isa gave birth. He will stop by to see her and the baby later. Minnie tells him where they are. Aaron starts in with the real reason they are there - to find out for sure if the baby is really Rod's - a result of the artificial insemination. Dr. T is really uncomfortable.

* Rod is talking with Ricardo and Barbara in the hallway. Mama Barb advises Rod to take care of Isa, because of post-pardum depression. Rod knows and has everything arranged for the next three months for Isa and Rico. Ricardo assures Rod that his business is going splendidly and that soon he will be able to start paying back the loan. Rod is happy to hear it.

As they leave, Sofia and Pancho leave the room. Rod asks when they will return to the hacienda. Pancho says he will leave tomorrow but Sofia will stay with Granny P awhile longer. James exits the room - Rod invites James to stay in his guest room at the condo. Pancho tells Sofia that he left his cell phone in the room and will be right back.

* Pancho enters the room. Isa smiles to see him there, thinks he wants to talk about his son. Pancho is very serious and informs Isa about Aaron and Rod's argument in the cafeteria - first it was about work, then it turned to Aaron's suspicions and questions about Rico's paternity and the artificial insemination. Isa is very impactado. He advises her to be very asute and make sure to do everything possible so that Rod doesn't start suspecting anything either. They have to keep this a deep dark secret - for the sake of both of their marriages, as well as their future wealth and happiness. She pleased that he finally has accepted her proposal.

* Sofia and Rod talk in the hallway.

* Aaron tries insults and demands to see the medical files on Isa and Rod. Dr. T refuses - he says that those files are confidential only to him and his patients. Dr. T asks them to leave. Aaron tries one more time to see the documents. Dr. T says leave or he'll call security to escort them out. Dr. T picks up the phone to call - Aaron slams the receiver down and he and Minnie leave.

* Rod enters room and says James will be staying in their guest room for awhile. Isa is a space cadet. He asks if she's okay, she claims just tired from all the visitors. He leaves. She calls Dr. T on her cell phone. Paulino (Dr. T) informs her about Aaron and Minnie's visit to his office - she breathes a sigh of relief. She asks him for his complete discretion, and a huge favor. She asks him to bring over documents to make sure Rod knows that Rico is HIS son.

* Late that night, Gavi arrives home. She tries to hug Clara - Clara instead moves away from her and to her virgin collection shelf where she over-dramatically prays to the virgin mary to help Gavi to arrive home earlier from the office, as well as thanks for giving her the stamina and patience so she doesn't die from heart problems. Gavi tries to talk again. Clara shakes Gavi's hand and says Hello Gaviotita, so nice to finally meet you. Gavi explains and apologizes. Clara scolds her and says that the TV has been her only companion every night. Gavi tells Clara that Alonso is on a trip for three whole months. Clara is happy, but turns sad thinking that when Alonso returns she will be late again. Gavi reassures her. Clara asks Gavi when will she get to meet this boss of hers. Gavi asks why? then starts in on her heartbreak over losing Rod to Isa and their son.

* Rod holds his son as Isa looks at her cheese sandwich and apple juice. Dr. T enters. Rod shows off Rico to him. Dr. T says he's spoken with the doctor there and Isa and the baby seem to be healthy and normal. Isa and Rod thank him immensely for all his help. Dr. T is happy to help them fulfill their dream. Dr. T then mentions Minnie and Aaron's meeting with him at his office. Rod is impactado and angry. He hands Isa their son as Dr. T explains the meeting and that all the documents are confidential. Dr. T pulls out the file he brought to show Rod - Rod says he trusts Dr. T totally. Isa forces Rod to listen and look at the documents. Rod looks as Dr. T shows him the documents and explains that all these are kept confidential so only he, Rod and Isa are to have access to them. Rod repeats that he trust Dr. T totally and completely. Dr. T hands him the file. Rod looks up at Isa smiling with their son. He says he trusts his wife completely and hands the file back to Dr. T. Dr. T leaves. Isa continues to smile (like she just ate a canary).

** (commercial announcements - second trailer for the night for the movie "Ladron que roba a ladron" with Fernando Colunga, Saul Lisazo, Ivonne Montero and Miguel Varoni - if you live in or near Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago or New York City, you can go see it in theaters. I unfortunately don't have that luxury or opportunity. it is now in cinema theaters.) **

* Minnie berates Aaron for his suspicions about Rico not being a legitimate Montalvo. She wants to know his proof - Aaron thought-bubbles his memory of making love with Isa. Minnie continues to pressure Aaron about his suspicions. Aaron explains it as a hunch - he just wants to investigate to make sure the insemination did indeed produce this little miracle. Aaron asks Minnie for his opinions. Minnie says that Dr. T is one of the best doctors in this field. Aaron ends the subject for the night with a hug with Minnie. He at the same time thought-bubbles that soon, very soon, he will have the proof he needs to show that Rico isn't a Montalvo at all.

* Pammie sits with her daddy on the sofa talking about Aaron. The conversation starts with not obsession about what Aaron did to hurt her, then changes to what Pammie remembers about Aaron's argument with Minnie and all the conversations Aaron had with Larry the snake about the irregularities of exports. Daddy says these are serious charges and crimes if they are true. Pammie suspects it's why Aaron dumped her and went back to Minnie. She then says that they need to go report what she knows to the authorities.

* Minnie goes to the other room. In bed, Aaron makes a call on his cell phone to his mommy with a request -- for her to get a lock of Rico's hair tomorrow. He wants to order a DNA test to prove whether Rod is Rico's father or not.


Some Telenovela Humor

A friend found this for me. I posted a link in the Destilando comments yesterday, but figured out how to embed it in a blog post so that everyone can see it. :-)

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
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Amar Sin Limites #32 – Thursday 8-30-07 – It's a Bad Day at Black Rock.

Mama is upset that Papa came home all beat up and gave some lame excuse. Diego is about to go talk to him when Evil Eva calls and wants to meet him for dinner. "Be at my hotel in half an hour." Diego says he'll pump Papa for information tomorrow, but now, dinner calls.

We have that horrible scene with my former crush, Andres, killing Abuelo. The look on Abuelo's face before he was shot was heartbreaking. I'll probably have bad dreams tonight.

Morticia is having dinner with Flavio and probably within the first 30 minutes is telling him all about the miseries of her life; how her son died two years ago, that she was in an institution because she couldn't accept it, etc. etc. Just the sorts of things you say on a first date to attract a new man. She assures him there is nothing between her and Diego; he just helped her out at a bad time in her life. I'm beginning to think her whole life is a bad time. Flavio doesn't want to get in the middle, since Diego is a good friend of his. Looks like Flavio may be taking over the place in my heart vacated by Andres.

It is now 2 a.m. and dinner is still continuing between Evil Eva and Diego. She thinks it's cute that he's really into his family. Diego wants her to meet his family. She wants to meet them, too. "Tomorrow. But tonight I want you to spend the night with me." They then start making out. She sure is scary! Does Mexico not have a problem with sexual harassment? Things are getting pretty steamy, when Diego's cell phone rings. Evil Eva doesn't want him to answer, but being a good do-bee, Diego tells her to hold that thought while he fumbles for the phone. It's Buddy. It's now 2:30 a.m. and no one has seen Abuelo. It's not like him to disappear like this. Now Diego is getting worried. He says he's on his way. Evil Eva doesn't want him to leave; she doesn't want to be alone tonight. Diego apologizes and runs out the door. Apparently he has just committed a CLM (Career-Limiting Move). Evil Eva seethes and calls him stupid. Apparently she doesn't like not getting her way. Commercial.

Evil Eva calls Burgay and tells him to fire Diego. She then throws the cell phone across the room and throws a temper tantrum.

Buddy and Buddy Junior are hanging out waiting for Abuelo to return. The doorbell rings and Buddy Junior wonders why Abuelo just doesn't use his keys. Buddy says he knew Abuelo would be OK. Buddy Junior then starts screaming; "Someone killed Abuelo!" They go rushing out front and there is a huge crowd on the street. Buddy is distraught and can only say "Compadre." I think I'm going to cry. . .Buddy then has to give a statement to the police identifying poor Abuelo. Buddy has no idea who could do such a thing. He keeps asking Abuelo, "Who did this?"

Diego calls Mama, waking her up. "Is Abuelo at the house tonight?" Mama says "No." Mama then starts asking why Diego is calling so late. He doesn't sound like he's in a good state to be driving. Diego makes some lame excuse and apologizes for waking her up. Commercial.

Diego pulls up at the garage. When he walks in, there are all these people milling around. He runs up to Buddy, who is still crying. Buddy tells him someone killed Abuelo. Diego yells at Buddy and tells him to quit being stupid. Finally reality cuts through his fuzzy mind and he loses it. One of the neighbors tries to console him. Very creepy, dark music is playing.

Suddenly the screen goes black like we're going to commercial, but since we just got back from one, I thought my TiVo was on the fritz. To make matters worse, a view of a green valley flashes on the screen for a few seconds. If it wasn't for the Univision logo, I'd have thought the TV changed channels.

Abruptly we're transported to Mama's bright kitchen and Mama cooking. Papa walks in and wants to know who called in the middle of the night. Mama says it was Diego looking for Abuelo. Diego was drunk and hanging out with his friend, Flavor. Mama isn't amused, but Papa basically says, "Boys will be boys." Mama thinks it's odd that she doesn't see Diego's cell phone in its usual place.

Buddy, Buddy Junior, and Diego are either at the morgue or the police station. Someone needs to tell Mama. They ask Diego if Diego wants them to come along, but Diego says it's better he breaks the news himself.

Burgay is telling Mo that Evil Eva wants Diego fired. Burgay doesn't know what happened, but he's waiting to find out. Burgay tells one of Evil's thugs that he (Burgay) needs to see Evil ASAP.

Evil's thug walks onto the balcony. Evil wants to leave immediately for Europe! Thug says Burgay wants to talk to her and is waiting downstairs. Evil asks, "What part of leave immediately don't you understand?" Apparently Burgay reports to Evil, so what Evil wants, Evil gets.

Diego is draped on Abuelo's casket crying uncontrollably. Buddy tries to comfort him without success. How did they get such a nice casket so quickly? I don't think even Mama knows yet.

My ex-heartthrob asks out a hotel worker. She accepts. I wonder if he's going to kill her as well. Commercial.

Diego walks into the house and Mama is jibber jabbering about his being drunk last night. She wants to know why he looks so serious. After snuffling for about five minutes, he tells her someone assaulted and murdered Abuelo. Mama doesn't believe it at first. Finally she tells Diego to say it isn't so. They collapse in a heap. Sobs all around.

Papa shows up at IHoP. He wants to apologize for the fight the night before. He talks about the past and someone being the love of his life. Isela? It's getting too late for me to re-play this 80 times. Margaret, or whomever, can you help? He then gets a call from Mama who tells him about Abuelo. Mama asks Papa to meet her at the funeral home. Papa is impactado. Isela wants to know what happened; "Someone killed Abuelo!" Isela is now impactada.

Next notification is to Lidia, who is doing…what else???? The horizontal bop with Piero. The "Ick" factor is running very high. She tells Piero she needs to answer the phone because Mama may need something. When she hears it's Diego, she barks at him, "What do you want? I'm in a meeting at work!" Silence. Finally Diego stammers out that Abuelo was murdered. Lidia is instantly impactada.

Everyone starts gathering at the funeral home. Mama, Papa, Diego, Isela, Flavor, Morticia, and Lidia. Buddy and Buddy Jr have never left.

Evil Eva the Dominatrix tells Burgay she's going back to Europe without Diego. She wants Diego fired. Burgay wants to know why. EEtD says he left her alone! He humiliated her! He's an idiot! Finally Thug explains it's because Abuelo was murdered last night. Suddenly EEtD is contrite. "Pobre Diego! How could I be so unjust?!" Now she starts crying. I hope she has waterproof eye make-up. She yells at Thug for not telling her sooner. Thug says he tried to, but she wouldn't let him. EEtD leaves and Thug asks Burgay, "What the heck is going on?" Burgay responds, "She's in love!" Thug looks pretty stricken. He must have a thing for EEtD.

Burgay is telling Mo what happened. EEtD has changed her mind about firing Diego. He says it was all a misunderstanding. He tells Mo that EEtD likes Diego but he ran out on her. It turns out it was because Abuelo was murdered. Burgay then goes on to ask about Andres' whereabouts. Burgay points out the only one who would kill a harmless old man would be Andres, because Andres is so jealous of Diego. Burgay tells Mo that if EEtD finds out Andres is involved, there will be you-know-what to pay. Burgay hangs up.

Mo gets on the phone immediately and tells Leo he needs to see her NOW!!!! When she appears, he asks, "Where's Andres?" Leo opines he's in Acapulco. Mo makes her call Andres. Andres is all smug at first, thinking Mo has called to apologize and ask him to return. Mo basically accuses him of Abuelo's murder. If EEtD and Burgay find out about it, Mo won't be able to protect him. Why do I get the feeling that Mo really is more interested in protecting himself than protecting Andres? Suddenly, Andres isn't quite so smug. Leo is worried for her little boy – or boy toy, as the case may be. I don't think anyone has quite figured it out, although Andres did refer to her by name. Leo asks Mo if he can help Andres. "If Andres is responsible and EEtD finds out, there's nothing I can do!" Exorcist Music. Commercial.

My ex-heartthrob tells the hotel staffer, Elvira, he has to break their date. He has to leave early in the morning; something has come up. Andres has a dimple!!!! Why does he have to have a dimple? Why does he have to be an Abuelo-killer? I'm so crushed!!!

Everyone is still at the funeral home. Flavor volunteers to take Morticia home to change. Diego is all for that. Isela leaves and is accosted by Papa. He wants a hug. Isela says he needs to be with Mama; Mama has gone through a horrible ordeal and needs him. As they're hugging, Mama walks out with Diego. Isela covers by telling Papa she's so sorry for his loss and pulls away. Close call.

Finally, EEtD is telling Burgay how bad she feels for treating Diego so badly. She points out she doesn't care about the old man, only about Diego. He's pure, noble, honest, etc. She wants to be at Diego's side. Thug doesn't think this is such a good idea. She tells Thug she's not asking for him to take her to Diego. She's TELLING him! Thug isn't happy.

Mo is on the phone talking to someone. Whoever it is wants Leo present. Mo then calls Azul. My TiVo cut out so this whole scene isn't clear. Feel free to fill in the blanks.

Recorder Quits.


August 30, 2007 Yo Amo a Juan – In which your sub recapper cops out with a fast forward frenzy

I am posting a header for Sylvia tonight so all y’all can comment, but don’t have time to do a full recap. However, here’s a scene-by-scene quick and dirty summary for your reading pleasure. I hope.

We open to revisit scenes from last night:

• Nidia in her robe, hair in a towel, and Yadi in a way too short skirt dive for the ringing phone. Nidia refuses to answer it or let Yadi do it. Nidia is sure it’s Alirio and doesn’t want her plans for the evening spoiled. They fuss about the phone and Nidia rips it out of the wall. Yadi has a tantrum. At the other end of the line, Alirio stands at a pay phone fussing about Nidia not answering. Only Nidia is happy with all of this.

• CL screeches at Monica with a rapidly rising decibel level to just above the high water mark. He’s muy put out with her presence in the office and she wants to know why. She asks him in roughly a thousand different ways (okay, he’s the one who always tells her he’s told her something a thousand times. Now it’s her turn.) He can’t give her a response that rings true from her viewpoint. Or ours. The entire staff of Farell Industries is treated to the show through the open blinds; it must be a slow day otherwise. Monica swoons and CL gets concerned about her for a refreshing change. He grabs her and lowers her to a chair.

Then we are entertained by tonight’s happenings:

• Monica’s new best fiend [there’s no typo here], Ivonne, solicitously brings Monica a glass of water and asks how she can help. Monica assures them both she’s going to be okay and Ivonne leaves. CL walks Monica out to make sure she doesn’t try to drive herself home, telling her the whole time that she can’t, while Paula peers through her blinds--which were open anyway so she’s just being a drama queen here. CL looks back at Paula and she glares at him before the elevator comes and closes on him and Monica. Dramatic pounding piano music tells us she’s muy put out.

• In the basement, the boys are playing bumper cars without bumping. They’re talking between the cars while they roll back and forth. CL approaches and Fern snaps to. Nice save, Fern. CL opens the door and puts Monica in with directions to Fern. Fern goes with Monica, and CL watches Juan. Nah, CL glares at Juan. With his jaw twitching and locking. Juan hasn’t even said a word. He’s just standing here at attention, respectfully, minding his own business.

• CL strides into Paula’s office and she reams him. He goes on the offensive, as usual. Paula ain’t buyin’ it. She saw the ring. She knows something is fishy. She busts him about preventing her mother from working with Monica, just one piece of the intelligence she gathered in her morning with Moni. CL is impactado.

• Julia comes to get the scoop on all the chisme from Ivonne. What’s up with CL and his wife? Ivonne, always the model of discretion, spills her guts. Workers gather in for more amusement. Marely glares at Ivonne, whose triumph is complete today.

• CL is still impactado but makes a quick recovery to go back on the offensive. Paula’s still not buyin’ it, and wants to know why he’s so scared. CL is the answer man, but the answers don’t ring true from her viewpoint. He says they have nothing more to discuss and she says in this, we agree. She kicks him out of her office. He’s two for two today. He’s out a comfy place to stay tonight, too.

• CL leaves the office to find the audience waiting for an encore. He yells at them to go to work. Too bad it couldn’t come at some appropriate time, like when they’re milling around hour by hour, day after day in the lobby. Marely looks upset at her desk; Paula is inside falling apart now that the main feature has played out.

• Pastor is being kept amused by Juan’s latest plan/scheme to invite Pastor to Nidia’s bachelorette party. Pastor plies Juan for details. He sees an opportunity. He agrees to go. Juan is muy pleased.

• Marely thoughtfully brings Paula a cup of tea; Paula needs it. She gently asks Paula what’s up. Paula tells her a little about busting CL about the incident with her mother and Monica’s job offer. They do some lovely sisterly bonding. Marely tells her to quickly clean her desk and go home to rest.

• The boys are in the basement, discussing plans for the evening’s diversion. Kike has joined them and by some miracle, neither he nor Fern has a black eye. Alirio shows up and wants to party later in the evening. He wants the boys to help with a surprise for Nidia.

• Nidia gets her hair done by our friendly neighborhood stylist who cuts Juan’s hair and Pastor’s. She wants a nifty ‘do for the big night out.

• Everyone declines Alirio and tells him to stay home for sure tonight. Alirio is not thrilled that the boys won’t help him surprise Nidia tonight. [It’s not Nidia who will be surprised if you go to surprise her, Alirio]. Paula is headed out, so Juan can bail on Alirio right now. Kike bails as fast as his little legs can carry him. Fern bails because CL wants to go home. Fern asks which home, and CL gets snide. Fern recovers nervously. Alirio is left in the garage (maybe not exactly in this order). Suddenly, Alirio has a storm in his brain that they are going to surprise him with a bachelor party. He’s touched. [I mean that. He’s definitely touched. In the head.]

• Juan is concerned about Paula, and watches her in the mirror on the way to her apartment. He hates to see her so sad. He tries to talk her into going to the party for Nidia tonight, and she isn’t biting.

• CL strides into the house and Chelo is thrilled to see him. He cuts her off and strides up to the office where Monica is working. CL goes quickly into the offensive mode (literally) with Monica.

• Paula paces her apartment, frowning and not even caring about the wrinkles. She picks up the phone to call Ivonne. Ivonne helpfully informs her that CL has left. If she needs him urgently, she can call him at home. Paula quickly gets off the phone.

• Monica isn’t budging. She is calm; he’s having histrionics. She tells CL she needs time away from him at home. He angles his way into the house overnight, but she goes to tell Chelo to make up the guest room.

• Kike and Juan are chatting about things in the basement. Pastor comes to announce he’s ready. Fern comes back from taking CL home; the traffic was awful! Juan divvies up the jobs; Fern and Kike go get Nidia, he and Pastor get Ana. Fern and Kike groan.

• Paula paces. Her floor has a new trench.

• Kike and Fern toss for who has to go to the door for Nidia. Fern wins. He goes to the door, which Yadi answers, arms crossed in full b**** mode. Fern suffers in silence. Nidia comes down in her fetching hot orange bolero jacket, mini-falda, orange patent 60s cap, etc. Yadi is not impressed. Nor is she a happy camper. Why the heck didn’t Kike come himself?

• Juan listens to Pastor and Ana in the back seat while he drives. Juan had no idea that Pastor liked music and art. Juan’s never heard of artists like Monet and Renoir, but he’s sure glad Pastor has because Ana is so impressed and pleased. This could turn out okay after all.

• The disco is dark and lively. Nidia beams from ear to ear; life is good. At least tonight. The viejas are greatly amused. The boys are greatly reluctant. Pastor and Ana are bonding famously.

• Paula is not pacing. She’s dialing a couple of numbers and laying the phone back down. Repeatedly.

• [Fast forward recaps have some interesting moments. This scene was stuck at the beginning with Yadi’s face all screwed up like a raisin in a grimace/frown.] Yadi and Marely have a sisterly bonding moment in the bedroom with junk food. They decide that love is a lot of trouble. Maybe more trouble than it’s worth.

• The viejas are bonding and boozing. Not necessarily in that order. Juan’s pretty satisfied about the way life is going tonight. He might even be a little smug. He gives Kike and Fern a pep talk; Pastor doesn’t need one. Juan gets the boys out dancing with the viejas and joins them. Fern and Nidia might even be having a good time?

• Marely and Yadi are still bonding. For all we know, it might be the most they’ve talked to each other since Yadi found out that the baby was taking her thunder two decades ago. Yadi is trying to analyze what’s up with Juan, since Marely clearly is enamored of him. Yadi wants to know if Marely and Juan have……Marely is incensed. But she admits if given the opportunity….She philosophizes about making love without really being in love. It’s like dancing without music. Yadi adds food examples—tacos without salsa. She tells Marely to fight for her man. Déjà vu. Haven’t we heard this sometime recently? The doorbell rings. They roll their eyes at each other. Alirio.

• At the disco…..the beat goes on……AH! It’s cachi cachi bombon! The viejas and three of the boys admire Juan’s joie de vivre out on the floor. They toast it. We get a really good listen to cachi, cachi bombon. Feel free to dance, everyone. Juan is in his element! But, remember, any similarity to real life is purely coincidental.

Coming attractions: Problems! Where are Nidia and Fern? Holy moley!!!!! And where is Juan? Home in his bedroom, being accosted by the sisters Cachón. Will he do a striptease to try and get them to flee his bedroom?



Juan Q 8/29 - The female to female bond is stronger than testosterone

The two CL chicks exit and CL stews a bit while Ivonne whistles ominously.

Juan is happy that Kike and Fer finally shook hands and says tonight they are going to party together! Cachibonbon!

Marely is ribbing Yadi for making a scene because that’s the first thing she asked her not to do, so why did she do that, Mar could get fired for her berrinche. Yadi says she just wanted to show that chori what was hers. Mar says don’t you realize how ridiculous you look to everyone, plus she didn’t think Yadi cared about Kike anyway. Yadi blows that off and says she only made that statement when she was mad.

Juan continues encouraging the boys to be nice and to party together that they will throw back some tequilas and give Nidia a good send off that she deserves. Just then Pau and Moni walk by and summon Juan to drive them. Fer turns to Kike and says, oh so now you are going out with Julia eh? Kike rejects him and says look, it's one thing to be cordial, but another to tell you my business, so mind your own, essentially.

CL still impactado that his two squeezes are squeezed together in Juan’s car complains to G that the teatro (the deceit or literally the theater) is falling…and I’m stuck here unable to do anything. I love that line. GAYtan decides to take the high and mighty route and tells CL well this is what happens when you have two relationships going at the same time. DUH! He says all that’s left to do now is start praying. CL says great, I don’t even believe in God. Gaytan says well don’t you think this might be a good time to start? Cl says nothing better comes to mind? G says no. CL says then we are lost and it’s your fault I am where I am, I never should have believed that you understand the female persuasion.

Kike goes up to reception at Farell and presents Julia with a flower. She acts less than enthused. He wonders if she has a galan. She says no, but you have a Galana and she’s going around in hysterics. Kike is impactado. Just then Yadi shows up and says, next it will be chocolates, and then romatic music etc. Kike says who asked you? Yadi says that if there is a warning then there can be no deceit. She tells them not to give Marely any trouble because she didn’t want Yadi to come and she marches out giving Ivonne the stinkeye. Julia says she doesn’t want trouble so Kike should just go.

Ivonne then goes in to see Marely and tells her that her boss came and went, and with Cl’s wife no less. She makes fun that Mar is so worried about controlling her sister’s scandals and she didn’t even know.

The two CL wenches are chatting and Mon asks Pau about her Mom’s new job. Pau is surprised she knows about her personal life. Mon says no, I know nothing, but I know about your Mom and she rehashes the whole episode of offering her work and her not showing up. She tells Pau she thinks CL didn’t want her to hire her Mom. Pau is indifferently impactada, if that makes sense. She seems to almost ignore Mon talking to her face. In front, Juan tells himself that it seems Pau is slowly finding out these crazy things CL is up to.

Kike confides in Mar that he doesn’t understand even one peanut what’s with Yadi because now she’s acting as if we are boyfriend/girlfriend again, as if she forgot she erased him from her life. He says well it’s too late his heart belongs to another. Mar asks if he’s sure and admonishes him about playing with feelings, he says she should tell her sister that. Mar then says they need to get to work and gives him his delivery task info. Kike tries to explain again to Julia the real situation, but Julia says, fine, but get your sh*t in order and then call me. Smart woman.

Alirio is at Casa Cachon waiting for someone to come home, Nid shows up in a taxi and sees him but begs the guy to go further on so Alirio won’t see her.

CL & GAYtan are discussing the worst of things that could happen while his two chicas are together. CL says what if Moni tells Pau she’s preggers. What if Moni says they aren’t divorced. Or worse, what if Pau tells Mon about us!!! GAYtan thinks that they will probably be busy viewing all the stores so that won’t come up.

Paula and Moni are wandering around noting the cost of meat in stores and Moni asks her quite a compromising question. Do you know why the whole office looks at me in a very strange way? Paula is IMPACTADA!

After the break, Pau tells Moni nervously oh well, don’t you think that’s just your imagination? Moni says she thought so but it’s just too much. Pau makes up a story that it’s probably just because she is the boss and people are intimidated. She says but so is CL and they don’t act that way around him. Pau says well, he’s around all the time so they are used to him already. She says it happened to her too, when she first arrived that people weren’t sure what to make of her and she thinks that’s true for Mon too, since she hasn’t been around much until now.

CL and G are still mulling the double trouble situation. G says to CL he doubts the worst will happen and they think they will have to go to plan B then, maybe.

Alirio is still wandering outside, then laying on the grass in his cool shades, then finally gives up and leaves. We see Nid get ready to approach the house when Yadi surprises her and wonders what’s up.

Juan says to himself how weird it is that the two CL women are cavorting together and he’s still there sad, pining away for one of them.

CL asks Marely if Pau called - she’s says no, no idea where she is but you can call her cell, he says no, better that she calls me. He tells her nothing out of the ordinary is up and don’t worry, just leave her the message. Of course Mar will. She calls and tells Pau he’s going around here crazy.

Yadi wonders how long Nid’s going to keep at this game with Perafan. Nid says as long as he does. They then have a sort of heart to heart about the party tonight and who’s coming and that these women friends are all working and making their own way in life except for her, that’s she’s always been dependent on men. She blames it on her mother who taught her that her place was to marry and take care of her husband and work in the home. She shudders to think that’s what she has to do with Perafan.

Kike and Juan have a heart to heart about about women and how come a woman acts so weird and Juan can explain it all. Kike says well, he’s putting Yadi on the waiting list. Juan, appreciating this conversation tells himself well, even if neither of them have love, at least they have friendship.

Yadi asks her Mom, if they have the inheritance then she shouldn’t worry about the threats and she shouldn’t get married. Nid says it’s not just the warnings, it’s loneliness. She doesn’t want to be alone.

Mar is on the phone talking to Pau warning her about CL and she says let me talk to him. He wonders where they are and what is going on with her and Mon. Pau tells him nothing, they are the best of friends. He wants to know if she told Mon anything, and she wants to know like what? They fight, she hangs up on him because he’s acting weird to her. Mon asks her to lunch but she says she’s got to get back because her secretary was just saying how they needed her. They decide to lunch instead tomorrow.

Yadi complains about Julia to her Mom. Mom is less than sympathetic that she warned her. Mom tells her she didn’t learn from experience because that guy had her on an altar and she paid him no mind. She wonders if she changed her mind because the other guy left or because she sees maybe Kike is working on his way to being a millionaire. Yadi says it’s not for money. Nid tells her guys might like other women but only certain ones will be chosen for something serious. Yadi wonders what she’s trying to say. Nid tells her she shouldn’t forget who she is, a Cachon, and she has many arguments in her favor and a history with him, so is she going to stand there with her arms crossed? Think about it. Yadi adjusts her chest in Nid fashion. Maybe they think with those things, I mean, you know what they say about guys, so why not those gals.... :)

Juan thinks they need another person and asks Fer if he has a friend who can also come with them to the party. Fer says no. Juan says me neither. He thinks about it more and says he knows, GAYtan!

Moni returns and goes into CL he wants to know where the heck she was. She says he knew perfectly where, visiting the sales points. He wants to know why and thinks her doing that undermines his incredibility (ok, this was a typo, but I decided to leave it in because well it rather fits perfectly) in front of the employees that she could have reviewed the reports instead of hauling off with his vice president all day. She tells him she is going to keep visiting the sales points and she will do what she likes at her business. They continue to shout indiscreetly at each other and a rather large crowd gathers outside to watch the show.

Marely goes in to Pau and asks her if she is ok. She warns her what’s happening. Pau tells Marely that she sees CL differently now that she’s realized a few things, and she outs how upset she is that he prevented her Mom from working for Moni!

CL can spell, Moni says he’s been inventing one reason after another to keep her from working at Farell, she wants to know what he is hiding. He says she’s paranoid. She wants to know what he is so afraid of, is she invading his territory? He says her presence isn’t bugging him, but he feels like she’s interrogating him like a policeman. This fight keeps on back and forth with the same thing for quite a while.

Back in the garage Fer thinks Juan’s nuts, that Gaytan likes a different kind of revelry. Juan thinks maybe if he is surrounded by beautiful women that he might be charmed a little. Fer says huh? His condition isn’t like the flu, it’s something that lasts his whole life.

At Casa Cachon the phone rings and Nid and Yadi fight over it. Yadi thinks it might be Kike and wants to answer, Nid says it’s Alirio and she’s not answering for that Psychopath, as long as he keeps this pursuit up, she can too, because the last thing she wants is for him to ruin her party tonight. Yadi is ferociously mad and her skirt is way too short, so we get a little flash. Nid pulls the phone out of the wall, and Alirio on the other end asks himself who could stand any more.

CL and Mon continue fighting. She says maybe they should split up the economic interests and separate the personal life with the business life. He says she wants to end what they fought their whole lives for? She starts talking but loses her balance and collapses in his arms.

I'll be south of the border next week, if anyone is interested in recapping my Wednesday, let Melinama know, she will do it, but if someone would like to try it, here's a chance, so see you all when I get back!!


Amar Sin Limites #31, Wednesday 8-29: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

Azul's office: Evil Eva overhears Azul talking smack to Diego, and she comes in to tell Azul to shut it and also to call her dad and Mauricio. Diego says that maybe Azul's right about him not really being qualified for this job, but Eva tells Diego he's got potential.

Some other part of Mansión Malicia: Azul, very rudely, asks Leo where her dad and Mauricio are, but she won't say. She tells Azul to chill and points out that none of them can stand Eva. She says GSD and Mauricio are in a "private" place where no one can go (dirty!). Azul says fine, call them and tell them Eva wants to see them. Leo says she wants to be friends with Azul and Azul at least fakes like she accepts that. I think Leo just needs someone to paint her toenails now that Andres isn't around all the time. And maybe after that, they can braid each others' hair.

On the lawn: Azul sees Mauricio outside and gripes at him about being in a super-secret location. He tells her he doesn't have secrets from her personally, but when it comes to business, there are security concerns that she's just going to have to accept.

Silvana's hanging out in the graveyard when she sees Caty and her nanny coming to leave flowers. Caty says she's starting to forget her mom's face. Silvana comes up to say hi and Caty introduces Silvana to her nanny. They all go to Mama's "grave" and Caty explains that her actual tomb is underground and under lock and key, so they leave flowers in the mausoleum. Silvana offers to take Caty to Nicolas' grave. Caty explains that her daddy's too busy to come to the graveyard and that daddy's got a new girlfriend named Azul. Caty says she's got some pictures Nicolas drew and she'll give them to Silvana sometime. Silvana gets emotional and tells Caty she'll take her to Nicolas' grave some other time, then she runs off. The nanny explains to Caty that Silvana is "retetriste" (so, I guess that would be "way totally sad" or something to that effect…I've seen re- before, but not rete-).

Back at Mansión Malicia: Eva rips Mauricio a new one because Azul was being snotty to Diego. She says Azul has no business having an opinion on, well, the business, especially as concerns Diego. Eva wants Mauricio to "le llama la atención" (to call her attention to it; but when it comes to work matters, this means "to reprimand", and if they were very formally corporate, it would probably mean some kind of written warning; at Mansión Malicia it means Mauricio yells at you and then has a strange conversation with you about how much he loves you…at least, that's what always happened with Andres). Eva says she's got big plans for Diego. She wants to know about the guy who was following Diego and Mauricio lies and says it was an "asunto de faldas" (a matter of skirts; in other words, he's saying Andres had a problem with Diego because of a woman) and that it's been resolved. Eva reminds him about her security ninjas, and that because he's with her, Diego is protected.

Inés comes to visit Arnaldo at Azul and Ceci's. He says he's late to work already, but she says she just wants 5 minutes. Inés is freaking because GSD's got a new woman. Arnaldo seems weirded out about it, but says he didn't know about it. Inés says everything's been going downhill since their secret got out. She starts in on the "passion" thing, but Arnaldo says there are things he'd rather not know (dude, a lot of us are right there with you). Inés doesn't know who the woman is, but she really wants to know. Arnaldo wonders what good that would do. Inés begs Arnaldo to help her find out who the woman is who's "stealing" GSD away from her.

Azul is sitting on the steps of the hot tub gazebo. Can I just say, again, that the house really makes Mauricio about 10 times more attractive than he actually is. I'd be willing to overlook a lot of things for that pool. *sigh* Anyway, GSD comes over and Azul gripes at him about super-secret locations. GSD says she can't go to his new lab because it's a sterile environment. Azul says she feels pushed aside. GSD tells her not to act like a little girl, that businesses have a right to keep secrets, especially labs. He says she wouldn't understand what he's doing anyway and she shouldn't take it personally. Azul says the "bruja esa" (that witch) wants to see him. GSD thinks she means Leo, which was funny, but Azul corrects herself and says she meant the "bruja mayor" (the big witch, or the head witch, or possibly the older witch, although that doesn't seem to fit). GSD gives her a kiss on the head.

At Isela's Pool Hall: Isela asks a couple of guys not to leave their drinks on the pool table and moves them. The new guy, Flavio, comes in--is he Isela's son or just another one of the neighborhood kids who used to hang out with Diego and Paco? (Speaking of Paco, que descanses en paz, dude--you only had two brain cells, but at least you were nice to look at.) He wants to hang some of his paintings and Isela jokes with him that a gallery would be better, but Flavio says he hasn't found a gallery yet that will show them. Once Silvana comes in, Isela asks her to help Flavio decide where to put his paintings. Oh, Isela, you unrepentant matchmaker, you. Flavio and Silvana muse that they shouldn't hang the paintings over the murals. Flavio asks Silvana about herself and Silvana gives him a really condensed and cleaned-up version of the story: "I met Diego at a party, I didn't have a job, so he brought me here and I've worked for Isela ever since." Silvana asks about Flavio and he says he grew up around there (so, not Isela's son, then, just another neighborhood boy), tried his luck in New York, and now he's back. Silvana confirms that Flavio's the one who painted the murals.

Mauricio's office: GSD is pushing for information on the origin of the toxin. He says he can't find an antidote without it. Evil Eva (and btw, my thanks to the person who came up with that nickname!), for all that she's been saying she won't tell him, now says she'll get him the information, but now she'd like to talk with Mauricio. GSD leaves and we see Mauricio's been standing in the back of the room. Now Eva asks Mauricio where the first case occurred, but Mauricio's not telling. He says the information is his life insurance policy. Eva really seems to respect that. It's the fake tan, I think, that bugs me about the way she looks. Granted, the helmet hair isn't helping. I digress. Mauricio, I think, reminds her that even though she's the most powerful one among him, her and Burgay, there are other more powerful people that she has to answer to. At least, I think that's what he was getting at. He says he'll give GSD everything he needs to keep doing his research.

Azul's still sitting out by the pool (what, has she been there all day?) and as soon as she gets up, here comes Diego. He says he's sorry about what happened, but it was her fault for saying he wasn't smart enough for his job. She apologizes and says she's glad he's being given such importance. Diego says he doesn't want to have problems with her and she reciprocates. We see Eva hanging out in the background as Diego says he's got to go, but they should get together for coffee when they get back to the city. Diego asks Eva if they should go, but she says she's going back with Ivan (which, Hi there, another hottie!) and she'll call Diego when she needs him.

At Isela's House of Pool (heh): Silvana and Flavio are still chatting. Isela comes up and Flavio says he needs a job. Anyone want to guess where this is going? Isela says he can work there and stay in the room the all stay in when they need somewhere to stay. She explains that Paco (qdep) had a fight with Lidia and left, which Flavio finds odd, and says she's starting to worry about him. Wow, I hope it wouldn't take days of being missing before someone "started" to worry about me! Ooh, drama among the older set…A guy who I think may be the mysterious and previously-unseen Anibal comes in and Isela goes over to talk to him. He's wondering if she knows anything about dear, departed Paco, but she doesn't. He asks how she is and she says she's fine, but doesn't want to see him. Manuel (Diego's dad) shows up right then and asks Anibal what he's doing there. He returns the question since Manuel works for him. Manuel asks if Anibal is bothering Isela. Anibal threatens to dock Manuel's pay. Manuel quits. No, seriously, just like that. Anibal says he'll pay him his final paycheck (la liquidación) at the lowest possible rate. Manuel replies that he's going to dock Anibal too, but not his pay. Manuel punches Anibal. No, really, I'm not kidding, he does it, just like that. The two of them get into a fistfight that culminates in Manuel trying to hit Anibal with a pool cue and breaking it on the table when Anibal rolls out of the way. Isela calls Flavio to break up the fight and Flavio drags Manuel out of the pool hall. Anibal protests to Isela that all he was doing was looking for Paco since he has some money for him from Paco's mom. Isela says she'll come find Anibal later. All those who are wondering what all that was about, please raise your hands. Ok, good, it's not just me. I'm going to guess that Anibal is Paco's mom's second husband and that at some point, Anibal took up with Isela--maybe before he was with Paco's mom? I'm also guessing that it wasn't a good relationship. And that Isela, at some point, had a thing with Manuel and Manuel knows about the bad relationship between Isela and Anibal, which is why he's all protective. Or that could have just been jealousy. What can I say, people, it's the best I can do with what I've got. Moving on. Isela thanks Flavio for being there to help her out.

Casa Diego: Manuel comes home to a shocked Clemencia. He says he got into a fight with a guy who'd had a wreck, a client of his. Clemencia says she's going to get a steak to put on his eye, since that's what boxers do, and calls the other guy a savage. Manuel gets that open-mouthed guilty look on his face as soon as her back is turned.

IHoP: Gloria comes to visit Silvana at work. She declines a drink, but asks Silvana to sit down. She asks about Silvana's visit to Nico's grave and Silvana tells her about running into Caty and the drawings Caty says she has. Gloria says she'd like to see them. Silvana fills Gloria in about the fight. She speculates that jealousy was involved. Gloria does the math and surmises that Manuel must have had a thing with Isela. Silvana agrees, but tells Gloria not to say anything. Gloria agrees not to. Yeah, riiiiight.

Ooh, Acapulco. Any chance we'll see Andres shirtless on the beach? Not yet, but he's checking into a nice hotel by the water. He asks where he can rent a car and the desk clerk gives him a card.

Casa Diego: Piero's wife, Lucia, calls Lidia to ask why she quit her job. Lidia says she wanted to take care of her mom. Lucia says she thought Lidia's mom was fine. Lidia says she also didn't have much possibility of advancement, so she thought she'd look for a better job. Lucia asks if something happened between Lidia and Piero. Lidia plays dumb and denies, but Lucia's convinced something happened. She says she knows Piero's been seeing someone else and she's convinced it's Lidia. Lidia denies again. Lucia cries that her marriage is falling apart and asks if Lidia knows if there's another woman who's been hanging around Piero. Lidia says she doesn't and they hang up. Lidia immediately calls Piero to tell him what happened. She says he should talk to Lucia and tell her whatever. Piero wants a meeting to discuss what to tell Lucia…just coffee. Lidia agrees. Bad choice. But she gets a semi-sneaky look on her face.

Abuelo's Buddy's garage: Someone's calling to say they're being held up by a chess match. Buddy says to leave the keys. Is someone bringing in their car after-hours? What was the point of that scene?

Azul shows up to have coffee with Diego. Hm, I wonder if they'll run into Piero and Lidia? She tells him they have to try to speak to each other as little as possible at work and also to never be alone. Diego gives her a hard time about that. She says if Leo sees them she might tell Mauricio something. And also Eva's watching them. She wants them to forget there was ever anything between them. And here come Lidia and Piero. Diego's pissed! He asks if this is the guy Paco saw her with. She says he's her boss, or was her boss. Diego introduces Azul to his sister. Piero points out that Azul is Diego's boss' fiancée and it wouldn't be good for Mauricio to hear about this. Well played, Piero! Azul says they were having coffee and talking about business. Piero says he and Lidia were too, he's trying to get her to come back to work for him. Azul and Diego look guilty and uncomfortable.

Abuelo and Don Chucho are walking down the street. Abuelo's complaining about his neck. Don Chucho says they should go back to the store and ask Perla for an "analgesico" (an analgesic, a Tylenol). Abuelo says he'll have a "te de manzanilla" (camomile tea) and be all better in the morning. Abuelo gets on the bus and a mysterious white van follows it.

IHoP: Diego shows up and asks Flavio to give him a tequila. He tells Flavio he saw Lidia with her boss. Flavio's amused and says Lidia was "rocanroliando" with her boss. No, I'm not going to translate that--say it out loud until you get it, trust me. Flavio says Lidia's a big girl and knows what she's doing. Diego says it's ugly that she did this to Paco. Flavio says Paco will be back. Now he passes on the gossip about the fight between Manuel and Anibal. Diego thinks it's weird and he's going to ask Isela about it. Silvana comes up and says hi. Diego offers her a ride, but Flavio's walking her home. Isela sees Diego looking after Silvana and Flavio and tells him "Agua que no has de beber, déjala correr" (if you're not going to drink the water, let it run; i.e.: if you're not going to be with her, don't deny her the chance to be with someone else). Diego says he feels bad. Isela says some of it he brought on himself. Diego asks what happened with the fight. She tries to say that Diego's dad came to look for him, but since the fight happened at 11 in the morning, Diego doesn't think that's likely. Isela's like, well, whatever, I don't know what he was here for, but Anibal came to tell Paco he can give him the money that was in the "fideicomiso" (trust fund) his mother left him as an inheritance and they started yelling at each other and, well, if it wasn't for Flavio they would have destroyed the bar.

Random street: Silvana's asking Flavio why "all" men are like "that"…like Diego and his dad: falsos (insincere), mentirosos (liars), traicioneros (treacherous). Kind of a rude question considering that here's a man who's walking her home and just gave her his jacket to cover her shoulders. Not that that kind of politeness says everything, just that it seems unfair to say "all" men are insincere, lying cheats. Flavio says he knows Diego and he's a good, loyal person. Silvana asks if it's honest to accept big wads of cash and a car for a job you haven't earned and/or to have a relationship with your boss' fiancée. She says she doesn't want to go home and put up with her mom. Too bad, Flavio, you break it, you bought it.

Another random street: It's Andres in the mystery van and it would appear that he was the one on the phone to Abuelo's buddy since he stops Abuelo and asks if he's close to the address he's looking for. Abuelo says that's where he lives and Andres offers him a ride. Don't do it, Abuelo! Don't get in that van! After Abuelo gets in the van, Andres pulls a gun on him and tells him to get in the back.

Casa Diego: Diego comes home and asks what's up with his mom. Mom tells him the version of the fight she heard from dad. Diego asks how he is. Mama says he's angry and won't come out of his room. Diego goes to talk to him, but his phone rings. It's Eva asking him to dinner. He accepts and says he's on his way over. She rubs her legs together as she says she'll be waiting. Bow chicha bow bow. Diego tells Mama not to worry about Dad's fight. She tells him not to come home late and not to drink. You forgot to tell him not to sleep with freaky women who tan too much.

Yet another random street: Ok, y'all, this is bad. Really, really, bad, so brace yourselves. Andres takes Abuelo's wallet and watch and then tells him to get out of the van. Abuelo gets out and stands by the window. Abuelo asks Andres if he thinks Abuelo will forget his face. Andres points the gun at him and says it doesn't matter, since it will be the last thing Abuelo will see. Abuelo says "pues, ni modo, mijo, la suerte está echada" (well, no matter, son, the die is cast). Andres pulls the trigger. Nooooooooo! Not Abuelo! I know the die was cast and all, but I keep wishing he would have ducked or run or anything besides just standing there. We get a few too many shots of Abuelo lying there from a few too many angles, then Andres grins and drives away. QDEP, Abuelo. I'm retetriste.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Acorralada #159 Wednesday 8-29-07 – Love Stinks!

***NOTE***No one is assigned to do Tuesday's recap, so perhaps one of the remaining five viewers can fill in what happened. I missed the episode and from what I can tell, the only big think that happened is that Mucks married Marcela. Can any of you readers think of a nickname for Marcela? She is naive, sweet, but really dumb. Perhaps Marshmallow? I'm open for suggestions.***

On with the show. . .

Mucks is still trying to get Dimwit to forgive him. Dimwit is holding fast and telling him no way! Maybe someday she will forgive him for all the horrible things he's done to her, but she can never FORGET!!! His suspicions, accusations, and brutality! Gaby then shows up and wants to know what Mucks is doing there. Mucks stands stiffly on his mark.

Camila is visiting Marfil. She gleefully tells Marfil the police think Marfil might have something to do with Princess Fi's disappearance. Camila hopes the body is buried far away. Camila could care less that Princess Fi is gone; that just means one less rival. Marfil says the police will never be able to prove anything. The fact they may suspect Marfil is simply their way of earning their salaries. Marfil says she's not concerned in the least.

ChewKey wants to work out a deal with Fidiota. She won't say anything to Roddy about Fidiota's activities with Puncho in exchange for Fidiota not telling Roddy about ChewKey's nefarious activities. ChewKey wants to shake on it. "No Deal!" says Fidiota. ChewKey's furious!

Marfil and Camila exchange more insults. Marfil tells her to get out.

Roddy's mysterious envelope from KickMe has been found. He's about to open it when the phone rings. He's called away to sing happy birthday to another employee.

Mucks is still trying to get Dimwit to take him back. Dimwit tells him to leave and walks out of the room. Mucks tries to enlist Little Doormat's help. Little Doormat says he's too late.

Marcela is trying to make excuses for Mucks leaving just after their wedding. Yolanda and Lunkhead try to assure her Mucks is probably just getting some air; he's probably overwhelmed. In comes Godmum. Bless her heart, she's apparently the only intelligent one on this whole dopey novela. She basically tells Marcela that Mucks doesn't love her, and as they speak, is probably desperately trying to get Dimwit back. Godmum makes some comment to the effect of "I may be blind, but at least I can see what's going on better than you!" Marcela runs out in tears.

Mucks is still trying to railroad Little Doormat, but Little Doormat is holding fast. "You'll have to cross over my dead body before I'll let you into Dimwit's room." She calls him an egotist and a pig, who only thinks about himself. We've been saying this all along! Better late than never, however. Little Doormat pities the fool he marries.

Godmum is still being blunt with Marcela. She suggests they leave the mansion before Mucks returns; Marcela should leave him and have the marriage annulled. Commercial.

Godmum is still trying to convince Marcela to have some dignity and dump Mucks and his ugly white shoes before he returns. Marcela protests at first, but after too long a period, admits that perhaps Godmum knows best.

Iggy and Octopus are hanging at "Iggy's" apartment and they're discussing the wedding. Camila walks in and spoils everything. Camila spills the beans that Iggy is going to lose the apartment if Iggy doesn't pay his debt to "Alejandro." Octopus thinks this would be really cool. Not only does she plan to kill Iggy, but Mucks will own the apartment.

Fidiota shows up at Emili-Oh's apartment and wants to talk to Gaby about ChewKey. Gaby tells her to forget about ChewKey for now; Dimwit needs her mother. "Mucks got married today!" Fidiota is impactada. Gaby explains the situation and leaves to go to Perfumes 'R Us. Fidiota warns Gaby to beware the ides of ChewKey. Fidiota then goes in to console Dimwit. She reminds Dimwit that Mucks is a low-life Irrascible who uses people.

ChewKey is telling Kick Me that Fidiota refused to make a deal. Now ChewKey is going to have to make her dad believe Fidiota is cheating with Puncho.

True to form, Fidiota turns the counseling session into a session all about her. She tells Dimwit ChewKey is going to try and convince Roddy Fidiota is having an affair with Puncho. Dimwit is incredulous.

Yolanda, Lunkhead, Emili-Oh are discussing Mucks running off. They think he's being a jerk. They're discussing what a disaster this wedding has been, when Mucks finally shows up. Yolanda tells him to suck it up and be a good husband for once. They say Marcela is in her room. Marcela is packing when Mucks shows up. Godmum reads him the riot act. Mucks wants time alone with Marcela; Marcela asks Godmum to leave them alone for a bit. Commercial.

Fidiota tells Dimwit she has to tell Roddy the truth before ChewKey gets to him. Meanwhile, Roddy is opening the envelope with all the pictures of Fidiota and Puncho. "What is Fidiota doing with a fugitive from justice?!" Roddy is beside himself. Fidiota reminds Dimwit to forget Mucks and move on. Her son needs a happy mom who smiles…

Mucks 'fesses up to Marcela that he went to see Dimwit, but that Dimwit still hates him and will never forgive him for what he's done. Since he can't have Dimwit, he'll stay with Marcela after all. Marcela, the tool, takes him back. They look like they are about to consummate their marriage. Boo! Hiss! Commercial.

Emili-Oh shows up and he, Caramel, and Little Doormat discuss Marcela being too good for Mucks. Mucks is really mucking things up!

Showdown between Fidiota and Roddy. Fidiota, for once, is speechless when he shows her the anonymous letter and photos. Roddy is muy impactado!

Marcela is basking in the afterglow. She's telling Mucks how wonderful he is. Mucks looks like he'd rather gnaw off his arm than be with her. He keeps repeating to himself, "Dimwit, Dimwit" and lays there with his usual stony, lemon-sucking expression.

Lala tells Diablo about Mucks' marriage to another woman the day following the divorce from Marfil. Diablo gloats.

Roddy calls Fidiota a liar. He's mad she's been seeing Puncho on the sly. It's looking grim for Roddy and Fidiota.

Diablo calls Marfil to tell her about Mucks' marriage one day following the divorce. Marfil is impactada. Diablo hangs up on her and Marfil starts hollering for Octopus to come here immediately. "Did you know Mucks just married another woman?" Now Octopus is the one who's impactada.

Marcela and Mucks have now changed sides in bed. Marcela is yammering on and on about how wonderful life is, how she wants a bunch of kids, and asking if Mucks wants a boy or a girl. Mucks is still looking like his usual sullen and creepy self; thinking about Dimwit and Mini-Mucks. He doesn't answer her question about children and Marcela comments that he's not listening to her. Mucks announces he's going to take a bath and runs out. Marcela looks stricken with the realization Mucks can only think about Dimwit. Maybe now she'll realize Godmum really did know best.

Roddy and Fidiota are still fighting. Finally Fidiota says ChewKey is behind it all! That shuts Roddy up for the rest of this scene.

Marcela and Godmum have a chat. Godmum says Dimwit will always be a ghost in the marriage.

Roddy doesn't believe his beloved daughter would do such evil things. He stomps out of the room. Fidiota wants to know where he's going; "To find out if what you're saying is true!"

Marcela is going to move into Lunkhead's house with Mucks, Octopus, etc. Godmum tells Marcela that Octopus is evil. Marcela doesn't want to believe it. She's convinced she's going to make the marriage work.

Octopus wants to know what Marfil is doing talking to a man that tried to kill her. Marfil says that's beside the point. Mucks has married another woman! Right on cue, Lunkhead and Yolanda show up and confirm the validity of Diablo's call. They just came from Mucks' wedding. Octopus and Marfil are once again impactadas! Orchestra of Doom!

Credits roll.


Destilando 8/29: in which everybody asks: "Who does that little varon look like?"

You know how, when somebody dies in a novela, all the main characters get a chance, one by one, to emote over the death? We have that tonight, except it's emoting over the birth. Everybody troops in and out of that hospital room. And as far as recapping goes: anybody could have looked at the show and made up the dialogue and gotten it 100% on the money. You didn't need me at all.

Gaviota, in an effort to make herself feel even worse, goes baby shopping. Listening to an annoying lullaby machine, she clasps her own belly wistfully. As the music repeats over and over (I myself would shoot that tedious gizmo dead) she thoughtbubbles: "Oh little baby, be a sweet blessing for my Rodrigo." She prays nicely for the health and happiness of mother and son.

Rod, arriving home despondent having ditched his wilting flowers somewhere, gets the news that Isa's in the hospital. He heads out.

At the boring tequila meeting (there are an awful lot of tequila bottles on that table), Dr. Blondie mopes and everybody misses Mariana. Alonso says he needs coffee to wake himself up. Isn't that interesting?

Rod gets to the hospital waiting room and who should be the only person there but Gaviota. The classic telenovela line (second only to No Puede Ser) is uttered: Que Haces Aqui? "What are you doing here?" (Then the other person can fill us in with all the stuff we need to know or already know.) He's impactado to hear: "Isa found out somehow we were meeting. She was very nervous and her pains began, I brought her here. We were afraid the baby would be born in the car. Now I've seen with my own eyes how she suffers for you."

Gav gives him whichever wussy little outfit she bought at Babies R Us and says (after Rod begs her to) that she's willing to stay until they find out everything's ok. He says: "I should be the happiest man on earth, but I'm so sad. I always thought you would be the mother of my children." "That was my dream too, but it's impossible. Confront your reality."

Their sweet and desperate hug is interrupted by the arrival of the doctor saying
everything is fine and it's a boy. "Love your baby, Rodrigo, take care of them both. And give Isa this message: congratulate her and say I wish her a happy home full of peace. Now a new life begins for you, Rodrigo."

She leaves, he moons. She meets up with Daniela and Pilar in the hallway - Pilar graciously asks: "Why the hell are you here?" "Ask Rodrigo." Pilar graciously asks Daniela: "Why the hell is she so friendly with you?" "She's my sister in law!" Elvis cheers. Pilar continues to mull: "Why was the baby born so early? Is it related to Mariana being here?"

Outside, Gaviota cries. Her misery has caused her hair extensions to become unattractively dislocated. She takes a taxi and hies herself to the boring tequila meeting.

It's time to call everybody, even though "this news is going to kill half of our family." Minerva is unfavorably impactada to hear from Pilar the heir has arrived. ("Did Aaron have a heart attack?" chortles Daniela.)

Pilar expects the opposing team to show up but "I can't cancel my witch doctor appointment to go see that awful baby," opines Minerva. Aaron says she has to! They can't appear to be as hideously envious as they in fact are.

He also decides to go down to Mexico and steal Rod's organic tequila idea, because he thinks the North American thirst for novelty will make it profitable. Minerva, ever interested in these business details, asks subtly: "Are you going to kill the baby?" Aaron: "It's a possibility, but there may be other ways to deal with the little snotnose."

Hearing the news (GOALLLLLLLLL!) Sofia's all happy but Frankie is, unaccountably, nervously hyperventilating. She says they'll take the next flight. Frankie says he has too much "work" to go. She wheedles him into it and then rushes off to tell James, Rod's best friend.

Gav arrives at the boring tequila meeting and all are glad to see her, especially Dr. Blondie. Her hair extensions miraculously repaired, she rushes off to call her ma, who is all upset about the whole business and wildly dusts her television shrine. Alonso catches Gaviota crying. Big Boss Tequila chuckles to Alonso that he's much happier when Mariana is around...

In the crowded hospital room Daniela is first to ask, with a soupçon of suspicion: "Who does this baby look like?"

When they are alone, Isa asks Rod where Gaviota is. She accuses: "I found out about your plan to meet!" He says let's not fight, and then transmits Gaviota's kindly message about a peaceful house. "Does that mean she'll keep her nose out of our marriage? I'll only have peace when she's DEAD."

Next morning, Rod is reluctant to hold the baby. Isa says the baby looks like Rod and says: "Now, we're a family!" Rod looks like, uh, not so much.

Gaviota and Dr. Blondie are mutually surprised to see each other at work very early. Dr. Blondie goes on once again about the excellent features of coffee and says Balzac drank a whole lot of coffee.

Next arrivals in the hospital: Sofia, Frankie, Fedra, and James. Frankie perks up at the sight of this child, which is probably his. Next, Isa's parents arrive. Ricardo says he's strutting like a peacock to be a grandfather. He leaves and Ma admits he hasn't made any progress towards paying his creditors, but that it won't matter cause Rod will be so happy about being a dad he won't notice.

Isa says the baby's name is Ricardo. It's planned to get him legally registered as a Montalvo as quickly as possible. Isa's mom: "It's lucky the baby looks like you." Isa: "It's lucky Rod thinks I'm the most faithful woman in the world."

Fedra: "No way the baby looks like Rodrigo. Baby Rod was hairy, hairy, hairy!"

Rod is starting to wonder if perhaps Elvira is spying for Isa.

At the market, Clarita tells Jose she doesn't think this little varon is really Rod's son. Jose says, "When my son comes to visit, I'll ask about all this," and then reminds Clarita that this son (smarmie Frankie, who is, you recall, the illegitimate son of some spoiled wealthy brat of the de la Vega family) did not even invite her to his wedding to Sofia! "Maybe he won't even let me see my grandson!" (Heh.)

Jose continues [in the style known to the world as How many mothers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None, dear, I'll just sit here in the dark, don't worry about me]: "Now that he's part of this important rich family, why should Francisco hang around with a poor ignorant woman like me?" "But a mother is sacred," chants Clarita. "A mother is sacrifice."

Gav moons and tells Nancy she needs a heart transplant in order to forget Rodrigo.

At the hospital, evil music cues the entrance of Aaron and Minerva. Minerva points out the baby is blond! Bruno says the baby looks like Rod. Aaron says no he doesn't. "All that matters is that he is a Montalvo," says somebody but I forget who. Minerva: "Isa, why was your baby two weeks early?" "Ask Rod and Gaviota."

Tomorrow: Aaron asks the doctor if it's really true that Isa got artificial insemination. Gaviota opines that life is unfair.


Acorralada #157 Monday 8/27/07 Kike finally gets the boot!

First, events surrounding Max's impending divorce and plans to marry Marcela:

When he asks Godmum for Marcela's hand, she surprises him when she says no - he shouldn't marry without love. Smart lady!

Yolanda and Larry aren't thrilled with the news either, and Yolanda hot foots it over to TeleMiami Hospital to tell Diana, but Diana says that she doesn't care. (Then asks herself aloud why she can't forget Max).

Marfil signs the divorce papers, even though she doesn't really want the divorce. She's just happy that he can never be with Diana. (Why? Because he promised? What kind of crazy deal is that?)

Another major catastrophe has happned in psycho mansion - Fedora's plant has died! QUE HORRIBLE! Who would do such a thing? Chucky would, and Fedora and Gaby both know it! Chucky needs to learn that she can sleep with Kike, she can get caught trying to steal checks from Fedora's purse, but darn it - burn a plant and that's it! Game on. They confront her at the fabrica, which turns into a giant screaming match and Fedora tells her that she plans to tell Roddy everything.

After Chucky leaves the room, Gaby tells Fedora that she has other news - Kike's hit her and he's also sleeping with Chucky. Fedora wastes no time going back to the mansion and slapping him around before throwing him out on his ear. He tries to get her to pay him 2 million dollars to sign divorce papers, but she refuses and says she'll be taking him to court for hitting Gaby instead - he can spend 5 years in prison!

Emilio goes to visit Max and talk about his plan for revenge against Iggy. Max intends to make sure he goes to prison for what he's done.... but when Emilio wants to talk about what Max did to Diana, he doesn't want to talk about that. He's too ashamed. I should hope so!

Detective Gomez shows up at Casa Irazabal looking for Marfil, but Octavia sends him away, claiming that Marfil's not home. Later, Marfil calls him and he tells her to come to the station in the morning to talk about Fiona's disappearance - and bring a lawyer. She shows up without a lawyer because she's innocent, and innocent people don't need lawyers. She claims to know nothing about what's happened to Fiona, and besides, he can't do anything without a body.

Diana continues her plan to seduce Iggy so that she can get him to leave Octavia stranded at the altar on their wedding day. She's asked Dulce (who knows people who will be invited to the wedding) to keep her informed about the date of the wedding.

Sharon comes home just in time to see Kike leaving with his bags. She's impactada to see her booty call leaving the mansion. Even more impactada when Gaby walks in and declares that she'll be the next to go!

Finally, in the last scene, we see Max trying to smooth talk Marcela into marrying him. But she tells him that she won't agree to it until she and Diana talk woman to woman. Credits roll.


Tues 8/28 Destilando Amor: Lucy and Ethel go to the hospital

Dani surprises Gaviota with a visit at the CRT. Gavi vaguely remembers her from Don Amador's funeral Mass; Dani is impressed with Gavi's memory. Gavi admits she was thrown off by Dani indentifying herself as Gavi's sister-in-law. Dani says that after all the Montalvos have put Gavi through, she was ashamed to give her own name.

Gavi admires the clever tactic; Dani says it wasn't only a tactic - they really are sisters-in-law. Through Rodrigo, she explains. Gavi's like, no... his wife is your SIL. Dani says, Isadora? Heh, no, she's not his wife, she's just his legal spouse, not his real one. For Dani, "cuñada" is an term of affection in reference to the woman that her brother loves - "and that woman is you."

"Since when?" the dense Gaviota asks. "Since he met you and you changed his life." For the last three years. She's the woman he came back from England to marry, then searched the whole country for her for more than a year, that he loved at the corporativo, and for whom he's now crying because he misses her. He's dying to know how things are going for her.

(Rodrigo is daydreaming about their machete dance, and how he pulled her off the floor and into his arms and her hair bounced and floated like in a shampoo ad. And now he's daydreaming about the time they hugged "as amigos" in his truck and he said he was in love with his amiga and she ran away. He worries that he'll just be a memory to her.)

Gavi begins to protest, but Dani says she already knows the whole story from memory, including their pact. She's just here as a messenger, to tell Gavi that Rodrigo wants to see her. "He very well knows that that should not be," Gavi answers. She says it could become a big problem. Dani says it's been a long time, and her brother is desperate - he'd settle for just a few minutes. It won't break their pact. It'll just ease that painful, choking feeling he's been having. Dani tells Gavi to remember, above all, that they're friends forever. And all he's proposing is a friendly visit.

Gavi tries to refuse, but Dani baits her with "so, you feel nothing for him?" Argh. "Why do you ask?," Gavi challenges. "Because Rodrigo's sure of it, and the way I see it, maybe he's right." Because Gavi's been rejecting his calls, giving excuses through her receptionist.

Gavi is speechless. Dani asks if her executive position with the CRT has made her stuck-up. Gavi denies this, but Dani is on a roll. She accuses Gavi of being without remorse and/or gratitude, not caring that Rodrigo fought to keep her job at the CRT, stood up for her against the family, practically ruined their sister's wedding defending Gaviota, screaming to everyone about her, including their grandmother. (Like Gavi would know that how??) And there's some colorful expression I don't understand about leaving a puppet with a head. (Like he yelled at anything that had a head, maybe?) And now he doesn't even rate a hello from Gaviota? He's been thinking about her day and night, with a thousand questions about her extreme attitude, and she's being so chilly!

Gavi flips out and says that's just not so. She's been working herself like a mule trying not to think about him, and as tired as she is, she still can't sleep. When she's alone, she looks at the telephone, and she chews her hands to keep from calling him. "Please, tell him to forgive me, I know I've been rude and arrogant, but I've never stopped loving him! Nor will I ever forget what he's done for me. Tell him to understand that this distance is for both our own good."

Dani coldly says she's glad Gavi can control her impulses, and follow their pact to the letter - but Rodrigo can't. She takes her bag and goes for the door, bitterly saying it's too much to ask Gavi for just a few minutes with him, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles, eh? Gavi managed to get over it; now he'll have to find a way, too. It hurts to see her brother suffering, but she'll make sure not to bother Gavi again. It's going to be next to impossible to rid him of Gavi's ghost once and for all, because he's dying, and it's not worth it to him if Gavi can live without him.

Finally (FINALLY!) Gavi blurts out that Isadora was there. Dani is impactada.

Meanwhile, at home, Isadora is flaunting one of her superpowers, namely, bitchin' on the phone about her horrible, crappy marriage that has enabled her to live in a very cushy fashion, not to mention wear cushy fashions. (She's wearing a color again today, and I am so grateful to the wardrobe department for doing away with the taupe... I used to like neutrals, until Isadora wore them to death!!)

On the other end of the line is Sofia, who is ironing her dirtbag husband's own fashions. Isa is complaining that Rodrigo's been so excited about his organic tequila because he and Gaviota are laughing at her. (Sofia tries to comfort her, but there is weariness in her voice, and I suspect that she's just waiting for her turn to complain.)

Isa goes on to say (shriek) that if they think they can pull something over on her while she's in the final stage of her pregnancy, they are very much mistaken. She doesn't care how well situated Gavi is at the CRT - she'll get her fired even if it costs Isa her own life! "Nothing will stop me! I will speak personally with Avellaneda, and if they want a war, oh yeah, it's on, baby!!"

"Don't be silly, talk to Rodrigo first, and then decide what to do," Sofia mutters dully. (They don't prescribe Valium as much as they used to, so I'm thinkin' maybe Xanax.) "Don't start a scandal for no good reason."

Isadora growls that that damn Gaviota is not going to snatch her husband away from her.

Meanwhile, Gaviota is telling Daniela that she doesn't want to start trouble with Isadora. She begins explaining her attitude, and Dani sits on the desk to listen. Gavi says she's not an opportunist, nor a bad woman - she just wants to keep her word.

Dani says that Gavi doesn't know what Isa, Minerva, and Sofia are like - they haven't stopped trying to ruin her life. Gavi says she has an agreement with them. Anyway, Dani should put herself in Gavi's shoes - Rodrigo's a married man and his wife is expecting a baby, and then his wife came and begged her not to meddle in their marriage, to leave them in peace.

Dani is shaking her head in disbelief. She says she'd understand Gavi's attitude if their marriage were normal, but it's not. It's a sham. He didn't impregnate her by mutual consent. (Gavi: "Huh?") Dani explains that Isa had the insemination done on the sly, as a way to keep Rodrigo from leaving her! "You wanna know what I think?" Dani asks needlessly, but she doesn't get a chance to say.

Stunned, Gavi blurts that that is not the story she got from Isa. Dani smugly guesses that Isa probably told her that they made that baby the natural way, through "intimate relations," and Gavi's not the only woman in Rod's life. "When are you going to learn the lesson?" Dani asks Gaviota. She tells Gavi not to believe any of her family's sneaky attempts to keep them apart. "Why would you believe that cheating liar?" she asks Gavi. She grabs her bag and goes to the door in disgust (again).

Gavi angrily repeats that Isa's his wife, she's going to have a baby, and Gavi's going to respect that. Dani summarizes (long-windedly) that it's just as she thought, Gavi doesn't care about Rod, and he's going to have to forget about her forever. She reaches for the doorknob; Gavi grabs her arm and says that's not true.

"Then prove it. Talk to him!"

Gavi says okay, we'll meet next week. This week is too busy. Dani talks Gavi into accepting a date with him today. Otherwise, maybe she won't have a brother, and it'll be on Gavi's conscience.

From Gavi's desk, Dani calls Rodrigo at his office and sets up a date for 6:00. Rod says that if Gavi doesn't show up, he'll know that she doesn't want anything to do with him, and then he'll forget about her. And he'll break their promise to always be good friends.

Dani hangs up. Gavi complains about the time. Dani says it'll be a problem for Rod to go home too late - his home is like a prison. She warns Gavi of Rod's promise that if Gavi doesn't show up promptly, he'll assume the worst and give up their friendship. Gavi promises to go and thanks Dani for coming. She says she needed someone to call her arrogant to her face.

As Dani and Gavi come out of the office, Gavi tells Dani she's going to need to cancel something important, but it will be worth it. Just then, Alonso and Susy come in, and Alonso asks Nancy to give some things to Susy for Avellaneda. He takes a call in his office, and Gavi explains to Daniela who he is. Dani hints that he's "interesting," but Gavi says that after Rodrigo, other men don't interest her. Finally Dani leaves, reminding Gavi, "at 6:00."

"Who's that?" Susy asks, somewhat snottily. Gavi cluelessly says that was Rodrigo's sister. "I've never seen her before - did she come here to harass you too?" (An odd question, considering she just saw them hugging.) "No, she's different - she came here to give me a message." Nancy wants to know more. Susy pretends to be interested in some reports, but listens as Gavi tells Nancy that she's got someplace to go and won't have time to go home and change. Nancy asks if it's this evening's meeting of the agave congress. "Don't be nosy, Susy!" Nancy scolds gently. "Don't worry, we all have our secrets," Susy laughs.

Gavi and Nancy stand around awkwardly, but Susy lingers. Nancy whispers, "You're going to go with the handsome one, right?" "I'll tell you later, but right now I have to ask permission to leave early." Nancy rolls her eyes. Susy pulls her nosy nose out of that report she's totally not reading, and smirks.

Alonso is concerned that Gaviota won't show up for the meeting this evening, and he'll have to go it alone. She says no - if he lets her leave early, then she definitely won't miss the meeting. He grudgingly agrees.

Susy is dialing and murmuring to herself that Isadora will pay well for this information. The line beeps a busy signal. "It's busy," Susy remarks for the benefit of those who have never heard a busy signal before.

(I wonder if Elvira was once as pretty as Susy, but all that evil smirking and scowling eventually took its toll. And if so, how many more changes will Susy get until that mean face gets stuck.)

The line is busy because Isa is asking Rodrigo what time he'll get home. He says 9, but if she wants to talk... she says she doesn't want to discuss it over the phone. He explains that he has a business meeting with Eduardo Saldivar (I think that's the guy who took Gavi and her mother to the party on Christmas Eve). "Are you going alone? I feel sooooo lonely," she whines. "I'd like to go with you!" He reminds her that she's got just two weeks left to her due date, and the doctor told her to take it easy. After his meeting, he'll come home and they can talk about whatever she likes.

"FINE." She hangs up and begins dialing again right away, muttering, "You're lying to me." Practically hyperventilating with rage, she asks Elvira who Rodrigo has an appointment with. "As far as I know, nobody." Not even Saldivar. She suggests that maybe there was a cell phone call. "Maybe" isn't good enough for Isa - she asks for Saldivar's number.

Just then, Rodrigo leaves. "Your husband just left," Elvira reports. She gives Saldivar's number to Isa. Isa asks the usual questions - any strange phone calls for Rod, etc. Elvira says that Dani came by for a visit. Elvira doesn't know what they talked about, but Isa is already flipping out again.

Next, Isa starts to call Saldivar, but is rudely interrupted by a contraction. Said contraction is then rudely interrupted by a phone call. Isa catches her breath - it's Susana, letting her know that Daniela was there too. It was very suspicious, and afterwards, Mariana asked her boss for permission to leave early. Susy is sure that Mariana's going to see Rodrigo.

"Don't let her go. Keep her busy until I get there. I want her to say to my face that she's going to see my husband!" She calls for the maid and demands her bag and keys. Poor Enriqueta, who still has yet to learn how to read Isa's moods, reminds Isa that Rod doesn't want her to drive. Maybe call a taxi instead? "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR A TAXI!!!" Enriqueta scurries away for the bag and keys. Isa follows, but gets doubled over with another contraction. She grits her teeth and is standing upright by the time her bag and keys arrive.

Say what you want about Isadora, but you'll never see this woman doped up on Xanax and ironing some ingrate's shirts. "Did you take my cell phone off the charger?" Enriqueta offers to go get it, but Isa says forget it. She's out the door.

Interlude: Clarita and Doña Jose walking down the street, chatting. They complain about a muchacho on a noisy motorcycle. He rides right up to them, blocking their path. He takes off his helmet and twirls for them - it's Hilario, with a haircut (which I don't like as much as his old hair) and some groovy new threads. He brags about his new bike's power (200 horses), and the women giggle. Clarita gently scolds him for not having visited lately, and he promises to do better. Then he shows off the new magazine ad that he's in - it's a photo of him wearing jeans and a hat and no shirt. The caption reads, "MACHO JEANS - THE FREEDOM TO BE."

Clarita's jaw drops. "¿Como así?" (Again, drink 'em if you got 'em.) Doña Jose squeaks out an excited, but incoherent uncaptioned comment. Hilario smiles with relief when he realizes they don't think it's ugly. He says he wants them and Gaviota to have a copy. (We're then treated to a long, lingering, gratuitous close-up of the ad.) Doña Jose tells him to sign his autograph. "I'm just a model, not an artist," Hilario bashfully answers. He excuses himself and tells them to say hi to Gaviota, but doesn't get on his bike right away. With some prompting from Clarita, he finally asks her for a blessing. She happily gives it, tells him he's handsome, wishes him good luck, and tells him to be good.

I've only been watching these things a little over a year, but I'm pretty sure this means that his luck will run out, he'll stop being pretty, and he'll become bitter and rotten. Let's hope I'm wrong... but I have a bad feeling as those 200 horses carry him off.

Clarita tells Doña Jose what a good boy Hilario is. DJ (who still has a silly grin on her face) says she hopes his new friends don't corrupt him. (Hah. Famous last words.) This is met with another "¿como así?"

Back at the CRT, Susy tries to detain Gavi with some trivial task. Gavi says she has something important to do. Susy puts on an attitude and says she should have known better than to ask Gavi for a favor, she forgot she's an important executive now. Gavi agrees to quickly scan the translated English and French versions of Avellaneda's letter for errors while she waits for the taxi. Susy babbles and babbles about nothing while Gavi is trying to proofread, but Gavi's quick and approves both letters. Gavi says she'll wait for her taxi outside so she doesn't miss it - it's tough to get one at this time of day. She leaves.

Frustrated but inspired, Susy grabs the phone and uses a fake voice to call the taxi company and cancel Gavi's ride. "It's already arrived? Well, please send it away. Thanks." She chuckles evilly, and I swear I can already see the Elvira creeping in around the eyes.

Rodrigo is already at the restaurant, making arrangements with the bartender for Gaviota's arrival at 6:00 sharp. He's picked out a seat and a bottle of Montalvo tequila, and he's also brought musicians and a big bunch of red roses. He nervously wonders if he's forgotten anything. The bartender is impressed with Rodrigo's preparations, and doesn't think anything's missing. They do a fist-bump, and Rodrigo sits and waits with that big dumb grin on his face.

Gavi gets outside, and the doormen inform her that her taxi has already come and gone - she called to cancel it. Gavi says it wasn't her, but they don't know who it was. She tells them she'll just catch another. She begins hoofin' it down the sidewalk, when a black SUV pulls up alongside. Isa waddles up and starts screaming at Gaviota about the usual. "It's not so easy to get a taxi, is it? But I'm going to help you keep your date!" Gavi says nothing - just turns and walks away. Isa chases after her. "I bet you'll have lots to talk about organic tequila," etc. and they'll toast to their project. It was a great ploy, an ideal pretext for them to see one another, right?

Gavi tries to explain to Isa that the organic tequila really was Rodrigo's project, and that he communicated only with Gavi's secretary, etc. She tries to walk away, but Isa grabs her arm and hauls her back! "Can't you face me?" Gavi replies, "You've said what you had to say - now leave me in peace!" Isa continues to scream about Gavi trying to steal her husband, but another one of those rude contractions happens. Gavi runs over to help her into the CRT building. Isa doesn't want Gavi's help, but Gavi's afraid the baby will be born on the street. "If you don't want to go into the consejo, I'll call you an ambulance." "THERE'S NO TIME FOR AN AMBULANCE!" Isa cries in panic. Gavi points out that Isa can't drive like that. She won't allow it. She'll take her to the hospital.

Isa hates the idea, but is in no condition to resist. Gavi says she doesn't have the heart to just leave her there like this. Gavi manages a quick prayer to the Virgencita as she walks around to the driver's side door. She tells Isa to buckle up good, because she's never driven one of these big things before. "Where's the clutch?" "It's an automatic!" Isa hurriedly explains how to drive it. I have a feeling that this used to be a longer product placement ad, but THERE'S NO TIME FOR A PRODUCT PLACEMENT AD NOW!

Gaviota's first attempt to pull away from the curb doesn't go well, and Isa accuses her of being vengeful. Gavi advises Isa to pray.

Gavi doesn't know the way to the hospital, either. Fortunately, instead of screaming THERE'S NO TIME FOR DIRECTIONS!, Isa tells her to take a right.

This is going to be fun.

"Be calm, be calm please, nothing's going to happen," Gavi chants impotently as Isa howls in pain. (I see they're driving a Blurmobile.) "Get out of the way, we're in a hurry!" Gavi shouts out the window. (I should try that on rt. 128 tomorrow.) "Come on, give me a break!" She honks the horn. "Come on, you animal, hurry it up!"

Isa clutches at Gavi's arm and shirt and hair, forcing Gavi to halt her verbal abuse for a moment to ask Isa to let go. "I'm having contractions," Isa explains at a calmer moment. (Isa's usually not that dumb... you have to laugh!)

Isa tells Gavi to take another right. Gavi puts on the left turn signal. She is making Leticia Padilla-Solis look like a professional driver by comparison.

Rodrigo is still waiting at the restaurant. I guess he never replaced that Rolex he ruined when he burned down the Hernandez shack, because he has to ask someone else what time it is. It's 6:00! He calls over a waitress to set up the bottle and glasses.

Thanks to some serious atmospheric interference, I've got a fuzzy picture and sound and no captions for the next part: Dani rehashes with Elvis, contently telling him that Rodrigo and Gaviota are together right now. Elvis says something, Dani says something, my picture and sound and captions come back, and Dani and Elvis are saying how much they love each other. Kisses! (See the Comments for details on what I missed!)

Gavi and Isa are stopped at a red light. Gavi is cussing the thing out, Isa starts howling again, Gavi turns to help and of course that's when the light changes and the other drivers start honking their horns. Isa panics and thinks she's going to die. The car in front of them isn't moving, and now Isa has passed out.

For a moment, I wonder why Gavi is so upset now that she can finish their drive in peace and quiet. Then I realize that the patient was also the navigator, and Gavi has no idea which way to go. Naturally, a policeman rolls up, because there is always a cop when you need one. (Actually, considering the way Gavi was driving, perhaps it's not so surprising that the police showed up at that moment. I'm guessing that every motorist with a phone called to complain about her.) He escorts them the rest of the way.

The candles at Rodrigo's table have burned down quite a bit by now. He's on the phone with Nancy, who assures him that Gavi left a while ago. "She's not coming," he tells himself sadly.

Lucy and Ethel have arrived at the hospital. Isadora is conscious again. The hospital staff put her on a stretcher and wheel her into the building. Gavi thanks the policeman and runs in behind her. She holds Isa's hand and tries to reassure Isa that she's out of danger and her baby will be okay as they rush her to the maternity ward. Isa whispers, "gracias." She must really be in pain.

Gavi pulls one of the nurses aside and asks her to make sure Isa gets the best doctors because it's her first baby and she's scared. The nurse says "don't worry," and I'm sure the next thing she'll do is ask all the doctors to reconsider whether they're qualified to perform this highly uncommon procedure.

Meanwhile, at the big congress thing, Avellaneda is droning on about whatever he's talking about (I'm not even attempting to follow). Visitors from all over the world listen to a translated version of his speech on headphones and nod their approval. Avellaneda shakes one of those green pencils for emphasis. In the audience, Alonso mopes at Gavi's absence, and then sulks near the door as Avellaneda finishes his speech and greets the attendees.

Eduardo Saldivar finds Alonso and says hi. I guess Eduardo isn't a member of this group, but he's hanging out at the request of one of his clients. The picture/sound/captions go again, but I can hear Alonso mentioning his assistant, and Eduardo asking who she is. "Oh, you'd know her - Mariana Franco!" Eduardo is happy and surprised to hear that she's working for Alonso now. They talk about how great she is, and Alonso asks if Eduardo knows what went on between her and the Montalvos. I can't catch every word, but it sounds like Eduardo's telling him about how the Montalvo women got her fired and spread lies about her to everyone in the business.

Eduardo also says that Mariana and Rodrigo had a romance, but the sound and picture are so bad at this point that I miss the rest of the conversation. Fortunately, again, some helpful people have filled this in in the Comments section!

At the hospital, Gavi tries to register Isadora at the front desk, but isn't able to answer many questions. She knows the name of Isa's husband, but that's about it. She tells the receptionist to call Isa's peeps and get the rest of the information.

Next, the receptionist wants a deposit. Yes, I am serious... Gavi is going to pay the deposit for Isadora's hospital stay... the irony is so heavy, you could do Frankie's shirts with it.

Gavi looks for a phone to call Rodrigo. While a man sings (somewhat off-key, I believe), Rodrigo is very, very sadly paying off the musicians and telling the bartender that Gaviota is not going to come. The bartender shakes his head sympathetically. "If by some miracle she does show up, let her know I was waiting," Rodrigo tells him. "You won't forget my name, right?" "Montalvo," the bartender reminds him. "Montalvo," Rodrigo repeats, as if it is a curse. He slams the roses down on the bar, glares at his lonely table, and leaves.

As soon as he's gone, the phone rings at the bar. It's the bartender's buddy Mariana, looking for Rodrigo. (I'm not sure if the bartender also knows her as Gaviota.) Next, she tries somewhere else (I think probably Rod and Isa's place) and leaves a message that he's needed at the hospital.

She kills some time in the gift shop, looking at baby stuff and rubbing her own belly. A little outfit catches her eye, and it's times like this I wish we had a Golden Circle of Goodbye, because it's very jarring to go right from that to the previews for tomorrow.


While the amigos hug in the waiting room, a doctor interrupts to announce that it's a boy.


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