Thursday, November 30, 2006

Heridas de Amor Thursday 11/30

Naty gives Miranda a cocolbosh potion and magically gets transferred to the cocoa fields. Naty says her children will inherit her fortune of the cocolbush . Santiago talks to Andrea while Pamela talks to Luciano. She tells him that if anything happens to Miranda they'll postpone the wedding but he tells her they're getting married as planned nothing will make him change their wedding date.

Gabino tells Fernanda when and how he found Naty when Cesar and Berta arrive and hear him talk about the gun that Naty has. Berta asks him for his parents and he tells her they're no longer in Mexico. She and Cesar are surprised to see Naty and Berta asks her why she didn't tell her who she was when she asked her and she answers that she didn't want to.

Cesar is rude to Fernanda as she tells the pair that they ruined Miranda's life because they have falsely accussed Alejandro of killing Gonzalo. In retaliation Berta tells her in her next court appearance she'll say that she knew Alejandro was coming to town to kill Gonzalo so she will be considered his accompliceand that she has Rebeca as a witness. Fernanda talks to Miranda and tells her to fight for her life when Renata arrives. She tells Renata that her sister has hung on and asks her about the ranch as she suggests she return with Juan. Renata refuses to do so saying they're from different social clases and that their relationship will never work.

Fernanda tells her she sounds like Berta but Renata reminds her of their agreement; not to talk bad about Berta and that her toughts are very much like Bertha's because she is the only mother she knew.

El Guapo is able to communicate with Berta after months saying Alejandro almost killed him. She orders him to take care of Naty when Cesar arrives. She tells him to keep seeing Nuria so she can control her. Alejandro talks to Liliana when Renata arrives. She meets Liliana and tells Alejandro how Miranda's doing. Renata tells Liliana that Alejandro is innocent and she says she knows or she wouldn't be there. She asks her if she's married and she only tells her that she has a daughter when Berta and Cesar arrive.

Cesar asks Liliana what is Alejandro doing there when Alejandro arrives and asks him the same. Alejandro confronts Cesar for paying to have him bullied in jail. Liliana threatens Cesar saying he can be charged for what Alejandro is accusing him of and he walks away not before he hits Alejandro. Liliana gets after Alejandro for letting Cesar get to him and tells him that this could be his last visit because surely the guard will report what just happened. Miranda begs God to let her live as Charo lies to Santiago about what she saw and heard and recalls Berta's threats.

Santiago realizes she knows everything but is scared. Alejandro reads a passage of the bible to Miranda. He tells her how much he's always admired her for what she is. He tells her she could have fallen in love with any man but chose him and gave her essence and innocence to him and became a woman in his arms. She awakens and tells him because of him she can confront death and that death wanted to rob her life. He says that when someone takes something from Miranda San Llorente. 'I take it back she says. They kiss and Liliana sees them.

Cesar tells Renata he regret not accepting her offer to live with him and invites her to New York. She accepts and they kiss. Unknown to them both Juan and Carola see them.Alejandro tells Liliana that Miranda is going to be fine as she tells her that her testimony is very important. She tells Alejandro it's time to leave as Miranda tells her if they can have a few minutes alone. Berta coaches Rebeca as she says she hopes Miranda divorces Alejandro and marry Cesar. Fernanda overhears Rebeca say they have to accuse her of being an aacomplice of Alejandro, she wals up to them and tells the to go to hell. Miranda tells Alejandro he has to go now as he kisses her Liliana walks away.

Carola stops Juan from confronting Cesar and Renata as they make their plans. A month late Renata returns and is greeted by Charo and then Miranda. She's confused as she tells her Cesar took her to New York and of her attitude. Liliana tells Alejandro that his hearing is the next day and assures him he'll be set free under special terms but the next step would be the Supreme Court. He asks her if it means he'll be set free to put together his life back together. When she tells him yes he hugs her thanking her for everything. He tells her he wants to meet her daughter but she says when his trial is over they'll never see each other again. Juan tells Luciano that Renata could sleep with who she wants to but won't give her a divorce. Luciano tells him to look for her but he says no.

Florencia tells Nuria that she no longer has to nurse her baby. She leaves and says that's her baby and not Florencia's when Berta arrives and tells her that the baby is indeed hers.


Heridas de Amor - November 29

The Power of Cocolbosh
We start with a short recap of Tuesday. We see Santiago tell Al that he will go see Charo and see what she has to say about the night Gonzalo died. Fab and Flor discuss how life will be different when Fab gets the money and Cesar shows his true self to Nuria.

Al is seen folding laundry in jail. A guard walks up and piles on more towels for him to fold. Al's tormentors come into the laundry room. They are friendly despite their beating from him the other day. Al asks who ordered them to attack him. They tell him that Sanson ordered it. Al is incredulous that a thug he doesn’t know ordered his mistreatment. He asks them if Sanson is the head of all this (their group and his mistreatment). They tell Al that a Cesar Beltran or Cesar Bernal is the one who gives orders. They then show Al a shank (jail made knife) that Cesar wanted them to use on Al, but because of what Al promised to do for them when they leave jail (get them good jobs) Al saved himself from the shank. They leave Al to his thoughts and the laundry.

Nuria runs after Cesar grabbing onto his shirt tails crying Don’t leave me! Cesar tries to shake Nuria off telling her repeatedly he wants a divorce. It’s not a pretty scene. Bertha walks up and begins to plead for better treatment of Nuria. She tells Cesar that Nuria has just suffered a big loss and she is now the wet nurse for Flor. Cesar tells Bertha not to get involved. He wants his freedom. Nuria runs off leaving Bertha to stand up for her. Cesar says he is going to see Miranda. Bertha laughs at him telling him that he is a little too late. Miranda is in Mexico with pneumonia. Bertha continues saying that she needs Nuria close to her. Cesar and no one else will interrupt her plans.

Gabino tells Renata that he is sure it was the river that got Miranda sick. She doesn’t know what he is talking about so he gives her a run down on how Miranda got to the hacienda (through the rain and river), how she helped the storm refugees, and how Miranda worries about Florencia and Renata. He tells her that Miranda gave him a car to sell to get money to help everyone.

Fabricio and Flor continue their talk by one of the large willow trees (or Cypress). Flor wants to name the kid after Gonzalo. Fab has a green flashback to Gonzalo telling him that he cares not a damn for Fab. We then see another scene of Gonzalo threatening Fab telling Fab that when Flor dies he will have it in for Fab. Fab returns from his flashbacks and tells Flor that they should look for another name for the baby. Flor agrees. Fab then tells Flor that he wants to confess something important. He tells her he has been a coward, that he was afraid and how he feels terror now that the baby has been born. She looks at him quizzically. He continues saying that it was Bertha and the man who shot Gonzalo who had him hidden.

Naty gets scolded by Gabino and Arcadia for leaving the property. Arcadia then asks Naty if everything that has happened (Miranda in hospital and the storm) is what she has been talking about with death and destruction? The things that would happen with the arrival Bertha? Naty tells them that not all death is death and not all life is life. This confuses Gabino and Arcadia and they ask her what she is talking about. Naty goes on saying that she the birds have left and the current has taken all the houses and animals with it. There are two malignant people among us who want to take the happiness away from us. The two form a horrible being with a snakes tongue and eyes of a jade. Arcadia recognizes these descriptions to be Bertha and Cesar, who, she says has eyes like Naty described. Naty agrees that it is them.

After Bertha’s and Cesar’s disagreement they walk amicably together discussing how they need to go see the storm refugees. Flash to Renata giving orders to Gabino in the triage area. Gabino takes off just as Carola walks up telling Renata that it’s easy to give orders but Renata should be helping the sick. Renata spits out some venom but is interrupted by the arrival of Cesar who grabs her around her waist from behind. Renata turns to hug him and then turns back around wrapping Cesar’s arms tighter around her waist. Cesar tells Renata that she was born to give orders. Now go do what she said he says to Carola. Bertha tells Cesar to not talk to Carola like that she is a volunteer, then she tells Carola to scram. Carola does and just as she leaves Juan comes rushing up telling Cesar to let go of his wife. The men have words ending with Juan socking Cesar in the stomach. Cesar socks Juan in the face sending him into the juice stand. Raul and Francisco come from no where to pull the men apart (because Cesar was going after Juan who was face first in the juice stand). Francisco tells Cesar to not talk to his son like that. Cesar yells at Juan that he will pay for this as he slithers off with Bertha.

Luciano and Pamela wait on news of Miranda in the hospital. Pam freaks out to the doctor telling him she is Miranda’s sister and that she needs to hear Miranda's diagnosis. The doctor hesitates at first then tells Pam that Miranda is not doing well. Fern walks up and the doctor tells her that her daughter is dying.

Lilliana gets Al out of jail with special permission because his wife is dying. Needless to say Al is quite worried. They arrive at the hospital and see Pam and Luciano waiting in the hall. Luciano tells AL to be strong while Al tells him he can’t live without Miranda. Lilliana overhears this and says you can’t mean that. Pamela takes offense to Lilliana and starts to prothelize that AL has a big love for Miranda. Lillian doesn’t stand for Pam’s attitude and calls her on it telling Pam to not involve herself with things that don’t concern her.

Santiago prays or is giving last rites to Miranda who is passed out in bed. Miranda wakes to ask him if she is dying. He says yes and tells her to confess her sins.

Back in the hallway Al tells Lilliana that he loves Miranda more than his own life. Lillian starts in on how she has never heard a man talk of his feelings like this. Men, to her, have always tried to be in control of everything, blah blah blah. Al listens and tells her that he hasn’t always been like this. We get to see a flashback to Al talking to Miranda at Florencia's engagement party where they discuss how tears are the only way to cure the wounds of love. He knew so little of love then.

Fernanda walks up to AL and tells him that Miranda doesn’t have much time left to live. Pamela gives Lilly a death stare. Gabino walks up with Naty. Gabino tells Fern that Naty needs to see Miranda while Naty stares happily at Lilly.

AL kisses Miranda’s hand. He blabs on about his love and how he will never leave her. He blames himself for what has happened. He tells her their love is strong and for her not to leave him.

Naty walks around the hospital hallways with Lilliana. Lilly asks how Naty knows things about her. Naty talks gibberish saying she knows that Lilly is good, that she loves her daughter and has had to work hard. Fernanda comes up saying where have you been Naty!? Why are you here!? Naty replies she has been at the hacienda, she needs to see the patrona. Fern at first tells Naty she doesn’t think Naty can see Miranda. Fern relents after Naty threatens her with if Fern doesn’t let her see Miranda then Miranda’s death will be on Ferns head like a bad curse.

Pamela calls Renata and tells her to quickly get her bottom to the hospital; Miranda doesn’t have much time left to live. Andrea walks up to Pam and the two ladies hug with Pam reciting how strong Miranda is and how she can’t die.

Al tells Miranda to take his health and energy. He prays to God to save her. He kisses Miranda on her mouth even though she has oxygen tubes coming out of her nose. He has a green flashback to their wedding and to them taking their vows. Fern walks in with Naty.

Luciano and Pam are in the hallway fighting over Lilly. Pam, the consummate guard dog, doesn’t like or trust Lilly. Luciano teases her about being jealous. Pam doesn’t want Lilly near him. Speak of the devil and Lilliana walks up to ask Luciano a question. Pam interrupts her by being rude. Lilly doesn’t skip a beat. She tells Pam did she miss something? She doesn’t understand Pam’s attitude because she can’t find a logical explication for Pam’s behavior. She then tells Pam that if she is insecure she needs to get a therapist. Pam walks off.

Luciano apologizes for Pam and Lilly tells him that she is used to this kind of behavior. She asks Luciano if he knew she had a daughter. Luc doesn’t know what she is talking about. Lilly looks like she is surprised (wondering how Naty knew) and then tells Luc to tell Al they have to go.

Al tells Fern to save Miranda! Luciano comes in and tells Al he has to go. Al resists and then relents. He leaves saying Save her!

Naty is alone in the hospital room with Miranda. She lifts a giant gourd up over Miranda and takes the gourd to Miranda’s lips. Miranda drinks from the jug and we flash to some sort of dream. Miranda is seen near a waterfall dressed in traditional peasant clothes as women walk around with cacao baskets. Miranda is then seen lying down as the women rub cacao paste on her face, body and dress. They spread cacao seeds all over her. Finally Naty speaks telling Miranda that she is the heir to the cocolbosh. She will see her kids inherit the cocolbosh.


Mundo de Fieras, Wed., Nov. 29

We open with plucky little Luisito telling Gabriel and Regina how happy he is to be a rich crippled kid who has a babe like MA take him to therapy. Gabe calls Paulina and JC and they all pass the phone around saying how happy they are and how much they love each other. They all end up weeping with happiness so you know something bad is going to happen soon.

Joselyn tells Demian that she wants to know why Demian lets Regina hang around the construction site with Gabriel. Demian says that he has changed. Joselyn tells him that he can’t change his evil character. Demian tells Joselyn that she has a lot of nerve attacking his character when she, Joselyn, has never shed a real tear, has never loved and has never been loved. Then he starts in on Miriam, who is also there, saying she and Joselyn are cut from the same cloth.

Miriam cuts off the discussion about Regina. Her issue is Dolores. She believes that Dolores suspects that she and Joselyn had something to do with Edgar’s death. Dolores doesn’t have any proof, though. Demian says that if Dolores suspects Miriam & Joselyn, it’s their problem, not his. Joselyn says that if she and Miriam go down for what happened to Edgar, she will take him down with them. Demian laughs off the threat and leaves. Joselyn throws a glass against the wall.

Outside, Demian replays in his mind what Joselyn said about him letting Regina spend so much time at the construction site. He calls Regina on his cellphone and asks where she is. She tells him that she is in Gabriel’s office with Luisito to call the newlyweds. Demian hangs up.

Back in the house, Joselyn tells Miriam that she has to get Regina away from Gabriel and she will do it by making Demian jealous.

Meanwhile Demian is standing in front of a mirror hearing Regina’s voice in his head telling him that to reconcile with her, he has to reconcile with his children. He has to ask their forgiveness. For some reason while he is hearing this, Demian takes off his eyepatch.

Clemente comes in to the room where Miriam is having a drink. He asks where Josleyn is and Miriam says that she went out and she doesn’t know where. Clemente warns her that Joselyn was in a mental hospital and is complete nut case. Miriam says that she can’t control Josleyn. Clemente goes on to tell Miriam that he has changed his will so that both his daughters benefit equally. Miriam says that he can’t do this. ‘Already done it,’ responds Clemente, ‘whether you like it or not.’ Now Miriam throws a glass on the floor.

Regina is giving a lot of mental advice tonight. Gabriel hears her voice telling that he deserves happiness now that his marriage to Joselyn has broken up.

At the honeymoon hotel, there is a knock at the door. JC and Paulina think it’s dinner but it’s Demian. JC and Paulina are impactados.

Miriam has been searching the office for Clemente’s papers. She wants to know if he has more investments and she vows that MA will never get any of his money.

Demian tells JC and Paulina that he has come to ask their forgiveness for what he said at the wedding. He has promised Regina that he will change and he is determined to do it. Paulina forgives him right away but JC is not so quick. Finally, at Paulina’s urging he agrees to forgive his father and even give him a hug. When Demian leaves, JC asks if Paulina believes that Demian has really changed. She is convinced.

Soraya asks Diana if she is really going back to the cabaret. She says yes. Rogelio has always thrown her past in her face. Now she will give him something to really be ashamed of.

At the nightclub, Coyote chats with the proprietor who wears a goofy hat. He tells hat guy that he is tired of Elsa and is looking for some new action.

Elsa is regretting going with Coyote and getting stuck with all the housework and no fun.

Candelaria is praying for Elsa, MA and her health.

At breakfast with Regina and Tiberio, Demian tells Regina that he went and made up with JC and Paulina as part of his vow to change and that he is doing it all to make Regina love him again. Dolores overhears.

MA comes to take Luisito to his therapy. Gabriel goes to get him and Nicolas comes to the door. He tells MA that since she has split with Gabriel, she can count on him. She says that she is having a relationship with Leo. Nicolas says that Leo is a great guy and hopes that he can make her happy.

A doctor-guy offers Leo a full time job in the hospital. Leo doesn’t want to abandon his taxi buddies. The doctor-guy says that Leo has 24 hours to decide and if he doesn’t take it, he could lose his part-time job.

JC and Paulina are packing to leave their honeymoon hotel.

Candelaria is out sick from her job at Gabriel’s house and the substitute help is not meeting the needs of Joselyn and Karen. Joselyn demands that Miriam get a cook and a chauffeur and stalks out. Miriam wishes that Joselyn had more respect and tenderness for her mother.

Federico calls Miriam and says that now that Joselyn has found out that he is her father, he wants to get closer to her. Miriam tells him to stay away. Clemente still doesn’t know about it and she doesn’t want him to find out. She doesn’t want to talk about it on the phone. Federico should come and see her.

Tiberio tells Dolores that if she is his mother, she has to fight for him to get his rightful inheritance from Demian. Dolores doesn’t know what she can do but she agrees.

Soraya tells Otilia that she is sad that her son won’t speak to her. Otilia tells her that if he acts like that, he doesn’t deserve her.

Federico comes over to see Miriam and Joselyn. He is happy to have Joselyn know that she is his daughter. Miriam grills him about Clemente’s financial situation. He tells her that Clemente put some money in trust for Joselyn but she can’t have access to it until Clemente dies.

Soraya says that Otilia seems to have something against men. ‘Oh, not much,’ says Otilia, ‘my best friend, Miriam, had an affair with my husband.’ It was because of this that Otilia opened the shop so that her husband and Miriam would ‘cry tears of blood.’ Soraya asks if Otilia was hurt by what her husband and best friend did. ‘At first, yes,’ says Otilia, ‘but now I am stronger than before.’ She goes on to tell Soraya that she is forming a club for women who have been betrayed. Any woman who has been betrayed can count on her support. Otilia says that they are going out to get some publicity for their shop from some friends of Otilia’s who are stars.’

Pedro shows his drawings of Shorty and Mayeya to Shorty and the other folk at the restaurant. They are enchanted by them.

Nicolas tells Gabriel that MA told him that she is having a relationship with Leo. Gabriel is impactado but says at this time, he has to concentrate on his family.

JC and Paulina return to their apartment and JC carries Paulina over the threshold [and into the dining room].

MA treats Luisito and David to an ice cream. MA goes to pay. Coyote and the strip club owner [this must be Soraya’s son, I guess] come into the store. Luisito recognizes Coyote’s voice as that of his kidnapper.

Nicolas comes to see Joselyn. He tells her that if she agrees to a divorce he won’t have to go to a judge with a video of her and Didier that will be evidence for the court to issue a divorce for cause. He says that Gabriel doesn’t know about the tape. Joselyn carries on but Nicolas is unmoved as the credits roll.


La Fea Más Bella #156 11/29/06 Geek v Galan and a bed full of Feas

The cuartel is caring for Irma at her house with Luigi (who with this health crisis suddenly found appreciation for someone other than himself-well maybe)…Fern calls to check on Irma, uh, Lety, and asks if she is there, and then if her boyfriend is there. Luigi remarks whether Fer is asking about Irma’s state or trying to get gossip. Irma says yes he’s waiting outside. Fern tells her to get well and hangs up. Lety asks what he wanted. Irma says just for her to feel better. Irma says Tomas should come up. Lety says no, he’s timid, Luigi says that everyone with a sports car isn’t a prince, and the cuartel makes a few comments. Lety probably worrying that he might show up there, thinks to herself that Fer wouldn’t blow his parents off tonight. He doesn’t. Wait, he does. He pulls up in front of their house and tells himself how much he doesn’t want to be there, questioned about the wedding, the business, and so on. You know what, he’s not going to be here, and he drives off.

Out front of Irma’s house Tomas talks to A’s famous picture, lamenting that soon he’ll have to give her up. Our days are numbered by orders of my boss. He makes kissy face with her laminated picture. This is going to be a cruel goodbye, but what can I do. That’s life. He imagines she is crying about this. He always dreamed about their wedding photo. He says but this is a dream, and one must wake up from dreams. How horrible is reality, breaking all of my illusions. Is he really crying over that chick? Please…. He says it’s a pity that he can’t really help her. The money is Filmo Imagen’s. I know you only love me for the 50000 pesos. I promised Lety I wouldn’t give you the money. She’s really my true friend. If it were up to me I’d give it to you with all my heart, but the heart isn’t good enough in this case. I could end up disfigured if I double cross Lety. Can you imagine that with this figure that I already have? I think he is admiring himself. Anyway…

Alicia talks to her dad on the phone again and then to her stomach. She tells her father things are going well and that Tomas is going to help her, she won’t lose her car for anything in the world. She’s on a diet. Does anyone have insight into why she shares all this with her Dad, and why he can’t help? I assume he’s poor, but why would she share these manipulations with him?

Simon brings the medicine. Luigi makes sure that the “messenger dove” brought exactly the right ones on the prescription. Luigi is also going to make a holistic treatment with Chamomile and medicinal herbs.

The cuartel makes fun of Marta’s problem with her stomach, that she’s not there because of a related issue. Juana kids that she saw her woofing down a huge bag of peanuts. Simon enters serenading and brings Irma a red apple as a gift. She tells him to relax and sit down. All of a sudden everyone wants to pile in bed with Irma. Ok, this is a bit odd, I must say, but definitely funny. Luigi wonders what the heck when he gets back.

Tomas is still waiting out front but worrying that he’ll miss his last night with Alicia, novia mia. He sets off the car alarm, Just then Fer pulls up, swiggin’ on the flask. DUI is enforced a little differently here….

Luigi tells them she needs fresh air to and to breath and they should get off, but Irma says how long it’s been since she’s had company in the house, and she exclaims how happy she is to be surrounded by all these people who care about her, her true friends. Luigi tells her that she shouldn’t eat the apple, so Simon eats the apple because he’s poor and the poor are always hungry.

The cuartel begs Luigi to join in the bed fun. So finally he jumps on only because Irma asks him, Juana climbs on top of him. He tells them not to touch him, but not in a super nasty way. He remembers he came to give the medicine and tells her to drink a lot of water with it. The bed clan makes the glug, glug, glug, sound as Irma drink the water.

Out front Fer is yelling at Marcia again on the phone regarding his whereabouts. He hangs up and he walks up to Mora in the car, who shys away from Fer pretending to retrieve something from the glove compartment. Dirty looks abound. Fer continues toward the door and rings the bell.

Simon opens the door and Fer gives him a huge drunk guy hug. Why are you here? Why are you here? For Irma of course. Simon thinks he looks like he’s ready to party and there is some dancing. Where’s Leticia? In the bedroom. The cuartel is talking. I- What’s going to happen to the Cannes Celebration? L- Don’t worry. It’s my problem. Fer enters the room. Everyone is impactado and the bed-fest ends instantly. Fer immediately sits on the bed; Luigi makes fun. Fer chastises him that it’s all his fault she’s laid up anyway. Fer asks for a whiskey. Luigi makes fun that he doesn’t pay her enough to have whiskey, etc. Lety gets up to leave. Luigi tells her not to dare kiss him goodbye. Fer gets up to leave. Simon dances with him again. Luigi remarks how weird Fer is.

Lety runs to Tomas fast and wants to leave right away. Doh! Fer catches her and doesn’t let her leave. Tomas yells about Fer closing the car door. Fer strong arms her into his car that she is going with him. Lety tells him he’s crazy. He tells to leave this idiot to go with her to talk. She tells him Tomas picked her up to bring her here and he’s waiting for her, so she’s going with him. Tomas begins to defend her, he wants to get out but is stuck by the seat belt for awhile. Tomas continues yelling saying this guy wants to start trouble with him. T finally gets out and tells him to leave her alone. Fer professes his love for Lety and begs her to come with him. Tomas yells more. Fer starts yelling back that T is an imbecile and that he’ll get a big whooping if he doesn’t shut up and get in the car, and he means your car that’s really his car not his car that’s his car, animal. Tomas keeps yelling that Fer will respect him and Lety too. Fer puts him in his car. F- Stupid, this is between me and her and you have nothing to do with it so get in your car. He struggles back. Lety becomes a ping pong ball. Que???????? What did he say?????? Tomas doesn’t know how to handle anger and words at the same time and he studders through all of it. If you understood his sentence, feel free to share.

Fer stands in front of the car and insists that she stays. Tomas tells him he’s asking for problems with me. Lety tells Fer it’s best if he just leaves. Fer discloses his problem with Tomas is that he is abusive, shameless, and a delinquent. You are driving around in a car that isn’t yours. The fortune is not yours. And you are taking advantage of Lety. Fer tells her to shut up because he knows everything, EVERYTHING. Lety looks at him bewildered.

Merriment in Irma’s bedroom. Luigi says that only Irma can boss him around. So Irma asks Luigi to put warm water in her heater.

Tomas fights back and says no…Mundiola we bought this car with money from our company, FI, it’s money from my brain because I worked for it every day. You didn’t do anything. F- Oh yeah nothing more that my 90 million dollars of capital. T- Said that money has come back already in all the bills we’ve paid for Conceptos. Fer tells him to keep his money he just wants Lety and he grabs her. Lety says no you are very drunk. F- Yes, but I know what I’m saying. He’s going with you because of the money of FI, he’s exploiting this. Lety tells T to stop and get in the car. T is having none of that and keeps on insulting Fer. You aren’t getting Lety, now she has someone to stick up for her against jerks like you. F- Oh great, now we have a hero. A hero with a superhero sports car. T- Don’t you provoke me. L- T calm down. F- Ah, bring it on. T takes his tie off and make fists. He strikes and misses a few time, then POW!!! He gets him in the kisser! They go back and forth with punches. Lety keeps yelling for them to stop. Tomas ends up laying on the ground bleeding. Lety finally stops Fer and he starts crying that he loves her and he’s going crazy.

Back up in the room, more chaos, Irma says shut up, one more word and I’ll leave my own house. It stays quiet enough for them to hear T and F yelling outside. The cuartel wonders if it’s always like this. Irma says no. Luigi sees who it is and is pretty upset. Tomas isn’t staying down he’s up for more punches. The cuartel discovers it’s Fer and Tomas and they run downstairs. There is much yelling throughout. Simon gets in the middle, then quickly gets out, then back in, no, out. Time for Lety to take charge. SHE WACKS FER RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE, HARD!!!!! That shut everyone up!!!! Even me!!!

Back upstairs, the latest scream and following silence troubles Irma and Luigi. Luigi tells Irma he doesn’t want to leave her alone but he just can’t miss this gossip so he has to go down. He goes out front. He surveys the scene. Very sarcastically he starts his shame on you speech. Luigi -My God, what’s going on here? You couldn’t even be quiet? Have we stopped this scandal finally? Very nice, Don Fernando Mendiola. The distinguished president of Conceptos has come here, and raised a raucous besides. Of course it’s not important at all to this gentleman if he disturbs the peace of a sick woman at her home, nor that of her neighbors. Such lack of respect! The head of Conceptos! Lety asks Luigi to beg forgiveness from Irmita on her behalf. Luigi: I don’t believe that’s enough, essentially there's no excuse for such behavior. He looks at Tomas, oh my god, you’ve turned him into Santo Christo, he looks like a beast!!! Tomas screams this isn’t over Mendiola, I’ll get you! Luigi: Ok Everyone inside, now! Come on inside! Lety puts T in the car and drives off. Sara says good night and Simon apologizes to Fer, but he says he did it for Fer’s own good. Fer stands desolute seemingly taking a mental check of what all just happened.

L and T are driving in the squiggle mobile and Lety exclaims that she just doesn’t believe any of Fer’s antics. She’s convinced he’s really only concerned about the money spent on the car, and that all he wants is his damned convincing balance. T thinks he’s crazy. What a spectacle. L- Says yeah, and we were caught in front of everyone. T thinks that’s ok, because that guy could have killed him! Well, I’d have killed him after. She says after your dead? Yeah…he was crazy. She’s glad she hit him. He deserved it. I’m never going to forgive him. T- Me neither.- Tomorrow I’ll go to Conceptos and wait for him to leave, he’s not going to get away with this. You’ll see I’ll be prepared this time. Lety tells him to cut it out. T- What, I’m not chicken, I’m going to fight. Every time I see him I’m going to wonder about hitting him. Remember what happened to me in school.

The cuartel speculates as to what happened. Luigi says something about he’ll fight with his own shadow. Juana astutely says if Fer was fighting with Lety’s boyfriend it must be for a reason. Luigi makes fun of Tomas, essentially that he has a false sense of attractiveness. PM thinks, no, he must have some attraction. Luigi responds that if you get rid of the car, what is he? Nothing. Irma tells everyone not to mention a word tomorrow in the office because it could lead to misunderstandings. Nobody is happy about that. Luigi says that’s robbing him of gossip pleasure. Lola says besides they need to find out what really happened. Luigi says when you do, you must tell me.

Back in the squiggle, Lety says,”That’s why I want the balance tomorrow.” She asks him about the 50 000 pesos. He breathes harder into the bag of ice he has. Tomas’s phone rings. Lety realizes it’s La Oxi and asks if he is seeing her again. He says he can’t help it, she’s crazy for him. She realizes that’s what the money was for.

Things turn serious in the bedroom. Irma talks about her eldest son and how he never accepted the father abandoned them. He was mad and 18 years ago he walked to the States and ended up in Los Angeles. He calls her every 15 days.

Tomas finally is allowed to answer his phone in his radio voice. A wants to know if he’s coming. Some guys wanted to fight with him, because they were envious of him. Yes, there are things she doesn’t know about him. A- Are you really hurt? He tells her he’s injured. He tells her he’s really injured, but not as bad as the guys he beat up. He’s not going to the hospital because he’s a lion, this is a trifle thing to him. Lety honks the horn loudly. Get rid of those cows!!!! A asks him to come over and she’ll fix him up. Tomas tells his wowo he’ll come to her house to get taken care of. She tells him to bring his checkbook. Well, she at least hung up first so he didn’t hear it.

Marcia calls again. Fer is yelling at Marcia again, yes he’s mad, he doesn’t want to go to his parent’s house. Yes, he’s been drinking. If you want call me in 15 minutes at my house I’ll be there, but otherwise leave me alone!!!!!! He asks himself what did he do. He’s out of control, he’s surprised at his own behavior. This damned jealousness is making him nuts. More swigs from the flask. Is the moment of truth upon us???

Since misery loves company, just wanted to share that today is my birthday, and a milestone one at that, so thanks Televisa for giving me this fist fight present! Sock it to him Lety!! Hope you all enjoyed!!!


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"La Fea Mas Bella" theme song translated into English

It's been driving me crazy that I couldn't catch the words of this song so during the commercials I looked it up and did a quick translation which, as you see, could use some work. Anybody who wants to suggest better phrasing, please do!

"La fea más bella" sung by Bacilos

Detrás de tus gafas sé que hay algo más
hay una mirada que me hace pensar
que eres una estrella a punto de brillar
le escondes al mundo lo que puedes dar

Pero te sientes tan fea y no te das una oportunidad
deja que se deja
no escondas lo linda que eres de verdad
te sientes tan fea que sólo en tus sueños te atreves a amar

Ya no lo pienses más y deja de soñar
mejor abre la puerta de la felicidad
ya no lo pienses más decídete a volar
eres la fea más bella y no te has dado cuenta
que cada día te quiero más

Todo el mundo es bueno para criticar en la
superficie todo es ideal
pero poca gente como tú es inteligente
especial y diferente a las demás

Behind your glasses I know there's something more
There is an image that makes me think
That you are a star about to shine
you hide from the world what you can give

But you feel so ugly and you don't give yourself a chance
Let go, let yourself go
don't hide the beautiful woman you really are
you feel so ugly that only in your dreams do you dare to love

Don't think any more about it, stop dreaming,
Better you should open the door of happiness
Don't think any more, decide to fly
You are the ugly woman who is the most beautiful and you haven't noticed
that every day I love you more

All the world is good to criticize in the
superficial everything is perfect
but few people like you are intelligent
special and different from the others


Julie explains a bit about Olarte and Filmo Imagen

Julie left this in the comments and, as somebody who did not see this show from the beginning, I thought it was very helpful so I'm putting it out here in the open:

The man in Ariel's office was Conceptos's long-lost CFO, Olarte. He and Alicia once schemed together to get Lety fired by fiddling with Lety's computer, but Olarte got fired instead. Then Olarte and Ariel (and possibly Alicia?) worked together to get Lety fired over the kickback that had been offered to Lety in exchange for doing business with a company that was offering the lowest bid anyway... Lety confessed to Fern about the kickback before Ariel could tattle on her, and they used the kickback money to create Filmo-Imagen.

Julie, or somebody - could you explain why Conceptos is in such a mess that it needs the books doctored? And why does Fern keep saying it's HIS money that started Filmo Imagen?


Mundo de Fieras - Nov. 28, 2006

EPISODE 41 - Nov. 28, 2006:

* JC and Pau are scuba diving on their honeymoon. Coyote follows JC underwater. Coyote catches JC and ties his legs up in a sea net. JC struggles to free himself. Pau swims over to help.

* Regina and Gabriel walk into Gabriel's office to discuss business projects.

* MA and neighbor lady help Candy at the apartment - Candy blesses MA before she leaves for work. Lady stays with Candy.

* Sylvester and other taxi driver discuss why Shorty is late returning with the taxi. They wonder where he is?

* Shorty is still washing dishes at the expensive restaurant (and getting very wet in the process). The waiter/manager returns and tells him he's done enough. Shorty is excited and goes to dry off.

* Pau helps JC back to the beach. They wonder how it happened? who did it? why?

* In the office reception area, Tiberio takes great pleasure in informing Gabriel that he is Demian's eldest son, which makes Gabriel his uncle. Tiberio laughs as he leaves.

* Nicolas and Dolores meet to discuss the investigation into Edgar's murder.

* In his office, Gabriel is shocked by Tiberio's revelation, and tells Regina. Regina explains the story. They then discuss what happened earlier with Jossie, Gabriel's marriage and divorce plans. Regina wishes that he find happiness, Gabriel hopes for family tranquility, Regina asks if he will ever find someone to love.

* MA is at the physical therapy clinic, assisting the therapist with Luisito's therapy.

* Lady leaves Candy alone for a moment. Candy decides to leave and find Elsa.

* Sylvester watches as other driver scolds Shorty for returning late with the taxi, Shorty explains what happened. The driver isn't happy.

* Elsa and Candy are on the sidewalk outside the beauty salon - Elsa is furious that Candy is there and scolds her and insults her for even daring to come find her. Candy cries, Elsa doesn't want to hear it and doesn't want anything to do with her own mother and pushes her away. The owner runs out to help Candy and scold Elsa for her lousy attitude.

* Miriam is in her boutique office, thinking about her last conversations with Jossie and Leo - how very different the two of them are with their mothers, she mutters to herself.

* Leo stops by the clinic to pick up MA and take her on a surprise afternoon date.

* Lady stands behind Candy at the apartment. Elsa screams at her mom to leave her alone, she doesn't want anything to do with her at all and to never go looking for her again. Elsa storms out and Candy had another heart pain.

* Leo surprises MA with a day at Xochimilco gardens, he takes her blindfolded onto a floating garden raft with MARIANGELA on the arch in flowers. Later, in a grove of trees, Leo tells MA that to him she gets more and more beautiful every day. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away.

* In his office alone, Gabriel can't help but recall Regina's advice.

* Jossie walks through the reception area and enters Gabriel's office. She scolds him for preferring to work with Regina than his own wife. He argues back with his valid reasons and shuts her up. She glares at him as she leaves.

* MA and Leo arrive back at the apartment complex. He's disappointed and she tries to talk about it. He says he understands, she thanks him. He says he will wait as long as she needs. She leaves to go upstairs to her apartment. He waits and then goes in to see his mom.

* As Leo is greeting and checking on his precious loving mom, Miriam makes a surprise visit to check on Candy herself.

* On dry land and changed into clothes, JC and Pau discuss how, why he was entangled in that net underwater. Was it a coincidence or done on purpose?

* Miriam sits down at the table with Candy and Leo. Leo tells her about Candy's heart problem and that she is getting stronger everyday. Leo offers to make some coffee for Miriam, but she darts out without saying goodbye, which surprises Leo.

* Before leaving the complex, Miriam stops by a post and wonders if he knows Candy isn't his mom, what to do now. She leaves.

* Jossie talks with Federico at the palace. She asks him to be at her side for everything, no matter what. She is his daughter after all. He gets nervous.

* Tiberio eavesdrops from his hiding spot in the living room as Demian stops Regina in the front hall and pulls her aside. He misses her company and asks her to have a private dinner with him in his quarters. She is skeptical and he sits her down and convinces her of his sincerity. She agrees to having dinner with him and goes to change clothes.

* Federico asks how she found out. Jossie says her mom told her. She pulls on the "fatherhood strings" hard and calls him "Daddy" a couple of times, which gets him to melt and be on her side. they hug, and she is thinking of ways to use this to her advantage.

* Tiberio is on his cell phone in the home office. He is upset with Coyote for not actually killing JC. Coyote tells him to be patient and not yell at him. Tiberio screams in frustration when he hangs up.

* In the private dining room, Demian presents Regina with a bouquet of a dozen red roses - as a token of his love for her. He is very gracious and kind, which makes Regina suspicious. They talk before dinner is served about his sudden change in attitude.

* Dolores enters the office and finds Tiberio frustrated inside. She asks him what happened, why is he upset. Tiberio vents his jealous frustration over seeing Regina agree to have dinner with Demian and her willingness to do anything for JC. Dolores asks what she can do to help him - he tells her to be with him and support and fight for him like Regina does for JC - Tiberio then tells Dolores to help her eliminate JC so he can take his rightful place as Demian's eldest son.

* In the palace living room, Jossie talks with Miriam about her need to control Dolores and get her out of town. Jossie wants Miriam to ask Demian for help. Miriam is reluctant, but Jossie is insistent.

* Demian pops the cork and pours the champagne in two glasses. They clink glasses. She asks if he is being really sincere or just putting on an act with her. He says he is sincere and loves her. She makes a condition.

* Still on their honeymoon, JC and Pau are in bed, making love.

* Shorty is back in the restaurant's kitchen cleaning. The waiter comes back and is so pleased with the work Shorty has done that he offers Shorty a new position - as waiter serving tables and checking on how the customers like the food. Shorty goes from table to table and taste tests from a plate or bowl at each table. (How rude and disgusting!)

* Leo is at the taxi stand. Sylvester asks him about his date with MA, Leo perks up and tells Sylvester all about it. Sylvester is happy for his friend.

* MA is in Candy's apartment, alone she starts to think back to Leo's declaration to her on their afternoon date. Candy comes out to sit with her.

* Leo continues to talk with Sylvester at the taxi stand; Leo tells him about the love he has for his mom, his sister Elsa and his need to fight for his love with MA.

* At the table, Candy gives MA advice about love and happiness and Leo.

* Elsa grumbles as she cleans the apartment. Coyote finally enters. Elsa scolds him for leaving and not telling her anything about the sudden trip. Coyote walks by her and sits on his bed, she continues to scold him and he tells her to shut up. She walks out to his pack and rummages through his things. She finds a slip of paper and runs back to him and questions him about it. He tells her it is none of her business, leave him alone, and swipes the paper from her hand.

* Karen makes a strange call to Pau on her cell phone and then hangs up. Pau and JC are laying on a net hammock together on the beach.

* Tiberio is laughing and drinking and talking with a friend/associate at his strip club.

* Jossie and Miriam are at the palace. The doorbell rings. Jossie escorts Demian inside.

* Nicolas meets with Gabriel about the papers from Jossie about Luisito and the divorce.

* Flashback: Clemente gives Miriam ultimatum about him wanting to recognize both of his daughters equally.

* Demian, Jossie and Miriam have a 'pow-wow' in the living room.

ADVANCE for Episode 42: Candy prays for Elsa; Gabriel wonders what Jossie may plan to do next; Jossie, Demian and Miriam in conference at the palace.


Heridas, November 28 - In which beautiful women glare and Cesar confirms his reservation in hell

It is the morning after the storm. Berta insults Hercules/Ulises/Sanson and pours herself a drink. She tells Cesar his son died.

It is the baby's funeral. Nuria cries and holds a tiny white casket while Miranda, Pamela and Luciano comfort her.

Later that night creepy xylophone music plays as Nuria stumbles down the corridor holding a baby and telling it how proud papa will be. We hear a cough. It is Miranda; she asks Nuria what she's doing with Florencia's baby. She folds back the blankie to reveal a pillow, not a baby.

The babe lawyer Liliana tells Alejandro that she has documents that Miranda needs to sign. They are interrupted by a telephone call, it's for Liliana and apparently it's her daughter. We find out that she is an unmarried mother. (Hey...did she and Alejandro know each other before she began representing him?) Anyway, she has to go to Tabasco to get Miranda's signature. The guys who are harassing Al, Chaquiras and Romeo, make catcalls at him after Liliana leaves.

Arcadia is feeding the damnificados (victims) when Miranda arrives. Miranda looks exactly like one of those creepy big-eyed Keane waifs from the 60's, remember those paintings? She is coughing and Arcadia scolds her for showing up so early. Miranda coughs on each child's plate as they pass by. Sure hope it's not catching.

Amparo, Francisco, Raul and Carola show up to help. Carola's hair is darker and she's trying to not look like such a whore except that her pants are spray-painted on. Carola tells Miranda she has food and milk donated from the supermarket. Juan gives her a jar full of donated money. Miranda coughs on them.

Gabino arrives and tells Miranda that the neighbors want to meet with her. Amparo asks Francisco is it her imagination or does Miranda look pale with big gigantic circles under her eyes?

Outside in the garden we hear a cough. It is Miranda and Luciano joins her. (In the garden, not with the coughing.) She tells him she's sure El Guapo was in the house and that she shot him. She knows because Arcadia and Gabino gave her a handkerchief with blood on it and she's going to have it analyzed, then she'll know the identity of El Guapo. I'm not exactly sure how that would work but OK. She tells Luciano not to tell anyone, including Alejandro. Cough, cough.

Cesar, looking very perky considering he was shot and his son just died, tells Berta he's been thinking all night. His son was born as strong as an oak (like he knows) so he must have died because he inherited some defect from Bertha or Nuria. Bertha breaks the news that hah hah Nuria is not her daughter. Cesar is impactada because he has the birth certificate. Berta says the cert means nothing because she can't have children, so there. She asks him exactly why did he marry Nuria, what did he hope to accomplish? Cesar says "No, why don't you tell me where you got Nuria? If she's not yours then you stole her, and from whom?" He gloats at this new discovery.

Naty is still creeping around Cesar's hacienda and trying to eavesdrop on Berta and Cesar. She's got the cocolbosh going strong and mutters "Eyes of Jade and Serpent's Mouth, they're going to fight. I'd better go." "No granny, you'd better stay" says Sanson, catching her spying. He escorts her into the house.

Miranda's neighbors are surprisingly young and trendy looking. Where are all the farmers? They have arrived to tell her they plan to sell their farms to some North American commercial enterprise. Miranda says the cacao is a gift from Mexico, it is their spirit. If they think she's going to join them and sell her land to be commercialized they're crazy. Liliana arrives and introduces herself. I think Miranda is peeved that Liliana interrupted her speech because they glare at each other.

Miranda tells Liliana that she'll have to wait, then she gets back on her soapbox. The land belonged to their grandparents and great-grandparents, they worked hard to turn it into a cacao zone. One of the neighbors wants to sell because she hates the mosquitoes. She's got a pretty good point if you ask me. The rest of them all want to do other things with their lives, not grow cacao.

Juan is busy in the hacienda's triage center. Of course Carola, subtle as a train wreck, is right there helping him. Gabino arrives and tells Juan he's worried about Miranda, she keeps coughing. Juan is concerned that she might be developing pneumonia from being out in the storm.

Berta and Cesar question Naty. Berta is sure she's seen Naty somewhere but she can't remember where. Naty starts her crazy routine and Cesar orders her to leave or he'll throw her in jail. Good work Naty.

Sanson arrives and says his contacts in jail report that Al's lawyer has found contradictions in Berta's, Cesar's and the Charo's testimonies. Cesar blames Charo but Berta think the contradictions are between their own testimonies and not Charo's. Cesar says they need a lawyer.

Liliana tells Miranda that she was impressed by her speech. Now she has some papers for her to sign. Miranda is grumpy. Liliana tells Miranda that she's trying to prepare for Alejandro's next hearing because it's not going to be easy. When Miranda says she knows, Liliana tells her no, she doesn't have the least idea of what she's going to have to face in this case. They glare at each other.

Miranda asks Liliana, "Excuse me, are you telling me, or telling me off?" Liliana says she is just very direct because she knows no other way. Miranda tells Liliana that next time they need to meet that Liliana must call in advance for an appointment. Lil says no problem, she'll have her secretary summon Miranda to her office. Of course it was impossible this time due to the storm. They glare. Again.

Alejandro is washing dishes when Chaquiras and Romeo arrive. They pay off the guard and swagger in to harass Al. Before they can say a word Al punches them out and tells them to leave him in peace. He wants to know who is paying them. He says he'll be a better boss and will pay them more to leave him alone and he can help get them out of jail. They don't believe him so he beats them up. His hair remains perfectly coiffed throughout. He leaves them bleeding over some trays which, since I used to work in a kitchen, completely grossed me out and made me want to call for a safety and sanitation inspection immediately.

Cesar is sure that Al's lawyer will find something to turn the case against them. Berta tells Ulises to return to Mexico city, follow her and know what she does. "Um, my name is Sanson and I only take orders from my boss," Sanson answers, tired of being called Hercules and Ulises. Cesar mocks Berta, sarcastically giving the same orders to Sanson who laughs. Berta says she is nobody's joke and that's the last time he'll play with her, imbecile.

Nuria is huddled in an alcove crying over Flor's baby. She asks how will she tell the father that she killed their son? Then she tells the baby that she's its real mother. Flor runs in, grabs the baby and orders Nuria to never remove the baby from her room ever again. Nuria said it was crying and Flor says she's lying. They glare.

Carola tells Amparo she never imagined that Renata had so much money; she should be helping her sisters instead of being withVeronica. She adds that Renata is probably in some big mall right now buying who knows what. "How wrong you are, Carola," snaps Renata, surprising them with her entrance. They glare at each other. They trade insults...Renata says she can kick Carola out, Carola says she is there because Juan invited her, Renata tells Carola not to forget that Juan is HER husband, Carola asks isn't Renata going to divorce Juan, Renata says it's none of Carola's business and stomps off.

Santiago visits Al with the good news that Miranda is fine and Flor had the baby. Santiago tells him to have faith but Al says God is punishing him and everyone that he loves. In a little more than a year his father died, Lasagna died, Daira is far away, he's in jail and every day his investments are looking worse. He believes Berta is behind all of this. Oh duh. He tells Santiago to talk with Charo who lied in her testimony. She could be Berta's accomplice.

Nuria yanks the screaming baby out of Flor's arms. Fab arrives and Flor cries that Nuria stole their child. Nuria swears it's hers. Flor tells Nuria over and over that her baby is dead, dead, dead.

Back to the alpha bitches...Miranda tells Liliana that she doesn't like the way she's handling her husband's case. Lil says take it up with him, but if Miranda doesn't say exactly what Lil instructs her to say her testimony will be useless, think on that one. They glare. I keep waiting for them to get on all fours, snarl, and sniff each other's rears.

Lil leaves, Juan arrives, and Miranda faints.

The EMTs are loading Miranda into the ambulance; Pamela and Luciano go with her. Renata blames Juan for Miranda's illness, he should have noticed she was sick. Then she cries, saying she doesn't want anything bad to happen. Juan says Miranda is young and strong. In the meantime Renata needs to continue the work Miranda started, organizing aid for the damnificados. He brings her up to speed on Flor's condition and the death of Nuria's infant. He tells Renata she is now in charge of the hacienda.

Safely away from Nuria, Flor tells Fab that Nuria took the baby thinking it was hers. She wants Fab to stay around but he has to go away for a little while to get the results of the competition (or contract?). If he wins whatever it is then they will have lots of money which will assure their great future. Berta shows up and wants to hold the baby. She tries to take it away to put it down for a nap but Flor grabs it back and tells Berta to butt out, Fabricio is only home for a day and they want to be ALONE. After she leaves, Flor tells Fab that she loathes Berta and they should try to find a way to stop her control over Renata. Fab is surprised to hear that Renata and Juan are separated.

Juan tells Amparo and Francisco that Miranda could die. Amparo says no fair, just when Flor has the baby. They talk about what a witch Berta is. Juan says even worse, she seems to have complete control over Renata. I wonder, was that not a concern to him when he told Renata she is now in charge of the hacienda?

Nuria is crying under a tree. Cesar walks up. She runs to him and they embrace. He calls her "mi amor" and tells her he just found out his son was born, "Where is he my love? I want to see him, hold him in my arms, touch his little hands, see his little face." She sobs and tells him his son is dead. Cesar tells her she is useless, good for nothing if she's not a mother. Nuria says it wasn't her fault, the baby died of SIDS. Cesar says Nuria should be dead instead of the baby. When they return to Mexico City he intends to file for divorce. "I don't want to return and see you in my life, imbecile."


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

La Fea Más Bella #155 11/28/06 Busted! Part II

"… or someone else!"

Teresita leaves the office and Fernando immediately looks toward Lety’s cave.

Luigi watches the dancers while Irmita works on one of girl’s the costumes. Luigi yells at Irmita because the dancer’s costume is still too big. Irmita reminds Luigi of all the work he’s making her do. He pushes her out of the way but asks her not to leave him. Irmita grabs her heart and head. Luigi asks the girl if she fought with her boyfriend; she’s so thin! He calls Irmita to hurry back to him. She walks over to him and immediately says that she’s doesn’t feel good. He grabs her just in time to have Irmita faint in his arms. The dancers uselessly scream at each other while he screams out Irmita’s name. Luckily, the cuartel runs into the dance studio. Martha crosses herself and runs away from the studio. Luigi tells Lola that he cannot let anything happen to Irmita. Lola runs for water. Luigi cries the and begs Irmita to forgive him for everything. He tells her she can’t die because she still has to enjoy her pension!

Fernando plays with the cap to his flask. Omar comes into the office and asks if the balance is done. Fernando tells Omar that he doesn’t know and to ask Lety himself. Omar asks Fernando what’s wrong. Ummm, Omar, I think he’s drunk. Fernando tells Omar that she called Tomas to take her home. She almost literally from emotion. Omar accuses Fernando of wanting to chase them. Fernando tells Omar that Humberto is waiting and Fernando’s mom is with Alicia and Marcia. So, he won’t follow Leticia. Fernando shouts to Lety’s office about her bringing him the balance. Omar stands up and says he’ll go check on Lety. Fernando wishes him luck.

I really wish we would have more interaction with these two. The actors play well off each other. O - Lety what’s up. L - Ay, Don Omar how are you? O- Good, Lety, Good but I’m worried and I want to know if you have the balance. L – I’m working on that, Don Omar. She basically sings to him while she talks. Omar asks if she’s going to arrange it according to their needs. She says that she’ll finish the real balance tonight and the fake one tomorrow. Omar reminds Lety that the meeting is close and Fernando’s parents are in Mexico. L - Tomorrow, I’ll have the balance. O- For sure? She glares at him. I don’t think Omar likes spooky, assertive Lety (I’m sure that in Omar’s mind assertive and spooky are essentially the same thing). O – that’s fine, bye-bye! L – thank you, thank you. He backs out of her office. Omar repeats to Fernando that the real balance will be ready today and the fake tomorrow. He tells Fernando that Lety is making him (Omar) nervous. She’s acting very strange. Meanwhile, Fernando makes a perfect 10.0 dive into his flask. Fernando tells Omar that she’s driving him crazy! Omar tells Fernando to calm himself and to breathe. Fernando drinks instead. Omar says that Fernando needs to do something about Lety, but he’s (Omar) leaving for his office.

Thomas calls Lety again. She loudly tells him to wait downstairs. Fernando thumps his desk and takes a long drink from his flask. Lety packs her stuff at the same time that Fernando resolves to go to her office. He not so gracefully kicks in the door and immediately asks for the balance. She tells him that she’ll have it tomorrow. Fernando tells her that’s not an option, they don’t have much time and that she has to finish it today. She tells him that Tomas is waiting for her. Fernando asks if she would rather spend time with Tomas then finish her work. She says she’s very tired and wants to leave. He replies that she’s not tired, all she wants to do is torment him. She says that he’s wrong and tries to walk out of the office. He blocks her way. F – You’re not leaving, Leticia. No, senorita because little by little I’m getting tired of this situation. I’m getting sick of this situation. You’re going to stay here, with me. An the two of us together, like the song says, are going to finish the balance. We’re going to fake the balance. L - He backs her into the wall and kisses her on the forehead. L – Please, Don Fernando, someone might find us out. F – What does it matter to me if someone finds out?! He tells Lety that she’s making him crazy and that this new Fernando in front of her is the one she created. Fernando moves in for the kiss and Lety finally gives in to him. There’s one small problem and it’s called Carolina. She walks in right in the middle and then turns around and leaves. Lety pulls away for a moment then goes back to the kiss.

Martha tells Luigi that the doctor is coming. Lola brings the water. Luigi insists that the dancers leave Irmita alone because she needs space. He shouts for the doctor. Martha says that he’s coming. Irmita and the cuartel try to calm him. He promises Irmita that if the doctor does not come in five minutes he’ll take Irmita to the hospital himself.

Caro walks out of the office. She shuts the door behind her and exclaims “My God!” She wipes her brow and walks away from the office and the kiss. Back in the office, Lety pulls away from Fernando and says that someone walked into the office. He asks her who it was but says that she doesn’t know. Marcia, Alicia and Teresita walk into Fernando’s office. Lety and Fernando enter his office and Lety keeps walking right out the door. She runs into PM and Saimon in the hallway. She asks them if they’ve seen Caro, but they have not. They tell Lety that Irmita is sick and being attended by a doctor.

Teresita asks Fernando when he will be home. He says it will be about an hour after he finishes some things. Teresita says she’ll take Marcia. Fernando says that would be perfect. Teresita offers to take Alicia with them. Alicia politely refuses at because she has something else to do. She asks Teresita to take her home so that she can change. Marcia glares at Alicia. Teresita asks if the appointment is with a new boyfriend. Alicia tells Teresita all about her new “boyfriend” and his business. Teresita congratulates her and says she hopes this is the man with whom Alicia will spend her life. Fernando says he couldn’t agree more. After Alicia and Teresita leave, Marcia stays. She asks Fernando if he’s drinking. He tells her that he’s drinking responsibly and only because that he’s very nervous. Fernando asks if Ariel will be at the house. She says that he has another appointment and they’ll see him tomorrow. Fernando wonders why tomorrow when the meeting isn’t until the next day. Marcia says she doesn’t know, and gets up to leave. She blows him a kiss good-bye before she leaves. Fernando say to himself that he knows that neither she nor the other women saw him… so who could it have been?

The doctor attends to Irmita. He tells Irmita that all she needs to do is rest. Irmita protests because of the event. Luigi says that if they have to cancel the event or fire him that’s fine, but her health is the most important thing. Saimon offers his moto. Luigi argues with Saimon. He wants to take care of Irmita alone. Lety walks into the office and offers to take Irmita home. Carolina turns around says she understands why Lety wants to be helpful, she was kissing her boss. Carolina says that she used to respect Lety but not anymore. It was all a daydream! Luigi says nobody is going to touch Irmita, except for him. Lety wonders if Caro is going to say anything. Luigi offers to pay Irmita’s bill. PM volunteers to take care of Luigi. He insists that he will take Irmita to his apartment. Irmita doesn’t want to inconvenience him and she wants to go to her house. He agrees to take her home, but he will stay with her. Everyone gets up and leaves to go home.

Lety follows Carolina but before they can talk the cuartel interrupts. The cuartel is worried about Luigi and Irmita. Lola cannot believe that they’re going to leave Irmita alone with Luigi. They’re going to be all alone. PM says that they don’t need to worry about Luigi and Irmita. (wink,wink) Lola tells them that she wasn’t thinking about that. She just cannot believe that they’re not going with Irmita. Martha cannot take the stress and runs away to her home. PM declares that they’re going to Irmita’s house. The cuartel leaves. Lety tells Caro that she knows what Caro saw. Caro repeats twice that she did not see anything and that she doesn’t want to say anything more about it. Lety says that she wants to leave, Caro says that Lety needs to leave. She doesn’t understand Lety’s problem, but she knows that she would not want to be in Lety’s position. Lety starts to cry. Caro asks if Lety wants to talk. Lety tells her that someone is waiting for her. Caro asks if it’s Lety’s friend or her boyfriend. Lety admits to Caro that she does not have a boyfriend. Concern spreads across Caro’s face.

Fernando talks to Omar about Lety. Fernando talks about the kiss and says it was all a trick of Lety’s. Omar says that Fernando needs to control himself or there will be an epic tragedy. Fernando says that he can’t. Omar says there is no justification for what Fernando did. He reminds Fernando how bad it would have been if Alicia or Marcia or Fernando’s mother had caught him. Fernando drunkenly laughs and reminds Omar that their problems will remain tomorrow if Lety doesn’t “fix” the balance. Omar tries to get Fernando to focus on the upcoming meeting. He asks Fernando if it’s time to confront the situation. Fernando sits in Omar’s lap to give him a hug. Omar tells Fernando that he needs to fight his emotions; he needs clarity and lucidity. Omar reminds Fernando about Ariel. They fake fight then hug again. Omar may be hot, but you know these two are in trouble when Omar becomes the voice of reason! Fernando toasts Omar who leaves the office.

A man walks into Ariel’s office with information about Filmo Imagen. Ariel asks who the owner is. He tells Ariel that he has a surprise for him. Leticia Padilla Solis owns Filmo Imagen.

At Conceptos Lety walks alone to the car. Tomas sings to her when she gets into the car. She urges him to leave. “It’s done!” she tells him.

The business man back away from Ariel. Ariel says he thought that Tomas Mora owned Filmo Imagen. The businessman says that Mora owns 1%. He tells Ariel that the company is worth 1 million pesos. The man hands over all the reports he has on Filmo Imagen. Ariel asks for the address of the company. The man rattles off Lety’s address. Ariel says that he imagines that is a residential neighborhood. The man laughs tells him that it’s in a lower middle class neighborhood. Ariel thanks him for his work. The man stands up and offers his hand, but Ariel ignores this gesture. After the man leaves, Ariel wonders to himself how Lety got all that money.

Tomas and Lety stop on a side street. He asks if she’s firing him. She tells Tomas that she can’t continue with Fernando. She’s losing herself. He asks her what happened. Everything! Lety tells Tomas that someone important found out about her and Fernando. She says the situation is killing Fernando and her. Tomas begs Lety not to leave him without a boss. She cannot continue this with a man who does not love her. Lety says it’s impossible to finish the balance. She tells him about everything that Fernando promised and that they kissed today. She couldn’t even reject him. She tells Tomas that her plan to play with Fernando was ridiculous. He tries to calm her. She tells Tomas that they’re being ridiculous. Tomas says he doesn’t feel ridiculous. She tells Tomas that the most ridiculous thing is the people they’re trying to play with are making a joke out of the two of them. She says that Alicia makes fun of Tomas. He accuses Lety of trying to frustrate his romance with Alicia. She tells Tomas that this weekend it’s finished. She will not be here for Fernando’s wedding. After this weekend he will not be in Alicia’s life anymore. Tomas protests. She asks him to take her to Irmita’s house.

Fernando stands in Lety’s office and asks the four walls why Lety is doing this to him. Why does Lety want to destroy his life? He gave her that card saying he would cancel his wedding, but Lety did not seem to care. She stayed the same, and tried to deny him. She’s being totally unjust. Talking to her is like talking to her chair. Empty. He sits in her chair and talks to himself anymore. His alcohol is all he has. He thanks Lety (in her picture) for everything and drinks some more.

Caro walks off the elevator and sees drunken Fernando in the lobby. He asks her what she’s doing. She tells him that she was working with the dancers. Fernando tells Caro that he loves her a lot and gives her a hug. She tries to pull away. Caro tells Fernando that Irmita is sick and that she’s resting at her house. That’s why Caro was taking of the Cannes event. It wouldn’t be fair to leave it all up to Luigi. Fernando thanks her for the information. Caro asks Fernando if he’s drinking alone. No, he’s drinking with “Richard”. He offers it to Caro. She unwillingly takes a sip. Caro asks him if he’s having any problems. She asks him about everything except Lety. Men like me don’t only worry about our work. We have other problems that don’t have solutions and nobody can help. They say good-bye. Fernando enters the elevator and Caro waives away his vapors.

Lety and Tomas stop in front of Irmita’s house. Lety begs Tomas to give up his dreams about Alicia. She tells him that he has to end his relationship with Alicia before the meeting. He’s worried. Lety tells him not to worry, he won’t miss out on his date with Alicia. Tomas promises to wait outside while she checks on Irmita. Inside the house, Sara and Juana walk through the house with tea for Irmita. Tomas thanks Lety, and she rings the doorbell. Sara opens the door. They all go to check on Irmita.

Luigi brings in a bed warmer. Irmita gives her holistic philosophy about sickness. Luigi proclaims that he is not going to leave Irmita alone with the cuartel. He promises to be her new “husband” and take care of her. Lety comes in but Luigi doesn’t want her near Irmita. Luigi takes a sip of the tea, but tells the cuartel that it’s hot.

Fernando pulls over his car. He gets out of his car and calls Luigi. Fernando asks to talk to Irmita. Luigi doesn’t want to pass Irmita the phone. Fernando yells at Luigi to give Irmita the phone. Irmita asks who it is. Luigi asks her how she didn’t recognize Fernando’s yell.

Will Carolina tell Marcia about the kiss?

The betting pool is now open. I have ten on... Luigi! (Sorry, guys I couldn't make up my mind. Whoever wins, it's going to be a lot of fun!)


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HERIDAS DE AMOR - Monday, 11/27/06

It is difficult to see exactly what is happening because we see the action through gushing rainwater running over a windowpane. It looks as if Miranda is being attacked by a man in a blue suit (Cesar, presumably), but she gets off a shot and the man runs away. She yells after him, “I’ll burn the hacienda down before I sell it to you, Guapo!” Bertha comes running in and Miranda says it was El Guapo trying to attack her. Bertha swears it could not have been because the place is a safe as a fortress. Miranda sneers back, “That’s what you said the night my father was murdered.” Bertha tells her that was different because it was from the inside while people were allowed free access in and out. Bertha swears that it was not Guapo. “It was Alejandro who shot your father,” and she swears it even on the life of her newborn nephew. Miranda tells her not to strain herself because she will never convince her that it was Alejandro. She then suggests Bertha go see about Nuria’s needs with the new baby but Bertha says she’s too tired and needs to go to bed and leaves.

Miranda decides to lock herself in with Florencia and the baby during the night and goes up to the room. As Berta leaves, the camera pans to the floor and we see blood there. Miranda did hit somebody with that shot. (We are still uncertain whom.) While in the bedroom, Miranda prays for an army of angels to protect the child. (Time for “Carmina Burana” playing in the background 'cause I am thinking of old reruns of The Omen here, considering Berta seems to be the spawn of the Devil himself.)

Juan’s family discusses the flood victims who are being discussed and reported about on the television news. They determine they will collect old clothing, sheets, towels, and the like to assist the needy. They may even join a group of volunteers from the parrish who’re going on a truck to the area to help.

Florencia apparently does not have any breastmilk for the baby. Pamela (miraculously recovered from her delirium just 12 hours earlier), Luciano and Juan then arrive together. Luiciano explains how the night before Alejandro was lent a cell phone by one of the guards, and then called Luciano and Vicente with orders to spare no expense in getting a helicopter there to try to help rescue the two of them. They drove part way and one of the area officials got them one eventually. He assures her that his friend would die were anything to happen to Miranda, he loves her so much. Right then Nuria comes screaming that her baby is dead.

Juan checks the baby out and figures that it died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. He’ll sign the death certificate accordingly and they can then bury the baby.

Back on the covered patio Arcadia and Gabino are hugging each other out of relief. They look down and see blood drops so Gabino wipes it up with his handkerchief and finds a spent bullet there too. He wraps that in the bloody handkerchief and tells his wife to put it all into a clean bag. (So does Gabino get CSI on his satellite down there? Where else would he get that technique from?)

Then Gabino goes to inform Miranda that huge numbers of survivors of the storm are coming there to the hacienda looking for food and shelter. Berta of course, wants no part of it, but Miranda tells Gabino to have them wait near the storehouses. She is beginning to cough and says to herself that she thinks she has a fever.

Miranda is angry at Berta for not going to see to Nuria last night like she’d asked and going off to bed instead. Juan tells Nuria and her and the others that there is nobody to blame and that nothing could have been done to save it. He tells Nuria then to try to calm herself and realize that even though the baby is gone, life goes on and she must be strong and get over this tragedy, hard as it seems.

Pamela and Luciano take a walk together as she tells him how dangerous and crazy the storm made things. She thought the walls would come tumbling down on them from all the wind. He confesses that it took an event like last night’s to make him realize he couldn’t live without her. He loved her too much. He asks her if she ever thinks about him, and she answers she thinks of him night and day and nothing else. She loves him greatly.

Juan checks out Florencia and comes to tell Miranda her sister is fine, but simply cannot nurse. Bertha comes in and while Juan is there with Miranda suggests that Nuria be Florencia’s wetnurse. Juan agrees that this is the best thing for now since all the roads to town are blocked so there wouldn’t be a way to easily obtain baby formula. Miranda says fine, but to be careful how she approaches this subject and Berta goes up to convince her.

Fernanda visits Father Santiago to tell him she’s heard they all survived the storm, the two girls had their babies, but Nuria’s died from Crib Death. Andrea arrives and Fernanda tells her the news also, and particularly that Pamela is fine.

At first Nuria refuses to be Florencia’s wetnurse because it would be too emotionally hard for her. So, Berta makes her believe that her baby is actually still alive and tells her to trust her about that. (Nuria never trusts in her own common sense. I think those particular neurons in her brain never got connected.). This apparently gives Nuria the psychological push she needs and when Miranda comes a bit after to ask Nuria if it would be all right with her being Florencia’s wetnurse, Nuria agrees.

Miranda continues to cough and appear feverish and much less steady on her feet. (This doesn't stop her from carrying the baby around or coughing in its face, or possibly dropping it though.....) Juan asks to examine her again but she refuses. She says she has so much to do just taking care of the storm victims.

Alejandro meets with his lady lawyer, lovely Liliana López Reyna. She shows him the newspaper articles about the storms in Tobasco around the area of the plantations. Alejandro tells Liliana how Miranda had put all her eggs in this single basket and how the entire family’s future was dependent on this harvest. Now everybody’s harvest and future were ruined. Alejandro blames himself for having destroyed Miranda's life. Liliana says that life is like this and one simply starts over.

At The Manglars out on the patio, Sanson cleans up Cesar’s gunshot wounds. Nati is peeking out from the shadows somewhere near the patio, listening. Sanson assures Cesar that concerning his two jailbird buddies he has done everything Cesar has asked him to, and that Alejandro hasn’t slept a wink since arriving at the prison for fear of being attacked. She hears Cesar tell him to have his two gang-banger buddies there in the prison with Alejandro, that there will be a change of strategy towards him. Psychological tactics aren’t working so he says he now wants “action, action, action!!”

Liliana reiterates that the judge hasn’t made his decision yet and she has asked him to review her petition to reconsider all the facts because there are inconsistencies between Berta and the maid’s statements. Also, the glass shards from the window broke towards the living room area and not out towards the garden from the inside, which suggest a shot from out there and not at close range inside the house. Alejandro wonders why Charo would lie like that. They consider the possibility of her either being an accomplice or being threatened by one or the other or both of them. She explains again that if the judge allows a review then they have a chance, otherwise he will be sentenced. Alejandro asks her what kind of time he’s looking at if he’s senteced for “premeditated murder”? She just stares at him.

Florencia brings the baby to Nuria to nurse. Berta takes him, hands him over to Nuria, and calls him Fabricio. “That is what you’re calling him, right?” Florencia asks for the baby back and angrily tells Berta her baby will be called Gonzalo after her father. Bertha gets a bit upset at this. They go off to the kitchen where Florencia angrily tells her aunt to remember she only accepted her being there on the condition that she would not try to continually try manipulate her or to boss her around. Of course Berta denies she’s been acting at all like it. Miranda comes back with the baby and Berta leaves. Florencia complains afterward to her sister about Bertha. She says she simply cannot stand the woman there, especially as she’s the reason Alejandro is in jail. She keeps quiet around Renata who cannot see through her aunt, but Florencia really has the urge more often than not to take off and slap her silly till she confesses the truth. Miranda assures her that sooner or later Cesar and Berta will be caught in their lies. “A lie cannot be sustained forever.” She hopes that this is what will happen with the two of them.

No one is supposed to know that Cesar is there in Tobasco. Sanson says his mouth is like a tomb. Sanson then says to Cesar that he wants a roll in the hay with Renata and would love to see Juan’s mug when he finds out that Sanson has raped her. Cesar refuses because they have other things planned for her. “However,” Cesar adds, he is returning to New York and she should be dying to shop about now. He plans to invite her along. Cesar says smugly that he will think about Sanson’s request and well fine, but only after Cesar has had her first. Berta drops by then and gives Cesar her sympathies. He asks if his mother has died or something. She says, “No, your son has died.” He looks a bit......... bewildered.


Monday, November 27, 2006

La Fea Más Bella #154 11/27/06

  • While Lety's wishing she could be somewhere else when Fern marries Marcia, Fern is writing his Card of the Day. He won't show it to Omar who says, 'When you die - because you're going to die before I do - I'll compile the "Anthology of Horrible Poetry written for Frightful Women" by Fernando Mendiola ... or better, "Anthology of Beautiful Poems for Horrible Women" ... at any moment, your parents are going to pop out of that elevator, better make sure Lety has that balance sheet ready.'
  • Marcia is scolding Alicia for provoking Tomas. "True, kissing Tomas was a horrible mistake. But YOU could help me! Lend me the money!" Alicia whines. Marcia says "I'm carrying all the expense of the wedding, have you got any idea how expensive this is?" "It gives me goosebumps just thinking how much my father paid for my wedding," shudders Alicia. "By the end of the week my bank account will be empty, I'd have to sell part of my shares of Conceptos to lend you money." "Oh, the problems of rich people," Alicia continues to whine. As Marcia continues to scold, Alicia indignantly asks, "Do you think I'm just going with him for the money?" As Marcia leaves Alicia decides it's a good idea and calls Tomas.
  • Fern slips into Lety's office with the Card of the Day and says he imagines it was hard hearing Marcia talk about the honeymoon. He asks Lety to read the card; she starts stumbling through it posthaste so he takes it away from her and, because this is the only part of today's show that many of you are going to like, I quote in full:

    "So much disagreement and misunderstanding, all I've suffered in recent nights, your defiance, your coldness, your strange kisses, seeing you with him, all have confirmed more than ever the decision to cancel my wedding. I need to be with you. [How long will they call each other USTED?] [He takes her hand.] I can't tolerate your absence, the absence of your kisses, of your body. Life has given me a hard challenge: just days before my uniting with a woman who was supposed to be my life - the true woman appears. You've changed me and I want to be with you every hour. It's a tough challenge but you appeared in time, before I fell into a disaster. I love you."

    Lety is speechless. Sadly - just then, from the other room: "MI AMORRRR!" Marcia is yelling! Fern's mother has arrived unexpectedly! "Just a minute," Fern calls, and asks Lety: "Is the balance sheet ready?" Lety's face falls. "Those beautiful words, just to get the false balance sheet. Pig!"
  • Fern kisses his mother, who asks how he's doing. "I'm uh, confused. I thought I'd see you tonight!?" "Your dad is busy with appointments and I was dying to see you. ... Cannes, we're so proud ... I want to help with the wedding..." Fern is so tense but says everything is fine. Ma wants a tour of the plantation so off they go.

    First they see Alicia and Fern is extremely rude to her, calls her "oxi," laughs about her impounded car - his hysteria consternates his mother.
  • The phone rings in Lety's office. It's Humberto, Fern's dad. She says she'll go find Fern and, passing Simon who (now that he's attended one computer class) is giving an exceedingly ignorant lecture on computers to the cuartel, arrives at Luigi's rehearsal.
  • Luigi is rehearsing with the girls. They have hats and he wants them extended smoothly but firmly. A new girl rushes in, Luigi throws stand-in Jazmin out of the lineup and out of the room: "We need the space."

    Irmita stumbles in, clearly losing it. He orders new costumes and a leotard for the new girl. Later Teresita tells Irmita she looks pale and needs a vacation. "I have no time now, but Luigi promised me a break after the production. I'll just hang out at home, I'm alone and that's how I'll die."

    Marcia, Fern, and ma Teresita come in. Luigi dotes on Teresita. Tenser than ever, Fern complains about the expense of the production. "He can't be your son, Teresita, he must have been switched in the hospital or adopted?" Luigi takes Teresita and Marcia to his office to show off the wedding dress.

    Fern, since it's bad luck for the groom to see the dress, stays behind and is swamped by the dancing girls. They ask "How soon are you getting married" and the odd answer is: "When you all visit Turkey."

    They are hanging all over him when Lety comes in with Humberto's message. Fern pretends to be showing them a better way to do their little dance (it was so funny). Lety once again says he doesn't have to explain anything. He asks her to tell his mom he's going to his office to call dad. This necessitates her visiting the wedding dress exhibition.
  • Don Erasmo and Tomas are hunched in the "office" (the corner of the kitchen) and Tomas is wondering what to do with the 540,000 pesos he made in his recent investment. Alicia calls and her sickening, cloying manipulation (culminating with "you don't think our friendship depends on your lending me this money do you? I'll go on alone as always...") results in Tomas thinking he'll "invest" the 500,000 in a loan to Alicia. What a bad credit risk... She says they'll get together, quietly, just the two of them, that very night. She is rolling her eyes as she says this, but he can't see that.

    As Tomas stumbles back to the "office" holding his cellphone close, the little tweeting canaries of love circling his head, Erasmo grumbles: "Why are you sucking on that vampire apparatus?" "I'm sending a kiss, via satellite, to my sweetheart." "You're too old for that."
  • Do you all have the awful commercial with the simpering, monstrous pie-faced girl with white and pink pigtails? She is worse than Luisito!!
  • Irmita asks Jazmin to help with Luigi's work, she's so tired, but Jazmin says she can't help, she has to devote herself to "Flaquito," (El Cheque), who is so tired and upset. There is a fight in the hallway with the spurned wife.
  • Lety is subjected to her next torture of the day when she sees Marcia in her wedding dress. I refuse to repeat the cruel things that are said to her, but she leaves and cries in the hall, telling herself to keep it together. Teresita asks Marcia: "Why are you so hard on Lety?" "She made appointments for Fernando with his other woman! I despise her."
  • Fern is stopped in the hall by Simon; the upshot is, "Now that I'm studying computation - which will not interfere with my messenger duties I assure you - perhaps you could consider adjusting my functions here." "Leave him alone," advise the feas.
  • Lety can't help hearing Fern's conversation with his dad - about the wedding of course - and the conversation about the groom's outfit. "Smoking jacket or tails?" Fern doesn't know or care but Marcia pipes up brightly, "I arranged for tails." "All the important people have accepted their invitations."

    Teresita is so into this wedding and tells Fern: "On your honeymoon, you'll leave the business behind and devote all your time to Marcia. The wedding is so important to ME. Your dad and I have waited so long for this union between the families - and it was the great desire of Marcia's parents, too... this wedding proves you've changed, you're president of the business, at the meeting you'll prove how well you manage things, you've become a responsible adult, you're marrying a marvellous women." He looks miserably over his shoulder realizing Lety is hearing it all. His mom tweaks his nose.
  • Tomas calls Lety and she shouts endearments into the phone. Tomas has called to ask her opinion about the money realized by his lucky investment. She says she absolutely can't think about it right now. He says he has a little investment in mind. She doesn't care - she just wants him to pick her up as soon as possible, it's been a really tough day. She makes it all sound like a very sweet exchange for Fern's benefit.

    Fern is eavesdropping intently. His mother says, "You're acting strangely. Hey, I came a long way, pay attention to me!" "I'm tense, mama." "Are you evading the wedding? Are you unsure about marrying? I hope it IS the business you're worried about and not something else - or SOMEONE else..." Fernando is impactado.


Mundo de Fieras: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Dolores tells Karen that she and Tiberto are cousin, Karen is muy impacted...She is terribly taken aback by this knowledge. I don't really know why cause I didn't think a lil thing like blood would interfere with a Karen gettin her groove on, but maybe I'm wrong. Joselyn and Miriam come in and threats are made all round. Delores stands up to the Fieras and leaves.

The honeymooners are just as happy as can be on the beach...Ah the the Sky, The Sea, the Sun...who could ask for more...I'll love you forever, No...I'll love you forever & ever. You see where this is going...pointless, endless yammering. They discuss their somewhat dysfunctional families; but Paulina lightens the mood with talk of "Yes Endless Love"....
******Any TeleNovela or Soap Fan knows this is the ACME anvil just hovering above their Wiley Coyote skulls******

Leo and Candelabra (I believe I like this name for her better than her own)...Leo and his adoptive mother (I would not bring the adoption. up...but apparently it has been an ongoing conversation each and every day of Leo's 40 year this is probably been discussed somewhere around 14,000 times by now) Anyway tears are coming fast & furious; Leo says she is the most important thing in his life, she says basically that Death waits for no one..the children, the youngsters, the, no one escapes death. She is certainly a bit of a buzz-kill.
Leo is crawls in bed with his "Mother, even though her blood does not run in his veins" and we experience yet another HallNaco moment.

Regina is now working at Dos Constructions or whatever the real name of this firm is.
Delores comes in and apologizes for telling the Fiesty Fieras that Demian is Tiberto's papi..."Ques es no problema", retorts Regina, "it happened before Demian and I tied the knot, nuff said." The two are now fast friends, some people share a six pack, others a Demian.

Rog comes in and fake whines to Gabe about how sad he is that Diana, left him...when you can really tell he must be chewing the inside of his cheek big-time to stop from grinning ear to ear.

Meanwhile, Diana is thinking she is gonna have to go back and work at the "Cabaret", which I think is a fancy word for "Bada Bing Pole Dancing".

Candleabra queries Leo regarding the whereabouts of her skank daughter Elsa...Oh she is busy working at the beauty us a lead in to a shot of Elsa sitting there in her beauty salon pink smock doing her nails...yes her own nails...not a customer's nails....I can hear faint chords of Frankie Avalon singing "Beauty School Dropout". A customer comes in and tells the owner she does not want Elsa. The owner; who by the way has really scary hair; tells Elsa she better make nice with her family as it is hurting business. Elsa later meets with Leo. He tells her of Candelabra's poor health, but Elsa is not swayed, Leo tries to give her a brotherly hug, but she just pulls away.

Candelabra returns from the hospital to NacoGardens where all the good hearted neighbors give her a hearty welcome back. MA is there and gives her a big hug and tells her she is just like a mother to her.

Karen stops by to see her "new primo"; Tiberto and demands to know if he knew the truth, yes indeed, but wasn't real concerned about it. Tiberto does not think this should interfere with their "naughty schoolgirl/headmaster" games. Karen is all no way, besides she thinks JC is all hawt and Tiberto is all nawt. This shatters Tiberto's dreams of perversion.

There is a big meeting over at the construction company, Joselyn comes in and sees Regina...she demands to know why Regina is there. She gets tossed out. Joselyn then goes to Miriam, and rants and raves about how she is not allowed in the meeting yet Regina is. Joselyn proceeds to toss knickknacks around Miriam's office and then storms out yet once again. Miriam always has this look like "Damn she is BSC", then Miriam thinks how Leo shows Candelabra much more respect.
****I just gotta insert here, Miriam think of your children as fashions of the past, Leo is like flares of the 70's, while Joselyn is the peglegged denim of the 80' bet the skinny jean was gonna win out and you tossed the flares away. Don't feel bad Miriam, the Gap made the same mistake and now clearance racks are weighted down with skinny jeans...Who knew? Hind sight is 20-20, but honesty I just can't see Miriam sharing a hospital twin bed with Leo, so I guess everything happens as it should*****

Back at the meeting Clemente, Regina, Tiberto, Demian, Gabe, Rog, Nic, Moe, Larry & Curly are all sitting around the conference table...I must apologize here, my DVR did not record this and I am not sure really what this meeting was even about, but Regina did say Paulina and JC are to become shareholders or members of the board, when they return from their honeymoon.

We see the look of horror on Tiberto and Rog's faces. Now cut to Tiberto's office, he is having a total Frankenstein just got a bic lighter shoved in his face moment. He hates JC and believes JC will inherit Demian Evil Empire. Tiberto has thought bubbles of "I won't let this happen" and starts laughing manically.

Karen gathers Rog & Tiberto from their respective offices and takes them over to the local strip joint. Once again, I must apologize as I am not sure the reasoning behind this, unless the three skankateers are going to buy the place. Tiberto twirls on the poles and actually seems to have a real knack for it. Perhaps the three can perform some sort of porn Circus Soleil type of act and maybe bring Diana into the act, it would be a nice gesture for Rog to make.

To lighten the mood we get scenes of lil Naco Taxi guy, driving this guy around, the guy seems to be a businessman and gives the Taxi drive lots of dinero. They go to lunch together and the business guy insists they have the best cusine, drinks, coffees & of course stiff the Naco guy with the bill. When the Naco guy tries to pay with the money the guy paid him, ding-ding, the money is fake and Taxi guy has to wash like 50,000 dishes. I find it hard to believe a "Mexico City Taxi Driver" would not recognize counterfeit money, but the waiter would. Can the functionally retarded actually get licenses to drive taxis in Mexico?
****Oh Well who cares cause it is great to make fun of the functionally and socially disadvantaged*****

To wrap this up, let us once again return to the beautiful beach, where our two young lovebirds are playing volleyball, racing on the beach, getting ready to scuba dive and just making me feel all is right with the world. Wait curses, I spoke too soon, who is that hiding behind a rock.....NO it is Coyote.....Stop JC don't go near the water. Alas my cries are in vain, Pauli & JC are deep below the the ocean, at least 8 foot, they are annoying and probably killing an innocent star fish, while blurbbling out to said starfish, just how much they love each other. Just then Coyote swims up behind JC, ensnares JC's foot in a net and pulls his oxygen hose loose, I can't watch....oh it's okay cause the show is over.

Stay tuned for ........
Leo swooping in for a kiss with MA, she looks like she is going to vomit

Will Pauli be a widow, did Tiberto commit Fratricide? Will Demian have to tell Tiberto that ole parental standby "Do as I say, not as I do"


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