Thursday, March 23, 2017

We have any blog / google experts here? A new problem has arisen with the site

Perhaps one of our bloggers did something odd a couple weeks ago that broke the blog - I just got a notification from google that we have a skyrocketing number of broken links. In the old days I would have asked Kat but I hope we have somebody else who understands this and what to do about it! Contact me at if you can help. Thanks!

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

A plea from your blog mom: support the Dream Act

Hello friends,

I am still waiting for a good comedy to come along to get back into the fray here at Caray Caray but meanwhile I have a plea...

I don't ask you for much, do I? You get this blog for free, right? So give me a hand here.

I read this article:

Whatever Trump does, Dreamers likely to be deported soon

and I wept. I am close to the Hispanic community here in Chapel Hill, NC. I have been mentoring a Dreamer since she was just a tiny, frightened undocumented child brought here by her parents when she was one year old. As a nine year old she knew she had to keep this terrible secret or her family could lose their tiny foothold in this country. I saw pictures of where she came from. It was a barren desert.

She is now just one year away from getting a good nursing degree. Does the US need kind, intelligent, bilingual nurses? You bet it does. She is a rock of a person, she'll do this world a lot of good. But if she gets deported it's all for nothing.

I hate to think that the Dreamers' registry could end up being an easy way for legislators to pick out and throw away the young people who had enough faith to apply.

PLEASE write, tweet, facebook your senators about the Dream Act. I've been told there's a huge fight brewing and we should be in it.

Click below to find your senators and their contact information. Tell your friends! Thanks.

Senators of the 115th congress

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

All bloggers! Please read!

I notice that many posts are being written in Microsoft Word or other word processing programs. This can break the blog. Below, see what you get when you don't use PLAIN TEXT - please compose in Notepad or equivalent, or type directly into the HTML tab at blogger (NOT the compose tab) or save your file as plain text if you use Microsoft etc. stuff like what you see below is NOT good for the blog. (click for a larger view)

Nandicta: in order to do bullet points without cruft, do this:

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La verdad oculta - starting Monday, November 7

Anybody interested in recapping contact your blog mom at - thanks! Synopsis is on the way.

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Vino el Amor 10/26/16 Chapter 2: More Snakes in the Grass

Bullet points (some combined)
  • Lisa tried to comfort Marta. She knew that Lillian has bothered her.
  • Juan arrived at La Migra to tell Gutierrez that Marcos' papers are pending. They go into an office to discuss this. Gutierrez didn't give a damn, saying that this is trumped by Marcos hitting him. Juan started backing off and got a call from David. When David got there Juan said to leave it all to him. However, he caved on the issue and Gutierrez laughed. Later at home David explained that Marcos was defending his daughter. He then told Juan he needs a lawyer who specializes in these cases. Lillian must have been silently gloating, as she was in the room.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vino el Amor -- Gran Estreno 10/25/2016 Chapter 1: Divide and Destroy

Chapter 1: Divide and Destroy

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in the vast wine country that is southern California two kids raced through the paths of the vineyard, promising that the later one at the finish line buys the candy. At another spot in the vineyard the girl's father stacked boxes of red grapes while her mother and brother came out to talk to him about going somewhere the next afternoon.

Marcos was a tall man in his forties with a direct and honest face. His fair complexion and dark hair insured his attractiveness and complemented his ease with people. His wife Marta was fairer still, with dark golden hair. They were a happy couple and good parents to Luciana and León. The boy was about eight years old, playful and intelligent.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Telenovela: A Que No Me Dejas Makes It To US Screens. Starts Monday, September 12, 2pm/1c. Synopsis And Cast

Looneyvision has finally deigned to air “A Que No Me Dejas” (“I Dare You To Leave Me”), the 2015 novela acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. 

“A Que No Me Dejas” was the biggest winner at Premios TVyNovelas 2016. It scooped up best script and/or adaption, best direction, best cinematography, best musical theme, best veteran actress and actor for Leticia Calderón and Arturo Peniche respectively, best female antagonist for Laura Carmine and, dare I say, it should have received the best male protagonist prize too, because Osvaldo Benavides deserved it heaps more than any other nominee in that category. The same producer, Carlos Moreno Laguillo, and the same writing duo, Martha Carrillo and Cristina García, that gave us such gems as “Amor Bravío”, “Quiero Amarte” and “En Nombre del Amor”, now bring us this remake of Carla Estrada’s “Amor en Silencio” (1988).   

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Monday, May 02, 2016

New 9 pm telenovela Yago begins tonight. Here's a synopsis. Who is in? We need recappers.

Hi friends,

I ordinarily write the synopsis for a new show but because this one is starting tonight I'm giving you one I found elsewhere. If you would like a recapping slot please leave a comment. We need somebody for tonight if possible!

Our main character is Iván Sánchez. (See dreamy picture.) The story begins with Omar Guerrero, a simple young man living in a middle-class neighborhood next to his inseparable best friends Abel (Pablo Valentin) and Lucio (Flavio Medina). Omar’s life changes dramatically when Sara (Gabriela de la Garza) moves into the neighborhood with her father Damián (Manuel Ojeda) and her sister Ámbar (Ximena Romo). Damián is a conman who is about to pull off the perfect heist on the big Casino in the city. Unable to do it alone, he convinces Lucio, Abel and his daughter Sara to involve Omar. Even though Sara has fallen in love with Omar, her father manipulates her to go through with the plan. During the heist, a guard is murdered and Omar is framed for both crimes, and is sentenced to sixty year in prison. While in prison, Omar meets Fidel Yampolski (Patricio Castillo), an old and powerful mafia boss who becomes his mentor. After a prison riot burns the prison down, the two men plot an ingenious revenge; Fidel helps Omar get a new face and a new identity: Yago. Now, twelve years later, Yago has returned to execute his revenge upon the three people who betrayed him. But, will love be stronger than his hunger for vengeance?

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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Yago: Synopsis & Main Characters. Gran Estreno Monday May 2, 2016. Recappers Needed.

Hello Patio Pals! I took the liberty to post this page as a brief introduction to the story and the characters of this exciting series, premiering tomorrow night at 9 pm EDT on Univision. 

Yago is a remake of the Turkish drama series, Ezel, which is loosely based on the literature classic "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas (Père).

Iván Sánchez is Yago. Yago used to have a different name, a different face and a different voice. In what seems like another life, he was Omar, a kind and loving young man with a head full of dreams and a promising future ahead of him. However, everything came crumbling down when the love of Omar’s life, Sara, and his two best friends, Lucio and Abel, accused him of a crime he never committed. The crime in question made the traitors very rich and landed Omar in jail for life. Then, one day, Omar manages to fake his own death and he creates the Yago persona to exact his vengeance on those who robbed him of everything: of his family, freedom, innocence, love and life.

Gabriela de la Garza is Sara Madrigal, the woman whom Omar loved more than anything in the world. She ended up betraying him and destroying his life.

Flavio Medina is Lucio Sarquis, Omar’s best friend and one of the perpetrators of the crime for which Omar became the scapegoat.
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Another of your blog mom's projects: tshirts of a little guy in a stovepipe hat

I don't, as you know, make any money off this blog, but that doesn't mean I don't try to make money elsewhere! I'm interested in your opinions: could a character this obscure be popular today? Let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks!

I love old pop culture. I've been bringing back to life Samuel Zagat's early 20th century comic strip called "Gimpel Beynish the Matchmaker." Gimpel was wildly beloved by the people of New York City's Lower East Side. Gimpel, that shlemiel, seldom succeeded in anything he did, yet he never got discouraged and his self-esteem was unimpaired. That must have been very heartening for folks struggling to make a buck.

You can see the comics as I clean them up and translate them, here: and also see two books of his comics which I've published.

Wondering if Gimpel could be loved by the modern world too, I just make a couple Gimpel tshirts. They are only $14.99. Click on either picture to see more colors and styles...

1. An impoverished millionaire turns his pockets inside out

2. Gimpel visits the high seas during World War I, falls in the ocean and is rescued by a submarine. Here is is looking through the periscope!


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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Premiere March 8: Sueño de Amor. Brief synopsis. Who's in?

Nandicta has said she'd like to recap this one. Other takers? Contact me at

Dream of Love tells the story of Esperanza and Ricardo and their desire to find each other again twenty years after living the intensity of first love. But today their lives are very different ...

Esperanza is a single mother and teacher in two different schools: in the exclusive Institute Palacios and also in the simple College Vasconcelos. She struggles every day to get ahead.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles Ricardo is married to Tracy, a woman who puts puts her profession ahead of their children, Rodrigo and Selena. For this reason Ricardo is practically a "single" parent who must combine parenthood with his work as an agent of Interpol.

Life reunites them when Ricardo arrives, as an undercover agent, at Institute Palacios; he is following the trail of the terrible criminal "La Sombra".

Betty Monroe -- Esperanza Guerrero: a friendly, patient, fair and brave teacher. She is the mother and father at the same time and gives unreservedly to her family. She has dreams: to have her family improve its station in life, to build a school for poor children, and above all to see Richard, the love of her life, again.

Cristián de La Fuente -- Ricardo Alegría: the man who fought for the American dream and got it. He's an Interpol agent and the father of two wonderful children. But living with his wife Tracy has become untenable. Ricardo will have the good fortune to reunite with the love of his life. With patience and a lot of affection, they will establish a "reconstructed family" with all their children.

Carmen Salinas -- Margarita Manzanares: bold, cheerful and witty. She's a lively granny who understands technology. She always gives the right advice and wants to help her family find happiness. There is conflict with her daughter Silvana, director of the pompous Institute Palacios bombastic while Margarita runs the simple College Vasconcelos.

La sombra: a very dangerous international criminal, an art and jewel thief and jewels willing to do anything to get what he wants. He's been a nightmare not only for police but also for Ricardo and his family. He can even abandon his identity so nobody can catch him.

Sabine Moussier -- Tracy Kidman: Ricardo's capricious, impatient and selfish wife. For her the job comes first, she neglects her marriage and children. But as soon as she realizes Ricardo and his family can find happiness, she'll do what she can to become their nightmare. She is American and has little command of Spanish.

El Chapo de Sinaloa -- Jerónimo Durán: a very cheerful and hardworking bricklayer whose talent for singing may turn him into the builder of his own dream.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Un camino hacia el destino - synopsis in English

Starting at 6:30 pm tonight!! Anybody want to recap this one? Contact me at

Setting: the hacienda of the Altamirano family. Fernando Altamirano (Red Gustavo), head of the family, is a widower and the father of Amelia (Lisette Morelos), the eldest daughter, and Mariana (Ana Patricia Rojo), the apple of his eyes.

Pedro Perez (Jorge Aravena) is gardener on the estate. He has secretly loved Amelia forever. But she's in love with Luis Montero (René Strickler), an ambitious young law student.

At the age of 18 Amelia gives herself to Luis and becomes pregnant. But Luis rejects her in order to marry Marissa Gomez Ruiz (Eugenia Cauduro), a widow millionaire banker. Somehow Don Fernando comes to believe the child Amelia is expecting is Pedro's - he throws both of them out of the house.

Pedro marries Amelia and for love of her assumes paternity of the child whom Amelia christens Luisa Fernanda (Paulina Goto). (Luisa for the real dad and Fernanda for the grandfather).

Luis and Marissa's wedding takes place quickly because she has to go to Spain for bank business. She ends up paying for Luis to study law in Spain.

Marissa has a son, Carlos Gomez Ruiz (Horacio Pancheri), who despite his young age is not deceived. He's always known Luis is a playboy who married his mother for money. This makes for an awful relationship between Luis and Carlos.

Years pass ... Luisa Fernanda is a beautiful young lady of 18, who is finishing high school and has two passions in life: she plays the violin beautifully though she's never studied it, and she loves gardening, which she learned from her father Peter.

A meeting led by fate makes Luis run over Fernanda, ending at the hospital where Carlos works ...

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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Blog mom is considering deleting Caray, Caray entirely. Thoughts welcome.

Hello, friends, trolls, spammers, complainers, etc.,

Behind the scenes there has a been a lot of trouble over the past year or two. Against my instincts I let this project get too big. We used to just blog the three shows on Univision prime time. Now our net is cast across all of Telenovela Land.

We have had almost 18,000,000 visits to our site. Perhaps this is what has made us a target of ugly behavior. We have lost a lot of recappers due to nasty commenters. We have had to delete 1,000s of spam comments from witch doctors and spell casters and plumbing supply houses. We have had to scour the comments for spoilers and malicious mayhem.

Over the last year or more Diva del desierto (5 foot Latina) and her computer whiz husband have made a number of very complicated improvements under the hood. These improvements have answered some of your multiple complaints but the Diva has had it. She wants to throw in the towel. I cannot take on the work she's been doing.

So that's why I'm thinking about folding up the tent (to switch metaphors). People who complain and attack each other and post spoilers etc. have finally worn us down.

Most things online are eventually ruined by spam and porno. One could say about the whole internet: "This is why I can't have nice things."

Have you noticed that everybody who works on this site does it for free?

Another possibility would be to cut back to just three shows and dump the rest of this. I think I could keep my eye on three shows.

I am taking suggestions and comments below.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Help Needed!

I suppose it was bound to happen sometime.  Many of our recaps, and in some cases comments as well, have been copied and pasted and presented as someone else's work (i.e., copyright infringement, plagiarism).  I am in the process of contacting the sites in question and asking to have them taken down, but it's a tedious process and I could use some help.  If you have decent search skills, patience, and an even temper (because, believe me, it's really tempting to leave nasty messages for some of these people instead of following proper channels, and we need to avoid that!) and would like to help out, please email me.  I especially need people who use Facebook, as the majority of the sites in question are Facebook pages.

Please be aware that this is taking my entire focus at the moment, so I may not be doing my usual updates on the feeds this weekend and I may not have time to get into any specifics about this infringement issue.  You're welcome to ask, just don't expect an answer right away!

Update: Facebook has begun to respond by taking down the offending posts, but the list is still growing.  2 down, 1 report submitted without a response yet, and 10+ more Facebook pages and other sites that I still have not finished combing through yet to be able to make reports.

Update: Facebook and Blogger are taking down the offending posts, sometimes entire pages.  The list is now shrinking instead of growing, but there is still more to do.  If you're interested in helping out, email me and I'll send you some links to research.  To repeat--we are making headway, our rights are being upheld, and the word is getting out that, no, copying and pasting is not a legitimate way to run a blog, website, or Facebook page.

Update: This is a special message to those who are now aware that we are conducting investigations and requesting takedowns.  I would like to point out that we are within our rights to do this.  It's not a matter of just giving credit--we do not allow any reprinting/republication aka copying and pasting.  It's nothing personal, it's just our policy.  I'm aware there is some confusion and some hurt feelings and rumors are starting to swirl around, so let me make it clear that ALL we want is to preserve our intellectual property rights.  If you voluntarily take the posts down, then we have nothing to report to Facebook, Blogger, or your web hosts and you will save yourself a LOT of trouble.  If you want to be helpful to your readers, the best thing...the ONLY is ok for you to do is to share with them the link (the web address, the URL, the "http:...etc.") that points to the particular recap they're looking for.  Our recaps are already available and freely shared.  There is NO reason for all this copying and pasting and editing.  If our recaps are not to your taste, if your readers don't want to come here to read them, then we highly encourage you to begin writing your own.


Friday, August 07, 2015

An alternative way to view the feeds

Experimental Index for Sombra

If this works, we have an alternative way to look at the feeds that would help IE and Chrome users. Even if you're not watching Sombra, please take a look when you have some time and give me some feedback on how this would work for you.
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This has to be a non-politics zone. So: no politics

We lost a couple wonderful bloggers (and almost lost a couple more) an election cycle or two ago when politics started to intrude into blog posts and comments.

This is NOT a forum for political beliefs. Political comments will be removed. Thanks for your understanding.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Chrome feeds

As is pointed out in the sidebar, feeds do not work in Chrome.  As there are so many of us using Chrome, here are a couple of suggestions to get around that.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

ALL MUST READ! Bloggers and visitors alike! Read or be banned!

Hello my dear friends, it has come to my attention that an unacceptable number of comments lately have been:
  1. Unpleasant
  2. Unsupportive of our bloggers
  3. Containing spoilers

It's bad enough I'm having to delete twenty comments every day from the spell-casters who want to bring your spouses back. I don't have the time to police this site for inappropriate remarks.

Have you noticed that there are no ads on this site? Nobody is making a cent including me. Every blogger is doing it for love. If you don't support them then you should not be here.

Have you noticed this is a NO-SPOILER zone? This is a rule with no wriggle room. It's not my rule, I don't care about spoilers (I read the end of a book after I read the first chapter). It is the READERS who have begged again and again that NOBODY SHOULD REMARK ON THINGS THAT HAVE NOT YET HAPPENED ON THE U.S. RUN OF A SHOW.

Oh, have you watched ahead somewhere? Do you think you are cooler if you go "nyah, nyah, I know what's going to happen to Horacio!"? No. You are not cooler. You are a jerk. Let people watch the shows as they unfold. If you have to gossip about what hasn't happened yet, go to another site.

We do not have racial or political or socioeconomic slurs on this blog. If you persist in this behavior you will be banned.

Have I been clear?

Support your bloggers. Thank them, do not scold or denigrate them.

Nothing nasty will be permitted.

No spoilers are permitted.

If you violate any of these simple rules your comment will be deleted without warning or explanation and if you do it repeatedly you will be banned. There, have I been clear now?

Your Blog Mom

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Monday, June 08, 2015


Dear friends,
You may or may not know that our blog is attacked daily by frenzied legions of spammers. These days most of them are witch doctors, but in the old days they were peddling limousine services and air conditioners. I have turned on comment moderation after a week, and am now deleting most of the spam by hand...

... but I just discovered that blogger has, in its own attempt to ease my burden, been classifying zillions of spam comments - but also plenty of legitimate ones - as spam...

... for instance, I just found a folder on the site called SPAM and in it were about 1,500 comments dating back a couple of years and a lot of them were from (sob) Susanlynn who is one of our longest-contributing and devoted fans...

... so, if you find that your legitimate comments are not appearing (ie you are not a witch doctor or an air conditioning salesman) write to me at and let me know.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

If you're in Mexico City June 14 you can hear your BLOG MOM sing in the Yiddish version of "American Idol" !!! Also - recommendations?

I am a finalist in the Yiddish songwriting contest called Der Yidisher Idol (or, in Spanish, Der Idisher Idol). They are flying me down to Mexico City to sing in the finals, a concert on June 14 at 6 pm! If you're around you can come! It's at Comunidad Bet-El (click for the map, you must search the location as "Bet Hajaim Comunidad Bet-El"). Click the poster to see a larger version.

I will be arriving in town a couple days earlier. I have never been in Mexico before. Any suggestions in Mexico City - attractions, restaurants?

If you want to preview the song I'm singing, here I am with a couple of the members of my band Mappamundi, singing it the day I finished writing it! There are subtitles and the song expresses my world view completely.

It would be fun to meet somebody while I'm there...

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