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Dinero Monday May 31, 2010 Gol! Y Golazo!!

Well, actually, none of our three couples, Jaime/Julieta, Marco/Carmela and Rafa/Alejandra have scored yet. But two out of three look very promising. I may have a hard time getting to sleep tonight, and not just because I stayed up late writing this.

So, let's get down to it. The first 45 minutes will have to be guess-work. The Univision transmission was breaking up ever two seconds and it was impossible to follow the dialogue or action. So here's what I THINK happened. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Medina, in a jealous rage, punches out Guillermo and finally ends up throwing him in the jacuzzi love pool outside the room. Guillermo calls security and has Rafa thrown in jail over Alejandra's protests. Rafa, in his jail cell, tries to negotiate his cell phone from the guard who cracks wise when he hears about his worries over his sister off on a trip with her novio.

Jaime, in spite of Rafa's worries, is trying to toe the straight and narrow. Gamely having a go at chopping an enormous hunk of wood, while Julieta distracts him, turns off his cellphone and pleads with him to come in the freezing cabin and "warm her up". Will our nervous novio resist temption? Well, he tries.

Meanwhile, the parade of Auto Siglo personnel to the Queen's chamber continues. The General wants time off to be part of a big government protest planned for the weekend. Queen confides that she took part in such junkets in her youth but found out work and getting ahead in life was a lot more satisfying. And given the huge number of people expected to be there, would anybody notice if the General made a brief appearance and then came back to work? No. So use your head, girl, and sell sell sell! Save your shouting for the shower.

Meanwhile, Alejandra is pleading Rafa's case with Guillermo and he relents and goes off to get his release.

Worries over there. But not with Rosaura. One by one, all her so-called friends turn down her request for a place to stay. And when the General puts her case before the Auto Siglo group, one by one they turn her down as well. Well, except for Marino, who grabs her in a close grip and says he could pay her rent if..... Just as glad I couldn't hear the dialogue. Ditto for Pepeto whose murky offer is turned down out of hand. Finally she ends up with the General, even though the latter warns her she lives in a dangerous neighborhood and there's no elevator. How do you get your packages and orders sent up then? gasps Rosaura as she finally wheezes in and collapses in a chair. We're our own slaves, snaps the General. Certainly this relationship is going to be a Learning Experience for our formerly pampered Rosaura. A bit worrying.

And lots of worries with Marcos. As he blurts out to Chavez, this Carmela doesn't want to seduce me, she wants to rape me. And you know the performance problems I've been having lately. Sure enough, as Carlos predicted, the little green pill bottle comes out. But only one this time Marcos. And just 10 minutes before action, please!

The final scene at AutoSiglo is Ramirez firmly rejecting Marino's final lame attempt at reconciliation. I thought I could be a friend you could really count on but you're incapable of being interested in anyone but yourself, our former toady declares. Can't decide if Marino looks perplexed, thoughtful or just constipated. Can we even imagine redemption for this pig? Well maybe. If so, this confrontation with Ramirez is the first stepping stone in the long road to maturity. Stay tuned.

Marcos is still twisting in the wind. Worried about Alejandra, equally worried about Carmela (and he should be!) Decides to call Rosario to check up on Ale's whereabouts. No help there. She's out of town, at a conference, in Cocowhatever. With an old friend. And yes, Rosario knows they've broken up, but don't worry. Surely when Ale's had some time to think, relax, all will be well again. And no, she's certainly not with Medina! She assured us of that.

More grist for the mill. Marcos figures she's lying to her family and COULD be with Rafa. Now to try and track him down. Or better yet...just have Chavez "take care of him". Well we won't worry about that. Pata has assured us there'll be no killings in this one. Right?

Well, how about some romance then? Julieta's coaxing Jaime back into the house and next thing you know they're seated in front of a roaring fire (could the inept Jaime really have chopped all that wood?) and gosh, he's acting strange but that's probably because he's tired. Off to bed then! Our upright Jaime insists on honoring the separate bed agreement. She pretends to acquiesce. As he tosses and turns in his nice big bed, suddenly in creeps a little imp in pink jammies, needing warmth and comfort. Hasty retreat ending with him sliding off the bed and Julieta landing on top of him. Okay folks. He's done for. That's it. Lots of kisses, laughter and rolling around on the bed now. And here we draw a veil.

Because there's a much more interesting development elsewhere. Alejandra is waiting on the steps of the police department and here comes her guy. And how. There's the Look. The Hug. The Kiss. More kisses. Open-lipped one. Nibbles first on one lip then the other. Then some real smashers. Amarte a la Antigua plays in the background and suddenly a placard appears saying Alejandra and Rafa are Novios. GOL!!!!!!!!

Okay then. Have a drink on me. Sit back and remember the most torrid romance of your life. The time when all the waiting and wondering and yearning and longing culminated in a dream of romance and passion. And don't blame me if you can't sleep tonight. Use your time wisely.

Because our novios certainly are. Heck, they can't keep their hands off each other. They're embracing as they walk into a nearby cafe. They're hugging and kissing while Rafa orders two coffees (no "piquete" alcohol with them) to warm up his "novia". Alejandra likes that so much she makes him repeat it. He calls home to reassure his mom and she's kissing him during the call, while he wraps his arm around her. I love it. No wonder Mexico is crazy for this couple.

As all lovers do, they're delighted to just talk about each other and their mutual rapture (with a little jealousy thrown in). The only tense moment came when she asks him about what client he blew off in order to come chase after her. He looks like he's worried the mention of Marian Celeste will ruin the moment but it doesn't. They're soon back to billing and cooing, even though they both agree, closing the deal business-wise is important.

Somehow, in between kisses and hugs and sweet nothings, Alejandra learns Rafa came up here by bus and he'll have to hurry to catch the last one back to Mexico City, while she stays behind with Guillermo.

Oh no! Don't worry. But the writers tease us by flipping us back to Marcos and Chavez. Times a wastin'. Carmela's been waiting in the restaurant and is steamed. Chavez gives Marcos his marching orders. Si se puede. Si se puede. And as Marcos limps out the door, Chavez wonders "Podra?" (will he be able to?) Doesn't look good ,does it.

Back to the bus stop. Our lovers are still kissing and hugging and "te amo-ing" while the bus waits. They can't bear to be apart for even one night. More kisses. And Rafa tells Alejandra to keep his jacket on (it's cold, folks), he'll get it tomorrow. He climbs on. Goes to his seat. We have another scene change but let's compress this. Next thing he knows, Alejandra gets on the bus too. Gives the driver a big bill and says keep the change. Falls into his arms and they both tumble into a guy's lap, in a rapture of kisses. Applause from the passengers. Ain't love grand?

Well, not so much. Not with Carmela and Marcos anyway. He's off to a bad start. Arrived late. Called her Doña Carmela. Is accused of Nope. He has a fiancée. But of course he can't give her real name and Carmela is on to the subterfuge. And coming on strong. So much so that the lady at the next table is staring. Poor Marcos!

And poor lovers! Now that they're on the bus, what are they going to do? They hop off at the next stop, still wrapped in each others arms, call for a room with the help of a bemused front desk lady, who promises Rafa she will make the room romantic. Ale calls Guillermo and tells him not to wait up. She's spending the night with her "savage delinquent". Laughter and more kisses. What's not to like?

Well, Carmela for one thing. She's putting the screws to Marcos money-wise and he can't come up with it. (Does this bode well for the rest of the evening?) Well, he'd better come through with the other part of the bargain, snarls Carmela and suddenly she goes ballistic. She's fed up. Thought he was a man. But he's not. She hates him, abhors him. She....but he saves the day, calms her down, snaps his fingers for the check, grimaces as he peels off the bills, and off they go, with Carmela leering at his backside and chewing her fingers in anticipation. Si se puede? Podra? I'm feeling almost as nervous as poor Marcos. Sure wouldn't want to disappoint this virago.

Mientras tanto, we're in complete lala land with our lovers. They're remembering every encounter, every moment when they first realized they were in love. Rafa maintains it happened that first night. The night of the accident. Never had he seen such a beautiful woman. Then they both admit that the evening in Huchitepec, where they sang the duet, both felt happier than they ever had before. It was then Ale realized she didn't love Marcos. And the almost kiss in the car? Was she really asleep? Well maybe not. But she was certainly drunk. And then the romance at the beach. The jealousy with the flirtatious cousin. The kisses which she claimed were fake but Rafa thought were authentic. Forgive me, she murmurs, I just couldn't accept it then. Together they remembered and laughed about naming the lobsters and setting them free.

And then their names are called. Los esposos Medina, Rm 2004. He lifts her up in his arms and carries her over the threshold into a magic dwelling place of glowing candles, scarlet roses and tender romance. She had wanted time to think but he hadn't let her. And now Rafa wants her more than ever. After this night he can die tomorrow in peace. Ah no, she cautions, because we are going to have many many more nights like this. Nights of bliss and love. An infinity of nights like this.

Ya think? Well, we know this can't last. But goshdarnit, I sure hope it does for at least a few more episodes.

Who cares. Let's just enjoy the moment without looking ahead.

Who cares? An evening like this is about romance and remembrance, not language learning.

Dicho of the Day:

Poderos caballero is don dinero. Money makes the world go 'round.

And we say no! Love makes the world go round. (But maybe money makes the world go round for Marcos and Chavez. And Carmela.)


El Clon 74, Mon., May 31 - Nati runs away from home; Jade dances dirty for Said and Alicia breaks up a marriage

Marisa sashays in to the bedroom in one of her her broccoli band dresses and breezily asks if Lucas has any message for Jade. She tells him that Jade just got back from Morocco and Marisa is having dinner at Said's house. She is out the door before Lucas' slow wits react.

Alej is showing Nati fighting moves or tango dips when Marisa comes in. She says that she can't stand seeing Nati wasting her time with someone who is useless to her. Then two bad things happen: Nati goes after Marisa and gives her the opportunity to spew a lot more hatred and Alej leaves. You shouldn't let you girl be abused like that, Alej!!

Alicia gets Escobar to give her a ride home. They are leaving the building when up drives Clara. Alicia invites Clara to come to the lab sometime and they can have coffee. 'Don't hold your breath,' says Clara, (espera sentada, o pronto te cansarás, wait sitting down or soon you'll get tired.) Clara collects her husband and drives off.

Marisa arrives at Said's house and they make small talk and exchange looks of burning passion. Rania is jealous that Jade is dining with the guest and Jadiya makes sure that Rania knows that the first wife has more privileges. Privileges that Jade would gladly give up when Said orders her to dance for him and Marisa. At first she refuses, but finally agrees.

Jade appears in a jade green outfit and instead of dancing the sensuous way she did for Lucas, she does something more like an exotic dancer (i.e., erotic dancer without any subtletly). Obviously, Said doesn't like it because he stops Jade and tells her to go to her room, then follows her. It's not clear if anyone got any dinner.

Luisa finally flips out on Alicia when she finds her organizing Albieri's desk for him.

Julio and Albieri are in a taxi talking about the Alicia/Luisa problem. Albieri wants to get Alicia another job while Julio replies that the clinic is running much more efficiently with Alicia in charge. When the cab stops at a light, Daniel sees Albieri. Albieri doesn't see him and the cab drives off before Daniel can do anything.

Luisa throws Alicia out of her room. Alicia says that no one treats her like that.

Alej tells Pablo that he won't take Nati's calls and he won't go to her house again and be insulted. Pablo says that if thing are that bad (así de gruesas) he should break it off. Alej replies that he probably should be he can't. When Pablo suggests that Alej get a place where he can live with Nati, Alej asks if Pablo has seen the mansion when Nati lives. He can't afford a place like that. Pablo replies that Nati has to love him with or without money or it won't work.

Nati is packing up her stuff. She tells Rosa that she is going to live with Alej because she can't take any more.

Rosa tells Lucas that Nati left the house after a fight with her mother. Then Leo comes in and without even asking how Lucas is feeling, he tells Lucas about Said's purchase of the available shares of the company. Then Leo tells Lucas about his fear that Lucas would sell Said his shares of the company to get a divorce for Jade. Lucas replies that he would never be so irresponsible. Just to protect you from yourself, says Leo, I'm having the lawyers see about my taking control of the shares. Nothing like having your dear old dad for whom you've worked for 20 years treat you like a kindergartner.

Mohamed refuses to let the Naz and Zamira go to the gym in spite of the Naz's arguments that the prophet favored exercise.

Nati shows up at Andrea's house and asks to stay telling Roberto and Lucia that she can't live in her house anymore.

Lucas approves of the fact that Nati has the guts to do what he could never do.

Marisa tells Rosa that she is the only person in the house who cares about Nati. She says that Nati doesn't love Alej. She has an inferiority complex and feels secure with the guy. She wants to speak to Nati to make her feel more inferior than ever but Rosa tells her that Nati has left the house.

Nati tells Lucia and Roberto that she wants to live with Alej or marry him. She doesn't want them to tells her parents where she is. Lucia advises Roberto to agree to what Nati asks so that they know she is safe and then they can tell her parents.

Alej is not taking Nati's calls. Gloria tells him to stop mooning around and get job.

Daniel tells Osvaldo that he saw Albieri and that he will never consider anyone else his father. Osvaldo tells Dora and Estela that he is upset that Daniel has rejected him having just gotten used to being called, 'Dad.' When Dora asks how Daniel dared to tell Osvaldo that Albieri was his real father, Daniel says that it is Dora's fault. She never told him who his father was and everyone has the right to know where they came from. He says that he has nothing against Osvaldo but he will never see or love him like a father.

Alicia is brooding about her revenge. She decides to call Escobar. Foolish Escobar takes the call and tells Clara that he has to over to Albieri's house and console Alicia because she had a fight with Luisa and is crying. If you go, says Alicia, I won't be here when you get back. Escobar leaves anyway, followed by Clara. [It's not clear to me how breaking up Clara's marriage hurts Luisa.]

Nati tells Andrea that if she loses Alej because of her mother, she will never speak to her again. She hopes that Lucas divorces Marisa quickly and leaves her in the street without a penny.

The Naz and Zamira show up at the gym. Pablo is happy to see them. He starts leading an excercise class. The Naz is shocked by the half-naked exhibitionist odalisques pushing themselves on her suitor. Poor Zamira is embarrassed by the Naz and by looking different than everyone else. Zamira asks for help.
Alá, mira el oso que estoy haciendo. ¡Ayudame!
Allah, look at the fool I am making of myself (literally, making the bear). Help me!

Mohamed comes home and asks where the Naz is. Latifa says that she is out shopping with Zamira. Mohamed rants about the sinfulness of the gym. Presumably Latifa knows or guesses where Nariza and Zamira are because she is praying, too.

Prince Amin sees Karla heading home. He asks Mohamed if he can go to Hilda's house to try and sell her some veils (and, ulterior motive, see Karla in her underwear). He gets an eyeful but uses the wrong compliment - he calls them 'hens' (gallinas) and they throw him out.

Jade wants Jadiya to ask Said to see Latifa. She replies that she already did and she is going after lunch.

Rania is dancing for Said but all he can think about is Jade doing the sword dance for him.

Abdul brings Amina to say farewell to Ali before she goes to the US. Afterward, Zoraida tells Ali that she doesn't want Mohamed to be pressured to take a second wife. While Ali doesn't appreciate Abdul's interference, he has faith in Mohamed's judgment about whether and who to choose as a second wife. Zoraida doesn't want to leave such things to chance and asks Ali to let her go to the US to see how Jade is. They haven't heard from her directly. Ali considers this idea.

The credit roll.


Club Gancho is Open for Busines

It's sunny out, the sky is blue
Last night we had a barbecue
With dogs and burgers on the grill
We ate until we had our fill

Today we shopped, hit every store
We walked until our feet were sore
So now it's time to rest our bones
Put up our feet, shut off the phones

We'll sip a cool refreshing drink
Relax our brains, not even think
Of course we still can go online
To see if our friends are feeling fine

So how was your vacation, folks?
Heard any new corny jokes?
How's it going? ¿Como estás?
Tell us todo, then tell us más!

Tell us how the time has gone.
Here in Club Gancho Corazon.


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Caray Caray Special Report - People en Espa~ol Mas Bello fiesta - May 20, 2010

Hola a todos! Hello everyone on Caray Caray!

During my recent vacation I flew to New York City for the People en espa~ol Mas Bello 2010
fiesta on May 20. As the blog's unofficial photographer, I was permitted to enter and
stand in the corner with the other photographers in the press room at the event.

Here is the link to see the photos I took both outside the venue and in the press room:


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Mi Pecado, Friday, May 28th. Carmelo Has His Noche de Bodas, but with Renata!

Capitulo 60

We find ourselves at the location of Lucrecia and Carmelo’s civil ceremony, where the band of marriage witnesses convene and are invited into the judge’s chamber for the ceremony. The wedding begins and the judge asks Lu if she accepts Carmelo Roura Valdivia as her legitimate husband. Lu says yes, I accept. (We see our galan, Julian, viewing the proceedings disguised as a campesino behind the blinds of the judge’s chambers) Lu notices the strange figure as he vanishes from the proceedings. The judge asks Carmelo if he accepts Lu as his legitimate wife and he says, “por supuesto,” I do. The judges says "in the name of the authority that the state confers in me, I declare you husband and wife.” He asks the witnesses to sign the marriage document. All sign with Sr. Cruz saying, "Sure" (Viewerville is hoping that we don’t sound goofy like he does as we practice our Spanish!) The judge tells Carmelo that, as they say in these cases, “You may kiss the bride”....Carmelo says gracias and leans to kiss Lu and she leans away quickly saying, “Por favor, let’s go!” This action gets quite a look from Fidel. Carmelo strong arms Lu a bit and then says , “As you wish”. Lu stalks off and Carmelo says to Fidel that he’ll see him at the house. Carmelo thanks all including the Licenciado who remarks to Fidel how beautiful this girl is! As Lu leaves the proceedings she sees a truck that looks exactly like Julian’s driving by. Carmelo leaves the building and when he sees Lu looking away he asks her if it is beginning to rain, she says no, she thought for a minute she saw....... never mind. He tells her that they should go El Milagro to get her things. She asks him why and he replies that she is his wife and they shall live together in his casa, OUR casa. I'll wait for you..... He offers his arm and she walks past him and his arm.

Next we find ourselves with Blanca and Father Matias, she is showing him her plan of study, computers. She gives him a flyer that explains everything. Father Matias is very happy with her decision. Blanca needs a computer for her work and Father M tells her that he knows where they can find one, second hand (seconda mano). Blanco is thankful and they share a happy, loving moment. We hear a knock at the door and Rodolfo stops by. Blanca excuses herself to make dinner..well wishes all around. Rodolfo asks if Julian has come by to see him. The good Father asks if Julian didn't leave town and Rodolfo saying yes, and explains that yesterday he got a strange call from a friend of Julian's who had seen him in town. The Father says that yes, this is strange and adds that if Julian had come to town, surely he would have looked for his dad. Rod says that this is what Justina says. On the mention of Justina’s name, Matias tells Rodolfo that he was about to close the church the other day when he saw Justina praying (rezando) sincerely. Rod asks if he was sure and says that he isn't surprised and tells the Father that Justina has changed a lot and has repented from the things that she has done. What is most important to her now is to regain the respect of her sons. As luck would have it, in the next scene, we now see Justina, in front of mirror adjusting her ample figure in skimpy spaghetti strap silky pajamas.... I think she wants Rod to forgive her.

Tere sees Manuel and tells him that Asuncion told her that he was working

outside. Manuel tells her that yes, he has returned and then he asks how she has been, expressing sympathy at the loss of her father. She tells him that she feels alone. Manuel reminds her that she has her godmother (Asuncion?) and her Tere asks if he knows that today Lu will marry her brother and Manuel interrupts saying that yes, he knows that Lucrecia will marry Carmelo. Neither one understands the why of the marriage and then Manuel says again how sad he is about her father and tells her if there is ever anything he can do, let him know.

Lu and Carmelo arrive in his car at El Milagro and she asks him to wait outside, she wants to tell her parents. He offers to help but she says please, let me handle this. Carmelo says sarcastically, "It's OK, as you wish" As she enters the house she encounters Renata who asks her what she was doing today, her mother was asking for her. Lu simply says

that she married Carmelo in a civil ceremony. Renata, muy impactada says, "This couldn't have happened because you promised that you wouldn't marry Carmelo.” Lu says, "I changed my mind,” and then says that she has to collect her things because, "He is waiting for me." Renata asks her what happened with Julian? Lu tells her that she was mistaken, it couldn't have been Julian. Julian never returned!" (Yes he did!) Renata goes out to see Carmelo and he asks her if Lu told her that they were married. Renata says yes, that this will be a big mistake and it will be the beginning of a life of hell for them. (That's quite a wedding wish!) Carmelo gives us his laugh/smirk which solidifies viewerville's disgusting view of him.

Rosario enters her room as Lu is collecting her things and asks if she

married Carmelo, telling her that Tere called to let her know...Lu says, “Yes,

it's true mother, and NOW you can be happy.” Rosario asks why she didn't tell her saying, "I am your mother, you shouldn't treat me this way.” Rosario says that she is delighted that Lu did this and Lu says that this just what she didn't want to do....give her that satisfaction. Rosario says that Lu is making her feel that in some way she made her marry Carmelo and Lu says that yes, in a way, it was you that made me do it. Rosario denies this and Lu tells her not to defend herself, it isn't worth it...Rosario asks her what is she doing with her suitcase, photos and all and Lu tells her that she is going to live with HER husband, isn’t this what a married woman should do? Rosario offers to help and Lu declines. Lu enters the room of her father and asks if he knows (about the wedding) and tells him that she did it for the well bring of everyone, in a short while, you will see things in a different way. He refuses to embrace her and she sadly leaves the room. We see tears roll down Paulino’s face.

Asuncion and Delfina meet on the street and after greeting each other, Delfina tells her that she, Manuel and Modesto have left El Milagro, it is to hard to explain, but all workers are scattered. Asuncion is surprised by all this because Carmelo and Lu have just gotten married. Delfina is upset and further she learns that Fidel isn't leaving town because Carmelo gave him work. Delfina tells her that Manuel isn’t interested in knowing the name of his father.

Carmelo and Lu enter a bedroom, she asks if this is his father's room. He says yes and it is the principal bedroom and as the new queen of the house, this should be her room. She mutters, whatever you want. Carmelo tells her that everything that he has done during this time has been for her and he loves her. He assures her that he will win her love, he wants her to be very comfortable in the house and if she needs something, just ask...welcome.

In Carmelo's study he receives Fidel who says, "Hey Boss, what's happening!" Fidel came early because Carm says he is always late. Carmelo wants to see what Fidel bought for him. Fidel shows him the gun and asks if he knows how to use it. (Fidel makes some remark about Carm’s novia/wife which I couldn’t understand even though I listened several times! ) Carm says...Don't say such stupid things, “Be quiet!” “Another time, Boss,” says Fidel as he leaves. Carm locks the gun in his desk.

Tere and Lu see each other and Tere says she doesn't know the reasons that Lu married her brother but she will respect her decision. Lu says that she doesn’t know if the reasons are valid. Tere says that she and Asuncion and will be there for her, she was going out to buy some things, but can she stay and help with Lu with her things. Lu takes Tere up on her offer saying thanks. Tere sees the picture of Lu’s brother and says that she can barely remember him, Lu says that she thinks of him every day.

Manuel and Modesto are talking, Manuel sees in the paper that “El Noro” is hiring. Modesto says that their hands are tied because they pay very poorly. Manuel and Delfina discuss Lu's marriage and Delfina is disappointed that Manuel knew and didn't do anything about it. Manuel says that her mind was made up, there was nothing that he could do, even Julian could do nothing about it. Delfina is so disappointed that her girl could have married this hopeless man.

Carmelo is remembering the things that Fidel told him.....He continues to

drink and goes to Lucrecia's room and tries to force himself on her. Lu

screams loudly and tries to fight him off. Asuncion hears the ruckus and runs to the room and tells him that Lucrecia doesn't want him. He says she is my ESPOSA, then he gives up and leaves. Tere runs to the room and asks what’s happening and Asuncion tells her that her brother is an animal. Carmelo gets into his car and tries to start it with no success. Renata sees him and leans against the front hood. Carmelo sees Renata and says, "What the devil are you doing here?” She says that she wanted to know how the wedding night went, but can tell by looking at him that it didn’t go well. He says, "Leave!", but not before he begins forcing kisses on her. At first Renata resists, but then later she begins kissing back. We flash to Lu and see her face as she cries and looks at her door knob in fear. Back in the car, Renata is telling Carmelo, "Not here Carmelo!" He starts the car and drives away with Renata.

Tere and Asuncion are talking about how uneasy they feel about that pobre muchacha, Lu, Tere wouldn't want to be in her place. Tere can't believe that she would have gotten married to her brother without telling anyone, even her mother. Asuncion tells her that she had been talking to someone and was told that something happened at El Milagro to force Lu to marry Carmelo. Asuncion says that she learned that Delfina and her family were forced to leave the house. Tere says she saw Manuel and he told her nothing. Tere and Asuncion discuss that Rosario NEVER loved Lucrecia and in fact that she spent more than 10 years in boarding school. They wonder how could a mother do that her only child. They just don't understand it.

We find ourselves at El Milagro. Rosario is trying with little success to help Paulino eat. He pushes the spoon away. She says that if he thinks that she obliged Lu to marry Carmelo he is mistaken. She assures him again that she didn't make her marry Carm. Paulino says, "Don't lie!" She attempts to assure him again on the memory of Casarin that she didn't do anything to make Lu marry that maldito Carmelo....Paulino is unconvinced and says, "Get out!" She says fine, if that is he wants, she'll do it, but he will be a parasite and NO ONE will help him get out of the bed, get him something to eat or do the things for him that he needs. He asks for Delfina and Rosario tells him that Delfina, Modesto and Manuel are not there in the hacienda and she doesn't know why. (Liar!) She says that if he doesn't accept HER help, he won't get any of the assistance that he asks for (rogar). She says that she is going to see if she can pay his niece to take care of him. He tells her that he doesn't care if anyone comes...GET OUT OF HERE!

Rosario goes to Renata's door and knocks, she isn't there. Rosario asks, “Where is this good for nothing?”

We find the aforementioned "good for nothing" in Carmelo's car as she tells

him that he would never have had such a beautiful moment with her cousin. (They did it!) He tells her that this is "a momento" that will never happen again. (Ask Blanca!) She asks him is he is having a guilty conscience (remordimiento de conciencia). He tells her to shut her mouth and she asks why, "I'm telling the truth!" She laughingly asks wouldn’t he be really grateful that someone is interested in “taking care" of him. He tells her to hush, and she says that they both know that Lucrecia doesn't love him and most assuredly, she will NEVER get into bed with him, not of her own volition. He asks her if he made her feel good (I think). She tells him that she will always be ready to give him what he needs, this will happen again!

We find ourselves in the Justina’s bedroom where she wakes up and feels the (green!) sheets where Rodolfo should have been. She fluffs her hair and goes to knock on his door. When he asks her what she wants she tells him that he doesn’t have to sleep alone, he can sleep in their bed. He smiles and says thanks, he'd rather stay where he is, He says that they are better friends than they were a couple. She then tells him that her door will always be open to him. He says frankly, I don't think that this will ever happen and tells her to get her rest.

Now we find ourselves in Lu’s bedroom and hear a knock at the door, it's Carmelo. She asks what can she do for him, then he asks her how she slept...mas o menos, she says. He says forgive me, what happened last night will never happen again. He says that he will wait until she wants to be with him. She says that if what happened last night happens again, she’s going back to her house. He says have faith in me. He tells her that Dona Rosario is waiting for her in the living room. Lu is very surprised. He thinks that Rosario wants to see how she is doing. She leaves and he enters her room, picks up the top she wore the day before and kisses it. (Ug!)

After greetings, Rosario tells her that she came because yesterday she ended up with a bad taste in her mouth, she didn't like the way Lu left El Milagro, and in no way does she want bad feelings between the two of them. Lu tells her not to worry, everything is perfectly clear! (meaning her Mother’s plans) Rosario says that she has a surprise, she has spoken to Carmelo and they have come to an agreement about the family orchards. When Lu seems unhappy, Rosario asks, “Why are you looking like this? I thought you’d be happy that things were going like this. I thought this is the reason that you married Carmelo.” Lu says that this is what she didn’t want to do, become a piece of merchandise. Rosario says that it had to be this way, because the orchards are the property of her father and hers and they had to be the ones to negotiate. This will make her father feel well again, he’ll be in charge of the orchards, isn’t that what she wanted? Lu reminds her that they need Delfina, Modesto, Manuel and all the other workers back. Rosario says that they’ll just ask them back. She denies having anything to do with letting them go. Lu looks incredulous, she doesn’t think that it will be so easy to get them back, they are all very upset with her. In fact, Rosario needs to be the one to ask them and she says, knowing Rosi, she doesn’t think that she can do it! (As Lu and Rosario talk in this scene, they buttoned and unbuttoned Lu’s blouse so many times, I just stopped counting!)

We find Father Matias in the church, Delfina knocks and enters. Father M asks about Paulino and Delfina tells him that she doesn’t know about his health, she hasn’t seen him. Father M asks how that could be and thinks that Rosario has put Paulino in a room where he can’t see anyone. Delfina says that she is no longer at El Milagro, and in fact, does he know anyone who is looking for a cook? Father M asks for an explanation and Delfina tells him that Rosario fired almost everyone who worked at the hacienda. She tells him that Rosi fired both Manuel and Modesto and she felt that she needed to go with them. Father M asks if she fired everyone personally and Delfina tells him yes, she has sold or is going to sell all the land of El Milagro and she doesn’t need the people. God bless me! (Valgame de Dios) says Matias. He thinks that she must be crazy, but Delfina says that she is more sensible that usual, this was a big plan to have Lu marry Carmelo, and she succeeded. Father M asks when did Lu marry Carmelo and Delfina tells him yesterday. Lu is chained (encadenar) to this jerk. Delfino tells him that he can’t imagine how much this hurts her to think of the painful life that her girl will have with this infeliz. Delfina also wonders how they can help Paulino gain his will to live again, it is a weight on her to think that she abandoned him.

Modesto and Manuel are leaving Pension San Pedro, Manuel is excited, they have jobs (chambas) at Los Encinos. As they leave they see Rosario drive up in her big black (expensive!)sedan with driver. She tells them that Asuncion told her that they were there at the pension. They tell Rosario that if she is looking for Delfina, she isn’t there. They explain that they are leaving to look for work. Rosario, in a very condescending way, tells them that they are rehired (recontrados) at El Milagro, it they want the work. If they don’t, that’s OK too, Lucrecia can find workers elsewhere. She says that Paulino has asked personally for them. As Rosario leaves in her car, Manuel says to Modesto, “And now?” Delfina asks if it is true that they can return and Manuel says that word for word he’s not sure, but he thinks so.

Tere comes to see Blanca. She wants to talk about what happened with her brother, Carmelo. Blanco tells Tere that she knows that they aren’t equals and begins to assure her that she didn’t want to make demands (reclaimer) and Tere interrupts to say that she knows that...that it has given her much shame that Carmelo played with her and now he has obliged Lucrecia to marry him. Blanca hopes that Lu can be happy with him. Tere tells her that, truly, she is very sorry for what happened. Blanca thanks her and looks very sad remembering everything that happened as Tere leaves.

Rosario and Renata meet in the entry of El Milagro, Rosi wonders if she is just getting up...Renata says yes. Rosario asks her were she spent the night and she says in her bed, crying, because it is so sad when someone you love marries someone else. Rosario says that she hopes that she has had enough time to cry because now she need to help with small things like...washing, ironing, doing the baths, and your uncle needs help and you are going to help him. Renata tells her that she has to leave, she is looking for work in town. Rosario asks her if it is day work or night work. Unfazed, Renata tells her she will let her know when she finds something.

Lu is walking through the ruined orchards, she says she’ll do it alone. Up walks Modesto and Manuel to help. Lu is grateful and gives Manuel a big hug. In the kitchen, Rosario asks Delfina to prepare something for Paulino and Delfino tells her it is done already. She tells Rosario that she didn’t return for her, but for Lucrecia and for her husband, Paulino. Rosario says, “I know that.”

Delfina takes the tray up to Paulino and tells him that everything will be OK, but he must do his part to make it worthwhile. Paulino understands and takes the spoon and begins feeding himself. They both share a smile, a laugh and a few tears.

Lucrecia and all the hands work in the orchard, the trees grow and bloom. We move forward three years, they have their first harvest of perfect red apples (as usual) and Lu shouts “Yes, we can!

In another orchard our galan (with the slicked back hair) rides in on a dark brown horse as the workers shout...El Patrón. At this moment, a silver sports car arrives....It is Lorena (Altair) with their wedding invitation. She says that she is the happiest woman in the world, they embrace and we can see on Julian’s face, that he isn’t the happiest man in the whole world, he misses Lucrecia.

Advances, Lu pushes Carmelo away and Renata isn’t pushing Carmelo away and more..........


Corazon Salvaje May 28, 2010 Rodrigo Thy Name is LOSER!

Ep. 71

The associates are waiting for Juan Aldama de la Cruz. In pops Juan. Hey, I’m Juan Aldama de la Cruz or you can call me Juan San Roman Montes de Oca or just Juan del Diablo for short. Woody is stunned. It can’t be. You are a big fat nobody. I know, you believe that. Raul is still not getting it. Juan explains that he was adopted by Juan Aldama and he gave Juan his name and his fortune. He is the son of Maria Del Rosario and Juan de Dios. The same night I was born I was abandoned in the jungle like an animal. For this I have returned to seek vengeance. Juan explains that at first he was just going to kill Rod and get it over with but instead he thought it would be much more fun to ruin him. Yep. Much more fun. Woody is stunned and you know Twitchy over there is thinking whew! I’m glad he’s not my enemy. He continues. My father told me to go back and look for Rodrigo Montes de Oca and take care of his happy ass. And here I am. Woody is finally figuring out that everything that has happened to him was on purpose. He has a hissy fit. Juan takes his leave.

Regina wants to know what secret Rosenda is referring to. Leo butts in and dismisses Rosenda. Regina again tries to find out what the secret is. Leo blows her off and says she and Rosenda were talking about the food they are going to have to announce the marriage of her and Fed. Regina doesn’t want to make a big deal about it. It’s just going to be the family. What a great sacrifice you are making for your father. Gag! He needs you now more than ever. It is the only reason that I’ve accepted marriage with Fed. Because I really think he’s a creepy little toad. Leo keeps trying to convince her. He comes from a good family. He has a respected name.

Woody is still whining in Noel’s office. The damn bastard. He found a way to get his vengeance. Uh, yeah. And he did it rather artfully I think. Noel, ever the optimist, hey, look on the bright side. He was going to kill you. But instead he just made you look like a LOSER. (I think he should have to wear a big red L right in the middle of his forehead.) It’s your own fault. You did it to yourself. Shut up! At least Leo still likes me. Noel points out that it is more like love.

Regina begs Leo not to lie to her. It’s an obligation. Leo says that she is always so insolent. She tells Regina the story about being in love with another man that was in love with her sister. Do you want to know who that is? With much pleasure I will tell you who that man was. That man was your father. Ewww! That is just too much info.

Woody wants to know what Noel is referring to. You know that Leo has always been in love with you. It’s not your fault. It’s nobody’s fault. She is the most upstanding woman in Veracruz. With that Woody leaves. Finally. De Marin is over there in shock. Noel apologizes that he had to be a witness to all the terrible confessions. Nothing you have heard is a lie. Mostly Raul is worried about the Association. Noel tells him not to worry about it.

Rod still thinking he’s a big wig, rushes his sniveling little butt over to the Sheriff. He is trying to convince the Sheriff to bring Juan in on something. Sheriff says have patience. We are investigating. I want him to rot in the same cell as his father. Sheriff doesn’t understand why Rod is so bothered by this guy. He tells him who Juan really is. Dun, dun, dun.

Juan is getting a big hug by Curly who is really happy to see him as are all the fisher folk. They want to know how the vengeance is coming along. Well, it’s over. Rod knows the truth and he’s pretty upset about it. Great! We have a surprise for you. For me? Yes.

Rod arrives at the mansion and contemplates his fate.

MdR is rocking her baby. She remembers moments with JDD. FF>>

Rod is thinking that Regina just has to marry Fed to get his butt out of the fire. I say it’s too late for you because you are such a LOSER.

Juan gets to see his surprise. It is a hut with the sign that says “Juan de Dios Fisherman’s Union.” Juan is honored that they named it after his father. Group hug.

Rod tells the maid she has to go because he can’t afford to pay her any more. She is devastated and begs him not to throw her out on the street. As she is leaving some men arrive (from the bank?) and tell His Lordship that he has many debts and they are here to take the house and all the stuff in it. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. He just stands there as some peasants begin removing all the furniture. Ha, sucks to be you! What goes around comes around I say.

Aimee is acting like a spoiled, snot-nosed, little heifer. Nana comes in with a tray of food. Her Royal Majesty isn’t hungry. She can starve for all I care. She only wants to be left in peace. Clemencia is worried about her. Aimee mocks her. She only cares about her passion for Juan. Clemencia is stunned. I don’t know why. Regina has been telling her this all along. Clem reminds her that she is married to a good man. Aimee doesn’t care. Don’t you understand, I can’t do this any more. This passion is choking me. I want to tell the whole world that I love Juan. Nana is shocked. Again, I don’t know why. Why did you accept Renato’s proposal when you knew Regina was in love with him? Because she’s a selfish, shallow, spiteful, little bitch. She wanted the fortune of Renato and the passion of Juan. Clem tries to get her to see reason. Not happening unfortunately.

Renato is in his office when he gets a visit from Juan. Renato is glad to see him. Where did you go? Why was it such a secret? It’s a long story. That’s ok. My dad told me the whole story. I want you to return to the finca. Don’t you get it? The finca and the money of Montes de Oca is not important to me. It is to me because half of this finca is yours. Just forget about it. No. I can’t. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I’m capable of. It doesn’t matter. Renato thinks he’s a cool dude and Juan always accomplishes his dreams. For this he needs to be a part of the finca. Renato says ok, I’ll let it go for now. Tonight I want you to come to dinner at the finca. Are you crazy? You know I’m not welcome. You are a Montes de Oca and the whole world needs to accept that. What about your mom? She’ll just have to get over it.

Leo is still discussing the dinner plans with Clemencia. Who really cares anyway? She also wants her to keep an eye on Rosenda. She fears that Rosenda might have the ways of her mother Magda who by the way is Madame Marlene.

Meanwhile, Rosenda is in the dungeons looking for the jewels. She runs into Orca. He reminds her nicely that she is not to be in the basement. She knows but she’s a little ticked off at Leo and soon everyone will know the secret. Orca perks up at that bit of info. Ah yes, there is a Montes De Oca bastard running around.

Rod gathers his stuff and leaves the mansion. FF>>

Juan is visiting Noel at his office. Awesome vengeance dude. Yeah, but that’s not why I’m here. He wants to make a Will to leave everything to Gabe, Curly and the fishermen. Noel is very proud of him. FF>>

Doctorcito is telling Madame that she needs to just chill. Everything will be fine. She is worried about her daughter. Oh, by the way I ran into your daughter in the street. She fainted. But don’t worry everything is ok. FF>>

Rosenda and Clemencia are in the kitchen preparing food for the special dinner. Rosenda gets nauseous and lightheaded (we all know what that means). Clem is worried about her. Rosenda runs out of the room and barfs. Clem thinks Rosenda could be preggers with Rod’s baby. Ya think?

Speak of the devil, Rod has come slinking back to the finca with his tail between his legs prepared to eat crow and ask Renato for help. Leo is overjoyed that he is there. My dear Leonarda, I am here because I am the biggest, fatest LOSER ever. Don’t say that. I have lost everything. I don’t even have a place to live. She’s sure that once Regina marries Fed he will regain his fortune and everything will be back to normal. Rod is not so sure. The bastard has returned. Juan Aldama de la Cruz, our majority shareholder in the business is the person who ruined me.

Rod and Arcadio are having a meeting. This can’t be good. Orca says that for many years they have not had any conversations. Rod says they have had nothing to talk about. Orca says but you are wrong. Then lay it on the line for me. Do you remember the doctor who lost his life the same night that he attended to MdR? He had an accident on your orders. How do you think Dr. Miranda would like it if he found out that you had his uncle killed? So what do you want? I want you to remember that some day you owe me a big favor.

MdR and Mirta are hanging out in their cell. MdR pulls out the letter and tells Mirta that this letter is very important and they need to hide it. It accuses Leo of killing Constanza.

The men are gathered talking about Rod coming back to the finca. Leo announces it is time for the special dinner announcing the engagement of Fed and Regina. Noel is surprised. He didn’t know this little tidbit. Regina doesn’t love Fed. What changed her mind. Rod says she realized it was the thing to do. You need to listen to me. You know very well that Regina does not love Fed. It’s sure funny that all of a sudden she accepts when you are in ruin. Regina inherits a big fortune when she marries. Pardon me, but I’m going to speak frankly Rodrigo. What you are doing is selling your daughter. Well, uh, duh!

MdR is rocking her baby. Orca shows up drunk as a skunk. Since he’s not getting any nookie from Leo he has decided that maybe he can get a little something, something from her sister. I think we all know where this is going. He throws her around and she smacks her head on the wall. She’s out cold. Oops.

Leo is chattering at the table. Noel butts in and asks Regina is this was her decision. A decision that she made freely. Fed opens his big mouth but nobody really cares especially not Viewerville. Regina tries to assure Noel that it was her decision. He flat out tells her that he doesn’t believe her and neither do we. Rod interrupts but Noel say she doesn’t want to hear anything more. You go Noel! Leo proposes a toast about uniting the family and Renato butts in and says oh but not all the family is here. Aimee wants to know what he’s talking about. Everybody is here. He gets up and heads towards the door. I’m sorry but there is one family member who is not here. And now for my favorite show, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” And we all know who it is don’t we?


Friday, May 28, 2010

Mujeres Asesinas 2, Thursday, May 20: The case of the cold-blooded cookie.

Don't adjust your computer screens. Yes, this really is the recap for last week's MA, which was also our season finale, sadly. Apparently they showed a Season 1 rerun this week, but my TV did not record it for some reason. Well, we're promised Season 3 "soon." In the meantime...

Tonight, Patricia Reyes Spindola is "Tita Garza, Estafadora" (Tita Garza, con artist).

An older woman struggles her way down a flight of stairs, but almost immediately loses her balance and tumbles to the ground. A gardener shouts out "Doña Carmen" and yells to someone that she fell.

Aw, yeah, Gloria, let's get bloody for the last time. I'll miss you babe.

A bevy of broads play cards, including the soon to be fallen Carmen, and Tita. Carmen wins this hand. Tita gets a call on her cell phone from "Beto" and asks him when he needs her to "resolver" (resolve or settle…settle a debt, maybe?) she calls him her "angel de la guarda" (guardian angel) and says she'll do it, of course. Meanwhile the ladies motion to her to get off the phone and back to the game.

A guy in a suit tries to get hold of Tita, but leaves his fifth message, as the line is busy. He yells at a woman who walks in about needing to talk to Tita and ends up telling her that when Tita gets back, she needs to tell her that he's waiting for her.

Tita starts talking to the ladies about some fabulous investment that they've got to get in on tonight, if at all. She's apparently made money for them in the past and they debate among themselves whether they want to invest in whatever new scheme she has or not. Tita lays out some bull about a woman they know who made a ton of money. Two of the women say they'll give her a check, but Carmen isn't into it. Tita agrees to let her know for the next time. Carmen deals the next hand.

Tita finally makes it home and the maid tells her that her husband is furious and wants to talk to her. After she leaves the kitchen, the maid picks up Tita's discarded cigarette and starts smoking it.

The husband, Antonio, gripes at her for being out and is upset when she says she was gambling at Carmen's. She just stays annoyingly calm and asks what he's so upset about. Apparently, he gave her four million pesos to invest because she swore she could double it. Well, he hasn't gotten it back yet and it was supposed to be untouchable company money to pay the workers with. Now he's got no money, he was planning to sell the factory at a more-or-less reasonable price, and instead it's all falling apart now. He's worried about going to jail, but she says no one's going to jail in that same annoying "what a tiresome little man you are" tone of voice. She blames his lack of management skills on the problems with the factory and reminds him she's going to give him back a ton of money. She practically runs into the bathroom and locks herself in to get away from him. He starts asking if she invested all the money. She takes a pill and doesn't answer. He whines that he wrote some checks and they're going to get returned for insufficient funds. Tita starts taking off her makeup and looks a little desperate.

The next day, I guess, Carmen has changed her mind and is willing to invest $60k. In dollars, mind you. Partly in cash and partly by check. Tita doesn't even blink at signing an IOU for the money. She congratulates Carmen as a fellow investor.

Carmen talks to her daughter (who for some reason isn't listed on IMDB, but isn't that Diana Golden?) about what a great investment it is and that it's practically guaranteed. The daughter is having a little problem with the "practically" as opposed to an actual guarantee. Daughter chokes on her orange juice when she finds out mom invested sixty mil…dollars, that is. "That's everything you've got!" Carmen sighs that she's going to get all the money back next week, plus interest. Daughter remains unconvinced.

Daughter visits Det. Capellan, presumably after Carmen's death. She and the man with her are of the opinion that there was some kind of fraud going on. It's too much of a coincidence that all three women handed over money. They've spoken to the families of the other two women, who said the same thing happened, there's no record of the money or where it went. Capellan informs them that if they want to make a case for Carmen being murdered, they're going to have to autopsy the body. The daughter agrees and Capellan tells Aranda to get to work on it.

Tita is observed by a security camera as she walks into an office building and asks to see someone on the 9th floor. The security guard says there isn't anyone on the 9th floor--they and all their furniture left last night. She insists on seeing and he tells her to go ahead. Before she leaves she asks him if the guy left any kind of forwarding address. The guard says he didn't and she's not the only one to come looking for him. Tita starts getting nervous. Right then the guard gets a call from the guy, Alberto, and Tita snatches the phone away to talk to him. She's furiously asking why he up and moved offices and insisting that no, she will not calm down! He hangs up on her.

Tita spends some quality time smoking and watching the ants in her garden eat up a beetle. Matilde, the maid, comes running out with her cell phone. It's Chata, one of the ladies from the card game, asking how Tita could have taken money from Carmen when neither she nor Nena have seen any return on their investment yet. She complains that Tita told them ten days and it's now been a month. She insists that she needs her money back, like, now. She doesn't even care about the interest, she just needs her original investment back. Tita makes excuses. Chata reminds her that she has an IOU that Tita signed for the money. Tita complains that this is the first time she's been late and Chata acts like…. Chata has had enough. She asks if she should come by for the money herself or send a lawyer. Meanwhile, the maid also asks Tita if she should poison the ants.

Tita visits Chata. She's brought some freshly made butter-poison-cookies (or so I suspect) and she gives Chata two checks--one is the original investment and the other is the interest. She tells her she can cash the checks first thing in the morning and agrees that it's ok for Chata not to give her back her IOU until after she's cashed the checks.

At home, Antonio offers Tita a drink, but she declines. She lights up a cig as Antonio says that his dad always said a drink dulled the pain. Tita complains that she had a friend die, just like that, and how does he think she feels? He figures it feels about the same as when the interest on a debt is drowning you even though you're throwing a lot of money at it. She tells him to quit talking about money. He says he'd like to, but the little bit of money she gave him isn't enough. They're going to lose everything if he doesn't pay off the rest. She says he said things were getting better, so what more does he want her to do?

Matilde brings Tita some tea. She hesitates, but tells her that "they" came for her watch and Antonio gave it to them. Tita thought he was going to sell off some of her jewelry, but Matilde reminds her how he's always saying that the market goes up and down, so he didn't. Um, and also Nena called three times and said it was urgent. Tita just wants to be left alone.

Nena comes over to visit Tita. They talk about Chata's untimely death. Tita reminds Nena that they always call high blood pressure "the silent killer." Nena laments that Chata had even pre-paid part of her vacation. Well, that's life, says Tita. Matilde comes in and the ladies leave her to finish preparing the tea pot for them.

Nena begs for her money back. It's her life savings. Tita says the money's got to be put to work. Nena reminds her that the time period for the investment has already passed. Tita promises she'll have the money back next week. She says she'll go see her "executive" and get him to pull the money out of the investment. Nena is grateful. She has to leave, but Tita asks her to wait a moment. She comes back with cookies and tea for Nena to take home.

The phone rings in the middle of the night and Antonio answers it. He just says "yes" a bunch and then "don't worry." He turns on the light to tell Tita that Nena was feeling bad. She called the doctor, but wants Tita to be with her. She refuses Antonio's offer to come with her, saying Nena is shy and will be embarrassed about him being there. She says she'll take a taxi.

Nena coughs up a storm. The doc writes her a prescription for antibiotics to be taken every six hours, and advises she drink lots of water. Tita blames it on street food. She goes to walk to doctor out. Nena struggles to breathe. Tita prepares some tea and brings it in to Nena. The doorbell rings. It's paramedics running in to take care of Nena. One says she has no pulse and the other says there's nothing more they can do. Tita looks horrified.

Carmen asks her maid to hurry up and answer the door. Tita comes in asking what happened. Carmen says with what happened to Chata and Nena, she's very upset and she is also sick of waiting for her money back, she wants it now. Tita assures her she'll have it back today. She offers to go get the tea and asks if Carmen wants sugar. Tita brings the two cups of tea back into the living room and hands Carmen one of the cups. She tells Carmen to drink up while she goes to the bank and she'll be right back.

Forense Gerardo confirms that Carmen died of poisoning. They don't know how or with what, but the labs will at least tell them the "what." Capellan asks Aranda to order the exhumations of the other two women. I would think that after the embalming, they're not going to be able to run blood tests and whatnot, but who knows.

Capellan breaks it to Carmen's daughter that she was poisoned. Carmen's daughter insists that Tita must have done it, but Capellan says all they can do for now is investigate. They have no evidence that Tita did anything. Capellan asks where the IOU is, but daughter doesn't know.

Tita and hubby come to Carmen's funeral. Carmen's daughter is there, with her husband. She points out Tita to him as a friend of her mom's. Tita comes over to offer her condolences to the daughter. She introduces her to her husband and finally the daughter gives her name as "Diana Alvarado" (which character is listed on IMDB, but is not played by Diana Golden, but by Lourdes Reyes). Tita excuses herself while Antonio continues to talk to Diana and her husband.

She hightails it upstairs and looks in the nightstand for the key to a jewelry box, in which is her IOU. She grabs a picture off the nightstand just as Diana walks in. She pretends to have been up there mourning solo. "I saw her days ago and she was just perfect!" Diana says she'd rather Tita not be up there. Tita agrees to leave, but asks if she can keep the picture. Diana agrees and asks if later, she and Tita can meet to discuss business. "Oh, you want to invest some money?" Uh, no, she'd just like her mom's money back. Tita claims not to have any of her mother's money. She says she returned it all. She writes Diana's insistence off as being upset over her mother's death. Diana reminds her about the IOU. She calls her a con artist in front of the other funeral guests as Tita goes to grab Antonio and drag him out of there.

Diana and Capellan just look at each other, presumably after Diana told her the story.

Antonio asks for an explanation. Tita blames it on Diana's hurt and "nervousness." Antonio is having trouble understanding some things. Tita gives him a look and a gesture as if to say, "Well, that's cause you're stupid." He walks out of their kitchen. Tita pulls out the IOU from her purse and says "you'll have a lot more" (trouble understanding things, or things to not understand).

Antonio and Tita sit down to breakfast. Tita gripes at him for tucking his napkin into his shirt. He takes it out, but kind of huffs as he does it. She asks if they're ever going to be ok with each other again, but he doesn't think so. Too much baggage. She reminds him she's always been there, lending him a shoulder, making up for his debts and his lack of ambition. He tells her to shut it. He doesn't like easy money. She says he doesn't like difficult money either and he comes back with "Well, what have you ever done, besides lose millions!" The doorbell rings. Antonio tucks his napkin back into his collar. The maid announces that the cops are there to see her. Antonio, troubled, gets up to see what's up while Tita lights a cigarette. The DIEM team is in her foyer. Aranda asks Tita to come with her. Antonio insists on seeing the warrant, but Tita grabs it out of his hands. She then hands it to him saying there must be some mistake and tells the maid to bring her purse and her jacket. She obligingly lifts her hair out of the way as the maid lays her jacket over her shoulders. She then grandly waves the DIEM team out of her way with the hand holding the cigarette as she walks out the door. Antonio follows her. Aranda instructs two of the team to start searching. The woman asks the maid to open some locked doors in the sideboard. Meanwhile, the man has found the package of ant poison and plenty of live ants. The maid is escorted back into the kitchen as another guy finds a package of either cookies or tea. After being asked, the maid says she's worked there for six years.

Moran brings the report to Gerardo that all three women were poisoned with cyanide.

The very nervous maid talks to Aranda. She says Tita liked to make the food for get-together's herself. What she made depended on whether it was for breakfast, or dinner…or a game. Aranda asks what that menu would have been like. Cookies, French-style canapés, "brochetas" (skewers or kebabs), and coffee or tea. She says she always helped with the cooking.

The DIEM team continues their search at the houses of the deceased ladies. The find cookies at two houses at least.

Capellan tells Antonio that she has evidence that the financial problems were caused by Tita. He defends her, saying she's an investor and the market is unstable. "Mhm, right. What about the four million that you owe your workers?" Capellan says the money was removed from the company account by his wife. Antonio says she invested it in a "fund" so they could get back on their feet, but it looks like she lost it. He was not in agreement with the withdrawal, but she did it without his knowledge.

Moran and Gerardo fill Capellan in on the cyanide/ant poison.

Tita coldly and un-shockedly, says it's horrible that the families of her friends are trying to get some advantage out of their deaths. Capellan says there's no proof that Tita gave them back their money. Tita shows the IOUs and says she gave back all their money, plus interest. Capellan says all three of her investors are dead. Tita says they all died of natural causes, and, hey, they were older. "I'm already being accused of theft, now they want to accuse me of murder?" Capellan says neither the money nor the interest were deposited anywhere, so how did Tita get the IOU's back. Tita says her dad's an ambassador, she doesn't need to steal to live, she's an educated woman incapable of killing an ant. Capellan says what she knows is that Tita was defrauded by Alberto, her husband's business was in trouble, and the only way she could find to get back her IOU's was to kill her friends. "Prove it," says Tita. Oh, you asked for it bitch!

Capellan puts up the fingerprints and picture of Chata on a screen. "She liked butter cookies, right?"

Flashback to Chata eating the cookie and starting to get dizzy and have trouble breathing almost right away. Tita holds her arm s Chata dies. She picks up the IOU and walks out.

"You say you can't kill an ant, but you are capable of killing women with the same poison to solve your problems. One after the next." She puts up the fingerprints and picture of Nena.

Flashback to Tita smoking away in Nena's kitchen while she waits for water to boil. She puts the water in the teacup and adds a spoonful of ant poison. She spoons the tea into Nena's mouth. Nena's breathing gets more and more difficult. Tita tells Nena to calm down as Nena gasps for air. She smiles slightly after Nena dies.

Tita accuses Capellan of having an overactive imagination. She says she's an investigator. "Let's get back to the subject at hand. What happened to Carmen?" Tita blames it on Carmen's heart and Carmen's lack of self-care.

Flashback to Tita asking Carmen if she wants sugar in her tea. She forgot to ask about the ant poison, but she thoughtfully adds it anyway. We see Carmen rolling down the stairs again. The maid goes running to answer the gat as Tita comes running in, calling Carmen's name. She goes in the house to call the doctor and an ambulance. She goes frantically searching through Carmen's room for the IOU and finally realizes it must be in the jewelry box. She finds the key and opens it, but before she can take the IOU she hears the maid running in and puts everything back. She grabs the phone and starts yelling "How am I supposed to know what's wrong with here, hurry!" They both run outside. Carmen is foaming at the mouth as the gardener says she's still breathing and why is it taking the ambulance so long to get there?

Tita finishes, "and that's how it was. Are we done?" Capellan says she never called the ambulance and she didn't help Nena or Chata. "The evidence is against you. There are no coincidences, but there are coincidences (as in things coinciding) in the way her friends died. Killed by the cookies, tea, and canapés poisoned with the same pesticide she used on her plants. Capellan calls her an "arriesgada" (daring woman). Tita says those are Capellan's conclusions, but she doesn't have any way of proving anything. Capellan says Tita overlooked one thing. Matilde already testified against her.

Flashback to Matilde coming into the kitchen as Tita mixes cookie batter (while having a cigarette hanging out her mouth, cause we all know poisoners don't give a crap about getting cigarette ashes in your food) and adds some of the ant poison. Tita and Matilde look at each other.

Tita tells Capellan she didn't kill them. "I made them earn money and I won too."

Flashback to Tita standing over Carmen's body as the maid and the gardener keep trying to revieve her. She looks directly into the camera and smiles.

"Ernestina 'Tita' Garza was found guilty of three charges of first-degree murder and condemned to 50 years in prison for each one. She always denied having killed her friends and instead insisted she had exerted herself to increase their wealth. Matilde Sanchez was condemned to five years for criminal conspiracy. Antonio unsuccessfully cares for Tita's plants, infested with ants."

Some specialty legal vocab:

Homicido calificado--first-degree murder, meaning it was premeditated
Asociación delictuosa--criminal conspiracy


Dinero #119 & #120, 5/28/10: Vicky Suffers Temporary Deafness and Rafa Suffers Possibly Terminal Jealousy

Quintana turns the charm on for Rosario, who melts for his kind words. He thinks he has Rosario in the palm of his hand.

Jaime gives his nightmare bride a heads up that Rafa is on his way to break up with her. In a burst of perfect timing, Rafa knocks on the door. Vicky refuses to answer it and clutches her ears like a child when Rafa tries to talk to her. “La, la, la! I can’t hear you!” She hides in her room to avoid him.

Rafa tells Don Gaston and the hermanos about Vicky’s misconduct involving Rafa’s job. “I work hard with several important clients. She calls nonstop! I have reached the limit. My boss could throw me out for this.” The hermanos want to rip Rafa’s head off regardless but Don Gaston sides with Rafa. Eavesdropping Vicky is horrified. Gaston understands Rafa’s frustration and tells Rafa he will handle Vicky. “She won’t bother you again.” Rafa is surprised how well this talk went, considering he is leaving without any knife wounds or significant appendages missing.

Rosario coxes a confession out of Ale: her relationship with Marco is over. Rosario immediately thinks it’s because of Rafa and hits the roof. A fiesta photo falls off the nightstand but Ale quickly stashes it away before Rosario can ask too many questions.

Marco is in a bad way when Chavez pays a visit. Ale dumped him and he’s been nursing the whisky ever since. Marco vows to kill Rafa. He cries that he loves Ale and can’t live without her. Chavez says it’s the whisky talking but Marco swears he does love Ale and can’t stand to lose her. Chavez rallies behind Marco to give him the courage to steal Ale back from Rafa.

Both Rafa and Ale fall asleep with images of tender kisses and heart monitors in their heads. Rafa calls the next morning but Ale hangs up and goes back to sleep. Rafa lays the law down for Julieta about the rules for her trip. Julieta promises to behave and asks how things went with VVV. He relays Vicky’s hysterics and has no doubt he did the right thing by breaking up with her.

Gaston and hermanos are angry Vicky is too busy moping around the house to make breakfast. Her padre lays into her. “Young lady, you have to learn to listen and to respect others.” Vicky refuses to believe she and Rafa broke up because “she never heard it”. VVV is sure her family is just making it up. Her pajarito would never break up with her, understand?! (The girl is steps away from needing a strait jacket.)

Trapito asks Doña Arcadia for the opportunity to become a salesman. She tells him to ask Beltran but he never takes Trapito seriously. She’ll think about putting a word in with Beltran for him. Trapito leaves happily but Arcadia is a bit frustrated with having to be a psychologist for all the employees.

Ale decides to skip breakfast in favor of going to the beauty salon. She needs to look her best for a business trip to Cocoyoc. Jorge doesn’t want her to go alone and demands Marco go with her. Rosario covers for Ale and promises to call him.

Meanwhile, Marco’s pity party is going fabulously. Chavez tells him to snap out of it so he can earn the hacienda and the woman back.

Rafa is concerned when Ale still hasn’t showed up for work but Susana assures him everything is fine. The Siglo is a pit of tension when Ramirez arrives late because of a doctor’s appointment to check out his eye. The daily business meeting kicks off without Ale; she is currently at a very regal estate in Estado de Morelos.

Ramirez promises to make up for his poor sales despite his handicap. Rosaura falls apart during the meeting because she has separated from her husband. She has no money and no place to live. Don Bebe comforts Rosaura and Rafa excuses her from the meeting. Rafa strikes up the Siglo anthem to boost everyone's morale.

Vicky stops by Rafa’s house to talk to Leonor, who VVV insists on calling ‘suegra’ (mother-in-law). Leonor is obviously uncomfortable but Vicky needs to pout to someone about her troubles. She takes off in a jealous snit when she finds out Jaime went on a trip with Julieta.

Unsuspecting Jaime and Julieta arrive at the cabin in the woods and get a key from the gatekeeper. Jaime asks when her classmates are arriving but Julieta admits no one else is coming. She wanted some privacy with her novio for once. Jaime is mortified what would happen if Rafa found out but Julieta just squeezes closer to him.

Marian gives the Siglo a call for Rafa. She wants to finish what they started the day before (and probably not just the business contract by the smirk on her face). Susana avoids telling Rafa why Ale won’t be at work but eventually lets him know Ale is in Cocoyoc. Rafa looks less than pleased by this news and Susana sees him sneak out of the office a little later.

The General pulls Rosaura aside for a little girl talk. Pepeto boasts he is the reason Rosaura broke up with her husband and Bebe scolds him for being so shameless. Rosaura is embarrassed that a woman of her stature could have kissed a poor guy like Pepeto. She feels unfaithful and undependable and bemoans her lack of money. Rosaura calls her mother for help but she obviously offers no sympathy. “You are more a mother for Gabriel than your own daughter.”

Don Bebe admires Doña Aracdia’s office and gets along quite well with her. He regrets having to ask for a raise but he badly needs it. He wants 50% but leaves with only a 3% increase.

Ale gets a warm bear hug from an attractive guy named Guillermo ‘Memo’ Soler. They have lunch together and we find out he is a salesman from Pittsburgh. He was sent back to Mexico by his company for business. They flirt and chat lightheartedly. Ale tells him about her turbulent relationship with Marco and all the problems with the hacienda. Guillermo thinks the poor guy must be distraught without Ale. He asks if there is anyone else in her life. He claims to see it in her eyes. “Who is the victim?” Ale says she is the only victim in the relationship.

Ramriez is greeted by none other than Zetina, our human kickball. He is desperate for work and, under the impression that Marino is the boss, grovels to him for a job. Marino bites his head off but gets served a slice of humble pie when Ramirez says he is through handling all of Marino’s women and children. It’s his problem now.

Zetina turns to Susana for help because he wants to plead his case to Ale but she is, of course, out of town. Zetina can’t ever catch a break, pobre hombre.

If we thought Ale was demanding at work, she looks harmless compared to Carmela. She chews out an associate and shouts at her assistant. Chavez and Marco are next but Marco is hesitant. As soon as Carmela catches a glimpse of Marco, you can almost see the little valentine hearts floating above her head. She invites Marco to sit, slowly so she can admire the goods.

Carmela, who likes referring to herself in the third person, is already wise to Marco’s problem: the creditors won’t let him take over the hacienda and they have too much debt to fight it. Now they’ve come to Carmela to sort everything out. It’s a good thing the Alvarez del Castillo family doesn’t know what they’ve done or else they would be prisoners in a heartbeat. Carmela places Marco’s hand on her thigh while he looks terrified.

Later, Marco is outraged Carmela is asking for 10% as payment but she is shrewd as they come. “How much do you value your freedom and your prestige?” Carmela is thrilled to hear Marco is single and promises he will stay a free man as long as he does what she advises. She threatens to up the percentage to 15 and call the papers about the scam Chavez and Marco have been running if they don’t accept.

Carmela, however, gives them one other option. She makes Chavez leave the room and offers to lower her rate to 5%, if Marco will pay the difference in other ways. Cougar Carmela whispers in Marco’s ear. Whatever she said was dirty enough to nearly knock Marco off his feet.

Marian gives Rafa a call. “Is it just me or are you standing me up?” Rafa apologizes but he has some important business out of town. Marian, ever direct, asks if he is avoiding her proposition. “I thought you were a gentleman but now I see you aren’t. Should I cancel our proposition?” Of course Rafa doesn’t want that and promises to make a date with her soon to seal the deal.

Jaime and Julieta sit on the cabin porch and are interrupted by a call from Vicky. Jamie, ever the whipping boy, answers the call to Julieta’s frustration. Vicky lays the guilt on thick. “How could you disappear with Julieta and leave me and your child alone? Come back this minute. I need you. We need you.” *boo hoo, boo hoo* Julieta grabs the phone away from Jaime and forces him to hang up.

Rafa is overjoyed to find Ale’s car out front of the hotel. An employee stops him but Rafa talks his way inside. The first thing he sees is Ale sitting with Guillermo. Meanwhile, Guillermo has pulled more information out of Ale about Rafa. “He is a hard worker and has a nose for business.” Guillermo doesn’t seem very impressed when Ale starts listing some of Rafa's low class tastes. He invites Ale to stay the night in his room and she readily agrees. Rafa watches Ale hug Guillermo and finds out her luggage is being taken into the guy’s room.

Ale heads into the bathroom while Guillermo lounges on the bed. Rafa barges into the room, ready to clock Guillermo when Ale walks out. “Medina, qué hace aquí?!”

Avances: Marco seethes about Rafa and Ale. Rafa pushes Guillermo into the pool.


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