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Cuando Me Enamoro #116 Friday 9/30/11 Fina is demasked and Jero faces a difficult task

After a week of sour notes, this capitulo actually hit a few sweet ones for once! Onward...

Jero slugs Augie but he refuses to retaliate. Augie already won since Nata is his woman now. Marina questions Jero about the things Augie said. "The thing that upset you most was what he said about Renata, right?" Mari wells up; she doesn't want to have to compete with Jero's memories of Nata.

Roberta hands over the toothbrush she stole during her burglarizing escapade. Fina swaps the names on the brushes so that Berta's name is on the case containing Nata's brush. Fina assures Berta that Regina will never suspect the truth.

Augie tells Ezequiel he must steal a vine branch from La Bonita that very day. Augie wants the cuttings in his field ASAP so no one suspects that they stole it. After that, they are going to set Jero's fields on fire. Zeke hesitates but Augie is adamant. He wants to crush Jero like a worm.

Jero apologizes to a weepy Maritata. She thinks he does not want to forget about Nata. Right after Mari agrees to give him more time to heal, Jero tells her that he has to go back to Mexico to see Nata. D'oh! Jero says it has something to do with the death of his brother but does not elaborate. Maritata trusts him.

Regina spills her guts to Gonzo about Pepa but does not tell him that Pepa is actually Fina. He can tell she is hiding something and Regi asks him to respect what she can and can't tell him. Gonzo warns her to not get into danger; he wouldn't be able to stand it if something happened to her. He could easily ensure that by informing the police about this debacle but that would make way too much sense.

Adriana chats with Nata and decides that Matias is the guy for her. Drat. Nata teases her amiga for being jealous of Matias's sort-of relationship with Spare Girl Julieta. Though Nata is one to talk since she is jealous of Marina and Jero.

Regina presses Gonzo for more information about Berta's heart condition. Berta had trouble since she was a little girl but Nata never did. That's why Fina was more preoccupied with Berta. Gonzo is still worried for Berta's health despite the animosity between them. Regi stops listening and daydreams about the hairbrush she stole.

Karina has a lighthearted chat with a bedridden Alfonsina. She has turned out to be a lovely nurse. Anyway, Alfi hopes that Zeke has forgiven her. Kari opens up about her problems with Lazaro. She's hurt because she can tell that Laz is hiding something from her. Meanwhile, Lazaro has no trouble at all telling Carlos that Doc WastedTissue is still alive; now it's impossible for Laz and Kari to get married.

Regina and Gonzo take a stroll. Mushy talk ensues until a call from Fina interrupts them. Regi plays it cool and doesn't let on to Gonzo that it's Fina on the other line.

Honorio sits by Constanza's bedside and happens to find a picture of Fina in a drawer. "Ladrona!" Hon thinks out loud. "Of course!" Connie wakes and Hon gently asks her a few questions. Hon has her blink once to answer Yes and twice for No. (Hallelujah! Honorio deserves a gold star for finally coming up with that!)

Connie blinks confirmation that she went to Misery Mansion to get a sample of Fina's handwriting for Jero. And then Fina found out and showed up at the house. "Was it Fina who tried to kill you? It could have been Blanca!" (That's not a yes or no question, Hon! Gold star revoked.) Regardless, Connie's agitation assures Hon that Fina was the culprit.

Over at Empresas Monterrubio, Nata wraps up a business call and daydreams about Jero. She leaves Augie a voicemail to distract herself. Immediately after leaving the voicemail, Nata gets a call from Jero and she agrees to meet with him.

Gonzo arrives at Connie's house in a panic. Honorio is just as worked up and wastes no time in dropping an anvil. "I know who tried to kill my wife! It was FINA!!!!" Gonzo is gobsmacked. "What are you talking about? My ex-wife tried to kill my sister!? How do know!? Fina might have been a deranged liar but murder is something altogether different! Why would Fina do something like that?"

Honorio shouts Gonzo down and drops a second anvil. "Fina went after Constanza because she knew that Fina and Pepa Alvarez are the same person!" Gonzo's brain can hardly handle so much input at once. Honorio explains that Connie was suspicious about PepaFina back when Hon was in jail and had been searching for proof. Hon was about to call the police but wanted to inform Gonzo first. Gonzo agrees that Fina needs to pay for what she did if she's guilty.

Peanut Gallery Comment: Honorio and Gonzo reach new levels of hilarity in this scene. Their yelling over each other cracked me up.


Hon and Gonzo finally take a break long enough for Gonzo to call Regina. Of course, Regi doesn't answer because she is meeting with the diabla herself that very moment. Fina taunts Regi as usual and Regi gives her word that she will never tell anyone about their meeting as long as Fina gives Regi her daughter back. Fina hands over the mismatched toothbrushes to Regina and takes her leave. "It all depends on you, Regina, whether this is goodbye for good or just a see you soon."

Regina sits pensively and ignores Gonzo's call again. Gonzo writhes over not knowing where she is. Their next step is to grill Berta to find out Fina's location. Hon warns Gonzo to be careful; they have to avoid letting Fina escape.

Nata ambushes Adriana when she gets to work and they squeal over Jero having called. Jero asked to meet at La Mentirosa. Adri is positive that even the slightest provocation will make Nata fall for Jero again. Nata denies it but admits that her head and her heart are having a war with each other.

Over at Misery Mansion, Gonzo is kicking himself for having been so blind about Fina. "A murderer. A woman capable of kidnapping another woman's child out of revenge. How damned you are, Fina." Gonzo looks at Berta with renewed eyes and does not blame her for turning out the way she did after having Fina as her role model. He asks about Fina's whereabouts but Berta claims that Fina has abandoned her.

Regina goes to an agency to have the toothbrushes and the hairbrush tested for DNA.

Gonzo decides to tell Berta the truth about Fina having attacked Connie. Berta works up some tears but thought bubbles that she has to warn Fina before she gets caught. A few minutes later, Berta does just that. The jig is up for Fina; everyone knows about her homicidal side. She had better go on the lam or risk being caught by the police.

Adriana encourages Renata to get excited about her meeting with Jero. "Stop thinking about what Augie and Jero want. Think about what you want."

Zeke comments to Augie about their spoiled wine. Augie blames Jero for it and plans to retaliate. Nata calls but Augie hangs up on her.

Jero and Carlos discuss the Fina situation. Jero hates to have to give Nata more news that will hurt her. Carlos brings up the Doc issue and Jero swears him to secrecy.

Julieta and Matias hang out in his apartment. Blah. Adriana calls to check in on Chema but he is still fighting a killer headache. She decides to wait until he's feeling better to tell him that her heart belongs to Matias. (Whyyyy?) Adri is alarmed to find a police car in the driveway when she gets home. Inside the casa, the cops guarantee Hon that they are on the case. Honorio explains the developments to Adri.

Nata meets Jero at the bar. Their hug lasts a beat longer than a normal one and they laugh at their difficulty in breaking the ice. Once things get going, Nata says that they shared many painful moments but they also loved each other very much. Jero wholeheartedly agrees and they both discuss how they met and fell in love. Nata laments that their relationship was ruined thanks to her mother and sister. Thankful that the topic came up, Jero delicately tells Nata what he needs to say. "Your mother was the one who wrote the letter to my brother that was signed by 'La Bonita'. The evidence indicates that she killed Rafael."

Unfortunately, we end before Nata can have much of a reaction.

Avances: Augie yells into a phone, Jero tells Marina he wants to be by Nata's side, and Roberta appears to have had another heart attack.

Aplastar como a un gusano - To crush like a worm
arrancar - to tear, to extract
desquiciada - deranged (this one could come in very handy)
agredir - to attack, to assault
enganchar - to hook, to attach
pertenecer - to belong


El Mundo de Telemundo, Week of October 3: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

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Teresa Thu 9/29/11 #149 Rubigote revealed to all, lots of No Puede Sers

Teresa Ep 149, 9-29-11

I'm working on it, I'm working on it! I had hoped that this last week I would be a little more prompt in getting the recap up, but circumstances conspired against me.

I currently have a fresh bottle of Pepsi by my side which will fortify me, and recapping will commence shortly. In the meanwhile, here is a screencap:

Discuss amongst yourselves! :D

TERESA EPISODE 149 (First part)

Teresa Episode 149, 9-29-11

We start with Teresa bursting into tears at the suggestion that maybe love is enough to save the marriage? She then suggests that she cries because this is the end of a phase of her life.

Professor Hottie says no, she chose to end this. He starts them to rip her a new one, reminding her of what she did to Luisa, and that she should cry for all the pain she's caused others. She wants him to shut up, but no. He's going to say what he's going to say, apparently!

Then he says he may not have been the best of men, but he wanted to be for her. Then he finishes by saying that Fernando will never love her in the way that he has. They both look pretty broken up at this point.

Aurora, Aeeeeda, and some police detective guy come into Geno's place. Aurora asks the police guy what he's looking for. Proof, stuff, whatever. As he's poking around and taking special note of "the spot" on the rug where Fito rested his head for the final time, the maid brings in the baby and Aeeeda holds him lovingly. Aurora sees the baby and there is this prolonged stretch of time when you see the wheels in her head spinning and she's like OMG OMG!!!

Then she finally spits it out, proclaiming the child to be Espe's. Poor Aeeeeda looks really heartbroken and freaked out by this.

Professor Hottie and Teresa stoically signing the divorce paper. Professor Hottie's jaw is tightened and there is a tear streaming down his cheek. Teresa's eyes are full of tears, but they finish it. The judge says that it'll take 15 days for the divorce to be final.

They start talking about Mariano and helping him, when in bounds an eager Fernando, who apparently has no decorum or taste. He tries to plant a kiss on Teresa right in front of Professor Hottie. Professor Hottie makes a jab about how he hopes her "future esposo" won't be as crazy with jealousy, but that he seems obsessed that he follows her wherever she goes. Doesn't he trust her? He gets the stinkeye from Fernando.

She is crying and Fernando tells her that he came to take her to her mom's place (I think).

Some distressed and teary "No puede sers" from Aeeeda at the discovery that the baby she has been holding is her little bro, which means that daddy Rubigote is a kidnapper and guilty, guilty, guilty. She hands the baby to Aurora and Aurora looks on uncomfortably and sadly.

Some scene with Johnny comforting Paty at Gramp's bedside, as Gramps does his trembling mouth thing. FF>>>

Visiting with dad at the prison, Mariano talks about how Aurora wouldn't leave him. She really loves you, says dad, Mariano says he feels the same about her.

Geno and Rubigote. Geno wants to know where the pistol is that Fito had (I think). He tells her not to worry and brings up that she KILLED Fito. She corrects him and says she DEFENDED him. Ha ha, I know, he says. He's so slimy. The maid comes in to say that police have come to visit. Impactada looks from Geno.

Rubigote wants her to go out and put on a good face for the police. She wants him to be with her, but he doesn't think that will look good. He'll take his son and get out of there. After she leaves the room, he sneaks back, gets into her purse, and swipes all the wads of cash she has in there. Then she returns, bringing the police with what looks like tools for getting evidence. Everything seems to be going along okay, but she gets nervous when they ask about seeing her car. Then she gets even more nervous when they talk about looking at all her furniture. She surreptitiously moves to stand over the "spot" on the rug (cleaned up Fito blood stain) and the police lady gives her a curious look.

Quick scene where Aurora visits Hernan the Galán and shows him photos of Rodrigo. Hernan is understandably excited and relieved. Wants to know where the kid is. Aurora explains as Aeeeda stands by and cries.

Geno nervously tries to explain "the spot" as a wine stain to the forensics lady who is picking up stuff from the rug. The policeman asks her about her whereabouts in the night in question, and then shows her a gruesome photo of Fito, all dead and everything. Asks if she knows him. She looks nervous.

Hernan the galán wants to go get the kid pronto, but Aurora and Aeeeda advise against that, since Rubigote is Rubigote. So they'd better wait. The kid will not be hurt. Aeeeeda says she wants to talk to Espe and ask many questions about her dad.

Geno says she doesn't (correction: didn't) know Fito. She then says that she suspected that he was the one who sold her son drugs, but she never actually met him. The police then ask for the keys to get into her car, and also to question the servants. She agrees to all of this, nervously.

++++++++++++++++++ end of part one

Professor Hottie is at Lucia's place, looking at a wedding ring. Lucia asks him what's up, he says he signed the divorce papers. She says something like he should be glad to be rid of someone like Teresa. Professor Hottie doesn't look quite as thrilled. Then Oriana comes in, all tears, and says that that fortune hunter has separated her from her son forever.

Juana and Refugio are picking up the flowers and candles that marking where Armando died. Refugio cries and says how much she misses her husband, and Juana says she should try to move on, little by little. But Refugio misses Armando so much. I think she also says that Teresa came to visit her dad more than her (her mom) and there's something about how they wanted grandchildren. Anyway, speak of the devil, in slinks Teresa in black and that idiot Fernando. She announces that she's divorced Professor Hottie and then drops the bombshell that she's going to marry that idiot Fernando. Refugio starts in with the gasping, no puede ser-ing and another attack commences.

Oriana is telling Professor Hottie and Lucia that she offered to pay off Teresa. She says that money solves problems and Teresa was a big problem. She offered her millions. But she forgot how smart Teresa was. Teresa set her up and let Fernando overhear the bribe attempt which then of course turned Fernando totally against her, Oriana. Teresa es mala, Lucia agrees, which is why it's good that the divorce has been started. Oriana says then it's a fact, and Professor Hottie doesn't look all that elated.

More with Refugio having her attack as everyone else panics. Refugio reminds Teresa that this is the guy that can't keep a promise—he broke up with Luisa, after all. That idiot Fernando has some idiot excuse for that. There's more of Teresa explaining (her own version, of course) of how she's hooking up with Fernando because Professor Hottie didn't work out, blah blah blah, but Refugio isn't having any of it and leaves in a huff.

Aurora and Professor Hottie are talking on the phone about the latest developments regarding the stolen baby, etc. So it turns out that the paid informant was telling the truth about Rubigote and Geno being the ones who caused Fito's death. This should get Mariano out of jail. Professor Hottie then calls up the police guy at Geno's. Then police guy thanks Geno for her cooperation and tells her she can't leave town during the investigation. She says sure, of course, but the minute they leave she's planning to leave.

Juana is talking with Fernando and Teresa, wondering why they have to get married so soon. Is Teresa pregnant? No, Teresa says they haven't even slept together yet, they're waiting until after they get married. Fernando then leaves. Juana moves in (scooting her chair along the floor, which was pretty funny actually) to talk more, but before much conversation happens, Teresa gets a call about the testimony regarding Esperanza and knowing that Rubigote and Geno were a pair. Not sure all that is said here, but Teresa vows to find out more. Without some sort of testimony regarding Rubigote and Geno, no one will investigate them and Mariano won't get out of jail. Juana and Teresa are lamenting this, when Paty walks up and looks meaningfully silent. Teresa directs her attention at Paty.

At Esperanza's, Rubigote appears at the door with Espe's baby. She is overjoyed and reaches for the baby, but Rubigote holds back and orders her to pack her bags because they're getting out of there. Espe looks scared.

Juana and Teresa squeeze out of Paty something about how Rubigote had been telling Espe that he had a way to get the kid back. Is she sure of this? Yes, Rubigote had the medal that Cutberto gave Rodrigo.

A big scene between Rubigote and Esperanza. She's got to go with HIM, and it'll just be all three of them. She begs him, she's got a husband now, come on! But he orders her to leave that idiot and go with him if she wants to see her son. As they are arguing, Hernan the Galán comes in, sees the situation and orders Rubigote to let go of his wife and son! Rubigote whirls around looking all impactado.

End part two ++++++++++++++++

The maid tells Geno that Rubigote is gone, and then Geno discovers that all her cash has been lifted from her purse. No puede ser! The maid offers to call the police. Ha! Geno doesn't jump eagerly to do that.

Aeeeda witnesses all this drama with kidnapped baby and baby daddy brandishing a pistol. No lo puedo creer! Aeeeda shows what side she's on when she refuses to go with her dad. He orders her ('cause he's her dad) to go with them and be a family, but she refuses to be an accomplice. She knows what he's done, how he's cheated on her mom, hooked up with Geno, who wants little Rodrigo as a substitute for Paulo. Rubigote wants his daughter to go be a family with the woman he loves (poor Espe) and his son, but Aeeeeda is adamant. No. Then he turns his gun on Hernan the Galán. Eeeek!

We are taken away from this scene to hear Patty be all worried about spilling the beans about what Espe confided in her. Whatever. Back to the real drama.

Rubigote demands the keys from Hernan the Galán and is angry when Hernan tries to hold back and not give all the keys. Rubigote then takes Espe hostage at gunpoint as Hernan and Aurora restrain a hysterical Aeeeeda. But outside, Rubigote is confronted by the police and Professor Hottie who screech up in a car. Rubigote dumps Espe and takes off with the kid in another car, as Espe screams and Professor Hottie goes over to comfort her.

Rubigote calls Geno, who he's got to settle for I guess, and spins her a tale as she wonders where her money and Rodrigo went. He's now staying at some fleabag hotel. He wants her to join him, but she doesn't believe that it's safe. He says that the police know everything and they have to get outta there.

Meanwhile at Espe and Hernan's apartment, everyone is getting caught up. The police say they found Rubigote's abandoned car, they figure he found some other mode of transportation and they'll be looking out at the airports and everything. They also found evidence that Geno and Rubigote were behind Fito's death. Teresa has come in at this point and oh-so-tastelessly rubs it in to a suffering and crying Aeeeda, saying that HER dad did this and HER dad is at fault and because of HER dad, Espe and Hernan don't have their kid. Enough already. Professor Hottie thinks so too and says so.

Refugio and Juana talking about Teresa's decision to marry that idiot Fernando. Juana thinks it's up to Teresa, but Refugio reiterates all the reasons it's bad and wrong.

Aurora and Espe comfort a distraught Aeeeeeda while Teresa looks on snarkily.

Geno arrives at FleaBag Hotel and immediately tends to a crying Rodrigo, scolding Rubigote for not taking care of the baby, who is hungry. Geno asks him how come he ran over to see Espe, I think he says because she knew everything, whatever. Anyway now he's saying they've got to get out of there, stay calm and think, and they need lots of money.

Back at Espe and Hernan's apartment, Aurora and Aeeeda leave, and the police say that they can work on getting Mariano out of jail since Rubigote is the guy. Teresa comforts Espe by saying that they'll fight to get Rodrigo back, and then turns to Professor Hottie and says that they both are Rodrigo's godparents, and they love him, right? Right? Professor Hottie agrees, saying that even though they're divorced now, they will always be godparents. Teresa gives a tight little smile as if that wasn't the response she was hoping for.

Aurora rushes to see Mariano in prison and tell him the good news, that he's been cleared and will be going free soon! Elated looks from Mariano and declarations of love from both of them and they exchange besos.

Teresa smooching with that idiot Fernando. I didn't catch all that was said here, but it involves their plans to marry. That idiot Fernando presents Teresa with some expensive necklace and puts it on her as she has a greedy, sharky gleam in her eye.

End part three (and I'm so sorry this is taking so darn long) ++++++++++

Shorter version of last 1/4th of episode, with my apologies:

Lucia talks with Professor Hottie, knowing that he is not totally happy with this divorce thing. She wants to call Luisa to tell him the big news (of the divorce) and Professor Hottie looks unhappy.

Teresa privately admires her new necklace, then cries and hugs the Arturo-bear and laments the loss of Professor Hottie. But hey. She got a new necklace. She gets a call from Professor Hottie, and she hopes that he wants to see her. No, he doesn't want to see her. Talks about something and she looks disappointed because things are not working out as she'd like. She can't have it all.

Johnny, Patty, Aurora, Espe et al talking about what's going on with Rubigote, Rodrigo, etc etc.

Teresa shows up at Lucia's place. Wants to talk to Professor Hottie. Lucia rips her a new one and reminds her of all the guys she's hooked up with for money, blah blah blah. Lucia says that she's going to make Professor Hottie happy! Professor Hottie walks in on all of this. Blah blah blah. Later he vows that he's going to learn how to live without Teresa.

Expressions of love between a now-free Mariano and Aurora. Aeeeda walks in and they thank her for her help, as she is still distraught over all the stuff her dad has done.

Geno and Rubigote have been stuck at FleaBag Hotel for 2 days and they're getting on each others' nerves. Rubigote tells her that he's not going to let her try to make up for having a loser son who died of drugs by naming HIS son after her loser dead druggie son. Okay he doesn't say it just like that, but that's what he's thinking.

Teresa comes over to talk business with Professor Hottie (I think) and commences to move in on him and give him a big kiss, which he returns enthusiastically. The screencap for that scene as at the beginning of this recap.

That's the end!

I am sorry that this last recap from me was an epic fail and so slow to develop! It really was fun recapping this show and I really have enjoyed it. I never expected it to be as good as it was. What a great show. Thank you all the commenters and other recappers for being here!


Alborada, 9/30/2011. Cap. 87

Today's episode is covered in Melinama's Recap #34, Tuesday segment, at this link.

On YouTube, haguilar78's clips for Cap 87 start at this link.

Thank you, Carlos, for today's pictures.

Paula's caption: Faithful to the end, Ramón's retriever never leaves his master's grave.


La Fuerza del Destino #40 Fri 09/30/11 La Fuerza de Carolina's power over Antolín

Pobre de Saul (not) gets told off by his papa. The secretary is more concerned that Papi knew he was sticking it to her, but Saul brushes her off. Then he tries to call Gordo, who's not answering his phone. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Gerry is lonely at home. He picks up a picture of him and Alex. Rosa, the maid, comes in and asks if there's been any word from Carolina. Gerry keeps up the lie that she took Alex on vacation. "Alone?" asks the maid. "Of course not! With a friend." "What friend?" Gerry tells her to quit asking questions and to tell anyone who asks that Carolina just left that morning. So, if Luisa comes by, she's to tell her that Caro and Alex left that morning and she doesn't know where they are. Gerry conforms to her that he does know where they are and they're fine. Rosa has her doubts.

Ivan and Lucia plan to go visit Camilo in jail (in that short skirt?) and then swing by Gerry's to check on Alex.

Celia and Antolín visit Camilo in jail. Camilo asks for a moment alone with Antolín to accuse him of knowing all about the fires. Antolín isn't going to give up all his secrets to Camilo, but he does confess that he was away on a trip with a hot chick…no, he corrects himself, he was with a princess, at the seashore. No shells were sold during the making of this vacation. Antolín tells Camilo he'll always have his back and Camilo agrees. Celia gets a few tears and a bendición (a blessing) in before the guard makes them leave so that Lucia and Ivan can visit. Antolín won't stay to talk to the lawyers.

Camilo is about a million times happier to see Lucia than Ivan, and it shows. Ivan doesn't notice.

David calls Judith, who has stood him up. She tells him that her dad has forbid her or Mom from talking to him. David says he just wanted to see her, that's all. Judith asks how Camilo is doing.

Ivan tells Lucia that he suspects that Antolín didn't want to talk to the lawyers because he had something to do with the fires. Ivan's guess is that it was done on JJ's orders and he really wanted to implicate Ivan and Toni. They're walking up to the door of Gerry's house and Lucia rings the bell. The maid shows them in and tells them that Carolina took Alex on vacation that day, early. Lucia is shocked they left so early and without saying goodbye to her. Rosa says they went to the beach, but she doesn't know exactly where. They can tell she's not giving them the whole story, but since she also doesn't know it, there's no use yelling at her. Lucia tries to call Gerry, but he won't answer.

Back out on the porch, Ivan is screaming at Lucia (not her fault, back off, Neanderthal!) that Carolina has taken Alex away and this is proof that Alex is his son. He goes on and on about how her family are all so awful, taking both his mother and his son away from him, and the he warned her he wouldn't tolerate one more lie. "Don't you know what it's like to have a child? Of course you don't!" Lucia breaks down and says she did lie to him and Alex is his son. Of course, he's pissed she's just now telling him. Lucia tries to defend her father. He just keeps yelling at her and finally says "this is over," before they take off in the SUV.

Antolín is leaving without waiting for Camilo to be let out. He says the guy won't show up to make his accusation in person, so that's that. He leaves before Celia can give him a Hands-On Blessing, so she has to use her daily power of Long-Distance Blessing...which has quite a long range, considering she's an Epic Level Mom…as Antolín heads out the door.

Saul is at The 9 Ball asking the bartender for Gordo's address. The bartender knows which neighborhood Gordo lives in, but not the address. Antolín finds Saul there and grabs him by the shirt, telling him that if he messes with his carnál (brother) one more time, it will go worse for Saul than it did for Gordo. And he doesn't care about Saul's dad. He also doesn't care if they all end up in jail…or dead! Having delivered what, considering Antolín's reputation, is more of a promise than a threat, Antolín departs Alamos to head back to his Princessa.

Ivan won't walk Lucia into the house. He's got stuff to do. All she gets is a "Nos vemos" (see ya).

Ivan goes into Toni's office. Toni starts to give him the news that no one has appeared to denounce Camilo, so he should be getting out soon, but Toni notices Ivan's mood. Ivan says Lucia knew "all along." He's worried that Alex is with Carolina and no one knows where.

Alex wants to talk to his dad, but Carolina is keeping him from doing it. Alex wants to talk to Lucia, but Caro won't let him do that either. He's having no fun cooped up in the house while Caro's cousin is working and tries to get her to agree to just take him down to the beach if he promises not to go in the water. Caro says she has to tell him something, but he has to promise not to tell. Um, no, sorry. Barring innocent things like surprise parties and Christmas presents, adults have no business asking kids to keep secrets from other adults. Big red flag! "Remember that time I told you there's someone who wants to hurt us? Well, it's Ivan. He lost his son and he thinks you're his son. Ivan doesn't think you're your fathers son, and he's got lots of money so maybe he paid some guys to kidnap you. So that's why I don't want to let you go out alone. What if someone takes you? We'd never see each other again." Alex gets scared and begs her not to let anyone take him. Crazy bitch.

Ivan leaves a message for Gerry telling him he knows Alex is his son and if Gerry doesn't tell him where Alex is, he'll report him for kidnapping a child.

Lucia cries in her room. Carlota, ever the optimist, thinks Ivan will get over it. Lucrezia starts to come in the room, but she stops to listen at the door. She hears Lucia say that she should have told Ivan that Alex was his son from the beginning and now she's lost Ivan. Lucrezia comes in and asks QTH is going on. "What's this about the kid not being your father's son?" Lucia says he's Ivan's son. "Ivan's and Maripaz's? So Gerardo took him?" Carlota points out that he did it so that the kid could be raised by family and not in an orphanage like Lucrezia wanted. Lucrezia reacts with a predictable concern about the (come on, say it with me now) "escandalo" *drink* Carlota is sick of Lucrezia Borgia being more worried about what other people will think than about her own family. Lucrezia says it's an easy fix…Ivan and Lucia will get married and the kid will live with them, and they'll say they adopted him. Lucia tells her that she and Ivan broke up and Alex has disappeared.

Gerry gets home and listens to the voicemail message on his way up the front steps. The spineless worm gets back in his car and drives off.

JJ is sitting alone at his dining table, drinking. His lawyer, I assume, comes in to tell him that the anonymous informant never showed up and so…. He doesn't get to finish his sentence, because JJ conks out. And probably not from the alcohol. The lawyer calls for Esther.

Lucrezia and Gerry argue, 10 years too late, about Alex. Gerry doesn't know where Carolina is. He called her cousin in Huatabampo, but the cousin said Caro wasn't there. "Maybe she lied," offers Lucia. Gerry says he had the same though, which is why he's going to there tomorrow. Lucia wants to go too. Carlota thinks they need to tell Ivan. Gerry is reluctant, since they don't know if Caro and Alex are really there, and besides, he has to convince Carolina…. "Convince her of what? The kid is nothing of hers." Gerry points out that she's been a mother to him, etc. Lucia understands that, but Ivan is his father and he has rights, and he hates her for keeping it from him. Gerry tells them about the phone threat to accuse him of kidnapping. Lucrezia tells him to just give Ivan the damn kid, so he can marry Lucia and they can secretly adopt him so no one will find out. Gerry gets pissed off and says "You think it's that easy to tell a kid, 'you're going to go live with that guy now, because I'm not your father!'" "You should have thought of that before you kidnapped him!" I think they're both right. Carlota says this is all pointless and Gerry needs to tell Ivan everything--that he suspects Carolina is in Huatabampo, that he had nothing to do with her decision--and get the kid back before they decide anything else. Carlota tells Lucia to go with her father to find Ivan. Lucia hesitates. "Listen, girl, you made mistakes, you lied to him, you deceived him, so now you need to take the bull by the horns and face the consequences." You go, grandma!

The doctor has checked JJ over and said he has hypoglycemia. It could be isolated, but if not, they'll need to take further action. The doctor says it could have happened because he hasn't been eating well, or because of his frequent alcohol consumption. Esther plays down JJ's drinking, saying he has the occasional drink, usually at parties. The doctor tells them to watch JJ for sweating, shaking hands, headache, or confusion and give him some fruit juice right away. Otherwise, he may lose consciousness again. The doctor advises that JJ live a quieter life, quit drinking, and avoid "disgustos" (arguments, unpleasantness), but Judith says that's going to be difficult as her father goes around being an ass at all times.

Gerry and Lucia go looking for Ivan or Toni. Carmen tries to give them the brush off, and Gerry is weasely enough to try to accept her brush-off at face value and leave. Toni hears the conversation and tells Carmen they're going to talk later. Then he takes Gerry and Lucia into the study.

Ivan takes Camilo home. Camilo has a fit of hysterics before he goes inside, saying it's so great to be outside and see the sun and the street and his house. Well, ok, but…wasn't he in jail for about 24 hours? Just saying.

Celia is weeping with joy. Ivan chalks it all up to Antolín.

Gerry tells Toni that he suspects Caro is in Huatabampo, but she wouldn't tell him. He doesn't know how she got there--he lied and said she want with a friend, but she doesn't have any friends.

Celia now hears that Alex is Ivan's son. And that Lucia lied about it. Celia says Ivan had a right to know, but Lucia promised her father she wouldn't tell. She reminds him that she also lied about the relationship between his mom and Gerry. "Yeah, but that's different! We were engaged." Camilo's ears perk up when he hears that they WERE engaged. Wipe the drool off your chin, there, Camilo. Ivan says he can't stay with a woman who lied about his mother, about Teo being his grandfather, and about his son. Camilo doesn't even bother to defend her, he's so excited to think he might have a chance with her. Screw both of them right now, neither one deserves her. They both know damn well that Lucia, sweet innocent Lucia, has always been the last one in her family to know the nasty secrets. Why does that make it her job to spill the frijoles? Whatever. I'm sick of both of them right now. Ivan won't listen to Celia. His phone rings and Toni tells him Lucia and Gerry are there and Gerry told him that Caro took Alex and he had nothing to do with it, and Caro won't tell him where they are, but he suspects they're in Huatabampo and someone had to have helped her, but he doesn't know who. Camilo and Celia both suspect Antolín helped Carolina.

Lucia comforts Gerry for finally manning up and doing the right thing. Gerry whines and cries that now he's going to lose Alex because he doesn't think Ivan will let them see him. Oh, and by the way, sorry about your broken engagement, dear. Lucia says the important thing is to find Alex. Gerry agrees, but says he can't take off right away because he has to deal with something on the jobsite. He suggests a 7am departure. Really? That's as early as you can leave? Lucia agrees and says she'll see him then.

Ivan wants to take off right away and he argues with Camilo about whether Camilo should come with him. Celia convinces him that Camilo is the only one who can deal with Antolín. Ivan goes to pack and Camilo goes to take a shower. Celia stops him and asks him not to fight with Antolín, especially after what he just did. "Maybe he doesn't even know the kid is Ivan's!" Camilo cynically, but accurately, says he doubts there's anything Antolín doesn't know.

Lucrezia asks Carlota how long she knew that Alex was Maripaz's kid and why no one told her. Before Carlota can answer, Lucia comes in, sad, and says that Ivan wasn't home, so they told Toni. Lucrezia can't believe that the crazy took him and she's not interested in trying to understand her. "The only thing I understand is that she committed a crime!" "And you've never committed a crime?" Carlota likes Lucia's comment, but Lucrezia calls it disrespectful. "If you don't marry Ivan to cover up this," say it with me now, "vergonzoso" (shameful ) *drink*, "situation, I'm going to tell Maripaz to do it…since she's the brat's mother!" Lucrezia Borgia storms off, feeling like she's had the last word, and Carlota shouts after her, "Don't worry, sometimes your mother just likes to hear herself talk!" Lucia pouts that Maripaz is the kid's mom and she has rights. Even if she only does it out of self-interest. Maripaz is, after all, capable of doing anything to get her hands on Ivan AND his money.

Carlota goes to talk to Lucrezia. "Please don't tell Maripaz anything about the child. If Ivan and Lucia reconcile, which is what I hope, they can get married and follow your suggestion--adopt the child and avoid a scandal. No one knows Gerardo kidnapped him, or that Maripaz had a child 10 years ago. If she does find out, there will be trials and lawyers, and you don’t want that, do you? And besides, the truth about Teodoro could come out too. About how he left land to his bastard daughter in his will, and how you don't carry his blood, that you're not a legitimate Curiel. Listen to me, daughter, Maripaz isn't trustworthy, and she could start something up for no reason. We should keep our mouths shut, right?" Lucrezia agrees and Carlota says sadly that for once they're in agreement. She thanks Lucrezia and kisses her on the cheek. Lucrezia cries and says she can't remember the last time Carlota gave her a kiss. "Maybe that's because you didn't deserve it." Lucrezia and Carlota laugh and cry. "Despite all our arguments, and all our tantrums…I love you very much, Lucrezia." "Me too, mom." They hug and cry some more.

Ivan takes his carry on and heads out the door, Toni chasing after him. Ivan's plan is that if he doesn't find Alex, he'll call Toni and have him hire investigators. Wouldn't it be faster to call the cops in that town? Or hire investigators now from somewhere closer, at least to find her before he gets there and make sure she doesn't take off again? Ivan doesn't think it will be difficult to find a blind woman and a 10-year-old boy. Toni says that Lucia was very depressed. Ivan can imagine, but he doesn't have time to talk about her right now. And now, Toni gets ready to have that conversation with Carmen.

Benito tries to explain to Carmen what she did wrong. She tries to defend herself by saying that she didn't know Lucia was Ivan's fiancée and Gerry was like his father-in-law. All she knows is Don Anthony hasn't been out of the hospital long and he's not supposed to have visitors. Toni hears this and tells her she can't make decisions without consulting him. He tells her that she was being a busybody and didn't consider that they might be coming to tell him something important…not that they needed to tell her that. Toni tells her she is an employee in that house, who is supposed to make sure everything runs smoothly and nothing more. "If you don't like it, find another job, let me know, and it's over." "Does Ivan know you're practically firing me?" "I don't have to ask permission from my son to make decisions. I like your brother, and I respect your mother, but you…your chances are over! Go to David, have him give you your final check and get out of my house right now." That's 2 firings for Carmen. "What did I do?" She threatens to sue for unfair firing. Benito laughs, saying go right ahead, but lawyers are expensive. He doesn't think her mom and brother will like it. Carmen says her OTHER brother will defend her. The other maids have been listening in and they make a big show of doing nothing when Carmen walks by, snapping her fingers at them and telling them to get to work. They laugh once she leaves.

Ivan and Camilo are not having an easy time finding Huatabampo.

Alex is, understandably, confused. He thought Ivan was a good guy. Caro says he is a good guy, he just has the idea stuck in his head that Alex is his son and that's why he wants to kidnap him. "And why didn't my dad tell me anything?" "So you wouldn't worry." "And why won't let me talk to him?" Caro says he's acting like a little boy. He gets distracted by Antolín being back. Antolín gives him cash so he can have some alone time with Caro. Antolín says they need to resolve the Alex problem, and quickly. He says he didn't tell anyone where she is and he didn't see Gerry, but he does think what she did was good at all.

Carmen runs into David in the living room and tells him she was just on her way to see him for her severance check. He asks why she was fired. "How should I know? Probably just because he doesn't like me. You know how willful that man is…." David cuts her off, saying he's in a hurry, but he'll tell the accountant to prepare her severance check. He excuses himself to go talk to Toni. Carmen gripes that she's lower than trash to "these people," and swears they'll pay.

David passes on the news about his dad and says he's going to go see him now. Toni sends his wishes for a fast recovery. He says he'll stop by the office to tell the accountant to prepare Carmen's check, but Toni says he'll take care of it. Once David leaves, Benito says "Who says there's no justice in this world? Maybe he'll die!" Toni scolds him for wishing ill on someone. Toni says they'll go to the office and then to Carlota's house…but Bruno is staying behind.

David hears from Saul that he's been kicked out of the house and left without credit cards. Saul asks to stay with David for a few days, but David's apartment is only a 1 bedroom. Saul says he'll sleep on the couch or a chair, wherever. David says fine, whatever, but he's on his way to see his Dad since he passed out. Saul gets a speculative look as he asks if JJ has something a person can die from. Jackass.

Antolín…or should I say Ahhhhhhhntolín, runs on the beach back to Caro. He tries to talk some sense into her regarding Alex. He agrees her feelings are important, but the law is the law. "Does Ivan know he's his son?" Caro says that she's sure Ivan suspects and she knows that Lucia does know because Gerardo told her. Antolín guesses that Lucia has told Ivan and Ivan will be looking for Alex now. "Well, why does he care!? For years he didn't take an interest in Alex!" Antolín reminds her that Ivan was in the US for 10 years, living in what kind of conditions, before he met up with "Merlin" and came home covered in silver. Since Ivan wasn't living near his son, he couldn't pay attention to him, but now that he's back, blood calls to blood. Caro begs him to leave. "What, are we going to go from town to town, like gypsies? I'll steal and kill so we have money? No. And let me tell you, the money you have isn't going to last long and I don't have a whole lot of capital. I did a job and it didn't turn out well--the guy didn't pay me. Princess, what I'd like is to have all the money in the world and be able to take you to Africa or China or anywhere, but some things are impossible." Caro asks what she has to do. Antolín says she does have to give up Alex and Caro gets all hysterical again and begs him for help. Sucker!

JJ is already refusing to follow doctor's orders and won't stay in bed. He gets grumpy about the guys being there and says they're just vultures, waiting to see if he dies. Judith tries to argue, but he calls her mentally retarded. You know what, just fucking die. David offers to take over the ranch, even if it means he has to quit the McGuire's. JJ says he'll give David the chance, but he doesn't want to see Saul again for the rest of his life. Saul makes some vaguely threatening gestures and leaves. JJ smirks that he's now gotten rid of one useless son. "I hope you're worth it. If not, I'll call my other son to take over. The one with more guts than the other two put together--Ivan."

Saul calls Maripaz. She's getting ready for a party, but Antolín isn't going to be there. Of course, Saul is invited, not that he needs an invitation.

Toni wants to resolve the problem on good terms. The Curiel ladies present agree. Lucia says that's why she was hoping to get to the village first, but Ivan took off already. Lucrezia repeats her plan of having Ivan and Lucia get married and adopt Alex. Lucia reminds them that Alex is a kid and this is going to be traumatic for him. Lucrezia, ever sensitive, says "Well, you're a psychologist! Just treat him and be done with it!" Carlota calls her cold, but Lucrezia says she's practical. Carlota thinks they need to consult Ivan, but Lucia says he's very angry right now. Toni will work on Ivan. He asks Lucia to walk him to the door, but stops to kiss Carlota's hand and ask permission to visit her later. He says goodbye to Lucrezia, but ignores her hand. *snort*

Lucia tells Toni she's worried about Alex. He's not worried about the breakup, he just thinks they need time. Lucia's kind of pissed off at him for the way he talked about her family. She knows that her family has done a lot of crappy things. A lot. No, I mean, like, really, really, a lot. Um, but she can't just stop loving them! Toni says love is a power that moves mountains. Lucia hands him off to Cleto, who walks him to the gate.

Ivan and Camilo arrive in Huatabampo. Ivan is declaring that he's DONE with Lucia. And he's not interested in seeing things from her POV since she wasn't interested in trying to see them from his. Oh, shut up! They go looking for food.

Caro and Alex are walking, possibly in the same square. Caro tells him that he can't talk to his dad because if Ivan pressures his dad, his dad will tell Ivan where Alex is. "And you don't want him to come for you, right?"

The taco guy has seen Caro and Alex and tells Ivan and Camilo that he thinks they're staying with Doña Estela.

"But I don't understand. If Ivan is so bad, then why is Lucia his girlfriend?" "Because she's in love and so she doesn't realize it. She thinks he's good." Ivan sees Ivan and yells, "There he is!" He tries to run off, leaving his aunt, but Ivan catches up to him. Alex cries that he doesn't want to see Ivan and he doesn't want to leave his dad. Aw, that sucks! Crazy bitch!

My DVR cuts off before the previews.


Cuando Me Enamoro #115 Thursday 9/29/11 I would not give you false hope on this strange on mournful day...

...because the mother and child reunion is way more than a motion away. Months in fact.

Last night Marta noted that several men were keeping secrets while the women were paying the consequences. Let’s see who is keeping secrets tonight, shall we?

As Coni lies in bed playing The Brain That Couldn’t Speak, Gina erroneously surmises that Berta is her own daughter. In the house Eulalia the maid, not properly trained in first aid or common sense, takes the time to run to Coni’s house to report to the paralyzed and mute Constanza that Berta is having a heart attack. Luckily, since Renata and Regina are there, they follow the maid to Roberta.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962)
Look familiar?

Luciana, the bank manager who knows everyone’s secrets, helps Fina open a private account in her name only, Josephina Alvarez. Luciana is bug-eyed impactada to note that Fina’s big ol’ bag of money is the very same one that Regina withdrew that morning.

At Empresas Monterrubio, Mopías tells Hons he wants to move out. Hons reveals that Adri told him what was up between them. They agree that a Mopías apartment is probably best for everyone. I’m sure Adri would love a mope-free environment for a change.

Cut to Adri mooning and sighing over her laptop. She calls Chema to say they need to talk. He suggests she come to his place for a cappuccino, chai, yummy empanadas, whatever. Because of his headaches he doesn’t want to drive anywhere. She’s concerned about his headaches but he says don’t worry, he’s taking some medicine and he looks forward to seeing her.

Regina, Nata and useless maid arrive just as Roberta wakes up clutching her chest. Nata sends the maid off to get Berta’s heart pills. Gina is all concerned about her ‘daughter’ and Berta looks at her sideways wondering how to play this.

Back at EM Gonzo tells Hons he’s worried about Regina. She spent all afternoon in the church and told him she wants to be alone. He found out Pepa contacted Gina and she didn’t even let him know. They agree that this Pepa is very dangerous. Hons suggests maybe Regina wants to protect Gonzo. Gonzo is afraid Pepa might be setting a trap (tendiendo una trampa). Gosh Gonzo, ya think?

Oh my goodness, Adri shows up at Chema’s and he’s got a sideboard loaded with pastries. Dang I’m hungry. There is a bottle of wine on the table but all she wants is a capucchino.
He acts like a goofball but she remains pensive, thinking about the pie cart she’s about to push over his heart. OK let’s step back for a minute here. On one hand there is Mr. Sulk in Shiny Silver suits. On the other there is the upbeat cook who excels at kissing and making delectable treats. Whom to choose, whom to choose...

Berta is resting while Gina clumsily attempts to skulk. Under Berta’s sly glance Gina steals Renata’s brush from Roberta’s purse and hides it in her own. While Nata fusses over her sis Regina thought bubbles that Berta suffers from the same affliction as her father. She must somehow prove (comprobar) which of the two is her daughter, and all indications point to Roberta, not Renata as she had thought (and likely hoped).

Hons provides Gonzo with some novel and never-before-attempted advice, why doesn’t Gonzo just talk to Regina? Gonzo exclaims it to be a wonderful idea. He’ll talk to Gina and tell her that she can count on him. Hons is on a brain roll today. He thought bubbles that Pepa and Fina might be the same person as Coni suggested, so he asks Gonzo about Fina. Nope, Gonzo hasn’t heard a thing from her since the day Coni was attacked and he was talking to Fina at the house. He even tries to call her but no answer.

Carlos is happily reviewing with Jero some La Bonita plans, pointing out where the vines and new cellar will eventually be, when Lazaro escorts Ezequiel into the office. Ez nervously provides an info dump, revealing that Augustin has given Ez an assignment (encargo ), to steal a vine shoot (brota de sarmiento) from the mother plant for the Cruz de Amor vineyard because the one he had is dying from the plague. Laz confirms it was one of theirs. Jero sighs and said he knew about it, Karma’s a bitch, no?

Meanwhile Augustin, back in his sporty white windbreaker, is pitching a fit at the poor brota babysitter because his sprout is, dare I say it, dying on the vine. He calls the guy useless but this nanny’s got a pair of nalgas. He puffs his expansive chest at Augi, tells him it’s not his fault and besides, he knows a few things. Augi guffaws that the guy had better not become his enemy lest something happen to his family. Oops, I think that caused our vine tender just a wee bit of shrinkage.

Jero tells Ez they’ll give him a shoot, but I think he says it will be a sham shoot. Anyone??
Jero tells Ez from now on Ez can count on Jero’s full support, he’s not alone in this. Ez says he’s been a faithful worker but he’s done things he’s not proud of. Jero says this is a good time for Ez to start making amends (rectificar) and start over.

In the kitchen Kari seems to be coming out of her shell, or maybe it just those enthusiastic puppies popping out of her bodice. Whatever, the look is better than Beaten Down Frump. She and the other ladies are cooking dinner for Alfonsina (Caldo de Camarón) and Manuela wants to know if she has decided to take Padre’s monumentally stupid advice (that she wait a year to get married). Bummer, the answer is yes and Mati just shakes her head.

Yuck, now we visit Doc MakesMeHurl who slimily pumps the real Doc for info about his new identity. He gripes about starting over with no money, no woman, nada, boo frickin’ hoo. The real doc tells him at least he’s alive and maybe he’ll get out sooner than he thinks. Uh oh, cue the anvil.

Regina finally returns to the abandoned Coni to tell her Roberta is better after her serious tachycardia attack. She says they were both wrong about Renata, she’s now sure that Berta is her daughter. While Coni makes frustrated noises Regina blathers on about stealing Berta’s brush to get DNA proof. She weeps that if Berta is hers she doesn’t know what she’ll do because Roberta hates her. That makes two of us Ms. Banana-Curls-For-Brains (thanks daisynjay). Why don’t you shut your pie-hole and pay attention to someone besides yourself for once?

Berta tells Nata she’s glad “that woman” left. Sorry if she’s ungrateful but she’s not a hypocrite. (Uh, yes you are.) Nata’s amazed at Berta’s coldness but Berta thanks Nata for coming in spite of the hate Nata feels for her. Nata won’t deny there are some bad feelings but Berta is her sister and in spite of everything she loves her. Berta admits she feels very alone. “Well, duh what did you expect after betraying and lying to all of us?” Nata comments. Berta takes her engagement ring out of her jewelry box and tells Nata she was such an idiot. She notes what a coincidence that both half-brothers were in love with two sisters. Nata observes how sad that none of them succeeded in their love.

Hons, walking with Gonzo, gets a call from security telling him that the attack on his wife was generated from within (adentro) . It must have been a worker or someone with access to the property because nobody strange was seen going in or out.

Gonzo sees Regina and she apologizes about earlier. That’s nice but has she apologized to Inez yet? We’re still waiting for that one. She tells him she doesn’t feel like talking now and he tells her that the most difficult times to talk are times when one should talk.

Hons urges Eulalia, the poor Monterrubio maid, to think back on that day. Did she see Coni before the attack? Yes, she came to the house to get some things from the office. No, Fina wasn’t there but Berta was. Later she heard someone (females) arguing and they were the only ones in the house.

Berta takes Nata’s hand and cries into it, but Nata pulls away and rushes out of the room, leaving Berta to cry to herself alone, once again.

Berta pulls herself together and calls Fina to report that Regina was there. Both Gina and Nata came when Berta had a tachycardia attack and she watched Regina sneak Nata’s brush out of her own purse. Fina cackles that luck is on their side, bwahahahahaha!!! Mom, we’re waiting for you to ask your daughter how she’s doing after her tachycardia attack. Mom? Mom?

The maid continues that when the police came Fina had already gone. They haven’t seen her since but Roberta probably knows where she is. Nata shows up and Hons says he was just wondering if Fina had seen anything strange on the day of the attack.

Chema and Adri are stuffing their faces with all his pastries and chocolate covered strawberries. His dream is to go to France and study with the great great pasty chefs (reposteros). Sinister music plays as he get a headache attack.

Happier music at La Bonita. Doc Tata tells Jero over the phone that she has something important to tell him. He gets a text from Luciana that she gave the money to Regina. He calls Regina and she thanks him for the money and apologizes for not getting back to him. She’s been so dazed (tan atarantada). He makes her promise that when she’s ready to make the drop she’ll call him and he’ll come to Mexico. After they hang up she apologizes to him for lying to him but she couldn’t tell him the truth.

Carlos enters the office and gravely brings Jero the handwriting results. Fina Monterrubio DID write the La Bonita letter!!! Jero paces and howls That Woman is to blame for everything. Carlos suggests Jero calm down while they gather more proof. He knows Jero is thinking that Renata’s mother is Rafa’s killer. Carlos says while they start the investigation and gather proof they’d better not say anything to anyone. They agree this will be hardest on Renata.

Chema’s got a nasty ringing in his ears and a wringing in his brain. He tells Adri they’ll have to talk another day. She should leave, he’ll be fine. She’s not so sure.

Oh please, I don’t think I can take anymore of Coni’s moaning and groaning. Now Gonzo is tormenting her, saying he doesn’t know what she’s trying to tell him. She sees a pic of Fina on the nightstand and writhes with renewed fervor. Gonzo picks it up and says “You want to see her? You want me to bring her here?” Oh dude you are an incredible ass. It sounds like Coni is trying to say “ladrón” (thief).

Jero calls the comandante and instructs him to move forward with the investigation as quickly as possible. He gasps to Carlos that Fina could be the cause of all the evil to Rafa, Renata, Roberta, all of them. She killed her daughter’s boyfriend! Carlos says it’s hard to believe, is this woman Lucifer personified? Yep, pretty much. Jero won’t rest until he puts Fina in jail to pay for what she’s done. He is very sorry for himself and for Renata.

Now Gonzo, Hons and Regina are at Coni’s bed driving her crazy. Gonzo insists she was trying to say something about Fina and a baby. Coni thought bubbles “Honorio pay attention!” Gonzo tells her to conserve her strength and Gina suggests she stay there alone with Coni. Regina proceeds to torture Coni by telling her all the terrible things she knows about Fina but cannot reveal. Idiota.

Nata talks to Augi on the phone; he brags to her that he’s about to sample the best wine in the valley, el Vino Renacer, named after her. As she excitedly gushes he draws a barrel (barrica) tasting using his wine “thief”. He is about to taste his bodacious blend (mezcla). She wants him to describe everything to her. He swirls and gazes at it adoringly, sniffs, looks alarmed, and tastes. No puede ser!! He throws the glass on the ground, goes from tank to tank in a rage and really truly gets bright red in the face. Yikes, I think his wine is crap.

Kari dishes up Alfonsina’s Shrimp Soup and tells the others she’ll go by herself. She doesn’t want to bother Lazaro. Mati asks her what’s up with Kari and Laz? Is she sad because they’re not going to marry at the same time as she and Carlos? Kari says Laz just doesn’t seem into it. Kari and Manuela thing it’s all just too weird.

Augi bellows to Ez that the tanks have been tampered with. Ez insists that Augi is the only one who touches the tanks. Augi says they will pay very dearly for this. But who? wonders Ezequiel, who would do such a thing? Augi squacks obviously it’s someone who wants to hurt him and knows how to adjust the tank valves. Of course! Jero Linares or one of his people are responsible!

Doc Tata finally makes an appearance tonight. She tells Jero she’s decided to get a little house in town. She needs her freedom and at least Padre will be a bit happier. Jero agrees it’s a good idea and they can still be a pair. Kissy face.

Nata tells Adri and Hon that Augi’s harvest is ruined. Hons doesn’t even hear because he’s so worried about Coni. He wants to stay with her so she’s not alone. Nata and Adri decide to stay there instead of moving into Adri’s apartment. Good call team Girl Power.

Mopias brings home a guest, spare girl Julieta, and he announces he’s moving out. Nata wonders who the girl is and Adri mocks that she’s Hit-N-Run Spare Girl. Hon smiles at her jealousy.

Augi blasts into Jero’s love nest and accuses him of ruining his wine in vengeance. Jero swears he didn’t do anything. Augi plays dirty, insisting he has the only treasure that really matters to Jeronimo...Renata. Augi lies that she is no longer his girlfriend, she is his woman (implying sex). Doc Tata fidgets uncomfortably. Jero can barely speak and orders Augi to shut up and leave his house. Augi says Jero is a loser and an imbecile for rejecting a woman like Renata. That’s why he indulged himself by giving Nata the hot love that Jero couldn’t.

Jero hauls off and punches Augi in the face. That lower jaw juts and Augi hisses he’ll not return the favor, just like he’ll never return Renata to Jero, no matter what Jero does!

Poor Doc Tata doesn’t know what to make of these rutting rams as tonight's final scene closes with a whimper.

I didn't keep score but I think tonight the women might win the secret-keeping contest.

Avances: Hons tell Gonzo that Fina is the woman who tried to kill Coni.

adentro = within, inside
barrica = barrel
brota de sarmiento = vine shoots
comprobar = to prove
encargo = assignment
mezcla = blend
rectificar = amend, rectify
repostero = pastry chef
tan atarantada = so dazed
tender una trampa = to set a trap


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alborada, 9/29/2011. Cap 86

So sorry, Folks. Our power was out all morning. I was tutoring through the afternoon, then had to sprint to the office to get bills out. This is the first I've been on line all day, and I'm not home yet.

The original recap is at this link. On YouTube, haguilar78's clips for Cap 86 start at this link. Thank you, Juanita, for posting it earlier.

Sorry that I couldn't even send you folks a quick note earlier.

Another great picture from our querido Carlos.


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La Fuerza del Destino #39 Wed 09/28/11 Camilo is in the slammer and El Gordo is a scammer


Please provide any missing details or corrections. I don't have subtitles and there are some ?s where I can't identify the words. Gracias.


We see the fields, the Herdez trucks and the fiesta. Carlota and Tony talk to the representative as Maripaz tries – and fails – to flirt with Ivan. Camilo is arrested as Saul and JJ gloat.


Casa McGuire: Tony, Ivan, David, and Benito talk about Camilo. Ivan says that it is impossible for Camilo to have done this. David informs them that the lawyer will be at the delegation in half an hour. Three of them leave, leaving Benito as the nanny of Bruno.

Meeting: JJ addresses the other ranchers, inciting them to get the McGuires extradited back to the US. Saul talks about arresting them both. Idiota.

Casa Curiel: Lucrazia goes on about how she hopes Camilo gets many years in prison.

Lucrazia: What has happened is that this boy has done what Senor Anthony told him to and I think it was because he has something to gain by it.
Carlota: I doubt it. Camilo knows perfectly well that Ivan and Tony would never help him if he did anything like this.
Lucia: Of course, and he would be a fool because he works here.
Maripaz: Perhaps he gave the order to do it.
Lucia: Ivan would never do that.
Lucrazia (with a dismissive gesture): Very well. The fact is that Camilo is detained. And for something. I always knew he was a bum, a social climber. I hope he's locked up for many years. I could accuse him of taking away our lands. So if Camilo is guilty Ivan is his accomplice.
Maripaz: Don't tell me Ivan gave those lands to his friend?
Lucia: They were not our lands. They were his to do with as he wished.
Carlota: Lucrazia, don't say these stupid things. Por favor. [?]
Lucia: Abue, he didn't do anything.
Carlota: I understand your position, hijita. In all, those lands are not up for discussion because Don Teodoro left them to Alicia. Punto.
Lucia: Poor Camilo.
Maripaz (with insinuation): And what are you worried about, little sister?
Lucia: I was thinking of his mother and his family.
Carlota: It's true. I'm sure Ivan is taking charge of this. This poor woman shouldn't be worried.
Maripaz: I'm bored. I'm leaving.

It's too bad that departure isn't permanent.

Police Station: Ivan and Tony talk to a lawyer who tells them that the report was anonymous. Camilo talks about his whereabouts on the day in question. He had worked at Rancho Socorro and gone home. He was asleep when the fires were set.

Casa Meandragon: Saul and JJ share a celebratory drink. JJ calls the lawyer and demands he be pulled out of a meeting. I wouldn't want this guy for a client.

Police Station: David explains how he and Camilo investigated the day after the fire by visiting every gas station to ask questions while Ivan visits Camilo in his cell. The lawyer explains that if the accuser identifies himself, things will become more complicated. In the lockup:

Camilo: Ivan, what happened?
Ivan: For the moment we're OK. If accuser remains anonymous and doesn't come forward you can get out here in a few days.
Camilo: Until when {?] Saul and Antolin organized this. Didn't I tell you that same day I saw them talking with El Gordo?
Ivan: No, no, no. Antolin? No. What has Saul to do with El Gordo?
Camilo: Don't know. But when they saw me Saul was looking at me with a satisfied smile.
Ivan: Y Gordo?
Camilo: Don't know, but my brother yes. Please don't tell my mother.
Ivan: But if you don't get out how do I justify you're not going home to sleep at your mother's house?
Camilo: I don't know. That you sent me on an assignment and I'll be gone for a few days.
Ivan: She won't believe me.
Camilo: Convince her. Please. Just for a few days.

They clasp hands in agreement.

Commercial Break that leads with a promo for Una Familia Con Suerte.

Casa Curiel: Lucrazia tries to get Maripaz to move back in. Good luck. Lucrazia is wearing a proper sheath dress with opera-length pearls; Merry Piece is in ramerawear from Zorras R Us, the same store as Teresa's. Didn't think they had a branch in Alamos.

Lucrazia: Daughter, why don't you return home?
Maripaz: For what? So some strangers can stop talking about me living alone? They know nothing about being independent women. I'm not a little girl, I'm a divorced woman.
Lucrazia: If you want to be well received you'd come home to be home with your family.
Maripaz: Ja, mama. Ja.
Lucrazia: If the day comes that Señor Anthony leaves and stops paying the rent and giving you money...
Maripaz: Then I'll see what I feel like doing. David is doing well, making good money [anyone else get the rest here]
Lucrazia: Juan Jaime will never permit that.
Maripaz: He doesn't live with his father; he's independent. Same as me. Bye, mom.

She leaves. Lucrazia looks frustrated again.

Lucia and Ivan talk on the phone about Camilo's arrest. Same info as before. After she hangs up:

Carlota: What did he say?
Lucia: That Camilo's been arrested.
Lucrazia: Of course. Ivan and this bum are two of a kind.
Carlota: I've had it up to here with this sour milk and lack of comprehension on your part. Do you think Ivan is that stupid he'd order Cutberto's crops burned and let people think it was him?
Lucrazia: And who told you he's intelligent?
Carlota: At the least something should have come from his grandfather, no? He was a very intelligent man.
Lucrazia (sarcastic): Maybe so, but the mother?
Carlota: And who was your father? At best he was a drinker and I was a fool when he left me.
Lucrazia (condescending smile): Ay, mama.

She exits.

Lucia: Ay, abue. Don't say that.
Carlota: It's that I'm fed up with your mother's absurd attitude.
Lucia: I know.
Carlota: At the first opportunity she gets she says these things just to hurt. And who does she think she is? The Divine Garza who [anyone else get the rest here] She doesn't have the Curiels as she pretends. Here the only person with the blood of Don Teodoro is Ivan. But she always [muere, muere, muere.?] I'm tired of it!
Lucia: Abue...
Carlota: And you leave me alone, too. Abue, Abue, Abue....

She exits, exasperated (but we know she'll get over it). The phone rings.

Lucia: Bueno. Hi, Dad.
Gerry: Bueno, daughter. How are you?
Lucia: A little sad, because we'll have to postpone the trip.
Gerry: Why?
Lucia: A problem with one of Ivan's friends, Camilo.
Gerry: What's up? (Pause) You don't say.
Lucia: But he's innocent, Dad. You can be sure.
Gerry: Look daughter, I'm working on something important right now so I sent Carolina and Alex to visit her cousin by the sea.
Lucia: But I want to explain now how am I going to do that? How am I going to get him to trust me?
Gerry: He's a child. I can't believe he doesn't trust you. Why make things more complicated?
Lucia: Very well. What's the name of this town?
Gerry (fumbling): I don't remember at the moment but in a little while I'll talk to Carolina. Everything is OK. He's at the beach and the cousin is an agreeable person.

Lucia looks like she doesn't quite believe this.

Street: Saul chews out El Gordo, telling him that an anonymous phone call no sirve para nada and he needs to come forward. El Gordo refuses because he's afraid of Antolin. Saul finally tells him he will give him a million pesos to do this, then he can disappear with it. El Gordo's wheels are turning, gears scraping against each other, as he considers setting someone else up to this. Saul is desperate to get this done. At this point he seems just as afraid of JJ as El Gordo is of Antolin.

Casa Curiel: Ivan and Lucia talk about this; he accuses Saul and JJ. He describes JJ as perverse and vindictive and Saul as his puppet (títere); no other new info. Lucia mentions her conversation with her dad. Ivan tells her he's going to look for El Gordo.

Street: El Gordo talks to an accomplice to get him to go to the law to make the accusation. He is willing to give him 200K pesos (about $14,900 US) to do this. All he has to to is say he saw a blue truck that night. The accomplice isn't stupid, knowing that someone else would pay more, so El Gordo doubles his offer.

Cocina McGuire: Benito tells Carmen about Camilo's arrest.

Bar: Ivan searches for El Gordo and Saul. He finds out that they hung out a few days ago and had a few beers.

Casa Galvan: Carmen runs home to tell her mother about Camilo being arrested. Aracelia panics.

Commercial Break that leads with a promo for Protagonistas and tomorrow's Mujeres Asesinas about Irma de los Pesces.

Lockup, Night: The guard tells David and Camilo they have five minutes to talk. David brings Camilo some food and explains that if the accuser insists on remaining anonymous he will go free. Camilo raises the issue of JJ and Saul's involvement and David promises to talk to Judith the next day. As far as he's concerned he doesn't have a father or a brother, just friends who don't judge him and who now need justice. Olé, David!

Huatabampo, Cerca la playa: Antolin and Carolina take a walk.

Carolina: Alex is having a good time in my cousin's shop.
Antolin: Carolina, it occurs to me that you'll eventually run out of money to take care of you and Alex, and you need to think about Alex's school, medical expenses, ...
Carolina: We'll stay with my cousin and there are other possibilities.
Antolin: What?
Carolina: One, to help in the shop y otra is to teach braille at the local school for the blind run by nuns.
Antolin: That won't be much.
Carolina: That's not important to me. Alex can get used to another way of life. Also, my cousin is alone. It must feel to her like we dropped out of heaven.
Antolin: I don't know. Did you tell me that you were 12 when you had your accident?
Carolina: Yes, an automobile accident.
Antolin: Didn't you get any tests?
Carolina: In the beginning, yes. But my parents didn't have the money, and I got used to it.
Antolin: There have been many medical advances since then.
Carolina: [?] Besides, it's not important.
Antolin: It's not important to be able to see Alex, or me?
Carolina: Well, it would please me but I have my illusion.

Arecelia calls him to explain about Camilo's arrest. She's upset and crying. He tells Carolina he will have to leave her for two or three days to take care of business. He is going to track down El Gordo for his responsibility in this. Carolina tells him to be careful because without him she has nothing. Besos. Pardon me while I choke. These two have chemistry because she's no better than he is.

Casa McGuire: Aracelia calls Ivan to cry on his shoulder. He tries to reassure her that all will be well.

Casa Meandragon, evening: Saul and JJ talk about this more. Why didn't El Gordo show up? Because he's afraid of Antolin. He'll find someone else to take his place. JJ doesn't like this because the more people who get involved, the more likely things will go wrong. Meanwhile, Judith talks to David and they agree to meet the next day. She signs off just as JJ enters the room.

JJ: Who were you talking to?
Judith: My brother.
Esther: He invited us to dinner tomorrow.
JJ: Surely he did that just to get information out of us. Stuff against me. Surely this [fag?] has become a Judas.
Esther: How can you make that pronouncement against your own son?
JJ: Shut up. I forbid you. Do you understand? I forbid you to have anything to do with him.
Esther: You can't do that. He's your son.
JJ: I don't believe it. Surely you cheated on me.

Even Saul is shocked at this one. But only for a second. He handles this exactly the same way as JJ by believing what suits him for the moment.

Esther: How can you dare say that?
J: Well, as I said, he isn't mine. Now where is dinner? I'm dying of hunger.

He exits. Judith puts her hand on Esther's shoulder.

Esther: If God forgives me I have to say at times I hate him.
Saul: I think he does, too. Why don't you get a divorce?
Esther: Never.
Saul: Well, then what?

He exits.

Judith: Mama, Saul is right. Get a divorce.
Esther: That would be scandalous.
Judith: I don't believe that. Lucrecia is divorced well, Lucia doesn't talk much about it but all is calm.
Esther: But I love your father.
Judith: How can you love a man who treats you like a trapiador? It's offensive.
Esther: Daughter, when you marry a man under God, it's until death.
Judith: No, Mama. Ja, no. Ja, no.

Casa Galvan: As Antolin drives back, Ivan talks to Aracelia and Carmen. No new information here except that Carmen doesn't believe that Saul could do anything to Camilo because he's friends with Antolin. She has fewer IQ points than we thought.

Commercial Break

El Gordo's Sty: El Gordo assures Saul over the phone he has everything under control. He talked to someone and is going to pay him to make the accusation. A knock on the door gets him to sign off, thinking his pigeon has arrived. Antolin barges in and slugs him.

Antolin: Son of a bitch! I warned you not to mess with my brother! Did you? Yes or no?
El Gordo: What are you talking about? (but he's already cowering)
Antolin: You know perfectly well! (pulls out his knife) You have to decide if you want to live or die!
(slashes El Gordo's left arm; El Gordo starts squealing like a pig)
El Gordo: I swear I didn't do anything!
Antolin: I don't believe you! (wields the knife in El Gordo's face and I didn't get the rest)
El Gordo: I didn't do anything! Some other guy called the police and implicated your brother.
Antolin: What's his name? What's his name???
El Gordo: He said it was [Diego?]
Antolin: And you told him who was planning this?
El Gordo: No, of course not.
Antolin: Liar! Liar! The only delinquentes who knew about this were you and me. Where does he live?
El Gordo: I don't know, I swear.
Antolin: Don't make me shut your mouth permanently because I may do it yet.
El Gordo: Let me call him.
(Antolin shoves him so easily El Gordo's underwear must need cleaning by now)
Antolin: No, you don't.
El Gordo: My nose is bleeding. [like Antolin doesn't already know]
Antolin: Like I give a damn. [missed the next two lines as El Gordo gets the other guy on the phone]

The other guy has found out that Camilo is the person being accused and he doesn't want to have anything to do with this. Antolin snatches the phone and finds out that the other guy did nothing and that someone is willing to pay for an identifiable witness. He knew not to mess with the Galvans and did nothing. Antolin tosses the phone, then cuts El Gordo's left cheek (Is he a Dexter fan?) and tells him “Every time you look in the mirror you'll remember that nobody messes with my family. I will personally deal with Saul.” After he leaves, El Gordo has a tantrum that ends in impotent threats The phone rings and Saul gets back on his case.

Saul: What happened? You said you'd call me.
El Gordo: It's done. The guy will go down to the station and denounce in person.
Saul: Very well. Why are you so anxious?
El Gordo: I need the money NOW.
Saul: Very well.
El Gordo: Tomorrow morning. And in cash.
Saul: In [where?]
El Gordo: No!
Saul: Where? (brief pause) OK. See you tomorrow. (hangs up) Dad, it's all ready. The guy will go to the police and we'll hand over the money.
JJ: Sounds good to me.

Little do they know.

Casa Galvan: Antolin gets home and tells his mother he was in a fight because she sees the blood on his hands. He tells her he took care of things. She asked him where he was yesterday and he tells her he was out of town. She wonders why he won't settle down and maybe work with Camilo, but he doesn't want to talk about anything. He looks guilty as he begs off because he's tired. Aracelia doesn't press him further as he goes off to bed.

Casa McGuire: Ivan and Tony discuss Antolin's friendship with Saul. Ivan hopes he can find something out. Aracelia calls to tell him that Antolin took care of business and he will talk to him in the morning. Tony has doubts. He wants details.

Commercial Break starting with a promo for tonight's La Rosa de Guadalupe and tomorrows Cuando Me Enamoro.

Casa Galvan, morning: Carmen kisses Antolin, thanking him for taking care of things, then kisses her mother and her daughter before leaving for work. Antolin tells his mother he needs to get back to where he was because someone needs him. Aracelia asks if it's a novia and he doesn't want to talk. Lechita starts teasing him by singing the bridal march.

Office: JJ asks about the denuncia formal and the lawyer hasn't heard a thing. It was supposed to have been the day before.

In the park: El Gordo meets with Saul, who hands him the fat envelope of money.

Office: Licenciado Torres and JJ talk about the McGuire company, with JJ trying to make them sound contrary to Torres' information. More lies, as usual.

Casa Galvan: Ivan calls Antolin. They agree to meet at the police station.

Torres' Office: JJ is trying to convince the lawyer that the whole ugly mess is personal, even dragging Lucia and Maripaz and their rivalry over Ivan into it. Torres gets a call that nobody presented himself with the accusation. JJ and Saul just lost a pile of money. Boo hoo. Not.

Agricultural Office: The secretary adjusts her dress as JJ storms in looking for Saul; she tells him he's in the next room. JJ is furioso!

Saul (zipping up; he has obviously just boinked the secretary): What's up, Dad?
JJ (grabbing Saul by the ear): You are a [?] and only have flies in your head.
Saul: Why?
JJ: You made me look ridiculous in front of Torres.
Saul: How? I don't understand.
JJ: Because you don't think. It's a disaster. Nobody came forward with the accusation against Camilo Galvan as you told me.
Saul: But this guy did it last night.
JJ: It's not true. Licenciado Torres told me and the commandant confirmed it.
Saul: That can't be. (JJ hits him, but symbolically)
JJ: But it is. Now I want you out of my office, out of my house, and I'm canceling your credit cards. You'll make it with your own claws.
Saul: Oh, Dad, you can't do this.
JJ: Oh, yes, I can and I want to.
Saul: Papa, let me think, see what to do.
JJ: Your brother was right. Ivan is the right hand of God, and you two together don't even come up to his heels.

Closing credits with the right song this time.

Avances: ¡Noche de Confesiones! ¡No se pierdes!

“Alex es tu hijo.”


trapiador old dish rag/mop
uñas claws
vengativo vindictive


Cuando Me Enamoro #114 Wednesday 9/28/11 Several men keeping secrets (Laz, Ezeq, Jero) and several women paying the consequences‏


Regina at park alone reflecting and remembering, both have been close to me and they don’t have any idea that one of them is my daughter. Then she remembers her cheerful meetings and not so cheerful meetings with Nata, and her nasty meetings with Berta.

Berta with a very loud hissy fit to Gonzo and Matt at office, she is not happy at all that they are leaving her pennyless… she wants the money ‘she is due!’… Gonzo says you lost it with your attitude… More hissy fit, the family monarch, I never loved you as a dad, and you, are so nice you border on dumb… both of you will pay!! Its all Renata!! Always Renata!!

Ezeq with Alfon at Marina’s office, Alfon needs absolute bed rest for the rest of pregnancy. Ezeq promises to do everything he can for the wellbeing of his wife and his child (Alfo is moved that he said ‘his’)

Jero notices the missed call from Nata…

Nata and Adri… Nata thinks Jero might not have wanted to answer her call… Then Nata tells Adri it is her fault, with her book about interpreting dreams (the dream of Jero marrying Marina). Nata erases Jero’s number from her cell. The maid comes with a present… it is a beautiful emerald necklace from Augie ‘don’t forget you are a jewel for me, I love you’.. Nata says she will focus her energy on Augie, she has to be dreaming of Augie…

Kari and Lazaro. He is agreeing with the priest, if the priest wants them to wait lets wait. Kari is not so convinced. She won’t wait too long, just a few months. He takes his exit, he won’t even let her wait for him to have dinner together.

Berta and Fina, Fina tells Berta that drinking is not the solution, gives her a bunch of pills. Berta is very resentful that the men left her pennyless… Fina cheers her up showing her the bag full of $$.
And there will be more. You will have the same amount all for yourself. Berta says that’s what I want… money, lots of money, money I don’t have to beg anyone for. Fina tells her the inheritance money is due to her, for being the daughter of Roberto Gamba. Berta thanks her. Fina says as long as you have me you won’t need anything. We are rich! They look like they are flipping.

Jero and Alvaro… Alvaro hears Lazaro knows he is alive, and his condition (go away from Kari or let her know he is alive)… Alvaro says can’t do that. Jero says will have to. Alvaro will go back to jail, another jail with another identity. Alvaro goes beserk. Jero reminds him he and the penitentiary director saved him from death… but he is still a convict and will still have to do his time. Letting him free was never in the plan. Alvaro gets upset, how can he renounce Kari? Jero says as Lazaro is doing it. He always loved and respected her and never abused her. Alvaro insists he wants to recover her. Jero says Kari loves Lazaro. If they can’t be together is because you are alive. Lazaro is a gentleman and he is sacrificing himself. Jero warns if Alvaro is not in agreement, he will tell everyone he is alive, and Augie will try, and perhaps succeed, to kill him again. Jero says Alvaro has to forget about his previous live. If he gets out of jail he will have to begin a new life with a new identity and will not go back to his old one for Karina or for anyone. So what will it be? Do we say you are alive or do you forget about your past forever? Alvaro tells him he agrees but the moment Jero turns around, Alvaro is grunting and moving around and we can tell he really does not mean it.

Hono and Adri eating… Connie is a bit ansi since she can’t talk or move well. No news of the assailants yet. Nata is very quiet… Hono asks Adri what is the problem. She says have to make a decision, perhaps the most important of my life. Hono guesses right it is about Chema and Matt. Hono says he would not be an objective adviser, since his frictions with Chema. He thinks Chema is a good guy, but his relationship with his wife and his daughter is still not a good image for him. But it is not about Hono, but about Adri and her happiness. Hono tells Adri he wants her happiness, so if she chooses Chema he will accept that. He will not be rude or nasty to him. Adri thanks him.

Regina at church… she is praying to God to help her recover her daughter, whether it is Renata who cares about her, or Roberta, who hates her. The priest is closing the church, she can’t tell him about what is anguishing her, and offers to be there whenever she needs him and offers to walk her home. She relents but eventually accepts. He says remember God never abandons us.

Julieta meets up with Matt at a bar… she had called him and he had told her he was alone drinking so she came to ‘give him company’… he tells her he is officially divorced. She is happy for him and she doesn’t waste time to tell him she is interested in him. He is avoiding the subject after telling her she is beautiful and fun to be around, but eventually has to tell her he is not interested in her because he is in love with another woman. She says since things with that woman don’t seem to work out I want you to let me hang around as a good friend… Yeah right.

Adri gets to her bedroom and remembers the night in the kitchen with Chema, then the kisses with Matt… she has decided, it is you who I want to be with (Matt?). (wow this woman has 3 ounces of mascara on! Que barbara!!)

Gonzalo arrives at Ines house, he can’t find Gina, she skipped her escorts at the mall, they closed the mall and she is not there. Ines is reluctant but wonders if she is with ‘that woman’. She ends up having to tell Gonzalo, even though Gina does not want her to tell him, that Gina went to meet Pepa after Pepa called her and asked for money. Gonzo had no idea. Ines is sure Pepa has to do with Gina’s dissappearance. Gonzo gets a call on cell from her escorts, she just arrived home with a man.

Nata is trying to call Augie to thank him for the necklace but can’t get through. She is about to put the phone down but instinctively dials another number while mumbling to herself ‘I erased you, Jero, I erased you’. She gets a call from Jero returning her call. She gives him the excuse that she called him about the no interest loan. She is not in agreement. Jero says that loan had no interest. She says no way. He asks her to please keep it that way. He asks her if there was anything else. She says you will be think I am silly or crazy but I have to tell you I dreamed with you, that you married Marina. And Adri said if you dream with a wedding, it might mean death so I wanted to make sure you are alright. Jero asks would you mind if anything happened to me?
R: Independent of the fact that our relationship did not work out, Jero, I care. I am a Renata before and after you.
J: You mean in spite of everything I made you suffer?
R: In spite of everything.
J: Well, yes. I too am a Jero before and after you. (she grabs a pillow trying to contain the emotion and not reveal it over her voice)
R: Well, that was it. And… I hope that the Jero after me will be very… very happy.
J: The Renata of after is not at my side, but I would have wanted for the Renata of before to have found happiness with me. And although I am to blame for her tears, I am so sorry it did not happen that way.

Augie is confirming that the jewel was delivered then he has a quiet hissy fit that Nata has not called him to thank him. Any woman would have gone crazy with a gift like that…. (not her and not from you, jerk!!)

Ezeq is giving Alfo some tlc in bed… He asks her why she was unfaithful to him. She says because a woman needs to feel loved, admired, wanted. And it had been long since he had been taking her for granted. He says that was the case, he always loved her and wanted her. She says it did not look like it.. you forgot to pamper me, and I know it is not justification but he kept seducing me and I ended up falling in the temptation. He says he is sorry. She is too for betraying him. He says we all do. She says not you, you have always been faithful. (he leaves the room, remembers his ‘adventure’ with Berta, and then leans on the wall asking himself why he slept with Ms Roberta. What face would I reprieve anything of you, Alfonsina?)

Kari brings Lazaro a bag dinner… he is still very avoiding of her… she knows something is up with him. He won’t tell, gives excuse that he is worried about affording the house he wants to build her. She says I don’t want a house, but his smile. Because that his how she feels, that his smile was stolen. He says she is wrong. He kisses her on forehead and even leaves the food behind. He is not hungry. (this is nasty to watch… poor Kari, all her life she has only wanted to be able to love him and be happy, but now she can’t figure out his change of mind).

Fina is enjoying all the money at her bed… she is sure Gina’s nightmare has just started. Between Berta and her, they will make Gina’s life miserable.

Gonzo catches up with Gina at her house… he yells at her about her escaping the escorts and not telling him where she went. He is a bit rude asking her why she did not tell him Pepa called. He does tell her Ines was the one that told him. But don’t blame her, she was worried about you too. Gina demands that she take care of herself, she has always been able to, and don’t want any more pressure from you or anyone! Gonzo takes it in stride and leaves her alone to calm down.

Gina goes to see Ines to yell at her for betraying her trust by telling Gonzo about Pepa. No matter what Ines says how worried she and Gonzalo were, Gina can only see the chance of having put her daughter’s life in danger. If you can’t keep a secret, stay away from me! I won’t risk my daughter’s life for anything or for anyone!

Nata and Augie finally hook on phone. She thanks him. He says nothing is too much for you, you are going to be my wife and my queen. She says don’t need to show it with jewels. He says now jewels, later trips, kisses, caresses, showing his great love.

Isidro gets home to a very upset Ines, she tells him what happened, he is in agreement with Gina, he had warned her not to tell Gonzo about Pepa. We had no right to interfere. What she is going through is very tough. She never thought she would have to live through that to find her daughter. Ines knows he is right, but Gina’s words hurt her bad. Isidro says don’t worry, Gina has a great heart, give her some time and space, she will come around.

Jero and Padre hook up in town, Jero talked to Lazaro. Jero wishes he had never been involved in Alvaro’s mess. Now he would not be dying with guilt and Kari and Lazaro would be able to marry happily. Padre switches the subject to Jero and Marina. Asks Jero what he feels for Marina, doesn’t want Jero to hurt her. Jero assures him he is not playing games, he wants it to work out between them.

At the gym, seems Berta’s membership was not renewed by Matt, She chews out the receptionist, who checks the system and tells her she will have to pay the renewal for her membership.
Sele comes by, and mocks Berta a bit on the scene… can’t believe it, you will be the gossip in town. Everyone knows your dad left your mom, and it seems also you. Berta asks why you treat me like that, Sele says that’s the treatment traitors deserve. Sele reprieves that Berta got in bed with Renata’s new guy at the hacienda. Just in time for Diego to join in the ‘lets mock Berta’ party.
They all suggest she leave. Berta insults them before leaving angry.

Gina goes to visit Connie, tells her she knows about Pepa and Fina being one and the same and that either Renata or Berta is her daughter. Connie thinks omg, Tell everyone!! I wish I could tell you, I am sure Nata is your daughter! Gina says she thinks it is Nata, since she saw her, she felt something special for her. (remembers their first encounter).

In comes Nata in real time. Gina is impactada to see her again.
Later Gina tells Nata she was telling Connie that she has always been Gonzo’s lovechild. Then Gina asks Nata why she never had a good relationship with her mother. Nata says I think it is because her mom always saw Berta as the weak one, because she has a cardiac issue, she inherited it from their dad. Gina turns away and gets ansy saying her daughter too had a cardiac issue.

Berta arrives home, seems to have an issue with her heart, is out of breath. She faints and the maid runs to Connie’s. The maid tells them Berta was out of breath and fainted. Gina concludes quietly ‘Then it is her! Berta!’

Previews: Jero tells Carlos that Fina killed his brother; he will send Fina to jail for good.
Fina: But how do they know?
Berta: Now what will we do?
(we see Augie turning around mad… not sure why… )



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