Thursday, May 31, 2007

La Fea Más Bella #287 5/31/07 Fern Loses His Mind, Finds It, Loses It Again... See A Pattern Here?

Part 2 has been added.

Lety visits Luigi to hear his plans for the Nuevo Leon event and the RetroMode campaign. Luigi says he has sooo many magnificent ideas. Lety asks if he might be able to carry out his magnificent ideas on about half of his proposed budget. Luigi is insulted by the very idea. Lety giggles and backs down -- way to manage your employees, Ms. President! Luigi is mildly amused by Lety’s wishy-washiness. He asks what Conceptos would do without him. She replies that they would do nothing, absolutley nothing, without him. After she leaves, Luigi thinks for a second that maybe Aldo is right [about not judging people by their exterior] and that he (Luigi) might actually be starting to like Lety…then the second is over and he decides ‘NOT!’

Aldo finds Lety in the Conceptos garage. He seems to be frustrated, but says he found her there instead of her office, since he knows that Fern can hear everything in her office. He is obviously ticked. He asks her to go with him to a meeting about the wedding yacht in Puerto Vallarta. She says she can’t go because she’s really busy. This does nothing to improve Aldo’s frame of mind; he comments (some non-Aldo-fans might even say whines) that he’s more excited about the wedding than she is. She insists that she is excited, but she can’t go. He tacks on that maybe he’s not the ideal yerno (son-in-law). Lety asks what he’s talking about, and he plays the “oh nothing, never mind” card.

Omar asks Saimon for advice on Caro. Saimon gives him a good dose of breath spray but says he’s not the best guy to go for advice. He credits his ability to win over PM to luck, not talent. He suggests that he go to a real expert on winning over women: Tomas Mora!

Tomas is trying to talk business to Lety, but she is distracted. She’s concerned about Aldo’s grumpiness. Tomas thinks that it must be because of what Julieta told Aldo. Lety, having no prior knowledge of Julieta’s little reverse-pep talk, is confused. Tom clarifies that this morning Julieta told Aldo to step aside for Fern. He calls her a suegra metiche (meddling mom-in-law). Lety is livid. Tomas agrees that Lety should regañar (scold) her mom, because Aldo was very perturbed over the whole thing (non-Aldo-fans might even say he threw a hissy fit!).

Fern goes to see Julieta. He presents a nice fruit basket and says he just cut them from right outside your house. He asks if she said something to Aldo that would cause him to be perturbed (more than the usual) with Fern. Julieta exclaims “Te llevo el chisme?” (He came to you with the gossip?). Julieta tries to explain herself but doesn’t do a good job. She says that it’s because she knows Lety was “doing that thing with Aurora.” Fern is confused. He wants know what Aurora has to do with any of this. She simply tells him to open his eyes. She adds that some things can not remain secret forever. Erasmo returns home, and Fern leaves abruptly. Erasmo asks what Fern wanted. She says that he came looking for hope, and she hopes he found it.

Still confused from his talk with Julieta, Fern goes to Omar’s office for help. Omar walks in shortly after Fern. Omar is also confused.
O - How’s it going?
F - Very badly. I don’t understand a thing.
O - Me either. Turns out the expert on love is Tomas Mora.
F - Of course, but don’t tell me any more because I’m already confused.
O - Oh yeah, well I have my own problems; I don’t know what to do about Caro.
F - Julieta just insinuated that Lety has something to do with Aurora
O - I don’t think Tomas is the expert on women, but on the other hand, he did marry Alicia.
F - Of course! Now what could their relationship be-- relatives, cousins or something…
O - Maybe there is something to Tomas, if he won over Alicia. Maybe I should ask him, huh?
F - That’s an excellent idea, I’ll ask her. Thanks!
O - Thanks brother [they shake hands], you gave me best advice ever!
F - [Still shaking hands]You are not an idiot as I thought, you were not born an idiot, you became one along the way, but not such a big one. Thanks, I never would have solved this without you.
O - Me either.

They happily punch each other in the arm

In her office, Lety decides to write a note for Aldo. She writes “Aldo, You are the man I love, I will never betray you. Lety” Just then Lola calls her and says they are having an important meeting in their conference room(a.k.a the ladies rest room). Lety says she’ll be there soon but Lola insists they need her to come immediately. Lety puts her note down and walks out.

Fern walks into Lety’s office and, like the good executive assistant that he is, sees the note face down on her desk and decides to read it. He reads it aloud in a taunting voice. He comments that Aldo’s cheesiness is rubbing off on Lety. Suddenly, he is impactado. He recognizes the writing on her note. He takes it to his office and compares to his note from Aurora ( the one where she tells him she can’t kiss him again). He says the writing is the same, so they have to be the same. He thinks he must be going crazy. He blames it on emotional distress due to Lety’s upcoming wedding.

In the ladies’ room, Lety tells the cuartel about Julieta’s reckless advice to Aldo. Lety adds that she made things even worse declining Aldo invitation to go to see about the yacht. Irma asks if she’s sure she wants to marry Aldo. Lety insists she is.

Alicia is on the phone crying and asking her dad for advice. How will she explain the new car to Tomas? Assuming that is really her dad on the other end, she apparently suckers him into suggesting that she can say he (dad) got her the car. This makes Alicia very happy.

In his office, Tomas looks at the calendar and counts. If Alicia starts treatment today, the baby will arrive in 9 months. The he realizes that this plan might not work, since, even with the treatment, he would actually need to have "relations" with her in order to get pregnant.

Omar comes in to Tomas’s office. Omar tries to be friendly but Tomas blows him off, saying "no eres santo de mi devocion" (you are not the saint of my devotion) because of how Omar has treated Lety. Omar insists that he has changed, and now wants Tomas’s advice on how he can conquer the woman he loves. He calls Tomas his idol, and asks how he hooked Alicia. Tomas is flattered. He tells Omar to be persistent, to not pay attention her insults and menosprecios (disparagements), and most importantly, he must be willing to make a great sacrifice.

Back in the cuartel conference, the cuartel tell Lety that Martha has joined a compulsive eaters group. Martha shares that she has realized the root of her disorder. Ya see, her parents died when she was a skinny little kid (the girls giggle at the thought of a skinny little Martha). When they died, she was sent to live with her Tia Pancha, who treated her badly. Martha learned to compensate for lack of love with food. The women become weepy at hearing Martha’s moving tale of childhood loneliness. Lety advises that at least now Martha knows the root cause (as GI Joe says, knowing is half the battle), plus she is not alone anymore, she has her Gordo Lobo, her kids, and the cuartel. The women cheer and chant "Feas pero unidas!" (Ugly but united).

The women hear Alicia yell from the Vortex and run out. Alicia announces that she is officially back to her grand old self because she has a new car! She waves her car keys in front of them. As usual, a squabble ensues as the cuartel try to cut Alicia back down to size. Somehow Lola drops her glasses and Alicia steps on, then crushing them with her stacked heels. The fight is escalating into a full blown brawl just as Tomas walks in. Alicia claims that Sara broke the glasses. Martha explains to Tomas that this is all Alicia’s fault because she was bragging about her new car. This is the first that Tomas hears about the car. He is impactado and exclaims "QUE…?!" [In my mind I finish the question for him "QUE the hell?" hee hee!] Alicia gulps and tenderly places the key in cleavage for safe-keeping.

Outside, Celso is buffing Alicia’s car with his breath and a hanky. Marcia walks up and asks about the car. Celso explains that it’s Alicia’s. Marcia remembers that Alicia said her husband was going to buy her a car. She’s impressed with Alicia’s ability to always get her way.

Alicia is in Tomas’s office crying and asking what’s so wrong about her dad buying her a car. Tomas responds that what bothers him is that he’s never even met the guy. He didn’t even show up to the wedding. Alicia says that he had a meeting. Tomas reminds her that she said he was stuck somewhere in storm, not in a meeting! Alicia clarifies that he had a meeting after he was rescued from the storm. By the way, it just occurred to me that she has been wearing a hideous fur jacket all day long. She must really be sweating bullets by now, what with being in the hot seat and all. Tomas says that this can’t continue. He takes her car key and says that when she makes a meeting to meet dad, then he’ll return her key. He pulls his collar out and drops keys in his shirt.

Lety returns to her office and sees that her to Aldo is note is gone from her desk. She sits and tries to figure out what happened. She decides to write another note.

Carmaniac and Aldo talk about the yacht. Nothing interesting here except that when she says goodbye, she gives him a slightly slow-motion kiss on the cheek.

Lety writes her note and Fern peeks out at her for a moment from his batcave. He scolds himself for thinking that Lety is Aurora. He peeks out again, and this time he imagines that he sees Aurora in Lety’s chair writing the note. He closes his door and scolds himself some more and thinks he is losing his mind. He tells himself to get it out of his head that Lety is Aurora. He peeks out one more time. This time he sees Lety, which makes him feel better. He sits back in his chair and says that if he keeps this up they’ll send him to the manicomio (insane alyssum).

Alicia is on the phone saying "So everything is set for your meeting with my husband." Omar walks up and says he needs a favor. She replies "How dare you, I’m a married woman!" Omar clarifies that it’s not about that. He wants to know what sacrifice Tomas made to win her over. She responds that it was her who made the sacrifice by marrying Tomas. She adds that to attract a woman of her caliber, a man must have charisma, sympathy, and oh yeah a big bank account.

In his cubby, Fern is still going back and forth on the Lety-Aurora conundrum. He gets an idea and congratulates himself on his genius. He gets up, opens the door, and holds it open with his foot. He reaches over to dial a number from his desk phone, and then dials a number from his cell phone. He stretches his neck toward the door to listen and hears two phones ring in Lety’s office. Then he hears Lety answer both, one in her Lety voice and the other in her Aurora voice. Fern hangs up and jumps around his office in glee! Lety is Aurora! Aurora is Lety! He suddenly stops and asks "But why?"

Fern goes to see Julieta again. He says he doesn’t understand her daughter. I can’t believe it… Lety is Aurora; Aurora is Lety. Julieta covers mouth in surprise that he figured it out. He asks why Lety doing is this. In the middle of his rant, he stops to greet Moty and put him on a chair. Julieta asks him if he’s going to tell the world about Lety. Instead of answering he asks Julieta if she knew. Julieta doesn’t answer. Fern says that Lety is very badly educated. Fearing he has just insulted Julieta, he adds that, no, Lety is well educated, but she acted badly in this situation. He thinks that Lety has now realized how exquisite she truly is. As he speaks about her beauty, he imagines Aurora in front of him. Julieta blushes and says that yes, she made her that way. Fern teases that Erasmo helped too. Then Fern asks again why Lety has done it. Julieta explains that initially Lety did it to teach Omar a lesson. Fern wonders what Aldo would think of all of this.

Lety drives up to her house and jumps out of her car. She is ticked off about Julieta’s meddling mischief. She can’t wait to give mom a piece of her mind. Then she decides to calm down before going inside.


Duelo de Pasiones, Thursday May 31 - Everyone rehashes everything the audience already knows

Although surprised to hear that Rodrigo knew someone named Alina Montellano, Thelma said the Alina she knew was dead so they couldn't be the same person.

Thelma went home and told Singing Aunt Rebeca she suspected Alina was still alive. Singing Aunt said maybe Alina only pretended to die in order to escape from Alvaro.

After learning from the doctor that she hadn't been raped, after all, Duhlina concluded that Orlando had tricked her because he hated Emilio.

The doctor told the general that Alina hadn't been raped. He said, "I'm happy for her."

The general sent Frank to tell Orlando he might soon be released. Orlando muttered that he wanted to talk to that maldito Emilio and get his revenge on Thelma.

The psycho psychologist Aida, aka Dr. Loca, visited Rodrigo and said, crying, "I have a problem. I think I'm in love with my patient." Rodrigo assured Aida that she was too much of a professional to let her feelings for Alvaro get the best of her.

Aida said she wasn't sure she loved her fiance, Mauricio, anymore. She gushed that Alvaro was mature, attractive, and intelligent.

Rodrigo again assured Aida that she was a professional. (Apparently the writers keep repeating this in hopes the audience will start to believe it.) He told her everything would be OK. They hugged.

Alina and Soledad went home to Coral's house and found Elias there. He told them, "Last night Alvaro tried to kill me." He explained that Rodrigo had saved him. Just then Angel arrived with an enormous bunch of flowers for Alina.

Outside the house, Emilio, who had secretly followed Angel, thought, "How strange. What is Angel doing at Coral's house? I am going to ask Angel and he has to tell me."

Inside, Elias told Alina that Rodrigo was in love with her. Overhearing this, Angel commented, "It's impossible not to love a woman like you."

Alina announced her good news -- Orlando didn't abuse her. Soledad and Elias then left together (without waiting for the coffee Soledad had asked Adela to bring them). Angel finally gave Alina the flowers.

Meanwhile, General Ochoa told Rodrigo that Alina wasn't raped, after all. Rodrigo was pleased. The general said, "Don't tell me Senorita Montellano has conquered my nephew's heart."

Rodrigo smiled and nodded, saying, "Yes, I am in love with Alina." The general commented, "That girl has suffered a lot." Rodrigo asked what had happened to her, but his uncle wouldn't tell him.

Dr. Loca visited Alvaro (aka Don Loco) in jail and told him, "I want to help you get out of here. You are a victim of your psychological state." She touched his hand and a nearby guard pounded on a table to warn her. She removed her hand.

Don Loco commented that Dr. Loca was too beautiful to be a prison psychologist. Dr. Loca asked him not to "confuse things." (Who's confused?!) She said she wanted him to submit to some sort of examination. Don Loco took her hand again, but she pulled away and excused herself.

Back in Sierra Escondida: Alfonsina snooped as Hugo talked to Don Loco's lawyer. When Hugo refused to testify on Don Loco's behalf, the lawyer put a big gun in his face and said, "You are going to come with me whether you want to or not."

Hugo agreed and the lawyer chuckled and said, "I knew you would understand."

Later a teenaged boy came to Hugo's office looking for Hugo. He snickered at Alfonsina for some reason I didn't understand. After chasing him away with a broom, Alfonsina told herself she would go to Puebla, too.

Elsewhere: Santos and Rosita went to a hotel for their honeymoon.

Back in Puebla: Emilio arrived home and Thelma asked him, "Are you sure Alina died?" Emilio immediately got angry and said, "Your wickedness doesn't have limits!" He prohibited her to mention Alina's name. Thelma said, "You can't prohibit me anything!" Emilio left.

Dr. Loca went home and started daydreaming about Don Loco, telling herself he was so vulnerable and attractive. Her boyfriend, Mauricio, showed up and asked if they could talk a moment. Dr. Loca said no because she was hungry and they had a reservation.

Meanwhile in San Mateo, Gaspar participated in a practice wrestling match while the horrified Luba watched. Two costumed opponents ganged up on him and he appeared to be losing (probably on purpose).

Hysterical Luba prayed, then yelled, "Gaspar, defend yourself!" He proceeded to win the match and raised his arms triumphantly, then told Luba she didn't trust him. She cried and made him promise to be careful.

Meanwhile, at Coral's house, Angel encouraged Alina to fall in love with Rodrigo, saying Emilio was part of her past. Alina said, "No, Emilio is not my past. I am not ready to fall in love again."

Angel kept nagging her to forget about Emilio. (What a loyal brother!) After he left, Alina mused, "Maybe Angel is right."

At the jail: The prisoner Sylvia aptly calls Batneck (because of the bat tattoos of his neck) yelled at someone on the phone for not killing Elias. Of course, Don Loco overheard this conversation. He waylayed Batneck and beat him up, then kicked him a few times for good measure.

At a restaurant: Aida arrived with Mauricio and immediately spotted Soledad and Elias sitting together at a nearby table. Aida went over and introduced herself to Soledad, saying, "I am the psychologist in your husband's case."

Meanwhile, Rodrigo looked at a picture of his dead wife and said, "Forgive me for giving myself another chance to love."

Thelma showed up at Rodrigo's house, saying she wanted to renew her old friendships. She asked him to go for a drink with her so they could discuss his new friend Alina. Rodrigo apparently arranged to meet her later.

Back at the restaurant: Aida once again proved what a "professional" she is by asking Soledad and Elias, "Are you two lovers?" Disgusted, Soledad and Elias stormed out of the restaurant.

Outside they angrily discussed the incident and agreed that it was all Alvaro's fault. Elias said he couldn't wait to testify against Alvaro.

Mauricio was also unamused. He said something about Dr. Loca's interest in Alvaro and said Dr. Loca was "worse every day."

As usual, Dr. Loca insisted she was "a professional." Mauricio stormed away. Dr. Loca seems to have that effect on people who aren't imprisoned.

In jail: Don Loco fretted about Elias not being dead and snarled to himself that he wouldn't permit that imbecile to stay with Soledad.

Later Batneck approached Don Loco, apologized, and begged for another chance. Don Loco responded by hitting him several times with a hammer, then warned Batneck not to fail him again.

At Coral's house: Alina dreamed about Emilio wearing a pink shirt, smiling at her and kissing her. La la la, the usual romantic filler. Adela interrupted this scene by waking Alina up to tell her Rodrigo was waiting for her in the living room.

Alina went to greet Rodrigo, who invited her to come to his house and meet his daughter. She agreed.

Thelma and Singing Aunt again discussed the possibility that Alina was really alive. I think(?) Thelma said if Alina wasn't dead, she would be.

Angel came home and told Emilio he'd been at the doctor's office. Emilio said he knew Angel was lying, he'd been at Coral's house, why was he being so mysterious?

Angel claimed he and Coral were friends. Emilio said he wouldn't have thought Coral was Angel's type, but she was a good person. He offered to come along the next time Angel visited her.

Angel squirmed out of that by saying it would be better if Coral forgot about Emilio. Duhmilio agreed.

At the end of the episode, Rodrigo and Alina arrived at his house. Rodrigo told Alina he loved her, then kissed her.

And in a scene from tomorrow's episode, a wild-eyed and wild-haired Maximo menaces Soledad, who yells at him not to come near her! This show would be much better if Maximo were in every scene.

Words from this episode:
maduro = mature
maldad = wickedness


Duelo de Pasiones - Wed May 30 - The Rise of Intocable!

I apologize for the late recap. I was out a little too late enjoying Mexican Maritinis to accomplish the recap. Shame on me!

Emilio remembers Alina as he looks at a heart necklace like “The Necklace” he gave to Alina. He tells Thelma that the necklace doesn't suit her. She suggests a bracelet which he buys. As he is buying the bracelet Thelma turns to see Alina. She goes out to the opening of the store to see if she can see more but the crowd blocks her view. Alina and Rodrigo walk out of sight.

Mauricio or jealous fiancé of Dra. Loca (shout out to Margaret for the great name!) bugs the doctor about her lack of attention to him. He wants to know why she introduced him as a friend to her patient and not as his fiancé. She tells him that she doesn't want her patients to know about her personal life. Mauricio kisses the doctor and she thinks of Don Loco. He leaves and she thinks to herself “why can’t I forget his (Locos) kiss?”

Loco tells scary prison hit man guy all about Elias like where to find him etcetera. He gives the guy lana ($) to finish Elias off.

Soledad and Coral are almost ready to open their new boutique. They only are short a week. Coral is excited to give a big opening party. Elias talks with Soledad and she tells him of how she wants to see Marianna. She knows that Marianna knows who wrote “The Letter”.

Meanwhile Marianna is grabbing a glass of water. Malena and the good bow tie wearing doctor cheer her on. She tells them (she talks like a robot) that she wants to go to Veracruz.

Soledad tells how she wants Marianna to clear things up.

Rodrigo drops Alina off at Corals just as Angel is driving up. Angel runs up and kisses Alina and Rodrigo’s eyes explode in jealousy. He puts his arm around Alina to show ownership. Angel explains that he has been friends with Alina for a long time. Rodrigo admits he hasn’t known Alina all that long. He leaves, jealous, with suspicions mounting in his small little brain.

Marianna tells how she wants to see Alfonsia to confront her about “the letter”, and the cofre and her blackmailing of Alvaro. The weird but goofy bow tie wearing doctor tells her that he can’t leave the hospital to do that. Malena tells her she will go with her.

Max comes to visit Emilio being his usual creepy self. Emilio gets his feathers ruffled at the sight of the snickering Fat Max. He immediately wants to know what Max is doing there.

Angel tells Alina that he was told he would die.

Elias leaves Corals house after making plans to take both Coral and Soledad to lunch the following day.

Rodrigo is outside of Corals hanging around talking to himself about who is Angel? What is he to Alina?

Max informs Emilio that he is ready to help Don Loco. He will testify all sorts of things about Emilio, like how Emilio took advantage of Locos daughter, etc. But he will be help Emilio out if Emilio will forget about their little problem. HE will happily switch to Emilio’s side. Emilio snaps hearing Max’s blackmail attempt. He tries to push him around as he tells him to get out. Max leaves but tells Emilio that he will be Alvaro’s first victim of revenge when he gets out of jail.

Angel tells Alina how he still wants to marry her. She tells him she can’t, she still loves Emilio. She can’t forget him.

The scary hit man guy tells another bad guy all about Elias by phone. He sets up the hit.

Thelma tells her aunt that she can’t get the idea that Emilio talked with Luba out of her head. She then goes on about how Emilio is starting to fall into her hands. She gloats about how well things are going for her. She decides she misses her friends and is going to go to the "Club" tomorrow to see her friends.

Scary guy informs Loco that the hit is going to go down. Loco hands some more over to scary guy. He tells him he will get the rest when he has proof that Elias is gone.

Emilio gets a phone call from Angel’s doctor. The doctor goes on and on about how well Angel is doing. Emilio tries to congratulate the doctor for his help but the guy tells him its not his work but Angels. In fact Angel is doing so well he doesn't need to see him until next week. Emilio hangs up the phone just as Angel walks into the room explaining that he has been with his doctor all day. Emilio gets suspicious. We break for an ad. When we return Emilio has not confronted Angel about his lie but is instead chatting about his visit with Max. Angel gets up to leave and lies to Emilio again saying that he has to spend the whole following day with his doctors. Emilio thinks to himself where is Angel going?

Two guys jump Gaspar in a dark street. At first Gaspar fights them off, once picking up one of the men and twirling the guy over his head. But Gaspar stops kicking the guys butts to pick up his money and to whine. They take that opportunity to jump on him, kicking him down, beating him into the street. They grab his money and leave him crying in the street. A man who has been watching this lovely little scene walks over to Gaspar to help him up.

Rodrigo’s daughter wants a good night story. Her dad does on about a prince falling for a princess who is exactly like the princess he had before but died. The little girl doesn't like this story and tells her dad to not tell it.

Alina tells Soledad and Coral about Angel’s marriage proposal and how she feels bad to not accept. Coral brings up Emilio and how Emilio must be suffering. Alina snaps that it is for the best that Emilio doesn't know she is alive. He is married and he has a kid. She is not going to be blamed for the kid growing up not having a father. Coral argues that Thelma doesn't deserve Emilio.

Rodrigo whines to his nanny about Angel. The suspicions are getting the best of him. The nanny tells him to go ask if he is so worried. Rodrigo lights up and decides to do just that.

Elias gets out of a taxi and is about killed when a car revs up and tries to run him over. He is saved at the last minute by codependent lonely Rodrigo.

The guy who helped Gaspar tells Gaspar that he could make a lot of money in the Lucha Libre. Luba comes up out of no where and starts to yell at the guy.

Elias is grateful to Rodrigo for saving him. Rod explains how the car wasn’t driving fast by accident but was trying to kill Elias. Elias gives a scared look that looks like a smile because his mustache is so damn long on the sides. Gross!

Luba argues with the guy but stops to think that maybe if Gaspar was in the Lucha Libre he wouldn’t think about Thelma and his cachoritto. She agrees that Gaspar can join the Lucha Libre but warns the guy that if any harm comes to Gaspar the guy will have to deal with her.

Rodrigo and Elias figure out that Don Loco was probably behind the murder attempt.

Emilio remembers kissing Alina on the beach. He feels bad for doubting her. Thelma comes into his room while he is in his memory fest. He tells her to get out. He will never forgive her.

Thelma thinks that if he won’t love her for the good then he will love her for the bad.

Elias fills Rodrigo in on Alina and how she was hurt by a guy but that Angel is just a friend.

Gaspar meets his new Lucha coach. The coach gives him the name "Ïntocable” for his fighting name. Luba cries for joy or for fear that he will be a fighter again.

Max ends up at the Devils Cave flirting with Corals friend. He gives the girl a drink and then asks her about Coral. She freely gives him Corals address.

Rosita and Santos get married in La Iglesia.

Emilio is trying to leave the house for the day when their chauffer tells him that he cant take him because he is waiting for Angel. Angel shows up and says he is on his way to see his doctors. Emilio gets in another car to follow them.

Thelma sees Rodrigo at the Club. He stops to chat with her. He tells her he is starting to see a new girl. He drops Alina’s name and Thelma spits out her drink. She asks Rodrigo to say the girls name again and he tells her he is seeing Alina Montellano.


Acorralada #97 Wednesday 5/30/07 Tushy on parade

I will skip the opening rehash two scenes.

Yolanda is talking to Paco--if he only knew about Paola . . .

Diana and Silvia continue their bonding. Silvia reveals her whole sordid tale, which I will not repeat. Diana praises her for keeping her virginity, which in these times is a wonderful thing, the best thing a woman can give a man--just like Diana herself did when she saved herself for Maximiliano--a married man, I'll remind everyone.

More promo for Disney and Universal Studios.
We skip Pancho and Paola's visit with Mickey and Minnie, because now they're ready for a disco. Pancho comes out into the hall and calls for Paola to come out. He sees Emilio coming out of his room, and wouldn't you know, it's right across the hall. Pancho conveniently ducks behind a pillar and is not seen. Emilio knocks on the next room to get Caramelo. She comes out in a cute brown halter mini, twirls for his approval, and they go back in the room. Pancho is fuming and starts listening at the door. Paola now comes out in what looks like a fishnet or chain mail draped over a bikini. This is her disco costume. Pancho says he heard screams in the door and maybe a crime is being committed. Paola wants him to report it, but he escapes that. He mutters that he'll commit a crime when he gets back to Miami, and get two for the price of one.

Diana is cuddling the baby, who has now turned from a wad of toweling to a real human. He's actually cute. Diego doesn't think so, and he comes in and complains about how she pays more attention to the baby than to him.

Caramelo tells Emilio that she wishes Pancholon were there. She may get her wish.

Diana comes upon Fedora who is studying law again for Gaby's case. After a brief rehash of the merits of the self-defense theme, they discuss all the things they missed for many years, the first words, the first day of school. The violins of sadness swell. Then Diana begs her not to drink anymore. Fedora denies she's an alcoholic. She just drinks to destress. Diana leaves, and Fed looks pensive.

Granny M and Diana talk. Gran is worried about Gaby. Then they talk about Max and Diana. Diana says there are three reasons they won't get together: Her mother's pressure, Diego, and Marfil.

Back at Paco's, the lovely family gettogether is winding down. While Larry and Paco fetch coffee, Yolanda and Octy rehash the Diana/Marfil rivalry again.

Iggy and Camila are enjoying an evening at home, marveling at how quiet it is without Silvia. They hear a knock at the door, but when Iggy opens it, there is no one there. They go out into the hall and step on a bag of dog poop . . . no but it's a similar practical joke--the transvestites are back for revenge. They have a large box of eggs, and they're lobbing them up the stairwell and covering Max and Camila--ha, ha! Later, they go outside for an exultant cheer: We are not machos but we are muchas!

Fed goes to bail out Gaby, and not a moment too soon, because Gaby is wearing the same dress after three days. She is told that someone else bailed her out--Larry. They go out in the hall where Larry is waiting. Gaby is thrilled to see him and they hug, while Fedora looks on disapprovingly. She tells him he didn't have to do that. Gaby asks how he got the money, and he tells her it was from his new job. Fed pulls her away.

Max is having breakfast with Marfil out by the pool at his new house. It looks like they have managed to re-create some of their old luxury with these new digs. Anyway, Max and Larry can have those gratuitous chest barings again. I hadn't realized they had risen so high economically again.

Octavia comes in unannounced. Marfil tells her how "exquisite" last night's dinner was. You'd think she was Mrs. Astor, for Pete's sake. Marfil says, Max, aren't you going to say hello to your mother? Hola, madre, he mutters. (this came out funny, actually, like "call me a cab," "Hello, cab.") Octy says it sounds like her oldest son got out on the wrong side of bed this morning. He leaves for work, and Marfil and Octy continue to plot. Marfil says don't worry, Max is stuck with her because of her long-ago accident.

Back in Orlando, we see Pancho in the pool. Now Caramelo comes out in a thong bikini. Her entire behind is visible. (Come on--do they really wear things in public like this in Florida? I just can't believe it. They do not wear them in New York. I think you would get arrested for indecent exposure.) Pancho is fuming about how no woman is going to make a laughingstock of him.

Filler talk between Max and Diana.

Caramelo tells Emilio that she forgot her tanning lotion, and she's going back to the room. Another chance for the audience to watch her rear end. Paola comes out and sees Emilio and says hi--what are you doing here. He says it's a business trip.

At the mansion, Gaby's homecoming. Kiki is there! That Fedora is such an idiot to embrace this naco. The group discuss the possibility of making the self-defense case when Granny DS pipes up with one of her typical discreet commentaries: "Gaby, you killed a man." Everyone looks uncomfortably impactado. Then Gaby turns and says, "Silvia, what are you doing here?" We haven't seen Silvia enter, so the camera now shows Silvia in a day-glo green wig. Since she was thrown out of the other apartment, Diana must have treated her to a new wig collection. Diego mutters that the house is turning into an orphanage for indigents. (casa de hospicio)

Larry and Max rehash the bail situation. Larry has the worst luck, because Gaviota is vigilant over Gaby. Max rehashes the Marfil situation. He pities Marfil. He says he has no right to throw her out because of her past.

Paola and Emilio talk by the pool. She asks him why he doesn't like Pancho--Pancho is super cool! Pancho comes over and confronts Emilio.

Diana, Gaby and Fedora discuss the trial and how Larry paid the bail. Diana thinks it's a nice gesture, but Fedora puts the damper on that. Gaby says she is still having nightmares about Andres.

Diego spots Bruno out in the street looking for the twins. He tells her one of the twins is in the house in a little room. (I didn't realize it at first, but then I figured out he's trying to get her to kidnap little Maxito.) He tells her to come back tomorrow. She runs away crazily.

Pancho tells Emilio that he doesn't like what Emilio is doing with his wife. Which one? asks Emilio. You know I mean Caramelo, he is told. Emilio reiterates that they're just there for work. Pancho says that if Emilio does anything with his wife, he'll kill him. But then they all realize it's better if Caramelo and Paola don't meet. Emilio calls him a worthless machista. Pancho returns fire by calling him a doll cake who got in the middle of his honeymoon. (Munequita de pastel.--by coincidence, this insult was just used for the first time in La Fea Mas Bella.)

Kiki is trying to get Gaby to be his girlfriend. I love you, he says. Okay, I'll try being your girlfriend she says like the true doormat. But she thought-bubbles, Larry I love you.

Larry tells Yolanda that she should go out with Rene. I won't bore you with the details. Rene comes over with the missing shoe for his Cinderella. Larry leaves them alone. Yolanda says she's scared because she's never been in love before. So that means you do love me, Rene says. Bla bla blah.

Larry calls to speak to Gaby. Diana answers. Gaby is not there. You'd think Larry would wonder about that. Now Larry verifies that Max and Marfil are sleeping separately. Diana gives a gleeful smile--so it's true. Total gratuitious exposition scene.

Octy is reading the paper and learns days after anyone else that Fedora is free and Gaby has been arrested for the same crime. Octy mad. She starts a fight with Paco.

Bruno and Diego meet. He sends her in to steal the baby. Credits roll.


La Fea Más Bella #286 5/30/07 Lety reveals to blinded eyes, Alicia gets a "treatment", and mama meddles as the house of cards begins to tumble

Thank heavens the original entrada is back!!!

Lety calls Fer to come out, and he does. Will he finally see her sans unibrow? NO he ends up shading his eyes and telling her he just can’t look right now. She keeps calling him as he walks out the door. Lety tells herself she can’t believe what she was just about to do. She asks if she is crazy, no one can know that she is really Aurora.

Martha agrees to go in to the Compulsive Eaters meeting but only if they all go with her. They tell her yes, but Irma says no she has to face this alone and inside are many other people with the same problem that she has and they will help her.

Back in Lety’s office she just finishes putting back on her Letyness and pops up from hiding her make up kit, when Aldo comes in asking if she is coming with him. He says he was going to go meet Carmaniac. Lety makes a snide comment about Carrrrrmaniac. He remarks how jealous she is. He tells her he doesn’t want misunderstandings and wants Lety to go with him. He tells her that it’s to talk about their wedding. Lety wants to know what Carmaniac has to do with it. Turns out her Dad is lending his yacht for the ceremony. Lety tells him she is tired and just isn’t up to it.

Martha gets the Fea support talk on her way into the meeting. They note the special moon and that it affects the whole world (makes them flor de piel).

We then go through a series of flashbacks inspired by this same moon. First Lety recalling Fer’s confession about Aurora, then Fer, then Aldo recalling that Lety didn’t want to come with him, and finally, Julieta saying the moon is the tone of everything she is feeling right now.

She and Lety are talking in her room and Lety asks her what the problem is. Julieta is upset because Fer is after that Aurora chick. Lety tells her it’s just a TV program. Now there’s a concept for us!!! Juli says she doesn’t care, the kiss looked very real and she thinks that Fer deceived her and that he’s a louse because he was supposed to be so in love with Lety and he told her how much he was suffering because you were with Aldo now it appears that he is going with Aurora. Lety tells her, no it’s not his fault at all, it’s really mine.

Fer and Marcia are talking. Mar doesn’t understand why he feels Aurora disappearing is his fault. He says he knows it’s not really but he’s suffering because she’s not there. Mar says yes because of the debt and everything with the business. He says that’s not it exactly. Mar wants him to tell her because she worries a lot about what happens to him. She tells him they are friends, siblings even. He agrees and then tells her about feeling the sensation of Lety when he kissed Aurora, and he thinks maybe it’s because he misses Lety but he felt like it is really her. Mar thinks he’s ill. He says this is not bad, rather it’s the hope of his life!!

Mom is fainted, but Lety pulls her up. Lety tells her mom that she is Aurora. Mom laughs hysterically and doesn’t believe her. Lety says that she doesn’t want her thinking badly of Fer on her account. She tells her again very seriously that she is indeed Aurora and Mom pulls off Lety’s glasses and a light bulb of impactadaness goes off. She is surprised and starts to believe. She then notes that Lety kissed Don Fer then, but if so, then she is deceiving Aldo. Lety gets a squishy impactada face.

Lety tells mama she’s not at all thinking of canceling her wedding. Mama tells her but this kiss has made you doubtful again, no? Lety reluctantly agrees that yes it seems she hasn’t really forgotten Fer and something is still there. Mama feels bad for Fer. Lety says yeah, but I’m your daughter and I’m suffering here too. Mama gives her a big hug. Lety says she loves Aldo though. Mama says the only way you’ll feel better is to tell the truth to both of them. Lety explains that she used Aurora to play a trick on Omar and she did already, but then it got complicated. Mama reminds her how much she hurt when she was deceived and that now she is doing the same thing. Lety remembers but promises that Aurora isn’t coming back and that the most important thing is that Mama isn’t mad with her. Mama says no, but she needs time to absorb it all and that this is crazy!

Aldo dining with Carmaniac shares that he’s bummed Lety didn’t come. Carmaniac takes advantage of the situation to tell him her opinion that Lety is acting weird not wanting to come to talk about her wedding and that she can’t believe that he still wants to marry her. Aldo tells her he’s not that way. She knows that he loves to philosophize over things. He reminds her that he is in love with Lety.

Back at the apt, Fer doesn’t want to talk about Aurora anymore. So, he tells Mar he has great news. Fer tells Marcia about the new campaign for the DIF and she smiles approvingly. He wonders what she is looking at. She tells him she is really proud of all he is doing to get the business back in order.

Marta goes into the meeting. The leader spots her and encourages her to speak to the group. She starts to tell about herself and about the family she has, then gets down from the podium. The leader tries to get her to continue in a comforting tone and tells her that she needs to tell them why she is here. She admits that her friends forced her there. He tells her her health should be important if she cares about her family that she just described. Just then her family runs in and tells her they found out she was here and that they are going to support her. She explains that for them she will try and the compulsive eaters all clap.

Aldo shows up at Casa Padilla saying he came as fast as he could and he wonders what’s wrong. Julieta tells him he needs to leave Lety alone so she can be happy with Mendiola. He thinks he needs to speak to Lety about this, she will explain. He doesn’t understand because he thought Mama always was in agreement and happy about him marrying her daughter. He says so I can only interpret this that you prefer Fer to me. She tells him it’s not about what she wants or that she doesn’t like him. He says so then you are telling me Lety prefers Fer? Julieta in a tizzy wants to explain. She starts to say that Lety hasn’t said anything but just then Erasmo walks in and Aldo takes this opportunity to leave without letting Juli explain. Erasmo asks her what is wrong with him and if he’s mad. Juli says she can’t talk about it because she needs to soak the beans, and he needs to not bug her. Juli also tells him she doesn’t want to talk about Aurora in this house anymore. Erasmo thinks she didn’t sleep or had nightmares all night maybe.

Caro is contemplating Omar and his gift to her. She says how beautiful it is. She calls Lety and tells her how upset she is and about the gift she got. She explains she doesn’t want to go into Conceptos today because she doesn’t want to see Omar just now.

Mar asks Fer if he shouldn’t check on Omar. Fer thinks he’s fine and that he’s just up to some trick no doubt. Mar is worried. Fer thinks he’s just drunk. Mar says when she saw him last night he didn’t even smell of alcohol and he was very depressed. Just then he comes out holding a sign that says he’s depressed so don’t even speak to him. Fer is hard on him and Mar scolds Fer for not understanding. Mar asks him about Caro.

Omar says that love has changed him he’s not the same and now he’s very unhappy. Mar asks why he doesn’t fight for his love. Fer wants to know how he can fight for something when he has no idea what love even is. Omar ask if she thinks it’s really worth that he fight for it. In unison they both say of course!!

Alicia counts the money for her “treatment.” Tomy wonders why she doesn’t try his treatment first, it is much more effective and besides it’s free! She fumbles saying he has to remember about the hormones etc. He says he remembers and something about giving her tons more money if. He asks if she goes to the office and she says no to the doctor, but Tomy thought the doc was in Africa. She says yes but another doc will do it today.

Marta labors over her decision and talks herself into not eating for the sake of her health. Her family is proud and they bid her farewell and a good day. Just as they leave she pulls out a bunch of food from hidden places and that’s the end of that scene. Did she eat it or try to absorb it via osmosis?

We go to Aldo’s Dad answering a call from Aldo at a café and Aldo begins rehashing what just happened with Juli and saying so he's sorry he can’t meet for lunch. Aldo then notices the article in the paper crediting Fer as the cause for Aurora’s disappearance.

We then flash to the apt where Mar and Fer are watching TV. A news report comes on saying that Fer has a torrid romance with Aurora and after their grand kiss she disappeared so they too are blaming him. Fer gets super mad at the rumor spreading and exclaims that for this reason artists detest the press because they invent this stuff. He wonders who could have started such gossip.

Ah ha ha, we flash to Jacques speaking in a very sinister voice. He congratulates himself for engineering this scandal. He explains that he will earn a lot of money from this PR stunt and the business will increase in value and he intends to sell it for a good price. The photographer agrees.

Lety begs Fer to come and sit and tells him she was thinking of him and that he can’t worry about her, that he needs to continue with his life. He tells her she should worry about her wedding. She tells him that things that affect him also affect her. He thanks her for that senitiment. She wants to tell him something important. She said she was going to do it yesterday but he seemed preoccupied so she didn’t, but now she wants to.

Marta describes to the cuartel how emotional the meeting was. The cuartel try to support her, but then she unpacks a bunch of food and they wonder what the heck. She tells them she brought it to give to them in appreciation for their help and support. The cuartel feels bad for thinking otherwise. I’m not sure if I’m convinced….

Aldo and Tomy are discussing what Juli said and Tomy can’t believe she would do such a thing, that she is such an angel and the bread of God. Tomy speculates that she must be jealous because Aldo is taking away her little doll and so she’s acting out. Aldo wonders if Lety influenced Julieta to prefer Fer. Tomy says he doubts it, that Lety has nothing to do with it. He says it’s not her fault that Mendiola is more agreeable than you. Tomy then realizes what he said and says it was a bad joke. Aldo says with friends like him he needs no enemies. Then he replies they are still friends it was just a joke.

Fer continues that he is very upset about the disappearance of Aurora, but Lety tells him he shouldn’t worry about that, she’s not worth it. He tells her that Aur is important and besides he is thinking about something that would explain everything. He asks her if she saw the news and she says yes about the rumor of their romance. He tells her there is a reason why it’s bothering him so much. He thinks she disappeared because of that kiss. Lety asked him how he knew. He asks her if she knows that’s the reason. She adjusts and says well how did you come to this conclusion. He tells her Aur wasn’t indifferent to their kiss.

Lety thinks to herself that the kiss made her doubt. Fer brings her back into reality and asks if she thinks that’s the reason. She agrees that is the reason. Lety tells him that Aurora will never come back. He tells her that it’s that he could actually see himself falling in love with her for real. Lety, impactada, tells him, no he can’t be in love with her, that it’s not good for him and asks him if he’s sure. He says he’s not sure of anything and that he’s really confused. Just then Lety gets a call to go see Luigi.

Aldo gets a call from Carmaniac but didn’t recognize her voice at first. He explains that something is bothering him and that he’ll tell her later. He asks her what is up and she tells him something we don’t hear, but it makes him really pleased and he tells her he appreciates it.

Celso is greeted by annoying horn honking. It’s Alicia in a new red “treatment”. Celso admires it and tells her that Lety’s is just like it. Alicia, offended, tells him not to confuse garnachas with caviar. He wonders when she got it. She tells him, in a way, she owes it to him but of course he wouldn't get why. She tells him her Papi gave it to her and that he should wash it and park it in a good place.

Luigi ponders the meaning of family. He concludes that it is everything. Lety interrupts as he is weeping slightly and he tells her he’s trying to create something for the Day of Families campaign. Lety wants to know if he is ok. He says yes. Luigi wonders what they think they would do without him since he does everything here. Lety says well Conceptos would do nothing.

Battle of the galans stage two: Aldo and Fer run into each other in Lety’s office as Aldo runs in shouting for Lety. Fer tells him very professionally that he should lower his voice and that Lety isn’t here but he will leave a message, what does he want. Aldo calls him funny, a jokester.

Aldo wants to know what he said to Julieta to cause her to think Fer should marry her daughter. Fer tells him he hasn’t said a thing, why would he say anything, they have gotten along very well for a long time. Aldo says he can go and flatter as much as he wants but the one Lety will marry is him, I assure you. Fer tells him that he has respected his relationship with Lety to the very last word. Aldo warns Fer to stop being so flattersome with Julieta and excuses himself. Fer tells him he’s going first because he has things to do in the office. Al jokes that now Fer is so busy. Fer tells him to choke and Aldo counters to suffocate. Fer tells him to choke on his wedding cake and Aldo responds to suffocate with his little drunken dolls? Aldo leaves and Fer mutters that Lety doesn’t deserve to be a widow so young but that guy deserves to be choked with the cake!


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Destilando 5/30: it's almost Christmas so young men's thoughts turn to divorce.

  • Poor Bruno was shocked to hear, at the funeral home, that his son Aaron had adroitly scooped up Trejo's client in Hawaii. Rod tells Bruno that he and Mariana had discovered "irregularities" ... (he doesn't tell him, though, how their meeting had been sadly interrupted, before the bubble bath could be wheeled in, by a one-two punch, first the news of Trejo's death and then by the unexpected, irate arrival of Minerva and Isa.)

  • Avellaneda, an important tequila guy, thanks Gav for being so kind first to Trejo and now to his widow Altagracia. She says she feels guilty, but he counters: "Not at all, it's the Montalvo's fault, they're manipulated by Aaron."

    The widow shouts "Assassin!" at Aaron, throws his hand off his shoulder, and accuses him of coming to the velario just to be sure her husband is dead. "You killed him the day you agreed to ship his tequila to Hawaii! Get out of here!" Gav says "You'll be calmer later" but the widow says "I'll hate him till the day he dies. ... and watch out for those Montalvos. None of them inherited Amador's goodness."

    Mariana meets Rod in the hall. He's still glowing about almost getting her into the bubble bath but she says it will never happen again.

  • Bruno is still miserable mulling over Aaron's machinations. Patricio lies to him, saying he didn't know anything about it. (Mentira is another word everybody should learn - it means LIE)

    Bruno tells his son Aaron "You made a terrible mistake. You've dirtied our name." Aaron says: "When time passes and the money rolls in you'll lose your bad humor." Later Bruno complains to Fedra that Aaron has become vile but Fedra says, no, he has a heart of gold...

    Rodrigo is furious at Aaron; he says he's going to give the widow all the money gained by the shady takeover of the Hawaii client. "When it comes to business, you're still in diapers," says Aaron, who reminds Rod that he, Aaron, still owns the business even if Rod is running it. Rod threatens to quit and Aaron starts backing down, saying "You're like a brother." "You're like my brother too, but lately I don't know you any more." "Rod, you wound me! Aww, give me a hug." Rod hugs him reluctantly.

  • In the hospital, Acacia wakes up but, as so often happens in telenovelas, she has amnesia. She remembers her childhood, so she remembers her "depraved" uncle Meliton as being nice. She doesn't recognize James ("Who are you?" "I'm James, who loves you!" "MENTIRA!") and is afraid of him.

    Meliton has convinced the doctor that James was raping Acacia, and since Meliton is Acacia's only relative, she leaves with him. Later Rod arrives to back James up and whispers in Meliton's ear: "No more abuse or you'll pay." He also yells to Acacia: "If anything goes wrong, call me!"

    Meliton really hams it up on the way out, "Here, little niece, walk carefully sweetie..." After they're gone, a nurse comes up and hands the music box to James: "She left it behind." He mopes: "My only memory of Acacia." It probably won't wear out as fast as a cassette tape.

  • After leaving the coffin area, the Bad Trio - Minerva, Aaron, and Fedra - gossip about finding Mariana/Gav in Rod's arms. "If Rod gets divorced, Isa will get half his worldly goods, Rod didn't have a pre-nup like the one I had to sign. Mariana is more dangerous than Gaviota - she's a fox..."

  • Isa leaves in the limo with Pilar, after a few choice hostile words to Rod, the husband she's supposedly trying to keep.

    Sofia, she of the unending flow of unwanted counsel, counsels Rod: "You're going to get a lecture from Grannie about the sanctity of marriage. And you should know that Isa wants Mariana's head to roll."

    Indeed, when Rod is with Pilar later he does get the usual lecture, plus Pilar's new anxiety about clearing the family name and her delight at the expected imminent arrival of her first grandchild. (In real life, does anybody really announce with such delight and confidence that they've -- decided to get pregnant soon?)

  • Aaron has two business meetings in a row in a cafe. First, with his divorce lawyer, who says if Aaron wants a fast separation and divorce he'll have to resort to some "unorthodox" methods which, as you can imagine, doesn't faze Aaron much. Second, wth his crooked crony Oñate, who's annoyed to hear that Aaron, wary of bad publicity, has caved to Rod's demands and, to clear his name, will give the Hawaii dough etc. to the widow. "It was the price of Rodrigo staying - but when things calm down we'll get back in the game."

    Reporters mob Aaron as he gets in his jet. He tells them all the noble things he'll be doing for Trejo's widow and how sorry he is for this lamentable loss. He looks so sad and noble.

    He gets into his jet and there's Pamela (aka Rubberlips) ready to accompany him to Miami. He tells her he'll be divorcing after Christmas and that the house in Miami will be hers. He just has to spend Christmas and New Year's with Minerva and then he'll drop the big one. "Good times are coming" says his woman. At the Miami mansion, he massages her by the pool and there are hijinx.

    [About that stuff on Pamela's head: I've just decided Univision bought a tanker truck full of this revolting red hair color and they're going to keep dipping their various actresses' heads in it till it's all used up. -- Ed.]

  • At home Gaviota mopes about having cancelled her last meeting with Trejo to have a romantic dinner with Rod at the office. She describes the whole embarrassing scene. She reminds us of the promise she made to the Montalvo family: to take care of their business and help Rod. "Ay, but sooner or later I'm going to fail/fall and give myself to Rodrigo again."

    To cheer her up Clara turns on the tv and there, coincidentally at this exact second, appears the interview with Aaron as he's about to enter his jet. Gav is happy to hear what a great guy Aaron is, from his very own lips no less! She cheers up.

  • Back in agave land, at ye olde watering hole, the bartender doesn't want to serve James or have him around, it'll wreck business: "Meliton told everybody you'd been abusing Acacia." James' indignant shouts that he loves and respects Acacia draw a discontented grumble from the extras. They change their tone and utter a more approving grumble after Rod's loud oration: "James is my friend, I'd put my hands in the fire for him! Would any of you do that for Meliton?" The bartender lets James stay, which is good since James more or less lives at this bar.

  • Isa and Sofia are arguing in a cafe. Isa wants Sofia to help get Mariana fired; Sofia reminds Isa how much Rod hates interference. Anyway, it's almost Christmas, and Rod will be seeing less of Marian. "But I don't want them together even one more day." Sofia walks out. Isa calls Minerva and says: "Prove your friendship and help me get rid Mariana."

    At that moment Minerva opens a big envelope from Aaron. I missed the beginning of what it said but it ended with: "The only Christmas present I want is to hear you're expecting a baby."

  • Rod happily babbles to James (a bit thoughtless considering what James is going through): "I was about to get her back! The romantic dinner was doing the trick! I saw that light in her eyes, the same as when we first kissed! I wanted to shout out that Gaviota is the love of my life! But I have to be less impulsive. I'm gonna divorce Isa after Christmas." "Isa won't like that." "I don't care, nobody will stop me."

  • One of the commercials featured a special purple liquid which, if you but sniff it, causes your boring bosses to get their mouths zipped up and renders them completely silent. I think this is a magnificent product.

  • Minerva and Isa burst into Gav's apartment and ask how much money would convince her to leave the company and never see Rod again. She says working for the Montalvos is disagreeable but she promised Pilar she'd stay - and her relationship with Engineer Montalvo is strictly business and always will be - so take your check and shove it where the sun don't shine. They leave.

    Isa says "She seemed sincere," but Minerva counters: "mansa agua (gently flowing water) is dangerous."

  • A week passes, there are cheesy Christmas decorations everywhere. The widow Trejo accepts Gaviota's invitation to spend Christmas at her place with Clara and Benvenuto.

  • "The last workday before Christmas," Elvira informs Gav, "is a half day, and everybody meets for a toast." In the meeting area Rod is very cheerful in a very red sweater and has passed drinks all around and thanks everybody and is giving out presents and compliments Gav in front of everyone and flashes his pearly whites to such effect that Gav, suffering a kiss-bubble, goes to her office to cry and say she still loves him.

  • The smarmy neighbor, who's been in Paris or so he says, comes to Isa's door and gives her a bottle of her favorite perfume "so you'll have something of me on your skin."


Acorralada #96 Tuesday 5/29/07 Diana and Silvita: new BF4E

We open with a replay of the transvestite scene. Yes, I too loved that the trannies thought Silvita was one of them because of her wig. There will be more interesting wig play coming up . . There's also a replay of Marfil trying to get Max back again.

Diego is drinking and muttering about punishing Diana. He gets Nancy to pour him more wine. She tells him she saw Bruno in tatters in the street.

Grannies DS and M talk to Fedora about Diana.

Diego repeats his usual refrain about Diana going to see Max.

Iggy and Camila argue about Silvia, since they each seem to blame the other for letting her steal from them.

The trannies arrive at Iggy's to tell them how the pobrecita is in the hospital.
Iggy wants these "adefesios," or monstrosities, to go.

Max calls Diana. He is not wearing a shirt. She is pleased to learn he is in bed alone, and not with Marfil.

The transvestites continue to talk about Silvia, but Iggy and Camila throw them out. They create a ruckus in the hall, shouting that two callous friends live in the building. Iggy tells them to stop creating a scandal and ruining his (great) reputation. Finally he throws a bucket of water on them, which washes one of the wigs away, leaving a bald transvestite. The transvestite looks like Divine once the wig is removed, since these guys were kind of heavyset anyway.

Silvia is in the hospital. Someone has brought her the Ethel Mertz turban to wear. Her face is black and blue. She apologizes to Diana that she has no roof over her head. Diana says don't worry, the past doesn't matter. Silvia thanks her for not holding a grudge. Silvia can come to live with them at what is quickly becoming the manicomio in the middle of Miami.

The family has assembled for breakfast Dynasty style at the mansion. Diego wants to know why Diana is helping her enemy. Diana thinks Silvia was a puppet of Camila. Diego tells her to throw Silvia out, but Fedora tells Diego it's Diana's choice. Diana smiles.

Cut to a promo for Disney World.
Caramelo is on the phone to Paco, who didn't know about the Gaby situation, so she fills him in.
Now she is out in the sun with Emilio. Someone with her red hair and freckles should stay out of the sun. Pancho now calls her from behind a tree. She is happy to hear from him and calls him mi amor. Blech. He tells her not to put horns on him. She says she's preparing papers for the meeting. Emilio keeps waving to her to come into the pool.

Back at the factory, we see vestibule, or the vortex of spinning perfume bottles (don't you love that silly machine that spins perfume bottles behind the receptionist's desk?). Marfil comes in and says she knows the way to her husband's office. She has just finished a call from octavia about a dinner that night. Octy wants the family to reunite. Marfil also wants to meet all of Max's work friends. Diana comes in. She then laments how it's terrible to work in the same place with Max.
Filler exchange with Beatrix.

Diego sees Bruno outside the mansion. She is mumbling about Debora and Marfil. I think he still doesn't know about the twins.

Promo for Sea World! Two giant killer whales perform their jumps out of the water where they splash the audience. Next, a large person jumps into the swimming pool and splashes Caramelo. Clever editing!

Caramelo is not preparing papers for the meeting. No, she is drinking a Pina Colada with Emilio. They now have a heart to heart talk. Emilio tells how his heart was broken by Paola, he says she had a sad childhood, and was a victim of her mother and Pancho. He's sorry for talking about her. He wants her to forget Pancho and he will forget Paola. Pancho is watching the whole thing when Paola arrives and wants to go in the pool. No, he says, let's go to the beach. Ooops, she reminds him, there is no beach in Orlando. Okay, he wants to go see Micky, Donald and --that elephant with big ears, Pluto, no Dumbo, she reminds him. She still wants to go to the pool first, but he steers her away with promises of his hot Panchi love. He carries her away.

Lala announces Paco at the mansion. Fedora is wearing her glasses, which means she is in serious lawyer mode. She is also drinking and sitting at the bar with many bottles arrayed in front of her. Paco wants to help with Gaby, but apparently no bail set yet. Paco now starts spouting off about the law of self-defense in Florida. He says that if someone comes to your home, you can shoot him, etc. Fedora says she knows the law. But they have some clothes as evidence.

At the jail cell, Kiki comes to visit, and she tells him she thinks he was in on the lie about pushing Pilates down the steps. He denies it.

Paco now tells Fedora that his marriage was a mistake. Why doesn't he leave, the big doormat.

Max doesn't want to go the dinner at his mom's house. Larry is going for a swim. Lunkhead tells Max that he should try to make up with Mommie Dearest. You know, I hadn't thought of it before, but perhaps Octavia is channeling Fay Dunaway as Joan Crawford.
Max finally agrees to go to the dinner. For once he is actually wearing a decent outfit--a gray suit with no silly tie.

Lala talks to Fedora after Paco leaves. She thinks they still love each other.

Larry and Rene meet on the beach. Neither is wearing a shirt. They talk about the Yolanda situation. Rene swears he's not going to hurt auntie.

Yolanda is wandering about thinking about Rene. Marfil wants her to find Paola for the dinner.

At the House of the Plastic Fish, Paco is dreaming of Fedora over a snifter of Courvoisier. In comes Octy in a short red ruffled halter dress that displays her artificial cleavage nicely. They discuss family. Octy wants to reunite Max and Marfil. Paco says she just wants to make sure Max is separated from Diana. Well, she doesn't want her little prince to go out with the daughter of an ex-convict. (Folks, how's that search for Dr. Reynosa's killer going?) But she has a grandson, Paco reminds her. She doesn't care. Don't talk about that little bastard.
Paco is appalled. The familia enters, very overdressed for these surroundings. (I'm still wondering how Paco is packing them in at the bar now that his star singer is no longer appearing nightly.)
Octy tells them she's getting takeout--she doesn't like to cook. You never change, Marfil jokes. She'll be the same till her grave, I think Octy says. I'm not sure.

Gaby is crying because Larry didn't show up. He's at the dinner party.

Silvia and Diana now continue their new friendship. Diana is putting on a bit much of the head-tilted noblesse oblige for me, though.

The family sits around awkwardly at Paco's. Paco goes to get drinks. While he's gone, Yolanda takes Octavia aside and tells her that this family reunion is a great time for Octy to tell Paco about Paola being his daughter. The veins in Octy's neck stiffen. Where is Paola? On her honeymoon in Orlando. She needs you.

Silvia cries and Diana reassures her. She tells her about the robbery. Why did she do it? I am a virgin, Silvia blurts out.

Octy forgets Paola and her bastard grandchild. She proposes a toast to the reunion of Max and Marfil, and the child they will have!


Destilando Amor - May 29, 2007 - Rod and Gavi have a "light bulb moment"; Aaron is accused of murder

(March 27, 2007, on official site)

(Ed. Note: I have finally finished this summary recap. Thank you for your patience.)

* Clara is stunned as she watches Gavi finish up with the installers - Gavi surprises Clara with an early christmas gift, a brand new television and entertainment center. Clara is excited for a minute, then as the installers take her old set she asks where will it go? Gavi says it will go to Dona Jose. Clara is relieved; then Clara gets worried about all the bills that are accumulating, between the rent, food, clothes, car, and now the television. Gavi assures her mom that's why she works so hard.

* Isa calls Rod at work to find out when he is coming home. Rod is hesitant, Aaron is in the office listening, Rod says he's busy and hangs up quick. Isa is impactado.

* Aaron starts conversation about Isa's jealousy over Mariana. Aaron asks if Rod is interested in pursuing an "aventurino" will her, or is one already started? Rod just looks at Aaron like are you serious?. Rod turns disgusted by the suggestion and horrified with even the thought or mention of it. Aaron wonders about why meet with her alone tonight then? Rod explains that it is to go over some business figures for the tequila business, and he prefers to do it with Mariana in private. Aaron asks about how the fertility/artifical insemination visits are going with Isa - Rod says that he's postponing them (evil grin from Aaron the cheshire cat), Rod doesn't feel ready to be a father. Rod then turns the question around and asks Aaron about trying again with Minnie to have a baby. Aaron gets really uncomfortable and grumbles. Rod wishes Aaron well on his trip to Miami; they say good-bye and Aaron leaves. Rod sits back down and mutters that one day soon they will stop all the lies and secrets and he can shout to the winds that he loves Mariana/Teresa/Gaviota.

* Clara is excited over her present. Gavi has to leave to return to work, and will stop by Dona Jose's apartment to make sure she received the television. clara asks about dinner tonight; Gavi has to work late with Rod at the office and then she wants to stop by and visit Don Artemio, he's been really depressed and upset lately. Clara tells her to give her regards to him and tell him to stay positive.

* Don Artemio sits at his desk, depressed and alone.

* Isa vents to Sofia her thoughts about Rod and Mariana vs. Rod and Gaviota. Sofia advises her to get her jealousy under control or Rod will resent and reject her for sure. If she doubts Rod so much, why not call him. Isa won't do that. Sofia gets her to think about the artificial insemination treatments with Rod. Isa explains that Rod wants to postpone it for a month - she's frustrated.

* Aaron visits mom and dad. He sits down and talks with Mom about dad and Artemio's business problems. He then talks with her about his plans for divorcing Minnie (she's a headache, a nag and won't give him an heir). Mommy Fedra asks if he has someone else in mind - Aaron smiles like a little boy with a christmas present and says yes, someone nice, kind, loves me for me. Mommy dearest knows who he's talking about, PAMELA! Fedra thinks about all her good qualities - family, social class... Aaron adds that her father is real big-wig in the tequila business also (so that's a plus). Fedra changes the subject back to the divorce from Minnie - Aaron tells her his plan for getting the divorce and marrying Pamela. Mom warns him not to cause a scandal for the family, especially be careful around Granny. Aaron agrees, they hug.

* Mari comes back to the office; no one is in the conference room; she's stunned when she steps into Rod's office. He smiles and invites her to sit down. she asks where everyone is - he explains this is private meeting for just the two of them. She tries to protest and question his motives. Rod starts to talk about finance and work - she wonders about another motive and tells him she can't stay long she has another appointment that evening. She's uncomfortable - Rod plays with it and as he explains that his only motive for the meeting is to talk about the business but if she wants to go... He opens the door for her to leave, then closes it and turns on the 'HotRodrigoooo' charm. He gets right up close to her and starts to seduce her, compliment her beauty, hair, smell... He leans in and continues to seduce her with words. She stutters. He backs away and gets back to work. She asks if Isa knows and is okay with the meeting. He says yes she knows. He returns to writing on the board and talk about the financial numbers - she checks out his butt and smiles (yes, indeed, nice butt Eduardooo!) As she turns and looks at some papers, he turns and checks her out.

* Sofia continues to try and assure Isa that her jealous thoughts about Rod and Mariana are unfounded. Isa is still frustrated and jealous. Sofia gets fed up and forces the phone into Isa's hands - daring her to call him right now. Isa realizes she has no reason to call and puts the receiver down. Isa still has her doubts though. Sofia and Isa will wait together for Rod to return home. Isa asks Sofia if Rod had any girlfriends or lost loves before he met Gaviota and her. Sofia said he wasn't much into anyone like that ever. That's why his romance with Gaviota was such a shocking surprise. She's basically the only one he's really loved. (AW! she's his first love!)

* At the office, Rod stands behind Gavi as she works on computer looking up delivery shipment figures for United States market. Rod and Gavi have a 'light bulb moment' when they discover a discrepancy with the shipments to Hawaii, and that Montalvo Corp. and Artemio's company have a supplier in common. They have paperwork and proof, now who is to blame for the error. Gavi calls Larry the snake but his phone is turned off/out of service. Gavi asks about how to correct the error/make repayment. Rod says he will meet with Aaron tomorrow morning to discuss this.

* Aaron tells Minnie about his worries over Rod and Mariana's private meeting tonight at the office. Minnie wonders if Isa knows and what her reaction may be to the news. She wonders if there's something more between Rod and Mariana - Aaron tells her no way, you know my cousin. she says still it would play in our favor if Isa thinks there is - that marriage will fall apart and we will have more time to form a family. He likes the idea but wants to wait until after he gets an early Christmas present. Minnie says later for the present, she has an important visit to make.

* Mari/Gavi and Rod discuss the curriculum Gavi came up with for the tequila school that James will be helping run. Rod sits down and Gavi is excited talking about the school plans. He asks if she's tired. She says no, and asks if he's hungry she can go get something - the phone rings as he says that he will take care of the food. She hands the receiver to Rod - he answers. He says the food is ready to be served - he excuses her to leave the room to go do something. Then he goes to the other door and lets the caterers in to help rearrange the furniture for a romantic dinner for two in the office. Caterers leave the room. Rod turns down the lights, pulls her chair over by the door and unlocks the door. Gavi is stunned as Rod pulls her in and sits her down. He rolls her chair to the table, explaining they will eat a nice dinner and then get back to work. They clink glasses - he hesitates with the toast and then asks her to clap. She's confused and claps. The caterers open the conference room doors and let the mariachi cuartet inside, playing music. She wonders why the music? He says she likes to sing and work, he likes to listen to music while eating. He smiles; they drink together; she melts and thinks to herself, 'give me strength because what I really want is to eat his kisses.'

* Isa and Sofia still discuss Isa's frustration and obsession with Rod and Mariana. Minnie stops by for an impromptu visit. She starts to ask about Rod and Mariana's private meeting tonight. Isa says it's just business. Minnie starts to feed Isa's paranoia about Rod with thoughts that the business meeting is more than just business; Mariana is stealing her husband away from her; Isa tells her to stop; she doesn't; Sofia tries to stop Isa from listening to Minnie but too late, Isa's paranoia is in full rage. Sofia finally gives in and agrees to escort Isa to the corporate offices tonight. (Minnie grins in cat-like satisfaction.)

* Music continues - Rod asks if she likes it. Gavi says she likes the food. He asks about the music, he chose the song especially for her - to show how much he truly loves her, needs her, wants her in his life permanently. She's uncomfortable and thinks about leaving. Rod pulls back and assures her to stay. They will end the dinner on a calm note. He tries to pour her another glass of wine. She declines, she has to go visit Don Artemio like she promised earlier. Rod suggests that she call him and cancel the plan for tonight - in the morning, they can go visit together. Gavi moves to get up and go to the phone - Rod hands her the receiver from the sofa; he kisses her hand and thanks her. She swallows (and melts).

* Isa and Sofia arrive outside the corporate headquarters and go inside.

* Rod pays the musicians and caterers. They reset the furniture and leave. Gavi can't get Artemio on the phone - busy signal. With Rod standing watching her, Gavi finally gets a hold of someone at Artemio's number. She receives the horrible, shocking news. As she hangs up, Rod sees the sadness and shock and asks her to tell him what's the matter? what is it? Gavi tells him that Don Artemio had a heart attack and died tonight. They hug. That's when Isa and Sofia enter and interrupt. Rod is shocked and asks what they are doing there. Isa screams and shows her jealousy over Mariana Franco. Mari stutters to respond. Isa snaps at her. Rod says nothing to explain - they just received some terrible news about Don Artemio's death. Mariana leaves for the funeral home alone. Rod is angry and hurt by Isa and Sofia. Rod calls Bruno and Fedra to tell them the news of Don Artemio. He then leaves bitter and angry with Isa and Sofia. Sofia scolds Isa for believing the paranoia Minnie blurts out. Isa is still angry and on a roll and tells Sofia to wake up, they are having an affair how many more clues do you need? Sofia is fed up and walks out of the office. She catches up with her brother at the elevator - Rod scolds her for showing up with Isa tonight.

* At the funeral home, Altagracia kneels and prays in front of casket. Mariana enters, crosses herself and kneels beside Altagracia. Mariana consoles and hugs her.

* Clara tries to give Beni instructions on setting up the wires for the television. Beni has a hard time understanding her spanish. She's anxious, she doesn't want to miss her soaps.

* Rodrigo, Fedra and Bruno enter funeral home and approach Mariana and Altagracia. Bruno kneels down and gives their condolences, he and Artemio were great friends. Altagracia says friends who hadn't kept in touch for quite some time. Thanks for the sympathy. Bruno speaks with Mariana before he and Fedra go to casket. Rod kneels by Altagracia to give his condolences and apologize for not doing more to resolve the problem - she accepts the apology. Mari adds to Rod's apology. Altagracia and Mariana return to the kneeling benchs. Rod, Fedra and Bruno walk to the door and talk. Bruno and Rod convince Fedra to call Aaron and get him there; she's reluctant. Artemio's doctor walks in - Bruno needs to talk with him about what actually happened and leaves. Sofia and Isa walk inside; Isa goes to sit down; Sofia pressures Rod for truth about him and Mariana - he tells her to drop for now, not the time or place for the conversation - she continues to try to convince him to come clean with his feelings; if you hurt Isa, you hurt the family (and she becomes the accomplise in the whole thing. He nods acknowledgment of her point.

* Aaron in bed, bothered by mom's call to get him to go to the visitation. He doesn't want trips early the next morning. Minnie convinces Aaron to go or he will look guilty of causing the death (by his absence.)

* Beni finally gets the television to work - he turns and sees Clara fast asleep on the sofa ("la bella mama durmiente" - the beautiful sleeping mama). Phone rings - Clara wakes up and pushes Beni out of the way so she can answer it. Gavi calling to let her know not to wait up for her, she's at Don Artemio's funeral visitation. Clara says see you tomorrow and hangs up. Beni is curious about the call - Clara tries to explain but he's lost. She has to melodramatically pantomime heart attack and fall on sofa to explain. He understands, what they can do - she takes him to pray at home altar for soul of Don Artemio.

* Granny pays her respects Altagracia. Sofia escorts Granny to the sofas nearby. Mariana stays with Altagracia. (Eduardo, Roberto and two others are pallbearers.

Granny sits with her family on the sofas; she worries about Altagracia; Fedra asks about Dani, when she'll return, Granny says she doesn't know when Dani will return right now, but she is planning on coming for Christmas with her boyfriend. Isa asks Rod to leave for home - Rod refuses - Isa turns paranoid and thinks it is because Mariana is there - Rod tells her to shut up - she walks away - Rod stands up, and Patricio enters to talk to him.

Isa approaches Mariana and Altagracia - Isa spouts her accusation of Mariana being a husband-stealer. Mariana is shocked. Mariana explains her position and relationship with Rod is strictly business. Rod approaches and grabs Isa by the arm and tells her to stop with the paranoid - enough is enough! - he drags her across the room to where his uncle Bruno is standing with Patricio. Isa joins the ladies on the sofa.

Bruno takes Patricio and Rodrigo to the cafeteria to talk. Isa grumbles to Granny, Sofia and Fedra about her paranoid suspicions about Rod and Mariana. Isa reveals that she walked in on them hugging in Rod's office tonight - Sofia snaps back and tells Isa why they were hugging (the real reason). Isa reluctantly says the reason. (Fedra is still shocked). Sofia politely gets Isa to escort her to another part of the room to talk privately. Sofia scolds Isa for her scandalous outburst just now; for also trying to bring Fedra and Granny in on this - it's bad enough having to deal with Minnie's rantings. Isa doesn't care - she just wants Mariana Franco to disappear forever.

Fedra talks with Granny about Isa's accusations and her own suspicions and overheard gossip about Mariana while she was Aaron's assistant.

Mariana sits with Altagracia; Mariana goes to get refreshments for them both.

Roberto meets with Bruno, Pat and Rod in cafeteria. Roberto belittles Bruno about gravitute of problem with Don Artemio's death. Bruno is upset by death; Roberto doesn't believe it and tells him of Hawaii shipment error. Bruno is shocked; he didn't know. Rod steps in to explain and say they need to speak with Aaron. Bruno is in disbeief. Roberto leaves.

* Mariana is at counter getting some coffee. Roberto thanks her for consoling Altagracia right now. They continue to talk and he tells her this death will look really awful for Montalvo family being manipulated by Aaron. Mariana is impactado.

* Altagracia is crying on kneeling bench again. Aaron and Minnie arrives; Minnie joins family; Aaron walks up, uses his tippy-toes to peek inside. He crosses herself, walks behind Altagracia, and gives her his condolences. She gets up, turns and cries out, "Look! Look! He's dead! He's dead! Assassin! Assassin!" Aaron stays silent and rest of family is in shock.


Duelo Tuesday May 29 - In which Luba listens to the devil on her shoulder

Yesterday Don Loco's shady lawyer threatened Elias and Elias kicked him out of his house, but not before Elias told him he wants to see DonLoco spend the rest of his days behind bars.

Capitan Rodrigo plays with his cute daughter at home. She seems to be a very good actress. They will probably minimize her screen time so her papito will seem less like a piece of wood and more like a man. Too bad.

A squirrely looking guy named Mauricio visits Rodrigo. Apparently he is Dra. Loca's fiance. So I guess last night she was saying he is still her fiance but apparently she's not too happy about it? Anyway, it seems to make sense because he whines about her continuing to put her job before their relationship. So basically he's a remora and she doesn't like it.

Luba finally makes her way to the Devil's Cave. Luckily Coral just happens to be there and is thrilled to see her. Coral asks about Gaspar. Luba, who does not tell a lie, lies to Coral that Gaspar's back at the cave in Escondidaville. Coral talks Luba and Tonky into staying with her at her sorority house. Luba can't wait to see Floralina.

A nice butcher has hired Gaspar to help him out. Gaspar says he will have enough money in a week to go to Puebla to find his little cub.

Soledad tries to get rid of her headache from tying one on the night before but Coral and Luba show up and much screaming ensues. They're all happy to see each other except Tonky who seems more interested in some food he found on the carpet than in saying hello to Floralina. Luba is about to fill them in on the latest when Elias joins them.

Elias says he has great news. In one week DonLoco's trial will begin. Soledad, Luba and Flor are impactadas although Soledad also looks scared and unhappy.

With musical accompaniment we see a series of scenes that I gather are symbolic of the next week - Dra. Loca interviewing and pursing her lips sexily at DonLoco, Alina busting out of a red tank top while Rodrigo plays with Tonky and stares at her when she's not looking, Gaspar earning lots of money, Emilio crying/praying/flashbacking (urp), Flor crying to Angel, Santos and Rosita visiting Braulio in jail, Coral and Soledad decorating their new business.

So I guess it's one week later and Luba is loitering outside the Valtierra house. She asks the Virgencita for strength. She knows she should tell the truth about Gaspar being the father of Emilito but...but...the inner turmoil begins. What kind of life will her grandcub have living in a cave? He'll be better off living the life of luxury, but poor Gaspar has already suffered so much. Suddenly a jeep drives up and Emilio jumps out. He sees Luba and asks her what she's doing there.

The Trial - Don Loco is brought forth to stand behind bars in the judging room. (I don't think it's really a courtroom, I don't know what to call it.) The trial against Alvaro Montellano for all the injustices he has committed against Soledad, Alina, and the law in general is announced and begins.

The prosecutor asks DonLoco if it's true that he confined Soledad against her will for over two years. DonLoco immediately goes on a tirade about Soledad boinking the foreman so everything was all her fault yada yada. Soledad yells back at him. These two have the same fight they always have except now they've got an audience.

Luba spends a lot of time hemming and hawing at Emilio. She thought bubbles...which is more important, the happiness of her son or the future happiness of her little grandcub? She SHOULD tell the truth, but she chickens out and tells Emilio that Gaspar is crazier than ever and she's come to warn him that Gaspar is about to do something foolish. Way to go Judas, I mean Luba.

Luba tells Emilio that Gaspar is going around saying that Emilito is his little cub, ha ha, what a kook, right? Emilio's not laughing but since he never laughs who knows what he's thinking? He says he'll keep guards around the house in case Gaspar shows up. Oh Luba, the Virgencita may not forgive you for this one.

OK, back to the trial and Shady Lawyer tries to present Jose's letter and Soledad's bracelet as evidence that she is an adultress, as if that has anything to do with DonLoco's crimes. Soledad admits the bracelet is hers and Shady Lawyer cackles in glee. The warden takes it upon himself to do the smackdown, he tells the judge that this alleged adultress crapola has nothing to do with the charges against DonLoco, he is on trial, not Soledad. The judge orders the recorder to strike it from the record. Soledad and DonLoco get into it again and this time she walks out of her little box and stands right in front of DonLoco so they can yell in close proximity.

Emilio tries to be a nice guy to Luba, he says he'll go to San Mateo and try to intercept Gaspar. He tries to give Luba 13 pieces of silver (well, a wad of bills actually) but in her despair at becoming a traitor to her own son she refuses and leaves.

Cut to Gaspar receiving his final payment from the nice butcher. Gaspar is so happy that his muscles are about to make his clothes explode off his body (heh heh I wish). The poor schmuck hugs the butcher and skips out of town.

Fast Forward through Don and Doña Loco screaming...oh wait, the warden has something to say. He and Shady Lawyer bicker about Alina being DonLoco's real progeny or not. The warden decides to exhume the body to get hair so they can do a DNA test. Elias and Soledad are impactados.

Don Loco cusses up a storm at this suggestion and goes completely ballistic until the Doctora requests a recess so her patient can overcome his nervous and irritable state. The guards drag him out as he screams at Soledad.

Dra. Aida Loca calms DonLoco in her office. She says she is a professional and musn't take sides. She holds his hands and leans waaaaaaaay over... Her door opens; it is her fiance Mauricio and he doesn't look happy about his sweetie flashing her flesh to this patient.

Aida introduces them, "This is my patient Alvaro Montellano. Alvaro, this is my...FRIEND Mauricio." "Sorry to interrupt, FRIEND," Mauricio snaps as he makes his exit. OK, so that's how it is.

Emilio warns Thelma that Gaspar might be showing up in Puebla. Thelma is wearing a hideous white lace shirt and tight clam-digger jeans with lace on the pockets and cuffs. Also white spike heels. It's incredibly tacky and of course she looks fantastic. She thought bubbles that Luba must have warned Emilio, her suspicions that Luba had visited were correct.

Thelma makes her maid describe the odd woman who was at their door. Long hair, with a dog, yep, it must have been Luba. She tells Singing Auntie of her suspicions. She says if that imbecile Gaspar sets one foot in the house she'll kill him because only if he is dead will he stop bothering her. She tosses back a shot of scotch to drive the point home.

Soledad and Elias fill Alina in on the courtroom drama and about them wanting to exhume her body for the DNA. They hope that DonLoco will act like such a madman in front of the judge that he will be put away for years without having to have an exhumation.

Santos and Rosita visit Braulio in jail. I'm wondering why this guy is still in jail? Everybody else in Escondidaville kills, rapes, shoots, maims and they all get off scot free, but the nice guy who shot the man who raped his daughter and was threatening to re-murder his future son-in-law, this man is still rotting in jail? I don't get it. Anyway, Santos tells Braulio that the day he and Rosita have been waiting for has finally arrived. They are getting married tomorrow. Braulio cries because he wanted to be by his daughter's side for her special day, but he gives them his blessing. Someday they will all be together again.

Shady Lawyer Mauro tells DonLoco that the key to winning the trial is knowing when to open his mouth and knowing when to keep it shut. DonLoco is not helping his case by yelling and ranting in front of the judge. DonLoco says the key to winning is going to Vera Cruz and talking to Hugo who said he had something that would help him. Hugo knows Soledad is an adultress and has something to say against her. Then she can go to the devil.

Alina has another date with Rodrigo.

Emilio coos at the baby while Thelma slithers around exclaiming that they are all Norman Rockwell at last. "We are anything but normal," grunts Emilio. She makes him feel guilty and he agrees go out for a stroll just like a happy family does.

Luba goes back to Coral's house to say her goodbyes. She's going to find her son and return to her cave. Now why does Luba want to go back to the place where the villagers are hunting for her blood? I'm thinking she should stay in Puebla, jump on the Coral gravy train and open some sort of new age curandera healing shop with herbs and crystals and that sort of thing.

Oh barf, Thelma and Emilio are taking their lovely stroll with the baby. She keeps calling him "mi amor" and grabbing his arm while he stiffens up every time she touches him. She tries to pump him for info about what Luba said to him EXACTLY. She keeps pushing and pushing until he becomes irritated and tells her to shut it.

They pass by some cool-looking bright blue buildings with pink trim. After they turn the corner the camera pans to one of the doorways...Alina and Rodrigo are having lunch inside the courtyard.

Rodriga and Alina talk about what they have in common. She - "Due to my screwed up family I've had no life for the past two years." He - "Really? Since my wife died I've had no life either. Wow, we really have a lot in common." Alina says she wants to study and have a career. Doofus should give her some space but he's on a roll. He has an admission to make, from the moment he met her he felt as if he knew her all his life. Oh, strike one! "Uh, I really enjoy being with you," responds Alina.

Rodrigo smiles stiffly and says he wants to be "more than friends." Strike two! "What do you say Alina, do you want to be my...girlfriend?" As Rodrigo moves closer to her she leans back, playing with her heart necklace and staring into space. Strike three and he's out!

Angel's doctor is very surprised, Angel seems to be much better. There is even a chance he might live! Angel grins as his little cogs and sprockets work overtime thinking about Alina.

Uh oh, it's the kiss of death for Rodrigo. Alina wants to be 1) friends and she 2) needs more time. He takes it pretty well. Between him and the weakling Angel she's now got two insipid suitors.

Don Loco is talking to his bitch out in the jail playground. I don't know the guy's name so I'll call him Batneck because of his tattoos. DonLoco asks Batneck if he has contacts on the outside who can take care of a little business for him. Batneck says if the business is "chivaton" it will be cheap, but if it is a "sancho" it will be more expensive. I'm not certain but I gather a chivaton is a stool pigeon and a sancho means the other guy, i.e. Elias. Help anyone? Anyway, DonLoco wants Batneck to take care of this "sancho" so that he can't testify against him.

Thelma admires a heart necklace in a jewelry store and this sets Emilio off on a cascade of flashbacks. After continued prodding by Thelma he asks the salesgirl the price of the necklace at the very moment that Rodrigo and Alina pass by the window behind him. What are the odds?

Advance - Thelma sees Rodrigo and Alina, will she tell Emilio?

la joyería = jewelry store
la carnicería = butcher's shop
juicio = trial


Acorralada #95 Monday 5/28/07 Pobre de Silvia!

I'm going to switch up the format a bit on today's recap, for the sake of my own sanity. I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow and didn't have a lot of time to recap every scene! So I hope you don't mind the high level overview.

Marfil and Max update:
Today's episode begins in Max's office, where Max is kissing Marfil, then suddenly pulls away and tells her that she shouldn't have come. She's impactada - why shouldn't she have come? She's his wife and he was always proud to show his little trick pony around the office in the past. He tries to tell her that things have changed, but she reminds him of the deal they made, and wants to know if Diana agreed or rejected him. He changes the subject to the house they've rented, and she tells him that she and Yolanda will make it into a happy little home. It's too bad that he won't share a bedroom with her, and could he really have forgotten what they had before? He tells her that what was between them is now dead, and leaves the room. Marfil tells herself that with patience, he will return to her.

At the new residence of the Irazabal crew, Larry asks Marfil if it's true that she's going to try to win Max back, and she responds that of course she is. Diana is a "zero to the right" in the life of Max. She's the real owner of his life, and she will get him back, hopefully with Larry's help. Larry looks conflicted. Perhaps he's trying to figure out why he's wearing such a hideous shirt.

Marfil also talks to Octavia on the phone and promises that the battle between her and Diana is one that she will fight to the death!

Later, when Max arrives home and is cold and distant with Marfil, she refuses to back down. She lets him know that he owes her two years of his life because it was his fault that she spent two years in a coma. He doesn't fall for this load of bologna.

Our favorite boozehound is at it again when she's interrupted by Granny Dona Santa, who wants to talk about how sad it is that Max and Diana aren't going to be together forever, when she knows that they love each other. Gaviota tries to give her a quick lesson on why sometimes love just isn't enough.

Rene and Yolanda:
Early in the show, Rene and Yolanda are kissing on the beach, wearing matching black and white outfits like they just stepped off the set of American Idol. She pulls away from his embrace and says she better go, his presence makes her very nervous. More of the usual from these two as she tries to convince him that she's too sensible to get involved in a May-December romance. Come on Yolanda, live a little! You know you can't resist those dimples!

Rene pleads with her to give their love a chance. She asks him to give her time and runs off, leaving behing a silver pump. He tells himself that it's the perfect excuse to call her if she doesn't call him first.

Diego and Diana update:
Diego and Diana argue over Max's return to the fabrica now that Max's vision is restored. Needless to say, Diego doesn't want Diana around Max. Diana tries to convince him that he has nothing to worry about now that the real Marfil is back, and fills him in on the Marfil/Debora story. She also tells him that he's not the same Diego as before, the one who was kind and noble. Of course he blames her for this change and tells her that she'll never leave him - she'll die as his wife! She tells him to leave - there's no need for a scandal at the fabrica. He wheels himself out of the office and as he waits for the elevator door to open he tells himself that Diana will pay for what she's done.

Later, Lala tries to convince him that he should leave Diana because she doesn't love him, there may have been hope before, but he's not the same Diego as before.

Gaby's still in prison, nothing major to report here. During today's episode she gets a visit from Miguelina and Diana. Miguelina is beside herself with grief at the thought of Gaby spending her youth in prison, but Diana reminds her that Gaviota will be defending Gaby, and Gaviota is an excellent lawyer. How silly.

Pilar also visits her, only so that she can taunt her by telling her that while she rots in jail, Pilar will have Larry all to herself.

Pancho and Paola/Caramelo and Emilio's trip to Orlando
Well, we all saw it coming - turns out that not only are they all in Orlando at the same time, but they're at the SAME hotel! So far, both couples are having a wonderful time - Pancho and Paola are getting the honeymoon they never had and Emilio is helping Caramelo forget her sadness for a while. The ladies haven't seen each other yet, but Pancho spotted Caramelo by the pool and managed to get Paola to go back to the room with him to avoid a scene. (He also thought bubbles that HIS hembritas shouldn't be with other men). Tuesday should be interesting!

Bruna shows up at the mansion looking disheveled and talking nonsense about her twins. Nancy hears her and thinks she's crazy, and tells Lala what she's seen. Lala tells her that it's her punishment for being mala, and there's nothing they can do to help.

I saved the best for last! Poor Sylvia's been hustled by Pancho, who took her $3,000 and ran off to Orlando. Ignacio and Camila realize that she's robbed them and throw her out of the apartment, so poor Silvia is wandering the streets with her luggage when two thugs try to rob her and when they learn she has no money, they proceed to beat her senseless. They've got her down on the ground kicking her repeatedly when two transvestites see what's going on and come running to stop the attack. Of course the thugs are scared of the trannies, so they get the heck outta Dodge, and leave poor Silvia in a bloody heap on the ground. She's still wearing the white ensemble she wore to meet Pancho, including the snow white wig, and the transvestites think that she's one of them! The transvestites debate on what to do, and end up flagging down a car for help. It turns out to be none other than our glassy eyed heroine! Credits roll.


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