Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Telenovela: A Que No Me Dejas, Starts Monday, September 12, 2pm/1c. Synopsis And Cast

Looneyvision has finally deigned to air “A Que No Me Dejas” (“I Dare You To Leave Me”), the 2015 novela acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. 

“A Que No Me Dejas” was the biggest winner at Premios TVyNovelas 2016. It scooped up best script and/or adaption, best direction, best cinematography, best musical theme, best veteran actress and actor for Leticia Calderón and Arturo Peniche respectively, best female antagonist for Laura Carmine and, dare I say, it should have received the best male protagonist prize too, because Osvaldo Benavides deserved it heaps more than any other nominee in that category. The same producer, Carlos Moreno Laguillo, and the same writing duo, Martha Carrillo and Cristina García, that gave us such gems as “Amor Bravío”, “Quiero Amarte” and “En Nombre del Amor”, now bring us this remake of Carla Estrada’s “Amor en Silencio” (1988).   

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Narcos August 29 ,2016 Capitulo 6: Discussion page

Discuss among yourselves this episode if you desire so.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Narcos August,26 2016 Capitulo 5 :Discussion page

Here is a place to discuss among yourselves episode 5. I couldn't put it up earlier because I honestly forgot to when I was working on Episode 4.


New Telenovela: El Color de la Pasion, September 6th Debut

Marcelo y Lucia, our pretty protagonists
(not to be confused with SantMarc y Ana Lucia from 3xAna)

Next Tuesday, September 6th, is the 2-hour debut of El Color de la Pasión (The Color of Passion) at 7:55pm EST. After sitting for two years on Univision’s shelf, it replaces Narcos, which has been recapped by Countx during its 2-week run, in the 10pm EST slot.  

So far, there seems to be lots of interest in watching this popular telenovela, and also some interest in recapping it from: Delilah, dy77, Anna Nabil, Anita, Jardinera, and Cathyx. I would also be interested in sharing a night with someone. If those listed are still interested, please email me and we can decide on a recapping schedule. If others are interested, please also email me. Gracias, amigas y amigos!
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Narcos Capitulo #4 August 24 2016 "Flame on"

[Some scenes were merged for easier reading]

NOTE: The next episodes will be mere discussion pages as I am worn out due to the new semester starting soon. I will recap the final episode though.

 The death of Rodrigo Lara gave Colombia a new edge of extradition support as one of the assailants confessed that Pablo put out the hit. Steve still blames himself for the death but Javier assures him that it was for the best as now they can go after these rat bastards. Pablo got indicted for Lara's death and got placed on the bounty list. Extradition could possibly make Pablo's life a living hell as U.S max prison doesn't have any privileges. Now Pablo had something to fear. Or does he? After a small fight between the Narcos Pablo proposes a new organization"The extraditables". But this time it wasn't a team effort but a man for himself. Gacha thought that he could stop the extradition by simply killing anyone who tried to stop him. The Ochoas build themselves quite a crafty logo("Better a grave in Colombia than a cell in the United States"). Carlos Lehder took it to the airwaves blaming the imperialistic America for everything. It was also the very first time judges had to wear masks during court. But not even that stopped Pablo from blowing up their cars.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Narcos Capitulo #3 August 24 2016: Dreams come to an end

"This ain't gonna hurt a bit!"

[Some scenes were merged for easier reading]
In the last episode we have witnessed some cruel and unkind deaths. One of them was Connie's adored cat. Javier starts drilling Steve with questions. Did you have any contact outside of DEA? Do you have any affairs? After a short thought Steve remembers his sticky situation at the local airport. He had his passport scanned and sent directly to the bandits. Javier also points out that the cat is D.E.A property so there will be justice for the cat. (This is due to Kiki Cartagena, a D.E.A agent that was brutally tortured during his mission in Mexico]. Javier&Steve also meet Suarez. He is a local cop that plays both sides that only works for money so he get's bribed. The DEA later catches up to the two airport bandits. Royal karma ensues. Killing a D.E.A cat is a federal crime. One of the bandits spills up the identity of the cat killer: Poison.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Narcos Capitulo #2, August 23, 2016 : Violence galore

[Some scenes may get merged]

Steve&Connie have just got on a flight for Columbia. On their way there they notice the Bahamas. It's quite an adoring window site (I especially like the filming and locations in this show. They feel very fresh.) . When the couple arrived to Columbia they ran into a lot of issues as they lacked the papers for a cat. The flight assistant was obviously bought. He called in for his boss and the scheme was on. They waited hours and hours until the boss let them through but that didn't come without a price. He scanned Steve's documents and sent them to Poison.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Narcos Capitulo #1, August 22,2016:The harsh beginnings

We are shown a glimpse of Colombia in the past and it's magical realism.The narrator begins: "Nowadays the U.S government can spy on everyone they want. You come near a computer or a a cellphone, you're doomed. But back in Colombia 1989 there was no Internet , no GPS. Only the rich could afford the seemingly untraceable satellites phones like landowners, politicians but especially the Narcos."

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Narcos Synopsis and Characters :Gran Estreno Monday, August 22 2016

Start Date and Time Slot: August 22nd, 10pm, replacing the 2nd hour of Tres Veces Ana for 2 weeks as the show only has 10 episodes.

If anyone desires to recap alongside me let me know in the comments below. You can also contact me at this email

Plot Summary: Set and filmed in Colombia, Season 1 tells the story of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine, while also focusing on Escobar's interactions with drug lords, DEA agents, and various opposition entities.


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Friday, August 19, 2016

New Telenovelas/Series Coming to Univision- Aug/Sept 2016

Hola Amigos!

Here’s an update on some changes coming in the next few weeks to Univision’s lineup, if you haven’t already seen the ads. Three new shows are coming our way. Two of them are not so new, as one is a popular telenovela that aired in Mexico in 2014, and the other already aired as a Netflix series last year. Keep in mind that Univision has been known to change its mind often, and last minute. No word yet on if Uni still plans to split Tres Veces Ana into 2 seasons (temporadas), but it seems they don't. If you would like to recap any of these new shows, please let Blog Mom/Jane/Melinama know.  Let’s go in order of Univision start dates…
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