Monday, August 31, 2009

MEPS, Monday Aug 31: FAKE BLISS. Damian of the unbuttoned shirt gets 2 assignments. Also, Errika expects 1,200 guests at the wedding.

I have to say again, young Fer and young Eduardo were the cutest thing ever. I wish there'd been more of them, and I hope to see them in future shows...
  • Previouslies: Barb is planning to get Aurora, hide her away, and then finish off Artemio.

    Daffy Duddy grabs Fer and shakes her shouting, "Barbara gave everything, her youth, she gave her all for our family, she took care of you! You're just proving I'm doing right by protecting her interests!"

    Fer almost has an infarct from holding back all the secrets she knows. Duddy has a little heart problem but doesn't die. I sure hope he lives to see who Barb really is.

    Fer quits her job at Lactos.

    Esteve gets Fr/Ed a fake birth certificate. Fr/Ed rehashes his conversation with Barb: to prove he's her ally, he must convince Fer to convince Duddy to sign over all that money to Barb immediatemente. And it's torture to be around Fer, to smell her aroma, yadda yadda.

  • Fer tells gloomy Gus, formerly known as Santi, via telephone, how great Fr/Ed is and she'd marry him in a heartbeat if he'd quit this plan to marry Errika, and how she trusts him as if she'd known him forever, yadda yadda. Santi is supportive, then hesitantly asks if she's heard anything about Aurora? No, but she's at the nunnery, maybe she wants to be a nun? "Maybe."

  • Now while Esteve and Fr/Ed are chatting, Errika bursts in, uninvited and without knocking, in a very hyper state of giggling and spouting off about thousands of flowers in the church for the wedding, and she's being interviewed as a vunder-bride by Glamour Magazine, etc...

    ... and she doesn't notice Fr/Ed has a long face like somebody just ran over his favorite pet turtle. She gets more manic, blabbing about mariachis dressed in white and gold, and some tenor singing Ave Maria. "Tenor?" Fr/Ed repeats weakly, I guess to prove he's listening.

    "Err, I was thinking of something small and intimate..." "Hah, that's a laugh, the guest list is 1,200, and speaking of which, where's your list?" "I dunno: Esteve, Margarita, Jacinto, maybe ten." "Family? Friends from the U.S.?" "Uh, no, they can't come." She asks for the birth certificate, she snatches it with a huge grin. Don't you love the way they shoot her with big, big vases in the foreground?

    Then she asks for one more paper: a baptismal certificate. "Surely you didn't forget?" "Uh, when my parents died everything was lost." She sez no matter, she knows a great priest, he'll help: it's father Bosco!

    Fr/Ed remembers Bosco begging him: "Let this be the last time we ever see each other." Oh well, no sacred promise to a priest can stand before Errika's inexorable demands. Fr/Ed says ok. "Then we'll go see Father Bosco tomorrow."

    Esteve goes out to get more coffee. Err gets close to Fr/Ed and says, "I swear you'll fall in love with me - and I'll be the most passionate wife ever. Do you like me?" "Yeah, I guess so." She kisses his reluctant closed lips. He thinks of England. She leaves. Esteve: "Just get married, my friend, move far away with Err, and try to forget this nightmare."

    Fr/Ed sez he can't - he has to take care of Fer and Lili. "Do you really think you can free Lili?"

    Fr/Ed says Barb has been different lately, tense. It's odd that she's in such a tearing hurry for the money when she's been patient so many years. He thinks she has a new plan, a new agenda, not about the money, not related to Artemio...

  • Damian hasn't buttoned his shirt for weeks. I guess since he's unemployed he can dress like a gigolo if he wants. He meets Anibal in a parking lot, they trade insults, Anibal takes him off to some wall somewhere saying: "In future if you have to contact me, we'll meet here."

    To get straight to it, Anibal wants Damian to find a "specialist" to knock off Vladimir, who endangers Anibal's future cash - after all, mini-Vlad will inherit a big wad of Duddy's cash but only if he's an Elizalde.

    Damian, think! After Vlad is gone, who would be next, I wonder?

    Oh well, Dam accepts the future wad of cash (for eliminating Vlad) as surely as my donkey grabs a banana peel I dangle in front of his nose. Anibal: "Take care of this matter. I know nothing about it."

  • Duddy tells Barb about his unpleasant meeting with Fer. As usual he says: "I didn't want to destroy the family this way, but I didn't want you out on the street."

  • Ripoff! That whole by-the-ocean preview, it was just a dream! Fer dreams of being in Fr/Ed's arms by the water. For about fifteen minutes - then cut to commercial.

    It was odd seeing them trying to look happy and carefree when they've been so tense and irritable through the whole run of the novela so far.

  • Fr/Ed tells Martina she should have her Doctor Boyfriend look at her dad - Fr/Ed thinks Silvestre needs a heart operation and is happy to pay for it, "I owe him so much." Oops, update: It was lazy of me not to go back and watch this part again when I couldn't read my scribbled notes. Novelera corrected me: it was an opthalmologist and cataract operation Silvestre needs. Thanks, Novelera.

    Martina and Loafly are about to go shopping for the big engagement party.

  • Barb meets Damian at his hotel. He doesn't think it's a very nice hotel. She waves money at him and gives him his marching orders: snatch Aurora from the nunnery, don't touch a hair on her head or say one wrong word, take her to the Elizalde country place.

    "Then?" "Then, promise I'll never see you again," she says, "I used you, but I don't need you now. For the first time, I have a reason to live."

  • Priscila cancels her escape to Toronto and throws her torn-up ticket in the trash, so of course we know Anibal will come along and find it and he does. They have a cold little exchange whereupon it's clear to each of them that the only prudent, wealth-increasing course is to stay together. Pris asks, "but what about Vladimir?" "Don't ask me about that again! Convince yourself he never existed ..."

  • Dam meets with his cousin Jacobo; they review the Aurora-snatching plan. Then Damian asks if Jacobo knows any "specialists" - that would be, I wager, cement overcoat specialists.

  • Fer calls Fr/Ed and asks him if they can meet at an obscure restaurant - she needs to talk about having quit her job at Lactos.

    They meet. He tells her he thinks Barb has some new scheme of her own and that for some reason he, Fr/Ed, is indispensable in its execution. He reveals: "There's no limit to her evil - now, my job is to convince you to get Duddy to give over all the loot right this minute!"

Tomorrow: in that out-of-the-way little restaurant where Fer and Fr/Ed are having their cozy tete-a-tete, three gossipy friends of Errikas see them - and take cellphone pictures. Oh frabjous day!


un Gancho al Corazón 8/31/9 Fangs...a Lot

The evening opens with a somber scene. Moni is busy pouting in her room as there is a knock at the door. She doesn't wish to see anyone... OK, she'll make an exception for Mauricio. Well, it would look like the moment of truth may have arrived for our Monita. Mau confronts her directly. He knows that don Cesar is not her novio. "Who is your novio?" Nieves slips in and and joins the inquisition. "Yes, answer the gentleman, who is your novio?" Trapped and tearful, Moni asks to be allowed to speak with Nieves alone. Oh no, done that before. Exasperated when she is not forthcoming, Mau leaves. Moni attempts to follow but Nieves grabs her arm and forces her back on her bed. Nieves wants Moni to come clean with Mao and Moni would like for Nieves to quit meddling in her life. Looking absolutely defeated, she asks Nieves to leave. Oh my, what a happy note on which to begin the evening's romp.

Beto, is hanging out with some street musicians as he spots Connie hurrying for her shrink-session with Dr. Matamentes, whose office is conveniently located nearby. Stealthily, Beto follows and spies. Ah ha! Just as he suspected, Connie has replaced him. He sees Dr. Meño open the door to her knock and warmly greets and ushers Connie inside. Outside Beto waits. Eats. Drinks. Reads. Lurks. Waits some more. Finally Connie and the Dr. emerge. She thanks him. She is feeling much better. She gives him a little kiss. Beto fumes. She is about to leave, but, oops, almost forgot to pay. This final insult singes Beto's, for the moment, fragile ego. "She pays him, she runs me off."

The lovely, but over-inflated, under-dressed Anatasia is touching up her makeup in the games/coffee room as Oscar walks in with Jerry and greets her. Hmm, they already know each other...rather well it would seem. Introduced,Jerry is very happy to meet her, he drools on her hand, she is enchanted, but it looks like Oscar has already staked his claim. Not that this will deter Jerry. She of course is there as his spy and will keep him apprised of the goings-on in the office.

The good Dr. is in his office, enjoying the sound of his own voice as he barfs psychobabble over the unfortunate young man reclined on the sofa. There is a knock at the door shortly followed by the dramatic entrance of the scalded gallo, Beto. He goes directly for the bewildered brain bender's throat.

In the office, as Paula cleans, Gabi attempts to engage her in a conversation about Moni, who Gabi is actually missing. They are joined by the over-ripe Anastasia who has brought Gabi a cup of cappuchino. Sal walks up and is momentarily entranced by the new employee who offers him a capuchino as her eyes and body language communicate the promise of unspoken delights. The spell is shattered when he turns to face the disapproving glares of the other two. He suddenly remembers that there is work to do.

The poor Dr. has no idea of who this madman is who busted into his office attacking him an accusing him of meddling with his girlfriend until Beto names said girlfriend. Then suddenly all is crystal clear. This is Roberto, el Fantasma Vengador, the primitive who Connie talks so much about. Beto strikes his trademark pose to confirm this revelation. Oh yes, Connie has told the doc a great deal about Beto.

In the barrio, Nieves is arguing with Fangs about Beto. Monita steps up and enters the discussion. Fangs cautions Monita that this doesn't involve her. She doesn't back down as he transmit a vague warning using gestures before walking away. "Why the heck is Beto involved with this guy?" Moni asks. Now it's Nieves' turn to hesitate, but she divulges that he borrowed money so that he could buy the ring and ask Moni to marry. Nieves pleads with Monita to understand. Beto didn't want to lose her. "How much?" "Ten thousand pesos." Angry, Moni sets off to resolve this crisis.

Dr. Brainbender is now talking on the phone with Jerry. He has everything under control and is extracting information from our favorite naco. Jerry wants him to probe Beto's mind. (Good luck with that.) He is searching for his pills, patting down his pockets. He hangs up the phone and returns to his office where Beto has made himself comfortable on the Dr.'s couch. The pill bottle is on the desk, and the doc helps himself to several, even retrieving and popping the one he dropped on the carpet. Waste not, want not, Doctor. Now where were we? Oh yes, psychoanalyzing Beto. Clearly a daunting endeavor. We learn that Beto is attracted to older women.

Moni hurries into the office and asks Paula if she's seen Beto. He's gotten himself mixed up with Fangs. She plans to borrow the money to pay off Beto's debt from Mau. Bad idea, councils the wise Paula.

Connie and Ximy arrive at the office building. Connie is in a hurry to talk with Beto, who just happens to be walking up. She gives Ximy some money and sends her off to buy a magazine. "Hola Robi," Ximena cheerfully greets him and holds her nose in recognition of his manly aroma. Connie scolds him over his visit to her shrink when they are interrupted by two men who pull up in an ominous black sedan. Fangs needs to have a word with Beto. As they help him into the car, Ximena, who witnessed the abduction runs up to Moni and asks if they should call someone, police? firemen? She incongruently blows a kiss goodbye to Beto as the car pulls away "¡Besos!". Nope, Connie has no intention of calling anyone. Cold.

Anastasia is attentively serving Mao his coffee as Moni bursts in. She sadly looks at him accusingly, then abruptly wheels around an exits.

She retreats to the coffee room where she finds Ximy with Pau. It's apparent that Ximy knows something that she's not sharing so Monita jogs her memory with a gentle shake. Ximy complains but coughs up that she witnessed two dangerous lokking men abducting Beto. Moni gasps.

Connie is in Mao's office trying to engage a preoccupied Mao in a discussion about a party for a single friend just returned from Israel, although his mind is elsewhere. Then he suddenly incorporates what she is saying into his thoughts. "She doesn't have a novio!" he shouts as he bolts from the office, leaving a startled and confused Connie with mouth agape. Entering the coffee room he collides with Paula's cleaning cart. Moni was here, but had to leave suddenly, he is informed.

Fangs' goons are tying Beto to a post as Fangs himself strolls up asking if he has the money. No, but he was just about to get it together for him when he was picked up. Fangs is explaining to Beto the imprudence of crossing him when his cell phone rings, it's Moni. I guess everyone knows the local loan shark's cell phone number. In the background Beto implores Monita for help as the goons work him over a bit. Fangs tells Monita where to meet him with the money. "You don't deserve Monia," he admonishes Beto. Beto knows.

In a flash Monita is at the warehouse meeting with Fangs. She wants to see Beto. He wants to see the money. "You deserve much better," snarls Fangs. Moni asks if he he is free. Is he making an offer. He thinks they could negotiate something. "Bring out the good for nothing!" As Beto is escorted to her, outside, Mau roars up in his SUV. "You can't go in," cautions Estrella who has showm him where to come. "She went in without the money?!" Mao shouts. Well, not exactly, but Estrella has a plan.

"Hand over the money," demands Fangs. She fishes an envelope from her tight pants and hands it over. She takes Beto's arm and hurries him to leave. Beto points out that they may need to borrow money some other time. They are halted by Fangs' men. Not so fast. Turns out the money is counterfeit. Busted.

Estrella, disguised as an attractive dark haired maintaince worker, Concha de Mondragón, is there to work on the electricity. She knocks at the entrance to the warehouse and is admitted in no small part I'm certain because of her clingy coveralls. Very attractive. Mauricio waiting in the car receives an inconvenient call from Sal confirming a business meeting.

Beto and Moni are sitting amongst some stacked cartons as some rather bold rats play and sniff at their feet. Beto notes their rodential companions and asks for a hug, "We're surrounded by rats!" "Better get used to it," Moni advises. Beto explains that all he did, he did for love.

As Estrella inspects the breaker box, the bad guy number one tries to flirt. Fangs interrupts to pay the miscreant his cut from this job. Meanwhile, Beto and Moni are a bit noisy, knocking over some cartons. Bad guy number two comes to check and Moni, armed with a stick, cracks him over the head and he goes down. Hearing the resulting commotion, Fangs and other bad guy are distracted enough for Estrella to take advantage by whacking the associate over the skull with her flashlight. As she tries to slip by, Fangs scalps her...well actually he grabs her dark wig, and standing there clutching it and her red cap, he recognizes her. "Estrella!" Actually, he is charmed by what he sees. He has never quite looked at her in this way before and is impressed bby her acting. Fooled him. Bad guy number two has recovered and takes a shot at Beto with his pistol. Beto ducks instinctively.

Hearing the shot, Mauricio puts the SuV in gear, and just like so many gallant men have done before, he storms through the warehouse doors and screeches to a halt just inside. Momi and Beto scurry to him as he steps out of his car, but Fangs has grabbed Esrtella and is pointing a gun at her head. She complains so he points the gun a little lower. Told about Beto's debt, Mao offers to pay it, fifteen thousand pesos, by check no less. Surprisingly he accepts. Fool! Fortunately for Fangs, Mauricio is as honest as he is...well...special. Beto suggests a check for a serracheras but is ordered into the car. Oh well, he's lost his appetite. Estrella is released and Fangs kisses the check.

Back home, Beto distracts himself by playing with dolls, uh, wrestling action figures, as Nieves performs surgery on his ear. She successfully extracts an offending splinter, And then announces that she must tell him something painful. "No, don't tell me that I'm adopted; or you have a new novio," he grouses. She wants him to read something.

Mau is still talking with Moni. He wants to know why Beto got mixed up with a loan shark. Momentarily Monita is stumped but Mao supplies her with a serviceable lie. "He needs it for his upcoming wedding to Paula." Yea, that's it, Moni appreciatively agrees. Then the bombshell, "Will you be my novia?" She beams, but the smile droops, fades, and vanishes as she thinks back to a previous request by Beto. Unfortunately she, though she loves him and is enchanted, well, she can't because of a prior promise. Sorry.

Nieves is insisting that Beto read Mao's letter. He'd prefer that she read it to him. As she unfolds the letter, in walks Casteño who invites him to a game at Pepe's. Neives points out that he has no money and anyway he needs to read the letter. He goes with Costeño. "Roberto, the letter. You have to read the letter!" She shout to the empty room.

At the mansion Connie is helping Aldo with his preparation for the upcoming exam. Trouble with the the capitals of Switzerland and Sweden. He keeps getting the two countries confused. (Don't we all?) Mao interupts, then Teresa interrupts. Dinner is ready, will Connie be staying for dinner. "Yes."

Moni is in her apartment telling Estrella about Mao's proposal...Estrella is thrilled...and her rejection...Estrella is appalled. She is after all engaged to Beto. Well, dump his sorry butt, is her advice. She thinks for a moment and decides, why not? "Now or never!"

Moni's resolved but Beto is drunk. Gee, that didn't take very long. Monita observes that he's falling-down drunk. Turns out he's actually holding up the wall which is falling. Well, he pulls out a roll of cash, he won. I'm impressed, but Moni's maintains her resolve. "Take a seat, Beto, we need to talk."

Gabi is behind the reception desk looking both stunning and very professional with her hair pulled back. Oscar slides up and begins to drip his charming slime all over our beauty. As Sal spies on them from behind a plant in the corner, she weakens.

Monita hasn't, to her credit given up trying to ease Beto down gently. Things have changed. She loves him very much, like a brother...yea, that's the a brother, and brothers and sisters shouldn't get married...too late Beto has left the building. Well, actually he has passed out, cold.

Gabi has rallied. She brushes away some of the sweet, seductive slime, but undaunted, Oscar presses on and manages a passionate kiss. Game over? Just then, Sal is distracted by Anastasia who invites him for coffee. She just needs to get her purse.

Mao enters the bedroom where Connie is lying on the bed. He is very appreciative of her change in attitude toward Aldo and of her help with his study. Playing it for all it's worth Connie observes that it's been even better for her, helping this charming worthy young man who needs a mother figure, and things are great with Dani. Not exactly what Mao expected, much less wanted, to hear. Dani knocks and enters and is picked up by Mao, but to put an exclamation mark on her performance, Moni snatches our little princess from his arms, falls onto the bed with her and proceeds to tickle her. Confirming once again the trust between the two actresses if not a new found love between the characters they portray.

Next morning, Anastasia is busy baiting her traps for Mao in the coffee room. She has made his capuchino, filled a little dish with chocolates, and placed a rose in a glass vase. Moni and Pau walk in. They are impressed with Anastasia's attention to detail. Moni takes a bite of the chocolate, then a bite of the rose and spits out the petals. Now, stealing a page from Ximena's playbook, she offers up three bits of advice. "One. The only one who knows how Mauricio likes his coffee, is I. Two. The only one who takes Mauricio his capuchino, is I. Three..." Paula intervenes with the third, suggesting that Anastasia beat it. Sensing a whiff of hostility, she does just that. Should have told her that she's also the only who serves him chocolate, the two agree.

In Mao's, office, Aldo announces that he indeed passed the exam. Mao is thrilled and gives him a hug. Connie is tearful with joy. She joins them in a group hug. Then Mao embraces her with a warm, grateful hug complete with kiss on the cheek as Moni enters with his morning cup. She is crestfallen as she places it on his desk. "Sorry, I didn't know you were busy."



ENDA Friday 8/28. Anyone else want to talk...

about how she TOTALLY kissed him back, whatever she may say to the contrary? Because she totally did; we all saw it.

Or whatever else happened?


Saturday, August 29, 2009

MEPS, 08/28/09: No Honor Among Theiving Elizaldes; Or Tell Me, Tell Me True

Capítulo 138

First a little redux: In her office at the Elizalde Den of Iniquities [antro de perdición], aka, Grupo, Barbara threatens Fr/Eduardo that if he does not keep Bravo’s existence to himself the two Elizalde sisters will meet a horrific end. Flor informs Fernanda, meanwhile, that Fr/Ed came looking for her but La Sra. Barbara snatched him up and dragged him into her office before Flor had a chance to let Fer know he was there.

At the same time, the Giggle Girls, both Sr. and Jr., --yep, Dolly and Errika-- are picking the church they want for the botch job of the century: the wedding with Mr. Wonderful, Franco Sexy Santoro, Mexican Man of Mystery, the Phenom of Pheremones. They are told that Err will need to get Franco’s baptismal records if the two plan to get married in that church. Err mistakenly (we could say cognomenally) thinks that will be a snap.

Once again at D.O.I. Central, Fer interrupts Fr/Ed and Babs. Fer lies that her papi urgently needs to see Babs. Fr/Ed lies also and says he was there to speak with Fer since she’d…er…supposedly asked him to meet her there. Fer catches his drift and exits. Before Bitch Barbie heads off for her doddering doofus of dote’s office, she warns Fr/Ed again to stay mum.

When Babs enters Gonzo’s office, she immediately realizes that Fer lied to her about her hubby’s needing to see her. Gonzo takes advantage of the supposed miscommunication and tells La Barbie [Argentine slang for trophy wife --ed.] that he’s made some changes to his will.

Fer explains that she lied to Barbara about Daddy because she had the feeling that she needed to get Fr/Ed out of La Hiena’s office. Fr/Ed said he’s glad that she did. He explains that he also fibbed about Fer asking to see him and says now Barbara thinks Fer is “interested” in him. Fer is like, “Ok? --And?” So the reason was that he needed to tell her that he saw Lili again and managed to finish all but a few pages of Ana Gregoria’s diary. He says he understands more now about where Artemio Bravo’s hatred for the Elizalde’s originated.

Adoring Babs is insistent that she never asked Gonzalo to include her in his will, nor does she want a single peso. Babs is upset and offended that he might think she’s only interested in his money. (Gonzo, say it ain’t so! Somebody buy this guy a vowel.) Now his children will throw it back in her face that they were disinherited all because of her. No, no. She doesn’t want a single peso. Gonzo once again appears confused at Babs’ unexpected response (–and nobody does confused better than Gonzo).

In another part of D. of I., Anibal tells Priscila that he just found out his dopey Daddy has decided to give 60% of his fortune to La Barbie and the remaining 40% to his supposed grandson once he is born. The only thing they and the others will get is the hacienda, thank you very much (not). Essentially he’s pretty much disinherited his children and made her bastard child a millionario. The worst of it, he says, is that if they end up divorcing, the whole thing goes to Barbara.

Before Babs leaves Gonzo’s office she gets a call from Damian telling her that he’s got the perfect plan to get Aurora out of the convent and everything is set to go as planned. Dam warns her that if she wants it done right that she’s going to have to pay the people doing the job whatever they demand. She smiles and says that’s just fine with her. Gonzo sees the big smile on her face and wonders who she was talking to. BB lies and says it was the dress designer. Gonzo is duped a-gain.

Meanwhile, Fr/Ed finishes telling Fer how her grandmother, Altagracia, took advantage of her grandfather, Don Jeronimo’s, being away on a trip to throw Ana Gregoria out of the hacienda once her bastard baby was born. Fer starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together and concludes Soledad and Eduardo were eventually separated to keep Sole from revealing Bravo’s secret. “So then, that was the reason Bravo sent Barbara to the hacienda, to keep my nana far away from the hacienda.” Fr/Ed nods. She asks him if he might be able to get the diary out of there but Fr/Ed reminds her that something like the diary disappearing could cost Lili her life. She wonders then if her father knows about Bravo. Fr/Ed says no; that Bravo’s power is based solely on the fact that her father has been totally unaware that from childhood he’s had a mortal enemy who's been stalking him his entire life.

Fer wonders how Barb came to be Bravo’s “instrument of vengeance”, but Fr/Ed says he doesn’t know. It will take time for them to find out. Fer agrees, especially now that Barb doesn’t trust him since she lied to Barbara to get him alone long enough so they could talk. Fr/Ed admits that it bothers him because Barbara controls so much of what happens with Lili and if Barb suspects he betrayed her to Fer, Lili will be lost to them forever. Fernanda says they’ll have to do something that will be sure to make her continue to trust him.

Back in AnyBalls’ office, Pris is scandalized by her hubby’s “diabolical” plans. AB says he refuses to be disinherited on account of Barbara or to let the family fortune or the company go to the woman. Pris asks if he really is willing to still stay married to her knowing that her baby isn’t his. AB says with what the kid stands to inherit, it more than makes up for the boredom and annoyance they both feel over it. Pris wonders what he’s going to do then about Vladimir. AB says the guy’s a hindrance that they’ll have to get out of the way. [hacerse a otro lado]

Fer has a solution to the problem with Barbara but Fr/Ed objects. He doesn’t want to put Fernanda’s reputation in doubt. [en entredicho] Fer says it doesn’t matter to her what they think of her as long as Barbara believes he’s still her unconditional ally. (Antennae now go up across the whole of Viewerville in anticipation the two of them finally throwing caution to the wind –and it’s about damn time, too!) Flor calls at that point to let Fer know La Sra. BOW is on her way over to Fer’s office. Fer cracks the door ajar and immediately hops onto Fr/Eddie’s lap, then lays a major liplock on the dude just as BB walks in sans the appropriate knock. Fer pretends to be embarrassed at being “discovered” in flagrante delicto. BB is appropriately scandalized by what she sees. Fr/Eddie seems distressed that Fernanda has finally allowed herself to be dishonored this way. (Viewerville, however, is on the edge of its seat demanding more.) Uni teases with video advances of the romantic possibilities as we head into and return from the crass commercial break…..

Back in Reception, Flor warns Denia to stay at the desk with her until she tells her otherwise --or else!

Barb appears to be definitely flustered and excuses herself. She tells Fer she was supposedly looking for Florecita and quickly shuts the door to give Fer and Fr/Ed their “privacy”, but not before throwing a nasty look at Fr/Eddie. Outside in the hallway BB thinks to herself that all right, it might be cheap of Fer, but it’s not such a bad idea having Franco get all hot and bothered over Ms. Goodie Two-Shoes that way.

Back inside Fer’s office, Fer and Fr/Ed try to pretend that what just happened was all in the line of duty. After all, the idea was to make sure Barbara doesn’t doubt his loyalty and believes he’s manipulating Fer by taking advantage of her affections, right? Those were BB’s intentions, he says. Of course, now she’ll be asking him loads of questions. Fer tells him to just tell Barbara that she simply took the bait [mordir el anzuelo = bit the hook], that being so distraught with her breakup with Damian, she just naturally threw herself at him looking for a bit of consolation in his arms. Fr/Eddie reluctantly agrees, even though, he says, it bothers him that it’s costing Fer her reputation.

Fer repeats that it doesn’t matter what her family thinks of her now, least of all what Barbara thinks of her--provided that whatever happens between them is done to free Lili. (Who are we kidding here?) Fr/Ed promises dutifully that he will free Lili if it’s the last thing he ever does. Both though, are obviously dying to admit to one another that this bogus beso in hopes of convincing Barb of his loyalty till Lili’s freedom is a done deal was really not a shameful sham at all.

Across the hall in his office, AnyBalls is now telling Pris that the only thing keeping Vlad from causing a scandal is that Vlad is convinced he is in control of the situation. She wants to know how he can be so sure of that, and what sort of agreement the two of them made. AB says what’s important is that they maintain her son’s inheritance. Pris insists on knowing what the agreement was first. He finally gives in and tells her he agreed to “hand over the bastard” to him. He would divorce her and then leave the way open for Vlad to try to win her over. Pris is spit-in-his-face impactada with this crude and most rude explanation.

Barb returns to her office and starts screaming through the speaker at Flor to get to her office immediately. (Hmmm. Maybe Barbie, with doofus Damian out of the way, was hoping for a little of this Franco action herself.) Flor races off and leaves her post at Reception.

Fernanda now tells Fr/Ed that she’s fine with continuing the farce, but she wants to know what’s to keep him from trying to manipulate her emotionally. She’s embarrassed to admit that she does feel something special for him, but….. Fr/Eddie considers his response. “Time, Fernanda. In time I’ll show you that I’m a man of my word.” “--Your word? You’re cheating on my best friend and harassing Gardenia, and now I’m forced by circumstances to pretend that we’re having an affair solely to save the life of my sister. So tell me. If you were in my place would you feel cool and collected? Would you feel assured?” Fr/Ed looks her in the eye and measures his words carefully. (Viewerville shares a collective swoon.) “—No, Fernanda.” “—Well then? What do you suggest I do?” “—I would like to give you sufficient reason to make you believe in me…..” Fer says that she can’t because she hasn’t any reason to trust him; however, for some unaccountable reason there’s something that tells her she should.

Fr/Eduardo thinks to himself, “Perhaps it might be because your heart senses that I’m Eduardo Juarez, the man who will love you till he dies.” He takes Fer’s hand gently in his and looks soulfully into her eyes. “I love you, Fernanda. That’s the honest truth.” (Viewerville lets out a collective sigh.) She wants to know if he will really marry Errika. He says he will. She pulls her hand away. How can he marry Errika if he doesn’t love her??? He straightens his back. He gave his word, he says. She gets angry and yells back in frustration. “All the same, you’re deceiving her!!” No, he tells her, he is not. Errika knows he’s in love with another woman; what she doesn’t know, he explains, is that Fernanda is that woman. They look into each other’s eyes with longing and share a bittersweet moment of self-denial. (Viewerville sniffles and tearfully searches for a hanky while…) Fer tries to deal.

We beam back to AnyBalls’ office. Pris is trying to get her head around why her hubby would possibly recognize her son as his. He obviously needs her son to get what he wants, she says. “I see you understand.” “—And what if I refuse?” “—You can’t refuse your son’s being born a millionaire. It only remains for us to finalize the details. You will need to put a price on it.” (Ya gotta admit the guy’s a born businessman for all his failed attempts so far.) “--There’s no doubt about that, Anibal! First, both of us will decide what happens with Vladimir Piñeiro.” He asks if what happens to the guy is that important to her. She says her contempt for Piñeiro is only surpassed by the contempt she holds for him. She only wants to know where Piñeiro is because she never ever wants to cross paths with the man again. Fine. AB wants to know if there’s anything else.

Pris says yes, there is. Her child is to be hers alone and AB’s role is to play the doting father because it’s in his best interest to do so, or otherwise…. “—or otherwise what???” “--Or otherwise I swear on my son’s soul that I myself will shout for the whole world to know [gritar a los cuatro vientos] that Vladimir Piñeiro is his real father, even if it means that Don Gonzalo or my own father disinherits him! --But you, I will leave you destitute. So now, what will it be, Anibal?” AB’s mental calculator starts assessing the diminishing returns of that losing proposition.

Across the hall, BOW starts giving Flor the third degree about why she couldn’t be found at her desk and where Santoro was now. Flor tells her he’s still with Fer. The bad-ass bitch barks to Flor to send him to her office the minute he leaves Fernanda’s.

Pris and AB come to some sort of agreement. Pris wants to know what he plans to do to erase Vladimir from their lives. He’ll have to think that one over carefully. She says fine, but to do it quick and BTW, the kid is NOT going to be called Vladimir. (10 points, Team Priscila!) It’ll be Anibal, just like his father is!! (Scratch that ten. They’re both rotten choices.)

Fer now is trying to understand Fr/Eduardo’s strange idea that love and marriage don’t necessarily go together. “--Oh really? So what happens with happiness? Or do you believe a couple can live happily together without love?” He says it just seems to him that love doesn’t ensure happiness for people who get married. (He knows this because? Both Viewerville and Fer try to get their heads around that one.) Love is just something the two can only hope for, he says. (Dude, you are in definite need of a deflowering yourself and fast! Is there a Mexican Dr. Laura to verbally shock some sense into this lost little lamb?) Fer says they’ll have to agree to disagree about that and she’s darned lucky he’s with Errika if she’s really okay with this arrangement, cuz no way Fer would ever consider accepting a man under those circumstances. (Dude, take a freekin’ hint. You’re acting like such a major loser here.) After all, she’d actually hoped to be happy and in love with Dam, she admits. It was a big mistake, of course, but then, who is she to judge, she says.

Fr/Ed bends over towards Fer and starts to say something else just as Denia enters with the coffee that neither of them asked for. The two of them pull away, guiltily, as Denia shoots daggers at Fr/Eddie and he scowls back at her. Fer looks a bit awkward as she remembers the whopper Denia told her about Fr/Ed’s supposed unwarranted approaches.

Alone in his office now, AnyBalls is mentally churning through the last couple of untied ends concerning Dam and Vlad. “One will take me to the other: the discretion of that cretin, Gallardo; and Vladmir’s silence.” At the same time, it seems Pris is taking care of Vlad her own way. She’s on the phone with him. Vlad’s telling her not to worry about her husband because he promised he wouldn’t harm her. She acts glad to hear it. He says he’s thrilled to think that soon the two of them will be together along with their baby. Pris rolls her eyes at the dummy’s mushy chatter. (Anybody else figure this poor shlub took the short bus when he was in short pants?) She asks him to be patient about things since it’s been so-o-o difficult for Anibal to accept their situation. He promises he will and, of course, if she needs anything, all she has to do is call him and he’ll be there (♪♪). He sends his love and millions of kisses, which he noisily demonstrates on the phone “swak, swak, swak, swak, swak.” (Viewerville admits to sharing an irrepressibly nauseating moment here in solidarity with the prickly Pris. Blech! Double blech!)

Denia comes back to the reception desk and gives her cousin, Flor, Hell for trying to be too cute by half. Flor is in a rush getting the guest list ready for BOW. Denia accuses her of pimping for Eduardo. [alcahuete = intermediator/procurer for lovers] Flor has no clue what she’s talking about. Denia accuses her of covering up for Ed and Fernanda so that they could be alone together to do …whatever comes naturally. Flor loses her patience and asks what does it matter what the two of them do together. After all, Flor has warned her off Eduardo. Denia says of course it matters to her and a lot. She’s really fed up and if she finds out the two of them are having an affair together, who knows what she’s capable of? Denia then storms off mumbling to herself to deliver her coffee orders. Flor is impactadissima that her fatally attracted and fickle cousin might be ready to spill the holy frijoles and put everyone involved in danger.

Fernanda has one last request, now that it’s uncertain how things are going to shake out. [desencadenar] Fr/Ed says ask away. Whatever she wants. What she wants is to meet Artemio Bravo. She knows it will be difficult but she wants to look into the eyes of the man who has done so much harm to her and to her family. Fr/Eddie-Boy takes a deep breath. “One more thing. I want to read Ana Gregoria’s diary.” (The gal doesn’t ask much, does she?) He says he’ll do whatever he can to make it so. She thanks him. He says he thanks her. The two share another soulful stare into each other’s eyes. He caresses her cheek and then leaves. Fer turns away from the door. “¡Ay! Franco, Franco, my love. My secret love…my forbidden love.” Violins play sorrowfully in the background. She sighs. We sigh…...

Flor catches Fr/Eduardo on the way out and sends him back to La Sra. Barbara’s office. She thinks to herself that it’s got to be a real burden on his shoulders. To make matters worse, Denia hasn’t helped by lying to Fernanda about him, either.

Back in BB’s, Fr/Ed is forced to give in detail a rundown of what she just saw happen between him and Fernanda.

Flor takes the opportunity to pay a visit to Fer and give her the dirt on Denia. “There’s something you need to know about my cousin, Gardenia. It’s a secret of hers, but when that secret is a lie that causes pain and embitters, you need to probably say so.” Fernanda is all ears. “Don Franco didn’t kiss Gardenia. She was the stalker.” [la lanzada = workplace slang for being loose with or hitting on your boss or co-worker.] Fer is now eyes-opened-wide impactada. “Truthfully?” “—Yes.” “—Why? Why would she do that?” “--Well, since there were no witnesses, when she found out you saw her she thought it was easier just to put the blame on Don Franco.” Fernanda is floored. Flor explains in a rush that she shouldn’t think Flor is one to gossip like this, but she doesn’t think that a man who’s a perfect gentleman should be wronged, either. “Especially because he is never, never going to be interested in [echarle la cabeza] my cousin, ever.”

Meanwhile, Fr/Ed tries to get Barbara to take the bait. He laughs at the way Fernanda’s distress over her failed marriage has made her emotionally vulnerable and easy prey for them. Barb isn’t buying it. This isn’t the step-daughter she knows. Besides, she’s wondering where his reluctance to get involved with her suddenly went. “Barbara, they say in these parts that spite and disillusioned love don’t make the best counselors, although in our case they are working to our advantage, don’t you agree?” She thinks he looks a little too self-satisfied. He asks how could he not be, since Fernanda is in such need of consolation; and that is exactly what she wanted –to keep her under her control—while the two of them allow all the pieces of their plan to fall into place like they agreed.

BB says she’s not convinced and she thinks his loyalty towards her is questionable. “Frankly, I’ve lost confidence in you, Sr. Santoro.” He asks what he has to do to regain it. She tells him that if he really has Fernanda wrapped around his little finger, then he must get her to convince her father to change his will giving 100% of his fortune to Barbara without waiting for his grandson’s birth. (No big deal, right?)

At the same time, Anibal tells Fer that their father has decided to divide his will up while he’s still alive. Everything will go to either Babs or his grandson and there’s no changing his mind. She can understand wanting to provide for his grandson, but what is totally absurd is that he thinks he needs to give the rest of it to Barbara because of some worry that she’ll be left unprotected. “And what about Camilo, you, me or Liliana--the most helpless of us all-- being abandoned? No, I’ll have to talk to him about this.” AB says he already tried and failed. Nanda says, well, through Powhere Meelk, she’s got a career to carry her through, and she has no complaints about what his son receives, but what sticks in her craw is his leaving every bit of the rest in Barbara’s name. “It’s totally absurd!” No argument there. She leaves to see Papi. AB smiles to himself in anticipation, knowing that Fernanda has the magic touch where Daddy Gonzo is concerned.

La Barbie tells Fr/Ed that he has got to convince Fernanda as soon as possible. She wants the money and Powhere Meelk wants control of Grupo. It’s in both their interest for him to get this transfer done immediately. He asks if there’s some underlying reason for this urgency she’s possibly not told him? Barb says only time. She wants to distance herself from this place yesterday. He says he feels the same way. “Well, then, you know now what you have to do.”

Fer sits down with Gonzo and tells him that Anibal has explained what he plans to do with his will. She can’t understand why he’s decided to do it this way. He gets defensive and says he’s got the right to make sure the two weakest people in his life are protected once he’s dead and gone. He is not going to risk Barbara falling on hard times. Fer is incredulous. “You think Barbara is weak and defenseless? What about the rest of us? What about poor Lili? You think she isn’t weak and defenseless?” Hackles go up on Gonzo’s hoary backside. “Naturally Barbara is going to watch over her!” Fer snarks back. “—Barbara?!!”

“—Why are you surprised since she hasn’t done a single thing other than to care for you all since she arrived at our home?” Gonzo points an accusatory finger at her. Fer asks if Barbara really promised him that she was going to take care of Lili. Gonzo stands up and says discussion over. There’s no reason to say anything more since he trusts his wife fully to look after Lili for the rest of her life. (Well if it’s the rest of Lili’s life we’re talking about here, she isn’t long for this world, ¿no crees?) Fer asks if this means he doesn’t trust his children now or what. He looks defiantly back at her and says nothing, and of course, that says it all. “I’m sorry to have lost you all, but trust is like crystal and when it breaks nothing can repair it.” Fer cannot believe what she’s hearing. “—So you don’t trust me?”

Daddy Dearest looks down his nose at Fer and says he’s sorry, because he knows this has got to be very painful (not as painful as it’s going to get for you, but hey….) but he’s not changing his mind and that’s that! Fer stands up to challenge him. “Not even if I were to tell you, Dad, that Barbara is a shrewish hellcat?” Blood starts gorging Gonzo’s brain. His eyes go wide as his blood pressure rises from the anger he feels at Fer getting in the last word on his beloved Barbie (and boy, did she ever!)

Said bitch is now searching real estate sites on the net to find a house to hide Aurora. It’s got to be sufficiently discrete to make sure that neither the Elizaldes nor Artemio Bravo can ever find her. She says to herself, she’ll sign the papers as soon as she’s settled the score [ajustar cuentas] with the devil who ruined her life.

Fernanda tries to get her father to see the light. “Open your eyes, Dad. The woman is robbing you of your self-will.” Gonzo yells back that he can’t believe she would talk this way about his wife. He reaches over and grabs her arm and shoves her down in her seat like a sassy child. “--the woman who pledged her life, her youth, her strength to you in supporting this home and holding this family together! You’re words confirm my decision is the right one. You’ve just given me a demonstration of how you’re going to confront Barbara when I’m no longer here!!” Fernanda can only stare in disbelief as he rants on. “—And you know what hurts my heart so deeply is that it is you precisely who will destroy a person that you owe so much to!! Ever since your mother died she worried herself with you, brought you up, and thought to send you out of the country to protect you from the pain of continuing to live in the house where your mother died!”

Fer tries to say something but before she can, Gonzo nearly suffers The Big One. She gets him water and he takes his nitro-g tabs. She asks him to forgive her because she didn’t mean for him to get this way. He stands up and screams at her again that he knows this is very difficult and painful for her, but she is going to have to understand that he is not going to change his mind!! Fer tries to get him to calm down. She measures her words. “I understand, but also you must comprehend the position you are leaving me in, Dad. The fact is I cannot remain at Lactos. As of this moment I resign. I’m sorry.” Gonzo stares angrily at this final betrayal from Fernanda.


Gancho Friday August 28th: It ain’t over til it’s over, or How to Overuse the Word Over

Alternate Title: Never say Never Again
Second alternate: Winefest, or Whinefest

In solidarity with La Monita, she and Paula (and Beto) are now sin chamba (out of work), and Moni, Paula and Estrella are debating what to do. Moni thinks she can support everybody with her boxing, but no one’s buying that. Paula’s concerned about losing her business career, all for just one kiss of La Mómia (Connie). But Estrella has gotten them all a job, at an event, and the salary is good. Mau knocks on the door, and Moni tells him what they had is over forever (para siempre, which typically mean just the opposite in novelas). She slams the door in his face, and comes back inside crying.

Connie’s on the couch playing with her hair, as Ximmy opens the door for Jerry. He can’t understand why Con’s not in Mau’s bed, still playing the nutcase (which really wasn’t such a stretch for her). Because it didn’t work, like all your plans, she hisses back. Not to worry, announces Jerry. I’ve just gotten rid of the whole gang of bums (runfla de balagardos). This cheers Connie WAY up, and she hugs Jerry, who disgustingly “comforts” her a little too long.

As Paula and Estre try to comfort Moni, there’s another knock on the door, and they think Mau’s back. But this time it’s Beto, who wants to talk to Moni in private. He assures her that “Even though we ain’t got money, I’m still in love with you honey”. He actually says even if they just have animal crackers and lettuce at the wedding, they’ll get married, because those expensive things don’t matter. For their honeymoon, they can go for a day in the country, or walk along the coastline. His Mom can make them a picnic basket. The important thing is that he loves her, and he gives her a reassuring hug.

Connie has a new plan. She tells Jerry to check Mau’s appointment book. She wants to know everything he’s going to do (to tell you the truth, I don’t think Mau knows what he’s going to do from one minute to the next, and I’ve never once seen him consult any appointment book, but let’s not quibble). Jerry loves it when Connie gives him orders, and kneels down to kiss her feet.

We see some clouds, and boom! It’s the next day. We’re at a high class event, some sort of wine and cheese exposition, and our three girls are dressed as Greek goddesses, with white, one-shouldered togas and headbands (all worn differently). They actually look like little angels. Paula complains she always gets the worst uniform, and hers doesn’t fit, as she adjusts the bust. Estre says not to complain, the pay’s good, all they have to do is smile and serve some wine. If fact, there are several bottles of wine in front of them at their little serving station, and Estre thinks they should practice pouring. Moni fills the glass almost to the brim, and Estre reminds her that these people just drink to savor the wine, not to get drunk, so just put a little in the cup. Well, Paula doesn’t want it to go to waste (and she’s still mad at Moni about losing her job), so she chugs down the entire glass.

Meanwhile, Salvador tells Mau that Mau has to go to a wine exposition (gee, wonder which one?). Gabi (looking really pretty in a red, white and black top, with a single strand of pearls) is bored, she misses Moni, Paula and Beto, this place isn’t the same without them. She wants Sal to think of something they can do, and asks Sal to think, think with that wonderful mind you have, handsome (guapetón), which perks Sal right up. He comes around behind her, hugs her, and she pulls away, this has to stop, or she’ll go to Human Resources, and charge him with sexual harassment. His response? Kiss me, kiss me, and he pulls her in for a kiss, just as who should enter? Oscar, bouquet in hand, back from his trip. Am I interrupting anything?

Estrella wants Moni to hurry and open more bottles, they’re asking her for several glasses of “capitán sabanón”. Moni corrects her, it’s caparne souvon (yeah, right). She knows, because once they made her repeat it ten times at some other event. Estrella goes to check on Paula, and our little muse is sitting on the floor, hair in face, bottle in hand, sandaled leg extended langorously, feeling no pain.

Oscar realizes his bouquet won’t win Gabi’s heart, and she reminds him, it was his own actions which drove her into the arms of another man.

Mauricio arrives at the winefest, and who’s right behind him, but Connie (having gotten the info from his appointment book). She pretends to be surprised to see him there, stating she came with friends. Moni sees them immediately, but they don’t see her. They clink glasses in a toast, and Moni needs a drink herself, which she gulps down, and it awakens her brain, as she says to herself Cabernet Sauvignon, the actual name of the wine! But a glass isn’t enough, so she starts swigging directly from the bottle. Drunk Paula joins her, and the two are getting sloshed, as Estrella finally shows up, aghast that Moni’s drinking, why? Moni just points to Mau and Connie on the other side of the room. Moni needs to forget.

Connie gets a call from Beto, but she says she’s moved on, don’t call her again (we’ll see about that). Meanwhile, Moni and Paula are fighting over the booze, Estrella’s complaining that they’ll look incompetent, and could mess up the uniforms, so Paula starts to take hers off. Moni wants to beat up Connie, but Estre holds her back. But not for long. As Mau and Connie start to leave, Moni runs into the corridor, bottle in hand, aiming to hit someone! The other girls stop her, but she screams that Mau and Connie mistreat poor people, and that she used to be happy until Mau came into her life. Connie remarks about how pitiful she is, the low-class alcoholic. Mau, though, urges her to calm down, they’ll talk when she’s sober, and he leaves, as she sobs, the other two little angels trying to comfort her – she’s lost her wings.

After the commercial, blam! El Colmillos, the scary moneylender, claps his hands to awaken Beto from his usual stupor. He wants his money. He wants it tomorrow. And does Beto know what happens if he doesn’t pay? Right, broken legs. And if he doesn’t pay the next day? Broken arms. Beto wants to work something out. His Mom could cook for Colmillos, wash his clothes, whatever. No dice, Colmillos has three dames catering to his every need. So get the money by tomorrow or else.

Back in the barrio, Estrella is leading our two drunkettes back to casa. As she helps Paula into her place, Moni is despondent, saying don’t leave me, don’t abandon me, my Mamá abandoned me, she sadly squeals. But from behind, tall, handsome, calm Mauricio approaches, he’ll never abandon her. She turns to face him, as romantic strings play their song of love.

In the office, it sounds as if the cavalry has arrived, but in reality, it’s Beto, Costeño, some wrestlers, and pretty much the entire barrio, all sporting huge drums, pounding madly on them. What’s going on? asks Salvador. Can’t you see? It’s a strike (un paro laboral). Sal reminds Beto he doesn’t work there, how can he go on strike? Beto doesn’t care, if they don’t pay Moni, Paula and him what is due, nobody’s getting into the elevator. The drumming resumes.

Moni sniffles into Mau’s hanky, starts apologizing, slurring her words, he’s so good to her, and she knows she’s been saying terrible things to him, telling lie after lie. Don’t worry, says Mau, you just need to get some rest, and we can talk tomorrow. No, she’s through with the lying, never again will she lie, and she wants to tell him the truth, right now. She gives him the keys, he unlocks the door, and, swaying drunkenly, she proceeds. Beto and I…..hic! Are you sure you want to tell me now? asks Mau. Moni puts her arms around him for support. Beto and I are… are…and she passes out in his arms, and starts snoring (as our galán has to fight back laughter). He kicks open the door and carries her in.

Back at Drumline, barrio version, Sal asks them to stop right now with this commotion (zafarrancho), and leave…now! Nope, you pay, or we stay. The drumming starts again, and Gabi’s really digging it now, smiling and dancing a little.

Mauricio tucks our sleeping beauty into bed, and eyes closed, she says she loves him too. Then why lie? She’s afraid. Afraid he’ll stop loving her. He says that wouldn’t happen, but she says it would. She puckers up, asks him to kiss her goodnight, but as he leans in, she falls back to sleep, and he kisses her cheek, saying sleep well.

His phone then rings, and Sal fills him in on the demonstration. Mauricio says to tell Beto that he, Paula and Moni have their jobs back, and tomorrow, he’ll apologize. Sal does, the mob exults in victory, and Gabi says “now that’s divine justice” (and I think she’s hinting at how divine she thinks Mau is).

Señor Divino is writing a note to Moni. He signs with a flourish, neatly folds the paper, and places it in the hands of sleeping Moni. He tells her he loves her, she’s his life, and he kisses her on the lips. He turns off the lights, leaves smiling, but in the shadows, Nieves sees him! She enters Moni’s apartment, sees the note, snatches it from Moni’s grip, and reads it in the moonlight. Muy impactada, she says to herself “I knew it. Those two are lovers!” She tucks the note in her blouse and walks out with a very serious look on her face.

So now it’s morning, Moni can’t quite get out of bed, although Paula doesn’t look too bad, and Beto looks energetic in his green tee-shirt, which reads something like “Will trade mother-in-law for snake. I’ll pay the difference”. He tells her it’s time to go back to work, he got their jobs back, now they can pretty much run the place. Moni won’t return to that place full of shrews, no way. Paula ask what’s wrong, when apparently SHE lets out a little fart, and Beto says what a stink (qué tufo), you too?

Paula gets to work, and Gabi immediately asks where Beto is. She replies that she can’t do the cleaning (aseo) and be his nanny (andar de pilmana) at the same time. Gabi has an envelope for Beto to deliver to Ximena, who is presently at Connie’s place, and here’s the address. (Hmmm. I love how they always have these envelopes as plot devices, and of course this supposedly multi-million dollar Sermeño Group would never dream of using commercial messenger services. I also wonder how all our messengers get around – we never see Moni or Beto take a bus or a taxi to get to Mau’s house, they just pop in a few seconds later. Works for me.) Mau arrives, asks Paula to remind Moni to bring his coffee, but is told Moni’s not comin’ back to the place full of shrews.

Moni can’t believe she drank so much, she doesn’t even like wine, when Nieves enters without knocking, big chip on shoulder. She throws the note at Moni (I’m glad, I sort of thought she’d destroy it). Moni reads it, surprised, where did it come from? Nieves, furious, tells her Mau left it in Moni’s bed last night, how could Moni do this to her Betito? She reads the note to Moni. “I can’t live without you. That kiss you saw between Constanza and me was not a true kiss. I love you. Mauricio”. Nieves snarls this last part, a scornful expression on her lips. Moni wants the note, but Nieves snatches it away, she’ll keep it. She warns Moni not to betray Beto, or else. Moni’s cell rings, and Nieves says it’s him, answer it. With shaking hand, she picks up. Mau asks if she got the note. She says yes, tears streaming down her face, as Nieves glares at her. There’s silence, and Mau asks doesn’t she have anything to tell him? I do. It’s over, Mauricio.

After the commercial, Beto, now wearing his cleaning crew outfit which matches Paula’s, shows up magically at Connie’s door, envelope in hand. He’s surprised to see her (doesn’t realize this is her place), has an envelope for Ximena. Connie affirms Ximmy “was” here, takes the envelope, tells Beto to scoot. He’s taken aback, she shouldn’t treat him like a dog, but she says things have changed. It’s over between them (maybe I should be counting how many times in this episode people have said it’s over). He accuses her of exchanging him for Aldo. She picks up the phone, and he wonders if she’s calling another young boy, but she’s actually calling the cops. No need for that, he’ll leave, but he wants a favor he says, starting to breathe deeper, she’s also heating up. But it’s not a kiss, he wants a loan, and she kicks him out, flinging open the door, as Ximena tumbles in. Beto gives her the envelope and leaves.

Ximmy opens it, it’s her monthly allowance, her cousin Mau never forgets her. She has three words for Connie. “You’re in trouble” (paraphrased, but I made it 3 words). She heard through the door Beto asking for a loan, thinks he’s blackmailing Connie, threatening to tell about their relationship. Connie has one thing to tell Ximmy, who says “Oh, so now you’re copying me?”

In the office, Mau’s at his wit’s end. Sal counsels calm, he should think about something else, like WORK, for example? Gabi bursts in, the place is in chaos (again), Paula left, Beto’s out, Moni hasn’t shown up. How can she fill the vacancy (vacante)? Hire a replacement, says Mau, to Gabi’s surprise. Yes, that’s an order. Sal asks Mau if he’s sure, and he replies that Moni left, he didn’t fire her, if that’s what she wants, fine.

But I don’t know if that’s what Moni wants, as she’s crying in bed as Estre (looking a lot classier than usual) drops by. What happened, Moni, did Beto find out? No, it was Nieves. Moni continues, she has to break up with Mauricio. She’s too cowardly to do otherwise. She played at being a princess, but she’s really a boxer. And she’s been Beto’s novia for ever. She resigns herself to fate, asking Estrella not to leave her alone.

That night, in Jerry’s apartment, it’s time for another plan with Oscar. They’ve heard that Mau wants to hire a replacement for Moni, and Oscar has just the gal to keep them informed, from the inside – Anastasia!

Estrella has come to the office to talk to Mauricio. How could he give up on Moni so fast? He says she gave up on him. Estre tells Mau how that note he sent was found by someone, she won’t say who, and that caused tons of problems, because Moni’s crazy about you! Really, says Mau, smiling again, Estrella, you’re are so cute. Estre knows it, thinks Mau can’t resist her beauty, like all the others, closes her eyes, puckers up for his kiss, and he does kiss her, but on the cheek, as she fans herself, needs a cold shower. Whew!

The elevator door opens, and the heat rises even more, as a brunette bombshell, wearing a low cut, short halter dress pauses for a little wardrobe adjustment, causing three guys’ eyes to bug out of their heads. Chest thrust out, high heels clicking, she strides into the oficina, says hi to all, tells Gabi she’s here for the job. Gabi gives her a form to fill out, she sits down, and we see Salvador enter, only to be immediately drawn to the sight of her lovely crossed legs like a bee to honey. He tells Gabi he wants to interview this señorita personally, which intrigues Gabi, but Sal says strangely, this is the only young lady who has shown up. Gabi’s not surprised, must be the rumor floating around. What rumor? Well, that in this company, there’s a dirty old man who’s harassing all the ladies (hint, hint). Paula confirms it, as they look at Sal accusingly.

Outside the main entrance to the building, we see what’s going on, as another young lady shows up, only to be intercepted by Jerry. He tells her there’s a problem in the building, but if she gives her telephone number, maybe they can go out tonight, he’s got another job for her. She’s grossed out and leaves, as Oscar tells Jerry they’re supposed to turn away the applicants, not try to pick them up. Jerry doesn’t want to let such good “material” go to waste. Oscar thinks he's wasting his time (both use the word desperdiciar) with this fool, leaves Jerry to take care of things. Another young lady approaches, is she here for the job? No, but Jerry tries to pick her up anyway, as she passes by him, disgusted.

Moni, in gym clothes, enters Estrella’s apartment. Estre says she should go back to work, they’re going to replace her. Moni already knows, Paula told her, but how does Estre know? Estre tells her how she went to Mau’s office, and how Mau’s eyes lit up when she told him that Moni was dying for him (was hasta las mañanitas for him, which might translate to being up all night for him). Estre thought Mau might search for Moni, but Moni says she waited around, and no Mau. Estre says Moni should talk to Mau, but Moni says she deserves what’s happening, for being a liar. She hates herself for what she’s doing to Beto, and she hates herself even more for what she’s doing to Mauricio.

At the gym, Don Cesar is shouting encouragement to some fighters when Mauricio enters, looking serious. He tells Don Cesar he’s in love with Moni, and he will not allow Don Cesar, a man who’s married and is way older than Moni, to be Moni’s boyfriend. Don Cesar is tired of this whole thing. Between him and La Monita there’s nothing, they’re not novios, not lovers, not anything. It’s all a huge lie that Moni has been telling Mauricio. Mauricio’s mouth opens wide. Finally a secret has come out!

Two seconds later, he’s at Moni’s place, he has something to say. He’s just been at Don Cesar’s, he now knows that Don Cesar is not her novio. The lies are over. She’ll tell him right now. Who is her novio? In walks Nieves, hands on hips. Tell him, Monita. Tell the gentlemen, who is your novio! Moni looks like a deer in the headlights, and the episode ends.

And once again, Monday looks incredible (love those previews), with Nieves apparently showing Beto Mau’s love note to Moni, Colmillo’s henchmen gunning for Beto, and Mau saying to Moni, wanna go steady?


Runfla de balagardos – gang of bums
Un paro laboral – a strike, literally, a work stoppage
Zafarrancho – commotion, or chaos
Qué tufo – what a stink
Pilmana – a nanny
Vacante – a job vacancy
Desperdiciar – to waste


Friday, August 28, 2009

MEPS, Thursday, August 27, 2009, The Big Reveal: Artemio is Artemio and Barb is Still Bad Barbie

Good morning, readers. Someone please post this for me. This was definitely a dramatic episode filled with revelations and threats. Here we go.

Franco places the Diary on the table. Artemio grabs it and Franco reacts. Artemio divulges that only one or two people know about the existence of this book. He asks Franco if he thinks it’s a tragic and sad story. He interrupts before Franco can answer. He says there is only one person in the world who is more cruel than the Elizaldes and that is me. He then asks Franco if he has ever known such cruelty. Franco says he’s never experienced cruelty or injustice. His life has been placid and common. Artemio is happy to know that and recognizes that there are such people as him. Artemio asks if he knows that the bastard in the story is him.

Damian keeps arguing with Mother Superior to let him talk to Aurora. She tells him that Aurora arrived there of her own free will. He wants to know if she’s prohibiting the visit. She tells him she’s following the young girl’s instructions. Aurora doesn’t want to have anything to do with Elizaldes.

Artemio says that you know that a young mother with a newborn was thrown out in the street. He says love does good for the people who love, but he says do you think I am sick. I’m going to tell you something. The woman who wrote this diary nobody loved me except her. He knew love and hate. His health and vitality are the fruit of the hate he has in his soul. A hate eternal for the Elizalde family. Franco asks him how the Elizaldes are responsible. AB says the children inherit everything that their father did. They don’t inherit only the money, but also the infamy of their forefathers. Franco ask if Gonzo knows anything about this. No, says AB – this will be our principal weapon against Gonzo. Ed asks about Soledad, the child who saw everything.

Ani and Vlad discuss their ridiculous situation. Vlad reminds him that he was going to divorce Pris and then he could live with Pris and the baby outside Mexico. Ani says and what does she think. Vlad says that’s his problem. He says that Pris is afraid of him and that he may kill her. Vlad promises Anibal that if he does any such thing he will kill him (romper el alma).

At Lactos, Flor tells Pris that her husband hasn’t returned. Enter Fer. Pris starts to leave, but Fer asks her to come in for a chat.

AB says Soledad was harder to keep quiet. She was a woman of integrity. Her problem was being in service to the Elizaldes and that she was loyal to them. AB couldn’t run the risk of her telling the secret, and for this there were consequences. That is why he sent Barbara to the Casa Elizalde to neutralize Soledad. Now, says Ed, where is that woman. Dead, says AB. Franco tries very hard to control himself. AB says that she took her secret to the grave until you read my mother’s diary. Franco says, I’m sorry Sr. Bravo…. AB says that Lili asked you to read the Diary. He says, yes, but he didn’t realize it was so private. What does this have to do with her. AB repeats that anyone who is interested in Lili will know that she’ll leave when he’s dead – or never.

Franco looks out the window at Lili. This doesn’t have to happen to Lili. He tells Franco that he knows that he’s very interested in Lili and that nothing bad has to happen to her and he prods him to admit his interest in her. Franco denies it.

Fer asks Pris how she’s doing. The baby is moving, and it’s very emotional. She thinks everything is going well. She just has to control her weight and that she’s nervous about the birth. Fer wants to ask her a question, “Why did Damian call you on your cell?”

At the convent, Damian leaves in a rage.

Anibal assures Vlad that he won’t do such things. Then why does Pris think this. Ani says it’s the pregnancy. Vlad wants Pris to go through the pregnancy happy and secure. Vlad tells Ani that Damian knows everything. This is news to Ani. This complicates the situation.

Fer wants the truth from Pris. Pris says that Damian was looking for work at Prolasa and wanted her help. Fer tells Pris that she asked for a divorce. Fer says that she didn’t know the real Damian. She found out about his swindling caper. She’s warning Pris about helping him for her own good and the good of her family. Pris will keep Fer’s warning in mind, so she need not worry. Fer wants to know why the baby will be named Vladimir?

Vlad will find Damian later. He really doesn’t want to have anything to do with Damian, but Ani insists that he get in touch with him immediately. He wants Vlad to tell Damian about their agreement. Vlad smiles to himself.

Pris lies that Vlad is her grandfather’s second name. Why, says Fer I thought it was Damian’s friend name. Remember the Vlad who worked with us. Pris has to go. Fer seems to understand what’s going on.

Franco tells Jacinto and Margarita about the problems regarding Lili. He now knows about Ana Gregoria and mentions the name Cristeta Aranda. Jacinto remembers that name. Franco tells them that Ana Gregorio had a son who is Gonzo’s half brother.

Lili is playing chess with Ciro when Artemio enters and grabs the diary from her. He wants to know why she showed Franco the book. She says that Franco is a friend of her father. You are my father’s brother and he’s alone. Lily escaped this time. Ciro assures her.

AB feared that Soledad would reveal the secret and that was why she was terrorized. He also says that La Hiena is very afraid – has actual terror – of Artemio Bravo.

Damian reports his failure to Barb. He repeats that Aurora doesn’t want to have anything to do with anything Elizalde. Barb says that he must get Aurora out of the convent. Ask me anything – she will pay him anything if he brings her Aurora.

Franco says that what he found out today may put Lili at risk. Jacinto and Marg try to find a way out, and Franco admits that since Fer’s wedding he’s been living in a web of lives. He loves to be near Fer because he loves her and makes him feel alive.

Barb insists. Damian says, I understand, and slams the car door.

A nun hands Aurora a baby bib. Aurora is very grateful for this first gift. Aurora tells the nun how happy she is. Enter Mother Superior and Aurora shows her the bib for her baby, Santiago. Mother Superior is going to ask for a dispensation so that Aurora and her baby can stay at the convent with them. Aurora is very grateful.

The lawyer gives Gonzo the papers to sign over everything to Barb. Gonzo tells the lawyer he forgot about his grandchild. He wants to make another modification – 60% for Barb and 40% for the baby. The lawyer says that’s impossible since the baby hasn’t been born yet.

Pris is checking for flights. She intends to flee the country before everyone knows her secret.

Gonzo has put off the change for a few more months. The lawyer is happy that he’s not leaving everything to his wife. What, says, Gonzo, not leave everything to my wife who has been everything to me. Leaving only the hacienda to his children is a bit mean (mezquina). The lawyer says that surely the child’s name will be Gonzolo, no, says Gonzo, it’s Vladimir.

Meanwhile Vlad has called Damian who wants to speak to him in person. Damian tells him he is no longer at the hacienda – that Fer ran him off. Vlad will await Damian’s call. Meanwhile Vlad calls Anibal. Vlad says that he spoke to Damian and that Damian wants to see them. Ani gets a call to go into Gonzo’s office immediately.

AB tells Barb that Franco is not to be trusted because he read the diary, and that his interest in Lili is not genuine. He wants her to be very careful around him.

Gonzo wants to talk to Anibal about his grandchild, Vladimir. Anibal is surprised when he finds out that Gonzo plans to give all to Barb except that 40% will go to the grandchild, Vladimir. Anibal is stricken.

At Lactos, the conversation between Gonzo and Anibal continues. Gonzo tells Anibal that you are all adults and can take care of yourselves. But he doesn’t want his grandchild to miss out. Ani asks why he’s doing this. He doesn’t want his children to fight over his wealth or to leave his wife without protection.

Cami and Lovely discuss their party. He tells her Barb is arranging it. She’s an expert in organizing events. He asks if they’re alone. She says, yes. He pulls the top off a bottle of wine and spills it all over his shirt. Lovely runs for a rag. He leaves the room to clean up his shirt. His cell rings – it’s Natasha and Lovely copies the number into her cell.

At Casa Elizalde, Pris gets her passport out of a drawer and places it in her purse. Her phone rings. It’s Anibal. He wants her to go to the office to talk to her about Vladimir, her child.

Camilo returns and starts to put his moves on Lovely, who pushes him away until they are husband and wife. Oops, says Cami, I forgot I had a meeting at Lactos and he can’t let his brother down. He doesn’t know when they’ll meet again. She’ll wait for his call and gives him a hot kiss goodbye. It’s driving him crazy – you come on to me and then push me away. Later, she says, you can do what you like. Martina was waiting in another room and Venus tells her that she has Natasha’s number. Why do you want it. Venus has a better plan than to call her directly.

At Lactos Barb gives Flor a file. It’s the plans for Camilo’s party. Flor asks a question – who is the lucky girl. Barb tells her it’s Lovely Norton. Flor is shocked by Barb’s answer. Barb’s phone rings. Something about the 18th. No captions, I’m in trouble.

Franco asks Flor if Fernanda is in. Barb comes out and asks him to accompany her.

Damian is meeting with the shyster (Jacobo, his cousin) and asks him if he’s interested. He tells him about Aurora in the convent. If it was that easy to get her out, you wouldn’t be asking for my help. Damian swears that he has no plans for her –just to get her out.

Barb tells Franco that they have a business agreement, and she asks him if he’s doing anything behind her back. He says he hasn’t said anything to Fer. He feigns ignorance. She wants him to tell her what’s going on. She then asks him how he feels now that he knows the story of Artemio Bravo and the Elizaldes.

Flor tells Fer that Franco asked for her but that Barb grabbed him.

Franco tells Barb that he can imagine the pain since he read the diary. She asks do you think I’m immune from pain. She tells him she doesn’t believe in that sentiment. Anyway, he says that he thought she and Artemio were friends. Just business. As to the Elizaldes, she’s been loyal for so many years – but if someone betrays her, it’s their end. Barb asks him if he realizes how rotten the Elizaldes are. Yes, he says, especially one. She calls the sisters the crazy and the withered/sad (la mustia). It’s a little joke. Barb warns him that he will have to feign amnesia about anything he knows about Artemio Bravo or else Lili and Fernanda will suffer the consequences of his acts, and he won’t be able to imagine what will happen to him.

Avances: Barb warns Franco about going behind her back with Fernanda. Franco tells Fer that he loves her. Gardenia falls apart at that. Then we see Franco pull Fernanda to him and sit on his lap.


En Nombre del Amor, August 27, 2009—Paloma Sends Herself on An All-Expenses-Paid Guilt Trip

(I think this is episode #37)

Repeat of Paloma in Angelica’s office saying she wants to move away. Angelica assures her that the scholarship is almost a done deal, and notes that sometimes distance helps us look at things more calmly.

Liliana and her gal pals are at school laughing and talking when Romina walks by. Lili gives Romina a hard time about Emiliano breaking up with her and says that Romina got her just deserts for being a whore. Paloma shows up and demands that Liliana stop insulting Romina, who then starts shoving Lili and pulling her hair.

Angelica visits the mother superior with a list of students who are failing, which includes Romina. Angelica asks if they’re going to expel her. Yes, if Romina fails again or has a lack of discipline issue again. Just then they hear the girls yelling outside. The mother superior puts an end to it and after shooing the onlookers away, scolds Paloma, Romina and Lili. Romina and Lili each claim that the other started it. The MS says that this will have serious consequences, especially for Romina since she’s on probation. Paloma comes to the rescue by saying that it’s her fault and Romina was only defending herself. The MS asks if Paloma if she’s sure and if she knows that it could mean losing her partial scholarship at the school, and that she could also lose the chance to get a university scholarship. Angelica begs Paloma to tell the truth, and Lili starts to say that Paloma didn’t start the fight, but Pal insists that she did. Angelica asks Romina if she has anything to say, and Romina answers that Pal and Lili have already explained everything. So it’s off to the principal’s office for Paloma. After they leave Lili tells Romina that she doesn’t deserve a friend like Paloma and it’ll be her fault if Paloma doesn’t get a scholarship. Romina’s attitude is, I didn’t ask her to lie for me, besides, you got off without getting punished. Lili vows that Romina is going to pay for all the bad stuff she’s doing.

Angelica knows that Paloma didn’t start the fight but Paloma’s response is that Romina can’t get in trouble or she’ll lose the year. And you’ll lose the scholarship, Angelica argues. Romina not losing a year of school is more important to you than a scholarship? Paloma says the scholarship isn’t a sure thing yet, but Romina’s expulsion is. Angelica thinks that Paloma is sacrificing herself because she feels so bad about her feelings for Emiliano. Paloma denies this, but Angelica doesn’t believe her and tries to get her to reconsider. Paloma refuses and asks her not to interfere.

Orlando has called German to his office and wants him to handle the steps for making Emiliano his business associate. German is surprised--he didn’t realize Emiliano had the money. He doesn’t, but he’ll pay Orlando little by little. Orlando wants to delegate so he’ll be able to do other things, to enjoy life, travel, and he tells him about Camila.

Macarena talks to Camila about how with the sale of the engagement ring and pearl necklace Paloma could earn money to stay in Mexico City or wherever she gets a scholarship. Camila laments how unfair life is--they have to sell something valued for Paloma to go to college while Romina, who has everything, doesn’t want to study. Macarena suggests that maybe Emiliano can encourage her, like Aron is doing with Paloma. Camila is surprised to hear this--she’s happy for Pal but also for Romina, who broke up with Emiliano because she thinks that he’s interested in Paloma. But if Paloma and Aaron are going out, Romina has no reason to doubt Pal.

German wonders why Emiliano doesn’t seem very happy about becoming Orlando’s business associate. Emiliano answers that he is happy, but he’s not sure if it’s for the best because it means he’ll have to stay in Real del Monte longer. German realizes that Emiliano is thinking of leaving because of Paloma. German advises him to fight for her, but Emiliano asks what about Aron? I think German tells him to take Aron down or get him out of the way, but I’m not sure. He punctuates this with “haven’t you heard that all’s fair in love and war?”

Carlota is meeting with the mother superior, who tells her that Paloma had to be punished for bad behavior, fighting with a classmate, and she isn’t going to be able to keep the scholarship they’ve given her. The MS says Pal could also lose her chance of getting a university scholarship. Carlota seems alarmed about the idea of Pal going away to college, but the MS says she hasn’t won it yet, although she was the #1 candidate. Carlota says she understands that the MS has to report the incident with Paloma to the university. Because hiding information is a form of lying. If Paloma lost the opportunity for that scholarship, she’ll have to face the consequences.

Aron is getting Paloma’s engagement ring appraised, but the guy says he can’t pay what it’s worth and recommends that Aron take it to Mexico City.

Ines invites Cristobal to the welcome party so he can meet the women in the Accion Catolica church group. It’ll be at the house of Carlota Espinoza de los Monteros--Cris has a look of dread on his face.

Rafael and Joel are looking at the new pottery line and talking business. Rafa asks if Joel’s lawyer also handles divorces. Joel thinks it’s best for Rafa to start the proceedings now, as the longer he waits the more of his earnings/profits (from the new project, I think) he’ll have to give Diana.

Speaking of Diana, she’s in Camila’s store bemoaning her situation. Diana doesn’t know what to do and says she needs Camila more than ever, calling her “amiga”. Camila tells her to keep busy, it’s not going to help to stay at home lamenting her fate, but Diana scoffs, saying she has never worked before. Camila suggests other things like studying, but Diana’s not interested in any of that. She wants Camila to make Rafa understand the horrors of divorce.

Carlota yells at Paloma for losing her school scholarship and informs her that she’ll have to pay the rest of the year herself. Paloma thinks she’ll be able to pay for it with the money she’ll get from selling the engagement ring. Carlota says Pal will have to forget about university, because she lost the chance to win a scholarship, and there’s no money for that in this house. I tried to convince the mother superior to give you another chance, but it was useless. No puede ser, frets Macarena. After Carlota leaves Mac asks Pal why she fought with the girl, but Pal doesn’t answer.

Romina tells her mom about Paloma losing the scholarships....I tell ya, Paloma is bad luck--when she’s just about to achieve something, something happens where she can’t have it. First she didn’t marry, and now she’s not going to college. Camila sympathizes “pobre muchacha” but Romina’s attitude is “pobre my foot”-—supposedly she’s a good girl but she fought with Liliana and is trying to steal Emiliano from me. Camila relates the news about Paloma going out with Aron, isn’t that proof that she’s not interested in Emiliano? Nope, answers Romina, she wants everyone at her feet. (Look who’s talking!) She’s not the saint everyone thinks she is, you’ll see.

Carlota tells Macarena that she’s very angry with Paloma, so don’t ask me to go easy on her. Mac insists that something else must be going on with Paloma. They change the subject to talk about social gathering with Padre Juan (Cristobal) planned for tomorrow. She asks if Carlota’s going to Mexico yet? No, not yet. Mac wonders if Carlota could postpone her (alleged) doctor appointments to pay for the rest of Pal’s schooling but Carlota shoots that down.

Emiliano calls Paloma and asks if it’s because of Aron that she can’t accept him. She replies yes, I’m not interested in you and starts to cry while on the other end Emiliano starts crying too.

Orlando has stopped by Camila’s house to ask her to the movies and dinner; she goes upstairs to ask Romina if she wants to come along.

Paloma’s in her room when Macarena comes in to tell her that Aron is waiting downstairs, and she wants to talk with her later.

Needless to say, “forget it” is Romina’s response to her mom’s invitation. Camila asks what Orlando has done to make her reject him, and her answer is that he wants to take her father’s place. Camila explains that she’s only looking for a friend, a companion. Wouldn’t you like me to be happy? Romina just ignores her.

Aron returns the ring to Paloma and informs her about the jeweler’s suggestion to go to Mexico City. She tells him that now she really needs the money--she’s going to tell him what happened and he’ll be the only one whom she tells the whole truth.

Emiliano runs into Ines on the street and learns that Aron went to Paloma’s house.

Paloma explains that she felt taking the fall for Romina was the best way to demonstrate her friendship. Aron disagrees and thinks Romina doesn’t realize Pal’s sacrifice. Paloma believes Romina does understand, and she’s sure things will go back to the way they were before. It’s going to be clear to Romina that I’m incapable of betraying her. I lost Inaki, I lost Emiliano, and I don’t want to lose her. Aron asks what she means about Emiliano and she shares what happened in their phone conversation earlier. He asks if she loves Emiliano.

After the commercial Aron repeats his question to Paloma and she says she doesn’t know. He tells her not to fool herself, it’s better to recognize what she feels for E. Pal starts crying, it’s hard because I should only feel friendship for him. But you fell in love, Aron points out. Yes, Paloma confesses, but she doesn’t want to be in love with Emiliano. Rufi overhears all this. Aron asks what she’s going to do. She replies that she’s going to stay away from Emiliano for the memory of Inaki, and because Romina loves him. Aron says he wants her to know that she can trust him and he’ll always be at her side.

Cristobal asks the other padre (my captions say Padre Mateo) if he has to go the luncheon party thingy with Ines et al., and the answer is “of course...Why don’t you want to go?” Cristobal thinks something simpler in the church would be more than adequate. Padre Mateo explains that things are more personal here than in the capital and refusing the invitation would give offense. Besides, it’s good that it’s in the Espinoza home because Carlota leads the group. Cristobal notes that they have a very high opinion of Carlota-—yes, if only all of the believers had her values, says the poor deluded padre.

Carlota is on the phone talking with Ines about organizing the welcome party. She hangs up in disgust, saying “as if the arrival of that padre was so if it was the only thing one has to do.” Indeed. Who has time for planning parties when one’s schedule is jam-packed with schemes for bribery, theft, and murder?

Rufi has told Macarena what she heard Paloma say about Emiliano. She comments that Mac and Carlota fell in love with the same man and now it’s as though history is repeating itself. Mac agrees and notes that although Pal and Romina are only friends, they have been almost like sisters since they met. Rufi says that things with Mac and Carlota didn’t end well, it caused a lot of pain, and Mac adds, “even the death of my father”. Rufi replies, yes and no--his anger from knowing that Mac was going to run off provoked the heart attack, but she (Rufi) has always believed that Don Rodrigo was already in bad health and nobody knew. Besides, it was God’s will, not yours. Macarena laments that it would be very sad if Paloma’s/Romina’s love for Emiliano ended up in another tragedy.

Camila and Orlando are outside her house after their date and she mentions that Romina is upset about Emiliano. Orlando says Romina is old enough to face her problems on her own, and Camila has to let go. Camila admits he’s right, but Romina will always be her little girl. He thinks it’s time for Camila to think of herself and have fun, and he’s here to help her with that.

Romina and Diana are having a pity party. Diana assures her that Paloma will never be welcome in her house. Romina mentions that Pal took the blame for her at school and Diana says well there it is, she feels so bad for wanting to take your boyfriend that she wants to pay for it somehow. She warns Romina to be careful and promises that Emiliano will never have another girlfriend that’s not Romina.

Carlota visits Paloma in her room and Pal tells her how the local jeweler can’t pay what the ring is worth, she’ll have to take it to Mexico. Carlota of course offers to take it for her to find a jeweler. Well, there goes yet more of Paloma’s money into the Bank of Carlota. Carlota cryptically adds that getting rid of Inaki’s ring doesn’t mean Paloma can remove him from her heart. There are loves that always remain. She looks thoughtfully into the distance while saying this, so we know she’s talking about herself here as well. If your love for him was so great, nobody will be able to replace him. Nobody.

Emiliano and his dad are walking around town-—Rafa is glad Emiliano isn’t leaving just to get away from Paloma, and E says it’s hard to live in the same place as her and have to control himself not to tell her how important she is to him. Rafa tells him that he never felt that passion—-when he fell in love with Diana she accepted right away. Emiliano feels that being in love like this is hell sometimes.

Paloma is crying in her room when Macarena comes in and reminds her that they need to have a talk—-Rufi overheard Paloma say she loves Emiliano, does she want to talk about it? Paloma cries that she feels shame for what she feels for him, she fell in love with the wrong man.

Rafa tells Emiliano that he’s pleased about his new association with Orlando, but wants him to be careful, because nobody knows anything about him. Don’t believe everything he tells you and carefully check everything you sign. Emiliano says Orlando isn’t like Pablo Lara, who I guess is an old business partner of Rafael’s. Emiliano promises to be very careful. Then he asks how his dad is doing, does he miss...? and Rafa says yes, and he even misses Diana (he’s kidding, right?), but he thinks he made the right decision. Emiliano just wants to see his dad happy.

Paloma tells Macarena that she feels bad and wonders how, if she loved Inaki so much, can she love Emiliano? She wonders, how does she know if what she feels is really love. Macarena suggests that maybe she began to feel something for him back when he and Romina began dating, but she didn’t realize it. Paloma points out that Romina fell in love with him first, and she is never going to forgive me now that I’m in love with him. That’s exactly what happened with me and...your Aunt Carlota, sobs Macarena. She tells Paloma what we in the audience have already guessed, that she and Carlota fell in love with the same man, and Carlota couldn’t get over the fact that he preferred Mac. When she and he became novios, Carlota felt betrayed. In the end neither one of them ended up with this guy, but Mac's relationship with Carlota was never the same after that. Paloma is convinced that the same will happen with her, so Romina and Emiliano can never know that Pal loves E.

Carlota looks at the ring and laughs that Paloma continues to trust her. She calls her lawyer and he says that things are ready for them to go to Mexico next week--she doesn’t want them to travel together, so she’ll meet him there.

Tomorrow: Aron vows that he'll get Paloma to love him, even more than she loves Emiliano; Romina tells Paloma she thinks Emil wants to get back together with her; Emil confronts Aron and asks what his intentions toward Paloma are; Rafa and Camila appear to be getting closer; it looks like Emil and Paloma may share a kiss.


Un Gancho Thurs 8/26 - Mauricio plays Constanza, Constanza plays Mauricio, Monita plays runaway bride, and Jeri plays innocent

As Margo Channing said, fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!

Beto bluffs his way out of Mau's house by saying he was supposed to come over to pick up some "work" but hey, if Gabi forgot to call it's not his fault. "No work, no Beto," and out he dashes. Tere tells Mau she doesn't quite trust the guy, he was all over the house.

Gabi and Sal show up and does Mau ask Gabi about the alleged "work"? No way, that would be too logical. Instead they confound him with conversation. Sal tells him they think Beto and his people are spies. Gabi explains that Paula lied to her, telling her one thing and then another, it's all very suspicious. Then Sal and Gabi blame each other for being suspicious which confuses and irritates our poor galán even more. Mau doesn't believe them. Sal and Gabi suggest maybe somebody paid Beto, maybe for personal reasons. They mention Monita's name a little too loudly and Mau shushes them because you-know-who-is in the bedroom. Mau is not receptive so they give up and go to a spinning class.

Just as Mau breathes a sigh of relief Xime shows up with a suitcase. "Mau Tse Tung...!" He wonders why the suitcase and she tells him it's because she's back with Rolu and Consti plans to stay with Mau a while, she giggles that there is someone for everyone (Judy's first dicho - each ewe has her ram = cada oveja con su pareja). Time for a daquiri! Xime grins and Mau makes a cara guácala.

Nieves is mad at Beto because she waited four hours for someone, I think to replace Beto's voter's card or something like that. She says if he doesn't take responsibility for getting his card then Moni will dump him for being useless, and last night she looked so beautiful in her dress. This inspires him to hop to. Nieves wants him to take a bath but he resists, explaining "la cascara guarda el palo", or he can't help being who he is (Lit. the bark covers the stick).

Nieves visits a glum Moni who is trying on her dress for alterations. She tells her she's the most beautiful girl in the world. Nieves wants to make a few alterations that will take just a second but Moni doesn't want to. Nieves suspiciously tells Moni that she has been very touchy lately.

Just then Mau pays a surprise visit and calls for Moni. Estrella runs interference and loudly says his name clueing Moni in to the interloper. While Estrella decoys Mau, Moni makes a mad dash for freedom. "Who is that girl? Is it Monita?' he cries. Mau chases her through the streets until she finally hitches a ride on the back of a dump truck. Too late, or is it? He pays a guy for his bike and pedals after her.

Meanwhile Coni complains to Jeri about his sister, him, everything, and especially the psychiatric treatment. Jeri tells her to leave it in his hands. After her couples session with Mau he will be convinced he can't leave her during her emotional dis-equilibrium (yes I know it's not really a word but so what it looked cool in Spanish). Coni asks what happens if they still can't get rid of Moni? Jeri says don't worry, she'll be history. He tries to smooch Coni but no dice, she kicks him out.

Estrella and Pau are washing their clothes in the public basin whiles Nieves accuses them of hiding something about Monita from her. She wants to know where in heck The Monita ran off to because if anything happens to Don Tobias's daughter's wedding dress he'll kill her. Estrella says she probably ran away so as not to marry Beto. Nieves yells that Beto and Moni are going to marry whether they like it or not! Even Pau jumps in and says why does Nieves have to condemn poor Monita to a life sentence of taking care of her son?

Moni thinks she's given the slip to Mau but guess who clumsily rides up on a bike? She jumps on the bus, he jumps on, she hides, she jumps off, he jumps off, etc.

Gabi bitches to Sal about Mau standing around with crossed arms. Sal suggests she back off, if Mau needs their help he'll ask for it. She doesn't buy it, he's such a proud (ed: dopey) man, he'd never ask. Slick Sal suggests they dine together to help calm her nerves and after a bit of double-entendre banter she agrees.

Our favorite office lurker Jeri sneaks into Mau's office after they leave. Uh oh, it sounds like they are coming back so Jeri hides under the desk. Sal grabs his notebook and shoves the chair into the footwell, can't leave the office a mess now can we? The mighty shove is greeting with a mysterious grunt of pain. Sal looks around, did a spider fart? Guess not.

Jeri crawls out moaning and congratulates himself on keeping his cool while sweating bullets (estoy sudando la camiseta). He's the master, w00t!

More running and chasing, this time Moni runs into a church, interrupting a wedding. The bride thinks her groom is up to something funny and whacks him with her bouquet. But no, the "other bride" keeps running with her prince running after. Moni jumps into the limo, "let's go!" "And the groom?" asks the driver. "Here he is" pants Mau. Our little dove has been captured and guess what, it's raining again, signifying romance is in the air.

Mau asks the logical question, what is she doing in the dress and why did she run? Monita lies, AGAIN, it's Pau's dress and it's bad luck if he sees her. Even Mau does't buy this crap. He knows she's hiding something and he wants to know what it is. "For once tell the truth." She's silent and in disgust he leaves the limo.

Coni berates Xime for forgetting to bring her underwear. Xime says it's time for a new outlook on life, one without undies, and Consti can't have everything in life so there. Coni retorts maybe she can also be missing a brain then she and Xime will be equal. Xime points out she may lack a brain but at least she's not feigning insanity and trying to lure Mau with horrible blackmail. Nyaaa!

Moni dolefully returns to the barrio and I guess her dress is a mess because Nieves freaks. What will the daughter of Don Tobias say? How will Nieves (deleted) explain this? Moni says sorry but she was nervous and had to go to the pharmacy to buy a pill (Lie Alert!), suddenly some guy came in and stole her purse, lies lies lies, etc. Nieves warns Moni that one day she is going to hang herself with her lies (tirando de la cuerda y un dia de estos se va a romper). "Now fix that dress right now!" Moni cries to herself that she doesn't know how to sew.

When Mau gets home Coni greets him warmly, he's just in time for therapy. His hugs are the only thing that can relieve her anguish. (Oh brother) Once again he looks confounded and tells her things will be very different after therapy. You bet they will, she agrees. But they don't really agree now, do they?

It looks like Sal's meal was the perfect antidote to Gabi's nerves. Perfect, that is, except that she's looped. Sal tries to force a kiss on her right in the lobby but No No No, Gabi ain't gonna let it happen. Sometimes being a stubborn drunk works out for the best. Moni walks up (in an adorable black and white number I might add) with a tray of cappu and Gabi sends her off to Mau's house with the "work" that Beto was supposed to deliver. Huh, I guess he really was supposed to deliver something.

Now Tio Meño the faux psychiatrist is at Mau's house (I think that's where they are) and he's waxing Freudian with lots of rolled rrrrrrs and hand waving, etc. Constanza seriously looks like she's about to crack up in this scene. "Who wants to start?" he asks. Mau goes first and says he wants to break up because they've been on the outs for a long time and they need to preserve their sanity. She freaks out and throws herself onto Mau and our faux psychiatrist flings his arms wide and asks Mau does he want to bear the guilt for this until it is spread throughout the city? This woman is seriously coming unglued (esa mujer se va a pegar un tiro)! Mau shakes his head in defeat and asks is this his idea of therapy? Nope, it's Freudian analysis.

OK you've gotta be kidding me. Sal and Jeri are in Mau's office and Jeri "discovers" a bug, and another microphone (the ones he just planted), and blames Sal for this perfidy. Sal calls Gabi and asks her to call Security, they need to stop the person who has been bugging Mau's office.

We are back at the head shrinking and Meño (forgive me for calling him this) tells Mau they have to find a new way of communicating blah blah blah. They are going to reverse role play. First Coni puts Mau's jacket on and tells him he has many things much more important than her and all his love is consumed by Monita. OK constanza gets an A+. Now it's Mau's turn and he puts on Coni's necklace and thinks this is ridiculous. But OMG it's all worth it because here comes the funniest scene tonight.

Mau takes a feminine Constanza stance, flicks his hair behind his ear and rolls his eyes. "Ay Gordo, I can't stand your kids, they're savages from the street. I want to send Aldo to military school and Luisa to Spain and the little one can go to boarding school outside of Mexico. Can't we just eat sushi all day long? And the Monita, ay gordo what a vulgar woman, she's a bad influence on your life.." All this while Meno motions Mau to keep going, just get it all out. Mau continues, "Monita is a, is a..." "A homewrecker!" shouts coni, "A social climber who wants to rip me away from you!" Mau stays in Coni character "Ay Gordo!" while Coni self-destructs. Meño says he knows what the problem is, the problem is La Monita. This sets Coni and Mau off on another yelling match.

Pau finds a box of microphone paraphernelia in her cupboard and tells Beto not to leave his junk around. He says it's not his and they decide to play with this box of "Hi Fi" technology. They talk to each other via the microphones even though they are only two feet away from each other. Just then Sal and Jeri burst in and yell "Busted!"

Mau tries to explain his position to the psych but unfortunately their hour is up. Coni thinks he's a magnificent Doc and Mau says not really, things are what they are. She refuses to accept it and begs for just one more hug. Over his shoulder she sees Moni walk in with the envelope and quickly forces a kiss onto Mau. Gee, we never saw that coming did we?

Moni runs out before Mau can see and before she sees Mau pushing Coni away in disgust. Coni begs a bit more just to preoccupy our handsome dunderhead before she stomps out.

Mau's phone rings and when he answers he hears Beto's plaintive wail "I tell you we're innocent." Gabi points out that in three years of her working there has Paula ever done anyting for them to distrust her? They all look at Jeri who feigns innocence.

OK, it looks like we might have a usurper for the best scene of the night. Our usurpadora is Xime, in Consti's apartment, wearing shades and draped in Conis cloths and dancing and moonwalking to her own music. Coni returns and is, of course, annoyed. Xime reminds coni of their deal and wonders what Coni is doing back at her place. Oh do tell, did Mau kick her out already? Xime is tickled, did Mau catch her with el Fantasma Vengador? Coni whines and needs to talk. Xime's cure is a daquiri, "mi casa es tu casa".

Pau and Beto complain to Moni that they have been blamed unjustly. Pau tells Moni she has to speak to Sermeño Group on their behalf. Moni says she's never speaking to Mau again in her life. Pau doesn't care what's going on between Moni and Sermeño Group but she has to clear their name. The accused pair insist in unison "SI!".

Mau doesn't believe tha Pau is involved in industrial espionage. Sal doesn't think Beto is capable either. "Are you blaming me?" demands Jeri. Moni busts in (dang she looks good today) and gives Mau what for because Beto and Pau are innocent. Well duh he knows but still has to investigate. This sets off our little hothead and he says he will investigate everyone equally. Hot head pops off again and says she's telling it like it is, why doesn't he believe her? She doesn't lie! Oh really, he says, she is a factory of lies blahblahblah the result being Moni tells Mau that he is unique and important to her. This tender moment is cut short because he's holding her wrists and when he won't let her go she punches him out. Ay gordo, que mujer!

Sal finds Mau seeing birdies and Moni tells Pau and Beto they all have to beat it. "Why?" ask the accused. "We quit!" she explains with a flourish. A pleased Jeri eavesdrops.

Pau, Estre and Moni are commiserating and Pau tells Moni she knew from the day they hired her that things would turn out badly. Estrella tries to cheer her up and Moni talks really really fast as she and Pau bicker some more. All of a sudden there is a knock on the door. It's Mau nursing his jaw. He wants to speak peacefully. Moni says they have nothing to say to each other and slams the door in his face and bursts into tears. Gosh I don't know what she's so mad about, she's the one who punched him in the face.

Tomorrow. Our three graces are dressed like Greek godesses. Moni chugs some wine then sees Mau arrive with Coni. Coni calls her an alcoholic. Nieves spies on Moni and Mau, steals a note from a passed-out Moni's hand and hisses "Those two are lovers."


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