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Abismo de pasión #140 9/28/12: Gosh, I Hate Coming Up With Titles, but Here Goes: I HATE Ex-Padres Ascot and other of my OCD OBSERVATIONS

Casa de Don Lucio:  Eliar, who stole Gall from Paloma, tells Paloma that Gall should have kept his pecker in his pants and not slept with Paloma (especially since he didn’t love her).  Outraged that Gall did not remain faithful to her during their engagement, Eliar points out that Gall didn’t realize how much he was hurting Paloma and he doesn’t deserve their forgiveness.  Eliar begs Paloma not to leave town because Gall will be in Paloma’s heart where ever she lives.  She can’t run away from her feelings.  Paloma tells Eliar that she can’t be near Gall because it hurts too much.  Eliar swears to Paloma that Gall will not hurt Paloma again.   Paloma says that she has to leave and hurries out of the door.  Dolores, who has been listening to the conversation, tells Elisa that Paloma hasn’t told them everything. 
Yucateco:  The office is empty except for Enrique and Carito, the receptionist.  Enrique tells Carito that she looks bad (no wonder he can’t keep a woman), she’s skinny and she needs to eat.  Enrique’s going to get a bite to eat; he invites her out with him.  Carito grabs her purse, but almost faints on the way out.  Enrique catches her before she hits the floor.  She tells him that she hasn’t been feeling well lately since she’s been doing all of the work at Yucateco.  Between Enrique’s love life, Braulio trying to carry Dolores’ milk, Elisa getting kidnapped, Gall going crazy and Don Lucio’s Tostacho parties, she’s had to put in a lot of overtime.  She’s heard of “my girl Friday”, but this is ridiculous!  Enrique offers to take her to his father for a check-up.  Carito believes that she simply lacks vitamins.  Enrique tells her to take the tomorrow off.  Why don’t they just close down the plant?  Nobody has time to work! 
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Amor Bravío #35 (Uni 30) Fri 9/28/12 Imposters R Us: Mission Impossible IV Takes Shape

Capítulo 35

El Pasado
When last we parted ways with Camila and her posse, Issssadora had just flopped her ample and aptly, though poorly, camouflaged caboose (ala the latest in desert lizard) on a chair in the office of her defunct hubby’s notary; and she had told him that she planned on counterfeiting a phony will for her DIL and would be the one forging her name on it.  At the same time Daniel was left gawking at Amanda’s new boarder, Hench the Trench, cuz the guy’s huge scorpion tat had given him away as the same dude who’d broken into Dan’s apartment and who’d shot and murdered Miriam, his pregnant wife, consequently starting this whole nightmare that just won’t end.
Lo Del Nuevo
Natalie arrives to find Dan mumbling to himself that he’s going to kill that guy.  “--Who?”  “--That man out there!  He’s the guy who came to kill me and ended up killing my wife and child!”  She tries calming him down and making him see reason. He’s too upset to listen. “—But he’ll try it again!  You heard me!  He destroyed my life and he took from me what I loved most!  He’s going to pay for it with his own life!”  Nat wisely shuts the kitchen window’s shutters near the stairs just as Hench is going up them to find his room.  Nat again warns Dan to take it easy cuz if the guy sees him he’s likely to kill him (and all of them while he’s about it) right then and there!  Nope, he should leave by the back way and not let the man see him. 
Amanda comes back into the kitchen now and says Hench is her new boarder.  Ruh-Roh!  Dan’s heart goes flying into his throat.  Poor Amanda doesn’t understand till Nat explains that this is the gunman who killed Dan’s pregnant wife.  Amanda is drop-jaw impactada.
Back in Saloman’s office, Hisssadora is still giving Sal a piece of her mind, after remembering him helping her old sleaze-bag of a hubby, Eleazar, pass her off “legally” as Alonso’s mother when they all knew the kid was really the son of some slutty servant the old coot (now sterile and/or impotent) had been boinking a while before. “—He had a son from her and married me without telling me.  He tricked me!”  Sal reminds her that infant Al came into her life at such a young age that he’s always considered her his mother.  Issssadora has a hissy fit.  She screams back at Sal at the top of her lungs.  “—Well, I’m not!!!” (Wow. Who knew?)  Saloman, she reminds him, forged her name on the boy’s birth certificate, without her permission, so that the old dude’s bastard son could enter into “respectable social circles”. 
Well, says Sal, if you didn’t want to, why’d you agree to keep quiet?  Isssa, we see in flashbacks, was at least as young as Luzma and had no choice or the old pervert was threatening to punish her family unmercifully. He had her terrorized and cowed [sometida].  (Ya know, ya gotta figure something was already screwy with that marriage—and probably Issssa’s whole family--especially when they can marry her off to a guy old enough to be her grandfather!!)  Hissadora threatens Sal with reporting him to the police, ruining his reputation and his family’s good name (not to mention his eventually having to share a cell with some hardcore criminal in a Mexican prison and a name change from Saloman to Sally).  She gives him the ultimatum of do it or else and it’s safe to assume that Sal doesn’t give Hissadora much static after that.
At the B&B, meanwhile, Amanda sends Nat up to tend to Hench and to see if she can reckon anything about the guy’s plans while she’s at it. 
Hench is on the phone with Dionisio, who wants him to take down an address cuz the guy living there can lead him directly to DDA.  Nat comes in with the towels. She gets a look at the address Hench writes down before excusing herself.  Nat goes back into the kitchen and tells the others what she read.  Daniel has a fit because it’s Rafa’s street.  So, Nat tells the others how that morning Al and Mama wanted her to find out exactly when Rafa and Viv took up residence there in the town, supposedly to check up on what kind of people these friends of DDA’s were after Rafa made a big to-do about knowing DDA.  Dan explains that that was a part of their plans to unmask the villains and agrees to give them reliable [fidedigna=trustworthy] information about the others.  “--It won’t matter because they don’t have anything to hide.” 
Nat tries talking her mother into getting rid of the new boarder somehow.  Amanda refuses and wants to keep the guy there so they can keep an eye on him.  Anyway, she feels guilty, she tells them, because if she hadn’t opened her big mouth to the padre, none of this stuff would have happened. In the meantime, he’s not to come back to the B&B or to be seen around town till they can get to the bottom of things.  It would only make matters worse.  The bad guy leaves his key with Amanda and says he’s got to run an errand.

Dan leaves the B&B and calls Rafa to meet him at the church.  They’ve got to talk and he can’t do it at the house.
Leoncio sees Pablo walking up the drive and intercepts him.  Sra. Camila isn’t in.  Pablo has to leave a message for her (which, of course, Mr.Tubbs never intends on giving).  “—Tell her…er…Pablo Albarrán came by and needs to talk.”  “—I know exactly who you are.”  Rodolfo is on the veranda and hears Leo lying about Cam not being there right now.  Pablo cuts his losses and heads for home. 
At school, Luzma worries that Pablo and she aren’t getting married the next day because they argued over Tolentino and him fighting.  Irena tells her to get real and then suggests if Luzma wants to make sure, then to go over to his place and apologize.  They walk past Iliana and Yago who are a ways down the main drag.  Illy points her out to Yago and he responds from the male point of reference, somewhere south of the belt buckle but north of the kneecaps.  He likes what he sees.  “—Well she’s definitely not ugly, in fact quite the opposite!  Definitely no naca, either. [Little Bro] has always had good taste.”  Illy sniffs, disgusted.  Yago asks about the wedding.  She tells him to trust her.  “--Somebody will do something to prevent them from getting married.”
Cami comes in for dinner and storms back out again after she learns that D’Andres wasn’t around to help with the remainder of the vaccinations because Augustina “loaned him out” uh-gain to Dio for something or other.  Dio seems to think that because he’s Gussie’s intended, he is entitled to use him or to do whatever else he has a notion to whenever he feels like it, she says.  Everyone there keeps making decisions about the rancho and its personnel without getting her approval first!  She’s not convinced they need security anyway, she adds, especially after what Rafa told them. Mama should hire somebody specifically for security, if that’s what she wants, but leave her employees to her so they can do the job they were hired to do.
The others think she’s overreacting.  Heck the guy’s only a chauffeur, says Lon.  Yeah, says Cami, but he did a good job assisting with the vaccinations and when she needed him again he was sent off for the whole day!  She’s the one running the show there, she reminds them, but everyone seems to be forgetting that little fact.  Would they mind not keeping her out of the loop in the future, huh??  Ximeana tells Al that for her sis to make such a scene over the guy, this is somebody she’s really gotta meet (and try to get her gold-digging claws into)!
At the church, Rafa and Dan discuss no longer being able to be seen with each other and Dan having to stay out of sight now that the murderer is staying in town to spy on Rafa in hopes of being led to DDA. 

Back at the M.Q. again, Rodolfo mentions to Cami that Pablo came looking for her earlier in the day, but that Leoncio told the kid she was gone.  Cam gets pissed and heads off, mumbling to herself, to look for Leo. 
Speaking of Leo, he starts putting the screws to Hisssadora for refusing to pay him what she’d promised.  He tells her he’s been putting 2+2 together (about as high as this pervie ever learned to count) and is thinking she’s the one who finished off the poor padre.  After all, she was gone from the rancho during the time the old guy was given his one-way ticket up to the Pearly Gates.  She tells him to stop with the stupid suppositions, that his anger has him imagining things and to just leave it alone.  Just then up walks Cam and Isssa pretends to finish giving the guy instructions from Al.  Hisssa shows her a mouthful of pearly whites. “—Oh!  Well, hi there, Camila!  I’m just heading into the house.  See you there!”  Cam takes the opportunity to bawl him out for telling Pablo she wasn’t around when she was and “assuming she didn’t want to be bothered.”  She yells at him to go fetch Pablo immediately and bring him back with him. 

On his way back to the rancho, Dan gets a call from Aaron introducing himself and letting him know that he will help Rafa and him with their plan to catch the bad guys by pretending to be the fugitive heir.  Yes, Vivi has explained what’s been happening.  The lives they’re leading are 180° opposite.  “—Well, it’s not the life I wanted or asked for.”  “—That’s why I want to help you.”   Dan’s very grateful for what he’s doing, he says. Aaron says, forget it. “—Hoy por mi, mañana por ti. [I might need you to do the same for me sometime.]  Tell Rafa that Daniel Diaz Acosta will arrive there tomorrow.”  Viv checks in with Dan afterwards before he clicks off. “Mission accomplished.”  She will be calling Rafa next and giving him the 411. Dan clicks off and breathes a sigh of relief. 
Meanwhile, Gussie gets ready for her first sales dinner meeting (undoubtedly as a naïve and unsuspecting pitch-person for one of Dio’s pyramid retirement schemes).

Issssa takes a minute to chat with Al about Leo’s little suppositions and probable threats.  She’s going to have to think of something to keep his mouth shut a bit longer.  Al reminds her there’s no money left for that now.  Yeah, but not to worry, something will come to mind.  She leaves as he squirts breath freshener into his mouth.  (Ugggggh!  Just the thought of that guy’s tongue anywhere near my tonsils makes me ill!!!)
At the same time Luzma follows Irena’s advice and goes looking for Pablo at La Buenaventura.  She runs into Mariano who is thrilled to meet her.  She’s there to clear up some bad vibes.  Mariano says he’ll be happy to know she is there looking for him cuz he went to the M.Q. to look for her earlier but didn’t have a chance to speak with her.  He gives her some mush about a true love like theirs comes rarely and ought to be cherished.  She heads off to the back forty to find Pablo and they coo at one another like a couple of turtle doves.  Yep, the wedding is still on.  Tío Leo shows up at the front gates now looking for Pablo. 

Across the way again, Lonso and Ximeana (the reason behind all that useless spritzing of Listerine) are taking a post prandial stroll through the gardens.  She says she’s heard Cam wants a divorce.  He says yeah, but he won’t agree to it because of course he is so totally in luhhhhhhv with her.  Al, says Xi, how could you love a woman who talks to you like a dog?  “--She treats to you the same way she does Maja. (Only Maja doesn’t growl like Al does, though.)  Besides, the two of you aren’t having sex.”  He pshaws at that and says that’s only temporary and they’ll be back at it soon enough.  She guffaws and smirks.   “—Even you don’t believe that, Alonso!” (Hey, this is Bella he’s talking to here.)  She tells him it’s got to be the money thing with him.  He might as well wait to divorce till she inherits the ranch and then take advantage of the situation and demand his half of it (and that should be enough for Ximeana to glom onto once he’s single again and she can hook him). He laughs nervously and jokes that she’s dreaming up horror movie scenarios in her head.  Nope, I’m not, she smiles back at him. “—If it’s any consolation, if I were in your situation, Id’ do exactly the same.”  Well, if she were married to somebody who was inheriting lots of money   she’d sure as heck not leave until she made darned sure she got to take her a fair portion of that pile o’ pesos with her!   In fact, she’ll help him fight that divorce. Why? Cuz she likes him and abhors her sister.
Gussie’s dinner meeting starts.  Cami’s there listening and takes a moment to ask Issssa what she and Leoncio were discussing.  “—Just clarifying orders from Alonso, like I said.”  Gussie’s dinner meeting is turning into a success.  Two sales.  Cami tells her mama how proud she is of her and gives her hugs.  Isssa coos and gushes.
Illy comes with the message for Pablo that there’s some old dude looking for him at the front gate from the M.Q.   Ruh-Roh!  Luzma panics.  Could he be looking for her?  Pablo heads off to the main drive.  Illy fakes friendship and makes nice with Luzma.  She’s really not Luzma’s enemy, really she isn’t….. 
Tío Leo it is, telling Pablo he’s there to take him to see Sra. Camila now.  Pablo tells him to tell her his problem’s been resolved and he’ll see her tomorrow.  “—At the rancho?”  No, Pablo says, but she knows where.  Leo silently curses and thinks  to himself that she’s been invited and is going then, the female pimp [alcahueta=procuress]!!”  Leo leaves.  Pablo calls Luzma on Illy’s cell to tell her nothing to worry about.  He was there for something else.  The wedding is still on.
D’Andres walks into Cami’s cabaña (without knocking, natch) and takes her by surprise. He heard she was looking for him.  She tells him to make sure he advises her any time he’s going off property.   He apologizes and says with everyone giving him orders he doesn’t know whose to follow first.  She explains, primarily it’s her mother, but she’s also involved since she runs the place.  Ok.  But what did she need him for?  Nothing now, she says curtly (all the while trying to act like she was too involved with paperwork to stop long enough to gaze into his deep brown, lash-laden eyes knowing she’d get hopelessly lost in them—just like the rest of us with 20-20 vision and an appreciation of the “finer” things in life would).   “--I did need you to help with the rest of the vaccinations, but we’re all through.”  He smiles with just a hint of a well-placed dimple.  “—So I didn’t do so badly, then, huh?”   “—You can go now.”  He stands there, expectantly.  She repeats herself and tells him she doesn’t need him anymore today.  He takes a few paces forward, leans over, and whispers in her ear that he, on the other hand, needs her more each day.  She gets up and their faces are kissin’ close.  He takes her by the shoulders. She tells him again, a little less forcibly this time, to go on home.  He ignores her. Believe me, he tells her, staring into her eyes, this took me by surprise also.  I never, ever thought this would happen. 
Unflappable, Cami asks him what he means by “this”.  She doesn’t get it.  (Really?  What does it matter?) He caresses her cheek, then her hair.  She stares coolly at him.  The woman seems made of stone.  (What’s with her?  Is that thing in her chest where her heart’s supposed to be just a lump of ice?  Good Lord!  He’s duded up in a charro outfit that matches the brown of his eyes, stuffed into pants that embrace his assets to the utmost. ¡Ay, yi, yi!  Most of Viewerville would have ripped off his tie, popped his shirt buttons loose and having worked that tight-fitting jacket off those big, buff muscular biceps of his, immediately gone for the ones on that enhancing pantsing by now.)  Ice Queen doesn’t flinch an inch, but (we note) she doesn’t take her eyes off his either.  He continues, answering her in a voice so low she has to lean forward to hear. “--There are things we can’t deny; things we haven’t the words for, things we simply feel, things that seize control of [apoderarse=seize, take possession of] one. That.”  He tells her good night and leaves.  She stands motionless till he’s out the door then begins to shake herself out of her trance. She repeats a mantra of sorts to herself: I don’t feel a thing, I don’t want to; I don’t feel a thing, I don’t want to…..

Dan walks down the stairs and through the yard, mumbling to himself.  “—Camila!  Camila!  Who does understand you?”
The next day is Luzma’s birthday and her mother and Tio Leo wake her up with a huge birthday cake and “Las Mañanitas”.  Leo gives her a watch.  He has to ruin things by reminding her that just because she's of age doesn't mean she can do just whatever she wants.  (He's thinking about the phonecall telling him there's a rich guy taking advantage of her, even wanting to marry her.)
Across the way at Pablo’s, Mariano and Yago give him his wedding present: tickets to the beach for his honeymoon.

Cami finds out from Leo that Alonso never gave him money to buy a new tractor, only a few pesos to buy a part to fix the old one with.  This does not make Cami a happy camposina.
In another part of the rancho, Luzma and D’Andres are taking it easy and kibitzing.  She’s invited him to her wedding and wants to make sure he’s coming.  He tells her only if La Patrona lets him.  Up walks La Patrona, aka Cam, and gives him “permission”.  Luzma suggests that he will drive her there so they can go together.  Suits Cami, tho’ she seems a bit uncomfortable with the idea.  He smiles down at her in anticipation and she smiles up through her lashes at him. Let her finish a couple of things and she’ll be ready.
A bit later, while Luzma is waiting outside the gates of the property for her ride to Irena’s, she’s kidnapped and chloroformed by a pair of striped pants and ankle boots. And, from the looks of those sixties’ striped retread threads and dirty old shit-kickers, Viewerville suspects it’s gotta be tubby Tío Leo who was given an “anonymous” heads-up to the wedding by Bratgirl.

Meanwhile, Camila walks into the ranch office and asks Larcenous Lon what he spent the 3 million pesos she gave him for fixing up the rancho for.  He tries to pass off the same rubbish about personnel, parts, and a tractor.  She tells him she’d like to see the invoices.  He tries to guilt her into backing off by screaming loudly and accusing her of not respecting or trusting him. Why the invoices?  “—It’s lies.  All lies.  You didn’t buy a tractor or anything!!”  “—How dare you accuse me!”  “—Hey, it’s my money, or the ranch’s, or whatever you care to call it--and I want to see what you did with it!  In fact, you know what, Alonso?  I don’t want you as administrator of la Malquerida any longer.  Just pick up your things and clear out of here!”  Cara de you-just-try-n-make-me-you-b!tch de defiant Alonso.


Refugio Para el Amor #123 Fri 9/28/12 Watch out Aldo and Vicky, Dr Lechter is on the loose... Rod wants to cut loose and escape his Dungeon but will the door remain open with Luci?

Lo refrito:
  • Revue of Max laughing at RE’s suggestion that his famous mistress ‘V’ is Violeta.
  • The real ‘V’ arrives with Aldo. They spot Max and RE. V wants to go greet them, Aldo’s idea is rather to disappear ASAP, about to ‘P’ his pants.
  • Ofelia tells Fabi about Lastra’s insisting in a relationship!! Fabi says Lastra is being seized by police. Ofelia scared out of sending the police to him. Fabi says careful.
  • At police, Marcial tells boss that Aldo could lead them to the owner of NFERNO.
  • ‘V’ makes smalltalk with RE as ‘buddy’. Max with a forced smile and gentleman-ism. ‘V’ tells them Aldo is her ‘boyfriend’. Max is less than amused but forces a smile.

Lo Nuevo:
Vio and Lore having tacos(YUM!)… Vio guesses right, Lore did not go with the Melissa party because Janah was not allowed to come along. Vio says can’t hide money or love. Lore has no choice, admits he likes Janah but he realizes Janah is too ‘high’ for him. Vio warns him, remember what happened to Luci with that TL family. Lore knows it’s no use having hopes.

At dinner party 1,
Rod is put on the spot by Connie to do the first toast. After normalizing his testosterone level, Rod toasts for Melissa ‘to fight for what you love, and to appreciate it when you have it, don’t allow anyone, anyone to get in the way and take away your happiness.’ Luci is smiles with Pato, helps him sip the wine, Rod watches a bit disconcerted.

Back to the Sr TL dinner party 2,
Max asks Aldo why did not go with Melissa’s party. Aldo says already had a commitment with ‘V’. RE says ‘V’ and Aldo surely want to sit alone to ‘talk’. ‘V’ uses that to really rub it into RE, even tells RE in front of Max that with Aldo she feels more ‘fulfilled/woman/happy than ever before… you know what I mean, right?’…
Max is biting his teeth, RE and Aldo can’t hide a bit of fear even after delivering the blow.

Back to DP1,
Melissa dedicates a copy of her thesis to Claudio with a moving dedication. He has been a lesson for her of honesty and a man who is not shy of sharing what he is and what he knows… CL says it has been an honor. He toasts for her. Rod keeps watching Luci/Pato with an angst face. Luci looks at Rod, Pato looks at both with concerned look.

At Het Het,
Teofilo visits Procopio at funeral home. Teo not happy with arrangement of alternating night shifts. Teofilo still scared of the ‘ghost’. Procopio not so convinced. Teo tells him they say it carries a ‘garden pick’ and drags one foot. Procopio kicks him out with the Aquiles yell ‘Errrriah!!!’ (LOL!) Procopio starts eating some bread, has a plate on desk.

At DP 2,
RE looks over her shoulder to Aldo/V’s table (of course she is outraged), turns to Max, ‘look at your nephew!, SO happy dating a ‘manicurist’ and enjoying it!. Max takes a hard bite off a biscuit/roll, probably hoping the biscuit could be Vicky’s tongue.
At another table, Aldo and V are commenting Max must be having internal combustion or at least an indigestion for the anger. Vicky says good! So he can feel the humilliations I had to go through. If he does not give her lots of moolah for her estetica, she won’t go back with him. Aldo says Max will look for V in no time. V doubts it, says RE is very pretty, gorgeous eyes. Aldo says hers are great too. Uncle will be at your door sooner than you think.
Back to TL table, RE says V is vulgar, ordinary. RE reminds Max she had heard V was dating a much older, powerful man. And look at her. Showing off! Can’t imagine if that powerful man finds out about Aldo, his life could be in danger. Max says ‘surely’, with a smirk, looking at Vicky and Aldo as if he means to fulfill that prophecy.

Back to DP 1.
Oscar asks Connie about Aldo. Had a date with girlfriend. Oscar not too hopeful about Aldo. Connie says Aldo is like that. Probably got through high school by pitching himself well to the teacher. She is worried about him not finishing college. Oscar offers to mentor him. Connie is very thankful. Says Aldo wants to follow his uncle’s footsteps. Oscar will use that inspiration.

Back to DP 2,
Max wants RE to stop criticizing Aldo/V and others for what they do/are.
RE: You are not exactly free of sin, dating a ho yourself. But your standards are higher than a vulgar woman like Vicky. You should worry about your nephew’s safety, Vicky’s other man could put Aldo in danger. You are losing power, Max. You asked Aldo to stay with Melissa but he didn’t. And right now Rod, Pato and even your inconditional Oscar are enjoying a nice evening with your enemy CL.’ (RE is done spreading venom/amu, ready to leave)
Max keeps sending laser daggers to Vicky, making her nervous, she makes Aldo nervous.

At TL manor,
Janah and Mati are chatting in Janah’s room. Janah ‘pages’ Frigida to come get the tray… Janah asks Mati if RE has been so prejudiced on social classes since she was little. Mati asks why ask. Janah ends up admitting Lore is nice… VERY nice, I like him… a little bit! (LOL!) Frigida has come to the door in time to hear this very last juicy piece of gossip.

Back to DP 1
They are also talking Lorenzo. Pato says he will go far, has the drive to get what he wants. Luci says he wants to do it alone, not with her help. Pato says surely he will get it. Rod jumps in and says Luci is same, always wanting to help others, even now. Pato says she always has (even before she had many resources). Luci cuts that line of convo saying Aldo is Lore and Fabi’s associate, he wants them to start a taco place. Connie and Oscar surprised.

Back to V and Aldo’s table…
Aldo wants V to tell him why she says Max is really capable of violence. She tells him about the time Aldo took her to NFERNO, next day Max took her to a far away place in the woods, put something in her drink and left. When she woke up she was cuffed to the bed. She was scared she was left to die there but many hours later Max came back saying it was a game, like life itself. That Max told her he had done it for her to see what he was capable of. Aldo gets really nervous, gobbles his wine, maybe regrets playing along with Vicky on her script with RE/Max.

Back to DP 1:
they are still talking about Aldo’s drive for future… CL says you always try and associations are good in the beginning, but sometimes your associations could lead you to failure as in my case.  Oscar immediately changes the subject. Says Violeta is really nice. Luci says yes she has been her friend for many years. She came to city many years ago from SFEA. Connie asks what she works at. Luci finds herself at a bind, a bind Rod jumps in to help her out of, saying she was waitress and very good singer at a bar(very generic). Luci gives him a thankful stare. CL says now Vio will help Luci until she returns back to SFEA. Melissa says Pato used to sing at the family gatherings. Pato says ‘who, me?’… finally admits to it. Luci says he surely sings well. Pato turns to her ‘te canto!’ everyone freezes, Rod stares. Luci feels awckward: ‘aq…ui?’. Pato smiles/giggles ‘no, better some other day. Don’t want to steal the camera (spotlight). Tonight belongs to Melissa.’. Rod continues to stare, sad.

At Het Het,
Procopio has fallen asleep at desk. Door opens… and a shadow very similar to what the Hunchback of NotreDame carring a garden pick on shoulder is seen walking over and reaching for something.

Back to DP 1
Everyone is heading home. They all want the enjoyable evening to happen again. Luci says goodbye to Pato, will see you at office tomorrow. She again finds herself standing in front of Rod, him saying ‘Luciana!’,(these two are playing game of how close can you be nose to nose, chin to chin without really touching, you could tell they both would rather be kissing). Luci heads out. Rod is breathing hard…

Back at Janah’s room…
Janah tells Mati ‘was just kiddin’. Mati warns her not to repeat with Lore the story that this house had with Luci. Just focus on your studies. Janah tells Mati she broke up with Boris for Lore. Frigida comes in, then argues with Mati about taking down the tray. Mati warns Janah that Frigida heard them and will tell RE. If you really like Lore, keep him far away from here and from you, for your own good and his.

At Het Het Procopio wakes up. Gets scared when sees door is open, goes to close it. Then sees the empty plate and gets confused, his bread is gone. 

At ‘The Dungeon in the Sky(Thanks, Anita!),
Rod is struggling with his desire to call Luci. Breathing even harder than when he had her standing in his face at restaurant. His ‘love’ wins and he calls Luci.  She takes the phone but does not say anything when she realizes it is Rod. ‘Don’t hang up. If you don’t want to talk, don’t. Just listen. I feel so sad. I feel so bad with you, for allowing them to separate us. I don’t know what happened. For having failed once, do I have to pay for that error the rest of my life…’ (Gala rips the phone off his hand and is yelling so loud Luci is hearing everything as if Gala had a mike on. ‘What error, Rod?? Let go of me! I can’t believe you are such cynic that you betray me in my own house!! With that Domestica!! I warn you! If something happens to me and my child it will be your fault and the fault of la Domestica esa!! (shut up!! I can’t stand you!!) Neither can I!! know what?? I am leaving because I don’t want to listen to you!! I am fed up with everything!! I hope to die myself and your child too!! And you will be the only one to blame!!’ (she leaves in a huff, no purse, no keys, nothing!!) Rod grabs the phone but Luci hangs up on him. Rod runs after Gala. She takes off in the car.

At TL manor,
Aldo arrives. Max welcomes him with a choke hold from behind ‘you think you are so smart, no?? Aldito…’ Aldo looks really worried he took his last breath. Connie comes to save Aldito. Max says ‘I can stand everything EXCEPT betrayal!’ and leaves. Connie demands Aldo tell her what betrayal Max was talking about. Aldo nervously says it is about him socializing with Claudio. Max is feeling betrayed by both Melissa and I. Connie says don’t provoke Max. Aldo agrees will have to stop socializing with Linares. But I am not a traitor as my uncle says.

At Luci’s hotel,
Vio arrives, Luci so happy to see her. Tells her about Rod’s call. Vio says Rod has to leave Gala, she is crazy! Luci says Gala is having his son. Vio says yeah but she is crazy and is harassing him and you constantly. Luci says Rod has to stop stalking ME! VIo has to agree with that too. Vio tells Luci what Gala does is not her fault. That woman gets like that just because she knows Luci exists. You have enough problems of your own to get anguished for ‘esa’.

Gala’s loft,
Rod comes to see if Gala is there. Julie bashes at Rod for Gala’s behavior. Where could she be? I don’t know, me either!... Julie keeps bashing him that his wife is his responsibility. My daughter is out on the street and you ruined my night sleep! If something happens to her or the baby, you will be to blame. (ok I am getting tired of this line, could we find an abbreviation for it? Like ‘MeOrBabyHurtYourFault’ and we will all know what that means. Julie sends him back to the apt in case Gala returns.
He returns but no Gala. Worries about her.
Later he calls Julie asking for her, Julie yells at him that he and Gala better stop behaving like shallow headed teenagers. They are man and wife, can you behave as such? (Julie hangs up, says now Gala is going too far, didn’t even tell me ahead) Rod at his gym throwing things around.

At a bar,
Gala is drinking her butt off. Gala remembers Rod’s speech at their original engagement party. When Rod seemed so eager to marry her and be with her for life… then remembers when she told him she was expecting his child, and when he yelled at her he wanted to divorce her. She talks to herself that she will never give him the divorce. Since she has no money or purse, she pays with her earrings. Waiter concerned for her, does not want her to drive in her ‘estado’. She ironically states ‘noone cares about my ‘estado’. She leaves on foot, although barely able to stand.

At ‘The Dungeon in the Sky
Gala arrives escorted by police. Rod bashes Gala a bit about her drunken state. Rod says going to call Julieta.. Gala responds ‘call Julieta, Romeo!... but know what? They are dead already! JAJAJA!!... ‘ and drops on bed… Rod calls Julie to let her know Gala is home and is ok, not to worry.
Rod tucks in Gala and then looks up like not happy at the vision of the future in his head.

Next morning at TL offices, in Rod’s office
Pato trying to talk to Rod… Rod’s body is there, but his mind is in another galaxy…
Pato: Rodrigo!
Rod: I asked Gala for divorce. (Pato is taken aback) Cant’ stand her, she can’t stand me. You can’t imagine what intimacy is like.
Pato: and that is new for you?
Rod: yes, I knew it would be difficult but never imagined how it would be. Our marriage was a contract and I had planned to live it that way, but Gala is truly impossible to live with.
Pato: What does Gala say?
Rod: You can imagine, she would rather die than give me the divorce.
Pato: What do you want divorce her for?
Rod: To end this disaster of a relationship.
Pato: To get back with Luci? You think she will greet you with open arms after all that happened?
Rod: No, one thing is to go on interacting with Gala, for my son and for the company, but it is not the same that I continue bound to a woman like Gala.
Pato: and you think that would be a solution? IF you divorce Gala, you will push Luci further away. Luci will never accept you getting divorced to get close to her.

Previews: Rosa visits Luci at work, we have a pending convo, then puts on a ‘sick pitiful me’ play. Max yells at Aldo ‘Vicky is forbidden for you!’ Aldo: Vicky does not want him anymore… Julie begins her plan on Claudio.  


Por Ella #53 9/28/12: Two Dumb Bunnies and Pluti's Got Muscle

Hi y'all , this recap will not be in order and I am going to try to keep it short and sweet. I didn't take notes and watched in real time, so if I missed something, please comment.

We start with Mimi and Eva going down to the detention center in answer to Marcela's call. They get her out. They joke with her and she is kinda down, after being thought a prostitute and just wants to go home, which Eva and Mimi do for her. Marcela gets home and has cleaned up all the little objects of lurrrvvvee she sprinkled all over and even has gotten rid of that sexy outfit. She is now in the kitchen wearing her jammies fixing herself a cup of tea and she seems to be inwardly berating herself. Fern comes home and tries to talk to her, but Marcela so doesn't want to talk and tells Fern she is tired and going to bed.

Pluti and Helena are gathered at Helena's parents' house and I think that Eduardo is mad cause Helena is allowing Mario to visit Lalito in his own home. I think Helena says he has a right to visit and Mario and Lalito go up to Lalito's room. They find they have something in common like foosball and play a game. Mario and Lalito are getting along very well. Meanwhile downstairs, Pluti is about to sit down and have a cafe with Helena and her family when Eva comes to call. Helena isn't happy to see Eva, but Eva has come on an important mission. Helena isn't happy but allows Eva to get on with it. It is the pics on the phone JC took of Pluti giving Mario money. Now Pluti has to explain himself and he ain't happy. The hamster wheel in his head is turning and of course he says he did it for Mario to go away already. Eva does a moue with her mouth, and Helena rips into her and tells her to stop talking bad about Pluti and to leave now and they'll talk tomorrow. Eva goes but isn't happy. She goes outside and makes a phone call to Mimi I think.

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