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El Hotel de los Secretos #5, 1/29/16 Friday: No Wonder They Set This Hotel In the Old MEPS Manicomio (Loony Bin)!

At a glance

-- Julio loses the brothel fistfight and Andrés’s life savings in one fell swoop.
-- Isabel tells Julio that she found an anonymous note in Diego’s office demanding money to keep quiet about what happened to Cristina.
-- Isabel and Julio almost kiss but are interrupted by Diego’s voice.
-- Isabel confronts Diego about the blackmailing note. He denies the note was addressed to him and pins it all on Maestro Alcalá.
-- Belén and Andrés announce to their colleagues that they are novios, to the displeasure of Doña Ángela. Andrés later proposes to Belén and she accepts.
-- Alfredo announces that his mother will be visiting the Gran Hotel soon. Having a child is the condition that stopped him from receiving his inheritance. Sofía is squirming at the prospect of making the (inexistent) baby announcement to her suegra quite so soon. 
-- Detective Ayala arrives in town and upon performing an autopsy on the dead prostitute, he finds the tip of a gold knife stuck to the bone, inside her stab wound.
-- Diego finds out that money was stolen from his office. He also receives an anonymous call related to the blackmail money from inside the hotel (most likely from Pascual). Diego gives his goon the extortion money and instructs him to eliminate the blackmailer.
-- Detective Ayala discovers that the murder weapon comes from the Gran Hotel’s collection of gold knives. The only people who had recent access to that cutlery drawer were Don Benjamín, Andrés and Julio.
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Pasión y Poder Episodes #76 and #77 Friday, January 29th 2016 Ah, murder, taking that final step into h e double hockey sticks.

Good evening everyone! Well, we had another two episodes into one again tonight. There were some stuff left out, and I'll do my best to highlight the important points in purple

Wow, no repeats tonight, we get right into the action!

As you may recall, Hummy had made some nasty remarks, and had really tested Eladio's patience. Well, Eladio responds by lunging at the old man with his fist in the air determined to strike him. Julia has to hold Hubs back, and assures him that she believes in his innocence. However, nearly being struck doesn't stop the old man from opening his mouth. He goes on to say: that he hopes that this accusation (about Eladio murdering his first associate, Smith) doesn't get connected with The Ratt's extermination. After all, Eladio is still a suspect. Julia has had it with her father's nasty remarks and she shouts at the old man to shut up. "Leave my husband alone, he's innocent", she shouts at her father. 

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #109 1-29-16 BIANCHI, for crying out loud, BIANCHI!!!

Ciao, miei cari Patio Peeps!  No refrito tonight, let's get right to the action.  Andiamo!

Freddie's head didn't pop off and fly around the room (thanks for that image, Sneaky) but she did collapse and slide out of the chair onto the floor and she wails as Pilar holds her and cries that she is sorry, Federica was so young and had suffered so much.  Of course these people don't know what a closed door is so Dante walks right up and asks what's going on.  Now, friends, whoever said that Pilar has more on the ball than she's letting on, take a bow.  Pilar and Freddie smoothly switch roles and Pilar begins to cry and wail uncontrollably as Freddie pretends to comfort her.  Freddie says, "She's fine, we're getting closer and she was telling me about that evil Maximo.  How could you work for somebody like him?"  Dante defends Maximo, "He got me out prison, he wanted me to be a good man!"  A good man?  Freddie thinks Dante's face and demeanor are like that of a beast.  No!  They don't need help.  She will get Domingo.  She dismisses him.

Pedro and Fiorella walk through the living room.  Fiorella frets about how sad Gianna is and decides she will flash Gianna a smile every time she looks at her.  She asks how it went at ACorp.  He, Eloisa and Osvaldo plan to meet, Fiorella will attend.

Domingo flirts with Simoneta as she brushes Pilar's hair and tells her how spiffy she'll look when they go on their walk around the Ranch.   Pilar is silent, her brow is furrowed.  Eloisa approaches and notices this and that Pilar is more quiet than usual.  Domingo mentions that she was talking to Freddie a bit ago.  Eloisa goes ballistic and leaves the room yelling for Freddie.  There's a cute little bit where Domingo clumsily tries to tell Simoneta that he is....he is....enamorado Pilar says with a roll of her eyes!

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Antes muerta que Lichita, 29 Jan 2016... Alicia is victim of another prank with a video of her own face and voice... Augie and Sandra have another Face off... Beto and Vladimir meet again but someone slipped her tongue a bit

Santy has no choice but to confirm that he dealt with Augusto: doing the marketing for ALL his brands in exchange for Alicia being the General Director of Iconika.  Alicia of course takes it the worst way possible (you bought that title for me!)  Roberto tries to twist the knife but she gets mad at him as well. She leaves in a huff, Santy repeats to Beto (Roberto) that what he did, he did for love for Ali (Alicia).
Luciana, Nestor and Shush, as usual, are planning and are at the same time clueless about what is going on.
Santy approaches Ali, apologizes to her. She is irritated that he was not honest with her, same sin Beto is carrying.  Santy tells Augie that he made the deal offer due to her talents in the job, not only for his feelings. He wanted to see her progress/climb and he wanted to celebrate her accomplishments with her.  He holds her hands and repeats to her that what he did, he did for love for her.   He tells her that when he told Augie about the deal, Augie had told him that the front runner for the job was already Alicia.  HE wants her to stop trying to justify her job to others, she deserves to be where she is.   Please!!   Alicia calms down a bit and tells him that she did not expect something like this from him.  She did not want to be treated like a commodity.  She did not want to feel like she owed him something.  He never meant for her to take it like that.  She says they have to practice some forgiveness… (she is no longer mad at him by now… and this is not making Beto happy (loved his facial smirk to let us know that)
At the cafecito, Makos is talking to a client who stutters a bit… Elsa and Nacho are spying from the counter.  HE notices that, so does she.  He tries to set up a date between them.  Magos, to his dismay, is definitely interested in their date.  She tells him about Ximena and have to arrange for someone to watch her. The guy offers to bring Ximena along.
Beto approaches Ali, tells her that her anger at her boyfriend did not last long at all.  She is now mad at him. She tells him she was about to make the same mistake all over again of throwing everything down the tubes to be with him.  She reminds him that now he is married.  He gets mad and tries to yank his wedding band off his finger.
Ximena has her reservations about their ‘three-some’ date.  She seems to get along with the guy pretty good.  But first they have to watch a princesses movie on her laptop. LOL! (that’s what I call the test of a step parent to-be)
Elias is at same table as Bea, he asks her why she picked Ali for Director.  Bea praises Alicia as a woman who keeps her values/priorities in place and that is priceless for her. She turns around toward Augie and Luciana at another table and adds ‘I am talking about loyalty!’
Shush makes the presentation of Augie as the speaker.  Augie starts his speech.  He is talking about what the API represents, marketers committed to the families… yada yada… (seems to me from Augie’s speech he is no longer THAT excited about Beto being the API PRez).
All of a sudden Sandra is there, taking over the spotlight from Augie.  HE is angry grinding his teeth as he whispers to her.
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Muchacha Italiana #108 1/28/16

Recap by Sneaky Two Shoes!!!!  Grazie Tantissimo!!!!
(Lots of rehash tonight folks, I’ll try to make it brief)

Gia threatens Roxi at knifepoint and they bond over hating Skankia.  Gia is afraid she won’t have appropriate fancy restaurant wear and will look bad at the family dinner w/Gael

Os and Fi talk about nothing, nothing at all – Fed smells a plot and comes asking but Os says he forgot Fi wasn’t a servant anymore and asked her for his jacket. Fi is all ‘yeah I reminded him I don’t serve in this house anymore’ and Fed replies ‘yeah, you don’t serve for anything anymore’ (in Spanish no sierves para nada also means you’re worthless, so, exactly what Fed thinks of both Os and Fi)  
Fi beats feet and Fed and Os trade insults, then Fed says she read the cards and death is close to this house, but Os has more faith in fortune cookies than her stupid cards.

Santino needs to borrow Juli’s shower because his is broken and he’s dirty and sweaty. Juli shows no sign of accompanying him to the shower.  ( hang in there, it’ll matter later)

Fed and Aitana meet. After insulting her,  calling her a polizon = vagrant and making fun of her downfall, Fed suggests they work together to bump off various family members they both hate – starting with Os.

Os is meeting w/Petey and Abue on strategy to beat Fed. He’s all helpful and nice and they notice they change – its all because of the kid, he wants to be a good father and a good example. They gird themselves to go swimming w/the metaphorical sharks.

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Karmageddon Discussion: Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse 11/26/16

Let's make pasta primavera and open some vino for this one because we deserve it.

It's time to figure out what tricks the Televisa writers will pull on us this time. After what happened with Mi Corazón es Tuyo I am seriously concerned that most of the nasties of this series will get off without any relevant punishment, but we can at least vent here about what should happen to them. Let's start with the queen of the lot:
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Pasión y poder, U.S. Ep. 59 (Mex. 74 & 75), Thursday, January 28, 2016: How low can you go, Arturo Montenegro?

Episode 74 – Hell on Wheels

Arturo storms out of the room leaving Nina alone, her lips pale and sad.

The Gomez Luna family gathers around to comfort the weeping Gaby.  Julia, David and Eladio know she has broken her engagement to Franco.  It is her Uncle Eladio who asks why...

Caridad knows that the mouth-breather is involved with Franco.  And the mouth-breather knows that Caridad is Franco's mother.  Whoa.  Marintia boasts that Franco trusts her more than he does his prometida and assures Caridad that her secret is safe with her.  She and Franco were high school sweethearts whose romance has now been rekindled.  And she believes that he loves her, not Gaby.

Marintia feels that Caridad should understand better than anyone – she was once the other woman herself. But Franco's mother urges Gaby's adenoidal rival to set Franco free (like Julia's canaries?) and let him choose.
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El Hotel de los Secretos #4, 1/28/16 Thursday: This novela is going to the dogs

Anita is here tonight, dusting, waxing and polishing the throne for Princess JuJu's arrival next Thursday. Please don't tell her I sat on it. It's fairly comfy, upholstered and covered in flame-stitch bargello needlepoint.

For all the night-owls and early birds who can't wait to discuss what just happened, here is a posting for you. Parte Uno follows with the goings on at our resplendent resort hotel, which is currently doubling as Murder Mystery Mansion. Parte Dos will come after the sun comes up on the East Coast. [Note: some scenes are combined to make them longer.]

Parte Uno--

Isabel is in Julio's room in the servants' quarters. She is offended when Julio calls her Isabel. It's Srta. Alarcon to you. He gets a slap for his insolence. She's angry that he's lied to her. Julio wonders if she's more offended that he lied or that he's a servant. He doesn't think she's been straightforward with him either, having not mentioned her upcoming nuptials. Isabel says she only found out about the arrangement a few hours before the announcement. They trade insults. He seems to have the last word as he pulls out Cristina Olmedo's bloody uniform. When Isabel says she doesn't understand what he's trying to say, he replies that no, she wouldn't understand, she's been coddled, spoiled, she's capricious. She knows nothing of the real world, his world. Why is he saying these things to her, she wants to know. He tells her the truth of who he is and why he is there, holding his sister's bloody clothing. He's there to find out who hurt her. Isabel is sure no one hurt her, she was dismissed for theft. Julio retorts she stole nothing and he is going to make sure people like her don't make payoffs so justice isn't done. They seem pretty angry with each other.
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Antes Muerta que Lichita #89 Thursday 1/28/16. "Tantrums, Entitlement & Other Revelations"

Lets jump right in:

Sheila calls Roberto out to the park to figure out why he blew them off the other day. Roberto reveals that he was confronted by someone whom he did not want them to meet. I'm sure by now she is wondering why she did not just use a cell phone like a normal person if she wanted to chat. Roberto makes her outing a little worthwhile by offering to buy her out in exchange of giving up custody of Mateo. It does not take Sheila long to realize that this is a good preposition for her but first she must consult with her partner in crime. Roberto sneakily attempts to set up a meeting with this partner of hers but Sheila is smarter than she looks and does not fall for this trick.

We assume time passes as we get a montage of scenes where Roberto teaches an uninterested Luciana the tricks of the trade, Braulio and Alicia start moving in to their new apartment. Bea and Elias seem to be forming a friendship as Elias spends time teaching her about Iconika.

There are a long list of flaws which are highlighted every 
episode so there is no need to rehash.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, Eva La Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, and Fatmagul: Week of January 25, 2016


Here's page 2 for the week.
Please join in the conversation!
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Pasion y Poder #72 & #73, Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A message to the patio. Univision squeezed (edited and cut) in episodes #72 & #73. The recap is what aired on Univision on Wednesday night.

At GM, David goes to talk to Art. Art tells him to stay away from both his daughters. David insists that he loves Regina and the only way he will separate from her is if she asks him to. David advises Art to accept their relationship if he doesn't want to loose Regina.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #88 Wednesday 1/27/16. "Santiago Seals his Fate in a Deal with the Devil"

Picking up just where we left off . . .

Roberto and Alicia are discussing the general director position and how he is backing Luciana for that job and working against Alicia. She needs to remember that Luciana is the daughter of the owner. Alicia says that Luciana at the helm would be the worst possible thing to happen to Icónika. Roberto adds that it would be the best for Alicia. She wants to know what he meant by that.

At Icónika, Augusto talks with Elías who tells him to not beat around the bush and just tell him what he wants. Augusto wants him to be an adviser to his wife soon to be ex-wife Beatriz. Elías looks puzzled.

In the board room Valeria continues to serve the coffee and chit chat with everyone there to their delight. Someone actually says the mother is so much nicer than the daughter. Luciana hurries Valeria out of with the coffee cart. Chuchette tries to get them all involved in an "interaction" exercise. She wants them to repeat "I can!"

Roberto and Alicia are still discussing nose to nose. They almost kiss. Roberto throws Alicia having a millionaire boyfriend in her face: she doesn't have time for everything, right? Roberto leaves. Alicia says to herself that she is going to show everybody that if anyone deserves that position it is she. She opens the door and calls Roberto a jerk.
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El Hotel de los Secretos #3, 1/27/16 Wednesday: One Baby Gone, Two Still in Play

Sofia tries to prevent Alberto from leaving, grabbing his suitcase as they argue at the top of the last landing on the stairs. She loses her balance and tumbles down the stairs. The noise brings Isabel and Doña Angela, who were at reception going through the guest log. They run to Sofia, who, despite being in great pain and semi-conscience, still has the presence of mind to maintain appearances and say she was just going for a glass of water in the kitchen and fell. Isabel rushes to get Dr. Santamaria in Room 36. Seconds later, Julio, who was down in the kitchens with Felipe when he heard the ruckus, rushes to the staircase to help.  A very worried Alberto probably makes everything worse by picking Sofia up and taking her to their room. Angela orders Julio into action—light the stove, get water boiled, and bring it up to the room for the doctor. Upstairs, Doña Teresa is informed by Isabel and actually looks concerned. Doña Angela informs Felipe and tries to break through his drunken haze to convince him to go up and support his sister and family. He stumbles upstairs.
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Muchacha Italian Viene a Casarse #107 1-27-16 She's ALIVE!!! or Assvaldo becomes Osvaldo?

Ciao a tutti!  Well, this was another vegematic episode:  We were hurled and jerked from scene to scene, between day and night.  Jeezopete!  Hopefully, this summary and your always astute, witty and piercing commentary will help us piece this puppy together.  Andiamo!

Of course Assvaldo didn't shoot our beloved (well, by most of us anyway) Fiorella so lets get some other bits and pieces out of the way first!

Diana is arrested for suspicion of murder.  The gun she accidentally shot Vitto with was used to commit a murder.  Vitto gets Adela and Rey to keep Betito while he tries to help Diana.

Gianna has a bad tachycardia attack and Roxi helps to calm her.

Apparently Katia has been sniffing around Gael and Benni.  Roxi tells the skank off but she barely seems affected.  Skank probably has this kind of confrontation with wives and girl friends at least twice per week.  Although when Fiorella was missing Gael was all lovey-dovey huggy comfort, by the end of the episode Gianna is talking to Roxi about wanting to make up with Gael!  Gael and Gianna are invited to a fancy restaurant for a dinner with Katia and Augustin.  Gianna frets and suspects Katia will show up at the dinner half naked and fawning all over Gael.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #106 1/26/16 Something’s in the Air…Something Bad.

Mille, Mille grazie to Sneaky Two Shoes!!!!  YAAAAAY!!!!

Fed tells the board the sad story of how she was wronged, and bilked, and cheated, and stolen from, and lied to, and, and…

Fi. Gun. Head. Os (  I can’t watch. Oh, we’ve moved on.)

More Fed – she says Pietro and the fam knew all about it and covered it up. Some arguing about who knew and who was an accomplice.

Santino and Juli kissing – she breaks the kiss and says she’s confused and lost and she can’t do this (why not honey? He’s hot.)
He wants to try again, but she wants to concentrate on finding their daughter for now.

Sonia finishes her set and calls Os, interrupting his not shooting Fi (not that I want him to, but it is Osvaldo, he’s never shown any evidence of having a conscience, what’s he hesitating for now?)
Sonia wants to know why he left, he says Pietro called him to go to ACorp b/c Fed’s running mad through the halls. She tells him she’s on her way and if he isn’t really there she’ll be really mad at him.
He goes to stare at Fi some more

Gia and Gael argue cutely about who was sleeping during the performance and who snores and who’s jealous and end up kissing.

Pietro and Fed are still at it – she insinuates that since he married a servant the business is in shaky if not mentally incompetent hands and calls for a vote for CEO – can’t vote b/c Elo and Os aren’t there. Fed can wait, meanwhile she tries to sow doubts by outing Beg’s plans and wondering out loud why Pietro didn’t report him to the police.
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Lichita, 12/26: STUPID ANTENNA!!!

Augusto puts Nestor on the spot about his supposed wife Magdalena. Nestor squirms and says he'll call her right now to prove to everyone that she's real. 

Then some guy in a suit (new to me) catches Beto at the playground watching Mateo. And that's when the recording died! Seriously, I need a new solution (I've bean using a Mohu leaf antenna, which often works perfectly but sometimes just gives NOTHING AT ALL like today). 

Could any of you please help out a poor blogger with some details from today?


I did catch a snippet of Augusto trying to give Beto a lesson on manipulating people. As we know, Beto is already an expert in this.


El Hotel de los Secretos #2, 1/26/16 Tuesday: Out, Out, Damned Spot Or Something Smells Rotten In Hotel De Los Alarcón

Capítulo 2
Parte 1~
[With heavenward apologies to The Bard…..]

As Diego and Sra. Teresa Alarcón smile triumphantly to themselves and the congratulatory guests at the success of their dastardly plan (as Viewerville deduces it to be) to this point, a disgusted Julio exits to the balcony outdoors to take a much needed smoke and ponder…..whatever.  Suddenly a pensive Isabela comes out onto the balcony and accepts a cigarette from the mysterious man off the train.  “—How come I run into you every time I’m about to take a train I don’t care to take?”  He smiles suavely at her. “—Perhaps somebody needs to convince you.  Sometimes it’s better to stay on the platform.”   He asks if she’s alright.  She says perfectly fine.  He smiles charmingly and chuckles a bit.  “--Should I take you away with me?”  “—You’d do that for me?” He suggests if one isn’t persuaded by Fate, it’s best not to take the train ride because once you decide to get off it might be too far for you to get back again.   Just then El Depraved de Diego (G-r-r-r-r) comes out and the fragile moment is broken.  He walks onto the balcony looking for Isabel as Julio strides quickly into the shadows, formally wishing her congratulations on her engagement.

Diego inquires who the man is.  “Dunno.  Some guest of the hotel.”  Diego and she go back into visit said invitees to their engagement party and to dance together.  Definitely Julio has made one huge impression on her (just as he has–despite his rather non-existent visual appeal in parts of Viewerville as leading man material).

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Pasión y Poder Martes 1/26/16 #70 & 71

Chapter 70: The Great Pretender

Nina, wearing minimal makeup to make herself look wan and pathetic, told Erick her intentions.
Your father is determined to leave me and I will take his entire fortune and business holdings. Do you understand?”
I'm sorry, Mama. You can count on me for anything you want. And now there will be more money because Ashmore will be doing all his business with us and not with Gómez-Luna.”
Nina went on about how this was because she had told Ashmore about what happened with Eladio's Tabasco project. Erick corrected her by telling her that there was an outside deal in which Arturo put some shares related to the construction into a bank account for Ashmore's son-in-law. She looked suspicious, then satisfied.
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Pasion y Poder #56 20160125 Please Bore Someone Else With This Love Story

Via the phone, Petra tells Gina that David asked her to pass along a message:  Dani and the shady reporter set him up.  Gina wants to hear all of the juicy details.  Petra tells her that David showed up with the reporter and demanded to speak with Gina, but she'd already left for New York.  Anyways, she goes on to say that David confronted Dani in front of both the reporter and Petra.  The reporter confirmed Dave's story that the kiss was a set up and he was paid to publish the kiss.  Petra tells Gina that Dave loves her and she loves him, so give him another chance. 

David is waiting for Gina when she gets off of the elevator.  She asks how he knew which hotel she was staying in.  He says money talks and you can find out anything.  Anyways, he wants to know if she's made any decisions about their relationship.  She tells him that she loves him and she wants to be with him.  They kiss, take a selfie and send it to Dani.  Later, they skip vittle time, go right to the hotel room and get busy. Read more »


El Hotel de los Secretos #1, 1/25/16 Monday: Strangers on a Train

Julio Olmedo counts the few coins in his hand and seems to pull himself together, as if he's gathering the courage to take the biggest leap of his life. He is young and hungry-looking, but there is a determined look in his eyes that tells us he's going to make this work no matter what it takes.

He buys a third-class ticket for the last train to Puebla. Nearby, a well-dressed man complains that some scruffy-looking children stole something of his. Julio promises to watch the kids and the man's bags while the man fetches the police; the man leaves his coat behind as well. Julio tells the kids to take off, and he walks off with the man's coat.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #86 Monday 1/25/16

And the story continues . . . With a little of this and a little of that . . . .

At Icónika, Augusto, as well as Roberto, congratulates Santiago and Alicia. Santiago leaves.Everyone is off to the conference room for a meeting. Chuchette and Néstor are just shocked that Alicia is now with Santiago!!!! Néstor is so shocked he is ready to use the "just shoot me" verb. Fátima just smiles. Through a conversation with his right hand man Félix, we find out that Santiago has a surprise for Alicia after the meeting. Turns out Santiago is concerned that eventhough Allicia told her coworkers she is going out with hm, he really does not know how she feels about him. He is determined to make her forget her ex.

Braulio tells Brisa he and Alicia are going to be roomates.

Announcement at the meeting: Roberto is new president of API. Who will be the next general director of Icónika? Alicia supposes it will be Alex. Augusto makes sure they all know that will never happen. Augusto goes over the requirements for the position. Alicia reminds him that Beatriz will also be deciding. He agrees that Beatriz will have to agree on the choice. He then announces that he himself Augusto will be taking over the position for the time being. He has extra time now he is not involved in API.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #105 1-25-16 The Perils of Fiorella!

Ciao a tutti!  Andiamo!  I’m going to combine scenes tonight.  Hope that helps with the flow.

False pregnancy confirmation.  Assvaldo leaves Fiorella’s room just before Pedro and Fiorella enter.  She shows Pedro both halves of the pregnancy test print out.  Pedro wonders aloud why Sonia and Assvaldo don’t want anyone to know.

Sonia provides the answer in a tearful soliloquy:  She tells her baby to be strong and to hold on to life.  Daddy is very egotistical and so she must remain quiet for now and maybe it’s time to leave her velvet –lined hell.  She tells the baby she has a chance to do what she really loves, to sing.  Singing before an adoring crowd and the applause is a special joy.  She decides she can’t leave now.  She doesn’t want to be poor again or condemn her baby to a life of poverty.  She rubs her stomach and concludes she may have to hang on a little longer as she slowly sinks down to the floor.

Skankia and Papi Chulo.  Katia stamps her foot and tells Augustin she DOES NOT like Gianna and she doesn’t want them together!   Augustin reminds Katia she is related to Gael.  She pouts she is not because he is NOT her father.  “Even though you don’t carry my blood, I raised you as a daughter and you cannot interfere in Gael’s life and decisions about who he wants to be with!”  We are spared further contact with this skank but there will be more skandom later.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Celia, Bajo El Mismo Cielo, Eva La Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, and Fatmagul: Week of January 25, 2016

The NEW and IMPROVED Telemundo page is now issued twice a week:  Mondays at 3PM and Thursdays at 8PM.  This is the place for discussion of Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, La Querida del Centauro, Fatmagul, and the newest addition to Telemundo's offerings, Eva La Trailera.  Eva debuts at 9PM this Tuesday, January 26, replacing Bajo el Mismo Cielo, whose gran final airs this Monday, January 25.

The Telemundo website contains a short synopsis in Spanish of Eva La Trailera along with photos of cast members and videos.  The Latin Times offers an English-language synopsis and information about the cast.  Among the principal cast members are Edith González (who starred in "Doña Bárbara"), Jorge Luis Pila ("En Otra Piel"), Arap Bethke ("Señora Acero"), and Erika de la Rosa, whom some of us know as Felicia in "Bajo el Mismo Cielo").

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pasión y Poder Episodes #67 and #68 Friday, Janurary 22nd 2016 Arturo Montenegro: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing?

(some scenes have been combined) 

Sorry for behaving like such a you know what 

At the Montenegro residence, Regina and Arturo meet in the study. Arturo realizes that he shouldn't have bawled Regina out and accepts that he behaved like a such a horse's you know what the day before. For that, he offers her an apology. 

Moreover, Arturo can't comprehend how she can't see the game that David has been playing with her and with her sister Daniela. In Regina's eyes: David loves her, and it's Daniela's fault. In Arturo's eyes: Even if that were the case that Daniela provokes David, he still seduced both of his daughters. He advises Regina to forget David. Regina can't forget him. Arturo doesn't want Regina and Daniela to become more distanced becasue of David. Once again,  Regina lays the blame on her little sister Daniela: if the two sisters don't get along it's because of Daniela's attitude with her. 

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Antes muerta que Lichita #85 Friday 1/22/16

Well, here we go!

We are starting out with returning to Alicia and Santiago at their dinner date where Santiago is promising Alicia he will do all he can to help her get over Roberto. She adds that it is a lost cause already between her and Roberto because he is already married. Santiago sees the marriage as the least of the problems because not everybody marries for love: people marry for all sorts of reasons. Alicia's cell phone suddenly rings and it is a very distraught Dafne on the other end telling Alicia that she just cannot take it anymore and also asking her to come over please. Santiago keeps looking over his shoulder to see what Roberto is doing. (He better keep looking over his shoulder.

Of course, Magos' party is out of control and she has done nothing to bring it back under control being as immature and goofy as she is. It seems like the police have arrived. Her friends think that is great because they will get everyone under control. Magos has to remind them that they all could be in hot water with no licenses for parties and their "crooked" business they are running. Pau and Gerry try to make a run for it but Magos drags them back.

Back at the restaurant, Luciana wants to talk about Santiago and Alicia. Roberto tries to get her back on track to talk about themselves. Roberto wants to talk about not being able to live forever at the mansion. Luciana wants his support for her to returning to work at Icónika. Her main reason is so that he will see she is so much more talented than Alicia and she is back to talking about how much she hates Alicia.
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Friday, January 22, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #104 1-22-16 Preggers? Who's Preggers?

Ciao y'all!  It's been an eventful week in Dos Rios and Rancho Los Angeles.  Here's what went down today, not necessarily in order of broadcast.

Eloisa is unshaken in her resolve to welcome Fiorella into the Angeles family and deflects insults from Assvaldo and Federica.  Pedro and Fiorella hug Eloisa, Sergio proposes a toast.  Freddie's attempts to sour the mood with constant cracks about how she's going to grab the Angeles fortune go ignored.   Eloisa declares that two people marrying who really love each other is worth celebrating and she doesn't care what anyone has to say about Fiorella and Pedro's marriage and everybody who lives in the Angeles house will respect them!  Eloisa's expansive mood includes Roxi whom she invites to move back into the Ranch.  Roxi coolly declines and Eloisa coolly accepts her refusal.

Gael goes by Papi Chulo, his dad, Augustin's apartment.   It's a trick.  Augustin isn't there, Katia is and before you can say Katiaisaskank, she unasses her robe and stands before him naked.  She doesn't care that he has a novia, she's not jealous.  Augustin arrives, Skankia darts out of the room and Gael stutters his reason for being there and gets the heck out the door.  [Hmmm, I bet Skankia had something to do with the ending of Papi Chulo's marriage, chick's morals are lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut.]

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Muchacha Italiana #103 1/21/16 What A Cute Little Stepsister Gael Has

Recap by Sneaky Two Shoes!!     Grazie Tantissimo, Sneaky!

 Now its Fed’s big scene –‘Ha ha! I’m not crazy like you all thought I was because of my crazy clothes!
I found Pilar and brought her here and she had the proof Max swindled my dad and now I have it and here’s my lawyer to make sure I get mine.

Diana thinks the world would be better off without her and tries to kill herself but Vitto fights her for the pistol – oops it goes off.

Agustin introduces Gael to his hot stepsister who is, um, older, than he thought. She flirts with him while Gia tells Fi about her and how they are going to be besties. Fi tells Gia about the photo Juli got of the adoptive father, Gia wants to see it, maybe they will recognize him. Fi is all ‘Italy is a big country what are the chances we would recognize some random, on the other hand my first bf turned out to be my fiancee’s nephew, so maybe.

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Pasión y Poder, Episode 54 (Mexican Episodes 65 & 66), Thursday, January 21, 2016: Changing Places

Part One: Eladio makes a silk purse out of a sow's ear – well, out of two ears and a snout – while Arturo manages to make himself a horse's ass.

Arturo arrives at the Foundation during story time. He waits indulgently as Julia, sporting a snout and pig ears and snorting judiciously here and there, wraps up the tale of a gluttonous little pig that is very fond of veggies.   Then he approaches her and says they need to talk.  "About us."

When Nina refuses to talk divorce terms with Agustín, he hands her a copy of the prenup and reminds her of its terms: she is entitled to absolutely nothing since she and Arturo are still a few months shy of their 25th anniversary; but if she plays along, Arturo will see to it that she continues to live like a queen.  Negotiate now or lose everything.  Ask another lawyer, if you don't believe me.

Daniela leaves Consuelo's office after getting her sister-in-law's promise to help her launch a career as a model.  On the way out, she crosses paths with Erick, who carries an enormous bouquet of roses.  His simian features look hopeful.  Alas, he will have no bananas today: Consuelo announces that their separation is a done deal and she is moving into her own apartment.
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Antes Muerta que Lichita #84 1/21/16: Reasons Why Alicia Should Switch to Team Santiago

This is me making an attempt to apply logic to Univision's scheduling antics. Monday was double episode, Tuesday reverted to single episode and another double episode on Wednesday. Shall I take a guess and assume today was a single episode? Who knows I probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than predicting the behaviors of the powers that be in Univision. 

Mexico Capitulo #98

Alicia sees Santiago and wonders if he was here for a while, he replies more or less. She then asks if he heard everything...he gives her the same more or less answer. Alicia believes she has some explaining to do but makes the situation worse the more she opens her mouth. She tries to explain that the only way to get the actors of Corazon Enamorado to shoot the commercial was to partake in a romantic scene with Roberto as the body doubles for the bickering costars. Alicia spends much denying and protesting but Santiago patiently waits for her to shut her boca so he can surprise her with a flower. Santiago does not need any explanations. He just wanted to surprise he with a flower before heading back to work.

Reason 1: He knows how to properly woo a girl. Jealousness is below him.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, La Querida del Centauro, and Fatmagul,: Week of January 18, 2016


Here's page 2 for the week. 
Please join in the conversation!

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Pasion y Poder #63 & 64 Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lo Nuevo

Julia asks Art what he needs. Art wants to talk with Julia, but Nina interferes and tells Art that there is no need for him to talk to Julia because she is there to take care of the auction of the car. But Art says he is not there to talk about the car. Nina asks Julia to speak with Art alone. After Julia leaves Nina wants to know what the hell Art has to talk about with Julia?
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Antes muerta que Lichita #83 Wednesday 1/20/16

Looks like they are keeping up with the double episodes. This was  our third this week.BTW, I will fill in for Marta on Friday.

After the kiss, Alicia tells Santiago she is open to also having a personal relationship with him as long as they keep work and their personal lives separate. Santiago talks about himself wanting to get married and have children. It also turns out he is not a one trick pony. He has several businesses: Peoples' Café, a restaurant chain, a few boutique hotels and he a partner in a real estate firm.

At the park, Roberto tries to explain to Mateo how much he wants to be with him andhow much he loves him. Mateo quotes his mother: she told him that if a person REALLY wants to do something, they will find a way to do it. His mother left her "super heroine" job for him but Roberto refused to. Roberto accuses Sheila of lying to Mateo about him. She sees it all differently. He wants to know if she is hanging around with another criminal just like her. She takes exception with that. The guy she is with is not like him. Roberto says he has changed. He is a married man and successful. She has had enough of Roberto. He wants to spend some time with Mateo there at the park. Sheila decides it is time to go.

At the mansion, Gumaro and Luciana have done the deed and we see them all happy with themselves in her bed. Luciana tells him he can call her "tú" when they are not out in public. They hear Dafne in the mansion so Gumaro hides. Later outside at the bonsai station, Gumaro is feeling guilty so he tells Luciana he is quitting. She feels guilty, too, being "very" married. We hear her say not to rush; not to quit until he has another job. That is just what she told him yesterday. We have come full circle. They are kissing again.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #102 1-20-16 A Tearful Reunion and a Challenge to the Empire!

Ciao, miei cari amici del MIVAC Patio!  Hello, beloved friends of the MIVAC Patio!  Here's tonight's highlights, not necessarily in order of broadcast.

  • Vitto is on the verge of being evicted from his two restaurant properties.  I feel sorry for Domingo!  Vitto makes a grand statement of happily giving everything he owns for Diana to get her son back.  Anibal believes he is perfectly positioned to move in to snare Julieta and Sergio via the fake response he sent to their internet post. 
  • Gianna and Fiorella discuss Fiorella's perhaps going to Maratea to investigate their origins.  Fiorella protests she doesn't have the money to return to Italy.  Gigi reminds her she's the wife of a rich man and gets a lecture on a woman needing to have some income of her own to maintain a degree of independence.
  • The discarded Dust Mop shows up, meets with Assvaldo who rejects her offer of a "bed massage."  After she throws his affair with Alina in his face, he tells her to get lost for good.

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Antes muerta que Lichita 1/19: power outage stymies recapper

Hello friends,
our power went out today due to ?? Who knows? It was out in most of Durham NC. By the time it came back on Ezra didn't have time to do his recap before he had to go to class.

Here are some bullet points.
  • Alicia tells her mom she wants to move out and live on her own.

  • Gumaro and Luciana kiss a lot. Bea almost catches them in the bonsai pergola and in their hasty exit they knock over a lot of the little trees, which Luciana later blames on Dafne. She tells Bea she needs an exorcist for Dafne and Bea is seriously considering it.

    Due to all the kissing Gumaro says he'll quit (because he's feeling a small amount of guilt) but Roberto says, no, stay and spy some more, so there's more kissing in the corners.

  • Roberto keeps calling the number Mateo called from. Sheila has a partner in crime and they have cooked up something but we don't know what it is. She finally tells Roberto he can meet with Mateo at a playground but he better not try anything because the law is on her side. Sheila tells Mateo: "Your dad was lying when he said he loved you and had a room ready for you. He told me you're a bother and he wants to be rid of you." This was by far the low point of the episode. Roberto goes to a playground for the meet but our indoor antenna failed toward the end of the episode and I don't know if he saw Mateo yet.

  • Our idiot Nacho struts around trying to figure out what to do with his insurance money windfall. He boasts he will be a famous entrepreneur.

  • Santi comes to Ikonika to seal the deal, reminds all that he wants only Alicia to head his campaign. Roberto capers jealously in the hallway as Santi and Alicia have a quiet moment together after the meeting. He wants her to lighten up a little but will respect her business-only stance. Alicia can't help bringing up the photo of Santi with the hotel heiress. He says: "She's cold and boring and plays with her nose hairs. That picture is from two years ago and our romance only lasted a month." Alicia is embarrassed but Santi is pleased that she cares.

  • Augusto tells Alicia: "When Robert becomes president of API you can be director General of Ikonika." She says she doesn't have enough experience, he tells her to stop being so self-effacing.

  • Beto warns Gumaro: "Drako is on the way." In the TyM garage Gumaro beeps the horn at the perfect moment and Drako drops the papers. Gumaro picks them up, scans them, and pockets one, having to do with some company ... might be funny business to take to the Naugahyde policeman.

  • Brisa finds Alicia's damning old "testimonial" (HOW I HATE IKONIKA) from long ago on her hard drive. Braulio says, delete it. Instead, Brisa loses it.

  • At lunch Alicia and Santi tell each other their favorite desserts. When he says his Granny's rice pudding is his favorite, Alicia gives him a big long kiss.


Muchacha Italiana 1/19/16 #101 These Kids Are So Darn Cute When They’re Happy.

Recap by Sneaky Two Shoes!!!  YAAAAY!!!  Mille grazie!!!!

Os & Sonia
Os wants to know if she’s going to be mad at him forever, he doesn’t want to lose her but if she doesn’t accept his apology they’re not going to be able to go on, and Sonia leaves to puke (I feel kinda pukey too – is it him?)

Party People
Everyone is yelling for the bride and groom to kiss, but Elo puts a damper on things, yelling, ‘This is a joke, right?’  Pietro says he has never been so serious about anything. Elo thinks they’ve been carrying on all along (and they have really) but Pietro and Fiorella tell her they repressed their love until the day of the unweddings when Pietro went looking for Fi and they got together and decided to get together.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pasión y Poder Martes 1/19/16 #61 & 62

Chapter 61: A Game of Thrones

Now that I have some new expert assistance I can be sure of at least one reliable source. Some of this comes from reports from my fellow writer, Dashiell. He understands hypocrisy – and crime – among all sorts from drawing rooms to low-income housing. He's helping to fill in the gaps. Fortunately we wear the same size so I can help him infiltrate the circles I'm usually in when that becomes necessary.
– D.D.
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Antes muerta que Lichita 1/18: Bea drops a bomb. Draco tells a joke. Mateo makes a call. Nacho is an ass. Valeria goes to work. Brisa learns to tweet. Alicia gets a kiss and doesn't go to Los Angeles.

What a jam-packed episode! It was so long I've used up all the time I have and refuse to proofread this. Also, I was handicapped by my profound lack of interest in the organizational hierarchy of Ikonika. There are layers of bosses but I just can't bring myself to care.

Augusto to Beto: "Somebody has offered to invest a lot in Ikonika USA, I should take advantage of it and move quickly." "I can't be Pres of API and also Director General and Elias is uninterested and has disappeared." "Ask anybody, have Nestor help."

Mateo calls Roberto, who bolts from Augusto's office but not before Augusto hears the name. Mateo is being held captive by his mother, who angrily reminds him: she only agreed to let him hear his father's voice. They are living in the house of "your new dad who decides what does and doesn't happen" so no seeing Roberto.

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Pasion y Poder #59 & #60 20160118 Stop Me If You've Heard This Story Before: Eladio Schwarzenegger Bestows an Unusually Generous Gift on the Child of the Maid and Julia Shriver Finally Gets Pissed

Eladio explains to his hurt and angry son why he should still be nominated for father of the year.  Although he treated Franco like a guest, trained to be his servant, and didn’t acknowledge him as his son, Eladio did not allow him to be raised by an alcoholic and known as the child of a murdereress.  Franco says that he always wanted to be Eladio’s kid.  Franco is not impressed; he says that Eladio never treated him like a son.  Franco goes on to say that Eladio used his mother like toilet paper while Julia was preggers.  He flushed her as soon as Julia was ready to mate again.  Per his calculations, only 4 months separate he and David.  Franco wants to know if Eladio will tell Dave and Julia the truth.  Eladio says…that ain’t happening.  Franco protests, at first.  He’s tired of Humberto treating him like he’s a social climber that doesn’t belong there.  He will compensate Franco for keeping this secret.  Franco agrees to keep being the godson, but he wants everything that Dave gets.  Benefits, but not the acknowledgement.  Later, for some reason, both Eladio and Franco appear to rolling boogers with their fingers (I didn’t ask why, cuz’ I was grossed out).  Anyways, they hug it out, but Franco physically looks like he smells B.S. when he is embraced by his father. 
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #100 1-18-16 Muchacha Italiana ya está casado

Ciao e andiamo, mi Peeps!  Let's see how this plays out as the de la Riva Palmas and Assvaldo watch him and Aitana on the small screen gettin' busy!  "What's the meaning of this?" they shout. Sonia holds court and smoothly informs Aitana and her parents that they will not be trying to implicate her and Assvaldo in the swindle of ACorp. 

"If you try to accuse us, we will release the video and your precious daughter will not be able to snag a wealthy husband!  I've had you investigated and you've pulled one con job after another!"

"Why, I'm not going to let myself be blackmailed by a cabaret singer!"  shouts Benigno.  "Why did you do it?" screeches Celeste at Aitana!

"For entertainment!  I was tired of being your puppet!"  Benigno turns on Sonia again.  He doesn't believe Sonia and tries to call her bluff.  Sonia is ready.  She has several copies of the video with different investigative agencies all of which are prepared to release it should something happen to her or Assvaldo.  Grasping at straws, Aitana's parents wonder what about Assvaldo, he's in the video, too!   Sonia answers with a mild sneer that Assvaldo has nothing to lose.  Celeste admits that Sonia has their and Aitana's reputation in her hands.  They agree to shut up.  Sonia tosses her head triumphantly and commands smugly glowing Assvaldo to get her lap top and purse.  He does and follows her swishing, swirling, pink hemline out of the de la Riva's house, carrying her bags.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, La Querida del Centauro, and Fatmagul,: Week of January 18, 2016

The NEW & IMPROVED Telemundo page is now brought to you twice a week in order to provide seamless coverage. No more lost comments! Just remember to look for the new page. We'll start off each week on Mondays at 3PM and then the "Weekend Edition" will appear on Thursdays at 8PM

Here's this week's kick-off page for Telemundo fans, and the lineup is: 
8PM—Celia now in últimos capitulos, 
9PM—Bajo el Mismo Cielo with only 6 episodes remaining (el último will be Mon. Jan 25th, to be replaced by Eva la Trailera on the 26th)
10PM—La Querida del Centauro
& Qué Culpa Tiene Fatmagúl which airs at noon on Telemundo (and at 9PM on Azteca Trece in NJ). 


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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pasión y Poder Episodes #56, #57, #58 Janurary 15th 2016 Call Dr. Phil. These people need professional help ASAP.

Episode #56 

Which Montenegro sister is better in bed?

Daniela has a little question for David: 
Who was better in bed? Her? Her sister? 

David is appalled at such a question. 

Daniela doesn't stop there and adds juicy details about how *delicious* her and David's nasty hotel romp in Cancun was. 

Oh, those are fighting words for Regina

Regina lunges at Daniela ready to rearrange her little sister's face.

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Recappers Needed: Hotel de los Secretos Premiers January 25th, 10pm, Univision

Hello Caraymates!

On January 25th we will start a new journey together…a journey to turn of the last century Mexico. Once we arrive at our destination, we will enter the doors of a grand hotel, filled with shadows and mysteries—El Hotel de los Secretos. Your guides and hosts on this journey will be:

Jardinera (Tuesday)
Vivi (Wednesday)
Cathyx (Friday)
Nandicta (Friday)

As you can see, we still need at least two additional fearless guides to recap Mondays and Thursdays. We’re flexible, if another day works best for you.  Please leave a comment, or email me if you want to join this intrepid recapping team. See you all soon in the dark corridors and passages of the hotel…  

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #99 1-15-16 Maximo, the Monster!

Ciao, MIVAC Peeps!  Ah, it was a great show!  I'm not messing with you, trying to prolong your anticipation, but let's get the smaller stuff out of the way first.  Here is the first of two installments!

Diana and Vitto

Diana cries to Vitto that this whole mess is her fault and she feels so guilty and she's sooo repentant!  Vitto tells her not to worry, his focus is on paying the ransom and getting Betito back.  They meet the next day with a hoodied and shaded Anibal who demands to be shown the money if they want to see Beto; Vitto demands to know Beto is well first.  Anibal grabs the aluminum briefcase with the money after a brief struggle, flinging Vitto and Diana to the ground.  Anibal growls that the money had better be right or Beto will die, and takes off!

Gael, Gigi and Papi Chulo

Gael calls Augustin "Papa" (awwww) as he introduces him to Gianna, Benni and Roxi.  We learn that the Chulo one is a writer.  Roxi sort of apologizes for jacking him up earlier while reminding him she wouldn't have done so if he had come right out and said who he was.  Augustin graciously apologizes and accepts responsibility.  He invites them all to lunch but Roxi and Gigi have to go to class and off they run.  Uh oh!  Gigi collapses just a few steps away and everyone runs to help her!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Antes muerta que Lichita #80 1/15/16 Augie is GOD... or at least he believes he is... and he again convinces Alicia to move to US. Bea moves in with Alex and Kenny (Say WHAT???!!)

The mystery guy turns out to be Santiago de la Vega, the owner of the whole chain ‘People’s Café’.  He introduces himself to her, shakes her hand… (the guy could not be more of a gentleman)… won’t let her apologize. He did not tell her who he is just because she did not give him a chance (she wouldn’t stop talking).   (yeah Alicia! Like you can stop talking fast right now too!).  HE reminds her that when he met her in L.A. she sent a cell phone flying his way.  Then she gets a bit proud and obnoxious when he is only trying to congratulate her on their being able to close his store.
Roberto and Gumaro. Rob is telling Gum that Luciana told Rob about Augie’s ‘accident’ was not a car accident and was not overseas. It was in a small town here in Mex and it was a bullet wound.  So Roberto will continue investigating on his side, asks Gumaro to do same. 
Now it is Elsa who is tattle-tongue with Santy.  Nacho assures him that they did clean fair competition. Santy says he is here to recognize that and congratulate them. His people made a mistake opening a store here, his company is more for stands at big corporate offices, not local neighborhoods. Obnoxious Magos has her personal comments about having worked at PC for a couple days and the coffee was pricey.  Elsa voices her concern about the employees of the Peoples Café. Santee assures them that all his employees were relocated, no one was let go.  He also congratulates them on the marketing campaign… and unbeknownst to him, he actually TELLS Nacho and Elsa that Alicia is the Creative Director at Iconika USA. This drops the jaws of both Elsa and Nacho. Poor Alicia is having a ‘wanna get away?’ moment.
Roberto brings Luciana’s photo of Augie at hospital bed to the cop guy.  They again end up arguing since both of them are ready to call each other on the ‘deal’ they had made.
Alicia tries to explain herself to her parents.  Nacho tells Santy that they are so proud of their ‘nina’ but the problem is she is leaving their side to be Director over there.  Elsa says yeah but it’s the law of life. And all children leave … SOMEDAY (get it, Magos?).  Elsa and Nacho go to tend the business…
Roberto and Gumaro are again talking while Gumaro fixes the blue mustang (not exactly an original car color for mustangs of that era… esp if you paint even the radiator grill Yikes!)
Back to Santy/Alicia… he is amazed that she had come up with the marketing campaign of the coffee shop all by herself. HE admires her even more.  Some guy that works for Santy comes to meet him there to get him to sign some papers.   Meanwhile Alicia texts someone to come meet her when they can. She turns around and Santy is gone.
At Iconika… Nestor is feeling like yelling at the receptionist girls who are payimg more attention to their cell phones than him or Braulio…  The girls have about half a dozen employees in front of them waiting to get their attention but they are totally ignoring everyone. Nestor says he wants to know who is keeping up the agenda of meetings for Don Augie.  He yells at them even louder.  Shushette turns around to him and says ‘your temporary role is showing to be a bit too much for you’.  In comes Roberto and with one word gets everyone to shut up.
At the house, Luciana is crying at the garden… Gumaro comes over and tries to chit chat with her and she wants him to show her how to care for the bonsai trees… he gets closer to her and whispers that she needs to sweet-talk and even sing to the plants.  Then he puts his arms around her. And holds her hands while she trims… (are these two falling for each other for real?)
Roberto asks where Elias is, but Shushette tells him Elias must be feeling really bad after learning what his ex-wife was up to behind his back. Then they all talk that Elias knew about her affair…
Shushette says there is a client coming to a conference for their campaign… seems like no one at the company has done any work on a campaign theme or anything for this client… In comes Augie walking in (I would guess he is here to attend the conference for the non-existent campaign presentation).
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Pasión y Poder, ep. 53, 54 & 55, Thursday, January 14, 2016. Oh god. Cain and Abel who?

Nobody cares about me.  Boo-effing-hoo-hoo.

Daniela takes absolutely no responsibility for her actions and yet somehow convinces both Agustín and Regina not to tell Daddy about her latest Grim Tale. 

Nina's charming homage to Marge Simpson, pearls and all, is wasted on Humberto.

Nina feigns confidence in her husband's love, but she is obviously shaken by Humberto's revelation that Arturo and Julia were once engaged; not only that, they were recently together in Puerto Vallarta.  Humberto and Nina agree on this much – it is to their mutual advantage to keep Arturo and Julia from mating.  Humberto drives home the point:  If Eladio finds out that Arturo is sniffing around Julia, he'll kill him.

When Humberto leaves, Nina searches frantically through Arturo's desk and bureau drawers, but apparently finds nothing.  She vows to confront Julia.

We're getting professional help.
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Antes muerta que Lichita. #79 1/14/16 "The Aftermath"

Alternative Title: The Many Faces on Don Augusto the Grand Impostor

For those who missed the recent turn of events Alicia narrates the saga and reminds the audience of a few things:
- Sandra's has a childish tantrum leading her to inform Bea of Alicia's and Augusto's alleged affair
- Don Augusto making creepy and inappropriate advances towards a very naive Alicia
- Roberto giving his 100% with his puppy dog face upon hearing above news
- Finally, the @*#&! show of a meeting where affairs, secret babies and true parentages were revealed.

I am working on the tears to play up the anguish factor
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #98 1-14-16 The resurrection of Pilar!

Ciao, MIVAC Peeps!  We know the big story in tonight's show is the miraculous appearance of Pilar, Pedro's Mother, long thought to be dead, but let's summarize other action before we get to that.

Diana arrives home and finds her Mom tied up and unconscious.  Anibal tied her up, kidnapped Beto and is demanding a huge ransom.  She goes to Vitto for help who pledges he will pay the ransom.  Domingo protests as Vitto is going to use money earmarked to keep La Dolce Vita afloat.  Diana is grateful!

Looks like we ARE to understand, as I predicted, that Eloisa's misadventure in the barrio and involuntary/temporary status as a beggar would cause her to have a change of heart.  Eloisa gives away a bunch of her clothes and shoes to the needy and plans to sell a lot of her jewelry and give the proceeds to charity.  She also decides to accept Fiorella's suggestion that inequities don't just exist outside El Rancho Los Angeles but in it as well.  Fiorella thinks the house staff should be able to dress as they please.  Eloisa not only agrees but has Fiorella fitted for a pretty floral dress as per Fifi's request and allows Quina, Simoneta, Fidel and Benni to dress as they please.  No more uniforms!  She does advise against too loud colors.  Eloisa even conducts her first table etiquette lesson with the house staff, enlisting Roxi to be her assistant.  This is just the beginning of Eloisa's teaching them some bougie manners!

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Pasion y Poder #50, 51, 52, Wednesday 01-13-2016

Apparently Univision cramped in three episodes on Wednesday night. I will do my best to summarize the 2 hours that aired.

Hour 1

David and Eladio continue their talk at the bar. Eladio grew up poor, but with a strict father. David has always been scared of his father. Eladio swears he will change, bla, bla, bla. David loves his father despite everything.

Julia and Art comtinue their chat over the phone. Julia wants to give her marriage another chance. Art wants to talk when she returns to the city.

Erick cries on his expensive, blood-stained shirt while in jail. The guard moves him to another cell.

Connie and Art chat about Erick, the baby and their future. Art reassures her that she and his grandchild will be taken care of. Connie says that Erick is innocent.

Regina and Miguel talk about Connie and her health and whether or not she lied in her statement to the police. They need to support Connie no matter what.
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Antes muerta que Lichita. #78 1/13/16 "Elías and Fátima to the Rescue"

Looks like high DRAMA tonight!! So let's get right to it.

Alicia has arrived at Augusto's mansion and wants to talk to Beatriz. She wants to clarify some things. Beatriz does not know how she has the nerve to show up. She'd slap her out of her home but she does not want to offend the Divine Redeemer. Luciana of course has to join in and calls Alicia a snake among other things. Beatriz calls her a sinner and asks about the trip she made to LA with her husband. Alicia tries to tell her about the trip being a work trip. Augusto must have told her about it. Luciana tells her that Augustolied saying he was going to New York and ended up in LA. Valeria tries to calm Luciana down and take her out of there. Luciana insists on staying. Alicia mentions the confidentiality expected by Augusto about the LA office. Beatriz calls her a liar and an evil woman who is out to steal her husband. Beatriz reminds Alicia that there is a God who sees all. She hopes he really punishes her. Beatriz refuses to hear any explanations. Valeria finally takes Beatriz to her room and asks Alicia to leave so Beatriz can rest. Luciana tells Alicia to leave before she throws her out in a condition worst than that of the Christ of Iztapalapa. Alicia and Luciana physically face off like two junior high girls ready to fight, huff and puff and then both back down. Alicia leaves. Luciana thinks Alicia was really scared of her.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #97 1-13-16 HOT ZIGGETY DAWG! Some real action, Muchacha Peeps!

Ciao a todos, I mean a tutti.  Heck, how y'all are?  This is my first summary.  Let's see how well I do summarizing versus writing a novelette!

Right off the bat, my beloved Patio Peeps, one of you have a chance to make a contribution to tonight's summary because silly me started the recording late and I don't know what happened in the first segment!  I was able to figure part of it out but I don't know how Fifi explained that yummy huggin' she was giving Pedro so feel free to fill in, Peeps!

(This is what I was able to figure out.)  Freddie takes Eloisa to the bank and withdraws bribe money to pay off Vargas, ACorp accountant, who had demanded two years salary in exchange for the information about to whom monthly deposits were being made by ACorp.  He takes a suitcase full of money and gives her the address, not the name, of the recipient.  The address is of a mental hospital!  More on that later.

Eloisa wakes up face down on the pavement in a, shall we say, humble part of town.  She tries over and over without success to get people to tell her where she is.  Mostly people ignore her but she manages to get enough change from a couple of passersby to call the Rancho.  Pedro answers.  The family marvels that Eloisa was able to call what with her dementia.  Pedro confesses that Eloisa faked dementia to expose someone in the family whom she thought was trying to kill her.   Sergio takes off with Fidel.  Assvaldo mocks Pedro's desire to go with them.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #96 1/12/16 Beware the Hooded Menace!!

Recap by Sneaky Two Shoes!  Grazie Tantissimo!!

(Lotta stuff happened so skipping the old - straight to the new.)

Gael tells Gia that Agustin wants to see him again. Gael's all up in the air about it- doesn't know if he wants to know him and confesses almost using again. Gia swears she will be with him day and night, all the time to help him through this and she reminds him how dangerous it is for him to take drugs and tries to help him see the situation calmly. Gael thinks its too late for he and Agustin to have a father/son relationship  now, he's not a kid anymore. Gia tells to meet Agustin and maybe all he wants is a little love. Gael isn't sure he can give it to him. He agrees this time for Gia to go with him to the meeting tonight.

Aitana's fam plots together. Ai thinks Elo knows Fi and Pietro are together and that's why she cut Fi in to the will. Beg thinks Pietro and Fi are plotting together to take advandtage of Elo's dementia and they can tell the board about it and get Pietro out. Aitana's mom thinks the board won't care that Pietro is fooling around with the help. Beg sends Ai to RLA to snoop around and see if Pietro and Fiorella do have something going on. Ai and her mom protest Beg's using her and treating her like a soulless puppet. (apparently the family who plots together doesn't stay together.)  Ai's mom warns her no nookie with Os while she's at the rancho.

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Lichita 1/12

I love Alicia's angry texting... she really assaults the phone! Also I like how they have adapted the new communication medium (texting) to fit the old novela standby (overheard conversations) by having her yell out loud as she texts. The new guy overhears and gets hit in the face when she gets mad and flings her phone.

They get him an icepack and start talking. She's glad she's a Mexican (no offense to her Cuban and Columbian workers) so they can understand one another and not press charges for any injury.

He hints that he sought them out (and he's not revealing how he knew that they were going to open up the U.S. subsidiary or where to find it) because he thinks they're going to be huge in L.A. and Iconika's work in Mexico had a huge impact on his brand. Alicia goes to look for her phone, and when she returns he's gone without even leaving his name.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pasión y Poder Martes 1/12/16 #47, 48, 49

Chapter 47: Lies and Whispers

The murder investigation will go on and it looks like most of the press is just as malleable and hungry as in the US. Maybe more so. I'm not sure if audience appetite for scandal is equal or greater, but it certainly isn't less. That means I could be here for quite a while. That's alright; I love drinking frozen margaritas at my ringside seat for this modern version of Romeo and Juliet. It's not Verona, but there is Puerto Vallarta.

Arturo and Julia kissed on the boardwalk. It was almost as though time had stopped twenty-five years ago. Or that they forgot what had happened in between. It didn't matter either way because they were interrupted by the retro ringtone of Arturo's cell phone. Due to the situation he couldn't ignore it. As he pulled it out Julia looked around, aware that Efrain was spying on her for Eladio.
Arturo, the police were here,” Nina told him over the phone.
What happened? What did they say?”
They have a warrant for his arrest and they were looking through the whole house.”
No, no, no, no. Augustin told me they'd be expecting him the day after tomorrow.” Julia began walking away to go back to the hotel.
They said he needs to present himself or be considered a fugitive. Can you imagine?”
If you had told me about this before this wouldn't have happened!” Arturo took a breath. “Now, calm down. Don't worry. I will find our son and bring him back.”
Arturo, please. Don't let them arrest Erick. Please, I beg you.”
Please calm down. Everything will be resolved.”
He ended the call and looked for Julia. She was not to be seen.
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Antes muerta que Lichita 1/11/2016: while the D team is sinking the mother ship, Alicia and Roberto yell at each other in L.A. Also, a "meet cute."

The subtitles were almost useless tonight, so, viewers who understand rapid fire Spanish, please fill in the blanks!

Roberto shows up at Ikonika USA and most of the conversations he has with Alicia, at high volume and a mile a minute, are general insults, he accuses her of hanky panky with the boss, also, she doesn't want to share the luxury hotel suite with him but he insists it's his right as a Toledo y Mondragon family flunky.

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Pasion y Poder #46 20160111


Franco asks Eladio for Gaby's hand in marriage.  Eladio asks Gaby to leave.  Eladio stands and sticks out his hand and pulls Franco practically over the desk.  He congratulates Franco and tells him that he's not getting a penny from the Bank of Gomez-Luna, even if they should marry.  Eladio reminds Franco that he's poor, broke and homeless.  Franco assures Eladio that he really loves Gaby and he will give her everything.  He goes on to tell Eladio that he taught him to work hard, so he knows how to get a job.  Eladio is impressed and says that he might give Franco his job back if he finds Aldo.  Eladio tells Franco that he fired Francisco for effing up a car deal.  He didn't know that Francisco was a dumb as a rock.  Eladio snaps his fingers and Franco bolts from the office to find Aldo. 

Franco and Gaby retreat to his glass office for a little PDA.  Franco tells her that he can't get her a ring because he's unemployed right now, but he will get her something better.  Marintia, the secretary with benefits, returns enters the office, so Franco introduces Gaby as his fiancé to his mistress/secretary.  Franco wants Marintia to find some address for him pronto.  Marintia congratulates them, but shows her true feelings once the couple has departed.  She's not down with this.  She calls them imbeciles.
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse, Monday 1-11-16 Eloisa is "tan cuerda como siempre," As sane as ever!

Ciao, Muchacha Patio Peeps!  Well, let's get back to our story after an unexpected weekend off!  We pick up right where Sneaky left us on Thursday in the living room of the Angeles Ranch with the collective Angeles jaw on the floor upon hearing that HALF the Angeles fortune has been left to Fiorella Bianchi, faithful personal assistant of Eloisa!  Predictably, Federica, Assvaldo and Sonia lay in to Fiorella with accusations of goldigging and bewitching the loca Eloisa and Pedro vociferously defends her.  Julieta also defends her vigorously and suggests Fiorella go off to her room and she will personally get her if Eloisa needs anything.  Pedro, Eloisa and the Lawyer, Robles, go off to the study to talk, as Eloisa puts it, "away from the vultures."

We also had just witnessed the touching scene where the Papi Chulo, Augustin, finally confesses to Gael that he is Gale's Father.  Augustin manages to tell Gael that when his Grandfather found out about his relationship with Gael's Mother, he made Augustin leave the country!  This is all too much for poor Gael who runs screaming from the room crying loudly "No, no, no, no, NO!"  Alina comes in and confirms with the stricken Augustin what he told Gael.

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Yo No Creo en los Hombres Lunes 11/11/16 #121, Pt 3 Gran Final

Chapter 123 (Gran Final): Blood, Guns, and Tears

Claudio drove to the location demanded by the kidnappers. They called and gave him his instructions and their threat if he didn't deliver the ransom. He agreed. The detective stayed in the car. Claudio walked out into the middle of the street. The kidnappers brought Max out of their car between them. One aimed his pistol at Max's head while the other aimed his at Claudio. They demanded that Claudio slide the suitcase with the money to them. One picked it up and the other said, “Here's a gift from a woman who loves you. You get to see your son die.”
They shoved Max down to his knees. A sniper fired at one of the kidnappers while the other fired at Claudio. The downed kidnapper got up just far enough to fire another shot, hitting Max in the right shoulder blade. Police fire and both were down.
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