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La Que No Podía Amar #153 Tuesday 7/31/12 Hot nights at the Hacienda, CATFIGHT, and anvils lining up.

LQNPA (La que no podía amar) Cap 153, 7-31-12—Hot nights at the Hacienda, CATFIGHT, and anvils lining up.

Hello everyone, I'm getting a head start on the recap, am going to do a brief overview (based on Spanish listening skills alone—so you know what that means! LOL). Will fill in blanks later. A personal note: I had hoped (beyond hope *sob*) that I would have HD restored by Dish Network for this episode, but it was not to be. Dish Network suspects some inconvenient tree branches (or something) are impeding HD access. I told the Dish phone tech guy that my main concern was getting Univision in HD, and the guy said, "Uni-what"? Oy vey.

I am up this morning, Hulu has posted this episode in HD, and I'm going to give you some screenshots! BE SURE TO CLICK IN THE IMAGES LABELED "HD" BECAUSE THEY'RE FABULOUS WHEN SEEN FULL SIZE!  (Do I sound enthusiastic? I hope so!)

I'm going to FF for a moment and do a few screencaps of the love scene (which occurs in the middle of the episode). The very (in my opinion) non-explicit love scene. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I suspect that some of this very tame, non-explicit love scene will be edited by Univision. I'll be very pleased to be proven wrong. But just in case it's edited, here are some screenshots of what you might have missed:

Univision, you annoy me with your prudish editing. And I hope I'm wrong this time and nothing is edited. Because it's so unnecessary. [Update, it was edited, but not as much as I'd anticipated.]

Episode in brief (will fill in more later). Will correct errors later (as I'm sure there will be some!).

* Maria is visiting Sin in jail, and she's doing some creepy fakey (or not?) crazy broad act, cuddling her baby and acting like she thinks Mari is a doll, talking about her father as if he is still alive and mentioning school. She thinks her dad is "punishing" her, which is why she's handcuffed to the bed. Maria is alarmed and extracts little Mari from Sin's arms. She's so rattled in the hallway and says that something is not right. Rohell rolls up and is confused too.

Maria is FREAKIN' OUT over Sin's bizarre (well, more bizarre than usual) behavior. HD screen cap.

Rohell is confused when hearing of this new development with his crazy sister. HD screencap.

* Bruno puts more pressure on Vain to sign over her stuff to him, to prevent Cupcake from getting it. She's conflicted. He puts on a big guilt act about how she doesn't trust him. She wants to separate business from pleasure. He tries more guilt and says he loves her or something, but maybe they should be "just friends," and then she can try for Rohell again. He talks about wanting to settle down and stuff. Guilt guilt guilt. She still seems conflicted. 
Bruno puts the guilt on Vain. HD screencap.

* Ulises misses Macaria and has a help wanted sign in his shop. He's chatting with Chio and Esteban in this mostly-filler scene. Macaria is in Mexico City (I presume) and he wishes her well, and seems happy at the thought that she might be missing him. 

Chio drinks Product Placement Beverage as she and Esteban chat with Ulises. HD screen cap.

* Vain visits Cupcake at Rohell's office. She purposely tears up the court order for a DNA test. CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT CATFIGHT! Yay! I always get the fights! Well, this was more like a few swipes at each other, but still, I get to cover it. Yay me.

Vain barges into the office with the subpoena in hand. She smiles smugly . . . (HD screen cap) 
. . . and tears it up in front of Cupcake. B*TCH.

CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT! (HD screencap.) 
She's not taking this crap from Vain anymore.

* Vain gets all in Cupcake's face and says that there's no way she's going to get the inheritance, but Cupcake brings up 1) the letter her mom wrote to Fed talking about the pregnancy, 2) Tia's and Goose's testimony that Fed acknowledged Cupcake as his daughter. Vain says do what you want, but you won't get ahead (or something). 

Steely resolve, thy name is Ana Paula. (Note Vain's doing her finger-pointing thing again! How rude!) HD screen cap.


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Por ella soy Eva #11 7/31/12: Recapper flakes out, forgets his promised duty, and lets everyone down

I wanted to apologize to everyone who follows this show and to the blog in general. I am disgusted with myself because I managed to air-headedly forget about my new blog schedule between this morning (when I was reminded of it) and this evening.

I am truly sorry and I am committed to never making this mistake again! I was hoping someone more diligent than I could drop some details about tonight's major plot points, and I will be eternally grateful!


--see comments for a better explanation of what actually happened in novela land tonight, where heroes like la paloma are helping us out!--


Refugio Para el Amor #82 Tue 7/31/12 The Calm Before The Storm

We're in the eye of the storm tonight....that deceptive heavy lull between two terrible cyclones. We've navigated our way through the tumultuous drama of Paz' revelations to both Lucinda and Licenciado Linares, and we're anxiously awaiting his confrontation with Rosalena. Which promises to be cataclysmic! But in the meantime, life seems to go on as usual at the troubled Torreslanda mansion. With a few new medical developments....

Per CarayCaray instructions, I'll try and keep the recap short and limit the front page appearance to a few paragraphs. The rest will appear on “Read More” along with vocabulary and dicho. I've consolidated scenes for brevity and continuity. Here are the main developments of the night.

  1. Rosalena and Connie trot off to the neurologist. Rosalena for a “resonancia magnetica” (MRI) to see if there's a medical reason for her manic behavior one minute, her deep depression the next, and overall, her lack of connection with “reality”. Her cardiologist, blabbing to Connie in the waiting room, says for sure Rosa “tiene algo”. That's why he recommended more studies.
  2. Max enlists Oscar's help for a coverup of Rosa's misdeeds: to wit, that she gave away a newborn almost 20 years ago, and they can't let the news get out. Otherwise her reputation, the family's reputation and the firm's reputation will suffer (oh the loss in market value! oh the ire of the shareholders! oh the financial losses!) Oscar pledges his unconditional support but Oscar doesn't tell him who the real father is or let him talk to Rosalena to get more details.
  3. The boys are happily selling tacos de canasta, flirting with the various maids and servant girls who buy their wares. Lorenzo catches the eye of a comely lass toting a small dog named “Perdon mi Amor”, a squabble make-up gift that no longer appeals to its recipient. She tells Lorenzo to ''cambiarse con el cambio” (keep the change) and his buddy teases him about the new conquest. They also learn that dog-walking pays well. (expansion of street business for our boys?)
  4. Rosalena continues barring Boris from the house, in spite of his gigantic Disculpame Bouquet.
    No one else in the family thinks it was that bad. (but I have to tell you, if that had happened in my house when I was a teenager, MY mother would have thrown a similar fit.)
  5. Rod continues storming around like an idiot. Tears up his bed where he bagged Gala (or she bagged him, depending on your point of view); marches out of the office when Frick and Frack, his two office buddies tease him about Gala; slinks out of the therapy pool after hearing that Pato is highly motivated to get better so he can go see Luciana again; and sulks when Pato, at home, admonishes him for getting back into Gala's clutches. His final surly pout of the evening is when Melissa, at the family lunch, snipes that if his mom is getting checked for neurological problems, maybe HE should get his heart checked. Zinger!!!!
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La Que No Podía Amar #152 Monday 7/30/12 Something Wicked This Way Comes

That which has passed

Sir Gustavo and Lady Ana Paula talk about Knave Skelator and Lady Chatterley's scheme to break up the manor and to separate her from Lord Rogelio. He seems to understand that there are reasons that things happen and that it would have ended sadly if they had remained together.

That which we now see

Lady Chatterley's Hospital Room:  Lady Chatterley has just signed the power of attorney, giving Skelator the power to manipulate her share of their partnership. The notary departs and she begs Skelator to make certain that she does not go to prison. Ominous music begins as he promises to take care of everything and makes certain that she trusts him. The expression on his face and the direction of the string section, however, indicates that she would be a fool to do that. As he closes the door she says repeatedly to herself “I can't go to prison, I can't go to prison.”

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Amor Bravio cast of characters

Silvia Navarro is Camila Monterde: a beautiful woman without prejudice who always says what she feels and thinks - brave, passionate, a free spirit, modern, romantic. She doubts she will encounter love after losing her first love. She's a veterinarian, independent and intelligent. She comes to live at La Malquerida (Bad Love Ranch?) after suffering a traumatic accident in which her bridegroom died. She falls into a two-year depression but Alonso draws her out and conquers her with compliments and attention.

Olivia Bucio is Agustina Santos: widow of Humberto Monterde and ex-wife of José Julián Díaz. Camila was the child of her first marriage, and Ximena is of the second. She is old-fashioned; what people say matters to her. She always wanted a comfortable life for her children. She is easy to manipulate and weak of character. Don Daniel gives his unconditional support, she is in love with him despite his being the husband of her cousin Ampara. When he is widowed she thinks she has a chance with him, but he can't forget Ágatha. When Dionisio Ferrer declares his love for her, she believes he is sincere and accepts, though it's only a strategy to control her and get at Camila.

Flavio Medina is Alonso Lazcano: an attractive [??] young [??] man of strong character, bossy and arrogant, ambitious and obsessive. He acts for his mother Isadora and Dionisio Ferrer. He is an astute hypocrite and gains the affections and confidence of don Daniel Monterde, becoming his manager.

Cristian de la Fuente is Daniel Díaz Acosta: son of Ágatha Acosta and José Julián Díaz, though everyone (even he) thinks he's the illegitimate son of Daniel Monterde. He's a systems engineer in Chile until he loses his job due to bad economic times. He's intelligent, honest, and a fighter. He's married to Miriam, a rich woman of Jewish heritage. When he is named heir of Daniel Monterde, he's slandered and goes to jail accused of killing his wife. He manages to flee and heads for Mexico. He meets Camila and falls in love with her.

Rogelio Guerra is Daniel Monterde: A decisive man, honest, direct, responsible, a hard worker; owns the Malquerida ranch, where bulls are raised. He was married to Amparo, a good woman who was never able to provide him an heir, but he fell in love with Ágatha Acosta, a Chilean, the love of his life. Being depressed and having a heart condition, he leaves all the running of the ranch to Alonso Lazcano, who becomes the cause of all his misfortunes.

César Évora is Dionisio Ferrer: an ambitious and unscrupulous man who cares about nothing but himself. He is sinister and vengeful, with a seductive personality, he knows woman, and he uses Isadora and Agustina.

Leticia Calderón is Isadora: A distinguished, high-class, beautiful woman, Alonso's mother. She is an ambitious, unscrupulous hypocrite. She works with Dionisio, they are doing tourist development in the lands of La Malquerida; that's why she urges her son to conquer and marry Camila and then grab the property.

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Abismo de pasión #98 7/30/12

Where's my nerfazo order? I was having TdA flashbacks tonight. A whole lot of garbled speech and a whole lot of nothin' happening.

Gab visits his buddy Horacio in the hoosegow and Horacio threatens to spill his guts about Gab. Gab makes lewd hints about the lonely Lolita. Padre arrives and Horacio sings like a bird...at least about the Blanca business. It doesn't matter how much Padre thinks Carmina had something to do with Augusto's death, Horacio ain't talking about that. He wants to protect Lolita...and he's terrified of Carmina.

Doc Ernesto of La Que No Podia Amar fame has an evil twin and he works in the DF! He's also that friend of Paolo's who was going to help them out...for a price. Turns out this Doc is going to help Flor fake ultrasounds throughout her pregnancy. He will just use a DVD from women who are really pregnant . Even better, he has a friend in the business of botargas (basically stuffing...a fake baby bump) and this friend can hook Flor up with one every time she goes to the doctor. Dam will totally fall for the ruse! She needs to be fitted, though. She'll use wedding dress shopping as an excuse to get away.

Uh oh! Dam has other plans. He doesn't want a big Alfonsina production church wedding. He wants to get married at the registro civil TODAY! Flor thinks fast and tells him she wants to buy a new dress and get him a suit. Whew! Bullet dodged and botarga fitting is a go!! While she gets fitted, Dam gets a second opinion. Since he's carrying around an ultrasound picture from a real pregnant lady, the pregnancy is confirmed and Dam is a believer.

Elisa and Lucio make plans to finish up the paperwork in regards to the money "Augusto" left her. Lucio warns Elisa not to talk to Carmina about it. Elisa and Carmina later discuss the "sale" of Cielo Abierto. The check is no where to be found and there is no record of a deposit. If the money shows up, Carmina says she'll be in charge of it. Elisa suggests perhaps Gab never even handed over a check.

Carmina confronts Gab and is pithed he had Horacio thrown in jail. Horacio could turn them in! Gab wonders what Horacio has on HER! Carmina changes the subject to the check. Gab shows her the contract with "Augusto's" signature and tells her to come up with the money. He threatens to reveal everything to Elisa. He summarizes the episodes leading up to Augusto's death..

Elisa and Lucio are glad Elisa can get the Alfonsina monkey off her back. Lucio confirms that Gab can only get half of Cielo Abierto.

Dam and Flor stand before the justice of the peace(?) She totally says "Acepto." Dam pauses dramatically.

Other happenings

  • Fina visits Padre and finds out Dam cancelled the church wedding. She remembers when Lupe always supported her. He remembers when she wasn't such a beyotch.
  • Elisa visits witch mountain and wants to know why Ramona told her that her life was going to change completely on the exact day her dad died. Ramona says she never expected Augie to die and Elisa wants to know what Ramona meant. Since Ramona has sworn not to tell the truth until the ultimas semanas, she says nothing to Elisa. Elisa leave the now repaired amulet on the table.
  • Padre Lupe is getting transferred muy lejos de La Ermita. 


Amor Bravio synopsis (Valiant Love) No-podia bloggers phone home!

August 10 is the last day of no podia amar - Monday August 13 begins Amor Bravio. Which of the no-podia recappers are staying on for Amor Bravio? (You get first dibs.) Let me know. Here's the teaser plot:

This is the love story of Camila (Silvia Navarro) and Daniel (Cristian de la Fuente), who meet under adverse conditions but despite distrust, rancor, and the thirst for vengeance, they will emerge triumphant over all obstackes with their valiant love (amor bravío).

Camila suffers a terrible accident that marks her life. In consequence, Agustina (Olivia Bucio) decides to accept the help and protection of her brother-in-law Daniel (Rogelio Guerra), and the two of them move to 'La Malquerida' ranch.

Camila and her uncle Daniel love animals and the countryside; she works as vet on his farm, which is admistered by Alonso (Flavio Medina), a not-nice young man with a high and mighty attitude. He's intelligent and has noticed the affection Daniel has for his niece. He assumes Camila will eventually inherit everything. Thus he decides to seduce her slowly and strategically. She falls in love with him.

Alonso lives with his dominating, ambitious, high-born mother Isadora (Leticia Calderón) who wants to recuperate her former prestige and social standing.

Don Daniel finds out that Ágatha, with whom he had a love affair in his youth, has died in Chile, that she divorced her husband months after she and Daniel separated, and that she had a son, Daniel, who appears to be a chip off the old block. Don D. gets excited about this possibly being his son.

Daniel Díaz Acosta, a computer technology expert, lives in Chile with his wife Miriam (Lisset). They're a happy couple and just found out they are going to be parents. The anvil hovers over his head.

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Por ella soy Eva #10 7/30/12: JC breaks up with Helena because he loves her.

Antonio is getting ready for her new job at GI and in the hall sees Rebeca (wearing a strapless black satin dress, nice work attire). Adriano suggests his sis share an office with Rebe. Rebe goes to Pluto's office and snarls - "do something about it!"

Mutt and Jeff stare at the Playa M. project cd, which JC has broken into shards because he doesn't want to betray Helena. "I'm not going to break the heart of the woman I love," JC says for the first time in his life, "This is the first time it's mattered to me." They say he'll never be able to tell her who he really is.

Helena reviews her project with the Canadian dude. He asks her to go to Playa Majagua on his nickel. She calls JC and wants to see him before she leaves, but he demurs (to her dismay).

Onesimo mocks Pluto: "Hah hah, your wife and your lover sharing an office." He's brought Pluto a list of many women JC has had his way with. "JC is my hero," Onesimo says.

Antonia is astonished, then indignant that dozens of gorgeous women in skin-tight outfits languidly stroll the halls at G.I., it's hours of gossip and manicures. Rebe says "Image is Everything." Evidently these girls are going to go hang out in Acapulco in their bikinis and drink booze. She insincerely invites Antonia.

Adriano meets the extremely young Paola at a restaurant - she bounds up and hugs him but he says "not in public." He says she can't have a job at G.I., she says ok, he can't believe he doesn't get reamed out. Then some other bimbo of his comes up saying "When you have time call me and we'll escape somewhere." Again, Paola doesn't freak out. Adriano's so relieved/impressed he says she can have a job at G.I. after all.

JC's mom has perhaps gotten a theater role for the first time in a long time. He watches her lovingly as she gets arty. She sees he's upset and knows it's about Helena. "I'm in love with her," he stammers, "but I haven't been honest with her and if I am she'll be hurt." "You always hurt women, all you care about is having fun." She gently counsels him to break it off so Helena won't get more hurt.

Helena's dad is furious and silent, eventually growling: "If you stick with this guy and he dumps you like the first one, forget you ever had a father."

JC writes checks to Mutt and Jeff which embarrases them. Mutt's wife is the receptionist - he whispers to her, please give me money for lunch again, he writhes with mortification. Antonia observes that this receptionist seems to be the only one in the company who works.

Jeff reassures his fiance on the phone: "Of course I want to marry you!" But he's going to have to ask for money from his parents. She screetches at him about the honeymoon.

Helena's friend chats with her ? who she calls Porky. She suggests Helena take JC to the beach. Meanwhile JC broods in his house - his dad had said "she'll end up hating you." And his mom said "Let her go to her own happiness, give this up."

He calls Helena to break up with her, but she proposes he come with her to the beach. He says he'll meet her at the airport. Tortured soul!

Pluto has dinner with a bimbo whose heart was broken by JC. The bimbo hates JC with a burning hatred and will do anything to destroy him.

Antonia tells her brother there should be a restructuring, G.I. can't afford all these useless bimbos. Adriano and Pluto blow her off and won't listen to her great ideas about Playa M.

JC meets Helena at the airport, he's sad, he hasn't brought a suitcase. "I'm going to Miami on an urgent trip, it's better that we separate forever." She's horrified: "Can't we find a solution?" "A long distance relationship isn't worth it. I'm sure you'll find the man you deserve. I'm not the man you think I am. Goodbye." She calls her girlfriend in tears. "Sublimate, Helena! Keep your project going forward!"

Rebe is trying to kill poor diabetic Antonia by constantly offering her chocolate. Antonia is mad that her brother is ignoring her input. Rebe is furious to find out that Pluto has already taken the stolen project to Adriano.

JC and his buddies can't find a new project. JC's gastritis hits again. Mutt and Jeff say "Going out on the town, kissing babes, and imbibing will prove restorative."

Rebe yells at Pluto for shutting her out of the beach project after she fed him the info. He says he has a secret for her, he'll be the hero of GI, and "Let's go to your apt with the ol' jacuzzi and champagne." Rebe howls wolfish approval and leaves.

Pluto deploys Felix, his hacker: "Put the contents of this cd on JC's computer and make it look like the documents have been there for a long time."

JC comes in just then and asks a favor. Pluto sneers but JC valiantly swallows his pride to beg: "In the remote case that I get fired, please take on Mutt and Jeff as part of your project, none of this was their fault. They're great workers."


Refugio Para el Amor #81 Mon 7/30/12 A Night of Treachery, Truth and Tears

We start back with the BIG REVEAL. Paz has just told Claudio that his daughter is alive and that she’s Luciana! Claudio can’t believe it. He saw the remains of his child with his own eyes; and Rosalena T. is his witness. Paz is practically foaming at the mouth hearing that witch’s name.
P: Rosalena Torreslanda?!!!!! What an even bigger SIN!!! (pecado)
CL: What are you saying? Tell me what’s wrong with you?!!
P: When you were in jail, when your wife gave birth (dar a la luz), la Señora T. helped her in everything.
CL: Yes, she was the only one who remained close to my wife after they jailed me unjustly. She cared for her!
P: Yep, and she DECIEVED you! You have been deceived all these years! Nothing that you have been made to believe is true. I say and I say it again, you've been had. You've been took. You've been HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED, led astray, run amok! (Thank you Spike Lee and Denzel Washington.)
Claudio shakes his head in disbelief and insists it’s not true. Well, the truth is all that Paz is serving tonight, and she’s not sugar coating it. She’s in lioness mode and pounds the truth into Claudio’s brain. She talks about the healthy beautiful baby that Rosa gifted her just after his wife died. Claudio is outraged that Paz would accuse Rosa of such a monstrosity. Paz drives the truth home some more, and finally Claudio accepts it. He has to brace himself against furniture to keep from falling when the truth finally hits him full force.

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Amorcito Corazón Discussion #74-78 July 30-Aug 3

Capítulo 74
Totally Tuqueue
The secret is out and practically everyone knows Ricky is really Tuqueue's daddy. Too bad Ricky has no heart. He continues to refuse to help. Ricky gets into a fight with Lala (who throws him out) and Moncho (who vows that if Willy isn't compatible, he will make Ricky give up a kidney.)

To make matters worse, the foundation will only pay 30% of the hospital costs. Willy will try to sell his car, but the Lala has the bright idea to ask Hoity Toity Horty for a loan. Hoity Horty agrees, but when she finds out Willy is to be the organ donor, she tells Willy she won't pay if he's the donor. It's too dangerous.

HH at HS
After Manny accuses HH of not loving  her, the two ladies head to 'Nando's office. HH announces she's handing over all plenos poderes (full powers) to Manny to act as her representative. Manny is thrilled, but Horty warns her not to get cocky and not make any decisions without her say so. 'Nando assures Isa that Manny will NOT be Isa's boss

Gimmie and Leo
Gimmie is pithed. Not only is Leo alive, he's staying with Sarita. Gimmie and her lawyer get a  court order to have "custody" of Leo given to Gimmie. They go to Isa's and take Leo.

Other Developments

  • Knuckles has concocted this plan to keep away for awhile but leave clues about Marisol in his room so when Dad begins to worry, he'll call Marisol. The plan being once Marisol finds out that Knuckles has been gone a few days, she'll worry. She does and she calls Knuckles. Jaibo answers the phone and says he found it in a ditch.
  • Ceci tells Zoe he still loves her.
  • Mayela continues to irk me. She took money that was supposed to be for water then she grifted Beba telling her that they needed stuff for the house, but Lucia would get mad if they took money from Beba. I think Beba is about to become Mayela's personal cash cow.
  • Isa runs into Rubén in a restaurant. HE'S A DAD!!! HE'S FINE!! THERE'S NO CURSE!! (Then why are there so many episodes left?)
  • Beba receives a reply to her online dating profile. He's a fan of poetry and wants a poem and a picture.


Amor Bravio-index

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La Que No Podía Amar #151 Friday 7/27/12 Business Is On The Rebound for Rog While Bruno Lays A Legal Time Bomb For A Spiteful Sin To Take It On The Chin, And Gus Grooves With His Legal Moves

Capítulo 151 

Mercedes is finally admitting to Ana Paula the big, bad mistake she made by hiding the fact that Gustavo was actually still alive and in the hospital that day when AP was there seeing Miguel and came to give her sympathies to Merc, because she mistakenly believed Bruno and AP were a double-dealing and unscrupulous duo.  Yeah, she has caused her baby brother so much pain as a result ala Sinthia.  Cupcake confirms from Merc too, that Guscakes still loves her but does not know any of this about his sister yet.  Cupcake does not take the news well and her frosting begins to droop.  Mersnottys, embarrassed, races off hoping AP can forgive her someday.  (Never would be too soon by me!)

Maria makes it home to Hacienda del Fuerte where Consuelo and Margarito share a big hug and welcome her back.  (Yippee!  No more jailbird for a grannie!)  Maria wants to know how things have been then, with Rosaura running the show.  The witch on wheels, aka “Doña Rosaura to you!” rolls in at that point, barking orders at Consuelo.  Maria knows all she needs to.  It’s a bummer for Rosie who is forced to return her key ring with no advance notice to sneak a last peek at a bit more of Rog’s business for Bruno.  Maria demands a chat with La MentiRosa esa.

In the kitchen, Maria tells Rosie she realizes now that Rosie fudged the truth in order to get her to spill the beans about taking the rap for Cinthia.  “--Funny, but it was Bruno who told Sin what was what.  How’d that happen?”  Rosie can’t explain it.  Riiight, says Maria.  Next time Rosie goes running to blackballed Bruno and flaps her jaws, Maria won’t keep quiet and cover up for her with Rog and Pau.

At the clinic, Rogelio rolls into Sin’s room for another wasted brother-sister chat. She whines he doesn’t care what happens to her since he didn’t bother to get her out of this fix. He tells her that despite their differences he still cares about her; sure he’d have rather seen her happily married and with a bunch of kids. Sure, she could have if it weren’t for that evil wench--! He stops her right there.  No, instead of blaming everybody else for what has happened to her, he says, it’s time she begins to take responsibility for her own actions and recognize the wrong she’s done! (Might as well be spittin’ in the wind, Rog.) Sin throws that back in his face, asking if he’s never made mistakes.  They were talking about her, not him, he fudges.  (What a wimp-out! I’d have spit it right back at the whiny broad!  Murder--especially serial murder--isn’t exactly a simple mistake, Sin-tia!)  She brags about Bruno being her attorney for the trial.  Rog says that doesn’t guarantee her anything, and she’s been warned, so there….  Ha!  She could care what he thinks!  They’ll agree to disagree.  She kicks him out with an arrogant snap of her fingers.  “--Get lost!”

At Bruno and Vanessa’s legal offices, Wong looks over the certifications and seems satisfied.  He suddenly has an attack of high blood pressure, though, and they race him off to the clinic.

At the clinic, AP tells Danielle about Merc’s recent confession.  Dani says (what all of Viewerville has felt from the beginning) looking out for her baby bro is one thing, but what a dumb broad for not having given AP the benefit of the doubt about Bruno.  Everything would have turned out differently then, they agree. Look at all the suffering and pain that could have been avoided, says Pau.  (Yeah, but where’s the fun in that, right? And, anyway, Mersnottys wanted to believe AP was a shameless, ruthlessly conniving hussy!  I say Merc’s staying barren would be some great telenovela justice!!  But that’s just me…..)

At the same time, Esteban and Gus are having breakfast at Uli’s Plop ‘N Shop Café.  El Gusto Was Always So Gullible With Mío wonders aloud the 64,000 Peso Question we have been waiting to hear asked: just how could he have let himself be taken in by Sin the way he was???  (This is a rhetorical question, right, Gus? --Sucker! There’s one born every minute!)  Steve says at least Gus is doing what it takes to correct those mistakes now, and despite Sin’s being Mari’s mother and birth parent, Gus has a great chance of winning his case over custody cuz he’s shown he’s the better parent.  (Better than a sociopath or a psychopathic serial killer?  No duh!)  Gus says he hopes so, and wonders aloud again.  “--When did it all turn into such a nightmare?”

Dani has a chat with Chio outside of Uli’s place. She’s got good news for Michael cuz everyone she’s shown at the furniture stores loves his sketches and plan designs.  His future is assured. 

One of the auditors stops by the hospital that morning to chat with Rog to tell him how Bruno’s attitude the day before when they arrived seemed more than a bit suspicious.  There were certain papers he seemed about ready to get rid of, though they managed to stop him from doing that.  (Plaudits for Mr. Audits!)  Once the auditor is gone, Rog tells AP it seems that more and more things point to Bruno’s having been double-crossing him and dirty dealing for a very long time now.  (Yep, looks like Bruno’s type of payback goes way back!)

Uli comes out to chat with Chio and Dani.  Talk turns to Chio needing a personal assistant.  Uli mentions using Macaria as it’s always been her dream to work in the big city.  Chio’s down with it if Mac is also.  Mac comes out when Uli goes back inside.  Chio makes her the offer.  She gets the impression that now that they’re divorced Uli only wants to get rid of her; that must be why he suggested her to Chio.

At the clinic again, Pau tells Rog about Merc’s confession, too.  She admits she’s feeling bad because she can’t believe how Gus’s sister could have lied and hurt him so much that way.  She hurts also, she says, but it’s because things have turned out so well for her, and they can both see how horribly things went for Gus with Sinthia.  Yeah, Rog has to agree and to fight back his jealousy at the same time.

While Rog and AP are discussing these things in the hallway, they see Bruno and Nessa racing in with Mr. Wong.  “—No doubt about it!  Those two scoundrels were the ones who stole away the hacienda’s contract with Singapor!”  Rog rolls along behind them to find out what he can.

The nurses tell Rog that Mr. Wong came in for a sudden attack of high blood pressure but will be released shortly.  Rog figures he’s got one chance to get the business back by taking them all unawares there.

At the same time, Maria stops in to visit Sinthia.  Big mistake.  Despite telling Sin she’ll never abandon her when she goes off to jail, and will bring her daughter to visit her, Sin says she couldn’t care less about seeing either her or that brat!  They’re both useless as a dog’s hind leg.  The only thing Maria was good for she opened her mouth about.  This time Maria barks back and says she’ll never take the blame for Sin’s mistakes again. “--It’s time you face the consequences of your bad deeds!”  She was wrong to cover up Sin’s crimes for her [selfish b!tch daughter] before. “—You’re a horrible mother!” Maria finally shows some gumption!  Why, she says, she gave Sin every chance to have a good life! Now she has nothing left to offer her except to give her the advice she’s given her.  Sin kicks her Mama out for the umpteenth time.  (Muy bad telenovela karma.)  Maria repeats for Sin’s benefit before she leaves that she won’t abandon her, and not to forget she is her mother (now and forever more!)  Sin sneers at her for good measure.  “—Unfortunately!!”  Maria lets out a cry of frustration as she walks out the door.  Tears are running down Sin’s face--who knows why?  (More to the point, who cares why?)  Sin shakes the handcuffs again in frustration.

Inside the Plop ‘N Shop, Esteban is paying his bill.  He advises Uilses he’s given Chio a reference for Macaria because he still loves her and only wants the best for her. Uli shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting the best for Mac and he should tell her that is why he wants her to take the job with Chio.   

Into Sin’s room now walks El Gusto Is Trying To Dump Mío.  He’s with his divorce lawyer.  She says fat chance if he thinks she’ll give him a divorce!  It only takes one party to file, says the lawyer.  Sin counters to Gus with another threat, this time of taking the baby to jail with her.  She turns wild-eyed.  (Gees, SG does ‘some kind of crazy’ really well for the cameras!)  “—You’ll never see her again!”  Cara de easy does it de Gus.

In another part of the hospital, Rog sees Bruno, Wong, and Nessa together and goes after them.  He gets Mr. Wong’s attention and re-introduces himself.  “—We were going to do business together.  Remember?”  These are his associates he’s with, explains Rog. They cheated him by stealing information about his proposal (as in industrial espionage?)  then went looking for him, lowered their prices, and stole his business with Mr. Wong out from under him.  The two others are drop-jawed and caught-off-base impactados, unable to deny any of it.  “--They obviously hid everything from me.”  Bruno remember how to speak. "--It was more convenient for Mr. Wong to do a contract with us!”   

Back in Sin’s room, El Gusto Is Ready To Go A Round With Mío says he’s got no choice now but to fight for custody.  Good luck with that, Sin says, given that Mary doesn’t have a drop of his blood.  “--She’s mine!  All mine!”  Gus stands his ground for once.  “—If not, it’s only because you were unfaithful and because of the tricks you pulled!  You can’t really be serious about taking that baby to jail with you.”  Aw save it, she snips.  Nothing he says is going to convince her.  “—It’s my problem, not yours!  So, forget her!”  She stares back at him wild-eyed, almost daring him to come at her.  

Back in the lounge area, AP explains to Mr. Wong how Vainessa broke the confidentiality agreement she had with Rog.  Rog accuses Mr. Wong of also going back on his word by cancelling their agreement and throwing in with Bruno and Vainy.  “--If they could turn their backs on me how long before they’d turn their backs on you?”  Yeah, Bruno and Rog’s parents were friends and partners for twenty years, since childhood, says Pau.

Sin now sneers at Gus about what a fool he was; oh, they could have been so happy.  “--You think so, huh?”  Well, sure, she says, if he hadn’t rejected her!  She loved him like nobody else!  Naw, he says, she never was in love with him.  The one she was in love with was Effer.  She never stopped going out with (or rather, sleeping with) him.  She disagrees and says she was ready to do whatever it took provided it would make him love her too.  But now he’s gonna be sorry!  He wasn’t worth one bit of the feeling she held for him!  Gus defends himself, saying he tried to make the marriage work, but she cheated on him.  Before she can argue that point further, there’s a knock at the door.  Ernesto tells her she’ll get checked over by the gynecologist before being released.  Villafañe adds that she’ll go straight to jail and then be transferred to prison in Tuxtla.  Sin sneers back at the commandante that Effer’s letter isn’t proof of anything, just all full of lies.  He tells her the investigation will continue.

Out in the lounge again, Bruno says he did everything fair and square.  “--Oh? Then how did you know my price, the profit margin I had, and the number of beef cattle?”  Wong decides he’s heard enough.  He was about to make a w’ong turn here and is ready to veer back into the light on the side of right.  He breaks his verbal contract with them and goes with Rog instead. 

Meanwhile, Uli explains to Macaria that he always felt guilty he never let her live her dream of moving to the big city.  He wants her to have her chance now.

Bruno admits his destruction is imminent, like Rog threatened to do.  Rog adds he’ll throw him in jail, too, if the audit goes against him.

Back at Hell Fuerte, Gus and Maria have another heart-to-heart.  Maria feels guilty for being so blind about Sin.  Gus says it was a mother’s love is all.  He has to tell her now that Sin’s being taken to jail and eventually to Tuxtla so she won’t be able to visit her at the clinic.

A bit later on, AP tells Dani the good news about Wong.  Dani then gets word from Mike that altho’ he arrived to court late, they understood he came from a long way away and cut him some slack.  Everything came out fine.  Dani tells him his designs are really popular so no problems on the job front for him now, either.   He says he’ll be home soon.

Rog goes back to see Sin.  “--I guess you like seeing me in handcuffs, huh?” Not really, he answers, but she’s earned it all on her own [a pulso], doing the stupid stuff she’s done.  He goes into how he discovered that Nessa and Bruno took his contract with Singapor away underhandedly.  Oh, so he’s thinking she was in on it? Sin lies and says, well, she wasn’t!  Hope not, he says, because you need to take precautions.  They were both harmed by what those two did.  She claims he’s just saying that to make her break off her partnership with them, to avoid a bad rep for the hacienda.  He disagrees and can’t believe she feels that bitter towards him that she’d continue the business relationship even after what he’s just told her. She spits back, even more wild-eyed, that she actually despises him! She’d do anything to ruin his life the same way he ruined hers.  That’s not all.  He can give her the money he owes her for her half of the hacienda!  That means he’ll have to sell it, he complains, and it’s been in the family for generations!  Tough toe-nails, then buy it outright, she counters!  Well, she knows he hasn’t the cash right now, and who would buy a complex that big?  Not her problem, she says.  Just do it. “--Otherwise, get lost!” He rolls out of there, grumbling that she isn’t giving him a choice. 

Into Grand Central de Sin rushes Nessa now, whining about how Rog won back the Wong contract.  Sin says she already knows from Bro-Hell himself.  Ok, so now they’ll have to find another way to pester the crap outta him, they agree. Oddly enough, The Mean Girls share another conspiratorial giggle.  (Somebody tell them this isn’t high-school anymore, and that they’ll have to grow up!! That it’s like, uh, The Real World out there, and it’s ready to eat them up and to spit them back out and hold the mayo!)

Back in the kitchen at Hell-Fuerte, Hugo comes in to apologize to Connie.  Rosie comes in demanding the meal be started already.  Hugo makes a stupid funny that falls flat. FF>>

Rog is in his office and gets a call about Sin’s now being taken to jail.  Wong and Pau return from a tour of the hacienda.  Wong’s really satisfied and promises to talk to his buddy about doing a milk deal with Rog.

Meanwhile, Bruno shows up at Sin’s bedside to tell her she’s being transferred out.  She turns frantic and begs him to get her freed.  She’s going to jail and from there she won’t be able to harass Rog like before!  Sin tells him that she also has demanded her half of the worth of the hacienda and has to follow-up on that now--and she can’t very well from inside a jail!  Oh, well, then how about signing over to him the right to decide all her legal affairs regarding her property while she’s behind bars?  Yep, he’ll look after all of it just like a good attorney should!  She trusts him, doesn’t she? 

At the same time, Gus runs into AP in a hallway of the hacienda.  She admits to him how he was right all along about not trusting Bruno.  Oh?  He asks what changed her mind.  She tells him all about the Wong deal and how he’d been cheating Rog and her all along. 

Back in Sin’s room, after very little professional coaxing, Sin agrees to sign away her rights to Bruno.  He brings in a lawyer he’s had waiting in the lounge in “professional” anticipation.  Sin rushes the guy through the process and loses patience all together.   “--Enough already!  Just show me where to sign!”  Bruno’s snake-eyes glitter in double gold $$ back at her. (“Come into my web,” said the spider to the fly.)  He promises her he’ll do all he can to get her sentence reduced.  (In a pig’s eye!)  “--After all, that letter of Efrain’s is meaningless, circumstancial…” Yada, yada, yada….. 

Back at Hell-Fuerte, AP agrees that Sin, Vainy, and Bruno together made a ruthless threesome and adds that now she believes it was Bruno who ordered Gus to be beaten.  She sighs and Gus wonders if hope springs eternal for the two of them.  Pau says she’s just been thinking about Fate and how at times it does all to put two people together just to separate them again; that it’s sad when things like that happen. “--I know it’s for a reason, but…--“  Yeah, agrees Gus. He looks at her sadly, even expectantly.  “--It separated the two of us, and there’s no sadder love than one that cannot take place [darse=happen, exist, surrender/ lit.to be given].”   (Key the heartstrings cuz we can all feel his pain!)


Abismo de pasion #97 7/27/12: Real Men May Eat Quiche, But Old Men Sure Hate Cat Fights

The Mass and Grave Plot
Church Office:  Poor Padre Lupe.  Both Elisa and Dolores are sobbing and he’s not sure who needs comforting more.  Elisa looks worried and rubs Dolores’ shoulders.   Dolores, she says, you will need to cheer up soon, otherwise, who will be there to support me during the mass?  Neither I nor you doubted that he was a good person, says Elisa.  Padre asks if Horacio was arrested for any crimes committed in La Ermita.  Dolores says no. 
Hospital Tonia’s Room Because Alfonsina’s marriage worked out so well, for today only, she will be filling in for Dr. Tovar (AKA brain surgeon AKA OBGYN AKA kidney transplanter AKA coroner AKA general practitioner AKA phlebotomist).  It seems that Dr. Tovar is busy separating Siamese twins in the operating room and couldn’t fit in a marital counseling session too.  Tonia, lying in bed, quietly cries as Alfonsina attempts to verbally manipulate Braulio.  Alfonsina tells Braulio that he might doubt Tonia’s word, but he can’t doubt her word.  Tonia was raped by Gabby (*has she seen Gabby’s six-pack?  Yeah right!)  Braulio is surprised that Alfonsina knows that Vincente is Gabby’s son since she’s the one who encouraged him to marry Tonia.  Alfonsina says that she was simply helping out a long-time employee.  Braulio says that she helped Tonia laugh at him.  Alfonsina says she did it because Gabby had abused Tonia (*see Gabby disclaimer above) and she needed a good husband.  Since Braulio had been flirting with Tonia anyway, it was a good match.  Horacio says that he would have probably married Tonia anyway, had he’d known the truth, but he can’t forgive the deception.  Alfonsina’s helpful talk does not help.  Braulio angrily walks towards the door.  Tonia attempts the guilt approach with her husband.  She begs him not to leave, then accuses her husband of leaving in order to jump in the arms of Dolores.  Tonia begs Alfonsina not to allow Braulio to do what Rosendo did to his family.  Alfonsina threatens to fire him if he walks out that door. Oh hell no she didn’t!  Braulio tells Alfonsina that he been working for the procesadora all of his life; he will expect a good severance package.  He walks out.  Oh hell no he didn’t! Tonia sobs.  You’re better off without him, says Alfonsina.  All men will betray you. 
Church Office:  Padre asks Elisa to leave so that she can talk to Dolores alone.  Two sobbing women are much more than he can deal with today.  The padre asks Dolores to forgive him for accusing Carmina of something so serious in front of Dolores.  Padre says that he still doesn’t believe that Agosto committed suicide.  He says that it’s merely conjecture on his part and he has no proof.  Dolores says that she knows that he would never have made an accusation like that if he didn’t have a good reason for it.  She reminds Padre Kravitz that Gael told him that Gael saw Horacio leaving the house with Carmina.  Padre apologizes for having put doubt about Horacio in her head.  Dolores thinks Carmina is capable of murder.  Padre asks if she believes that Horacio is a killer.  Dolores doesn’t know.  Padre Kravitz tells Dolores not to tell anyone what they discussed until he updates his Facebook status.  Dolores agrees. 
Casa de Arango Florencia bounces in and asks her father if he is going to Mexico with Damien and herself.  Guido says that he wasn’t aware of the trip and wants to know when they’re leaving.  For the record:  HATE HIS HAIR!  Early tomorrow, says Florencia.  Florencia tells Guido that she wants to pick up a wedding dress and then she will have some good news for him.  Guido, informs Florencia that Alfonsina Kravitz has already told him that Florencia is preggers.  He looks very disappointed with his daughter.  She asks if he’s excited about becoming a fake grandfather.  He tells her that this is not the life that he wanted for her.  He goes on to say that he has a lot of things to resolve and she can reach him at the Hilton.  She asks if Alfonsina gave him the boot from the house.  No, he says, but he doesn’t want to stay with anyone who thinks he’s a thief.  Florencia asks if she and Damien can escort him to his hotel.  He says it’s not necessary and informs her that Dam Fine went to Agosto’s mass.  Guido is concerned by the fact that she’s about to marry (trap) and have a non-existent baby by a man who keeps running to another woman’s side.  Florencia looks sick. 
Casa de Tovar Mrs. Kravitz (Begonia) and Enrique are ready to leave for the mass.  Mrs. Kravitz told Sabrina and Dr. Tovar that she and Enrique would meet them at the service.  She wants to know if it’s true that he is dating Paloma.  She tells Enrique that Florencia Kravitz told on him.  What happens if I say yes?  She says that she’d never give her approval to that union.  Enrique asks if she still thinks that Paloma is Dr. Tovar’s lover.  Yes, that and she’s beneath you.  It’s bad enough that Paloma is your father’s secretary, but she also comes from a witch’s family.  Enrique refuses to discuss it with her.  Mrs. Kravitz wants to get to the mass before they are late.  Enrique says that Paloma is waiting for him.    
Casa de Arango Florencia’s Bedroom Florencia is packing for the Mexico trip.  Alfonsina knocks and lets herself into the room.  Alfonsina sees Florencia’s face and asks what’s up.  Alfonsina thinks that Florencia is in a bad mood because Guido moved into a hotel.  Florencia tells Alfonsina that Damien went to Agosto’s wake and didn’t ask her if she would like to attend as well.  Florencia complains that Damien never tells her anything.   The women sit on the bed and plot pure evil.  Alfonsina suggests that Florencia get dressed and get to that mass pronto.  Florencia says that Damien will kill her if she shows up.  Alfonsina disagrees.  Florencia says that she can’t do anything right, but Damien will do anything for that “little orphan”.   Alfonsina says the Damien can’t complain if she accompanies Florencia to the church.  Florencia is stunned that Alfonsina would attend her worst enemy’s mass.  Alfonsina says that she would go to hell for her son. 
Church Agosto Mass Padre Lupe is in the pulpit performing Agosto’s service.  Elisa is wearing a black blouse with a plunging neckline.   Her choice of clothing is completely understandable, since she assumed the mass would be held on a street corner and not at a church.  While Elisa silently mourns, Gael sits next to her and pretends to focus on the sermon.  He’s secretly plots how he will use this situation to his advantage and touch Elisa bosoms by the end of the night.  Meanwhile, at the back of the church, Damien has entered the building.  Elisa feels his presence and turns towards the door.  Their eyes meet.  He gives her an encouraging nod and then sits down behind Braulio, who is clearly trying not to leer at Dolores.  Suddenly, a scorching blast of heat blows through the building.  The clack of expensive designer pumps strike heavily against the stone floor.  Elisa turns towards the door again.  The gates of hell have opened and the Bobbsey Twin devils have arrived! Oh hell no they didn’t!  Elisa springs from her seat and rushes towards Alfonsina.  She wants her out!  How dare you attend the mass of a man that you have spent your entire life trying to destroy!  Hypocrite!  Commercial. 
Church Agosto Mass Elisa demands that Damien remove his mother from the church immediately.  Las Diablas who are sporting matching, black, form-fitting Versace dresses, feign shock.  Damien weakly pipes in and tells his mother, “vamos”! Alfonsina says that this is the house of God and points out that everyone is welcome in the house of God; Elisa can’t kick them out of a church.  Lupe, trying to avoid a cat fight (he’s too old for that), agrees that the church is open for all, but chastises his sister for showing up to this mass.  Alfonsina asks Lupe if he is going to kick her out.  He says no, but tells her to sit down and be quiet.  He tells Alfonsina that she should be respectful of the church at all time.  Florencia tells him that he should tell Elisa the same thing.  Oh, hell not she didn’t!  Damien tells Florencia to shut the hell up.  Oh hell no he didn’t!  Elisa petitions Don Lucio to help her put Alfonsina out.  There is no way she is going to allow Alfonsina to stay.  Don Lucio is trying to stay out of the potential cat fight (he’s too old for that).  He encourages Elisa to allow Alfonsina to stay.  Listening to a sermon might do her evil soul some darn good.  Ramona tells Elisa not to let Alfonsina’s presence affect her.  Gael, who loves to watch a good cat fight (he doesn’t care whose clothing might come off), slinks forward to stare at Elisa’s cleavage.  Paloma, sensing an opportunity to covertly grope Gael, stakes her claim.  “Concerned”, Paloma scurries near her dear friend.  While Paloma caresses Gael’s hard bicep, she tells Elisa to ignore Alfonsina and think about her father.  Don Lucio directs the Padre to continue with the prayer and pulls Elisa back towards her seat.  Everyone returns to the pews while, unnoticed, Sabrina rushes from the church.  Florencia confidently sits next to Damien.  Alfonsina takes a seat in Elisa’s section, near the rear of the building.  Mrs. Kravitz notices that her daughter, Sabrina, is absent from her seat.  She asks Enrique where his sister went.  Dr. Tovar grabs his wife and yanks her back down into the seat beside him; he tells her to sit down and shut the hell up!  Oh hell no he didn’t!  Elisa cries and broods. 
Casa de Castanon Carmina, alone in the house, is remembering her conversation with Don Lucio and Elisa before they left to attend the mass.  Elisa tells Carmina that Agosto signed a contract with Gabby and took a deposit from him.  Carmina wants how much? They don’t know.  According to the bank, Agosto didn’t deposit the check.  Later, after they’ve gone, Carmina enters the office and searches the desk for the check.  She hears doors and windows opening and closing.  By her reaction, she believes Agosto may be haunting her.  It turns out that it’s simply the wind.  She closes the door and recalls the day that she killed Agosto. 
Casa de Mickey and Mallory Ingrid informs Gabby that she’s going for a little walk.  Gabby says, he hopes that she doesn’t do anything dumb like attending Agosto’s mass.  She assures him that she is not going anywhere near the church.  She says that she’d ask him to go with her, but she knows that he doesn’t want anyone to see them together.  He says that Alfonsina has been asking about her again.  She says that Alfonsina will always be a thorn in his side until he kills her.  She reminds him that he chickened out with Carmina.  Ingrid asks for some money.  Gabby gives her a few bucks.  She complains that she can’t do anything with that.  He tells her that she has to get used to living frugally since Guido is getting out of jail.  They have to be careful.  He explains that Alfonsina has to rebuild the Landucci reputation since her son is marrying his daughter.  Again, she encourages Gabby to kill Alfonsina.   
Hospital Vincente’s Room Tonia is up and fully dressed.  Vicente asks his mother where she’s going.  She tells him to lower his voice.  She is going to take care of something.  She promises that it won’t take long.  If anyone asks for her, he should tell them that she went to the bathroom or something. 
Cantina Paolo asks Sabrina if the mass was boring.  Just the opposite, says Sabrina.  She tells him that Las Diablas showed up and caused Elisa to have a mental melt down.  There was almost a cat fight!  Paolo, who would love to see a good cat fight, considers going to church for the second time in his life, but decides against it.  She asks why he stood her up the other night.  He says he had a migraine.  He took a pill and it knocked him out.  He developed migraines after his parents died.  He asks her if she wants to go to the hotel for a quick roll in the hay.  She turns him down because it’s late.  She tells him that she and her father fought over whether Paolo was serious about her.  Dr. Tovar thinks he’s using her.  Even after she assured her father that Paolo wanted to marry her, unlike her mother, Dr. Tovar cannot stomach the thought of his daughter marrying a rapist/child molester and part-time extortionist.  She told her father that she would be with Paolo even if they have to leave La Ermita.  Unknowingly, Incredibly Stupid has just fell into SSSsssssPaolo’s hands.  He asks if she’s serious about leaving town with him.  Yes, she would do anything for him.    
Church Agosto’s Mass Elisa is crying in the foreground, whilst a menopausal Alfonsina vigorously fans herself in the background.  Gael begins forming the plan for Operation Must Touch Boobies as Padre Lupe performs the mass.  Commercial. 
Jail Horacio is in a corner cowering in a fetal position (apparently he’s already been introduced to Big Butch, his new cell-mate/boyfriend).  Anyways, Horacio fondly remembers his wedding day.  Beso!  Beso!
Hospital Vincente’s Room Gabby has come to check on his spawn.  Vincente thanks Gabby for visiting him.  Gabby asks about Tonia.  Vincente explains that his mother went out and asks Gabby to sit down next to him on the bed.  Gabby tells him not to move and says that he’ll come back when Tonia is there.  Vincente says, don’t go dad.  Gabby rushes away from the door and almost back-hands the recovering kidney transplant patient.  He tells him that he is not his father.  He thumps Vincente on the forehead and tells him to get that into his head (Oh hell no he didn’t!).  Pitifully, Vincente begs Gabby not to Deny Natal Accusations anymore.  Vincente asks him if he’s happy that he is his son.  Gabby tells Vincente that he likes him, but he’s not interested in being his father (he’s a busy man and has thugging to do).  From now on, Vincente is to stay away from him.  Gabby tells him to wipe away his tears and be a man.    
Hotel Guido’s Room Ingrid knocks on Guido’s door and introduces herself as Kenia’s mother.  She mentions that Kenia had a fling with Paolo.  Guido thinks that she’s there to discuss Paolo’s discretions.  He says that he tries to stay out of his brother’s business and doesn’t know what women Paolo deals with.  Ingrid tells Guido that Kenia has swam with the fishes and now she’s fertilizer.  Ingrid’s not there for Paolo, she wants to discuss what happened at the procesadora.  She knows that he’s been accused of fraud and she can help him prove his innocence.  Guido looks intrigued and wants to hear what she has to say.  She says that she knows that he suspects Gabino.   Ingrid is gonna be a real dead woman when Gabby finds out. 
Church Agosto’s Mass This mass has lasted longer than Agosto’s life.  What more can the padre say about him?  Oh good! It’s time for the benediction.  He implores the congregation to leave the church in peace.  Everyone stands.  Don Lucio holds mad-dog Elisa back.  Alfonsina attempts to go towards Elisa.  Ambidextrous Damien pulls his mother back while simultaneously grabbing Florencia’s arm.  He guides las diablas out of the church.  Don Lucio tells Elisa to relax as Gael stands closely by and drools down her blouse.  He is determined that he will fondle those boobies before the night is over. 
Church Steps Damien and Las Diablas discuss the night’s events on the steps.  He tells his mother that he doesn’t understand why she came.  He hopes that she’s satisfied.  They turn to leave.  Meanwhile, inside the church, Elisa breaks free from Lucio’s grip and sprints out of the building.  Someone yells, CAT FIGHT!!!! Yeah!  The young men and the women rush out after her!  Dr. Tovar also doesn’t want any part of that cat fight (he’s too told for that) and tries holding his wife back, but Mrs. Kravitz breaks free.  Elisa, with bobbing and heaving breasts, bounces down the steps.  Gael, enjoying Elisa’s every angry step, vigorously remains in locked cadence with her.  Elisa catches up with La Main Diabla, Damien and Florencia.  She demands to know why Alfonsina came to the mass.  Alfonsina says that she came to pay her last respects like everyone else; she doesn’t understand why Elisa is freaking out.  Elisa says that this was not the time and place for her.  Elisa wants to know how Alfonsina can be so cold-blooded to be able to sit and listen to Agosto’s mass.  She repeats that Alfonsina is a total hypocrite.   Dolores and Don Lucio try to calm Elisa down, but she continues on.  She accuses Alfonsina of being happy that Agostos’s dead.  She says that Alfonsina only came to insult him.  Alfonsina denies it and says that she never wished his death.  Elisa asks if she feels guilty.  Of course not, why would she feel guilty?  Elisa says because Alfonsina did everything that she could to ruin her father’s life.  One day, Alfonsina will die too and she hopes Alfonsina rots in hell.  Oh hell no she didn’t!  Damien tells Elisa to shut the hell up.  Oh hell no he didn’t!  Elisa says that she will not shut up!  Don Lucio pulls Elisa away.  Gael follows the bouncing boobies.  Paloma tries to follow Gael, but Ramona pulls her back and tells her that she has to go home.  That cat fight was a real dud.  This was more like a cat nip.
Hotel Guido’s Room Guido asks what Ingrid knows.  Much more than you imagine, she says.  She mentions that maybe they should just leave things the way that they are since Alfonsina cleaned up his name.  He says that he doesn’t want Alfonsina to clean up his name.  She says that she can get him the proof of the people involved, but it will cost him.  He’s surprised to hear that more than one person was involved.  He tells her that he has no cash.  She tells him that he will need proof if he is going to expose Gabby in front of the Arangos and he’s going to have to do it quickly.  Gabino makes his enemies disappear.  He asks how he can contact her again.  She says that she will contact him.    
Casa de Castanon Front Yard Tonia is waiting for Dolores in the front yard.  Yes, that’s what I said!  Kidney transplant donor Tonia is waiting for Dolores in the front yard.  Dolores tells her that she should be recovering in the hospital.  Tonia tells Dolores to leave Braulio alone and threatens beat Dolores’ a$$ if she doesn’t (OK she didn’t threaten her, but she wanted to).  Dolores is confused.  Tonia tells her not to play dumb.  She knows that Dolores wants Braulio to “carry her milk”.  Tonia taunts her rival by telling Dolores that for 15 years Braulio has carried her milk long ALL. NIGHT.  LONG. ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE AND OFTEN.  Tonia thinks that Dolores will try to take advantage of the situation now that Horacio is in jail.  Dolores tells Tonia that it’s her problem that she can’t control her man; not Dolores’.  Dolores says that she could have had Braulio curdle her milk and churn her ice cream if she’d wanted him to, but she’s a lady and ladies don’t do that.   She reminds Tonia that the only reason she didn’t marry Braulio was because Dolores didn’t want it.  Tonia tells Dolores to keep her caboose off of Braulio’s powerful locomotive.  Dolores tells Tonia that she’s crazy.  Tonia tells Dolores to keep her grocery bags to herself from now on.  Braulio is a married with a family. 
Graveyard-Operation Must Touch Large Boobies is in full force.  I repeat!  Operation Must Touch Large Boobies has begun!  The target is alone, defenseless and sobbing at her father’s gravesite!  Gael feigns support by gently squeezing her shoulder.  Elisa stands up and falls into his open and readily available arms.  He holds her and buries his faces into her long, silky, red hair.  He’s finally got her right where he wants her.  This has been part of his strategic plan all along.  Elisa wails and wants to know why that woman came to the church.  I don’t know, he says using a smooth, deep, warm, sexy voice.  He pulls the mark closer into the warmth of his body.  He tells Elisa that she shouldn’t have yelled at Alfonsina in public (duh, this is not how you get to the boobies, Gael).  Conveniently, the hand that holds his Stetson rests lightly on her curvaceous butt.  Oh, Gael is soooooo good.  All this time, he has merely pretended to be a simple backwater hick from La Ermita.  Momentarily, Elisa pulls out of his arms.  Elisa points out that Alfonsina always insults her in public.  He realized that he may have made a mistake when he took the side of her arch enemy.   Gael takes a step closer to her, lays his hand on her shoulder and says,” I know”.  He wants her to feel his support; he’s there for her.   Gael forces himself to look into her eyes and not at his two ultimate goals.  He says that he realizes that she is not like Alfonsina, but she may have handled it the wrong way.  That worked?  Yeah, that worked.  She agrees with him and says something about not wanting to be weak.  Gigolo, I mean Gael, caresses her face and pulls her closer to him again.  He needs for her to believe that she’s very important to him.  He tells her to let him be strong for her.  He asks her to let him show her what he is capable of.  He loves her, he says, then slowly lowers his head and kisses her.  Score!  He’s mentally congratulating himself.  Dam it, she turned her face away!  He quickly apologizes.  She points out that it is tacky to make-out on her father’s fresh grave.  Gosh, I am so happy that someone pointed that out!  Abort! Abort Operation Must Touch Boobies for now!  He tries to recover by telling her that the cemetery is not the place where he’d imagined them having their first kiss.  She’s acts surprised that Gael has thought about kissing her (yeah right, watch the credits!  She’s slobbering all over him).  She wants to know how long he’s been planning their first kiss.  He says since they’ve been 15 years old.  The tease wants to know where the special place is.  He tells her that it’s a secret; he goes there when he wants to be alone.  She tells him that they’d better leave the cemetery because ghosts are there.  He says that Damien was the one afraid of Ramona, not him.  She walks behind him and says that they’d better leave before someone comes and whispers in his ears.  She touches his ears and runs away.  He yells for her not to leave him alone in the graveyard and runs after her. 
Casa de Arango The Bobbsey Diablas and Dam Disgusted are sitting in the living room.  Alfonsina can’t believe how Elisa acted at the mass.  Her father’s death is driving her crazy.  Florencia agrees that Elisa was rude.  Florencia say goodnight, she going to her room in order to finish packing.  Alfonsina giddily tells Florencia that she wants to see the doctored ultrasound pictures of her non-existent grandchild.  Alfonsina points out how rude Elisa was and says she thought that Damien would defend Elisa.  Damien agrees that Elisa was rude, but says that Elisa was right.  Alfonsina hated Agosto.  Alfonsina tells Damien to forget about work and have a good time while he’s in Mexico.  Damien leaves the room. 
Casa de Castanon Foyer-Operation Must Touch Boobies has been not been aborted after all; it was moved to another location.  Gael, stands against the door humbly holding his hat.  Elisa thanks him for going to the cemetery with her.  He’s using his sexy voice again; this time, it’s the gravelly one.  The kind that can make a woman’s toes curl.  Elisa crosses her arms so that her breasts are more prominent.  Gael tries using reverse psychology and once again asks Elisa to forgive him for kissing her.  He tells her that it won’t happen again.  She tells him that he should be upset for kissing a woman who’s in love with another man. Dam it!  He points out that she told him that there will never be anything else between her and Damien.  She says that she hasn’t stopped loving Damien and asks him not to kiss her again.  Dam it!  Gael asks Elisa to consider what he told her.  She tells him that there is nothing to think about.  He loves her and that will never change.  She loves Dam Fine and that will never change even if he marries another woman.  He throws a Hail Mary!  He asks if she will remain alone forever.  Elisa tells him good-night.  She won’t date him because Paloma, her best friend, is in love with him.  He bids her goodnight.  Abort!  Operation Must Touch Boobies is officially now aborted!
Witch Mountain Paloma and her grandmother are eating dinner.  Ramona is not listening to her grand-daughter, so Paloma slams something down to get her attention.  Ramona points out that Gael ran after Elisa even after Paloma tickled his pickle.  He didn’t even turn back to look at her (I’d suggest a really low-cut black shirt).  Paloma says that Ramona didn’t have to rub it in her face. 
Casa de Castanon Elisa is lying on her bed.  She gets up to open the window and hears a horse neighing in the courtyard.  Damien is watching her balcony (he noticed the plunging neckline too).  He silently rides away.  


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