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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): ¿Quién es Quién?, Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, and Fatmagul: Week of February 29, 2016

Welcome to PAGE #1 (Monday edition) of the Telemundo y Más page, now issued twice a week: Mondays at 3 PM and Thursdays at 8 PM.

The novelas currently being covered are the following (all times are Eastern Standard Time):

   noon - Fatmagul
  8 PM - ¿Quién es Quién?   
  9 PM - Eva la Trailera
10 PM - La Querida del Centauro

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation, and since we all share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're discussing at the top of your post, so readers can find their way around.

Telemundo is also re-broadcasting the hit telenovela La Reina del Sur on Saturdays and Sundays from 6-8 PM (EST & PST, 5-7 PM CST).  For the moment, all the capítulos are also available on Telemundo's web site.  Some discussion and occasional recaps from the original broadcast can be found here.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tres veces ana - index

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

El Hotel De Los Secretos (EHDLS) #24. Friday February 26, 2016. We Have A Triple Cliffhanger, People! And Maybe A Couple of Deaths For Monday!

At a glance

-- Because of Cristina’s reappearance and Diego’s serenata, Isabel and Julio may have broken up. We’re still looking into it.
-- Felipe tries but fails to avoid the duel. Teresa enlists Alfredo’s help but Sofía forbids her husband from participating in the duel.
-- Lupe wants Ángela to help him write a cookbook for the President's advisor, Don Javier Góngora, and hopes this would propel him to national stardom if his recipes are chosen to adorn the banquets of the country’s centennial celebrations.
-- Sofía fires the Doc and refuses to let him examine her swollen belly. She may be having a hysterical pregnancy and she may be losing her marbles. We’re still looking into it.
-- Belén is Porfirian Mexico’s most expensive date. She spends all of Andrés’s savings during their day-trip to the capital, then she yells at the poor schmuck and insults him on the train journey back.
-- Jacinto is going to become Diego's new Idiot Goon. Garrido, the original Idiot Goon, does not know yet.
-- Poor Violeta is going to go back to the cantina but the valiant Doc vows to help her get out of there.
-- Diego is trying to trap Andrés through future loans.
-- Cristina sneaks into the Gran Hotel and retrieves the letter. She is stopped by Teresa on her way out. Teresa explicitly demands that Cristina return the letter to her. Isabel is hidden from view but she hears everything.
-- Mercedes and Eugenia fight over Felipe then decide to join forces to save him from being killed by their father in a duel. They try to escape the room where their father locked them by jumping out the window. Eugenia may have pushed her sister to a certain death. We are still looking into it.
-- A scream, most likely coming from a Mercedes plummeting to her death, provided a providential interruption to the duel. Felipe was not killed by the general. Drat!

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Pasión y Poder Episode #94 February 26th 2016 While Franco plays nice, Erick gets called a murderer (twice) AND a man whore, Julia realizes that she has to pay her employees, and Fanny gives Nina the finger.

If you can watch the episode again, watch the last scene again. When Fanny is with Nina, and counting on her fingers, she accidentally gives Nina the finger, and Uni blurs it out.

Franco, the two-faced bastard, tries to stir up some trouble, when he barges into Eladio's office and informs him that Julia is with Arturo in HIS office. Eladio is impactado, but does his best to keep his cool, as he remembers that he must respect Julia's wishes to stay out of her life. Oh, this wasn't the reaction that Franco had hoped for, so he further twists the knife, and points out to Eladio, how it's one thing for Arturo to be seeking out Julia, and another thing for JULIA to be seeking out Arturo. Franco tells Eladio how it enrages him and irks him to see him so depressed while Julia is over there with Arturo. Eladio losses his cool with Franco, tells him to shut up several times, yells at him that he can't say anything about Julia, and finally calms down and tells him that he did good by informing him, and that he must always keep him informed about what is happening.

Consuelo gets off the phone with her doctor, and informs Clara, that she's out of milk due to angustía (anxiety, distress), and that it's psychological. And yes, she's been feeling a lot of anxiety, with the mere thought of the Chimp (Erick) wanting to take Erick Jr. from her. Clara advises Consuelo to stay calm, and not pay any attention to what Chimp Boy says. Consuelo asks Clara to babysit Erick Jr. and heads out the door on her way to GM.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Antes Muerta que Lichita #109 Alicia, or should we say not so little red ridinghood, starts to put the puzzle together ... but might be putting herself in the wolf's mouth

SOrry this is long, but it was a key fast moving episode... here we go...
Luciana can’t believe Roberto asking her to flee… (I agree, Ingrid Martz is great in this type of character)…  Luciana goes home and tells Valeria all about Roberto’s request and that Roberto’s son IS real.  And that is why Roberto is doing everything Augie wants, he has him locked in the penthouse.  Valeria asks if we leave, what about Gumaro, the baby daddy?
At hospital/clinic, Nestor thanks Alicia for coming to visit him… no one else has come to visit him (not his baby mama, even if he has been supporting them financially all this time and he spent half his life with them only for her to cheat on him with his best friend). HE admits he has not been the best man, but he is not that filth that most people believe.  Alicia tells us that even her have come to build a soft spot for Nestor.  She wonders what is Roberto’s back story.
Sandra later meets with Alicia, they are talking about the campaign for some toy manufacturer. Augie comes in and is surprised that Sandra and Alicia are working together on anything. Fatima prevents any sparks and takes Sandra away.
Gumaro is outside the office faking being the carbon copy of that other guy, on phone with Roberto.  Roberto recommends to Gumaro to keep trying with Luciana so she will forgive him.  Roberto reminds GUmaro that they are still bros and comrades. Now that he and Luciana are gone then he will be free to move around as he needs.
Alicia tells Augie that he feels free to come in whenever through a door that no one ever used before… HE tells her that the accident has made him think about some things… he says after all he and her are very similar… they both would go to any measure to get what they want.  HE had not told her that when very young, he was taken away from his mother’s arms.
Fatima asks Sandra what is bothering her so much.   Sandra is jealous that Augie even uses the ‘secret door’ to be with Alicia whenever he wants.  Fatima says she knows Alicia enough to assure Sandra that Alicia would not submit to that kind of relationship with Augie.  Sandra says after 10 years of dedicating to him, all she got was a dark apartment. She did not deserve that.
Augie tells Alicia that the TOledos dragged him into that house and away from his mother against his will.  Alicia says now she understands why he never lifted a finger against Roberto when she gave him Roberto’s files. Maybe because they both started from the bottom.  Augie says he has not forgotten anything about that file, He is only waiting for the right moment to make a move. HE asks her in return, is she planning her own revenge against Roberto?  She assures him she is looking for justice, not revenge.  Augie gets a call and sends Alicia away.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #108 Thursday 2/25/16

Thanks Carvivlie and Jarifa for filling in!! 

Alicia has made her turn for the good and at a meeting with the staff talked about no more abuse or making fun of people. Elias thought great idea and made mention of getting rid of it bec it had been around for years.

The staff, minus Chuchette, is on a bus to go to a client(?) with Nestor driving. Looks like he is texting, looking at his phone and they get into an accident. Apparently two of the employees are hurt bad, Nestor and someone else we don't see. Nestor needs blood but he has a rare type. Guess who has it? Alex. So Alex gives blood and Alicia tells Nestor and Nestor is super unhappy. But Alicia tells him that it saved his life. Alex comes in the room and gives Nestor a lesson on how gay people are the same as everyone else etc. Nestor seems to really take it to heart and thanks Alex for saving his life and thanks him for the lesson.

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El Hotel DLS #23, Thursday 2/25/2016: Lupe Gets His Mojo Back; Angela Gets Some of Her Own


Since Lupe was the best part of the show, let's start with him. Lupe is still moping around the kitchen after he's put himself out for a gala dinner to impress epicurean gourmand Don Javier Congora (Alfie's uncle, in case we've forgotten). Angela observes. She asks what's wrong? Lupe answers, nothing, or rather, he says, "What is happening is that nothing happens. (Que pasa es que nada pasa--ISBIS) She makes him follow her up to the dining room. She shows him the empty plates. What does he see? Dirty dishes, he answers. No, she replies, they are empty plates.  She rattles off all the entrees he prepared. [I'll give you a list of them tomorrow.] Where is the food? She continues, it is gone-eaten-finished. You should be proud. He gives her a quick kiss on the cheek (thanks, Vivi). Then she lets him go. She stays behind reflecting on his triumph.

The next day he's still moping in the kitchen when Angela comes rushing in to tell him Don Javier is on his way down to see him. Don J is gushing and effusive. He'd like to stay longer and discuss recipes but he has to rush to catch his train. He hands Lupe his card and says we'll communicate later. He would like Lupe's advice on menus for some of his grand affairs. Lupe is left speechless, except for a "Gracias," prodded out of him by Angela. She's beaming as he turns toward her and she promptly invades his personal space and busses him on the cheek. Surprised by her own initiative, she turns and leaves. Lupe indicates to the kitchen maid watching she is to forget what she saw.

Next time Angela passes by the kitchen, she sees him engaged, full of energy, sniffing the fresh fish and giving instructions to all the kitchen staff.
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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pasión y poder, Episode 93, Thursday, February 25, 2016: Got milk?

Only the lowlifes are smiling these days.  Things are going well for Chimp Boy and Franco.  Humberto is enjoying himself too, though we didn't get to chuckle with him tonight.  Jorge has been looking cockier lately.  (Okay, Clara and Justino – the only unambiguously good guys in the story – are happily in love. Do we care?  Seriously?)  But everyone else is wallowing in the Slough of Despond.  So let's take a look at each sad story tonight, not scene by choppy scene, but character by sappy character:

On the home front, Arturo finds himself confronted with a powerful female triumvirate.  Regina, blaming her father for her breakup with David, has now allied herself with Nina and Daniela (who, by the way, are looking a little better these days in their almost, but not quite mother-daughter dresses).  Regina wants to leave Grupo Montenegro, but Nina convinces her to stay and keep an eye on Arturo from the inside.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): ¿Quién es Quién?, Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, and Fatmagul: Week of February 22, 2016


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The novelas currently being covered include the following (all times are Eastern Standard Time):

Noon    -  Fatmagul
8 PM   -  ¿Quién es Quién?**
9 PM   -  Eva La Trailera**
10 PM -  La Querida del Centauro

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation!

**Apparently tonight (Thursday, February 25), ¿Quién es Quién? and Eva la Trailera will be pre-empted by the Republican candidates' debate.  As far as I can tell, La Querida del Centauro will be shown as usual.

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El Hotel de los Secretos #22: Belen Bumps Off Rival Baby Bump and a Carta Quest Arrested

Old Doc Vacarrio looks from the balcony above as Julio and Isabel enjoy a bit of passionate lip locking.  Unfortunately for Julio, Isa doesn’t know her heart and leaves him panting and puzzled.  (So what else is new?)  She wants peace and he just wants a piece…. What’s this couple to do?  Sage Lazaro secretly continues sucking his cigar.  Isa goes to bed and stares at the four walls of her bedroom while Julio runs to the city and sobs to himself.

The next morning, heartbreak reigns in the hotel kitchen as well. 

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Pasion y Poder #92: I Love Him, I Love Him Not, I Love Him? Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016

Lo Nuevo

Fanny is visiting Nina. They talk about how Eladio is willing to help Nina once she gets her hands on half of Art's money. Nina does not totally trust Eladio, but will think about it. She's thinking of becoming a great businesswoman. She wants to shove it in Art's face that Eladio helped her.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Antes muerta que Lichita #107 Wednesday 2/24/16. "Alicia's Conscience Returns"

After Augusto's declaration of looooove, Alicia says she now knows why she got the award. Augusto insists she got it on her own. His feelings had nothing to do with it. Augusto asks her not to close the door on him. He wants her to let him win her heart. She does not know what to say. In that case, he says it is better to not say anything. Tomorrow they will be back at work as if nothing happened. He pushes her trophy to her. Congratulations! Alicia is very somber through all of this. The expression on her face does not change.

Sandra is sneaking around Icónika. She ends up in Augusto's office entering through the secret panel where she runs into Elías rummaging through Augusto's desk. They are both surprised by the other's presence. Elías wants to know if she is there looking for revenge on Augusto. Of course not she answers. She reminds him about how he always hated Augusto. Elías says he really does now because Augusto used him to frame Beatriz at the motel with the photos. Sandra is shocked. Fátima comes in and wants to know why they are in Augusto's office. It was locked. They make up a story that they heard something in the office (maybe an animal or Godzilla) so they went in to investigate. Elías and Sandra do their Godzilla imitation as they walk out. Fátima clearly does not believe them but does her own Godzilla imitation, too.
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Premiere March 8: Sueño de Amor. Brief synopsis. Who's in?

Nandicta has said she'd like to recap this one. Other takers? Contact me at

Dream of Love tells the story of Esperanza and Ricardo and their desire to find each other again twenty years after living the intensity of first love. But today their lives are very different ...

Esperanza is a single mother and teacher in two different schools: in the exclusive Institute Palacios and also in the simple College Vasconcelos. She struggles every day to get ahead.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles Ricardo is married to Tracy, a woman who puts puts her profession ahead of their children, Rodrigo and Selena. For this reason Ricardo is practically a "single" parent who must combine parenthood with his work as an agent of Interpol.

Life reunites them when Ricardo arrives, as an undercover agent, at Institute Palacios; he is following the trail of the terrible criminal "La Sombra".

Betty Monroe -- Esperanza Guerrero: a friendly, patient, fair and brave teacher. She is the mother and father at the same time and gives unreservedly to her family. She has dreams: to have her family improve its station in life, to build a school for poor children, and above all to see Richard, the love of her life, again.

Cristián de La Fuente -- Ricardo Alegría: the man who fought for the American dream and got it. He's an Interpol agent and the father of two wonderful children. But living with his wife Tracy has become untenable. Ricardo will have the good fortune to reunite with the love of his life. With patience and a lot of affection, they will establish a "reconstructed family" with all their children.

Carmen Salinas -- Margarita Manzanares: bold, cheerful and witty. She's a lively granny who understands technology. She always gives the right advice and wants to help her family find happiness. There is conflict with her daughter Silvana, director of the pompous Institute Palacios bombastic while Margarita runs the simple College Vasconcelos.

La sombra: a very dangerous international criminal, an art and jewel thief and jewels willing to do anything to get what he wants. He's been a nightmare not only for police but also for Ricardo and his family. He can even abandon his identity so nobody can catch him.

Sabine Moussier -- Tracy Kidman: Ricardo's capricious, impatient and selfish wife. For her the job comes first, she neglects her marriage and children. But as soon as she realizes Ricardo and his family can find happiness, she'll do what she can to become their nightmare. She is American and has little command of Spanish.

El Chapo de Sinaloa -- Jerónimo Durán: a very cheerful and hardworking bricklayer whose talent for singing may turn him into the builder of his own dream.

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Lichita 2/23

At the shoot with all the babies, Luci is aghast at all the little dwarves. Especially when Xuxette catches her holding one!  Then when its mother/handler takes it away she cries a bit.

Sandra comes for her meeting with Alicia. Elias is happy to see her but she blows him off. At the meeting, Alicia rubs it in about how when she wanted her job back Sandra was mean. She says she'll be MUCH meaner in response.

 Luci admits in a whisper to Beto that she's pregnant. Augusto, with his customarily impeccable timing for eavesdropping, overhears this and delights in the news!

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El Hotel de los Secretos #21, 2/23/16: The Gold Knife Killer Shakes Up His MO

We jump right in to the conversation right after Cristina refuses to give Julio the letter or tell him where it is. Julio asks, “Cristina, when did you become so cynical?”

“When they killed my father. When I was left for dead in a pond. When the love of my life was killed. Every time something I cared about was taken from me! And you also lost the little that you had.” She begins to weep and begs her brother, “Tell me that you understand me.” Julio takes his sister in his arms and hugs her tight.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pasión y Poder Martes 2/23/16 #91

Chapter 91: Dirty Pool

The most powerful thing about money is that it makes its owners feel they are somehow superior to others. This is not limited to old money; nouveau riches like Eladio and Nina are not immune and often they are the biggest offenders and the worst snobs. Money can buy a great many things, but character isn't one of them, especially when one has had a poor example to follow. – D.D.
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Un camino hacia el destino - synopsis in English

Starting at 6:30 pm tonight!! Anybody want to recap this one? Contact me at

Setting: the hacienda of the Altamirano family. Fernando Altamirano (Red Gustavo), head of the family, is a widower and the father of Amelia (Lisette Morelos), the eldest daughter, and Mariana (Ana Patricia Rojo), the apple of his eyes.

Pedro Perez (Jorge Aravena) is gardener on the estate. He has secretly loved Amelia forever. But she's in love with Luis Montero (René Strickler), an ambitious young law student.

At the age of 18 Amelia gives herself to Luis and becomes pregnant. But Luis rejects her in order to marry Marissa Gomez Ruiz (Eugenia Cauduro), a widow millionaire banker. Somehow Don Fernando comes to believe the child Amelia is expecting is Pedro's - he throws both of them out of the house.

Pedro marries Amelia and for love of her assumes paternity of the child whom Amelia christens Luisa Fernanda (Paulina Goto). (Luisa for the real dad and Fernanda for the grandfather).

Luis and Marissa's wedding takes place quickly because she has to go to Spain for bank business. She ends up paying for Luis to study law in Spain.

Marissa has a son, Carlos Gomez Ruiz (Horacio Pancheri), who despite his young age is not deceived. He's always known Luis is a playboy who married his mother for money. This makes for an awful relationship between Luis and Carlos.

Years pass ... Luisa Fernanda is a beautiful young lady of 18, who is finishing high school and has two passions in life: she plays the violin beautifully though she's never studied it, and she loves gardening, which she learned from her father Peter.

A meeting led by fate makes Luis run over Fernanda, ending at the hospital where Carlos works ...

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Antes muerta que Lichita - Malicia on the Road to Hell.

Between the almost total lack of subtitles and the choppy, helter-skelter episode, I missed a lot, so please add in whatever.
  • Dressed as a fallen angel in black with creepy black wings, Alicia nails the toilet paper account. Braulio is stunned: "She used my movie, my life, so people will wipe themselves with this toilet paper."
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Pasion y Poder #90 Discussion Page


Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #124 Monday, 2-22-16 The Grand Finale!!!!

Well, beloved MIVAC Patio Peeps, we've come to the end of our little drama in Dos Rios and the beginning of a new life for Pedro and Fiorella; Gianna and Gael.  Let's see how it unfolded.

We are welcomed into the finale with the vintage clip from the original novela which morphs into the present day opening and the absolutely beautiful Pedro and Fiorella's theme, Adonde va Nuestro Amor.

We are flung immediately into the gasoline-soaked foyer where the prostrate Fidel lies, still unconscious.  Suddenly we see Pedro wrestling Freddie for the lighter and he seems to be having a hard time subduing her.  There is an awkward edit or either I blinked for a long time but instantaneously Freddie has been apprehended by several dudes.  She curses the family as she is dragged out.  Everyone is there holding their noses and complaining about how the place reeks of gasoline.  There is light chatter about how Freddie should have been in prison and a freshly showered Fidel is briefly scolded about the lax security.  He apologizes and offers the excuse of the family emergency.  Pedro excuses him.  Pilar frets that Freddie will come back.  The scene is rounded out as the family announces they're all going back to bed and P-yew! it smells in there.  Simoneta gets to clean the whole mess up as they scurry away.

The next morning, the whole family gathers in the spic and span foyer to bid Fiorella, Pedro and Sergio arrivederci as they head off to Maretea, Italy!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Hotel de los Secretos, 20, Monday 2/22/16: The mystery head-bonker is revealed.

Julio heads toward the village to give his testimony to Ayala. Isabel follows, uninvited. Garrido hears his approach and takes aim, but Cristina bonks Garrido on the head. (She's two for two now. She's becoming a specialist!)

Brother and sister are reunited. "Cristina! You're alive! You're alive!"

Isabel catches up, at first seeming a little unhappy to see her boyfriend hugging and kissing some woman - until she recognizes Cristina.

Back at the hotel, there's pandemonium in the kitchen. Lupe is a nervous wreck. Is it nervousness over today's guest of honor? Or is something else on his mind?

On the ground, Garrido is beginning to stir. Cristina has to hide. Julio has to go with her. Isabel tells them to go on ahead and promises to tell no one.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): ¿Quién es Quién?, Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, and Fatmagul: Week of February 22, 2016

Here is PAGE 1 (Monday edition) of the Telemundo y Más page, now issued twice a week: Mondays at 3 PM and Thursdays at 8 PM.

The novelas currently being covered are the following (all times are Eastern Standard Time):

   noon - Fatmagul
  8 PM - ¿Quién es Quién?  
  9 PM - Eva la Trailera
10 PM - La Querida del Centauro

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're discussing at the top of your post, since this same page includes discussion of all the novelas listed above.

In addition, Telemundo is re-broadcasting the hit telenovela La Reina del Sur on Saturdays and Sundays from 6-8 PM (EST & PST, 5-7 PM CST).  For the moment, all the capítulos are also available on Telemundo's web site.  Some discussion and occasional recaps from the original broadcast can be found here

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

El Hotel de Los Secretos #19 A Big Secret is Revealed

A little refresher of where we left off Wednesday, Isabel newly released from the obligation to marry Diego, is running through the kitchen and out the door towards the woods with Julio in tow. He meets up with her to ask if she’s ok, she says better than ok, she’s freeeeeeee. She grabs his neck, pulls him close and they kiss. A long time.
He teases her, reminding her about the 40 centimeter rule, the distance they are supposed to keep apart, she says she’s never felt so close to anyone before. (insert heavy breathing here). But what about your family, he asks. She replies that if they don’t have the capacity to see his good heart and bravery, and how strong he is, and if they can’t see that his mere presence makes her a better person, then they aren’t her family.
He said he was taken by her the first time he laid eyes on her, she’s like a drink of water after being lost in the desert. Their happiness is overwhelming. She asks of Cristina, he tells her that there are still missing pieces he needs to find, but if she is with him he can continue on with more strength to handle them. She tells him she loves every piece of him, ooohhh she said it, and she would never ask him to stop because that would be asking him to stop being himself. Awwww. They kiss again to seal the deal. (I know I’m oohing and awwing a lot, but it was so nice).
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Pasión y Poder Cap #89 Friday, Feb 19th 2016 I hope Erick chokes on those enchiladas

Nina confronts Julia for snatching her hubs from her by smacking her across the face after calling her a cualquiera (slut, tramp, whore, etc) of course. 

Downtown, Erick's on the hot seat and his future is about to be decided. We find out that The Ratt's necklace has been disqualified as a piece of evidence. Pedro Tapia, the witness, now takes the stand, and must state whether or not Erick was the man who was arguing with The Ratt on the night of her extermination. 

Julia denies the accusations. She's NOT a husband snatcher. Nina doesn't believe her and calls her out on the harm she's causing everyone, including her own offspring. 

Tapia commits perjury and states that Erick isn't the man who was arguing with The Ratt on the night of her extermination. Detective is aghast at what he hears. Tapia states that the man he saw was shorter, fat, almost bald, and had an aquiline nose. Detective calls Tapia a BIG FAT LIAR. Judge reminds Tapia that perjury = many years in the pokey.

Nina tries to put Julia in her shoes. What if the roles were reversed and it was she (Nina) who was fooling around with Eladio. Julia says that if she knew and were sure that Eladio loved Nina then she (unlike Nina) would at least have the dignity to not lower herself by going to see Nina and smacking her around in her own home. Nina isn't so sure about that and honestly neither is this recapper. But Julia is sure that, that's what she'd do. Because she would have had put up with Eladio enough already to have to deal with Mrs. Purple Lips as well. Nina then accuses Julia of not caring if she's destroying the lives of their kids as long as she was able to be with Arturo. 

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #123 2-19-16 Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!

Ciao miei cari amici!  This is the next to the last show so chin-strapped beanies in place, loved ones with sensitive ears secured for there is much wailing, moaning and gnashing of teeth tonight. . . . Andiamo!

Fiorella, Sergio and Pilar continue screaming outside the study door!  On the other side we see the gun on the floor and a sobbing Pedro, "I'm not going to leave you alone!  We will confront this together!"  Maximo! has popped back in for a second to congratulate Pedro on not being a coward and then *poof!* dematerializes.  Pedro opens the door, Fiorella, Sergio and Pilar wash through the door on a flood of tears.  Fiorella kneels next to where Pedro has slumped on the floor.  They hold, kiss and cry together.  Sergio and Pilar leave.

Gianna's got squiggly lines on her monitor again!  Elizalde says she's stabilized but her heart can't take much more!  They've got to operate ASAP!

Sonia gets a standing ovation at the cabaret!  She's a smashing success!  She happily receives Eloisa's accolades back in the dressing room but misses the most important person:  Osvaldo!

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Antes Muerta que Lichita #104 ALicia presents her angelic toilet paper campaign... but is it really hers??

Augie keeps mocking Roberto that now he is basically deep in the mudd (too far inside the deal to come out clean).
Alicia can’t believe her family are rolling the red carpet for Valeria, the mother o the woman who did her so much harm. Alicia talks to Ximena about this, they knock fists saying they are successful gals.
Valeria is eating with Luciana just outside the cafecito… Luciana is eager to tell Valeria about the new campaign she is WORKING ON at the office.  Valeria considers it refreshing after she had been laying around doing nothing… Did Valeria just call Luciana lazy? (floja)?  Luciana keeps thinking everything about Valeria and her new job is ‘third-worldly’. Valeria is so sad to hear her daughter talk so frivolous. Valeria tells her she, on the contrary, feels good working.  She wishes Luciana good luck with her other coffee brand campaign.  Luciana leaves. Valeria tries to apologize to the Gutierrez, they say no need, Nacho is not so subtle, rather very straight in his criticism of Luciana.
The API old guys are mocking Augie about Alex getting married WITH ANOTHER MAN.  Roberto asks them how come they are so informed when the campaign was targeted specifically to the internet and to a very specific audience…  Augie takes the chance to slip away.
Alicia and Augie are meeting in his office.  He is surprised to see that she is nervous… he does believe in her abilities.  She says this campaign is very important and there are also some family issues that have her a bit distracted but she assures him she will figure it all out.  He keeps trying to get her to tell him more about the personal stuff. She does slip that she feels like she doesn’t have so much in common with her relatives anymore, that they don’t seem to appreciate all she has done for them, and that makes her feel a bit guilty.  He encourages her to think of herself before others.  HE says he too feels betrayed by the family he once had worked so hard for.  Alicia backsteps and says what’s important is the presentation so she is heading to give it one last pass.   On her way out she turns around and asks if he is ok, he responds with a deflated sigh, yeah I’m always ‘alright’.  She leaves.
We have a product placement and commercial from Shushette telling Fatima about her AWESOME Payless shoes.  Fatima wants SHushette to locate the reception girls for her.
Magos meets with her friends again, she shares with them that her folks think she is studying and at school.  She briefly considers ‘un acordeon’ (a cheat sheet). But she still has a little hope that she will remember enough of the class to pass.
Fatima goes to see Alicia and tells her Luciana’s presentation to the People’s cafe client right at the same time Alicia is presenting her own campaign to the clients.  Alicia is not happy to hear that. She won’t let Luciana do her presentation to Santy’s representative today. Fatima asks her if she is mad at Luciana. Alicia says ‘me mad at Luciana?  no way!’ (LOL!)
At the API, the old guys are meeting with Roberto about the financial reports.  Roberto is not really with his head in there so he apologizes and cuts the meeting short.
Elias is giving Alicia some final seconds encouragement and help with her ‘wings’. They walk in the room. Alicia has feathery wings on the back of her suit jacket. Nestor whispers that she looks ridiculous. (the campaign is about toilet paper LOL!) The client LOVES the campaign ideas.  (angelic toilet paper LOL) The client keeps talking about how much he loves the campaign when Luciana comes in yelling rants about Alicia cancelling/postponing Luciana’s presentation to People’s café.  Alicia apologizes to the folks at the meeting about Luciana, who usually can control her temper… Luciana yells more stuff, showing off the LACK of her ability to control herself.
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Weekend Discussion: Crimes of Fashion, 3rd Edition 2/19/16

It's time once again to pause from the scandalous behavior and outrageous fortunes among those with both to look once again at what they often don't see: Fashion Felonies. Many people look in the mirror and don't see the big picture. For the rich and shameless this results in gossip that some choose to ignore at their social peril. Public image once meant something to these people. Don't they care anymore? I suppose only if they have political ambitions does it matter.

Thanks to Soledad Romero-Vargas, our fashion critic here at Vanidades, we bring you these disasters.                        -- D.D. 
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Antes muerta que Lichita #103 Thursday 2/18/16 "The Dark Angel has Arrived"

Apparently the show was preempted last night due to an award show. This episode will probably air tonight. Sorry about that guys :/

Augusto congratulates Roberto for joining the dark side. Roberto is not as thrilled. He is just doing this for his son. When Roberto tries to get touchy feely with Augusto Draco shows his gun. Too bad...the API trio enter and interrupt the tense situation.

Luciana visits the cafecito like she sometimes does to see Valeria. This time Alicia is there and she is none too happy about this. Tensions are high but Alicia uses Ximena as an excuse to leave Luciana's presence. In the fourth wall Alicia cannot believe that her own parents are rolling out the carpet for her enemy. She understands Valeria's actions but not those of her family who are supposed to be by her side and not support the enemy that made her life miserable when she was Lichita.
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): ¿Quién es Quién?, Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro & Fatmagúl : Week of February 15, 2016


Here's page 2 for the week.

8PM—¿Quien es Quién?
9PM—Eva La Trailera
10PM—La Querida del Centauro

and Fatmagúl returning to its usual spot at 12 noon after a hiatus for the Pope's visit.

Please join in the conversation! 

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El Hotel de los Secretos #18, Wednesday 2/17/16: Free at Last, Isabel and Violeta Are Free at Last!

Et tu, Isabel? Diego lets one, single, perfect tear fall, and continues his little I can’t believe you betrayed me speech to Isabel in the hotel lobby, as Dagoberto and Ayala take him off to the pokey. “I don’t blame you. You did the right thing. This will give me the opportunity to prove to you that I’m innocent. Wait for me, please. This will all be resolved. I promise.” Isabel and Matilde watch him leave, with pained expressions on their faces, but not much sympathy. Both Julio and Dr. Vicario also watch Diego’s walk of shame out of the hotel. Ayala thanks Isabel for her help, but tells her that you know who (Julio) will have to testify at some point soon to move the case forward.

Doña Teresa tries to intimidate Isabel into retracting her accusations against the man she’s going to marry. Isabel corrects her—against the man she WAS going to marry. Teresa tries to brush off the whole Cristina affair as just a man being a man, but Isabel counters that Diego is not an animal or a child. He can think, reason and make decisions. She further tells Teresa that since she’s the one who got her engaged to Diego, she’s the one who’s going to have to get her UN-engaged to him!

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Antes muerta que Lichita #102. Wednesday 2/17/16.

Here we go. . .

Isidro is surprised to hear that his daughter Brisa quit. Fátima tells him he now has no reason to come around.

Augusto tells Draco how he is now the only owner of Icónika which he built all by himself. He cannot believe how many years he wanted to own it all and that it just took a few stupid photos to blackmail Beatriz into selling her shares to him. He tells Draco to prepare himself because turbulent times are coming.

Roberto wastes time with Mateo calling Gumaro and not telling him anything he wants to hear or know.

Alicia is left holding the bag with the director because Braulio did not show for the second time. The director is pissed. Alicia turns to Braulio's script and thinks about maybe using it in an ad campaign. She would not be robbing anything just taking advantage of something Braulio never would. Anyway, it would be just the same as others had done to her. Elías hears her talking to herself in her office and comes in to investigate. She does the "Elías going crazy" imitation. Liberty! Fraternity! Equality! she yells ripping off her own jacket.

Braulio catches up with Brisa before she gets on the plane for Timbuktu.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #122 2-17-16 I Love You to Death

Ciao, Muchacha Patio Peeps!  Long-suffering, cat-scaring, beanie-wearing Muchacha Patio Peeps!  You  probably did all of these things while watching our latest installment.  Well, here's your summary for tonight.  Have at it and don't hold back!

It is established right from the outset, if you didn't know already, that Gianna's prospects for survival are slim to none.  Gael hears Dr. Elizalde telling Eloisa this so he decides he and Gianna must marry now!  In a sweet scene he gets down on his knee and asks for her hand in marriage.  Of course, she accepts and he places a delicate little white flower that he has formed into a ring upon her finger.  Pedro, Fiorella and Simoneta come by later.  Fiorella has a dress and a wreath of flowers for her head.  Everyone is there in the hospital chapel as Gael and Gianna marry and the vows to love each other in sickness and health until death parts them have never been more meaningful.  He is handsome in his suit and she is radiant with love despite her frailty.

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Muchacha Italiana viene a Casarse #121 2/16/16 This Little Heart of Mine

Mille grazie to our Wonderful and Marvelous Sneaky Two Shoes!  This is her last recap for our little romp through Dos Rios!  Please join me in thanking her in whatever language you choose for stepping up and helping to keep this Patio afloat!  We love you, Sneaky!

Gia has made it to the hospital but no heart donor yet, the doc will keep them posted and btw they could use some blood donors, so all Gia’s friends and fam will donate.  Gael stays w/Gia to try to convince her for the umpteenth time that all will be well and she won’t die.

At Adela & Rey’s breakfast table they discuss Gia’s plight. Beni gets a call from Gael and tells him they’ll all go to the hospital. Adela and Rey get all worried hearing that and make a loud fuss. Roxi fits right in to the family loudly screeching at everyone else to be quiet. They all yell about being quiet for a while then Beni tells about the need for blood, they’re  all eager to donate too.

Pietrell and the doc discuss using an artificial heart if a real one doesn’t turn up in time. Fi doesn’t like the idea and gets emotional, she shares her anguish w/her birth parents when they show up.

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lichita 2/16:

Carmona comes to arrest Sheila! on accusations of fraud! Beto grumpily watches, and later muses about whether Augusto will even bring his kid back.

Carmona's packet had the contact info for some mysterious witnesses who all denounced Sheila for fraud. So Beto's off the hook for now. I still can't tell if he actually just sent the packet or if he's claiming credit for it.

Brisa and braulio share a romantic moment and a kiss that surprises them both. Then back to business!

Sandra and Malicia's conflict comes to a head when Mr. Foster flips about the fake video he got from Sandra. Sandra loses and storms off, and Mr. Foster says he never trusted the stuff he was getting from Sandra anyway. He'll give her one more chance with one of his brands. The first famous brand for her to work with: Angelic Toilet Paper!

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Hotel de los Secretos #17: Isabel, You Done Me Wrong!

Deviate Diego is halted in his attempt to deflower the supposed Isable due to Dona Angela’s watchful eye.  She spies him from the hallway and asks why he’s risking his reputation attempting to abuse the trust (ahem) so to speak, of his fiancée.  He tells her she’s right and backs out of the room.  Isa’s BFF breathes a sigh of relief--nothing a bit of well-timed snores and snorts might not have aborted, should Angie not have been lucky enough to be wandering the floors that time of night.

Andres asks Julio how he managed to be let go.  “By telling the truth.”  Andres admits everybody including Isa thinks he was a murderer. Well, unfortunately, it is true.”  And in the old carpenter shop?  “--We discovered something to do with Cristina.  We found out who took her. But I can’t say anything because it will put all of us in danger, primarily, Isabela (which means he’s got full reason to blurt it all out now per tn rules, natch—and he does.) It has to do with Diego Montera – but Isabel wants to take care of him her way.  I may have lost a sister but she would lose her entire family.

At Detective Ayala’s meanwhile, Isa shows the two cameos (camafeo- ugly beds??????) and explains the initials and endearment on the back of each is exactly the same.  He gave the same exact one to his lover as to his fiancée—His lover was Cristina Olmedo!!!  (Dun-dun-dn-dunnnnn!). Well, Ayala admits it’s a pretty caddish and tacky thing to do, but it isn’t a crime and certainly doesn’t point to murder.  Ok, then look a the newpaper photo taken the night of her disappearance at the Hotel’s Lighting party.  He swore he never left her mother’s side all evening and yet he’s missing from the pictures!  Ok, this has finally gotten Ayala’s attention. He’ll look into it and see what can be done.

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Pasión y Poder Martes 2/16/16 #88

Chapter 88: “A Plague on Both Your Houses”

The storm that's been brewing for quite a while is about to break. A tsunami is coming over the houses of Gómez-Luna and Montenegro, the likes of which are beyond Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams. We could be witnessing a Götterdämmerung without having to go to Bayreuth. This has all the drama although it lacks the spectacular music.

The more I'm around these people the more I wish I'd also majored in psychology. Many wealthy people have problems about money, class, and other matters but these people have more issues than National Geographic.
– D.D.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Alicia continues becoming Malicia. Beto is pummeled from all sides. Augusto is still on the ascendant. Where is his anvil?

Did you hear that Google has abolished its slogan Do No Evil? Looks like Alicia is heading in that direction (the anti-do-no-evil direction). She starts by telling Chuchette her book is only suitable for the recycling bin, insults her and then sweetly imitates: "Oh, it was just a joke!"

Roberto is planning, again, to kidnap Mateo, who is properly doubtful (considering what happened the first time). And now it's worse: Sheila has been installed in a nice house with Mateo, Augusto is paying her well to be patient and pretend to be a mother, he has spies everywhere to ensure Roberto doesn't try anything. Gumaro tries to talk him out of it, too.

Braulio tells Brisa's dad: "General, my relationship with Brisa is epic!" Isidro reminds him: "You promised to win her back for me and I'll have a look at your movie." He ogles Chuchette. Turns out, the General has been ogling all the asses at Ikonika so Fatima blows him off when he compliments her later.

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Pasion y Poder #87 20160215 I Wasn't Kissing Your Boyfriend's Mother, I was Just Cleaning Her Tonsils!

My mother had major surgery and has been hospitalized since last Thursday.  I've been sleeping on a cot in her room every night. 

Please use this as a discussion page.  If anyone would like to give a brief synopsis of what happened last night, I will post it when I get to work.  Just put in in the comment section.  Thanks. 


Hotel de los Secretos, #16, Monday 2/15/16: Truth and Consequences

"We all have a right to our secrets," is Dr. Lazaro's cryptic explanation for getting Isabel and Mati out of the hotel. Chauffeur Jacinto points out that they are being followed, not at all discreetly, by Diego's incompetent henchman, Garrido. "Let's see if we can lose him," Dr L says.

They go to to the local Walgreen's. Jacinto waits outside, and Garrido watches Jacinto. Mati and Isabel go inside with the doctor. Isabel slips out the back to go to the police station; Mati strikes up a contentious and mostly one-sided conversation with the pharmacist.

At the police station, Ayala is telling Julio that he'd make a good detective when Isabela bursts in and demands the truth. "Are you a fugitive from justice?"

Julio replies, "don't be so quick to judge me. It's more complicated than it looks."

Ayala interjects that truth is subjective. One can be a fugitive without being a criminal. Julio should explain, but this is not the place - it's best if Julio and Isa aren't seen together here. "I know the perfect place," Isabel says.
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #120 2-15-16 It's a Family Affair!

Ciao, Patio Peeps!  Well, here we are in the last full week of La Muchacha and they didn't waste time with refritos so.....Andiamo!

Eloisa visits Freddie in prison.  Freddie thinks she's there to mock her.  Eloisa tearfully tells Freddie that she is sorry things turned out this way.  Hmm, Freddie's not wearing beige or orange.  Maybe she got to wear her own clothes cause she's "sposhsul!"  Freddie charges the bars with a screeching yelp when Eloisa says that she didn't have to kill Dante.  Two guards drag Freddie back to her cage!

Sergio is having a "confession is good for the soul" kinda day so he gives Pilar the short version of the "masquerade boink and now my two kids might be married to each other" fiasco he created. Pilar appreciates the full weight of the abomination:  he cheated on her and he may be the father of their son's wife.  She cries and pushes back on the bed to escape his touch.  "Why did you marry me just to make me suffer!  You're a horrible man!  You're still horrible!"

Santino and Julieta are in bed and yes, they are glowing.  Ummm.  Santino's finely muscled chest and tight skin must feel heavenly to Julieta who looks right pleased about now.  We get a nice view of his tastefully developed biceps and pecs as he lowers the phone.  The DNA results are in!  Soon they will know if Fiorella is their daughter!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): ¿Quién es Quién?, Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro & Fatmagúl : Week of February 15, 2016

Here is PAGE #1 (Monday edition) of your Telemundo page, now issued twice a week:  Mondays at 3PM and Thursdays at 8PM).  

This week's lineup continues with:
8PM—¿Quién es Quién?
9PM—Eva La Trailera
10PM—La Querida del Centauro
and ¿Qué culpa tiene Fatmagúl? which normally broadcasts at 12 noon is pre-empted by the Pope's visit until Thursday.

1AM (after midnight, the next day)—Eva La Trailera often repeats at this time, but check your local schedule, as there are frequent substitutions.

The times listed above are all Eastern Standard Time.

Please join the discussion; and remember to identify which show you're recapping or commenting on at the beginning, since all our shows are mixed together on the same page.  

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

El Hotel De Los Secretos (EHDLS) #15. Friday February 12, 2016. Lies, Freakouts And Plagiarism, Oh My!

At a glance

-- The dead girl at the police station is not Cristina. Julio and Ayala bond over clues and tamales and arrive to the conclusion that this latest murder is similar to the prostitute’s, that the murderer can’t be Pascual, that both murders occurred on a full moon night and that precautions need to be taken for the next full moon.
-- Isabel confronts Diego about Cristina and the cameo brooch she found. Diego admits that he and Cristina were lovers but he had nothing to do with what may have happened to her. The night when Cristina disappeared, he was with Teresa at the “Lights Party” and he never left her side that night.
-- The general gives Felipe and Teresa the choice between a shotgun wedding or a duel. Teresa opts for the former and informs her reluctant son that he’ll be marrying Mercedes in one week. It is revealed that Mercedes set up this whole thing to ensure her father surprises the couple in bed and forces Felipe to marry her.
-- Diego beats Alfredo to the punch and presents the country club project to Teresa as his own. Teresa makes the announcement to the family. Sofía has a public meltdown and accuses her mother of betrayal. 
 -- Sofía urges her husband to start fighting dirty and to actively snoop around in Diego’s office and bedroom to find clues of Diego’s murky dealings.  
-- Isabel tries to verify Diego’s alibi during the “Lights Party” but Teresa evades her questions and scolds her for doubting her fiancé. Sofía confirms that Diego was not with the family at the “Lights Party” like he claims.
-- Andrés shows Belén the baby baptism dress he ordered. She flips out and tells him she doesn’t want her baby to have a loser like him as a father.
-- Isabel manages to go to the village thanks to Dr. Lázaro Vicario's help. Diego instructs his goon to tail them but they lose him. Isabel gets to the police station and demands that Julio tell her the entire truth about him.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #119 2-12-16 Anvilus Interruptus or an Anti-Climatic Anvil

Ciao, Peeps!  Let's jump right in!  If it reads choppy, that's because it WAS choppy.  It's another vegematic episode and more's the pity because we saw the resolution of some storylines we probably would've enjoyed more if we'd seen them play out.   PLUS, my DVR blew raspberries at me...didn't record a darned thing!   Well, it is what it is so... Andiamo!  

Fiorella has walked in on Sergio and Santino having a "who yo daddy" conversation. She seems not to have heard.  She asks for Julieta.  She is just there to return her cell phone. Sergio and Santino heave a big sigh of relief and blame each other for the close call.

Next we jump to the employee's kitchen where Domingo tells Simoneta about catching Freddie messing around in Pilar's bureau drawer. Simoneta knows this is highly suspicious because Freddie doesn't pick up or straighten up behind herself, much less anyone else. They hear a door slam and Simona jumps up and sprints out the door, rounds the corner and comes back to report to Domingo that Freddie was spying on them!  Domingo panics! "Dios mio, that psychopath is going to kill me!"  Simoneta says they have to be attentive and more alert now and she volunteers to be his guardian angel!

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Antes Muerta que Lichita (no episode for friday, 2/12.. Univision covered the Pope's arrival to Mexico.)


Muchacha Italiana #118 2/11/16 Pietro Angeles, King of Lame Excuses

 Recap by Sneaky Two Shoes!!!   (Lila apologizes for lateness of posting!!  Sorry, guys!)

Alina discusses aromatherapy w/Pilar – was she using the drops for that? Pilar maintains she never uses drops for anything. Sergio drops by to catch up. Alina tells him she’s convinced the drops weren’t Pilar’s. He’s relieved but confused, what could it all mean? (losing brain cells by the minute this guy) He goes to visit w/Pilar, asks her how she’s feeling and she blames him for not looking for her when she was locked up. He apologizes and explains that he thought she was dead. Pietro calls to check in on his mom.

Vitto meets w/Mario’s bro and tells him all about the brother he never knew – the convo goes well till Di’s atty calls asking to be paid. Vitto doesn’t have the $ now and asks for more time, and please don’t stop defending Di – explains to problem to Mario’s bro.

Pietro gets home and is greeted by a worried Fi w/an unwelcome kiss – he came home to see his mom, not her and he has to leave soon. He’s leaving her all alone in her hour of need w/only lame excuses for company. Sergio and Pietro won’t even let her go visit Pilar w/them.

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Julio's past revealed El Hotel De Los Secretos 02/11/2016 #14

I finally got to watch the episode, and here comes the recap, bullet point style:

  • Isabel takes a nasty hit to the back of the head, but not before she finds a necklace identical to hers (with the same inscription) in Pascual's old haunts, Matilde and Jacinto come to her rescue and the good doctor provides treatment and later helps her test out her medical knowledge.
  • The next morning Julio is off from work and getting ready to leave, that's when detective Ayala finds him and takes him on a little trip to the police station- he knows who Julio is and accuses him of being a killer. Dun,dun,dun!
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Antes Muerta Que Lichita #99 2/11/16: Alicia's Walks the Path that Will Lead to Another Sandra.

Fourth wall Alicia reminds us of her finding out many of Roberto's lies. Don Augusto puts on a very good "Omg how dare he face" while Alicia rants on. The omniscient Augusto is behind Mateo's quick adoption. Now Roberto has to cater to his whims in order to protect Alicia and Mateo.  Alicia tells us that she is changing (for the worst)...we see her throwing her dreams/ideals away literally. 

Augusto wants Roberto to help him with his side business. Augusto goes on about people rich people making a lot of money. He has a lot of clients who want to continue the benefits they were receiving when he was on the API president (I couldn't get the whole convo so if someone could explain this would be awesome!). 

Alex and Kenny are now now married. Bea invites them both to the house for a special dinner. Back at the house Alex states he has another surprise which causes her to tense up. But he assures her its a good thing...he now wants to take up the opportunity to go to Iconika USA. Alex worries about this since his father has all the shares. Bea told him that USA is out of Augusto's reach since her brother owns that portion.
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Pasión y Poder Jueves 2/11/16 #86

Chapter 86: Summer and Smoke

Had a few cocktails the other day with an old acquaintance and it occurred to me that this story is taking on some elements of one of his less successful plays. This needs a few martinis now because I'm not sure where it could go from here. Until now I seemed to be looking at one of Shakespeare's greatest hits being turned inside out which means it would end with adult children mourning their parents. On the other hand, it could become something that ends in a modern stalemate. Not sure what my readers will say to either.

One thing I can say is that today's communication capabilities and changes in morality means that all bets are off.
                                                                                                    – D.D.
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Celia, Eva La Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, ¿Quién es Quién?, and Fatmagul: Week of February 8, 2016


Here's page 2 for the week.
Please join in the conversation.

If you're looking for a telenovela that's just starting, the comedy ¿Quién es Quién? began just two days ago.  It airs each day 8:00-9:00 PM.

Reminder: In addition to the telenovelas named above, Telemundo is also re-broadcasting the smash hit La Reina del Sur every Saturday and Sunday 6:00-8:00 PM.  You can also find some discussion and occasional recaps from the original broadcast in 2011 here

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Pasion y Poder #85 Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

Lo Nuevo

Nina argues with Art about being more firm with Connie. Art's phone interrupts them, it's Hummy on the line. He tells Art that he will push Julia to leave the GL mansion. Art tells Hummy to let him know when Julia leaves the house. Hummy says he will, and then Art will have to help BOTH of them. Hummy also tells Art that he will have to accept David, otherwise Julia won't want anything to do with him. Art shamelessly has this entire conversation in front of Nina, with a smirky "I won" look on his face.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #98 2/10/16

Well, here we go. Sure hope we aren't getting a two for one tonight. And we didn't. It was a single episode!

At the Cafecito, Alicia is feeling bitchy and definitely not in the mood to talk to Magos or Ximena. Valeria comes over and lets Alicia know that she knows the real situation with Luciana and Roberto and Alicia. Luciana is not happy at all. Roberto is a good man. Alicia should talk to Roberto. It is better to know the truth than always have doubts. Alicia looks like she is thinking about that bit of advice.

Augusto and Roberto are still at it. Augusto tells him to distance himself from Alicia or she and Mateo will suffer the consequences. It is "free will" and up to Roberto to decide. Roberto does not believe that Augusto would do anything to hurt Alicia because Augusto wants her for himself. He has always had his eye on her: trying to seduce her, etc. He tells Augusto that the real reason he wants him away from Alicia is because he knows that he loves her and is capable of doing anything for her. Augusto asks him if he is more honest or more stupid admitting being in love with Alicia while being married to his daughter Luciana at the same time. Roberto better watch it or he will get to know Augusto as an enemy. Roberto tells Augusto that he and Alicia love each other. Really? Augusto makes sure that Roberto knows that Alicia sold him out. Roberto looks shocked. Augusto tells him to open his eyes. Roberto cannot believe it. Augusto repeats his threat: if he wants Mateo to be safe: distance himself from Alicia. Roberto demands that Augusto tell him how he ended up being Mateo's tutor. Roberto suggests Augusto only got involved as that so he could keep Roberto's hands tied and that he paid off Sheila. Roberto guessed right. Roberto wants to know how Augusto got legal power over his son: Augusto had all the legal connections that got Mateo taken from orphanage without a paper trail. He got it all done due to his experience with the adoption of some "monsters" in the past. In the middle of all this, Alicia calls. Augusto wants Roberto to answer. Roberto says he will distance himself from Alicia with the condition that Augusto not involve her in any of his shady business dealings. To show how magnanimous he can be, Augusto will give him that one concession. In turn Roberto will break it off with Alicia once and for all as only he Roberto can: by destroying her heart. Augusto just smirks through all of this. Roberto does not answer the call but texts Alicia and arranges a meeting tomorrow at her office. Alicia will give him the five minutes to find out what he wants to tell her about his past.
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El Hotel de los Secretos #13, Wednesday, 2/10/16: For Always…Well, Maybe Just for a While

Isabel becomes even more uncomfortable than she already was during her surprise romantic dinner for two with Diego when she learns that Julio will be their private waiter. Diego toasts: “For the woman who will soon be mine.” Diego asks Isabel when she wants to get married. In the fall, she says (far, far away in the fall). He ups the level of discomfort when he makes Isabel open the gift box in front of her, containing a cameo brooch, and makes her read the inscription out loud: “For always.”

Julio leaves the dining room stiffly, wishing Isabel his congratulations on her engagement as he goes. After the dinner, Julio goes outside to hit rocks with sticks, and generally curse his luck for falling for a rich gal who’s already engaged to someone else. Isabel goes searching for Julio in his room after dinner and only finds Andres in his skivvies. She asks Andres to drop the formalities and just be the friend she grew up with, and knows all her secrets. He realizes that what/who she really needs is Julio, but he doesn’t know where he is. He hugs Isabel instead.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #117 2-10-16 Take Your Apellido and Shove It!

Ciao, Peeps!  Let's jump right in with a quick summary!  Andiamo!  As usual, feel free to correct and expand!
  • Fiorella continues to rake her new-found parents over the coals and outright rejects their suggestion that she take a DNA test.  Santino says its a legal formality so that he can arrange her inheritance and give her his name.   Fifi ain't having it!  She's proud to be a Bianchi and she doesn't need his stinkin' money!  The only thing that matters to her is Gianna's heart transplant surgery!  She invites them to leave!

  • Sergio and Julieta report to Pedro at ACorp on Fiorella's rejection and refusal to take the DNA test.  After much persuasion, he agrees to talk to Fiorella to try to convince her to take it.
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Muchacha Italiana #116 2/9/16 Technical Difficulties

Recap by the amazing Sneaky Two Shoes!!!   Grazie Tantissimo!!

(Ok folks I got to start out with an apology, this was a night of just one thing after another, first the audio was muffled on my recording and I spent an hour taking apart and cleaning my VCR to no avail so I’m sure I missed some dialogue so this recap is going to be extra short) 

Just as Fi is asking Pietro why he is so distant with her and what was it that his father told him that upset him so much they broke in w/primary results so I missed whatever lame excuse Pietro came up with and the next thing I got was the funeral at the house.

Roxi cries and eulogizes  her mother; how nice she was, and how she let her get away with everything, and how mean Roxi was. Then, Fed comes home and makes a ruckus about the funeral for the servant till Roxi gives her a well deserved slap and tells the priest he can get on with the funeral.

Then we go to Pietrella’s room and Pietro’s unwillingness to even lie in bed beside the woman who may be his half sister. He goes to shower (repeatedly I’m sure) while Fi goes to sleep. Pietro flashes back to all their kisses from the very first, till Sergio’s voice breaks in to his memories saying Fi might be his daughter.

Next morning Pietro hasn’t slept in the bed and left a note for Fi saying he’s gone to resolve something.

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Lichita 2/9

Hey guys! it's a short recap today (I missed the first half of the show, so fill in if I missed something good!)... enjoy!

Alicia wants to move Jimena to a better school. Magos is against it, but Jimena is really excited!

Augusto is telling Beto all about how he needs to work for HIM and not the cops, when Draco brings in Mateo and Sheila... "the consequences for your heroism will fall on your kid."

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El Hotel de los Secretos #12: Beaten Up and Beat Down and Just Plain Beat!

El Pasado:

Julio finally straggles and struggles, making his way back through the kitchen entrance of the Grand Hotel, drunk, disheveled and disheartened.  I might add disdainful of the lovely Isabela who hears the commotion and races into the kitchen only to be cursed by “her camarero.” He literally curses the day he and his sister ever came upon the Alarcon Family.  They are capable of anything and everything!  The family only knows betrayal and wickedness.  They are capable of twisting the purest and most spotless of souls there is!  Andres has to drag him out of there before the whole hotel is awakened.

El Nuevo:

Julio pushes off Andres and Lupe’s kid and sleeps it off in a corner of the kitchen that night while Isa weeps behind locked doors.  Andres tosses and turns until dawn when he makes it back to the kitchen and carries Julio off to bed. 

As the day begins downstairs, poor Lupe tries cheering up his ungrateful son.  As kids often do, he returns the favor with snide remarks that because of Lupe loving his cooking more than his wife (in a few words) the woman left and Smart-Ass Kid never knew his mother.  Lupe gives the kid what for and a much deserved and well-placed whack across the chops.

Upstairs, Isa hides in her locked room as Diego abuses his authority and tries using his skeleton key to enter and spy on her.  He thinks twice about it and leaves.  She races of to her friend, Mati’s, suite and climbs in the bed.  Matilde complains that Isa’s making too much over this nobody of a camarero of hers.  Isa supposedly loses all perspective when it comes to this guy!  Isa denies it.  They’re only friends.  Talk to the hand, says Mati.  This face knows better and it ain’t listenin’.

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Pasión y poder, Episode 84, Tuesday, February 9, 2016: This isn't ripping off a bandaid – this is a damn bikini wax!

I can't even
Poor, conflict-averse Gabriela begs her beloved aunt to talk to Franco.  Julia, however, can't oblige her.  Really, she can't even look at Franco right now.

The spokesmodel sleeps in
Slugabed Daniela is evasive when Nina asks where she was the night before.  But she must think it's hilarious when Nina reveals her latest brainstorm – why not have Ashmore as the baby's godfather?

Who is she???
Julia sees Eladio asleep in the armchair in his study, an open bottle and an empty glass nearby.  She rouses him by shaking him, disgusted with him for taking refuge in alcohol.  Now she angrily demands the name of Franco's mother.  With great reluctance – he doesn't want to cause her more pain, but he doesn't want to lie to her anymore – he tells her that Franco's mother is Caridad.  Julia is aghast.  Caridad Herrera???
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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pasion y Poder #83 20160208 Julia Shriver Learns the Truth!

  • Connie and Miguel are on the phone whispering sweet nothings to one another.  Connie asks Miguel what TMZ had to say about her.  Miggie won't tell.  He tells her that he loves her and kisses to the baby. 
  • After they hang up, Connie is visited by Dani.  Dani asks to be the godmother.  Connie says hell no in a nice way.  Her kid's will be sober and have morals.  Anyway, Connie was thinking of asking Gina.  Dani says that Connie should reconsider because Art would never allow Dave to be the godfather.  
  • Speaking of no morals, Dave and Gina enter the hospital room and announce that they have decided to live together in sin in Monterrey.  They have a heavy groping session in front of the new mother and Dani.  I surprised that they didn't ask Connie to move over in the hospital bed so that they could really get it on.  Geez.  Connie tells the couple that she is considering who should be the godparents.  Gina tells her to make sure that godparents will put the child first or something like that.  Dani leaves.  
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Hotel de los Secretos, #11, Monday 2/8/16: Dr. Yes

Julio is in the midst of a full-blown brawl, and doing fairly well, when Genaro pulls a gun on Julio. Julio pauses, and Genaro's pals grab Julio and let him have it.

Jacinto drags Isabel away, saying that if anything happens to her, he (Jacinto) will get killed.

Julio gets carted off to jail.

Morning. Ayala has to tell Dagoberto and the other cop that splashing people with water is not the proper way to wake them. Ayala welcomes Julio to the world of the living. He's impressed that Julio beat up five people last night. Julio takes off his wet shirt to mop his face. We see a half-moon tattoo on the inside of his right arm - that is, if we can spare a look at his arm because there is a lot of other good stuff on display.
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Monday, February 08, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casare #115 2-8-16 A Swift and Sudden Visit from the Angel of Death!

Ciao, Peeps.  I'm not feeling peppy or inspired tonight.  As is inevitable in these stories, we have come to a painful parting of the ways between us and a (mostly) beloved character.  The loss colors everything and is one of only two major developments tonight.  More than a recap, this will be an extended introduction for a discussion page.  So, here we are:

First we have Fiorella's finding out she is the long lost daughter of Julieta and Santino.  They are initially shocked and then overcome with joy and relief while Fiorella is devastated.  She pulls away from their attmpts to embrace her and she asks them accusingly, why did they give her away, why did they abandon her?   They are hurt by her rejection but give her space and Fiorella vents these feelings in more depth with Pedro moments later.  With Pedro she cries and rages that Vittorio had no right to keep this information from her; the whole thing feels unreal and what a bitter surprise life has dealt her:  all her life has been a lie!  Pedro wonders what happened to the Dr. who was present at her birth?  He's a very old man now, he must have confused her with Gianna.  Pedro offers his support to her for whatever she needs and consoles her with his kisses and warm embrace.  She begs him and he agrees not to tell Gianna.  Fiorella is afraid her heart couldn't take the shock.

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Antes muerta que Lichita Monday February 8: my plane home got cancelled...

Yes, I am snowed in where there is no Univision. I asked Ezra to cover for me but he hasn't answered. So, sorry, please talk among yourselves. I want to know what happened too!


TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Celia, Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, Fatmagul, and ¿Quién es Quién?: Week of February 8, 2016

The Telemundo page is now issued twice a week: Mondays at 3PM and Thursdays at 8PM.  This is the place for discussion of Celia (whose gran final airs this Monday), Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, Fatmagul, and, starting this Tuesday at 8PM, ¿Quién es Quién? 

Wikipedia offers the following brief synopsis of ¿Quién es Quién?:  "... a story about twin brothers, one rich and the other poor, who were separated at birth and reunited several years later; they decide to change their identities, giving them the opportunity to deal with various complicated situations."  I suspect the novela, starring Eugenio Siller as both brothers, will be a lot more fun than this rather dry synopsis may suggest. Some of us will surely remember Eugenio as Nicolás Núñez / Javier Bolivar in the madcap "Reina des Corazones."  The Telemundo website offers a synopsis of ¿Quién es Quién? in Spanish along with information about the cast (including photos) and videos.

Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion.  Please remember to put the name of the novela you're discussing at the top of your posting, since all the Telemundo novelas share the same page.

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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Pasión y poder, Episode 82, Friday, February 5, 2016: Spite and Greed – Humberto sells Eladio's secret to Arturo. Will the House of Cards come tumbling down?

Let's pick up where we left off on Thursday night:

The Kiss
In Consuelo's hospital room, the sweet kiss comes to an end. Consuelo knows how Miguel feels.  After all, she has just confessed that she feels the same way about him.  But his continued presence in her life can only make things worse. 

Regina calls her sister-in-law to congratulate her.  For the baby's sake, she tells Consuelo, she hopes Erick will wake up.  And Miguel, who is still lingering in the room, hears what Consuelo replies:

Aunque yo nunca volvería con Erick, deseo de todo corazón que se despierte.
(Although I would never go to back to Erick, I hope with all my heart that he does wake up.)

The Warning 
In Erick's hospital room, Arturo stands up to Nina when she insinuates that Miguel represents a danger to their grandson.  He certainly doesn't have to protect the baby from him, he says.  "Miguel helped to bring him into the world, and he would never harm him.  Never."

"Don't you think it's harm enough," replies Nina, "for his uncle to have fallen in love with his mother?  He's only a baby now, but what about when he's older and he finds out about all this?"
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El Hotel de los Secretos #10 more dead ends

We begin at the dinner table with Elisa, Alfredo, Sofia, Teresa, Filipe, and Diego sitting together.  Isabel, who should be at the dinner celebrating Diego’s heroic act, (not really, he was just shutting up a key witness) but instead she and Julio are at the front door of Pascual’s dilapidated house as Julio is inserts the key.
Alfredo urges his mother to meet with him soon, he has something very important to discuss with her. She replies that if it’s not about the fact that they should be on the next train leaving these savages, then she doesn’t see the urgency to talk with him. Ouch! Now we know clearly her opinion of this family. And Filipe isn’t helping when he whistles to the waiter for more wine.
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Friday, February 05, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #114 2-5-16 Mi Vida Sin Ti!

Ciao, miei cari Patio Peeps!  Andiamo. . .short e dolce!  Let's go!  Short and sweet!  No refrito!

Fidel shows Pedro the canvas bag with the hammer and screwdriver and pliers. Looks like Osvaldo is behind the deadly "home improvement!"  Os comes in grinning from ear to ear with a shopping bag full of baby stuff to show Pedro who slaps him with the accusation instead.

Sonia is practicing with her singing coach.  Be nice folks, she is practicing.  Freddie waltzes in and calls Sonia's attention to the loud voices coming from the study. Sonia goes to investigate.  Freaky Freddie (wish I could find a clever name to work "bitch" into her name) insults and evicts the coach!

Pedro collars Osvaldo who vigorously denies the charges and defends himself without huffing, puffing, or becoming obnoxious!  He understands Pedro's suspicions but stands his ground.  Sonia enters the study and joins the defense.  Osvaldo asks why would he want to harm Pedro when without Pedro the business would sink and why would he hide the incriminating evidence in his bedroom? Fidel thinks Os has a point and Pedro grudgingly agrees with Fidel that they will keep investigating more deeply.  Os cautions Pedro that someone is trying to drive a wedge between them and agrees that until the culprit is found, everyone remains under suspicion!

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #113 2/4/16 This Show Has More Plotting Than Plot

Recap by Sneaky Two Shoes!!!!   Grazie Tantissimo!!!!

Skankia isn't gone after all and Roxi comes into the kitchen yelling like a drill sgt. Beni even salutes. Katia plays innocent, and Roxi goes for her eyes, but Beni holds her back and Katia makes her escape. Then Beni and Rox fight. Rox calls Beni a jellyfish who fallls at Katia's feet at the slightest invitation. Beni gets upset and says he's had it with her jealousy.

Juli and Santino and their guy -  He found a nurse who saw the girl Mario adopted  and the baby had a lilac colored ribbon on her wrist. Juli says she put it there and now they have a pic and they're closer to finding her. Juli cries, happy tears this time.

Fi is not in the mood for love, she wants to go to the organ bank and see if any donors have died yet. Pietro talks her into coming to ACorp with him and they'll call from there.

Dinner table talk about Dante's death and how wierd it was. Fed is pretty much horrible to everyone during this scene the worst thing she says is maybe Sonia's baby will die and when they tell her to bite her tongue she says its my house I can say what I want. Not yet it isn't responds Pietro and Os changes the subject, asking Fi how Gia is in a caring and not at all like him way. Sergio asks about ACorp and Fed goes oh now you care. When Pietro tells the fam thy are working on getting out of the hole Fed warns them all they will see the fall of the Angeles empire and swans out leaving the others to scoff at her back.

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