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Tontas Tuesday March 31, '09 Will He Or Won't He Be Sleeping On The Couch

Yep, that's the big question tonight. Pat's making heavy inroads. First he got his suitcases in the door. Then he moved his valise into Candy's bedroom. Next he proposed sharing her bed because the couch "no está sexy". Can't dispute that. And besides, Chava wants a little brother. Did any of this get resolved? Heck no. But come along for the ride anyway.

Candy's still wearing her fright dress over jeans, so we assume it's the same loooong day. She and Pato are sparring about his sleeping quarters. She says couch. He says no.

More sparring between Santiago and Marissa. He wants to know how much longer she's going to play this game with him, pretending to be at the hospital while hiding out in her apartment. He proposes confronting the situation like adults. She prefers more torment. You didn't ask me how I am, she adds slyly. So how are you? Fine! The scene ends with Marissa making one of her nutso faces. You've really got to feel sorry for that poor beleagured baby nesting in her uterus.

Back to our other twosome. Chava wants to know why Dad's sleeping on the couch. Moms and Dads sleep together, no? Great idea, concurs Pato, and by the way, my stuff in already in your room, dear. Now Chava talks Dad into taking him to work, over Candy's tepid protests. He and Chava make identical pleading faces to mama...puhleez puhleez puhleez. And off they go.

Candy then bops upstairs to harangue Charlie out of bed. No lying around, get moving, help young people. You need to tell your story. Save lives. Come with me to the Institute. The romantic music plays so we know this is a good idea.

Cute scene with Patricio and Chava at work with him explaining about ceramics and exporting them so all the world so people can appreciate Mexican artisanry. Chava decides he wants to be an artist as well as a soccer player and dad's on board with that. You can be many many things, Chava, he assures him.

Candy's at the Institute selling the Charlie idea to Barbara who's all enthusiasm. Lucia, meanwhile, is doing some heavy-duty flirting with some classmate, asking for help in math which alas he can't give. But he'd sure like to help her with literature! Fortunately Santiago drives by, nips this scene in the bud and assures Lucia she can talk with him later. Right now she's going home with Papa.

A new client arrives at the Institute who will only speak with Candy. Why? Well, she knows her from her columns, that's why. And she has a problem. Remember those old headache ads, which ran?.... Headache no. 57 etc.? Well, I swear we're on our 57th PSA! But now it's female sexuality, or to be more exact, female frigidity. I feel like I'm back in the 50's reading Ladies Home Journal "Can This Marriage Be Saved?". Here's the short version. Marta had a very strict upbringing. Married, sees her husband as her "dueño" (lord and master if you want to get all flowerly about it) and in 20 years of matrimony, 2 children, she's never felt a thing. Nada. Candy wisely turns Marta over to Barbara. Not only for counseling but presumeably old Barb knows a bit more about female sexuality( having been married twice) than Candy ( one night of pre-nuptial bliss.)

Patricio's still explaining his business to Chava and now we're on the subject of "equipales" (chairs with leather seats). They're made with wood (madera) or "otate" (a thick type of bamboo) and leather. Whoops....another pipi break for Chava. This is the most urineferous telenovela ever. I used to laugh about Fafy Cuenca's Flomax moments but Chava's pipi scenes are even more numerous. What's with these script writers? The scene ends with a
secretary bringing in the documents Patricio asked for, while Dad and Chava rush to the men's room.

Okay, forget pipi and PSA's. We've got a yummy scene with Chayo and Eduardo. Well, yummy to me at least 'cause I've always maintained these two really love each other and belong together. Yeah, I know, a lot of you hate him. But bear with me here. He's contrite. He's sad. He knows he's been stupid. He's acknowledging how he never appreciated all she did for him. And now he does. And he's asking forgiveness. And for another chance.

Chayo's not so sure. She's been so hurt in the past. She couldn't go through any more pain, or another betrayal.

His answer: Never again. I love you. I miss you.

Her answer: I'll think about it. Give me time. (Lo voy a pensar. Dame tiempo.)

Color me happy. I like these two together. Ad time.

When we come back, there's a powwow at the Institute with everybody on board about Charlie, and possibly Lucia, collaborating in teaching about the problem of AIDS and hey, maybe we could get a firm to donate free condoms! Whoops....in comes Marissa to rain on the parade. She doesn't like anything about this idea. As a matter of fact, she thinks the Institute should concentrate on female beauty and recommending plastic surgery. Take that Miss Candy!

While they square off, the scene switches to Santiago having a heart to heart with Lucia. He saw her flirting. Sure seemed like more than a friend, as Lucia claims. You need to be careful. You've just been through a big scare. And you need to be upfront with people about it. Just because you weren't informed and you felt betrayed and angry, doesn't mean you should turn around and hurt others. And what about Charlie? He's alone and the person he loved most in the world (Lucia) isn't with him. I don't know if you'll get back together or at least be friends but remember....the AIDS virus can only be transmitted through blood or semen....not kisses and hugs. Take care of yourself.

In the meantime, the fight has escalated between Candy and Marissa. Who does the Institute belong to? The name is registered with Marissa. But the rooms are rented by Candy through her uncle. Well, I own every stick of furniture, retorts Marissa, and by the way, you can forget about ever running your column again....ever! Looks like the end of the line for these two.

But what about Chayo and Eduardo? Well, she's come to Candy for advice and help. Candy says....are you ready now?... " Listen to your heart. " Our good ol' fortune cookie/telenovela wisdom. Well, Chayo's heart says "she loves him and can't live without him". Okay, fine. Candy will help. And her assistence? Well, it consists of a threatening phone call to Eduardo. Don't talk. Just listen. Chayo loves you. And she's worth her weight in gold (vale oro) If you ever cheat on her again, I'll take a pair of pruning shears (tijeras de podar) to your nether regions.

I dunno. This doesn't strike me as the most mature way to further a relationship. But hey, Chayo asked for help. And this is what she got. Color me unimpressed.

Another powwow with the group. Candy's telling them about the split and she understands if they want to go with Marissa. She has more revenue and she'll keep the Institute's name. Nope. They all want to stay with Candy. New name is all. Meño suggests Institue Bocina (horn, loudspeaker) because it "suena fuerte" (sounds strong, loud). Ho ho. The scene ends with a rousing cheer of "ni un paso atrás" (not one step backwards)

More threatening. This time between Marissa and brother Raúl. He doesn't want to drop Candy's column. It's the most popular part of the paper. Well, Marissa is half -
owner and she says it has to go. But if that's not enough, she could throw herself down the stairs, lose the baby and then how would he feel? So here's the phone. Do it!

Chava and Pato are back at home and this time Chava's the instructor. He's telling Dad about the little box of lies and how Mom asked his forgiveness for the lie about him having no father. Patricio asks if Chava can forgive HIM for having hurt his mom so badly. Of course. (Both their voices sound very similar in this scene. Quite effective) Some good dad/son lovin' going on when Candy arrives. Mami!!! Esposa!!! How was work? Hugs and kisses all 'round and you can see Candy is feeling a bit smitten with all this family affection. When Patricio hands her the divorce papers so she can sign them, instead she tears them up. Slowly. While looking into Patricio's eyes. He gets up. Comes toward her. And they kiss. And we break for an ad.

Are Candy and Patricio about to get busy? Well, if Chava has his way, yes. He's ready for a little sibling. Patricio reminds her that they had planned to have at least 5 children together, and for now, Chava's the only one. Maybe they should start working on this right away. She wants him to slow waaaaay down. He'd like her to speed up a bit. How about we at least practice. Some heavy breathing. I'm feeling more fear than desire, says Candy. Well, I could give you a little kiss and see if that helps, proposes Patricio.

And yes, we've had this scene before! A number of times. Oh well.

Back to Santiago's office. He's cranky. Wants Hortensia to tell Senora Ramirez she can't keep cancelling appointments. She goes right to the heart of the matter. How's Lucia? And how are you? He cries on her shoulder. She tells him to "luchar por su amor" (another telenovela staple). He launches into his Legend of the Lonely Man (she only knows the Legend of the Lonely Woman) Well, here goes anyway. Lonely man looked for love. And found it. A dynamic, successful, full of life lady. But what happened? An old love came along and took her away. He's been abandoned by Paulina. And Marissa wants to hurt him....which is like abandonment. And Candy doesn't want him. But you have me, Hortensia reminds him huskily. And me, pops up the comely assistant, moving in for a hug. Santiago comes to and skedaddles. And Hortensia warns comely assistant to never again touch the doctor in her presence!

Pato's on the couch but doesn't intend to be there for long. He calls Candy on his cell phone. She tells him to stay put. He pops into her room instead. Lands on the bed, proposes they make up for lost time. Chava barrels in. Dad falls off the bed. Chava's sent out and politely asks permission to enter. Asks Dad if he kisses Mom on the mouth. He sure does, little fella. Every chance he gets. Tells Dad that it's yucky to do that. Lots of laughs and Chava, Candy and Pato make a big loving sandwich family type hug.

Contrast that with Santiago sitting by himself on a park bench. Looking blue, sighing at a nearby baby, briefly going into delusional thinking, imagining himself talking with Candy.

Back to Candy's house and kitchen mayhem. Somehow Beto has appeared and Dad and two boys are in the kitchen throwing eggs and flour around, pretending to make a cake. Gogo and Meño enter and Tio is horrified, not only at the mess but also at the mere presence of Patricio. What are you doing here!? What do you mean you're sleeping on the couch!? Patricio stammers that it's just for a couple of days. Candy stammers that she's sorry, she meant to tell Meño but it all happened so fast. Gogo wants to know if Alicia has been informed. Patricio brushes this off.

Meño takes Candy aside and asks the 64-thousand dollar question. You told me that "el doctor plastico" was the love of your life. Now you've got Patricio living here? Candy's reply is that Chava needs his papa so let him stay. Meño thinks she's guilting herself into getting back together with him. She lied to him and she feels she owes him. But does her heart go "tilin tolon" when she sees him. Look into my eyes, he adds sternly. ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH PATRICIO? And there we end for tonight.

Previews: Alicia's on the phone, talking to Candy. Patricio's not in the hotel. Where is he? Living with me, is Candy's reply. And Santiago, now that Candy and Patricio are together, is telling Candy that he's going to marry Marissa.


tijeras de podar =pruning shears
bocina = horn, loudspeaker
equipales = chairs with leather seats
vale oro = Lit. is worth gold. we'd say "worth their weight in gold"
tilin tolon = ding dong
suena fuerte = sounds loud; sounds strong (play on words)
ni un paso atrás = not one step backwards
otate = a type of thick bamboo
dueño = owner, proprietor, "lord and master" in marital sense
llueve sobre mojado = when it rains, it pours. (no, this wasn't in the episode. just thought I'd throw this in)
And finally...Diane's Dicho of the Day (because she likes them) "Al que madruga, Dios le ayuda" The early bird catches the worm.


Las tontas no van #80, Mon 3/30, The power of forgiveness given and withheld

Tonight’s theme is apology, and forgiveness given and withheld, including discrimination against those society refuses to forgive. In honor of the return of functioning captions, I pulled several vocabulary words out of tonight’s episode. Considering how many unfamiliar words they used, I sure did appreciate the captions. You know the worth of water when the well runs dry!

Santiago tells Charly that nobody has to know he’s infected, other than certain parties with a need to know – his doctor, the government, any potential partner. It’s a sensitive issue because of discrimination suffered by those who are infected. Forgiveness Topic #F-1, Society‘s refusal to forgive.

Look how far Santiago has come, at least in one aspect. Remember when he would panic if Lucía said the S-word? Now he counsels Charly and Lucía. He explains that there are plenty of couples with one infected partner. He steps carefully and says they could find themselves in that situation as well. Luc interrupts: no way, no how. Santi goes on, he doesn’t know whether they’ll get back together. He recognizes a special closeness between them, and he doesn’t want to fail to tell them that if they decide to have relations, they need to take precautions this time. Of course, he never suggests that it may be emotionally unwise for them to resume relations. Remember, this is a novela. Sunday school with sex. As for the PSA, latir – throb. ‘Nuff said. Charly again begs Luc to forgive him. Luc says “Nunca!” (#F-2, Forgiveness withheld.)

Santiago is unsettled. He tells Hortensia that Charly is still a boy and he had to counsel him how to delay death. When he found out Charly had risked Luc, Santi wanted to kill him. Now that Luc is safe, he just feels compassion. He still feels like he failed his brother. (#F-3, Can‘t forgive himself.) Santiago remembers a few years ago when Luc proudly announced to him, “Tío, I’m a woman now.” He remembers the happiness in her eyes and her glow, and he fears her light will go dark from bitterness. (Brillo – sparkle, brilliance. Me da pavor – it terrifies me.)

Getting ready for bed, Rocío and Lucía have a sisters talk.
Roc: Why are you angry? Did I do something? (#F-4, Roc is willing to apologize even if she doesn’t know what she did wrong.)
Luc: No, nothing. I’m angry at myself. (#F-5, Luc can’t forgive herself.) I fought with Charly and said some ugly things.
Roc: Did he do something to you?
Luc: Yes, but it was my fault too. Something very bad.
Roc: (From the mouths of babes..) When I’m angry at Daddy, I always end up (terminar) angry at Chava too.
Luc: It’s because you like him so much.
Roc: Don’t you like Charly? Are you ever going to forgive him?
Luc: I don’t know. (Repeat of #F-2, Will Luc forgive Charly?)
Notice that Lucía is starting to soften up a little on Charly.

Ed announces to the Abandonados that Lucía’s test turned out (resultar) negative.

The restaurant is decorated for a Christmas party, and Candy arrives with the boys. (This episode aired May 28 in Mexico.) Santa arrives with Patricio’s voice. He says he wants to celebrate the last eight Christmases with them. Candy is charmed, and Santa takes the opportunity for a big kiss. Beto sees it and tells Chava, “Wow! Your mom is Santa’s girlfriend. You’ll get better presents than anyone!” Santa gives the boys toys. Meño tells boys to get moving – ponerse las pilas. There are dolls for Rocío, Lulu, Soledad, and Meño. Soledad is not charmed. He gives Candy a soccer ball signed by the whole Chivas team, per a letter she wrote to Santa when she was about 12. She should have asked her dad (Jesus Bracamontes was the Chivas’ coach in the 90’s). Sven sits down with Soledad and stutters and stammers and gets tongue-tied as only Sven can, until she holds his mouth closed long enough to tell him yes, she is willing to go out with him. He wants her phone number, and his motor starts running again.

Santiago goes to see his old friend Federico the shrink. Fred says he owes Santi a favor after the great surgery Santi did for his wife, but Santi tells him, “Los amigos nunca estamos en deuda” – Friends never owe you anything, or friends never keep accounts. Fred reviewed the case and concluded that Marissa is in bad shape, and for right now, neither Santi nor he can do anything for her. Speaking as Santi’s friend, the only solution he can see is to stay at Marissa’s side, play along with her game, humor her, and be there to remediate any risk. She obviously has a behavioral disorder, probably brought on by pregnancy hormones and the situation with Santi.. If Santi doesn’t play along, things will take a turn for the worse.

Santi is having great difficulty swallowing all this - he‘s completely boggled. Play along with someone who is totally unbalanced – desequilibrio? He asks how far he needs to go along with this absurd game. He wants to protect his son, but Marissa is pushing him to get married. Fred counsels that he should even get married, and after the baby is born, they can separate (I think I heard that), and she can get proper help.

Santiago is dumbfounded by this advice. So am I. Santi insists, no, he demands that after the baby is born, the doctor will officially certify that she is not emotionally fit to care for the child. The doctor guarantees (avalar) that he will certify that. For a patient that he has not tested, not analyzed, not even interviewed yet. Let’s review, shall we? Santi’s one old friend keeps a macabre museum in his house. Another old friend is the quack who killed Candy’s sister. Another old friend operates… This old friend sounds like he’s in league with Marissa, but is ready to certify her, sight unseen. How is it that the best plastic surgeon in Mexico spent his college years with a bunch of quacks?

Alone with Candy, Gregoria says that Alicia is pretty upset about seeing Candy and Pat kissing. Candy points out that she is the victim (perpetual, eternal, unrelenting, and unmistakable); and that it was Ali who ruined her marriage and ruined her life. Gregoria reminds her, none too gently, that Candy is no angel either, considering all the pain her death caused. Candy, in a monologue that demonstrates exactly why we all love her as much as we do, says, “Yeah, mom, but I didn’t know that I was causing anybody pain, and besides I was really hurt too, and besides I was angry. You’ve already forgiven me, haven’t you?” (Big smile.) Greg answers, “Yes, but I didn’t forget.” (#F-6, Forgiveness presumptuously assumed and grudgingly given.) Candy doesn’t want to go out of her way to hurt Ali, but she’s not going to change her course for her either. Pat joins the conversation and is soon joined by Chava, excited about the visit from Santa.

Santiago is reading in bed when Donato brings him some tea. Without being snotty, Santi tells him that if he wants tea he’ll ask for it; what does Don really want to talk about? Next we see Don drinking tea with Santi, explaining that his boss accused him of robbery, and all the stolen goods were found in his room. Santi knows he’s no thief, but he’s disturbed that Don never told him this before. He understands that Don asked Isabel to keep his secret, because nobody is willing to give an ex-convict a chance (#F-7, society won’t forgive.) But Donato needs to understand that Santiago is the one responsible for the household and he needs to be informed. While he’s at it, Santi reminds Don that this is his bed; Don shouldn’t get too comfortable. I love how Donato is always trying to covertly tiptoe to a higher position, and Isabel and Santi always reassert his proper place. I once knew a Newfoundland dog who always tried to sneak into my lap without my noticing.

In the morning, Santiago scolds his mama (I love watching these two together) because she never told him that Donato was in jail. He says, “Me hubiera gustado saberlo,” I would have liked to have known (imperfect subjunctive). Isabel is worried that the stress is getting to her son. By the way, notice the statue on Santi’s desk. It’s not erotic! I didn’t know Televisa had any of that kind! Later Santi calls Donato to his office, but Donato interrupts Santi to turn in his resignation. He says, “I should tell you, I have always been loyal to you and to all your lies.” Santi asks if Don is blaming or blackmailing him. No. Does he want to leave? No, Don replies, he has to leave. Santi asks whether it’s for his dignity or his shame, because neither is appropriate in this situation. He won’t stop him if Don wants to leave. Santi had already come to a decision, for the safety of his daughters.

Refugio drags her fiancé into Barb’s office for a session because her last three novios ditched her the day before the wedding. He admits that her mother told her secret – her psychiatric problems and nervous disorders. (#F-8, society flees from those with mental disorders.) Refugio is stunned; her novio asks, “You mean it’s not true?” They realize that the problem was her mother who was afraid of being left alone. Her novio demonstrates a sincere, remorseful apology that clearly indicates a change, and she forgives him. (#F-9, apology sincerely given and gratefully accepted.) In contrast to..

Ali and Margarita are forming battle strategies. Marg tells her that if she confronts Pat, he’ll just distance himself farther. Ali is sure Candy’s doing it for vengeance. Speaking of the Queen of Sangrón, Candy arrives at the door, and the sisters give each other genetically-enhanced stink-eye. Candy says it’s time for them to stop fighting. Ali suggests that the first step is for Candy to leave Ali’s husband alone, since she gave him up. Candy says she didn’t give him up, she escaped him. She accuses her sister of being a fat-faced cootie-head. Not really, but their conversation has regressed to that maturity level. She continues, “Nonetheless, I came to apologize if I’ve hurt you somehow.” Can you imagine? Ali rejects an apology with that level of warm, heartfelt remorse. There’s just no pleasing some people. (Have I ever mentioned how much I despise insincere apologies? Especially the ones that begin, “I‘m sorry if you think I...”) (#F-10, apology insincerely offered and sincerely rejected.)

If you haven’t watched this episode yet, I recommend that you skip the Candy & Chava scene. Those are minutes in your life that you’ll never get back. You could use them doing something more productive. Like watching paint peel. Chava brings Candy his caja de mentiras (box to trap lies), because twice he lied about brushing his teeth. Maybe it was a ploy to leave the box where it was truly needed. We’re treated to another Tontas Toidy Time (ah, the sweet memories, sitting around the toilet bowl with my mama), when Candy flushes the lies down the toilet. And yet another when he confesses that he doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom. Candy forgives him. (#F-11.) Then she takes Chava to his room and apologizes for all the years she lied to him, saying that his father was dead and keeping them apart. (#F-12) Didn’t she already do that, back when Chava found out the Pat was his dad?

Barbara tells the institute staff that Refugio will be enrolling in all their classes. Chayo wonders why Barb made her such a special project. Barb identified with this patient because her mother was so controlling. Meño wonders if that was related to Barb’s two marriages and divorces, but Barb denies any relation.

Isabel sees Donato carrying suitcases and blames Santiago for firing him for having been in jail. Thus Tina and the girls hear the secret. Tina goes to lock up her valuables. The girls think Don has the face of a thief. It turns out that Santi simply asked Don to get rid of things that were in storage. Santi and Don start albures (a verbal game of bawdy puns) that go over my head.

Marissa calls Santiago to come quickly because she is in pain with stomach cramps, and she’s worried for the baby. He heads for the door, but he imagines that it is a very pregnant Candy calling him instead, talking sweetly to the proud papa, until Mar interrupts his enjoyment of the moment. When he arrives at her apartment in a rush, looking so fine in that black shirt instead of the yellow cow shirt, he finds her note, “I went to the hospital. I feel terrible, and very, very alone.” She doesn’t answer her phone, so he rushes out the door to find her. As the door closes behind him, she emerges from the kitchen mocking him.

More of the same with Ed and Chayo. Ed complains that they can’t continue this way in a divided house. She hired Dany, an Organizer of Ex-Couples. She whistles, he enters, and is at her beck and call. Her first call is for Dany to carry her to her bedroom.

Santi goes to his office, and he, Hortensia, and Ed are all on their phones trying to track down Marissa. Santi yells at Hortensia because he’s going nuts with worry for his son. They reach Raúl and find out Marissa is at her apartment. Santi rushes back out the door. Horti notes to Ed that Marissa is quite lucid about certain things..

Pat arrives at Candy’s door, steps inside, puts down his suitcases, and announces that he came to live with her and his son. Chava runs down the steps and Pat tells him the same thing, knowing Candy wouldn‘t break her son‘s heart by canceling that plan. Candy is not charmed. Pat follows the adage that it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission. (#F-13.) He goes straight for her Achilles Heel, claiming that he decided to move in because he saw how happy it makes Chava when they are together, and he wants Chava to always be happy. Candy is mad that he didn’t talk to her about this first, and he whimpers, pleading forgiveness, until she yields. (#F-14.) Candy agrees that he can stay, but as Chava’s dad, not as her husband, and he won’t sleep in her room. She also asks Pat for divorce papers. Why? If they are to have a relationship, it needs to start today, with no remnants of the old one.

• brillo – sparkle, brilliance
• me da pavor – it terrifies me.
• terminar – This word has many handy uses. Check Word Reference to understand them better. But one of the uses is “to end up,” e.g. Rocío ends up angry at Chava.
• ponerse las pilas – get a move on, buckle down. A pila is a battery, so act like you’re on a full charge.
• Los amigos nunca estamos en deuda – Friends never owe you anything; friends never keep count. (I don’t understand why he uses estamos instead of estan, but my ears and the captions agreed.
• desequilibrio – mentally unbalanced, or unbalanced in general
• avalar – to guarantee
• Me hubiera gustado saberlo. – I would have liked to have known. The tense is imperfect subjunctive.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Cuidado con el Angel - March 30, 2009 - the party's over for Steffie and Isabel

EPISODE #127 - March 30, 2009:
* Pat tells Ceci and Cande about MC being in recovery from her operation. Ceci is so anxious that she wants to go to the hospital to be with her daughter. Pat has to convince her to stay home and sleep - there will be plenty of time to go tomorrow morning. Cande has blessed dreams of MC recovering. Cande goes to her room to sleep. Pat and Ceci sit on the sofa and talk. She thanks him for everything he is doing to support MC. Pat says he has to, MC is his daughter. Ceci smiles and hugs Pat.

* Isa wakes Steffie up in their hotel room. Isa is paranoid and worried about what could go wrong with Steffie's plot. Steffie is frustrated and tells her auntie to go back to sleep - they will have great news in the morning.

* Ceci asks Pat what's wrong? Pat is concerned about MC - wonders about her survival and health after surgery.

* JM talks with Blanca in the reception lobby. They wait and wonder about MC.

* MC lays in her hospital bed. She starts to wake up. Omar is at her side and excited. He asks if she knows him. She says his name. He's really excited now. She asks questions. He tells her about the operation and to relax.

* Isa is furious when she finds out the news about MC in the morning papers. She yells at Steffie that her plan to kill MC failed miserably - MC is alive and recovering from surgery at the hospital. Isa blasts her concerns and worries at Steffie. Steffie is still confident that they won't be caught.

* JM calls the castle and lets Nellie know that MC is still alive and recovering.

* Steffie and Isa argue in their hotel room. Steffie is still overconfident about no suspecting their participation in the murder plot. Isa is overly concerned. Steffie says that they are both in this together.

* Ramon meets with investigating detective at the police station (Victor Camara Jr. - judge in Amor Real). Investigator asks Ramon what he remembers happened before and during the shooting. Ramon explains that he and MC had a wonderful close friendship - he would never want to shoot or kill her.

* Nellie talks with Mayita about JM's phone call, tells Mayita that MC is sick. Mayita is concerned for MC and her baby brother. Nellie cheers Mayita up and sends her off to school. Mayita leaves. Balbina enters and Nellie talks with her - Nellie is still paranoid about Blanca living in the house.

* As the investigator talks with Ramon, Ramon starts to recall a lady backstage (flashback to Steffie poking around the prop area). Investigator asks Ramon questions about the mystery lady - Ramon says that he could pick her out of a line-up. Ramon then gives him a brief description - she's tall, dark hair and a beauty. Ramon then says that Amador's assistant was one of the main people who had access to the prop area. Investigator is happy with the information.

* Amador talks with someone about MC.

* Omar tells JM that MC woke up and recognized him. JM is happy for the news - that means the operation was indeed successful.

* At a picnic breakfast, Ceci and Cande discuss their worries about MC. Martirio finishes serving the breakfast. Before she leaves, Ceci tells her to let Patricio sleep - Ceci tells her and Cande that she's worried about MC and will call and visit the hospital. Cande is hopeful about MC's recovery. Cande asks Martirio for a plate of tortillas and food to take back to her house. Martirio leaves. Cande babbles to Ceci about Padre's prayers for MC. Ceci leaves Cande babbling alone at the table.

* AJ meets with the investigator about MC's shooting. AJ calls it an accident. Investigator asks her very pointed questions about her involvement.

* Steffie tells Isa that they will stick to the story about being on vacation. Isa is worried about all the news reports and suspicions. Steffie is still overconfident and says they will claim that they were on vacation with no contact with any newspapers, radio stations or television stations (in other words, they will lie.)

* AJ explains to the investigator that when she examined the pistol in the prop area, the chambers were empty. Investigator asks who put the bullets in the pistol. AJ is clueless - she explains all the various individuals with the production, besides her, that had access to the props. Investigator wonders about any mystery lady being there also.

* Nellie walks into reception area and presents herself to the secretary.

* AJ and investigator discuss the mystery lady - AJ recalls something really important.

* Steffie still isn't worried -- Isa on the other hand is totally paranoid about the plan falling apart. Steffie still dreams about marrying a millionaire and tells Isa to stay calm, nothing will happen.

* JM sits beside MC's bed and holds her hand.

* AJ tells the investigator about collecting all the props for the production, including the pistol. She remembers there was a lady backstage, asking for Amador and about the props. The lady walked away (we note in the flashback the lady is Steffie). AJ remembers a phone call that came in for Amador. AJ is puzzled about any connection between Amador and this lady.

* Blanca answers the phone at the castle. Ed asks her about JM and MC - Blanca tells him that JM brought her back to the castle then went and spent the night with MC at the hospital. Blanca gives him the news that MC woke up this morning.

* JM is at MC's bedside - he watches her sleep, holds her hand, kisses her bandaged head.

* Steffie, in bikini and sarong, walks through the lobby and out the door - an elderly gent pulls up in his fancy car. He gets out of his car and is very interested in Steffie's beauty.

* Investigator yells over the phone to another detective his orders for the investigation.

* Nellie meets with another detective about her daughter's murder case. Nellie plays paranoid mother who wants justice and can't live in limbo and uncertainty anymore.

* Omar and JM change shifts in MC's room. JM leaves to see JM Jr.

* Steffie flirts with this elder gent at his car. He asks her to have dinner with him tonight. She plays hard to get and isn't sure about accepting.

* Ceci visits MC and talks with Omar about MC's condition. He tells Ceci that when MC wakes up again, she should recover completely.

* Elder gent and Steffie continue to flirt. Steffie plays hard to get; she says that she needs to ask her auntie for permission to accept the dinner invitation.

* JM brings Cande and JM Jr. into the room. Ceci takes over holding Jr in her arms and she and Cande laugh about seeing MC's reaction to her son. Omar and JM are concerned beside the bed as they check on MC.

* Steffie goes back to the hotel room to tell Isa her good fortune about flirting with the elder gent. Isa is half-excited by the prospect but also still very worried and concerned. Steffie isn't worried - she's enchanted and more confident than ever before.

* MC wakes up. Omar tells her that she's out of danger. MC asks for her son. Ceci tells her that Cande dressed him so handsomely for her as she brings him to the bedside. MC starts to freak ou - SHE CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!!! JM leans in to try and calm MC.

* Outside at the pool, Steffie and Isa are on their walk and talking about the gent and the dinner invitation. They spot him lounging at the pool. Isa notes his age. Steffie has no problem with it. Steffie thinks he is their savior. Isa has huge doubts this plan will work. Steffie plans to go to dinner with him and prod him for information. Isa is told that she needs to give permission. They continue their walk.

* JM examines MC eyes. MC is still in a panic and crying "I CAN'T SEE! MAMA! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!"

* Pat is awake and wandering around the mansion looking for Ceci. The maid tells him that Ceci, Cande, JM and JM Jr. are at the hospital visiting MC. Pat asks if there's any news about MC. The maid says no one has called the mansion with news.

* Omar argues with JM in front of MC about the blindness -- Omar blames JM for the operation and this. Ceci tells them to stop and take it outside. Ceci stays with MC to try and calm and console her. MC cries for Cande. Omar and JM stomp out the door.

* In the hallway, Omar and JM continue their argument about MC - who's to blame for her blindness and who is the better man to be with her.

* Rainstorm in Fantasyland - Mayita cries to Granny M about MC's accident and being at the hospital - Mayita is extremely worried. Granny has to console and helps Mayita to pray for MC's health and survival. The sun starts to shine but it's still raining and Mayita is still crying and scared.

* JM and Omar continue their argument over MC. JM has the last word - that he still loves MC and will be there at her side to support her in this crisis and forever. JM leaves. Omar is frustrated.

ADVANCE: MC's blind; the investigator tells Patricio that he has a suspect in the case, Estefania Velarde!


Mañana es para siempre 3/30: the captions reappear and a coffin disappears.

Oh, frabjous day, the captions came back! Schoolmarm, was it your doing? Are they here to stay?

Yesterday: Ed tells Jacinto it must have been Lily who mentioned him, and he has business with her. Also, Erika's maid squeals: "Come look at the present your father brought, it's in the garden." I don't believe we saw the present?

Priscila tells Anibal the doc sez he has vigorous semen! Anibal sez, why don't you go study art in the Sahara Desert?! He sez, if I'm fine, then the "problem" is yours. "No, we are both divine, we're just stressed, sometimes people get that way when they really want a baby ("speak for yourself" he mutters), you need to work less. Relax, do your homework, and if you do - you get off school permanently." (She won't ask him for sex again?) "That should be a good incentive for you!"

Eduardo sobs and rants to the padre, he doesn't want his mother in the Elizalde mausoleum, he wants to be able to go wail and weep over her grave without the undesirable element watching. The padre agrees to his request, warning him he's overwrought.

Ciro and Liliana are playing chess. She says she's worried, the awful Doc has been plying her with flowers and letting her go outside and take less medicine, but he's pressing her to tell him everything she said to Fernanda. "I've got to get out of here and Eduardo is my only hope." "Patience! The white pawn gains strength and will battle the black queen."

Barbara gets Gonzo to speed up the exhumation red-tape. She hopes to regain Fer's trust and also to flush Eduardo from his hiding place.

Fer monologues to her picture of Soledad, Ed and Fer in happier younger days (before Fer's eyebrows got so fierce and plucked). "How you've changed, Ed, your indifference hurts, I can hardly believe there is no affection left. You are so harsh, your love has turned to hate, why?" She hopes when they are face to face he'll be the Eduardo she loves. She kisses the picture and then sadly: "No, it can't be the same - I'm married, and he surely has another woman."

Business looks good at the House of Mud, but the boss is annoyed, the girls aren't getting the customers to consume enough and numbers are down. A bald guy comes in, looks around, says he needs new stimulation not these same old Mud Maidens, and leaves.

Anibal gets home late. Pris bitches about that, then suggests he have some wine to relax. "Don't push me, I want to sleep." He leaves. Pris: "I'll have a child, with you or without you."

Barbara prods Fer for info, after saying she's managed to get Gonzo to speed up the exhumation paperwork. Where is Eduardo? When is he coming? Nobody knows, so let's go forward with the ceremony. "Soon we'll know who wrecked your wedding," Barbara sez kindly. So the plan advances, Gonzo leaves money for flowers and a mass to be said.

Ed finally gets back to the sanitorium, and plies the friendly nurse Adolfina with a gift. She asks him point blank: "Are you Eduardo?" He is impactado and remains so throughout the commercial break, then says no, Eduardo is dead, but he is a relative of the Cruz family. "Well, Lili asks for Ed all the time." Adolfina takes him to see Lili but they've only got five minutes before the change of the guard. Ciro squanders all those minutes, mouthing off about the black queen and pointlessly explaining: "I'm a professional patient, I'm here because I choose to be." "His wife and son don't love him." As the nurse drags Ed away, nothing of import having transpired, Lili begs: "Don't abandon me!"

Priscila sashays down the stairs, joking: "Fer, you better get busy with Damian or I'll have a baby before you do... in fact, better not wait because I want my baby to have a cuz to play with." She taunts Barbara: "Don't you have any maternal instinct?" She goes to have some wine with that cad Vlad and takes him home with her to his apartment where she drinks some more and knocks him onto the couch. Anibal calls her cellphone and she doesn't answer it. Some Important Paper falls next to the couch.

Humble sweet Aurora [I like her, she should have been the heroine. --Ed.] is making her bed when Barb comes in like a spider and sez, I thought you were leaving yesterday. "Oh, I thought I'd stay a little longer..." "HOW much longer?" Barb is in the process of snarling when Santiago comes bouncing in yelling, "All my life!" Barb sez, I only asked because if she were going to be with us much longer, I'd find her a better place. "Well, I've found her a better place." He installs her in his own huge bedroom and shuts the door in Barb's face. He explains, Aurora gets the cushy bed but he'll sleep on the sofa "because I don't want you to think I'm a fellow of easy virtue."

Lucio is drooling over Playboy Magazine in the limo when Barb steams up, throws him out, and zooms off to see Cigarman. "Soledad's spawn is near." "Flush him out - a visible enemy is best." Cigarman fears Soledad told Ed stuff before she died and he adjusts Barb's to-do list: get rid of Eduardo and THEN destroy the Elizalde's milk empire.

Fer comes to Santiago's room to collect him (and therefore Aurora) for the cemetery excursion. However, when Fer, Santiago, and Aurora arrive at the public cemetery to watch Soledad's exhumation, it's discovered that her coffin is gone! "Eduardo!"

Yes, in fact, Ed's had his mom cremated and had the nice orange box of ashes delivered to him, they will rest at San Rafael. Jacinto and Eduardo emote, they sob and sob, it's the only respite from non-stop talking this entire hour!!! Cry on, me lads!

At the hospital in Pueblo Villa Madero, a doctor is examining Martina's dad the blacksmith. The scar is well healed. Martina arrives to take dad home. "Oh, here's my daughter, she's a nurse here at the hospital!" "Well, I'm quite new, so we haven't met. Which department to you work in?" She is silent. He is smitten. Boy howdy, wait till he sees her in her, uh, nurses uniform!

Lily is daydreaming about being saved by Ed when the evil doctor arrives, tired of waiting for her to talk. This time, he has two pills instead of the usual one, and he forces them into her mouth and looks under her tongue to be sure she isn't hiding them. "No more concessions! If you don't tell me everything, I will turn your brain to pudding with my super-special electroshock treatment!"

Tomorrow: Erika gets Fr/Ed to pose as her boyfriend at the Elizalde dinner party. Gonzo punches Camilo (who's laughing about having almost killed Erika when he was drunk). Priscila and Vlad continue to have sex.


Doña Barbara, Mon. March 30 - Marisela gets engaged to Gonzalo; Sapo demands payback for his contributions

The English subtitles on CC3 came back tonight! You could have knocked me over with a feather. That means I don't have to write such detailed recaps. In addition, at the end of tonight's episode, they announced that DB is now in its 'etapa final,' which means there is an end in sight. The action seems to be picking up a little, too.

Marisela pulls away and tells Gonzalo that is enough for the first kiss. She runs off. Gonzalo obviously hasn't had that much experience with women because he thinks that Marisela has fallen for him.

DB has shown up uninvited at Altamira. Pajarote makes himself scarce saying that he has to go see if the rooster is laying an egg ('voy a ver si el gallo puso').

Sapo (translated in the English captions as 'Frogman') is delighted to hear that DB is pregnant because it will make her weak.

In a funny scene, Marisela is desperately brushing her teeth to try and eliminate any traces of Gonzalo.

Genoveva asks why Marisela wants to get engaged to someone she finds so repulsive. Marisela says that it's just that she can't get used to Gonzalo's kisses. They're kind of gross.

DB tells Santos that Marisela will never go back to him and Santos says that he isn't going to back to DB either. He sends her back to El Miedo.

The next morning DB tells Melquíades that they have to keep Santos from finding out anything about Sapo's relationship with her. She tells Melquíades to hire more men who can handle arms so they aren't taken by surprise.

María Nieves gets grudging permission from Melesio to visit Altagracia as her fiancé.

Genoveva is obsessing about her pregnancy problem and what will happen when she starts to show. Marisela isn't very sympathetic and says that they should go have breakfast.

Santos tells Andrés and Néstor that he is sure that Sapo is involved in some criminal activity but they need proof because he can hire lawyers and bribe judges.

Gonzalo gets too clever and puts the engagement ring he has for Marisela on her breakfast roll. Marisela comes in to breakfast and is babbling away to keep from having to kiss or talk to Gonzalo, takes a bite of the roll without looking at it and nearly chokes on the ring. [On the NPR news quiz show, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, last week, they reported a story of a man who did something similar and his girlfriend actually swallowed the ring and she had to wait a couple of days for it to reappear.] Marisela manages to spit out the ring but it's an inauspicious start to their engagement.

Pajarote asks Santos if he needs anything from San Fernando. He confides to Santos his reason for wanting to go there, which Santos finds very funny.

Marisela lets Gonzalo put the ring on her finger.

Leoncia asks what exactly Tigre's and Leon's job is at El Miedo since they never seem to do anything. They reply that they do special jobs for the Doña. Melquíades shows up and tells them that DB is hiring armed men. Leon and Tigre think their cousins would fit the bill. Apparently we are going to get more involved with Celeste's story since Leoncia says that she hopes that Tigre and Leon don't find out about Celeste's relationship with her cousin, Genaro.

Sapo orders Gonzalo come to see him.

Marisela goes to visit Antonio. She asks about Lucía's condition and says that she can see he is suffering. Antonio says that he cares very much about Lucía. She has been very good to him and loves him in spite of everything. Marisela asks Antonio how he could marry one woman when he was in love with another. Antonio says that he wants to answer because he knows why she is asking. He says that he married Lucía out of gratitude and out of spite for how Cecilia had made him suffer but most of all to create a barrier to his feelings for Cecilia. He says that Marisela is doing the same with Gonzalo. Marisela tries to argue otherwise but Antonio says that he knows Marisela is still in love with Santos. Marisela then asks if Antonio fell in love with Lucía. Antonio says that he cares about her a lot and is suffering for her. He says that he would like to be faithful and a good husband to her. Marisela concludes that Antonio is saying that he is in love with Lucía and that is good because she wants to fall in love with Gonzalo. She leaves and Antonio says to himself that she forgot to ask if he ever stopped loving Cecilia and the answer is no.

Pernalete intercepts and reads Gonzalo's telegram to DB saying that he has succeeded in getting engaged to Marisela. He scurries off to deliver the good news to DB.

Pajarote tries out various ways to tell Genoveva that he loves her. Geno tries out different ways of telling Pajarote that he knocked her up. Finally she says that she will have a little bird (pajarito) with beautiful eyes like his father.

Unlike Geno, DB wants to start showing but Eustaquia says that when she was pregnant with Marisela, she wore her regular clothes almost until she gave birth. DB says that she can't remember anything about being pregnant with Marisela. Eustaquia says that DB tried to deny that she was carrying a baby. She says that it was so sad. DB never bought anything for her daughter.

Juan Primito tells DB that Pernalete has come and and he is happy so JP thinks he has brought good news. When DB reads the telegram, she is very happy. She gets rid of Pernalete and tells JP that she has good news about the 'girl of his eyes.'

Now we find out what the 'little favor' is that Sapo bought from Gonzalo. He needs Gonzalo to stop the river patrols that night so that a big cargo of 'merchandise' can cross the river. Gonzalo says that's he will have to act too abruptly and it will be dangerous. Sapo says that he had better think of something or he will find that that there are things even more abrupt and dangerous like a bullet to the head.

DB tells JP the news about Marisela's engagement and tells him to go to Altamira and share it. Poor JP knows how Santos will react and doesn't want to do it. He covers his mouth and refuses to go to Altamira.

DB has to threaten him by saying that she will make the one-eyed alligator chew JP's legs off if he doesn't do what she says.

JP goes to Altamira. He says what he has to as fast as he possibly can and Santos is angry. He immediately finds a crop dusting plane and tells the pilot that it is a matter of life and death for him to get to San Fernando.

Gonzalo forces the leader of the river patrols to take his boats out of service for maintenance. The guy is really angry about that decision. Marisela overhears part of the their conversation.

When JP reports that Santos ran off to San Fernando, DB says that the has to find out that he can't control Marisela any more. But he will still have her and she will be here waiting for him.

Néstor runs into Genoveva and takes her out for an ice cream just as Pajarote arrives in San Fernando.

Santos has also arrived in San Fernando. He bursts into Marisela's office,

sees the ring on her finger and ask how Marisela could do this to him?


Cuidado: Friday 3/27/09- "Anatomía de Gris"

Marichuy is half conscious and she asks for her baby, saying that she wants to see……and then she passes out. Cece and Cande cry.

Amador and Ana Julia are driving and he starts to lay into her for what happened to MC. AJ suspects that someone must have switched the bullets in the gun at the eleventh hour, because she had checked it before. He questions if the person who deliberately did this to MC could be AJ.

Back in the hospital, MC is back to being half conscious and now they’ve brought in Juan Miguelito to be with her. MC worries what will become of JMito if she dies. She wonders who will give him love and care for him. Cece weeps even harder and Juan Miguel watches with sadness from across the room.

AJ is upset to think that Amador thinks what happened was on purpose and AJ’s fault. He tells her that he knows she’s wanted to be on stage for a long time, perhaps this is one way she could make it happen. AJ admits that she thinks she’s a better actress than MC, but it is one thing to think that and another to commit a crime. She’d never do anything criminal because she knows that sooner of later criminals always get caught. Besides, MC was very supportive of her getting into acting, AJ wouldn’t kill the hen for the golden egg. Amador supposes she is right.

In Acapulco, Stefi wants to know more about what is happening with Marichuy and she’s frustrated that she can’t find out any new info. They can't seem to find out anything new on that TV. It would definitely raise alarms if she were to call the Velardes or the San Romans to ask---they'd give themselves away (delatarse). They don't have to be so isolated (aislada) from any information.....Isa suggests they start calling around to the hospitals and clinics in the DF to get the 411.

Marichuy tells Cece that she’s trusting her son to her…she’s his grandma. Cece comforts her daughter and says of course she’ll care for the baby. They talk about JMito going to school, his first communion. Everyone in the room is crying. MC tells her mother to tell JMito about her….tell him…..and she passes out again as we go to commercial.

After the commercial break, everyone is hysterical about MC going unconscious. JM tells them that is to be as expected in her weakened condition. It must have taken a lot out of her to talk.

In the operating room the surgical staff preps for the operation.

Back in MC’s room, Patricio is able to convince Cece to leave with the baby. Cande remains in the room, silently praying as tears pour down her face. Padre Anselmo is there, praying too. Juanmi thanks PA for being there and PA says that MC is like a daughter to him. JM goes out to the waiting room and urges Pat to take Cece home, the operation will be long and then MC will be in recovery for awhile, so it would be best for them to head home and wait for news. Cece resists, but Patricio agrees and then reminds her that they have the baby to care for now. Cece reluctantly agrees and JM asks them to take Cande home with them.

Back in MC's room, Cande and PA are praying the Lord’s Prayer and some Hail Marys.

Isa calls around to various hospitals. She is finally successful in reaching the hospital where MC is a patient. She learns that MC is about to enter surgery.

Cande leaves with the Velardes. PA blesses MC before she's taken to surgery and Juan Miguel’s eyes well up with tears. PA leaves MC’s side and JM bends down and kisses her on the lips. The orderly wheels MC out of the room, passing Omar and Blanca in the hall.

The surgery begins. MC is draped in a blue cloth and is hooked up to a vacuum cleaner hose. The head surgeon orders the anesthetic to be administered. The mask is put on MC's face.

At the Velardes, Cece and Cande comfort each other. The both blame themselves for bad things happening in MC’s life-- Cece feels terrible for having abandoned her child, Cande worries that she didn't provide the best environment for MC (did I get this right?). Cande asks Cece to allow her to always be a part of JMito’s life. Cece wouldn’t think of having it any other way.

Omar and JM antler bash over MC’s surgery. Omar’s concerned that the operation will mess MC up and she won’t even resemble herself (is he talking physically, mentally, or both?). JM seems to think Omar’s referring to MC’s appearance because he lights into him about how the difference between them is that Omar wants a pretty MC, but JM cares for her no matter what she’ll be like.

Amador and AJ are at a restaurant and he’s tossing back a few drinks. They both worry about what’s happening with MC. AJ says that it all is in the doctors’ hands right now. She tells Amador that she can’t believe he thought her capable of hurting MC. He assures her that he doesn’t think that now and then he leans in to kiss her…..his phone rings and the moment is broken. AJ looks saddened that Amador's smooth move was thwarted, she's opposed to committing crimes to get on stage, but apparently has no problem with hopping onto the casting couch. Anyway, Amador gets off the phone and tells AJ that he’s got to leave immediately and go to the police headquarters to answer questions regarding what has happened to MC.

Patricio is back at the hospital and he and Padre Anselmo track JM down to get some answers. Their arrival ends the heated discussion between JM and Omar. JM tells them that MC is in surgery. Now all they can do is wait and pray.

In the operating room we are treated to an over the table discussion about how serious this injury is and how careful the surgical staff must be. The operation begins and the surgeon takes the tweezers and pulls out the funny bone, without the buzzer going off—whew! Let’s see if he can be as successful when going for the Adam’s apple.

Omar tells Blanca there is no need for her to stay at the hospital, but she says she’s going to remain with him.

Back in the OR, the surgery special effects are pretty pathetic. The instruments look like an exacto knife and a pair of long-handled scissors. At one point the doctor is sticking the scissors into the side of MC’s head, like he's using them to dig around and search for something. Actually the whole thing almost appears as if he’s trying to create some sort of craft project, which is covered in red colored tempera paint (oh, that’s supposed to be MC’s blood…it is a vibrant red). These scenes go on too long and really don't heighten the drama, tho I'm sure that was the intended effect.

Pat tells JM that he can’t believe that he’s at the point of possibly losing his daughter when he's just found her. Drip, drip, drip --- is that his frozen heart melting?

At the police station, Amador is being questioned about his possible involvement with the shooting. Amador tells the investigator it is ridiculous to be questioning him. The investigator thinks otherwise and asks if Amador is in love with MC. Amador says perhaps at one time, but not now. The cop wonders if jealousy could be a motive for murder. Murder? She’s not dead—Amador says. Well, it is pretty grave—replies the cop. Amador says that it appears to be the result of someone’s error. The cop wants to know an error on who’s part. Amador successfully avoids answering this question, is this his way of protecting Ana Julia?

MC is brought out of surgery and Omar is waiting outside the OR. He asks the nurse how it went, but she won’t answer.

Back in MC's hopital room (now filled with flowers), Pat and PA wait. Pat prays that everything went well and thinks to himself about the decision to OK the operation. Could his choice end up causing a strain between him and Cece?

Juanmi tries to find out from someone how the surgery went, but it told he’ll have to speak to the doctor. Blanca finds JM and asks if he has heard anything. He gives her what little he knows and says that they’ll need to wait and see if the surgery was a success (un exito).

Omar tracks down the doctor to find out how it went. The doctor knows he’s anxious. Omar, Sr. Negativo, says that MC will never be the same. The doc says that’s unfounded. The doctor gets together the group who’s been waiting for news (Omar, Juan Miguel, Patricio, and Padre Anselmo), and tells them that they expect good results. They were able to stop the bleeding. Happy music plays in the background. The doctor reminds them that although the surgery was successful, there is still some danger (peligro). So they’ll have to wait and see. Omar questions if the operation will result in any mortal consequences.

Amador wonders how MC’s procedure went. The inspector calls the hospital and is able to find out that everything went well and she’s expected to survive the surgery. Amador is happy to hear this and is even happier when the inspector tells him that he’s free to go (apparently all clear because he didn’t even get the “don’t leave town” warning).

Omar continues to press the doctor to find out if there will be any adverse effects (las secuelas) from the surgery.

Isa wakes Stefi up in their hotel room. She can’t sleep because she’s starting to worry about the lack of news regarding MC. Stefi’s not going to worry, there’s a bullet in MC’s head and that’s a pretty deadly situation. Isa frets, and says to Stefi—“What if they suspect us or rather better put, what if they suspect you?”

Pat returns home and tells Cece and Cande the operation was a success. The women cry tears of happiness. They think that MC is out of the woods, but Pat gently tells them that there is still some dangerous risks, so they can’t be sure of anything at this point.

Stefi tells her aunt that no one will suspect them. Isa worries that MC can still be saved and Stefi tells her to not be so negative. Their plan will work. She says lets go to bed and tomorrow we’ll be sure to get some good news.

Cece wants to go see Marichuy right away. Pat tells her that MC is still under sedation and not talking. MC will be resting for many hours. Cande gets up to leave the Velardes alone and Pat assists her up. He and Cece remain talking and Cece thanks him. He's puzzled by her gratitude. She tells him it is for his being concerned and caring. He seems further baffled at this and reminds Cece that MC is his daughter. Cece is moved by his words and she smiles, and then kisses and hugs him. END OF EPISODE


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doña Bárbara - Fri., March. 27 - Lucía gets bad news; Sapo and Gonzalo get good news for them but is bad news for DB and Marisela

Marisela is suspicious of why DB is warning her about Sapo. DB says that even though she is the same woman that has caused Marisela so much pain, she doesn't hate her and doesn't want anything bad to happen to her. Marisela tells her not to lie. DB is trying to confuse her with nice words. DB replies that she knows that deep down Marisela cares for her.

Melquíades has Santos and Sapo in the cross hairs and says that Santos' life is in his hands. Meanwhile Santos is telling Sapo that he read about him the in paper and came to meet him out of curiosity. Sapo tells him to be careful, curiosity killed the cat. Santos tells him not to worry. He has more 7 lives. [Has he lost two or do cats in Spanish speaking countries have 7 lives, not 9 lives?] Melquíades says that Santos' death would hurt DB very much and it is only for her that he isn't going to shoot Santos.

Santos tells Sapo that he wanted to meet the person who tried to buy various haciendas in the region including his. Santos says that Sapo acted throught his employee, Fausto Borrego, and Santos mentions that he hasn't seen Borrego around lately. Sapo says that Borrego is no longer in his employ and asks if Santos is interested in selling. Santos says that depends on whether he receives a good offer.

Cecilia tries to lift Antonio's spirits and tells him that he has to be strong for Lucía and his child. Antonio thanks her for her help and calls her his 'mariposa.' Cecilia asks him not to make things harder than they already are.

Marisela says that the worst has already happened. DB says that much worse things could happen. Marisela says that Sapo is a friend of Gonzalo's. DB assures her that Sapo is the most vile person and he has the worst instincts that she could imagined. She says what makes him more dangerous is that he is intelligent and has lots of power. Marisela asks what he is doing in San Fernando. DB says that he has come for her but Marisela is in danger, too because she is DB's daughter.

Santos is blocking Melquíades' shot. Sapo tells Santos that he understands that the cattle raising is good in this area. Santos replies that it's not only the pastures. A milk processing plant has just opened in Progreso. "Progreso progresses," says Sapo. He writes down an amount that he will pay Santos for his hacienda. Santos looks at it and says, "Altamira is worth more than the land and the cattle. You know what I'm referring to, right?" He tells Sapo to think about it and make him an offer that reflects the real value of the hacienda. Santos leaves and Sapo goes with him thus depriving Melquíades of his target.

DB continues to try and warn Marisela. She says that Sapo won't rest until he has gotten rid of DB and those are around her. Marisela should get away from Sapo as quickly as possible and warn Gonzalo about him as well. DB thinks that Gonzalo has already gotten into some shady (turbio) business with Sapo. Marisela replies that Gonzalo is an honorable man. DB says that Marisela is young and naive. "All men are honorable until they stop being so. They all have a price and Gonzalo has a high price because he is very ambitious. It's a price that the guy in this photo can pay with no problem." She tells Marisela to be careful. She starts to walk away. Marisela asks why she has come again to tell Marisela these things as if she mattered to DB. DB replies that she does matter to her for the same reason that Marisela cares about her - she is Marisela's mother for better or worse.

Marisela tells Genoveva about DB's warning and says that she is afraid. DB spoke to her seriously and she has her own suspicions. If they are true, the situation is very dangerous.

Sapo says that he thinks the reason Santos gave for his visit, to meet the person who wants to buy his hacienda, is very stupid. He tells Facundo that he thinks that Santos came to check him out (indagar) and sniff him out (husmear). He says that Santos isn't stupid. He knows that Sapo has other interests. Facundo asks if they should eliminate Santos. Sapo says not yet. They will give him more rope (cuerda) so that he reveals his true intentions. "Remember that the dead don't speak," says Sapo, "and he still has a lot to tell." It starts to rain and Melquíades has to leave without completing his mission.

The doctor gives Lucía the bad news about needing dialysis. She is upset.

Sapo reports on his failure to DB and tells her that Santos was visiting Sapo. Santos comes in and asks what DB is doing in San Fernando. He accuses her of coming to town because of Sapo and ask her to deny it. She does deny it claiming that she came to San Fernando to buy things for the baby. As DB babbles to Santos about being willing to get fat to make his baby grow big and strong, Facundo is at a nearby table listening.

Genoveva things that she is already getting fat.
Marisela says that she isn't but says that they should go and have dinner because pregnant women need to eat. She says that her latest godchild is hungry. Soon she will have a football team of godchildren.

Antonio tells Lucía that he is very proud of her. She took the bad news with a lot of strength of character.
Lucía replies that is because he is by her side. Cecilia comes to Lucía's room. Cecilia tells Antonio and Lucía that she overreacted when Toñito got a rash like all first-time mothers. Lucía says that she doesn't know if she will get to experience that.

Pajarote drops Gervasia off in town to do some shopping. Pajorote has flashbacks to his encounters with Genoveva. He is interrupted by Celeste. She asks if he has solved his problem. He says that if he couldn't do with Celeste, it was because he has a prefers someone else - someone who likes him and for whom he can perform. He says that this other woman is pure (limpia), decent, slender (flaquita) and his. Celeste says that she doesn't think that this other woman is decent and doubts she is his because she doesn't see her anywhere. Celeste dares Pajarote to go with her and prove that he can perform. He tells her to leave him in peace.

Lucía sends Antonio out of the room. She asks Cecilia's forgiveness.

DB tells Santos that he is obsessed with Sapo. She says that it is all in his imagination. He could write novels. DB gushes about the baby and gets Santos to feel her belly just at at moment (of course) that Marisela and Genoveva come into to the restaurant.

Marisela is upset but at least DB doesn't look triumphant.

Santos comes over to Marisela saying it isn't what it seems. Marisela replies that he has every right to touch he belly of the woman carrying his child. She and Marisela leave. Santos follows. Once again, he tries to explain that he isn't getting back with DB. Marisela says there is nothing to explain and he should respect her and not pursue her any more.

Lucía says that she took advantage of Antonio being alone and full of pain when he was let out of prison. Cecilia says that she was just acting like a woman in love. She says that in her heart, she knew that Cecilia and Antonio still loved one another. She asks if Cecilia hates her for that. Cecilia says that she has never hated Lucía. She was there when Antonio needed her. Cecilia says that Antonio chose her and she thinks that he did very well. He loves her, he is with her and they are going to have a baby. She tells Lucía not to worry about her.

Toñito is sleeping in Antonio's arms. What a cute baby!
Antonio says that he is sure that the women are talking about them. Antonio tells Toñito a secret - he is still in love with Toñito's mother.

Marisela tells Geno that when she sees Santos and DB together, she can't contain her anger and her stomach hurts. She doesn't want them to be together but it is better for DB and the baby.

Santos asks Antonio to tell Gonzalo to be careful of Sapo because Santos is sure that he is a dangerous criminal. He says that he thinks Sapo is one of the rapists but DB won't confirm that. Antonio asks why there is such mystery and Santos replies that DB is like that. Santos wants Antonio to warn Gonzalo about Sapo and when Antonio asks why Santos can't do it himself, he says that they have too many problems between them. Antonio agrees to tell Gonzalo. When Santos asks how Lucía is doing, Antonio tells him that her health is not good at all.

Leon accosts Gervasia and asks her to come with him promising to treat her well.

Geno tells Marisela that she will never tell Pajarote about the baby. He will jusst make fun of her and say she did it on purpose to make him marry her. Her grandfather will force a shotgun wedding and she doesn't want a forced marriage with the groom looking like a martyr in all the photos. "How dramatic!" says Marisela, "You make better novels than Madame Fabulé."

Leon is about to drag Gervasia off when she threatens to cut his face open.
Pajarote appears and asks if everything is all right. Gervasia says that she is fine. Pajarote says to Leon, "There are terneras that know how to show their claws (sacar las garras) and scare kittens (gatitos).

Antonio tells Gonzalo that Santos sent him to tell Gonzalo to watch out for Sapo, not to trust him and that he could be a dangerous criminal.

DB tells Melquíades not to worry that he didn't get Sapo. It just means that his time hasn't come. She says they should return to El Miedo before Sapo finds out they are in San Fernando. At that moment, Sapo lowers the window of his car and looks at her.

Sapo's henchman asks why if DB is an enemy, he doesn't just get rid of her. Sapo says that would be too easy. He has an end planned for DB that is commensurate with her arrogance.

Gonzalo says that he doesn't pay any attention to what that idiot Santos says. He says that Santos always was jealous of him. He says that Santos was jealous of him because Gonzalo had more money, was more popular, had a better family name, had more girlfriends and was president of the student council. Antonio reminds Gonzalo of all Santos has did for him when he was a rebel and says that he is only the messenger. Gonzalo replies that if he doesn't want problems, he should never mention Santos' name again. Antonio agrees but asks Gonzalo to do the same because he won't let Gonzalo speak ill of his soul brother (hermano del alma).

Facundo tells Sapo that DB and Santos were talking about him. He tells Sapo that he found out an interesting fact - DB is pregnant. Sapo says that is great news.

Marisela is trying to cheer Genoveva up when one of the guards show up with 30 roses and a note from Santos: "Since I can't send one every day, here are the 30 roses for this month to remind you that every day I love you more strongly than the day before and to make clear that I will never ever give you up. I love you today, too. Your Santos." Geno tells Marisela that she doesn't know how Marisela resists Santos. Marisela leaves saying that she has to make a clean break once and for all.

Back at Altamira, Pajarote asks if Santos is thinking about Marisela. He say that he is always thinking about her. Pajarote asks if Santos doesn't think that women are crazy. Santos says that he is sure that women are crazy but the worst thing is that they want to make men crazy. "But when they aren't here," says Santos, "we miss them so much." Santos says that when Marisela isn't at Altamira, the house seems dead. It lacks yelling, laughter, disorder, life.. It lacks her. "Who does it lack?" asks DB appearing suddenly, "Me? Are you referring to me?"

Marisela tells Gonzalo that over the last year she has used him to escape from Santos and next to Santos, he is the man she likes the most. She says that she has made a decision and the answer is yes. Gonzalo asks if she means that he is her boyfriend (novio) with kisses and everything. Marisela says yes. Gonzalo kisses her and Marisela looks that she barely keep from gagging.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

MEPS, 03/27/09: Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Dreamin’ and Waitin’

Capítulo 29

Eduardo runs into Fernanda at the gas station. It’s obvious that her heart’s racing as she looks into her side-view mirror and realizes that Fr/Ed of the fabulous physique has just pulled up behind her. (Viewerville takes a group sigh.) She whispers to herself, “It’s him!” He saunters over and greets her with a hunkalicious flash of those pearly whites. (Mmm! It’s a smile that more than makes up for the “mad elf-look” of that crappy gringo-style preppy cut he got. Though, speaking of hair, his certainly beats the hell out of the greasy kid-stuff adorning the lovely locks of Latin businessmen those Uni hairstylists famously plaster on. Personally, I’ll take the Samson look any day. I mean, there is a reason Free Love got a jump-start in the ‘70’s, folks.) Freduardo’s smiling big time now because he sees that Nandita didn’t go to NYC with that dip-stick hubby of hers after all. “I thought you’d be in New York with your husband.” She answers him awkwardly --and not a little wobbly in the knees, methinks. “No, they needed him so quickly....”

Fr/Ed acts like he suddenly notices the passenger (Jacinto) next to her. He looks over and says hello to “the stranger.” The two men act like they’ve never met. Fer introduces the two of them and then gets ready to pay for her gas. Fr/Eddy Boy grabs her ticket and tells the attendant he’ll handle it. (His way of celebrating cuz Estev was right about him getting Damian Dip-stick out of the frickin’ picture.) She accepts after a polite protest or two, and then makes the excuse that she has so many things to do that they really need to get going. As she drives off Eduardo’s got a sh!t-eatin’ grin on his face that’s the length of the whole darned parking lot.

Meanwhile, the Barbinator is paying a visit to Cigar Man. She is steaming when she walks into his office and angrily asks if he's the one who sent the flowers and note to Fernanda. When he says he doesn't know what she's talking about she wonders who did send them then. She quickly explains about the flowers and note that were sent anonymously and says they ruined the reception. Because of it, she says, "everything is out of control.” “—Why would I ruin our plans?” he asks her. Cigar Man says he thinks it could be Eduardo. She doesn't agree because if he'd come then he'd have buried his mother and Jacinto and his wife would have known. CM tells her to ferret out who the culprit is. "Find who sent the arrangement because that's the key."

Back at the hacienda, breakfast is over and Santiago is stuck like glue to Aurora. They’re taking a little walk around the pool and he’s nipping at her heels like a love-sick over-sized poodle. Rory tells him he's been great to her, but she's decided she has to leave. Santi scrambles to make excuses. (Damn, watching this guy beg is just sad.) He tells her he knows that the way they met was weird, but he wants her to overlook that. He turns on the goofball charm as a last resort and asks her if he'd told her how happy he was being with her. She smiles back and says yes, and that she feels the same. He jokes with her about being Superman and hiding his S under his clothes (a waste of precious viewing moments). Yeah, all right, so he’s not really Superman; he wonders if that’s why she’s leaving. (Like I said, Sorry. Ass. Dope.) Rory admits to him that she's actually running away from him because she's afraid of getting used to being with him. He doesn't understand. (Naw. S.A.D. just needs her to spell it out for him.)

Rory tells him he's the most wonderful man she's ever met and she'd love for this to be real and for her own life to be different, but she won't try fooling herself. Santi is thrilled to hear it and suddenly he’s pumped. She tells him she has the feeling that with him lots of nifty-neat things might happen and in particular, finding her mother. He begs her to stay. (Well, she pretty much has talked herself into it anyway, but who can blame her? Storybook endings are rare as hens' teeth for girls like her.) She agrees to stay as his guest. So, Santiago leans in for The Kiss and Rory starts to oblige--till Big Bro Cadmilo wolf-whistles at the two of them and the moment is lost.

Cad ogles at the two of them and then the jack-ass jerk wad suggests that his little brother take advantage of Aurora before she finds out what a loser Santi really is and “leaves him like all the others.” Cad laughs at his brilliant sense of humor and timing before mercifully leaving. Santiago, mucho embarrassed, says sarcastically, "My loudmouth jerk of a brother loves me." Rory gives him a hug.

At the looney-bin: Adolfina rushes Ciro to come with her to her office since Lili's about to make her call to Fernanda.

Fer and Jacinto finally arrive at his house and she tells him she'll wait there for Eduardo’s phone number. She wants all of them that he has because she won’t stop till she finds him. Cinto offers to bring the information to her later at the hacienda, but she says no, she'll wait. He goes inside and she thinks to herself that wow, after fifteen years she'll be talking to Eduardo.

A little further down the road, Eddie is driving home and smiling to himself at how happy he was seeing Fernanda like that again. It was as if they'd “gone back in time when nobody had yet tarnished their happiness.” (I don’t write these things, I just translate.) He immediately scolds himself for “thinking the impossible” since now she belongs to another man. (Considering what you know about Dam's infidelity with Evil Step-Mom, Eduardito, you’d be better off thinking of a way you can snooker Nanda into getting a quickie divorce, fool.)

Speaking of Evil Step-mothers, said Bitch On Wheels now rolls herself into the hacienda and angrily yells at Tomasa to tell her what she did with the bouquet of flowers and the card that came with them. Tomasa swears to BOW that she threw the flowers and the card into the garbage and that, no, she didn't see who the florist was that delivered them. After dismissing the "good-for-nothing" Tomasa, Bitch Barbie decides to start searching florists online to find out who the miserable SOB was that wrecked her plans by sending them.

Tomasa returns to the kitchen where the resident lounge lizard of the domestic staff, Lucio, is lollygagging around at the table reading the funnies. He tells her to get him a cup of coffee. She tells him to get his own. The smarmy horn dog then gets up and tries his fascinatin’ charisma on her, but she's not on his wavelength at the moment. He suggests she needs to be a bit more "congenial" or they might fire her the same way they fired Denia. Industrious, innocent Tomasa doesn't understand what he’s getting at. "Know why Sra. Barbara ran her off? Because she wasn't …affectionate...with me.” He grabs at her collar and deliberately peeks inside her dress for emphasis. (Smarm alert!) Tomasa flicks him away and tells him to stop with the B.S., and then goes to answer the phone.

It’s lovely Lili on the other end of the line but after fifteen years of having her brains fried with psychotropic drugs she is struggling to spit the words out. Lil finally manages to ask for Fernanda but Tomasa tells her Fer isn't there and asks who's calling. Lili totally freaks and tells Tomasa just to tell her that Eduardo Juarez called and then spastically slams down the phone. Tomasa tells Lucio that it sounded like some old lady on the line who was dying.

Back at Jacinto’s, Margarita and he are furiously writing down the phone numbers Fer needs while Denia rages at them about Eduardo not being decent enough to even bury his own mother. Instead of telling Denia to stuff a sock in it, the two (who I’d say are quickly becoming candidates for beatification) bite their lips and try hard to ignore her. Cinto goes outside and hands the information to Fernanda. Daffy Denia runs out after him and yells something in Chipmunk about Eduardo at Fernanda. “Tell God that it’s a good thing it’s not me calling that ingrate of a pig Eduardo, the way he was towards his mother!” Cinto apologizes for Denia’s outburst and tells Fer not to pay attention to his SIL’s crazy rants. Nanda looks puzzled, but says she's probably got her reasons and doesn't take it any further.

Before Nanda goes she asks Cinto if he knows who was responsible for putting the tacks under the horse's saddle and getting Natasha thrown the day before. He swears it wasn't him but that he'll find out. Fer says there’s no need to swear, just to keep her up on things if he finds out. She drives off.

We beam back to the kitchen of the hacienda de los Elizalde. Lucio sees Tomasa writing down Eduardo Juarez’ name on the notepad and is impactado to learn the call came from Soledad’s son. He tells Tomasa that people told him Eduardo was sent away [de escobazos: taking a broom to somebody, i.e., swept away like dirt or trash] from the hacienda years ago for supposedly trying to take advantage of little Fer. Tomasa, disgusted, waves him out of her face and says that that was all lousy gossip and walks off. Lucio now gets those rusty windmills in his pea-sized brain matter to start turning. He suddenly figures out that Eduardo probably was the one who sent those flowers and the note that got everyone all upset. Lucio wants to make points with BOW, so he orders Tomasa to tell the Sra. that he wants to talk with her. At first Tomasa doesn't take him seriously so he yells at her like the damned owner of the hacienda himself. Tomasa looks over at him like he’s got rabies and heads off to find BOW. Said lounge lizard, having successfully lorded it over somebody further down the food chain, smiles smugly at himself.

Back again at the looney-bin, Lovely Lili is in her room with Ciro. She sadly tells him she thinks her sister got married already and has gone off with her husband. Ciro tries to comfort her and insists that she made a good strategic move during that phone call because she left a clue that only her sister could follow. He says he thinks she will see the results of that move very soon.

Lucio follows Tomasa to BOW's office. BOW, who is frustrated at her inability to locate the proper florist, barks at Tomasa that the next time Lucio wants to speak with her she is to tell her immediately. After smirking at Tomasa about that coffee he wanted, Lucio tells the Bar-bot that he overheard Tomasa take a call from somebody calling on behalf of Sole's son.

Meanwhile, Fer arrives home and walks in through the kitchen entrance. Tomasa hands her the note about the phone call. Back in the other part of the house, Lucio tells BOW he's sure the call was from somebody calling for Eduardo. He says she can ask Tomasa herself if she doesn't believe him. We cut to the kitchen again. Fer is impactada to see the call supposedly came from Eduardo. Tomasa clarifies that it was a woman calling for him. Just then Babs races in and barks at Tomasa to tell her whether she just received a call from Eduardo Juarez. Fer, not one to raise her voice ever to the staff, now raises her eyebrows at Babs. Ruh-Roh! Bar-bot is afraid her bionic mask has jarred loose and exposed the wires underneath; her facial expression quickly softens. (Dunno, but Fer may have just seen her step-mom’s alter ego on display and registered it at some subconscious level for later consideration.)

At the same time, Jacinto has just run over to Las Animas to warn Ed that Fer plans on calling him. Ed first wants to make sure Fer believed the bit that Cinto didn't know who he was. Cinto is certain she believed him and says he thinks the call has to do with the infamous flower problem. Ed wonders if she's calling to complain about his sending them and Cinto says he thinks so, but it’s also because the Elizaldes are going to be re-interring his mother's body in the family crypt at the hacienda. Expression of cara de impactado for Eddie-Boy.

Back at the Elizalde hacienda, Fer wants to know how Babs found out about the phone call. Babs lies and says she accidentally lifted the receiver and heard Tomasa’s part of the conversation. Fer, with a possible trick question, asks Babs if she's sure it was him who called. Babs backtracks and says she's not really sure who it was who made the call. Either way they don't know anything about the guy anymore, but if he was calling then it stands to reason he was the one who sent the flowers. Tomasa pipes up and says it was a woman who called. Babs ignores her and says whoever called could have been his secretary or his wife. This immediately throws Nanda into a personal funk.

At Las Animas, Eduardo wants to know when the Elizalde’s plan to reinter his mother. Jacinto said his nerves were too jumbled for him to even consider questions like that. Ed dials his cell. Cinto wonders what he’s planning. Ed cryptically explains to Cinto that Nanda’s going to expect him to attend the ceremony and he’s going to accept.

Fer calls her daddy now from the office at the hacienda and tells him about the phone call from Eduardo. Gonzo wonders if Eddie is actually back in town, but Fer doesn't think so because Cinto doesn't seem to know anything about that. Anyway, it's been fifteen years since anyone has seen or dealt with him, she says, and who knows what to expect. His intentions won’t be good ones. The Bar-bot’s antennae are now locked and upright. Gonzo tells Fer to find him and then says angrily that he expects Eduardo to show himself out of respect for his mother.

Ed calls his secretary and tells her that no one is to know he's on vacation. She is also to put any call from Mexico through to his cell. Afterwards he explains to Cinto that way Fernanda won't know he's actually in the area. Jacinto asks if he’s got business still pending up in the States. Ed says no, he is on vacation, but depending on what happens down there he will decide whether he goes back or he hands in his resignation and stays in Mexico. Jacinto asks about his gringo friend back in the U.S. Ed says Estev was his best bud in college and that his daddy owns a milk products company called (AHAH!) Power Milk. (Nice for some of us to have that cleared up finally.) He is helping Ed convince the Elizaldes that this guy, Franco Santoro, works up there for them. Cinto wonders why he would do something like that. Eddie tells him that he'd have to ask the Good Lord because He obviously has given him two good friends that are like brothers to him.

Back at Jacinto’s, Margarita is doing the wash. Denia hasn’t even stopped to take a breath. (Gotta love her spunk, but the girl’s got major issues.) The rant about what an ingrate Eddie was not to show up for his mother's burial is still going at full throttle, though secretly, Denia’s excited as hell about the possibility that he will be coming back into town.

Back at the hacienda, Babs asks Fer if Gonzo told her to find out about Eduardo. Fer says yes and that he feels the same way she does about him, that if he is in Mexico, then he hasn’t come there because he’s got something against them. Babs asks Fernanda if Eduardo opposes the plans they have for his mother. Santiago comes in with Rory at that point and asks what's going on. Babs answers that Eduardo, Sole’s son, seems to be in town again. Nanda says, well that’s not for sure, but if he is, he is going to have a lot of answering to do for her.

At the fertility clinic in the city, Prissy persuades Dr. Zarate to go ahead and give her the results of their tests without Anibal as he supposedly couldn’t be there. After some objection on professional grounds Dr. Zarate hands her the results and warns that they are going to change her and her husband’s lives forever.

Now, alone with her brother in the office, Fernanda tells Santi that she plans on giving Eduardo an ear-full when she gets hold of him. For starters she wants him to explain why he played such a cruel trick on her like that at the wedding. She can’t understand why he hates her and wonders what she ever did to him to cause such a change. “What in the world turned him into my enemy?” (That, Nandita, is the $64 million peso question, isn’t it?) Fernanda begins dialing Eduardo’s number and holds her breath.

Eduardo's secretary puts the call through to him. Jacinto listens from the other side of the room. Babs walks in and she and Santiago listen in on Fer’s half of the conversation. Eddie puts three layers of handkerchief onto the mouthpiece before taking the call in hopes of disguising his voice. (Ok. Ok. We’ll have to give Eddie a break here, considering he apparently didn’t think far enough ahead to pick up a voice-changer from a joke shop back in NYC, and he obviously didn’t think to get a SpoofCard when he bought that cell phone at the mall.) Fer asks if he remembers her. After a painfully long pause, he replies that he does. Fer notes his distant tone and continues awkwardly on. She asks if he had called her earlier and he says no, he never has called the hacienda in his life. This sort of throws her and she asks if it was his secretary. He says matter-of-factly that he’d have had to give her the order and he didn’t.

Fer, choking on the icy reception at the other end of the line, explains that somebody called the hacienda on his behalf but then hung up. There’s only dead silence at his end. “--or perhaps it was just a mistake then,” she stutters. She then asks if he'll be coming back and nervously adds that since his mother has died there are things there he may need to attend to like the house and her personal belongings and says she’d be happy to help him with those. He says no reason to since now that she's dead. He abruptly suggests that if there isn’t something else she needs from him …____ (fill in the blank like: time is money, honey, and I’ve got better things to do with it than flapping my busy jaws with you!) She says well, she’s got a couple of things to discuss with him. He asks what. She says she’d prefer to talk to him about them in person, and …er…she’s still living at the hacienda there. Nanda stumbles through the explanation that she’s living there with her husband since she just got married.

Fernanda slogs on. (Viewerville literally feels her pain. ¡Qué embarazoso!) She tells Eduardo that his mother's death was a hard blow for her, and well, her father wants him to authorize transferring her remains to the family crypt there at the hacienda. He wonders why since she's already buried, but Fer explains that her father had promised this to Sole long ago and now wants to fulfill his promise to his mother. They also want him to attend a simple ceremony she's planning for it and will wait to have it till he gets into town. He says he doesn't really have much in the way of time so if they want to go ahead and start the paperwork for the reburial to go ahead. He will get there once his schedule looks free as long as nothing comes up and prevents him. They leave it at that and he hangs up.

Jacinto watches Ed put down the phone and sympathetically tells his friend that he didn’t think the call would be that painful for him. Ed admits that he has tried to rip out the feelings he still has for Fernanda, but it’s been useless. He says he’ll love her till the day he dies (and another group sigh erupts through Viewerville).

Across the way at the Elizalde’s, Babs wants to know what Eduardo told Fernanda. She tells Babs the high points: that he’s coming to the ceremony and will dispose of his mother’s personal things. Babs still wants to know if he made the earlier call, but Fer says he denied making it. Babs thinks that he had somebody call for him. Fer says he’s arriving tomorrow so…. Babs sneers that they’ll see then if he is capable of taking responsibility for it and leaves in a huff. When Santiago and Nanda are finally alone again, he asks her what really happened with the call. She is near tears and says to be perfectly honest, Eduardo spoke rather coldly to her and was not the person she knew. In fact, he acted as if she were a perfect stranger.

Back at the fertility clinic, Prissy is desperate now that she’s learned Any Balls is shooting blanks (that is, if his trigger works at all with her and/or anyone else of the female persuasion) and she wants to find some kind of treatment, artificial insemination or something. The doctor explains (PSA alert!) that she can have all the children she wants, they just won’t be Any Balls’ kids. He’s sterile. Period. No cure for that exists in the present universe. Prissy says the news will destroy her marriage and her husband’s life. She says she wants to wait to tell him the news herself “at the proper time.” The doctor says fine, but if he should come around asking, he will have to be frank with him. Prissy says not to worry. That won’t happen. She asks if she can count on his silence and the doctor agrees to stay mum.

Back at Las Animas, Ed explains to Jacinto that things have changed and for the first time it won’t be him waiting to come face to face with Fernanda, but the other way ‘round. Cinto asks what’s the reason for an answer like that? Has jealousy entered the picture because now she’s another man’s wife? Ed says he doesn’t know and doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter to him. Jacinto says yeah, he’ll see if Eduardo can say that when he really does come face to face with her, but Ed says he won’t be saying anything to her. Jacinto is confused because Ed just finished telling Fernanda that he would be arriving the next day. Eddie says he will leave her waiting for him the same way she left him waiting, waiting for fifteen long years for a letter that never came. Eduardo Juarez will never arrive because he is dead forever!

Fernanda is on her way out of the house for an appointment. Santiago races after his sister and demands to know why she is still so upset after that call. She says she isn’t and to just forget it. He says he knows her too well so what it is? She allows herself to let off a little steam. She explains that she always thought when she finally saw Eduardo again it would be something special, but it seems it was just foolishness on her part. Santiago asks if she wasn’t idealizing Eduardo’s memory just a bit? (Now that’s rich.) She says well, perhaps. He says well, if it upsets her this much, perhaps it’s best if he doesn’t come back. She lets this sink in for a second, but Babs is waiting on her so Nanda says she’s got to leave. The sibling heart-to-heart is over and Nanda walks out of the house flustered and depressed. Santiago sits down on the stairs and smiles to himself because it seems that his suspicions were correct: Fer is still in love with Eduardo, her childhood love.

Across town in the city somewhere, Bad-Boy Vlad is off playing Jai Alai at his club while Prissy drives off from the clinic. She is in tears because now she cannot make her daddy happy by giving him an heir to the Elizalde fortune, and her dreams of being a mother have been nixed as well as her chance at recuperating Anibal’s love for her. “What love is that, anyway, if he (Anibal) has never really loved me?” she sobs. Suddenly she gets an unexpected call from Vlad. He asks if they can see each other again and emphasizes that he realizes she’s married but doesn’t care. Vlad adds that he’s hoping it doesn’t matter to her either. Prissy suddenly gets a big smile on her face. The woman has a plan.

In the car Babs asks Fernanda who she thinks could have called and said it was from Eduardo, if she thinks he himself had nothing to do with it? Fernanda suspects somebody who wanted to scare them and says she plans to find out for sure once she sees him face to face.

Prissy decides to make a detour to Anibal’s office at Grupo Lactos. “I’ve come to give you the news of your life.” “—What, that you got a scholarship to study art history in the Sahara Desert?” “—No, better than that. It’s the results from your fertility test. You’re a hot stud.” He smiles back at her patronizingly. She’s puzzled. “Doesn’t that make you happy?”

We are back to Las Animas one last time. Eduardo asks Jacinto if he can think of somebody else who knows he’s come back. Jacinto says no and wonders why he’s asking. Ed explains that somebody called Fernanda at the hacienda and said they were calling for him but then hung up. He says since none of his friends have recognized him he’s stumped about who it might be. Suddenly he remembers his visit to Lili at the mental hospital when she called out his name. “I think there is one person that I have to speak with,” he says. “I have to resolve a more serious problem, to prepare a surprise for Fernanda Elizalde.” Jacinto, confused as ever because Ed’s talking in those riddles again, stares silently at his pal and waits patiently for the explanation.


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