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Una Familia Con Suerte #143-144 Wed 2/29/12 in which Berto gives advice everybody should take (breath deeply and get over yourself)

I missed the first bit of the show. By the time I got the machine working, Enzo was trying to get Vince to tell a secret. Vince sympathetically (!) notes, "you're really broken up about Chela."

Vince tells Enzo that Pancho is Fer's son. And that he falsified the DNA results. "Actually I didn't do it, I paid a tech to do it. Now you see why I need your - discretion." If Pancho is Fer's son, he will inherit her Avon holdings.

Enzo's stunned by Vince's bold skulduggery. "What if your aunt finds out?" "How can she? The tech is now living happily in Australia with koalas and kangaroos. But the worst of it is, Pancho and I are cousins!" Enzo laughs. Luckily Candy is not really Pancho's brother or Vince would be in love with his first cousin. But Ana and Freddie -- are they cousins for real?

Speaking of the King of Rome, Freddy is beaming at Ana at the Lopez dinner table. A big pink box is carried in; Ana lifts the box and there's a cake under it, and on the cake is her new cd called "Una Familia Con Suerte," with pictures of: Laura, Pancho, I dunno who, Rebe, Chela, Pepe and Moni, Sandrucha, Candy with somebody behind her I can't recognize, and Ana. I would have thought her BAND members would get on the cover not her random family members. But I don't make the news, I just report it. Freddy is proud of Ana, she is looking forward to touring and press coverage etc. Candy decides to help out and appoints herself manager and representative of Ana Lopez.

Tomas is in jail thinking his sister killed Dud. Elena has - wait for it - AMNESIA! She is calling Tomas but he can't answer - because he's in jail, duh.

Chela admits to Pancho she liked kissing him.

Fer's doctor must have proposed to her and she must not have said yes (yet). Lupe tells the doc there seems to be a cloud of love around them. "I adore Fer, I've loved her for years," he says - and for once somebody overhears something to their advantage! Fer creeps in and tells the doc she loves him too.

Rebe is not enjoying dinner with Mike and is drinking a lot of Tequila. She's pissed thinking Pancho is lovin' Chela (must have seen them kissing). Rebe drinks more tequila. "Remember our first kiss, at the beach," Mike mutters revoltingly. He makes Rebe close her eyes. "Remember the sun, the ocean, our love..."

He closes in with his pink lipstick and she doesn't pull away, but she doesn't reciprocate with enthusiasm. Yuk, he's a terrible kisser! Somebody hiding behind a handy column is taking pictures.

Finally Rebe recoils and says, "Wouldn't you have preferred kissing a corpse? With this, you've killed the memory of our first kiss. I'm angry and confused and I don't want to be here." She stalks out. Mike calls his assistant Lidia Hot Pants and she joins him at the restaurant. When he tells her he kissed Rebe, she gets mad, says she's jealous, and leaves.

Pancho is staggering around disturbed by Chela's love.

Vince asks Enzo to put the love-nest apartment in Candy's name, because she wants it that way. Enzo gives him 'egg eyes.'

Arnold can't get in touch with Pina in Brussels, he's worried about her. He notices Rebeca is in the dumps. "A few days ago I was excited about marrying Pancho, now I want to forget him."

In the meeting, Enzo tells Pancho he broke up with Chela. They're very chummy now that they got blotto together. Rebe comes in and won't look up.

Tomas is let out of his cell and taken to a guy in charge who points out Tomas was caught with a bloody towel, cleaning some murder weapon (boy, this is all new to me, I haven't watched since last Wednesday). I guess Tomas thinks his sister (an amnesiac, remember...) killed the Dud: Tomas therefore "admits" he killed the guy (to save his sister from hanging for it).

The Avon and Belle Face meeting is no laugh riot. Everybody is formal and nobody looks up. The real value of Belle Face has been established. Vince says Pina can't be at the meeting. Mike admits (I'm not sure why) that he committed fraud in the past and let Rebe take the blame; he praises her and says she is honest etc. Vince complains it isn't relevant.

Vince and Pancho shout childishly at each other in the meeting. Arnold tells everybody to breathe deeply and relax.

Elsewhere, Lupita has evil foreboding while, in prison, Tomas signs his confession and cries.

Rebe coldly informs Chela: "Now you have a clear field to get what you've always wanted." But on her way in to see Pancho, Chela runs into Enzo; he drops his papers, their hands touch, they have a long moment nose to nose. And, I am thrilled to see, the episode ends, it's just one hour tonight! Hurrah!


El Talismán #21 Tue 2/28/12A Lesson in Hubris, or Doris Speaks

Doris speaks…

It is called hubris, I think. I will have to ask Brigitte, my mentor in most things, certainly in all things philosophical. That overweening pride that provokes the Gods to take action, to bring a human down to a certain level, to exact justice on a man or woman for the sin of thinking too much of themself.

Call it what you will, I still argue that Don Gregorio Negrete is just a man, and therefore, he can be managed.

Last night, when he saw her at the GAGG Ball, Gregorio became somewhat interested again in Elvira Najera, his old lover. They traded words, and Gregorio insulted her in front of that gigolo Renato. I know what Renato is all about—money, but if I didn’t know better I would guess that neither of those two has seen the bank statements of the other. When we got home after the Ball, Gregorio said that the best thing about the ball was meeting Elvira and he swore to begin things again with her, referring to her as beautiful and classy. He talks to himself sometimes, even when I am in the room, and he was getting himself really worked up about Elvira before he said, “Goodnight, daughter-in-law.” 

This development does not fit with my plans and I will have to consider it carefully. The first step I took was to call Brigitte and tell her to move up my (Catherine’s) date with Gregorio. Now, I do not deny that Gregorio Negrete is capricious, and his moods are dangerous. He seethes with rage and any perceived slights to his dignity are met swiftly and with violence.  Still, he is a man, as other men, and I predict he after his night with Catherine, he will be under my sway.

Notice that I do not need overt control of Gregorio. That would take too much energy and I have, perhaps fairly, been called somewhat lazy. The point here is to have him under my influence, to get him to offer me what I have already decided to have, and then, for me to receive what I want with feigned indifference while tying it up in legal red tape so tight that I have control of it forever. What I want, of course, is controlling interest in Gregorio’s business enterprises.  Having been personally bought and paid for by Negrete as a young child I consider this no less than my patrimony.

Meanwhile, over at the Only Hotel Inn ™, Elvira returns to room after the GAGG Ball and rhapsodizes out loud about Renato. He is handsome, rich…She wants to amend her plan and marry Renato quickly.  Armando overhears his wacky mother. “Is Renato really that great?” demands Armani. “This was only your first date and appearances deceive.”

Elvira responds with a non sequitur,  “We saw Gregorio Negrete at the Ball. You cannot imagine the horrible things he said about me.

Mama Marmota is clear, she will move up her plans with Renato. What about Armani and the special project for torturing the Negrete sisters? Armani tries on some fake glasses that I believe to be part of his disguise as he woos F2. He shows his Mom but she comments critically that they don’t seem like enough of a disguise to her.

Doris on her background
It was Brigitte who got me interested in business matters. Such a fine businesswoman herself, she soon taught me to see the advantage of having control over my own resources—no victimhood for Brigitte! After my girls were born, I needed something to do. I completed my GED at home and began looking for more to interest me. Fresno State University was a close commute and it was there I met Brigitte. Math was always easy for me and in three years I finished a degree with highest honors in Economics. I got a few articles published, had an affair with the professor who was head of the department and, at Brigitte’s suggestion, when he moved to Stanford, I followed him there for business school.

While I was in grad school I was able to invest in some high tech start-ups; including Facebook. I had access to some of my own money by then and, by being a little frugal around the house with my allowance; I soon amassed a nest egg with which to invest. It was also at this time that I became a strong proponent of vertical integration as an investment strategy, and, through this lens (and with Brigitte’s urging) I began to take a serious interest in the business of harlotry. I invested in Indonesian rubber futures, latex refineries and aluminum foil packaging plants. Naturally, I came to own clothing companies that sew lingerie in China, distribution organizations and I keep a finger in the aphrodisiac trade. At this time, I am proud to say I have grown my net worth to something approaching $300 million dollars. Yes, I am a very wealthy woman and I could buy and sell Gregorio Negrete 10 times over, but half my fun in this life is watching him bluster his crude way around the house, kicking his own furniture and throwing his considerable weight around El Alcatraz imagining that he has everything and everyone in complete control. Fool.

I admit it, Gregorio fascinates me. I sometimes ask myself, “How could such a brutal, cruel and ugly man be the avocado and raisin king of Fresno?”  He certainly did not gain his kingdom through his finesse or expertise in business. He is somewhat careless in business matters. For example, he has not even noticed that the mortgages on all of the lands abutting El Alcatraz have quietly changed hands in the last five years—each is now owned by one of my offshore corporations. All adjacent lands (except for El Talisman, that lovely ranch on our northern border) are owned and controlled by me. Yes, I have him completely hemmed in.

No, Gregorio Negrete’s is inherited wealth and what matters most to me is that some day I will control his every penny. Only then will I feel I am fully able to act out a slow, meaningful revenge on Gregorio—and my father.

I am not terribly close to my daughters. I want you to know that this is really not their fault. They are attractive enough girls, though no beauties, but in intelligence they take after the Negrete side of their gene pool, more’s the pity. I was so young when they were born and their birth was so painful that I am afraid I blamed them for my misery and failed to bond deeply with them. I left most of their rearing to nannies and to Antonio, who always took a ridiculous amount of interest in them. When I was attending B-school, and traveling back and forth between Palo Alto and Fresno, I never neglected to bring them toys and gifts. My biggest commitment to them was to keep them safe from predators. Still, they have always been somewhat boring to me, and now that they are old enough to have real conversations all I ever overhear them discussing is boys. Truly an enervating topic, as men are obviously a means to an end. It is dangerous to ever let them be anything more.

Sleep just wasn’t happening last night in Fresno. I could hear Gregorio talking out loud to himself. He said that he doesn’t love his children but he has always admired Lucrezia. She is crazy and will do anything to get what she wants. Antonio, well Gregorio despises Antonio. He said that Antonio doesn’t even look like his son. He called Antonio weak. I guess he wanted Antonio to ‘fight him like a man’ about the gift of the girl’s cars, but when Antonio humbled himself to Gregorio, G. hated him even more. He ended his little self-talk by referring to me, “Antonio doesn’t even divorce his wife who he cannot stand.”

Now my mind was troubled and I couldn’t stop thinking about my conversation with Gregorio. He really is taken with this Elvira! And Antonio is interested in her daughter—I heard the girls gossiping about Camila being Antonio’s lover. That is just speculation on my daughter’s part. The Negrete men belong to me.

This thought leads me to my bête noir, my husband, and the love of my life—Anthony Negrete.  His father calls him Antonio, but to me he will always be Anthony, the one man I want that I have never really had. That isn’t to say that we have not been lovers. After our first furious coupling when he was just 14, he stayed with me for many years. But as my powers of sexual persuasion grew, so, too, did his wariness of me. Now he treats me like a pariah, using the phrase, “¡No me toques!”, if I ever come near him.

I think Anthony became suspicious when I took the International Business internship placement in Mumbai, India. Of course, that, too, was Brigitte’s doing. “India is a huge country, my dear”, she told me. Learn a little Hindi, make friends and take the placement because I have a surprise waiting for you in India.” It took some persuading for Gregorio to let me go, but when the Mumbai Dried Fruit and Spices Company in India said it wanted to strengthen relationships with it’s major American partner—Negrete the Raisin King—I was soon allowed to go as a family representative.

What an awakening I had in India!—A magnificent place in both its wealth and squalor.  Brigitte had arranged quite an internship for me. In the day, I worked with the executives at Mumbai Dried Fruit and Spices Company, but at night, I had another apprenticeship. For one year, every night was spent with Sri Blowba Jobba and his wife Handa in his Kharjeraho Academy.

Here we were trained in the ancient traditions of the Kama Sutra, how to use the giving and receiving of pleasure as a means to higher states of consciousness. The Academy was named after the ancient temple site in Khajeraho, Madya Pradesh, where fully ten percent of the sculptures in this complex depict acts of love. Many famous courtesans, housewives and spies trained here before me, including the great Mata Hari. Here I learned to drive men mad with pleasure and to bend them to my will.  But my special advantage, the one that sealed the deal with Sri Blowba, was the fact that I had unlimited access to the most important ingredients in his complex aphrodisiacal concoctions-raisins and avocados.

Naturally the Blowbas and I formed a joint venture when I graduated from the Academy and I am delighted to say are products are selling like tortillas in China.

My sister-in-law, Lucrezia, might have thrived in such an environment. She has natural sexual talent and is quite good looking. It is certain that she and Anthony have been lovers for many years. But Lucrezia is not very bright, lacks discipline and she has no real goals in life. Most disappointing, to my point of view, she is a whore—she gives her great commodity away for free. Honestly, I know this will sound unkind, but this makes me doubt if she is even a capitalist.

Lately, she has turned her obsessive-compulsive yearnings onto the owner of the neighboring estate, a tall, gallant man originally from Mexico named Pedro Ibarra. He is handsome (although I see no evidence of sensuality around his mouth), but he has NO money of his own and no facility for making any. Hopeless, really.

I believe he is too-good-for-his-own-good and is completely enamored of the young agricultural engineer we recently had working here at the ranch, Camila Najera.

Camila’s family once owned El Talisman, but Gregorio wanted the property and set her father up in a rigged card game to “bet the ranch” so to speak. Najera, being both a fool and a gambling addict, fell into Gregorio’s hands like a ripe avocado after a heat wave.

The poor fellow, Esteban Najera, lost his home that night although not to the Negretes! Surprise, surprise! It was the good guy next door, Pedro Ibarra who won the Talisman property and Camila and her family were forced out after her father suicided in the master bedroom the next morning. It was most unpleasant.

It’s just as well for Camila, she managed to get a decent University degree up at UC Davis and has a chance to make something of herself in that straight-career sort of way. But I hear that she and Ibarra are hopeless romantics and are mad about each other. We’ll see what Miss Crazy Lucrezia has to say about that.

Lucrezia’a most recent stunt has landed her in the hospital and it may ruin us all.

At the Hospital

In her hospital room Lucrezia begs Pedro not to leave her. He tells her over and over again that nothing will happen between them because he loves Camila. Pedro won’t play. He is not looking for another love.

Camila stands outside the hospital room and seethes that it is clear that she won’t let Lucrezia have Pedro. (What is Pedro, the prize pig to be auctioned off at the county fair?)When Antonio comes along he stirs the pot with Camila. Pedro comes out into the hall with Antonio and Camila and they repeat several identical exchanges in which Antonio and Pedro circle one another and sniff butts.

Pedro goes back into Lulu’s room and she gets him to promise that he will visit her tomorrow. Pedro promises. (Dolt).

Out in the hall Antonio admits to Camila that Lucrezia has serious mental illness. Uh huh. Psychiatrists cannot cure it. Pedro comes out to join the conversation, and interrupts them with, “What are you talking about? The only crazy person here is you, Antonio, in your plans to separate us (he and Camila)! Nothing will separate us! (at least not for five minutes).”

Now Antonio drops another bomb into the conversation—Pedro killed his wife Mariana to get her inheritance. Camila immediately believes the worst of Pedro, while Antonio smiles at the camera and encourages continued misunderstanding between Camila and Pedro.

Pedro finally admits that he was accused of killing Mariana, but acquitted. Again, Camila stomps off and gets in the elevator alone. “All these secrets will end our relationship.” What relationship, viewerville asks?

Antonio goes into Lulu’s room and repeatedly reminds her to deny everything about her beating when she talks to the police. He threatens her with more battering if she doesn’t comply.  Lulu meets with her doctor who tells her she was lucky she did not have serious head injuries—or none that have shown up YET. Lulu thanks the doctor for giving her an idea and tells Antonio she has a new plan.

Antonio restates his belief that if she denies that her father beat her the police cannot arrest Gregorio. Lucrezia meets with the police and lies that a stranger attacked her.

But Antonio is wrong. The police come to El Alcatraz and arrest Gregorio Negrete. He goes to the county jail overnight.

Meanwhile, Pedro and Camila’s endless and boring misunderstandings continue. Camila goes back to El Tal where Pedro calls and tries to talk to her, Tia tries to talk to her and Genoveva tries to talk to her. To no avail. Camila announces that her relationship with Pedro is all business. (This is so friggin’ stupid it gives me a headache).

Next Morning

Everybody finds out that Gregorio spent the night in jail.
-Gabriel ( I think) tells Pedro and Tia.
-Sarita tells Camila and Geno.
Pedro and Camila fight, again. Each of them blames a different Negrete sibling for their differences.

At the hospital, Lulu tells Antonio what she told the police, that a stranger attacked her. Lulu is worried that there will be hell to pay after Daddy spent the night in jail. Antonio tells Lu that she should not worry, daddy dearest will soon fall ill.

Antonio calls Elvira and tells her to up the poison dosage. (Whaaat— is she poisoning the meds one pill at a time?)

At The Only Inn Armani hears his mom use the word poison and asks Elvira about it just as he comes out to model the latest in spy wear. She is getting ready to borrow Renato’s SPORTSCAR (Corvette that we saw yesterday) and to return to El Talisman in a blaze of glory.

Elvira compliments him on his ‘fit—a new pair of glasses and a white sleeveless hoodie— will turn this mild-mannered weakling into Jose,  lover of the other F. sister! Lord, this is funny.

Doris visits the jail

The next morning Panchito and I visited Gregorio in jail. Panchito is a pathetic creature, one of G.’s illegitimate sons and he worships his Dad. I must admit I was a little shocked by what I overheard of their conversation.

G. promised to give Panchito more attention and invited him to sit down at the jail picnic table. Panchito, groveling as usual, says he would do anything for Gregorio. Gregorio asked if Antonio is there to see him and Panchito says no, just he and I. Then G. really surprised me when he said to Panchito, “I think we should talk about something very important. You know you are my son? I cannot acknowledge you now but I want you to do me a favor. Be my eyes and ears inside my own family. One day, you will be over all my other children.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Of course, Panchito agreed to the deal because all he wants is to be acknowledged as a Negrete. Poor bastard.

The best part of what I overheard was the last thing Gregorio told Panchito,  “Doris is the only other person that I can unconditionally count on.” I have got to call Brigitte, right now.

Call it hubris, or call it what you will, but I think I have Don Gregorio Negrete right where I want him.


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La Que No Podía Amar #45 Tuesday 2/28/12 Ugly Crying, Self-Pity, and Rigid Self-Righteousness

LQNPA, Cap 45, Feb 28, 2012: Ugly Crying, Self-Pity, and Rigid Self-Righteousness

While the recap is being cooked up, I'd like us to discuss UGLY CRYING among galanes in telenovelas. I'm of the opinion that Cesar Evora is the ugliest crier in all of Telenovelaland. (I base this on his red-nosed, red-eyed, squished-face, totally-getting-into-it crying in Llena de Amor.) But I find that Jorge Salinas is a close second. For example:
Okay, he's mercifully hiding his UGLY CRYING from us in this shot. Let's try again:

That's more like it . . .

A final example . . .

And some not-so-ugly crying. (Aw, Rogelio, Rogelio!)

Jorge Salinas can also do "Pretty Crying" (as witnessed earlier in this novela) and galanes like Jose Ron and Guy Ecker are also "Pretty Criers." This is no reflection on the acting ability of any of these guys; it's just an observation.


(NOTE: Events may not be listed in complete order, but you should be able to figure out what belongs where!)

* We have a repeat of Rohellio's ugly crying from last night. He is talking big talk about how he'll just get over all of this, and he'll never love again, blah blah blah, but Maria says, nothing doing, you have Cupcake in your heart. Rohell breaks down and admits it, and through sobs, says, "But she loves another." Maria rests her head on his lap to comfort him, as he wipes away his tears, thoroughly shattered.

* Cupcake finds Fermin at Boring del Cielo and he is welcoming and friendly. They chat and she tells him that the Guscake is not believing that she's not a gold-digging bruja. "I tried to tell him, but he won't listen." (Sort of how she wouldn't listen to Rohell! But no, she won't make that connection.)

Cupcake and Margarito meet up with a friendly Fermin.

* Fed is at the Hacienda, not-so-subtly pumping everyone for info on Cupcake. He uses the somewhat strained excuse that since Cupcake is a friend of his former employee, Dani, and because Cupcake is a "buena muchacha," that he's worried. When he talks to Maria, she won't say much, only that Cupcake is very young, and she couldn't handle stuff. And that she took Margarito with her.

* Cupcake is directed to some bungalows (sounds like a motel?) where she and Margarito can stay. Fermin also tells her that Guscake is staying with him. Cupcake wants an opportunity to talk with the Guscake some more. Fermin says that Guscake took her so-called "betrayal" really hard.

* Carmen is asking Guscake about the return of Cupcake. No, he won't take her back, but the feelings of love are still there. "Why did she return if she's with this other guy?" Carmen asks. "I don't know, I didn't ask." (Well maybe you SHOULD, idiot!) He engages in some Pretty Crying as he says he's confused, blah blah blah.

Gus makes sure Carmen knows that he's still got a thing for the Cupcake.

A classic example of Pretty Crying.

* Consuelo and Maripaz are talking about their respective loser would-be or ex-novios, Miguel and Efrain. FF>>

* Miguel is put to work in the Hacienda, while Rohell looks on and chats. They're at a steep staircase, which Rohell says is his most hated part of the Hacienda, because it reminds him that he can't walk. Rohell then wallows in self-pity. He thinks that Cupcake used the "you murdered my novio" thing as an excuse to bail on his crippled self, because after all, what woman would want to be saddled with him. (Well at the moment that's true, but it's not because of your chair, but because of your thoroughly ROTTEN personality, dude!) Miguel tries to affirm that Cupcake was, indeed, very sincere, but Rohell isn't buying it. He then muses if perhaps he was destined to be alone, even if he could walk.

Rohell talks with Miguel, as we get a good view of Miguel's saggy britches.

* Fermin deposits Cupcake and Margarito at a bungalow. She thanks him and then asks about getting work in town. Fermin thinks he may be able to help. He seems very fond of her, thinks she's a great nurse, etc. She later tells Margarito that she plans on staying in Boring del Cielo, despite Guscake being mad at her, and that eventually she'll make him listen to the full details of her situation!

* That night, Fermin advises Guscake to stop being such a rigid, self-righteous pr*ck and actually listen to the Cupcake. (Of course he says it much nicer than that.) Later, Carmen advises him to seek out Cupcake, telling him that since he loves her, he should fight for that love.

* Back at the Hacienda, Miguel is having a chat with Consuelo, and she's telling him that Maripaz still cares for him. FF>> Miguel whines about being locked up like an animal. He sends Consuelo to get him coffee, and when her back is turned, he swipes some liquor and leaves, presumably to further embrace his drunken lifestyle.

* In the morning, Rohell goes to Miguel's room, where Miguel is sleeping off an evening of dedicated drinking. Rohell relishes dumping a pitcher of water on Miguel, and proceeds to chastise and admonish him, and tells him to suck it up and stop acting like a loserific drunkard. He reminds Miguel that he got him out of jail. Miguel, still staggeringly drunk, lunges on Rohell in a display of intoxicated gratitude, while Rohell recoils from (I assume) Miguel's less-than-fresh breath. Rohell tells Miguel that he needs to take this opportunity that life is giving him and not screw it up. He then instructs Hugo to keep an eye on Miguel.

Rohell doesn't need to get any nearer to Miguel to smell him, I'm thinking.

* Vainessa and David are talking business. David owns those lands at Boring del Cielo and Rohell is interested in buying. Vainessa tells him that if it'll annoy Rohell, she'd be willing to buy these lands herself. Smug smiles from both David and Vainessa.

* Fed calls Tia MentiRosa. It's confirmed that Cupcake left the Hacienda. Tia turns on the waterworks and hits Fed up for money, for helping the Cupcake, of course. He says he'll see what he can do, keep in touch, etc. Then Tia leaves a message with Bruno, and is seriously peeved over his douchebaggery in making it look like Rohell killed the Guscake.

* Bruno visits Tia MentiRosa. She is very peeved and is screaming and hitting him. He restrains her and with bug-eyed freakiness, lays out his plan. He needs Cupcake to return to the Hacienda and stay married to Rohell. Then he can work on Cupcake to get her to hate Rohell enough to hatch a "revenge" plot for the so-called murder of her novio. The plan involves bilking Rohell for his entire fortune, as well as Sinthia's half, if they can! AND . . . (Bruno says, twirling his evil villain mustache) he wants Cupcake for himself at the end.

Two greedy villains squabble.

* An interesting conversation between Bruno and Tia. They are peas in a pod. He wants money because he had it and lost it; she wants money because she's never had it. He admonishes her for "betraying" him by pushing Cupcake to marry Rohell, and says that the perks she gets now from Rohell (the house, the income) are "charity." They could be taken away at any time. He has something better planned!

* All of this evil plotting also requires that they do away with the Guscake, so Cupcake never finds out he didn't get murdered. (Too late for that, Bruno!) Tia is not all that keen on the killing part, but in the end, you know, whatever.

Bruno gets all bug-eyed and freaky. He explains that he had to set up Rohell so Cupcake would hate him, because she was starting to fall for Rohell and that couldn't be allowed.

* Bruno and Tia plot to get Cupcake staying with Tia, where she can work on Cupcake and have her know that she has Tia's "support."

* Guscake visits Cupcake, but in the end, won't budge. More self-righteous rigidness. "Talk to the hand!" he says, as she pleads and pleads and tries to get him to understand that she went with the rich dude because she THOUGHT GUSCAKE WAS DEAD, as in dead, deceased, assumed room temperature, no longer breathing oxygen, and so forth. But Guscake still won't listen, still won't be reasoned with, and plays the aggrieved and wronged boyfriend.

Oh he with the beautiful eyelashes visits Cupcake to further discuss things.

She tries to explain, but as usual, he won't listen.

* During  this frustrating conversation with the Guscake, it comes out that Tia knew that Guscake was alive and didn't say anything to the Cupcake. Cupcake looks impactada.

* Guscake absolutely flips when he finds out that the Cupcake is married. He accuses her of not mourning for him very long and can't believe she'd be kissing him while married to (and sleeping with) her husband. Cupcake can't get a word in edgewise to explain the true nature of her marriage. This is the final straw for him—he tells her that she is dead to him.

Impactado Gus.

* Vainessa tells her dad, Fed, that she wants to buy the Boring del Cielo lands from David, just to p*ss off Rohell. Fed is worried that she's too caught up with revenge. "Aw dad, just let me do this one thing!" she whines. They agree to meet at Boca del Cielo and talk about it some more.

* Consuelo is still heartbroken that Efrain is in love with Sinthia and there won't be any wedding. She's asking Sin (who has come into the kitchen) to not hurt Efrain anymore. Maria comes in, and wants to know what's up. Conned won't tattle on the affair between Effer and Sin, but Maria is suspicious and asks Sin if there's anything between her and Effer. Sinthia, in true selfish coldness, laughs and denies it, says that it's not her fault if Effer is in love with a "Princess" like her, and (while shooting a look of contempt towards Consuelo), says that he should aim a little lower, like another peon. Man, she is one arrogant, cold bruja in this episode.

* To further convince Maria that she's in no way involved with that peon Effer, Sinthia tells Maria that the guy she's really interested in is Mersnotty's brother, Gus. Just then Mersnotty comes in and Sinthia introduces her to Maria.

* Guscake rants to Carmen that Cupcake is married but doesn't love her husband, and at the same time wants to re-hook up with him. He's even more convinced than ever that Cupcake is a heartless, man-eating gold-digger. Carmen offers herself to Guscake to help him get over his broken heart. They hug and Cupcake sees. She pouts prettily as he sees her looking at him and Carmen hug. After Cupcake rushes off, Guscake tells Carmen that she's a great girl, but there can't be anything between them just now.

* Bruno calls Rohell as Tia listens in on the conversation. Cupcake hasn't shown up at Tia's house in Tuxtla. Rohell reports that Miguel (the Weakest Link) has been found and is back at the Hacienda. (Tia is happy about this.) "He'll be here until Cupcake returns and asks for forgiveness" he says. Rohell tells Bruno to keep leaning on Dani to see if she knows anything and to keep looking and pushing. He also says to keep an eye on the Tia as well.

Bruno reports back to Rohell as Tia listens in.

Rohell tells Bruno to keep looking.

* Vainessa and Sinthia are having a visit. Vain wants Sin to come with her for that business thing at Boring del Cielo. Sinthia passes because David will be there too. Besides, she's hanging out with her new friend, Mersnotty. Vainessa curls her lip at Mersnotty, still resentful because Mersnotty supposedly had a thing with Esteban. (But you dumped Esteban, so why do you care, Vainessa? Was it that your vanity was wounded?) Vainessa says she also wants to try to work on her dad to convince him to give up looking for that so-called other daughter of his.

Sin shows off her fabulous washboard abs as Vainessa leaves the room.

* Fed comes into Rohell's office to say goodbye, as he's off to Boring del Cielo. He hopes for Cupcake's swift and safe return, and offers any help he can give. Rohell thanks him. In slinks Vainessa. She tells Rohell that she hopes his wife never returns, as Fed shakes his head slightly in disapproval. Rohell gives her a look of veiled disgust.

Not thrilled to see Vainessa.

* Carmen, Fermin's daughter-in-law, is jealous of how Guscake is still hooked on Cupcake. She's going to try to snag the Guscake for herself, because somehow it's "not fair" that Cupcake should have him, since she's an evil gold-digging married woman. Later in the episode, Carmen approaches Cupcake and implies that she and the Guscake have something going on, and that Cupcake should just back off. Indeed, Cupcake did see Gus and Carmen hugging earlier and Gus knew she saw and he didn't leave her with the impression that nothing was going on, so . . .

Carmen tries to drive Cupcake away by implying that Guscake is involved with her, Carmen.

* In the evening, Effer reports to Rohell that they have searched for Cupcake, but so far, nothing. Do they keep on looking? Rohell snaps his whip on his desk and says of course, keep on keep on keep on.

"Don't stop looking for her!" he barks at Effer.

* Cupcake is able to call Dani and tell her that the Guscake is alive and not murdered by that old turd Rohell. Though of course Rohell is still to blame for hiring a hit on the Guscake, Cupcake is convinced. (I wonder what Rohell would think if he knew that both Dani and Miguel were fully aware that Cupcake was alive and well, and they said nothing. Now of course we know why Dani and Miguel aren't telling, but at the same time, Rohell still has no idea if Cupcake is even alive, or if she has succumbed to the wild terrain she had to travel through to escape.)

* Fed is in Boring del Cielo (on business with Vainessa, etc) and encounters the Cupcake. She's freaking, worried that he'll tattle on her, but he assures her he won't. They agree to meet later so they can talk.

Fed promises to help Cupcake and they arrange to meet later. But she can't show her face right now, because Vainessa and David are also at Boring del Cielo.

* In the dark, depressing solitude of his office, Rohell muses over his and Cupcake's wedding photo. In a fit of anger he throws it against the wall and he vows that he will "make her pay!" Okay, whatever, dude, I don't believe you, but if it makes you feel better to say it, go ahead . . .

In the dark solitude of his office, he looks at the Ugly Necklace he gave her, as well as the supposedly dead novio's necklace, and broods.

He looks at their wedding photo and wonders where she is.



Vainessa sees Paula and Margarito at the bungalows and promptly calls Sinthia and tells her.

Repeat of Rohell vowing that she'll "pay" and a shot of Cupcake and Guscake kissing.

From the avances: Vainessa smiles smugly when she spots Margarito and Cupcake.


Una Familia Con Suerte #141-142 Tue 2/28/12 What are we WATCHING?

Enzo takes the news that Chela doesn't love him pretty well... they're both crying, but he just doesn't want her to stay away from what she wants (Pancho) on account of him. Kind of a damp rag, but sweet.

Christian can't wait to go out with his underage secretary, and he bids his wife farewell as ominous music plays. She fondles a diamond with an evil look. Huh? Help me out a little here, I haven't been watching lately.

Our weak-willed house-mistress Candi has taken to yelling for Ado just like Pina. Chela shows up weeping.

Enzo tries to get in a word with Pancho, but totally gets steam-rolled by the entrance of the rowdy Cha-Cha buddies. Pancho takes all three out to la burra. They pile in to watch Mike hit on Rebe ("I like how things are progressing between us," he says) and put the world's most conspicuous tail on them as they go out for a drive.

Pina has a chat with Vins, but Sandra runs in to cut her off and warn her that Violeta is acting even crazier than usual. Cut to the Glamazon herself, who is muttering about killing Chela. Moni finds her in this state and is not pleased.

Maybe Pancho, Enzo, and the Cha-Cha boys weren't following Rebe... they're drinking together like old buds at some kind of party. Pancho asks "mr. mariachi" to play a song for his buddy Enzo. Enzo asks for a song that will silence his heart. Poor boy. They all chat about how difficult love is. They drunkenly attempt to sing along.

We break to a scene of Chela admitting to Lupita that she's madly in love with Pancho and then return to the boys, who are still drunkenly failing to sing with the Mariachis. They finish up and stumble off, joined by some random chick.

Glamazon's muttering has risen to full-on-crazy-screaming for the life of Chela. Monica doesn't know who to call.

Freddy and Ana have been sleeping together WHAT? Pina is trying to devise a way to stop them.

The boys are still drinking, and Pancho declares Enzo to be more than a friend: a brother. Wow, that was fast! Enzo admits he used to wash cars and he owes his success to Vins... Everyone looks hugely shocked, but they deal with it and have a very nice toast. They're mega-plastered, but they're a fun bunch... hope to see more of them. Then there's a very weird bit where footage of some (I assume) famous mariachi band is spliced into the rest of the show (not old footage, I don't think, just given a filter to make it look old). Some help? The singer looks quite made up, and in fact reminds me of Data from star trek. Plus a sombrero and mustache. The Mariachis have embroidered shirts that say, I think GAMA 1000. The singer throws his sombrero and Chato catches it, which I guess means that he'll be the next to get married.

The song has some very weird lyrics, and the singer fondles the gun tucked into his pants. He then pretends to give a rose to this lady in the audience, yanks it away, and hands it to her boyfriend. After giving off a few shrieking mariachi laughs, he kicks a teddy bear and fires a few shots into the crowd. Then he starts shooting the band one at a time as people throw flower-pots and his hat back at him. Enzo looks at his shot glass as if to say "what the hell was in that tequila?" But they're still mouthing the words to the song. The singer shoots Pancho and Enzo and it becomes clear that it was loaded with blanks. All in all, a surreal cameo.

Pina wants Ado to look out and tell her when pancho gets home in his "camionsucho."

Actually, the boys do make it home... They're all drunk, but they made it home. Pancho staggers in, drunkenly singing, only to meet his ENTIRE FAMILY, who are aghast to see him like this (except Pepe, who likes the song). They lay into him.

Enzo stumbles into his house. Moni calls, still worried about the screaming psycho Mamazon. He heads out to help her.

Rebe, having Sushi w/ Mike, and man is he in fine form for greasiness. She has a flashback-memory of "teaching" Pancho to use chopsticks. He tries to impress her by remembering her favorite things, but makes little headway.

Meanwhile, Pancho is a WRECK. He's drunkenly sobbing to his family about Rebe and Mike. Temo chides him for giving up so easily, but he's not ready to hear it. Then Chela admits -to Pancho- that Enzo "cut her off."

Now Elena is having drinks and flirting with her old married boss. They start kissing in the restaurant, and I throw up a little in my mouth.

Pina shows up at Pancho's to tell everyone that Ana has been sleeping with Freddy. Yikes. Everyone makes funny faces.

Oh god, this is gross. Lena and Christian... she's going at him with all guns blazing. He does the world's worst ever job of pretending to tell her to stop because, you know, it's just not right... No one is fooled. Cheapo camera effects reveal at least one of them to be drugged. He drops dead! Then she passes out.

Pancho is in the midst of a fit over Ana. He misses her playing with dolls and stuff, and now she's a woman. Boo hoo. He cries, everyone cries (except Pina). In the middle of all this, Adoracion runs in... The Mexican embassy in Brussels (or maybe it's Belfast, Adoracion isn't sure) is on the phone for Pina! Totally random turn of events... yay!

The Mexican consul: There has been a huge disaster. Apparently Yuyu's private jet has crashed. They don't know exactly what happened, but Pina is grabbing the next flight to Belgium. This has been an exceptionally absurd episode! Maybe Yuyu has died, and Mely is coming to live in Mexico.

When they're alone (in the bedroom... woohoo!) Chela admits to Pancho that she still loves him. THEY KISS! with their eyes closed, and when they open them mid kiss, they both leap to their feet in horror with amusing masks of discomfort on their faces. They part with much awkwardness, but the next morning Pancho awakes to a mean hangover and the sight of Chela showing up with some water for him. Temo shows up and eavesdrop on their awkward chat in the morning, and knows something is up.

The next morning, Mamazon wakes up looking much less crazy and, for once, a little sexy. She denies ever having flipped out the night before, much to everyone's consternation.

Temo whines about Mely.

Now comes a scene so weird I think it might have been accidentally spliced in from another show. Some woman in an unfortunate purple dress walks into a small office, says "hi, Napoleon" to a bust of Napoleon, wakes up a computer displaying a mid-90s-era screensaver, and proceeds to have a conversation with a camera on a robotic arm while watching a video of catgirl unmasked. Actually, I think the robot camera is named Napoleon, but I'm still in the dark.

Ana grills Pancho about Chela, but he turns it around and yells at her a little more about sex. She talks about using protection and he makes a hilarious face, like, "would that I could erase that image from my head."

Lena wakes up in a room with Christian's corpse (bearing her lipstick on his cheek). She freaks the hell out, as well she should. Eventually she pulls herself together enough to call Tomas to come help her out. He arrives, realizes how crazy things have gotten, and tells her to leave. He tries to wipe fingerprints off of everything, but finds a necklace on the bedside table which seems to have deep significance to him...

At this point I kind of tune out. Nothing really important happened. Pancho gets a call from Mike, but we don't find out what it is.

Wow, that was exhausting. Thanks, guys.


Una Familia Con Suerte #139-140 Mon 2/27/12

Hi there.
I was not able to do the recap for last night. I'd forgotten to set the DVR, and I'd been away this weekend, so when I came home late, I realized what had happened but could no longer do anything about it. I apologize.


El Talismán #20 Mon 2/27/12 The Big Kat and Mouse game at the Guacamole and Grain Growers Ball and the young jousting teams who didn’t get an invite…

Recap by Super Marta she comes to save the day!

We begin where we left off Friday, Jousting team TRAZ Lookrazy begging young Marcus Welby to not tell her dad or the police about her getting a beating.
Fairy Godmother without wand literally drags jousting team ELTAL Petro and reminds him his lovely princess must know that Lookrazy is in da house… just keep it all in the clear to avoid trouble… Petro is confused (so what’s new?)
At the Kat and Mouse Ball, we see the red minnie mouse arrive at the arm of the Giggolo Kat.. they both pamper each other with the sweet ear talk… and they both think… boy I am hooking the big money bag prize… and they don’t know it yet. 
Yellow minnie mouse runs to greet them… red minnie excuses herself to the girls room… She is spotted by Penguin Kat… who follows her…
Meanwhile yellow minnie nags at Giggolo Kat about paying too much attention to red minnie…
Giggolo Kat says he is falling for minnie…
The Kat that signed the papers asks Horis mouse who is that woman… don’t know… Horis mouse gets curious herself.
Back at the jousting ranch, Team ElTal CaMEEla is woken up by a tick tock on the door… she opens to ElTal Petro, but she is already mad… (did he wake her up from a nice dream?) he tells her they had promised to be totally honest so he is announcing to her that Traz Lookrazy is in da house… ElTal CaMEEla is not a happy camper and is not about to let ElTal Pedro be a softie with Traz Lookrazia. She won’t listen to his reasons… no way will she stay here the night! If she won’t go I will! Petro asks if she is jealous, as an answer he gets an ultimatum, she goes or I go!
At the Ball, Penguin Kat confronts red minnie, can’t believe you are lovelier and more interesting. Better than when we were rolling in the hay… She is direct in offending him, saying he does not look good (you think??) and undermining him as an ‘ordinary Ol McDonald rancher’.
Back at jousting ranch, ElTal CaMEEla and ELTal Petro are still arguing… she goes or I go! (have we heard this before?)
In the big house, Fairy Godmother without wand does not buy into Traz Lookrazia’s gimmicks… and lets her have it. Don’t bother faking, Petro is not here. Traz Lookrazia tries to continue with the ‘I am hurting’ play script, but to no avail. Fairy Godmother without wand tells her that just as she dragged yourself here to give Petro the guilty trip, she could have dragged yourself to a friend’s house or a hospital or to the police station… NO BUTS!! No need to come bother Petro (he is too busy arguing with CaMEEla).
Back at Ball, Penguin Kat is responding to red minnie mouse with same insulting offensive ‘you are nothing but a ho’ tone… I might be a bit out of shape but I am richie rich… unlike you who have no moolah… have u ever done anything to get money other than use your charms… what are you doing here? Why don’t you just go back? I don’t want you near me… She wants to play the guess game, but Penguin Kat is not in mood…
Yellow minnie mouse still with Giggolo Kat wants him to stop the flirty games… you look like a drooling puppy after that old hag… (LOL!)  .. he responds it feels as if he won a lottery… he does not want anyone targetting the rich red minnie… he is flattered at her acting jealous, she laughs it off. PLEEEZE!!! Well, maybe of the money you will squeeze out of that old hag. As for me I can find any man I want.
In jousting site ElTal kitchen, Tracy is torturning Panchito with extremely hot hot cocoa. They talk about whether Tracy should accuse her boss for stealing her stash of cash, she wants to do it. he asks who will believe you?.. they will believe Giggolo Kat, not you. Tracy will find a way to get payback. Hopefully Mrs red minnie mouse will make his life miserable.
Back at the ball with Penguin Kat and angry red minnie… Penguin Kat demands to know if it was her idea to send CaMEEla to work at Traz…
At ElTal cabana, Petro and CAMEEla are STILL arguing about same thing… You are the love of my life and I won’t let her or anyone separate us!! If you don’t run her out, I will!! (she goes in to put a sweater on.. but she keeps her pjs on under it. Sleeping beauty roomate wakes up but Petro tells her he will explain later…
Back in the house, Fairy Godmother without wand tells Traz Lookrazia to forget about Petro, he is madly in love with CaMEELA..
Outside El Tal house, in the carriage truck, young kittie hacienda worker is having a powow with gabriel the ranch boy… suddenly he spots Petro (or did he?) and they have to duck under dash.
Angry CaMEEla runs into the house and she and Fairy Godmother without wand stare at Lookrazia.
Back at ball, red minnie mouse denies having sent CaMEEla to traz. It was just a coincidence. Or maybe life wants to get back at you. Penguin Kat says what about the harm YOU did to your family? That is the past… oh by the way, things are different now, you are still beautiful.. why don’t we pick it up where we left off? She says you are the same, and by the way, who needs you when there are younger richer men around?  She leaves, he swears she will be HIS minnie again.
He needs to find out what she is after.
CaMEEla is shocked at seeing Lookrazia’s face all beat up. FGWW tells her apparently it was her dad who did it. CaMEEla begins to tell FGWW that in this state, there is no way Petro will shut the door in her face.
Back at ball, red minnie finally comes out of ‘girls room’. Giggolo Kat says he was anxious waiting for her.
Penguin Kat looks ill, Handy Horis keeps an eye on him, he wants her to keep an eye on red minnie and find out who the Kat with her is.
At ElTal house, CaMEEla and FGWW put on a script to make Lookrazia believe CaMEEla is giving her Petro on a silver platter… she walks away signaling to FGWW to watch Lookrazia’s reaction. Lookrazia falls for it hook line and sinker, and when they leave the room she rises and almost jumps for joy… CaMEEla and FGWW come back to watch her smile joyful… ‘SO you felt soo bad, didn’t you?’ FGWW fives CaMEEla a final stare apparently in admiration for her strategy.
A while later Petro is pacing anxiously, he had never seen CaMEEla so mad… FGWW and joust ranch boy Gabriel are trying to calm him down, Petro wants to avoid more trouble. FGWW says let them work out their differences (and I say ABSOLUTELY!! Let CaMEEla even out her face)
In living room, CaMEEla calls Lookrazia stupid for having let her dad beat her like this. Lookrazia insists not to accuse her dad with the police. It is my dad!.. CaMEEla starts to figure out that maybe it was not Penguin Kat who beat her up.. ‘who did you the little favor to beat you up so Petro would feel pity for you?’..
At Traz, TRAZ team jousting star Tony grows anxious that Lookrazia has not reported in, and talks to himself swearing CaMEEla will be his wife. Young Traz sweetie Flo hears this and asks him about it. But as she confronts him about a ‘girlfriend’, she seems to be high on something.
Back to ElTal living room… Lookrazia keeps denying it.. CaMEEla insists Petro does not love her.
Lookrazia still swears Petro will some day love her. Even if it is the last thing I do (is this a prediction? Will she be the innocent victim of Penguin and Traz joustin star when all is said and done?)
At ball, Handy Horis tells Penguin Kat the name of the other Kat is Rennie… Penguin Kat says enough with the guessing game.. lets go play straight… they join Giggolo Kat and red minnie in dance floor, Penguin proceeds to announce to Giggolo Kat that red minnie used to be his minnie.
At ElTal living room, Lookrazia admits she had someone beat her up to get Petro. CaMEEla asks her what is wrong with her?? You need a PSYCHiatrist!! I will make sure you don’t stay at ElTal tonight!!
At traz, star jouster has to do damage control with lovely young minnie… yes there is a minnie. Young minnie gets really sad besides high on something, asking if he and her mom will divorce. She knows they are not doing well as a couple but she does not want to see them divorced.  CaMEEla calls him on his cell. Young minnie asks daddy if the other minnie is named CaMEEla, on phone CaMEEla is mad, tells him don’t know if you are aware, but your Sisteh is hurt, CaMEEla demands he come get his Sisteh right now!!
Back at Ball, the foursome are still at it, especially red minnie and Penguin Kat going at each other with the skeletons of closets past in front of Handy Horis and Giggolo Kat. Red minnie claims Penguin is just a spiteful ‘ex’ who won’t take no for an answer. Penguin insists in calling her his past ho, and Giggolo plays the defending gentleman who won’t tolerate anyone offending his date ‘lady’. Penguin warns ‘if I were you I would not bother with this ‘woman’. (have to say Handy Horis and red minnie are holding back their Kats to avoid a claw to claw confrontation.)
Penguin Kat accuses red minnie of having done nothing but squeeze him out of his money during their ‘fling’.
Back at ElTal living room… CaMEEla wants Traz joust star to come get his sisteh since she is not welcome here! Traz jousting star realizes he has to run to do major damage control…
CaMEEla tells Lookrazia ‘your game plan failed, nuff said!’…
Lookrazia tries to play offended to CaMEEla saying ‘look at me all beat up and you still dare kick me out now? What I did was to defend Petro!’ CaMEEla will not have any, Shut up! Wait for your bro … you will not stay here at ElTAL!!
Traz jousting star stops by to get Val as backup to go do damage control at ElTal. Stupid sisteh of mine might have got me in lots of trouble with CaMEEla… lets go pick her up before she sinks me deeper!
At another traz room, other young minnie is reading a magazine article about ‘your ideal mate’.. and she looks up as if daydreaming with her Armani… (barf!!)  In walks other young minnie all sad about their dad having plans to marry another minnie…
Traz jousting star arrives at ElTal to pick up the ‘package’. Petro confronts him about the ‘woman he hired to play my wife’.. (give up, Petro, this jousting star will not fall for that one) Traz jousting star keeps on his Deny Deny Deny stand… ends up shoving the mudd back at Lookrazia for hiring ‘la tal Julia’. Blames Petro for Lookrazy being krazy, because Petro never gave her the time of day and she is krazy about him. Excuse me I will go fetch my sisteh.
Back at Ball, red minnie mouse walks away in a huff from the foursome discussion, Giggolo Kat and yellow minnie comment that maybe this red minnie was no ‘perita en dulce’ (sweet thing). She is going after my ‘money’, so she won’t suspect that I am after hers, and HERS is the real thing. They conclude that when red minnie was with Penguin Kat, she did not know how nasty this penguin really is… he will try to make red minnie believe that he does not care for Penguin Kat’s lies about her. Will continue on with her, making her believe I am crazy for her, so can marry her asap and cash her check and keep the money.
Elsewhere, red minnie is worried about how to explain this news (her being Penguin’s old ho) to Giggolo Kat. Here comes Handy Horis, on her info gathering mission… red minnie has no intention to talk to her, she has heard Handy Horis is nothin but a fly on the wall at the Negrete ranch. Handy Horis warns she can be as dangerous as any other Negrete. Handy Horis warns her to stay away from Pigorio, and by the way, tell your little princess to stay away from my jousting star because this fly on the wall can destroy both of you if she insists in going after MY jouster.  Red minnie asks why are you still after a jouster who loves another princess in demise. Handy Horis insists Jouster star is still my kids dad AND my husband! And here is my BLING to prove it! (showing finger up) Red minnie mouse looks very bored with the arguments by Handy Horis. She won’t give CaMEEla any message from Handy Horis.
Jouster star enters living room at ElTal and runs a play that he is totally surprised about the state of his Sisteh…
Young minnies at Traz are worried that the blow will be hard on their mom if it is true that dad is divorcing her to marry a CaMEEla. They have to investigate the details. Mom is capable of doing anything to get that other minnie out of the way. Could that CaMEEla be the same that came to get out the plague? Whoever it is will have to be careful of my mommie. Mom has never been a sweet thing, but I will never accept my dad’s ‘other woman’.
Back at ElTal living room, CaMeela and Petro insist that jousting star and Lookrazia should accuse their dad… the Traz kids are worried… they continue putting on a script in front of CaMEEla and Petro, but to no avail. Lookrazia manages to beg Petro to go with her to the hospital, so CaMEEla invites herself too. The four head for the hospital.
The henchman of Traz and Gabriel the ranch boy at ElTal play a stand off game … (honestly that has more entertainment potential than the red minnie mouse vs Handy Horis stand off at the Ball.)
Petro asks CaMEEla if she is sure she wants to go. CaMEEla says of course, don’t trust HER!
At Ball, Handy Horis will try to talk to CaMEEla herself… red minnie mouse says it’s a waste of time, because whether CaMEEla is in the way or not, your man does not want you.
Handy Horis warns her to stay away from Penguin Kat, red minnie asks ‘you want him for yourself? If its not the son, it’s the dad… you sure are pathetic.’ Red minnie walks away. Handy Horis mumbles to herself ‘Penguin Kat is my little gold mine, and I won’t let it get away from me’.
At hospital, Jousting star gives Petro a forced ‘thank you for helping my sisteh’… Said sisteh has requested to see Petro, and Doc won’t let CaMEEla go in with him, so Petro tells her he loves her and kisses her in front of Jousting star to mark his territory. The police arrive. Jousting star and CaMEEla are the only ones left there in waiting room. CaMEEla urges jousting star to dennounce his father. Jousting star hessitates. Police says best would be Lookrazia herself but a relative can if she can’t. Jousting star insists to wait for Lookrazia. CaMEEla offers to tell them what Lookrazia told her. Jousting star insists to wait for Lookrazia. CaMEEla keeps putting a very nervous jousting star on the spot in front of the police ‘it was your father who beat her, right?’..
Petro is with Lookrazia, she fakes being very afraid of her dad’s reaction to her accusing him.
Outside in waiting area, CaMEEla finally puts Jousting star on the spot and he has no choice but to accuse his dad of his sisteh’s beating.
Back at ball, Handy Horis reports to Penguin Kat about Giggolo Kat.. he is a ‘vibidor’ (womanizer after money). Penguin says he fits the stereotype pattern. He represents no danger for me then. They are made for each other. A pair of good for nothings that won’t get anywhere.
At hospital, jousting star claims he was not present when his dad beat his sister, he would never have allowed it, heard it all from CaMEEla who called him to let him know. CaMEEla confirms. Jousting star gets Petro smack in the middle of the mess since Lookrazia is madly in luv with Petro. CaMEEla makes faces behind jousting star as if not liking where this is heading. Jousting star tells police Lookrazia’s love for Petro is illfated, could even lead her to her death. Police seem interested in this angle.
At Traz, Penguin Kat and Handy Horis arrive home happy the darn event is over. Handy Horis reminds him these events are a necessary evil. Penguin Kat says you are right, but somehow this time it was not quite as boring … jeje.
Giggolo Kat drops red minnie mouse at hotel, thanks her for the lovely evening. She tries to sort of half ass appologize for them having to deal with that drag Penguin Kat… Giggolo Kat says don’t worry about that, don’t let it ruin this magical moment (barf!), the moment to steal a kiss from those lovely lips… she plays an uncomfortable high school girl, worried face, closing eyes and staying as stiff as a wood log.
At hospital police tells jousting star that with or without Lookrazia’s declaration, they have enough to go arrest Pigorio. Police leave. Jousting star turns and brags to CaMEEla that ‘see? I don’t fear my dad, only he could have beat up my sister that way’. She appologizes for doubting him, but she is confused at this time (are you falling back to confused clueless CaMEEla?? You had shown SUCH POTENTIAL all this episode… but I guess next ep we will get the same ol’ CaMEEla). Jousting star swears that he would be incapable of hitting a woman, even less his sister whom he luvs so much (did anyone spot a nose growing anywhere round here?)  Jousting star runs to fetch HM Valentin to run home and if police come looking for Pigorio to arrest him, to deny he is there. Val is scared.
In hospital room, Lookrazia begs Petro not to leave her. Take me to live with you at Eltal!! I am afraid!!
Petro tells her that is not  possible, please understand. Petro assures her the police know her dad did this to her and they will watch for her.
Lookrazia says noone will watch for her because she won’t accuse her dad.
Petro says the only way to protect her is to denounce Pigorio. If you don’t want to, then you can just escape, go far away. But he can’t take her in to live at ElTal. Sorry for my being so direct, but there will be nothing happening between us! She keeps trying to give him a guilt trip, but to no avail (maybe Petro will indeed keep some of the smarts he has shown in this ep, unlike CaMEEla who seems to have reversed all her progress)
Previews: Antonio warns Lookrazia ‘pobre de ti’ (you will regret it) if you say I was the one that beat you up. Antonio tells Val that if Lookrazia does not accuse Pigorio, they won’t be able to arrest him. Val warns Antonio that if Pigorio gets arrested, there will be hell to pay…
Voice over: Antonio plays a dangerous card at ElTal!...
I hope you all liked it, this was one of the most entertaning eps of ElTal to date…


Sunday, February 26, 2012

LQNPA Info regarding comments over 200

I apologize if the post is inappropriate, but because there were so many people commenting on Jardinera's recap LQNPA, 2/24/12: Hell-Fuerte Hath No Fury Like A Husband Scorned, something strange happened to the comment section, so I decided to give you some guidelines on how to see the latest comments. I don't know yet if this happened because there were more than 200 comments or because the blogs changed their interface, but I'll post these hints in case there are still people who want to keep track of the latest discussions.

So here it goes. You can do this in two ways:

1) For that recap in particular, this is one of the links for the comments

Direct link:

Copy and paste link:

Once you get on that page, will be able to navigate through the comments sections on the left, right after the title of the recap:

Collapse comments

«Oldest ‹Older 201 – 227 of 227 Newer› Newest»

You can do that to see all the comments or you can copy and paste the link and replace the last number (2), with a different one. false&page=1 will take you to the oldest comments, false&page=2 will take you to the newer, false&page=3 will take you to the newest and so on. If false&page=3 isn't working, then it means that the page=2 is the newest one. So you go to that page to see the last comments, which will appear on the left section of the page. Just scroll down and that's it. I guess we just commented too much on the recap lol. Could this be a new CarayCaray record?

2) You go on the CarayCaray page and at the bottom of the recap, where it says


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