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New Telemundo novela - El Clon

Hi: This is Jean, one of Melinama's first recappers who has been resting since Dona Barbara ended last year. I'm wondering if anybody out there is Caray land who gets Telemundo is interested in blogging/discussing El Clon - the novela that starts on Feb. 12? This is a remake of a famous Brazilian novela from 2001. It sounds interesting and the lead (playing 3 parts, apparently) is Mauricio Ochmann, who is muuuuy guapo.
The wikipedia entry for the novela is below:

El Clon is a working title of a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo and Rede Globo[1]. It is a remake of O Clone, a Brazilian series that originally aired on Globo in 2001 and on Telemundo in 2002[2]. This limited run melodrama, which stars Mauricio Ochmann and Sandra Echeverria[3], deals with topics such as drug trafficking, cloning and Islam[4].

Telemundo executive Mark Santana called El Clon "the most ambitious telenovela in the history of television."[5] This melodrama features a love triangle featuring Lucas, a handsome hero, challenging his clone for the love of an enticing, exotic woman. Lucas is young when he falls for a young Arab girl named Jade. She is caught between modern values and her Islamic upbringing. They separate and two decades pass. Then a strange turn of luck brings the pair together. Then Jade meets the clone, who is just like Lucas, but twenty years younger. She must choose between the man she loved and the memory she cherishes.

The remake is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2010[6]. It will be filmed in Morocco, with some scenes shot on location in the Middle East, as well as Colombia and Miami,[7] although the main setting is Los Angeles[8]. It includes several members of the original production team, including screenwriter Glória Perez and director Jayme Monjardim[9].

Telemundo will likely air the serial from Monday to Friday over about 26 weeks. As with most of its other soap operas, the network will broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.. As part of the production deal, Globo agreed to embargo distribution of the original Portuguese version for five years.

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Dinero #10, 1/29/10: Rafael is el Príncipe Azul but Alejandra is no Cenicienta.

Rafael again explains his brilliant proposition to Jaime; he’s going to meet Alejanda and ask her to give him a job in the Siglo so he can pay her back. He even has a bargaining chip: Ale’s alligator pump.

Jamie tells him that would only work in Cinderella. (Or Novelaland.) Rafa says everything’s going to go well but asks Jamie to pray for him before he rushes out the door to his doom.

Alejandra’s on the phone with Marco in her office and is thrilled that all of her problems are solved: the lender is gone and her padre and tia don’t suspect a thing. She’s so grateful for all Marco’s done for her. (Susana tries not to roll her eyes)

Susana rains on the parade and tells Ale that the insurer found a problem with her car. It wasn’t insured and she needs a different one. (?) Ale tells Susana to write a letter demanding an answer about her car and deliver it immediately.

Susana hesitates because she was supposed to run an errand for Lic. Beltran. Ale gives him a call. He’s happy Ale is back at work and tells her to meet him in his office. He tells Ale he wants Susana to talk to his wife and calm her fears about rumors of his infidelity. Susana sets off and promises Ale that she’ll deliver the letter while she’s out.

Rafael arrives at the Siglo and says a quick prayer before heading inside. He just manages to avoid being seen by Susana as she walks out.

Claudia spots Rafa and zeros in. He asks to see Ale and is rescued from having to give his name when Claudia spots Ale coming out of her office. She rushes over to tell Ale that a man is looking for her. Ale has no interest but Claudia talks her into agreeing to meet with him after she goes to see her boss.

Claudia tells Rafa the good news, offers him a seat while he waits, and runs off to get him a glass of water. He admits Claudia is muy guapa but Ale is much more talented. He snaps out of it when a swarm of other employees try to sell him a car.

Lic. Beltran insists on helping Ale sit down in his office and does more harm than good in doing so. He asks how things are going but Ale refuses to be reminded about it. He asks how she’s been feeling and she explains what a hell her life has been.

Lic. Beltran interrupts her and laments how sharply sales have dropped recently. Ever the humble Ale says she’s returned early because sales are a disaster without her. He agrees and asks her to repeat what she was saying. Ale goes on again about how the doctor ordered her to not to go back to work for another month but she couldn’t stand it.

Licenciado has been paying her no attention and complains that Marino is the only employee who’s met the quota. Ale promises now that she’s back everything will return to normal. He stares at the computer screen and asks again what she was telling him.

Ale barely gets two words out before he kvetches the Siglo will have to make 2 million pesos that month in order to make up for their losses. Ale vows she and her employees will work tirelessly to succeed.

Ale stumbles and falls while trying to get up; Lic. Beltran is oblivious and says he’s glad she is healthy and working again. Ale is left to crawl up off the floor on her own.

Claudia returns to Rafa and shoos everyone else away. She asks if he’s sure there isn’t anything she can help him with. Rafa declines and sees Ale enter the lobby. She tells Claudia she doesn’t want to see anyone and shouts to the employees that she’s heard about the awful sales since she’s been gone. She wants to meet with all the employees in an hour to go over their sales.

An employee named Bulmaro Lopez tries to slink by but Ale notices and demands to talk to him in private, pronto. Claudia asks what to do about Rafa and Ale unwillingly agrees to meet him in her office when she’s finished tongue-lashing Bulmaro.

Rafael paces alone in Ale’s office and rehearses what to say to her. “Hola! I’m the guy who sent your car off a cliff and shattered it to pieces.” He and I both agree that’s not a very good opening line.

As expected, Ale is chewing Bulmaro out for his poor sales. Claudia interrupts and Bulmaro bolts. Claudia disproves of how Ale has been treating everyone and vows to prove that she’s a worthy employee.

Rafa overhears Ale screeching outside and gets even more nervous.

An employee named Ramirez tries to suck up to Ale but it backfires.

Ale enters her office and greets Rafa. She asks him to sit and corrects him when he sits on the couch instead of at the desk. Ale asks what brilliant business plan he has to offer that Claudia told her about. Rafa starts to speak but Ale answers her cell phone before he can say much.

Just Rafa’s luck, it’s Ale’s doctor calling which gives her a reason to curse the idiot who nearly killed her and left her in such pain. She hangs up, takes her medication, and tells Rafa all about the drunk jerk who caused her accident. Rafa balks at the world drunk but Ale says that’s what the police told her; she wouldn’t know because she was unconscious and it’s all that loser’s fault.

Rafa says maybe the man was desperate, had a problem with his novia, or was depressed because of a bad business deal. Ale shouldn’t judge him without knowing the man or giving him an opportunity to explain what happened. Alejandra isn’t hearing it and will have every cent paid for all the disasters he caused. The only way she wants to see that man again is hanging from a rope.

Rafa gulps and says Dios urges forgiveness in situations like hers. Alejandra scoffs and asks if Rafa could forgive someone who wrecked his car, broke his leg, ruined his wedding, etc. Rafa says of course he could! There are worse things: murder, kidnapping, genocide, a bad haircut, or staining a dress with a cocktail.

Ale agrees but says if Rafa were in her situation he would strangle the guy. Rafa disagrees and says when he looks in her eyes, he sees a peace-loving woman with a beautiful light inside. Ale is charmed. Rafa asks if she believes in God. In a roundabout way, she says she doubts it but wants to know why he asked.

Rafa says because she needs to pray and forgive the man who wrecked her car. The most important thing is that she is still alive. Ale wants to cut to the chase and asks Rafa his name. He hesitates, sets the high-heel on the desk, and says his name is Rafael Medina. Ale is speechless…for a minute anyway.

Ale chucks the shoe at Rafa’s head and screams “No puede ser!” (Well, you know someone had to say it eventually.) She chases him around the room and swings her crutches at him while Rafa hops over tables and scrambles under desks.

During this chase, Ale asks if Rafa has brought his payment and he says no because nobody would give him a job. Ale asks what kind of moron would hire him, anyway? “You?” asks Rafa. Ale swings at him again and Rafa explains he wants to work in the Siglo so he could pay her small amounts immediately instead of waiting each month. Ale shrieks for him to get out and Rafa makes a dash for it.

Rafa hotfoots it outside and Susana walks past him again. She can’t remember where she’s seen his face until she flashes back to one of the hospital scenes. I guess she didn’t recognize him without a bloody nose.

An employee cleans up Ale’s office and Susana rushes in to tell her what she just saw. Ale tells her all about her encounter with Rafa.

Claudia flirts with Bulmaro and asks if he’s jealous of Ale’s amigo she met with earlier. Bulmaro admits he likes Ale but doesn’t want to talk about it. He leaves to take care of a customer who ends up wanting to buy 10 cars for his company.

The other employees marvel at Bozo Bulmaro’s luck. Claudia overhears and starts to unbutton her blouse, presumably to set off to work.

Susana says Rafa seems different and interesting. Ale sets off on her usual tirade about how he ruined her life. In fact, she’s sure he had fleas. (corrucos? I couldn’t find a good translation but guessed fleas because of her scratching.)

Susana says fleas or no, he saved your life. Ale says it doesn’t matter; she hates him with all her soul. Susana calms Ale down and asks her what she thought of Rafa before she knew who he was. She says he looked nice and average but so did Hitler.

Rafa is back at home and is still not put off by Ale. “What a woman!” He tells Jaime. “If she is that pretty when she’s injured, imagine how gorgeous she is normally.” Rafa is just full of compliments about her. (A glutton for punishment if I ever saw one!)

Jaime still thinks it’s crazy for Rafa to deal with such a spiteful woman who hates him. It’s going to be impossible to get her to accept his proposition. Rafa says he has to do something or else it’s back to jail and his madre will lose the house.

Jaime asks what he plans to do. Rafael says he’s going to do something radical and suicidal: marry Vicky. Jamie’s jaw hits the floor.

Avances: The Siglo is a barrel of laughs and gossip when Claudia and Bulmaro get caught making out by Lic. Beltran. Rafa repeats that he’s going to marry Vicky.


Sortilegio 1/29/10 Kidnapped Or Rescued: It Just Depends On Your Point of View

Resumen del capítulo 82 

First let's do the review: Katia heads off to the teens 'n tween's party at Maura's, but not before slamming big bro' Fernando's taste in elderly or, rather, aging women. Tío Abuelo Emiliano takes this opportunity to confirm that Nando is indeed dating his boss's mother (now a granny, BTW). Fer is a bit embarrassed that Tío E. should mention it, but his tío sanctions it, saying true love is blind to the age differences in people and yada, yada. Fer now happily invites the old dude to join him and Victoria Lombardo on their trek through Chichén Itzá as part of his birthday celebration.

Meanwhile, at Maura's Hello-there Pink Kitty kiddie pad of premeditated prostitution, various unsuspecting priviledged youth are enjoying the free booze 'n eats. Crotchya is now high on Spanish Fly which fake Mario Aguirre, alias Matteo, alias "El Güero" [Blonde-boy/White Boy]--now all platinum and curls-- has been slipping her in her drinks. Mau checks off another success on her list of schemes as she watches him walk the Crotchya into a back bedroom to be seduced/date-raped (take your pick) and Bruno's image fades from what remains of the lollipop-licking little lush's conscious.

Speaking of lushes, the next day Roberto and Raquel finalize their quickie, no-contest divorce. The only problem is custody of Victoriacita. Raqhell refuses to give her to him. The judge says Bobo has no parental rights as he's not the biological father. Bobo, fearful that his bro-mance with the AWOL Ulises will come out, refuses to officially contest Raqhell's custody.

In Toluca's back forty at Mengele Manor, "Pau-li-esther" [kudos, Susanlynn] finds Mary Jo/Sandra reading on the patio and invites her along for a helicopter trip to a shoot with "Nicolas" and her. MJ/S refuses because she's still angry at Nico for standing her up the other night. "He didn't even have the courtesy to let me know he wasn't going to be able to make it!" Pau apologizes and explains it must have been because they were called away to a very ill person's bedside at the last minute and that they didn't get back till late the night before. This softens MJ/S up a bit. She's even sympathetic when Pau mentions the person died and they went to the funeral after.

Pau then butters MJ up by mentioning that ever since Nicolas met her he can't stop talking about her. Flattered, MJ/S gives in and agrees to go with the two of them but first wants to tell her mother she's leaving. Pau talks her out of that wrong-headed notion, saying she knows the woman doesn't like her and Nico that much. Since it will only be a couple of hours, MJ/S can just go and explain when she gets back that they went on a walk together; no harm, no foul, no argument. MJ/S agrees that's better and the two of them race off to meet up with Nicolas.

Back at the rental house, Alex is giving Arturo instructions on paying the landlord and getting their stuff back to Mérida when Pau shows up with MJ. Pau mentions that MJ/S was angry at being stood up until Pau had explained what happened to them. Alex is confused and looks over at Arturo who swears he gave the message to her mother. Obviously, Mama didn't mention it to "Sandra". Nicolas's smile wins out and she takes off with him and "Esther" in the 'copter.
Back in mah-h-h-vellous Mérida, Fer and Emiliano are about to leave to pick up Vicki for their trip to Chichén Itzá. (Hubby and I note the vanilla couches in this 30-something male's living room and shake our heads listing various reasons his couches aren't done up in dark, seductive leather like any self-respecting horny male would generally have. 'Nuff said.) T.E. wonders if Katia might change her mind and want to go with them, but Fer says he doubts it. She got back late and when he went to discuss it with her she had locked the door to her room. T.E. offers to talk to her about it, but Fer says not to waste his time. "The more one scolds the more she rebels." He's hardpressed to know what to do with her at times.

After Fer and his Tío leave, Katia comes out of her room and walks downstairs. Lisett rings her on the phone. Lis asks why she hasn't come to visit. She's feeling lonely and left out. Katia tells her not to start since she's got a hangover from the party Mau had the night before. Lis feels even more left out than ever and whimpers a bit as she explains how lonely and scared she is that the doctor may come in to say that the transplant has failed. Lis is facing death while they just party on. Crotchya rolls her eyes, bored, and heartlessly refuses to sympathize with Lis. "--Life goes on. Don't blame me because you got sick!" As Dr. Hernan walks in and silently overhears the one-sided conversation, Lis answers back that she guesses she was wrong to think that Katia might care to share a bit of her precious time by keeping her company. Click! Hernan can't help but take pity on Lis. (Viewerville blows the old dude a kiss.)

Meanwhile, we are beamed back to Mengele Manor as Elena realizes MJ/S is gone and the gardener tells her that she left only twenty minutes before with Pau-li-esther.

At the Lombardo compound, Bobo returns from the divorce hearing with bad news. He tells Vicki he let Raqhell keep custody of the baby for fear of the gossip his aforementioned bro-mance with Uli would cause. She sympathizes and says she'll speak to Raqui about it ASAP. He says he's only there to pick up his things before moving into his new apartment. He asks for permission to visit the baby from time to time because he's worried that Raqhell will refuse him. Vicki says of course. Felipa adds that the state Raqhell's in all the time she'd hardly even notice. Once Bobo leaves, Vicki starts for the chalet to give Raqui a piece of her mind. Talk turns to Fernando's visit that lasted from 8-11 PM. They snicker over the significance and Felipa promises that mum's the word.

Across the way at the chalet, Vicki comes a callin'. She lets Raqhell have it straight betweeen the eyes. Vicki says she heard about the custody hearing but doubts rocky Raqui, drunk as a skunk 110% of the time, would be able to care for that little baby. In fact, she's certain Raqui did it just to irritate and frustrate Roberto. Raqhell replies, "Better a drunk than in the hands of a sexual pervert." Vicki seems to realize that neither is optimum and says she'll never let Raqui touch little Victoria as long as she's still drinking. In fact she's tired of feeling pity for her and hoping she'll eventually mend her ways. Raqui can only guffaw at the baby's name. "Victoria?" Vicki sneers back that Roberto named her that and she'd still be nameless if they'd waited on her to give the baby a name. Raqhell teeters a bit and then laughs. "Call her what you want. I could give a damn. Keep her if you want. Consider it a gift!" She stumbles away to swill down the rest of the glassful. Vicki (along with Viewerville) sighs a sigh of relief at that one. (Hmmm. This might solve the problem of Fer having a chance at fatherdom. --Echhh!)

Meanwhile, Fer and his tío arrive at the manse. Emiliano is amazed at the wealth of the estate. Fer states that "hard work and brilliant negotiating skills earned them this fortune." Vicki and Felipa arrive. There are introductions all around. They head off for the tourist ruins.

At the same time somewhere in the air over Mexico, Mary Jo is becoming anxious at being gone too long and not having told her mother so that she won't worry about her. Alex and Pau try to stall for time. He pretends his cell won't work in that area and guilts her into trusting him a little while longer, then promises to take her back as soon as the picture shoot is over. He also promises to explain things to her mother for her. This calms MJ/S down a bit finally. She's antsy but she gives in.

Back in the boonies of the Tolucan outback Bruno is now complaining to Elena about letting MJ go off with that photographer and his sister. Elena says they'd never been gone so long before and didn't think it would matter. Anyway, she didn't "let" her daughter do anything. The girl didn't tell her. "She pretty much does what she has a mind to anyway." Bruno asks for a physical description of the brother and sister and smacks the wall when he realizes it fits Alex and Paula's description to a T. He tells Elena his suspicions. She tells them they rented a house nearby. He races off to the place to verify what he suspects.

At Chichén Itzá, it seems Fer and Company have the entire site to themselves. (Note: There's not another living soul around in a place that is always teeming with people.) We get a lecture on mesoamerican history and the area, as well as the ritualistic games and the architectural design and placement of the stones that always manage to catch the light of the biennial solstice. [] FF>>

Back in Toluca once more we see Bruno racing over to speak to the caretaker of the rental house Alex and Pau had occupied till that morning. He gets a physical description and knows for certain he just got duped by Alex.

Alex now has the helicopter land among some romantic ruins (a national park I think). MJ/S races ahead and asks nervously what story he planned to tell her. He follows with Paula and begins: "I met a rather humble man a while ago. He had two daughters. One was named Paula and the other Mary Jo." MJ/S stops in her tracks and listens intently. She flashes back to the time she walked in on Jorrible Jorge griping at Elena about some guy " not taking very long to realizethe girl is not Mary Jo" and her asking them who Mary Jo was. Alex continues: "A bit after the man told me he had another daughter also, but that his wife left him and took her along with her. That other daughter was Mary Jo's twin." MJ/S stops to process and frowns deeply as Viewerville teleports back to C.I. and a lecture about the ritualistic antecedent soccer fields. [].

T.E. compliments Fer's choice in girlfriends. This embarrasses Vicki, but Emiliano smoothes right over it and says many men would give their all to have a wise, cultured and lovely girlfriend like her; they continue the tour arm in arm, all smiles. [Blech.] FF>>

Meanwhile, back at the other ruins, MJ/S continues processing the tale "Nicolas" is telling her. Instead of taking it in stride, she decides to scream and race through the place like a ninny. She is crying and yelling because she doesn't understand. Pau frantically tells her to trust them. MJ/S screams back that she wants to leave. She won't listen to this story. Alex tries reasoning with her. He says he understands the anxiety she must be feeling, but it's only because down deep she senses the story is true. MJ stops and stares at them like a scared, trapped little animal. Alex tells her she's one of the twins. She's Mary Jo. She refuses to believe him. "NO!" He continues. "--We have a son and you are my wife." In a one-hanky scene, she covers up her ears and refuses to listen to any more of it. She races away again and screams for help, then falls to the ground and cries. Alex trails after her and cries at her side.

Back at Mengele Manor, Jorrible Jorge scolds Elena for letting MJ out of her sight. "You were to take care of her. That's all I asked you to do, damn it!" She reminds him that it was his idea that she have a few friends and adds that MJ took off without letting her know. (What is it with the plaster of Paris rooster and chicken in country kitchens, anyway? Why are these things always presumed to add that touch of rustic authenticity? --I guess they are too damned big to be just your average salt and pepper shakers, though, huh.)

Jorge wonders if those two friends were possibly Alex Lombardo and her sister. Elena says that is what Bruno had thought. She has no idea. Just then Bruno races back in to tell them his suspicions were right and it was Alex and her daughter, Paula. They kidnapped her for sure! (That's "rescued", Bruno. R-E-S-C-U-E-D.) Jorge needs to be certain. Bruno calls Maura and tells her he needs her to investigate whether MJ has returned back home at the Lombardo compound. (Man, what Viewerville wouldn't give for a lillypond like Mau's.) Mau asks why and then how. He snaps at her to just do it and he'll explain later.

Jorge, meanwhile, asks Elena if she knows whether MJ took her pills but Elena has no clue. He yells at her to go find out. Bruno asks him what happens if she stops taking them. Jorge says the effect will wear off; she'll become irritable and unbalanced [descompensarse] and then she'll begin to recover her memory little by little. Bruno admits that will mean a trainwreck for their plans.

Elena returns and says the bottle is gone. Jorge wonders if it means Mary Jo was thinking to leave and not return.

We continue touring C.I. with Fer and Company (FF>>) while MJ continues screaming and yelling in the helicopter now that she just wants to go home. The pilot gets antsy. Alex winks and tells him she's just nervous. "You know where to take us now....Toluca." This buys them a little peace and quiet.

At the hospital back in Mérida, Hernan lends a sympathetic ear to lonely Lis as she explains how she's been kicked to the curb by everyone, including her big sis. When Maura does visit it's only for a minute or two. Hernan tells her he's got a place they'll visit together soon. She's dying to get out of that hospital room and says that's great.

In the C.I. ruins again, Fer and Co. have a late lunch. Emiliano is thrilled with the Yucatan. They join him in a toast to the birthday boy. He gets on a first name basis with Vicki. Finally he asks her and Fer if they know someone named "Damian Alebeniz." He explains about his old, sick friend, Porfirio and his wish to make his granddaughter, Sandra, his sole benefactor --but not until she marries. The guy who she's supposedly engaged to is this Damian and Porfi wants more information about him. Fer tells Vicki it's time to face up and 'fess up, painful as it might be. She does. "--Damian is my son's second name. He goes by Bruno Alebeniz or Bruno Lombardo." Emiliano wonders if this is the same Bruno Katia was supposedly engaged to. Fer clarifies that they were never engaged as they'd led him to believe, but yeah, that's the guy. Vicki says it may sound crazy, but the girl isn't Sandra. She's really Mary Jo. Tío E. is saucer-eyed-impactado and very confused.

The helicopter now lands back on the grounds of the Lombardo compound and MJ/S is on the warpath. She struggles with Alex all the way down the embankment. She calls Pau and him a couple of charlatans and threatens to have them put in jail. Alex tells her he'll give her the rest of the details back inside the house. He calls her "My love." Big mistake. She slaps him. Zeke then greets her as "Sra. Mary Jo." She screams at him that her name is Sandra and lets him have an earful, too.

Across the way from the porch at her chalet, Raqhell, soused and steadying herself on the railing, squints and blinks at the scene. She can't believe her pickled peepers. It seems that the nearly dearly departed Mary Jo has returned from the edge of her grave. She mutters to herself. "Has she been cured?"

Inside the main house it's near bedlam. Pau tries to get Mary Jo to calm down. Zeke tells Alex where his mother's gone as MJ screams in the background that she's tired of all their lies and that she knows perfectly well who she is: she is SANDRA! Alex manages to keep her away from the phone and calling the police. She screams at him. "You're taking advantage of me! You're a couple of cunning cons!" She finally races upstairs to get away from them. Alex yells back as he runs up after her. "--Just like Jorge and Elena were when you met them a month ago!"

MJ/S tries shutting the bedroom door in his face but is unable to keep him out. She hides in a corner by the bed stand and cries. "What are you going to do with me now?" He takes the photo album off the nightstand and hands it to her. She refuses it, saying the pictures could have been photo-shopped. Besides, she has seen pictures of herself at the rancho in Toluca. In another one-hanky scene Alex explains those were of her twin. MJ demands to know then what happened to her twin. Alex says that unfortunately she died a couple of days ago. Mary Jo crawls away howling in frustration, fully confused, totally frightened and disoriented from what she's been told. Alex crawls towards her and grabs her. She asks what he wants from her. "I want you to listen to me and to be the same way you were before: tender, loving." She bawls even harder. He weeps beside her.

Back in C.I. Emiliano learns from Fer and Vicki that the real Sandra died from an overdose of drugs and that, in order to get hold of her inheritance, Jorge and Elena kidnapped her twin, Mary Jo, making her believe she was Sandra through a treatment of mind-altering and memory suppressing drugs Jorge developed. Tío E. is Tales-From-The-Crypt-impactado. He says he knew Jorge was reknowned for his research but had no idea that he would put it to such use. He asks them how they knew the girl dropped in front of the house wasn't MJ. Vicki explains about the robbery and stabbing that left MJ's back scarred. This girl didn't have that scar and her tattoos had been erased chemically, says Fer. Again Emiliano is drop-jawed impactado and says he will have to inform his friend about what he found out. (This is something the whole of Viewerville anticipates seeing. It'll be popcorn and pizza with obligatory ring-side seating for one and all!)

In Mérida, meanwhile, Mau pays a visit to Raqhell under the pretext of still considering them to be friends in spite of all that's gone on. Rocky Raqui is playing chess with an imaginary friend in between guzzles of white wine. Mau's disgusted. "--Still drinking I see." Raqhell tells her to save the sermons or leave, but of course Mau needs information. She says she came to find out how Raqhell was getting along. Raqhell thought she could care less about her anymore, but Mau says sure she cares, just like she cares about the family and Alex. Alex still matters to her. "How are Alex and Mary Jo, by the way?" Raquel steadies herself in her chair and giggles. "You won't believe it but Mary Jo is back! Alex brought her home!" Mau is sour-puss impactada. "Are you sure it was Mary Jo and not her twin? All the doctors said it was impossible to save her." "--She has a twin?" Raquel mentions then that Bobo told her once MJ had a twin, but she never believed him. "--Well, now you know he was telling the truth so she could very well be that twin." Mau's nervous smile is crooked as a dog's hind leg.

Inside the main house again, Alex is on the phone with Hernan explaining what's happened. Hernan gets angry because Alex didn't follow their plan. Alex says MJ was being stalked and so he had to take action. He then mentions that he brought back her bottle of pills with him for testing. He explains that she's fine but hysterical. Hernan is worried that without her medicine MJ could become irrational and have a complete breakdown. (I'd say we're there already, doc.) Alex says it's more important to find out what's in the compound so they can find something to counteract it. Hernan wants the bottle of pills ASAP so he can send them to the lab.

Pau mentions to Alex afterwards how badly it hurt seeing the hate in her sister's eyes. Alex says not to worry because Hernan will help them. Pau wonders if she should let Papi Pedro know MJ's back, but Alex says to hold off.

Zeke takes a tray of food up to MJ. She knocks it out of his hand and chases him out, telling him she's Sandra, not Mary Jo, and that they're all criminals who belong in jail.

Downstairs, Pau asks Alex what else they can do especially if she's refused to accept the photo album. He says it can't be helped because right now she only remembers the recent past.

Zeke returns to the kitchen. He tells Felipa and the housekeeper what a monster Mary Jo's become. Felipa says it's to be expected after being kidnapped by strangers and told that she's really somebody else. "She probably thinks she's gone crazy." [volver loco] The housekeeper asks if Sr. Alex might have made a mistake and the girl is really Sandra. Felipa doubts it and says that "a man so in love as Alex would recognize his love even with his eyes closed." She thinks that once she holds the baby in her arms the memories will come rushing back to her. Zeke is afraid that MJ's too violent and might hurt the baby.

Mau now struts into the living room of the main house and questions Pau whether MJ is really back home since according to the doctors recovery was out of the question. Pau is not up for sh!t from the likes of MJ's main competition. She sneers back. "Yes, though it pains you to know it, Mary Jo is back home." Mau asks if it isn't really her twin. Pau suddenly jumps Mau. It's catfight city. "Of course it isn't her twin!!!" Alex races back in after hearing the commotion. (Alex, move just a bit slower, can't you? Let The Pugster get in a few more shakes and hair-pulls, all right?) He breaks them up. Mau says Pau's gone nuts. Pau insisits she's not nuts and runs upstairs. Mau calls her an idiot. Pau spits back that Mau's the idiot. Mau ignores the reply and asks Alex if it's true that MJ is back and recovered. Alex half fibs. "Yes, it's true." "--How did you manage that?" "--It was a miracle. Even the doctors were surprised." Mau struggles to mask that sour-puss look of hers. Trying to cover her tracks --if not her nearly naked buttocks--when MJ or somebody else eventually blames her for her role in the kidnapping, she suggests that MJ will no doubt be confused about everything. Alex says they'll see, but he hasn't had a chance to talk much with her. (Get a clue, Alex! The woman is bad to the bone.) Mau gives him a sweet, sensual peck on the cheek and asks him to keep her informed. They're still friends, after all. She struts away. He frowns as she goes.

The housekeeper is now upstairs cleaning the room for Mary Jo as she comes out of the bathroom. She is greeted with another "Sra." MJ asks if the housekeeper recognizes her. The housekeeper says of course: she's Sr. Alex's wife and Baby Tony's mother. Mary Jo asks the baby's age and learns he's only 3 1/2 months old. The housekeeper leaves. Mary Jo sits on the side of the bed and begins leafing through the pictures of her and Tony. "This is the baby I painted!" She remembers breastfeeding a baby boy and painting his picture. Doubt takes over and she begins to wonder about what they've all been telling her. "Could they be right?"


Gancho Friday January 29th. Children, do not run away from your problems. You must FACE them.

Our handsome but dim Mauricio has gotten shafted in the juicio
He’s lost his kids, he’s lost his money, it really wasn’t very funny
He lost his pal, whose name was Sal, and what’s he gonna do right now?
He’s visited by Isabel, not seeing she’s the gal from Hell

She warns him, “take Valentina far away”, and live to fight another day
After all, she’s in grave danger, from a bad but as yet un-named stranger
As usual, Mau must decide at once, if only he weren’t such a dunce
But could a miracle happen tonight? Could anyone convince Mau what’s really right? That he must stay, and he must fight? Well, Moni might.

We begin with Beto drunk in the cantina, urging his buddies to hit him so hard the hurt’ll go away. They grudgingly help him out with this.

Coni tells herself not to cry. She pulls herself together just as Aldo and Luisa appear to let her have it. They alternate in letting Coni know how they feel. How could you? Dani’s been crying all day. Are you happy now? Do you want to send us away again? Even that would be a thousand times better than being around you. I wish you never existed. I hate you!

As they march off, in comes Jacqui (looking especially fine), asking Coni if she’s satisfied. Coni really isn’t happy at all about her “victory” and wants to get some air. Jacqui counsels that what’s choking her is her conscience, and even a tank of oxygen can’t fix that.

Beto is now not only drunk, he’s bloodied and crying. He lies down on his side, and the buddies he was fighting with feel sorry for him. They lift him into a chair to help him out – with more tequila, of course.

Rolu, having just heard Arnie tell him that Lalu said that Xime no longer loves Rolu, can’t believe it. Then why would she stay? Arnie’s theory? Pity (lastima). Rolu’s still dubious, asks Arnie to invite Lalu for dinner so they can really be sure. Arnie gives every reason in the world why he can’t call Lalu, but big bro’ Rolu insists.

Xime’s loving her new office (formerly Jerry’s), since she has 10% of the company, and Jerry has none. She asks Paula if she can see her as an executive. Paula thinks doing Jero’s job won’t be too hard, as Jero did nothing, anyway. The hard part will be filling Sermeño Group (Mau)’s chair. Paula realizes that if Coni’s the owner now, she could lose her job, and she’s been spending 4 years here, knocking her head against the wall (she says picando piedra, which literally is chopping rocks, so Xime’s amazed that Paula’s become a bricklayer (albaníl). But Xime has a flash of inspiration, and tells Paula that now that she’s a busy executive who knows nothing about this company, she’ll need a secretary to help her figure out what to do, and Paula can have the job! Paula’s overjoyed, and now that she can speak English (which she does, getting better each time), she’s definitely qualified. Xime decides to dictate a letter. It’s to Salvador, but after a few lines, she remembers what she recently heard, and tells Paula to stop, that letter will never be read by Salvador. Paula doesn’t understand, until Xime sadly tells her Sal died in Venezuela. Paula is impactada, and they both agree that Gabi must feel destroyed.

Aldo’s also destroyed, and is talking to Katia outside the house. It’s always the same story, nothing ever works out for the 3 kids, if he were older, he’d just grab his sisters and take them far away from this hurt. Katia tries to calm him, advises that running away is not the solution. But he can’t stand it, and tells Katia he and his sisters are leaving, and let the Momia rot! (qué La Momia se pudra).

Jero’s upset, too. He’s inside the house, complaining to Jaquelínay, Look at me! Have you ever seen someone so desperate, overwhelmed, humiliated, crushed? Jacqui looks at him, and she agrees. What happened? Jero relates how Oscar tricked him, sold his shares, and now he has nothing. He’s tried calling Oscar all day, but there’s no answer. Jacqui says she warned him about Oscar, she tries to smell out guys like that. Jerry’s response – ”Well, what do I smell like, a dummy, an idiot, an imbecile?” Well, yes, a little, she replies.

Beto and buds are boozing their troubles away. Beto’s a real man, a billy goat, no woman can push him around. Enter his Ma and Monita, who proceed to do just that (yelling at him for drinking, lifting him up to take him home). Beto’s carnales protest. The first wants to lend a shoulder to their new friend. “To soften the pain you dames have caused” adds cuate #2. This angers Moni, and she swiftly knocks out each guy with a single punch. She remarks that HER pain is certainly softened now. They drag Beto off.

Jero wonders if Jacqui had anything to do with Oscar’s plan. No way, and don’t you threaten me. Okay, okay, says Jero. But you know what else? Oscar’s a murderer. Salvador, that old coot, is dead, died in Venezuela. And I’m sure that Oscar was behind the whole thing. Jacqui’s impactada. Gabi must be shattered. Yeah, well not as much as me, says Jerry. I’m starting to reek (apestar) of death. Your ex-husband is the guy who bought the shares. He just arrived in Mexico City. If he finds out about you and me, I’m a goner. Ah, says Jacqui, Marcos is behind all this. Have you seen him? Yes, says Jerry, I had some business with him. But what can I do now? Aw, don’t you worry, reassures Jacqui. I won’t let him touch a hair on your head. After all, you’re my pet, my slave. I’m your mistress, and nobody’s gonna mess with my possessions. Jerry gives her a rabid puppy kiss. She calms him down a bit, warns that Oscar will PAY, and the Mistress and her puppy lock lips again. Woof, woof!

Coni’s visiting her Daddy Marcos in his hotel room. Coni laughs at Jero, what a fool! Marcos agrees, he wasn’t as bright as he thought he was. You know, at your age, your mother liked dummies, too. You are she are pretty similar. Coni doesn’t like this part. Daddy continues. You married that idiot Mauricio, and that’s not all. You had your little adventure with that stinky guy we met in the restaurant. Connie protests, he’s a fighter (un luchador). Marcos disagrees, a fighter has aspirations. No, Daddy, he’s a luchador in the ring, a wrestler, he’s El Fantasma Vengador. What?! That’s even worse, he’s not up to your station. I command you to break it off with him immediately. Don’t worry, Coni says contritely, it’s over anyway.

Estrella is bubbling over with enthusiasm, bragging to an enthralled Cris, Paula, Terry, Ivan and Alicia about her meeting at Televisa. It’s like her second home now, they even gave her bottled water when she met with Pepillo Origél, and she also met the nice lady producer. Although she’s not formally hired yet, she’s going to do some screen tests, and if everything goes okay, the producer will give her a part in the next telenovela! Everyone’s happy except Alicia, who pulls Estre aside (with Paula) and asks, what about the baby and moving with me to Moroleón? Estre says this is her big chance, but Alicia says she’ll have to make a choice. Okay, says Estre, I’m going to do the screen test, and if everything works out, I’ll stay in Mexico City, but if not, I’ll go to Moroleón.

Going to Moroleón? Inquires Mau, who’s just entered the vecindad. Estre covers, it’s to try on some clothes Alicia has, and she’ll also help with my acting. At this point, Beto’s being lugged in by his athletic supporters (Moni and Nieves). Mau asks the crowd to listen, he has something to say. He wants to apologize for letting the whole neighborhood down. He lost the case, and sadly, Constanza now owns the vecindad. Everyone’s despondent, until Moni steps forward, and announces that NONE of them will lose their houses. Jaw jutting proudly, she tells the crowd that in two months, she’ll meet with La Momia in a boxing match for the ownership of the vecindad, and Moni will WIN!

Jacqui reassures Jero again that she’ll make Oscar pay, and she’ll handle Marcos. Jero barks happily, gives his mistress a final lick, and scampers off to find a biscuit, or maybe his squeeze toy (okay, I’m embellishing a little). Jaqui calls Katia, who pops out one second later as if she were an actress waiting behind the set for her cue (oh right, she is). Daughter, I need to talk with your mafioso of a father. What hotel is he staying in (hospedando)?

Beto’s sleeping it off, as Nieves, all dressed up, checks the little card Marcos gave her, and tucks it back into her bra. She grabs a blue unicorn purse, and is just about to step out when Don Cesar appears, liking what he sees, she’s guapisima, but where are you goin’, hon’? Don’t you remember, Cesarin, it’s the bridal shower for the locksmith’s daughter. Cesar’s a little foggy about this, but Nieves (which means snows) SNOWS him but good, asks him to watch over her Betito, make sure he doesn’t go out, and definitely not drink anything, so bye, now! She’s off for her hot date with we know who.

Okay, they’re really going to have to do something about all the scenes in the exact same part of Coni’s-was-Mau’s house. Looking back in this recap, we first had Coni talking to the kids. They walked out, Jaqui walked in, and talked to Coni. Then Coni left, and Jero walked in and talked to Jacqui. Jero left, and Katia popped in to talk to Jacqui. Now Jaqui is offstage, and the kids are back, all packed up to leave for who knows where (stage left?). Can you spell budget crunch? Anyway, I like Luisa’s white coat, but they apparently decided to go with a Snuggie to wrap up little Dani (as I said, budget crunch). Katia agrees to keep their secret, gives a huggie to the snuggie (and to Aldo).

And now for the turning point of this entire novela (oh, I don’t know about that, I’m just feeling a little dramatic tonight). Mauricio and Moni enter her apartment, and he tells her she’s crazy to fight La Momia. She shoots back, I HAVE to, our entire neighborhood is at risk. Besides, she’s itching to leave La Momia lying on the canvas (la lona). Mau points out that Coni cheats. Moni says, she’d better not, or I’ll REALLY let her have it. Mau calms down, they both sit down, and he has a request. Don’t ask me why, but I need you to go to Moroleón with Estrella and stay with Alicia. Moni doesn’t want to, she wants to stay and fight for the vecindad. Mauricio asks her just to do it for him, please. Moni feels they should fight together, side by side (she says codo a codo, which is elbow to elbow). Mau just wants to protect her. From whom? He can’t tell. But trust me.

No, says Moni. The music changes to happy organ, trumpets, as she starts to feel the power. I’m not leaving. I’m going to stay here in my house with you. We’ll fight together. Because together we’re stronger. We keep each other going. Mau agrees, you’re the motor that keeps me running. Right on, says Moni, keep the faith. Our love will keep us alive. Love will keep us together. Our love will make us invincible. (I think they’re running through just about every soul song I can remember). She continues the pep talk. You always ask me to trust you, well trust me now. You cured my wounds, let me cure yours. He smiles, she smiles, come on Mauricio, let’s do it together. Mau pauses a second….and he’s putty in her hands. You’re right, Monita. Nothing can stop us. They kiss. All right! Power to the People!

However, back in the hotel room, Marcos wants Mauricio to suffer even MORE than he already has. Coni agrees, that’s why she’s getting ready her secret weapon plan, her final sword thrust (estocada). Ah, daughter, you’re always thinking two steps ahead, just like me. So what’s the plan? Well, Daddy, I know this woman, and she knows a secret that if revealed, could absolutely ruin Mauricio’s love. Marcos, intrigued, asks who is the woman? What’s the secret? Knock, knock, goes the door. (Okay, sports fans. Who’s that knockin’ on that door? It could be Isabel, Nieves or Jacqui, right? Isabel, because Marcos just asked about “that woman”. Nieves, as we saw, was all dressed up with business card in bra. And Jacqui just asked Katia what hotel Marcos is staying in. I’m starting to have visions of Wack-a-Mole, déjà vu, but we’ll probably have to wait til Monday for this, if it happens.) Coni thinks it’s some little chippie girlfriend of her Dad’s, and gets up to fix a drink. Marcos opens the door, and it’s Isabel. Good eeeevening, she says, in her best Alfred Hitchcock imitation (she actually just said buenas noches).

Isabel sees Coni, and is surprised (we can’t really use impactada for her, but the eyebrows did move this time). She’s La Momia, utters Isa. She’s the woman who wants to destroy Valentina. Marcos IS impactado, and Coni looks like a deer in the headlights. Isabel starts to laugh. This is rich. You (Coni) have no idea what Valentina means in your life. Sure I do, she tore my life to pieces. Well maybe, replies Isa, but you might change your opinion if your father told you what happened between us 20 or so years ago. Coni asks her Dad, what’s she talking about? Marcos gets mad, and while Isabel exhorts him to tell the truth, since she wants to see Coni’s face, he brusquely tells Coni he needs to talk to Isabel alone, and hustles Coni right out of the hotel room.

Mauricio is so relieved that Moni has forced him to see the light, he’s filled with emotion. Besides, this has been the most difficult day of his life. Besides losing the trial, he received another swordthrust (estocada, two times in one episode, maybe I’ll actually learn this word). Salvador died of an accident in Venezuela. Moni is deeply saddened, but summons the strength to help her man. She tells him she knows Salvador was like a father to him. She hugs him tight. Just then, the door opens, and the kids have arrived. Aldo announces they’ve left home, and aren’t going back.

Marcos can’t believe what’s happening. Constanza knows Valentina? That’s right, says Isabel with amusement, your daughter hates Valentina, and Valentina hates La Momia with all her might. Don’t call my daugher La Momia, snarls Marcos. Oh, I didn’t give her that name, Valentina did. Marcos lets loose with a few “no puede ser”s. But why do they hate each other? he demands. I don’t know, replies Isabel, maybe it’s the same story as ours. To this very day, Nieves and I detest each other. And Valentina and your daughter also love the same man. Mauricio Sermeño? asks Marcos. Bingo. Then, do you know Mauricio Sermeño? Oh course, says Isa, he’s the love of my daughter’s life. So, Marcos, are you going to tell your daughter who Valentina really is?

Aldo’s ready to go. Let’s all escape, and live our life free of problems. La Momia will never find us. Mauricio stands up, Monita at his side. Children, today Monita made me understand something very important. Running away accomplishes nothing. You have to confront your problems. If you try to escape, to hide, your problems will remain, and you’ll live in fear. You have to stand fast, and fight your problems head on (Mau and Moni are trading platitudes here). You must fight on the battlefield. Like Monita in the ring. Or like Furia Enmascarada.

Back at Estrella’s, she into the fight theme, too, telling Cris and Pau she can’t wait to see Monita plaster Coni. Paula wants to see her break Coni’s nose and leave it crooked (chueca, which as we’ve seen in other episodes, can also mean crooked as in dirty dealings). Cris is glad Paula’s a little happier than she was, for some reason she was sad. Pau tells them that Sal died, and Cris and Estre are impactados. They all agree that this must be very hard for Gabi, and they’ll try to comfort her when she comes back from Venezuela. Cris strokes Paula’s hair.

Mau, Moni, Aldo and Luisa are sitting down now (Dani’s sleeping), as the parents explain to the children that they’ll always be together, even if the kids have to live with La Momia for now. They’ll find a way to visit, and Aldo has Mau’s cellphone, so they can always stay in touch with each other. Moni adds that they know she, Monita is a fighter, she’ll always fight for the children, and Coni can’t win, because she doesn’t have what they have – love. They remember when Moni knocked out some kids who were bothering them, and they first felt that she should be their mother. Mau tells the kids they have to go back to Connie’s house, but they’ll find a way to be together. Aldo says right here, right now, this is the family we should be, the five of us together. Mau agrees, this is the family we WILL be, son, there’s no doubt. Moni agrees, as sure as her name is Valentina La Monita Lopez. Broad smiles all around.

As the evil music rises up again, Marcos tells Isabel not to tell Coni the truth about Valentina, and Isabel agrees. Marcos can’t believe that now that he’s finally seen Valentina, all this happens. What? You’ve seen her? asks Isabel. Well, it was a coincidence. I went to see Nieves, and she showed up. Of course, says Isabel, angry now. You just HAD to see Nieves. Why, Marcos, why? I’m the one who has always loved you. She reaches up and starts to kiss him, but he roughly rejects her. Isabel, please! Knock, knock, goes the door. (Who is it this time? We have two suspects left). Marcos looks through the little hole in the door, rushes back. You have to hide. It’s my ex-wife!

Previews of coming attractions: Beto decides to become a priest!!!!
And Marcos may have been lying, because it looks as if Nieves is in his hotel room, armed with that unicorn purse, and does she still love him? YES!


Juicio – a trial (when I said Mauricio got shafted in the juicio, how many of you were thinking body parts?)
Picando piedra – knocking one’s head against the wall, doing a good for nothing thing over and over with no reward, literally chopping stones or rocks
Pudrirse – to rot, as in Qué La Momia se pudra, let the Momia rot!
Hospedarse – to stay, or be put up in (a hotel, for example)
Codo a codo – elbow to elbow, we’d probably say arm in arm, or side by side, as in fighting together
Estocada – final sword thrust, as in bullfighting


Friday, January 29, 2010

Mujeres Asesinas 2, Thursday, January 28: The case of the heiferous jefa.

Hola todos! I did not get to see this show last season, but after watching the first 15 minutes of last night's episode I had the burning urge to recap it. It's so dark, there may not be a lot of snark involved, but there's always the possibility of some good vocabulary!

Beginning with the title: "Mujeres Asesinas" which Mr. 5ft kept insisting must mean "Woman Assassins." Eh, not quite, as "assassin" in English implies a certain level of expertise and/or doing it for pay. A better translation would be "Women Who Kill" or "Murderous Women."

In tonight's episode, Carmen Salinas plays "Carmen, honrada" (Carmen, honorable), a mistreated maid with one heifer of a "jefa" (boss lady).

As the episode starts, we are told it was inspired by true events. We hear crying and we see Carmen being handcuffed and led away while the CSI: Latina team places evidence markers and photographs the crime scene and the body. Carmen looks at a scruffy teenage boy and quietly asks him to forgive her as a streaky-haired teenage girl keeps up the sobbing.

Gloria Trevi sings the opening theme, Que Emane: "Let it come like blood, let it come, come, come, let it run, let it drain, let it well up, let it flow, like blood comes in an open wound…let it come, the pain, the disdain, the resentment, and all the humiliation and grief, let it come sweat and all humiliation, revenge, snubbing, and fears." In other words, time to get down and dirty!

Flashback: Carmen rings a bell. Her bitchy boss, Susana answers the door. Susana is played by Cecilia Gabriela, last seen in flashbacks as Altagracia Elizalde in Mañana es Para Siempre. Gee, uh, nice to see she's not being typecast. She complains about Carmen ringing the bell. See, Carmen was supposed to be there at 9am, but not supposed to wake Susana up. However, Susana refuses to give her a key: "What do you want keys for? So you can make a copy and come empty out my house?" After this tirade, she snuggles up on the couch under a blanket. Carmen solicitously asks how she's feeling. Turns out boss lady had a rough night. She asks Carmen to fix her breakfast. The usual, fruit, cereal. Carmen tries to tempt her with chocolate and Susana goes on about maybe also making a "torta de tamal" (a tamale sandwich)…yeah, what do you call them, "guajolotas" (tamale sandwich)…or no, wait, how about a "torta ahogada" (a fried pork sandwich dunked in chili sauce, literally "drowned sandwich")…yeah, all fried up in tons of oil. From the look on Carmen's face, Susana probably means this sarcastically, like "sure, you think I'm gonna eat peasant food," but it sounds damn good to me! As Carmen heads for the kitchen, Susana demands to see her hands, front and back. She gives grudging approval. Then she asks if Carmen is planning on fixing breakfast dressed like that, in her "ropa de pesero" (the clothes she wore on the minibus). Carmen says she'll change. Susana gives her a "you'd better" look.

In the kitchen, in uniform, Carmen prepares a pretty fruit plate. As she brings it over, Susana says "see how pretty," but I'm not clear on whether she means the fruit or Carmen's uniform (as in, see how much better you look when you're not wearing your own crappy clothes). Carmen timidly offers her coffee and Susana accepts.

Now we see Carmen in her own kitchen, preparing another plate of food. She calls her granddaughter, Jenny to breakfast. Jenny looks at the plate and says it's way too much food! But Carmen says she needs to eat, she's too skinny. She offers to prepare some strawberry "atole" (a hot corn drink). But Jenny laughs at the idea of having both "chilaquiles" (which have fried tortillas as a base for salsa or mole and eggs) and atole…too many carbs, I guess? Carmen says that Jenny is looking as delicate as her boss, Susana, and she'd rather she looked like a little nut, a little almond (uh, rounder and more tan?). She mocks Susana, "are your hands clean? Show me?" Then she's gotta sit down because her back is hurting from all that cleaning. Jenny offers to come help her once her school semester is over. Carmen's not sure, Mrs. Susana is kind of weird, so Carmen will have to ask her first. Jenny asks where her dad is. Carmen tries to lie and say he went out early, but Jenny knows he never came home last night. She assumes he was waylaid by a bottle of alcohol.

Just then, there's a ruckus at the door and Carmen tells Jenny to go to school. Jenny pushes past a uniformed officer dragging her father, Guillermo in the front door. Guillermo tries to claim that he weren't botherin' nobody. The cop rolls his eyes. Carmen offers him breakfast, but he says he has to get back to work. He tells her to keep an eye on her son. She sits Guillermo down at the table and says she was worried about him. He starts eating Jenny's breakfast, cradling his head. In response to Carmen, he says he didn't go to his AA meeting last night, cause he can do it on his own. Riiiiight. Carmen says he's not putting in enough effort. He comments that Jenny left without saying goodbye, but what did he expect? He wants to take her to the basilica to do a "manda" to the "virgencita" (make an offering to the Virgen). Carmen laughs it off "you really think the virgin wants to talk to drunks? You've already gotten Alcoholics Anonymous put in front of you. What more help do you need?" Guillermo says maybe he's not making enough effort. Carmen says maybe she and Jenny aren't either. Then he backtracks and says it's his life, anyway. Carmen really laughs now and says "your life? What kind of life?"

Carmen shows Susana some sheets. Susana says they're fine, but she doesn't want Carmen to take them. Carmen wants to lay them out in the sun to bleach, but Susana doesn't see why she can't do that here. Susana says she doesn't have control over things coming back. Carmen says things always come back. Sure, says Susana, until they don’t. Susana asks if Carmen got her pills. She did, and the girl at the pharmacy wants to know why she doesn't use stronger antidepressants cause the current dose doesn't seem to be working. Susana is about to go off on the absent pharmacy girl, but her son, Leo walks in. We get hit over the head with how Leo's not like his mom as he asks Carmen how she's doing and how her back is. Carmen tells him his dad called. Susana is upset that Carmen didn't tell her, but Carmen forgot and Susana was in the shower when he called. Susana reminds her she's supposed to be writing down all the phone messages…oh, unless she doesn't know how to write? Leo shuts his mom up…about that, anyway. So she starts in on how Carmen shouldn't be using "tú" to address her son. In the absence of her husband, he is the man of the house. Leo is shaking his head and he tells her to drop it. Susana says she's the one who gives orders and she expects them to be obeyed. Both Leo and Carmen walk off and Susana gripes at them both "oh, so sorry you don't like it, but I can't be controlling everything!" Carmen mutters something under her breath, so Susana calls her back to clarify that she's the boss here. Of course, if Carmen doesn't like it, she can leave. Not that she could get a job somewhere else, at her age, and just FYI, Susana won't even giver her a letter of recommendation. Now that she's been warned, she is dismissed.

Susana's body lies facedown on a table as a medical dude explains to the lead detective, Sofía Capellán, that she was struck 5 times, 4 of them piercing major organs. She died immediately. They don't have prints back from the weapon, but so far everything is pointing to Carmen. There were no previous indications of violence on the body, or on Carmen. Nor is their any evidence to dispute that Carmen is the one who killed her. The medical guy says there was no previous violence, no attempt at robbery, she never tried to flee and she accepted responsibility immediately. Det. Capellán wonders (as do I) if she could be covering for someone. The son, Leo, is the one who called the cops, at the request of Carmen. The medical dude says Carmen must have just had a sudden, momentary rage. Capellán looks only somewhat convinced.

Another flashback. Jenny is cleaning windows while Carmen vacuums. Susana comes in, demanding to know who this person is washing her windows. Carmen reminds her that they'd discussed this before, it's her granddaughter. Susana asks her name and when she responds with "Jennifer" Susana, in English, says "excuse me, oh my god!" She laughs as she asks what her brothers and sisters' names are, but Jenny says she doesn't have any. Susana says if she did, they probably would have been "Jennifer, Brian, and Donovan." Carmen doesn't get the joke. Susana, now letting a gringa accent creep into her Spanish tells Carmen it's fine if Jenny is there, but she'd better not even DREAM of getting paid. She walks off laughing and tosses off a gringafied "Bienvenido" over her shoulder. Carmen wants Jenny to explain why Susana reacted that way, but Jenny tells her not to pay any attention.

Jenny explains to Det. Capellán that she doesn't really pay attention to whether people are rich or poor or how they dress. She doesn't care, as long as they're good people. She doesn't judge people on appearance. She didn't look at people the way "that woman" looked at her.

Flashback to Jenny bringing Susana a fruit plate. Susana asks if she washed her hands and demands to see them, front and back.

Det. Capellán wants to know how Susana looked at Jenny. "With disdain. Not like you. Or my grandma. Or Leo." Her son?

Flashback to Leo walking into the kitchen. Susana is surprised to see him. She thought he wasn't going to make it home for lunch because he'd be at his lecture on "becerros" (calves). But no, it was "borregos" (sheep) and he is, in fact, home for lunch. She calls "Jennifer," and Leo is surprised to hear that there's a Jennifer running around the house. Jenny comes in and Susana tells her to serve lunch to "el señor" (the gentleman). Leo says no way, he's just Leo. He wants Jenny to address him with "tú", you know, like all the pretty young things his age do (no thanks, mom, for trying to make me sound older). He asks where Carmen is. Jenny gets flustered and says Carmen is ironing…"uh, should I call her?" Susana says yes. Leo makes the mistake of commenting to mom that Jenny's, like, hot. Susana swats him with a napkin and says she's sick of his "aires de proletario" (proletarian airs, i.e., acting like a peasant). Carmen and Jenny come back in. Leo says hi to Carmen and asks how she's doing. He asks how her telenovala is going (awww, that's sweet). She's obviously uncomfortable answering in front of her boss. She asks if he wants her to fix him something to eat, but he says she can go back to ironing if she wants to and Jenny can do it.

Det. Capellán asks if Jenny fell in love with him (nod) and if his mother knew.

Flashback: Leo is working on his computer as Jenny comes in with freshly laundered shirts. He shows her where they go in the closet. He gets up in her personal space as they chat about school. They both like math. He's into engineering, though, and she's into accounting. As he starts putting the moves on her, Susana's Virgin Alarm (TM Mel Brooks) goes off and she comes storming into the room. Just before Jenny can make her escape, Susana demands to know what she's doing there. She continues that Jenny has no business in Leo's room. "I know it doesn't matter to you people…." Jenny runs out and Leo tells Susana to shut it, already. Susana says "that's how they are. They sleep with a bunch of people all in one room. Who knows what kind of things she's learned!" She says if you don't control the maids they steal from you. And her proof of it is that she keeps her maids controlled and so "nin-gu-na" (not a single one) has stolen from her. Leo tells her to quit trying to control things, "that's why dad left." "Oh, you're blaming me for your dad leaving?" She point-blank tells him that he's both the man of the house and a child. A five-year-old at that, in terms of taking care of himself, "you saw how that girl was looking at you!" Sure, he says, I need to worry that she'll rape me. Susana says Jenny will open her legs for him and next thing he knows he'll be a dad. "And I don't want to have a gross, ugly grandchild."

Jenny complains to her dad about how crappy grandma's boss is. Carmen is too tired to talk about her. And besides, the poor woman has been sick since her husband left her. She says if she's put up with it it's to put bread on the table. At least, until Guillermo gets a job. He says he might get a job tomorrow. A fellow AA member might be able to get him some part-time work. Jenny is thrilled that he's going to meetings again. He tells both ladies that he's really trying. Carmen says she hopes God helps them all.

As Carmen counts her week's pay, Susana tells her to be back at 9am sharp on Monday. "None of this going out and getting drunk with your son and then I have to put up with your hangover." Carmen says her pay is 200 pesos short, but she didn't miss a day. Susana claims that Jenny washed the windows so badly that she had to hire a professional person to do the work over. And she's certainly not going to pay twice for the same work. Carmen tries to argue that Susana can't do that. Susana laughs and says of course she can, pointing at Carmen's pay as proof. "So, early Monday, then, at 9." Before she can go, Susana stops her and demands to see what's in her bag. Carmen says it's just her uniform, a couple of buttons are loose and she wants to fix them. She turns the bag upside down to show that there's nothing else in it. Susana shoos her off.

As Carmen walks out, Leo walks in, having heard at least part of what's going on. He tells his mother he doesn't know how Carmen puts up with her. "Ha! You mean how I put up with her…every day she gets worse. I'm supporting her and her useless son, and now that Jenny." Leo hands her the phone and says to just get it over with, call his dad and tell him what she thinks of him so she can quit taking it out on other people. Susana asks him if he ever returned his dad's call. Is he still with that "piruja" (ho)? Leo says he's been with her for two years now. Susana says she's still a ho. And what's more, she's only a couple of years older than Leo. She could be his sister! So what, says Leo, she's not, she's dad's girlfriend and that's neither my business nor yours. Susana laughs this off. She says "Just wait and see, when one of them gets tired of the other, your dad's going to come crawling back crying and begging forgiveness, but he won't be able to get back in." Leo says that's not going to happen. He has to be the one to break it to her that Dad's call was to tell him that he's going to have another kid. His girlfriend is six months pregnant. "So if I were you, I'd get over it and start putting my life back together."

Det. Capellán asks Leo if his dad was in the house when "the tragedy" happened. Leo recaps the living situation. He says he shouldn't have told Mom about the new baby on the way. She didn't take it well. Capellán asks about the relationship between Susana and Carmen. Leo says Susana didn't treat her well, she was always rude to her, she insulted her. He says Carmen is one of the best people he's ever met. "Then your mother must have done or said something really terrible for her to react like that." Leo says that his mom was severely depressed and was taking it out on everyone else, she was completely nuts.

Flashback: Susana squirts cleaner on a mirror and wipes at it. Yeah, you read that right. She complains that she can't believe she's having to do the cleaning in her own house. Meanwhile Carmen is steaming the curtains, but Susana thinks she's going to burn them and asks if Carmen knows what she's doing. "Sorry, it's just that I know you people don't put curtains up in your houses, you just put newspaper over the windows, so how would I know…it just makes me sick to have to be cleaning and running errands like a maid." In the background, Jenny is dusting some wood shelves. Susana gets upset and comes over to take over the cleaning, cause Jenny's doing it all wrong. She keeps spouting crap about how "they" need to use their brains a little "I know it doesn't bother you people to live in filth, but there are people like me who want things clean and want things done right." (Okay, that's it, I confess. I killed her. With a rag soaked in glass cleaner. The stab wounds? Oh, those were self-inflicted, yeah.) Leo comes in, in shock, and asks what's going on. Susana says they're cleaning to get ready for a dinner party next Friday, uh, for some friends from the club. But those are friends of dads, says Leo. Susana rants about how she wants them to come over to see that she hasn't let the house become crap. Her marriage might be crap, her life might be crap, but her house…. Carmen motions to Jenny and the leave the room as Leo tries to calm Susana down.

Carmen and Jenny get off the minibus. They see Guillermo drinking and Carmen just pretends not to see him. But he comes running up, asking where they've been. He tries to say he was at work too. They question his choice of friends. Carmen tells Jenny to quit needling her dad and she swats Guillermo on the arm and tells him to come home with them. She mentions having him do some plumbing over at Mrs. Susana's place. He says no way and the ladies stare at him. Their stares guilt him into saying he'll get up early tomorrow and go with Carmen. Jenny wants to go too, but Carmen mentions Leo. She tells Guillermo who he is. Guillermo laughs at her and says she's trying to fly high. He makes fun of her hat and pulls it off to reveal the streaks of blonde she put into her very, very dark hair. He laughs and says she's trying to be a "guera" (white girl) and Jenny runs off. Carmen tells him to stop making fun of her.

Det. Capellán asks Guillermo why his mother did what she did. He says "ask her." "I'm asking you because I want to know what you think." Guillermo says he doesn't wish harm on anyone, but that woman deserved it. What's more, if Carmen hadn't killed her, he would have done it.

Flashback: Carmen dries dishes as Susana walks into the kitchen. She goes over to where Guillermo is working on the plumbing and sniffs. "Hey, if you were a plumber I would think you'd have put hot water in your house." Carmen, uncharacteristically, says they have hot water in their house and her son bathed this morning. Susana says he must not have changed his clothes then. She can't understand why they would bathe and then put dirty clothes back on. She asks "whatever his name is" what he's going to charge her for the work. He says he can't tell until he gets it taken apart so he can see what needs to be done. Susana laughs and says no way, once it's all taken apart then he can charge whatever he wants to. Guillermo gives Carmen a look. Susana asks Carmen if it wasn't just a seal that needed to be replaced. She says that's why she asking, so she'll know up front. She doesn't want to have problems later. Guillermo says she won't. Then he ignores her and asks his mom to hand him a tool. There's an argument when Susana insists that she'll do it since she needs Carmen to keep working and she's not paying her to be a plumber's assistant. Meanwhile Leo is shouting from upstairs that Mom was supposed to bring him a drink. Jenny comes bouncing in and says she'll take Leo his drink. She pulls a juice bottle out of the fridge. Susana comments on her hair, which Carmen brushes off as "kid stuff." Susana laughs maliciously as she pronounces it, in English, to be "very very natural." She ends up handing Guillermo the right tool and then suggesting that he just get up to get whatever other tools he's going to need instead of asking someone to hand them to him. Guillermo hasn't been in this house a day yet and he already has that "long-suffering" look.

Upstairs, Leo is working on his computer. He admits to Jenny that he doesn't care where she leaves his drink, he just wanted her to come. She says she wanted to. They do what cute kids their age do when left alone for longer than 30 seconds.

Guillermo thinks he needs a different tool. Susana gives him grief about it so he gets up, puts the wrench he as holding on Susana's hand and tells her to fix it her damn self. He says something that gets bleeped out. Susana calls him a "naco igualado" (uppity low-class trash). He leaves and Susana calls after him that he'd better not be drunk, cause she'll call the police. Carmen tries to calm her down.

Carmen goes after Guillermo. He argues that they shouldn't be treated that way, but she says they've got to eat. He tells her they need to have dignity. She repeats "dignity".

Jenny and Leo are not at all dignified. Jenny pries herself away from him before the clothes can go flying.

Carmen tries to apologize to Susana. "If you know he's like that, why did you bring him? Don't you realize he's dangerous!" Carmen says he's not dangerous, just sick and desperate because he can't find work. Susana says she's so upset she even wants to fire Carmen now. She demands that Carmen give her Guillermo's full name because she's going to call the cops on him so that he can't come back to the house and try to get revenge on her. She has flipped her wig. She says she knows them well, he's a drunk and a thief, just like Carmen. She knows Carmen is stealing from her. Jenny walks in on this tirade and Susana turns on her, saying that she's a ho who streaked her hair. She tells them she's had enough and she wants them both out. "Go back to your crap hole and think about what you've lost." Carmen starts crying. She and Jenny turn to go.

Jenny and Carmen are walking around the neighborhood putting up little flyers for cleaning services.

Susana, however, has extremely generously allowed them both to come back to work for her, but only because she has her dinner the following day. She wants to get Jenny into a uniform, but they can deal with that later. For now, she needs them to wash all the stemware--and they'd better be careful not to break any because there's already enough coming out of Carmen's paycheck for what Guillermo messed up and if they break a glass she'll have to take that out of Carmen's paycheck too. Susana says she's going out to buy flowers for the dinner.

The ladies commence to the washing. Leo comes in and greets them both. He apologizes for his Mom's crazy behavior. Leo tells Jenny that he got the scholarship information that she was asking for and it's upstairs at his desk, if she wants to come up and look at it. This is Kid Code for "let's snog." Carmen quietly tells Jenny to leave the door open and goes back to drying glassware.

When Susana comes home, Carmen is downstairs cooking a vegetable soup. She asks about the glassware, but it's not quite finished yet and, uh, she sent Jenny out to get sodas, yeah.

Leo shuts his door as he makes out with Jenny.

Carmen tries to stall Susana from going upstairs by asking of she doesn't want her to make a little bit of pasta. Susana snootily says she doesn't know if Carmen will know how to cook it al dente…so no, nevermind. She says she's going upstairs to rest. Carmen then tries to tempt her with empanadas, but Susana laughs saying they'll probably be swimming in oil like her quesadillas. Then Carmen tries to offer her some Michoacan-style enchiladas. Susana says there's no way she's serving enchiladas at a big important dinner. "What is wrong with you? I told you we'd discuss the menu later!" Susana goes upstairs as Carmen visibly worries.

Susana hears heavy breathing coming from Leo's room, so, like any mother with a complete lack of boundaries, she opens the door. She starts physically pulling Jenny out of bed as she insults her. Then she starts smacking Leo and they argue about who's showing disrespect to whom. Jenny comes flying down the stairs wearing her jeans and holding the rest of her clothes in front of her. Carmen asks "What have you done?" as if it isn't obvious, and continues, "You stupid kids! What have you done!" Well, I'm glad she's not laying this entirely at Jenny's door. Susana comes downstairs now, calling Jenny a ho and accusing Carmen of trying to distract her with food while Jenny was upstairs trying to get herself impregnated to see what they could get out of Leo. Again, with the wig flipping. Leo comes downstairs, finally, and tries to calm Susana down. In the course of her tirade, she eventually gets to "you're just like your father." Sigmund Freud rolls over in his grave in London and gives a hearty "I told you so!"

Carmen thanks Susana as she and Jenny prepare to leave the house. Jenny is carrying Carmen's bag and Susana insists that it's full of things they stole from her. She says they're not leaving until she calls the cops to turn them in for robbing her. Jenny is freaking out cause she has no idea what Susana's talking about. She goes on and on about various things being missing, including some jewelry, tools, and knives. Leo asks her what she's talking about. "You wanna see your knives?" asks Carmen. She pulls a bunch out of a drawer, throws them out on the counter and says, "there they are. What else?"

Det. Capellán asks Carmen, "And were the knives there?" Carmen says, of course they were. "And what was in the other drawers?" Carmen says when she opened them, they were full of years of insults, humiliations, jokes, denigrating words…that's what was in the other drawers.

Flashback: Carmen and Susana continue their argument. Susana is complaining about a bunch of things being missing that Carmen says were never in the house to begin with. Carmen has had it. She tells Susana that she's not a thief and she's not ungrateful, and she's spent years taking care of her and her son. "You're the one who's sick, sick with hate and stinginess and haughtiness and you know what? You're a poor crazy lady who doesn't know how to be grateful for what she has." The two teenagers are looking appalled. Jenny reaches out her hands towards Carmen. Leo tries to restrain his mom as she picks up a frying pan and brandishes it at Carmen, saying no maid is going to insult her like this in her own house. Carmen picks up the pot of soup and flings it in Susana's direction, but Leo grabs her by the arms and most of it ends up on the floor. Susana tells her now she's taken it too far, she's going to regret it, and the cops are going to come lock them up and they'll rot in jail. Carmen picks up a knife and stabs Susana in the back as Susana is picking up the phone. She screams "that's enough." A CGI blood butterfly flies away from Susana's body and upstairs. Carmen drops the knife and looks up.

The aftermath rolls past on screen (with a few letters on the right margin missing, so this is the best I can piece together!): "The judge took into consideration the extenuating circumstances recommended by Det. Capellán. The physical and verbal abuse of servants is considered abuse. Carmen Jiménez was sentenced to five years in prison for unpremeditated murder. Jenny and Leo never saw each other again. In Mexico, discrimination based on social status and violation of rights are the principal causes of crimes of passion."

Next week, prostitution. Yay?


En Nombre del Amor, January 29, 2010

For comments on Friday's ENDA episode.


En Nombre del Amor, January 28, 2010--Orlando Is a Weasel

Repeat of Carlota lying to Eugenio that Cris put the moves on her and telling him not to trust Cris, and Eugenio not believing her. Rafael tells Camila that Orlando blackmailed him into staying away from her in exchange for not revealing Diana’s sordid past to Emiliano.

Dr. B. and Rufi discuss Carlota inviting him over for dinner. He thought she’d freak out about him taking Paloma away. Rufi thought so too but apparently Carlota wants to set the date so she can thank him for taking Pal to the capital. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to alarm them in the least. Dr. B. asks Rufi if she talked to Pal about Inaki’s ring--Rufi asked her to get it appraised again and thinks Pal will take it to Mexico City with her and do it there. What a surprise she’ll get, but at least she’ll be far away, so the Purple One won’t find out about it. Which means that now that Rufi has said that, Carlota will surely find out she has the fake ring and Pal has the real one.

Romina asks Emiliano to help her look for her mom.

Rafa tells Cami that he did what he did for Emil, who was going through a rough time, and he didn’t want to run the risk that Orly would carry out his threat. Cami doesn’t believe that Orly is like that. Rafa says, ask Orly for yourself.

Angelica and Pal commiserate over the loves of their lives being out of their reach. Ange feels terrible being at this wedding--it must be like what Pal felt when Emil married Romi. Pal wants to keep being friends with Ange once she gets out of Real del Dodge. Ange is going to take off too, as soon as Orly gets back from his honeymoon. Pal says when she gets to the city, she’ll give Ange her new contact info, but she doesn’t want her to give it to anyone else, especially not Emil. Pal looks at Emil talking with Anamar and notes that he found consolation for his ruined love affairs real fast.

Camila returns to her room saying “no puede ser” and wondering what kind of man she’s marrying if this is true. Emil and Romi come in, and after demanding to know where Cami was, Romi actually looks genuinely concerned when she sees that her mother was crying. Cami asks to be left alone.

Montage of Cami and Rafa saying goodbye to each other and during happier times.

Emil and Gabriel run into each other. Gabe politely inquires about the baby and then is about to leave but Emil stops him--he wants to tell him that soon his situation will be settled and he’s going to fight for Paloma. Gabe informs Emil that in the future maybe she won’t be with either one of them, since she’s leaving for Mexico City.

Romi and Anamar run into each other--catfight part 2. Anamar tells her that Emil is her husband only on paper, and she’s here to renew the relationship she and Emil had in Monterrey, or to end it forever.

Cami asks Orlando if it’s true that he demanded that Rafa leave her in exchange for his silence re: Diana. He answers that Diana and Rafa didn’t want Emil to know about Orly being his father, but he couldn’t give up his son. Then he plays the “I was a victim too” card and claims that he wasn’t going to speak badly of Di to Emil. The only thing he wanted was for Emil to know he was his father. Anyway, if Rafa left, it’s because that was his decision, not mine. He then says if she wants to cancel the wedding over this issue, just say so.

Rafa is sitting in the park by himself when he’s joined by Luz and Xochitl. She knows he’s upset about Cami’s wedding. She thinks he was correct in telling Cami the truth about Orly. He asks her to forgive him--he doesn’t want to hurt her. She admits that it hurts a lot, but that’s life and it’s just a question of waiting. She realizes that Rafa is there waiting for Cami’s answer.

Cami thinks she judged Orly too quickly; she sees that he loves Emil so much that he didn’t want to hurt him by telling him about how awful his mom is. Orly repeats what he said earlier about it being Rafa’s choice to leave. But he leaves it up to her to decide if they’re going to marry or not.

Luz tells Rafa that she wants him to be happy--if Cami makes you happy, face the whole world for her.

Ines and her new hubby have just gotten married. Outside the church, Carlota congratulates her--who would have thought that at your age you were going to get married? Ines suggests that it could happen to Carlota too, but the Purple One claims that she doesn’t need a man to be happy, presumably because making everyone miserable and killing whoever gets in her way keeps her plenty happy. After she leaves, the witch parade continues with the appearance of Diana, who says that the weddings of older women are a bit ridiculous. Ines comments about Samuel not being there, so Diana blabs on about how busy and important he is.

Scenes of Orlando and Camila getting married (and Angelica looking distraught), signing the certificate, etc. He’s going to make her the happiest woman in the world, blah blah blah. Not sure how he’s going to accomplish that once she finds out about Houston, but whatever.

Padre Benito is on the phone with the high-ranking church guy, informing him that they will know Cris’s future on Monday. The church guy had to expel Cris because the parishioners’ faith is put at risk when a priest doesn’t conduct himself properly, but he believes Cris is innocent.

Miriam gets a call from Dario, who says he’s going to find her, and she’s going to pay. Maybe she has forgotten what happened the last time she wanted to accuse him of plagiarism. She tries to tell herself that she’s not afraid of him.

German arrives at Cami’s and starts macking on Romi. A couple of people walk by, including Emil, but G and R sneak off to the bathroom without being seen. Dr. B. comes looking for the bathroom, but it’s locked so he and Emil have a chat instead. Emil asks if DNA results can be wrong; he wants to take another test without anyone knowing. Dr. B. remembers his conversation with Camila about how she thought Germy might be the father. Dr. B. agrees to help him and do a test the next day. After they go off to get a drink, Romi and Germy exit the bathroom adjusting their clothes.

Emil asks Pal why she didn’t tell him her plans to leave town and why does Gabe know. She replies that Gabe is a part of her life, and he (Emil) isn’t, so how do you like them apples. And if she were in love with Gabe, she has a right to be, no? Romi sees them talking and can’t stand that they’re together. Anyway, it’s time to toss the bouquet. Paloma catches it, whoop-de-doo. Emil and Gabe smile at her.

Rafa is still at the park. He thinks he’s an idiot but Luz congratulates him on taking risks and tries to cheer him up. She says he has brought so much to her life that she loves being with him. She suggests that now they can begin their own story.

Carlota is sitting in her study doing nothing when Rufi comes in and tells her that Pal is outside talking to Gabe. La Loca is annoyed and wants to know what Gabe’s intentions are. Rufi doesn’t think he plans to pursue Pal. She then informs Carlota that Dr. B. accepted her invitation--how about tomorrow at noon? At first this catches Carlota off guard, but then she says, the sooner the better--she’ll even go buy the fish herself.

Paloma gives Gabe a list of people to invite to her birthday party. He wants her to be happy that day and she promises to try. She’s dreamed so much about turning 18 that sometimes she can’t believe it’s going to happen (neither can I). She feels nostalgic about leaving both the happy and sad memories behind, the ones that made her who she is. Gabe notes that it hurts to let go of everything, it’s the hardest thing to do.

Emiliano visits the baby and promises he won’t abandon him even if it turns out he’s not his biological son and he divorces Romi.

Cami is packing for her honeymoon when Romi comes in to say goodbye. They hug and say they love each other. Romi comments that now she knows how hard marriage is, how awful it feels when your partner doesn’t love you as much as you love him. Cami inquires about Anamar but Romi doesn’t want to discuss it. Anyway, have a nice time, but come back soon to help me with the baby.

Orly visits Cris, who’s down in the dumps about his chances for being found innocent. As we’ve come to expect, Orly would rather think that everything’s going to be fine. He says he’ll keep tabs on Cris’s case while he’s gone, but Cris tells him not to worry--besides, you have to dedicate yourself to Cami.

Angelica cries to Miriam over losing Orlando for what she thinks is forever, but really, it’s probably only for 30 episodes or so.

Scenes of Cami and Orly enjoying themselves at the Mayan Riviera.

Emil is at the hospital to take his DNA test. He’s surprised when Dr. B. tells him about his upcoming lunch date at the House of Horrors. The doc says he’ll be taking Pal to Mexico City after her birthday, so Emil asks if he’ll give him the address there. Dr. B. just smiles.

Carlota buys more belladonna--she tells the lady to give her the same amount that she bought last time. She thinks to herself that the doctor can’t complain, as his death isn’t going to be so painful.

Tomorrow: Carlota cooks up another batch of her witches’ brew and adds it to Dr. B.’s coffee.


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