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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 99, Mon., 3/31/14: What does a Municipal President do Anyway?

A municipal president recruits young talent

Pedro asks Adolfo if he wants to take his place as the next municipal president.  Oddly, Adolfo seems less than thrilled at the opportunity.

Meanwhile at the naval base... 
José Luis cleans out his locker.  Refugio, close to tears at the unfairness of his friend's sacrifice, chases away gawkers.  Dimitrio asks if there is anything they can do to help.  JL is comfortable with his decision and its consequences, including jail time.  He makes them promise not to tell anyone the true circumstances of his discharge.  He doesn't want Angélica to know.  He wants her to die in his arms with a smile on her face.  And he wants Montserrat to be happy with Alejandro and her son.

Refugio starts to 'pop tall' but JL cuts him off with a smile and a hug.  Dim extends his hand and ends up with a hug too.  JL can count on him, he says.

JL leaves with all his belongings in a cardboard box.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #16- Mon 3/31

De que regresó, regresó

Carlos is back in town.  Brigitte manages to get away from him.  Kimberly tells Eleazar she saw him, as does Brigitte, but he and his pals get away in time.

Carmen gets tossed in solitary after fighting with The General.

Natalia quits, er, decides not to go back to work, after Diana begs her and all her aliases for help.

Diego appeals to Padre Juancho, but between The Great Misunderstanding and Diego being married, it's a no-go.  Plus, now PJ is pissed that Natalia knew he was married.

The Sexter spent all the extra money, but Diana forgives him and slips him some tongue where Natalia and Angela, leaving a coffeehouse, can see them.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: La Impostora -- week of March 31, 2014

Here's your weekly page.  Enjoy!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- Avenida Brasil, En Otra Piel, Camelia la Texana, et cetera, week of March 31, 2014

Have a great week, Telemundo fans!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend Discussion: Are Novelas Getting More Violent?

We've referenced this before, but with the recent incidents in Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, Mentir Para Vivir, and even the attempted rape in De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero we can't help but wonder whether novelas in general are going down a slippery slope that can't be tilted back.

In a previous discussion on this issue we seem to have come to the consensus that the rise of the narco stories came from the networks' desire to get more male viewers.  I don't know whether that's been working for them, but edgier has been the order of the day in all television and we need to ask ourselves whether there should be a limit.  In the US there is an irrational fear of sexual content in ad-supported television which until relatively recently hasn't affected the Spanish-language networks very much.  We're complaining here -- and justifiably -- when we become aware of hot love scenes being censored because they are censoring mostly scenes that show couples who actually love each other and actors who have the right chemistry to do scenes like that.  Why are television networks so afraid of the conservative moral watchdogs who -- if they were truly what they say they are -- aren't even watching these programs and theoretically shouldn't care about them?  These people don't control all the money in this country although they are trying hard.  We should not allow them to get a foothold into our private lives.

Why instead are they not censoring violence?  Violence is the real obscenity in modern society and the constant exposure to it takes away much of its shock value.  The occasional violent scene with bruises, bloodshed, etc., can be powerful; too many such and people will begin to shrug it off.  Is this some unconscious Darwinian element nobody has identified?

Villains are also becoming more perverse as we continue down this path. Porque el Amor Manda gave us a female villain who emotionally abused her own child (as in 5 years old in the opening of the story), Amor Bravio had a male villain who raped his own niece, even planning it so that it happened just as she became mayor de edad, and a sexual blackmailer forcing the heroine into her Tosca moment (as an opera fan I sometimes wish she would have taken the same action).   LQLVMR and PSMA are currently giving us villains of such extreme sociopathy they're making our flesh crawl.  Not an episode goes by on this blog that someone doesn't comment on that.

At the moment in a series like LQLVMR violence is the price tag we're paying for the otherwise good writing and the chemistry of the two leads.  I'm not ready to walk away from such a situation, but if Televisa reads this blog, this is to let them know that there is only so much violence we should be able to tolerate in the name of ratings.

Sound off, amigos.

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Lo que la vida me robo Cap 98 3-28-14 — Unholy alliance?

Lo que la vida me robo Cap 98 3-28-14 — Unholy alliance?

Adolfo is put in a teensy bit of a difficult position here...


It turns out Ezequiel was bluffing with the whole Kill-Bitch-Maria-or-Else threat on Adolfo. The bullets in the gun were blanks. Maria is not amused. I think she'd be less amused if she actually died. But I digress. Ezequiel has this idea to take down Medina, so he needs Maria alive to witness against Medina when the time comes. Ez says that it's just a matter of time before that happens, as JL is already suspecting something. Ezequiel explains that he doesn't want to wait around for Medina to knock him off, he's going to get to Medina first! Adolfo is very contrite for pulling the trigger (which we know now had blanks) but Bitch Maria is not feeling forgiving. Ezequiel arranges for Bitch Maria to hide out with Esmeralda, who isn't too keen on hanging out with Maria. She assigns Maria maid duty for room and board. Maria feels this is "beneath" her. Esmeralda says well, leave then, and see how that works for you.

"Don't do it!" she begs him. Well, all things considered, maybe ...? She is such a pain in the neck, after all...

After the gun has proven itself to be full of blanks, Ezequiel, with a sadistic sense of humor, laughs at both Bitch Maria's and Adolfo's distress. He then tells them that they are in it with him—they both get to live, but they have to help him take down Pedro Medina! It's an offer neither are in a position to refuse.
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Que pobres tan ricos #59 Mar 28 2014: Mini arrives at La Nopalera looking for MA... Nepo keeps hoping against hope, plans another proposal... A-hole wants to find dirt on Saul's past to force him to drop MA

MA and Saul at Chinese rest, MA very ansy about ‘how will we prove my innocence?’ Saul says ‘I wish I had the magic wand to solve this but I don’t.’ But he promises MA they will find a way out, just be patient. Won’t leave you alone.

The maid telling Mini that the RP do not live here… Isela rubs it on Mini, Mini whines back at her about not my fault MA lied to me. Isela suggests Mini ask MA directly where he lives. Mini responds ‘duh!! You are as dumb as blonde!’ I asked him a dozen times.

Lupe and MA, he kids around that he has as much of a money launderer as… then he changes the subject to her smile… someday I will solve my problems and will be able to leave here. (and get off your back)… he thanks her for listening, and leaves for work… Lupe stays there sort of sad, thinking (probably about the day he solves his problems and leaves)…

Tato receives a call from Mini… She gives him all kinds of excuses (birds on the wire, literally she said that!) about not contacting him before. She asks him to do her a favor. Tato says ‘well, maybe, maybe not, how about we discus it over coffee?’ He reminds her she called him ‘teto’ once (ouch!).. he brags about having a long career as a giggolo Mini suggests they meet at the café. He agrees and sends her a kiss.

Bambi arrives at his aunt’s house. He kisses her, she pulls his ears, not that happy to see him. Then he gives her a couple dozen excuses for not having come before. She asks him what he is here for. He says he has to hide here in her place for a while, not too long. She rants at him about remembering her only when he needs something. He tells her the story, the cops are after him. She says ‘I always knew it!’ She dies not want to be involved in his crimes… he has to beg her, kiss her hand many times… she says she will do it for his mother, not for him. You will not stay here lounging around while I am your maid. He swears he will do what she wants but as long as she won’t tell anyone he is here. He is still down on his knees… but finally she gives in.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #15- Fri 3/28

De que no renuncio, no renuncio

Diego asks what's it to Natalia if he gets divorced.  "It bugs me that you're screwing up another woman's life the way you screwed up mine."  He has no clue what she means, but she has a flashback and gets the hell out of there, insisting that she quits and she never wants to see him again.

Apparently, the sex trade is a new enterprise for The Shrimp, but he think he's going to like it.  Ugh!

Diana, misguided Diana, thinks she's always acted the same, so clearly the problem here is that Diego wants someone else.  Well, fine, if he wants a divorce, he's going to pay through the nose for it!

Skeevy guy in the blue shirt calls on 5 girls, including Brigitte, for callbacks.  He asks them to be there bright and early tomorrow, and in bathing suits.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #82 3/28/14

The Univision broadcast continues to be a freezing, pixelated mess for me. Today the audio got involved, too. A 45 minute call to cable didn't seem to help. Here's what I got. If I have time tomorrow, I'll try to watch it on Hulu and get more details.

Isa goes into distress on the operating table. Dr. Sicko "spaces out". Luckily, someone (the anesthesiologist?) with morals/ethics is present and saves Isa. Dr. Sicko answers Art's text as Isa and flubs it. Isa doesn't eat with clients! Isa has to do a little lie  juggling so she doesn't get caught. Art shows up to pick her up at the airport. "Oh, I took a different flight!" Gaby tells are there is no contract in Monterrey. "Oh, I just haven't closed it yet." She also has superhuman healing abilities. 

Art and Bruno wait for results of the investigation into the explosion.

Osvy has a bachelor party with sexy hula dancer. Tita's party is populated with sexy bomberos. Dafne spikes the punch. Univision only let us see the aftermath. The gals are hung over and the wedding is canceled (again), but never fear...Osvy and Tita make up and have a lovely civil ceremony.

Isa and Ara come to a sort of truce, but Dafne immediately starts filling Ara's head with poison. "Your mom (Eugenia) would have really been on board with Javier."  Dafne claims they are seeing another side of Isa and it's not pretty.

Dan confronts Sonia and won't shut up long enough to listen to her. He wants Sonia to help Mari, but she doesn't have to say anything about being her mom. He's willing to sacrifice his happiness. Sonia shrugs it off. "Fine, sacrifice." 

Mari goes Corazon Indomable on Illeana's azz. (At Tita's wedding no less....a scene that loses its power with that ridiculous thing on Tita's head.) Dan is banned from Tita's house.


  • Art seeks out Marcela after he gets bad news. 


Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 97, We Clarify Recent Happenings; and Maria Prepares To Meet Her Maker, March 27, 2014

Robo 97

If any of you viewers have the fortune to be joining us just now in the arc of this telenovela, you have my sympathies. The first 80 episodes of the show were, generally, very well written and superbly well acted. The protagonists were hot, the actors were terrific and the setting in Campeche, MX was appropriately populated with beautiful old homes and exotic locales.

THAT is what all the fuss is about.

Now, however, the good ship LQLVMR has entered the horse latitudes of telenovelas, wallowing in a breezeless extension where gnawed up and bloated plot-ends spin around our once-swift ship, impeding progress and generally stinking up the place.

For this reason, we will now spend some time clarifying the recent pertinent history of the characters we see tonight in order to put on us all on the same page. There are only a couple of important new events in tonight’s show. We will get to those after sorting out the ‘Recent Background To The Story’.

The Way Robo Rolls

Pedro Medina is the Shelob of spiders around whom the whole plot of Lo Que La Vida Me Robo now devolves. He is the Presidente Municipal (Mayor) of the city of Aguazul, a town that very closely resembles Campeche, Mexico. His web extends from the historic looking yellow City Hall and jail in the center of town out in vast interconnected and sticky concentric circles to the rich haciendas and empty lands on the outskirts of town.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #58- 3/27/14: The New Accusation!

Hola Amiguis! Such a fun episode where all the characters have to deal with something? What are these things they have to deal with? Read on and find out!

MA gets a call from Saul who'd like a meet with MA at Cafe Chino, they talk about this on the phone. MA agrees to the meet.

Mini also talks to MA by phone, she still wants to help him and she hears a guy yelling camotes, camotes and asks exactly where is he? MA tells her far, far away from the maddening crowd, well not that, but far, far away. Mini also told him about Ahole accusing MA of sending guys to shoot Ahole, click! MA can't beleive it! It's just one more thing to deal with.
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #14- Thurs 3/27

De que me gusta la sopa, me gusta la sopa

Diego tells Irene the story about Natalia…well, sort of…and says he wants to make sure she's taken care of, even though he's married.

The Cop Crew tracked the Louse down in Miami.  Where his boss is furious with him…so he sends him back to Mexico to clean up his mess.

Brigitte the Brat makes plans to skip school to go to a "modeling audition" tomorrow.  Bets on whether it's a real audition?  For modeling?

Diego gives Irene a few more details over lunch, including the story of why he never got back together with her again.  He still thinks she's angry at him for standing him up.  But they keep running into each other and he wants to help her
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #81- March 27, 2014- Why Are We So Trusting or Are We Just Lax? Whatever Happened to Second Opinions and Building Security?

The deleted portions of episode 112 are in blue.  I had a hard time getting all of episode 113, it kept on freezing, I'll try again tomorrow.

We are at GMeanie's burial.
Isa and Gaby bid Art adios. They have some appointments. Art is sorry that he can't pay the money back that they lent him becaseu he spent it on a project.

Javier is whining over Ara kissing Este. The kidnapping money scam backfired and brought Ara and Este closer! Javier would like to rough up Este. Javier wants Sucia to win Ara's confidence again. Javier wants her to convince Ara to marry him.

Ally goes to visit Uriel. Ally is worried that the other kids don't love her anymore because she couldn't adopt them.  Tita likes the name Uriel.
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Qué Pobres, Weds 3/26/14 (#57): In Which Alejo Is Taunted with Bland Soup

New stuff in RED:

Even though the family jewels were saved, Ahole will never have children. Unfortunately, however, he'll still recover to the point where he'll be able to have a full sex life. (Really? Because it was pathetic before.) The doctor says he'll have to stay in the hospital for two weeks.

When the doctor mistakes Vilma for Ahole's wife, Ahole protests: "As if I would have such bad taste!"

Mini and Isela ask Vilma who shot Ahole. Vilma stammers, says it was an accident, Ahole got mad and needed to defend his honor, and... she is interrupted by a call from Bambi. If we heard/saw any of this call, I must have missed it. Maybe she rejected it.

Ahole tells Mini that he needs to talk to her. However, they are constantly interrupted by Isela and Vilma and Ahole never gets to drop the verbal hammer on Mini.

Mini doesn't want to stay overnight at the hospital with Ahole, but Vilma eagerly volunteers. Ahole insults her and she begins to leave, but then he begs her not to leave him all alone. The next morning, arising from the floor where she slept by his bed, she announces triumphantly, "We slept together!"

MA tells Frida that their mother stole the 300,000 pesos the Menchacas were going to use to finish paying off the house. Frida is impactada. She also says something about the chicken that she had tried to rescue from the Menchacas and which pooped on AS's head, but I didn't catch all of it.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Por Siempre Mi Amor- #80-I Thought That I Saw a Ghost; and He Has a Friend's Who's Name is Gonzalo Carvajal

Happy Humpday!! Just a couple of bullets about tonight's episode.  Let's discuss:

·       Gonzalo lies that he stabbed GMeanie in self-defense
·      Lucha tells Isa that Dante is her son.  Dante is less than pleased
·      Gonzo makes his one phone call to Dante.
·      Isa and Art are looking for Efren, but to no avail.
·      Andrea will press charges on Gonzo and confronts Gonzo.
·      Gonzo lies to Andrea about being paid in advance for acts of revenge in Fer/Javier's name against Andrea.
·      Mau gives Este the news of GMeanie's death.
·      Andrea finds out Gonzalo Carvajal's full name and the lawyer deduces that Gonzalo is a criminal and one of the partners in the business associated with Este.  Since the business was an illegal front, and Este's boss is a kidnapper and a murderer, the charges will be dropped.
·      Este is free.
·      At GMeanie's funeral- Andrea recognizes Javier as Fernando.  
·      Dan wants to trick Mari, by thinking that he is dating Ileana.
·      Dante visits Gonzo in jail- Gonzo threatens to sing like a canary if Javier doesn't come through.
·      Andrea and Isa put their heads together and realize that Gonzo's revenge is a plan masterminded by Fernando. Andrea and Isa realize that they didn't identify Fern's body.
·      Este and Ara almost kiss but remember that they are not a couple.
·      Sucia is desperate to find Cuca.


Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, #96, 3-26-2014: Pedro keeps up the reign of terror, though now even his minions are starting to say ¡Ya Basta!

“The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy and drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather to your bosom his wives and daughters.”
― pmedina@aamuncipal/ LUV Genghis Khan

Oh, Pedro, Pedro.  Before I begin tonight's recap, I am going to pay a grudging homage to your tremendous and terrible ambition.  No doubt, you have studied many historical models of tyranny and abuse of power and have your list of personal favorites:

Vlad the Impaler, perhaps?
(You share same tendency to sadism and love of the stache)

Maybe Kaiser Wilhelm II?
(You share the need to overcompensate for physical deformity and also love of the stache)

Or Kim Jong-il?
(Share somewhat similar tastes in over-sized optical fashion)

I have to admit that things have been looking pretty good for you lately, and that in episode #96 you have sunk to new lows that must be very pleasing to you.  No doubt, you would be even more proud of yourself if you followed our forum here at Caray Caray! and knew that, through your loathsome actions, we on the Patio have managed to feel genuine pity tonight for a previously nearly universally despised female character on this show; HOWEVER...

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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #13 3/26/14

I'm having all kinds of cable/connection issues tonight, so this is going to be kind of crappy. It's all out of order and combined.

  • Natalia can't believe Diego is married. She thinks he would have said something. She tries to ask Albogado about it, but a phone call from Diego interrupts them. Diego asks her to get some contracts from his office and bring them to him. Of course she sees the wedding picture. She's very upset and asks him to transfer her to another department. He balks at that. She tells him to either transfer her or she'll quit. He wonders if it bothers her that he's married. She claims it doesn't.
  • Diego confesses to Albogado that now that he's seen Nat again, his feelings for her have been reawakened. He's sure she feels the same way. He was just really upset by the gossip about her running off with that guy (what was his name again?) and he just married Diana out of spite, though he really did think he loved Diana at the time. Now she's just frivolous and immature. He's ashamed of her behavior with Nat. Albogado thinks Diego needs to talk to Diana and clear things up since that's what married folks do...unless of course Diego is thinking of leaving her.
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Upcoming Productions to Keep an Eye On - 2014

UPDATE: Blog Mom has moved the update to its own post, see New Productions on the Horizon, Updated
These are snippets of news on new telenovelas in production or starting on Univision or Telemundo probably airing in 2015.

PASION DE AMOR is a new telenovela produced by Roberto Gómez Fernández in a brand new story by Cuauthémoc Blanco for Televisa. It was confirmed that Esmeralda Pimentel landed the lead role in the highly anticipated drama and will be paired up with Erick Elias. Pimentel is known for her work on Abismo De Pasión, Cachito De Cielo, and De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero.

Claudia Ramírez is the antagonista. It also stars René Stickler, Eugenia Cauduro, Helena Rojo, a special participation by Alfonso Dosal and first actors Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Luis Couturier and Angelina Peláez. Production started in Mexico in February 4, 2014.

AMORES CON TRAMPA, for Univision, featuring Eduardo Yañez and Itati Cantoral. It is a comedy, based on the Chilean telenovela from last year called Somos los Carmonas. It plays like the Beverly Hillbillies - a rural family gets rich and moves to a posh neighborhood. Scheduled to start broadcasting when Mi Corazon es Tuyo ends.

C'mon folks, we need some more news of new telenovelas coming up.

Is anyone watching JANE THE VIRGIN (Mondays at 9 on The CW) and would like to start commenting? It's in English, set in Miami where legal and illegal money meets americanized Latin culture. There's intrigue, romance, multi-cultural characters and lots of fun.


Por Siempre Mi Amor #79- March 25, 2014- GMeanie- R.I.P.


Mauricio, Edgar and Arturo confront Efrain about this injustice and he denies all mercy. He doesn't care about Esteban's predicament at all.
-Isabel and Alacranza are about to begin arguing when Dafne comes in and then Aranza begins to pick her bones with Dafne until she gets the idea to go see Esteban in his cell. Tenderness in that scene where they get practically let each other know they're still in love with each other and want to get back to the old days (think Perdoname by Camilo Blanes.)
-Dafne is bitching to Isabel about how bad her loins burn for Esteban and that Aranza had her chance. Isabel notes that maybe Aranza is still in love and Dafne scoffs at that. She also bitchily asks what is wrong with Esteban being her boyfriend and notes 'Za had her chance.
-More jail tenderness and 'Za lets BonBon know he is one of her best friends. He takes her hand through the cell and touches it to his heart.
-Isa is fending off Daffne's bitchiness and moments like this makes you think, there have barely been any slaps in this novela, one is due RIGHT NOW!
-I think our last scene of BonBon/'Za jubilee for the day.
-Mauricio's feather are really ruffled about this as he, Art Dad and Edgar take it outside and devise a plan (and with 72 hours only!) I can only imagine the craziness if he got a finger on Methuselah's hairy chin; It would have been more violent than when Meth. got beat up at the beginning!
-Our last scene of Daffne/Isa tedious angst for the day. (HOPEFULLY!)
-Finally we have a better storyline! Angelito is with Borlas (clad in black tank top) and DannyBoy (clad in purple shirt) They have brought him to go see Minerva and Angelito wants to introduce Borlas and DannyBoy to 'Drea and 'Va (Minerva)
-(Ugh, back too soon) FeVer is with 'Za eating lunch (and so I don't lose mine, I will leave it at that)
-Theme Song-
-Back with Angelito and the super boys (and gone too soon)
-More FeVer grossness (with a twist, EffinRain -Methuselah- is on the phone with him and I can't stand to look at, let alone talk about that beast. Do his pubic hairs grow on his face!)
-Andrea is leaving Angelito with 'Va for a little and after 'Drea leaves, 'Va prays for everyone's well-being.
-Bro to Bro with Art Dad and Fabric. discussing BonBon's dilemma.
-'Drea is getting out of seeing BonBon when she hugs Isa and Daffne. They all lament in unison. Mauricio comes in and lets them know they have 72 hours.
-More bro-to-bro.
-More lamenting
-Borlas and DannyBoy are sitting guard outside and get bored so they actually do something. They go to see 'Va and let her know they saved Angel.
-Mauricio is giving BonBon the skinny
-Isa is on the phone and gets the news. She and 'Drea hug.
-Borlas and Angelito give 'Va the skinny now.
-'Drea is with Mauricio lamenting asking who could be responsible for so much horror and misfortune?
-'Va meets Borlas and DannyBoy as a duo and they tell her not to call the police since the kidnapper lives in the vecindad. She objects but "follows through" with it.
-Bruno is playing with Gabs' belly (yep you heard that right)
-When our hero duo let 'Va know who -Gonzalo- was the kidnapper, she blows a gasket and walks off in a huff. She goes to see Angel, tells him she must leave for a minute and when she returns, he isn't there! He is outside playing with a ball and it falls over the rail. He walks downstairs to get it and kicks it towards a door where behind Gonzalo and Dante are concocting another evil cockamamie scheme! Angelito goes running to see Borlas and Daniel who are with Agatha. He tells them who he heard when 'Va comes in and finds Angel. He tells them again Gonzalo is present and evil brewing! The police arrive in the nick of time and Gonzalo hears the sirens; he's out! When 'Va hears that Gonzalo is in the building, she doesn't waste any time in letting him get away and sees him through the doorway, she flies over to him (IT'S A MIRACLE!) throwing away the cane and jostles him. Borlas and DannyBoy come out and Gonzalo had 'Va in a headlock. She cusses him out as he drags her out with his dagger to her neck and she bites him. Get ready...................HE STABS HER PLAIN IN THE STOMACH! Good thing the police are right there. DannyBoy coaches 'Va to look at him and not into the light. Borlas runs back in to call an ambulance & let Agatha know what happened and soon he and DannyBoy will go see Andrea and Mauricio. Dante (I hope no one forgot he was there) just watched all this and said nothing. (I think since Gonzo betrayed him the moment the police came, he is going to let FeVer know and try to become his henchman of the month.)
-End -of- Capitulo-
(The Scene where 'Va is on her deathbed asking for forgiveness from 'Drea was beautiful. I didn't see such a big anvil for 'Va. This was completely unexpected but at least she died a noble death. As for Gonzalo, this must be the beginning of the anvils.)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Que Pobres tan Ricos #56, 25 Mar 2014. I am afraid, Emiliano, that you will only be able to have half-siblings... or is that a blessing?

Mini threats MA … plays the amazon girl script… he insists he only wants to get the proof she found against A-hole. MA gets it.. ‘you didn’t find anything, did you?’ Outside, A-hole points the gun at the house… the driver and Vilma keep trying to make him change his mind. Driver says his woman did the same to him, ‘peleselo!!’ (go for it, shoot him!)

At fonda kitchen, Lupe is cutting some poor small green pumpkins like she is killing bugs… Lupe swears to Carmelita that MA is two-faced. What did he do? He is playing with two women. One of them married. He said ‘I only care about being with you’ to her on phone. Carmelita can’t believe it. Lupe is mad at herself for having jumped into the wolf’s mouth. Carmelita says what if you are wrong and you are making the wrong conclusions? Maybe this all has an explanation and you will save your liver some pain if you listen to him. Lupe insists that MA is two-faced, he is meeting the woman at a field house (casa de campo). Noone will play with me again. Carmelita insists until you ask him and find out the whole story you are hurting yourself.

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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 95, Tues. 3/25/14: Take a Letter, María

Have you ever heard of Saluggi?  It was a game that kids used to play in the Bronx in the 1950's, often during recess in the schoolyard.  It went like this:  somebody would snatch away a hat or a glove or even a jacket from another kid and throw the object to someone else.  That person, in turn, would throw it to a third person and then a fourth or fifth or sixth.  Meanwhile, the owner of the purloined object would be jumping in the air, trying to recover what had been taken, usually without success.  The taunting would continue until the players got bored or the bell rang, and everyone had to line up for class. 

[Mr. Maven tells me they did the same thing in New England, but they called it Keep Away. And they didn't really think of it as a game -- it was just another way kids tortured each other.]

Tonight, my friends, the episode is one big game of Saluggi.  Joaquín Arechiga's suicide note is tossed from one player to the next while Pedro Medina scrambles to retrieve it.  [And just for the record:  if Pedro Medina had been a student in the charged, Darwinian atmosphere of P.S. 82 in those days, his huevos would have been revueltos long before his twentieth birthday.]
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #12 3/25/14- De que sopa derramada, sopa derramada

Wow. Whole lotta talkin' tonight. Are they editing this one, too? Seems pretty jumpy/choppy.

Diego comes home drunk, and not with lovin' on his mind.
Natalia is at her desk when Grumps arrives and flips.

Lo Nuevo
Grumps is pithed that Natalia is now working at Caprico and tells her to get out. Diego arrives and defends her. Grumps can't believe Diego is defending the girl that offended him. Diego reminds him that she was offended first when Grumps offered her money. Diego is within his rights to hire her. Grumps wants a confab in his office.

Grumps can't believe that Diego is putting some little chit ahead of his own abuelo. Diego continues to defend Natalia and says she will continue to work there. If Grumps fires her, Diego will not only quit Caprico but sever ties with Grumps, too.

Natalia thanks Diego for defending her. She's going to do her best and not give him reason to complain.and they have a very professional conversation filled with Señors and Señoritas.  She heads out to get some files.

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Por Siempre Mi Amor #78 US 3/24/14 Why Isn't This Guy Roadkill Yet?

I have good news and bad news: The good news is that I was able to watch this episode as broadcast tonight. We spent the afternoon changing our antenna which solved the problem with Uni, but gave us problems with other channels. The bad news is that I watched this episode as broadcast tonight. It was apparent that this was another sliced and diced episode and I won't be able to include what Uni cut out. Let's get to it!

Isabel asks Gabi how she's been feeling. Gabi says she's been having a bit of nausea but otherwise she's fine. They continue talking about pregnancy until Aranza comes in and asks, "What's this whore doing here?" Now if I had ever dared to call one of my parent's friends a whore my mother would have knocked me Through. A. Wall. I have never liked this girl and now I don't care what happens to her. Aranza deserves whatever she gets. What a nasty little snake.

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #55: 3/24/14: The Assignation

Hola Amiguis! I got just the bare facts y'all. This recap will be short and sweet. Shall we begin?

Saul and MA are catching up. MA tells Saul all about his rehab of the Penthouse. He also mentions Lupe and Saul doesn't want him using Lupe to get what he wants from her, ya know the house. MA is still in search of those papers that got replaced by Leo's drawings. MA promises Saul he really likes Lupe and isn't using her.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Lo Que La Vida Me Robó Lunes 3/24/14 #94

Chapter 94: Desperate Rituals

Prison Visiting Room: Lady Monserrat kissed her husband, telling him of her and his mother's anguish and their relief at at last being able to see him. One would know from their interaction that while he would be loath to admit such, the Lord Mayor would happily trade places with Lord Alejandro at that moment.
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #11 3/24/14

I'll be filling in for 5ft for the next three days so she can get a much needed break. 

Lupita brings snacks and mentions to Natalia that she saw Diego outside talking to the lawyer.

Eleazar and Jackie look through mugshots hoping to find The Shrimp. The Shrimp calls right on cue and asks Jackie out. He's got a surprise for her. She and Eleazar assume it's a trip.

Natalia confronts Diego and the lawyers. She's convinced his intentions are bad it's just some sadistic set up or trap. She wants to know how long he's going to keep pursuing and torturing her. She sends Diego and the lawyer away. Diego says it's the last time he's helping or getting near her and next time she'll have to come begging. She says that will never happen. Later she has to tell Abdul and Papá Juancho she got rid of the lawyer. They are going to keep that to themselves for a while.

Eleazar is eager to get The Shrimp and the whereabouts of Car-louse. He tells his team to double check communications and the back up team. Jackie hopes they get results. Otherwise, there's little hope of proving his friend is innocent.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: La Impostora, week of March 24, 2014

Here's your page Impostoras!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- Avenida Brasil, En Otra Piel, Camelia la Texana, et cetera, week of March 24, 2014

Here's your post for this week. Spring is here? Not in the East but soon, we hope.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lo Que La Vida Mi Robo # 93-3/21/14: Hope Has Arrived And His Name Is Dimmy!

Ahoy Amiguis! The storm has come, and we on the Patio have hunkered down in place in our Bunker of Lost Hope, or have we? Seems there is a Disturbance in the Force, but it isn't Pedro Medina this time. This is a Force for Good and it has arrived! Oh, my, and what have we here? Our commenters are popping tall! Ms JudyB, Fatimia and SusanLynn are dancing! The Cap'n is mixing her "Dark and Stormies", Lila is cracking jokes, Demetrios is whooping it up, Carlos is toasting, Oxnard has joined them! Anita is waving from afar, AuntyAnne you are needed Hasta Pronto! Diana is speaking words of wisdom, Emarie and Neice have joined her, and Nanette is waiting for anvils and Veronica has joined us.  Jarifa and La Paloma have joined us on the Patio too! Why the merriment you ask, in this stormy little tale? Could the clouds be moving elsewhere? Have I got the skinny for you! Please enjoy this little earworm that is sure to have you up and dancing and smiling! Happy.

Let's begin shall we? I am leaving the old behind and beginning with the new.

Monse is talking to Nadia on the phone and she is sending Dimmy over there. Next, we see Nadia with Dimmy and they are perusing some paperwork. What has this to do with all the tea in China you ask? Well, Dimmy has a unique talent, do you remember what it is? Well, back when this TN started Dimmy used this talent for the forces of Evil, but now, he has turned the corner and is using this talent for good. What is it you ask? Forgery that's what! Remember he forged his Papa's signature on those deeds to the mansion? Well, Dimmy is looking at a signature of Peddy's (Pedro's) and forging it on a document to let Dimmy in to see Ale, that's what! This way the guards won't give Dimmy a hard time and he'll have access to Ale to tell him not to confess. He is to tell Ale that Peddy has got bupkiss on Ale.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Por Siempre Mi Amor #77 3/21/14

xlnt, did you say you were having issues with Univision's broadcast or was it someone else? Tonight's episode kept freezing and pixelating. It was a little frustrating. Just my cable company or is it from Uni's end? 

Borlas explains that the death during the robbery was an accident.

Gonzo calls Javier for further instructions, but gets the voicemail.

Ara tells Art and Isa that Este got the ransom money from work, but Angelito still hasn't been returned. Isa is going to light a candle for the child's safe return. 

Mau and Andy in the House of Tsuris. Andy fears she will never see Angel again. 

Borlas and Dan arrive at the wharehouse. 

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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #10- Fri 3/21

De que la descubrieron, la descubrieron

Carmen gets cuffed, which triggers a melee assault by the entire family.  Wow!  The kid playing Lupita is doing a fabulous job…red in the face and everything.  Eleazar doesn't help when he tells the kids their mom has "committed a crime."  Dude, yeah, you found drugs in her bag, but that doesn't automatically mean she had anything to do with it.  Diego shows up and sees Natalia, et al, arguing with the cops who were assigned to make sure they didn't bust their mom out.  Diego tries to help when he sees Natalia on the verge of getting cuffed, but she screams at him that he's bad news.  The Garcias take advantage of Diego providing this distraction and make a run for it, but the car they've packed Carmen into is already taking off.  Diego gets the precinct number and runs for his car.

Vicente makes an oily-sounding call to the bank to have them drop the charges against Irene.  Vicente and Irene get into yet another fight at the car and he ends up leaving her in the middle of the street.
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Que Pobres tan Ricos #54 Mar 21, 2014... Leo gets a job... The romance continues... and A-hole's rage boils over, he makes threats against Mini and MA's life

Hi Folks.
I will have to appologize. My DVDR choked on me and deleted all the programmed series to record. I got home from my event in time to watch the last 40 mins so i could do that part of the recap. If anyone can summarize the first 40 mins, you can post it as a comment and I will add it in, or email it to me and I can add it in in the morning.

Leo has agreed to teach Diego, gets money in advance. Leo expects Diego to have at least minimum appreciation for art... Never interrupt the teacher.

Diego seems a bit uncomfortable... Leo says you need to observe the expressions of the human being... Mati is bored yawning.

Leo tells Diego you have to recognize your 'inclinations'(desires/expectations) ... Diego looks again confused... when he begins to try to voice his 'inclinations' Leo interrupts him..
When Leo 'finishes' the first class session, Diego feels like hugging him but then taps Leo on arm... Leo shows his first 'salary' as art teacher to Mati so proudly.  Mati says you brag so much and totally miss the important things in life.

A-hole calls Vilma, she has been investigating Tato. She tells him if your wife is cheating on you with this Tato, she must be blind.  This inflates A-hole's ego very well. She gets another call, she puts A-hole on hold, which he does not like one iota and lets her know.
The other call was the 'lab' to give her the report on who has been messing up with A-hole's laptop. A-hole summons her to get that report to him asap.

Isela and Mini are shopping for baby stuff. Isela is pointing to everything in the store, while Mini is shopping via phone for the hidden far away lovenest she will take MA to.
Isela tells Mini she will get the baby monitors, tells Mini wish she had a pair of those, so she would not have to watch Mini so closely.
The store clerk is losing patience with Isela, Isela says let me think! ... she even asks the store clerk to get her a giant kite that is hanging off the roof.

MA is looking for the polo stick around the room. Leo keeps whining about the room, would die if we don't make this prettier. Mati says it is pretty.  MA tells Leo since you are such an artist, why don't you take care of decor? Leo says will attempt to create a miracle.
Mati tells MA that his grandpa did see him play. MA did not know Aure ever watched him play. he is moved.

Vilma arrives at A-hole's and lets him know that yes, someone had been copying the files on his laptop. A-hole is very VERY anxious about the subject. Vilma says fortunately they did not access the encrypted files.
A-hole thinks Mini is trying to get more money from him. Perhaps to spend with her lover (or lovers). what if she is cheating on him again with her ex, MA.
A-hole reminds Vilma that when Mini was dating MA, she was cheating on him with A-hole. So she could be turning it around.
Ahole gets a gun, Vilma gets really nervous, says 'guys are loaded by the devil, put it down!'... this gun has the largest silencer i have ever seen! looks like a bazooka.
A-hole swears he will kill whoever Mini is cheating with, then when the baby is born he will kill Mini. HE swears he will find out the truth and will not allow Mini to mock him. Will kill them both.

MA calls Saul, wants to talk about the house papers again, no time to explain over phone, (MA again has the offensive attitude toward Saul)

Frida and AS very 'discreeeetely' arrive to the college financial offices to have AS sign for Frida's application for the scholarship.
AS asks the lady 'we have to be super discreete... and lets get this done quick. where do I sign? ' the woman says applying for a scholarship is no felony. AS says yes it is.

MA finds the polo stick and when he takes it to Emi's room he finds some of Leo's drawings...
Emi happy with the stick. MA takes the time to teach him some moves with the stick.
MA tells him maybe some day he will be a great player. they talk about a famous player.
Emi wishes that someday MA will play again and Emi can watch him.
MA is about to ask Emi about the drawings but changes his mind.

MA comes down and tells Lupe he has to go see Saul. They share sweet smiles. MA leaves. Carmelita tells Lupe she enjoys watching their vibe...
She tells Lupe don't know how long it will take for everyone else to catch up but the two of you look so cute together.
Lupe tells her she does not know what MA feels for her. Carmelita says beloney girl, anyone only needs to see your faces when you two look at each other.
What they need is to find a way to announce their romance officially.

Previews: Mini is obsessed, tells MA will take you where noone will find us. Lupe seems to get another jealousy rage talking to Carmelita... maybe another misunderstanding.

Mini gets her hands on MA... she is undressing, A-hole watches from outside... with gun at hand.


Weekend Discussion: Reality Check

Novela writers, we are talking to you!

While we are forever comparing telenovelas to fairy tales, they are set in real places with real names and are populated with characters who have careers and jobs that exist in the real world of today or yesteryear. Please get a little more real about their lives, their work, and their problems.

Your audience is not a bunch of ignorant peasants who know nothing of medicine, law enforcement, business, or money. When something happens to those things, we know there are consequences and you aren't giving the right ones.

A family whose finances are going down the drain doesn't keep a full staff of servants in the real world. They reduce their staff, sell the mansion, and buy something smaller. And in the 21st century they work.

There are no medical professionals who are psychiatrists, pediatricians, and cardiologists at the same time. Stop insulting our intelligence about this.

The same goes for the idea of identical twins coming in pairs of good and evil. That doesn't happen in the real world when they grow up together.  This was based on old superstitions that nobody believes in anymore.

Private investigators need sleep; they can't work 24/7 any more than anyone else. If following someone they need shifts of at least four people to avoid being caught. Nobody in that field would do otherwise.

When too much evil is happening from all directions, smart people don't just blame mala suerte; they look for a common factor.

My amigos will have more to add. Please read this and take it to heart.

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #53- 3/20/14: The AS Explanation? Porca Miseria!

Hola Amiguis! There were some home truths this evening for some of these characters. Want to know more? Please read on.

We begin with the telephone convo of Saul and MA and his meeting with Ahole. Ahole knows that AS and Leo are in Mexico, but thinks that MA is in Italia. He has no clue that MA is in Mexico. Saul tells MA how AS and Leo lived like kings while they were gone at the luxury hotel they were staying in and Saul fills him on the bill, but we don't get to hear what is said. Mati comes by while MA is hanging up and remarks on the stunned look on his face, she hopes he didn't get bad news from his lawyer. MA tells her no worries.

Tizoc and Deigo are in the Fonda talking when Frida comes and it seems she is flirting with him a bit especially about how he had no problem picking up the mattress, but Tizoc had a hard time. Deigo looks like he's into Frida, and Perla stops by and doesn't like it so much. She pushes Frida out of the way and Tizoc has a scowl on his face.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 92 - 3/20/14 - Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre

Death Stalks the Arechiga’s

Joaquin has just finished writing a suicide note at Pedro Medina’s request. He sobs. But he hides the pen he used to write the note and takes it with him.

At the hospital, JL tells Angelica that he didn’t know that this situation was going to be this hard. She reminds him that when they got married the doctors did not give her much time and here she still is, without their ghastly treatments. JL wants Angelica to go ahead and have the treatments but Angie tells him that if he really loves her he will get her out of the hospital now. She wants to die at home in her bed in his arms. She refuses treatment. Jl gives the news to Amalia and admits he loves (amar) Angelica, mucho, muchisimo. Amalia hugs him, grateful, but very sad. Angelica wakes up and tells Amalia that she wants Jose Luis to take her to the prison to see her Dad. Amalia asks her why she would want to see him when he has treated her so badly but she reminds her Mom that Joaquin is her Dada and she loves him. Besides, he is speaking all kinds of lies and blaming Alejandro for things he didn’t do. She thinks if she speaks to her she can convince him to tell the truth.

Angie also drops the bomb on her Mom that she bought the strip club, La Escondida, and that she danced there in a private dance for her husband. Amalia is shocked but secretly amused. Angie tells Amalia that JL is now in love with her. Big L love. It is very different than before. She thinks he loves her as much as she loves him.

Houses of Living Death

In the prison yard in the hot sun, Alejandro looks very fetching in his khaki prison duds. Naturally they have been tailored to fit his manly form. He looks FABULOUS. Joaquin Arechiga, not so much.  As the prison guards escort Joaquin past Alejandro, even his paunch seems diminished. Alejandro can only think of one thing; did Arechiga change his mind about writing a letter that would clear Alejandro Almonte from charges of drug trafficking? Alejandro screams to Joaquin that he is innocent. Joaquin must write a letter that clears his name! Do not rob Alejandro of his life! Alejandro pounds the stone wall of the prison yard in frustration.
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #9- Thurs 3/20

De que cayó en la trampa, cayó en la trampa

Ugh…The Shrimp starts moving around Natalia to get a look from all angles.  He puts his arm around her and says they should talk salary over lunch.  Natalia thanks him, but says she doesn't think she's right for the job.  Run, Natalia, run!

Tadeo thought bubbles that he had a child with Irene.  He calls her at the house, but Lala says she's resting.  She goes upstairs and tells Irene that Tad called.  Irene, playing with the rose quartz, says Lala did the right thing, telling him she wasn't available.

Natalia tells her mom Carlos' buddy was a perv, so she turned the job down.  She doesn't want her mom to make a fuss.  She's going to call her boss' friend with the Internet café.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #76- March 20, 2014- My Money is Tied Up, Angel is Tied Up, Art and Bruno Are Fit to Be Tied so Why Does Feo/Javier Still Roam Freely?

Happy Spring!!!!!

Online episodes 102 and 103- deleted scenes are in blue.

Dante calls Javier to tell him that here are big time financial problems at the house. Money was robbed from Bruno and Art by a consultant. Nick is blamed for robbing the money but Javier is the mastermind. Oh anvil, oh anvil, please drop as fast as you can. This bum needs to be squished! 
Tita is looking for Bruno and Ally lets he know that he is with a lawyer.  "Nick" robbed a sizable sum of money from the company. Caigamos en oracion!
Fab shares with Sucia that he feels good that his dad, Osvy knows that he is married.  He is going to officially move into the love nest with Sucia.  No one is going to take Sucia's happiness from her, so she has to find and get rid of Cuca like yesterday!!!  
Dan is praying to get over Marianela.  Marianela is nervous and scared because she will start school tomorrow (Thank you, Tita and then she will be so much easier to understand when she speaks, neta?). Zenaida gives her a pep talk.  She will look cute in her uniform (that will cover her belly) and she will able to learn just like all of the other girls.
Ara tells Lucha that she sold her car to be able to help Este. Lucha tells Ara that she overheard Bruno and Art talking about financial problems.  Isa tells Ara that Art has serious money problems and can't help Andrea and Mau.

Ara goes to see Este and gives him the money from the sale of her car.  Este can't accept the money but Ara lets him know that with the money problems at Iakani, Art can't give Mau the money that he promised him and sadly he has to tell him.
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I pinky swear, this is the last favor I'll ever ask you for... Lo que la vida me Robo 91 March. 19th.2014

Ah, friends in the patio, have a seat, make yourselves comfortable as I tell you a tale, a tale about a bad, bad man named Pedro Mendoza, his crimes are many, his testicles few and word on the street is that he has no heart, personally I think he suffers from chronic constipation-this would explain the way he talks, maybe this medical condition is the reason that he is a bad, bad boy. We will come back to Pedro soon, I promise.

However, first we will talk about Fabiola, a woman that has many problems,she hits the bottle hard, if you know what I mean, and she also has a terrible hair cut, frankly I'm more concerned about her bad hair than I am about her drinking problem, I mean, who needs a working liver when you look like that? Anyhoo, she has just bullied poor Amelia into telling her the truth: her parents adopted her and she realizes that that's why her uncle left her alone at a foreign boarding school, he did not love her because she did not have his blood running through her veins, little does she know that she is actually his daughter. Fabiola throws a fit, which prevents poor Amelia from running after Virginia, her often over looked and neglected daughter. This will have serious consequences, as poor Virginia runs into Adolfo, who takes her home, drugs her with the help of Maria and takes staged photos of her tied up in the living room, the photos will be sent to bad boy Pedro who will use them in order to blackmail her father.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Qué Pobres, Weds 3/19/14 (#52): Up on the Roof

Frida, the sarcastically-dubbed Princess of the Proletariat, "debates" with JT, the self-proclaimed naco, in front of his friends. This "debate" would be best described as inane class-baiting. Sex would probably be more fun, but I guess they're not there yet.

Lupe tells Carmelita about the roof incident (which was, in fact, not a fever-induced hallucination after all, even though I would have put money on it yesterday). Why does Carmelita make that hourglass-shape in the air when she talks about Miguel Angel? That shape is usually associated with women. Whatever. Lupe says MA floats her boat like no one else ever has.

Nepo shows up with a very large bouquet of roses (suspiciously similar to the one Beto was supposed to get rid of last week at the country club) to apologize to Lupe. Lupe is really frustrated with him for acting as though nothing happened. "I know how women are," he says. They're always changing their minds. He's patient. He'll wait. This will all blow over in a few weeks.

Nepo keeps saying, "I don't want to pressure you." I wonder what he thinks "pressure" means?
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #8- Wed 3/19

De que hay revelaciones, hay revelaciones

Diana succeeds in passing off the Sexter as her "favorite" cousin.  For now.  Alonso covers up the reason for their visit, saying he needs a "fiador" (guarantor, cosigner) for his new place.

Carlos takes Carmen out to the middle of nowhere in the truck and tries to get fresh with her in the bed of the truck.  When she won't give up the goods, he proposes.  He brought a ring and everything.

Alonso and Alberto spout a bunch nonsense at each other about not noticing the Sexter was gay.  Right.  Cause you can tell just by looking.

Grumpy Grandpa shows Diego the photos and tells him he paid the bribe to prove to him how much trouble his aunt is.  They repeat the previous day's argument.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #75- 48 Hours and Its Not a Comedy- March 19, 2014

Let's discuss tonight's episode-
  • Javier reminds Sucia that her marriage is a farce and she belongs to him. Ewwwww!
  • Este asks Methulusah and Gonzo for help in raising the ransom for his brother.  Meth and Gonzo play stupid and lend him nothing.  Gonzo tries to scam Este saying that he knows where Meth keeps money, he will get the money and Este can pay it back in a month.  Este isn't buying it.
  • Isa confronts Daphne about going away with some friends.  Daphne comes up with a cockamamie tale as to why she rented the house and asks Isa why is she speaking to her in that tone.  Daphne tries to blame Isa for lying in first place saying since Isa doesn't accept Este being with her, therefore she wouldn't accept Angel.  Isa tells her that Este doesn't love her the way that she does and if she goes to the next level she will be hurt.  Daphne plays Isa in front of Art and lies like a rug and Art buys it.
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